Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1862 Page 5
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Bihiioh?IIi>rg:i?Ou .^aluriiay, February 22, at St laitifw. s church, by the He v. Dr Stoliliimun, i'uabijm hi j;, of Philadelphia, to Miss Kmii.ik. second daughter I'the LateC. F. Hoyt r, I sq.,or New York. Philadelphia papers pluas i copy. Hit.!,?Latham.?]n I;.-(?.kiyu, ou Tuesday, February 3, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, by the Rev. E. J. -tearns.of Maryland, and the Kuv. Dr. Llttlejohu, No_ iam J Hall, UuiteJ^s'ulos Army, to Lol'JBA, daughter of Ft W. 1-allium. Hbnokusox?Fans.?Ou Wednesday, February 19, by I'ae Hev Father TUiry, at the residence of the ide's jiareiits, William T. Hkni>kB80n to Jonkfiiim E. |''i,-tnn, daughter of H. N. Kistie, Esq., ail of this city. Hi nt?'Juartkkn.?On Monday evening, February 17, fiy the ltev Wm. P. Hammond, at the residence of the ; nude's mother, Gilumkt Hi Kr, to Miss Maky t. Cuaktkks, Bid oi Uuacity. Mssmknokk?Au/tjt.?At SufTern, N. Y., on Wednesday, February 19,by the Kev. Win Demarest, I'ltkii P. Mtavsmui to Miss Anna Lovsa Alia or. Hudson papers please ropy.,?Fkklby.?Ou Wednesday, February 19, by the <tov. Father Farroli, Jso. K. M. Shikl, to Sliss Mary E. ysKi.Lv, both of this city. H May lieaveu Biied its blessings on their brows; M M iy calm coutentmont uver he their lot; H May all the joys that heaven to men allows. Roigu in their hearts, and dwell within their cot. H >r -a/an, Conn., papers please copy Died. H Auntmoir.?On Friday evening, February 21, John W. H AtiDCBoN, in the 60th year of his age. H The funeral wilt take place, froiu his late restdenco, H Audubon Park, 165th street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at half pant three o'clock. The friends of the family are unvited to attend without further notice; also, the acade miciammnd associates, and the Academy of Design. dakky. ?wu wiuruay , r euru ary zz, now aki> ?i akb, infant sun of W. Frederick and Harriette W. ltarry, aged 1 i.year and 10 mouths. . TUo ftiuoral will tako place from the residence of his father, 54 West Kigluecnth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at live o'clock. The friends and relations are invited to atteud. The remains will be taken to Uanbury, Conn. Bkkiike?On Friday, February 21, of consumption, Ann F.ljza ISkkiikk, wife of Kobert F. Beebee, aged 37 years, 1 zuonth and 27 days. Shu died in Jesus, and is blessed; How calm her slumbers are; From sufferings and front woes roleasod, And freo from every care. The rrieuds and relatives aro respectfully invited to .Attend the funeral, at the residence of her brolher-in law, Fir. John Kogers, 105th street, Second avenue, Hurleui, ou Monday afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Baldwin?Suddenly,in Brooklyn, on Saturday,Fobru-arf22, Captain James H. Baldwin, aged 42 years and 4 mouths. The friends and relatives of tho family;also Joppa Lodge No. 201, F. and A. M., and tho fraternity in general; also the Association of the past and exempt members of tho Fourteenth regiment, N. V. S. M., and all members nuw in tbu city; uiso the members of Franklin Engine -Company, No. 3, and the Fire Department in general, aro rospectfully invited to attoud tho funeral, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 144 Nassau stroet, Brooklyn. BorsKonu.? At Keyport, N. J., on Saturday, February 22, J am km Botbkord, aged 23 years. Biiarrv.?In Brooklyn, L. I., ou Saturday, February 22, Eliza, wild.of Alexander Beatty. The funeral will take place on Monday morning, at ten o'clock, from her late residence, corner of Water and Little streets The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Boaudman.?-Suddenly, on Saturday morning, Febir iary 22, Frances Evai.kna, daughter of Charles E. and Ann M. Burdman,aged el years, 1 month and 13 days. Tho friends of the family ure respectfully invited to ati toud the iuuoral, from tho residence of John Ludlow. 266 Seventh street, this (Sunday) atternoou, at half past one o'clock. Nashua (N. H.) papers please copy. Conlsy ?On Friday,February 21, Mary, wife of Thos. Conley, iu tho 70th year of her sge. Tho ft iondsol the family, and those of her son-in-law, James Saxton, uro ro.p.estud to attend the funeral, from the residence of hor son-in law, James Saxton. 118 East J'orty ninth street, noar Third avenue, on Monday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. CoRwcrr.?lu Jersey City, on Friday, February 21, after a lingering illness, Johanna Coriieti', daughter of A jisiva. v <h nwn, ueucMeu , m ruiuimiu, agouai yuan. Hor friends and thos>* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Snnday) afternoon,at ( half-pout two o'clock, from tlio residence of Michael Cor- . T)ott, No. 306 South cecond slroet, Jersey City. oukykk?On Friday morning, February 21, after a short illnoss, Katk M., wife of W. B. C. Duryeo, and eldest daughter of A. T ConWliD. Tlio relations and frionils of the family are restwjctlully invited to attend tho funeral, front thu residence of lur father, No. 394 Fust Broadway, this (jjuuday) alternoou. i -at two o'clock. 1 isji;?On Wednesday, February 19, Dr. Isaiah Dick, aged 43 years, late of No. IS Exchango place, Now York, ( a.el Cambridge, Eugluud. English paper* please copy. Mowskv ?On Friday, February 21, John Pcv.icy, a ; eiitivo ol county Kilkeuuey, Ireland, aged 63 ye,.n. His friends and thorn of Ins family are respectfully InTiled l<> uttond the funeral, from his Into residenco, Mi 33 Congress street, South Brooklyn, this (Sunday) ; ?ft?rnoou, at three o'clock. Evans?On Saturday, February 22, Mart B., wife of ' Edmund M. Krone. The frionds of the family are resiioctfully invited to feud tlio funoral, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, ; from hor Into residence, 7r West t'lovoutu street, with 1 out further invitation < hYrcGBUAUX?On Saturday morning. February 22, John 1 FrmisitAiD,aged 75 years,a native of Bauagher, Kings county, Ireland. TUo funoral will take place this (Sunday) afternoon, at ( li of-past ouc o'clock, from his lute residence, No. 452 Teuth avenue. His friends and the friends of h'? l>ro- 1 tltjrs m law, Michael and I'alruk Donahuo, are respectCully invited to attend the funeral. Gi/>k* ?On Thursday, February 20, HarriettCoroiclia, i the beloved daughter of Andrew aud Sarah Ann <1 lore, I aged 7 year*, 4 months and 2 day*. Wo eat and watched her bosom heaving. And gently sighed to list her breathing. Aud there was many a sob and sighing For that sweat rosebud slowly dying. S Tlio relative* and friends or the family, also tho members of Jackson Hose Comi any, No. 13, the member* of Captain Mackey's Insurance Falrole. No. l,and the mem b;ra of Heury Clay lodge, No 277, F. hnd A. M , are r*s|ieclfully invited to attend the luiieral, this (Sund.iv) aftvi noon, at one o'clock, from thu residence of her ptreuUi.31 Mangin stre*l, without further invitation. (1 ikixin.?On Friday, February 21, Natiiamicl guanos, god 35 years. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to ttoudthn funoral,from No. 119 South Eighth street, \V ol lams burg, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Huhcukrys ?In Brooklyn, on Friday afternoon, February 21, at one o'clock, Hknry J. Himruiumi, only son o: the tatoThomas J. and Belinda Humphreys, aged 3 y.-ais, 9 months and 24 days. 1 I In* funeral will tako placo from the residence of his .grandfather, John Skip|?>u, 112 Nassau strout, ou Monday 1 ftermK>n. at half (>ast three o'clock. 1 Mann ?On Saturday, Fohruary 22, Groroianna, only ! daughter or George and Julia Lydia Mauu, aged 2 years, { 1 month aud 2 days. < Tho relative* and friends of the familv ero respectfully Invited to attend the fniioral, from her parents'resi- , deuce,No. IHI lludsou avenue, on Tuesday afternoou, at two o'clock. McKkn.-.a ? At Fort Hamilton, on Saturday, Fohruary 22 Jaras Mi Kknna, of county Cavonagh, aged 30 years, leaving a wife and two children. Tho funeral will tako place on Monday, at twelve clock The remains will bo taken to Calvaiy Cemetery fur interment. NtcnoiAc?On Saturday morning, February 22 Sam kl i Nr h iis, m tbc 62d year of bis age. The friends of tho family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho residence of his mothori387 Broome street, corner of Mulberry, on Monday afternoon, a. two o'clock. NmiaoR ?At Now Brunswick, N. J., on Friday, Febru?ry 21, Jamis Nhison. Funoral services on Monday aftornoon,at four o'clock, Odbll.?At the resMloncu of H. Littoll, Euu M . only daughtor of Jai|>er S. (Moll, deceased. I llor remains will be taken to Tarry town for intorment 1 by the Hudson River Railroad, eleven o'clock A. M. train. ! funeral services at one o'clock in the Methodist Episcopal cliurcb, at that place. 1*ai?kk?.?On Saturday, February 22, of consumption, ' Hakockki A. I'ARKB*. in the 23*1 year of her aye. The relatives and frionds of Ibo family are respectfully i in vitod to attend the funeral, from the residence of hor I m .ther, widow Mary Kinney, No, it .second avenue, on ' this (Sunday) afternuou,at balf-paat two o'clock, without J further mt Ration. I'irn is.?mi Thursday morning, February 20, .lous Pihnik, in the flat year of hm ago. Funeral aorvicea will lie livid on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, at 125 Fast Twelfth atrvet. The relatives i *nd friends are res|ieclfiilly invited to attend. The re- ' mains will be conveyed by the lull" past ten A. M. Har- ! lera train on Monday to White Plains for Interment. Qii.vm.?On Saturday tnorniiiK. February 22, after a long and aevara Illness, whlrh she here with Christian resignation, Bkiimikt Qvinn, III the 24th year of her age. The friends and relatives of the family, end those of tier brother In law, .teni.a C.aike. are respectfully Inwiled to attend the funeral, on Muuday afternoon, at two clock, from the residence of her father, Michael Qnlnn, 170 K**t Thirty-eighth street, corner of Second avenue, without further notice. Dublin pnpers please copy. Ratsss.?On Friday mornrng, February 21, Ltitia, wife Of T. W. R. Reyner. The funeral will teke place on Monday afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from 729 Sixth avenue. shmjiw. ?In Jersey City, N. J., en Friday morning, February 21, SaixBW.aged 26 years, 10 months and 2H days. His friends, and these of the family; also the members Of Varick lodge No. 31, F. and A. M.; the member* of Knterpris* Chapter No. 2, R. A. M., and the fraternity generally, ero respeotfully invited to attend the fun?ra.,on M m lay, at twelve o'clock M., from No. 106 Washington etroet, Jersey nty. The remains will be taken to PortI uirt, tionn. Tlirt members of Varlck 1/xlge NV 31. Hiram Lodge No. 17, and Kntsrprlso Lodge No. 48, K. and A M., of Jersey City, are respectfully requested to meet at the rooms of Varlck I/Odge No. 31, Lyceum Buildings, Or and Street, Jersey City, at eleven o clock A. M. precisely, to ntorrow (Monday) morning HtTr.uvam ?On Friday, February 31, Jamrs Btr.tms, i.nly ( tiiid of James and Ann Sullivan, aged 1 year, 1 tmmill and 31 days. 1'ho friends and'relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tlio funeral, without further notice, from his parents' residence, No. 73 Market street, this (S inday) aftornoon, nt half past one o'clock. Tiiki.hh ?OnThursday, February 30. Frbdhoc TnEi.ttR In the 40th year of his age i ho relatives and frtoiida of the family are respectfully Invited to altoud the funoral. from his late residence, corner of Seventy flrit street and Eighth avenue, this (Sunday) aftornoon, at ono o'clock. ! Tmoma ?tin .Saturday, February 22, after a lingering tilnoss, ligvtb Tuonan, aged t*8 years, I N The rolat Ives and friends of the family,and thoee of hi:-; sons, Heiijaroin and Theodore, also the veterans of XS12, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from llii residence of his sou-iu-law, Andrew J. Odoll, No. 31 Seventh street, on Monday allernoou, at two o'clock. Wakd.?(In Tuesday, January 23, on hoard the steamship Kangaroo, on tho voyage to Liverpool, Knwiun 1. Ward, Esq., morrhant,of this city .son of the latnCaptain Ward, of her lirittanio Majesty's TUirtiotU regiment, in the Forty-second year of his aire. Warm.?On Saturday, February 22, of disease of the heart,Ubokcb \Vhits, sou of George White, Ka<l-, of Hallyniona, county Antrim, Ireland, aged 35 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funoral, from his late residence. No. 163 West Forty-first street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, this' (Sunday) afternoon, ut two o'clock. His remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. Woodruff.?On Saturday, February 22, Makv, widow of Thomas T. Woodruff, in the T7th year of her ago. Her relatives ami friends and those of the family aro res|ioctl'ully invited to attend the funeral, witlioutfurtlier invitation, from her late residence, No. 33 Filth avenue, corner of Tcuth street, on Tuesday altmnuwii, at one o'clock. SHIPPING NE WS. ALMANAC rOK NKW YOIIK?THIS DAT. SON risks 6 4.11 moon itisss morn 3 OA sun ssts 5 45 [ moil watku ere 4 03 Port of New York, February 22, 1804, CLEARED. Steamship Cleator (Br), Lord, Kingston, Ja?Waldcn A Booth Steamship Chesapeake, Crowell, Portland?U B Cromwell A Co. Ship Flying Scud, Harding, San Francisco?W T Coleman A Co. Ship Australia, Towart. Liverpool?Williams A (Itiiou. Ship DfWilt Clinton, Musher, Fortress Monroe?Trask A Dearborn. Ship Shatemuc, Oxnard, Philadelphia?C C Duncan A Co. Bark Tutsko (Brem), Danneinann, London?hi I'ukart Bark New Orleans (Brem), Sands, Ixindon?Kugvr Bros, Bark Uraiieshot, Krishie, Barbados?11 Trowbrige Sons. Bark Nuzarcne, Peters, Philadelphia?l'appan A Starhiu k. Brig Isaac M Denson, Chapin, Maranhuin, Ac?Burdett A Everett. Brig King Brothers, Laraway, Port au Prince?R Murray, Jr, Brig Planet (Br), Lsmh, St Jngo?D H Dnwolf. Srhr A E Barnes, Belswortb, St Johns, Pit?J V Onatavla A Co. Schrll M Johnson, Thompson, Matanzas?Ogden A Lacombe. Sehr J Farnum, Hall, Baltimore?L Kenny. SchrS N Smith, LUrom, Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott. Schr C A Heckscher, Stubhs, Baltlme- ?-N L McCready A Co. ' Schr R Hill, Smith, Philadelphia?J W MeKee. Sehr Amelia, Noyes, Philadelphia?Muster. Schr L' D. Blaisdell, Philadel|ihia?Metealf A Dur.can. Sehr Ripple, Hedden, Jersey City?Master. Schr Lois, Craig, Gloucester?A Howes. Sloop I H Borden, Collins, Fall River?W Borden. ARRIVED. Steamship Atlantic (II S transport), Eldridge, Port Royal. SC. Feh 19, 12 M, with passengers and malls, to U S Quartermaster. 20'h Inst, oil" Ch|mi Hntteras, exchanged signals with U 8 steamer Harriet Tame, steering S. Steamship Harnak (Br).Le Mesurier. Havana Feh It. and Nassau, Nr. 17th, P.M. with uidse and passengers, to BCuuard. lllh lust, on the utttwurd passage, passed oil Doable Headed Shot light, it C S sehr rigged gunboats, bound S; 16th, passed 2 do, bound 8; same date, arrived at Nassau, in hallast, after successfully lading her cargo at Fernandia; 19th, lat 31 55, loll 76 08, passed a C S sehr riggetl steam gunboat, bound S; 20th, lat 35 52, loll 7150, passed an Am burnt brig, showing a red burgee, letters in while?too far off to be distinguished. Ship North American. Wells, Liverpool, 37 days, with coal and cotton and 28 passengers, to Williams A Guiou. Has had very heavy westerly gales. Ship David Hoadley, Barnaby, Liverpool, Jan 3. with rndsc, to J A N Smith A Co. Feb 1, 1st 44 25, Ion 39 28, signalized Br ship Denmraru, bound K; 15th, lat 37 26, Ion 61 03. was in company with ship Win Tap-eott, Bell, from London for New York. Has had W and NW gales the entire passage. Ship Will Tupseott, Bell, London and Isle of Wight, Jan 2, with indse and II passengers, to E E Morgan A Wiley. Jan 27, lat 37 04. Ion 39, spoke Sp brig Nova Felix, bound E. Ship K<pial Rights, Collier, Bristol via Milfordhaveu, Dee 19, in ballast, to inasler. Feb 1, lat 24 44, ion 55, s|hjIcc Br bark Eliza, from Demarara lor ilark; ?, lat 24 45. ion 67 50, spoke Br schr Ocean Gem. from Yarmouth. NS, for West Indies; 4th, lat 26 22, ton 64 20, spoke Br brig Isabella, from Surinam for Europe; 16th, olfCupe Hatteras, sawu hark bound S, showing a blue signal with white letter II in it; 20th, 1st 38 45, ton 73 10, sjaike schr Hanover, from St Domingo for Boston. Ship Ellwood Walter, Chadwiek, Port Royal, 8C, 8 days, in ballast, to Snow A Barges--. Bark Hannah Crocker. ShriefT, Greenock, Dec 19, with coal lo ltobson A Foadlck. Has had strodg westerly gales from the Ion of 40. Bark Mabes (nam), Baade, Hamburg. 70 days, in ballast, to Fundi. Mein' ke A Wendt. Feb 16, lat 4013, Ion 63 la, passed a ship with a black hall in her maintnpsull. Bark Amanda (l'rus), Wittenhagen, Rotterdam, Dec 20, with nids". in Wm Salem. Bark Linden, Howell, Montevideo Dee 9, via St Thomas Feh 11, in ballast, to Sturge*, Cleaimin A Co. Bark MJ Coleord (of Boston), S ? ain, Marnnham Jan 4, ria Sl Thomas Feh 9, in ballast, to Walsh, Carver A Chase. Bark Laura Buss (of Belfast, Me), Geary, Cardenus, 12 lavs, with sugar, to 0 A E .1 Peters. Bark Cienfnegos, Cole, Cleufuegos, 16 days, with sugar, to Ponvert A Co. Brig Gydu (Norw), Andrensen, Names, via Bermuda 14 lavs, In ballast, to Holmbo" A Co. Brig Mary Alvlna (of Boston), Ames. Tteniedios, Feb 11, arlth au hi', to 11 D Brookmatn Fob 13, lnt36 20. ion 79, was osiken by a U S gun bunt: I li h, lat 35, Ion 75, jiassed steamer Ericsson. hence, lor l'ort Royal. lir.g Port-au-Platle (Bruin), Hachtmann, Salt Cay, TI, 11 lays, with salt, to C F A II G Schmidt. Sehr Julia Maine iof ltn don), Preston, Kingston, Ja, Jan J5. with logwood. toC A K J Pelera. Sehr John Northrop I Br, of CornwalUs, NS), Ross, Ponce, 16 d i.vs. wiih sugar, lo D It Dewolf. Schr Helena (Br, of Charlottctown, PE(), Roy, Arroyo, PR, Feb 1, witli sugar, to 0 H Trumbull. Sclir Aloe ikr. ot .Mmadieii. NS). Fanlkuer. M.ivaaiiPT .Jan J9, with sugar. tu mauler, ltud heavy w em her up to Cane llattcras; .-nice thru had heavy weather from NE to NBr. Jan 1, on the outward pasaage from Portland, John Wilson, a seaman, "f Sweden, aged 42, was lost overboard. Sehr Jim Ortce (Hr, of Turk* Islands), Jackson, Port au ['finer, Feb 'J, with collcc and logwood, to Robert Murray, Jr. Schr Tetuplelon (Br, of St Andrtn.s, Nil), Barnard. Aux L'uvi *, Srh 7, with logwood, eoB'ep, ,lr, to Kunhitrdi A Co. f?chr Mary E Smith (of Philadelphia), Smith, Cardenas, 13 Jays, with sugar, to master. Seh: Vernon (Br, of St John, XI!), Mtllener, Mutuu/a*. Feb J, with sugar, to P I Nevlus A Sou. Sellr Kaabec, Ackerly, Nruvitaa, Feb 9, with Bttgar, to J M Jet,alio- A Co. Schr P Biake (Br, of Parshoro, NS). Crnne, St.Jngo, Feb >, with, to O K Dewolf. Feb II, oil Cape Pear, tt> warded by I' Sahlp Jamestown; lllth, bit 33, Ion 77, was itnick by "a torniidor which curried away main boom, spilt nainsail and foresail. Si lir Aid, Gooding, I'ort Royal, SC, 8 days, with cotton, to Spoflord, Tileston A Co. Schr M N Ko\, Paine, Baltimore, 13 day*. Selir J W Woolnton, Garrison, N'eweasile, Del. Sclir Kit Townsend, William*, l'hiludelphia for Ro*ton. Senr A Downing, Kiee, Philadelphia lor New London. Sehr Sophia Godfrey, Russell, Greenwieh, NJ, 2 days. Schr Colorado, Sheppard, Greenwich, NJ, 2 day*. Sehr Joseph Reed, Stetson, New Haveu,2 day*. Sehr Otter Pork, Klanehard, Fort Schuyler. Steamer ? W Brune. Foster. Baltimore. Steamer Artisan, McCabe, Baltimore. Steamer Westchester, Jones, Providence. BELOW. Ship Kitty Simpson, from Mstteras Inlet. Schr E C Nash, from Trinidad, Cul a. Also 1 bark and 3 brigs unknown. SAILED. Steamship* Teutonla (Ham), Hunihtirt;; Edinburg (Br), Uver|N<ol; Cleater (Br), Kingston. Jam. 21st?Seam-In p Ariel, Asplnwsll (at 9 PM); ships Lord Brougham (ll.itn), Philadelphia; Magnet (Br), Lirerpool; Lord Duffrrtn (Br), do; Ida (Hi'em), Bremen; bark i C'nsaorth (Br), Cork; K Charles (Ureui), Gloucester; Laura lire in). Antwerp; brigs Sunllago (Breui), Port au Piatt; Humming Bird, Port Royal; sehra Ucoau Wave, Porto Rico; Jeorgtana, Si Domingo. Wiud at sunset. NE light. IjOST Ailb FIHAD. IOST?CBBTIFICATB NO. 7.341, DATED SEPTEMBER J 3, 1339. lor twenty share* of the unit,it stock ot the Panama Railroad Company, In the name of Frederick, who will apply to said company for it new certiiieute. 1Q8T?A LOCK OF HAIR. GOING FROM GREENE J to Seventeenth street. Tne Under will b? lllierally rear irded liy returning It to Mine. Ynomana, 123 Greene st. LOUT?ON THE 21ST INST., WHILST THE OWNER wa* crossing from Jersey City to his residence m Nine[eenth street, New York, a rasa Book, containing a receipt rrom Adams' Evpre?* Company, and a soldier's discharge rrotn the Twenty-ninth New \ork Mate Volunteers. The finder will receive the thanks of a volunteer by leaving It at the Herald ullice, or at bis residence, 281 Nineteenth street. WILLIAM CLYNE. Lost"?left in fnk ladies' dressing room. Academy of Muste, Thursday evening i Light Guard hall), n white merino Opera t.'lonk, white silk lining. bortered with awan't down. A liberal r"Ward will be paid on lu return t? OTIS A CO., 408 Broadway. OST olt STOLEN?ON Till- BSD AY, BETWEEN Eighth anal Tenth street*, East aide. tt<2 in ul Iretnd note*. The tinder will he lllierally rewarded by leaving It with Catherine Whelin, MS en?t Tenth *ireet, N. V. S 1-1)1.EN-ON THE EVENING OF THE .'1ST, A BRAVER cloth Overcoat. It the Foekethook, containing with other paper*. No. 2,103 t'ertllleaie 20 Share* Mereham*' Hnnk. and which are of no u*e to any one but the owner, I* returned to d4 Eaat Twcnty-flrst street, or 83 East Thirteenth ,tract, no ipteatlons will le> asked. REWARDS, (DO REWARD?rOR A SMALL BLAOK AND TAN SLUT; ?O answer* to the name ol Nancy. Any one who will re. lorn her lo 14 j East Tweuly.*eventb street shall reefy,, the shore reward. B. K. ROGERS. CtfT REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY 'EVENING, TUB ?t ) 2Wh mat, lour Teeth, on a gold plate, with clasp*. The uoove reward will be paid to the under at the otlioe of the Evening I'oat, corner of Naa.sasi and Liberty streeta. (D- REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND ?U Dog, with four white laet' answers to the name of Nod. Return him to 33 South Nlnin street, Williamsburg, or to K. K. Taylor, Barnaul's Museum, New York, mud rreelve lha sbove. t?> C REWARDi?LOBT, ON TH E 2SD, IN OOMINO ?tJ from Barniun's Momuiii up Broadway to I'rlnce alieet, a *in,ill uioroisio Fucketbook, eontaliiing $23 in bills, and pa|fr* which are of no value eseept to the owner. Too under, by returning It to Mr*. Raliegh, 157 I'rlme street, will receive the above reward and tbaniaa. ?tirt -LOST, IN TUB BOWERY, NEAR BLEEt'KER ip**'', street, a Docket hook, containing a *ninll sum ol money and ? certified cheek nn the Kacitic Bank, dated Decani bef 30, 1861, for five hundred dullitr*. J. M WARD WELL, 83 Chamhers street. C'Oa RBWARD?LOST, A LARGE GOLD WATCH P^w with Chatelaine Chain and two Heul?, with Initial* H. M. C. and A. F. Apply ?t 37 Jane street, when the above reward will be paid and no queationa asked. ^ Iportxivo. TpOR HALE?THK LARGEST 1't'RK RKTCKI> ST IlEKJ tiard t*np; alao, NotvConndlnnd I)ng*. fmir Newfoundland l'upe, Italian Oraali mini Pni a, Knig Chatlen Spaniel; tlic Urgent lingllah MaatilT Dug In 'lin city. Addr'na II. Gardner, corner of Broadway and Fiftieth au-eel, N. Y. WATCH1I AYD JBWilJlY. TVrANTED To PURCHASE?A GENUINE CHARLES Tf Krodaharn or .tuba Jitrgentcn Uol.l Hunting CasWateh. AddreaaEaaon, Philadelphia Ledger oUI<t, atauug lowest caah price. EXPHE9NE1I. ABURNHAM'B fUKNITl RB BXPRF.iS imi PACK , tug Kstalillahnienl, 113 West lileT< nth atreel, between Fifth ana Bltth av'nue*. Ilonac Indd Kimiitur* boxed and shipped to all parta of the world. Covered wa.ons fot re moving Km oil,!'re to and trout the country. PiirnHiti tnred. EW IfOliK HERALD, SU* MlfcC'KLXANKOUM. ALL ARTICLES KOlt SOLDIERS SHOULD BK SUNT, at ball raw-, by liarn leu's Express, 74 Broadway. They bend daily to all jx>iuU? occupied by our army. AT u W-DOCBLE SOLE WATKR-PBOOP BOOTS, AT JONES', lumid 12 Ann stie-l. Ku'trt dlilereiii styles at >4 50, at JONES', 10 and 12 Auu a reel. Aromatic schiedam sohnapp?. Person* who wish to supply themselves with the above article, at the old prices, hud netter mike early application to the subscriber UDOLI'IIO WOLFE, 22 Beaver street. Artistic monookamb.-thk largest variety of Now a id I .elU>r Paper, Wedning Card* and Desk Seals, id peifeel taate, at (JIM ItKEDL 8. 5HH Uriutdway. At gimbrede's, 6iw llroadway, $4 i'uotooraph Albuina (for fifty pictures) rclailod at (3. Awkul, deplorable, HEART RENDING CALAMITY. Whole families plunged iu grief fromlus-cs of their friends and relatives, owing u> immoderate laughter over "THE BILL POSTER'S DREAM." The interference of the police ik expeeted to prevent their Male only to th ine who arc able boolcd. Copiea, in eolora, ldi2( inches, 26 ceuta. hor halo by all leading new* agents. ROSS ft TOIISHY, 121 NaaHan street. An awkul accident. In conseuuenreof loo free Indulgence in the pleasantries and humors of "THE BILL posthk'S Dltl'AM." several gentlemen have burst up, and llinir oreditoru are anxiously locking for their remnitiM. Kor particulars send 2AcentaU> then HSsigiioeM, ROSS A TOUHEY, 121 Nahsau street. Bargains in teas, groceries^ ddrtirld,/vma 1.MO bbls flour, at $6 60 parVbh"" """ * It),000 Hams, i lly cured, at iiWc, R',000 Shoulders, cilr cured, or. 6,000 boxes Cheese, 8e. ? 1,0mJ kits No. 1 Mackerel, $1 per kM. 1,000 tubs Lard, He. 2.C0J boxes K nip, 0^c. a 6c. 1,000 boxes Adamantine Candles, Mc. 1,000 Ixises Starch, purr, 5>?o. 20'',000 lbs. Sugar, raw and re lined. Sc., 8>?c., Sc. and 10c. 1,000 packages Kuiter, l(ic., 18c. and 20cT Collee, fresh ground, 16c., 18c. and 30c. Choice Green and Hlack Teas, 00c. a 75c. 10,000 gallons New Orleans Molasaea. al 60c. per gallon. 5,000 gallons I'orto Ilico Molasses, 35c. per gallon. 5,000 galloua Syrups assorted. 300 tierces Rice, 7c. Fineai old Hraiidles for medicinal purposes. And all other kinds of goods kept in a lira! class grocery home THOMAS R. AUNKW, 260 Greenwich street. Occupies his own store, owns the property, and has no rent to pay; imports and buys exclusively for cash?never gave a not- In his lilc; superintends his otvn business from sixteen lo eighteen hours every day the year round; consequently he ran undersell any grocer in New York. Oire him a call, al 260 Greenwich street, and 89 Murray street. Goods delivered free. Bourbon whiskey.?a very superior article now on hand and fur sale in small quantities, for family use. Connoisseurs are requested to call ul iny store and teal samples. G. E. MENDUM, Broadway, corner Cedar street. C1RUTCHB8 AND CANES TOR THE MILLION?AT J the manufacturer's, C. PINNELL, No. 2 Corilundl al. Choice bottled liquors for family use.? I have to oiler small lota of choice old Wines, Brandies. Old Jamaica and line Bourbon Whiskeys, some of which were bottled by my predecessor, ten or fifteen years ago U. E. MENDUM, corner liroadwuv and Cedar street. 1 jlAY'S 8PANISH HAIR GLOSS.?A CHEMICAL COM' . pound, similur to the uutural oil of the hair. For dressing the hair, keeping it in place, and imparting a moat beautiful gloss, there is nothing equal to it. Sold by all the druggists. Flag pules for sale and erected, t. f. BEEBE. No. 9U West Thirty-eighth street, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. ENTLEMEN'S SEAL RINGS?ONE, TWO AND THREE VjT dollars each, at G. C. ALLEN'S, 415 Broadway, oue door below Canal street. Housekeepers save your money. A. PARKER, NO. 2)5 WASHINGTON STREET, corner of Murruy street, New York, will sell Choice city Sugar Cured Gains (warranted) 8c. Do. do. Shouldera, do 7c. Best Family Soap, box 60 lbs. and 72 lbs . Do. do single pound 6c. Pure Starch, box 6^,c. Do* single pound 6c. Best Pearl Codlish So. Best Family Mackerel (), bills, or kits) $1 50 Burnt und Ground CuU'ec 22c. Whole t'otfee 26c, null"!', oueeso, poultry, Ac,, at equally low prlres. Tlti" IliiinH are tin' hest city sugar cured, and warranted the bust in market; the S audita pure,and tins Soanin Purftand iiiantilueturcd by the advertiser, and called A. Parker's Buck JJve Soap. IADIES' BAND AND LINK BRACELETS, ELEGANT J patterns, one, two, three and live dollars each, at U. C. ALLEN'S, 415 Broadway, otie door below ('anal street. NO EXCUSE FOR HAVING BAINS AND COLDS IN THE liuiba, when a 25 cent bottle ol'Dr. TOBIAS'Veneilau Liniment w ill nil'ord yon immediate relief. Price 25 and 50 oouts. Dr. TOBIAS' Horse Liniment, In pint bottles, 50 tents. Sold everywhere. Depot 5ti Con land street, New York. J3APER WANTED. Wanted, to purchase, 20,000 reams of flue Fourdrinlcr Printing Paper, size H2 by 40. Cash will be paid ou delivery. Apply at the office of this ] taper. PLAIN GOLD RINGS.?ONE, TWO AND THREE DoLI ll's each, at G. C. ALLEN'S, 415 Broadway, one door below Canal street. CJ F., LKW X. O. DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS t ines ndiirestion and dyspepsia, sires tone lo the stomnch and si. ngtliciis the system. A must agreeable Tonic unit never lailsto bciielil. Sold everywlicie. Deiiot2H2 Hioudway, New York. rPIIE NEW NOV Eli?PILGRIMS OK FASHION?BY JL kinaban CurnwHllis. HARPER A BROTHERS, Publishers. I rpo CONSUMPTIVES. The advertiser, having been restored to health In a- few week* by a very simple remedy, uftel having.tutored several 3 i .n s Willi a severe lung atlrciinn, and tuat dread disease, coii.uinpiion, is anxious to make known to lit* fellow stillerers the mean* of eure. To all who deatre it he will send a Copy of the preseripllon used (free of i barge), with the ilireel Ions for preparing and using the aame, whieli they will tinil a sinecure for Comsuhptiom, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ac. The only object of the advertiser in sending the prescription is to heiielit the and spread information, wlneh lie i oiieeives to he invaluable, unit be hope* everv Sllflrrei will try his remedy, as it will cost them noHiing and inay prove a Messing. Parties wishing the pr'serlption will please addreas K v. LDYVAltD A. WILSON, Williamsburg, Kings county, N. Y. THE ltLBKLIilON. I7H.AUS, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS, J St.ills. Mounting*. Trimming*. Eagles, Spear Heads, Ac. Ornamental painting and embroidering on sit*. UOJEIl A GRAHAM. a? Dnatie street. T/LAGS, FLAGS, FLAGS?TENTS, TENTS, TENTS? J? Awnings, Awnings, Awnings. TOBIAS, Manulaeturer, 320 Hudson street. XOi'ICETO MILITARY MEN.?A COMPLETE SHIELD, w.iriam d bullet proof; it is worn under the clotauig. Persons bavle t frientis in tbe army may save tbetr live* for u ti irte. For *.ilo by A. T. RUSSELL, im|Mii ter ol hardware, Ae., 137 Fulton '. reel, II7ANTED?A COMMISSION AS LIEUTENANT IN A TI light Infan'.rr regiment, by one that is (plain ed, for whlrb a lair price w ill bu paid, one starting for the .eat of war preferred Addi s. !'. L., 251 Fulton street, Brooklyn, stating particulars. IjAOD REGIMENT?VAN III REN LIGHT INFANTRY x'<m? New York State Volunteers. Tills regiment will leave for the seat of war immediately. A few more recruits wanted, otlners having recruits may obtain positions, or dispose 01 them at the best advantage, by applying (o THUS B. VAN Bl'KKN. Colonel Commanding, 237 Broadway, N.Y. Approved. February SO, WW.?W. A. Nioiiols, Lieutenant Colom l Untied Slates Army Mustering Oili er. CIsOTIIIMO. A GREAT UNION VICTORY IS GAINED.-LADIES AND gentlemen it bus been victorious in being pronounced by a great many, tuat B. Mint/, of 179 Third avenue, lias ls<eu paving Hie highest price for easioil'Clothing, Ourjsds Furniture and Jewelry, and still means to continue so It you will lavnr liim with a note or call. He will not humbug lite community by offering $411 for silk dresses, $20 for coals or 97 I'm pants, as is done by other dealers; but he agrees tu |w?y the mil value fur eseli article In cash. Please remember the well known dealer, B. MINTZ, of 179 Third avenue, near 8-venteenlh street, iate 137 Sittlh avenue. laid Ira attended by Mrs. Mints. AT 132 SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES AND GENTLE men <an dl*|Hi*e of their east utf Clothing, Carpets, Vornoiire ami Jewelrv. 1 guarantee to nav lifiv ts-r cent more than any other dealer in the city, and not to be hum- j bugged by great puff* and false pretender*. Please all on or address J. Anhall, 142 Seventh arenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-Ural streets. Ladle* at tended by Mr*. Anhall. At the old stand, hm seventh avrnck, rikKIKLS guarantee* 10 pay the following prices torca?t oil Wearing Apparel, Front $7 to $.14 for Silk*, from $1 to $25 for Cost*. and from 94 to $7 Tor rem*. AI*o Carpets, Furniture, Ac. A note by poet punctually attended to t y K/.KKIKLS. 1.14 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Tun nttetli ?trerl*. Ladies attended to by Mr*. R AUREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTIIINO wauled. Furniture, Carpet*, Jewelry, Ac , to aupply the Western market. 1 pay a* lotion*? For Stilt Dream *, trout $12 'o $4tl, Coat*, from $10 to $21); Pant*, rrom $11 lot* t all on or address A. Dueaa. 21b Seventh aveutf, between Twenty.rnurth and Twenty Bftli street. Ladle* attended to by Mra D. MEDICAL. DR COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET. MEMBER <IF TIIE College ol' Physician* and Surgeon* m New V irk. may be eonaulted dally at III* oBlce, t rain S In the morning until I) In th* evening. DOCTOR HUNTS* HIMSELF?THE PHYSICIAN who e?*hed the llutiieilau Dispensary. No. 3 D.vtalon street, New York city, In ISM, can lie consulted Irotn SA M. until ID o'clock at inglil at the old .dike Private entrance. DU. POWERS TREATS ALL DISEASES OF FEMALES with unparallelml M0rc*?. Ua can be uooiulted at 12 Lalglii street. Attend* constantly. 1 \K. WARD, A SL'CCKSSFl I. LONDON PHYSICIAN X ' and surgeon, ran lat consulted a* usual. Qltlcr 12 Lalglii. ireet. Private entrance. Hour* from HA. M. till 9 P. M dally. ______ _ TAR LINKS TREATS DISEASES OP FEMALE a WITH J* unparalleled anwc*. II can he consulted at 151 East Thirteenth street. near Se utd nteitue. MLARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON, PHYSICIAN . and Surgeon, 017 Broadway, U|?at*!r?. Consultation I'tout 9 A. M. loO P. M., Sundays evcuplnd. RVILHOADd. TTUDSON RIVER RAILROAD ?TRAINS FOR ALBANY, XI Troy, the Nut'Ut and West, le?\ e Cliambeta .rctl at 7 and 11 A. M , and 3:15, ft antl III IS P. M NEW YORK, IIARLKM AND ALBANY RAJLROAD. For Albany. Tnt* , North and Wo*t,

Winter arr* m cmrnt, < "tnir.rncdig Motnl Nov 4, 1141. For Albt.rv?lOiSI) A. M.t Y;? press Mail Tram, from Twenty, altlh idr'icl depot. For M loos' train* see Vine Table, ,HCI\ liy&cUlLL. AvOiBtintSupe-tntendcnt. fUAY, FKBKUAli* 23, 186! SHIPI'IKCi. I NOTICE -BV OUDKK Oi' 111 K SKOKKTAI.V OK Stau , art jiwuijeri leaving the Cuileu Slat aare re qurd lo provide Iht uiaolve* with l'anup l it. dum lion* lor 1 < oinuining whlli may be had at ltd* Company'^ O.IHr, 15 1 Bioadway, N. V JOHN O. DALE, Ag< ul. i Spain weekly lo IdTerjaail, toutnug at Qttroaatown, (Cork Harbor ) The loverpoo,, New Vol k and Philadelphia Siraiii?blli Company inPud ueapalchlng their full powered Clyde bull iron ateaum .i, a'ax lollowt ? I EDlNliUItO, SA r 1CIAV, KKiillUAKV ?> KANCAHOO. 8ATUKDAY, M UtCII 1. ETNA. SATURDAY, MAUC11 li , and every Huererdmg Saturday, al noun, Iruiu pier 44, North river. itATl-K or paasac*. Kir*:.Cabin $T'i|Sp iid- . .. fSO j Du. to lei11 loll nil I Do. to IjuikIoii 3.4 , l)o. to Phi ia Kb | Do to Part* I Do. to Hamburg... K.i | Do to Hamburg.. JO [ Passengers uLo forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, /nr., ?l equally low r.neo. It.iI t. from Liverpool or (Jo c.nsoun.?Kirkt cabin,$75, $H5 anil $1(15. Steerug- from Livrt po 11, en), from Queenatovvn, " $10. Tickets can l>e liou^ht here at them- ratea, coaling |sn> . pie lo i.i ml lor their friend*. . Theae a learner* have superior accommodations for passen J geis, are strongly built in water light iruii seoliona, an I carry , patent lire unuibilators. Expcrieu eel gorgeous are attached to l ie h steamer. V For I nrlhcr information apply iu Liverpool to WILLIAM IN MAN, Aitenl, 22 Water street; in Glaxg >w to ALEX. . MAM No ft Si. Enoch square, in Oiicenslown, to C. AW. II SKY.Ml III It A CO. | in Loudon, Pi LIVES A MA CKY.GI King William Mmt; in Parts, to JULBSDEOOUB, ( No. 5 place de la Bourne; in Philadelphia, to JOHN CI. DALE, 111 Walnut street, or at the Oomp.ui>'s oflire , john o. DALE. Agent, 15 Broadway, N. Y. 1 STEAM TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. BELFAST, LON- ( dondeiry anil Duh in for $30.?'The A1 |oweriill Clyde ) built steamship UNITED KINGDOM. ( Craig, will sail from pier .10 North river, loot of Chambers hi reel, on . Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 12 o'clock noon. This s eamship is litted | In the most approved style, to insure the eomlorl anil safety t of passenger*. Kales of passage:?Cabin, $?0; intermediate, t $3f>; steerage, $30; inrluding an uhuiidunl supply of rooked . provision*. Apply to FRANCIS McDONAI.D A CO.. No. 6 , Bowling Green. , The succeeding steamahlp, Caledonia, Caplatn James , Clurk, Win salt Tuesday, March 25. , STEAM TO LONDON DE It RY, GLASGOW AND LIVER- ! pool.?The Montreal Steamship Company's llnit class, J full powered, Clyde built steamer BOHEMIAN, Capl. Bnlantine, carrying the Canadian and United Slates mails, will a til from Portland next Saturday, March 1. Kales of passage from New York:?First class, areording to acrotnmo- j lions, $Kilund $116; steerage, found with good provisions, $30. ( Certificates issued for bringing out passengers from adl the < principal towns in Ureal Britain and Ireland at very low. t ratea. For passage aivnly at 2.1 BniHdwsy, New York. HA BEL A HE ABLE, Genera! Agents. Tapscott's line liverpool and london packets. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND. IRELAND. Ac. PASSAGE TO OR FROM GREAT BRITAIN Oil IRELAND . at the lowest rales, anil DRAFTS, psysble on demand anywhere throughout the UNITED KINGDOM, can he obtained aa bereiofore. at TAPSCOTT A CO., 85 South street. J Australia?kangaroo line?for Melbourne, : carrying second class passengers at low rules?Packet for April I.?'The magnificent Clipper ship ATI-ANTIC, 1,500 tons burthen, with elegant and ruoiny nrcommoilalion*, will be bed as above. Applv on heard, pier 10 East rlvev, or to MAILLEK, LORD A QUEl'EAU, 108 Wall street. 1 IjlOK CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, illh and 2lst of each month, except when these dates fall oaSnn^.wheu the day of departure will be on the Monday fol- , Forfi eight or passage apply at the only office, No. 5 Bowing Green. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. FOIt HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMship ROANOKE leaves pier 13 North river, lor Havana ' direct, uii Saturday, .March 1, 1862, ul 12 o'cluck. LUDLAM A IIKJNEKEN. IjlOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM1 ship COLUMBIA, R. Adams. United Slates Navy, commander, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Thursday, March 13, at 12 o'clock M., precisely. Passengers are requested In procure their passports before going on hoard. For freight or passage apply toSPUFFOKD, T1LEBTON A CO., No. 29 Broadway. PERSONAL. A NY COMMUNICATIONS FOR MRS. EVELINE MOR A rls will l>e thankfully received at her oiilee, 753 Broadway, I'vond tloor. Brooklyn?if the youno lady in BLACK Jockey, white feather, who came down ill last car from the Nassau Carnival, Friday night,' will address Felix, Herald ollice, she will liecume'arquuiutcd with the gentleman standing upon phitforin of ear. / 1HILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOPTION. AND ADOPTED i \J out to good homes. Address Mme. 1'urselles, 319 West ' Twelfth street, or at the New York Post ollice, corner of Troy i and Fourth streets. CiAKUIEU DOVE ?IF YOU GET THE HU ES SO RAl) I go at once to any news agent and get a copy of Ibs "Hill Foster's Dream." lea so laughable. CHARLIE. ? 1?LLKN M.-I WAITED FOR YOU EVERY NIGHT !i eorcei ol Bowery and Grand street. Will be near the i New Bowery Theatre Sunday and Monday nights, from seven to right. CAROLINE. HK. s. a.?WHY so silent? what HAS oc curied to prevent yon trotn calling! If sii kn'es, pl. sse answer through "Personals''or by note. KLMI11A INFORMATION WANTED?OF THOMAS GILLIES, w ho left his home on the 5th of December and has not sur e la-en heard of. Any inionnutiou respecting htm, will be ilianklully received by his sister, ul No. 31 West Thirtyeighth street. lvrnlivi ivmv vriKTVn_ne iotiiicl* vici linav I JL who left his home ou th?* tenth (10th) ot Jtino lost, and has not since been hoard of. Any information oi his whereabout* will be ilmnkluliy received by hi;> unt ie, Patrick MeNulty, 317 Broome street. New York. rhlcago papers please otipy. 1SABELL?sixth AVENl'E AND TWKNTY-SEVKNTH ( L Mtieoi, Tuesday, at hull-past uiue. AddressC. tYuiucr, -UO West afreet. j F THB LADY IN A 8 r RING STREBT 8TAGB AND L hiuodin * at the Fulton ferry, wishes to make the ae- I ?p tain la nee of the gentleman sue rccognDed Monday standiiijj in tins Market, she ran uddrcHs in conlid.-nee lv Edwards, E'erald olQcv, stating where un interview can be had. 1?IOKIIiL-ir JOSEPH riCKBLL, OTHERWISE JO 1 : b?'pli Lloyd, who left /Jrerpool iu 1819, bound to New York, thence to New Orleans, will conitniinlrate with Kdwd. II. Ffckeil, 278 Pearl street, New York, he will hear oi something to his advantage. j JT. L.-IF YOC MEAN NELI.1E P N, OK BLOOM- 1 Injflalo, I ii.ive indeed forgotten Um number of year ' Imjx. been ab.'ru from the city. Now, however. If ' you write, hUting lurtlter pai'tn uUm, that I ma) know you are the right tiariy, I arrange un interview. I un. .1 i Mlonniingdale the other day ami loiiail It indeed loucly. NELLIE. j II/.7.IE?MEET MK AT THE At'At)EMY OK MUSIC* ^ J MomUy evi mug, ?t 7>? u'rloek. 1 am going to hop Adrien. I will wait at box emrnm-e. O. 0. C. 1 Mary.?tour friend in franklin street, on ; whom you called oue pvouitig, about the Dili or 7th low., ou t fuiind uO-tpul, will In- happy to see yoit. Call j:: h. ii. Miss HOW and WILL please send UN vd .lrp?a In Jenny, Imix I 9 Dentin o.lire PERSONAL.-ANY LADY XVISIIINO TO I.KAHK X llotiw and burrliaai' the FuruUur", nor d> u.g * p perohl bu.inofte, plea*e examine the .iMot IIui-h to l.r' and adrire.. M., Station K Font ollce. Rachel?i went t<> both flaoea. i bias i m.iti- the mi.take; It to,} urriun me, mid write >>n*olalion a. aoou ?. yon cuq. EM I I.E. rnilE YOI'NO LADY, AT T1IE iloTTSt'M \LK M ATIJ. nee ymtord.iy, who exunang ul a mud ami haoolc r lilef | Willi (he lady who mi ju.t hack of her, will please romiiiiiiil- , < aie her iiddivc-a to Mr. J. M , through the l'er*omii. iu I lie , Herald, In order thai the mi.iakc ui.y be right 'd. MRS. J. M. Wil l, (HEGENTLEMAN WHO, INCBOMIINQSIXTH oven lie, at Twenty -MVenlh ell eel, on ToeNday e> - ning, at WJt? o'clock, ami who .me uear falling, give hi. add re... through Personal., to the lady w ho laughed al him, n. -lie wi.he* to apologize. ISABEL!,. WILL THE LADY, WHO ARRIVED IN THE CARS at Twenty-seventh street, on the 4th ui-i.ini, pi. .-o , favor the gemletiuin. whoa- .eipiaiiilauee .lie niaih. Willi , ner adrire.. In a note directed to >. S. F., Colon M,uaro I'oet udtre. ; \|fILL THE OENTLKMAN WHO II\U Ills POCKET TV jneked of three in.ur.nee book, by a l.dv, one after- ? noon al. in I two week, ngo, ami promised to rail unit tlhl not I no mi, to eall .gain or .dure., a note to Ml*. B., at j her re .Id am-e, a. .lie 1. de.uuu. of hearing from him: I'llKKNOLOOY. llr W. XV. W.-MKBT ME, ON MONDAY EVEN I NO TV lit hall-pant *lx o>Joek, Oil I'll III avenue, old pl.ew? ruin or abliie. Dhl you .ee Thuredny'. Herald f I w.. there. WlLUANMtme*?NOTE eec BIT ED WILL MEET you Ibi. (Sunday) evening, or Tuenatay evening, nt 7 I name ami address. C. 11. T. < i i ? c liKHTAl KANT*. ALK' ALE! ALL RAIL, FOR MIUWOOD>* ALE ; HE , nit* It old, new, dark ami Tvtonly-live dittemnl | kinds Hi Alf, hp ha* thern all ou lirnnghl and lor aalp. al No. , 10 chamber* snarl, New York. Frae Li i lull troin 10 till i , u'llmk. ] HARE AND CURRANT JELLY FOR DINNER to-morrow; English Motion on Tuesday; ro??t Men ami hulli*li Plum futliili>K on Wednesday. lor sale, Snanbih Oiiiuii*. \ armoutli Hloatrra. Stilton. < linear, ll.irp*. Engli-h Muilon, Ac. Dunlop'a Ale, ui line condition.. T RH'HaKD* i HON. Agent, Illi Malili-n lane, corner of William street. 0VOTERS COOKED BY STEAM AT THE FI.'L.TON. Coder lloiiap," Uj Fullon street, near Broaitway. a lunch'eounlar and laillra' <liiiing.'i?im always ati|1*1 it**! with thp la'.t thp market allonla. "Steams" served | . t all hour*. Call ami try our "strain." milK CHESHIRE CIIEKSK WNlMl ROOM, T?W1L X Ham ainst, turner of Liberty, Raw York, l>y JAMES EEIOMT. H i Joint* from U to < I'tlabNh il but wart YofkshllW Puddings and Pastry, rial Cheshire UierM, in t>j?s, and Alt* on draught, In splendid condition. M ATH1M4TNIAI*. A LAD* WOULD EMPLOY THIS NOVEL MODE TO iwianuc a hiulauiu. She Is considered lovcsblr by bee trtenu* ami hainlsnutc even lay her enemies. The gentleman iiiii.i lw tvcaliliy, and la'twis u iht* auc* nt tit mnl M) year*, i Please address Alias X. Y. A. Station C Post "111 n. A YOU NO OIFICKII 1R THE ARMY WISHES TO j\ hold eorrespondencr with anion lady between th? ago of Id aud IS, who can a.n; and ptty tin* piano, tain ride u spirited and .will hnrae, ran shoot arevolvot, has* lovingdisposition and a strong ntiarlitnriit for llm Union. Address with ron| Itdcner, photograph Itwlnsed, II eonvciitont, Llenleniiut Ma I i tnn E. Murrelle, Washington, It. C. . .... ? ii ? ? ?.? A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, WITHOUT RELATIVES, . V possessing an ample Inrluno, and 01 an suitable dispose, desire* to lorm the itunnuiiilaiire ol a lady?out over tWriily-tUrm?educated and pood looking. With a view In ma Jor otic ivo. k, Geo. li. Mtvivurt, U>x 2ut) Hcrnkt o.tice, \k!ANTKP?BY A (iOOU LOOKING YOUNG MAN. 11 nhoitl twenty-two jt-ur*; ol.l, ?n oiitiro utrantfor In tho cllv, 11 miiko t<ie cqunlnunco of ynuiic liwly not oror the ii , ore; iniit hi< cool looking sii.l mi Htji -onrilr rotn|?t>; ii, >i " >?/ no o ij ni . AWfcti nnmtt'Uk'.eijr, w C. ViM< r inoo, h#' York l*n?i msec, 2. > SAL.K8 OP It E Alt ESTATE. A til LENUIO KAKM, IN TIIK CE.NTKAI. l'AKT OK iliih Si it-'. in e&ctuui lor city properlv.?Hood hooae, 'ouimodiotiM l<a u and oiiloiulJ.ona, good. fence* ..ud free 'inn em i mi irenc"; 1 l.'> .i< r. n, viti a led on ?:1 auf?lele? lake \ Mrc., l. ? l.Vii'J I'oet olliisj, giving deaei ipiiou ol property Auionm ran iwn brown iron non llousr, basemeut and sub-cellar, with all '!? modem j ujmo.eineiit* on HroO I n 1! iiibU, 18 Columbia street, dp xxtm-1 lil made row, Willi a bin: view of New York bay, ? ill i ?> Mild vory olieap on easy terms Kur further particulars I ppiy to or ad treat. SiatfMOU,3dswnuun D. A IIOU8K IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, NEAR HAMILTON , /\ ferry, mortgage I I i $ 5 ?), which can remain to trade oi a nma : genteel II iin< nrai Fulton avenue; $5HJ will be >aul If necessary in or i?-r lo elleci au exchange Will li ade or uneni inhered oouutry piopcry Ail Jlfw hot 4,0110 I'oit illire, N Y. ATA KM KOK SALE, OK KXCIIANOE for CITY PROpeny?Situated at Ynuki ia, one mile from tlie dcpol; ommuulation nlmoat every half hour hy r illroml and meam XI.11. 17 mi!r? from iheeny; 40 acres of elevated l.iud, baring i linn \ i ",v ol' II i 11 < i Is in and Palisades; beautifully situated 'or building site, or well ndnpicd for the growih of vine* and mil.-; well watered l>y springs; kinull House and Kara, Hille new; one in re of Lawlon blackberries, several of strawferries, some fruit; alsnii six acres of wood; line roads alii leighborhood. For terms ami particulars apply at or address fsrui, 17 Lafayette ; I i-e, alter one o'clock. MOUNTBY SEAT KOK SALE AT A GREAT 8ACRIVJ hre.?Very valuable place, in complete order, near tiie nv Fine yacht accommodation For panr ulars apply to 110.MK It MORGAN, No, S Fine street. MENTRAL FAKK LOTS?on FlFril AVENUE FOR L> sale or exchange for good improved properly. Address >ox It,SSI Post office, staling; particulars. CALIFORNIA FARM FOR SALE ?TIIE MAGNIFICENT railed known as Victoria Ranch, siluuli-d eight miles ruin Oa'klaml. opposite the city of San Francisco, to which trees* can tie hud several times dally by a ferry hoat (taking 15 minutek lo crovt), ami com is ting ot about 2,000 acres. Is ifferrd for sale. The buildings are all licit class, new, and reeled regardless of esisuise There is an abundance of wood turd water on the place, and a mineral spring possessng areal medicuuil virtues. Roll very fertile. Title perfect, ttocks of the banks of the city of New York taken at par in mrt payment. For further information apply at M Barclay itreet, up stairs, from 10 to 2. Exchange.-,\ plot ok garden land, one iuw tired nnd twenty acres, adjoining a Western city, and uiou w anted for streets and lots, will now be eki'liangcd for Miter property in or MiT New York. Unincumbered; |>er'ect title. Address, with full particulars, Fair Exchange, iox 172 llerald office. Farm for sale-on the hackensack river Bergen county, N. J., containing over 3J acres, w ith a mod House aud pleuty of outhouaea attaolied. For full pariculara, with urap of place, inquire of WM BLAIR, 1U2 liarchiy street. FAitM FOR SALE-WITHIN TWELVE MILES OF Hruoklyu, on Long Island.?30 acres oi Land in good itste; large modern built Hoi . good outbuildings; will take mprured Ohio property with s.,me money in sxehange; price J7,000. Call on ur address Owner, 110 West Twenty .fourth itreet, New York. Farm for sale?of 33 acres.?laroe new house, barn, Ac., pleasantly situated nil Long Island, about two hour's ride from Brooklyn, and a few minutes' ride from Hie station; land w ell fenced and in good condition ; healthy neighborhood, w ith churches anil schiails; more land can be had if required. Terms easy. Also 115 urres, with fruit of all kinds, poaches, pears, Lawton berries, crnnberries, Be.; well watered. Inquire at K. A. COKLING'S wood and coal office, Atlantic street, alxivo Smith, Brooklyn, from I to 5 P. M., or address box 316 Brooklyn Post office. Farm wanted?in exchange for productive R-al Estate In New York city. Apply lo JOHN McCLAYS, Mil Broadway, near Thirty-Ural street. FARM or country residence wanted?within 30 miles ol the city, In exchange for a lull sl/ie dwelling House and Is>t lo ur Union square. Address, with I'ullpait'cillars, C. KNGMAN, Imix 1,394 New York Fosl utlii e TOR SALE?THE DWELLING HOUSE AND GROUNDS i1 N<?. 2 Grace Court, directly on Brooklyn Heights; buildings all of brick und atone, built, in the moat sub-taniial milliner; houac 52r70 feet, three stories, complete in all ita appointmcuta, billiard room, Ac. Situation unrivalled, commanding mugnilirent views of the hay and city of New York, combining both city and country, within three minutes* walk of the Wufi street ferry; being ail that la required lor a lirst class reaidence, pure air, ample grounds, handsomely laid out in terrace, garden, vinery, greenhouse, conscrvatoiy, stable, coach and coachmin'g house, Ac. it not sold will be rented or leased for a number of years, furnished or otherwise. Inquire of JOHN If. PRENTICE, No. 1 Grace court* Brooklyn. IpOJt SALE?THREE OR Foi K WELL BUILT THKRE , story and basement Houses, in Thirty tliiid. Thirtyditth and Thirty-sixth streets, with till the modern improvements, at very great bargains; terms easy. Also a very line place, well stocked with choice fruits, at Mount Vernon, at a great Jeal less than eost. Will exchange for good city projwrty. Apply toWM. BEDELL, 177 West Thirty-third street. FpUB SALE ?TO KKNT PAYERS.?$1,300 WILL Hl'V A new tw o story House, w ith a full Lot, five rooms and ellar, one blook from the cars, running to ihr<*e ferries; terms from $100 to $">00 cash; $8oO can be paid in instalments i?t $10 |>er month, without interest. Also a one and a hall' dory Cottage, with three full Lots; price $1,600; term . nearly is above. Also a two story briek Store and Dwelling, on Fifth avenue. Also a number oi other Houses; prices from $1,000 to $V?00; all on easy terms. Apply at the olhce o; D. C DANIELS, - ornerot Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue, Brooklyn. L^OB BALE?THKKE STORY AND ATTIC IfIClfV I stoop Houee, 20x60 feet, 12 Boorman place, Thirty third street, between Eighth and Ninth a venues. Inquire oi MM. L. TAYLOR,76 Wall mi v. t. fjlOE SALE?FROM FIVE TO THIRTY ACRE OF i.mi, with food bntldiBf iet la healths locality; price from $12a to $?X) peg acre; one mile from toper Tut moot railroad station, Rockland county, N. Y. inquire of J. D. or (1. AURYANSBN, Piennout. kjkm sale?ON central pare, four lots, inr eluding u corner, opposite the Skating Pond, on E.ghth ivctiue. For particular* address Conunt, Imjx li,C7t Post jli. ?v Fior sale: the two story, attic and bam: moot Hons . 2,'? Pike street, corner of Henry, containing 13 rooms and pi.n'ry, w ith stable, all brick, and "in good 'trier, together Willi tense of Lot, with further renewals. Will w sold io the la* t oiler. Ap,dv at 2i?l West street. Ijtor sale- the extra sired house. with rear / Ian, 29S M.idtson avenue, corner of Fortieth sit ect, ele. antly finished in rosewood uud bl.tck walnut. A spauous, i?erf?Tt house. Price $40,000. Apply to E. II. Ll1j>LO\Y, No. 3 Fine street, or JOHN II. $HEkWOOD? at tbi house ClOR SALE?THE FINE TWO STORY AND ATTIC L1 House uiitl No. 27.S K int hroadw ?y; high b tactnent ?n?! sti h-cellar, with a ie%i extension con tain 1114; lour rooms. Phe Iioiim* lots a I tlx* modern i 11 prove me tits, rstige, hot uml old water, bathroom, water elosets xtmh, A in rtrt-t rate oiler. Will t>? aoid cheap. Inquire at 90 Chatham street, in he store. hjU>B 8ALB ONE OP THK BBsT FAfUfl Tft nils State, of about two hundred acres, with building* com* dete, a few mllea bu< k fiom the Hudson river, for ? ash or xchange. Apply to STEPHEN A. PIERCE X CO., No. tf 'mo street. BlOU 8AI.K-EU.UT11 AVKNl'KioKNKH PROPERTY; is one of the best business locution*, mii.i row Paying ibout 12 per cent. Inquire of SMITH A MEAD. 175 w>m rwenty-ulnth street, corner of Eighth avenue. t^OR BALE, IN WILUAMBBCRQ. A PIM CLAM three story brick House, In South Ninth street, will la xi ) .iiigt d for good bund and mortgage. or 11 small house and iMlano- in mortgage* little or no ready cash required. Adit e?- J. K. T , ho\ '.El Post olUce. FH)H SALE CHEAP-A THREE STORY HIGH HA8K1 cot iiuns., B3W si Twenty Iwst, 12.4*98.9, a l*h all mo?tern Improvements and in complete riuir; u!m> ihri e -tory and basutoiu House, 101 South F.ftn struct. Hrooklvn, H. !>., 2lxJ4b. with irult tree*. vlnea and shrtihe-ry. lVrim* ? a<y. Can be seen at any time by applying to I. P. JONES, iO Ann street, mm ond flour. Lit)I< SALE LOW, ON EASY TERMS, SEVERAL FIRST F close thte# story, brown stone, high stoop House*, on West fiftieth street; also tw o unimproved lads, each 2d l?\ ltHleet, fiuth side Fifty-third Mrret, betweeu Second and Third avenues. Apply at 195 West Fifth th street, between E! :h h tnd NT nth avenues. TjlOR HALE OR KXCIIANHE?A RlTPEK!OK 1IOV8B F with Grapery, iUtidV occupied bv owner, centrally lo ?ted hi Ktghlii ward; would exchange for a small house in V w York or llrooklyn; Italaiv e on mortgage. For panicul.?r? Inquire ol h. A. i)JCK IN SON, 90 Ueratiian street. LNOR SALE OR K X CM A N < IK?T W O FILL LOTS F well Improved, pajmgeiev. 11 percent, on Forty-eighth itrc t, near Eighth avenue: neighborhood good; w ould ex hai?;' lor ?ui?* or two aiuail house*. in the Ninth or Sixteenth cards, or store property. Apply to 8. ALIU S, <191 Mrnadray. jjH>R SALB OR KXOH \ N<. K i llK FIRHTCLA88 F0d?R r story brow-11 stone high stoop lit wise No. ;*>* Leuugum ixenue. near Thirty ninth street. Aiuuy 10 VP. CLARK. 9b <?? Twrniy-alatli atrrrt. I^OK MALE OK TO I.KT-FUREI8IIK!> nil CNPPRP nl?hnl, Ibr UiiMt nlorjr biii llmiw It!) U'nl Kifli ibttd iirM, hriwrwrn H roadway and Eighth amnio: honor M i>v ?H: 1?? lmi'i'i; In prrfr.1 opmr; dmiratrd parlora, inrnarr, wairr, ?u?, line Iwk piazza, H<-Ik'><n paveiiirnl, Ar. Trruta i heap ami cany. A|<|d.v on the pri ml?ra. I/OK HALE OK TO LET?POSSESSION IMMEDIATE C ir, ilif ihmim* 7M Broadway, rnraer i>f Ki.lnh Mrrn mil and rarnntbh know h a? Mlm lolr'a Hotel. Tl?" bar and raiaiirnnl air rlrgnnlly lilted up. Fur pnrtlcu'Ar* apply to \ II. HIEU, iw the preiulMa, ar tu M. F. KEllH, Ml Fron 4 feel. DURMUOR TO LET?IK THE VILUUKor I.a F latritr, nb.Mii mi"- mil* from Jorary Klty larrv, (rail ara |ih?? tho door ere ry JO in i male*) a tan alory lir.'-k d . il !? Iliniw, w UN Horn and aluhl bda ?f Ormind nllarhed, w.-il ?rt ?ith urni mentalebrnbbwy and finlia >mi> i, pe*.?. wrtu lid arapra. PuMraatnn Immediately. Aldtly In JAM KM S. NOYEs, order nf Pat aula amine nn.I Erie atreet, .lerary i 'itjr. nr i i> th<> paemian*. tlOll MALE rfk TO LET-TIIK HOI ME AMD LOT Ml 1.1 Poplar atreei. Brooklyn; It la In good order; ana, malar, Ar., alnmtrd in a pkaaant aad healthy Imallou. about Lhrrr nilrnitra' walk Imni Fulton ferry. Apply In FOMTKK A LOPER, X.V. 4 Ma ml a atreet, nr at So. 13* Madlroa alrerl, N-w York. I^OIl MALE, TO I.KT OK LKAMIn-ON REASONABLE r trrnia. a two at.ny brtrk Fa.tnry, 30aa*, with ?tram pnwj-r, and fnnr l*Ma ,il around, aitnaird mi Oiabain avrnnr, Wil.tainahurR; al*?, llurr laila on Mnniruaaavrana, two Lota nn I tiI.,n avenue and iinr on Broadway. Apply to UEo. W. KKI.MKY, 113 Urand atreet, Wllllamatmrg. tAOIl MALE tlH TO LEASE?A FINE O ITT AUK.. WITH four Iota of ground, In a magnlflrrnt and brabhlnl U? i aUon, with Iwamlfnl aurnery anaind II, In W.v*lMndli<u thlI np\ nfti'.'ii ntinnira from ine llabokrn l>nir? Apply In ALEXIS HAL VIE, LIS Waaliingii.n atrrrt. Uobokrn. CAKE AT HAKUAINK-FOK SALE IE WEST TUILTY f mivib atrrrt. No. IF*. it"ar KmbUi avenue, h brown Mont* llouar. Willi all tlir modern luipmrcmrnts; also Hot two llnuaea 134 If. at Tlilil>-liftla atrari. nrnr HroodWay Trrnia Pi anil the tlinea. Impure nf M. El MEM IE, Nn. 4.KJ Eighth at mute, romer id Thirty littnl alrem., or at En. 177 Bteauker atrrrt/ of I) STKVBE8 I |||IMK rOR M till O|^.X0||AN?jF.-IIK4>\\ H SI ONE. three room* deep, i'reuah pint* window*, furnace, una. ww ^ tor, all modern Improvement*. with lhr*e lota adjolnin , hrnulllnlly laid out, Willi Honor*, frull, pin ma. pearl apilnlH, grape*, Ac.; situated In Kntilh Ninth alt-eel, < j Inimalnirgl will aell for raeli or lake a small llnnae In tirtr York or Brooklyn In part payment; small amount of re pitted. Thla la one of the moal drUglilful. place* M) ||Tn In and lia* every romfort lo innkw n Timnn p|ea*at ,1. p0r particulars call on 8. HINIIKK A CO.. No. H l'lne *</+i>t. Houses pom sj&*-a qbbat tamibty, teen I V pui I or ttie rltjr, fror? i\,r very choleeit l'? the meanest. also, Store and Dwell'.ng property on all the leading are. iiuoa and thoroughfares. Prior* made lo an .1 the timea. * V. O Vlt ATT, .12 Pine alrret, room No 9. nOl SB AMD UP rilRIK ST0B1 BASIMKMT AND Mib-erliar Bif jt House, *n?, marWle mantel* Ar j on one nl Uie health',,-*t evennea In Brooklyn; one blork Irion Pulton avennw , ,,.* Price St.'XW. tlalC c?*h. Apply al IN Ureene nveiiiy'., Hroohlrn. I 5 gALEH OP RRAL FSTATK. rru exi IiaSiie?kok OOOD, assorted MiK IIANi dur, A valuable large, storo property and resileue, with one ami u iiA.f acred of land, id ii nourishing village, ai-o. if desire l. one 01 two !n p overl good farms, with some cash. The property u ail fu r ari l clear and the owner rati be consulted ai the othue ol Isaac A. IS ggs, 73 Nassau street, lor A tew it iys *yANTED--TO PURCHASE, A (JOOD FAKM, ON TI1K v? Hudson river; pro e moderate, to suit the times Ad ? diess t!: . ?, stating particulars, lor one wcclt, station D Pout office, Bible lions' WANTUU?A FARM OK ABOUT FIFTY OB BIOHTT acres, with some wood lau<l, good honse and nutbiiilde gs, in W estchester county, not over an hour Irum Now Y> . or twenty miuo'e-, from de;s?t, in exchange lor city proia'rty. A ddress P. C., box l.lfty N. Y. Po.t Oll.ce. WANTED TO BUY A SMALL FA MM OP. NEW Lands, with House ami Barn, within hity ml!c? of New York, on easy terms; say the Intereat llie hrrf year ami the principal in hve or ten years. Price within Addreaa, ?t iling parti ''ilars and where Altuutod, II , Herald olh -e. WANTED TO EXCHANGE FOB A HOUSK-FOWB fall I-ots south of Thirty geontid stri-el, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, Ineiimhered about A04W Address box 2,797 New York Post office. *\\T ANTED TO PUROll ASIi-A HOUSE RETWKlMf >f Urent Jones and Twenty-third streets and" Fourth and Sixth avenues, ;m English basement prefetred Addreat Dr.EDVVAUD SUTTON SM IT II. care of lt-g-ouaa A No. 750 Broadway. with full particular*. OHO K-VR-VI8, COUNTRY* SEATS, HOUSES AND Lois lor sale or to exchange; also every dearitpiioa of Real Estate for sale. If you wisli to purchase a House, Kami or Cuuutry Seat, apply to A. ShROKANT, No. It. Wall street. nnn ,N real estate, in MINNESOTA WaJO.UUU and Wiscousiii. will be sold very loa for rash. or exchanged for dry goad*. Addreaa box 152 tiuraid ollice. <557^ IIHA IN Of>OD WESTERN LANDS?FA l(JJ8 ?P t l/i"JVFU and City Lot* in Ohio, Michigan and Wlaronalti; also Lake Superior Mining Lands for ante lor rash, in quantities to wit purchasers; would exchange a portion for a desirable House m or near New York or HrookJyn, and any good Merchandise. Household Furniture, Ac. A own* tollable House and a few acres of Land, near the City, with direct roiniiiunii'ulion, would be acceptable. Addreaa.L. MN. box 411 Herald i.Oiee. tinn nnn KEAr- rotate FOR SALE-WAHT. U\y ed to sell, to one or more parnea, tha above amount of unincumbered tenement property, renting for $10,14X1 per annum. Will be sold on a credit of ten yeara, . Willi a small payment down. ?l. L. SHELDON, 83 Cedar at reel. FOIL SALE. _ ^ A SPLENDID FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE FOB. sale, I runts on two streets; does a good business, wtil lie soid at u low price. This Is a ram chance. Also for sale. Bakeries, Grocery Stores, and some 150 other busineoa. places, at MITCHELL'S Agency, 77 Cedar street. A KINK LOT OK SHELVING, COUNTERS AND COAX: Stands, together with a new YVilder s Sale. Gaa Pendants, large Hot Air Stove and other Uxlures for sale cheap. Address box 4,534 Post ollice. FOR BALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TH* oldestaiilished Dining snd Lodging Ssloon 44b Fourth avenue, with lease for nine yeara. For particulars apply on thepremises. C. P. INMAN. IP OR SALE?THE ENGINE AND BOILER OF THK ' steamboat Caledonia, as she now lies at her berth at thatoot of Warren street, 23 inches cylinder, 4 tret stroke oi piston, Ixiiler 7 feet wide by 16 feet long; to be taken on*, within three weeks from date. Also the Intrge WallkiU; baa been used for a number of years as a freight and passenger lioat oil the North river; she has a complete sittl of staler rooms, dining and ladles' saloon; can easily be converted to government purposes. Apply oil board the boat, at tbe foot of Warren street , oi to Johnston a falls, Newburg. 1POR SALE?T1IE STOCK, FIXTURES AND TOOLS OB a uiauufacttiring business long established. Will be sold cheap, as tbe owner has other business. Apply at. 17 l'eck slip. IPOlt SALE-.V BUTTER AND CHEESE STORE, OH A 1 leading avenue. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Applv to W. HILL, 256 West Tweuiy-eightii street,from. It to 2 i'. M. fTOR SAI.K-COAL YARD?THK FIXTURES OF A COAL yard and a lease will Is- given, having a line brirfc othce, stable lor four horses. House Is iloored slid roofed and in complete order. Would Is* let lor other husiness, if desired. Inquire on Hie premises, 709 Washington street. 1POR SALE?ONE STEAM ENGINE, NEARLY NEW, of six horse power, Willi all necessary apparatus, also, one new Lutbe, with Tools, Drilling and nuw Marline, complete. Will be sold together or separate, Apply at the coack factory 115 West Nineteenth street. TJIOR SAI,E?AN APOTHECARY'S STAND. WITH J? Stuck and fixtures, established thirteen years *H?ee, <> New in k avenue, Jersey City. Kent lor mure and dwelling cheap. Apply to I) I.IENaU, 111 Broadnuy, N. I., lor nan wet k, front 18 to 21*. M. , fAOIl SA1.F.?A T1IRKK HORSE ENGINE, WITH A i live horse upright tubular Poller; one linocn Iwrw llo.lkr. Al.<i t in* W'.titling and Doubling Machine, nc.irly new. Apply m 2b) West Thirty-sixth street. FRANCE. ?K)B SA1.K?'1*1 IK STOCK, LEASE AND ramHOV I it wholesale sad r. tail lautily Lnpim ore m tlnseity, doing it hue lainih Hade; lout base. *r. for ui imation impure ot THUS. Risil.LV, uurUuuer <d rec'e-' i' agent, 2l>o Ninth avcut.e. Also o.t build, a utjp lot of Slor a lot sale, ae. IK": s \ !.! ; A OOOD STAND IN A t'lTY MA1IKKT 1 for game, poultry, vegetables, ,te., with bale re- comi lete. Mill In- hi i Id low il sold soon. Reason for aelimg, about leaiing llie city. This is n grand chance for u steady tnau. Address Stand, box 1st) Ilerald ollhw. No agenU need apply. T/H'U SAI.E AT A ORBAT SACRIFICE-A FIRST CLASS r Refreshment Saloon mid Restaurant, dnng a good beat- * ne.a for particulars apply to WM. 11. VANDLKBUKD, 2 olliee ol tint bun, Jordan .* Haiti. C.T Walt street f | EASE, STOCK AND FIXTIKES Of A QROCKRV I J and l.npior Store, In the nest loealion ill the oily, 1121 r first avenue, oue block Irmn the gashouse, will be aoM * cheap tor cash, as the owner is gotng in the country. 1** rilo PAWNBROKERS AND OTllERf -FOR SALE, AT fc. 1 aoaigsin, the stick uuci gend w111 nt ? long fstuhliahed 1'nwnhrokin i Business. Address, with real name and address, M. L., hnx. l.lati Fost olliee. -THE KXCLUSlVK PROFKIETORSHIF AND 3?<e?)U trade n.ark of "Dr. 1?. Williams', Universal I'ain , Kxirai lor." and "I,. Knowles', Amerlnu Insert Desiroyar," f. will be sold lor value of stock on hand, If applied lor linma ^ J1IS( KLLA.VJiOl S. Ci HAPPED han OS AND LIPS CURED in a ft ffff J hour* and ih>- mail* delicately Mil and while, by in* iirnl r.illMAN A I'll 'S Camphor Cake wlili Cvlc-rinr _ requires n? nrtihcial Imal In applying, ns II dissolves re. mil* when a| p led to the ?klii?SI bleerker ai reel and 3M F< ?urta avenue. By mall Iftcenta. CURDS. Ml UHi circulars, 3*-. i.noo. bllM J I leads, a ream; NewapaiierH, Hunk. Pamphleta, every Ciln; pni.uil equally elienp Send three rent alump for my Illustrated price list uf nil kinds of printing. T. K. da u i.kv ki M r ill H in id Centre street*. t icld pens repointed Eyi AL in new, < ?k the \t i c- p ol c.-ula til sunip. or titln i w*ie*. I Jo.d I'en and silvi i iu*e. $1 ?l. li nk I'm and lluldiT. 91 : a Wari .lined til I Tiny p.irik wliii. 1 Irdi rs i.y n ail prompt |y a tendml in 1'.. S. .11 iilNSoN, i.i Maid e.. mne. Maxson MAILLAKl*. Nn?. did and 6si Bis iwav. DINNERS AND PARTIES SUPPLIED IN COO g> taste. NEW FANCY Mill LOS FOR ICE CUE AM. BISCl'IT CLACKS, PlDDlNC CLACES. MOTTOES FANCY CAKE an a WKDDlM , C4KR ORNAMENT*. MAII.L tRD'S CELEBRATED UNION CHOC' ji ATE Marble mantels, cheat raid >ain in manlele.?A large in nek on hand and a <rr,i reduction la prti On-any kind entered ibla nioiirt * i'.ii ? a K1.AIIKit S marble yard, 113 Kaat Eight* atreei, west of Thud a* autre. Mautela pin up In uny p' (? ,|1P country. I>ern?>t brothers; celeb iu >th.? sewinc maI rhlii*- NwMw, for nil kiu?lN of r (irnermlde,.ot 14>U anal i, r#m.T of ;||| A? ra warrunted. Uill.l MATXBM.?ALL TllitsK aFFLHTKD with Rheumatism, Ouui. Neural. frostbitten and Cold K.wi, Chi.blalna, Ae.. by wearing d ETTAM A CO S Patent Calvatn. Ele.tro Metallic Insoles v ,u ln,Unl ,nd p,rman.-nt P lU L never having yet I #U(.,, i? hundred* olcaaos. ltd,ye ?u Bnadway. Agent for Philadelphia, J. S. Sanaon, ix.un (llrurd avenue. No. 1?9 f j? f.hjhtickwth Srmtnr, t N? a Vo**, March II, 1*1. t Mens* * Co.?At ynnrrenn m i hereby rbeerlully state ibai your Eb-iro CalTano I 4sol#a have within lbs peat innnlh enr?il ma Of rnaumal -ln ln my hack of fifteen yearn .landing I mil I obtained ,ollr jnwi|cs | naver was free from it danng that time . (J|W j c?n?hler myaelf perfeetly >ured. Yttura, respectfully ( john R LEWIS, rsiva mi u iinvvv . ? -??? ? ? w... .... ? ?A. IAKMKl? WAmllHOo I?u sin-', WI1> r <il Murrijr, New Turk, sella chotoa iitf angnr ' ur??l Ilam?. ran anted. ui Sc. per lb ; best Family Soap. boa It and t?> l>?. . ; purr Starch, boa 40 Iba., 5H? rpti THE >F.RVOV A .AND DEBILITATED LA' JHIE'B LIFE PILLS, THE 0> J.jat CHINESE REMEDY, av . ^ - PR ADAM LAl'RIE, stsmber pi the R' ,j.,i tlollrge < f Knrgeona, Enulatid:I. lor ml ate ?t Xpolher and tjiadnate of the E' olr da Medicine, I'arla, jj.- F.'i itiri.jf yeurs attached to the French ?,u' British ra at Hung Kong. Tbiaestmot rlin xtv remedy wtlh ha* for aomrtlme peat Seen moal tin eremfnlly lnir?*t i*d In Europe, la now, for lb* Ural time, of .pred to toe Am' r an public. It WHkOlr jnverrd hv Dr I a trie, dorlnf bit residence In China, %n? r?- It htit* here rretcrihcd lor matitr centuries, by rr'ehratrd physicians uT that oimlry, a* an antidote to the effo< t? ol fixing icaa. fauna uf opium, Ac. These ? ^p,, *rr, orrp -cd firm ttte concentrated easrnce or a rare *' jd beautiful plant, indisenun* to the tea growing district g ?r the C? rsttal empire. Their operation on the ttertot a ayaiem, whether reaulilng from sedentary occupatlon, itidtilKeiue In strung drinks, prsli'enre Inwaitniltmap ^ ,toon site griet*. oxoe??lre use ol toli.i--oor other opta ?a, la truly mira'Ulo tia. Thejr are alio a sovereign re!"* ,v in hut II sc\'?. lor Neuralgia, T" in louraon, Si. t itu^ " indn. he, tmpntenry, Irritability, Kear. fclrllf ill, Dla' .* < and in cpiclly Mr liii-niccea, tJiildliie?a of the Head ' .ml I'nlpltallnnaol the llrart. moil of whic h dlacaaea owe their origin to a derangement of the twrroua or dl- (u They ITfr'no effec t aa.c cathartic, but art prrlftcally on thw Moid and nerrotta camera, and arc giinfanlaed to br an |*t. Ire ti* annleaa to tne at ate in that <li? moet delicate lady or tender child may take them with entire -nfctj, while their actlccn la alrneat Inatenlaneona In renovating the Impaired tcccweia ccf lire end giving renewed vigor to the inoat chattered nmatlMtlnii. Their auriirlannrfti.ary haa heen mantfeainct to chouaanila of aiifferera, Itoiu main and reinale, whoae Urea had proylcmaly been a hurl hen to liiamaelvea and their rami'"if * alngfe pill be occnalonnlly take n nfter the prim-teat meal of the day, there c an he no danger of anflcilug from III chge-llon. and many awutild-bo "gourmand," w ho haa hitherto lieen only a looker-on at the dinner table. mav now ludulgc In- reaaonahle apicettte with impunity. For irnn-cmlraion by mall, aa nlao for carrying In thw pen ket, Ibey arc-clone up In email (Ihlneae eartona, of card c ii?e shape, and anld at f I per hot, each bc-t containing forty Pilla, or two and a hall hoaea in one for 92 Sent. |?c?t tr. e by mall, to any addreaa, on receipt of a one or two dollar Id I bt any good hank, or can be obtained personally at the oilier, 429 Broadway, corner of Howard atreet. New York, from OKI) HI'tjI'tN, Uauc-ial *#? ' for the Waited hoclca.

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