Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1862 Page 1
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TH "WHOLE NO. 9309. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. ! u-u^---J-u-UTJ-unj-u-L-L-u-u 1 I 1 important Message of the Presi- ! dent to Congress. ! Initiatory Movement for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery. ! i I Government Pecuniary Aid for ! . State Emancipation* J A New and Important Finan- ! cial Measure. J uwuxn-fin n anr - ruryruryr_ru C f Activity of the Ucstile Armies on the j Lower Potomac* i T BRISK CANNONADING ON BOTH SIDES. ' fl Skirmish with Rebel Cavalry Wear Fohick Church. c e Impressive Obsequies of the Late r General Lander. t . c sun p&onoTioss and appointments, c 7 C tr ?) & ?| & THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. i Washington, March 6,1862. Hi* PrnaiAmt tn.i1?v transmittal^ t.n fnnorpsa Ike following message:? 1 Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives:? 1 recommend the adoption of a joint resolution 1>J your honorable bodies which shall be substantially as follows:? Resolved, That the United States ought to cooperate with any State which n:ay adopt a gradual abolishment of slavery, giving to such State pecuniary aid, to be used by such State in its discretion to compensate for the inconveniences, public And private, produced by such change of system. If the proposition contained in the resolution a does not fleet the approval of Congress and the E country, there is the end; hut if it does command e nch approval, I deem it of importance that the c States and people immediately interested should 1 be at once distinctly notified of the fact, so that , tbey may begin to consider whether to accept or reject it. The federal government would find its ( highest interest in such a measure, as one of the a most efficient means of self-preservation. c The leaders of the existing insurrection entertain the hope that the government will, ultimately, be forced to.acknowledge the independence of ome part of the disaffected region, and that all the slave States north of 6nch parts will then say, "The Un.on, for which we have struggled, being Already gone, we now choose to go with the South' era section." To deprive them of this hope sub- v atantially ends-the rebellion, and the initiation of 0 emancipation completely deprives them of it. As ? to all the States initiating it, the point is not that / all the Slates tolerating slavery wonld very soon, I tf at all, initiate emancipation, bnt that, while the ? offer is equally made to all, the more goithern shall, by ruch initiation, make it certain to the v nore sonthcrn that in no event win the foimor f ver join the latter in tlicir proposed confederacy. I say "initiation" because, in my Judgment, gradual and not sudden emancipation is better for 1 alL r i In the mere finnrcial or pecuniary view, any f Bomber of Congress, with the census tables | tad the Treasury reports before him, c can readily cee for himself how very soon the 1 current expenditures of the war would purchase, 1 at a fair valuation, all the slaves in any named ^ Elate. Such a proposition on the part of the gene- 1 fal government sets up no claim of a right by j federal authority tn inforfrrn with tl.iyrry within BUtc limits, referring, us it does, the absolute cou- ' Irol of the subject in each case to the Stale and Ha people immediately interested. It is proposed as a matter of perfectly free choice with them. In the annua! message last December I thought fit to ay:?" The Union rout be preserved, and hence all indispensable means mm t be employed." I aid this not hastily, but deliberately. War 1 as been and continues to be an indispensable means to this end. A practlcul rcacknowlcdgment of the national authority would render Ihc war unnecessary, ard it would at once ccsse. If, however, resistance continues, the war must also continue, and it is impossible to foresee all the incidents which may attend and all the ruin which nay follow it. Such as may seem indispensable < or may obviously promiso great ethcicney towards ending the struggle must and will eoinc. The proposition now made, though an offer only, I hope it may bo esteemed ..? offence to ask whether the poenniaty c deration tendered would not be of more value td tho ? ittl and private persons concerned than era tho institution and proper*/ "n it, in the present aspect of affairs? While it is true that the adop' n of tho proposed resolution would be merely initiatory, and not within itself a practical measure, it is recommended in the hope that it would soon lead to important results. In full view of my great responsibility to my God and to my country, I earnestly beg the attention of Congress and the people to tho subject. A DTI A UAH LINCOLN. GENERAL NEWS. Wasmrroitm, March fl, tses. rmrr or i ns kbbsao* or thr rnwinaMT o.\ rman. ciimtiom. fhe PrCtidont'l Wesrago arretted deep interest in the Bouse iwtfsy- Jt wan evldcpt thai a document of c E WE tn Important character whs not generally anticipated. rhe reading was called for by Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, and on bis motion referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, in which it will be diseased. Some of the members, apparently not fully un? lorstanding it as pronounced frcm the desk, perused the manuscript at their seats. The subject therein discussod 'orins to-night a theme of earnest conversations. The message of a similar character transmitted to the Senate 1 was not read. AN IVT'av.TAMT FINANCIAL MEASURE. The hill report ;u from the Committee of Ways ar.d i Means,to-day authorizing the purclraso of coin, and for ' itbcr purp< sos, provides that the Secrotary of tho Trca- > lury may dispose of any bonds or notes bearing iutorest 1 tutberized by law for coin, at such rates and upon such .ormA as ho may deem most ad vantageous to tho public in- ' forest, aud may issue, under such rulce and regulations as 10 may prescribe, certificates of indebtedness, such as < were authorized by tho act ''to authorize tho fiocretary >f theTrorsory to issue certiflca'os of indebtedness to lublic creditors," approved March 1,1S02,to such credit- < irs as may dosiro to recoivc the same In the discharge of t sheets drawn by disbursing officers upon suras placed to . heir err ilion i ho books of tho Treasurer, upon repiisltlors >f tho p.oper depurlmont, as well as in tlx discharge of 1 indited and settled accounts, a3 provided by said act. It s further provided that tho demand aotC3 authorized by ho act of July 17,1801, aud by the act of February 12, 802, shall bo receivable and shall be lawful money and egal lender in like manner and to tho same purposes 1 ir.d to tho same extent as the notes authorized by the i ,ct to authorize tho issue of United States notes, and for S ho redemption or funding thereof, and for funding the 1 loatlng debt of the United States, approved on tho 28th if lost month. t TEE TAX BILL. ( The Committee of Ways aud Means are revising and < orrecting tho Tax bill from the printed proof sheets, and 3 xpoct to produco a perfect copy in print to morrow. i SKIRMISH KNAR TOI1ICK CHURCH. Wn learn that a skirmiuh toolc lilae.e vo*t?nT.air norning, on tUa Telegraph road, mar rohiek, bo ween a party of Texan Rangers and a company of encrol Heiutzclmnn'a division, resulting in tlirco tilled and ono wounded on our Bide. What loss bcfel ILo ineroy is not known. It i3 said that this company wcro' i mmun lo't by a volunteer Lieutouant Colonel, who perniltcd the enemy to pass to tlieir ambuscaded position inder his guns, but^yct led liis command into the trap, ihe killed on our side wero one captain, one lieutenant md a private, with one private wounded. LFFAI118 ON THE LOWER POTOMAC?INCREASE OF TIIE REBEL FOUCB NEAR AQUIA CREEK?BRISK CANNONADING ON BOTH SIDES. The gunboat:; .Satellite, Acting Master Foster, and Island Jellc, Acting Master Harris, discovered on Wednesday a lumber of rebel cavalry near Aquia Cteck, and compllncntcd ibcm with a lew shell, when the robeis precipiatc'y semnpered away, and tno steamers returned to heir anchorage. A brisk fire was opened this morn lag, at about three I'clcck, by the lower llotilla, causing groat alarm, at least unoiig the rebels. The long roll was boaton, coinmcncug at Aquia Creek, and extending along up the river as ar a3 Evansport. Tho call of the roll extended through i greater number of camps thau at any time before. The i imp flies within a few days past have materially inireased, showing a considerable augmentation of the sbel forces in this vicinity. 'iho tebcls opened tire upon the Budd's Forry battery it eleven o'clock this morning. About twenty or thirty ihots were fiscd, without doing any dnmxge. The steamer Yankee to day went in within half a mile >f the Yigiuia shore, and shelled a uew battery in pro. ess of erect ion in the rear of the position of their old >i?ttery at Freestone Toict The rebels wore fcrced to :vac'?atc the premises. lib TRICUNK'B C1UT2CI8M ON GENERAL BANKS* MOVEMENT. The assertion of the TrUun, that the forward movement if General Ban'is" column over the Upper Potomac was l fiasco, because thu canal boats were too large for the anal, ts altogether unwarranted by the facts. In the list place, tlic heats were which had been for n ong time uruifon the canal; but some of the repairs msliiy mode to the aide walls of the Icclts destroyed by be rebels were unsubstantial, and the walls bad bulged o such an extent as to obstruct the passage of the toots. This, however, did not in any way interfere rith the movements of General Banks' column. It ins not Intended to rely upon the canal boats, tut to use thorn as accessories in case Of l:i insufficiency of the pontoon bridge, which rag found ado-piate to all purposes Of the crossing f all tho troops and wagons and teams; nur wan there ven tho nights:-1 fatiure in the expedition of Genera1 laiiks, except in the expectation of meeting theonemy. ill that was intoi.dcd to be done immediately was uccomilitbed with the most satisfactory success. The first and hicfobfi cl was the protection of the Baltimore and Ohio t i;lrood. which is r.nw, for the flrrt time ;-fnco the break, eg 01.t of ltie rebellion, id our jxssoKSiin throughout its vhnlo Icrgtli, and will soon bo in running order from 5 if-wore to the Ohio rivor. The damage to tho canal uck* does not tn the slightest dcgrco aHec! operations. TI1K FUNREAL CP GEN. LAND Ell. Thefuncip.1 of tho liitc Gcn.-rnl Lander was attended o di.y w ith Imposing ceremonies. The body, after being inhabited, was Inkcn to tho rcsideuco of Secretary ihase. where the bereaved widow and her friend- asI'tiibicd and received iho sympathies of Air. Chase and lis family in their sorrow..- The corp o was dressed in l.n fi.ll int nrvn nf lif tta?mi I iiHtli-P .Itld V Act tl in & Coffin overcd with bin. k velvet and trimmed with silver. | on the eofllr. lid u?s placed it wreath of ratuilisa and iT:m ">riell' s, encircling a silver tablet, whn h boro this ntcriptlon:? HUUlltlCK W. I./iNDKR, Uhkiamir Csxkr .i., } liicd at Camp Chase, Ya., March 2,1862. 2 dravbht ok tur i'ravb. i The remains wero guarded by a detachment or tbo*> Indrew Sharpshooters, under ilioir commander, Cuptain bba Saunders. Una corps, which was enlisted in lei.erai Larder'n unlive cily> formed hta body guard, >nd follow, d him to Woslcrn Virginia, under a pledge to trs. Lander that ttiey would never lonve him upon the I'.-IJ of bailie; and if be bad been called to faco Irresaillile odds ibis devoted bond would buve perished to a man alher ilinn allow him to bo killed or captured by (be corny. Twelve o'clock was the hour named for the cortege to ortu and escort the GewruFr body to the rhurch of the 'plpbany. The most diatkiguisbed metr.bers of the ;ovrrinnent and many Congressmen were ass< mblod to av their respects to the deceased. The coffin waa placed >pon a cai-scn, drnped with the American flag, and tho foit was formed in column, consisting of tlio 107th ,'ulunteer Infantry, who had marched from beyond Ale*. ;nirto, snd who looked like regulars; Captain Tldball's laticry, Company A,Second artillery, regulars; a squad ron Of cavalry frotn the Pennsylvaqla tatnerrs; Diigalier General Silas Casey and staff; tho clergy; tie body, with pall bearers Hon. Henry Wilon, Hon. F. P.- Flair, Hon. Charles Sn.nnor, Ion John F. Totter; Major General McClollan, Geneials 3. P. Mnivy anil Solh Williams, and Colonel T. M. Key. mnirdiately behind the hoarre was led General I/inder's aiorllu gray charger, a noblo in itial, which was ridden jy him at Ilia battle, In Western Virginia, at Itich Mountin. The hot re, bis military equipments, with crape i|K>n his bridle, and thn Gmorni's military boots wore 'a.tcned in the stirrups. The General's be y guard, wenty in number, were formed on each aide of the C >fTw. Mrs. I-nmler, nttenUod by frcretary Chaso end his laughter, Mirs Calliaiino Chate, followed in a carriage, lud after thein marched the Dcventh Maine regiment, villi ride arms. Nest followed the President and m>mters of tho Cabinet, Judgce of the Supreme Omp, tho itursncliurette delegation in Cetigreita and oilier djetin;ul?hed friends of tlio deceased. ( Tho rcrrlces In the church were conducted by Hey. pr. Tall, who rend that sublimo dissertation on the iinusor iality of the soul, by St. Paul. Dirhop Clark, of Rliodo Island, then made an cloq< tnt ? iddresa to the m urnersnnd the erowdod audience in aliicli he culogl/.ed the deceerrd, and pointed out the cts ns taught by his death, which seemed to us eo great i sacrifice. Ifo raid that Lander wee a brave, hortio mn.whohad given unsrllirhly Ins life to bin Country. 0 was en Itoneri man, one who lofked down iom a sublime height with contempt on all he petty arts of intrigue, and film hie Lara01 er in that respect all m ght ioarB j RK H lY, MARCH 7, 18C2. Touglaa, R. Julius Richardson, Law* n P. Merrill, .Mines g. Turnbull, Cliflon Mellon, Ambrose J. Clark, Charles E. Hammond,! vl 3. Slookwell, Geurgo Cochrane, Thomas 8. CaswiGeorge A. Sawyer, Caspar Schcnck, Win. W. Williams, Francis; C. Upton, Jttdsnn 8. Pest, Win. II. Weldon, ChiU'lva Hay, Jr., Arthur J. Pritcbnrd, lien F. Camp, Jr. J. J. Wltsig, E. M. Fhicld and Thomas B. Stillmau, wei o confirmed as inspectors of steamboats. CIVIL AITOINTMKNTS CONFIRMED. Tho following were confirmed as Postmasters to day ? B. L. Cult, Hannibal, Mo., T. Good, Allentown, Pa.;L. Smith, Waturtcwn, N. Y.; P. II. Agan, Syracuse, N.Y.; D. R. liacon, I/iroy, V. Y.; C. 0. Eastman, Claromont, N. II. ; T. K. Ware, Fitchburg, Mass. The following camud Consuls were confirmed:?J. R. Fairlanto, at Zurich; H. Young, Canta Cruz; Aloxaudor Henderson, Londonderry; Charles il. Edwards, Alicante; Abraham Hanson, Bissao; Khas Wuinplo, Lagnayra; Thomas Spencer, Hilo; Win. H. Evans, Cyprus. Tho following wore coutlrmod aa Collectors of the Customs:?William W. Mills, at l'aso dol fcorto; W YO NEW YORK, FRIDJ a profitable lcFson. lie was, withal, a man of tender sensibilities and fine imaginations, and might Lave been s great poet if God had not do. ^nod that ho should be a great warrior. The lessens to be learned from bis death were enforced by the spe:ker, who said that the sacrifices of thoso who have cheerfully given their lives to the cause of tho country should inspire all to remain true to that cause. Wo have to continue tho conflict vliilo he bus achieved his victorios. Bishop Clark closed with tho words "Brother, go home ; for thi e the Cold is won." The procession wss reformed, wheu tho servicei. were dosed, and the procession moved in its former crdcr, under direction of General Casey, through Pennsylvania tvenuo to the railroad depot, and tLo remains,attended by tho widow and her friends, including Hon. John Balloy am! tho General's faithful body guard, wero convcyed in a special train at three o'clock to Salem, lla38. AH tho flaf,s in tho city wore displayed at hail' mast luring the day and the sorrow was universal. ARMY PROMOTIONS. TU; President, in addition to the officers promoted for tr'lant c n luct, lias nominated Brigadier CcnerulThomas c> ho r. Major Central, us a recognition of liis lalo emijunt services in Kentucky.' Also Colonel Harvey Brown, to bo a Brigadier Genera1 by brevet. Major Arnold, to bo Lieutenant Coloncfby brevet. Captain lliidt, to bo Major by b. evot. Major Tower, to be Lieutenant Colonel by brevet. Captains Allen, Chalflin, Clceson, Robertson, Blunt, Juryca and Langdon, to be Majors by brevet; and First Lieutenants McFariond, Shipley, Jackson, Bennington, Jcclcy, Frank E. Taylor and Todd, to be Captains by brevet. Tho following heroes of Mill Springs were nominated by .lie President for promotion:?'Win. C. Kico, brevet Jolonel ; Gustavua Kammcrling, brevet Lieutenant Jolonel; Robert L. McCook, Brigadier General; M. P. itanuon, Brigadier General; lloratio P. Van Covo, Brigadier General; S. S. Fry, B. igadier General. ARMY APPOINTMENTS CONFIRMED. CAPTAINS UNTITO STATES ARMY. T. E. Noell, Missouri, Nineteenth infantry, W. J. Slidcll, Sixteenth infantry. SECOND IJEUTENANTB. R. Clarke,Second artillery. W. C. Green, of Pennsylvania,First infantry. W. N. Tisdall, of Pennsylvania, First lufantiy. George M. Randall,of Pennsylvania, Fourth infantry. Henry W. Paterson, of Pennsylvania, Fourth infantry. V. H. Wilson, of Pennsylvania, Fifth infantry. J. P. Schiendeil, of Pennsylvania, Sixth infantry. S.G Penny, of Pennsylvania, Ninth iu'autrv. F. 10. Sellers, of PemiFylvnnin,Tenth infantry. i Vr.-Liilts. of I'unnsvivania. Eiirhth iofantrr. J. S. Hoyer, of Pennsylvania, First cavalry. >V. K. Pcilcck, of Pennsylvania, First artiiiory. J. S. Dickson, of Pennsylvania, Third artillery. E. R. Amc3, of Maryland,'lhud infantry. 11RST UECTEXAttffl. E. A. JIuhlonburg, or Pennsylvania,{Fourth artillery, r. I.. Fits-hugh, of Pennsylvania, Fourth artillery. 11. U. Livingstono, of Pennsylvania, Eleventh infantry. J. M. Wallace, ori-'ereaylvania, Eighteenth infantry. W. II. TUrtholonicw ,of Pcnnsy!vama^ixteontfc infantry. C. L. Trnruau, of New Yo:k, Eighteenth infantry. W. II. Mills, of Missouri, Fourtoen'.h infantry. ASSt-Ti.V* ADJUTANT GKNKR L3( WI1D RANK (J* MAJOR. C. G. lUlpico, of Xow York. George C. Sti ong, O dnunce Department. R. M. Cope land, of Massachusetts. AS 131 ANT ADJUTANT GKVICTULN, MIT11 BANK Of CAPTAIN. J. II. Llebneau.of Now York. Sergeant J. Mc'oy, Fifth oavalry S. F. llftrstow, or Massachusetts C. V. Hals ted, of Now Jersey. K. M. Neil) C.T. Gardner, of OrcgoD. A. P. Fiskc. R. M. Sawyer, of Wisconsin. W. Heff.nan,of Xow York. C. C. Suydaiu,or New York. , IV. T. (.'lark, or Iowa. F. W. Ludlow, of Michigan. TlK'S P (trifling, of Now York.' J.yrte Slurling, of New York. Jus. H. Slrothar.of Virginia. Gustavua Rascrm,of Now York. Henry Than, or un.o. Win. H. Morris, of Now York. John II. Knight, of l)flluware.> Jos. Dx-kiDton, of Pennsylvania. Jacob R. Freeze,of Now Jeisoy. Kubei t Chandler, or WIscoosio. John H- Norvell.of Michigan. J. A. Rawlins,of Illinois. Geo. E. Flynt, of New York. Frederick T. Locke. Louis Richmond, of Rhodo Island. Francis A. Walker, of Massachusetts. Sergeant Major Guslavus Urban, Filth cavalry, William U. So-Jgwick. Joseph How land, of Now York. Charles Kingfcbury, of Ohio. Henry W. Smith,of Michigan. Edward C. Buird,of Pennsylvania, FroJ. P. few alf, of Maine. E. Sparrow 1'uroy, of New York. Char Ion W. Foster, 01 Massachusetts Isnac Momis, of New York. Clarence 11. Dyer, of Illinois. John M. Wright. J. S. Gregory, of Dakota. Leonard I>. 11. Curric, District of Columbia. ashst-int ocahtkkmastens, wrra turn ov CiRiOk Samuel King wait, cf Pennsylvania. U. Nolscn Smith, of Ponnayivanla. William It. Tkiwn)Ug,of Pennsylvania, Vincent Phelps, ct I'cnneylvunia. T Mr flAninll nf I>onnt vlunnin Samuel G. Meiss, of Pennsylvania. \V J. Kounlz, of Pennsylvania. John M. I Iu*>, of Pennsylvania. E. M. Livormore, of Massachusetts. <om>i!Wanie-, w ni juxk or URim M. I.. Mcpherson, of Iowa. J. Thornton, of Ohio. John Spltvr. W. P. Carat. (Inorgc H. Wood, of MmnosoU. l.ov.'b (i. Haling. of Pennsylvania. NaUtiinicI Kllniukor, of Peunsy Ivaui*. Edward Marlindalo, of Now Jersey. Alexander M. Lloyil,or Pennsylvania. James >1. Wilson, of New York. Itlchurd T. Auchmuty, of Ne w York. Thomas J. Newvham, of Illinois, ihomaa 0. Hoy I, of Now York, llcnry Clay, of Kentucky. Hazard Stevens, of Washington Territory. William H. rcPealcr, of Indiana Frederick Jnclfler.oi Indiana. Cat oil n. Potter,cr Massachusetts. James K. Montgomery, of Pennsylvania. Theodore Read, of Illinois, tln-rles I. Powers. IJhiilei McCook, of Kansas. Placid us Ord.uf California; Southard Hoffman, of New York, George f>. Kellogg, of Illinois. Georgo A. Hicks, "f Massachusetts. William Van Do on, * ' New Yuri. H. Clay McDoe II, of K 'tricky. Sylvautia B. K.-.-oe. Henry Z.Cc tls.or lo<Wllllamd. Georgo, C -a. A "*DV ? . John M. romoioy.'i i'-un C. Henna, of Pennsylvania; M. I- Martin, WiSr.m. ia; t has. J. Sprague, of California; Jus. IT Phlniiuy ,of Pennsylvania; Columbua S. Stevenson,or Indiana: Wm. Smith. of Vermont: Wm. ( . Petrel. of Kentucky: 0. 8. Wlthertll.of Indiana; Martin L. Bundy, of Indiana, John A. I,. Mo, roll, of lennaylvania; Tbos.. P. Oakley, of Now York; Marts Hooper, of Pennsylvania, Il<>yt ehorman, of Iowa; Kiank M. Kttlny. of Pennsylvania; Jno. Alii,on, of Pounsylvaula; Richard T. L. Ruber,of ()hio; Plullp Speed, of Kentucky; L. r, Thur?tnn, of Kentucky ; W. C. II- Sherman,of New York, Alvin Walker, if New York; Wm. M. Wiley, of Pennsylvania; Wm. I Iluey.of New York; Alex. 1J. Williams,of New York; Robert P. Webb, of Now York; Truman O. Wright,of W.rounsin; Jno.'A. Lowry, of Indiana, Wm. H. Johnston,of Ohio; Henry J. Adams, cf Kansas, JamesC. Y< hn, of lu'l.inu; Uettj. V. Watson, of Massachusetts; No bolus Vedder, of lilt* >ls; O. Holman,of Massachusetts: Win. Tillman, Michigan, Wm. Parnsd, Illinois. RuaerU Merrill, Pennsylvania, Geo. F. Kuway, MasanohuratU; Thos. M. Burt, New York, Frank Br idee man, Iowa, Julian 0. Mason. .usetis; John W. Newell, New Jersey; Ira I,, lfowltt, 'lesM 'Ienry V Bullivnn, Illinois; Win. J. Martin, New Moxtca; ..ufua Chemey, Wisconsin; Hubert i niy the, Iowa. sr.,tun* intnltm or Toir?rmv. P. P. Rowver, R. R. Hn b. M. Hyner, John T. Tarpon 1 ter.Thi.. II. Lach?,A.P. Muybcrt. W.jjG.Lowman,I'nnle Meckor, J. JI. Grovo, D. . MoKlbbin,/. R. Peale, Jumos Bryan, Win. liny nr. and H A. Christian, of Psunsylvan, a xiUTAnr n< nrstKi'Mt. H A. Brigham. % CENBRAI. fICHl.fs' NOMINATION. In assenti-e it: rlon o( .he Smalt to day, the Military Commute ported advt rely upon the nomination of Brigadier u itral Datilol K Sickles. JfAVAI. rilOl IT10N9 AND At T OlMXkNTB CONURMND' The following appotrimcuts were conflitncd by (ho genats to tin J ? Captain Cbnrles H. Bell, Flag Officer rnciflc Squadron. Captain W. W. McKean, I ug Officer Gulf blockading squadron. Captain M. Goldsbnrough, Flag Officer Pacific North Atlantic blockading rquadion. Captain Hamuel r. llupont, Hag Officer 9< th Atlantic blockading cquadrcn. Tho following Assistant Paymasters or the ravy were r firmed?F.dward May, Henry M. I>enni*b>n, ltirhvrd Vv dipton, Charles W. Hnelf", Thomas 0. Hasten, RuIi.s I.. k*, Frank C. Cutty, Fdwin Stev art, Wm. 'P. M us '..'^ftn. U. Tin mpsen, J"t j h A Sjnlili, Pic lard II. L. Haven, Chicago; J. E. Stalker, Annapolis, Md. ;Wm. I.. Ashmora, Burlington, N. J.; Charts A. Perkins,Oswego, N. Y.; Charles F. Swift, Barn table, Mass.; .Nathaniel ?. Sargent, Konnobcc, Mo.

Tho f< Sowing Surveyors of tho Customs were eonflrmou: roe*go How land, Tivertcj, and W. W. Goiti-n. Patusot. K. I.; W. Thorn berry, Fndocab, Ky., and J. 11. Meeker, Nesqunlly, Washington Territory. Tho frllowk-g ivero also confirmed:?C. W.' hallcrson, Tndian Agent, LheroV.'O agency; C. IT. Ilalc, Superintendent <T Inuion Affairs, Washington Territory;Thomas S. Kelson, Recorder of T.and Titles i.i Missouri; S. R. Cuneson, Receiver of Tublic .Moneys 'or Nebraska; II, Stout, Attorney, and J. L.flibbs, Marshal, of Ulan; K. P. Shattuck, Attorney for Oregon; W. SVucson, Marshal for Nevada. PRESENTATION TO SUItOTON CLARK. A fine sword,sash and belt, and asplondidpair of Toll's navy revolvers were last evening presontod to Surgeon Clark, of tho Fourth Michigan regiment, by the patients and attendants in the regimental hospital In response to the presentation, at which were prcseLl. nearly all the ofilcors of the regiment and surgeons of contiguous regiments, I)r. Clark, in the course of his remarks, took occasion to spoak of tho extra dangore to which the surgeon is exposed on tho battle field, it being ins duty to 3tay by tho wounded although everybody else lied. IIo dwelt also with eloquent cm. phosis upon the arduous and unremitting labors of the surgeon lacump. The affair, altoge tin r, pae?od off very bsrulsGmely. Dr. Claik, who, by tho way, is a brother of Grace Greenwood, has tho reputation of bolng one of the most irdastrious and capable surgeons in tho volunteer service. TWO REBEL OFFICERS CAPTURED. Two rebel officers were captured to day at Vienna by a detachment of Colonel Averill's cavalry regiment. They were aboent on furlough, and wore on a visit to friends at that place. A SOLDIER SHOT BY A SENTINEL. A Quartermaster's Sergeant of the Second regiment, Sickles' brigade, was shot by a sentinel ilght before lost) and died this morning. He was with the grand rounds, and bciDg in advance or tlie party,did not givo the countersign, and the guard Qrod upon hun. hospital returns. The latest official weekly returns from 11* government hospitals present the following figures:?''omimry Hospl ta), Georgetown, 138; General Hospital, Union Hotel, Georgetown, 170: Columbian College, Washington, 200. General Hospital, "Circle,*' do., 00; St. Elizabeth' Hospital, do., 118; hospital for eruptive diseases atKalurama. 78; Patent Office Hospital, do., 60; Fifth Street Hospital, (io., 5; General Hospital, Eckington, 20; Douglas nsspital, 60; Alexandria Hospital, 317; total, 1,237. Of these 333 belong to New York and 240 to Pennsylvania volunteers. rostal 'communication with eastern virginia. Postal uc-fcimnlcaiioa is entirely reopened to Accomao and Northampton counties, Virginia. free delivery OP LETTERS IN CITIES. The Post Office Department is reidy to establish, as soon as Congress shall give the authority, free delivery in cities, with uniform rates of postage for local and general letters. charles benrt foster, of north carolina, again an applicant for a seat in cokgrk88. Charles Henry Foster has returned to Washington, and again presented his petition for a Boat as member from the Second Congressional district of North Carolina. The case is Dttiorc uu cominiiice on rjuououa. PRESENTATION TO COLONEL COWDIN. Colonel Robt. Cowdin, of tbe First Massachusetts Volunteers, was prevented on Wednesday with smogniflcont 8word, sash, belt and pair of epaulet*. Tbe presentation was made by Mr. Lewis Mason, or Boston, on behalf of tbe friends and neighbors of Colonel Cowdtn, who replied In an eloquent and appropriate manner. THE SANITARY COMMISSION. The Military Committee of the House held a special meeting next Monday, to listen to suggestions from Rev. Dr. Bellows, of New York, respecting the Sanitary Commission. IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. Skirmish Near Coluin'iu 1?'The Enemy Dispersed by the Gunbo.itB?llcavy Firelag In the Direction of Mew Madrid? 40,000 Rebels Reported at That Point, dec., Ac. CmrAOO, March 0,1902. A special to the Trilune from Cairo says:?Tbs federal pickots at Cohimbns were driven in yesterday by the rebel cavalry. The woods in the vicinity of tbo town were sholled by the gunboats. Tbe robels fled. It is reported that heavy cannonading wna heard at Columbus at four o'clock this morning, in iho direction of New Madrid. The rebel army at that point numbers 40,000 men, having been largely reinforced from Columbus and Memphis. Tboy also bavs eight wooden gun | bcata. Ti wi f i>>? Pm cross Monroe. i Oh iur a M viiok, March 6,1862. Tba gunboat M' i'ut Ve.r n Uaa arrived from the blocked# off Wiluii'ifci"-.. A (leg of truce w.?j soul to Cranay Island to day, hut has not yet returned. The wind to-day is northwest. Arrival of Rebel Officers at Fort Warren. Bono*, Mcfrch 6, 1802. Forty-nine rebel otUccrs, from Fort Donclson, reached this city tliia morning, In charge of a dcUchiuuut of the Ohio Twentieth. Tbey are principally from Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, and comprise all the coli O! Is. lieutenant oe.lono'a and majors captured. They wore tent to Fort Warron. Tlte Ifanaai Legislature and the Parlfle Railroad. Lasviwwoimt, March 6, 1802. Tho Kan .as Legislature bare adopted a resolution nearly unanimously instructing the Kausns Senators and requesting the representatives In Congress to aid| the passage of tlio Rollins' t'netflc Railroad bill, and a rntiflcaUouof the treaty with the Pottowntnmia Imiiana Michigan Democratic Slate ('onrrnllon. !>irr?teuT. Mich , March 0, ltt?2. ITF13 iJtuioorniic wiDYfiimin n't i in imp gnj v? ?fatuity, tool organized by electing W. II. Ili'ey, of SI. Joseph county, i?rni.ninnt President. Tha attendance ?um vory largo. Fully Qvo hundred doirpat-i w-ra present mid lis prrr.eodicgs wero harmniinui th o-igliout. It wan d.seined innxpedicnt to nomlunte ca dirt ilea forSlate offlo ra at thia time Itesoluiwnfl wte issued Expressive of t It a pneltloe of tha democracy of Mi< higao In Hie present crisis, prom.*log to support the government In all constitutional means to siipproia II.o relnl lion, and opposing the tormlnatlon of the wor until all rostrtnuc.c lo (be government every a hero ceases. Ab ill. ttonism is strongly denounced us equally guilty with Southern seccERioutsm, and the speody oztingnUhmont of both in hoped for. Alao approving tbe niodinr.atlon of Geuoral Fremont's proclamation, Secretary Cameron's report, ai.d tbo appeIntmeot of tlto present iSecrclary of War , aa Initicatiouk that tlie i'rct-ideot will ndhcre to the conatllution. A'ao denouncing corruption and extrnvagitm e, and demanding honesty and economy tu tbe adin mint rat ion of tbo government. Tim SJntrnwiRT Pass F:i i.iav l*r.?A letter race;red In Foslon from on board tbo United Suites Irlgate CMurario, oif the South weal rare of ill" Mississippi. stairs that tlie Fa a Is filling up font, Willi the pioai ci t ll.nt in annihir month or two the mud will oilbctuaily blockade it. There nrc count two lutli ma of wnter on the bar now. The hatlerti.g rnm Jdanassaa j,haa made its npiwarntoo si I'nas ,i-!'Ouuo two or llnoo limea, hut her commander bus to it dt,.*" cd it ejji iliont lo snack our yveolr. ERA I IMPORTANT FROM GEN. BANKS' ARMY. The Rebels in Full IV e at Winchester. Banker Hill Occupied ly the Union Troops. SKIRMISHES WITH THE ENEMY. The Work on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, &c., &c., &c. Cn.\Hunro\rs, Va.,\far<:h 8.1802. Reliable Intelligence states tho rebels a-o in full forro at Winchester. Thoy bavo completed fo midable earthworks en this Bido, mounted with sixty guns, including Held batterios. Vothintrof Unocal iniKortince trmsnii e1 vostcrdaT. The work on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad proCrc.-Bos rapidly, and every point is strongly protected, fr. m Cumberland to Harper's Kerry, and every facility is being aOorded to the company. A largo force is employed on the bridge and iron trestlo work at the Kerry. The work has been found in better condition than was at first supposed by the engineer, and ten days is 11 :ta I as the time at which through connection can bo made. All the commands of this division are in the boat condition and anxious for an attack by tho ouetny. Bunker Iiill was occupied by our forces yesterday, as the extreme outpost on tho west. Thcro is some movement of troops to-day. A scouting party of cavulry reports that A -bby's rebel cavalry last night atiomptcd to cut them otf when near Berryville, but were foiled in the attempt. Four regiments, with a four gun battery, attempted on the 3d instant to llank Colonel Ceary uoar LovoUsville, but were driven off without a battle. Yesterday several deserters were brought into town, by the cavalry. Among them was Lieutenant Arthur Market), of the Fifth Virginia Volunteers. A squad of tho Van Alcn cavalry to-day captured a rebel picket, five in number, near Bunker Hill. They be. lougcd to the Fecund Virginia infantry. The prisoners were carried before the division Provost Marshal, Lieutenant Colonel Andrews, of the Massachusetts .Second, for examination. CluKt-rsTOWx, March 6?8 P. M. Smitlifleld, seven miles northwest of this place, was occupied to-day by a strong force. General I anks has issued a General Order forbidding all kinds of depredations or marauding upon the propertr of citisous. He soys no officer or soldier Eball disturb in any manner the ordinary business of tbo country. Ho has appointel Major S. H. D. Crane, of the Wisconsin Third, as the officer in ebargo of all seizures of property for the uso of the army. Country supplies, whn li on our arrival wcie cut off, are now ooming in moro freely. Public sentiment in regard to one presence is gradua'ly undergoing a favorable ebunge, and faces which scowled upon the Cnion soldiers now smile in pleasant intercourse with the officers and men. The army storehouses here are fast filling up with confiscated articles of produce and manufactures, and such asare required are being issued to the army. The seizures to day include five hundred and seventy barrels of flour, and two hundi ed bushels of w boat, the latter in bags, marked ''ConfederateStates." INTERESTINGFROM TENNESSEE. I Oar ClarkiTlUc Correspondence. Clabksvillk, Tenn., Feb. 26,1S03. Arrival *f the Union Troop*?RtbtX Flag of Truce with Medical Officer*?What They Wanted?The Meat from Xa*hville?Thc Rebel Outrage* There Condemned by the Rebel Sympalhiter* of thai City?Ike Lostct at Fori Doru-hon ,<tc., rfc. On (be 22d tut. considerable quantities of military tores, ammunition and commissary goods have boon seized by the military. A detachment or the troope found a wagouload of rebellious powder In a barn, two miles east of the city, concealed In the hay. Ibe greater portion of such stores were destroyed by tbe rebels be fore the arrival ef tbe gunboats. Somo of It has been carted off since. Some cattle and mules have boen found; but very little of ibe military equipments and stores found wilt be of any service. On the same evening the steamer Hillman came down fiom Nashvtllo, bearing a white and yellow flag, and having on board oloven modical gentlemen. The object of the visit was twofold?to convey to Masuvute tno w>..nucu rebel* who are in tbe hospitals fcoro, and, in caae tbey were not permitted to do 10, to givo them such medical attention as tbey might need. A* they were unaccompanied by any military otbeor, being all civilians, and war* In no manner authorized to pronneo tbe return of en equal number of our wounded so linmi.'y hurried to Nashville, tbey we: c not permit! <1 to remove any of thorn, and to-day tbey were rent back with tlieir Hags. It bud tbe appearance of a pretty cool place of impudence; but, then, It la a way llioi-efouthern geutlomcn have cf doing business, come of thorn seem li think that they have but toasksnd they will rocetvc. They have learurd some of tb? usages of war by the expedition, just as General Grant learned how to dual w ith Southern generals when he sent a boatload of th - Kulmont wounded to Pillow, and was delayed tbiee weeks in ob tainitig an e.xi jiaugo. >r< in tbesj goullemcn and from ITnlon rourees I loam ihat a most tetriblc slate oi aThua exists iu Na:h ville. So u after the intelligence of ttie surrenderor l ort I onrl-on was received the military authorities! umtnenced the destruction of tlio ultTeretit bridges in the city. Public meetings wore held, petitions presented, coinmit'ees I waited upon the military, all asking that Hi-1 destr >n bestnpped, but all to no purpose, the work of destrutll-u prt coed i eg until, It Isrwld, not a bridge remains. A panic, induced by tbe same causes which produced the panic in this city, and Increased by tbe sudden retreat of the leading rebels?Governor Harris being tb* tint to leave, and tho wanton o nductSof Hit mllilnry? pave the wliolrt city over to tliu wildest disorder and confusion. All law and order, civil and military, was broken up by the cowaidiy flight ot the public guardians. Thousands of citizens mado hasty departurei from their * homes, and an unbridled soldiery comndaced pillaging and other outrages. Some of the notorious Tsxau fun gers, uudcr Foireet, were shot by citizens in attempts to protect tbelr property. It is much to be regretted lliat our auiliorlii*' did not at once |>ror i-n to sutnru:e, when tbey learned tb.d no regtMsnce iron IJ be mail* there. Oruer wou'd have ntonco been restored ami run amount* of properly bin c been raved. A goniletmin from N?.?li\ III*, an .avowed rebel, said to your correspondent to day:?"Our fouling men toll us that the federals would milage and destroy our city; but, air, they could not have served us as badly ps we bare been by our o?vu soldiery.'' rtuch communis arc ocnunnn among the most ultra labels. Tbe marked routrs.rt between the in,li* u y rule or our authorities hero and that to winch tbey bars boetiiubjoclnl by the ollioers of the [robclliou 1s prislmliig a marked clf.ct upon the public mind. Men are thinking and beglnnirg to talk of the security ami liberty tboy enjoyed under lbs old government, mid to contrast it w !h the lo rr? and wrongs which have fob lowed tli"lr aiicnipted Changs. l'ublic opinion, which win mumifsrtur.'d by falsehood and stimulated by prejudice, is slowly working back into its old chunuols, bocoming >'alm sn<l rt, lit. The old attachment to the Union, which ones gavo a vote of slaty-four tlncand maturity agaluHt roc'imlon, and ba* been smothered, Is b log rekindled; and, so aeon as the din of arms ah.ifl cease, Iho rebel leaders, being eitlnr prisonois or refugees, Tonne-. eo wbl be as true to the Union as of old. I ond you hcicw llli as near uii e.lunat# of tbekiilol and wounded at tho Fort Duna.'son hat .lea as 1 have been able to mike. It is vory nearly correct:? lifimciUt. Aiill'd. D'oumlnl. Hevi'iith Illinois 70 200 Kightccntb lllumis 45 156 Seventh Illinois 4 24 Twelfth Iowa 8 yo fifty-eighth Ohio ? 3 fourteenth Iowa 50 Second b *.vs 3S 150 NinlhllliiiOis 35 1(16 Forty diet Illinois... IT i?o Tweutioth Illinois 21 lis Thirtieth Illinois 10 11 bi,h.h Illinois 50 log Thirty liret Illinois 40 yw F.levcnth Indians 0 ; Fi ty-fccond iUinoig ? ? ' Forly-ftfth Illinois...... 3 15 Twenty ftfth Indiana..?. ft go Seccitesnlh III,U'is 2 21 forty -tilth Illinois 2 ]0 bYrly-fmirth Indisna 6 .'*<) Twelfth lihnoi- 20 5e -'renly sistb 0\ji 0 7 Tayjor e lUttc.-y 1 * III so Slurp-tun,lui '2 3 l-uit) i.mill Illinois 11 2b Ti ul 4-0 1.112 1 bis tabs is tlnii of our iiituel I . *'. U 'tc'-.i'if -A 33 PRICE TWO CENTS. however, the ro,jinienta which were most active!y engaged and suffered the most. The Eleventh Jill-.o,.-, which lost,killed and wounded ,278 m n,i'i.Jy i<?.k. into the field o85 men, rank and file. Two bandied ?ud ufl* wounded and well prisoners w re taken to Nashvt'le. . Two of the Eighth 1.lino is have died in tlio hospital ?t Ills place. Gen. William Nolfton's division p s cJ vp Uio Cu.nbT1 nd on seventeen largo transports yaate ; ,y- ch t Hying, bands play tug, and tl?o niaaail enikt lawn-ally enger for the fray. The following characteristic orders hive ,.i tte<uprom Igutrd in tins division. They will show thoditerminalicn of our general oGioar to restore perfoetordir? ORNKKA.L ORDJ1I18?NO. 7. EsaDGtummts District OK WI:-T TifrnTrre,-! Fort I/oW-som,'ieiiii., Feb. 22,1S0.J. l' (KXTRvrr. I Tennessee by her roto tloii having ignuio 1 alt laws if tho I'llitod States, no courts will he allowed to act trader Stale authority, hut all cases coming within the of tho military air., will lio h jndli by the .ullonis the ,-ovvn men-, tun u-'ablisi etl within the St: to. Sia. law is, thcrefoio, d< ciuicd to natend over West Tcnu<~. oi. Wlicnover a nuflloioul number of cir? turn to tlicir allegiance to maintain law und ori er over tho territory, the military restriction here indicated will ho reiriortd. Ity order of Major Genera! U. ft. GRANT. Joax A. Rawun?, Assistant Adjutant ecu. ral. GESri'.AI. OltllKll.?SO. 1!. llkjUui ana cits &* . ono luvunow, ") r.STniCT or Wrsr Ti :vrr'?E?, \ CT AKssnixK/leiin., Feb. 21, it>32. ) The site df any K. i it .ounor i.itoaicaiiiiK imcor in .?ny quantity is prohibited. Should any ono vn> a o this order li.) will bo placed tin ler jjimri, for trial by o<>urt io.utias and his liquor Seine.! and in ,<i for linsfitrJ pnrp ?e?. Hy order of Brigadier General C. F. fUliiYi. 'i'lios. J. Xbwsiiam, AH-muuit Adjutant Cc. erul. Our Nashville C't.rretpnaUdiK'c N/.SHTIM.E, f ob. 29,1*02. The Ari iiul of the t'mcii hoops at Aa:hvit'e?The Dvm action if the Ullages Ordered by the Retreating lielx'i?The Cid' r I Ian ied Out?The Boats (jfdered to >e humnt?Th t Rebel S oris SliijjHti to Atlanta?The Rebels it <r "t toiraids Chattaiuxya?Previous to the Pel rat the J.'o < it Plvnder the City?How the Union Trays xJeheued? The Contrast?Trade. I'10: tinted?The T light of 0> terror Harris,?The Panic, ifc. I arrived in Xathvilio on the 24th, at the same tint* that General Rucil's advance reai lied lLo city by a dil'erent route, direct from Howling Green. General Grant, s column, my Into comj anions du coi age, arc left fooie mix" ty live mile* behind at Clarktsvillo, whore they will i> o bably ond thoir expedition on IheCun.befiai cl, iu put en a-ico of orders from General Ha'.leclc, tvho ba-i lecal o l the gunboats. General Quell U now In tins place. CcnNcl.-uu came around from Loiisvlllo, by .vuy of tlio Ohio anil Cumberland rivers, and landed in Nashville ou tho 20th. They hoisted the Staru and i'tripes cn the Capitol building. Floyd visile 1 Nashville immediately ai'lor his midnight flight from Fort ilonelson, and was mot by General Johnston, in full retreat from Howling Green with 12,GOO men. Thoy decided upon t.Uo destruction of all bridges, in order ir) iiuiiotln ?iiir n. t'rrnM?, And Lha order w .tiL out tmiiiixii utely. Ibo Clarksvillo bridge was '.Kir e.l .ml fell iit i the river, eh wis also tbo bridge ever tie KeU r>vc~ near there, 'lbe bridges between Bowling tlrcr.u ar.U ili:s placo were- disabled?that at the foi uie being destroyed entirely. The two bridges here?one it line rollroail bridge, ol' the Howe truss pattern, and tiio other a wlro swspeubion bridge?were belli destroy ml, to the g. est exasperation of tire citizens, who reinoustralod by e .o.'y a-gmncnt in their i?owor, tail were unable to avotlthe calamity. Floyd also ordered lbs b'als to bo b irnrd; but the order was not execute J. Having .tccouiplislicd this mischief, and shipped to Atlanta all ibu stores Uio.v could conveniently move, (boy ovaeiiatod (bo city by the Chattanooga Railroad, and have not boon bturd from since. It Is reported that they will inose a sum a at Murfieesboro, \wentytivo in ties from here; but t is extremely improbable. Having left Much villa, the city was at unee givun up to the deprcdal: >n of maraud jDg bands of soldiers, who held It subed 10 a reign of terror until, at tin: end uf a week, our a, my arrived and put an end to th lr operations. 1 hey plundered and robbed and ms I ted people, and hu?? ke<l them down tor tbeir reuionsnances, and tbe.v linalty carried It so far that the ciiizcns prayed to bo rciiovod irom their friends, even ul the expense or r.u enemy i|uarli-rv<i up' n them. Our mon bavo Ivon pe-feet'y respeeuwi sad well behsved, and the contrast is appreciated. The Cuiun sentiment lias been smothered hers with a few exceptions. A limited number of citizens havs boldly proclaimod their Union sympathies,and, protected in a me.isure by their high positions as members of ths community, have,live<t through it. All others have succumbed to the Storm and gone over to llio enemy tu reality or la seeming. Hie lain of all'airs Is developing tho sentiment, however, a-id before a weak has iiassvd the reassurance which the presence of our army brings, combined with latent lovo of country, which is now bidden away, wll 111) Nashville with good Uin>nl*is. Those who are 0,-n arid bold arc cnilii'slnstic beyond uegroffi ."SO [TJiiuiiii uvutrvi luvir .up, uo ut-unwn'ru' tioua art sufficiently extravagant. 1 hey have suffered e? uliinraly and lusull, have been ostracise 1 tr< ni social intercourse, have beeu taunted n" ub dukriists and cowards, and yet, through all, hare been faithful and Arm. They deserve all the Joy which their rescue brings, all tho appreciation the Norlhurn people can bestow upon them. Trade is prostrated and pikes are extravagant. The town is hair desrrtod, the stores and hotels are closed, and complete prevails. On receipt of tho news of the sorrendtr of Fort 1'outlets tho elMsrnis were thrown into paroxysms of despair, nnd with olo impulse commented a stampede lor iliu country. Ad seiwd what they could lav their hands sin ami made of!' without dolor. Those who bad been most lampaut nod uoi-y were ilia (list to fly,and lh-? least HC.riipnlous as to merini. Ktcry horse and wagou in the city was pressed into tho s irvtc , and In tho wildest confusion urd panic ill city outpoured Us thousands on an insane crusado of self -preservation. Had thsy remained at home no harm would have been doDo thcin. As it is, their dossrtrd house:, will lall u prey to thloros and rohl>crs,and the destruction witl ho complete. Th ' m< deration and discipline of the fede: nl army are making havoc with the secession supremacy. IV?ot,io oxpcctcst that the city would b taken possosm a of, that the pro|wrty would l>c confhrntod, nud that all toco; sionieis would bo ma to prisoners uf war. '1 heir bitterue g Incieesed lie fliech iiicra of iheir rucr-eas iw.mod, and durin-r tho last in ur.onts ol their power lira 1'nl ui men woie in da'ger of i.nmhlLiiion. Tit y dreaded rooii g ibose uh m ihry lia-f desplsod and with o?t>- ' tuiuely occupying the place of power while they soiyht IIXIIIIi; pun !' IU mivk llii-ll uvea innn /murium j wi|,*uv. A fuw m'ure 'lay would have completed their ruin, but fortunately they delayed too long. Governor Harris was the first to pack up hi* cirpe: h g and 1 *ave. Ho waa followed in h t baste by iho StorcUry of e<tate and the o.bor dignltaiirs, whilo the whole legislature came tumbling down the Capitol bill behind thorn, and In a few b Icf hours there waa nothing to lei Men of th *rn but the dust which their Dru g leeb hiked up. The Bptilaco caught the cuu, and away they wont, pell moll, Iter ikoller, with little or nothing hi their haics, und lees of common eenn" and reason In their brains. Av.ntr into the country they ruihed, regardless of oona sinentoa, leaving bmw?h"ld furniture, Mgroen and everything c'so at Iho mercy of tbo iuvaters. i here are house t*i lot all oyer town?line marble man-Ions. w :h vu.ret farulInre, silver plate, and ne^ro set v mis hy the score, all to bo had lor tho taking. Modest divntllug*. wlllu*o/y purloin * and ?uft easy chairs, at. I lilled with iho Imutn eomfo;la which are most desltab'e after a fatiguing o>urr.u,tn ahundanre and v. itiiuiit nw ne a. Th ' rnilread betwoen this and Howling Green Is tvir.g repaired, and this loiter will go by the Itrst mail. Thj tele, raph lino has all been put tip and ta now tu w rkiug order; so that wo may be considered In full communication with the North Whim tho railroad in fully repaired the route will be iinintorrnp'ed. Rrgnlntlnna Tor Trulfic on tbo Tennessee and Cumberland Rivera* Nr. T/>rts. Mo., March fl, INI A General Order, (netted line evening, state* that nrvcyors and other Custom House oflrrr* and tgents in this department, m well ns tliose on the Cumberland aril Tennessee rWcrs, arc tpeetod to respect the permits Issued by tho Biiisreyor cf "Itbor of the port* of the irtilo river, and be iring bit ..tidal signature and r?n. Military officers hi com I uf posit whnro tbore are no Custom Tlotiso officers, or MIU'., ' ?concert with audi officers, will, In like manner, rt -p?ct Ihtvo permits. ?ealc*i baggage, whilo tho seals rear ... unbroken, whlalgo be res,?'i ej by officers. Cools, "tro*,of mivchnudiSD 111 transit tlma covered by ermltr, and b.igp?go thi s .' ealed, will bo \1owod to 40 . ord to their pierce of destination, unless ihoro la, 'I satisfactory rensm f r Ihcir detention, on Informs.Im received from reliable utrceo. Until further orders the transpovtatl' n of this department Is not open to munitions of war, oscopUmder special regulations with military authorities. Whiskey, for tba tiina bring, is prohibited In th* resumed commerce of the Cumberland and the Tennessee. By order of MeJ..r Oenernl 1MIJJ-TW. t'rsrptlon of Col* I.ce at Roxbnry, Nam Bosrron, March 0, 1M& ' The miblic rrce p'lon of Colonel lee and oUier officer*. | r ilio M?k- i hnaoM* Tw<till?-ib m Roxbnry lart nij'il i?, a vory crillul i?fli<li\ Uovcrnnr Andrenr, ib6 Mayma .f l'r> ion MHt Roxhury, iw?J othor ?r?nil?nion, irnuia r. " l.i'p, Col" ul ]xio n-oixmdcil brMAy In w.->rd* of ;talrl"(u<m xuil drvottoa to our country and !( mif i >ni?icr if 1 idi. e ro pt? cet.

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