Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1862 Page 1
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| TH 't " r L , , r WHOLE NO. 9305. I UTKRATORl. IWS fcSffij Tflg ?rf FRvNK LE8LIK TO THK PI'BIJO. PRANK LB8I IK T<> THR PUBLIC PRANK IE-LIE TO THB PPBJ.IO. Pi ANK LBRLIK TO TUB PUBLIC. PRANK LKNLIR TO THR TTIHUfl. 1 H ?5fw5 KS5H5 1? THE 'urwo. 1 H ?5J25 J-52FE T,> R public. H i5A25 IE8H? TO THB PI'BUO. H E5V?5 J*2MB TO THB PUBL1E. H ES^KS TO TUB PUBLIC. H JRANK LRBLIK TO THB PUHL'C. PR NK LENT.IK TO TnK PUBLIC. I JBANK LE8LIB TO THK PUBLIC. A H PRANK LR8LIB TO THE PUBLIC. PRANK JESLIB TO THE PUBLIC. H PRANK LBSI.IE TO THK PUBLIC* OCR DOUBLE NUMBER. OUR DCUVU) NI'MB R. I if? f| I M* S8u^3 ' 1 po. RLE KU1IHRA 1 OUR noun if number. m ?oub n^frsf? number. * OUR NUMBER. OUR nnnari NUMBER. our n .rsvs mumrrb. our double Number.8" _ ^ OUR DOUBLE iflVMMKR N?H*iMw??^er^"lia[a'l h? A?i" f '""Mxr of an IUnatrated w f **????>? ? "o, whirh.htthe y ik " OPKA? VI^T^T ?? ah *A*W?WAfc ARMS " ARR tT viMhU it *HR NATIONAL ARMH UKKAT VIOTORT &? $J5 n GREAT TlcrroRT JJ? in IK Slr.nw iBtid 4 fRl-Ar VICTORY <? Till MATToN AT 1232 ?hk.,t victor*' su- ruj nat/tvir auha umbat viutukt. sf j35 "insse: 1333 1 at at < at * AT i *| >0?T DO NELSON, NOIW D9.NELSON, , f<?j> DONRLSON 1 %? ftsesst i tort DONKLSOK, twit DONKLHOtf, -au.k .. Nr?T DONBLSON. sv .^^l^wsniftssrark VT m ^h? iMadlof one of the moat a oufalf ?a t ] 1 y . . M 'to'lh) eo'lntry. BeatJea theai iBiiniat lUaatratlon 0^ at?<yi?A other*, ?-aroe)7 lam Interval Inn; ' or , or or or / bowling* <* bern, BOWLING GREEN BOWLING OREEN, BOWLING GREEN, ' I BOWLING GREEN, l BOWLING OR! EN, ?. BOWLING GREEN, ^ WeeWftWW.Nal atmnshc'J ot the SauSruet, terA her S' ATottrahMS leading OMehra dUUntiUG** te the rreent J* amnion a. But, apart from aheaoennaori! Away *rtl-"?l f -aII ne*, t!ila nuNHr eonutna Via Ilrat p?rt?#jf ? neveTVle, of , 5 mat Interest, tram an AmMean tulhor, w*>e haa-already nJuyntehedMUmxrlf in the ttuLl of Actlon,am?l ttfcar* nam* ' THIS, KgS THB nWT ESTABLISHED TLB FIRST ESTABLISHED THK Finfr ESTABLISHED THE FIRST ESTABLISHED THE FIRST KftTAItLISHED BWTMMTCD WEKKf.7 NfiWS PAPER JN'MTERTCA, XLLUSTHAfiLD WEEKLY. WEwSFAFtK (W AMERICA, ELLUS'IRATED WEEKLY JTEWS PATER IN AKKRIOAI XLLURtftAYED WEEKLY NEW-SPATER IN AMERICA, ULCSTBATED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER W AMERICA MO BY PAR fiND BY PAR _MMD BY PAR Tim MOSnVVIDBLY CIRCCLJUTBD, THE MORI"WIDELY CIRCULATED, THE MOSWWIDELY CIRCULATED, TUB MOST WIDELY CIRCULATED THK MOST WIDELY CIRCULATED, Muww take rl the Initiative in meeting the publit require WiU,?t a iluti! ?ho< jvtD nan, womu end child In Ike Kouuby S eager fordcll and onni'deto illusU'Miona of the ax.glUegr-ted rifa'. gfwis which an; occurring "tlrrcughout our TO OIVB TO OiVB T.) OIVB BESTS NOTION OP THE HOME NOTION OP THE MAE NOTION OP THE EXTENT EXTENT EXTENT ' '% ? OUR ENTERPRISE, O? OCR ENTERPRISE, - WP OUR ENTERPRISE, yWIhaeeonly to *ay tbat the -ENGRAVINGS IN OUR DOUBLE-.NUMBER ENGRWIVIS IN OUR DOUDLE NUMBER ENGRAVINGS IN OUR DOUBLE NUMBER ' KNOKAVTN'IS IN OUR DOUBLE NUMBER ENGRAVINGS IN OUR DOUBLE NUMBER KNi.RAVINGS is OUR DOURLY NUMBER I ENGRAVINGS IN OI K DOUBLE NUMBER iSNGRAYINGS IN OUR DOUUIJ' .NUMBER ENGRAVINGS IN OUR DO I'll Li-'. NUMBER NoRAAINGB IN OUR DOUBLE NUMBER ENOBAVM.US IN OUR DOUBLE v NUMBER COVER NEARLY COVER NEARLY COVER NEARLY i COVER NEARLY COVER NEARLY 1 SMSO - SQUARE INCHES, OR 2p BO'TARE FEET! JLKM SOL'ARK INCHES, UU 21 PxUl/.RK PERT! MOO Sol'.lKK INCHES, OK 2-J .'O ARK FKKTI UO SO' Al'.K INCHES, UK ai ?V?'KK KKKT! MOO ?<JtTAK? INOIIKS, 01: si RODARE I KKT*. Moo BullAUR IN' ||KS, UK ill K()l!I.RE KKKT: MOO KJI'ARK INCHES, UK #1 BUI'ARK FEET! MOO SQI'AttE INCHES, OK i'O KOfkRB FKKTI 1 MOO S'JDAKE INOIIKS. UK 31 SgllAKK FEET! MOO Avt'AKK INCHES, UK M S(/i \KK PKKt! MOO SJlEtEK INOIIKS. nil 3' ARK KEKTt ?3>J S'Jl'ARK INCHES, OR iO SOTAKE IKKTI i ALI. DRAWN-AND KNOB ' VI!- WIlHi- rn! K D1YS. AM. DRAWN AND KNUKAVI-'D Wl I'llfN Sui t: |)\Ys. JUX wK o\ S AMI KNOB VVKO WITU'N K'li K HAV8 ilX In: VWN AND KNUKAiKD YVJI HIM FOLK DAYS. M.1. DKAwrr and knohwkd wmiui kulk days. Tta* tunuBi ?.f jmpi-r uawl In ihu llrai aui'.Wn of tbia mb|| f |H||| TWENTY ONE TOXH. T\\ K N'T (MS E KINS. TWENTY ONE TONS. TWENTY ONE TONS. TWENTY ONE TONS Ti\KNTYOvK TON*. TWENTY I iNK TONS TWKNTY-ONK TONS. TWENTY-ONE TONS. rWENTY-OMi Tons. ttcamoi O' MAMMOTH ? YUSiilJ'. i .<IRsES. IW<iri4D ON NINE MAMMOTH < YMJ,nt". i'.",E: S. 8. FE'NiKU UN ?N I Ni-. M AM Mom CYUNir K IMirsSKS JPKINTKD ON NOK MAM MO III CVL/NI'I.K I'KK-SSS. 3PKIN KJ) ON VUT; MAMMOTH I V1JNOEI: IV.KNsE.H. W-' lli'jv.4 liiU it?tul*r in Hlnnv ' ii i: > i ? rn?:l nl > oni-nt'iM'iraJlo'M AU*'ir wide mil lit r..l . 11 i-*teii4o<l I? ' na tyan ni.a?wil?1h'? ptiWIc. Wi 1. iv oni i,r.i>!s .vi.i i v?i.y REl'i-m < i Hi* ??>? anS evi-rjr r-; li t of W??"r rOi. iaij>y.i\ni.CI Ith v n fan i-l>- Or omi'loi it! ' n , of :li?" cIm- *eic' Willi the mi .oa-wl l.i f i.n f o.n i.ii of III- tklln-Ao* tin! ilial ?ul ll.?nlhi:i*'Sot.aut*.?? Koiiwkc I-i nJ.? ;|wx IIou?t, X?? ,.ti. 2S, u.I i Fl INK L'-?l?. . E ; ... ? I , DKiK ma-.IA U Ymr notr of lira (i?f-'4 clatr. I V.j j to my tlint your lln (jx-'iom <>f ih* at-to-ma on KunokI*ia,<t ail- ? ?r I uotlwa, aiil a- it<l (It wli > ?4' I ttr Nlr'h !?: ?? , ? rntt-i >! . on ? l< . kM- lilin! -Ite' tin-i Hi*1 fiii..i I'nrt l> Ijiuc-. IE? j < ?->nrliali-ni i-ai!i l ? - fc ? ?<11-1 ? no -'i li..v*r<N in. jilur; our ' a ikimm -L<- Mitu .'iiO MM! bowni nf ?? aO(? mIImm I I ".?r? u?i,r'tliij, ilh-Ti'*. r. .tut. 1 V. A K1 >11*ALL. \ ttg\.ur N'ulli i glinent New Vort WuiUsn K!?\N M Pf lK'S i lt.U ?Tl! ATW? iffcHJN'.VI'KK. , K,i *> ?.? iii?% . wtil cunWtn ' , Vt rv ! :? . i:a v i nch, ..<f UiU?, . ' i J t;. V I N > 1" V At."' 'K-f 1 ),V | Ul i' ' !'fl. 1 1. .?:! ' eni'n.i'. % >' ' > " thirty two *i.<I .. . i ? a v. ;t! .r in.. .-.ii , furty uoo Inrhu L % ; I '. ": Hi 'I "1: .S \T row || nter il. > v .. i ^ t . M T'lnl ,it? ! || i , . a >u d ? . vi. ' it t ... n o' v Sf,' ?k-H ' ! ?? M : I : II . t W 1 : V ( u \\ ?<.' 'it ' ' " |: t i N" *" | U , V ??? KmU 1/ i I V . , IV ,r I j, f ill. ii'i u Moiontl rr/lj... nl. n tlii ll pi li.irei hV ! o# I UllT DON'EI.C ;> " of ?1 ! ;hlh T r', v i.Ui -!' w ki t.. i."i,i..fc. ,ru"i . ^ i 'f lYiT-'V/K or xtr;; ; tir .-le d?j?f. i v.. ' i ' ' v v . .1 ' T I. ? n. ? , t-> I 1 i, I T f 11*'/ itS J Kv.S>Oii*>Ll#f b^wiu.j Crtf.i, a:er i?t ?T?I 'Vl *11'iN *' 1 i# 'iv V?The I' IiIk K | i i ' ?, with thrt m- , , | II ? ' | \/U ' vl. 1, (It L Oil. H >M 1 <?. I < >A NOi. V? J* AND AM) ff'LOATAM BOUND, "SV/w ni'h Sli'.'f ? VTAIl IX TUB WKIT-Jncl.M. In * H ml-rr.i Ml " i * ' 1 '' '*u ' a: ' 0 * ^ n Kcniu k y and TvUiv** Vt l^c 1 ;t * <ofth? r?;;?nt MAli/ll VIT. TO Trir'J"''^ , ? , Till' IUTKNMDK KM * V'1 IO.\-I - Vi I j,. la % l? l'ii wii'ii Ilor*og lor It * diil^n, M r loir llnlkait ok Mv 'on o V.>'?'U. ? (Mimrcr.n. A FOIM i'AIT or TliH RKh.V Oil' - II. UL't'K * riBIT LAND1HO OK HIE I 'IHTJUi HTA TK-: IROOl'.-i p %'iii' \VrRo\rii or thf. iWrrzo stated cu mt-oa'* ! ' frorf-.Hi'isr}. _ l- .uriMi* '?k m * w'f KtMHA/ JU 1?ii r.ft of run ii. i .-fnl b?wiv?t cUnjir ill n o H?\JtuHHVu^ti Fori D'l k i ". innKi' 1- 'ami pouiiAll OP m.ViIO'I GRNKRAE n. ri. r.Rwr, Ci.i.i in ipgth- lTiK'?<1 Ruici :viri.e??ilX#u?pt?f? ol Fori ? poni'liiti. It tvill n'.so couUtlB ipn.iiWonl thrli'lng . ,( b tv Vi,'.fc . $r ?n A.norl *n nolbor I ,i,a, n*w ) o' ifi ing hi HnroB". KPIV.I AOffXTf ki XLW.i AI. i r< fE'Vd A( LNT8 M-; ? AiWVfl *BW?? A IP^TS l" fc low* firr't'' ayi?v ?r..?r ?t qr.oo. ]<J i E NE' THE NEWS FROM EUROPE. ADDITIONAL BY THE ARABIA. i i lie Blockade Question In the British Parliament. 1 Ln Irish Motion on ?n|laiid'? * Neutrality. iN ITALIAN FRIGATE FOR MEXICO. i Rio Agitation in tit German Confederation, tti, *c, no. The steamship Arabia, from Liverpool on Saturday, hel6th, via Ipieenstown 16tl\ till., arrved at Hat; "ax t hair-pant two P. 11. on Saturday last,abort of oral. She xperteticert strong westerly gt.i.s during the whole passes. flho'iaa sixty pane- asters for New York. TPs Arabia sallsd at hpirp.ial tbreo o'clock nn Sunday w.niog and will be due at Hew York to morrow (TuesIfcy) wwrning. It ts reported that the Tencarorn has arrived at G ibralar, where tbe 8uml?r still remains wihiut eoal. Lord Dunltollin, la tbe ('amnions, gave notice of an InpSify relative to the state of tbe nogotiattees between tbe [bvornment and the Gntw'y lino, fhe Prince of P'a'.ei kas left Vienna. Tbe Adriatic pet udt of tbe ice and sailed from Halifax Rt Saturday last for England. TIm American (twnftlon. John A. Turner,-M. p., bod called the attention of tbe House or Cotmnocc to tbe distress In tbe manufacturing diet riots owing to'tbe American trouble, and urgod tbe j government to do everything in its power to develops i the oittou production elsewhere, rax "stove blockade" in the British parliament. Id tbe Honss of Lords, on tire 14tb, lord Stanhope Balled attention to tbe reports of additional atone blockades at Charleston, and asked what steps tbe government would take. Earl RoscHlJ had no official tdftrinalion, and knew est whether tfcd reports wore correct. Government bad pro test-- ! Hi*1 st the pormanent dsnrucilon of uuy ha'bor u nujuaiifL vblP. and the American government responded lb it they -feud no iL-tontion to-permanently destroy harbors. The viowa of the Fionch government were identical with those of England. The gov jrnment is busily preparing all the information relative to the American blockade to lay before Parliament. The 0'IJonogbue gave notice of a motion for retwrns aa to all BrXieh vessels whkk have run the blockade cr beat Captured in the effort; also a.! British vessels which have put into A'as in owl other p#U wilh ccnti aland of tear, and been pcrriilteil to reft,4r. WHAT MASON sANl) Sl.IDET.L COKT. A supplementary naval estimate asks for an extra vote or ?MC,000, which is regarded as representing Uie-expenaevf the Mason ami Slidell affair THK BLOCKADK IN PRINCE. IRo Paris Pairie points to tho efforts to get oatteo via Ifexice as a probable solution of tpe blockade question. TUe Invasion of Mexico. Paws, Feb. 1?,?U. The ?ri n.- h paper! think the question relative to-tlexl. can sOhira might leud to the fall of the Palmorstcn Cabi. set. It Is believed that England will withdraw from the vpedition ebonfd its-aim he abandoned by Spain and Frano*, a id should they Interfere In the internal policy of Meiib-o. The Imlep-ndance asserts the positive nccepience of the candidative thru* * or Mexico by Matimiliei:. Franet. Fide j o Napoleon hod offered an ninondmont to the Addeeoa in the l-'reueh Chambers, regretliug that the l>npe did not listen to the conciliatory proppskions of I'ranee for tho scttleio'ut of the llumau question, but n illtdrcw tho amendment, on the midir? landing that the A-blroar is to contain a mild rebuke tu tho same effect. rrUm II,v,, ^ *?... list .* t 1 Cm 1Po iW u.iU'iHn Ouncnedat Is to In revised, with tU consent oe lha I'opo. P ints, Feb. 18.M62. The F iris i lie Council of State has iliaC'-iesediths Mil for < -lablisblug a supplementary tax of LenliMtrK per hnniln il kilogrammes on all s-igsM for consumption. The same bill Axes twenty franco per Uuiulrec '?.;<'C*inrno? cnn-sitmpt'on ta* on salt. Uitmanyi Jiuitix, Feb. la. IMS. An lAetl. al Fninsuu to t" vr.u remit to-1 ymteidiy to Austria a d tho other Cm uvr.u States of the Wurtzokvurg coalition. iTQc note suys:? Ki' oo A >trln, con blaring hor general int- fit as wtoll as her |Hm.' ivo rights, foe's. ailed upon t pr ? t o.( >i* t the Prti'i,u'.n views in reference t"> Horman nilitlra, I'rno hi i will Boi . uiiCaal the fast h.u tUern appears no well f iiinli l i .oiivo <r rlsjb fv such a pr?t< <t. Jim atlr, rciulorel still in iro slrlUti,' bv t-Le it; ruling <?( i a! notes, lint so livle of the niiiracier . -.f Iho oxchatjgO Of opinions tVal Pr.-e-tlti ca wot. iiwiish the vler. ? exprett"! In the \it? lr..u nolo -in.; i 1" ; -i it' I'l'ii-ria. Ih n--in yiclis p-M- > n< n i '1M1I nf In 1m console' .ions lullll i-l It iei.llip. 111 I" ;l' i i-1 lit rsi! i:?r. mai. i.a . ..til.- li iti Inn to do jd-'tteo l ? oli r??:m '? at)i " il clniir if I t<? In 1'iivt tlio te.lera. I v? Kin.i't ? lot owt f. sv>'M f!io vio?v-' en tha re r.mi '>. t!,i !.-i. ml <: iiHiiinii ti -{linlcrl ill 111 tl.o latter put ih \ i. trim . i it.... i|. i t of i? en i ill.1 i n t> in <\lv i? eo itf l.TT'j*. Willi nil eliViont DiTi.llve r,.it tie head, iiwf"?linliu< ill a |?>lillii i.ji.m Uali.i. ' a will, r ? \tint. coup, uln* iinli-CiTin.i i i "if r:" an ntn*' I In llio An irh'i aot? oi the 8 li "I * Tiber, l>? ran it?*i, Prurai i wouM li? r liil)ullo l t ,i I:. t'lch n ii riim, a Ur gioaler .aril till -.jut? i."f " ef llie e . 'erory than in tin inform iudi< ildJ t. 1'rr.c.iinn mteh of ill* 2t>tli of Dnoeiuli r. 1'r-i. ?. ...v Ir i:u -i>f n*. a formal pro? t l'i u riiiii o otprr n .1 i , I.., i. 'jut at I he euvio .lu.r lie e. o liter* It t e n pr. >.ier tu rtt alt llio prep' il if tafonn In a tuuro cat.? -1 thaim. At proeent, mo tar an 'rutoia can Jiplga, tlw> pro|mM.i reforms wro tin iraolica ile, ,h? |iro;ioaal-' li in* entirely in cnBtradlcl'on with 'ruM.ixi vie vs. IVu .tid. on km pail, cc ..-t er? It lailotsJi.; to ei.tdr Into u... . ,ion on u.ijr , u_h ic. <iiu . Kfcly. Victor Kinai'nol fe to rm ft friyt'e lata tin JTr\lcau rate-a for the protection of It -11 inn. lid top;* '?r of gastrin ti' make anoth r j " ney to 'etulls. Tlio boltof ouliuud* in Italy lint Austria mcdltal'B *r . rr:?t IV.'.innl. Tlio u : ?ration of yt in,- mon ropi \ anotla Cc .llaiiee, tl.o o / . i Udatiufl tv V!t' " ? Il to beta ; ,t ttioi. iln adOt('i. ? a HamVrl, will go tliere. It i. yeiif ally lo, I ti. it Tr.? a tvi! rtoogr. ?o :,'.i lag* :ta of Hal/. Tinkeyr < . -I -Ml. VH.S.IAP. ! ?. A ron.moroial trahty (ws l?c?n ntw.eti Knu.a U'l luikw.c liuttlu. Viin*A'ytf'< ? Jj&.Is'-S Tl>? rhuritiet h<vf bee n nolen.'.ly roop?o..i. 1 ml lit. riilmi it ml Its air rt/ lelcg ^1. I, y> I rwN'd r?' th? rsbi* Tlt'i ??; p< cd Nam Ubib hub. d broghl in ttQt* to ,rc\i>?y rinniH I:?I mtfl Coinmcre-lnJ. LONDON MONKV MARKEv. I J. 'Nco\\ fob JS?' vonluR , Ccntr'? rl at 93 A 91V f-r money Tim Uauk re iw nit >v> All inoro ? .11 bullion or C94,'K>0 ' The tata?t *>l?w ol American fte>el<a nro.?JISInoia Ceu 1 '.I! mar :e, A 'U- Mini. 1.! i *h ..s\ , jj4wcnK?T?CB Tn tur. r.Ki oiir. . I ATI it .ci, I oil. IS. IScJ. Til? idvlert fr^m K??(:h??teraraf?viir?bt?, ih?t niaf. It lor f "I- ni'd t inn hAvlrv; nil upwar I ten iency. 1 I.IVI I rOOI. I itK 11. v Vl'tn MATIKKP. ( |)?>erlrtytl'-t k . . .?t1> mv In y Tlf* vnt a 1 ? re rs, ' 11:?ll">r?le> tv. M c?? MMfljr ml M1 Horn 1 -ni n IS ic?l . .Ucio, ISf P IS? *!il ? i l? 0 W YO NEW YORK, MOND. Oatern, 12a. ad.; while Southern, 12?. #d. a ICS. Cora lownward; mixed, ::0s. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. Ike provision market has a downward tendency. Big and, Athya ft Co and other* report:?Beef steady. Tot k wavy and declined 2s. 0d. ilacon dull and declined Is. jrd still declining, and quoted at 42s. a 43s. Tallow luiet and steady. LIVERPOOL PROPI7CR MARKET. Ashes quiet. Sugar easier. Coffee steady. Rice Arm. fcwtn quiet; common, lis. 9d. a 13a. Spirit* turpentine las a downward ton lency. quoted 68s. 61 a 70s. LONDON MAKKBTP. Baring*' circular quotes breadstuff's dull. Iron dull at t6 a Coffee quiet and Steady. Sugar dull. Tea iteadyo >mm< n Congou, Is. lXd. s Is. 2d. Klce dull, [.maeed oil still upward, quoted 34s. 3d. a 34s. 9d. Tal- J ow inactive at 46s. gd. Spirits turpentine inactive tl 66e. BAVRC MARKET. Cotton?Saleeof the week, 13,600 bales; Orleanj tres urdinalre, 160r.;bas, 152f. The market closed Orns and steady. Paris, Feb. 16, TQ62. The Bourse closed #ill; rentes, 71f. 16c. TO? LATEST MARKETS. Iivk.ruooc, Feb. N, 1862. The sales or cotton yesterday (Saturday) reuched'12.000 bales, including 7,OOn halo* to speculators and exporters. The market clneed lino, with an improving tone, though quotations remained unaltered. Tho breadstuff's market U unchanged in price, aRl steady ; transadtions It ht. The provision market rom*1s8 quiet. Lonu r, Feb. 10,1868. Consols closed la*t eventre at a R3 for money. In Amorican ufoka tho Kxie vhareti sold ?A 21>i a 29 )? Illinois Central shares, 44 a 4i}i discount. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. Cotambus (Certainly Evacuated by the Rebels. Bnrtructio* of the Town, Military Stores and Equipments, h., Ac., Ac. Washwotow, March 2.1802. The folio* Ing despatch was received to-day from Com modoro Foot*, dated Cairo. March 1:? Lieutenant Commanding Phelps. sent with a flag of truoe to day to Columbus, has this moment, returned, and reports that Columbus is being cvacuateu. Ho saw the rebels burn iug their winter quarters and removing their heavy guns on the bluffs. But tbo guns in the water batteries remain Intact. He also saw a large force of cavalry drawn up ostentatiously on thehloflfc, bnt no Infantry was to he seon as heretofore. The encampment soon in owr armed reconnaissance a few days since has been removed. Largo tires were visible in the town of Columbus, and upon the river bankB below, indicating the destruction of tho town, military stores and equipments. A. II. FOOTE, Flag Officer. It is expected that Columbus will be occupied by the Union forces to day. DEATHJF GENERAL LANDER. Brilliant Career of the Det'cuciV-The Last Famuli Action He M'ai Engaged in?O01cla 1 Hecagnttlon of Ilia fccrvicea. WAsiKMiToN, Mareh 2,18G2. General Hinder died tbie afternoon, at Paw Paw, West ern Virginia, from the debilitating effects of Iris wound roceivod at Edwards' Ferry. JTts body la on '.ho way ti this oily, where his widow resides. General lander had' every attention w!i*Ul -if.-Old 8"< well tried friends urciud hint could bestow. His doutl was somewhat sudder It was not until live o'clock thl1 afternooon thaC his w fe received inteHigeiuc of his 111 neap. She Irnraodlfitely t?v>lc measures for obtaining i special train to proceed thithor; but before the arrange menu were completed Secretary Stanton called In per son, and with much fooling and delicacy ac(|uointed hoi with the fact of her husband's death. Secretary Chan* and other distinguished friends subsequently visited hei in her affliction. General Shields succeeds General Hinder in command SKETCII OF GENERAL LANDER. The telegraph bears us the melancholy Intelligence o the death of General Frederick W. Lander, one of tin moot gallant and brilliant officers of the T'nion army. Thi particulars of his death are published in another ojlumti. Gcnoral lender was a native of MasMehmiette, nnd war commissioned -Brigadier General of Volunteers as fat back is May 17,1801. or tlireu days after the diui ol General McClelUn's commission. Iu curly life the extraordinary energy uf character he oxhiblted marked liim uf a man of no common calibre, and tlnse who were we I acquainted with-ulna prophesied for him a brilliant future. Like a groat many other military grniusod, lie never under went a regular course of military instruction, nor received a diploma from any mllita-y ncaluuy. Nal iro, nevertheless, stamped ltini as a thoroughgoing soldier: for he possessed coolness, judgment un<l courage in ac eminent degree, and never was fo nd wanting in any undertaking, however perilous, omriictcd to his manage mcnt. In lsr,a-?:o ho wme Superintewrient of the overland wn?on road, iu which poaition be perfeinted public #or? vlcee of the most laborious cluriictcr, and acquitted himself to tlio full ratlsfactiou of bus h iporiora. IIiu expedition against the Indians, it will bo roinonibored, was attended with the happiest results, ins-much as be accomplished the complcto subjugatl-m of llio ho. :;i? Savages. Bcsidst) the publicity gained by Colonel lender by his successful completion uf the wagon road toCslifernia he seconded Mr. Potter, who was challenged to it;o t?. cotiih it by the braggadocio Roger A. Pryor, of Vir I ilia, who refused to face tlio formidable weapon pro p'-aod by Mr. Potior?via; the bow in knife. on the 7th Of March, 1VOO, Colonel l.iiulor had a ran routre with W. fM. F. Magraw,of Mi > irl, freight cuntr.ictor and Fnpertntnndest of the . verland wag si r i o In the winter of 1*50 Colon 1 Ia ide-. while iu th ro tinda at Wlllard's flolel, * m ntt:i>-Tce 1 l>y Vu' fi in b hind itU'l struck Tour tori blc blown before ho il i rt u li Ills u ' illant, -rh -n l iii r ho it M-ujraw rum | iully, until pulled ofTby tlio byitandeit. M.igraw watit Wcif,a-id, wuilu Oiloin I Ian lor w.r- ahaant in tho Rooky Mo uitainx, itile I in St. houis that I to hud whipped him in tho light, :uid at tho a*n? lllile ap. pli8d opprobi ion 'ill.i ?-t ; to him. Plreo'ly aH r tl.o no urreuco Ma raw rent two ,nulla man to Coined I mdor, b .vin r him nut to r< no or the dlflhmltjr, which had origin tlly grown out of M.^rn'c refusal to f (lit Til uii'l hauler n dtvol, ?<r iruiito roqiirt 1 up ilogy. .Mubr-.o-iuoniiy Colonel Lsudcr returned to Wh Ii'i ? i?, whirr lie 1 nv Migt iw In front of Kirltw id'.u Colonel l.mi'!e \v is nccomoauioj l>y Mr or Yates, tiio g'tntlnman to wh<vn Migraw ho'kitil of liaving whipped Landor. Tlio Colonel d .iiiuhUi l au rxpl.ui.iti n, tvlikb dlagr.iw <! u-rri'1 by pn ' u, r-: >.tor. Nothing ttaualad by liu a lit of th? woi;it)a, altUou^li ha w., lurtrou'd, Colonel I sudor off. i ad to meet Magraw, himself without? w apou and hi* aim.,"Ml*t arm!, which v.vw rofi.n'd. .Mtor sdgtunUxlfig M igraw fa thl?f, t.e., tWod bandor ap' I' glz > I to the pr >pri<orof tli > h-'tol ard . ilk d mi y. I to - t for tho h in or of hi State hiw< aid n ver i .i-.'iy c "u tl d i ..pons, tho iiili fee woiild light any ana who :<s lulled Mm, with or witlioiit tin in. i: It is *in< tl .> breaki out of lite rebellion that tho cloi lln*.jn-ilii 10 i Ci i Lander hn\ c displayed thcinsolvc*

in n manner wh'olt on?ht to win for him a l isting pluoe nu tK?* twfr ? of American history. J- In! tg ib* a. my ofOou. Moffetlnn, he hr.d I he honor to servo .t'.i though Iho bri! 'not cam|>algn In Western Vlrg'nln, on 1 at the celebrated htuliof Itir.l Mo nit.iin distinguish* I himself by it o most (taring aohlevami ills an<1 the most hn| ertorbuble erolnn). O;." ( f ttio olllcers engaged on that day aimed In I In upiil that Lander was to tj so. n on herai-bak gallantly plungh'g up the sido or a hill, and "leading tlw leaden " llo Is also reported to have ridden Ofte'.n feot ah ad of out forces, aud, rijtwn that n shower of l.ulleta greeted h? presence aa aoou.iadla covered by ll.e enemy, he did not asatn to be in tho ioael Manned, b it stubbornly doflod tho dang' ia that r irMUEdcd hint, wliti* ho cheered on hia cornrnd a t<> rictviy. It L unnecessary to any that ho was Ido'izoJ ^ the eoltl urw. Tho deceased wm alio In the unfortunate engagement of Edwards' Ferry or Boll's HlulT, where the gallant n-ikor n it a soldier's death at the head of hia column. In that ii?n?!toua affair Lander beheved with cbarsr'erisiio tt!"??* ?ud valor, rectified a wound jo lbs i?l/ ol cm# RK H 1Y, MARCH 3, 1862. of hi* logs, which at the tlm* waa not consldorod of a dangerous character. But the moat Important feat performed by General Lender was hla late orveaing of the railroad and telegraph to Hancock, Virginia,, which he accontpllahed with twe thousand men in Vwo columns, marching thirty two mlloi In a space ef time never, perhaps, exc.eded. The follow lng la General Lander's despatch to General llcClollan giving an account of this achievement;? Paw Paw, Va., Feb. 11-4 P. M. MhJor General G. B. M'Cieu.a*:? Tho ralirmd waa opened to Hancock tbla morning, ala< the telegraph. We had an important forced reeonnoi'iance laat night whi. h waa completad to day. We broke up the rebe neat at Blooming Gap. We ran down aud capture* arv 'itteen eommlssicned officers, among them colonels li< uteaant colone'a,captains, fcc. We engaged them with four hundred cavalry. Out Infantry waa not near enough to support the cavalry, ant tba enemy weieretiriug. We have In all seventy Ave prisoners, and killed thir teen of the enemy, and lost two men an>i six lioraos at th< first fie. lied thechargo In person, and It was a com pleto surprise. CoL Carroll, commanding the Fifth or eighth Ohio nuulo a very daring and successful reconnotssauco lmme dintely afterwards to I'nger's Store. MaJ .r Krothingliam is eutitled to great credit for build lng, under my direction, iu four hours, in the dead u', a complete bridge across the Great Cheapen at ai unfrequented mountain road. Two o?iutuas of two thousand men each marched thirty two nit'eg. an 1 one column forty-three miles, sinus fou p U vpulartlnv ItMliloa hfltlffiiiff ill* rli t?r The taper* takon and my own reconnoisaince to th south provo the country clear,aud (hat Jackson and Lc ring are at V inchest er. We m*'W> a move and occupied the Blooming (Jap nil Point Mill,on the belief, by information olitauicil fror deserter*, tluil General Casson's brigade was there, General Humming lias just arrived ut New Crock fret: Mourlicl'l, forty tnilcs south of Rouuiey. He hat) captarc two hundred and twenty live bcuf cattle, ami he brok up the guerrilla haunt there. Two of his men were badl wounded, but several of tho rebels were killed. The enemy haa thus been driven out of this tfepar meat. F. W. LANItKR, Brigadier General Commanding. The service* of the deceased, on this occasion, were i highly prized by the government as to elicit the follov ing exceedingly flattering and honorable letter from tl Pec rotary of War:? WAR BULLETIN?THANKS TO OKNKRAL LANDEK. WAR ItEPARTMKNT, Wasbinutos, Feb. 17, lfe62. To Brigadier General F. W. Unum:? Tho I'residont directs mo to say that he hat observ* with pleasure the activity und enterprise manifested 1 yourself and lIio i ti ers and soldiers of your enmman You have shown how mueh maybe done, in tho wot weather and worst roads, by a spirited officer at t head of a small force of bravo men, unwilling to was , life in camp wlion the enonites of their country arc wit in reach. Your brilbant success is a happy presage what may be expected when the Ariuy of the Polom shall be led to the Held by their gallant general. KDWfN M. STANTON, Secretary or War, Having giveu the above brief sketch of Gcuc Pander, it will readily he admitted that the country 1 sustained a great loss in his death. A bright ctreor of honor and glory was atouut to dai upon him, aud had ho lived he would undoubtedly ha built a reputation fliat his children might well ho pro of. But doatfn has added another noble victim to 1 grim record. As w Tl be soon by our despatches, the g lent General quite uaevpectcdly died at his post at Pi Paw, Western Virginia. 'Jlie wound at Hall's Bluff, seems, was of a nuiet serious character, and, having be neglected.(doubtless hastened his death, tog* ther w [ the fearful labors he suffered in bis famous Napoioot march, mentioned ss flatteringly by Secretary Stanb General .lames Shields succeeds to the command left i cant by tbo death ef General Lauder. ; NE.VS FROM GEN. BANKS' D1VISI0I ? rnARij:-towk,Ta.,"March 2,ISM j Tho mani body tlLfcvi'oral Bauke' division rests in t vicinity of Cbarlestcwn. No disaster or acmdohi Idle curred since Its concentration at and Hie departuro fri , Sandy I loot to cause ony anxiety to tho friends at hon Three Inchon of snow fell to drty. " The hitherto rancorous secessionists now pay marl P respect to the federal uniforms. Tho citizenc, who ha i iw?9t'otn;a Ilo.l to ?nt -tunh to rebel ftrce are elatod w r tho prospo?Is of tbo future. It is gratifying to perceive that the country throu, out which tho army poeaed lauvrs murks of the usual ricu!tural U duitry. It i.s apparent that the future cor crops of this prolific rcgi in havo not heeu neglect r As may bo supposedptown and country are itestiliiti s lm|)<<rted articles, of consumption. There is imi la< I , breud, meat and coarse cloths. Hundreds of ocntralru aro hourly aeckiug refuge within our linen, but they i , allowed to-roam at large w ithout espionage or care fuel but little notice is tnken of them, except to previ . ithuir return beyond our pests. The general reports from Winchestor are uonftlctli ( and hut little reliance Is plneod upon them, turning they do from refugees and contrabands. Tlta military commanders nro undoubtedly better formed than the pub Ic, and arc consequently pri pai for any emerge icy which tnay arise. C'lmiderablo Hour, accredited to the scccaakm am kas been sekwvd, but private projairty lias bcenstri res per tod. Mart uishurg is occupie I by tho Union troops. I vm N AVI. Titer I'alteil States Frigate Vermont i Trouble* Itwtov, March 2,1 hd'i , Tho schooner Flying Mist, which arrived at fliatli. IMI.UI . rt I' lMt* VII I 11*1 III lilt., '.M 1 MJI till, I '.I wo.-tliy north ninrty !iv uiil' t, spnke d o I'liitoil !-*n frt,'nto Vcrnmiii, from 1' toil for I'e-t Hey..!, n ilh ! ruil lor, both Udw anchor*, a null ??f rails and four Inn wantedfleam to tow her in. ConinHflore ll nl.cii n soml (hi! *loo;> Rati .Ta -Into, gunbout Ar- -'Plonk, Mi i.n.-.l -' xuu anil two t w w ma hi f ai ' U of her. fh^y ' ivc to-ui^tit. Sailing of llto rrliiulc Nt, Lnvvrcnrri 'flic L'ultiKl Kioto* fr' *?' 1. I ?ivretir# .ills this I i it I. k lur Hampton t! a , who. si.e will ro i or ! * from tt.t.rhiiu;ton .in to bur cimivo. Ihoeii. rep< i In i frst Mam frigate, carrj lug Oft t .<? guno, oiuht <>f which a o *i.vt> eight |k*iii<<jiv ri two thirty two po:i i ll1: ami two bout howlf/ir- f: ili. vvs about in uty live foot of * iter, nnT I- > nr ft i.\ twt M'lora In the mvy. TheMowing i; i c irroct li-t i f lbe pri.-oin ortlr. ra th <t. f.vwr i-'o, mi:>)' o.|u , itini'os hiring h<vn Ma* M our 1 Ml | tj'ilf lion of thi 1U'.:? ?* -y an in?11. V. Purvifwe. Of Maryland. / ii'iI Li> .UN1 omU K.'-'utt - ('i)irrt ?Wlliium f. TT" " u Vurk. S"i';:'Vh? h"l). ri Wo Uorlli, of Xow York. /'aym-o'T?J' |ih II. O.iph mi,: t Xtwr lorpoy. i i ! < Li - I . V;, of .vov York. liiHi "? ? 'j V 'l in- ?likhtnl II. fV ilutr.. of Iml'nn .i.'.. / r? llcury 1 I liking*,"i rennvylvMiiu. 14/ \ i . in. Mum i I'lormm, ef N'ow Jer; ey Artnp .!/ ' / . ?iiJri A. llru? o, >f Mm-jirliu*oll !' Il I t'U'llV. ' fill VMIii.l: II. I.. A : loll. (11 t o"in . I on .t I Win. H. -ni th. u ivm.-jjvntila. fit I' -i'ii'i f at.?: K linuii l i ii n.;).'il of Maryland, f'.'u'?H , .1 tin i ., ui e. /'i(j,ii.(i. ' i* J * i1' *i ii j. .411 r. J i iK*i?. .1 -'t'n tl'.'-r't '/: <??''ih'ioih IJ. Prior. T. W. Jon iii,mil- c jmw uw W. JMa,Aila ftaktr, Ifcoaw t*. i.iiiii. lit J?. T.v> r lift u nJei ,d flfcotivo orrlco dur : tit i prr?e:ii v- . bavin : t.ii; ;? r i\cr 1 pri/is and sou tie ,nlv:iMir I trcl .i 1 o>. Itin il Iter ouiiro cm* ( r tiling -on p i lti?* | i iii. .>li ware ouhi r killed i drowned) Pli" 1- iiu'iucd by tl bn.idrud bnve I lot*#, wboernoidcrfbr u ii.'tat, audfrutn win in a a<* ,i . 'nipt in i? b p.xp- ind i lu'iinvi','hii opportunity alic iK onr inr ib n t<> <> mnstrata tlimr /"at in buhaif i ibo l iiK'ii. J( r cnuiiiiun -r, Captain II. Y. I'm vin .c tu.< lie i ,'iie filly yeara ill the naval aorvh: nn I la M.'hly rt-pictcd by all tli? OfUccrH ami mm 01 the flip ri || 11 by ul people ii Ii i u aC'l'.nii it with hi lialiUI an a m in mill nn < lice 11 oiipb fi > in th 1 da iblfully layal Statu of Maryland,' n| lain P. M known to be a* (iuo na atoel ,u bio love ?i, joyal'y to tho laion ami the old II.,g. The Mnc-of-Itnttlc-Slilp Vnnimiti Coiuwi'atoro Paulding, of the Navy Yard, Mr, kiy; ymterday Nt*lfNI a telegraphic d"a|uitli tw Wnahiiii Inn, ar,n< unolt g tho Iwablat.iont. and probable l"?a of tl oM Uuo-oMiaHte-ahlp Vormont In th: Gulf Stro.ilB. Tl Voi mont wna recently ordorad to Join the Atlan'ic ?iu.n ron at Urn Port floyal rtalion, ai ator* and hoapliftl shtj 1 lie ?t nn th -l 3bo ha* ncounloi ed bad alrcmiy deprlvi lior o( bar rndjrr and dismantled her. O nuno ana Pan ding iinnia llatoly de patched two guub ata I i her rulio a id Lor a\act pMltKMi mi bein t k vn, thuy trill doubt 1"BS ba ob!l..od to in ike a ioar h before fi ling in wit bor. bbaaai d rrom lb rii' o for bar d.aWuaii.n u tb< i lime aim a. tiailln^ nf llir It "tie ml tin. pi rvt ijip. March 3, lfcflS. Tt ? atenn?htp Pubo'v'an, Cnpta Pirgoaa, laiicii i I Ion C'eiovk tbi? utofDlcg for Liverpool, ERAI NEWS FROM WASHINOTON. I -L-^-.-uwuwuvvv-u1 ; Cheering Intelligence in Regard to the Suppression of the Rebellion. A Provisional Government Proposed for Tennessee. I . The Proposed Promotions for Gallant j Conduct in the Field, IWi, lit., he* > , Wvh'nuton, March 2,1802. > CHEERING NEWS PROM TENNESSEE. News of the most cheering description has been communicated nflicially to the War Department t.'O'n Ten? ncssee. The work of suppressing treason by miliary force is noarly completed, and but llttlo reiium ?to be done except to reorganize the State government. r SENATOR JOHNSON TO BE APPOINTED MILITARY GOV* 6 ERNOR. To Andy Johnson has been assigned the proud position ,1 of Military Governor of Tennessee, and the work of orn ganizing a provisional government for that Stale, until the civil govornmont shall be reorganized. He wi'l be d nominated by the President, to-morrow, a Hrig.ilier Gone erai for this purpose, and proceed immediately to the y noble work of restoring his own State to tho Union. |. THE DEATH OP OKN. LANDER. A despatch was received at headquarters this evening announcing the death of Hrigadier General f. W. lander. '? Ho diod at Pawpaw, between Romney and Winchester, *" Vs., about half-past four o'clock this afiornoon ,of con' ge?tion of tho brain. It is known here that be had boon subject to occasional recurrences of what is known as tho mountain favor, a disease contracted during his explorations of the Rocky Mountains. The attack which caused 9d his death is attributed to the oll'cct of his wound re V r.i\ A,! nt tha hnttla of HnU'fl RlplT. and to evceasive oxer gi turn to making hi* recent forced march against the rebels he at Romncy, for which he gained the commendation of llio ito War Department and the applause of the country. After his success at Komncy, finding that his command was Ac not to move forward immediately, he desired to bo relieved , in order to recruit his health, which was then much impaired. His nutural impetuosity chafed at rerul pose, and bis anxiety to push forward, and, by other 148 brilliant achievements, add to th splendid reputation he had already won, impeded the recovery of his shattered *n health. ,Te The circumstances attending tho death of General "d lander contain a lesson to tho "on to Richmond" under ^ all circumstances howlers. Tho forced march mado al" by Gonoral I/iudor and his command superinduced iw the illness which has resulted so fatally. The fact 'cn by -tho rebel forces under Gcueral Jackson, when be ad'l'* vunced to Itomney, thirteen hundred of bis men wore placed kors du combat, many of whom died from the ofnn" fccte of the excessive exertion. There are certain limits to human endurance in ootd, and rain and mud, which no amount of fanatical goading can surmount. Senators and Congressmen, who know nothing of mili" N? tary possibilities, may bo willing to urge whole divisions of our soldiers to their death, in efforts to overcome ' natural obstacles, but they will in the cud obtain more tho regrets lhan victories. ? ' JifJ.; 2J6CI>*ATIOH OK GENERAL HITCHCOCK. 5ln Major General Hitchcock Jcctln'<f iinr apik-'iliUllCtii 119 thai positionou llio ground tho the had health with which ho has beun suffering fur years will not permit him :ot' to lerfotm the duties of th.i field. His lVM letter of doolinatlon uttera stroug L'ttion sentiments, his 1th fervent dairo that tho rehellt in maybe speedily over thrown, and his confident belief that tlila will soon take k'1* place, r.ttd the authority of the federal government "K be every tvhere re-esfabl.shed. Ho expresses great ad eal miration of tho brilliant achievements recently In the Wost, ttnd of the military genius which they manifest. ' ?r LETTERS i*t TASSKS FOR THK SOCTH. : 0|" The War Department refuses to transiuit any letters to tho So'tlhctn States. uro N'uiittT'nte pauses li.ive l>-sui given to women, children and person* In ill health to return to their friends and l*"t families. 1*; es"3 lor bueiuc s purposes or to persons merely itt tring to visit tli? South nnd We-t are Inva afr> rialily r? ft. tel. a"1 tiie conbitiov axu spiuir or tuk imo.v troops. Report front every mi it try doparlment reeeivod dur in Ing the paAt week represei.t the tr< ops as being in good " oondiiton, ami that titers prevail** among them a vigorous I atri aic spirit tor action in tho Hold. Numerous sppli^ ' cations liy . egiments and oltlcors have been undo to b.t tlv ' relieved from duty itt guarding posts, and placed whore they will have an opportunity of meeting tho onomy in battle. THE PROMOTIONS FOR GALLANT CONDUCT. The promotions for gallout conduct in the field aro cxI acted to be announ cd next week. Thoy are delayed lit ouly 11.til all tho ofTh details of the recent battlos uru received. This pel icy Is regarded as m >ro productive of cfllch'Doy In the ranks ml a greater stimulant Iodeeds tut of valor, lb *n any lhat bat ltoi n adopted by the governor' men t. to. PROMOTION Ol' GENERAL SCULL, i ,,f ltuell will l?o nominate I to morrow its Major ts: (letieral o! Volunteers. ill QENKUtL it O'LKl.l.ASA PI. ANA AND aENKKAI. MF.IUiT A;.i VKMf.AMB. ;ill T)i wL?il in of M"0!':!i.a.'v plans Is nt>\? apparent. 'Iho jrroiit nri?o< mla bin begun lo enfold tlio rebel foris .ami nrinlcs In In crushing embrace. p?m:? a linn of bat I Jo, r\U'i,-.lin..' Cot I". !ve hcmlm! mil-.-", tbe w, M " no\ ' r i) 'iro uit.i <!. Sin h a r ri'.ixi of arm-Nt sol<li I ..nil p rri ul li t?. viiuli. niors of mi insulin! I', nf ninl n 1,'irv ?1 itlou, cnntroili d by BTi lei I i'* m.i tor t. li.'l and I. pin,; plop to tiip innate 01 I' l r H ," i i-liioliivo ilv I tlio lifo of i M' lliur.iluli to (Milt '! !. N: , ! 'ft ..aid tliaro was tin part of an " ' nr.Ti v th.? to j'.i 'c i in .< UctuiiU ability to inuaiiji* than I' fjnarti .nn-stor'- dorirtnwnt; and :n Ibis revpri", ' w 1 n iliu liisto'-y of'ar *lnll have been v.ritloa i'i i pi III hI a b .iiorpl i io hi til,' 1i-ttrta of th) pc pv ol II .4 "'iiilry, lor ihi Jn-1 ami Imparl! il ndt niluUt.i ti if ihi? irl-to'if than Brigail r Gonera! Mont| in v (. Y i . Ilo lias re Iticeil cli.i to i.-.t-r?1- >>P.'ii? il /. I itoi 'i: on lleulf. Ho Inis t 0 .lain o t'.u: -i c dy ci rmorunu of contracn. tora I y li s sharp. In su, i n lUnlaiiiij iniud, ovor lif'il of in) InlcrirLa of tlio Unite! Static. ' Wit a . ..let bU a .a hive Just el thitiw ivee by t, tin) prob ; they inhibit liie ocuaoiny they lopnt?il", an 1 hi ny ll ii-<' ly believe tlint tb>> ramo talont b i J oi . ho a pi e?. ) doeo Mo 1m " ! vj wosMa'm niako It-"if fcl' ; a < nima nti:.; p ajral. Wo ail know *# th u tie wii i 1I! ill r m to chaer on our polillery?the only time l.r ev ; wtlenled the duties nflila oflloe, if rogioei ti{ WoouM be nailed?wh o h warm b rtcd loyally p;u*ho I b I forth In ' n of ling r ami oa .u.e. It i? rare. In deed, *r P ilnJ * .cli hr rd b i Itu^s talent and fonrlus-> patriot loin unite I la III am pur. a. It Is not generally Is a iwn "I thniOu?ral &! ?' y- mi V . t Point.!.-, vmelftrod 11! irntnutioy "i- I m illMl go-shod bravery in ii, diroclirvi * boito r whl'.h h ? n -onii nluln? i n;> cUlor. rhDIYIIbAI.ITlKS IV A It i A'.D OOKMP. r B. Klnf.w! >f'it yours I it cu'.rlbuted tnoiol'-goly r Hi in nny ether man,by bis clever f.mcy sketches una b- e\ *11 -nt portrs.:-!, to thecultivation of art in this city, ' from .itTo. nn's time to the present, Is slowly was:'ng by a discm o |>ron'"i?iro'l iucur.ib!o, and his d-n.uo,o-c l'-i g. m iy ') Pol us crtain. Thus,link by link,lbe i, men who connected us with th? Futhorc of thcRwilug Hon ere fn t l> :n? bi ken; for in bis d&y b? ilmcod the 10 rest ires Of Jcf'MTOn, Madis> n, Rod Jacket, Marshall, Ui# f.iyetlo, Lawrence and Pccalur, and nis t.vo portraits of I- Mrs. Mstlkoob will 1'nj romsln ss monuments worthy of \ o e tern) irnry oi sunrt, Pine nn.l Vsndsrlj n. j1 ITIr gallery, so I ng a resort for srt b>vei?", ! lids alroady Icon broken up ou<l distributed i' to different dncsttona; U.tilti tlons lu New England,and )' Newport, hi-' t.silvo t"wn, receives a largo .-hare of (boss Interesting pictures; and to those be bis added several valuable presentation pictures t>? himself from lbs ear els of Sully. VanJsrlya, luunn and oibors. 11 Tho lot lb facade of lire Ii??sury bulbi ng ts now .toot pitied Th9 ornomtiuati :n in bronie el Hi iD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ooration makes up tn or'gu ailty and Invention for lbs barrenness of thsae qualllinn displayed upon tbsoutslda. From iho ba cony of the Congressional Library the view la superb. Tba only drawback to tba aoana la tha red brick birn, erected by President Buchanan la tba worst sort of taste, which obtrudes itself at tba tamnua of tha vista of Pennsylvania avanua, between tha Treasnry building and tha White Housa. It should ba torn down, and a different building material should he used for Its construction In a different place. In consonance and keeping with lis grander surround!' gs. Secretary Chase Is now occupying the most magnificent and luxurious apartmeuls ever vouchsafed to iha use of a Cabinet minister. The view from his windows everifr Its the valley of the Potomac, Including the same range of delightful scenery so much admired from tba portico of Hie White (louse. AMUSEMENTS UP IBB SOLDIERS?THEATRICALS IN CAMP. When not engaged In drilling or on duty, the soldiera la the Army of iho I'otnm.ic utnuse themselves In a variety of ways. The spare hours In camp, espec-aily during tha inclement weather, have been to a great extent profitably omp'iiyed by most of ihe men iu reading, writing letters to their families and friends and disc axing tbe absorb* Ine topic of the Many hours, also, have beea wlnlrdawny In tclii.'g and In listeniug to stories, or "yarns" around the cheerful camp Ores. Th' hands belonging to tliedillc eul leginients h ive proved a perpetual source of pleasure to our lrooi>s. We have a number of excellent bauds throughout tho army. The patriotic and touching tunes which they discourse front time to tlma tend to keep burning b l?htly,not only the fires of patriotism, hut the (lames ol ultction In the Ii arts of all our r uble volunteers. ; omo of our officers have beea acqel ing the art of fencing, fhe bayonet exercise, la which our soldiers are now being instructed, has been so fascinating to llu m hat many have regarded it almost ag an amusement, while, at the same time, it is a very no. ceisary acquirement. Theatrical pe forniances have been gotten tip in camp, and have met with much success. In ?*'?;.Y,*w (.VmimiPf Fintlrlinn thfl fnrmpr mAM ronm A# die students lias In on used by come of Ibo enterprising pers' n? In General Keai 11 y s brigade for theatrical repreMcntation*. Cut, inGmeial Ileli.tzrlmar.'e division, UM regiments composing the brigade recently commanded by General Sedgwick, r.ow by General Blrney, have erected on extensive strucluie, winch la fitted up in most reepecta like a woll appointed theatre. The Idea aocma to hive boon suggested by an article which appeared in the IIkkalo some lime since advocating amusviD-'Ote for the a my. Captain Gavilt,of Oil'W Ward's Thirty eighth Now York leglm- nt, tool, the iuitla* live in the matter. At a meeting of the officers in th# brig idr about the midd o of last December, the sugges. lion to huveerectcd a spacious building on Colonel Ward'i camp ground, to be used alternately for lectures, balls and theatrical representations, was immediately approved. Funds were raised?anil so was the building. It hi on* hundred feet long, sixty feet wklu and thirty-eight foal h gb. It has an oxtensivo gallery. Tho stage is twenty, eight feet doop. Besides this main structure, thora ar* side building:' one hundred feet long and fifleeu feet wide. These are intendod for the transaction of business and for sapper rooms ? h n balls aro given. Detachment* from the regiments in tho brigade have erected thi* theatre. It ifl built of largo logs to the height of twelve feet, tho upper port.ou being of frame, and subt Btontially put together. It cost nearly four thousand dollars. A considorahlo i?ortion of that amount was ?( ponded for lumber. Tho building is lighted by one of Kitchen's gas apparatus, purchased in New York, and value I lit over a thousand dollars. The gas is manufactured on tho premises, and costs the merest trifle. In* thore uro In all about ono hundred anil forty burner*] The iuner walla are covered with canvass. Colo no Ward and moat of fits mrk cfj ?31* uien in the brigade have taken c >n?iderablo interest in the "on'w."prl**? An association, rilled tho Lycoutn Association, has been formed, with the Co.oncl as President. TIM thootro was recently opened, on which occasion every port of tho lrouso was crowded. The price* ef admission are fifty cents to the dress circle end twenty-live to the parquet. Tno drees circle ie patron' teed by tbe officers, and the parquet by tho privates. Then are a number ef '.a lios in tha divi.-.ion, \?bo generally attend tho parlirmineoa. It Is expected that tha receipts will soon cover tho expenses of the building, and that whatever profits may accrue will bo placed in a fund for the relief of tbe families oi tho soldiers. There are n number of actors in tho brigade, who take prominent characters, tho inferior diameters be lug playid by amateurs. On Thursday night Miss Susan lien in commenced a brief engagement, In tho play of tha "Eddystone Lighthouse," as is led by Mr. Rogers, who pi.rformcd tho part of the low comedian. Captrin Win. Morgan, of tho Third Maine regiment, sustained thechara, tor of the Elf w Ithcr- dit . The Stevens bo thers, of the Fortieth New Yo k, or Moxart^roglnient, played well In " Rex andOnt," the afterpiece, jf the present managers do not devoto tho building too exclusively to theatrical performs ices, nor call in tho aid of nigger min?trels of the " baser fort,'1 as at the commencement, the enterprise enn be made tbe meant of iira'thful amusement to tha men, and consequently quite successful. It is certainly astonishing to see such iuielos'ant and com modi .us structure " in camp." On Sundays it is used for rolifii"<i - servers. After tho aiuty moves forward It will l>c valuable oilhor as a storehouse or a hosjitul. moiib cotton coming NuKTlI. One hundred thousand d<dl:i" worth of rot ton, take* at N'.i:-hviilo liy our troops, will be sent to New Yorb by order 01 the Treasury Po| artuicnt. TltK office of PUOVtlST .11 POE OF AI.BXANJSKIA vac \Ti:n. Jtid.e Fr< e '> I; oM: ii. I lu ivo to vucalo for tho lima b iirf lis ofli.o as - si', it Adjutant tict ernl nud I'ro. \ t Judge i.f Aloxnndr.a, in order to Join (Jon. fleinF j . in'a division as Protest Marshal. Tilt: 1 STABI ISIIMCNT OF A MONARCHY IN MRMOrt. i s 'id to 1*) al'Mrly 'in t >rstool b.'tween tho allied i ai that a ni ii.i by in Motion tvill result front iho Ir.v.c- n it of llut < entry, note uh landing the ami run on ji > u the I n tod Sfi >;llrit:h?y "h>ul<l not nook any fmlitlt ai objects llicre. It U l> lleved ihoy have disposed f tho?o i: i >' t by s iyln , that the m inar diy will 1* eutabilvli d by the fri e w ill or ih" Mexican people, Jiud AS tho empire ans r I ib h. l In Franco by th# frer choice ot thn French nation. tin It '* \D Af'T'O. TnT T.ovo UTIIDGE. T: r.i Ii. ? I I. v.- lii ' > I t?en>tt? tUo T 'U flrnl. t< lii-. ilnfilv ' <f ? .13 in horre.fli =h, hi nrveral trainable llvco hit b on nocrlflcod iVorn th??circleseae? \vh ,n moctlrr t *w<j;ltic by the unguar<to J drawsAN'n'KVr IH)t I'MBNTS, A ,m- o m lot ' f n!i' ? ami potent* of grants of taut!, M^n I by I/1'"Kulrft\ it Bahlm >r >,have noma under my n.itlor, with V* ami rl/uitnre# In good oMety'o, a .'I,at I have Sn.t tl . >r?ntio to pecuro tli.'m, T have ro. s rv" I one of r u:'i 1 enrich tho autographic collection at tv.iehi gion Ihights. Tlio Hi U'iitnl l'rl?onrre? l*Hii..tPM.rtttA, March 3, |)MW. About four hun.l o<t rcleq.i priaonera arrived by the Hnltim >r<? train at one < ' I ck thin morii'ng. Tin y were rr< Ivcit a| tho Uopot by an im enee growl of ft tends, which bad nrsnnibltit villi tho exportation of thctr arriv al Kovoral hount earlier, i'hvy pat to k of n aupper at tho volunteer refrecbtnct t aaloone, when tho Phi a letj bin port m,cviu, i Ing a maj<>rily, tMnperecd to tholr homos, made|>y by their return. Tho recant victories a ill he colobrated on Tttee tay evening, Hie 411. .1 Marr'i, by a grand military and naval bull at tha A.ftduny vf Muio. ihiiim*, March 1,1883. Tlio b at from Furl Monroe to morrow will bring four lint d.eil Avirt roICMaal priaoiicia, and It it confidently cxpoc'.ad that Colonal foreman and other officer* will accompany them. ticuciai Dlx baa ordered out tha Nawt York Fifth Zountn to ccurt Uiain from tlia boat to ib? rooms of the llallof Vs^' oiailro. From Sim Frnm-laru. 8\s Fhancwco, March l.lfifli. Ballad ship Wert Wind. II ng Kong.atotuiar St. Loula, Panama, carrying a few pa songcra, and 41S0.0C0 >a lieasuro for Vow York an 1 f 412,000 Tcr hi 'gland. From *>M Pnlitf, Pai.rni ma, March 2,1182 It.a 011 Po nt boat bring* no new ? Tb? Pig of meg [ goal, with priicoera, had net arrlyttl whoa iba boat left,