Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1862 Page 3
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f -a???????????? _ SmJATlOHII WANTKD.FEHAI.G8. AS BBAM8TRES8. SC.?AT>ERSOM~OP BXPEKIENCB wishes a situation in a ?imI family aa seamstress; would wait on a lady, oraaa ? aii invalid lady ia housekeeping; no objection lu trssel lo Europe or California. Can bo re.onemeuded by some Ural class families in Brooklyn. Caa be net-n al (be bouao of ber present employer, 1X7 lieury st, Brooklyn. r AINEAT, TIDf GIRL WANTS A 8ITUATION TO DO cbambei work. wailing, revving, * '. Also, two go?<l German girts for general housework; are sx.iollent oooka, washers and Imners; willing to go in lUc country. Inquire . al Uie large Institute, corner ot oth ave. and lllli st A MIDDLE AGED LADY WISHES TO TEND A STORE; can out and make ail kinds of nailer garments; alio dressmaking; has a Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine, or would go as housekeeper. Call al 38X lludson at, drat floor, I wear (he. store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO GIRL, AS J\ cbainbeimaid, waiter or laundress. Inquire at No. 70 Charles st, between 1th and Bleeeker. Best of oily reference given. A RESPECTABLE COLORED GIRL WANTS A fllTl'Atlon In a small lamlly, to doeook.ngor housework. Call for two days al 117 East 2Sih St., between 2d and 3d aver., in the rear. A SCOTCH GIRL IS DESIROUS OP OBTAINING A situation as seamstress; would assist in chamberwork; la a fast sewer ami understands dressmaking. Can be aecu at 38 Tompkins place, Brooklyn. _ a SITiTinnu miween dv s vnitHn vrnuiu tvv A do chain o? i'work and take care of children or lio sewing. Good city relcrencs. Can b? seen for two days at SO Charlton at A GERMAN GIRL WISHES TO GET A SITUATION IN a private family; she understands washing ana Iron!?.' and plain cooking, and Is willing to make herself generally useful. Apply at 107 Bowery. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUation to do general housework in a small private tainlkffi Call at 351 Sth av. AOOMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAtion to cook, wash and Iron; la an eicelleut rook ami s good washer and Ironer; Is willing and obliging; has city reference. Can be seen for two days at 313 Wih at., between in B and C. HOUSEKEEPER.?WANTED. BY A YOUNG AMRRIean widow, a situation as housekeeper for a wniower, where she ean bavo a pleasant home for herself and child. Wages no object Call this day at 113 East 25th st. VIHXINERY? A LADY WISHES A 8ITUATION TO 111 leain the iiiMllni ry iiueinesH In a first class establishment Address, with particulars, Miss Edwards, station 1) Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man; is willing to make hims. ii' useful in any way h e services couid be made available; is a good writer and accountant, and can receive a good Character from his present employer. Address W. M., Post office, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, OR AS teacher lor young children, by a respectable young Wluow. Address Mrs. M. C., Madison square 1'ost olll 'e. WANTED?A SiTUATION, BY A HERMAN GIRD, IN an Amer can lamlly; the can cook, wash and iion and 4* gepeial housework. Cell nl 1/2 East 34th at., top dour, tor two days. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A 8ITUAlion as stewardess or cook on a steamboat; hashed ihreo years' experience on tue Hudson river. Inquire at 1M West Nth st, second door. SITUATIONS WASTED?MALES. A YOUNG MAN FROM THE COUNTRY, 20 YEARS 01 age. wauls a situation in a jobbing, produce or any oilier goodthouse to learn tlie business. Will work the tirsi year without salary. Address In C. M., box lit Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, WITH GOOD MONEY SECURITY wants a situation as clerk in a mercantile, railway or Chipping odice, wholesale store or warehouse; knows French , and bookkeeping thoroughly. A bona fide opportunity for a partnership. A duress P. H., box ltd Herald office, N. Y. A GERMAN FARMER WANTS A SITUATION AS fanner or Teg table gardener. Sutialactory reference pi.en from bis last employer, where he has been five years. Address or call at 61u Columbia st, South Brooklyn. AN ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN, WHO WRITES A good baud, and who haa bad a good sleal of experience In buainets, is desirous of obtaining a situation as assistant bookkeeper or entry clerk, or a position In a newspaper establishment to write wrappers. Satisfactory references gjscn. Apt ly to the cashier of the Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, A GOOD PENMAN. HAVING A FEW leisure houn, dally, wishes to engage himself as bookheeper la a small business, or as copyist. Speaks and writes Rtsmtljr English and German. Please address K. L. P., He/COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTEP?BY A YOUNG man who understands his business; has had many years experience; Is a good and careful driver; has hud much experience in the grooming and treatment of horses; wi.1 be idund willing to make himself useful. Good city reference. Address D. P., ltd East 24lh st, or box 2U6 Herald offio.-. VfEHCHANTS.?AN EXPERIENCED COLLECTOR, AN i JU atio.ney, about to start i u a lour through the Western ' S,aies, including Missouri and Kansas, will collect and secure ' eluiius entrusted to him on must reusonable terms. Best re, erences or security given. Address Geo. Mouroe, Herald dice. MLP WANTED?FEMALES. A8 NURSE and SEAMSTRESS.?A MIDDLE AGED, rr Haute ana <oiii|k tent woman, to laae ciiarga oi > infaut; muxl be a good plain semi.stress, and w:lliiiy logo to a qnli'i village, ijo mile* from New York. Scotch or O- iwu preterred. Pent of i*fc retiresrequired. Apply at Murt place, between 10 and 12 o clock, on Tuesday, the lath mat. A NUMBER of YOUNG LADIES wanted TO dance uu ew ntngs at Madame rial VAGEAb 'S Academy. To tnos; who are competent a llbt ral saairy will lie aid w coaly. Apply immediately at 318 Broadway, aeeood our, any unie a. lee 3 o clock. All families and good servants will find tiie lu.g' nl old established Iiiiiliute. at Hie corner ul 3th v. and IlitPsi., lor G? rinau, Eugde... lr.?b and Amcricuu women. Mi a. Floyd in attcudanoe. *>ood places always ready. Pro.e.iaiits wanted. I,T\N('Y HAT TRIMMER WANTED.?ONE WHO I N der.-laiius tbo bunii. as p rloetiy, to gel up and take the supervision of the U'liiuuitig department. Apply to t. u. Migiuw,* i , 1 uUnn at, Brnttijn. wantei)-an american protestant woman to IT do tne housework for tim o persons; a rajal homo In a steady, quiet nuiiian; lnw wages. Address Wdlrui, nnx J2J Herald olllee, giving name, address and wages nip vied. VI/ ANTED?A UOOD WASHER AND IKONER, WILL 1 T lug 10 go p> Suutb America. hhe mud liare pood city telercneea, and be lietwecn twenty-live and thirty years old. ttoud wuge* wbl be paid. App.y between tun hours of 10 I In the morning and 3 in tbo afternoon at 72 Worth si., corner f Hwdaow, ib.i i i o r. Wan TED?a GIRL, to DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. None Deed apply who cannot bring good city reieronoe for honesty and capability. Ku< li a one will ttod a good house and iiermauent place by calling this day at 331 2d ar., corner i 3rt i at. wj"anted?a girl as general housemaid. TV Must be a good plain cook ami an excellent washrratid toner, with good city reicrence. Protestant preferred. A|>ply lx-iwe?n 10 sua 3 o'clock, si ISfi West 22d street, until MM "111 ANTED?A CHEERET'Ij YODNO WOMAN, 2.1 TO 30 ff yt aisof age. to take clisrg" of an invslict Isiiy: ennr u-siKui sui. il, with s pleasant hums. Address J. S., box 1 lleisi.l oil. or. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO DO COOK11.g, washing una ironing snil making bread, in a small family. Call at .*114 Wen 23d su, in tho I aaement. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED COOK; ONE WHO can make bread, pie and cake, and thoroughly underStands the cooking of meat. She will be required to assist with the washing and ironing. Apply at 153 East 13th at., at Urn oasraieut do r, betw een the hours of H and 11. WANTED. TWO INDIES TO LEARN THE COM I IMI ol puotogrupbs. To good hands, after fceqialag,COB tsnt employment, Irora $? to $12 the week. Apply si the srn ; h, Mrs. la; Frank, lid Forsyth St , near MMM. TXT ANTED?AH WAITRESS AND CHAMHEltMAlD, A u girl who ?n coins well r.-commended ; $ti per tnonili given. Call st 23 Oramercy park at once. WANTED-A OIRI, TO ATTEND A BAKERY; ONE that Is acquainted wlin tbe biiHinrs*, una can bring food rccomyiendstiona from last employer. Apply st ll? Grand street. WANTED?FIFTY GIRLS, TO MAKE WOVEN SKIRTS; none but the most experienced hands need apply at the V. Y. H. hell Skirt Company, 345 Broadway, up stairs. Also, an operator on drover A Baker's sewing machine. WANTED-SIX NICE YOCNO OIRLS TO WAIT IN A concert Apply t roin 12 to S P. M. at 034 B roadway. THE TRADES. AS OARDENEK AND COACH VAN.?WANTED, A Reliable single man; musA.undeisiun.l the care of horses and stock, and the management of a cold grapery, and be wtliing to make himself general.y use. ill, to go in the cnuntry, lJU innes trom New York. Apply at 4d Park place, he. ween 12 and 2 o'clock, on Tuesday,2olh last. Best of re farences required. PHOTOGRAPH OPERATOR?ONE WHO CNDKR stanns the chemical nan of the business, can have a permanent situation at Anson's, Mi Broadway. Apply iut teu lately. WANTED?TO ENGAGE A MAN FOB A SEASON. TO WW .... I HI m.l... Ir.iin II,. ell. ?.|,,, ... .. _ atanda llie brewing and bottling uf aruoll bner and pop; una who Incompetent and dnen nni e?pe,t In run wage* may addn-aa boi l.AiJ Pont 0111 oo, alallng 'lual.n.-atlom, ?< . TITANTED?FIVE RILKHAT FINISHERS, ONE PI.CSH f T net. nr. N"ne but (nod workman need apply to Oliuee A Carrington, W Beekman at. WANTED?SEVERAL OOOD VEST AND PANTALOON uianera, two gotnl opemtora on llowe'a aewln ; tin ahlne. Call to day at l?i l>t av? tirat tloor. DHT UOOM. A"t? H. M tt'V fl, AM AND 31* HIXTH AVENtR, two door* lieiotv Fourteenth atreet, yon will alwnya Bad a full an* k of'.ont, latccr, Hantlk'-ri lilaf*, IvmbroU denen, While Oo.' la, line Flannel II ."keeping Oood*. Curial0 l?eeaend Minima, Hosiery it'. . t >. < ?rJ^dlea1 made up Under ClothlniL Ac. N. B.?in. I nunc In New Turk that Mile Uwltca* doHar Kid (ilove. Itu c lit a (by mid I Macula),and alwayaa full aaaurtinnut ui tlici ami oolore. A PARISIAN LADY. WHO ARRIVED BY THE f.AST A al< nmer, hnviiii brought over a complete aaaortineut of Entbrnldcrloa ami Under. lothlng for ledlen ami children. Parti make and Nancy etn'irolJ? ry, wo'tM like to diap> ee of the aame, wholenale ana retail, at a great leducllon. Apply at 1<I7 Fourth avenue. IADIEB' TRIMM I NOB.-THE MOST CAPUICIOITB J dcahrna aadc orationa for Ltreinei and Mautlllaa, which I add ao ninth to the rlchneaa and atyle of onr preacit ladlca' eoriumea. are nowhere to be found In tranter variety than at rf ilARTOrd Freach atom, as illeeckor atreet. MQrt nnn if0*"1 dowfstic dry ooops, SOvr?\y''vl bletched and tinhli ached Muatlnn. Prima, Oinghame, Unecha, Tick* A ., in i?nt for nab lie/ore the t great advance In cotton. UuoMkrnpora, mnnulaclun ra and NI HELP Agents wanted-^to sell tub original stationery package, the onlj one thai ha* STOOD TUB TEST OP TEARS, and riven satisfaction to all. Toe lnlon prize STATIONERY and recipe package and enve:ope contains moke statineby and of be.wau.m^-nda ^ than an; package put up In this or any other <rtty. Send for our circulars, which we will mail free. $5 to f 10 per <lay ran bemud" We put In each package a besullial Slid lite like engraving of . .. GENERAL GEORGE B. McCI.BLLAN, flilO. 75 valunblu Recipes d? heels la.Uo*' Billet Paper. aheels Commercial Note ti Bud' Envelopes. Paper. 2 line Steel Pen*, d all. els Ladies' Note Paper. 1 tine PouclL ti White Union Envelopes, 1 sheet Blotting Paper. in colors. 1 Accommodation Pen Held Ladies' White Union En- er. t elopes. _ also, a valuable piece op jbwelbt. MCKAKDK A CO., 102 Nassau street. Agents, dealers and merchants Wishing lo s-li the best "prize packets" op stationery and jewelry Should buy ours. We engage to dive MORE FOR THE MONEY And better satisfartion, because the QUALITY OK TIIB GOODS Can always be guaranteed and relied on. Circulars free. HASKINS a CO.. 3d Beekman st., N. t Agents wanted?to sell the MoCLFLLAN PORTABLE WRITING DESK, the most useful article for the soldier ever Invented. can be carried in the knapsack, and forms a complete writing desk. Contains everything necessary for writing eighteen letters. TIIK HOST SALEABLE ARTICLE for the soldier now in use. Price 25eent*. Agents wanted everywhere. Send'slauiu for a circular. W. II. CATELY A CO., 102 Nassau street _ Agents ?wanted in every state op the Union to sell (Dodin's) Improve! Coal Oil Burner lor Fluid Lain pa; require* no nhlmnev, and retail* for 12% cent*. Agent* make over 100 per cent. Call on or addrewl JOSEPH DODIN, No. 22 Dunne street, near Chatham, New York. AN EXPERIENCED MAN, HAVING AN EXTENSIVE acquaintance among business men, wanted, a* agent. a good i.ilary will be given. AddreasR. U. Wilson, Herald office. Money broker.?wanted, a person well acquainted with the exchange anil banking business. One willing to accept a moderate salary may addreaa Howard, box 126 Herald office, giving real name. _ Wanted?an active and responsible agent for the aule of Q. Trink'a Patent Self-Regulating Spring Rack, for window shades, Ac. The hem and most serviceable rack already introduced in this market. None need apply but those well acquainted with thin trade, Apply at M Cedar si., up stairs. WANTED?BY A JOBBING HAT, CAP AND STRAW TT goods house, two or throe good salesmen. Address box 66a Post office, N. Y. WANTED?A COLORED MAN AS PORTER; ONE who has worked in a store and can bring the b -st of references, anil residing between 28th and 38th sts., and 4th and 7th avs. Apply to James Talcott, 13 B&iulay st. WANTED?TWO CONDUCTORS, CLERK FOR A steamboat, two jiorters, six men for steamers, four girls to travel, one stewardess, two entry clerks, two boys Air trades, one bookkeeper, one express driver. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. wanted?a boy to make iiimself generally TV useful in a photographic gallery; must come well re coinmcnuou. appiy u nj joioauway, curuci ui wubliuql, up stairs. "117" AN TED?A BOY, TO OPEN 0Y8TERB AND WAIT Tf on aupper rooms, 713 Broadway, corner of Washington pl(.<e. (.'all between the hours of 1 and 2 o'clock. WANTED?TWO BOYS TO WAIT ON TABLK8 IN A dining ?irl ion; must have worked at the business. Apply at 203 Washington street. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE BOY, IN A DRY GOODS store; one having some knowledge ol the business preferred. ;<ply to K. J. Mehau, 2371st ave. WANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A COMPETENT attorney nsclerk; salary $40:). Address, in huudwritlag of applicant with reference, Lex, box 00 Uerald ollice, stating age, Ac. WANTED-A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED MAN, IN A light evening business. One having $30 to $00 in o tsb rau meet with a good situation. Apply to-dsy, from 10 to 4 o'clock, at 114 Christopher at., hall dour. Must be a good j thlgc ol money. WANTED?A MAN WELL ACQUAINTED WITH THE sale of window shades and upholstery goo, s, to go lo an Eastern city. Address P., box 163 Times office, stating terms and reference. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS opening t yslcrs a ml la willing to make himself generally useful. Apply after 10 o'clock A. M. at the Victory Oyster Saloon, Utid Brooklyn. TYrANTED?A GIRL TO DO LIGHT HOUSEWORK AND TT sewing. Apply at (15 New Bowery, corner James ht., Dverthe brewery; ukicC, from 1U Ull 12 u nlock. Its.ercuce required. ITtTANTED?A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER " AND M three experlen cd salesmen, to go to a neighboring :lty. None need apply but those who ran give the bent or reference for capa ftv and honesty. Salary $800 and 4GU0. Address for one week, with stamp, C. W. Jt Co., Herald office. Y\T AN TED?A C AR PET S A1 .K 8 MAN; ALSO A YOUNG fv man quick and correct at ligurcs and a gsod judge of money. Apply at 07 Bowery. W~~ ANTED?A SMART "ACTIVE MAN, WHO~IS Acquainted with the grocery business, and not afraid of work; good references acquired. Apply at the tea store, 416 Brootno St., corner of Elin. Hi inn ?AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN AN "OFFICE and lake the wholesale agency, in every State, lor all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, used by our Coruuiander-ln-Cbicf. The cheapest maps in the world. A fortune ran be made on theso maps in each State. Three million copies of one of my maps have already been sold. Also a man logo to California, England and Ciina. Agents also wanted in every county. Sen 1 fur circulars. J. T. LLOYD, 104 Broadway. IIIKCELliANEOlIB. BENZOLE-NAPTIIA. A PERFECT. SUBSTITUTE FOR spirits ot turpentine. Re lined by the French pro as, by E. G. YELLEY, chemist. Used by druggists, painters, ruborr workers, Ac. Orders received at the New York City Oil Company ami Ch'-mlcul n orks, ticnul ift .Maiden uin. BAR STEEL?ROUND, SQUARE, OCTAGON AND nut, by Hie liar or cut to oruer; uImo, roll brara and German silver, Steelund bra^a wire, aheet stei 1, ml,lit steel W. II. KKAZKlt ?i'i Chatham - et. CWNFIDENTIAL LETTER WMTINU, coPPVING. A<\, I by Mr*. EVELINE MORRIS, at her oMIce, "Ml Broodnay. second llnor. Gentlemen 9' < Ladies W cents. Olboe lioura from In A. M. till 4 P.M. N. B.? L-gnl document* copied with promptness, Ac., at the shortcut notice. flOLD PENS MWWWD EQUAL To NEW, I N THE AT r c tp; of 2aacuta In stamps or othoi wise. do,.I I'm and silver ease, $1 31; bank Pel and Holder, $1 ti. Wurramed in eveiy particular. Ort ?rs I y inall pr mi) tly a tended to. E. 11. JOHNS! >N, la Mildi*. lane. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY.?RHEUMATISM < URED IN all Its lorn)1. P.-rfkit ctljplvs res ored lu Ileal n hy using Dr 8. Corn's R. euniatc Pi la. Primip 1 ofil-e ,KJ Broidw;,y. COREL BROS, proprietors. Pric 6) cent* per bos. Marble mantels, oreat bargain in .man tela.?A large atork on hand and a great reduction in prices tor any kind ordered tula month. Call noon at A. KI.AHER'H marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth atreet, ivest of Third avenue. Mantels put up In any place In the country, PERNOT BROTHERS' CELEBRATED HEWING MAchine Needles, for nil kinds uf maciiincs. General depot 163 Canal atreet, corner of Elizabeth. All Neadlca warrunted. PARIS.? NOTABLE ? tradesmen. Maiso* Ori.tsut patented by the Empress and the Queenk of England and Holland. No. 6 Boulevard des Caput inns, facing rue de la Pais. Silks, India and French; Cnekmerk Shawls, laice, Litntarle, Mantles, Karny Uooda, Wedding Suit*, Court and Ball tin-sic*. Dhlssbakua.?Malson l'auvet, No. 4 rue Monar*. Tut* Hkaoduk**** akd mn.i.tanir of Mile, bo Icr, 45 rue Neuve SI. Ansuallne, reprraout so truly the tV|H> of tlNtinclion that several loreign courts, by whom she ha* beett appointed the patentee, in the most battering terms have adopted thorn. Lack Violard?Every requla te for Wedding Suite, Promenade and Evening Dresses, atl No. 4 rue de CtiolseuL Jkwki.lkr to II. M ? Kkavkk, .31 rue Neute St. Augustine. Monatto airk.?< Bronze China and Aneiont 1 urniture). The warerooma are removed to 19 rue de Helder. l'?HosoAr reus aid Clocks?Le Roy nit 1 Kile, maker* to the new. Palais Royal, 13and lit tin Ian- Montpenshrr. Skvkks China?Clilna, Crystals, Dinner Services, Boutigny, Palais Iloyal, llaler e Monlpenaier, 21 and ~ Ooldskith Attn, 48 rue da l Arl.r?s-c, near the Louvre. Prices In known figure*. TJESPECTABLK EM PLOVMENT ?PERSONS WISHING It | |,? hw i,?*l?,lni, Itpnnla IV II,, ..I i:?7 Monroe *treet, New York, will be mailed 11 valuable hook, containing dimUo.i* how to tuakr* money hole ally ami rapidly, without capital. Every uueinpl iyed pomon ahnuld get. a eopy, autl at onco tommtuce a prou table biminraa for MMHemit SAVK YOl'R MONEY.-A. TARKEK. 2T.5 W AS 111 NOton afreet, corner of Murray. New York, aeli* rlunro eiiy mtgar cured Ham*, warranted, at 8c. per lb.; beat Family Soap, hot 71 and <0 lb*., 5Jfe.; pure Starch, boa W iba., 6'<0^ SODA WATER COOLER DRAUGHT TI RE WANTED ? P.irtlf* hat Ing one Id dl?p??c o( will lind a otub eiiatomer by apply Ing to or addreaain;: 11.11 Bridge at reel, Brooklyn. m<) EXHIBITORS AT THE WORLD S FAIR, AT I (IV X don, 18o2. - An Anierieun gentleman, al<otil going to 1, ndon to attend ?hli exhlldtl n, i* d"?ltooanf mi.aln;; arrntige, tnenta with a few American exhibitor*, by wblr.i ha an at tend to their bualnea* ?a an agent. l'lraArU** refnrcnee.atid ac orlty. If fivcceaary, given. Addreaa Loudon, b?i 126 llorald ulbee. _ _ mil* HORME'H. FOOT, AND HOW TO KEEP IT J. Sound.?tlredne'B Hoot Ointment la of two kind*?That In the baieawiih green wrappar* I* a atlinulant; that In the brown wrap ier* an emollient. For aide by WOOD tilRSON, Broadway. Addreaa K. H. Greene, tul I,WW Foat olttee, Now York. . vnmuim, OTANWIA IIALL, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND O Matilen lane, Albany. N. Y., at the Junction of the hit w lork Central. llitd?on River, Nor'hern and Eaatern Rallroaila.?FRANt'lH ItlDKR. formerly of Weat Tolnt and more of the Rt. to-main. New York, and Pavilion, Ilockaway, Long Ialand, lospect' ully announce* to h la friend a and the nubile that lie be uwe > ike above well known hotel, amf hope* by aaeldultj- and attention to merit a coutinnanee of tout patronage lie In a hitherto an liberally enjoyed The home la undergoing conul terable Improvement, a to) wi!1 lie eondi.cted on the mo*t liberal aoale. Meal* at ml Mora, vi aolt tlm artlval and departure of th" ear*. The location, It wtd be ohaervad, I* the moet central In tba tlty3T . ~ RAILROAD8. r: Hudson river hailhoad.-ibains fob a'lbany. Trov. the Mir'.h and W. ?t, leave Chamber# aw-eet at 7 and 11 A, M , and l o, S and 11?. 1 P. M M " "* ' XJRW YOKE, HAB1.FM AND ALBANY RAILROAD^ ^1 For Albany. Troy, N i tli and Weat. wirter arraiojemi nt, com me tie-ng Monday, Nov. 4. 1?L For AHmnv?W ;*l A. M., Kxpr-M MeII Train,from Twenty. Ivth atrtdt depot. For all local train* aee Time Table. John r u Belli LL, AIM??Bpeileieedeai 5W YORK HERALD, SATU BALE* Or REAL ESTATE. ABFAI TII'TI.. FOL K STORY HKOVtN STON . SKO.NT lio me, timemeiit anil mil filar. Willi nil 'he ileal'i n lui|"0 meniM nnHriK) I nil l;-hi?. ftH ''"In ml' a -Ir'A, o| Lh-Wie Col<4uite row, with a tin view of NevYuikbat 'ill be Mild very clieap on e.i*y term* Ki>r further larueulaia |iply o or addrevs T. blui|muu, M avenue I). A FORTUNE FOR AN ENTIRPRISlN'i V AN.?I'll E hi.ndi.-ii uuil twenty ?iCi i i in '...lie u I.''* Michigan, near it vouiily s.xt, lor s.i.e. or tl?rfe lor IV |U "l*e ly ora am ill fu-rn in He river imuntu-. Apply at V -'J# We.t Thirt. enth atreei, at the Liken. \ all. v <. nl oili e, Til OS. T. SToKM. A BARK OHANCli FOR A SAFE AND VERY FRO luuble In vent ui-1 t.?Kor -al , I,5ii0 aeiea 01 .tumnlnl Iain I, In one tiacl, with a mvhable r.vur ri'niiuig It; a variety ot anil, imihu Iiis of upliuoa, op-iuiia? nud pa'rl<; boi twins, with a great bmly ol initial ! : i.ulu r, o. weieii tuere Is au ineream:.. demand; also aoui. l,i..i ?at' r power, ana steamboat fuciMl.S; only live miles trom McGregor, ilia greatest wheat market in loan, beui ; at the VI H.ussl| p iffminus of ilia M.nv.i'ikcu , n.l .d lais.ilppi Railroad. Tiile i firm. clanH. Price $4 .15 per a re. Tcuus cash down, balance on time. Pur particulars iuuune soon of J. P. L1KBIIARDT, Dunlcith, llllnui* ^ A fine country residence foh hale or to let?Modern built, iwj story, attic* and basement brick Uoitae. with ten ami a half Lots, tastefully laid out, in a healthy and pleasant neighborhood, and easy of ace**. Apply to P. E , Villa place, corner of Ueorre birert, Eliouu, town of Morrlsaula, Westchester county, or at 47 Weal Twealy-sLth street, New York. 4 SPLENDID FARM,IN THE CENTRAL PART OF A this Mute, In exenange for etty pro|H-rty.?(loul house, coniniodioua nain and outbuildings, good tan.a s : nd tree from encumbrance; lift seres, situated on Sksnealeles site. Address box 1,759 Post odlce, giving description of properly offered. A PRODUCTIVE FARM OP 100 ACRES IN WESTCHESter county, New York; good house, uum n>s outbuildings, ehoic-> trttlu, with stock, ,*o.; prlte $' lOd. and terms to sn|t. Also 20') other Farms, for sale or to oscnauge. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall street. Brooklyn.?house for 8ai.e AT a SACRIFICE. A mat, moderate sized, three story, Inch Hump, b.-i k House; deep lot, with nice garden; sub-cellar, ha-cue t. kip-hen w ith range, two parlors, six liedrooinr, pun, A ., u dl be Hold lor Uitcen hundred dollars le-Hihau ccu-b?nm: ua f on bond and mortgage lor live year street re p- . leaud quiet. Inquire at 176 Adams street, near Concord, tiotwem tbe hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. CTOUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE AT A GREAT SAORI. J Bee.?Very vuluahlc place, In complete order, near the ritv. Fine yacht accommodation. For partiiulars apply to HOMER MORGAN, No, 3 Pine street. Excellent farm?seventy-five acrfs, first class improvements, Bni ly llmliered, watered a id fruited. Choice location, two miles from village and depot, Union county, N. J., one hour and a quarter from city. For sale at a bargain. tSKVMOUK A WHITON, 132 Broadway. Farm in ulster county for sale or ex. change?For a liotmn in Brooklyn. An excellent dairy or general crop farm, go >1 large buildings, in good feme .ml order, very productive und m ar schools, churches. mid u village. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, St! Nassau street. Farm for sale-on the hackensack river Bergen county, N. J., containing over 3d acres, with a good House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full particulars, with map of place, inquire of WM. BLAIR, 1J2 Barclay street. Farm for sale?of 33 acres.?lakoe new house, ham, Ac., pleasantly situated on Long Island, about two hour's rido from Brooklyn, and a few minutes' ride froin the station; laud well fenced and in good ran 11tlon; healths neighborhood, -with churches and schools, muro laud can he had if required. Terms easy. Also 115 acres, with fruit of all kinds, peaches, pears, Lawt-m bcirirs, mulberries, Ac.; well watered. Inquire at E. A. COKLING'Swoud and coal office, Atlantic street, above Smith, Brooklyn, from 3 to 5 P. M., or address box Sid Brooklyn Post office. Farm for sale-or would exchange for a Grocery stand, stork and fixtures, in a respectable portion of this city, doing n good cash business. A beatulf 1 Farm In ihn vicinity of Orange, N. J.,2>y miles from Newark, containing 30 acres, with a good house, barn, and fair supply of fruit; well adapted for a gentleman's residence or for gardening purposes. For particulars inquire of J. ADAIR, 351 Fourth avenue, or address Z., Orange, N. J, Farm or country residence wanted?within SO miles of the city. In exchango for a full size dwelling House and Lot near Union square. Address, with full particelurs, c. K.N'GMAN, box 1,394 New York Post office. "tjior sale?tob dwelling house and grounds.. r No 2 i irucp f!nnrt. liiriwM v nn Rronlclvn HAit'iit-Imtlil* lngs all of bri.'k and tlone, built In the moat substantial manner; house fi2i70 feet, three aloriea, complete in nil its appointments, billiard room, Ac. Situation unrivalled, commanding magnificent views of the hay aud city ol Mew Turk, combining both city and oountry, within threo minute*' walk of the Wall street ferry; being all that Is required tor a first class residence, pure air, ample grounds, handsomely laid out in terrace, garden, vinery, greenhouse, oouservatu y, stable, coach aud coachman's house, Ac. If not sold will Irs rented or leaked lor a number of years, furnished or otherwise. Inquire of JOHN H. PRENTICE, Mo. 1 Grace court, Brooklyn. FOR SALT??THE PROPETY 194 WEST TWENTY-FIRST street, tirst lot from Eighth avonuo. To let?Part Cottage 133 West Thirty-fourth strut t; si* rooms, water and gas. Inquire of G. H1GGINH, 510 Ninth avenue. For sale-three or four well built three story and basement Houses, in Thirty-lb lid. Thirty t'lth anil Thirty-sixth streets, with all the modern improvements, at very great bargains; terms easy. Also n very fine place, well stocked with cuoice fruits, at Mount Vernon, at a great deal less than cost. Will exchange for cowl city property. Aj-p'y i.i WM. BEDELL, 177 West Thiriy-fhlrd streuf. Fob sale.?to rent payers.?$i,soo will buy a now two story House, with a full Lot, five rooms and cellar, one from the ears, running to three leans; terms from $100 to $&X)casti; ^St4)ran he paid in instalments of $10 |ht month, without interest. AI?o a one and a half story Cottage, with three full Lois; price $1,900; terms nearly as above. Also a two story brick Store aud Dwelling, on Fifth avenue. A s . a number of other Houses; pries from $l,i 00 to $3,800; all on easy terms. Apply at the ofllee of D. C. DANIELS, corner of Fourteenth struct aud Filth avenue, Brooklyn. Ifor SALE-TIIREE STORY AND ATTIC lilt ill ' auap House, 20x50 feet, 12 Boorman place, Thirty-third utrcet, between Eighth and Niulh avenues, Iu uuiro of W.U. L. TAYLOR, 7'i Wuil street For bale?at harlf.m, umtu street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, a large House, with, water and furnace, aud four lots of ground; sewer in street; goon neighborhood; price $H,000; terms eioy; no trade. Apply to K. II. BROWN, 121 Nassau street, from 1 to3 Pi M. 1.TOR SALE?THE SEW FOUR STORY BROWN STONE " high ntoop II..use, 30 West Thirty-fourth street, ami tour viie.' n'. Lots adjoining, together or separate. Al?o tho siiihI! Hoiin - and Lot 1U6 West Forty-.uiirtu street, b tweuu Brosdway and Sixth avenue. Inquire on the premises. geo. w. campbell. T.TOR SALE?FROM FIVE TO THIRTY ACRES OF J* I. with goo l building sites in h alihv locally; price froiu $125 to $200 per ai re; ouo mi.- front Upper l*h rnio it railroad stain.n, Rockland eotmty, M. Y. Inquire of J 0. orC. AMtYANsEN, PfermoiiL I-TOR SALE-SEVERAL COST STONE FRONTS ' el o.i-e location, to a- omuridule smull private tainilles, v.uyeheub. centrally located Lots, Farms, ,te., or cxchanecd. addrcsa or call an below. J. E. HATrjI, Auctioneer, 375 Nil.'h cveur-. If OR KALE-HANDSOMEST HOUSE IN TWELITH 1 ward, on Second avenue, near llflih street. Al*o brick III ino in Twentieth tji-i, near Broadway. Au brick House In Washington street, near Hem li. Alto Lot on Kiftv evenfh Itreel. between Haeond und Tnird avenues. Apply to A. J. BLKEt'KER, HON A CO., II Fine street. 1,10It HALE-ON CENTRAL PARK, FOUR LOTH. IN1 eluding a corner, oppowlui the Bkating Pond, ou E gliih avenue. For particular* address Conant, box 2,671 Font oClue. FOR 8ALB CHEAP?A THREE STORY HIGH BASEn em House, 241 West Twenty-Second strict, 22.4J0H.0, with all modern Improvements and In complete repair; uleo three story and baa men: Houhm, 101 South F fin street, Brooklyn, E. 1?? 21,110, with trult trees, vln<?noii shrubbery. Terms eaiy. Can bo aoon at any time by applying 10 I. F. JON 11.1, M Ann street, ee, ond floor. If OK l-.MK OR EXCIIA.VOE-A StTT'EKIOR HOti-K 1 with Grapery, .11x103, occupied by owner, centrally lo riled in Eighth ward; would exchange for a amall hoiiao In New York or Brooklyn; hnlan eon mortgage. For purlieuIuin lti,|iilre of E. A. "HICK INSON, 30 Brekmnn atreei. For sale, exchange or to country Sent, at Hi a Thorough, near Tarry t>*n: ten acres on the river; large homo, Ac ; nil hi coo 1 order; possesion Immediately. Impure of GEORGE McCOBL), 13 Murray aired, Irom IDlo 12 A. -M. For sale or to let-in Brooklyn, two atory alMc and l aa ment House. No. 2D Bund eirect, corner of Llvln,'..on. wltli under cellar, heater, hot android water, gaa. phandvllrra, bay window, range. The eara from Fulton ferry pane Bond street every two minutes; title perfect; lerma to are iiiimodnti'; Huiiaeran be aeen from 10 to 11'. M ; rent $12.1. I Jr. Ill MHEUT. room 23 Bible llotiae, corner of Fourth avenue and Aa.or place, New Yoik, Astor pi >eu entrance. N. B.?No bill on houae. If OR SALS OR Tit LET FURNISHED OBUMFtTH1 ulabed, the three atory brick Honae 113 Went Fifty-third eircet, between Broadway and Kiahth avenue: houae lit by 48; lot littt fret; in perfect order; decorated parlors, furnace, water, g:ta, fine back plaxsa, Belgian pavement, Ac Terrna cheap und caay. Apply on the premise a. FOR BALK OR TO LRT?PO<SK*SlON IMMEDIATEly, the houae "M Broadway, corner of l.lvhtli street,lung and favorably known aa Sinclair a Hotel. The bar and restaurant are elegantly titled up. For par tie 'a.-? apply to C. II. KING, on the premises, er to S. F. EN'tH, 131 Iron atrvct. _ tfOR HALE OU TO I KT THE DKSII VLI.E i.E I I de-c on Myrtle avenue, corner of llem.lion street, beween Clinton nnd Wnshtngloii arenuea, Brooklyn; lot A>x 12" leet: filled with the choicest Irull trcra. For tern apply ou the premlMa, or to P. O. CORTELYOU, 20 Spruce afreet. Now York. Lion HALF OR TO LEASE?A TINE COTTAGE, WITH P four lotaef ground, In a magnltieent and healthful location, with nertullfHl iccitery around If, In \Vn ' ingtoti villafe, fifteen minntea from the Ho'mken ferric*. Apply to ALEXIS IIAI.MN, KW Washington street, liol-ufeen. CtRKAT BARUAINd.-FOR |MT,K TN WKnT THIRTY T with iliw'., Mo. 14*, mar Ijqhih, a l>rn\vn amnr llmiw, with nil the mo<lnn improvrmeutn; .ilrotho two It'i'iwa 124 Went Thirty.tilth ntrert, near ll'imlwiy. T rtm to null the tlmra. lnq'ilreof .M. RI.HLMAN. No. 4.'?! Klnhth uremia, mrner of Ttt'Cy-thlrd ntrret, or at Mo. 177 Bleacher 1>. MTIitKNM. nnxBitwooD oMimnr. waktbd to ppr. l.T eiiane for choIi, atajirlre In nceordanco with the time*, tho whole or half of a liOt, nlreailv 1'rm-od, In i4ro. n?v>l, Aildr.n, ai?lin/x price, O. 'I. W.. H.raM oife-. HOCflR FOR RALH '* JKItftRY CITY.? \ PMALL Cut l ?qe Hnnae, now ly built, with all the modern lmnrorerieni , inolmlinK Ban: will he miu cheap. In.juiie at Ihu prrmlncn, 341)4 Month Fifth mreet. Uuchk AwirXoT for hai.k-im"~wTujamsIT nal a lin-lrlaan two atorv Ot'nfe Frnine Mnu*c, with ettannli n, In fine order, Ailed In with brick, han alley way and la pood neighborhood, ronrenlent io all the forrb-a, han aan throughout, alao water, arnimvine In yard, loi 2f>\H0, prim low . Inquire un premiere. No 11 flouth horuad meet. H~"0bPK_AM? LOT Ttklt hALK-VklCi; Sl.-lftk "?i?0 iw?h r. i| ilred. $2"> quartm-ty until paid for. Thin limine in I Ue<t n wt'h brbli; runt aim tire rminn; han ntod biisenictii re lir and II R.HKl tlabrn. Inquire ol A. Mi TAUOVRT, l-dKhtnanUt ntiart, above rift'i aronua, Brooklyn. Title perfri u HOCbK AMB lior.?THRKB PTi iT. BAHKMRMr AND i ttb-oelbf R'lok limine; an*, outride iiiantcln, Ae ; on one of the hea'tlileni i. hB'ien'h Brooklyn; one blo k from Fulton avenue earn. [<+ia B?,t?J); half caah. Apply at M (1 reran am.tin, Brooklyn. _____ HARDWARE TO HXCHANOR FOR REAL KMTATB. with or Without *he ntatid; eniabllabad lor a Dumber or yaatR Apply at 301 E'lhlh areuue. KDAY, PEBltUAItY '22 1 SALES Of WMJUU EST AT". n.VHi<KM LOTH WAN'iKD?TI1KEE l.UTH. blifwCKIf

Soeon J anl I eirtb a. ;n>ai ami Tt uiu ami Twouli, ill k reel*. four I- m ib iKimrveeuth sti?. i, on lb ? n?t m?le; a o a ki cou<l ilii liiiin; Lois. Apply at Kro-ulway. "X 17 ARHINtiTON ( fTY ? FOl'R IjOTS ON TUIKIKKMII VT au-ei, in ur IViiu, J iviuiut aveuee. Aiitircaa box I.7M New Y rk I'ost otV.a3. WA.lKJ-'.u I .vi UASlali I- -?.t .1 . A KM OKOIilliK uiuperiy, lu Lno v.. luiiy of ibiirlty. a goo 2i> leeaa powerl '.v pre-sui.-1,m ine 'Balme- w 1 be p lil in x h. Impiue ul TUl)U X 1 ONi), No. 7 Wall ru. eel. t1TANTED?TO !'l Kl 1!ASK, A HOOD KAKM, ON THE Tr river; price uiu-lei'iit", W null llw iiiura Address CivIk, aiatiin, p?r inula,-, I'ur oim week, auuoii D Full oBb e, Bible 11- use \1/ANIED TO IM'RI'IIASE?IN THIS CITY OR UROOKVV lyn?gl.MtimmUottuud Ian, two (ban am bpinoe. lt> be paid .or m ural auurlgagi- A.:,.rcaa U. Q. U? Herald oilice. 0' I A()A <?K $oOQQl?WANTED TO PURCHASE, within au hour i'rhie of tlie city and within two mil ? of a milroad, a Place, containing from lit to 10 acres, with agood h oi?o ami outbuilding';; a pace luacept.ble or improvement preferred; $1 if 0 < n*li A druse, with terms and description, Ruts, Herald ollloe, for one week. i7ft' AAAI> GOOD WESTERN LANDS?farms end City In la in Ohio, Michigan and WEeonsln. aLo Lake Hcp-rior Mining Lund* for wile for o?<h. in quantities to * lit purchaser.:; would exchange a por ion for a desirable Ilous- in or n. sir New York or Brooxly n. an 1 any good Merchandise. Household Furniture, Ac. A coml'o. tuble Home ami < f."v lyrrs- of Land, near tho city, Willi duvet coiriit'iiniontli.ii, w< ulu jo acceptable, Address L. M. N., boxiSil J! ilil . il' \ l\>rc. saxj?. \ >PLENDin I 1: P CLAsi l.ftyUOR STORE FOR lb mile, 11 oisl ' ii .0 sueeta; <i<v>* a -ond bedne-g; will be 1.! a'.. p . This is a rarj chance, Also for sale, H.i'.ire.t line-i-v Store*, aaii some 150 other busmen* p:...'Ui. u: MITCHELL'S Agency, 77 Cedar street. Bl Of) * LOCKWOOD'S RANEE AND FURNACE v-iti factory 'lor sale at half its value, consisting of ox raiij.c Furnace ami o'her pattcrna. Block, Tools and Fixtun t, ?t Apply at No. d Eu. t Ninctecmh itreet. Butcher mop and market for 8ale.-tiik Shop tod Eighth avnue, be' ween Fortieth and Fortyttrst atreeta, ea-.t side, lor solo cheop, as the own 1 in obliged 10 uuli the business, Tin- Fixture a, worth about $!'io, will be sola cheap, and .in favorable terms. Apply to LEHMAN A BROWN, 1.335 Broadway. DRUG STORE FOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN. NICELY htted up unit s ocked, now doing a good trade, located on the best avnue In tho oily: wui'd exchange for a?Ood mortgage or pruperty in tho city. Appiy *1 147 Fort Green I'la ge. JIOR SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF aiirsiclassGriae.ry, nu oneoi' the i em avenues in th city. Location every way desirable. Kent low. Will sell reasonable to a cash customer. Add rose Grocer, 2^0 East Thirtieth street. For sare?cheap por cash, the stock and Fixtures in Dry Goods Store, .No 317 Sixth iween Nineteentli and Twentieth street*. Apply to J. t). CONliLIN, No. 1 aIIroad street. IflOR SALE? \ FIRST CLASS GROCERY AM) LIQUOR 1 Store, in a good neighborhood, Will be mud reasonable to a cash ens omcr. In.pure at it)3 Wash.ngpju street,corner Perry. No agents need aptly. I NOR SALE?THE STOCK AND PlXtOfeBB OF THE old " tit dished Dining :'.nu Lodging Saloon Till Fourth avenue, with lease for nine year*. For particular* ?i p.y on the |r i . i-s. 01 P; IRMAM. For sale?tub lease and fixti km* of the beat corner Ll.tuor Store in Hohoken, with aline house and garden; a hue corner for groceries, mid sit vcars leai-e. K nt $ Z >. No taxes. Apply to J. O. SI UE RLE in, 4') Chatham street. For bale?the engine and of the steamboat Caledonia, a* she now lies at her berth at the loot of Warren street, -3 Inches cylinder, 4 feet stroke of piston, boiler 7 feet wide by 16 l'eet long; to he t.ilten out withiu three weeks from date. Also the barge Wullkill: ha* been u?od for a number ol year* as a freight and passenger boat on the North river; she has a complete suit of mate rooms, dining and ladles' silicon; can easily be converted to government purposes. Apply on board the boat, at the foot of Warren street; or to JOHNSTON A FALLS, Newburg. For sale?a straw bleaching and manufacluring establishment. In one of the best locations In the city, corner of Broome street and Bowery. The place is tilted updn go nhorder; has a good run on old work, and every facility lor the manufacturing and sale of new goods. Apply at 34b Broome street. For hale-tiik church building heretofore occupied by the Church of tho Redeemer aud four Lots of Land, on tho southerly side of Eighty-Bit ti street, between Second anil Third avenues. Price $10,000. The buildlng alone tost over $10,1)00. Apply to WILLIAM DEI'EW, No. 53 Cedar street. For sale?stationery store, the stock and Fixtures of the old established Stationery and Blank Book Store 3D William street, vomer ot Exchange place. A lirst rate business location, and will be disposed of on fair terms 11 immediate application is made. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a first class wholesale and retail Ore cry, established live yi an. >ail*l'aetory reasons given for selling. Apply at the store, 140 Eighth avenue, near Seventeenth street. 1NOR SALE?rim STOCK, XTI itES AND TO ILS OF * a manufacturing ntisiie ? . iong established. Will bo sold cheap, a* tbe owner hud other business. Apply at 17 Peck slip. 1MB SALE?A HI TTER AN.; OHEBSE STORE, ON A J? leading ..venue. KullsfaciOi / reasons given for selling. Apply to W. LULL, 35(i West TV 'iitj-eigbtu street, from 13 to 3 I'. M. IflOll SALE?COAL YARD?Tilt FIXTURES OF A COAL ' yard and a lease will he given, having a title brick ollicc, stable for lour horses. House 1* Homed and roofed and iu complete order. Would be l-d for outer business, if deaiicd. Inquire on the premises, TOO Washing ton street. /N Rot EKY FOR BALE?ONE OF THE REST ST VNDS VX In lli'isikiyu, ('heir'and woli *e led-tort*, .nsn trade mid low rent. \Vt.t bo soli nt a bargain. Inquire of... CHARLES, 317 Atlanta! sued, Brooklyn, between Id and 4 O'clock. _ LEASE, STOCK AND FITTI RES of A GROCERY ami Liquor Store, In the best location Iu the spy, . 23 First avi tn e, one block from tho gashonse, will bo sold c.cap lor cash, as the owner is going in the country. ONE 15-lfORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, WITH Solid', pm up netv ul 4.1Leonard Mi-eel, in tor sale, wirli h Lcnm on a ibroo story h olding, 131*199 faet. K m low. Impum nt T.WMlll v WII.MJ.N S, orner of Re.ole and Hiiiimiii street.-, or at 224 Went Tiurty-sovdmh street. I>ATliNT Hilt ULK AT .I. PE SO!.11 AT \ GREAT Nuci'ili . The M very va uahle, simple and largely prof table, of gri nt imi and nccrigiity, cheaply got up and o! e..?y comprehension. An < :ccl!riu clinnne to timko money. SOUTH W ICE A WOOD. 83 v inn street. STEW ENOINK roll RAU-NOKT I'niKN HORSE po w. r, with Kind wheel and pump ait u h'*.; war jr now and fu perfect order. Can Us won it I the factory, ltW Ilorutlo tract. STRAW HAT MANCKACTOItY, No. 495EAST HOI ETON street?lor rale, on account of 1,1 health. It ba? k Urge, good class of easterners for olil w> rk, ami in u rare rhanr" lor a person with a htnall capital wishm ; to eng. go in a profitAoM bnsme-s. SEWING MACHINE FOR HAI.E.?A NEW CUOVRR A Baker Family Sewing Machine for sale; cost $7A anil will Imi Milil ior $a?>. Call at 1411 En at fMrty third stMl t. TO PAWMiKOKI.lH AND OTIi'.il-.?l-'Oll SALE, AT a hurg.iln, the nl.c:, and K?oU v 11 of a loin; r -tnlil'ancil 1'atvnbriiMU , Buslnesr. Address, ojui ro .l ft inn ai'tl address, M. E., Do* I,lad FostoUlre. TtnilTEWOOD I.I'MDEU FOB SALE CHKAP.-1MM If fret of good Inch; 10,1*10 fart of good ttv itnth. Thn above lumber in drv anil in good order. Appy to SMITH A tlillDLKY, foot ?f Twenty-seemid street, North river. TIIK BBBELIMR. tilLAi!S, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL OOJ.iiBfl, 1 Stall's, Mountings Trimming*, Ear Ion, Sjiear Heads, An. Ornamental painting and embroidering on silk. HO.IER A OltAII AM, 97 pn.vjei street. HFRRAH FOR THE WAR?KIM BOTH, OF AND :U ttiein?Nmr Is your only chance to go t i the scat uf war ami gal it distinct! m lor yourtoltt fl ami l-wnliii A Immure able tKMltrd men wanted to bring the gnl.ant Thlrty l*th rrgiirii'iit New York Volunteer*, under command of Col. Churlrn II. In ties to the mavltnum standard required by the. Culled Slaws government. Thtcorps iniiUs wi'h tl.e highest In 'he field for efficiency In military tariieaand d I trip ln?. The I'lnmainlrr-mChlef, as well as other military critic*. have efprea?ed ib-fuselvcs bkhly pleasi'd with tho physical app araueo of tho men cornporing Hun corps. I'm, olmhuig and transportation fnnilahcd on being musIrrr.flnlo the service, as tvr'.l ae. relief glvi n to siiTnler's wlvea from the Aid Coiuultteo; 5!lH> bounty paul at tiio el plISIIoll III kill' ik nr. Kor further particulars apply to Weill. .TAMES GRANT, Recruiting GUPer, HKhltiestreet. Notice to military men?a < ompijetkbhikld, warranted bullet proof; II Is worn under the clothing. Person* h-tvlng friends tn th? urmy nrny saie their live* for a little. For n.ilu li> A. T. Kt'SSL 1.L, importer of hardware, Ac., 1.17 Fulton stri ct. Ten men w anted?ok some person who can rei'ruli that number by the 1st oi .Man h. Address, slatlog terms, ft. E c , IVckaklll, wevehesteVeouniy, N. V. The rebellion.?? ween or twenty good men wanted, fur a regiment. to leare itnmediiitn y, lor which a lair price will be |iaJ4. Addrem Lliiuieimul, b <t lid Krralil olllce. ? AIT ANTED?KOR COMPANY A. CNITKD STATES EN. YT Klin rr. ahlr-l'txtlt d ynunit men, mechanic preterm!between the egpg nf IS ami AS I'ny trnrn gull t<> f.'U per inmith, with the uaual ullnwatien ut clothing, rntiona sml tned.eal attendants*. K?r fitrthi r imrtl 'iilars ini|itire at No. b Bowliiv; Green, .Mrd door, between 1A.M. ami I P. M. STTH REGIMENT NEW YOKE VOLUNTEERS. Now I in the tlebl.?WnhtatLa lew pood men, lor reeriutlnit purpose. A liberal sum wwl be pnId for all teeruils wlieii I n tight In the .iillen st 3.t0 Pesrl street. All T>otl men demrlne tn enlist w III be peel Bleach a; the time of enlGtmcnL OibeoStl Pestlstrcei. N' w Tore. G. B BOKWOKTII, Major Eighty-seventh, Hniirrtiitendln': It?, tmilng. lnOll F.EOIMRNT-TAN HI'REN LIGHT INFANTRY J'fau New York H'atd Volunteers. Thts regiment will leave fur Ibe seal of yrnr homed.atslv. A few Mure recruits wanted. Officer* haying rcrriihs ratiy o tain nnSll.otiS, or dispose 01 ihmo at the best advaiitnun >'V applying to THOH It. VAN BUKKNT Ootonel Commanding. *17 II roadway, N.Y. Approved, February 2H, ItVi.?W. A. Nnnfou, Lieut' uaot Colon t United Stat' a Army Mustering Ode er. MILITARY. 1!Hi; VETERAN CORPS OK THE WAR OK 1?12, WILL asacmblA at the Merrer House, turner Rmtune unit Mercer streets, at 11 o'cloi h A. M? in lull uniform, on Haior. lay, Kcbrmiry 21, to eelelirate the birVirtsy of tlic Father of our eouh'.ry, General Oai?r?e Washington. The Bienklyu, K. D., t eiie s ere toeseoti the Veteran* by invitation, .mil the drum turps sf Hie Forty-seventh regiment, Brooklyn Greys, hare kindly volunteered their services on the ocossion. All the Veterans In this and the adjacent counties are renpectlully Invited tt? Join with us In the celebration. By ordsr. H. RAYMOND, Brigadier General. ABK. M. DALLY, Colour 1. Isaac X. Firm, Adjutant. IKUAHI AMD TOBACCO. S ROARS VERY che A P.-THE ASSIGNEE, AT NO. 4 Br 'iidwav, Is tilTerlngjjreat In toeements to cash buyers. Some di struhie hrands W Havana, Dviuesuc Mil Oeruian Began atui In itoofc. 1862. | HOUSE*, ROOM*, dfcC.. TO LET, | A HANDSOME FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE 111 good order, 176 KaM Kimrn ei.lh alreet. between Ft at anil Sc. end avenuea; km a tiilurva, hot and colli water, ami a I the modern improvement*; formerly lot (or $1.11 5; will i U l now lo a re-ponaible tenant for $dUb. For paruculAra luifiiire at ins UP A FIRST ("LASS BOARDING HOUSE. FILLED WITH I -i ntml boarder*. rucoipu rrotn which amount to $175 I week, to lot, ami the Furuiiuie for aalo. To a capable liar j j with meuu thia prewnta nnuanal Indueementa. BRADLEY A W Alt Milt, 40 L uion aijiiare. 1 \ THREE KTOKY, HIOS STOOP, BROWN STONE ' f out House to let ami Fum ton- i'or aalo. Thia la an excel cut opportunity, to commence tuiuaekerplng at a amail expense, a* the Funiituie will be ao'.d low lo a aaU nuatcmer. 1 Forluriner particular* apply to JOSEPH BATES, W Wall i atri-et, up ataira. AN OLD ESTABLISHED HAT STORE, WITH DWELLit.g at d pl.iuk ahop, lo lease; nock and tlxlureafor Bale; all ni good order, inquire .it ff*) Grand atreet. ^ CAOI'NTKY PLACES To RENT. FURNISHED. J IKVlNOToN?Elegant dwelling, with lour acre* FORT VS ASHI NO ION?Large houae and ground*. WESTCHESTER?Near the village; Ural claaa house, with building. UNFURNISHED. WEEII \WKKN?Rtom* mansion, with all Improvement*. Til HOGG'S NKt'K?Handsome houae, with 45 acre*. KATONAli, Bed lord?Large houae. with id acrea (furnla.'il). ASTORIA?Elivtatit r- ?: '. r with seven acres. In benutif older; aiao never::! . t'uriilaheil and utifuruKiimL A pply > K. H. M'lV.itW A CO., No. 3 l>i tn ? . Ti^t'KMKUED H O U * B lO LET?IN WEST FORTYJ? foul tit siroi Lao neon Hixth avenue and Br ad Way. from 1st of May ri." 1 .'.ill, -i tor a year; handsomely f trniahed amtl i ; ii.-1-. i iir<l< r. Rout tin per month. Addtv W. O., 1>"X ISJ. .. toBV . GREFNU OH s'l' KKT AND BROADWAY.?TO LET, douid* II. use ail rear Building No. 7 Greeuw n tree!. A;- d.iul'i" lion: 'No. 6 Broadway. Apply lo N. W. WEs.,l'i Wiiarty struct, HOUSE TO J IIP IN BROOKLYN.?THE HANDSOME three at'T u.d basement brown stone House, SOU Bardic street, ,v,i.. ?.i? fixtures, hot and ood bat i, ac., adiaonnt to i-liji. ai a aud ferries. Rant low and inaresjecta le loaiUoii. Apply to E. Al'ERBACH, HI Bowers anet, Broohlt n, ami No. 7 t: aid street, New York, upstairs. Houses at yonkebh?on broadway, with views ut the river, containing eleven rooms, wit'.i gas, watersnd Uti nail- I i , and one acre of .atnl. Rent ?SUd. Abo, n comfortable foliage, with one aero of laud. Rent 280. Apply to THOMAS I CORNELL. Broadway. Yon. kers, or to UNiMAS W. I. DLOW, JR., r rerdaie IOFTS *0 LET OF 16X0X8 BO. 822 .AC i XDWA Y.? J The lofts are Urst cia- , have i. art ligl: and the loeailon Is very desirable. Inquire of JN'O. LLu.J) A SONS, 18 Na sao street, or of EASIA!AN, UicELOW A DAYTON, 3A2 Broadway. VTEW STABLE TO LET OR FOR SALE?SITUATED as in Thirty-lirst street, 100 fee o lielow Sixth avenue; lot 25x147 teeL Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE, 1,261 Broadway. Saloon and house TO LET-77 GREENWICH avenue. Can be alteind to a storo or dwelling; water and gas throughput. r nilow, Steady steam power to let?large and small Room-, well llgh'rd; steam hoistway. Possession immsdiately. Apply at 490 Water street. STEAM BOWER TO RENT LOW?TWO ROOMS, 50x70, lighted on utl sides. Insurance 1\ percent. Also, for sale, a m-cund hand fifteen horse power Engine. Apply at tet.t Water all :et. nto LF.T?IN WILLIAMSBURG, SEVERAL TWO STORY A frame and three story brick Houses; also for sale 6J0 Vacant Lots on moderate terms. Apply to K. J. IIUN P, 112 Fourth avenue, N. Y., or Oil AS. FOtvLER, corner of North Ninth and Third Mr. et.-, Williamsburg. TO LET?FOR OFFICES OR MANUFACTURING PUR poses, with or without steam power. 1 art of premises 17 John struct. Inipiird'of AM, MERRILL, FITCH * CO., 19 John street. rpo LET?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY, TUB FOLLOWX lnj? Hons** :? Two story attic and bailment House, 7t East Houston street, near the Bowery, suitable for a saloon or dwelling. Also, It st >17 House, 8LKast Twenty-eighth street. S story House, 89 West Forty-fourth street. 1! story Mouse, with oilcuslon.US Thompson street, 3 story House and Store, 401 West snow. 2 siory Mouse, with extension, 130Sullivan street 8 story House, 342 Stanton street. 4 good Cottages, Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. 3 two story Mouses on First avenue, near Eighty-fourth street, ami other houses and parts of houses iu this rlly and Brooklyn. For l ull particulars Inquire of A. M. FANNING, 335 Bowery. TO LET?AN ELEGANT COUNTRY SEAT, SITUATED In CuUaas rmni, ou the .Nasi river, near Flashing, L. L, with Barn, S tallies, und all modern improvements; large plot of ground and privilege of bath house ou the shore. Address B., 18 Fine street, oflteo ft. TO LET?HOUSE 2f?7 WEST NINETEENTH STREET; three atones, lii^h Stoop. Apply to A. N. DKNMaN, foot of Wcat Twentieth street, or tu the evening at 315 Weal Tweniith street. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 351 West Thirty-lourih stroel, with nil the modern improvements; will be rented low. Apply ut 215 Weal Thirty-.ourlh. street. " TO LET?A HOUSE AND SLAUGHTER HOUSE, 32S anil 537 Weal Sixteenth street, be.ween Klghlu and Ninth avenues. Inquire at tip and <0 Washington Murket, or 71 if a 1 u \ cireet TO LET?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, IN Ninth street, near Third avenue, in p -rfe-t ord- r and with every eonvenieine; also, a small English Basement House, iu Twenty-third slrcei, ueai :-'e ond avenue, at a moderate rent. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, l'J lieekoiau at, TO LET?A LARGE BUILDING 11x90. ON THE WEST pide of si. h n enue, opposite Reservoir square, and next to the corner ot Fur.y-second atreet, lone numlr-d fo t slriei.) Said b?i 1I111 n.-r is most substantially b til', iv l r sixteen inches, und finished in the best uianrer; contains a hudllv'A, and lour stnull rooms attached, being toe tiuest I all up town, and suitable for ehnruli. military or exhibition purpose*; two Una stores, 25x1X1, and two ha-ements, ceilings, sane ,i/c. Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE, l.-ul Brno Mqr, le uveeti Thirty- r-i :md Th-rfy-s-cord Str la, TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNCI FINISHED, ONE op tlio best arranged dwelling Houses In tho rity for a small fandly, No. 13tf\Ve?t I'll irty-fouHii street, throe elory high sfisqi, f:i splendid order, nil improvements, hate oinely furnished, and 10 s re*| enetnle pnr.y will be rented l?w. App.y to l'J. H. LAW 111.Ni l., 1,201 Broadway, between Thirtyllr*t ami Thirty-second streets. mo LET?THE TU1. . K STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN J. sieri l'nuit House, No 7(i tt *t T iirly-iirnt sin et, in ar t e Sixth swenuo; ha* all Ihomod.-ru Improvements; threo iOcm<dc p ill. *ior> ; cits hvtores. Ac. iu ni$,0o. App y l> p. 11 LAWKENCK, 1,281 Broadway, bolwuou Thirty-mat and Thiity Second streets. I rp(l LKY?urns TII nr.r. nnu.i anir n?ra I A trout Store, SttVi t?' ?|?. ii "ii- ilr "l Hioiwiiy,atid between Tliivi) mini 11. i Thirty north streets; alio some Stores (!i fret deep, on Thirty-third street, near Hreudwav, Hint i e: wci n Hftli avenue null Broadnay, auiiab.e for stoic mill oweHlng. \pply to K. l>. I.\WKKM K, 1,361 liroiotway, Irliv u Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets. To let?the pppkr part of the larle ekild. lug know r-in Kr.hlit Hall, in Thirty--eond *tn- one d.inr o .ot Hi uiihv.iy, |>e In? larjtn hall and three rooma, desirable lor Its location and ins adapie-1 lor moat any jiiirjjoac; will bo rented to r first slims tenant for three year*; r i,3m) pel* year. Apply iu Jg. 1>. EAVVUEAOK, 1,361 Broadway. rro LET?TUB Til HEK MOKV HIOH STOOP IIIIICK A lrnnt House, Hi West T".entjr Seventh street: ron'slns nil improvements, in good or I. r, rent $7H0. Alao Hotts-di Prince street, near BroadM?)rt uiree ktorv, high stoop. !ri*emcnt and cellar; r-mt $JUU. Apply to R. 1). LAWRKNi'E, 1,361 Broadwey, buiwci u Thirty-first una Thirty found at reels. To i.kt?tub brown stone dwelling HOUSE nti rt e?t Kuriy.seventh street, near Kut i avenue, lour i mry, high in i , HI liopru.eiu MlM, nnd In go I rd, r. To mi liim leplloii.. !( lenanl 1t will he rented lor S'.?H Apply to E. I). I .AW HENCE, 1,361 Broadway, between Thirty-brat and Thirli -neeim! street*. ri'O LET?'THE Pill It STORY STORES, xqs. 614 AND A 6l6Si\tli avenue, ne\i to rairoer o, Thiriycinth street; reib $65" each. Alv- Dwelling Mouse 136 fourth ?tl I, four stories, lilali stoop, three moma del p, nil Improvements; usually rent,i lord ill; will istnl to u ?.arei ul tenant lor S7AI. Apply to K. D. LMVHLM'l . l.'.'Cl Bioirtwny, hetwoeu Tulriy nrat auu Thirty-sa-onrt ntic. is. TO LET OR LEASE?T1IK DWELLING PtP.T OK THE fonrtiory building corner of Thirty >10111111 street and Broadway; m.iialita a nunil r ef r n-; ilr?t re,? I -?iio:i for a hosrdlng house and very desirable. To a first rata leu mt will ha let at a reason: Me rem. Apply to )'? 1). LAWItENHE, 1.261, hetwi en T-lriy-hr-t and Thlr y aeootid streets. r LET?THE T Hit EE HTOKY MIG1I STOOP DWELLIIIK House. No. M West Tnlriy sixt i street, near liiusdway; 11 has ail the n o'.-n pipriv 1. t.ia, ad Is In v exi oruer. Will !? let for $6 ?i. So-irl.y required. Apply to K. D. LAWRENCE, 1,261 Broadway. between Thirty Urst and Thirty a s oud streets. TO LET?THE koi K >tory USHI.ISH BASEMENT Doubling House No, (hi tVr?? Thirty-e, eon 1 siret t, near the fciDth nvenoe and Broadway; I s nil t 1 modern Improvements; la In good order; C""l iieiaclmrlinod. To a responsible tenant will l?o reined I, $t?'i, Apply to E. D, LAW REM'K, 1.261 Broadway, between Thirty-first ami und Thiiiy-aucond streets. rpo LET?PAI T OKJHI. IOI HhTiiRi HHIiK DUEL JL ling Itouae nr. in nr?i until \ IT1 e. i . ( between the Seventh ami Ktrhth avenue*. m a amah i amity. It. will be rented at a low reut. Hrli tviu* a er hanaed. ApP'y to E I?. LAtSKI.NOK. l.MI Broadway, between Thirty. flril and Thirty-aeeond trrna. TO LKT-KURNINHKD OK r.NrtKNTSHKD, TUB owner wla't I., to go to Europe, the ihrreamry high ?:>np blown atone hum Honee No. II* liMington avenue; contain* *11 the modern iiiiprnveni nt?; well I'.rnUhrd li'ttia**; Ileavond all through, autl In perfect oriii-r. Will he rr.iteil fur. Ill hod aa it la lor ?I.S or unliirntaned fl.tHI. Forenrda .imdj to R. It. LAW RKNI E, I,Ml Br.Mil>vay, between Thirty.find ami I'hlrlj-eooondMMtt r^KT-NO. 106 WEST TWENTY FIFTH STEKET, lour tori and ilaM-nirnl llnu?e; <o ttntna a l ml many room*, and ta'weil adopted for a large l.iftdly or ler a lio..rif. lughnuxe. Toa uaaon who will aire aeeoriy will lie rented for $!*? Apply to li. U. LAWRENCE. l.2iil bliowdway, htlaheu Thirty drat ami Thirty ?e?.iid ?trr~l? rl.ET OR FOR 8ALK-TI1K TWO THREE STORY brhtc Dwelling*aad led* Noa lit and 116 WentTeen- I ty-atith itreet, liiree noma deep ou baaemctil and parlor aurrteaInraiion; In .rat rate ord?r. Will rert f..r $600 | anni ni. or will r II on dealrabln terms. Appiy to E. D AWK1 M'K, I Ml Broadway, between Thirty uiat and Thirty aetvmil at reels. ____ fllo LET OU LEASE?THE FIVE STOKY AND BASEX mem ll.tildlmt N't. Bi) leotard street. To h good tenan t til l be leaned for aluht year* at a rent to atiTt tie time* Al" I a alahle In Thirty-Am street. Apply to E. I>. LAW. HENCE, I>;1 Bioadway, between Thirty Aral hud Thirty. serial ereett. mo LET?THE TOREK BTORT AND BASEMENT X Honae Id# Tenth avenue, between Twnty.-er nti and Twenty-third atreeta; modern Improvements. toed tirder aad I rood neighborhood, Apply to Mr. CIIA-Bi, 4A F,fth at rime. ! Keni AitlO. Mnltable for one or two families. TO LET?FROM THE FIRST OK MAY. TIIB TWO J etory briek KiaMmm ihe weataiileol W .t <hln jt n street, , b"twe? i and Harrow, von ninliir l wruty f on at.illa And storage room lor bay. Apply to HI E I'll.1 N E UIBBALL. M V.' al erLBT-Tt'K T, 1:T Tt>T;Y HRT'TC HOlbB Kc B ptiw i , . t, i'r ? ?i?. Wen. Bf-'ai pe an io> Appiy to B VD '.ot', l.tti eO JOU I CO., Rf7 Wnsbtngtcu I Mrett, New T?hn. 3 HOUSES, HOP? AC.. TO LBT? TO I.ET.?A SMALL FAMILY WOCLD KENT THEIR House, a brown stone front and Laudso ueiy luruiined, ou furty-Kvaoib street, between Filth and Seventh aveuui *, to a private la nily ouly, aud would board tor the rent It desired Address boi 5,fcl P'?t olCre. TO LET-IN NINETEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth a., a plot of Land, about 33 by 73 feet, now '.copied by Andrus, A Duiraah as a ma-ow's yard, suitable fur masons, t-iirrfkomen or others requiring ro on. flood stables, luree sheds, t'roluu water. paved, Ac.; en.osedeuuuuce; ion W st Nineteenth street; key at 165. For terms, Ac., apply to B. C. WANDELL, USNintb avenue, or No. 3 Pine street rro LET?TO A RESPECTABLE PHYSICIAN, A BAHEA meat Hnom, well adapted lor an odlce und partly t urate.led; If dchired, a Hitting and Bedroom, with or without partial Board, may lie bad alio. Apply at to Weal Eighteenth street, between Ultu and Hutu avenues. TO LET-ST. RONAN'S WKLI.S?A HAND-OMR COUNtry seat, ! cated .u Long lalnnd, at tb>- hea l of I'- usblug Bay, adjacent to the w ater and very convenient for lathing and all aqualie iijiiym ok; a I ir;e new dottule bouse, sia Die*, curri iftfl iw?uh< , c ?\v stable and aheds, ire house, gaa hoine and bath house: 1,5t^et of waterfront, and a beautiful gr<>ve 01 12 acres, cotiunandlng a view of the bay and country in *li directum* tor u.auy mile.-, ant only* Uuir hour's ride from the city, 45 minutes In the railroad 1 hour by tue boat, five hundred yards from the oust lau in a, ami I n* than one mile two de, oW F. r hotel porpoaig or a private residence this place haa few if any coital. For par ti'Uilara Inquire of or address Mr. GO.JDE'It.'iON, No. 9 City Hall square. TO LET?(RENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR TWO PERauna) from 1st o. May, a private family pr-derml, tha four story House, idraiiaiitly located al 14 West Washington place. Apply on tuo picmit.cs, ironi it) to 12 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M. TO LET?TIIE FIVE 8T0KY BROWN STONE FRONT Store No. 159 Diiitue street, between Hudson street and Weal Broadway, 25x72. Poxsco-iuB o first doer and baseincut immediately. Rout low. Inquire at 84 Vescy street; toner of Washiaigum. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER, LARGE AND SMALL ro .ms, well lighten, with otlicea una large ware room, or store uud basement, well adopted for the sewing machine or any light n q,,^ nromises being on the corner o large humid si , the premises, o TO LET?IN J mem Hons ren and Van Vo. provemeiiis, gas R. THOMPSON, TO LET?FOUR STORY House, a.<u mown, Sixth uvouue; p at-- glass winnows; a very eouspienoua business lo atiuiiat Uro. dway junction; store lib feet deep*, euuabie for confection ry. to.* cream, .sc. TO LET-ON FIFTH AVENUE, HARLEM, A HANDsmiie double Cm luge; nine rooms, pantries. kneh. u and cellar: all lam improvements, chandeliers, fi nil and Uower gardeus. SituuUon most select, Kent moderate to a suitable tenant. For p.rikularj inquire at OAYMOR'S corset store, b42 Broadway. TO LET-IN DANBURY, CT., ONE STOKE, IN THB centre ol business; one of the best stands In the place. Also, one Briek Store, south part of Maiu s reet; a good stand for the grocery business. Apply Pi H. ANDREAS, No. 92 Chambers' aireet, N. Y., or to WILLIAM H. CLARK, Daubury. TO LET?FIVE ACRES OF LAND, WITH HOUSE AND Outbuildings, in good order, s muted in New Utrecht, L. I., near tiie ll.ilti plunkruud. For further particulars inquire ol J. J. MOOliE, opposite 145 West street. TO LET?THE COTTAGE HOUSES 135 AMD 137 WEST T?ii ty-fouitti street, containing ail the modern improvements, water, gas, speaking tubes, lurn..ce, Ac, Rent of 125, 5U50; of tin, 0JUU per annum. Apply to B. T. BABBITT, U Washington street, Now York. TO LET?THE STORE, BACK ROOM. FRONT AND back Bssementtoi 255 lludton street, near Canal Tbo store Is complete with shelving and counters, and tltusted In one oi the best business locations. Appiy at scuabbehar's, 223 Hudson street. TO LET?A SMALL HOUSE, EIGHT ROOMS. 61 EAST Fifteenth a.met, one buck from Union square; also Dwelling Purl oi 1/ East Nlncieciitn street, corner of Broadway; pas, bath, AO. Apply to K. II. CONWAY, No. 830 Broadway. mo LET-VERY CHEAP. A DOUBlife OFFICE, 8UITAJ. bio for lawyers, real estate agents, light business, Ac. newly and elegantly lilted up. Apply at 19 Bcekman sliect, first Uoor. TO LET-A VERY DESIRABLE OFFICE FOR ANJAR" chitect or city surveyor; also small Stores, iu Eighth avenue, suitable for a fancy store, a drug store, tailor's shop, or a plumbing establishment. Apply to J. r. CHAMBERLAIN, 594 Eighth avenue, or 17 Wall street, from 11 to 1 o'clock, TO LET, FOR B ALE, OR WILL BE EXCHANGED FOR property In Harlem?A new House, with a piece of KO'ind, well improved; pleasantly st.uated,one hour's ride roilio.ul from New York city, in tue vtllaee or Porichtfster, ULr??Mirhi'Mf**r cnum v. N V . thrpp tiiintiT#?M' w:i Ic t'irtm the dp. jx>t. For particular*. apply t i VVM HEATTY, Fort-heater, or 10 JAMES O'KANE, Lin Naoxitu ati eel, New York. TO LET OR FOR SALE?THE 1IIUH STOOP BRICK Honee, 1U9 Weat Twenty.xci ond xtr?t; r-tii sJ.SOU. Apply on toe premiers, l.eove a 1U and 4 only. No areata Deed apply. Tae furniture for xulo. 110 LET OK FOR SALE?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC . brick House, 87 Aaiity turret; ho? ml th?- modern linprovcaieata. in a very liuo ncidihurho xl: tli lot i* '.'6 liv 109 f?t, nail a very line garden. Apply to PRICE A THOMAS, 17a kr.adaay. * TO LET OR TO LEASE-AS A BOAR UNO HOUSE or hotel, the large, 01111110 noun four -l ry building curlier of Juy anil Uiccuwlh atreela, n parrot order, With wr.ter, gas, rangea, Ac. R at low. P x.-exMOn given immediately. Cull on J. O. DOHK, on the, TO liEASE?TEN LOTS OK GROUND, SITUATED BEtwbea I ortym iviud and Forty-third mro-tx, fanning on the Kiat river; bull'brad, with water thirty feet rte.-p. la suitable for Binrage, a foundry o-the m:innlar:ure of heavy ma blurry, where good wkart aeroiniibHbiiloua an: required. Apply at the Cedar depot, ou the premiers. TO RENT?TWO FIRST CLASS 1IOI : E L SITUATED ON L ng Ixland Sound, one hour'a rule ir u ihe city, with Sird n, atablea, Ac.; Imailn j jTivllexe sen bo.aeh, Ac. Ad(raa l ux 40, Post o 1 c , New Kochelle, N. Y. r RENT?A NEAT AND CONVENIENT COTTAGE, AT E Ixabeth. N. J., with on- a re, barn, Ac; -1 so for <a e, the Fa altar in -am must \ a vv, cheap fur -uali. Inquire of (L AM (HllBS, 207 Broadway, or o: Mr. Whittlesey, real -state agent, at Eli/ah th. TO RENT?THE STORE CORNER <1F WAYERLY pla e and Broadway, under the New Yuri Hotel. Appiy to M. MORGAN A SON. 37 William .treet. TO RENT?TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, WITHOUT childion, a very hum io ue Ilouxe, elegantly nirnbh-d, In one ,,f the best locate tin la South Brooklyn. Addrena boa 3,<UB I'uxt olllec, New Y-.r*. TO RENT OR LEA>E?A COMFORTABLE AND bca.'hy rottigr, with xoelh nt car .ee and w ater, situated neur the railroad uirs at NorUi lloiwkon, tieur tho Bud's lerry road, about thr e a.'I * front 11. bokinierry. Apply to tlic ow ner, J. D. U Utl.xS r.T, 1?4 Tnoiapauu at.', N. Y. <J? I A TO $1411.?TO LEASE, FROM ONE TO TEN P'A'U years, neveral ILu aex, > lib court yard and verandah troula. Also Lets to lea*. , no Hlty-, Fill) n read and Fifty third street*, and LLhih. Ninth, Tenth and ISIeventh avenue*. Two hundred Lot*, already built on, leased lor five to ten year*; rent $40 to $<10 a y eur. Inquire of General STRIKER or his aiieni. Flfiy-aeeood street, near Kleteath avenue. Eighth and Ninth Avenue ran paea every few mtrutra. m NINTH STREET TO LET.?NEAR TO, AND weat ot Broadway, inquire of J. A El-LKR. 947 Broadway. R nt $1,.SJ(>. WASHnr.T(l\'s BIRTHDAY. LARCH AsSORTJdLN I FANCY PAPER LANTERNS t OH ILLUMINATIONS. For eale by STRASBUKtlER A KUIIN, 65 Mabien an-, corner of W lUiara street. (NF.LKBRATION OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE J birthday of Washington.?In com pltane wltk thr mum men'1.ithiu of thr I'iMnlriit u? ihn Lull' ?1 Ma#**, Hcrkumo T. Btimhum, K^)., v.ill, by re<|ii"?L, rra?l tlm F t;? .?? II Ail Iri m? i l* I1** Psdmr nl his I '.iiintrv At Hit .Iikii'- slrppt.. HI. K elmnfi, on Aaturdtf, ih<' U<i ImC.'x )i o'clock A.M. The public urn Invited to ? Ailinl-tion free. CELEBRATION OK WARIIINMTON A BIIITI1DAY AND the recent Union Tl Ion a, at Broadway and Fortvaevenih atrrel llail. am lloor, February ?2, at three P. M. The reridenta of the Twenty-- cond waul and vicinity are Invited to juln In celebrating the day, BKreouhle to the Praat dent* pr emulation. Washington a Farewell Addre- . will be teud t y Solomon L. Hull. Ki'|.. mating 01 the Siar Spangled llinire, and other patriotic plecea and extcoipm - orationa by enveral lunreetlng apeakera. For illuminations and CAMP TAB. An. 100 l'ER t'ENT SAVED tly natng Lytnnn'a Improved Grand ILLliMlN \TINt. I1AND..KSTI0K. (I'aient n inilmr. Manufactured by \. K LI M ts. W lllnmabit, 2, Maaa. Depot 4.? C.lll atreet, N. V. CLOTHING. AT HAKI11S' STOKE, No. 160 SEVENTH AVENUE ? Ladiea aad geinh mrn can h* rltti the fo.hnvtng prince * for their raat off t lo.h titt.l'aip la, Fornli ore and Jewelry bur silk Dreaaea. from $S to k 4); f. r Horn 91 to fa) Punt*. from 91 hi $0. K. UAKRI8, 169 Scveuln avenue. Ladle* attended to by Mra llama. At ezekiel s old stand, iim seventh avenue lad.ea and gentlemen an obtain the n t moat ral tie foi ine.r < a?t o|f Wearing Apparei?from $7 to 136 lor Milk Drea ac<, fn in $9 to $29 for thaita, and from $1 i<> $7 for Paula aUot'arpvte, burn.lore. Jewelry, Ac. A note bypoalpono l ially attended to by E.. 13* Seventh avenue, between Nino teenib and Twentieth atreeta. N. B.?I>idtea attended to by Mra. K. Mo connection whh any other hnnae. A GREAT UNION VICTORY IS GAINED LADIES AND gentlemen it baa been rmtorloua in being proomiimed by a great many, that B Mmtr, of 17V Third avenue, baa heea paying tbe highest pm -e for eaat off Clothing, tV rpela Farmltire and Jewelry, nnd villi treana to continue ao l> you will favor him with a note or call, lla will not humbog tne > on*. nrvnlty by olTrrtng $40 for allk drrana, $30 lor '.ate or $7 fifc pant*, aa la done by other uealera; but be agreeato pay the full value for each arilrle la canti. Plea-e remember the well known dealer, B. JUNTA, of 17V Third avenue, near A venieenih atreet, lata 137 Sixth avenue. La<llea aiteuded by Mr*. Mint/. Adkmand.?912,1'W worth or cast off cloth. fuar. CWiirt*, KufP'tutP mid ?f?WWI7 wantrd, for which Hie moat value , an be obtaluad, by calling on ?M nddreaalng K. H.. 71 Sixth avert tie, near Wave,ley place Ladle* aC tended by Mra. B. 'L l'leaac rvineinbar and try 7'J sixth ntcnue. . .......vmrv /mi'iiHTKNfTT?LADIES AND OV.N. A IMP <*nn nr.. one ?h- huihr.t cu.h pn r [or their 1 os.t oT I'lntklnff, V . rni?.ir?, Obrj.??, Ac., hy aiM-. mtlng Mr*. I No. Ivn Hen-nth anjnue, im r Twemjiblrd nin e'. ilenilen en mt"iul*il by *tr. t.blrtn'.rln. AT 183 miVKKTB AVKNU1. I.ADIBS AND OFNTLNmm ill?i>"*e m ih< Ir cumuli' Clothing, tUr|>ct?, Y rnllnt ' *u<1 .! wiry. 1 *ua:?mc? to pay l>it/ |. r ml rmrc than any Hhi-r foaler In ln? city anil not to bo humb.i-hy trc.ti buHn *>'<1 lata- pT"*i?4tr*> F. ani call on nt n.iilrr?a.l. Anh iR, loi .Vvvmh avcnuo, batm-rii 1 WMillnth on.ITtrcuiy-brki btntt*. Ladle* aiendcil by Mr-. .Cuhalt. * T 'HIE NKW Hi AhO, lin TU1IW AVKNI R-lAiUKJ i\ and ktiAib can t'bure toe Pill ralne for itieiicaiit if riolhinn, hy hlurg on or alar Mil J II. J?u o: ?, W1 Third .t-nu-, 'wtoii Tv? n'r-'Mi 1 H I le onijr fourth (trreta IAille* sttoiiilou hy Mis* r. Jaeoba,

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