Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1862 Page 5
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I OUR RETURNED SOLDIERS. Arrival of the Released Union Prisoners at Fortress Monroe. DH2XE NAMES, &c, e &c., &c. FoKTRR<fl Mo.veoe, Feb. '20, IRflS. N'otlca having been received by Genera! Wool that acme , < four bundl ed exctmnsed prisoners would bo sent down f the .lames river yesterday, the George Washington und F.vpress lei t at about noon for tbe appointed mooting place. Tho rebel boat was appointed to meet ua at three o'clock; but at that time she was not in sight, and shurlly after a heavy fog shut down, making it impossible to 'I lit* two (mats were than fastened together, end, having dropped anchor, waited for tho rebel boat to appear. The fog did uol lift till lato in the evening, when the wind binw ho fresh that tho boats dragged their anchors and had to be separated. Ihta morning at sunriso the expected prisoners made their appearance on the William Allison, which, it aoeuied, had also anchored for the night a few miles novo us. The William Allison immediately came along-ide, end, the roll of prisoners being called, they were transferred to our boats. The return passage was made without any Incident, and the prisoners arrived here about ten o'clock this fOl'OUuOtt. The returned prisoners will be immediately sent Nor th. The following i? a complete list of tho released prisoners. All not otherwise designated are privates Captain TV. I,, banning. Thirtieth New York. < aptaiu .(o)iii Mnicoe, First Citlitornia. ?'j|)lain J. M. Sludlo y, Fd'ti on III Massachusetts. Captain H. li. Todd, Now York cavalry. First Lieutenant Robert Campbell, "9th New York First Lieutenant T. 1). Glover, Fourth Maine. First IJeuteuuut Farauei Giber son, Second New York, r-ocoud Lieutenant J. M. Andrews. Thirtieth Now York. Second lotilcuint Charles 1J. Card, Fourth Maine. Nec nil Lieutenant J. M. Grumor, Foui tecnlU New York, secind Lieutenant J. >1. Hooper, 16t!i Ma-snchusetts. Becond I.i'Miietianl TV. 11. Kerns, First California. Second I.ionlenant George TV. Kounoy, First California. Second Lieutenant Clias. McFhorson, 42d New York. -Second L'.e itt-naut George U. l'erry, tlOlh Massachusetts. 1 irst Lioiteuaut John Whyte, Seventy-ninth Now York. First Lieutenant H. Van Voast, Forty-second New York. Captain C. s. Simons, FiileuutU Massachusetts. Second Lie.'tenant It. T. Frank, Fighili infantry, U. S. A. second Lieutenant.W. (1. Jones, Lightb infantry, U. b. A. dark stovens. Company F, fccond New York. I.. ?. llo'uiolt, Company H,Twenti?th Indiana, it. Bold,Company H, Fourteeutli Now York. T.J. Baxter, Company I), Fifteenth Massachusetts. A. Ihapmau, First Fcnnsy 1 vim in cavalry. Win. Campbell, Company H, Fourteenth New York. C. H. Coble y, Sergeant Major, Twentieth Indiana. T. C. Gould,Company If.Thirty-viglith New York. , i ' Wm. H dgo,h- renty-nlnth New York. .lames Lyons, Comjiany K, Fortieth Naw York. .Ia>ut> Lioe, Company I.Sixth onio. I nrt., II Vnm-laonfh Ohio James P. Meagher, Company I, Sui oud New York. F'rod. Otto, I'niied States Marines. I.. C. OUiey, t ompany D, Third KUode Island battery. y. A. Hrauu, Company A, First Minnesota. UeorgoO'itrieu,Company K, Third Connecticut. A. X. Fairish, Company H; Second Vermont. J. Koddy, ( ompany B, ibiriK-tb New York. M. P. Seidlmter, Company H, Fourth Maine. A. F. Salisbury,Company H, Fourth Maine. W. II. fftnunakcr. Company H, First California, A..I. Mo'.'ieury, Company C, First California II. W. WalLnr, of Fenusylvania. W. il:iiu>u. Coiuouny (i, Fitai Rhode Island. W. .-'.u?rI, Cjr(ioral, Company (?. Fourteenth Xew York Cba . Muiler. < ompany C, lie Kelb regiment. Isaac Aie.aauder, Company K. Second Moiisarliuretu. I.ytnan Ada-ns, Company E, Second Massachusetts. M. Mct.itrPk'. Corporal Company E,Twenty s - onth X. Y. Daniel McKevvn, Company 11, First California Mf. i'? Tvndale, Company C, First California, tleo. Wie?er,Corporal. Company A, First Cal' ' ; ! <Je?. Siraeb, Company A. FirslColin.mla. . John slogan. Company I), First California. Henry IK'tiglicirty, Company i irat California. Tlijams Hand, Company I., Fi st California. David lAir,Company F, First California. Adam SluOirinaek, Orlderly Sergeant ,Co. A,1st California. W. (.', Company D^firsl California. <1. W. Iiojmrrty .Company?, First California. T. Wooer, Oi?i any A, First California. Cut. it ii iik. Company (i, first California. S. Heone'l,Company I', First California. ..lotaa Valine, Company (1, First California. .11. J. Kpelhrlnk,Company A, First i alifornia. John llitgau.Company F, First t.alifnrnia. .Jan. Moiyaao, Coni| any F, Fust Cat i fern is. Vt. Mr.l Iter, Com tuury F, First Caiitornia. ' .Richard Riclly, Company P, First California. John (l.iid". sergeant, Company N, First California John Wise, t 'ompauy F, Finn Calilornis. "M. Clement, Company F, First California. <!?). w. Harper, Coiuf any F, First California. Charles t Huigberty, Company H, First California. MT. Wilkiswo, Company H, First California. C. Hopkins. Company A. First California. A. 1.. Moony, C?rpoial, Company C, First California. Charles F. Cheesnnau, Company N, First California ' harles f'erdau.CVmpany E, lbirtieth New Yetk. it N. In.s, Company N, First California. . J. F. Neil,Company A, f irst California. H. Cramer, t ompnny N. First California. .lobn ." net.Company N. f irst Cnlltorniii. Vf. Aephotnio;;,Company N, First California, ii. I*.lee, Company N, First lalifoiniu. ' .M. Ujrrs'.d,em,any N, First California. y.. K. Yo.uig. t ompany C, First California J. Bias...... W. 11. Wo'j-tfC, tsorgeant, Company A,P.O'h X'? York. A. Brown .Cmntamy A,Twentieth MitasachuMiia. . .1. W. limine,! omixuiy H, Twentieth VUvachuaeH*. '1'. K. Jmsiiii. Company H, Tweutiatli Ma.*:;ai hu ells. T. Nagle, t :..fupun? K, F"orty-*ecouil Now York. C. t el tit, Company U, Fourteenth Now York. F). P.ioe.t umpatiy H, F'uurtoeuth New York. * 1m*. it., Company N, First Caliiornia. N. I.. Milliard, tompany 1', First l? itorr.ta. II. K. Adam <,(!ri(ii;4Uiy H, Forty a-cond New York. A M. Hart ,e*, Company N, FVst California. a. II. I'TMiit If't t. Compuny N, Firm California. W. Horn*. Company K. Forty ne.-c.nd New Yoik. H. F. I i yo, ( oiffpany 1, Fifteen I h Mum. T. Midi ",io |. rnl.Company H, First California. .1. }'. Stone, t .m|Uioy G, Fifteenth Mas-1. W. Wiintno. Company N, First (Mlit'nrtiia. .1 vi. to.o.i. ,.ver^eunt, Twtntietii Ma w. .4. II. Attiruni, t .inpanyH. Twentieth Must. John t'rj.a. Company C, Forty-sorond New York, fli-hard lljolti.m,Company It, Twentieth M*s-< Charlo A. I.jliiitan, Company L, First California. Tlmum.-. Maria, .Company K, Forty nrs-ond New York. ?t. C. Monte, Company F, First Cutnonna. A. in. twa,t!on|Mii>' I', Flint California. T. J. (?'l "iiueli, Coiutmuy It, Twentieth MHSsarhuaetla. Ilenry Fiace, Company it. Twentieth Massachusetts. .11. it. ttnu. ho, Company I*. First Calhornia. J..1 n Hi.mhle*,! oiupuny it. Twentieth Massachufelts. si. tv. Kmuhat t. Company I', F irst I alifttrnia. w. ii. itolh.ria,Company 0,Flrat < uiifornta. TV. II. i iiestor, company I). Twentieth Ma-:?a<*hcsetta. .. nul iVKi.. Company h, Forty second Now York. A. >Mniiui.a?,Coin|)aiiy F",Thirtieth Now York, it. H. I., latent I, Company 1>, 1 werpieth M i-j.-huretti. Jli. II. nwimi.iiim|?uj iwluiiuuj w uv-'io nu.-vi m. ?JI. J. llmtiaiaiio, < oinpany C, I'll at California. .1. kinlif!.",?' >iti|?.iny X, KirfiCaiil'nriiiu. A'. I O nipKiiy P, Firei California. K, ruionmii, Company p, i irat. ultiornm. *l'ttos. Miv m?l,t ompaajrN.KirM Oilltornia. X. Iliirln C I, Hflecoth Muf.-ai tiuuctt*. 1 N. 'J. All< y'i'Comp my II, Twi nil t!i Ma .nhtoiHA I., ili/^ru ,t mutiny K, T wail lb Indiana W. II. I* Ulrr, Company Firat California. W. A. I, i.utcu,Company il, F<*;rta<*iitli Nnw Vork. I. W. Miliar,* timpiny O,Flrat California, 'I'..). Pi. -.laud, Ordoriy Bcr;;e*nt,C'.>. II, KiratCalitorma. T, H. K<??. Company A,Ftlleanth Mannar linoetta. l? .-u-uvt ry, (Viiupany K, Forty fro nut New York. A.Hindu,Ordcrlydergaant,Company P.FIrnKkliftmii, i W. M. < "x,' orporai, Company A. ! irat California. Thoinau Curaon, Company A, Fir*t California. U. i;> eon .tood, company A, first California. Palter" on, Company A, Hryt California. W. I". f.tniiror, Sirgaaut, (A?i|au<y A, Klrat California. Ceorgo II. Prlro,Company A, Firxt California Tlteo. htoken, Company A, Kirn California. II. \ llarding,Orderly Sergeant,(VoupmyC,California. i:. i,. ( arpentor, Company C, Klrat1 nltiornla. f>. C. tfnydor, Company C, Klrat California. .) M M' Arlde, tympany C, Flint California. A. Ycrgei ,< or|>oral, Company C, Klrr.i California, laoo'* i.-a ia,( otnrany C. Klrat Catnkirnla. a. it. Mro*a,Company C, f'lrat California. Mm II Hums,Company H,Thlrt?'inih Indiana ; t>. ii'-lo <*hlin, Company K, Forty fironrt New York. SI t tour v. Company K, Forty-eecond New York. .1. tVa'sli,(Mtnpony C,Forty raromt Now Y"rlt. M Cunningham,Company E, Forty.aecmid New York. \t iiiinliurn. Cnmimnv K. Forty wn ond New York. Jiauisl Ikvlin, Company C. Forty cn>niN>w Voile I C. Iltifty,Corporal, Ooni|iany C, First California. W. .1. flool I, Company (', Firat California. i-ii. Auckland,Company 0, F"lrst California. .J. t.rccnli iIrIi, Company L>, First California. I. Heap, Company I), First California. ..John Johnson,C mi pany P, Klr?t California. Ho minx Palmar, Corporal, Company l?, First California. Miliar Hftydcr, Company fv Fir** California. I'hoa. Wapps, Comptwy fr, First California, lolm Ftstirr, Company 1), First California. (.Kit:tiard .Minding. Company P, First California. V. I'loss, Company I), First California. . I. F As*m?fr, Com privy P, First California. .Harry I.utliPr, Company N. Firat California. F . v ism ildMin.Fcrttoant, Company II. Fn at California. M. I. Flick,Company ft. First CnlilOrnla. I d. Ford, ('ompany H. t Irst (allf< rnla. J .1 din I'.ilcv Conwral, l omjiary II. >irstCalifornia. ii. MclkMiald,Company II, First. California. I .ino Hlnir, Coinpriny II, First Cnll'ornln. ' F. II I'.iiioitr,company II, First Cn.ifomta. 6 J. MoM "iionnln. Company II, First Ci.lifm nla. I ?iov pii lloulil^Cotnpuuy II. I liv11 nliioiDia. I i. v? Hirer,Cumiiaiiy L, FiratCalifornia, i j i An. tfrny, Com,any I., Fir t California. W io m;nr, oni;<m? 1., First Calif-rnla. \ |i K i,title,Company 1.. M st nlifomia. Join It." cii,C mp.rzi* L, Flr.-u Calli.irn.a. i < ii.trlsr tt'urdou, CotnpB / I., Fii t <i.lifnrnla VI. a "b? 11?I Cjuipat y 1., Firat Caltloi a .a. | .p a NK .'ot,n S'impron, Company L, Fin-t Oaliforn'i Thoinac Craliaio, Company L. First Clifornla. liamel Fuieriek, Company N.FiraM'ali oruut. A. Mmtos, Company N, lirsl UUilorma John liar' iu,Corjioral, Company N, First California. (!. I.. lit uw u, Foivant, C uiuauy H, Flistt ilifoiiia kdward Cleary, Company A, Forty eec'lid New If ink. M. Uciig<*t),Company a, l"*rtv feeCotfd New York. Ivlwa it I'l1 <?!, lit mpany H, 1 orly second Ni u fork. I i r, . yk. f, Company A, Forty secmd New York. John Wilson,Company A, Forty-second Now York. TUmas James, Company A, Forty-second New York. Frank llukli it, Cori*>ral, Couij aoy A, Forty-a coud X. Y. Tilt e. \\ iiiti'liouee, Coaipiuy H, First Cat; ft>rnia. ISakur. Com;>at!y Cv!"oi ty see nil New Yt rk. i JTflf/t. Orawloid,Sergeant, Company C, Forty -.<> nidX. Y. I M. Djnfvau, Company C, Forty second New Y'ork. (<'. W. OCell. Corjx.rul,Company C, Forty so und N. Y. II. l'artlos, Company Forty beo>nd Now York. :es l'.ir.*ow , sergeant, Company 0, forty-second N.Y. W. Merrick', lA'inpnuy H, Thirtieth NVw York, .f. AM'urty, Con/?nny Forty second New York. K. l.mdwjr, C. mptH'f C,Forty-second New York. Michael Fyan, CoinpAJtJf ?, korty-seeoad N'oiv Y'ork. 't in s. la<lit?iue, Fer^ettin?Co. F, Forty-second New York. Thw. Porter. Company O, Thirtieth New York. J. Joyce. C'orporul, Co. P., Rprty-second New York. Patk. I.yneli, >'erge.:ut,Cb. K. Forty second New York. C. McCoiidoII, Orderly Sergeant, Co. E,4'A1 Now York. W. .Maliouey, Company F, Forty second New York. 0. <Jiiln?,Com]>any K, Forty second New York. L Itll*, I UHijituiv n, ru[(y'OKUUU ;mn IVIB. 1>. O'Neill, Company F., Forty-second Now York. 1.. kiornan, Company K, Forty-second New York. Janes Bryan,Company H, Forty-second New York. O. J. I Mini, Company U, Forty-second New Yorlc. 1'at. Flattery,Company II, Forty-second Now York. Tboe. McBoy, Company H, Forty -eecood New York. N. (Juinu, Company H, Forty-second New York. J. G. .Smith, Company ?, Farty-second Now York. David Morris,Compnay K.Thhlleth New York. P. Moore, Company H, Forty-socond Now York. Jiuiu s Manuka n, Company 11, Forty-secopil New York. M. l.yuch, Company H, Forty second New York. M. Corah, Compauy H, Forty-second Now York. Michael Qniuau, Company H, Forty-second New York. T. Camay, Company K, Forty-socond New York. W. Farley,Company K, Forty second New York. W. Hurt one. Coiupuuy K, Forty-second Nov* York. J. .1. Mot:agun,Seigeunt,Compuny K,42JNcw York. B. Sullivan,Company K, Fca'ty-second New York. M. J, Waller, Company K, Forty-second Now York. W. H. Walker, Sergeant,Third Pennsylvania ravulry. I>. Maliotioy, Company K, Forty-socond New York, it. Huney, Compauy K, Forty-second Now York. i>. Callagan, Company K, Forty-second New York. Peter Brysoti, .. Alex. Aiken. Company I),Twentieth Massachusetts. F. S. Allen, Ootnpuny G, Twentieth Massachusetts. Thus. Armstrong, Sergeant, Co. H, Twentieth Mass. J. I lu I ley, Company H.Twentieth Massscbu.-cils. A. Brown,<'om[>any A,Twentieth Massachusetts. Charles ,1. Curtis, Com )MUiy D, Twentieth Massachusetts, .loliu Cimpmuii.Cuiiipany G, Twontioth Massachusetts. K. I>. Chase,Company G, Twoutieth Massachusetts. J nines Chirk, Company 11, 1 wouticlh Miissacbusetlfi. .1. W. Corlott, Company 11, Twculteth Massachusetts. Itlchard ttuttin, Company D, Twentieth Massachusetts, il. A. Imriey .Sergeant,Compauy I),Twentieth Muss. P. Dougherty,Company K, Tweiuteih Massachusetts. F. Fiekenstein, Sergeant, Compauy K, Twoutieth Mass. ,1. Falsoia, ( ompany 11, twentieth Massachusetts. John Fiyun, Company H, Twontioth Massachusetts. Charles A. Poster,Company II, Twentieth Massachusetts. H. A, Fairbanks, Compauy H, Twontioth Mussa husotts. l'.C. Oessler, Compuuy 11, Twentieth Massachusetts. I.. GrifRu, Company G, Twentieth Massachusetts. Thomas tilacken, Coui[iaiiy G, Twetitiolh Massachusetts. K. S. Gardnor, Company H, Twentieth Massachusetts. I.. D. Coridard, Sergeaut, Company 1>, Twoutieth Mass. Thomas iiariford. Company A, Twentieth Massachusetts. J. Hum ley, Company A, Twentieth Massachusetts. Henry Ileath, Company A,Twentieth Massachusetts. John B. Hayes. Compauy C, Twoutieth Massachusetts. IS. Harlow, Corjioral, Company C, Twentieth Mass. Timothy Hart, Compauy H, Twentieth Massachusetts. \V. Irving, Company It, Twentieth Massachusetts. A. Johnson. Company H, Twoutieth Massachusetts Thomas Kelly,Company A, Twentieth Massachusetts. Geo. Lucas, Company li. Twontioth Massachusetts. F. Mint, company C, Twentieth Massachusetts. Christ lun Mongte, Company C, Twentietli Ma'sachusotta. Clinton M ctp i est ion, Compuuy 1), Twentieth Mass. Thomas F. Mack, Company H, Twentieth Massachusetts. John Newman,Company G, 'twentieth Massachusetts. C. O'Neil, Compauy K, t wontieth Massachusetts. John Power-. Company G, Twentieth Massachusetts. I'at. Quiuuel, Company G,Twentieth Massachusetts. W. Powers,C-ompany'H,Twentieth Massachusetts. H. P. Reeves, Sergeant, Company I), Twentietli Mass. W. 0. I'a-es, Company 1), Twentieth Massachusetts. l'.C. Richards,Company H,Twentieth Massachusetts, II.Shaw.C-rmtiany A, Twentieth Massachusetts J. fciilci ker, Uorapuny C. Twentieth Massach .setts. (J. Smith, compauy h,Twontietn Massucnuscits. K. V. Fkinner, Compauy I, Twentieth Massachusetts. H. Vogte, Compauy C,Twentieth Massachusetts, ti. V. Newton, Couipay A, Fifteenth MftseaohusetU. V. May, Company A, Fifteenth Massachusetts. S. Atgood, Company A, Fifteenth Massachusetts. A. B. Whitney, Compauy A, Fifteenth Massachusetts. A. Sullivan,Company A, Fifteenth Massachusetts. J. M. Bobbins,Corporal, Company A, FKleeulh Mast. A. Bruce, Company B, Fifteenth Massachusetts, ft. .1. Huston. Compauy B, Fil'teonlh Massachusetts. H. J. Hoeuier, Company B. Fifteenth Massachusetts. J. E. Morse, Company B, Fifteenth Massachusetts. ,1. l'rutt,Couipauy B, Fifteeuth Massachusetts. I.. W. Stone,Company B, Fifteenth Massachusetts. T. I>. Brtghara, Corporal, loin puny C.Fifteeuth Mass. A. Fuller, Sergeant, Company C, Fifteenth Massachusetts. A. .1. Putnam,Ourporal, Company t:, Fifteenth Moss. IT. H. Taylor, Company C, Fiftoonth Massachusetts. O. II. B. Sawyer, tympany C. Fl.teeath Massachusetts. Ii. ik Wallace, Company C, Fifioenth Massachusetts. H. Ad.mis, Company D, Fifteenth Massachusetts. C. B. Bouger, Company P, Fifteenth Massachusetts. U, <?. N'oyes, Sergeant, Compauy 11, Fifteenth Maia. H. Weizler,Company P, Fifteenth Mass* huaoita. V. J. Kludge, Company K, Fifteenth Massachusetts. ,1. M. Morrow,Corporul, Compauy F., Fifteenth Maaa. K. f. McKinzie, Company K, Fi teenih Massachusetts. I'. Fagen, Company K, FifU'-ulh Massachusetts. H. M. PaviM,Company K, Fifteenth Mass.ichrsett*. H. If. Amidon, Company K, Fifteenth Ma>oa<Inwetts. 0. F. Itetand,Company F, Fifteenth Masaachusetta. .1. II. Howard, Com|>any F. Filteenth Massachusetts. \V. O. Moore, Company F, Fifteenth Msssachusette. H. Vibhert, Company F, Flfleunth Massac lunette. Itavid Rickey,Company F,Fifteenth Massachusetts. W. Adatna.i orporal.Company F, Fifteenth Mass. has. Iiarid, Company G, Fifteenth Massachusetts. Michael Uugan.i ompauy (!, Fifteen"h Massachusetts. C. W. W ingaie.Corpoiat,Company (I, Fifteenth Maaa. S. 0. Oilaiul,Company ti, Fif'eenth Massachusetts. John Clancy, Company II. Fifteenth Massachusetts. K. H. Hewitt,CVmt<any H, Fifteenth MaouchusetU. J. S. Williams,Compauy H. Fifteenth Massachusetts. Ihos. Home,Company II, Fifteenth Maa.-achiwetts. N. W. Boa worth, Compmy I, FifteenIh MassacMusette. .1. Balluu, Company I, F'ilteeuth Massschi.setts. 11. J. Itaymoud.Company I, Fifteenth Massachusetts. I'anici roiey, inmpwny n, iwenmm >iwi"w uui?l9. 11?111 c 1 I, Company I, Fifteenth Massachusetts. A. .1.1.iverty, Company I, Fifteenth Massachusetts. 1?. 1.. I'armoiilrr, Company I, Fifteenth M;i?ai hu.?nii. W. II. Hiunliam, Company K, Ftfloealh Massachusetts. W. II. Freeman, Co/nnnny K, Fiflcouth Massachusetts. It. Iln-lcon, Company K,Fifteenth Massachusetts. M. 11c IJrtde, Company K, Fifteenth Massachusetts. J. It. Burns,Compau) K. Fifteenth '.Unsetls. K. Olnoy.Company K, Fifteenth Mi-suTimclU. Ilmry Cunlavy .Company C. First California. C. It. fatntneyer, Pompnny H. Urst California. A. W. l.i-ter, Company L, First California. Andrew lHskea.f oral any H, Oh I". C. A. Alstons,Cmni>any It. Fifteenth Maoiarhnsetrn. ' mlu'I Woodward, Company II. Tweutielli Massachusetts. T. J. flastings, (tompony l>, Fifteenth Masoarbusetts. W. II. Kmerson. Company K. Fifteenth Massachusetts. II. II. Adutiis, Company li, Fifteenth Ma?*ar!iu*etle. II. Ward. Company I, Flfteomh Massachusetts. lohn t". C.'llioiui. Company C, Forty sort aid New York. L'siitel Calllgan,Company N. First California. tl. It. Van Allen,Company A, First California. H. I.. Nilen,Cori?>ral .Comouuy A. Ftrsl California. A. II. Ilapii:/, Otnpany A. First California. II. Ma.-.?py, Company C, First California. .1 II. simtnntis.Corri|iary CI, First CnlU'or ma. <1. W. Ilutoti, otupauy 0, First California. Charles Wild, Company S, First California. .lames M. t lu| mat., Company II. First California, M. Fat I on. Company 11, First California. 1'. Mariiti.Coim aoy II, First Cnlifurnia. .1. Kue.Coinpan) F, Third I'.mttsv Ivnina cavalry. .V linger, Company L. first California. 'red. N.nk, Company J., < trst California. 11 Quigley ,Company I., First California. A. .1. Fkentll, Company I., First California. J Mctluw, Company 1., First C alifornia. .1. H intly, Berg' ini,(?itnpnny N, f irst California. .1. I . Unglus.t oinpany N. first California. II. Wra\er,Coni|iany N. First California. ,losr|Ui '/alio.* ompai.y N. First Calliornla. .lames Fit ine, Company If, First California. .1. M- Knight .Company I', First California. ti. F. Bull.Company A,First Caiuornla. c. I.lnies.Compauy F,Thirtieth New York. Samuel Jtttiueyer, Onmpsny I.Sixth Ohio. .1.11. Zepp,Company ft. First California. F. MT. Carpenter, Company C, First California. \V. Songster, Company 11, First California. It. Frail. Company A, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania. W. u, roriv wnma .>>* tor* Irnnk M Mialeli, Marldan, Connecticut. SiniUtl .lonea, Michigan. (Uirl?K Smith. Clnvoland, Ohio. I.?wis Hell, Ohio. Tit* lour Innt are negroe? Son-Helm?e of Colonels Corcoran and Lt? nnd Major Rarer*. fUi.Traow, I'eb. 21, 1M2. Naithar Colom-I Corcoran,Colooal I.aa nor Major IU? are It among tha relurtiad pvlcooera. ASrtTHKH I.KTTMH KKOM COI.OXEt. CORCORAN. Captain .loltn Hrexlta, of tin Sixty ninth raaiinent N'aw York Stmt* Militia. Imi recti rd the following letter from IVImiol Cor cor AU Cnj.t nut*, 8. f., Veb. 3, H02. Mt IIfau Kninxti?Althonrlt I have not written to you ilnce my captivity, my apparent neglect h*a not hecn occasioned by a want of tha vary w?rme?l alfectlon, which linx ntvl will remain i.n ilierad under all clrrurn tnncex. If tho relative po?ltk>Di of you and I could or might ha revei sud, 1 rhouid ron.iilwr myrelf very ungraieful if I would iku endeavor to have a low lim a roach you to cheer you lu your coiiuneiiieut. Hut I rlid net Intend any of my limited apace to ha uxid lu recrimination. I had tlie idaaatirn of homing frim my dntr friend l'ip taln Kirkur, In almoat every lettar, thot ton and ratnliy a ore well. I < Hen think of little j?.ny m?l Mm > , nnd tin many li?ppy evening* I spent lisiosiiiig 10 and Willie ?i"ff tholr sportive t.ilk an I pinya. | vv tvl, y,wi to any to them licit 1 h.tva rtngx and rrrvixcs lor ih uo, which t nh;?ii twnd hv the tlrat i ppoit ioliy. i hite Imori tr< If lliiitely rejoiced lit I. w t?unnt C, enoll; rei-iinn, 1tl? hrtlvfo V,h' r duel r ' the i e and i?tt'tcion ho fx .towed on fti" ever hIpcc lie alicid hy my aid" on I he 111. . of July l**t, Imr given liuu n evcilswiiog pUflo lu uiy ly. 9 and totuCu; I loin tlia :w YOHK HKKALD, SATI lose of his society, for ha possessed tha rno.-t cbeoi tog influence over my spirits. Ho will call upon you nud gveyiHi iitun ?* little particulars. 1 have nut It -ird Ht m linn sioui ho loft, nor from Now Yo. k later thiol 31.-,11'oceu.bcr last 1 i oil ?. Cori" rantto l.'uully. 1 wrote to her on ll??- 7tl? el., also t<> Captain Kirkor on the some day and on the '.SOlh I'lwn pruarni my love to lit*. Itmdin. Mr. .ntd Mrs. Has. or son, youi brothers and Mr. i wrote to Mo it y.bui h-tvo not iciciwdartvl) I : .?-' ? remember it.e to him in tho kindest manner; aluo to It' ' it diU Hare, littlioii, Butlor, anil Captain I'. Kelly, v? mo your mostobedient friend, MKHAKI. 0 UWWMN, Oloncl Sixty uipth regiment N. Y. S. M "i lllll l'I-?K VK'?Til COYUUIilsl. irnisT UB&UON. Senate. Wastnttarotf, Feb. 21, ISM. sir. Oonutnt, (rnp.) of Ft., presented tho following:? That, entertaining the d so pest sympathy aud rondolenrc with the I'rusidenl in hi., recent alUicliou, it in resolved that tho .*?-nui? do now adjourn. This was unanimously adopted. Adjourned. House of Keprreentatlwes. Wjumonu roa, Feb. 21,1862. The Humostead bill, reported Irora the Committee on Pnbllo 1rinds, coming up, the question peudtng being to recixnmit the sume with instructions to report instead the lioiiuty land Warrant bill, Mr. Gsow, tho Speaker, called Mr. Wa*mirHi??, (rep.) or III., to the chair, and, taking Who floor, spoko against tho motion. Ha expressed his surprise that gentlemen pretended at this day. not to understand the principles of a homestead hill. If any question had bean more fully discimsod than another It wits this. Five times within the last ten years the House had passed a bill similar to tins, aud by two-thirds votes, wheu parties wore nearly balanced on every other question, [tills, too, of liko character had parsed the Senate. He answered the objection that the public lands should be retained as u source of revenue. He (Mr. Grow) repeated that they had ahem.} ceti.-eu to he eo, owing to the rebellion, as admitted In the report of the Commissioners of the I'ublic lands. Mr. Grow argued in lavor id giving homesteads to actual settlors. By the settlement of the public doinuiu the ability to pay the internal tuxes will ho lucreased, in addition to the oilier important honetiis which must certainly result. Speculators should no longer ho perm.lied to intervene between the government und iietuul tillers of the soil. Those wh> have flocked to tho standard of the country are deserving of more substantial reward than tears tor the dead and thanks to tho living. He earnestly appealed to the House to pass the bHl.and thus consecrate the public lands for homes to actual settlers who prospered in life, (hat they may be enabled to develop* a higher, hotter and nobler civilization. No fnrihur proceedings wore had on tho above subject. Mr. JCnacc, (rop.) of 111., otTered a resolution as follows:? That entertaining the dee[ est sentiments of condolence with the President and family in their present affliction, in tho death of his son, the House now adjourn. Mr. Riisivk I,. Conkumi, (rep.,) of K. Y., offered an amendment, which was adopted? That, ia view of tho ultiicting event, the Commissioner of Public Buildings be requested to omit the illumination of the public buildings to morrow night. Tho resolution as thus amended passed. Adjourned. THE GREAT UNION VICTORIES. The Capture of the Bebel Fort Donelson, Tenn.? Xap of the Scene of the Brilliant Engagement?The Evacuation of Clarkaville?The Union Troops Expected to Attaolc NashvilleSterling Price Defeated and Driven Into Arkansas?Charleston and Savannah Threatened?Late and Important News from Enrope, Ac., Ac., Ae. The Wkkxly Hkrai.ii for the present week. ready this morning at ten o'clock, will contain an interesting account of the Attack on, aad, after a severe light, Capture of, Fort Donelson, Teune-se". with all its Arms and Munitions of War, and Fourteen Thousand Prisoners, accompanied with a Map of the Scene of Operations: An Account of the Kvacuation, in n Panic, of ClarlCoville.Toun., its Occupation bjrthe Union Forces, and their advance towards Nashville; The Defaat of the Rebel General Sterling Price in Missouri, and his Flight into Arkansas; Tho Latest Intelligence of the Operations of General Burnable in North Carolina and Virginia; Interesting reports in regard to the Movements of the Union Ileet and Army In South Carolina, and the Rebel fears of an Attack on Charlsston and Savannah; and (he Latest Despatches In regard to the Movements and Position of the Union and Rebel Annies throughout tho oountry; Important Inlelli grace from Europe, and all Interesting new* of the pas track. Terms?TUrae dollars per year. Single copies, in wrappers, six cants. Official Drawings of Cite Kentucky and Delaware Slate leuierle*. Kkmtlkt?Exist Cr.tss 35? Feb. 21. 1(163. 8, 25, 63, 35. 75 , 78, 9. 47, 68. 3, 39. 31, 28, 1. I?n awakk?(i AAA 153? Feb. 21.16C2. 45, 61, 30, 2, 38, 43. 28, 65, l'J, 53, 52, 12. Circular* eonl by addressing JOHN A. MORRIS A CO.. Wilmington, Delaware, or Covington, Kentucky. Official Drawings or ftlarray, Eddy 4 Ce.'s Kentucky and Missouri Slate Loitetier. KKkTitctr, Oi.t? 84?Feb. 19, 18U. 18, 13. 74. 3*2. 3, 38, Is. 28.72, 11. 17. 28, 64. Kkmdckt. karR* Uui 87?Feb. 21, 1342. 21, 43, ?... 4. 37. 4!?. 8, 44, 48, 71. 08, 36. KK.AiccaakCl.tSS 88? Feb. 21. 1863. 14, 78. 43. 2. 47. 68. -27, 67. 10, 16. 51. 42. 68, 40. Circularsaenl tree ot charge hmddretsinceitner is MURRAY, KDRY A CO., Covington, Kjr-. or St. bout*. Mar Royal Havana I,ottery.?Prizes Casltril and Iniormstiou luruUiied by TAYLOR A CO., Ranker)*, 16 Wall street. Prises Cnsited In All I?egaltzert lotteries. Islormaiioa given. JOSKI'H B.VTKS Broker. 19 Wall Direct, up stairs. Union Defence Committee, of the Citizen* of New York. New York, February 19, 1862. A man* meeting of the cltl/ena ol New York, Brooklyn and vieiuity w ill l*e held in litis city on Saiur.tay, the 22*t Instant, lu honor of ibe Hlrtliday <>f Vt ..Dington, noil to ichbrale, in a fitting manner, the recent ncinrlea of ibe Union loree* rngageI Iii sttpi rrasing rebellion. The meeting will be bold at the Cooper liiuitiite, at wren o'clock I". M. Ill* Honor Mayor OpdySe will preside. A H*lntr of thirty-four guu* n ill l*e flred at auurlan, at noon atnl nt sunset. It la respectfully re<|uc-.te.| that the naional flag be dla. Ida veil on piiullo buildings, ibe shipping in |>ort, ano pur ate residence* during the da>. Ttte guest* ol tlie committee from other S'.ite* will be received at I lit- Filth Avenue Mold, from It to 6 I'. M. Addresses from federal rtl-liiu uislieil speak* rs mav lie CS|? * i -d. The committee irttai Ural the lualtbol Li*uilenaui O-ncral 8 "it will permit hi n to I e present. Other arrangeuieuis will be annooncrd bcrealicr. Hv order, II.AWILTON FISH, Hlmlrman ' M in n IHdVliui'(.' lea. \V?. D. Ee*HT*. :-e rrlary ?t I nloM Ii nrc OuBmitlM. 8. I)? <n it, ('ball nnn <>: Committee of Arrangement*. 1'. M. Wktkomi , N*< rrlary Id ronnlliM of Arraugemrutu. At "7.1 Uronilnay?Btilmoral Boo:*, fl*?; uiuer*', $1 fit); '-hlldrrn'a. $1 2A. JKKKKUM, oil Bromlwny. 811k Handkerchief*? Al U liolmnlr. BVI LEY A BULTHAKD. Photographic Album*?(irrnt Varietyuf elertul attlrii, luaiiulw-tiirrd ar.d eopplli'd to the trade, by A DOiVl.INU, Ui and 07 ,\ elrret. Bntrfelor'a II* Ir Dye?The Beat In the World lltViiil'-a-, rali iihb- and lu?'aot?i,-?ue. Hold und applied al HATi' II Kid IK'S Wig taclnry, 16 Bond dreei Crlatarinro'u Hair Dye, Prraerratlve and WIr*.?The heat In the world, * hnlriiale and ratal), and Him dye privately applied al No. d A*lor Ibm-r.. . Fay'* Spanlih Hair GIo?<m?A Clieinleal Compound kiatllar to the natural oil of the air. Bo.d by ail the droggi?t* Beautlfnl Cniiipleiliin.-I.alrd'a l.l<|uld Pearl or B mhii of Youth, lor preservlnf and beanlliy itig me u.mplralon and kltia. Bold at all oruggUm. IlllPa Hair Dye, .K) Cents, Black or brown?Infallible unguent for Uie hair. Depot No. I Bar lay Street, and by all droniiata. Glorious Triumph.-!?Ir*. M. A. Allen la dally receiving tcallnioiilula a* to the womb rfol rlrti.oiaf her Word* llalr lleainfT and Hair Dn-a*lng. Tr?vb?v* no e (iial-, and a guarantee Roe* wltn at cry ovl.le. Depot, 19S timiwMh atari, near Fniton. Millions nf Children Saved flom an earlv grave by luiiut In. W IN* LOW S bombing Syrop. It jit -., immediate real I mm pain, rorrerta aridity ot Ilia abiuiaub, regulate* the bnwi la and in< lyoratra the eyaclm. Dr. O'Toole'aConecntraledC'oiush Heme* i. I* u aeeania.1 la iim-u flifl imrltf hl lJf S Ot 11" fl *LU*1|,I 11, II * iv ..orthi bulllt'" nir>! ii,i- newt <.!??l.n.ii* ? ,.vit. '?ti<* fl |> r I'Otilp. fr ill. Ipal oillrc rti Third true.', between ttmth hml Thirtreiitn nlreete. R*rr)r'? Yrlrophrrim* la th* llrat (and fhrapvt ?ri I." ilri-i?i. r, l? ? If. i> i ..ruin;, rlr*n'ng, |.i.-.4T?liij;Mini iTMorlng ihr ba r. 1?. I try It. sid'hy II <lni*g *u. "Ilrow a'? UroiM'HlMl Trnrhm" Cure Influenza, (oitfclifi. eruny Irritation of the throat, Cumplxll, Client lot ami Apnftin itry, enrnei I'Uhi.i etmir ann Twenty Irl u. etrtt'l. 1'u re ml iteirtilnr dine*. and fieri mi., ry. 91 tarried. Atntnero?IVii.t.?On We iir oay ,ntr:g. Kebrnary 10, by tin lie n I'I <m, i aiiiu W'. t .i- 'vv.w p|,??. Ueli.l'ih, t i Mi .it \V , (lit ? ' '< "n W H, <., t' i i |lrt"'hl>n. i'UiUvtnpttla 1 if.iter p.avao ropy L/KDAY, FEBKUARY 22, I rj.iim ??"Vit*i k?I > Thursday, J-nuury 30, bj tli I'm- \l? '::l>. -?' Uw Lkime street church, l? vol. | (j ll;l( rh v'f ^ru"kl/n. |o m163 Makoakui wat.soa, u ! l'llV"a iy, Feli-uary J9, initio i( v': Esther .ifin ,l,u rP8'',e,1,c* < ' li'< bale* i<ari'n ,, Hf B. Ff;nvdaugbi??r of U. K. ? ?,. ,*u 1 r tub City. I J?,inu? >i s N.?Ju till v\ hi.i, ' ft 'I'll .<>?;, February 20, by the iter. Goofgr itT? .-iii.ylie. Hatha mil 0. | jAQiimi, of Jursey City, to F magr , daughter ot Jiiuieii Simpson, Ks<t-, ot' tho former place I't-. 'K?Fan k- ?(<ii Thursday, Krknd/ 2?i by "-e But, Chauiicey I). Murray, A. C. 1'kck to lX'B, daughter oi 111, lali* Caplaiu Jolm Boiled, all of this Cvl> Stk?T'i. niu.k ?lii lirookl) n,on TUnrsa,'4V *"brui 20, in tho First African Hotlsslist Episcopal church, by the ft" v. James A. Johnson, Mr. H. lhonijc Snu.,rru31 to Mrs. Joski ui.vk A. I'ipnpu-., all of the ubovo place bled. Buokkmiam.?On 'lhut-eduy, February 20, Sarah BroK j-mis a e, wife if Edward Gerard Ifuokouhum, and yulrgosl darghter of Robert and Sarah Thompson, in the 34il. roar of,hir age Xhn i rieiKD nl tho faintly are invited to attend the funeral,from the residence of her parents, No. 08 Spring street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Her remains will be interred in Greenwood (.'emetery. San Francisco (f'ui.) papers please copy. Itniu.v?On Thursday morning, February 20, after a long and severe illness, Ki.ikn IIart, wite of John Biglin, of parish of Street, and youngest daughter of Juuies llHrt,or parish of Grunard"TiiIIj Wilson, county Longford, Ireland, in the 49th year of her age. Farewell, dear husband, my life is passed; Mr love for you until death did last; But lor* the children tor my sale*. The relatives und friends of tho family, and those of her boot, James, Bernard, .Iohn and Joseph, are respect

fully requested to atu-nd the funeral, from her late residence, ititi Fast Ttiirly-llrststreet, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Brooklyn, Philadelphia, WestmeatU and Longford papers pli-swe copy. H ikiikn.?Ou Friday, February 21, Tiiomss A., aon of Tbomw* II. and Henrietta Borden, aged. 3 years and 4 months. His remains will be taken to Long Branch for interIMC lit. Bnrrmir.?At the residence of his uncle, A. C. Britton, at Natchez, Miss., on Monday, January 26, Wo us* A. Bkitoon, Jr., ag<-d 21 years. Norwich, Conn., jupers pi <ase ropy. i'sau . i..?tin Thursuuy, February 20, Eura ('ahkoli., wife of John Carroll, aged 27 years, and daughter of Michael and Margaret Coury, a nitive of King? county, Ireiaud. The irlends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invite ' to attend the funeral, front her lutu residence. No. 210 West Tlurty-tlrst street. t'aKiou..?Ou Thursday, February 20, after along illness, Fj-'zaskth, wife of.lchn ' arroll. aged 27 years. The friends and relatives of the fatuity, und those of her brother, Win. II. Carroll, and the moinbcisof thn Mechanics' Independent Association, are respectfully in ' vlted to attend the funeral,from her late residence. No. 260 West Thirty-first street, tins (Saturday ) afternoon, at two o'clock. Cvrka.v?At llarlrm, on Thursday morning, February 2tl, hknky C'tTRti \n, uficr a short illness, aged 40 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited toattend tho luueral. lrom his late residence, in ll.ttli street, llarleiu, this (Saturday) alt or in am, at one o'clock precisely .without further invitation, llis reunion will lie interred in Mori isauiu. Tinco Kdwat'd Island paper# please copy. Causes.?On Tmtrsday, February 20, KuwakoF.. infant son of Allred and Frances Carson, agod 1 year, 7 mouths and 111 days. The relatives and friends of the family nr* respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his parents' i esidence. No. 172 Fast Thirty -ninth street, this (.Saturday; afternoon, at two o'clock. ('0".Hi-rr.?In Jersey City, on F'riday, February 21, after a lingering illness, Johanna Corsstt, daughter of Patrick Corhett, deceased, of Fordbstn, aged 21 years. Her friends and tho*" of the family art respectfully invited to anend the funeral, en Sunday afternoon, at halfpast two o'clock, from the residence of Michael Corbeit, No. 206 South .-econd street, Jersey City. Clark.?iOn Friday, February 21, after a lingering illness, Cb aki.otts J. cLarj, wifo of Cornelius Clurk, and daughter of John and J-cua Boole, in the 42d year of her ag'\ The friends and relativss of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, withot further notice, trom tho Second street Methodist church,on Sunday afternoon, at half-past one o clock. 0tnaim.?on Friday, February 21, Jo-urniM. Cn.uat, sou of Andrew Md Alice Culleu, ugud 6 mouth.-;. His remains will be interred in the F~ oreuth Street Cemetery, from the restdonee of his parents, 194 Fast Eleventh street, this (Saturduy) atternoon, at three o'clock. lit-RTsr.?On F'riday morning, February 21, after a short illness, FLaic M-, wife of w. B. 0. Imryeo, and eldest daughter of A. T. Conklin. The relations and friends of the family are rsspccttully Invited lo attend the funeral,from the residence of her father, No. 204 Fast Broadway, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. lUvns.?On Thursday even In/, February 30, Mary, wife of Thoiuaa A. llavm, i:i the ?21 year of her age. Frienoa and acquaintance* are invited to attend the I'.iuarni, irum aici ijilv iivhiwco, fiu omiifau aiivni, this (Saturday/ afte. n. on, at one o'clock. Boston p:i|>oi's please copy. Fawj: v.?iu Brooklyn, E. 1>., on Wednesday morning, February 10, Maktua M. Farlkv, aged 52 years. iMjblm pipers please copy. tiKo-to.?At Lor late resideuce, aarly on Wednesday morning, Februury 10, after a abort but severe illness, Marv 1-jjzaacTH Laix>k, the beloved w ile of MictiaelC. tiroes. ltnr remains vara conveyed to Calvary Cemetery for intorment. 11Kara.?On Thursday, February 20, Mar.iarst P., wife ot liykeoian M. iireeti, in the ittttli year of her age. IIaiiii ri.>t.?(in Thursday evening, February 20, after a tedious tlineas, Mr. Ihoma* Haiiikiii kt. late ol' itneiol, Kngland. in the 41th year of his a^o; a kind husband, an atructionate father anil a faithful friend. Ill# relatives auu friends ol' the family are respectfully invited to attend tbo funeral, from his Isle residence. No. 10 Hinome street, tins (Saturday) afternoon,at two o'clock. ils&sfeosv.?()n Wednesday, February 10, Mrs. HssAK-Ohv , aged 60 yeate. M-r remains will bo conveyed from hor late residence, 400 Fifth street, to bt. Bridget's church, corner or Eighth streot and avonue B, where a requiem mass will bo ottered for the repose of her a mi, this (Saturday) morning, at nine o'clock, and from thence tu valvar r Cemetery for MnsM. Her friends and those of her bro t hers, Cat rick and Peter lo?lus,sre requested to attend. l.KWi.'.?At iiohokeit, N. J. on Thursday, February 20, I m v.r s lbVA*T Isiwis, daughter of John and Charlotte lie a i ?* u lis* aid ycur of hor ago. ' ves au.l frieuds of the family are rospoolfully it 1 tend tbefuueru!,i>n S.iuduy .at the riloonitiald ci u c >m?r of UI'Nimflekl and Third streeia, llobukun. MAart;.?in Hrooalyn.on Fri lay, February ll.Juin B. M\ktis. relict ofJarno# d.M. Martin. ItiO I'rieii Is of d'cmt-tsl are rea|iectfuily invited to at Jend the fi nerai, from hor late residence, 00 Will ' street, ou Monday morning, at nine o'clock. H'-r remains will lie taken to Elizabeth, N J.,for interment. MahiT.?On We.lii. sdey. January 20, on board tho Fulled Mateo ship Vlaoennes, ofl uie soul hear I (Mrs of the Misxi-stppt, Kami'Ki. Mar.w , aged 42 years, Ueutenant . i i ol wounda receiv. .1 from the recoil oi' a kuvlliw llr?l on buwd liU ItiiDeb, In the ellt.rl to note una ?av# ili? cargo"I e t -? ! ladcu witbcollon,attempting to run the Uockad , set on tire and aham.oned by the crew. l'uueral services at Calvary rburch. Fourth avenue, on 8'imia/ afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains will be accompanied hy a naval cscoil fmin t4iaN.iv/Vard u> tho church, and taken to Albany Tor interment. Hij mar. ?tin Friday, February 31,after a long illtiesd, Hi< .uni JIi i ubhx , agod 2i yours, a uattva of MaoU.e-.ter, i.i gland. The [rieoda and aci|i.aintam are rea|ier(rully luvited t'luttetid the Itinera I, thia r aturduy) alteruooti, nt two o clock, from bis late maidence, utl Mulberry street, without further notice. I a III or 11..i pa,ier< please copy. Mitiiihi.i.? At White l lama, on Thursday, Februatjr 30, Mishit Mm tin I , aged 77 yearn. I lis ft Isarc invited to a'lend the funeral, frotn his lute residence, on Sunday afternoon, at twoo'clock, without further invitation. Mi aettv.?In Brooklyn, on Mo day, February 17, Wu t.i.tM M< aruT, in the b.:<l y?er oi' tint age. a native ot klllare, Ireland. Hi- re n 'tne wore Interred in the Cemetery of the Holy Cress, I lathuab. Mi ltOMi to ?imWednc-day,1'elintary 1ft, Asua IV., only child of lhue. tV. anil Anna A. Mclsinalil, nged 2 ) ears, 6 months and 1 day. The friends .ud uct'iainlanrea of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday morning, nl urn o'clock, at tho resilience of the parrots, on Sixth street, between North Fifth and Norm Sixth streets, Williatn.-burg. Nanus.?tnt Thursday evening, February 20. Kstii, the beloved daughter of Uyam and Caroline Naban. ol ltd Ninth avenue. imtk.wm.?On Friday, February 21, I.rit, widow of Peter M lUliguon, in ti e 41st year oi her Dae. The friends of the faini.y are respectfully iuv Ited to ettemt ihe loneral, on Monday morning, at nine o'clock, fr m In-r lute residence, I'.lglity suih street, between fourth and Fifth avenues, tier remains will be taken to Yotikers for mt?i nient. tlawts?<hl Thursday. February 20. Jawm Favsns (larva, youngest son of James ami Cede Uwens. aged 1 year and ft nient lis. I be relatives and Irleude or the family are respectfully Invitedtoalti i.d thefunenil, this (Saturday) afternoon, at oni-o'clock, from the residence ol his parents, No. .'KM First at enue. . lUr. Tbnr da* morniiiv. I'ebruarv 00 lona Firmr, in III* Tl*t fm >>f hi* a*-. Funeral tervio * will be held no Sunday a(t*rno<>n, at two i> elurk, at 12? heel Twelfth etreet The relatives and irtend- ura re?|iwctfully ir.tit.xl to attend. The remain* will l>a conveyed bv the h >lr pn.i ten A. M liarlam tr am en Monitor t? White I'lain* lor Interment IVrvitAlni.?(?n Friday morning, February 2l,F.n*a Aniim, daughter of William Hint Krederika I'rankard, aged 1 year, 4 month* and 21 day*. I lie funeral service* w ill lalto placn tnu (Saturday) af. teineon,at four o'etoek, at it.a residence of her latliar. No. 2?4 Ilihd afreet. iho frien I* of the family, and r ember* of l' lodge, No. 204, F. A. M., aia raa|/?-etinlly Invited to attend. Karaite ?tin Friday aioratng, February 31, I.thu, wife ol T. W. It. Kayuer. Her will toke placa en "nnday afternoon, at bu punt me o'clock, i roro TtS? Sixth avenue. ,? *hn ?At .lo.-vy City, un . iiduy, February 21, l':i:> ii Si i i iv. In Iho 27tli > car of III* age. Ilia frruids and tin*" o, tit- fnintiy era IncHed to attend tha'itnaral aura-Ice, on Monday afternoon, nt ona oelock, ir> in No. Ibfl Mi-.bin* ton Mreet, JoiacyL'ity. the remain* will be in o m porihmd, l mil. j '-r. unl riduy, i oi'i uury ti.Hi-ii.aaBt**, the in il* rli r if Joint ami !1> ibelh Synicv, a^etl U !,....Iilia anil iJ.lar -. 'Ii a re.ativ** ami if' nda of Hi- family are respectfully ttvdc ltd aitMd tU? luuf ai lerviuev, at the rooxh uoe oi 1602. r It r mirrnU), No. 2fi ISurtow steel, this ("aturday, after- I uiMin, at two o clock, f Itostuu, Mats , and Montrose, bcoliuud papers phase copy. T rrmbv.?On Thursday evening, February 20. Ei.wia > fcec utf daualijij of lativk and Mary Ticroey. ugod 2 lubuthgand 2 day*. Tlio friend! and ;ici|ii?mtanr(-3 < ( ihb fa-ni'y a e r-spoctf'i ly invue I to attend tlio fupera' this (tdaturday) alter icvin, at two o'clock, from tho rmiUeine of Ler paming, 1 000 Third avenue. Tiimi "i ?On Thursday, February 20. FftKOKAir Tunim, in tlio 40th y ar of his age. The rclalivct and Q'te. dg of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, frotu his lute residence, corner of Seventy lit t>t ritreet and Eighth avenue, on sunday afternoon,at pno o'clock. I'r-tn h?On We lnetHl't; c bMnt?, February Jd./JTTMeTog I). Ife.-'Hi R at tlio reahfellcd of his lirothvr in law, J. A. (.rocker, No, 216 Clinton alicot, Jd.ookiya, in ihe 4.'. I yoar of his ego. -Vaugh.ix.?Ou Friday. February 21, of scarlet fever, RsmJAu''" Qcackisbi sh, youugeet sou 01 Dr. Amariah U. and June K. Vanghan, aged 1 year, V mouths and b days. The funeral trv'l take place from the residence of hi a parents. find (irreivwich strict, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. The friends of tbo family aru invited to attend without further notice. \Yai>t*li..?On Friday, February 21, .lowx B. Wsrvtkja, h native of Durham, Ftiglatid, aged Cd years, and for forty years a resident of this oily. The' friends of the family at.d the members of St. George's Society are respectfully invited l>? attend the funeral, from his late residence, No 86 Hudson street, on Suuday afternoon, at two o'clock. ntCIUAIBOVl. ARKMAKK ABLE MEDICINE. HYATTS LIFE BALSAM. Rheumatism. HerefuU, Sail Klieuni. A"*., Ac.? HYATT'S LIKE 1IAI.SAM is the mini 1 ert.iin end safe remedy for the most painful and protracted form of these dls"Rsrs. Also, old ulcers, fever sores, eryslpeias, the worst caa-s of impurity of the Mood, liver and kidneys, g-ueral debility, dyspepsia, incipient eonsumpiion, piles, Ar. 1'riuctpa! Depot, Sletirand strrei. heveiily-live reuts |ier bottle. A (J* A NO OPENING OK PATTERNS AND ELEGANT diaplayof ihe uew pari* Soring Pealgne. coinprlaing every articm connected wiib Lanier' and Children'* Diem*, ai Muie. DEMUREST 8 Emporium of FitUmiK, 47) Brrnulway. on;, March 3. Eu-ry lady, especially dreaamakerv, should mil fail to call. AIiL ARTICLES FOR SOLDIERS SHOULD BE SENT, al lull! rule-, by llaruden'a Kxprex*. 74 llroadway. They send daily to all point* occupied by our army. A T 104 FULTON STREET? WKOOI no CARDS; THESE A celebrated eiikruveit Card* only by bll. E\EKDBLL'B sons. Enubllahrd 1816. AT $1 60?DOl'BLE SOLE WATER-PROOF HOOTS, AT JONES', iuand 12 Ann rlreri. Fourt dlllereut atylea at %l fill, at .1 llNKS', lb and 12 Ann a reel. A KOMATIC SCHIEDAM a schnapps. Persona who wish to supp.y thmiKclvea ivllh the above article, at the old prieea. bad n.-tter make early application to the eubarrlber. UDOLPHO WOLFE, 22 Beainr wreei. ANOTHER ABSURDITY.?THAT THE AMERICAN Temperance Society won! I tr> Kel'er s "Id O.ard bran dy ut their neat annual ne tin-2. S c that mirth provoking tiling, THE HILL POSTER'S DllEAM. 0 diic , ut oulora, 18x24 Inches, 2.1 cent*. ROSS ,k ToUSEY, 121 Naeaau alreet. Artistic mdnohuams.?the i.arokst variety, of Nute and la-ttor Paper, Wed nug Card* arid Desk Meals, In perfect taste, at (ilMHKKDE 8, .188 Broadway. AT GCMBREDF.'S, ASS BROADWAY, $l 1'UOTOCKAPII allNtw (for fifty picture*) retailed at IX A HINT TO CELEBKATK THR DAY.?IRISH WIII8A. key. Entertain your frienda wnbaboitle of McAulitle'a lnah W i iakey lor .'Al rents. Every one oayati diffuse.* more I enjoyment than brendv at $2 per Bui lie. JOHN Mi'AULlFKK. Importer, 4.". Naaaad street. CIRUTi'HES AND CANES FOR TBI MILLION?AT I Ibe tuan^lfaeturer a, C, PINNELL, No. 2'Wonlanui at. /lOKNS, Bl NRiNS, INVERTED NAILS, ENLUti.KD \ joint.*, and all dlararea Oi the l'eet, cured without pa>D or luoonvenieiiee lo the patient, by Dr. ZACH ARIK, Surgeon t hlr .p.allat. V*iO Hroadu-ay. Reiera to phyaiclan* and aurgenua of the city. /10LD PENS, WITH SILVER PENCILS, ONE AND XJT two dollars, each, ut G. C. ALLEN'S, No. 416 Broadway, one door nclow Canal street. HARPERS NEW MONTHLY MAGABTNK. N>/. CXLIL t ONTKNTS. MARCH, 1862. TURKEY AND Rl SSlA. By John M. If. Abbott, lllttktraliuu*.?The Mareh ot the Turk?i>einiilltiou of'Zigeth? Sacking the Camp?Map of the TnrkUb Empire?Tbe Roanhon us?Con II no m the Caiuinna?Constantinople?The fiu-ve Marin,?The Return from Kclu?The Title Deed ol the Turk. A SUMMER REMINISCENCE. HOW THE DITCH ARK TAKING HOLLAND. IllustratloHa?View ill Amsterdam?Wider Mill al Halt wig? Over Mecrruburg?North llol.ahd Ulg?IIelder?Gateway al Weap?Adolph Van fielder?lean dig Tower at Delft?A Small Team?A Big Team?A Full Team? Skater*?Doorway of Peler'a llouae?P. tor s Chair?North Holland f arm Houae. THE CHIROPODIST: A STORY OK THE WATERING PLACES. 11 butrai ton*.?Ti eui "U Falls?Al Saraniga?Niagara, CURED. OKLEY I ARM. By Anthony Trollope. Illustrated by J. E. Mlllala. Chapter XLl. Ilow ran I aavulhitu? Chapter XLTL John Kennehy gnca to Hantwru th. citabler Xl.Ill. John Keuiieby 's roiuialiip. Coupler XLIV. showing howTatdy Mason could lie very noble. Illusirailon*.?John Keuuauy aud Mra. pock wruth?The Conteaaiou. An Orthopterlaa Defence. A Diawn Game, lty Kit/ Hugh Ludlow. A Smdler a Letter. William Cnlleu Bryanl. Early Seceik.oniati*. The tlrnnze Statue. The Adiriiiiire*of Philip. By W. M. Thackeray. Chapter X\LA.? in the Depart menu of seine, Loire and Myx t Inferior). Chapter XXX.?Returna to Old Friend*. IlluairaUo;t??En avant?At the Sick Man a Door. Miaireaa and Manl. A Household Story. By Mlea Mulock. Fiah UtiHuce. The Artillerist. Monthly Record of Current Ee-nla LHerary Notice*. Editor '* Easy Chair. Editor ? roreign Bureau, Editor* Drawer, (With eight z: , Aa'ronon v. (With eleven Illuslrationa.) Kaahioti* Tor Much. llliiatratlous?Bridal Toilet?CudreM Jacket?Under Sleeves. During the preaem year HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE will eon'tin the following St rial Tate*. by toe foremost Novelists of the day:?* OKLKY FARM. By Anthouy Trollope. Illustrated by J, E. Mlllala. THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP. By William M. Thackeray. MISTRESS AND MAID. By Dinah Maria Muloak. TERMS. One ropy for on* year $3 00 Two ropiea p.r one year 1IM Three wr mora rople* lor on* year {earn) 2 1*1 An I an cilia copy, gratia, lor every rluti of eight 'aubacrlbera. Ha-per a Magazine and Harper'* Weekly, together. one yeai, $1. 'I no Demand Hi 'lea of the Unit d S tie? will bericclved for mil*'ilpilcns. Dordittanl In nla ?rs le.jueated to retail them lu pre ierenow u> bank nmea. UABCIK a BBOTBKU, PwtHrtw. KEEP VOI R PEKT DRV ? RUBBER HOLES PUT (IN Hootaand Shoe*. Ituhlicra repaired. Slfulwn meet. JADIKs' Pl.NKdOI.D 1IUNTINU Vt ATtHIES. T\t ENVYJ live dollar* r . -n; wairnmed i orivrt timekeeper*. at ( . f.'. ALLEN ?. .No, fl.i Hn adway, one door below <*nal si reel. MOSELLE WINKs?SPARK 1.1 Nil, VKItY DELICATE. JOHN Dl AC VN .t SONS, I line - ATI J>APKK WANTED. Wan ed, to porehn*e, 211,1*10 reatns of line Fourdrlnler Print, lug Paper. ?l/n :u I.y 4?. Caali wul be p*la on delivery. Apply ut the ofllae oflbia paper. _ KEJOIL'K YE hi PKKltKKH?KlhE Yk BEDRIDDEN i Tippies,?J'R. 'li > HI AS' VeuilUu Liniment ran now lie pro ur.-tl. It i* wanamed * ?is*dy ? nr.. lor rlirvnic rheumatism, rolle, crampa, i-UU, pain* of all kind*?or no pay. Do not aulfer wlirn you ran be il>tanlly relieved, j'nee 2kand flOrenU. Depot, Iki UortUndl *1 reel, New York. Smith Vbeotueuh lal.K xxx ALE. brewed from ?a .-holurat barley mall and l.op*. Br. wery l.'s and I Ml Weal Eighteenth at reel, N Y. Sr., tdw x. . DRAKE'S PI.AN'TAi itiN BITTERS rurea Indigestion and d)*pe|iMa, giun I.*' fo tbe aiom.ich and *'r nglbena ine aysu ni. A moat ugieeabl* Tonin and barer lalla to benefit. Hold every whin;. Depot AU Broadway, Mrw York. TIIK NEW YORK DAILY HL'N la eenl to aiihserlhpra regularly every morning, BY MAIL. KUR $.1 A Vl.Ai: Dirt : to MoShH H. HEACII. Pmpne.or of the Run, New York city. wJiiATl SA\Y THIS WtkV, ? IIAT I HAW THIS WKIK, W DAT I HAW THIS W IKK. BY "HOWARD, THE TIMES" HY "HOWARD, OP THE TIMES." BY "HOWARD, tlP THE TIMES." THE DEtTH OP PAT MATTHEWS, THE DEATH OP PAT. MATTHEWS, tiil in. am rw lux u i rnii H s THK LIKDRRKRANN MARQt'FRADK, THK IJRLhHKKAAM M A.MJl'KltAliK, tlik luuihkkhakh mas<vf? kraue. TIIK UOIIT UtAKU BALI* THK LKlHT HI AKU HALL, THK LIliHT IIUKU BALL, RXEl tnOR OK OAPTAIN OORDOR. KXKUl IH?N OK t'AITAIM UOKUOM. kxm l'tiom or CAPTAIN OOKDllN. WlU I* gr?phlu?Ur drarrtbrd iu U?? KAOKR (JIAOit* LKAI'LK Of this morning. ubotvrm. Free LRCTt'kf-nibs kmma llAHHIMIB will ilrllvcrn btt'ira MtMAonk'a IUII, (Wt Broadway, on Monday, Krh, 21, at ? dnar rr to 8 I'. M , mplanalorj ol a idan tor Ihr and innrmnf niilcm." (Vinnb-a. Tim atirmtam-r ot all truly pUilauihmpie r?<m 1* rai naatly to IMtrlL w1nrm and liulou?. Akmv ANII NAVY-TO HI TLKRN. Willi! hits. Hilt I". |ht?, not. Id and lienor daalarn.?1 am at'or wiliug, . kr<y |?rta*h. KlnnlliO Woldrn Am, In l.< ,|r and ciu, ? o Sroton Air, Dublin and Loudon Hronrn smut. l.'?S Broadway. I'ihKCK sKhllAN, Atfciit Ot.ll RTF. WIlISKKY ? '/.hIOI.I:tl'H ' i'CLKRKATKD rnJM' of IMl, IRraiotnl IH.VL AL. , If wtl tra .,-a ..i lt!o ami Mont-Hut. For aale by J HI IN I A < ().'? * atrr airrrt, llrhtalh \ntb. Mil OMRS ML.-TV A LB, NO l?a NA1AI STB KIT, i 1 nr i iii | , i. ! | i i i atim k fill i t' mil- \ . t?> i ...? , t i?* i l , .1 4' i 1 ft,till U?? VhHl lie l?* i'TO* J v4 i 1 w * 1 [ ?.u"| o( tifeiiu uuiu'k. ( 5 Hiioabb&iaovi> A ix the newspaper. Everybody who desire* to rood at nuaiel newspaper, ttitf I ?ui* tin* public ou *li subjects, aeepin* even pane with cur rent even b the al.J o rner y enierprl*e, liberal etpuidL tun . Ligli nln* prices and !lit- ligulniug tel. graph, U III. lie* to read i lie inlli.trine tabu- ot the CONTENTS OX THE Ht'NDA Y MERCURY KOH 1(1 MORROW, Feb. ?S. looJ. SUNDAY TABLE TALK. "Romance a Fine Art." lly lite editor "01" ai. iKm,' My S. s l. Tlie ( Mvalry. By the editor. Mind Y U! M. in.; a War Joke. By P R _ I.C v' x Ivit r from OrpbeuaC. Kerr. Till, VOLUNTEER, _ Dnrk prospect* or the Seceat. THE PTIAN'lOM SKATER. l/rorge Lxbury. I'll. HIV A i. s FOUX.F AllAM'R. By Edwin K Roberta. mtui auy pay-trio'i 1mm. bt a lltgh Private. BE( R.iSlON AT THE WORLD S FAIR, lit ing u special report for Hie Sunday Mercury of a grant ' meet hi* just held in Richmond. Ya. REPORT OF THE LK1I1T UUARD BALL 1 IKE DEPARTMENT Al Notninalion of Antla'ani Engiueera. Election To-Morrow Night. '"The Cork-u-.' Machine Poetry. Parade on Washington's Bin Uday. JDon't Run on the Sidewalk*. Brooklyn Firer.ien at the .War. Ffre l>i parimnnt Funeral*. The "Unanfc Building Law." ' Our of theColebratiOuA" ruion Rolle. New lloae for Brooklyn. MILITARY MATTERS. Iron-Clad Voa?rla Union and Rebel Vic to riea. i Soldier Skater*. Excursion of the N. Y. Light Guard. The Army at Washington. Reorganizing the S ale Militia. Pay of Untied State* Soldier*. Reorganization of the Eirat Fire Zotiaragt ARMY CDRRRSPONDKNCK. Letter* front the Mo/art regiment, First Mlrhigaa InfaMry,, Thirty alith regiment N. Y. S. V., Second regimeat N. Y. A M., Ninth regiment (City liiiurd) N*. Y. S. M.. Revet/ earn art Pennsylvania Voliinfcer*. Fortieth regiment M. r 8. Ta Fifty-tilth regiment (Lalajette Guard) N. Y. S. M., Ninetysixth regiment N. Y. V.. First regiment U. 8. ChaiMeur% Nmth regiment N. Y. S. M., Flflyaaventh regiment N*. Y. ft. V.. Fourth regiment N. Y. S. V.. First regiment U. S. Snnrn. shooters, Thirty-eighth regiment N. V. S. V., Second ftrm Zouaves, Forty-eighth regiment N. Y. K. V., Fifth regiment N. Y. S. V., Twenty-liflh regiment If. Y. 8. V., and' othssu winch will arrive by thie day'e mail*. poetry. "The Ship of Siate," bjr T. H. Underwood. * ' l)u a Dead Soldier," by W. O. Eaton. "The Path through the Corn." EDITORIAL MELANGE: "Crimea of the Cirrry. ' Two hard cases. "Heath from Coiubuation"?a queer atury. "An Kx-Proaident Sold"?a page in Filmore's history. "A Kat' ?Dead for a (local; chaste amusement. "Love Allans in Nortbern New York"?A Righteous Verdict "A ICing ol Sharpers"?A Candidate for Confederate favers. "Hornsnee of War"?Marriage in Camp. SELKl TED M ISCELLANY. " rue Heard in its Glory." "Ilog Strategy." 1'opnlar Superstitions. Ac., Ac. LIGHTNING DESPATCHES lli> to tiw o'clock Sunday morning. IN TO MORROW S (SUNDAY) MLite* Will also be commenced, IMOGEN; OR, THE MAHRLH HEART. pieroi'f egan. Author of the "Flower of the Flock," "Wonder Of Kin^> wood Chase," "Love Me, leave Mr Not," Ac., Ac. A story of the must exciting and absorbing intere-t. a political pkkihctiom. The SUNDAY MERCURY will lo-morrow nominate Ik* WINXING CANDIDATES for President and Vice 1'reatdeM lu Idol. T11E SUNDAY MERCURY will also contain the lalMI and fullest Local News, Pis* and Military Intelligence, Ac^ ar.. and a vast amount ol select family reading, anecdotal . httniur, Ac., Ac. THE SUNDAY MERCURY, comprehending the popular features of all the leading and weekly muro-ils, Is the cheapest newspaper ever published at FUCK CENTS, and baa u circulation equal to thai of all the other Sunday presses combined. Ad veniremen ir for to-morrow's Issue received at the oBo% ID Pulton street, until eleven o'clock this P. M. A MODEL SUNDAY PAPER. Having completed their arrangements, the publisher* 01 the SUNDAY MERCURY will to-morrow present vhu nubl.n with the most comprehensive newspaper ever published in New York. The SUNDAY MERCURY has wag taken Hie lead of all its coiempoiariea in local news. Tomorrow it proposes to take a similar position as regard* telegraphic inlcl.ucncc. Its columns hereafter will lie sept open until live A. M. on Sunday mornings, and whatever may occur within electric reach ot this cliy up to that time will tie reported undar the tclegruphlo bead, t'oteiuporary journals have each their spec al .e?utr>a In4he SUNDAY MERCURY it is proposed to combine everything that auy class of lead re expect to Und In any enterprising newspaper. Tb# very latest intelligence oi all kinds, and Irom all sources, will lib ecc.ii rod'a I any .est. The taciUuca of the publtaliers for obtaining siK'h Iriformaitou er-wit is believed, unsurpassed, ami they will la- taxed to the utmost for the beneiit of the public. Let every one who utay purchase a SUNDAY MERCURY i to-morrow compare the paiwr with any and every o her publldted 00 that oav, and determine by a fair examination of their ie-|i? iivc liieriia whicli la the cheapest. Bear in mind. Thai whin- other papers, weekly snd dally, are lln Ma tit their scope and objects, the SUNDAY MERCURY em braces etery department of the public picas, giving the latest intelligrnus by telegraph from all quarters and on all sub. jec's, the best original alorles published In the country, Ice gether with the amplest detail* ol local neks, and a grcatet amount of rare w it and humor t han la to lie found in any other paper in the country. The SUNDAY MERCURY aims at preeminence in all depertments of the newspaper press. The politician, Hie man of tase and those who seek the very lateal intelligence on all matters ot Interest, Witt hud in this Uiaod ComlunsHon Newspaper all that they can possibly desire, of thai enterprise, energy and Industry ran present In the wmf of a t altitude Family Journal. \tviv vri iv mvniv .mi RNsi.rsii Tin; St SPAY MERCUBT or TO-MOKKOW wilt rnutain all tii- newa received la thia city BY T8LBOIlAI'il up to5o'clockon Sunday morning, together villlt all the In ul and gcnrial intelligence tip to that hour, beatdeaa number o| original aluriaa l>y (he mual popular romancteta hoili aide* ill' tin- Atlantic. Henceforth the SUNDAY MERCURY will tie the moat ooinprehenaire newspaper published ;n the world, combining the fullest detail, of avery passing event with unsurpassed wterary ?ac*ll*ti*e. NEW AND Si'Et'lAL A Kit AN (J EMENTS with ilia telegraph, om panic* will cnahle the puldi-here aM only In present inelr reader* with all the Infrrr^ithia I ana muted to the Associated 1'rrna, hut alao to furntah eicluana dc.-peti he* from irn.iworthy aourrra In r*!a:ldo to all Ute prominent and eidling topic* of the day. The WAR NEWS will he the very latent that roiura over the wire*?the lea. mrnae multiplying power of the new St NIt IY MERCURY I.lDIITNINd PRESS rnaldlng the editor* to ke?plhe paper open to a later bow than i. pofttih* ivtthanyof it* < ou temporaries. Kmm lb I. tunc lorward the SUNDAY MERCURY will be In advance of all competitor* a. regard* every specie* 01 taint mat ion coining under Ibe bead of news, ana superior aaa literary paper to any weekly published In the Unite I State*. In lac:, the combination ot attraction* ottered 10 reader* of every rlasa In Ihr SUNDAY MERCURY, for four rente, la unattainable at any coal e|*cwhere. Tlie present circulation of the SUNDAY MERCURY eatoed* ttaat of allthcotnrr Sunday journal* taaued in New Yurk, and would loin; ago have rea< bed a much higher Hgur* could the demand have hceit supplied. With the lacililtM allolded hr their new press the publisher* can guarantee the public against further disap|*dntment. Cl EhlAl. LIHHTNIVll DESPATCHES ~ " ro* rn? sunday mercury. The llghtulng column of the Sl'KDAY MERCURY le now k< pi op< n until live o'clock on Sutnlay tnorntng. Consequently that new .paper ha* the vrry latent e lei trie lut.-lhgi m i irom ail i aria id the country. By special arrangement it will hen el'nrward be furnialied with Inioimalo.n by every lighiiiiug line terniinating In New Yurk, up ! < that hour. Compare it* telegraphic, foreign. local and general new* with the Inteilleenee In then* detiartnieiita furnished by the dully pre*., ami *>iy w lieiher It d ie* not taku the lead among the lire newepnpnraof the age. Try to Oiarnver t( there hi anythluc pro|>o* to a mode! Journal?a true trannrripl of eteiil* a* iticy nr. ur?that It lack*. The puhtndiera chulli nae icuitliiy and ei taper.eon to morrow, and every Sunday niiwntnig. The news ok the wori-d, to rnv LATEST MOMENT. ON SUNDAY MUUNINO. The SUNDAY MKIti'l RV bring* up the newt nf the world to nvc n'che k on Sunday morning. Whatever Intelligence turelgii or domestic, may tie afloat within the telegraphic distil rv-c of New- York prev * to that hour will inevitably appear In ila column*. It ? m sweep, aa with a net, thr w hut* curl* of telegraph communication, auffrring not au Item of Inn real to *- nja\ It wltlunt l e necenearytn take all the twpcra inorder t iiiblaldall la* newaof llied.ijr. Tin whnleot it will he comprehended in the SUNDAY .MERCURY. pried lie chceiu-.t live newspaper on thr Auiertr** continent. Nor in ibia all: rrrrv rlwi uf rridfra will Nck lered for. The lnvimm, the military nmn. the n?v? oOlcer, the lover of ell and I nn, Uk admirer of eterdng original ttolinn, lln1 wirthn tflcr miM fact, the Votary of fa?hlon, the literary man, the |?troa <>f the dnnm, the general r-olec, and III ahull, Hip whole of llial u?l community known al all the World, Will Und In the SUNDAY' MEKUI'KY ? laaiMtd at an rloi a tomorrow morning? Ibe kind ul readtnglhey each and all require. Tllb U&ATUHT SUNDAY NEWSPAPER ~ ?? or AMERICA la THK RF.W YORK SUNDAY MF.RI'UR Long a<jn (la rlrrnlatlon ejrrcdcd by Ihouaanda tkat of nD | Ibr other Sunday |*|?-ra of the oily combined. Up 10 ihta time ihe pobli?b"r? Imvu been unable to mart the cnnatmiily I In rraamg demand. Tola week Ihrlr new lightning preaa, Ike ' aw meat and nio*t perfect of lla kind in New York, gnea Inte ! operation, and tin-) arm be enabled to throw off aauOlcieal number t-f i op|. a to *Uimly all comer*. TOMOIlRtmS SUNDAY MERCURY rill contain all the trlegrnp tic newa ttanamltted over the virion* uni t up to the o'clock A. M. on Sunday, em'-raclne every war Item of Inlcreat I rom the South and HonlhweeC Siii'h are the arrangement* of the prnprtetora, and kerb ihelr la>'ilitlea tor obtaining authentic information from all Quarter*, that no paper can by ant po??ibllltr aleal a march en tliein. lull acronnta ol the UEI F.HUAflOM OP WASHI NO TON A HIKTIIDAY, here and In other cltlea. ample reporlaul every local rteni worth recording, and literary aitraclinna aurp-amug tbone of any oihcr weekly, wilt be among the aeki recommeodauoaa of UMBorrew'a bl'NDAT MKill CKY. rpilE MOST MUITINO FTORY OP YHR D4fr. IMOoiXi OB ^ TflR M4KHI.K HEART Author of "Tho Ftnworof the f'lock|" ''Wonder of King* Ch. n ' "L?lf Mo. U*?o Mo Not," 4r? Ao. """" tub Sunday MKHcmv TO MO K ROW ?'!I ronloll the drat Inatalmeni oi thin thrllUn* rtory, by tbo Smrtw-PiiMf fiettonlat "I' 11.0 day. 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