Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1862 Page 2
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% 2 ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LISHT. $6?9,<)UO IN TKEASIBE. One ISnudred Bales oi Cotton on Freight. Loss of the Skampi John Hart and an English Bark* News fiom Central and South America. Assassination of the President of Honduras. T&ovcmeats for the iLnucxation of *>? ... a..;. ?UU vJ THE COFFEE CROP OF COSTA RICA, &i'i, iLCif & The steanv hip Northern Light, which left Asniuwall on tho 25th of K b'uary, arrived bore at four o'clock yesterday lnorniug. She brought a lnrgo amount of specie, together with on* hundred bales ol' cottou. She also brought intelligence of the loss of the steamer John Hart in Lake Nicaragua, on the 20th of January, frota dragging her anchors in a gale. Captain Maury and mej, of the John Hart, came homo in tho Northern Light. An t'ngli-h lark, name not uscsrtainei, was lost about th" satne lime in Half Moon Bay, Honduras. 'llie following is tho SrFX'tK LIST OF Tin: NORTHERN LIOHi'. AVrn McLane $9,706 Ildllui A .-uuJers.... $0,212 Order 12 41)0 Schollo Bros 23,000 R. Patrick 73,2o<> >1.0. Haw'ey 2,500 K.MeadorAl'.Adatus 4.000 K. Kelly A Co 25,000 W Heller A Co 10,8(0 Einstein A Co.... 11,000 M. Lodiser 3,435 Duncan.$hennanAlo 11.120 Win. F'cligntanACo.. 25,000 Frank Laker 10.000 A.f.Ro??u K; imAOo. 16.r>80 J. P. 1 lsh A Co 1-,500 L. 1,900 J. A. McClaw 7.000 W Meyer k Co 3,039 ('rocker. Wood A Co. Kl 000 J. (t. Parker At Pen.. 12,OCO Wells. Fargo A (to. .226,500 Metropolitan lUcl;.. 21,271 utoii asitnwau.. Jennings k Th curat er 15,000 Wells, Fargo A Co... 458 H. Ccheu A Co 24,000 A. Foyer..; 17'.? MagO' ti k Fon 15,000 Order 600 J. Holler A Hree.... 6,000 Colgate k Ilotfman.. 1,722 J.Strauss,Bro. ACo. 44,250 Kegrctti A Leoni.... 409 J. T. Iti.vward 3,000 Hunt ,TillingbastACo. 800 Janson, Bond A Co.. 1,000 Handy A Hoadley... 1,000 Am. Exchange Itauk. OO.COO " total $679,076 UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA. Our Panama Correspondence. Panama .Feb. 25, 1862. Lotto/ the Strove? John Ifcert?foreigners Permitted to Hold Ileal Etto fe ,'?? Panama?Secession Officer* in (he Xavg?Mormienti of Xarni Vetch?Celebration Of Washington' Pirthdajf?Defea''of Arboleda in Paneo? Governor Cawacko in Poovr?Jfarccaiio in fit cor of the Colombian Union. ?fc.', ?$c. Jetlcson Maury master, was lost, on lwke Nicarag a on the itfth of .Trnuary, by dialing her anchor* and going ashore in a ga'e. The Joliu Hurl *a- .ent out !>y the Nicaragua Transit Company ostensibly to run on the lake to do the business of the ta'ked of California patenter trade. She was fourteen years old. Her and erew will go tionte tc-day in the steamship Xorthe.u Light If the company really intended to start a line in July, as I hey my, they will not now be eldo to do it, us a steamer curt only get over the rapids into the lake in a high stage of water, which tbey wdi not have for secern! months to come. The wreck of the John Hart w..a takon charge of by Captain Griffin. Tho ca tain, officers and crew have arrived at Asplnwuil. The captain and crew of tho Brit jh bark Esmeralda, which was lest near Half Moon Key , have also ari ived 0:1 the Isthmus. By the late arrangement made at Bogota between the bite Now Cranadiau r'ta es, w hen the name of ihc association whs changed to the United States of Colombia, foreigners were d barrid hoicijg real estate in the new confederation; but Panama wh i not ropreao.ited in fits con yocatien; and, besides, she hid provio isljr joined tho Moepioa government tiiat .-lie was to biro the full management of her ,'oeai adairs; so the G ircrnor of Pa. oama lias decreed that tit" article with r.v-ard to fors igu?r? not being able to hold real es'.ato has i o elh ct in ihis State, but that foreigners aro entitled to hold property as before. Tho Coitod States s'oop-of-warCyana sailed from Panama for Valparaio oil the 20th inst. The United St?t s steam war vessel d iranac is in port. The report in the New York papers that i'ap.uin Ritchie, of the Suratiac, hat ail his oil cers under scent, grew out ct the fact that he ordered four t them to go on shore s>nte time sin. e they having d?. 1 tied to take 1I1 oath of anco. U1c.1t. Phytlo . un icr arre t 00 tboriaranac for irregular conduct. Cuj?t .i.i Ritchie is ratte r tmpopular with .r few officers in tho tt ct who svnunthizn with tho South. 011 account of tn* determined "opt osit ion to treason. ThoFrotich (Sag .meant frigate Duguay Trouin, OOj itis, and the Preach ai to--\Ueel steaiier 1 aesiui.of c gur.s.aro in poll. At.-o Hie British ling -dea'ror tt.icli. nte, Ub k i:;s; the steam r Te mr. ant,25 guns, and the steamer Clio, til g ins. 'ihu giclu ,:e autf Uj, it is said, Wii' sail la Jay tor th - roj?t ol M'-iico. The I'aUetl Si nes brig Perry is a! Aspinwall. The Prb talis eawr S.?ia !in aailed from that pot l for England on tho2_d. viiili aoiiio Pontviiis rot inn, learnt. s me hind, Pi the Panama Railroad (<>uip my ? stcrehoifc, tor want of roam. Thocimpiny's baric Ma? l.iUm takes: 400 hue- uf Mvxi C 111 C'Jtt'iB. On Saturday evening a of gentleman eielr .tad tho aaairorairy of Waa. .re no". Birth lay by a *ntc did dinner at the Aspniwail Hotel. Among those present wsru Cblouei MrKee. Uoiled State* i nail; t'aium McOongalt, of tho I'uii it States -hip Wyoming, and about Oft eon of tho Seating Americans ?; iheeity. The Pjuama .SVr announces the death of Mr. 9. ile (~o\ a. atC'horriUas, near '.inn. Mr. C. >va- well known in J'a name, vvh-re he 1: vo<I lor many yea *. It ai?o regrets to enno .nee tho dcaiii of Mr. .-'It iylor Sniyi k, an American resident lor several years tn tmi, where be waa highly esteemed. Mr.B. was iiro.vncil in th tinayaquil river by acciUcataiiy failing ore. board troni a I mm' 'Ilia iicwsfrort. Bogota is . nlv two .lu; 'a c ?lint is lo tbe'.'S li uf dduuury -but lot -resting. The s-aladir. arrived ac A*|>i!iWJi! on the 'g.lfh, bri-ig.-ig dates iroai < artbagoaa to the Mth. In thai .pi?r or all i-ipnet. In (.oneral Lo; ft has och-ated Ai bnieua. *n an which took place on tl.? llth, neir sdv.a, a gro-it ina-iy of hm oi!icer< were killed, and be wa ol.liye l to fail hm.k ea Cahbio. This last piece be held when last branlfrotn. with four bundled men Ho ia entirely a r minded by gov eriimeot forces, ami his impossible Pu'iayan w.ig immediately o<-. up ed by tli f troops of tiiuenl Ixi|iex. 'I lie government is now admiuiftored l>m,llu.......l?r O. .'I.U k.. I.- u Ill I... ..... .w? w. ... . M , V.lll..' II", wtlu wa.* ArlmMi'n l"" sonar ??Bi' lime t (pre. Sa titan 1st i* now clia' of insurgents. On tbe 191 h or .faumry. Uog-it t. ( anal wiu nun cly cut up by General Ootienc/. Mary hart escaped n > Venezuela, ax was expen-led. Anloqiin is the nwy place where the war must still hold (H.I. Mosquerat. reported m have arrir ed at I'aranto Rupi, with a f at torce,aud vi ill toon ret thing3 to rights iu that stale. In Vuiivir a theS ate o' Mata. ?lbo liad pronounced in favor if the Union NEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Our Panama Correspondence. IamaOa,l ib. 25, ise?. Thf Late Anatn'itafitn of P,eiiJinl Giwr>*?ta?Uuw tht BUxxiy /'red tear ^icW?t.i'iW rjfthe Aimiiiii? Af foirt if A'l'i't wo'.a, .Vtcffren i? ixrt.Vn, Sa'fiitnr, <f The Panama Railroad Company S Mea ner Guatemala arrived here to rtav. she hrlm," dates from Guatemala to the 8lh, Salvador lo tho loth, K caragua to the 10'b, end Coete Rha to the 17th February. An American resld at CnayqHll, nam<-1 Smyrk, tin I bean drownod Meidentai'y in the river. Jhe United States eteamor Wyoming h id arrived from Ce'leo,ofllcois and uiew in goo?i h?ailh. J. flavin, the murderer of Joseph While,had had a n>? trial, and boon aenteuced to one year's imprison nlmt HONDURAS. Ibc ooiy news ot Importance ie from Honduras. Our dates from the capita' , Comayag :a, aito the 2d iu f., fully oonflrmit g ih previous news o.' the murder of the late President, on the lltU of January an attempt was made in the cap 1*1 at a rosroluti'n, an ! President Cuar. diolu waeaasSssiuated in L t own house by Pnblo Agurtie, en oflteo- of hit! ody tuard. Nineteen days of die ordor followed lies e^nf, when a Penutor, p eing liirneeir et the bead of the troops, reatcrod public peace. The eaeculive power roll into th? bauds o' the Vice preii. dent, Benor Vlctcnano Castellanoi. M ny of the disfathers of tbe ptthlic poec", as wn!l as the aimtin and hie Accomplices, w?re arretted, and await their trial. ^ outbreak is i? i at the door of Hie Qiergy and cent. \ tui P. Lapc* is charged with instigating the wwast ica lioa. BO!tVIA. I roui 1' divia tho do.vs u utero fnv r..ble,aud i> aco u for a time re-entablished. It has I. -en prop sod, in view of General Doizu being a \ ory largo credit >r of the gov o: anient, to give liittt an .nlvau of fifty th v .-aiid doll;t; .< .aid a d>;duiiiut;c mission i>> f n'up ; b t it is doubtful whether lie will accept tho latt r. 8A I. VI i?or. Tlio clergy, although the priiieq al ones of them Lave bri ii drive t reat thi.. oi.iitry, b it >t yet s ivca up Hie idea tli it tlio e. oles statical tini. t tun ide tlio civ il power, aud give the vovorunieut milch trouble. Tito Chambers men on tlio 2Tili of January. The rains Into boon - vere in tlio I' .troiue this sci.,..u, an, indeed, they hive been throughout Central Amerlc i. Cl'AT.lMALA. Tlio Lcgistaturo ntot on tho 31. t of January. Pre; idont Carrora, iu Ins in s-ago,says thai the country is at peace aud iu a larosperous to idii nu. NIC Alt Attl'A. A proposition having boe.i tnadc that President Mnrliue/. should accept tho sup.eine )>owur fur iu. ithor ti rm, aithiugh ih- i'.ji-titntion 1 .bids such re oiectiou, h lris l>ubl:sUod a manifesto, declining to uccspt such proposit 'on la N'ii'Jtragu t ihe people laugh at tho idea of reopening tho California Transit route, and c insider iho auparctit pre; aratinu.- ft so doing as a slot kspeculation,or some otlior swindling dodge. ihe United Hates Minister, Mr. Dickinson, is al I ron, and, having nothing else to Jo, ho is engaged iu )>oddtiiig hay. 11 is negotiating, also, (or a fltie stork b ill, out i> which speculation lie expects to make a goo t deal of money. COSTA ItlCA. This littie republic is quiet,and \orv proud of a school wu.< u 033 lati-iy beeu estaonsuea ai can .<o-.e, wo ca: iUii. A -oal mhc ha: reeenHy been discovered in Cerro de I'alarra. but of doubtful quality. a I though tba si ason lias been very unfavorable. the colli o cro|> e\cee<s H5,00u quintals. i'lio article .-.ells at l'uuta Arenas at 12 'j to Id cents per jiouiid, Costa Rica c irrency. Hie price of ci flee is quotoi in 3au /oso, ?10 a $10 2r la l'uuta Arenas. $l2.::i' a $lb. Hides, per quintal, m 3 en Jose, f 10, i i I'unta Ai. u is, $11 u $12; native sugar, Jiia$H; maize, per cajuela, $8; native rice, per quintal, 1H\ foreign, none; flour, per quintal, $17. NEWS FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Our Panama Correspondence. Panama, Feb. 25,1882. The British mail steamer Guayaquil arrived at Panama yesterday. She bring1: dates from Valparaiso and Sunt: ago to the 2d inst., from La Paz. Bolivia , to January 24, and from I.ima and Callao to February 14. The news is unimportant. Bettor relations between Peru and Bolivia seem to prevail, if we uiay judge from the official note' passing be twecu the governments on the stibjoct of the plans o(. c mqucst entertained l>y Spain on this co: tincnt. Ta'k about war v. it ; Ecua '.or seems to have pa-sed away for the presenj. The fact is, President Costilla is a good dual pressed for money ji si at this time, the guano business being dull, and the Brit Hi capitalists, Gibbs it Co., re fusing to advance h. in'more cash. President Camilla has appointed Senor Juan Antonio Ribeyro as Minister of Foreign Relations. Central Custilla has pubii'!y disapproved of tlie nrticles for re-election, published in El ('anir.r'hof Lima. Certain pariieu arc trying to prepare public opinion for a proposition to annex Peru again ti Spain, and are sii i to lie sevoudeti in their endeavors by the bi-hopsaud other leading members among tiie clergy. A severe shock of earthquake v. as felt at I'aita on the u.l. ?hlol. N.n.,,,.1 .1.- I ,,fl m ill.,. | (luinir mi<r I damage. TUc American Consul at Paita fKinggold, bad contradicted the stalumeut that lir. .Sullivan bad refused uttoiidatice at tlio American hospital, iu consequeuro of his not having paid by tlie government. More than two thousand dollars had al cady b oa paid ol' Ins accounts, t It U.K. President Perez had arranged to vi-it Valparaiso 011 the 12th. (Iroat preparations were being made lor his re (Option. Don F. l:. tiarSas. an exile of the Mbntt admini.-tra Lion, loot been appointed Director of the Vaiparaisot'usl .111 House. The financial crisis l?s at last 0:-appeared. Business liis greatly rev.v?d, confidence being once more established in oomtnetcial circles. The cr -ps leek well, and the product of the mines is increasing. The difficulties are not vet settled. A change of tho frontier pUlcers i- spoken of as a measure thai will have a good effect in (piieting the Indian tribes. Two priests had been accuse 1 before the ecclesiastical courts of rautiago of "imparting strange doctrines to their pupi's,-' and ttisjieadel from tlieir functions. Business Isrevivingihroughoiit the country, and the harvest is abundant and promises well. Tho mines are .-.nid to I>" better. Den Florentine tfonzaks. ex-Minister from Bogota to Chile, has assumed tha cduor.-Uip of a newspaper in Ynlpa also called the 'tim.f.o. Exchange on England continues a' 460. :i 46 * id. to Hie dolar. with but lew put chasers of hit's. Freights to Engl an I and Hamburg, C-tai'4 4 s.; to France, llOfr.: to tho I'nited sriates, |16. No American ri-o iu liist hands. Ectinod sugar (American), solit at ?112'* per arrnba of 25 lbs.; st' clc of all kinds on hand, .'IT.T,000 srrobns. Flour is s arte and sells at $3 a $3 tlli per quintal, at six montlts. Barley, uew, $1 23 n $1 62, ra?b. Par cooper. $17 50 a $17 75 cash. Nitralo of soda.$l 62!j ca h, but holders demand higher prie s. Boi.ivia. This Plate i3 tranquil. On lYesidont Aclva'a entrance at Li Pax, the people demonstrated the,.- ;oy by a grand r-ceptl u. Buils mra dinner parties followed. AKOK.NT1.VK OONFBOKKATI ON. Boon >.s Ayres seems to have occupied with horvicto rlous armies all the proviuoes of ilia coafelerttion, and 118 rcorgani -in? then under a new bisis. Mendoza, iSau l.'nn o Ki js, San I.nis, Jic., have boon occup.ed without the effusion of blood. Bonril of Alilcrmrn. This Hoard diet I i t evening, l'resi'tont Henry in the chair. A petition from the Homeopath!-' D >pen<ury for an a;j. nual <'.<mat u of $ 1,000 was referred to the Committee on 1 iaance. A rem in-.'ranee was present I from sovera! of the rilv rui'roa-i coni! auies against the ordinance prohibiting the sprinkling of >a!t in the public streets, laid ?n the talde. A resolution was off.Tcd by the Pre-idout donating $5iX) 33 ccuijiensatiOB to Curt.3, a member of the Twchth regiment, for njnrici received in firing a yalnte on Washing ion's Li: thJ ay, an I waj laid orer, uuiler the rn'o. ??n a resolution being presented thanking the Hon. <> r?e t'um-. <>! for lib address at the Cooper Institute, oi \V:i in igmn'a Li thduy, AV.-o in. n tii.or op ? m d lli? rcsolm ion iu very forci tile terms,and trusted ihil tliere would not be found any j I'onio.u.its in this I'oard to endorse the eutitnenls d<", l.vered l?y \(r. liancroflvn tlio oceasit n alluded to, i A'deiToun avion * <ppoi t"i| ihe ri'snli.tiou. and hoped j tint the !t.urd woi l l t nn.r i > a re-mlttt on ofthanks tn >'r. Bau .of i .'or his very ablenud iMlrintir .speech on th(s casi u ??l the last auaiversaty of Was'iing'oo's Binlt day. Afiar-otve debate, in wlii h Aldermen Boole Farley and l.eret t-.i h | art, Alderman I'uuJtY moved that < orta in port lour of tlie thanks be sirieken out aud that Ihe words 'tverepud.a'ehis 'Oi- ' b - iu.ortr-1. Aids, man Farley sobs q ently am- oled Ins amendment by striking out the ' iit inent of r i udntnin, and a luaugicd vote <>t thanks ) was thus offered to the historian. A re .dmnei asking the Cnr| oral.on Couo-el to memoj ml.r.e tbe I/*g. I iture to enclose Ob-orvalor) snuare was ] ad'inted. j Hie auiieii! communication si, received from the I > :?iff ion* woi iby < f eonaidei atlnn. By the rkm i <>. ihe f outptroller it appears that Uic | | hiini'.or in 11 mi hands of t lie Treasurer on (ho JUliof F'bi.iry waa k J ,& !- 'rj. Thai.i" I vy. *s am ?d?d by theC'ouncilmen . trna prerrnted a id laid ovar. an i inn le u special nith r for Mop- j i!n v next. T aaceaJion Has pmaeutod by the proprietor r>f the J H hai.p,?* 1.0 i"; 1 lu the prsce lings o ihe i mir imen, iri; appropriately received. Some ro line bus ne?a w 11< ted, an<t UieTloird adjourned to Monday next. toioncr'i Imiaeat Scicidp by Shootiikj.?Coroner Collin held an in<|ue?, ye-terday at No. 1 Carroll place, Bleocker aire -t, t ]hiu tin- body of Thomas Bronsea, native of Fuir'stid.aged forty yearn, who commuted euieitio by shrwimg bin sell hi tlu abdomen. Urroaited had bee? In low spirits for -omr week*. end was heard to nay thai bo hi. I no fr onds or kind rod living. Ho lived for aomu time after -hooting loniaclf, and ronfoaaed to I)r rhemtnn (hat ho had long p meditated mile <le. l?r. Itobtneou made *o examinetimof the body ii'irt lomid thai the arrhoftho eilon and the spleen had been penetrated ' y the ball, as nlxo the i olioa media, splconke and coienx.y arteries, f'catli w.i aoeed by hemorrhage Iroin gxi 1 wound. I.aiur PI re at Beverly, Muss. H to., M l" h w. n?2. !.eex'en?ve rub- ?r manufactory at It vorly, Mas'., wasnmrly de?iri y?d by (Ire la t night. I. m on? h ! Ired tlion nod dulls to-rrntx.e eevvnty thousand. The c'.ini n> !..ih meTcf ict ired Urgoly lor the govcrnm-nt, out hud n contr. tc:. hindfwi seventy thcD'nud rubber Mai vc.n. Obituary. [Ironi nHrnol'ii i (s. i.) jMper of lectmbcr.J * 'rui;;" ( ITT/KM GONE. 1 itli ii ti l to ' .it w i t mil i.. ii taklne awny r. ino of oir mo-t ncti t ro-.d '* M.. .! :iv l-. t .mm r? died utidoenly on f iiiiiay i trnlng Inst, i>e? niher h. For ttiany yearn Mr. i olbai ii hue tsw?n j,, niriinneer in this Oily (.llonol hi,.sandwlehl-lar,.' . m- ,iptw| ? pro. m oent r< "t'on in the romm niiy ih- v mr years nn active member of (bo i r- It,arun- i.-,rd at the time of h;r death held iht omco i I u > Wurd a. Ihe entire deiiartmerr turne i, t ?i hi-' mere! H,.>b krmdlad. ber cm flage, di ct a cd with appro? into n ournln '?mbianii, was ttied for a l.tarm\ ? t v ,* drawn !>v th? Hook and lor ir.pany. 'Ihe fo r Araoompan r?,,iti in nnifo-ni, i receded tho cerpre, ai.d the pyx -Von form*'' el * < " the r imposing dieplayg that hi* been wlmlmro (or rt. tVhile ibe pro? ? slon was rr.ovtrg fr a the dwelft g tithe graveyard ll e ball of i ompeny No. 1 was lobed Mr f'o.h rn wsafrom New Vork c.i y, wlrn'O hi-parents anJu-' T arc now living. u <tnv?a a ?id.w nu 1 |Ur-| NEW YORK HERALD, J iEYCRESTIKS FROM HAVANA. Rumored Collision Potween the Mexicans and the Allies. Captain General Serrano Not Leaving Cuba, &c., fee., &c. Oor Ilurunu Co-responAtiitfi Havaka, Kcb. 26,1362. Rumors of Aclval War in Mexico?Cha ripe in the Command of t'e Mexican Army?More AUicd Troops Goiny-?lM~gr Arrioalqf foul turn Tat eh at Havana?The CUarleion H'o Until?TheTobacio Qunli n?La t leaf's MxjtorLin Toltuco?The Cajiain Otn til not Going, <?c. There has Icon but little from Mexico within the last few days. Tho last ne ws re cived from there rcnrcsoat id tlio Allies as preparing for an advance on Orizaba aud Jalipa. This moveruenf was oxpected to take place on tho 20th inst. We have had rumors of resistance on the IKii t of the Moxlcan.c, and borne even go so far as t.> give details of a tight between a division composed of six hundred French and eight hundred Spaniards, in which tho Mexicans were victorious; end I liavo even been assured that the returned soldier, who h ivo at rived here arc not sick, as reported, but wounded. I do not boliovo ouo tittle of this until I sea somo indisputable proof of 113 truth. It is true that General Urnga has boon removed from the command of ihe Mexican army, aud Gcucral Zaragoza placed in his stead, mid, as the latter is tlio advocate of war to tho knife, tlicro tiny bo a shadow of reason Tor believing that Juarez meditat-3 resistance. It may bo a shadow or u reason, but nothing more; for Zaragoza will not act without ordots, and I'ruga would execute three orders, if hostile, just as well aud promptly as any. Uraga, it is said, has been appoiulc 1 Minister of War; and if so there is more reason for believing that peaco measures and di plctnacy will prevail. In the meatilium more troop aro en their way to Mexico. Two battalions of marines?0111 eight hundred, the other nine hundred strong?have loft for Vera Cruz?one on bourd tbo French frigate L'Aslrcc, the other on board the Spanish steamer Alava. General Casset, also, after having recruited l:is health here, is about to roturn to take command under Gcncal I'rim. France, too, lhoy say, is soiiding more troops, ami I suppose England wil follow suit. 1 do not .-co the necessity; but then pet hap8 I am all wrung, and there will be wa? al ter all. In a correspondence between the Spanish General of Marine, Rutaleaba, and the Fraach Admiral, relativo to the admission < f vessels m t he j>on of Vera Cruz, General P.uba'cabu says all vessels are freely admitted. How about the seizure of the Heautiful Mary Wo have* quite a fleet or Southern steamers and scbooners in pert?the steamer Nolly, from Charleston: the steamer Blaek Joko, fuiinorly the Vanderbilt, and the steamers Wb it mote and Florida, from New Orleans. Tbo two Ift-t mentioned brought about itiuu hundred bales of cotton. We have, bo-ides, had two schooners from Mobile and one from New Orleans within the past week. In fact, they never were more abundant since the blockade began. The steamer Victoria, which left here some ten days ago for New Orleans,got in allsafc. Aliassenger on the Nelly sata the moon was at the full and the night beautifully clear and bright when they left Charleston; yet uot. a single blockading vessel was to he seen, and they had n > trouble whatever in making their way over here. 1 ho fast river bout Magnolia left Now Orleans at the same time with the Wli.tmore and Florida, and her uonar rival gives rise to iho prcs unptiou ihat she lias been captuied. She makes easily fifteen miles an hour, and should have g t here first. The tobae o question is naturally exciting a guod deal of attoutiou. Within the last tun years the demand, tho pi irra ,111*1 UK- nnmipri UI wu: Rei* u.ivc liven i? wonderfully (hat the lose of a crop is quite a seriou matter. Last year was bad enough, tor there was a failing on In lhe export at ion of leaf tobacco of 1,977,992 |ioiin<la,a(Ht tlii~ year It will bo ton times wo:re. V. bat will the naotnpioyed loot- dor The thy of Havana exported jo,119,000 aegar* h as than in the previocs y cji of lsoo. I must cut my letter short and condense, for the steamer tubanu, which takes this, loaves iu a very little while. The Duke de la Torre, our excellent and estarmod Cap. taiu General, is tot going away, nt least just yet. The government reii.scd to accept li s reeicttatioc, saying that his services here were too valuable to he dispensed with. SugHr hug improved in price?7j; a 7*? for No. 12. Kxcbameon New York, !> a G}( discount, uu Loudon, 10!, a 11. The Vera Cruz, correspondent of the DiariotU la Marina gives the following detailed account of the cotilerenco between the Allies and the Mexicans:? On the morning of the interview a ililligence drawn by eight mules,and escorted by hfty Mexican lancets, ar rived at aoicuau. in 1111^ cnacu were tno Generals /arar<va, < 'oramandiug General of the eastern army, anil Senor 1 oblndo, Minuter of Stale and foreign Allaire, wlio hastened to meet General Prim, already arrived by railr.ud fn m Vera Crux. and the diplomats met each other with tlio greatest display oi ni itual deference and respect, lhey arrived at Soiedad ut ten o'clock; In the monong; and the people gathered around to gaze at the Spauiarda, so lit! to know n and so unfairiy Judged. Tlio generals catered a liou'o near the church, when Generals Zaiagoza, Prim and Doblado hold a loug private cjnfeiutice. which was inlorupted by a collate iu. Thisfltnslted, an artillery relate was given, the hind played .several ufrs, and then tlio eonlerencn was resumed nit It the some | rivacy, the gc:.erals remaining rr t:'c r-'dr till ba'f-pa?t tin coo clerk, at which tint-' a coacli, accompaficd by tiro Mayor and other cit i ter;?, conveyed Genet al I'riui to Tojorii, where ho was 3amptun..sir entertained by the French Admiral. At nine o'clock or the evening the whole [parly return d by radro.d to Vera Crux. Of the imtnediato res It if 1 lti3 long interview little is re illy known; some deduce thence war?others peace. Hut I can asauro you lit it the happiesi harmony existed between tho Spanish and Mc>:i'-uu oflicaU tiu: uig the Uvc or sis hours liiey we.e together. Havana, March 1, 1S62. Tl.ef'utt of llf. Sponi^i l'<i/l Ttwita?Her Seizure (?y :h United Stcd'i Gunboat Ki i"JUIt?-t Confedvalc S-hooner | in Port?.Xo' i'iitifi' a' I/acna?Two Kr'rl Kiiroytfrom Knr<i.i:?('(? i ,>g Vjt of A uutjn *n<t?Itejtarlnrc of the W/o'Ws I Ion!., i?The United a a'-t St'Onar Horrir' J,on' in Port tvhh <> l'ri:e, i?<., <cc. The sni/urii of the Span li vessel Teresita by the Uuiteil States gunboat Kingfl.-h ha? given risu to mmli comment and noma little excitement lure. The facta, :u -el forth !u t l.o Inat i' d'la No- itut, api c ir to be as follow*:?Hie Taietiiu,Captain Diaz, <!<s ire<! from this port for M.r iinoroH, la tli- auto of Tatnailipas Mexico, ami sailed for lint port on January 27 last past. Her cargo con?i teJ of the following efloc's-?70 boxaaof fruit,47 <b>. *'.ce!, 115 | .i ka*c? of mcrcha itllse (content' not hpeeided), tw l> ::gs o.' coff*c. 90 do. cocoa, #00 barrel" flour, 1 box containing a p.cturo, 2 kegs arsenic, 10 bugs pepper, 35 boxes sugar, 2 do. tea, 147 package* of machinery, 1 box of iron. 200 do. soap, "5 -ei< of chests, 1 box of drugs, 4 hogsheads and 19 h mile* ot tobacco. On Juno 90, three dues ?rterwards. A'uen in latitude Hi ilbgrees north and 82 degree-west ol me meridian of la itz (25 dugices north ami 11 J degrees w*.-' of tlie meridian of Washington), she wu? seized by (lie K n0?>Ii, taken to tlie Southwest Pass of ' tl?e it ?. ssippi. and afterwards to Key Wctl, wlioro tlie )ia<senger* and crew were detaiued. with the exc-jp'i.n of Captain l*i <z, wh > wa* permitted to come to Havi u to give an ai town of the transaction to the owner ot lite Tcr sit a It .* insi-cd that she was direct to Matanri- 1 1 .> r - v Mi l III wave w. I'd II.'rm t that 'lie had not I 1'iOMipt ft ; > i i it ill" Mo- kiwta lit Newurham uor hi. any I ' oilier point. and that In lior cargo alio camod nothing ' contraband of war.* ft la further contended that, If Kei.oirea of ti ? kind are to be iwrniiiUd, all trai'o between Ibe i-of t uba and the | <>rta of Mol,aui?:oi<, Sun remand", Victoria, and eveu VaraCrnt and Tanipico, inn- t>e I*" ( nitc'l a.nro lb" route to piarea ii ho nvir lot U" m jiii b of the Mi-M.?slppi that a vee-el miaht .In i[i;i" ?! "vei y eflbrt, hodrv u near enough to bo jsi?<ted end I'l by I tie bh ekublng lleet. 'ill i-rot and detention ihc )M-M'i vji nnnilcrew r waul" >h an add.i "ohI gi.'trance, admitting of no joai ideation, a nee, a "ordlncio Hie iccogulyed ri.n e of Internet icnai law . tb" h a- by otiBacatloti of tbo vearoi nit"mpti?g to r?*a a b:i?' .< la ibe only imn.ilty inflicted, uirt tot liberty "i ih" pH-'-i-niiera and crew moat noi Inj uanrn-i arlly n teireed with ll la argued, finally, lhut the 'Irrcriia having i Ion red In proper rmm fora neutral |>orl, ' net i-;.i 11 i | ; Humpu.>ii that her owner and cap ta in -.vv nuioi'' ut oi any iulcntioa to tun the block a ,e at Now Orledna. '1 h??c are tbo faitinod argunnnla in ihor.iaeon the jniri i f tin "i in|.'aiiiiiiit<'. and wh,'h in. i prch ibly luvo air" idy Icon loi warded to tbo span,ill Minlatcr at Washlug "ii, who w ill. oi rwueo,call the mietn inn < f i lie lulled stale u verim <ui I" th iii. The buirivilt In Marian u very angry, hut I do not think there will be war. Anting tbn n'tabilltiea at p-c-out horn |* Mr. Rirey, who Tilvtbl by the Col unblu. The l.'ngtisii atoatiwr itaatnee. wbtch arrived here from M. Tb< in i - l ist Sunilay, b.S' ght ft"' i"; u-: piviigerr <U::-Ahnonie. W.iamon'n Amhaisadcr al i''id two envoys of Jo;r Ilavia, who weic i ml lo Knr p# sd'Vio limo be -to M" ? 1 Mfl*on ar.l dlidell. 1 Ih.nk ibeir ouuraaie H. IJ. t'reaton I and (ieorge llak r. Th Colnmhla rame Into port in high 'lee, tiring her g ,na and ovorybody en hoard cheering and w aving handkerchieft, In conso pierce of the Into I'nlon virtorlea; hut th? fun nl the thing was that right in front of h. rail iho way to h"r anolmrago waa a littlo j tat fi..iii Mobile?the Sniiili Town* n with a It lo Confe.le rite flag flying, the whole concern normaii Hi 'It could h.-.vo ticeu wrapped up In a on y of the n (trijilo ale < >. Wh it ah'.'.l wo d j for amiisementH her - after n"xl w- </ I'y that, time the Op tra ahull hnvo etpbet, or, In more emphatic language, d.rdVut- an m-pm Ion pretty nearly If Hot ipilie oput altni lo'^dayod out." Trip an ::? <! thiarlui ctfein hnachVcd Itaporformanco. ihe fUnlons leave to day, to the great regret of all, having made Ihetr laat nppenraoro hif.-ro an ovorOowiiig ludieore Ian melit. Hiving mhir rtnga/etiienta to *'l Ht. VlW UfcWkt iia.'ifni IvWi U fliliJH, FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1862. as noil us possible. Wo, I hut is the public, cxpt i oil to Uiem perform iu tho TVou, which woo.Idhuvc neon jammed tosuiltcati-u; but though they I. d a splendid after msds ihtm,ui?iir) mducorneut hold out. ;t act so of duly obliged thorn to doc.iue, an! E wr must wait another year if w wish to see thorn again. 1 uudcrutaud it is their intention to go to Kuru|iu Iter the purposed organising a largo troupe of firrl cli a p:rfoi, and thou iirobably make tli > tour of the woi Id once m re. Tin y arc so well Luown in Now York Hut it would be icito nnnefceaary and sjpo. lluots f. r inc to say suy tiling in pint c of them, either ^cruonHly or pro,I'M." i tally. H.:sino continues dull. Exchange ou New Yoik, how'ever, is much belter this nioruing, b.dug quoted at th a to in',r pot cent disccunt, w hcroas It was ii\o to fi\ o i. i ahdf ut iho eai.u.g of ihegi. mcr IaO b u>a,four d?,?? ag.. This is prohibly the o f el cf iLc news Ly the loiutnbia. Kxi haugo on I/suh n is us jtor tart advi ei. SW(i..r his Mill further doclinod, and there is vory htt> doing among exporter..:?in faot,uort to nothing. Nnniher twelve is qu ;tei live to five and a half. I i\p -r'atioti, whatever titer- Is, U confined to It'igshcadH. Nothing doing in box sugar. 1'. ?Tito United Plates steamer Harriot I.anc, Captain Wai.u tjlit. from Washington City, i'ort Koyul uiid K y West,arrived here;Ins forenoon. Site eiptuiada school- r in the neighborhood of the latter place. linear m treasury circular. Rules auil Regulations Concerning Internal Commcrt-;al Iutrrcourge. WasuiNGlON, March 4,1SC2. Tlio Secretary of the Troa .iry to-day i-yuod the flbw ing rules and regulations concorning internal commercial Intercourse). 'Ihey in no way afferl or give authority for any r unmereo on tlio Atlantic cxvt, and therefore d.> not iiileifore with the bf cKadc. Ihocircular is as follows:? Treasury Ds. aimntsT, !, 1302. By virtue c f the authority confided to tho Secretary of tho Treasury, by the a-t of Congress approved July 1J> ^ 1601, cntitt' d " Ait act farther to provide for tho ciilcclion of duties on imports nad for other purposes," au I iu i pursuance of thclicouse of tho President of thoUuitea Slates, permitting commercial lutercourso in c retain

cares under said act, the following rules and regulations are licro'.iy prescribed by tho Secretary of tho Treasury for 'conducting internal commercial intercourse betweeu tho inhahitauts of those parts of the United States heretofore declaiel by tho President to bo in insurrection and tho citizens of tho loyal States of tho Union, which rules and regulations arc to remain in force so long as the condition or hostilities shall continue, unless soouor modilicd or revoked:? I'trs!?All license s shall bo K-ued by the Secretary < f the Treasury, and all applications therefor must be made, in writing, to blm, staung spo irtcaliy the purposes for which the iic.'iiso is desired, and if for general or special trade, sotting forth the character and aggregate value of tho merchandise to Tut transported, the destination tlioreof, and tho propo.?ol route of transportation; and also tho character of the merchandise, if ony, desired in exchange, with the proposed route of transit thereof and its destination. SecmiA?Before the delivery of ur.y lironso the party therein permitted to trade shall execute a bond to the United Slates, with sufficient sureties, in tho peon' sum of at I. ast twice the amount of the tralo so licensed, h hicli boud shall bo sub.,ect to such approval, and conditioned in such terms as shall be specited in the license. Third?All traasi>ortati:in to be made by virtuo of any license shall be made under pormits to be issued by such duly authorized o(B.,ers of the Treasury Department as . hall bu designated in the liconso. which p rmits shall specify the number and laud of packages, with the marks thereon, and iu general terms tho character there: f. fourth?When application is made for a transportation permit the applicant shall Ale with tho officer authorise I bv the license to grant such permit a ropv of the license niider which apolicatUm is made, which copy shad be > compared with the original and certified by such oftiior, and also correct in voir .>3, 1:1 duplicate, signed by the consignor, showing the actual value of tlio merchandise at the place of purchase, and also a statement in dupii c.'tool the route of transit aud destination of the mer cliandise so to be transported, and the thereof. The applicant shall also makoaud 1lle with such oUicer an aihdax ii that the values are correctly stated In the invoices, and that the packages contain nothInge- copt as stated therein, ar.d that th" merchandise so pot in itted to be tia'-H|ioried shall not, nor shall any part thereof. l>o disposed of by him, or by his authority or connivance, in violation of tho terms of tin) Ionise. Fifth?All tiansportuiion shall he permitted and exj ?Uan.ossit|)ervised e.tber at Cim moati, Louisvtile, I'a, dm.rb. St. I.o, or such ctlier place as may hereafter be | spocifled by the Secretary of iho Treasury'. Transportation permits shall he granted by the Surveyor of the port ? | whence tran-it commences, or by othe-- oflh ers named iu the license, aud shall be approved anil couniorsignod by such othi-r ofticer as shall he named in the license for that purpose; aud all exchanges shall ho supervised by | such ofllccr as may be designated for that pitrp- s* in the I l.cense, aud tho aoio tit or each permit shall, at tha dale of each issue, be endor.-ed uikui tiie original license. 5?>A?All packages whatsoever, before being permitted to go iiiio any |vut of the Unite 1 Mttc1 heretofore declared by the President to Le in insurrection, shall bo examined by a duly authorised ollicer. which examtnslion shall be carlid.-j 1 .mil approved by such ollicer .is shall be speeded in th_hrorse. S'-rr'i'h?For each permit grniite.l under the privi.-ims of these rules ami regulations ttn-re shall bo clmrgo I and collected one half of one |mr coot u|ion the value of tho merchandise so poi milled, a' tho pIsco of pore has?, which sha'l ho collected by the ollicer granting tli pt niit before delivery thereof. E.qh'h? VII onVc-rs acting under these ru'os shall k r-p an ac -urate record of all their traasautions under the sev^ra! license* granted by the Secretary of the Trea g try, and shall make wees y reports t > him iu ion thereto, as in detail as practicable, transmitting with such reports a list of all |ierini(s granted, nud ono i f thr dnpl ctle invoices and suteuiuots, on w hich shall he endorscsl ibe date of I lie authority under which such I orm.t is granted. Wookly returns shall be mido of all fees and emoluments locetved. I. <11 ,,..1 lu el.-.ll hn l..,l,l? in ...... I. (leati. u or revoc ition 1?y U.o S?. rotary of llio Travury. s. I'. t'HA-K, .-e rciaiy of t!.e T.oaiury. ('liMiultcr of Commerce. THE tjCARANTJNK ipKMlON ? I'Sl HY LAWS AN11 111RINK SIGNALS-PASSAGE OK A COMPLIMENTARY RESOLCIOS TO MR. JOHN BRIGHT, M. P. TLio regular monthly m.-otlcg lli j i hiuulcrof ('??. ixiorcc was Lild at one ov: < k yo-tcrday, M-. ieleiiali l'erit .n the tlwir. It was stipi o-od that conio action would Oj had in to the I'ostOfBci bill now before CougrcAs: bi t nollriug of tlie fort transpired. The tuiui.les of tho lent mooting being read and approved, die following gentlemen were duly elected locmbe-a of tl.o < lumber:?M 'srs. Rudolph ('. Brundago. Alexander 1) n can, Rd ward C. Johnson, SinclairTouney and Francis T. Walter. Messrs. Jonathan Sturgcs and (leorge F. Taouiey wore i appointed on tlie Cimiuiitteo of Arbitration. The gjiecial r uinnltce appointed on ibc Cth of February list to imiuire into and report upon the bill now before tho Senate of tlie United Statu;?, rut tied "an act to pro vide for the introduction of u code of marine signals j adapted to scacoast Sc'vlccs, und for other pur|iosea," J IiposimI leave lo re iiliiincti I tlio foil.mine roohiliai for adoption by tbo Chamber:? Re-nlvei', Thai any l?ips'alh>ii by** III the r rnmer i|?i ' oilo of mn in/ Mjpi?la is. lu the judgment of lUeniu I ntlt i? , unn.'t'Muiy. | Tim ropon was adopted. Tho following report wa? received relative to guaran tint' matter*:? The eper!alrt*mmi!t*e. appointed on the U:!i<d Kehranry la"t. to examine and re)a>r. upon meaanrr* m releienee t'u i yum amine. tieg leave in u pon that Ibey liave itnannm :*!v | a<lo|i|ei| ibe lotTowin; reaon iron:? | R. " lived, ? ilie ?en*t ol'llil* ?c>et committee, That lit" , <|i!< n Ion m ytiatanilne mimed to Inem by the Cm mber of ( omnmi" e a|ipenr? to lie |d n il under Jodkimi" nniirol In Ibe lull no'.v teinrr the I. igi-.more Inowu ?* the Meirnp< liinii Heallli bill; end, believin,; Ibo p.'??ag? ol' iimt bill mil promote the welfare of 1 be eomtnenlal ironminnlly nt .New York. Ibe < iniinliit e are ol op.nlon that ibe 1'hanitver aim ltd recommend It* cnacttneol Into a law. In adopting the pieced tig te olnlioti. (he iomni,ltee B'e n\>u that if ia rontemplaU <1 to ?? . some Imlbfi lej|.|jtio,i I in regard io Ibe dl*|o*alol I he ynaianline properly, end also io i lo?e the existing eoiuioi**lnn on the, i, I T te e nominee r< commend 11 at t m pmpojed moilifira'tOns ol the law* relating to Imbnr niaatera of thla port anil to Ibe Hnwi-doi Pilot ronimbwioner* be referred toaaeleet mmI tolilee of tbe Chamber, in report tlmieon? i A A III*'. IVtll .< ( lileni.m I lee.l 1. 1 WraTNeU' u end <r? Nye we :ip|* in t?! 'a* -oicli c m' miltce. Mr. C*uw Har'tow r? a-l * lengthy paper in relation to j die i sury lawa. ami concluded by ?IK-riDg the follow lug I resolution Resolved, Tin' a"oniui -enf itire* fee authorised and itqii# ?i <d to iu'<> mid preaen' fun uons of the ip -1 on ? at li** Imh before tlii- chamber and I In- pnhi.c for -eveI ral yea * ai to ? r'.O. IH ill IHt llinry latva of thl* Stale, and to prepare a aultMblo memoi l?l on the aiih|col to Hi Nliueot llio mate, pray In i lor a modlQcaiiou Inmkcaflni In ili month * hi New Vmk iiml Kin#*, i r to prrvaiv n mr motiitl to the UungiTMOi the Coiled Blale*lor ? uuforin L'?oiy low lorthr whole I"nlt?-<i H ? ?, adopting whlchevi r or those two modes i|i*tlln-1. ihl urnmhtoe may, nn<t, aft *r ink iir lop*' ndvOo. 11ii.I iiinai Ri|.l*bl< and | l-p*'", mill rep. ri th"- -n-in-. to i. lni bci inii'Metxd ?i u special morning or Hit* Cbambei M?'s r*. Itar*lrivr,(b? ncey ami IMining Du<r ?r, rr *p" point" 1 a cuminilteo. with power lo net n* alone aUloP Mr. Hi.1 Nr. arier sotTf piclimiuari'.-'. "ojpro l 111 1'>||<>w' In* in relation I j the Iloail of Arwtsori ot (Lis Siatei will h n," ak ' for ? Wh reaa,tUe?'t enlP'cij "an act 'n equalize lha Stale tai innoiiy tlio ?:oioial "mtutic* tn tiii- Mute," I %i?rfl II 1^7, among "in r thing*|ni vldi I lor (he iioniiiinilnii bv the Oot" . nor, an<w?l.e aiUKiintmeni hy the denato, of three nfllor?, i.y il.c i ami! oi H'ii o na* n-or*, who shall hold ,li"lr ofiice* ior three yrni* to p'-rfi rin llie dtnlea ?;? ,nei| In M?ol uct; and w here**, llie per n* who hare heretofore been npp, lated bis *'irn a**r**m* lave uniformly liei n re-id ma of the Interior ami we-dern | onion* of llie slat' : and whereas the asrrega'e valuation m | r- |. r y in Ihoeit, and county of New V , k, ii*' d 'y the It a.doi h'jiiali'nti'iii. and the hans ot tli ' millumo lit. and "imputation of the Slate (ate* lor t!i? hi J nr conimeti"ing t) lober I, <ln<roaaed from gViO.O/d.TTt?lli< ainouiit ol the entali/ru valuation in 1*W?to the t din "f ?Afl,07*.773, In lng a difference of fil.lW' WO. a I 'I whereas, li *| iwam bv the recent annual reco: I i f ii." Sal"! Co uf'i o'er (in, HO and 111 Of ti im "I gl,Ml,7C7.CW, being tie i< ,-gregata valuations of n al met p i aonal r ite in the acveia. nu'iulle* ot tliU Mia'?, aa "idiitl/.'Tnnd ai?e?*ecd for lav* rlueyrat l;Wl-S'.\tv> city and < > inly "t New I oi I. wa* n?*ef ,"d upon the *.ild aurn Of |iWI,07.i,7t'h, iieiiuf ten ly per c nt m the wnole trait alien of prop'-rty in the si*ie, wnlch !*' , in the judgment of ibla Chi tiller, irndi . It highly proper thai aald elly andi-uunly ahonld he mere dire tiv ler reaented lo aald Hoard of a* aoeaoi-a and ol Kicallrallon. Ii Is liierefoin Re* lived. Tint hi* Kncellemy Hovernor *1'r<abe and I* ' heteiiv re*,.ectiul'.y re^ceeicd to nomin.ite and a; pom', a* WbtUndbi u( aelW.h-chija^?uea,MHie.iav?** w? miggiit i to take the place of the mciiibuMf said Board of Slate Asses urt., v. hoar term of ofioc u ill expire on Hit l?l of April next, 'Mi resolution was adopted. Oouorul Wktmh k U. ia r no a:ui procoelod to hpoaU of the praisew nhy rciion of Mr. Jiha Bright, M. P.J iu ruing in the llritiMi Parliament ia support of tho federal gov . nment of tho United States. After some eulogistic rem irks, Iio concluded by offering tlic foiljwing:? in view of nil (bcRrc: t interests of huuianily and of eivillxatimi, unit oi Hit priiiidplc oi free gov rinnvut involved, and the route la !or innint oil". the luu- yrily of the American bid hi nil t una n m,; i'.t i atl.,0'i'V of t': imt! .u.d good, and fioin an. use of wlinl 'a Lie t i \S 'rnliiAni frVi.dor freedom itli J Vi'b;. d j1'1)!:. , Uoli?.jfn m nly a til disinterestedly fftv n'-1 " ? for i j 111 < ..vui. etliy iu the succebs Of the uat dial r\u ,e, lie it tlir. . four P . l/nd. That thu.C. nbci <1 'res to plare on its record* .11 i xiressiou ol tin grateful entertained by its inoinb rr i.f Hie Int I I rnt, foihu un i equitable manner in v n th Air. Joliu Hi i,;! t luti. ile!coded, beioio the people of ho Inn 1 uml in Ilia iirii i li Pail aineut, tbu ] r.nciple ol coilsihvlioual liberty iiudlntrrnniinAl ju?tlie, for the luainleUtuOt Of ivhlcb lie Ainerieau |~ o;ile ... e cu. ti u ling. U lived, T-at I i.o proceeding be trail...ullt d lo Mr. Bright ami published. Tha foregoing was unanimously adople l, tho members ol tho ((Timber applauding ns tho name o. Mr. Ilrigbt was moult nid. After tho transaction of some furtlior unimportant bustaoss, llio Chamber adjourned. PliiiSOHAU (1HILDRKN TAKEN TO* ADOPTION! AfAO OHIZr .' dreu adopted out, ut Madame lhuee lies', 313 Weal Twelfth: reel. AMATA?MK1ST MK AT TUB WIZARDS PERFORMr i an c, Clinlou II til, Aslor place, hi 7>? o'cio k U-mo.iow OV' any, in the lobby. IB KELLKY OOLE, JACK II AYES, CHARLEY POLJ beams, ICd. Taylor and P. K. Ki ll . please meet i.,ra'. the leiu writer's, loifaiy.c liutue, uilliui to-nigh'. Saleiday or Tuesday evening. ulaoi bvjs. /TBORUB C.?DI8APP0IKY8D TWICE. IN 08SAT IT trouble about you. Tlu t'd la a letter in tha Postotliee lor you. I n 11 name. 1HAHIA, Piivt avenue an I 8cv lull street. Hi Ni.V '1. HALLOOK, WHO WAS OHERK AT ill It -i-kmui street in IStH, will ideas call Immediately at that iiiunlier. Ills lesu.iuooy being wanted mie huueulo. n i omits that year. IP JOHN' It AM If,TON MORO AN rs IN THE CITY, HE will please send Ins addicts to box ?,'B3 New Turk Poet ollie". JOAN TAIT, OP ITi'f. Ut, SHETLAND, WHO UCVT Idverpooliu 1H57?Please your aUur-s.-> ta No. S7; N. O., 8 d.ois' Home, H)'J Cherry street. You will bear from your brother. TUNIPBK STKEET, AUTUMN 1381 ?WII.Tj AMKKIl'AN ?; tlo ul 11 lend nil unale through "Pcis uuils, how W. II. Jones may address or bear froiu said friend? I IZZIB II .?WILL THi: YDUK0 LADY WHO PAINTED Id a pliutogispli in oil to - a yo nig geiitlemaii last April, uml who d,d noi move to No. Ill), where he then resided, please send Iter address to Blue Eyes. station (I, New Yoi kf MAX MIB81NO.?JAMB8 IlENRY ABBOTT, WHO is iiisaue, feu Newhtiryport, lla-o -Unsetls, uu the llth of February. Heis tweuiyoiuie years of ape, L aimrt live feet live lac lie, in height, "liar Ida k eyes, dark hair and whiskers; had on a black hut, dark plaid velvet Vest. Iiluekcoui suit d<uk punts. Whoever will give isiformition of his wher aifii its In his s.Mrr, Ifiii/abeih Abbott, at Sum men ilie. M*??huchuRHiis, snail be hundHi.itely rewarded. The pnli.v i:i all cities will please take notice. Masters ol' vessel* will a's ? be on tlie InnKotii; ho designed to go to England; had no money; uaiiu* marke t 011 !?h nil lerelothe?. Mil. O. WILL MJUSK CALL THIS MOHK1N I AT 71 Water all??fct, and collier a favor upon the par tie lie a toivfiaed ye?tcrd?iy. !> B.?NO CONFIDENTIAL YET RECEIVED, AH YOfJ .L ? promised, though I a ivertise I as yon requested. Do writ* ftiiiaeJiH'My, and direct to Liv-iu^ion (using inv it rat two inL.aK , stHii.Mi A i'o-* oflict*, Hpiiiig streei. ' Upon honor." Wid be ??u same boat to-day ml same lime we met Lisit ii'lay. Meet mo. 1MGOLETTE?MEET ME AT SATURDAY EVENJ.L iuz, Ma: oh *v same place. WHO'S GOING TO YORK. Ci Y - UNLESS YOU HAVE COLOLUDKD THAT TilE lO? riwk is too great. 1 should be happy lo .-ee yo.i at t tree \ on Saturday at my place of btnUies*. tiKOUUisi. riii: GENTLEMAN with LIGHT t OXPLEYIOX, 1 w a.Akets a la n.liltair?, wlt?i ?la??fH atul ratio, who rode op Broadwi y u a Fourtr entli strci ; a id Ninth avenue stage, a' ,r? o'rlo n 1\ M. on Tuesday, March 4, nnd passed up the dark complex on'd lady s lutv, wltli fur-uinimed houuet, and left lie* st>tg! neat Koti r. or nth street, and afterwards met the U?ty v. im a p* n Umiihii item Thirteenth street, enti. it'atjreea.-l lo him, n a .? nor acqtuiniMiuH i?y ad di es bug a note to Miiiueiiuh.i. Union square Post ollire. ^THE OENTLKMAN WHO GOT INTO A STAGE. COR 1 tier Twemt-third at reel and Srouiv .?v. vos^rday ah >ei r.oon. would like to 1ic.hlimn the lady, with velvet ciou ? on. who got out ol the s age ct'torr Seventeenth strei i aavl troadway, and went up town. Address Oha.fS, Mt?t:*oit squire Po-t ollkc, w'!rjn and tvliem she can be seen. rinvo GENTLEMEN, FRIENDS, BEING DISENGAGED J en- or two ev* uiuga ol ??"'.i wfc't. deshe lo mak * tne arpus!jilauce of two young lady friends with whom their lei tine even.tigs may be ape lit iti refined and lnillnully n^reoa'.de < o.ivcrMiiou. Arid . ess Art and shdeuce, New York l'u*i ollice. 117 OLLBTOXKCKOr'f.?INFORMATION fS WANTED, YY of (ti.? wlit'ieaio ilMoftbe dea *endaiii >, in ?hi? eot;n:ry, of Ma.,or Gf nam I t'h ?! le* WoilHtowcrolt and hi- wile Nancy Kingsbury Woltatoiiecmit, Sara .Jan - K 'd iii WoiUto ?e<roii limy'hear from her Mate* .Via y N'.ngsbujy Wollhlonee.oft. Call on. or address. .I. Dura mi. L' l Hintdvvay. \A7TLL THE YOUNG LADY, WEARING A BL.lf'K ?Y lui w iili Id irk grapes on top of t, who mji in the gull*ry. nevoid ?t?at from troui, ?t Dr. Cotton's lec'Miv Mt the liionklyu Atheu ettm, Wednesdiy ev. iung, and w ho noticed t -i* g. nilrntan in tlir corner ..rat In k of her, furor aaH genileumn Willi her addr u-, in .vh"ie lie i i meet her. A.idtci* Tumi I'e.inn. Brooklyn i'oai nltiro. It'll'. TIIK flF.NTI.KMAN WHO < 0. IN A KOUItIt laeiilb alreet a'agu n't ? rorticr ol Sui t aveiiui'mul . Klrei"fd with a My . .mint .1 MMlnl Miout at the A?tnr ilou* . e'lir.lniie Hi - ac |<uil:it?niu, us lie ivq'ieated? AddreiE llarrtn .ton. L'j on a innre 1'int o lioe it'll I. THE 'rtWKliT DAUGHTER OF EVK" FAVOR II oicwhon'mi < tlir i|Hiil an.l ntirrl" n( her r.-|ily to .1. U wiili hern lit ret", iv 1 :!i h view to belter acquaint nicer A'idte ?l!il?n. Union Nj mre I'u-t otn t ill STREET.-WII.I.TIIF. YOl'NU l.iUY WITH 1'INK 'J nei. third a dry 1101 >011, w r lnq ? l .i .d .errliici, *r , leu laat Turaday, M i .1 I. Ii mint - r :i ting i .itrigli to a ' !iy?"> 11 11 it* to net aim e 1 ? ad'oiirri .it lilocuw.u I'ok1 ulliec.' UAOUIj ItMV AKB KOI M?. Uoci lost-: 1: >M N'?. s ivi:sr ixF.vr.NT.'i street, a white H o Ii IVrrier H1I.T1 l'?n>. \V hoover trill return inn mine 10 !o- ? ''.e pi.v.e < I! '>e .; > e.lly tew I' lfJ ojid iviqir ii'ojj, '! L(>f.r-$in rkwai-.d-on tuf.s?ay evening. at Dndw 1 >?.il loom. e >rn"i o' "l".yen!\ slvtli mreet mil KitS 11. enue, 01 it go-i; I10111 lli e to the corner o1 Tw HI T-nluili t eel nil 1 I. \ n ,t 111 n . line, .1 go.d t:h'wi:i e'l.i u Brn<?:"l, the -n !< o,*n ni in I > . .ih no ?: I -. The iilmvc reward will Ii--|> il.uie mnngl IJi I, 'ring on m< n ic, ii- m the bunk ago.the of IV. A It. i .Me. k.e 11, Uo7 l.reeuw leh sire 'I. . I OS I. MARCH l6-IHiriVKj:x llt? SiON I ND I'lUNUE, Ii mi it. mi. 1 '.v.i y .1 bin ?' . . I'o . * w lilt e|*it on Moat nit. h Willi* H.ieaa 11.1 liea^l. Who ver will 1 tun him 10 No. s How cry w II in r n u l-il. I 1 pilre for Finlry. IUM UA Til' ISM? \ ' MHII.M .MI, IIAIil il li IN j lr.>ni2Sl rtri'inii ' .lei.? y t'i:y, b y iIm New lT<iik .'I'll Ki r It.iilrat I' ivy, ti Km. tun .nn rt, "N>w Vim 1*, ii m'I nl Ki) I i .1 .nira-? Im'Mir llntlri will ur retv.iillnl by !e?. ,'ig (hrni 1 : Ifill 8.111 li S niii'l turret, .Irmey Klty, hi' with !?.?* 11 |ki i I'i ii., Jit Ol'i? tiwl b "lirei, N. V. [(?. t?ox tarnAv, f".bri'arv : ? in a third J iirriit < ' wtii'lt .1 i[ p '( at Ihr ?'ily Hall, a (lulil Wali-b, Nu. AMI. Tb" li in rr will br liberally ivwanleil ly I. a v in t tt 'u she bakery com ml 'fail atcn r ?n<t liT'l 1<tvr.?A GOLD I.OCKET (PdllTIt \II' (?: A HO.-iJ li.inil), ..1 Koiir 1; Mil li .1 reel, HniiUv, ?y in Itlr. r';ri ?t,T.rt. The 1:niter, by Inuring lltr ??mr?i HH I'.milrrnili rlrrrt, up. II.1 ( 1 be Ir'a.'eriiy ot Mimk; (Mi*. HtiinVt, willbo gt'U.iiuy te wanted. 1"-T "It HTRAYI D-KROM TIIK Ml'IISt RIBER NO. J 1'i.TW r-t Twi ll 1 -lliii.ltt ri.o.i Ibr rv ii.iij m Mairii 5, a ' Ink llui n*. I tit j hand luuh. I nig ..til. ililu uianr, w lib a Mibtlr ant InIrtlr mi. Any i?"i? 11 anding 1 lie*1 me orHiring Inl'oi mat toll w liric lie Ml Mr 11 I ml *j II r 'Iliua'ly row urdi 1. C M. NdKTHriMl WmUlH -i, N. V. 1IEWAHIM. (!.<> ItKW ARI'-l liK A CI'Kl.V H Ml'Kit WHITK FIT p? (a law Iniin 11inn I Ion! ou Eighth mriiiir, henvetoi Mm y-.illli mill Tiiiily.-ixih tlrret*. nit Wi 1 11 Ihv muiiiMi -I. 1* ''"IIKN, l.V* Wi-i T city ii.nib iivrri. 4jt? KKWAIII#.?LORT, I AM M.I. WHITE TKII. *Pml ' rr tSlnl, w ith yrlow ?|H1,4 (in llir || ?|| I'lrm tv. till 11 In We .1 Hi ad way, null 1 eh? 1 (i? ulrii o 1 'twin ,1. J.- KHWWill.?I,OUT, IN TW K NI V -1 11 * -> I" >TI,'EEI, ?p?i moir Filth avenue. * bro wn iiioi m i- I'u it*ibnok, emi> titling .1 ievrl|?t tin I nllirr |>a;ioin, ;irt*l altnu' ||i) m bill*. I ii hi ?i? relume i in !! tYeai r? emy.i'n iriti mii'i'i. fli"; l(KWAR1?.-8TKAVIin, KKOM Ij2 SECOND AVE jJ? # iiiiii, a lili' k mm l in S' i?. Aitawert In the name of Itidy Whoever ?111 iviiuB mid dim will rweiv e the aiiov. r wind. till KKW AKIt -I.O.NT. ON WEDNESDAY, A111 I NhT i n,in of money iiieliiide villi twelve ill" hIk.\. war.l liv iHo mng It in the owner. *l ?I ml No. _tl n? r mi.i in i k'i ' ii|i|w'?.hi Ninth aiifei. Mmkel hour* Irum U A. M .111 P. M. till KEWARD.-I.U8T. YESTERDAY APTKIINOOX, Til/ u I'uriotiiin mi ",rii'nt*iiilna money, iliiinunil mm nu t I- ki- wuli bnlr.In *"ina i"mii l inn iiveiitir, in an |> clno nil " M?*e, lo Hmiti'iii mi-.-i i ami tbr Bowel v. down Ilo*. in i in lluitMin mi vol. i'i oiii HinOnn to the U: "i nivlch fi1 nil ill" linenwl li KmiY In le-m* vteei, up l.i-itijr a rr |.i lllei I *"r, mi B eeekar timet in RriMiin.iv. Tin- I . i f... ward n iil br|)nM hy returning il io >! <. s i -p|>nrd I">d i'"iit| avenue, with the tliauka of thvonme. in.iva ili? glu <j an nd friend. TIIR TVRP. At ARD-THE I'l.OAl'Ki.'TI.'S IRsi'Ei) BY THE IS derdgned a almrt li nn dure, tvl'.i a view to dr . He "way* and menua" to 111"ire a Unlit* Caiii|inii<ti In th Nov i lie ruining ma on, l.mln^ lie ii irv ly ill-ginned. ami fiei'i. in* wi'h general nppribiil nalolh with fti? | enidr of too Nvi'lltahd Ihe luifmtuol Hie Went, li isdiouiioil a i .He it ,r,i eajnitill " en 11 a meeting In aecorditiioe ni l, ilu-, art fm tli In lb* rani jTnaitei nta, fur the pnrpn o of t -1.log a linli un the matter w lth ivri'w to i's bioer-vjnl ionaoiiuna* I.on. Comti I Hell having grnrroilaly I, u hoe | in(! n, f li , tpaelouaand cicirant I'arlcrt,*: No. SIS Broadvtr* il.c meeting n III lie !i"l I lliore on 1*1 'a. "K'.ilue ueil, Ma'ehr at d n'eiock. All llio?" li lee) no |iiVr> In aeelne t'?. , u' lerpri " aiiec'-ud, are iet|i.illulh rv(| at I to inatiilrat II t'.y tli'n line. JOHN I, t'ASSADY. PORTINOt TTtRANi'IN BUTLER, NO. S I'Et'K SMI' II AH AM. MR J? i l.o re Breed* tor aio.-k and anle. Butler'* Inlallibie Mai.*" l.'nie and Klea E\iei mnml ir. i) cmt* per bnttio. Butle. a BreedlnL'. Trnmlni. DI*" i?na_Ae , of D i^*.' 81. Dog* t.oard d, liaintol, Ae. Modlelne* for ell dl*ea?ea. ItloK HALK-A TIIOROI'OII BKF.D ENOf.1811 UliEY ' lionnd Slut, Id mcnllia old; the handaomeai in the coihiliv; |rlca 83#j two En nil ah Pointei Dog Pupa. Ino iiion'.lia old. Can he aeeii at 1 J'J Olinn li aueot, near Dnnuc. TO HPORTSMEN ? MVR q''AII. KOR S \f,E-TWENTY, aereo nana In (Iri ' ;e.i l HOii A;., , K^ti Ei?ht?e?th etreei. aliat mtt e'UgtA P. *. RIIIPPIMO. STEAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCHING AT Oup.'UHlovMi (Cork harbor). The biverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend despot hiup their full powered Clyde built Iron steamships an fo'lows:? 'ETNA , a Saturday, Mar h 8. CTTY OK NRW YORK Saturday, M ireb 16 CITY OK WASHINUTON baturduy, March tT and every succeeding Saturday, at uoou( IroUl luer 41, North river. ' * i ' RATKSOf t.\:. AoK. ., Fu st Cabin J7.-, Steerage |Sf I)j. to Lull !ou iu Do. to Loudon 3!! bo. to Paris HA Do. to l'aris 3tDo. to Hamburg... 8' Do to Hamburg.... 3c Pa -se.igcrs uUu forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, St , III equally lotvrates. Il.'t.'v I'JOat Liverpool oiQo ens town.?First cabin, (75, (88 and &to.1. Steerage from Liverpool, $10; from Queeuatown, Tic eta con tic bought bore at these rates, euabliug pcojile to m ud tor their friends. Those sic ners have superior accoiuuio.iallons for paasen gc.f, are strongly built in water tight Ir n sections, an I carry put< ill lite anwuila'.ors. surgeon , ure attached to nth steamer. Km fin Uu-r Information tfitply in Llvcnpool to WILLIAM IN MAN, A'i'i.l, 21 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM No. .1 St. Kuucb square; iu OueeuMown. to O. A W. 1>. SKA MOUlt A- t D.; in I-undon, to KIVKH k MAOT4Y.61 Kill" William sire t; in Paris, to JULES DEOOUK, No. 5 p' <c rie 1h Bourn. ; in Phihrtlelphia. to JOHN G. DALE, lit Walnut sit ; or at the Compuuy'soflioe. JOHN (?. DALE. A,out, I". Broadway, N. Y. ^ mm: British and north ameiucan royal maic x I STEAMSHIPS. KltOM NI W ironic TO LIVERPOOL. O'oief passage SI* Secouil Calii ii parsage 71 I UOM B0.STO.N TO LITEUrOOL. Chief Cabin |iass.ige $11* Sci onrt C thin p issue," CI The li iih from New York rail a1 Cork limb >r. The nil p< from Host m call nl Halifax ami Cork Harbor* PI'.KSiA, (Dpt. Judkins, AFRICA, Capt. Shannon, Al! V ai A, Capt. J. Stone, CANADA. Capt. J. i,< itch, ASIA, Caut. E. U Loll, AMERICA, Capt. Muir, A L STilA 1, AC IA X, NIAOARA, Capt. Mo idle. Cap*. Co :k, ECROP A, Capt. Anderson. SCOTIA CHIN A. Tiicsj vessels enrry u clear while light at mast licad; greet on r'nrboird how, red oil port bo,v. ARABIA, Shannon, leaves Nov/ York Wodnosday, March CANADA, Anderson, leaves Boston Wednesday, March 19 CHINA, Cook, leavi ? New York Weduewlay, March 20. Ilertlis iit.t secured until paid for. An e?peri, need surgeon on board. The owneis of tlieae ships will not be nrrounlablc forCoid Silver, Bullion, Snccls, Jewelry, Precious Stones at Mnalit unlo.s lulls of lading are signed therefor and the value there of therein cxpiessed. for freight or passage apply to _ E. CUNAKD, No. 1 Boa hug green. (JTF.VM TO LONDONDERRY, OLASUOW AND LIVER 0 pool.?Tile Mopflreal K'umshlp C'mnsiny'a Ural claim lull powered. Clyde built steamer HIBERNIAN, Captain ( range, carrying Hie Canadian and Lulled States mails will sail from 1'or'laud uext Saturday, March A. Rates ol passage from New York:?first diss, in cording to aceoiumot iniin, S id aihI $G i; steerage, found with ?ood provisions, $20. Certhie.ilcs issued lor bring ug out pa sac n go rs from all the prim ipal iowum in Oreat Britain mid Ir. laud at very low ra'-s. For imssage anuly m 23 Broadway, New York. BASEL A SKA RLE, (jeurral Agents. HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY. . S eam lo London, llamimrg, Havre and Southampton. The favorite lii'ol class ind 11 'ganl Iron mail steamship Built SSI A, N. Trautinan, commander,carrying the United State* mall, su'lslrom pier HI North liver, foot of Fulton street, poriuve ly on Saturday, March S, and lakes passengers lor London. 1 iamburr. I Lin ami fjo uttiamptou at the following rates:? Fits I i.blu $1110 Se.ond cabin CO Sieern. e 33 The llainmonin will succeed Hie Borussia ou M tied 12. For passage apply OXi hlSiveiv to C. B. ItiCllAKI) A BOAS., lf.l Broadway, N. Y rpilE NORTH HERMAN LLOYDS STEAMSHOP JL BREMEN, H. Vesselscommander, carrying Ihe United States mall, will sail from pier JO North river, foot of Chain lie ir, strccl, on SATURDAY, March 15, at 12 o'clock M., roK bremen vfa southampton, Tuki'iK iia ?'!ier Id LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAVIPTON AND BREMEN, at (lie following rates:? For Itae first < thiii, $1U0; second cabin, $W; steerage, *55. For freight or passage apply to _ OKLRICilS A CO.. 03 Broad street. I rum Liverpool?dreadnought i.ine.?thk splendid clipper ship ESCORT, Capt. Whitman, postlively sails on I he 10th of Maicb. For pissage <lo? eal r-ilesi apply iiniiieJIniely, in anewc berths, on board, pier No. 6 Nui til liver, or t > P. St. HEM AKEST, 40 Smith street. T/OK CALIFORNIA MA PANAMA, r A tir?tc!a--s steamer will lenve New York on Hie 1st, 111b and -l-i of each inoulli, accept when these dates tail on Snuday. when the day <.f departure will be on the Mouday follow i up. For freight of passage apply at the only olbee. No. 5 Boar, lingtiieen. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. I.tfiR HAVANA ?TIIE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM' s'.np COLUMBIA, R. Adams, Untied Slates N ivy, commamier. will leave pier No. 4 Noilli river, on Thursday, March 13. si 12 o'clock M., pnv isely. Passengers are requested In procure llieir passport- lief ore golns on beard. For lie-Mill or passage appiy to SPOFFORD, TILE3XON ft CO., No.Id Broadway. IpOK HAVANA. Uu.led S:al"s mail steamship ( OLUMBfA. R Adams, U. S. N., commander, will leave pier No. 4 Noriii river, on WEDNESDAY. March 12, at liioVlo -k noon precisely. I'anseiigeis are requested to procure their passports before going oa hoard. For freight or passage apply to sl'ol-ford. tile3ton ft co., ? Broadway. VfOTICE.?THE STEAMSHIP CITY OF NEW YORK, In from Liverpool, will commence discharging, under gedeiut Older, on Monday, March 1U, 1332, at seven o'clock A. M. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. (Kil'MSTS AND AlRMTtl. JJKAKNESS, IMPAIRED SIUIIT, NOISES IN THE IIEAD CURED By Dr. YON EISENBEItCl, OoulUl and AnrW. WITH HIS NEWLY INVENTED ,EIIIERIAL KAR~ INHALArOP AND VON BISENBERO^TiYE FUM-IQATOlt. APPROVEtjToF BY lUtt uiviufioi nui/&vnu /iviuvu*?&?i?> BTRAB^MIIS, CuOS^EYE* A IN ITS WORST 8TAUK3 CURED IK OKE MINUTE ?.s (;iii,Ir.ii p'ar' (K.i,lilli KtrcPl). BnttveritL'ulve.aliy |>!tu*.* ami IJroj lwray. Deafness and bi.i;,i nmss. thkmosthopkcks* ca.*.". ctin-U without |u nft l u|a iati..a?; nl*<>. Ncri oua AtlVcimn* ami t'lt.irrli. ilif frrijiiciil mumm of (litttnu**, l- <! l?v Of. URAVKS. CoitauUaliou Irce, peraotu lly or by I.' it. iu? Mnu'tiray. ijiciai. notices". \?taiiimf.nt Noriori.-priiMO notice is herb In K'V.-H thai .1 ?lit n. attachment liaa bei'ii Usoril out r>, :V' Supifiiio t o riot Ni*W Jerary. at iln* aultof OntUaliui K. Wiiifiroitry, i,ainrt tin* estateo.' WillUm II. Itaye* and I Mii-'i* M. Havr*. Ills wife, for the aim hi live tliotnaml dnlluiv, in a |di*a in'(tan., aiol Ilia' niI'I wilt was rcl.rned duly Miicd mi the "Villi Any of S"iilarnli' r law. HAS. P. SMITH, C let*. i)?C m*i a II, ISol. Tiionom: Rut. ton, Attorney. Af.TKOL.OCiY. \ 3TOUXDIKO CURBS AND DIVINATIONS,-IP ik i\. ill health O.- ir..-,:i)le, lO'iiula ai.'.DAMB I i.IFFOKD, Miii ita'U'cl Htialnea* Clairvoyant and American Medldne Wo. man, No. 107 D .in atiuAl, lovncrol lloyt ?lic"t, Brooklyn. In* forfflla rren'a, detects il ?ca?", preserlliea rf medics and Linda ab nt ft I nil. Huaini s? luterviewa, fid ct-itl#, ra initial, $1; l?jr letter, with luck of lia.rrir loaed.*.'. A BONA EIOH ASIROEOtHT. THAT EVERY ONE run (|o|>4-iiJ on, I* AI111-. WILSON, v.'ho ti'lU the object III >onrti-t ax 10.1 xx Sin-tellx the peat, present ami inline ol yoni llle, ami warn* you of danger*, and In ill!.* xri 1." a* out 01 the 1110*1 jvilion's mi delinking . N. B.?!>! bratml uujic clmniK. No. IHH Allen xtroel, la-iae.01 llnuxmn anil H'anrnn kI -ei*, orcr Hie ImWri/. Charges for Udtvx .mil gentlemen, Mc-m.*. ASTONK-UUNO'?madaiik morrow, SEVENTH daughter, a gll'i nl I'ur.-afatbi; I'll how xoon ana liu.v uiti'ii you n 1:1 many, auit a i .urn wish lo know, ctreii your vuijr IhomliU, or'no [ay. Lin ky riiarmx tree. Ilrr ri|> al i? inn 10 in: round. ller'Miglo Image i* now in mil iijuratiou?1M Ludlow xlreel, Mow Uoution. I'rtca Zi onita. Ueuilemen not admtiied. aktombtlino auk Tin: pmcnirtions ok miss JV OAVIS, Hi- Canadian oipay, nhoglrex iiinauttailoua mi ail l>u?.iir-H ai HT'J Wext'fwriim street. Lurky numbera, 1 Inn 111* lor love oi- linalnoaa. Charg ?Ladle*, -.-j raali; gen* tleuiaii, SOci-ni*. Hours from a a. m. tu if 1*. m. MADAMK PAT. ko SEVENTH avenue, near Twenty-seventh alicrt, am pi lac all who ?i*fi her. Tun m. K, tumbled i,| mil'! !?> should test hrr [Owrr?, Siir tell.i yoni v. iy thought*, lucky number*, l<v?es. I,.nli. *, Ji.j ueirliMifn. 50*. V H WHO HAS HOT HKAHS <>K the oha> 1> I I I "I M imnil I'RKWri'lEII. >vhii liai rrraoved lo No. | i-< I' ll- I'lilrieeiitli ?ti?i*l, tolwndi Kirat nml Second nvrmi"-, iiti'l vhoi ?n I mulled iviili rntlto mihfa -tlunT She li.ii ii" i * in f. She I "Us III" tiani"?t lilt'lre wife or liiiilmud, ti (i"? o. Iii r vln'ivr. Il jmj wlili truth give krr a rail. I ."t HI I.I.J V W .* T|!|;r.r-MRH BOEDER OIVESTKl'K L*t .in I woiu'erfiil uro. Miatlmi on all it libit a through lifi*, i .il i.ii I J ii iiiln i l for till* lotteries. Hh-I* the only ti in* .i*i r ii mi jiii'iiiiM In Uils City. Ken "into i' tie: ivatdencr, <"i s iIik", If'/t B'iWKK V, NBA It BltOuMK STREET?MADAME X*'*' WlfMlEII, tllslr o/.mt and gil'w* I Hp.-malt Inly, tini *IU '.111 tin -lerli of I'mnrlt.v, l-ivi*. ma-11 ir*. uhsi-m friend*. sli-hiiM*; |ir*.nrlhe* m><il"'ii ? i"' all illi-ii"c?; telle lucky numbers, |irr>|i ly luat or aiu'-.n. A". 9IKUICAL. * REMINDER,-DR. BARROW. NO KM llf.EKl KEIt /V n , lour rloor* frnm Maid igal siro.-t, N, V. Ollicw Ii mm fi-ii-n II OH 1I mm I to ?. n|!. WARl>. A SUCt'ERSJ-TIi I'll VSK TAN AND HUB* ifrou, ran to <n'milled i-oiilldeiitlnily, a-usual. IMIm 11 Jjiiijlii h ii* i. I'rivato entrance. limns in-m-B A. M. nil ii r. Al. dally. nU I'OWHKS TREATS ATX DISEASES OR FKMAI.KS ivlin iin| stiecOs*. Ilo i .iiiJw conaulted at 11 Lnl'Xht .uii*;. Atl"nda i-onilmially. T\0t-TOR IH'NTER HIMS/iU-filK I'll VSIUIAN .1 ; WHO o*UMiihn. <i run iinnT ,?ua ui&iitn^Ary, NO. ;> Vf* vision stioct, New Vork city, hi 1131, cm 1>? consulted Iro n 8 AM. uutll Mo dock tft night nt the old oillce. I'rlrat* CtKfStV :C. -pitorEMOR UEHTBLTi, 16?OHAMBgR9 HTREET,CAE J. ho cofunliM at (inttnl* Ag-nu, U7>i Ll'icrly itrcH, K. Y. I" Brouilyn, 176 Kitltou utrMt. KiOlllif rr. M li MfcMBJiR (if TIIK NEW YORK: 1,'iliv i?lljr (Mndiral Cnl g?) ?iid Co'l^fBor Hiirgcon", mi i ill h i oniUlt?it u imiisl lit Ilia nlKi*, 20 Conlrr rrrct, l?t?vi*un Ciimnl>?i < Anil RwOa, liivltig a |irlva*n en :i M

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