Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1862 Page 7
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colled any other general of our Union armies was in his lavish expenditure* of the public money, we think the country has occasion to be thankful to "Honest Abe Lincoln" for putting an end, when he did, to the unfortunate "Pathfinder's" imperial ideas of the honors and grandeur and fuss and flummery duo to his position as a military commander. No Bukden Without a Compensation.?There is no evil without a compensating good. So it is with the now Tax bill. It Imposes many new burdens upon us; but at the same time it will diminish tho pressure of many old ones. Hitherto the increase of taxation, municipal as well as State, has been out of all proportion to tho public exigencies. Tho cause of this has been the shameful manner in which the public money has- been appropriated and squandered by otlice holders. It was impossible to impose any check on their rascalities because tho different legislatures and municipal bodiefrshajed in the general corruption. The only place where a remedy could be provided was nt tho polls, but no one of any position in the community cared to lose time or to expose himself to disagreeable associations to protect himself against a taxation which he scarcely felt, resides, fortunes were made too easily for men to occupy themselves with tho prospective interests of the community at any present sacrifice of their own comfort. The consequence was that none but politicians of the lowest order of character anil ability were elected to fill important public offices. All this is going to be changed. The heavy burdens which tho vrar wKl impose upon us in the shnpo of taxation will render every man alive to the importance of selecting properly qualified political representatives. From this necessity will grow up a wholesome and purer state of things. Wo Bhall learn from it tho duties and responsibilities of representative instituti ons. European Intervention on This Continent.? ' The Mexican question seems to attract a very great deal of attention just now in Europe, and there are as many candidates for the monarchy of that country as there ever were aspirants for our Presidency. Maximilian, tho candidate of Austria and France, leads the list; Leonold. Kinir of Belirinm. lias a snn nf ulmni ho is anxious to dispose; Spain has half a dozen applicants, but> despairing of the success of any one of them, has turned her ideas towards Perm with a view of making that and the other South American republics into monarchies for the accommodation of the surplus members of the royal families of Europe. Thus every day the importance of this country becomes more clearly seen; for, while this great republic is crippled, every republican form of government, the world over, is weak and in danger. Every day, then, should increase the fixed resolution of our statesmen and generals to make < us soon again the strong champion of free, re publican institutions, the United States of America. Effect of the New Tax Bii.i, Abroad.?The schedule of taxation which has boen reported by the Committee of Ways and Means will do more for us in European estimation than half a dozen victories. It will put an end to the reproach which is brought against our government of a reckless trifling with the financial resources and credit of the country, and will inspire faith in our ability to overcome tho rebellion. Those abroad who arc well wishers to republican institutions will see in it something more than this. They will Toel that, with the pressure of heavy taxation, there will arise a necessity for the exercise of greater care and discrimination in the choice of those whom we elect to administer our public affairs. This is all that has been wanting to oiler to the European mind a guarantee for the stability of our institutions. With our characteristic vanity we have hitherto repudiated the justice of tho conclusion. The war, however, has opened our eves to many things, and to this among the number. Report op the Commissioners op Cuartties ano Correction.?We publish in our columns this morning a synopsis of the srsotul annual report of tho Commissioners of Public Charities and Correction. It will repay perusal. The Lunatic Asylum, Workhouse, Almshouse, Penitentiary and Island Hospital are reported to he 111 good condition. The earnings of criminals and vagrants have been over twenty-one thousand dollars, and this sum is a net gain the public. The City Prlc/rn Su miinli ItMnr/n-A.1 * 1 .? Bellcvuo Hospital is in an especially excellent condition. Ward's Island lias yielded a fair crop during the last year, and in general terms tbo number of criminals and paupers lias been less tbun during the year preceding. We are glad to observe that the policy of retrenchment and reasonable economy has been adopted by the Commissioners, and no official feasts and junketings bave swelled the items of expenditure. These institutions, rightly managed, can do much to relieve the public and to assist and comfort the poor. MfUTARY MkUIT PROMPTLY ItKWAHPKn.?Wo arc glad to find that the gov?rnment has promoted to tho rank of Major General such men as Burnsidc, Buell, Pope, McDowell, Grant, Curtis, C. F. Smith and McClcrnand, for thoir tried rnlor in the field, and that several of those who commanded brigades at Fort Donclson have boon advanced to the position 1 of Brigadier General. 1 tils timely reward of .proved merit cannot fail in exerting an cx < Ucnt effect upon the whole army, shoring* is it d>> that the country in prompt in its ? hnowledj. tnent of the services of its brave <.oi?...ders, whoao patriotic efforts will soon bo crowned with final victory over thia unholy rebellion. Tim Rtoirr Revkbenh Bishop Major General Poi.k.?Thin distinguished divino in epaulettes is a model Christian. Compelled to cvacuat0 Ids stronghold of Columbus, on the Mississippi Tiver, lie bus manifested his peculiar religion in the burning of the town. After subsisting, to the extent of their moans, upon the inhabitants since August last, he shown his gratitude and charily by reducing tlioir homes to ashes, and by turning adrift the whole community, men, women and children, as houseless fugitives from the ruins of a consuming tire. Verily a model of a bishop is this reverend vandal and incendiary. Tiik Dying Groans of tiie Thhhjnb.?Greeley moans about tlio Tax bill, which, ho says, will mulct the Tribune to the tunc of $25,000 per annum, by tho tax on paper, tho tax on advertisements, the tax on telegraphic despatches and the tax on income. If this bo true, the Tribune is on tho eve of its last agony, for already It docs not pay oxponscs. Twentyfive thousand dollars <ft taxes would soon finish it. NEW YOU) HEWS FROM MISSOURI. Ortw of General llalleck Respecting the Oath of Allegiance. St. Ljub, March 4, 1842. General n illeck, In an orJor, Bays:? On tho recommendation of tho Governor and the wsvoral Judges of the Slate, It is directed that all licensed attornoys, counsellors and proctors be required to take the oath of allegiance prescribed In tho sixth section of the 01 dinance of tho State Convention i>a3s>od October 1(3> 1841. Judges of tho State courts will refuse to permit any one to practise in their courts who refuses or neglects to tako such oath. Tho Board of Assessment in the city of St. Louis, for the beneiit of suflering families driven by tho enemy from .Southwest Missouri,having completed its labors and rendered its final report, is hereby dissolved. HEWS FROM FORTRESS KOKROE. Baltistork, March 4,1SG2. Tho boat from Old Poiut lias arrived, hut brings no news. Nothing had yet becu heayd of tho released Union prisoners. No Hag of truro had passed between Kortross Mouroo and Crnney General Wool has refused to permit any moro passengers to goSouih. Tho Constitution, on her way up to Newport News, was fired on by tho rebel boat, but not damngod. NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. The Bron<hva>- Rullroad Bill? Imporlnnt Propositions In Rcgnril Thereto?Military Appointments, &c. Albany, March 4,1862. The Committeo on Railroads met to-day on the Broadway Railroad case. J. T. Williums, counsel Tor the property owners on Broudway, appeared heforo the committee and submitted nmeudmcuU proposed on bcliall' of the opponents of the bill in case it should be reported by tho committee, but not withdrawing opposition to tho construction of any railroad. On the part of ten responsible cit'zens of Now York? A. T. Stewart, P. H. llafght, John 0. l'holps, Solomon J. Ilart, M. Morgan, Nicholas Ludium, Ajnos 11. too, E. Purmloy, Edwin lloyt and John Tuylor?it was proposed to insert their names in place of tho proscnt proposed coriwrntors and bind themselves to pay $1,000,000 cash for the franchise, besides paying any fair and reasonable com|iensaLii>n to all properly holdors and stage proprietors on the line, and givo such bonds as the committeo thought anlllciont for the payment of that amount. Mr. Ward appcarod iu favor of the bill, and otfcrod an ameudmcut oil the part of tho present proposed corporators, us follows:?To ad 1 live additional names as corporators?hut the names urn not mudo public; to pay llio Consolidated Stage Company j 3705,000, the Knickerbocker Company $200,000, and private firms an adequate amount, provided said lines would deliver o\ or to the railroad their stock in its pre- . sent condition; to add a provision that the city may lute tho road at any time by paying tho cor|K>rution the amount expended. The latter amendment is proposed in order to obviate the supposed unconstitutionality of 1 making tho grant porpotcal. Mr. Williams slated that tho ofier ho proposed was J made by his r. ionts because they deemed, if tho rommitteo thought that tho public necessity should i override privaio rights, that the city ought to get all u could out of s'uph a valualiio frauchlse. lie stated tint this offer was not final, hut might bo increased if tho promised cor]x>rator* in the ( original bill clinse to outer uito coinpcilou for thofranchls . His clients made the offer hi ?ood fal h, and wero 1 prepared to bind ihimselvcs to pay I ho amount before > commencing tho road. , All iirguinent was excluded by tho committeo, who . took the prop. Bud amcndncnts for further consideration. It U thought the committee arc favorable to some rail- ' road, but that tho present ollbr may destroy tho cliauco 1 ot the original corporators obtaining the 1 General Ai ihur, Engtnoer-in Chief, lias been ap; olntej < by Governor Morgan inspector General, In place of Gene- 1 rat Patrick, resigned, and has entered upon the discharge of the duties of il.c clllie. Movement* of Colonel Wood. OF AND ItKCirnON AT 11IS IIOitK, IN JAMAICA, t. I. Jamaica, L. I., March 4,180?. Colonel Wood arrived here at half-past clevor. o'clock this morning. Ho was roc lived by tho firemen, military and citizens in largo numbers, at Borland's Hotel, whore .John I. Snc fekor mailo nil clo inent nrl<lrr.a? ..i.. ....i coming Colonel Wood. ThJ Colonel 111:1 Jo a briof reply, heartily thanking his fellow citizens for their kindnessujid attention to him. The procession then form id in line, and escorted tho Colonel to liruahvilla, his rosideuce, where ho was wolcomed home by J. J. Armstrong, in a very spir.tod speech, to which Colonel Wood, deeply touched, replied eloquently and patriotic illy. Stowarl's 1 land then played "Home, Hweot Homo," and tho procession, uftor giving cheer after cheer forth; "Hero of tho Hay,'' turned thir stops towards Jatuaira again. The utmost enthusiasm prevailed all along the routo. The HrbrI Urniraln ARRIVAL OK Bl'CKSKK AN1> THAI II MAN IV BOSrOV. [Kiuin the Ronton To. t, March 4 J Yesterday morning Inllo.l States (jn-irtormastor MeKim recvlvod a despatch stating that tttu prisoners had left Albany, and would arrho In Ifston about llvo ' o'clock. United States Marshal Keyes received a similar I message. Both gentk men accordingly mu le ail neces- ' sa.y preparation for Mulr illustrious v silers. Captain ' Me Kim, who more properly lis I the a-rung mcnt for ' thctr transit from tlio d-ipot to Fort Warren, proeurod ' ca rtages and had the Tho ' intiiiiatlon in last evening's pipers that they would ' arrive caused a gathering of sovorul huiulr.d pe >p!c, J among whom was n liberal distribution of ihu female . ' ox. Tho train arrived at qunrter-paHt live P. M., wh n t ha crowd, in spite of thcelforts of a consideralile corps r of policemen, proesad around tho rata. Vnii ussouttmenU ' of an emphatic, end s niotlmig of u nature bordering ou " the profane, were freely uttered. After considerable 1 waiting, for ilio pur|*>so i f blinding tho multitude as to the jsuiiI of exit of t'm prisoners, tlioy cau.e out under guard, being directed by CnpUiu Mcitlin and Marsiuil K> yes. No sooner were tho; >o n than a rush was mado for litem, and lor a time it was linixpslblo to make any ii - idw iv. The pre. sure w is intense. The police ap- f' [K'n'o-I to the crowd, which did iu much good ns If their I w l'ds li id l? en utter, d to the w inds. Amid th rush of people a id th rumbling and shouting of roiros thero i? i ivionuliy rose a vol ey of liiss s. which, though not ' "iong," w u . somewhat "deep. ' The rdbols, however, li were not molested titer ihaii by prefsorc. They werj ( at length got thrill ;;h tho ill fl'Mt, Wll ;I'(! h:li ks were ready to receive th in. lp<u ,ho it..ts do there wua " aiioiU. r rush, hi- li piov nted any progress f. r several o minutes, riiuni boys and Indies vio treated with- v mit consideraiton; ami it was no sin ill lent for a strong man to achLvo n lull breath. The ,. Hen ruts were at login esc tojl to a ha k. into j which they got, arc uupanied by .ho (pi.irtertnasior and l Marsha). 'I lie military ctmrgo followed In another t ain. , Hioy woro Allven olf with all possible speed, thecrowd p shouting and many for a whtlo following on with a lleot f?it. Horse li' sli, however, was too much for the pedes- ] trlans, and they seon lost sight of tho vanqntshod heroes ? of Forts H' nry and I >> .nelson. Tliey soon .cached l.mcoin's wharr, ut the Norih hint, where ih?y took tho Argo, and in on hour woru at the gates of Kori Warren. ? The prisoners appeared \ ery little concerned ai the do- | raonsirat ion at tho depot. Tllglnnan, if appearances x wsro not do. 01>tiv?, ap]>oarod to rather enjoy it. He did in.t, perhaps, cxpe. t such a cordial fa-cplton. Buekuer hardly enjoyed tho thing, fearing possibly, that th- tleiitions Might rote h a point of v|o| uce, nl whlih thee t \vn* no cianger ana no intention. Tiny nro not of suiTI- i fit nt uccoui.1 lor a llohtou crowd lo soiioimly^roublo. Ninto'a Gaum-*.?Tint "Colleen Ikiwn" continued as ' attrnctivo a* evorat this eatabllanineiit. The new regm ' latlon, reducing to twenty-llvo ccnta the admission to < Ilia upper or fuiniljr clrrlo, has brought a lurge accession 1 to the usual audiences. Arrivals and Departures. AKKtVAI.*. Ijvraroot.?flterim?lil]> Arabia?nor rnur i:*yley, lady, ' child, nurse and man s rvant; Mr ?te I'otostnd, lady, threo , children, nurse and mun servant; Mi * rl" l'"te?tid, <> II i Kunoth and lady, Mr* Magi", L Tr o, ludy, child and nure; , Mr* Mererr, Ml?s Merewr, Isaac I' Iratiri*, ladv, ehlld and 1 nurse; Mri'orb ? and servant, K W Barron aiitfsc. . ant, K?- I comlon an I ser.rn', J l.o ler.nn, Mr Mi ,-m- ?, In Milieu. II i W Maker, 0 I* Hmlth < ilehr-niweh, Nubt Kuy, tleo Trull, (1 j A MiiiriK'D, I'sni I 1. Jordan, Mr M. t?, W ,1 t 'uni.ln jhsm, c , t> Wilt", K t'II ill, ! 'Mil" r, Mrs M 1' We I la, MrHioddtrd. lady ana Id; . < J tlano Whiter. W Cheeka, F Beiiter, J liaflointl, K M Warden. K l.nehner, U D Enrle. J L llnhbsr.l, 1 Koht NieiwU, Simon Ohlmann, Benton Flint, lidw Ha^er. ' 11'inMi.a? 8te?inshl|i Bremen?Mr Detlger, l? O llrnnil*, I Dr Julius Bains n, L. At.reus. Mr* Wurriintion, Count JV ( Schwdnlts, li"na Bun h and child. M m H die and ludy, K | Bndensiein, W K i'ool, K Kratoacbvell; b Waller, ludy mid I .rd s Hli-I.nrd', W II l>avl?; l> W Blake, ludy nnd child; C M Nelson, i; Kiilsflit. Mis* Adeline Dumellii, Mr luclohmo Dlsdme, Mrs lends s Jotiurr.uidot and child, U Vun Kiim- . lntr, and ??7 In iho altera t;c. I UKrARTtTRBP. ? Na-sauand IIavasa?S'i a nsliip Kurnak?For H wana? 1 Ed Jinnhi?*, Mewl, lira; w M'lcsoll, du;.Mrand Mrs J 1) 1 Joii"*and servant. M Y, Mr .in I Mis ("has s Jenkins, .1 r ey Clljr; It A for*)111, V whura, J It Befgeeut, N Y, ll VV leiler, cu; Mraii l* Mr* B M Nuye*, two children and servant, I'rnvld live. It I; I A Rhodes, do: A M Brewer, N Y; T Mr i I'lilnney, Nivvpin. Hi Mayor. Boilon: .1 B s.ilre. d ll J | Foster, ( auada, A rfcliweln, N Y;L J.>?. idi, do; I l iion.urii, Liverpool, rl II A lums, M .Illume: Go.. J Mali , M V ; Thus E li vine, do. Naa-au?it Liidlain, Kings-.n, N Y;WTCiilu111X. I'litladclpbln; Miss Il'iheriiido; Mr- lly llnhriiiK. do; 1 Mrs James BP-wait, N 1; lilaA ncellency c ,1 Bay I v, ivll'e, child, nurse and man sr.-i iiit,Na.miit; A l.ongiiuiiiind -on, ' , Hocl.iSH T, S Y,.Ins F llsrlland, N Y; II r.iee|K Hriiuii ,Jer? y City ; AW h kel, Cincinnati; llobt Tntntde. Newport; Med Oldofiedl Tudlnl, R K Hun lieson, Naassu; J Miller, N Y;CF Smith, do; Jus Stewart, N Y; Mrs Col llarurd and diuiijhtcr, Conn; (fllberl Contdon and ami, I'mrldence; Cha* , L Briars, N Y;)l a Belover. Auburn; kll*. Young, do; Mr and Mr* A E Doilglaa, N Y; Mis* Wilson, r p; Mrs J B I'slne, Boston; Mis* Douglas, fi Y; Mr and Mrs 8 L II..very, do; Mr and Mrs John K Sin ppnrd, do; Dr and Mrs 8 I? (laden, three children nnd s rvnut, New purl; A Hillings, N 1 ; Mis* M H Kddv, do; Jos rtetton, Colin, Mis* Billing* snrf two ehil wen, N Y; Mrs Haata.e, do; W L llustace, do, Mr nnd Mr* W li TreartwHI, do; Mr* W J Todd, do; Mis* Mary B Ray nor, do: II A Denlinn, do; John li dale, do; Oidufrtdi, ao. Specie Alt,oh" K. 1IEKALD, WEDNKSIXA Excitement mt the Battery. A HUMAN NIOL'KE UANlilNO FKOM TI1K YAKDAKM 0 HJE KiiENCll hTEAMEK CAT1NAT. Quite an excitement was creatod yesterday In tl lower pari of the city, especially in the vicinity < Castle Gurden, caused by a rejiort which became ver general in the latter pari of tlie day, ibat u man wt hanging from the main yardarin of the t rench steam. Catinat, now lying off the Battery. The roport, as it bi oumo generally known, drew hundreds of pcoplo, yonn and old, to the Battery,to satisfy themselves If such wi the c-ise. All sorts and sizes of telescopes, spyglassf and opera glarscs wero brought into requisition, an groui s of tons and twenties touid be seen gaib"rod aroun thoso who wore so fortunate cs to possess tin so o;>tici instruments, to hoar what their opinions wore to the distant figure, as many supposed that a mail ha really been hanged on board the vessel. Somo jiorso would Bay, "Vos, it is a real man; lean boo his face; wld'.o another would oxpross his indignation at sue cruelly being imp.sod on poor sailors lor some trlvi. olfeiu o. One man gave it us his opinl.iu that tlio culpri must have c. mmilt'd a murder, <>r tli y would nuljiar. him so publicly. While these opinions and conjecture were going :_)i>j rounds us ty the cause of tlio hanging an Its brutality, a son of Erin stepped up lA our reporter and exclaimed, very indignantly,"It is a burning sham they don't t.ike tlio poor isllow down. 1 um sure he ha. tinio enough to bo well dead since sunrise. Oh, the* arc uwftil bust, s." This created roars of laugh tor. The excitement grew-during the duy until it was a lover heat. Tho ationti. n of the crowd was at one tim drawn to a. company of soldiers who wero march ii| down tlio iTutcry, iu tlio di/oction of tho multitude, nea the btirh. Tho military wero no sooner seen than i vW; porson s onied to liavu made up his mind that the troop wuro ordered d avn to investigate tho matter; but u|h>i inquiry it was found that they woro a company of tin Eighty-third regiment k now stationed at tho l'ai It liar rucUs, who woro marched down by their Captaii tn cm wl,fit li no I.? ~ i..I......o.. . 1..',.. Occasionally the crow of the C utloat coulit be soon pass iitg tho portholes of the vessel,formed in procession, an< nil dressed in white; and every time thoy passed tin gla-?us on shore would lio turned towards them and tin supposed sailor who was dangling in tho uir?tho idct being that they woro about to take him down. At the timo our rojioi tor le.'t tho llguro was still hang ir.g, and crowds of people continued to como and go, c\ pressing their strange and sometimes ri liculeus opinion; us to what must liavo boon tho cause of s i brutal i punishment. Due gentleman said lie had heard the cut prlt had shot ono of the olliccr- on Monday night, foi which crime ho was scntencod to ho strung up yesterday morn I g from tho yardnrm. It is scarcely necessary to inform our rcadert that In ail Catholic countries tliis custom ol hanging a man in ofilgy on tho Tuesday imme dlatoiy preceding Ash Wolnctday is voiy coiiimon. In gomo places the figure is meant to represent Judas, the apostate, who, alter having betrayed his Divine Master, wont out in lomorse and hanged himself. On the present occasion tho crow of tho Catinut woro only, under due permission, enjoying llio la^l day before Lent; and as al ter to day th arc to bo put oh snort allowances of beei and pork, it is no wonder tiiut thoy woro making tiio best of thoir time, ilardi gras,or fat Tuesday (lakeu in opposition to tho jours mail,nes or tncugro days of Lent) . is generally observed in this way in French countries. The hanging of a Itguro in eiligy, like that of yesterday ulways ace- oipmiios tho celebration, and sometimes tut stutlod ciotli is not cut down till tho Siturday beiori En-tot Sunday. Yes'.orduy, therefore wasSlirovoTuesday, which is the first Ti.osduy aftor Quinqiuigcssinm Sunday. When Kng land was a Roman Catholic country this day was well oh. sorvod, by t!:o people being compelled to confess theii sins to tiioir parish priests, al ter which they dined spar' ingly on fritters. Tho moa of the Catiuat,however, were kllowed full sco|>? to eat, drink, wear masks, Uanco, and nako themselves morry in every way, and litis is the ;auso of tho excitement on tho Unitary yesterday. Uccting of the Street Opening Commit* tec. me raojitcT to widen and extend cnuitcu street. The Street Opening Committoo of tiio Board of Alder nou mot yesterday to hear the views of tho property iwnors and others Interosted in tho project for widening md extending Church street to Battery plnco. A large lumber of petitions were presented remonstrating igainst too ino'isui c. nii'st i\itu principal.y o.a.suil on lie u gumcnt that the propose 1 Improvement would be serried out at tlio uxpenseof those owning proporty on tlio ruulo of the proposed oxtension. Tin y state that many or iho stores are now bringing in but half the amount of rent tvhieli they di<l at this timo last year an! many others aro altogether unnccupied. The meeting was attended by a large number of the principal business men of the city, ami was vory informal ami turbulent in its charucter, a great deal of personal feeling being exhibited. This was In a groat measure owing to tlio smallnMS of the room anil the fact that many ol the geiitloineu present would persist in speaking togeth cr, in spito of the vigorous attempts of tho Chairman Alderman Hoolo? to prosorvo ordor. Mr. C. (Jodmiky (ii-MTHXR presented a petition on behalf of thoso in lav r of the proinxcd improvement, and, iu addition to the oi.e presented at the former meeting, ho stated Hint it was signed by | artics owning properly to the uraotnt ol three millions of dollars. The whole amount of property repro.-ont'd by thoso in favor of iho improvement ij about twelve millions of dollars. Mr. MtCl'KDY, tu reply, said that if Iho parlies owning property along the proposed route wore assessed the amount collected would not ha suUiciont to cot or tlio oxpenso incurred, and that every cent assessed above Fulton tract would be unjust. Axdhkw II. Mickijs, who is a largo proporty owner in the lower part of the city, sjHiko strongly in favor of the proposed improvements. After examining several maps, and indulging in along dosultory conversatl di, the mooting broke up with the mulerstandii g that another meeting will be held on Ilia IStti Inst., in the chamber of the Hoard of Alderm ;n. Mr. J. w. Mkrks then said that a meeting would be be called buforo that time, when all who are opposed to 111") measure tire invited in all uid. Mr. S. Stoh* tbea addressed tlio meeting, calling on them to abindon tbo product altogether, and uso tlu-ir Iforts to have University place extended to Uattcry |ilnce. The ex|wnse, he said, would be about live millions ( dollars, which, lie thought, would be cheerfully||>oid by he taxpayers of the city. Me then branched olTon the oili ect of the Broadway jtallrood hill, calling it a most nlquitous measure, and prophesying that the laying ol ails a o:ig ltroadwav would be the signal for a nioti to nn.l loitp <1. -m II* r ,i.<. |!.ln.l l.c <l-,lln? tl.o hp van nut n property bolder on the pr >i>osed route, but that lenry Want I to "e her a abort time since st?t"it that th" ity of Brooklyn wou'd roon have a population ut live n.ilions of inhabits in, who would want to bo accommoUtcd Willi a suitable route, to reach the Central Park, lad ill it would be beet accomplished by adopting hi. iroposed amendment on tlio original meaauro. City Intclll}{i'n(r< TIIK COMMF.NCKMENT OK LKNT?AS1I WEDNESDAY. L?nt night the holy season of Lent was ushered in amid pstivilins nnd general Jollification, ill compliance with 110 timo lionoi ad observance of .shrove Tuesday, pan ikos'woro indulged in to a largo extent, dhers ancient ramos woro pluyed,and ?" veral lo\ing c?slides, it is to 10 presumed, bled to tho ciiureli, tlicrc to bo bound In ho indissoluble lio <f matrimony. Marriages aroint llowed during I/itit by tiio Catholic church, nnd henco righiutcd tliis custom of marrying on Shrove Tuesday, i llicit promtl* to surli an oxtont in ail Catholic countrias. hrovc Tuesday d rives lis nauia from a custom winch acd to exist in Old Kngland, before tho Reformation. 111 good Christians woro tlion ex;>cctad to "shrive'' hmnselve* of all sinfulness, by making a full confession n their |>a.stor.- Colore the actuul beginning of the Lenten ..ut. T>eilay being Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Ismt. lie i , ellx 'Ash" la dorivmi from the habit of blessing >h * ..II tin* day, which is dono by the Catholic priests .d ovor the world. The fast will cootinuo fur forty days, Kid w ill coin-hide witli tlio solemn services of Holy Week ti l Caster Sunday. The regulation* this year are exacty thu s.iiuo as th-wo which obtained last year. Tiio.-o vill b | articular services to-day at tho Human Cathuliu .ml Episcopal churclios. "WasnixoTc* City Pirixo tub Rbbbixiox."?Wo beg ,1 call thu attention or our roaders to tho iocturo on Wellington City During tho Rebellion," to bo delivered ty tlio Rev. Dr. C. M. Butler, at tlio rc<iuo?t of many o! >ur prominent citizen*, rm Thursday evening, March 0, it elftul o'clock, at IrTinn Hail. Wo arc assured by tlio. o arho have heard It that It la roploto with facta of the te"|M'Ht lutcrcstand with Beniimonts of tho lofileat patriotism. Axxoal Retort or Tim Bonn Stiiect IIoweorATHic Piskx-ahy.?The soventh annual report of this Institution lias been Issued, und rcpreeeuta tho condition of lis af 'airs In a very fitvori. bio light. During the year ouding mitie 1st of February 6,1.10 cases wore troatod, and I3,0d0 proscriptions given, against 3,018 cases and 9,13'J prescriptions the previous year. Tho results of the treatment, in a cur ulvo i*>lnt of vlow, havo been highly latlsfactory. IMtof the wholo number of cases treated J kill wore cured, and but sixteen died under tho treatment. The stno uit of subscriptions received during the rear was $1,041 75, which Includes the sum of $600 dointod by tho Common Council. The expanses have imountcd to $907 OA, which leavoc a balance In cash on niul of (74 70. l'l i Institution is under lb i manegemout if l>r. Otto Fitllgrair. ?-listed by a large staff of well enow n medical gentlomon. Personal Intelligence. Colonel Itakor, of Connecticut; Alitor braves, of Kngsnd; C. U. Trumbull, of the United fctnios Army; J. S. le hacroix, fiom I'ort Royal; 11. Skinner, of New Haven; J. W. 1 owns, of Bridgeport, and J. I,, and F. Van Soliumlorn, of Troy, are stopping at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel. llun. J. Woodruffnnd wife,of Connecticut; Hon. W. D. t. Moore, of Maine; Captain J. l'rutt.ol' England: t). T. Madman, of Cincinnati; Dr. J. A. liockwood, of tlio 1'nltod mates Navy; t>i plain It. F. I/ipor, of I'liilsdolphla; C C. Wostcott, of Host l); It. W. King, of Chicago; H. O. ilurnum.of 1! ilTalo, and Captain N. Shannon,are slopping it the Axtor House. Major Cantrel,of the d'Epineul Zouaves; O. Sandford, *. 11. Motcalf,and H nry Mitrroll, Jr.. of Now Ywk, W. II. Merrill,of I'ouglikeopsio; .1. W. Mills and wife, of White lTalb8;lV. U turn, of Spnngtield, H. A. Smith, of NewHavo:i;B. If.Shelden,of Danburjr; J. It. Numnay, of M nit .Morris, and C. S. Ilcmllng, of Dinbury, arc Stopping at the Albemarle Hotel. Iff. l'indle,of the United States Navy; 0. C. Had ley nnd w ile, of St. I/mm; Henry Sandford, ot ConnectIrut; .1. I, lane,of Washington; E. P. Burton and wife, and J. ciianiberSjOf Philadelphia;II. A. Rathbnna, of Albany G. 1'. Duel',of Hartford; K. Uliss, or California; C. B Washburn, of Wa hlnglon. and (1. A. Morse snd wife, of Vermoul, are stopping M tb^Sl. Nicholas Hotel. .Y, MA HUH 5, 180U.?TKI1 Tlie Funeral of President Fclton. '* BofcT)*, March 4,1WJ2. The funeral of I'r ridont Felleo, of Harvard Colleg 10 took plaoe to-day,at the Appletou chap I, OldCambri Ig In accordance with the w ishes expressed by tho decease f the cerem>nlo8 wore simple and without display. 11 18 attendance was very large, Including the Faculty ai >r students of the College, and many persona eminent ?* literature and in public estimation. The body was d g pusue 1 in Mount Auburn. is Lloyd's Mara or Vikcinia, Kkxtvcky and Missn m.?J j such a tune ns tlm present maps like those isauod by . j T.Lloyd, of liroadwuy, are moro than valuable, fur II purjHise of foil a-, irg the course of tbo onward march < d our victorious armies. As evory roadway, as well < j railwuy, is marked down with as much accuracy as cs n be ascertained, and evory village, city, ridges,mow i tain, creok, stream and river, are particularly loeatoi Iho course of our various divisions c in bo followc 11 steadily aud surely. These maps being published at u 1 most a nominal pries, they arc brought within the rcac f' of all onr renders. , Mrs. Maocie Hahibt's Coiktrt.?The programme f< J this concert at Nil lo's Saloon to-night is vocally and li [1 strumontally a most attractive ono. Thu singorswillt J Mis. lluight, Madame Ouproz, Messrs. II. 1'rcnd. rgut Underbill, A. llruliam, and liurding. The accompli lie o youi'g violinist, Mile. T'edt, und Messrs. ltrndfor and Maracke, tlio guitarists, aie named among the bi joittE. The musical arrangements will he under tli . direction of Professor Davis. THE SIEGE OF SAVANNAH. Progress of tho Federal Expedition in Savanna Eiver?Map of the Situation?The Destructio of Columbus, Ky.?The Suppression of the K< bellion?The Chevalier WikofF and tho Hick man Investigation?The Death of Gcnora Lander?The Latest Nuwe, &c., &c., &c. An interesting account of tho Operations or tho Uuio l'lcct in tho Savannah River, accompanied with a Mt showing the topography and hydrography of tlio a| preaches to that city, and tho relative positions of th

federal fortifications on Jono<' Island mid Long Islant will bo given in this week's issuo.of the Family Uekali ready this (Wednesday) morning. It will also coniai on account of tho Evacuation and Destruction of Colon IniB, Ky., by the Rebois, and a description of its i>ositiou strength and importance; Tho Latest Accounts of th Operations of the Union Expedition in North Carolina Iho l-atost Pospatchos from tho Union Norces on tli tl'otomac, in Western Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky an TennosH*e, and all important War Movements of the pas week; Tlio Cbovalier WikolFs pi<|unnl and amusing n< count of his roccnt imbroglio with tlio Judiciary Coir mllteoofibo House of Representatives; hate Iiitclligour I 'from the Rebel States; Account of tho Death of lieneri ' . K. W. Landor in Virginia on Sunday last, witli an ir terestiug sketch of liis Lifo and Services; The Late.) News from Europe, and much other informing roading Terms?Two dollars per yoar. Single copies,four co:iU Ofilclul Drawing, or Murray, Kriily ?S Co.'a Kniitiiclrvand Mls. inristMtc Lottcriar. Kkntuckt. Kxtisa Class 100?March 4, 1812. 52, 65, 77. 'i>. Iill. VI. 44, .1:1. 43, 13, CC Kentucky, Class 100?March 4. idC3. 38. 5, S . .Li. 71, d;l.'33, OS, 56, 1, !), 3. Circular, aeut free of charge liy -td drafting aimer to .<1UHB.II, lllllll A ?U., I I'-iiMiii'in, Ivy., or Si.?.)-us, Mo. Official Drawing* of the Kentucky ant ' Delaware Slate L.iII i Ii'm. Khstuokt?Kxtiia Class 53?March 4, IA12. ; 10, 4M, 4.-?, 74, 00, 51, 3. 52, 20. 77, 75. Di:i..vwaiik?Class 101?March 4, 18.12. 1, 1G, 51, 41, 55. IK. CJ, G'J, 17, 75, 3, 8. 1 Circulars scut by a lili naalnif .JOHN A. MOItlUS ft CO.. ; Wilmington, Delaware, or Coungtou, Kentucky. Prices Cashed in All I.>rgiilized I.ottc Ictus. Information given. JO.thPil ItATKK. lJrokar, IU Wall street, up slain, New York. Out?Knox's Hytring Stylo of Octiit Iluta 212 Btoadwsy, corner of Fulton street. 1 Snrink and Kulnsritdc is n More At ract Ive drama ut I1APN CM S M UKKl'M than has everts fore been put upon III it s a ;e, an I, with Coiuuioilore Nut ' Ac., is drawing oversowing houses. At JeffiTS1, No. 573 Broatltvny, Intllcfl Halmornla. >2 and $2 50; misneV, $1 73 and $1 50; childreu' , $1 37 urn'. $1 2*>. JUKI- EHS, 573 Broadway. A Diamond Wanted.?The Advertise wl*hr* to purchase u I rilliaut or roue Diamond, of tha lir wat-r, weigh lag from 4 to 6 carat <, for ltia use. Ar i Knnable prior In rash'w 11 be pat.I for a perfect stone, luu aclinicly i ut. or 111 advertiser w i.illd pre', r to rent a In use, I good loeullty, in p.i; meat. Address Diamond, Lox 773 1'u Wedding Card* and Note Paper*.?firm Inducement*, elegant styles and low prices, at JAH. KVKf 1 DELL'S old < titi-lls.ltin -ut, 302 llroadwsy, cornet oi Dt ane* reel. Trntiei.?Marsh iV Co.'s Radical Curt Trusses, Shoulder lirncea and Dr. Wadsworth'a Uterine Kle valot?u anpert<ir nrllcle. No. 2 Vcsey arret t, Aator House opposite the chur It lintehclor's Ilntr Dye.?The Heat in tht world; hnrmle**. reliable nit I tiist intan 'Otia. Sold and up pi.c i at UATCIIHI.I.II ; Wig Factory, It Bond sterol. (iloriotu Trtuiii|>h.?Mrs. S. A. Allen 1 i dally receiving lestltnonlals as to the wonderful virtues c l? r World's llalr Kestorer and llslr Dres*lt<g. They bar , nu eijualA, and a gitaruiitee- goes will every bottle. liepo i$ 11 n? kkal act, ik ar Fv I n. Cristartoro's IInIr Dye, Preservative am i WI.-m. the lu st in the w. rid, wholi ule mid ictail, uud ill l ?.ye pi Iva'.oly appln il a; I. i. (i Axfor House. Hill, Inlinltuble II:\lrCutter?Ila!r Dy 5-) rents blsclt fr brown. Depot, No. 1 Barclay street, an nolJ I y n'l druggie's , [ A Pure 'A'otiucco.?Yellow Hunk Toljnr.' eo.?Uoo tu in's Pure Yrlli>w It ,ug . > fre" Iron, nil lot 1 i M-ili *, t ir " lie In nl tul) il". ti .ii.i al i , in I u whole ale by K. UOODWIN .? KllOTHltll. ? J IVat-r *t reel Tlie Ureal Pile Renieil)'.?If you nv i trimided with I leeiliug. blind or itcliin; pile*. u?i- t)i WII MEK'ii lMIc Hii|i|iwiluii'jr. it is a certain an i i pi: iimu-n cure. A?<nt, lfci H iwiry. W. IV Unit's I iiil in ii III ii imeuf l? it Stir cure lor Klietimatism, N urnl,;la, Sore Tbroai, Hpralii*, it. Depot, f,I Hiir lay street. Mai rM? CoaMtiLi-K?Wdwai.i..?On Tiiuolay, March 4, nt tin residence ol iho bride's father, In Qtioon'a, J? I., by thi I lev. Alvali Wwwall, Kcv. oamiki. J. Corn lie to Mi* Lviiu A. WwwAl.t. m Cpunariv?Wixriirrr?On Monday, March 3, bjr thi Rev. Father Lafont, Mr. A tot as t> Cr< vakii, of Paris, l< Mi s J. 0. Wwtnou, of Cbsrleston, H. t*. IIart? JitiFKiTU.?On Mom lay, Match 3, by the llov. I. 8. Ktll?ch, Jons H. Hart, to Miss Maitr A. Uairirm, all of this city. California papers pleaso copy. Priam?RiM.-TOL.-iOn Tuesday, February 26, by Rev Win. Ostrnmlcr, Mr. Joiiv L. Punts, of Now York, to Mis: Isaiimxa V. Bristol, of Jersey City. Dicil. llRAtKi.?On Sun day, March 2, Mary Jkav, wife of Ale* n<lcr ltragg, at h r Into residence, 403 Second avenuo. The friends of the family are rex|>eclfully Invite I to at lend the funeral, from her Into residence, 4W3 S'oontl uvo ime, Una (Wednesday) afternoon, at (woo'clock, llei 1 re ma Ins will lie laketi to Iho I'ulou Cemetery for inter' 1 tuent. If.>ton and ClncinnalI papers pleaso copy, LltMtrii Suddenly, of apoplexy, Charles 8. Ilooui aged 67 years. ! The frl ndx and relatives of (he family, also, the memhurii i?f 1 AivoiiunL Indira Mn. H'?. I- <>. tif o It' ur? fully mvlteil toa'tend the funeral, on Thursday after iw* u,nt i?io'clock,from Ins Ulo rosulciice, 2-U (irahmc ay nue, Wnilumsbuig. I Oreonport pipers please copy. i Citvi. u>>.?lu Brooklyn,on Monday, March .1, Kdwivj HrMir.IT CamulW H, ngo-l 3) yarn, wlfo of Meotetuul J. tUakoisy Grolghtnn. Inltcd.States Navy,auil dnughtet of Ontnmodoro Mint H. Strlnghnm. i llio relatives and friend a of tho family are invited t attend lb* Itiueral, tint (Wodn*day) al t-moon, at three i o'clock, from tho rcsldcnco of her lather, No. ltw liicki street, Brooklyn, without further Invitation. toKNWKi.i.?On Snmluy, March 8, Jti.ii, Infant daughter of 1'oior Jf.ond Ksthi r J. Oiri.wll, ug< d 11 months. tho relnthrra nnd friends of tho family, tho Hoard of F.iikiuhsih of Now York Klro Department mnl tho mem* hers In general, alio the mom bora of heyitouo Ixslgo No. %ii f. and A. M., are rusiwclfully ilivlleil to attend tho f'inaral, from ttiv residence of hor purouta, No. 17 Kaao.t Street,this (Wsdneeday) afternoon,at nno o'clock. caiihol ? on Tuesday, March 4, after n short hut sorare Illness,Catiiari.vf, tho bolorcd wlfo of John Carrol aged 27 you'i, da ;ghtor of Michael Uolden, of county Migo, Ireland. The friend* and acqunlntnineea of the family are re speetfully Invited to altcnd tho funeral, from hor lain re Idenee, c ?rr.or of Cook etreotund liusliw ick avenue on Thitr day aftornoon, nt, two o'clock. Hligo p?| or* |doese copy. Ca*iir! imc.?In Moris oounty, N. J., on Krl lay, t'cbrn ary 81, Mm. I'AmitA Caiukiowk, In tho 83d yoar of hoi ago. New York State, California and St. I/iuls paporg phase copy. . ' Pavxy.?On Tuesday , March 4, (JiORus Davit, of in (lnmtitailon of tho litnga, aged 83 years. Tho relntlves and friends o? tho family are respectful!) Inviiod to nttoud the funeral, from his lata re dderee 838 Kullon avotuio, Brooklyn, on Thursday afternoon nt half past one o'clock. I DokX'Wak.?fh | arte'd Ibis lifo, on lue?day afternoon March 4, Ftotnwia IN rsovar. , the funoral will take place on Thursday morning, a ten o'clock, from his lata roudooce, Washington llouso 'LK SHEET. corner of Grand an I Hudson streets, Jersey City. The friends aud ru uitvot uro respectfully ir.vit.ud U> attend. Davms or?<>u Tueoduy, March 4, Mrs. Catuabins I>a ' tiiwo*-, aged 81 veare, u month* and 4 days, a native of c. county Arinath, Ireland. j Tlic frtomls of the firmly are respectfully invttod to at' tend the funeral, on Thursday af term on, at h di pust one 14 o'clock, from the ruseJeuce ut tier s /U-ui law, Jainea t'J Ula-Hcy, No 238 W?dt Houston street. in Fox.?Suddenly,on Tuesday morning, March 4, at halfpast one o'clock, alter a short ami s< vore illness, Makih ?* l'ox, wife of M.irtlu Fox, and 'laughter of F. Let/, ugocl 22 vears,2 moiitlia and 12 days. The relatives and frioi.dfc of the family are resjw* tfully It Invited to attend tltu funeral, this (VVudn sday) a tur| noon, at one o'clock, frutn her lute residence, No. 307 n East Tenths: reel. For.?In Jersey City,* on Monday, March 3, JajusM. ?f For, aged 72 ye .rs, ol disease of ilio brain, after a ret ei o is Illness. n The inends and relatives of decor ed are ros|icctfully invifofl 7h attend the fiiiiori.r, froth the residence of bid son-in-law, M. Honcynian, 15 <ir.ind.s u '.Jo soy City, I. this (W'eduecKlay) afternoon si three <'el :lc, when hid re,d mains will bo taken to Jersey City Cemetery lor iulur tuent. tlKistiTJis.?On M nd.iy, Ma eh 3, of consumption, FIan:lt ka.'i It. (iiti>in?H, aged 2S yearn. The friends and relatives ol thofiiniiy are respoclfully invited to utlend the funerul, Hits (Wednesday) afternoon at two o'clock,from h'-r laio residence; 64 Greeuwicb avenue. The remains will be to Greenwood Cemo' tery for interment. io Western pajiors plonse C"|iv. t Gk i i in?on Tiebday, March 4, Johanna, youngest ' daughter of Dennis and Abigail Urillln, aged 7 yi ars. J The friends of the family arc respectfully iuvilcd to nbd tend tho funeral, from tho residence of her pa rente, No. ,. 'J Vamlewaler street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. 13 iiuuins.?On Monday, March 3, after a f Introrleg i'1no-if!, John Huaiuw, oi tlio parish lyuau, oouutv Armagh, Ireland, aged 57 years. 11 ib friends and acquaint ances, also those of liis sons, Win. J. und Jauios K., uud ?( his nephews, William, John and Thomas ,,aro respectfully invited to at i end Itio iunernl, from his lnte residence, No. 123 IX'ivIs street,this h (Wednesday) tiftornoon, ut two o'clock. His remains will I o conveyed to the Klovcnth street Cciuoterjr i'or u interment. ). rianiiijtr.?On Sunday morning, March 2, William IIandi/t, aged 57 years. I- Hue ii.?on Tuesday, March 4. Patkiok Jokei-ii Kkogii, i aged 411 years. I '1 he futiorul will til1"; place from his late residence, No. ICO I ii t Thirty Urol sheet, on Thursday aftornoon, at two o'clock. II I luhlin papers please copy. I.ka riiKM.?O11 Thursday, March 4, after a short Illness, ' Maky MoUahrt, wifo of Henry lea'.heui, county of 1. Moiiayhan, parish of Killmoro, The friends and relatives are rcspoclfully iuvilod to 0 attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two 1 o'clock, from lior late residence, No. 377 Madison street. ' Her remains will ho taken u? Calvary Cemetery. 1, Lvs1out.?On Tuesday, March 4, of porlti nl:in, IIkniiy Jo. i.i'ti I,v.-AtnrT,Bonol tlio late Charles and Minora l.y" saght, nged 7 years, 11 ineuths and 4 days. t. The funeral will take plnoa from tha residence of his uncle, Michael Iiurack, corner tf Twenty-fourth street 1, and Second avenue, this (Wednesday) altcmucii, at two o'clock. Tlio remains will ho taken to Calvary Cemetery. 0 MlLlJiR.?Ou Tuesday, March 4, of scarlet rover, Cijtur in us l ow aim, youngest son or C audiusL. and Alice Miller,. ' aged 1 yoar,C months and 11 dnys. 0 1 lie friends and relatives of the family are rcspcctfu'ly . Invited to ullcitd the funeral, from the residi nee of his parents, No. 140 Hast Twoity-sixth stroot, on Thursday ig RfterniKin, at ouo o'clock. Tlio remains will be taken to Uroonwood. 5- Mhciuikkk?On Tuesday, March 4, IIknky C. Van Mkku iikkk, aged 58 years. l* The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully c inrilod to attend the funeral, on .Thursday afternoon^ ut thrco o'clock, front his laic residence, 140 Last Ninolccnlh il street. o'CoxxKtj On Monday, March 3, of consumption, Ann K... daughter of tlio late Patrick a id Ann Kcogun, and t wifo of John O Connell, ngod 21 years. 'lli relatives and friends ot the family are rMpoclfully ;. req its oJ touttenl the funeral, this (Wednesday) nttcr110 si, ut two o'ch ck, from her late residonce, 310 aveUUC A. O'Uiusn.?On Tuesday morning, March 4, r.t nino 1 o'clock, Ji.kei'ii O'Bkikn, only son of Joseph and llridget OT riou, aged 1 ye ir,3 month., and 12 days. The friends and acquaintances 01 the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fuiieral, from the residence of his parents, 305 West Tlii ty second street, this (Wednosday) aftornoou, nt two o'c.k ck. 1'iiWKK.?OA Tuesday, March 4, Wti 1'owsn, a native of the parish of Caliuconlish, county Limerick, Ireland, i 1 the 45th year ol his ago. I Tlio friends of tho dec'used are most respectfully invited to alluiid the funeral, this (Wo !ties-lay) afternoon, a', half-past one o'olock, from Ins late residence, 22 Madison street, thouce to Calvary Cemetery. l.imerick (Ireland) papers please ccpy. Uoss.?On Tuesday, March 4, Miss Mary MciRuibcn Uo.-k, daughter of tlio luto Alexander Kose, of this city. Tim relatives and frieuds of ll.o family are respectfully requested to attend the fun ral,on Thursday a'f?rnooii, at two o'clock,at the church of the Key. Or. McKlrey, fourteenth street, coar Sixth avenue, without further notice. Kvax.?On Monday, March 3, Mrs. Anion Ktav, wife of I. John Ryan, anil daughter of Kicliurd and Catherine McDonnell, aged 2A yt org. Tim friends and rehUivoa of the family arc ros(>o<'tfully - invdod to attend the, from No. 4 IUrminghum o- sir-ot,on Thursday .at twelve Si. ' I) ihliii (Ireland) aril California pipcr.i please copy. Kvkkwx.?On Mouday, Mireh 3, of couguinpliou, Jouv , Hknuv, agod 24 yours and D mouths, eon of John 15. and d Mario June Ityerson. Tho rulatives utid Irlends ot Iho family are respectfully requested t'> attend the funeral services, at thejl'rosbyr tort in church, in First slreot, bolow S cond c.veuim, this ("WoJnosday) afternoon, at tour o'clock. The rcmning will he taken to Jamaica, L. I., for intertuout, on 'l'hurg. ' day moriiiug follow log. Kami.?In Siti Francisco, Cnl., Randal irMint, formerly of this City, ago I 82 ycarg. Skxtok.?On lueaduy, March 4,at th residence of her t mother. l'JO West Thi. ly-aetciiih atrcot, aftur u tedious ! Illness, Makuikkt f kvrun,agod 21 yea s. ' Iter remains will lie token to tat vary Cemetery for lulcrinout, on Thursday aftct noon, nt two o'clock. . Tomsk n ?fin Tuesday morning, March 4, (in.nmr Tom skins, in Iho 40th ye tr ol his ago. " The relatit es and friends of the lamily are roopeetfully invited i<> attend the fuuoral, without further im itation, from Ins la:o residence, 117 West F'o. ty-lhird street, on 1 Thursday moi niug, at nine o'cl clt. Tho roui.uus will bo t iken to White Itains lor inti rmeui. T i;hv.?Ou Thilraday, Feliruary 27, at 320 West Twrn ty second street, tiiusuti It. Toitiv, aged 37 ye ns 3 C m uitlis ami 20 days. Tho remains wore Interred at Echcinctady, N. Y., i, Maiclt I. 'iMrnsTON.?On Tuesday morning, March 4. in tho 85th vrar ill ll Til :e. Maiiv Li. damrblei ot \'lh>oi.l ? ton. 0 Tho frlon Is of the family nro ro . osted to nttead tho funeral, on Tlmialny a.luruoon, ul two o'clock, from c No. 112 Soveulb street. ,1 V/n 11 . kihk.?OnTttes lay, Ma ch 4, of soviet fever, Wiij. k, ton of Richard i Imrioito Vail Ilnskirk, aged 9 yearn. - Tlic funeral eervlcc.' will f iko pisre at I lie house of the parents, No. dut) Wo.-t Twenty ninth street, on Thrrs'lny 4 morning, nt had-pvt nine c'ol< ck. The remains will ho lak-ii to l'e-'k-kiil, l?y the olevoa o'cto k train, for In,, kcrnicnt. r. WiiK'.t.:. '.?On Monday, Mn-cli 3, Patrick Wnsst.ui, in ,t th-45th yar ol hi-iko. The relative and mends of the family are respectfully invited Ij attend llin funeral, from his lute residence, 281 e West Thirty third street, ibis (W'eilm -day) aiteitioon, - ut Imlf-pasl two o'clock. The roiuuiiis will bu interred in Olivary One t-ry. Watsh.? On Sunday, March 2, PArnin VVaihii, n nnllre of iU.lykino, put tab of Ross, county Uulway, Ireland, ago I 9 40 years. His friends, nad those of his brother Stephen, aro in1 viie I to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday ) n.Urn ion, at one o'clock, front his Into rcsidcuco, No. 24 Mulberry ? , street. mr^m- 3 in in. s?i ! n M II II?? KKWA11D8. I AO RKWARO.-STRAYED AWAY, A V3KKMOIO V i) <1sy, a small Idnck and tan Slut; a mover a to thn name ot Nancy. The under will receive tlii above reward by rcluruln^ her to 145 Kant Twenty acvcnlli street. K. K. ttOUKKH. fliO RKVVABD.?I.OST, A W If ITU KUX HIrtIII, WITH i&O lilac k cam, brown >p i on the back, long hair; answers to the name of Lnlec. Iteinrn to C. Ll. Uni t ill, No. 411 Wall street. RKWARD?I.O.ST, ON BROADWAY, A KMA1.L i?t) 11 ick Slut, wullc Iceland oreaat, tier lower teeth a.lowing on right aide. Tho abo.og.vm by relurulug her to 3M f tiran 1 street. Q ft AW IV. OX X OR DAT, II mat., a blaek Newfound an t Dag. answering to the name of Bruno; hud on a b ather colla' To- above rew < i will he pant lor his deliver/ to tho owner .51/ t' street, South Brooklyn. *e ?A UtJUn OT fl vfO* paid for tho return to i o! .nr and aoine Papers Inside, tha was ting, 1 1st lnsi., ucur the coiner ol Kourth ? ivnitir. h it. MoOKMluki, m i m?i mm. I ?C RKWAPD.?LOST, ON THE EVKNINO OK I KII, [ ?JP?) rnary 25, b no i Ei ;titv to- mid - r. ?t iiud W illnck a g ld tin e, opi ning a? n Im Re , and mntnlnln.: itvn I 'ka of liair?Olio that oi an nilanl, lied wnh black alik. I I a*e ail1 ill x* box 312 Volki tile l out oIJicp. i ~ ivMOiUM Amaonificknt tonEd hkvkn octave iiosr. woo I I'm no, of tlio Urgent scale, and tluihbed in tan grindcst xlylei hna alt ih" moilorn improvement*; round corner*, and carved onae and leg*; lira'. claa* oil* mak, r<, mi I fully warraoted; will In- <> III lor lialf tta actual raluo for raxii. Apply at n7 North simIi street, Williamsburg, l MAOKIKICENT SI. ,n OiTAYE ROSKWOOO IP JV nnnforta lor sale?El itatilly carved log* an i case, ovomirung bass, full Iron plulo, finoil with lattuwood; has nil mo lorn Improvement*; made to order; boon In u*o acvon ' nmui it 00*1 jfsw, for $2<hi, laeludin.t Htool and Cover. Alan ' Parlor Kurnllurr at nm iIiit. In [iilro at 7U Wast'1 wrntyaimii street, near (huh avtlina, AT HALF PRICK.?MCBICl MURICt MURICI-A LAUOB and well aelooted -lock of Mualr for the pianoforte and ? |! 1.1 r, selllnc at half | oo, roiialetlrg of Honr*. Polka*, 3 oo lUohoh, Wall sea, Mutches, Varialluna, Hondo*, Duels. fiM i turo*, An., Ao.,at L. II. EMIIItEKH, 131 Bowery. A PIANOFORTE FOR $21?IT IIAS 6 OCTAVKH AND In giaal order. Also Pianos to let, at $2. $2 no, $3, $.k and Alia month, or for sa'.rvery choap. Music tauglil and > l'lano* luuod by Prof. DUMSDAY, 2iA)Oraiiil at reel. I'lkvl.Mi ACADRMIKS. IJROOKe/dancing academy, no. Ml BROOME > *11001. , THE channf exhibition ball will take place monday kvkmnu, march 10. Ticket to ndmlt.n gentleman J' ' Ticket to aaltnll a lady...'... ......Hoc. K? adinltUMi e to the rahoaraal oa Ramrday, March H, el1 rept lo ihoae holJihg rebraraal tickets, or ticketa for the a I <) " m < 7 ? ' A hisrellaveops. ^ TTEMTION, CASH BUYERS.^ prints and domestics fob cash. bliss a w1ieelock, a?i Bcnudwiiy, . x oner for tale, much b low ibe market, their Urge atoek of MERRIMACK. WAMSUTTA, COOHBCO, AMOSKEAQ, RICHMOND. UHICOI'EK, UNION uud oilier l'Ol'ULAH FEINTS. Ab.o, DOMESTICS and UOTTONADES, puicliaaed l or atoll Uutl eeftiuu. Also, HOSIERY, WOOLLENS,_WHTTK GOODS, NOTIONS aud STABLE DRESS GOODS. llliss a w11eelock. MJ lliou-leay. t All articles for boldikks should be sent, ?t h.iU rale-, by Harudrri'a Kxpr a, 71 Broadway The/ ai-ud dally lo all guium ottcupMd by our army. AT CONNER'S. 377 BOWE KY, NEXT TO FIFTH STREET several kind of \S au r Froof Boole, fl to ST. AT ?4 80?DOUBLE HOI.F., WATER FROOF MOOTS. AT JONES . In anil 12 Ann l. Tour uUle'rcnt kmda at $1 Ml _ AT ormbreoe s, 5'm drtiadway. $4 l'uotochafh Albums (for fifty pictured) retailed at SA Artistic monograms, elegantly stamped Paper, WuddlliK Card*, great variety of Note Paper, Emhroidericfe 83S Broad any. At lot fulton street?wedding cards; these celebrated engraved Cards only by W Ml EVKK. DELL'S SONS Kk0.hli?lu-<t 1*1* An important wqkk. on physiolooy.s-a new edition, revi ulii.g the facte obtained by anatomy and experiment* in tho Frensh and English hospitals, Ac., Including u tr. all* uomi the diseases and wcaknusues-aHloiing the human family'from Ignorance of their rauaca, by aa eminent New York pitvstelu n. Sent Iree to any uddrcss for $1 by E. WARNER. No. 1 Voacy Kreet, Aetor House, or llOSH A TOl 8EY, 121 Nassau street, New York. at 502 broadway?pr actioatj oas cooking J.X. Stoves and IUipcs itre ..old that ere warranted. Famllicr ttaiii ttrent can * lspeu&o with hired help. Economy la the necessity of thnXImca. A REMARKABLE MBDIOINE. HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM. Rheumatism, Scrofula, Sail Rheum, Ac., Ac.?hyatt's LIKE BALSAM lb the moat oortuin end sale remedy lor the most pauilul unit prolra led form of these dis* uses. Also, old ulcers, fever sores, erysipelas, the worst CHA'S ot impurity ol the biood, liver and kidneys, general debility, dyspepsia, incipient consumption, piles, Ac. Principal Depot, 246 Grand street. Seventy-live cents per bottle. Are you troubled wirn coRNsr CORNS/ CORNS? THEN QET T1IE BILL POSTERS DREAM DREAM, DREAM, LAUOn. ROSS A TOUSEY, 121 Nassau street Apothecaries, GROCERS, DRUGGISTS. HOTEL KEEPERS, fruit storks private families, All persona who wish to purchase .Schiedam Aroma Uo Schnapps, and other Bottled Liquor* nt my old prices, had belter tiiuko uarly application. UDOLFHO WOLfB, 22 Bearer street. BROWNE'S NEW PATENT METALLIC WEATHER Strip excludes coal, snow and dust Horn d?(llinga. Depot 212 Broadway, room It. CT HUTCHES AND CANES FOR THE MILLION?AT J the uianufaclorer'a, C. PIN NELL, No. 2 CorllauUl at. C10RNK. BUNIONS. inverted NAILS, ENLARGED J joints, and all diseases of the feet, cured without pain or inconvenience lo the pillenl, by Dr. ZACIIAK1E, Surgton Chiropodist, 700 Broadway. Refer* to physicians and surgeons of the city. I WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT A BOTTLE OF DR. TO BIAS' Venetian Liniment In the house, is the universa rctuark Irom those who have tried this wonderful tion for Rheumatism, Soie Throat, Headache, Pa nt and Arhes of all kinds. It Is worth its weight in gold to all who value health. Price 25 and 50 events. Depot 56 CortL.ndt street, New York. Sold by all druggists. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, UNTON SQUARE.?WINKS, line Cognacs, old Hums, Scotch and Irish Whiskeys, RyO and Bourbon Whiskey?, Ac. Keep youk feet dry.?rubber soles put oh Boois and Shorn. Rubber* repaired. 21 FultOS street. PATENTS KOR new INVENTIONS. Messrs. MUNN A CO., proprietorsof the Scientific American, No. 37 1'iirk row, Nrw York, continue to hulicit Pstenth in the United Sluice and in all foreigti countries, on the tuo-t reasonable tcrmh. Cunaultallons and pamphlet* of tulvic! In English uud German lrce on application at the oillco. Messrs. M. A Co. hare been engaged In soliciting patents over sixteen years, and more-than fifteen thousand patents have been granted through their agency. Photographic albums, for cartes ok Visile, very neat, in cloth, from 75 cents to $2; very elegant, bound lit morocco, with gilt clusps, from $2 50 to SIR Largo variety. Manufactured by A. DOWLING, 65 and SJ Nssssu street. Hheumatism-all those afflicted with Ultciiinail-m. Gout, Neuralgia, Chilblains, Cold and Frostbitten Feet, Ac., by wearing MKI'TAM A CO. '8 Patent Galvuno Electro M table Insoles, will find an Immediate and permanrni cure, neter hiving yet failed in hundreds of cases. Ollloti. 42'J Btoalway. Agent for Philadelphia, J. 8. Sanson. 2,013 O.rard avenue. New York, February 10. ISA Metal'*. Mc'tum A Co.: Oentlemei.?.Having been a sufferer from rheiimattHm, and e*|>ci icnclng rutin' relief after wearing a pair or your metallic insol, * fur a short time, it affords tnc pleasure to recumtnend llieni as a reliable remedy for lUalcimplalnt. Very respectfully, youra, EDWARD n. WRIGHT, Jr. Smith a brother's pale XXX ALB. browed from the choicest barley mult and bop*. Brewery lf.S ami ICO Writ Eighteenth street, N. Y. ST., 1860 X. . . DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS rare* Indigestion mid dyspepsia, gives tone to the stomach ntid mriigthcns ibo system. A moot agreeable Tonic ami never fails to l>enellt. Sold everywhere. Depot 302 Broodway, New Yolk. TO CONSUMPTIVES?THE ADVERTISER, HAYINO iH'en restored to hcallh In a few weeks by n very aim pi a remedy, al ter having suffered several yearn with a severe lung a lection, and disease, consumption, ia anaions to make known to bis f-llow sufferers the means of cure. To all who deair it ha will aend a copy of tbc pro crlpttou used (fr> of charge), with the directions for preparing and using the .same, which lliey will And a sure cur* for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis. Ac. Tho only object ot the advertiser In Bending the prescription Is to benefit tho nlllh ted and spiea.1 tnlormatbin. which lie conceives to bo invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, na it will coat them nothing and may prove a blessing. Partics wiahlug the pres. rhitlon will pla.tee midrcss iter. I D . A1ID A. WILSON, Will tutushun?, Kings County, N. T. milE CONFESSIONS AND EXPERIENCE OF AN INJL valid?Publish'd for the b and i s a warning to yoiu.g men who s iller lroni uer.oua d i>llit>, premature deeat. .te., supplying the means of self. -tire. B;. one who en rod hlii s II ul'ier being put to great eipcare through medical iiupositi ni and quaekcry, Sin.-le copies may bo bad of the author, Nathaniel Maytuir, Esq., BeUfoi <1, Kings county, N. Y., by e ('lo-lnga pus! paid aMrvaaod cnrelopa. Ql ?ON RKCBIPT OK $1 WE WILL SEND PLAIN UP L. dlreetiona for making an article out of common iard w nrih $1 f.U per lounil wholesale. Requires no apparatus. The si te le is at present obtained only from France. Dun m ull'. Address riielpx A Kini;, New York. ?I!7 1*KR TOM KOH CUMBERLAND COAL, DE0 I .?JU Urcred. U. HEATHER, No. 130 Wualdngtoa tercet. ~ IjON'T A\U KOI .\D. 7HHZZ LIOCNII-A I'OCKKTBOOK CONTAINING A RUM Of X1 money, wM It tlif owner can have by prorlnft property. Ail.In en box V4 Post olhcc, describing the pocketbook and contents. I ORT.?MISSED ON SATURDAY, MARCH I, AFTER J leafing tin* Methodist Book Concern, a Pocketbook, containing about $2n; alao some rho- ke and notes, payable to the oi.b'r of II. M. .V J. Kiioili'*. on which the pay men t has been h oppeij. A ll'.ernl rrwanl will be paid to th* finder by reon uliiujl to II. M. A J. Rhode*, at the Morrla and Eases Depot, Newark, N. J. Tort?on Saturday nioht, in east broadway. J near Rutgers streel, a gnhl douhl" ease M atch, dntaehad li ter, No. lS,f07. inaniifiietiired by Cooper, London. Tha Under will be suitably rewarded by railing at the atom on lit* 1 ort'iweat corner of Oorlaaw and Cherry streets. T ORT-ON MONDAY. MARCH S. A PARCEL MARKED Li S.nnui'l Bowles, Esq , H| ringllrld, Mass., containing pair of embroldi red slip;* . Any per-on raturnlng it to John I'atne, IIU Piflh arvnue, or to 47 Wall street, will b* suit ibly rewanled. YOST on SATURDAY NIGHT, A rocKETBOOEIJ containing a small ainnunt or money and three cart IScat'S of deposit ot one of the banks of this city; also som* oilier r per* The finder will please retain U to the bank . i isMied the eertiUualca, apd re< alve a satisfactory rot 1'?or TUE8DAT morning, etcher in a la Poortn arenue curor In the Twenty-seventh street depot, a Pock, .book Containing two rolls of bills?one $20 and tiro $A Treasury nolts. the oilier roll was Connecticut mofter. Also some email change and aeb'-ck mi the Nefir Haven Bank. A anliahle reward wl I lie give? by applying tn Mr Morrison, Package Master Twenty-seventh street depot. L^OHr-A BLACK robe, IN the VICINITY OF chatliam soii.tie, between the hours of S and 4 o'clock I'. M., Marrh 4. Whoever will retnrn lb? same to the oSken of Wm. B. Nichols, 41 Pine street, will lie liberally rewarded. A NANNY GOAT; COLOR MIXED GHAY AND J white, a small piece broken o f one horn A liberal reward will l>e paid lor her return to 8tA Broadway. Lost?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, A WHITE SCUTUM Tenter Puni bud ? r ed i Ibb.ia on h meek Who- v. r,w ill I niiti tier to Nil. 8 Went Eleventh aired, will bo liberally rewarded. I "CIST Ort 8TOLEN-D BAFT OF THE ONKIDA J couni> Bank. In Uilon, N. V., on the Corn Ex tunica In Now York city, for forty-four dollar* mi l l#i'i Wnlni' or more or leu oniita. Payuhle to the order of 8. N. Lowery. Payment lia? been ht>pp<d. and tlio public are cautioned ngi<n?t nrneUatingaaid oiait. ______ Note lost on stolen. in a i'oktkmonhai^ containing cukIi and valuable papcre. Said Note, dated lie ember, 1861, drawn by A. P. Oram to order of II. Ilnatou, and endorsed, lor Bltftd, payaNa in three itinntha. rcraona are notified not to buy the aainii e< payment hai he< n Mnpped a anltnble r? w,ir I will be given lortbe return of"said not* to mo. A eo for llio oilier , w1(h or w lihout the 5,4,1,, U. llLSrON, M Church atreet. HVRRKRi CAHRIAOKII, dfC. ~ tnOUSAIJt-A BEAUTIFUL MARE; WILL UK SOLD I for Iter keen, which amounts to >56; ahc la worth >lift. Apply ai (he Ohib Sta'dr, W Men er atr-et. AIANTBD?A QOOO SEUOND HAND COUPEE" >V Apply ?t no Pine atreet. V\ INKS AND bHIt'OKM. ^ i nn CASES FINE OLD HBNNES8V AND OTAKD. iUv Dupuy A Oo, Ungnae Brandy; a la 160 caeea old 8 lien, Mine (twelve quart bottlee tnyi <wae) for vale at >6 a aiaa net raah, not twn-lhlrda It* eoet. This la the balance nf a large tlret elaaa stock, which moat lie clnaed out le pey ad*

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