Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1862 Page 2
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TH WHOLE NO. 9297. THE NIAGARA AT HALIFAX. TWO DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. British Official Papers oil the American Question. England's Anxiety at the PnuiiM>pl of War. Lord Lyons to Assure Mr. Lincoln of fler "Forbearance" and Strength* Privateering to be Abolished During tbe War if America Consented, Lord John Russell's Reply to the Rebel Commissioners. The "Fortune of Arms" to Decide Queen Victoria. INUNDATIONS IN GERMANY. RUSSIAN SENTENCES ON THE POLISH PRIESTS, Ac-, Ac.. Ac., F?b. 22, J8?2. The steamship Niagara, from Liverpool February 8, at one P. If., via Queeustown Otn, arrived hero at nine 'clock thin evening. She has forty passengers for Boston, but no specie for that port. She brought ?60,000 for Halifan. She passed the Arabia, bound to Liverpool, on the Oth. , ^The^Niagara sailed at half-past four o'clock A.M. for Boston, where she will be due to-morrow afternoon. Mr. Slide!! arrived at Lodge's Hotel, La Nore, Paris, January 20. The Vwtn/tA /.f UTahia ha/I left fitr/lan/l fnr Ti'ieetf* /u nmv. ?? .?.v ?? , Vreuls for the Kast. IIo travels in itrict incognito. The official Gazette publish** an order of the l'rivy Council removing the prohibition against tho export of saltpetre,arms, ammunition, and all other article* iai?ly prohibited. 1 despatch from Vienna, of the 8th instaut, stairs that In tbo negotiations respecting tho elevation of the Arch dujto Maximilian to the throne of Mexico there ia no question of tbo cession of Venetia. A new Oaqfdian Bishopric, to be called the Bishopric f Ontario, is created. Rev. J. L. Wise is appointed its first Bishop. Gieotny accounts are published of the British Columbia 'fceM fields, and were attracting considerable attention. Communication is tnterruptod throngbout almost h!j | Germany, inconsequence of inundations. The new Cunard eorcw steamer China bad arrived a, Liverpool. Sbe takes her place in the line for New Vora March 1. Her trial trip showed great speed. The Bibernian, froto Portland, arrived at l.iverpoad ou the**. THE AMERICAN QUESTION. Mtleh State Papers en the Crist* Knhvnlttrd to Parliament?VolumlnoneCorrtipendenee Relative to tlte Nashville and Tanearora?'The Cahtaet Heady to Advise the 44Belligerents"?What Lord Lyons Has to Say to Nr. Lincoln?Lord John Knertcir* Answer to the Brbrl Commissioner*?When and How Knggland Would Give Bp Privateering, Ac. Six sets of Parliamentary papers concerning the.t mavloan civil war, be., b.?ve been laid before Parliament. Nolle we r than forty-live ofhcial communications have passed about the Nashville and Tusearora. In January, 18dl. Karl Russell Instructed lard I .yon a, n case of advice being asked by'President l.inoniu a t'a binet, to reply that ber Majesty's government w ill de f'linn <a fl'mn oni' stuiiKv tuith tutc/iei1 /itm7u imitfi.sf The policy of the British government In February, 1M1, in the event or Presideut Lincoln raising a <|iia*tioo with Great Britain, is U1<1 down in the following terms:? Her M^jeiity's government would in the first pise* I* eery forbearing. They would show by their acts how highly they valued the relations of pea-re andournity with the United State*, but they would take care to let the government which multiplied provocation* and sought for quarrel* understand that their for beat a nee sprang from a eonteiovtnott of strength, onii not /root timidity or weakness. Lord Russell report* tbe suhMsuoe of|a conoersfh'on he had with Yancey, Host and Mann, the delegates who waited upon him to urge the recognition of the confede>ates. His answer to these gentlemen was, that England esseM obstne strict nentraHly. Kali Russell said ?Her Ms^festy can net ark no? ledge flu independence if nine $ until the fortune of armt or a mora peaceful mode of argot?" St'jiOM ?A?M A?er nurre clear)y dot'i ndited tit* respective pooiMSt of 0* two betligeientr. Tbare ie a short note, written as Jste as December M, which shows that even ti'n the Brilith Ministry I-s'.'si-erf in the probability of a tear with the United State, i. Lord Lyons is directed to speak with Mr .Seward on the object of letters of marque, ami to say (bat in case of war, (treat Britain ii willing to abolith privateering <>* hihcitii Ike. poo notion* if the President ni't ntnl.' ? snnilar agreement on the part of Iks United Sb'trs. VBK AMBIT OF AM AXGLO-C'ANADIAN. fa the House of lords, on the 7th, Ear) < ajpsiyi on inquired M to the truth or the arrest end imprisonment ?f a Canadian eubjsot named Phejijxnd, by ordai of M>. Seward. He i-ommeuted aevaraly on the conduct of the United Stales, ifthefac'i were correctly reported, end specially on the demand that Whepperd should iske the oath of a'legiao' e te the Untied Slates, as a rondiiion or releaae. Karl Russell, who ??? alt but iUAiidibln, was understood l? aay that tho aieiii facts of the case |srere correctly reported, bnt as snou as Hard I.yont wea Informed of It, be applied to XI r. Sews Ml, who elated that the oath of allegiance wu tendered to Shepherd, under the hellei that he waa au American, and hie releaae was subsequently obtained on the condition that he abould not go into Uie Southern 8tates. The federal government claimed that, in an extraordl fcry emergency, like the present, the President must be Invested with extraordinary powere, extending to foreign reeidenta as well na American cittrens. H- r Majesty's government entered strong remnnttrsucea to tbia, and there wen no objection to produce tho correspondence. Earl Carnarvon eald he ahouldeerlainly mote for the pnpers. He hoped the government would not be rontent with remonstrances, but would nlao demnud cotnpttiaa %nm. MR. SRKOORY, M. P., OM THK BLOl.g Al?t. In the House of Commons, on the Ttb int., lfr. Gregory entd he refrained the previous evening from address, lug the Reuse while the Addren te the Queen erne being discussed, because he thought it undesirable te Introduce topics which might give nee te debate; but be felt that the blockade of the Southern porta by tha federal government was wholly ineffective, and simply a blockade upon paper, tin a future occasion he should be In a position to show be chnraeter of the blockade was such that, in justice u win ui tun Ifirpurlin, II OH|lll 10 roooivo Pi | <>Mmi?n lit tho hand* of tho government. Mr. 0. P. Bout lock eiproooed aaiiafactioti at Mr. Oregnrya announcement to bring ike ?|Uoation of tho biookade before tbo Home. Hio own wpmion *u that * recognition of tho popor blookado would bo la violation of tbo rale* of internal aloaal law, and It waa tbo doty of tbo country to conaide' or to via) y tbo position, which wo woreplaeed. ro 8pmt? Am TBI ooai. nmcaamw. ?tf?kita' art?loo* roodrod Ja Liverpool reproach! i i m NE THE CAN The Seat of War I II T \ENNE5S0^DCE P!0S''^^^^SI l\ 5#^' TtjMBUiiANb^i ?\ I J %\r jtt WOUSM^^ \ yUOH ft scy of w VtSS/a & 3<rM?mr thw privaleet Mufnter as detained at Gibraltar from difficulty iu otetaiolug coal. A meeting of tho parties connected wKh the coaling business there resolved not to supply ?r>al to the Sumter except for cash, the pupar offered xs payment .although on good houses, being deemed eligible. The same ad i ices represent the crew of the Sumter as line fellows, buS nautical lucu say the ship has ' no Gght tn her. TIIK LONDON TIMES AS A FINANCIER AND PROPHET, j Tlie London V'twes, in an on American affairs, says that in the last six months America lias coiitriye I lo spend mom uioney in a shorter time, and to less purpose, than any |>?o|>la who ever livod on the fan* of the earth, and that 1" ali that has literally been done during this period, it proceeds to argue that the subjugation of . the South and a future union has become impossible, 'ill* PHKSS ON' 'INK PKHStON' OK PAHLIAMKNT. The Loudon jmiriiiala generally regard the Queen a tpeeoh M a negative, and ne/ar a tat iyfartery docunun'. j Jhf l.tHutu'i lirt'ol'l > opposition) hat x*urcfly a I'fitiiI k to [ offlrot' tht ministerial jnogrujHint. am/ tny* il it tli fl-juU to ] cri/ii ise blank }xiprr. Tlit .w**ion of I'arliatnenl apt out i rat/ah/, and with no show of opposition, and thu indication* 1 wcve that the sea-ion would be a quiet one. The fllobe, however, admits that Parliament is about . equaliy divided,.end lliat ibe conservatives might, if they chose, bring about serious complications. It inti maiee that, in the even of defeat, Lord Palmer?tcui would dissolve Parliament ami appeal to the country. KKKM.U OPINION ON NKUTHAL SIGHT?. M D'Hauteleiiille, the well known writer on intonation* Haw, urges in the Htrne ftvatempnraiite the meeting of a j congress to settle Hie rights of belligerents at sea, and the formation of a league of armed neutrality to protect the commerce of neutral Powers in the event of mari- | lime war. | France. Tlie Bank of Fiance on the #tb reduced lis rale of discount* I row b}', to 4 per cent. Tin; flhamlsir of Deimties had commenced the discussion of the bill for the convention of the 4,', per cent rentes, m. liarimon strongly oppoyrd It. 1 he Paris CwttUt'ionnel says the minor that Kughsh caplia'tsts had contracted to loan ?4,000,000 to the French government is not correct, but s^h circumttan- | tie! particulars are given in the liOtulou papers that there is no doubt tbe arrangement Ixeen mad*. Jibe Bom i.? was firm; rentea ill' 40c. Lojinop, Feb. 9, 1S?2. Tba French ?'handier of Deputies hat passed the toil] | converting the rente*. They etwee firm at 7K. 4?c. I'aaix, Fab. 9, 11W2. The says that tbe bill for the conversion of ibe reutea will he prevented to lha Senate to-morrow. Tbe interest on Treasury# lulls is fixed at n and 3;, |wr eent, according to the tune or ibeir railing due. Vesierday evening, tn the t.'erps Legrdatif, M. Vintry defended and M I'lrard opposed the lull lor tbe conversion ?f tbe routes. The dioruseten will be resumed to-day. 1 Tlie Moniteiir tay? tbe hnglmh Journals announce tbat the Frtuch government la negotiating at I/mdou for ' a loan of four million pounds. This assertion it erroneous. j llwlyf Tt,*i?, Feb. 0,IMS. Tbe/(ttitd publishes a circular from tba Minister of ibe Interior exhorting prefects t? prevent, by tbe exe ise of legitimate intf'iencea. popular msuifesiatiout like those recently rnado in 1'arma and oilier towns. Ti aia, Feb. 8,1 fi?2. The On?fit', replying to the rumors that lit* government encouraged the manifestation* against lbs temporal power at Home, ibsl it bad dooreed tha recall of Ma/zlni, and, by means of i-trrel euciMirsgstc nt. was preparing a clamlastine expedition, declare* that Ibe government will net depart from the isw? of an upright and loyal poliey, and will endeavor lo seize every opportunity which present* itself or assuring m en smpls and fruitful nut oner tha desires of tbe nation. Wpalxa. The Cortes wm discussing lbs treaty with Mexico. M?rtinf/ da la Iloaa was dangeionaly 111. Hl? lira t#a* despaired or. M. Moa wan nunmened from Pari* la laka bit ptara u President or tba ( hambar or Depnties. M?i>air>, Fab. 7?P. M. Sanor Martmer da laBoea >i daad. PalMdt Adv.cea from Waraaw anaounoe that judgment haa bean pronounced by court martial an tba Co I bo lk: prlaata impriionad in Iba citadel. Four canon war#ooadamnad la transportation tn (liberie, and one to imprisonment in tba rortress. Dtamark. (Vtmntioan, Feb. #, 1M9. The poranimaot l.aa obtained an Important rlctery aa tba ministerial project for tba modincation of tba quorum In tlia Rlgaraod was adopted ye-tor day by a great majority after a protracted dissuasion. Tmrkey, A Turk tab squadron, nndar Oaanar Paste, bad tofiCon tant.ocpia for tie Adrian#, laden wltb munitions of wan W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY, USE OF OU in Middle Tennes Nashville " ?W; kZJ$u )ft0*y\Jr WNfAU\ f^\ Iffs/i/'X. fWu<Jw/7/l \ V CIj *\ ftAMnmfi I wC/^> V&NCN?FU(>NA ct ? ^J% j V / \ /\ , val V / U/^^3' " " _ j*i!La />BnCQ*a7!Tl \ / OMAYSVULE ^ **??? ~~ s&hr / c\1 charuottJ^t" ^ ^ \fiMTSQNit II \ India. Bombay papers to January 13 represent the product of tbo last cotton crop as pouring iulo Bombay from the various cotton dietrlcts. loiamcrclMl lutrlllgrucr, I UK J.ONDON IIIWKV MARKKT. Tito funds ytr.i t Itrmet' on the 7th instant, apd AttvancOil \'U. notwitlutamling tbo unfnvofabl* bank returns, ami a Icon osay at>|x-aran> e of tlie money market. For ctioico bills a 2*g was generally demanded, tha impression being that Ilia loan to the French government will cans* the rate* for money to nil* higher. It was reported that about ?2.000,000 would be r* milted to T'ari* during February?the first instalment on the l-'lth. Hi is ca.sed a laige demand lor money At the Bank, 1-oniuj*. Feb. 7,18tl2. i Console closed at 921* a 93. The weekly return of the Bank of Kngland shows a decrease of ?.".24.000 .American securities are firmer; sains of Illinois Cential. shares 41 a 4.1 discount. Krie Tlalrond share: 28)^ a 29. l.imtl'OOL COTTON JSAiyikiT. Tlie week's cotton market wits received per Bohemian, i I.IVRKI'OOI. RIIKAPKl'l'FK MAHIBT. The hreuilstiitf murket generally lies a downward ten- ; doticy. The various circulars report;?Flour easier at i SSr. aCls. Wheat is quiet Willi downward tendency; ' red Western lu?. MM. a 13s.: red Southern V-'a. 2d a life. j 3d., w hite Western 12k. 4d., white Southern 12s. 9d. a J 13?. f'orn dtil! with a decline of 3d.; mixed corn 30*. 9.1. a 31s., whito corn 34s. a 37s. I.IVBRITOOI. PROVISION MARKKT. The provision market sri^l ruins dowuwnrd. Mernrs. ! Bigtand, Alliya Ar l'n. report:?Heel' still declining. Pork heavy, and declined 2?. fid. Hacou quiet. I-ard very . dull at 43s. Od. s 46s. Tallow Hat i.tvKjtronr. PKoimcK MAHKgr. Ashes dull at like. for pots sod pearls. Sugar quiet at a decline of fid. Colter steady. Bice quiet and steady. heavy at a decline of 2* Linseed 01!?SalA* bmall at ?34 a ?36. Cod oil?Transact ions light. Rosin dull at 12s. 3d. a 13s. Spirits of turiwntiiie nominal. LONDON MARKKT. Mesers. Raring report:?Rreadstufni dull. Iron steady, hut easier. Sugar firm. Colic* flun. Tea?The market Is steady for common Congou, hie* dull. Spirits turpentine steady at 46*. Wd. Tallow quiet and steady. J Sperm oil ?39 t>?. Cod oil dull, and declined lot. Lin- ! teed cukes tinner. JHK J.ATK8T MARK IT*. I.>vi iipOoj., Fab. 9,18611 Tbssalsaof oolton yesterday reached <5,000 ijalW, inI abiding 'J .000 bsloe to speculator* and expOrters, ilia > tnarkal closing flimar at uiu'iiunged quotations. BrsadatuflV olosted dull. ProviaiOfle inactive. lovoou, Feb. 9, Ilk'.J. 'onrola closed on Saturday at 99', a PyU for mtfttey. American Securities Bala* of fillu?ii l aatral, 44 a 49 discount. it *var ooTTOK MAKurr. 8ale? o.' cotton for the week, 0,600 bale*, tie* ordli naira, l.ft'.d., hen, l.Mf. Ibe market la quiet afl-t irragu* lar. Tha r iu port Amount* to 112,"00 bale* THE CAPTURE OF CURK8TILLE. The I'nlon Tron pa Urcnpy tha Village? The Rebele Heat a Hasty Retreat? kkrtch of Ctarkarllle and lte Defences? The Valne of the Cumberland HirerMap of the Murrouaadlttg Cnuutry?The Rebele Nearly Surrounded. 1'be oftimal i'a|N>rt in toiuio"Soie Foole, ef tha United Stalea Navjr, published yeatei'tay, jlva u.? the dscniro j information that Clarkaville la la the po.aetwion of tha Union forces, (in the appearance of the gunboat* the | citizens, being alarmed last Ilia etllajfo ".boold ha iaaat two thirds of them flsd from tha apot. | Commodore Koote, however, had an interview with tha Mayor and tba Hon. t'tva lohnaon, and axprsaaed hie i views and intentions of not injnritig tlis praparty or par* ??? of auy who would at ones raturn to thoir allegiance, and, at the request of those gentlemen. issued a proclama ltoo,aM'iring all peaceably diepoaed per?oua that they may anfely reeunie tlinlr boaineaa avooationa, providing thai ibty gere n^all military stbreB and eqiiiptnenla in lliair po*i?a*i<m or under thetr chaaga The anihorlllee were held r?ai?>n*ll>l* for the f ilfllh.tni of the hilar portion of lb* proclamation. The ofliiera of ilia (unboai fla-l found, during their vo.vaga from port I'onalvon to C'larktville, that a Union enliment prevailed along the river, and that white flat* ware flying in every direction, donbtleea rained from the terror the rebate felt ia relattoa'to the gunboata The rebel tmope when they left Clarkevtlle retreated In the direction or Naabville, deatroylng befere they lef1 the railroad bridge aereaa the Red river end netting fire to tbaaplandid railroad bridge acroae the Cembariand. later edvicee, however, at ate that the latter wav but little damaged. Tb? citizene of ClerlUrille remonatreted agahwt the wttfiil deetructieo of preperty, which, aa they had evacuated the piece, could not nppnrentty have been a military neeeeaity, en the road doee not lead to Naehvilla hut their .romonatrancee were all in rain. They nleo eat Are to the iron rolling alii belonging to the Don. John Bell, which had been for some (tin* preriooolp WOd by th* ratxl* * military work* A larg* <i**ot It 7 ?f robol *tor*o W?r* oapttvod at the mm* tint* bp th* Union fore** wbon tbep oconpiod the riling*. Tb'*> without doubt, ahowa thai th* r*b*lo ro troatod In (rent hoot*, th* uptnro or ouch ploco* an Fortn Dmeleon and and Boorp gtring (hem but llttla conflileaeo in tbolr d*f*ne?o at ClarkavlHe. Ail (ho fori I Ar?ikm* on olitaor tide of the Tl*d rivor w?ro deatropad and takon potennalon of bp th* Union troop*. Riuactl til)*, on the railroad landing from Bowling Or**n to ClnrharHIo, ban aleo boon tak?n pottaaaion *r bp oar > forcoo tMTOB 0* OUMHTtllli 1 OarhnoHo wan thrlrtnp poet oiling* in Ioouomoo, RK H FEBRUARY 24, 1862. f M8VILLE, TE isce?Flag Officer Fcx Phreatened. V\ L^ kV CPOS^koAipf^J \| r^~ ^^^g^.U4AfS -j|Vy *1) *T ' '' ' " .-u^ft1 ana too capital 01 Montgomery county. u is tocaieu i i on the right or north side of the Cumberland river, at (he J point where the lted river emptier itself into the former ! stream. It Ik situated at shout fifty miles to tho north' west of Seehvillc, the ogpital of the Stale. In it* prosperous deys it bn<.l a population of between three ami live thousand persona, and had considerable tradeThere were at one time two good banks established in tbe place, and four or five newspaper office*. On the whole, previous to the breaking out of tbe rebellion, it gave great promise of being a rising place, but at the present time it apjiear* to have greatly retrograded. DCPItNCKa, NATTIUI. AND ABTIKICIAL. In the netghlmrhood of Clarlrsvillr, and for amne (lis* laaw further op th-- river, are a number of blulft, some r wh oh are precipitous and itifitonlt ?f access. Those luive been made use of for the purpose or fortification, end extensive acid formidable rebel works trace boon In the course of construction there for two or three month*, especially along tbe Ked river. A Urge pmiibor of heavy gun* were roper tod to h(ve hem shipped to this i-ou^l,

for the purpose, so it was ypjj). of protecting the ra.iroad bridge and tbe communication with the capital of the ! State. It war also reported th'ot ton thousand mm U-f* j Howling ftreon two or three weeks since to reinforce I this point, aiid further that General Hardee had been i jti command of the po*r (f Bo they very haHlly left ' When they fonod the Cnion force* were on tbe road to , that place. Tho rfQ'fad from l/jui*viile via Howling I Oreeii and RiiiiselWille pauss tnrough the village, and it cro-oto* the i*taih?rlabd at this jaunt by a valuable bridge. What troops may recently have hen at ll|ese two last name t place* hp. e ilObbtless sent lor 1 A. CI..I II. A. la n.......ii.. : - T*nrtl |U AS n?miu^ ?n?w, i?ur"?iiTinc , and Clarkavilie aru now in the bund* ol the Union troops > j 1 a road is now open to Nashville, by which it lg not. at all j naiikelj our troops rosy march u|*m tbo rebole at itiat . ?:?<*. ! run PRIM'irAI. OFFICER* AT ri SRKiiVll.Mt. I Telegraphic information stater that tlenrrsl Smith, of j (iepei *1 Oram's column, had taken military pos?eaiiun of Clarkxville. Tbo following i? the composition of bia ! i at* IT'? j COMMANDER OF THIRD DIVWIO.N. Acting Make General?Hi ig. t;ao. Cues. V". >?iuh, of | pannsylfama. Acting Adjutant Hem i?l? Cajit. T. t?. Kewshatn, t'ui t?d dlatee Aunt. i Mcjicpl Oirr tor?H. H. ijewdt, 11. D.,volunteer*. Dir<giob Quart riuagtoT-At'iipt. IJeo. A. Fierce, volunj teora. . Uivificu CoiniAlj-uiry?Cept. Jobn fl. U>*. Chief of Kngmfllra?Capt. Rziba, Nineteenth "a'antry, i United "Stales Army. C'bief ot Ordnance?Capt. J. A. Newstadter. Captain of Engineers?Imre Radrmb. Ald-de-C*nip?I.iwt Jae P. Froth, Eleventh Indiana Volunteer*. The force we do not think it politic to piiluigh at pro. ' j aent. Ol tl MAT OF 1MB VK-TS'tTT. Wo tbia day present ?utr readers with a bange-un* map | ef the *li loftjr, drawn by a etisble pei guv, from efflc'al gouroaaaf Information. It embraoea all tbe rroporlaot poipls In the vietnlly of Nashville, taking RijjSellvlllei now in the band* of the IT^n Iroepa. ae Its uorthorp point of start'ng, and Fo^Heoty on the weal, and going lows to Nasbviit* on tbe aontb, and flsllatin on lha east. Tba pmi.inity of t larkavklla and Foil Donel* son ia apparent at a glanae, and tbe water communication between both iboae points ami Nashville clearly laid down. Tba railroad* from Bowling liraan via Franklia oc tba east nr. 1 Rutseilvill* and Hodanvilla Junction on the weat la al?o shown. Bo* these Uoet join at villa Junction, aoMetlmoe called Fdgeueid Junction. only ''en m'les north of Vaehrllle, and fommut hy both roods will doubtless untie at thie point, and-insr.b to thai elty. B'll the water communication la mora valnahle In a military erd naval point or view. Commodore Foot* reports tbst he intended to proceed np the Cumberland. Wo thei afore reproduce ew aketoli of mat river. tbk cctrmar/ixn nivxx. The Cumberland rlvar,one of tba Urgent adh.auta nf the Ohio, to vary ciraultoua In Ite coutm. ft rues <n the Cumberland Moentalns of Kentucky, neai the southeast orn poiltoa of the Mate, and, flowing westward and aoutbward,past SVinernM and Mill Spring, the reoont scene of the dafaat and death ol Zolliooffer, enter* Teunaaioabatwaan Jackson and Overton counties. After making nn aitenaiva circuit throtigh Middle Tanneasaa. pasting In ita court* CarUuga aid the city of Naah tllla, It torna lawarda the uortbwaat. and again ouitr* Kentucky. about ten mil** to the east of the Tennessee rivar. HdinMi moairijin ?uu inn point u paiaaai lark*' vilia and Dorar. lta aonrao, altar aataring Iba Put a of Kantncky, la oaarly parallal wltb that of iba Tasnaaaaa rirar untM it aoiait iba Ohio at Braithtaod. Tba wbola langtbaf ?b? rirar it aattmatad at about tlx hundred milaa. Oa carefully atndytog an? map, H will at race be aaaa bow our fortaa ara crowding tha rebele. 1 bay will hara to make way for them. far tbay ara going roathwarri with warty atrldaa and with aura foothold. and 'boaa who oppoaa thorn mnat take tha onnaanuaaraa. ijrernnB bt Da. Baam.?Dr. Barber ia to glva a lacture at tha Mercantile Library lecture Room the availing at tight o'clock. Tha e-jfject ia tba "Downfall of Nailona," moral, political and eoeial catiaoa; aff#. la on tba pmyraa lira ceoditiep of mankind. ERAI HHESSEE. ote at Olarksville?ww\ ^ ^VA/: *.'Ll.OY^I -&; CROSS PLAMSPS^ // I ^PIELD^T !{ **HF0*?//\1 / 50UrH>Tt//V/VEC%| tj yWWVMfiE SPB,NCS$/ 1 \^^f0fl,?J<r /GALLATIN? x^icc.cro&)\ i j j . J JPAAfflSU \^JX?SsM PILOTkNOELf VWiijiiiiiihio^HW*** Tl V?Nv SANDSBSVICU eooDLErrlblLJx \JiSVfU?JUHOna/FBf x[ AlADISOHjy I Vm jy/f/^o j \\ fin \FOVWlAp QFWZM.TH ' Central Grant** Official Report of tUe Capture of Fort Donelaon. Bkabqv crtkrs Army j* tr* Fim.n, 1 Fort I)onki?o.?, Feb. M, HflJ. / Sen. C. W. Citron, ClWef of Staff, Department of Missouri:? Ok.nt.iui?1 am pleased to announce to you the unconditional purrendor, th!a morning;, of Fort Done'.ton, with twelvd to fifteen thousand prisoners, at least forty pieces of artillery, and a large amount of rtores, horses. mules, and other public property. I left Fort Henry on tho 12th lurt., with a force of tbont 15,000 men, divided Into two divisions, tiuder the ommand of (liberal* McCIemand anil Smith. Si* regilieuta were sent around by water the day before, convoyed by a gunboat,-or, rattier, started one day later than on# of the gunboats, and with instructions not to pat-d it. The troops made the march In good order, the head of ;he column ariiving within two miles of the fort at twelve o'clock V. At lb:* point the enemy's pickets were met ao<l driven in. The fortifications of tlv enemy were from this point | jrmlualjy approached and snrro-uided, with occasional j tmrmjMiillig UII till- mtu. UK Kunming ? / , ,,,a .. , ill* nou.arrival of tlm gunboat and reinforcements sent I ?y water, no attack was made: but the investment was j xtended on the flanks nf th? enemy, and | :u litit work*, with skirmieljinK all d*^- Tbe evening of Ijr 13th the gunboat* and reinforcements arrived. (hi be 14lh * gal I Am attack was mad* by Kl*g Officer Foot# ipmi tba enemy's woiks Willi bis float. The euga^mont anted probably una hour and a half, and bid rail' to result favorably to tlio causa ot the I'uion, when ttfo ui.lrxky d?"i* disabled two of tba armored gunboats, ho that they were carried back by tbe current. Tbe retnaining two j were eery much disabled also, having received a number <<f heavy shot* about the |>ilot. boose and other parte of j tbe vessels. After thef>e mishaps 1 conchutad to make the invsstmui.t of I'ort DOMlson ae perfect ae poet tide, j and partially loriify and await repairs to gunboats. I'hia : plan was frustrated, however, bribe enemy mac ing a lnoet vigorous attack upon eur l ight wing, coiutn mded | by (leneral .1. A UcClernand, with a portion of the force under General L,. Wallace. Tbe enemy ware repelled, alter a cfbMly contacted battle or Mveril hours, in vrnich our lost n?> heuvv. 'the officers and particulariy Acid officer*, lufl'ercd out of prooortihn. I have not menus yet of determining our loss eten approximately, but It cannot fait aboil of 1,200 killed, wounded and mieaing. tlf tbe latter. I understand, through ( enei al Bockner, about two hundred and fifty were taken primmer*. 1 shall retain enough of tbe <Demy to exchange for them, ae they wei* immediately shipped off and not left for recapture. About the close of the action the ammunition in the carlrtfae boxee gave out, which, with the loss of many ol'Uie fie Id officer e, produced great confueion in (he ranke. Seeing that tbe enemy (lid not teke advantage of tbii fact, Tordeied a charge upoti the le'.t?eormy'e right? witntbe divleiuh under <|m C. K. Sindb, which waa 'most brilliantly executed, And gave to our arm* lull a?eurauoe of victory. J be battle lasted until dark, giving u* poeaeesion ot part of their Infrenrlfltieute. An attack wai ordered iiphn their other flank , after the charge by t.'en. Smith wee ooihrueuved, by the division" under Heneisie MrCJeruand and Wallace, whib, notwithstanding i lb hour*4)' exposure to j hsavy tire In the fore parffiuf the day. w*e gallantly made atffi the enemy further repoised. At the points th?;irnt?ined.ul|Jit havin^xmieou, i *11 iii* trqnpa am amied 101 inr uigui, imiiig iuih rat' . pl?l* victory would crown tbair labor* at an early bour In the m&utag TM* morning, at eery early hour, | (Ian. fl. B Bin oar ?*nt a iiu-wag* la our camp under a ll?got i rmm, pr >i>o*mg*i. ariniaiice. a*. Auopyotfba oorrMpoadanr.fl which ?nri*<l is ha.ewtth arcoinpaukul. I con not Dilution individual* w ho specially d 1*1 Injpiish d Ui*(naolv?*. tint leave that to dtviaion and tirlgad* otfkar*. whoa* raport* will b* forwarded an aoon as rnc#'.v*d. To aivision com iiagdere. however, General* McCMrnaltd.HwilUl and Wjillaca, I final do th* Iuatlcc to nay that ?*< b ol thorn rfcr* with I hair command* in ttia mldjt of ditngar. aiffl wcr* alway* ready to asecule all or darn, no mat tar what kin cipoaure to thaiuaalva*. At rka hourtha attack waa mad* on Canrrai ti*cier- I naiid'a command I waa abaent. having recdiv*d a nolo rrotn Hag OBcer Fool*, leqnerting m* to go and *? him, ho being uuabl* to call. My pc-annal staff?Oolo**lT . T). W?balrr,Cbi*f of Staff; Colonel J. Riggtn, Jr., Volunteer Aid , Cecum ft. a. llawling, Actiog Adjiitant C*n?ral ; Captain* C. B. laaow and W S.IIIllyer, Aids, aud Li*t1'en*iit Oolonol V. H M Theraon, Chief Knginter?all *re d?*e rviag of peiaoual mention for their gallantry and e*rvie*? For lull dataili and report#, and pai ticulara, r*f*r*nc* i* mad* to the report* of ib* *ngin**r. medical-director and . ommand* of brigade* and diTlaion*,lo fuii*w. 1 am. General, v*ry respectfully, your ob*di*at aerrant. V. 8. GRANT, Brigadier Uem-ral. The Naejr. Tb* Vtiil*d Slat** *team tloop-of-wer Ban Jaelt.lo wil| he put In eommimlon at tbo Breton Navy Tard abetit tha Skiti mat. Tha following la a lei of tha oflcara of tbh abip:? fW<o>>?fm, Honolreiidoi'ff Flnl /.IrtdefKiftt?R.? handler. .Vxvmi MMfrNMtf-BMtty P. h?Hh. fluryewt-Jehn A. hock wood. J'ammuA*r-Thome* C Maeten. Cttlrf ANigtnrvr?Mortimer Kallogg. A mMR it JAirpeetf?Geo D. Slocutn. Acting Mart*)'? floury J. Oeop. Sumner Withmglon Mid II. V. vnnumv. LUutwtiUef Marine*?1. I? Pawaeo and Rob art Rtdd. ,v*?nd AMutantE ffbif rt?H. 0. McIlra1oe,Oaorga W. H?H and Hanry 8. D*tM?. yVrrf A$tiHant Enginery?TAm)n Walt*, flanrjr W. dcoif, Edward Ltnon'n and Nathan P. Town*. A<i\nfl Mnriert' Main?Thomas Smith J P. Waad.A, H. Fullar an?l 1,. C. Mowland. PnymatPr'i Clerk? Philip T. Roacba. 'Otplnin * Clerk?W 1). Walk*" Ounnrr~C. A. Siapharacn UoeUnonin? John liar lay. (hgtrnfrr-V F. I<aigMoi>. ,%ailwtit*r?I fl Wak atrial. ,D. PEICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH.' MEETUG OF THE REBEL C0IGRE8S. Official Reports of the First and Second Days' Proceedings. Speech of Speaker Bocock, of the House. CANVASS OF THE ELECTORAL VOTES. Jeff. Davis and A. H. Stephens Receives all the Vote*. The Release of the Union Prisoners at the South, ' Ac., Ac., Ac. \W liavo received another interesting collection of late papers,among which are the Norfolk Day Hook, Feb. 20; Richmond DitpaUh, Feb. 18, 10, an* 20, ami the Richmond K,iqiiirer of Feb. 10 and 20. From these paper* we take the following items of late Southern news. THE NEW REBEL CONGRESS. 8BNATE. Uk'hmoiid, Fob. 18,1862. The Senate convened at noon. Tlie Vie* Provident elect of the Confederate .States, Hon. A. H. Stephens, in in tlio chair. Tue Vice President, under the authority or the constitution. formally opened tho session of theSenele. He culled the attention of Kouafors to the published acta passed by the Provisional Congress, and caused the temporary cleric to read the last clause of the permanent 0 institution; also the act of the Provisional Congress putting in operation the permanent government of the Confederate States, and the act Mipplemomjd to tho same. The roll being called, the following tftnatorn animated to their names:? Arkamuu?Messrs. Mitchell and Johnson. Florida?Messrs. Maxwell and Baker. titorgia?Mr. Hill. Kentucky?Mr. Simms. /.omumcim?Mr. Sparrow Miuiminri?Mr. Brown. Miuouri?Messrs. Clark an.. Peyton. Xoi llt Carolina?Messrs. I *uvts and Dortch. Sontk CaroUua?Messes. Barnwell and Orr. 'I'.Htteesee?Messrs. Ha> nes and Henry. itracur-Mr. Oldham. Virginia?Messrs. Hunter and Preston. Niueteou Senators being present (a quorum), the oath to support the constitution was then administered. The Senators taking the oath in parties of four at a time. The Vic* PitcaiDinrr auuounued that the first business before the Senate was the eloctlou of a President of tbe Senate pro tern. Mr. Davis, of North Carolina, moved that the Hon R. M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, be unanimously chosen President of the Senate pro too. Carried. Mr. liuuter was conducted to tho chair l>y Messrs. Hill 01 Ceorgia, Johnson of Arkansas, and Simms of Kentucky, and the Vice President retired. Mr. IIctikh said that all his thanks were due for thin high honor, and tlie best he could promise in return was, thai he would strive to discharge his duties with energy and impartiality. The election of a Secretary of tbe Senate was then in order. On the sixth ballot, James H.Nash, of Keutb Carolina, having a majority of all tlio votes cast, was declared the Secretary of tbe Senate, aud caine forward and was duly qualified. Mr. Onk, ol South Carolina, moved that the temporary Secretary of the Senate be seut to tbe House of Representatives. Willi the information that tbe Senate waa organized. Carried. On motion of Mr. Ork, the Senate proceeded to the election of a Doorkeeper. Two ballots were bad, the last resulting in tbe election of Mr. James Page, of North Carolina. During the balloting Mr. Wigfall, the Senator from Toms, api? ared in his sunt and subsequently took tha oath. Ou motion of Mr. Orr the daily hour for the meeting of tii.i Bcnute was fixed at twelve o'clock M. The Senate then adjourned. HOWE OK ltKPRERENTATIVF.S. Precisely at twelve M. tlio members of the House ol Representatives were called to order by lion, llowell Cobb, of (ieorgia, President of tlie late Provfit.onal Congress. fervent end appropriate pf.vyer was ollcred by Rev. Jnuies A. Duncan. Ihe presiding officer then caused to bs read an act of the Provisional Congrecs, whereby It wo* mode lile duly to preside at the organization of tliv House of Representative* of lh<- permanent Congress. In virtue of the xatne authority Reappointed as Clerkjwolew William K. Uer(Ion, E?<|..of Virginia. The roll of mom'isrs was then called by fiutee, and taken in alphabetical order. The following members were found to lie present Alab-imit?Messrs. I'.irgau, Chilton, Pogh, Curry, Rawk'B,CI"pton. Arl.-antcu?Messrs. Unison. Roy ston, Garland, Hanly. Korkitt?DorkhtN, Hilton. 'Veuiyto?Messrs. Kenan, Holt, A. R. Wr.ghl, Car lr ell, Clarke, Trippe, liewis, Strickland. Kentucky?Ve-ars. Maclith,Crockett, Read, Kwmg, B. W, Bruce, Moore, Bre< Uinridge, Elliott. Loni.niiia?Me.-.srs. Kcnncr, Villere, rerktna, Conrad, Marshall, lHl|irc. Miuiuijmi?Jl Mr?. McRae, Clapp, Davie, Welsh. pisgb-tou RarWalale. Miovt'ri?Me-us. ltell, Vert, Conrow, Cook,, Rat ri . Xwth Cdrolina? Messra. Hridgee, Kenan, McPowell, Ashe. Mcl.can, lander, llailher, Davidson. Siovth CoruliiM?Messrs. Boyce, Miles, B. tliatn Me yuecn, Farrow. Tnuettcc?Messrs. Currin, Koote, Monee, Jonee, Hew, Tibbs, Gardenlij er, Ileiskill. r,o ?Messrs. Wilcox, Graham, Herbert, Wright, Orey, Sexton. l irpund?Messrs. Chanibltsa,, Pryor, Bewick, tioode, Dejarnvttc, Wm Smith, Boteler, Staples, Preston, Jet. km*, Johnson, Russell, .The following members failed to answer te Drew uame*:? AWxiMiy? Me-sr*. Smith and Foster. f/tm-yia?Messrs. llartrldge end Mnnnerlenn. Ktntiu'ltj/?Meesre.Crismss, Burnett, Hodge end Wy M. Bruce. MUiiittpfi?Mr Cbsuibert. tfoseuri?Mr. Hyer. Awin t'iroliiKi?Messrs. Smith and Arringt .%utA (Virofcae?Mr. dyer, yiinmawe?MessrsaAtklns and Gentry, t'wyinto?Meter*. Harnett, Iloktonebe and Baldwin. T >lal present, eighty-seven. Total absent, eighteen 1 he presiding officer announced that n quotum wan presMit, and then proceeded to administer to tfle members tho osth of office. For this purpose they were celled by States, the members from each 'State having the following oath administered to them:?"Ton and each of you do solemnly swear that yon will support the constitution of the Confederate States of Amer.oa?no a*1)) you I'll. Tli? presiding officer then announced that the eiecnon of Hpeiker wae next in order. Mr. II. ft. Footn, of Tennessee, nominated Thomae 8. Bocock, ol Virginia, Cor (bat office, lie paid a high tribute to bta qualifications. Mr. Booockaaeelecteil without opposition. Jttr. B"cuic,oa taking the chair, addreaeed the Bouse as follower? Owrutiw* or rut Hot*** or RsratsnrraTnss? 1 return to yon my srmere thanks for the honor yon have done toe in selecting me to preaide oyer your deliberations during thia tbe first Congress under our permanant con* atitution. And I deaire to eay that It will be my one great aim, In discharging the Out lea of thia office, ho to conduct tnj self ae to alioer to you and to the world that your confidence hna not been altogother misapplied. 1 m.-ty be permitted^ say that I have a firm determination, so far a* I ma^bc able, to maintain the dignity and prcseve tbe decorum of tble body; to adminater lie rnlea with llriuneae and courtesy, and to oonduet TM business with tbe etrlcteet Impartiality. If euch a determination, united with a atneere deaire to Bee our legielattoa take anub shape ae will beat tend to aecore tbe Independence, maintain the honor, and advance tbe welfbre of tble entire confederacy?if thle could command aucceee?1 am ure I might expect to succeed. But other qualiScatiena are requisite, about which >t la not for me to promiee. II in anything I may fall abort, I truat that tbe same kind partiality which hat called me te thle position, will throw Uie mantle of charity over my defects, and will give mo In every time of trial, that kind oo-oporatlen and gener one support which my dnAcieacea may require. The unaaimity with which yea have made thia elect tea la a happy augury of the spirit with wbleh your proceedings will be governed. This is no time far lime Tor Jealousies or heartburnings. Influenced by e Ceet common purpose, sharing together the earoe riob ue, and united by a common destiny, let us boon every murmur of discontent and banlah every feeling at personal grief. Here let us know no man eava as a oo-laborer In tbe same treat cause, sustain Ins these whom rircumaUnoee may designate to go Per _bi... Mthins fur tbe sake merely of pereenal ?ratldcluion>il Willi"# ? ?thar to ylald afarytbiMfnr fhi public ^-"loW pr^rlnc oyanoihar," Tiiit aom? of foil, mfloancad oy momentary impvlaa, houid crow rMiifO ifiulor the nDforcnmanU of tboaa rui* which yo" nicy make for your own mrtoramant would bo a matter noitbor or aurprlaa nor of oomalalat. Hut b? will pmvo talmaalf oltbor a weak or a bad men wbo on reflootion,fall* to call back bit waywarttaplrM and ouhjoot It to nacoaaary raatratnt. Bubnriaaton to oon titutod authority la tha primary nacaaaity la all oemmn. niiiaa, and aalf control la tba rblaf haaop of lodlrMoal Ufa la tba llcbi of oat'ioa aroma wa cap IWWft IH t

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