Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1862 Page 2
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r J THE BURNSIOE EXPEDITION. I 0 a The Capture ami Destruction [ of Wintou. t r t Tim Kecoimofssances Up the 8 t'liowuu aud Hoauoke Hivert. c * 1 Official Documents Relative to the ^ Capture of Roanoke Island. ; < Report of the Rebel Naval lm Commander. ? e: tl Tie Mews of the Captore of Fort [5 Dooclsen iu North faroiiaa* J?, ' u Qmt Excitement in the Seacoast r? Counties, ktif tlij he* J, j_ . a Oflttal Report of tiro Engagcmiut at J U'lntoo. ? tjwitkd sratw stuamsb prntadoirnia, > ' Orr Rontons lai-ure, N. C., Feb. 33,1862. } 9 But?Th* reoonuoiteriug expedition up th* Chowan ? river, abont which I wrota you in my communication of n the JOtb, has returned, loving found it impracticable to K ascend the stream beyond Wmtou. There the enemy, in l( considerable force, opened a h-av y firs upou our vesel in n advance?the Delaware?with a buttery of artillery and a musketry, which induced our force to attack it lu return, ? both by landing the Ninth New Turk Zouaves and with g the guns of tho vessels that could be brought to bear. * The enemy now took to flight, and the houses be occupied * as quarters wsre burned. Not a man on our side, of s 'ithsr arm, was injured. Your obedient servant, fl L. M. GOT.DS BOROUGH, Flag Oftlcer, kc. Hon UmsoN Wr.u.i*t, ScoreUry of the Navy. ti b Os?i- Expeditionary Corvcgponrtcnce. ? Uimwt Statvs .dnsamkr Pk: aw urn, \ f. Orr Wlvtov, N. C., Feb. 21, ISBH. J Th* Becoemaiuance up the Choican and iZoanoto- River*? p 7ti Appearance of the Shoret at Seen front the Fleet? < ' A Warm Reception near Winten?The Veseels Reply and j1 then Retire for the A'ight?T hey However R*iurn next t Homing and Land Troop*?They Capture iFin on?TVu b Rebele Deteri the Flare?The IMMruction of the VU- ^ tape, etc., dc. Ob the morning of the 10tb inst., the flotilla under the r< command of Commander S. C. Rowan set out from Edenton for a recoonoiasance of the Chowan river as far as fftnton, and tba Roanoke river as Car as Plymouth. The ?TM detachment, under Commander Rowan, emulated <r I the Delaware, hla flagship, and the Perry, having on hoard a company of the Hawkins Zouaves; the second dc- at thobment, under command of Lieut. A. Murray, compria- *5 ed the remainder of the flotilla. The greater portiou of the day was spent in admiring the picturesque scenery which is te be found on the bonka of the Chowau. Here and tbera wera deeertod houses, and small boats drawn up upon the shore by their timid owners, who had f0 left them upon our approach. Solitary contraband* at tnterrals might have bean seen waving their hats ?r' * with perfect delight, with tho belief, apparently, that Vi Mass* Bobolition" had oome to free them. Not a single white maa, however, was to be seen until within twenty mileeof Wlnton, when a party of flfteea horsemon, ap. S( parently reoonnolteriug, was discovered on a hill some 1" distance iuland. As our mu*ion was oua of penoo, we M did not disturb thera, mors especially as we learned at jo Elisabeth City that Ave h'indred Union men at Winton had raised the Stars and Stripes and desired protection, which we were about Uktug ihcrn. (Of the warm reception tho five h'indred Union men gave iu I'll make <] meci ooof hnreatter.) Towards evening the weather bocaiTH--ic'le m rt.v, the banks of the river assuming rather as 4 ii?- .icier, being m fact natural embankment*, pai afl> : Hi .< ni protection and conceaimoi.l, either to mi infan'* i alillt ry. The river at this point is not over _ both . ? cards wide, aflbrding hardly room enough 1 to tar' in. Whoa about opposite to the "landing place at the Wiutuo, Colouel Hawkin?, who was upon the lookout at |M, our maintop, sung out that he saw armed men?as neer . as ho cut ire regimeut?drawn up mime ontbehiil.oovereaby tliatrce.i audh'mses. He descended ing from his perch in a m.inuer far from leisuroly, and hr.d 0p hardly reached the deck before a volley of musket balls and bucAshot greeted us. For the *;aco of fifteen 11 minute* we were the recipients of a perfect shower of reb balls, no less than two hundred and fifty piercing diffluent cot parte of our fortunate utile craft. 1 t.?y iortiinate, for . not a man. wonderful to relato, was injured in any way, although there were some narrow esrapes. the Mr. Gabaudan, our signal officer, w ho was on deck at tne r#c, time, had the sleeve of his coat nearly torn off by a eharga of buck shot, and many of our otliccrs aud men 1 escaped as narrowly. Tlie hacks of the river being quite wa. high, we were at the tyoo unable to bring our large ^ guns to .beer with effect upon ihern. but afer Sturm of lead, *f at la?t got into r?ug? mid ilred ro* terrible edict our elie'l amongst them When we ro- w0 turned end anchored some eight mile* below the village, . we afterward* learned that they had compelled an .?ged wu negro woman to show herself upon the back is of the i iter, bui evidently for the purpose of decoying us to lend .when we m? would hare been, for a cortaiuty, cut to pl-cee. Hut, , thank God, their mean amftneardly device failed The following morning, at nine o'clock, the flotilla got vei under weigh, our commarder being determinad tote oh on them a lesson and admin inter a warmer rocspt ion vh in they greeted ua with the day before. When nearly abreast of the landing, the bolted tfatea steamer I'erry opened 111* the ball by throwing a nitie-i ch aheil jqio the '.own, fl.-a followeil by the baltiue of the lleilda -Visl ? ?* , at this tliiie made to land troo|? from the Hunchback and other vessels, wntaiiilng the Hawkins Zouaves, bil which was sorcersl'ully tmunpiirbed, suni tl ey. together the with our two boat howitzers, under the o.imwn I r,i of Acting Master tlnrom.nd (promoted for li s i"*1 bravery at Roanoke Island, i took poe?- -ko.o of the town tha of Wiutou, situated guine hull a mile hwlc from the land lot tog. The village wis fouud to be emir?ly defi led, even woi by the Are hundred Union men, of whom we saw no din trace, unless they were the ones who had given ns so rub warm a race|>'ion on the evculug pruvlons N'u doubt in i the pereon who reported then* Union men was a rank our secessionist and spy. About this tima we *atue to wsi anchor, and I.ieuteuant Commanding Qtiai.kenbiiah and but Acting Assistant Paymae'er K. It. Curtis wen' on shore our for the purpose of raconnoitering, and while tlive took tha ponne*fdot? of a rebel alowp lying at i he wlvarf, from which wei place they ascended t lie hanks and en tor. d the hoc whore they found the Zouaves in full pneeeas.oti, with our by two howitzert guarding fhs forks of the ronu, ren-ty at t *? moments warning to cover the soldiers. After setting csn (Ire to the town (with the sole exception of the church ed and witnessing the total destruction of tbs ssme, tlmy we returned onboard and the flotilla weighed nn hor lor "< Koanuke Island, where we arrived u> safety 1?1? ' th# U.vriM hiTATW Srnf ) *!" On F.uzab*to Crrr, .V. C., Feb. IS, 1*32 ( ' ** m. t>IH &tf*p*ae Anvny) th* yorth Otrohni/tnt?(/root fj^iUtmenl ht, W tte Soaro-id Countit?Yovm--n/? of tht tfnion *? Fl*, * J[j A boat <yoiamtng attitena ha* put coma off from gltr y.lizAbath City, bringing tha following new*?That the cot wtldaot aaofuaion anal* to the aeimiut' .win* lea?Fa* ( 1 tuotauk, Camden, fc-aiifort, Sir Tb? whit* people ar* all mailing bach Into tha country. and the nwgroea *4- pro rancing toward* the coaat. rh* wh.'.ae fear an Inaur ton i notion of tho (lave* Apparently there art no troop* 'o lh? rtelnlty of Eliaabeth City but the iawlef* three'eu a*v |0 boo* the toiro, It la aup-oaed for tha take .>f plunder. A |W' of aoma flfty haa bean formed to pr-vent it* ,u 4?airaotioo, If poaatbla To all probability the fleet will leave hare to m^row Til BBg, together with tha butane* ot our " raoa'piito Beet,'1 Vtoe##d to Newborn, wbu li plaaa i? ?a>d to I*. etrongiy fbrtlfled. If era neoeed 10 taking It the entire meet of 1 NorUi Carolina wlU ba m ?yr prwaaamu an : 'ban Coi by to aaoaaaloa In t>ea- Velar*. Ro I tblnk twa-l^rdi of tb* poop!* ar* In favor of tb* , (Tnloa It* Carolina I will notify you of every o* ^?rria at ovary opportunity. the capture; op boanoke island. v* orrioutt RRPorra or rita orranKi on*M*sr>rw? on NtrtL maaitJb?*Ki'0>T OF LIIb'TEXaNT . F. l* tiaaewtvu. _ m Uirnnn 9r*r?n wi-aavm fki?w, I ? Or* Yjjtknm Cm, Ibb- 11, 1W1 / *J * Omnnaeder 9. C. Row a* ? ? 3i??in ?balUnn< a to erderi I Mrnwlth ribm.t to yon thn following rwport >~ JJ On tba Tlh day of February. IMS, at tan a'ctaotr 10 thn w morning, thn United lltaten tieaver D? la warn, 3. P. rl tjunekenb'iab, LleuUtLint Commanding, nnd bearing tbn 11 red petmaetof Commander g C. Rowno ,J:n obedlenee to n ? P"<f general order from the United Ptetae flaj?Wp HonthfUld. u, got wider weigh and proceeded through the marahan l? lower da tba battery on Ronuokn Island knowo *? F?r? w nlliraa, tan gina, which battery w? attacked hi at hair peat alaaan in tba morn log, and cautioned tha flra, w gradually cloe ng in, until about three o'clock in the nf- ot tarn or, n, when wa ran oloaa a. to ibora, within tan raat <t ?r the baeoh,for the purpose of ooraring tha landing of tun b iroopa frem tba amy tranaporta and flanking the fort. At this parted tha launches, under thn command of M>d- t, ilagBi i Porter, can* up for tut attuo purpeae Mneter'i ft idle J n TTumioond, of this vesael, then aeemned tha uiih.ukI of tb? launob Delaware At tin* Lluw the (fcptain ailed away hie(if,and, together wilti hie aid, Acting ASslant I'jjrjiMUr K K. Curtis, made tb? lirjl lauding "0 loauoke Island, for the purpose >f rocoiiuoitrriDg and cap ui in* a rebel lout, wbiob waa accomplished anil brought u board AfUr which, belittviug that lharo waa a large >oJy of rabal troops iu tho wooda, wo rtred several ahull iota our nine in oh Itobliri oii,c >iuinnn'ed by J. U Korcua, I vhich It waa afterward* ascertained lodged in the midst of hair encampment, c luipwilmg ihulu to diapered and deiiet fi un throwing up int enohniunta { At a piatlor pan live P. M. rejni tad to lU.-siiln and reliiHHtad ]* nii-ai' U te land troops from tho ti a lis port*. i win ;t> was g.auleu, ami w# laeuixl tho titty- i irst Pennsylvania r 'g mem, aceomplahiof It by ii ht o'jifook P. M , when wa hauled oir and 1 im-hored, distant some hundred yard* from tha I hue, w'hiie we remained during tha night, i'he following morulng, at tha requwtof (funeral Iluru < utle. eei.t Am in* Master Clioae, with the command of teu 1 lolJieie of the Ninth New lersey regiment and two boatft' i srews. or shore for the nur|..*e 01 reomuoitering. 'limy I eturued at eleven o'clock A. SL Previous to thia Pay I irate- 'aCI-rk Oharlue T. Hallowed landed for the pur 1 one of ascertaining if he could procure oompres9er#' prows for our rilled howitzer, which %? is d.sabled during i lie action il? waa uneutceseful in procuring them, 1 wing to tha engagement at the tune. Captain vpiack- < nbueh and hta aid, K. R. Curtis, went on snore 1 half poet one o'clock to odor assistance to 1 3a army . uncurtained that they ro.\uired warm I eall water and surgical attendance to dread ? 3e wounds, and had the twiut sent to taeir \ ospitul, together with the Surgeon, LeTraver, who suuvieu uiucioui aorvioe uu vue transport tiwiuor ? nwu. Afterwards weighed anchor and rau within on* i undrod yard* of t ort Sullivan, when luminal.dor Rowan I nd Untenant Commanding Qiiack?nbush landedmtth* >rt, and wimassed the raising of the glorious Star* and tripe* on th* robot battery, amid tremendous cheer tan. On the 9th, at half-past two P. M., thin squadron ,oon- j 1st tug of fourteen vmmU, under command of S. C. lowan, wetgbad anchor (tor ElizabethCitjr. During th* ftcruoon discovered three pmali rebel eteamers, which re chased until dark, and then cam* to anchor eighteen . lias distant from this plaoe, receiving *n board two ttah rmeofrotn a small sailboat, captured by tb* United State* 4 toaraor Core*. On th* 10th lust., at six o'clock A. M., I relghed anchor for Elizabeth City. At eight A. M. die- , uvered the enemy'* gunboats, consisting of seven steam ri and one schooner; gave chase and found that tho sooty had a battery of lour guns on our left, and one of on* ua in the town facing as. At six minutes :>*st nia* A. 1. *agsg*d gnaboata nnd battery, and ciO*?d in fa.'tun >n , tiein, oiling the air with shot and shell. At tweulgr live limited past inuo A. M. the schooner struck h*r colors, 1 ml was toutid to be on fire. About the sam* time the y sbol tlag ou th* battery at Cobb's Point y as talturt down and waved apparently as a .gual for the rabelgunboats. Wni. P. Lynch,Flagoffltoer, L ras commanding at the fort. This Bignal was after- a ranis ascertained to be an order for the *vacuatiou of a ie rebel gunboats, 'l'hey immediately ran close in bore, and were instantaneously abandoned and set on re by their crews, some of whom escajied in boats, and thers, Jumping overboard, a wain and waded to the iiore Lieutenant Commanding Quackeubush now gave re order to his aid, V. K. Curtis, to man tho cutter nnd ring cur a rebel Hag for commander ltowan. J . II. Itsyton l, Acting Master's Mate, together with a part of his msiou, imniodiately jumped in the boat with P. K. urtiri, and boarded the reliel steamer Kanny, which was t the time on tire, and hauled down the rebel tlag; then roco*ded on shore to the battery, and Mr. Raymond lion planted the Stars and Stripes, and returned on card the Delaware, which was moored to the wharf at ilizabeth City, at forty-five minute* past nine o'clock in he forenoon?thus eu ting on* of the shortest and mast rilliant engagements which has occurred during this fortunate civil war. Too much praise cannot be warded to (lieofficer* and men attached to this vessel Mr. fiabaodon, signal officer, attached to this vessel, nuerc-d efficient and valuable service during the eu- , ngeoittit. t GENERAL ORDEB FROM COM. ROWAN. [ OMNKRAL OK HE It. ( Uxnvu Statu -Ii masks Ds<..\wuut, > i OKK Kuzabchi CITY, Feb. 11, IStSi. / The commander of the tlotille in Albemarle Sound a 'alia hnm,eir ol the earliest moment to make a public k knowlodgment of the coolness, gallantry and skit! dls- g ayed by the officers and men under his oommand, in >s capture end degtructiou of the enemy buttery and tJ [uadron at Cobb's Point. 1 The strict observance of the plan of attack, and the c eady but onward court# of the ships, without returng a shot until within three-piartera of a mile of the ft rl, excited the admiration of our eaemtsg. The undersigned is particularly gratified at the eviusee oi the high ducipliue of the crews, in refraining n urn treeparsiug, in the slightest degree, <ii>on the pri- t tie properly of defeucelees pco]>le in a dnieucdless town. j The generous offer to go on shore nnd extinguish the ii ime.- applied by the ton hpi' a vandal soldiery upon the >uses of its own defenceless women and children is a ] nkicg evidence of the juetuess of our cauee, and must ive it- effect in tom luug our deluded countrymen a leea in biimanity and civiliratioo. S. 0. KOWAN, Commanding United Stoles Naval Force# in Albemarle t uni. K. K. Cttwna, Paymaster. U THE CAPTURE OP ROANOKE INLAND. tl fhe following is an extract from a letter wr.ttea by JJ rtler of the Ninth regiment New York Volunteers, who lr -ticipnled In the battle of Roanoke Island, to a frieud u thin city:? "he tleei commeacad bombarding on Friday mor:ung> 0 i 7th instant. The iroot>s landed in the, and 'ooackcul in a cornfield, amid a drenching rain, tod all night. At two o'clock tha following mornthe rebel pickets fired on oars, killing two ' them, whereupon tho first br.'giJa, who waro b the time under arms, moved towardj the * els, remaining on the qui mv until daylight. At ^ en o'clock the first and second brigadss engaged a n ly of (lie enemy who had the temerity to come out of Y ir works sad attack us. Alter a brief but decisive ontre. the rebels rstrealed behind their rortificaUoM, [l i regiment to wuich I belong (the Ninth New Yotki o i ordeied to "fall in," and in a few minutes we ad, \ iced upon the enemy's battery in "double quirk" A ie. The road through which we pasted was very nar- j r, with swamps and woods on each li'ls of it. The K ' u led from tho first attack made on tha works were, ,J lie we wore en rcu'e on the charge, carried past ua 1 t even this did uot seam to unnerve Our J n Onward they weal, tilling the Air with ,i isrg as they rushed, as it were, into tho b y jaw* of death. \Yo passed two of our regimooU 'J our route; they were lyin.; on their faco* to protec (J maelve* from tha abowera of inuakat ball* an.I alio f t the cneny wera pouring out from behind tli ir forll *j tton*. A- oon a* the right wing of my regiment go) * bin e.<fy range of tha rebels, it poured a v ritoy of is at lh? alio at invisible foe. Th" W-fi win; by i i uno lo nioj io lute of b itt'e. At thin p nclu.* one lltoee untoward and uuiortuhate acc i til- mriried lance* of which have occ'i ad bo'ore It wa< t wo inlet H>k the Ninth New Jersey regiment It a body of the rebels, whereupon we ftr <1 and ^ laded ti;uo of litem. fho mistake wet at onoe 3<>varad. ilie order was than alien ti ctmrge the w el foi iiil'- 'tlon . the charge wa* made in lid# o battle a [nubia <)' if k tiling amid Uto encouraging lOuunand* of gall.mi Colonel mid Motor. lh- che.ii* oi our man e nriu' gh t" strike terror into the imndi ot lite rebei*. when ve came upon with the cold et'-et of \V bay uietii it w?* more than they could hour in ! #* n t-n mi . ;tes after we commented our charge we 0 in po*soa?ion of the enemy * work. V'e h. l the 1*1 or o! Iterig Hie ttrat reguueut that he* 'akenaforl n< storui dunug tin* war It the rebel fori overytliUig , * in cmfuaion; there wcrearm* of eii kind*, clothing, up eipupage, hlg gone, Ac. Our mew wero not iliie lo appropriate anything to their pe'arnal htntti. We th re kept io the rank*, and after a hriwf re-t we proded on ? double quick live mile tuerch up Roanoke tud in tar h of the i?tie:itiag rebel*. Three nil oe of 1 road over which w# had >> in*- was Wirough rnud t wntrr m arly knee deep. We w-re cateliiug rahrie "J wo pa?*ed. flu Saturday uvtht, the tih mat., we 'O'.iacked 'Wi a plant at mi With the Pientr enitnet of i'ink no tent*, we had the a ina.adoed misfoitone to re no pro.'*iona, heuce we went nnpperle.e lo lied, B nle the land lorce waa at woik ihe naval de#tw*:e ki auk lug the other rebel for i? vnng.'m and '! combuied re n* the victory, Toe nmt day .Sunday) we were 1 nplnnented by ileneral Kortiaulu for our gallantry v 'he Ninth regiment were then marched il.<wn Pi th? ill k and embarked on th? eieem?r Sagt* rvimpame* fl , I B were sent < o board the gunimat Picket, wbei we ceded to Neg'i Heml, a public reeo't for the t*?w l* ft of North < arfiina. When we rtacfctl th# plana n\ b ^eemed to be rorered with a white tlag Tue <1; mla, before they r??rfrom tine pi**, birned ? ?ril building*. After remaining >t Neg'a H?ed < >ri lima we re ember Iced, and are tow reed/ fir e b rt, we know not where n IE REBhTL N A V A (. COMMANDERS llgl'ORT OP THE FIRST DAY'S PIOHTINd. "be following i? a copy of the official report of the rebe1 ' amai.rter W. f. Lynch, of the <! ?t 'tar e 1 a no ice la'snrt The original wae found oq board the ' ?et flAgabip *ee Bird ? Ki m.attic -i?i Hiao, } o Or* TIiiamom let.ivn, lab 7, tuna / lia?I have the honor to report that ilia euttiay, at nA M to-day, with twenty two heary atearnera nod > e tor ni?te aa attack >|<ou tbie wptadmo and the bet* f ry at Vert I'otnt. Aa hia numerical fbrca wee overwlielntlag, we coat t ctv-ed the action at long range hot aa our ?U?l'a fell t, Kirt, while hie burat ever and armnd ua (owing, I ti link, to thea iperlor quality of hie powder). we ware ? I earn ally compelled to nb-rten the dtiiance. Che tight laeted eontinooualy from heif-|>eet ten A. M. v i batf-ieat Ore P. *1., throughout wtileh the eoUlare la ? battery ?uetatna<l their pneltten with a gauaatry hldb woh our waimaet Approbation. The lira wail ter. Oc. and at tlutea the battery would t>e en*eloped in ? Mod and dual thrown up t>j anm ant than and M tbalr eaanaltiaa wara only ona man kiliad and tkraa oundad. Tha aarlbwurka, howavtr, wara rary much cut ,T ). 1 mnntl >a tha batlary, baoa iar in all proband** !' la communication will ranch you before Intaihmi** J III be received from the appropriate nm tai aouren ti The enemy approached In two dit.alone, the rear one J lainj tha aohoener transport# in low. Tha adraiuad " hp b waa the attack an dirtiion, again anbdlTlded, and I ia portion aaaailed tie and the othar tha bat tar jr. Kai<aa?adljr in tba con ran of tha day I fonrad our littla luadroo of tavan raaaala would ha utterly dam 'hahed, , t a gracloua rmaidenra preearred u*. Matter Con mailing floola, of tba Forreat, re oir#.i a Wound In tba tart, which la prnuaunred rarer*, Jf not mortal f yet I uat tint thia pi uniting young >, who an hrarolf I ligtit b? tbip, wiu ha * naiad to tbaaaraiod ? Uh r>- i NEW TORE HERALD, i mso Otorn, of the Kill*, and ?, of th? Curlew, t*'h lost an ira, which, with throe others slightly wounded, <> >ns.iiut* the Bum of our persuusl casualties. 1 aui s ir y to say that IhevCarlew, our largest steam or, wen eun'- ami the Korrust, cue of our propellers, disabled. W > ba.-o root, ed other Injuries from shot and she'll, but coin aratiwiv o'slight character, and could, with the exomftlcaof or BVrrest, be prepared to use in the auHun to mo: row, if we only hud ammunition. I have not a p>? ?d of powder or a loaded ehuii reoiamiag, and few of t< -> other vrrapr i are belter off. During the Utter ps'i cf the ctig ignmont, when our ammunition u a ;? sthausted, I sout to tho upiutr battery for a i : dr. It . two chaigss were all that could he span -if t: a were expeu kd ut duak, as llu . tunny was wha 1. a\ ng from the ooutsst. In all prnbai ) tbe contest will he renewed to morrow, ss tin. nemy has landed a force bolow lha battery, and win undoubtedly endeavor to divert Ita lire. 1 have decided, afior reo.veriug the guns fi mi the r^irlew wreck, to proceed direct with the S'ltiarirou to Kli'/ubcth (lily aud send express to Nortulk for amiuii mtiou. Should it arrive in time, we will return to aid Lhe defence; if not, wilt there make a dual stand and blow up the vessels rather than lin-y Ani 11 fall into the aands of enemies. There are reason* for retiring upon Norfolk, hue it would be unseemly thus t? desert this section of country. Lf 1 have errod hi judgment, by s sjieedy uettdcalieu the irror will be corrsclsd. Oomiuander Hunter, Lieutenants Commanding Oooks, "arker kd<1 Alexander, and Masters Commanding MoCor ick, Taylor and Houle bravely susta.uod tba credit oftho lor vice, end every oUlocr aud man performed tiia duty with alacrity. Lieutenant Commanding Simons, although ibsont cm detailed service, exhibited such an eagerness o participate lu the coufliot as to give full assurance that, f gratiUed, he would h ire upheld hla high reputation, asa, very respeotrully. your obedient eeri ant, W. r. LYNCH, Flag Officer. Hon 8, R MAiaobt, Secretary of the havy. jBTTBS PROM A RISBEL VOUWTiiKR TO HIS ilOTHKR. the foMewtug letter, among hundreds of others, was ound at Wmten, N. 0., by an offioer of the Onion fbroe, 11 tba late daaoant on that plane. Wegivait verbalimd iitraUm, as a fair specimen of the latolligouce and adust ten of the demooralio whites of the South:? Hi). Qns. 1ST Batt. N. 0. V. \ WisTOir N. 0., Fehy It l?08 f Okab Morinnt? . is w ith the greatiat pleasure that I have he oportuuity of writing you a few lines to let you no hat 1 am well aud in hops that thiea few Unee may and os the same, i have nothing of importance to write 'ou only we have loft camp Park Grove we left thear las1 oouday Morning and arivod hear tusday morning 10' 'dock we maid out wary well unlet monduy night it waa o. odd that we auifrcd a wary mutch in the odd Mobier Do. not Give your nelfe euy uueasness about mo for i in making out waiy well wear at apaice namod Wiutonin lurtfoot county on chowaa river we will stay hear bout threo wealth aud then we will go to south Mills and >oe ready for the yankes wo ar ouly her to make ilockads acrose Cowan river tlioar is no danger hear yot . while but no not how soon we havo got wary good louses to stay in the lady* treats ous wary nloe Cosiu wiiliam B Sinner Is hear with his wife and children mobler I no uot how soon the yaukos.may get me or kill me uid for that reason 1 waut you to writs me and let me no tow you all are gutting a long and what the newt la at touth mills we will bee thear or at Portsmouth inoouibe >f three or four weaks but I had aa live stay hear as euy shear* if I could hear Irotn you all. we all are In au? ife aud good epiret to meet the yankes and we ar the Xiys that cau do it i wish to god that our regimout had i>iu on Ronoke island if they had we would had it yet here was no body to fly 1H oa Itonoke old Shaw run aud 10 did Jlrdan and after the bead men run of corse the irivats had to do the same Mothier wiU you pleas rite us one letter if It ant but three lines writ me and let lie no how you all ar get lug aioug. Ill should gel kiied n this 'inholey war that* wags upon ous by the Northern iovenmeot may god pardon my sins and take me u heaven wheal their will bee uo mors parting 11 tear Mothier I have biu wary hard to work sen re I bin hoar in Liu old vesels and liters a oross Chowan river the yaue* wants to com but they caut comet the water is two halow. Give my lev# to all thai* inquiring about me and tell ham mat if I never see them in tins would i hope that may see them In heveu Mothier Write me If you pleas m soon a* you gel this leler so good by for a whde. This you see remember me aud bear me in your mind <r i still ramaio you r a Set male son until! doaib. JAMES K. RADFORD. Mothier you premost ms that you wear a going to send no a pair of homspuu pants want you to seud them for am in warr mutcli need of tbem. direct vour later to smea U lullford llurtfood co N C ia car of Uiruel Wil istns Ualatns Oop, 1. EXT U A CM OP A LETTER PROM A NAVAL OFFICER'S WITTS TO HER HUSBAND. Among other letters found *1 Wtnlon, S. C., by ths Iniou troops, one from the wifo of an officer of the ol>el nary, dated l'orlsfnoulh, Va., February 3, to her ujt.iud al Itoanoke Island. The letter reiatee to domes10, not interesting lo the pubtio, but clones up nth the following paragraph:?"Please tear this up. I 'mild not have oiy letters Call tuto Yankee hamls tor itlliouft ef dollars. I wo Jd wr.lo many things to you, t i know y m are craxy on the subject of keeping old itiera: so 11 you are captured 1 may expect to Ree my itiera published in the Naw Yosu Ukkai.u aa specimens i Southern iguurauoe." SOUTHERN MACHINE POETRY". The fbllswiug Southern moroeatt was also found at Winin, V. C.,by an olliccr of the b'uiou troops. It eras song f iiadmits Booarita andK'.goor George, accompanied by Cull baud, at Oxford Hall, PorUmouth, Va.,October Zi, Ml ? TUX OONFEDKBSTK Ft. SO. right banner of Ireedoin, witb pride 1 unfold Ihse, air dig of tur country, witn love I bobold tiieu, learning above us, in freshness and youth, mbltin of liberty?symbol ot truth or this hag or my country In triumph shah ware 'sr llio .Southerners buine aud the .Southerner a grave. 11 bright are the stars that are beaming upon us, nd bold are tho bars that arc gleaming above t;a ho one shall increase in their number and light, ne other vow bolder in imwei and might; or this (lag of toy country in triumph shall wave i'er the Southerner's noun- or the iSouthoruc-'s grave hoee bars of bright red ? our In m resolution ' ? die, if need be. sin irem pollution, or man iu this hour in , ve all he holds dear, in t wuiuun hei prayers aud lier words oi high cheer, i they wish this fair banner in triumph to wave i er the r-outhernor's hoiue mid the Southerner's grat e. > the great God of Battle we look with reliance; n our uerco Northern ins with contempt and M inis; in tbe.Soutb .-dUtll smile on iu ht-r liagiiuicaa.i 1 b. olit fueu tin; Korlo is fast sinking in r.t ens ' an ' gloom; or lbs llsg of our country in trr tnidi must tvMt o 'or the rou theru.-r s home or the .-viuthuruor'a grave. News fiom Fortrms iHuitror. KoRTnik-? }!oaxox, Fab. ixfl*. The ataeuier Rapri**, CapUiu A. L. Calioady, loll OI?l ilnt at <ou o'i lock tin* morning,! c" up the .!?ui(i> river i recoire another boatful! of rclmvd lotion pi isoncrnt hiarn l?ln sent down frOin Hi lint "il by pievnms ppoititmrot. Ilia Kx prase waited at (Ito ann! 1 etide/vona mil 11 four rlnck, when tho'tanmcaa brought moril r from fteaerel ool for tin Ik) return. The Raiw>cas had |iravlooaijr gnue over to Cranny land,and rooolved a deapah u from General H iifi, ju uincing that the p raonerr wo .hi ool I? waul down not. morrow The ateainor Mystic has arrived from the bloofcade off a Rappahannock. Onr ffrwport Ilewt Carrripoiidcue. c'Aitr BcrtxK, Nowioat Nkwh. Va., Fab. "a7. 1 u-j. ferii </ (hr Gal? on Ike '241a?.Sim r'btng Hi the M m.', ,fo. The g?>? thai ragsa wiih surh fill y over t'.ta greater rt of ttia couutry on Monday laat >il<l not fail to |?uy us riait. ham** river roeo to a height that haa been on>own for mniy yeara, and the violence of the Mm in reretited a.I eriumuniratton with the fort during (he hole Hay. The (.Tilled 3talee eloop of-war Cdtulmrland igged liar awibora aud haiely eeaapaii gctt iv nil achooner l?e'.mging U> Captain Wall.tar,a dealer ut thij >rt, broke huee from the upper whai I and 1i ifled down a our main wharf, rt.ilng II uoital terable atnaga, ami at on>. tune thri'iilea : g u wnb ntlr" .'a irin Inei. 1U>-e regiment* who hail no lot rai kr < tteied ivare moonven nni-n, from t tin fact of ha f vtie tents being lown down. It waa both IndmrOiM and tilli.vble to eoe en running araund in camp in March of their biiunaa City Intrlllgriui-i Major Ga>a iAl. 0. W rtwirn, C. 3. A , 1nvitx:> ro a > Igio* l ai.aacAe-.r.?The oommittee of arrangamanta ,or lie Washington Birthday colebrai im? of th- (ir.lar Of Tnta't AmarioaM recnlly add> exiad the following latter n the -iroet Department, Inviting t?>. late Street ( mn ai??ion?i ,1 Vf Smith, to attend fun festivities ? C'OKMiTrav Itoonv, 53 Hi?t.i Art mir.? NTw Venn, reb. |:i, inij-j. j ft W. HenH. Baa..?Die' 8li?The Order of Unit, it A in m i. aua. Agrr able lo thalr usual custom, Intend to . clnljiale In a omits oiAimerthe iirit??n'?eo.Tof the Blrlhit iv of the mmortal w ailing.on. wnim tea-hinge and prerrpia form ha fundamental principle* of their organisation, el Nlblo'a laden, on the Md lint. All oration will l>* pronounced by ii? Rev, J. I>. Dutcher, of tlila oltf, and other appropriate *erci?aa may o* etpe. tr<k You ara reap* tfully ln> lied to * preaent oa this orraaion. Invited gneati, on the delivery f thalr llrkeia, will Im provided with aaata on the ?u?<a. >ry reape, linily, *e W K BI.VKKN'RY, H. ( LAY LANK/H, W. M. pott WALL. Committee of Arrangement*. Ac HTnaar C'onatsatonan'i Orncc, t N*w Yob*, Feb. 16, IS6i t Orntf i?**- Tour favor of the l.lili ln?t., attending an InPotion to O. W. Smith, Eva., to partirlppt* with your Order o their rejohrntlon of WaaSliigtoiVe Hirihbay, la received at lii?office In reply, I regret lo nay that, in con*e<fnenee of ha reoent order or tha Secretary of War prohibiting all aotan imitation with " rebel* In arm*," I am unable to totmnri voir kind Invitation to the gentleman named, a* lie iiAow, t.d haa for a long time been, a Major (l*o*r^ln the rebel irray. Hoping that your feattvltle* will not He marred or >ny the leaa hearty and effective lb view of Uila rant. I ranaln, very reepectlully, yanra, Lit WIS It. RYKKfl To Meaara W a. BlAUMIY bod Oth*r?, C'vUluiHtea of Arrangement* P. The ticket* are herewith returned. The above reply w?a written by Mr. Bftra, a clerk In ha Street Iiepar'ment, under Inatructlona from Mr. flhbpi*rd Knapp Where have Maeara Hlakenay, !eh"ig md Powoaii bean for the last il* monthg? SUNDAY, MARCH 2, 1862 INTERESTING NEWS FROM THE GULF. Opejratious of the Naval Vessels in the Gulf. The Rebels Shelled Ont of a Fort Near Brazos Successful Boat expedition In Tampa Bap, Ac.. Ac, to. Oar l??)r WMt Con?<pandrnc?. Rn VTwr. Fob. 11,1869. ATewi from the Qvlf?Capture of Pie Schooner Major Bartowr?lnoidenle Attending It?A Yankee Trioh?Affair Behmen the Midnight and Rachel Seaman and Rebel Battery at Braeoi?Ijoeation qf the Bquadrun?Health of OJfkart and Orewt qf the S/uadron and Troop* in th* Oulf?Hebot Pinonen?'/Mr lieporit? further Particular* of the Oupturr q/' the Schooner Wilier?Affair at Tampa?Boat Expedition from the Ethan Alton ami KmgJUhor?Occupation of Hanoi**? Peutengert by tho Oonnaotieut?Arrive!I of the Pentacda? Her Being Athore?Particular* qf Ume She CM OffLid

of Her Cffeers, rfr, dtc, 11i?>e u but Mile if any nows at am Melting character from the Onifsquadron; th# blockade la very effhctcal, and hardly a von-wl dara show bar nose outside without the oertainty of oaptura or being ohaaad bank again. Wa may congratulate ourselves oh this oonditiou of affliire; for "Dfxla" will sudor mora than ever, and wa win hear less of vessels arriving In Southern porta laden with provisions, arms and munitions of war, which they have purchased with tho proceed* of tha cotton and oavt| atorea they hare succeeded in carrying from tha country under tha very nosea of our blookading fleot. The capture of the sohxeier Major Barbour by the Da Soto waa effected ia amaaoer that refleota great credit on her oaptors. It was a real Yankee trick?one ttiat will aerve to be reoorded in the annate or thia war. The Major Barbour has boon one of the moet successful veaaela in running tho blookado. She has made four voyages to and from Havana, and was oa her return from tho ftfUi when taken. The manner of her capture was as follows. It appears the Do Soto a few daya previously suoooo-led incaptui iug an oyster sloop, which aho manned and armed and used as a tender. The officers of the sloop thought proper to take a short cruise among the oreeks and bayous of tbat section of the coast of Louisiana. So they disgusted themselves and started on what I should think rather s perilous expedition. They cruised about with' out molestation or suspicion, and Anally anchored near, an extensive plantation in the neighborhood of Tomhaller Island. They (the officers) hu.1 tho audacity to land and visit the planter at his re.-udeace, fey whom they were moet hospitably received. They were invited to diue with him, which invitation they accepted without hesitation. At the dinner table they informed their host that they wsrt citizens or New Orleans, looking for something to do, and asked him for information aa to the probability of obtaining employment, and if any vessels wsrs expected on tha coast that they oeuld aid in running the blockade and landtug their cargoes. Their host wss very oornmuaicstive. He Informed them (hat the Barbour was soon expect 4, nail that they could give her valuable aid. After upending v>m? lime with tho planter they took their leavo, and it was not long after thov discovered a schooner lo an an<-hor,whloh had tha apiwiraooe of being 'fish for Uiotr net." They g'ood Tor bar in an apparently imooooerned manner, the officer* dressed in red shirts and slouched kala, with the blue jaokals stowed awsy below. As they approa-had they bailed the aoliooner, and asked if thoy could oome alongside The reply, "Have yon come for the cargo V No response was made te tins question until the sloop rutibod alongside the achoooer, when-tlie officer, calling hie men from below, jumped on board,anying, "Tee, we have oome for the cargo, and the vewel There was no resietenoe made, and the aclrioiier proved aa easy prix*. She proved to be the Barbour, front Havana, with a fjU cargo, principally of coffee, and her capture tiluairatod the truth of the old saying?"The pitcher that goes too ofl-n to the well is broken at last." The Barbour r* ordo rod to Philadelphia via this plaoo; hut, aa she is an old vessel, au i not fit lad to encounter the severe weather of our Northern coast at Un.i session,she may be eondoinoed and cold here. A sh irt time since the United .Slate* barks Ml flight and Kaehel Soamuu, while sailing along the coast, In the neighborhood of Kiaaoo, received a shot from the shore. Tney laimo-liately stood In as close as iiossible to tha beach and tried tlio range of ihnir gnus, which they f.uind would reach a small f >rl from whioh they received 1 the slut. The next morning they stood in and o;mned 1 flro on It, and after throw lug thirty shell into an;l about the work tlicf alien :?d It, and drove its oocu|?nts out, thoy (living in such a hurry that you oould not dia tinguish them for the clouds of sand which they throw tip on their rapid retreat. Having no force to land, and liaviug done all lay In their power, tliey continued on their down the const. The affair at the Boulbwusl Pas* of the Mississippi, between the Colorado end four rebel etesmore, to which I to) erred in tny letter of yesterday .aniouuted lo nothing. It api>?ais to be im)MMsihie to coac the rohele wittnu reach of u ir smooth bore guna; they open (Ire at rifle range, and thero lho> remain; start alter th-in, aud up the nver limy go at double quick. Th?y will try this gimeonoo tm? often, for they will Aud Ihniuselvos some Hue ni'ifinug in a trap from which there will be noesoepe, aud wbme liinr rifle guu? will tvail them nothing. Ihe follow ing is l ha pro. i?o location of the Gulf bliutrading equadroil- '/than Allen, at iiunpa; Tihoma, wf ("alar Hoys, Mohawk, on St. Marks, and Marion, off Apnl.ich.cola. M. A. Wood, bio. k icing oaat end or .Santa llosi Island; Mi-aisaippl, oil l urt Ptoknua;Brooklyn, Hunieville an.141. It. Cuy!er,ofl Mobile, Wissuhick on, blo.ka.ling I'etit BoH anil Hu n Island Pans; Niagara, ai Ship Is'snd; South Carolina, repairing . Walor aud New (xxidoo, M.xat?xi|ipi Sound; Sit Ota, blockading oad mid Of (.km Isletir Is amis; Merced its and Winona, Pisa a I'U :tr*; Vmceepas, V rlhoa*i I "a**, i'reb e, South Pam. Colorado and K. Ruon, ftiullnr?t Pass; I1" Bot?. UtiH'aria Bay; Montgomery and Hatt-ras, Atcbsfiiaya and Wi.wUk'a liny; Saole? and Kschel Seaman,Galveston; J. H. i ba.nharw, vmixing between Toitugas and Apnlachic da; Kingfisher, cruising botweoo iI-SMis uppi river and Yucatan ll.?- ks, Kills tinny, cr Urnig Is-lwoen Ship Shoal ami Salnoo Pars; Mihiight, omi-int helwoen Oaiveaton and Mutaincos; Arthur, erra ug belwe.-n Matagorda aud Corpus ChrUti; I'.u'tamoaih, crmtng belweao Oo pua Christ. and liio Grande; Poton ac, ordered to Vera Gins. It nfPird.* me much ;> ensure to -late that ihe olfloers au.t crew* of the * p.adroit ate in tli : tiiiFiytriSnt of excellent health, a* .f a iilxo the troops on Slnp laiund. in lhx? re {>e>'t we hava hoou very-fortuuato, as we hare bean royai ''iiiff tin weather; there liavo Itaon few northers, and they of light character. It in to bo Imped that the good fortune alt cuding na thin far may he wmtlnacsi throughout 1I19 summer. Tlnnupli '.)? kinduasa of Lieutenant B. W. Taylor. United Slates Navy, of tha Coiinecliout, I have eoeu mi odwiiMi I wliUJtba piUonms who wore taken at (<abr Koyn by the United .-tales eteamor Maltnras. Tlieir name- a>? T. J. M. Strands, A. J. Kobeila, J. It. Smith, J. S. ttryan, lewis Uray, 0. M. It. Works, Underbill Klix, l<e Hoy I,, l-a'gford and 8. T. Tangford. They are trmy a rough looking eel, and none of them, an far ax I could jn Igo, are over twenty one year* of age. Tbay aic all unlive* ol Florida, and express stiong rebel syui polities, ?ud were all of the f ourth Florida logitnyni, Colonel Hopkins. I asked them many ipiestion* regarding Ilia condition ot aftane in Florida; but f am smutiui root their answers that tliay did not tell the truth; for tin v evidently wiatied to pot the heel face possible on ilia wholeaflkir, and Uesii-d 10 make me th.nk that all the tioopa and inhabitants fared Hiiinpiiioiialy every day. The pri*on?t* who were not laktn In arma tellaver) different story They reproaent. the condition of the l<eo]ile ae truly deplorable, and aay Unit starvation siaros them in the tare, and they do not know which way to torn for relief. It ia the oxiir?aaed opinion ol these pi tvinerx that, front tlic.ti own observation,tonr fifths of the tH'opla n| Florida would gladly return to ths.r allegiau' a to iha government of the United -dale* if they could only do an 1ha> are heartiiy sick and tired of the war. and desire pea'-e >>n any terms. I am inclined to think ibis re[M>i t tbo only rehaiile one; for it ta confirmed by all impartial persona those who liava had lbs opportunity ot a'-eieg sod judging for themselves, and wno li?v e not formed their opinion from mere hearsay. One ol the prisoners, not taken in arms, is a Dative of th e place. Ilia name la f'anflald, and lie lies'* the reputation here of lie nig a great scoundrel. He ia now in double iron* on board the Comieutieul fot unruly conduct. i lie lien .anaiii who cotomaodod the detachotentof man laken a; Keys remain* en hoard the Hatteraa. Why ' he haa n il lieeti e.ot forward with the met I do not ; knew, m it her ran ! gain any information on the sutgect. AU the prisoners a:e on tiisir way North, and few dai s will And Lltfltn .*1 nn'fir Luhl v lot i.Ia.I in fiMtrlrwsi lafAi . la.l twr then by geieo u-i 1 nrl? -;?u*, who will have no oi> jecttou to receive many more oi' ilieeenie kind, ami provide t'laitera Tor them <ttittnbU? I" their rank ami nun dilino t?l llf* A few week* Imnee tb?re Mill ha enough more.aad llhmk Itw.-tt'dbe adetseh'e for the govern meat to plane them >n i??nf ibo key* eastward of title plana. They are now uuiuhituied accept by rattlesnakes and moeiudoea, (it companion* and associates for I ha robaia af Vlorlda, and it would he oonatdarat* In the go verumeot te pot tliem In a location wbore Utay wilt And a climate and companions such aa they liars bs<m aaoustoiued 10. Menyfiom tbia plana con Id be eant Ui the aama locatloa with ad ran lege to our community. I gave a dascriailsii of the capture of the scltooner Wilder, n' *r the entrnnca to Mobile bay, by tha (Jolted States ship K. fl. (iuyler. In ons of my for mar letters, and staled thai the English Consul had demanded her reieasa <o tha gronod that aha wee honnd to Mataimoraa. It now appear* that a latter found on board after bar capturo gltea particular dlreorhaia how and where she was to iand her cargo, and alia was captnrad In tho paeclae locality. Tha Tetter eaya that teams would be In raadlnaea at thatpolat to cargo laUnd.aad that a i.ompany of troops would aa tbara to protect the land ng Y"t, In tha face of tbaea facte, which the English Consul moat have known, he had the coneurn date tmpddbbce to make the demand for har release f am pleased to aay that all tha men wounded in thia altar are rapidly racovaflng, sad will soon be at for duty oact mora. Wa bare account* of a brilliant IW* affair that occurred to Tampa iiay on the 3d Inst, which rgflryitd great ? oredlt ? the officer! and oreew of the barlu KUun Allen i ad lUtiyimlier . The commander of the Kthan AUoa determined to pay | a viait tu force to Karidtoe, a settlement near tho outrauoe i to Tain ia |'ay, at he had learned that a number of tho I Horioa Coast Cuird wore located at that point. A. cord < inglv, a war expedition w.u? fitted out on the evening of lUe J<1 nut,, manned by sxty men, and they lnok tlioir dopai t .re under iu? cover ot night, for bite purpose of Ukiiig ihe Florjdinun by surprise in the morning. Tbe eiitni-prtse wes's suocoks. a* 'bey approach jd ilia town they weixi challenged by a sentry, who wan ,-di >t down. 1 bey noon discovered it force of about on* hundred aud llfiy uien, IntvHig a Hold piece; (bay appoa. od u> bo cttv ahy. /s our party approached, a vol'uy wan U ed at them, when, willi.ul llrmg a abut, tiioy (the rebels) took b< their hu.'bt and -uumperodoll tia if Uio "nine army o. tba Potomac 'Yd# after thorn, an" without oven naylug "by your le ive," taking the ilold pine". w>lh thorn. Our parly 'lull Ui.d. d,ami loin <1 Ibo plaoa done; to.l, except by women and ohilrires and sfew old in.m. Those 01 course lliey did not disturb, but hiioo eded iu dualniy lug then bart ticks ri.U an old fort composed of log.- and sand. The party than re- unbui kc-l aii l upturned 10 tbe ship without the 10tut u( a Iiuui. Allaire Of tills kind. although not .nueii In tiiomseh on, liatro a good iutiu ume, th iy worry aud harass tho euoiny, especially on ilia Florida etui; for they do nut kmw wbero ;o ..<|kxh tha attack u at, ami are in constant mar of tbeir iivoa and tbe d?at< notion of their pr<>|XM ty. Tlta lifeoi the Florida robot* will anon be unoodurtiblB, aud Ihoy will in a abort tiui? oa bogging for paaoc ou any terms wa may dictate. ( The above matter cotnpriaea about all the new* of internet from tlie Gulf; and we are not like'y to have anything more stirring until a larger force of miUlary ( arrives, so Uiat the icivy ami ai my can operate togy:lier for permanent good. The following officers or the squadron are paasoagers by tbe Uumecliout!?Com ntandor Hoary French, late of the sloop of war Proble, Fay ma* lor Lowis Warrington, Into ol" the Sanloe frigate' and First Assistant hngineer i lav id It tlaoomb, lets or the etoamCrigate Niagara, besidse several junior engi The steamstoop-ob war Psnaacyla hasarrivol,having been ashore on the reef, as 1 Informed you In my letter of yesterday. Tbe report of the Nassau schooner proved oorrwot la every particular. The I'ensaoolacamo iuto the Gulf through (be iT-ovtdsuoe channel. and aiW piuwiag the lsaaos, a group of islam'# oa tba llaliama I tanks, steered a course that should have oarntvl bur dear of ail danger; but ahsourienl running unoommouly strong to tho northward, she was set by it alm-Mt direotly aoross the stream, and grounded ou the night of the 3d idst. on the reef, about thirteen miles to tha northward of leu y s fort lleof lighthouse. Every exertion was made at tho time to get her off, hut all were of no avail. On tlie morning of tho 4th the United States lighthouse toudor Florida,commanded by Captain Wcliam ttichaidsou, ouo of tho oldest and most experience.i of the roe: pilots, hove in sight, and at onoe proceeded to ihs ass stance of tha IVnaaouia; and after tbe greatest exoi Hons, with tha asslstanceof two wrecking vessols, snd altar having to lighten the vessel by taking out anchors, chains, fourteen ol hor guns, shot, shell, ho., she whs hovo into dsup watsr. t-ho was then taken Into Turtle Ma bur, inside the reof, and aucliored, aud all the articles that wera removed from hor replaced. She was then taken out over tha roof into the Cuif, aud arrived hei o as before stated. It was a fortunate clrcumsiAlice that the Florida, Willi her experienced commander, was oiose at hand, and that the sea was perfectly smooth while tbe ship was on the roof; otherwise ube would in sii probability ha re become a total wreck, and the navy of the United .-baton liar# lost one of its flnoxt vessels. Too muoli praise caunot be awarded to CRptain Rlchardsou for his oonduot In this affiUr. Ho has been s long time pilot of tho different ooast survey vekols that have been employed on the sur. vey of these roofs, snd beers the highest testimonials from si. Urn officers under whoiu ho lias served. betide* which, ho is an honest and loyal citizen. it is to be hoped tho Navy Iiepartmsnt wilt reward liis valoablewsrvicus on this oocaeioti: for to his knowledge snd experience the govuruuient is indebtsd for the salvation of the Pens* cola. 1 sin pleased to see that Captain M crls bes uotioed his services by a most flattering loiter, snd I am confidant all the officers agree with the Captaiu in what he has said. AH tho officers and n>?n or tlie l'onaacoi* have hid a uiost trying week 01 it; they have run the gauntlet on several occasions, sad always canio "right aids up;" sad Trout their good luck I in lod to anticipate great things of Ihora. Who knows but ihey may bs, with their ship, Uto Ural vessel to foroe the passage into the harbor that she'is named aftert If it is to be hor fate, miiy she havo the same luck as when running the blockade of tlie Potomac. The following is a list of tho Penseoola's officers.? Oaplam?Heory W. Morris. Idiri/ Lien'onant and Hxecutiee OJKerr?V 4. Kee. Lieutenant of Ordnance?Joseph ritilweM. .S'urpctw.?.1. Winthrop Toy lor. I'avnastcr?'Ci. L. Ilevis. aaitiHO Ma4er?C. K. McKay. Actum Maicrt?J. U. Koboris, 0. M. Weeks so<l Chief Engineer?& 0. IJibbert. Ft rut Assistant Hntrmter?H. V. Ayros. Second Assistant Engineer?C. H. Hall. Third AsxkMaM hUtjjitii-fn?Vanokua, South, Mogie, Hunter, Hawkins Mid Maroer. Boakw.**?N. Goodriob. SaMmatcer?C. lAwreuce. GVnwcr? Mr. lU>we. Car/ient-t?diaries 0?*. Matter? Mate*?Holiivaa, Oullerston, Rout, Reyuoids, Storm had Gookins. J'aymader't O'.erk?Georgo 0. lUoiisrd.ion. I'ay matter'* Stmtird?k. W. Ml oh tor. The Peasaooia be sustained no injur/ whatever. Whereehe grounded the reef was comparatively soft. Had Hhu lieeu a short distance north or south, h>wever, ' itiore would be a vary diltoreot tale to toll, .some of her * copper m.if be off; but beyond that I should think she l will be found almost without a ncratcti. HI.a will coal ! aud 611 water, I suppose, iuid thoo proceed to join tbe ' ?<|ti*4ron In all probability she will remain In port a , week. The Connecticut not being able to lake the cargo fool- " t'ai; ot tne prl/e eohootier Li/./ie Weston, it wtil be * ship|>ed north by the bark T. W. 11*11, a v esc I now I u " I he haibor, and witi leave here iu the course oi throe or ? four days. The case of the acboooer Kmuia, aline Onward, pnre of ? Uie United Htalea slup Coniieoi .cut, is uow be ore Hie L court, and I am aide to give Ilia following evidence iu Uio " cite,which w.ll be found interesting:?. " It e;'pours fivui the papers loutid on board Ibe ve-ael at Uie time of her oapturc,and from the testimony |j ol Mm master and oi Mr. Hna) a reaWeat of Apalac'neola, Plorida, aud of Mr. lurch, a f( resldaoi of CoIi.uimus, (iecrgia, two passengers , on lioerd lite ve?sel, that the vessel suited fram Apala olilcoin under a rebel register and dag,on or about the , 6th day of December last, laden with a cargo oi spirits ( of turpeuliue, and bound for Havana. Two vcss.ii warn blockading the harbor at Hie time aha asitod, but she got out at a pass, the wilneSHes aay, where no vcSeni was at t] the tune hi atoned. Mr. Kb won, Mr. fltrch and CapUm ( Ma Iks wore all on board on liei voyage out to Havana. , Alter ths arrival of llio vessel in Havana, Mr. Kilhou, ,, who, it appears from uis own leelimotiy, wi>e llin owner, , sMrualee .or cerUiu other parties r> Siding in (loluniliuj, , (loorgia, m .de a bill of sule oi tho vessel to one J' ha .j Mclennan, of Korstiii s, Mcot.uid, who cluiins to be a itri- , tisu subject, now ) sid.'Og iu tUvaim. Mr. Kiliaou says Jj in liis testimony, Uial its lite scent oi" certain persona f i (Siding is (>n! do cue. Georgia, lie, abfmt (he 1st of Jauu t ui y. tsg-i, upele a bill of sale of the vessel to a British euiijoot, in u... British i'->nsu.'s orticc." 3o>>s?n leutly, ho Buys, in hie tiMllinony, "llwt tbe vessel was H.viilS'.sd ^ by lum to a il l sh sob.'-ct lor the sum of irinetonu * h mil red (loiters, but not |siiit." lis aiieiwurds j mys " l.e Ismovos the true ow n is ol ths ? va-nd reside .n Ohimloiy, Georgia, and aso r i lie owtxirs of i ho cargo. ' Ncillnn Mr. Uiisoo , hoi live niter two irnui-nses appear io have kimwu or , rt ipunilwml la* imiiii) ol lit* "~,trili*li mtltjdo t? wlt'iin ? >b" bill o< mIo w;m nit e. Al my tato n...iu of llmm n twin* lii'n in flu ir deposition*. Iiin name .t,>; ee m ui lU? # Uri.uth Gotmttt'S rwrt.lWwtu of rog.nry. t 'l iter* *?1 found on h. aid lite vreeel at t'e I :ne of li*r CAlitur* due fwol i i l?i > "I'rovutli iial Osnlitcrtto itf * lleK?fli y," t?vm' under ihoi otisiilnr e?al and togi. ennu mi ? of Joaepk T. (reao.d, Krilutfe l.'oaatii Oenerai of Cub*, ,, dated *1 Havana, the Soth day of Iteomubor, 1891. 'iha _ docmuoiit d**4Tlitea ft* verael, and e'.flil)*.. Clint Job a 0 it. lautiau, o. UK-tialeii,riiotland, uierclmiu, 'Ow raid- , nignl 11*1*11*, "t the mil* ounoi of In* *b >i>0 ehlp.'' n Acooiiii'SUiyliui 'he "PruvMciOMl t'erti fleet* Of Keglairy," | j* it document tailed a "itnularation of ownership,' dated ai fli* aain* louc and plane aa tli* nerlihcat* hi rogi try, ,, and in ole and aubaci itottd la llie itieaetitmof the ilr.tL.h | Ooio>ul, by Jtdtn McLennan, in which the dan*.nut j.aya r ' Itaal It* ia * natural Itorti llrli mil subject, born al Unit a lull, and ibal h* ha u?v*i laktt.i ibe oath of aile. glmii* to any lornigu .'tat*, and that U* ia on K i tiled i? he wgielerod its md* owner of said abip, and ilmt w to the haul of Ina knowledge and belief no perron or iMtdy ? of jieraoiiM, oibei I flit it nurh |><u?wii* na ar*. by lb* iner- t olialll shipping art of Iftfvl, quanQod to It* uwnor* Of Brllt-h fillip*, If- entitled m owtmr to any lnt*> oil what vtr, whotbot legal or Itennflcial, in iho aald iliip, and t loi mi'kA* th e nolainn declaration ooumiiautiouaiy. t bei.iv.iig th* aaui* to lie tr to." ({ Hoih tTi*,,l'rotrlaiotiali>riUidatd of I'.eglrtry" and ibe f, "lw.darallon of Owmnahlp" are ,n cotiiurtnlty with the j. Hi mill tueri;heDt shipping act of 1844. Xtio T*a*ol whan alie loft- Apaianliiuola w:i* nulled Ih* Howard,and e> atntad to bate Iteon hutlt in llitltlinore tq ? IH ?4. Hi* 111 at amumatl the uatn* of tb* fjnnil lu the ? "Prorletonal' a. i.fl. aie of lt*gi*tr/" and "(toeiaratioa ?>| DwiieiKbip " p lbe ? a.<?t, having aiaorned a n*w nani*and flag waa laden, no* of the witneiae* nay*, by M.'itna. Hamai & ^ i n marr-hanta, of Havana with lofTe*. tump,throa t,rum, f .'.i ind the iJirgn was uutiMigned U order lb* ittll or < K.....I ih. .....I ...... . ' * ?.-? ...... ... ?' H * |l Cuiala.and i;oi>liRHi?i to oidnr. If 14 J, l in blank. by ilia ahippar; no ilwt Hie lioldar of , 'Ki b->itnl Win vi'4x?t oontroilad ilia dnlirtry of tha f iba vntntl ?ilnara?l for N*.m?u and St.. JnhM, ni l km '? l J fi "in II .y.ina about ill* l&th ol .l.uinary, b trn.g n boird ^ t|i(i .i?iii? .-raw anil parson* with * bn.h -.tig .nil a(?!? ^ illtootn, nxoapt ih* new niMtar, Mwki v M>. Uiiuh, who .-ij?i??arsi in Iwv# actad mmirlui ,o t||? t, capacity ot a iu|i?ro*igo, and wbo i ?nliln? in (intimitm*, u Ceotgia, M)i In ltii d?pa?itiou "M-urnr*. THm I V Co , merchant* in Havana, wnro Ih* agentn rnr tho purr hag* a of th* cargo. It w*a cogrigOiMt In Wilar. Ha <lo?a ii..t ,, know wliarn tha cargo waa to Iw-daiim. ml. Maballataa lb* cargo wan on tlm account, nth nml boiiofU of y. ( Bowar*, W. W. Uarrtud and n-har*, ran.dnnt at Onlum ? bus, Huorgia, and if th? cargo should b* raainrad it h would belong to iba aai-l j?ai tin* and noun olbora. ' Tha maatnr, Charlan I'. M* ka, g?y* "that hn waa born in Conuaoticut, and raaidoa uow at Apnlnoblcol*, aand la a citixan of tftn linitnd fcaiM." H* say* ha waa appomtwt to tha com inand of tba by iba ownar, (lira igb Urn nganey of Captain li hiliaun, at Havana. about tba 10th of January. Ha nanuoi rntnember thaowoar'a nama. !la nag a tba vnnaw! and oargo would ham gnaa, but for tba cnptnra, to 3t. Jahna, or any port Captain ft. 01 FJHuon may h?va diraatod. Ha aaya tha lading waa put n on hoard tha aaia vnaanl by gams partlaa unknown to hint, hut haliaraa U?wrt. Hamnl k Co. abipp-d thn oargo. h Ha ballavaa tha oargo bntonga to Captain I). Hilnoo, Bnoh and othara. Ha ilooa not know to whom II waa oaualgnad, n butatiould II nrrivn at Ita daallnad port, lia ballavaa it would belong to Captain U. Klltano and Mr. Btrcb, rJ Tba abora m lha aubaUnca of tba avidanca. I had IB o taaded making noma ramarka upon II; but H iloaa not ne?-? than.?it ipnakn for itaalf, andabowa plainly how tha a! i abut raaaala arriving at Havana arn" whltouraannd,"and a n'w-a-t <?1ar'b9proteotiouof tbaNugliauftag-lbroiuihlba n xmoivRnceof her Majoety e Consul (ionecal ttXU.itvMiM.Ur JowphT. Crawford. I miiat give Commander WoodUuli treat credit [or seeing through the whole affair *1 e glanoe, tnd hi our Adaiira'ty Judge the sumo, for so arranging lhe evidence that the veaaei'a true clotreoler tadiaeoverj.l beyond 14 eUalow of a. doubt. Judge Uitrviu is eilrnlrilily tilled for hm position. pnasceHlng a perfect know edge of all ma. n.e ii-nnta, tie cannot he caught on any ack, as those who have and will coiue before li iu will ;hid to i heir wet. The United butee steam sIoop-nfw?r lUrtford, Coranander Wuiu ijj'it, hearing the ll.ig of King OH o r Karra5 t, commander of the Omf tslo. trading Squadron, has trrivad iroiu I'hi adol|>hia. She evhanged salute* with Iho I'oiumcoIv After coaling eh : will pr stood to lisvaua .e look out for our lute roe la in Dial quartor. 1 rejoice te near it, lor It will have a most beneficial inlluenco We liavo tic local liowe, wuli tho i-acoption of the death if private Htmry Hav e, of ilompany K, Nine.le a regi neot Now York -date Voluutoere,on the o.suing of the 101 li Inst., from dm >a*e of the bourt. Our vulunteoi t are doing remarkably well an I Itoprov ug orurj aujr. t.vnui-u 111 uuaii win uu in'.wwu, i iwiow, n the condition of ib? port ou of his brigade uow hre. A'e aro now having, sf'er the change yesterday, must le light fill weather, with a proejieci of its continuance I regret to say we are an yet without news of the in.asu(t schooner Pickering, and the worst fours arc enter aio-vd since the Oonnorttcul's arrival without[euco of her that eho hue perinlied, with all ou board. To-morrow will brine us osws from the North to the ith, when we hop# to bear of Important m >vimeuta. Obituary. >fui-H or pbokbmsob o. v. rni.tom, or hakvsbw vMimwTr. Wo were apprised by telegraph, Thursday, of the death if Professor 0. 0. Pel too, of Harvard University, at th* iwlianoa of his brother la Gheetef, yiwsuiut, on the MBh last, Profomor Pelton was born at Weet Newbury, Mass ? foveoiberfl, 1S0T. tin graduated at Harvard College in 82f. While In college he was distinguished for his iterary tastes and the wide rang* of hi* studies, fa lie senior years he was one of the conductors of (ho Harvard KfffiOer?a students' periodical. After leaving joll<?ge, ho was engaged for two years, iu conjunction with (woof his clasatoa'se, in the charge of to# laving Hon High School in Oenoseo, in this Stats. In 1829 be was appointed latin tutor iu Harvard Collage, Greek tutor iu (ho following year, and Oollego Professor >f Greek in 1832. in ISIld he was Khot Professor if Greek Literature, the duties of which placn be sonllneed to discharge until failing health obliged Ittin to abandon his official duties and seek retirement. In 1833 lie published an edition of "Homer," with Kuglish notes and Klaxmaa's illustrations, which has since passed through several editions, with revisions and emsndations. Iu 1840 a translation by hina jf Mwizol's work on '-German Literature," in three vnlumos, was published among a work entitled "3peoi mena of Koreign Literature." In I ho same your he gave lo the publio a "Greek Roador," con turning selections ia iroee and verso from Greek aothors, with KngliHh notes uid a vocabulary. This has since tieon frequently re* c In ted. In 1341 lie puhiishod au odiUon of tho "Clouds" jf Anstopbanes, wlih an introduction and notes, sinoe revised and republishod in Pngland. Ia 184-t he aided Professor Kears and Professor tid wards in the preparation of a work ou classical studies, conainiiig essays ou classical subjects, mostly translated rorn the German. He assisted Professor l/jitgiellow m ihe preparation of the ' l*oela and Poetry of Kurope," sliich appeared In 1840. In 184T editions of the 'Panegyric*" of bocratee and of the "Agarooraion" of ASschylua, with Inireductions and Kngiish lutes, were published by him. A second edition >r the former apiwared in 1864, and Of the atter in 1869. In 1849 he translated from the <Toooh the work of Prof. Guizot on physical geography, tailed tha "Karth and Man," and in the same yoar he tubllshed an edition of the "Birds"of Aristophanes, with ui introduction and Knglish notes, which was republish?d In Kugland. Ths period (Tom April, 1863, to Msy, 1864, was spent by bun in a Kuropaan tour, in ths ourso of which he visited Great Britain, Kranos,Gernaoy, Switzerland,Italy and Groeco. In 1366 he revised or publioatioo in the United States .Smith's "History of Jreoce," and in the same yoar an edition of Lord OsrIsle's "Diary in Turkish and Greek Waters" was prepared by him for tho American press. He was the author of other works, which thellmiiaof this notice forbid In mention. He was a contributor to the A'or'A dntsricaw Ue?tm<, IHmMuin Eaoamintr and other periodical publioati wis. ilia literary labors on the face seem unmanne, ind addad to them his college tutelage, seemed more than poostble for one man to grasp. But In a mind endowed with the highest intellectual virtues and comprehensive Kind, both branches were faithfully attended ha. Professor Kcltcu was a inemlier of the Massaobusettd hoard of Kducation, and one of the Regents of the Smith mriian Iiutitiitinii Tn IVift liA mi/td a wtftiiinl Laiip Lh Surope, partiy on aooount of hia health, and partly t? templets some Investigations iolo the language, topograilijr and education of Greece. He eu boyoud doubt ene >f the.greatest scholars of the country, and the beet }reek scholar of the da/. His death wilt be widely deplored by the litorati In all lands, as muelt, perhaps, la ultima, Greece, as in Boston, as a lony roeideooela )re*ce had endeared blm to id any friends in that ctaaaie and. The Taylor Indtctinen fFrom the National Polioo Gazette, Feb. 8.1 We stated that the offence lor which James B.Taylor ran ludioted wag loads pum-hable by the charter by lmirwomiiont 111 the penitentiary for not nr ro than tire 'oars and a due not cxoeeding Ave thousand dollars, OC >otb, In the discretion of the court. U appears, however, hat the Revised Statutes in the edition or lefts tnakae it iuu rih'thlo by imprisonment in the .State prison for not to e titan ton years, go that niHtoad 01 simple raisdeiteanor, it is a felony, and disfranchises the party connoted. Uiid'nibtedly it is a high nflbneo, both in lawaod ii morals, ami no punishment can be too severe for a perihi who thus dares to stride at the great principle underfill/ free governments, and upon which rants ?r >. eurity. k certainly is uot in ua to retice over a man's misfortunes, but when a man .ehbemieiy uuderUkaa the practice of raacalitf it a gigantic scale In prosecuting a war against weryihiog tlvit society holoa most dear, and becomes a ommou enemy to all mankind, we can hare but tittle yuitieiliy for him. It a man steel* fitly dollars from his id^itoor, we arrest him aud incarcerate him, ttr a term of years iu a felon's cell, and yet he i not hmi so dangerous lo society as the man who would irrupt our legislators by bilbos, to enablo him to exrscl his thousands unmoh-eted from the public treasury, t is the latter otlcnce with which Taylor is cbargsd,and lthougb this is th- first crime of this kind that has bee* irought home to him, yet it la currently rumored that ha ion hoen engaged In the business for a long time past, lertaln it is. ho baa been counseled with trsnsaotioM hat look so suspicious as to excite inquiries among bowel men to know how such things can tie brought about, uiioiig these stand forth prominently the West Washing, on Market, the fori (Jarisovoort and the Glen will affaire, "he inaiket aitalr is seth-d so Tar as it can be lor the ireeent,at a o< el to the city of three hundred thousand lollaie ill bonds end eighty thousand dollars ui marks! enta. Com pr roller Hews, in the suit before .ludgs logra lam, swore positively that the whole matter was a fraud uxor the oily; and the Judge, to protect the poojile, set ante the judgement to suable them by their accredited Mints to come in and defend inn suit and thus defeat the .uid tli?t it*e Comptroller alleged hail beeu perpetrated, 'ajtoi'iin h < aihJat it.Hwore. tbai at the request or inligation and with the kiinweti^u and approbation of the lonijiti'itiler, he procured the passage of a law through lie IA^is aturo, giving to Mr. Htws the |>owor to settle Ire matter. Thus ib- matter stood between them,and i ho nan explain w hy it was that lha comptroller did net fleet the a -Itliuneut according to the law thus passed, 'id why it ivai Ihst bo preferred 10 go bolore the courts o have t he .;ndginei|t obtained by Taylor aet ssnle On Ihs nstittfl iif frkuil/ tiotiM ii Imi thni a liuffr*AniAnt trnaff iwaeti them In the a ttlameut, and if ho, what was the Mm* of iho dieagioeiueiil, aud bow did its fleet the n r irnM .iyr After the .judgment was a?t aside, ilij did not iho Comptroller prosecute the claita I iha city, aud have it properly and legally adjusted by ha dec iaion of ibecouri and tue verdict of twal/a honael tin? ii tlia whole affair wm foiiudo<l to fraud, wbjr waa hai aauy uouiiifoiiiiae or settlement mad* before a legal la in *111'MabiUhed/ Ami n the settlement waa made n honeai and juat ground*, why waa It ue<;ea*ary that Ir. Maitaaou hould be brought from the country to araiiKo it/ If the > ity did uot have a fee title In thy an lata, lion it veatad in tbo Mute, and all the money paid for the em* aboiihl go to tba Stat* Traaaury. We would Ilka to now If the State i evolved any part of the aaine, aud if o, bow mm h' 11 ia the duty of the Common Council to ivaaligat* this miliar,and to let tbo pnblto know bow he <|ii"allon m regard w this property came tosubside o suddenly and quietly, and tf they do not do It tba Lela alive Committee on Bribery and Corruption should <ka op the subject and shad light iqion it, espaolally new luit it ia known that Jamea H. Taylor haa tiaon iodloted :ir all. nil ted bribery and baa got to atand bia trial tiiera?r, banidaa nuothrr indiclmtnt that Is pending against dm in l*onghk><?pala for breaking into or oauaiog a bona* i) It* broken into. lb* Herald eeei'l that Ihit man Taylor it rmr of the owner* f the Inner, and \f 'At. If to, it arm unit for Cm fart that io rv, rntnl nf hit indictment Vu been pihluAed in thmt ??rnnl W* have b"*B informed, and wa havo no doobt >1 lb* troth of our informntlon, that Ilia article* which ippaarrd in'be 7inte?,abusing Judge lagrabam for bia isi'iann in the marital altkir, warn prepared In skeleton i?rm ig iu> ?iin? 01 jauivn n. , sua ibnhwk he /iwt .flic?, where they were arranged lu form for mbllcation. It m ?n outrage oo tho people that oewe*i*ta should allow tbemMlvef to ho approached or subid bed by a man so subtle In devlooa to extract money rom ilia public tre.ifiiry. Neweppperi, to properly peronii tho duly thoy o?ro tho public, aro bound to rootal n? f.icn approeohea, to expose tne man who would at* ?uipl to lirlba them, and to use tho power tbay pooaooo > pi otod tbo Interests of tho poopla who support thorn. .'ban thoy d? this, tbay aro a Moaning to tho cotnmunlt, Wbou I hay fall ao to do, tbay are a curie and a n-jsnoe. It i? s.ud that Taylor Intends to mora to qnaeb tha In. iQimcnt but wa do not belieee ba will attempt It, unlet ho Aral diacorer* that tho Itetrict Attorney wltl iror htm, or cen ho Induced oo to do, and If any such Iismpt ia 111,ilia, Mr. Hall will ascurs the gratitude at i-ory good cdiron by making tua fact publio wlthonl 1*7 Tha Slavt Trade. IfNITKP 8TATW C'IBOITIT OOUWT. Itofora Hon. Jn iga Shipmao. IIicih I.?T'U United .Haiti w. fhyo and tfim'ow ? ha defendants ara inatas Indicted for the oapltat oflbaoa ' hotnf engaged In tho elaeo trade Mr. Ubn MclCeon submitted that If ha entered a plea fg iilty tha asms rule'should partem to item aa to tha isiee of tha Erie. The District Attorney aald that with rMpect to Hayae e should have to preae the oa|dial charge. Mr. MoKenn then naked Tor time to consider the ladiotieot, and tha matter was laid arer until Monday. I be case of the United fltatea va. Duwaaa aod others bergad with burning the R A. Kinsman, waa eleo laid ear antil neat week. IT* United statea r*. Milfoil, charged with man. laughter, wsa then continued. Mr. choa|a, aaaoclatad ' illb Mr. Kvarte forth# det'nnoe, prooeeded tonoentba raaforOept Milieu.

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