Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1862 Page 7
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ft worth while to get two additional atari! inserted. In fact, when the battle was fought at Fort Donelson, Missouri and Kentucky were both virtually out of the confederacy again, and the number of stare in the rebel tlug is, therefore, more accurate that iu the inungurai address of the rebel President. Altogether, it is a handsome trophy, uud it seem* to be a pity that it should have grat ed so bad u cause. It ] btill the Confederate national Hag, though u different one has been devised for tin- buttle field. Iu a speech at a dinner given to Beauregard subsequently to the battle of Mima-was, that general said b<> would never light again under u flag of this kind. Ho ought never to have fought under it at all. lie said it was too like the flag of the United Slates, and that it gave *A ...UK>b/ui at Hull ?|PV Oil 11117 Bt*l I??UB IUUJWB' S ?V *"*?? run. it appears, however, that the mistakes were about equal on both sides, nnrt even in this last battle a Kentucky Union regiment fit I'd a volley iulo two Illinois regiments, causing great panic?a mistake which would, perhaps, have been avoided had the distinction between tbo two hostile Hugs been more marked. The new flag of the Confederate army is a blue Union, with four stars and a red ground, the bars intersecting each other, not at right angles, but diagonally. We suppose the forces at Fort Donelson had not obtained a supply of the new article. But in a short time there will be no necessity for it, or for any but the old flag of the Union: for by the Fourth of July the ".Star Spangled Banner,'- which heretofore has waved over "the land of the free aud the home of the brave," will be the only emblem of nationality huown in the Southern States, from the Ohio and the . Potomac to the Rio Grande. To Whom is Dvk tiik Mkrit ok thk Latk VictroHiKs??Mr. Roscoe L. Conkling, of New York, moved the following resolution in the House of Representatives on Monday last:? Resolved, Ry the Senate and House of Representatives, that the thnolts of Congress are due and nro hereby pre Rented to Major Ueneiuls Jlullt-ek and Grunt tor planning the recent movements w ithin their respect ive division.", and to both these generals, as well as to the "Ulcers ami mou undor tboir command, for achieving the glorious Victories in which these movement* resulted. This resolution was very properly referred to the Committee on Military Alia Irs, for its mover was by no means in a position to deter, miu? who "planned the recent movements." Thero were other men. perhaps, who had more to do with the planning than Ilalluek or Grant. What is due to both, is: the execution to Grant. for his conduct in the ticld, and to Hal leek for organizing and directing the advance. But how *ar either of them planned the strategy of the ( movements np the Tennessee and Cumberland, . is, we presume, a mutter entirely beyond the , knowledge of Mr. Conkling. He evidently does not know much about generalship or mili. tary affairs, and the less he says on the subject I the better. Taking his observations on the re-< j solution, in connection with the resolution itself, i it is very plain that the design is not so much 1 to praise Halleck and Grant as to wound Gen. i MoClellan, the Commander-in-Chief: and praise 1 to brave and skilful generals like Hnlleok and 1 Grant, at the expense of General McClellan, i must be extremely distasteful. Mr. Conkling t aays:?"Those movements did not. originate in I Washington"?"the victories have not been i organized by any one sitting in a room." The 1 reference to the General-in-Chief is evident. | Now, we ask Mr. Conkling to inform us how he 1 knows that the movements did not originate In Washington, and that, the victories were not organized by any one sitting in a room 1 It is generally by somebody sitting in a room that our victories arc organized, and why the person who originated those recent movements way not havo sat in n room in Washington and there organized them i? more than Mr. Conkling can prove. One of our abolition contemporaries givethe whole credit of planning this part of the campaign to General llttell, and pronounces it a deviation from tho plan of General Scott, and as being accepted by Genera McClellan when offered by General Buell* Another journal in-i-ds that the plan is entirely, from the Tory beginning. General McClellan'a, and was presented b v him to the President several months ago; and that General Bnell in no general at all, and lias subjected himself to the -e\ civst condemnation for permitting Johnston to escape from Bowling Green There are other claimants for tinhonor. and we have no doubt their l.ame is legion, nud that they would constitute a very large army. We have received a letter from a - correspondent claiming the credit of the Burnaide expedition, and we perceive that the correspondent of another journal actually produces proofs that to him in due the inspiration of General Bnell ami the salvation of the Union. What a ridiculous farce! This IVrruiru Statu ok thk Staurrs.?A few days ago the condition of our streets was anch that the public truth-' was more or less impeded at ail points, and the mere act of crossing a thoroughfare auch as Broadway was an enterprise full of danger and discomfort. It was with the greutest difficulty Hint the tide of traffic forced its way through the great arteries of the city. Banks of solid ice, bills of snow, and piles of ashes, ro.:e above the waste of slu-h through which we were compelled to wade, often ankle deep. The result, was that men stumbled, and carts and omnibuses came into collision at every few yards, and everything out of doors was hopelessly at the mercy of the mire. Then, whon the frost cuine, a few miserable looking men were set to work breaking the frozen debris Into pieces, which they threw?in in the shupe of huge, hard boulders-- into the middle of the streets, to the great damage ?>' every horse that passed by. They were a day or two too late In the field to ?U> any good, and, in order to avoid doing harm, they ought, to have waited for a thaw before they commenced such operations. The street contractor Is u wonder. He does liotliiiur riuht at he proper time, und he does some curious things when it would bo better to leave them alone. The consequence ! iluil> the i roots are never denied according to contract We, however, perceive that the contractor I* Infusing a little activity into his operations, and if ho begins to work in earnest, the city a Hi noon Ire relieved from tin- disgrace of being the dirtiest in the country. He will also save himself from the severe consequences which a continued neglect of the performance of a stipulated duty would havo boen certain to proToko. We counsel the Street Cleaning Committee to superintend him vigilantly, and insist upon the terms of the contract being honoMly fearrisd out, and to exact a proper pecuniary toffeU whenever fea fails In anv particular. t NEW YOKK. Tiik Rh.kahk or I'iuaosiJUttt.?When the number of prisoners in the possession of the North and South wu ubout equal the Confederate government made certain of our ottoera in their custody draw lots to decide which among thetn should l?e shot in the erent of any of the Southern privatcersmen nt the North being executed, and thoy hold this threat over our heads. But when the number of rebel prisoners run up to fifteen thousand, as it did after ihc battles nt l)aiii*Lfin filial iln'truiLti tlu? antlu.riiux: suddenly found that it coot in Itichinond uhme two thousand dollar* in Southern sliinplustors a day to Iced the Union prisoners*. that, therefore, tLey not only resolved to rcdeuw those in the rebel capital, but throughout the whole South, trusting to the magnanimity of the Noith to liberate us many of the rebels. This was done in due course} but, amusing enough, many of the prisoners about whose lives they have mauifo-ted so much concern, when their release was ottered to thcrn. made a formal representation that if they were restored to liberty on condition of being .sent back to the South they would rather remain in the jail at Philadelphia, where they hud been confined. Contrust this with the avidity with which the Union prisoners embraced the opportunity of returning to their Northern homes. The sense of exultation they experienced when the time came wnN very different to the miserable feeling of those who bad been impressed as privateersnicn into the rebel sorv!ce, and who dreaded a return to the insurgent States. Thousands of homes in our midst are now gladdened by the presence of those who but u few days ago were the tenants of Southern dungeons and cattle sheds, and many of these, with undiminished patriotism, have sought readmission to the grand army of the Union. ToitviKvis oe tuk Ahoi.itio\ Tant Poor Greeley's troubles are never ending. He has been misrepresenting and villifving General McClellan for several weeks back, with u view to hav ing liiiu replaced by some other general whose conservative tendencies were not supposed to be as decided. One by one all those towards whom ho has inclined have disappointed his expectations; and now- the bitterest blow of nil -General Hulleck, on whom he relied as a sure card to supplant McClellan, bus just issued a military order which places him in as strong antagonism to his emancipation theories as the latter. Geueral llalleck will neither admit fugitive slaves within his lines nor will be coHntenunce tbeir coucealraent in any way by his troops. Poor Greeley ! The further the war progresses the more remote becomes the realization of the lauatical hopes that led bin and the faction with which he is connected te provoke it. En ikiti-KisiNG, Vkky.?Some of onr contemporaries have been recently boasting of getting ihead of the Hrkat.d in matters of news. If they have succeeded in doing so, neither we nor the public sre conscious of it. We would recommend the journals that are thus belauding tbemselvea to make a fresh comparison of notes with our Issue of yesterday. They will there tind that we publish, in advance of them he aecouniof Jeff. Davis' inauguration at. Richmond, with his inaugural address; all the latest news from Ship Island; a complete list of the prisoners just released by the rebel.*, and all the rel>el accounts relating to the evacuation of Nashville. maKMrmi mu Kr?mf. WINTKB OAKDKN. "t'uola Tom's Cabin'' was produced here last night with grant success. Mr. 0. Walool sustained the character of Uncle Tout with admirable rare ami precision, ind Mr. Barton Hill thai of Sltuou Lt-gree. the slave trader, with his usual hardness of manner. Mr. I)avidge,as I'hincas I'letcher. make" a capital Keiiturkian; nnd Mr. I)aveui>ort, as the fugitive slave, and Miss Blown* a Topser,are excellent, and the rest of the cast is well' distributed. The place is go welt known that it is unnecessary to < n'er into ('Articular detail, and when we compliment the actors upon their claver representation aud the management upon the skilful production of the drama, including the brightest of scenery and the meat correct ol niqmintments, wo hare said enough to iuduco all who wish to see the piece once tnoie,or those who have never aeeu it, U> look into the Winter t.ardon. Th" beautiful Cubes adds a charm to the evening's ntterlaiutucnt by the bewitching dances, Ixtrn like herself of An dalusiu. and the fasclnitUons of the dai k Bnnorita arc ol 110 insigniflcunl order. WALL U't's THKATHb. p O'Keefe's rattling comedy of "Wild Oats" was repro diced for the ill at lime at WilUit't new theatre Monday evening. The cast was admirable. Mi. Lester Wailack enacted the arduous and Improbable character of lto\ or, with his accustomed ability. Mr. Char lea Fisher had ic of those im|s -sibU> sailor (art* he sets go well. Mr. Vouug was a fine Kpluiam Smooth. Mr. Soften, as Suns was capital, but too demonstrative. Mr. Biakc, we ?-# sorry to say. did not seem to app-vciato hU part untii the piny was half over; lot partly ledeetned liiirself in the last two nets. Mrs. llooy payed the Quaker Indy Amnrantlm. nicely. MUs Cannon, lnoklagabnot sixteen years old, acted ns naiuraiiy us ever. Two luluor parts were'ir well represented bj M' ssrs. l'arslm; ami l'nrkoa. The scenery was new and charadei i lic. The house was large and fashionable, and the plav was so exc dlentlv acted, ao well put upon th- singe, and intrinsically so amusing ? though looseli constructed?ilmt the npplause wsscontinuous. The onlj fault of the piece, mid. Indeed, the common fsult of Mr. Wallach'.s connmuj , is that the tutors sre too indifferent totfcch other's droller its. Per na|? IIITJ ?fT- ..- . .. ?>.. S' imp |1. I nigh at II, luit their perfect indifference when looking on at a recognition or a r conciliation detracts Irotn I he naturalness of tba play. "Wild Oati" will be rejieated next week. The "Belle's Stratagem" will be presented, It r the Arat lime at this theatre, this evening The Mew Play at Laura Keeae't TO THK XDirOR OF THK In tbeeritlclam or my play, "The Marortlir," pnh Hiked in thl t morning's paper, a great injustice haa been ?l?tieme. It ia there state I that my play la, in fart, Mr. Falconer's, the names only being "altered to avoid the copyright law," Kc. Now, after I have put forth the work an ni) own, this Is a serious accusation, and If true would convict me of dishonesty to me public, oi-bouerty to Mr. Falconer, and, more than all, ril.lioncely to my principles; lor, instead of attempting to evade iho copyright law, It haa ever been my efn>rt to npholil It, and from it I demand protaotion for thin very work?a noik which has cost me much labor and expense. But having a.cased me of theft, the writer at lea-t should have established the identity of the properly. The critic describes Mr. Falconer's play correctly I Lav-no doubt; but the puhllo, on witnessing "The Me. rartby," will look In vain for a"blM old hnrplet," the ' coy mslden," "transported brother," "returned ox iio,'?"treasonabledocuuients," "betrothed swoetheirl," mid tlie villain who ts ('eventually shot deed" (acalas trojihe which lias not yet taken place in my play to my knowledge). Mr. Falconer's drams was -i:Kg-i.t?d by ope ot Hstiim's notch., "Tho Macartliy" by aaoih-.r, and the sensation scene (which la their only point of resemblance) by ?third. My treatment of the latter, however, diU'ors materially fmm Mr. falconer's. In explanation ot this singular mistake I can only conclude that the critic, being crowded out by Ilia rich, nrceptcd the re L I Imt ttiv tilnv t??4 ii (liioif Mr Ki Ift n ti?i'v llml ha ? iine-sed lite psrtormaiice hr would have avoided plnoInv himself in ,o ludicrous a position. I.Al'HA KKKSFV R* Kshrk'm Tiisathf, Feb. ijii, 1st'.;!. lt<vi? Atniw*rM.?This vnlng M. I'aul Juipnet glvtwshe opening repreecnuiloa of hi* " Soirees Kran. raise" ^Brooklyn sarins) at the Atkemouin. t he enterla nmeut will consist of tho amusing vaudevilles ' Ltvra 111. Chapllre I,'' and " L'tft Mete." Iho young Violinist, Mile. Mathtldn Toedt, will piny a solo hrtwssn tha plooes. If tho present performances ara wall supported, li la the intention of M. Julgnct to continue them regularly every season In Brooklyn. 1. tinman Use. ?Pr. Col ton will give one of hu amttaI 4 nud admirably conduntod exhibition* of tha laughing pss, for ladloa, at the Oeoper Institute this afternoon at three o'a took. UKKALD, WEDNESDAY, ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH STAR. $759,24* IN SPEilE ON FREIGHT. Newt from South Amrriia, New Granada and the Argentine Confederation. THE SOUTHERH REPUBLICS QUIET. Dread of Spanish Invasion and Want of Power to Resist It, At., Ac,, As* Tlio United Stales steamship North Star, Captain Jou arrivod nt her dock at this port early ye.teiday moiaiug from AspiuwoU. The North Star left New Yorlc on t.he 1st Instant, at twelve o'clot k M., and arrived at Aspinwall ou the tdlh in*taut, at half-past three o'clock IV M.; nuilod again on the loth instant, at twelve o'clock it., and arrived on the 21th Instant, ut ten o'clock A. M. J no following is too SI'KOIK Lin)*. Order $2,100 Oewilt, Kittle fcCo .$24,6)14 (iuorge W. Build.... Louia Nousthouae... I4.(x,<> 1!. Mtador 4,560 ,1. .Strauss, tiros. AtCo '10 'WO Order (,000 a. P. Rwniibaum&C'o 11.500 Orte 2.002 Joe. T. Hajrwood... ::,ooo Klrh'd Patrick 18,000 1\ Kay lor 8,000 Pelh Adams r>,ooo Amor. Ex. Rank..... 8.0u0 Win. Seligman a; Co. 27,000 ttallili Paudor*.. . 8,800 .1. 11. Uoghill 6,560 Scholia Bros 1",7()0 NtumMdier Bros 24,000 ,1. H. Now ton k Co.. 21,000 Win. Hillar & Co.... 'o,ooo Jauson, IJoud&<>>... 10.000 A. K. UmU 14,000 Kirbjr, Byrne k Co. 01,000 Wiu. Meyer 4.000 Lux. Kelly & Co.... 60.740 Jennings ti Brewster 8.000 Frank lhtker.. 10,000 J. A. 7,ooO Motio^tolilon think.. 29,834 .1. (J. Parker Ac 8m. . 14.i.oo JtM. Patrick It Co... 00,000 J. Heller A Kro 8,000 Wells, Fargo At Go..225.000 Stephen Til ton A Co. 6,<8)0 Jas. Hansen well 6,000 Total $752,161 IR M A.-i'I.VWAIj,. Nathaniel Brandon. $3,000 Wells, Fargo Ac Co.. $1,504 SaiuI. L. Isaac* 600 Cartwrlght & liar Cooja-r A Fellows... 000 rlaou 1,200 Jas. Hall 421 Total $7,085 Total from California 752,161 Total $750,240 Tlie United States steam frigate Pa:anae, Captain Ritchie, and her Britannic Majesty's steamship Termagant, Captain Hall, the latter with $600,000 ia specie for K'iro>)>e, arrived at Panama from the coast ol Mexico on the Otli instant. Her Britannic M$Jeety's ship Tartar, Capt. Hayes, nailed from Tabnga lor thecoaatof Mexico on Monday, the 10th instant. Tlie United Plates steamer Wyoming ig expected soon from Callaoat Panama. She had towed the storeship Ftedonia from Valparaiso to Callao. The atoop-of war Cyane waa to sail from Panama iu nhout a week for Valparaiso. There i? no news ol inlereel liy tbePonth American mail. late advices Horn Rogot' aud Cartliagenu had bee a received. The reports difflsr materially regarding the success of the conserrative and liberal forces; but all agree that t.on/ales Caraso lias been defeated by Eiias. lire report tlia? Canal has been entirely defatted is contradicted. It i? said, however, he has to some extent disbanded Iris forces. The news generally leed* to the expectation of a prolongation of the war. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. Oar Panama Correspondence. Panama, Feb. 15,1862. Mining Sennet in the SlrrH* vf eke (Sty?The Murch ?f V,. ,^/ tiffi...-. i? I/.. ..?./.-..C J\eneh and United State* War l'aueh?The War in the Interior?Report of the TUaJ Defeat of ArMmL I bit tleneiat Lopez, ile. The streets of Panama have been much enlivened of. late by crowds of British. French and American naval officers, that have' thronged them. The vessels of the two former nations are on their way to the west roast of Mexico, but whether to lake |>oei>e?8ion of and to hold those ports haa not transpired. It ia to be presumed they will take charge of the hnif do/en ports from Aeapulco to Onaynias, aa Aeapulco could be used as a port for the city of Mexico, and Mazatlan for the northerly states, with which the latter has a great deal of trade. We have In port the British flag steamer Bacelkanie and theHritiah war aleamers Clio and Termagant, al-o the French flag .steamer Duipiay Troutn?most of them for Mexico. The British war steamer Tartar and the French war atcanter Bavonnaise, left Panama for the same destination?the one on the 0th and the other on (he lllh Inst. The United .States war steamer Saranac, CApl. Kitehie, arrived ?t Panama from Acapulco on the 0tli she will relieve the slonp-of-war t'yane, which goea to the south coast in about a week. The United States brig Perry, Cap!. Newcome, arrived at Aaplfiwall on the 12th, tu fourteen days front the I tilted Stales. Shu relieved the Cambridge, which soiled on the ldLb for Key West. On Friday aud Saturday evenings the MarUnelti trou|>e gave attrce.ihle performances in Panama f> Rood houses litis troupe came from San Francisco, and ie t for l.irwt and Valt?raiao on the Iti Ittsh a teatner sailed the pi It iu?l. Scuor Sotcllo, late Wa-hlngbm cuirf-sjaaidmit (if tinMtrcurio, of Valparaiso, was also a passenger on thu aatne steamer. He Is of American birth, and goes to pike charge of the editorial chimus i?r that periodical. We have no later Intelligence fri m the State ul (.atic.i since the arrival of the mill steamer Aunt. A small t.l<a>p arrived .'it Aapinwall a few ilajs age. which brought the news tlint lata. Nleto had leftCarllutgcua on tbo 4th lust. Willi five hundred men. Mot qUera also odvaueed ..n Aulhvpiht with three thousand. T he screw steamer Saladtti, from Santa Marts mid Car tlcigctia, in hourly exported in Aeptmvall; but I fo-r if will not arrive ill tlmo to send you her in wa iroui Begot*. The rainy aea.-onnpf.eara to have lei-otuiianicnd, m both litre and in Asplnwnll rain ia th" order of the nay. The runaway schooner Josefs Maria torn lied at. Tian liejt, ill Pern, end having he n seen by a beet off IWj ta. I he war Schooner Clodomlra war rani In pinto.!. Sn bus bean trading along ttic coaat all a* .( nothing had happened. A nailing vessel Iinm Hi" const of tLiuo* lir.nge at the latent nionicnl wtrmif Arbulcdi'ii tnutl iloiwai by ilea. Lo|iex unit the Inking of Po|atyun. In reply u> a letter of uupilry whether foreigner* arc entitled to hold property ii% the State of Panama. the Secretary of Stale of the t'oofrder?lion of (kikniibla b' pnhllabeil a letter, under the Governor's direction, de c'aring that lite mutter is one exclusively of local legiala t on, mid in no wey rltectod by the Colombian Union treaty. All foroigncra,ll concludes, have lull i iglit to a vpure landed property in the State of I'aoaum. 'I he following is a to| y ot the letter:? Pastas, Feb. 6, IM2. To .Mr. I'tttOKiT or rut: larsaiwavi ? 1 lie .ovurnor of the Stale hna tbia dey teaolted at fol Iowa:? (?n the let instant the Prefect of the llepariiuaot of Panama wrote to the Secretar) of Hlalw, aat inet that, on ejecting the sale'f eotne of the property belonging to the public hospital, ii doubt bad arisen what her foreign e-e were or were not able to acquire lauded property In the State of Panama. Ou consideration ot the ninth arti ele of the Union treaty of the *JO>li September tart, and the (loyernor considering? 1. That the State of Panama ha. accepted lite t'oloni loan I'niou treaty in reference, and Inaaiiuiuh as ii does not. oppose the rights nnd pri\lieges actcuow ledgnd in that treaty, convened In Colou (Aeplnwall), on the tlth September, 1M1: 2. That, according to the treaty of Colon, and lint of 'k Af ik^tiiiK ilanlnniUf 1 MA/1 uluna r*f*rr.t.l Is XI'lllPiVBly Ilia ligllt of til" Slut" tONlttl* *11 tiling* ronm-eled with it* civil legislation; an<l a. That Ptrerytbing regunling th? a< <iu(remetil of pro |wrt> in undoubtedly a mailer of Stale lagmlation . II I* reaolred, all forelgueri hare lull right to ar.|inr* landed property (real e-tat?>i In the State of I'anama. PABI.O AIUt-KMKNA, Secretary nT Stale NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. OHr'Penaiaa f'orrra|ioii'lrn<r. rutlt, I'eh. 1?, 1MB. Fly the British mall steamer t.'allao, nhirh reeibed I'anania on the 7tb instant, we have advice* from South America, dated u* follow*:?IJltMl nuil t'allao, .launary IN; Bolivia,'Jlat; chile, 18th, ami Argautine CouiederaHon, let. i'i,? i. not iilrrinir. but ,t I* aratlfv In*. foi ,t telle tta that, for once, |ieaco rel?na In every (wirt, from Ecuador to the diittnut L'rttguay. Antrim# feeling U nmnlfceted in all (hi republic* againat Hpaln, which 1'ower la chuiv'd vvlili n plan to reconquer nil Lor old province", but ae nono of I ham Lava guy nay Ian, anil nil hare exhausted their treaaurloe In civil were, they ara impolflit, except for defence Tlie Callao rtld not touch at Ouayapiil, au we Lave no newa from Ecuador beside* nu Intimation In a I'ayta paper that the country la quiet. PERU. Everything la quiet afiar the aiQitanient .?f the I'reeldaniial electlone. It appeara that (ieneral Han Roman haa been clioecn by the people?lalrlr or otherwise It la Impoaaibla toaay. On aconuot of doubt, however, hla pariiaana have I men trying to play thalr political enenilea a aaw dodge. They circulated about that Oaatilla, the fret ideal, would aot ooaehiar the alboliaaa legal. aaU ,, ? , , I f ( ? KKi'KIl AKV 2tt, 1862-TKU would try to get r* i l?*ct it lilmaef. Th1* d n?, r?H they, llw country U tMl. 'lkeee i unim* wore cucutaied in the pi uiail linni I meiebem of tlii opi* - Iti m or liberal party came out, on Hie Mill, with a gr ind "maliiiertal ioniu which ihey griuit that it in much testier 10 have CtMnl San Itomtu for I'roaident then Gene *1 CuetilU rc eloclod, and llial they uphold him aa their cau <lidai?. Ueu 'iai Kivae, one of the camp eiouaof General Kcheniqun In his laat eiile, arrived at Citllao on (he ateamer of ilia wmio mine, but he wiu not allowed logo oo ahnre. The government of i'orti hue appoints! a* Minuter rienipoteutiaiy uoar the I'mM State*of Colombia, .-euor Anloliio Garcia y Uaieia. Honor Lola M iioii<w roplncna ; jiior.Iuan loam do Okiiih ill H'nglami, a* Charge >t'Alliiires and Consul Ge neral, thU latter gnUeman liavlng ro signed Oil ILK. Till! aiuw.roitl crisis, win li lias for ?o long a time lioen making this .-action its pruy, appears at last to bo giving way No failure* ol' any conge juenco have been reported during the la. t fortnight. Commerce has 10 coivu I quite au inclement on account of good harvest* anil rioli produce o tlio mines, A now paper in to be stalled in Valparaiso, having for its object the di-c anon of political topics. By special decree earth or aaud, for moulds in casting, liaa beon declared duty free. 'I'll million w.i i. I ,, .cr 1 *,! .uII." "? I """'"n '?VVTTW?? vaav V'SIII j/TOIUIIinn and tim trance Indians ha* not yet been sot led. A circuits tunce has oocuired '.t'.ely which baa, if anything, re larded ncgolisti us. A crazy Frenchman, b > it is said, who lint been living some time iu Cuile. suddenly took it into liia hoad to bo stv led Orollie Antoiue, flrst King of Arnncaut.t. After thin ho wcot to Aranca, ami having got into tho good g) aces of the Indians, he tried to perHuacio th< m to prof ia n, him king, lie t"ld them thai ho had been a< at out by the groat of tbo earth to govern thorn and to protect th< n> from ihe oncioachnieuls of tim neighboring republic. Home of the enetqum were in favor of proclaiming him. and some were not. lint its all of title wm itijurmg the Interest*of Chile, the government ssw ht to lalco Itiin pris iiiSr. II ' wa ' takou a ha was going to a little village where ail the chiefs were to meat him to give him their Di al answer. The government will probably stud li.m to the limntie asylum in Hentiago. (jovernineut has wiliidruwn the aid sidy granted to fevers I papers published iu Hie provinces, sup|>orted ivpeoially for the ub.oct of defending the course of tlie old adroluiatialiou. Ti?e works on ib.- road between Valparaiso and CHiitisgo ate carried on with zeal by Mr. Mefggs, the contractor. 1,040 men were actively em ployisl on the line in the month <>f December. The n earner Maipu, ii is said, will soon lie sent to tho 1*0ruviuu siiores to pickup all Chilean ekiles,who,ou accooiit of want of mantis, cannot return heme. The market lias presen t I a tine api-earanre from the beginning of tho year. then have been e*i>nrto<l protty largely, though the want of vtnsels lias )>eeufelt. Tiro grain crop lias been abundant. Tin. wool crop will be larger ami better tliau last year. Tbo prices obtained lor grain, new crop, lu bags,have hemi$l Sfiff a $1 cash; in Irulk, at the railroad depot, $1 31. Tho old crop has liseu paid as high us $2 25 cifsh by brewers. No grain will be shipped to California this year, as lieavv losses were experience! by doing so last yoar. A Utile improvement

is felt iu dry goods,especially cotton atutl's. Carolins rice is scarce, ihete being only 200 barrels ill first hands' the demand Is brlRk. The sugar market has improved retlnod in particular; 15,000 a rrobts American refined sold at $2 87 a $204. Stock on baud, 75 700 arrobas American i ellaed. B01.1Y1A. Having enilrely blotted out the trmces of Keraande/.'s revolution. Oaneral Aoba has raLnrn.ul .villi hla I'j.liltinl to I a Pa/. Tli i =; city bavin*; been the tli*atio of t lie war, there was Mill torar excitement among curtain classes, but tlie government it at work to allay all unnatural fueling. General Aoha entered the city on the 9tli of January, and was cordially received by high and low. Tlio t.'abluet bus been remodelled, and alanus as follows:?Sucre lary of State and Foreign Atl'airs, SenorM. M Salinas; Secretary of Finance,Senor ItndeclndoCarbajal; Justice and Public Instruction. Senor M. J. Cortes; Secretary of War and tlie Navy, Cenoral f'tcdonlo Avlla. By a decroe i as tied on the 11th of December the army lift has been cut down to 1,7.H1 men. Amicable ra'atious were Iming re-established with Peru, nnd accordingty Senoi Itafaol tluatoa has been npladnted Minister Plenipotentiary near the goverument ot that repcblto. THE ARGENTINE ( ONFEDERATION. Generals I'erqui and l/r<|Ulnt nave been obliged to leave the country, together with their satellites. ITrquUa attempted at the last moment to carry off Into Uruguay the part ol' the troops which he had with him. rtut sveu these, tired of the despot, left him and sought prelection of the navy which Mitro took from the old government. 'liter* were about 200 men. From official correspondence between the Chilean government and it -t Consul at Mcndo/a, Buenos Ay res, It is plain that that gentleman, Senor J. Godot, was not murdered in that city, as was reported. A convention ot the Statue is to he called together to trams a purely democratic constitution. Mi" re is proposed na President. Tun (t'rrim uat.ic t oxanrrs.?Mi. Gottschalk give- his eighth concert this evening at Nlblo's saloon. H* will play on this occasion fotir of his most admired com no sitioas. In addition to tho attraction* odared by hia lierforinanoea, tb? whole of Donirettt'a amusing and delightfiihopei-a of " Don l'asquele" will he given by the Gnu trouiw. Of Mis* Hinckley's Norma we have had ooraaion to speak In the blghe-i tortus. Suaiiil'a Dou Paaquale is admitted to be unapproachable for Its Vceonlrie.ty ami drollery. Altogether the entertainmenta ere the most. attractive that be preeentod In e concert room. Me-Htxiet' Sooikvt I.kciuna--.?This evening the Rev. )>r. Vintou will deliver a lecture et Irving Hall on the "Cause and Cure of the Rebellion." The subject Is the Mo?i interesting oue that a lecturer can handle just now, ail uu dm Is more competent to do it iustioe than the rwveroud gentle man who ia io ruouni the rostrum thia avenluf. THE DECISIVE BATTLE IN TENNESSEE. Tip Prosecution of tho War--Additional Particulars of the Great Battle in Tennessee -Map of the Position and its Surrrtundinga^The Latest Despatches in Begard to the Situation of Affairs at Xashvillo?Jeff. Davis' Inaugural AddressThe Execution of Captain Gordon, the Slave Trader?The Latest Hews, Ac., Ac. Additional Interesting Details of the Great Rattle In Tmmsiasr, Willi a List of the Union Troops Killed and Wounded,aocotnponied nri;b * MapShowing the Position and Its Surroundings, and iho Situation of the Un.i"ti ! urce* uud Gunboats, will bo published in tho F.vmi/t ll?rnid, ready this (Wednesday) morning. H will also (' main the t.itt* ' IHt4|taichoR of the State Of AiTaifS at Vtshvlllo, Tonn : of the Operations of the Jforlti Carolina I vpoiliUon. aiul Ii'i|>ortuut News In lleyaid to the Hroacrut.on of the War from all Points of the Country; lin port'int Inieliiguuce from the South; Jeir. Itavia* Address delivered mi the occasion of his Inauguration on Saturday Jn<u; late leering account of tba t'aeoition of llaiit* Car doll, fur being engaged inlhe Sieve Trade,and of lift Attempt to Commit Suicide, with much other interesting readiug. Terms?Two dollars per year. Single copies, four ceut*. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The Capture of Clarkavilla?Reported Capture oi Haahville?Kap of the City-Defeat of General Price at Sugar Creek Crowing, Ark.?The Fight at fort Doneleon- Progrew of the Expedition Against Savannah?Important Ifewa from Xexioo and Havana, Ac., Ac. Ibe Cttnard mull steamship Asia, Captain tott, will leave thi< |>ort to d:ty for Liverpool. ThO European mails will close in llili city I his after noon at one o'clock. The Ktmorr (i Knmov 01 Tur N*w York IlantLn will bn ptiblshed at eloven o'clock this morning. It wilt contain an account of tha Capture of Clarksrllle, Teun,. with twenty days' supplies; Advance of the Won Forces Towaids N.ishvilie, llbistrne t with a M?p of that city, showing Its Railroad and WaterCommun'nation*, th'Mgee, Turnpike II0.1.W, Arc.; Add tional Particular* at ll.a light at Port Dmnilaou; I,ate New from Port Royal Pro groM"f'.bo Kipeditlon Against Sa.eniutb. 0|>a: ?l .one of the Bunmlde Expedition 111 N'oUi Caroline: Dcxiriietioit or the Town of Win ton; Important Trout Aikanaaa; Pel eat ofCcnerul Sterling Prlof at Sugar Creak Crosaing; I be l:e|?'rlR of Ilia Movamenta of tha Union Force* Throughout tha Country; Important New a frooi Maalco? The Allien Preparing to Advance Into the Interior; Iiilereating from Havana, aod a variety of other In targeting reading. bitiglo coplcn, In wrapper*, ready for mailing, alt cant* Rem peon I/tw, Son & Co., No. 47 Ludgate Hill, Iswidon, England,wilt receive advertInamonln and sukocrlptlone for the Olnrlone Trlnmplie?Mri. S. A. Allan la dally receiving letttlmoulal* an to the wonderful virtue* of tier'World's llalr Reatorer and llalr Drcnalng. They have no cptal*. and a guarantee goee with every bottle. Pepot, IMUrrenwIcb etreet, near Knlton. Aeaatlfal Pomplrilnn?Ualrrt'a Hlnom or Couth, or Mould Pearl, for p-reervlng and beautifying the oompleilon and akin, fluid at all druggl .ta. Hlll'a llalr Dye, SO Cant a, Black or hrowa? lafaUiblaongiient foe the hair. Depot So I Ben-lay gtrael, tad i?y all driigtt'eta PLB SHEET. o n. l.l Dn??.,n;J* "r Murray, M4f * Co*'* tkii ii'ir'i\ a ?J kl(4?u IrfQiteritt*. lum'r h^? ' V? *?-'?? * '** nA J, It. +'t Ml. Mi, 5* -if' 14, Ktmruokv 0u? >K-rw? *. w* ,, jo 20. 11. ?*, J ,. M, 71. ?, +0, *?. K ?j. 16, 46. Cirojlmra ?eut fro? of cuarjc } ' VMwitiflJ titHi* Ml MUKK * Y. EI>!?* *0O? Coru^ton. it/** or m. Ldui*. ? * OflrUI Drkwlnjiortlu Kim?'ky ind lie, iwai'f ri nt.- 1, tlieriei Klmtocki?Ctfll Pi im *1?Feb. 25. lUti'JI. 4, 46, 17, 54, 14, 10, 73, 5C, iW, 55, 15, <W. DKl.wtUk?I'll** I6S?25, lrtt?2 35, Ck, 13, 20. t>4. 3. 40, 61, T.t. 10, 23, 4. Circular* ?eni by art.1<v?,'n lO'lV A. VORKf* A CO.. Wilmington, l??lrur*ni, or lioriagton, Kentucky. Iloyul lUvaiitt libltrry,?I'riio tlihed and Inreiraatx ii furnlatu'd l,? TA VIA lit ,t UO., K?i;l.or i, i6 W?ll ?U', , t, N. Y. I'rl*** Citslti i| |,i all l.cuii 11/oil I.ol telle*. I nfiruiatiuu giv u JOHEI'll BATKP. Broker, No. 19 Wull i'oct, up n'alr-, Now York. fumniodOM NtiM to iiirivlN|inort> ail* every day. at Harnuni'* Mtu.-inn, 'kin urr tlic uotnbiiiten in Ni .v York IMuilojjru ph If Album*, limit tn Hold from 16 to 300po.trait-,, n.auu nciurod byDoWLINU o5hu<1 l>7 N tisau itrr, t. bilk llkudkrrolilrfh?It \\ Lolt-anlr. BAILEY k BCUTHAKI* At', Ns. 57:i UrimdwH)', I.utile*' It* in oral* k'J and #2 50, uiimteii', >1 75a.>d $1 50; ntiiltr ?'i, 1.137 ttutl $1 J.i. JtrH'.lts, 3rd Hronilwr.y. ivviiuiiifl t iiiiirruirniKM* Elegant style* and low prices, at J.x.S. fc'.) 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Crkak?Vskrvn .?On Tuesday, February 25, at the re udonco of the He v. A. Verren, I). !?., Hector of the French l'rotestant Guise church, I'u St. Esprit, Now York. I>y liim, Richard Hob cut Cuban to FkasC'ISJI Mm>B(.kihk, daughter of (he oltlciat ing clergymen, both of this city. Marseilles, Geneva and 1'uris (Euroi*) papers pleuee copy. G'hiiirt.j.?Htm ?bo.?Gn Ttniriiday evening. February 8, al the residence of tlio bride's parontn, h>: the Rev. Cal \ iu I alhrop, Mr. E. A. Goonsi.t. to Mies Kiauk 51. lltvwtn, both of this city. Troy juipers please copy. Tinj.?Cort.TKtt.?Itt Golumbng, Georgia, on Wednesday, January 1. al the residence of 8. H. Hill. Esq., by Rev. Hr. Higglns, Miss Khjiih A., daughtor of Samuel Hill, !>?(., of Grcen.' boro, Vermont, to Ybkdbkick f. Coulibk, formerly of Newark, Now .lorsoy. Sen war/.?Jckiuunili..?On Sunday, February 23, by tho Rev. Mr. Garlicks, Fkbokkjcu Siiwari to Aixi Maria jt'rubkmii.t. Wlue?Hnntr.?Gn Monday, February 24, at tha Hleeckcr struct church, by Rev. Mo.-.cs Oallou, Hamimov Whj.s, of Brooklyn, to ElUM K, youngest daughter Jolni c. Henry, hmi. Birtl*. Noslk.?At .130 Hicks strict, m-ar Itei-raw street, Brooklyn, on Monday luortiuig, February 24, Mrs. John II. Nooi.k of a son. Died. Bt'stt.?Iu Brooklyn, K. n.,on Tu'tiday, Februaiy 20. of scarlet fsver, Citvtoh, youngest son of F.ilwsrd and Margaret V. Bush, aged 2 > em, 3 mouths and 1U days. The relabiveti and friends of the family are resiaicWully tnrlted to attend the funeral, this fwadnerday) after r?tion. at hiAti-imKt two o'clonlf-from thn rakiiiAniui of hid parents, No. 17G Second Rtiuet. Kuyhak.?Ou Tuesday, February 25, Ami Hoykak, daughter of Thomas atul Margaret Boyhnu, or county Westmeath, Mullingar, Ireland, aged 2 years and 4 awtla. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to utteud tho funeral, from tha residence of her parents, No. 230 Fast Fourteenth street, on Thursday afternoon at one o'clock. Hoctok.?At West Neck, Huntington, L. I., on Friday, February 14. 'orHu Hot wn, Meter of Samuel Ronton, of the city of Brooklyn, in the 60th year of her age. The i arete interred at Huntingten on the 17th init. Carat.?Do Monday February 24, Osornas f'.tpstkt, a native of St. < integer; K'botembauit.Freure, aged 40 years ami 1 moutii. The relet.van and friends of the family ate respectfully requested to Attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) alter noon, at half-pant on. o'clock, from bis tale residence. No. 103 WeetTweoi) oighth street, w.tUout further no Hon. Ciia.nk.?Onlfnuday, February 24, Mauy, daughter of Mai tin M. .iud Mar} M. Crane, in the 4th year of her ago. Hi# frioude of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral. troro the leaideuee of hoi patents, 326 Fifth street, this day (Wedursr ay), at laoivn o'clock. Th> remains will be taUoi: to Flotbuah Cemetery. f'irirrm.?tin Tuesday, tebrnnry 25, laaam, ytmagetr child of Alfred L. and Maria K. Curtis, aged I year and 1 moii tli. . The relative* anil friends of the family aro invited to attend the funeral, from I leu re.sidanoe of her gramli ither, Joseph Curtis, N". 22 Weal Thirty tlrst street, on Thursday ulternoon, at tliroo o't lock. Ct'ttiiAs.?en Mondsy, February 24, Avstt, wife of i*st rick Joseph Currm. Il?r remains will be t..ken to Calvary (,'euj tery, this (Wedutvday j aft* inoon, kl half past una o clock, Iroia her late trestdeneo, corner of Fortieth miiut ami Fourth avenue. Kiiwakvs.?Oh Monday, February 24, tnrius Joust Fj>waRI>s, the tick'led sou of John mid I rain r- Kdwmilo, aged l vi sr, 6 nionttis and 2 day*. the relatives and friend* of 'ho 'auiiiy aro respectfully invited to aiisud tlie funeral, this Woduesnay) afternoon, at half past one o'olock, from No. 224 M net rtc\euteenth street. Fai l k>nr.?On Tuesday , Febt uary 2'- after a lingering itliiMu. Kail nr. \ d'e ot Thou as I . f Aiilkimr. ,n thn LJ.-i yi .ii ill' tin. iivo. Tin- relative* unit fraud* (if tbefamliy, the V-ty York Tj'l* graphical S olety and the Burton Association, are respectfully luviuxl U> attend the funeral, from No. flu FJilridg- a'.ntft, -at Friday a'tcrno in,?t llirw o'clock. Kimci >*.?"ii Tuesday meming, Fobriiary ?.?, i.Ttw .? shorl iilnr- luo*am FlUjioj, eldest sun m Patrick uul Anno nut-Kan,a?ed -l yearn, h months and -I day.-i. The relatives and friends of tho fhi uiy arc invited to attend thti ftiurral, from tin- residence of hi-i po" ma. 301 I inlith - ireet ,this (Wednesday) afternoon, a* t* oo'oloaic Fiona.?<Hi Tuesday, Fohrnaiy Ufc.Uu iitn. I cor.;, in I liu Hist year or liia age. flie friends and actjiuinUDcea of ilteUmhv nt roei-eot l'ii 1 ly invited to attend ihu funeral, from tho ro idauca of nin mot liar, No. 410 Fifth at root, Una (Wedii .lav half-pa*! ona o'clock. Ilia remains will b taken lo l>1 vary "amatory for interment. ifiehco'piiprrs please copy. (Itil.vtmia.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, IVIiriary 2n, KhWAiui (iAltAtinar, aflei a ,-horl ille-st. The luemhois of City Lodge, No lOS. Free and A-jcaptod Wanutia, arc riNpt-i ted to atlcud the funeral, r?r which pariHwe tbo i.-stno is convened, at Corinthian i'.onm, Odd Fallows' Hall, this (Wetlueaduy) morning at half-past tea. Tho ('relet nity are invited to attend (Hmiiam. -Jm Tuoailaj morning, Fobroary 2ft, Fjjsiuith Graham , relict of Graham, ugud fttt year*. The relative* and friends of (be family are I'oepectfidijr invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, trout the residence of her son, 11. A. Graham, No. 6 King "ireet. lisn.i av.?Ou Monday. February 94, Paaim, infant eon of Kdwurd C. and Mary K. "regnry . aged ft months and X' days. , ihe rshpives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funera' from the residence of his grandfather, Henry Iflatvortb,Kaq., 14d Weal Fuurl.-euili Hire*!, tlila (Wednesday) afternoon, at thr. a o'clock, without further invitation. llavr*.-On Tuesday, February 2ft, aflat a atiort and severe lllnesa, l'-i vo C. Ilisn, In tho T2d > ear of he age. Particulars of funeral hereafter. IUrimko.v?On Monday,Fehruaiy 24, lev all J. a, widow ol Colonel .lames Harrison, agod Gil Jeum. The friead* and Roqueintanoe* til the ara leer*: fully Invited to attend the funeral, on Ih-irsdny a'ternooa, at lialf-pust onn o'clock, froni he lale r.-v.d-t ci, 141 lu-iingitHi avenue. Kaox ?On Monday, February 24, S\ikh Jisi. wife of .foscpli Knot, nldaat daughter ol .la- ?h and Jane Isabella ferine, aged 4it years, 7 tnnnlbe and :!G day*. The fr'enda of lfe>' family In Brooklyn err respectfully Invited to meet at her lale laaidattM, corner oi .-s-hermerli. ru and Bond sire- la, in lime, ae list lemiiu* will leave lbs fWedto day) m >-nmg, at eleven <> do k, for lie fnher a r. rfi.l'-nc.', at N'aw l/ma, *m.-? tr.e n.uer.o avlt ?e Will he k'M, I,KB.?At Camp Callnrala, Virginia, 00 Wetneeday, February l??, ait r * flio. t Maiik II. |ju., Or per at of Ootnpuny r, I'lUjr wrMk tag Inieut, In Ihi jiiih of hi* a#*. Thofunerel v? " tak" |>'"ce Hue 'Wean# d?>-^ uflern<?u, at two o'oiock, In ?ho Ftret Haptl-t church, corner >J houtli Fifth and Fifth streets. The frleoilx ami rotative* of tha familyare ln?ltea to attend, al*o,' omj u) 1, w llio llrooklyti (Jrcyr.of which ha wan formerly a moinl-or. 1.0IIWI ?OB Tu?* (ajr, February 15, alto.- .. abort mid *e*?re illnaa*. K. A. Ngouc* I A. Hat, ?.a I 1 yam, u month* and aft day*. The retail*'-* and Irlenda of th'; family are Invited to attend the funeral, n Thuraday afternoon, at one #,rlo> It, from the r**ldenco of hla parent*. 171 Frank' u atrort. I.uvtn.?On Tuesday tnorulug, February 26, Too* t? (.;., aged 23 year*. The frienda and relative* of tha ramily, a'ao i bore of hla brother lu law, 11. P. shared, are i eapccirully tnt i'wi to attend the funeral, ou Thuraday Afternoon, at three o'clock, from hla late reaidence, corner ef Fourth avwom and Nineteenth street,i-outh Urooklyn. I.aaaiM.?At Haveretrew, Rockland county, N. Y , Mean*, eon of Kdward larklne, a native oi Kyiecottrl, county Oalway, Ireland, aged 21 years Ualway pa^ra i>lease cot*. 1.K Occur.?At New Rochelle, Weetcl .eeier rotiaiy, N. Y., on Tuesday, February 2ft, Captain Aoeuia La Cot at, la tha 71ti Jflftf of hit l|6. The funeral will takt?Uu\j?fretBTrlil?*ehureb,New 7 Ruohel #, on 11iur?4?/^ twoouo, ?l t?i> Volork The relative* mi>1 fri?n<l* ai? n?*P0cUu!iy umted to attaint, Willi-mt further not). a M-aWton ?<>o Moml../ l-V Hiary .'4, aftdr Mid eova i; lUtiean, aiiicli .I.eWo > hrr-uao, Ji ix* L., beloved wife of Ihoma* Man ton, Mid daughter of I'.ttrick I awl-H*. Tho relative* and frtanda of the family, and ttaoaa at her father, I'atruk I aw am respect! i.lly iuvi ad to attend the funeral, l'roiu liar laid maiden-e, lid Won* Heveiiteentb droel, this (Wodiieedny) at.eru"uli, At two 1 o clock. Al-ui.ns ?Kud l. nl/,on Monday, Kotar ?ry 24, of o-?n vision*, I tu\h,.;n Aui'MUK, only >uu ol J. A. Ml ! Marf 8. J.'wilt. u aged 1 year, b moml.* aud :> day a Tlia <imaral will ?ike place fr< ni the ienidem*" "f J T. Monitor., I'ut 'U Htia t. Soilili Kr "iklyn , thin (tV??Jna? da/) morning, at half pant t v n'ol ck. Relatives and frauds are invited (na'lund wi.lMrit further iir.'ltaiiou Mowatt.?Ill lllOOfiitny Oroya, Orange c"unty,N'. Y , < 0 IViday, FetiraaTv 21, fiAiMoic I.o.wiiaol' Oavid If M-flat, ago.! ?>?? yc.ii* and 4 in- nth-. M-'Aktiiir.?In Yorkville, o? M? "lay night, l ebi uary '?4, Maky 'ask, d.'iilgfiiBrof J. liu and' Uv Arthur, Jr., aged If years, T mouthe ami 21 duyi. Tl.a r?Ut iviM ami fr.ctxls f (lie laiull) ara reapeolfuMf invito.) to at oud tlia funeral. I ruin tin- residence of bar l-a ao i alia of lou ili a\onue, n.-ar Ninetieth uiiOft, Yoikv llo, this ("AV-- ii.i -.lay) altornoou, at tw?r o'u o -k, without further .nv tot oa. M--tti:ac.?Oil Tuasday, l ain > a>y 2b, Jnnani MnaMU.ita the llthy arof hi* age. The relatives and friend* ot 'h < family are respectfully e.|ii04led r.<> attend (he fi u. ial. on ihu -day a, at hif |<a*t oui -.'cl.s k, from l.ia lain residence, No. It Kecond street, without further Invitation. ? "'?"ii v inlay morning, February 24, AUans, im or John Hid Mary Na-di, in lh(> 221 } ear of his ago The fr ends and uc|*iaiUU ocas oi the family aro r* spectfully Inviiert to attend the C> n'-i nl, Irom the iesideuei of hi* jutruiiU, 'lliird avenue, between llTlh and 118th streets, ilarluui, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at ono o'clock. On MtMA> ?'hi Tuesday. February 25, aft or a I >ng 111nesa, MAKC.vkin Aiiki.muk. daughter of Julio C. and Aaa OU'erinan,aged 14 years,5 iiaoiilliM and Id day*. Tb<> rrieuds of tliu family are rosi artfully invited la ut tend the fun rial, on Friday afluruoou, at two o'clock, from the residence of lier pureu'e, ul F.ll/abotU City, N. J Car.-, for Klixabeth City leave New York, loot ?f Cortlaurtt at root, at twelve o'clock. Idtport*, Ind., papers phase copy. 'ha; a,',.?on Sunday. Fenruary 2U, Cuisii/nr, 11, wife of the laieiSutnttel IV. Osgood. The funer ilwiil take place this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock, trom the reaid men oflier staler, Urn. Mary K Partitelen. 411 Romseu street, Itrooklyn. Oiifci.i.? In liobokvn, on Monday, February 24, of gastric fever, Con* iliu.-ii, second daughter of Win. O. and Ixrulse Udell, aged 4 years and IT days. The relatives and friauda of the family are respectfolly invited to attend the funeral, this (WcdncedayJafternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 250 Itloonrtlrld street. O'lkiNNRt.i..?On Tuesday morniug, February 26, at congest ion of the brain, MiKtAwss, daughter of Owes and t'albariue ODounell, aged 1 year and 11 months. The relatives and friunds of the iamily are reapnetfully requested to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents. No. 272 Oelnncey street, this (Wednesday) alien"* n, at two o'clock. I'XNnurru.s.?On Tuesdcy morning, February 25, Ki>mjn? H. Pmnvuno*, in tlie T4th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited te ettmd his funeral, at St. Harttmlomew's churoh, Ijilajette place, on Thursday afternoon, at throe o'elook. His remaitiS will be taken to Hyde Park for inlermeut. Rn.av.?Thomas Rit.kt, sen of Thomas Riley and Mary I.lddy,of the county Cavan, Irelaad, aged 25 years, months and 14 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited te attend the funeral, from his late residence, 15 Ikiynr Street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. StMrsos.?At I'eekskill, on Sttuday. February 22, Wn II. Simpsom, aged IK years and 1 month, son 'if John aad FercyS. Si in prion. 1'he relatives and friends of the family are respectfully iuvited to attend the funeral, from the residence of has parent!, Peekskill, this (Wednesday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Carriage* will be in waiting at Peekskill station for the eight o'clock morning train from (linmhers street. r>ow lor*. Sum?Oo' Tuesday murniug, February 25, at six o clock, )*xtk4 B. Smt r. The friends and relstivae of I ha family ara raa [tactfully invited to attend tho iuueral, which will tako place thin day (Wednesday), from his late residence. No. tfOStaotoa street. WAT.ta.--On Wednesday, February 26, after a short tUneta, Jam II. W.uxh, in the 40d year of her age. The frionda and acquaintances of ibo thirdly, also thoaa of her brother-in-law, Tboiaae Walsh,are renpeetfully Invited to aUeud the tuueral, frotn her late rwidenoe, No. 55 West Kiglituenth street, this (Wednesday 1 alloruoua, at two o'clock. Her remains wiU t>a interred in Calvary Cemetery. MlMRhLAHRVlR. A LI, ARTICLUS FOR SOLDIERS SHOULD Bg SENT. at hali rales, by liarnden'a Ktpreaa, 74 Broadway. They aeud daily to all points occupied by our army. A ROMATIG SCHIEDAM iv SOUNA ITS Piii-sona who wish to Minpty thiniaclvee with the above ?r. tide, at tlie old prices, bad bnier make early application to the subscr,l>er. LUOLPHo WOLFE, ?1 Beaver street. ARTISTIC MONOGRAMS.-THE LARGEST VARIETY of Note and Led or Paper, Wedding Cards and Deak Seals, tn perfect taste, at UIMBKKOK 8, 608 Broadway. At oimhkehk s. ass Broadway, $4 photograph Alliums (for lifty ptcliues> retailed at $3. At km pulton STREET?wedding cards; then* celi-hratoil enciuved Card* only by WM. EV8ROhLL'H SONS. Established UUti. A strange combination. Ill'MGKOCS, LAUGH ABLB. tit resistible, MIRTH PROVOKING ABSt RDITT Fancy, It you caii, the Kav. Henry Ward Beecher ann-mooa* lot a [>iont Oclii iiipi-|ti rfur.uaiire at the Mrlodeon ConoerV Saloon, and I ton. Edward Everett to open a new oyster aaiiaia at the coal yard. See I lie HI I,J. nmTBiri mint*." t lie nit aleat lait ui the atiasou. ( .'oples, In noiora, ISxM Inches, - ' renls. After laughing over it, scud 11 to your friend id Um Jinny. It emilil mekr a great ronimotlou and eonrnlea who)* regiment* u iih laughter. Aqiply *<? all leading ucn a agents, ir UilSS A TlX'SaV, lift N?*a.iii mrm. AUKMAUKABLI: .M If Die INK. ** HYATT'S I.IKE B W.SAM. ItlieaiiMtiam, Bemfkila, H.klt Kheiim, Ar.. Ac.?HTATI"* I.IKI, BALSAM i* the tuo-sl mruiiu and Hitfo remedy lor tho iim-d tu? nful Jind protracted form of three disease*. Aln?, old ti.c r?, fever -ore*, i ry .*l|? la?, the worst en* a of Impurity of ttie hlood, liver and kidney*, general debility, dyspepsia. Hi.. I dent cooattnipuon, ptlea. 'Ar Principal Depot, ?(60r?nd ton. K.'ventv-tiierente par liottie. noil: HON W1HMCF.Y?\ VERV sn RHIOH ARTTCIJB nun on In,mi and Tor ante Id small 'to* nolle*, lor faintIv i n . t'onni'l- .i.ui i ,,re rrqursted to rati ut uiy a ore and toel sample*. l>. Jf,. lltSlll M, Rinadwity, corner Odar alreek CltkHNS, Bf'NIONH, INVERTED NAILS EM,ARCED ) Joint*, nttd *11 dis'-i.*** of Uie fret. cni-rd without pats. or incniivi nlctn r to to patient, l>y Dr. ZACI1ARIB, Surge on I'kli-i.podtat, "<*? Broadway. Refer* i? phyneOn* and aurgo. "lie of tIII city. CIRUTIHIKH AND ("AN KH FOR TIIF. MI I.LION?AT .) lite utiinufauturer's, C. i'lNNLLI., No. 2 CorUaiuUsi. fillAltM SKAId?HOP.SKo, DOCS. F.AOI.F.S, LIONHAt., tv.o dolUuaescb. at O. I', ALLEN'S, 41 r* Rroaitna' , one door below I ana! street. CAPTION TO DKLOUIST8.?HliWAKE OK COUNTER frit Me*| ,n M isting Linimcnl. The -emiliq' I* t? mp. |.?d in line u. 1 plate mgrm inga, with the worda Maaiean Muataiig Lloliueut In a curie surrounding a burning ioka. no and I>. H Ramea blown In the bo.tie. There In,a been [.Acred foraale, by one.lohu D. Park, an. article In general dc algu quite the same, but rxecut d on com men eiono plate, wl'h the word* "A. II H r?rx A On." In tern of thecircie, the word Mnalcan underneath?small and o4. ae ned b> the amoke of the volcano?and tbe proprietor**, name, Ik S Harne*. omitted from thn bottle. To manufacture or sell a counterfoil trade markUacritnlnal oFenee, and the nndrralgned will atrlnlly enfore hla right*, rivitly and criminally. Information In regard to tin wTi. r. eii. nts of tbe nald counterfoil Llnlmeat will be thank. ItiUy recelrad. D 8 BAKNKH. '57J Btoadway, New York. Keep vouk krkt dry ?rubber hoi.rr put om Boom alio Shoes. Kulibera repaired. 19 Fulton atrook J>A1*ER WANTED Wanted, to pur banc. 3d,dQ0 teams of bnr KourdrinlM Ittot tug Paper, aire X> by *9. , nidi wtu tic paid on daiirery. Apply at the offloo edtkia loprr. ? UIJOll'K k>. HL'KKKRKKS?RISK YK HKDRIDDRN ,-r pplea,? |kp TtiHlAR' Venlliaii Liniment ran now lit procured It la warranted a apeedy cure for chronlO, colic, cimupa, cuts, pains of all kind*?or no ii#v Do not a-tner when you ran be Itatantlr relieved. J Wo* ? sad flU'-ent*. I?e|iol, OA Oortlaikdt afreet, Now York. Iii a' i situ v I >. DRAKE'S PLANTATION SXTTKUH (lire* in tl?*?!lon ami <1jr?|?-p*to, glee* ton* loth* *!om*ofc anil mri'iunhrni the aymeoi. A moat itgrrraola Took u< 11*1. r I'.tiU In iTtietU. H.ilil eierywherc Depot 301 Broader*;, ReW York. OMTTH A BROTHER'S 7 PALE XXX XLM, tirr-woit i*rom Ike i'k< l">'M hurley mail ami hap* Brewaff [ lit aa?l 180 W*M Fk(tilo<'tiUi utrwl, N j ,Jll.VKR Pl.ATKIt HNUKF BOXKM. FOK OMR, TWO ! O "Iiil tlirw- duller*. ?: 0. c. AI.I.EVN, Ko. 41ft Hr.*clw*y, nne door below I'anal iitree'. T1IP. VRW VOVKI.. VI I.I1RIMH OF FASHION .mr klnahan Uornwalltn. IIAUCKK A BKOTllKflS, I'uhllehWA^ f|M? COMUl'MlTlvaa The adverVimr, baring been restored tp li.allh X\ A few we. k? ! ? a rar.- Pile pie remedy, after having vritlrrwkwaver?^ >enr? with a a< rere long affection, ami that drrml kllaenng, lOliMimni on, I* mill in? In nuke known In hi* failtrw xiBer ere I III) mrtlil of PUIW. To all who dralre II he ?|H ,*nd A ' e ?|T of the | r? wrlpfloii uked i free of ehaige>. >r|th lb* d! reeilon* foi preparing end nalnn the *?m?. -gYleh they will hnd a *uic cure for Oimm m Ttoa, Aarim v. IfNonrMiTi*. Jta The only riKlewrt if the adrrrtleer In aenrilnr^n, prew npilon ' I* lu benelll the alllleted *nd ?pre?d tnfe nhalh.n, wlilob he mmcelrre to l?e Inrel'inble, and he hope* vvaty aufferer will try hi* remedy, a* II will euai them .toll ,f,? m,y prove * Keening. Vartte* whhj?Uk? wriYjjuiM will plmue td ili ** R r- * "'* ARI? A. WILXON, I Wldiamah<irg Kingeco :ntj, N T. r) TIIK NKKVOUB, OF B"T/H sK\Kd ?A RFTIRFD rl. n having been re ??Ant ,o ^T^Ub in a lew day" I/'roiTor/bT MndlnlTirlrr ""K'frtng, I? wilting mat hi.?l.,c,,irr lb< meaei-tpllou u*eo I !n^l I > Bagwell, ltlg Fuflon Ureal, Brook

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