Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1862 Page 3
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Bum; and any amount of United States notes ao deposited ^Biay beViUidrawu from gefeoeit at any time after tea a>.i notice on tits return of said own thaws: Provided, ^ hai the Interest on all such deposits shall cease and de ^Hurmine at the pleasure of the Secretary of the Treasury; provided 'nrt^.r, that the aggrogate of such deposits Hh*5 dolino tiDie c?ceed tbe UDOai>t of twenlyflve mil* Hbec. 5. And be it furl]** enacted, That all duties on im^K>ori(?l goods which shall be paid in coin, or in notes ^Kayanle, on dontapd, heretofore authorised to he issued ^ ind by law receivable in payment of public dues, and ^Bhe coin eo paid shall be set apart as a special fund and ^fthall he applied si fellows:? firtt?To the payment in coin of the interest on the ^ tondg and notes of the United States. Second?To the purchase or payment of one per centum ^Bof the entire debt of the United States, to be made within ^nach fiscal year after the first day of July, 1862, which is ^Bo be set apert as a sinking fund, and the interest of ^vsrhioh shall in like manner be applied to the purchase or ^Kiayrpent of the publio d?.bt as the Secretary of the Trea^Kurt shall from time to time direct. Third*?1The residue thsreof to be paid into the TreaHmry (#ttfS United States. Sec. fi. And be it further enacted, That if any peaeon or persons shall falsely make, forge, counterfeit or alter, or cause or procure to he elsely made, forged, counter felted or altered, or shall willingly aid or assist w falsely making, forging, counterfeiting or altering any note, bond, coupon or other security issued under the auHthnrito nf eft.;- ?* a? hni-oiMfnra tuuiifiil lin<l*r ftftR to authorise tba issue of Treasury coles or bonds; or shall pass, utter, publish or sell, or attempt to pass, otter, publish or soil, or bring into the United States from any foreign place with Intent to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or shall have or keep in possession or conceal with intent to otter, publish or sell any such false, forge d, counterfeited, or altered note, bond, coupon, or other security, with intent to defraud any bodycorporate or polltic, or any other person or jcrsons whatsoever, every person so offsoding shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall on conviction thereof be punished by fine not exceeding $6,000, and by imprisonment and confinement te hard labor not exceeding fifteen years, according to the aggravation of the offtnee. Sec. 7. And to it further enacted, That if any person, having the custody of an> plate or plates from which auy notes, bonds, coupons, or other securities mentioned in this act, or any part thereof, shall have boen printed, or which shall have been prepared for the purpose of printing any such notes bonds, coupons, or other securities, or any part thereof, shall use such plate or plates, or knowingly permit the same to bo used for the purpose of printing any notes, bonds ,ooupons, or otbor securities, or any port thereof, except suoh as shall be printed for the use of the United Stales by order of tho proper officer thereof; or if any person shall engrave, or cause or procure to bo engraved, or shall aid in engraving, any plate or plateain the likeness'or similitude of any plate or plates designed for the printing of any such notes, bonds, coupons or other securities, or any part thereof, or shall vond or toll any such plate or plates, or shall bring into tho United States from any foreign place any such piste or plates, with any other intent or for any purposo, iu cither case, than that such plate or plates shall bo used for printing of such notec, bonds, coupons or other securities, or some part or ^urta thereof, for the use of the United States,or shall have In his custody or possession any metalic plate engraved after the similitude of any plate from which any such notes, bonds, I coupons, or other securities, or any part or parts thereof, shall have been printed, with Intent to um such plate or plates, or cause or suffer the wine 10 lo useu, m rorging or counterfeiting any luch notes, bonds, coupons, or other securities, or any part or parts thereof, issued as aforesaid, or shall hare in his custody or possession any blank note or Botes, bond or bonds, coupon or coupons, or other security or securities, engraved and printed i. after the similitude of any notes, bonds, coupons, or ether securities, Issued as aforesaid, with intent to sell or otherwise use the same; or if any person shall print, photograph, or In any other manner execute or cause to he printed, photographed, or in any manner executed, or shall aid In printing, photographing or executing any engraving, photograph, or other print, or impression, In the likeness or similitude of any such notes, bonds, coupons or other securities, or auy part or parts thereof, exoepi for the use of the United States and by order of the proper officer thereof, or shall rend or sell any such engraving, photograph, print or other Impression, except to the United States, or shall bring into the United States from any foreign place any such engraving, photograph, print or other impression for the purpose of vending or selling the same, except by the direction of somo proper officer of the ^United States, or shall have in his custody or possession any paper adapted to the making of such notes, bonds, coupons or other securities, and similar to the paper upon which any such notes, bouds, coupons or other securities shall have been issued, with intent to use such paper, or cause or suffer the same to be used, in forging or counterfeiting any of the noted, bonds, coupons or other securities, issued as aforesaid, every such person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment and coutlnement to hard labor not exceeding fifteen years, according to the aggravation of the offence. Gold fell this evening to 2% bid, and was offered at 2%. Demand notes are held at %, and % in bid everywhere. The 7.30 notca are current at bout 99% a y9. The business of the Snb-Treasnry was as follows to-day:? Receipt* $002,138 03 ?For customs 101,000 00 Pawmenlo coo nn ? tmj MW ,UOO UJ Balance 6,872,328 66 The exchanges at the. Bank Clearing House this morning were $22,133,322 70, and the balances $1,106,389 70. . The statements of the banks of the three principal cities of the Union for the last week compare with the previous ones and the corresponding time of 1861 as follows:? leann. Drpn<itn. S?i>. Ciruln, Hew York, Feb.22.$139,950 958 109,019,076 20,875,995 8,489,4 * Boston. Feu. 24.... ?2.1*3,640 21,515.228 8,3Jl>8 6,580,205 PUlla.. Feb. 24..... 29,280,049 18,777,300 6.867,686 2,230,6"6 TOU1 $231,2*4,647 149371,601 43,085,2(91 lTsM.'KW Last week 232^70.884 181,157,681 42,874.592 14.424,327 Last rear 207il43,192 121,096,997 47,034,914 17,308,2 ,9 The Chicago Tribune of Taesday says:? New York exchange Is abundant?too much io for the profit and convenience of our bankers. They tako it from customers at par a % discount; and the nomlna! selling price is M per oeut premium, ttiough concessions aro readily obtained ou round lots. Par is ofton accepted by the larger banks. Gold?Buying, a 3 per cent; selling, 3>4 premium. Market dull. Chief Justice Bigclow, of Massachusetts, has rendered the following decision in the case of the Bank of Mutual Redemption, of Boston:? It is ordered in the above ease that the injunction heretofore Issued be continued, so far as it restrains and prohibits said bank from allowing a less amount of specie to be kept constantly on hand than may be equal to fifteen per cent of its liabilities for circulation and deposits? the said bank being required to keep not lees than that amount constantly on hand; also, so far as It prohibits end restrains said bank from issuing its notes and bills with any agreement or understanding llial the seme shall not be put into immediate and unrestricted circulation, vr urn Mi?jr euuuiu mm u? rnurugu hi hio obdk wilDin limited time. That la all other particulars the Mid in junction be dissolved. Upon this decision the Boston Daily Advertiser remarks:? Tbis decision win excite great interest among these Interacted in t be management of our banks A Tory large number vf the banks have frequently acted, It Is probable, poo the same construction of the law as was giren to It by the Bank of Mutual Redemption. At all events the points in issue bare long been a matter of diseusston upon State street, sad the present decision will therefore be looked to as one of great Importance. Stock Exchange. Thursday, Feb. 17,1863. $20000 U F6'i.'81,r'g 08 10 sbs Ocean Bank.. 70 01000 VSO'S,'81,cou 02k 10 Park Bank loo 1000 do. 03 10 Continental Bank 70 40000 do P2Jf 10 Metropolit'nBank 06 600U86e,810rwlky 91 90 Pacific Mall 83 CO 01* 80000 Tree7 8-lOpcn 09* 925 do 01 7COO do 00k 60 do 01k 8000 III con bds,'77 90 1042 N Y Central RR. $? 1000 III war loan.. 86k 9W , do 88)4 <000 do 86k 300 do aOO 83 1000 Mich 8 w be.. 87 800 do M0 83k 1000 Michigan 7'S.. 06 100 do blO S3 lOOOTenn 6'e,'90.. 81 100 do slO BS 110O0 do 60k 60 do b60 83k 16000 do 80 60 do..!..'s30 83 8000 do MB 60 80 do .blO 83k 6000 do 80k 36 Harlem RR.....; 12 6000 do bio 00 100 do . 11* 1000 North Car C's 71 60CumbCbal pref' 8 80000 Missouri 6'S.. 61 800 Krle RR... . ,b30 84k 130000 do 60k 850 de ali4 85000 do b30 61 650 do ... 3u.? 20000 do 60k tfiO do . . aio jut! 9000 do blO 61 800 do bOO 85 4000 do,,,..,... 61k fO do b30 84*; 85000 do...,..b80 62 100 do 6000 do bl6 60k 150 Erie RR pref.. s30 6Hi. 1000 do 51k 700 do' 6h k 1000 Virginia *.. 60 50 do b80 6sk sow i nmorni* r?. ?e>4 iuu ao <>.,o r>s\ 8000 H'klyu < lty w 1 101 100 Hud Rtvor RR.a30 36 v. 6600 S Y Opii 6'a.. 07 136 do 86k 8000 KrleKK lot m b 106 100 do >80 86k 2000 F.rleKR4thrab 86 60 Reading RR 44 1000 HmlKlvRHlm 106)4 100 do 43)4 8000 MC RpclmaCcb 102)4 100 do >80 48V 1000 Harlem lit mb 100)4 96 Mich Oenlral RK. 64 1000 N la lit m ... n 160 Mich So AJN I RR 24 8000(',R6t<lKR8pcb Ofljf 60 Mlcb t>ktflag ik 48 SOOOMich Soafb.. 00)4 100 do bl6 48 6000 do.... 00 660 do 47K 8000 III Can RR bda 04 X 60 do bSO 47V 600 TolbWa lot ba 68 loo 111 Otot RRacrlp. 83 V 2000 feChltm b 08 800 do . 83k lOOOCIe ATolifba 87 >20 Clova k Pitta RR IB 10000 Abo gold.bSO 108 26 Clove,OolAClnRR 100)4 8000 do b60 108 60 Gal&CblrRR. blO 88k 1.16000 do b?o 102)4 800 Clava A Tol RR.. 44)4 10000 do blO 102 >4 800 do 44k 10000 do 102)4 300 d?. 46 134000 do.102)4 60 0hlfcRlRR.blB 66)4 >6000 do b30 102)4 60 do >46 66k 6000 do b30 102)4 loo do >80 66k 2000 do 102)4 60 dO...r..bl0 63V 10000 do >60 102)4 60 do blO 66V 60000 do atfiO 102)4 800 do 66k lOahaBkStato of NY. 86 22 Mil * V du Cb RR 20 k 80 Rk of Commorce. 88 12 do g, , 10 do 87 18 M A P du C 2d prf 63 40 Broadway Ilk.... 126 8 do r,4 60 Amer Ex Rank.. 88 22 New Jew * rc.. n do 88)4 HE Second BOAUP- mu $26000 U 8 8'b,'81,cou 03 100 ?he Erie 60000 do b30 837* 80 do ?*? 10000 do 88* ^^M'wii'odO MH 1rfMOdoiV::W0 MX 60HudaooRRR.830 86* 6000 do 83i 64* 26 do 36/* ^HotuHisiB if g" ^HSW * W MOMsSAISSB:: 24 SS *?.72 260 M SoA N la g it'k 48* 3000 ToMi Wabddm 487* 50 do 467* 2000 $olfcW<$>lBt m 777* 200 111 ConRK scrip.. 64)* lOOMChl 4Nw2diu 18 60G*l& Chi RR ??>* 30000 Ame gold.b60 103>* lOChl & Rockl RR.. 66* 2(KK)0 do 103 600 do 5J/? Sooo do 800 1027* 600 do .b30 67 <>000 do 102?* 80Chl,BurfcQyRR. 64* 160 shs Pan *83 Co.. 81* 10 Mil 4 Pr duthRR 20)* 160 do 01'* 60 do 207* 66 do s60 81 60 do .201* 100 do b30 82 16 MiUtPrduChlpref 771* 160 Cumb Cool, prcf.. 8>* CITY COMMKHCIAI* REPORT. Thcmbu*, Feb. 27?6 P. M< A?ikf.?The market vu quiet and saiea limited, at un. changed prices. BRjuDBrcrm ?Flour?The market was easier for some grades, especially for common and medium. The higher class of brands was unchanged. The chief demand was from the heme trade. The transactions footed up about 12,000 bbls., closing within the range of the following quotations:? Superfine State $5 40 a 6 66 Ext rate fancy State 6 73 a 6 80 Superfine Western 5 40 a 6 65 Common to choice extra Western 6 70 a 0 90 Canadian 6 75 a 0 60 Southern mixed to good Bujorfiue 6 00 a 6 40 Extra do 0 46 a 7 26 Good to choice family do 7 25 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 30 a 4 26 Corn meal, Jersey and Rrandywine 2 90 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was heavy, while the supply of good brands was moderate. The market was steady at our quotations, with sales of 000 bbls. Southern flour was in fair demand, while the market was sustained at our quotations. The SAlee embraced 1,600 bbls. Rye flour was i sternly at our quotations and sales were light. Corn men' ' was in moderate demand at our figures, while sales were confined to 160 bbls. Jersey and Brandywine. Wheat ( was irregular and prices unsettled, while sales, in small < lots, embraced 16,000 a 30,000 bushels, at $1 31 for Chi- l cago spring in store, $1 42 for choice red State,$1 60 t for a small lot prime white Michigan, $1 40 for fair * red Western in store, $1 47 for amber Joraey. ' Corn was lower and with rather moro doing at the de- ; cline, while the salee embraced about 40,000 bushela at 69c. a 00c. for Jersey aud Southern new yellow, and at 61c. a01 >?c. for Western mixed, in store, and at 03c. a G3}?c. for do., delivered. Rye was easier, while sale3 f embraced about 2,700 bushels of State at 86>?c., dell- , vercd. Barley was steady, with sales of 1,600 bueheis . at 83c. at tbe railroad depot. Barley was firm, with small sales at f 1 05 a $110. Oats were dull and heavy at 39c. a 40c. for Canadian and Western, and at 41c. for ? State. < Corns was firmer, with a better demand; the sales ! embraced 8,300 bags of Rio at 20c. a 21c., which was an Improvement of >?c. per pound. Cottox The market was firm, with a good demand J from the trade. The sales footed up about 600 a 800 ' bMes, closing stiff on the basis of 23c. for middling up- J lands. : Freights.?To Liverpool 46,000 bushels corn were i iskuii uv o^4<j., iu oun, *oo uercc* laru ai ~cis. oa.. J 200 bbls. pork at 3s., 600 boxes bacon at 20e., 100 hhds. t tallow at 20s.; and by steamer, 250 packages lard and 1 100 do. butter at 40s. To London 2,000 bbls. flour, part in neutral Teasel, at 2s. 3d. a 2s. 6d., and 8,000 bushels wheat at 8)4d. Kates to Glasgow were:?2s. 6d. for \ flour, 8>;d. for wheat and at 26s. for proTislons. I Rates wore nominal to Havre at 18c. for wheat, 70c. for 1 flour, and 810 for bark. ' Hay?The market was steady, with sales for shipment 1 at 86c. a 00c., and for city use at 90c. a 96c. , Sales of26 hhds. Cuba muscovado were , made at 20c., and 100 do. Cuba at 21c. Naval. Storm ?Rales of 700 bbls. common rostn were < I made made ut $6, and 400 do. common strained at $6 60. Spirits were nominal. Oil".?Owing to scarcity of seed linseed was firmer, j with some sales reported at 84c. a 80c. Crude sperm was , in fair demand at $1 40 a |1 41. Petroleum wae in good i supply and prices unchanged. < Provisions.?l*ork?The market was firm, with a good demand for future delivery. The soles embraced 1,000 bbls.,at 814 87)4 a814 50 for new mess. 813 60 for old ; moss,|10 02)4 a 810 76 lor new prime, and 600 bbls. new j mess sold, deliverable in the first half of June, at 815- < Beef was without material alteration la prices. The sales i embraced about 260 bbls., at 8111 a 812 60 for plain men, and 814 a814 26 for extra. Tierco beef was firm, with sales of 100 tierces prime mess at 820, and 100 do. India mess at 822 a $24. Beef hams were in fair request, with the sale of a small lot of Milwaukee at $10 26. Bacon was In fair request and firm, with sales of 600 boxes at fltfe. for short ribbed Western, and at 0).(c. for Western Cumberland cut. Lard was llrrn and in good request, with sales or 1,400 bbls. and tierces at 7)4c. a 8)4c. Dressed hogs wore unchanged. Bntter and cheese wore in moderate demand and prises uu< hanged. Sl'car".?The market was flrraer, and closed about >?'c. higher ou the week's aalcs. The transaction* eiubrai ed about 1,600 hhds., chiefly within the range of 0)4c. a 7 '4'c., and 200 boxes at 7)4c. Wui.-kly.?The market was less active and lower, with aalcs of 550 bbls. at 20)4c. a 27c. and foi mdt" DOU LOST.?$5 REWARD.?A SMALL WHITE DOO about one foot ht^h, with long straight hair; answers I o tiio name of Spitz. Tbr above reward will be paid <m leaving him at 603 Washington street, between Reado and Dunne streets. DOO LOST.?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, THE 23D, a small black poodle Dog, with a small white spirt on Ills breast; answers to the name of Lump. By leaving him at 153 Thompson street the finder will ue suitably rewarded. Bftound-on saturday, ueb. 15, between thirty1 third and Thirty-first streets, in Eighth avenue, a sum nt mone*. which the owner can have by calling upon W. H. Boriiap, 163 West Twenty-seventh street. Found-on Wednesday, in seventh avenue, a Brooch, containing hair. The owner can have the same by proving ) ruperly and paying for this advertisement Apply to 11. Kafltun, 128 West Fourteenth street. FOUND-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO; BLACK; ABOUT two weeks ago. The owner can have hitn by paying charges: otherwise he will be sold to pay expenses. Please call at No. 5 New Bowery. And If not called for In one week will be sold. Lost-last week, in broadway, a large brlndle Greyhound, with white tipped tail sad Ureas', and gr en leather collar. If returned to No. 40 Broadway, a reward will be paid. Lost-book no. 4?s op tub broadway savings Bunk; in the name or Nancy Harris. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Bank. LOST-ON SATURDAY. FEB. 22. A PACKAGE OF valuable Pa;-era, between No. 174 W. street and No. 67 West Twenty-fifth street. As payment baa been stopped on the notes they will be of no value except to the owner. If returned to No. 57 West Twenty-fifth street a liberal reward will be given. BELLA WOOD, New York. LOST-AT OR NEAR THE CORNER OF BROADWAT and Maiden lane, two female paintings, in box. The finder will receive the value of them In money he calling at 19 Maiden lane. O. R. DOWNING A CO. LOST-A 84ARF PIN. REPRESENTING A FLY. FIVE dollars reward will be paid tbe finder by R. C. Hull, at IU6Cliff street. New York. LOST-ON THE 2SD INST., A SMALL CARRIAGE DOO. beautifully apotted, and answers to tbe name of Netlie. Whoever will return tbe same to Mr. T. Hall, Smithsonian Hotel, between 7 and 9 o'clock P. M., will receive fifteen dollars reward. LOST-ON THE MTH, EITHER IN CROSSING HOBOken ferry or in New York, a large sited Chsrru, book shape; bad likeness of a gentleman Inside. Whoever will return same to No. 228 Waabtngton street, New York, will be liberally rewarded. LOST-A POCKETROOE, CONTAINING A 8UM OF mnne^ and cards wnth the name of the owner. If tbe ijiin*;i oiiiKaxiiaiwiniuill IIRII, luiru LOOT, ? Will bC ill)"-rally rewarded. LO8T-0N TUESDAY NIOHT, FROM BO WX8T II0U8 ton atreet, a pat white Babbit. The flu Jer will be rewarded by returning It. LOST-ON WRDNE8DAY AFTERNOON, MTH INST. In or between Twentr-llrel and Twenly-fonrtb etreew, Eighth avenue, A pearl Vucketbook, containing 94 75 In Mirer. The tinder Will confer greet favor by tailing at 8. C. Wall'* bakery, 277 KUhth ev.nue, %e the money waa loet by a verv poor girl, one who nerda it very much. REWARD WILL. BE THANKFULLY PAID J to the peraon who found the lady'* Mink Fur Collar at Barnum'i Mnaeura, on tact Monday evening, ir returned to the owner, at 14 Wall etieel, room 51, within two daya. I03T?A"MKMORANDUM~ROOK, ON MONDAY NIOHT. J going from Sorond avenue Into Broadway; email, and no value eave to Ihe own< r Five dollar* will he paid for It* r, turn 10 Ihe Bond atreet llouge, 464 Bruadway, or to 41 William etrrci. OST-ON WEDNESDAY KVKMINO FEBRUARY M, In Fifth avenue, between Twenty dial and Twenty aecottd alreeia, a while lace Shawl, wrapped In blue paper. The Bnder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 15 Weal Twenty-aeioiidairwt. Ran away with a waqon prom the corner of Forty.Aral atreet and Broadway, New York, 00 the evening of the ktth I nit, e bob tall bay Mare, with a email atar InIka forehead, about IS handa high, lame In on# bind fool from a eork. Any Information concerning the same wilt be llbarally rewardedty p. C. Hclde, No. 4 Pino atreet. UNTVMI. msssjesssapm*" on *ocul a?D ?n i 1 u ^ ?T^ . moth 1 return of Judge Nott ?.!? 2ff lh" CooP*r Union, on lull (Fri.lay) evening, at a P. M. Arimlenlon free. ABRAM a. HEWITT, Secretory. NBW PCBLICATIOIVS. That ' cuRiofn" book op city women or in terettlug Female Chanu-teiw In New York Cheep edition 218p??ea, llao ""^reedj- J-Mce r, rente ?r mailed free HOoents, by M. CIAUNTT, 80 Walker street, New York. aILL|AHM| A LAROK BTOCK OP NRW AND SECOND HAND J\ Billiard Tablet, with Phelan'e Combination Cuthlont, for tele at prices to enlt the tlmea. PIIELAN A OOLLKNDER, MloMOrotby it.N.T. t RALE?A SPLENDID STOCK OP NEW Inii I eeronit hanrl Tablet, nt reasonable prleee. Tables to let ml Bagatelle Tahlre fur tele. Orders by mail attended to by W. II. OKI rriTIJ. 1M Fulton ttretL W YORK HERALD, FR1D ?- r m.\ rr-i' -a "A1,5 s_ ? ^ jt It atk . Ah blbuant four story nova scotia d?ab (one Hoqpe, now occupied bv (be owner, for btle; furnisbed or tutfurnlsbod, ?t sacrifice and on liberal terms. Apply on (be premises, 32 West Fcrly-sUtli street, near Fifth avenue. A bargain for exchange.?three thousand dollars lu furniture and from three to els thousand dollars iu Western laud will be glveu in.richauge for Brooklyn or New York property. Inquire at 87 Bowery. A FARM FOR BALK OR EXCHANOE-FOR CITY property ;96Jd acres; price $6,MX); in Middlesex county, New Jersey. 2% miles from railroad depot, 3J? from steamboat lanuiug, andildfrom New York; farm house and outbuildings, well watered ami spring well near tbe bouse; good orchards and strawberry patch; 7ft acres under cultivation, balance heavy timber. For trucking purposes cannot be exeelled. Inquire of W. CORRIB, 200 Spring street. A FARM OP 8 ACRES, ONE 13 ACRES. ONE 23 acres, one 80 sores, lor exchange or sale. Also a Country Residence, near the city, in Westchester county. g. W. DITC1IETT, Westchester Land and Business Agency, corner Chatham and Chambers street, second lloor. A GENTEEL THREE KTORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, high stoop, 88 Lexiugtuu avenue, for sale or to let. with or without Furniture, handsomely painted and frescoed; has ill the modern Improvements and la in perfect order and neatly furnished, will be sold or rented ou reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN FOLEY, 163 Broadway. An excellent dairy and general crop Farm, large Dwelling Tenant House, uml all nee*nary Buildings, and all in good order; Haw Mill. Tools, Block, Crops, Ac., on line of New York ami Erie Railroad, for sale very cheap, or to exchange for property in this city w vicinity. BOUTUW1CKA WOOD, 88 Nassau street. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN BTONE FRONT House, basement and sub-cellar, with all the modern improvement*, on Brooklyn Heights, 58 Columbia street, opposite Colouade row, with a iiutevlew of New York bay, will be sold very cheap, on easy lerms. For further particulars tpply to or address T. SIMPSON, 34 avenue D. Buyers of real estate?notice j. m. miller s sale of the new Store and five story Building, 772 Sixth tvenue, and hue three story brown stone House 7'J East rwenty-Blxth street, at Merchants' Exchange, Friday (to-day) U12 o clock. _ ' Brooklyn property for rale-to suit the times. One new, three story and basement high sloop trick House, and one brown stone House, on Elliott place, tear Fulton avenue cars and Washlu ton Park: terms easy. Apply to T. B. JACKSON, on the premicss. By 8. day, 188 west fourteenth street?a Lot for sale, 23x98.9, on Thirty-fifth street. 100 feet west if Third avenue, north side; price $3,780; $2,500 can renain; equity taken in outside properly if free and clear. Cheapest house in new york CITY for sale nt $8,000. Apply to JOHN McCLAYE, 1,241 Broadway, tear Thirty-first street. COUNTRY SEATS AND FARMS FOR SALE?NEAR \J depots. 98 acres good land. 10 timber, 2 orchards, and arm buildings; in good order; Cottage House, 11 acres truck and; two Farms, ISO; two, 78; two, 80; two, 40; two, 20; wo, 10; two, S>?, and two 1>? acres each, ahd many others, leven Village residences, six to rent. Fnnu of 40 acres to cnt; do. one of 3)^. Call on TnOM, 180 West Washington nurket or 27 FultouJ street, or ou S. VAIL, PUtlnfield depot, 4. J. Farm for sale?on the hackensack river Bergeu county, N. J., containing over 33 acres, with a ;ood House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full parlculsrs, with map of place, Inquire of WH. BLAIR, 102 Barclay street. , Farms for sale or exchange.-one of iso acres, near Tarrytown, worth $30,000; ono of eighty-four icres. at Bcarsdale Depot, unencumbered, worth $18,000; one >f 100 acres, neur Sing Sing, worth $12,000; one of sixty acres, xear Tunkahoe, worth $1U,0J0; ons of fifty acres, near Ken. dco Depot, worth $8,600. Apply to H. FOWLER, 82 Cedar St. Farm wanted-of about seventy-ftve acres, worth $6,000 to $8,000, for which part payment will be nade in cash end the balance in a small Farm on Long aland, worth $3,000, unencumbered. Apply to II. FOWLER, 12 Cedar street. GK>R SALE-EIGHTH AVENUE CORNER PROPERTY; I; is one of the best business locations,land now paying i bout 12 per cent. Inquire of SMITH a MEAD, ITSWest Pwenty-nlnth street, cornet1 of Eighth avenue. For sale.-two houses, barn and fourteen acres of Land, only two miles from Hoboken ferry: to >e sold March 6, on foreclosure of mortgage, and will probaS'^AuSlihljfN *'orfurthe[PartlcuTars apply to JOHN PtOR SALE-SEVERAL TWO AND THREE STORY I? Houses, brown stone basements, stoops and trimmings, nodcrn improvements, in 8ixty-fiftb street, between First ind Second avenues. Also, new Tenement Houses lu different parts of the Nineteenth ward. Inquire of WM. A. INCH, Second avenue, between Sixty-fourth and Slxty.llfth streets. For sale?on thirty-eiohth street, between Fourth and Madison avenues, two four story brown Mono front Houses, 28 by 60 feet, oullt In the very best modern style. Also, two Houses, Nos. 43 and 47 East Thirtyleventh street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Inquire on the premises on both plaoes. FOR SALE?A NICE THREE STORY DWELLING house in the Eighteenth ward; has modern improvements; will be sold at a bargain. Also, some good paying nronsrfY in Dniifylnaa n?*r (\tiirt otrnsf RpnnlrMrn In n*. rlmnge for n country scat. Inquire at 47 I'lae street, base metiL For bale?house and lot 131 broome streetThe House Is entirely brick, with gas, bath, bot and cold water, in a good neighborhood. Price $4,730; part cash. In<|iilre of M. II. UNDER IIILL, 60 Delancey street, from 10 tol Pior bale?a modern three story brick House, 24 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Apply at the house, or to J. WALKER, at No. 2 Clinton Hall, Astor place, N. Y. well situated at Astoria, to exchange for New York property. For sale-a splendid country seat, one and a half hours' ride from this city; 127 acres, tine buildings, farm house, carriage house, Ac., and nil requisite oatbtilldlugs, In complete order. No brokers need apply. Inquire of oscar JOHNSON, 64 William street, room 12. For sale?the #oi.tthy residence of the Hon. Roht. M. MrLane, situated In the town of Living, ion, Columbia couuty, N. Y.; the House is built of brick, has all the modern Improvements; outbuildings and fences in perfect order. The place contains seventy acres, divided in grain, grass and woodland; a* a residence It possesses many advantages. For further information apply to WALTER L. LIVINcsTON, 41 Wall street. Jauncey court, New York. For sale-price $a,ooo-a handsome four (lory brown stone English basement House in Tncntysseond street, between Birth and Seventh avenues. Apply to E. H LUDLOW a CO.. No. 3 fine street. __ For sale-at a sacrifice, a very desirable and accessible Residence on 8tatcn Island. Inquire of J ames VAN BUltEN, S2 William street. For sale?two country seats, bbautifully situated, having a lute riser front, on the Pussaic, with improvements, lying between Passalo and Paterton, adjoining the beautiful residences of Charles Balcbeldor, Charles Brown and Wm Rhodes, Esq*., containing about 20 acres each; also, two other Countiy Seats, adjoining the above, containing 20 acres each, elegantly located, and enramandtug a splendid view of the surrounding country. This property is improving very rapidly. It lies in a beautiful section of the country, on the line of the Erie Railroad, acceaaible by ears several times dally, and 13 miles from New York. Further particulars given \>y J. EDWARD IRELAND, 63 Nassvit sireet, New York, or JAMES SIMMONS, on the premise*. J7IOR SALE ON MURRAY I1ILL.?A THREE STORY I? brown stone House snd Lot, in a very desirable location ; well and completely furnished, and in good order; price, including furniture, $12,WW. Apply to P. R. WILfclNB, No. 10 Pine street. " For sale chbap-thb three story, twentyone leet front, high stoop, brown stone House, No. 67 West Thirty-first street, nesr Sixth avenue, with jgaa Axlures, water closets, hot air furnace, Ac.; price $11,HOP; $8,000 can remain. Apply to n. H. RICE, 18 Cityllall, second atory. U?OR RALE LOW, ON EAST TERMS, SEVERAL FIRST J? rim three story, brown stone, high stoop Houses, on West Fiftieth street; si so two unimproved Lou, each 30 by 10U feet, sooth side Fifty-third street, between Second and Third arenoes. Apply at 193 West Fiftieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. TitOR RALE OR EXCHANGE?HOUSE AND STABLE r with Lot, 30x128.8, No. >07 Adelpbl street, Brooklyn Also, Lot, 23x100, south side of Fifty-fourth street, noar 8ercnth avenue, New Tork. Terms liberal. B. A. OAINES. 2S4 Pearl street. For sale or exchange?a superior house with grapery, 34x103, occupied by owner, centrally lo-< rated In Eighth ward; would exchange for a small house In, New Tork or Brooklyn: balance on mortgage. For particu* lars inquire of E. A. DICKINSON, 80 Beekmaa street FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?IMPROVED PROPERTY in Twenty-fourth street yielding above all expenses 8300, and rent secured: will be sold, or exchanged for a country residence (near High Bridge preferred), or for a small dwelling house In a good location up town. Apply to IIABR18 WILSON. 31 William street. EiOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?THE THREE STORY bsarment and tinder cellar brick House and Lot No. 47 t Thirty-first alreet, between Fourth and Madison avenues. Teruiaraay. Or would exchange for a small Cottage House and Lot In Harlem, worth about 884)0. Apply on the premises. Foe sale or excuange-a fine farm of 40 acres, 33 miles on Long Island, north aide, near the beach and steamboat landing. Good bulldlogs, fruit Ac.; good soil, great tlsblng, fowling, bathing and ooating. R. BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. IjlOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR A FARM OR COUN1 try seat?A very flnc large Store, in a first ret# business location down town. The country nroperty must be desirable, and worth from 88.00} to $\2,<MS. Address M. 8., box 144 Herald ofloe. For sale or t? let?the oceanic buildings, at Coney Island. For particulars inquire of or address Richard R. Bennett, Fort Hamilton. For hale or to let-on franklin avenue, near De Kalb avenue, Brooklyn, a handsome brick Cot. luge, with all the modern Improvements; ears paaa near the bouse; thirty-live minutes to Wall street: terms easy. Inquire of O. F. BLEAK MET, near the premises. PC R SALE OR TO LET-IN THE VILLAGE OF LAfayette, about one mile from Jersey City fairy, (rail cars pass the door every 20 minutes) a two story brick double House, with Barn and eight lota of Uround attached, well set with ornamental shrubbery and frulta-applra, near*, peaches r "ww"""'y- mmijio a. NO YEH, comer of Pavonla avenue an J Erie itrret, Jeracy Citr, or o* Ihn premier". For sale, to let or leabe-a two story and ante brick front Houae. No. OAS Broome afreet, with three atory Bhou In the rear. Entrance In Walta atreet. To be area from 10 to t o'clock. Inquire at 17 Eaat Eighteenth treat. TTOUBR AT BELLEVILLE FOR BALE OR TO LBTn Vrry nleely located, throe mllaa from Newark, two amrEa, baaement and atU", with foiir lota fronting the river; hoaaeln yood order; rent 91JB. Apply to C. W. WARD, 41 Water atreet. Pennsylvania lands -#00 acres of superior Landa for farming purpoaea. heavily eovrred with valuable limber, near mill, and foraalo low, or eictaauge for property In New York or vicinity. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, S2 Raman atreet. SALE OE EXCHANGE?THE BEST" FARE IN THE country; 170 acme, 10 mflea Trom the rtty and one from depot; large quantity of fruit, tine buildings, coat nearly what we aak ror the farm. Free from encumbrancea. Inquire of WIIITK a < p.. 88 William atreetfN. T. WANTED TO PURCITASE-A HOUSE WORTH JliHlO) to $19,000. Any peraon having aoeh, In a good neighborhood, and ready to aril at a bargain for money, inny lino a pun haeer by applying to Wk. W. liKHBBRD, No. J William street, upstair AT, FEBRUARY 28, 1862 v-? A 4. ' 8AUE8 OF UK,Ah ESTATE. WANTED TO PURCHABB-A NEAT HoUSK.IN SOME good neighborhood, worth from $1,500 to $2,300?$300 cash. To ek'-haugc In Brooklyn, for * house or a neat place neur the city, a four elory brick double tehement houae; It

will lit in good times for $0(10. Address J. H., box 2*0 Herald office. (torn ONLY.?FOR 8ALE, A HANDSOME BROWN <Pstnhe House and Lot, in Brooklyn, containing all the modern improvements. Only $250 cash required: the balance an bond and mortgage. Appiy to ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 52 William street. <fil Qnn A WELL BUILT TWO STORY AND ?pJ.?vv/AF extension House and Lot In Kostrand avenue, Brooklyn, one bloko from the ears; seven rooms and cellar, marble mantels, gaa and water. Apply at 27 Fulton street, New York. FOlt SALE. ~ An old established TEA AND COFFEE STORE FOR SALE CHEAP. APPLY TO OWEN SHIELD8. 677fi Fourth street. Abutter stand for bale-located in one of the best markets: will be sold cheap. A rare chame. Also for aalo a number of Baai iir?, O. ictry Stor. a, Liquor Stores, and 150 other businesa p.wces, at MITCHELL'S agency, 77 Cedar street. Dry goods stock and fixtures for sale for cash.?Stock awall and in good order; excellent chance for a man of moderate means to continue a business established a number of years and now in successful operation. Apply at i'.'J Canal street, in the store. Agents not noticed. Drug store for sale in brooklyn-handsomdy titled up and well ."tucked; terms easy. Apply at 16 Flalbush avenue, between Livingston and Powers sta tyruo store for sale.?a small 8tore, in a J7 uood locution, will tie lolri very cheap. Apply to H. MAXWELL, House Agent-,.Wl Third avenue, ncnr Twentys.-venth street, Now York, from 8 to 10 A. M., or from 4 to it P. M. - Drug store for sale.-tue druo store, no13-i Sixth avenue, established id 1815. Fur particulars inquire on the premises. Eiout horse upright enoine, with ufrioitt tine Boiler, Cistern, Pump and Steam Pipes, but lit:1c used, for axle cheap, as the party hnH no further use for It. Apply at 100 West Tw enty-seventh street. For sale?the best city market in new York; will be so'd to a cash customer cheap. Located on Broadway. For further particulars udiliexl Cash, Ucralil oflke. For rale.?tiie stock and fixtures of a Stationery, Book and Fancy Goods Store, finely located in Fourth avenue, and now dolus a good business; none but principals negotiated with. Inquire of J. STONE, 129 Broadway, room No. 8. For bale cheap?a liquor store, doing a good business. The owner la obliged to sell it on recount of other business. Apply to MIC1I AEL WALDRON, 170 East Thirty-second street. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a Liquor Store, situated in the Sixth ward, No. 3 Franklin street, between Centre and Baxter streets. For further particulars apply on the premises. For bale?a steam packing box factory, the machinery la In splendid running order. Also a Horse and Truck. Apply at 65 Columbia street. For sale.?the stock, fixtures and lease of a first class Grocery, on one of thn best avenues in th*clty; location very desirable. Address Grocer, 22U East Thirtieth street. For bale-a butter and cheese store, on a leading avenue. Apply to W. HILL, 234 West Twentyeighth street, from 12 to 2 P. M. For sale?a butcher shop, with fixtures complete, with a four years' lease of the place. 162 Hudson street. For sale-a segar store and billiard saloon, In an excellent location; doing a first rate business; reasons for selling, the proprietor is going to leave the city. Address Howard, Herald office. For rale-tiie stock, show glasses, ac? of a Confectionery, Cake and Bread Store. Rent very low. Apply at No. 4 Beach street, corner West Broadway. For sale-a finely located and beautifuliy furnished Sewing Machine Store, containing |18 Machines, all first class, and all Fixtures: with the same la an agency of one of the best Sewing Machine Companies. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., & and 84 Nassau street T7IOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST PAYING GENT'S J? and Ladles'Oyster and Dining Saloons in this city; is now successfully running; $1,200 in cash and good city property will place a man into a respectable and fair paying business. T. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. For sale-the lease and fixturbs of an old established Coal and Wood Yard; has a business of 6,000 tons; cash sales. Improvements pay nearly all ths rent. Apply to T. J. ATWOOD, room 44 Trinity bulldiug, or 114 East Fourteenth street. For sale.?one of the finest and best located Groceries In the Stale, having every convenience aud facility for doing an extensive business; location mar City Hull, Brooklyn. F.D. RICHARDSON A CO.. 82 and 84 Nassau street. For sale-a propeller of about 100 tons, 17 feet beam, 06 feet long; has two first rate engines, with a new boiler; also a superior hoisting gear. The whole in most thorough order. For furteer particulars Inquire of THOMAS J. BARB, 802 Broadway, room No. I. For sale-a butciibr shop: also abutter snd Cheese Stand, in a good neighborhood, doing a good business. The owner having two shops, wishes to dispose of one. Call at 61 Greenwich avenue, or 409 West Washington Market. For kale-a large lot of cotton machinery, consisting of Cards, Spiuuers and Looms, and other machine" ue< etoary to manufacture cotton. For sale cheap, h.v T. k MILLS. 114 Wall street. tjior sale?in one of tiie largest cities of ed Mimic Siore. For particulars apply to B. wBSrEKMANN k co., 440 Broadway, New York. For sale at a baroain-the stock and oood Will of an excellent and w?U titled up Liquor Store, on a good bitalnras avenue up town, long and welt ra<abll*h*d, and doing a good business. Apply to T. UAFFMEY, auclloueer, olllce 170 Chatham su oct. Grocery for sale-one of tije 3Kst stands In Brooklyn. choice and well selected stock, eaab trade ami low r-'nt. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 Atlautic atreet, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. Hotel for sale-very cheap, in conss. quencc of going South; situated neat a princi|>al ferry, handsomely fitted up, and fully furnished; Terr low rent; aii|>erlor location, doing a large lirat class buaineaia, and one of the best chances to make money. SOUTH WICK a WOOD, 82 Naasau street. TEWELRY STORE, TWENTY YEARS ESTABLISHED. U For sale, the Lca*e, Stock and Fixtures of a Watch and Jewelry Store. In a good location down town, now doing a J nod bnaineae. Satisfactory reasons given lor telling. Adress Jeweller, Herald oOlce. Patent FOR SALE, AND WILL BE SACRIFICED AT anything like an oiler. The iureulion la very valuable, the article of great use and necessity, cheaply got up aud affording eiiremrTy large proffta and sure money making. bouthwick a wood, 88 Naasau street. PHOTOGRAPH OALLERY FOR SALE.?WILL SELL low. as the owner Inlands to leave the city: fitted up In good style; long lease; one of the brat thoroughfares In the city; part or the whole can be purchased. Inquire in the gallery, St Cortlandt street, corner of Greenwich. Restaurant for sale.?a restaurant, down town, having been In suoceaaful opeiation a number of years, and now doing a flrst rate bnaineae, la offered for sale. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply et 219 Pearl atreet. SALOON FOR 8ALE-A FEW DOORS FROM BROADway, fitted up with bar and supper rooms; a valuable ae. and location unsurpassed. Also a Partner wanted with MUO. who can clear IIUO per month. Apply at No. 429 Broadway. 0. B. HOWES 4 CO. TO BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS.-for SALE OB X toleaae, a Bakery and Saloon, beautilully fated up, new. with two oven and complete aet of tool*; room* eight* feet deep. Ho hotter opportunity for a eotnnetenl per*on with a email capital to commence a lartte and profitable bnaineia has ever been offered. Addrea* H. B.. Herald office. TYPB AND PRINTER'S MATERIALS PGR SALE.? Pont* of Ty pe, Imm Nonpareil to Pica, will be *old for cash, at from II to SO rent* per lb. Theae font* are all In good order, aome of them being nearly new. Btanda, alngle and double, Caacr, fiallcy*, Stick*, Lead* of *11 aire*, Chaw*. Ac. Apply at 18i William atract, fourth floor, corner of Spntre, New Nork city. rno PRINTERS.?TOR SALE CHEAP, A FOOLSCAP X Hand Preen, a Ruggle* Billhead Preaa, aOordon do.; aLo a Princeton Power Pre**, lot of Type, Cbaaea, Ac. Apply at 27 Pulton atreet. VALUABLE PATENT FOR SALK.-GITTEN'R PATENT Non Condnctor of H*et tor the Proton ion of the Head. < The Cap *nd Harclock la eiteualrcly n*ed In the army and by eamrn, farmer* and otbera, and' la considered the moat perfect invention of the ktud crrr laaued. For Information addreaa C. C. and II. Company, boi 1U Oreenpolnt Poet "Oi. c, L. I., N. Y. ?ffOA CASH WILL PURCHASE A BUSINESS THAT tPUUU foraafety, respectability and profd, h*a no; ha* been longeatabhahed, with everything In complete order. Addrea* L. L. D., box Idd Herald office. ?/rcn FOR A FIRST RATE UROCBRY AND LIUUOR tptjuu Hioio, aituated In the brat locality In the city, aud where a targe liquor bualuta* la don*. Half cash down. Apply at 539 Cecal?treat. d>i nnn -for sale?a genteel, light manuIPiiUUUi factoring bualne**, with Oral rlaaa boo*-*: HO p*r cent average profit: good for one or two enterprlaing men. Principal*, with real name, only atuweiad. Addreu M. P., box 151 Herald ofBoe. ~BKWAUDI^ <2>Q REWARD?DOG L08T. A BULL TERRIER PUP ?J>0 wa* loat yesterday, the Mth, with two brtndln anot* on hi* aide and on* over each are. An/body returning htm to SO Henry street, corner of Mlddagb, Brooklyn, will receive the nbore reward. a>Q RBWARD.-DOO LOST, ON WEDNESDAY AFTER pO aoon, Teb. 20, from R. Decker's, corM of Houiion lid Lauren* ?trect*, Black and Tan DotfUrlth a amalt leather collar, wtlb name a* above. Anawcrs to the n*nie or Pinker. (tC REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY, 22D FEB ?TU rnarr, a package of valuable paper*, between )74 W. atrect and 07 Waat Twenty-fifth street. whoever will return the aamc to 57 Weat 25th atieot will receive the above reward. BELLA WOOD. New York. REWARD.-LOST, ON TUESDAY, FEB. 25, A ?PO large black Hound Dng; three of hi* feet and breaat marked with white; allver plated collar on hla neck, marked "Allen. 577 Bowery." REWARED.?LOST. FROM SPIIOONER ECHO^OFr ?Pc7 Whlteatone, on the 21th, a Yawl Boat, green bottom, light boottop and green and brow n Inatde. Inquire of R. Thorn**, corner ofPIke and Mouth aired*. 41(1 REWARD-LOST, ON WEDNKSDAYMUKNINK ?T-L" " near Union aquare, a email yellow ttallnn Urevbound; atuWcr* to the nam* of L m-luo. The above reward will be paid by returning Iter to the Hotel St. Ocrmalii, corner of Fifth avenue and Twrntf. , nd atreet. Ann RRWARD?LOST OV TIIK :5TT? INMT.. A Via "* Rtnnll I'Ihi k an i I'lirlqr Slut, wtlb hair very thin, anawer* to the nnn? of Totwey. The above reward i will bt paid the finder by biii *iug her to >74 Piith nvenue. { UOO^I. BOO.Vl. AC>, TO LIT, A^riLL VTM8T CLAM HOUSK TO LET?IN BKOOKlyu, 63 Won Baltic street; has all modern improvemenu and in perteet hrder. Possession can b? bad Immediately. Apply to H. STEVENSON, flS Court strut t, Brookl-u, or to A. BULKLBT, V Fulton strtet, New YoriL A HOUSE. NO. M GREAT JONES STREET, TO LET.? House 20 f et by 80, all in perfect order; rent $1 300; possession May 1,1862; to be Men front 10 to 12 o clock A. M. A VERY CONVENIENT MEDIUM SIZED HIGH STOOP House to let. 160 Twelfth street, between Sixth und Seventh avenues. The house Is In good order, with all the modcro improvements, including gas tixturas complete. O n be seen between 12 and 3. Location very desirable. Lot 10A feet. Apply to SMITH A LAWRENCE, 167 Doane street. A THREE STORY Hion STOOP HOUSE, WITH ALL the modi in improvements, beautifully located in Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; also a three story high sloop House in Thirtieth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, with all modern improveinenls; tent 1660 and $750. For orders apply to JONA. FETK1K, 44 Pnrk place. A FOUNDRY TO LET, FOR 8ALB OR EXCHANGE? At Sing Slug, New York, with steam engine, Ac., situated right on the river; will be let for other business if desired: will be rented very low, or sold at a bargain, or exchanged for city properly. This Is the cheapest reut ever offered. Address Foundry, Herald oillce. AN ELEOANT COUNTRY BEAT TO LET, FOR SALE or exchange?On the Hudson, st SmgHlng, New York, fire minutes'walk from depot; splendid msnslon, carriage house, Ac., with six acres, finely shaded aud magnificent view of the river; will be let lor a first class hotel or first class boarding house, but a n.ivsle l iriily preferied; or will bo sold much bel-ivv its value, or exchanged tor first class city property. Address W. A. P., Herald ollb-e. BROOKLYN -TO LET OB LEASE, A THREE 8TOUY aud ! ae-'ii.ent Brick House?a most desirable residence, situate In the licsl pntt of Clinton street (No. 134'. with every convenience, water, gas, Ac. Inquire of F. GEHliTY, No. 8 Lid slip, New York. DROOKI.YN.-LOWER PART OF A FRAME COTTAGE u Mouse to let. nt 310 per month, with gnu and water in. Possession immediately. Apply to J. SIMPSON, 360 Adelphl street, hear Fulton avenue. COTTAGES IN BROOKLYN to rent prom 1st may. Two of the six three-story genteel frame Cottages In Sund* street, cast side, between Oold street and Hudson avenue, with gas, water, bath, Ac.; will be rented only to reaoeetaWc- private families. Rent $30 per month. Apply ut 9 A. M. or 8 P. M. ul 16 Giumeivy park, Twentieth street, near Irving place. IjlURNISIIED HOUSE.?A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE to let tlielr ready furnished House to a careful un-1 responsible tenant; the situation and neighborhood both good, in the vl lnity of ihe Blind Asylum. Tire house three stories, high stoop, contains tiro modern improvements, and, to gethcr with the furniture, Is in good order, containing everything fur the convenience of a iamily, including linen and silver. Possession given 1st of May or June, as ib sired. For terms, A ., address Furnished House, II, raid oijb e. I.U KNISIIED HOUSE TO LET.-THE THREE STORY House No. 70 West Fourteenth street; possession given before the lat of May, U desired, inquire at the house or ut No. 67 Beaver street. Ipuknished houses to let.?the brown stone four story, with all modern iiupiovRweuu, lgl ami 122 East Thirteenth street; the former $360 a year, the latter $800. Also unfurnished Houses. Inquire of J. E. HERNANDEZ, 127 West Twenty-lirst r-trect. Furnished room to let?for housekeeping. A trout au l back Room, plainly furnished, to a gentleman and wife, lit $3 per week, in the house with a small family. Apply at 217 West Twenty-fourth street, near Eighth avenue. For rent?the two story attic high basement House, 124 Houston, near Sullivan stieet, for private or business purposes; poaaession immediately; rent reduced from $850 to $600; key at 123, opposite. Apply ta S. DAY, 160 West Fourteenth street. Grace churoh.-a good pew in the middle aleie will be leased or sold at u very low price. Apply at 77 Cedar street, room 14. Hotel to let.-the madison square hotel, corner Broadway and Twenty-lirat street, will be let or leaned, on very reasonable terms, to a good tenant Apply between 10 and 3 to 8. HALSTED, or Halsted A Silica, 62 Murray street. House to let-in Washington avenue, brooklyn, pleasantly located, neat and convenient; vent $360. Apply to Mr. JOHN GOULD, 44 Stale etfect, ?t ti e Brook, lyn Gloss Works, from to 12 A. M., and from 3 to 5 P. M House 29 irving place, two story and attic, to let Rent $730. Large boarding house to let?torty-six rooms, in full view of the bay and ocean, opposite Union Inlet. Good fishing atid fowling. Location unsurpassed. a man acquainted wl h the business preferred. B. 8KIDMORB, Amltyvliie, L. I. Offices ?three very convenient offices in tlio building 77 Cedar street, adjoining the Bank of Commerce, will be let at a low rent, together or separately. Inquire In room 14, third story. Shop rooms to let?with steam power, at Nob. 84, U$ and 88 Jane street between Greenwich and a ...,i_ it.. ...._i MI aauiuKKiu. ajifi/ IU ciigiuut-iSTEAM POWER IN SPRUCE STREET.?SEVERAL convenient Rooms, with stram power, to let. Apply to H. W. GREENE, 13 Spruce street. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LA ROE AND mall roouis, v> lighted: (team hoistwny. Posse jdoa Immediately. No 490 Water iMA TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, SEVERAL TWO STORY frame end three atory brick Houses; alio for sale 6U> Vacant Lota on moderate tei :na. Apply to 8. J. HUNT. Hi Fourth avenue, N. Y., or CilAS. FOWLER, corner of North Ninth atid Third streets, Williamsburg. TO LET-TIIK STORE AND BASEMENT 150 CHAM bers street; the first story Store, with basement ami itib rrllar, 144 Cbsutl*rsstmt| the Third anu Fourth Story Lotts, corner ol Hroadv ay and Canal street, 62x77 leel eachfour Rooms, corner of Broadway atul Lisiienard street, 26x45 feet each. Apply to P. DICKIE, 415 llroadway. beta tin 11 and 12 oclock A. M. rpO LET-IN UUTTENBERO, N. J., TWO HOUSES, J. one suitaole for a bakery, the other will be let out In rooms, for fin tber particular's apply to KUt IRE DWYfc.ll, nei.r the premises, oral KGIILEll A FINl K'H hrew< ry. fPO LET-A CORNER STORE, RUOADWAY AND A Tw inly-ntutli street, suitable tui a bakery or Qi>t uU?a grocery; also three Stores and aeveral line suite of Rooms (-tillable for housekeeping), In brum!way, near Twentyiitnth atreet; a lirst class House In We?t Thlrty.yevent'h treat, Ml Fifth arena#: two very desirable Houses in Yorkvllle, with modern improvements and at low rales. Apply to A. P. STUR1KVANT A CO., No. 13 East Twentyseventh street. TO LET?(RENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR TWO PERsons) from 1st cf May, s private lamily preferred, the four story House, pleasantly located at 44 West Washington plftcc^ Apply on the premises, from 10 to 12 A. M. ami 2 to rpO LF.T?TI1E TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE. 179 A Ninth stirrt, a few doors trom Third avenue, In perfect order and with every convenience of gaa, water, Ac. Also, the very convenient small English hasen.ent House, 174 Ea-t Twenty-third street, near Second avenue; nut moderate. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 19 Beekmun street. 110 LET-THE FOUR STORY HOU8E, 314 FOURTII street, a few d era west from Broadway, with large extension In the rear; lighted from the roof; to a responsible u-uant the rent will oe moderate. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 19 B< ekman atreet. TO LET-HOUSE NO. 115 FOURTH AVENUE, BEtween Twoll h and Thirteenth streets, suitable for a physician, demist or builder, with stable eonvcnleuoea If desired. Rent moderate. Apply on the premises. r> LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, TO A private tau.tlT,. No. 41 East Twenty-eighth street, near F O-th avenue. For permission to see the house apply to K. C. READ. :8Ea-t Twenty-second street, from 1 to 3 P.M. Itent $800; furnished f 1,0s). TO LET-TO A SMALL AND RESPECTABLE FAMILY' the upper l'nrt of house 67 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexington avenue, containing the modern Improvements. Inquire on the premises, between 10 and 4 o'clock. TO LET-TOE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 163 CHARLES tract, consisting of six rooms, wtth two rooms in the mttlc; possession if desired, can be bad on the first of March. Apply to R. 8 KINO. 774 Oreanwleb atreet r LET-TWO SPLENDID BROWN STONE FRONT Houses, moderate sited, frescoed, painted and papered lu rich gold paper. In splendid order, 16 and SO West Fortv-sixth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, rent mi*v, mc ?m?o uian w?-? uvui^r, ... $l,20d, or will sell or exchange the above for store Piopertv or vacant Lota. Inquire on the premises, or of J E SIIAW, 95 Wait Forty-aeveo lb atreat, morning* from A to 9, or (Teninga from 5 to 8, or at 83 Namau afreet from 1 to 8. Also, to lei, ten amaller Houses, from 8450 to $800, and one for $800. mo LET?THE CORNER STORE NO. 171 DUANE 1 (treat, near the American Ex pre at, Ilndaon and Erie Railroad depota, 35x90, well lighte i, with bom way on aide atreet and large raulls. The lotta are fitted for the iranuraettire of rlothlng, wltk water closet* and erenr conrnnienne; culling tahlea, delta, stove. Ac., will b* rented with the Uwilding. Aprly to JOHN LLOYD A SOWS, 15 Nassau aireet. TO LET-WITU STEAM POWER, LARGE AND SMALL rooms, well lighted, with oftlcea and large warerootn, or atore and buaemeut, wall adapted (for the aawlng mnchtne or any light manufacturing hoaiueaa; aald immu being on tbeauinrrol Broome and Mercer streets, Including the Urge second atorv room corner of Broadway. In-iolreon the premises, of WM. GALE A SON, 447 Broome atreet. r LET?THE THREE STORT BRICK DWELLINO Ilotiae No. 74 Wcat Twelfth at reel, between Fifth and Sixth arenuee,*wlth all the modern Improremrnte and In complete order. Apply at 217 Fulton at reel, up auura. r LET?AT 10 WERT ELEVENTH STREET, FOUR dooraweatof Broadway, two fttruiahed Rooms, on the second Moor, with all the modern improrementa, with ar without board; alao* Baaeinem, auliable lor a phvau lau. rLBT?AT 1$ VANDEWATER STREET, TWO LARGE Rooms on th* Drat floor, suitable for atorra or for man itfacutrlng. High celling, strong floors, and good, steady etenm powar on the premise?. C. A. ALVORD. TO LET?ON STATEN ISLAND, SEVERAL NEWLT erected Cottages,, in Fielder's Park, on Caatlcton Heights, within five nannies' walk of the first landing, the park i* about twelve acre# In extent, with fine and txiensive Tlewa of the surrounding hay and country. Apply to BKNBSi riBUiian,?srinair>;. mo LBT-THE FIVE STORY HOUSE AND STORE 98 X Bowery, now occupied by Menara. Perklna m ? carpet tor*. For particular* Inquire or Meagra. Tanning, No. US Bo wary. T~o~lrt-tiii: stork no. 171 "sixth avenue, nnrthwot rorncr of Twelfth at root. Apply at lb* odlco MS Greenwich etrert. TO LET?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN atone Dwelling at Newark, N. J.; una of the beet locution* in the i ily, end will be rented oh*ap. Apply to W. II. HAYES. SI Pine '.reel, room No. 8, or In Eu?t Fifteenth treat, New York. r" LET-A~BARROOM AND DININU ROOM IN A HOtel. Rent In board. A Cottage Hou-e in Blghtywtith Mn?:*HjmMLii|?Twmia, $30 per month, foi a ralooti. Apply io smith, 17S Broadway. TO LET?FROM MARCtI 1, VERY CHEAP, A DOt'Rf.B Olflce, titlU><|e for lawyer*, real aetata agrnta, light tmaliiraa, Ac., newly and rcfy Imiidaontely lilted op. Apply at 19 Ueqkufh* street, tijsj r LET?THE HOUSE NO. 78 GREENWICH AVENUE, optxialte Bank atreetj gaa and Croton water tbro-.ighout. Apply at the olllce, No. 2tS Oreenwli h ?treet. TOLET-THK HOUSE W1 WEST TWELFTH STREET, northweat rorner of Sixth aremin; ga? and Croton water throughout. Apply at tba olDce MS Ura-nwlelt afreet 3 flOLIJKS, RMW,jrSC?J? MT. fTlOLET?THE COTTAoK UOUSB NO. U SEVENTH J. avenue, has all the modern layiWWWm Apply at the other 216 Greenwich street r LET?TUB STORE AND CELLAR OK THE FIRE" proof Building 246 (iieenw.oh sweat, Well adapted for tuti wholesale trade. Apply at the olllce on the premisea. TO LET? ELEUANTLY Ft BMSIiKD HOUSES, IN 8evente< nth, Twcnty-rtflb, Thirty-tilth. Thirty-slslh and Thirty.seventh streets. For full partieularH apoly to ALIIERT H._NIC<jLAY, m William ?treat. TO LKT-A TWO story FRAME HOUSE, 85 WEST Twenty-fourth street, containing eight rooms, to a sua J private lauiily; reut $2u0. Inquire at 03 some btreet. r LET?FIRST CLASS HOUSES IN TUB FOLLOW lug streets ? East Broadway, Thirty-Bret, Thirty-tourth, Forty-eighth, FUty-lirst and Flfty-llfih. For full particulars apply to ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 63 William street. TO LET-TWO FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT Houses; one two story hrick llou-e, one block fn ra Washington square, near Broadway, with all the moueru Improvements; ulso the Second St ry of an English hosemeut house, containing four rooms. 21 Greenwich avenue; possession can bo given on lue l?t of >1 uch; rent low. Inquire at No. 8 West Thir ty-seventh sir >, near Filth avenua. TO LET-THE SECOND STOltY OF THE PREMISES Silt Canal street, second block linn Broadway, one of the best stands In the cily for a d .gu rrootyptst, dentist, milliner or dressmaker; rem low, ami p sa-ulou given Immediately If desired. Apply in the sloie. TO LET-FOUR ROOMS EACH, TO SMALL RESPBOTable Atneik-un families; g. s. water, Jtc.; rents $S and $8. Inquire at 161 West Thi tj-lml street and 107 Weal Twenty-fourth street. TO LKT-A FINELY SITUATED FIRST CLASS FURntshed House, to a private family only. Brokera need act apply. Address 11., box 631 l'oel ofllce. TO LET-TO A RESPECTABLE PHYSICIAN, A BASE uient l runt Room, with a small room and large closet x't-hl o, tveii adapted for an olltce and partly Iurulehed. I'uitial Board given, If desired. Apply al S3 West Eighteenth street, mar Sir lb avenue. TO LET-A SMALL BREWERY; CAPACITY EIOUT barrels ?ch brewing; api aiauis nil lu working order; rent i In up. Address J. u. 6., Ucra.d office. ffO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, IN RAH" J. ?ay, N. J., a splendid new high stoop double House! Iml!t with brink and brown stone trio mlngs, In the most de siisole part of the town, with gas, range, Ac.; the owner's iiimuy, con -isiing cm lour persona, would noura w?tn tne 1 iu:y if i!f ired. Inquire on Mm premisesof Dr. HOUGH, or J. C. Kl'NivLE. _;i Broadway. rilO LET-AN IRON FRONT BASEMENT STORE, >8 X fee. front, on Chatham square; uU" a new lion iront St re on New Bowery, with or without Basement: Alteratloua .i.i'1 I in prove uienta will be made on tin- above to suit a good tenant. For terma. Ac., apply ut Atlantic Barings Bank, Chatham square. TO LET-A LARGE BUILDING, 100 FEET 8QUARE, nix atorica, with buaement ami under cellar, brick., brown stone trimmings, lire pro it', well adapted lor man manuring purpoara or government business; all under one roof; a very line, commodious building; r. ut cheap. S. DINtiEE a CO., No. 8 Pine street TO LET?THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 12# FIRST avenue, near St. Mark's place, well adapted for two famil,et>; separate kitchen, parlor, dining looms, baths, extension, Ac; rent moderate. Apply to D. O'OONOK, 42 West Seventeenth street ? TO LET-ST. RONAN'S WELLS. A HANDSOME COCN* try seat, located on Long Island, at the head oi Flushing Bay, adjacent to the water and very convenient for hatlilng and all aquatic enjoyments; a large new double house,stables, carriage house, cow stable and shed", lee and gaa houses, and bath house, 1,600 feet of water front, and a beautiful grove of 12 acres; commanding a view of the buy and country in all directions lor many miles, and only a half hour's ride from the city; forty-live minutes by the railroad, one hoar by the bout, live hundred yards from the boat landing, and less than one mile from two depots. For hotel purposes or private residence this place has few if any equals. For particulars inquire of or address Mr. GOODERbON, No. 9 City Hall square. TO LET?SIX ROOMS ON TIIE FIRST FLOOR OF THE House 283 Spring street, near Hudson. Kent $14 per month. Water, An., on the tloor. For particulars Inquire Of ROBERT JONAS, on the premises. r LET-A LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, AT 184 WAverley place, corner of West Tenth street, couslstltig of eight Roman, with all the modern Improvements, . handeUcis, Ac.; entrance exclusively for the lower part Rent $900 a year, l'oseeeelon Immediately. r LET-A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM, with the convenienee of gas and bathroom on nme floor, aud with the use of a handsome parlor and piano if required. Inquire at 82 West Eighteenth street, between Firth and Sixth avenuee. TO LET IN TONKERS.?A VERY DESIRABLE AND convenient Cottage House to let. In Yoiikera: Is situated on the prtucipal avenue and overlooks the river, end Is within u>e minutes' walk of either railroad or steamboat landing; will be let with or without furniture. Apply at 70 Chatham street or 26 Duane street, to W. S. GUTIERREZ. TO LET OR LEASE-TWO THREE STORY FRAME Houses, in Fit ty-eighth street, opposite the Central Perk. These Houses have all the modern Improvements, and are very neat houses; rent $3b0 per year tacit. Apply M corner of Eighth avenue and Fifty-eighth street. fTIO LET OR LEASE-TJIE MODERN TWO STORY. AT I (i<- nnH hftiu*tu**ni. limine* /siti lliiiluiii ?livi t lu'iir Wuflt Tenth street; gas, with fixtures; bath, chandelier*, line yard, tainted and put lu nice order. Pus-ession al ouce or un the st of May. Apply at 511, one door above. To let or lease-the i.ofts of the three story buildings No*. 7-, 74 and 70 Sprint; street; contain an Iron vault and three forgo*; huvr ueen used tor several years as a jewelry manufactory; hare rear cellars under each number. Rent moderate. Inquire of A. F. HATFIELD, 1'r.otitc Insurance Company, 470 Broadway. TO LEASE-HOUSE NO. C ST. MARK'S PLACE. P08Hes-inr Immediately. Apply to JAMES CRLIKmHANK, 65 Broader <y. TO LEASE-TEN LOTS OF GROUND, SITUATED RE tweer. Forty-second and Forty-third street*, fronting on the Fast river; bulkhead, with vrtt. r thirty fs-'t dei p. Is suitable for storage, a loundry or the mauufacturo of heavy machinery, where good wharf aecoimnodations are required. Apply at ibe Cedar depot, on tho premises. TO RENT?AT NEW BRIGHTON, THREE VI 1,1.AS, ON the Heights; modern Improvements; flower and vegetable carditis; fruit, hand nine grounds, carnage houses, Ac.; tew o ns or passed; five minutes' from ferry. Apply 10 T. BO Nl>, 13k Broadway, room No. A. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN THE vicinity of Washington square, to a private family only, furniture uearly new. It d< ?lr iblo rent of turnilure taken In board. Apply to R. M LAKE, 111 Naaaaa street. The upper part of a house to let?to a small private lamily. Inquire at No. 357 East Broadway1_ THK HEBEL1.1QS. ATTENTION?SWAN'S CAVALRY. Wauled Immedl.tey, two musicians, two blacksmiths and twenty able bo ;lcd men, lor the only cavalry regiment now authorized to b<- tailed In this Suite Apply to Captain Anderson or Lieutenant Campbell, 15 Court street, Brookly n. CAVALRY BABRES. OFFICERS* SWORDS AND loose Bladrs. all the regulation patterns. Hum the b- it Solingcn makers; also Damascus Presentation Swor n, every blade submitted to p at and warranted to cut iron. For sale in quantities to suit purchasers by the Importer, LOUIS WINDMULLER^ldJ Pearl street, near Wall. FLA08. BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS, Stairs, Mountings, Trimmings, Eagles, Spear Heads, Ac. Ornamental painting and embroidering on si.*. HOJER A ORAHAM, 87 Duano street. Ninth regiment new york state militia. This fine regiment Is now com'ortatily quartered nest Frederick, Maryland. In Oeneral Banks' dtvlaion, on the Upper Potomac. A few more good men will be taken to ml up the ranks. Pay will commence from date ol cm otmenu 11nm*dlata aut,*lstenre will he furnished Aunlv at tiia headquarter* of the regiment, corner of Thirteenth airaet and University place. Crpt JOHN DALRYMPLB, Co. A, Lieut. ANDREW H. STILES, C >. L, Recruiting nflhera 1h9d RBoiment-yan buren light infantry 1\J At New York State Volumem. Thla regiment will leave for the a- at of war immediately. A few more racrulla wanted. Oft. era having r-cruli* may obtalu poetllona, or dtapoae of them at the brat advantage, by applying to T1I08 B. VAN BURENT^ Onion el Oommandtng, 07 Broadway, N.Y. Approved, February 30,1842.?'W. A. Nichols, Lieutenant Colonel Called Slates Army Mustering Officer. ~7~ DKNTIBTRT. ~ Artificial bone nluno.-rooms or the Discoverer 8M Broadway. Aeliing teeth, old roots and mere ahells can be filled without pain. Also on hand tha celebrated Cuban Drntntlre and Lotion, Uia only harmless article* known for keeping the teeth white and guma healthy. DR C. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TEETH Whole seta, $5. 96, $10. $15 and upward*, warranted In every point. Teeth filled with gold, 35 oenta to 91. A.I work at hair the prices charged elsewhere. Office IS Bond street, end 717 Areh street. Phlladelphla. Haying had tobee teeth extracted, witiiout reeling any pain whatever, by Dr. j.jay villkk8, 1M Grand street, two blocks from Broadway, I luaert tbia cheerfully, as s recommi ndxtlon to those sutfer'ng from toothache. Mlas annie zimmerman, Second avenue. AHTIIOLOGT. Astounding cures and divinationr-if in 111 hMlth or trouble, consult MADAME CLIFFORD, Unrivalled Business Clairvoyant and American Mudkine W oinan, No. 107 Dean street, corner of Hoyt street, Brooklyn. She foretells scents, detects disease, preecrtb. .* remedies and finds aWnt friends. Busineaa Interview*. 60seals; mr Ileal, 91; by letter, with lock or hair incloaed, $t \ BTONIHIIINO ARB THB PREDICTIONS OF MISS I\. DAV IB, ths beautiful Canadian Olpay. OmsulUUone nnill biiiln?Rs from u A M in la p It ri i;>i Wast Ttam.ifiK "e'-; A t^IR0L?V,I!Tv?TH>T kvbky onb " vesd ?*? * >??. Willow, who tells thi object of /our vitli ri aoon m /uu enter. 8he telle the dmL protent ?wt future or your llfr, and warn, you of dangers, sod H"T,r,?.C'T*!0Ut ,ot **" n"'*t l?rll?f undrruklnge. W. h'Iv shorms. No. 180 AUoo street, between Hooeton and Stanton streets, orar the bokery. Charges for mdies and gentlemen, Msenta. A 8TONlHHl.NO.?MADAMS MORKOW\ SEVENTH A daughter, haa a gift of foresight; tells bow soon end how often rou will marry, and all you wl.k to know, arm your very thoughts, or no pay. Lneky charms free. Her equal la not to be found. Her Magjr Image la uow in full operation?184 Ludlow street, below Houston. Fries SA nnu. wnwmen dpi mnuwu. Madame rat, wo bbvbnth avenue, nfartwee, traeventh ntreet, enrprtw" all who vlalt her. The eichtroubled act nnhirkr ehotild tax her power*. 8h? tell* yoiit very thought*, lucky number*, loaae*. Ladle*, Wo. ; gentlemen, w>c, WHO WOULD NOT 00 WHERE FORTUNE I8T-GO n.MMW WELLINGTON, tha (real Eu*li?h Prophete**, tho t>e?? of all, and eennot be eirelled. Can he coniulted, perwmally or by letter, on all affhtra of life, concernIn* la* auiu, Journey*, aheent friend*. lore, courtahtp, maw iu*r, health, wraMh.and who can reclaim drunken and unfalthfnl huaband*. MlvtW. la the only pemon In thle etty wh<> h?a the genuine Roman and Arabian tallmnana for lore, good luck ana all huatnea* affaire, ntyl are guarantee* for life. Delay n"t to consult thle naturally lifted and beautiful young lady Lucky number* given. Highly reepeeuble otty reterenia\ Uan be acen at Iter i ?'d<no* Ml 8l*th avenue, oppealte Eighth atreet. _ , 1f>? ni.WEUY, NF.AH PHOOMK fKIiKT.?MADAME lilt# WIDGBR, Clatr.ny i ,.i. , lite I 8,innl*h lady, tinveil* the myetertea ot futiii ,low, man-tag*, at<*entifriend*. ah kiioee; f>re?.ui'..m m. 'fie': < all dlae* ee' leilblncky i number*. i>'< uorte leal or *tu' a. A?

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