Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1862 Page 2
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2 THE OCCUPATION OF BOWLING GREEN. J ? I The Evacuation of the PUee hy the Rebel*? ? Generah Jahwtaa and Beauregard Take the Tram for Nashville, [' Ait, k#?, he* ? 01 Our Bowling Green Correspondence. J howLwiu Cbksn, Ky.. Feb. 16, 1S62. u TV Snddcnnen of the Order h, March Fpon Bowling ti Orten?A Kirced March?Eighteen Mil ft the First Day? Ul A Loeoaiotxrr. Stopped by a Riflt Shot?TU Railroad Depot Shelled and the fim-itiotu either Destroyed or Taken Jrotn the Rebelo?The Passage the Rarrry Ripr-JKe Bridget OvMoyed by the Bebels-Th, Tri^pt P Enter BmAuy breen-The Prospects of a Forward Movement, t?c , <6c. le Here we era at Bowling Green. Our division, under ti the direction of the commanding General, has been launched like a thunderbolt upon the place, and has i> secured *11 the fruits of a great victory by the vigor and j wl rapidity of tbs enterprise, without the sacriiice of a " single life. The suddenness of the movement took every wt one by surprise, all being prepared for and expecting a 110 delay of days, and perhaps weeks, at Green river, before *Jm advance was made. Of course the surprise was most Na unexpected by the enemy, who codld never believe that a march of forty miles over roads obstructed by treee, an and ploughed up to a great depth where there was any tbi chaaoe of making an impassable bog, could beaccom. tio plished by an entire army, with its full complement of bu, artillery and with ita long train of wagons, in two short Na February days. Tbe order for march was received at wii six P. If.; at seven the General had his brigade com. menders, colonels and quartermasters at hia beadquar- tri ters, when the moat rigid scrutiny was mads into the in haute of the column, and instant provision made to sup- rtu ply them. At eight o'clock all retired to their several ^ headquarters, to push forward tbe necessary movements, I under instructions to be ready for the atart by six ths next morning. At ten minutes pest six the au march was commenced, all being in readiness. wil To understand the immense labor necessary to effect this, ^ imagine tbe moving of an entire town of 12,000 people, VI being effected within the short ppare of ten hours. But > it was done, and dona so completely that from the start 13tl not a tingle hindrance occurred to break tbe line of march. The General bad infused his own indomitable Gen spirit into all bis army, from the highest officer to every moprivate, and ell were eager to perform an amount of labor that would have seemod absolutely impracticable under Any other than the grand and exciting Impulse of the hour. The signal gun, at six o'clock, put in motion the great mass of men, with such bountiful-order and regularity as to make one of the most imposing spectacles in the world, the brigade under Colonel ^Furchin leading the column, followed by tbe Seventeenth and the Eighth, each in its own proper position in line, the splendid band of the regiments playing tho "Star Spangled Banner" and other national airs. The General was hailed with -the most enthusiastic shouts as he passed along the lines, <he men being in the highest spirits and feeling that under such a leader there would be such work given them to do as would be worth performing. The morning was cioar and still, and when the sun arose and lighted up the world" it seemed as if be gave a promise of good things to come to all who were engaged In this glorious enterprise, the first day's march accomplished eighteen miles? sn unparalleled ftat?when over 12,000 men, with heavy artillery, baggage trains, carrying rations and forage for so large a force, came to the halt without a single accident or unusual delay. Fifteen or sixteen miles of this day's march were over a dirt road, which the enemy had plowod up in placet and obstructed with fallen trees. These were removed by the pioneers, and the column passed en without halts. The fatigue was eheeefully borne by all, for ws were in tho advance. That magic word now stirred the pulses with double life and motion. The next day's march was over a turnpike. The start was made at half past seven o'clock in the morning, snd by half-past eleven the cavalry (Fourth Ohio), with L<omis> battery of Parrott guns, swept up to the river's bank. The battery was instantly placed in position, and tha first opportunity given to show what great improvement in practice had been effected by the scientific soldiership of the General, who had devoted a good deal of time to the arm. The rang# ascertained, a ?hot was thrown by Captain I-oomis through one of five locomotives wbic were fixed up and ready to move an Immense amount of provisions. This, at a range of one mile and three-quarters, may be considered one of the most romarksble hits over made. It was "? very palpable hit;" for its effect upon General Hi oilman, who was in the depot, was to scatter him and bis men in an instant?that pious hero swearing by his Maker that It was too hot for them, and tbey must run for their lives. The shelling of the depot saved us five locomotives and I oread tba rebels to burn up and destroy the store." they could not remove. They bad blown up and destroyed the bridges over tbe river, te prevent any pursuit, and tbey left in double baste to save them selves. Not an inatant waa lost in preparing lor the pursuit, and regiment after regitnent came up in double to take their part In tbe action which tbey supposed wes about to take place. The advance guard, com posed of Kennett'a cavalry, made tbe first paimago of the r.ver by a flatboai, about three miles from tho ruins of tbe bridge?tbe approach to which was downs frozen, precipitous bank of rocks, in steps which it was necessary to fill with bags of bran to give a footing to tba horses. B\ this means the regt cnent passed over by halt-past three o'clock in the mom <ng, the rebel cavalry abandoning tbe town at four o'clock, so that our troops were on the other side of the nvrr be fore they left, which they did in such hot haste tlwt they made eighteen tnihs before a halt. Tt was cu the next day that the footbridge was buiit out of the wreck of the i old, upon which regiments crossed, carrying tlu lr bag !~v gage on their backj, which they were obliged to bear up t*r a steep acclivity of rocks, requiring great labor and care to keep their footinr I;y this bold movement instant out possession of the town way tenured. By great labor a ^ ferry ha? boon astab upon the entire division tfca will he passed over to-m.rcow, with its atlra ccmple ! ment of artillery srd -hi . ,'c ige trains. When ycu eoneider tho alin'jt im| . -..hie condition of tho 44 ' os.yon of the deep 11 >i > b -It you have had some vie ?tperioocc in your ) nrueys ton ?li this flats),voti tu ijconcelv? the vast toil and cart that were necv?* p, bestow ed in constructing the roso- 10 and from this lurry th?. of sufflcirnt solidity to bear tb? entrnnuis :rao,- that (01' pass over them. But all this bug be-11 a< te. The materials for there roads nad to be sought fi r Imverydi l( | rection?the long p< erosion of tbi region by the re be is ^ having exhausted nib.'. t everything requisite. "Where there is a * ill there Is h way;" and as we have one wii! to direct us, that ind n liable will made the way. gl. Detachment.* were sett down to tlie river to make* ilq footbridge out of the wrecks of the old, end In * very abort timo a passageway was prepared, over whic h a single fi'e, rank after rank, passad with great rapidity, r? and eaiablishad themselves in the tow n, it wasentircly dearrtad by iherabaie, and left to our occ upation, the only damage done by them being the destruction of io_ verai warehouses, Oiled ?1th tha stores they wore unable . ny ta remove Thus was accomplished the conquest of Bowling Oreen, pt, which gives to us the Gibraltar of Kentucky, and breaks Co la oo that line of defence which the rebels hsve pro" nounced It must b? evident to every re" ^ floclivo observer that thia ta the reward ef a held, enur on gettc movement, which has no parallel in ourprcsent war, and whose result* arc so Important as almost to decide ia advance the settlement oi the gieat question between the loyal aad tha dlaobodien t. That movement could only Drl btve been made by a ecten title ac.idler, eapable of e*t> II( niatiag the pr obabilitlrs of succors with a preeision tha, ir, I eft but little room to chance, and who. aec-mg what was ?f to be done and how It was to be dna, seised upon ib* n? lucky moment with the inspiration ot geanis, aad arcom* W pushed his purpose with that splendid euo oav whirl, la m rc carved for only a few greet leaders. tli In a few hours a bridge will he constructed asms* the h? river, capable of passing the artillery and baggage trams si Tlie ropalrs upon the railroad will be made with every w possible deapetc.n, ana cnuimunirau'm 17 ran osisuiifiivu 1 <n with Louisville in day or two, H is hoped, whlrh will h. eo?ble us to feed our army with nil needed raoillty. Th m tf everything will he prepared for another greet edrenre. in o' ?liu dire. lion lliat will be made, and what blow will nnxt b? struck, none of us yet know Hut fr> m what ha* already boen done we are prepared for greater 8 things than thee, and hope to bid a long adl u a to the rslnr ekl?s of Kentucky for the more g? r< mal climate of -ontherr. Tonne-isco, or that still fartttgr tl ftontbern land v. hero f ixie relgns supreme. But when * ror Um h >ur dor? strike the division will bo found n p prompt for movement an it has shown itself to be during fi the two last *?ry sudden sumiti'ns: and, with such-in t eager s| Ml of martial < nterpri*. as anmsiee it. we msr fi hope u? show snob lighting >s will vlndieoteour claims U> bee mendersid the beet drilled dtwsirn In the ainiy. T?.? rar.i oa I from Howling <;rn m ? ro u,%f fliliM or flxltti n ilM t<? t*??r ii??V?'J 1 *? l*, ?"r I*?*' esion nre IocoBim * Uvea.,,' of who.MslBK' dco,?i , a d enn be u w! * fltuicdiafe jr. while tli" o.her* can be repaired In a ?horl II ?' ? ?* *>" h?ve fee,lit es of ?r n?, .nation on thai d I de which will make us doub'y etrong, as we can ha npl fully supplied with provisions on any further Tor ard movaoaeui by drawing our euppttSS direct from ouuville. Wa may now be watched with great interest; for tha ork already done given promise of gi eater things to How It soem* avideut to us, who can only guess at ie raovsaenta whieh will follow, that, having once bees ut forward In advance, wa most go sheai with uureixing vigor and promptitude, until wa are brought face > lace with the enemy upon aouiu battle (laid chosen hy imself. But no one eau calculate upon the ic>ral laflucno# f such successive d s isters and retreats. The Coofcaeites or reliaLi are sanguine to tha extreme of rashness hen successful; but when reverses happen to them icy are disheartened aud demoralized in the same (V emei, and they may, after all, d.sappfAJ |W*ttn. essoe without a single great VitUifc Hrbrl Accounts. 1'MK EVACUATION OF BOWLING (JKEEN, A Bowling Green correst?uderit of tho Lynchburg HeUllican of February Id says:? Bowling Green beon evacuated and ahandonsd. A urtion of our troops are falling bark on Nashville, as f Ave, and a portion of th m have gone in another dirocpn, which It qui ba imprudent to mention at this time. 9 we reached the depot everything was in commotion. II civilians were excluded from tha return trains to give ace to sick, soldiers aud defenceless women and children, ho were ileeing from their homes for places of greater fety. The movements, however, were all conducted a moat orderly and quiet wsy, and showed that they ire dictated by cool wisdom and devoted patriotism, d not by panic and fear. Bowling Groan is a beautiful town of about 3,000 inhabi its, ana me whole country between thin place and ehvillo is one of the flnedt. most cultivated and produce 1 have teen outside of Virginia, rhere are said to be sev eral I'nion trailers in this place, d last nig tit they showed their fiendish exultation at i departure of our troops by setting fire to a large porn of the village occupied by secessionists. Several ildings were consumed. We are this moment leaving Bowling Oreen for hvilla. Ventral Beaitrtpanl and Ventral Johmton, !A Iheir staff*, are <m board. As we move slowly away ) ladies crowd the balnonv of a distant residence, and leaib the stars and bars of a Confederate flag, floating umphautly over them, are waving their handkerchiefs token of honor to the gallant commanders who are just tnging their field of active operations. What heroism 1 patriotism are here displayed by these, the most decelces and exposed. t is not thought probable that the enemy will make Immediate advance along the Bowling Creea route, ess they detest us si Fori Honshuui. In that event, advance movement along the whole line of the enemy I be made, and terrible lighting will ensue. Before l roaches you, therefore, you will doubtless receive by graph stirring news iron tn-s quarter. THK FIRE. ,n extensive fire occurred at Howling Creen on the It mat., wlii'-h resulted iu the destruction of several [e establishments. The soldiers worked hard, aud lly succeeded in extinguishing the conflagration, erals Johnston and Hardee, in person, directed the r entente of the troops. "Tall Wrltla't" OR, " SEWARD SET TO MUSIC." [From Hunch of Feb. 1.] 1 guess them sarcv Britishers Won't easy get to ioewurd Of such an all flrod smart old cooa As William R Seward. When short o' corn, he'll give 'etn husks; Where he can't hitch, he'll hustle, Sockdolsge, stump, spread eagle,splurge, And circumvent l.ord Russell. Tbsr's that despatch he's just fired off, Itraaly is a meddle; The cuteness and t he smartness ?'t Whip a Europian noddle. Tour statesman of the darned Old Worla, For forms and facts s stickler, Bsd ought to skin his eyelids, e'er He'd turn out such s tickler! The outworn holds of paltry law Round which the British rally, Beyond the plug that's in his jaw. He den't conclude to vallp. On critters that 'ud set up rights Agin' this mighty qation, Like a true base end cittseti Be burls expectoration. Fire law p'ints international He states in language polished? What odds ir tbe.r arc p ints that's been Kepeatedly demolished!' They 're p'ints we want to prove we're right, So Seward Up upholds 'em; And in our Stars and Stripes sublime Magnanimously folds 'em. How calm and grand his attitood. His utt'rance how heroic. Enough to waken up a slawth, Or Tectrify s Stoic! When he declares the narrer bounds Of Old World Law o erleapin'? Mason and Slidell he'd a' kept, If they'd been worth the keeping But t hough ti e iaw be on our aide, (Or. if It ain't, no matter)? Though with a breath the Britishers We iu our might could scatter? The cause is too contemptible Our war dogs to unbridle, We hurl back Mason in your teeth, And arter Muson. Slide!!. A moral triumph we have gained (There 'aCharles 11 Sumner 'ilswar It), But if them prisoners remained In custody, thsy'd mar it. Shall proud Columbia grudge to shake Pollution off her garinint' No! rather let her joy to git Kid of anch cussed varmint. We've druv the Britisher to p'.eag The [flea of law 'afore us, And universal natur' crows At ?uch a sight, in chorus. We ve gi'n him what be gi'n to oa? Spit on I be Bniisli I.ion? Ope wide Port Warren's gales, and sal The Stari. mid Stripes a gym*.' Jell, bavin, he's well nigh chawed up, Obillion in iscavia': For mussy and for pork and corn, The hungry Booth i* cravin'. From wliar he gaaes at the sun, Arism" and a set tin , The Northern Kagia'x wakin' up, And kinder wrathy gettrnf Wait till Jell. Mavis wo have whipped, And crushV th- rel?e1 millions. men let tu?i m i'mmrs reivar? Both soldier* and civilians! We'll flu.r their armies, take their ships, Cpret their ariitoxy: And when the hull New World's annexed, We'll rule the Old by proxy. P?licr Intelligence. L Dishonest IVimktk?A bunas or Titsrre.?Detective ley arrested a domestic named Caroline Miller yesday . on charge of robbing her employer, Dr. Arnold Hawaii, of Xo. 13 K.i.-t Seventeenth street. The -oner, it appear i, made a practice of luring herself for the exprcr p of stealing from employers, i had bem carrying on 'im -.i/une successfully for niore in a year, and menaced -luring that time to steolalerut ijW) worth o' f^tir. i?r. Cavil, ol' Xo. 4ft Bond e; Tli --!o (Virv.d, of Thirty-filth street: Mr. -i;. of Is*.- i terrace, and Mr. Wolfonalinn, of lictiry Htreet, wer<-ainotig the nutnlter of Caroline s tuns. A lot of silverware, consisting of knivo% forks 1 spoon*, which had t ern stolen from t?r. Haws, were ;nvered at a pawn ofhce by the detective, atnl rc-dored the owner. All partiea who have been victimised by prisoner would do well to cull upon otb. cr Farley, tier at Police Headquarter* or the .le,Tcr.--t? Market, roline was oinmltted for examination by ,!u. > .ce Kelly. t Nxw Ivrxaraarvnos or ma Svvpay Juss Steers, or the l?-x .Market l'olice Court, delivered a irp reprimand to tbe~Kleventb precinct police ye-teri morn it t for arreting acme liquor dealers who were *cted 0 H'* * '' "f vc lilt on the Sunday law. Tlie rnatrate decided that the prisoner* had a right to sell nor on Sunday , provided they kept tbetr places closed front and had no noire noli* on inside. A* tbn pvi-oo' had complied with these regulation*, Justice Steer* rlded to discharge thein. much to the disgust of the It-re, who were quite cool dent of a conviction in each te. TO THE KPITOR OF THI! tHKAl-U. Saw York, Feb. 'J4. 1882. In your iseue of the 8th of January an affidavit signed Peter Buenaventura appeared egain-t me, under th? Ml "Folic# Court." Id Jnstle# to my friends I will tte that the case wiia brought to trial to-day, in tha urt of Session, helore Recorder Hoffman, and I was norably acquitted, aa the priwecution (ailed 10 prove e charge. The jury returned the verdict of "not gulltv' thout leaving their seats Th" defence did not produce a witness, as (here was no uece*aily for it. C. E. FOOIJAM. roronera' Inquests. Hotn'U'V. .w Wi.<T UaoaDWAV.?Coroner Wddey was tiffed to hold an inquest yesterday at the New York ispltal upon the body of Patrick llctJrath. a native land. aged thirty-nine years , who died from the effects injuries received in e fight with an acquaintance med James K"iine y. I as-eased, who livad at No f.4 at Broadway, got inio an altercation about t tie pay ?nt of some drinks, when Kennedy followed bun into e hallwav, knocked him down and struck him in the ad with a hammer, the ffght occurred < n the 4th Inst , oca which K'nnedy hae heee In pri?oo The difficulty as wltneeecd by Sarah Mcti'S'b. the daughter of deiceaeed, a child about eight yar md who states that ir father gave the prisoner littie or n > provocation for ie deadly assault The Inqoeel will t*? hnhl at uina clock this morning. Briana av Taicnm Fo-rog ?l.ouia Bonnet. a natire oj wttierlant, aged thirty one yeare, committed aulclde I No f.fl White street on Sunday night by taking mroalve poifn. Lwwjse.j hR(| been in ill health lor mo use paM , Sill, becoming Acs ponder, t, determine i to detroy himself He also had aoro# difficulty with hit arente, which prebably hastened the movement, oroner Wlldey held an mqucal upon the body, when he jury rendered a verdict in accordeuce a itb l' ? the e acta Ohttnary, M'e.* died a t Hon lb Plymouth,Mam ,Vohru ry !t,el the *gu or nineiy nine years, n - a mon" a sn-l ivtsa,i -leys. Her death was hastened by a foil which nr. received n l?f e?k< previ?osy. Imrlng her f,, j re she has rtls-ivs reaidel at or tioer the p a. n of h"> etlh NEW YORK HERALD, TU1 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Feb. 2V?6 P. M. To-day's bank statement comparts as follows with that of last week: ? Week eml';/. leant Sverie, Ctrrulti n Pt like Feb 16.*141,MM,IM 2N,U4Jtt 5,762,606 110 jfavr i*>; $ Roc.,. _ 213,010 1,361,8"? ? ?61,644 _ ? ' I'ifl id a rather better statement than was expected. in viflfr of the heavy export of gold. The arrival from Cdblofniu this afternoon will still further sw ell the bank reserve, and if Congress acts promptly and vigorously in regard to the tariff, so as to lay a heavy tax on all woollens, linens, cottons and silks of foreign manufacture, the demand for gold for export ?ill soon fall off. The bank discounts continue to decline. They are now within nine millions of their highest point during the year 1800. The volume of mercantile paper uuuu UUIUWIK BV MUIIIi IB VtTV Mllall lllllffU. llic banks received to-day from the Hub-Treasurer three more millions in six per cent bonds. Several of the banks are understood to be supplying the market with these bonds. They can be highly re. commended as an investment. The money market is vfery active to-day. The brokers are paying seven per ceut for loans on call, and not finding all the money they would like even at this rate. The pending speculation in stocks is a fortunate thing for the money lenders, who are likely to make more out of it than tha speculators. Mercantile paper continues very scarce. The British money market is quoted easy in the telegraphic report from Halifax,- but the quotation is higher than it was by the previous arrival. The wants of France are exercising a disturbing influence on the market. Foreign exchange opens very dull for the steamer. Buyers bid 114 for sterling, hut drawers seem disposed to hold off for 114% a x/t. As gold is declining, however, a further fall in exchange is anticipated. Gold sold this morning at 103*??a decline of % since Friday. This afternoon it was dull at 103V? a V+. The stock market was again very active indeed this morning; the volume of business transacted at the moruing board was prodigious. To-day the New i'ork Central aud Pacific Mail booka opened. There was not, however, any scarcity of either stock, as was apprehended in certain quarters. Central fluctuated all the morning at about Saturday's price, and closed in the afternoon at % decline. Pacific Mail declined The general market was irregular. All kinds of bonds and State and federal securities were better. The coupon sixes of 1881 advanced s4. the fives of 1874 1%, the Illinois war loan 3%, Tennessee and Missouri % each, and California aevens 1. Among the bonds we notice an advance of 1 in Rock Island bonds, and 1 in Michigan Southern sinking funds. The latter are still cheaper than any corresponding security of the Bame class. One or two of the railway shares were better to-day. Panama advanced %, and Southern guaranteed but most of them were lower; Erie declined x/%, Hudson River 1, Rock Islaud Toledo %, and Illinois Central %. The indications are" that the powerful and sagacious bull operators, wlio have bid stocks up to their , present high prices, are trying to transfer their j load to the public shoulders. They wui doubtless 1 succeed to a certain extent, and then the market J may fall off. If, as we all expect, victory succeeds victory, and the rebellion goes on from disaster to disaster, the public mind will retain cheerfulness and buoyancy enough to prevent a decline being rapid or panicky. But if our arms should sustain a reverse, or if the British tones?exasperated at the disappointment which our successes will cauae them, should avail themselves of some fresh pretext to endeavor to force us into a war, a collapse in the stock market would ensue which could not fail to be very disastrous. There was not mnch business done this afternoon. The market closed steady, the following being the last quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 91% a 92; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 91% a %; do. 5's, coupon, 1874, 82 a %; Indiana 5's, 76 s 80; Virginia 6's, 63 a %; Tennessee 6's,62% a 63; North Caro" tins 6's, 72 a %: Missouri C's, 34% a %; Pacific Mail, 92% a 93: New York Central, 83% a ,%; Erie, I 34% a %; do. preferred, 38% a %; Hudson River, ! 36% a %; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 30 a %; Reading. 43% a 44; Michigan Central, 54% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23 a %; do. guaranteed, 46% a %; Panama, 121 a 121; Illinois Central, 64% a 63: Galena and Chicago, 69 a %: Cleveland and Toledo, 43% a 46; Chicago and Rock Island, 55% a 56; Chicago, Burlington and Quiucy, 64% a %; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 20 a %; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 109 a 110; New York Central 7's of 1876, 103 a 105; Erie third mortgage bonds, 96% a 97; Michigan Central 8'a, first mortgage, 102 a 103; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 94 ?95. After the second board tae market improved and closed % a % higher all round. Merchants engaged in the California trade complain bitterly of the irregularity and insecurity of the Overland Mail. The steamers now very naturally decline to carry the mails for San Frsnciaco which have heretofore been made up at the offices i of the express t-efununies; they do not care to do the work while other* get the pay for it. Thus. | between the two. merchant* are nutTering great in" convenience. They hope that Congress will take the matter in hand at an early day. The following extract from a letter from one of the first hon^-es in San Prnnelseo, dated January '21, ought to rott-e the < 'alifocnia members to aetion: ? M'o informed yen by liwt mail that WsOi, Fargo A ?'?. wo:>' 'loins by bicutiior* the bulk of tlie mail service hence to the Kail. The letter and pnpor delivered l" the agon; of It ' Overland Company yesterday by ttie I'ortina>-ter. we think, co forward to day by express. The Postmaster thinks so also. He told u? to-day that be Ih.tik* Walls, Fargo it Co. received 10,000letters y?*terday. The<iverlaod Mall Is a perfect failure; letters are from thirty to forty days from New York, and we frequently have no mail for a week together The Overland rat > nnrmoua pay and the steamships do the work. Our ; aeplo are more quiet thau might be expected,simply be. cat' ae they hnve the steamers fur all important m uter We understand that notice has been given by the Atlat-.ic and I'acific Steamship line to the government that after the expiratkn of the present quarter the steamship* of that line will carry no more mails for Central or South America It was discovered that parties who could not trust the Overland Mail were sending their San Francisco letters to parties at Aspiuwall and Panama, and so getting them carried by the steamers without the knowledge of the company . It is evident that the postal relations of our Pacific States and Central and South America are approaching a crisis. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows today: Rwetpts $.14* ,010 9? ?For ru >tot. 103.000 00 I'avment* 618,672 68 .4,185,112 4* The exrhange* at the bank Clearing House were the smallest that they have been for any day since 1857, amounting to only #0.'264.00* 05, a result of the partial holiday of Saturday. Tho balances were $IH!>.ir!7 40. At auction this afternoon the following sales of atn/slra trpf?* mail* hv Vtlriiin H Mnllor hv rir<lf*r of Jesse K. Dubois. Auditor of the State of Illinois:? $1S,f>00 flllBO:? six**, 180? 0S'{ 10,000 ?lo. 1877 ls.roo tlll0o:? war losn SSI* ? *'"? 018 d" intornsl lrn|iro?emi'L? The tibovc on account of the Bank of Jackson County, Illinois Hivtr Book of Hardiu, and the Patriotic Bank at Hntsonvlllc, now in Hqniriation. The Chicago Tribune of Friday says:? New Y'Vk eschar fro Is still dnur. The b*ai.? o>nrjr? snrtm customers Hi a V percent discern.I. and most "" t.l-,ein rton't rare to nay hi i The i? mmul rsUi"* prl" increment prsmlum.hut eoiirre?inr>? . ,m readily <>* nhialnr-' "n r< ond lets some > ( ( ? liankn w?>ni?l lm i ?<| jn ? I' par. Currently is nut <|tilir po smrr.p. I < I i" I i'. nsd |TltTS ?rc dl .11 i!,< 1l>sh : i, . < in ,-n ] 'i'( n't' | "r rent pinni in.; sell nj;. ' * t'lSlit's hy enmfl n; the brnkmt fv. siralllo ? SSDAr, FEBKUARr 23, It Stock Enhcc-v.r#b. 24. lsea $2000 U 8 6's,'68,oou P* f #U? Bk of Cum... 86 M000U9#.*- j, ? Amor E* Sank... 85 14ux^,fltg,^ jf Bank. .. 85 I 25ft0U-6'a,'81,O.*l>;y 99 2( 0 Cumb Dual pref.. 7 Jfl/U0U6 6V74.jam Sl)i 200 do M? JK Tkrn ili(? #)* IOOPMM SBCO. atw 03* 6000 Tr 7 3 10 p c n do ??* i.M.0 d<> mi w ^ m 2-;ooo do 99 >; 4 * ,, 1000 Ohio O's.'OO.. 1.0 600 KiiO ??.....> I 1M 0 111 coup lis, '00 89 400 do ^ Vf, 3000 111 coup bs'TT 50 do >00 'i 7.-00 111 coup bit, '70 90 450 do *80 3-?*? 15. 00 111 wur loan.. 8J 250 do.... blO 34'i 21000 do 8>!-i 30 Erlo Itl* prof..... 68 <4 10000 do 88>i 200 do 68 S ' ;:u?0 Mich 8'a, '78.. 88 250 do 5000 Teun 6's, '90.. 68 36 N Y Ceuhal RR.. 84 110O0 do 62Yt 100 do b30 84i; 10000 do ItIO 68V, 60 do 84}; 6000 do 039 62*; 500 do 84 ?; 12000 do . 62 \i 450 do 81 60CO do 62 y, 150 do ?30 83 3000 N Carolina 6'a 71* 100 84 .".000 Missouri 6'*.. 64 200 do b30 84'i 39000 do 64 V; 200 do BlO 81 SOOO do 010 54* 600 do 84'* 10000 do b30 64 * 350 do 84* 2000 do 030 64',' 100 do 84 7000 do 54 v, 6 Hudson River KR 37 * 50. HI do *30 64 J* 20 do 37 5000 do 080 54 f; 350 do 36* 140(H) do 64 * 100 Harlem RR 12J^ 1000 M 8's is H\3lJ 67 300 do 12* 5000 do 030 67"-: 100 liar RR prrt . bSO 301* 5000 California 7'a. 86 100 do 030 30* 3600 N YCenOV. 98 150 Mich Can RK . MO 54* 2009 KrieRR4tb mb 86 300 do 6 Hi 4000 Hud R3duib 86 50 do 54", 2000 do 85* 60 MiokR 4c N la RR. 23 1000 Hud RKRob. 77* 27 Mich Hfc NI gu st 48* 2000 MC8pclnwfcb 102 60 da blO 46Si 3000 (!,B&QKK4i>cb 99 * 28 Panama RR 121 500 Mich So 2dm. 70 16 d<> 121* 3000 do 69*i 100IU Cjb RR so *30 64* 1000 No la lnt m.. 90 60 do.. 66 4000 Mich Bo a fb. IK> 50 do 65*4" 4000 T H k A 2 d m 50 350 CIov k Pitts RR. 17J? 1000 do 100 do 17% 1000 do 50 tj 150 Gal k Chi KK.... 69 3000 Tol k Wa 1 III. 77 % 200 Clev& Tol RK.MO 46V,' 4000 do 77 200 do .....*10 46 000 Tol k Wa 2 ni 50 2150 do 40 5000 Gal ft Chi lm. 100 loo do b!0 46',' 1000 Chi k Rock ] b 100 50 Chi 4K la prf.blb 55*? 6000 Cie k Toi a f l> H5 So do 65 )? looo gold 103*; 400 do 66 6000 do b60 103)4 }00 do I>3?' 56 "-4 5500 do 103*; 50 do biO 66', 201/00 do 030 103\ 15 do 66)4

12500 do 102 v^ 59Chi, Bor k Oy RR 64)4 60 slis Union Hank. 00 50 JlikP du Ch'u KR 20 30 Rank of America 100 30 do 20 *4 60 Bk ofStale N Y. 80 TCin.riam&D'n KR 88 40 Bk of Commerce. 85 SECOND BOARD. $3000 U S fl'g '81, reg 91460 sh? X Y Cent FR. 83 10000 do 91 "i 100 do s30 83?i (W000 TT R 6'a '81, cou 91S, 350 Erie RK 34 > , 5000 IT a 6'a 1862... 99 50 Krie RR pref sl6. 68), 5000 l'iA5'fi 1865... 90 100 Har RR prof 30 2560 Trea* 7 3-lOpcn 99*4" 200 Reading RR 44 15000 do 99', 130 Mich Cent RU.... 54>4 10000 Tenn 6's'OOblO 63",' 260 do *15 64)4 6000 do b30 63 V, 150 Hud' Riv KR 8814 16000 do 63 100 do h?0 37 6000 do. blO 6814 100 do 630 36)4 25000 Missouri 6'*... 64)4 10? do ' 36)4 36000 do b3 64?4 50 db 960 361, 6000 do b30 54)4 100 Bar RR I214 6000 do b30 65 68 Mich SoitNIudRR 2!) 3000California 7'a.. 87 lOPunnmaHR 121 1000 Brooklyncitywl 101 150 IU Cent RR scrip. 65 looo Ifieh So a fd bds 1H) loo do *00 64*4 1000 do 89*4 100 dn ...MO 65 16 shsContinentalBk 74 200 Clev & Pitts RR.. 18 17 Anur IUch Bk.. 86 300 Clev k Tol RR.... 46 6 Metropolitan 1 Sk.. 92*4 200 do s30 45)4 ' 160 Cumb Coal pref.. 744 200 do 4674 200 db 7)4 100 Chic k R I RRsSO 55*4 50 do 1% 100 do 66 >4 100 do b30 8 100 Chic,Burl k Q RR 64'4 20 Pac Mail S3 Co... 93.*4 100 do \>30> Wear York City Banks, Feb. M5?, 18A9. Httnkf. Loan* ?SW-i>. Circ'ln. DrfnUt. America $0,963,211 737.909 66,675 5,687.189 American Each. 7,370,928 2,060.810 98,226 5,6r0.087 Atlantic 789,079 97,966 92.710 396.592 Broadway 8,885,182 1,713,392 172.515 4,963.882 Bull's Head 309.503 61.025 113.338 398.186' ADrov. 1,896.820 222,715 175,092 1,038,669 Chatham f.75,241 103,974 52.898 479,277 Chemical 2.167.316 2.420,964 184.104 4,703.341 Citizens' 812.881 144.093 103.088 006,255 Citv 2.884.588 1.375.97T ? 8,338,359 Commerce 15,232.207 1,354,070 1.975 5,717.884 Common w?nlth. 1 if 168 196.259 286,826 1,218 243 Continental .... 3 ' 905 341,510 118.236 2,418.234 Corn Exchange . T. 417 304,091 167,066 1,114,265 Pry Ikiofc ;.9).8U 89,391 91.128 286.781 East River RH .696 48,650 102,262 227.145 Fulton 1,642,674 381,081 117.298 1.M0.203 I'eenwich 434,962 417.662 56.546 011 J,23 irocer*' 511.294 07.907 30,892 375,546 Hanover 1.729.359 155,741 47.027 947.166 Imp'r* k Trad e 2.645,878 301.581 101,920 2,249.680 Irving 710.527 83.048 82,271 466.287 Leather Mamif. 1.696.153 743.936 81.842 1.522.181 Manhattan.. .. 6,380.989 1,834,781 142.307 5,458,881 Mati. At Merou... ysl218.263 76.670 683.066 Marina 1,181,715 162,096 100.002 052.606 Markut 1.527.889 220.080 148.05.8 1.044,105 Mechanics' 4,150.601 657.374 187,Sll 3.102.476 Mecli. Mt'gAsa'n 021,500 157,332 60.411 710.660 Mcch. ikTradrs'. 1,183.902 164.341 128,230 075.117 Mcrrantile ."3.141,106 40*..Oil 7,601 2,660.070 Merchants'Bx.. 1,910,996 105,066 80,604 1,000,516 Merchants' 5,040,131 1,378,000 106.600 4.240.770 Metropolitan... 7,660.027 146,OM 160.012 6,000,466 NUJMU 1,993.906 200.028 74.200 1.507,391 National 2.26,8.773 410.204 73,018 1,360.226 Now York 5,476,840 1,087.100 270,005 4.243 047 North America. 2.221.004 331,802 55,716 1',780,319 North Hirer.... 530,624 01,040 48,718 441.940 N. Y. County... 208.147 63.450 63.467 280.837 N r. Bxchanga. 323,788 46.118 94.130 287,408 1,910.060 222.046 62.839 1,150,430 Oriantal 604,037 101,572 58,161 437,864 Pacific T.660.127 210.220 106,700 054,630 Park 6,747.744 1.610,870 135,730 6,666,474 People* 680,004 03,574 67,262 577,576 Phenix 5,600.720 533,788 76,004 2.644,547 Republic 4,568.426 835,841 110,200 3.592\774 Seventh Ward.. 1.248 020 276.171 01.177 906,273 Shoe 4: Leather. 2,725,079 254.660 194.768 1.668.967 suta 4,608,119 825,768 103,307 u,577.265 ?t Nichola*.... t.272,000 150 010 68,411 713,350 Tradesmen's.... 1,746 503 187,750 127,127 1,114,180 Union 2.870,497 1 .OOP,258 103,454 2,-236,463 Total $150.950,058 28,875,902 5.489.4061(19,079',076 CITY C4?M9IBKCIAIa HKI'ORT. Muxmr, Fab. 24?6 P. M. A ibb?.?The market wax steady, with sales of gO'bhis at $0 25 for pearls nud at S6 57 'for pots. Kcsansrcm?Flour.?The market was heavy, under the influence uf the foreign news, and prices closed at a deciine of 6c. to 10c. per barrel. The sales were confine I tn about 8,000 bids., closing within the range of the following quotations:? Superfine Stale $5 40 n 5 60 Kxtra to fancy State 5 70 a 5 10 Superfine Western 5 4<i a. 5 60 t mipon to choie??xtra Western 5 70 ft 6 (HI Canadian 6 70 a 6 60 Southern mixed to gojd superfine 6 00 a 6 40 Kxtra ditto 6 45 a 7 25 flood 'O choice family ditto 7 25 a 7 75 Kye flour * 3 30 a 4 25 Corn meal, Jersey and Hramlywino 2 90 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour also partook nt the general dutnexs and price* tavored purchasers, while the sales oiubrmied shout 600 a 800 Mils Soul hero flour was in fair request while prices were heavy, hut not quotfibly lower, with sales of 1,200 l?Ws. within tho rauce of our quotations. Rye flour was in moderate demand at our figures, with sales oi 156 bbl? Corn meal wax unchanged, while sales enit?rare?i soo n -Jim dois wncsiwaa dull ami heavy, while prices. in the absence of Mint of im|>ortaac?, were nominal. Tbe transactions In -mall lots fouled up about 16,000 bu.hola at (I 40 for red Western In store,91 :t8 fur Canadian eliih, $1 44 for amber Jersey, fH 47 foi* white Irulmtui, and amber Pennsylvania at p. t. Rye wee -teady m moderate request. with sales ot .1,400 busbe'-- State at Hie on tbo <loik. Barley was easier, with a'st, of #,100 bushels Stale at SOc 84e., four months, at the ruined depot Barley malt was firm at 91 01 a 91 OA. ttnls were dull and unchanged, with aalos >f Cnnadlun at?d Weslern at :it>r. a 40e and 41c for State Corn was in limited demand and prices heavy. Sales embraced In.00# bushels at 6#c. a hoc. fur new yellow, and at 6.1c. a din in store mid delivered, with a small lot of old rouud yellow at #.ic. C nmn was belter "n Saturday last ("not l>efore ro ported) e.tles wore made of 12,000 bugs of Bio, common to prime quality, at lH,\,c a 22c .closing at an advance over previous sales. Cotton.?Tho market ii\ such a condition as to render 1 it very dilllriilt to give a satisfactory reportof prices. The views ot buyers aud sellers wore much apart, and those of the former materially below those of tho latter. The sales in ?m.ill lots footed about 200 bales, closing n uiiunl at about Ifltc. Preparations worn making fur nmre or less shipments to I.lrorjiool. Tbo Atki bales of flea I'land, from Iv?rt lloyal. consigned to Hiram Barney, Collector, In a ve.sel consigned to spofTnrd, Ttleston fc Co.. are said to be in small packages in the seeded atate, and when cleant I will ioso about three fourths their weight FsrioBTN ?'T-> l.iverpool A.nno a A.OOti bbts Hour were engaged .it 2s . 4(k> poxes bacon et 2C" . 100 balos of eel ton gooa part in r> o2d , and 10.000 Puaaeiacoru at J.'in,, In bulk. To I/mrien 60 ti??rcoH fork, at .4? 8d.,200bbl?. <ln nt 6d.. I .000 btila, flour ?i 2a. :!<l . 60 bbla. patroleu in oil ai . ami 600 boxen bacon nl 29* fid. ToUIaagnw 400 paokegex lard at 26s , \ sOO bbls. flour at 2?. 4',d .olid 140 blill park at ."a 6d Rata* to llavra warn eiiclienged I'koh'ium fork-The market waa without change of moment, witha fair demand from the trad*. Ilia n&Je* embra'od about 2.700 bW? f part en Saturday and 1,000 to day ?i f I I Tor new mtss, and at >10 for new prime, and at $14 for city prime ton t. It 'of w?a In moderate demand at elaady prieea. with aa'u , or 200 bWs. at fit a $12 60 for plain tueai, and at $14 a $14 2A for extra Beef ham war" qniet ( ul mi aU it ll?ht rwpieit., >? ,ih sale* ol'60 a fQ package* at 4'^'a for dry tailed ahaulilna. Bacon Wax piiel oil .01 10n boxes were inaiie at (l},c. for <h " t ribbed Wexiern. p ei.. i h g? were sternly at 6r for Western . ard at A ,e. c,,r ritj , lArrl wita In good rf|ii"al nr d prick wore smlsdcd, kaIi aaloa "f I.'IK pai 'sup at 7t),'c. a i\c.. S'ale butler we at 1H. a21*., t.n I Oi el 1S(> a 14 , Slate the ?e at 8c. a 7c aad IOh'O nt C'O a rtr Si > rieuia k-t ?> m sleety r -it p.*.. >'i r'v fir ?d ab itt OTO 11 b i'je el vribe.n$7d pric *j. J62. SHIP PIN G NEWS. IIOTtu?ti of Ocean Steamers. FltOM KL'KUl'B. JTama. Ltaif ? !*. Nbr Canada Liverpool Kel? Boston VtriiMia Southampton Feb 12. .New York C'tyol New York.. .Liverpool Prh 12 New Vor* Bohemian Liverpool Feb Li?I'oriland Arai>ia Liverpool leb 16 ..New York Ulaarn v Liverpool Pflb 12- .New York Bremen Southampton Yob 19...New York ALMANAC roil KItnr YOKK?Till* PAY. ~ ' anv risrrf, 6 191 moon risks... .morn 4 30 SUM MM..* itflMM WW eve 6 14 i Port of NeW Jforlt, February ii-J, 1SG4* i CtfAREH. Ship Sea King, Barker, 8au n'rancisco?Sullen A Co. Ship Marianne NoUebohm, 7<Auil>, Liverpool?llowlaad A Fruthingham. Ship Neptune, Pcubody, Liverpool?O 0 Duncan .U Co. Ship Atmosphere, Harris, Ismdon K K morgan A Wiley. Snip Lamuiergler lllr), Wlbwi. Quvenaiowii?JacU.?on A Nellaon. Ship Lis- Auielie (Fri, Vert'er, Havre?Boy I k Tflneken. Ship Lyemu^ Star, Uohinann, ifordraux? J W Delano. Ship Kline A Mathilda (Breru), Nordcuholdl, Bremen?E i Unkard. < tihlp J Montgomery, Hamilton, Marseilles?C C Duncan A Co. Bark Avanee INorw), Chrlstonheraen, Newport? Flinch, ile.neke A Wendt. Bark II L Bulgers, Howe*, Montevideo?Hallett A Carman. Bark Bride of the Sr. PeLliarew Zuu?Y/nuct. DolValla A Co. Brig Schiller (for). DaCunlis, Dnndalk?Hagemeyrr A . Brunu. Brig Mary Ann (Br), Kelly, Granada?Middle ton A Co. < Kcbr.Oi ft-mal, Dolly, Barbados?D B Dewolf. Bchr J Boar, Ilulse, Port Royal, SC?Morrill A Abbott. Schr H Martin. Sleight. BdRfuiore?Merrill A Abbott. Ruhr A K Weimore, KdwaiMs, Bultimorr?N L MoCready A Co. Schr T! Cornelius, Simons, Baltimore?J W MrKee. Helii W Allen, Craninor, Bahrlmora?Van Brunt A Hlugbt. . Schr Kin Uraude, Hudson, Snow Hill?Master. 1 Hehr J Bowler. Burton, Milton?Tan Brunt A SUght. Bchr K K Nirkerson. Nicker.?oav Glouoeater?A Howes. j Bchr Ocean Wane, Baker, Boston?-Master. 1 Bohr Klrter, Whlldln, Beverly?Master. Bchr C D Ilallock, Petty, Bristol?L Kenny. 1 Bchr Tariff, Provost, Stamford?R Senfora. Bchr O C Acken, Peck, Stamford?B Stanford. ARRIVED. ' IT B gunboat , McWuitvii. Mystic, 30 houra,lu tow of steaming Rapid. Bleamshlp North Star, Jones, Asptawalt. Feb ?, with passengers ana treasure, to D B Allen. Steamship Constitution (US transport), Fletcher, Ship Island. i Ship Old Colony. Loir, Liverpool, Jan 4, with salt, to ] order. Bark Xanttio, Chapman, Aspiutrall, lit days, with hides Ac, toJFJo*. Arrived 21th. Brie Nenritas. Wright, Ponce, Feb 5, with- sugar, toThos Towner, of New Haven. Brig Mountain Eagle, Joy, Bermuda, 7day*, in b.illaol, to masi-er. -, Schr E (1 Knight (of Camden. Me), Hewea, Trinidad, Feb j 8, wubxtigar, to Miiler A Houghton, 9th Inat. passed a fore : and aft schr ashore on Colorado Iteef, apparency hut a short : time on; was In ballast, pulnted black, two topuiusts, and her : booms painted while: she seemed to have been i-trlppcd of sails, and whh about 209 tons. 1 Schr D B Wai ner, Alden, Port Royal. 80, 10 daw a. Mar, Jonea, Chinrotoague, 2 days. r Schr N L>iuk. Milton. Frederics, Del, 2 days. 1 Schr Texas. Cliamnlin, Kllrahethiiort for New London. * Steamtug Rapid, Palmer, Mystic, 30 hours, with 3 IT H gunboat in low. BELOW. Bark Alcides (Br), Waymau, hence 17th inst for dark with ' 17,204 bushels corn, is returning with her pumps choked and cargo ablfted. Bark Despeche, Hartmann, from Dublin, Dec 7. SAILED. J 22d?Rtcamstip Oriental. Key Weal: ship Forest City, Rot: ] terdam; brig Costa Rica, Aspinwall; Br schr VV Stairs, Port au Piatt. "I 2td?Bark Casco, Trinidad; scbrs Empire. Bunnudat JV j Hlne, Haltera* Inlet; Nathaniel, Keypori. v Wind at sunset. NW, Mowing a gale. * MiKellaaeoai. ] A denso fog set in on Sunday night about 11 o'clock, which < continued, with a light SE wind, until about 3 PM yesterday, J] when the wind suddenly shifted and blew a gale fromlNW. All the vessels (including 24 square-rigged outward bound) ] anchored in the North River bare dragged, and are now lying H with both anchors down. During the blow the steamship ' t Constitution, from Slllp Island, came up and anchored oppo* J lite the foot of Spring street. The IT 8 frigate St Lawrence Iragged her anchor, and came very near the Battery enlarge- 1 ment. On the East River aide all the vessels laid quietly, jj xcrpt on the Brooklyn shore, where some were badly chated. i< At pier 14 North River the Br brig Earl Mulgrave is In a dan" '' Serous position; at sunset she was badly chafed. A steamtug j went to ner, but on account of the aea could not render any iseistance. At pier 8 several vessels parted their moorings ' J and sustained some damage. t Snir Aukwbicht, ashore South of the Highlands, has been 4 moved 5 feet. Her cargo of salt has beeivdis'-hurged iu good 1 order, she is perfectly tight, and (lupt Merrill. Underwriters' agent, expects to gel her off with the first spring tide. | Snir Cbsblks DantwronT, Kj lley, ? Boston from Havre, j reports Jan 23, hud u heavy gale from. SSK, which twisted the ' head of foremast and carried away nruunyard; split and lost 4 a whole suit of sails. " Hen it A M (not brig), tonm Bnatnn for Sagua, ; with shook* and slnvrs, was wrecked on So Nunc Cay, Aba- u ci, 5th Inst, Mateidals and part of cargo saved and taken to i Nassau, NP. The A ib was 108 to do register, built iu 1848 r at Sullivan, Me, At, and owned in-Boston. ( Holmes' Holk, Feb 20? Dt brig Eastern Light, Day, from Surinam lor Hunan with sugar and molasses, in running tor this |*>rt last night in a thick snow slorna, went ashore on the East Chop. Assistance has been sent u*.her, and anchors s and Hiatus laid <>ut. Thoreaacl it tight, nud her cargo will J be saved. g St Tuomaj, Keb 7?The hark Saranac, Stafford, from Hurl- a nam of and for Uoatnn, arrived here on the 5tl> inal, leaky. Her cargo of augar and molasses will have to be discharged. Surveyor* report that the Is making 12 inches of wider per c hour lying in the harbor. Some 2u00bblsof liailly damaged i, flour from ahlp Western Ocean wore sold yeaierdav, averag- l lug about $47? per bbl. The ISpalilp Belmont has beenchar- e teredto carry the balance of cargo forward. The Western s Ocean will return to New York l'or repairs. AV/, abip Azzan, 596 tons, batlt la Bucks port in IMS, ha* been'sold on private terms. All bark Howard, built ill 18&K-:tl Richmond, Me, 585 ton*, has been sold at $19,SOU, cash. Spoken, fie. i Ship American I'moti, Hubbard, irom Liverpool for New York, Fe i 4. 3 AM, t miles NK of H Stark. Ship William, of Boston, from Portia u<i foe Havana, Feb J 19. South Shoa! NNW 4d inner. Ship George Washington, benoe for Bath. Feb 21, Chatham W 40 mile*. Bark Hamilton, from Philadelphia for Havana, Keb 11, lat : o9 GO, Ion 74- . Foreign Port*. Havana. Feb IN?flu oaraa Sarah A Nlckpls, Nichols, Sii - | gua: David N,chols, Nichols, Sierra Morena;0 0 Clary, Phi!biook. Cientuegoa. Mauritius, Jan 5?Rlil ahip Eliza, Kemrrverting, Calcutta. In port 61 b. ships Conquest, Hear*, from Calcutta for London, leaky; Mercury, Hubbard, trout Singapore, urn . , Montevideo. Jan 4?In poll brig Gilmare .Meredith, Doane, ! from Baltimore, for Cayenne 10th. Nassau. Keb 12?lu port schr E M Haley, Haley, lor Boston 2 days, Sid 14th, brie .laetnel Packet, Boston. Rio Janeiro, Jau 7?In port hurk P (y Warwick, Gait, for Hi Thomas for orders Ms. Sierra lkonk. Jau 20?In port brig Calvert, Willar. for Philadelphia SB. Ksrk Orlando, Sparks, was daily expected from windward. Sid 16th, hark Iiaseti, Hivlling, Boston. StTiiomas, Keb7?Iu port bark Sitraiiav.Slall'urd, frotn Surinam for Boston, put In leaky (see Mlaeei). St Stkpukr, NB. Feb 19? Arr schr U D Kin;;, McGregor, Eaatport (and eld 18th I'm ll.ivanu). Trinidad, Feb5?in port liarka Arethuea, Hooper, for New York Idg: Mary,Ulbb?, for do soon; Ktlmund Dwdglit. Ni'-kenoii. unc; brigs Golden Lead. Seeley, fbr Pbiladeipbia idg; WapptKi, Perkina, lor NYork iu it dav or two; I.orntia, Wade, for Boaion aoou; M'-o-or from St Thomas just arc. American Punas. BOSTON, Feh 22?aii euip i iiaa Da.cuport. Ivrllry, Havre; hark Oak, Ryder, Philadelphia; wlir-- .umeph, S;*md, HW Key, Carlblieau Sea, via New York; Aiia Herbert, I'urvere; W S Baker, Pierce, and Geo S K'ogp. Italic, 'fnnuiri ; Electric , light, Hutchinson, Philadelphia: gR Pt-ma, Wilson, Hllsi.i- , beth|airt; Dabelia, Kaulklin. and New York, Uoodsell, New York. No cit nraiices to-dav, the Custom l?-?is la-ibg cioaeil, Sid, wln.l HW, ling Lydia Stover. 23d?Ait hark. Good Hope, Gordon, Algns BiyCGlt; Ionic, Htilclilnson, Cardenas; brigs Ann Elizabeth, Powers, Sierra l.eone; Rockingham, Iptou, Mlnigoan*; Maria. Wrigtit, St Marc* Vlririnla. CarO. Clinntatik KiVert Cnas llcatii, I.nno. burner, kffiahethpnrt; (u-hru Star, ; Kedron, Craven, and John, Falkei.lmrg, do: San Kranclaeo, Thompson, New York. Below, a ship,a l urk unj two brigs Nothing went to Mia. wind N tnJ'.SK. I' H atsUirr Kenaington ami ship An. tocrat anchored in President Koads, w heie they remain with tS ship Vermont. HKKr AST. F? h 2fV?Th'' harbor la still closed by lhp Ire, and vp?wI? for this port dbg nt batnuday Oove, North port, where there are sow 17 ??ll. Brig Den niark, Staple*, 1'iutn Card naa, arr ist... KLIZ VBKTIIPORT. Feb 21?CM hark Medora, Webster, Bon"ii; srhrs bra Decker, Wairon. Now York; Ann Cnoley, flecker, Nt w Brighton; sloops Byron, Alien, do; Martha, Patterson, New llavcn; 22d, aebr Quaker City, Hem iamin. do. (lh,llt CESTKR, K"h 21?\rr brig 0?n Marehall, Ames, NYorlt for Portland; aehr Kinton, Brown, Baltimore lor Newbnrvport. NEWBL'RTPORT, Feb 21?Arr atlir Fnllon, Brown, Baltlmora. PORT ROYAL, sc, Feb 19?In [tort bark* Fanny Ruler, I,o<lke,und Magnolia, Stnrki y; brigs Umpire, Crosby; Albert Adams, and C H Jordan, Cray, achta 1, Miller. Baker; .1 M Vance, Btirdgr, Kllkaiieth Kngtish,; Aid. Kndlcott; I, Chester, Somera; H E Cttlleu, CuJl'ii; Snow Hake. DI Arraon; A B Martin, Kobinton, and J T Williams, Curtis, with otliera. PORTLAND, Feb 21?Cld brlja Oroalmbo, Tracy, and T.lrvonln Webb, Lloyd, Cuba; achra Matthew Ktnncy, Ogte.-i Matun 7a a, White Sea, LUtloileld, Cardenas; C Matthews, OIL key, Cuba, Hashing V\ave, Kreent in,Deal's (aland NKYV PLBLIt \TIONN. That "cuwors" book of cm* women; or, interesting Sketches of Kenmi'tt bsracter* in New kors. Cheap edltioii. 211) pc?es, Umo , now ready. Price(fidtenia. or mailed free, .TO tints, uy M. AUNTI', 5J Walker at root, Nrsr York. OCULISTS A.VI> AVRIST*. Atltun ANIV AVRIKZ. DKAPNKSM AMI BJLXND\.f nrta, (he mo*t hopflcniiwi-c n*l wlthnotpnlnftilnperatli n*; elMi Nervous AHeclbitisand Catarrh, the liri(iunt name* of dmfnea*. cured by Dr. QUAVK8. (jouajJutluD free, |ieraonally or br letter. ?? Broadway. MILITARY. OEVENTH KF.OI.MKXT UNIFORM FOB SALE-IX U rompleie order, auitalile for n nun ft feat fl liiihoe. J'rft.o $70. fall at 2.11 Weal TwoM/nerond street at 1 I* M. S" KV'KKTHr?TfolMBS*.-FuS~4 ALU t a km*. V boi |)leie L'hllorm, the inva r IicIiik undKid (o to Europe. Addieaa he* 1.7WI Pont olIlonT Til KliUIMENT (X O.) INIKOKM KOK SAI.E, t (?Xpleto, and suitable for a |>erM>a 6 ie mini he*. To lie sold without reao ve. Apply at IM E?*t Sl\u*i,ili Ktret.t at 7 P. M. SPORT] to. rilUK EIGHTH ANNTVKRSAliY WTi KXIHRTTIOX OP I Ihc Cilvitrv Ma't'? rhvn h will UA" I'. ne no Tin -lav e -.-i nj, Kelt. iff, fll /o .-loa-t . In tb? cliiin h, TwenlythlrdsircA, tow i hhilli and tiuih ate*. Admittance free. kxi?ui;svkh, V I KIIAM'.H K . I . ;. ...... fcNO PACK | ;V? n, . i.t . /I I?.? \V| 4 A.1. x H'JU ?"< * ' 1 i' 11 o ' (if li. Ill* 1 fcO fifed < ' ull j' rt-i 11 v. i!1 /? x*.' fw w* i inov in; \ irntiuixt iv umi from ibtj touatiy. I tulturf * ?,! I SPECIAL NUI'ICHS. TOINT COMMITTEE OS CELEBRATION OK TUB MB t) o February, IBM. The Committee win rau. t on Thura day, February 37, at 2 o'cl-ck, at mom N<>, 8 UUy Hall. All p r lei liming lilina ag i laat the committee wilt have tholi hill.' p eaeuled oa or belore the <iav of ihe meeting HENRY SMITH, Cualrmnn. Alkx. H. Kkkcii, Secretury. OFFICE UF TBUSTEE8 OK CREDITORS AND STOCK 4 bon.eis of the Ohio anil Mia?isainpi Kailroaii Ctiinnauy, . "L . .. m TT3.151 tVa'.t ffrmti 'f, N*w Von a, Jan. 18, 1862 *TU IiUI.ilit Its ok UBitTlKICAIKS. iYt?*n. "' "ting ol the i olilers i f cert i catra will be held ai laooihaa^^he trustee-, Ht Wall street, New York, on riiiirsday, theCt. Aay ill March, at noon, when niauert deemed broei.cial to ilie TiiiJt will lie butuuiiled lor then considers lion. An ailenuaoce la earnestly requested lo person if possible, o.hi ru iae liy prosy. Bv oriler of the trust t<*. Kit WIN BARTLKTT. Chairman. JJAl-ER WANTED. Wanted to purchase, 20,OHO reams of flue Founlrlnitr Print itlC Paper, size 32 by 4t>. Cash will be paid ou delivery. Apply at tbe oUlce of this paper. The committee on streets of tub board of Aluermrn wU meet on Tu. suiiy. the 2Jih Inai., at 2 o'elock P. M., in room No. 8 f'lty Hall, ihr the purpose of considering tbe proposition of exteuuiiig Church street to Bjmrry piaw. AH I^IUHS UIWIVOWU WIU ikcbsq KIUUU without further notice. OHAS. J. CHU'P, i Committee F. I. A. BOGLE. on CIIAS H. HALL, ) Street*. E. W. Tati.ob, Seerrttery. The committee ox stheeth op the boakd op Coumilmeu will mce* in room No. 5, City Hall, on Tuesday, the 15th day of leb -nary, at two o'clock P. M, All par tie* interested in the-seKuiat.tigand grading of Chambers -treitaie requested to ben.- n>. john mohan, i WM. OBI on, i Ommlttoe. JOHN BKICK, ) 1 TAXES OF A8T0RIA, MABPETET, WINFIKLD, MID. die Village, Kaat and South Wllllampsburr. In the town of ewtown, may be paid lor therlast time OH Wednesday, Feb. 3<, at John Murphy's, 2J6 Water street, and on Saturday, tfarch 1, at the olllte of K'-uda.l A Andrew#, No. 5 Tryva row, from 10 A. M. until3 P. m. a R. MORRIS, Collector. rHIS IS TO NOTIFY MY FRIENDS 7HAT I HAYE removed troiu No. 06 Orand street to No 27 Or- one i.renA N. llElSZ. |XTANTED?by A boy seventeen years old, A YT Munition to learn some good fade; would l.k-to ll w villi liU employer; worked at gilding two years. Addn as PMm, Maraud Mn. Ilf ANTED?A GOOD BLACKSMITM. NO MR BUT At r ill *1 e.ass workman need apply at 101 Eases at. MIST AND FOI'KD~ MOUND-H.AST WEEK, OS THE EAST SFDE ?P THB L city, below Maiden lane, a small #u a of M iury?l as han twenty dollars. The owner, by de-crlliing the Nils sod Ho whereabout* of tbn loss, will hare them returuedi by adIressing AqujpRegis, Her.iId wTlre. LOST-ON SATURDAY BVENINO, FEBRUARY 25, OR one el the Second avenue ears, a sin It Vie:urine.. Th? inder w til receive u I. burst reward by leaving it at dud Second wen ue. LOST?CERTIFICATE WO. 7,Ml, DATED SAPTBtHMCR 3,*. lor twenty shares of the capital eto. k of the Faluma Railroad Company, in the name of Frederick Bengal, vho will apply to said company for a new certificate. * Lost?at the cooper institute, on satubdast. Feb. 22, an enamelled Brooch, wiiu a hook . trained iar i watch. A liberal reward wilt be paid for its return to *47 Sast Twenty-second street. Lost?on Washington^ birthday, at babl i num'? Uuvuuva plain goal Baud Bracelet. vill he suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. 4 Eat t Eleventh! treet, near Fourth avenue. No questions will la- waged. r ?ST?IN THIS CITY, ON THB AFTERNOON- OF |A Saturday last, 22 I in#t., a small? (JIiiiiiiuIh Leather Bv?. I ouleaning lae wurds of a key ot a sale. R5 reward will be# iven to any one who rcfurna the bagandi its routMits to tb?# ilioe of the Commercial Advertiser. r GET OR STOLEN?ON SATURDAY, 22D INST;' Li- about 1 o'e ock, near the corner of Broadway and WalP treet, a Package coulainiug the papers and statements of he brig Foster, directed to Whitney k fheohen*. Bo*utn. lass. Anyone returning the asm t to the Bun Mutual Inuranne Coinpiny, 44 Wall alreet, will be atdubly rewarded,LOS'B?ON saturday BVENINO, IN (iOINO FROM' West Seventeenth street to tne Aca<1eniy of Music, ? nink fur Collar. The Under will be suitably rewarded by raving it ?t 36 West Seventeenth street. Tbn route taken rue thovugh Seventeenth street to Fourth avenue, dowbi uurthavenue to Fifteenth street, down Fifteenth street to' rvlng place. LOS'i?A SMALL EXPRESS PACKER CONTAINING, addressed T. E. Morris,. on Hudson, tarween Jay and Canal streets, or in an Eighth, a auuecar, al p.. M. yesterday Tne llmter will be-suitably rewarded by navlng It a( 77 West Tenth street. POST?IN -SIXTH AVENUE, ON-SUNDAY EVE NINO, IJ a black silk Umbrella, with earveiLhUck walnut haudle. 'he Under will receive more than its valineby leaving it ag 1 East Twenty-third street. STOLBN-ON THE EVENING OPTIIE 2HW, A BRAVER 3 clotli Overcoat. If the Poeketbook, containing with ther papers. No. 2.IUS Certliiraie 20 Shares Merehanta' lank, and whi'-h are of no use to any omwbut the owner, to mimed ta 64 East Twenty-first street, or 55 East ThirieentR treet. no questions wilt be nsked. rewards. j. - ay.wakd.?lost, on sunday, p3b. ac, a la rob P<) blank Setter Dog, with wtute Imm ami buany tall: mwrra (u the name of Mednrr. The finder will receive the bote rrward by leaving htm al 4*1 Hroedway. LOUVER A RONTKT. fcO/k, BE WARD ?LOST OR STOLES, Ofi-TUl U USD VY, 11' between Kl.iuu an J Tenth alreela, nut al!?. vJ In (ana Irelanit mile*. Tin* finder will be lliima ly rewardd by leaving It with Catherine Wiialin, 33B. htlal Tealh ireu, N. Y. PEIMOWIL. A NY ?OMMI'NK ATIONS KOR HMK KVELINB tl Mom*. Inner writer, will he thankfully received at her idler, 7.VI Broadway, aecond Uoen A LICE. MORTON, OR LUCRE. LATE OK BIRMIKO fx ham, Eng.and. would inert with an old l'mend by adli-rmind R. <Beg Herald oilier. A C. H. WILL PLEASE CALL AT SAME POST fXa oifiee ae brloie tor a note. Call nrtorr, or by a quayrrto II olclo-k on Tueaday morning, and ohlign II. K. S. G1 Y. H X.-BEEN OUT" OP TllE C'YY; WOULD r Ilka- to aee \ ou. Addreaa nnte to Poat oikoe, Thurs ay. CLAKA. IP TB-E TWO YOUNG LADIES WHO, OH. SATURDAY nlii-moon .aat, recognized twogentlemen aa th.-y turned ;ito Anilty air* et iri.m tlrouduay, who ibm. -walked up aa ar aa Vlavt i ley plane logethrr. the ladie* then taking a Kroailnay, Nlnl.i xirrrt and SUtb avenue ?tage, going down, I hiiI 1 ddaiiom. of eoniinuiug VUr aeqnain anar then au napill, lornird, they emit el by a note. In rontileuer, brCharle'a llam.iton. Spring Hirrei Poat ortlur. IP AOBXBABLB TO THE LADY WHO,, ATTEXDKD Wintar Oaraeh on Saturday evening, weiring a pink bat, w bo all rm led the attention of a pent, man toning near it r. ?r? rreo,nl*ed him a? ahe was leaving hrr neat, and ilsu tiiiiiin nt li e head of the aiaira. aim will |lr?? addreaa I., a. V. II.. Station i?, Bible Houee. I NI)KWENf>KM.E AND IMPATIENCE. -MY KEPLT, I Uin.?,;u I' munale, 10 your m oou i letter, hearing ate inn t ilia In .1., An* i.n.mol.uioly pompon owing in iuj aoernea from ihemiy. Why have you nut rep iej in J'er* n 1 In I inii Kitny > llrrnM? How n i i to .1 rmiii' lor your ail-mut IVi liajn your letter was ioima rirtl. Do write name .l.ilely ,0 .vor.ij.ln drupe ir, Eugene Kobiuxm, b-aa 2.7IW Pent niilce JJV-THK YOl'XO LADY WHO ROVE I P ?N THE lii.'iitli u> nur ??r to Inr Heating pun I on Saiurunj. moot it r. .11., wtl >lur i?J. I).. Uliulitay l'.nl n.uue, 4Xlyi Broadway, Hinting where an nler?lew may In hind. 1IF.L TENANT O TLONJiL FKAZKK, FORTY aE\EXT* J t>tlni'nl,ll. Y. S. V.,wl,l p.ran.' ?rnd bW n lilrrn to 1. f. now, IfcCbilliiu wm>. MRS. LAURIE FOrTS-IORMEULY TN TiYF.NTTlil'tii nirnet, will 1111.1 a letter lor her at the Broadway Pint oilier. MISS MAKOARIRTTA.CAMBROK WILLFUND A NOTE far bar m mmIm j> I'mm h. MH. ?* ' IS ANXJOU8 TO KF.F. MIL V? ON the 26th lout., in tlir name hntiiir 111 whi h lie told him. Ikii wi:.l ln.1t year. Hour Inr the rr ajiuvou* LP. M. MAYFLOWER?PLEASE CALL AT STATION D THIS (Tun at lay) morning, for* wtier. 3,07.1. MFFF.-LOST, OK WEDNEAIUT.ETBNUIO. A STOKE. marten MiiIT, lo.gnmg Irnm Tuirty-aeeond itre 110 Co liur liiu, thence lo UA la*w u novel In the Red B ri line, j Then Under will b* suitably rewarded, by returning 11 10 Joshua. Brown, 116 Lewie turn t. "VKLIAE-BOL KUMBKR IF-29. YOU RO NOT STAT* J.N where to niluren* you in your answer ol Sunday. Yourn, LESTER. Sp. D .?J. B. O IS NOQ IN TOWN, AND) ilou't Know addrem. "Arleinun Ward" lertmea in Br.dgejxirt Nocday; Waterb'try, Tin * da*, and Springfield, Mini. vS'edni'Mtav of thla week. II. VS. B la hare* Shall ling,*(*7 JV F Inti*. Wrih aten-e. S QUNDAY KV.EXINO.?T AKKTY-SRL'OM) STREET. C? Slith avenue, Twentieth a, reel, tilth avenue. OikkI evening. It yuu wlah to aarertain nationality any how t* eoiiiiuniileale. EOREIONKR. /*1TI VVFV4AN* NTREF.T ?WILL UttR I.AIIY IN MOIE peisnll tlici M!(|UHiDt?i-m 01 toe genvrmui ahe !u> lirqoenily nhaorv?d panning I er wlinliwt Addrraa K. Unwt?r% kWI "J 1). IIUl limine I'oat ofllre. ?|y:?*)N.? -THEKK IS A LETTS* FOK YOU MS THE U Unli>a*<|u?re l'o i office. TICKELI.,?IF .IOHFBII TIl'Ki' LI?, OTIIKIIWLSJt JOauph Lloyd, who leit Liverpool in 1>1U, ouiiuu to New York, thetira to New Orleans, will communicate-with Mod. H. TIcknlL 278 I'earl e*a?t, New York, he will Peer oX aoroethin| in h'aadvautage. TWENTY-SEVENTH HTRWrT.?MONDAY MOMIM Handkerchief at the window, third alory, Mir same at apuut tw? yearn ago. Have me loigoiieii ymi, and have hem al'iaya amlonakp know you. hieage Hilocin me how I ran write you by n4nr*aai?sja ft* linen to A. L. Paul, eiire r" 8. C. Oodfrejr, 8hl Broadway. rriii lady * m-.> was at baknuaar mi hbum on J. Saturday evening, and wan silently recognized by the gentleman who ant heaid* her, and who kill the neat that Ue wa i In and look the one la front or huo, Oi r? Incoininunl. caio with her If ahe wilt addreaa him at the Hnu av?? r?*l oil toe. _ IV. w. V, YITTLL TilE LADY IN GREEK DRESS, W lit? WANT W In a car to Ihe Navy V aid on Sallirc.ij and aat ny?t to the grnlh mil Who analntcd her at Ihi gate. w lui altera ,r n? M< haiised bawa aa she v alked I e'ajml In r niiiipany alter ah* cnmc oil Ihi launeh, pb ne adilrcua y In R.d logg, bo* ltj Herald oilhvT The acipialuUlire wj |/..i<un'. ty begun would be plraaad In rouiuim . H~ fif AVKBUB RTAOK, SATURDAY NIOHL jig o'clvek. Aiiikrean Two Uiothera, boa 111" Ih i old oilier, at'it'htf a h lull m?", MUUiRDI. A large stock ok NEW anh second 1ianp . Ilill urd Tahlaa, with I'liei n'? Cmnilinriln Clin i ona to, ' h- ea to Ilii . i.. rilttlan U COLLI .ndbIt. 03toii9Cro?l>V?t..N. t. I

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