Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9299. UTKRAT9RI. 8 ILLUBTRATKD NEWS. I* KEavk LESLIE 8 ILL! BTKATKO NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLU.mTRATED NEWS, FPANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NBWS, FRANK I JULIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FR.NK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NBWS, FRANK LRSLIR'8 ILLUSTRATRO NBWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LBHLIB'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS. FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS, FRANK LESLIE'S ILLt'RTRATKD NEWS. FRANK LESLIE'S 'M.IIHTRATED NBWS, BEADT READY BEADY I READY RBADY 1 M WEDNESDAY Ml),(NINO, CONTAIN* ON WB 'NRSPAY MORN I Nil, CONTAINS ON WBDNKSDAY WORNINO, CONTAINS ON WEI NK8DAY MORNING, CONTAINS ON WBDNKSDAY MORNING, CONTAINS THE abb THE THE THE CAPTURE OF FORT DONELSON. CAPTURE OF V'OKT DONEIJ-ON. CAPTURE OF FORT DONELSON. OAPTURR OF PORT DONELSON. CAPTURE OF PORT DONELSON. CAPTURE OF POST DONELSON. CAPTURE OK FORT DONELSON. CAPTt BE OF POUT DONELSON. CAPTURE OF FORT DONELSON. CAPrURB OF KORT DONELSON. fMa plain npn m nu ihr tallanlobargc or the Savrniaenth, firty-rLht'i and Biahty-ninth raiments of Illinois) Volun(Wra on tte oat work a of Foil Dnnaloon. Tin; sketch was Erie by our special artist, Mr. Henri Lorle, accompanying > vi edition, ?iprn?? v for PRANK ISSUE'S ILLUtL A1KD NEWSPAPER. RATTLE O. ROANOKE ISLAND. BATTLE OP ROANOBE ISLAND. BABNB OF ROANOKE ISLAND. BATTLE OF ROANOKE ISLAND. BATTLE OF ROANOKE ISLAND. BATTLB OK KOANOKB ISLAND. BATTLE MP ROANOKE ISLAND. BATTLB OK ROtNnKB I8LANO. battle ok koanokb island. BATTLB OK ROANOKE ISLAND. _TWi picture ropreannt* the decl-dro bayonet eharga of tba Ptetb M Fifty-drat New York Volunteera and Tw. oty-flral WnanochuaeHa Volunteer* an tba gun b.vterv. Thin aotrMed picture la from aaketch uuiJe by our special arttat, R SjjhiB, nacantpany lag General Burnalde'a axpedi aOKKLRUIT illl'stratbo newspapbb. burnsidb expedition. burnsidk expedition. BOBKSIDK EXPEDITION. BL'KSSrOR EXPEDITION. . Bl'RNSIDE EXPEDITION. I BURNSIDB KXPE1IITION. burnsidb expedition. BDBN8IDE EXPEDITION. Bl'RNSIDE bxpedition. _ BURNSIDB expedition. T*n Taohant Tea. peat gotlli g the Gunboat Ranger off A andtawlM tar out at range or Fort Bartow. ttonal PMat ataanHng through Onalna Sound. ?55ao nod iK5a"K?3tU4,?,,3r ** m'nh" b#tW^n i ' Ahoautlfi.l Picture of the Inndlng or the Natlonnl Troonn m Rnannko lalmad, under cover of Union Ounbiuia. run Bartow during the bhniiwrdment, Iron a sketch furBiahed to oor special artist by a rebel ofl'oer. _ Obstructions placed by the reikis lu Croataa Simnrt oaken Veaaels and Cheveux de Friae. Tba abort? re >001* of the ! bbaitipi l and accurate bbvtltikul AND ACCURATE BEAUTIFUL AND ACCURATE beautiful AND ACCURATE BEAUTIFUL AND A 'OURArn BBAI'TIKUL AND AC'URU'E beas'tiful AND ACCUR >18 BEAUTIFUL AND ACCt'R \1'JJ BEAUTIFUL AND AOOUK .*E I beautiful AND AcCURA j PICTURES FluTt RH6 PICTURE8 pictures PICTI bes PiirrtmKS PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES IN IN IN 1p..v ik- illustrated newspaper, frank. lkg.1..'? illustrated newspaper) frank leslie's illustrated nkwspapkil prank leslie's illustrated newspaper! prank leslie's ill s' rated newspaper^ frank leslies illustrated newspaper! 4 frank lb.* lie's illustrated newspaper! leslie's illustrated newspaper, frank leslie's illustrated newspaper! frank leslie's illustrated newspaper,' prank lk.-liks illustrated newspaper! ?5*55 f5? !?j ii-fustrattso newspaper, frank leslie's illustrated newspaper! ra fir SsSSSfs!: frank leslie 8 iia.uhir.tteo newspaper! fsank lhsue's illustrated nkwspafeb! frank leslib's illustrated newspaper! frank lk.-l1k6 illusti'atfd newspapek frank lfsurs illustrated newspaper^ frank lbs<.1ru illustrated newspaper, frank le.-i.ik5 illustrated newspaper^ prank leslies illu8tratbd newspapkil frank l88libs ill-u. t.iatkd newspaper! prank illus'I rated NEWSPAPKIL frank leslies illustrated mswhpapk? frank i.esi.IK's illustrated nkwspapbr! pkark leslie 8 illustrated newspai'kr frank leblle's ii ' u-'mated newspaper! which WHICH which which which will UK rkadt wll be rkadt Wl L UK 1K.tDV will be lit. DY will be ready at at At At all news depots on wednetdh kosnima all NEWS DEPOTS ON WEDNESDAY VoKV'NO all NEWS DKI'OiTi ON WEDNESDAY m' KNINil all NEWS DEPOTS ON WEDNESDAY MORNINO. fH* ???!? QS WRDNESDA* MORNING. a.l NEWS DEPOTS ON WEDNESDAY MORNING all NEWS DEPOTS ON WEDNKNDAY ki On. XI NO. all NEWS DEPOTS ON W"?NK-DAY MORNING all news DKFoTS ON WEDNESDAY MOKNI.NG" Oountry auliaanijUoii. a* follow* ? ft* 17 week* ft 00 y?* ? '} J?r 2 50 i*" n" 1 4 01 Three do. I j,.or g o i Flea uo 1 year (to one a.lilrcaa)... .11 no And an extra not >y to the p*r*on sending acluh of l ra. Krary additianal hi i rrtidmn, f Addveaa FRANK LESLIE, III City nail aqnare, New York. If you want to know where fort donel on it, BUY frank leslib'S WAR MAPS. If yon want to know where Fur> Henry l?, buy 1k\nk li..-lie's war maps. V you want to know >vh re >|i|| Spr n? la, BUY FRANK LESLIE'S WAR MAPS. W you want to know whe a Clarkarllln la, BUY FRANK LESLIB'S WAR MAPS. 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PRANK LE8L1C''H W.A|t MAPS: A larRp ahead, ouni- Inlng a a?rlc? of nit torn general and ape Mal mapn, In lniltiB """ of Id * entire Bonier and Koithcrn dMalea, wuh the |??.Alone >tf tlia national aid rel>el Cornea and the blockading and oipwll l"iiary ?ii id rone, alt ioih rn Wthibltlng'lie nper;H one of tl" Poit K"jrnl,.Burin ,lc and Bntlcr E?p* Alllonn, and the ne-lii"n? nf the ar.nlea on tho Potomac. Tina In an I* raluilde mwnlon lo Ibe nranpapvr. Tm bad a( all depeu P.I J.j^nj.& It) CLy II "1 aRUarc, Now York. TjHUNK LESLIE'S PCBMCATEiMB. PRANK LESLIE S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER; weekly. Prion cent*. PRANK LESLIE'S ILLU.-1 RATB9KBITUNQ; weekly. Price 6 renin. PRANK LESLIE'S MONTHLY (a bewjtiiMl Magarlnr). Price Jft eeata. i FRANK liKKLlF.'R FTI STORY OF TUB WAR; ?en?iPrn'? '~a or DM, FRANK LESMB'S BUDUlFOF FUN; moulblr. r?ieo I oeoM. FRANK LK8LIKM WAR MAI'H, Prkw9<*DM. FRANK UPSLIU'8 WAR t'llAIlT; colored. Prloo 36 RDU * 011<? IJ t 'Itjr HaII mar, N-w Vork. fe'ne NEW YO the bail: The Unfinished Inside Track o Ca I V fj jjjj NEW8 FROM THE SOUTH. \ The Third and Fourth Days of J the Rebel Congress. j FEROCITY OF THE REBEL PRESS. , JEFF. DAVIS WANTS MORE TROOPS. j Great Demand for Substitute# in the Rebel Army ! < KING COTTON GETTING UNEASY. BEAUREGARD AT COLUMBUS. KY. How England Observes Her Neutrality. PRIMA FACIE EVIDEXCB AGAINST HER. A Mucster Foundry and Arsenal in North fcrolina, &c., &c., &c. THE SOUTHERN RAILROAUS. Important Railroad CuMrctloiu?Antlna. of ike KobelCongrees?<JtIap Showing; the Ra liroad*. Tho map?Interesting and useful at any poriod of oir history?*becotn s ut of great value at-this particular m >nv*nt, wlion, as our readers aro awart, tho rebel leaders nro straining ovoij j.nrvo to complete tho middle ' f ihelr main gysloms or railway eomm ialcati.m: frvei Dannie, Va., to Wrcensboro, S.C., and to oounoct Seima, AU., with Meridian, Miss., which arltl 0|Mu a sow oonltauoua lino to Now Orleans and Mobile? w a military necessity, In order to facllitulo tho tranaortition of supplies and tro >ps to mid front tho Interior of tho Confederate territory. Tho rebol Congress lias jiat passed un sat authorizing tho canatructian of the Danville roo.1, ut the urgent ro piost of Mr. Paris. These works wero to bo completed by aid from the rcbsl treasury, and tho idea of appropriation.* fur tho pur poae was urged by tho Davis t'abiuot upon the t oofoderata Congress, now In secret session In Richmond. These movements are foreod npon tho rebels by lie "g ent ana omnia" of General MctTellui, wlticli is ikwv drawing its coils around Uio rebel states. These new milltuiy rail road* or connections ?" shown ,-prominently on our map to-day. Their strategic vnluo in tbo hanrti of either army during the prosecution of the Union u ir la thc-c cioarly shown. J 'ff'rson IHvis, ihi 4tis me sago to the Confederate eon e'liyn, d.itcd on Un It'll of last Jioveuibor, rukrrnd to tha subject in the following terms:? lorHdHCMirfU prut'xtUum <>f Un> im>- It is iMMpon : soli o that the mesne ol' transporting a and ta.litnry , upgUe be fernlelMi 1, as Car as pc-albls, Ln arte i mam.or : as nu? to interrupt tbo eoiamerrial intercourse butaeeu onr people, nor piece a clmck on their productive etsw go s. fti ttiia and tiro in*ai.'. of iraonporlaiioii Ir ia euv section of oircouiltryto ibt otlier mum bo cnrefi.iljr g.isided end improvod, iuid tins should be I lie object u anxious rare on the part of il>? -lain and O nlederate gopernineiits, no far us they miy hate i>owai'over tlm Hubicut. We have already tw.. in tin system-< of t'iroigh * tratisportatiw from tli? north t ihe south- miroui IljiliwHid,aloagtho seaboard; tbo.hherthi.uyli Wis en r Virginia h? N'?* Orleana. A I bird mi^hl be s cure I by compic iug a link of about forty mile* hotveen I) uvii in Virginia, a 1 lireons .. n., m N >rth Ci.o .ua. ?V I om tnoiion tftkl?ews?i?noi<?. le A u 1 (in m .,), ^ , H,,, rhf iii+k rou.t /r.' t u a.A f; tan.'h ? tJi- ir'i ,u ,J ? i n j.ltrfit'M"'", nthif <* t V t pnpilatUm,anl rat * * tie ?, (u u grtu i/'ttuu. f, n W YO RK, WEDNESDAY, FEBR1 ROAD ARTES f Jeff Davis?The Proposed Co rolina, and Between Selma, Alal ?? TMUBTO Si, T#/^ 2 \jjf \8!f.lR> /qc 4 BA MA A^mlEW^ ^ rs/ j$? FotT ?JUMa G TJ t F^OT^ MEXICO Icbtwrtd. We rtwM incrtate yrta'ly IR* safety and cetpa- ? ity after meant fir traneparting men and military tnpplitt. c r the oonlrueUen of the road should, In the Judgment of I fcngrese, M It k In mine, be Indispensable for the most 1 uooessfal prosecution of the war, the action of the govrumenl wUI not be restrained bp the constitutional ob- c action which would attach to a work for commercial i mrpoeee; and attention Is Invite I to the practicability of wearing its early completion, by giving the needful aid i o the wompany organised for its construction and ad nlnMratiun. Ihts executive recommendation and the seizure of Ship aland have had the effect of quickening the operations if the contractors; for we And, from the following den >atch to the New Orleans Picayune, published in the liduiD of Saturday, that tho line of railroad between dob He and New Orleans was finished on the 18th of January:? Mekidiav, Miss., Jsn. 18,1862. Ihe line from Mubtlo slung llw Mobilo und Ohio Rall o.ut was finished this afternoon,and will be in operation ju Monday next. T\it com\drUi the line between Mobile ind Arm Orleans, riaJadceon and Meridian. O. FLANNEKY, Superintendent. After publishing the news the Picayune remarked editorially thus:? * i The completion of the above line is very opportune st this juncture, as the Yankees, Aamay complete prusettion I of th Sound, nuiy lrjtroy Ike coaU line at any mom tU. Already stiickcn down on tho aeabonrd, and ( tiemliling at the approach of the Union advance by i lend, It is quite evident tlial tho rebol leaders now < fear that their great 'roih'ary railroad ilnrs'' may be seizod by General lfcCletliui tho robe, aitny bagged, | the rolielllon crushed aud tho authority of the tederal 1 government restored. The lticbniond tieaminer of the 6, h of February, on tho subject, says, It will bo recollected that Pruaid nt Davis lecommend- ' ed, in his public meaaogo to Cougr -.s, the m.h try n <*- ' tity of eetnlli-Kinj railway nsunuia Jtu.n bjwien Dim- ' ville, Virjinia.andGr.inMaro, SurtkCaroiina. Whatever * appreciation tho country may have ol the "mdiia y ne- ' ce.taily" of tho otherwise quest!ujab.o ,-ohcy of aiding c mi.roads, we bjlinvo that It tvlll bo surpi iseu to hear ot 8 thu extent to which thai pohcy luis boeu i e-toiumeudod to 8 Coi.grot-s. We a e inlorino-j, in tuo must positive man ", ih it tho K\0( uiivo osliuiut for aid to the hanvlilu 1 cotiu.cti >n ls'oiie ml llou of dollars, to l>o e.\|>cwueI us tlao resident may direct. Wo aim learn thai President ' I'avis in a second mer.-age to Congress, in suC(Ot aes- 8 rlon,alvised the aid of the goturi ment to be extended 1 to (Ac completion of the Mi.i sippi and Ala'ami lit er ' Railroad, : > at lo conn-.ct Selma, n Ala'janvi, wil'i M , i- *' dian.xn UietiteiavL aiul thai i luuxrcKH L ;?maato.iu- ' ttaorlM tho advance 01? ?nu liuudrod aul 11. ty rioliars fur tho-purporo of couylotlng tills connection. 1 liu procclint of govs, uinoiit aid to railroads is daagomua, 1I1,l,c ill 10 bo ouailMd within proper limits, sn 1 lm?.e 1 > abuses aud C Trupllnus, especially iu a .?g "dative body which envelopes Its proceed u:gs a lib see. ocy. Too Richmoud h'.xam\ner of the 6th lust, says-? Wo Iram that President Psvls li is sent In to 1 org; ess a special message,rccimitnen ding that the aid of tho go vcrlitnent be uxttBded to the ub^orts of tlio resolution* adopted by the convention of railroad p. oxidants and superintendents hold ill this rity Inst flpoomber. It m understood that the I'reai ent talcs tltc gro <nd that the cn.ntal necessary to construct the osubtrliinents ro ptl.i d lor loiollmg rails and the inaomai't .re if loco II,olives cannot, wi ll he had unless the Ceiled rate gi>. ve ntneni will m Ice some advance for the purpose. It 1 sis i u/gested that lb m ichinory ,rri>jier for rolling tUo rsi.s might be 0"?ineete 1 ? . h ihnt whl, h Is Ud, oesury tor lolling piutes for uses which on*anted ,n the nnvn;r vice. It U knounthatth-w' o ' n. 1 r nf at !,ns. / I,- ?/.? i'? iarylf enptfrimj th aUrrlton o' timj a', and then s some curiosity to discover to what extent the anoacru or the Pruvlsoinsl OongTSSS propose In adopt the ,e o| o-1 tion of Uie convention lefsrred to, "the railroads ar? a |iarloftho military defti, eeof the onuutry." Auo'her item Iu the same p .per gives tin * bit 01 Info r mat ion ? It is understood that the subject of the completion or lbs .Covingloll Slid Oltlo llui. oad we: iward y IS under the consider .lion of me . 1st. l.ugieminrs, ?1 h . v low to a negotiation with thet omodi rate mate g veri.insiit iwr an advance of the funds necessary to compiet tho tinpron uient. Ws may relieve some anslcty on this sub lei t by stilting th it HiS-nilent Hivm ba advis. d f oligt -s against amy died appiopt tstl fibrillin p. rpi s n the t present condition 01 the treasury, Tbo plan was v n- e milted to President I'mvis by Mr. P ntslns, President of the Kullrtsid, In tniny intu 1 jurat ,.s in I liNlisis/Md rtirli'.niif th' raitrHUt unr.V'.n u A . e ,( uv'-rrm terminal If 'hr t i>,i'?iui I' n rat Itoitrwhi rnd 'A t\avnmh<t VnVtf. The section 1 f the ri:?d to wh eh all t 1 Inn is spsctsdty msile Is twenty in le 'gth, crossing .lie Alleghany MonnUli*. and parsing ,mm .'..latal) by .Ii t 'lvli ti.t ??itiio tup.wr . . r ii. , ii :i ,j|, i ,?ilo by wh rh (rO 'tw, I>rt>* 1*1 n? nt?l (iPifil'Sfi ,? .>r v. lio'tl*! b/ watcoiia t > lie colnlnnnl or Orji. I : -y H c?t 1? th < P 'H" n to tho pr?g*ul moninui<u the .!n Iitn i>t M?< n?# railriKul connacMonii?joderiaW's n* u 1 military neretnity"?In ilia rjonh-ni ti'?. -t u'm* J,' 'nite I HUtti*. , -\ TIIK ColVt ttNTION OP lUII K.Mp ?PKI KM*. jVrem tii itimimmI i*i>a< ii, i ?.b. r ThH?"'?.* un t' r it* I <:? tic ? *pti>i& of t' i*ii* -*|ow irl %? ,, l> of mHoijil I r ?h inMim ; . RK H [JARY 26, 1862.-TRIPLE LIES OF TH nnection Between Danville, Vi lama, and Meridian, Mississippi hhhftofrm is <^fr i *> ?'?y^mrmdS^, jt proposed racomectioh / wtwit-^ mffmsbmojw --' o * 1 I f the South, assembled at the Oooncil Chamber In thla tty on Wodtteedey laat, and adjourned yesterday, after laving accomplvetoed Ma object, ao ftur aa it was poealble, D a satisfactory manner. Mr. Goodman, of the Mtoaieelppi Central, waa President if the meeting, and Mr. Chaa. G. Talcott, of the Rictonond and ran*ills, Secretary. The following raliroeda were repraaented in the Conrent ion. in moat inatanaaa toy their Preatdanta:? Mempbia and Charleston. Virginia Central. Southside Railroad. Petersburg Railroad. Richmond and lYtereburg. Richmond', Fredericksburg and Potomac.

Vlrgtnia and Tenneaaee. York Hirer. WilmlngU n and tVeldon Orange and Alexandria. Richmond and Danrlila. Miss Mippi Central. Southern Mlfslteipri. Memphis. Clarksrllle and LoulariUe. Washington t o nty.Texaa. Western North Carolina. UreanvlHc and Columbia. Manassas Cai'. 1 There ware in altondanco, besides, a number of Superntomients, and other railroad otllcers. The plan adopted by the Convention, to carry out the anrpoecsof the Convention, to In substance aa follows:? It divide* the rallronda In the Confederate . tales into four llstrlcta, on the assumption that it would ha Imposslblo lor *uch a vast number of interests to work together adninUgeously. Tlie railri ads In Virginia constitute ono liviaion; tli?>se east of the Savannah river and south of tV.-luon another, those south of knexvil o, east of tho ftimbigb'-e and w> at or tho3 vaun.ili r.vo aiinilior, and those west of Chitlnnoi g.i and tho Torublgboe, eaat of the Mississippi river and s >utjb of Kentucky, anothor. A central rolling mil! ia to be located in each divi-ion, sriih such machine sh | H ai.d foundries as may be neces Biry; tho capital ro iuiaito to put the.- u work* iu operation .0 he subscribed i nu paid by lha roads belonging to tho vapccllve dlvis'ona Tho aflliirt. of the rullirg tnilla are o bo managed by a boar I of directors in each divlihsi, iourUtlng of tho rrealdenU of tho roads, and they are to orate tha mil's to tbo best advantage of the roads c n:e red, to tlx the prlo < f maurlul and trunsporiati it, to c ect and ap.>< int a general au; eriiiioudnnt lor the works, Hid fix the capilal necosrary to carry out ihe scheino ind the manner of paying in the same?e ,ch read and in0 r t to furnish all tho old in ilei lal Hit y cm spare. The second pail of the p on la in auhalance us follows:? n tho event I hit the reads constituting either division hould fall or decline tor?t?Mi<h mill* as atmvn provided, he pedi n patted, if it shrill be fo tad Meaasarir, la n.ike advancea to lurtlv.du i!s or a?*'x iatl< ns who wi I nn let tako to i.ilab ish tho same, to the x'O .t and upon tho ia-<ls beroinaft-r ntftted:?T.iat in yr pv.suu or n.-v>cia i n *!.o may establish and put in operation, within alght nonlh* of the 1st of Jxu ary, lbti'd. a m m fictory of .?i nsd supplies which shall Imj appiovod by tlie oompmih a, hey will coutract to put chase of them anuual)y,d uiitglbe iresent war, and for a to m of three fn in the ci. so if the war, ?u< It anpphea as thoy slmll ma iuiaciare, to hsexten. <if tho requirements of the aovo a compaiii m, r re sirs, consumption and equipmsst,for thn |xul<?t v me !, *t a prlco uot greater dm lug the oontiu amo of he war than fifty per cent ii|>on tin -alee rum nt :oi arli.lea of I ke on illy on the 1st o. July, 1*00, an I after h close of tho war an advance f net m re tha thirty ret cent upon tho actual Ci *t of I aim i on of sjrni ar irtlch'B at the t nn-of purchase,exclusive of mij>ori.iuiea. In aid.lien, tho compa ies ague to teaPe intis at Ix per out Into: o. t to fiidivldua s who establish 1 uh ntau fnetoi h a lis miy he approved of, ti m ivtenl tut lee- than (if y nor m re thar sovrnv llvo tier cent |>er mile "f of said rnls,tar a term i ot to "\roe I threo years. 'Ibe am i nt ?noa to mi hi .virtual to he tpndiaf hy the n i a, ? t not Pi exroort in the aggregate the al? v? limlt.nh?n. la u!a lor?a *o t-slabiislwl to give tlie preferen a to i w h Ii'ii e I nn. <l tin Ir cipital. lite President'.* of comiamies in the i otivmi .on p.e.'gi< i c i arlvae 10 call t< giihir tlx ir It .tula, oi)4 cure Mi ii up> n thfl plan ot in eufly 4ay. Several r. Milutxxix were n (opted by the i ooveulein, of rlii> h ttv foil ? iiis it the iiium irn|?irtunt Pc.iilve 1,1 hot io tlm opinion i<f tbl? meeting It t* of real ItnpM ianco to th- delenoo "f th j ? ( dot .icy liai I'vor* facility ehould be exietid'ni to the itavrlope k nt "I tin mineral w ailh of the' iinfedarate - lata*.and x a large t*r-? oftlofi of thll wo.nlih I* now owno I by alien i nil-k. uii onriie t ?|i|iliutii"n bo ma la to the Oonl?lei a I n,fo to pane a law confxcAttng ami a ling tbe do em , in the pr?;ieriy * ownOl by elieo < nomi a In >i vureaia minoi of mineral*. which will amble Mouth- I ro operator* :o work Iho * ,mo. THE IlEBEL CONGRESS. fitful and Font-lit Dey'i PrecndlNgy. . TIIIKP PAY. l-tttA". *. Ki in iyn, Feb. 21, HM. | I id -Vntte aetvmhled nt twelve n'c celt, and waeo,?n1 Wit h prut nr. Tbo yturtul waa read, eorrooettd and approved. >l? . ?!atm: ,<v loan.,nrned it n<'tiai lei iiion of the ' ii til m iido t t' it atei 4 iv, In ei ' I 11 the ? -?| all n ot' -"ii rr, with It, be<n* ado; tod, ho brlenjr t ive.l ihe niicoitetltiitloi ality of 'he pr"r? *o,l form of .i-eiBe l n. an fmoved to mtieml II, xo tl.a'11? *e 4e?a "id uvr iii.?hAiloteIbrtwoyetnt ih n amwfitnto tl teli'1-'. Mi ?e drtwl; f btf 'our t." ill" x t?l If-x, mil 'I ,* draw'tt* 1 '* et )*"? I Hit I'llal r -re. ERAI SHEET. E SOUTH. irginia, and Greenboro, North L '^v ^ & \> Ar V 1 O 1) ??? ? " " ISAI2 Of MILU By general consent the ummIimdI wss postponed, and the resolution, heartily approving the pledge of the LegleInture of Virginia to indicate the rights and ancient , boundaries of the State, was, at the Instance of Mr. Binwxll, of 8. 0., taken up nnd unanimoi sly adopted. The amendment to the resolution concerning the classification of Senators was now resumed and adopted. Mr. Claw, of Mo., ofibred n resolution, which was adopted, that Richard If.*Smith, the Printer for the Pro latonal Congress, act as Printer for the Senate of the Confederate Sutra until otherwiNe ordered. Mr. (hut, of South Carolina, calletPnp the resolution appointing a committee to set in c -ntvtiction with a cmmilt' S fromaiiu House of Rspreeuutatlves In relation to the Innugi rat ceratnonfM. and, on bis motion, it was. amended so that tha Senate committee should consist of tbr so msniberr. The I'MKJeat appointed Merarr. Orr, of South Carolina; Brown, of Mississippi, and Henry, of Tennessee. A message was received from the House of R.'| res ntattvea announcing tbu concurrence of that body In the Senate resolution requtsling the Attorney General to re turn to the llou;-o the papers, Ac., in the office or under the control of the < lerk of the Pro\Is.onal Onngrs-s, uot otherwise disposed of; ami nil rnpers referring to e>St:u tlvs sessions and executive burin irs to the Senate. tub eutm'AWii or sixatoh . On motion of Mr. Hatvw, of Tmn., the ballott'ng for class i Ileal ion ot Senators wss proceeded with, wl'ti tho following result:? Alabama drow 3 years. fl years. Arkansas do. 3 do. 0 do. Florida do. 4 do. 4 do. Georgia do. 3 do. 0 do. Kentucky do. 3 do. 0 do. loulriant do. 4 do. 0 do, Mississippi. do. 3 do. 4 do. Mirsenrl <lo. 3 do. 4 do. North Carolina do. 3 do. 4 do. Fm.Hi Carolina do. 4 do. 0 do. An 1 .! ' a An Tnxia do. 4 <lo. A <1? Virirlnia do. 4 do. A do. Tlio memhoie thru balloted for their reerwottve tart.ia, which resulted a* fed w-:? Alalnm-i?Mr. Ctny, two yeara; Mr. Yancey (abaent), aix vmi". Arkin*c?Mr. Jobn/ton, two yearn; Mr. Mitchell, ait y.aa. ?Mr. linker, two yearn; Mr. Mix wall, four J9HH. fi?.rgi??Mr.Toomba, two yearn; Mr. Hill, aix yearn. K n >?c*-y? Mr., two ye-uw. Mr. Burnett. aix Ismi .ami?Mr. Somron, four yearn; Mr. Bpnrn w, ,lx yea a. Vc !>??>;<?Mr. I'h'lan, two yaarr. Mr. Br..wn, four yeara Mi >mri?Mr. eta k,two yrara;Mr. r?y ton, four yanm. A'ortfc Carolina? Mr. Davis, two yoara; Mr. !*nrtth. four yearn Jt w-A Carolina?Mr. Ilarnweil, four yeura, Mr. Orr, aix yeara. I'-wwrvar? Mr. Maury, f?>nr yeara; Mr. Hnynaa, aix yearn. 7Wa?Mr. 'Vlgfall, fonr yearn; Mr. Oldham, nix year*. I iigti.i*? Vr. rraatou, four yeara; Mr. lluutar, all yo:ir-. < in motion of Mr. Hi-arkow, the Senate adjourni 4 until ten o'clock to-morrow morning. n??t at or ini nrsievTATrvnn. The I1< car waa (tilled to order at twelve M..anJn, m.?d with pray r by Iter,Mr. Dcrcar. Journal wan ria l nr.I a, pfl Mr ?ur it, of Virginia. from the commlttot on tha pirt Of the Hoot" le Inform tlia I'reaident of t ho organl/aibm of Ih'th ho"n s of t'ongrea , rf| ortoil 'hat t'.o committee had w.i led upon the rreatd'titArcidiny to order. I're. a e .t I avla liad naid h wan Kit In .1 i thai the hei.aea had orgnnirod hapjilly, and. alii r hia in* g a tt'-u, ho would liave a oir-r itt to . orr.muiitute to b til bnnai.? nt f'ongi ear. 1 Mr. ctniih.of VI ginia,and Mr. rugh, of dlntMUiia.were prcnentrd and laom in. Mr. I'r.rxias, of l/inta'ana, from 'ha a mm'lteo imtuteo on the part of the ll"it?o to inrerm Mr. Pavia. "f Vt*?t?aippl. an I Mr. Stephenr, of Ceorglx, of th' tr eh* I t|. o in tlie renpeetitrn nfl'ee* of I'rre 'ant and X Ice I'reilevul Ot the Ounfatloftlo Sialea. repnra I the I there o-l> tlettien any they wl 1 acc? pt tne nihaos au hlx rally l<a aion I'd 'i|ion them. M .!ci*m', m riwlir"?eo, iwm permiaaton to room alder th?\?U by which the r?|mrt of the Committee .?i It'll'* w i? received. wrhlrh wa? agreed 1 > and he then mined u nt lli ' cmnilttcf* w hu h, aorordit g to that re I' it w?'e to onaiat of revolt. should em a st of i.lue <t'l | ton. Mr. t kith <le?ir??l to m.iko certain W|iian*M< i s a* to h.a i' .enriK oenavre on iIm1 Pret i**mal ' ongr- a. He ilia claimed t Ma. entertaining, an lie <U4. i kltk rtt|*et for Hut l.o tv, and he bad nly axtirrem-d ids a:tt m. a. i*. n at fndit'g that hlrrrien.l fiorn Virginia (Mr. Jcnltit.e) had b i n I the army, c d n. t In thn IVovisK.n.l Com.nun, lie h d ni*> b'en ri t.rccntcd a* wiallh? r.ena.n rellectl its On flei oral llr t.itt'g ird, whkth lie tiNo ilivi.lnnn d. ,t m.1 i me '.ris rm of i ed rrom the Satiate, Informing Ida II m*i th it that fvuly a, |aiinl'd Merer* Orr, Jidmaon \< I flay nt ii C'tiinnttoe on the |urt . f ttio-onaio to adopt rules for both h t am of (ongioaa. A : I t ros liMon vrus alvo raid w"h reference to tint rnpem cotmrtmn aced to the Pmnalmiai Co-\grm>*. aii l Hu.'lf li atia.r to t!.<' rea|a*ctlvc ekrks of the mutate ,n '. II er. Mr. lYtt.irs m .rod that the rwo'atten of theitor.ate ho Cm i ttrrr . Itl. Mr tiiti.aairrl ortol, but, the qm'StlTO harlrg lieen ri'i rr i, the report wis dually cr> cnrrH l.?. fh vat* nth i m rto-iitf.'I ihtl IMiawatiM Wtl L. D. I RH?E TWO CENTS. Iiodofy aterday, vis.:?(? lay on the tab's the roroiu tlon of igt , 'oman fr m t oomph? (H . pve'te), was betv-e ?h- It i f*, mid Mr. Boyee, of Sooth Carolina, warn i t tls to the floor Mr. Uor xaaid ihal aa it concerned the involution of th ifTitlcnan from Tennraaeo In rotation to lbs oast and future conduct ?f the war, lie proi osed Tory briefly to ax rt ?- "on * views upon lbs question, wttli particular reap rt to tha executive b-ai'ch of tlie goveromeot. M was his opinion'hat tl a policy t- h v? een -irru'dat the ltd in vary clear one. Ho had th ighi (hat wo ehnoid proceed with all iwmiiljie energy. We >k uld hare a mot ut an offensive. warfare All Ok* flat* Stale* th'+ll U inehuled. fa k'n o/ini n Of war hstorwn the North "nd the South might la-t a long time, ami that h ttih ties wo- Id arid forever. We fiMtwef afford to trio* up on* i?< k of ur SoiUirm rod. The North now exceed* us to the uuinlxir of eichtoon or twenty million* of whit* I eople. W Hhould have pursued ,'fiom ih very llrst. mo e of ^n tggrcrsive policy, which would have glv, n a posiiion to tie* Vi up.u'ii States. it would liave o icoi raced our friends and discouraged our enemiea, and such a pollcj h id been indict, ed by our uiailiiguiabed President, ( fr ni Miggi-sippl when on hU way to be iua up ruled as 1'r Kideul of the I'rovls. -unl gave intent?that we rhiuld wage wi-r on the eurmv's own gro nd. Mr. L. P Walker, th fo toe s.*jretaiy of War, had ?nl a' 'jit t> t the "?g of the tooth should 11. at ho t y v r h < pi o at Wa hu ^tou He. ihe (o ealter, oui ihongiil . it ex[> e n iin?w at th it tl 1,0. We *houut harr talked pa.- rid mt rt "nr iud pe ceful trim, hut prepared for lUlitr war. A' rtooity ! ? utacity'?audacity:-la the key to succep Male i.A li'-w of f a:. prcsceoie the war with great vigor. Talk r Fit. nav wo not risked a ovoin- iir im puhii t>c It I all? \Vi> shoe,lit have puis ed ?> a'grresive po liyfruntho >ery first. The enemy at U at time wore u > p wired .luy ha ?. i -v m ty li, e lb . ana men.nid m s. of tli. m wore h..ll?iiy lot re,iiu I cane do lb as O l port of ''Mil th .1 y o b aiion. Tl?< get I'll of o r p-lie should thou have h on action. N-.pi.le it, in t ... vs r wi h Italy, did not wnil until the e.cmyia'ue to biin; bo lirst win on i h ttlo, thnn liew In ro .nil ! gained another, then rrahe I tbero and (b ight tiliiid i one. Frederick the (irent. who defend'<1 hit little kingdom, whirh one eould almost ever with a i** k -tluuclkercliiei', against all the Powers of P. ope except Kngland, had wen all hit bat lee by lite g eat genl t. lie did net waP n ' tb Rueijiaii army came up. and defeat them; then wait for the A a'riaa army. Ho ma clicd mi i . ad. then r inhed on a ' ther. It stead of waiting, he inarched and m. t the et:my mil cut'hem torn e * The North-n true is, at t'.a hr. akh go t of the war, were un 'tec p it.- d, t.n<J it will ho recollect.'.! that we defeated them at Una on eve y o :c pion. Then we could have gone int. Mary and, when the wan prepared to be revolnti' iii/ed. The Southern t eopic arc l-igh-t. nod, patriotic, great-wo'e I i eople, but we cat not endure privat one and h udshipa like the North Hence we should have pursued an early activo ! andaggr sive p llcy. Look at the country around ua d. yaa ed. Wo linei burtvd no cltiee, we have lad waste o towns. The North hail sent the ee un ? <<cie'y to tie pitted against the noble eon and the very flower of the South. We do them a tuvor to kill l it e.ieh us those. But once carry ihe war into thn North, strike it theii borders, strike through their land, and they will oon begin to feel that the game they pLy in not such a p ..i?ai t ' ens it now appear*. It t If we did n I h !p Maryland when It waa in oor power, *'My Maryland,-' the m ntkin of wh eh makes every iteart in the g u'b th it v. ith m ti. t?if we did n"t help h, r tliou, when ore we to do It? Now, when r?ve.pce are eou.-untiy aiiundtng otn arms? Mr Joxie-, of Tenner see, hare nformed the gen I In man that the news had arrived hero that Clo er .l Price,of ' Missouri, bod gaiittd another great victory, killing *e> en bin d ed o. the enemy, and Ming only one hundred ?t his own men. Mr. l orn said be wan glad to hear it, for Geoeral Price had the spirit of success Inactivity had been ore <f the curses of the Sooth, lie believed with Kipnleon that generals were born generals: they were like poets, a man c u il not be made a ptiet by ed ication, lie c . Id only be improved. Pome of tne men at the heed pf affairs now lutd no military genius, but it was said they must not touch that subject. ?ha I they not investigate, thay, the representatives of the |ieop e? Let us pursue some policy, ir a man is Incompetent set him aside, no who he is; the.eo.intiy is to bu savad. This is no time for gantle words and kindly feelings to ho ueed towards any uno whom there wua a necessity for setting aside. He did not desire to offend any one, but he spoke for his country's cause. We hare to learn from the etiemy. When the battle of Manassas was lost, Scott was set a: ide McDowell was never mn ? heard of. They have evinced an extraordinary energy; when one man fat on th<y took another; they sear .nod until they found one of military power, and now ws begin to feel the result of their policy. What are we doing? Shall It beaaid In after days oi us, the enlighten :d Smith, and be ndd . by the genius or history, theso men rt the S-v.tih daed to inaugurate a great revolt tlon, but hud not the oooi age - - ? ?-?- > vr a.? ?K~. ' IO CH ry 11 OUir CU>II IH "o ?!<? mini V, u Franc* (ti l. She not only removed a man from the army, but cot his bead otr. Pbo carried a guillotine tn on* baud . I f??r dome*tic traitor* and a sword tntheotbor or her enemies He dl I not want to see people behea *d, bat be would adopt? me measure Jnst as decbKe. This was no rerointloo to be <y>nduet*d with kkl gloves; It was a desperate content, we should aet with the spirit or the Prince of Orange. When army after army was eut to pieces, he fire orders that the dykrs sbo Id be cat and the sea let In , to lash its wares over the land, rattier tliaa the Spanish flag should ware over It Id triumph This la the spirit tn which we should act. If t'e Secretary of War Is incompetent, be m et be removed. The safely or our wtree and daughters demand, o< r eti .ntry demand, that thee# vanda.s of the North lie boa ton back , our countiymost lire, no matter hew many reputations perish. In the speaker's opinion, the g ntlemmrrom Virginia who spoke yesterday could n-1 hare ' ponied s sere er set teuce on the officers of th- executlve when hs said there lied been "no plan of war.'* nr. .Ictciv- said that he had said there had been no regular p .in laid oi.t. Mr. Bovcs said that it was evident that no plan had been adopt> d. It waa time now to call on the military | grnlua of the country tn f<>: m a plan. Were he t<> suggest ' men to farm a plan of action. It would be Beauregard and ! Toombs. Every me ki sw the meri s of Beauregard,and ' Too tubs had, aa he tlio"ght. thewequisit# niiiltai y genius an I the true revolutionary s Int. Mr. Fonrrs would Itiq l-e of the gentleman if there was nm a constitutional difficulty In the way? Mr. ItovrK ltd not think of that- but the ("resident co.Id a * I v 11 the tin y to nny general he might desire. O'tigrrsa might appoint a c inmati rr-ir.-rhtef at rter tlio I' esHetit. The spe-iksr only suggeste.* these thlnr*. He believed in his heart that tho I'restdrnt ties tied the sa;cly, glory and honor of the South b t ho himself want him surrounded with;*. tent advisors, who might no re much mtsrhtef, when the rntii ? of the country might he called forth to aid tn for warding tho pnl cy that shall not eventually call ?lown cu svs uj> n that b<?1y ofCmgss, bul hand tta.r nnmo-' down m the arbitrators of a Arse and enlightened l*o] lo. Mr. Ua< m?, of Ky., said that ha would not ndcrt iko to invent Lata tha me its of the military genius of llie day. ilu would leave that to be argied before l. a i pi imste tribunal at tha prn|?r 'Ime. Haeaina from a iai.4 who h m now rM.mant with and Ufa of Vutikm ih'tn. S ill, ho w >a n<>l for adopting a cow liollcy, an having l>.ngre-ato dictate what ebou'd bo the .d-posilioti of our forces In r gard to the enemy. N?t?d?'fio boa d that I tin Fetch Co-.icll waa air ut to dictate 10 b'M, and ho pi.iuod sendee a all along tha ru h to pr- v> ul any mat-ear o irom reaching him. On gr en ah uld l ot i s rp the mill o.y |>ower. Mr. K> ors wanted t ."know If propoelUon wua nam patimi. Ii simply to eq-man an opinion was to ba * > v.. and ronarderad usurp'.Hon. be warned to go home ( r.) Mr. I'Hiri s. of Ca., offered n resolution modifyl: g that ol Mr. t 'luintho point of abandoning h-roef.-i tl. and It rov r ihe de otudve policy, but dtciarad tbat we ahnold prunouU w-.'h energy both an oflbnalae and defruatvn |*ti;cr, autl ebow the genri al confluence which great and chivwlmie )* o,.le rep s< d, ai?l do now re in tbeetvil and mil.ary authority; and thorough measure* eri'Mi.d too adopted lor lb* proaaci.liuB of the war at tha earliest possible moment, llo wished P> know if tha gent'cmali f oin Teuneerea would accept this pri^MSitioa as u mtwttl'itef Mr. I 'Kmc paid If it was meant as ia en.lorssmsct of the two others of tho fai? in t whom ha rafarrad lo yc.te day, he would uot accept it. M< . 1st >s said It only end riesi the peopla. The peopie lied r-isi ed a geoeron . c nil tucalitUM Eaarathre, but tho 1 aroulire hud not i. p. scd Pa- name coi.fld nra in the pa 'pio. . h.- people would i-> lu.ythng for tha country. lr there was a call tor arm-*, tbera would baa ufgo sot up at awry cross mad?not only ah m ey cross i< ad, but at every angle, there was p'Wder needed thai wo-w ha furnlobaa, and tha ia<|ila voiiM ovimi undei toiuo thrir house# to get saltpoire, if it ware u> ba fo. nd Miare. 1h>y would cheer fully give ado -p-btlie of their p.o, arty to save the other one tenth. Title is a n< hl>-1 e .pie, a great i**ople. a brai a peple. Km h? vn In I'atorat *kntgrerg taking Hum* a< tlniioti Ihteubect?It we* timetbit gome great rnlco alivuld rli 'K will ?nil w?ku il|i the great |hh>|<I? who had ln> u rle King K" I in' |*n*l f'Hit nvntii*. wakoupall, In linli, ti i-ai'm and low pecee. Mr. Fiii'-k laid that the roaid tlon certainly endorsed ?h* admli.leir.ttt' n. Ho, never would en.In, an the Seer tary cm W ar nod Navy, lie Intended t<> make one day <i*> re ";'i'm-*nia tliai would netotil?h at leaet aomrbndv , ha had facts. Startling IWte, which he intended to bring to liear <'h ibe euh.eet. He had cenmred thorn ye-lonlay (III iiada.v). and ho would not L.ko back a alngle w rd of what ho hud * ltd. Mr. I Tuna her# aeked p*?ni*atott to lay before the Rouen th report rf the Jntal conitnnten appointed to make arranjrem for the Ina ignral ceremonlee, rending to the i >i k'a de*k to be rrad the programme for tbe d ijr. lie ttlao aak<*d Hint tiro hundred copies be printed for genera' nae, which wa* agrred t". Mr. Hater gti.moved to lay the resolution end tbe tubetlt te on the table fir the proee.1t. u n?..a in make It the order of the (ley for TMr"f&Si<?n~i I""**"' "4 *** r*Mp"I"**"v'iVrJ-'r ? " -Vtiffli 1 hat when this Ronea ,urn it e<hnnni 10 *l qu?ftor piat eleven o'c'ork ''n t? m"Tow; anS from tho srijoorhwnt to at I,,,,., um innaformksi, It a'journ to mart at twelva n'rl it I'B M 'm'tV. AffSH tO ,\n<l, on motion of Mr. OAinaau ,tha Room atljourned. FOVRTH DAT. null. loita-nAT, Fob. 30, ISM. Tho Sanate met at noon?Mr. Ht vmi la ths chair, fearer by Kev. I'tshop fcarly.uf ibs M tbodiat Mactipai church. Tits'i .mat of y cater ilay'a pn ceatlnire was reari. Mr. B*?5fWat.i ,of!VniU? 'arellui.froui the ? com mntoe ai ixitntctf to wait uixin the lYeelteui aad Vice

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