Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1862 Page 4
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i? 4 < NEW YORK HERALD. JAMll GOROOS BRIIItft umoE AND paoMUKiua. orrtaw *. w. coils km of fdlton and Nassau sts. TIBllgenth ? mlnanmm. Monrtt mk! nn mad mil healths riU V Its * ?'<*. A.wtW i-ttf. i?r?W ?/. .V?j k?ra "rjf* DA II 1' HtMALD r wo nm/.mr ncr*. |7par?nmM?. FiiiT WKEM.t UtKALD, ??rv y a' tierente vtr eq p.ot per a.muni the Auropsan letithm Wehteeixu. ml .ia emir pc'cof.y. t* I " mtmemn 4" ciny fntrl .uf tiv m ?n? irm. HT $S IS (<> OMV ra>I "/ (A r (\mt .nsnt. 'nth la in- In,It ncettqe. fit (aliform* Ktlthon on the let. 11<A u<,j :let of aih month, nteim tru' per nam. or S- Toper annum, rilh fAMlLt an WnJnrmrtav. a' hair onto Ptr "vol t'ti To l':'r*roRRg-*l'O.Y nggrr, rontenijno important tmtci, enHrUnl from onp quarter of the wort I- if will >* pAlrf for. OlTB KORKIC.N CU>RBr?r<lMD.NTll ABE fARTtrVI.ABLT KeOIKYTEO TO &BAL ALL Li-lkM* a.SO FaDE?K *rir? ?T? JFl> norrr* ">*" n/ eoerospoeedrneo. We Jo mm reprr reieete I comtnun m titans Alt r KKWPVyr.> TS rrnetnoa ererp Jtv/; a-lrrrtisemrntr in. artel h> iLWuMir Hrbalp. Kamilt Herald. onj in thm Oifitorn4a .-e. A Pur-mean KUition* PKINTIgG <miM with ruvtnees. eArnvnsm ami in OCfA v?i?ai? xxvn a*, m AMC8EMKNT8 THIS EVENING. KIBIfO GARDES. Broadway ? Baww. WINTER GARDEN. Broadway?Maskud Lint?Pi*aiam nkii.un. ia. VALLA PI'S THEATRE, No. 844 Broadway? i'BB WonMK lal'ra KERNE'S theatre. Broadway?t?? Macum . i k tmi paaf or Day. new BOWERY T0K ATOM, Bowary?Afternoon? JkNMi rtOTTu. Ltauuo-? trn ia or Fort DokKLao.s?Itk ffutk-fAMl Hot BOWERY TUEATRE, Borery?SiirrakT'i National filters. A or o.. ?..? &\ e..iug. BARN VMS AMERICAN MLSEIM. Broadway.?'ow V tt Li. si. UirrorotAMOa. Wham, uc , ki All uoui>.? Osdina. .il -i fiisiu and veniu^. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS, HacfcMtra' Had. 47S Broadway? uia ho r Li a HOOLKYV MINSTRELS. Rtr.> -sail InatUute. No. 659 B-oado-aj.?LruioriA.s bosua. Ditcu. Ac. NIBLO'S SALOON. Broadway.?Mitiuee at Onr o'ClnrC? Do Fa* jpai.I . MKLODFoN CONCERT HALL. No. C59 Broadway? a, IIaiicks, Buru-macbs, AC.?HoLioat l> iuki.ami. CANTERBVRY Ml SIC HALL. 885 Broadway-Soxea. Dascas. KoBLrsurca, Ac.?IH VAIAOHM I-attla.. GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM, flit Broadway?Drawim Rooa Kmactaimmi*. Ballet*. Pawomjui. Kahlis. Ac. | AMERICAN MCSIO H ALL. 4*4 Broadway?Soxas. Baa- j I v*s. Fa.S lull mam. Ac FoKlBAIT I'llHU CRYSTAL PALACE CONCERT HALL, No. 43 Bowery.? BvKl.fcM|V*S. SONUS, DaM'SN. tC.-ROMHTlin. parisian c abinet OP wonbrr3, 363 BroaCwiy.? Ojieii Jki y trom 10 A. 31. Ult 9 P. M. NOVELTY Mt'.SIC BALI* 816 BiouP.wsy ?Bcm.r*gr?* PONGA PiKfK, Ac. ~W Sew York, Saturday, IVItruRry 44,1984 Til 10 SITUATION. The visit of General McCtetlan to the camps ot' the Grand Array?f the Potomac evoked the warmest enthusiasm from the soldiers, and impressed the rtommanding General with the splendid discipline ad good condition of the army. It also called *Wth from bint the promise that they would ao'-n hare an opportunity to distinguish themselves on the battle field. Rumors of the removal of a force if aome twenty thousand rebels from Manassas were prevalent iu Washington yesterday: but it is not believed, nor is it probable, that this point will tie e?acu?t<*d. and the road ?< lh<'lunond be thus thrown open to our troops. It is tar more likely that the Army of the Potomac has some glorious work before it yet in that direction. The surrender of Clarksr lle, on the Tennessee river, is annonnced by an official despatch from General Halleck to General McClellan. Snpplies of provisions sufficient to last our force* twenty days were found in the place. The loss of this i amount of stores to the rchels will prove most were in tneir present aeapenre condition. The oci np.ation of Clarksville leaves Nashville exposed to the advance of our troopa and gunboats, a^ the rapid rising of the river would permit the latter to approach the city without difficulty. According to statements made in the Richmond papers, General Johnston had telegraphed to General Grant, upon hearing oi the fall of Fort Donelson, offering to surrender Nashville on condition that private property should he respected. Considering that the Union party in Nashville is very large, and that the desire to preserve the city from destruction would naturally t?e in the aaccndant there, it is not. at all improbable that no stubborn resistance to our armswfU be met with at that point. It app- ars by our news Irom St. f-oiiiw last night that the Provost Marshal at Clarksville invited Gen. Grant to come on and occupy the town. The people there having discovered that they were deceived as to the pnrposes of the United States government and the whole object of the war believing that they were be big invaded by a band of "Germans and Degroes**? are anxious to acknowledge the Union flag. I*romincrit citizens have said that within one week a similar feeling will be manifested throughout the entire State of Tennessee. An a more corn lusive testimony of this feding, we may allude to the fact that the rebel Governor. Harris, is said to have called a special meeting of the Tennessee Legislature for Monday next. r... ik. ./ 1 r_. ? .11 ?v. ? ui wic jfui ui U?VIIIK ?ii mc ? ? constitutional tots passed b j that body imnx-dialrljr annulled. It ia further stated that the ofRi lals and leading citir.ena all otrrr the State deetare that Tennessee trust soon be back agan in the Union. Inforraati-jri rem hi d the u>;.t mt c,., wi.r? nf the Nary. Mr. Fox. yesterday from one of the releaned prisoner* from the ltu?n feeling in that city in very strong. end that an organisation numbering fully three thousand tnen exists there, who are only waiting en opportunity to ahow their allegianra to the government. IH*. affection thus appear* to permeate through the wholo land of rebeldom, from the Southwestern harder even to the capital Itself. The dlroat fear exists among the rebel* that both Savannah and Charleston are in Imminent danger of being raptured by the Union armio*. The Savannah Neirr saya that Savannah will certainly be destroyed thle week, and Charleston soon after. A despatch dated Augusta, Ga.. nnnouncea. as the latest intelligence to the Iftth in*t., that our veaaela were gaining ground in their efforts to reaoh the main channel of the river, and that the attack on the city could not be tnnch longer delayed. All the information we hare relative to the taking of Savannah, it mint be observed, com eg from rebel sources etrlnsivrly, and it mn-t he admitted that the whole of that information ind'.cntcn the happiest result. Our ?rmies In ILasonri are gaining still further nctorm. general Price, wli career has heon NE1 like that of a fox before the hounds, has been again overtaken acroiis the Arkansas border by oar troops, at Sugar creek, where he tuade a feeble aland, in combination with Ben. McOulloch's command, and waa aga:o put to flight Several of hia men and a large quantity of their arus throw n away in the confuaiou were captured by our troops. This gratifying intelligence ia announced by telegraph to Geueral McC'lellan by Goneral Halleck, from whom a later despatch arrived last night, to the effect that General Curt.s had taken possession of Beutonville, I Arkansas. By our news from Nassau, New Providence, to ihe 12th instant, we learn that the rebel steamer Catawba had ran the blockade from Charleston, and arrived at the former port, loaded with cotton, and that two vessela- the steamer Isabel and an ottier, name not known- left Charleston ai me same time, also with cargoes of cotton. Our European hies by lite Bohemian, dated to the 7th instant, reached this city yesterday morning. We are thus enabled to publish to-day a report of the speeches delivered by Lord Paluierstou, Lord John Russell, the Earl of Derby and Mr. Disraeli on the North American and Mexican questions, in the British Parliament, duriflg the debate on the address in reply to the Queen's speech. The English financiers, Messrs. Baring and Harney, in their character ot' members of the House of Commons, have endorsed the non-intervention declarations of the Cabinet in personal addresses to tbcir constituents. CONGRESS. Both houses of Congress yesterday adopted resolutions of sympathy and condolence with the President and his family in their affliction, caused by the death of his son, and adjonmed. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. The Canada, from Liverpool on the stli and Queenstnwn on the 9tl? instant, is now fully due at Halifax with two days later new.- from Fnrope. Nine wrisouers of war. taken at Cedar Keys. brought here by the ateamer Connecticut yesterday, were given into the custody of the Marshal. S'xteeu other meu were discharged on parole as witnesses. A special meeting of the Joint Committee of the Common Council on National Affairs was held in the City Ilall yesterday. Sub-committees of arrangements and reception were appointed to receive the released prisoners on their arrival in this city from Iteheldom via Fortress Monroe. Applications were refused from various regiments for reimbursement of expenses incurred by them while sen ing as three months volunteers on the banks of the Potomac. Port Doneleon was named in honor of the rebel General David 3. Honelaon, son of Andrew Jackson Uonelson, of Teunessce. The rebel Treasury note# read as follows:? " Six months after the ratification of the treaty of peace between the Confederate State* and tire United States, the Confederate State* of America will pay five dollars to bearer." These Treasury notes already begin to look rather shakey, :uid we are of opinion that after the expiration of tiie time specified tin y will have rat her a slim chance for redemption. There is a migratory newapaper in the Southwestwhich * as formerly known a* the Louisville It was ? strong secession HreekiuridgeBio-kner sheet, and when it found that the city of Louisville wa? getting too lint for its safe existence it packed up sod moved off to Nashville, Tennessee, where it was published for a while under the title of the A'oii/<Govritr. Hubse-jue fitly it ventured a little closer to it# lot liter home, and took h stand at Bo whagt.reen. Kentucky, changing its name to suit its new locality. \Vhen the rebels ran away from the latter place, the Omtritrr again took to it- heels and brought up at Clarksvillo, Tennessee. The telegraph yesterday announced that that piare had also succumbed to the onward march of the Union army; but what, became of the (,?>"> />/ we are not informed. Commenting upon the recent lobby developsments. our Albany correspondent recently alluded to a lady, ' known a* an actrrag," who, he asserts, is "taking the side of the bulls" upon a bill now before the House. We did not know to whom our correspondent relerrcd, but are told that it was t? a well know n lady of this city-, the w ife of a respectable and reputable gentleman, and who has no connection whatever with any bill helore the Legislature, or with any lobby operation. Our i corre-pondent entirely mistakes his duties, and improperly oversteps his province, when lie drags ladies info lobby matters, and gives them an undesired, unmerited and scandalous notoriety through his letters. The students' celebration of Washington's Birthday came oft last night iu the large hall of the (,'oop?r Institute. The exercise* comprised solos and chom-e-, ora'ions and the reading of Washington's 1'arewcll Address. Mr. I'etcr Cooper delivered ?n address at the commencement, which elicited great applause. Among th<- gue?ts present were lienora! Scott, Chancellor Kerris, ex-Mayor Tic man. Wilson (S. Hunt. J. K. Pearson and Kdward Cooper. The hall was crowded to excess, and the exercises gave the ntmo-t satisfaction, (ieneral Hcott w is enUin-iastically cheered cove r*l time* during the evening. # The recent rain atormha- somewhat filled op the rrack* in the ice of tiie Park, and the operation* of the workmen have helped, with the asuistanre i>(" the cold weather, to put it into a moderately (rood condition. We may expect good skating to-day. and if the weather does not ckiiige the ict will be lit up t?? night. The Grand .1 .ry of the General ?e?,ai,,n, w.,? charged yesterday, with the thank* of the Court, alter having transacted an hdiim, illy large amount or buaineaa. The foreman handr d in a large batch of indicttm nW. and a presentment recommending immediate notion by the Common Coum-ll to regulate by ordinance the sale and storage of petroleum or earth oil, and they forth' r suggest that the at<>rage and keeping on ?ala of oatnphene, burning fluid and turpentine in tenement hou-e? i? exceedinglj dangeroaa to life, and the practice of a?ing the ha-eioert atortea of dwelling house* a? at ilia for the storage of hay and atraw should 1m- at one* prohibited. The?e ?ugge*tinn* are baaed upon important facta furnished the Gr ind Jury by Fire Marshal K;ih*r. Charlea F- Week*, Jr., a boy fourteen yean old, waa placed on trial, charged with arson In tb* aecond degree, in netting flr?* to the dwelling hou?e of hi* parent*. It appeared in the course of the trial that the confeeaioo of the cotnmiasion of the offence wa* obtained from him by illegal mean*, *o that, the Itecorder excluded It, whereup> n the jury acquitted the boy. The Illinoi* state Convention have adopted the amendment to ui>> t'nited State* conotitntlnn which wna pjMcd t.y ('onireea in l-'ebriiarjr, Intil, Th* amendment read* ? follow*:? No amendment *hai; bo inodo to tho eoaotituf Ion which will agiltormo or give t ongraea power in ebolteh or Inter for# wilh;n onf -i?to with tlio dome*tir. inrtitii'i. a* thoronf, including that o: poraeoo hold to lahor or eerrktudo br tho la* "i of oaid state The ooth d markot ?m inoro motive y**ter4ay, though prleee, aecuratrg to eirrumaUnoe*, varied very malerl ally T1'* t leeartiona approximated 4 .OQO balee, Included in ' '? wr'O 2/,00 baleo, taken for osport, part within a time, M thO bnyor'o optica A portion of ,he *al* n I'm n.ade to aplonen. Tho movement pretty mneh rr.ept tho market of ornall lota that ware pr<Ming upon it. The bulk of tratieactlono wao made * ehont C2o. 0 Tin. for ml Idbr | nplande email lota of t r ced ware made at 210. j Otrlct mi ldl og raided b V YORK HERALD, SATU I as high as 2Ac , aud good etjrla of good iniddlingXpouid not bo had under 3&c. i>er lb The dour jnarket wa* haavv and dull, and the tendency of prioes (f> in favor of | ur> h<i?or* Wheal waa dull and inactive, d?nd Bala- quite limited. Corn wan aim* heavy aud more ?fWfl' iilt of tale. Mixed iu tlora brimht ftVie., and a aii.all lot .lerac/wluU no the dock Mold at 680. I'ork waa quite aleadi , with rale* of now mesa on Ilia ?i?>l al $14 for future delivery; $14 ?>o wua arkoo. New prime a a* Hold at $10. lard and b it u wave both At'.u. Sugars were w ith iut ch.m,.# of importance on the week's silo*. The tr.m.-a'UoLs embraced 1,538 hhda., 30 >lo. tueudo, aud 43 Daga. C- floe waa unchanged. A sale of 1,300 bata Rio wa* mode at lS.^'o. a 31c., au<l 430 do do 81. IH>intii^i', In bond for export, at p. t. freight eugaga' menl* wera lair anil rates unchanged. The Rebellion BroLru t'p?Th? Fanla Among (lie Rebel J,railrr* and Arntiea. Our good tidings from the South still accumulate upon our hands. Another defeat of Price, in Arkansas, with another batch of prisouers; the evacuation by the rebels of their important defensive position of Clarkaville, on mr vMiuwci tauu rivtrr, in iciumnMJO, behind tbein a large store of supplies ; the burning of several important railroad bridges by the Unionists of Alabamu; the steady approaches of Commodore Dupont's gunboats towards the city of Savannah, in (Georgia, and the belief among the rebels that that city and Charleston will soon full into our possession, and the discovery of active Union leagues in Richmond and elsewhere, are among the latest vents and circumstances which will make the inauguration of Jeff. Uavis and hia "permanent government" to-day a painful mockery aud a ghastly spectacle. hut the prevailiug panic which our recent triumplis and the onward movement* of our imposing fleets and armies have created among the rebel leaders and encampments is our greatest victory. This panic is like that of an unearthed colony of rats, scampering wildly in every directiou, hither and thither, withiu a circle of rat catchers, atul beaten buck at every point. Our Baltimore correspondent informs us, for evainple. that Beauregard has drawn off thirty thousand men from Manassas to the defence of Nashville, that his forces there already amount to sixty thousand men. and that he is fortifying the )4*cc for a stubborn resistance; while, from other sources, it appears more probable that Nashville, like Clarksville. is to be abandoned on the approach of our forces, aud in deference to the wishes of its citizens. it a nnoo eo tliut ilia eoliolc eeu 1.>l.Al'tmv vigorously upon an enlarged syatem of defeu" sive works around Memphis, from whicli we conclude that we shall very soon liexr of the evacuation of their extensive and enormous works at Columbus, and a backing down on the Mississippi of over two hundred miles, without risking on that river a contest with our gunboats. But most significant of all are the mysterious movements going on in Virginia. If the rebels have not abandoned their batteries along the 1'otomac, they have been very negligent of late in eul'orciug their blockade; and if they intend to risk a great battle at Manassas, they are acting very unwisely in weakening that army by the forces which they are sending from that point to North Carolina and Tennessee. 11' they longer remain in Virginia they begin to realize the fact that they will l?e expelled or aapturcd: but if they abandon Virginia there will be no resting place for (hem thi* ?ide of 8outh Carolina. Upon two points depend their last chances in Virginia. North Carolina and Tennessee, and those two points are Manassas and Nashville. Whether they evacuate or are expelled from their defensive line of Manassas, they lose Virginia and North Carolina; for the Unionists of both these States are waiting only for an opportunity to open upon their Richmond despotism a decisive lire in the rear. Whether Nashville is to be abandoned or defended by Beauregard, we .shall soon have an overwhelming force tnoviug upon that important position, by laud and water: and. w ith our occupation of Nashville. .Memphis will become untenable to the rebels. And so, with the loss of Mana^as and Nashville, they will be compelled to move down their northern defensive line within the boundaries of the seven original seceding cotton States? South Carolina. Georgia, Alabama. Mississippi, Louisiana. Florida and Texas. Compressed within these limit**. Hint intftled i ami invaded on all side*, tlie people of the cotton State* will be very *|.f to make short work of the rump of the Itavis government and the demoralised remnants of his trusted armies. And such are the prospects under which, on this anniversary of the birth of Washington. Jeff. Davis is to be inaugurated ill Richmond n> l'resiilent, for six years, of a Southern confederacy which will probably be reduced to its birthplace, the swamps of .South Carolina, within le-s than six weeks. Hi icokkcn Imkkvkxtion Unix tmk Aur-.m vx Co.sti.vknt. The pas?ages of the address of the Kmperor of the French ami of tlia speech of the Queen of England upon Anieriean affair* read very singularly when w remember the many acts and words of ill concealed hostility tovvarda this country which linte recently disgraced the great nations whose sovereigns I speak of ns in so friendly a manner. We have i a sh rewd suspicion oti tliis side the water that ' ti e Europe.!n governments are not so wll satisfied a? they might be witli the pacific solution of the Trent imbroglio, and that the movement of the Allies in Mexico i* designed to aggravate liti? country into some act or oilier w hich may give France and Knglsnd a decent i pretext for breaking our blockade, if tlii* vonjocture tie true. In never, the game will not work. Two ve.tnr ago the I'nited States would have marched army otter unity into Mexico to I prote t iter from a foreign government and a foreign king; btU now we liars enough to attend to at homo. By and by. when v\e have settled our own quarrels, we shall hsve a little leisure ; to take it hand in at those of other people. Mimrrr t'senvti. *sn t*r>>oi:*t*.-a or "la Km < *a i rrnrV ?Tie Aca-temref rourteilira strrn. wa? l-rwtty Well flltad yaararday by * fatbionaU.a idianca, Pi Wifaeea tha inMn> ifraa tad par. of tka French ragman! now hairg <-ra#n:r?<l n anr cily ui flar tha above tttia. Tha parfonuaaca onnaiat'd of a tr?a?b >u?ma * itva "La (amp aa I'Kufar," t?*atbe'r with aorge, Ac., by tha memtwm * tha rorpA Tba p>*ca parrot mat raqulraa a (> e<) deal of Irat rlaaa military proBciancy in or<lar to ti? prod'h-ed pmparly. and ia eatiraly apeclaiular in itachara -tar Tha *raa Burar-o :*ardt;a" did it p.iatlca,ard than pavforruan.a, both military and dramatic, waa laudly appla'idad. To ni|bt thay rapaat llieir latarettiof airplay at tha Itr.-oklya Acadaruy of Aluaic. A Kldaapplag Ca??. Bowop, l ab. 21, ]*dj A vardlct af fruity waa to day randarad again*1 Smith and Ifickaraaa, wba ara charged wltb kidnapping a boy namad R.c? from hit Iathar at Mahant in 1160 A dnmMtio difflrnMy batwaen tha par?ata of tha hoy, who ara liotb repntad waalihy, appaart to Uava actuated toa mother to obtaia tba child, and tha dorondant* wara amployed for tha purpoaa. Tba trial took plana at rtaiara, oreupylnf naitrtl day* ant attracting ".oa?, jr *bla at. | Wat ra. RDAY, FEBRUARY 22, IS NEWS FROM WASHINRTO& ? Important Movements of the Rebels at Manassas. Reported Withdrawal of a Large Body of Troops Enlhusiastic Reception of Gen. McCMlan by the Soldiers in Virginia. A Glorious Battle Promised to tlie Union Soldiers. JL Arrangements for the Celebration of Washington's Birthday, Ac, fto, to. WaMUMUTOif. Feb. 21,1902. MOVKMRNTR Or TtfR RUIIJ AT 0KNTRKVI.LL1 AND MIMA?*8. Trains of earn wera running all last night between Centreville and M*na*,*as. Soma Interpret thl* movement a* Indicative of an evscuatioo of tbeaa placea, and others a withdrawal ol the rebel troops from Centreville to M???3*as. with'a view to strengthen (lie latter place, in the belief that un early forward ino\ anient of our troop, in that direction is meditated. The evacnatiou of Mimas*** is the prevailing topic be re t?-day. Report* are rifo that tho rebels are abandoning the line of the l'ototnac, and preparing Cor a fool rare beyond tint reach of the converging folds of the McClellan anaconda. It is believed, Imwever, by those who have ths best opportunity to know, that the crowds of rebe' soldier* reported to be passing South through Richmond are composed chiefly ol lhoge of the rebel army in the neighborhood

of Winchester and along the Potomac. wh< *e terms of euliattnsnt have expired. and who have purchased furloughs to go homo by tirsl rs enlisting for the war. It is well known that the flower of tba rebel army is in front of Washington, and while our Army of tlie Potomac is here tliArebe| commanders will not dars to abandon their works at Manassas and throw <>|ien the way to Richmond. (JKN. M'CLKM.AN'S KKCKPTIOV HV TUB TROOPS. The reception of General McClellan b) tho troop* in General Porter's division, on his visit to Hall's Hil| yesterday, was of lite most enthusiastic description. He wis accompanied by Colonels Colhurn and Sweilzer, fount Do Paris, Due de ( hart res and other members of hi* staff, and a strong escort of the regular cavalry. After halting a few minutes at the headquarters of Gen. Fit/ John Porter, tho General visited the camp of the New York Forty-fourth (Ellsworth's Aveugers) and wit. ness?d a bayonet drill by that, regiment. After the drill General McClellan summoned th? officers of tba regiment le his presence and complimented them upon ths recent extraordinary inarch of their command, thirly-flve miles, ever Miner's Hill, towards Fairfax Court House, which, in the state of the roads at the time, he considered very creditable to the troops, from the man* nor in which it was dona and the good condition in which they returned. He alio assured them that they would before lung have an opportunity to dislingtiikh themselves on the battle Held. Wherever General McClellan made his appearance among the soldiers in hi* progress through the camp*, ho I received their ovations. Hi* unexpected appearance among (hem wa* tha signal for the most rapturous cheer, inc. The ineu were almost wild with excitement whan they found their chief ainoug them, and their aliouta raado the welkin ring. tleuersl Mcl'lellan expressed, on his return, great satisfaction at the condition of the soldiers, and the great im provametil they have made in drill aud llghling condition. THK HKKOKTHD Mt'KKKMJKK OK NASHVIM.ll. It is believed that no iolurinui ion has bean received hare,other than that brought by the Nortoik steamboat! in relatiou to the reported proposed surrender of Na.hville. GKN'KBAL Bt'ItSNIUH'9 OKPICIAL KFPOKT. The expected bearer or despatches from General Humvide, with a detailed olHcial account of the recent achievementa of his expedition in North Carolina, bad not arrived at a late hour this evening (itCNKItAL OIIANT'H OFFICIAL REPORT. Ceneral Grant has not yet forwarded liis official account of the battle of Kort iKinelson. It is understood at bead quarters ihat be is too much occupied with the advance towarde Nashville to prepare the report. THB (hl.JCBK 4HON OP WASHINGTON'S BIHI'HOAT. The following was aodi e-..-?d to the Senate and House of Representatives:? The President of tlie fnited States was iMt evening pi nged into affliction by the death of a beloved child. 'Ihe beads of departments m consideration of this distressing event have thought it would he agreeable to CungrHsa and to the American twople that the official and private buildings occupied by them should not be illuminated on the evening of the ..d inst. wiujits n. smiaiui, 8. P. (SAME, K. M. STAN ION. tJllifcON WKI.I.ES, KOWAitO RATKB. M. BLAIR. WaMtitiatoit, Feb. 21, IMS. A jon* resolution wu consennentiy adopted by tha Houre.ln accordance with tble re-ptest, and tha orders for tlliiminatlng tha various public building* were couuterluanded. Tha < will probably adopt tha joint reaoIntion tomorrow, heiore proceeding to tha hall of th# Ilo'i-e of Kepreseuialive* lu|iarti< ipate in thereremotiiesi Klasr, firework*. Chinese lantern* and transparencies! hundred* "f which had been prepared lor private aa wall ; aa public iliuminat ion. will belaid aside until a mora fit. t tine ooraa ?n, when tlin poena-iloti of .Vaativille, and, oar ! hap*, alao, of Richmond?ud New Orlaaua, will ba added j to the pyramid of Union victoria*. lite appointed eereaion|e> In the Huo*e will, bower er. take (dace. Seat* have be- n provided on the tloor lor llv e hundred and thirty four peraotta. The S|<eaker will i occupy the chair. Seal* are provided on either side of \ Itiiii?for the ('resident, if he could be pre-i-nt, mi the i right,and for the Vice I're-ulent on the left. The invited | gue- ia. thay enter the hall, will be conducted to the ' leiaiti tit ,i? tgned ttiem In the tirigraiiinie, Member* of i (he' abinet, Jud(ea of the Supreme t'ourl, and the diplo. matic cor pa ?nd i>W ra of the army ind navy nn tlie rght.anri -eoator. and metubera of the House ou lha |e|t wi tha -peak*'* ile*k Itnmed; <te!y a ter the aritoMriinn-nf to day, there was a rtiah to the e ker'? rootn f >r . .irdv <rf admission to tha reaerr?d eeata n the gallery. Ilrave fenatora and late ly repre?ei|t.itire- eager a* schoolboy* fur the . coveted i-?iv.i"-e fir tenia-' ftierul*. Hundreile w ra itis?|i|H.!tite.|. jhere would not be room enough m tha whole gal'ery lor the number of periona tor whom In ke-ta wi re aaked o day 'the t'abinet I eld their n ?et ng at the S'a'a tlet art meet. The building- will not, therefore, be ||. Ittminated, the arret graieat* for that purpose being mi;. pended 1 iie dej aitmer'a will et! he closed to morrow aa mi i avi ree- i-n of-vmi-athy with the President for In- lereat * (i iar?'"a li Hut It Ixuiaaa of < onf rr?a adjo'imad to day I at ' lit- >m?> ' ?? < n, unnmtirfii ly aftrr ???tnblln|l j without traDMCtiug any buaiu> ?a nirtMrioNf t??H <*Et.ERKAri\a WA^MTON'I KIKTIIHAY IN I HK VAMPS. Arflra pranaranoaa a'a rua'.itif tn all tha r-|imaot? hilNbu'lll, and llioaa an ma ilia IVlouiar, for I ha dud ralahrailoa of tba aaaitmaary of Washington' llirtbi'ay tamarrow Ordara tiara b?an " by naar'y all lb* r.Wiurtand rg janatal* ff# tha iBailirif ?n xanh lagimantof Waal> agmn a I arawall Addraaa. ' l-rairtbiac gt??a y-oTB # uf aa anth"5'ailic coinniamorAtioa of tha day. Plaiatoa anl brlfada ra?iaw*. dlaaara. rraaatilailona, pri/a ?h#"' B(, irra<ad i?la i l.rabing, aark raoaa, arid all tha aporta .n?r nalila >ad un<iaag:aabla, p ?a:l>ia and propar id caeau i.fa, front tba rarisd programma, ?>ir I?pi?ii'll'l TK'Iorm.Ha wi>mfiiiciii|iinf' mm of otbort i? follow twlftly la thntr track, tlN tha prrrani rrballion ia data w.| ad ant, ?Ul ataka itaa day naa of uairrraai r*)<ttr(ng. tub i>ratb or thr r*Mit>RRT'a son. Am 4 ftaa general |or aicited by iha auneanaaaof I ha TTnioo cauta, a Mack abadow haa fallaaopoa tha PraalJaotial m tmloa. and all wtm wart jKrtoaally acquainted with tha family of tba President ?hart ia tha deep grief oceaeloand by tba death of llltla Willla Unoolau Ba waa a boy ofa icb promae that all wba banana acquainted with bitn bad i .red.etad lar him a aarcar of ao ordinary character. Young aa ha waa, ba Itnpraaaad everyone wba cama la conUot with him aa a youth wba waa aca. jwi u brwBM ? pat tiM Ud pr malar#, 4 $62. ? ? * death has thrown Into tha deeper; aihiouon e father who could hare rejoiced beyond .nieaaure to here presented to hn son*, ae w#k' ee to the whole world, the aublime 6|>ectacle of a Onto# restored under hie administration, and a mother whim? gioateel Imppioeei was derived from promoting the wel (a e of her children. Many etorioe Illustrating thl* rare Iniellia'CM* and goodness of heart are recited of WiilW, whose preewae alwa/s diffused aunahlne In the household of thu Chief Magistrate of the nation. The body of Willie Lincoln was embalmed to day by Din. Brown and Adeaandor, afwieted by Dr. Wood. In the presence of the attending physicians, doc tor a Stone and Hail, Senator Browning and Isaac Newton. The inothrd of Segnot, of Par in, wan used, and the result watt entirely satisfactory to tho attendant friends of the family. Th.uidoua, the youngest eon of the President, Is still dangerously ill. Pears are entertained (bat his (liseuae will assume the type which proved ratal to hie brother. puoukkmngs or tbb railroad convention. The National ltailrood Convention assembled at lour o'clock this afternoon, to reeelve the roport of the committee appointed yesterday to pr#{>aro [rates for government transportation. The result may be briefly stated, as follows:? On all roads or distances over fifty miloa, adopting the classifications of the four AtlauticTrunk lines, it was agreed that a deduction of ten per cent should be made from their regular tarifi' rates on all supplies or material transported for government account, with the proviso that in no ease a ball these rates exceed, for first class freight, three cents per ton per mile ; for second class freight, two and three quarter* cents per ipil* P?r ton ; for third class freight, two and a quarter cents per mile per ton ; for fourth class freight, on* and three quarter cents per mil* per ton. After n full discussion the report was unanimously adopted. The entim proceedings wer* conducted with the greatest harmony of reeling, and the public will readily perceive, when the extreme pressure ot private business upon the roads incident to tho large export of domestic produce is considered, that the companies have met the views of tlie government in a spirit of groat liberality. Secretary Stanton having yesterday suggested the appointmeut of a standing committee of tbo Convention, with whom he might confer from time to time, MessrsCorning, 1-eitou and Jewell were appointed such coin* nuttee. The Convention adjourned riwe dir. CiOVKRNMKNT RAILROAD TRANSPORTATION. The Special Committee on Government Contracts has been making a very thorough investigation into the subject of railroad transportation, both in the liastand Wast, and wilt soon be prepared to aubiuit for the consideration of the House a very elaborate report on the aforesaid subject. The tendency of the report will be to show that the prices fixed by the War Department in July are exceedingly unfavorable to the government, and in a corresponding itegree advantageous to th* interasts of tha railroad companies. Ilia presumed, of course, that the re|iort will lead to a suggestion towards the reduction of the now enormously high prices paid. ILI.NK.S9 OF SKCltKTART STANTON. Secretary Stanton had auotber attack of vcrtiga last nirrKt mittsriniliiPAH hv Hia unPMmiltintr atUnlifin In th? bimiDu-s of the War department. Ha was unable to receive visitors on business to-day. tLI.NK.9S or MR9. FKKMOVf. Mrs. Jessie Fremont is seriously ill. Her indisposition began three days ago, and fears are entertained that it will terminate fatally. UKCOKATIONS fOR THR HEROES OF THK WAR. The Senate bill recant/ introduced, proposing to confer medals for meritorious private soldiers, excites much comment in militsry circles. The objection ta it, however. is that it omits to similarly reward the officers, the general argument being that there should he no diet motion among all who <le?erte euch au acknowledgement of gallant conduct. TBI ABUT. Captain P. A. F.ossetl, of the Fourth infantry United State'* Army, has obtained leave of absence in order to accept the Colonelcy of the Seventh Massachusetts infantry. General VortAr, the presont Provost Marshal of Washington, has been appointed Marshal of the Army of the Potomac; in ether words, the sphere of his duties has been extended. OI-VNTART BVKRKXTIKK. A farmer living near Hunter's Mills thia forenoon surrendered himself voluntarily to the pickets attached to General Mcl'all's division. CAKTL'RK Of KKBEI.9. Testerday two rebels, W. P. and E. P. Bryan, were captured at Holloway Point, on the Potomac, by Captain Heine, Topograph leal Engineer, on General Heintxlemaa's laCT, who was on an expedition along the shore. E. P. Bryan was a signal officer in the rebel service. nrKKAiiuns un mi Mill* ruiuatu. The st?amer Stopping Stones arrived at I bo Na vy Yard this morning from the upper flotilla. Yes-terdey morning Ibis Meamer, with a launch and bout's crew from tile Yankee, went on a recnnnoissance up ticco<tuan creek come four mike. Lieutenant Eadtinan sent out Acting Master Lawrence with the launch, who lined the north and south shore* of the creek, penetrating a short diatanre into tba interior,but without finding any sign.'' of the rebel*. .lust a* the launch araa leaving the eouth side of the creek a brisk fire wae o|>ened on tliein by the rebels from Ave or six field pieces posted in a clump of woods. Some forty shells were thrown by the enemy. all of which flew uncomfortably near the Stepping Stones, but doing no damage, save slightly tearing the flag. The flre was returned from the Stepping Stones,and a liowiUer in lha launch plunging a shower of rifled shot into the cover of the rebels, which undoubtedly damaged them, tba lire soon slackened. Khl.KASK OK STATIC KRISONKltS. The following prisoners of State will be releaaed on the 2k'd Instant. by order of the War Department, on tlitir parole of honor to reuder no aid or comfort to the enemy in hostility to the government of the United States, in accordance with the terms of the kxecutire Order, So. I, of the War Department, dated February It, 188'.'. In reference to (sililiral prisoner*:? mm voRTi.ArsTen*. W.T.Carter, A. Thompson, tiuy S.Hopkins, RuUon Maury, Patn-I |.. Waddle, K. V. donee, Ueo. W. Jones, Deo. Julius, I N. S. Retieau, J. Harwell Uuthrie, J. M. iig icn, Christopher lederidgn Theodore fI. l/-evT, J. M. Perkins, ltniiert Huckler, Thomas Matthewa C. H. Marriott, DuvidCball, Thos. (p.igley, Richard lewis, John llai, ins, Isaiah Mutton, R. Burnett, Patrick Brady, 1 Wm.-hnitb. Tho.'. Itrookbank, ..Iwri W Kaieoe. R. ('. Holland Kdv?. V.tXRtnra*, J. P. Swain, r. H. Mo' Utihio, Wui. (Irnaao, i j"q. iVtlaoiM, J. II. W<?av?r, ( J. K. Rtinnoll, X. Strong, I*. (t'Brlfn, J. Smith, TV ai. I'err/, |B"B Ml?t DittKlv. i .1. Jt. Kartiour, ' K. ri.mdoro, H. Marlon, W. W. Raw, U. I. Trnmaa, A. DaCoeta, J. V. IM'glaa, Wi?. Hindor, P. K. N>hiio, R. !*. (iiunn, ;. .sliMi'klrlnrd, R- V. Ncwtou, > . it. rUmlara, K. liibon, .Iiuih Hrown, P.trk?r H. I-ranch, Edward Hitwm, K. Myall, id. A'Natl, <1m. Vm Ammingor, VI m*St. (ienrgo, J. Kugtub, t;b?rl?M Kane, Wm. U. lUrriaon, TTm. H. ( nh'htll, Knbart M. Itonnlaon, J. Uutiioo. Wm. T. MrCuno, ThotBMT. K. Raino, M. M. Warllehl. porm or atio* for tub kelkahi; or etavi MUON1UM. Tbr follow ng w tho form of application for a rolaaia to ha mail# by oil tha Stat* prixcnara now in i i ntlarmoni at t nitoti Htatoo military porta, hare ttioaa f"*? oaooptod in 'ho tJanaral Order i* !,'> I. .1 retVi r. It baa hean f .rni-b#4 to thom s? that the ?p|'li<!*(nits cao 11* rent here in lima t<> have the order* fir release mad* o il to Borrow, tb* glorious Tweety second of lebru?ry. The application fa, of co'iree. to tio aJdreeeil to the SecrnUry of War ? I of , prieeeer roaltoed n Fori ?, hereby mate ?ppltr*ti<>a to b? released from custody, oa my parol* of honor to render do aid or comfort to tb* enemy ia hostility to tb* government of tb* United Put**, in accordance with tb* tarni* of Raecutive order N*. 1 *f tb* War l>*rrrtm*nt, ditod labruary 11, 1MK, la reference to political prisoner* t? cmun aoAtmr msrsbu. Lamm. Tb* naaallaata of lb* admimatration, wh* hare been making war np*a tb* United Platen llarahal for this Pintrtct, ar* beginning to repent of their raebnaea. Publtoationa hare b*ea and* to day *b*w!ng that tbelr obargea war* without foundation, and tb*y now Uk* the ground that tb* blatne lie* in tb* inefficiency of tb* lawn, and la notaltribuUbt* to lb* efflenra appointed to adalaiaUr them tor world'* rata ar lowdow. ' Congresn banog declined to mak* an approprta lion to facilitate lb* arrangement* of the KmcuIIt* , Vm-ut'.** ler ?Ui Werld'a Fair, including tb* cbarUiUig or o reoeet to 0'>cr?y to Londoo Amtricia product!, m repreoeoted toy tho President, the commltloO ore unnto'o to proceed further to tho prrmiooo, mod to-do/ their own reeourcea. v INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. Eebel Fears of an Attadk cn Charleston and Savannah. | MEETItti OF THE REBEL CONGRESS* ! The (Jnion Feeling in Virginia, &c., &c., &c. '* MXXTINO or TBI BKBKIi COWUKiMR. Kiihuomp, Feb. 18, 1862. TIi. new Congress met in this city to day. lu thd Son ate the Vice Prevalent, Alexander H. Stephens, waa M the cbeir. Robert U. T. Hunter, of VlrgMa, vm elected President pro tem. of the Senate. June H. Nash, of South Carolina, wax elected Clerk. The following named Senator, war. absent:?Mmern. Henry C. Burnett, of Kentucky; Thomas 8. Seaamns, of Iouiaiaoa; Jamaa Phelaa, of Misbwsippi; and Robert Toombs, ef Georgta, who declined an elrction. In tba House, Thome. 8. Booock, of Virginia, wad cho-eu Speaker, and Km met Dickinson, of (teorgiu, el cted Clerk. To-morrow the Senate will count the vtrtes for President and Vice President. FKAKS IN CHARLKXTON AND 8ATANNAH. Acuusta, Feb. 18, 1801. The Savannah Morning Xnot he. a special despatch from (liariuston, saying that tho captain of the schooner Iheodore, captured on Friday by the Ynuk'-es iu Dull Hay, bus escaped. He mi/i that tho Yankee* will r.ip'wi ami destroy Savannah this well:, and Charlatan loon a/tor' joanlf. * The latest intelligence from Savannah I. that the Union vo-seLx are gaming ground in their efibrtx to reach the mam chaunel of tno river, and that the attack wuuld not be much longer delayed. X private despatch states that all waa quiet yesterday morula g at ten o'clock. TBI UNION FKKI.IKO IN VIRGINIA. DiTKKniaru irrATKunxT or a rxijiasko rmsovmt. Wasuimuton, Feb. 21, ItnH Ihe following communication waa received to-duy by the Asm.tunt Secretary of thu Navy. It coutaine inteillgenceof the highest importance:? Hai.timokc, Feb. 21,1803. Captain G. V. Fox, Aislsteo. Kecrelary of the Vavy? One of the released prisoner., who lute bean con fined at Richmond aeven mouths,gives unmUtakoable evidenoa of the fact of a strong Union organization ui Richmond. The Union men claim to ba 3,000 strong, and suy thai they are eagerly waiting and louging for au opportunity to fling out the Star, and Stripes. Out of seventeen fortification, erected around Richmond, only one i. armed, and the city could be take* easily. Desperate efforts were making te get recruits for the army. The rebels admitted that, unless they could secure the services of every mule Virginian between eighteen and sixty years of age, thoy must yield Virginia in thirty day*. The Union men hare league, regularly organized, with eigne anil i*ss words. Many acts of kindness were shown at every possible | opportunity to the prisoners. Our Informant had a handsome gold guard chain presented to him by some ladies. The gift wa* accompanied with an anonymous not., in which was expressed the hope thui the links in the chsin of Ihe Union would sou* be more firmly united th.n ever." Union men also informed the released prisoner that the array at Manassas was railing back; that from three to four r-giuients were daily arriving at Richmond, and that IQc rentieHseeuii* u ?r? girng 10 rennssoee, aa>i me Carolinians and other to their respective Stales. He also understood that oel/ soma thirty regiments would remain at Mauassas. The news of the surrender of Fort Dimelxon had e i meat disheartening effect at Richmond, but cheered the hopes of the Unionists, who aay the/ want it to he knows b/ the federal government that the/ are read/ le welcome the old Bag and light for it. Oesseral Baatler's Expedition. Ro-tox, Feb. 21, IHttZ. Tha Massachusetts Thirt/-flrst regiment and tire companies of tha Thirteenth Maine regiment sailed to day le the steamer Mississippi for Ship Island. The steamer waa unahla to take all tha troops is readiness to embark. Six consumes of the Mama Thirteenth regiment, under Lieutenant Colonel Rust, proceeded to New York, vie fall Kiver. It ts understood that thay will b# aaat direst to Ship Island from New York. General Butler left last night, via Kortie-? Monroe, te assume command at Ship island. Tltlrteesitls Regiment Maine Volunteers. Four companies of this regiment, with their Colonel, embarked at Boston for Fhip Island, on board tbe steamship Mississippi, yesterday. Tlie othar six cuni| anies. linuar CTDililnuu vi ijvumiibui uhuuqi nni<?, mil urn* lii this city, at pier So. 3, North river, this morning, oo the Fall River boat, at about nine o'clock, and embark on board the Meaner Fulton for the aatne destination. Tb? regimental color and Held glass, presented by the eona of Maine redden I in New York, will be delivered to I leetenant Colonel ltust at the pier, by Dexter A. llawkins, on behalf or the dono a. First Battalion Conmccttcat Cavalry. Thiii battalion, numbering three hundred and twentylive men. Major J. M. I.yon uommauding, left Now Haven on Thursday, in the Uranlie State and Kltn City, and arrived at pier No. 2 North river at eight o'clock yeaterday morning, where they were received by their State agent, Mr. Aiiny, and several of the Sofia of Connecticut It was intended that the officer* should breakfast at the Aator House: but the programme *?< not carried out. as the battalion did not land, and departed for the seat of war abottl ten o'clock. The iwltalmn is fully uniformed and equipped, each man being supplied with an excellent war steed. 1'liey have been encamped at f'amp Tyler, ( onu., ever i-mre the 20th of October, and are said to be well |x>etfl>J in cxva.^y tactics. They go by ?ij of Harrisburg in Wheeling, Vs., where they 'are to be attached to Uonerai Ib'secran'e division. The following is a list of the oRlcir?:? Major in command,-ludson M. Lyon, of Woodetook; Adjutant, Rraatus Blakeslce, of Plymouth; Sergeant Major, Rbene/.er Carpeuter, Jr., < f Co.chssier: yi.artertnaMer'e .Sergeant. Harrison .1. O. Wslksr, of Myet.c Bridge; (>m nns?sr> Sergeant, f'liarb a H i'ycr, oi New Haven; Hospital steward, Kbsne/er Witter, of Woodelis-k; Saddle Sergeant, John Biaaoovite, of New Haven; Veterinary Sergeant,Stophan l?. Sklnrer, of Wood-lock. ftHnpduv A?Captain, Andrew W. Rowcn, of Wood stock; First Lieutenant. Albert H. Nile*, r.f Hartford; Second Lieutenant, William <J. Hence, of Hartford. Ceapony ^Captain, f tiarlea Fartmworth, of Norwieh; First Lieutenant. Howell At w iter, of New llavvn; Second Lieutenant. Klbrldget.'olbnrn, ol Anennla. f'/mr?rhi/ C?Captain, W il'.iam "C Fn-h.Oi Mystic Bridge; Flret Lieutenant, Charles 1*. Williams, Jr., of Stouirgta*; Second Lieutenant, H. W. Burr.ot Colchester. C'ompanf D?Captain, l ewis N. Middleb o k,of Bridgeport; First Lieutenant, R'cimrd 11. Crawford, of Bridge port Second Lieutenant. \\Morris,of Roxbiirv. Saltpetre Mhlpinenfs from Calmtta. Btenov, Feb. 21,1102. A Calcutta latter of the 4th ultimo says that the ahip i Dating, for Roston, and the bark I'atmoe, for New York, I w itb c^rgora of aallpelre, were ordered to dlacbiirga It. I ?Ua letter add*:?The ship* Sarah N'mnii and Art Union, for, and tha bark I.iilie, for New York, now going down Ilia river wilk aaltpetre on board, will ?:*o ba ordered back for tha aama pnrpoaa. Karopran Hlcaman. It aural, l>b. 21?2 f. n. 11 a f unard alaan.ablp Amarlcn, from Boalon, la a|gnailed. She will anil for Iiverpool thin evening. Thar* are no rtfpi* ?' J'* ?f lh# ' anada, frAn Fiver pool an tha 8th, via Queennlown on tha 9th Innant. 11,of a wan a haavy anow atoim yeeteiday to-day tba weather la Ana Caavletlon ofa Ma rderer. Borrow, Feb. 21, ingg Tha trial of A1 via Finch at Faat Cambridge, for mur daring Mr*. Cobooa and daughter, reaahed In a verdict of guilty. A now trial la propoaed on the ground that Finch did not eommlt tha murder from delirium trrmena, but under deBnod inaanliy. Btaamrr llfirnril. ri.avri.avn, ryn. n tw(n Tha ateamer North Star wii l,?. r? ,i ?t , g , w?,arf l?at aight l/tna *ho?it|TB,OW, tot'ired fefop,, -bird of baa valja.

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