Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1862 Page 7
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ALES AT AUCTION. LBERT M.~ GRIFFIN * ^oTT AUCTIONEER8 Magnificent Houm-bold Furniture, Paintings, Statuary Bronzes. Pianoforte, Ac., at public auction. ThU day (Friday), Feb. 28, at the elegant residence. *o. 78 West Sixteenth street, between Filth and Blzth avenues. Bale commencing at 11 o'clock. Superb Butt, car red solid rosewood, covered with silk brocatel, consisting of Tote a tele Sofas: oval back Ann and Reception Chairs, Ottonn.cs, Lady's Work Table, Chess und Card Tables, Velvet and Medallion Carpets, Rugs, Sevres and Dresden China Ornaments, Marqueterie ana Bois dr Rose Cabinets, pearl Inlaid; Stereoscope, superb Mandolin, inlaid with tortoise shell; Antique aud Gothic Ree pttou Cnalra^tocretary and Bookcase, Etegcrea, Bronze Clock, runs one month; Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Embroidered Lice Curtains, Mantel Ornaments, Centre Tables, King's patent Reclining Chairs, Oil Paintings, by eminent artists; Brunze and Marble Statuary. Magnificent seven octave rosewood pianoforte. . . Canterbury, Stool and Cover. Black walnut Hotsuud, oak Bullet, Extrusion Table, China Dinner and Tea Sets. Crystal Glassware, richly engraved; Table Cutlery, solid Silverware, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Bedeteade, Wardrobes, Toiiet Tables, Commodes, Dressing Tables, Hair and Spring Mattresses, Counterpanes. Blankets, Sheets. Towels, McOraw's patent Sofa Bedsteads, Doojrstands, Toilet Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Cllcloth, Stair Carpets; also a large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. N. B.?Sale peremptory. Strangers wishing to attend this sale will take the Fifth and Sixth avenue ears or stages at the Astor House, St. Nr'tola* or Metropolitan Hotels, leaving at Sixteenth street, a tew doors from the house. A J- BLBEf kbr, SON a CO. WILL SELL AT AUCjfzi tion, on Thursday, March 6. at 12 o'clook, at foot of Washington street, uee.r South Eighth street, Jersey City, the schooner Mary Etira, ot New York, 200 tons burthen, new suit oi sails light draught and In good order. Inquire -Of Captain Dowd. Auction notice.-extraordinary oppobtuuity for. housekeepers and the trade. All the Furniture of a first class boarding bouse, 123 Wawerley place, near Sixth avenue, will be sold at public auction, till* day, Feb. 28; nt 2 o'clock preciaely, consisting of titailsome BruilslA Thrf??-nlv End Inmln CiriAtE: two black walnut Pa rlor Suits, covered Iti brocatel and nalr cloth; Marble top Tables, Ete.errs. Curtains, Mirrors, Clocks, vast s, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, WashStands, Mattresses, Bads, Bedding, Blankets, Sofa Beds, Chairs, Tea Tables, G.ass, China and Biltrer Ware, Table Cutlery. Bookcase. Buffet, Kitchen Furniture, Btovee. Ac. Auction notiob.-m. doughty, auctionebk, will sell this dsy. at lt)^ o'clock, at salesroom 83 Nassau street, a general assortment of uon- and second hand Household Furniture, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, rosewood and mahogany Parlor Suits, Centre Tables, Bookcases, Buffets, Extension Dining Tattles, Mirrors, Mimtel Ornaments, Turkish Lounges, Dressing Bureaus, Washstauds, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Palliasses, Feather Beds, Blankets, It. Also u general assortment of Office Furniture. The whole to bo sold l or casb. Buyers of real estate-notice j. m, miller s rale ol' the new Store and Building, 772 Sixth avenue, and hue three story brown none House 7d East Twi nly-sixth at late t, at Meichauts' Exchange, Friday (to-day) at 12 o'clock. Daniel ia. matiiews, auctioneer, will sell this day, a'. IQJj; o'clock, at his salesroom, 7'J Nassau street, near I niton, a <(imniity of Household Furniture (removed for coiirenience of sale), consisting, In part, of Parlor Suits, In brocaiel. reps, and haircloth; mahogany and enamelled Chamiier Suits, Wardrobes, Velvet, Brussels, three-ply and Stair Carpets; Sideboards, Etegcres, Mirrors, Engravings, Sofaa, Chairs, Rockers and Voltaire ' Chairs; Centre Tables; mahogsny and other Bedsteads. Fea'her Beds, Hair Mattress, s. Palliasses, Blankets and Other Bedding, bed Lounges, Tables, Kitchen Furniture, Hooking Stove, Oilcloth, Tlnw are, Ac., Ac. Also, One marble top Counter, black walnutoffice Rail and Counter. David d. eoan, auctioneer, will sell, this day, nt 2 o'clock, at 4''S Canal street, a large assortment of new snd second hand Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Sofas, Bureaus, Washs'.aiula, Oilcloth, Brussels, Ingrain and other Carpets. Dealer, and others will do well to attend. E LUDLOW. JR., AUCTIONEER. HANDSOME HOI SEHOLD FURNITURE. EZRA LUDLOW, JR., will i-oll on Tuesday, March 4, at 10)f o'clock,git the residence No. 2 Carroll place (Bleecker street, corner of Amity place), all the Furniture contained In said premises, consisting in part of an elegant rosewood Pianoforte. Also Modal! on, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets; rich Crimson Damask Lace and other Curtains; French Iter Glasses, rosewood and mahogany Suits, In blush. Ac.; Mirrors, Secretaries, Bookcases, jc,; tine Oil A*elntlngs and Engravings, Chamber Furniture of all des crlptiotis, embracing Koreans, Wushstands, Bedsteads, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Wardrobes, Ac., and a large quantity of Beds and Beddmr. Also Dining Room Furniture, mahogany, balr seat nud cane seat Chairs; marble top mahogany tSidi-board; oak and mahogany Oftteo Tables, raarblo top Tables, Crockory, Cutlery, Plated Ware, Ac. Also a large assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues ready on Monday, at the oflke of the auctioneer, Bo. IS .Liberty aircet, between Broadway and Nassau street. EDWARD SCHENOK. AUCTIONEER. SUrEitB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By EDWAlU) SCllKNUK. on tbls day. Feb. 28. at 11 O'clO.-k, at his salesroom 155 mid 157 Broadway, one of the most eleganlassortments of ilrst class Furniture evrrotl'ered, comprising elegant rosewood 1'arlor Butts, in various coverings; black walnut Library and Dining Room Suits, in reps; anperU rosewood lound cornered Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands and Commodes, do. tn blurk walnut, finished in oil; superb rosewood and black walnut Annolre-a-Ulaco ami Ward rubra, elegant Secretary and Library Bookcases, superb marble top Btegeres and Hum-is, Extension Tables, rosewood and black walnut Centre Taoles, Hall Racks, Tables and Chairs, and other elegant Furniture. George cook, ai ctionekr. KLUGAN1 iluU.iKllOLD FURNITURE. This day, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom, HI Broadway, a large alock of tine Furniture, . ousUting of Parlor, Chamber, Library and Diulng Room Sulla, of various kinds; rosewood Parlor Secretaries, Eteperes, Canterburies, Cabinets, Butrets, Library and Secretary Bonkcasi s, Extension Dining Tables, Chairs, Lounges, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Ac. For particulars see catalogues. Sale positive. OO. HOBTON, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 31 CARMINE street?will seil, this day, at U o'clock, at tbO Broome street, near Wooater, a stock of Storey Tin Ware, Coffee aud Cats Boilers, Fire Brick, Cement, Ac. Henry d. miner, auctioneer-salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post oOlce. MINER A BOMEKVILLE w ill sell et auction, on Friday, February 28, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom, 37 Nassau street, a choice colic tion of line Oil Paintings, by a favorite amateur artist of this city, embracing Landscapes and Marine Views, many <of which are scenes from nature, taken during visits abroad, *s well as luoal vlewa In the United Slates. The above are now on exhibition end will be sold without reserve. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.-henry h. LEEDS A co., wlU sell at auclionou Saturday. March a, ?? ij/fc u ciocs, at mo salesroom no. u naiDliu street, a general assortment of Huuichold Furniture, removed for convenience of sale. Hotel for sale?at auction, on Monday, March 3, 1363, situated in Chaiie'iiie, M miles froin New York, on the H mem Railroad. It has every convenience for first class hotel, Essy terms and sale positive. For particulars address w. J. Sutton, Chapeque, n. Y. John LEVI SON, AUCTIONEER.?A CHOICE AND rich collection of Oil Paintings, the works of some of the best artists of lb. ace. embracing Historical Pieces, Lake, Mountain aud Marine \ lews. Figure aud Fruit Pieces; nil to be sold at auction on Saturday and Monday, March 1 and 3, at 1U>? o'clock, at the store 43d Broadwuy. MC. EDEY. AUCTIONEER.?BY M. C. EDEY. ON Saturday, March 1, at 13 o'clock, will sell, iu front of aalrsreotn, 66 (.C ar street, opposite the PostoQice, one pair orrel Horses, about 11X hands hlgi, free from all vice, true lu all harness; accustomed to bo used by ladles and children and on a farm. To be -old without reserve. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF WATCHES AND JEWEL ry.?A. il. CRISTA!.AK, Auctioneer, 23 llowery, wll ell on this day, at lb>. o'clock, a large assortment of Ooldand Stiver Watches, Uold Rings, Plus, Barrings, Nockla > a Chains, Charms, Diamond Jewelry, Plated Ware, Ouns, Pistols, Instrument-, Ac., Ac. RT. HAZELL. AUCTIONEER. WIIITTEMOttE A UAZELL will sell at auction this day, at ltl>? o clink, at salesroom 138 Broadway, HARDWARE, CUTLERY, AC., in lots to suit purchasers. Also, 00 sample cards Sheffield Pocket Knives, Ac. An invoice of (.'locks. OALE, FOR 8TORACJE, AC. O CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, Snemoom 113 Nshhbu street, will sell at their salesroom, on Friday, Feb. 38, st 11 o'clock, for account of whom It may concern, to nay storage charges nil etpenses, about 100 'mis. Cider and Vinegar and a quantity of vinegar Burn t. hale positive, unices the |>roperly la redeemed, SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS ?ON SATURDAY, . March I, at 10,hj o'clock, at the auction rooms No. I nor'n it una.n etreet, Douaeiioid rurnittire, conMallng ->f ? Umiiirt, Hurt-nil*, Wa*halande, Hrua*?-ls ami Ingrain Car|H-ih. Oilcloth, three roaewood Plimpton Bedatead*, Uelat< ad*. BeJa and Bedding, Kitchen Furniture, 4c.; 10 bbU. Herring, A-. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM NO. IS . Bowenr? "111 will, on Saturday, March 1, ui llo clock A. M , at No*. 334, 22S and 330 Ka?t Fiftieth ?trect, by Tirtuc of a chattel mortgage, one Lnconu tire Boiler, 1 Steam Oaug 1 Stop Cock, a lot t>t Ota'.ea, Iron*, Ac. To lie anld for caab. By order. WM. A. CHIHSTIK, Attorney for Mortgagee. SALE OF GROCERIES. AO ?S. HERMAN A CO. WILL aril, thta day. Ut 11 oMork, at IS Bowery, lnO ?o>eaCoffee, Ml boxer Candle*. 1-1) bote* Creaut Tartar, 40 caaka Hcoieh Ale, S bbU. Ham*, Ac. Alao II) <a*k* llritndy, Uln, Wnukey,, Ac. To be aold without reaerre, for caab, to pay ntoragc ami expense*. WJ M. WTTTER8, AUCTIONEER, WIIJ* SELL Tills TV day, at 3 o'clock, at 154 Canal atrcet, a large and valuable a* lortmeut of flnoaebold Furniture. Ac., to pay ail van- ea nd atorage, one ?olld roe- wood -Parlor Suit, in tnualin; ?ttc do. roaewood Etegere, one do. Waabatand, one <lo. Bureau, one do. rl-hly curved Bedatead, two do. Centre Tablva, one umutel Minor, 1 Pier do., roaewoo-l Table, Lace Curtain*, rich Velvet Tupcxtry, Three-ply and other Carpeta; Ball and buacment Oilcloth*, Stair R -la. Carpeting, mating*, ny, ro*>-wood, black walnut and other Bedatead*; Hair Mattreaae*, Feather Be-ta. sheets. Spread*, Blanket*, Table and B<-d Lim-n; marble top Dreaaing Bureau*, Waidiatamla, Toilet China, Clan*, Silver and other Waretl Sofa, Rocking and other Cliatra; Centre, Lining and Tea Table*, Bora Boilatr* la.Stoye-. Dlnlt g Room nn-l KltehenPnrnllure, ar. "IITM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL SEI.L, THIS Tf day, at It>X o'cloek, at 331 Writ Forty-fonrth atreet, the entire Stock and Fixture* of a fumlly Grocery Store, eonaiatlng of a tine aaaortm- nt of Tea*, Sugar, Soap. Splcea, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 Ka*t Broadway, noil* thta day, at I0>4 o'clock, the entire Furniture, Carpet*, Oilcloth, Ac., In the boarding houao N*. 40 Franklin atreet: elao Crockery and Kitchen Stoves, Lamps, Girandoles, Ac., Ae. " FINK ARTS. TLlOIl HALE.?A LADY, ABOUT BREAKING UP JP housekeeping, would like to dispose of two large Oil Fainting*. rtnlijrcta?One Fruit and the other Flowers. Oral frames; very hand?"me. Also, two smaller ones, cabinet aim. Address D. J. ll., Herald olllee. PHOTOORAPHY.?WASTED, SECOND HAND site Cameiaa, and a Card Photograph Camera; also an Ambrutypo Caravan. Cash la offered. Address J. D. Cad* Walhidor, Plainlhdd, New Jersey. Tiif. latest union victories. ARTISTICALLY COLORED PICTURES ON OLA88, rOR THE MAi.IC LANTERN, ONLY $2 EACH. CAPTURE OK ROANOKE ISLAND, CAPTURE OK PORT HENRY, capture ok port donklson, AND ALL THE EARLIER BATTLES. AO., AC., OP THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAll. Ti e catalogue Jtiat tmbliahed oontalra al?o Views In the Holy Lull I, Sacred Hlatory, Old and New Testament, Ac., Ac.?ell ol Which arc furnished nt the low price of $2 each. For inialoctie* apply at the principal opticians, or to W. LAMUKNtiftIM, Agent American Mteceoacoplc Company. Philadelphia. (Post olllcc, hug l.UJ.) N PROPORALI. a Aumv supplies. OrricM or Awr r-iorniko **d Bumr-Aoa, I corner of liroomr sua (tree no sis., N. T., Feb. 140, 1W. J Scaled proposals are luvlted, and *111 be rooelved at this oflice until twelve o'clock on Thursday, llie 6th of Merc 11 next, . for luriiieblna by contract the lollowing Ar'oy Supplie-i, deliverable at the Depot of Army Cloth in* and Equipage iu thld cut. corner of brooiuo and Ureoue n-ieeU. aU.UW Camp Aettlea, sheet iron. S sixes, in neata, 13\ lbs. lu.O'.O I'amp Ilatcheta, cast steel, be?t quality, 18 ouueea. 16,mo liuw nt-t Handles, beat hickory. 60 Garrison Flag*. 6 National Flags, Infantry. 6V Regimental Colore, Infantry. 160 Cavalry Guidons. 60 Cava! 17 Standards AUk) gross Coat Itultona. 100 pair First Sergeant's Chevrons (artillery). Proposals for the above mentioned articles inuat be made tinner the terms and conditions specified in my previous advertisement for Army Supplies the IV.h lust. Proposals will l>e endorsed "Proposals for furnishing Afipy Supplies." and addressed, Lieut. Col. D. H. VINTOtf, Deputy Quartermaster General, U. 8. A. Abmy supplies. " Urrica o? Abut Clotuiho ann Euuifage, i COK.NKK OF BhOOME AND OlIKlCNK STIIKKTS, > _ . . , , , K?w Yohk, Fob. IV, 1863. ) Sealed proposals are Invited and wtll lie received at this oflice until 13 o'clook on Tuesday, the dth of March next, when they will be publicly opened, for furnishing by contract the tollowing army supplies and materials, deliverable at the Depot of Army Clothing and Equipage in this city, corner of Broome and Oreene streets 30,1100 yards black SUesias, 36 Inches wide, best quality. 30,WJ0yards MosqukiaKettlng, linen. 20.WW Foiage Cap Ubflrs (glazed). 16,000 pieces colored Bed Sack Binding. 10,000 square feet leather for chin straps for caps. 60,000 Tin Canteens, with cork stoppers, 3 pints, to weigh Ilk ounces without the stopper; to be covered with cloth ^ at ter an inspection baa been made of them. 60,000 Axe Handles, best hickory. 2,CK)0 Drum Heads, batter. 2,000 Drum Heuds, snare. , 2.000 seta of Drum Snares. 600 Hospital Tents and Files. ow re-rutilng ting halliards. I The tcuU to be 1< feet long, It feet wide, U feet high, with a wall4% feet, and having on one end* lappel, so a* to admit of two or more tents being joined ana thrown Into one, with a continuous covering or roof, to be made of duck, thirty Inches wide, and weighing 22% ounces per yard. The fly to be 22 feet 10 Inches long, and It feet wide; to be made of duck SO inches wide, and weighing 15% ounces per yard. 000 nets hospital tent poles. 6,U>W hospital tent plus, Urge. 10,1100 hospital tent pins. smalL AH the above mentioned articles must conform In every respect to the sesled standard patterns In this oQice, where they may be examined and additional information received concerning them. The articles must be of domestle fabrication. Bids from manufacturers or regular dealers will be preferred, which must be made for and conform to such articles only. In quality and description, as are required by the advertisement and the samples In thisolllce; but contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder who shall furnish satisfactory securities for the faithful performance thereof. ? The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' pUee ef business must be distinctly stated in the proposal, together with the names, address, and responsibility o( two pcrsous proposed as sureties. The sureties will guarantee that a contract shall be entered into within ten days after the acceptance of suid hid or proposal. Proposals will he received for any one of the articles hoparately, and for any portion of each. The privilege is reserved by and for the United States of rejecting aiij proposals that may he deemed extravagant. All the articles must be delivered within twenty days after the accepts nco of the proposals, except the Tents and Tent Poles and Pins, of which one-quarter of the quantity contracted lor must be delivered in twenty days, and the remainder in ilfty days from date of acceptance, or sooner if practicable. All articles will be subject to inspection by sworn Inspectors, appointed by autborlty of the Uuftod Slates. it is to be distinctly understood that contracts are not transforrable without the consent of the proper authority; and that any sale, assignment or transfer, without such consent having been obtained (except under a process of law), will be regarded as an abandoment of the contract, and the contractor, and bis or their securtlea, will be held responsible for all loss or damage to the United States which may arise therefrom. Payments will be made on each delivery should Congress hare made an appropriation to meet them, or as soon thereafter as an appropriation shall be made for that purpose. Ten per cent of the amount of each delivery will be retained until the contract shall be completed, which will be forfeited to the United States Incase of defalcation on the part of the contractor. Perms of proposals and guarantee will be furnished upon application to ibis ollloe, and none will be considered that do not conform thereto. Proposals will be endorsed. "Proposals for Furnishing Army Supplies," and be addressed, LIEUT. COL. D. H. VINTON, Deputy Quartermaster General United States Army, Box 5,2yd Post olUce. Notice. PROPOSAL8 FOR FURNISH1NO UNITED STATES NOTES AND BONDS. Tksasuuy DKrxRTnKHT, Feb. 26,1862. Scaled proposals will be received at the ofllce of the Secretary of the Treasury until Wednesday, the 5th day of March next, for tiirulshtug ninety mlllinusof Unllod States Notes aud two hundred millions In Bonds, to be Issued Amler the authority of ttie act of February, 1862, entiiled "An act to auiliorUe the issue of United States Treasury notes, and for the redemption or refunding thereof," Ac. Notes and buuda will be required of the denominations and in the proportion* a* follows :? Thirteen million* each of United State* note* of the denominations of S'a, 10'*, HO'*, SO *. 100'* and 600 *, and twelve million* of the denomination of 1,'XA). Of REGISTERED BONDS. Five million* of the denomination of $50 Fil'tern do. do. do. 100 Fifteen do. do. do. 500 Forty do. do. do 1,000 Fifteen do. do. do 5,000 Ten do. do. do 10,000 OF COUPON BONDS. Eighty million* of the denomination of 1,060 Twenty million* of the denomination of 600 Proposals will be reoeiied for the delivery of all of one or more denomination* of notes and bonds, complete, including the engraving, printing, numbering and paper; or separately fgr engraving, for paper and for printing. The engraving roust be in ine highest style of art, and the paper of the best quality. Proposers must state the number of sheots and the aggregate representative value of each denomination which they undortake to furnish daily, and the least number of days reauirod from notloe of award before commencement of dovery. Models for notes and bonds mutt be aubmitted and specimens of work accompany them. Models of notes on the face will be In the same form as now used, and on the bsoks will state the privilege of legal tender and other privileges stipulated In the law. Models of bonds will, in addition to the usual stipulations, have the statement that they are reimbursable after five and payable twenty years from date. It I* also expcctad that, as far as practicable, tho dies and plates will be such as have not been heretofore used except for work of the United Stales. Each proposal must he accompanied by a statement of the bidders' facilities for executing the work, the number of presses in u*e, hands employed, security of buildings occupied. and capital Invested. Proposals by Incorporated companies must be accompanied by a copy of charter and the names of the officers; and pro- I pusalaby unincorporated associations by the articles of association and names of parties. Bonds for the faithful an 1 prompt execution of the work as proposed or anally agreed on in the sum of fifty thousand dolfars will be required; the name*of the parties offered as sureties and their written consent to become such, together with a certificate of an Assistant Treasurer as to their sufficiency, must accompany each proposal. fcThe 8 "cretary of the Treasury reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, and to vary the amount* specified, as in his opinion the Interests of the public service may require. OEALFD PROPOSALS ARE INVITED TILL THE 0 10th .lay 01 March, 1.163, at 12 o'clock M? Tor supplying the United States Subsistence Department with 6,UUU head of Beet Cattle on the hoof. The cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to average 1,1100 pounds gross weight; no animal admitted which weighs less than 1.000 pounds gross. The cattle to be delivered at such times aud In such quantities as the government may require. No cattle will be required under this contract before the 1st day of April, 1863. llelfers and bulloi Its not wanted. A I mud, with good and sufficient security, will be required. (Jovernmeut reserves to itself the, right to pay In Treasury notes. No hid will be entertained when put In by contractors who have previously failed to comply with their contracts, or where the bidder is not prcseut to respond to his bid. Bids lobe directed to Maj. A. Bcclcwlth, C. 8., U. S. A., Washington, D. 0. form or mn. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the government good Iwef cattle on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight; the cattle to be delivered at , according to the terms of the enclosed advertisement; the cattle to ho weighed on the urates, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree to give u good and sufficient bond for the fulfilment or the contract, and to reel vr Treasury notes in payment for the nettle. 1>I KLIs A.NEOUS. ARTIC1.ES FOR TRAVELLERS.?TRUNKS, BAOS, lint and Dress Boxes, elegant Purls made ladles Travelling anil Shopping Bags. Ac., Ac. JOHN OATTNAOII. Manufacturer aud Importer, 86 Broadway, corner of Wall alrcet, ami 700 Broadway, near Fourth atreet. A CARD -MRS. EVELINE MORRIS, LETTER AND Card Writing, also Copying, at her rooms, 733 Broadway. seeon 1 Hour. Office hours from 10 A. m. till 4 P. M. Private instruction to ladles and gentlemen. Terms $9. N. b.?le gal documents copied with accuracy and at the short1 I In MM. AT STRONG'S STEAM JOB PRINTING OFFICE, NO. 98 Nas-au street?Cards, Hill Heads, Circulars, Handbills, and ail kinds of Printing executed in the beat styles, at Iho lowest prices and without delay. DIVORCES EASILY AND LEGALLY OBTAINED. without publicity or crimination, and In a short tune Advice gratis. Apply from 1U A. M to 3 P. M. to II. BATEMAN, M Broadway. Marble mantels, great bargain in manids. -A large stock on hand and a great reduction IB prices for any kind ordered this month. Call soon at A. KLA HE IPS marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, west of Third avenue. Mantels put up In any place In the cuuntry. NOTICE.?CnNFEi'THlNERYI INVITE MY FRIENDS and customers to come and see me st my new place. No. 43 Lispenard street. I recommend all who are In want of gisid Oonfeetlonerjr to visit my place, where they will be politely, honestly ond pro|>erly attended to. I shall keep the very best French Confectionery, consisting principally of Chocolate Creams, Caramel, Ac. Respectfully, IRAN fill APPtJIT. 43 Llsoensrd street. New York. PORT OFFICE BOX WANTED-WANTED. TO HIRE, a Post ullirc Boi, for which a liberal premium will be paid. Address, stating price, Ac., bux 3,813 Post oilier SAVE YOUR MONEY.?A. PARKER. 188 WASIIINOton street, eoroer of Murray. New York, sells choice city augur cured Hams, warranted, at 8c. per lb.; best Family Soap, box Ti and DO lbs., Btfc.; pure Starch, box 40 lbs., 6& rFILK MAKERS-WANTED, FOUR MILL SAW, two flat bastard and two taper cutters; also one horse rasp puncher and one gi lndor. Apply to King, Cocksy ue a Co., Eagle Flic Works, Mlddlctowu, Oiange county, N. Y. ^ legal notices. j Attachment notice.?public notice is here by given tbats writ of attachment has been Issued out of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, st the suit of Hathaline K. Watrrbury, against the estate of William H. Hayes and Francis M. Hayes, his wife, for the sum of flee thousand dollars, In n pica of debt, and that sahl writ waa returned duly served on the teulA day of Heptemlwr last. CHAfl. p. HMITIT, Clerk. Dicxnsir II, 1881. Throixirr Runtor ,Attorney. MIFICIPAL AFFAIR8. The committee on street* of the hoard of Aldermen will meet In room No. 8 Oil* tlatl, on Tucs- 1 day, thedth day or March, at 1 o'closk P. M., lor the purpose ! of considering the petition rcferr. d to them to widen aud extend Church street from Fulton street to the bstterr CHABLER ,1 OIUFp. j J" CHAE 1EUA& | Committee. b. w. Tatlor, Secretory. EW YORK HERALD, FRU ^ ' I . nVHCAL. ] A MAONIKH 'v. JtPww OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for wle?Blegan If "! '"- "d d^T m ^i'/rn Strung b .w, lull iron plate, lined wl'li ;,aU improvements. made to order, been in u?f /eft'1 ??l MOO, for Including St<w? and Ooverf | Furniture ai a sacrifice. IuouirA at 70 West 1,7?ttVw*U4 ' street, near Sixth avenue. I ? ** I Banjo and jio dancing taught by j. boh an, , 118 Bast Houston street, near 8 -on J avenue, at W cents per leaaon. B<v?u'i renowned Banjos lor sale. lhree written lessons on banjo or darning for $1. Depot of the Alexandre okgan, if or Churchca, ChapoU, HchuoLs aui Drawing Booms* 21W Hmatiway. aor.E MEDAL OF HONOR a: the Universal Exhibition of 1856. ..''kja "'asniftceullnstrumoiit (patented In the Uulted Stales May A 1859), which the brilliant perforniunce of thalbbrg, vilanova and mlle. wellis have rendered as popular la America as in Europe, bra been adopted by the gicatesi artists and composers or both continents. OOTTSCIIALK, LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac The Alexandre Organ Is celebrated for tbc solidity and precision of Its mechauisin, a well as fur tt.e|tiillncas and power or iis cone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly In tune in all climates. Prices at the depot, $46, $30. $100, $160, $185, $235, $260, $300. $310, $100. A descriptive circular sent to snr address on application to E. KABREUUETTES, Jr., 203 Broadway, Importer of Bussou Aocordeous. Violins, violin Strings, Ac. FOR HALE-A SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO; city made, front inlaid with mother of pearl, sweet tone, not a blemish on it; cost $300, will be sold for about one half. The purchaser shall lie satisfied with his bargain. Apply at 128 Remaen street, Brooklyn, E. D. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ARE NOW selling oiy Pianofortes at greatly reduced nricea for cash. Parties Wishing to obtain a first class Pianoforte at war rates are Invited to call. UQHTK A BRADBUBY3. 421 Broome street. N. T. "PIANO?$70, CITY MAKE; VERY CHEAP; SO CHEAP X that It cannot remain long unsold. Call and see It at 177 WUUam atreet, up stairs, after 9o'clock In the morning. PIANOFOBTB FOR SALE -PRICE $160. COST $326 but nine mouths ago; Is 7 octave, largest scale, elegant rosewood case, round corners, large fluted legs. Iron frame, carved desk and pedal; French grand action, rich ar.d now. erfal tone, fine cover, stool, Ac. Apply Immediately st 1*7 Twenty-first street, near Tnlrd uremic. The present hard times for money, alone Induces me to oiler my Piano for sale, for leis than hall' Its coat eight months ago made expressly for the owner's use, by one of the best city makers, at a cost of $630. It is one of the most raagnlttcent parior grand aetiun; cav ing alone cost $*00. Amateurs, professors, dealers or any any parties wishing to take advantage of the present times, are invited to call at 193 Henry street, New York. If I can raise $*75 cash, the Piano shall go. A chance seldom offered. a cash customer shall be satisfied. Thomas baker's commodore nutt polka"? One of the prettiest polkas published. The title is embellished with correct portraits, lu colors, of P. T. Barnutn. Esq., and the little Commodore. .Price 35 cents; to be had of all muslo stores. Tiiomas baker s "laura keene waltz." for PUno: second edition of this beautiful waltz, played st all the balls. Price 35 cents; to be bad at all music stores. Thomas baker's "Christmas carol sciiot' tlsehe," for Piano; performed by the orchestra at Laura Keene's theatre. Price 25 cents; to be had at all music stores. Tiiomas baker's operatic quadrillks.-brilllant, but not dllllcuH, arrangement of " II Troratore," "Etolle du Nord," "Lucrezla Borgia," "I Travlatu." Price 35 cents; to be bod at all music stores. <J?1 WILL BDY A SEVEN OCTAVE, ROSEWOOD ?DJLUtJ Piano, worth now, and cost a few mouths ago. $375. Best city makers and fully guaranteed. Call ul IS 11 igh street, Brooklyn. It must bo sold. INSTRUCTION. ~ A card.?oliver b. goldsmith's writino~and Bookkeeping Rooms, 335 Broadway, corner of Worth street, and No. 6 Fourth arenuo, below Eighth street. Each pupil ii separately taught and at the reduced terms. Private instruction for ladles or gentlemen at either place. All students in bookkeeping, penmanship and Arithmetic at PAINE'S Mercsnttle Colleges, 63 Bowery, New York, and *83 Fulton street, Brooklyn, prof-ess as fast as their ability and enterprise will permit onng men or boys whose diffidence has preventod their progress lu large schools, receive here strictly Individual instruction. Fort edward institute, Washington county N. Y.?Best sustained boarding seminary in the State seven years established, {trick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Sixteen teachers. Superior advantages to prepare for business, for teaching or for college. Military drill, $36 prepays for fourteen weeks, common English branches, with board, fuel, washing and room, furnished, except carpets and breakables. Spring term, March 37. For cir culars or rooms address Rev. Jos. B. King. French and oerman languaues.-prof. b. 1ELLEKINO, 819 Broadway (established 1853), will receive applications for private Instruction in the above and Spanish languages. Langue anglatse aux eirangers. Greek, Latin, Translating, Grammar, Elocution, Dramatic Reading. Lessons in fkench and translations by an experienced teacher. Address A. Y., box 115 Herald ollice, or apply at 196 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Wanted-an amanuensis, to assist a lady in her correspondence. Address Mrs. A. C. B., station D. nimervn irimpwiva DODWORTITS DANCING ACADEMIES, . No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth at, New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Fridays In Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Circular lor terms, Ac., may be bad at either academy. PHY GOODS. ' AT R. U. MACY'gL N08. 204 AND 206 SIXTH AVENUE two doors below Fourteenth street, you will always iind a full stuck of Ktbbons, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Embroideries, White Uoods, fine Flannels, Housekeeping Uuods, Curtain Laces and Muslin. Hosiery and Ihidrr-wear, ladles' made up Under Clothing, Ac. N. B.?The only house In New York that sells ladles' dollar Kid Gloves for sixty-three cents (by mall sixty-nine eents), and always a full assortment of sixes sad colors. AT MRS. OAYNOR'8, CORSETS AND SKIRTS ?SOME of the best shapes, slightly soiled, fl; Balmoral Sktna, four yards wide, $2; extra heavy, all wool, $3; M. Mcrrely'a Paris (intent woven Corsets; also, the Paris hand made Loutllle Corsets, from $3. N. B.?Best make in Titten, Crochet and French Ruffling, Ac. for under garments 843 Broadway, near Union suuare. JgARGAINSl BARGAINS) BARGAINS I FIRE I FIRE! FIRE I W. K. PEYTON. No. S74 BOWERY, near Houston street, is now ottering. AT GREAT P. ARC. A1NS, his splendid STOCK OF DRY GOODS. DAMAGED BY THE LATE FIRE. To housekeepers and others this offers s rare opportunity to purchase at a great sacritlce. Cloaks, Shawls, Mantillas, Dress Goods, Silks, Linens, Shirt,ng and Sheeting Muslins, Table Clotbs. Napkins, Tcweis, Hlankt-ia, Counterpanes, Curtains, Flannels, Tickings, Hosiery, Gloves, Embroideries. Ac , Ac. \Y. K. PEYTON. No. 274 BOWERY, near Houston street. CORSETS AND 8KIRTS.-NI0E FITTING CORSETS, from 78 cents; best steel Skirts from 60 oents; Werley's Paris made Corsets, very cheap. N. B.?New French Frilling*, RulHIngu Edgings and Laces for under garments. .Foilbin's Gloves at 6.Vents, at ELi?ER'S, 880 and 882 Broadway, near Nineteenth street, east side. onnn YARDS SUPERIOR QUALITY ARMY GOODS. OUUV/. Light ami dark blue Army Cloth for sale low, to eiose out a lot. Call un or address 8., 483 Broadway, room No. 3. CLOTHING. A DEMAND.?$12,(JU> WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTHlug, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which the moat value can be obtained, by calling on or addressing E. 11., 79 Sixth avenue, near Waverley place. Ladies attended by Mrs. E. 11. Please remember and try 79 Sixth avenue. AT THE CALIFORNIAN AND WESTERN AGENCY Store the highest price can be obtained for east off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. For Silk Dresses, I rom $8 to $36, lor Coats, from $2 to $18; for l'utita, from $1 SO to $ri. 'A note addressed II. Harris, 363 Bowery, opposite Great Join s street, will be punctually attended to. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris. AT THE OLD STAND, 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, K/-EK1BLS guarantees to pay the following prices lor cast oil Wearing Apparel. From $7 to $33 for Silk Dri<* i, from $8 io $26 for Coats, and from $4 to $7 for Punts. Also Carpets. Furniture, Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by KZKKIKLS, 134 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth end Twentieth streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs E. AT MAKltlM' rsiuiiB, mj. too hf.ti.niu La'IIcs and gentlemen csn receive the following nriee* for their cast off Clothing,Csmts, Furniture And Jewclrv: ? Fur Silk Drrsscs, from %S to $.?), for Coats, from $1 to $20; Pants, from $1 to $0. F. HARRIS, 186 Seventh avenue. Ladles attended to by Mr*. Herri*. A POSITIVE FACT.-LADIES AND OBNTLEMEN, IF you went to get the full valoe for tour caalotf Clothing, Furniture, Carpel* anil Jew dry, ' ho beet you sen do la to call or send a note to A. HARRIS. 581 Third avenue, b?. twocn Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, east aide. Ladie.a attendod to by Mre. Ilarrie. AOREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted, Furniture, Calorie, Jewelry, Ac , to supply the Western market. I pay ee follows:?For Silk Drosses, from $12 to $10. Coats, from $10 to $20; Pants, from $5 to $A Call on or address A. Doras, 21H Sevruth avrnue, between Twenty-fourth and Twcniy-Qnh atreet. Ladles attended to by Mrs D. ATTENTION, LADIES AND OKNTLEMEN.?I HAVE just received $i,UA> to purchase oust o(T Clothing, Furniture and Carpets for the California market. I do uromlee to pay the highest price In the city by cal.iug on or ndiiressing a uote to E MINTi. 1ST Hlslh avenue, two doors above street. Ladlea attended to by Mre. Mints. Remember, No. 137 Sixth avenue, AT THE NEW STAND, 893 THIRD AVENCE -LADIES and genta can secure the full value fur their rnst off Clothing, by calling on or addressing O.Jacobs 823Third avenue, between Twenty_thtrd and Twi nty-lourth rtrecta. Ladles attended by Miss F. Jacobs. AOREAT UNION VICTORY 18 GAINED?LADIES and gentlemen, It hae been victorious in being pronounced by a great many that B. MINTB. 179 Third avenue, hss been paying the highest price for Cast off Clothing, Oarpets, Furniture aud Jewelry, and situ means to continue to do so If you will favor him wllh a note or call. We promise to pay 80 per cent more than any dealer in the city Pieaae remember the well known dealer, B. Mints, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth street. Ladiee attended to by Mrs. Mints. RESTAURANTS. ft r IVES THERE A MAN WITH SOUL HO DEAD, WHO \ J n*r"r to hlm.clf hath said," Uave I novrr been to flt'ENCKR S, No. I Barclay street, one door rrom Broadway, opposite the Astor Housef MVTOW, BY ST. PAUL, THE WORK GOES BRAVELY i.1 oiil" Whet work f Why the work of quelling the Gist rebellion?end the business at the model conducted stnnraiit. 139 Fulton street. Taylor's Albany Cream Ale and Msssey, Collins A Oo.'s PMllanelpbia Ale iour cent, per glass. Billiards 15 rents per same. MERRY JOHNNY CHRISTMAS, 139 Fulton street. OYSTERS COOKED BY STEAM AT THE "FULTON Coffee House,'' U# Fulton street, nan- Broadway. O, ntli! men's luueh counter Mid ladles' dining room always sop. plb-d with the best the market affords. "Steams" stived st all hour*. Call and try our "steam." DAY, FEBRUARY 28, 186 "" wrp: ' ' 1 a mT*l?Mw\i:s. r*r NIBLOS GARDEN. Loaare and kldiiM -r Henry 0. Jarre It . , BRILUANT JUOCKbR. Bccoud week of Ike en ment of MK8. JOHN WOOD, The Queen of Ooinedy no J Bong, tad MK. J. COLLINS. The great Ir.ah Comedian and Vnoaliaf. Seeond week at Out emablUb meat. Wit a alt tu

tt 1'LIN(J EFFECTS and SUPERB TABLEAUX, Of the great rfnfiCUntiiar PlaT of TOE OOLLKKN BAWM SPLENDID 8CENZ?*, BEAUTJKUL APPOINTMENTS, ELEGANT FUKNITlfP.B, ANI? THE ORIGINAL MUSIC MT THOMAS BAKER CORRECT COSTUMES, ALL BNTIUELY NEW Till M-DAY EVBNINO, Peb. 17, 1302. and every iildlit until iurlher notice, TilE OOLLEKN BAWN; on. thk tiHiDU or cauuroir**. MYLBS NA COPPALEEN Mr. J. COLLINS (with the enuga "I'd Mourn tlio Honee tiial Leave Mo, "Crtoelteen Iaiwn" and the "Boyaof KiUenny.) Dartres., Cregan Mr. L. B. Shewell Dsnt>y Mann Mr. W. A altan lalhi'WtTora Mr. Goo Bfrr Cordgan Mr. Martin EILY O'CONNOR, the Colleen Bawn Mrs. J. WOOD, (with the songs or the "Crulskeen Uwa," "The Pretty Olrl M dking her l ow," anil, with Mr. Collins, the duett, "Kylea' Farewell to Elly." Anne Chute, Colleen Khuad. 111m Emma Taylor MrsCrcgan Mra. Vining SheInh Miss Mary Wells Admission (to all parte of tue house) 60 cent* Secured Parquette Stalls 76 cent* Seats can he secured three day* in advance. YXTINTEB GARDEN. >T WINTER GARDEN. WINTER GARDEN. This evening wiU be presented the world renowned Dram* UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR, LIKE AMONG TIIE LOWLY". UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, adaptod from the novel of Mra. Harriet Beechcr Stowe. At the prevent moment a drama like Uncle Tom's Cabin cannot fall to possess a deep interest for the New York public, offering, as it does, a vivid picture of life In that portion of the Union now arrayed tn arms against the government of the Union and all the nohleat interests of tnaukind. It Is a thoroughly American play, and must dad lis truest interpretation In an American theatre. This beautiful story, which appeals to the highest and purest feelings of the human heart, lslprosented in the most perfect form possible, the scenery being new, the appointments correct, and the cast selected with every care to render it the best possible the talent of the country can afford. Uncle Tom, the faithful slave Mr. C. Walcot, Jr Simon Legre, a slave trader Mr. BsrUin 11 ill Pblneas h Pitcher, a ICentuukiau Mr. A Davtdgc Uumption Cult, a Yankee Mr. H. H tlo George Harris, the fugitive slave Mr. A. H. Davenport St. Ctalr, a Southern gentleman Mr. Korreater Era, the llower of the' South Josephine Myers (hr-r tirst appearance) Ellta Harris, the. fugitive wife Miss Annie Wltks Topsy, the girl that never was born Miss Funny Browue Cassy, the distracted one Mrs. II. P. Orattan Annt Ophi-'ia Mr* Walcot Incidental to the Drama, the following music:? Eva's song, "I'm Weary Kather, very." Topsy'a original song, "I'se so W.cked." "Whack, Row do Dow"?Topscy. "Old Polks at Home"?Uncle Torn. TABLEAUX. 1st. Tlio Escape of Eliza. Yd. The Trappers Entrapped. 3d. The Freeman's Dutenep 4th. Death or Little Eva. 6th. Death of St. Clair. Apotheosis of St. Ulair'a Mother and ' Eva 6th. Topsy Hutting the Yankee. 7tb. Cassy helping Uncle Tom. 8th. Death of Unclo Tom. 9th. Tableau of Peace and Freedom?Eva In the Realms of Bliss. After which the SPANISH COMIC CARNIVAL, produced for the lirst time In this country, full of gayety and mil lit. Opeus with a Spanish ballet, ARUAUONESER Y OALLEGOS, by the BEAUTIFUL CUBA* und DON JUAN XIMENES. And the full Cores de Ballet. 2. The Comic Dance by four?Les Oros Teles. 3. A Comio Pantomimic Scsne?The Giant and Giantes* A The Demon of Distortion, Monsieur DUVERNAY. 5. La Gltnnellay El Curo?a Dance of the Masqne by the beautiful Cubes Don Juan Ximenea and the Corps de Ballet MELODEON, 639 BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING and Prince streets. TUB GREAT MELODEON, 639 BROADWAY, is the nightly resort of th inlands of OUR BEST CITIZENS. Whyt Because everybody knows that he can always see a first class entertainment. Because all our patrons can fully satisfy their taste for enjoyment. Because all the performers are talented. Because everything Is new. fresh and original. Because mirth, mttaic and beauty reign supreme. Because it has the Mr,-est company in the world. Because it bat the best company in the city. Because it is the favorite or metropolitans as well M strangers. I Because Stephen H. Branch holds forth nightly. Because nowhere elan can you hear singing like HISS EVA BRENT'S. Because Sam. Sharply nlgutly convulse* the audience With laughter. Because Adele Calls and Rosa Seigrlst (lance here. Because the best Gymnasts living perform here. Because hem is tho home of the great Ballet Troupe. Because the Female Minstrels nightly hold their revels. Because all the Company appear in FRIENDLY STRIFE FOB THE 8UPREMACT. Because the atuge is the great magnet of attraction. Because they always find a full house. Because all the attaches aro polite and courteous. Because It is the BEST ADVERTISED, BEST MANAOED, BEST ADAPTED, And most popular temple of amusement In the world. THE VOX FOPULI Have emphatically declared the performancei THE NK PLUS ULTP.A OF ELEGANCE AND EXCELLENCE. The whole Company, numbering 100 PERFORMERS, Will eclipse alt previous efforts. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIQHT. TO-NIOHT. TO-NIGHT. LAST NIGHT BUT ONE. LAST NIGHT HUT ONE, LAST NIGHT BUT ONE, Of STEPHEN H. BRANCH'S effort, entitled LIFE ON BLACKWELL'S ISLAND. LIFE ON BLACKWELL'S ISLAND. Admission IS cents; orchestra seat* 23 cents. Notice ?Miss LOUISE, the celebrated drummer, will make her first spur.>ru"? (,n SATURDAY, MATtOU t. Miss FANNY FORREST, the Melodcon favorite, la reengaged, and will shortly anpear. MISS KATE PBNNOYER and MONS. VELARDE, the celebrated dancers, will shortly appear. MISS AGUSTA CONKLING will shortly appear. ~ HOUSES, ROOMS, &C? WANTED, A SMALL FAMILY OF GROWN PERSONS ABE DEslrout of obtaluiug, from the 1st of May. In Brooklyn, a small two story Brick or Collage House, within walking distance of the lerry. Rent must not exceed ft 101 a year. Address, giving all particulars, where house is situated, Ac., N. C.. box 153 Herald oflice. A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, WOULD like Apartments suitable lor housekeeping, in a quiet house, consisting of throe or four rooms; west side of the city preferred; rent must be low. Address, stating Purlieu ln.rn, A. K. K., box 22y Herald olTlce. House wanted?one that contains 12 or u rooms, between Franklin and Bleecker streets, west Hide 01 the Bowery. Ono where the parties would b >srd In full or part, payment of n ut. Beat of reference glvcu. AdtlM A. B., stntlo n A, Spring Itml HOUSE WANTED?AT A REASONABLE KENT, I1Y A Rood tenant; a four atory and high atoop House, with all the modern Improvement*; location between Fourteenth nd Twenty-hull street* and Fourth and Sixth avenue*. Addresa box 3.962 l'ost ofll e, stating loweat rent an 1 full parUMUH House, with stable and coAcn house wanted?In the vletiitty of Filth or Madison uv nuea, la tween Twentieth and Thli tv-llflh atreet*. tor a family or four, without children. Address, stating loweat rent, nrrrlie location and at what hour the house may he neon, H., box 3,ti74 Boat ollicc. SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?BY A KAMI' ly of fire adult*: muat have modern luiprorcmcnta, and rent reasonable; beat of relerence I uruishei. A'ldrcaa, (dating all particulars, II. R. K., Herahl ollice, WANTED?FROM THE FIRST OF MAT. A COM TV forlntdo ainall House; rent not to exceed $30d, furnished with pa* and water. In WlllUbiauurc preferred. Address i'etlt (atollOf all particulars), Hi raid office. WANTED-A SMALL, CONVENIENT HOUSE, FOR A TV private family, between Fourteenth and Fortieth Streets, u ar Fourth avenue cara or Broadway stage*. Address J. K C. B., He: aid office. 11/"ANTED?A COTTAGE HOlJsE, MODERATE RENT II In the upfier part of the city, or near Bro It lyu Heights or Wall atr-et terry; xas on.l water Indispensable. Address Raymond, llerald office, stating particular*. "IITANTED?A SMALL HOUSE FOR A~"FAMILY OF IT fouradult*. In New York, convenient to a line of c?r*. or In Brooklyn. elo?e by a ferry; gas and water Indlspenai ' Addres* K. A R , Herald office, autlng rent, whlc' . not e xceed B'Ifid or WANTED?A STORE W ITII ONE WINDOW, AND Apartments for living, In Eighth, Sixth or Third avenne. or Bowery. Kent must he moderate, and loe.illty good for business. Apply Immediately at SIR Fourth avsuue. WANTED -A SMALL COTTAGE HOUSE, IN THE upper part of the city east side, above Fortieth street. Kent about g'-'oo, Uas ainl water lndtS|?naaMe. Address John, llerald office, stating particulars. ANTED?FROM MAY 1, A SMALL HOUSE, WITH ga*. bath, An., between Second and Sixth avenues and above Fourteenth street. Address (staling location, terms, Ac ) M. 0., box 437 Post office. WANTED-BY A NAVAL OFFICER, A 8UIT OF Rooms, not less than live, with bathroom, rmnpletely furnlshad for housekeeping. Family rmuisU of three adutle and one child. Tenement housekeepers nerd out answer. Ad trees Howard, box 1M Ilvrni.l ofllce, etnilng i rmt, Ar. Wftnir.u-iu nine, iahi ur A iujumb. kamt Or Broadway, not above Twentieth struct, with all modern Improvement*, room! consisting of front b.wim< nt, front parlor, and three other rooms In any part of the house dealnble. llcs|>ectahl? nelxhborhood. References exchanged. Address J. 8. 8., Ifersld ofllee. WANTBD-FOUR OR riTK INrilBNISHKlTROOMS f T on second lloor, consisting of psrlor and bedrooms. for one year from 1st of May, by an American family of four persona (all grown), with pattlal Board during the summer and full Bnnrd through the winter months; location between Canal and Fourteenth streets, and Fourth and Sixth arehues. A private family who will give good board and rooms for prompt and rraxouablc pay, will please address 8. B. 0., box 4,147 Fust nlUce. W~~ "anted to hire-a aoop house, or braZL site, between Lexington ami Sixth avenues, for $AIJU or $0110, by a reapunstbh' party. Address A. II., Herald oiler. WANTKD TO RENT?A HMALL HOUSE, WITH MTAblc and garden, 40 or SO miles frum theulty. Near or on the water proicrred. Address 0. 8., Jr., No. HI)* Chambers street, New York. WANTED TORKNT?BY 1ST OK Al-Rlls, FART OT A House In Brooklyn, near the ferrlrs; must <-onialn baacmcat, kitchen, parlors and three bedrooms; rent not to exoaetl film): b st of references given. Address Immediately M. K. <i , Herald ofltoa. TlfANTKI) T() RF.NT OIt LEASE?TWO HOl'KKS, Al) VI ,|ulnirig. four atorles, hlgu atoop, in the vicinity of Eighth and rtlxto. ulh streets euii Second and Filth atomics, at? re.tmmithlo r lit Address 0. 8., Herald oilier. YUAN IKf) TO RfitCIIA8B~"rOB (TasTT-A SECOND YT nan i Sewing M chine, nt Wtlcux AOibhs make; must In In gta-tl oitler. Address L.N, Jr., box 2,470 l'oal oliice, taling iowrat price and where to be fouud. 2. ~ AMOSHJfBSlK/ 'VMjLAiia. " r^M^iNispEn succawr s leorTxmate standard comedie^ ? KUIDAY \ WiU be aelttd (aecond Use) the very popular and aUraetina Comedy, by U Keale, author of the ''Young (junker," and the "i'oor Hold-vr," cAlled WILD OATS, received at 1U flrrt representation wKb coutinuoui laughter nil app.auae by a very crowded uud laah.ouatile audience. ......Mr. Dealer Wallaok Sir Geo.Thunder Mr. Blake Harry Thunder Mr. Floyd John Dory Mr. Chtrlea Kieher Hon Mr. John Heflon Kphrairo Smooth Mr. Young Farmer Gammon Mr. Geo. Holland Bankb ....Mr. Noruui Landlord Mr. Turner Twitch Mr. Browue Lump, Mr. l'arsloe Trail lMr. Parka Lady Amaranth Mm. Iloey Amelia Mrs. John Seltou June Gammon Mlaa Mary Gaunoa Saturday, Mareh 1, ? TUB BELLE'S STRATAGEM. Monday, _ _ THE WONDER. Tueaday, _ J LOVE FOB LOVE. Wednesday, . WILD OATS. Thuraday, sna STOOPS TO OONQUBB. Friday, LONDON ASSURANCE. Saturday, March 8. THE ROAD TO RUIN. THE BOX BOOK MOW OPGN for any of the above named nights. Laura kbene'8 theatre. laura KERNE'S THEATRE. LAURA KEENB'S THEATRE. LAURA KERNE'S THEATRE. LAURA KERNE'S THEATRE. VI open at : performance to commence at 7W. TO-N1C.HTAND EVERY NIGHT, TUB NEW AND ORIQ1NAL THE NEW AND ORIGINAL TUB NEW AND ORIGINAL IRISH DRAMA. NEVER BEFORE ACTED, NEVER BEFORE ACTED, NEVER BEFORE ACTED, kntit.ko THE MAC ARTIIY ; i ok, ( PEKP O' DAY. PEEP O1 DAY. PEEP O' DAK, PEEP O' DAY. rEEP O' DAY. PEEP O' DAY. PEKP O' DAY. PEEP O' DAY. PEEP O' DAY. l'ELP O' DAY. NIOIITLY RECEIVED WITH RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE BY CROWDED AND BRILLIANT AUDIENCES. The scenic and mechanical effects, of novel, peculiar, and Eowerful construction. end the new scenery, of vivid and eautiful cha' acter, invented, painted and patcuted, "By MINARD LEWIS. The Orchestra, under the direction of THOMAS BAKER, will perform OVERTURE?On favorite Irish airs Baker. NEW l'OLKA?"The Commodore Nutt" Raker. GRAND OPERA SELECTION?Martha Flotcw. Introducing the "Last Rose of Bummer." The new drama will bo presented with a Distribution of'characters of extraordinary strength. TIIK MACARTIIY Mr. WALLER NELuY BRADY (lh<- Bau CaoL-ithe) EMMA WALLER These celebrated artists have been engaged expressly for this occasion. MARY KELLY LAURA KEENE Father Peter Mr. Burnett Dennis Mr. Rlchardsou I'eery Rtordan Mr. Dtlion Murphy Mr. Dc Little Darby Kelly....Mr. Stoddart Phadrlg Mr. Miles The Babby Mr. Raymond l'hady Mr. Bilby Capt. Maencary.Mr. Marlowe Ucleu Maoneary.... Terrcuce McQotvn.Mr. Peters Mrs. J. H. Allen Aleck 1'uroell Mr. Daly Patsey Moore.MIssIoueBurke Capt. Howard Mr. Mrs. Mulrooney.Mrs.Marluwe Larry Maudade. ..Miss Burke Molly Flaherty. .Miss Everett Johnny Gaul Miss Marks Widow Molloy....Mra. Dillon Soldiers, Peasants, Peep o' Dav Boys, by a hundred supernumeraries. 8YN0PSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. ACT FIRST Scene I. SIGNAL TORCH AND MEETING OF THE PEEP O'DAYS Clerical dignity Insulted; a mirth loving Irishman's Joke; CAPTAIN PEKP O'DAY; Justice for one of the Order; the Macarthy's wrongs. Scene II. The poor songstress; a pattern father and an affectionate brother. Scenic III. The Ban Caolnthe; Mary's home; the memories of the past; Nelly's warning. NATURE TRUE TO HER INSTINCTS; a mother's love: the old Song; MOTHER AND CHILD RBUNITED. Bcfnb IV. A specimen of Irish Courtship; love and whiskey; tho Macnrtny's message Scene V. Humors of an Irish Fair; fortune In a tea cup; THE SHAN VAN VOOIIT: the sack race; aft-r a greased pig; Captain Peep O'Day; the escape; a sudden change of character; ^ AN IRISH JIG: ORAND TABLEAU OP THE PACTION FIGHT. ACT SECOND. Scene I. Robbing one's own houae; an exhibition of moral ^ScwncII. Nelly's story; the tale of the Macarthy'a falsa BETRAYER AND BETRAYRD; THE OATH; DEATH OF THE TRAITOR: MARY'S DEATH DETERMINED ON; apredelictlon for twiu;hii.g necks; the uaaren witness. Scenb III. TUB HEDGE SCHOOL. The schoolmaster at home and abroad; a very b?<l spell; acquiring (be alphabet under difficulties. Hcknu IV. Helen, the Maearthy'e wife; a father's cruelty; a daughter driven out upon the world. SckhkV. A drunken postmen; eleventh sight extraordinary; the mall tobbery; the priest; the pardon safe; the abduction. Senate VI. THE BLACK VALLEY. A lough job; Babby preparing tar his fearful work; Mary in the trap; the concealment; no hope of escape: the Jtscovcry; the hopeless appeal; the last prayert the MURDER. Thrilling and Terrific Descent of the .Ban Caointbe into the Black Valley. ACT THIRD.?Scene I. Babby and the memory of the past; the Macarthy arrested; a court martial and a court partial; the trial; Babby's oath und Darby's caution; Betsey on the stand: how not to kins the book; something of the geography of an Irish oath; sn Irruption of the Irish Ianrunge; an Interpreter wanted; the acboolmnster'a testimony; THE DEATH SENTENCE; friends and foes; the redcoats eurro ended. PEEP O'DAY AND TTIE PEEP ODAY 'BOYS. An unlooked for interruption; THE PEEP O'DAY BOYR PARDONED, but the charge ol murder still susUined; the new witness; the box ana the ps]>ers; proof of PorceU's vuisiar, tk? release of the mortgage, and reversion of Tbo Macartby's estate: HrUj'. testimony rejected; villainy'a last throe; two witnesses whose teiimony cannot be rejected. DISCOVERY OF THE TWO COLLEENS, The force of hspptuess and joyful termination. Box Book now open. Bowery theatre. STICKNKY'M NATIONAL CIRCUS. IJN' LE TOM'S CABIN, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, UNCl-K TOMS CAMS. WITH TEN REAL HORSES. THIKTEFN TABLEAUX SIX ACTS AND THIRTY-ONE SCENES. THE BEST UNCLE TOM ON THE STACK. DON'T FAIL TO SEE IT. CURE AT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, T ;&'> Broadway. TRIUMPHANT STILL. ALL TIIE GREAT STARS OF THE PROFESSION BILLY BIRCH, HEN COTTON, BILLY BIRCH, BEN COTTON, BILLY BIRCH. BEN COTTON, BILLY BntClf, BEN COTTON, BILLY BIRCH, BEN COTTON, tea" Has gS rf* o ?3 BILLY? BIRCH, BKN COTTON, J A. HERMAN, 8. OKKMAINE, J. A. HERMAN, H. OERM AINE. J. A. HERMAN. K. OKKMAINE, J. A. MERMAN. H. OKItMAlNE, THE CLIF'FWrD SISTERS, THE Cf.lEKORD SISTERS, THE CLIFFORD HIHTEKS, FATTTE STEWART, W. b. HARRISON, KATTIK STEWART, W. B. HARRISON, KATTIK STEWART, W B. JJAKUJSON, FATTIE STEWART. W. B. HaRRIMIN, KATTIK STEWAUT. W. B. HARRISON, ^ W* MM E2 53 S3 v> J* 55 s| " "mlle Adelaide prior, MLI.E ADELAIDE PRIOR, MLLE. ADELAIDE PRIOR, MLLE. ADELAIDE PRICE. Oanterri'ry'minstrklr, CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, CANTERBURY MINaTRKLS, awn BROADWAY MINSTRELS, BROADWAY MINSTRI'.LS, BROADWAY MINSTRELS, coalman _ EVERY NIQIIT EVERY NIOHT IN NEW ACTS, SONGS, BURLESQUES, Ac, Ac. ORANI) MATINEE, OKAND MATINKK, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, ON SATURDAY AT 2 P. M _ ? on SATURDAY AT i p. * Tub pride and glory or Ttna Magnificent city I* the world famoui " PARISIAN CABINET OR WONDER AND ANATOMY," DCS BROADWAY Inert door to Ball, Black A Co.'a). All who ralur wladoni, amuactneut, knowledge And power Uould at once vlalt this 'g^IT1N0 most wonderful, extraordinary, marvellous, thriluno, UNSURPASSABLE, superb, invaluable. INSTKIM T1VK AN* SCTKNTI fid tSBTtTUTtOtt. Open Tor gentlemen only, from 10 nil 10. AdmlMlott Ucenti. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY Of NEW YORK (TWKNtletb season, 1801-'62).?The public rehearsal (No. 11) will take pleura'. Irving Hull, on Saturday, March 1 atSH o'clock P.M. E*tra tlckcti .W rents each. lly order. J. <?. HEIMHF.IM, Secretary. RAILRO&DI. Hudson river railroad.-trains for albany, Troy, the North and West, leave Chambers street at 7 aud 11 a. M., and 3:15, 6 and 10:13 P. M. ? N EW york, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. Fur Albanv. Tr?y, North and West. Winter arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov. 4, I sol. For Albany?Id Ml a. M., Eipivu Mull Train, lb oru T*ro?ly. tilth atrcet depot For all local trains see Time Table. .... JOHN UURCUILL, AMitualSuperintendtAl. f 7 ' i _ amusements. I A CADEMY OF MUSIC ?QOTTHrH ALE?OPERA [ A. Ticket oflire, 701 Broadwsy, tUUrU *. Well street, ui Academy of Music. Mr. UitAU has tlie pleasure to announce that he has arranged A QUA WD OOTTSCHALK OAIsA KIQHT, Jo take place at the Academy of Music oa > THIS iKRIDAT). February ?. The 'ograotini- will <on 1st of an OPE K AT IC PERFORMANCE of unusual law''?*!j heiuc Ooulsettl's tawou* work, LUc'A DI lammermoor. and In which the fa?oi??? American Prims Dob na, MISS CLARA OOP ISM KKLLOOO. hopes to add to the iriumpi'S she has already ashler So. Mi>a KELLOGG will appear for the flnrt time as Lucia, With rilgnora BKlGNOLI and MAWCUSl. r Mutlcal Director and Gondu tor ....Mr, I1AX MABhTZEa MK. uomciiAU *?, on tlilsooraaion, introduce SEVERAL MORHEAUX NEVER PLAYED HERB, and to reflect the musical brilliancy of the night, the Academy of Music, th- corridors, the fover, Ac., will 11E ILLUMINATED, Opera Books at Beer A bohtrmrr'a, 701 Broadway, ana Slbell's, Wall street. _ The Piano used by Mr. Oottaclialk la furnished by the celebrated factory of Cnickerlng A Sons, Boston. Doors open at 7l Opera commences at 8. New bowery theatre. _ _ _ Bole Proonetors Messrs fl f. A 1 W TJnsasA KB 1D A Y, 1KB. W, BENEFIT OF . . . , MRH. w o. JONES. On which occasion will L>? presented the beautiful dram* Of PAULINE. Pauline. " . Mre. w. O. Joum Count Horace Mr. O. C. Bonifoan Favorite Dance Mist Louisa Browne The roaring oumlc farce of sketches IM INDIA. Tommy Tape Mr. O. L. Fen Ball) Borage Mies Fanny IIerring Also the romantic drama of THE MAID AND MAGPIE. JJABNUM8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18. IMS. LAST DAY BUT ONP LAST DAY BUT ONE of that magnificent FAIRY PLAY, ONDINA; on thk .. .. . NAIAD QUEEN, which has been witnessed by more delighted people than snr Other play ever preaeuted to an American audleaon. It is universally pronounced ilia FINE8T FAIRY PIECE IN THE WORLD I It will be produced THIS AND TOMORROW AFTERNOON AND EVENING. At Send 7>< o'clock, after which it mnst be withdrawn, In give place to the new apectaculiir drama, SADAK AND KALAgRADS; OX, TUX WATERS OF OBLIVION, which will positively bo produced uezl MONDAY, March S. COMMODORE NUTT, the wonderful and famous $30,000 nutt, THE SMALLEST MAN OF HIS AGE IN THE WORLD, and the most Interesting aud captivating, will be on exhibition AT ALL HOUR8, DAY AND EVENING. And In addition to his fiONOS. DANCES AND MILITARY DRILL, which have so enchanted his visiters, he wlU give the CELEBRATED GRECIAN STATUES, THE GREAT LIVING WHALE From the coast ot Luhrador. THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, From the River Nile in Egypt. THE GREAT KOARIlfa. BARKING SEA WON, The only animal of tho kind ever exhibited alive east or the Rocky Mountain*. The GRAND AQUARIA, with it* multitude of livingfiah, MAMMOTH BEAR SAMSON. MONSTER SNAKES, HAPPY FAMILY, and a million other curloeitles I rooi every quarter of tho globe. Admission to all only 23 cents. Children under ten, 13 cents. Bryants* minstrels. Mechanics' Hall, 47s Broadway, above Grand street Monday, February 24. and every night during the week, TUB OLD FOLKS CONCERT. Blacksmiths'Jubilee, Mlm-Isaimjl Fling, Lord LoveL 4, 11, 44; OR. A HIT IN THE POLICY. ^Campben, Gould, Hilton, Lcalle and Fowler In new songs, Horn, Florence, Peel, Settings, Nell and Dan Bryant, tho popular cominedlans, in their plantation comicalities. Doors open at 6)f; curtain rises st 7J?. Tickets 23 cents. Academy of music?gottschalk' matinee. To-morrow, Ssturdsy, March 1, at I o'clock. Doom open st 13. A GRAND GOTTSCHALK GALA MATINEE. Mr. Gottschalk will play gems of his repertoire and Donlgett's delightful opera of betlby. which was eminently successful last season, will be performed. MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY, whoso plquantlc style is adapted to the peculiarities of the charming music, will su?Uln the role of the heroine, in whl> h she has been received with unbounded applause, both here and in Europe, with SIGNORS BRIGNOLI AND SUSINL The Academy, on the UotlschHlk Gala Matinee, will be Illuminated aa on the previous evening. In order to faeiliiate the public THE TICKET OFFICES WILL OPEN TO-DAY, (or the gala niuht and gala tnatinee at the Academy of Music, at Beer A Schlrmer's, 701 Broadway, and Slbell'a, Wall atrcct; and, notwithstanding the additional attraction, the usual opera pricet will remain unchanged, and for (he Gala Matluee the priee of tickets will be $1 TO ALL PARTS OF THE HOUSE, the satisfaction expressed st this plan of giving tlt.ttKtKU BU1N W1IHUU1 BAT1M UUAtlUC was universal, this privilege will be conceded to alt purchaser* of tickets. PWvst? boxes from $3 to 99. Mr. Qottachalk'a grand Concert la Hertford to-night BROOKLYN ACADEMY OP MUSIC. UK AND UOTTSOHALK OALA NIGHT MONDAY. MARCH 3. The ticket office for the itar's sale will open on Thursday, at Win. Cnlburn'a office, I6S Montague street, two doors from the Academy. VTRS. MAGGIE HAIGHTS ANNUAL CONCERT WILD lYI be gtveu at Nlblo's Saloon, March 0. She will be assisted by several cmlwnt artists. Ka served seats $1. Tick eta 80 cents, to be bad at the door and music stores. Tub oaieties, Tns GAIETIES, 618 BROADWAY, SIS 616 BROADWAY, 616 Two doors below Laura Krone's. UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS. UP STAIRS, UP BTAlKS, UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS. UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS TltE ONLY ORIGINAL FEMALE MINSTREL TROUPE, THE ONLY ORIGINAL FEMALE MINSTREL TROUPE, THE ONLY ORIGINAL FEMALE MINSTREL TROUPE, In new and original Joks*. Pons, Witticism* and Hits at tha Times. Other establishments may advertise '.'Female Miaatrcla," but our* L the "only original;" the othara are poor copies and mere plagiarisms. We flr-t started the Idea, and mow we hare everything arranged to perfection. 80 LOVELY YOUNG LADIES 20 LOVELY YOUNG LADIES 20 LOVELY YOUNG LADIES Upon the stage at once, whose conversational talent and greet power of repartee render them unapproachable. THE AUDIENCE IS CHARMED THE AUDIENCE IS CHARMED THE AUDIENCE IS CHARMED At these laughter provoking fairies, and nightly attest their appreciation by unanimous shouts of applause. Our ilvals are below par in catering for THE PUBLIC. It I* acknowledged by everybody we excel ih PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, TALENTED LADY SINGERS, TALENTED LADY SINGERS. BEAUTIFUL CORPS DB BALLET, BE tl'TIFUL CORPS DK BALLET, In fact In everything, except that one establishment haa a more noted clown and another a fatter comto ainger; but something In the wimc style, only a little better, we Intend Id get as soon as possible. THE GAIETIES, The Model Concert Hall on Broadway, REMEMBER, IS UP STAIRS?UP STAIRS. NEW YORK ATIIENBUM (Late Wallack's Theatre, Broadway, scar Broom* street), BAKER A RYER, LESSEES AND MANAGBBS, will be oi>ena.l on _ SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH I, 1862. ..III. .. ...Ileal, nam sdanlalion nf Harriett Usenlier RIAVA'R Sreat work, by an eminent in mtier of (be Pennsylvania/aicltrjr, in the form of a grand MORAL AND MUSICAL DRAMA, entitled UNCLE TOM S CABIN; THE LIOHXS AND SHADOWS OF SOUTHERN LIFR. which will !> presented with the following ORE AT DISTRIBUTION OF CHARACTERS. Mr*. O. C. Howard, the great original, unapproachable Topay. Mra Lolly Hough, the inimitable pereoaetor of Yankee gabs a* Aunt Ophelia. Mr*. Ohanfrau. the beautiful and accomplished farorlte, aa Bill*. Lilllc Mary Bollock, the Infant prodigy, only aeren year* of age, whole precocious talent I* the wonder and admiration of all who bare witnessed ber extraordinary performances, will appears* Eva. Oeo Byer iperfoimcd by him over thru hundred ttmea) AS Uncle Tom. Mr. 8 . 0. Campbell, the wry pojnilxr rooallM, will (byth? kind iiertniaaion of the Menra. Bryant), appear. In thellftb act ouly, in the rbaractrr of Adolphua, and aing st clair's requiem. Mr. O, C. How trd lu hia original eh iractrr of St. Clair. A full company and a I.ARllK VOCAL FORCE, new Sm> nery, Proiwrtlr*. Ar., w:!l give effect to the entertainment. FULL PARTICULARS IN S ?TI RI'AY'S BILLS AND ADYBRt iSr.MBNTS. Nonet.?The ladle* and gentlemen engaged are called for rehearsal thla morning, at 12 o'clock. rates* or admission. Drew Circle and Farquette, bo cuuta. Family Clrole, IS renta. Orchestra Chairs, 78 cent* AAA -TOR ORRAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL, 444 BROADWAY. 444 World wide ie the fame of thta moat popular place of Amusement. People talk of It; newspaper critic* wrtui of it; every groat performer aeaaa an opening at It. Its brilliant constellation of dazillng stars astonishes and delights the thousand* of amusement, mirth and enjoyment seekers who | nightly All It to overflowing. It presents A NEW BRA IN THE ANNALS OF AMUSEMENT. h ki iu i. TI1JS UMUiIAU AKt; A > "f I ??? ?. TONY TASTOB, TONY PA8TOK. Ihf grent model clown, J enter, ntuuip orator ud comic ?Infer of the age. CHARLEY WHITR, CHARLEY WHITK, ? t _ the famoua Ethiopian comedian, author of all the moat point, lar negro fareea anil burleapiei of tbo day-* boot In hut* CHARLEY GARDNER, (II All I. BY GARDNER, the renowned repieacntatlve of tha omtraband race ? A i lkavitt: i: &si& in their giorloue negro e-rentOclUea, that delight all ImHl? ERNESTINE DE FAI BERTHI* LIZZIE RGHULTSB, AND THE BRILLIANT GOBI'S DB BALLET, under the dtrwcO J.thereat FRESH NOVELTIES EVEBT NIOIIT. ROBERT W. BUTLER, nolo Proprietor and Manager. MISS MARIA BHAINARD'S ' URAND CONCERT, on tuesday evening. march ?, at irvoto 11all. I Tirketa $1, at the principal innate atorea. XTBlYAlUC THEATRE JN GALL fob REHEARSAL. The ladies and goiiilonten rniin^d for IhfR e?(ab|lthroenf% will meet on the atage or the theatre, on Friday morning. Feb. HA, at 11 O'clock, for rcheai *al of ^ uncle toms cabin. The theatre will ops* Mud?j 'jwlvuCT* Manaof

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