Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1862 Page 3
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VISAICIAL. A KM Y AND NAVY PAY COLLECTED.?CLAIMS UPON every i.ep..jriuieui ol tlie government aJJuat daudoa-heJ. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Bank, r, 39 Naaaau a tree I. No* York, oppoaite tao l'm>t u.l,ee. American cold and silver coin boluiit at a premium b, JOLN IIOOPE, 271Brua.way, corner i Cliouibera *tre?i. Contractors' claims on the ooveknment boueal. not i una coll < 'ril, by LIVEKMliKE, CLAWS A CO., Bunker*, 4.1 W II am i i. Money order-', issued in sums ok one dollar and upw.rda, payable at banna everyw nere in ibo Uulletl Stub a. JOHN B MiRKAY. Ariny auJ Navy Ranker, JJ N.aa.iu mreei, V? Opposite the Pi .at ofllee. New yore, fehruary 23, 1802.-$20,000 jersey CRy WaterBo.ida.?i'ru|<otala wid oe ivec.wu, up to the 1st oi Man b neu lor tint ubove a-ie mil of Bun.!*, 111 Uiiina not le#M Uuui $3,' 0b?Kou i? n.ivnu twenty year a to mainrc, mill ncaring Hx p r cent inlvreat; auid Bum to bdeliv< red In < qual amounts dunng tne inouina >1 April and May next. T u per cent wl.l ne require ! to be deposited "y botn buyer and -el er, an aeeurlty .or :ullllnienl 0. coairuci. Tne above Horn la um to be reielvcd by th ' -onlractom tor fornmliinc water j>l|?o for .said Water Company, nnd bv tli in ar now olf red lor Hale. Aldreaa C P. Kaiiuolpu, b >x 2,-bJ New York l'oat olb.-e OFFICE ok the ERIE RAILROAD comPAvy-new Yum, February ?5 ISA?.Nutlet*.? i'liu i.. eat u tie aecouu .nit tliii-.i iroi'tuiice bonrta ol ilia coup uiy will .ie CiM uo pies- ii aliuil i.f the 10 ipoiia, a tlie odu'i- o. ill* ena rer, in Erie pine. mi the l?l -Iny >: M r li next. A' the same line nil i |i n< c, be huli'eij ol the ce. il mate I'D K, liii'tior.. aii'l .1. f. H. Duvl-i, tru teea, will rec'lve rty.pi nt of ill- i oni on ol tie fwit.i i. on .ge I on .a, due prll, ldfld, wiib liiti H'ii I ruin May, 1 ill, io M it.1i 1,1> J. II. N. OKiS,.nori'iaty, Prize LISTS FOR the ATLANTIC BLOCKADINO aquadron ara now being ni.i ei.ji. Oill. ul ia,> ? w ill be for.vnriled irre lo i n> -li p on Ueiiij, lutormed of .he number of uUi era and men on JOiHK H. MURRAY, A my and N.ivy Banker, Ko. nil Kim u i altei t. N Y , o, po*itu luu i out olD e. Klmittakcls to ekoland. IRELAND, hCuTLAND AND WALKS. MUUT 11ILL8 ON Union IIivi or London, NxtioN.ii. Hanic or Scotland, Hkliaht Bxnkinu i'o .rxsr, IitrxANn. IN SUMS FROM ?1 Ui wards, ihSJBD at TAYLOR BKO I HERS Uankhm, !Ii7 HKOADiVAY, corner of Murray atreet, 70 WALL, corner of Pearl all cet. Treasury kojes, cold AND SILVER, BOUOUT AND SOLD TAYLOR BROTHERS. 2>: Broadway, conn r of Murray atreet. 70 Wall street, corner of Pearl. "I If ANTED?f 1.00.1 FOR THREE YEARS FIRST MOI'.T. TT vij^e au Leasehold Property; I an to run 6 ) e rxlmm Ut of May, wuli a rcnuVt'al o 311 >Ort'rn; In ux d 41,5,0nml reutc.1 for fc7.Vl per yi-r; A liberal bouns will be given. Addre?HM. R., box lib Herald otllee. WANTED.?A MAX WHO CAN LOAN THIS )U" amount, on good security, a n bin a permanent Mtuulum to tiavi-l, at $'6 p t week und exi en c -paid. Apjly at S7 Furayth street, corner of Orand, fourth boor, room <5-1 A /W\A ?WANTlin, A PARCY WITH THIS tpA'auo 11; to bike an In,omul In oi t )I aii on a patent article whlc. 1 will > leid a pro t 01 $13),i Oil ulih n tw-'ive montbA (r 011 the liailnoiM of Oil* city alone. TbU statement will be p oved to any party who can furnish the above amount In cash, and who desires to make arrangeaienta. Address box 2,18b Post ollic, N. Y. ?1.C Ann TO LOAN-IN ONE OR MORE SUMS, ON H> L?J.UU\y lien ! and mortgage 011 to >0 K' at E>t le In t la 11'y; uiiihl be nor n double n e aiiiuuiit required. An y o WM. II. II., 27.1 Third street, near avenue C, 1 from 12 to 1, or from t? 10 8 P. M. LECTURES. American geographical and statistical so. iety.?H. W. Bellows, D.D., Tb..iitlay evealng. at S o'clock,on "The lmportan' e or Samtniy S 1 nee; and J. Smith Uomaiia, Esq., on ' The comparative value of ihe Norti.eru and Southern porticnaof the United Sutca to England, in a commercial coint of view." WM. COVENTRY II. WADDELL, R cording Secretary. LOST AND yOlID. DOO LOST?FROM THE AUCTION ROOMS OP HEN ry Wood A Co., IS 1 Br adway, a lar,;e Setter Slot, gray, with black spot*. A auitable reward will be given for bcr return to the above ature. DOO LOST.?ON WEDNESDAY MORNINO, NEAR Union >quare, a imull Ital an Orvyhmin 1; answer* to the name of "law I ml '? A liberal rau-ar.l will he nal.1 In the tnd-r by leaving her at the Hotel Bl. Germain, corner of Plftfr avenue and Twenty-second etreet. fjlOUND-A K1LVEB WATCH, ON THB 32D, NEAR A Barnum'a Museum. The owner may have It by apply lag at 40 West Twrn y-third street, basement door. T OBT.-BANK BOOK ON THB MANHATTAN 8AYIN08 JLi rnstitutloa. No. 23,977. The tinder will please return Jtmtmma to the Bank. Lost-book no. m or thb broadway savings Hank; In the name or Nancy Harris. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leavlag Itat the Hank. f OST?ON 8ITNDAY, PKBRUART Xt, A NEWFOUNDLt land Dog. all ulack and curly excepts little white on the breast. Any person returning him to387 Third avuuue. In the store, will receive $A reward. I OST?ON SATURDAY, FEB. 22, A PACKAGE OP 4 valuable Patiers. betwren No. 174 W. street and No. if est Twwnty-mui street. As payment baa barn slopped on the notes tney will be of no value eirejit to Car owner. If seturned to No. 67 Weet Twenty-fifth street a Peers' tewaru will be given. 111.1.1. A WQPP, New Vork. LOST-ON thursday MORNING, 2.VITI I NUT , Wllll.K going down Elizabeth street, Bank Book No. 16S.LM, be toogliig'd the Chambers street bank. Tbn under will please leave II;.t the above place, or with the owner, at the Laborer's Homo, BILabeth street. LETTER L08T?YESTERDAY, ABOUT It O'CLOCK, AT or near the Post oilier, containing a ring enclosed, addressed Mr. E., Iloundndtteh, lamdmi. A sellable reward will be paid on leaving it at the llerald otti'.e. Lost?at or near the corner op broadway and Maiden lane, two female paintings. In box. The Under Will reeeirr the value of them In innnev hv call na at H Maiden lane. O. R. D' )W'NIJjU .t CO. LORT-A 8CARFPIN, REPRESENTING A FLY. KIVK dollar* reward will bo paid the Under by K. 0. Hull, at WSOdtr atrcrl. New York. T OUT?AT THE CENTRAL PARK, YESTERDAY AFXJ leruoon, while tka'ins noon the large pond, a ailver burning caae wa;eb, dntaHuM lever, thirteen jewel*. B\ tearing the wimo at 3S Went Fifteenth atrret, tl e fluder will be aultably rewarded uud receive the iliuuka of the owner. JOST-OK TUB 19TU INST., A PO RETR O N NAFITCON I talnlng about $C7 in bllN and $10 In ( M. Toe abov. longed to a poor woman, whoae hoabaud >a lu the wcr and bad jpat sent heron 'he money, ami whose nertliienle, Pirn regiment, N. Y. S. V.. was in the porn-u*.nnaie. Any |*r*oti who ivlll leave It at Wm. Fit/patrlci'*, F.orl?t, i o in r 01 Yweuly-ninth atrrel and Broadway, or at 230 Fifth avenue, will receive $b and the thank* of the owner. LOST-A BABY'S EMBROIDERED WHITE MEIiINO Hhawl, on Sunday night, between # ind It)o'clock. Hi therornerof El h h avenue and Eighteenth "tn e . If the Under will be kiun enough to leave It at 161 Weat Eight' en h Mrret they will bo am ably rewarded by the owhCi.M.a. CLARK. T OUT?<rN THE 23D INST., A SMALL CARRIAGE DOO. XJ beautifully ajiot'e I, and an^w -r* to the name of Nellie, whoever will r. mm he aame to Mr. T. Ila.l, Smithsonian Hotel, briwecu 7 and V o'clock P. M., will recelre IIftern dollar* reward. f~oif-$3 KEWAR l>?IN GOING FROM BKOYl) XJ atreet thr< u h Wall atrwt to ( f~r. ^hen n to Bro > lyn toC.unberiau I atie.'t, a C unbiiiat on Safe Key. bra*-, with ateel teeth. The above r wrirdwiu !? tnld on urtaeutatlon at IJIlle'a Safe d'-j oi, 2 tt Boidway, New York.' LOST-ON HATT'KDAY MVENINO. FEH. 1, WHIl5 I going front 111 Sullivan ?treel to the corner of Prim e a lady a mall tingle Mone Diamond Ring. The under will be aultably rawar-'ed by leaving it at 141 Dunne *tr>-i l. W. K. SHANNON. Lost or mislaid?a note drawn by hiaNk Loalie, > order of and endorsed l>> T. Powell dated JanowT" * ^ *l ,w0 """'ha, f"' 9?. Payment or aboTj Lavlt 4 Vffl tioppra. ibHtaMfwlll \w?u Ulily toward "1 bv raving it with John B'-nn It, It) Oily flail apiare. T "/KT ntt U Tl b I WV-ZTl Q4TITIIII I V 1 T? IV?P lj about 1 o'C.ork, near the rotier o: Broadway and \\ all t reel, a l'? ka,'< .otitanlnj th ptperg till o Ihe br ft Poater, dlr tuml to Whitney a Sen mi. Boston Mas*. Anyone retu nln; Hie ?ame to tlio Run Mutual In! oranoe Coinpiny,4.? Wall atreel, will be aultabty rewarded, HORSES, CARRIAGES, AiC, NYPAKTY UAVIMOALUitlf nCTOKtACARUIAtiK knt lhtle ui'.'d, aOltable lor one tiorae, m.<y hear 01 a en ah cua turner by ati>lr{**in( Ip'I 5 '4 Now York Pout utile*. 4 NUMBER OF NEAT HI'SlNESS WAOONS t'uN J\. atamL on hand, or made o order, anrh aa gr.x? r a. bakrra', milk, 'eel ami etpreta. You will tun I tint pla e far. rab'c at nov tlif M be found. Kerry or h ie I s'.'t iiri? btirran'Ali: Li r . fjCt" py, Fllty-thlr.l atrurl, between nr.aijwa *?^ Bighthjireime Cheap fob cash-a well matciikd team: Hor e an 1 Mere, >4.V; alt a 'at Roekaway, *-'2.1; Blet h And Pole, $.16, an I o Irr arilil't proportionately cheap. Apply at private alnb o, 10 W.-at Thirteenth atreet, or at Arnioiira' atable, Unlieralty plane. H abio to let. FORSAT.E-A CANADIAN PONY, BIX YKARH OLD, MM baud* hlith: heg made ma mile tlila winter In i SI on the Ice on Lake Plat pain; I* at aound at a dollar In f?i rr reaped' would make tint linett lady'* raddle POP.*, in the . Ity. Will be a<dd . heap for catb. Ti b.i a>"'.i al't7/ Peurl alrcet, rlt HALB-A PKIidll MILCH COW. OP THE REST quality, warrauP"I to iiw thirty qmuuof m la .tally, and to make flfteen pounds of butter a ? eek. Hue |? a Dree cow Apply at l.i I il.i . t i YJWIR SALE- A Will IK HOME, VERY ST.I.HII IN r the ainiole, or i it .In rr double harneat; Hit.., a Light Wapiti an I a te.'ll J Hoo t-he. They will he to .1 ebeap. at the nwner It ' n . further use for them, Pan tie Wen at Timtnaa Norn*' Kt. de, 118 CLntoa pDo FOR RALE?A \ f IV I.I < 111T SHIFT.NO TOP HI (HIV Wagon, In go ut order, |.rI e 9u, .o-t ill . ry nbeap. Can lie aeeh at t'l a of the day. Impure of Han. la, . arrer and turn 'f, .1*1 I.Inker alte t, between Hammond and hunt. TAO:t SALE t HEAP IWO VERY IIN.; SADDLE J.' Iloitea, jtiit In It" d itli > ; vt I 1 >nl lot y t W. Alto, on t emtpe l!or?e. A. p.y at the CI ib Hull % No. ltd Beret r reet. SADDLE ID lit I-. I t 'll HALE?IIRED AND RAI.-KD by the auli.seriher from tome of the t eal -to , in t ie Duniiy, ttalllont, geldings and nvtrra, ir on big i, three to Bigot yentaol l. I'< t.giee, un I other morulaMuttgiven tty.oti npidloi..:.on to JAMES Rl'CKKLBW Jumea barg, N.J. W1SBI A,YD I.IIitOns. 1 r;n 1 MKOlJn??HiN:sJioSV AMI) 'OTAHtl' luU ?'Ui*mly, nl?.i, TjCim < lll> ?i.| "iln il immirt" Hhrny Wln<\ W '|iiurt lm in a. Ii .'nim, im .it ?m?' ml t-nhlt <np4 a ? c ? I to pat a Irwic ?. Afj?lj a '1 1.1'h r v ? ii.|.i ji -I i)r? MKVtUMMIi T W l >'?MM ? KI'RJtl i t'MIC KXI'RF.g* AM) I A? KJ\ , ln.< r Itl -Inni ir, 111 W t !.? *. n air. i. ml . n F<: I Li All' I *iv)t 1* ? " II" '"I I" i nil u ii' lm 4 In al |i|4?t? "I 11 n.nlil (' \t?fri| w.i w?? u'4 luiiiiline I" ?n I f.o n ilie m .mrjr. K|i Iiltn n terrU ^ NEW POR BALE. AEAW.VHROKKR 8 HUSINI 88 FOR 8ALE.-WBLL rslahi fh i. n ol tlie <rni luuauona .11 the city. Fm? particnla. ad'p-sa, alib real name and addreta, A. B , A RAltB CIIARCE FOR AN ENTERFRI- INO YOUNO man?I'lm a nil . ata 1 aw d tiunb 1 8 in, <40 Tiiud a. ei ue lor aa cln ?p I'm oa.i. Appl on l:.<- premtsi s. A GENTLEMAN, AFOOT TO LEAVE THE CITY, wlxli. a l.) 1! -pom) ?f l,i- Interest in a atrktly cash Imatliess? a;e. reliable n I pro liable. To it mall of limited re nit ??s, this 1m <1 o ?i Oi>|im tuuity to eu-ug.- at once lu buntneas. AudrcseEii lu.-as, b< 1 116 Herald olllce. A FINE I OT OF SHELVING, COUNTERS. COAT ri'au is and lie- l*. ml.mix, toil liei w tl, u new Wl.der'a Safe, Saowcas ?, II it Air Siova au 1 oilier Fixtures, 1 or sale cln ap Address iiu< 4,: Si P.wt olllce, New York. Bakery for sale.?the lexse, fixtures and UoodWRlof tlie Bakery, eo. ner of Lola < die avenue an I Cum uilun I stre t. lironkly u, lui m o cheap, linking IS la rels |ier wee*. Km- particulars Inipilieon the pr. iu RAKERY FOUaSA: R-FOR QUARTER IT8 VALI'Ii; T r u? to nut. Si klirr.ii tile < ? in" of >rl i ig Inquire on the premises, Eig.ib av.mie til 1 Fifty-third street. CHEAP BROOKLYN LOTS FOR KALE.?A PLOT. OON tuteujt u mi forty Lot-, ou Troy tonuu- and Butler st-e otir f et uinve the grade. > hlchcnn lie nnely t'-mued f a* ri-siiiouc h, o 11 rod rli up in a cash cuatonier; also eleven L its, on mkiiiu'v Ft ret, b-twiMl Neiv Yn k mi l Itiooklyn uveine *?;i i buiee neighborhood. Impure of HENKiJlLT A OOIT, Piii? itreet. Dry ooods stock and futures for sale for 11W1.?i-lo k ?uia l und in g md order; ex o.l ui chain* lor it mnn of moiter lenini sin cunt inn- h bus n ns established ft number of years nnd now in anreeesfiii e ra'loi. Ap,.ly fti il > C iiial street. In t ie store. A ,ent? not noiiwd. DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN?HAND oti'T. i.iteil op turd wi II Ht-ieked; ei-nineus . >p iV fti 8 uvea o, between Livingston and l'ower> sift P10R SALE?THE BEST CITY MARKET IN NEW Yo i: will lie s il l to a rush cinloni r < rup Lo.tiol on Broadway. For f arther u nr. ud lien unit, U raM olHr. For s.vle.-the stock and fixtires of a Stntioin ry, Book an I Fancy Ooo Is St ir", nin lv 1" a e I In i'o rtli avenue, and now doing a wo ! lie. tie. - 'i n b it p. tiieli i!h negntluied with. Inquire of J. STONE, iJJ Broadway, ro.ou No. 6. LSOR SALE CUE VP?A LHil OR STORE, DOING A F go I * amines The o.vnr in uh ' d to-. I em ee mnt of o le i' l> ml i Ai.iyu All II AEL WA'.D .ON, 170 Earn i b rty-scoand street. . LA OH SALE?AN ESTABLISHED MILLINERY AND L die amazing basin s-n ol four years ma lint. first elms i n. o er.1. Now making nion >, who h a II i e shown ipnn (i t i view. I i in ml b only cuuae of ri-lltii. Apply lo price .. 1U0?A, Kj Broadway. A ;ents need : o apply. tAOR SALE?TI1E sTO K AND FIXTURES OF A Liquor Store, si uitted !n !h Sixth warl, No. 3 FruUa!in street, between 0 utvu i ni Baxter ?tree In. for further paiiiculai* a,ip!y on the pi i iul e?. I^OR SALE OlIEAP?THE LEASE OF TIIE TERRACE Si.oo.i, n itv a gooi boatnrai. Corner oi N'xty. eientli street and E glit i avenue, terminus of the E glob A.eniic Kail. onil. and main rn.iini'eto the Mna in Pond, Centra. Park. Aptilyon th pren.ln ?, or at 711 El lull av. IAOR SAI.r ?V FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND Lit. COR 1 Store, iu a good neighborly nl: wnl he aold r. a*ouaiiie to a MUui.Ni'iaior. Inquire nt 703 Washington street, corner >f l'erry. No ii?en'* need apply. For sale, on to rent?mttter, ckee-b and Pink kUino, in ouo u: tot l?e?t markets lit iiiuoiUyn. For |isri culiirs I' quire at No. 13 Atiunt.c market. Brooklyn, before one o'clock. For 8ai.e?a steam packing box factory. the machinery m in Kphuidld running order. a Horse tnd Truck. Apply at 33 Connhiii ntteet. -4 [tor 9ai.e.?tiie stock, fixtures and lease L of a ttra!. in a Grocery, on oue of the neat avenue* in 'he city , huaiiou very desirable. Aidress Grocer, 22U East l'iilnirlli street. For s vle?a butter and cheese store, on a leaning avenue. Apply to W. HILL, 2 <6 Went Twenty eighth a'.reet. hum 12 to 2 F. M. For sale?lease and furniture of a first rate Hotel, well furnished; ?(u ndid Dining Saloon, good pit ing Par, nil In com pice operation. lo-at. d convenient to the sieaiubosi lanllng* a id ra depots. SEYMOUR a WlilTON, 132 Broadway. tjk)r SALE-A Gi'OD FAMILY GROCERY AND r Lit 1 lor Store, cheap lor cash, In a thickly populated I Irish ueuhlunhood. R ut of Store and Dwelling $ 3 p r month. Apply at ISO Elizabeth a tree t. No agent* ie ed apply. till. GU1NIN. For sale?a butcher shop, with fixtures complata, with a four years' lease uf the place. 4ti2 liudaou street. Grocery for sale? of the best stands In llicoklyn, rho ce and well selected stock, eaih trade and low rant. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of I. CHARLES, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10and 4 o'cleek. Iron safe for sale cheap? hearing's make. double doors, a ISO, two wax figures, life size, completely dressed. Apply at No. 493 Broadway, up ma r I. rewelry store. twenty years established. Far sale, the Leaae, Sunk and Fixtures uf a Watch and Jewelry Store, in a good lo allon down town, ipw doing a good tuiflncns. Satl?fa tory reason* given foraelhng. Ad<lre*a Jeweller, Herald oBiee. TlQl'OR 8T0KE KOB SALE?DOWN TOWN. O.N A i ?>od comer and on h (('"'J thurouyhfare. F -ramaii d.Ti.t! his time to It, this Is a good chance. No agents need apply. Address Morgan, Herald olD -e. ONK FIFTEEN HORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, with, pot up netv at M Leonard hi reel. U for sale, with a lease, on a three stmw building, Z'llfAJ Tee.; rent low. Inquire at TAYLOll A WILNONW, . orner or Raade aud Hndsou streets, ami 221 Wesl Thirty-seventh ell eel. PATENT FOB SILK?AT AN EXTREMKI.V great a- rllioe. A ??? useful, n.-.-essarv and valunb e Invention. cheaply get up eeaily understood: auordlng ve y grent prollit ; a mast deelrab'e chance to make money. It must be soli retard'."of price. BOfTHWR'K .t WOOD. H2 Nassau street. Restaurant v0r hale.?a rewaurakt. down town, ha Ing h??U In euoee-sl'ul oie.Af n h number of , e .re. nnd io.vv dolus a fls*' rate buefno.* |? nifered : r sal" -a'tsiaetory ressous given lor selling. Apply et SltFeirl drevt. Rake oitoktunitv fob wing into busies*.? A Stork ol S raw Goods, lla.s *0-1 Cu|w, together* )Vltb tbe good will of an o d established bou.^ti i? olTein.l tot* ida'. Address l. >i. n., Ilenudoukoe. 10 BAKF.BS AND cont"ei""TK)NEHS?F< K ?4J-R OR hi less a ll:> ery and Sal < u, hei. tlt'nil u led up, nsw, wt;h two reus and comp ote set of t- ols. ro.nisr lit, feet le n No ' etter opportunity for acomn t ntp.r* u with a "ton I capital to com mono alar e an) pro it We Putin ft ha' ere; Wen offered. Address H. H., Hera d ogle . TlYl'E AND PRINTER S MATERT.V. 8 FnK SALE.? Fonts oi Tvp , Ir mi Nonpireil to 1'ic.i, will be sold for a-h, at from 1?to A) rents |ier 11. These fonts are nil In g ni l ord. r, to ne o :hein being n arl.v new. 8 amis, single slid double Cases, <-'alleys. Hit lis. la-ads of all sizes, Cbaaes, Ac. Appiy a' 18i W iuam street, fourth Uoor, corner of Spnne, New N'orkcliy. TO CAPITAII-T8.?A MONEY MAKING BUSINESS TO dl of; noe that baa been eslabllslied f ir lie lost eight veins, realising 100 pet cent. Sal s ..rtory rc.eon alien for mil m out. Good city property taken In esc'aiue. Fur furthi r particular* address N B., station B. No a^-nts need apply WANTE 1?EITHER AN AGENT OB PURCHASER OF l?r. GooInle's Emmie (i aiarrll U iiietlyl. I.e nrahoitt to leave, lie p.opnetor wishes to so d spots of the artlele thai the laihl c may I are res l> ir w, to it, and driiaifn t* slid oilier d a era lurniHlied with li at s one phi. e In the c ly of Ne.r Yoik. Its repulnll'inas s positive, and the uiilyi lire or uiuirii. has leenn d tor It a imp lar uml widely', a cinled ?.'lc, bnlh wholesale and rcail. T.-ru swill h- ail n a. lo .'(lu/sla litxral pro:,t to the liirestincul. ite*| omdnlluy will rcu'Mred. Apply at Old Broadway, New York. x 1 K. GOODALE. M.D. I. Z r^A FOR A FIRST RATE GROCERY AND LIQUOR !?> ) Ml N\Oi*, tuaied In the host locality in . liy, so I wiieis-a large .''S,|"r business is dvhS. ||alf o?al| down. Ay pis at 33J Canal ?? "**1 d?1 HAA -FOR 8A, E-a "ENTKEL, LIGHT MAVtf. ibl.UUll. fac tring tin 'K1!"*, with im'sI lass ho a ...SO p r eent avenue pioilli g'-ou "r two eme.piulng men. Prin. lp.'ls, with real ?S'tn*.p"ly?iikwered. Address M F., bo* l$| Herald dills* ( opartxk.llsiiip xotk'km. * I * NY A<TI\E IK'SINESE MkN, HAT I NO $5.0*1 CA- J i\ plt'il, nil I a lulling In e igigo ni r pta n rtn r ill ft Mich!^' r -pe.oii I nii.i eneiiin.iy PnriiWe, llnht i.mi pi, t moiin|.uiljlii|| nuk ImriaM', from wht li at |.?m $l 1,0*) ran In re tilted aiiuu.tlb, Without l b k or omp I i nn, en i meet n iiiiii.iimI iH', liy lie,tilling b-f iv 11A.M. or from 2 until 4 P. M., i t .VI ?iii1 .V5 llmadw iy, r.Him No. ti. Agenlaean aluo make m< n -y rapldk. .n overt love u n r > igtioul tuecountry, bv addrraMiiK im above. Descriptive . Ir u Lira forwur ..<1 free. . joop BIJ SIN E.c8 MAN. II iv MO at UURT fl M \ M1 ,y h"*?*n'"I'-al rli*"-III tt Well rrt-ibdklii'ii Mil l reMB t?i)[e In aim may N 1,1 proportion Ui be amount in _ " llfcNKV KEKtil'SON, W Wall itnrt \PARTXKB WANTED?IN A OOO0 MANI TAPinrma h iBineaa lura wi oleaal t and re alt (rude. I r.e pmllta. N. B ?An a !? Inialne ? men with a roolerato eaplUtl. Apply at 67 N taaivi atr eel. IJARTVER WANTED.?A POOD PIIVSI IAN. WITH o ue tie an*, w il Hint a rare o-. i t on to mnkeniortune; pant r?-ona for tor. n; a partner; n?tn - need led n?tvir. Audio* M., alatl Hi D I'oilI'UI.e. PARINKR WANTED?TO TAKE THE Pb.%1 K OFTIIB muring partner, in one of t e in it pay me uuMnona In iheilt . ri-ntl ring milr lour boor- out ni th- t amity loir Toe o iUai ! Worth tne a i.oiinl ai'iol for. Such a ehaiice la Ni dom ii "er' il. Pall nn II IV11 1,1 \MA, No. 74 lileecaer I air i t, kt dr. Brown a o'lu e, from 4. 'I IIH COPARTNERSHIP III HivI'OFiIKE KXHTINO I nmlir ilie loin iiaine nf Devon A Co. In Hun eay iaWrolhyNtiiiidoi -nit. Win, S ttiltlni re/. la alooe a ohoi t"d to ii iile t.p all cl .lina lor "r agalni tlie ion ent.?Fo>. 14. IS B. IS A At b IIKVOE. M X, H. Ut'TIKuUEN. rpilE POPAIITNEJI HIP lilrilKll I't) K\r flMl IN I. 11* r in hi* ti mi i inm ii. n, 11 * urn* .% mm i iii. 1 *i *y (I <?u vi'il i V M'lil nil iiilifi'i.l. Jin i K II *.inn ? ill i'uiiI.nuD llu i n Iupmu t A.*7 Hf * Iw i*; nt-u i?u ( n I the I i|i.||itii*i, mill ivnl i o I* * * all llu- "lU-vtui.iUg ilcl.m uf I tali' ur.ii Mtv Volt*, ken. *), 1mb. e ii yams, JO.iU K. ii YAMS. ?>1 7 r -wanted \mvv t.i takk kii.i, i iiaiiur V I- I 'I * HI*' vinl?.ii .I.IIP, n*. |.arttirr; liar Ivlil mill ?|i.? Hi"HI' * f?"illy I "Hll*. ii filial r.i-h ban "pan; Will ?m |.iP#i.iiH'l 'h* ii." .? ) , a* a man .( n o.lml. a|i, ly on tun i>i ml* ** l*'i'*l P,IWl ry. ?ii Ann Til <'ii '* i WANTKo IN rilg IJlO.U'"' I* piilns l ii-iii"-" in | ini a ilmi in tin* III*. M-il. U? In I II ?..? TI .I III A.1V Yuili fur |*ip.*ii III .Ii . A .'tress II., Ni-i* lVn OllliB. ,wW\ V I'A: I I'WIN,; f.l'SlNK.-S lull I ,'MM'i l*. II ' V |l!l S ' 0 > H I I* II 0 ., ,, I* i II I* n.i. I I 111* Mill III II Mil* mil.,. ,N Ilia * m il i| |>.y. I " . i iitii itlni a liy iit iuii* of i v Mli.UK '. fMiirii i r in l*t >ml*v*f Koai oiii*m YORK HERALD, THUKS B A la IB II Oi^ REAL ESTATE. A BPI KNDID FARM, IN THE CENTRAL PART OF a a llila Slat*, in* lor city properly.?Co >d I o oounnndioua t>a n and outbn 1 ilnga. Rood fenrea nd free f'O u tocumhra "*; llbaer-a, almaied on KkaneuU: e- ake. A hire** but 1,760 Pom other, giving deacrlpiiun of property ottered. t AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY NOVA SCOTIA DRAB tone Hou-n , now ocrnpled ny the own r, lor wile; furuiahed or iiiifurnLlieil, at a sacrifice and on liberal term*. App'y on the prciumes. si Weal Forty-sixth atieet, ueur fifth avenue. A BARGAIN FOR EXOTT VNtiE ?THREE THOUSAND I do !hih in furniln e a'd iron three to ?lx thouaand d./l. j Inr* In Western la id w II In- given mi exrhanue lor Brooklyn or New York jroperiy. Ini(i|iro at 87 Bo wry. Avery nice country place for sale?or , would xi'hniice lor civ nro *rtv. or a i.rat rla a retail i drug store; house new and well built, and within an hour of tiie city. Addicts Vi la. Herald ollice. A FARM FOR RALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR CITY peoi erty; f'3>i icrea; prior $d,.V?I; In Minnies X county, New J. rsey. 2,', mites from riiihn.d depot, 3)j from steamboat Ian dng, and 2ti .'mm New York; furm house on I nutbuildings, well wale rd an I spring well near the hou.-e; gnoderclinrdaand a raw-berry pitch; 78aitresunder cultivation. Inlunco h-nvy lim'ier. For trucking purposes culinot he exc lied. Inq lire of W. t'ORRIK. 209 Spring street. AOOOU GRAIN ANO D WHY?100 AC'tK FARM, I ne y fruit d. wad reil and timbered, geo I and an pie farm buildings, well located near depot, chutehi-a an 1 Side" 1-; lii Ro klnn ' county, Hi hour f o n the c tv, o ' -ale cb< op. BEYHOUR A Willi ON, 132 B oadwuy. A FARM OF H Al'KKS ONE 1! ACRES. ONE 29 n 11'?, one dll nc.- 'S, loi icaan . ora.ile. Also a Comtrv It NidencP, neur the i uy, in We-tcl.esier county. G. \V.. I'lTt'llETT, tVeeu-ln ater l,and a id Hns unsa Agency, corner Chatham und Chambers - reel, second lloor. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR GROCERIES M L ds free of in umhran. e; a neat two sto Ho -e well bolt, will murble n an I ? III leas near the Ity.inW' tell'itercounty. G. \V. DITCIIKTT, brown atone hiillduiga, corner of Chatham uu I Chambers streets, second lloor. t FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FO;t SALE OR TO i\ n t?Mob-rii b nit two stor, at'lc and lm .-uient brt. it Ho is , wi ll III t a'f o s, tastefully laid out: In it hia th> a d nleasiiui licithhur'inoil, and ens of access. Apply to FIT. V VST, Villa place, a, Morriaan a, or i.t 311 Sixth aven e, N. Y. AT MORRISANIA.?FOR SALE OR TO LET. A conve* niont two story altle und has ou ne C 'tinge, wt h larva yardeu; l.sailh n I ealth end p'uleant, and esse o a re-s. Apply to Fit. ERNST. Villa pla e, lillona, Morrisan a, or at 311 S.xth avenue, .V Y AOKNTEKLTHREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE. Iign nop, HS Lexington un-niie. for taic or to let. with or with nit Furniture, linn l-oineli pained and firse ed; has all the modern improvements and Is In perfect order and nenily furnla' ed. V\ 111 ' e sold or rented on reasonable toriua. Apply tu dOHN FOLEY, IE Broadway. A LOT, 21.10X95 FEET, ON TENTII STREET, HEtweeu Fifth and sixth avenues, log thcr with a ce y comfort le two a ory and attic House, 21.10x10 eel. I'r :n 1 iw and terms i a>y. Appyto ('HAS. E. MILLS, 31 ttri et. A RAVE CHANCE FOR A RAFF. AND VERY Pl.OJ\. Utah u investment,?lor sale, 1 500 ucres u. sii'iiul Land, in one tract, xvlth a nnv guile river running inroip h It; a v irlety <f soil, consls l-'gol n| lands, openings an l pialr|e b it oms, ft lih n gr in h nl. of valuable timber, for which the e is an increasing de i.iuul; also a'mmlant w atcr pow er, nd steamboat facilities; only live miles fr nil McGregor, the gr atest whent market in Iowa, being at the M ssos ppi u ru.Inns nf the M.lwnnkce and Miss'ssppl Railroad. Title llrsi elas'. Price $125 per acre. Te ins $t,noncash dow n; h.ilani e on time. For particulars inquire soon of J. F. LIKilIIAHDT, Dunlieth, Illinois. A GOOD THREE STORY AND IIIGH BASc M iNT brown Ho se lor sale?on Weat Th 11. -lirst stri e;, l.etv. 0 'ii llr ailwuv and S veiuh avenue, 20x50x122, in eoni| 1 Ms order, with ull improvemeii.s, conveuh nt. commodious, accesalile, and warranted eh'a File $8000. C. o. PHATT, 82 Pine tract, room No 9. \ HOUSE, BETWEEN EIGHTH AND NIN'III AM lines, .or sul ?m We-t I" v--iuieth sircet, f r $7. 01; Tiveotv-ttrst street. $.00; Twenty-second st.e , $HU00 ; Tw ill -third arei t, $18OK); Twen y-seventh a.icct, $t.a <>, $7.0T0: Twenty-eighth street, $-,ui)U; Twenly-n'tito street. r o.isv; i inrty-nrsi suct'i, ;ku ; a nirty-seri nu it i'fr, .8 0 Totrty-tblrri sir-rt. Thirty-fourih sir- ei, ThUty-nlfth -'ret, i."> 001. Tlilr y-seventh s reel, *3,0110; For y-third street, $l,4ud; Fnrty-ei h i hir>-i t $7..Yttl: Fillleth sieet, $6,"5); Pift'-- irnt sin e', $">i*g); 8ivl Ih -trcer, $1 MX). C. ti. TRAIT, 32 Tine slrOi I, nlis No. 9. Buyers ok real estate will to well to mice the five htory Bulhiin'.:, 772 Sixth avenue, and the three eiory high sloop brown stone House 79 K<-'Twenty, si,th street, to be"sold st juiction byr T. M. M11.1.KR, affile MWUuU' Exchange. Friday, 2dlh nut,at 12 O'ela k M. Brooklyn.?nousE for sale at a sacrifice. A mat, it)<>itrrate sired, three story, high a.otip, hrbk House; deep lot, with nice garden; sub-cellar, basement, kitrhen with raugo. two parlors, six bedrooms, ess, An, will lav sold tor ilrU'i n bimdred dollars less than eost?one ha f on bond and mortgnge for five years; street res|"?ciable and quiet. Inquire at 176 Adams street, nrar-Cuitcoid, between the hours of 10 sn I 2 o'clock. Brooklyn houses fob rale?at a iiaim;aim. No. 1 Lafayette avenue, a lirnt class brick House, will every tuoderu lraprirement and convenience, nod fn coinptete order. Also the two stoiy House 217 State s'r near Huyt, vtlth fine nrhort, v.nes; carpets, mlriur.'i, Ac., If desired. Will be rnld very low and on favorah'e temp. Apply to WM. B. NICHOLS, 41 Tine street, New York, ormoruings and evenings nt Ij Lafayette avenue, Hrooklyn. Ccentral PARK.?FOR SALE, ten HTLKNDIDLY J iocs e l Lots, on t'elillel Turk, opposite ont o Iheia-hlunable drives;- wall b'o sold riieap if applied for iinuiedl.neiv; lis f cavh. Glance on murtga e. Apply to M. CANNON, Ijtf Kli/o'wth street, al ter six o'clock P. M. For sale or kxohanc.e-tiie four story, knolish has incut House, 16J East Nineteenth street, w.ih all the modern improvements; will he sold low. only $l.(Kkl wauled, the balau.-eon bonl uud mortguge. Apply on the premises. til arm KCR SALE?ON THE HACKEN8AOK RIVER J? Bcrgcu county, N. J., containing over Si a rca, with a pood House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full pai. tl'-iilaia, whh map of piaee, inquire of WM. B1AIU, IJ2 Barclay struct. Farm for sale?over kd acres, w ill water ed an 1 .'ripted; house and buildings In , o >d order; situ ail uipirasant and healthy; one hour from Ity bv rail: ais every h iiir; term* es?y. Address New Jertey, box 107 llorjld ollice. F10r sale?from five to thirty acres ok an I. a i'li goo I biilldlny sites In h ultln loeail > p. lee iron $t:\> lu $2DU )>er aere one mile (r >iu Up|ier l'i. r won ra.lroad station, Rockland eonr.ty, N. Y. Inquire of I II nr I! it iivrvri'v II Fob sale-eioiith avk.ii kcor.nkk property; W one of the bent buainc?a |?wn i mi , and nun1 wyui(! al.out 12 per ic nt. fn,|illre >,f SMITH A MR AD, 176 fte-l Pwiuify-iilnih ilrcrt, owurr of Eighth avenue. C10B h * LE?THE OOVV'TKY HEATW'CUPIF.D HV THE P itubf r,L."ri near tin' vlioge of Rid Hank; bulidtn * in the rerV 1-eal of Aloufal* acre* O' land In exce.lenf condition, with a ilonS iotorfrUP <" < * * dlftVrncl varlriion on the prop nr. For i ? ,"ue th' I'KdiIm, or mddreaa W. A. ? . ** ' TAOR 8ALE-TIIE THREE KTOi?* .A*P. r Home and Lot, 24J Weal Twenty ^?a"ree'; 1K9; with all m? dern hnpn?v?*niPi?U; uUo ?. Hj JJi1 J' 104 South VII that n?t, Brooklyn. K. D ; 2ltl4*. *? Will trri^s titiil rinei; thTt nor/ anil biwincnl, w.tli %* Mm Kan; term* cany: prenilaen tan be seen at <n( lime. I. r. JON ES, M Ann etrccl, aecopd lloor? TOM SW.K-THK TWO STORY, ATTIC AND P ineui Uuiia", 2t Pike air el, corner o llenry, containing Id ro. in and n ry, with aial.l , all bri k, and In 10 d -i d>T," together wan leaae of Lot, fU (irdiu rene .ia:a. Will be anld to the beat ulfor. Ap >ly at 3t!l Weal atreet. not SAKE?THE EXTRA SIZED HOCSE, WITH RK IK 1 Ian. Aat M ,olson a eint ,. o n r of Fiftieth It < I, l tan ly nnlilied III roBeuOod an ! Ida, k walnut. A apa lm:a, iN-rf-it bouse, Price $tuH?>. Apply to K. II.,(),v, No. 3 l#iiie atreet, or JOilN II. SHERWOOD, at the liotiae. I/OR SAI E-A FIRST CEASE FOCR STORY RBOWN r #t >ne Uotne. all the imalcrii Imji u,entente, at 27 Forty alsth atreet, near Filth armor. Will l>e tol l low. In.pur on the | remisea, or at :tl Weal Tai n \ sixth atreet tom SAI.K UlW. ON EASY TERMS, SEVER At, FIR T F claaa three a ory, hrown atone, h jpi aloop Hn ?' , on Wi at Fiftieth atreet; a an two unimprvu Lola, raeli 20 b> IHtt. i t, aontli alile Flily-lliird etrvel, Itetwcen Se.nud ami Third ar. nora. A. p y at IID Weal Fittieth atreet, letwern Et ;h li ,n.l N.nih avemiea. t.'ojts \m? or EXCIIJOfyfi-fdr real ESTATE iv r tne vie nny or the eily, tile Book, Fl t .res and llia.d Will of an old eatabllahed llat Since, nt X4J Eighth avenue, tie. ween Twenty neventti nnd Twenty-eighth a.reeta. lAOR SAKE OK EXCHAROK-IIOl'SE AND STAltl.K F with I/P, .'tU\12ti.d, No. 2.17 Adeiphl atreet, Brooklyn Alan, let*, 2d\ltki. anuih aide of Fifty-fourth atreet, ui-ftr Srrenth greoue. New Y'ork. T rm< libera. ^ P10R SAKE OR EXCIIANOK?A SUPERIOR HOl'SE with grapery. 34?lu."i, occupied hy owner, centrally lomtod In Eighth tv ird, wo ild esi hinge for a amall lieiiar In, Hew York or Brooklyn; iMlanen on mortgage. For p.irtlc,.< lat a Inquire of E A. DICKIXB.IX, 38 atreet. Iii'r HAKE ONE of Till-. FINEST \Nil IIKST ko 1 c .tr I tlroc. CI a In the State, baring ev. r> faellity i n I coturmtcncc tor do n; an otieuairu irndo, I oat ion near CI.) linn, Hrooklvn. F. 1?. Ill IIARDSON X CO.. S2 an.I 81 Xnasnu atrm t. ' "VU s AIjK OR KXOIIAVUE FOR A FAKM-A LAKliR p H.iai.1,; Eatib.iatnn l.t, intlullng all tail billloltlga, hnraea, wngona, alelgha, harneM, and n I the toola, ,*e , conne ted torr with; miltu a large hualndCd. F. I? Rlt'tl AI'DSON A CO., F2 nil i HI Nassau street. T.10R SALE?A COBVfR OIlO KKY, DOING A I.ARU8 p h...i' J1 Sin'ilr!*!* titled up, gud niual be aol.l f, r e.ahat largttiii; Htao,'n number or rial good b i-lneaa 1,1' T i'i RICUARMOR A 00 M url M XdMM atr t I.ViK KXt'll VN'iiK <?U HALE?A PENNSYLVANIA I ' K irt.i of ii > .mi *; r" >.l ml", free ;.im t;? hi ; * ? , a nii.nb-r <>l Prill tcny nn I wtintry Ro-lil ii<;i-?, in *.m P. 1). RICHARDSON .1 ?: > . Hi n .d 4 Mmn.iii r.rc'i. I .ion HALE OR TO LET?ON FRANKLIN ATENIE. mi Kii.Ii mm II onklyn, n namiMim i.n i; i > . t iff i, wi I' all Hi* tiMMem Impii'trnii-iila; ciri i?im. nrartba hini-.'i Iblit v mm m i !> Mall ain i tJ lurniH amy. |i,. q i.t* i if o. P. II <KAK >KY, lie ?r ilie prvmla. a. l.'Oil KUMIASUK.?\ MMIIKIl OK PKINTINlJ I 1'ipwn, K'lliio .n.d Culling .Mi.eilne*, lllnil.r. T.> >i?, i.i fa (iinnntv ii i 'I) |i', Ar., Ar., iimu'iiulng tii .mint' 11 1 .1-vi iianK''i?r ? hum orcltj pni|* rijr. Iiipilrv .if ?o' fit \\ I K ? noon 9J fi, ! oii-fi. I/OR R U.K. -TH O liOl'Sl;-L ? VB? ASH K'iU .TI.KN " n<-ip*til lim it u m> IW'i iiini li'mii II iniKi-ii iiiirv u l. * M in li if, on r 11 in ul m i. i.'o, nn i wl I priib. liii c? v-i i . r.i|i. Kur lurihrr p.rilcu ri npptj in juh.n !?.' iVAt'iilt, I ill N?'? i Hir.'. t. FAoR SAI.K?THE FIVK STORY MAKRI.f! Bt II.DIMJ 1 21 1.1 *T y irinX bi'lwf n Will ii'n nutl N??an. AImi, f .i ilroiPv n iHK", h Ihii ii:i Ko iricdilli n'n el lur n tlmiv nn.I I. it <1 n m'ilji'il. Kur pHrtlrulnrn hit j In M.UIK l.r.v V, 21 ill' r > flir.'t. 1/OR RALB-ABOUT KOUK AI.'KKH OK LAND, FROKT I I it: mi Ui? rltrr ?' K Igi'W.ii"!? u '?r Furl In-r, Ni or .lor i v i :ihln ii ii rolnnirs' ?..i? if in inmlliu, nRoutl >v ?lu n lij-'Oiiivnt m wmilit iviiiimnnil it ItuA v in* of t m ili.di m rllli, K ir On tin r p irtlrtiUi IT j in A. O IIOuKlU, lO.i limit ll'rct. 1/OR R > I K oil To I.KARK- -VAl.l AHi.K PROPERTY I mi < mri'i i, llrui.lunv. Ur<? i.tb ilnrt II inn-, n f.'C'o '1 r ?foi I ki mi it? | ; IWrnnrVMy. T.iip )""f r y wo lit /* ,i isi lur n?" nltn"i* (?. n i"!ti, fi" i ill .j i 'i-or i'g it nvuiiif ic nine p itp ? Aii' ' in At. t AN SOS. 1 in Ell mill illtil. mrrll nrm k T ii

DAT, FEBRUARY 27, 1862 gjLEg OF R?U MTAT1. TTIOB 8 AMI?SKVhKAL TWO AND TIIRKK STORY , I llmi", IMW ?t u n n a, ?iuoi>? Kil l irli inn;*, -* mud'rn Inipni nw, In ?,? y-lifUi aliwl vlwncu tnul ? M'l ?> u ?. Ainu, u*w T u? m nil' ? ? to dlBVr. ct <*ntp>nioi die t 'Ulii wtrd. loquiif u W l. A. INCH, n Bee n i av.m e, 8 ity-fourtb and Sixi^ ul'tb >tr< '.?. tti TjlOKHALK?ON T?l 1 KTY KI??flTU STREET, SBTWERS <> X Fourth und Mal sui aivrimm, two lour a'or) lm>wa one root Ifouftm. 23 by (SO le- t, built in the very'bf*t mo- ; deru Mtyl**, Abo, two ff.uuei, No. 43 mod 47 fr out Th rty- J fventh htr?*et, b^twoen Pourth und Lexington avenue*. In- m qu r?* on the pp'utixui on both pi .cm. ai For bale?a nice three story dwelling hOilHt' it t. 6 E?u MWll . ,ird. has mol<rn Impni mints; will lie .o il at nHirgaln. AUo, tome uuin | a i g J property Id Dou las. near Coil i si root. H oosfyti lo |s cbanqa lor a country 8-at. Inquire at 47 Flue aire t. base inenl. ^ For bale?two lota on fiftieth btkkkt, a -until aid , Jl' feel west, til Sixth a euue. Inquire at p 46 W a Fl tie:h ?tr? et, between Sixth and Seventh ?v ? *. I FOB BALE-SHALL COUNTRY RESIDENCE. NINE J rooms, lino closes, bull room, eupunid and w.i r, r flue f lilt, i allien, o .amenta) trees und e to s, stibl . car- K rim e b one?, Ac., anil a'oui one acre of Inn I; 15 minutes q from the City II ill; ternia easy; posses.-lin liuuiediau-ly. Ad Ireas Azru, Herald office. For hale or kxciange-a very valuable ii Mi l property, In th e iy of tirci-n Bay. with 2i lull I iq (J 10 s and l. l i ars ol' lau I. an I e.ervlldn; equlslie lor do- n In a lar.e b i inesa with tlie mill. Mil ex h.m,e for ouda or U I Eat te In Nun York or N'W 'erspy, orii pr wed I W lern rarma. Title prrteci. No in 1'ne'or I J t e ?li .(> $ 5.M0. In mire of P. L. VAN UK\ ENTER, 19 > si Fulton sir et. I c T/<0(1 SALE OR EXCHANGE?IMPROVED P8QPERTY JT hi Twronl.. -io rth str- et, yielding alio, e all expenses "l and rein se n'red; will he sold, or exo uu.y d for a country 1 residence (lie. r lllah R id e preferred), or lor a-mall we - M In r Ho e In a 'imil tor. tlou up town. Apply to llARitlH WILSON, 51 Will.a n sir et. | T.TOR BALE-TWO HOUSES, 477 CANAL STREET AND a I" 65 Wei s k i in. lea Cs I; pos 0 ..oiiuli u at ouoe. Apply Ml W. W. THAYER. Sill Pearl air et. -i EMIR SALE?AT BELJJO -T NEAR F< R'' 11A M. AN ? I ele nit Vila, w t a alioi.t dim1 o Inn a: ek with frill l ee . It on aiaa to ol i roo a. min, e. I ar.i, i s .i le c, W II u and low. Apply oA M. Jult.V, 19 Ex- [ eh am piu o. ,. ITM)" >. I/:?HOUSE AND I.tlT HI BROOME STREET- ; Toll Hire is entirely biles, will ;;as. H.iti, hoi aiilm d water, In a K od nelu bo-bond. IVce$i.75J pu'uli. in qnl.eoi M. II. UNDERIIII.L.611 D luiicey street, from 10toil I diiy. 1' Flit R SALE?ATA ORE AT HARHAIN, A FINE LOT IN one ol ,li best loc. ti ms in liio iltl) :i, fi r , l.l'011 : as'1, 11 anelu.ny kindol p.npriy. iu jiiir of sOUi'HWI 'Is j a wood, s Nassau street. j, I nor sale?near berorn point, n. j, a s b- j . s ami 1 ne v st-nie Hooae, u o slot. and attle. wil l 1.01 | story e\t union, Harti, 111 ri ? lion e, ae.. lege Her wl.i -1 thtee n res o ermroi. laid mil iti awn und 1 unh n, with r. | wnte fruit o. N w York bay of oyer 'IM e 1 T ? place Is ^ voy i!;h ud asy of a sesa, boiug le.-s I! an one hour fron N e.v Vo k. AL?0. . Ol!l ii -ea nuDF f n aKcvn uo 1 n ni < niitl Knviiii nvor a , tho H.miie l fix lit 011 lite road. A; plv to CIIA8. E. r Mills, M CMar ?r ft. "L^OH lALi, OK TO I.KT?THE FINE THREE 8TOEY ^ r and b.iseim lit llonse 1106 Adelphi s r , 11 ar ill iv.aeline, Mrooslyn. with t nrnie o Ox mm Id \u;. i . n*ii, bull r's ] clfH t, ,vf; ul o a 11 re on A "in! if nwniieii tl other proper. iy tl. M. NEEUHA.I, 74 Wall street. N. Y. FtOlt SALE or EX0H AN(!K?RE Al'Tl I'I' L BCTMNNO lit) a i ni?, on the palisades mi toe Umlxo ul-o Pmis, from mil) to If ty a-r"*, nmr chirelirs, ?eh ola rnl <te|i<.t of Noil oru New i'i-iy UrilroHil. L. aon ,.nl views uu NKYMOI R A Wll ITo.N, 112 l-.r mil way. FAOK SALE OR TO LET-IN THE VILLACli OF LAlayi ttf, about one tn o from Jersey 11 y fern, trad earn pus- the iloor every tl m.miles) a tw story r-ek d >'ibl * Hou-e. with Ha'h ami elvht lets of Ground n-.n-fed, a I set w t' oil! imenial shrubbery nint I'rtilia?ap; 1 s,; fa >. pearlies m i| ,:r |i-e. Posse? slon Immediately. Aipyl) JAMES S. NOi'E;., ornerof Puvou.a Eric .street, Jersey t'ny, or B Ihu | r 'Hilar*. T710R SALE. TO LET OR I EASE-\ TWO STORY AND I attic brick fr-nt House, No. 6 3 llrro nc sired, w.lh three on Shop In the rear. Entrance In V t's street To l>c m en from HI to 2 o'clock. Impure at 17 Eel Ei?lne nth trect. fj'OR SALE OR TO RENT?A PLEASANT COTTAi!K I" House, wi'li i wo acres ol Land attached, s til . le i on the north aide o I he Hioointicld turnpike, aeout t.uee m lea front Newark, and about live nilnutea'walk from ilieW.tscssln.: deio on the Uloomti"l<l railroad. The limine ronto n < a wide hull, i i j) parlors, ?i h kitcbi it and waali room, w Ith oonvei.l. ent liedrnn.iiN over the kbchrn and In the dwelling. Tlierj is a amble, well,' elitern, g' o I I'rult and 1 a nisi me shade Trees ..u tlin place. Apply to ANDREW LEMASKNA, c.ur. uer Rank and Uroud sirecta, Newark) N.J. lie ut, 929k) per aim "in. i'ricc, $3 SOW IPERKISIIED HOI'SE FOR SALE OR TO LET.?A r four *t?ry htsh atoop 1 r ivrti a < im t Ho me, No. W ' Wad Korty.aeve.ntn street, bjtwi en Fifth ai d Sixth a runes. ' (omplet with all the modern Improvements. The furniture, is all new. and has been but aahort lime tn use; will be sold' with the house, Including Mlrrnm and Hoe fixtures. Avery ?l<t frihle o| |uirtunity Is olfrrcd to any imrwin desiring to p r a tn?i class house. To a responsible tarty, having a xmull family, the hum* and furniture wou.d be renird. Imp! r-on the premises from I" to 6 I*. M. House and lot tor sale in jersey city.-a small two story, basement and attic Uutlagr, In a rood naUhhor inotl, O'teof a row, with sll ti e modern Improve, ne n">. including hath ami gas flxtnri k. Will he sold cltesp. i Lit] n e '! the preiol e?, .34 0? South I nth street. V^EW.vRE, N J.-KOR SALE OR RENT, A VERY DKl3i sirs' teltcaUenee tstone). with five a Tee of gi mind" i beau til n ly situated on the Passaic river, one mile from e n. ire of Ne vark. Ft lull paru-itlars apply lo W. E UOOKAKM, M IJiarrty street, N w York. llLSJUENt E AT SOUTH BERGEN FOR S ILK?"ON. IV in mug ten rooms, wlili si lots of ground handsomely . Jsld mat, with fruit and oruamental ire. a. two to 1 a from .Jer?e) I II , on the line of the horse failn ad. Apply at 41 Water street. fro KXC" AStlF?'"OK OIMID, ArSORTED Ml H ,'|IA?. 1 diae A enlualilr large aioia properly and real iedee, witn Ore and a .1 a f.irren of (lid, In a ftmiriahiiiR villta*. alio, if 'edrad, one or two Imp ored good farm*. with wmif nedi. i'n property la ail free and rlear. and thr owner ran hi* eon titled at tli? ulUca of lanae A. B-gg*, 73 Naeeau atriet, lor a i lew diya. rPKNEMENT PROPERTY FOR SAI.E -THE FRONT JL a nl K> ar Jltillillnita and lau of No. 74 Henry ntreet, Inr i Mlit. In'|iitrr of the owner i n the | r ntlara, Hone. I ITESTt'HESTER COl'NTF.- A FINE, RETIRED AND ' It eaally ac?e**it?le Farm of forty a' re"; btiildina* nearly new an i plenty runuiiut nprlng Wat r at the iliair, ainl inn t huunlllully fruited. Apply to Ai.KX.OKTKANDEK.23J Broadway. ruoui No. 9; entranee No. I Park pla o. WANTED TO 11 Hi IIASF.-A HOUSE WORTH $1),I0I t I al.MOl Any pd'aotl having amtn. In gn-i I WWi I lair'nnod, end r< ady ui a. It ai a Ueidalu lor muti-y, muv tlnd a pur. hiiaer hy apply lug In \VM. W. BRtUKKI), Ni.lW Pllum I tr. et, tip (talrr. r*7>NTKD TO PURCHASE?A FARM OK 40 OR M | TV . "rcf ol food land, with waterfront. Addrem, Mating prior, trioif oj payment, ImpraT'ineiiU, A' ., Ayr,culture, Herald nflhe. I &< ) -roil SAI.E, A IARM CflhZWW . a'HiiitlSaer a, two dee'lin ? an I nil nfre*. ' -xr ? .tliull.iui.*; cond fruit mil ettcrlien- waUti: aiinated 1 2imlle? from the efiy, on the N w Ha*i n U .tin* I. Turn* l ea?y. Apply to W M. UNUEKUONK.37 Wil.ow piuce, Urook. yn. rttE ATITS. t mas latest rnos mi tuhikk, 1 ARTISTICALLY COLORED 1*1 TURKS OS CLASS, FOR THE MACIC I.AnTKK.N, r ONLY ti K U il. ' CAPTURR ??K KOANOKK ISLAND, CACTI RE OK KURT IIK.NRY, CAI'ilKK OK KORT D0NKI.8ON, AND ALL TIIK KAKLIKK BATTLES. AO., AC., OF Til ti AMERICAN I IVII, WAR. r The catalogue Ju-t u i li?ii>*<l em u n? nl-n View* In the I Iloly, S.icn d History, Old nn.l N-w Tea am nt, Ac., 1' Ac-?.i II ol win b an InrtiUbril at the low price of 92 each. m r .-A'.'ojn-* apply at the principal opuclana, or lo W. ci LANi.liNllfilM, Alcht Ami ri'an Slercom opic Comjauv, Fill adrlpiila, 1Y, (fell Mi'Tj I'D* ?,?W) " ri lAXUIAAMi J UL'DSON RIVKR KAILtiOAD.-TR \IN8 FOR ALBANY, J| Troy, the .Norm an i Wont, leave t'namo'ia air-el at 7 au'l 11 A. M , anil 3:1.1, 6 an I ltl.15 1*. M. r| NEW YORK, IIARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, Noi m an t Weat. J, Winter arrangement, lommcncins Momlav, Nov. 4. MIL ' For Albany?1(1 AO A M., Express Mall Train, from Twenty- K el v tl> ?i rem depot. For all local train* *e- Time Table. r| dVlJN BI'Rt'HILIi, A?sli>lanl Superintendent. * ?t xnosLLAirBovi. Ml ARTICLES FOR TflA\ ELI.KR8.?TRUNKS, BAOS, r, Hat an I Urea- Rosea, e.c ant Pari- ma * la tie. Travel- I loi: nad Shopping Ilagi. Ac, A . JOHN CATTNACIt. Ma- .* niitacHirer and Importer. Btl Broadway,corner?( Wall atrrel, "" and TUt) Broad nay, near Fourth aired. / 1AHD I'R NTINO, BILLHEAD PRINTING. CIRCULAR 1 \ ' I'rintiti.', H -L.w I'rl nl iR, Programme Pr.n Ing, 11.11 , ol F rc Printing, Libel Prin Inr, Kan y Pruning. JOHN K. BALDWIN, 114 Kill tin atroel. DIVORt F.d EASILY AND LEGALLY OBTAINED.' 1 without pulHIcityor crimination, and In a abort lino ,J Adtl -e grat a Apt ly I torn 1U A. il W 3 1', X. to 11 BATEMAN, W Pfjed*^. " Maiho.n maii.lard, 'I NoS 019 AND ?ll HRd tDWAY, ^ DINNERS AND PARTIES SUPPLIED IN OiliiD TASTE !'/ FEW FANCY MOULDS FOR ICE CREAM. BISCUIT OLACKs, * PI DPIVO OI.AtT.S, " MOITOKS, FANt Y CAKE |{ i vii uinmw: r v k' r URN VMKNI8. rl MUM.Aim 8 I CKI.I'.IIKAIBD BOURBON AND UNION CIIOOOI.ATK \| AltHI.K MANTKI.8. UKKAT BAKOAIN IN MAN ill km..?A larijn mink on hand and a grant ii'ductl"ii m \\ I r.o ? fur any kind rrdrrrd tula month. ('nil booii at A ? K I. \ III", It -i nmriv ;>rl, I I.I l,.i i Ki^'iiui-nth atiaot, ?o.| ,.| ri I ii: .1 m lino. Mant'dn p ii op in any plaoo In the country. J UOBKIlT .1 llENt?l'.R80N, J, AlTiiK.KY AT I*AW. *' RilOM NO. V., lldNirV MII.PINO, rI III IIRHADWAY, NliW YORK. | N H ?8 ' ill in imIon | nl l In tin? c.ilii 'In n of cor, rn. r in> n clanutan I pr intlm-a In lh? unltod MaloaOourtg. I,. CI'AMOIlli ('DAI. Oil.-THE NEW YORK CITY nil. * i ' o, ."i, 78 M I Ion liBn. ir aeliln x their ? n . I-r. n i I oln ding tf.l from .1.'11 .A> cents p rcill n, Cnn?>gnun nla | n. HYi -icrn Oil, Irnni 'ii io m) <mil*. nr> - I ro n ilm ro intrr, airom|i?nlnl Ry mmltiann'B, will ri #?.v puritpl ml n- , lion. Tho Inrrols contain lorly snll"ii?. Tno pile in tin |, Kurd I* 81 Ad: tin y will ho lakoii It k II tho mm,' |?t o . y win n In good n. lor. Triple rollned I. lln lln O I i.t.NV., I To I Oil fl |n'r D illon, for hoa v roacliln ry, ' n.ln * n i f| I | : I' i " II II/ii N.ipl II, a II. 11 l-i t ,o 11 ml I {' f I'll'- ' I t ||o;iiIii''. Kollnod hy tho Vi-on Ii procct', hy K. (t. K ! < lo.v, Ii.-ii kI. U d hy drmtalma, painter*. rnhb r workor-, A no Or :o -a ot ai Iho N. ir Yoi n I'liy (ill i' mpaiynnt V till, hi i lll It rk?, 'I' | o in M il Ion I m '. p WAV K YOI'K MONEY.?A. PARKER. SAA VVASIIfNO 7 tun sir ot,e III I III Mill ray. N w Y o ilia oho.a t on v ? i ,nr curou Ham*, wan anted. ?i no. p i ll> ; h it Kiiin. y I Ku'ip, I'll* Hit I tU link., A)fc.; pure Hiaroh, bo* At II* . fti,o f rj 0 IV VM IAN or ill ". ARMY J I RANI! .t.l ll 8 I'll. R ,ne now ami.lit for hv . r I surge n? a? I to In it and anfe'd minntat. I h ner. r i. I ' > RKVV HTii.K. .HO i AN At. MRI Kl I .Aiw No. t UNION HUlfAliK. ? >? t oi'lt j . > I* HOUSES, Room SC., TO LET. \N ELEOANT COUNTRY BEAT TO LET, KOK HALE or l<> ?nam;*, ?n l e IIuU?,d. tt Stu-t biiiii, N w Yura, I 11(1 l v? miiiulea' walk from the dvp. t; ?, cuclid maualon, trr a*r bou-e, Ac., wlin >ii a< rea tinrU l, an I iua?- I ii o ill claw of tbe river; will tat lei for a ttrai ela.-a bo e. or 1 r-til a l o..rding, but private i ivlrtr .1 r I ill b>'ho d iiiueh D>'lo?r la value, or eaehaiii a.i :or tir-t claaa ly property. A<!dre. a W. A. 1'.. H rul I oil. c I H'LL HK8T CLASH UOl NE TO LET-IN UKOoKV lyu, fis Wrat Baltic n r nt; uaa all in d?Tn improvei' tit..ii.d in i ec eel or.b r. (tail ! ? tmmcdi'* IJT. Appl, to II. STEVENhUN. -1 i l our -Ire. 1, Broukli n, r to A. Hl'LKLKV, V Pulton ?treat, New Yurk. 1 HOUSE, NO. M CHEAT JONES STREET, TO LET ? ? House 20 f at by 6U, all In perf- t oru?r; ri-ui Si 2 ". o kaaa no May I, latU, to beet.u irout In to if u'riue. A M A H'RNIKIIKD HOUSE IN NINTH STREET BETWEEN V Siiin and Rixtu avi-uu a. hi e vara: d on the K Ii of prll iiexi, will be let al .i m deraie r.-ui to a reapoualule i irly. App.y at #0 Went TweU ielb at 1 net for permit. A ltKm'Kivrani v ....... ... ? UI.A.1IAJ1 IT WJBA.1 VT \ T | 1. LI?i ' I y lu*e i art uf a hoti o rent to pay: must have good f'reiue* and some mm t To a Mtiislaetorv in? son a unit li tin' andI no risk or expense. Kill n irtl.'iilnra iy Inuirm,' Hi the Institute, corner of ?tu nv. uti l 11th si. * NEW HOUSE TO I.KT AM) FURNITURE FOB kV su t?f* tilled with li si rluss lontlemur. boarders. ;in.l i a v?ty p aauut Work, near lite W t-liliu on r.rn'.e liottnil IVr una whj hute ready money, era address Nuriun, lie.aid ullice. J Hi Jolt LYN.?TO I.KT OK LEASE. a THREE STORY J and ,i aieoi Br ek IE,'a ?a n,usi d. a la i i.-n e, 'Untie 11 the beat puit of Clint m urn t tNo. 131 w henry n en eixe, water, gas, Ac. Inquire of K. GEltEI'Y Nod 1 I slip, New York. >OW8BY STORE.?TO LET, TIIF. nVESTORT STORK .) SW l.otvery, nowon u i n ua scarpet store. Impure .1 Irssra. Fanning, 235 Bowery. 13ROADWAY STORE AND DWELLING HOUSE TO [J Ini.?N i. 8-u.l< btiv. en E gh couth an ! NI ile'eei.tLl reels. Ini|Oirool T. N. Ilol.l.l.s I Kit, 4o4 Fifth avenue. r\Ot:T< l:'S OFFICE TO LET.?A tlOOD FRONT BA 1/ men li u line locution. Impure at 111 West Twe treet, four doors west of si all avenue. VO ItNiS'.ll-.IJ IIUISE TO KENT - A KM ALL EN I. l la I'nient Mi.use la the noigliiiurliond of Mnlis.i * tn.f le ely Furnished throughout, will he rant -d to a a i . II. : r'i S'.JiJD per uniiuiii. Address TitotnuH II. W KJ Br a Iwy LIUItNiSIIED ROOMS.?CUE AI'EST ROOM! IN TIIB oily tor small, reap el iblo la.allies or s g e gentle.m n; nnntl I . $2 per week. Apply ut 135 Ell/ah. la street, near Itooine. IOTEL TO MOT.-THE MADISON SQUARE II iTEL, orner Uio niway mid Ttv. n y-nrsl street, w ill no I. , or a-ed, nil very remo iaM t r >s, t> a goo I t?na*t Api ly 'tween 10and3 10 S. HAL-ifEo, or Ualstod A mile- h.' t may stioet. [ IIP E ROOMS TO l.ET.-THK UNDERSIGNED* li having akin ti e It. fortin rly oeeup' t y id .jnr 1 nilli, dee US' d, proposes :n lent .Ue s due and p thoiu in 0 >J order, and wrid i?l liieni ti Odd Pillow- T n|"rane t othei S.cleiies, era enable terms. In i re at Ote looms, J.Si Bowery. Also, toe elegantly (Itted up Masonic 1 "it, St. John's llall, wnleh bo rented ai a redo cd ule. iVJI. M AINS. ATO J-'.IIOUSTON STREET TO LEA' K OK FOR SALE ? A I. Is a four st'ii v br? k Mouse, In ?ue ittxSO, i till expulsion. T.nre I- a In Itrnk s a i.e .a i'i ar, 2'Jx t) e..', eutrunce from M? ''eer sl.eel. Terms favoralne to res| oniilile party. Apply to CQAKi.KS E. MILLS 34 Vital' StrO'tt . ^KlOND FLOOR TO LET.?IENT MODERATE. ^ Etery c?liv> lnence. Brian stone frou. Iii.u-e, tVt to oud avenue, corner of Thirtieth street. Apply to Mrs, iValtoti, on the premises. wJHOr llonilH TO I.I.T?WITH STK \Jl POWER, Al . ' No.". M, Hti and S8 .lain' street, between tLeeuwich and iVuthingtou. Apply to tee engineer. iJTEAM POWER IV SPRUCE STREET.?EE ERAL 0 convenleut Boouts. wit 11 st am power, 11 let., to II. W. OKEKNE, H Spruce ttrec. STEADY SIB AM POWER TO LET.?LARGE AND L) fin.II rooms, well lighte 1; steam hoistway. I'osses-loa turned au-ly. Bo. 4:9 W i,l..r slrta'. ^ToRB TO LET?M6 THIRD AVENUE; 100 FEET Ci deep; would nuike a-oo i ?;iy good, atom: v i I be lot heap. Apply on the j io'iii-i s, li st l oor, lis-k pcom. ^ALOO.N FOR KALE -A FEW DOORS FROM BROADJ way, lilted up Willi liar i>n I mi >|ier r,s in ; a va.uajle ens , uml Jo. utioii ujiMirptssi d. Al.-o a I'ui tn r wauled vita $3U0, who can clear $1 D per ti.on h. p > at No. 429 l.uadwsy. U. HOWES A OO. I'D I.F.T?IN WILLIAMSBURG. SRi'ERAL TWO STORY JL Iraiiie aud three slor\ b.ok lluiiasn; also lor aula til) t arant Lila on moderate ,e: in*. Apply in S. J. lll'N r, ltd Fourth avenue, N. Y., or Oil AS. FOlVLEU, corner of North Ninth and Third street", Wild mi" uvg. TO LET?FIVE ACRES OK LAND, WITH HOUSE AND Ouibutldiu s, iu "d ordes, a mated in N vr Utrecht, L. L, near the It.,lli ptutikroad. For furiiier particulars lnumre 01 J. J. MOORE, opposit! Hi West street. riX> LET?A FIRST RATH HOUSE, CONTAINING 27 A room*. Being near Fifth Avenue Hotel makes It well riileulatnd lor latum furnished ruoit.a A person ? ho eau furnish the same can have a very low nmt by calling at 4,'tiJj Broadway, In the store. TO LET-THE STORK A^D BASEMENT 130 CIIAM bers street; the tirtt itorv Store, with basement and sub cellar. 141 Chain hern s'.r-e:; the Tuird ami Fourth H.ory Ia>! is. c >rner of Brniidway and Cntial street, 62*77 feet eseli; lour lloo o?, corner of Hroadwsy and Lapeiisrd ? reel, 2d* 15 fret -ah. Apply to P. DICKIE, 41.1 Broadway. I etweeii II and 12 o'clock A. M. rpo LET?THE FOUR LOKT8 OK STOLE Ml OMAR1 heis a,ieat, Will Ihi let lot,' to a good I'liut. The loeittion is one of the be?t ami nn a- central in Netv York. Apply ell the premises to .11)11 N D. LEWIS. rpo LET?IN OUTTENBKRO, N J? TWO HOUSES, JL one suitaliln fur a bakery, ifie other will lie let mil In r,s>ni?. For further | mnl "i are surly to HOI IKE DtVYER, near the prcmlsea. oral KOHLKK A FINt K S brewery. rpo i.kt to a nivuiMi-Tlm.k eiivsiriis a iiamk 1 mint Trent Kwim, wuhaimall psim and large dose' itltf hrr, w.'ll a.lapte.1 fur an oftlee ami j a lie urnlatied. Hartal Hoard given. 11 tlesir id. Apply ai ffij Wiv Eighteenth street, near Slrlh avenue. rno I.KT-A CORNER STORE, BROADWAY AND 1 Twntjr-nlnth street, suitable lor n buk. ry ?>r lira! elaaa groeery; n 1 *o three Htoi"* ami teterul line suits <> ' Km>mi l<nr.n')l" for limptekeet Inj), In Br<>a la-ay, mnr Twenlyiinth a tree I; a i.rit rlass Mouse In West Tiilrty- err nth "reel, near Kluh avenue: two vciy detiroh.e llmnes In Jf-irkvllle, n't1! mnil-rn (nip-momenta onil ut 'our ratea. Apply n* A. 1'. STL 11 KVAM A CO., No. U Ki Twentyntrenth alrert. I'O I.ET-TI1E WlMI.K OR HART <>: ' TilK DESIRABLE oilier 171 Hroadwuy, rorner < Vimben tree". Apply on I'm prciiiltas. TO LET? RENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR r\Vrt HERann?) from l?t of Ma , a private ;a:iniy prof rted, t,,,' Idursuiw Hoiioe, nlraoainl. I<v |i vi'r-t W-.liln.oi Ap.iljr nil the pf '!?> ? Own ? t^K. M. and U to MJ-tue two rtouy and attic idm^e. n. I Niti.T. at reel, a few doors Ironi T.. rl.. enne. In W.wi irtler ami w lit vxmry C >n ruleuee ?! gu?, water *e he very <onv. nienl annil Kngli h I asemeiil Mouse ili r-. .Wj'lo'r * " ' *. uv,'n" '! i-l" made i Il'l'ly 1" A. 'NajSToN, IJ Lc kriun s.rcet, no i.kt-tiTe Vote iRtt lotn, m roncro L aire.t,aft w d nrawa*. 1mm Urn.. Iway. with large en nsloi lit the rear: lighted fr mi tlr in.; to it re?|>on jble mailt the rent w.ll b- modnato. Ar ly io A. LIVINOTON. II Beck man atreet. ro LKT-HOUfiE NO. 115 FOFRTll AVENt'E, BEtw.en Twelfth ami T .iliteemh streets, suitable form by Plan, dentist or hnlidrr, with stable rnnrenietie tifje. Ired. Ui nl in i. rate. App'y mi ill" [irrtnl--". ro 1IMA0V Till: 1ST or may NEXT ro \ small, respe>'tali|e family, without rluldr n. the Lpper 'art of a neat Co Uge, py Oow utiig * .eel, u ar Variek, coiii ting of t ro parlors, oti? biMromn, l<a?rmcni and on.-ha.f liar. Can lie a en from 11 to 4. no LBV?BOOMS ON HltOADU \Y, IN PACIFIC L Ha ik ami Insnr nee Hull ilng ? l". c en'lre -ee.,n i story I or, anl sb.e for almost n.ery kind nl business, ami Ho inn, 1th skylight, on fourth *! ny, nowr ma d a- a i artlnl a studio nipt lie en ,:3r?lcolaes a: the llank or Innir tnee Company, HI Broadway. ro LET?KI RNIKIIKD OR t NFL'KNISIIFD, TO A I pr.vate family, No. II Must Twenty e gh;h et ?, nun* U th venue. Forp mil" oil to eee the not|-e applv to It. . it I'. AD, .SB.t't Tw n'j -seeond atreet, fr?:u I i . 3" P. 31. nt $MJU; furnleheil $l,0?L "() LET- TuKK AND DWELLING, POl'R STORIES l norliwest corner of Sixth ?t, nw and Tnlrtv-ihlrJ rnrt, long o r*"p rd lor lh<* gi>?;nrv litia in aa. Ai* >, St .10 Id Dwrllini', #6| Suth nv*nu?; p!?t? ff'nii window*; \ tj in?pt<"ioim Ion 11.on; "lore lord do r. ">0 LiT-A FURM8MKI> riMlST KKt KI'TION RO' M . and H**.lro*>m * IjoImhu. on too iirai llmir of the Ku j Un nwimn: Iiiiiimi 21 rift'0111 *v< nin?. ai, iiiMn for nn oilier nr ir a Rrntlt mnn on I liidv. Mr*nod bjlb. ii i.i;r-:o \ 8 I M' AND RtSPKOTABLK rwm.v. th<* np(* r I oi l "f ft ma *7 K*??i Tw<* i;lh - runt, ir L' linktiii m n i", rout il:i ii j t!n> i. ili-rti liipivanil*. Inquire i II ih'* piTii l hi'l vn I l .n I 4 o k. O i l l' TIIE RBW an,' IIA\? HUB TO] R r.u.v . dtnre* fto>. I'7 mm 99 Mllh a v.* nun, n* ir Ji-H'* w?i inir 1; ? vrrv d>'*ir?ljl? butlm* * In .i I'll; Mil low. \iiL ,4> . i? srviMM I'.-i ivii i All LET TilB Flft-T i I.\ S rol.'R ST"RY HI'III L "iihi. p,veiling M iliar ? N'tnth aire', Ii iwr?*n Kifh id nU'li avenue*. Ill*' Uu'im it ?? '> <?' l*'',f, Hirer rn* *na ' ii; ha* all the liuprov mania. Including ivvrlii i ir third atmjr. ?>" throughout 'In four li ij ; dumt> altar, tinl''**>nal?try, wmrr i!o?i-i?, t.e fin urn To ii*lo'h* h na >. Will 1'* I" ' aml?r?<mry |nr* for a iii-lna hoot*. i?r a hi* h ruri-.a it la admlr* >ly *di[>ted. i lit IR 2O0i Apply ?" " -<*' *.i '(> I KT Till; WHIM. I imi. i inr. i \nur. H i I llnr k-man a* me Matrapntlian A a-kni), u3hO i Ui vih at nur, iipar Ihr J"tli r mi Murkrt, Inelr.ditia the l.) in itlum, with I'ltnrpa, appimuia, pnnttilrtr; nn'f nf i l?.t?l III Mtn ell) ; ii'ilt iow. Ar| ly to If. I.. Ml VDaM, li-t urtrtp) I'll . . II wH 'I a Hi". in 1-IT?TIIK R|-O.XI> I I, Hlit, ntOXi' IIA.H1-MKKT [ mill urn II"?yi"0Kurd Hum' 't luni' III niirn, t i mnill family w.ihout ilMp-n; < iari:nlml t i c.irt ami agra. full |>hriI'milura H III'' hull*#. [Ill I.F.T-1M BROOM. Y X, TIIK LOW tilt OR I I'l Kit L | art nr Hir wImHo "f a lloi ; r |i.iu -.i?i |i. ,, v ,tn?; Mn' npi*r| irt hvr; rrnt i- iii an) in . ?*ia* ItTlnrr*; piinalMl *1 Si7 A Irlpbt Mrr nrar V". Hum n iiin1; poa P* Imi on l ii>f Mai eh in M ijr. no lut-tTik urx ik Si7tw olfronv imii k no kb I tin. I I Wp?I W*?hln<inn Mac#, nr*r Waahla . 1. in, ji'MJ; nlso ilia anmll llnm alorjr bo nan ltil' Wni ti.-y I , tirar Atiln Avaan*""*rant (I o .hnib hitrln 111 r m?> Ima now*' nienla and In lino nnlrr. Ap| Ijr in B. la. Hilt 1<A vl W'nvi rl> 1 p'a. o. I'll Llvi?IN M W 'UK. KiVk MIM TI'S' WALK FRO* I i ' iii', intMr.m i?' ir ti'iri v aa, with m nrra mpi ii J i?ri! : null 11. > I .1 1. ill ii'in. In |i. 11 i i, I \ ii i,iisj). itiHl Br. at aft- t, N -ivark, ..r A M I.VOY-i. JJ I'nll sir ri. |M) l.l'.T A i.VKl.K D M II ... HUM:, I I II u .11 H, I mil Im Pillail I l.o irn 'iii imp ran 'i' , ; v 1 \-ry 'limn y lir .hp I In Hit'* II n , l?. *la. I'm i "U ,inn *1 olVaj I rt?i. Iii- in RDM IN MIl.l.H, K?|., lam t. rilKlili TIIKKK s Dill I IIIIliK nWKf.l.iNi) IIOl 8 I in I I -Nil*. I mi. I?2 ami 171 w?? ?l in lr? M r n?" >1 a lit anil Sum (i hi irn a. i i.i Ii ' " r i Ml ru .ma; a i" In 1,0 .1 m-Vr, ami hara ll i I r at*. Wi.l hr 'pi hiiT in a" 1 rr <| urn . n? \nij a>A. W. IIOKTMAN, y} Wi"l TlifrtdoaUl all'i'i I. 3 ' houses, rooks, ?ch to let. ^ TO LHT-HOl'SKS 4A 47 ANO 51 U Pii.MARD train; point aaioa of 47 imra dial lv' wiuvi ti'Sjr Broadisa. ; rei.t lour. Apply to A. JOUKNKAY, Jr. No. 379 Broad a ay. TO LET?THE flR'T STORY AND BASFKENT, Containing h> v. u lot tun null nine pantr pier ,.tu*> gas II lit u iv ?ii| piieil wi h iii t mi>i cull waim ill. uu hunt; mid ruuiiix lu the third atory, of liuum- jJ Hank a. rail. Inquire on tli prauiiKCK, fr..ia til A. M. to 9 P. M. R> nt St*41. TO LIT-THE UPPER PART OK UOL'SK NO ? ALLEI* ire.'t, to a amail piiTotc family, trout May 1. Apply OB Ilia*. To lst-two tiiree story brick iioupes 129 Mil I ,27 Arm Tenia a.nat, isliu moon, u I .ipruveu.eii I, in hoo.l 01 d r. iuqnUr m 121. mo EET-TllE LOWER PART Of HOUSE 1-3 OHA'fLE* A utiv i. rou u.nig ui tix r un ..i It iw.i ro io tho mtli; push .-.on it di'Mliv.l,. un i.c a ! o Hid iir t o .dit. cu. Apply to K 8 KINO. 774 Urn imjch air . i. To let-two splendid br ?wn stone kront hou-. h. in .ilrr to ui/. a fr aooeil, pa utiul pa J lu eoio pt|..r, lu apirii ?.d or er, 16 2' i\ ett Fort -.-nth ar i i.t .-ni K.ftli ami nuth manur*. ent < ; m mi, opp to the aluivr, tli.e- lirat ?!?? Hninaa, r ui $i,2t>>, or is li i> I or rsriianim tin aliovu lor Mtoru Proi orljr or iur.i.t l.ol-. In in on | runiiwi*, Oi o J. K. 8 I AW, *Jj St. ? K..rt . south Mirml uio.nlnit* Irwn sto9, or ?i'iit .; r I'll ti to , in' at 8 N t?*a i at reel f.o 1 3. A to let, irn amnLrr lioua.-. from $t50 to $74) . and otto for SAW. ( rrn I.ET?THE DWELLIN 1 HOUSE NO. 110 EAST I E itiii.a iuu Mtta-t, ui ar Irvine plaou O-n h? m.- n iroin 1- lo f o ah i 4. Apply at 'J2 or 132 fc. at Nineteenth *tr?. i. f|M) CORNER BTORK no. 171 duank 1 at . i . n. urtlie Aineri an hapi, mm, II.i.Imou an 1 Erie Knl.road .1 p.. H 2.. y i, wr.l iinLtd.1, sv.tli lioi-lua) on ?., o *tn nt iiuij 1.. ig va u Tne lolu are tilled tor Ui? u*. tiiu-oi. oitiliiit, ssltli v.a ar cloac a und every conve.,lru.e; c .ttinu tn ir?, i.i'inH, a I e wll be rented wi h the oiiliJIn;. A pi y ,.) JOHN 1 LO V d A SON 4, ? Na Mm at.eer rro let-to a ptllty ok two hai.p op a khali* X 11. ae, p. rily iit'i.i-lir | if ,i ?.r al; the llosta* i? m sV - - ar?m I I ' ."li .a 11. e ia -i ' TV) L14T-TO A RESPECTABLE TENANT. APART. menu, coiisimiiiK >< acv-n iiwma and luiUi. imiih, .a bu-ouieiii ll'i.m 33 I'eriy siree ; ibn ln>tise is In good r'er, mxi ' ..II modern linuro, .miui.T, the pari not to let la 01 i.pictl l>y a family of tw > p rums; poim sstou'luimediutO' ly. II eidred. TO LET OR LEASE?TWO THREE STORY FRAME 11 or H a, in K i-'lyhth street, opHl.o the Central Peru. Tin" l|.i i. es llav t1 all III" no e.'u improvcm n:-, end a e n ry uo.u bous s; n 11? $?0 per )?.ir> ft'li. Appl at corner-d hi. bin av.uuo and Fi ty-eislitn street. TO LEASE?T1IK ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING HM tlwny; h mend by 2.)fu i: stores, Willi 1 ip-e ui'iit unit un.liT bu?enient; would mules a i n- sn'ouii; or <-a di l!i or -epai ill It : t?<> upper Hours li ve oeen 'ted ..u fur lodge r mills. Inquire of H. ilALi'.KAlTM, Esq., 137 Filli?u sit -el, or A E.VliLESON, 738 Broadwray. rpoLEA^E?IlOl'SE NO. 0 ST. MARK'S PLACE. POR1 a * I-di immediately. Apply to JAMLK lilt. IK.-II AN K, 6.1 Broudw.iy fpo LET OK LEASE-IN MOHUISANIA. A NEAT TWO L story Cons, e, with t rre-q uart rs o: an acre ol Oro nd; t e ir three sttue rouhsaud the depot of 1J irlem Km i ad, Po cvlon uiven Immediately. Inquire of II.K. UlKNET, I. 8.nice street. TO LET OR LEASE- AT A MODERATE RENT, A Bakery, In kooj lo ? u.n, doing ?n c*cclt tit lem; s, lendld oven and very couvuuteucc. Apply to J. BARTON, 1 l.A Tltoii'.pmi street. rpo 1 .EASE?TEN LOTS OF GROUND, SITUATED ItEI tvveeu I o. ty s *Miid and Furtydliir I > reets, frou; n( on li.e Lust r.ver; bulkhead, with water thirty leet de p la suiuul le for storage, i lo in Iry or the tn.iniifae'uro of m as* i a li n oy, v. here e.i d w hal f aecominodu tlom are rri|ul.-e<f. Apply at the I'e.lar depot on the premises rpo KENT?St ITABLE FOR A DENTIST, THE DWELL1 itiup.rtoi It ?e 1*3 Urau I street, tu complete o.der. Inquire of II. T. OROWTACAY. TO RENT?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO til Fourth sitvrt (A b;o:t Rent (MM. I no irt ai 36 West Kl;hteenth atroet. \Uo, u House 79 -south Third street, W.I lumsbarg; rent $.60. TO RENT-AT NEW BRIGHTON, THREE VILLAS, t.N the Hi Ifjhta: modem improvements; ttovver and v-'gtnoble garib ns; fruit. haudsuiuu i rounds, carriage bon es, Ac,; vie* iinsurpaim d; : ve minutes' front ferry. Apply to. T. BOND, 139 llroadway,room No. t. THE UPPER PART OP A HOUSE TO LET-TO A small prt. ate lamlly. Inquire at No. 9-7 East Broadway. TO LAWYERS.?VERY DESIRABLE OFFICES IN bdiuilnrt No. 31 Liberty street. noil W the eorm ? of MMMUK opposite the Po-t oilloe, will Be rented on reoMUtbta term*. Am y h> A. V. RI1A, on the premise a, or at the offim of the Meir-ip-illtan Incurs oe Company, 108 Broadway, corner of Fine street. ' rOYSrER DEALERS.?A RARE CHANCE.?TUB prill- ge of hsvlnu ?a oyster and lunch counter an f labl.-a in a . r?l class ale vault, 10 feet wtde by 60 fees deep, with targe vaults fi r storage, in one of the Mat locations on R oadway. Rent low. Apply at 337 Broadway. HOUSE*, ROOMS, AC., WAIITED. ~ A LADY, WITH TWOCHILDREN.WiSHESTO RENT the ace Hid tutor, unf rniEied, or a house having too modem improvement, to a ed betweeu Twenty-Second and YnlNj fourth . '.reel* an.i blitb and Nintn avenues, tn a ro ferun< ea required in<l dirm. AddretaA. b.. Herald oMm? FL?RNIsnED COUNTRY HOUSE W A \TED.-A L '.RCIE, in miy 1 lunar, wltu nronn no, frail c?, outturn ? , *c., p eneanth illu it'-n; nut mo" in.'.n twenty flrr inl ?a irom N'nv Yuri j wllli ra*y a, > "a* by mil nr n emnl oat. It t? rwj iini ei tor tint rtiM bo.-irdrra. A * . nil, wcil am olntea hi. o Moutd not nr. oiije.u a ;o. Add, e>* p&rliruWi l<3 Doi.e!t on, Herald olBre. HOUSE, WITH STABLE AND COACH HOUSE* wanted?in the rhinity of Fifth or Mndiaon a? nuea. In tiveen Twentieth and Tl.I l>-lillli atreeta, 'or a fannly nt f"Uit wl houl <1 1 !r-n. A drena. mating Ion tit tent, Itfriie liH-at'on and nt what ho irtlic ho'iK way be , ei n. 8., boa 3,i 71 Fw( oiltce. HOUSE WANTED.?A LARCH HOUSE. SUITABLE I ra iHui'din hou-e, wanted, by a And rlur.a, rraponalhle l mint. For north u'ara apply at 4<G>^ Broadway, iu tho More. No broker* need apply apply, House wantkd-by a family of thrrb adiuia; a o-oforta'de, unall, w II Tornl-hod ||o ?, with mo .rrn Imp.o.eim nta, and in a good location In tbo t-ity; r? 111 not to eiceed $130 per annum. Aldrrta M. B. l , Herald oilier. Pi;ess wanted?a bkoond hand SCRBW_ OR i, ver, lard o t Fro*-, in woikln.; otd- r. Ajiplv Kldt r, 31 Broad a WAmrFiD^*bSfi ?THE "ttST OK MAV- A C0*. ? I r,mt n>" <> p* e il $.*n, TurI ' a pi.;'. " ?'?? water. In \M limn* re preferred. I ?y>.. ** 1 0 " i atii g all panictilqraj, 11. raid offlce. UtantfiT vx'.DTATKM. a second hand hob or Tivlor Ajld.d- r IVt aa: Mia of bed 3IMA, or : m\J. Adtln-N. A. Sv.iJle. Journal Building, llg . W llElll.lV'tOtl k( or , Ho ton. *K^ U' anted-cott\<jk house wa.7*^2? .v,1' * Tor a mini innily. - . in f om $! >> to ?. i to iillmi ini,-i he reapect ble Addr >a A. B., bo.. uenua n? e, atming lo otlon and partKU.ara. . , w anted?a part of a modern house, co. ?T n a ina of froi t and la k p rlnra k,n ii?ii. dining nun mid two or lire" bedroom", by a antall family ; atton l etwwn I n y an I Four e? n h arev and Men nd ?n I HiXiu n tinea Trout Mayl; re. t not laakencd $HW |,r ii. iiinn. Anitpn ly l a, iti. inch to 1,-1 will hair of an aaranmia ii i , lm?int l,? .1,1.. um u t i..,. A 7.. d..n 111 r. ' m " " ' *""" "" U'ANTED TO KENT-,\ SMALL HOUSE WITII 8TAbit* mil s.u.un, 40 nr.4) mile* |r ,ni lb: dl; Ninror (.11 the v AI r I r 1-rr.M, Add mm O. h., Jr., N<>. L>, O .ini. Iirm Mien, N. \. Vnrk. U' \NTED TO KENT I.N BROOKLYN?BY THE 1ST OF M.i), >t two it ory * ,i| it muna. unm <>r nruk flyuao, by .tn ill family imwii person*. Ilmim- mum be ivTdi'o "* ! ttalkutii iIIk'UK 'u tnr eri y or near i-nr* running llieri'lo. Aliy o" (luring H e ali'dro will Hint a |m .nipi p yl iq u-nnnt liy ii.l.lrr?sliu v U.i fu.l i Articular*, rrnt, Jf , Courier, Ou* ifc m ( i oil? \VAX:ed-a small conybnibnt iiovflk, roRA } T | ii ft c fun I., O'twii fo.irt rnUi and FoitieilU tri-i i-.n ir Fourthnvrmte r?r* oi Broaltwy tune*. A<W di r r.t. II. C. |l? Herald ofllce. Wanted?a cottahb iioi'he moderate rent IT in tin* npi - r purl o I.In r I , or nmr Brooklyn HeigbU I.,-Writs r fticriy: ,a* an l wilier indi*|>'n*ab.e. K, llo al I "111 r, slailnti |i.iHcnl?r? WANTED TO II KK-A flOOD I1O0BR, OF SMALL TT /. , lint a . ii I.. line..di itini sixth avenue*, <u$.?r?)ur $A>|, l) .i i -| -I'-loli- petty. A .Mi Ms A. It., 11 nr. i Id inllce. \l* ANTED TO I.E t?K ?A 'STORE VND BASEMENT. IN r\ ,i .rliiiiil.ii I'.l k Out <iiim, nil Hit) i*umi a.tio 01 llio If.wry I'ltr.mi i'ottninne wri.1 1) l.ttey wt For a ?if. . id I .( ( a I .onus will lie |iaii|, V'lUr"*.- Auction Store, tin! <11 II. W \NTTD ro KENT BY 1ST OF MAY?PART OF A Yl II I.-(', Willi m (.( lu nij or inrntk, liy nil faintly nfmlnVn. Rent to be ?ho ,t I'MI Itemr. n^on et hung'if. \ Mi" s, wiili full particular*, O "ar, llrral i oiHoe. U' AM ED--I N BROOKLYN, A NEAT, UKDII'M SIZED IIkiim*, Sir a amalt iSfimr iMitty, Rem not to?t?< Afci. Mum la: in a go-nt in I it ordinal. n arWall r.wii nr I ill'hi f iry, or nnvrnlent to ear* runnin, thereto. Ail* dtrr* F. A. ?l.. lio\ III Herald gum'. __ W AN'I'KD-A SMALL llOUhli I OR A FAMILY OF YY omi-iflnltk, In N?w York, run*, iin nt ln? linr r. ra, or I Br.ii.kli u. low l>y a f'" ry q: ? and water linll*|? nt b A Mr n r". \ It lli raid oUkc, ntuling rum, whtoh mat no* o?rrr l$JM I.r TlOu. __ , Ur AN'KD-A rorWTRT RESIDENCE WO'tTll $.10(0, in hainr for vr.y r-l-r Mroonyn l,M,F Jtl I mukthr t I ii.iy wor.n tho amount. Apply ? ? ". u. ton ' TKR, ?r. lilt* k, lu? ttruauiwa/. \UAMKI?-v Fl HNIOH O HOI SR. KiriMlEO ?? iit.nri-Wua'iltutoti I'n n .< 0r<* n.l, wmm lh< n m. ?r par tf II, ? ii iM lx ukktii In Luafl. A .ilmm bill IU.I Harold OBV 1. i WAXTKh TO IIIKIi?OA M IV I, r/RTuK A IIOOB >? i<r it ??.? i im < ' ?* t. ii i?ij in % I n hiiI In, . j> fi; i inw??? i nti in all Ilia .nl F I lltipTuvt, I i'i?iii?| run a i-naiatlna nt i *?itt ik a'nrnL Innii |>irior tiil ilii r i i n ? rt anv pao lea FnWp R< i,|n n 10 < it } lvf '^1. H"l Iin ?| ! lb|||?"<I- A -Iri'-a U. K W , Hi-tald UriMKli rn II IKK?A lliffhk, rot H NTuRIKH ANQ Irif.i M |?; " '"'i' "iFI'a IIlh an.I I : trtr-Aflh I am (?, anil .nl i amiISp onlh nvnniiaa. Ail Ir an < oail ,* I ?.1 , I -III I- * 1* ?ar Oilk-f it \NTHD IMMBPIATF.ItY?BY A PARTY COMMI NO. * M I i I i . . Ihi'i'i- nut ii i.l . ? (t(, * io a inii - ...Ian i lllfftik r tlmria: I| r na limit ||? I,,, I . . \ . ? ?->n I'll , ill ..Uri, J. a, ilittkn A, | kpr.ntf ?tri't. UA*CIKU ACAORMIKS* 4 nnnwnin ir* r?\*ritf s a<ad.:mik?, 4 ?i. i.i i?fl iiir, ?mr. T ??nij -folk 4., Sew York. >'<). i / M ?n - r<'H, HrMitym CI All ? K iiuitinil ? i f* I i N >?*klrn. CljA -kiV mIh.**fln\ < ?>;i , i l .)i i|i Ni w V'?rk. I vi.e.m >u> ivrui*. Ac.. Duly be i. t<l mclum ,4o*JoiUT, if * A < *r*W

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