Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1862 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fripat, Feb. 28?6 P. M. The money market continues uncomfortably tight, without apparent cause. The recent fluctuations in the currency are inducing many capitalists to withdraw their funds from the market until the effect of the Treasury Note act is more clearly discerned. A few days ago money could be borrowed at 5 per cent on call, provided the borrower would take United States Treasury notes. To-day these notes are in demand at a premium of a ) + per cent. The banks are greatly embarrassed by the want of a circulating medium; a great relief will be felt when the government begins to pay out the new notes freely It is not supposed that money can remain tight for any length of time; meanwhile the [brokers are paying seven per ceut on call, and first class paper is selling at 6 a 7 per cent. A heavy failure in the breadstuflb trade ia announced. As a general rule, trade is very sound, and there are fewer failures than usual at this season. The ninch in the monev market has had the ef feet of compelling some of the speculators in foreign exchange to sell, and bills are lower today. At the close first class bankers' bills wore bought at 113, and 113% a % would have probably induced the leading honses to draw. At second hand we hear of sales of bankers' bills below 113. Francs are quoted from 5.00 to 5.05. The decline in gold and the increased activity ' in money are fatal to exchange, while the improved prospects of the national cause indispose the leading baukers to draw mure than they can cover at once. The imports of dry goods for the week ending to-day amount to $1,097,531, against $1,337,202 same week last year, and $3,778,031 same week of 1860. If the imports continue on this scale exchange will not advance; but if Congress docs not levy additional duties on British silks, linens, woollens, worsteds and cottons the first indications of peace will lead to a large increase in our imports of these and other foreign goods, and exchange will rise to a point which will insure heavy shipmeuts of coin. The stock market to-day presented a healthy aspect, with a fair amount of outside business. The operations of speculators seem to huvc been checked by the increased inquiry for money and the uneasiness created by the absence of news from the seat of war. In the meantime the public are tempted by the large increase in the earnings of the leading roads, and also by the general impression that the forthcoming issues of paper money will augment the traffic on the Stock Exchange, to invest in some of the railway shares. New York Central and the various classes of Erie securities are naturally the favorites among a large class. It is believed that the former has paid its last 3 per cent dividend, and that in August it will resume its old figure?4 per cent semi-aunually. Erie la popular with many, who argue that the news of our successes will lead foreign holders, who have sold out their stock within the past year, to replace it as soon as possible. The condition of the company is better than it has been for many years. Other persons prefer the Western shares, and are tempted by the unprecedented increase in the traffic on the Michigan and Illinois lines. The Michigan Southern will show for its last fiscal year net earnings over and above interest and expenses equal to about $400,000: the second mortgage bonds rose 1 per cent to-day; the sinking funds were sctive at 00% a \'t, and the two classes of stock were both in demand at last quotations. Michigan Ceutral fell off a fraction this afternoon. It is not knowu whether the couspauy will pay a midsummer dividend: but the increase in the earnings holders to hope for one. Rock Island closed * lower ttiao yesterday; Toledo was steady, tialena'% lower. Illinois Central % lower. All these roads, except the last meutioned. have fully us much to do as they can manage. The business in Southern State stocks has fallen of!", ag might have been expected, and prices are rather lower. Tennessee declined aod Mistouris Virginias were steady. The advance in these stocks was too rapid to last. Both the coupon and registered stock of the United States declined % per cent to-day. The absence of news operates unfavorably upon speculation in these securities. Tbe market closed tcany, in<- louowmg oemg me I quotations: ? United States 6"s, registered, 1881, 92% a 92%; do* tt's, coupon, 1881, 92% a 92%; do. 5's, coupon. 1874, 86 a 85; Indiana 5's, 77 a 80;Virginia 6's, 59 a ?; Tenuessoe G'h, 59% a 59%: North Carolina 6'a. 68 a 70; Missouri 6'a, 52 a 523,; Pacific Mail, 93% a 93%; New York Central, 83% a ?3%- Erie. 34% a 34%; do. preferred, 58% a 58%: Hudson River, 37% a 37%; Harlem, 12 a 12%: ; do. preferred. 29% a 29.%; Reading, 43% a 44; Michigan Central, 53% a 54: Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 28% a 24; do. guaranteed, 47 a 48; Panama. 119 a 120%; Illinois Central, 63 a 63%: Galena and Chicago. ??% a 68%; Cleveland and Toledo, 4'.% a 45%; Chicago and Rock Island, 56% a 66%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 63 a 64; Milwaukee and Prairie da Chien, 20% a 21; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 109 a 109%; New York Central 7's of 1576, 103 a 105; Erie third mortgage bonds, 96% a 96%: Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 102% a 102%: Illinoia Central bonds, 7's. 91 a 94%; gold, 102% a 102%. After the second board the market was rather better; Illinois Central sold at 64. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $16,478,727 83, and the balances $1,198,817 44. The Secretary of the Treasury invites proposals until March 5 for furnishing $90,000,000 of Treasury notes and $200,000,000 of bonds, as follows: Thirteen millions each of Ui.ited Stalas notes or the denominations of v*. id's, 20 * 50'*, 100 s and 500 s, and twelve miilione of the denomination of 1,000. Or RK.ISTT.RItn Bo.lDB. Fivs millions of tVe denomination of _ Fifteen million* of the denomination of ice Fifteen milieu* of the denomination of too Fort j millions of the 4' nummtiKn of 1,000 f ifteen million" of tba denomination of 5 000 Ten tnilitou* of lbs deBomjnaiion of 10,000 or >oir?nx BojfDf. K.ghijr millions of ibo denomination of 1,000 T#<*nty uiiUiona of tba denomination of 600 The following are the returna of the Providence 1 tanks tor the week ending Saturday, February 21, IHfl? Capital $16,464,500 Circulation 1,870,100 Deposit* 2,702,700 Dua other Itanki 803,900 Loans.. 11,800,800 Spar la 306 800 bills of other bank* 800.800 DapuetU in otbar banks 1,180,000 The laat monthly return of the Bank of France shows an increase In cash of 47,600,000 francs, in bank notes of 34,000,000, in treasury notes of 10, 666,000, in current accounta of 40,600,000, in advances of 32,250,000, and a decrease in bills diecounted and not due of 13,000,000. Stock Exchange. Famav, Fab 28 .1862. ?soo# it*ex.-aa, re* ea to aba pacM&sce *6 93 10000 ITM6 B.'Sl.n* 92* 160 do 03 36000 USO's,'81,cou 02* 200 N Y Cent RR.bOO 83* 1060? 00',' 638 do..? *?* dUOO do larga 00* 30 do 83', 3<iOOOhio 6's, '70... 08 60 do..,. bOO 83V 1000 Iflrb 8'S, '78. .. 88 IW Erie RR 34* llOOOTstttid'f, '00... 60 * 650 do 88 3000 Virginia 6'*,... 60* 100 do b30 85* eiuoo Missouri 6't... 62* 100 trie RR prafar'd. 88* 3*100 do 62* 60 do 68* 4***10 do 1.30 63 60 III Cant RR scrip 68* loono do .. KJO 52* 100 HudRlf KR..h30 36 20000 do b30 62* 100 do b!6 36 Ltfmnrt dr. i-'. ? - - T"' *v/ wv. w<; ??? ? IfiKichOntnilKR. 64 Sim^MJSS ?' ,5 i; " < MM>ni? g '8 &::::? J}j< MMBrteKMil'mVin WMi .i? *?? >aR ?'.* '.IS1- ?* 1- ;!:::::: 1OO0 r,HJr<}KU 8 |>ch loo JJJ M ? fc^} , ??|*2S 'i*') W no Rtt 3 -I in h 72 i. n , 1 ' * !'2 4i * 3U0D IlanAHt .1RR ba * , vt t 30 4V? ** * ? * t;:::::* g,< 10000 Toi&Wtb Ulm Tt SO do 47* 24000 Mich So ( fJbil* 90 300 CtovO 4 Pitta KH. l*H 6000 do 90^ WO do blO 18* 7000 do 90S 200 do MO US 2000 Tbrra HA Altl in 93 200 do 18S 9O00 TerrellAAIt 2m 60S 10 Clara,ColSCin RR 100)? 130000 Amer gcW... 102.S 100 Oal 4 Chi RR b30 69 6000 do 102 S 50 do 6*V 50000 do ??0 102S 400 Clave 4 ToledoRH 45S i 37000 do b30 102S 200 do blO 46S 1 28000 do b30 102S 100 do blO 45S 5000 do blS 102 S 100 do 45S 10 shJ Oceuu Ilk.... 70 100 do ?10 45 S , 5 Metropolitan Bk.. 90 100 do b30 45* , IS Continental Kk 80 100 do h60 45 S SO L'el AlludCuudCo 92 100 Chi 4 Rock la RR. 60 S 50 Cuiub Coal pref.. V't 200 do MO 57 60raoMS8Co...?30 92 75 Chi, Bur 4Qy RR 64 100 do bOO 93 100 Mil fc Pr duCh KB 20 SECOND BOARD. $1000 USfl'a, Sl.rog 92* 22 a lis Park Bank. . 100 i 5000 0 S 6 s, '81. con 92250 N Y Cauir*l KB.. 83* , 17000 do 92 S 50 do M 83 S 5000 US5 i, 74,cou 85 2O0 do blO 83,S 2000 use s. 62.0<>u 09>; 250 60 83 S 1000 Tra 7 3 10 pc uta 99* 60 Erie RR 1)30 35* 29000 do 99S 6KrieRK prefd... 59 lOOOTeun 6a, 90.. 69* 100 do 58* 8000 do 691 j 300 Hud Riv RR 37 S 5000 do S60 58 60 do 37 ff 1000 Missouri 0 6... 82* 60 MichCeu RK.b30 64S 23000 Aniancaugold. 102* 60 do 54* 15000 do b30 102S 159 do 54 3000 Midi So s f bda 90S 350 do 63* 3000 Tol 4 Wab 1 m 77* 1OOMS4NIRK..80O 24 2000 M 4PduClst m 89* 10 IU Oea RR scrip.. 63 S 2000 Mich So 2ding. 73 900 Clev 4 Pitta RR.. 1SS MahaPac MlNSCo. 93 13Clev,Tol4CiaRR 109* 1 50 do slo 93 60 Gal 4 Chic RR.... MX 60 do blO 93 S CITY COMMERCIAL. REPORT. Frkut, Feb. 28?6 P. U. Asms ?The market was steady, with Mlee of 30 a 40 bblf>. at $8 25 for pearls and at $6 37 \ for poU. BBKgADenne.?Flour?The market was heavy under the late news from Europe, and for some grades prlcog were 5c. per bbl. lower; the sales embraced about 11,000 bbls., closing within the following range of prices:? Superfine State SO 40 a 5 (P Extra to fancy Bute 0 05 a590 Superfine Western 5 40 a 5 60 Common to choice extra Western 6 67 a 0 90 Canadian 6 70 a 6 60 Southern mixed to good superUne 6 00 a 6 45 Extra do 6 45 a 7 25 Good to choice family do 7 25 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 .to a 4 25 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy v? lue 2 90 a 3 30 ?Canadian (lour was less buoyant and active, while prices were without quotable change, with sales of 800 bbls. Southern flour was stoa ty at our quotations, while the sales embraced about 700 bbl3. Rye flour was unchanged in prices, while the sates embracod 150 bbls. Corn meal was sicady at quotations, while sales footed ^ up 350 Ua, Wheat was inactive and prices unsettled; Prime^jM&co lots were scarce and firm; sales, in small lots, fd^^ERpbotif 25,000 bushels, at$l 34 for good Milwauke^^^Pn store; )132 for Racine spring, $130 a $131 Tor prnH^feigo spring. $137 for red State, 8133for Canadian c!mJ| 40 a |l 41 for red winter Western, in store; $1 45 for aWbcr Jersey, an 1 some Canadian white at p. t. Corn was heavy and lower, with sales of 30,000 bushels at t 5?c. a 61c. for .Jersey aud Southern new yellow, and | Western mixed, in store and delivered,at 60c. a 63., 1 cbietly at 61c. a 62c. Rye was steady, with sales of ( 3,0C0 bushels of Stat" at 85 Uc., delivered. Barley was firm and in fair request, with sales of 4,500 bushels at HOc. a 84c. for ordinary to good State, at the railroad depot. Barley mail was Arm and in limited request at $1 05 a $1 10. Oats were dull, and prices without alteration of moment. CosfBK.?The market was Arm and in good demand 11 from the trade. Sales of 1,500 bigs Kio wore made at 21c., 1,100 do. do. at 19.\'o.,300 do llaracaibo at p. t., li and 325 do common Loguyara at 20c. a 20 ,*ac. Tbe stock of coltbe March 1,1862, is as follows ? f Bio, bags 70.498 Java, bags 615 ? Maracaibo 13,941 Java, mats 18,375 ? Ceara 4,910 Ceylon 2,500 u St. Pomingo ....4,851 - t Jamaica 2,950 Total,bags 98,165 . Uaguayra 400 Total, mats 20,875 Comix.?Tie market was more active, and closed with r increased QrtnucrS. The salca footed up about 1,500 a bales within the range of 22?fc. n 23c. for middling up- d lands, later iu the day the market closed atiff at tbe latter figure, with an upward tendency in prices. h Faaioms ?To l,iveri>o<il,540 bales of cotton were en- p gaged at 5 22d . 150 tierces lard at 22s. 6d., 8,000 bushels wheat at 7>?d., and 30.000 b<>elie'e corn at 6&d., in bulk I and ships' ba<a, and 500 bbls. flour at 2s. To London 7,000 bushel* corn at 7J?d., in ships' bags, b 100 tons oil cake at 22a 6<1., and, by neutral vessel, 500 0 libls. flour at 2s. 6d. To Glasgow 5,000 bushels wheat at * 8'fn., in ships' bags. To Rrisiol a British bark engaged c 8,500 bushels corn, In ships'bugs,at 8d. A Hamburg i bark engaged 24.000 bushels corn for Cork and a market i at 10 t?d. per 60 lbs. < Hay.?Tbe markn* was unchanged, while the sales j were r.?:r.?i si? a90c. for shiienent and at 90c. a95c. , for city new. VavalSt iw.?Spirits torpenlins wer#quto??t *1 05 an<l common roe in at $5 a $5 12>?. ' Hidm.?'Tbe market baa beeu comparative!/ active lhroughout tbe week, though sales have been in a measure restricted by tbe paucity of stock offered at present rates. Most of tbe stock is bold altove tbe views of buyers or withdrawn entirely from the market. Tbe principal sales are 4,000 dry Kuonos Ay res at 25>^c., 8,000 do. (irande at 23.t;c. a 24c., 2.000 do. California at 24>ic., 2,"MM do. Porto Cabello at 20c., 800 Port 12',c .2,000 wet salted Rio Urande cow at He., 8,000 ity and country slaugbtera at 7'?c. a 7\c., and 8,000 dry Sierra Ieoa? s, 1,000 dry Buenos Ayres kips and a l>arc*l of wsl salted Caiifornu on private terms. Tbs receipts have been only about 3,000, of which soms 400 werefrem Port Royal, S.C., a foretaste of what are to come from tbe seceded .States when their ports are once more opeaed to commerce. I.kaThbk has been very active during tbe week, and sales are probably larger than for any week since tbe first of 1 he paralysis of business that succeeded tbe attack on tort Sumter. Tbe prices realised bavs not boen much in advance of those current during tbe last fsw weeks, but a much firmer tone per vales tbe market. Provihviuk.?Pork?Tbe market was eome less active and buoyant with less demand for futurs delivery. Tbe -ales embraced about 600 bbls. at $14 37a $14 SO for new nice, $13 SO for old, anil at $10 42)4 a $10 75 for nrw prune, and at $13 lor Western prime mess. Beef war jtea-ly with a moderate demand, with aales of 372 bhis. at $12 a $12 50 for plain mcs-. and at $14 a $14 25 lor extra. Prune mesa waa steady, with aales of 100 tierces at $20. Paeon waa tinner, with sales of t(ooo boxes at 6',c. for city Cumberland. at 64ic. a t\c. for I<?g ribbed city,at 0,?c. tor long clear Western, and at 7 '4c. for short clear. Iotrd waa active, with salos of 800 bb:s. at 7*,c. a 8','c., and choice at 8%c. Butter was unite drm. with a good deuuud from the trade. Cheese waa unchanged. Svuabs.?1Tti? market was tnore active, and cloaod at i.-c. to ';c. advauc? on tba adee of the week. The transactions to day embraced about 2,000 hhils., nearly all Cuba*, pari aid's'-, a 7'?'c. for common to lair refining and grocery grades, with aomo prune Cubas at S'?c. Tbe stock ol 3 :gars 00 the 1st of March was as aunexed:? 1M1. 116.'. Cuba, bud" 13.707 15,481 Porto Rico 82. 1,404 N'ew Orleans $80/ 280 English Islands 78' 925 ' T#**a 17s _ tit. Croix ? 34 French Islands ? 1,475 1 Total 19,293 19,699 Boxes 15,311 10,823 1 Bags 183,884 89.U-6 J M-lado 6,483 456 , Taixow?.Sales 70,000 lbs. city were mads at 9C. i Whokct.?Sales of two a 700 bbls wars made at 27c a I 27 ,c., with some lots reported at Woo:..?lite manufacturers of this article are still ' waiting for a settlement with government lor past transactions, which bow appears to be nearer st hind emce llie passage of the Treasury bill The market will be < dull till such times as our consumers srs better prepared , to operate. There has been very little inquiry for wools the past week, no sales reported of foreign and a light ] bnsiiiees in domestic. Pri< es of coarse wools hars uo- i clioeo. Domestics, fine, ars ah ut tbe same. i Tobacco.- Nothing doiog in Kentucky, but prices un- ' changed. Tba tales embraced 210 hales ( uba st p. t., 26 do carmen at pi., and 62 iaa?s seed leaf at 7kc. a 8l{c. The monthly ?v*t?meut of stocks of Spanish to- ! bacoo is as follows ? 1 HiCub" S'itnta. Fam. Stock Feb. 1,1862, bates... 4,764 HOC _ looi I Ileeeired 3,lis 3*3 g.19 ' Total 7,923 6??t 839 1 078 Sales to Feb. 28 3,lj? 383 10Q 'flos Stock March 1,1862, bale# 4,367 300 289 ' 479 Rim.?Sales of 126 casks Carotins were ma le at 6',c a Tc, and 300 do. Parnaat p. t. Tbe stock of nee' on band March V, 1862, wee 1.783 casice Carolina, 6.103 bags cleaned East India, 3,943 bags nacleaaed East India, 44,419 mats uncleaned East India, against 7.180 casks I Carolina, and 3,200 hags Fast India same tima last year. MoiArewr?8al*e of 76hbda. Cuba muscovado were made st 33c. a 36c. Tba stock March 1, 1862?Porto Rico, 10 13 hbda.; muscovado.6,603 d#.;clayed,905 do.: 2,001 hide., 66T da.; toul, 8,348 bbds. 18 w pre me Cenrt. Before Hon. Judge Ingrshans. Fm 29 ?Is tbe matter of the Bnard ofCommiaeioners of the Central Park, in tbe ottneand 00 behalf of tbe Mayor of ths City of New Tork. relative to the accjuls tion of lands for n public park or pines between tbe outherly etde of 106tb end ItOtb streets and Fifth and Siih avenues, the Court appointed Luther Bradisb, Mi' heel Ubhoeffer and Samuel B. R'ifrglee, E?<1' , ae Com* mleeteaeri. The application of Samuel P. Baboock to vaeale the a-~''^m?i t fur paving Duane atreet wae dented. rtliode Island Constitutional I'nlon Con* rentloa. Pbovidwu*, R. I., Feb. 2S, 18(12. The Constitutional Union Convention of Rhode Island assembled ystar lay, aud renomin.itod Governor Spraguo olid the other Stale oflier*. The Weather at Montreal. Mostri aj,, lob. 21, 1882. There I'a hevry snow slorm from lb? n irthw -at tine m 'ruing. Tho therm 'motor a Unix si ten degree* sb <ve /.ero. NKW YORK HRRALD, Si S H I PPING WE W S. ItTUlMU fONfti ItMMtrf. FROM BOKO I'M. Jfmmm. iwnt Dmt4, J%r Boru*aie Soutnamptoe.. Feb 11...Maw York Etua........ Liverpool. Feb l&. .New York Arabia Liverpool Feb 1?. ..New York guy of New York.. .Liverpool Feb 1#. ..New York Bremen Southampton Feb 19...New York AUUKAO FOB BMW TOtk?THIS DAT. ion risk 6 361 moon sets ere 7 IS tuasars S 101 bios warm ere 9 0S Port of Hew York, Febrmarjr 98,1809* cleared. Steamship Kiangtaze, Herry, Shanghae?n H Warden. Steamship Kangaroo (Br). McQuigan, Queenstown and LIrerpooi?J u Dale. Ship Bmlly Augusts. Strickland, Liverpool?J 0 Baker A Do. Ship Ocean Monarch, Page, Lirerpool?W T Frost. Ship Frank Flint, Colley, Philadelphia?J W Blwelt A Co. Ship Argo, Maddooks, Philadelphia?J W Blwell A Co. Bark ai)urkee(Bi). Anderson. Londonderry?^T James. Bark 0 Brewer. Pierce, Guraeoa? it W Triindy. Bark Holland. White, St dago?J Thompson. Bark Mendi, Smith, Philadelphia?Yates A Porter'Held. Brig E Drummond, Conway, Asuiuwall?Panama UB Co. Brig Reporter, Otnn. Bermuda?Smith, Jones A Co. Brig Flying Eagle, Treworgy. Key West?U Beuner. Srhr GoUen Fleece, Hall, St Ann's Bay, Ja?H Underwood. Srhr B Watson, Willeby, Havana?J E Ward A Co. Schr Eclipse, Oonnaughton, St Kitts?O B Dewolf. Schr Sea Uufl, Howard. Baltimore?L Kenny. Schr <; Dennis, Tucker, Baltimore?N L McCready A Co. Schr New Jersey, Venireman, Baltunore?Van Brunt a Black t. 8 hr J Ireland, Brown, Baltimere?Van Brunt A SlaghL Schr A N StUle, Hudson, Deal's Island?Master. 8chr LSturterant, Wells, Wilmington. Del?Master. Bohr Duigo, s Philadelphia-^ E Ward A Co. Schr K P King, Leeds, Philadelphia?J W McKew Schr Ned, McKee. Philadelphia?E 8 PowelL Schr O L. Crawford, Boston?H 8 Beckett. Schr (1 W Baldwin, Llnekin, Sanctis?A Hovu Schr J Losier, , Weetpori?Master. ARRIVED. Prize(teamshin Labuuu (Br. of Hull). 8bit> Island. 9day*. In charge of prize officers (filbert, Richmond, and Sidney 8 Beck. Was captured 1st last, off Brecon Chioia, by U 8 sloop Portsmouth. _ Steamship Salvador (new), . Wilmington, Del, 34 hours, in ballast, to J F Joy. Is intended for the Aspin wall tnd New York trade. (J S ship Moruiog Light, Commander H T Moore, Iron a cruise in ths Gulf. Ship Centurion, Zerega, Antwerp, Dec 88, In ballast, to Zerega A Co. Jan 4, during a heavy sea, sprung the mainmast: Iftth, Carl Tacke, at Dusaeldorf, aeanian, fell overboard and was lost. 17th inst, lat 10. lou 60, passed Fr brig Flor do Marie, bound E. Schr S C llulae, Furman, Aocouiac, a *?/ . S,.hr B A rertnltyea, Omits, Aoromac. S dafi. Schr Otter Rock. lane, Eiizal>ethport t Steamer Artisan, McCabe, Baltimore. St'-amcr Pelican, Baker, Frovtdeuce. BEIDW. Bark Augusta C Small, of Windsor, N3, Schr 8 1* Bruwn. Schr B S Dean. Also, tiro barks (one Brem), three brigs, And fire schrs.? til by steamtug L Boardman. II rig If run a, Irom Havana. Brig 8 P Brown, from Cuba.?Both by pilot tost Edwin Jluut. Noll. Bark Dodo (Brem). Bark Mayflower (of New Haven), from Trinidad. Bark J W Hall (of Providence), from Key West. Brig Win Mason, Gardner, from Buenoa Ayres. Biig Palestine. Also, three brigs and three sehrs, unknown. SAILED. From Quarantine?U Sgunbnai Cayuga. 27th?Steamships Royal Bride (Br), Plymouth; United Cmgdotn (Rr), Glasgow, Kailton,?; ships Neptune, Livertool; Lise Amelie (Fr), Havre; Elise Mathilde, of and for Irenien; barka Star King, Africa; H f. Ranters, Buenos Lyres; Lillios, Havana; Nazareue. Philadelphia; brig Nalant, Havana; schr Georgia, Maiaazaa. Wind nt sunset, WNW. HlKellnnerai The steamship Asia, Capt Lott, sailed on Wednesday afterloon last for Queenatown and Liverpool. The steamship Kangaroo, Capt McQuigan, of Jno O Dale's iue, sails to-day at noon for Queenstown and Liverpool. Ship J Montgo >m, before reported on the rocks off the oot or Ninth street, GK, has been floated off, and now lies at he Pierrepont stores, Brooklyn, She has 9 feet of water la ?r hold, and a Steam pump will be placed on board to keep ier free. Satr Jss Brow*, Crabtree, from Swansea, which aid from 'alparalso Jau 15 for Colombo, put into V with mainmast prung and leaky. Sair PaiuaoMLrau, Poole, from Philadelphia for Glasgow, emaiaed at St Thomas Feb 7. About 6500 bbls of her cargo ad been landed and was going into store, much of it badly utnaged, and would be sold. Bntr DtrcHcaas d'Oblkaxr. Hines. at Valparaiso Jan 17, iud completed repairs, and would go N Wth to reload and I'Oceed on bar voyage to England. Bbig Maacu, Harrlman, before reported ashore at Holmes' (ole, came off night of 2dtb with alight damage. Bu Schr Anaconda, Ward, from Paraboro, NS, for NYork, oaded with potatoes, put tuto Portsmouth Lower Harbor ii Mouday afternoon, and uear Clark's Island cast two .nchnrs tor the night. In the gale of that evening she iragged both anchors, and was only prevented going ashore in Orn ish's Island by cutting away her masts. She now 'ides clear, except at low water, though much loaded with c?, and will probably be towed up to Portsmouth 27th for llscbarge, repairs, Ac. But one man and a boy were aboard it the time, two men having come to town for provisions, lu their return where they left her they could uot find their resael, and after suffering considerably from exposure to the itorui, they rowed to Mewca*ue and speul the night. Schr Rainbow (of Searsport), Havener, arrived at Portana ... thv lid inat. She tailed from Boston for Calais Nov 3. took In tuiw if ' "liberal the latter place, and aid for >1 Haven, since which time fioihing hsd been heard from her. rhe vessel has been in Wood Island Harbor for at days. She isd bee a given up as lost. Scaa M Marty, which was last 19th iost, off NHaveu, was iwned principally by Hon Benj finch and Capt Saml C Baiey, of Newport. Hue was valued at about (KM), and there vat no insurance on her. Taa Sow and Pica Ligutboat, Vineyard Souud, parted her bain during the blow of the '-'iih, at 2 PM (the chain having jut cuts :ig lei I in tbo rocks). Tne wind blew a gale from Sff villi a very heavy sea, and the vessel was eutireiy covered vitb Ice, all bands being employed In healing It off, not knowng that the chain had parted. When the vessel was found o he adrift the chain was hove in and the jib bottled to wear outtd and run Into the Bound lor Tarpaulin Hove, but failng in this hoisted the foresail, but she was completely unmanageable and drifted within S,l? miles of Gay Head, bear ng 1>K and at < I'M dropped the stream anchor (which was ;ot off the bow with tnucb dtnicully on account ot the ice) iu 7 f athoms water. At sunrise next morning set colors t or gsUtanoe. aud at 9 o lock the pilot lioat Hornet went to Iter, lelping to late the anchor, aud took her iu tow for New Beloru. AT OuwensTSR the blow of Monday night was very se. ere. Iu the harbor several vessels went ashore on Kocky feck, one bailing boat sunk in Oakes" Core, and two at .Jiiesville. The following are the name* Of the vessels shore iu tuts harbor, -Nelir yi:?n, Greeley, of Hingham, aded with sand, bound for Belfast; schr Imogene, 1'rcfe (adame Roland, Elleu Forrester, Emma Frame*, ot Olouester; (.suing vessel, mmf uoknuwn, ashore on Parson ? 'otul. The bsn.iig boot suuk wan the Fair Play, of about .11 ona. The damage received by the others t* not ascertained. Tub NW ti?t.c rm the night of tha 24lh inst, was very aerere o? k'ahint. The halting a lir Unity, of M lone, otvne 1 iy Meiwra J BieUop Johnson, ami Samuel Covell, parted her Aioonnga, and left r?r parts unknown. Pst.woTTH.PebS?The Isaac Jeanes, Drinkwnter, from Rangoon aud (Jueeusiown for Loudon, has |,ut in here witb loss if bowsprit, an anchor and 15 fathoms chain, timl other dam?ue. having lieen In collision this morning off Fowey with Hie Ficticb slnpCaUntui, from Bourbon lor Havre, which revive I damage to hull, rigging, Ac; 5 0f the crew of the Utter 501 on bourn of the Isaac Jeuues. O u.wav, Feb 8?The Norwegian brig John, from New Yora with coiu, lying lor neaily the last three weeks in BallinaklU K iv, damaged and wlih loss or sails, Ac (as heloie reported), was tills day safely brought to an anchor in the Itoads by the tugboat 1'llot, that went down lor her some time ago, but In 011-eqiicnce of the rough weather the could not teutuie to 1111 her before yesterday, LlVktroon, Feb 10?The bark Manuel Orter., formerly a w hub-rot New Bedford, was se 1 /ed at Irtgo? as a slaver. W ATSRrono. Feb 9?The Harriet Dobing, Mob ring, from New York, which put in leaky, at before reported, has come upfroiu Passage to discharge. Nnsr 8t?a?soat?There Is now lying at the works of Messrs Fletcher llari ison A tlo. receiving her engine and boilers, a new steamboat built by BC Terry for A Van santvoord, of Albany, intended to run to Newburgand Poughkerp.le. Her m alel I* a superior one. aud promises great speed with light trail. The loor timbers are don le. Sided 1 lot lies aud IJ aches deep; she is well fastened, and in every respect strongy buUI The engine Is of the first quality, 46 Indies dbimeer of cylinder aud 13 feet stroke. Mhe Is to have two boilers, !o feet iuug and 8 feet wide, which are to he nutirely uudcr leek. The steamship North Star, of the California line, was yescdsy taken on ttie Mei t'onal do. k lor exainuistion. The 21isiupioii w ill take her place in the line, aud salt to-day tor Sspinwall. The new and superior bark, of 373 tons burthen, built at Tali haven last year by Delano A Co, and ow oed by William J Blackler of New Bedford, now l>lng at Fairhaveu, fully rigged, bag been aold on accouul. She will 1% lowed lo this Dot l lo load for China. Notice to Marlnerg. Nolle* I* hereby given thai ih* VincyacJ Sound Lightvrssel ha* parted her moorings, aud laal author in New Bedford harbor. She will b* replaoed upon her stall in, off the Raw and Pig* Ledge, with aa Uitle delay aa poaaible, of which due notice will ue given. By order of the Llghtbnuae Board. G A LONG, Oik to Lightbouae Inspector Id diat. Boat on, Keb 27,185-'. ? kku aaa. uulr or aura?rixao mart or garatiR* roiyr. UroKooaarHic Orrica,, i LoRdon, Jan 17. 1381. I The Egyptian government baa given notice that on and after the III day ol January. 1382,a Light would U? rihibited (rowt a Liglitnonae recently erected on Zafarana Point, on the w coatt ?t the Gulf of Buat, about 52 mile* 8 of the town of tbat name. The Light v? a flied white light, nlaeed at an elevation of 83 feat altove the level of high water, and should he aeen In clear weathei from the deck of a i?'*el at a d,.-lance of 11 mile*. The illum.uatingaBpara'.u* it dioptric or by lenaea, of tha first order. The tower la ronnd, bun of atone, end M feet from bate to vane, a 1th the keeper a dwelling to iha westward, It ataada on n low gravel ridge, about 14 feet above high water, In? Latitude 29 Ut 2D N. Longitude.... 32 54 ?q g 0y Greenwich. s? recently found by Ceputn Mvnsell, of II M H Pireflr, end w I K-h agrees wtlh Moresby a chart of the Ke<1 Baa of 1854, bdt dlllera from the Admiralty Cluit. The egact position of this lighthouse will kerealtsr be determined. The mariner le cautioned that shoal water eiiendsabout g mile from the Point, having 10 fathom* close lo outer edgeBy commend of thetr Lordehlpe, ' * JOHN WASHfSOTflN, nydrograpber. This Notice adTecta the following Admiralty Charts ? Red He* general, she<l 1; Red H"a, No 2523. Inhan Ocean, Westem sheet, No 744) i Ind an Ocean g. u- r?l. No .Ac#. aud East India Light List. No SI. Whalemen. iml QinFranrlirnKiiliU hmh .!<.? flrinnnll Ml. Pa It*, with 1(130 i>bt? ?p oil '?n hoard. Would Mrrutt for home. _ . Rpokta, Ac. Ship Bpurk Ihe Ocrau, Kinney. fiom (libraltar for London, I'e'd 10, otT Oorar. fmlfi Port*. Arobomah. Tcblt?Arr Matagorda, Brown. Wick low. AfTWKRr. rob H?Sid Altmiil, llojror, WVork (ant eld from Pl'uhlua91*); lOtli. K M Mllle, Perry, Bund, iland, Lijlili, OolMtnbtm, and J AnWa. NTork. Hid from Pluahltig 8th, OroondatM, Pike, Riuidrrimid. Bi-rxr ntiAvr.H, P"b 7?Arr Bremen (a), ffYoik, lid It, Jupiter HI kmera, Helmet (and aid for NVork). Bo IDMUS. f'l bB-Arr tleorgo Huriluit, V iae in, MTutk. ( AROtrr, fe'iO?Arr John W ilta, Wlm lir||, Hta (j. Hid Rlli, Huron de tiatlnr, Hinder*. 8t l lmm ia . 9ih, Vming Aniena, fool. Malta, JOtli, W M tlro on, liigctu , Bc.f.nn. I'aooanATR.I Pen 8?Pot In, Jamea Chralon, (l Brlen, from (is iitia., Fistt?Art ilktMafrr, CiaIo, Mfork, # L.TURDAY, MARCH 1, 186! CtutvH, Feb #?Arr Fraakhn, Freeanaa, Matamae. Crrra, Feb#?Old Jeaanle, rtoloher, London. Cadu, Feb t? Arr Luon Haywood, Blune, KTgrk. Bid Ju ?. Jo*Orandall, Gage. NYork; Feb 4, Hebcoa, Witkam Bu*uoa Ayrea, Mh, Sidney Prtoe. OoJlrar, do. Cars Coajt Oasti.h. WO Africa, Dec It?Arr Mar Que**, Freuaiog. and Tidal Ware, Uoldamitli, Blmina; Both, Said Bin Sultan, Prince, do. Deal, Fee A?Arr Rochambeau, Snow. London (and aid for Portland, Me); 9th, TriraounUln, Field, do (aud aid for Cardiff); Achillea, Gallagher, do (and aid for Philadelphia). 1'aaaed by llith, Janu-a B Lilcklleld, Cio 'kett, from Shield* for Havana. Dor vk, Feb 11?Off, John Merrick, Seara, from Harr* for ? underlain! Daktnouth, Feb b?Bid Mary R Barnev, Robhlna, Genoa. Dublin. Feb S?Air Fredeo.Tuniborg, NYork; Ciar, Hammoil 1, Rio Untude. Falmouth, Feb ??Ait Isaac Jeanea, Drinkwater, Rangoon for London. Sid 9th, Ingouiar, Ireland, Rio Grande. Fa un an do Po, Dec 2ti? Arr Edw Stanier, Yut.-a. Oardiff. Gai.wat, Fob 8?Arr Jane Anderaoo, White, Philadelphia; Lyn(?'K>r, and John, N York.

, 1 .7 - 1.. , I . W1_I? a . UV..A. VnrAk, Crouton, Boston: My rover, Unfiles, Leghorn for Boston. Cld Jfth, A F Llnmdl, Percivaj. MeasTna; Rebecca, Pickett, Mo/scan anil Boston; Mystery, Wade, NYork; 3!>iti, Ruyaiaton, Eaton, Laja, itUch, Harvest Queen, B?l helder, NYork. Gk.noa, Feb A?Arr Kcotlaud. MuKinnoo, NYork, UaLvoirr, Pcb 8?Sid Ellen, Bay. NYork. Havre, Feb lb?Arr Galena, Leavitt, NYork. Clil 10th, Elisabeth Hamilton, Harding, NYork. Sid 8th, John Merrick, Sears, Sunderland and United States; 11HU, Flora Southard, Woodworth, NYork; W S Lindsey, Patten, and J Morton, (lilley, do; Unfua Choate, Kick, Boston; Houghton, Oliver, Bath. Me. Livkkpooi. Peb 10?Arr Samuel Lawrence, Johnson, London; IIth, K Sherman, lllchborn, NYork. Sid 70i, Brazil, Blair, St John, NB; J W Preach, Crosby, 6 inlander; 8th. Palms*, Hsll, Sierra Loone; 10th, Khersoneite (a), NYork; Uth, Old Dominion, Fulton, Bos on; Moutebello. Henderson, NYork; W L Burroughs, Bickford, Havana; 12th, Barnabas Webb, Hewes, NYork. Cld 10th, Francis B Catting. Malonry, NYerk; Col Adams, Mills, and Wta F 8torer, Trask, do. Bat for Idg 10th, Roger A Hlern, Stewart, NYork; Holybead, Cole, Philadelphia; 17th, Henry Beed, Matheeoa, Calcutta; Minnesota, Dcahnn, Havana; H? Moutreal: Excelsior, Swift, NYork; Molocas fax. Lorroon, Feb 8?Arr Flylag Mist, Stlckne United Hlatee, Nickcraon, Iqiuque. (ltd 8ih, Yorktown, Meyer, NYork (and aid from ileal lOtht; 10th, Highlander, Shermau do; llenry Clark, Towne, Se wrestle and Alexandria K; Uth. Sparkling Wave, Emery, hields and MYorx; Western Chief, Wording, Sunderlaua and Gibraltar; Racer, Oaten, NYork. Ent outwards Uth, Hemisphere, Taylor, NYork (changed from Philadelphia). Sid from Uravesend 12th. Highflyer, NYork Lam lash, Feb 6?Sid Wilmington, Masters (from Glasgow) Cuba. Lokdondrrrv. Feb 7?Arr Pacotah, Bease, Troon. Looum Fotlm, Feb 12?Art North American (a), Portland. MiLroan, Feb 10?In port Cornucopit, Cort, from NYork for Oaerraartliett. Malaga, Jau 21?ArrDuuklrk. Johnioa, Messina (and aid 23th for Philadelphia), t'ld 23d. Mystery, Wade, New York; 25tlt,WUdflre, l'wkiua. Mrasnva Msasiirs, Jan #8?Arr Jehu, Tdpp, Boston; Slat, A P Fluk?r. Lord, Gibraltar. Matthew Town (Inagua), Feb 9?Arr brig Ben Dunning, Varnejr, Buenos Ay res via St Thomas; would probably take salt for New York or Boston or proceed to N side of Cuba. Newport, Feb 10?Air Chopin, .M'CrllUs, Havre for Calcutta; 21th, Thirty-one States, Carletbn. London via Plymouth. NawcASTLK.'Feb 8?Ent otrt, Kli/.abeth M Strong, Strong, for Havana. Poktlamd, Feb 9?Off, Trlmotiuiuiit, Field, from London for Cardiff and Boston. Put in the Ro ids lOtli, Nereid, from New York for London. Portsmouth, Feb 11?-Off, Yorktoivu, Meyer, from London for New York. Qure.nstivwn, Feb ft?Art Hermes, Molback, NYork; Alms, Kimball, Cuba; lOtli, No.d Cap, NYork. Sid 9tb, Blue Nose, Jottrnay, NYork. Shields, Feb 9?Tn port Nortliwood, HlUert, for Cadiz. St Naxairk, Feb 8?Arr D C Murray, Van Name, and Peppered, Hill, NYotk; David Kimlmll. Linnell, Boston. Tkxel, Feb 7?Sid Mary Broughton, Derrick, Newcastle, E. Trieste, Feb 8?Arr Bennett Planner, Meats, Venice. Temerite. Jan 27-SldCsrCvra, NYork; 2kh, Alexandria, ?, do. Valparaiso, Jatt 17?Tn port ahlp Duehesse d'Orlcaus, nines, had completed repairs and would sail N to reload ft r England. WATKttrORP, Feb9?Arr Harriet Dotting, Moring, NYork (before reported put In to the Pas-age leaking), came up to discharge. Yarmouth, Feb 11?In the Roads, Mont Blanc, Doancll, front Loadou for Shield-. American Porte. BOSTON, Feb 27? Vrr br g latch L >nioud, Shute, Cleiifuegoa. Signal for a brig. Cld bark Robert, Corier. Liverpool; scbra M S K Toorne (Kr), Gr-enwood, Jercmie; M S Halltaway, Hathaway, Matnurs.i; Helen .Mar. Ntckrrson, Baltimore; Ocean Bird, Bowers, Attx Cayea; Shenandoab, Nash, New York. BALTIMORE, Feb 27?.Vrr, sohrs J Vansant, Burge, New York; Henry Finch, Davey, do; A Law, Wood, do. CM, . bark Atlantic (Urem). Feldhusen, Bremen; sehrs John Price, Baker, Boston; Nathan Clifford, Shute, Norwich Conn: Statesman, Hal-er, .Work; Daniel Holmes, Holmes, Fort Pickens. Sid, brigs J Blendltam (Br), CoalUeet, London; Comet (Br), Reese, West Indies. BATH, Feb 23?Arr ship George Washington, Curamlngs, N York; schr Hannibal, Weatworth, Nassau, NP. GLOUCESTER. Feb 21-AtT actr. Chariea MeD. Marchant, NYork; C B Jones, Thompson, Portland for Baltimore; Exra F Lewie, Wallace, Port laud lor Philadelphia; Hi- herd Bullwinkle, French. Elizabeth City, > J. Cld 24tU, achra Triumph. i-urvey, NYork. HOLME'S UOLK. Keb22-In port, l.rlg Tornado, Tlbbctts, from N York for Boston; 27ib, hug Manila, Uarnmsn, got off last nlsht. With sllulil dartiHize. PHILADELPHIA, Fob 27?Arr steamer M Sauford, Sanford, NYork; ship Saransk. Rowland, Liverpool; bri^n J M Sawyer, Bradley, Suriis; Nathan, Means, Trinidad; Julia. Smith, NYork; acehi* W L Spiing.-, Huffman Sagua; June N Baker, Henderson, and Kpliraint A Anna, Dole, Key West; S A Appleion-Teague, NYork. Below, ship San mimic, from NYork; schr Mary Kinnis. Cld Br bark Major Norton. Oerrior, Sagua; brig Trlndelen, Kdler, Moutego Bay; gcbr Mary Patterson, Godfrey, Boston. Lkwks, Feb 27?The ship Wyoming, for Liverpool, went to eathta morning. Brig Ida, tram Porto Cabello, is at the Breakwater. Wind N. PORTLAND, Feb 26?Chi ship Potomac, Weeks, Liverpool; brig C 11 Kennedy, Bslu, Cuba; aolir Nile, Boolbby, NYork. Sid brig Wmyaw; arbr M Kinney; aud others. 26th?Old ateamahip Chesapeake, Crow-ell, NYork; bark B Stevens, Howe, Matauaa*. BAN FRANCISCO, Feb 29?Arr ship Charger, Hatch, Hong Kong, 49 days. Arr at do24th, ahly Bkylaik, Bursley, NYork. 'lost AM> vorav, DOO LOST? $3 REWARD, LOOT ON THE 2t?TH ul'., a bla-k and tail English Tenia. Slut, with long rare; had on a atlver plated collar marked Pel, P. 8. II., 241 Broadway. The above reward will be paid to the nnder on returning her to 311 Broadway, up siairs. FOUND-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, WITH WHITE spot! on his note, bream and feet, with a bra-a collar and lock. The owner ran have him by proving property and paying expenses. Apply at % Cranberry street, Brooklyn, in the store. Tost?on Saturday, fkh. 22. a pack ace of J valuable Papers, between No. 174 W. atreet and No. 57 West Twenty-fifth street. As payment has been stepped on the notca they will be ot no value except to the owner. If returned to Nn. 67 Went Tweniy-litTh atreet a libeial rewaid will be given. BELLA WOOD, New York. Lost?a memorandum book, on Monday night, going from Second avenue into Bioadway; small, and Of no value save to the ow ner. Five dollars will lie paid for Its return to the Boud street House, fifiS Broads hi, or tu 42 William street. IOST-ON SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. I, WHILE J going I'roio 119 Sullivan street to the corner of Prime, a lady s small single stone Diamond King. The tinder will be uiutbly rewarded by leaving it at lit Dusne street. W. r. SHANNON. Lost?a lady's oold hand or bracelet, of extra large sue, while going Ironwtlib Fultou fen y in a Fifth avenue stage up to A. T. Stewart's atore, an I them e. Pit the west sple of Bioadway, to Taylor's upper sa o m, opposite Dr. Chapm's < lunch. The finder will be soiiably re. warded nml rcelre lie thanks of the owner by leaving It at li59 Wateratreet, up slabs. IOST?ON WEDNESDAY EVF.NINO, 26TH INST., IN J Fulton avenue, Hiooklvn, a lady's Filagree Hroorh, earbnncle te iing slid tas?e|. The finder will receive a liberal rawsT* tiv leaving it at the City Armory, c uner of Cranberry tn^lldirf s.s.1,, Brooklyn. LOST?A CHECK, DRAWN' BY nmtnv vnirvn ON the Hank oi tmerles, In favor oi mid endorsed by Mrs. Frances M Tompkins, dated 27th February ult? for $ '.on; lost in Brooklyn between No. 09 Carrol! street and the Long Islau IBank. All persons are hereby uolllied not to negotiate or receive it. Tost?on Wednesday evening, February 21;, J In Filth avenue, lietween Twenty-Unit and Twentysi nil streets, a white Lace Shawl, wiapped in blue paper. The finder will be liberally ren ai ded by Icav ing it at 16 West Twenty-second street. IOST? A DARK POt'KETKOoK, CONTAIN I.NO A SUM J of money and aonte valuable papers. Iftheluider will heln himself ton siniable reward and return I toe noekeibook and contents he will oblige the owner, at 40U West Twentythird -treet. I IOST?LAST EYENINU, WHILE OOINO I R i.M Jill J West Twelfth to 27.lane sir?-ct. a Vh tur'ne. Tne finder will receive liberal rewatd by having (be name at Jjl West I Twelfth street IOST?A POi'KETBOOK. ? ONTAIMMI A $.'() i'HECK, J itnw Stopped, and of no tine to any one hut'the owner, drawn bjr II. I . Kanlngioii on the Irvine Bank, anil |4 In bills. The liuder will be lile-ra ly rewarded by leaving Ibe nun1 at 41 Jay street, New York. REWARDS. C?t> REWARD FOK A SMALL rOODI.K DOO, HE! >v? longing to a favorite rhlld , in an ice . ream uloon to| lowed out two ladles and a gentlemen on the evening of ibe Z7tli tilt.; the parties are known, hut if it is brought l a k immediately Ibe leward will be gladly given,and n i questions aakeil, at llali'a, lid Chatham square, ice crtam and oy tier saloon. (J>Q REWARD.-DOO LOST. A BUM. TERRIER PUP PO was lost yesterday, the OT'h, with two I rindle spots on hia side and one over earli eve. Anybody returning hint to 80 llenry etreet, corner ol Middagh, Brooklyn, will receive the above reward. REWARD-LOST. ON 8ATURDVY, 22D FEB PeJ ruary, a package or valuable" papers, hetwe-n 174 W. alreet and 67 Went Tiynty-tifth street. Whoever will return the eame to 67 Weel 2ith it met will mretve the above reward. HEM, \ WOOD, New York. dtC REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL PARI EH OF NOTES, pvj MB. The Under will receive the above reward by calling at 240 Front alreet. (f?fr REWARD.-HOST, ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, <PvJ a small Adama' patent Revolving Pistol, in Hrosdway. Chambers or Elm street. Apply to James Lee, 41 Chambers street, United Stales Marshal's office. a>r reward.-lout, on~wednespay, the 26th yt) Inat., a Newfoundland Dog. black, etcent a white spot on the breast; answers to the name of R?g. The Un< er will receive ihe above reward and the thauka of the owner by returning It to 894 East non-ion street. <?r: REWARD-HOST, ON SUNDAY, 2SD ULT., A ij'l large bla< k Setter Dog, answers to lha name of Ma lum; whim hisasl. bushy tall, had on a black leather I collar, with ring a'tached, when lost. The tlader will receive the above reward by leaving him at it', Broadway. BOl'YER A ItONTEY. (J?-| A RKWAIID -LOHT, ON THE I4TII OI.T . A POINTJpJA/ ar Hint, llrar Color, wlih * place off tb? and of hai I til. The Under will pjMfn call at 289 Kifiti araiiuc. ?Or REWARD.-DOBT Oil HTOI.KN, ON rKBRIARV Pail'J 27, a lad/'a gold WAU li and t'haln lioih mamacd in biiH?! N >. ni wate't I2.IM4, Charlai Pack tuak-r. Tic a bore reward will bo paid and nntpieaiionaaakett if rrlnricd to B. Cohan, 11)1 Ea.t Tw itl)'-!ir?| atrcl, Pawnbrokci* plaice ?tO|ili aoil I ha abnto reward will lia pa'd |-> tlcm ? ATCMBfli AND JEWBURT* A DIAMOND WANTED.?TIIK VikVERTINKIl WlHIIFK 10 puiidia1* t brilliant n t.iaa, dianxnid 01 Hi- hi i w.t I'm , weighing fr on 4 ?-> ? vata, Rr Itta own uaa a r. aaon a hi i |m t< ti in ctanwdi ba i?*M lor prrfn* ai'ina, linnil>?mal? Oil, or tie air rlla-i /0'ild t?n* or to i nl a hm i in a gaud iva'it/, In jrtytncn'. A IIf""* Wvond, hit 77.1 Poat o'li e. I arrvATiovi wahtud-vemalci. A8 000K, *e -8rTtUTI(?? WANTED, BY A TO UNO woman M cook; understands b*kin* and soups; iMrill J *n? to aaalat with the washing if required. Uh the beC of city reference* fur honcaljr had sobriety. Call at 1X9 let AT., Aral Boor, beck room. j AIIEALTHY YOUNO PROTESTANT WOMAN, WITH a baby three weeks old, wishes to obtain a ailuatlou aa wet nurse. Inquire at 200 Jay at., one door south of Myrtle J are., Brooklyn, between two and four o'clock. It a A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A SITUATION aa chambermaid and nurse. lias no objection to assist in the washing and itouinp. Can be highly recommended J front her last place, where she has lircd six years. Call at a 89 Wyckolf street, Brooklyn. * - M A LADY WHO Id PARTING) WITU HER OIRL WOULD " like la procure her a good *11 nation as plain cook, waah- 1 or and iruner; she hu been with her two years, and can re- J cei?e the beat relereucc. Call at 46 Douuaick at., after 10 o o'clock. A LADY, DKCLININO HOUSEKEEPING!, WISHES ^ to obta:n a aHuation for one of ber aervunta, a most ex- 1 cedent and faithful girt, who could eerve in tho capacity of either nurse or chambermaid. Apply at 32 Wee! 46th at. 1 CHAHSTRES8.-EMPLOYMENT WANTED. BY THE ? kJ day, week or month, by a young lady having one of . Wheeler A Wilson'? sewing machines; is a good operator: J can cut and make ladies' aud children's dresses and do all kinds of family sewing. Apply to Miss Everest, 236 West . 23d si. ' SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL PROM THE J uoitli of Oermany in an American family, to do general housework; can do good plain cooking; is a good washer and 1 Ironer. Call at 349 Canal St., corner of Elm, in the grooery I store. ' WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, PIP- ! teen years of age, a situation in a dry goods or fancy 5 millinery store. Apply for two days at 333 3d ar.. Brat lloor. * WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A " siluat on to rook, wash and iron or to do general house- , work for a small family, or as laundress. Calf at 2601st sr., : near I5th at., for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO- i man. a situation as wet nurae, harlug the beat city reference. Apply at No. 8 Pearl at., Oral lloor, back room. j flf ANTED-BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, TWBNTY-PIYB i TT years old, a situation as housekeeper; ahe is of an agreeable disposition, fond of children, and competent to take charge of a gentleman's household. Address for one i week M. 8., Boston, Mass. 1 YXTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WITH A t TV fresh breast of milk, a baby to wet nurse at licr own house. The best of esre takcu-? 'or Mi-s. Noleu. at ! 3661'cuth at., between avcu'ie* B audC. hist floor. 1 Waktop-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK. A SITUATION 1 in a private family; she understands her l>e8luesain all its branches, such as sunns, game, pastry and desserts of s all kinds. Can be seen uutil eugaged at 81) West 20th ?t. t WANTED-BY A LADY, A SITUATION AS >HOUSE- . keeper, ss, dressmaker, ?ompanton, or in any respectable and houcsl capacity wheie her activity, good disposition aud cxjiei'trucfd general utility would give her a le- J spcctablr nnd modest home; is a widow, aged 28 years, now i residing In Uiecouutry. Address Mrs. M. J. W., Heraldotlice. "SITUATIONS WAWED-JIALEsi I A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN IS IN WANT OF A ' sltuatioa. Would like a pos.tlou as bookkeeper or barkeeper; la well acquainted with both branches of busin-'ss; or in l'avt he would accept any respectable s tuatiun, as be , thinks he can fully satisfy bis employers. The very liest of | references glveu. Address F. M K., box 162 Herald oflice. , A YOUNO M AN WANTS A SITUATION AS CLERK OR porter, in a wholesale business; is not afraid of work; wages moderate. Address J. L. A, bos 100 lierald oflice. 1 A YOUNO MAN, TWENTY-THREE YEARS OF AOE who lias had six years' of business expeiicn e, desires a situation as assistant bookkeeiier, salesman or entry clerk, . or in any commercial capacity; Is not afraid of work. S ilary . not much of au object. Can furnish the best of references. Addrees A. L., box4,683 Post otflce. DRUaOISTS.-WANTED, BY A YOUNO MAN, AN 1 American, who thoroughly understands I he business, a < situation to take entire charge, or as clerk in retail drug store; satisfactory references given. Address Physic, He SITUATION WANTED?BY AN ENEROETIC YOUNO ! O roan, who lias fifteen years' experience in the mailing or publishing department of either a daily, weekly or monthly newspaper or periodical. Unnuestlonaii:reference given. Address Mall Bag, Herald oUl e. WANTED?BY A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, TWENTY years of age, who speak English* very well and u well . accustomed with sea travelling, a situati-m'as valet, to (ravel In Enro|ie with a small family; a single gentleman preferred; best of city reference given. Address tor three days 0,E. M.. Broadway Cost office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ MAN IN HIS 1 tweiilv-Brst year, as entry clerk, eaptala's clerk or assistant purser on an ocean steamer, is a good and rapid penman. AddresaT. B , M 133 Post office. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GENTLEMAN OR twelve years' experience In the hardware business, with an Indiana und Michigan acquaintance, to travel, or as salesman; or would accept a Mil nation In any olber respects- | bio business. Address Fanning, Brooklyn Cost office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE i young man. as butcher's clerk; one whn is experienced 1 in the business, and wilt niske himself generally useful; city reference given. -Address John Avers, 80 Bowery, for three days- ] WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN LATELY FROM EU- ! TV rope, who writes a good hand and is correct at figures, a situation as timekeeper or collector in tome respectable e?- 1 tahlishment: I* willing to work for a moderate salary; can 1 give good references as I character. Address Foreigner, box 170 Herald office. j <t??n WILL BE PAID TO ANY PERSON WHO WILL sgjyJU procure a young man (22) a situation iu a res|icctable b i.-iness. at a in.sierate Salary; undoubted reference given. Addresa Benton, box 100 Herald office. (fcfiOn -THE ADVERTISER WOULD BE WILLINO pUUVf. lo lusu the above sum to any patty furnishing liiin a situation na iHiokkceper at a fair salary, or would ae ept of auy other respectable position. First clsei reference. Address Washington, Hetuld office. HELP WANTED- MALES. Agents, dealers and merchants Wishing to aell Hie best "PRIZE PACKETS" OF STATIONERY AND JEWELRY Should buy ours. We engage ta give MOKE FOR THE MONEY and better satisfaction, because tbe QUALITY OF THE GOODS can slwsvs bn guaranteed and relied on. Uircnlais tier. HASKINrt A CO., 36 Beekinsn aireet, N. Y. A BOY WANTED?IN AN OFFICR. BETWEEN THE al. age of Maud 13; must live in New York and write a good hand. Ap.ity, betwecu 3 and 9 o'clock, at 16 Nassau at., room 13. BOY WANTED-WHITE OR COLORED, ABOUT 16 TO 13 years of age, to atlend a doctor's office; most he nice and tidy about his persou. Call tbis day at 7t) Broadway, up stairs. HE3PKUTABLK EMPLOYMENT?PERSONS DEslK? ing good business, bv mailing 20cents (in money) to W. Hoot 117 Moruoc at i i-nt. New York, will be mailed a valuable book, containing directions bow to make money honestly and rapidly, without capital. Every unemployed persoii should get a copy and at one - comiucuce a profitable business ior himself. Wanted?at the brkvoort house, an expeiIcti' ed head waiter. None lived apply but these who can give reference at to their fidelity and capability lor the piitutimil. i/u.titit m \17\ANrED-A YOUNG MAN. WHO rULI.Y UNDER\Y pt intls vegetable gardening and llindfui' bonrt,lc.; imp t come woni?. wi,Ifd, and at miuiaiate Wages. Apply ut raetory, Booth rin mm j?it>y it., Ai??y*iny, TIT ANTED?A N INTEf.I.IOENT I.AD IX A I.AW OFYY floe. Mo t com" well rrc niimrnded .ind wr te a fair hand. Salary $50 i?-r yfiar. A|>i>ly at $0$ Kiillnti WANTED?A RESPECTABLE ROY. ABOUT SIXTEEN YY years of age, I o drive a hois t and wagon and rcoetTU orders. Ca'.l al T,tl)5 Broadway, nrar Twenty-ninth street. wanted-a smart, intelligent bell bot YY Aprly at the Napier House, corner lit li at and itli sr. 1vanted-a man who understands cutting Y Y corsets. Address box 220 Herald otllce. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE BOY. FROM 15 TO 17 years old, whn?e parents or parent live in the city. Apply altar 12 M. at 3M 6lh ave., corner 21st a'. WANTED-A BOY, ABOUT IB OR 1!> YE IRS OLD. IN YY a wlioleaaJe liquor atoi e, uone huttho.e wliti can come well recommended lor honesty, aobrialy and lire with their p.<rents need address B. O. O., Herald nflice. \IrANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO TRAVEL* WITHIN YY one hundred miles of New York, wiih the advertiser, In a light evening business; one having ft oin 130 to $60 in rath can meet with a good i-ituallou. Call to day, from 10 to 4 o'clock, at 114 Christopher at. WASTED-A COACHMAN, TO OO A FEW M1I.e8 YY lrom the city. lis must be sober and a perfect driver. Address, with references, 0. It., box 145 Herald olliie. Wanted?a young man to cany abb the city and drives hora?j and wagon, In tlia cullce business. Address box 14(1 Herald office. w'anted-a young man to take charge or YY topper rooms and restaurant. One who thoroughly tiniterstands ttie bnilnraa (none oilier need apply) mav venire a ( erinanent situation by railing at Odd Fellows' llall, comer of Grand and Centre bis., this day, between 10 anil 12 A. M. "wanted-a waiter, for a dining haloon; YY mast have been at the business. Apply al "Jdl Washington street. TV-ANTED?TWO YOUNO MEN to ATTEND BAR, generally naeful. Suit? tut good tnea need apply. Muat bare pioper reference*. L. W. PARKER. MS 6ih ar. ?Tnn -AOEMM WANTED-TO OPEN AM OFFICE ?J>?l/U. and take the whnleeale agency, In erery Htate, fur all of Lloyd a Ureal Military Map*. uaed by our Cumniaud-r m-Chlef. The rheapeat n?ai>a In the world. A fortune i an be made on tbeae inapa In each State, Three million C 'pieaof one of iny map* have already been a<i|.|. Aim a man to go to California, England and Cuba. Agenta alao wanted In erery country. Mmid for < I (rulers * ?L T. LLOYD, fSI Broadway. diPllfl WAMTEO.-A MAM WHO CAM LOAM TIIIR ?4>f loU amount, on good annirtty, ran have a |>erinanent villi ition to travel, at fll per week and etpen-aa paid. A p. ^ly at 87 Korayth atreet, corner ol' Oraud, font lli lioor, room PVRMITVRB. A BEDROOM SUIT OF EMAMF.I.LBD FORM ITU RE lorgJI. In all colore, of warranted nriitufactiire; alao olid eheatiuil Chamber Bulla, plain and 01 lumanlal, at II. F. FARKIMOTON H, 388 Canal atreet, opponive Wooeter. Eetahllabed iu 1848. 13 CRM IT II UK. I OR RALE.?A TARTY, OIV1MO I'P 1 Inineekeyplng, wiah tadlapoae nf their Fiirmitnve, l>gether with Be idtn_( and all ant, lea rciinlmte to Inrmah a bona.-romidete; ih -hotue ( in h?rented, It dee!re I: frtrnltore hi at ifeea and In gaod orler. Attn- aiWreaged to Ceeh, llctald olllcc, will receive piompt attention. LM RNrr.mH To LET OR FOR KAT.F. FOR BOARD -e. r A l??ian fril l! ?(Wily Furniture to belet lo a re?imr at Ide piO y fr,r\ h. I i! Iwa" poreon*. or will I"' Bold cheap for ci i. A 'drear w Ph Wit nam", reference and f ull tr . f<l*, Jwmi K I W.I I da, Ilerail ?NRM. HKLP WANTBO-raHAUCH. A RTIKICIAL FLOWERS?GOOD BEAMOHBRjMWANT 3. ed Immediately at Mr. SachArle'a, 17 Whllt at. 4 GOOD OOOK WANTED -NOWK EOT A WOMAN fx anderatanding the French cooking need apply at Mo. 9 erey place. Bleacher atreot, ecooud block weal of Broadway. A WET NURSE -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A REX apectaOle woman aa wet nurae:one who baa recently >at her child preferred. Apply at tl and 23 Mercer at., up air*, on Saturday, March 1, between the houraof 10 and >. \ LL FAMILIES AMD GOOD SERVANTS WILL PINO .A. the largest old established Institute, at the eorner of 6lk r. audllthst., fur German, English, Irish and Atnrrioan 'omen. Mr. Fiord in attendance. Good place* always Bady. Protestants wanted alwaya. TOUSEKKBFKR WANTED?A YOUNO, AGREEABLE LL and cheerful iienon. A plraaant and permanent homo an be secured. Address Bantum, boa 109 Herald office. 1ITANTED?A FIRST BATE COOK. SHE MUST HAVE *00?r*'lJ????aatoJioneityt Ac. AddreM V. P., boa 45 Herald office. iyANTED?IN A SMALL 1'BIVATE FAMILY, AS TV nurse and chambermaid, a respectable, elderly Profs taut woman, who can produced the beat of city refeenoee; must lie wtlllug and obliging. None need apply rbo are not fully competent. Call at No. 2 Sea View place, ludaon at., Hobokeu. nf ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED YOUNO LADY TO YY attend an embroidery and lace More; one who undertands to making fancy head dreaat* preferred. Call Unsaeliately at 3UI Caual at., from 10 A. M. to 6 P. M., for two lay*. CU" AIT ft ESS WANTED.?A WOMAN WHO THOROUGHTT ly understands her business, and can bring good reommendations, may apply, between the hour* of 10 A. M. >nd 1 P. M . at 10 Brevoort place, Tenth street, three doors rom Broadway. _____ nTANTED?A WOMAN WHO I? A FIRST BATE WASHYY er and Ironer and can do good family cooking; muat horoughly understand her business and ortag good refeen'-e from her last situation; Protestant preferred. Apply or two dsys st ltll East 17th et. tSf ANTED?A YOUNO PROTESTANT GIRL, AS ASYY sUtaut nurse. Apply on Monday orTuesday, between 10 and 1* o'rlock, at 13 Bast 33d at, rtTANTr.D?TWO LADIES, TO LBABN THE ART OF YY coloring photo water color*. To good hand* ifter learning constant employment, at from 98 to $12 per reek. Apply to Mra. Le Frank, artist, 118 Forsyth at., near Broome. (XTANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN TO DO GENEYV rat housework ins small family; is a good washer mdiruurr and took. Good city references required. Call at 19 Eaat 27th at., before 12 o'clock Saturday. IITANTED?A TOUNO LADY, WHO IS ACQUAINTED TV with and able to embroider and do all kinds of fancy ind tasty needlework. The same can be doae at home, aad teed only occupy a few hours each day.' Address H. W. taymond, box I,Ml Post office. IXTANTED?BY A OOOD COLORED GIRL, A SITU A. TT Hon hs rook, washer and iioner, or wonld be willing t? lo general housework. Call at 1,221 Broadway, between !9ib and SOtli ate. IIT ANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN, VV a Protectant woman lo rook, waab and iron. 8he must >e capable and well recommended. Apply in Elliott place, ccclid house south of Fulton avs. WANTED-A SMART TIDY GIRL, TO DO THE GENEral housework of a small larnlly; muat be a good washer and Ironer and plain oook. willing and obliging, aud rritig good reference from her last place. Apply at 362 Fa;itic St., Brooklyn. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED FEinale, lo take care of children (girls). She must be a [borough si-sundress. None under the age of 24 need apply. Call at 3.1 Baat 16th at., before 12 o'clock M. WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAVILT. A NEAT, lidvgirl, 14 or 18 years of age, to make herself generally ui e uL Apply at tl Orchard at., in the basement. WANTED-A OOOD OPERATOR ON WHEBLEB * Wilson's sewing mmcbiae, who la also a good seam* ili-ess and will finish o(T her work neatly. Apply this day >r Monday, between ten and two o'clock, at 16 West 37th at. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER; AL80 A GOOD saleswoman. Noue but first class hands need apply. Inquire ?i Mr. Simmons', 637 Broadway. WANTED?.1 WET NURSE, WITH A FRESH BREAST of milk, to lake the cliild to hrr owu home. Inquire at No. 8 Joues St., immediately. WANTED-A CIVIL. OBLIGING WOMAN. TO DO the entire work of a smalt, plaia familr; must be a sood^sewer. Apply in the feed store, 621 Sd are., near WANTED-A YOUNG. HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH A ft e*h br -ast of milk; one who has lost her baby. German or French prefeirad. Call at 283 4th st., from 13 till 3. WET NURSE -WANTED, A HEALTHY, OOOD Woman lo wet nttrsea newly born Infant. Inquire nt 111 7th at. TJME TnADKS^ ^ G" AKDENER WAMT8U-WIIO HA3 HAB EXPERI f?* lit laying out ground*, cultivating house and hardy grape* and In kitchen garden. To one fully competent a good and permanent plsao will be given. Appiy at M Beaver t., aecond floor, (MM room, from 11 to 1 o'clock. Hat trade -a person who is well posted in the alU, luraud wool bat trade, and knowa lb* largest lnanulacluieie aul wholesale dealers In New York *nd vicinity, and the large factories making for the Hew York market, uttch Information will be paid for, and perbaua oine employment given if auilable. Addrera W, A. T? Herald office, elating where you can be seeu or a note will reach you. r TAILORS AND CLOTH!Bits.?WANTED, A 8ITUAlion. by a man who has had considerable esperience la fashionable culling, bating conducted the customers' department ol a fashionable clothing houea in this city fur the last llirce years. Qood refeienre glveu. Apply to Win. Olenites*, 213 Broadway, N. Y. ()ft coopkrs wantrd?to make rovnd hoop ?tO flour barrel*. Apply to A. T. Brlggs, 54 Rutger Slip. PRENfHADVEKTISEMENTS. OK DEMANDS UNE BONNE D'I Nr'ANTS QUI HA8HB coudre, et pouvant fotirplr dc bonoes eecotnmanialioiis; elle doit psrlcr un pen I'Angai*. Badiesser an 39 West 12th st _ Iif STRUCTIOH. ~ A FRENCH LAliY OF GREAT EXPERIENCE WISHES to leach two hour* every day in a goodgu Ivale American lamllv in eicbange for board. Best reterenre* given. Apply lo MM M., care of Mr. Chrisiern, 763 Broadway. A lady of experience in teaching english, J-atin and lite rudiments of French and Music, maliea a ail nation lu a school or l imily sa tlaily or resident governess: list no objection lo th - country, or travelling either a? teacher or lady's companion. The lest of < uy references given. Address Tracber, but 175 llcraid office. ALU-bookkeeping, penmanship, arithmetie. A''., wiiboul wtiich young tueti ere me >m|ielenl lo cnicr into litiiim'-s for Ihentaelres or o h t*. are luught at hum* sailing undents. Strictly private Instruction given. m. H. l'AINK, 62 Bowery, corner Canal street. A CARD.-OUTER P. GOLDSMITH S WRITIN0 AND Ho kkehptiig Rooms, Brood way and No, 6 Kuu ih avenue, lielotv Eighth street. Eaeh pupil la separately taught, aud at llic re im e l tenna. - Privali instruction lor ladies or genilemeu at cither place. Brooklyn?i-aine s mercantile college (established 1*110, eiiirance 2.C, and 2S5 Fulton atreel, will lie kc|d open for instruction t'ay and eveuing during 'lie spring and summer months. Terms:?Bookkeeping, double ciidy, $5 per inonCb, or $IU lessons undiluted, An I hun t w and penmanship, $10 p- r ipi irter; seventy-eight lesions r* h. L 'dies private writing clsas, $2?Iwenty lessons. ^ 1,'Oin edward institute, WASHINGTON COUNTY 1 v Y.?Best sustained boarding seminary in tbe State seven vi-iii . -osbliahed, Brick buildings lor ladies and gentlemen, fllsteru icaeUeri, Superior advania-ea to prcpara for business, for teaching or for coUem*. Military at III, with board, Inei, washing and room, furnished, exc?i?i cai|? '. mi,| breakables, Spring t'rm, March 27. Par cir culsrs or rooms address Rev. Jos. E. King. Lesaonh in fbench and translations by am esperienced tea her. Address A. Y., boi Its Herald otllce, or apply a' 199 Clinton street, Brooklyn. IESSON3 IN FRENCH?BY A PARISIAN OKNTLE 2 man. Terms $3 a month, at his residence. Particular a'eution paid to the pronmr Inltmi and thea<ert. Nop". t.sVi-u In the evening. Apply at XV West Fourth street, near B'oad?*-. rno FRENCH TRACHEBS -WANTED, INSTRUCTION i In the Frmrh language, by a young man; real lent of Brooklyn preferred. Address, slating trims, which musl be ii aaonable, D. C. E., Herald offl te. CLOTHING. ADEMAMD.?flLOOO WORTH or CAE* OFF i Lo rning, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which the most Talne ran be obtained, by calling on or addressing K H., 79 Sllth avenue, near Waverle/ place. Ladles attended by Mrs. e. 11. l'lrase rememlier an I try 79 SirtU avenue. At the californian and western agency Store the highest, prlee can be obtained for east off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. Kor Silk Di esses, from 3* to $16; for Coats, from $2 to SIS; for I'attls, from $1 M> to $6. A note addressed U. Harris, 361 Bowery, opposite Ureal Jom s street, will be punctually attended to. La dies attended by Mrs. Harris. At the old stand, 134 seventh avenue, ezeKIEL8 guarantees to pay the following prices lor east nlf Westing Apparel. From $7 to $i:> lor Silk Dresses, fmin $.1 to $2.1 for Coats, and from ft to $7 for Pants. Alan Cornets, Furniture, Ac A noia by post punctually attended la l.y EsBKIELB, 111 8cvrolh avenue, between Ninetoenth and Tivi n'lctb ?irr";s. attended i? by Mrs. E. A great union tictoet is gained.?ladies nnd gentlemen, It has been vletorlons In being pronounced by a great many that b. MINI/. 179 Third a rem is, has barn navlnu the highest pries Tor Cast off Clothing, Car p- te, Ftirniture~anri Jewelry," an.l mill nn-tm lo co?i*inn?* to do so If you will favor him with a note orcalL We promts* top?yM>|x>r<'?nt morn than any dealer In the city. Please remember the well known dealer. B. HJuir, I7t Third avenue, uear Seventeenth street. Ladioe attended to by Mrs. Mint*. MATHUUMUAIw A YOUNG UBKTLBXAN. OF POSITION AMD wealth, desires the acquaintance <>f a young lady similarly sltitaial, with a view to matrimony; beauty required. Address Montague, Broadway P"*t tfllo". \TATRIMOMIAV-A YOUNO LAJJT Of OKKAT BKAU m. ty, and olhaawlsa lavishly endowed ('too?oi all evtl? included), desire* to open a correspondence with s new lo matrimony. Abe prefers this romantic method of procuring a husband. Communication#ilr ctlJ eonr.dentlal. tddreaa Unhy Cartr/* S,27# Post office. TOO IsATK FOR CLASSIFICATION. ^ T.IOK fULf-A TARE AND CONFECTION ART HTOItB A1 r/iesp. on nccount of the proprietor having o"ter bud. neaa to attend to. Apply at Echlli a.eiwr between Tw /nty-thlra and TwcOty fdurth slrrcls. "AjlOE BADE?FOUR ITAI.IAN 0BKV1I00ND 1'UPfl, r three montliS old, of the pun si breed; four King Chariot l'ttps, eleven weekeold; llull Terriers, Scotch Tenters, H\y Tenles, Blank and Tan Terriers, Newfoundland Do.#, the I irgast in the elty; i'ups of Hie ea iiostc' r , tiifl larg st HI. Hi i nartl I'up in the city, ten months old, 31 Incline high. lit pounds weight. Address II (Jatdncr. burner Ol Broadway and FtilulU street, New Turk, t

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