Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1862 Page 9
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I srrrATTows m'akted-fbmalei^ A YOUNG til HL. WANTS A SITUATION AH WAITRESS or to do thumb rwork and take care of chll'iien. Goo juy reierrueoa. Gail at 114 B ill i!l?l at, third hour, baol -ooui, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?UY A KESTEGTABLI young Geriuan fjiri, to do plain eewlng and cbumhet work; underelanitu hair drcce-ug. Heal reference. Call a ISO Essex at., third floor. AN AMERICAN UIKL WISHES A SITUATION Al eeuuiu reea; can do all kinda of cmbroiderv; or wool, go out to kw by the dav. Gall for two days at 65 Weal 27tl ti reel. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO D' general housework; la a food waalier and ironur; ii w iling to make hereelf generally useful. Gen be aeon ore the ,;rooery atore corner of Hicks and Amily ata., Brooklyn outran e in Amity, third tluor. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION where, lor teaching and u*e of her needle, she eat have u ipiiot home. Address J. M., box 2,Ail Fust ofllce Good reference given. A PROTESTANT WOMAN IS DESIROUS OF OBTAIN Iiijju eltuatlon aa unrs"; la perfectly compc tent lo tuk< entire tare of an talent front Ita birth or the cure of younj ci I'd-en; would a-alst lu sewing. Gall for two days at hei laat place, 88 Baal 18th at. A RE Sl'EOTABLE girl WANTS A SITlTATIO> aa llnd clara cook; can bal e tread and blicult, get u| all kinds of dMaerta, und as a1&i with the washing If required is good natnrcd and ehllglnu. Good city and country reference. Gall at llid Weal l'.'th ?t., third Hour, buck ro< in. Ayounowelsu girl wishes a situation ae nun e and to do plain sewing; no objection to go la the lith and 13ili ate. a situation wanted?by a youno woman, to J1. ?lo general hot: \v< : k. City and country reference, O.ill for two (lays ut ?10 Tilt nr., near hVth at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ORPHAN GIP.L, TC. do plain letting uud take cure of ctilldrcn or do light elumberaoi k; wages not ho much uu object a* a good home. Goodcity reference. Call tor two days at 111 K urt 2htb st. A COMPETENT "AMERICAN PERSON WISHES A permuni'i.t situation cm chumberumbt and waitress 01 an chimbcrmubl find plain bi-umsir'ns. C.ill on Wednesday nod Thursday at 3UJ iitU av., In the candy Btorc. A respectable young woman wants a situulloii as chambermaid and wu Ureas or to assist 'n ? a li Ml 'and ironing U required, llest of <diy reference given, (hill lor two day* at lb Atlautiu St., Brooklyn, second lloor hack room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO.1 man, usgoodcook am! an excellent wau.ei and iroller. Beat city reference from her la-t place. Call tor ttvo days at 4hb 3d a i c., co rner 33I at. AS COOK.?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, in a private family, a situation us cook; tnotouahly understands her business; would do lino washing and ironing. Beat city reference. Can bo seen for two days at Mb 3d uvc., top lloor, buck room, A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUAlion an waitress or would do ehainberwork, lino washing and ironing; no ob?o diona to city or country. B st eiiy relcrenoc. Call for two days ut 130 East tkhh st., between 2u and 3d nvs. A SITUATION wanted-as wet nurse, by a young woman. Call at 111 Sherilf street, second iloor, back room, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as laundress or as chambermaid and iiue washer; understands tuning. No objection to go a saurt distance in the country. Beat of reference. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged, at 13b East d'Jih st. A VERY RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WANTS A J.X. situation, in a small private family, to do light oaamb.-rworkand aewiug, ur lu do lite work of a small private family ot a lady and gentleman. Call at 177 Ludlow st. Iuquirefur Mrs. itace, A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS seamstress or lady's moid; understands dressmaking and mlilncry, also catting t lilldrcn's eloihes; the best of r.ity reference. Can be seen until engaged at 308 Broome St., beceud block east of Bowery. A YOU NO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL private family; is a good washer and.Hotter und plain cook. Call at 170 Franklin at, top Hour. A PROTESTANT GIltL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chamberwork and wailing, or to do gen rrul housiwork in u small private family. Goo t city reference from her la,t place. Cult lor two day,-, at 4 > Bergen St.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A situation us plain cook; is willing to assist In the washing and Ironing; can give the la st of city rrterouoe. Call for two daws at 400 Gth av., between 3Jth and both sis., room No. 7. _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS good plain cook; is a brsl rat washer and irouer; go ui city reference. Apply for two days at U7 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and wallress, orohamIs-rmaid slid plain sewer, or t> take care of children; she has Uie best of city reference. Can bo seen for two days at No. Oil West 30th St., between dth and 7th avs.,|scc-iiid Uoor, front room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and nurse; is a good plain sewer; lias no objection to live in Now York. Can lie se- n until engaged at 108 Smith St., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT PERSON, DRESSmaker, who poifectly un lcrs auds every branch o. h.-r business, uud cuts and makes dresses In the most fashionable stylo, wishes a stluailon in a private family; best cliy references will he given. Apply lor Mvo days ot 431 Sixth av. A RESPECTABLE GIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS ux. cuanwcrmuiu antt si iiiiisito*, or waning, n required; two yearn' reference from Iter Inst place. Can be seen for two days at 244 Myrtle av? in ar Can'on at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH ciuituiierinuiu nnd waitress, or woulit do general housework tu fi sm.ill private ; I- a good plain co. k mid tirat rate washer ana hotter; bent city reference. Call at 137>? East 41m ? ., between 2d and U ivt A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young wouian, to do general housework In a suia 1 .private family; Is a good plain rook, washer ntul Iron r. Best city reference from Iter last plate. Apply at 03 King at., . the trout HMBt nt, for two dnys. . f A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 01UL WANTS A SITU Atlon as seamstress; can cut and lit plain dresses and do all kinds of Inniily sewing i.n 1 eiftbroi letv; no objretion tu children or light chamber work; wdling to n aku liersrlt useful tn any way. Best city reiereticc. Cull at 1A1 l a-t loth nt. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general liotisew ,ra In a small family ; In a good plain cook, washer and Iromr. Olty reference*. Cull for two days at 113 Went 3l?t si., DMT7lh ur. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chambcrwurk ami 111 the cure of eblhiren. i Itv relerentc. Call lor two days at 1U*J West 14th su, between O b mid till avs., in the rear. Aui:*ri:cTAiu.!: oiiti, wishes a situation to uo eiii-rul honneu uric; i? n liral inte wualter hiii! tinner aiul plain c< ok; lia* the beat of city rt f rente. Can be aeon for two <t?y?u' ii'ioiu a v.. .car building. Asm aiion wanted?by a young woman, in a tu.-t i la?* peltate 1 ,mtty, ee c! amlo rrtei'd mil line waheinint Inmer; ha? Hie \e v !.o<t of rrliy r, Terence fiom her hint employer, ivtln u num I n lired four yonra. Can be a- en for two d.iys at No. I> 1*. t en [ mee.Ia lew; doors west ?f bib av , in lOtli hi, Ares pect a y. i.e American woman r.- dm nt u s of obtaining a aituation an m amnio,* in a priva.o laonly; ha* no objection to go a abort diaticre tn the i-oun'ry. The beat of city rolerenre given. Inquire at 10 Henry at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, an eook, waalier anil Ironrr; la n good bt",id, hla-nit, pie and plain eake baker; would do the worlt of nanuillnrlvat.grandly. Beat city reference. Call at 173 33d at., IicIwtwn 71 b and 8th at a. A RESPECTABLE OIItL IS DESIROUS OK A SITUAlion to do general bona 'Work 111 a email private lainily. llaa good refereneo from her hint place. Is a good washer ami iraner; would make heraelf generally useful; baa no nliIeetion to lo the country. Can be aecn for two days at 75 ?lly.uboih at , top lloor, n or. A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS nuise and seamstress; understands allklmUof family Sewing nnd dreatmakltig; no objection to do li^li> chumb rwork. Beat city reference given. Call for two dayi nt 190 6t!i aw, between 29th nnd doth ata., room No. 9. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAMatreaa and nnrae tn a private family; grown children preferred; ran cut nnd lit children's clothe., and do all kind, of lamlly a* wlnu- City refereneo fnmi her 1 vat lilac, wh"rc she ha i lived four year*. Call at 215 Weal 20th St., hrat floor, bark room, for two daja. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART, INDUSTRIOUS etrl, to do to iking, washing and Imning, or general hoiiscwotk: ia n good cook and u very excellent waaher and Ironer, neat, economizing and obliging, unexceptionable references clvcn; moderate wacea; either In elly or country. A. pp y at 113 Atlantic a!., Brooklyn. HOUSKKEEPEB.-WANTED, BY AN AMERICAN lady, a situation im housekeeper; a widower's family piererreil. Can bearer .482 Blcctker at SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl .NO girl, aawalterand cuamb ru.atd li. a private fain v: haa the neat of reference from liar la*' ; . . C , 1 Ml. ut 173 Weal 22d at., room 17. SITUATION# WANTE>-ii\ T\\ i > m , ONE AH Inundrrea and the otln , i firm - , -i ,-i , ,,oerm:iMi ind wnltreae; beat of rtty wferrnc in n uei p'occa. Can be acen lor two daya at 191 Wf a 10,li . CJITUATION WANTED?BY A TOIN | (lIRE, TO Do KJ cbauiberwork, and Would l> willing to lirlu u.n, ,|lv waahing and Ironing; Would do waiting, ln ?i or rulcrcm-n Apply at 111 Willow at, Brooklyn, her Da., n-. SITUATION WANTKD-HV A HI "tl'EOTA BEE WOMAN, ua gooil rook; le a good baker; no objection to ne-o ?t '.villi tlm u nulling and Ironing: lieet ot rltv re l ore nee. Apply nt lid West 19th ?t, between titli and 7tli nva. SITUATION WANTED-IN HOIOKKN OR JEH KV O Cily preferred?by n fine Rill from lbs (Wintrv, m chain, barmaid and w a tn ee; t.e nloo n l!rrt rite laumlrcee; trill uo her ?rry beat to ulcnec, Rhr 1h a very unit and bard working. } ncnt (till; I), nt of refcretk-ea given. Addreoa A. .M., No. 0 Willow at., Ilobokru , box 190 Ili rald olllco. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOtl Nil Proieetant man, aa coarhmnn or groom; p"r < cily undernlai .de li in biislncea In all Ita branrheoi bret or city mrerenrri from lila l?at employer*; no ohjortiona to the country. Addrew O. K., .'13 Watte at., cntn-r Yarlek. SITUATION WANTED-IJY A RESPECTABLE TOUKU girl, at wnllrr. or to do chain! erwork and tool-it in traabtng and Ironing. Iter of cl y reference felven. Call III it, Wf?; i7th et., fop lloor, room It. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PIRHT OLAM WAIT reea; a reepcctnb'e hoard tng boner preferred. Con givt six yrnre' city reference. Call et 117 Spring et? up etalia. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO trident girl, aa rliamberniatd and to aenlet In e.fuhlni and Ironing, in a etnell private lamlly; In willing an, obliging. Beet reference from hot- Inet pliire. t all nt Jsj 6t' nr., between 17tb and 18tb ete? In the e'ore, for two dafa. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO EXPEHTKNCKI glrU: ono lan good cook, and would eeelat with the w> eh Ingand Ironing; the other aerh imlirrmald and to do thn Itni waahln* and Ironing; or would go ae waller*. Both hare ihi heat city rerarenec from tbelr laat pleoee. Call for two dan BtWSUudoon M. i new ro: ^ SITUATIONS WAKTEB-FEMALES. i. Cin .VTlON WANTED.?A HBSi'SCTABLB YOUNG J k> Gorman girl wul.o, a si .. i to do general housework 11 or counterwork. CiHiitO). Ob.kt., roum No.8. " CB'.VINO M ACHINE -SITUATION WANTED, BY AN I O American lady; 1* a ekllful ?iterator on Wheeler A AY 11* s n'k sowing machine; isyousiomd to .<11 klr.ds or owing, t ?na : n,.- i . i i n irk in ui.- in .-t mu rt ukuiMMi cutting; would take charge of a wrorktouin. Addrees for two day* boa ltW Herald oUice. 1 OITt'ATrON WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YOt'NU i O girl, as nur-e and plain si am-trcee, org.,, chambermaid and to is list in tlie washing mid ironing. Boat city reference l'mm her last place. Call at 116 1st av., between bib ) null 10, h sts., fur two days. r SITUATION WANTLD-BY A RESPECTABLE SCO'ii 11 , SJ girl, aecherahcrmai'i or to dog nor il bousi tvork. (lood reference. Call nt 300 Greenwich at., corner of B ach, second Hour, foroi o day. t Ql'fCATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG IO girl, in a privet,* f.tu Ry, to do uhauibtrwork and waiting, ot as I'liambi nnuid and *, ,inslioai; he co miry preferred. Ha- good city reference. Can be seen lor two days at 611 Hudson nt. { mWO YOUNG GIRLS, GERMANS, WISH TO GET SITU. r J. ations as i !...inborn.aids, or to do w,Ing an I irotilag. App'y at 107 l r.:, nwicli street, at Win. Proline sogar store. t TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, IN > tf a respectable family, to teach elitldron the piano and i the German lungiiagoj . .m lunku ladles' end liiil,Iron's dicsaeH and do ullk.nds of luinlly sowing. Can lie son for two days i, 116b Sullivan st? rear bouse, second do ir, third ! t ny. ? WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, I Vr a I U .7 to wot nurse. j.I nu n ihoiIi'I It.ill t,.,* |W? day* atll7 But Mil at ? WANTED?A .SITUATION AS 8BAM8THJMS, BY A Vi poison who understandsall kinds ot family mmlug, an ! also op rutin: no W homer A W don's tewing machine; best bf reference given. Apply lor two nysut IC1 Haul 20th it ' WANTfjn?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND ii waitress or lo do lino washing and ironing. Best city relet races. Apply t'or two days at IdjS 6th ave.. In tUa bakery. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W0ii man, ns cook; is a good conk. gooJ washer and ironer; I* kind aua obliging. Best city reference*. Uun be seen for two days at Ilk) Iter ton St., Uiookl) n. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, A IT sitnati it lo co.ik, Muslt and li on, or to do general homework for n small family, or a* laundress. Call at 01 Greenwich St., sec aid Hour. WANTED?15Y A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAii tioo as cook; thoroughly niircrsiaitds her business; lived two yours In her last place. Best city reference. Cull be seen for two days at did 1 licks St., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE it young girl, Id yearn ui age, a* nur.-m and chambermaid, or chambermaid and wuitrrs?. Can he Seen for t? o daya at 153 Smith St., between Bergen unil Wykolf Rts., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT \ HIE GIIIL, to do general housework in u small in Ivuti tuailly; has no objections to do up Hlulrs work; is fond of children; good | recommendations If require I. Call at 210 Bowery, tirst Moor I WANTED?BY A PROTEST ANT OIKL, A SITUATION as cook, washer and lronor; Is a good cock. Has good city references. Apply for t?o days at 517 (lr< ctiwl<df St.. Mist Mo >r, fioot ro on, between Yanuam and Ohsrllon. WANTED-1JY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ii sliuation to conk, wa-h and Iron, or to do general housework iu a small privute family; no objeetiou to go a short distance In the country; gnoa tltv reference. Cull lor two day ti at 137 West 27th at., between 7th auddth avs., second tloor, buck room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED IT Gariuuu girl, a situation us chambermaid and to lake I rare of children, or to do cbamherM ork and waiting; American preferred. lu(;uirc for Johanna Alts, 22 Trinity pla, e, lli>t Moor. I WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSl'E OTABLK vfo man, ax I'ook, ami to us-ist in t'.o washing and iron in;; lit u good baker of bteud and tilsmil, and understand* pastry and cake; has good city reference. C.,11 for two days at 111 Navy at , corner of J olin .ton at,, up stairs, first floor, Bioo lily?. WANTED?31Y A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRD, a situation In a private fa oily to do chamherwork or its nurse. Call tinttl salted at 121 l'liarl St., Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL, A It situation us nurse or chambermaid, or to travel with a lady to Europe; ,.o.>d r fore lice. Call at 3<J6 Bleccki r st., second door from l'erry. Is a Protcstaut. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, IN A respeclshlc fuiaQy; can give good reference. Apply for t ivo days at 410 ltd uv., between 3Uta and 31st sis. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to uo iiousowoi k or plain cooking; can give ;i od reieronoc. Call at lu6 West 27tn st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATI lion us chambermaid and waitress, end to assist with the One washing and ironing, or to do general housework iu a small respectable private family, lias the best ot elty r-lcrenee. Can be seen at 2X0 Bridge st., Brooklyn, unt'l suited. NIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND T V to assist with the washing sad Ironing, or as chainh rntald and to do pluln sewing. Best of city roteronce. Apply for tw o days at 229 West Slfth st , thirst Itoor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND iroiter, by a Protestant girl. Good city reference. Apply for two days at 40 Ludlow St., first Co r. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, lo took, wash and iron, or do general housework. Can be seen for two days at 17/ S2d st., corner tfth uv., west side. Best elty reference. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation us good plain coolt, washer and imner. Ootid city reference from her las', plac , wh re siio lived two years. Apply at 137 W ?t 15th st., first floor, TTT ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS TT chamlHTmald and to hs ist with the washing and ironing, or would ?io housework tit a suiitll private family; Is a ..,.1 ....L i mi'i a urn ran-wit-ncr ami Iroiu-r; Is very kin 1 to children; si* >< ri' reference. Can be mm fi t tv o day a at 44 Korayth at., mom 41. \ITANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITI AM lion to do chumbt i vvork Mul wuiiing; lotn the ix-sl of . cily reference. Can l>o aeon (hi uo day* ui2U7Wo;l Slat at., between 9th and lOih av?. WANTED?BY A ftESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITI Ation to i o general to tsewur.:, in a -mall family; I wiping and obliging; litis good ruli-ren-m. Call for uvu il.ivs at $07 West Slat at., between Utli an ! 10;h avi. WANTBD-BY TWO PROTESTANT Olr.ES, SITUAfl t ons; one a* scamsttoss and to do op linn inuaiiaa or liillit chamberworfc; the other as ibauilicrmiiid and lino wadicr, or aa laundress; both hate good city rricrenocs 1'ioni their last place, where they have lived set cm I years, Cun be seen it I7S Went 32d at., lor two da; s. Ur ANTED?SITUATIONS, 11Y T\V?) RESPECTABLE young w .men, al-tnra; on iisenok. the other as -hambo! in;, til; I ot h I horn nobly lino rtaml their business; no ob Ji ellon to a hotel ?r b aiding house; best ?|r>- reference (jlvi-n as to character and capability. Call ..t IS Varh-k street, 111 llio Isnwinelit. Ur ANTED?BY A KKSPH' 'TA11LK YOUNO OIRL, A situation iia hambcrmutit and w sllnwn; best elty is1 trie in e from li r la -t plio o. Call lor I wo days at J24 West ISt'.i si., between A h ,.ni UUiava., second boor, Iront room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RMPBOTABUI it young girl; la n ?o ?! pi iln ci.ok mil Hr-i rate washer nod Imner; no objection to do the honsi u or!; of a small fa miit: li -si city leferenee I Mm li-r last pine -. Cm be ite. n for wOilaya n? I US Atlantic Mieel, coiner of Henry, arcond I in , , risibi h a 11, Hr.sikiyn. Y17"ANTUD- SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE If toi n glr.s: on" as conk, washernn I iroiicr; tlio other as cbainb-r i rid mil to assist In the tv.i-bln? mid ironing. A Urea* 'did West Hid si , on door wed of 9th av. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiir -s, by a res; < l.tole young woman; is willing to r. sstst in ttasli.a. Hid ii n.i n( ot i iiy reform- e. Apply for I wo days ill lid Went Jo It St., between Sill anil :Uh a vs. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG 01 III,. TO do general hotmew tk: rot I elly ref' tun be given. Apply in Douglas -t-., so.-, nil door n - ni Hon I WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIBE, A SITUAtion uaititrae; nude rata ltd s the i nra of elilldreii; ran do cliainberwork; la f Ally competent for either; best of city reference. Call at S4 west 17th st WANTEU-BY A RESPECT A BEK MIDDLE ADHD Scotch woman, a siiinti Ion to w att on an Invalid, or as child's jmrsr; i scum pete nl to ta?e charge of an Julaiil lium im uinn. inn mj nef-n unui engaged iu yt> Wuhl ii/la a?., betweon 6th and 7th ava., In tbn cotUgu. WANTED?T1Y AN ENGLISH UIKI., A SITUATION IN a reii|ierUhl? family. ? laumlma. Good renrei.c Jlven. Pleiw ' all for two Jay s at .LO S".mu11i are., beta can till and :Vtth uti. acond floor, fr nit n am, WANTED-BY A RBSPKlTAELE GIRL, A SITI AHon to Jo chamlxTWork en I untune, or to do houaework in u ,-inuli private family. 11 "at of rrlerenca i.l,en. Apply nt No. Id Sixth eve. Can lo won for two davn. WANTED?HY A RENPKCT VBI.E PROTESTANT WOnu.n, a altuMloti a* rrok, which khr U'lderitanda In alt It* Innnrhoa, and hai no objivtlon lo naalat in tho ivaolilng Mid Ironing; hat the b'at of rlyr rrferetioo from lier laat om|'lnenr. Call f, r two ilaya at III Mi'lPon are. T17ANTED?HY A Vnl Ntl GIRL, A SITUATION TO DO \\ ehnmb-rwork and waltlog; would <lo tight houaework. Call lor luo dayaat IDOGili ave , l.etw < n 2):li nnd 0,h a*a., n> mi No. H. VVANTED-A SITUATION. BY V RESl'BCTABi.K Tf young girl, aa chambermaid and to e a!at In tvaahlnit and Ir.mlhd, or to do liniiinonvoi lt an I uniting In ;i int.nil ni li at'' I iinilj ; .* fully ooGpeteni; liaa nearly tivn year* retr. r-no-. Call lor two day* at 3i? 7th iht., between Kith and SHIi Bt?., aenmd floor, 1 r<mt foom. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS, it 111 la a tirat rlaaa ?uok, and nnd i?>mihI? nil kin,la of fnnill) bnkiiig. mid will u*?.mI u lib w.ialiing and Ironing; tho oilier an wu.m-* or ciiamoeiuuil'l. Tho b et'lty refi?:*ti:-i a fr i n n il to ill y hav llvml die lam ? ven years Call In the donfeaionery, i>M 6H1 aro- l>etMr<-"ii 22,1 an,I 2Ad ats, for two Uaj?. FRKNCII ADVEBTlSlBiVBIII0. ON DKMANDE?I'NE FRANUAI-E RESPECTABLE foil, pen lie aoln ilea i nl'.i t? J i.ig tine fiiitilllti Amiruin nr. Kilo Mora ohnigon nniai iln I raonmiata 4a ft mm; on prrfrn riii lino peraaone iniiniu'in p"ii 1 niisVi'*. H'ni Uieonmti 125 Ulin'krr it. ON DEMAEItK?UNK F1I,LK FKANCAISE QUI SACHE coudre, rotifer id lemvmit I'Ourii r lie lainii-a rrtumn.a id.itlona; Oilr 'V>lt 1.1 I I nn |*-i Pangl*:*. S'ndtv? t tu .MMh Avenue Hotel,|nrant II liruora A. M , on entrelel 9 j hour." IV M. tTNE FILLB FRANCAIBE, CUlSIMEItF, OF, I'UUIIIU.R ; ordre. desire mi- pi t < r lamini 'K ile, linns utie faiinllo Amrrltaine. K a Ireaaur jiour un j r an No. 3 Whip at., up tatra. Mt'NICIPAIa ATKAIKN. I eg 1 milK COMMITTEE ON STHF.I1M OP TUB BOARD OF 1 1 Aldermen Will Inert on Tu'"?!.ir, the ISlh day of ,M:ti < !i, PCS, fit one o'rloek P. M., Ill the Chamber of the Board of Aldermen. City llall, for the piirpogo of Conalderlng the 1 anhjart of the e*tenalon of Chereh afreet lo tho Battery. Alt partial Inlereatcd will plnae at.end, without further i notlco. CIIAH. J. CIIIPP, iCommttiee t F. J. A. BOOLE, > on I CllAS. II. UALL, ) HtretU ! X. W. TlfbO*. Hecrutagj, UK HERALD, WEDNESDA i situations wanted?males. A YOUNG MAN, FURNISHED WITH TilK IIR3T OK J1 recommendations, perfectly conversant with the JingllKh | and .-parish languages, au J having some knowledge ot lite Kretmh, (ir. ii na m oatani a situation iu Homo eotiimarulal house. As lit* do*iro U u> learu, ho will give In* acr/tcnt. for | a nominal oil ir/. Addt aa &*0 Pom tllgr. a YOUNG man, HAVING a TRADE OK $!*>,'?> 1*1'it J\. annum among mrrclianta in the West, tlds city and near by, which l,n ran iullucnce, oiler* his serves to a fl"*t c'n.-a dry goo la jobbing boua*. H.a eioerlen.e lias been la our Loiihc (gone ou if the trade), to n hint Uo refer*. Addn.iu Energy, box 16) Herald o.hce. A YOUNG M AN. WITH THE BEST OP REFERENCES aa to capacity, ho truly, Ac., wanU a place u* porter; v.rito?a\rn r.outl bun J uud ib iptick at figures. Address A. P., I'm tor. II raid o I' ve. Al'ltiiTESTANT YOUNG MAN, LATELY LANDED. w she* a ituatlon n farmer; .a . ;.a..le of taking care ol horses and willing to make himself geunrally useful, ln-niitr ui L>1 Eu*t 17>D *1., second boor, lor two day*. A SCOTCHMAN, WELL QUALIFIED, DESIRES AN engagement tii taka charge of a brat class pit', as a farmer, surd ntr and propaga or; wife will utteud the dainy and poultry ; works blinstdt as well as to direct others, l or 1 ar;i. luw apply this week lo lb" editor of the Horticulturist, 371'urk row. AS, WAITER.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN PTE sins u.i It nation as waiter in a private family; I* fully couipe'.cut, und can come well reroiuntru led; no objection to i r.ivd. Addn s< B. P.. at J. J. Morres*', grocery, coiner of lStli st., Uuivcrsiijr place. /lOACIIMAN?SITUATt. N WANTED, fli A BM.U'Ei'TA ) ubln young man, wlui under Hand* bis lutslnrHs; has had many years' cvpendhre; Is n goo 1 and cm reful ilrlrer; lo:s bad much uxiHirieitue a the grooming an 1 treatment of horsi s; w ill be found willing and obliging; good city reference. Address E. D., 91 West liiih at., or box "12 Ilerubl o(;; . COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RBspecUtbe young man, wbn thoroughly undcrstends the care oi horses; is a catelul driver and is willing to make luinself generally use ml; understands gardening; hue the. ....... . .. ....... ..... inn- ci.i|ilcy<;rx. V Ull IUI k?VU UUJS at 3Jt Water st., corner of Catherine. CHEMISTRY.?A SITl'ATI' iX IS WANTED, BY A young man, in a chemical laboratory or manufactory; litis hail much "ip irtcncc in both branches, and can givo uhex'eptioimble re'erenoe* as to character and capability. Addl< M K. B., box MOlionild office. CI OTTO N PLASTBR.?WTDAtrO* WANTED? DY A J man of several years experience In cot on pbinllng in South Carolina: is lainiliar uII!i ilio leal inaclbnor. used f ?r ginning and packing cotton, having beenengaged ionr years wo,-kin : machlnoiy for long and snort staple cstum. Would tr.'ut with parties evp -riir.euflng In ooiton culture any where, sdocilng Inn la, i.oeds, Implements and machinery for the successful cultivation of cotton Address Cuttoii Planter, hov 197 llerald oHloe. for three days. Druggists.?wanted, a situation as manufaetnn r In a wholesale house. Unexceptionable rotereu da. Address Jiunea Steel, Philadelphia l'nat oltiee. Farmer ?a <;ekman, wku, acquainted with lamiing, and liuving ten years' cxpeiicn ? In ,1,1, conntry, wants a situation; he p -rtertly understands the cultivate n of vegetables In ull their variety; Is not a raid of work, nn l can be well recommended; bus a wife and two children. Address lor three days Augustus, Herald oflicc, or Hit) Columbia st., South Brooklyn. Man and wipe want situations on a farm.? Understand farming in ull Its branches; can take charge ol a garden; best of reference from lust employer. Address M. M.,j>ot 120 Herald ofllue. (SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN 19 YEARS O ot age, who speaks the Herman language*; ho Is a first rate double nnd single entry bookkeeper and in- untant; no | objection to going out of the city; best of rcl'eicnee given. Addters J. W. 8 Timttt, 173 Forsyth st. Situation wanted.?a middle aged man, witii u small family, wishes a situation as foitsmi n on n farm, or as b irdener and coachman. Can glee seven yeur*' rocotnmendation from his last place. Address P. R., Herald uUiee. i situation wanted?as salesman, by a man O who has an extensive acipisiHtaiiee in oily trade; wishes a situation as sal. small in a wholesale hotter slid cheese, grocery, Hour, fruit or provision rtor.'j best of c.lty reference can be given. Address German, Herald office. wanted-4 situation as bookkeeper or enVI try clerk, by a young man who has had several year ' experience and can bring the bet,I releren ? as to honesty and rc*i>onalbllity. Address H. M., box 119 llerald olllce. yyranted?a situation. as CARVER, by a r? young inan, \vh> Is capable of taking charge of a sv loon or restaurant; has bad ten years' experience In the business: con procure tho best or city ref-Toncc from his lust employers. Address A. W. B., Herald o'llce. wanted?by a youno man, of good ciiaractl tor and st ady habits, who is well ucaunlntel with M...C V...-W MX.l i:,.,..*,l.-.. . of horses, or as porter, or in any other wsy in which lie can make himself useful. The best or referenees Riven. Inquire at or addles* I''urnitiue Store, No, 8 Prospect St., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER OIt SHIPPING clerk, or uny other business whore ho could make himself useful, bv a man with the b ut of City rofcrencc. Address Porter, box 181 Herald oillee. WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT, who ha* been engaged for the past twenty years In business, a situs: on where hit serrieev us a eomoetent mnn would be appreciated; Is al.-o a good correspondent and tinaneler. The compensation expected would be of no eonside-ath 11, as cniploynic'it of Ids lime is the priurinai object. Adilre-H J. D D., box lud Herald oilier. fXTANTED?A SITUATION, AS CLERK IN A IIOTKL IT or In a saloon, by a young man, who can furnish the tint of references as to itom-sty and rapacity. Address for two days II. F. E., box lud Herald olllce. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >0 ing man. as barkecp'-r; Is sober and of steady haldts, and Is capable of taking charge of s saloon or restuumnt Best cl;y reference iroin his last employer. Address C. H. 8., box 162 Herald olllce, for three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN KNKRUIiTIC young man, In a wliule-ale dry goods or cloth ami rashmere house. He can Influence some trade from raiders houses In New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unexceptionable references. As hi* desire is to learn, he will giro his services for a nomiusl salary. Addre-s J. K. O, H-ruld oflic -, stating where an interview van bu bail. (J?l A?I WILL GIVE TO AN EMPLOYER. OR ANY ?pL" fierson who will pro ure mo a good and perniauent situation III some olllce or hank, where there it writing to be done, or as sss slant Ixiokkeeper or entry clerk. Age 3d: tinmarried. Best of country uud city references given. I atu now in a dry goods sb-re, luit am il'sli of changing my situation. An interview desired. Address fur one week O. P., I o. I7d ll-rald olllce. TIIE Tit VJJK8. x piinmnnii'iirii tinivti-u iv-vton *t, am A Chatham iHtiiare. Salary moderate. i An engineer or long experience desires a tltuutlon in either riiy or country; good reference*. a ,.!.' h v. it UmCroater, ii;F.tat 4<n!i |t., N. V. A YOUNG MAN FROM THE COUNTRY WANTS TO lnarn a lrude?engineer preferred?or will wr >pt it aitu-" atlon in a grocery store, a tin-man, l-iak - man, or anything l<> niuke ail liourat livelihood: la ntrung anil willing: 'can jjivn bud ralerruees for honeaiy and kobrlrty. AiMicaa for two ill,\ H M. l>., Br.mkl 11 I'ont olive. "DOAT BUILDERS.?A FEW FIRST CLASS .TOURNEYl> men want I; a - .- X mil metallic boat builder. Apply at lm;uiM>ll '*, 213 South at. /T ARDENER.?A SITUATION WANTED, HY A MAIS\_T rird man, with but a email family; 1 < lully 'itiivcramit with thn laying ant of ai omnia, green nonara, vegrtnhtt) and I' v.-r garden*. Itnn l>? well ro oioioende I. Addrrxa Dr. 11. Aaaeuhclnwr, Hi i Broome at, PHOTOGRAPHIC OPERATOR WANTED?IMMKDIA atcly, by II. li. Gibbon, !>M Hroadway. SITUATION WASTED.-A TOCNO M VN WANTS V situation n* ioinponttor: h;n ton at the tiade lour year*, and ran *et English nnd (l-rmnn from mntinncrliit. AildrcM U Gottlieb, Kl ?y. A. Wanted- v iiat tip printer. apply at the ni.tntifn lory, corner of Raymond and Wllloughby sir., Brooklyn. TIT ANTBD? A SITUATION AH GARDENER, BY A TT mnirieo ninn with two rlilllr-if, Oerniau. tin* had manyy.'ara ,<p ilcnca in ihla country; van gh the ba?tof r-':err cm a* to cliainc.- r anil capability. Call ou or adurcia V. F. V., nt Smlth'a arc I ntorr, 71 Llbeily at. \\TANTEO?A SITUATION, AS HARDENER. FLORIST It and orehnrrilat, by a German, unmarried, who baa ureal e\| nerve In the aboye bualnra*. Addreaa Mr. Frederick W eland, Dubuque, Iowa. WANTED?A PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTER, TO ASft alat lu n first etna* gallery. Aildreax, ntating aalnry, rrierancaa and i|UaUUrattO!i?, it. A., Herald ollloo. WANTED?A WORKING GARDENER, A HI NODE man a ho thoroughly under- Inu la the cultivation of frult< nud vegetable*; tvr.ti* SI2 per month nn>l board Scotch or Herman preferred. Apply at 93 Nassau *u, N. Y. NIHCRLLANROVII. At dailkvs. Daring the present and enmln : week we ?halt make ljrrn addition* I" <>'ir stoek of French China DINNER AND TEA SETS Al*o Vase*, Bl.qoe Klgnre*, Bronze ami .Mar hie Clock*, and other fancy artlele* for tho ndut maoni OK THE HOUSEHOLD. Wo continue to offer uncipmllcd bargain* In tbe following ni Helen, to wit.:? Silver plated Tea Spoons, Ihe driven $1 23 Silver plated Table Spooiih, tlie it,men U K) Silver plated Table York#, the do/en 3 JO SIEVEU PLATED ICE PITCHERS, $5. Largest *l*c, handsomely engraved aj. t\ $.- *4. S3. Silver plated Tea Set*, fl pin es $13 IX) Hllv -r plated Cake Basket*, each.... 4 IK) Silver plated Caster*, a cut tmttles 4 Jj SllA K It IT, AT tit) COKKEK URNS, Now dyle*. beautifully cliaaed, $10. $111. sin. sin. $:u Out glass Gkihlr.ts, the tln/.en $1 05 Col gutsa Decanters, quarts, thn pair |H tlot glass Decanter*, pint*, the pan- am) Cotarcil ftnhetnlin tilae* Kinder It ovls, Hit) do/en. .... 1 Si Ivory hnndl.'d Dln.ier Knives, tl.o dozen 4 .">d Ivory handled Ten Kn|. ., i)>.. dozen 4 tttj MtoN 91'oNK CHINA. Ma Itloek'* ilool la Hi c v, and de l loJIy the boat good* in tlm market. Iron Stone China Dinner Phce*, the do*en Ofi.;. Iroii-Hlnno Chin* Breakfast I'iilt *, the doiten "tie, Iron-Htoae China Soup Plat'*. the dozen it? . DINNER SETS. Large assortment $18 LIKEW IsK An Imurotaoehol e tn Gaa Fixture*, embracing.everything in tho vv*jr of Clmnde. lie,*, Brocket*. *e. \v. j. v. D.vir.Ev t co., No. 331 jrnadvray. /4,.| PER PL \ K PRKt O - AN I'M 11. A nOOD I R V.) rond hand copper plate ureas, of a medium *!,e. I r which ttaali will he paid Oil delivery. Address William Altir- ' phy. lis Canal street. IK)R A REALLY VALUABLE ARTICLE OR INVEN Hon, requiring to lie adrartlsad to extend Ilia sales, I would b? willing to furnish .several thousand itollar* fur advi rtDl.n In city nttilcmtnlrr potter*, endalan to '?) ? rhargo nr sale* in Hila rity. Ad-liras JOHN V. NICIIOKS, Herald office. BXPRBfSa*. ABURNHAM'M rilRNlTURR F.XPUER3 AND FUR nlttire Parking Establishment, No. 11.1 Waft L' venth street, hetweeji Fifth Sixth avrndM. 'tolifebold furniture limed and shipped to a,i part* uf tho world. Covered wagon* for removing furniture t)f lttutillet. furniture IKjrrd, A?. Y, MARCH 5, I8UU.?Tltlf HELP WA TED?FEMALES. A Mi FAMILIES AND OOOD SICIM'AN'T.-t WILL FIND Jx. tun lur.oet >1111 v - i.ibhaiied luslilutH, at i..e carder of 6.h uv. aud lhii n? fur lieriuaa, Kuglidi, JjMali and Amu'iuu wouiea. Mr. Floyd iu attendHii Go ,& places always ready. Protestants nante t.dways. A OJSRMAN' GIRL WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND J\ fn'tr'ns, t . u Urge la a tly; must understand her 1. i?lu sr. Apply at 11 Aaii and nla :e, Ferry at., euruer uf \Vaver| ley pla e, lro:u U A. Jl. to 1 r. M A YOUNG WOMAN WANTED?TO DO GOOD WASH.

A inr;. I rim i up i dco Kin Must lava good reference. Apply a' 56 East i:t i at., b imecn 9 end 12 A GIRL WANTED.?' >N IC CAPABLE OP TAKING CAKE J\ ofrhlldrei n.l , n . plain ?ewl: g, and with g <id refc. telle, may aji, ly a'. L2 L uiigiou av. ATROOKIIAM A BEDELL'S NEW OFFICES, 307 AND 30u ltd ii.'., b-tveeu2id aud Situ sta., excellent aerv.mta and moat d ,-d ruble Nituatiouscan now be obuiued. Lariy applications are dee table. A RARE CHANCE-WANTED, A FIRST CLASS Jl dre.-nmk, r. ,ually tv 11 a tualnted with euttlng patterue, a ie moat b? of p.casing addrevs aud geutcol app, arauce. Inquire at 2-'H Ctb nv., corner of loth at. (N1KLS WANTED.?two OH THRICE GIRLS WHO T have been a. "islomrd to tie over. I be and wrap buttieA. Apply ,oh. U. .vpilob, Up Fur man at., IbookK n. QTRAW SEVERS.?GOOD HAIR AND STRAW SEWERS r) wauled, at lot Allou at. QFiRVANT WANTED-TO DO DOWN STAIRS WORK; ii must be a gxiu pl?l i cook, make good bread, and ctine vr. ll recommended. Apply at 216 Dean st., Brookljn. VYTANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. SHE MUST HAVE >Y (,ood relerenceaaa to lioucaty, Ac. Addreea V.J'., box ltd Herald ofll e. WANTED-A WAITRESS, IN A LARGE FAMILY. Apply at 1,129 Broadway, near 2Gth St., with roeummendutlous. TITANTRD?A RESPECT \ PLE YOUNG WO VAN, AS y I chainbarmaid and wuilivss. One who can bring saltsfactory recommendation from her last place may apply at 18 East S7tli St. WANTED?LADIES AN!) GENTLEMEN TO LEAKN a very prob able business. that can lie done at home: It will pay at least from $19 to $2J per week: la warranted steady, Hummer and winter, ill ail cities, l'liosc call and si c lor yourselves. Dr. II. Love, Inventor, 111 Grand at., second roor. WANTED?A GOOD STEADY YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general housework; must lio a good plain cook, washer and irouer, and willing to make herself useful: Rood city referent e. Call frotn 10 to 12 o'clock at 18 Weal 21sl st., in the ba o.ncnt. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN AS COOK. WASHER and irouer In a large private farnlly. Must understand Iter business, nnd come well recommenced. Wages $7. Apply from i) to 1 at No. 5 Ashland place, Perry street, second houso from Greenwich avenue. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A WOMAN AS ORDER cook and a girl to watt on tables In a lirst class restaurant. References required. Apply to R. P. Varlek, 12 and 13 Court St., Brooklyn. WANTED?THIS MORNING, TWO SWIFT OPERAtors on Wheeler h Wilson's sewing machines, to work on shirts and ladies' under clothes. None but osjii r.tneed hands need apply at 273>, Hudson St., in ill" store. WANTED?A SMART TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework: must be a good washer and Ironcr and plain cook; one vrao Is willing and obliging and kind lo ohililnn; must hifte undoubted referonee; a Piotesnmt proforred. Apply from 10 till 2 this day, at3'Jl Carlton a v., Brooklyn. WANTED-A PROTESTANT COOK. AND TO ASSIST w ith the washing. Call at No. 3 row, Bleecker St., on Thursday, tho titli, between 1 and 2 o'clock. WANTED?A GOOD GERMAN COOK; ONE WHO UNderMsnds her business will receive goo.1 wages. Apply between 11 nnd 2 o'clock, at 68 Remscn St., Brooklyn, near Wall street ferry. WANTED-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMIl.Y. A GIRL V to cook, wash aud iron. None need "i ply hut those who can e ime highly recommended and arc wil ing to make themselves gen-rally useful. CaU between 10 and 3 o'clock at 48 Wcs' 47th si., between 5th nnd fitli avs. WANTED?A PROTESTANT CHAMBERMAID AND TT waitress, who ilioroughly und- is anils her business and enn give city refc o ic s for hou. sly aud ability. A] ply at 25 West 41st St., tins day (Wednesday), between 12 and 4 o'e.loek. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, a Protestant American. German, or Irish girl, to cook. wash and iron I.. )?.. Kill, n-ntl......... house went of AdcipVi st., Brooklyn. ' WANTKD-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO OXKErut housework; must be a good cook, washer and honor; none but a l'r .tohtant need apply; the best of reference re'iuhe 1. Apply at 210 Thompaon a'. VTrANTKD?1N A SMALL FAMILY, A UIUL TO DO TIIE TT cooking, washing and ironing. Those with city reference from their last place may apply at 115 East 13th at., near 3d a v. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG GIRL. FROM 12 to 15 years of age, to wait on the table an I uulst in the light housework. To one that ulll suit a ties ruble place it olfered. t all at 113 South 4th at,, Williamsburg. TT.rANTEI??IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, AS ?T nurse and to assist In ehntnlirnvorfc, a re-p -rtable woman; must have eiiperlen>e in taking care of children. Apply at 241 llloomlietd street, lloboken. WANTED-A TIDY PROTESTANT WOMAN Tl) COOK, j TT wash a M Iron; must understand her business thoroughly; make l.road, pastry, Ac.: city referencerequtrril. Inquire a' SI R uns, n St., tuurth house trom Henry, Brooklyn. WASTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL. AS CHAMBERTT muid an i waitress and to assist with the washing and h oulng. Apply after nine o'clock at 17 West 154th ei. WANTKD-A SMART GERMAN GIRL, WHO CAN understand Kimball, to do pin in conking, washing and ironing; to a good girl a good situation Is guarnut. ed. Apply at 21lt Atlantic at., Brooklyn. nr.ikt!-:n_i vi?at smart uriir. to nr. /in-won. YV homework In a smalt family; muxt be a goid Washer nnd froncr Mid understand cooking; to one who can come well rt commended, anil will go lo New York with Hie family In the spring, a good hLnie nnd f.ilr wngis will be given. Apply ut 316 llean ?t , between 4th and :>th a\e*., Brooklyn. TAT A NTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN A3 QOOD Vt plain cook. who li lioneat mil willing to work, mi l can bring recommendations, may hour of n good place Ly applying at No. H Deslirosavs at. WANTED?<1111 1.1) KEN'S FANCY li AT TRIM-MRUS. Notic but ain'rieuaed hauda need apply, ul F. 11. lliglow'*, 113 Fulton st,, Brooklyn. YV ANTED?A FEW FIRST RATE HANDS FOR I.A?? d es' drees cst>* and headdresses. Itupiire nt 441 Bro el way, m the ft ire. A 1' A NTED?TWO (!<!( >D Oiltl.S, IN A SllAl.L FAMILY: y 1 i lie to cook, wa*h and Iron, the otlic n* i liainberm a.I, so* nisi re.*, Ac.; beet lit' city reference Indiapi tumble. Apply at ti* Lexington av., corner of 2flth *t. OlWI CTRLS WANTKD-TO MAKK TfCD S \ I K TS. f\7 Al 11., to A dim T. Meyer, .113 a id 317 Broauway, up atoll re. TOO I-ATK FOR CLASSIFICATION. AYOUNti CRN 1'LH.MAN, OF I'UEl'OiiBi.S.SlNO Al'' pear mi o. 111 year* id' n e, would l!!:e to eorre .pond wl'h a y 'leg lady bciwoiin the eg * of 11 and 13, rath?r goo 1 I ioklug, warm hewed, romantic, nnd full of fun. A Idreaa, in coulidenre, William, laix 1!*. Herald ollle . AYOI'N'il MAN, a ltY IWitTII, AND ()! a.rtrtly son r an 1 Industrious habits, is denim .a of making the acquaint inee of it lair, with it view to rnatruiga and spitting In busbies*. Tin1 lady meat have at liei a fen hum r ul dollar*. The advertiser la ne'.iint< <l liy no Idle curiosity; his inteiitlona nre siriotlr honorable, hav. lug In view only the happiness ami well doing of wiiorns,. eier heiiiay leaxtolalel witii In life. Adores, In jierfeet con lid -nee, A. Z . box 1U0 Herald onice. \OENTLKMAX. BETWMKN THR ACE OF FORTY Hlid nfiy, oi amide mean* and Uhorelly Incline,I, wishes to meet wlt'a a young I oly not oyer seventeen, who know* a little of tin' world. Such a one may llnd a true friend by a''.dressing M. M., Station F. \ LADY OF RESPECTABILITY AND REFINEMENT /V ia widow of ikl. v itliout ennnmliranee). o, nerfeet health and cheerful disposition, and called a line specimen of a woman, wishes to open a rorr spondenee with a vie* to matrimony. This I* not addressed to idle dandies or forturn hunters. but to n noble minded, tn>clllgnnt nmn. a wldotvor or ha- tielor, from 45 to eM> year* of age; one who i nn appreciate end respect the companionship or n wlf" po-sesi11.4 n!l thu qiinlt'lon that an honest, sensible innti would nook In n wile. Address In sincerity, with particulars, for <m? work, Mra. ti. C. Ailbnght, station D, ltibin Houae, New Vork. DKAKNKHH AND BLINDNKSH, THE MOST HOKEI.KH3 asses cured without painful operailona; also, Ner.mia Atrerilonn and Catarrh, the frenudnt causes of deafness, cured by Or. QHAVKrt. Conaultntlon free, personally or ?r Inter, iithl Ilroii.lnuv. TAOU IIAVRK?FIRST VESSEL?TAKES PKTIIO* P loom?The American clipper bark NoRt'MHBOA! Haley, tnliter, ImvlU'd nearly nil lier eiu-go on hoird. wll h iva Imineilinte despatch Kor hihinen of freight apply to ROBERT LETII BRIDGE, 1W Pearl str?"L IJIUKKITTB*.?I WANT TO ItUtCRASB TOR IMMB" dlata use, some Parlor, Chamber end Kitchen Knrttllui', Part Ice baring the 11 bore to dispone of, enlUelrni for part or whole of a small liooee, cheap lor ea?h, pleat o uddreee II1 rrey Prrtil, stall >n A, street. GERMANIA LIKE INBWANOK HTOOK KOU KALE cheap, h? AMtKKT H. NIOOt.AY, A! u 11 am street / ION.SULA I IS GENERAL OK FRANCE -SE ALED PRO* \_i poanlg will bo received nl the Conatilalc timie-al of Kranoe, 17 William street, tip to Katurday, .Mnrdi H, at II o'clo k St., for supplying with 1 roi talons, , oal, ship -handlery and other ma .< r a n; also Willi muds Iticolr, the Ercnoh war steamer Cattuai. lo iually In ilie port of N w Y rk. Apply ot the said o licit lo'apedii Mtlous mid rondlil ns. Tli" Consulate U-netnl of Eran -e. Maw York. March ft, l.+iil. MetN I Hi iLflM. ISO CITY AND COUNTRY DEALERS IN HOYS' AND Children's Clothing ? Wo Wouhl rc v, e t oily all their attention to our new and cornel 0 nsForinirnt 01 spring and aiiininei ifootla, whtilee lis and r. tnll, at p:I lower than any o h r hoe to in tl. city. .IONF.K ,tt M-DVIH, l.l'j Eollonstreet, Now York, tip stairs. ril 1 MILITARY MEN. J. VFNTlLA I EI) II YMMOC'K TEN T. The patentees for tee new V. titrate 1 Hiiiitiiin.k Tt ut, roctntly Inn id'tcctl mto the I'nlted St CPs Army, and known as THE MOKOAN TENT, ere now prepared to execute orders lor any part of the world. 11 a e \ cllencles conatsl In raising men o If the ground; tlie now, and y-t complete means of thoeouaii veitH* Utiinjlts simiill l'y for transportstloii; Its adsuuloll: y to tmv elfrite anil any we 1 liter, ot wet as Wo II as vflj 1 Hilt; all rendering Irthe most healthful, eemin nl nl slu?|l , at.d jot eimielete lent now In use. Korf triher psrtieolsis at p'y l, JOHN Mcl'LAYR. Agent for the Patentees, 1,-ill Broadway. WANTED TO PL'R 'HANE-ABOUT $I,MM WORTH OP it Fancy Dry Hoods, or a Hloro already established would be taken, lor will it a large brick ll oieo, tlmt la now wo 11 lei. would be given In "\ehan"'. Apply at 37 Willow place, Rruoklrn, to WILLIAM ONDERDOMK. BILLIARDS. FOR SALE?THREE BUTE BBO BILLIARD TABLES' Decker s make, almost as good as new, wl'h everything helong'ng to ihem. Cort crnr one thousand dollars will be gold for four hundred. Also, a Restaurant will I sold lor bail 1U rata, a| H Iblrd avenue. JAB. U. UOKfRY. LJfi SHEET. IIBLP WANTBD-MALEB. Agent** wanted.?more money made, more real snti.actiou giveu, and uioru ready galea guaran I teed bv selling the oi'-eat new union prize stationery and beCU B PACKAGE, now acknowledged bv all dealers to l?* ko SUPERIOR AN ARTICLE as to be beyond rivalry. O ir resources are too ,,reat for them to contend with, ?onto incntly, like wise men, they ate I aviug the held. We put up tho ONLY PACKAGE ec"tM(nin - real merit. lili'kard'S new union prize bTAliONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE coutaiiia more j arte 1 , of ,i better q .ali'y, ami a liuer piece of jewelry than 1 a y other package ever sold. ... | S--> l fc our turcn'a , ? l lch we will mall free. $S to $10 p r (1 ly nu i.c made. We put in oach package a beautiful I and in 1 k ?m ravin* oi Ge.NE.tAL GEOl'.UE B. McCLKLLAN. ?vlO. 75 vuliiabi It ipes. ti sheet s Lad cs' Billet I apor. (> .beets Cnuiuurcial Note 0 Rolf Envelopes. Paper. 2 Fine Ste I Pen.. 0 sheets Ladl Note Paper, 1 Kine Pen ell. (j wiilte Piiton Envelopes, 1 slipct 111 itting Paper. lu color* 1 Acoommodailon IVuholder. 6L.. u s' white Union Euvclopca. A A VALUABLE PIECE OK JEWELRY. ItlCKAHDS A CO., 1U:1 Nassau atreet, New York. Agents wanted.?the Washington writing Case. Something entirely new and beautiful, designed for tho MILLION. II I. made of wool andu ally covered with Morwo pappr: I. in the shape of a perfect desk ; Is Inches Ion;. 5'J Inehea wide and 1 Inch deep, aud a splendid present for young LADIES, or any one, and just the arii les every SOLDIER needs. Contains No'e Pajer, Envelopes, Blotting Paper, Inkstanda, Pens. Holders, Lead Pen lis. Calendar, Ac. Pi ice iificenti. Oirenlar. free. TDK McOLKLLAN AllMY PACKAGE, or Soldier's Krh-inl, Sid per hundred, w th Jewelry $15 per hundred; which la said to be the most useful, cheapest and best ariauged that ia offered for vile. IT CONTAINS (1 Sheets Note Paper. 1 Mack Lead Pencil. 6Envelopesto imitcb. 1 Bow Ping, r. Sheets Union Nose Paper. 2 Needles. 6 Envelopes to inuMi. 1 Skein Linen Thread. 1 Slice I Blotting Paper. 4 Buttons. 2 lino Steel Pens. 1 Pocket Comb. 1 line Pen Holder. 1 Sour Book. 1 Pocket Calendav, ll'G2. JOHN II. TINOLEY. Bookseller and Slut loner, 152 >? Pulton street. N. Y. Agents w inted-jo sell the MOCLELLAN I^KTAKl.E WETTING DESK, The most useful article (or the soldier ever lnvcnt"d. CAN UK CARRIED IN THE KNAPoAOK, AND IORM8 A COMPLETE WRITING DESK. Coot tlnB everything necessary lor writing eighteen letters. THE MOST SALEABLE ARTICLE for the soldier now louse. Price 25 cents. Agent* wanted every tvhere. Solid s amp for a circular. W, 11. CATELY A CO., loa Xaa?ati street. Agents, dealers and merchants Wishing to sidl the best "1'ltIZE PACKETS" OK STATIONERY AND JEWELRY Should hnv ours We engage to vivo MORE KORTIIE MONEY and better sntlslaolIon. because lite QUALITY OK THE GOODS can always be gunranl I and rolled on. Circulars free. IIASKINS .v CO., lit; Bcekuiau street, N. Y. Agents, agents wanted?to sell podins patent Kerosene Oil Burner, for lluld lamps. Requires no chimney or alteration of the lamps. Sample sent on receipt of four red stamp*. Call on or address Joseph Do.Un, 22 Duune stivct, near Chuiham, N. Y. A GENTS?WE HAVE LARGELY INCREASED Oyit IV iriannfnctory, and can now supply promptly the Immense demand for onr Army Bureau?wholesale price ISc. 27c. 22". Army Game Casket, " " 23c. sjc. 30c. A uiy Game Package, " " 10c. 15c. 25c. And Potomac Six Cent Slatlouciy Package. Send along your orders, or siamp If \ on want circular. PEIRCK A CO., 152 Knltou street, N. Y. A VALET TO GO TO EUROPE-TWO CONDUCTORS. one entry clork, a'x men for steamers, two brnkcmeii, cler.i fur n shipping odlce, clerk for nsteamer, one barkeeper, one eo.whmnn, elerk for a railroad ticket olfloe, : n i two girls to travel wanted. Apply at No. 7 Chatham sqm - . A GOOD BOY WANTED?TO LEARN A GOOD BUSIness, aged sixteen, well educated and willing to work latthfully four years \\i lumt pa v. J. SMITH DODGE. 10 East 17th St. BOY WANTED?A SMART INTELLIGENT ROV, TV A tlrst class real es ate ofllee down towe. Salary $75 ftrst year. Address, In his own handwriting, suiting particulars, Rent Estate, llorald oillre. Drug clerk wanted.?a permanent situatlon to a compotent, steady man. Address, with nsforences, W. J., Herald oillre, for two days. I PARMER WANTED-WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AN " American farmer and wife, without etioombrrc. to go to Missouri to take charge of a large farm. Those ooly in o t apply tinring the tie-1 referen es as to character end ea iahi. llty to Warren Lcland, Esq., at the Metropolitan Hotel, New York. IlAHM LABORERS?TWO FIRST CLASS l'ROTHSTANT laborers wuttted. None but tingle men, with beat of retercnce , need apply at 37 Park Rnv, room 13. PERMANENT AND RESPECTABLE KMPLO YMENT.? By malting twenty cent* In money to W. ITood, lr>7 Monroe at., New York, von tvlll be mailed a valuable book containing directions bow to make money easy, honestly and rapidly, without capital. ' SALESMAN WANTED?IN A FANCY GOODS IMPORT O itlg house. Address box 4,Otl3 Post plllce, suiting salary wanted, references and situations occupied. None but caperluured need apply. TO STOCK BROKERS-WANTED, A YOITNO MAN. A member of the Brokers Hoard, lor a permanent stunti n,a In an ealabllsbcd s'ock house; he must be acquainted with all the leading brukara and pro luce unuxoepthniahln re. feronees. To sneh a compensation v i l be p yen and a perinnnetil sltQution. Adtlr. 85, with full purtleuurs O. 1J? llernld olllee. rpitAYEl.MNO SALESMAN '.'.'ANTED?MUST BE A MAN 1 of title rltv, goo I business capacity and aide to loan Ins employer S2,.jU0, tor the use ol will b and his set*, lees u good salary will be given. Address, with real name and husiucsa reference, Joltu Laws in, box 179 Herald olllee. TO CLOTHING SALESMEN.?A LONG ESTABLISHED ready mude clothing house have a permanent situ it ton f..r a salesman thu has tlrst class littsin .s tiuailileatlons and character mid posseHsint an experienced knowledge of the retail elotlnng business. To any one who has bad a long service a* salesn an In a regular established bouse an 1 eon It lluoaco a larce irade (salary no object) may a ldres?, with reference. Industry, llcrabl ofttoe. WANTED-TWO YOUNO MEN TO ATTEND IN A \l ilrst elaao gri -ry a'.or"; tlios t from the country preferred. A Idret s, w.tli rci'aranee, D. E. W., Heral 1 olllee. iv a i utr. nunintM >iaa, n nil mam Ti mi eMensive a -iiunlnianro with the retail Ippmr dealprs in this iSty, to select order* lor a in* i-l.t s wholesale house, Addle**, will, r.'.il name, J. t U., Herald oilier. "ii* anrr*:i)?a salesman, for tiik IT embroidery mist o'*s, thoroughly m> ptn'm. 1 with the oily Iretle*. sulary IMO |*r monlli. Address, stating wh're last employed, it. It., Herald oflice. \ Yr NYKB.?A TOV ACCUSTOMED TO 8BTT1M0 H tyjM' ami wishing a go.?l situuUuu may apply l.nmei! airly nt 15 Spruce it., second floor. 11rANTK0?A VOI NO MAN TO TRAVEL, WITHIN l T one h in.lrcrt mil* ? of N w Y'<? k. with the adv. Miser, la; light cv ulnu luisiuess. t'li- luivns from $:*) to Said In c .a 1 iv: ti ajjiio 1 si I union. Call to-day, frum 1Utot o'clock, a. nl y.ris'oplicr a . TIT ANTED?TWO OR THREE OOOD WAITS It 3, AT Tr 2iklllro.ntw.iy, corner ot Rcmlc at. None but I hose epialnled with eheeka need npply. \\r,ANTED?'TWO At'TIVE BOYS TO WORK AT MtlllT 11' n-annfarturlnc HtMne**. Apply at &1 IV*. ?t-Tweulyaixtli Mr 'ft. \\TANTEM-A BELL BOY. AI'l'LT BEFORE TWELVE it o'c'ock. >1. at the Kapler House, corner of 11th at. ami 4th nvti. IITAXTBP?A MAN TO TAKE CARE OK A SPAN OK Iv hni'px'i an I garden. Apply at 328 Broailwuy, up stairs, third story, to a no. II. Hrowntog. WANTED?A CLERIC IN A PRODUCE HOUSE. AI<HO a do rk on a strainer, and two Ye like" Notion auiuann n. Apply at III Fulton at., Merchants' Clerks' Ucgls ry oilice. Sitniiilona procured lor roapecloble parties. iislu'dishcd 185*1. Reference to Ural c'nsa houeea. OTHfl ?AOENTS WANTED?TO OPEN AN OFFICE ?iUU. and ti?e the wholesale ayency. In rverv Slat*, lor nil of Lloyd's Ui* at Military Maps. naeit by our C minimi. dr-iu-Chtef.' Tie* chr.i|>e*t lunna In tlio world. A fortune can he mail.' on Iheao maps in each Slate. Torre million oplesufono of my map* have alnaly been sold. Also a man to i?n to California, England ami t'nb.i. Agenta also wanted in every country. Rend for i Irru'nr*. J. I. LLOYD, 184 Broadway. 1 nil At it*: NTs W XNTKII-1N EVERY STATE OK THE X'MJ I'liion, to sell n colored omirnvliig of Fortress Monree, from drawing taken on the spoi ; rm-rgetle in?n can luak" from >5 In $10 a day selling this work. Apply to A. I .a/aru*, 229 Btuulna)', rootn M. IIOVSBS, llOOMS. .kC., tVA^TEl). cunt uivitui.' nn eorfinv witii ? noon A yard or garden attarhed, wanted f r ? em.,11 family, nn.\\ h"i''! between Twelfth mreel unit llarlem river. Kent ii! 011 $300. Must have gas ?? l Croton water. Address Ulnion, box 180 Herald ortlce. UTANTRD?BY A RESPECTABLE PARTY OK TWO YY persona, by the 1st of Mejr, ? Kloor. consisting of 1'arlor. Re Jr. om nnd Kitchen, in 11 good noiglilsirInsel. Kent not to exeeeil $1.11 tier nnnum. Addrcas, suiting f"1 parllaulam, Stcllu, Herald o,llee. tXTAKTKD niMBniATIIiT-A POtTH BTOI X BROWN YY stone House, high stoop, with modern iitinisnalm fits, gas fixtures, *c? between Tenth Sltd 'f wrntv-hird streets an t fourth mid rilxtli avenues. Will purchase I r?t tloorrsrI>. >,? llettt not exree ling $I,tM). Address A. 1,.ton, nation tl, Bmndwajr Poet "lliee. \IT"ANTKD-A PUUNI3HED COUNTRY HOUSE Kon YY the a.'aeon; nn the M> und preferred, nnd not mora than one hour from New York. The house must be comfortable and have n garden and plen'r of fruit: bathing an l Indispensable. A reasonable price (not extravr?ut> wtill be paiu hj a goo I lenatit for such aecommod .I lima. A ldre.-a, Willi lull particulars, Country House, 10 Klilh. V4 rANTKl>?Ti HUNT, WITH THE PKIVILBOB TO YY buy, a sni .11 Ileum In a g rod n d'tlihorhood, i ontalnleg all niolern improvements; Imaiion between Twentyfirst and ThlrtT-s end streets, between Third nnd R'gliih avenues. Address 11. M., Herald olios, stating particulars, WS-. I 'll. 111 rent -THR (TPPIR paw Of \ oxx. teel House In Wlllllatiisbnrg The hou?e most I e furnlsheil Willi gas and waier, nnd have at least aii morns. Addross Ajax, Herald ofllce. COAli. CVOAL ?GENUINE PEACH ORCHARD, RED ASH, ) IlOensl Mnun nui, Broad, llla. k Heath, and oilmrerlnl.rated White A?h Co, Is, tin roughly s ue. nrrt, at lowest marital priei Jus McHONAHO, Y .rds dSl seven h avenue, corner of Thirty-fourth struct, aud loot of Twentysixth street, North liver 45 1 AH AM NO,v nREIVERTNG A flt'PKRIOR hP'i: T"V/. quality of Cosl, fnrfsm'lyn wollaoreened, at $4 40 per ton nr2.ti00lbs ; Coke, fjacfialdron: also, LlvvrK*d snd Cnnnet Coal, at IVB Wc.t Eleventh street and 1M idbth avenue. A, HEART!. ______ 9 SHIPPING. STEAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOLCWINO AT Wue n?i<j > o < Cork iutroorl. The Liverpool, New York ml PluedelpLie stomuamp Com, any mu ud ileajiaiuhiiig l ?iir *u" P"*?red Clyde built Irou atc-aius-illis as follows:? UNA S?.m day, Man h 8. CW Y OF NEW Y-HCK Saturday, March IS. CITY OK WABIIINOTOW ! m ,r lay, Mau i 22. ml ' very juccucUmg Saturday, at uuuu, fruiu jaier U, North river. _ KATMOrPlHSAUK. First Cabin $75 Ste-ra;e $10 Do. to Lull .on r<0 bu. tu London .IS D<>- to Perls S5 Do. lo i'ii i ts ? Do. U> Hamburg... Si Do to Hamburg.... 36 Passengers also forw aided to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, ,'.e., at equally low rates. Kates from Liverpool orOuccnstmvn.?Firs! cabin, $75, $85 58 $106. S.e lag from Liver; o > , $il): fioin Queens own, $.'111. Tier Ha can |?, bought Uere at these rates, euaoLug pcopi to vnil :ot* th- Ir l'rtunda. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers, are strongly;built in wii'.er tight Irou ? ttous, an I carry patent lire annlliilators. Ev u -n-n yii surr'Oli are attached to 1 a ll sic.root. For fiiriher information apply tu Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAJf, Agent, 22 Witter street; in Ulanc w to ALKX. MALCOLM7 No. 5 St. Enoch aqua e; in Qoei tistown, to 0. A W. D. UBYMOUH & CO.; In lsnlou, to E1VES ,{ MACKY, fll Kin : William street: In Purls, to JULES DBOOUB, >0. ft p!?c ile la Bourse; In l'li:la>lelpli!n, to JOHN G. DALE. Ill Walnut street; or at the Codi|iuii>'a oflioo. JOHN G. DALE. Agent, lo Broadway, N. Y. TIIE BRITISH AND NORTH AMliBICAN BOYAL MAIL Htenmstllir. PassrouTK.?All persons leaving the United States will require to have l'uasp irlo from the authorities of their respective countries, countersigned by the Secretary of Slate at Washington, or by tbe Passport Agent at Jiort of embarkst 0n' FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief Cabin P. usage " J? Second Cubin l*u a a te "5 KltOM BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL. Chief Cabin Pas,,age *l'0 ?, . ?.? ? i ' I' 1 lie ships from New York call nt Cork Harbor. The ships from Hu-mn call nt II nil'Ax ami Cork Harbor. PERSIA, Capt. .Let',ins AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. AH vUlA, Cant. I. Stone. CANADA, Capt. J. Leltcb. AsiA, Capt. K. G. L ,U. AMERICA, Capt. Muir. A11STlt ALASI AN .Cupt.Cook. NIAGARA, Capt. Moodie. Bi O'I'IA, EUHOPA, Oapl. Audersou. CHINA, These vessels carry a clear white light at mast head, greets on starboard bow, red on port hoar. NIAGARA. Almr, le.ivts Boston, Wednegdcy, Mar. B AltAlllA, Cook, " N. tv York, " Mar. 18 CANADA, Anderson, " Bos on, " Mar. 19 Berths not sect rod until paid tor. An experienced surgeon on board. 'the owners of the ait ships w 111 not lie seronntnble for Gold, Silver, Bullion, Specie, Jewelry, Precious Stones or Metals, unless hills of lading are .,ign?d therefor and the value thereof therein expressed. Nor freight or passage apply to E. CUNAKD, No. 1 Bowling groen. Steam to londonderry, glasgow and liver pool.? The Montreal Ki-umship Company's first claaa lull powered, Clyde built strainer lllliKKNiAN, Captain Grange, carrying the Canadian anil United States mulls, will sail tiom Portland next Saturday, March 8. Rules of pnsaage from New York:?Kirs! class, according to aecommn. ilons, S0!) and Juki; sire:age, found with good provisions, $ 0.Ct rtlitcates Is-tied lor bring or out passengers from all the principal towns in Ureal Britain and Ireland at very low rates. Nor passage apply st 23 Broadway, New York, j S A -iEL ,t SEAKLE, General Agents. Hamburg American packet company. S . am to Loudon, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton. The favorite Ural class and el aunt Iron mall steamship BORUHSIA, N. Tract man. commander, carrying the United States malt, rails from pier 21 North river, foot of Pillion street, positively on Saturday, March 8, and takes passengers for London, Haiiiburr, Havre and Southampton at the lollowiug rates:? First cabin .... $100 Second cabin 60 Stcetarn 36 'l'hn naminonia will s.:c? -ed the Horusaia on March 28. For passage apply ex lus.vely to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS., 181 Broadway, N. y. For california via panama. A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th mid 21st of eaeh month, except when these dates tail on Sunder, when the day of departure will be on the Monday follow inc. For freight or passage apply at the only office. No. 6 Bowling Green. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. Australia,?kangaroo line for Melbourne First vessel tu sail. Packet lor April 1. The magnili rent, (list elaiS ship ATLANTIC, 1,300 tons, will be despatched usabote I rum pier 10 East river. The accommodation* for first and aeeona eabln passengers are unequalled for comfort and convenience. Eurly application must be made. Price of passage low. MAII,LEIt, LORD A QUEKKAU, 106 Wall street. Bight Bills, in stciling luouey, lur sale on Lord A Co., Melon i ne. FOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMship COLUMBIA, R. Adams, United Blatcs Navy, commander, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Thursday, March 13. at 12 o'clock M., precisely. Passengers are requested lo procure Ih'ir passports before going on board. For ' e.uht or passage apply to SPOFFORD, TILEBTON A CO., I No. 20 Broadway. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. A PARTNER WAXTK0?WITH $1,000 CASH. IN A Grocery Store. doing a cash busincrs In a good neigh* hot-hood, and making money. The retiring partner ia eugaged In other IximIik-rk. A steady and luduatrloua mania wanted. Apply ?l 219 Court street, Brooklyn, l'rom H till 9 A. AIL, 13 till 2 and 5 till 9 1'. M. U. STEVENSON. A K OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST ABOUT $400, WHERB J\ It will bo perfectly talc and yield ten times thu amount ia less than uvo months; it is no patent, but a aura thing. Apply at 191 East Tenth street, near Secoud avenue. Ag'mts not noticed. "PARTNER WANTED. A To Capitalists?$5,000 lo $20,000. See advertisement headed its above in Journal of Com mereo of this date. Address U. H. Co., caro box 3,610 Post Oilier. PARTNER WANTED?IN THE GRAIN, FLOUR, AND general ptudure commission business already estsbli-h <1. ttnsh capital from $2,000 to $3,t.O). Agent* need not reply. Addioss Produce, Herald oOloc. PAKTN KR WANTED.?WANTED. A PARTNER. WITH alioul $1,000 cash, to purchase the Interest of a partner about retiring from the wholesale Wtue, I.lquor and Re.or basInesH In tiu established house down town, To the right person this Is a tirst rate chanen to embark lu a sate and lnrraiive business: no a.eats or humbugs need apply. Call oft or address DAVIS A CO., 102 Washington street. THE COPARTNERSHIP IIKRKTOFOftX EXISTING betwi-cu Al. J. Light A E. Till). New York, has been thin day dissolved by mutual ronsi n ; from hereafter the stora 633 Broudwav will be e- ntiiiucil by K Hill, and lite store 4X3 Broadway by M. J. Light. MARTIN J. LIGHT, EDWIN HILL. rrilK ADVERTISER HAVING A BUSINESS THAT REL <1 ulres travelling, u unt.i an A.shtaiu to take charge of tip nillee or to do the travelling and make sales. Will ae. emt eitlier a partner or clerk. Address W., box 219 Herald ofli s>. tjr'l r/\ ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKB iy bJU. l'nll charge, of a butter and provision store aa partner; lease at low rent; Rooms for a family; will wait toe pari of tit" money, n? u man Is needed. Apply on the prcrolsex,'.139 Mo very, near Orand street. I.-<w\ ?WANTED. UUHOHBST AND IND1 STRIOU3 V'JUv'* iiiiiu u 1th tho above auiutui., to take an equal Interest In an old esinhlialvd imaine-* rout" in ihiaeity, or t n mil enlivttlcn m c;oo.i serrco ml" dratt horse*. Applyto S. Bui.H AH, 3;U Bioidway. dii) nnn -wanted, a partner, to join tub advertiser. In the muuuiucture ol a near h ml uacriil .irtlele, which yli'!d< KM per (' ill pmiil. A Lrgs f irt'inr i an lie realized In nrhoitilmc. Inoulre before 1? -A. ?!., ?r from 1 to J 1*. M. of Mr. JACKSON, 72 Woat Tblrtyencuml itrect. Ci'J TO ?4,0.W TO INVEST.?I WISH TO COM?|p?j.\"VMJ net myself wlili ii legitimate business in ?lii Ii my servl.-ea mid money wool I be profitable; dry goods preierrcd. Arply personally before 2 o'clock, or by letter tor ii wurk. to Wm. Mnrria, No. 189 Adelphl itr.-cl, Brooklyn. I'oniitry not objmtcd to. cfi'i nnn TO ?MW wanted.?any party who p0,\7\/U will Invest till. above amount tit a government con tract, with the a Ivcrilser, ran mako from three to I've thousand dollar* within the next tl Iron day*. Apply to I WN. l". COLLI NR. >8 and 9t Weat itwet, oflhm np otnlrn. t>') -;j||) -1 HAVE A RESPECTABLE, LKU1TIipiJ.ul't'. mate, writ established uud profitable mil manufacturing buoincs* lii Nciv Yoik. Orders on band ai d lurrcitiilng demand require t partner and uaab. rrlnclpala only may addrcklC. M., Ilcr.ild "flic (JjO KIMI ?PARTNER WANTED, IN ONE ON THR vO.t/l'U. bout lasying businesHc* In the city. It Is s.ifo and permanent, an will lie shown upon an interview. Address, with name, Ac.., A. Y L box lUllI'ield ofllce. de.vtistry. " ARTIFICIAL BONE Fl LEI NO.?ROOMS O V THE DINeorrrer (Oil Broadway.?Aching t -eih, old root* and mere shell* tilled without pain. Alan the celebrated Cuban Dcntiiiioc and Loltmi, the ouly hurnile** article* known lor keeping the tcelli white nnd gum* healthy. ARTIKICIAI, TEETH.? T' LE SETS OK rOERTEEK ' Tooth, on gold and vulcanite hnar, inserted for $21; on? it the be-lartificial (uballluos known. W. HOWK, 313 Sixth avenue. Beautiful rets artificial teeth, in ant style desired, o i gold, pDtlna, with continuousfumix nicer nm'icr i r robber, ut Mc. to $1 80 per tootb. Artificial Bono Killing performed In the most enrernl and dnrabfc* manner without it un, Mr-. Te ih extraoted without the laaat pom. Odlce ii* Bast Twenty-*. nd street. Dr. LUTHER, Sr., Oentlv Mnnt .. . mechanical deol.kt, thoroughly c> i ) nt in every b, . : -h. A'to a hoy. I* v M7STK . OR HAI.E?WtTH OR WITHOUT TOOLS . ii i.uciiu ih r*,HiToi mi* rntT. nsMounnin ISM. l!,0''i?ic *2,0UU par yar. Tbr nwnar has mncb at? pr m-" 'hi - .,m tine mcUu aud making gilding, in wbkfc 11 >illl gtaum ml. instruct Li MOMinr. Kami for wiling ami tenon utUiactory. In ;uln at Dung * pharmacy, til Doner;, i-nrm : of Canal atrrat. Dr. 0. a. white'? improved artificial teeth. Whole sidle ; $3, $10. ?1A unit up.tarilo; warn.nie.l In e??r? point. Tooth itUort with gold AO or tun to $1. All work at halt tlm prices charged elsewhere. 'UUtee, IS Bund nil i'i t, and 717 Arch street, Philadelphia. UAVI NO 1IAD ONE TOOTH EXTRACTED, WITHOUT folding any |?ln ivhaterer, by Dr. J. JAY V1 ll.tilift, lAA Oratxl Mriet, two bl.ka trom Broadv jr. i cheerfully in-,-it this a* a ncommemlotlun ti those mil.-ring from T olh.inia. MARYJANR SNYDKK, 10 Mieluugal street. Teeth.-by the aid op iikcrict impk ivkmbnt?, ivrcan make an Brtlleilt aal of 14 Teeili, gold pl.itr and YOlcanlte bane, for $JA _ .. . J. BMliit. DOINlE A SON, 10 Eiat Rjvonloeiith at. HiVlL.RO A un. HUDSON RH Ell RAILltOAD.-TRAIN.S POR ALBANY. Troy, thi" No.tli and W )? . Ira?" Cliawb .10 strict at! and II A. M., and 3:18, A and 10:1# P M. N EW YORK, I1A llI.EM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. Pur Albany, Troy, North and Want. Winter ni-r*nit,'M,,nt, ?omin*neipg Mnndny, Nnv. 4, 1M1. K r Albany?10 do A. M-. Knproaa M ill Tram, from Twcnlyslxth street depot. Eur all lorn! 'rains see Ttmr Tits'.e, JOHN Bl'RCHILL, Assistant Superintendent. RESTAl'HANTS. VOIHAr.OLAVBTKRKTOPPOHlTRTIIEABTORHOUSEO 1.1 nnd i irtronibroadwaylnihrtmlvpljndntiiorltytvhi'rryonca ngetrvurylhinggnmHoeaianddrliikwhcn ynearrpasslnrtfiatwo yjiiatdiiiptiiaiiitaai'foryouiaalianilliynnarrnol'iattafiadjuatttp stilolhrhnrtaorirrtlienieewhatjrcuwlllget rnilE CHESHIRE CIIKBsKDININO ROOM. 79 WILLIAM 1 street, Naw York, by J AM KB BKIOIIT.-Hot Jo.ntifrom 12 to A. Mr. Brlght's celebrated home n.ada Pork Pto% Puddings and Pastry Koal Chrablra CbttM in etit. ug

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