Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1862 Page 8
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' ' 8 MVS FROM FORTRESS MORROE. OB FOBTUgSfi MONROK COKK15HPONDlfNCB. Ko?TlUBMi IfUNBUB, Feb. 18 1802. im^artmmt Order tUMMm t? C8MM?O TMi I iVmrn*! Mmm HffMtes at PhrtrtM Mumror- CvmrnrmiabU Ai*um 1 ffmr-nf WoU?Tk* AbatdUmilt MwJlimy wilA Oo nil Ajaum-A Military Ma* mc LoJgt?1%*y Oil* mm Bmtrriam *?t?THaM?,Smtim.ntM. tit****, <f?. The following General Order (No. ?), iMiitil by this om the 90th oik, was pr < mulgated on the 1st last It will bo round not only interesting, but of ihe most vital importunes to everybody who evinces any tatsrwt in the conditio* and treatment of "vagrant slaves' en this Point?or, according 10 General Bulis?-m tlsnommatiun, "contrabands." but wboas General Woo' treats as vagrants:? UKNRKAL UkPHt NO. 5. Haalkjl AST; MS I VAICTMKItT UK VlMIKU, ) Font tio.nn. k, Vu., Jan. 3d, 1862. J 1. Colonel T J. Cram, Inspector General, I'oluns: La Grand B. Cannon, and Major Wm. P. Jom a, Aids de-Caiup, are hereby appointed and constituted a commission lor i the purpose of niuklng a critical examination of the e n diilon of the persons known as vagrants, or "contrabands," who are employed in this department under Department General order No. 34, if 1861, iu reference to their pay, clothing, a bs-ounce, medical attendauco, ahelter and treatment, u \ al and moral. 2. Chiefs of the sevu . departments, their subordinates and employes, wii; furnish to the commission such reports and information as the comrti asion may require to enable it u> perform the duties imposed?the ob.ect being to do justice to the claims of humanity in a proper discharge of the gravo responsibility thrust up n the military authorities of this department, inconsequence of umeioos persons (men, womon and children), already congregated and uaily increasing, being abandoned by their masters, or having fled to this military command I tor protection anil support. 8. *n>e communion will also into the condition of such of the foregoing specified class of persons as bare been or aie employed under Department Special Order No. 72, of Isbl, and will further examine whether the several chiefs of departments have a sulliciency or au excess of employee or laborers to enable them to discharge, with proper economy, efficiency and despatch, their respective duties, and if a greater or lees number than are now employed can bo economically employed for these duties. It having been reported that the said class of persons known as vagrants or "contrabands'' have not been properly treated in all cases by th ce having them in charge, the commission cannot be too rigid In its examinair n, m order that justice may bo done to them as well as to the public service. 4. The results of the investigations will be reported hy the commission to these headquarters as earty as practicable, with such suggestions as the commission may de m pioper for the improvement of the treatment and management of these persons and the commission is authorised to employ each clerical assistance as it may aacd, to be detailed from this command. By command of M yor Gonoral WOi I_ w* D. WrniTLS, Assistant Adjutant General By the above order it will bo seen that Gonoral Wool Is determined to ferret out any and all abuses prsctiaod on this unfortunate clam of human beings, and places the responsible duties of the commission upon two worthy and wall qualified officers of his immediate staff. hi this department there are at present over three thousand negroes, nine-tenths of whom are abandoned tsiss, cruelly and heartlessly left behind by their own. an, who precipitately ruehed into the heart of socession, and, considering slaves an Incubus more than "aid and comfortcompelled their chattels to shift and take care at themselves. Since General Wool assumed command of this depart ment it has been his constant study to provide liberally for the constantly increasing vagrants who arrive daily freao their masters. The duties of providing shelter, rations, clothing, he., for them are entrusted to Chief Quartermaster Captain Grier Talmadgc. who has appoint, ad Mr. Henry Marsh, late of the Metropolitan Hotel, New York, as accountant for tha clothing, he. In this da partment a number of clerical assistants are also em' ployed. The desire of th# Major General in constituting this commission is plainly to bring to light all, if any,abuses practised upon the negroes. The rule in relation to va grants already here and those arriving. Is one and the same. According to a general order issued some timo ago.published at length in your columns, and also com m sated upon editorially, Is relation to tho pay and alr towanees to th? vagrants, oil those able to labor are ecm- j palled to work and earn their living. A stipulated sum ti paid then, from whiob dedoettone are made for clothing, and also to accumulate a fond to support the \ atck, young and indigent negroes unable to earn a liveliheed. Clothing ia issued them similar to the amount al lowed to our troops; and the hospital accommodations are also on the beat principle, and ia charge of expo, rtsooed sad accompilehed physicians. Notwithstanding the great care bestowed npoa the sub. )sst ef keeping theee vagrants properly, It Is alleged that abuaaa are creeping ia upon tho system, and, with a wiew ta the abolition thereof, General Wool has clothed fheeommiasien with power to send for persons and papars, ia order to obtain Ml and reliable intelligence upon the subject before them. That abueea appear in the esaaaaljea at aflhlrs concerning theee vagrant negroes Is apparent; bat whether they are the fault of those connected with the government, or Intermeddling abolitionlata, remains to be seen, and far a solution of this proMam wa must await the ftnal report of the commission. la a letter a short time ago 1 answered some allege. Mars made by a"aontrabsnd" named Davis, shown up la New York bj Rev. L. 8. Lock wood, who was an pareatly sent hers to cultivate negroes. I toon occasion to correct a statement in which Mr. Lockwood is re ported to have said that "the negroes are compelled to werk hard, aad do not receive any compensation thereMr." This false statement I then end there corrected, and consequently have nothing further to say upon the outset. I will only mention, en potion/, that the Rev Mr Lock wood has again made bis appearance at Old Point, and taken un his headjuarters at the Hvseia HoUl. A large number of the vagrant negroes are hire 1 out to officer* of regiment* a* acre ant*, who pay Unstipulated aum, according to general orders, to the government, at the same time providing them with substantial food. Clothing is furnishod by the authorities. The quartermasters, commissary of subsistence,engineer and ordnance departments, stevedore, wagon master, and other public oflcers, employ a large number of them to do their work, sad keep strict account of their earnings. As soon as a negro arrives from the rebels he is taken charge of by the Superintendent (Sergeant Smith), end his nam*, age, occupation,and by whom owned, recorded in a book kept for that purpose, in order to compute bis services and earnings, and also that he may be restored to his owner at some future period, when the war is over?provided, always, that Congress does not decide otherwise. This is the object of th* commission, and tbelr r*port win givs all details connected with the administration of this most important branch in the departmento< Major General Wool. The rebels, in their jsurnals, some time ago, gloried over supposed wrangling between the negroes end the soldiers, end said that General Wool was compelled to keep a guard continually over the negroes, whom the re. bels deem equal to Yankees. It is hardly necessary for ma to state that such is sot the eats. The negroes arson the whole, a very orderly elaos, sad only too glad to receive the excellent treatment General Wool's administration accords to thsm. It is a rare ocsurrsne* te tee a negro In the guard bouse for any offence. Major General Wool la treating theao people as va. grants without habitation, and entitled to tbe greatest charity. However, In pro Tiding for them tbe Genera] auuyia iu< wurtnniiH ?ysiera , compelling litem M> ttri thotr living, alto according them tbe privilege of occuring a liberal education. The contraband* at Forlreea Monroe are tba moet comfortable and well provided for of tbe entire Afrloan race. Politically, General Wool know* nothing about the negroce. All be acknowledge* la, that they are here, and etrictly ignore* tltlee and m atitntlone. On Friday evening, tbe 31 it oil., quite en Intoreeting affair took place tneide the fortreee, in the eh ape of e fe* ileal given by tbe Notional Zouave l*d*e of Free and Accented Mamma, oC which Captain 8. Wmcbieter la tho Heeler. A Bomber of invitations were extended, and U?e ooaeaquenc* waa that a moat aelect party gathered together in the ro>irii of Captaine Hopper end Newburgh.of the New Y< rk Tenth regiment. Tbe eaerclaea partook of the uaual aotor of auch thinga, there being dancing, oingitig, a moftt plaaaant evening. A fine band wa* in attendance, and everything waa done by thoM having it In charge to make It a complete euccftM. Tbft lad lee and gentlemen were received in Captain New burgh'a quarter* ami a ptftndM enppar?rivalling to lift profuaeneaa gotne of the cit j'a bant?<waa tarvad up. Aa an evldeaee of tire way in which tlia wbma thing waa appraciatad, It la sufficient to ainto Hist it reached tha hour of seven A. M. bafora the gi al bra iking np occurred. ma room* where tint pie-wing event took place were ta?( Co ly decorated wiiL the American enelgna, end nny qtieilKy of avargraei.e anil appinpriate inottooa. H?at of Oa A. lioppar require* rpo. iai notice on account of the g OJ* no tnaaa dl playr I in the arraiiRpment of -lie decoration#. At 'L i held of tl.a n?iirt( voruiotinllng *j n.a aaonic emblem*. which irarebeaiiiHunv worked in avr. I W ? I A I NEW TORE ' gresns, was a large gnMes letter G, an important umbtesi; immediately under was the * "Kxter," the late Lieutenant Colonel of (ho regiment, who died sumo short Umo ago while la the cMj at New York. On either aide of the room were displayed, en handsome little shields, the following mottoes:?On the right aide,'-Faith, Hope and Charityand as the left, "Friendship, lore and Truth." Under these, on (ilk bands, in black letters, were the nanus of the lamented Lyon, Klsworthi Grebte and Baker. The lour walla of the room were hung in the moat artistic style with large and small American tiaga and eeergieeos, the whole forming a moat pleasing appearance. Captain New burgh a apartment* were not quite so handsomely arranged, en account of its being the reception room, but the walls wtrs hung with the grealuet care with Saga, wreaths and other ornaments, j while over the mantel pieces and on siiher side were I displayed a number ol email American Hags, which ma. teriaily increased the effect. After supper the doors were thrown open, and dancing became the order of the evening. The '< liowing is a list of the regular toasts arena upon ill on:? HKIIXIK TO A Km. 1. Tbo Masonic Craft?May their virtues ever be an Index of Masonry. 2. The President of the United Slates. Music?"Hail Columbia." 3. Our Country. Music?"Star Spangled Banner." 4. lbs Army and Navy?They ars. and ever shall be, able to sustain ihs reputation of the Stars audblrljes. Music?"Columbia, the Com of the Ocean." 6. General Wool?May the present cr lets of < ur country prove him a second Washington. Music?"liail to the Chief." it. The Volunteers?May their mission soon be accomplished. Music?"Forties* Monroe lolka." 7. The ladies?God bless them. Music?"The Girl I left behind nio." 8. Our Guests. 9. The Loyal Citizens of the South?May their fondest expectations be realized in the preservation of the Union. Music?"Flag of the Free." 10. The Press?Mav a just lYttonesl send forth a Cbwivr to Haiuu> through ail 7\a?rj to every Inquirer in the tVtrrUl the JVew* that ihe Hun of lil>er:y still brightly shires upon our Institutions; may we find an Arpvi, who, with an Altai and the speed of Mercury, will DetpaUh this -Veuij from Richmond to Norfolk, that our foes may record it in their Day Boi'k and we I oil it in our Detlger, while our armies Press on to victory with every Press- i tign of success. 11. Absent Friends?Drank standing and in silonoe. Music?"Home, sweet Home. ' General Wool wrote a most pleasing letter, expressing his regret at not being able to be present, business pre. ventiug. Tbo toasts wero responded to in a fitting manner by the properly appointed persons. Major Joseph Roberts also sent a letter regretting bis absence SHIPPING NEWS. Movements or Ocean Steamers. PROM (CROPS. Jfam?. [j4*tvc? Da/4. Far Borusaia Sou wampum Feb 12... Mew York City oI New York.. .Liverpool Feb 12 .New York Bohemian Liverpool Feb 13 Porlhiul Arabia Liverpool Feb 18. ..Mew York tl.usgow Liverpool Feb 19.. .New York Bremen Southampton Feb 19.. .Mew York Caledonia ? Glasgow Feb 22...New York Niaeara Liverpool Feb 22 Boston Hammoula Southampton Feb 26. ..Mew York Saxoma Southampton Mch IX. New York FOR CALIFORNIA. North Star Mew York Meh l...Aspinwa 1 Northern Light New York Meh 11. ..Aspintvsl Champion NewYork. Meh 21. ..Asplnwall KINGSTON, JA., HAVANA,MATANZA8 AND NASSAU,N. P. Clkator? From NewYork for Kingston, Ja, on the 20th day of each month. The Cleator leaves for New York on the 6th of each month, ami will be due here about the 13th. CoLi'MBt.t hid Marion?No stated days are vet fired for the departure of the Columbia and Marlon for Havana, but they will sail about every ten days, touching at Kay West outward and homeward. Kaunas?From New York for Havana via Nassau, NP, on the arrival of every alternate Cunard steamer at New York. Matanzas?Prom New York for Matauzason the 8th day of each month. From Matansaaon the 22d. ducat New Yori on the 28th. STKCTAL NOTICE. All lettereamd ixtchagte intended fur the New York Herald ehould It tealed. almanac fok new tore?this day. sdn birrs 8 38 | moon rises mom S 12 sdn sets 8 43 | rich water CVe 7 06 Port of New York, February 88, 1M2. cleared. Steamship Aaia (Br), Lott, Queenstown and Liverpool?E Cunard. SteamahiD Stella (Br), Farmer, Liverpool? Howland A As ptnwall. Steamship Royal Bride (Br), Smith, Plymouth, E? Ilowlar.d A Aspfnwall. Steamship Fulton, WottOD, sealed order*?New York and Havre Steamship Co. Ship Adriatic, 8touffer, Liverpool?Zerega A Co. Ship J H Elliott, Hayden, Liverpool?J A N Smith A Co. Ship Wabej.o tBr). Lawaon, Glasgow?Ednnaton Bros. Ship Ina Buaaell, Hill, Havre?Boyd A Hlncken. Ship Pyramid, 81eeper, Montevideo?J Norton, Jr. Bark Bonanza (Br). Siromacb, Liverpool?J C McArthur. Bark Aana Dellus (Brem), Allendorfr, London?Ceaaar A FauMe. Bark J Benton, Johnson, Ponce?Sturges A Co. Bark WUhalmlae, McEwen, Port au Prince?H Becker A Graves. Bark Lillias, Ollmore, Havana?Walnh, Carver A Chase. Bark B Gregory, Gregory, Philadelphia?Metcalf A Dusean. Brig W B Nash, Small. Cette?Moore A Henry. Brig B Smith, MeLellan, Havana?I B Gager. Brig Lent, Speed. Philadelphia?J Hand. Schr Emily, Sheridan, Antigua?D R lie wolf. Schr Sea Ranter. Ames. 8hu> Island?B P Buck A Co. Schr A H Partridge, Rhode#, Halleras Inlet?Wake man A Dtmon. Schr Bebeccn Secor, Lynch, Snowhtll?Master. Schr E Baiter, ammia, SnowhiH?Maater. Schr Maria Flaming, Shaw, Wilmington. Del?J W MeKee. Schr 0 Matilda, Kenny, Philadelphia?D Starr, ARRIYED. Steamship North Star, Jus**, Aaplnwall, Feb 16, with pa?aengera and treasure, to D a Allen. 18lb Inat, at 10 AM, paaaed atbamship Northern Light, hence for Aaplnwall. Pnased Sandy Hook thte day. at 8 AM. Steamship ronalltntion (V S transport), Fleti her, Ship Island, Feb 18, in ballast, to Pacific Mail Steaniabin Co. The C arrived evening of 34th, and anchored In the North river, ami could Dot be boarded by our news boet until thin morn, ing, owing to the violence of the gale. Brig S (1 Adams (of Camden, Me), Carver, Sag is. II days, with sugar Ac. io Brett, Son A Co. Las', night, while at anchor under the Highlands, lost an anchor and 10 fathoms chain. Srbr Hattie Rosa (of Falmouth. Mo), Poland, Sagua, 16 days, with sugar, Ac. to Miller A Houghton. Been 11 days N nt Hatteraa with variable aiuda. Schr Lucy Ames, Ames. Ellmbelhrort for Boston. Schr Marietta Smith. Hand. New I'aven for Deal's Island Steamer Artlaer. JlcCabe, Baltimore. Steamer M Manford. Ranford. Philadelphia. Steamer Falcon. Wll.tarns. Providence. BKTCR.vkE?Br hark Alcidea, Wagtran, hence 19th Inrt, with a cargo of 17,2 1 busnela corn, bound to Cerk, having ou the J2d. when about HW miles E of Sandy Hook, during a heavy w. storb gale. ?pht tail*, shifted cargo, and had the tiumpo choked. Tr ok a pilot from boat Geo btecra, No 6, and anchored in lower on lnat n<gbt. SAILED. 24ih?Schr Addle E Barnes. Porto Rim. 2Vh? Front qunrantine, 17 V gunboat Francis noughlon. Wind during the day NW. Mlncellwneonn. Tie wind yesterday morning was mm tbe NW, but not >o riolent a* during the nlgbt. Most of the vessels that were at anchor In tbe North River have gone to sea. Tbe tide during the night and again yesterday noon was unusually low. The South ferry boats were stuck in the slip nt Whitehall on se. vsral occasions. During the night they ceased rnnning for a couple of hours. The shipping in the North River, especially at the lower wharves, more or less damaged. The Bremen herk Edmund, lying at pier 6 N R, had her stern store, taf rail carried away, after house and wheel damaged, by col. lleton with ehlp Escort, lying at the same pier. The Eecort hid her cutwater carried away, and otherwise slightly damaged. The bark Orpnan, Tying at pier A MR, parted her bewaer during the gale, and drilled foul < f ship invincible, lying at pier 5. Tha O had Jlbkoom eairled away, cat head lost, aao sustained other damage. The Invincible had portion of stern stove, sod quarter badly chafed. The Br brig Earl Mulgrave. lying at the end of pter 14, had her stem hadly chafed and port quarter stove. Two old ranal boats, lying at piers S3 and SH. were sunk and became perfect wrecks. The prise resells, lying at the Union Stores, Brooklvn, suffered hut little by tee gale, two or threo being but sightly chafed. The Br brig Boston Lady, lying at Tucker's Dock, Bed Hook, is considerably damaged about her stern. Bcas M Msecr. from Somerset Maes. for New Eaven. before reported assure at West Haven, will prove a total loea Very little of tbe cargo (naila) will be tared. Bostok, Feb 16?The ship Orottn, from Havre for New Tork, also three brigs and two telirs, are ashore on East ChO|\ Vineyard Sound theses hresklug over tliem. (By tel.) [The ship Urotto. fapt Wood, from Havre Use 113, arrived at New York Jan SO. and eleared thence 10th inst for Bath, Me.] RonaaT. Jan I.V-The Challenge which arrived here Dec SI Irotn Hong Eong, was leaky, end niuel go Into dock. Lirtttroon, Jan 4? Arrived, the John Cuttle, frem NYorkt eiperlaiierd very bad weather 21st Jan ; had decks swept and skipped a sea, filling cabin and doing other damage. Fears are entertained for the safety of bark Harriet Harel. tine, of Heirast. Me, which sailed trom New York Nov 25 for Falmouth, Eng, with a cart;# or lSDh bide Hour and 28.547 bush wheal' In bags). Capt Drinkwater belonged In Haco, and tbe Drat officer, Mr James White, in Hiddeford. Me. The II H waa a apod Teasel of 527 ions, built at Belfast in 1*4#, sod awncd by A Ballard and others. Hteamrr Baltimore, lately running between Baltimore and Havana, has been chartered by the U 8 government, and consequently will be withdrawn Thorn the line for a while. IVotlcc to Mariners. *BK<-K IK 111* MHVKK HOfV. Hit kN TltllfM. Tnuorr H#m, Lowroir. I <*. 7. 1883. Motlr# la hereby given that a lirmni H my m irkcd with lb# word 'Wreck" ha* turn placed *1 out 311 fathom# BMW of a *e???leonk m ti e lower purl ol the Lower Hope The Buoy lien In 8 fathom# at low wat. r aprlng tides, with the following mark* anil cornpaaa bearing. ? Th# aoutb aid# of Hhrllhitven treea, touching the north aid# of th? Thamea Haven Railway terminua, K bjr N. Mocking ligl.lhoiti#. NK '? K, diatant V of a mil#. Weal B yth Btio E by H \ H, (Haunt nearly acvcn cablea' I ?n gib. The lower maat of th# wreck la aland I tig, and roreraal high water. Byoroer. P. H. BRRTIfON, n-crrtary. Npokrn, >U. Hr?teamahip Am' in, iroin NYork lor Liverpool, Fehtl, 10 miloa K of Faatnet R e k. Hhlp Bkyliirk, Rur?l?y, worn Nlork for Ban Kranciaeo, Dee 9, near i an- HI .li hit. HbU) Rinuleadi r. White, Irom Boaton for Ban Kranciaeo, Dec 28. I?t #7 .It 8. Ion 78 411 Hhlp Bury.Baiiea, s.onea, from Orecnock for Madia#, Oct 1. lai 8 ox N, Ion ?8 87 W. Hhlp Ocean Bowie, from CarilllT for Manila, Oct 3d lal I i 8 Ion 34 W. hnlp Oolilrn Horn, Col, from London for Melbourne Oct 3d. I ,t 31 S, Ion 14 W. 8 ,ip R " klngham. Milt hell, from Bristol, I?, Oct 9 for Tan. goon, Mor 30. la' 33 8, Ion IB w. ' " h hp Jfortolk. At wood, Imm London for Melbourne, Dec 3 I lai 3d o Ion I? W. Hiilli .Vage<l*ii, Putnam, mint LWeiprol Nov Idfor Valua. fr.t o, ai oi i ?># 8 at 3D mile Pt. It1 n 2'i. Ilerk K .micr, llo aj..rg/, iron Bos i ,rV , .?ral o. Jr. . 8. Lt4?iil *. too Ml" ' : HERALD, WEDNESDAY, | Fart Ft Jaga, from Oubn for NYort, Fab 11. lat t? ? km t nu. Brig Frudou.a, irons Portland for Bt'w*. waa t?n Feb I 17. la! if. lou 73 30. Bilg J H Na. lous, ' of itenutraru, from Boatou fur Cien- I I fuegoa, n>> ?We, la: ? 1 n m, < Kortlgn Parti. ANTwnnr. Fnh 7 Mtlluii i e , Ftse, Sund-rlatld. i Hbiktoi. Fu.l, FrL t??Arr Comae Wr .Ui. N York ?lt MHI furu mil paste I lor Bristol). Sid Maria Burt ' ttfClehrat, < | Cord ff. 7th, CbaaC Duncan, Oua, do; Mountaineer, Wiluun, Thnu.i t' u; Clifton. McDiarmd. Newport. ! At ilo 7th, Idg, John Carver Grltlln, and Amanda, Pendte1 ton, for Havana. I H mo a ton, Feb 7?Off, Burdett Hart, Hardy, front New- < i rattle for Cardenaa. Bohduaux, Feb (i?Sid Ocean Favorite, Morrta. NYork. B irckLiha. Jau 31?Bid Gun Eden, Bred, Mutant a, Feb J, Isadora, Head. do. ? Romi'av, Jun 3?Kid Faanv M'Hrnry. SiafMi, Calcutta. I Caamrr, r'e'i 6-Arr, Inneraod^ York: 7'CC C 1 Duncan. Otia. Bnttol. Kid Hh, Adam*. Adauia, Bae'ooa; Edwaid. Ltlw, NYon; titb, H J Veutiard, York, auo Home, Clifford H ivnaa. 1'aaaed down the Channel 7th, Mountaineer, Wilton, from | Bratol for Tho.uaaion. f Cotta, Feh 5? Arr HarMnuer, NYork. Bid 6tK Charlotte of I Derby. Champion, and led vig. Hammergren, NYork. r Canu. Feb I?Arr Lucy I ley eon I, Stone, NYork. Calcutta, Dm IK?Arr Gertrude. Young, Madron; pre? to Jan II, "Roy'on," Gnat Britain Rutland, F oter, from LI' epool); M<>es Davenpori, I'enlvaL L verm n|. j Sid Dec 2S, John N Cuahing, S?ap, London; Jau 1. Granite State. Ja olit. do: 2u, Smith Newman Cobb, Boston; Art -i Union. Tlobttu, do; Mameluke, Fuller, London; Llllie, Know lea, NYork. a Cochin, Jan 17?81d Gem of the Ocean, Williams, Cal- ? cut la. h O*i.lao, Jan 18? Arr thlpe Emma Jare. Jordan Liondon; r ?tb, Thoa Ila-ward, Bo dnmn, Oaidllf; 23d, De Koto, Reiul, Cblnehu* and aid nw dav fnr England): 2.1' i, Caroline -i Trrker. Cmigdon. do for Spain John A Fark%Rl -h. do f r Cork; Lydla Bkoltield sknl field, Boetoo; 24lh, Shooting Star, a Drnkwater, San Frar:ci-<0. j Si t Jan 17, shipa Uatpee, Andrna, Fernandez: 20tli, Minatrel, Clifford, (probably Chincbaa); 24th, nr Storui , Cloud, Way, l'lteo. Cakokn as. Feb 11?Arr brig Redwood. Melville, Havana -, (not at belore). Last, Feb 8?Arr Saoirel Lawrence, la n.lon (en 1 ? aid f 'r Liverpool). Sid flih, Ol m n, Stuart. Portliud SR . Allen, Baker, (from Ilo 'erdam) fer NYork; N Doaoe, (front ! a Nortern port) for I 1- en. Faraod by Oth, Argua Rye, Nlckeraon, from Newcaath* for Cuba; Clara Ann, Coumlte, and Bowamsct, Cooinba. from Shields for Ceiioa, Occuu Romp, Rairden, front SuuUerland for do. _ [ Dungknkss, Feb 6?l amed, John Knox, \nyes, rrom Shields to- Genoa, 7th. Margaret Evana, Warner, from L n|oi for NYork. OtTdodtb. Athena. Shield, 6 days from Shields for Genoa. P Dunkihe. Feb 6?Sid William II Tra.ia. Kwen. NYork. * Kai.moutiI, Feb 7?Sid Detroit, Harding, M'Olt: Union, Davison, do (and from St Mawes same day). ' nuMnw.Fro 9?Arrlnthe Clyde, Damascus (s), NYork. Oaiotat, Feb 8?Sid Ann Augusta, Lovitt, and Beaver, Ut- I ley. NYork. J Genoa, Feb 4?Arr John Henrv, Carver. Newport, E. * Hastinos, Feb 6?Tossed by, James Miller, from Shields for Sbsnghae. 1 Hamrurg. Feb S?Arr Illinois, Lovejoy. MlnatlUan; Prince > Albert, NYork. i II .vrk, Feb 5?Arr Lnrie, I.eprovoat, NYork: 8th, Auguste r George, do. Cld 6th, Alfred Hforer. Oomery, NYork. 1! Halifax, Feb 9?Arr ship Consul, Haydt.n, Liverpool; 16th. schrs Inkermaii, Cook, NYork; 17th, Quickstep, Johnston, 1 do: lcth, i ark Rechahlte, McKeuzle. Cardiff. J Kiwgstowr, Feb 8?Arr Freden, NYork. t Kukrachrr. Dec29?Loren/a, Hamlden. C!yde; 'an 1, Sea I l ion. Alexander, Bombay. Sid Dec 24, Frigate Bird, Thump- a Son, London. I ivr Ri'oop Feb7?Arr John Cotlle. Hallowell, NYork. ] Sid titb, Thomas W House, Lane, end Sir cess, Chase, Bos- J t< n; John Wills, Chadwhk. Valparaiso, Great Western For- t ber. and Constantino, Macoduck, NYork; Hamilton Cray, c Young, and West Point. Clnlds, do; Florence, Panridge, Pernamhuco; 7th, Tlmandra, Sargent, for Barbuloe-; Benj 1 Adams. Chase. NYork; B F Shaw, McCann. Clenfiu gos. J Cld 6th. Montubello, Henderson. NYork; Brazil, Clair, St o John, NB; 7th. Old Dominion, Fulton, Boston; Barnabas Webb, Hewes. NYork. -| Ent for Idg6tb. Tltnonr, Johnson, for NYork; J Baker, Al- J len, Callno (chanced from Portland). r Adv 8th, Hibernla ( ), for Portland ISth; Canada (s), for J Boston 22d; Etna (s). for NYork 12th; Australasian is), for do 1.1th; Cnl Adams. Mills, and Barnabas Webb, liewes. for -i do with despatch; Orient, Hill, for do 12th; James Foster, Jr. Abeel, for do 16th. , London, Kebf?AtrCorlnne, Ochiltree, NYork; 7th. John ? Porter. Nelson, Calcutta. , Cld 6th, Charles H Lunt, Moore, Sunderland end Calcutta; Trimountaln, Field, Cardiff and Boston; 7th, Achilles, Gallagher, Philadelphia. Ent outwards 7th, Corrls Ann, Small, for Galntr. I.kith. Feh 5?Sid (not arr) Olenaen, Mearns, New York. ( Lahlash, Feb 2?Put in. Wilmington, Masters, for Cuba; ' Sunderland, O'Brien, and Therese, Wagner, for NYork (all a from the Clyds). 1 If arskili.k.r, Feb S?Cld C B Allen, Ray, and Anglo Saxon, 1 Shltik, Mrss na. Sid4th, Moses Day, Lord. Boston; Henry Hill, Little. New York; 5th. Colombo, Stewart, do. 1 Malta. Jan 25?Sid J W Tf.irris. Burgess, Sicily; 27th, Man- J hattan. Davis. Queettstown or Falmouih, E. t Mauritius, Dec 17?Arr Borneo, Fassett, Singapore; 20lh, Clarissa Bird, Bird. Calcutta; 22d, Mercury, Hubbard, Sin- ] gapore; 23d. Po Yang (s), Briggs, New York (and aid 27th J for Singapore). ti Muscat, Jan 1?Sid bark Sea Ranger, Dow, Zanzibar and t Providence. d Montlviuko, Dec 27?In port barks Seneca, Feinhagen, from Baltimore: Milton, Bradford, for Falmouth, E, readv. "1 Mayacukz, Feh 9?In port brigs Echo, for Baltimore same J dav; Robert Mowe. front , just nrr; schrs George, for n New Haven, ldg; K Closson, from Port Spain, seeking; Life F Boat, from Newbt report, just arr. c Newport, Feb?sld Uncle Joe. Sen all, St T oinas. C Newcastle, F'et-4?Ent out, J B Lltchiield, Crockett, for b Havana. Newkt, Feh 6?Arr Robt Treat, Bobbins, NYork. 1 Nieuw Dieppv, Feb 3?In port Mary Brougbton, Herrlck, J for Newcastle. E. ri ady. s Nassau, NP, Feb 5?Arr schrs Prince of Wales, Wells, NY; 6th. Alert, Howe. Charleston, with cotton (and cld 8tn for -| "St Thoinas." with an assorted cargo); steamer G"n Mira- | mon, Johnson. Havana, with an assorted cargo (and cld same c day as the "Eli/eh* th," for Matsmonts. with ber inward r cargo); 7th. schr D F Keeling, Hampton. NYork; 8th, Ix) lise, v Byers, Charleston (and cld 16th for St John JNB, with salt); a 10th, Caroline. Davis, do, with cotton (and cld 15th as the "Pride," for St John NB, with salt, coffee, Ac.) Cld 10th, -i schrs Thomas, Perry, "St John NB," with salt; 15th, Ccclle, I Moxey.Mlnatitlan. 0 Oporto, Feb 1?S!d Enterprise, Orindle. Cardiff; Director, .. Mathews, and Mary Helen, Hutchinson, St Ubcs; Pathfinder, Snow, do. -j Ports south, Feb 7-^)ff, Byzantium, Robinson, from London for NYork. ^ Passed Me of Wight 7th, Northampton, Elwell, from London for Philadelphia. Plthouth. Feb 6?8ld Brill, Crowell, and W H Townsend, , Hill (&om NYork). Cardiff; 7th, Wisconsin, Scott, NYork _ (has been reported sld for Carthagena). s Qukknstown. Feb 6?Sld Queen of tbe>'Fleet, Hilton, New I York; 7th. SaltleJ Aiken, Cardenas; Walter Scott, Graff am -J (from Callao), Antwerp (not sld Ml). Put back 7th, Havana, Curtis, from Rio Grands for Haraha. River Wcsee, Feb 6?Arr Ella Ylrginia, Focke, Baltimore, -, bound up to Bremen. I St Thomas Jan 17?Arr Br schr Emellne, Copelsnd, New J York; 19th, bark Lyman, Humphrey!, Antwerp (and lid 23d * for Cape Haytien to load for Europe); 30th, hark American Eagle, Dver, l'eruambuco (and cM Feb 3 for NYork); achr | Helena F, Taylor, Boston; Feb I, bark Angela Brewer, Chase J Montevideo, 3d. achraMary Alice, BlatcMord, NYork (and cld 3d tor Crab Island); Francis Arthemus, Mitchell, Ma- ? chlas. 4th, bark Fannie, derrick. Montevideo. Bid .Ian 17, brig Sea Foam, Bore ham, Hamburg, 28th, hark 1 8cbra Cronker. Jxncoalen Cul*; brig U F Culthirst, Emery, -1 do; 30'h. schr fairkin, Franklin. Warren. RI. Cld Febl, * brigs Ah " Thaiter, Eaton, Asplnwall, 3th, Addy Swift, a1 Avery, Me racaibn, part cargo. H Taxrt., lVb 3?Arr Hussar, Howland, Bataria. Takitsaoxa, Jan 19? Arr Joseph, New York. T VaLriKAiso, Jan 12?Arr ships James Broarn, Crabtree, 1 Swaneea (and aid 15th for Cooulmbo); H Marcy, Keyrer, Rio m Janeiro; sellr Golden State, Tahiti. Sid 11th, ship Harriot D< Erving. Manning. Caldera; bark Waverley, Small, Bostoii. WKSTroaT, I, Feb 5?In port Isabella, Weikla, from New ? York, disg. 1 American Porta. i BOSTON, Feb lit?Ai r Br simmer Niagara, Mulr, Liver- f pool, via Oueenstotvn und Iluljlii*; ehip <l> orge Oreen, Fair- fi bank-, Shin Island. brig* Millo (Hri. Fouaere, Cienfuegos; fi Cniidiv c. Stay, halt'more; schrs Flanet. Harding. Bonaire fi v.a New York. liauorec. bauson, Mirag-ane. On th - bay, tl a trig Also a lir Sam'l Oilman, from New York, Signal for a brlg. Cld barks Lysander. Glover, Cienfuegos; tv?vrrley(Br), Bonner. Liverpool; brig Union (BO, Hannah, "1 Cardenas; selirs John James, liaker, Baltimore; Cabot. I I'hliinev, Naw York; Belle (Br), I'erry, Fort an Prince; A T Tlrrel, Hlgg n?, Philadelphia. Sid, wind S S E, U 8 *'ilp-of- n llie-iit e Vermont, In tow of the tug Starlight; also steamer Kens ncton. T BALTIMORE, Feb 28?Arr ship On ward, Coombs, NYork; J schrs Moonlignl Sluies, do: N Si P.nuor, Paty, Dominica; si Ann, Cole, and Wbltnian 1'nillip', Longstreet, NYork; Caro- i) 1 line Knight, Wilson, Lubee. Below bark Contest, Allen. .V from Cape Go d Hope; brig Frances Jane, Martin, from St si Johns, PR. Sid Br bark Sharstoii, King, Liverpool; schr Jennie Morton, Green, West Indies. BRISTOL, F?b 22?Sid schr Jaines Martin. Harding (from Pr< i idence), PMlade phia. -, ELIZABETH I'OKT, Feb 24-CId schr Tcias, Chnmpl n M Norwich. * NEWPORT, Feb 21?Arr schrs Eunice P Newcotnh, Kemp. and Mary B Dyer, Pervere, Boston for Deal's Island, Mo; Bsv suite, Hsllett, do for NYork; 23d. sehrs Fischer, Frsnk- . lor't Me, for Baltimore; Laura (Br) NYork for 8t John NB Sid 21st, schrs Delpbine, Justice; 22d. brig Marcus; schrs <5 James Martin, Harding. Provldenee for Philadelphia; Em- w pire.' Carr, Bristol for NVorl; 8 M ' h roinn, Bird, and *' all others bound South and We.t, eact pi hark A'lel.a hrs J I" P Rosa, and Adele Fs'icla. \ Sid 23d, schrs Bay State, Hallett, Boston f r NYork; Em- J pire, Carr, Warren lor do: Flavllla, Pinkney, Provinoetuwn a firtio; Meteor, Davis, New Bedford for do; Ouean Brrd, n Hull, and Hannah Havens, Roberts, Providence fordo; Ma- n ria Foss, Hovev, Boston for Stamford; Mary B Dyer, Purvere, and Eunice P Newcotn i, Kemp, do for Tangier; Del- (J phine, Roes, Providence lor Delaware Bav; H D Grindle, <J Turner; Julia Newell, Trott; Almtra T, Hriggs, and Sea n Flower, Clarke, for NYork . Erl-, Gilkey, Boston for do. W In port, Zbt, 6 I'M, hark Artel, Leveuaion, In < uatody of tl Deputy V S Marahal Clepp. Adele Feltela, dlag, U S echr Hunbeum, end other*. fi NEW IIA A EN. Feb 2S?Arr| nehra Teblthe A Henneh, Mor- M rell, Blliabeihpnrt; Flora Temple, Port Jefferaon. CM achra L Merrer, Kliiabetbport; I An teno n, NYork; T <1 Lyman, do. U 24th? Arr aloou Martha Amanda, Palteraon, Blitabeihport. w POBT 1 OVAL, SC, Feh 19?Id port etoamera Cahawba, z Baker. MgClellaa. Gray: Grnrke'a Creek, Molt; Parkera, 3 Inirf H't#o*n; Potomac El irl 1ge end l.oo.d Point, " French, aohra I'reato, Hawklne, A Young, Young, Virginia *' Price. Eldrldge; Sprav, Price: Boa Peck, Gardiner; AM Eldrldge, Howell; Ann, Lovett; U 8 Willi una, Wlllla'ne " (balleatlrj; for I "me); united stab a, MeCmnm it: Prlnceea, w t/orell. 1' Borce. B' jroe; Lewla Darts BUhop; John Uiynaut, Ellla; ft P hlmpeon, Chaee; M Kllmore, Bvweter; M z Hnlmea, Brewater; L Audeureld, Bartlau; E <1 Have:, Dobln; George HofTman, Jone*. ,1 Raiidolpli, Wall; C L Vandeiwood, Loner; We lover, Kldrllgc; K K Hi. a it", fl Klekeraon; A H ManrhBvter, Nlckeraoti; W Lcne, IVieou; J Eether, Con i ly. J D Mi vera, Cobb, and others aa before. c PHILADELPHIA, Fen B?Arr b-irka Harriet Flak. K ?k, 0 and Convoy, Woodward, NYork. hid ehipa Amelia, MeK'-n- ,N xle, Liverpool: NUgere. Lawrence, do; lurk Annie Hall, Olll. Wneenaiown for ordere; brie tlltania. Hp-inner, Oardirf. ~ 2'd?Arr ahlp Lord Brougham, llerkln. NToraJbrlga Judge r ey. CiumI'A and m Rarya, Yerkj - brGeo Kale-. Nnkctaud. Providence: steamer Sat-.n, Ma thews, I Bv.e-on. * 24th?Arr bark Tah t , Darla NYork; ketch Comment, r' Bant' ? Mayagu- r; grkus U W Eldrldge, Ogden. Hi Hri*;U ? C Noli .1 Art ?. Bermadu; J l> M Cvitliy. Month, 8 pl*l- ri and} Buena Fts'a. Hnrton, and Frank Herbert. P.irker, NYork ; Lain.1 May. Billing*, Boaton. Below lirtgk Natl a i f om Trinidad; Amain i I ?, and .1 M Sawyer. CI I ahlp Wyoming, Burton, Llrcrpool; ' ark Tho- Dallett, Dill, L... 1 gnayra: hriga lanwfall (Br), Molntoah, Barltaooa; T .I hn ? J Kuri l r Key Waal}iehra 8-ille H, Bateman,Canle .as; iri-1 ) i)?er. .rhute,8hl[i li-laio,; Harriet A Barah. lice; Nep'.ih*. n McdJee. and K Rickey, '|| ii, Hattcraa Inlet, Jan-a II f bpiafg, NY rfc| atootnnra Kanneboe, Garton, and v a Johns, Uo It 11! TLA ND, Feb 2??Arr bark a Tajma llu,I , Rio Janeiro, I'hilena, Wlnalow, NYork} brl a Harriet. Iiiromb, Card oak via llolntea'a Hole; W It I'aika, MrAuny, I'bila* f d -< It a la llerintida and llolmea'a II le, foi Mi il<n War e. II, Ac es. end George Hauls Htowera. NYork Chi ' H- ei- ni?tii|i J rn, Llvi rjn d v i I n'ondouy Carl K A B a i I'nii telle mi - IB" at-r in -Injurs * ' I'KOVlDKNrK, I ?4?Ann In 'f.iiw ?i; Boutins, 1'rj I > r, Otlnmt Hid lfH, nhr Ann fcl /nh> ll>, .lobnum K I y<>i-k. HAN FRAM'TSCO, Frb ??Ait I.: M .IJT r?|'c Htrmj, -i

JB-io i In Vnlp. Hid mtpKiiriffl It i". . 1 ? : 2lr; aloeo .1 p Hol<bn A"'', lor I'ijimm. WAKRIIaM. Fro 21-Art rut Monitor, Homo, E i/?i,r k- . pdrt?liuk been in tlic lea two II)..11 i.e. ??-?*' """ ' IM 11 "III" 1 ' * ??* ' J SJPKCIAI, HOIK FA, rpHE ANNl Af. MEKTJN'O OK THE sTln.'KnOl DEliS I. York An?t Virtt, ?il?* P ? -*i?if> ('o.ri'ii./, fop th? ? lHr? CtiH*, * ;'j '? h I I rt' IH* Otl n- f*t> A; j ? i!.? I'j i-.? ; !. ! ' r.-fc, 1**J i 1JP?n- ' i. " ' !>K' v ^ rfi vr *] FEBRUARY 26 1862.-TI noARDinn A<n> lodoiho. A T WOS. 1,1X3 AND l.UI BSOADWAY-U ANDSOMB J\ an U of Hiwra?. with private u?le: Also iw.ouis ee luite or -ingle. willt or without Hoard, between Twenty- ifth m l Twentreixlh streets, near tb? Fifth Avenae llo'el. A FURNISHED HO >M AND BBDKOGN ON THIRD Hoot, to lei, to a Miwle, wiiooul board. Inquire at it Ka-t Twentieth atreei. t'drd iloor from Broadway A IS IN II E HAN DESIRES B. AKO IN THE NEIUHhoriui <1 of Weal Twenty- ereutU a re t. Adlre-s ?tatng number la faintly and charge desired, A , boi 1H1 Herald A PRIVATE FAMILY ARE DESIROUS UK LETTING ul.e.y furnished Rooms to an itleui n an I Ina wife or uncle eiitlf-men. Planar at 4 o''|ick Heien rtrst class. [Jnexrepiiouuble references given and reuuired. Apply at 133 Nit,'!, Street, between University place and Broadway \VERY PLEASANT SUIT OP ROOH-S, FRONT, ON ae- ?iel and third ttnorn, with Board lloise oulalnsall mproreu.eals: reoeutly taken and newly furnlabe To ma, hnn|A Parties ate requested to aa-l Immediately at No. 6 Ircvoort plat e, Tenth street, near Broadway. References e pi'red. BOA ED. ?ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN OAN I) lie a> ouunoda'td with coo I Bo, id ml comf or able tooma. Apply at 130 Henry street. Board?a private family can aooohmodatl twoc n 1- men or a g'nlleman and ? I e wI h a handlome hack Parlor and Kedroom adjoining. < n drat door; also , Silt,n H orn and ii" Iron it, on thir l Sour, Seat. Eeome inve all hot and cold water and gu?. Diitn ? at sit. R ftences exchanged. Call at 127 W. at Twenty-ft st street nOAHD WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?TWO YOUNO I J n lemen wish t procure partial Bo t (h ,nd dinner) In a priest ' a ill.v, where a -mod ta 'e ie set. lef- ri noe given If required. Those who rsn eons-I n lously timer the above may add,ess G. an I J., nor HO llersU dice. pOARD IN BROOKLYN.?TWO YOUNG CENCLEMEN I > w sli to ohism Board a a private family, or w'<ere there re few boarders, in a locat'on near Pull n or Wail ?tr>'ei ei"y; references given aim ro.mired Address. slating crins and conveiiicn < *, box 3.1st New York Peal o'llee. nU'RNISHED ROOMS TO MY?WITHOUT BOARD. TO P gentien en, In a private fannlr. Terns modi ra e. Ri'e. ences e .clnniged. Inquire at S6 West Th rto.mih street. [n BROOKLYN?TWO or three Hand ombly I furnished Rooms, in a spac ous hou-e, w ,h B ard n a n ivate family, within ten ininn es' wa It of the tbruu ferries. Lddre-s A B , Brooklyn Post olllce, YC AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN )'J Brondwey and Finh avenue.?On m wo select famiies and three or our gentlemen an m ? l e 'Ommodated urnlshed. Table firo; class. References exchanged. ' i/ao greene sritr -:t.?furnished rooms to lUO 1ft.?A neaily Furnished Koomi, on second Moor, at 12 per week; Hack Rnom Adjoining at SI 50, and Hall Uedoom, on same door, $1, Also a Front Ito m, on second loor, at $1 SO, at 28 Greene street. lift maodougal street. near rlkei'ker, i-? I LU now opeiad as.? ptlrau family hotel, for Mm rccpion of single gentlemen or small families tired of boarding, 'artiea desirous of housekeeping can lind every convenience >t the abovo establishment. II n WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET ?ROOMS, SUITLX'' able for a gentleman and Ms w fe or two i n ,de genlemen, may be obtained, with Board. References exhanged. I 97 CnRYSTIE STREET-ONE DOOR ABOVE LI Broome street, furnlaliedRooina to let, with or witli>ut Beard. I THOMPSON STREET.?FURNI'-IIKD ROOMS, LOU f<T single gentlemen, at $1 per weelc to re?p ctab'.e icrsons only. 130 Thompson street, between Prince and In istoii streets. I nc BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET?MADAME LOtJ WIDOER, Clairvoyant and plfie I Speufah lady, un eila the mysteries of futurity, love, marrt ige, absent friends, dekness; prescribes medicines for all diseases; tells lucky lumbers, property lost or stolen, Ac. LOS* AMD fOGHk HOW LOST?ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, IN FORTY \J n. ill street, between Lexington aveinio and Fourth .venue, a ri d and kind of yellowish, short tail.fres'i nr.J .tig vow. Apply in Forty-ilftb street, between Fourth and sexingtnn avi um s. DOG LOST?AN OLD rOODt-E DOO. NEARLY BLIND and very deaf. A suitable reward will be given by reurnlng him to 30 East Fourteenth street. Found-last week, on the east side of the city, below Maiden lane, a small sum of Money?l -ss ban twenty dollars. The owner, by describing the bills and he whereabouts of the loss, will hare them returned by adressing Aqua Regla, Herald ollice, LOST-ON THE 17TII INST , WHILE THE OWNER whs In the office of the Mutual Idle Insurance Cotnpaiy. in Broadway, or In passing therefrom up Mr. adway to 'ulton street, and thence to 103 Fulton street, a Bond, exe uted by William Keenev and John R. Halladsy, of Jersey lily, dsted February 26, 1996. The lind r will tic rewarded iy leaving it at 49 Cortlandt street, with H. Price A Barklay . Lost-book no. 493 of the broadway savings Bank; in the name of Nancy Hands. The tinder will be uilably rewarded by leaving It at the Bank. LOST-ON THE EVENING of THE LIGHT GUARD bail, In going from North Moore streel, In a Sixth avenue ar, to tne Academy of Music, a Brooch, with three large allies, and marked inside "a token and a pledge." The (luder rill be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 31 North Moore treet. Lost.?on the 24th of February, on fourth avenue, a black and tan Slut; will answer to tbe panic f Fan. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving her t *45 Fourth avenue. SILAS TOBIAS. r 08T?OM SATURDAY EVENING, THE 22D INST., IN Li one of the Eighth avenue an 1 Twenty-third a'reetstiges, lady'i black cloth Cloak. If the person* who Were in the tage and have found the aaid cloak will leave it at the stage nice they will be paid for their trouble and receive tne itgpks ot the owner. Fost-on the corner of third avenue and IJ Fourteenth street, yesterday, at 12 o'clock noou, a I'urse, ontalning $10 62, with a gold King, the property of a poor tan. The tinder will he liberally rewarded by leaving It at 22 Third avenue. f OST-DEPOSIT BOOK NO. 7,103 OPTHB MARINERS' Li Savings Inatitutlon. The tinder will oblige by laavlng it t din tmuk. ' OST-AT OR NEAR THE CORNER OF BROADWAY Li nnd Maiden lane, two femalo paintings, in box. The nder will receive tbe value of them in money l>y at I Maiden lane. O. R. DOWNING ,t CO. " 08t?on monday evenino, on broadway, be.J tween Leonard and Great Jones streets, a Gold Watch, 1th a gold face an I ligtired on the Iwck, and a leather string tta'hed. The Under will receive a suitable reward bpreirnim; it to T. S. II., care of Paton A Co., 341 Broadway. ' OST-A BOX OF HARDWARE. THE 2JTH INST., J marked A. R. Vsnnest, going 'run Pock slip to Be' ktan street, through Gold to Fulton street, Tnc tinder will s rewarded by leaving It at 113 South street. THOS. LOOKYER A CO. ' OST-ON THE 218T INST., WHILST THE OWNER i was crossing fioni Jersey City to his resilience in Nineenth atreet. New York, a Pass Hook, containing a receipt om Adams' Express Company, and a soldier's discharge -om the Twenty-ninth New York Sta o Volunteers. Tne nder will receive the thanks of a volunteer by leaving it at ie Herald office, or at bis residence, 2L,1 N n teruth street. WILLIAM CLVNB. 03T?LAST SATURDAY AFTERNOON, ON THE COR. J ner of Filth avenue and To meenth street, a small Dog. be finder will be amiably rewarded ny leaving it at Del. lonlco'a, oruer of iiroadw ly and Ch .inhere strec'. OHT OR STOLEN?ON SATURDAY, ZJD INST. U about I u'e ock, u ar the Our of Broadway and Wall .reel, a I'a kao' mnu n ng th-- p?|iera ali i slap ineute oi ie br g Foster, diree e I to Wiiuuey A B siiacn*. Boston, lass. Anyone relui nlng lha sam- io the Son Mutual Intranet Company, 43 Wall atrcel, w.ll be suitably rewarded, UEWAUD3. , a dl'urinn i lot /, vr Till.- -s.-i'ii iva-p to vtvti. >0 avenue, between Twenty nin h and Thirtieth streets, I u Embroidered Pocket Handkerchief. The Under will rein the above reward by leaving ll at 301 Ninth avenue, corrrof Twenty-ninth street. REWARD?LOST, ON THE 25TB INST, A SMALL )?.J black and tan Terrier Slut, with hair very thin, anAcre to the nainc of Topsey. The above reward will be aid the finder by bringing her to 274 Fifth avenue. in REWARD -A SM ALL TlfUEE WHEEL CARRIAGE VI Tor an Invalid child waa Ukeu I'roui the yard of 470 feel Twenty-third atreet, on Friday evening hat. As it ia ii,eh woin. and of little value, lliia reward will be paid and . si m oased If returned. n REWARD.?IK THBPERSON wjlO FOALS 1) A Jl) la<ly's Mink Fur Collar In the Lecture Room of Dnum's Museum, on Monday evening, will return it to No. 14 rail street, loom 31, he will reoeive the above reward and e thanks ol the owner. VTa REWARD.?LOST. ON SATURDAY,~FKM 22, A )XU ailvei HiiMLlng Patent Lever Watch, made by Chaa. enimon. Any p'rami returning the iaui'' to the owner, eorge K, nuel, No. 3 Eighteenth airoct, South Brooklyn, 'III receive the above reward. frn reward.?lost or stolen, on Saturday )?III cvininA February 2d, between 8 and U ,,'c.o 'k, In miiif from 42 Division street, ihrougn th-' Howcry to the iruerof Canal atreet, a Pocketbook ron'alitlng from > WW in hailk bills. By returning the same the a*>ove reardaill be paid, with the thanks of the owner. JOHN MuCAHh. 39 Cbryalieatraet. NEW PUBLICATIONS. nil AT "CURIOUS" BOOK OE CITY WOMEN: OR, INL trrestlng Sketches of Ft male Charm, lent in New York, 'heat-edition, 218 pagra, limo , now ready. Pi n e 29 cents, r mailed free, SO cents, by M. OA UN IT. 90 Walker stnat, lew York. OCULISTS AND Al RI8TS. )Ct'LlsT AND AURIST.?DEAFNESS AND I1LINDi csa. the moat hope leas case* a ire I without |i?lnlnl ope-lions; also Net vaus Alleciious mid Catarrh, the lie<|uent aus- s of deafness, cured by llr. GRAVES. Conaultailon roo, personally or by letter. W9 Broadway. MILITARY. [NOR SALE?A NATIONAL GUARD UNIFORM, IN U good or I r. Including tin. die-s coal, hat, on :aott, A . 'rice ?AV Also a Col. 'a Revolver, six inch, live !>ui re Is, with latinyanv case ant list',res; has never been used. Price 12 Adurcaa Collector, II : ,, ?... *? WINES AND LTRUOItS. .Ilj CASKS FINE OLD lll.NNI.HbV ANIt OTA It D IX"" 1' .one Brandy; also. 7A' t* mi* nM "double d ,i itouu" Uwi) Win*. U ijuai't |m> t in I'ai-b <:au>, lor mi? ut $ a mar n t caahl not t'v.Mhir la I o ?. Hold to pay a 1 aii" A; pi) ?i 1)1 Ijlhrr y atMrt, up xtalri. Ill l K.LH. i>attknh iii)I'Ei/?m. nt, ah ureemvicii I ?ui , b t.i' en M u m* an t Warron tlr?ct?. ton lurti d hi ih" Knr immii plan or mru rwi?", a* loay H- v | . nP. I,Mnt *111 lulu li co iiurr ?L?il hour* IAMK.-I IKNKINION, Pi piI oi. Ill" in l! Rillroml a ,1 A li'tna Hou*?*, tu .i'iy. viiirpna, IiTiR LWi.'i "0 )? -l .li. i si?ID CUPPER SHIP I . N I AKi'lH'irill |. i ly anil tola day lit 12 ?'?! ? k. '" > [u ? . i .iii ir I rii r ;'ply tii'iiiodi iirly, i n ' .rl iia. mi > r I ?i "I-r 11 V r ?"r or'." P. 1M1MAH If I'. S. ! - n + IIPLB SHEET. ?*fl OF HUL IMTATg. I APARlY HAVING A SMALL. NEAT COUNTRY kb aideucc would i u uu| it for a house In N. w York, at | a valuation of about and [hit Ilia dlffervn e in >a?h. , For l ull imrUcularni d cai B. Kinabiiuer, 1S6 Filth ->anue, eoruer ol Twenty-third alreet, uu ataira. A BARGAIN FOR EXCHANGE ?THREE THOUSAND dollars to furniture and fro n thr*< to all ihouaaml du|. lar. to Wi-ao ru land will Ik given id eicu.uigtt for Brooklyn or New York property. Inquire atSI Bi.w ry. TTtOR SALE-A CHOICE LITTI.8 FARM OK FIFTEEN r terra, Sua hoitae and ailhalliliaM abundanoa of fruit, fine yard, shade, abnbiiery, Ac; peaemlly !o at I ; adjacent to village auil dapot, New Jer?ev, a: out one liour i rout city. SEYMOUR A WtllToN, ltf Broadway. TJdOR SALE?A FARM OF W ACRKS, GOOD BUILDP toga, line rtew, and good water. Will be Wild very low. Inquire at No. lldpruce alreet, of W. B. HILTON. IjdOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?TIIB FOUR STORY, EVOliali buaemeul limine, 14.) East Nineteenth alreet. w h all the modern improvement.; will lie aoldlow: ouly$1.00) wanted, the balance on bond and mortgage. Apply on tue premises. For sale or bxchanoe-a number of farms, onatry and city Real lencea?two or tbree to] n n >a umber of ux>d bu.lneta chaneea F U. RICHARDSON A CO , 82 and 8t Nas>au alreet. Hoi SB VT BELLEVILLE FOR SALE OR TO LET? Very uleely located, tbree ml e. from Newark, two am lea, baa-mum and attic, with four Iota Ironing >be rivi r; bouae in guud order; renlS126. Apply to C. W. WARD, 41 Wa er a treet. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOUSE WORTH fULCM tu ?13.001. Any p rum baring such, in a goo.t neighborn nod, -nd ready to aW ut a bargain for money, may liud a pur huecr by applying to WM. W. HE TBERL), No. t Wi.liara treat, up alalra. FOll SALE. A SALOON, LOCATED A FEW DOORS FROM BROADway, wiili handsome It.rand Refreshment Room conoected, will I at aold at a gram barg iln if railed lor tminediately; location one of the very beat. Apply at \l i Rr "?dw iy. P U DAUTJIJ AJSQ Bakery kor salb-por quarter its value-, everything new an 1 compel-, with lea o of Ave years. Terms to unit. Sickness the cause ol selirtg Inquire ou the premises, Eighth avenueani Fifty-iliird street. BREWING UTENSILS FOR 8ALE.?A COPPER KETilo, been used three limes onlv; M ish Tub, Under H e k, Working Tub, t'o der, Barrels, Wagon, Ae.; will be sold together or separately, for less than half iheir value. Can las seen on Ike premises, which are to let, Harlem Smelting Works, UWtU sirett, between Third and Fourth avenues, Harlem. Butchers shop and fixtures for bale cheap?In a good lo-ulity. Inquire in the store 432 Broome street, corner of Wooster. Drug store for sale?in hrooklyn, nicely lilted up en.I stocked, now doing u good trade, located on the best arcnue 111 the city: would exchange for a good mortgage or properly in the city. Apply at 147 Fort Green place. FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST MARKETS IN THE city; lur e Siore an l Basement, 23*76; Stock, Fixtures and Leave w ill be sol I at a bat-gaiu, rent very low. Apply ou tlie premises, 168 Ninth avenue. For sale?the best city market in new Yo k ; will be sold to a cash customer cheap Located on Broadway. Forfurther parte u.are address Cash, Herald oilier. For sale?in the best locality in the Bowery, the Furniture, cas Fittings, Ae., of a Saloon (with stage); entrance level with the pavement. Tue Saloon will be let. Inquire at 158 Canal street. For sale.?the stock and fixtures of a Stationery, Book aud Fancy Goods Store, liuely heated In Fourth avenue, and now doing a good business; none but principals negotiated with. Inquire of J. STONE, 429 Broadway, room No. 6. For sale?one of the best located up town Groceries, Horse, Wagon, Ac. Must be sold. Also un up town Saloon, Lidles' and Gen s', all furnished. A small and good commission business. A30'. F. d. richardson A CO.. 82 and 84 Nassau street. For sale-a segar store, with bar and bil" Hard rooms attached; well located; now doing a good business; will be sold at a great bargain if culled for Immediately. Apply at 433 Pearl street. Agents need not apply. For sale cheap-a liquor store, doing a good business. The ow ncr Is obliged to sell It on account of other business. App y to MICH AEL WALDllON, 170 East Thirty-second street. For sale cheap-the lease of tiie terrace Saloon, now doing a good business, corner of 8 xtyseventh street and Eighth avenue, terminus of the E ghth Arcnue Railroad, and main entrance to the Skating Pond, Central Park. Apply on the premises, or at 711 Eighth av. Grocery for sale?one of the best standr In Brooklyn, choice and well selected stock, cash trade and low rent. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of J. charles, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. T IQUOR STORE FOR SALE?DOWN TOWN, ON A JLi good corner and on a good thoroughfare. Foreman who can devote his time to it, this Is a good chanoe. No agents need apply. Address Morgan, Herald office. TO BUTCHERS.?FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND Fixtures of that due, showy store 631 Hudson street. Will be sold at a bargain. Or the tlxtures will be sold, without the stock, if desired. Kent moderate. Inquire at 631 Hudson street. HOPBEg, ROOMS, te., TO LET. A FIRST CLASS BOARDINt) HOUSE, FILLED WITH gent< el boarders, receipts from which amount to f 176 a week, to let, and the Furniture for sale. To a capable party with means this present* unusual inducements. bradley a warner, 40 Union square. For rent-the two story attic, high basement House No. 124 Houston, near Sullivan street, to let for private or benin-a* purposes. Possession immediately. Rout reduced from *830 to $600. Key at No. 123, opposite. Apply to S. DAY, 165 West Fourteenth street. Hotel to let.?the madison square hotel, corner Bro idway and Twenty-drst street, will be tot or lea-ed, on very reato table terms, V) a good tenant. Apply between 10 and 3 to 3. HALS TED, or HaDted 8 Stiles, 62 Murray street. Rooms to let?in house isi waverley place. Sixth s reet. the Second Floor, Parlor, Bedroom and Kitcnen. nave an been put in perieci oruer, pap-irnu ana painted. Cruton witer In the kitchen. Rent $8 SO per month. Apply to JOHN H. F10KEN, at the corner, or to T. M. RODMAN, Metropolitan Hank, 1H8 Broadway. SALOON AND HOUSE TO LET, 77 OREENWICH AVEnue.?Can be altered to suit any business or a private family. Water and gas throughout. Rent low. TO LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. OP TEN ACRES, good outbuilding*, choice fruits, full new of Hudson river, Ac , near Bull a ferry; also, Cottage aud two acres of land atsRedt'ord, Brooklyn. A. SARQKANT, 15 Wall street. TO LET-A VERY OENTEEL HOUSE ON TWENTYf our til street, near Fourth avenue; also, a small genteel House on Lestugton avenue, near Twenty-iiftli tared: and one on Twenty-tilth street; also,one on Twenty-eighth street, at $"4M. in nice order. JOHN R. >\ ILCoX, 1S5 F.fth av., cornrr Tweuty-tlilr 1 St. TO LET?OENTEEL APARTMENTS, AT 144 EAST Koriy-tlflh street; eerond floor, five mom*, with gas, very nice. Also, 8ecr.H l K'htor of Cottage 125 East Twenty-eighth street Also, three Room t at 81 T.iirtl avenue. Also, three Rooms at HO Third avenu , at 87, and uttier nieces. J R. WILCOX, 185 Fi.ih av., corner of Twenty-third st. TO LET-FROM T1IE 1ST OF MAY NEXT. TO A ?mali, respectable family, without children, the Upper Part of a neat Collate, til Downing street, near Varlck, consi?tingof tao parlors, one bedroom, baaemcnt aud one-half cellar. Can be aeen from II to 4. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FURNISHED HOUSE. OR part of one, with all the modern improvements; In a good neighborhood, at low rent. For particulars, apply at 5.0 Bridge street, Brooklyn. TO LET?A COUNTRY FARM HOUSE, FULLY FURnish'd, from the lstof April; use vf garden, Irnlts In variety, carriage house and one cow. for $75 per month. Unexceptionable references required. Apply at 374 Bleecker street. In the store. TO LET-OFFICES IN NOS. 6 AND 7 NEW STREET' Also Houses Nos. 83 and 00 Monroe street. Apply to JAMES ( KLTK81IANK, W Broadway. TO LET?AT 184 WANERLEY PLACE, CORNER OF West Tenth street, the lower part of a House, consisting of eight room*, tvllh all the modern improvements. A separate entrance exclusively for lower part. Possession Immediately. r LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, AT 24 BOND 8TREKT, with oonveuieuct tor housekeeping. A few young men taken In Hoard on reasonable terms. Call lor two da>s TO LET OR LEASE?THE THREE STORY BRICK Houie, with Store, 151 Spring street, n-arUresne; location god i or business. Also two s>ory House on Houston sued and one in Amity stre t. A. BEROEABT. 18 Wall street. mo LEASE-HOUSE NO. ST MARK'S PLACE. POS1 ees-1 n immediately. Apply to JAMES CRUIKSHANK, H Broadway. mo SWT-THE FOUR STORY DWELLINO HOL'MR J. No. 838 Broudway. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW Jk CO., Bo. 3 Pine atreei. TUB FURNISHED i-1 YE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT Mouse 188 Tenth stri et, b tweon Second uud Third evenoes, to let to e private faintly; house ties <til the mod-in lmpr.-vi'inrutRent modi r .te. Apply between 3 end 6 P. M. HOUSES, CAHUIAIiES, AC. Any party having a light Victoria cakkiauk but little used, sulinble for one horse, may hear ol a Cosh customer by addressing hot &I4 New York Post nltlce. /carriage for bale-am kleqant carriage, \J maoo by Wood Bro'heis; shifting lop, with an eitra boot tor summer use; ha- not lied one month's wear; In perfect order; made stout, with heavy sprlntea; will bo sold for half its coat. Also the Harness made tor same. Can be seeu at 3M Bi Midway, a few doors below Walker street. " wood brothers. TAOR 8 A LB?A WHITE HORSE, VERY 8TYLI.SII IN J? the saddle, or am le or double harm-as also, a Light Wait--o and a seenn 1 hand Barnacle. Thry will he sold cheap, aa the owner bis no further me for them, Can be seen at Tbotnaa Norrla' stable, US Clinton place. taor hale-a canadian PONY, 14>< hands himh; J lias trotted this winter in 2 54 on the b-o on latke Ch rnpialn; Nao'ind and kind In every roapert, Is sli yeais old, an t w ill bo sold cheap far eash. To be seen at 477 Pearl St. Uorheh. wagons, ii vrness and roheh.-partins interested In no- nmve will llnd It te^tli-.-lr advantage tu attend the sale at M. C. KDBV'H salesroom, ?fl Cedar sire -l, opposite the Post olllce, at 12 o < lo-k this day. uaddle hordes for hale?bred and raised O by the subscriber from some of the best stock in the cmtn'ry, stallions, geldings and mares, from 14 to 10 h inds big i, iht 1# eight yeai a old. Pedigrees and other liilnrmatloi. ,.l. Ill 11 Oil inn l.catloii to J AM ha MtlUKKl.KlV .lumen. bm ?, N. J. VtfAJiriiD-A PAIli OF WELI, JtATOUED, 8TXLI9U, Vt 'In'- ' 'or it ynnnij ll'irw >, ai I. us*, lit fn n hi!,.i, mi ? lu fi?r :i i;?rrl?;i' An. dim having ?nch i p*lr10 ill- | i > itM-n. .bl? iimy Ui.ii ol u ( UMlooin by mJilmaiiinil . A H . Il< mil iHttm. ' ALBS AT AUCTIOB. * Ai.bkkt m. griffin k co.. auctioneers! Magmlicont Household Furniture, Painting*, Statuary, Tirou/e*, Pianoforte. go., at public amlwa. Thi* ilny (Wednesday), Feb. Jr., at t ie elegant real irnce of Dr. Philip Itniisow, 13 Weal SUtoeotU street, between Pit'llk and Slvth avenues, *aln coinm-mln* at U o'clock; superfp Suit, earved solid rosewood, covered with allk broeali 1, consuiting 01 Tele a tele Hofas: aval bark Arm and Re eptlutt Chalna Ot oni-nat, Lad*'* Wura T.bie, Cheat and Card Tables, Velvet anil Medallion Carpel* Ruga, Sevres and Dreoden China'Jmnue nU, Marqueterie an T Bote da K .* Cabinets, pearl inlaid; blercuacope. supem Mandolin, Inlaid wltb tortoise shell; Antique and (jotbl' ltro ptlon Chairs, Secretary and lb okease, Btegeres, H.oi./- Clock, ruin, one month;. Pier an 1 Mantel Mirror*, E i.brt aimed Lace Curtain*, Mantel Ornaments. Centre Table*. King'* patent Reclining Chairs, Oil Painting*, by eiulnei.i artists; B.unze and Marble St tnarr. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVR ROSEWOOD PIANOrou rw. Can(erbnry, ri on) and Cover. Black wii'nnt llalaund, oak Utile:, Esieuslon Table, Ohln* Dinner an a Tea Beta, Crystal til .si an, richly enslaved;. Table Cntlerv, solid Silverware, ro. eWOo l ana muliujrany Bureaus, Keda'.ead*, Wardrobe*, To let Tablet, Commode*, Dressing Table*, Hair and Spring Maltres es, 0 ninteriMUO*, Blanket*. Sheets Towel*, Mcilra.v'a rsi ent Sofa lld-teid*, BnoV st ii'ds. Toil't 'lie*, Hruseei* all.: Ingrain Carpet*, Oilcloth, Slit r Cai dsn I t ssr.irtmeiil of lis e.uieut ami alielie i Fnrn V B.?Sale 11, re I Iran ers wishing to atlenil thlo ale * 1 . take the Si lit avenue ear* or mage* at the A* or Ilou*e, mo; is or M Uoj.olitan Iloteu, lear lug at SUteviilli sin el, a lew door* from the house, AUCTION N 1T1CE.-D D AIT!,KINS. AUCTIONEER, OK: ICE 33' BR i.VDWAY. uiiaeuti ? uit.v t\v lti'it t \ n nrwrr.v II ) BEHOLD FURN1T' aa, ELEGANT ROSE VOOD P ,.V F ) E, K'kEAT >od HAUL R Ul H IN BKOC.ME . VALU ABLE I'AiNTI.VGS, AB I Sl'IC B 10N/-I-8 MARBI.E UROlf S, AO.. .10. D. D. CAULKINS .V CO. will fell <?.? W. dne-u.iv, February 2d, at the elegant | rlva c resi.t r.c No. 218 West Fourteenth atr i t, ho v e n Eighth and *>ln li avenues,vo mencIn : at 2 o'clo s P. M Tii sale coinp: i-e>t the entire < n:. n <of the house. The o.o a. .t I'm lor I'uri u was mail- t order, and li in solid rosewood. Tli wlol . 1; l>o sold to tlie highest I Md i' for cash, offering extra in.luceuieuts to p tic lasers, a< tlio entire furniture o: ti e irons Is nearly u?w, and must b" rold to close to - mortgage. Elegant rosewood P a intone, ieven oofac.', w :h ill mo tern iinnrovernents, overstrung bass, all pt.irl keys, Ac., cos- $5'?0 In .Tilly last, with guarantee tor three years; rich r we woo* Stool, covered in satln-und cmhroi .orea Cover; tillei.elegant full suits of rosewood Parlor Pornit .re, In ri h brocade and satin; rosewood Elegeres. spendnt and costly Parian iirna- * , mcnts. rich Vases Ac. Also, n ina nil1, ent collection of rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, iu tine reps, rosewood Centre and Sole marble trip 'fables, richly curved ' Chamber B ills, in rosewood an l muhov.inv; B ireans, carved Bedsteads, Wnshstanda. Sofa Beds, in I'm haircloth; I" o pure Hair Ma'tre-ses, from 40 to SO lbs , made to order and in excellent condition Dining R on Furniture consistsnl fine oak Extension Table. S ver Ware, rirh China, Ivory and silver Gutlery, Fork*. 8;,oons. Ac. with heavy cut audi engraved Glassware of e erv 'n erlptlon. Sale positive^ By ordcrof C. HARPER. Attorney for Mortgagee. Auctiox sale or handsome furniture. An cytmordlnurv o .portonltv for Uousekeeperii .ni l t ie trad Over $8,l>;0 worth of e!ei' nI Ho'silinld Furniture at pefilic a ici.i'oi on this day. Feb 2", al 2 o rlo k, the property of a private family leaving the city, si lid W.i vrrlry place, between Washington square and Sixth avenue, sale com- , mene ng at two o'c o k preciselv. i oneistlng of handsome rosewood Parlor Furniture of every description, Parlor Suiis, In brocatel, plus , a ul huirrl "Hi, Pianoforte, Turkish. Chairs an I Lounges. O ntre an I Pe r Tables, rosewood Etegere, with mirror bocx and doors. Corner and Book Stands, fine Paintings, rich China and Parian Wises, Parlo Ornaments, Damask and Lace Curta ns, rosewood round "ornerBe 'atom's, Bureaus. Withstands. Hair Mattress- s, BedS> unit Bedding, Hlankeis, bla k walnut and msl oga i Bedsteals, B reaus, Sofa Bens, Loun ges, a-at i hairs,. Rocke-s, Mlrrnr*, Clocks. Curtains, Shade-, Tea and Ex tens on Tabb a. Glass, China and Silver Ware; Table Collry,. Oil hub, Brussels. Tapestry and lngiain Carpets, Chmdeliers, Ac. Sale positive. Auction sale of handsome furniture, WTfH THE ENTIRE ELEGANT ARRANGEMENTS OF A FIRST class HOI SE. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT, Au tien -er. will sell ihisday.. (Wednesday,) at2 o'clock, al 162 West Twcnty-firat arret, l-etween Seventh end Eighth avenueu the entire contents of the house, eonsl-tlng of elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture of every description, Parlor Suns In brocatel, decant rosewood Pianoforte, costly and beautiful c dlectlon of (H Paintincs riehly framed. Centra and Pier Tables, over O0t> yard* of T.ipestiy and Ingrain Garnets, superb rosewood Etecere, rn > nlficent collection of Mai bl , l'artan and China Vase* and Parior Oruanvnts; Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Silk and Lace Curtains r ch Shades, rosewood Bedsteads. Dressing Bureaus, Commodes, har and spring Mattresses, Reds, Bedding. Clocks, Oval Mirrnrs, Sofas. Sofa Bedsteads, D n ng Room Furniture, rch Glassware. Silver, Kren h China, Ivory and 8ilver Cutlery. Oilcloths, with a lan e variety or handsome mahogenv chamber Furniture of every description. Every article In the bouse will be xo'd to the highest bidder for cash, ra n or ahine. Catalogues at house. Goode to be removed immediately. Auction notice.?hotel furniture.?at m>x o'clock this doy, will be wild, without reserve, the enilra Furniture ?f she Eastern Hotel. 2.1 New Bowery, by BELL A 1NGRAH AM ; 80 Bedrooms end other a-witments: the Counters. Fixtures, and other g: rangements of Barrooms; two superior Sharp's Billiard Taolos, with everything complete. (CONSTABLE'S SALE.-RICHARD WALTERS, AUCJ Ho leer, will sell title day, o> virtue of au execution, at 1UM o'clock, at 18 East Broadway. a q tantity of Crockery, Glass and Karthern Ware, o insisting of Lamps, G assware. , Crockery, Stone Ware, Ac.; also several extra large Oil ana Fluid Cans, utue Pictures, one double set Coach Harness. P. COLLINS, Con-table. George cook, auctioneer. Elegant Household Furn tore. This day, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom Ml Broadwav, a sup-rb stock, consisting of Par- lor. Chamber, Library and Dining Room Furniture, en suit* and In separate lots; rare woo. I Parlor Secretaries, Ktegeree, Library and Secretary Bookcases, Sideboards, Canter! uries. Extension Dining Tables, Lounges, Chairs, Ac. For parti en- . HI ace catalogue* at sale. CI O. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 31 CARMINE . r. street, will aril on Thurmlaythe 17tn inat.. at eleven o'clock, at 4Sj Broome street, n u Wooater, the Stock of a Store dealer, and Tin Ware, Fire Brick, Coffee and Caka Boiler*, Ac.. Ac. Horsemen and farmers -auction sale. bt JOHN L. RYDER, at Ward'a Hotel, Couey Island Road, to-morrow (Thursdxy), at IV o'clock. The Gray Hunin Ncd; can trot in three mmnle*. Morgan Mare, in to*l by Mango, Truatee colt, and tood Road Horace, Wagons, Carta, Harneas and Farming Utcn-ll* in general; Plant*, Vlne% < Fruit Treea, Household Furniture, Ac., Ac. To be aold witk* out reierve. The Flatbuah and Fifth arenue cara take paaa'ngcra within a few minute*' walk of Ward'a Hotel. N. Ward'* Hotel for aalc on caajr term*. PAWNBROKER'S TICKETS PURCHASED FOR CA8H i at 448 Bioome itreet, near Broadway, of diamond*, dry good*, clothing of a 1 kinds, furnilure^pianoa, carpel*. Ac., in Urge or *mall quantllia*. GEORGE I.EV IE, Commission M r hxnt. PAWNBROKERS' SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL, on Thursday, February 17, at 25 Chatham street. a large assortment of Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Inatru* reent*. Pistol*, Opera Glasses, Ac., Ac. By order. J' B * ' SIMPSON. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THI8 DAY, ATI?* . . o'clock, at the auction rooms, No. 1 N .rih William street. Household Furnl ure t onsisUog of mali< gnn S 'fas. Tables, Chalr<, Carp >*. Oil ioths, Bureau*. Cotuge Chairs, . Bedstead*. Beds and Bedding, Kitchen Furniture, xc.; alao a lot of superior ImporiaJ PocketUook*, I'ortemurnjilea, , R'jtioulrs, Ac.: also two Sewing Machine*; also three Pilmp. ton Bcdxtcada, School Desks, Ac. TOAFKNEY, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 170 CHATHAM ^ street?will sell, Ihn nay, at 1"^ o clock, at .Nil Broadway (the 8t. Cbarle* galoou), spUn 11 Counter, M nor. Decanters, (las PUtuns. Lamps, Oil loth, Table", Chil a. Beer Pump*, Cio kery. Stove-, Kaiuc, Cooking Utensils, tc. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 East Broadway, will irll on Toured*/. at lll)^ del ick, the Lease, Stuck and Fixtures of the Liquor Store J Roosevelt street. n-?r New Bowery. A v> the L?iim of th - upper part of the fcoiw, ail SIM with gnat tenant*. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL Till s day, at 3 u chick, at 4M Canal uree . a i ih* Furniture and Fixture*, *c., or a Siloou ?>1* bl- T p Table*. Mirror*, Oilcloth*, Carpel*, Ola**, Union, Ol *a and Filter Wans; Stove*. AI*o Wine*. L quor* un I E i jar* ; I A) Churn; together with other Uood* for *uch place*. Sal positive. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at 2 u'e oca, tl UIi'mi*. sir-hi, a.l toe g-utie! Furniture of a large hoard,ng hon-e?Tt| eatry, and Ingrain Carpet*. Oilcloth*, I'ar or Suit*, iu|hairclotii; Pier Olaas, Pianoforte, Curuln*, Centre, Dining and Taa Table*, mahogany French Red**. Hair Matin *sc . ileda and Bedding, Sheet*, Blanse * T.bie Linen. Wardrobe*, Dining Room and Kilehfn Furniture, Ac.; Stoves, Coins, Ola**, Ac. _____ Wm. witters. auctioneer, WILL sell ok Thursday, at IQ'-f o clock. at 4ti9 Broome street, ell the Furniture of the hotel, comprising l'ur.or, Chamber, Dining: Room and Kit. h n Furniture, Ac.; Bar an I Bar Fixture*, Ua* Fixture*, Wlnea, Ac. HOUSKB, ROOMS. 4iC.,^WAWTEP Machine shop -wanted, to purcuase an ikterratlu a moderate anted machine ehop. with good tool*, (tillable lor ateam engine work, by a thorough prac 1cal engineer, who can control work enough. Addraas II. C. Pai-iii. Herald oilier, staling location, Ac. rpo printers.-wanted, immediately, a dou- , A blr Melluni and several other * -eond baud Priwti. Order* for second hand material louaanily on band; and person*. b> !"orr selling, should send description and price toJOY, i OE A CO., publishers' agents, Tnbuue Botidl.ig*. WANTED?A SMALL house, OR PART OF A house Willi all modern Improvement* Answer* staling rent, number of rooms, location, Ac., an I If p..*ae*aton can be h id Immed'Mtely. A-ldre** Teneni. boilSt Herald oillce. Wanted-a small, convenient house, for a. private family, between Fourteenth and Fortieth street*, near Fourth avenue car* or Broadway stages. Address J. K. C. B., Herald offlce. WANTED-A OOTTAOE HOUSE, MODERATE RENT, Hi the upper part of the o.ty, or near Brooklyn lleighl# or Wallatreet lerry; ga* an J water tndi*|iensabie. Addresa Raymond, He aid ottle, slating puTlculara. TITANTED?A HOUSE ok MEDIUM size, IN OoOD TT order, all modern Improvements, good bi-<nieit ami cellar, (or activate lainlly i.f adults, situated btlwreu Fifteenth and Thirtieth atrP' la and Third and Slilh avenues. Rent must lw low. Address V., Herald office, iuUu the lowrt rent and particnInra. WAIfTED-A FOUR STORY IIKIH STOOP HOUSR* llralclava I oeation, not lielow Eighth street; would not object in boarding a |*njr for ihn whole or pari of the rent, or rant to milt the limes; reierenc.s Ural china. Andreas W. O K., hot 3,J7j Pont o.llce, lor three days. WANTED TO HIRE?OK r arties wito WOULD HE willing to b' ..III for ram, ? Mouse with all tun modern Improvmrmg, ptoaMnily looai?il? ?nd with din.n ; p.irlor*, Ii.iIIm in I stairs ivli:?ly lurnUbrd: or il m ?rr convenient to partlon, full/ furtilnlierl would not be objectionable; would lite tl?e privilege of taking flra gtnuacneii boarders, rnqtiestionabh inforentM gleeii. Address L. X,, Herald oUlre. m Wanted to HIRK-A hood house, of SMALL sine, between Lcalnftvn and sixth avenues, for f.Vtior $bW), by a r.iaponaltdo party. Addiesc A. H., Herald office. Wanted to lf.ase-hy a i:k- ionsiblk partt, a mod -rata aired Hotua, up town, Irum thre? ;o ilvo year*, at a fall rent. Addreaa. suiting |.i.rHoniara, box 1,609 1'oat office. Wanted to lease?a store and basement, in a aubsUuital brick building, on the coat aidn ol the Bowarr, between Catharine and D. Lincey airrat. For a suitable loaac a bonus will bo puld. Addreaa Auction Store, station B. Wanted to rent by ist of mat-part of a House, with modern Imitrnvemiuita, hy a a.nail family ofaduls. Kent to bo about #-'iH). Keferrocet eiehang"T. Addmas. with full parllovlnra. Oscar. Herald office.

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