Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1862, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1862 Page 10
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10 THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS. 1 III ?f Pronotloai, Appolnliueali, Ac., glace February 3, 1*64. UfcXKIUL OKPLiln NO. 20. (iUTKKAL Hl.WlArrKRM, Statn or Nicer York, 1 Aiw Uhmiul'tOiw*, Albany, March 1,1862. J The following promotions and appouitineaU havo been made by the Governor in (be Now Yorlc State Volunteer regiuciiU, unou the publication of General Urdtib No. 9, of February 3,1862 ? PUWT RK41IMENr. Theodore Moore to be Ka.-ugn, February 12,1883, vice B. Oilmgwovd, resumed. tnsipu William Wallace to bo Aifjutant (First Lieutenant), Kobrurry 11, 1862, vice Walter rcotl, resigned. John Steward '-'l? ssou to be Fusigu, February 18,1863, >U1? William Wallace. promoted THJtll RKCIMKNT. Thomas S Snabury to be Lieutenant, Daconiber 24, 1861, vice K H Chapm. appoinu-d iu regular aruiy. Ensign Jay M. Wicks to be Lieiiteuaut, February 14 1862 , vu'O < has. il. liuntick, resigned. i .*erg?uil Wm. H chapman to be Kntitfo, February 2d 1M2, vioo J. M. Wicks, piomoted. FOL KTU KlBilWNf. Lieutenant 'auie-? \[ 1 wtj I?s to be CapUuu February 22, 18ti2, vico J. B. HiH.rtAio, resigued. fifth KK :.*mbnt. Rnsign Thorn*** W. Car(wright, Jr., to be Lieutenant, February 8, 1862, vice C. W. Wright, reHigutxi. M rgO.UH ^'.'J.inuu \l . " " '?Oi uo r-uaigu, rwmai j 8, ledg, vice Jehu r. Dunham, resigned. Sergeant Ja-c-iU ltoany to be Ensign, February 8, 1882, vice r. VV. Cartwrighl, promoted. Quartermaster bergeant Augustus L. Thomas to be Quartermaster (Lieutenant), February 25, 1862, vice J. H. Well's, resigned. William Ferguron to he Ensign, February 22,1862, vice Edward G. Bell, resigned. hsvisvih RauurofT. Ensign Char es Hem.Ov-gm to bo Lieutenant, January 28,1862, vice J. Be itas.h', roMgned. Maj. r George W. Von Schaack to be Colonel, February 8, 1?62, vice h. Kaput', resigned. Captain Frederick A. H. Guibol to be Major, February 8,1862, viceG. W. VouSeluiack, promoted. Lieutenant William Behrctid to be Captain, February 8, 1862, vice F. A. Gaebol, promoted. Ensign llobert Yelvo ton to bo Lieutenant, February 8, 1882, vice William idehrend, promoted. Se rgeant Clemens l'racl to be Ensign, February 8, 1862, vice R. Yelverton, promoted. Sergeant Frederick Jacoby to be Ensign, January 28. 1862, viou C. H umbo. ger, pioraotcd. KliillTll IKOIMKNT. William Mayor to be Lieutenant, September 7,1861, vice C. K lichen backer, rcsigui d. Charles Kucboubacker to be Captain, Novombor 12, 1861, vice A. Rkorny, prom >ted. mvrii ltKUUMtirr. llajor Edgar A. Kim:.ail to b.- itenant Colonel, February 14,1862, vice George F. Botts, r'Rignod. Captain Edward Jardlno to be Major, February 14,1862, Vice E. N. Kimball, promoted. Lieutenant Lawrence L.-alley to be Captain, February 14,1862, vice K. Jaroine, promoted. Ensign dames A. Fleming to be Lieutenant, February 14,1862, vice L. Lcabey, promoted. Sergeant Frank I'uaill to be laisign, February 14,1862, vice J. A. Fleming, promoted. Ensign John K. Fcrley to bo Lieutenant, February 15, 1862, vice Wm. H. Rossell, Jr., resigned. Sergeant John P. Donaldson to be Ki.sign, February 15, 1882, vice J. K. l'ericy, promoted. THIKTttKNTII RK .IMI NT. Private Albert S. Lma to be Ensign, January 9,1862, ice J. A. Sullivan,promoted. Lieutenant Jereuiuth A. Sullivan to be Captain, Jan. 30, 1882, vice L. Brown, resigned. Ensign Geo. W. Hassier to be Lieutenant, January 30, 1862, vice J. A. Sullivan, promotod. Sergeant Albert G. Cooper to be Ensign, January 30, 1862, vice Geo. W. Hassier, promt tod. Sergeant Sumner Austin to be Ensign, January 14,1862. Vice J. K. Buriingame, rosigned. Corporal Charles U. Savage to be Captain, January 26, 1862, vice Hiram Smith, resigned. Sergeant Itobeci Muart to be Liouienant, January 26, 1862. vice M. F. Sill well, resigned. Private Job C. Hodg.s to be Lieutenant, January 26, 1802, vice M. Mclluilen, resigned. Lieutrnent Smith C. Ben.amia to be Captain, October 17,1861, vice W. Tuily, discharged. R. RKVTH KMilMKNT. Sergeant Edward E. Coals worth to be Ensign, January 4.1462, vice Geo. G. Morgan. r< signed. S igeaut William H. cibbs to bo Ensign, January 10, 1842, vice A. G. Bice, promoted. Corporal Edward H. Lloyd to bo Ensign, November 25, 1841, vice Edward Warr, promoted. Sergeant J. Augustus Curry to be Lieutenant, January 14,1842, vice K. I>. Crocker, resigned. Ensign John Strykcr, Jr., to be Lieutenant, February 4, 1842, vice S. B. Wulword, resigned. Ensign William Ratont>crg to be Lieutenant January 30, 1842, vice Jea. Smith, resigned. Sergeant James Miller to be Ensign, January 20,1842, vice Wm. Raton berg, promoted. Sergeant William Li. Bowers to be Ensign, February 0, 1442, vice J. Stryker, Jr., promoted. FIFTEENTH REGIMENT. Ferdinand R. Hassler to be Ensign, January 27.1862, VMe W. W. Hortnu, resigned. HBTevnennH RBCWRNT. Ssrgeant Major James Fox to be Ensign, January 24, 1842, vice 0. M. Fitch resigned. Liotitenani George 11. Keyuoids to be Adjutant, January 40, 1842, vice J. B. Taylor resigned. Ensign Terrcnce J. Foley to be Lieutenant, January 30, 1842, vice George 11 Reynolds, promoted. twenty-first nbuhkst. Lieutenant Allen M. Adams to be Captain, December 17,1841, vice James C. Strung, promoted. ttisign George L. Remington to be Lieutenant, December 17,1841, vice A. M. Adams, promoted. Sergeant Major Morris H. Alberger to be Ensign, DeDenaber 17,1841, vice G. L. Rem mgtun, promoted. Twrnmr-saooifn rkuimkrt. lieutenant John 8. Fassett te be Adjutant, January 8, 1842, vice Edward Pruyn, resigned. Ensign Wm. T. Norris to be Lieutenant, January 8, 1848, vice J. S. Faaeett, promoted. Sergeant Charles Cashing to be Ensign, January 8, 1842, vice W. T. Norrts,promoted. Twsxrr-nmiD mniimrT. James DeBois to be Chaplain; January 28,1842, vice t. F. Crane, resigned. twwTT-roi*TH regimrnt. Georea S. Shaw to be Eiuk-D. February 21. 1WV2 tirn Norman Hulley, reelgued. mm i arm mr imirr. Sergeant Wm. P. Gilford to b? En.-ign, January 28,1892, Vice C. R. Johason, resigned. TWRWrT -rlWKjmt RCUIKBTT. Sergeant Melville W. Goodrich to be Adjutant, December 1,1861. vice John P. Jenkins, resigned. iwaan-KimiTH Rsciukxr. Sergeant George M Hat welt io be Ensign, January 30, 1M2, vice George A. Bingham, resigned. Ensign John Repass, Jr., to be Lieutenant, January 30, 1862, vine D. K. Whitcher, resigned. Sergeant Jeremiah Long to be Ensign, January 30,1302, vice John Repose, Jr., promoted. Tw*jmr-.N?sni awtrorr. Ensign Henry N. Koessle to be Lieutenant, February 6, 1862, vice C. y Elsier, resigned. F. Fiinnch to be Ensign, February 24,1802, vice H. X. Roessie, promoted. THIRTY-FIRST RSGIRLVT. Edward Frossard to be Ensign, August 10,1861, Tice F. F. PfeiiTer, resigned. Nicholas Wunder to be Ensign, August 21, 1861, vice L- H. Brovrr.e, resigned. Ensign W. D. Prentiss to be Lieutenant, October 11, 1861, rice O. J. Rogers, resigned. Lieutenant William D. Prentiss to be Captain, October 10,1861, vice E. Johneon, resigned. lewis H. Browne to be Lieutenant, December 21,1861, Vice D. E. Smith, dismissed. JehnC. Whiting to be Ensign, October 11, 1861, vice W D. Prentiss, promoted. Chaplain Samuel W. Waldroo, Jr., to be Lieutenant. October 30, 1861, vice W. D. Prentiss, promoted. THMTT MUQITD RSCtXBvr. Lieutenant Sylvester H. Brown to be Captain, August 6,1*61, vice U. J. Hsys, resigned. Ensign Edmund Wallace to be Lieutenant, July 0,1861, vice S. Mckee, resigned, sergeant Harvey Bell, Jr., to be Ensign, January 27, 1862. vice Samuel Hewitt, res igned. Ensign James T. Trouddcll te be Lieutenant, August 9, 1661, vice 8. H. Brown, promoted. Sergeant Lewis F. Cleveland to be Ensign, August 9, 1861, VK-eJ. T. Trouddcll, promoted. Nathaniel J. Hibbard to be Ensign, February 12,1862, vice E. Wallace, promoted. Sergeant John W. Fair and to be Eaeign, October 22, 1861, vice P. B. Wager deceased. THJRTT THIHD HHGIXXHT. Ctplim John 8. Plainer to bo Major, January 24,1M2, vice K. J. Mann, resigned. Private George W. Brown to b? Ensign, January 27, 1M1, vice 8. A Barraa, resigned. Ensign n?ury O. King to bo Lieutenant, February 0, 1M2, vtceUT. Hamilton, resigned. Sergeant Hour y A. Hills to bo Ensign, February 8,1802, vice U. G. King, promoted. TKIRTT-FtfTH KF.'IIMRVr. Lloutenant Charles E. Ztmmornian to bo Captain, January 17,1862. vice A. W. Smith, resigned. Ensign J. 1). McWayne to be Lieutenant, January 17, 1802, vice C. E. Zimmerman, promoted. Sergeant John O Harro to he Fjisign, January 17,1802, owe J. D. McWayne. promoted. THIRTY WTKSTH RRU1HRST. Sergeant John Klernnu to be Ensign, December 12,1801, vice J. O'Leary, promoted. Major Gilbert Hiordou to be iJeutenant Colonel, January 21.1800, vice John Burke, promoted. Adjutant Patrick H. Jones to be Major, January 21, im?, vice G. Riordon, promoted. Lieutenant James Henry to be Adjutant, January 21, 1882, vice P. H. Jones, promoted. Ensign Charles G. Vosburgb to be Lieutenant, January 01,1862, vice James Henry, promoted. Bergeaot James Smith to be Ensign, January 21,1862, vice C. G. Vosburgh, promoted. THIRTY BHIimi RWIIHBYT. Lieutenant Augustus Funk to be Captain, January 11, 1862, vico W. H. Balrd, promoted. Ensign Wright Banks to be Lieutenant, January 11, I860, vice A. Funk, promoted. Henry ?. Pratt to be Ensign, January 21,1862, vice W. Hanks, promoted. THIRTT HIHTH RF.OIMRST. Captain Anton Ve'tey to be Major, January 24,1862, vice Charles Wlegoud, resigned. F.rst Lieutenant John F. Bauer to be Captain, January 24. 1862. vice A. Vekey, promoted. Hecond l.ieutensnt Anthony Belinda to be First Lieu tenant, Januaiy 24,1862, vice J. F. Bauer, promoted. Sergeant Henry Dietrich to be Second Lieutenant, January 24,1862. vice A Scbadn,promoted. F IRTIRTII HSOIMR.VT. t.Tiarlos H. flesncr to be seeond Lieutenant, November 8,lb8l, T>ce John Horn, promoted. forty-firkt ksoimisv, Fkft Lieutenant Ma* Conheim to ho Captain Feb ruary 12 1862, rieeJ 1) Kockbiab, resigned Oscar Nerinsn to be First l.ieaicr.aiii. February 21 1WJ vice M Cfhbe.'Wypromoted. NEW YOKJ men ruiKo Kaouuurr. Sergeant Jut in Fryer to bo t'ucoud laoulcnanl, Jauuary 4,1842, vie* Kr ummh hrmr,resigned. First Lieutenant tinam A. Wiustow to be Captain, January 36, 1802, vloc Jacob Wi mm. rueigned. Second Lieutenant Kphranu A. Brig,? to bo First IJeutoimnl, January tb, 1802, vice II. A. Wmslow, proinol <!. First Ijouleuunt Juhn M. tiil.lllan to be (attain, Juiuary 84,1*12, vice W. II. Mathews, resigned S?i gtvint Ikxigias L?lgo to be Beooud Lieutenant, January 84, lHo'J, vice Paul I.I in Ion, reigned. Second Lieutenant Vnlkert V . Van t'utn u to be Vint LieuieuoiU, Jauuary 84, 1802, vice J. M. tiiiliUan, promoted. roar, sixth vwiimemt. First Lieutenant Curl Setteoeik to be Captain, January 8,1808, vice R. Kietjol, resign, d. Second I Jen tenant Henry Kinase to be First Lieuten.nd,.i.-viuary .1,1848, vice C. xcld neUt, promoted. Sergeant William ' otlig to be Sue nd Lieutenant, January 3,1808, vice H. K a iso, promoted. smmr-sv hi k^umuvt. First Id uiten int Christopher It. Mcl onaid to be Captain , December 14,1881, vice J I.. Smith, resigned. (leorgc 1'. Van Krunt te be First l.iout. nanl, December 10, 1801, vice J. O'Valley, resigned. .Soci nd Lie tenant .Iclin W. Swift to be First Lieuto- I mm, January 11 i >08, vice R. C. Stearns, resigned. , Jose b II. Met on ilil to l>csocondLieutenant, February 19, 1803, vioo J. \V. .-.\vli t, iiromi ted. ' 8 cond I.iemotiuiu Uoorge B. Kirby to ho First Iaeuti nant, December 14, 1S01, vice C. R. McDonald, < pr in led, Se. gMut Charles Hugging to lie Second I n itenant, ' December 14,1S01, vico li. !!. ki by, promoted. ] Second Lieutenant A.-a II. Ferguson to bo Captain, January 18,1802, vice J. G. Ward, resigned. Sergeant Major Samuel H. Morer to be Second Lieu- i tenant, January 18, 1802, vice A. H. Ferguson, promo tod. , VOKTY- VINTII RK- 1UKXT Corporal Seward II. Terry to bo Second Lieutenant, Dec mbor 23,1801, vice J. G, Thompson, resigned. Secivid Lieutenant William T. Wiggins to bo First , Lieutenant, January 24, 1882, vie* G. J. Greene, resigned. rtmKTti sKGienrr. Henry Yates to heSicondLioutouant, February 6,1882, yico T. Wiles, resigned. William W. Km well to bo First Lieutenant, January 30, 1862, vice J. F. Madotte, resigned. nynr-nuan sir iincrr. Captain George F. Chester to bo Lieutenant Colonol, February 24,1882, vice V. Dullnnteil, deceased. nin-witm naufurr. First T.ioutonant F.rnsl Hangman to bo Captain, January 30,1863, vice P. Poring, resigned. Sergeant Otto 11 >g in to be Second I.icutcr.ant, Kobru- j ary 15,1882, vice I*. Durlan, dismJ.-sed. Sergeant Ma.or W. Werlbeimer to b? Second Lioutcnani, February 17, 1882, vice W. Spalkhavor. resigned. C. )I. Hrnndt to be First Lieutenant, February 28, 1882, vice K. Haosniati, promoted. IDTY-KIXTtl KKGIMFST. Sergeant Major Demmou C. reciter to be Second Lieutenant, February 6,1S62. vice John T. Friar, resigned. Second Liouteiiant Alfred W. I/ximis to bo First Lieutenant, February 8, 1802, vice E. Vanderberg, resigned. Sergeant James J. Cbx to-bo Second Lieutenant, February 6,1882, vico A. W. I/wmis, promoted. FIFTY RICIITH RSUUiKNT. | Sergeant t barlcs Worms to b? Socond Lisutonont, Jan- , uary 24,1862, vico W. Koch, resigned. , Second Lieutenant Charles Koch to be Adjutant (First Lieutenant) January 2, 1862, vice C. W. Lionbardt, re- , signed. , Sergeant GustavStoldt to be Second Lieutenant, Janu- . ary 2,1862, vice C. Koch, promoted. SIXTY-KIRST RKCIMKNT. ( Second Lieutenant William H. Spencer to be First Lieutenant, January 24,1862, vice J. J. Wood ruff, resigned. ( Charles H. Howard to be Second Lioutenant, January 24,1862, vice W. II. Spencer, promoted. SIXTY-SKI I'ND KKIUMKVT. Sergeant Andrew Cusa -k to be Sec <nd Lieutenant, Fe- ] bruary 8,1862, vice J. F. Holmes, resigned. sixty third rkiilmknt. , Private James Mackay to be First Lieutenant, December 6,1861, vice John Canty, resigned. James D. Brady, to tie First Lieutenant, December 6, 1881, vice P. P. Connelly, resigned. ( Jojjp H. GJgason to be First Lieutenant, January 0, , 1862, re appointed. bixtt rocimi mtotmoT. J George L. Taggart to be Adjutant (First Lieutenant), , January 20,1862, vice W. Cooper, deceased. SIXTY-SIXTH RFC1MKNT. Forgeant Henry Eholsbanser to be Second Lieutenant, January 2,1862, vice A. Meyer, promoted. SKVKVTY-MXTIl RKOIMKVT. Second Lieutenant Robert Story to be First Lieutenant. February 1,1862, vice M. B. Clevelund, resigned. Sergeant Russell W. Carrier to be Scci nd Lieutenant, February 1,1862, vice R. Story, promoted. eavwrrv .vtwni rkoimknt. James C. Wyatt to be Chaplain, February 20, 1862, vice P. Riger, res gned. Robert M. Clark to be First Lieutenant, January 19, 1862, vice W. H. Morrison, resigned. First Lieutenant Kenneth Mutbiseon to be Captain, January 19,1862. vice T. Barclay, resigned. Second Lieutenant William Simpson to be First Lieutenant, January 19, 1862, vice K. Hatliieson, prometed. James Gilmore to be Second Lieutenant, January 19, 1862. vice W. Simpson, promoted. First Lieutenant William St. George Elliott to be Cap< tain, January 19,1862, vice Itavid Morrison, promoted. Second Lieutenant George W. Pier to be First Lieutenant, January 19.1862, vice W. St: G. Elliott, promoted. . Gavin Hamilton to be First Lieutenant, January 19, 1862, vica James B. Ayres, resigned. Sergeant Garret S. Conovcr to lie Second Lieutenant, January 19,1862, vice James Taylor, resigned. ' Second Lieutenant Alexander Graham to lie Captain, !' January 19,1862, vice James F_ Coulter, resigned. John R. Hunter to bo Second Lieutenant, January 19, , 1862, vice A. Graham, promoted. 1 Thomas W. Robertson to he Second Lieutenant, January 0 19,1862, vice George W. Pier, promoted. Second Lieutenant William T. I.usk to be Captain, Janu- : ary 18,1862, vice H. A. Ellis, promoted in regular army, jj Robert Marshall to be Second Lieutenant, January 19, 1862, vice W. T. Luslt, promoted. 1 BOHTr-MSt'OXD HKUIMENT. J" Sergeant Harvey P. Hawiey to bu Second Lieutenant, f January 24,1862, vice I>. S. Robinson, resigned. 1 First Lieutenant Francis A. Young to be Captain, v February 8, 1862. vice L. Schaffner resigned. 1 BKiirnr-THiRD aaomn. P Private Isaac E. Hoagland, to be First Lieutenant, ? January 2,1862, vice Louis Billon, resigned. * Private Girard L. McKonzie to be First Lieutenant, , January tu, iboj, vice jame* ?. van wiren, resigned. rrtimr urm rkoimknt. 6 Robert R. Van Valkenburgb to be Colonel, February 8, 1862, vice l\ L Iiavis. resigned. ioiitv fbtbjuw ??.i?i\t. First Lieutenant William H. l<eaycraft to be Captain, February 6, 1862. vice Robert Mclntyrc, resigned. yitrty-xirth RBUIXEVT. Second nontenant Alfred Gage to be First Lieutenant, January 6,1862, vice James H. Hyde, resigned. K1RJTT KRI1MBNT CATALBT. Second Lieutenant Jaines Shmnkland to be First Lieutenant. January 27. 1862, vioe Richard H. Lee, resigned. Corporal William Iaverty to be Second Lieutenant, January 27, 1862, vice J. Shattkland, promoted. kj?tu rbiitmkmt cavalry. Second Lleutenaut James A. Pen field to be First Lieutenant, December 26, 1861, vice J. A. Benedict, deceased. Private John G. Viall to be Second Lieutenant, December 26. 1861, vice J. A. PenOeld. prom ted. First Lieutenant Amos II. White to be Captain, December 0,1861, vie#ThomasCoyle, deceased. George 11. Nichols to be First Lieutenant, December 9, 1861, vice A H. White, promoted. MVHCril KRtilXKRr CAVALRY. Charles E. Morton to be Second Lieutenant, February 7,1862, reappointment. KIMffll RRfltXBirr rAVAI.1T. Sergeant Charlee D. Follett to be Second Lieutenant, February 6,1662. vice D. E Sa> kett, resigned. RINTH RWIIXr.Vr CAVALRT. Second Lieutenant Perry Bly to be Firat Lieutenant, February 6,1862, vice P. K. Mclighe, resigned. g?rgeant Wetter O Noil to be Second Lieutenant, January 24, 1862, \ ice William Wilson,resigned. Sergeaul Major James B. Scott to be second Lieutenant, February 6,1862. vice Perry Bly, promoted. first sqcAtiRoR Moc.mai airins. Second Lieutenant James N. Wheeian to be Captain, Fetiruary 6,1862, vice W. ?. C inkling, resigned. Sergeant J. I). Loe to be Second Lieutenant, February 6,1862, vice J. N. Wheeian, promoted. riRT RRUIME.YT ARTILLBRT. Sergeant Edward H. Underbill to be Second Lieutenant, January 4.1862, vice R'H Ganeevoort, resigned. First Lieutenant Almont Barnes to be Captain, January 18652. vico John T^mblin. riisrh? kb' okd reuixt wt abtili but. First Lieutenant George S. Dawson to be Captain, : February 8, 1862, vice Jamas Houseman, r signed 1 l*?rood Ijeu tenant Bennett A. Lum to be Flrat Lieutenant, February 8, 1162, rice UcorgaH. Dawson, promoted. Charles A. Judd to ba Second Lieutenant, February 8, 1882, vice B. A. Lum, promoted. thiro Hiimru aanilut Sergeant William A. Kalaay to be Second L eutenant, f January 4,1802, vlcp R. K. Kimbarly resigned. hixth luribmv sutimjtrt Flrat Lieutenant Waltor M. Br am hall to be Captain, January 23. lv?2, vice T. B. Bunting, discharged Heoond Lieutenant George Brown. Jr., t > ba First Ueu- ] tenant, January 23, 1802, vice W. M. UrambaM, pro- ' moted. Sergeant Washington A. Roebling to be Second Lieu 1 tenant, January 23. 1802, vice Geo. Brown, Jr., pro- , muted. < winners f ours. Fielding Neale to be Captain, January 21, 1802. vice Geo. Gunn, deceaaod. The persons hereby promoted and appointed will Immediately report for duty at the headquarters of their respective reglmenta. By order of the Commander-in-Chief. T1IOS J. HlLLHOUSfc, Adjutant General. Sanaa awn Kai asRenw, aT Baawt n r.?A new spectaco lar play called "Sartak and Kalasrade, or the Waters of Oblivion,'' la produced at Parnum's Museum this week. I.ike most modern spectacular affairs, tbil play has hut little plot a id still less ac ijie for acting, but as a ski laton to ba bedecked with fine acenery and rich dresses, fairies and f in, it Is admirable. 11,e completeness and excellence of the scenery, costumes and appolutinenta, do credit te Mr. K. T. Tuylor, tin, efficient stage malinger, and to the set nie arltet, Mr. H?ilge, who has painted n number of gorgeous but t. -tetul which whutd adorn any theatre In the city. Altogether, Ihe glitter, the fairy work, the military evolutions, the comicalities of Brookes and the wonderful sir,ping of Mr. Hsdaway ckrry the floe through in triumph, and secure crowd.' ad and applauding uudienc s. Commodore Roll appears as usual,and hi* ptrfrrmanoeu ato itc very rever-e of hi* ati* [ I ? HERALD, WEDNESDAY OUR PUBLIC OHARITIES. Second AumI Report t the Commissioners of Public Charities anil Correction for the Year 1(461. I'OMMafcjiONKM PUBllO cuabiths AND ColBBCTtOB, \ Nkw York, Jan. 1, 186:1 / TO tub IjtUMLATVRB Or TUB STATB OF NlfW YOHK akd T1IB BOAKD OF SlFKRVlBOKS OF TUK COUNTY OF NSW YIMUC:? The Commissioners of Public Charities and Oorroctlon have tho tionor to present to the honorable the I*gislaturo of the State of New York, an u tho honorable Board of Supervisors of the County of New York, the following report of their proceedings, and of the condition of the department of " Public Charities and Correction," with an account of nil its receipts and expenditures of the yoar 1861, In conformity with section nineteen of tho law passed April 17, 1860?chaptrr 510. The duties of the Commission which wo ropfesont, performed with a view to tho objects and Intentions of it, embrace no ordinary obligations, and are therefore to bo regarded with a proper estimate or tbe embarrassments which present themselves in their faithful execution* rhis vast population?covering an extent of boundary rar beyond the ordinary demand of a similar exercise of power in this country?demands a thoughtful and cnors*etlc administration. To carry forward all its obligations, without tho liability of error, would bo claiming moro than human foresight and common Justice would claim. Our fellow citizens who interest themsolvcs in tho workings of our municipal provisions for tho wolfare of tho deserving poor, are, no doubt, well advised as to tho direction given to their annual tax for their support ;but it will not bo denied that a moro serious consideration of tho claims of charity wuuhl essentially change and moro appropriately apply their efforts in that direction. In the opinion of the Commissioners, nothing could possibly bo dovisod to moro oiFcctuully arrest tho progress and success ol the Americau ollspring, tluui tho oucourago uieut and nurture of that loulhsnino dependence which tho annual application at the j*>or house engenders. The propriety of establishing?by city ordinance or legislative cnactiUi nt?a |>oiut whore the sulleriug of our tellow creatures may he ameliorated or ended, cannot bo doubted; yet, while admitting the charity of such provision, there should ho no hesitation, on tlio part of tlio dispensers of ih it charily, to do ovorytiling in their i>ower to discourage the too apparent vice of professing jioverty, without an honest claim for relief. During the last year, under the existing extraordinary condition of national affairs, a very heavy demand has been made upon our taxpayiug citizens lor tho supI ort of the families of those who have found employment in the army. Over one mil.ion of dollars have boon paid by our city authorities, without cousultuliou with the records of this department. Noono can for a moment lupposo that reference is made to this fact for tho [iui'((oso of changing the direction of this extraordinary charity; but simply to )ioint out, as wc arc iu duty nound to do, the chock which might have been availed of ufion improper and duplicated demands. The same wrong is perpetrated by many of our leading corporate and private There is a great iloal of inconsiderate relief grnntod, to the detriment of a modest, retiring and deserving charity. The subject is one susceptible of more extended consideration than would bo properly embraced in this report. The remedy may be found, upon a resort to patient examinai ion and scrutiny. The desire to lncre ise the number of charitable institutions is greater than their means of usefulness will warrant. The city und oeunty of New York, through this organization, is invested with the necessary means to meet the just claims of tho unfortunate poor. Its duties are not rnwillingly performed; and whenever and wherever lentativcs of a sonorous population will respond to the uft claims of truthful charity. New York shriuksfrom no duty which the welfare of tor population fairly demands. Tho trials which have >eou inflicted upon her citizens have been far beyond 1 hose of any other municipality, in this or any other lountry, in times of peaceful and flourishing administra- ' ion. The nature of her population Is generous and forliving, and it is due from the points of influence and lower that she should be protected by every means in 1 heir power. Those of us tu whom is reposed the po- 1 ition which may expose the wrongs inflicted by unjust ombination or individual ellbrt deem it our duty to tarn our fellow citizens to be cautious as well as liberal, o be just to themselves as well as charitable to others. Tlit past, with its benefits and its "errorsand omlsions," is full of lessons of experience and value. The uture, under the guidance of the .Almighty, we trust nay be profitably embraced. The sad trials which bad nen have inflicted ut>ou our heretofore united national ispulation enjoin upon us frugal expenditures, and wo nu.-t not disregard the least opportunity to postpone, at cast, whatever may be properly delayed for more prosterous times. The hope and expectation l?, that before another year eason and prosj>erity may commence its onward career ii the turbulent regions of the South, and wo may again >e permitted to prepare adequately for increasing numiers. nut lunatic asrxru. The new building, which may be referred to in this ounectlon, while it will do much towards relief, will bo aadequato for the proper care of the increasing numbers. The report of the resident physician abounds in statists which furnish the history of this important branch >f this department. The difliciilties which attend the care f lunatics aro known to every one. This Institution.con sluing a far grsaior somber than any similar institution n the country, abounds in every variety and stage of luincv, and includes in Hs number, at all times, a large or i Ion of the most troublesome charactor. We feel istified in presenting the whole, and more especially the lad House branch, as deserving our especial common daion. ths woiucBorne leport shows a falling off in the aggregate. Some iraroveiuent has been made in the employment of both exes, and the prospect is favorable for a more enlarged, s well a? a more frofltablr use of the labor of the instiution. The army lias called this class of our populaion, and left us with the least useful of this useless lass. tub a us-morns, i in a good eond it ion. furnjehing all the ordinary comiirts of similar institutions elsewhere. The Warden's reiort will furnish the detail of the various modes of dlexis ing of the temporary and permanent visitdrs to this, heir island home : the separation of the demented and ailing intellect from tbe more strengthened physical, as veil as mental power of the inmates ; the useful approiriatton of motherly care and protection for the infant hildren that have been distributed among the more able ind most useful class who claim our protection, presents in agreeable demonstration of the justics of a combination if old age and innocence, sharing in the cheering efforts o enliven and make happy the beginning and end of life. the invmatukt, lontaining, as it does, the larger portion of our efllient labor, has returned, as will oe seen on reference to he figures,a much larger amount for labor than on any ther previous year, the prospect is that a still more idvantageous disposition of tbe labor will be made for be year to c?ms. The principal working of our quarry has been from bis department. Tbe manufacture of soap has been sufficient to supply be ent ire depart ment. A decrease in numbers has given us an opportunltv to educe our number of keepers, and relieve the crow'ded ondition which has heretofore troubled us. tub mtami u mmal, 'oing ths most capacious and most convenient, as wall as be most ornamental institution of the sort in this country, n nt a it. ha laftrtt Dumbfr of nAtmntP. \rhn nm mmrullf rovtded and properly regarded. The number of patients rill be found, with tboee of otbor hospitals, at the close f this report, and I* worthy of regard. tub nutxrox u arrrAi. i smaller, bat not leu entitled to the claim for arc bluctural regard. The number of patients that have mind a home there daring the progrus of this loathotne disease is very much beyond any previous year. Yet, we have the satisfaction of awarding to its conluci an additional testimony of Us gsneral usefulness ,nd value. n* cm rmso* 1u bun much improvad in ths various arrangements contitntlngits government; and it is hoped that an uureaxed application of tba rules adopted for the government if the various branches will still further commend ite aithful administration. orvnooa mot This portion of our duty is one of great solicit de. The idminisiralion of its detail has our entire confidence yet ve are incessantly laboring to prevent tba abuses which ,re welded to a system aariy established and persistently nsUted upon. The Interrogatories which have been cirulsteil to the extent of thousands beyond thou that tave been responded to, have, doubtless, bean instrunantal of (past good, and*WU1 render (rut service In be revision of our work, and, we hope, bring te light nany whose object has been to deceive and obtain help vhere it ess not roally needed. The figures sliow a deresse of sppropriatlon to this claas of applicants, notwithstanding we may add the fact that cases of reluctant applications have really Increased. nai.uivra aiemit We present a> an Institution worthy of especial notice. So depai tmsnt of pur trust has been more faithfully administered, and the changos which have been made have not only been practical and sound but beneficial and sconom < al. The economy in the use of gas, the reduction In aim st every minute expenditure has extended throughout I he who.e of the various drains of tbsiustitatton. Theapotliecary, storekeeper and engineer show .an attention to delsII, which commends them to the O'tn missioiiors ss well as tbo citizen for whom thev act. The ll.itron end hsr aa-ii-lanis, the Uuts Keeper,sod other oil core. have united with the Warden to miikn the institution equal In nil respects with eny oilier institution in or out of the department ol Public < harltlo. The Medh al Board liaa been zealous in Its action, undoivoi tng to increase tho im|>urtatico of its connection with thelust It'll Ion by adding to their be:etoforu great advantages. that of an vstablislu-d medical college. Their siicess has exceeded the expectations of it* most ardent friends; and wo hope and bolu-t e that Disunion of I lie fanlities which ill onnd In tho Department, of I'ubilG (Tiitrilies and Corrections, with the rc< stilly sxtah'i hod Dcllevuo Hospital college, it,ay ho so applied, and so jusily. i onslderiloly ami horuaaely cm,dueled is to < ?mmand lite approlulion of the entire community. Tie-ro has brew no abridgement of the ordinary rachitic- herctnfnro accorded to idhcr schools, ni r is it the iutention to ulier the rub s to eifecl tho great demands of otlir r col leies At th? ame lime, thore b,i u u< k: o-.v le igcment of ill ' oltima wbiCll cmsiant tervieo jest y demands. ward's si <\n Has lie n much unproved m i-mnii i n. m d y.oldi d, a- Bill be seen,a fair crop, We h"po lor an improved r, MAK'.H 5, 1862?TR1PL produce tb? next y<jpr, through the increased seal of our I officers and helpers. lite Commissioners acknowledge with gratitude the soaloua aud harmonious lubois o( the clergy, and others who officiate in tho religious services iu every department of their trust. OP* HNAN< rS. The neglect on the part of the city authorities to act up> n the appropriations, while it furnishes the means of a very lurg.? profit lu the bank of deposit seliTte I by the Chain tier lain, is most unjust to the city. Neuilytwo months have already elapsed w ithout this department receiving a dollar from the proper source for tho paymeut of its joat indebtedness. We can discover no reason for djlay, which seems to us legitimate. Wo only know that, while others muy be the gainers, the city is the leer. if uny change is re ,uir?d in the alians of li e city, certainly a remedy should be found for tins tlagraut wrong. TDK OOLOBED HOUR Is a home by itself, duv> ted to the care of oi l and Infirm, as well as other colorod udults and children. This institution is conducted and supported chieily by tho liberality of the city, through tins do|>ariiiiont, and claim# anil deserves a word ol commend itiou from this Commission. TUB OOI/>KM) out nan iitntv Is also a branch of our charge, and is u proud monument to the fuilhful ladies who devote themselves to its welfare. In considering the various duties which devolve upon the otlleers in the dille. cut position* in this department, it is with no ordinary suiisiacti u that the Commissioners declare their obligations to thoco who are united in combine harmony and fidelity witli elhclency and intcgrity;

and ihoy trust and buliovo that, while the same action is con tin nod in Llio uianaaotncnt i f this branch of onr city's munificence, there will bo goitfl reasons for all to n'uim the respect and ooulidence of thoso worthy of regard, to whom they at ail times hold themselves accountable. The Commissioners have endeavored to give their best attention to tho trust placed in their hands. It remains for their fellow ciiissens to test the result of their labors , by tho result of similar tracts hero and elsewhere. To mark with precision, a'.d justly balance tho claims of "Charity and Cbi ruction," is more than could be fairly required from human eSbrt. Taking, however, the ordi- , uury Hiandard as their guide, they in o willing to stand or fall in the judgment and appreciation of their fellow citi- ] stens. . 8. DRAPER. President. , MOSES H. GiUNNKIX, , Isaac Bem., Jr.,Secretary. JAP. U. NIClIOiJiON. , Randau.'s Island, New York, Dec. 27,1861. 1 S. Draper, Em;., President Comml-sl ners of Public Cha- i rities and Correction:? Sir?Pinco your first connection as an administrator of tho charities of Now York city, on May 8,1849, 16,041 (sixteen thousand and forty-one) children have lioru admitted to this Island. 14,000 nave been discharged, f and are scattered in all parts of tho Union?some iu g Miilno, and more in Oregon. This Island is represented, between the Ohio river on one side, and tho city of Iowfa on the other, by more than 800 children, who send cheering accounts of their progress from limo to time. A great many are in the army and navy of the United States. Of tho 1,001 (ono thousand and one) children iu j this department wh'-n you organized tho Board of Tun Governors, not one roinadns. During the year 1861 tho two last havo gone?one idiot deceased. One boy, who * was an infant, two years old then, gone out West. Tho cost to the city for tho above 16,041 children for twolva \ and eight twelfths yoars has been 0:10 million four huudrod und fifty-one thousand and one hundrod and ninety- ( eight dollars. JOHN COMON, Clerk. comparative statement. , 1809. 1860. Payments by Governors of Alms House for the year 1859, as per report....$703,524 Payments by Govornors of Alms House ^ 1st January to 20th April, 1800?3 mouths 20 days a $247,056 Payments by Commissioners of Public C Charities and Correction from 21st April to 31st December, 1869?8 mosths 10 days b 627,439 Total $874,496 Payments by Commissioners of Public . Charities and Correction for the year 1 1861 710,617 710,617 e Decrease $82,907 $163,877 S a Of this amount was expended for buildings and repairs $15,192 i Of this amount was expended for buildings r and repairs 106,681 The number or keepers at the penitentiary have been y decreased thirteen by tbo Commissioners since tbe 20th '' of April, 1860. North Carolina Relief Committee. A regular mooting of tbo North Carolina Relief Committee was held at the rooms of tbe Chamber of Com merce on Friday, February 28, to listen to tbe full report of their agent, Mr. E. K. Dow, who has just returned fruin Haltcras Inlet after distributing the cargo of the J schooner Elijah Shoddt-n. Tho cargo was tho result of tho meeting held at the Cooper Iuhtitute in November last, and was gent to relieve tbe necessities of tbe suffering loyal people or the J coast of North Carolina. The mission has been most successful, and a great amount of distress, and, in some cases, actual starvation prevented. The people are loud in their expressions of gratitude to c the liberal citizens of New York, and tbe effect upon the * main laud, where it was known, is sure to bo productive J, of great good to the Union cause. j The wants of this part of tbe State are supplied for the ? present; but thero is a probability of suffering and need * among the loyal people of other portions of North Carolina before the rebellion, which crushos them by its f tyranny, is entirely suppressed. It was therefore decided * to be inexpedient to make any immediate disposition of '' the funds remaining In the hands of tha treasurer, Mr. i 3. M. Morrison. As unreliable and unwarranted statements have been > made as to tbe people of Hatteras and their need of assistance, the committee call the particular attention of y the public to tbe extracts below, from the report of Mr. {, Dow, which are fully corroborated by worthy and reliable officers of tbe army. W. M. VEKMILYE, Chairman. r W. E. Dodos, Jr., Seeretary. n March 4, IM2. o Nsw Tons,Feb. 24,1892. Chas. H.Marshall, Esq.,Chairman Executive Committee North Carolina Committee of Relier? * Sir?I beg to submit to you tbe following report of my J,1 action as agent of tbe committee on distributing the cargo of the schooner K. Shedden among the loyal inhabi- n tents of Hatteras Hanks:? o I left here In the echooner E. Shedden, Captain J. P. C White, December 11, and arrived at Hatteras Inlet De- " cembcr 19. After consulting with the officers of tbe a United Slates Army and some of the leading residents, I y commenced distributing the cargo Immediately. My C plan of following your Instructions was to soli at a low price to those who although in great need wore hardly In a such a position in life as to accept charity, while to U those in more reduced circumstances the cargo was dis- * iriuiiwu <1WUIUJU| vu bUQU OMllI U1 IUU IUilVfllU( UlilU' ner:? A committee of three was named from each neighborhood by the inhabitants thereof. These committees, under oiith, designated to me the families of their respective Y districts who were really unable to pay ror the food t> and fcclotblng that they actually required. To those tl tamlTfes, after examining as far as lay in my power a; into the Justice of tlieir claims, I donated as fol lows ?[A list in detail of the articles distributed to o the following neighborhoods is too long for publication.] ? Kinne Keel neighborhood, total population 320, in ? seventy-one families. Chictmacoinico neighborhood, ? total population 323. In forty-three families. Cajte neigh- jborhood, total population 140, in thirty families. Trent t> neighborhood, total population 210, in forty six families, cl Hatteras neighborhood, total population 300, in fiftyleven families. 1 The total invoice Intrusted to my care waa valued as *' per invoice at $7,645 20, of which 1 donated the articles 2 tiefore Darned, the balance I sold to the deserving In- * habitants at low prices, realizing therefor (2,141 in a money and 1,062 lbs. hides, 4,084 lbs. junk, 952 lbs. cop- i< per. " The money I han4 you herewith; the ether articles, " owing to the tmposibility of a vessel to transport them ,, north, were left on the island in charge of Mr. B. F. Peal, whose storage receipt aooompanles this. c 1 further beg to report to the committee that I found u the Inhabitants loyal to tbe Union, really deserving, and many of them in actual want of tbe necessaries of life, o and all grateful to the people oi New York for their A prompt and noble response to their cry of distress. o I made it my business to live among them and to look par- * locally after their wants, andaftora nine weeks residence J, ran truly say that, without this opportune aid from New i, York, many of the poorer people would have starved era this, and tbe richer ones would have sufTorad h severely. o To Brigadier General Williams, Lieutenant Colonel Botts and the oRlcors under their command, I return my heartfelt thanks fur their many kindnesses. Not- J1 withstanding their own arduous duties, they did every- L thins to further the views of the committee, and their aeslatance anil ad viae to me waa invaluable c I have reason to believe that ibis charitable action on p the part of tho Citizens of New York waa known on the ^ mam land, and will nave a good affect in developing the already strong I'uion feeling there. Lieutenant Colonel Beits kindly detailed a soldier (Mr. Volk) to act aa my as" iatanl. lib proved to be very efficient and extremely use: u I to me. Captalu White, of the schooner E. Shed den, fulfilled his charter party to iny entire satisfaction. All of which is respectfully submitted. HOWARD K. DOW, Agent. Coart Calendar?This Day. St rtieMK Ooi rr Ciaoi/rr.?Part I.?Nos. 6036, 8179, II. 357, 808,1146, 1360.1576, 1670,1766, 1977, 1983, 839, 1106,1100,1168,1389,1323,1338,1346,1363. Bill?It noil fart I.?Noe. 2493, 343 , 969, 1026, 1066.3339. 1203,1206,1207. 1209,1211, 1213, 1216,1217, 1219. Part II.?Noe. 3600. 1360 , 3268 , 2862 , 2922 , 260, 204 , 274 , 306, 324, 490. 602, M)4, 3380, H<34. Part 111 ? Nos. 1006. 3643 , 991, 2947, 1221,1228, 1226,1227,1243, 1246,1253,1266, 1257, 1269,1273. Part IV.?Nos 2960, 120, 3378, 10414, 1122, 1130,1144, 1162, 1164,1166, 1168, 1160,1102,1176,1178. Comkov I'UUS.?Part t.?Nop. 736,672, 875, 878, 680, 439 003, 780. 881, 883. 886, 793, 894, 896. 8?J0. Part II ? Nos. 690, 668,106, 109V, 1178, 769, (1871 1307, 1308, 888 , 889, 890, 892. 890. The Stabbing Affray In Molt Street* TO THK HUTOH OP THR HIRAM). In your account of the stabbing ailriiy hi No. 60 Mott street. In your ist erof to-day, you mention mn aa one of the four iioi sotis villi entered tin' premise ? in question at a late hour fist nigt t, between tivn oi whom ( Rite slid 1 tonr> ) an ait'Tcation eiM'i* d, which resulted in thn suilihiint of the lain-r. i ove st No. 67 Molt street, and, ai a quarter to four o clonk i'T lay allerimoii, stopped ?t the premiseslagnesting, vvid' h are Ve|it l>y Mr. I'airt a HeynoUls, whore I rem-iin-d ?boi,nn e mliri'.i a and liieu left. I dnl not irtnialter thai ? l. There w.-s no alien it ion or itilfeu'li w.lh any one ! wli'l, I winth'rej no one was Blabbed or 111i.iroil iii nuv { w.iy vol e I ores there, sr.d Die dllhciliy 111 q. ration dl I li t ' ,,, ur in,til ii.imt two haiuaalter I tsudten 1. m r knew oi it nr.ltl i was nilornted ol ll hy M. Ilotnol IMATI'ilKW Tl'LLV. Nzw Vona, March 4,1881 K SHEET. The Navy. Business is very brink at tha Navy Yard, Bro<klyn,a present, but nothing of general interest oceurro.l y sterday, furtber titan the arrival of three vessels to bo ilttad nut immediately fur cruising. The slcnm gunboats Saihoto and Currituck are an* chored oft the buoy, aud tho steam transport i'onnccllcut is receiving stores for the blockading squadron. Hie atoraskips Keliel and <uoply are ready for sea, aud will 1. ave on F riday or Saturday. llio prlzo sc'iooix r Stephen Hunt If at the yard, wl'b a largo force of nu n l iking out her cargo ol arms, which are to bo given m chaigu of the ordiiutuco olhcur,Commit' dor Gansavoort. Tbo Adirondack, it is said, will be ready to receive her machinery at th oml of this week, which is almost cotuple'ed at the Allaire Iron Works. A marine mimed Huston,charged with desertion <! Inducing men to desert from the Gulf squadron last Itoceniher, v as discharged Irnm custody on Monday last, anil received his dismissal from the s -rvieo, the: e being no evident a prod: ced to establish the charge. }?? has bo n cnnHnwl in tho Marine Barracks siuco tho lSHh of Uecemb< r. The new cooking apparatus in (ho North Carolina gives entire malefaction to the officers of tbis ship, who are now enabled to provide food lor ovor two thousand men. The Army. Brigadier General Katlibone, commanding tho New | York F't ito Volunteers, accompanied by Captain Smith, j of his stair, arrived at the Aator House yestei day from Albany, on their way to Hancock, lielaivaro county, for the purpt so of perfecting the consolidation of tho Onouda a (10211 regiment \\ flh a ikeieb n command at I'ump 1111 ho.uo, in lint county, numbering somo f> ur hundred men. Tho " til regiment, it is under st oil, will bo lie tho comma id of l ardolla, Jiseph . II own being lieutenant Colonel, and Guptavns cl *r Major. There Ib no doubt that the ci nsolidati.ui > beeiioctod, without preiudiuc to tho sympathies of either of tbe present commands, ?ithiu i wo or three days. The new Colonel of tho ro>:ttnont (Colonel Kardelli) is a native t f ."icily, and has soon twonty-two years of foreign military service, and lias been recently c onoctcd with the organ I gut ion of tho military looking to service in the war in the w.s'orn I or'i- n of ihis State. It is thought tliat tlio c nsoli aled regiment will bu attached to the brigade of Genera! G. C .Scruggs. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC TOR NKW YORK?T1IJS PAY. ICR RISKS 6 29 I MOON SKT.3 eve 11 17 UN SKTS S 5' I IIIUII WATKU eve 11 41 Port of New York, March 4,1854* CLEARED. Hhip Isaac Webb, Hutchinson, Liverpool?Chas 11 Marshall 1 Co. Ship Dorcas Prince, Mcndy, Londonderry?Nesnillh A Sou*. Kara Daphne (Nor), Larson, Cot k?Punch, Melnckc A Von (It. Hark Ceder (Brem), Rohlfs, Penaith R ? !*?Ruger Bros. K irk Louis (Brem), Oecrilcr, Bremen?Punch, Mcincke A Vcndt. Bark 'Union (Brem), llorstmann, Bremen?Uennlnga A }0*Utlg. ltnrk Memel (Prus), Mnsclike, Antwerp?W Salem k Co. Bark Henry Buck, Nichols, Mman/as?Walsh, Carver A Mhasa llark Hannibal, Kline, Philadelphia?M M Freeman A Co. Brig William A Mary, Morion, Zaxa?Brett, Son A Co. Brig Ellen P Stewart, Cain, Port Royal, SC?N L McCready 1 Co. Brig A Adams, York, Philadelphia?Thompson A Hunter. Schr J Norlltrup, Koss, Cornwall:*?D R D.wolf. Sehr D B Wat n :r, Hawkins, Baltimore?N L McCready A 'o. Kchr R H Vermllvea, Glnitz, Deal's Island?Master. 8-hr L Hopkins. Egbert, Drummond 0 vn. Schr O A Pitman, Peach, Master. Sloop Sophia, Jones, Drnmmondtown. .ARRIVED. Steamship Arabia (Br), Sbsuuon. Liverpool, Feb 15, via iurrnsiowu 16th at 3 .10 PM, and Halifax Msrrh 1, at 4:90 'M, with milte and passengers, to B Cuuard. Had strong W sles the enttie passage. Steamship Bremen (Brem), Wessels, Bremen, Feb?, via louihumpton 19th, with mdsc and passengers, to Oelrlchs t Co. Ifad heavy W gales; In lat 46, Ion 48, fell in with large uanllthsof lee. and sailed through it for 16 hours; Feb 24, it 49 90, Ion 30 10, lost a seaman overboard. Ship Mermaid (of Boston), Seudder, Fooehow, Oct 21, passd Anjier Nov 24, with teas Ar, to W A Sale A Co. Sehr Lane (Br), Halsey, Rlack Hivcr, Ja, Fob 9, with logrood Ac, to A II Solomon. Has been 8 days N of Cape Henopen, wllh strong NW gales. Schr <i W Whlsiler, Parker, Fortress Monroe, 3 days. S 'hr K C Russell, Richardson, Virginia, 2 days. Sehr II Low, Mumfora, Chineoteucuc. 2 days, Schr.I B Johnson. Ames, Egg Harbor, 2 days. Schr Empire, Cair, Bristol, 2 days. Steamer flciarora, Mcl aughlin, Baltimore. Steamer Westchester, Jones. Providence. BELOW. Ship Advsuce?Bv pilot boat Mary E Williams. Ship Georgians (Br), Jones, from Amoy, Oct 34, passed Injler Nov 22. Also, two ships and two barks, unknown. SAILED. 3d?Stenmshlps Atlantic, Port Royal, FC; Suwannee, Hateras; ship Win Singer, Loudon; brig B Smith, Havana; schr Jolden Fleece, Jamaica. Wind at sunset W, fresh. Ship Polykksia?a telegraphic despatch from Ran FranIro dated March S, States that ship Polynesia, el' Beaton, rag Imrncd at the wharf game morning. The lire U supposed 0 have been the work of the crew, part of whom were put n beard by the police. Tbo wreck will be sold to-dav. The " wan 1084 tons, built at Boglen In 1862. apd rated Al>?. She irrtved a?f San Francisco about Jan 23 from New York, and raa about to nail for China In ballaat. Snip Edwih Flte, Weaver, from 8nnderland for Hong ions, which mil into Singapore Dee 17, repaired rudder anil ailed on the 23d for Hong K?ng, sprung aleak in lut9 N and ore up again for Singapore, but, the Irak gaining,.she waa trended on Pule BaM, on the coast of the Malay peninsula, 1 lugger hod been sent to ber assistance. Brig Ltxcoui, lrom Elizaliethport for Boston, struck on llnut's Ledge yesterday morning and sunk. Crew saved. Bhig March, from Ellzabetliport for Boston, went ashore cstrday morning near Olodes House, and will prove a total uss. Crew saved. Bug Dekaraoa?Nantucket, Feb 28?The brig previously sported ashore on Tuckernuck Shoal proves to be the Demaara, of and for Boston from Remedies. She has been hauled IT, and is now anchored in 4 fathoms water; remains tight, nd her cargo is not damaged. Brio Matron, Taylor, from Newport for New York, Is shore at the head of the Sound, having ported both chains j the blow of the 24th ult. Will probably come off without a mage. Kchr Mart Elizabeth, Tete, from Philadelphia, stranded ear the mouth of Eastern Bay, with 7 persons on board, f whom were drowned, the captain onfy having survived, me of the men was blown overboard at Kent Point, and the liters left in the rowboat against the remonstrance of the plain. and met a speedy death. Four of the bodies washed shore oil Tuesday morning, near where the schr stranded, he names of those lost were Patrick O'Brien. Martin Baker, harles , Daniel , Andrew , and John Uhtnnru. Schr E S Dowsing, Thorn, hence for Washington with ice nd hay, lost both her anchors in the late gale, and put into [ ampton Roads. Capt T went up to Baltimore for anchors nd chains. Schr Hart Ann. Haley, hence for Baltimore with hay, is shore on Kent Island, SrHR f'RKD Wakrkk, from Elizabethport for Boston, la on hore near Scltuate Tbk 8chhs sunk at Lanrsrille on the 24th tilt were the II C i cuing, 30 tons, and the Zephyr, (SO tons. Schr June, 40 tons, rokn ino Tings and drifted on the ledge, being damaged to te extent of about $900. Boats Fountain and Martha drifted nd received some damage. f?tkamknyui.nb sauo. from Mew London for Norwlah, when (I Meta- Haven hat l>or 2d Inst broke her piston rod. She was ton after taken In tow by a Ca|>a t'od schr bound to New brk, which proceeded with her down 8jtind; but when off tratford Point the wind battled W, and the schr had to bear bfbr New Haven, where she arrived with her tow ab >ut 6 . The steamer will probably re|mlr there. Thcljiiineaiig and several other ste.aners o. the same line have been bartered by government. Tna Rkckht Gale?Among the vesaela wrecked at Rent land during the late gale was the schr (Jen Scott, Cspt Ell ha Cohee, of Denton, Md. The eaplaln and hla entire crew ere drowned, together with a passenger, a carpenter from altlmore, whose name was not aecerlalndd. All the bodice raahed ashore and were burled. The whole number of veerls wrecked and aahore on Keutlaland and In Cheater River 127. Thoae who viewed thcae vesaela from the shore repreent the spectacle as a moat fearful one. Anchors were cast ver, but they wi re powerless agalnal the fury of the gale, hen those on board took to the small boat*, many of which rere upset or swamped. Uolmks' Hout. March 9?Brig Edwin, of Waldobnro, from ardenas for Portland, which was ashore near Weal Chop, i aa gut off and la coming fur repairs. i Adklaidk. Dec 28?The American ahlp Starlight, 1100 tons, f Boston, from Pugel Sound, while at the mooring* In Port idglalde Creek on the 14th. snapped all her cables and went n the hank, where the lay ouite eaay until nest morning, rben the t/v.vboats brought her Into the harbor. Being a cry lofty ship the gale hsd great effect upon her, and It was iOlcult to tow her during the blow. She la apparently un3 Jurcd. Calcutta, Jan 9?The American ship Granite State, Jacobs, niched the ground In the Rangafulla Channel whilst In tow f a steamer, but has proceeded to sea. Falmouth, Feb 14?The ahlp Wild Ranger, of Boston, has eon much damaged by collision with Br ship Coleroon. At he suit of the owner of the C, the former vessel waa libelled nr 133UU, but released on Baring Bros, of London, giving all for that amount. A few days after she wa* again arreted for X80UU at the suit of theowner* or consignee* of the arco of the Coleroon, which is said to consist of tea, and a art of which la said to be thrown overboard. No ball haa een given for this amount. MiLroan, Feb 13?The authors and chains belonging to the ark Comet, Wright, from New York for Bristol (which cut ale*), have bron raised by our pilot*, Willi tha siaUtanoe of hr schr Prudence, Staple*, of Bridgewaler, and crew, lauded lerr. Mm.bovrhi. Dec Id?The Abbott Lawrence, Patterson, from tan Kraiicl.-eo, arrlred on 2d lust, wtlli luaa of etveral sails, larl.ig bad heavy weather on the passage. The American ship Mile* SUudisb, from Cardiff for Hong Cutis 76 day*. In a leafy condition, was spoken Nor 12, In lat I 8, Inn 16 E, by llieOcean lioine, Creaawell, from Liverpool; irrli ed here. (jccKimrowir, Peb 18?Put In, the ?. Maud, from New fork far London, with deck* swept, alain-hcon*, bulwarks iiid covering board on atarboard side sarried away, and part if cargo thrown overboard. Tut In, the Cactus, from New York for Plymouth, short of irovialuns. Kskuooh. Dec 31?The American ship Hellespont, which ra* reported on the Wlh pf Dee, having been on ahore on be Haranue Plat, has beeh sunveysd in dock, tvhen It was bund that her false keel, gidpa, sl.irlHiard alrake and part of nam keol wero Injured; she ii repairing. St Thus**, Feb8?Theaehr Viola (of Maehlaa), naakell, mill ttlo Grande for New Jnrk wlib wool and hides, has Just irrived, with both inaatasprung. VasSSLS Frater A Cs'a fthanghae Circular of Dee 24 lay*?The Ainerlran ship Magnolia, 648 ton*, haa been sold irliMiely IVr X tlwii $?l,i O.l, and goes to Fooehow ts loud or London under the Hr Ilag The American *<4ir Garland, lid ton*, ha* been ?..|d at an, tlon lor WW tuela. The Atnerlan th;p Tartar, 6.14 tons, nob ,1 in our lasl aa sold, haa been tilt under the Hr flair. Spoken, Ac. Ship Mile* Standi h. liii.un r, from Cardiff for Hong Kong, diking. Nov 12, lat II S, ii !6 K (?ee Mlocl). Selir .1 ii II Kreneh Crosby, in.m Llvei pool for Banianlei. Feb 12, Iftt 4" he 8 IV. Foreign Ports. Anne, Dee28?K.<t n urn W. n?' II, Smith, Palmottlh. A - Jit a, I) ' l.i Fa M d iii , Little Edith, Oann, from Hhau.hae I r >Yoik; 2l*i, Coi?aek, Gray, Fooehow fordo. A-tut. Dee 22? S il .H i tin*, lliidge. New Voik; 26lh, Kate ID ne. Fitrlek. do. At.ri iii v . -Arr Flarllcht, Hones, Pugel Sound; |b 21 .111. Thoi udlke, Tl orndlke. II u.aor. Aii Ki.a.vD. Nov II?Air t auslame, Halt, Fan Francisco land fhl D'c 4 for Sydney). Kkijtol (PUI), Fob 13?Arr Mi. haaL Tenia, NYork; MiA Cbryeuta, ll.dley, NYork via Falmouth. In ;> rt Utb, J C lioyrituii, Theobald, and H*Jrio'. Uaaaeit, for NYurkj John Carver, Urillin, and Amanda, Pendleton, lur Aavuna. Hr-irasT, Feb 13?Arr Lad wig, Heyn, NYork. Sid B?b, Clarence, Armstrong, I'a'l idi Ipl.iu. Kanuic.u, Nov 8?Air I'ailmnne, Foster, Hon* K in* (and s!d i??- 31011 her return); Wth, Haven, Ny?, dn (and -Id Deo 2U on her return): Malay, Wlleomb. do; litb.Nnra mu:i, Petorsoa, do: I6U1, J t) Humphrey, Ol^en, do; Deo 7, Herbert, Crocker, do; Vtli. Cnnmilor, l.o kte, do. Hid Nov 10, Unhand r, Ward, ll?u? Kong; 39th, K V Willet'H, Kender.-iofl, do; Dec .11, NnuUlus, Kiweil, rilianghar; Hon trillion.., llong Kong. Hivvao, Deo 0? In port bark Hem, Brown, from Salem arr> Nov 3 i had 36 din a ua.>aagi'); b. ig Paulina, Ahrena, lor Saletulatter purler Jan. C.titj>irr, Ki ll 13? Sbt Indus, flail. Klo Janeiro. (JruTic. Feb 3?8 Id Cuba, Hay. NYork. Cai.dl tta, Jan 3?Arr, 11'ay, I>o(lon; Blh, Waverley. II. Iiry, Coluiobo; mil, Martha, Lane, do. Sid Mb, CowIV r, Stevcna. London; C iiiiiiuu. re, Crow ell. Miitiriiine; Vo a t, brutr. Bleuiru;8tli, Mary ll innil lld, Arey, Lulk loa. ln.ii. rub 13?AirNlueveo, Ihmey, NYork (and pro eeded. forL.udon). Dnuuk, Feb 14?Arr Oambrian, Wileon, NYork. 1'jg.uouiu. Feb 13?Arr 8b eld*, liwery, N i ork. Fooi tioar, I lei1 3.1?Arr Argonaut, Moore, Slain.time. RID ISlii, t'apiolitui, Sblell, NY.n-k; Idtu, Samuel Nil?nil. Win11.ell do. (ji.tsi.ow, Feb 13?Sbl .Martha's Vineyard, Weaver, NYork;; A M N.1U, Some*, Philadelphia. <>AkUk, J ni 3?Sid lt.ieklaii 1, ilullett, Ambit at; Uriel,. Walker, Moulmeln. II.ivkk, Feb IS?Old FoIrrts Area, Dasoimals, New York;. I'o. Mtu .u;b, Unr kud. Uai.lx and Un.tod Stau a. Hi Hat no, Frb 13?Arr Sakouia (a). Killers, NYork. II ku Kokd, Doe 14?Arr Sen Ittr.t, Woaton, Saigon; 2Mb,. Tl-n ,1, Morgan, Baiigkok; 2b:h,& a Sensjnt, 1'lke, rkau Fran > . ?fin, tungua. i, neon, cicmou, A/up.UK:, liavi'Ucr.. C.i cti!T. ,v I llth, Kathajr, Stoddard, Mauiia and London; Theresa,. >1111 r, San Francim o: IStli, Joshua Bales, Cuirk, Melonuine;, 22d, Energy, Kelly, Manila; 26 th, Flying Clou 1, Windsor, L ii lull. Art nt do Dec 18. Joseph 1'oabmly, WliilmT, Sl.ajfhae. Sid Jlsi, Maury, Hutchinson, Foocitow; 2Sth Hover, Walsh, Shanghai'. II mow, Dec7?In port burk Maryland, Godlrey, from. W.HihMiia, unc. I.tYKKrooL, Feb 11?ArrC.tyof Manchester (>), llaleio.v NY. rk; l.llli, Emerald, tlo. 81 I 13Ui, Orient, Hill, nml F B Cutting. Maloney, NYork; .1 in F Store *. Trunk, Ulld 'fiiorntotl, C dliim, do; Annapolis,. P.ckett, I'-altimore: Bremen. Merer, do; Unoo, Freeman, YulparaBo; I4tli. Loniaa Wul-li, 1'eu Lton, Boslo ; riiheare. it, Dual v. . l' i.l. 1,,1,1a. t.l.t Ulli, ('anildn. SUlior 1, Baltimore; Now Uuunipsliire, In ni, Portland. Kilt out 111 li. Wlilte Sea, Evans. Bath, Me. 1 ciNIio.n. Feb la?Old Susan Feu. lug. N. weomhc, NYork. Kn; out 14th A BrartM.aW, Fi-.'i, n r Cnl t/.; Daniel Webster, Driver, NYork; lAtli, Jns.ah Bradlee,, Boston Kate, Wllrou, do. k iMio.'t '. but, feb li?air Emily ann, Hobcrls, Portland. Sid l2:li, Mary C .Murine:. .Mariner, I'oriliinil. 1.\ slash, Feb li?SI.! Then s , \\ a.;ner, NYork, Lisbon, F< b a?sld Adelaide l eiuh rgutt, Lamara Monte, video. Miliohd, Feb 13?Sld Cornucopia, Cort (I'rom Now York), then. Mosiva lto ids, Feb 14?I'ut iu, Havana, Curtis, fiom hio' Grande lor Saliney. Mkukiukmb, Nov 20?Arr A 11 Badger, Mo ins, Portland; D i 2, 1.. w Ceew, Sinclair, Lei til, Aobott Lawr. in-o, I'at orMin, fc m Francisco; ttb, Sua Breere, Jervey, ami llnuiliotdl,, KdW ilde, if.<8.oil; L 1, Sturges, Williams, Clyde; 3t:i, Sea Nyiupli, Cnri e, Uaiiiv u t iiiii aid 21sl lor Padaug); Golden Horn, Kico, London; I4>li, Seaiiuui Bride, Wyinan, Ilong Kong; 20 ti, Oceiiu Chief, Brown, OLico, 2Lt Sti.iwiuui,. Mori 111, NYork; O. run I: oiu Cr swell, Lnerpool; 23d, Camlllii, Sydser. San Franutscn Shi D a li, Matilda !, e, Utago; ll)th, Walter Lord, Wilder,. Ainloibt; lltli, Mo nl inV ave, il.iriy, and Oriental, .Macoy. Olago; IStll, Sweepstakes. MoGill, I; 21st, Anna Kimball, -Mulsh, Outgo; Doiiati, Held, and John Bryant, Gardner, do. Arr ut Fort l'hillp H ads Nov 26, North Atlantic, Craves, Boston. Manilas, Jun 4?Arr K umore, Uraves, Calcutta; 6th,Jlury Bangs, Turbos, Green >ok. Moulmmn, Dec 14?Arr Revenue, Sears, Hong Kong; 26th,. Peerless, King, Calcutta. Sld 13th, Jano D Cooper, Howard, Inued Kingdom; llth, Jus li riant, Lo.ctt, and Cnioii, Skilliu. s, Bombay. Macao. Dec 24?Arr Hollander, Ward, Bangkok. Manila, dec21?Arr Kathay, S oddnnl, Iloug Kong. Sld Hull. St Louis Jacobs, NYork. (T Cork). Montkvidko, Jun 2?Sld bark Angela Brewer, Chare, St. Thomas. Mkllicoi'Rik, Jan2>?In port bark Orlando, S arks, for Boston via Sierra Leone, to sail soon; brig Uobt Wing, SklnU"r, for Boston. Nkwfokt, Feb 12?Arr Inves Igstor, Carver, g.rrucha;. 13lb, W 11 Townseud, Hi 11. Plyiiiouth. Sld 12th, Charles Cooler, Short, St Tnomas; 13th, Walter Kaletgh, Phillips,, Havana. Otaijo, NZ, Nov 29-Arr Eureka, Cutter, Melbourne; Dec 7, Nubia, Kay, Geolong. SI i Nov JS, Asircn, Simpson, Jtfmiluiciu; Dec 30, Versailles, Sherburne, Melooume. , 8ti.mikhi.asu, Feb IS-sm C B llazclline. Gilkey, Boston. Kinuai ohk, Jen 8?At r Sancbo I'auza, liale, Melbourne. Sltl Dee 23, Edwin f > e, Weaver, Hung Kong tnnil wmk at'- icrwards stranded?s..e Misccl Ih-.ow) ; Dec 37. Ueo W ,1, Luni, Dalliousic; 23th, John Jay, Olilnery, NYork; Harried A Jessie, Deshou, Bombay; 3l?t, Aline no, French, Hong. Kong. Siianohak, Dec 7?Ait Curlew, Ballard, Nagasaki; 8th,., Crosby, Tieulsiu; b.h, Resolute. Mellilvery, and Ho ratio, l'almcr, Swutow; Itth, Frank, Very, Ha ikuw; I'ini, . Kremlin, Johnson, Hong Kong; 13th, Thomas, Carroll, Tientsin; 16th, Egetla,, Kong Kong; bom IV ra 11, Lewis, Tientsin; Kate Hastings, Kingman, Fooehnw; l7tn, Hound. Nasli, NYork: I'Jih, Muoatra, Kin,man, Liverpool; Slat, T G Bunker (ut Woosuug), Cooper, Hwatow. Sol nee a, Jos peabody, \t h.tney, iloug Kong; 9th, Carriw Leinad, Smith, Hankow; 13lh, 1' ue la, Terry, Sw.itow; 15th, Victor, Crowell, do; Argonaut, Moore. Koochow. In I 011 Dee 34, Curlew, Ballard, lorFoochow; Daylight, Sanger, tor Bangkok, eld I4tli; Horatio, i'almer, l'ur Naattaiki SI on; Lucj E Astabcy, Aslibey, for llunkow do; .Mo^nolia, Thompson, lor Kticliuu do: Sill prise, Kanlett, lor do,. Id 16th; May (jiiem, Will*, lor Ningjio, eld 21Hli; Nankin, Crtabv, I'ordo soon; Uoiu Pedro 11, new is; Egerii, II... lani; Hound, Nash; Kesolute. McUUvery, and Sumatra, Kingman, disg; Frank, Very; Clanauii, Alums; Kate llasuugo. Kinsman; Kremlin, Johnson; I'lianlom, Sargent, and i'nviuas, Carroll, unc. BrnsKT. NSW, Nov 27?Arr Buena Vista, Ayres, NYork;. Dee 9, Glimpse, Reynolds, San Francisco; 13th, Oregon, Wh.-oii, do; 14th, Buvcly. Plumer, Calcutta. Sid Nov 27, Keystone,, Valparaiso; Dee 4.. Caroline Held, Douglas, Ban Fianlsco; 12th, Renown, ilgwis,, do; 17tli, Josephine, Jacobs, Ceylon. Sir.kBA Lkome, WCA, Jan 21?In port brig Calvert, Willar, from Philadelphia arr 11th. Tkskl, Feb 12?Sid Anna Maria Ilcnriette. DeJong, NYork. Tiukstk, Feb 4?Cld Harvest Moon, Lainplier, Messina. WATKicroRu, Feb 13?Bid Spanker, M'Laughlin, Portland, Me. [Pan Stkamshif] Antwerp, Feb 17?SCI Orpheus, Wcto-ls, New York. Rlil from Flushing 16tb, Oi-ooud'.tes, Pike, Sunderland; B. M Mills, Ferry, do; J Aiders, Hchwetchel, New York. Ballina, Feb 14? In the reads disg. Volunteer. Clark*, and Hedly Vicars, Parrot, from New York. BKumciuiAVkK, Feb 10?Air AUolphine, Meyerdlet k, Baltlmore. Bahmeix, Dec M?Sid Barreda Brother*, Peteraon, Falmotilh. CaMDirr, Feb 16?Bid New Empire, Handle, Havana. Cadiz, Feb 10?Arr Or. Iillla, Devertni, Lntbon; Lnlhle, ' Benker, New York. Sid Sib, Beuj Delano, Baxter, Klo Grand*: Wm Chainbeilulu, Jennings, Valencia; Orabama l'ollejr, Norton, Alb ania. Deal, Feb 17?Arr Java, Daggett, and Christiana, Monk, New York (and both preceded tor London). Falmouth, Feb 10?Arr Art Colon, .Morrison, Akyab. Glasgow, Feb 15?81il Amelia, Bartlelt, But.ion; Mcllta. . M'-Fle, San Francisco. Grkksou*, Feb 15?Sid Martha'* Vlnejrard, Weaver, New Fork. Gloucester, Feb 17?Arr Oeo Arkle, Howe, New York. Havbk, Feb 11?Sid Quemel, Fuiiek, NYurk; lo'.h, Fiede lioArea, Oeaonnala, New York; 16lh, Portsmouth, Borland, United Stat"*; Imitation, Giles, do. Cld 14th, Win Nelson, Otn-ever, New York. Liverpool, Feb 15?Arr City or New York (*), Petrb', New York; 16th, Oliver Mow*, Oil*, Philadelphia; 17lh, Eastern State, Keating, New York. Sid Mill, Caailda, Hlatlord, Baltimore; Maria, Souldt, Matamoroa; ISlh, New Hampshire, Lord, Portlaud; Plantageuel, Beard. New York. Cld 15th, L l> Carver, Damon, Cadlt and Buene* Ayrc*; Plantagenct (ah New York; Duodc Brabant, Menu, Sap . Fratiiaco; 17th, Tiuioitr, Johnson, New York. Kill ont 15lh, Lucy Thompson, Crocker, lor New York; City ' of New York (*), Petrie, do; 17th. Canada (a), llalllaa and Boston; Adelaide, Cutting, New York. IjO.vdo.v, Feb 17?Arr Nineveh. Koury, New York. t in lain, aiii"! iuiiii tyongr.-cs, wmawani, ivw luri (ana Id froui Deal 18lh); 17th. Samuel Adam*, Uay, Cardiff and Hon< Kong. Makxbillks, Feb 13?Sid Herallia, Ru?t, Near York. Old 11th. Wm Vau Nauie, Cook, Cagliarl; Forest Belle, Percital, Malaga. MasaiKA. Feb#?Arr Qan Eden. Read. Barcelona. Kid 3d, . Excel, Sprague, Liverpool; lib, Auijr, liawmoud, Philadelphia. Plymouth, Feb 1#?Put In, Vcrtunno, Uambardello, irom New York lor Weymouth. Fiuxxoisiii, Dec 0?Arr Mar/ Bradford, Tbomp?on, Bourabaya. Pkobolixgo, Dee IS?Arr 8cargo, Howes, Bourabaya. Kaxgoox, Dec 3?Arr Sybil, Freeman, Calcutta; llellea pout, Klnnard, Madras; Mm, Rtallo, Prince, Coeaiuula. Sid . 13th, Rival, Hatch, Qtieenatown or Falmouth; 19th, Albert.. Currier, Raynrs, Falmouth; Polar Star, Pearsou, Liverpool. Hdndkblakd. Feb 16?Kid Uleaner. Kogcra, Khiklds, Feb ic?Kid Wm Llbby, llichop. New York. Hlioo, Feb 13?Arr Elpla, Rohertaon, Now York. Mmtkka, Feb 3?Arr Armeuia, Hamilton, Boston. (Pea Kteamship Nohwkuiah, at Pobtlaso?TaLaoaArnio. 1 Arr from New York Feb 14, Cambrian, at Kingctuwii; 14tna . Verttino, at Plymouth; I7lb, O Arkle, at Ulo.twan-r; Java, and Christiana, at Deal; 18th, J FUales, at do; Catharine, at Sunderland; 19th, Nercida, and Ocean Scud, at Queeaatown. Bid for NYork 18th, Am Congress, from Deal; 14th, Keindabl, Cardiff; Tamor, Liverpool. (The Latest via Londonderry.) Arr from NYork, Pedro Hancbes Dots, at Marseilles; J p Gates, at Yarmouth; Ben Dorranoe, at Cork; R.deadale, and Bergmann, at Queenslown. The Calliope, from Troon forOenoa, le ashore near Belfast;, main and mlaen masts gone and back broken In two pla. es. AmsriMi Ports* BOSTON, March 8?Tel?arapbed, bar* Belah, from Milansaa. Cld bark Falcon, Taylor. Port Elisabeth, Ctlll, aehr Clara. Orowell, Mayaguei. Kid, wind NW, alearacr Savon. Ship Vision, bark M B Ktelson and brig San Antonio aiai led and anchored In Nantaaket Roads. BALTIMORE. March 1?Arr sclirs W H Dayton. NYork? lout Jlh mid an auehor In the bey; F Katierly, Cunklln, iln; K U Abbott, Nraltli, do?lorn jibboom end foretopinaet In the bey. Old thip Helena (Bremen), Kaar-hen, Liverpool: Imi k Couenitcue (Bremen), Malinken, Bremen; a* bra CiioIIimt Knlght, Wlleon, Pembroke, Me; Home, Hhute. Fell River;. Molt Bedell, Ryder, N York; Plying Send, Carmine, Hailma Inlet, Sid berk Clifton, Lenuon, ban toe end e mkt; >ri|t Sot ferlno, Prey-holt, Curdenaa. aehr Klngiiaber, Clavell, Nevia. ELIZABETH PORT, March ,V-Cld achra Mery, Tlrrell, Fail River; J M l'erker, Dunbar, Briatol, Faahlon, He .ire, Norwelk. ULOt'CERTER, Feb 17?Arr achre Starlight, Whltmo e. Wlmerport for Beltlmore; Highland Cklef, M.Intlre, Fortlend for do. HIGHLAND LIGHT, Mereh S, AM?Paaeing In, aehra (,' A Htetaon, R Heed, and O W Baldwin. Paealng by, ateemer Cheaaiieake, from NYora for Portland. U k?Paaalng out, ateamera 80ion, Reacue, Walpnla. PM?In eight, 3 bnga. Muniet?Oiilalde. 3 brbta. ? NEW BEDFORD, Mereh S-Arr ichrt Mary Elizabeth., Che>e, N York for Boatoti: Heroine, Cbamplln, blizaliethport.. NEWHURYPORT, Mareli *? Sid ahlp Prince Imp. rial (new, 9iW tone), Prltchard, NYork; aehr Sylvester (Joiner,. Thompson, Beltlmore. NEW UAVRN, March ^-Ajr erhrFlitre Temple, Shu to. Port Jeffereon; aloope P Van Cmtlandt, Bradley, and Emperor Darling, Elizabeth port. Cld aehr Sarah Jane, Kllz.i bethwirt: (loop Murthi Ammi'Ifc, Am boy. PHI LA DRLr HI A, Mareh 3-Arr ship Shelemue, Oznard,. NYork; acbra George Woalilngton, Uterinum, dot Fly, Clier man Port Morrla, NY; A Hammond. IHgiclne, Baltimore; A H< ration. Steelinen, le-eiburg, NJ. Cld alup Win CummtiiK , u-.ii.. 1 Uiii-al: bila JuiL'e lllanrv. Kev UVu RbraiieoWa?hlngttm, "rtteehiiun; O'X Greater, Young; /. mention. Btaelman, and I* Hole*. Bolee, Forties* Monroe. I.vwai, Del, S. IIH AM-The hark John I rn> k*, Cat* HmtTM, and brig Lauretta, tiom Matanra?, 1 cue in uilaimorning *ml remain ?t ?nhnr In the roadstead. Tho Br a hr Odve Matilda, fnnn N York, bound to Philadelphia, went np la*' evening. Wind 8K. PORTLAND, FaliM?t'ld 'aik Marjr C Kov, Frederick!, klaunraa, bug* Matilda, Luiil. Havana; Ruiainu, Toolhakt-r, Magna; achr Atlrea, I'lnc, Cuba. Bami I?Cld Hr ateainahlp Hoi emlan, Btirge**, Liverpool via Londonderry; bark* t.'harle* lied lie, Crosby, Havana; Canada, Nib-hell, Matamaa; brig Cylone, MrCartr, Matunraa; anltra Windward, I'atrldge, ,10; (leotgla, Bnekfin, Philadelphia. KUI hark Mary C tot j I rig C 11 Kennedy; and others. , Id-At r Br steamships Damsarna, Brown, Liverpool; Ht Andrew, Untlon, do vl* Ml John, MB. Hhl Br ateamsttlp HoItemlar, CAM r It AMCIBCO, .March 1?Sid alilp Waal Wind, Kill.a t, I||;||| K 'Iig.

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