Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1862 Page 9
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0 MTTATIOWS WA5T?D.V1t?&TiSII; t RESPECTABLE WOV1AN WISHES TO TASK W _/Y washing aad ironing; win alter and taae tucclothe# ho ne; refercuoogiven. No. ii otu ah, oo.uaJ Hour, Urol room Ayofng woman WISHES a situation ah COOK It a private la a good cook, waa'.ier and irotier, uuderatunda cooking in all its branebee; ia willing and ohllg. lag and clean id bar deportments: baa four ycara' reierence from b r last plane. Ca:i at 4un 'ith a*., corner 28th at. aS SIEWaRDESS, NURSE Oit lady'S maid.?wanted, ? altiiatlon. by a re*; . t ible Protestantyoung Woman , ia an exorllebt sea-n. iivsh; laaceuatomed totravelllng and la no. ana Kick; can .m the beat of references. Addieaa It. a., box 228 lieral.l office. a s NUR8E.-a PPOTESTAVT WOMAN WISHES to JtX. obtain a situation In a r .-ape bible family aa nnr?e end to do | lam a?wing; la willing t . ma ce herself umful; underFtnnde iba care or a baby from its i.lrth. No objection to a ahort dU'.anra in lbe country. (Jood city reference. Call for 4wo days at 1(9 Eaat 12 th at. as WET NURHE.?wanted, BY A nEALTHY YOITNO Scut"h woman, a Protestant, a situation ua wet nnrau. Inquire at her pre>>eut employer a, 3d Preaidenl at., Brook1*,L Ayounq lady, prepossessing and bekinbd, a proiictnni In music, vocal and Instrumental, familiarly convei ual with two lau^uac s amuatumed to the highest aoclal circles, c. Inhes a sit ml ion na govern"?s in a widower's family, or would act in the waaelty of hois'-koper to a bntrbaior of means. 189 i .ad at., Kiss K Morton. Ayounq woman. LAT E I.mj-'ROM EUROPE, wishes a situation as nurae and seaniatreai or nine ry governess; lias been accustomed to children, and is wit iig to make herself useful; wages no object. Call at or audrcaa 4703d ave., ncai-.'ttib st., top door. a GERMAN GIRL WISHES TO GET a PLACE IN a small family; would pro'cr the country. Inquire at iC2 K .lton at., uour Uocruui at., Brooklyn. A?IS.irril 'ADLI5 UfifiHAfl UlliL W1 A SflTUAiioti as tiitft cIami cook; sli? u title r&taiidK biking all I kinds o: pastries. Inquire it 116 Rivlngton t>i., roo:n 0. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIKLto too*, wusli .hi.; ir hi, u ii g.iu l p ain cook anil un x oellent wr.ah i au.t ironcr; also l?y a girl to uo charabcrwork and aastst in the waahlni und Ironing. Oooi city tefureue Call at oil Wi'.at iith at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A 8UTU atlon as aeumstreas; la an eitcell'ini plum sewer; under lands culling and lilting cli.ld s-u'a dnat.-t; la a good einbroldcrfHand braider; can d"?i/j her own pniterua. Cloud city reference. Call at or addi eaa 10/ East 33:h at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A situation aa nui s? anil ieamatmaa. The heat of city reference given. Call lor t\io tiara at 7J West 24th at., near 6th ar. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, IN u arinill prLate family, ti do general homework; I < a good washer and lroner. City reference- Call lor two days at Ttf Tillnry at., corner of Jay, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU atluu us chumbermaib and waitress, or to take caiv of chlldiri:; good clly from her luat place. Call at 310 West 23ih at., near Dili av. A YOUNO ENGLISH OIRL, AN EXPERIENCED dressmaker, wianes to engage in a private family by the week or month lo cut and fit ladies' and children's iliesaoa and do all kinds of family ae a nig. Please rail at or addrt as lor two days 193 Weal 18th at., between 8th and 9th ars. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNO woman, to cook, wash and iron, or would do chamberwork and waiting; good city reference. Can bo seeu at 2j6 Bant Uth at., top tioor. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN OIRL WISHES A 81TUAIton ohambertnal I or to do general house oork; goo 1 refertn.O'. Apply at 106 Rivington at., top Boor. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO TF1E work of a small I'ami.y; (r>od reference Horn her lust , place. Call for two days in Bergen at., three doors from Nevina, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook, or ui. cook, v.auir rand lroner; la n lirat rate bukrr -of pie* un.l bri-nd; 1.0 o ijc- tl /ti to the country. Good city rei erenow. Ceil ut 'J'i West lyt i t>t. A respectable woman wants a situation as o.uK; etie thoroughly tinders a.itin h r b -lueta >n nil lv? itfatnefce*; Hue in moat obliging attu neat hu! 1i.u> the te nt o.' city reii'rwiicKH. Cad be keen lor two duya At iil-j-j Wi At i'5'.h t., near !>ih are. AVERY RESPECTABLE YOUNti WOMAN Of STEADY hat't h, wishes a ?ltu itiou in a private family, for general houimn or*; it> kin i to children, and Willi n-.; to render ner bealserir c s lor t ie beueilt of ber otnpioyer: bent city trierences. Call for two davs :it No. 212 Kith ?L, between 7th hu 1 8th avh . lirst iloor. AFIK8T KATE COOK, WASHES AND IRQtfKR WANT" ed.lun a nail privst-i mmiiy. One that Is truatworthy and compel. tit to mtr cnarge o, lite ba>oiuent, will iltid a ?ood home and fair wagi a, by hj p.ying at 2M Llvingatou at, Irootl.- n; un American or Uertnau preferred. A COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 nm>e; ua< been in (bat capacity for thu I.ihi U yeris, | and can u:k.'the entir.- cnar-pi ol an Irom its oirtu; has the be-t ot city rel? n n t. Can oe be n tor ttvo days at 11910 h ft , litst boor, to the left. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU" atloo as cimmm-rniaid and to assbt in lae wachitig and Ironing, or would t.u chantherwork and sawing. best City relercnre. Can be se tli lor one day at 72U East gbtd s:., near 3d av. An experienced woman wants a situation.? Hsa been un attendant on the pica for the lust seven | years; would iva.i on au invalid ladt or ralar a baby by hand. Call at 239 Water hi., Brooklyn. Ares i* rotable young girl wishes a situ ati >n as < hatuoermatu hu-1 waitress; no oujecttoii to at tending to ctul ..en; can no plain sew lag and einoroi.lcry; n> objectlou to the country. Best city reference. Call at 310 West 19th uL_ A YOUNG girl wishes A situation in A PRival" family as chambermaid and to take oaro of children. Can be s?i n lor two days at 117 Hudson av., between Hoy land Sands sis., hio.kiyu. A SITUATION wantkd-by AN EXCELLENTOOOK an 1 haxer. who th.n i.ighly understand < Lei- Inisliius* 4n all Ha brcuche*. Can pro luc: the moat aallatactory references. Call at N<>. 6 Uniou our', University place, between lliu and 12 to ?ta? for two tWya. A situation wanted?by A resectable wonine, a* g'.od p Hin roolt ana excellent wiwber and lroner. lias the oca; o. city rcierencca from ber lag', ilace. Call for iw.i duysat l3/:'-th at., between 7th and 3lli av??. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A S'TUAtlon i-a took, wanner and iruuer, or general boueuwi in a private Tee best of eltr raierencea fr-.m her iaat pUoo. Appiy nt OJ ..nd (io Columbia at., corner of Cranberry, Brooklyn. AFE.SIK'TAULE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION As oubt, tVaBUer at. I lrouert can uia.e the beat o?' meat; underatau la lite care ol' miik un i I-utter, and ha* go: 1 reierencc; i.o objection to the country. Can be aeon tor t>.o cta>a ut 31.' IUIi at., corner of 1-t ar. An AM1.RIC |n WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as n ura an i ssnvi.ui can taite the cutire cuarge ol youni; i l. l '. n, Ci.u .co good city lofetcuoo. C Ml lit Id, East 2oti. ? . lor tv.u day a. A situation wanted?by a rkstec fahle Jimuj ?, at i.i.. ibe-'iuald untl so .n.a'.ru*s or a* chamber.nii and WMitr -, :m o >ji. ;i n to the care oi children; la of so'j rr .unt alenuy iialilts, has ibe beat ol city r.icrcnco. Call at LSI East l>l*t at. Aoirl wants a mtl AT10N to do ornbkal houaewurk; la Willi..g ar.d oull .iiik, and very loan of untldreu; no m..e.tion to ae cot uir>. Cull at No. All West 96th at. Ayounu widow lady of respectability and rrfluouieul, ill reduced cliTiioia niw,a, a kituatlun aa bouskei-per In a inntluuiMU's lamily or ooiup.iiilnn to a Udy. Addrraa N. 15. W aid, I1ju.i1 oBlco, for two day*, etaUug time and place of interview, llood relerrnce can bo given. AS WAITRESS?WANTED, BY A NEAT, ACUTE youiiir ?ui :t'u, a ai'imuun as profnaanU v.altnaa, or Would do cliamhertvork, and tinderautnda line waaliiii" In (he neateat manner. H*a iindouhied city relereucn. Can I be ae. u for two 'aye at No. id Union court. Uuiver?iir ulaco. between Ut)i and 12th ala. AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A PLACE A8 NURSE or chambermaid and 10 uasUt with the washing, or as waitress. IIa* no objection to the country. Call *t 84 Hut asui i. ACOM. ETENT YOUNO WOMAN, WITH GOOD REFE rente, trams a sanation to cook, wash a id Iron, or to do homework; la a good Uuodreae and good plain coo., good baker, Ac. Inquire at 16 East Illh at., between 3d and 4ih area A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN waahlbg and ironing at ner own resilience. Can be rail recommended. Call at 51 Weil ISta at., third Uoor, In the rear, near tkn ar. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ohambcm ork and wa.nug. or general uousrwurk, for nainall brirate family, (lood leioreoca gtren. Call for two d?ja at i()3d a*.. In me rear, top Uoor. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK: no objections to pml.i w?a nag. City relerenoe. Call at to 14th Ml., oolwcen Jib ami HHa era. A SITUATION WAN'lKD?BY A NEAT AND TIDY yoiing girl, aa wauresa unit < hiiiiberm.iiil: la willing and obliging. Has the beat <>i city rricrence. t ab be seen at her prasem employer's, 1.3 West St. h et. A VERY RESPECTABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY WO man wenta a siuntilnn. In a respectable tamlly, a* ehiulren s nuiee. Is capnole o. taking char, e of n hi.ny from lleblrtn; the beat ofi-eu-reti . i. Call for te o days at 13 Union Oourt, University plae-i, between Itthaadl'ltb sia. A SITUATION WAN TED--BY A RESPECTABLE English girl, as chambt maid and good plain aewer, or a cook, wast e, and truner for a small private family, good ( Terences. Call for two days at Hi EastiUth at., thud uoor, front rooin. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A TIDY AND SMART .4 A. young M111, Br II 114 -ll'i F.iiirp, "r Ml no I. ? kitchen work ula small lamily; ann arul make haraoll wl'ilng and obliging; tba beat ul cilr roliieooe ran b.5 glreu. Call for two daya al 446 .id ar., between "3>l and ltd at*., top dm ", rmn room. over I bo millinery more. i A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, Ab M . and it willing to 4#ai4t in tba wrathIng and iinnlng: can glrn i no Iwat oi it n renoe*. Uau be men l?-r two day* al 163 Waal *0tb at. Tbialaaiiew home, with flva belli on tba dour. , A CAPAIILF. YOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS A goo . plain nook, wa.ilirr and tronei; la a good linker o bread and oiautnk llaa good city relern.cea. Can b? aeon for two d?jra, ti not 'ngaged, at 136 Waat 43d at. tba lourtb kouae Wl tl ul 7th ,?T. * 4 SITU ATI OK WANTED-HY A BESPECTA11LB J%. yonn - girt, tvi ?' general houeework and chninberwrork, and lo aaaiai in walking and ironing; la willilng to make bar all Rener.'llT itaeiui. uood city refeienee from bar last pUoe. O n bo aean for two daya at Ml Weal Mth at. a SITUATION WANTEU?BY A PROTEbfANT YO JNO _C1 woman, ta da ohamberwork and One trashing and Ironlag, or aa first class waltrnoa in a prlrate family, tioo.l reteranoagteen. Can baacau until augagad at M Weal lym ak, aarfithar. TOUNO BNQLIHH OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION aa wa/traaa and okambar nald; baa aot livad out la tlila z&J&isn. Wf&XiJSZ? A PROTESTANT OIRL, WISHES A SITUATION AS uf*B| would do plain aawluj; 4a a vary nice ambroidS ?2UZ NEW YUKK srrrATiosrs wanti d-femai.ks. ARK8PKCTABI R YOIINU WOMAN WISHES A sluiail n la a pri am lamlly to do g neral Imu^evork; I* an excellent wuaber mJ lronnr; ata.dy und klud to chit. dr?a; willing tu moder ber l> at aervleea lor the lieueflt of her employer; * od releranna ir required. Call lor two da.vkaticd W.ol 17th at,b>twe?n ttth and 10th at a., Ilrat lloor. CfOOK-AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT WOMAN J wanta a ailuatioii In a private tamlly; ?be understands e ups, HI, m ail, game, cieima, Jellle . g od poetry und bidid. llood city re: ereu<e. O.ill fur two days at lli West lio n a!., in hi floor. I runt rooiu. QEAMSTR1.B8 -A SITUATION WANTED, BY A COMO p.*i' tit woman, aa seauietreaa; an cut, (It and make tables'and culldreu'a dres?.'U, al*o pi nu and linn He win;;; would gu by the week or imniih. Can be >e u for two d.iya at 17 Siuy vesani at., exteninon of Aetur place, near 9ih at. Situations wanted?by a gbrman cook, who uiide.etuiida all kinds o family c?'king, and would assist In tiie waihiui' l| required; ..nd oy a cb imbenuaid a d waitress; they ivian to lire togeih rln a geiiilmuun'H family; arr Brute .inin., und liuie no objections to li e country; have good city r r.-rences. Can be aeen at 213 Elizabeth at., near Tlouaion at, lor two daya. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PINK GIRL FR >M THE country, aa oliaraorruiaid and waitreaa; ia ulao u ret rate laundress, will on Urr very Lea: to ,ile?He; .she i-.a veiy neat und 1 working, honeat giil; best reform ea given. Addreaa A. M., box 12ti lie aid old e. I OK AXfCf J?V?H WiW'Pirn uv A Tii/tnAiTmir v n/tu & potent person, situation as seamstress; can make chtldrills cl? lira auu allies' under garments iu every slyto; is quick nud ui-ulalall kiudaut' It inny sewing and cm <r. lory; uu.i glv- sample of won, with the Vei* best ci.y reference, at list West 29th st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 plain coos, washer a il iroiier; has good cily references; no oojictiun to go ng a short dtaiauce iu toe couuery. iuptl. e ill St) Eus; lite at, Situations wanted?by two bespbotable girls; one as chambermaid and wu truss or nuts- and ?eamstress; the other as ?cos and to assist in watdilmt and ironing; understand* all kin so | sstry and soups G ud city references. Apply for two days at till Amity St.. 3 .ulu breocyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl If .ears old, to take care of children or do c: timberwork ; can give good city me from her last place. Apply ior two days at 4&>9iiinr., between 36th and 39tb sts., lop door, back room. SITUATION WANTED?A RESPECTABLE GERMAN O git I wishes a slteatiu.i lo geucrul housework or oo chamber., tk. Inquire at 4d7 4th st SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, tg cook, waste r end inner, or >o >lo general housework. In a small prtvati It.mily; is wll.iuj and obit ing; has the best of city rcfet'cuoe. Can he sceu for two :1a.. s at Hbti Wt ' 16th at., thir 1 boor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRU A S1TUALtou ascha-nbern aid at.d waitress; has good city reference. Call ut 2d4 Went 25th St., second boor, back rootu. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as oook iu a gent, -man's family: unders and- her business in all its brain he-. High -si city re:ereuce given. Cali at 212 Waverley p!ae. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEl TABLE young girl, to do general hons?work In a sraa'l prf vate; can tome well recomtneu led. Can he seau ,or two days ut 91 Amity st, South Btooklyu. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. WASilEll AND Iron, r, or to do gen ral hourework In a small private family; good eitv reference. Apply for two days at ltd West .8 a St., In the rear. WAKTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND 8EAMslresa or to do chain bertrork. Caugive city reft reu.c. Catl at dttj Hicks st., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUAt if n as housekeeper l<> a widower or small futnll.; Is a goo.! plain cook and seamstress, or would go as ehndien's nurso. Inquire lor tw o days at No. 4 Marion St., uear Broome. Uus goof reference. WANTED?SY \ RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION tu do Hi* housework of u .-mull family; la a good washer and ironer; a ompelent p raou, ami fully coiilidcnt of fclving oulisiartioa. Call at IM Forsyth at. wanted-a situation, by a respectable TT girl, aa chambermaid or a'atctant washer and waltrut*; call give good oily leierenc.;. Call at 11)9 West "ttlh at., second Uoor. WANTED-A Sir CATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youu?g.rl, ua chambermaid and wailn -as or aa wait l'oSi oi no. Tiie 1><*.A ul'cit 'references. Apply at 337 Weal 4Uiii at., In I .n eu 9th and Idth a a., third lioor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA," lion aa cliamberioal ' aud waitress or to do the gen ra housework o. a small privuut family. Uaa go <d city refe" Ki.r u* Cull lor two ua> . t ihr corner of Hkk* aud Defcra\v a's.. Brooklyn, oyer the bntober'a alo e. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtion aa wot iin-sc hi aoine respectable lamliy: abo boa a good disposition and can make 1 era-If oaeful. Can beacon fie- three daya. from ton in the m .ri..uj till iiMir iu the after noon, at 587 Grand at., corner of Coilrara. Inquire lor Jane" WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTEST, ant woman, a aituatlou aa chambermaid and lauuureea, or to d > plain sewing. App.y at her present aituatlou, 12s Weal IItli at . to.-uer flu ?T. ~\\TANTED?BY A RECBCTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tt Hon lb cook; utuii rs'-auda pa,try; it ulao u good bake.; la a goon wash-t una lieu r; m> objeciiou to go a abort diatnnoo iu the roun'.ry. c an he seen tor two (lay s at 119 West 21th at, second ilcur, I runt room. VI7ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION A8 IT llrat class chambermaid and wsnresx, in a good private fa ally; 1* alan .-cmipecai to take charge of children; wages uol *o much requited uo a tom.oi tublo home; can give a.itls fucinry roleien.e. Cull at 20121 at a., ie ween lat und 2.1 ova., top door, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SEAMatrcaa, hy a reap,., i ale young womau; cau do all kinds of family sewing and anirunaki'i., or make herself generally naelul; no eojec.ion to the c..uutry. Ha. good city reference. Call ft* ico daya at 310 Mot! at., ih r 1 door. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT, TIDY GIRL OF 18, a situation ?a cliaiulieruiaid and waitress, or nurse. Will ee,r neatly, and make herself generally useful. No on. j. el Ion to the country. Wages $k Gill at 181 East 21st at. for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE BY AN ENGIT liah gwi who speak . French well. Apply at h-r prea* in employer's. X5 Bank St., for two days. WANTED?BY A K1.8PEUTABLK YOUNG OlEL. A aituatlou aa rook, uu.1 to asaiat Iu wash c, > n trolling; is n g< d Ureal b iker; can mace pica an i uakn, or would do ...e work ol a small private family. H st city retereiice. Call 11173 33d at., he'.ween 7th ami 8lh ava. WANT D?BY A FRENCH DRESSMAKER FROM TT Paris, who rune t and lit ladles'dreaasa in the moot fashionable manner; will tvo k by the day. week or mouth. A .id reus .7 W st 12th at., h-lwerii .dtli alii Cth nvs. WANTKD?A SITUATION, TO DO GENERAL IIOI'SEwork in a small private family. B. at 01 city rcirococc. Apply fur two tin. a u< So. 1 June all WANTED?BV A t KRMAN GIRL, A SlTi CHIOS A3 ohainVortnaitl, wn . :-r anil iromtr. Apidy a. 70 KldrUge at., mom No. 16. WANTED?A MTUCTION, l.T A HKHi'Ki'TABI.B maided woav.n, m wet nurto, f'-ab breaai ot milk. Beat city i -iRii-uc ? 11 ivimred. Can be en for two day* ai IN Sai .lit ?t? ball oju W ami 2d it a, WANTKD -A SITUATION, hV A KEoPECfA ILK Wo m?n, as cook In n private luutlly; nnd-ist nd.? her btulnwaa In nil Ita tiraurhca, anvil a a sin,pa, g in r and pastry; is an exct-llent bamr. Klia class cay roteien ?. Can be a -en for .wo dnya a: Oil Weal U nit a., vi r anted?::y a com pki en r gikl a situation T? its good plain mod, or to do hanibi.rwot it fol a email prtrale faintly; i?an excel rut ivaahtr and iron r; baa goo I ro erence. Can I seen a: .,08 ri'ili at., Bninilt a. \l/ANTED-BY A RtTj-'KCrABfiK (IIlife, A HITI7A? V ilon 11 rln geucral lioutework In a small anlly. Inquire at 671 Wem 23 at. WANTED?BV A WELL DiSPO.HBD, HARD WORKingyoung w n.inn, a rltna'lon > a food pla n cook and flrat rate wuah-r and liom r. or would do fieoeral houw*. work in a email private family. Cell lor two onye a 4U Grand at., between TUniu) sua and Iaur i. i, \JLTANTED?A SITUATION, BV A FIRST C1-A83 COOK; IT ona who underatami* conking in all ll? branches; is a good baker or bread an ! n senile: ai? > und , i-wla c oklng game, jelllea and all kin a u: ilea er a and rr.i ata; can girt the best of ralrrance. c..l it oi ndd-axa 1(17 East 1 AIli at., between 3d und Itb av.?., IM I wad iy i, tf no- nguged. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CO<>IC, WASHER AND ironer, baa good city refi reuee hum be. last pine. Call for two days at 8&t{ Mrcai 1811 it. WANTED--BY A RESPr.CTAHLK WOMAN. A SITUA lion to cook, wa-h ami iron and make herself generally ua iful. Bee> of rtiy refer neat from b r last place. Call for wi> fays al nit Greenwich C, near Lo.oy. \\FANTED?1IT A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL, A .SITUT f atlon as nnree or to r,o light housework ; la willing uml obiicing; baa good refeieucea from her iaai ompioyera. Call at Jltf Last 20i,i si., near lat sr. Can be seen for two uays. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS BHVMSTRES3, IN A prl itn family. I'an cot and ht children's dieaaca and do all kinds of laoid) re.ving, satisfactory references given. Can bo seen lur two daya at .163 >1 av., between U2d und UKd ala. VITANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RES I'KC'TABLK TT ; irl,.?? conk, v i?.i. r hud ir n?r id a 1a inly; u fully oomp tent In bn Miimri.. Ha* the b of city rater onto. Can b< <-u >1111 .1M at., between 7?h and fiili avenue*, Ural floor, lurk room. WAIu KD- A StTUATiON, BY A GIRL, TO DO CHAM twrwi.rk, ?n 10 do up iedl*a' ilnci jr. Tlia beat of rafar" mc given. Call lor t?r o day* at <U KnM I3lh kU AIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 8ITUATT non to in chamber flork and walling, or la willing in awial with ibe wa?tiiii?; la a goo I, willing find obliging gli!. II iv win o at of "t:y reftretioee. Can oe aeer for two d?ya at til Myr'm av.. Brooklyn, aecon I "nor, from room. WANTUD-i-.Y A I'E.-l' ECTAHLE If0UNO WOMAN* TT a ItiM ion aa era ntirrsa, tan npeiat* on tYhealei A Wilaoii'a aowlrg i u .bine, w mid do chantberwork and waiting; inn g v* the ban cl c;*r relrreuo*. Call for two day* at m 1 VMtlMi at AITANTED-A SITUATION, BT A NKAT, TIDI YOUNG TT woman, to do cha n'le.-tvork ami wait ng; would Ui willing maul d hi t ia ..aaMngaou Ironing If i, li.i? tor b >1 of riiy reference from bar I .Hi place. Call at 374 Id ar., between a> tit r. 1 y,lib ala. AkfANTKD-A MTI.' .TION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO TT do general he ii.*?work in a rwchanlc'a family; under atandi cooking, tvanluug and lroain;', ami la a neat * w.-r. Apply for two Itaya at rtg tVeat 17lh at., between 8lh an I 9th u\?, IrTthe rear Wantbd-by a respectable married woman' Willi a Trail brehM of milk, a baby to wet nun- at Iter ownhonu; LteU loot har child; .>u? in the lainiir. A,>plyalUtf Baal Mlh at WANTKi>-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, To do ehamberwork and waiting, or gen rel i bouaev ora. In a amal. fl"*? family.) good re rrenre If required. Call at tba rorucr of Smith and Sackrtt atai, Houlh Brook h n. TIT ANTED?BV A FKSPKCTAHLK TOUNO WOMANTA TT all nation to do general fiouaawnrk; la a good plain nook, good waabar and Iron. r. and la eapmle of doing aU ktnda of baking; la klndio children and willing to maaa heraclf uaafulTn the family, baa lived i re ynare In one place; baa lha baal of city reference. Call at 169 rront at., neat door to Be, o'a engine bouan, In tba baMmant, jBmklta . HERALD, WEDNESDAY, BiTFATiowi wwryq-yitWALEs. WAN I ED?81rUATIOMri. BY TWO EIRHTCIjABS SBR* one as '.Ml., und the ilier a* olumliariiialil 'nil ur champ. ran d and lami'irsa i liner in ibe cujr or Cjiintri , t<> do t in wuik of a fatn Ijr; uaae ten .> ars city rcfeie ice A, ply at the Srrvan's lnatitule, 147 Orim! at. WANTED?BV A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN, A I nation aeamatri-aa. by tba war* or month; underaunda ell bind* 01 lannly hviiu. Call at or address, lor tw? day a. 89 6 li are. 1ATANTBD?A HITUATION, BY A YOlBll UIRL.TODO m g-nrra Iioub work fur a arnall pi it-ntc fuinily; is a goo I washer an I iruiier and good plain coos; can lie well rec.iiniui n led. Oan ue aecn lor two day a ai 162 7tn aye. WANTED?BY A YOUNU WOMAN. A SITUATION AB Proteins* wanes*. Apply at 121 West 2Kb at., between 6th and 7th uvea. "\VANTK"? * HITUATION. BY A GIRL WHO IS AN ii rtieliHiil s .' lake .ho charge of i hi d:--n; she lias the beat o: reference. Can be * uin at her old place 113 VV u-..i >i., Bioukl;, n, for three days. ANTED?IIY A RESPECTABLE TOING WOMAN, ' I a rlt wlion 11 do ceu'rat ho i^jwork In a small rrirule family; an .10 good p.aln eooklMT, washing ami Ironing; g .Oil city reference call be given. at &) Utn at., betw. en u.h and li h avea. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN (A PROTESTANT), a . nation as plain rook an I to do washing and imuing; rltjr ro.erenca if requital. Call for two days at SI7 Orei neri h at., between Vandam and Charlton, lir?l door, fi u room. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. A BITUAto u to vio up sulrs work lor a family, or general housework to a -mall family. Curi lie seen for two days at her pr i-nt employer a, #S West 4-lth at. Wanted-by a scotch girl. a situation, to do ooklni', wash ii or housework; ran give good reference. Call iU 8S Weal 33d at. wanted-by a niraoTiiu rorao p rsok, a Tf nittih loa to tuk. care of a baby and sew; the country preferred; no objrnilon to travel. C y reference. Call ut 89 oth av., (or Mrs. MM ey. WANTl'lll?BY A RESPECTABLE BNOLI8H GIRL. > lioiiion to do ?ctu ral housework in a mad family, > to ilo chainhcrwork, washing and Ironing. Ciiy relcni .e. Call ai No. 2 Mucdougal St., second floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A siiuai on aa lanndresa. Has g. od city relcicnce. Call at 3.17 West Into si., top door, front loom. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yo ii* girl, to do rhamherwork and wnitlng; is will, log I" us I t in the washing and ironln,J or to do plain sew. Iti. Has good .- ty references. Can oe se-n for two d.iys at dfO Huaaoii tl.,'between Oanseroort and Horatio, in tne rear. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A N ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN, WHO WRITES A il .vo id l and, and who has hod a goo 1 deal of experience In buslines Is desirous of obtulntng a attuu Ion as assistant bookkeeper or entry clerk, or a pie-ltl n In n newspaper establishment to write wrappers. Satl-lae.iory referenda given. Apply to the. cashier of the 11 uuid oliicf. A H EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER, HAVING niS - I eve. .nga uii " i plot od. would write up inercbanta' books or do writing ol aijy kind. Keference to present employer. Address Vv. s. K., Heraldofltoe A YOUNO MAN (SPANIARDi WISHES A SITUATION as barkeeper, waller or ;sirter In a hotel or reatsnrnnt. H- euka Eng ista, French and Spanish. Address corner of Pearl end liroad ala, care of V. S.. Washington's Headquarters. A^bUNG MAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN A STORE, where lie la willing to make himself useful; sp-ahs English and French. Five years city reference ^iven. Address E. Y. C., Herald otlice. AS COACHMAN AND GARDENER.?A COLORED mini, of strictly temperate habits, wishes a situation; Is a good plain gardener, good driver, and thoroughly understands I lie care of horses, harness Ac. Iln'l three venra' re fe.vnee irom Inst emu oyer. Ca l a' 201 West 34th"at., basem?rl door, lor three days. (tOACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG J luaii who understands his business; has had many years experience; la a good and careful driver; liua had much exjierlrnco in the rrooming and treatment of horses; wld lie round t. iilli.g to make himself useful. Good city reference. Address D. I*., 144 East 24th at., or box 206 Herald utile . SITUATION WANTED?AS GARDNER, BY A SINGLE youn; man; Is well (ictiinlnied with all the hruuoiies and perfectly understands the eulturo of flowers; good icfcreboesgiven. Cull at 53 Eldrli'ge alreet. SALESMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?IN TI'E WllOLEsate groi ery, butter or provision bo?tners, by h young linn, who haa an ex'.uodve acqim man :e In thia cl.y and county. Beat of releience aa to quaUhcaUou*, Ac. Addreaa Salesman, II -raid uUice. TO CLOAK AND MANTILLA WIIOLK3ALB HOUSES. Toe advertiser la deairnns or engaging In the above line, either as aiiperintendeat, tncsmau or buyer; U thoroughly Acquainted w>th the business in all Its branches. Ad Iresa Belmont, Herald o3ioe. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE MAN a a wa.ter In a private family or hotel; apealca French, Eugllali and Italian. Haa good city reference. Please tall for two days at 56 Wast Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married man, as eoachraan and plain vegetuhle gardener ; und -ns'atiri* the cure and management of horses; can furnleh tood reference, both country and city; la willing and obliging; wages not io touch an object as a comfortable home; haa no objection to any part of the country. Cau be seen personally or address a note to M. D., 174 24th at., between 1st and 2d ava., top floor, back room. THE TRADES. A GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST class gardener, who had the en'irc charge of over three ! hundred feet of g asi house* In one pi*, e for three yea:-*; the best of reference from this mid three other lliat class places can be given; also lndmtures and diploma, asc-rttticalea. The advertiser la a married man, with one child. Any person wanting a capable and trust a unity man can call or address Gardener, to William U. Ward (the Viuejatd), 17 Wall at. , A MARRIED MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS parueuer and tarmer; understands greenhouae and grapery. Hi* wile as Uun Ires*, or coilt If required. Good refer nee. A ldrc*a P. L., box 101 Ilerald office, for one day. A GERMAN GARDENKit, WHO FOR THE LAST three years haa had the charge of a frst c!*? t '0 liit-y lesilenee lmTulliig graperiw, greenhmtse, A<-., desires to obtain * situation. Rtf-ronee* unesceptlonable. Call on or no .i. -.* lc -M.. at Bridge'*, .376 Broadway, N. Y Foreman w anted?thoroughly competent to take charge ot G i0 braiding machines, at Eagle Skirt Works SSd at. and 1*1 ar. FARMER'S Olt GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? X By a in*n wills * small f-miry, or would Work a far* on share<; ittlly understands the rare of koracs auil alt kinds of sio k and gr. it; the woman, U required, : n 1 rslan I* "11 k nd* or family b? Ing. Best i f rotaiences. C ill at 73 Wert 20th at. i ]mportant to photographers and printers i* r, in ii tint t'laM New l'.irk , allwy. Ii in u.v I ".h* for a: 1/ olier? io apply. Tbey munt t ioruti.h'jr under-tub 1 the nil,u men a id plain pater, and Hie rirl'-.ter 'innai'under*,'aud alburn i-ii t.pilnj. Addrean A. B. C., He-ail ofilc?. ITHeMOGRAlMliR WANTED ? APPLY AT TUE KIMball Uail.ty, 417 Mroadwey. rro cut mis.?a cutter wanted, to cut on X cu iwi worfc and la ai lai (a a -lling; m mat bt a food C'dlerunl aaleaman; none ivh ru need apply. Nnc'i a iimn ran bare a at- atly aitiiatmii by applying nt I'et"r D.lnn'a rl tfili>i{ More, 134 Oiun.l at., one tioor above fit'i ?i,, V, 11liamabui'4. "lit ANTED?BY A HOT 17 TEA ltd OLD, TO LEA UN TT aoeio it mil trade; tould lllty to liveivitb liU i in ployor; worked at klldur; (no j nr?. A<idroa> Pheian, II. oft. -e, fur too day*. TIT ANTED?A UOOD BLACKSMITH NONE BUT A V T in nt c asa workman tired apply at l&l E?- r t at. WAN I ED?IIV AN ENGLISH GARDENER, I'NMARrlei, nmplt yinetu to have llie charge o' groenhouao, ft laid.- and Inir unnlctia, Mlt, Ar : uf hid v j-eana' r? p rlrne In ihi" .ountry. Ad.trria J. II., oaro of Andrew B i.l .riintn, iiii Breanw.iy. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, TWO OK THREE GOOD elmik maker*. None b it Him who can tiring sewing macliliica ne d apply at dlCoiut at. third alary, ba-k room. rnSNCH AOVERTlMB BETS TTNK FPMME DE CHAMBdE 1'RANOAIbK, DU PRKlJ m>r oidre; <i. bonnua d enU'.M, Uai'.oii<40-a ot I'roDa amen; nnu i-nMi ie a (cordon lib u, et deiu w ill re, d?nian l. n a ee pl?e, r a it tin milanm. 8 a..'rer?er aulte it I' Fiaiienlau <|e M I'. ('AILLAHD, AI H Mb a.cnur. On ditrnaiul* K l ? a Ir. sie de? rutalnicroi k'rancahej da aocond ..idre. DKSTISTRY. AKTIITCIAL JIONK k'lLMN l, -HOOMA OF THE LIS eocererSW Mr. adivay. Ac,dug -lit, old ruotl and mere ahmla run be illled wnliom pain. Alan on band Hi el,. oraeui loan i?*mnuco *tin uouo.i, vie on y uarom am ell-* known Tor keeping tlio Wish tvh^e and sumi healthy. DR. C. a. WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TKKi'H Whine net*. $j. $0, $10, $ It, an l upwar I; arm ranted in every polni. To th l ivuh Knnl, 2">< . to (1. Ail work at h.ilf the price* charged e ?r?li re. Oitl 13 Hon I etiv-t and 'ill Arch Mr. cl, Philadelphia. TOO LATE Vila CLASSIFICATION. Army and navy pay and bounty pkoiU'Cly collected. ivlo Mann* ? .1 Pernio is procured Korfi RI HroYltLL, 72 Wall aireet. Ayol NU ULNTLKJIAN, CONSIDERED handsome by In' Inly Iriendr, >-t a warm ilnpoettl in. >n<! xln i^ -i ready ior? ?o" . Won I It" in eotreipon I with aoine hdy ofaiiard I) t m -etam-nt, bandeomn, well form-V and lire, ly;age iro n Iwirtarn lo acventcen. Addre.a Charlea, box IMII onld ollioe. _______ A gentleman, m years 01' auk, doinq a hood bua.maa, mining a band noma lionaa. nlo?ly furm bed, la* one till i, la deairoin of onrfaiMndiny wl'h i. iady in view rf mali-i'noiiy; mint bn of prepn*.ie??ln? aiv pr.iano-nnd togood DCMty. Ad Ir >? Henry Htili?e,l, I'oai olllro. Matrimonial?a retired merchant, ?i i en re of .tjjr. a wltiower, without chlld.en, wlelie? to otrreepond with an i.inl* ill- and cc<a:niilleba.i Indy vrlio la capable of prealdtne over hla ratabllahmi'iit end h iiIah 1I113 to till aomlwrt. M una no objeti The a'vertiwr doe* not ni.ilrioa hiniaeil in lomnnlle youu ; gM*, but lo n genuine, uenaiblr. rroipnn, wlio can bu*r Wltn his InBrmttlea IT 11. cd be, aid adord lilin kind e.i.n and attention, in teiui .1 for whli h he inn offer her a life of affluence anil tha prtvectlnn Of nn honorable name. Addieei Jnmea 1, T , lle-ald office urfeout notice -1.... friends ok jammTem O era if?|U ah J lo attend a i.ic.itlni;, this (Wed net ay) evening, nt ha1 -|<aat aeven o'clock, nt the R.rtiUi IViiril Hotel, No. 173 Madison street, to consider the came of hla r,.moral 1 rum the p..atiiou of Health \\ nnteu of the Severnb ward. Comuittxk or AattAtinxxatirs. John Duffy. Patrick Parrel, Kiel arrt ',valtera. Tpoma? Hntler, Andrew Martin, i*"?'Ar*f ', Patrick Mmlnire, Richard O Uiady, ThomaaM (Jinley. Majoi Uonnehr. John IJalton, (fh.iine W. Metiln, Bernard MeOnlra, Thomea Green. Frin da Dillon, C> UTI.KR8 HI1'.?A RUTLBRfWIIP FOR BALK. LOCATED p at Fort Plckenaj lertna eaay and proepecta renr proBtaMe. Inoulre of DM. JOHNS at tha tfcee of D. Talmaga k Oo., ti Water atreet. FE15KUARY i'6. 1862.?Til) HFLP \V A 5TK D?FK M \T.E1. 1 Am iniblliuknt. aurkbablr lade, krom i 1?1 ult-nve Ui thirly-iive yeara i>U, who la ha-.Uhy a?J (trang ..ea willing to lit raelf uaeiui, tan hear of a ra. ai'ODHible ul .mr.-eable ailn* ion, commanding fair wagca, by addressing 11. J., bin 107 Hraid oAoe. < AOUUK, W ASI11.H AND 1BONKH WANTKn.-AOIUL. w ho la a ^O-kI cook, wralier ami i roller Mini be enuipcieiit, mill come we.l re cumin en.led from her Uat employer. '

Mo other* need apyi.r at&ttld Degraw si., Brooklyn, between Id an i 1 o olo k l All kamiljeb and qood servants will kind i llie larg-nt oi l eniablielid InaUtulr. at (ho ooruer of 6lh 1 av. ami llth it., for Uermaii, E.glUh Inah aufl American , WOIlimi. M.M- KloVil in at?a???/4?aiw?r* ' l*\r>A rtlonaa ? " ' I Pioa-iauia wanted. ** ' * Mrs. matii.da c. green'H agency for emjdoyuicnl, 1 lib at., Ural Jour Iroto di arts., bus oil baud | tlr-t ?h<? k.ln.iliono for reliible help; hlghi at wagca lor 1 latmarcbMM and waUreaaea alone. Alio Protectant urip of over) vailing MILLING KV.-wanted, an experienced TRIMiner. Nunc but a net olaaa uao uceil upply, to the Mihm s Wal.t.u, 781 11 roadway. WANTED-A KIRftT RATE COOK. SUB MUST HAVE ,'Uod i renoea an lu honesty, Ac. Audreaa V. P., box . 14' HMU odoa WANTED?ON TUB 1ST DAY OK MARCH, A GOOD I Inn eonx; must un irr.vnnd making bread, cake and , lie a, an i uegbt iu ib? wishing and Ir >mn . l'or .? small urlra.n near, tag l.ouae, down town. Moat i e mat and o llgln , an I have good r rouiuirudaluu fio n her last pi ice. Address, where 10 ha aeon, Reach Sane . Ilerwd o lice. WANTBD?A GIRL TO DOOBNEKAL HO SXWOUj . moat be a good cook, wash nlid liuu' r, a .d conic well rn bMHMH. C..11 al 127 it)Ik 11. TYTANTED?A KIHrfT RATE PASTRY COOK; ONE 1 M who .inters an,la making com uonery,, ires, , jelly and ancyoakee. Nona mil u good onu need apply. Address l.eon Ap-lena, All ny, N. Y. Ur ANTED?IN a SMALL FAMILY. A SCOTCH OR English Protestant girl, rh exp Hen" d i. rati and camatre a; unexosplionablit city rafercovo roaoirod. Ap; y i i i. eni. 9 and 12 #'( i"ek at 91 V, cat 4- i '. I UrANTED-AN KXPKRIHNCKD NURSE, WITH GOOD rc;crmic<g; gooa wages paM. Apply ir ?'n lu t> 12 o'clock at 267 Wert 22J Kt.. between 8th ana tub ave0;. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY (URL. TO DO GENERAL J houaewoik; la a gool wa.-du r end troMTABd p ?m cook; is willing and oli'lging and klud t > children. Apply, with city reference, at 122 West I hi at., near 7th live. \\TANTED?A BESPECTAltLB YOUNG WOMAN KOR ' I? general bnurework In a amall I'umily. Mnal he a pood Cook and urat lulc waaher and Ironer, with city re.oui.ueu- J datum Irom last place. One w ho has Ured inaJewUliiamlly preferred. Apply at 181 Wcai 20th at. WANTED-A NICE, TIDY .GIRL, TO DO THE GENE- J ral hniia-work of a amall family, 'dual huvo the cert of city rulcioncc, and be a good waaher and troner. Appiy al 2U l|ar:iaon at. J WANTED-A TIDY, INDUSYRIOUS YOUNG WOMAN * to do chambenvork and waiting for a amall family, ami to make herself generally useful; must bate more than . uaual good recommendallou. Call at 28 Woat 24th at., Corner | of 4th n n t 1 In u I .. I* r ANTED?A. FIRST KATE COOK. FRENCH OR . I f German pre Ion .at. She must have gaol rcfeiviicPi as I to honeity, A . A Idrass V. P., hox 145 Hctuld olliee. ^ WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, FROM 14 TO 10 1 years or age, to take cars of a baby and assist re light work; oua who can sew preiurred. Anplv this day (VVodnes- I d iy), between 10 and 12 o'clock, at 89 Leniugton av. ' TXT"ANTED?A COMPETENT LADY'S MAID, FRENCH I VI or English; must thoroughly understand dr. s-making and llitu a a ing. Apply lor two days, between 10 and I ; oV-lu k, at 'M Fifth avenun. ; WANTED?A GOOD COOK AND BAKER, ONE WILlltig to assist to the wash ins and trcuing, lorasinull private Jewish lnmlly, who go in the country for the summer months; good wattes given, therefore none but a competent , p-rson need aptuy. Call float 10 till 12 o'clock at 40 West ' 8/th st. WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL TO > cook, v.-ush and Iron; none other tie, d ?p. ly. Best of reference will be required. Call at 62 Columbia at., Brook- ti lyu, between 10 and 1 this day. J VITANTED?A FEiV YOl'NO LADIES, ACCUSTOMED i Vf lo r.ork oil lace and emhrnldei> . o ids, at 8?-' oil: St., W.lli.ioubmg. No.'io but ueat and i,n, i minds need apply. j, WANTED?A GOOD WET NUitoE. APFLY TO DR. i A. L, Yoss, 55 West Iltu at., between 8 and It) o'ido.k A. M t WANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; 1 must be a good washer sud ironer, and come well re- i comoteuded. Appiy at 185 East 21st at., between lal and 2d avenues. j WAITRESS WANTED.?A TIDY, ACTIVE UIRL, WHO i la thoroughly accustomed to waltmy, Hnd can rurr to her last place In New York city, may apply at 9i West 21st a'.., t between the hours of Id au.1 12. WANTED-A WOMAN W1IO IS A FIRST RATE WASH" cr and Ironer and can do plain cooking. Apply at 2J0 , West 19tli at., wIlL rmo.umeodaiioua. , U'A' TED-A PROTECTANT OIRL, AS NURSE AND J ?f seamstress; wages #ti; New York city references required. Inquire at 14 West 117th St., 110m lb tilt 11 u clock. WANTED?A YOUNG HEALTHY W OMAN, WITH A fresh breaat of milk (German or French preferred/. r Call for two days at 1J Weit 50th it., between the hours of 9 and 11. n WANTED?A GERMAN OIRL, TO DO GENERAL g Housework; must be a good washer an 1 Irene;, and undeiataud plain cooking. Also wanted, a girl to lake care i of children and make lieraelf generally naeiul; rcirtegtos stand their business. C*U at 41 West 12th'St., between lOnnd > 2o clock ' WANTED?A COOK. GERMAN PREFERRED, THREE 1 in faintly, also, a Protestant cook, an.I uur cook, kw.h r , and Irontir, lor city; one iieusekeeper lor Westchester, and ^ 11: hi class colored ccok for city, all at good w ages, at ACKER- MANN'.-i, It Koii'th avenue. , "I LTANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A WOMAN. WHO Id A c It llmtralo operator on Wheeler A Wi sou's sewing machine, lo make Sturm and ladies' under clothes; none out. a good stuari ptu'son need apply at 273Hod.oo it, in (lie store. 0 WANTED?A GOOD (IIRE, TO COOK. WASH AN.) ? Iron, must be a good plain cook, and make good bread. References required. Call at 1*(J East 33d at. y W ANTED -A ( ODD COOK; ONE WHO THOROU1H I.T t TT understands Iut business and ran eome w-U reeoiu. , mended. Apply at 1'atleii'a Hotel. 279 anil 281 Or.:, * nt., corner o; Warren, hanrtdUlsIf WANTED- \ lUPMUBUI WOMAN, TO HUMS A ' rliiid Apply to A. Alviset, b-JJ Broadway. , \\f ANTED?A GIRL, TO DO THE GENERAL IIO"i E- t I r. o ;. 'f a laint.. ol i re pei oas; n isl be .. pood wra iorand i. .tier. ;.nj not afraid to work; one w. o wu.t s a lioma t preferred; wagrs $5 to S<i. Apply at 62 West lis..i at. CTTANTBD?A MEAT, C.tJti'iiTliNT aE ..... T.AND Yf l..d> . nistd, one wl.oc,n t e?r on a nia Mno .i 11 ..?u ! , children's dresses; no objection to a colored penaa. Gull at I , 9fi Pie r. pout st.. ltrookfcii, oa Wednesday, t o >. 2b, between | tl.s hours ol 3 and I. I . \V ANTED?A WOMAN, WIIO IS A COMPETENT j IT lauu ireaa and good (tenor., 1 hone worker. City reft- , r.-u.:e required. Ap,Jy, brteoen V and 12 o'clock, ai 46 Bast , 31st St. , LECTIBKS. "ITT ' DIDO vee.TS KNKA ? \. OAKKV I: M.L,Est*, THE PbMd Abort r., v I.I deliver a hwtnorotM dritmnite r eding, tClinton 11*11 rni (Wednesday) emning Subjeitl, "An A..j.eut hrt-Avti o; I'rouiisu Trial." D-. Ambon tor plaintle, Dr. Vn gii lor rtefundanl. TAR. ANTHON'8 POWF.RKITI. ARGUMENT IN DIDO J.' vrr s En as, at Cllpton Itall to -night. ] TITHE DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN A BREACH OP PROJl III sec ,s?, at Clinton II :II to-night. rnjIK TRIBULATIONS OK COUKf.SlIlP IN ANCIENT 1 J JL Ctrthngv, uy A. O.t vi y II iK, E? j., at Ciifilu.i Hall lo- , I ^Ui. I j riMIK PENALTIES OK HKjKK.V VOWS WILL BE J hti.noionaly net forih, at t Union Hail lo-uig H, <>/ A I unify il.ill, lie|. COPAKTOBR8H1P ROTICEf. ~ M 1>AUT.N EK WAN fKl>?WIT II lil.OOJ To $i,(XX>. AN If J. ll'iCiDl unit iMtrrgKlIc man, with thia ..mount in ( ah, ckn iMut' I iwlf lul'itit In a tKamimt i.iul itoutv, : out nf ninth can li? .1 liirtuii-. AdiK't Cnplain, ' lii.ta (I oj'.-a, lor IklW <l.'y?. ' (J. I 7 - ?WANTED, A WN fO TAKE PTLL CflARIR L 4 A#. 01 Bnit-r .not iirnrirton nt. r , ?? partu. r ; I >w rent, ..|i,r.tiii'iiia io> a lati.ii, : ont m llir o<*?t looittoua in tiio Ho.vpiy. Will wait for f ti t o. Ihi in .nay, us in t 11 .!?:.!. Apply on tht potniiM), liowiy. I 0;.?7 C ?PARTNER WANTED, IN THE co.ViKO- ' ?|PSi 4 t)? I OIIT. kii i paitry bualnr ?. Tit- a'.oip nnouul Will pd'C'ins* on IiaM iba Itu'ereat nf n Ilrniclia. 0?>ufi.|.tl >n? or/. Tin.' obji'ct y! tin: aiivvrtiov in in . iimi . t? LaUi n' lien.n irunt. Kor full j*r lo.ilara tail at ilo# tl.mal t:rr t. {.-An ?PAIWNF.A WANTED, IN THE ORATN AND ' paJV'U. prodn? j .mmi-i in Lai n ? >, a'r. a ty rm. nut n .Tooil trnd?. An oppormultf to ?<t n (i miaueoi in I lucrni|i o a .niilon In iimtiipu not n t,-n to Iw had. A,.;>I. to C. B. IHuvea ,t CO.. 4W Broalway. < ! > 4k'lll ?v PAKTNKR, with T'l AMOUNT 1H ; pia.Ut''/. f*,?-Tailoring bit* In n, In Hum nun try, well ; I,mated nil I 'loin; j;o< d bn?Tn"W; clj etinbl.ahmcm i> tba , ale in tv, oth r imi Inar hn* a r.mni'rr ntorv 1 r. 1). KICIIAKUHON ,n CO , h2 ami tit Niunau ntreet. j ' PKIOiOV A I,. UMMiKLYM. r \ JBBKII I'. .. . 18 A IjTTTIU J) Ik.1 t?" la lb' Brovklyu 1' ">i. ulU e, c .n% irA in t r a. mi Ti n jivi-a: the rhnrcL rto >r. i pr.?< ji.iir ho.- vt.jr mornHi; * xa I 8 iii' * k, .iitii lu Ilie craning lelivr. a 0 an I 7 , or? ? H. W. | ' I r TUB VOUNU LAO\, A* OOMPANIBO by A emend' X .?in. m walking ilc t u 8.x Ji itvenuv, in-ai Xwfiniy i .gii .i . r"'i.Uot '..ii.m.v aft in* u, imlwn a I mil (> .It I* i wIT.g l'? Oi-ioiiii V I ?r ai\ju'lnto, ? tip ><>. n; nai i who n *h i'i'i o^i I' it ilia r*r sattirt up, will c >ra . i fmoi tijr x.lrir ~uf>H f Janu*. e aUuii A, Hjmnil alroei P. O. j j If nr.. U> .Nil I.A JY , 1 AT V.lit R <11 KSIEf) BY tliH in wb i ?*i In'iriJ '.tir In lh? llud ion River I Ham . i ionu.i rmturOa.*,In louklur "Pvraouala" Id lH* liej raid of Thp? !ay er Wifrttipiitay, would b? -Oia* butter aoiinnlnli'1, Kb* wlli p!p*?p upi olut nn Idwvinr, or ion I her a litr.y i '< J"h . Beaufort, at*'InnO, New Y. rk Pu?? otlloe: j 1"rA8i' BATUftDA? n I.MiON. AT COOPBR Ki.-riJ imp, p.uqlv t will tilDtluri", "Hack liunum," between gentleman ana imly. Wa -i"vor??il wlih unr e)e?, bul wbert can we rociM! AMrnax K. O., HeraM Offlcp. j IONDON TIVES-i'AN YCW UK AT TUB KAtf.KOAD . J Or I i.a before, I1:l? (Wwl.iaaduy) mnrnln* at 10 o'cl.aokf , If not aipri will be a Imier to the "nrl?lua' a*l.ire*a,'' at ai*tk.u K. , MEKT MB AT TUB OLD PLA A TO DAY, AT 11 | o'llock. . ijt'URTII OK MARCH. j -yy 8BB DBATIfS, BIRTH8 ABU MARRIAOE8. ] ?w:mfai A1YP JBWBLK' " WANTED TO PCBCHA9B-A ORMUNB I ,E8 Erb-t.bam or JttVa Jurgeineg Oolil Hunk t'Mo ' Welch. Auilreea Mec-ui, Philadelphia Lei*, rodoe, Unf _ towaet ml prion. * T" r ll'LK SHEET. era UP WAVTEP?HALES. AGISTS w \if riu?TO 8EM. TilE OBI'i'NALi 3TATIONEHY PA^KAOB. lh0 ouly una lu.i. u* ar ?c ' THE TEST OF YEAU3 uid cti-en nu ll The UN I OS PRIZE Mi'AlO'HKUY AND RBGll'K PACKAGE AND KN?EIA>''ii COPTAIN8 MOKK KTATIOMEBY tndof AMMAI'iiuai ). ..uUAJ.uer PIECE Or JEWELRY Ibfcn any package put tip in ibl? or an< otlifr dtjr. Hand Iiir our > ire ilara, which wv wMl u.ail free. $5 lo $10 |mr tilf <ai> be ?A la. W? put lo ea ! package a beautiful fcud Lfeli e*viii* Of 1 (1EMCKAL GEOBOE B MiOLBXLAY, 6iW. rs ?,h,?K.. u ?-i- ? '< ' - - ? v = ?=" " ? ??"? 8 sr.eets Ouuiiuerelal Note 6 Hurt Envelopes. l'ap, r. 1 line 8#?1 I'eua. sheet* Ladies' Nub, PRp?r. I (Inn I' noli 6 while Union Knvnloj*^, J ahee' fi iltlngPl^T. in c dor i A t irmodatieo ran Hold8 Laities Wlilte Union Bn- er. veltipes. ALSO, A PIECE OK JEWELRY. RICKakds A CO., m Nassau street AGENTS WANTED?TO yELL TUB McCLEL.'.AN t'OIT \ I' LI; WRITING DBA It, 1 The must II ,%:!?: rtl 1 f - i*e s.iliMiv ' ver invented. ' BAN HE CALiil I' I) IV T'!K N-V 'SACK. AND FORMS A C?'MPLRTK WR1T1VO Dltjor I Contains ?v'ivtldn : in no'v fur wrtii ; .ehteen letter*. I: THE MOST SALrABLB ARTICLE .j Tor the soldier now in use. Prl ! > eiiln Agents wauled every v.liere, Sen stamp for a nircular. ' W. H. OATKLEY CO., 1>)2 Nas-iau street. r AOKNTS, DEALERS AND MEHCHANT8 { Wishing to ?e|| the best 'PRIZE PACKETS OK STAT.ONERY AND JEWELS? ahoiiht liny ours, it eengage to give M< RE KOB THE MONEY i ind better sat'Hrii(T on, because the I <J iAJHTY OK TUB GOODS i ?n nl\. eye b" gu.irui.tced aud relied on, I Circulars nee. IIAKKJN8 A OO , 88 i. in ii a icel. N. Y. i \ CENTO WANTED?IN EVERY STATE OK T1IB /V Union, to *11 Dodln's Patent Kerosene Oil B'truer fur 1 luid lamps; requires no chimney or alternilon of the lumps. 1 : HI on or uddre, > Joseph Dodin, No. 82 Duane street, near ' Jhatham, New York. ' A N EN'JROSSiNU CLKRK WANTED.?ONE WHO J f writ's > good UanJ ami v.ho will l;o satisiied with mod ' ale coir.ii* nsatlon may find p rnian nt occupation by adIr'S'.iug X. I. Z., Ileralil oillce. A BOY WANTED?TO OPEN OYSTERS, WAIT ON IV. tab'#', and make himself useful. A|>pli at tdli UtU sr., < Knickerbocker Cottage. ( [JOY WANTED-AT 18 COLLEGE PLACE. AT $1 PER L> week. J. WORTENDYKK. Boy want ed?between the aces ok m and is; j must rende in New York aud write a good hand. Apply ,t room Id No. Id St., after 4 o clock. Boy wanted?to leak* the iiattino busi uens; must come well recommended; one not afraid to | I'nrk, and willing to stay in the store nights. Nine other j lied apply to Puiinly, .t?l7 Hudson at. TARVEK WANTLD.-A MEAT CARVER; ONE WHO { J thoroughly undentiud., bla Apply si lOi Dune at, TAN YASSER WANTED?ON SALARY AND COMMI 8 .J sion, to sell a prime article of sle, in barrels and half arrets. Applhiutious to be directed to Ale and Porter, tieaid oillce. TLERK WANTED?TN AN ATTORSF.Y'8 OFKICE ; A iJ y.mug man who has had aouie experience. Address B. .?., box 3,014 Post odicc, DRUO CI KllK WANTED IMMEDIATELY?ONE THAT is romp lent, honest an 1 mull 1 ma. and is willing to tork lor moderate way'ss. Addr-si F. Y., Herald ofll e. tniBSUH WANTED.-TWO GENTEEL, NICE Yol'NG I inen r.s flrenien in a clusi hotel; only those who are i isrd to work in hotels u<ed apply; aim a uno.i farmer who it imod pl.'iu .ardener. App:y early al SUSSMAN A SHAIDE'S Sii.p.oymeut otlire, 178 Howery. JAI.K3MAN WANTED.?ONE HAVING A NEW J ICR- ' J i -y ?u<1 Pennsylvania connection can !<i irof a good ami- < lion in a a< i.iw, wool und soft hut ahd slmw bonnet house; 1 iiu-i have a kuo.vledge of (bo huslneaa and c:ly lefereucea. Uldresa box ! 0 Post ofll , lA'AITERR ?WANTED, THREE UOOD WAITER*, , TT tpra.iiig Errn li ami Kri^llah. None but first class , i nula MCd apply at the Malign Uoree, 42 East 14th at. e iyANTED?BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, AN EXI'E- { IV riuiued man aa Wuilrr; the best of references require d. kpply at the exchange office, 47 Pulton at., Brooklyn, near lie ferry. 1 14"ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, A3 BARKEEPER AND * VI to asdst at the oyater but. Apply, alter 12 M , ul 12 t towery, for two dsyu. t 11 PASTED?A COMPETENT MAN, AB DELIVERER OR tl country -gent. Apply at 27 Beeauan at., third < lor. 1 IV ANTED?A COMPETENT PERSON Tffi MANAGE IT lor a hi'iy reader; uiu<t have some expelteneo in narnrtDinz, imtkini eiumieinenta, and be a food judge of 1 nouey. To a suitable p"raon a good poaltton la offered. 1 Iddrritr'Lady Tenxte, Heia'ol office. iy ANTED?A YOUNG li AN IN A BANKING HOUSE; , IT a I-t j, two c!r-Ua tor a hardware and boot and shoe ' i.ore.und analeatnan In a dry goods jobbing tunase. Apply it ldl Fillou alreot, ,\|.-tenants' Cicrl.a' Registry o lice. 1 littiutioua procured lor reepeotnbie partiea. E -lablJshsd ICifl. iyANTED?A GERMAN, BROUGHT UP TO THE TT baukiuit (mains* and familiar wlm the Ea ;llah. AdIr ta, with retereune, boa 2,oat Po?t egteo. iy ANTED?A FEW AGENTS, TO REM, ON COMMIS- ' IT al<>n. Kruocia po ket match baa, patented January, S62. Apply at the machine shop 177 Ilistcr st., corner of i1o t at. J lyANTLD?A FARMER AND GARDENER ALSO A IT Ctiachrai'n, or a good cartful man to attend tu heroes > lid make himself generally useful. Address box 4,206 Now I fork. _ * iy ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, TO MAKE OUT BILLS' I I" A' ., woo wrltea a qiilca hand and ta correct In Itgurea- I lalary $A iter veei k. Apply at 146 Chambers at. UD AMTKD-TWO CONDUCTORS, TWO ENTRY CLERKS, 1 IV one bookkeeper, three portera, two Leva lor tradea, :tt l arl.neper, s.x men lor steamers, girls ta travel, a Jrrk for a country store and a timekeeper for a mill. Apply i No. 7 Chatham square. lyANTED?.i YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED MAN IN A t II light cvi'iilug bualn-'Sa; uie having IrimJ-kJ to $iW In aahenn meet with a i.ood aiviath u: must be ail taled to ena e Itrmadl ilelv. Cad to day, no.u 9 to 12 o' 114 . Inrhiloplier St., hall door, U,rANTKl>-A NMTKOVABMI BOY TO ATTEND IN J If an u.'hvu and go -rrat.d.. Apply a. 3oJ Broadway, . oem R. tt "ANTED.?AN OTS TERM AN; ONE THAT UNDER' tl stands bis btnln. as 0. li at St. Nicholas Reituirnut' 'ornero. h.oaiuay ttn.l Spriugstreet. >VAN TED?AN WAITER, A BTNOLtf MoN. A PROIT, who tlioruiighly Uhiieialania h) business tnd l.c pi>"d c.ty icfc.ciusa. Aj ply r.t fS7 Broadway, corner ot 1 ?.h st., betr.'c n 10 and 12 o c ock. &TAA ?AGENTS W.tNIVR-TO OPEN AN OVFH'K J>J.V/U. and lake (Rewind eae agency, to e nryState, lor all o. Lloyds Gnat lli.uary Maps, us-d by oui O jiumaiiici ln chief. Tn.i cheaper! maps In the woil I A lomiue n be made on mm mei>s la each State, Three mlitioa Boplea oi ho" ni my nape nnv. airtauy i?h |j told. A . in u man to Ko to Calilnrniit, Rii . l.nut Agents al'n wauled tu every county. be 1 lor I'trculure. I T. LLCVI), 10t Broadway. VVUM'IUUIC. Ab.KD.'iOOM SUIT OK !'.NAM!.I,r.K!) FURNITURE . ior.2i, tn all color*, of warranted ni iiMfacmre; ulw m?II ' a neatm 10 .umber S.iUa, p.hi mid ui a, at if. I*'. KAKItlNl.TON S,, iMM Canal aticrt, opporlla Wooe'nr. Kstubiii.htvi ill IMS. . LAIUiE ASSORTMENT OK HOCSKIIOLU FUttNt. ; V tor ut pr.vaie sale at a avriB e; 7 octave rosewood Piiooiorte, eert t.'O, lor 5?-(l, Including Stool on I Cover. Uni ti o. Bulla coat S3M, f r <l?0; lr;i n, li?ic>?, l nrtalnr. Clo k , O I 'Vlntliur. Br.oui a, ruaowumi Ci.aoit.rr r.irnitoio. B* 'I nr. ae.;l"?? than Imll "oat. Inquire at 70 IVeai I ni. -si .tli i-Uc" t, no. r * i Ii avenue. ENAMELLKD CliAMHKR SUITS OP Fl'RNITURB, IN all enlor? and etyie-. a. wboieaalr and retail, at $20 ami ill it at '.a. Ai-o, Matlioatee and l'a.l.av'es. VT A KRKX IV Alt I), 217 Cantl itrrft, four door* eaat of Uroadway. F"i fnv; t KAMILY DESIROUS Of B00SSk.optng would pur. tiuao (tow $M) to $000 worth of I'-.ii'ahoM rum t ire. r*i-aona hat'in?' llic aauit to ili?p<'*r w ill Hint a ruaio.nor by adrfrvaalng a note to J. 0. II., lludaou air>et. For male?furniture kor sale?a French in !v, nboiii pi atari on a travelling tour In Cnllfo*nln,* to ul?|0*e oi bar luroiiuce. Any peraou* wlanlna to i .'ill two. keeping will lind It a rare opportunity. aad wl.i in w..i| to call immediately aad run nt lor th-uiarlvea, at i# Oreere alreet. KAVINO ON HANI) AN P.XHHUTION WIItOTI HAM paM VlUO per reek clear, will e<change to- turntltire, f arc or lienor* or taah; an Interview will tli- ren in I tailing. Apply at >V* ()rlenUI C?np rt Hall, ?!? Broadway, Uoiwet all an I 1 ami after 6 ASTROLOf 1Y. A8TOUNMNO CURES AND DIVINATIONS-IK IN III bo th or trouble cor.-t't MADAME OLIPFOHD. limit ailed liii?meea I'lnti Vnynn and Anieilenn M * l l*.u A o.iiun, No. WT Dean treei, ,-o?, er oi Hoyi a'i *<t, R oek;>n. Sue ore elia er< nia. daiecle dlaean. prmcrll* . reuiai an I a oeiil fi ten ia. Huaili er Int rvlew. Mlceiita: ui i i a . $1, by letter, with lock of nn'.r iuo it -d. $2. A.sTUMUHIxa.?MADAME MORROW, H A I NTH ilnn nier, tins a *f, tell' h w.o iiiniid . wriit *n you will rr *T, and all you iv.ili lo kn e.en , i ur veir too lahiv, cV' no pay Lueky charm a free. Her 1 I.. Iniin.i Iter Mi In 11 ? I no V in lull I "lanou? 1M Lirlli. * street, below lions.on. Price 2b file. U. nt.oi.iei, not ailinltttvl. A BONA riDB ASTISOLOOIST. THAT KVKUY ONR can depend on. i? Mu.e. WIL.BON, who i?l the nhjert ii your ?' U a* Won )l y .u tner. She trltnthr past, yre tent anil future of your life, a id warn* you of dan. vr*. end ilnna aiKvesauut rf Ilia anal perilous undrrtak nn N. II ?Oelebraud n.aglre! arms. No m Allan street, between lldinitiin "inl H'.irtun -tr r.s, over tlia I akerj. Charui ? Tor ladies K' BUciuon, u) emu. ABTONUUIINU ABB THIS PREDICTIONS OP MISP IMV1S, in' baautffnl Canadian (Jlpay. tonubulous >n all btl*ln. *r i mid A. M to II 1" M , at 272 Writ Tnelilh ilreet. I.ueky numbers. Ladies W n nt,; (.eiulcman 21 I'narm., OnnldenlAal letters wriUt n. MORA A. NEAMAN, INt)>:rfcNI>KNT rT.ArRVL.rANT ? U Medkal and buain. a? eniauliatlona day and eimlng The a l> n * ah. unfold* la an satta actor* to nil It la nonecna.?ry to g.rn lbisTallo"s of tfc. astonishing >aaulta. she oon. linues at 2.19 OlTlaioii at reel. Madamk bay. mo srvknth avenue, near twrn! ty-a*venlh street, aurprlar* all who rl?K hi r. The ai. lr. troubled and unlucky alimi.d test her power*. 81.a tell* roof rery th ni?hi*, lucky numbers, lorartL Ladles, Sue.; ge ndanon, kk. Tub greatest wonder in thb wori.d in thb young and aocomidlahe i Madame BYRON, from i'ar.a, who can Sa consulted with the strictest confidence na all aftaireaf life; restore* dr inken and iimS'thiul husband*: >aa a secret to make you balovrd l>? your fceert'a Id >al, aud . rings together those long asperated. Ladle. 21 oanta Residence W Third arcnua.aKre TwalfU at root. ft ^ r . . 0 .? ..?w. . ?fc ? ? w 9 ~ _ iMuiBJiyaxs. OLD BO'.VERY Til K VTKK S. IV STICNNKY'S NATIONAL CIRCUS. TWO PERFORMANCES TI-DAY. IT -1 l.B i i/M'S CABIN, UM U T i Ji ll O .BIN, I NO LB TOM M CABIN, AN BUI E .111AN MHKA1' DRAMA; AN KOI KNTKIAN MOttAL DRAMA: REAL HO It K->, Dwus AND Ml/i.Ki HEAL HORSES, DOGS AND MUi K3. HEAL MO...OB DOHS AND MULER. OLl) Hu.VKilY TIIKATK OLD li .WI KY THEATRE PEOPLE OK BROOK '.YN TO BEE I'NCLB TOM. AO TO THE OLD Bl?w FRY. riSOI'LK OK WIt,LIAMSHUKO, TO SHE UNCLE TOM. CO TO THE OLD BOWBHY. FBOPLE OK HUSKY I iff, TO SKK UNCLE TOM, 00 TO T"K OUFl'l..BUY, FIVE AITS. THIRTEEN T V It LB A UX, ,r? one hundred per. ormeka rWKLVB 1IOK V , TWELVE HORSES, _a IN 1 N'T,K TiMS CABIN. it the old bowery tilbatitb. HERAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, J _ :SJ BROADWAY. BVEAY EYfcNINO, dp*'*agn>eo-..ii iriupia of >11 r? ik ill rujoyiuput filled te> la utmost capacity hv* u/ av? reapecMtoh, judiioua and niimii 'Id/Mm, B'tmi" ENTHUSIASTIC APPROBATION "" "lining shouts (if laugh er, at the oriai. isl Kiiw delighting, health isipi nig nerfoi u>at.oe nigbuy iraaen ifl l.j 1 he ri-ra , nmaerbable and (KILLIaNV CON.iTKl.LAT ON OP STAR ARTISTS III* ivvklltl Ht THE ORBAT CANTF.BBORY, ears lamiataltable etn'nnoo o tha fail that 11 is the only Mac*I nf_ anniwiiit nt n (he K ,i| I e City, where one oaa tp-iid a plea-ant cvruliig, r-uii/Ni , pom eujojineut an4 (enuiae pieao'ite _ T1IK CURAT C A DTK it BURY is patronised by tun must ei. in 111 h i I mimed men of the lay, merchant* editor*, atatram 11 a <1 irtlmm; aR kail lta? THE cheat desideratum lo wniift nwiiy Hie hours >t <hu evening. ud I rocupewte ih9 Miergieaand refresh thr brain all r tl>- toll and Rare of tha lay. THE CRKAT CAKTERBUBY Id tht* first pfev ot uu-nt vi? i*j bv the roildroli a| Jther rlttuM 011 corn .14 .0 New York.. AuJ why! HecaoM It* fmnc in v\orlri a* in* only iiiumIc hall po?m**aintf kLL T1IK GH?aT LllalJTri of TUli l'KOPKSSIOM, THE MASTKil MINOS OF THE MODERN STAGS. How nell foiu.deJ this reputaiiou is luay bo seen by a glance at the mammoth list of HUPKBLATIVKLY UBBAT I'EBKOKMBBB uompriaiug tin Company AT THE GREAT CANTERBURY. BILLY BIRCH. BILLY BIRCH, BILLY BIRCH, BILLY BIRCH, URN COTTON, BEN COTTON, BRN COTTON. SEN CUITON, BEN COTTON, BEN COTTON. J. A. HERMAN, O. OKRMAINE, J. A. HERMAN, (1. OKRMAINE, MLLE. ADELAIDE PRICE, TUB CLIFFORD SISTERS, 'ATTIK STEWART, W. B. HARRISON. 'ATTIB STEWART. W. B. HARRISON. TUB DBLEVANTE BROTHERS, I M. CARROL, W. ROSS, BYltON CHRTSTT, r N. SMITH. C. LEHMAN. J. BoBNH. TIIR CANTKRBURY MINSTRKIB THE CANTERBURY MINSTKBIX the Canterbury minstrels THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS Broadway" m i nstrelh BROADWAY MINSTRELS BROADWAY MIN8TRTL8 C?m >in< d OBAND M ATI NEB, For the accommodation or Ladles aud Children, ON SATURDAY, AT 2. P M. Albert brahan s grand concert, blebckbm Buildtngti, on Tluirailay. Feb. 27.?Mlaa Magg>e tlaght will slug ' Our Good Ship Ba li To night" and "I nave Sighed lo Rest Me." Profua.or Mnntou conductor. AdmLstou tt all, A grand complimentary BENEFIT WILL BB given lo Madame BEl.L, at the Dahlia Cun'tv ' Room. 164 Broadway, on Wednnaday emuing, Keorua;. 28. on whleli occaaton there will b a grand cnmblnith.n of talent ippear, who hare kindly volunteered .heir aerrlcea for Ibis light. 'I A A ?THE GREAT AMERICAN MURIC HALL, ITT. 144 BROADWAY. 444 Worldwide Is the fame of tbla moat popular plaoe ef imuaemcut. People talk of It; newspa.-er crltia write of lit ivrry areiit performi r ee kaan opening at 1L Ita brilliant onaiellation of darkling atara ostonlahra and delights lb* hO'i.aandr of amnaemen', mirth and t njojrment snekera wha lightly till It to nvrrllntvlng. Ii pieaenu A NEW EBA IN THE ANNALS OF AMUSEMENT. BEHOLD ' HE DAZZLINO ARRAY OK BRILLIANT PERFORMERS. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, he great model clown, jeater, sloo p orator and oomlc singer if the age. CHARLEY WHITE, C1IAR.BY WHITE, ,he famous Rthlooian comedian, author of all the most popuar negro farces and buiiea<iues of the day?a boat in him>*tf" CHARLEY GARDNER, CHARLEY UAKDNER. ihc renowned repreaeutatlre of the contraband race. R. IIART, A. o. I.KAVTTT, H. LRSLIB. K. HAUT. A. J. LKAVITT, II. LESLIE, In their glorious negio eccentricities, that delight all be. holdaie MISS ERNESTINE DE FAIRER. Mla< LIZZIE SC HOLME. AND TUB BRILLIANT I ORPS DK BALLET, snder the iluwtinii or the tri at master, MOMS. PAUL HKILLI YNT. FRESU NOVEI TIES EVERY NIGHT. ROBERT W. BUTLER, aola Proprietor and Manager. HOOLEY S MINSTRELS, <69 Hrondn ay, opposite Bond (treat. JKO. GRAY S HENKF1T. GEO. GRAY'S BENE PIT. T .u . > day evening, Feb. 27. Thursday evening, Fob. 3J. llooley's MiudrvU, 639 Broadway, opposite Bond e'reet. PROFESSOR ADRIEN BEGS MOST RE8PRCTPULLY to Inform the j. ihltc that on a<count of rircumkt uoaa lver which ho -ould eaeercts" no ' octroi, coupled with severe itidiap >tut>on, he Is ounpelied to pus .tone hU advertised per. 'ormancea for tha preaeM; and, In joatlco to hta numerous rrienda, aa well as to I imsulf, he b-gs thueewho witnessed hta attempta at giving a ; crtoriuaiu e under so loao-aslbl-of au-re-s as tho e surrounding him?(when thoae are nxplaloed, is they shortly will bo, the public and hta friends vrlU know where the blama of hta failure should reat, till then)?to aurj?nd Judgment. W. P. ADRIEN. Nrw Yo.?r. Feb. 23, 1862. UOOLEY'S MINSTRELS, ?6J Mroe .way, opposite Bond a*reel. K membf r th? Grand Complimentary Testimonial to Mr. LiEO. I1RAV. the 'a orltr Tenor. THUILSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY27, ISM. rAI.ENT?TALENT?TALENT?THIS EVENING. AT the ll,uiie iif Commons. A3 West llouslou street. Mr. T. Donley will Ukn thr chs? on till < oc a on. Vice Oehalr T. Donley, an.l aime of the be.t net., will he in attendance. [Jive [tint a all. ROBERT SMITH, Proprietor. ~ M sCEI.LANBOVS. AOENCY OK HAMMERS CHAMPAGNE ALE OK frr ed.?Instead n ?up >:yiny our customers in tnedty o New York dir t- from our brewery In Harlem, as hereto* fore, we nave, with it view .if la tli'atlng the b nonet* by so. ill: ,n .? nun s-icedy and priiript e>-1:1111011 of ordrin, renin Ir.t to establ ah ? depot In the <l'y, and to li ta suitable p irty have the em re charge of the same?rre'Iv ug ra in# mi in* ill 11 cry or the ??#, alleudng 10 in* collection or mn.iev on t lo all o'.'ie- h 1?ID**? ro in?i l-il wllta ancta u n JT, a i he ia t.i man** lb" who e citjr b ixln -*a an J bo reai/ouat. hi* i ir tin- aanif. Awny ,.t ihe iimwi nr. II t.VMKK A CO., r itirih avenue, iJ'th anl l? street*. t card-mrs eveline morris, letter and l\ Caid Wrllt.ig, also Copying. 11 her r<, V ..'t iliomlw?',. aoconit Boor. OlBca hoiira trout 10 A. M. l!U I f. M. h vv tnmrtt Hon to ladies and gen'lenn n. Ti innio. N. K ?I.' k il oo. um ntx copied w,'.h a curacy and at lb* aborted n H**. (SARD I'RINTINO, BILLHEAD PRINTING, CIRCULAR J Printing, H; I, i* Printing, Programme Printing, e.U 01 Faro Priuliur, Libel I rln luj, >'an -y I'r. iting. JOflN r. BALDWIN, 114 Fulton street. CAVALRY HA1IKR8. OFFICERS' SWORDS AND lo ?* Iiladea, all t'..e regulation patterns, lium the Ik at gollngeu tuatara; nl . i Damaoue Pr'srn'allon Saor A every iilad* aulnulueil to |, at and warranted to out lien. For aale In iiitan Iliaa lo lilt pur baeota btr the import* r, LOUIS WlNDWl Ll.h.R, ill] Pearl ati-oi. near Wall. Marblr mantels, oreat bargain in man tela.?A lam* atnck on baud and a great reduction la irlc -a fur any kind fiilered till* month. Call anon at A. K LASER'S marble yard, 1 IS Ea<t Eighteenth street, wc I ut Third aeenue. Manlela put up In any plana In the country. Pkrnot brothers CELEBRATED SEWING MAclilu* Needles, tur all kind" of macblo-a. C o oral depot !?l Canal street, corner of Elizabeth. All Needlet warranted. Printing-cheap por cash, at tiioman k. SLTiO.VS, l?S Fulton atreet. Mer uarta, storekeepers, l -n'ea i. n and others who >lah to be fatrlv dealt with lit Invited to rail and eiamtit* Huliu i'a atyl*, bearprlran, and Juafn a torJintly SAVB TOUR MONEY. ?A PARKER, SM W A.Ill IN,Vlon street, onrner ol Mi rray. Nee Tort, *ella Cham Cty angar urert llama, wai ranted. at Sc. per lb.; beet Family huu11, but li an t INI lb*. &H<' 1 l?ln- Starch, boa 40 Iba., 9tie rpo EXHIBITORS AT THE WORLD'S FAIR AT LON J. ii*n. IreG?An Atnnri'an genlieman a Hunt going to Lon" ,:, n 11attend ihla eiltlb turn, (a desirous of malting arean! *'iha few American eutttrluutora, oy vnlch he ran a tend lo Hielr business a* an agent. Ft rat rlaaa re reran en it. ii, ami security, If mouaaary. Addraaa for one w-ek L a lou, hoi 13J Herald oOlre. mun1cal. I MAONIMCF.NT 7 OOTAVB RO-IKIVKOD PIANO. V forte l?r Bale, ?Ic,*miI. earned lr,? ant oaer, ot.r trtiiif tiaaa. lull linn jlata, Hair I w ik ml' irnoit; l>a* xH ncidemlni|iriiTfinmt?; made ti? or<Mr, lx>> r li ??e aerea mondial eoat $NK>, lor A3 0 Including atnol ? dO<>v?r. Ala* I'xrlor turnliuie at a fh rl'lcr. Intulre at 70 R rat Twenty-alath ureet, near Sixth avenua. BA HO AT NATO OA ft 11 FUBCItABElM.b Ifc-TWO APLBB* did aeven <nlnve Piano nrira, tor AI4') 'ml JIW,' ia* iti iritis all the tnoil in Imprnti menu, o < ratru tig baar, * oU loped kFJTF, rlr.'Ul r - .li-, apleadtd tone, being tl*-< cheat>"?t 11 ever ottered l-ithiaellf. Appl* to McDONALpA CO.. 3?x Rowe.y. /1IIKAP MUSIC.?AT P. A. WUNOERMAMA H.rAOffO a ore, S|A Rrnidnar. jmt run S"'t -H foreign Mnn.eal ft low rnit?!A en1 worth for 8 eenta. New 4oifH"*t pvbiu enionx of ihi* weak.?A. Wun ierinann?Alliarmw Foika; K?-'.li f?Siiowiiake I'otkn; Mntenmbek?l^e IHJdtrA two Vain a, reprinted; Unrla T?n'i Oallup; TaWa ?*' a Mar anrka; Ki-ellen, three re?rrle?. To be had alai al jlall A Son'#. Mnh, Pnnd A tJo.'a, am! nM g.w I muaic denlora o? OUtar cfltea LA RIONORA RMIA TAIiKXTINI PARAVtLLI, PROf.Iw of Siualn; p erhen NlTlglnf nn l P. iao a. Lrr prtate reaMtonce, W Broad win, hirl ator/, ater Mr. Hathawav'a, n "r Ami<T rt,#rr "he " b' r" >> from I till ho'. look. ORftANR ?H(TRCH OROAN FOR RA1.B IAW, CP niperlJr tonaan.l iniah, tro of 'oui atop*, one ail atutia Dedala ?. tan atoyd* nd one t waive a to pa atop., pe?a.., M ?r ?) Dowa(n( (fc-j fir WILL BUT A 8BVRW OCTAV*, ROSBWOOO Piano worth now, and ooalafew raoniha a a i;s Beat <11; makFra and f.illy guaranteed. Cad . < High atreet, Brooklyn. It tuu ton nod. ' K1PRKI8K8. _ _ ' ABURNHAM'R Ft RNITURK RAP RIM All O FAfjr. ' lag eatabllahmant, ll.t Waat Kl<> enlh alreat, betw?ea Filth and Hltth arannaa. Rooeebeid Porn I tore bated ?a4 hipped to all parta ol tba world. Coaarad waaaa* far rj movlugfurniture toaad lt? than?try. rofeftweemroA

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