Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1862 Page 11
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I^J*rTTATJOI|* W A\Tl*.O? PKJIAIiRd, I I V E.?WANTED, IMMEDIATELY. ft A ' -fx ft.. ??..c, intelligent ai J | . niUiy young iinJi-Awo- : mutt, ajukoa'ipu as wet ntu , u.Jtyor couutry; baby 'w0 I weeks oM. Call at 63, b av. ! * YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION jY a* nurse, and to do plstu a'mihe or tt -.tit chum r*??i k. Omd city rei ur.nco. Cau bo seeu for two days at 21d West Both st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUJX a'jon i. . o'k ai.d'?u! totui. f ha.e no hesitation in saying I ronsi .er un self io .j.-.eul t< .11 tli? snu .tiuii I ..pply lurttoo best of i-ity ri'ermce given. Can lie s-eu tl.l einjagd at2*.'5 West 25ih St., oet eon Stli ami 9tB avs. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED (MERMAN I.ADV. JV who speaks ILniii-h, wii.lo a o situation us li.n.kek-ep r or t' rami ?till it lady, or to take care of cliiidi. n; la-conv l>ele|M iwlauriwt cliUdroa in ?ll ktui.-of needlework A 1dr u M sj f. Ending, 2U? Ur si., uaeiuaut. t.o ke. a r.rsA-ECTvni.E young woman wishes a situ. Jx. alio;, lu? snail private lamiiy, .a wail: as and i > do light cliaii'b.-rwork; wo ild lie willing to assist In the wash, dngaud irotiine. Call for two tint s at 1K1 1st aye., between lltb and iitii a la. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 81 FUJI. ation in a | r.vate family; is a good rook and an 'aoi'ilent washer and irnn-r;| can male pood bread and biscuit. Meat city loieieuoca tan l>e ,iveu loi live teats. Ca't lor two days at the brat br etc l.ouse trom Bond st. in Dough sit., JUrt.oLlyn, tn I It a bag meat. A RESPECTAB1 E YOITN i WOMAN WISHES A SITU _/V anon, in a ainuj pi 1 a f.t .t.l . to doihework; is C-tJi ble t,f dol&g all the cookmg and bakitnl- Best riti r?f", rnice. Call ul the tot'inr oi S Itntiitt and Coli.m'da an? the.La ery, No. 513. m cond l.nor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BBSPBCTABLB U\ girt, at otiauibrrniaid. Inquire for tw o .ays at airs. Jleil'y's, 97 Dasinoiisea St. t GEKJIAN O! HI, WANTS A SITUATION?UNDER_-\ siaud- i lain cooking, vta iiing an 1 ironing, tied is will, ' luff to make heraeif gen rally useful. Apply at iti7 Ho.very. A YOUNO GIRL WISHES TO HAVE A SITUATION 21 tn ? | rivate family to numl a oahy and to aasl?t in 1 gui housework. (.'all at in I'd avo., in the tsar, tirsi Hour, boiv ecu Chi and 2d s;b. AWIIiOW IiADY, FORMERLY a MONTHLY NURSE, would Ilka to mke tnr charge of an invalid, and do plain Sewing, or nasist in any 1 ijflit work. Wages no oh led, out a -Comfortable home. Heat of reference given. Address Aim. Williams, station H, Uri.n l hi., lor ihr u days. AN EXPERIENCED. MIDDLE AUED WOMAN. WANTS n Situat on a< child's nur . , or uoi d bo willing to lake rge of t vo or three gown hildren. or to do g. wring and n-auat ii. lino washing; no objection to travi I, of would go in the country. Call for ta s week at the I.o island Ho-pital, Henry el., Brooklyn. lis-, the best city i. f rem e. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART. INDUSTRIOUS girl, either in the City or eoontrv; is a good plain cook Hud a very excellent w.i.-ksi uud ironer; neat, o ,lmj -and trustworthy; hult.y recommended: wages moderate. .Apply at 131 Allan,1 st., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young (jirt, to do cliamherwork and waning i.r cent ral housework for a pi |-. ate fain ly; has the heat ol reference. C*n be seen at 111 Weal 36th el." corner 7th ave. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN A I'RIvate la.iilly, aa nurse and a a ins reas or aa cuuiuberniald and aunUtruhs; can take charge of a h.iliy from its., nth; the beat rclerencc given. Call ai l'd'J 7ih sr., lirst flour, iront. A FRENCH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TARE caic o: children and do chumberwork in a prl/al< family. lias good reference. Apply at her present employer's, lid Lexington av., corner of 271It at. Ayounu woman, of excellent education, would like to engage with a re-peciable faintly wliero there are children that she could insiriiet In the Fine iah Pranchrs; can do all k nda of laney needlework or emu ol dery; or would engage aa chamuerin.iid anil to do hue aewdnp Can give the heat of city rclereuce. Cull at 2i'J East lllh St., lirat iloor, front iooin,?No. 8. AREFPEUTABLE MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS cook on a boat or in a country hotel: under, lands all -kinds of pastry. Has the beat of references. Has no objection to co ik for ail ollicera' meas. Address J 0., BO Beaver at., third Iloor, lor three days, DRESSMAKING.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER wishes to obtain the work of a few more taiuiliea, at .their own houses. Heat of reierem e ?iv< n. Call a: or address 144 Went Thirty-third street, between Seventh and Xighth ar mies. Spring rty lea now ready. TTIAMILIKS WANTING A COMPETENT PERSON TO J} mako hoys1 < 1 itlimg or do plain sewing, either ul their own house or otherwise, will pleuse apply to or address M. -Giult. 261 Wont 43d at., near 9th ave. Housekeepers situation wanted?by a respectable person. hits a thorough knowledge of home keeping; slso U a good sewer, or would be willing lo tuke charge of nn aid lady; good reference a* to capabilities, Ac. Call at or nddresti 117 Kant 38th St., near 3d nv., back room, first floor. rO RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRLS WISH SITU Ationa in a private lanilly; one ns coos, washer and Inner; the other as chambermaid and nnrsr or to assist in washilng. Call at 19t East 19th St., between l.?l and 2d ares. Best of city i-efereiice. WANTEB-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITUAtion as stewardess or cook on a steamboat; has had three wears'experience on the Hudson river. Inquire at 144 West 10th st., a eond floor. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS uurae aod seamstress, or chaniLermaid and laundress; can be I'ceointneaded by her present employer. Call at 66 West 19th st. "117"ANT ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE "T young woman, lately landed rum Ireland: is wll.lng to do up stairs work and sewtug Address Mrs. Hart, oorner of Adams and Water at*., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION It as nurse and seamstress or to do chamberwork and sewing. Can be seen and recommended at her last place, 39 West SBlh at., fer three days. "TIT-ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN, YY a situation as cook; understands her business both In French suit American cooking; would assist with the wus'iInj; nn objection lo I he cou n ry. Good oily reference. Call at 299 Henry St., South Brooklyn. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young woman, to attend a bakery or confeciiouery; Bast of refereace as to honesty end capability given. Address for two days J. B., station O. WANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as wet nurse. Has a iirih breast of milk, Is young and healthy; child dre weeks old. Oood reference fiven. Call at 69 Vesey street, second Moor. WANT8D-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT AMEncau girt, a siluation lo do chamberwork and waiting, or to take > are of children and assist in any kind of house, work. Anolv at 239 Tenth avenue, in the baki-i v. iietwean 36th and 26th atraeta. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO SISTERS; ONE AS lanndres*. the other a* chambermaid mid waitress. Both nuileiaund Ihi-ir btialnea* In all ita brauches, and can get good m oiumendationa a* to notieaty and cajubtll y. Can lie seen (or two day* at 93 Cranberry at.,* Brooklyn, up atalrs. "l\TANTED?liT TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS, SITUAt y uoiim . one as aramatr. ?< jiiI lad tea' maid, aim would do Op One mukl'.na or light chain .cr?oik , the othri aa laotialreaa and chambermaid, and t-> aaaiat 1.1 washing Ooodcny reference liom the.r last placr?ine live and the other iw . years, ran be n en at 27i West 320 St., Ursl nooi, lor two day a. ar until engaged. WANTED-BY A RKSPEi'TAItLK YOUNG WOMAN A altu I'luh to do general housework IU a ainali lanilly la * good cook, washer and ironc. Beat ;lty rufeieucc. Call for two daya at 33J West 30lh al. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young girl to do chamber work and p.aiu sewing, or general honaewo- k In a email la oily; no oujectfmi to gu a abort dia'aoce in the country Heat of city refe'ence. (Ian baaecn lor iwo daya at Jul meat Kith ak, between dlh and Vth are , rear building WANThli-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl, at cook or laoudrett. ' an enme neii rerouimen 1?d. Call at jos Wsrerley place, between Charles and Perry atreela WaNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUatlon to do general bous?work Hood city reference given. Call at 131 Nary at, near Johnson, Br. lyn. I "lyET NURSE-WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE l" yo*ng married uomau, a ailuatlo as wrt no re, or would tak? a baby to wet unrae at her own realden.e; the best o. reference given. Also a young girl a chainoer.nald arid araitrraa. Apply al Mr 10 o'clock at w Orchard >u WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to utt the entire charge of the house Wnfk ol a (mail family; aha Is a good bakar a Aral rata waaher and Imuer and an exrcUenl aeaotatress, Deal of r? ertnce given. Can ba (can for two day a at 107 Molt at., aaound flour, back room, 1XTANTBD-BT RESPECTABLE WOMAN AT HER TT own residence. any private family's waah in*:, or any aliigle gentlemen baring waihlof to be aanl to their own residence; eoty beat 01 anuafactory reference can l?e given; price moderate. Apply at At Eaat 11th at, rear buildlug, rat Uoar WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE liIRL aacaukj understands cooking lu all iu branches. ten year a' city reference Irotn her laat place. Can ba seen Tor two dayaat 37 Wnat 13th at., hatween bth and vth era WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITl'A tlon to cook, waah and iron it. a email family good city reference. Call lor a raw daya at 190 Etdrtdip at. WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE GIRL A S1TUA lion to cook, waah and iron iu a email private family, or would dogeneial bouaawork, lean eaoellenl baker, good city raferenca from her laat pl.ico Can be aeon for two days at 10.1 Mnnt 10th at., uear lit are WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU Alion ae chambermaid or waltreae la wllllna and obliging. Good oily raferanoaeau lm glrei; Call at 173 20th at. Between 7th and 8th are. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, STRONG, HEALTHY young girl, n alluation aa chambermaid and waltreae, or would du general huueework In a respectable private family Good reference girao. Apply at M Pad Be at., nenr Smith, Brooklyn, second door, front room, for two daya. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1T17Atlon to du nbamberwork and waiting, or w ould do general hooaework in a email private family. Haa the te at of city relet mi e. Call at 138 East 33d at, near 3d nr., Drat Hour, frrm room. TITANTISD?A SITUATION, BT A RE8PS0TANI.B IT gin, In ? ataall family, to cook, waah and Iron, good reference, no objectlou l? ||0 a abort diaiaoca in the country. Inquire ?t 203 at. A, atconl lloor, enlrtlM Uth it. WANTEO-A SITUATION AS COOK, BV A WOMAN who .hornnghly iinj.mandi bar bin u?aa an.l it rapabit of taking the entire charg. of tho kitchen: hat good ally reference. Call at or addrean, all tho weak, 79 Won iiitli at. WAN1BO-A SITUATION, BT A OOMPETKNT Td NO woman, ai wallte? in a | ilv. to family. wall the bitt OUy rofan n o im I,, r Int't Ue. whan alia Itaa li d ne.trly eight year*. Call at I,IM Broadway, levond atory, back roim.for two nay a. TITANTKD?A SITUATION, BV A HP. SPEOTABLE <i!RLtt aa niHid plain rooh, who la ml;. ,.ii atalat in \trfth ng and Iroalig, la a good taknr .if >iw<1 ,.| hulmnlt; that o7 ,4iy refeien-b |lren Call lor tw It;, at 4IM*tb ate., be gttaaa 2Mb aud StHh ata., tootn No. , WANTKD-A SITUATION, BV A VOUNU PKRsON, AB ai-aiiiatraia, to an by the bar, veat or uiouiii, one who ti rlnrtbtnda all klnda of famlijr towing. Call at 209 Eaat l.tih at., for two dam. NEW YOR] HOUSE*. Room. * "^1? VHT' ? A N KI KCAST COUNTRY St.A I' TO l'Esi'n/ bWurf -*V or toe-. uan.e, on toe Hudson. at *??? .T.'h' and Iiv? mill'it> 8' walk. l'r.uu the _l(| | ,,, ! can ?*i bouse, A'? wi ? !? acres bneiy shne*?. ll() ' nl! e?fftt lew or Hie i vcr, will be lei for it tlrsf llrst class bt> bo. He, but pilvaie lanil y f**'V , j. will be so d inMli " low lU value, or eacnuu^eu IJ* ur* I cli., property. A 'Ire.a W. A. P., H ral I mice. ^ . \ FULLjriRST CI. A AS BOUKSTO LET-IN H N?f,!; J\ lyr, ffl Writ Baltic rr et; iia? all iu ib-ru Hup ?V?* III ul? and .n i?i eel on let. 1'o?k. lo . cau be Had inn .< ' "* Ab ly. Apply l H. STEVENSON, flSCu. r no. i, Urooaiyu, or to A. HI'LKLK i. 2 r..n n -u eel, New Yink. a cottaue house to let?with garden at.\ belie.!, Al 117 West Filteeiilli air < i, between Sum and Seventh a -enuds. Ill i"Ire ui DAVID R'>UERS, on Hie j>r. mine*. Also, ii Furnish-d House to I. l on L itng Island, thirty-lire iiilleH Truin .lie city, u ijoliiing the sail waer. Brooklyn.?lower part op a frame cottage House to let? gas uu.l water In, Sniper niuntti, or would I t it fiirnli.l.i d to a small family. Apple at MHJ A lelphi street, ui ar Fulton avenue. J. Si Ml'.-ON Broadway stork and Dwelling house to 1 i?No. WK. between li'gl. eeuin and Nineteenth 6 reels. Iuquiraol T. M. UQLUal'Elt,<54 1 Ifth avenue] /TORNEK STORE TO LET?NO. 157 AVENUE a; ONE o; Ibe I), at bus'liess corner store* In t'.e eny, and long es'alil shed ay a grocery and ll.pior sti*e. A otheSroroN . lie First uvi u e Abo tne dwelling i rt ot House No. 126 l'ir i ureuui. Apply to D. O'CONOlf, id West alien. pottaol s on staten island t > let?tw o v uw. i, n ?w bi'Uig i'itcL (I ou Pumpkins avfim ; lu?ain 11 nequallrd lor bt*.iuii and convenience. Will be ready for occupaiiou by the middle of April. N. I. .? (J ORI8WOLD, 71 8 >uth ITURSISHED IIOUSK TO LET?RUNT TAKEN Ol?T JN toari. Enghsii laement. !oa.iot> excellent; family con i?u . f laoy, wo children om and four >? hi a, and servmit. Allelic'*., with number in family, D. O., Herald office, FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?THE THREE 8TOBT House Ni>. 70 vVcst Fourteenth ?tr ct; pos ,salon ftven before the lot of Mi y, if desired. Inquire aL the uouse o." at Xo. 57 lieuver street. T^OR RENT, UNFURNISHED, OR SALE?ON 8TATEN I Island, five minutes'from ^ugraul.jic binding, a Cotla,;e llou.e or fourteen rooms, cUars, coal vault, several closets and sm.til rooms. burn, vegetable and flower garden, fruit tiees, giuperv, hen yard, one acre; delight! ul locution and views; gi a untiling. Premises in the I nun est order and unusually desirable. Apply to JOHN LLOYd A S'tNS, 15 Nassau street. House and lot for sale or exciianoe?a Tenant House, In Forty-ninth xlieet. Will In; exchanged for Watches, Dry Oooda, or anything pot table. House full of tenants. Address J. II. H? Herald olllce. I ARiIE BOARDINO HOUSE TO LET?FORTY-SIX J r o us. In full view of (in- hay ami ocean, opposite Union luict. Good Ashing mid to > liug. Louation unsurpassed. A uiaii acquainted with the business pre fern d. M. 8K1DMOKK, Amltyvllle, L.I. QTEAM POWER IN SPRUCE STREET.?SE ERAL kj convenient Booms, wilu steam power, to lit. Apply to ii. W. OiiEii.NE, ISSprueestreet. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LAItUK AND .in ill rooms, well lighted; stoura hoistwsy. 1'ossesaion lo,mediately. No. 4Si# Water street. STEAM POWER AND ROOMS TO LET-IN THE Utiiluings No*. its and 450 Water street ; six lofts 25x4U feet, with hatchways, howl wheels, Ac., well lighted , uuil r ar; lo. anon good and premises suitable for almost any manufacturing business. Apply at 224 South street. SECOND FL0 R TO LET-RENT MODERATE, WiTH evi ry couven ence; brown a i>a front home, 4/;l So oml avenue, . ortter of Thirtieth street. Apply to Mrs. WALTON, ou the premises. 110 LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, SEVERAL TWO STORY frame and three story brick IIoiimrh; also for mike BJt) Vacant Lota on moderate terms. Apply to S. J. HUNT, 112 Fourth avenue, N. Y., or OH AS. FOWLER, corner of North Ninth and Third atreets, Williamsburg. TO LET?FIVE ACRES OF LAND, WITH HOUSE AND Ouihuildin.a, in good order, aituated in New Utrecht, L. I., near tne H >tii plunkroad. For further particular, inquire of J. J. MOORE, opposite 145 West street. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO V) P. w :ra street, Brooklyn. Rem $250 pe, annum. Apply lo BADEAU, LOCKWOOD A CO., 227 Washington street, New York. TO LET?AN ELEQANT COUNTRY BEAT. SITUATED In Colic...- Point, oti the East tlver, near Flushing, L. I., with Barn, Stables, and all modern improvements; large plot or gi ootid and privilege of belli house ou the shore. Add.ess B., 18 Pine stre t, office 5. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 5 Stanton street, neat the Bowery. It is finished In handsome style, and Is a desirable r. sid- uee for a respectable family; also, the spacious Store and Cellar No. 245 Bowery, corner of Stan on aire t. Apply at the Stuy vesaul Insurance Olllce, 122 Bowt ry, corner of Orund street. TO LET-AT FLUSHING, L. I., A LARGE MANSION adjn.nlngj. H. Brower s residence, three-qrarters of a mite from depot, 50x41, two stories, basement and large attic; flfteen rooms, twelve closets; ba n, if desired. Fruit trees; perfectly healthy. Rent moderate. WM. B. PRINCE. TO LET-A KIRST RATE HOUSE, CONTAINING V room*. Being near Fifth Avenue Hotel makes It well calculated lor letting furnished roonia. A person who cau furnish the name can have a very low rent by calling at 47% Broadway, in the (tore. r LET-TUB STORK AND BASEMENT 190 CHAMbers street; the first story Store, with basement nu i subcellar, 144 Chambersstrret; the Third and Fourth Story Lofts, corner of Broadway and Canal street, Ox77 feet each: four Rooms, corner of Broadway and Llspenard street, 20x49 fret -a h. Apply to P. DICKIE, 419 Broadway, betwseu 11 and 12 o'clock A. X. ______ TO LET?THE FOUR LOFTS OF 8TOBB 101 CHAMbers street; will be let low to a good tenant. The location Is one of the best and most central In New York. Apply on the premises to JOHN D. LEWIS. TO LET-IN OUTTENBEKO, N. J., TWO HOUSES, one suitable for a bakery, the other will tv let out In rooms. For further partlou Am apply to SUIIRB DWYBK, near the premises, or at KOMLEK A FINCK S brewery. r LET-TO A RESPECTABLE PHYSICIAN, A BASE; roent front Room, with a small room and large close' attache*', well adapteil for an office and partly furnished. Partial Board given. If desired. Apply at SS West Eighteenth street, near Sixth avenue. TO LET-A CORNER STORE, BROADWAY AND Twenty-ninth street, suitable for a bakery or lirst class grocery; also three Stores and several Une suita of Rooms (suitable for houo-kesuini), In Broadway, hear Twentyu.nlh street; a first claaa House In West Thirty-seventh street, near Fifth avenue: two vary desirable Houses In YorkvlUe, with modern Improvements and at low rates. lu J%. I . 01UHIAIA.U VJW,, nw. Id Wl 1WMUJseventh street. * r LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OK THE DESIRABLE ollicc- 271 Broadway, coruer Chambers street. Apply ou the premises. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER, LARGE AND SMALL risimi. well (igklnd. with oillees sM large wareroum, or store ?n<l basement, well adapted :for the sewing machine or auy ital.t meiiuiaciurmg busiuesa; seid premise- being on the coiner <>l Brno ne ana N'-rcer strceta, Including tli? large second storv room corner if Broadway. Inquire on the premises, of W.M. GALE A BON, 447 Broome stiect. TO LET-A VERY DESIRABLE OFFICE FOR AN'JAR I'hilcct or city snrreyor; also small Stores, in Eighth are. nue, suitable for a fanny store, a dm? s ore, tailor's shop, or a plumbing establishment. Apply to J. F. CHAMBERLAIN. 6J4 Eighth avenue, or 17 Wall street, from 11 to 1 MM, TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINO House No. 74 West Twelfth a rret, between Flliti and Sisih avenuea, wi'b ail the molern Improvements and In complete order. Apply at 217 Fa.ton street, up sialre TO LET?AT 10 WEST ELEVENTH STItECT, FOL'R doors west of Broadway, two Pu nished R mint, "n ihe seei n 1 tli or, with a I the modern Improvements, wiili or without Hoard; also a Basement, suitable for a pbyalciau. TO LET?LOW, A COTTAGE, CARRIAGE nOUSB AND sta'.le, with Imii an ui r.-? in saiden, containing fruit, Qo-vera, sunimer house, Ac.; situated on Ninetydounb Street, between the Central Park and Hloomlngdale Road; Imnie. dlate possession given; rent to begin May 1. Apply at id J West Forty-tit th street, stter three o block. mo LET-AT A GREAT SACRIFICE-A STORE, IN A JL business neighborhood, with or Without Fixtures, having good living apartments, well established for the last eleven years as a dry goods an J fancy store, doing a go >d rash business. Apply to A. HUNT, 179 Bust Twenty-third street. TO LET-TIIREE SPLENDID PARLORS, WITH PAN* irtes. Gas, Basin and Bath, on Arst door. In house northerns' corner of Greene and Ble-ckar streets. Also Ave Rooms with Small Room, Gas, Cromn water. Basin and Bath, on the second floor; the house kept clean and In good order; oil, iuth on the stairs and entry. Rent low to a good tenant. Possession ictof March. Apply from 13 lol o'clock on the premises ench day. r LET-THE STORE AND BASEMENT 160 CHAM, bera street; Ihe flvo story Store, with liasemeut and subrellar, 144 Chambers street; the Third and Fourth Story Lofts, corner of Broadway and Canal street, 62i77 leet each; four Rooms, corner of Hroadway and Llspenard street, 2?if5 teet each. Apply to P. DICKIE, 413 Broadway, between II nnd 13 o'clock A. M. r LET?(RENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR TWO FER ons) from 1st of Mar, n private lamllr pref-rred, the four story Houar, pleasantly located at 44 Wssi Washington place. Apply on taa premises, from 10 to 13 A. M. rod I to 4 P. M. TO LET.-VERY DESIRABLE LOFTS AT NO. 36 DKY street; rent to suit the liuien Inquire of V. A. PAINE, up stairs. Tfi LET-A BARROOM AND DINING ROOM IN A 1 hotel, rent taken In board. A Uoiim, all rooms, for a Saloon $20 per month. A Cottage on Elghtv-slith street; a mall modem house, $240. Apply to SMITH, 173 Broadway. r LET?TUB COMMODIOUS THREE STORY AND basement derailing Hotter, S3 lloyl street, Brooklyn, containing fourteen room a gaa. Rldgawood water and warmln? apparatua; the hooeo It in flrst rate order, and will he lot cheap to a tond trnant. Apply to J. HERALD, 113 Nassau alreet.aiH. Ulster a. T? LET?THE TWO gTORY AND ATTIC HOU?E, 179 Ninth airret, a few doore from Third avenue, In |? rl< ct order and with every convenience of gae, water. As. Also, the very c Jnvrnlenl email English basement House. 174 East Twenty.thir l slieet, nrar He. ,,ni! avenue; rsnt w. ,derate. Apply to A. LIVINOSTON, 19 Beekmau street. rPO LET?THE FOUR 8TOKY HOUSE, 311 FOURTH 1 street, s few d tors west from Broadway, with large eitension In the revr. lighted from the roof; to a respnii-ibls tenant the rent will be modulate. Apply to A. LIVINtiKTON, IV Befkman street. TO LF.T?HOURK NO. Ill FOURTH AVENUE. HEtw?en Tweltin and TMrtren'h streets, sellable lor a physiic it, dennst or builder, with stable conveniences If desired. Rent moderate. App'y on the premises. TO LET?AT 18 VANDEWATRH STREET, TWO LA ROB K outs on the lust I oor, suPahle lor stores or for tu.inu. Iseutrlou. Illgu ceiling. sneng Hoots, end good, t . ly sti a.u power on (lie pti'iuites. 0. A. ALVOHD. TO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND, SEVERAL NKWLT erected Cottages, in Fleim r s Pars, on Cast >ton Heights, within 6rr miaous'walk of ll, is: landing The I ark is about twrlvr si res In esicni, with fine at.d ri enaive views of the sutrounding ' sv end country. Ainlv to ERNEST,SI Brosdwsy. ,'PO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND FLOOR, JL Oomalning four looms, ai.d ou? Room on ihuu floor or hiuiee Mo Hruunte street, .as sud wsier on ssennd floor: r or>.rt ssaira 5. HERALD, WEDNESDAY HODOTES, ROOMS, AC.. TO LET. 1HJ 1j> '?Tllii POLLOWINO UOUaKB. AT LOW rvo 9 ? No. 6 1' if 30iU it. near5'h a*.; brown alone. }'" and 134 Ea.t .'O h ?t n-ar 5J ?v. j juwa atone. ' IC.-i.-l lii-o,luw.i, Ik lug* briialhrtlfi ?to:y attic and Uiwe1 m u l> .ck hi. it<! ?<> ttth at., near 1st ay. If i Im ?v? ntar 10th *t. 2 v Weal 2li h Hi., n< a yth av.; rent only (1-10 II u-cand St .re, our rrl l ,it. and toil'at., pood at'nd f .r hi a n-ss. Alao hro . i a on II iii? inn A -t'' i. 4'ith. 51 ' I mi - t!> t-ta.. at from $450 io f >0. App-y to JUoKi'H MiUl'tUR, OS 7ih at., belorB 11 o'auc* u.oiii:u a, oral 126 Ea.i 4 ih ?t., alter* 1'. M. nXl LET?THE EIVB 8lOHT HOUSE AND STORK <? J Ijuw ly, unwoecupe.l by.Mean a. 1'rVin. no a caret a re. for panic -liar-. in ,ulre of Uc.ara. I-aiming, No .'26 K-.aary. TO LET oa K>it SALE?THE HTO0 STOOP BBWK Uu ? -, XJ1 ! eat'1 ..i Uiy-a?ic< nil ainri; r. iii (800 ApI ly no the | r. lu iMa, hetwei n 10unit 4 only. Jio a?euU ncvtl apply. The furn.titr* ''ir aale. mOLETORFOB BALK?THE UXOR STOOP BR1CIC 1 ll.i 'M-U.9W ?i'f ivenn - loud atiei-t. Kena $8c->. No a "Mr iieod in e I apply. The V culture for Sale. Call at Hie a tiVc er, MtUv rii ldai-d 4. TO LET OR LK tSB?WITH STEAM POWER, TUB TWO li iililin;!', 1'.1 and Iii6 K - i T .eiity-thiid atreet, no li together, eaiiu ?-p irately, or put of one. a il at..u fur o piano iii..i.ulaciory cabinet oroarinut -ra'-.op, at u leaaunahA* rem. Poaa a on Iramcdiat jr. Ap.-ly on the jireiu. .e--t or to E. HKALLESTuN, l.-lj WatlTeulh street. mo LET.Ill LXA-E?IN MORBX8AXIA, A NEAT TWO 1 aiory Collate, with tuirt-'t ,.it--ra oi an u<ru ol ^li""' a,!I rosst-axi m given immediately, Iaiiu.r? of 11. it. II Lit NET, 11 S./. iiiv sireet. rpo LET OK LKA: E~IN H0IJ3B 17 AMITY KTIiKKT, 1. IL?- Hii.udo is Store, First Floor, Parlor, Pas nil-Ill, Hodrooms, Ac., t-j,Liln r or t-. -parat ; have been ui-ed for b isim m tbe cist six yeiii; amiable also for a pliyMnii, iko, A pi dial 17 Ainlly at met. rpo LET OK LEASE?AS AN iioi'rl, BOARDING X h use or lor light, manufacturing purposes, the large live story ilooso 461 Broome etri-ef. II ': Hr.iu < >v, In c< r fe-1 order. Kern low. Lull on M. CANNON, 135 E.l/abeth Htieet, before !) o'clock a. M. or ufu-r o P. M. TO LEASE-TEN LOTS OF GROUND, 8ITITA-T8D !!K tween Forty-areond ntnl Forty-third Kireete, front.n{ on the East r.vci; bulkhead, with water thirty fe.-t de p. la luliahle for storage, a foundry or the iiinnnlneturc ot heavy ina hinery, whe n Rood wharf accommodations arc required. Apply at lite Cedar depot, on the premises. TO RENT?A NEAT AND CONVENIENT COTTAGE, AT Elizabeth, N. J., with one acre, harn, Ac; also for i-a e, the Fin uitnr- in ume, mostly new, cheap for cash. Imp.ira of G. C. A M GIBBS, 207 Broadway, or of Mr. Whittlesey, real eatate agent, at Eli/.abetlt. TO RENT?THE STORE CORNER OF WAVERLV pta e and Broadway, under the New York Hotel. 'Apply to M MORGAN A SON. 37 William Greet. TO KENT?SUITABLE FOR A DENTIST, THE DWELLing p art of hoi se 143 Grund street, in complete order. Inquire of II. T. UKOW TAi aY. TO KENT?AT NEW BRIGHTON, THREE VILLAS, ON the lit ights: modern improvements; Itower and vugembl" garih-nx; fruit, handsome rounds, carriage houses, Ac.; view iinsitrjissseii; live miiui'es' from ferry. Apply to T. BOND, 132 Broadway, room No. 0. The upper fart of a house to let?to a small private family. Inquire at No. 237 East Broadway. TO LAWYERS.?VERY DESIRABLE OFFICES IN building No. 51 Liberty street, next to the corm r of NssHan, opposite the Post olllce, will bo rented ou reasonable terms. Apply to A. V. REA, on the premises, or at the office of the Metropolitan Insura ce Company, 103 Broadway, corner of Pluc street, J1ALE3 OF REAL ESTATE. 4 SFLENDID farm, IN the CENTRAL FART of st this State, in exchange for city property.?iiooil house, commodious harn and outbuildings, good'fences end free from enriimhrancc; 116 acres, situated on Skaneatales lake. Address box 1,759 Fust olllce, giving description of property offered. An elegant four story nova scotia drab stone House, now occupied by the owner, for sale; furnished or unfurnished, at a sacrifice and on liberal terms. Apply on the premises. 32 West Forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue. A HOUSE BETWEEN SEVENTH AND EIGHTH avenues far sale, on West Twentv-rtrst street, for $7,i 00; Twentj -se- onil street, $3 000, $7,<Xkt; Twenty-fifth street, $0 000; Twenty-eighth street, #7f 01; Thirty-sixth street, ?7,5JO; Thirty-seventh street. $6,750: Thirty-eighth street, $7,000; Thirty-ninth street, $7,500: Fortieth street, $01.00; Furiy-llrst street, $3,SOI; Forty-third street, $3,000; Fiftythird street, $8,000; Kifiy-fuurth street, $12,000. C. G. PRATT, 32 Pino street, room No. 9. Brooklyn.?for sale or to rent, the three story and basement brick House and Lot, 315 Ilicks street, near Degraw, and half a block from the beat public school in (he Siste; very desirable Jfor a family of children to be educated; $3,0 X) on mortgage, balance in Border State stocks at par. or in instalments to suit purchasers; rent $400 this year. Apply to OUSTAVU8 BAYLIES, No. 4 Fine si, Brooklyn.?for sale, a two story and baseinent brick Honse, In good order: gas through the house, public water In the basement. Price $2,300; $1,000 can remain on mortgage. Call at 30 Clermont avenue, one door from Park avenue. C10UNTRY 8EAT FOR EXCHANGE.?A VERY DE8IRAJ ble Cottage, Carrlsg - House and nlno Lota of ground, XL SHELDON.83Cedaratreet. COUNTRY SEAT WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN ^WISHES to exchange a desirable property In New York, renting for $000, will o it raortgige, for a small, suiuforiohle village property, worth about $0,oOo. m. l. sheldon, 83 Cedar atreet, Farm in ulsteb county, new york, for sale cheap, orexchangu for a medium house in Brooklyn; an excellent dairy and general crop farm, buildings good and commodious, of all necessary fences, good well of water and moat deairablo neighborhood. southwick a wood, 82 Nassau street. Farms, country seats and residences of all varieties, prices, sites and locations, near denote, schools, churches and villages, convenient to the city, lor aale and exchange. Alan Western Karma and Lands, anil some choice Timber Lands In Pennsylvania, Michigan and this State. SQI'TIIWICK A WOOD. 82 Nassau atreet. Farm fob sade-on tub hackensagk rivrb Bergen county, N. J., containing over SI acres, with a good Houae and plenty of onthouaea attached. For full particular*, with map of place, Inquire of WM. BLAIK, 102 Barclay atreet. For sale-from five to thirty acres of land, with good building aitea In healthy locality; price from $125 to $3(11 per acre; one mile from Upper 1'ler moot railroad rnaie ii, Rockland connty, N. Y. Inquire of J. D. orC. AURYANSPN, ri-i-m'nnt. FOR 8 A IE?THE FINE TWO STORY AND ATTIC House and led No. 273 E nt Broadway; high basement and auh-crl!ar. with a te ir extension containing four roon a The l\ou?e hue a 1 the modern Improvements, ramie, hot and cold water, bittliroom, water oloiets, a??, A In Bret rale order. Will he ao.d cheap. Inquire at !K) i h tthitm street, In the alnre. FitR SA I.TJ?EIGHTH \VENUE CORNER PROPERTY; la one III'the beet business locvtona, and now paving about 12 per cent. Inquire nf NMI1II A MEAD, 175 \Vert Twtnly ahnhatreet, corner of Blghth mno*. If OK SALIC?THE COUNTRY MM T OCCUPIED NT THE ' subscriber, near ill'-village of IC<d Hank; buildings In the very lieat of order. Al out nix acres of land in excellent condition, with n choice lot of fruit tri e* uf ihdcinet varieties on the prop rty. For further particulate Inquire on the premises, or addrraa W. A. Palmer, Red Bank. FOR BALE?T1IE TWO STORY AND ATTIC IIOU8E unit lease of led 56 Henry atreet, built by day's work; ha* all the ino lent Improvement*, and la in good order; lent of lot $125; n n* year* to run, with renewals; lot 2f>xlUi); can i . Been between it) and 12 A. a,, andduring Mwevening. Applv *i 221 South aireel. The houa.1 haa an extension three storms In height. IJ10R SALN?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT House and Let, 213 West Twenty-second street; 22.ll ys.ft; wlib all ill'durn Improvements: also House nod Lot, KH South Filth street, Brooklyn. E. D ; 21(15$; with fruit trees and vines; three story and basement, with water and gas; terms eaav; premises i-an be seen at any time. I. F. JONES, 52 Ann street, eeeond floor. For sale?on easy terms, a two story and attic House, I I 50 by 1U0, at New Durham, N .L.lhr e tn,lea from IIob?keu ferry. a; ply to J. O. DEMABEST, Jeweller, 233 (#ie-i wleh atreet. New York. For bale-without reserve, the property of a gentleman deceased, a pair of well matched black brown Morses, half brothers, aired by the same horse but nut nut nf the siir.e inare, 15 bands 1 fi Inches high, seven and eight vcar* old. lonk natural laila. with superior symmetry, breed Ing itower anTanion combined, and warranted In every may perlnct. Anv grmlemsu ur lady wanting a pair of well ica oiir I, thoroughly goo I. aonnd and perfectly gentle rartiage hoi sea, will find Ibis an' opportunity leli'em to he met with, aa they are a beautiful ana well matched team, and tit for Immediate tine. Apply to THOB. B. RHODES. V. ft , sale a wen I for the aame, at 144 and 144 Jane atree', where any Information will be given, and aleo a guarantee to faithfulness of the above lloreea being perfectly aound and kind. A trial given to any gentleman or lady or known respectability. ftOR 8AI.B-A MODERN tmkf.E STOKV RKIi K Hou?e, 94 ('Union atroet, Brooklyn. Apply at the houae, or to J. WALKER, at No. 9 Clinton Hall. Aalor place, N. V. well altuated at Astoria. to eirhange for Naw York proper'y. FOR RALE-A SPLENDID COUNTRY SEAT, ONR AND a half liotna' ride from this city; 127 acres, tine bull lings, farm houae, carriage hew. A' ., and all rerpilaite outb il dInga, In nimrlete order. No brokera need apply. Inuuire of OSCAR JOHNSON, 44 William timet, room 12. FOR 8ALB CHEAP-HOUSE, IN A DESIRABLE I nrlghborhood, near Third avenue, No. 110 Raat Thirtyfifth street; brick and blown atone, thrra story an I batemeot; every modern Improvement. Price ffi.b?'; $4,.'AM or more on mortgage. Apply to A. p. WARBURTON, 117 Nassau street or 99 Second avenue. For rale cheap?the three stort, twentyone feet front, high sloop, brown stona House, <7 West Thlrtt rat street, near Rlith avnoe, w'tli tea fiitiirea. water rib ts, hot air furtieeet, Ac j price gfi.utO; $4 itp run remain. Apply h? H. H. RfCB, IS City llal'. seevmd etory. For sale low. on past terms, several pir t clssa three e'ory, bnnvn tt.ine, high e'oop Ifo -era, on \\ ft Fiftieth street; also two unimprnwed Ints, eech 2H by Ilk) feet, emtlh elde Fifty-third street, between Second and Third awe. Dues. Apply at 199 West Fiftieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR REAL ESTATE IN the vlclnliy of the city, the Block, Fixtures and Uood Will of an old established Hat Store, at 349 Eighth area as, between Twenty eevenlh and Twenty eighth sireets. For salf. or exchange for a farm or coitnirv il ?A very fine large Store, In a Oral rat- hiisltieta location down town. The couniry properly mint be d'-tirab e, and worth Irom $9,000 to SlLIMU Address MB, h >t 114 Herald ofilee. I nor RALE OR EXCHANOE-HOUPE AND RTABLE ' with Lot, ACtlMS, No 2fi7 Ade'phl atreel, Brooklyn Alao, Lot. A6w 100 south side of K fy-fourth street, near Si ven'.h avenue, Naw York. Terms u ?ral. R. A. GAIN KB, 284 Pearl street. L'OR SAI.E OR EXCHANOIC ? A TWO HTOKT OOTHIO r brick Ooltaja, on lha Il.daon rlrcr, with two or mm* arraa of land , ia br*?tifuliy lonatad, and aary cnnfemrnt for a uty il.ona hnainaia in iht city. Apply to P K. WILKINS. 10 Plae airoai. I/OR BALE OR EXCHANGE?A SUPERIOR HOUSE, r ?llh arapary. Mil ?, uerupia l by owner, centrally located

In Eighth ward; wo ild aiihanae for a ainall hocae in, ', FEBRUARY 20, 1802.-1 SAt.RS OF RR.\I, K iT Vl F. po* she on to li r-nnuniiiap ok unpchI u vheil, thn three ?' ?i-y In 1 k Huuu 111 West Klfl third aire. I. between l.ioa fwny ..nd K thlli vfRvk: hoeae 1'by 4S: Jo1'; lii |m*i*ro?" 'er; d***.<ruie<J p I'lore, ('mono1. ??l'r. S?N line >.* |Jii? K "tr an pavement, Ac. Tabula cheap ah I i.?. y. A, ,1 uj I ,,i n!u. LK'K HI.K OP. Tt) " FT?IS THE riM.AOR or LA1 about one in e ivoiu J?r i-y Onj (err -, (in I care fl?a- i . e door every SO uiirute?>a tW 'aloey'tr ck d n In , linn iv i i a na.i t.- t|t i ,pa i/|Ufiiimd attache 1, ? 1 it-l at ommei.i.d t'.r lb-try ami ifuli*?uupl , i mi(, iru .-i | a i1 . raiwa. ,klon lumo'llutePf. .I jiyl'i JAMii.i S. KOI Ks, inruer'.l Puvoma avuiaue vail lirle ?tr cl, J.rary lliiy, or. u liio j r iii;m*. I.TUJt HALE OK T ) I.I.T-THB OCFANIO KUIMU 'OS, I ail tiej Igp d Fur [m: liiii.ui'k .DijMiba o.' cirmil tii Kb ban! it. iii.iV'ii, p,,rt llnt.iili.iii. hilt: or to let?one or the most com pice ttiil cl ijiu I? 'I iii. i. lu I lit* city, a lili l.pi'ia?_o m ilt!.-; lilin.-w; > .. .'Pin the P 'licet point of Miitr: y Mill, bolu i-i ii anil Mai eon arenuea. Apply at tli? olli r ul tlf ILmietitead In uianet Co., II li akmati alrei t. CO K MALE. TO LP.T OK LEAHK?A TWO STM'.Y AM) I" a"ir brl 'k fr n' Honac* No. OS Brootna atri-s', w th Mir?<-n'.or;, feimp lit tbc rear, P-atrauve in WUnetW To baa i-n tiotk 1U ui 2 o'clock. Inquire ut 17 K it! E'ifkmtutb Ml t el. L^oit salt; ok to rent?a pleasant cotm?b I House, wiih two<i reaul Land attached, a tu.'itr 1 ui. .lie nnrtk. aide ot tin? Ulooiuflild tnrni ike, niout l rcn m leaf u Ncuark, and ainiiil live minuo'ii' walk from tl.eW.itae,iH??< drt oi on 111.' MloomAt'M railroad. The Moiia* conta.nt u ivn.e .11.II, l o piiiiora. w? li kit? a. nuail '\a.vli room, ivllii olive h nut la . Win. over tile and i> Ibo dwelliliK. Tnem Is a MM, wall clatnra, good fruit and fcanilarww aba do Tre? s . a .tic place. Apply to 'ANDJtCW LE.UASKNA. crn-?r limilt and Rro<il .trveta, Nonar!:, 1*. J. Kent, > per annum Price, $3, Son. Li I URN IS II ED HUL'HV. KOlt SAI.R OR TO I.RT A r f iirstor; hi.h si >n ! riwns ne froi t House, No. 6) Wa i Forty-n VI III list., It, bciw. ?ti Filth iv.ilSr tli a.eim.K, romi'li't" wlili ull II e mob rn lie.) rov.-men .?. flic rum ti r. is nil new, ami lias boon li t a short time In use; v. ill be sold with tlii* hou-e, lie lu>, ,n:; Mirrors and Gau Futures. A eery de tr. le opportunity - tillered to any poi son doslrlnit to pi.r. Fuse a nrst class limine. To a, ruspnnciblb laiiy, lmvmg ; small family, the h i use and furniture weald be routed. Inquire ?u tin: premises front It) to I l*. M. /<ltK.\:' HA Iti IA I: S ?FOR SALE IN WSKT THIRTY VI sixth street. No. ltd, mar Eighth avenue, a brown stone House, Willi ail the modern improvements; also the two llousts l.'l West Thirty-.'iflh street, u ar liroadwny. T rmsU) suit the Uiiioa. Inquire of M. EISiCMAN, No. 4?.t? Eighth avenue, corner of Th rty-thlrd street; or at No. 177 Hleeelter street, of l>. STEVENS. MIO EXCHANGE?I Oil HOOD, A-3'JltTKl) Milt HAN1 Uise s valuable largo sioro property and residence, with one slid a nu f acres of I ad, in ! nourishing village; ulto, If desired, one or ton In p oved good farms, with some cash. The properly Is u:l free and clear, and the owuer can be consult' d at the ofllce of Isaac A. Biggs, 73 Nassau street, for a lew d ?ye. TO EXCHANGE FOR BROOKLYN PROPERTY?A good Tenement House in Thirty-second' street, New York. Cost $7,80); mo teaje, $3,S?)(l. Call on W. WAItl), at Cla'.liu, Melleu A Co. s, corner of Wortu and Church sis. rrENEMENT PROPERTY FOR SALE.?TUB FRONT 1. and K'ar Buildings ami Lot of No. 74 Henry street, lor sale. Inquire of the owner on llie pr mlses, second lloor. TJtTESTClIESTER CMUNTY.?A FINB, RETIRED AND VT easily acces.nlile Farm of forty ai res; buildings nearly new anil plenty running spring water at the door, and mo t liounilluiiy frnlteil. Apply to ALEX. OS'fKAADEK, Id) Broadway, room No. 9. (|>r.nn will iiuy a farm, 75 or more acres, t? POx.IV/ Improved, well cultivated, good timber, situate In Chester, Morris county, N. .1 ; fttre 95 oe tits to city; fruit of all kinds, stream running through; best of water; Urge harn; bouse lately burned. Will sell at a sacrlnco and on terms to suit. No Incumbrance. Call si R. BLAKE H, It Chauioers street. Will find house to move In if required. This Is a bargain. <Jw9 ftOH ?FOR SALE, A FARM CONTAINING P-?i.OUx/. about 15 acres, two dwellings and all necessary outbuildings; good fruit snd excellen' wator; situated 31 miles from the city, on the N< w Ilaven Railroad, Terms easy. Apply to WM, ONDKKDONK,37 Willow place, Brooklyn. <?9^ nnn IN keal estate, in MINNESOTA <P--iVA.UVyU and Wiseonsln, will be sold very low for tash, or exchanged for dry goods. Address box 132 Herald office. (fcOft nnn ?first class merchandise wantipOU.UUu. ed, lor-which part iash will be paid; balance in real estate. JOHN RAYMOND, 134 William street. <j?nnn WORTH of real estate, unincum. ?Pt'Vs.lsUls bared, wanted In exchange for A1 7 per cent Railroad bonds. Address, giving full description of property. Bonds, box 10S Herald office. <3fl nn nnn -real estate for sale.-the bPAUVJ.V/V/VJ. above amount of unincumbered tenement property, In New York, well rented, will be sold on a credit of ten years, upon Ismail pavment or security for interest. M. L. SHELDON, 83 Cedar street. Z FOR HALE. A MUSIC and stationery store for sale?a flue chance for a person wishing a small busiueaa; also a seven octave rosewood Piano. Apply at 438 Sixth avenue. A FINE LOT OK SHELVING, COUNTERS, COAT Stands and Use Pendants, together with a new Wilder'* Safe, Showcases, Bet Air Sieve and other Fixtures, for sale cheap. Address box 4/31 Post office.. New York. A PAWNBROKER'S BUSINESS FOB SALE.?WELL eutubliahcd, und In one or the brat locution* in the city. F?r puriieuluratt'lreaa, with real name and adnmaa, A. aiatlon C, New Yurie. An old established tea and coffee store for sale cheap. API'ly to owen shields, 077,S Fourth atreet. A RARE CHANCE FOR AN ENTERPRISING TOUNO man ?The well eatabllabeii Butcher Shot' 740 Third avenue for aa!? cheap for caah. Apply on the premlit x. Bakery for sale.-tub lease, fixtures and Oood Will of the Bakenr. corner of Lafayette avenue and Cumberland atreet, Brooklyn, for aale cheap, baking 15 barrel* per week. For particular* Inquire on the paaantaaa. DRY GOODS STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE FOR caah.?Stock *m*ll und in good order; excellent chance lor a man of moderate means to continue a bualnena eatablUhed a number of yeara and now in aucoeaaful operation. Apply at 419 Canal atreet. In the atore. Agent* not noticed. Drug store, well established, desirable.? A tine opportunity for a remunerative investment; commanding I leation. For purlinilar* apply to D. S. BARNES, 202 Broadway. The owner haa otlirr busineaa colling him out of the city. For sale?a first class grocery and liquor Store, lu a good neighborhood: will lie aobl rcauoniiMe to a cn*h cuatomer. Inquire al 70S Waahlugton atreet, ctirner of PeYrjr. No areola need apply. FOR HALE?A STEAM PACKING BOX FACTORY. THE machinery la In anlcndld ruunitig order. Alan a Uotae and Truck. Apply at Columbia Greet. TjTOR SALE.?THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEASF. " of a tlrst dtua Grocery, on one of the i>c*t avenue* lu th city; lura'.inn very ueairablc. Aldroa Grocer, 220 East Thirtieth street. Mull SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A P Heme** maker'* Shoo <loii g a fulr bintine**, In the country. Apply toT. H. SNEDEKEK, Astoria, L. 1. Foil SALE-THB BOILER, ENGINE, AND IRON, Copper. Hiihb, ami all the rcmaini of the steamer Thomat A. T.llyhi.nt, now lying In Hi Il> -token basin. One of the nwnera will ! ? In ntten 1*noc at the bowl until Wednesday. 2t>'h Inst., to n?sfot nte with parti"*. Till -It SALE?A Ot'OD FAMILY GROCERY AND I" Liquor Store, cheap lor cash, In a p - rinlaird Irish neighbor hood. R. nl of Store anil Derailing $13 par month. Apply at If) Elizabeth street. No agents m o I apply. WM. UU1MN. For sale-a butcher shop, with fixtures complete,with a four years' lease of the plac. 4tU Hudson street. For sale at a ore at sacrifice?a first class MffM&MMI MM* ami It -?U irnoi, doing a good hush ncra For particular* npply to WM. II. YAM3ek11UII(J, ol Qarhes,Jordan A Bain, II Wall street. IjTOll SALE I'llI-'AI*?A BUTCHER'S STAND. WITH 1 lee hot anil live knife chopper lor nuking aausagea. In a Hrat .lass market. Impure of Mr. O'FAKL, at 1J Fifth atreet, or 161 avenue R. Hotel for sale vkryciieap-in consequence of going South, alttiaterl near a principal ferry, well and hain'aoin-ly fllleil up and fully ftirttlalieil; superior location; veiy low rent; doing a large first claas bualneaa, and on* ol the very beat clrancea to make money. SO UTIIWICK A WOOD,?Naman ?tr cot. Hotel for sale.-a first class hotel, elk aniiv furnished throughout, situaled in New York and rp. i el business, will he sold?lire whole or one-hall ? a> . > i. i;.un, to a satisfactory piriy. A-ldress Hotel, bos 110 lleruli. olCre. JKWEI.RY STORE.?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, 8TOCI and Futures of a Watch and Jewelry Store, la a good location rlowu town now doing a good businesa. Satisfactory reasons given Tor selling. Address Jeweller, Herald oilier. One FIFTEEN IIORSE POWER StEAM ENGINE, nlth boiler, pot up new at 1$ Leonard street. Is fur ante, with a lease, on a three story building, RAiKkl feet: rent low. Inquire at TAYLOR jk WILSON'S, corner of Re.vle and Hudson streets, or at 334 West Thirty seventh atreet. OYSTER STAND FOR SALE-DOING A GOOD BUSI. ncss, in (he new Fulton market. Price $30U. Call a I tbe corner of Fi I' n and Concord streets, Brooklyn. PATENT FOR SALE AT A VERY GREAT SACRIFICE A valuahle Invention, of great use, demand and nget ally, simple and easl y understood, ehesply got up, yleldlni extremely large profits and greatly money making. It nil be sold tmmedlatrlv for any decent offer, SOUTH WICK A WOOD, R2 Nassau street UARB OPPORTUNITY FOR GOING INTO BUSINESS. A stock of Straw Goods, Hail and Caps, together Witt the ro ii wllj_ of_sn_old established house, Is offered for sale, A t irf 'J u. *. w., iierain onice. SOAP MANUFACTORY IN COMPLETE ORDER FOB sale nr ( > l? t. An J li'iT*"- r " N. Y. Save f')r pile cheap for r^n -ou of iikr ring's hre|a id burglar proof; aire it by 111 Insult, Willi Ironboi; In mud order, used mil/ two Address Sale, Herald office. Sewino machine for hale?a first clas* Singer's Seeing Machine, *11 in (tool order, will be told leu than the first cost. 8. CAIIill, 627 It roadway, Type and printers materials for sai.k Fonts of Type, from Nonpareil to Pica, will be nohl foi rash, at from "IttoatlcenU per lb. These fonts are all In o on order, tome of them being nearly new. Stands, single an I double. Oaaca. ttallayi, Htlcks, Leads of all alzea, Chaa< a. Ac ApplT at IP1 William alreet, fourth floor, corner of Spruce, New Nork city. TO HUT0HER8 -FOR RALB, A MEAT. T80 STABLE, Butter and Clieeas Stand. In a good neighliorLooJ, doinj a good bualneaa. Will ba aold cheap, the owner having two shops wishes to dispose of one. Cell st 64 Greenwich nr i,.1 A ?FOR SALE, THE BTOCIK AND FIXTURES, IpOUi Hhowosaes, Counters, Weights. Scslet, Ac., of toy and candy store, 66 E??t Baltic street, Smith Brooklyn: store, buck room end front basement; suitable for any small bualneaa rent onlr $6 per month. <f> C r n FOR a EIR8T RATE OROCERTAND LI q LOB Ipi)()U Riots, tttiistsd In the best locality in ths rlty, and where s b rge liqunrNuuioees Is dons. Half cash down. Ap i ply at 5Sfl canal airsoa ritlPLE! SHEET, i hoaewno aitd looqivo. I 4 STTTT OK UOOMX ON Tlft Kmsr~FLOOU, ALSO 4 I XV ftw ItujQa lor g irtf man. Dit at nit. Good and ] eomlurtalte. T. : m? rtry low IA J.a?t T>vcuijr-afal atred, | Gratnerey i ;irli. 4 stri trr private pamilt, having more J\ i oiulL.?l'. '> i't-.juira, would i. (a largo r >ut K-a.ui will, litr/ " utrti at..1 iim and cold waur, tu a gentleman and his *tff, or to w or tlu? hi . ;Ie go all meii; refcrenoea exchanted. Ap;! at & < \V ~t Kt t'ltecnthsueai A skill family wol'j d lei'. together ob separate, a Suit of Furnished K ouia "u ti*? tm ur ae til r or, to d' ut tin u, pari.a. 1'oard II" deeired. T una nc Ionic. A, illy at VI Weal Eleventh street, aesr Vn lli avenue. A OOMFOLIABLE HOUR, WITH EXOELI.KBT Mnu.d i.i an enilre'jr le w modern b ull iicaiae, gent. e) ue gLLvrLuod, centra l?* at loo, at IT- B .ei < Lit air it, west of frmdivi. ,oi quint fair. ly, on vary low terur: /l-o, u I front It.aim, p..rt>al.y f truli-hed, ton lad.. un lgentleman; ff awe N c-t Ilali ISctiiOom for gentleman; $3 a we k. iliumt at (t At* ua dolgal stub it, near blekok.tb- \ Hi i. t' lit, witu Biai'u; an ea. ly application nut insure ? pica, nut Vliiotu. I SMA LI. FAMILY. OrcUPYTNO A FIRST GLASS j\. hro^ u tonL' houge, lut a Uooai, 10 -a rftnilitmiulty with tie without Board; cnilvul location an i.ttvi n.eiit ttr EiMr.'vryv nud Un a ateuue a a ,? routes. Applv at 17 West 1 wi iii> sixth street. A STRICTLY PRIVATE PAMILY WILL LET A furnished front ltoniu to . n* or two reapo.lal J.r person* at $2 pnr week, Otis, Oraton and Itea, and partial Hoard if re mired. Apply lor one week at IM-Charles airect, voruirof il'wlaou. A PARLOR'AMD BEDROOM TO 1 BT-BECfWD SToRY I rout iiiniua, fun. tailed or unfurnished, w.ihnr.d. lias Board. Also Roo'i s for I Ingle gantl men. TVi roe reryuioderate. At Hi 'A', at Pourlt Bin atreet. \|M NI'MMKK OP PLEASANT HALL BEDROOMS Til let?With Board, suits > u for K 'titleun ii, .it ?1 West PtHtrteaiUh street, b tween Fifth anil Sixth INBM4 Arnnivun w II.ij iiisr A IIATTDBOMF, , Inrge ?urrtiiili. d-Psrlnr and Bedroom, on fitat llnoa.witii ftr-t class Hoard, or private table if desired. Apply at 10 WctATuirteenth atreet, near Flflb avenue. A FRENCH FAMILY, LIV1NQ IN GOOD STYLE. w< ui l accoinm slate urn- or tw , geri'.lemeu with 11 <?i d anil wrll Furnished Rooms. Spanish, Uorman and English spoken. Apply at 30 West Tweltlh street, between PlI'itTatiti Six h avenues. APARTMENTS ON THIRD FLOOR. CONSISTING-OF two large and une smalt, large closets, but aiut cold water, gus. Ac, o ,et, with B-iard House private. Kitily dinner 21 .Seven: h uremic, between Tare Ink ami Tnlrleeiitli streets. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY HAVE SOME HANDKomnly furnished Itooma -olet, Willi or without Hoard, to gentlemen only i house lira-class; teiuia moderate; rote- 1 mors exchanged. Cull at 46 West Sixteenth street, between 1 Fifth and Sixth avenues. I ALAROE ROOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR, HAND ' aomcly furnished; aiao two other Rooms, each of whielr uie mutable forag, nil man and wile or two Mingle gentle- f men, to rent, with Board, ut t>7 East Twenty-third sired, be- ? tweeu Lexington and Fourth avenues. i A LADY WISHES TO GET A- CHILD TO BOARD OK nurse; is used to children; will h ire a good home hiu1 it mothei a care; or a lady who la ex|wnding to be ennflned; lo- .1 ration lie tkliy. Call at or address by note A. Mill, 77th at,, c between Ad aad 4th ava. A SPLENDID ROOMS ON SECOND FLOORfOF NO. 7CT Broadway, between Eighth nnd Ninth streets, to 1st, \ furnished, to gentlemen; house has all modern Improvements, ta In a pleasant location, ud4 will be rented low. " A FRENCH FAMILY, COMPOSED OF OKNTLEMAN, wile, four young ehddrt-n end servant, desires Hoard la i the neighborhood of New York with a private American la- 1 mily. Addreae II. O., box 219 Herald oillce, alating locality, distance, number of rooms and price. BOARD.-A CENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SIN- I gle gents, ran obtain A neatly furnished front Room and Bedroom, on the third Uoor, with Board, at No. 3 West Washington place. Boardj-to LET, with board, a ROOM, SUITAble for a genll-man and wile; terms $10 per week; alio a Hall Room, sutuible for a single gentleman: $< per week; dinner at li. References required. Apply at 189 East Fourteenth street. , Board.?a. married couple, without ohiluren, occupying a very neat an.l comfortable house, in a most desirable neighborhood, would let two front Rooms, i with good Board, to a similar party, where all the eomfurls i or a horn* may be enjoyed. Iuqulre at 82 West Twenty- 1 ninth atreet. j BOARD.-TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT BREAKFAST, in a private famllv, a handsome furnished back Parlor, on first floor, to a single geul:ouian, for $10 per week. Ap 1 ply at 36 West Twenty-third street. I Board up town.?a private family, occupy, i lug the handsome four story house 34 West Thirty-sixth | street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, oiler Board and very desirable Rooms to families without children and to single gentlemen. The house has all tne modern Improvements; location convenient to can and stages. Terms reasonable to desirable boarders. References exchauged. t>oard up town.?a private family will let with Board, a pleasant suit ol Rooms, on second floor. | Also a Room on third floor. Terms moderate. References given an 1 required. Apply at 121 West Forty-second street, near Broadway. Board in clinson plach.-rooms. in buit and single, for gentlemen and their wives and for single gentlemen, at 97 Clinton place. Board wantbd?in a private family, where there are no other boarders, fer a gentleman and wile, between Ttventy-eiglith and Thirty-first streets and Broadway and Madison avenue; front Room and Bedroom or large front Room desired. Address, prepaid, Charms, 84 Maiden lane, statingloratloni price. Ac., includingestms, Board wanted?yb a yovno married lady, in the family of a respectable and rapable nurse, for one or two months. Address, stating terms, C. 8., bos lit Herald ofltte. Board wanted-for a gentleman and wipe. . A neatly lurulehed Prom Room, second lloor, prefers red; gas and water in the mom indlapensahle; location between Fourth end Sixteenth streets and west of Broadway. Unless terms are stat'd, which must not efceed $90 per month, no nulce will be taken of answers. References exchanged. Address, for two days, U, Starr, box 110 Herald ogee. Brooklyn board ?a handsomely furnished second story front Room, for s couple, al $12 per week; also a third story front Room tor $'J; gentlemen $1 SO, bouse strictlv tlrst class; location convenient to Wall street and South ferries. Apply al Stl Garden street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn board.?two gkntlbmbn and their wives, and two or three single gentlemen, can obm n pleasant Rooms and Hoard, In a email family, at 104 Cat roll street. House has all lha modern Improvements. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.?a handsome front R oni to let, whli lull or |*rtlal Hoard, In a good In aImn, lonientent to Wall vtrcet or Fulinu ferry. Apply at 2DS Washington street. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.?a few sin ;i.k gentle' nieit can be d with pleasant Rooms and Hoard by applying at 31 \t aloughtiy stieet. Ilonse ha, ail the modern Improvements. Convenient to the ears. Tininn tv itcnnk' a pew itiinvs sititatm E jy tor ftlnglc gentlemen, alio a largo K iom on secuud llonr. with cluaeU, may bo i a I, with Hon .I. bT ?iluu< at M <'?mctirtl attVot. The ho me la of blown atone, replete with the modern improvements, in ao excellent location and conrenlont In the ferries. Ke'errneca exchanged. Board on Brooklyn heights.?pleasant K Mima mav be obtained with Board by applying at 37 Crunberiy ureal, near Columbia, convenient to the lo ry, lloure has all the moilern Improvement!. Terms modei ate. Dupont house (on european plan). corner of llmlaon and 1-night streets, op|M<alte St. .lohn'a Park. This bonne Is well suited fur gentlemen doing hu?lue?a cio.vti nun. Km una well furnished and let rery reasoniib'a. 17lk0antlt furnished ROOMS 10 LET?FOR !i gentlemen, at 09 Prim e street, one blocs wrest of Broad way. Ijlrknci! BOARD?french lessons. ?a oood OPI | .,? nity to leaf u Preie'Ii by piMlktlng and I.ring in Hie huiiee and ant ing the lauidy o? a Parialan French leather. Apply at 98 East Twenty second street. IiUKNlSHKD ROOMS?A HANDSOME PARLOR 1 Floor, also aseond and third aiory Rooms, to be let, by a widow ladv, on moderate term*. Family ainall, bouse modern; location very central; stages pa? the door. Apply at H Bond street. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let? To one or two gentlemen, with or without Board, In a private American family. Huuae has all the modern improvements, Ac. Apply at KM Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth artnue. Good board and choice rooms?at sia west Fourth street, near Broadway, for genii men and their wire* or single gentlemen, at reasonable prices. Oent. el neighborhood and good table. References exchanged. Dinner at 1 o'clock. PARTIES SEKKINO BOARD, AT MODERATE PRICKS with hall or Urge Rooina, containing grates, pnntrles and gnu, may call at 283 Kluabeth street, four doors from Rleeilter, w hem complete satisfaction and a pleasant house will be found. PERSONS WISHINO BOARDING PLACES CAN FIND a list of several eligible places by applying at our office. Examination of restaur I roe. [ J. EDWARD IRELAND, <3 Nassau street. Those wanting rooms andstkady steam power at greatly redured rents, ran be well suited ill buildings 211 and 213 C.-nire, and 137 and 139 Elm street. The [ lighted and rery desirable lor almost any I manufacturing business. The ateum power Is always steady and reliable, supplied by a Corliss and Nlghtiugalr ISO horse N,in. T..rma core low ami tMiasessinn Immedhttrlr. If wanted. Apply at lh? ofllce, 213 Centre street. WANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, Hie and gas, In a private family or Aral clam boarding house. Address, with particulars, M , box 1,1M Post , oflice. 8NEILSON PLACE, ONE BI '> '? FROM BROADWAY. Piirinahed Rooms to ltd, to > nl> wn or a xantletnau , ami wile, full U ai d for tady an I uri >1 fur gentleman. 7Q TENTH STREET, ON ? BAST 01 FIFTH i Zi arniuo.?A haml-oir I rul-h-d Unit of Kooni* on I the tiral iloor to let, nrlib Hi 1, w ica< octabie partiae. pr |. I c ate lolde If deairnd. {! ) ORERNE STRFI P. A?'OfV SPRINO-ALSTON ' fal H'in?i'. Jo r in y a enUs of Roo-i>?, u?\ I to- <n aa I every r m?er> -n< I if housekeeping rmn- nlenlly; paitlcula !y at lore 10. ainall, respectable fami lea oi' 1 single gentian en nl low to tenants. 1A71 HREF.N STREET, BETWEEN SPIUNO AND iU I 2 Prince.? Elegant Furnished Rooms to let, Miih 8nod Hoard, to Iki-lea and gentlemen. Hour I 'or ladies only, lood location, near Rroad\c a., Terms moiiciate. 1 Cfi PRINCE STREET-ST. CI.AIH IIOI'SK -KI.K AtyU (anlly furnt'hel Mo m?, tvllh He i rooms attached, [ with all the coneeiuei.coa f. - housekeeping complete, including can and ( *o,' u vr rer, to lei to respectable families or single lientiemi-' . 91 n GLM ET'l'-P*. .NEAR SPRINO.?PURNlSHEl/ 1 a_i 1 >' Apartnu-n - RiMttM oecnpanry. The ln*m 1 I renia in the city, conalde mg the convenience of ec. umnr In housekeeping. Boat bedding and furniture, with range,cooli- I lag utaaalta and linen ronanbte ;aae and Uroion | 11 _ BOABOIRQ A.VD LODUIXO. <A7 BROADWAY (CLINTON HOUSE), OVER II J tJ ileudi a s.uouu -Kie.aul nail* ul itoouta ur geutljin ii; u.-W furniture, I ma bedtlutg, ?ud sL kue conveuieuci-4 of * 11 & "Vtt HOUSES, ROOMS, ACi^WASTED.^ A lady, with two children, wishes to rent tb? second lloor, iiufnrul.hed, of nt.iw tin* Bf Uih i. ml' in l.iipmveineuia, butwrnt Two tily-second ? ! Tnii'ty-lotu-ib aiiosis and ?Iuh and Ninth avmiu-* in a re api'.'iotuU neLbborlmhd; rent a?t to cached #AH) yearly j re0 i em i-tiq iin a nnu ki> cu. Adilrrxs A. B., Herald omceAFUKWISMED HOUSE WANTBD-IN BROOKLYN, conven ent to Wall or Kultou fi rry, wbor.- (On owner would be willing to Ii lanl for lb- rant or a pornon of it, with lilt- privilege ul ink inn a law oilier bourders prelerred. Addr a. A Uoiiae. Yoatomoe, Bro ikiyi*. AllASDSoMELV rUKNIBIIED FOUR STORY ffOVxM, b imeu Waverly pi. o nn Sc-veiiteeulh a'rei-t, nut wore tliaii two bio b? from Bio* : i*wanted, lion, the M of May, ih- occupants to remain a. corky, and tbe prirlli-ra m i tlx * lew Drat c .a b ardcra given Ad irssa Caswell, M c?. A Co Fifth Avenue Hotel drag st?re. AH MALE DWELL'NO HOUSB WANTED-SITUATED1 between Baud ai d Twenty third sue 1 , mkI Si -md tnd si wb at nm a; n n . must be modera e; t< nant unt ie pUnliable. A diireae U. Ci. K., Heinle ,moe ROUoS. WITH STABLE AD COACH HOUSB. tvuuwd?lu tbt-vi inityofEilih or Madinon avnica ? tween Twentieth ard Tl.l t>-..flh arena, lor a lamily of 'otic. w-rhott chl> Ir.n. A idreaa, elating lowest rant, pre. t.-e lui at r. and at what hour the houae may be seen, 8 , boa 11-74 1'i al olllae. 1 fOl'.SE WANTED-!* A KE8I ECTABLE NEIUHBORLA bond, ' or a la ntly of Ave per una (uo children), withill modern lie pro* intuits. in Brooklyn, w .thin -l> inn lues* vnl wii Kuium or v\ al. airest lerry; rent uoi lo exceed fiu, ii Nnv YoiA, Korty-acvnir ! 'reel, wi at al ia, bet?v ml -if.Ii ami Kuh'b." avenues; rent rot t' cst'ee t $3OT. 11 cv rii-bauced. A litresa ?., bux 1,8k' l*oa. ..fllce, Now York. UOli ?K WANTED.?A OKNTLEMAN, WITH A SMALL lamlly, would like to hir- a three story llouae, n Or uood in-;ibboibood, f rwu tne lakm May next; location not b low T vctillntb ami not above Thlrty-lonrlh nln-et and - tweeu n ctmtl una su i jit-n uM; rt-iu must not exceed $ iO.' All comm xuicaiiouH k<.ilrmiM-ii to L. W., box 1,825 Post office, will me.c. Willi prompt mention. WANTF.>-A 8MAI.L HOUSE, FOR A FAMILY OH lour adults. lu l.uw York, i ouveuh nt U) ;i line or <ar% or In Brooklyn; dose by slurry; Kkn and water iiidispi nsab.e. Ad Ire- ? F. A. It., Herald office, slating tci ina, xvhiuh niustbc modsi-ate. WANTED--IMMKDIAT:ELY, A SECOND HAND IIOH or l'.ij low In:g CvlJnAer Press; sixe ol bed 31x45, or 31x51), or Address K. A. Searle, Journal Building, 116 Washington street, Bo-tun, Mia, WANTED?RY A FAMILY WITHOUT CIIILDRBN, A lioutr replete with nil ih modern iinj rnvmiieuia, hi ated Between Tw.ntyv-ev.Qlh itnd Thirl; eighth streets, ?nd Fourth nod Hlxlli av.-nus. Address box 846 Peat office, slatng lowest rent end lull particulars. WANTED-A MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE, WITH' MR dern nnpr Twiuentx, betxv. en Fourth and Fuurte -nth itreeir, and near Bros-way. K. ut tin to exceed $ DO. A4> ires, lor one week, Prof. O., care of Dr Phelps, 121 Ninth nreut. VyANTED ?I'OTTAGE HOUSE WANTED, UP TOWN, vT for ? small lamily ; r< ut Loin $ll>.|. isJ.v) p r ann.ui: r> atlon must be respecuble Addiv** A. B., box 144 Iterate ittee. elating liuatlon and | articular*. IA7ANTED?AN ESTABLISHED PLACE, WITH APPATT ri.t i? for burmug and grinning cud>e Apply at No, 7 >dar street. II. O. PKETOKNlS._ WANTED-BY A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, A SMALL country Hoime, . i-nikbrd preferred, . in euirnt to tha ily imple garden; >iear Post rltn r pre.erred; rent n.iat eoit ihe tln-.-a. A duress ataling terms and lotallty. k B. II., box I.V Hers d o ce. WANTED-A MEDIUM SIZED RECTIKYINO HOUSE, complete, with tubs, tanks and fixtures. Address P., boi 123 Herald olllce, stating dimensions, location, lc. WANTED-A PART OT A MODERN HOUSE. CONsmtlng of front and l ata parlors. Intern n, dining room and two or three bedrooms by a small family; G allon between Amity and Fourtei ntb street* ami M-cond and Sixth avenues from May !; rent not tc exceed IBM p. r annum. Any party having suen to let wih neat of an agrees >le and responsible tenant by addrraaiug S. T., box 476 Post olllce. WANTED-BY A NAVY OFFICER, A SUIT OF ROOMS, nut less than dye, with baih room (completely lurn.auBd), for housekeeplnr. Family onimlau of inieeladulia and tbild. Rem must not exceed $25 per uioulh. Tenement Housekeepers need not answer. Reference* required and jtvrn. Address A B , box 166 Herald olllce. YYTANTED?A HOUSE WITH ALL THE MODERN IMTT provements, not below Foorleenih stre t nor Above rtiirty-se ond street, and between Third and Sixth avenues: ihree rooms deep pra.erred. Rent frem $000 io $800. WUI je taken on a lease for Bve years by a responsible tenant, with a small family. Addreas box 711 Po?t office, giving luA yartloiilars. WANTED-A HYDRAULIC PRESS, EITHER TO PURrhase or hire; a second hand one preferred. Addrnen box 1,031 Post olllce. TYTANTED TO HIRE?TWO THREE STORY AND TT basi'ment Houses, with all the modern linprovemenLsi mast be in excellent order, and In good locations, between Fifth and Ninth avenues and Fourth an I Tw- ntl -th streets. Varf.ii. huvni, ,.irh npnMriv t., pent ntn And dealrshta ten aut? by calling on or'.old resting PUPKK it TI1URBBR, 173 Chambers street, corner of Greenwich. WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE. WITH 8TAbin and garden, 40 or 50 miles (rum the city. New or on the water preferred. Addraaa C. 8.t Jr., No. MJi Chamber* street, Now York. WANTED TO rent?FROM 1ST of MAY, on 8TATRV Island or on the banluof the Hudson, at a oonvnuiml distance from tbe city, a. large House, coo.sluing irons twenty-lire to thirty room a, woolly or pnrttm ly furnished. Address, stating particulars, T. C., toi $Jo n. y. Tost oOoe. WANTED TO RENT?FOR ONE OR MORB TEARS, A. conrenlent Dwelling House, In good older. In the fifteenth ward. Tossesalon required on or before 1st May. Address, with fnll particulars, E. L. T., station C, corner cF West Twelfth and Fourth streets. WANTED TO RENT IN BROOKLYN?BY THH IE* OB May, a two story and basement cottage or brick House, by a small family of grown persona. House must be wl.lua walking distance of the ferry or. near cars running tbereUa Any one baring the above will lind a promnl paylug tenant by addressing with fnll particulars, rent, Ac., Charles, uox 154 Herald oOoe. " FINANCIAL. ARMY and navy pay COLLECTED.-CLAIMS UPOH every department of the government promptly adjusted and cashed. .JOHN B. MURRAY. Army and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau street. New York, opposite the Post offlce. American gold and silyer ? oin nought a* a premium by JOHN HOOPE, 171 Broadway, oorner oi Chambers street. Army and navy?to sutlers, growers, rhif |?-rs, hot- Is and liquor dea.ers.?1 am now selling, cheap lor cash, Fleming's Golden Ale, In bottlo and caak; ..lata Scotch Ale, Dublin uud Loudon lirown stout. Depot 15ft Broadway. PlKKCE SKEHAN, Agent. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY DESIRES A SMALL LOAN npm an unincumbered farm ad Joining n eo.n-y seal and depot, or woubl sell or i (change It lor other property In or near New York. Call on or address Mrs. Townend, 145 (old N'>. 1271 West Forty-second street. "ROOK BINDERS AND OILDKR8.?SKKWINGS, RAG8, ll ...... fcJ?. k?.C, ..In. .-,.1 v"" joj,'jj"E'^; I'fjohn 'atceck^ Financial.?any man ok respeotarility and character, having a feu thou an.i M.l?ri In loan, . |??n undoubted aeeurtty, c?n procure m ^ood and permanent auuatlnn aecaihWol a b.Dk out of Vw York, l>y, with real name and addreae, 8. C., Herald o4li< a. Heirs ok seamen or united states ship L?vnnt. toai in IS6I. and all hdra of aoldicra ml m?men of the Mexican and procat war, can obt tin the money due them l>y calling on Tilt >8. l. BKaYN.VKD, si Wall at. VTEW YORK, FEBRUARY IS. U?i-?3D,U0# JERSEY Xl City Water BooJa ?1'ropoeala will be received, up to the lit or March nan. lor lha above amount of In Hiitna not Icaa than $S,IW? Bon.ia bavin* twenty yeara to mature, and hearing alx |>-r cent Interact; aald Bon da to bo delivered In equal amouuta during the montua of April and Slay next. Ten per cent will ire required to l>e ilrpoailed iry both buyer and -el.or, aa aecurlty lor inlill nent 01 contract. The above Bonda are to be received by the contractor! lor funnelling water pipe for aald Water Company, and by th aa are now offered lor aalr. Addrraa G. F. Randolph, box X.JW New York PonI olU e OFFICE OF TliB ERIE RAILROAD COMPANY?NEW York, February ?' l$il.?Notice.?The uiiereat on the aecondand third mortgage bonda of thie company will oo paid on preaen atlnn of the lOopona, at the odloe of the ti eaaorer, In Erie tlnv. on tne lat day ol March next At the aanie time and p>ace. the holder* of the cert Ideate of D. S. Oregory and J. C. B. Divla, Iru-teea, will receive payment of ihe <ou|onof the f urth nioru*ge larnda, due April. I8td. with lute-real from M -y, I-KJI, to M ircb I, lAhS. v H. N. ORIS, Seor- tary. PRIZE LISTS FOR THE ATLANTIC BLOC KADI NO squadron are now being made up. OIBc al i apera wIE be forwarded Irre 10 any ahipon being Informed of the turn bar ol ufllrera and men on board. JOHN B. MURRAY. Army and Navy Banker, No. 32 Naa?au street, N Y., oppoelte tne Poet oBrei . REMITTANCES TO KNQLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. 8I0UT BILLS ON Union Has* or Lonnoe, Rang or Scotia*!*, BxLraxt Baegina ConrANT, Ireland, IN SUMS PROM ?1 UPWARDS, iMueo ay TAYLOR BROTHERS. Sana ana, 247 BROADWAY, corner of Murray street, 78 WALL, corner of Pearl street. Treasury notes. UOLD AND SILVER, noraiit and sold TAYLOR BROTHERS, Jl7 Br. .idw?>, corner of Murray street 76 Wali alrvel, corner of PearL ?1 rt nnft-*WA!,TBD' A PARTY WITH THIS iPIV?iUV/U, amount to lake an In erial lu or to loan oa a patent article which Will ) laid i |>r.> t 01 $IM,i?j nlihia ItTPlvp month* from the lua'neas of title city alone. Tliia MaiomrDt will bo proved to ear party who can Itirnlsh the abor* amount In caali. an.I who tleilrca to make arrangeniaula. Attdreaa Imw 7,160 I'oel oflior, N. Y. nnn TO M>AW ONBMMD AND MORTilAtJRV I iM/lMI III mini* of $10" and upwar n Heal Eaiate In Ihl* city or Hrooklrn A M - le M... tgagaa caahad. Apply 10 A. SEKCIE A N'T IS Wall etrrtt FIKE A HTM. fOB 8 A LB?A COLLECTION OF AMERICAN .sTO.R F Oarda, numbering about I .'J pit o - and niuprlrlng in l m.tnri* * *nd fifirl; All ?#if ,n#. Prki* for il?# lot $a> AddrfM Call en or, Mm?M olm. miir eateut rwiom vijtoki?h, 1 AKTIBIIiAEEY COEORRI) Hll'l L Kfift ON OLAt>8, X KOR Till'. MAOlC EANTEI4N, ONEY 82 EACH. CAI'TT'.E OK UOANORK MEAND, . 'i uk or rouT uSiNitv, c/tM m or roRT doneeson, and ale the eaheikh baTtebb. ao., ac., or TUK AMERICAN llVIE WAR. Th? calAlORMX ?UM piC'luhpd c.iainma aUo Vlewa In ,h? Rolf Ean.l, tUc.1'4 Hlrtory, Old and Now Trau.iirni, 4a., Ac.?*11 of win. h nrr nt ih-low prW of 82** it. fur rnlalogut-n apply at the princli i opilrtnna, or le W. LANOENHKIM, Anr.1t American NieraMcepIc OenaiAnj. PhllAOionia, Pa, (I'oet oOice, Uii I.A2K

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