Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1862 Page 6
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I IF 6 " PITVATIO?? W*.HT*n? KKJIALK*. A UTL'ATIO!) * * ' ' ' J\ ui t: < ? >* " -? ' ' ? " <<4 ?-* * l?l w fl> ? *k?? it? ??? ' ! i*' 1 MlUHtti . k*??raJnft ??<S MA ?** A UVOIfWI WAUrM^-B1 A TAkLS I A ia imA ?mA . - ' ? ?.? ? ?? ? ? i<-"lMul *MA*i ?"1 1 ' ' ** * r*to"kr CRla* Ol ?A ?., 1>W 4w*% M?4<M A. ____ _____ ? -ITl'ATltlfc H s ... i > lllilt.HL j\ ?, a . mo ? 4 m?u- ? ??? t I < !..t I-- t - ?*. a.l mi fc. ?. u r o t.r KMIat W.A4 IM? la r?? il< r?.f? ______ ______ AKlTt'ATlOM *|M HIATOLVI fft nil A* Hi <m Call a fca* Uh h, ? r i C, acuo-i iiirr. la A rv. m. >|ma aui .? ?._? a sm ino* WANTID-1T A H.i?U W<M?R A* J\ Wfi'-ti < I A A i All- '? ..I .1 rt., r? f| an 1 it.i. uf It raijaii 4. ? ' i!4 p cl?-r f.?> jr ? . >4 , am.niter in tithi in tfcaoa* hiry. cm |I*V im A-4 4 II J and nHimij ralami.Ara. Uju.d *4 ar kAm at ??at i.U sc. near ?c. ar . m u?t nar. yoinu 1.1.41- vi is . \ Mrii loin-*ori >iam-:| Caa Aa area . r two uaya at 1/7 Adama ?i. Ira., lya. Ararb cha*oe.-a hi. LV TvBI-S Aui< Ik-aa miHiiT *a4 da. a > inAk | I r? >.la I.1 ni n??.ri j . aihrraa Quiau, ur wuuU i ? m. in >l> kn. .*n y ua*fuL Wtka: ]<r<iiiii>u tA< in ta tacr I ?i*p r> ? raa uf iirmar. Br>t of lafrmuiaa linn :or u?a ?a?A Mrs. it. M. A., Oulou >q ^ir f ?t oBL?*. AKE.SI'EI'TA BLE ilIRL WA.VM A SITrATlOX A? i'tmk IM U'lllltlJ t Li M AI At in .la, MIA 1 l-Aillil.a' T e beat ot city relcrenoe givwi Call at ?,*% A eft 1Mb at. between Bib ana 7tb a**. A RESPECTABLE YOCQ WOMAN DESIRE* A MTC. alien aa seamstress; U anetal at flam ae ??r; uadara-ands eutllnj and nlling cbiluren'a unaaea, ta a a-tat etn brotoerer anil braider eaii desipu bar ./wn p.. turns. Good city ri'K n un. Call at or address 107 East Zm 0 A COMPETENT AMERICAN PERSON WISH ivN A SITUanon ae chambermaid and Waitress, aad will do Mwrin/, o. will do general housework for a -u.dl lamily. Apply today and t omorrow, at 3bi S.h ?v., top floor A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN MARRIED IU.U1, to lake ennrge of a (arm. he t.irro .?h y un-rstands iiia business; has had twenty ) a a' etpcK-ne-; has no children. Can give tlie beat of reieicm.e -address U. B . bet 22- Her.ild otttue. AS WKT NURSE.?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG marriedwotn. il, immediately. Cat. a; So We.tWaai.n ton piace, third Uoor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS a pond plain cook, washer and lioner; would do the general housework of a small family. Beat of cny reference given. Call for two days at 213 Weat Slut U., between Stu and 'Jto avs., first tloor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid anil waiter. Go <1 iiy reference can be ajivcu. Call at 314 West l#tn St., second Boor, front room. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WHO HAS lost ber on u buoy, wishes a baby to net iiarseat her wn house. Ca,I lor two days at 353 West 2Uth st. Inquire fa.- Mia Dunavsn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART, INDUStrtousgirl, to do plu.n cooking or general housework; is a neat, e< onomical and obliging servant, and an excellent wuaher and li oner. Highiy recommended. \Vuges moderate, tor ihe city or country. Apply a*. 113 Atlantic St., Brooklyn. HOME WANTED-FOR A LITTLE GIRL, TEN YE ARS of age; lsa handeome child, and very smart. Inquire at 77 Henry St., Unit lloor, baek room, No. 6. Housekeeper.?a young, intelligent widow. In reduced circumstances, will accept a position as housekeeper in the family of an elderly gentleman of mean;, widower or invalid gentleman. Others ur. noticed. Apply immediately to or address Mm Everett, 14ft (old No. 127) West 42ii st. SITUATION WANTED?IN HOBOKEN OR JERSEY City preferred?i>y a line gtrl from the country, as i hambet-maid and waitress, is also a tirst rate laundress; will do her very best to please; she Is a very neat and hard working, hon.t girl; best references given. Address A. M , No. ti Willow street, lloboken, or box 12d Herald other. oitcation wanted-by a young girl from the O m i t.i of Germany in an American lamily, to <lo general hot,s'work; can do good plain cooking, Is a good washer and Irnner. Gall at 2411 Canal St., corner of Elm, in the grocery tore. SITUATION WANTED-A8 LAUNDRESS OB CHAMbermatd, anil to do line waahlng; reference from her last place. Inquire at No. 87 West 19th it. WANTED-A SITUATION, by a RESPECTABLE WOman, as wet nurse, with a lresh breaat of milk, having lost her Infant, two mouths old. Call at 77 Henry st, second Door, room 11. Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a situation as good plain rook, washer and inner; ha, goo ! city reference from her last pmce. where she lived two y ears. Cnl ai 77 West 28th st., second Door, front ro >m. wanted?by a respectable young woman, a TV situation o cook, wash a id iron; understands cooking In all lis branches; no objection to the country; in a smal. private lamily. Best of c.ty reference. Can oe seen until suited at 233 ?11 abeth St., corner of Houston, in the bakery1 Wanted?a situation, by a respectable TV girl, as cook, vrasher and inner; no objection to do general housework, or would go in the country; best of refe re wen given. Call at 36 Rivington St., re. ir building. WAITED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation us good i nog and exe-ll-nt wartiT cn t lrooer; go"-' city reference given. Call at SO East 17tb sL WANTED?A i niLD TO WET NURSE. A WOMAN with a fne h bream of milk, ha-'ig lost her own infant. > ould like a ch. d to wet n*tra>\ For particulars she refem to uoctor. Dr. it. A. Berry. til 4th St. WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, In au American family, to do geneial housework or ehamberwork. Apply at 118 Leonard s-reet, third floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A si 'lauon lo Jo general bousewurk; is a good cook end a .rst rate wusiier and Ironer, and on" who fully nnderst nds h -r business; good city reference given. Call for two days at oOS Fulti.n sr., Brooklyn, in the fancy store. I Al" ANTEU?BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL. A it ituat.on as chsinb. r a d and plalr. sewer, or to Ikke ea ? of chodr n. Call at 'JS West 37lh St., between Oth and 7th a. s. V\7 vNTED?BY A RE.- PEOTABLE WOMAN, WITH A Tf fre-u breast of milk, a baby to wet nurse; the best of care taken. Impure for Mrs. N ion, at 390 10m St., between sc.. B and C, first floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, FIEteen years of age, a situation in a dry goods or fancy store. Apply f-r two dars at AY. 3d uv., first floor TVTANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO T d . be housework of a small family: is a good plain cook, washer,troner, Ac. Inquire at No. 6 Dean street, near Court, Brooklyn. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. Yr a situation to cook, wssh and .ron, or to do general housework in a small family ; has good reference. Call si 4*4 4th a?., near S2d St., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >o n; woman, to do general Lonsework in a smell pri* rate family, Uood city reference. Call at 2a K.vingtun au, In the irer. WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A B1TUAtiun as cook. under* a..da brr business thoroughly; 1* a g"Od baker of br-iui, blaruit and pastry; no o' -ectlon to assL: with waahlngand lmnir.g Cadi It two days at 40U Uh an.. iM'tw een h th and I8th sta , Brat Hour, back ro ra. WANTED-A BITT'ATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yri'.ng widow, to do general homework, Would hare no objection to go a ahort distance In ibe country, for low waera, would like to get a place wbrre she could hare her little girl with her. wbo could aaalst lu chamberwurk and mn r errands. Inquire at 249 Adama at., Brooklyn, for two day a. ^SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES.' A KE? I EI-TABLE YOUNG MAN 13 IN WANT OF A altuatlon. Would Ilka a position aa bookkeeper or barkeeper; .? well acquainted with both branches of buainrae; or fn fact be would accept any rr?p?cub.e situation, a* he thinks ha can fully aatlafy bia employers. The very t*?t of refereneea glren. Address P. McK . box 163 Herald ofUce. AYOl NO LAWYER. WHO HA3 HAD SOME EXPErlence In an oflioe, would like to obtain a situation an eter? in a law otPc?; the very beat of refereneea glren. Address Lex. bax lOil Herald office. SITUATION WANTBD-BY AN ENERGETIC YOUNO man. who haa fifteen years' eipenrnce In the mailing or p ! tablng deparment or either a dai y. weekly or nt'inthiy new?p?i?r or periodical. Unquestionable reference given. Address M .11 Bag, Herald office. r WESTERN DRY UOOD8 MER< MA.NT8.-THXAD eartierr la doklroua of engaging in the abort Una, either ea bookkeeper or salesman; !i thoroughly acquainted with the hiiaii saa in all ita I r..n Un. Ample reiarencc given. Address M. M , Herald office. TO DKUOOI3TS.-WANTED. A SITUATION BY A roung man who haa had cp wards of ten yean eir?ri?nce In the wholesale and retail drug bualnea* in New York; onul prefer taking charge of a retail - ire In this city or a!-awhere; beet of city references Addr??a (or n?e week Apothecary. station D Put office, Bll le House, N. Y. TX'ANTED-BT A YOT-NO FRENCHMAN, T7ENTY acrieloiued with '? travelling, a aitualion at eiilet, In travel In Kurt. |# wlih a',1 tamll); a eit.glc r-ntletntwi preferred heat of dly referenceglreD. Addreaa for three days O B. M . Bro*d?ay Poet office. WARTKD?KMPliOTMEJCT, BT A!* IMTELLTOERT, educated, energetic. lint unf ii niate bttalnea* man, whereby k< oar. aupporl hia family, will have $2,(yy) to inor at lii June, city reforonce. Adtfreaa Henry Homer, Heraid ? <*. IV A MTBft?A HITCATIOI*, BT A P.EBPEfTAPT.E II man, to the oountry: underatnnd* farming In all na . bra neb* a, ean take rare of horaee and cowa rangier Mm brat of refer-nce from hla lata employer. Can be teeu for two day* at zi fltone at. r~ ? . TUB TRADES.^ GARDINER TPAWTBD-WHO HAS HAD EXPERT ?o i in laying out ground*, cultivating houae and hardy gra|*?afd In km hen garden To one rully competent a good and permanent ala<-e will be (dean. Apply at ?5 Bearer at, aerond floor front room, from 11 to 1 o'clock. nHOTOtiEAPlfKIt WANT~5D-O.NE T1IOBOUOHLT M t"'np*t< M to prepare n ? own r|??ml?*ta, and m#k**n M*aerpuoaat>te nereilr*. Mono other seed apply at tba Fmi*r*i>i;i' Art Oallcry, 411 Broadway. JJITUATIOKS WANTED?BY TWO RK8PB<: TABLE 5 young mm to Irwm the ihlp .;art>, ulcr'a Addreaa Li. . Brooklyn Pott offl e WAWTED-TWflTriRHT CLASS MAP RMIRAVRITB OI4 tone Add rota Chariot Kn k?ibo' *i>r, A banr, N. Y. WASTED^** oval O? FACE IaATUB TURRSIC Apply at Hi WaatMifc Mini. 2' C 000n R? WAR TED-TO HA ItE ROlrKD dIOOP t) tour barrel*. Apply to A. T. Ri 14**. ftl Rnl|?r ?1i|>. BOARS AND TOBACCO. ( BOARD VERY ( HEAP?THE APSKIRBE "'T 17 Jy Br -adway, ia offering M*iiar? nt very low (lent n ? 4>. f? .tt i.iiiot Havana, Dotneaiic ami Ocrr r< Si\,? a in mi Mock. N IIKLP WUTE?-FBM.U'EI< I \K > :*l > I. i.a GG..D Uft\M UK!tsWANT-? r . .... 4rl* ?t M Ifttt.t'OTWUiU It\N .WEfcU'AX OR GERMAN GIRL m \ ? r f .tr .W, lu . k, waa11 and ' on, one IhWt .t> e ir< kit* ed u> tat at u>? mid eo'jgpetent to lake i, i .? ..." it,.- 4 it, a . k > i lsu'1 a f u./ori..' 1 c home ' (wi .??- tj ? > l.i ; at ii'J Liviagstuu at., bciMcaa t< wUlM ?! Hr->? )?. V i. h HJ..TA QUADROON WOMAN, NEAT il at. i ?f f-tiKli* > Pi. ti, to take <aie of llirei; children i. l .M . aek.u. AiIi.?m box I,l.<d Pout Ollioe, giving a*? , tn l pn/t ??! ' A U,v_k f|RsT Rati-: TOOK. RUB MUST HAVE j - I i ,.iubl'iu,iijf,A'. Addrexe V. P., box Iti Me-. ? '? _ iirAN i;p-iM a small private family, as II i, urao ?ad rtamberuia S, a r< apectable, elderly Pixtt*a?e< ?. . ?ho mil | : t the br*t Of city reform - ixi i'ta w .in* o Igin.:. None mod apply i ... a'. No 2 Sea View place, II > ? t; ?en. U'MMEMATRLY-SEVERAL SEWINO MAa: i to inaae cloaks: those accuaiouied to tr j % -J. Good ta r atora wl l be well paid. None c. a.-, i at pay. AKmjU). CO.NSTAHLB A CO., Mr oine strict, corner of Greene. \ IT ANTED-A GIRL* GERMAN PREFERRED, AS VV i>.A, weaker . 1 I ner, and willing to do general h, i?a*eak, and oome well recommended. Apply for one .lay I- el- I. II toe Uoura ,1 lliand ill A. M. \L'AEfAD?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A GIRL IV c yt. , .al Icum wvik; mwl he an excellent washer and .rotor .at i.a '.e.rataa 1 e .oking. None need apply wltb tl l4ie be.I rity reii-teicea. Apply at Raymond at., third he?e freaa Pi: how a*, towarde Fort Green, Brooklyn. WABTKD-A HISI'HCTAULE GIRL TO LEARN THE drea?u axing. Uut? but? good KWtr need apply al 70J Or -i? w .. WANTED-A FRENCH, GERMAN OR SWISS, AS lady a maid. ehe u. ti have riiy reference and under?uu1 h-r b lainese. Call ftl 10 or i o'clock, at 81 Fifth Avec c UxbiL UfANTED?AT ?7? BROADWAY, POUR SINGERS AND io.rdan tug girla. Inquire betmeu 12 aud J o'clock. W'-VNTI D- I !.K>f?E' TABLE VOL'S.; WOMAN, IN A I? m?.l jt.i ate l> .;ily u Durf >sJ eauutrcM and do h?m'/?rw< rk. and willing to so >n the eouuiry. Call al W. * r.errnern ruai. lir. ok jrn, b?;w?eu Fuwcriaud Neviua lU, lor our day. UTANTF.D?a Gl 'it, AS WAITllE ?3 AND CHAMBERua:i I'l a pru family: nuit thoroughly uadcr I ?:i 1 hrr t>u iMSftbdM c a" ' 1 reference from Lists. luxtj.i j A at biaemvot door, 31 Clinton place, Sib it., from '''** Y IT ANT! O?A WO" LN WHO IS A FIRnT RATE IT wukbrr ..ud irurutr a~d can do good laiuLiy cooking. Aj j y at It*l We t lyih at. \yanted?a <kk?d COOK, one willing to asTT Mai ui i. e *a?L.nj{ ana iiuuii" , alio a young alrl aecuatotr.ed to w'tiiig. Mit-t rrf- r to iuelr lait j li es (ii New Y rk cliy. A j a. 40 Canton | U?, between ine bouri ui 2 and A baaruienl uoer. TIT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED YOINO LADY TO It a.tend an rmiruilary a- i ia. atoie, uue w!.o nnde.'I'.nn ts to making fau. y Lead dresa . r-ferred. Call trimedately at Sol Cauai ?L. fiurn Id A. M. tu 6 P. M., for two daye. \y AN TED?A FIRST RkTE COOK. SHE MUST IIATB IT good relereucea aa lo huueaty, Ac. or t'retuh preferred. Ad.u.aa V. I'., box lib lleiald oice. WANTED?A COOK, AND UOOD WASHER AND Ironer. Apply at lit Last lOtd tu, aix duori west of Broadway. WANTED?A GIRL, TO TAKE CAPE OF A SICK lady: none but thoar having experience need apply. Call at 21 Beach it, be,wern Si and 12 o'oloik Una uiornlng. Wagea $3 per mouth. I TTTAITRESS WANTED?A STEADY, NEAT GIRL WHO Proleataul Apply at 43 W..a. Sid ??., near 5tti are. ' WANTED-A LAVXDRESS AND WAITRESS.-NONE without city reference need Apply. Call between ID ?d ' 11 o'clock At 47 London terrace. WAITRESS WANTED -A WOMAN WHO THOROUGHly understands her buxuiciui, and cud bring good reComrnrndulioiiH. m?v apply, betaeen the touts of 10 A.M. and 1PM. at 10 Brevoort place, Icuti street, three doors Iro.u Broadway. I AA SKIRT MAKERS WANTED.-APPLY TO J. S. 1UU Jackson, 77 Fraukliuat., for ont woclc. HELP WANTED?MAI.KS. Agents wanted?to sell the ORIGINAL STATIONERY PACKAGE, the only one lliut has STOOD THE TEST OF YEARS and given sa'.Dfarti >n to all. The UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE CONTAINS MORE STATIONERY and of A better quality, and a flner PILCE OK jewelry than any package pot up in this or at.r other city. Send fur our circulars, whtco we will moll free. $3 to $10 per day can b" made. We put In each package a beautiful and lifeline engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. MeCLELLAN. ?t15. 75 valuab c Re- p-<. (7?tio -u La.lira' Billet Paper. 6 ' eets Comuiereial Note U huff Envelops. Paper. 12 line Steel feus. 6 -beet* Ladies' Note Paper. 1 Sne P, ncll. 6 White Union Envelope*, I sAi ei Bluttinr Paper. in colors. 1 Accommodation P ,n Hold6 Ladies White Union En- er. * Alope*. ALSO, A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. RICKAJtljS A CO., KB Nassau street. Agents wanted?to sell the McCLELLAN PORTABLE WKITTNO DESK. The most useful artl. le for the soldier ever Invented. CAN HE CARRIED IN THE KNAl'SACK, AND PORMS A COMPLETE WRITING DESK. Ccntaina everything nc;t wary for writing eighteen letters. THE MOST PALEAHLE ARTICLE for the soldU.r now in u?e. Price 20 cents. Agents wanted everywhere. SenJ fwa eirenUr. W. IL CATr.LKY A CO., 102 Nassau street. AGENTP, DEALFRP k.\D MERCHANTS Wnthing to ??ll IV best "1'ftiZE PACKETS OK STATIONARY AND JEWELRY' Should buy our*. "A e t give >! OiE FOR THE MONEY and better salis'scthm. because the QUALITY OF THE GOODS can always be guaranteed and d on. Circulars free. HAS KINS A CO., 20 Beekman street, N. Y. Agents wanted-in every state of the Union, to aril Dodin's Patent Keroanoe Oli R imer lor tlmd lamps; require* no chimney or alteration of the lamps. Call on or addre.e Johepb Dodin, No. 22 D iane atiect, near, New York. BOY WANTED?ABOUT It YEARS OP AGE; WAGES first year $ii>. Apply at the real estate ofllce, 88 Myrtle sr., Brooklyn, this evening xf6o'cloct. Get the rest. AGENTS WANTED THE WASHINGTON WRITING CASE PGR THE MILLION. It Is made of wood and nestly riveted with morncro paper ; It Is in the shape of a perfect desk, and a splendid present lor j an : LADIES, or any one, and just the artl > ev, ry SOLDIER need*. It contains Note Paper, Envelopes, Blotting Paper, Ink. Pens, Penholder, Pencil, Calendar, Ac. Price 35 tenia. Circular tree. JOHN H TING LEY", bookseller and sigllonsr, 152K Tulton street, V v Y'ork. WANTED?A ItEST'Bi TABLE MAN AS WAITER, with good cdy ret ere noes. Apply at S3 5th av., from 9 lo It A. M. WANTED-AT THE BREVOOBT HOUSE. AN EXPE rteni'd heal waiter. None need apply but those who can give reference as lo their fidelity and capni llity for the situation. CUBIC A MOSB1.ET. XT' ANTED?80ME THOROUGH. EXPERIENCED ?T clerks. In a dry foods st''re. Those who rat. speak the Herman language may apply to M. Huffman, 17 Carmine It , corner of Bleecker. TITANTED-A CLERK FOR A SHIPPING OIF1CK, TT clerk for n railroad ticket oJlcs, eterk tor a hotel, if clerks for grocery stores, 3*.inductors. S hoys tor trades, 3 porters, 2 express drivers, 4 meu on steamboats. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. WAKTED-A MAN. TO TAKE CARE OP A SPA* OP horses and garden. Apply to J. H. Bruwniug, SAG Broadway, in the third story. TV-ANTED-A SINGLE MAN CAPABLE OF TAXINO "7 car* <<f a small placr one who undera'.inds gardening snd the management of cattle, poultry, Ac. V. *t havsgoul el'yre ominenietions. Apply between 8 and 4 at ISA W. -t 35th St. TITANTED?A YOUNG MAN A8 BARKEEPER. ONE *T who understands opening oveter* or attendins lui., counter*. Apply at lb* Man*! u llouae, 61 Dlaackar at, coiner of Crofby *t., after 10 A. M. WANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE TOCNO MAN, WHO underftanda th?- gro>-ery bnaineaa Apply to William Mitchell, corner of 126tu ?l. and 3d ar., Ilai lent. TirANTED-A TOCNO MAN TO TRAVEL, WITHIN TV one huudrrd mllea of New York, with the adveruaer. in a Ilrhi evening hualneaa; one haying from gJU to $40 n cooli ran meet with a good lituatlon. Call to-daj, frwtu 10 to 4 o'clock, at 144 Cbrielopbcr at. WANTED-A GERMAN. BROUGHT CP TO TflF. bitiking t'Malneaa and familiar with tb* Eng'.itfc. Ad dreaa, with reference, bol 2,364 Poet office. OfUtft WANTED.-A MAN WHO f'AN LOAN THIS V'J" Mi nnioun*, on good eenirlty, can have a permanent altnation to travel, at $le p*r week and eipen-aapald. Apyy at 87 Forejrtb atreet, corner of Urand, fourth floor, 1'I UMTI HE. A BEDROOM 8DIT OP ENAMELLED f'CRMITl'RK for $24. In all cnloia, of warranted inannfactura, alao aolld eheeiiiiit t'liamber Hnlte. plain and ornamental, at M. P. PARRINOTON H, 3M ' ant! at net, oppuatle tfooater. 1, . , Iggg rr Ejamkllkd chamber pi;its or rLRWin RK, is *11 color* anU nr ?. ?' ?n l r-toll, ?t |J0 ni l upward*. Al*o, M*Ure?*en And PaIIiauc* WaRRB* WARD. Z77 Canal Afreet, four door* ea?t of Broadway. tjurniti rf.-t KAMM.Y DEPIHOI - of MOUSE JP kerning would pur Caee from $y) to gfi<A) woiih of Iloiiwliold Furniture. Pc-raona having i'?r **?., m ii?pu? or will find a cupio .oer by addretang a note to J. 0. B., MHM Mndw n timet. FURRITURB FOR BaLK-A PARTY, OIVINO VP h uiaekeeplng. wlek to diapok* of their Furniture, toe*, tber with Boddlni And *11 article* reout.ite to I urn Kb ? houA> complete; tne hottae c*n be rented, If dwsire l; fnrnb turn flrat claa* *nd In good order. A line addre**ed to Oaah, Herald office, will recti** prompt attention. F~URRITUBB WANTED?ANY PARTY HAVIRO A good lot of Furniture to eie'iango for fir-i rl?-? din. dend paflng Block, may addrca* t. M. 8., box 6.0UB I'uAl office, new Turk. f'or balr-orri! B El'RNITI'RB, comprirtno I'o'ititpr*, Obalra and Ta' !'?; all in good or.i t, h ieing i" 'oil a abort time In uae. Inquire uu fourth Ooor -* Wn M Ann Atreet. ew York, herald, frii SJ term, TOTic-ics. -AJOTICE-THK IA?i' OWNKiiS OK TUB "TAYLOR AS Xi i t on, K..;ulell farm. ' he .vtown. tre requested to nu-e at W. cat'. cruer of llruoiuo and i-oweiy ou !imi. v March I. at 7 K. M., to receive their reor4.'.. or OKKKJEOK TRUSTEES OK CREDITORS AMD STOCK hot. .m of toe O.iio am! M sdus.ppi Ka Iread Company Eastern Division. X*. 88 Waul Strict. Nkw York, J an. 18, 1362. TO HOLDERS OK CEKTIKK ATKS. A spe< iol moating of the bolder* of oert.i.uules will be he'd at the oUioe of the trusteed, At Wall street, New York, a Thursday, the tith <1 y of March next, at noon, when matte a dc-uud neuetkial to the trust w;ll bo submitted tor their An attendance is aamertly requested In j*r*.>n If possitle, Otherwise L. proxy. By order of the trust es. EDWIN BART LETT, Cbairtnan. pAKER WANTED. wanted to purchase, Ih.XK) reams of fine Fourdrlnler PidnU ins Paper. slae 3. by 4n. Oa-h will be paid ou delivery. Apply at tbe office of this paper. Taxes of astoria, maspeth, winfield, middle village, Bail and South B Ilia m il urt. In the town of Newtown, may be paid lor the :asl time on Wednesday, F !?. at John Murphy's, il'dl Water street, and on Saturday, March 1, at the utlLe of Kendall A Andrews, No. 5 Tryou row, fTtui 10 A. M. until 3 P. M. C. r. morris, Collector. This is to notify my friends that i have removed from No. 00 Grand street to No. 27 Oreene street. N. UEI8E. rrtHE ANNUAL MEETING OF TOE STOCKHOLDERS X of the New York and Virginia Steamship Company, lor the election of DIrictors, will be held at the office of the Agents of the Company 115 Broadway, on the 4tb day of March, ISoM, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock. O. HEINEKEN, Secretary. Tiie owner or ownebs of a certain brick Machine, an red in No. 84 June street, are hereby miltied that it the storage on said machine Is not paid by March 7 U will be sold for the payment of the same. HOUSES, CAUKIAGInS, AC. A NUMBER OF NEAT BUSINESS WAGONS CON. stonily on hand, or made 10 order, such aa grocer s, baki rs', milk, leed ana express. Voa will lina this plat e as favorable us any that can be fouud. Every article got here is warranted to I e as 1. Stewart s facto, ry, Fifty-third street, between Broad way and Eighth avenee An albany punq, with pole and two pair of shafts, for city and "ountry tools; an Albany Cutter and light Pot Hand Hleigh; also a good business Horse?all lor ale cheap. Apply to E. WARREN, 25 East thirty-second street. Express wagon.?a double express wagon, quite new. but little used, built by Swift, sstne style as Adams'; a good Double and Btngls Harness for sale. Apply to FRENCH, 41b Brca way, coiner oi Canal street. For sale?without reserve, the property of a gentleman deceased, a pair o, well matched black brown Horses, half brothers, sired by the same horse but net out of the same man*, 15 hands iff inches high, seven and eight rears old, long its turn 1 tails, with superior symmetry, breeding power and action combined, and warranted in every way perfect. Ativ gentleman or lady wanting a pair of well seasoned, thoroughly good, sound and perfectly gentle carriage horses, will find this an opportunity seldom to be met with, as they are a beautiful ana well matched team, nnd tit for Immediate use. Applv to THOS. H. RHODES, V. 8., sale ment for tbe same, at 134 and led Jane street, where any inlormatiun will be given, and also a guarantee to faithfulness o- the above Horses being or rfectly sound and kind. A trial I g.ven to any gentleman or lady of known respectability. FOIl 8ALB-A VERY LIGHT SHIFTING TOP BUGGY Wagou, in good order; price $74; ro>l $226; It in very eneap. Can be seen at all hours of the day. Inquire of Bantii, carver and turner, 3b3 Bloecker street, between Ilatuui'jnd and Benk. For sale?a second hand close panel Coach very cheap. Apply at Gray'a Carriage Factory, 27 W0oa'.er street. For sale- it less than her value, a dare bay or brown Hare; will work In single or double bar. nets; also a butcher's Cart and Harness. Inquire at 362 Madi>on street, near Scammel. ( For sale?two good WORK horses; or will exchange for a light one horse truck or good express wagon. Apply for two days at SB Grand atreet. For sale cheap-two very fine saddle Horses, just in fioin the country; will be sold very lt.w. Also, one coupe Horse. Apply at tbe Club Stables, No. MS Mercer atreet. PGR SALE CHEAP-A LARGE SORREL HORSE, lull sixteen l ands b'gh. six years old, aenlie in harness end perfectly sound; will be sold on favorable terms, aa the i.wni-r has uo use for him. Apply at the stable of J. T. Oak>y, llobokcu. Saddle horses for sale-bred and raised by the subscriber from route of tbe best stock In the country, ftulllnus. gellings and mares, from W to 18 bands high, litre.- to eight years old. Pedigrees and other information git ctt upon ap; Ucution to JAMES BUCKELEW.Jamesburg. N. J. rCONTRACTORS ?WANTED, TWO HEAVY HORSES and I In ritecc, also a heavy wagon capable of carrytug 4 700 weight. Apply to GEO. K. ALEXANDER, 61 Franklin street. OA A LIGHT CARRIAGES, GROCERS' AND BUSIkit lyj ne?s Wagota, Ac., tor rale, at No. 10 Kevins atreet and 1SI avenue, Brooklyn; c!?o 66 Horses and Ponies, Harness, Robes, Sleigh Bells, Ac.; 40 Sleighs. PEHSOVAIi. j Bvrnum's M' sLKM. wed "ill -DAY AFTERNOON- ' A lady remarked to a gentleman, "I understand the litmod .it Is Married-" Will that lady oblige the gentleman who requested her to notice "PrraoMl*" in the Herald, j oblige him by dropping a not- t > hup in the 1'ott otliee in St. , tiei r;ta u building, Broadway, gts'ing when and tvln re nn int( rt < t i av be .i ' THONAI M.vsLIN, "72.'' ( Dim ATEXO GAR?FROM WAflHIHGTOM SKatiho P i'ouii. Br ox ivn--Tuesday. about So'--lock P. M. Purple and black. Tlu?* dell, ate "baud all day without a glove." .1'. h ii.liolr I ' - . ' NEAR THE DOOR." J Ha. l?letter a. f. v. come Monday, j. m. . if povdhle. BIRD. INFORMATION OF MARTHA KEENAN WILL BE j I thankfully ten n e,l by Lor atv.ers, Margaret und Maria Redmond, at 4 1 East Tenth atruot. i IF Mil" EM "A S , OF RAHWAY, IS IK THE CITY, ,J ?h wit! hear of an old fiieal bv addressing Si. Louir, tit. i Nicholas Hotel. TF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OK JOS. O. WIL- j 1 sou, a n iiive of KeU.n,', Ireutud, but f<-r some years a re- t aidentnf thia city, he will-please tall at the Post oOl'.c for a t letter that awaits him. t IF THF. ELDER OF THE TWO LADIES WHO ACCOMpanted two d< ntlemeii to Bull s fsrrv. mm Canal street ferry, on Nov. t, tsul. and who afterwards rode tip in a J stage with one of the gentlemen as tar as Astor place, and | again met by oe Ident corner of Ninth street and Third avon te, wilt address a note to II. S. K., llersld office, stating at time and plant tang at tbe saute time some partt'-uhira t . v. id glee her Identity), he can see her, i-he trill confer ] upon turn a laatlug fntorT I IF THE YOUNG LADY OF SMALL SIZE AND FRETTY j form, with a blank bonnet And white plane, who met n gentleman rent'-: aft ri. . i. .11 Spring street, and ptatsg d e.n rroa'y street, and agtin ni tt the name gentleman on Br. i?:ne street and fnrt jr recomt/ed h.rn, will send her td- j , dre.t in II O , Croadway I'oai offlc", aht will make the at quaintaner of a fond admirer. I JENNIE?LET THE FAST BE FORGOTTEN. WE ' were both hasty. Let na meet once arsln. Fiiday, 6 o'clock; hut pi ice. FRANK TWO. TERtRY CITY?WILL MRS CORA BEND HER ! tl address to Junius, station AT IV LV C . WHO LAST APRIL LIVED IN BROOK. J lyti, will bndalettir in the New York Foal offload. I d: .? 1 i . h- . O. , IOC, BTATIOX F. ?3S THIRD AVENUE. J D._ MIS-HNO?8INCH ItTH OF JULY LAST. MR. OEORGE Oo doo, nl Glasgow, Scotland, a dtrcr by trade. When c last areu was in New York. Any one knowing of bla where- , about* will cinfer a faror on bis distressed wife by Inform- | It g her. Addrew Mrs Eluabcth Gordon, 74 Butter street, New York, lor out wee^. MR JOnN HARPER. FORMERLY OF BRISTOL, j Kngtend ?Tbe parent* ! the above gentleman urgently ! sn 1 afle, ttonately request b m to tend without delay bis prn- i sent sddrr w to luem ?r ui Fred. A Jon?a. PHILIP F. FABIJUAY.2S Sprttee street. MISS BELLA WOOD. OF TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, eaa Lav* he, tab able papers returned to hsr by calling i at the Ar wmr rwsta-lar.t. fti Weal Houston street, and;ny- < Ing the sure ol MS adeemed upon the as me. MISS EMILY W.. LVTE OF 7 M? sritRKT, W ILL old re s-t 'd friend by eenlmj a llue to'aln, Union i a joare Poa' nffi . ' xror rou the world or twentieth It aOWfl. I bar# (Ml forgo l.n )oil, l.f an/ Mrtia, (or I bar* watrbrd f $ j >u B%hl afirr night. Kiibarro'i dirt 0"l m?k? )K'II >P;? IIMT. It ?V? ^'"1 4><( rum* down Main i f ' ! ..pan/ With * WIlllNM. ?( I ( ?>d MM I Utift ? a log fur im Wlllfc. M M Ua' I ''-nam* WCMb **~l ?od ?ar# U < p Alt (M Mill woftiag at UM MM I n-? VII' ^ V II.I. I N - ? I F.irr ( ai>I>KR-'H> ' i. IT W., a< Mania U Bl ? II w. frua .1 L W j Photo.?rokmi.e ir*ri<-tomi are commamed A"*J** iir IN* tm.*lr lafarmart n Woold It l-?ngr#.nf4# ikat w# nw a* ir^ ilaf T m mad? a av* iml**a*mit U* arm um. I floTo "QIBBOM RTAE.'-IIOME EF.x r ?.i a 'WF. AM IV pa. . - -TKWI.E* IN THE OITT. ' Tiie i ekaom who i.srr aw tv bulla iV a firth ar*? * ?** * ? ? II A M. f#nj?,?na Bar* It by iailingoa K W < am. At Wnliaw an, M. f. THE TWO HiD?ov 'IT i ai.IE' MU Bl; \T r, v. towrr Taynr a Ml* a I* dag (Tnd*J>. II | f H . rain or abtna (pilOBAB-HATE Tot' roBiAOTTt.d MB* MaLoY t WILL TIIE AMALL. BRaI Tlrt'L YOl'MO LAOT, With Mb# Mlh lin-? ani I gbi da'- abort nit, inar.ia r#lr*t bat wttn bin* #tn .ga and ia~4# Inmaina aba iwawd lb. At. Kh bMaa HutnlnbuaA l*n? I dajr afl*tt?"OB, laror aa arjaal admirer wita b#r addrvaa, M'ltl.ig wb* r# aa Inlrrrtaw Ma/ b* bad A-draa. II.n,j Union M| na r* fual o*H? WILL TIIB TOl'KU LADT, * ITTI Ct BIA, W KaRIKU I f T n lira* tKraaot, and I u III* plant afcao I. *i. I arfcu oar- I r>d a Hr>ald In Wr fc. n l, sad w'.o aoat? down Park roiv la I Broadwar. nn<1 inn n Hr>*<l av to Off r.rrot, turning ml , Dey atrtol afcou! li 0't.o-k >* rlaj, an . w:.a u. |i> />Tk*l mat and apofc* to ? ??Bil?r>?ao and ll?a w nt Into a fur 1 tort In Drj trarl, ?rai Uit aw**, at> ?a tfc* pM nnai 1 wh? *tood on tfc* apfxMiia aid* of it-j rtrart a* fc* *, *y atncfc dk?rai aa aequalnkitcrl Mdnafjlntll oL? I OTI1HTRKKT?TO'JMI.ADV -I IU rTT-o** RLIL prood of II?btil?? *i pari with H. Tow* do?-.|a I MO.-KA BtPRBMBR. I It: HMIAM S KCKMTI HR BtrHKfcd AND ;\i In* fcntabtufcatoat. Ultra fc.#*? .tfc ?tr*ai fifth and Htttfc atrniM Ifanarnnld T'lrn I , , ahippi'd to ail par to nf tfc* wortl r.?*o? Brvin* the ru inra of lamiiw |h?r? . * . md, I DAT, FEBRUARY 28, 1862 BOAJUmie AMD I,OOG1!VO. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LEY, TOOETHBK OB ? (urate, a Su.lof Furnished K una, uu the drat or aeu n l i or, to gentiem, tt, wilta part ai Hand If desired. Y ruts nto'lciale. Apply at 1)1 West Eleventh street, near Ei. tli avenue. 4 NUMBER OK VLEASANT HALL BEDROOMS TO j\ let?With Ki trtl. smut '!? for gnilrnnu, at ?! WeBt P U.I it, ,nth aim t, between > tfth and Sixth avenues.

Alaki.e boom on the second floor, hand tout ly furnished; also two other Rooms, each of wiiieh are suitable fora e-ntl man an I wile or two single "eutletueo, to rent, with Board, at 67 East 'ftvent)-third street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. At nos. l.iii and 1.125 Broadway?handsome ' BI1 is of Hi,cms. with private table: also Rooms on suite or Mnule. with or without Hoard, iietw, en Twemy-tifth and Tweuls-sixth streets, near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. i FEW YOUNG LADIES CAN BE ACCOMMODATED J\ with furnished Rooms and Board. Inquire at 2li V. eat lloustou street, between Met er and Greene streets, N. T. A furnished parlor and bedroom to let? Suitable lor one or two single gentlemen, without board; very comfortably furnished; has gas, bath, Ac., on tame I lloor Hi, aklaat could be furnished If desired. Apply at No. 6 tiro at Joues street. , At 122 ninth street, a few doors west of ! Broadway, a geutiemun and wife or single gentlemen can obtain pleasant Roonis, with Board. The house contain* | tho modern improvements. Vt the laroe FIR8T OLABS DOUBLE HOUSE. 127 ' Bieecker at reel, wmt of and near Broadway, is a really ( tint class family Boarding Hot ?, with rooms unsurpassed in wze andc< mlort, iu nulla or single; thecheapest place in | the city tor the atjrle and quality of what ia otleied. A parlor and bedroom to lbt-recond story i front rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with llrat chua Board. Alio K ,ima lor aingb- genllrmtii. Tertna very moderate. At 221 West Fourteenth street. A FEW SINGLE OR MARRIED GENTLEMEN CAN j have pleasant R-ionis, with luil or partiul Board, lu a j private family; a de.uraMe loealiou for buatnena men; con- j veuieut to anil west of Broadway. Apply at 124 Spring atreet. References exchanged. ( Ai'rivate family, occupying tiieir own i b<>u?e, will lot a nut of well furiiubed Kix'.ns, with or 1 without coftvrn euco for b<?iiNekr-<*ping; niotbrn improve* meute; location good, 161 York street, Jerecy City, a lew , minutes' walk Iroin the icrry. a family 0? THREE adults and THREE | J\ children deal re comfortable B"ard, up tow n. till May I. Unexceptionable reference required. Address Connecticut, box 124 Hernld older. t AT 32 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNI- ! versity place and Filth avenue, a suit of K sane on the ] third Boor to let, to p-rv.hi desiring first class accommodations. Dinner at 6 o'cloc k. References, ed. . A strictly private family, having more c room tmin they require, would let a in?nl Room, with j Isr?e closean I hot and hot and cold water, le -in a gentlenit-u; reference* exchanged. a, ;>.y at oa thirteenth / (treat. A YOUNG WIDOW lady, living alone. would ? like toaocecnmodnie a geaUeaaa and uay w ith a handsomely furnished Room; Bond tor the lady only. Apply to < Mrs. Moony, US Gri MM * rOOt , At no. 54 east sixteenth 6TKEET, near union j square?Spacious R.m.i.s to let, with Braid, c ,ia?. ted > or alngle. No moving in M y. A FEW SMALL FAMILIES, DESIROUS OF Cl'R- ] tailing their expanses lor ths winter, can obtain newly k famished ttooms, with all eniivenlemea for ho, a-keeping, i al the private lanxily hotel, ilU MacJoucal sued. Ai'rivate french family HAVE 80ME HAND- ] Homely furnished Rooms to let, with or w Ithoul Board, t to gentlemen only. Hou-e first c.a-a. Terms node rate Re- | ferenoea nfcnngH. Call ai 44 Weat Siateculh ?iu ?t. be- I tween Fifth aua Sixth avenues. c AT 1U WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN 1 Seventh and Eighth avenues, furnished Rooms lor gro- J tlemen only, with or without Board, upon extremely mode- v rate terms. Breakfast, 7; dinner at 6. r A GENTLEMAN WISHES A PLEASANT ROOM, WITH Are and ga*. In a respectable private family, wlih or t without partial or full board. Address U., box l,4M Post a uuilc. r h A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED ON li reasonable term* at 1M Wtat Fourteenth street. Dinner At six o clock. | AVUU.NO SCOTCHMAN WANTS A FURNISHED n Room And Board in a private family Audita* tor two v lata, stating term*, Ac., A. W , llerald oliW. A NICE PARLOR AND BEDROOM COMMUN1eating; also, aing.e room*, with good board, can Bow M secured in me thai claaa bousa No. 118 Ktllh avenue, rerm* very moderate. Dinner at in o'clock. H*ler*ncos exchanged. A NICELY FURNISHED ROJM TO LET-WITHOUT Board, to a gentle-man. Kent $1 U per Apply at lit Prince *tieet. A lady and gentleman, OR TWO UENTLEuien, t au tind a handsome Suit of Robin*, furnished wuh losew iod, with a lone lady, with or without B ,ard. Also a pretty Boom for a younaUdy, but a atep from Broadway. AU the Mage* paae. t3 West Thirty-second street. A LADY AND gent or QUIET LADY CAN HAVE A front or back itooin, win, Board for lady, at $A and $7; sartlal Board for gent if; family tmail; ail modern uiprovcuienta Apply at 211 Amity (trcei. A SPLENDID ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR OF NO. ] n. 763 Broadway, between Ei.'hth and Mntb sire t?, to n et. fui nlabed, to grntlcmrn. House b*a ail modern Int- d yrovsinents, 1* In a pleasant location, and will be rented BOAKD.-SUI'EKBLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS IN ^ a private houac in Fifth avenue, ucai tin Pl.t., Av it ic .: Hotel. A tirat dim lainlly can ba ban laoinely accommodated ' eitb first clasa table, or gentlemen d< aim,.' permanency, with or without boaid. Hicbcai rrfeiercea given and re- a pure I. Address tor ihreo oays, wlfti full name, S. P. A., >, dadiaon square ri.'-l oflice, Board.-a gentleman and wife, OR TWO SINgie g> tits, run obtain a ncaily: urniaiied front It > ro a id \ Bedroom, on the third Hour, With Board, at No. 3 Weal Washngton place. . Board at mi macdougal street.?pleasant i Ki)unu, aim Board, lor aingle or tor lauiluca. Ju.ner at 6K o'clock. . IJOARD WANTED?BY a young married ladv. ? IJ .11 the family of a respectable and capwlr cura.-, for me or tw o monies. Address, suiting terms, c. S., hot 11} ; Ion.Id ofllce. Board wanted?by a lady, in a plain phivatefamily, between Eighth aud Thirty-<evt uth streets a u.d Fourth and hnlh aveuiie*. Saiisinclory references ;lv.'n and required. Terms moderate. Address U. O , staion Q. -| Board wanted?for a gentleman and wife ; u location pri'lerred below Iw. nte-thlrd ftirei and writ b >1 Broadway; terms not to exceed till |*r week, including ire and gas. Board wanted.-a gentleman and wife i v. ant one Room, with closet arid pantry attached, with J Board, u the ncigUberuood of the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The* lew tic* hare lately moved In re, and ull common! -.lions wt.l slate references, with particulars aa to accommodations. Address bni 1,768 N. ?l'oat ollioe. Board wanted-in a retired, quiet and i gr uteri place with nice people, anl where there art no Hoarders, for a lady and gentleman: board for the lady only. I'he advertisers are quiet and rallied, pay promptly and of no [rouble. Addr. ss, stating terms and location^. N., Union r tqoAre Port oOios. Board wanted?in south Brooklyn or on b the Heights. In a first class house, by a gentleman and wo sisters; the p irtt<a will furnish thtli awn rooms; rates aaaonable. Aduress W. E , bet 170 nerald oOcq. Board wantbd-bt a gentleman and his $ wife, In a private family; location to be west of Sixth , ireuue and between Kigbteentb and Twenty-eighth streets; P ef. rent e If required. Address, with full particulars, 1>., _ rid Tenth avenue. * Board wanted.?a single gentleman wishes z a nicely furnished Room, with full or partial Board, In a in Ann riean private family, where the comforts of a home 3 wn be enjoyed. Location between Tenth and Twenty-third _ dreets. References given. Address, etatlng price, W. R., . Herald office. Jj rtnnriRi.VN nnaun _twn cfkti.pmhv ivnTiipin !' IJ wives, and two or three Single gentlemen, can obtain I pleasant Room* and lioard, In a a mall family, at KM Curroll . treat. House baa all the modern Improvements. Terms ? moderate. U Brooklyn board -a handsomely furnished * second story front Room, for a couple, a! $12 per week; 4 ilao a thlad atory front Room for $U; gentlemen |1M; house T itilctir hrst >.iass; location convenient to Wall street and _ Couth ferries. Apply at 38 Garden street, Brooklyn. ^ Board in Brooklyn -two or three single 5 ( ntlemen ran he si-oommodated with good Board In a ? private family, at 32 Willoughby street. Teims moderate. 1 Hones has all the modern improvements. Convenient to the rare Board in brooklyn-with a plbasant privata family. A handsomely furnished front Room, lor J ? gentleman sut wife, or two gentlemen; bathroom and |??. S3 Wiliotighby stieel, corner of Jay. Board in brooklym-ss clinton street.?a gentleman and on And a band- ! lie, f.truislo-d Slot III It', me. Th house contains Ihe 2 Improvements, and Is convenient to Wall street and Pultou rani a Dinner at o'clock. Board on Brooklyn heights-pleasant 5 K ' 'ins mav be obtained with Board by applying at 37 , I ranuerry siresl, neat Columbia, convenient to the firry : II >use has all tbe modern improvements. Terms moderate ' Board <?n Brooklyn hp.iqhtr.-very pleaearn r >ms, both Urge and sm .II, with eirellent board; 1 tan broom ant gas no children 11 Willow street, between a Fii.i'ti and Wan street isrtles. * J,'III Mi ll BOARD?FRENCH LESSONS.?A GOOD OP- ; JT l- r lOlty to learn Fren. h by practising and living In the I l> ii" an I among the latnily of a Parisian Frrnoh tracher. J A{ ply at W East Twenty second street. laYLRNISIIF.D ROOMS ?A HANDSOME PARLOR r t t?or, also second and thin! atory Rooms, to be let, by a widow adv. na modera'e terms Family email, konae modern. location very central; stages pass the door. Apply at Id Bond aired j flKMHMKD BEDROOM TO LET-TO A SINGLE J nntb-man, la a small private lamtly. No moving ou t 1st ?f May. Apply at in Heawlck street. f 'Ooi> roakd and choice rooms at 210 second j \JT irfiM. near HI Mark'* place, between Twelfth and c T Ire. niti|Mrreta, fur g- ntlrmcn and their wire*, or two c imliirr, <-r two ladr ? rooming together, at reasonable t prkea, NVtghbnr'iood nn.l tall* flint i lane; dinner atd. HOB"KEN APTERAL NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, t ?r out H oi l, to let to mngle gentlemen, In a i maltprtrale farnlljr. Aiply at No. 4 Union place, Bloouilleld c *tr?Ot, three mln tt ?' * ?lk ; ruin tin- terry I WOULD LIRE TO BULL A LOT Of NICE TURNf- 1 t ire and take It In Hetrd for mjr*e|f and w Ife, In a liret , tl?a h >aae, with all the tuodera Improvement*, the Ira niton ! he between the Pourth and Atith aveunea, and not tiiitieih ?tre? t. Ad.lrem A., station P Post nrii e. * N'O 4* BONE BTRKKT.-A HANDSOME SPIT OF Room* to let, w.lh or without board; *l?o a *ili|le m A demraMe Iwatton and will be l<-yea?m*t>|e. N" "0. Li PLOW PLACE, WEST HOI STON STREET? ? A f" hi froot No on to let, furnished, to <>ne or la o a lo.|'?. w> b or without Hoard, In a private lumpy: house n.oain* ad modern tiaprot tmeut*. Stages paa* the door. | I BOARDING AND LODGING. Parties seeking board, at moderate prices. i wiiii liah or Urge Rooms, eoliUiitiitg grates, pautrics and cuts, nmy call at 283 Elizabeth street, lour doors from Blcecker, whur# complete satisfaction ami a pitasanl house will be lou nil. Rooms, with board?a suit op furnished U> inui, uuj also single Rooms lor genilemeu, or gentl? urn with their wives, can be obtained, with Board, at 17 Wi si Two nty-seventh street, second door w>8t of Broadway. Unexceptionable refatenue given an 1 required. To gentlemen.?A P1U/ATH family desire to b t to a lenilematt, without board, a neatly fnnieh.d o ofoltable front R.? in mid pantry, with use iif balli ro mi adjoining. Apply at 118 West Houston street, corner of Matdo ugal. Those wanting rooms and steady steam row. crat greatly reduced rent , con be well suited in buildings 211 and 213 Centre, auu 137 and 139 Etui street. The renins ato well lighted and very desirable lor almost any mu ul'iioturing business. The steam p wer is always steady Sim reliable, supplied by a Corliss and Nlghtin; ale'lOd horse engiue. Terms very iuw and possession immediately, If wuuted. Apply at the office, 213 Centre street. TO LF.T?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A LARQE, VERY niatlv fur united Iroul Room, for one or two alugh' gentlemen. Terms $2 per wark. lias and tire. Partial Board If required. Apply for one week stllSCMtrles street, curw tier of Hudson, over the drug store. TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, FURNISHED Floors, wdli ail the modem improvements, in a neat Outage house. Tills is a rare chance for persons wishing to live comfortable and retired. Inquire at 47 East Twentyseventh street. TO LET?FURNISHED, WITH BOARD, IN A FIRST class house, near Broadway, two handsome Parlors and i Suit ot Koonte, on the third floor, to a genteel family or single gentleman. Apply at 1U1 Weal Thirty-eighth street. i WANTED?BOARD, FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, IN I fam ami nurse, in a private family, am re there are bo other boarder*. Three room* required. The be*, of references given. Location below Tblruetii atieet and between I Fourth aud Sixth aveuura. Address, staling location of rooms and term*, box 415 Post oScc. go TO $4? BOARDING, AT 3(J0 GRAND STREET?A O gentleman and bla wire or three or four young-men can h ue g od Board and Cuuifortaole B onn, with gas and bath room. Also, a Piano wanted in exchange for Board. HO GREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL STREET.? fclU Furnished Kuoius to let, to gentlemen only, at 75 tents to $d per week. Also similar moms and rooms for o i .ekeeping at No. 1 Mooroe street, corner of Catharine St. 4 "1 EA8T TWENTY THIRD STREET. NEAR FIFTH X L Avenue Hotel.?Elegantly furnished buck Parlor and it ounon second Uoor, tor families and single gentlemen, wills tlrat class Board. House has all the modern improvelien s. rn WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?FI'BNISHED OR 1)1 unfurned Itooma to let. Geiit.emeu wishing pie aant, wm.oi table R ami* will find the term* very reasonable, klao an ofll c for a doctor. Call aud see llie room*. 7Q EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR BHOADI t) way and Union square, Board; families and single pntleiuea a commodated with desirable Rooms at moderate a 1 i-s; di ner at 0>, o'clock; references exchanged. [JO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.?ALSTON JO House. Eieganliy famished suits of Rooms, gas, Iroti n *u-l every convenience for housekeeping economicaly, parti-ularly suitable for small, respectable families or angle gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. IA71 GREEN STREET, BETWEEN SPRING AND LU I 2 Prince.?Elegant Furnished Rooms to let, with ;ood Board, to ladies and gentlemen. Board for ladies only, food liKa'lon, near Broadway. Terms moderate. I qq WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR SIXTH LOO avenue ?A nice furnished Room to let, for two genieinen, or lor a lady and gentleman. Dinner at 6 o'clock, lath* on same floor. Good opportunity for those wishing to ni ruve themselves in tht French language. References xchsuged. Terms very moderat". I ZLI TRINCE STREET ?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.-ELELOU gsntly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, run all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, Inhiding gas and Croton water, to let to respectable families r single gentlemen. 71A ELM 8TREET, NEAR SPRING.-FURNISHED' j ill't Apartments for Immediate occupancy. The lowest 1 vols in the city, considering the convenience of economy in 1 lousekvei.lng. Best bedding and furniture, with range,cookng utensils and linen complete; gas and Croton. -i ?A C AND ?47 BROADWAY (CLINTON HOUSE), OVER , JTlI Mendl ? aoloon?Elegant suit* of Room* lor gentle- c m-n; on* .urnlture, beds Hiid bcuding, and all the con- 1 euteuces or a first class home. ? :? l ^ FINANCIAL^ A KMY AND NAVY PAY COLLECTED.-CLAIMS UPON (V every department of the government promptly adjust- c dandca-had. e JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banker, ' 90 Naaaau street. New York, opposite the Post oilico. f A RMY AND NAVY PAY AND BOUNTY PROMPTLY n. collected. Prue Money and Pen-ioua procured. ROBERT SE WELL, 72 Wall street. ? CONTRACTORS' CLAIMS ON THE GOVERNMENT 1 j bought, sold and coll -cted, by LI VEUMOltE, CLEWS A j K), Bankers, 41 an l P Wall street. < [DOR SALE?A SECOND MORTGAGE OP 81,900, ON J P Improved projierty in Brooklyn, or will be exchanged , ut otbi r property or a mortgage of about $2.lX)'i, and the dilamice |*ia in iash. Address Dux 1,718 Pout odlce. aElRH OF SEAMEN OF UNITED STATES SHIP . J.- ant. l"Si in 1861, and all heirs of toldicrs and sea nen of the Meil -an and present war, ean obtain the money , air them by calling on TIL'S. L. HKAYNAUD, 81 Wall St.. J N'LW YORK. FEBRUARY 29, 1862.-820.(00 JERSEY 1 t'lly Water Bonds ?Proposals will be received, up to J he 1st of Man h nest, lor the above amount of Bonds, j n sums not lea* lhan $9,1 tX)?M nrts having twenty years to ii lure and leering ell per cent Interest; said H olds to be enr red in 'jual i.iii iuntt tin; months of April and 1 lay ru st. Ten l>er rent will be required to be deposited by J > th buyei and ??1 er, --security lor Inltihneiit of contract. n 'In a ho e llonda are to lie received by the eontractors for j imisldn* water pipe for -aid Wsler Company, and by them e re noa vil.'ird for sale. Andreas C F. box 2,'mj I t I f Yoik! -t line I AT1W YORK AND FLUSHING RAILROAD?THE ,9 Co'it?iua of I 'tds 6f ibla road will b" paid on March 1, I the Seventh Ward Bank. p. R BUWEN, Treasurer. rVFFI' B OF TIIE ERIK RAILROAD COMPANY-NEW i if York, Keoruary ? l&i.?N oiler.?'The i unrest on tlie ? r< oud .. i third rrortg . ' for.:- of th'S company will be laid on | i?v n'klioli of the coupons, at the olLce ol ths .eas irer. In Erie p|? on tnc let day of M ir h next. t At the s, e time and p s-e, the holders of the certlilrare . f D B. Gregory and J. t . B. Dnvlr, tru-ieea, will receive , yarentol ih io ijouof t.i?- f mth mortgage bonds, due iprtl, IN/1, with fuwrest from May, 1-61, to March I, 1-02. . H. N OiilS, Srerciary. PRIZE LIST8 roRTIIK ATLANTIC BLOCKADING i aqaadr-'ii are now being made up. paper* wR] J; m forwarded fi- e to .ivy ?l> pou be tag informed of the uum- , *r of ofil era and men en hoard JOliN H. Ml'hllAY, A my and Navy Banker. Na. ,vj Na- a ? <- t. N Y , o| po'tta the Post office. | DIMlTTA.Nl E8 T<> BNOLAND, ! iv ireland. ."-gotland and walks. hlollt bills on i'mni h*xa or loanon, nations i. B?*k or ka'oti.axd, hst-rasr Bassi.xc Coarser, Ikslsnd, n sums from ?1 11'warom. imoss FT aylor brothers. htluai, u7 ukoaoway, corner of Murray atreet, 78 WALL, corner of Pearl atreet preabi ry notes. l ti< >ld and silver, iouoiit and bold taylor brotiikrb. 347 Broadway, corner of Murray street. 70 Wall atreet, corner of Pearl. hi ?a wantbo-bt a lady, fob a business pxul/ which will Inanre fll'h a month profli. Would refer to make the artangement with a gentleman. Will be rated on hroalway. aiiewcre without boalneaa addreae rill not be noticed, as thla la so humbug. Addrcsa mlae j. lamlltun, atatlon d, Eighth street. hi aaa wanted-fob a short time, oood pl.vuv eecurttjr and bonus oflcred. addnse 0., boa 2j Herald office. ho aaa -** investment of this amount pa.uuui e>n be made In a first rises htor-k unknown > the general market, on ternae satisfactory to the maker, y addrras.n(, with real name, lorestment, but 134 lleral l id oe. ho ann t0 bs.000.-a barb c hance fob a pa.uuu man to so tire a monopoly of the beet article ver manufacture 1 for making money. It la of small d:tu -n ions, costa hut a trifle, la In arced demand, and yields afoot ii) per cent proin. Inquire before iv a. m. or from 1 to bp. i. of Mr jai t.son, 71 we.l tiurly ?e< n.l street. n^n nnn 70 ??an-on bond and mortg age, jrju.ul/vi In auina to soil, from fll.'ul to flwl.uvj, on eslrahle Improved nropertr In nt w York or Brooklyn. af>ly to a. h. 1)1 Net im it, 61 Liberty atreet, n?w Yuik. loab okkices. " " a t 480 broadway-iienrv iiyman advances on hl Diamonds, set or unset, or buys tbe same for raab; also draftees on Watches, Silver i'la'e and all rsrs>>nal Property. ( henry iiyman, 48v Broad way. _ j IT 77 BLEECKER STREET?MONEY LIBERALLY > (1 adraared to an/amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jew. I ilry, Plauoe. Immi. PnUwili. Be. N. B.?Pawobreharo ttckct* bought, fl7NEWTON, 77 Bleacher street, up alalia. ( AT 111 (1RAND STREET, THREE DOORS WRST OP J Broadway?Money advanced on Watrb**, Diamonds, t lewelry, Plate, Dry Oooda and personal piopartv of every leacrlpilon. or bought and Mid, byJOBEPU A. JiCUOR i luetic net1 r and broker. I ATM NASSAU STREET -A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND el. broker, makes liberal advances on Diamond . Watcbea, lewelry, Ac., or buye them at full value, at ble private ottW, B Naaiaii airaet, room No. S, up stairs. Business con idea la I. . Liberal advances madi on diamonds , Watchea, Plato and Jewelry, or bought Tor caah at tho ilchenl price. Persona having old Oo!d or Silver to aell can- J ict do belter than call on LOuISANRICH, 713 Broadway. MATRIMONIAL.. ] YOUNO MAN OP OOOD LOOKS AND OKNTEEL I appearance, of twenty-seven, In good buvlinaa. Is deelr- I ii.a of forming an acquaintance with tome pretty and (ilea ottng la-lv, with a view to matrimony. Addreaa Charles, i io* 1P2 lleraid office. _ __ J kfifcRIMONIAL?A RETIRED MERCHANT, <1 g lVI yearaof age, a widower, without children, utaheato a orreepond with an amiable and aoompllabod lady who la apable of presiding orer hie establishment and ministering , 0 ble comfort. Means no object. The adrertiaer does not iddrem hlmaelf to romantic young girls, but to a genuine, J enatble woman, who can I war with bis Infirmities If need mi, and afford him kind care and a'lentlon, In return for 1 ctalch he can offer her a life of a'lltience and the protection J if an honorable name Addreaa James L. T., Herald office I ^PATRIMONIAL-A YOUNO LADY 0POREAT EKAU 1 LvJL ty, and nthervlae lavishly endowed ("root of atl e?ll" J ncluded), dealrea to open a currettpondeme with a tlew to f natrtmonr. She prefer* ?hla romantic method of procuring 1 husband. Communication! str ctly confidential. Addreaa a Jnlc.y Carter, box .1,276 Pott office. J coal. Jl 'l A /k ?I AM NOW DELIVERING A SUPERIOR ] pt JLVP. qoallly nt Coal for family use, Well screened, 1 it $4 ?l per ton of 2,00U Iba.: ( oke $d a chaldron; aim, Ll\er- a tool and Cental Ooal, at IDC Weal Eleventh street i\p i lc| ? Btgblh annae. A. HEARTT. I ^ SHIPPING!. THE BRITISH AM) NuUTIl AilHRIOAN BOYAL MAIL Strain hips. Pass ro .its. -All persons leaving the United Suit, will rejuire to have Pax. poi it, from tlie authorlti -s of their respect-. iV* "J'"'U|"1 countersigned by toe So erelory of Stale at A ishlugton, or by the Fuss port Agent at port of embarkalion. FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. L-hief Cabiu Passage $131 Second Cabin Passage ,$ no. ... , FltoAI BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL. Chief Cabin Passage .$110 Second Cabin Pa-sage GJ The ships from Ne.v York call at Cork iltti bor. T1 e ships lro.ii lioxlou call at I'ati a* an-; Cork Harbor. PU"?.l.A* Ci5JK* AI'JtICA, Capt. Shan., n. ARABIA, Chut. J. Stone. CANADA. Capt. J. Lrtlcb. ASIA, Caot. E. (I. L .tt. AMERICA, Capt. Muir. A U>TR ARABIAN,Capt.Cook. NIAGARA, Capt Mo. idle. ^VOTIA, EL'RoPA. Capt. Anderson. These vessels carry a clear white light at mast head, green t>n starbt*rd how, red on port bow. AMERICA. Muotllc, leaves Motion, Wednesday, Feb. IB ASIA. Ikitl, " New York, ' Feb 2? CANADA, Mulr " Boston. " Jlar. It At STKAf.ASrAN.Cook," New York, War. 1? NIAGARA. Anderson, " Mosion, " War. lS Bertha not secured nttlp td f-r. An experienced surgem on -.d. The owners of these ships will not be accountable for flold. Silver, Bullion, Bpecte, Jewelry, Precious Stones or M.ulag unless bills of lacing are signed th-iefur and the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or passage apply to , E. CU'NAi D, No. t Bowling green. NOTICE.-BY ORDER OF TUB SECRETARY Off S ate, all passengers leaving the United Stales are reoutri d to procure passes (which can lot obtained free of itiaige) from John A. Kennedy, Hop rlntendent of 1'olloe, U3 Broome street, N. Y. J011N O. DALE, Agent. Steam weekly to Liverpool, touching at Queeustown, [Cork Harbor.) The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend despatching their full powered Clyde built iron steamshlps'iis follows:? KANGAROO, BATU'ROAY, MARCH 1, ETNA, SATURDAY, MARCH 8. ind every succeeding Saturday, at noon, lrom pier 44, Nortlt' river. RATES Or PASSAGE. EU-st fttihi., ITU CVI Do. to London HO I Do. to London 3S Do. to Parts 851 Do. to Parts 38 Do. to Hamburg... 851 Do. to Hamburg.... Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Ru.ierdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rates. Rates from Liverpool orUucenstown.?First cabin, $75, $SSand 811)5. Steerage from Liverpool, $40; from Queeustown, $30. Tickets can be bought here ut these rates, euabling peopie to send for their friends. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers, are strongly built in water tij lit Iron sections, and carry patent tiro annihilators. Experienced surgeons are attached to cadi steamer. For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM IN MAN, Agent, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. MA f.COLM, No. 5 St. Enoch square; in Uiieenslown, to O. ?W. D. SEYMOUR A CO.; In London, to EIVES A ML nEY, til King William street ; in Paris, to JULES DECOUBi No. ft place de la Bourse; in Philadelphia, to JOHN G. DALE, ill Walnut street; oral the Company's office. JOHN G. DALE, A;eut, IS Broadway, N. Y. dteam to londonderry, GLASGOW and liver. Cj pool.?The Montreal Steamship Company's firat class, rull powered, Clyde built steamer BOHEMIAN, C.tpt, Haamine, carrying the Canadian and Uu ted States mailsa , *111 sdl from Portland next Saturday, March 1. Rates of passage from New York;?First class, according to accommo.ions, $8JWnd $56; steerage, found with good provisions, $.*). Jertilicat' S issued lor bringng out pass ngcrs from all LhS irinclpal towns in Great Britain and Ireland at very low rates. Fur passage apply at 23 Broadway, New York. SABEL A SE ABLE, General Agents. Hamburg American packf.t company. Steam to London, Hamburg. Havre and Southampton, The favorite lirst class and elegant Iron mail steamship BORUSSIA, N. Trautman. commander, carrying the United States mall, tails from pier 21 North river, foot of Fulton street, posltlvey on Saturday, March 8, and takes passengers for London^ Hamburg, Havre and Southampton at the iollowing rates:? First cabin $100 veitind cabin 50 Peerage M The Hammonia will auceced the Borussla on March 22. For passage apply exclusively to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS., 161 Broadway. N. Y. PASSAGE FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL BY THE OLD Black Star Line?Remittances to Ireland. Ac.?Th? IOIIN BRIGHT, lying at pier 27 East river, calls March ft. Phc RESOLUTE salts March 14. For passage apply to ' VILLIAMS A GUION. 40 Fulton street. For california via panama. A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th tod 21st of each month, except when these dates fall on Sunlay, whan the day of departure will be.on the Monday folowing. For freight or passage apply at the only office. No. 5 Bowing Green. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. A USTRALIA.?KANGAROO LINE FOR MELBOURNEfx First vessel to sstl. Packet for April 1. The magntfi* ent, first class ship ATLANTIC, 1,600 tons, will be despatchid as above from pier 10 East river. The accommodations or flrot and second cabinpussengers are unequalled t'oreomort and convenience. Early application must be made; 'rice of passage low. MAILLER, LORD A QUEREAU, 108 Wall street Sight Bills, in sterling money, iur sale on Lord A Co., Meljourne. FOB HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P.?THE BRITISH and N >rth American Royal Mall steamship KAKNAKg 'aptatn Le Mcssurier, will sail for the above ports, from the Jomp.inv's wharf. Jersey City, on 40NDAY. MARCH 8. I SATURDAY. APRIL2$ iatukday march 29. | Saturday may m 'ussage money to Nassau $40 Do. do. Ilavaug SO An experienced surgeon on lx ard. All person* leaving the United Stales are required to hav$ lasspoit* from the authorities of 'heir respective countries, ountersigned by the Secretary of 8iat>- at Washington, or by he Passport Agent at port of embarkation. For freight or ussage apply to E. CUNAltD. No. 4 Bowling Qrcen. rtOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED PTATKS MAIL STEAK* D ship ROANOKE h are* pier IS North river, for Havana llrect, on Saturday, March I, lstii, at 12 o'clock. LL'DLAM A HEINEKEJL BtOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAKship COLUMBIA. R. Adam*, United Stale* Navy, coinnandsr, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Thursday, larch 13, at 12 o'clock M., precisely. I'a**cngers are requestit to procure their passport* b. fore going on board. For might or i ftasjige apply to SPOFFOllD, TlLESTON A CO., to. 29 Broadway. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. i NY A( TI\E BCmXSM MAN, HAVING $3,000 CV fV | tut), and wishing to engage a* equal purtuer iu a highly w-pcrti,ble and exceedingly lucrative, light and plenainl rtomqioUring cash business, from which at least $40,000 can 1' re.tli/i d annually, without risk or competition, ecau meet .u unusual opportunity, by inquiring before 11 A. M , or rnm 2 until 4 r. M , at 603 und AU3 Broadway, room No. & Lgents can also maice money rapidlv, in every town through* ut tne corntrv, bv addressing aa above. Descriptive cireU?rs forwarded free. A PARTNER WANTED-TO PURCHASE THE 1NTEtl. rest of a retiring one. In a genteel and lucrative < ash malnea*, well established and duing a good bu-ines. Nun* n ed apply w ho has not some capital. Apply for three days oT. OAFFNKY A CO.. 170 Chatham street. ntONCERT HALL.?PARTNER WANTED; ONE WHO U cau take charge of the business. This is one of th- best uniert Uslls In the United Slate*, and run be made scroti 1 0 nous In the country. A fortune can be made In a short Ime. Would sell out. hut prefer a partner. Apply to loUTlIWlClt A WOuD, 82 Nassau street. PARTNER WANTED.-A GOOD PHYSICIAN, WITH some mesne, will find s rsre occasion to make a forune; good reasons for taking a partner; agents seed not inswer. Address M., station D Post office. PARTNER WANTED. To Capitalists?$5,000 to $90,000. See advertise sn*nt beaded as above In Journal of Commerce tf this date. Address O. U. Co.. care boi 5,040 Poet office. PARTNER WANTED.?A LONE WIDO V LADY, WITH all hundred dollars rash capital, to open s cloak and nan tills store. This U$a good, safs business to enter, aa the idvertlarr, a lsdy, hsa been twelve years established in tlM 'losk and mantilla trade. Mo agenty need apply. Address Ins Cole, box 190 Herald offioe, with real name and mails noe. PUB PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE BXI8TINO UN* 1 der the firm of Anderton A Bro., Is this day dissolved bp nutnsl consent. Either party will set in liquidation. RALPH L ANDKKTON. Haw Tom, Feb. H. IMA JNO. R. ANDERTON. B1DU. of a but lor aud prut lalon eiore, an parlucr' didng* |ood wah trad*. Three T??m leaoe, at low rent. UooS .perlmrute for a family WU1 wait for |wrt of the money, * a wan ta needed. Apply on tba premlaaa, 130 Bowery. 11900 -WANTED. A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT, P aivUi to travel to a arleodid child nation exhibition, i her* the a i pen are are email and the prnllta large. Mo hum>uf. Atldreae Entertainment, box 187 Herald ofioe. 507 ft -PARTNER WANTED, IN THE CONFF.CrAltJ tloueiy and paatry buaineaa. The abore amountrill pnrebaaw one half the intrreet of a flret rlaaa eonfertion11 f. Tl>e object of the adverllaer la to connect a ladiea* eiaurant. For further partlculara nail at 3H0 Canal aln-et. % bCAA WANTED-A CAPABLE BUSINESS MAX, P?JUU acquainted with the grocery and prnduca buaiueaa, ranted aa partner or >alaiman; must have 0500. tlou<l an. urity (Iran, and tba beat rararewca required. Add real 'racttcJ, Herald oSce. J I nnn ?* CA8" payino BUSINESS FOB P I.U1MI1 aala; now paya over AS.rtxi. and la innate. n?. or a ptriner would be received If aatlafacbiry. Nona tut caah 1 art lea need apply. Full partlculara by Inquiring of dr. M1I.LJER, proprietor of Broadway Poet nfflcc. tin nnn -WANTED, A PARTY WITH Tina plU.V/IHl, an. no 111 to take an Intereal In or to loan on 1 patent article whl 1 will > e.d apro' l of 1130,0011 v?IIbin write in".ilka fr on the buelneav of thla city alone ThU itaicment will b> proved In any parly who ran furnlah the ila-re amount In caah, and who dealrt a to make arrange men la Addreaa hoi 1,IM T at ollioe, N. Y. MEDICAL.. ~~ 7 A It) MINDER? DR. BARROW, M I'LEECKRR fl. ati<o , doom lioat Maxigal atraat, N. Y. Office loure from 11 uil t, and from < to A Dr. powkfr is treatino all diseases of r* ma lea with unparalleled a'lCcean. Ha can be ?:naultcd l It Lalfbl at reel. Attanda enntlaually. r\R. WARP, A SUCCESSFUL _ LONDON PHYSICIAN [J and SurfTon, ran be ronaolied aa uaual. Ollme If night atreet. Prlrato entrance, tloura from 8 A. M. till | HI. dally. r\OCTOE nUNTEE HIMSELF?THR PHYSICIAN [J who aatablMod_^lb? Haatertan Diapenaary, No 3 111 ion airrru ntw A M until IV o'ctoak M night at lb* old oUtoa. Private tiriM ' rvx'TOM ralpii, orrn e i?<:r >8by rtreet, tor. Lt nar of Ilotulon. Uoura 11 to 1 and 111119 o'ch?k. Lf kr E. MUNROB. ELECTRICIAN AND CLUKVor. U not M 'il'-nl e ninluilona from 1] until & o'll .k. lo. V> WalU atraai, Maw Yoik. Lf LARMOMT, I* A RIB AND LONDON. PUY8ICIA* >1. and, M7 Rr.?ad?air, up atair*. ConaiiltoiloA romt a. M to 6 I*. M , Runda)* eicrpted. r>R()PEPSOR REPTELL, 1 SI CHAMBERS RTRRRT.OA* L ba consulted av usual. Agents, ll/)i LtDaity aired, I. T. In Brooklyn, 17a Pulton strwl KCOBBKTT, M P MEMBER OP THE NEW YORK , uanrwraity (' ' Oniftigof Ruigcon?| ymdon. can h* r?v> >n n?,M| at hi" nftlca, A) Centra treat, In twcrn < i r n<l itr ta, having n prU alarnlrau rath 9 Hit; <tall place k D.-.U a proof of Jr. C.'a aualllk ?o tttsdlaloinaa In lila oB'.ct.

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