Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1862 Page 2
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2 Another better from Thurlow Weed ou the Americans Uunlion. [From the Londou Obs?rver, Feb. P.] TDK TKl'H STATS Of T1IK A1UIK1CAN QtWROM. Pin?I am so often net with the inquiry, '-Why should n .t the North permit tl?o South to soccde instead of engaging in a civil warr" that, with your i*ir miss ion, I w i' I submit a brief general reply. There has b en for thirty years in America "an jrre. pressible conflict" between .-.lavery and freedom, limited, uowovcr, in the North. to a small minority of its citizens, moved by philanthropic or political impulses or obpu t-,. The gre it majority of Northern people, recognizing their constitutional obligations, abstained fruui inturierence w?l hade very iu i hoPlates whoro it was sanctioned by Ihu fundamental luw of the laud. Originally all the Ptat s were slaveholdlng; but the fathers of the republic an 1 framers of the constitution 1 oked forward to uliiuiulo and universal emancipation; ami iu the progress of civilization sevon of the .States did woi It out (hvir emancipation from slavery, while six others belter adapted by climate and productions to slavo ?b r, remained "joined to their idols." One or tho six (Virginia;,as rcceutly as 18'50, in amending her constitution, was about equally divided ujion the question of gradual emancipation. The purchase of Louisiana from Franco, of Florida from Spam, aud.iho conquest of Texas and Mexico, added seven That Mtuated, we pursued our national career, always moreorless disturbed by tho slavery element, but al. ways making concussions and sacrifices fur the sake of |K'?ce and the Uuion. Kvory President of the United States, elected since the adoptiou of the constitution, either came front a slave Mato or was a pro-slavery democrat .acceptable to slavery, with tho exception of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, General Harrison (also a native of Virgiuia, but a resident of Ohio), and Mr. Lincoln. General Harrison died two mouths al ter l is inauguration, and Mr. Lincoln lias been in oflke Ions than one your, so that, practically, the government has boon, administered only nine years by Presidents with Northern principles, while for more than seventy years it has been wiolded by the slave power. General Harrison was succeeded by Vice President Tyler, a violent pro-slavery President, who most arbitrarily admitted Texas into the Uuion by proclamation. In the mount!mo slavery was ever encroaching, and when encountering resistance its representatives threatened disunion; and then, after exciting debates, tho difllculty would be "compromised," in which tho North, being tho stronger, became the magnanimous party. In 1S48, when California asked to come ihto tho Union with a free constitution, tho South again threatened dissolution and war. Messrs. Stephens (Confederate Vice President;, with Senators Toombs and Clingman, called iil>on General Taylor and threatened war if California was admitted as a free Slate. 1 i>aseod them coming from tho executive chamber, and found that tho President had indignantly rebuked thoir treasonable threats. Out, unfortunately and mysteriously, thr?-o weeks after that memorable scene, ITovidonoo bereaved the natiou of its venerated President, and unler bis successor rebellion wts postponed Dy another "compromise," in which slavory obtained equivalents (including Mr. Mason's fugitive Slave law) for the admission of California. Tbc next step in the progress of rebellion was tho repeal of the "Missouri Compromise," a boundary line established by ordinance in lSJlO, dividing the territory obtained by purchase from Kruuce between slavery ami freedom, the fertile and available portion going to slavery, tho wiideruess to freedom. Out of the Southern section of thus territory three slave States were soon organised and admitted into the Uuicn. Finally, when civilization approached Kansas, slavery lusted for it, and a proslavery administration sent its olllo. holders and army into that Territory to repress freedom and protoct slavery. After a fearful and ravaging conflict of six years, in which all the i>ower and appliances two pro slavery Presidents (Pierce and iluchanan) could render slavery were rendered, freedom triumphed, and Kansas was admitted into tho Lmon with a constitution "prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude forover." This gave, for the first time, a preponderance of free State votes in the United spates Senate. And now, that feather having broken the slave camel's back, armed resistance and soces s too was rosolvod upon and resorted to The nest step taken ^deliberately contemplated the demoralisation of the democratic party, so that the election of a"blick republican" President might furnish the pretext for robellion. This was accomplished by secession ordinances lu south Carolina and Mississippi, and in the avowa, of doctrines by Jefferson Da vis, Toombs and other Southern Senators, upon which the Northern democrats co-old not stand, culminating dozily in the Charleston Omventwu by an o;>en bre xh and the nomination of a secession candidate Tor President. Mr. ijn. oin, the way be,og thus cleared, was chosen President, and alt hough ho had ever avowed himself in favor ot' loaviag slavery where the constitution i>lanted it, aud only differed from his predecessors in being oppoW to Us extension, bis election was held to b. a j'xst: heat,on for rebellion. 'ihottgb choxen in Novombor, Mr. Lincoln was not sworn into office until tbe 4th of March. During this long interval of Ave mouths rebellion was maturing and progressing under the eye sad auspices of Pre-admit Buchanan, who, if not s party to it, sat "in a fool's cap," ignorant of what was apparent to ali others. In the C'srolinas, Georgia, Alabama, 4c., the federal forts, custom houses sad jk st i ffio.-B were seized, aud the public money stolon. In thaso and other states insui^ gout a mles wcro organized. As the Lh of March approached, a conspiracy, having for iUob;ect the surprise of tbo caiiital, the seizure of its archr.-fs lad tho usurpation of ths government, with Breclcinri-lgc, thu socession candidate as prov.siouul Presi-isr), was orgouiz >1. General Soott promptly ordero I th? few regular troops (0b0> within reach to Washington, and volunteers were sumtnon?d from Die tix. * it maion. ii.s3v nviu iu?4 upuu 1U iMUimurO, while the railral trucks and bridges were taken up or bartiad. Bat three New York regiments reached Washington by water in Season I t avert the blow, it should bo remembered that W-shinfioD is silmted w,t bra the he.trt of th? si tveholtl 1111; State. Foiled ta their Jctiign.- upon Washington, tha conspirators orgautwd a band of ' Colon jl Hioods" for the Miusmatt.'u o( Mr. Lincoln in bis passage through Baltimore. The tim'ly discovery of this cooapiracy, or whitii irrefraaable proofs exist, ettabied Mr. Lincoln to cs: ape the poniard by anticipating tho train in which be was ex poctoti, antl passing incog, by night through that city. In reOcuiry Major Anderson, commanding Fort Waultrio, Charleston harbor, Unding his position endangered, ptr-ed his g&rr.son, by a prompt and brilliant movement, over to tho stronger fortress of Sumter; whereupon Mr Floyd. Secretary of War, much excited, called opoo the IToaidont to say that Major Asdergon ha 1 violated express orders, and (hereby seriously compromised bun (Floyd;,and that unless the Major was immediately remanded to Fort Moultrie ho should resign lli-i War O'Jice. The Cabinet was assembled directly. Mr. Buchanan, tho embarrassment of the Secretary of War, remarked lha. the act of Major Anderson wo ;ld occasion exasperation m the South; he had told Mr. Floyd that as the government wss strong, forliearance towards "errtug brethren might win them back to their allegiance,'' and that that oilteor might be ordered back. After an ominous siloD.u the rrosidont inquired how tha tugjus tiou Htrurk hist'abinot. Mr. Stanton, Just now call -d to the War Office, but then Attorney General, answered, '"fliat course, Mr. President, ought certainly to be regarded as most liberal toward ' erring brethren;' but while one member of your a^imnrt na* iraauuioai acceptance* rur million* of dollars afloat, and while the confidentia! clerk of uaotho. ? himself tn (Carolina teaching rcbelliou?baa Just stolen $i>CO,OCO from the Indian first fund, the experiment of ordering Major Anderson back to Fort Moultrie would be dangerous Bat if you intend to try it, bolero it is done 1 beg that you will accept my roignatlin." "And mino," added the Secretary of State, Mr. Black. ' Aud mine, also," said the Po3tmaster General, Mr. Holt. "And mine, too," followed the Secretary cf the Treasury, General Di*. Thit, of e-time, opened th- bleared eyes of the Pr<ui dent, an i tho mooting resulted iii the acceptance of Mr. Floyd's roetvnation. Forcible, not peaceable secession, hits been plotted,and mined, and matured. From the beginning too language and beei iBXOl the tniurgeDia Ins boon deuunciat ry and tlullant wiiile the Northern people, accustomed to threats of civil war, were unwilling to believe such an event possible, and unconscious of the preparations going forward to carry rebellion intoelkct, tho Secretary at War had stoalthdy plundered Northern arsenals by a transfrrof cannon, muskets and munitions or war to ihe Southern Steles; so that when the war broko out we were left without the means of arming our troops. The government was further weukonod by ihe discovery thit its army was distributed throughout the Mouth and Southwestern States and Territories, while the navy was cruising In distant oceans and t>eas. Scarce cue thousand regular troops, and not a ship in commie* Cion, were immediately available. In the concept1, n,rise and progress of this wicked and causeless rebellion, its cluois sought to accomplish their designs by means of civil w.u\ and by such means only Neither in the slave State legislatures nor in Congrcrs did they over propose or p ikge?t peaceable seccsiion. After the rebellion hal broken out, and our custom bouse* wore selxed ond our money stolen, insurgent commissioner* appeared at Washington. n is scarcely necessary to say that, as such, th y were not rec gni .od, orto?ddthst tr such trail r< hid proi'-r,t?d thcm?olros t Buckingham Palace, in I nod. u. instead of tbe Wh to House, tn Washington, they would have four I apartsnouts in the Tower Yours. Ac. t tv A 19, Gkoruk Srr??r, ll?>ov? SQrAR*, Feb 7 ???????_ The Destruction of (h< E. A. Kinsman. UKtTBD 8TATW CIRCUIT COCKT Before Hon Judge Shprrao Mattna 9 ?7*# Cnittd Sfatrt tt David 9 MitXi end fAreedim Tine 11 the celebrated cue where the defendants are charged with * conspiracy te defraud msu rance'tompan'ef They were ladloled in this court nine months ago, and a long prelinrnarr iCTetllgilioo waihad before Police Justice, el Ib.e 0:17. On Set.rJay I net et lodge Dean, caunrel for the prliocere, ma Jt a ran tion to discharge the bail er iha: lb* Dlitr:et Attorney Ci dap foe speedy trial The Court said (hat the eait should I* apeedtly disposed of, and that tb* defesdenls Ihou'.d oai be detaleed tin cue tody any longer without a trial. Thia m irtiinr tba United Statu ciatrlcl Attariey elated go the Co irt that turee of tha principal w.toeeare for the {prosecution had died and that be waa aat ifltd a conrlc ploa cotil l not ha obtained. Under theaa circumstances be felt It bla duly to move Tor a nolle prosequi aa against Mil tba accuMd parties Counsel for tbegorei limed, the 7'ielrlet Attorney and Mr. \Vm M Kvarts for the de Vcndaate, ex Judge Dean Prize Caere. UK!IKD STATEi DISTRICT COURT. Before Hon Ju Ige llette. Tit a 3 ?The United .Talen tt. the Pritt Jt'ioenef Ptrhfi Hart and Cargo.?la this cue Mr Stewart I,. V"oodTard, Asaiataat District Attorney, moved ror nn r ter directing the Enfleld rifles on board to be iHly red to Flag Officer Paulding at the Miry Yard, after app nUement. After hearing Mr Woodford in support of th? m uion, and Mr Kersl.e.di id vppva.ti u, (lie Uuurt g' ant 1 the order. Premature Presidential Mowemcsits. C UK. SKWAIU) KWI.INU TUK NEST PUKBIl'MNCT. C Mr. Poward having been informed of the existence of ( a club in Philadelphia, tlio purposo of winch was to no r m.uato him for the next Presidency, swat the followiug f letter to its President.? w WsNIHNiTiiN, foe- I?> I*8'- ? Peak Sus?1 have received tha letter which was addic.-sud to me on the Slh insl. by you, an olfieor of a a political association roceutly organized tu Phldeljihia. . You wilt excuse me, my dear sir.for what may soem unkind or ungrateful in tins reply to that communicit- W lion, which has given me some, aud which only fails to mllict severe jmm upon me because 1 do uot regard the movement which it describes afl oue of vory n eon.siderublu magnitude. * The club, as you inform me. have adopted a resolution to ex#t themselves to secure uiy advancement to the Presidency of the United States, and this resolution is J, generously based upon a high appiociatiou of such public survives asl have hitherto attempted to perform. " I avail myself of the good will ol the club, thus Hat tor- (j lugly tnanilested, to say that I consider the proceeding us , one altogether uuwise, and tending to ikroduceouly pub- u he evil in a crisis when every |?ssibke imih of danger ought to be carefully avoided. It is a partisan move- ?, ment, and, worst of all, a partisan movement of a iiersunal character. If, when the present civil war was looming up before 1' us, 1 had cherished an ambition to attain the high post- P tion you havo indicated, I should have adopted one of two si courses which lay open to me?namely: either to with- tl urawirom ine puunc service ai norno u> a position 01 ?> honor without great responsibly abroad, or to retire to b private life,and, avoiding the caprices of fortune, await If tho chances of public favor. But I deliberately took another course. I renounced all T ambition, and came into the executive government to aid in saving the constitution and tho integrity of my coun- ? try, or to perish with them. It seemed to me, then, that 1 must necessarily renounce all expectation of future i>or- r soual advantage, in order thai the counsels that I might a givo to the President in such a crisis should not only be, but be recognized as being, disiuteaested, loyal and patriotic. r, Acting on this principle, I shun no danger and shrink from no responsibility. Bo I neither look for nor, if it q should bo oilored to me, would 1 ever hereafter accept any reward. The country is to be saved or lost by the highest efforts 0| of public and private virluo before another Presidential election shall occur. If it shall be saved, as I believe it p will, I do uot feel that my zeal in that great achievement 1 will bo overlooked by the grateful generations to come l( after us. If. on tho other hand, it shall be lost, bo who w shall study the causes of the great ruin shall uot hud ri among them any want of self-sacrifice on my part. I could never consent, if unanimously cullod u|*>u, to be a oj President of a division of the republic. I cheerfully give * up my aspirations for rule in the wholo republic us a * contribution to the efforts necessary to maintain it in its j, integrity. I hardly ueed add that it results from these t] circumstances that I uot only ask, but peremptorily ro- al quire my friends, in whose behalf you have written to ^ mo, to drop my nsmc bencefortb and forever fu>m among those to whom they look as possible candidates for national distinctions and preferments. Vory truly yours, r, WILLIAM H. SLWAJUt. ??????ps??II FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. * Monday, March 3?G P. M. The bank statement of to-day compares as fol- h lows with that of last week:? ? IYtdc end'g Loans. Specie. Circul'n. Deposits. u Feb. 22..$139,950,958 28,875,992 5,489,496 109,079,076 March I... 137.674,338 29,826,909 6,368,944 107,974,499 Decrease.$2,276,720 ? 125,062 1,104,677 *' increase.. ? 900,967 ? ? *" This is about what was expected, and shows that the position of our banks is satisfactory and that they are gaining strength. The curtailment 11 in loans is rather heavier than wa9 anticipated. R| To-day the banks are paying out demand notes ri freely, and receiving them at par as "current funds." The reduction in their circulation continues. As the demand notes are a legal tender, Ti and the new notes wilt be the same, there is no reason why the banks should seek to curtail their circulation still further. Speculators who collect K bank notes for the purpose of drawing the specie cannot now object to receive Treasury notes in lien of gold. Money continues quite active, and seven per cent is readily paid for call loans. Parties in the ? country who have money lying idle can readily ; make it earn seven per cent, with undoubted security, by lending it to tho brokers. Paper continues : very scarce, and choice names sell at 6 a 7 per cent. 2< Foreign exchange opens dull. Bankers ask 113 y for bills on London, but the trade do not yet seem ai inclined to givo so much. The supply of bills is j| limited, however, and if the imports increase the t bankers wdl carry their point. Gold was lowpr again J this morning; it sold at 102% in large amounts at ; the first board. This afternoon it sold At 102. Hpc- 4 culators who have large hoards of gold had better not wait too long to realize. The collapso of the 1 rebellion will very soon cause gold to fall to par. .' The stock market continues healthy, with a fair l amount of genuine business, but without much spe- ^ dilative activity. The leading operators seem to 4< say that they are waiting for news Irom the army ? At the first board to day the general spe culative list was better. Tennessee sixes j. rose 1% on the Teport of Audrew John- j son's appointment as Governor; Michigan ; Southern rose %. Central %, Toledo %, Illinois 1 Central, \ and government G's %. Between the ^ boards the bears got up a variety of sensation 1 stories about a demand of the Emperor Napoleon on our government, a defeat of Banks, Ac., Ac., and prices fell ofTa fraction. At the second board " the market was inactive, without eliauge of price, and closed so, the following being the last quotations:?United States 6'a, registered, 1S81, f?:;% a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881,92% a %; do.Vs, coupon, 1874, 85% a %; Virginia C's, 60% a ?: Tennessee G"s.6l%a62; Missouri O's, 52% a 53: Pacific Mail, 94 2 a 91; New York Central, 83% a %; Erie, 34% a %: ! Jo. preferred, 53% a Hudson River, .37% a %; Harlem, 12% a %: do. preferred, 29% a %: Reading, 42% a 43%; Michigan Central, 5.3% a 51%. Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 2.3% a ' %; do. guaranteed, 47% a %; Panama, 118% a 119%: Illinois Central, 64% a %: Galena and Chicago, 68% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 66% a %: Chicago, Ilnrlington and Qninry, ? a 61%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, ?a 94; 7 3-10 Treasury notes, 99% a %; gol l, 102 a %. On Thursday next the first of the new certificates of indebtedness will be printed* an 1 forwarded to Washington. It is understood that $1,600,000 a day will he printed, and there is no doubt they will be paid out by the Treasury Department as fast as they are received. Rumor a-serts t bat the government owes $75,000,000 to $100,000,000. At this rate Mr. Chase will pay out to creditors this new paper at the rate of ovor a million and a half a day for six or seven weeks. The new Treasury notes will be ready, we understand, by the end of the month, and they, in like maimer, will be paid out to the troops and to creditors as fast a* they can be printed. It is possible that the prospect of large amounts of certificates of indehtcdueu , coming here for sale may have something to do with the active inquiry for money. These cert,fi. catcs will doubtless operate as absorbent* of money; but, on the other hand, they will to some extent take the puce or money, ana will probably exercise at least as potest an influence upon trade and values as the Treasury notes themselves. The J payment of n million and n half per day in this twelve months' paper will relieve both the government and the contractors, and will supply the latter with means to pursue their business or effect j investments. i The business of the Sub Treasury we* ss follows J today:- , Receipts 9l,7M,M? 62 ?For cwtoms. 137,000 00 I'tvmsrits 2,063,199 im Balance 4,079,750 It The following table will show the earnings of the Michigan Central Tor the past three months, as compared with the corresponding month* of the previous year:? D#e,1W.. . $120,022 26 T>r,l -,t .. $2 >0,133 76 i .Tan ,1101 142,0 70 ,N? . . 2 0,160 o* , Keb .lWl 119,7ii8 97 I iU .Issj.m/ 111,000'd J Total 1*91,139 93 Total IM9.292 79 ] The following were the Hudson River Railroad i earning* for TVwuary, 1*62.<i |2?1 ,S6S 10 Il'obruary, HOI 2'12 6.1 Increase. $70,225 41 Py reference to ftdvettisemeqt* in another I NEW YORK HERALD, Tl ohunn, it will be seen that Motors. P. P. James ft 'o. have removed their specie aud banking office o No.45 Wall.street; that Messrs. Ashley ft Noris have dissolved partnership, and thai the former ontinues the business at No. 52 Exchange place, khile the latter goes into partnership with Mr. dfred Lock wood, and carries ou the stock business t No. 17 William street; also that Messrs. Bade, ite with Berend. have opened a specie office at fo. 37 Wall street. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing Bouse this toruiug were 124,105,414 29, aud the balances 1,275,002 68. The Corn Exchange Eire and Iuland Navigation [lriiirftnc.ft fYtmnunv lit? dArlm-Ptl a nctni-annual ividend of ten per cout, payable oa demand; the * irocera' Pi re Insurance Company, a acini-annual ividend of five per cent, payable on demand. c The Milwaukee News saya of the La Crosse and t lilwaukec Ilailroad: ? ? We loarn that the la Crosse road is to be nowly equipped >u coming spriug, and its road bed to be placed in rom- : lele order. The consequence wHl bo faster time and 1 inoothcr riding. Under the management of Col. Crocker , lie La Crosso rood is rapidly becoming cue of tho most , oinpletely finished roads of the West?a reputation it ' as not always enjoyed, fta business, heretofore heavy, i now rapidly increasing. A bill has been introduced in the New Jersey a .eglsluture to repeal the charter of the Merchants' lank of Trenton. Annexed is an extract of the t eport of the committee of the Assembly on the flairs of the bank:? [ The fact that its stock was mostly held by persons not a esideuts of Trenton; that its officers wero either non- 1 esidents or had domiciled themselves here sinco the * omaaencemeut of the bank; that it was not considered a t rst class institution by the other banks,many of which 5 id not exchange with it; that it did not issue bills of a fl irger denomination than three dollars ?these and a iher circumstances induced your committee to ask of f ae House of Assembly power to send for pereons and v apers and to oxamiue witnesses under oath. a Since tho authority thus given the insiltutioa appears v > hare .siiddeuly collapsed, and the doors are olosed, and understand its officers have left the city, after having 6 adeemed a large amount of the notes, and paid most of ih Trenton depositors in full. Said deposits on tho 1st o f February, as per statement annexe!, amounted to a 13,089 42. What amount of notes tbu bank had in cir- l ulation at its close yonr committee are unable to report., y the statement of the"Presideot and Cashier, sworn to a lie blh of February, the circulation on tbe 1st of Febru- u ry amounted to $59,282. That amount has undoubtedly m sen greatly augmoutod since that period. The business at the l'liiladelphia Custom House >r the mouth of February was as follows:? 3 I860. 1801. * 1862. J i warehouse Feb. 1 $089,362 1,690,418 644.328 { faiohoused I'm for. ports. 88,020 150,300 161,745 Do. oiher districts. 18,909 130,452 20.620 / ntbdrawn for consump'n 187.414 663,014 193,518 J l)o. for tronaport'n 2,211 4,160 0,404 r l)o. for exportation ? 397 ? a warehouse Fob. 28 606,668 1,403,599 626,771 * Int. for consum|>(ion 691,015 388,074 192.198 , iee mdse. entered 118,949 239,024 20,250 J omeslic produce exp'ted. 389,312 717,405 1,145,788 t Duties Rereived. * 1869. 1860. 1881. 1862. - I obruary $199,817 161,701 179,692 144.809 8 inuary 212,477 297,189 151,344 176,344 c Total $412,294 468,950 330,938 321,153 >' The business of the Reading Railroad for the iouth of January was as follows:? " 1861. 1862. ? ceired from coal $124,123 21 108,474 30 eceived from merchandise.. 40,007 62 32,080 40 r; sceivedfrom travel, Ac.... 28.086 04 23.551 45 _ Total *192,215 87 161,106 15 S angportation, roadway, ,s dumpage, renewalfundaud 1 all charge* 112.831 61 102,678 88 Net proQt for the month... $79,.184 .'16 68,427 27 a et proilt previous month... 156,433 60 128,412 66 J] 1 11 Total net profit ,2 months. .$234,817 92 180,839 83 & h Stock Exchange. M ?ni?ay, March 3,1862. 0 V.000lW?,'8l r.b30 93k 320 &hs NY Con ttK.. 83*4 ?! 1000 l/S 6 a,'81, con. 92k 100 do bl5 83*4 11 >000 du 92 k 150 Erie ltK 34k '' WOO do 1)30 93 200 do e30 34k jOOOPS6's,'74,cou. 85 k 900 do 34? :?00Trea7.3u n. nn. 99% 160 Erie RK prefd.. 58k WOO do 09,>< 50 do bIS 58k < WOO do, large... 99% ICO Hud Kir KK. slO 37V WOOTenn 6's, 90.. 62 200Chi k Kk Id KR.. 66k t> iOCO Sliesouri 6'?... 53k loo do 66k ' >000 do 63 k 250 Harlom RK 12 k 0 WOO do.., 63k 60 Reading Kit 42k i )000 do WO 53k 200 Mir.h SAN Ind KK 24 k 1 WOO do b?.0 53k 60 *lSANIgstlc.f<30 47k fl MOO California 7'a.. 86k 60 do s30 48 o 1000 N York 7'b,'74 110 60 do 46 WOO N York 5'm, '75 100 loO do 48k 1 1000 NY Cent 6'8.. B6k 60 do b30 48k J 1000 do 97 10 Panama RK 119k U 1000 NYCcnt7'?,'76 104 30 HI Cen KR scrip.. 64 1' IcOOHudRirKKlstm 106 100 do 61k t' >000 LUrl< ra 1st in b 100 150 do 64k 1 lOOOlludHiv 3d m b 83 100 do b30 65 ?8W do 83k 3500Cler ft Pitta RK. 20k 1 1000 III Ceil KK bda. 94 2<W do 20k ,, J7C0 American gold. 102k 7iW do bio 20k WOO d<> 800 102k 400 do bl2 ' 20k 1 WOO do b30 102k 50 Cat k Chi RR.bOO 69' I MOO do 830 102k 600 do bIO 68 k ' WOO do 102k 200 do C 68k ? r6 kIib Am Krch Bk. 88 24 Clor ft Tol KR.... 45k 6 Hanover Rank... 68 ion do 45k -i in t auiMb n oow . tf UO IKiU V) J |? hl6 94 Mk do 45Ji 1 25 NYConti*! UK.. 814? 6 Mil 41'r diiCD BB 20'* 50 do $3V SECOND BOARD. 2000US#'B,'S1. rcg. 93J* 30 nb? Chatham Bit. 70<i 0000 do 93!{ 75 Pacific Mall S8 Co. 94 3000 CS6 8,'81,00(1. 92^ 60 Eric Kit U4^ 6000 U80 it/ft!, rag. 100 60 (levATWadoKB. 46', 3000 Tenn (J'a, '90.. 01 % 10 Ounil) ((oal pref.. 8't 11000 Mimjui i 6'a... 6.1 60 do S 8000 lit war lorin.... 66 200 MichSk N la UK. 24 2000 Indiana O'h 78 150 do 23;^ 1000 N York 77i, 70. 110 V? 100 do 1?30 24 6000 N York 6'a,'64. 103 76 MlchSiN la ? a 48 6000C,BAQUK8pcb 99>?' 150 do 030 48 lnOOHariem 2d in l>. 93J, 150 do 477? MiOO lliidHivllRSiii l> 84 60 111 Cent UK scrip. C4'j oocoifidlliv RRc b 75 100Clev*PiUBR.b30 20 :500U Imor gold..860 102 loo do liio 20 >6000 t>30 102't 1(8) 20i{ I5O0O do 102 100 do 20 uOkliiSlKiciioliitlUc 86 5 Caleua it Chic KK 09 Nnv York City Bank*, Mart h 1, 1N62. Doi ki. I/An?. Sj ecu. (Jire In. liefntsio. ViiOia $0,003,579 750,282 04,878 6,5.11,671 tt mtic 7'(7,127 99,777 92.740 367,085 km. Kxrbiage.. 7.078,033 2.267,808 101,102 6.641.779 li t. ft Drovers 1,890,75 1 224,769 169,232 1,062,308 IrodAA - .... 4,069,909 1,675,780 178.726 4,910,999 lull* Head 382,812 60,788 117,087 386,634 onMDtrce 14,685,468 1,403,262 1,975 6 050,R07 it y 2.878,928 1.428,436 ? 3,453,483 'll.-rnt''ftl 2.012,994 2 408,198 176,657 4.629.977 Inl'nni 096.368 101,666 43,831 472,232 Ki.C'iV 808.070 145.253 103,962 622,147 'O Ob hauge.. 2.002,638 328.046 174,4(8) 1 334,841 TohtiWOtal .... 3,426.494 347,283 119.396 2.361,144 Iiimimwoallt). 1.607,793 251,125 245,767 1,150.689 >rv Dock 397.065 91,862 86,018 312.062 5vt Hirer 332,197 40,815 108,602 21.1.342 ullnn 1,661 ..508 387,475 111 267 1,510.644 iicrnwicli 424 366 417,82 1 63,733 697,940 .r-cors' 502 838 00,058 29,187 .183.977 rUnover 1,736,708 155,795 45,016 910,907 1 * "If HUJAf.) n?i*>r. ft Trad'S. 2 ,590 0:t? 311,807 06,038 2,270 681 wather 1,618.431 830,1*88 78,112 1 WO 807 ! Ilanl.attan 5 220,161 1,300,434 138,794 6,280 233 ' Merchants' .... 6.116,971 1,407,334 08,051 4 1.7 845 lie hanlne' 3,990 060 657,881 178,062 3 055 007 Mercantile. ... 3,101,630 609,796 7,601 2,714 666 M'irojiolilan .. 7,57.3,268 1,478,076 156,240 0 080 176 Market 1,650, .118 220.006 13#,704 1,067,456 Marine 1.116,908 170,307 100,406 831.153 Mao. Ar Iterrh. 020,503 223,364 60,316 (,84,174 Mh.4r Traders'1,141,770 172,000 127,742 023.300 Mer. Exchange. 1,831,188 197,402 76,838 1 0419*6 Mech. f'Jsg Asan. 037 921) 152,548 49,143 700,378 North Hirer.... 640,917 t>0,970 47,047 4.50 491 N Y. Exchange 318,084 66,sol 04,202 307,100 N T County. 29.5 264 65,388 62,6.45 245 8*8 1 Now lork 6,.'434,787 1,075.262 279 011 4.052 1:10 ' N"< tonal 2,232 218 420,216 74,157 1'.308 294 North America. 2,221,305 2.50,825 62 061 1 772 038 ' 2,606,617 283,201 66,180 1',4152101 "?? '? 1,010,584 227,941 60.612 1,202,041 [.Mental .rv8,7.>4 101,963 67,173 422 509 >'**. , 6rl?nr-? 126,958 6,193 067 People's 670 571 03,485 63.832 664 121 ''' anil 3,197,768 6 36,871 73,331 2 573 880 Pat 16c 1,117,015 212.417 110,975 052,286 li*l UhiiO 4,560 080 076,700 113,873 3,497 473 St. Nrliolas.... 1 227,699 162,362 63,724 718 442 -hue 5: l* 2,078,948 254,640 205,501 1 05sVl i ventb Ward.. 1,286,000 277.277 sc,2U ? 0T-i State 4,118,812 876,144 09,173 3 aiVug tradesmen's ... 1,604,030 191,787 12?.378 1'n-,5*527 Lni>n 2,723,673 1,100,940 90,423 22)1.1,0X9 Total 1137,6^4,238 29,820,0595,303 944107,074^00 CITY COMMEflCIAL HKPtlHT. Mownar, March 3?6 r w Ami*' ?Tlia market was ateady, w th limited . *4 pi 26 Tor pearla sod $0 37X for |*ils ParancTUrrs.?Horn?The market wis in the mi.n ' it ady, wl(h a moderate demand Tr..m the tr.ido. Hi? : alee embraced about 7,000 bUle , closing within the M. ..wing nngeof pric-c ? In per fine Hlate 40 a 5 55 Kaira to fancy State,.,, , n s,, Superfine Western 6 40 ? 5/,., Common to cholee extra Western 5 65 a 6 8, Canadian 5 65 n 6 50 I Hn.Miern mixed to good siperflne. 6 00 a 0 ;: > E*,r? ''o 6 35 s T 2# Cnod to choice family do 6 35 a 7 25 1 Mrs "our 3 00 t 4 r, Vu.11 in al, Jersey an I Brandywina 2 0t> a 5 3o I ?Canadian florww steady <n I 1. [ at VVttu | JBSD AY, MARCH 4, 1862 rales of 1,600 tibia., closing within tho range of tho abovo loot at ions. Southern flour was leas buoyant and active, while a fair demand prevailed. The sales fooled up 1,200 bbls., within the range of our quotations. Bye flour wae itciuiy at our Agures, with saloeof 100 bbls. Corn meal was dull and heavy, with sales of 100 bbls. at our quota' net is. Wheat was Inactive and common qualities noglifted, while prime to choice was scarce and firmly held* nie sales embraced a few thousand bushels., at $1 33 i (1 36 for Milwaukee club in store, $1 38 for red State, (i 44 for amber New Jersey, and at $1 40 a $1 42 for rod * inter, (lorn was in modorate demand and without change >f moment in prices. Tho sales embraced 3,0000 bu.-lielH, ;'Oring at 00c. a C2c. for Western uiixod, in store aud do ivere.1. Kyo was tirm and in fair demaud, with sa'es of 1,000 bushels State at 84o. a 84)?o- 0,1 ti4U dock aud at the mill o ?d depot. Barley was Arm and iu modcralo requestj villi rales of 1,700 bushels State at 64c. a 8ltjC. on the lock. Barley was steady and Arm, with limited sales at II 05 a rl 00. Gain wero steady aud in limited request, v th sale1! of Canadian and Western at 33c. a 40c. aud at He. for State. C ww.?The market was firm, with sales of 2,000 bags if Bio at 21 He. Cotion?The market was flrmor. with mere from tlie rado. Tho sales embraced from 000 to 600 bales, closing hi tho basis of.2lc for middling uplands. KRtuoirra.?To Livorpooi 10,000 buslicls of corn were ingagod, in 6Kd.. 600 bbls. flour at 2a., 1,500 lockages lard at 20s., 300 boxes bacon at 20s To Glasgow 500 bbls. flour at 2s. Cd., and 125 tons lard at 25r. h vessel was taken up for Cork and orders, to load with 50,000 bushels of graiu, at lid. in bulk per 00 lbs. Hay.?We have no change to notice iu prices, while ales were ma te to a fair extent at last week's prices, Moi.assks.?Bales ot 300 bhds. clayed were made it 20c. Naval Sioass.?Spirits turpentine, in tho absonce of ales, were notniual. A sale of 125 birds, fine rosin was node at $9. J ' 1'rovisioms.?Pork.?The market was steady, while iricos were unchanged. Tho sales embraced about 800

ibis., including new mess at 14 37X a (14 50, new prime it $10 75 a $11, and city primo mess at $13 75 a $14. loef was Arm, while the sales embraced about 160 bbls. it $11 75 a $12 50 for plain moss and $14 a $14 25 for exra. llacou was steady and in fair demand, with sales of 60 boxes at 6J?c. for city Cumberland out, and 6>?c. a I74e. for Westoru short ribbed,and Western short c.ear it p. t. Dressod liogs wore nomiua I at 5Xc. aj^c, or Westom. 6c. a 6 tic. for city. Lard was unchangod, rliilc tho sales ombracod 800 bbls. and tiercon at 7 Y,c. , 8%c., tho lattor liguro for prime. Butter and choose rere unchanged. Kins a uii. <>r an ? r,n mslia nf Carolina was made at \c., wtiicli was ratbor eauior. Scorns wore Bloody and rather loss active, on account f tho inclement woa'thor. Tito sales embraced about i!00 400 lihds., chlolly Cuban, at Ctfo. a 7Xc? and a smalt H l'orto Rico at 7>f. WiuRitnr.?The speculative fooling still prevailed, with further advance in quotations. The sales embraced bout 800 bbls., at 23c. u 30c. chiefly at 29c. RKWARDS. 7777777 MJ REWARD.?1.0ST OK MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21. pO at lour o'clock in the afternoon, on Hudson, between I or b and Can si streets, ? small Expccsu Paclcai o, marked '. E. Morris. The above reward wilt be given il' left ut 77 feat Tenth street, late Amos. Ill) REWARD.?STRAYED, ON MONDAY MORNING, A pO largu black Dog, with rough leather collar. The above ward will t e paid on returning him to Grant A Short'* lone yard, East Thiriy-aeveuth street, between First and leeond avei.u \ |ii> REWARD.?LOST. A WIItTE FOX BITCH. WITH DO black ears, brown ip > on the bark, long hair; answers 0 I he name of loiter. Return to C. D. Run ill, No. 49 Yall elect. N r REWARD-LOST ON MONDAY.MARCH 3, A PORTEPO inonnaie con.awiug a jlinaiil ('ham aud some small uangc. The poi temoiinale conUlued a card of Hatch k 'arn idge'a. The above rew ard will be giveu to the finder, >jr returning the same st Hatch A Parti idgc'n office, at the oot of West Twenty-ae.-ond street. HATCH k PARTRIDGE. bfr REWARD.?I.OST, ON MONDAY MORNING, OOPO ing through t'arick. Carmine, Blneeker and Fourth treets to Hammond. I atf of a gold Fob Chain and a flat co ?1 stone Seal. By leavmg Hie ?anie at 43 ChaiHon street. He Under will receive the above reward. hi A REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY MORNING pi" either iu a Bleeeker street stage, while going Iroin oulh ferry to Grand street, or In a Grafid street stage, from 1 road way to Clinton street, a pair of Bracelets, enrtorad in a oi. The flnder will receive the above reward by leaving the ime at C. Johnson's, 121 Weal Thirtieth street. hi A REWARD.?LOST, ON THE I1TH DECEMBER. A PAvf large Newloundlsnd Dog; white mark around hia eck, ?n i answers to the name of 8p >t. The finder w ill redive the aliore reWHi'd; or any (r-.s >o giving information of im will be liberally rewarded. App'y "I Ike oUce of W. P. 'mboya, 13 Eicbauge place. h I A REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY LAST, ETTHER PJAJ in Central Paik, or in going from theme to South rrry, $49 in bill*. The finder will please seud hu sidies* J G. K. W., box 101) Herald ottlce. IiOST AMD FOCHD. IN OPERA GLASS LOST?ON MARCH 1. WHEN leaving the Aeadmny of Music alter tha matinee, an ipera Ola**,stamped J'toaai. Wieo. MylreUiruiug the above jiberaahler at Harper i Brother*', 329 Pearl street, the niler will receive a suitable reward a id the thxuksoi the wner. [HOUND?LAST WEEK, IN A FIFTH AVENUE OMNII? litis, a 1'tirte, containing money. Tiie owner rati liaro lie same on identifying Hie properly and paving the expense I this advertisement, by applying at ttfi East Tenlli street. r OST.?MISSED ON SATURDAY, MARCH I, AFTER LJ leaving the Methodist Book Concern, a Pookrtoook, eoulinipg aliont $21); ulso some chocks mill notes, payable to the i iter of II. M. & J. Rhodes, on which tlm payment he.s been lopped. A liberal reward will be paid to the Under bv renrning it to II. M. A J. Rhodes, at the Morris aud Esaei kepot, Newark, N. J. f OST?ON SUNDAY EVKNINO, IN FOURTH STREET. LJ between avenues 0 and D, a Mime Collar. The fiuder nlll roofer a faror hy returning it to Mil Fourth aireel. r OST?ON SATURDAY, KITIIER IN HUDSON RIVER IJ Railroad elst'uu at 'I liiineiu street, or in the 6 40 train rein that station, a lady's leather Uo;t-nionnsle, containing sum of mi'Uty. The finder will be litieratly regarded by raring the same at 27 Fai k place, up stairs. r OST-YESTERDAY, IN LOWER I'ARr OF THE CITY, IJ s Portemonnaie, rout lining $4 in billrand smsll kay. "he fndrr will please Irave il Ht thr odhe of Van Valkeuinreli A Hro., No. C John slice'. lie w ill lie amiably regarded. Lost?on last fkiday night, corner of canal jnd Broadway, a Porlcuiounair. containing about twenty lollais and one or more no!e?. If tlie Under wilt send he noma by mail, addrrs e I 11. A, II.. hot 1!,H40 Post mine, lew York, he ran keep the mnury Iiuiiul in lbs porlenio'jua.e. fay rnent of said nobis hns In en ttnpi -l. [HOUND?A POCKKTBOOK CONTAINING A SUM OF I? money, which the owner e in hare hy pi or lug property. tddresN but M Post office, Uesetlbing the picket nook i.nd on tents. rOST-ON SATURDAV BBMMl LAttT. IN BttO\DJ way. between Spring and Blrerkrr alivela, a Cold iVatcll. The finder will be reward-I on rein, (ling it to the in ner, at No. i# Bank rireet. rOST-ON SATURDAV NICHT, IN HIST PitOADWAV, J near Kolgrrs street. s gold double rase Watch, detached ever, No. lg.MlT. iiisnufartiired by Cooper, Lou Ion. The tinier will l?e tti ably rewarded by calling at : ha stoi c on the iiuth west corner of t'oiiear* and (berry at; i etc. rO.ST?ON SUNDAY. MAitl II 2, COMING PROM : 10j iiokcn to New \ ork, a llndaou Bay Sho e Glove. A suit ihle rt-ivai ,1 w ill be paid l'ur Its return n> Horner Morgan. No. 1Pine street, or at it West Twcntjr-se onit at >. et. Lost-. >n bun day afternoon, in ooinu from 114 East Thirty-eighth ruuet lo the Mela nlisi Kiiiaci pal :luir<'!i In K?tt Tulrty-a -tenth street, piiM Hrra-iptn, onulhlngtlie hair ol several deceased r l?uvi?. Ike tinder will b liberally rewarded by leaving I; at ill- aboi e addreaa. Lost?on saturday, march i. between five en 1 si* o'clock P.M.. I mm mvo the Pont th an nuo :ars, a Caper Boodle, containingone Spring It Cam e and two supers Siioc Thread. The finder will l?e annahly rewarded vy leaving It ?t rail Grand street or at Tie iiiyvv-.tith stri ct lepot Willi Mr. Morriaoo, package master. romt or strayed away i,\ht nii1ht a newJ fnnudlMd ling, h ion I one ye;N- old, all Mark, except a little on bi? breast. A tui able reauM will im p.i td fur bit del I very at 517 Columbia street, South Brooklyn. TO! TUIIF. TtBOTTIRO RACE ?A TROTTING RACE WIM, TAKE X place on Tuesday, M-ucb 4, between two private gsutle. mens hot are. well known on the rnsd, for g.'OI (play or pay ; Intro' from KlngebrMge In Oniislx-e'a lliirnlium a Munalim: in meet at Mr. Ortnabce'a, at i o disk, toe bitl tace or the sc ti'iii, great sport I* anil Ipitted. FUHNITURE, A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMKM.KD FURNITURE 1 lor S'll, In all colors, of warranted SMlinUctuie, a Do mild chestnut Chamber Soils, plain and ornamental al II. F. HARRINGTON'S, JW8 Canst si reel, op|io?ite Wooster. Established In 1448. Ai.AROE ASSORTMENT OF IIOtTsRHOED FUKXItore al private saleal a aarnlii*.?Seven in tave iomwuod I'lalt ilorle, mat JkMf for $2?, inclndiiia M ml and Cover; also Parlor Roils, ensi $309, for $110, Eiegcrc, Boxcaa-\ Cur'ntua, Clocks, 01 Paintings, Uoiieo, rottWood Chiitnlier Knrnlmre, Redding, Ae , |.?? t)iau balf mat. Ingulre at 74 West Twrnly-ststh at.-eef, near Sixth avenue. INNAMKLLfcD CHAMBER si lis ok FURNITURE? L In all co'.ora and atyle?, ?' wliolcaile and retail; lie largen* *' " k In lite eity. rlnlie $20 and iipwarria. AN", mill I waiuoi Mat ir - ?, I'iiIIIh-? *, Ac. WARREN WARD," 277 final aire I. lour tloor* eaft of Broadway. FIR.iT ('LAB* ENAMELLED FURNITURE-RUIN. decorated and grained. aolid wann' and oak Belt; ditila at$2Uaud wpwa da: MaUtCiaea, Hpting Rede, A", .1 w. KIAIIKR * CO , Mmufarfttrer". W Brt)?Jway, between Bteetlfi .mil Bond ati-ei-ti, tNURNITURE.?FOR gALR,AT A BARUAIN. A LOT OF 1 choke itouaeli'dd Furniture, Carpet*, Mr., uptown, lor rath. A tare chairf. Addrrae for three day* A. B., ?t?Hw O. ? OPTICS FURNITURE WANTED-V PARTY ABOUT Itn mailing an ofUr* would purnhaa-good aei-ond band aii cier II off, red cl c ip Aildrdaa Ofll'f, Herald will e. AA1LRUADI. Huiwo* river railroad.?trains for alran y, Troy, llie North and W t, leave 1 hani'i.-, a elreet at 7 and 11 A. M , aud ;J:15, 6 and lOli 1'. M. XTKW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD 1\ For Albany, Troy, North an I Weal. Winter arrangement) commencing Monday. Nor 4. lull, I'd A'hany?lO.-'HI A. M., bapi caa Mull Train, from Twmjr. alalb at reel ilepo' l ol all loeal iraloa are Time Tihte. JOHN BUBCHlLb, A a'aprttl N'iperln'?n lent. IVATMltCM AND JUWELUY, ItlAMoND WAN rED.?Till? ADVERTI <H(t Wffir.T.S 1/ to piilrba** a Inrya "yellow" lilam unl, to aroigli ft I" A rurala; It in' ?' lie nf good *liB| ? and hi i I nicy, an i n ;i o y low Dllte foroaali down. N i "fan, v" p :o<? need |,.< n into I, na I' ?i I h - ,'ij-rito *etc.e to <., !? mi. Au L a it ii re with full ptritCUiarl, C I V. Tnn'/.i .dOlirv.Bo, toj, IL -ha ) ( PER SON JVIi. A DOPTION-ABEAUTIFUL FKMAlJ BABY, ABOUT 11 two months old, with fino blue ejus auJ brown hair, of Bnahuh parent*, run be bad without lein uneispoil. Address for three days Mis. lt.chdale, Broadway Post olliee. A NNIB.-A YOUNO GENTLEMAN OF PREPOSSESS* il lug appearance ?nd minuter*. being captivaled by jour gentleness, wishes to form your Acquaintance, with a view to matrimony. No objection to a lew cbildrcu. Address, through the Post olliee, J. W. Ada-you are welcome to ANY ADVICE I CAN givej ou. . s. flllAKLKY?COMB AND SEE JENNIE JUST ONCE \ J more. She is very sorry for her fast conduct, and will pro ise 10 do better for the Itilure. Sue Iris writ I en for her s.stcr. Come to night No. W. LOW Alto. CARRIE A WILL KIND A LETTER IN THE Brooklyn Post oflirc. C1ARRIE.?YOURS RECEIVED WITH GREAT PLEA. > sure, but too lato for'id. Have ausweiei to station A. _ I4DWABD. JJIFFIE ?WHY DID YOU M VICE S'JOII A NOISE ON It Suudsjr alter tiooul ' C'uu jou tellf" "I'll just bet you." FOR ADOPTION.?A FINE HEALTHY MALE CHILD, bis week^old Apply to Mr. Stewart, 7J Suliolk street, s c mil Uoor, room No. 8. INFORMATION WANTED?OF ISABELLA LEWIS, who is lityv betjeved to be married and liun.T in Brook ijn. Any iinoruipliou Muling where slie can Is-louud trill lie thankfully received by tier slt-puio-hiti, Rachel Lewis, ut 127 Wharton street. Philadelphia. I WAITED AT ST. NICHOLAS AN HOUR ON FRIDAY. Pie we write a tain, aunti address as before, and obll -e . L. L. L. IF THE YOUNG LADY. DRESSED IN BLACK, WHO aaid 'Oood morning" and "Oood bya" in Spanish to three gentlemen in Fourteenth street Sunday mot mug, wishes lo make the acquaintance of ouo of I tie gentlemen having L}ie largo whiskers, she can do so by addressing M. D., Herald office. IF THE LADY, DRESSED IN BLACK. WHO CROSSED Ui-oid way, at Bleecker, and passed through Bond street, on Sunday, about 11% o'clock, would like to uiake the acquaintance of the gentleman whore altcntiuu she attracted, she run do ao by aldrewnng P. R. W., Utiiou square Post office. JU.?ALL INTERCOURSE WITH M. MUST CEASE at once aud forever. It you call you will not be ndmitted. M. must lie separated froui you or from mo. Be warned and be discreet, for I am determined. 611. J ABIE WILL BE AT THE SAME PLACE AS IMMEolately alter the last parting on Wednesday next, one hour earlier than then. One hour later will be uu same blink as previously on that day. JULIA O.. OKDEK. AVENUE. BROOKLYN.?I AM still at No. 10b. Write toraeand oblige FRED, JB.-ONE OF MOTHER EVE'S FAIR AND INQUI8I tive daughters seeing your flattering advertta -merit in the "Personals," U tempted to inquire where your beautiful lady was seated ut the Academy of Music on Silurlay. P'.esse answer through "Personals." JAY STREET, ERIOKLYN.?YOUR SWEETNESS suits tho Iwys exactly. Please drop a no'e to J. und II., Broadway Post office, staling where and when we can meet. Lewis-call at and receive an explanatkui for the momentary absente from tiie parlor, that caused your sod Jeu departure. MOTTLE OF SHERRY. MAN MISSINC1.?JAMES HENRY AUBOTT, WHO IS lusaue, lelt Netvbnryp u t. Massachusetts, oil the llth of Febr mry. He is twenty-nine years of uge, is about Dvo feet five inches in height, has black ryes, dark hair and whiskers; had on a black hat. dark pUul velvet vest, and dark pants. Whoever will give iuloruiation of his whereabouts ta his sister. Elizabeth Abtiott, nt Sommervillc, Massachusetts, hii.ill be haudaoniely rewarded. The police in all cities will please take notice. Naatciaof vessels will also be on the lookout; he designed to go to Englaud; had uo money; name marked ou his underclothes. MN.-I WILL WAIT FOR YOU IN WHITE 8TREET on next Friday evening, at half-past C o'clock. E. B. VIED. K. WILL PLRAPE CALL FOR A LETTER AT 1_\ sainc place and same address as before, from J. L. W. PHOTO.?"CANT SEE If IS NOT AWARE OF TUB true a ate ot atl'airs. Under exisupg circumstances you ran, Iii perfect eonltdeoee, a.lilies* lo real name, station D. Expecting no feeling oi malice in an aflair where one has uotiiing lo forget but "liasseen ii." PERSONAL-WILL THE LADY, WEARING A DARK hoiiuet, trimmed with whi'e fur, who was in company with a lady with a black velvet bonnet, trimmed with white, who vifiile.1 the Museum on Saturday, cull dim- again on Tuesday altcruoofn ADMIRER. SHOULD THIS MEET TUB EYE OF ELIZA MALONE, or any person knowing her whereabouts, will please Inform her thai a friend, at Ni. 5 Bockmun street, sec mil floor, room* 8 sod 9, wishes to so* her. She lived last spring at 128 West Thirty-tourtb street. TO A DO IT?A HEALTH Y, SMART AND INTELLIGENT girl, 10 years old, without parents. For paittcuiat s address K. L. It., station K, Eighth avenue. rnilR FRENCH OR SPANISH GENTLEMAN FROM X Stolen Island, who en tied at a house iu Greene alrect twice last .nuinmi-r about furnished rooms for a friend, and promised to call again, if he wtU call any allciiionn between 3 and 4 o chick, or nl Sin the evening, be will much oblige tlio lady. French papers please TOpy. fPHE LADY, WITH TWO LOVELY CHILDREN ANJJ X nureo, who got out of a Third arsuue ear. between Tenth and Fourteenth g'teel*. about ft;1M> Saturday alleitmoo, will please leave (he small parcel of Check Mil*, which the conductor threw ber by iniaiake, at the faucydiy goods store, 195 Third hi cone, and oblige owner. XM9I X.-CAN'T WE MEET THIS WEEK UPON THE same (veiling wo inft Lint?2?lb?7>?f You will hud letter on Wednesday morning. lfow aboul out of towu! WILE THE LADIES WHO WANTED THE LARGE Uoiih" in 8im.1i atreel, Brooklyn, taat September, please seud allium, as I have oi.? ueor itia N ivy Yanl that wilt Miiit; twinlytwu rooms, gas, water, baths, A<.;a'l nij. dcrn Improvem* nta. II. MYERS, 50 John street, N. Y. WILL THE RMALLE8T OP TnE TWO LADIES WIIO ivooeniy.ed a gentleman comer of Broadway anil Sevenicoum streelon Sunday afternoon, and then went up Fourth avenue to Tweniy- ilili atreei, inform hint where she rail be seen? Addreaa Hcbeit, Herald otlb*e. WILL THE YOUNG LADY IN A FULTON KERRY stage between .1 and 4 o'clock P. M. on Saturday, who bowed lo a geullemau on the corner of Pulton afreet and Broadway, please allow him lo make her annuaintance? Address W. V N., box LO Herald oflic*. or through Herald 'Personal," stating where an Iniervlew can be had. WHY DID YOU DISAPPOINT ME LAST WEDNEsI day? I waited a long tune. Will aee you on Wednes day morning, at 10 o'clock, ou Lexington avenue, hetweeu Twentieth and Twenty-fuuilh streets. EIGHT CENTS. I ENT PIEi'ES KITOK TOGETHER"?WAS AT t) tic appointed place; waited until three. Some mislake. Address as liefore, Albert Shipley, box 129 Herald ,nd dr* i :ue the inr drot in the car. I OTH STREET.-YOUNO LADY-ONE CURL KECEIV* Iaj ml?thanks?lonely?wan,a ka male. Your devote*! ___ _ _ MO.sks. 1 rifi?TIIK GENTLEMAN, WHO TOOK THE SECOND J C/U avenue rata at Thirty-sixth street, Sunday afiurnnon, at 6 o'elock, desire* to form the ncipiainlanee of the two young ludie*! who lecosni/.ed him. timl wuvt-d their lianil* km. hlef.K as they entered the house. Add re sa Charted Lane, box t72 Herald o?ce. If ajiecable, make an appointment. ASTKOiiOOY. ASTOUNDING CURES AND DIVINATIONS.?IP IN .A ill health or trmble, (uaault .MADAME CLIEFURD, iiniiyiilleil Ilu?lncsi Clairvoyant ntul Ammlran Mtdb-lni Woman, No. Idliieiin street, romerof Holt street, Brooklyn. She foretellsevent*, detect**! .ease, pn r ribe* remediesaod tin.I.i absent frleud*. Hmilr it Int-'rvlev.a. AO cruli; modiml, 31: b.v letter, untb lock nl hair enclosed, $2. A BONA KIDE ASTROLOGI.1T. THAT EVERY ONE can depend on. Is Muie. WILSON, who tell* the object of your visit as suoti as you cuter. Site Llis tlic past, pr > miland future of your lite, and warn* you nf dangers, and brings lucees* out of tiie most p**tll*iu? undertaking*'. N II.? Celebrated magic charms. No. I*jj Allen street, belive<*u li'iustiin and R'ant in ureu, over the I itkriy. Charge* lor ladles and gentium, n, Menu*. Astonishing- madams morrow, seventh daughter, has a gift of fi>r*'?li(hi; tells ho.v anon mid hnw ot ton you will mArry, aud ail you ivieh lo know, cv u yotir very though!', or no |*.?y. Lu ky i harms free. II* r i';> al is uot lo be I nun I. Her Maale imago I* now in full operation?1*4 Ludlow street, bclu.v Houston. l'rice 25 c nt* Gentlemen not admitted. i ..Tnviautvn iPW TUP luii.tit, rmcu nc lir.a .A. DAVfH, the beautiful Chnndl.m Ulp?y. Consultations mi iiII business liom DA. M. to ID 1". M., at 272 fwellIII sticd. Lucky numbers. Ltdiel, -jt., nllrmcu, it)-'. C inn ing. Confidential letters wr.tten. Clairvoyance.?MRS. heymours medical rooms til's located at 101 Wc?t Fifteenth .?tri" I,corner S' .Hi uvotiue; Antra net nn Fl Hero I h Hmt. Consultation as li 'TYioCoro nn siekness, abw tit friends, Ac., day and evening, an l satisfaction guarttnteeilor no pay. MAIM ME ItAY. 2(0 SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR Twenty-seventh stieet, sitrpt Isca nil who visit Ikt. l'ne m. k, trouble I ami untiMky should taut her i nwrrs, She tell, yoni* very thoughts, lucky numbers, I ua-os, Ladies, A? Itewhmtn, W>'. \T B.-WIID HAH NOT' HEARD OK THE CRLEAN t)i:.t"d Madame I'JthWHTER, who has removed to No. lid East Thbteeiith aueet, lietwe-n Pint ami dr.-onrt ?v. iisii'.nuil Kjuiin be on nlted with rnthe saitsfsrOoiit She ba-no e'|iia1. Hits tells ilie nsmeof fntine wife oi husband, nlsj of lr r i Isiter, If yon wish tru'hsf re her a all. rpilt UREATE'T WONDER!* THE WORLD IS THE J young and a<'inmjill?hrd Madame HYKON, limn I'mI whoenn lie ooii.iUted with tbn strictest confidence on oil nirairsofllte; real ores drunken and unfaithful husbands: ha? a secret to make you beloved by jro'ir heart's ideal, and brings together those long acimiated. Ladles ij cents. It Side lupW Third avenue, above Twe.fth street. WHO WOULD NOT CO WHERE FORTUNE |S?-oo ye, see Mls? WELLlNOTON, the meat En.l *h I'mp!ie'#-s, the best of all. mid cannot be excelled. Can lc cat* anil nl on all affairs of Ilia, con-enilng law soils, joitrneva, ab nl ftl?:wl?. love, eourlshlp, uiirrisse, lirsitn, woalih. and Win reclaim drunken and unfaithful husbands MiaaW. I? the only person la IliUelty svho lint the ermine Itoinan and Anhlc talismans tor love, good link, and al linslneis affairs, and at* goiianleea for life frn'sy not to ronsnli |bu naiuindy giitn I and lea ml til youngla. y Lucky iiiunbe.s elveu. Highly ic-p. c'tbl.i city leftienoe. Can lie orsii at her residenee, KM rthth avenue, opposite Eivluh street. By letter, wlih lock of hair enclosed, $J. I CO A Is. tlli-1 A.M NOW DELIVERING A HUFEKIOR vT T\/ Tiallty of A ml, for family use, wellscreened. hiM ? per ton nt Allot) |1h ; Coke. ??bchaldron! also, L'verpool .ml Cue el Coat, a, 109 Wo>t liloventb stro. t and 1M Eighth avetins. A. HEARTT. ?1 /in -I A\l NOW DELIVERING A HUPERIOR ipT J:"artti la of family Coal, a liened and fiao from aire a' ? c) p wtun of A'rt'lba , frnsrt yard Fw wsfsrley p'.i i ; I'ctryanri Wn.i aire t?; Piorne's run#" store, No. Ma R oadway, md ji wall street, a. thhaDwkll, Aicut. M'OKTINU. Nrrrrtrt; To h port a m R n.?Po if BALE, one nr. t u " I I.u.lli-h Pointer Bint, and Iter PCs, m |>i |n i h \en weeltr. old . tie red Friah Hi I'm pup, ten rnon1 is i oil. n English Orcyhouiid Blot, i-chl on In nth* j n: t, nit I the ban Isome l lii the country t will lie sold aheap, i ' ic -isti i isg j'Jg l ) E it'pe. Apply at l.'JUii.ichottal, ' u.-u D'. tne, * ' ? '?? PROPOSALS. A BJIY 8Uri?UE8. -f*- Orrica or An Mr ('i.orniNO akd Kquipana, I corner of Broome auu Greene sis., M. ST., Feb. '26, 180* I Healed proposals ure Invited, and will b" received at tola oflico until twelve o'clock on Thtiisday, the 6th of March next, lor Iuriiisbiiig by contract tho tollowlng Army Suppllea, deliverable al the Depot of Army Ciotliiug and Equipage in thio !.? ?'i'w!'",r "r,K>'ne and Oreona streets. h?t iron,S alzoa, in neala, 18% lba. iVVl! utCheo ' """ ,U,"V best quality. 18 ounce*. UWO llaf hot Handles, best hickory .'0 (Jarr.son Flags. 61 National Kl gs. Infantry. Ml Ucgnueiiul Colors, iufautry, 1. 0 Cavalry Uuidous. 60 Carali y Standards. 8,0 M gross Coat lluttous. llX) pair First Sergeant's Chevron* (artillery) 1'roposals for the above menttoned articles imtsl be made under lite terms autl conditiona sp rifled In uiy previous adverlisoiqetil for Ariny Supplies the IDih luat. 4 i u|nrn,j n hi uv 4 ivp'oiiu IUI lUiHUUIQ^ Army Supplies," and addrei-sed, Meat. Col. D. II. VINTON, Deputy Quartermaster General, U. 8. A. Aumv suim-lies. OrricK or Anur Clothing and Equipigs, ) Cou.nkb or Bboonk and Grkknk 3titurra, I a k w York, Kcb. lit, li63. 1 Scaled pro|>osal8 arc Invited and will be received at thla oOlce until 12 o'clock on Tuesday, the 4th of March uext, when lliey will be publicly opened, for furnishiug by contract the following army supplies and materinlH, deliverable at tha Depot of Army Clothing and Equipage in this city, corner of Broome aud Greene street*:? 20,000 yards black 8 lie was, 30 inches wide, best quality. 20,000 yards Mosquito Netting, linen. 20,000 Village Cap Covers (glazed). lf>,000 pieces colored Bed Sack Binding. 10.000 square foot Leather for chin sirups for cap*. 00,000 Ttu Canteens, with cork stoppers, 3 pints, to welch UN ounces without the sto .per; to be covered with cloth a: t"r an inspection has been tnade of them. 40,000 Axe Handles, best hiokory. 2,000 Drum Heads, batter. 2.000 Drum Heads, snare. 2.000 sets of Drum 811ares. 000 Ilospital Tents and Klies. 6U> recruiting Ihgg halliards. " ^ The tent* to be 14 fret long, IS feet wide, II feet high, with a wall 4)4 foet, and having on one end a lappet, so as to admit of two or more tents being jolued and thrown Into one, with a continuous covering or roof, to lie made 01 duck, thirty inches wide, and weighing 22)4 ouuccs per yard. Tho fly to be 22 feet 10 Inches long, and 14 feet wide; to be made or duck 30 in:hes wid >, and weighiug 15)4 ounces per yard. 500 sets hospital tent pot s. 6,000 hospital tent plus, large. 10,0.0 hospital tent pins, small All the above mentioned articles must conform in every respect to the sealed standard patterns in this otllre, where they may he examined and additional Information received concerning lite 11. The articles must be of domestic fabrication. BiJa from mauuturiuivrs or regular dealers will lie preferred, which must be made for and conform to such articles only, in quality and description, as are required by the advertiroment and ti e samples in thtsofllre; but contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder who shall furnish satisfactory bccuritigs for the faithful performance thereof. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' place of business must be distinctly stated in lite proposal, together with the mimes, aildrt ss. aud responsibility of two persons proposed as sureties. The sun tick will guarantee that acontnct shall be entered into within lendaysafter the acceptance ot said bia or proposal. Proposals will be received for any one of the articles separately, and for any portion of each. The privilege is reserved by and for the United Slates of rejecting any proposals that may be deemed extravagant. All the articles must be delivered within tw enty days after (he acceptance of the propouils, exce(.t the Tents and Tent Fnli'fl unit Pina r?P uf!i!nli nuo-miiirt/*r ?1' iliA cunnLitv win. traced tor must bo delivered In twenty days, and the remainder in nity days from date of acceptance, or sooner if practicable. All articles will be subject to inspection by sworn inspectors, appointed by authority of the United States. Xi is to be dist.uctly understood tliaf contracts are not transferable without the consent of the proper authority; and that any sa'e, assignment or transfer, without such consent having been obtained (except under a process of law), will bo reus rued as an abandoment of tbo contract, and the contractor, and his or their securtlra, will be held responsible for all loss or damage to the United States which may arise therefrom. _ Payments will be made on each delivery should Congress hare made an appropriation to meet them, or as soon therealter as au appropriation shall be made for that purpose. Trn per cent of tbe amount of each delivery will be retained until the contract shall be completed, which will be forfeited to the United States In case of defalcation on the part of the contractor. Forms of proposals and guarantee will be furnlebed upon application to this office, and none will be considered that do not conform thereto. _ Proposals will be endorsed, "Proposals for Furnishing Army BunoUes,*' and be addreseed, Army ouppu UJjUT. CoL. D. H. VIMTON, Deputy Quartermaster General United Slates Army, Box S.2iH Post office. NPSOBAL9 FOB FURNISHING UNITED STATES NOTES AND BONDS. Trkasobv DaPAHTMKNT, Fco. 26.1862. Scaled proposals will be received at the office of the Secretary of the Treasury until Wednesday, the 6th day of March ne*?, for furnishing ninety millions of United Slates Notes and two hundred millions in Bonds, to be issued under IhO authority of tbe act of February, 1862, entitled "An not to autboifzc the issue of United Slates Treasury notes, and for the redemption or refunding thereof," Ac. Notes and bouds will be required of the denominations and 1:1 the proportions us follows :? Thirteen millions each of United States notes of the denominations of 5'k. 10 s. 20 s, 60 s. 100's and SOO's, and twelvo millions of the denomination of 1/>J0. OF BROISTEBBb BONDS. Five millions or the denomination of $60 Fifteen do. do. do 100 Fifteen do. do. do 606 Forty do. do. do. 1,000 Fifteen do. do. do 6,000 Ten do. do. do ...10,000 OF COUPON BONDS. Eighty millions of the denomination of 1,000 Twenty millions of the denomination of 600 Pi opoaali will tie received for the delivery of all of one or more denominations of notes and bonds, complete, including tbe cngr.iving, printing, numbering and paper; or separately lor engraving, for paper aud for printing. Tue engraving must be iu the highest style of art, and the paper of tno beat Proposer* must state the number of sheet) and the aggregate representative value of each denomination which they undertake to furnish daily, and the least number of days required from notice of award before commencement of delivery. ? ModeUTor notes and bonds must be submitted and specimen* of work accompany them. Models of notes ou the face will be in the same form aa now used, and on the backs will state the privilege of legal leader and other privileges stipulated In the law. Models of bonds will, in addition to the usual stipulations, have tbe statement that they are reimbursable alter Ave and payable twenty vrara from date. It is ? bo o*pee tad that, so far aa practicable, the dies and plates will be such aa bare not been heretofore used extent for work ot the United .States. Kith piojitssl must be accompanied by a statement of thn bidders' facilities for executing the work, tbe number of presses in use. hands employed, security of buildings occupied. and capital Invested. l'iopos.i!s bv incorporated companies must be accompanied by a copy of charter and the names of tbe officers; and propo-nlsby unincorporated associations by the articles of association and names of parties. Bouds for the faith Tul snl prompt execution of the work an proposed or llnatly agreed on In the sum of flfiy thousand dollars will be required; the names of the parties ulfered as sureties and their written consent to become such, to-ether with a certifieat of an Ami-taut Treasurer as to their suOctency, tntm accompany each proposal. The S 'orriaiy of tho Treasury reserves the right to reject IP,y or all the bills, and to vary the amounts specified, aa iu ills opinion the interests of the public service may require. CNULID PROPOSAL^ ARE INVITED TILL THE lij llKh day of March, 1.162, at 12 o'clock M., for supplying lite United Stan a KuhsUtcuce Department with 6,(X)0 head of licet Cattle on the hoof. The . utile to tie delivered at Washington City, and cads animal to average 1,300 pounds gross weight; no animal admin 'd which weighs less than 1.000 pounds gross. The cattle to be delivered at stie'i times and in such quantity as the government m?y require. No cattle will tie requited under this contract before tbe 1st day of April, 1602. Ill Iferaund bullocks not wanted. A bond. v. lib good and sufficient security, will be required. (iorernment res ivp? lo Itwir Uio ngui 10 j>uy m iruusuty ttOtr*, Mo bid will be entertained wh?n put In by contractor* who bars previously failed to comply with their contract*, or where the bidder la not present to reanond lo his bl<l. Hid* to tic ditveed lo Maj. A. Becawith, C. 8., U-8-A., Wa-hlngiou, D. 0. 6 rouM or ato. I, A B, do hereby proiiose lo detlrcr to the government good beef cattle on the hoof for per hitudred iwiinrta gross weight; the cattle to lie delivered at?, a-cording in lit term* of tbo enclosed advertisement; the rattle to be weighed on the ucsIim, and the weight *o d-i'-miined to be the pnrchaae weight. I Itcieby agree to give a good and ipfllclent bond for the fulfilment o( the contract, and to re elvo Treasury notes in payment for the cattle. LGCTVB K.i. 1 kE CORDOVA \) on BOARDING HOUSES. a new iiimokou8 lecture, AT CLINTON HALL. Till* (Tif-'Jayl evening, at 8 o'clock. Th kot* to bo hud everywhere an I at the door. 1?KV. J. W. WILLIAMS (LATE CHAPLAIN IN TUB JV English Naiyi, will, by apodal ro<|nc?t. deliver hU iiatrhAlc Lecture on the "Or!,, n, Projnt* and Pi viable Re *nl> o: the Woe," ntt Thm-sd.iy, Mart It (I. at 8 o'chek, In the lecture room of the Church of the Redemption, opposite A ml tnv of MttMe. National utuaic dating the evening. Ticket* iti cant*. rpiIH RBV. WM. ALVIN BAP.TLETT W1IL DELIVER I a led ne In the Reformed Presb/tnrian Church, Duf lit II ittcet, Brooklyn, between Myrtle avenue and Wtllough" liy atrcet, on this (Tuesday) < rening, 4th inti , ut 8 o'clock. Subject. "The Undiscovered Art*." Tickets Hv cots Tuba had at the door. POLITICAL. ~ sH'sT WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN WARD L C nniiiltt*".?A rcgolir tm ding of llils committee will o licit! at their lira (quarter*, .T-.T Third uvcn'te, oil Wedues u.i/ evi nin<r, Mar li 6, 1462, at 1>i n'rlnrk. M. P. CARR, Chairman. __ MEDICAL. ~ VKKNtNDKR.-DR. BARROW, NO. 191 RT.F.El'KER Meet, luur doors from Macdottgal ulinel, N. Y. OdUc litiura, from II till land frotu 4 to8o'clock. Dlt. OOOPRR.14 DUANE STREET, MEMBER OK TIIB Onlleco of Fhyalclaru and Surgeons of Ne.v York, may Iw ennaulied dally at hla ollJce, from S lu lb ) morning until It I In the evening. DR. POWERS TREATS ALL DISEASES OKFEMAI.KS with unparalleled nurraa*. litem k cnia.lted at n Lalg'it aircct. Aitonda continually. DU. WARD, A BOCCKS'RKUE PHYSICIAN and mtrgeon, can ha nonsuited entihdeni tally aa usual# OOI?12 I# dgbt street. Private entrance. Hours tren I A. M. till II P. M. daily. Doctor halph, office 139 ceosht street, corucrof HoUton, lloiiu H lo 2 nn<! (i III! 9 o'clock. Doctor hunter ihmself-tiib rttvsioiAN iv mi eit.ibiUliel me liiintt-i In it Uiaiiengary, No. 3 D>vl?loti etrect. Now fork clije, In 1934, can li - i ntinili - l I'rnm 8 A M. until 10 o'clock at night at the old uttlue. Privala ( u11' 'Iter. '^TITL. . - - , - -- r - R PROFESSOR RBSriSEt, I J2CI1AMBERH STREET, CAN I JL be consulted aa naial. Agrnte, liil>i Mbcrty street, ^ N. V. In Brooklyn, 1731'nltot street. I> COtlBETT, M. D., MEMBER OK THE NEW VOliK It# l.'iikerrlt (M. dealt i I1 ) ntid ( '>'1 iteol Surgeon , i I i i ii ho' "M ni I i - nanal el his office, IS Centra an eel., I elwren Cl amliei-a and Ren te, having a prirn'e en. trance at No. # City Mall pi me. N. M ? A? n proof o! Dr. ij,'4 qusiUKalloai son bit qip'tyuuta la big v(&cs? m

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