Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1862 Page 1
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? .> ' i X I WHOLE NO. 9307. THE Ttxe LoyaJ ..m..: !H? Jm ^^^2?S6, H .W/ J iH m Wa ru ~ 1 ^ INTERESTING SOUTHERN INTELLIGENCE. fbe Retreating Rebels from Wnoibov If., to lake n Stand nt Memphis?*,000 Strong. Particulars of the E?ca|ie of Lieut. IJrip^R, or Ohio. WHAT THE REBELS SAY IT PRIVATE. Curious Documents Found in tiie Rebel Camp. THE FEOrLE CONDEMNING THEIR RULERS. THE REBEL CIRCULATING MEDIUM, . Ac., Ac., Ac., ESCAPE or A UNION IT.IHONERFROM NE'V ORLEANS. JIOMA ST'C lH-TOriY OF THE BftCAPr FROM JMFRnOVIIPNT^JH NEW ORLEANS OP A FN (ON FRISOVBII, AmcR FIVK MONTHS' covprNFfkiFNr? DM ADVI;V.TFllOCS fOFRNEV NORTHWARD, HTC. S*nuel II. ^rigga,.??oond Lleuteimui of tN#F,r?tOhio r?g>ra<nt, tak?*B prisoner ?i th? battle of Rirt.1 run, baa juat arrived lu tb^i city from Naw Orleans. L,<\ tenant Pi he* ;p a gradual a* of lh? Twenty-third atroet Coll.^e of rbjfK iar* and flurga.'VJe, Naw York, Ha Uft horo a' the breaking oat of the war for tineionatf i ki saiir# glace, eipei^ihf 10 obtain kao ap :e ne NEW PRESEN L States a: ? " J il I i) 1111 i M r 11111 i *: iii i II ?im i i Ifflpil ft MloGoojwn ^ V C| J f A^ u^\jVv\ta .fl \ y ft: ^ /T^KJ^ t# v ? uak^-F&W ??? E/li'{' p# ,j>- ml/ w^JTir ~ MAR/A MA aRE^LJ^Si BL A jl/W/lA/^AM/LI-S& B SCALE or M/L/^S^ j~ -?:^? lioiiitTnotit as Assistant Surgntui. >n this lis was rot successful, but Uo was elected Socund Lieutenant of Company K.< apUln Harm, anil In that capacity entered tlio battle with lila regiment. During tha h ill's Lieutenant Brigvs was i-overcly wounded, having hi? right foot ludly maimed by a musket bull, lis roi-eived oth tr wound* during his captivity and snbs^i'ienl escape, an account of which will presently appear. u '?? nih capture ai ami ma i.ieut. ur.gga was solzoa by the tviir iif his bead, nod pulled about half a mile In thai manner. His raptor* then pieced him in a bo* carl end hauled hint to luuaaaas. At this placehe reSenteU wwo insult from a robel, who rilled him "an nho'ilienist when ho received a dnggor threat through the flethjr rart of the left wrist. From ltimarri.a Uv y took him to Richmond, under a guard oo fonio tor only five men, and on arriving at tho Rroad Blreit railway etatl m an attempt was made to ptachaudcutTe upon hie n rials, but tho lieutenant resisted, ond they did not titan iuoced hi manacling lie. Hie emptors now stacked arms, and carried tbrir prisoner to the Richmond jail, vrbero,by th# appli' ntion of chloroform, they eucooeded In atupifyirg the lieutenant, and Anally managed to get the handcuff' upon him. Khm he a woks he fouqd what had been done,discovered lt ? sponge with which the chloroform had linen administered, ffcimd that his wound had not been dreseed, and, furthermore, ascertained that he had been stripped of h.s Ueutruant's uniform, soiled as it was, sad supplied with another, entirely new and of goo! nmtoriat. His sword, valued as a presentation from friends, iras also token from bun. Tho Llouienam describee the jell as a very flitby place, tho floor covered with tobacco Juide, and the bUn'iete utftit even to stand upon. There were whowt two hundred and (Illy eonflned in the jell at this time, including n large miniber of the New York Sixty moth prisoners. fi? his own eh" thero were twenty-three when they gut him there, many tj them wounded, and gr snlng ell ngh?, Otllrers and negroes, with clubs, would rrme along, and tell thmo lo " (Ifcan, you son ef a b?.? On fhe r.esf mcreirg, tbe ?3<1 of Jolj, Lieutenant i'r jgs , w vo YORK, WBD>TjSSDAY, ! T AREA ad Territo: Disloyal i .. a?trill(II! it > a is,: vm wiilH m u pi milJHll| IgJliiiifl v to&rutooN T i/ip r ^ortv+.<^> \ ^ <^l V \T 1r-t>r^!^ f! * i *SN K ^???% Mrincoa- F si \ CMfWBOSCO* # Tpw ^ aca/olco ^ a. ? ' ' " "-" "'"*~ ; wne tnar?.nen from t he >\il, doubly handcuffed, as well a omc ether*, to James Thomas' tobacco hous*, on >Zn< street, whore he obtained a break fart of corn bread, bn beef well peppered, fried fat pork and rye coffee, wllhoi ugnr or milk. Breakfast over, l.ioutcnant liriggs, wit two hue J led and fifty other prisoner*, took the tram fc Weliloo, N. C., ru rvuit for New Orleans. Amorg thoi who shared hi* captivity at this tiina were throe or fo? Sixty rioth troops, the bulk heinp com|)os*d of the Vei merit First, Wisconsin Second, Ohio Ktr?t, Indiana t'( cond and Illinois Third troop*, From Woldon 111* pri.soi en were hurried over Capo Fear river, under a itron jp ard, for Wilmington, N. C.; thence to Kinpsvill#, S. C Columbia.S.C.;Mifflin, <J*.; Macon, O.t.j Atlanta, (la Griffn.C.a., Columbia, Ca., to Montgomery, Ala.; tbe*< by James Battle and St. Charles steamer* to Mobili wbora they took tha l ike st?am?ra California mid Cnbi ?nd reached Vew Orleans, via lathe l\m!< haitrain. on ill morulng of the 2S(h of July. On their arrival ai the an of the lako the prisoners war# obliged lo wnlH soma nln miles toiliaclty, under an escort of a nna three or foil thousnnd rebel troops, nil hoavi'y armod with Krone rifles, sabres, huge bowle knives, Kreneh navy pin tola, At miro* srasiss i* n?w out aas??mi ? *v* a\n ri.ii.iit. On raaehltif New Orleans Lieutenant Rricge was pleeo in conlnement In the parish prison, the majority of bi fellow prisoners being sent to tha comfortable quai tera of tha city calaboose. Krum the 28th or July in il the period of bis escape mi the nth of F>brunrr~a?perit>i of over live months?Lieutenant Krigt;* wna k pt In rio? rotHitiemcnt in tha prison. He was naturally ie?tivr and ills Buckeye spirit illy hrn dced this restraint. II was ovntiimally under lock an I key, no I although oiibrei mora liberty if bo would beontn mo/a reconciled. li refused all nflferaof commutatioii. It helnp ascertains that ha wes a gentleman of medical education, be tr* otrered a position in tbe rebel hospital, but this lie *>:< refuted. In tha meantime Lieutenant Rrifrge was m-diiaiinj sebemo-t of rnraptn/ from bit haiad onnfinaoioiit. ||< hid noma friends In tha city, who warn allowed to vim hint and ronvoy htm aome things for Li* b:dily eomfort Among other thirtgp wb rkey w is n?t coutrrtMtnd but in tbe 7.iuc ttaPkft supplied to contain nothing hut whiskey ? as coucesiod eoineihing betier for the in trust*' of f wtpLr# Una atr) cbtpi , ihat wan ? pow. UiK H MARCH 5, 1862.?TRIPLE OF THI ries of tlie n Black.. NMff IWSM II ?} ft, i AwnMM. PEGo jWMl m ^MWPfim iiili ml v/\_ / } Jerfk se/joZ** "*"uv/rcfri,LMiss!ssiPPf 1$JMIS l^SCA i \ VA0M Mil f\Pr?^-4l ffapfc? JOSEPH ?&*&&& V ' ^krf)?' 7#H? ? '' " i.' y^-tfe!*.Vz^r? -*-?-s-Co < ^--3^jcrn-. _ ?A- rij.C ^r\.r> v?*}& R1 LAKE ^ "^T(L( j?/i tabasco\\ ?mm1i / r>' (/a cos. n?Mi&* M e It ik :=: it | erful Ui ig?lit ? li?|iii.i sietu?called iii-a/orlU. oi! ?l> 0 ? ol' latiog nil Imni'i iron. Thui w*w contt nod la?inill . tlte oMiit.e vuls, iinJ I'lncfil iu tlm wltiKkey lin-k.. Wl.'.n thii flimi,* wore reelved tlie I.ioi.toi.aui would .. ....... if i.,q. i tunny , mini inn iov nr.. iutoh nv>aj urn j, whiskey, and apply tlio irqim forlfs to his prison harm Th> was a long, s'ow, tedious process,occupying, In the 'r intervals during wbk h Lloutcnant n. found opportunity

ic to work, soma two months. It was executed in this i.uu,r oar:?Taking a a.) in* <>f yarn from his woollen stocking, 1i:ntr.ant B. would siturnto ilia yarn with theu^-i r > ft'ii, and |WV"I noiselessly to Saw awar at a bar until a ho had sawed it through. Altogether there ware soma , twelve bars, and sumo of ihom inquired a week's labor to aecompluh his purpose, ami ho was watched almost ' continually, lie succeeded lu making an aperture about thiep (eet square, through which himself and tbrso fellow pii* h?rs finally succeeded In mnktiig their esespe, about, one o'clock, on the m .ming of 9 the Mb of February, Ilia fellow prisoners, who > en-aped with h.m, we:e Charles Tillon, of Boston, Miss., i private In t'oinpuny O, First Ohio; First Lieutenant a Charles lilaitdeil, of Ohio, also of Company fl, aatue regiment. and LHialin Marshall, of Burlington,private in Coin <1 pauy K, same regiment. After mak iug the aperture their m escape wfce not yet eecuroti, ax there wa? a high fence, whit h enclosed the prison yard, to hsseaM. This thoy fluaily "Snreeded in doing, after an hour'a time, without n attractltigntteu'.lon. All four then ma'lo for tho shell road, intending to rem-h J.tekeon, Mils. After getting out of the city they kept to the woods to avoid detection, and on the (trst day after lhair escape they roaobed a J laigo sugar plantation (Cramer's),about twenty miics s from New Oi'leats. In the rear of this plantation, in a swamp, they remained concealed, and at night sgaln purII sued their portions journey. When within about seven d miles rrf jsok en. Lieut. mslgg< and party encountered o rebol scouts, who commanded them to halt uu<l giro an i, awe )ont ef themaelves. Having managed to secure some 0 half <io?en |>i?-t'-ls> from drunken <oldlvs, Brlggs' party it thought thnmneircs strong enough to light their way past a the scout? of the enemy: hot prudence dictated another 1 course The rebel somite declared their Intention to ars ie>-t the whole party tie abolition! *ts, fugitive* from a prison. whereupon Br iggx and his friends started to run. f lis arnats then tire t, niol Lieutenant M received a bullet I wound in the right leg, but not suflkifutl) severe to die? ntdo htm. He returned the lire, and kll'ed.Jbis man, tho t ball entering about hair an inctaabovo the heart. B.tggs' |?rljr then all Aged, and the balaiieo of the rebels?seven ; in number?took* '<> their bonis, leaving on tlio ground ; the dead body of their oosnr ule. On examining the body <rtT the dead rebel I .gylei Apt B. found Splojidld French pnv/revolt tr, w 1b ?l* Taffy's, the oi "J; [ERA] SHEET. 3 REBEL Union in 1MH i i n fji'iiiiifimJTiasiiiiiiM imiaimiiiiiimiim 11 in I lj| j Sill m I f f - ),} ig X ^Ayi^FT/V!ESSOGUE^r?!^T NIAG> x \&MA/t>WG 4 S!^v <s*w ^FORT^f i IPCNN^YJ mwh .vf-^ piiti* ^ ^ - % -r';/':v' ?:5;! l^v:v .v ,v'' okyscai Sx? KEYS "t&wa^^ysl^fwwtavt.ora^^v ?s ' =zi^-t^==t "fort myerswj^abZQ^^FMARL 01TE HARBMm4k == fort casey *yg|&jfc =r-~ -i ^CAPL" ROMAUy^iF^x ~-m "- ^oinsett^^ jf~5^ .?jjjhe^?itlcape sabll c - \=^DRY-TORTUGiASC} > o ii"..?|^ir -tv. of?//j &*-..& _ J^t,y ^FJRINIDA? , \^_/z^Z ' pgAPCa 1 (^?-ri//ir/\/,/i /?/ v CAY/JAM* [J^AVrOF- =^r: \i^Npy3As ; R I c AwWm '? J" l?f.ii:i lic..x4Bro ,ra v'.' Ii may lie hero reiinrWi '1 t'l it (his pistol Is one of a lot or 6?,0.0 ol asimd.u pat , iern, *eut to tlie Confederate* fwn Franco by tholratu Iroi-ador, \Vm. L. ' which wore roodved a' Savannah in a vernal that succeeded in running tIn* block j rdo. There wan also on the body of the dead rebel o I bowiehnife, abotit * biot long and nmno thrco Inches wido. From lettering upon the rap and on tliooont nftho j rabel, tl waR ascertained that ha had been a member of the Second Alabama regiment, who have won canal'ler* I able ic;.illation for their daring. i leaving Jarkmi, Mississippi, Lieutenant Brigg* and party proceeded to a loa n called Cbntntt, on t bo M last* j slppl Central Kail road; thence to lfjlly Ppriugs. Mt?sts| etppl; thence to the grand junction of the Memphis and I Charleston and th# Mississippi Central. From there they I wont through .lad:son, Tenner* e, to Wot Point .Ten nessee, anil thoncs to NnshrlMo?*11 by rai'nny, without ; Intervention. Lieutenant Brtfgs wa? In Vs-hvllle on the lflth Inst I He remained th-re one day, stopping at the I'dy Hotel I with bts party. They were all - bilged to ts:>e an oain "not to take up ernis against tit# ao called So ith-rn rnnfe<l#rary, nor'the Slate of Tent oa.-oe." Thiaoathwai administered by fabmau J lUrrm, Governor of theState, those who took It heme obliged to respond, word lot word,kneeling. They then told T.ieut. B that if h" v?n# caught with u'tnH la hit hand#,lighting with ttaeaboli. I |nui*ia of th# North aguinet the South, no ntorcy would he ahown him, and that he would ho Inataully shot down. Ttie rebel# offered to purrhaso the p.stnl# Lieutenant H. and hla party had, offering for them eighty dollar# oach In ?crlp of the Conn terale State*, or acrtp of tho bank of Tennessee. TbenlTbr was refused, Lieut. B. stating that the e- rtp they offered was of* no account In the t'nltcd Fietes. Tbev were then allowed to retain their arms, after an ineflactu#! attempt to cajole thetn from them. Lieutenant ftrlgg# and party wtre forwarded from Nashville, under a flag of trur#, to the linos of the federal forces, under (Toueral Bnetl, at Bacon creek, Kontucky, where they wore cordial'y received and hospitably eutertalnod. They hsie received the necearary p??aes from General Buetl to proroed on their homeward journey which thoy r#rmmed after a abort delay. Reaching Tjoeltv lite, the party wore the rwc.piunts of a hearty welcome from llio Provost Marshal.Colonel tlonry Pent,and other publleepiriledlTnl'.nlata there. From this point Lloutonnnt Brtgg#'friend# proceeded homeward, by way of Cbvtnnatf, while ho cento by way of Pittsburg, striving In tilts city yesterday torrnoon, his health but little impaired byblsadrenture# and perils in the "land of I?lxi?." Llent'nsnt Briggs ha? a father residing In Meeeaobneette, whither it e the Liculvoant ?purpoee to rvjwif immediately. LD. TRICE TWO CENTS. LION. Wliite, tlie "" At 6\7 IIPllliTli if I js flh " Tjp^B & i^oeWECO V?\ Ail.-. -^ffffi^NSJ'TUTlO^ IRA. Yc- V"'*i*5Zi &?' <*T W-5^?*: rKagSSP fe. (4^. \ |?J-r-sl ^^V5eOOc= fv mr^rs ci ARK & //A T T?RA S Jp h'^m^ocRACOKe/f^.ET ?^rirr^ ropS^FOHT MORCAN^:V~ZZrf I' iy% 0KT M/ICON -- - ^ :^- --.-r^r\ ^^FOnTS CASWELL ft JOHNSON- ?rd ORTMOULTRIEri ' = ? RT S iJ MT E R ?r: - - M r/10YAL EN TftA NC? t- A : ' ' Si WALKER & OEAURECAgD\ := ?u== UilASKt & JAXKSPN?]p====~-:==: ?CK=^===^ ^-~?Er?^ i PROM t MAX'XjN_El'rI:rr"-:'pj:EE:?r-IE r rfE: y rr PAFE== * y || p -? S ifa^llll I 1 , | | ?>i It < I.AKKfVILLK COBRKHi'MNUKlftV. ICS .tiwirmt.BjTpnn.jFwb 19 1862. Pini't my last lwit#r tbero bai l>*cn no cb*ng? in km Mill v| Nile .in <1119 I'iaw1 j WW I I In/ itfiivu < ! IUUr9 ti oops from St. I/>uin and the reception of largo amounts of < ipplica, ammunition and store*,* tha occupancy of th * placa as base of future operations. Tho Mem phis,dark*vIlia and Louiavillo road fnruisfaea rnllrsudcommnnlcalion batwesn Bowling tireen and Co liinibua. Tha b idgo is a bountiful structure, fourtaan hundred and seventy faat in length. It is a Howe's truss ! bridge,having seven spans, rosting on etono piara, and furnished with a swing draw at tho western en I for tba passage of steamers. It Is approached from the east by a high earih ombaukmout, several hundred feot In Irnglht loading from the Ingh land hack of tha rivar. From tha west the approach Is by heavy trestlo work, cloven hun, drad feet long, cros?ing tha bottom lands that border the I river at an elevation of from twooty to twenty-five feel. The bridge itself w.ti not inured by the force from the gunboats, i,moral lUlleck having given epo-ial Instrnotloun for Its preservation. length* of tho troetlework,however, were destroyed by chopping and burnUw .a a. |? nasaajllila ittalr rniltgf*?f)l?nli if! Ofdf? to admit of tho further paJSMfe of trains. Thl ciin bo accomplished, if it shall ovsr b? dearabie for our purpose*, in from three to lire <1*/*. Tli??w.ngwae also thrown opon unit secured in that position. Tho telegraph that rrnoaoa flis riTorat thii point waa destroyed. At tho western and of tliis bridgo la tho village of Donvilla, which, in erJiuary times, supports a population of from (Ira to six hundred inhabitant*. It has now bnl 1 faw mala loliabitants, one of whom baa his family with biin. Tba real of the people had tied after the occupation of Fhrt Ueory by tba federal force*. Their fear of t!i? Yankee troops ia but the natural con??(ueoe*a of tba terribla atartca have been oarofully circulated throughout tba South of the Inhumanity and cruelty that characterize our treatment of tba people wo meat, with wbiah a tor lea the patriotism of the Sooth ia fed. The w'uolt South la thus alarmed, and apprtbenaiva only >1

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