Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1862 Page 11
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BITTTATIONS WAITED-PKMAIiBB. As WET NURRE.?A RESPECTABLE m a ItlliKI' WO- , man, with a fresh bi> a-t ot milk, having lual her own Infant baby, la desirous of taking nuo at her o?n lealdeoce | touurnf Apply at 4U6 East Houston al. Respectable reference given. Any lady ooinu to Europe, and requiring , tbe aerrleea of a name fur ilie ?orag", can bear of a moat respectable alii reliable Enkliah arrnut by addressing P. M., boa 114 Poat office, Baltimore. An ik'iei.lment. neat American girl wishes a "iti ailoe as iudy's maid or aa nurse w lib_u lad> going to California. KeiVruta given Call al lioE..n 2l,t at , lower floor, back room. a RESPECT AJ1 UK ENGLISH WOMAN, OK EXPKJL rleuce ?a nurae, to walton an iuvali I lady or gentle, man; will be found a des r t >le person, of good temper, and atrli t attention lo Indies or childieu, or would go as nurse In a public institution; can have tho most reaper table euy teerence. Address for tbree uays Mrs. Goodwin, 7k Weal 30th treet. , A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION u? i.urae ami to do plain s wing or light chamberwork. Il ia good city refareiice. Cau be seen lor two days at lUd Weal Uib it. ACAKD.-A LADY BE81DINO IN THE COUNTRY, liavlng no ineuiubranuo, would like lo make arrangements with agentlemnn, ir party of geutleuien, to keep a bouse In the city, the lady possessing the most superior aldlltlra lit tin; housekeeping and cooking departments; and also 1 ma a good stock of furniture. None need answer but gentlemen of the highest reajw tabiliiy. To such t! at would like a quiet, well ordered hone this la a rare opportunity. Ad lie a A. ti. o., llerabl offlta, for three days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY a RESPECTABIX OIRL. as eliumOerinald and laundress; is willing and obliging. Ilna the beat of city reference from her last place. Can >> A Respectable, industrious, middle aoed French woman, desire* a ?i.nation; understands dr. an, makluR and all kinds 01 iainily *ewing, i* competent to vnstruct boys, girls and children in the K.ench language; baa no objection to go a short distance in tbe country. Good re? foreuce. Apply for two days at 146 dd av? iu tue store. AS COOK.?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNO woman of experieuo , who understands all Kin is of meats, soups and pastries. Has tbe beat of city reference. Can he seen at ber pccsetit employers, uttUl engaged, at Vt West 17lli at., between 6th and 6th avs. AS COOK.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG woman, as cool;; understand* baking ati'l soups, is willing to assist tvitb the wusltlng If required. lias the best of city references for honesty and sobriety. Inquire at or address IK West 19th at., near bib av., in tbe rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDdie aged woman, us housekeeper in a widower ? family, or as seauistreas and chambermaid, or nurse to children. Can he seen at 1,284 Broadway, between 5'ld and .'it'h sis. A PROFESSED WOMAN COOK'S OB HOUSE KEBFer's situation wanti d?by one who cannot Ik- surpassed tn Plvncli and En.llrh cooking, and in the nerving of supper and dinner parties; is u superior pastry cook and confectioner, liiaving Lted(for the last iilicen yours iu liist families; w ould go as bead cook in a Mint class hole'. Call tti or address for this week 1?1 East 17th at., between 1st and 3d am. AYOUNO GIRL WANTS A 8ITUATIOX AS NUFSE and cUnmbcrmaM or tt ait ess and chambermaid. t all at FIO 8;h hv., two doors from 33d nt. A LADY WANTS TO FIND A SITUATION FOR A J\ careful woman, as housekeeper, seamstress or teaching c .lldreu. Apply at 23 Irving plw o lor three days. AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION; WITH a w idower ami his family profe-tred; uo ub.jcciion to atiotid a sick lady. Apply at 2e'j West 32d si. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUtion to cook, wash and Iron iu a private family. Cull for two daysat Uj West 2bih at., near 7th av. Good city reference given. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, and iron; city reference from her lull em)>toycr. Call at 178 East at., near 1st av., llrat ilie r, nack loom. * A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROtestuui woman, as lirst rate ook; uuderstun tscooking iu all its hruuehea; all w.nd* at soups, pastries and Jellies; is tin excellent oaker of urea- and ot cuit U?itui i by reference from ber laa. place. Call at 161 7' It av, neut 2Lst st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS good eook, washer and Irnuer. Beat of city re.creuce iroui lief is*t place. Call lit 17 Writ Washington place. AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUnt o.i as assistant Duite and aeauairas*. Innuire at -U4 2d av. Ayouno woman wishes a situation as ciiambcruiaid and waitress; tho I cat of city rel'ercuce can be tlven from her laat place; no objection to the country. Can ? accn at 103 Bih av., between lMh and Kith au., top floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BT a respectable y un ;, a* good plain coek, washer and ironer; g ?od oi iced hi c.c.i'.; good city reference. Apply fur two day* at sy i . nt-N-h ct. A situation wanted?BY A KIND AND TRUST wo u y young worn .it, who undei stands well the euro oi au in .iui a.J b a very neat plain newer: bent of citr reference. Call at 416 6tu av., between 26tb and 2tlih eta. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aachanib rmaid and waitrcaa, or to take care of chlluren and <io plain new tug, good ciiy reference. Call at h present place, 47 10th at., b P.veen 6tn and 6th ara. "lAr ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN PERSON, A 8ITUAvv lion aa nurne for children or an Invalid, and to do plain aewtng and make licraelf generally useful. Helen lo the family in whose service she has been several years. Address R. J.. 211 6th av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ~f young girl, as chambermaid and waltrcsa, or to do general huua work In a small family. Best city reference trom her last place. Can be seen for two days at 173 West list ei., between 7th and 8tb ava., top floor, front room. \I7\ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO GIRLS; ONE AS TT cook, the other to do chamberwork; good city reference. Call at 316 Ilicka at., Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED?BY A YOUNO LADY, OF EDUCATION. (Oerman), a situation to travel with a family or to gu to the country; la willing to attend to children, understands dressmaking and H competent to superintend a household. Addreea Mrs. Stock, 28 Court at., near the City Hall, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant wuiuau, as cook; understands her business In all lis branches; willing to assist In washing and ironing; long city references from her last place. Call at 12 Cottage p ace, between Bleecker and Hnurtou sis., near Commerce. TYTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VT gin, Hi uu geuer.u iiuuscwui a iu a niuau pnvaie luiin. Iv; 111 guild plain cook, washer and ironer. Can be seen at 108 East Warren si, Hionklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation a* chambermaid and waitress, or to assist with the washing; best of city ie;erence. Call tor two days at 199 West 20th st. WANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as cook or to do general housework. Uood city reference. Call at No. 1 Nassau St., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE CIRL, A SITUATION as chumbeimatd and waiter; has not been lont; In this country; wages not so much an object ns a good home; is willing to make heraell' generally useful. Uood city rei'erence. Can be seen until engaged at 197 3d av., third door above lHlh at. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid; would be willing to do wailing If required; is cuni|ieteni. Has good city reference; no objection to go in I be country. Call at or address 103 l'rtnue st., room 12. lor two days. WANTED-A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, between It mid 13 years of age, to do ehambi rwork or to asslat lu housework. Apply at 20 Bridge at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. A situation, to no genutal housework and to assist with the washing and Ironing; Is n good plalii cook. Good references. Call tor two days at 31 West 42d st. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of children and do plain sewing; has lived 11 years in her last place. Call at 111 West 2btb St., near 7th av., aecODd door. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS br?t rate cook and to asslat In and Ironing; best of eity roiereme. Call at 9lh av., eutiam e lu 2i;h at. *-t r a vrrn nv a dcjiiuntaor v vmtkfn tr/>\i a vr a lAIA^IDVDI A nsni HVIADbD IWt nU n IJ.qAil, A T T Mutation to do up atmr* work and plain acwlug, or to aaalat with the waahlng and Ironing. Call at 878 Ea> t sili at, WANTED-A SITUATION, AS NURSE AND CIIAJI brrmald, In a ie?pe<'tnt>le family; beat of clijr refe. roru'c given. Can I* to en i?r two days at l!iy Win 2 t i at WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUAtion to do general huuecwork; la a good cook, waaiier and Irvuer; good city reierenca. Call at lSl Navy at., near Tlllary, In the rear. Brooklyn. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG TT woman, aa nuraeand chambermaid; good reference. Inquire at Ul Hudaon at WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A altuatlon aa chambermaid and aaamaireae, or would be willing to aeelat In waahlng and Ironing. Can lie aeeti for two d?ya at 123 let ay., corner of Nib at, flfth Boor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE waahlng of a prtrato lamlly, or gentlemen'a waahlng; done at 60 rente per doieii, rough done at 30eent?, where there laa large yard and convenience; the beat or city reference. Call at 206 Eaat ISth at Mra. MrCan. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RELIABLE, HONeat, induelrioua young man: he la a good gardener, tinderatanda horaea and la a good milker; ran be left In charge of a place, and la willing to make hlmaeif generally uacful. Addreaa John, box 128 Herald oilier. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN' a altuatlon aa wet nurac. Apply at 73 Waahington at. fire! floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, her baby al( weeka old, a altuatlon aa wet nurac. Thn?e who wlah a truatwortby and obliging woman may apply at 42726th at, corner of 6th av. No objection to the country. WAniBU?A BiTUAiiun, oi 1%. nBnrsi/iAiiLK fining girl, to mind cliildrrn; undrratanda milliter y and dre.omaklng; b?al of city reference. Call for two day at 78 Wen! I01h lit. WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUHtmn a* cook; underatanda ber bualneaa thoroughly, alao baking and pantry; beat or city reference from bar laat place. Can be nwn for two daya at 180 Eaat 12th at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A reapectable Protectant woman, or would take a baby to ber own borne; beat of city reference. Caii be aeen for two daya at 1M E i?t Slat at. "1ATANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tr young girl, to do general houacwork. Can (lye good city reference, Impilie at M Jlrove at., corner of Wavorlcy place. WANTRIV-A SITUATION AS NURSE, TO TAKE CARE of a growing child and do plain aewlng; baa good city reference; understand! aewlng on Hlnger'a maohlne. Can he aoeii for two daya at 87 W eat ISth at., near 8th a v., Mra. Whyte'a. "TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, aa conk In a prlrate family; undcralanda aoupa meaia, poultry and game, paetry, bread, Ao; la willing to aa?l?t In waahlng and Ironing If required Beat of city reference!. Apt ly for two daya at 15*1 ?iinton place, between Mb and Otb *va. jtfEW YC BOARDING AlfD liODGIBv^ A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATE/' OB reasonable U-noa at 114 West Fourtesulh avreet. V"" neral sis o'clock. A LARGE ROOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR. HAND soun-ly furnished; slso two other Kooma eacu of wmch aie suitable for a g> nth man and wl.e or two single genlli. men, io relit, with Board, at 87 Kant Twenty-third street, be. twnn Lexington and Fourth avenuea A NUMBER OF PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET?WITH Bourd, suitable for eonlemen, ut 22 West Fourteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON kicoikI liuor to let, with Board; houee contains the ui idun improvements; a quiet home realin d; lo alion eligible, ref. rein e? enhuug'd. Apply at 2d drove street, between Bleerkel ami IluUsoti. A LARGE PLEASANT ROOM, ALSO A SINGLE ROOM, ill elv furuisued, to let, ultli first elans Board. References e o hanged. Apply at 19 University place, corner of Niuth street. A SMALL FAMILY, OCCUPYINO A FIRST CLASS ho nte, would tent a very nicely furnished Parlor on the s. couu boor, to a siugle gentleman. Apply at hi Amity street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON tin-liritt tloor, almi a front and lear Parlor, Bedroom be wetn, ooiuiuuniratlug, ou the second Uoor, lo let. wl b B aid. Famliy select. References lequued. Apply at 1211 Lexington avenue. A FRENCH FAMILY WISH TO LET A VERY OOOD and large Room. B at references glveu aud requtrud. 34 West Fifteenth street, near Ftilh avenue, A SMALL FAMILY WOULD ACCOMMODATE TWO OR three gentlemen with partial Board, or a small family o'adults with full Board. Refircuces inquired. Apply at 1.13 West Thirty-second street, between Eighth aud Niuth avenues, \ YOUNO WIDOW LADY, LIVINO ALONE AND ii. uurin^ a suit 01 Rooms ou the llr?t lloor, wouM let the suiuu to a m nlleman anil lady. wuh Hoard lor the lady only. Mrs. WILLARD, 197 Bleecker air et, n ar Cottage place. A gentleman and his wipe and 8inolb gentlemen ran obtain fry caslrable Kooma, luruUmd or unfurnlkhed. House and location Ural c aaa. Call at 64 West Eleventh atreet, between University place and Filth av uuo. R Uereuces required. No moving in May. Apr1vatb fbbnch family have some handsotnel.v Furnished Rooms to lei, with or without Hoard, to gentlemen. House lirst class. Terms moderate. Reierenn-s excuanged. Call at 46 West Sixteenth street, between Filth ami Sixth avenues. A french family living in oood style, wo >ld accommodate one or two gentlemen with Board und well Furnished ltooms. Spanish, Herman and English s|iolten. Inquire at 39 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A party of single gentlemen may obtain a handsome Iront Room, with a small room adjoining; w<ll be let log ther or separate; the house is ursl cas., small private family. Dmuer at 6 o'c.ock. Apply ut i3S West Twi nty-seconu street. A splendidly furnished parlor, with piano, tole:?to one or two grntleraeu; also slugle Room. Moderate prices. In a private house, with all modern improvements. Inquire at U6 Prince street, west ut Broadway. A larue front room on second floor. very well furnished, to let?In a slit tly private house, with or without partial Hoard, at 151 York atreet, Jersey City, uear the ferry. Good neighborhood. Board.?a private family iiavino an ele gniil hrmvn stone limine, tonlii.n n all the modern v-'menta, In Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue, win let to it g ntleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, a large Room, uir $13 per week; or a linn front Parlor, on second door, with large Bedroom adjoining, to be furnished with new rosewood furniture, tor $33 per week. Dinner at six o'clock. Rcfureuce exchanged. Address H. S. D., Herald oflice. Board.-a gentleman and wipe, or two bingle gentlemen, can be aceommoduted with a front Parlor and Bedroom, on the second lloor. at 178 West Fourteenth street. Terms moderate. References given und required. Dinner i<t six o'clock. Board.?wanted, by a single gentleman, a n.culy furnished Room, with Board, in a lirst das* haute; a private family preferred. Terms must be moderate, ami location not above Sixteenth atreet. Address c. L. 8., Herald oibce. Board in the country.?comfortable quarlers in a farm house, within one hour of New York by railroad or iteainboat. wanted from 1st of May. by a family. Addresa. with terms and location, T., box 3,316 New Turk Poat o.hce. Board wanted-on the south side of long Island, for Ave persons, fur the entire summer?'rom June 1 to November 1; must be In a quiet location, where there are few boardera taken. Addresa Ireland, Hinckley A Co., 93 Nassau stroet. | -roard wastkd-jit a respectable german | XJ gentleman, in an Airvicjn private family or refp<*tahie boarding bouse; a nicely I uiil!?hed Room, \rltli gas. f.r , hot and cold water and closet: brexkfarl 3:?-l tea or dinner nt six o'clock, and use of piano. J., cation not above fourth street. Address R., box 8,006 Poet olllce, (tattag accommodation*,! rmi, .to. Board wanted.?a gentleman, wife and child, five years old. desire Hoard in a atrlctiy pri . uta family, two Rooms on secon 1 floor, with modern r onva. nieuces, and a good table indispensable. Location, below Twenty-fifth street, New York, or near the ferries In Brooklyn. Terms not to exceed $18 per week. Address C. L l., box 165 Herald office. Boarding.?a gentleman desires a room. fur. nialird or uniurntshed. with partial Hoard, in exchange for tuition in music: would pay pirt money; location wret of Sixth avenue and north of Fourteenth street. Address Paxton, station 0. New York. Brooklyn.?a widow lady, occupying ubr own house, within a few minutes'walk of F iltnn and Walt street ferries, would rent one or two neatly furnished Rooms, with or without partial Board and private table; terma moderate. Apply for one week at 217 Adams street. Board in Brooklyn.?two ob three single gentlemen can l>e accommodated with goo 1 H mr!, in a private family, at 33 Willonghby stre-t, o.t reasonable terms; house has all the modern improvements and convenient to the cars. Board in Brooklyn.-a widow lady, residing in her own house, would like to Board one gentleman at reasonable terms, at 313 Gold street, half a block from Fulton avenue cars; ti n niluut'S' walk from Wad street ferry. Board wanted in brooklyn.-a gentleman desires Board, near Wall street ferry; Clinton siret preferred. Room must contain gas and". Dinner at six o'clock. Address, staling terms, Ac., Alpha, box 136 Herald oflUe. Brooklyn heights.?pleasant rooms, with Board, ut 57 Cranberry street, bctweeu Widow and Columbia. 8 tuatlou drsirabl", live minutes of Wall street aud Fulton ferries. Elegant furnished rooms to let?with uoo I Board tor ladles and aeiilteiiieu. ut ltChi Greco, street, betwei n Spring an I I'riuow. Tortus moderate; good location, near Broadway. Call anil see. Fbkncii board?french lessons^-a good 0pl'.orinntty to learn French by practising anil bring in the liuu.-e and among the family of a Parisian French teacher. Apply at IW East Twenty aecond stieet. IpURNISIlED ROOMS TO LET-to GENTLEMEN OR 1 gentlemen nud their wives, at di-7 Canal aireet, near Hudson. Apply fur three days. Rcnla from $2 to 15. /GENTLEMEN WILL FIND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED VJT Rooms at the Clinton IIo is", t>!5 mid 617 Dr.adwuy, possessing all the advantage* and coin oria of a lirst eluss home, at moderate charges. ORANGE, N. J.?BOARD WANTED, BY A GENTLEman and wile, fio.n 1st of Slay, in a plea-ant locality, convenient to the eats. A 'dress G. I). S., Her-.Ill otllce, with full particulars. Reference* exchanged. Rooms, with board.?large and small Rooma, suitable for single gentlemen orgenih-men with their wives, ran be had on moderate trru.a at 87 I Union place. Apply it the linnse, r-r address box 771 l'ost oillce. WANTED.?A LADY OCCUPYING A MODERN house, near the Firth Avenue Hotel, wishes to meet with a party of gen'lemen who would either rents Suit of Rooms or take the house and reserve what portion required. AUdre-a O. R., Madison square Post of ce, for one week. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE (BOARD for la ly only), aide-.sunt front Room In an ucreealli family, whet- the comforts of ? homeeai 1st allzed. T. rnis from'jl to 35 per week. Reference* exchanged. Alifsv for two days Retire, Herald ojllre. OO UNION By U A RE.?A S17T OF ROOMS, OVER, looking the Square, to let, with Board. DP ST. MARK'S PLACE.-TWO FINK LARGE ROOMS, ZiO above the parlors, with communicating eh sets, hot and cold wab-r and gas fixtures in both rooms, will be let to parlies wishing real rnmloris. Reference t > the party who have Just vacated them, after having occupied them lor over live year*. >7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROADOl way tiiul Ktflli avenue.?Dim or two select tamllies and two or three geutlom n can now lie accommodated with nulla or single Rooms, on ilia second floor, nicely furnlsh-d, and In one or the most delightful locations In the city. Tallin llrat cloaa. Refer uo-a exchanged. CQ VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK?FIRST *JO c aaa Hoard and furnished Rooms for single get. t enmn, on Tory moderate terms. /ID HAMMOND STREET?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH UrU pantries, water and gaa, on aerund and t.iird llooia, can be obtained with Hoard. Responsible parties wishing to make permanent arrangements can be well accommodated, Reference* exchanged, on FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR COOPER INSTITUTE.? OU Neatly furnlahed Parlora and Bi drooma, In a hOnao with modern ImproTonienta. Famillca, single persons and transient boarder* accommodated, with or without Board, at reasonable rale a. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING -ALSTON ?/0 llonae. Elegantly furnlahed anlia of Honma, gaa, Croton and every convenience for housekeeping economically; particularly suitable for amall, reapectable famlllee or single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 HQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET ?A LARUE PAR JLU?7 lor, with email mom connecting, on second floor; also single Room, on third floor, to let, with first class llna: d. House Aral class, and location unsurpassed. References required. 11 A MACDOUOAL STREET, NEAR BLRECKER, IS XXV/ now 0|N'nc<l as a private family hotel, lor the re. option of (Ingle g. nth-men or ?mall famine* tlreil of boarding. Parlle* dealron* of housekeeping can lliid rv?ry convenient*) at the above establishment. I zi C TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVBNUEIXo A large front Room, with Hoard for a gentleman and wife, $8 p r week, Including ga* and lire; two ilnglo gentlemen $7 SO per week; dinner at 6. 1 Xd PRINCE STREET.-ST. CI.AIR HOUSE -ELB XtXU ganlly fiirnlalied Room*, with Bedroom* attached, wltn nil the convenient** for honvekenplng complete, Inr.lutlinz ga* and Croton water, to let to rrapectable famllle* or single gentlemen. Qlrt EI'M STREET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHED Zll ' t Apartment* for Immedlatn ticcnpancy. Tho lowest rent* In the city, considering tho convenience of economy In housekeeping. Best bedding and furniture, with range, cooking utensil* and linen complete;go* and Croton. /? I Q BROADWAY?PLANTERS' IIOTKI,. -PERSONS O'rO looking for permanent or transient lioawi will ilnd elegantly furniahed Rooms, will) a liberal Table, and at reasonable prices, at the tbovc hnuM. Location un?iirpa**cd. Ilottao Drat claw. Dinner at *1*. >KK HKKALD, WEDNKSDi O? RBII, BJTATKt A FINK FARM AT TAKKYTOWN. UOO0 JUL livitUoii; right) .ihr**? ?-re?, with orchard*, It him, parua, &c.; haudtotucly lo tted. e**y of actiH to thi chy: term* easy. U. W. DITUHB1T, WesuiliMjr Land OlU.e, Drown stone building, corner of Chatnaiu sud Onambers streets, secoud Hour. A KAKM KOK SALE?OF 96 ACRKrt, AT MON.-sFY, R c? and county; goal house, ba u 1.111 ouibinl flogs: on and s ha1 hour's rltle from Ke.v Yuik Ft i* lo ath n ami rood laud. No trade. Inquire of U. W. JEWELL, dlhi Greenwich street. A FARM OH HOUSB AND LOT WANTKD?IN EX. change lor the Sloe , F.x.ur s and Lease, or ibe Sto It aloue, of a liisle ass boa uesa, well established. Afipljr t > h. H., 666 Canal g.reet. No agiil# need up,dy. Aoiikap home and sa:e investment.-a three story and baseno nt brb s House, up town, ontalAin? the lno .i iD linproieiii. n.s, su jeci to a ground rent of ?ltid|KT r. ar, w ii 16 years'lease and renewal. Address Eumpa, hpx 111 llmal 1 ullier. Anew brown stone uiuh stoop house for sale?81 Ka.lTwen .-scventn stienl, tour slul van) liase.uieut; bas all the modern Improvements and Ii frrfeet order; price $1,000. Terms aecoin o latin*. For earn to see tiro house apmy to JOHN FOLEY, lud Broadway, or bit Lexington avenue. A SPLENDID FARM, IN THE CENTRAL PART OF the Slate, In e\ limine for city properly. Oood house, enmmo bone barns, good fences, and I i ce from encumbrance ; ll&acres. altualedon dkaueatehis Lake. Address, posliatid, J. II., 26 East Twentieth street, giving description ol pioperty oilered. AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY NOVA SCOTIA DRAB stone House, now o copied by the owner, forsde, fur. niched or unfurulshi'd, at a sncrillce and on libeial terms. Apply on the premises, 62 West Forty .sixth street, near Fifth avi nue. COST *3,000 EACH (CASH).?THREE OF THE FIVE modern built tbree story high basement Houses on the nor h side of Fil'ty.lllth strce . 110 feet east of Third avenue. T ey have gas, wuler elos -ts ba h., Ac.; under cellar lathed, plas,ered, cemented and drained. Will be sold cheap, let. or exchanged for property Id the Eighth, Ninth or Sixteenth wardt. JAMES ACKERMAN, 101 Naesau street. I COUNTRY SEAT FOB SALE ON OLDFIBLD POINT, i Long Ulan t?SO acres, with English cottage, aurrouiiued by forest trees, all necessary outbuildings, line lawn, four acres of young orchard ot choice fruit, ornamental trees, shrubbery, vlues, Ac. Good oeach lor bathing, balling, Ac. Q. S. HUTCHINSON, No. 38 Wall street. TTlAIRY FARM T.AItMR nwTil.t.lvn. iitft nrxrtrt 1J mrm house. large barns and outbuilding*, extensive saw I mill, crops, I arming Implement*, stock. Ac., for sale cheap or exchunge tor property In this city. Bn.kyn or vicinity. 80UTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassan street. Farm fob sale?situated on long island Railroad. 1-veu miles trom the city, near the W:1 uw Tree station?hourly communication with New York? outsitting about tourte-n acres; duelling house, t arn, ?a, na?e house and abundance of choice fruit. Most of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to .1. J. DRAKE, 2H and 20 Spruce street; or to GEO. R. SMITH, on the preinlnta Farm for sale or exchange.?for sale or evchaitgs, a good Kami, of about ti: y acres, lour uilies from Rahway, N. J.; about t.vo miles from Unioatowu depot. Ontholarm Is a large house, nearly new, with ham anil i titer outbuildings; a large orchard, conUmio: avarelyof fruit trees. For further particular* apply to WM. S'. MURRAY, 22 John st:-cet, N. Y. Agenta or brokers need nut apply. Farm for sale, exchanok, lease or work on shares?At Hempstead, L. I., eight minutes' wal; fr m railroad depm; 51 acres more or less; n good house an 1 outbuildings; lirst rate land, all In good order. Apply to J. STOUVKNEL A CO., 2U8and 2U5 Centre street. Iftarms for sale or to exclanqe.?one 0"f 100 ' acres, In Wesn healer to nly, Si, 0 ); one of S3 uut 05 arrey, in l oltt itb a ' ou-tiy, $2 300, each; also, 27 acres, wiih mills, Ac., at HucscnsHck. n. j., and 125 acres, -it Oyster Kay. Ad goo 1 1'Ullun-H, choice fruits, Ac. And boo one hundred other Farms, oi all sizes, and prices from $1,200 to $30,bt#i Apply to A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall strcd. For sale-just finished, on st. anns or Cherry Tree avenue, near U7tli street, Wilton, overtaking H.rtetn river, a Chateau Villa, four Lots of Urouud (two ; froats). Carriage House, Ac. The rottuge bus ererv modern ' convenience: price $1,500; only 10 per cent or $1$0 eaah required. Full particulars at ELTON 8. 21 Bcekmaii street. Also, two Urge Double Houses, $8,000 and $8,500 each; a few Bu.Uing I'lo.s, same place $750 to $0,000each. For sale?on clintun avenue, Brooklyn west side, between Myrtle and Furk avenue, a three story train-: Cottsge House and Lot, 21.0x100: contains gas, throughout; runge, with hot water boiler, heater, bath rooms Ac.; good garden, with crape vines. Apply to to the occupant and owner, R WILLIAMb. 122 Chambers street. New York. For sale?in greenfoint, a small qothic Cottage and two lull Lots, conTealcnt to rhe ferries and city cars. Will he sold cheap for cash. A span of good Horses will be taken In part payment ll desired. Inquire of D. O. EATON, 115 Joralcmon street, Breakiyn. For sale?two and three story houses, brown stone bnncmrnts, Hoops and trimming*, modern Improvements, m fiixty-liflh street, between Kinu ami Second avenues. Aiso n-nv tenement houses. Impure of WM. A, JUOH, Secaud azenue, between Sixtv-toortli and SixtyUftli streets. For sale?cheap, two first class four story English bas. nient Houses, 94 and Ot Jfsgt Twelfth street, near Fourth avenue; houses 17 by 51, lot 15t> feet, in tlrst rnte condition, and will be Hold or exchanged for one hirg-r llouae above Ko irieentli street, between rmirtli and Sixth avenues. The hixm a are mortgaged for $4,oiJO each. For sale?at orange, n. j? a house, with se ven acie* oi Laud, in Llexrellyii park; (ha house 1*44x10, bu It in the bent niauner,contain* 11 rooms besldea the iclur and carrel; hat furnace, range, marble mentals, <te. Theic I* a good Stable, and the grounds are well laid out and in good cult vatlor, Will he sold at a lotv pi Ice. Apply to JOHN VY. BURY, 27 Park row. For sale?tenement house in Brooklyn, pnyiug over ten per cent on $2,l?0. i'rin $l,7b0; term*?from $500 to $700 raah, the I aliuioe run remain ou bond and inwt.niin from three to lire years if deatreil. Apply to E. K KKLLOOO, '-0 Heaver street, N. V. IpOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL nOl'SB AJfD three acres of Land; ell line mode, n Improvements; well stocked w ith fruit end ornamental trees; neighborhood urst eluM; within forty minutes of the city bv railroad every boor. Terms May. Impure ot 11. HOAtl. 75 l'nie street. For sale?on long island, one mile west ok Itabyiou, 115 Acres, in tine state o; cultivation; large house. With wing, two lurus, carriage, cow, ice houses, Ac., all new; dock In front. OSCAK JOHNSON, *1 Willian street, room 12. For sale?the new, l our stor y. u 1(1 ii stoop, brown stone front Ilousi, lull size, No. 8i West Thirty lounn street aeur uroautvay, nun tour Li its unjoining,'o> gether or separ >le; also the n.ii .tl House, with I*)t, N >. 106 West Forty-fourth street. Apply on the premises. A W.CAMPBELL. For 8ale?a first class house, in west uoklyse-oiid street. Will In- sold very low. Only $5>0 wonted iu rash I balance to remain ori bond and mortgage. 8. CA1IILL. 627 H roadway. For sale?four lots on uotii street. :io feet oil the Sixth avenue. Will be sold ut lest than the t.r?t cost. In quire ot WILLIAM ?. WOOD, 037 Broadway. For RALE-CHEAT, two first class four story En .I ah bus"mcnt houses, 91 and 96 East Twelfth street, near Fourth avenue; houses 17 by 53, lot 116 t< et, In first rule i oudllien, and will b sold or exchanged .or one larger llous above Fourteenth street, between Fourth and Sixth avenues The houses nre mortgaged for $3,3)0 em h. Apply to K. A. LKo.NHAltD, S3I'arkplace. I7I0R HALE-ON EASY TERMS, A HOUSE AND LOT, ' 50 by U,0. In New Durham, N. J., within tire minutes' walk ot the ears or stage depot: runs every 13 minutes. Inquire Of J. C. DK.VAKET, 203 Oreenwlch street. PM>R SALE CHEAP?THE THREE STORY, TWENTY. ono ieet front, high stoop, hmwn stone House, N , 67 West Thirty.hint street, near Sixth aveuti , with gus. tixtnres. water clarets, hot air furnace, rte. Price feM.uuO; $6,000 .an remain. Apply to H. H. RICE, 16 City Hall, second story. TjlOR RALE CHEAP?PRICE $2,500, $300 CASH?A r n at sorrti n? t'<ot,;e and over too line Lota: p enty of grapes. p 'Mf?, curr ints, Ae. C?rs o-e block tt. all the ferries. Imptlrc at 122 Fudon street, third Uoor, front, Brooklyn. TTtOR SALE CHEAP?A COUNTRY SEAT ON THE C ll rl tn Rullnmd. thirty tnlles rout thecitj. House large an 1 In good order; about 1% ? res of laud handsomely lal l oui, and fruit and shade trees In abundance, suiin'de lor a gentleman's or summer boarding house. Apply to S. L. POST, Jr., 63 Wall ilre t. I poll SALE OK EXCHANGE?A VERY VALUABLE ' Mill Property, In the c.ty of Ureun Bay, with '2li building hue and 1,310 acres of land, and evervlhlng requisite for doin : a largo bit luess with iho mill. Will ex hange for Roods or R'al Kat-te in New York ir New Jersey, or Improved Western Kurm*. Till" perieet. No Inrumbram e. Price for toe whole $56,000. Inquire of P. L. VAN DEVENTER, l?.*> Fuilon str et. liiun n\lin wn r. ai . 11 Afluft- j\ tui'ntui itc.nir dence in Westc-hcater county, In the vlll*r.o of Mainaroneck, flvn minutes' w alk from the depot. Contain* seven acres, has a Urge house in complete order, beautiful Innn, well shaded; excellent garden, with a great variety of smull fruits; outbuildings, in good order, together with stock and tool*. Will e.xehange for good tenant pr. perty. Apply to JOHN W. McOUIKB, I,Ml Broadway. For sale, kxchanoe or to lkt-tiie medium pil e I four atory brown atone Honaea, No. 69 East Twenty-eighth street and 229 Weat Thirty-fourth street. Apply to JOHN 8. KE1.SO. hi WUUaw street. For sale or to let-in the village or lalayctt", about one mile from Jersey City ferry, (rail cars pass the door every JO minutes) a two story brick double House, with Ua' I) and eight Iota of Ground attached, well set with ornamental shrubbery and t rulUt-applns, pears, peaches ai d grapes. Possession Immediately. Apply to J AMES 8. MOVES, corner of Pavonla avenue and Erie street, Jersey CPy, orOD thn | remises. Ipor sale or to let?at ii acrf.nsack, 12 miles ' by r?|iroad from foot ol Clumbers street, a line redden e, ten rooms and kitchen atta bed; hot and cold water In every room, huth room, Ac.; large garden and ornamental grounds Also a Cottage, nine roumu with gurden, i nrrtage house and Ualdes. Impure of 8, ML'N.N, HON A CO., 122 Pearl aire-1. 1AOR HA1.B OR TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFUR' nlshcd, House No. 'did Fourth atreel, Washingtonsipiare. Apply aa above. FOR SALE OR TO LET-A FIRST CLASS THREE atory House, with aigh stoop and basement, 25x00, on full lot, with all the modern Improvements, at No. 52 Bank street. Inquire on the premises, after 10 A. M. FOR RALE OR TO LET-A GOOD HOUSE AND TEN Lois of flr iund, highly cultivated, with an abundance of eholce fruit. The house contains eleven good rooms. A small barn, Ac. Nine miles from New York: four minutes, walk to depot. Apply to S. K. FOWLER, 2rt0 Orand street For sale or lease-lot no. 7 domimc^ street, for a term of years. I nrpt Ire at M Lalghl street. Four loth-southwest cornerIjfITrst avenue and ei,-lity.||fth street, and five Lota adjoining on same street, wi:l lie sold together on a erredlt of ten years. Apply to V. DC RAND, 47 Liberty street. T WILL RXCO ANOKA FIRST MORTGAGE ON PRO I prrty In this Stale for forelsn snd domestic Liquors and Soger*. Address Edward F., Herald ofllce. LitTS TO EXCHANGE!?VALUABLE LOTS, NEAR Central Park. for Improved down or up town property. Also a valuable property, 100x1*1, on Dnane eyeet, for sale. Al.-o Houses t^jet.^ jpp;m chambers street. oYs WASTED ^WANTED, TWO OF THREE LOTS^ J on Ik long lesse, or a short lesse with privilege of buying. Location between Thirtieth and Fortieth streets, snd sixth and Ninth avenues, on the avenue Address full particulars, bos 1.280 Post office iy, march 5 jb6z-tr]

w ? mlrd of RUAi> KATATK. Pennsylvania lands - aoa auucd supkkiou far -ung and Taluable Imb -ie i LhimK n ar uirin, a village and impiored uclghlwir.nod. lur sale at great bargains, Id parcels, or eycbaiia.- for any good P"" peptp. _ SOLTTHWli 'K A WOOD, H' X ueauetreaL fpo exchange?a class bkiok iiouhh in I Jer.ey t'ny, ,1'untii I ,,n Karroo -tract, lor a good brick house in Nrw York oily, in a good net,b mrbao i, ubove Grand street to K ntn-ili aire I, and tli* dtllereuer pud. Apply at 214 Court sireei, Biooklyn, fruai 8 lo V o ' h-.k in ti.e morning, and I'roiu 12 lo 2 o'oioca, and from & in V *i k lu the evening. H. STKVENaON. rpo all wanting kakiis. ?NEW settlement ht A Vinrland, tliii ty mils* .nun I*/. I do p i a, b> railroad. Good loam soil, hlgnly productive for w.ieat, corn, grass, fri lfiuud vrgr aides; good n aki-t, del,hltu t-.ima e, where laroiing ia pro .table, especially these nines, an I wb< re good Luton mi npcniiga ran lie mund. runners a e art tiing; society good. Yarui* from (la to $20 |wr acic uuly. Yilliige live auil ii.|d|rt Lots lor nil. Poor years time given. Bm ri of SrfW Robins I d Uo of 'be lrlbone, wbo ha* visAd the place, together witu the 'Vine. l.iD'i Bnrel,'' giviini ftwl description, be 'iirmabrd. Address Charles K i.andis, Vliitiaud l'o?t otlhc, Cumberland county, New Jersey. The olenwood cattle for balk or to lev.? A very desirable sltuatum for h J pel n nag bp . in the city. This i* a stoue ce tie, ad on-red with ivy, i'u-re is a spring of good water tw enty fee. lie Sltrb-ii door, one in lb - stable ysi.i, ami a ? pond, * ill an.'doe variety of irnlts and a garden nnaurpess-o Tina property, no t two acres, la shunted in . i i? - " the old Hoaton road, above tin* anile ciirnh, ..limit ion mlf1'1*"' walk from the old H.rleui brUye Apply to CH wiLKS LEACH, on the pri-unm-a, "IITAHIIINOTON AVKMI B BR'tOKLVi-AN ELK. ' Kant Home and f ror Hijl.t I.01. .1 U .in i. liouae i ? > 15 reoma. ad lb.* modem .m;.r veino.,;t; ; round ia laid o.l and planted iu ih- buret innnini. Hi. whole waa eona rooted without retpud to expeiiae v\a.d very low. E?r further particular* apply in INCERSOLL, 2l3 South afreet, fioin 3 to 4 I'. M. WANTED?A SMALL FARM, NO I.I SK THAN LIUI1T urrea and no mom than Iifte-n on a rood road, n*tatInk'of land, hay, fr.iit tree*, liouae. burn tit'!, i and a well, no mora than i en or I valve tulle* N--\ York city, attua ed In Kew Jer*ey. Addieaa for Ave d.iya L. It., Weeliawken Foal odlco. N. J. WAN iBLt- Til PURCHASE OB r EASE. IN YONKERN, wltiuo c.ureulenl woikiuy di imi- of ton d pot, a ploasaut CottHKo, with mod tii thipr> cm ntt. and convent, eeca. Price not to aimed ft,"1*), ? rout j>SSe. Addreaa, Htutinr: lo aiion, lull deaoripllon -lid terttia, 'ok No. ;0J New York Poat oilier, WANTED TO EXCHANGE?SI,'*) ( AMI AND ONE >Y Lot, ftOxSo, at Korrthtiui, for hoioi t ; ?tl-.htlt^j "ooda. Inspire of K. S. GOULU 347 Greenwich ur ci. eoinrr of M.ur.iy. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A DWELL!Ml HOUSE, heated bin ween Thirty llfih aril F< r.y- tyeittli atrnt* and Li'ii.iKton and S vonth at- iiuea: o ;> T? f-uratoriea, and not 1 a? iIimii twenty loot wid Addle**, with location and tenua, box 13'. Now York Pom i fli <VfT ANTED TO PURCHASE?NEAR TUB CITY. A tt igodmUiiwtt Hiaw,* i four ur nmtw Lota; roe ur fruit lie s li.d apenu.ibl ' Would pay 1.) Ina.u.imnU. Ad. re-a Unpin.1 I'loe. Horn d >ffl. ?"7 n(\l\ -FOR SALE, TURKU RIM'tY RBIOK V>I.?)UU. Houae, No. 38 F fl'i t. t, |.o..r S.. ornl ateiiui:. in ,;un:l order; molorn ItupioVMnen-. Sl,"0' ash. If tv>t anl I by April 1, will be to let. Impure of UKEKM AN, No. 17 Bowery. ?MA AAA -FOB SALE?A OBBTLBMAK. HAY,UUu. lwjt a u too ain. uo't>' Improved and tinint. I r vok r al estate to .lie city, ill. -oil he whom or any part ofAt at a vary great aacritice for it"ah Addr*?a box 1,419 l'oat oflV o. ?OA AAA IN L- TS?IX BUI'ERIOR CITY, HEAD \y\/U ..l L. i j. i-hir; also In unproved Luti a a.ijuin n-. ..n-l twiimorutad Lands 1, M oil,-so a, for aule cleau ...? caa... to will bn oxehatr ed or Mer diaitdlae or City Property. Addrvas VY. 1., but 173 Herald OtRre. FOR SALE. A COMPLETE niOTOORAi (IIC GALLERY, OF TEN YoBr." -land n . and notv d ;ny a .toe b,.?.ne.a, for aale for $25o i, i-rl' ma!iy ciimI $!i00. >11 health of th? prop! fetor ia tin* ??w .'or Ui. Apply for one week, from 10 to 4. a. I05'Eigh4.i avenue; a uatm* miA\nr wor a iM.:i:i?o?in paijaur tv " a- in VV.t?h<n:i!o 'r in a w il es,? j si*- . SnJer Sui plv H ore.ti .w u noo i Vf .? .m? tuniiect uii wiln HUl om, .iud tho hest ne-ailon In tit oi y. To Ilia il^lil kiuU a mini litis it un >p-or: un.t> H-ldoui met with. tVlil either sell out entirely or accept it piumer, if mutually h ii.nfn tor. For pm.lrnl.trHa-hli-ess m. 01, Herald olll'-e, with ri-nl name nml adores#. BAI Bit* Klllt 8 LK-IN ONE OK THE LEADING ni . iii.ei; tv li ki* itol i on raasouakle t?rui?. Korfi.ii.irr p n t niiUrt inquire nt 377 toil 37:' Broadway, corner of White ttre i, up amirs, on Tnura i.y, March 6. Butcher shop and fixtures ko? sale. in. hi i.ohi iti'2 Hu.1h.ui itreet. 1 \KUt! STOKE KOB .SALE ?AN OLD ESTABLISHED it h nml, w 1. stocacd. n.'it:ly lit wd up nnu in a vooii location; line chance lor a physician, or a person entering b.minora. Apply at ilkti Seventh avenue, near Tive nty lourih atrect. ftACTORY FOR SALE OR TO LET?47>30; TWO stoics high, with large Sheds, with or without meant power. Apply on the premises, Flfty-llfth nt ert.oorn r of Second avenue, n. y. oho htuatkoki). I.10R SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A ' Crockery, Liimpiin.i K -menu Oil 8.ore. Aguod k and. Terms low 'orcash, at t u own-r must leuro the cliy. Apply at 2121 First avenue, trout lu in 4. FOK SALE.? JEWELRY STORE. 2i) YEARS. ESTA11ilshed, .or telle. Lease idu, k nml tixturea of a IVa oh and Juwclry Stoic, lu a lir?t rate lo Miion down town, now doing a i.ooj business. Address Jeweller, ll all olllce. P0? SALE?A QAM ltl'SINESS FOR $3,000, OR ITS J? oqut.alelM in real eamte. it innai be no u for acttie. mem. ami it worth attention. App y to J. S. MOON, tjt Fonrili avenue, near Tweiitv-thlr.I Htieet. I Null SALE?l'Roi-ELI.KR UNION, IN GOOD RUN. 1 nngnider. Can kc h. e.i at the tool of Lcruy strct t, or Inquire ul lHo Sevcnleeiitk Htreel. IjlOK SAI.I'?AT ACRE AT SACRIFICE, A.FIRST CLASS L KiTiealiiutint Saloon and Restaurant. For particular* apply lo WM. II. VASDERBUKU, <3 Wall atrect (olUce of Oa Nun, J or. Inn A H.i!n). P'OU SALE?THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF on .'ol t'.e kcHt pay inn On c r.i ami Liquor .Hon t m the Fifth ward; oi"r ten yearn established, ami haa the cuHtom ol over i'lithtv in the same building. Impure at 310 street uud 61 Bsyaiil street, N. Y. I.*Oil SALE-A FIRST CLASS CONFECTIONERY. ICE 1 Cir.uu and Oyster Saloon, dolug an amrlu nt husinera, loeated in i lirat rate neighoorhfiod, on .-tilth avenue; uiany j ears eaiatdlalied For I nrtlier iniormallon apply to Mr. r. HLANCHKTi, ii.'t Sitlk avenue, kciore 10 A. M. and after 4 t*. M. The owner is engaged iu other kuslursa, and wishes to sell the above. FOR SALE?THE STO?K AND FIXTURES OF A BBuir store, on Broadway; terms cask. Apply at 4W Broadway. Iiiun M.\L>r.?A ni ljl.l/M.1' OAUVVtl. T11.IU nn'iivi r Divan Mid Hal kt'.iClied, doing an eiceilrnt biiaiiieHa; n.ual lio m?M Hiion, aa tlif proprietor ia about returning to California. Nu agcnta i.eod apply. Adireaa H. L. M., llcrulil ollleo. IjlOR SALE?K0UB YEARS' LEASE, 8XO0K AND FIX* ' lure* of a whnleaale ami retail corner Lhpior Store, 25 feet Irani, moat attructlre, and III tin" I cat buauioaa avenue ii,i t" v ill will la- sold without Block II dialled. Apply to D. BURKE, Ida Unwary. IjlOll SALE?AN OLD ESTA 'LISUKD MARKET, NOW ' doing a good bualueka', l.arga atorc and haacmeiit; long leiae, very Tow rent. Sut.l on account of I lie kickueaa or proprietor. Apply on the preinlacf, LM N.n.a avenue, otic tioor from Twenty-Ural aireet. For salk-tue sklecti.d stock and i-art or KUlurra ol a Urat caaa Srgar, Wine and Ll |iior Store, with good bur, at the cor. er of a principal thoroughfare down tow ii. Selling re ious death In family. L. a -o given ai low rate to a reapolndble party. Only u..ali buyera. No agouti need a|py. A d I'., Iluraid olliee. IjdOR SALE CHEAP? 1 iron sake, Herring inane, double doot a, good aa new. Alan, TWO WAX FIGURES, llle ftl/.e, Roy and Ulrl, completely drea.ed. Apply al 4U3 Broadway, lip atali a, between 10 and It. Ipoil SALE ( HE.VP?A FAMILY UROOERY IN IIIUIOK lyn; location lirat rule, and now d dug a good buiineaa. Appointment aa antler to a regiment, wbieli leavca aeon, the reaaoti lor Helling. Addicxa C. A , Herald olllce. IpOR SALE OX TO LET-A SIIL'TTLK SKIVING MA' olnne ( I horn'a), In Itrai rale order, auiutdc lor gait' > or licavy eloth work. A|py al 111 Utidaou atrert, third I 0<r, front rootn. Grocery for sale-one ok the rest stands In Brooklyn: rhotec and well aclected atoek; caah trndn anil low rent. Will be aold al a bargain. Impilre of J. CHARLES, 317 Atlautlu atrect, Brooklyn, between It) and 4 o'clock. Hotel kor sale.?the popular public house k now u aa l'ra?oull'a Hotel, allu.ited 30 Ea?i llo at on atrict, w 111 lie aolil to a < a?h buyer, or archuiiged lor alarm wlibin twenty live or lliiity inllei dl?lance of the city of New York. Tula la the moat rentralo! .ill locattona in Hie meiropo.If, being lit eltxe pro Lolly to Broadway (only Itfteen doora), and oonreninnt to all public plaeea. The rent la remarka'dy row?iowm hi wen iur?-??ii mmlease from May nest. It la r?iriil?h>'d complete throughout, arid In excellent order fur parties to embark In the business w ill,out sny Inconvenience. Apply an llie promisee, or to QKO. E. mBNDUM, UO t:edar street, corner of Bio t<lway. KINDLING WOOD FACTORY FOR SALE?WITH ENKino, Splitter, Strolling, llcltiug, ml cnmnl-te; will be nl I low for cash. Apply ui 41 Bridge ?tr( i t, Hnroklyn. between olno mid four o'clock, S, BARCLAY. ONE OF THE LARUK8T AND BEST I'AYINO HA* loons, with twenty primPr moina; well located; rumlih. p(! complete; good loam-; rent cheap. Will Mil to *c*-h rue turner lor n quarter or Its value, us the owner I* going to Ku. ro|ie. J. P. TRAVKIl, 17U Chatham stre- l, eecond hoor. SOAT MAN!'FACTORY?IN PERFECT ORDER, FOR sale or to Int. Apply at 13 Water street. New York. TO HARNESS MAKERS.?A RARE CHANCE.?FOR ale, a Urst elans Hiii nria, In onu of the best stands In the rlty of New York; the present owner Is going Into another business; would either sell with or without slock, or good will, with tenement and leaM, fixtures, Ac.; best stand for trunks, which hare always been sold at the store; would arrange with a good working partner with some cash. Address Saddler, Union square Post office, for four dsys. KH w"s's BUT OBB OK THB BBftT PAYING HAJpAUU loons In the city; good location; cheap rent, and well tilted up. Good reason for selling. Old established piece, and must be eold this week. Apply at ITo Chslhsm troet, eecond floor. J. P. TRAVER. d> C) r ft -FOR SALE, a POULTRY AND GAME STAND, tjliJU. In a city market?sales, baskets and fixtures nearly new; the best ehance this year; will fetch $400 In another month; must be sold this week. Call quick at Etaell'a grocery, Hudson street, between Franklin and North Moore. No ageuts. <M K(\(\ ?BUSINESS FOR HALE?A LIGHT MANUqpA.lM/Ut factoring Business, the right to make and iell Stock on hand, Tools, Ac., offering great advantagesto a person of energy with small amount of eapital. Good Real Estate In this city or Brouklyu will be taken. No agents need apply. J, W. NKWSON, Auctioneer and OQtteral Broker, 131 Fulton atrect, opposite St. Paul's Churchyard. IPLE SHEET. ^ yuu HALiiZ. ti) (Hill ?A VKBT fHI >F11 AHl.h CASH BUKl urn would l>e a I or t a< liter I alien. Now pay ovar hd.ntiO. la gentm-l And pleatunt III ln-a)tli of i lianue. Noue but ruli part*"* need apply. For particular!. inquire of Mr. Mll.e ; Broadway Puat ujlue. HOl sB?l, lUMilv OiC., to lilf. A Lady, Mrnm a BOOBS OOWTaINUIG tub uio a rn improvement* Would like to I'll It p. a private i feniily, and i-unniti- Hoard lor Leraelf ?( ! (la :. - with 1 t) "in. Inquire at lik Eaal Twenty Uial aire *1, from - to 4 f.M. _ | AKKAT TM KEK BTOKT AND BASE dBNT HI ,II laop Honee, No. He Leil.iffton to rent; a very * de Iralde liouae, with irindein impri eeim-n'a and iu good order; rent low to a good teriuiit: may he aeen from S to 5 o'rloek. Apply to JOHN FOLEY. Pill Broadway, during the day, or at Sa Lcxlngto i avenue alter o P. Al. A house, NO St GREAT JONES STREET, TO l,ET ? liouae Won iii pel u ci ordr; rent fl.itAO. Tobaaeen lr m lu to lit o'clock \ M. Ale. ti-3 B-(.Iidaay, aecond aud t lrd Floor* to Ir .cvruer of Amity ?tr?et. AT NEW BRIGHTON-A LARGE FURNISHED MANttlon, e n 'anting billiard tulili a, eaa. wa'.er work*, Ac.; alao ibree vunia. a'l on the Height*; modern improvement*, tlownr and reeeiable hardena, rrolt, eneiiaire ground* *labiraand roach hotteea. view iinanrpaaM-d; lire iniuutea' from ferry. Apply to T BOND, IS.' Broadway. A THREE STORY. HIGH BTOOE AND BASEMENT liouae?pn-amnion tiie'JO';! or April; a ih re atopy Kngllali t urn luriu tlooae, otupied liy a pli a einn. w th trio.lei n Convenient ra, mnan.e lor geideel lauitll.-a, i<> lot?EM ami ligiteM bnpeiilb at., between Sub and Sai enih ares. Apply at 310 Writ FiUeenth at. CIOUMRY HEAT T ) let.-A HANDS ?ME COTTAGE. I conmnin : roo m, marble mailt*.a in parlor uu l d nlng 10 .ma, barn. i**i*i house, at i Ira and two a lea of l?n ; plenty of fr; pertertly healthy; dial . '.a <>wtl|r; good a**lion a,*, ?c.; stltia-ed on ilia Ho<lou io,d. 30 m lcs r in the i-lty by lm lla?. u Kaiii-oan; co.niniini ation ia linn a a dar each way; rood builiin .*. b in n ; huJ li-iblng. Apply to \V. L. HAKaKH, ?3 ano BO E. it Twentywistb street. Cibamobs mob bobibbm mm -ti? lramb, am ) ul I en nbliabed family Dry Ceods S.ore, now lu operation, No. 47 Montgomery atreot Jc.arir O ty. Fmifulna cti br bad immpdia ely. Addre>a.l. S M . on the premises. Furnished house to rent in Brooklyn-a hatidmiuc three ainrc and bnaruiriit ILoiac, No. 27 Wo'idbul street. thoroughly furnished. and baling all the modern improvements, to lie leined to u careful tenaul. K**u $60 , er inoutb. Apply to T. ijl.IGU, !2i Nassau .trert, Nrw Yoik. G1raoe cbuboh?a good pew in the middle I" a ale will be leaned or sold at a very low price. Apply at 77 Cedar street, room 11. House and stahle to let-no. lh east twbn third aireet, between Sivond ami Third avenue;;.?A neat three ,iury and basement brlrk House, in good order, wllli iiiooern linprovemeuti. rein $tin0. Stable in rear, on Tw enty aerond street, 25 by 100; r* nt $100. Apply on the premises, o.* to J. T. .MILLS, corner of Fifth avenae and Foitytourtb street. House to let and furniture for sale?am moderate lenua; or would let it furnished, to none out r apon-li 1 |iir lc . Apply at 17 C irut'lia street. m ar Siatii. a. eiiiie and Fourth street. Rofert nces required and given. Hotel to let-including lodge room, hay M-aicr, alien and i.tables, only two bloi ks from llarb-m bridge, and an ealabliahod stand of twenty-six y ear-. Anply on Ibe pis mlaea, eoruer ol T.ilrd avenue and iisili street. OFFICES.?THREE VERY CONVENIENT OFFICES IN the building 77 Uedur aireet, adjoining the Hank of Com ii'T-e, will In* let at a low rent, together or a -, aratuly. ln'p.ire in room 14, third story. OTEAGY STEAM FOWElt TO let.?large and O aiuull R runs, well Debt *il; aleain bolstway. 1*. aseaamn lmmidt.asly. No. 4SAI Watei atret-1, between l'ike aud Rutgers alipa UTAMFOBD, CONM.-TO LET, A NEW IIOU8B. HAND0 aoiuely losaieo; lw Ivoap.eious ro. ma, gaa, liable, gard si ami fruit trees; hreo mum e 'walk od p m. For full particulars apply to 11. MILLER, 112 BaASeventeenth at. fllo let?in williamsburg, several two stort 1 :i-xine and three-.tory brick llouaea; also for sale 6 JJ Vacaui L"t?on mo b rute leiim. Al>l)ly to 8. J. HUNT, Hi Fourth aveiitt . N. Y., or U1IA8. FOWLER, corner of North Mi nth mid Third atresia, Williamsburg. rpo LET?T11E STOKE AND BASEMENT ISO OH AM. Jl ber> etr. t; ilia Ural alory Store, with basement anil subcellar, HI Cbiruhrraalrrot; the Third and Fou rib Story Loin. ?>rnerof Broadway and Canal street, 83(77 fret ench: taiir Keens, rr.naer of Broadway and Liapeuard atreet, 28x48 feet I a n. Appi.i lop. DICKIE, 413 Rruadway, betweeu 11 and 12 o clock A, M. r LET-IK OUTTKNBKRO, N. J., TWO HOU8ES ono suitable for a l.akery, the other will he let out In noma. For further | arllc. are apply to Hul'IKE DWYEK, near the premises, oral KOHLKK A FINcK'S brewery. TO- LET-ON FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THISteen h and Fourteenth -trceis, a iar .o four atory House. wlihaiai'Ir, The house la In Ural rale order, contains all modern improvement!., and will be let w th mirrors and geo flxUirea. Apply at 22 Pine street, room No. 7. TO'LET?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. IN COMPLETE RE t an ; painting aud papering newly done, and with full gin Intern-; baths and clo.eta iuroiignout. Apply for particulars at 261 tlreeee atreat, TO LET-TUB TIIRBE 8TORY DWKLL1NO HOUSE 140 East BiglittientU atreet, lietween 8 -iund and t hird a.eriu-i-, In toud order, Willi all the modirn improvement*, To a good tenant a three yaara' le?ae will be giren. Apply at 27 Ch'aiuoeie* rcet. TO LET?(RENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR TWO PER? urn irotu lal oi May, a private iamllt preierred,the four lory House, pie .sanity located ul44 M em Washington p'ace. Apply "U the pr miscs, IMS 10I > 12 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M. r LET?T1IH BWSB.MENT TIIREK STORY BRICK tlwi lllng bouses, 20h42 eauh, Nos. 42 and 44 Tenth avenue, at a lie'derate rent. N'> 42 will lie altered to a store If required. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW, No. It Pine street, or to JOHN C. WHIlE, 13 W . kt Tweniy-hrsi klr. ee TO LE r?A CORNER DRY OOOD9 STORE; 18 THE REST at. nd In South Broo.vlyn; baa been eatabllrh-d all years, and ia neatly tilted up tor the trade. Iuquire of D. C. NOItTllUOP, 84 William street, room 23. ft O LET?A 8MALL THREE STORY HOUSE, ONE J. i IsiK Irom Uiiiiin HnBire, No. 84 Fifteenth street; gas, hath, he. Rent Shod. Also, No. 17 En<t Nineteenth alii et. corner of Broadway. Inquire of T. U. CONWAY, 889 Broadway. TO LET?A HOUSE AT R All WAY, N. J., WITHIN five minute*' walk of tie] ol mill onn hour'* rldo to tht* ctly, containing ten room*; lot* gas throughout. and well and cistern water convenient. A large garden. Location very pi*-a?ant. Rent $17t> per annum, Inquire upon the premises, of Mr*. M. L. CLARK. ntO LET?THE WHOLE HOUSE, TO AN AMERICAN X family, except the aeeoud tloor, which the owner will occupy herself. The houae la in good order, with all modern Imp o emeni*. Will be let low to a good tenant. Inquire at t HI Weal Twenty-slith at reel. TO LET?NO. 18S WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OP Spruce, fourth and.tilth tloora, with excellent light, having twenty w indow*; oocupicd a* compoaing room* for the laat lifleeu year*. Lease for two or live year*. Inquire of J, A. DOIIi.LAS, on the premise*. TO LET-STORES ? AND 80 FRANKFORT STREETnear Wiidam street, suitable for a faucy leather or shoe lindlng business. or lor the |aiper trade, Ac. Also, two light Itasemenuand lire proof vault*. Inquire of JOHN J. LULL, 76 Nassau street. TO LET?HOUSES 45. 47 AND 61 LISI'KNARD STREET near fruadway: also u turnished House on Staten Island, about eirht mile* from Vanderbllt'* landing and one mile from a depot on the St a ten Island Railroad. Apply to A. JOI K.NEAT. .178 Broadway. rpo LET?A SMALL ROOM. HUITALLR FOR AN OFJ lice or workshop; also Desk Room and Storage. Apply at UICKCOX'S Stencil Est ibll.-htneiii, 2Sn Pearl street. TO LET?TIIE CORNER OF AVENUE AND ELEvi nth alr< et. of tho best stand* in the eltv lor a grocery or liquor s'Ore. Ala" the old established Hnkcrv, 6nl Wa>er street. Also the Front Floor WJ Mercer street.' Apply to D. O'CONUK, 41 West Seventeenth street. TO LET?A LARUE DOUBLE HOUSE, FURNISHED, an I having all the modern impisvemcnt-, and very (liens Im ly located In the village of Astoria. Posseaalon given si of May. In.pitro of EDWIN MILLS, Esq., Astoria. fpo LET?ROOMS ON BROADWAT, IN PACIFIC X Hank and Insurance Building?Th? entire second story Floor, *nl sb e for almost every kind of business, and Rooms, wltb skylight, on fourth story, now used as an artist's studio. Inquire for particulars at the Bank or Insurance Company, 470 Broadway. TO LET?ONE KLKOANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR and Bedroom for a g nileimn and his wife; also several furnished Kouns for ge?il?men. Apply at W Prince street, one block west of Broad war. TO LET.?FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES to rent, situated at New Brig dun. Simien Island. For purtlcu!ai* spply to W. M. WIIItTEuORE, Exchange place. TO LKT?A rVnmnilllM nuinr. /> unjuiws, nun J.-ray, within live minutes' walk of the Brick Church I drpo . Api>It, between the houra of 10 and 3 o'clock, to MORRIS BKO.'S, 30 William street. TO LET-TWO TIIUBE STORY BRICK HOUSES, 123 ami 127 Wrat Tenth street, with modern Improvements; In good nrd t. Inquire at 121, rro LKT-A SMALL. OENTKKI, THREE STORY BRICK 1 House, basement and under cellar, gaa and water; house In |>erfei-t order, Ane location, near the Perk slip ferry. W IIliamal urg; rent low to a good tenant. Apply at 230 rrout at, eel, New York. TO LET?FUItNISlIED?A COUNTRY MANSION AND grounds, for the aommrr, at Pclbam, Westchester county, N. Y., liftecn mtnutea' drlrn to the railroad aiation. Carriage boose, large g.-rl'-n, abundance of fruli and shade trees. Terms reasonable. Apply to B. COLLINS, Esq., 99 Broadway, or J. E. ZIMMERMAN, Ea?|., 47 Eiohange pla-e. r LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITHOUT BOARD, to gentlemen, In the house of a private family. Referetires required. Terms moderate. Inquire at 89 Weat Thirteenth street. TO LET?THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. Ill* EAST Blghtoeiitn street, near Irving place. Can he aaen from to 4 o'clock. For terms apply at No. 91 or 132 Bust Nineteenth at reel. rPO LET?PRIVATE DWELLINQ HO. 17 ST. LUKE'S J. place (Leroy street,) four stories, hrown stone, with all the modern Improvements. For terme, Sc., apply at No. 13 St. Litke'a place, or I4J Fulmn asreet. A. FREEMAN. TO LET?TIIE UPl'hH I'AKT AND BASEMENT OF three story llouae N ,H l'? i ry sir. et. Rent, 3240. rro LET?AT LOW RENTS, TWO MODERN TIIREB 1 story and high haaement Hooves In One order, at Noe. 172 West Thirty-sixth street, and 249 West Forty.sixth street. Neighborbnodagood. and vary convenient to ears and stages. Apply to F. AYRE8 A CO., 434.Broome street, near Broadway r LET?THE WHOLE OF SECOND FLOOR, WITH part of third If required, suitable for housekeeping, lint and cold water, gaa, Ac , In eaeh room. The rooms in Sod order. Itonae has the modern Improvements, Please II at 141 East Thirty-second street. r LET-TUB TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE 179 Ninth street, and English basement 174 Eaat Twentythird street. Th- y are small, with every convenience, and rant low. Apply to A. LI VINORTON, 19 Beck man street. TO LET-HOTEL, FURNISHED; CONVENIENT TO the city, all In good shape, doing a full paying bnvlne * and to be let low. Alan a lull formatted and well estnbll'^gcj Boarding and I<ndgtng House PETER D. DAT. Office of HouthwIqM A Wood, "8 Nassau ytcet. u ?f MOUNKM, UOtMfS, ?C.. W iW. _ TO LET?PRESENTLY, AT A VBBY LOW FlOCKE, A doubt* Oilier, .a it le for ltt*yet?, real #alale *gi ' light Itiuiui-u, gc., utiixf and hanSaoiuely IRte* up. bats. en W.litem uiu aueeta. Apply at IB* Offlee, It ' B.ekuian aired hr.t Hour. ^ - ' ^ rpo LET?OFFICES NOB 6 AND 7 NEW STREET; AL- ' A. 8* -'"'1 80 Mum ue alrecL App.y to Ml. CilUJCrrlANh. 33 iiruadwuy. - ' ' * rPO LET-A SMALL TliBEE STORY HKOWN STONE J. IliiUitf, I.a.ny .uuit* ,ed, 1.4 W rat Fony-ionr.ti au\rl. A pin U >i? uI tue i*ut taken m Buuid If deaired. Before the 1 l?t is May if re.j,i r d. fl'O LET?THE STORE. BACK BOOM AND BACK J A itaauii.eui, 70* E.ghm avenue, iscupieduoW, ami !iW oeen for Ihe lat?i ihn:,- ye n?, ah a t>ooi uu l *iioy *u>rv , an ?uu 1 i< r i.r i)|p dry lOikJ* ou*:ne*4. Henl iie-t Apvlr 10 *i>WAU? riMF.,ON 170 H'eit F.ft.etb rJ*7-?T c. C. HNCKNEY, 73 WALL STREET. J No 4 D i?tu io.v, rent 1 (ISM 33 Cllotou auvei, rent ... ... Z*W JA6 V? *>.t'ftvi-iu. ?., utl> ?ir, ct, r. ul.60T lr?W !> *tinet, reut aJt mo LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. SB X ba^t ff AOMictn aum-i, n*-n? r'ourih avenue.baft {oaru*il t rO'Miiaj it In t-rtjrfou i tnr.ier, auU en it., in^ ail iiuxtppu Improvement*. H-ul $1,?0U. Way t?e s-AM-u t r 11 tdTo'dock. u juiroof a F KC.t. El-i., 3,1 Blued* ay. ? ? ? ' ' ' - > r LET-A TWO STORY COTTAOB llODSB. CONtaming miven roouie, with a amah kiUtheA. filiated uu Bergen Hill, about 33 minutea-' walk irum Jertey Ct>y fi rry. Forpnitle lare in. ul' W. H. KERB A CO , m S3 O ah etrert. * TO LET?A FINK SLIT OF ROOMS, OVER ONE OF , the oral i..n y emn a in the city, adapted 10 oUlo,.*, 1 ghl ( units aa |, Ac , Ac., aie well Bulled fur phutographlc gallery. Apply ai 303 Brow I u ay. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN. A NEAT COTTAOS, IN A ilrrMabl, part ul the city, near Cliuiuu A mur, and ounvetn -ni ie i*ie trrrj by the city cat*. R-ni low. Inquire *f O. il. BATON, 113 . oi ale.uun street, Brook y.i, To LET?THE THREE STOKY STOKE AND'DWELLog 3*gUto Hue atrcet, uear LudioV. For Ihe ia?l lea yiare n hita ue,:u occupied .,a a plumbingulvl Unwoiker'g a .< p by Johu W. Firmer, and la Well a iiipuul for thai buAneaa. A, pry at 13 Ceulro atrcet, ul 3 1'. 31 . lu KICIIARD D. KELLY. TO LET?THE HOUSE NO. to BOND .STREET; IS 33x6J, uaeiug an cx.eoaioit lbi..b. Tue localiuu t? Vt-ry drntrahle, 'liner ua a iea.deuce or for bualnua* purpoe a. Kent low to a good lit Foaacaaluu glveu lamedutely. Apply to E. Ctii^K- i ill an cut, room 4. _ ' rpo LET?THE lloUSK NO. 48 DIVT8HIW RSKRKT. X Tn,- ?lo;e is well niied lor a milimed-, having salable " hxtur ?, una ha. tug been long u?.d lor u.a .idhlncas. i?. py lo II. A. BUUtm , 61 Wa.l street, ;lt- d llooy: TO LET-AT STATEN 181.AMD, THltBB 0OTTAOB8, w ith alab.ea ana garden g ..unaaoi JjfJt'tB attached id eau .; pleasantly situated at New Brighton, near the water, and withlu ten minutes' walk ol' two ferrti-S; oue will be ruutd iuin.ahea. Apply to A. J. li v.MlLiU.V 63 Exchange pin. e. ~0 i ' " t ? ni. , . -i .i' rno LET?AT CAKMAN8VILLE, RIVER BIDE HOTEL, X at 162.1 street ..epot; al-o some ten iluuxct urenooxioc t.i Hudson river; reut $260 t 66U; alao the Country 8-at of K. F. Carman, at 111*6 B 1 ge. wit a reach li.uee und ' 1 stables, dock and bath Uoiiao, ere. u ana grape- uOitaca, WHb a:l kind* or fruit. Alao Houaua 1,-60 .ma t,*0f Bnutd-,vsr ' and K'8 Wikl Tlilrty-Urat atreel. - ~i !! a K. CAKMAN,'I;t3frBroadway. r ' TO LET?THE TWO' STORY AND ATltC RBI CSC * House. No. 90 Seventh a.reet; g?e,'yjrdtUo water aud every convenience lor a family: reut eb6d pov yoar. 'FiiS >'' further particulars apply to D. T. Valentine, No. 8Cily Halt. TO LET-AT 483 BROADWAY, BBrWRRW ORAJfD'.,' and Broome streets, two large aeron4 nobr frufatBleres,I with projecting allow wludowa and Iron bal owiea, and petrl. lege lor ahow caaea at Hoot door; would *uR d'uterototdg' tal.or, milliner, or aaaalear.a.m, lor any baetneM' rfcqntMdg > room and auow; at war renta, possession IVu ef-May." Abptr to T. B HI i KIT, on the premises. ??. I.w.1 ... N?ia,l I., a TO LET-A GENTLEMAN'S COUNTHY'WBATVAT^Bi^ a ham, Weatcneater uouoty, uow occupied by R. g. Mor- " ria; the hou?e la a Urge frame houad.1 ftue'Oi'iieH Wltk'i lianilaome ground# attai ned, and a Pari* of attest nfiy-twe a. res, fronting on the water; hue hailing' dnvier, *#.,lge.e i? rent low toa di-alrahle tenant. Apply to-lXEVliAsN A Juts- ,? LEK, 61 Liberty atreel. . T ?Ti nJTu.i Tsdt qtO LET-SEPARATELY OR TOOE'ftlBll. T&B'flMfr ' A and second Fluor oi tue 'house Mr Second avedne, be- a tween and Thlrty-elghils*?0?u.' -The bodee ' ha> all the modern improvements; thergUavegearymiaa the door. Can be aeon any time altor 10 o'clock A. M. brat \ floor will bo let, furmahed or unfuralskad.' ' ' - '? I " ' ?>'* ' ?' ' 1 -J TO LET?THE HIGH STOOP, PULL WJDTH, TORES atory itouae, 423 Fourth aireet (Albibu-pfac*/. tMtir'U, cond avenue, w ith modern iiiipioreidenta. llaul $ WO. In' ' quire at 3b West Elgbteeuth street. ? ?"" " ' :j r LET?THE BRICK HOUSE (WITH POVU STALLS " in rear), lo7 Chrietophi r street; r?tii'$4fl5. Alex Lower Part of houae 79 South Tnird street J W-illl*nUourg; rent ' $12 60 per mouth. Inquire at 36 Weat S igfl (eenth MHM. . '"1 TO LET?THE COTTAOE HOUSE, 136 WEST THIRTYfourth atreet, eoutalnlng all ihe utptlei u luiuro cnmeiuq. water, gas, aieak lug tubes, i uni.iee, - A ^ Rent $b06 peg ' auuum. Apply to B. T. BABBtTO K and 7* Waehlogto* > atreet, New York. 11 r LET?TWO PARLORS, TWO BEDROOMS, PAK* ; triea, hot and cold water, goa, use of bath, Jtc., Ounfur" ' nuhi d). to a party of gentlemen or a laeil.y without chfldreu i ne..r U ulon aquare. Inquire at iSf fourth avenue. ' TO LET-PART OF THE HOUSE NO. Hi CHARLES atreel, Warr. n place, to a small respectable ramlty. Reference# given and required. TO LET-AT RIDOEWOOD, L. I., FOUR MILES FROM ferrlea, half a mile from Broadway boisu ears, an old fashioned country House, with large garden, greonhpuae and barn: tho house la IK atones hlih. 00x46. To a tenant who will lake liOOli cur.' of hoit.te auifgroundi It will be rented very low, or will he ado on v?ry ?tH Mnu. Apply I* WILLIAM JAY BARKER, 623 Broadway. TO LET-A LARGE AMD CONVENIENT STORE. with ham and tut urea. For further particular* cell at S64 E*al Twelfth aireet. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER. CORKER Of ' Broouiv end Mercer nticrU, Urge and amah rootna, wet lighted, Including tirat ?tory and fakement, al*o large Room* corner of Hioadway. Apply on the prernUe*, 447 Broome atroet, of WM. QALB k SON. rLBT OR LBA8B?THE LOFTS OP THE THREE atory building* No*. 72, 71 and 70 Spring at root, contain an Iron vault and three forgca; have been tiaed fur aeverat year* aa a jewelry manufactory; have rear ceilera under each number. Rent moderate. Inquire of A. F. EAT* FIELD, 1'adUo Iuaurance Company, 47V Broadway. rLBT OR LEA8E?A THREE STORT AND ATTIO modern private Dwelling Houee, In Tenth atreet, near Fifth avenue, oenulnlng gaa fliturea, water eloaet, go.; three roorna ileep on Qrat lloor, and la In good order. For cerde of admlaalon apply to O. A. K1SSAM, BO Fine atreet, TIT LET OR LEASE-FOR A TERM OP VEAR8 FROM May 1, llou-e* No. 14 and 16 Llepenarl atreet. Apply to JOHN ATTKIDUE A BON, 601 Fourth atreet, (rum 3. A. M. to I P.M jJ * TO LET OR LEABE-NO. 146 EAST BROADWATTS., three alory b c* Houae, with all the aaodern improve* menu. W 111 l>e rented to a reap, eteble fanally at a m Oder at* lent. Apply to II. SOLOMON. 1M Chatham atroet. rl.ET OR LEASE?THE CELEBRATED OAK HALL Clothing Store, covering four lota, and having an en | tianoe IU two streets. This 18 a rare e&anoe (or riuiuiera. aa It l> one of tbe brat locatml and oldete ilndi la the city. I Apply on the pry mint. At Pulton rttML , rLEASE-tTME BRICK BUILLIMOS COVBRINO, four lota on the aouth aide of Fourteenth street, west ati Tenth avenue, aultalde for a found or, factory oraay ma. chamcal purpoae. Apply to E H. LuDLuW, No. $ Pino street, or JOHN 0. WHITE, 13 Weal TMuaUffcst stieat. r LEASE ?THE SIX LOTS OK WEST MDB O*1! Truth avenue, corner of Fourte-ratlaatreet, baring brick I otllre, stable and conveniences far lumbers analyarns; sisI more Iota can be had In the rear. ArtirfU H WDIdlW," No. 3 Pine street, or to JOHN C. WlfaSi 13 Wast Twainy* lirst street. t TO LEASE?TUB ENTIRE KAJtBLE BUILDI&'O mi Broadway; s-ore 110 by A5feet;-tirw etorlee, with hosermetit and under basement; would make at linn Moon; arf canh Door separately; two upper Doors hare been ItUrd uM, for lodipi rooms. Imiulre of B. OAJsliRAlTH, Ha<|., 1X7 ifi ton street,.or A. BAOLKbON, 73D Broadway. J TO LOAN?THE LA-ROE AJiD VALUABLE PIER* fool of Atlant c street. Brooklyn, formerly MM bf? tlie Long Island lt..|lro?d Company. - Por paren'ulsi s in int?w of SMITH KANCUER. 3d Water siro*. ( U the idtoe atf B. C. and J. R K., South ferry, Ua dhtyn. 1 The spacious buildibo ? park street, a pew doors frotn Dsisnn and Centre streeta. Por aCirag- or factory purposes tlrsl rate being S3 feet deep, Oood tight?' W. 11. SCOIlBLli, 38 William street, tlrat Boor, rear utrn . > Those wantino rooms and steady steam row* er at greatly reduced rent*, uan be w*M nitlod In build* logs 211 and 313 Cen're. ami 137 and 138 Elm street. Thai rooms are welt lighted and very desirable for almost aajft mautifucturlng business. The steanrfviwct f* atwnys stead*' and reliable, supplied by a Corliss and Nightingale 138 h lsuf cngiue. Terms very low and nniSsost/ a Immediately, IE w anted. Apply at U?o oOra, 211 Centm street. To photographers.?por sale, at nALP~THiir usual price, a 4-4 site J. K. Watals* Camera, Boa and, Holders, at No. 10 Spilng street. , THE REBBLLWE. r, Attention?swan's cavalry. Wanted Immediate y, two musicians, two MaoksmltliAl and twenty able bodied inert, Tor the oaly cavalry regiment now authorized to be talted In this State. Apply to Captain' Anderson or Lieutenant Campbell, lbConrt street, Brooklyn^ El LAOS, MANNERS AND RB(i1~MR~VTAL COLORS. X1 Sura, Mountings, Trimming*, Eagles, spear Heads, Ar. Ornamental painting and embroidering wa alia. j HOJBR A Duanaetroel . of the Untied Htat-'a, by Oeionel FVUIp Bt Ceo. Uookv' Second cavalry, having boon approved by the President, I* now published for the government of bm service. Accordingly, Instruction in the, bi*? wilt ba given after the method printed out t hereto., nnd ?U addition* to or danurture* from the eterelsea B,r <1 manwuvre* laid doam tto """.TAf.^SS?(H<. MM ? wo,' / NO'? MtADT, rair'/ nrrr cwrrs,. , cava.iry tactim. . REUULATTOr.B r<?K Vh* IBBTRrCTIOI*, KORMAT'.ONH ARMY AMD ^SllW \ AM ''.Ages. Mm*, 40 IltuatmUon*, ' k A? rr ZiSutVSa""'?'^ < *?* * ?Afrt?, "" ... 19 Vhatham ?treet. Wcw York, and ajl boohsellera. j 1/lOD nBOIMENT-VAN BHtKM LIOflT INFANTR? ]UZ Now York Stale Volunteer* .. . _ Thl. reglnirnt will leave for lha iseat of war tmmedlatelr. A fc / moro recruit* wanted. Qfllcer* having ranruite may oh? *in position*, or dispose ?*"? at "> a, * ' flying lo THOSB. VAN BURBN. ? Colonel Commanding, J37 Broadway, W.T. , Approved, February JO, MR-IT. A. KtoaoLs, Lieutenant r 1 United Btaf An?y MuiertBg Qgfcar. -in nnn PRUSSIAN MtlBRRtB, WOW IM Nkvt lU.UUU York, Tor sain cheep- A4dio*? bo* CWrnsR oOlea. V* ? { A 1*4 *-* <** & XM .- ' Awkii ^ktV ii,v*

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