Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1862 Page 3
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HORSES, CAKKIAGBS, BUSINESS WAOON8, OK EVERY KIND, CONSTANTLY 13 oil hand, or 'made to order, seeh us Grocers', Bakers', Milk, Feed and Express. You will this tlie moxi reusouable place iu the city to purchase at, ami every article warranted to he a* represented. STEWART'S Faitory, Fiftybird street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. fYOUPE HOUSE FOR 8ALE-A BROWN HORSE IG ^3 tands niab. between Gaud 7 years old, line uetiou aud Senile. Apply, before 10 o'clock A. *1., lo John Green, i resale stable, in Thirty-first street, next to the corner of Fifth avenue. COUFfi HORSE WANTED.?MUST BE ABOl'T SIX teen hands high, lone lull and mane, kind, sound and Mtylish; black preferred. Address Cash, Herald otllce. CARRIAGES FOR RAI.E CIIEAP.-ONE SECOND hand Couch, suitable fur private or livery use, two secondhand Top Biigey Wagons, two Doctors WaRons. very light; some no lop B' ltgy Wagon*, very light: to be fold at a - real sacrifice. Apply to M. Ct'RLEY, 21 East T went It street. For rale-a i.arob carriage, nearly new. alio a Coupe, both in splendid order. Can here nut No. 4 Depau row. lileecker street. For particulars apply at 22 Fine atreel, room No. t. For sale-a one morse second hand coupe Ri>. k?wav, in ?ood condition. Apply to brewster k BALDWIN, 784 Broadway, corner of Tomb street. IjKMt sale-a second hand caleche carriage, ' in fiood order. To be men hi Mr. Uiay's carriage la, lory, '47 Wonster street, corner Grand. IMKULt-A mm, WABON AND .MILK ROl'TE 1 a,mi Dairy lor sale, on reasonable toirns. Alsoagood 'oral.on in ibe city. Apply at 47 Park street. EH)R sai.k?A CANADIAN pony, six years ox.d, r 14|? bamla high; Pus made his inilo Una winter 111 t 01 - in the i :n on luiko Chnmplain; in as sound as a dollar in every rcapi'i t; uonld niuac the lines! lady's saddle i-ony in iheelty. Will be sold cheap tor cash. To be seen at 177 Pearl street. TjlOR SAI.E?HORSES, OARTS, TRUCK AND OOOD T flour work, aoivn town, on account ol the owner's t ?:iiga?rd iii uuotlier business. Per particular;. address J. II , Herald ollko. IilOR S ALE CHEAP?A TWO-SKATED BLCCY, NEARLY 1 row; made to order. Apply at 178 Mercer sticet. Horses for sale.?one mahogany h vy house (no white), 15A{ Panda, six years old tnis sprine, Innu tail, Ma. k inline and tail, half tlioronphPred, line for i. o Midrib?priec $300; one pair ohestn it Ilorses (no w hile), I.V4 bands, seven jesrs old, Hag tails -prion st.Tl. The abme burses are offered rheap, as they are not wanted. Apioyti John Kannln. coachhouse in Greene street, corner 01 \V.1 Liiigtiii place, before 11 A. M. Military horse for sale-tiie property of au oiDrerordered away; was at Bull's Hlull', Bo 1 run and otber battles; ia tlioroughly broken and nil that a perlcct hoise can be. Inquire at Turnure's stable, Sixth avenue, eeynerot Twenty-sixth street. New york Tattersai.i.s, sixth avenue and Thirty-ninth street.?Tuesday, March II at li o'clo k. large and peremptory rale ut auction of Carrinstes. Also at 12 o'clock, Horses, Harness, Ae. See posted bills. Ponies.-s.mall ponies, rode east year by 1 liililmn, ior b.i c cbvap at Forty-sceoii I street, inn wen Fifth uiid Sixth avenue*. GEO. BOND. Stable to let?a first rate stable, with nine si.upland can lit ;e bouse, near Broaihvay and Spiitn; street, to h-i 011 reasonable terms. Apply in the store, 47'^J Broadway. SIAUI.l'. WAMl'.U-KUR FKIVATK t'SK, SITUATED between Tinilicth and Fortieth streets Mid Thud utid JSimb a\ i lines. Address Edward Jacobs, ul tin; grocery i ui iter ul Thirty-seventh street and Thud avenue. 110 RKNT.-A SHALL STABLE TO RENT, ON THIRTY. eighth street, near Fifth av? nun, loroutt year, with immediate possession: also several others. Apply to hi. II LUDLOW Jk CO , No. 3 Blue street. WANTKD-A GOOD llOilhE AND BOGGY, OK BITS!ncss wagon, in ovhautto fur a very i alual.l" invent 'o.i lor rioncstic nae. lor tvnioh a ileeit to the l ight of any State In the Union will lie given, elcepl Bennaylvania; n new invention. Send lor circular. AU iie.-s to* loll Post ultloe, Saston, l'a. WANTED-TO PURCHASE. A 1 1NE PAIR OK LARGE and very styln-ti coiu-h llorvs; itsrk bar prelerred; most be of good Speed and .-VU< n, lor which a I In:nil pri e will be paid by JI1NEH k SO.MKltVlLLE, auctioneers, 11/ Nassau street. WANTED-A LIGHT SECOND HAND BOX WAGON. Ad. i. is, statin,; lowest cuah puce, F. P., bo* No. ill Ileul.l oil,re. MIStF.LLtNEOUS. ANY PARTIES HAVING STOCKS OP THE FOLLOW, iug roods?grot cries, liquors, &egnrs or stationery?who would liltu to dispose ol them for gOnlWfs'erii s-iorliie*, eau bear of an opportunity by audi vising, with real m ine B II., Herald oih e. Brushes of every description atthk factory, 339 Pearl street, Hai |?-r's building. All at tides at the lowest factory prices, Paint of s-.pcr.ur quality coiu-tumly on l.aud. JOHN K. 1I0FPKL. fN F. HANKS, AGENT, MANUFACTL'RKU OF Al.L v aiiumui cot.iciu auu spi.trtai uaoei*. Mia ktooi, ?k , Ac. No. 96 Maiden lane. Marble mantels.-tiie subscriber inkokms the public that he l* telling m-*nteN. At., Ac , ?:>cbi>.t hail ant perm n iu ihe btinine.-H. 'I'Iium; wishing to p'irchaM! altoiild 'all food at A. KLAHER'K marl le yaiO, 113 Latt Eighteenth ttreet, weal ol Third avenue. New Yn.k. Peeled PEACHES.?5,000 POUNDS very ROOD quit lity, pill tip in parkier!) weighing about 70 po'ii.UN, rath, lor *al? by miller A CAKH, Not. 47 pearl niiil'!? Brirtgn a'.reet, N. Y. Royal Havana lottery. Ofll'-ial Draw tor* of February 72.1862. Ho. J'ritt. Ho. Piitr.lHu. I'n'u.lHu. I'list |a'.i. M...$4011 l7.W....$000 12Ol...$400 17M5.. $300 22061..SifltO 72... .400 7013 ....400 12415....400 I795C .. .400 222W . I 00 460... .400 7175 5Utl 12660.. . 40.< 1.-D2I... .DUO 2222 .... 10J 525... .500 724 J ....410 12716 ...40> 1SJ.7.... VJ0 ?-"24<l... 4.? m. .500 7201 40311.TU... .40 i 1.843l> .. ,6U? 2'V. 4.... 4,0 74!....40.t|736C ... 400 I3433....I 0 10452....M< 22507... .4.0 807... 40t -742.' 4 0 1.41X1... .5 ?9 I8.V9... .401 Tt!*b |'4 0 IW. . .400 7547 4:? 13295 ...500 I4M7....409 22715. .400 825 10MUQ 7551 400 l.CMB....4141 160.8....M m...?0 644 .1000 7582 410 13813 . .40: ltk.7l... .5ijOl22*'Cl.... 4 ?l tan. ...Ml 704?.....4"O 11579...500 187o? ...40- 2 01". ...Mr) 90S. .4008 03 4)0 l3aiU...lU)> 18852....4<.? 24 t*... .400 1408.. .50.) 0187.... 1IJ00 1.44)1... 4 m 18457. ...Mi 24241. .400 1551 .40 4470 40) 1 4. 0 I.MH"... .4<?, 2.*232.. .40.) 1588.. 5 0 4649 40 > 14153... .40' I v. J...M 23216... .Ok) 4698. .. 4.0 n><9 4C0 14 IK..... 501 19111*.. ..40) 2.42*4... 1U11 17)15. ..401'.02> 41*! 14181 .40 i1)lt?). .3000 TO: ...."49.) 1*62... .400 131 4 0 1471.8... .40 <9234....10 24111. .1)1 1874... .44k) 822.'- 400 14.833...401' .9515....I'* 2.5141 ..441) 22/6... 40UT62 5U0 14891....4 4 l97St....lO : ,;7h....40) 25)4.) ..400 9141 .. ,444i 14896 40 0*21. ..SO 2 MM 3682....4011 tfjE*) 444 I-! 4W... ,40f ilhO 4 i. 2.?,14.. 10>i 2912 . .40* H 0 ....?'? 1 ,Jb7... .4*4 IX'/iC 21.11 . . 4* II il 1 .. 400 1762 V* 15279 44r ;?* i;77l 0> 45.0 109 1177 4.4' 15344... .4* 4) 54* 2..f.,C.. "I 3019 .. .<0 ?Jl7 40 15178....UK 3- 3.. ,4in . ()!' i. 0 Stat. M*. IS5W....-;(H |:M .I ..I?? 241,'....'.HI 37?0...lUU> 1119#....40 1 mM'....6(H 40 3KI.. 40 0.74....414 t *i27\... Ill-'11.... 1(4 .'I.K..I0?t0 4114 4(0 ! I2'(M.. ,1H* 16710 i.ol j '2 ( '. .MMf ,'4ii 4157.. 44*. I'f 6.1. ...40 167./9... I ' |j;.8' .1:7'.' ,U?i 424i ?> I ,4ii...ln0 I 47... 6 .".7 4" (00 423 K .. .400 I KOI 4.4 14*1 ....4 (/.'.i I.... 4 - .113. ..100 4.1I6 . MO 1 M>/ 4(4' 8/4 ..101 2M. 0 10 ) 460 4(41110.' 4(4 lc.f.0 . 4'. 1 8.7 4(4 7.,II (0 408' 4JP (M76 .. .410 1'u'io... 400 v-II ii .c# ico 4*4!? . .4(1' 10M7... 4 4 1 137)4...1 O 2 140 ' 7 173. . 400 .112/..-.HO l?0t7.. I <* ?ljj77... . 2:.i?0 4 .17. ...Vl) 673 >. . 4(.b| 11128... .5 iti&ll, . 4 4>I ? ' 4^17 . '(* |..'2Ui .. .4(-0 tW MR il-7. .1 ' .7! 40... 4(4 .; I > I 4'n .'.7 ...144) :.i(j 40 .2-j 4i i7.' '.1 &. 21.1.8....14 ;. 1 2 4ta> KH 4(( I ..Vis. Id it. . .li'l 1 . li?J * *.t MKj. . .!?> l'l.''(14 >4 ' 4 .. .14 .'.Mi.I... .<4M l#?i .40 I'll 411 1 7747 11 ;t;o7....f? .2, (ltd 6071 ... l.i L1154 f.... 0 l77."?!> -0 :?N*8... 4 1!|2.irf3l. ..MM till.. .4(1 I'.'l'J lliiTKi." .4(1 . loyo... ..Ml" 271071 ,4IM fill/.10,0" 1 "4 40 j 171)7! ..AMI*" ..40 7. 400 0612 ...60.1.712.'.. .Id j APPROXIMATION PRIZES. ?.?. Pri:f J.V.i. I*. I*.!A7.I. 7'rn?|.Vo. J'rtf*.|,Y?. 14*291 .?:?! lillft....* .l.'llH.. .$i?M'SS? 13677 M'<> 41291... (KM SHI 01(24 . 40'1*21 ?(> I v./u 10 242.0.. "4'|il4(. 4 4' l.'l'i/, , ( j * 2 1... 4 4 j, ;,'i 0 . Itu; 1?42.'7 . #*1(419 . .4(1 11*164.. 4 |il7 4.1 | AiSI 4" I Priraa caal-ert anil inR man n ItiriiiahtU I t T.kYI.OE Ar 4"4, Uniikc. a, 10 W all * iri 4, N V. RKJ4)|1 E YE Sl'tFEKEKS? KI.-K TK IIIMlllil'KN 11 |V|| ?dr. IIJHIAS' V(|,:I1.I|| l.inlii'i' . I. in: 1* | 10 1 red. It 14 warranted u ?|.e<'dy rmv lur lin n rli"i ii:at!4in, rn'lii, rraini a, cut*, puna of uil 7 inlr?>r on JMJT. Ill) lint Miller win it yell inn lie. In an'.ij m. Mr.: rr w 25and SJniii* Pn| ?t, ft: C iiilntoM n'i t, ?? Yom OAVK Y'OI'R MONEY.?A. PARKER. 2Id OilKKNWJCil O ' OKI, b'(twi"-.n M nrray 1 n I Rod. ti on si I r I .It ,\rw Yor?, nrll* rhoicf r <y Miliar cured ll.tma, a nrraru?il, at A 0 1 pound; bral family KOip, Inixe* 00 all I 72 pound*, it 6: pun- Sloi oh, I'D* 10 pound*, at S ? v TO Ill II.DXHS OR tViilKlH HAVING .MA' llINEI.Y fin iio.d wm k ?The a-M ( illai r w ill make up ro ?ncn' mnir.ut Uir a ? ,| .* y ol n.m luiios of nn Inipm noi i li .rmiin Nno" I M p.rllt'K n v i g oi-ai.l ami ill? nuraaaiy la' i'l n * iMMd ii) ply. Idaaitiiin mini ba in or of "any aiv ** 10 Ihr r iy. Call In pei? n ' r ui! '1 sa I In mil Inn 71 Mali' 11 lane. N. V. W'llO P'ANTR MONEY??AN 1 PKRlIlNR IIAVINT. an *i. o a of M' rolo. ml I ur iiny ?i ;y nn.oal 1" ai h n Ibay ili's.i.- In i is-j 1 a- of at 11 *011 loo Ii.;1 ir, 111 h Li;il a p 1 4 ln.f1 r ly ad'ltcaaing Vr Rlvt in', II. raid oBri . DEYTIsrilY. Ai\u<-i. . iii iiufin'i -VilUMH or 111!'; IMS rov-i r 5.U llnmil.vny.?A' ltlil.t l 'i li. oi.l in . * Mini mrrc ijlli'il vuhi-iit tn.n. A Is > tin- t l?0rni"ii tlnlii.i Wcntiitic mid l.i tiiin.ihi' o ily liui-ml."** known <>r ki'i piKK llii' li ' ill i linn mi I cuiiik it- al.hj VllEXTLI.M V.N '<V.\NT.1 V VIR.Vf gfAl.lTV f Ml OK Tro.ii, ti|; or t.nd r, I r I. n own no.ili IV i'ii Jikn to turn n l in pyniriit linn ^i iu ivnt l> or di:ni."-n linn; will yajr iit'll II no rijr will 'V.Iin;v n tin" itt?ni|?It in btn | in Hi' .ilrtrnnt,, i.i.n-; kin-t of tnnlr. |. | c, Wiiniher III y wi.lBBubnnitR. Oufnrd. bot I 2 II. in .1 oUic . CUT Till.; OCT.-FOR T1IK I JtESIiNT I 11'IIX VISIT ) mv ii.l.(i:t? . nil iilht'tft hi lli"r I.O'im'* Tir:hm...| from .'41cnli1. OttU on < r iriilf'*? C. Itak* 211 IS./.tciy. ]>, . Ulndniniiu MittnUi to i! work. DR. 0. A. WUITK'3 IMI KOVBl' ARTIFICIAL TKKTII. IVlml. ? "* int. ft. $1". S>l5 nntl n|>tvntflk; t'il n ?-v<ry point. T'-i ih hIT il In> < c: tn ln>l All wi i* bi i.uil (hi* tnuth cii iirui'it i isiw ,.cif. O.'lict 1.1 il.'lnl (I: cel. mill > 17 At i. kUOI'l, I'll! A t' l| tll.l. jriltllTIN mill's, 25rt unvNlt STREET, NEW Vur.K' VJ o| j oMt I,.i J .* Inyln a ninl 257 Knltiin Blroi t. lii... It lylt, ni'M l'i rt .? !'?.! a. l- : JVetlt mi th? tr Imp"" b'iii ? .|.||* rl- i 'inc. wli.i or w.ii.oiit rti anliitf 111" Tool*, mi | 11 ir ul..f it. >-.' ; n. v"i- hi r nil lit r, JiU. Hbi Mi.1 tuU cu g 'n,$2 p . in.... ..n i!I?i i $1 Hay ix (i 11 a 11 Form jsbn teeth extracted v. . ;n y i.i,,ii .vlmlcii-r, In I. * than twenty wontl-', tiy Or. '. JAY III,l,Ells. ibStlt.tml mrem. I lik" nn'.it;, i ':u B.iru nin'r ninii'ii.'l m lil'ti i. j n "iiri' ii! ami kklirul itrnii I. OIIAKt.i'TIK 'I. I, V 11 .11KE. ?21 Hnroni! H IMT.U IIATTS. Ai,! AliEl .111;'! ( YKTEKHI OYSTEf.'S . I'n.iy II If , it a.m. to 1 r. AI Jem Ml u it'llArt bin I "Hun ill I i |>iih)n: tlittt Itu bM mien ll.u A.e ftml I Hn'.rr C11 I'.' < k?T Mi of t. oi;r Moor wi'Kt o! ??;. Sim w ill t').?a Sainnlity titeu.Dg, Nnitb (. ikH SHE A. rp'iF, rnnSIDENT S MEI'SAOK 10 COXOHIJ'- IMS 1 c. il it i . .li nut li ily. m . I" liNi'l'.lt N.i 1 1 .11 . i r , i. 21. i bi nan illou >u rut . ? of tin. i .. i iu kI..i ti ' nl i. . t'.utliui ani. sales of real estate. A~ SPUSNDiD KAKM, IN TII15 CENTRAL PART OK Dm? State, in exchange for city property. Good hou*e, commodious bat nil, good fbnee*, and free froincucumbr&noc; 115 Hcios situated on Sk&iu'atehi* l?akc. Address, postpaid, J. II., 26 lia: t Twentieth street, giving description of piopcrty oifered. An elegant l odr story nova scotia DRAB stone House, now occupied by the owner, for sale, furnished or unfurnished, ui a saerilc-c and on libei al trims. Apply on the premises, 32 West Foiiy.sixth street, net r Fifth avenue. Anew brown stone high stoop iioubb for suu:~ 32 i*um 1 eiu>-seventh street, lour stories and basement, hasaii the modern i in prove, menu and in perfect order; price $7,1)00. Terms no :ommounting. For i-ard to see the hr-sse apply to JOHN rOLKY, 103 Broadway, or fcd Lexington u\ ennc. A FARM WANTED? WITH STOCK utensils AND Fur.;itmc?of not ho * H an thirty acres?on the line of the New York und N> \v Haven Railroad, within lifty niilo of the city?good buildings, fruit and wood, with Sound view?in exchange lor an eiogunt House, furnished, near Park. Addn as K. N'. i! , Herald oilice. A country residence, on very easy teens, near the city, two story, mat liuished House, Barn, Shade and Fruit Tre? s, four Lots, handsomely lo *ated at West Morr isanla, li.ii'leui Railroad. G. W. DITCHETT, cornet o! Chainum and Chambers trect, brown stone budding. Brooklyn, b d.?fob sale, at war prices, th* valuable Store pioperty 4/ South Seventh street; a:-o, u.o thier. stoiy brick Dwelling known as "the Pluladelpiiia built house," "|13 South Ten ill s treat, a desirable resideuce lot :i pby-i' i. n or private la.ijily, being near the foniitahi, R-dford avenue. T *n years will be given to pay, ill instalments. a I oriiou of the above would b taken in bar,!, ware. F? r I'm Hire p-.rth lata impiirc of JOHN (J. WEST, No. 4 Libert v pine \ New Y? r;, near Maiden iane, or at lun residcii' e t j.South Tenth hticet, Brooktvu, K. D.', between 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. N. B ?No bill on tie l ouse, 'i he DvveMin.', if not sold l y April I, will be let reasonably >o u good tenant. /TOUXTRY SEAT FOR SALE ON OLDKJELD POINT, \J L? IiiIsland?'iJa -ICS, with English cottage, sur.oumled by lor? *t treeM, all neeeft .try outbuildings, line lawn, lour acres of young orchard oi ' hoign fruit, ornamental trees, tiiruburry, vmi'v, A'", cno.i iwin-n mr lui'iiinu. nsmii), ?<:. O. S. IIU i'CillNSON, No. 3S Wall street. DENT.'I. I R.\t TICK and RESTDKN'tK |OR sale? T?v< n'y null s Iioiii iNiW York ; loi'Sition lion liy; house hn; i?; ;,H" tvn'i r. I in.i > l.itile. li.iftjr.i'fir r iub!:>i.C(l 1 .vi iity ><'iii smill I.r-; . I'l i' c $10,000 uiul 110 Adtlii:sv.)u?. H. K ileruUI ollliu. TAARMS, rni'NIRY SEATS 'ND RKSIDBNCI S. ? ONI' \nni-ot lo llie ei y, ili'po's, .n l.ool*. e ..:ieh"s mid \ ill..#- * of nirioi'.s s " | 11 rs. jti>kllli< 8 uud lu ali ois. Wen'.iti J.;.u t ' Dipi i v ) und im:ui| roveil for Shit or exelia'ieeJ. Aa.m' it I < I y re-Idem is. SUl' i IIU ICix ?v WOOD, fiNa'.au street. Farms ior sai k or to kx< ranoe.?< or no tt'Ti K, iii \V< su I.- stc.r emsiny, !3/,t0t-. or.e of >'3 ai.d fin u?d<n t'.-i nii! iro iiiiy, $2,600, cm-h; n!vu, L7 aun p, v, )i mills, A-., :?i IJa ja'Mik; k' N.: ami 126 ae: er, at Oj sit r Hay. All goo I buthfing* elioi-t? fruits, A?'. And n..-O'-ju* hu.'dred other Kaiins,?. 1 !>:/( >\ and piires from $1,21*0 to$30,000. Apply to A. SKKtaK.VNT, 16 Wail street. 17DR SALE- O*: EXCHANGE IH)R PRODUCTIVE. ITY , propoiiy, a 4! n iiny S< at at Dran^', New .Jersey, three i iiiiniitfh' wa k ?i"< 1 *? i!i*| o:; 2b a i e.H of Kind (i.vti wooelanb', balance 1 * * 1?? .? : ??r. haul, garden, lawn with braittifni ev? rgreens, nln.iida 11 ? o riii >11 fruit nl all kinds; improve-m-nig are handsome;ti ,*.? M->ry and a'tie frame muitogreen !?,, (?e, Ciri ia^e fiotiwe, b r 11 and panlem ? a linns.a; property unincumbered. Apply t.< A. A .M. LYON, 23 Wall sirT70U SALE-OS t UNION AVENUE, BROOKLYN J' v i?*t nhh, b-tween .My rt!e aial I'.irit avenge, a three sit 1 y 11 auie (' if:r|?o Hon .e unci Lot, 24.0x100; contains gna, tiitodjL'Inn.:. rang*', with hot water boiler, heater, bath rooii s Jte.; good ;;?rdi n'. w .;h grap vines. Apply t<? to the occupant am: or. ni )-, K WILLIAM.-* 102 0.nimbi i s street, New York. 17011 eai.1-: two and three story houses, 1^ town Mui" bapenjen:*?, stoops and trimmings, modern iinpio'.e.mcius, in xSuiy-i;Hii sireei, between Firm and So-% ot t?a\eui;r /..* *? inw towmcnt houses. inquire of WW. A. .JtTlI, S-r oml avenue, b -.wven Sixtv-fonrth and .Saiyiifth htreem. 17<)!t SALE?CHEAT. TWO FIRST Cj.ASS FOUR STORY I? ling inh bas ?mei.t lioitsea, h'l and lib East Twelfth street, 1 neni 1'o.iHl n?* ime; I rn.fl 's 17 by i>'?. lot ]lt> If t in lir.H rate eoudition, and w Tb^xold or exei:r.i)'V<l for one larger llo'sv above Co irleviith - ree', beta cvv.i Fmirtb audS:ith even 1 es. I be l.o us?-r are mm? .fed fo -$5,M; J encl). (70R S \r.K?TEXE.VKXT HOUSE IN BROOKLYN, V pay 11. : i.v.-r f 11 pr ?ent 0.1 $2,4*10. Trie $l.7tt?; trin ?? 1 ojn $'6U0 to ^7t/? ash, the 1 a ran i'?*ii u n a K? :id and n o t-age uotr iKm: to years itdolred. Ap |ily .11 J*". IS hCLMMii:. Ml HC.IVPr (tllrr.l, ?. T. T7<OE SAI.K-ON EASY TEKVfl, A IIOl'SE AM) l.OT, A' ao by IfO. ill Nn.v 1'; haul, N. .1 , uuli.n I've ,v.:n.,iet' walk ui u?? 'Mi* inf. r.iiiH -vary IS minute*. lacjisirc of J. A'. UKYAUKT. 233 Grcentv ich street. on s \le -the tao story and attic norsK, 1 ..n i ieusr1 i' y, ji my atrm l, iiult ry d j'swcrk; las i>:l ilm mniii'i n i j pmonr ista, and i* in good order: rent ol I'd i I2J; iniu- yrs,.v III inn, vvt ii P'UI' wain; In: Ji * It 0; I lift ho:.*.' ini? :n exlr. Kim, three M i i?"t 111 111 IJibl. I II bo r i ll heme n 1(1 and ij a. al., oud iluiiiiR llio ' i crti:^. Apply at ?4 smith s:lent. L>( U S.W.E- THREE STORY AND HIilII b.'.SKil'iNT r IloiiNt*. lilt Soith I'Tlth tlnsct, Uro m'.yn, K. )?., lid .Msltti, iv.:li frn i i: et and i rea; water ami iu.> in l.o.'t". I'tii Im ?o iiarj iln <\ aril ] n . cs ion iinmeduilvlv. 'fri nit < any. J ! . J DM IS, Ii An? Arret, ae? ond in r. JjlOJi KAIiK-rUHUE STORY AND I1ICI! BASKVMNT I I Ions in] J.'(213 Weal Twirl}arcond men, i'j.lkl'S 9, v. uli ?.I nu.iiri'u iiit|.i't)\omenta nnil'iu voxplcla rrpalr. l.'.iu l,r mi i a' iiii? time. Trim* tarv. 1.' r. JONES, f,2 Ann atrert. If'OR SAI.K?A THREE STORY BRICK HOESE, NO OJ Hast livriiiy-i.lt11) b'ri tl, b? Eenteiinu anil In nth at i Diiea, w:ih tr.ruletli iui| ion mti ij and in i,ooJ ir-vler. 'f i ma may. Ap| 1) on the j.r. tr.laes. C'OR SALE?!N BROOKLYN, A NEAT THREE STORY I and bja-mei.t hre'lt llnnae, wli all rum vnii r.i ra an 1 ill eai-eilrii <itlii, .No M Jatlaveiir avennr, >o tier cd E.liotl p'n e; pntms* on i an be had laimmuitrly, Kur pui lb uia;a i liplv luWILI.IAM MAC'KEY, VS Enlio.i avetu.e. IAOll SALli?Al' OIIANGE, N. J.. A llJIEK. WITH SB 1 vi ii in .i n ni I nd, in l.'rivel'yn para, tt.n house i.- 4 it3U no li in iin- brM maui.oi,?lati in II rnoiusi? use >? lar ano garret; In* Inrniv r. rang., n.nrld manirla, A'1. Tneia it a cnori r an-ir, nait tar pi nut <l? aic will laid o ii ami iii r >.ui t ilt va! 10'. NYl I ho said ala low pilce. Ap|dy lo JOI X IV. Kl.'ft i. 27 t'sik low. ! LWH SA* K-IN JERSEY CITY, A NEAT NEW III,OW N I v.flit House till, i y ni virin, B ln.tiii'ili . m e I; al o a . k i It IToii , ii o u-ig-hty iriehod, a Irvv *iaa i t>r ck Cottage*; I >'i| ra ni'.dria'.r iri'ina may. Apply at livuuin arvuu?. t!??rnrrr.m- ? ?? '? tllW KAI.V-:?'"1WO roLNTKY SEATS, PEALTTl-TI I.Y 1 *.t ?i- (I, I a* it*y n I M' r>\rt fr nt, on i.?r t'a*a:r, w . h ! u.inoviu'rts !?in; hfiw * n I'uam.1 ?inl l'atri>?n, * > min* itl ;l! ? Itrnt -1 till I l of i'lmi it** lluO'hi I r. <1.* I rn Itiowti t.i>J Win. Khtii-'H, I * con nil) ry 10 i. !'t ea-h: mo ?tli?r ? o ? uy SimIa. a. > im? g Uo-uroi*, Ci: a.itilo ?0 it i(n*it ?l, imnaii" uy .? Kirlci.dfU vi,%w ?: il:?? * i.rriv int;..*: c intry. Ibajr |??!iy ii? i'okhivmy \?r> r?|? oly. Ii i e- in a bnautilii t ?n ??!' ili?'M?,i i t, i. Hi" in1 O' 11 r? Km* H Mo.v*. i. tpu ibl* by aix-f\rrol into**'a h.i.ji.l |.? id .? * limn N'? w V??v.. I ... thrr |mr . - i% ??" *> .1. K]?W All!) 1 Ul l AM) <3 V.**..i men, Ntjw Yolk, or J A V. KS b.M>?0>S, ?> ? lU 11 > nv.h h. I.V- l: K\U-A roiTAUE HOL'SK AND 101. IV .lFf! ' M'V ? J ?> W > illl* M'Vf II niillllt**' *|l k Mi I ID* |t J ? y Irf in ; a f l.? ii o ioi r, in | lovfmnit*, hot mid o->! : v.?t' , ? * i i h* n. oil*, l.oil- r ?lnk, Minut* in I ran M*ltirry, al. ior *I.0OU lb b.i'nii"" in )i n ail-? D u.u i arc i m imiii of yt a"-'. A?'fv at 211 Montgomery nt rent o on the l?ir.i.ih'% :'a I r.yhi Mntt. i>o ?.y m.s i i pni li* * vi .;ud .t iUi* y i. 11 i.pi'fy. |/< R 0ALI Hot RK AM) LOT ri I ItOOMK uTM : i ; i J.i ? 3|4.7 | hi ' nihil. A.-o Ho K. ai. L .i ID i-rrlain; * r- i I'mo'vi-: ihe io n :'U I*' lifn , l?i> v ,ti. i\\ ? ? i i \ ah!f* on I ? M'. I u: Il.i' Id; , .via .jo i I ,? !\ Ii. . . i. i \'l. i i. hmii ; r: |ii?v $ t/JOO. |ih,i: i* of M i?, i NI'Kltllll f.. ?0 f> y an* I, ti?nii 10 to * o'rio km y tJtOKS.UK IN IkDliOkKN, A TIIKKF ST RY ANIi 1 P. a iii'i tl il-k IIddm*, ?.nri?? r til !l; ti on ..i; I To .r;ii yrr* ^ \ i i.r . rr?-st? ry aii?l h?M':t;? r ir.'? lloiitr IJb i i i. . Botk in rtiiiiplrtr ordi r. i r v UKMAKKS.r A JDHAMvuON'. tWlJ:nca> ? V. ill S \ 1.1 ?ON RLMSKN STRKKT. UK' OKI.YN, A ; ^ ' -' ' ? .1 MoT) row . i n III . : .*l\l'.".; i??t I I.", v i ibl* i6\i 0. Will' b" M?)0 H* M Ml l iJicr. . - I ol - " i f< >. < ! If. I/U))t FAl.K?A i lHST rLAS8 lENKVFV T ritil'SR I" ^.1 ? In'l r.oi; f?i? Mile n.iif ; w#?l|.? cat ?t tin T?%? niy . ,.f Mi-' t, m ar I : m m hi tin* i !'y n New \o.k. i 'tii.rbi.- at n l<tw ini/? i* i.l e i \ii ' *m ? ?iri i> S ?i?. C') ll4>tiituMi?! Hfr^i, N? ' V'?? *. i'p;: :\m i.o aokks ok miuiu.y tvproved I ! I l.'il la IIH/IIIC i I' irnlll KU'Wiliy i? <1 I'll tin! ;t i! 1 it In: i, till'i'lOllig 'itn ,.i . i i. i i'ij < lit in mni m i kj railruaA. ai-o, 101 'it i'i.i i lllns Willi* (ulil la ft 1'iiiljf nr in ? i'ii in. 11, ii i tn?i. In?;ulr* 'il ti|- mill: Pkd ,1 K. !l MAMIN . ?. I iai .'l?v ttttrl, ui K. J. M A ft II. No. 21 l-Y'ii . I. ? I'll. I/OII KA i I. A J IIUKK M OBY ASH IIAkKMKNT I" i r. k I i) ?> ttt il I. it, in h i frlrable nroitl/tn If 11?? jjyt'il ItiM'vin i i I n' in fctrvct, iit'tir villi.u 0. A|tply I A. DoOl V 11 n t nut! t'. J'OH HA I.I', i IIKAP- A I'Ol'SIIIV HEAT OS TIlK I II mm Hull' ml. Iltiiiy ml i r >:n tlifti'itv. limit In < an 1 ti ' o I urt't r: ) ml I? p nl In ml l iiittlroni' ly n. I oni niitl Im.l Mini thm.f Irvrv In nh niilHitcri kiiiihI It Ot .i (. t. T 'I i n'R rt'tlilt i,I'* tir lltnliiCi' I'u.ilJJf'g Inn1*!. A| | ) in S. t,. I O if, lr., till \\ ?'! Mrn t. I."OH HA!,! on EXl'IIAKGR?A OOI'NTRV RKtfl I" ti' if ii YV nil' I. t'Mfi lit)', In thf t lUit'.t' ft Mi inn lo ?. i> m. I tt? h lai i huiiMi in ruin |.ule older, bea .tliiil lawn, i.i II 'I: i> i'llct.1 B? lib n. ? itli ? gi?:il va !? > nf tniiitll 11 i'i!({ iiutbi ilitlna*. n It" ?l niil'M'. In,;":; rr W III tur*k .nnl I,i.i|?. Will \ Ii.ii.i. I" i:n III tomtit i,, n it. Ain't |.i JOHN \V. Met I 'I HE, I .'01 Bio.ulway. I.MR SAT K OR r\t IIANOF! A HRKT R ATH tlOl MK ' lit Ki.l i.i iniM i.c; in.I Mill Inw, n: m luin.f Im n Iniv i r. lain, in "I.: or n mlnil miner In >. i m- an) . I i hi tl". fin rli? i.l Ibeiny. AUUii:?a AV. S., II.o klyn I'm fli f. A; i i.'.r need not upply. I.Aon SAI.K till I'.XCIIAXUE-A VERY VALUABLE 1' Mill i'r .|ieili. m I In- iiiy ol Orern Hay, Willi an building in a .1. I I ..In in n r "I Inii.I, an i evi ry tlitn ; mini- lie tor tin. i ; i. it i ine?" with llif mill. Will it (lull r li.r (..> .ill i K I K?l le ii New Yin* . r Retv .'eieey. or iuipr.nril W enihnme Till' yerlerl. No In. i nilu . i i e. I'n cfor i en It i ?. A ml). I n>|Ulre or I'. L V.\N lii.A K.'TKK, lyj Siolun til l t. I/Wilt PM.M OR KXC1IANflE?FOR A SMAI.I. FARM I In 11 > t uliin v in Ne? S'orli. i.r * Ho ire i.eil led in .lei- ey I'tiy, ilie ilr.e rutty llo'i'e nnrt I. t a/I IVrtl 01 tin Mtn :i .i, Tor I it11l.rr | ui lici.lnt* n| | ly lo me on i . i .-ii ihe i i-. ml* i". l.Ai r M.r. (.R |;XCH.\Ni;E?TWO t.'OTTAOK Hot ST.S, I null iii'iiitl n i|.im ii r ui mi a.'icni la'iill.iin ii, . iiio t'O-i * it - ui t.)e nl Allilmi, Uie . *t. ii ty. M'l'i Inn ii. will lie I.V.ini J.. I t i I?? vtliijegr Onilinv. I en! A j | > In Al. A. II A KltlKU i OX, lit Altdoii, or uiith t ea ti. Dw.liiyiuii, ll dsuii City, Netv Ji r?.- y. LA OR SAIK IIANIJR I R to IKT-TIIK T>TSIHA. I 01" Ii.edi ?. lee-1 fil l! riei v lirown * one ill! ,?ea ,V.I Kntl Tnei.l.iiiM'.-s". elnnd li:!|l|.i T. , I. , ..rili r.ret I. Al ).|y I i UN S I.l l.r '. I a tt i i , i, r I '! it rai.f. oit io m.i?a nr.srn.A s rnurr |> r oiylli. ne, willt Ii rli euio,. hi.iI I, a.',*tii ? * : t.f lit. Hie modi rn l:n,.r vein, out, nt N? u ?? , run. I , i.eniiihoi in- , i. a.m. "L'i Ii \L!t OH iOJ.KT- V IVF.II, Hl'ILT IIOI'HR r : . -lit. l 'MI , i . i ",i i * *.. s it ' nt en e en rr-? . i.u i t y Ro. Iln I i .... | eakniit y.'.ld. Aj | i>* tit I.'/ 1S0 . iy .in r | 11 liiu d .-ill eel. NEW YORK HERALD, FR HiVIiKS OF RK.VL, ESTATE. "|?or BALE or LEASE^LOT no. 7 domimck J? street, lor a term cf years. Inquire at SI sunt. TIOR SALE OR TO RENT?A cpUNTKY SEAT, WITH A about two .1 res of iiiound, in We I BtooiuUcId, N. L, within ii frtv ini mi lea* walk of the railroad depot. Houm; in good order anl bar every ci.nvenii n ?. Apply loLRAl'KU A DEVLIN, ilXi front street, New Yi ik. For balk, rent or exchange?at south Orange, N. J., i Country Residence oi 20neres, unlir a high Hlate of cultivation; good buddings; imit anil made trees in ureal ubtindance. inouire of II. M. NEED1IAM, 71 Wall snoot. TjTOR EXCHANGE AND SALE-A LARGE VARIETY A of Farms, Cit\ mid Country Residences; all lucnii mid ai" a. Also a great iiiuiiy gcoil innoneaa ehaiioea ami oparuiei ships. f. D. RICHARDSON A CO.. K! unit W Nassau aire el. IiU'KXISHED HOUSE FOR SALE?IN A GOOD GENlitil location; the house is an.nil, in pood order, ar.U i' nlams nil modern improvements, range, formicc, w ater, pa*. Ac. For lurtber partictilars aud j;rice addrc.-s House, cox 2,Mb l'osl ollice. I'oasesnon can lie given at any tune. House for sale low-to close an ESTATE. N>. 226 Water It reel, Ilin.Ulni. Aprlv at la J'.arl struct. New York, npst.vr , to A. N TREAuVVELL, txceulor, from II A. lit. toll 1'. M. House and lot to exchange?first class, Ugh hiiiop three norybriek I louse, with nil nioderii improvements, iii Brooklyn, eight blocks from the feilies, at Sot th i>. veiiih street and oat block from the cjtra to Fulton ferry, lor It ho tie iii New Yuri;, worth from js,tip '? JIO.IKAi, aud will J ay the diUcrcnce. AdUtess R. U., il urel oilier. PENNSYLVANIA' LANDS -? 0 ACHES VERY superior :arming Land*, coi trod with vn .cable timber, n ar lull's, a village and rapid.; improving neighborhood. !' r aile in par els, v. ry rlieup, r exchange lor city or liruokly n properly, oranv kind of goods. SOUTHWiCK A WOOD, 82 Na-iau street. TO BE SOLO CUEAI'-IN id TS TO SUIT BUYERS, \ r tail sto K i I F.n.ey G> oil-, Toys and Willow Ware, a 121 I Sixth i.venue, helwoeit Foutlcco.h and Pllcciilli meets. Call immediately. fllOEXCHANGE IN I'ART A GRAND FARM, 170 ACRES, X large. of lr. ii niid ?hi ubl ey, line btiihlin h. the chtafe.n farm in the State; -five no leu from N w York; fifteen imnntrs' walk limn r!< pot. For 1 >< 1: pa> ??bus MMjuire of WHITE A, i.'O., G8 William at reel, N. Y., liom 1 to 5. rpo C.A l*JTALTST3.?PER* ONS DESIROUS OF ENG.\CIJ. ing hi the trunufactoie o! iron cm* learn of p. o] cr.y une,qun:i?\l in tliH t o uti*y for ilio hnm* n *>c deposit* ? coal it ml ore, c^r.eideucy ol maikct ?u.l < h;npiics3 of prouu'lion oy adi!i'">in^ Vulcan, box 2J2 li-rald oih? e. 1'iRKMONT -FOR SALE, HOUSE AND AN Al UE OF fcv To lei?at Will ic.m ^bridge, Hon ho and f'.i A* re, Oilier JIij i&c, and Lots for Mir. Apply ! > | J. It ERASER. "WEAN TED?TO PI KCII ASK, A SMALL THREEST6KY I I I louse. Willi .ill the inoili-ru . .iiivriiiPlues, In a:?n?list or Miu'iLon a. in"ip, h m re11 T i pnlii ill ami Ti i irili str" r.s. I'lin1 in .1 (WO in $7,000. Adilic?r, sialiocui. ptuiiouluis, \V. E Limit, station E, 1 IT A N TED?To rrnciTASB FOR CASH A SMALL TT tbrrp -lury brick Home, Willi inodrrn improvements, on tlm \w si i !.: , I*i tiiodiiatr. Addiexr, it*1 ins full p.ulicu.'m i. A. !!., Broadway J'on ollnp. Wanted?to jtrchasb a must class dwell. Hit House, between Eo.itPi n:h P" 11 lie 11) rp rf anil S nth iiml J. >iuj?t? n Tim purchaser is inn Milium to on ceil $1.1.000. Application by letter only IcL., box n.liliii Now York 1'osl uHlee. WASTED TO PCKCHASK?A Rl BSTANT1 A!., WELL bnili dwi llini;. in.f ii >.s than iL' loot witlo, in a cond iiolgliborlioiM), le'uecii Third uml Eighth avenues mnl Twi-irtli anil Foity. evi'iith .-Herts, Licit s.oop, ami mi h fio ii $10.1 CO In $12 (WO, or ft slmllnr linear In ? goml nolili boriiood in Brooklyn, moiiIi limn $S,?I0U toJH'.oCd. Addicts, klnting peril In s, box 4,0i!? New Yi lit I'osu lll 'it. oi ena -wasted to exchange, a three PJ.??JUU. aiory bi;;h ha cmcnt mortem House, i.m.Ty inri.tHil ,'n HrnnkiyI', fin a llo i < '!' siniii: r style end lm'aii "11 ill litis city. Limits l?'iM?i ii Third n nl Sixth nven ies uiiil KtitliUi mnl Fori e li sir ctf. FilTccti li untied dolluis each v.iTl bf- paid ill I In; rxcliiinge. Letters undressed K.v hangc lor a Home, atatlr.jj exuel loeailon, l'cruld OiLcc, will be attended to. Cil (Will "IR A NEW TWO STORY AM) EX TEN IPJ. t/'H* eh111 House ami Lot, in Noalruiidavrmii', Hrm klyn, .< block Rom ? *.?; wwiiwnitiid cellar, n?i rie i.nol.'ls (as ami wulcr. r. ikki.ek. 27 Fulton' i m. New writ. tO AAA - A NICE FRAME IIOCSE, CONTAINING P.J.V V/ vf. acvi-n rooms a; d - Vic, ait'latcd in I .aw rum*: r r U, Brooklyn. (AO ) in < a?h; balrnine ou bon I and mortpnge. Addreeri Householder, llcruld otli-e. dK? AAA -WANTED, FOR CASH, A SMALL COT PO* Uvu' lac*' on mo los, in 1! nohij 11; location * mm Wall Street i*-iry In Bedford avenue, i.nni o'cl by ttlanitc to Myrl 1" Addle:. J. A., box 1 ?'7I Post, N. y. fPOR SALE. VMEAT ANI> VKUF.TABLE MARKET FOR 8AI.E? Now doinit a ? * o I cash br.-ioioH, with u lease of lour veurt lioin the Is! ef Feb]tiary. 1 Kb.!, t ail t'.iia day nl 111 Mott tlrcei, ocrr.ei of iUrer. Sold on acou' n. of the owner roll'S to the svm i a. AN OPPORTFNITY SFI.DOM OFFERED?THE HOOD Will, J-cnie and Fixuirea, and every thing complete, ol an Drinking Saloon down town. EsUbiiahctf or tanyears. Inquire of s. F. BABIOIa221 Piri(tract. Any party having some marble top tables, editable loran oyat* r or a "icrin sn.coii, l"r sale, * n tlnil n * am .'iisiouir r b) applying to m a*'<!rf eeing C. J. 367 Eighth avenue, between Tn tnty-c.gbl and T woi.tyr-ninih treeia. A coon < HAS OR for a man with a smalt. c apidil.?Ti e * o I. md flltorei ol nil ol.l e?lal liabed Orockeiy Siand for Bulo cheap. lined ronton! given lor Beltl*i'. Iii'juiie on th" premise*, 3(Js sliced. near the Market. Rem ft per wth. ACO.IPl.ETK PRINTING OFFICE-FIVE PRESSES aud iho type nearly ned--.ii a bovine**, pan of New Yin Is to tie had fi r $1,100. Apply to HENRY J. CRATE, No. I I r-nklin M|naie, A RARE CHA\'*B FOR A PERSON TO ENCAGE IN bnrlnc!-* m v u l-.tngion. iii a well eatablinnid Suler Supply S*oie, ma ibiing a good burine.-*; have a hno count* ton will* autier*, and il.t* beat location :n Ihe . *ty. To the rii't.i kind of a n an his is an oi i>iriiitilty reld in met with. Will * i'ln-r sen o n ei.Hr Ijr or ue.epi a partner, if iiintaa ly Mil?fn lory. FornartiotilmsaU'lregaM. 0., Herald oil) *', Willi lea. i nin*- end addict*. BUTCHER SHOP AND ttXTl'llES I OR SALE. IN* ipnraai 4ti. Hiidtiin TTlAcroRT FOR S VT.K OR TO LET?ITxjO, TWO J* alone* high, w ith large Sheila, w ith or Without strum power. Appy *ni iho p inisi i, FJlty bfih rtrect. eoi n< r of Se sir.d a* > I i.e. N. Y. OF.O. STRATFORD. 1/OR SAI.K? A LADY, ABOUT BRKAKIM1 II' ' 1:0 .? I vriiiiil' would lib". l<> o! tv obi|(0!l I'miiiIiiijt*-. >: '>!' "?Hue Fruit and the olhtr FJ >\vn*. Oval f rutin*; very hmnif n:?, AIm>, two .mailer utica, eulunet >i ? . Addren. I). <1. (*., Ilernid office. 1/OR SAI.K.-.lRRN'LRY KTORK, ?> YEARK E*T\RI1 In :.? ?!. . . Nil*. U'ake Mock end nxtum of n W ?> .1 .let' H.v Stoic. In a flr>t r..te lo'utimi d.urn tnv.ti, now in., "n ;.i?.d l .mlncK*. Aodreaa Jew tiler, !! tal l ?Uic<-. I/OK s'ALK?TllE HiOOK AND FIXTI RKS OK A SBr I HI- Slur.', on Jlttliulwaj ; leruitl caalt. A|'|?.jr at IK/J mot Hi', ay. VOR KAI.B?A WELL LOCATED RECTIFYING DIS. I? II li t*, v here i- fry |.rofitrior Ion,.una .nn br none. A (mi. e M'ldutu In U in I with. AY no Id take a im-rtTiitn i.l/1'u iin * ' or .mi in exchange. Addrerx C.. box IUJ il< raid llfltlT. 1/OK BAI.K-TIIK STUCK, FIXTI'RKA AM) LEAK 10 OF F a hue O nc? rr I ill our. ol in brat Ini* fir in alt i ta f II n..l.ti:l .-alii tvnj oenrabl-: rent iow: nn.v i'nil.IX n yood .-h i iVII li: mid low lur nnli. lii-aa..!} ol- ft-'llli.c, *1..' t r >|. on i lea* tut tlie country. For |iai-ii u utaapp') i-tto2 II l.? anoet. Siulta Brooklyn. >j10t: S M.E-A ' ORM1R LIQUOR STORE, NEAR THE ' )' i iiv :, :t in;11.-1.> iI .ari- .inwii town. C ".in I "III, I.' w" I ..I! !' OH! Me tetaia, w. 'i it Will out rt.nli. Anil:rfi' iCBo , llelebl .iJl.'O. So ?g"u;h r.oed atPT _ _ I I/OR H \l,E?TllE LEASE AND TWIT. I S OF A TEA I an.I C iller Stmwell l iteil up. Heullow. AA ill be Mild . b"ap. lequnrat U1 NintIt avrintn. I/on sale -an established bread and cake Jc J in ijr, In romcq . nee of tbrilrail <i' ihe | yoprictnr; Finn.I a, I Jo rut tin It anil; I l a'..'Ht 3.11 Itinad ! cei, N w;.ii:. AAi.l bo ci-j C. d ol at a bui jain it a iW In, wail a c _________ l/OK F .I i.-AN OLD ESTABLISHED FISH AND r OvKer Market. Ant'lyatftl Kerentb aveattc. T/OR AI1'.-.A KI'Tl'llLR SHOP, DOINW A WOOD J* Im. in i l> ati ii u. 740 71 iidm < i.ue, lot talc cheap for vuab. ImpUre on <h? prcinl'ne. lAOIl SALE-A OOCD I ORNF.K LK,VORSTORK. W?LL JP mi aicil, iili'l now Oo ltg a goml Li ?.ii< ta. I'm i-rnia i.pply loll. >1. FI.ARK, nit". J o i'io k, corner of Bunge ami I'fjriiOinli slim It, Buoklyn. VOIl *A1 K--ONK OK TIIK MC8T MAKKLM IN TUB I1 c!l?, in w doing a good Iniaincaa; large Si r. ami li??eturn 1,24x75, Vug h-ate; very low nut ; ?ol0 on a.- mint ol - Mill 44 of p o.'t ii for. A[ l'!y on premises 158 menu", i ar Twi nly llr'l alien. IjlOR SAI K?THE OLD ESTABLISHED FAMILY OY di i house, 81 1> 'iHtri a.reel. a i ril rate i?li I n?linm. Sold on am run of the tiopihtoi hailug other I n?lnetk. Apply nl 81 Iretamey atreei. F40K SALE?A I INK LARUB RESTAIIUHT, BRORAbly ilolti (Iho l?c*t | aj ing buStnmiK in tkia i .li; perfectly I hi inf li"il nn I li i' il Im a i;< mlrnii n's ami latin a'aai on. fl ,10.1 in ous'i; I e in good properly. F. 1>. ml II tUPSON A u)., St at u 81 Niimaii atreet. FOR FAI.E-FNOINB AND BOILER, AT A BAROAIN; enjin li Iinli rylltulcr, 12 lm!i tiioke, viry <oin|uct; tubular boiler, 12 l"' l long. tljg loot dlaii ctcr, neatly imi, mi l In flr?t rate liinn'ng older. Apply at 85 Iprg'u timet, MmoUyii. TAOIt BALE-VERY CHEAP, OR WILL 1RA0E. PAPER J; Itangn g Fa y. Address or apply lo J. V. XIl.LhR, l.?<t New Vuik row m. r, I,. I., or JO rulloii ilrvcl, Brooklyn, wi.cre tin' ?oo<)h ??n be keen. 1/OR s U.I TIIF. WKI.F. I I'ABLIS!.! I> MM NO ' Milfmii, with linrrtln brnite utlki It'll, SI I Eolith ?veII p; tt ell let libit ' MI'I iliiln* ;.'0(,d ??; nr si be kold luitneillkteljr. lii<|iiii?ul i>. ill'MKE, I3S llew ry. I/lilt A t.OOD LOCATION IN THE NINE* let mil w. rti, i. IMIIanl Saloi.n R? .iiimtit. Itavmx n-i ff kltllelteil l?11e11 ek. Jii<|tiie ol C.lKM.LI l> p All* LEV, potior nl Ft riy-terpiid ktrcei t.i d H.ith imb to, I/l)It SALE-TIIB SELENMD BAKIU O.M, WITII I" Ii'km' <11 burnt k, No. A7.I Fiilti n itreet,Bii>"ki) ii. it h ri-ernly It fit tit op mitt link two flelllkt t;eotl ImliuU. Apply en the | remise*. t/o't ralx-at a crkat racmrics, a eihst I" elii'i Hi iie*l mi nl fnl't'ti hml Hi'di. rn) t. Cni-jr u i imhI ?. tii IMllitliUlk ?| I ly in M M. II. V..NI1KK. HI'It;III, CI Wi li klieet, (olHt 1 I (In Null, .l.n 1111 1 1...y / 11ll 1 VHY i THI.K FOR > ALE TO;; Kill BR WITH li ih irk 1 1 1! I-' * t u ?. tn.w ,loi: 1, h pt.i il bum A i t 1 nite sinu 11ur m ? 1.nil until. !>nil*t?i .1 ly nantuitgiteu ft- 111,'. A;i, y en 1! e pirrrtlkfk. St'4 Tlilr t inc. /'i;n TIC. E .: ALE - V OOCiOORi CUIV'V.'I'.t. I:;-; V t in ii n.,t h 11 I it 1 ,?h It''t)" 1 f tint I en. it 1 it,1 < .it h N :,dt IV. 1 11 .1 -1 1 i? 1 <1 'I I.' I: nitii. For I l:u J ul tii ;? liieittlw.i;', In ll.e itei* 1DAY, MARCH 7, 1862. FOR BAMS. J

rjrocery Y' a :i alk-onk of tiik best stands " T In Liookp i-Lotc.- ami wril belccttd spick; r( li tram; ami low rent. Will bo sold at a lurgaiu. Impute of J. CHARLES, D7 A'limUc stigel, Brooklyn, between 10 ami 4 o'clock. GIROCERY i'OR SALE?TUli 8IOCK AND FIXTURES I I f a lust clam whulc-atu and n ull Grocery, *uu..P il lu a nourishing neighborhood. Sails;a'tury rownn given lor selling. Al ply at lUu store, 14.> E.glilli avenue, ueur Seventeenth struct. TO OYSTEItMKN.?FOR SALE. S':o\V NO. 'J, OLIVLR slip, East river. Apply on l-ourd. ffiOfsfl WILL PURCHASE A COFFEE, IRA AND vP'JiJyj SngarKloro, on one of the bent l> nsiucsa sin cis up town, long cstni lu hod and dolus a good business. Tlio proprietor has btir-nioxa out ol the eily. The Slock, worth nuns than the money. contnh to Fixtures ill the bargain Call on I! H HOWES a 00 , 4k9 Broadway. HOI noo ns, ?cr., TO X4GBT* AT NEW BRIGHTON?A LARQK FURNISHED MAN J \ a.on, or mauling billiard latih a, itas, water works. Ac.; also three villas, all on the Heights, hmicro tmpri VeiiienM, ilmveron I vi geiabie gardens, fruit, extensive grounds, - ahies and uoiirn houses, view uiisurpu.,rd; live ruinutek' l'roni Iuiry. Ap;lv;oT BOND, 1T1 Uroadway. AT hob0uen?A NICELY FURNISHED three story baat-uicr.l (loose, In a private family only, runt f -00 a year. Inquire at 13 South streel, Now York. A DESIRABLE PLOT OP GROUND TO LEASE, tiR JY lor sale, i.orneroi Jane . ml West streets. L-.J.2AS. occupied us -i u al yard, -rid is also well calculated lor a lumber yanl or for anv p irt-ohO le-pitrioe imiclt vacant ground. A p. ply to Mlvr. !i < Re'EVii, i orn r >. C mal nml Centre strpetsA FOUNDRY TO 1.1ST, FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? ill S un Slug, N V., wllli Steam Engine. Ac.. will bu let li otliri biialneas, will be rout -d v-ry low, or sold at u barfiiin, or exchangud fur city property. Address Foundry, Herald oflico. An elegant country seat to let. for sale or e.xi li. n :e? at turn-; Ring, N. Y.. live minut-s' walk Irein d pi t, t I'lundld mansion, with six at-test will be I t for a ! rst class I otel or boarding house (pilvaie family p- iVrn ?i), or tvnl be .sn.d much lielow its vult-c, or exebunrcti for l ist, elnss city property. Addrc s W. A. I'., Herald otle c. All YE -TO I KT flit SELL, A HOI SE. NEAR depot; rent >' (hi. Also, a new hrick House, Ui 'I'li.rlieth sin -l, west of Hevetilh avenue; pi c? $d,'.'.Vl. Inquire of Mr. EN N IS, J!ve, or Mr. CROMWj.LL, I'd William slicel. A LADY WISHK;I TO LET A FRONT ROOM AM) Redroom, v I'll convenience lor huu'ek erp<n/; wn-. 11 j imdud< T; a stood. h.ime for u young married i nuple App'y nl23.') W.&tTwenty fourth street, between Nir.iu uveint s. A THREE STORY HOUSE TO RENT?132 MACDOUJ.\. gal street, one door iroiu Amity, buth, g-.a, Ac., runt $660; rnrtilniro anil everything necessary lor housekeeping ran bo puiel.rsed for about Immediate possession, fan be seen between Tami l. All in good rder. ? A NEW BROWN STONE HIGH STOOD HOUSE TO a.\. r ill fi r SOW?All immoveinents, furnace, bol niu! eoid wuler tiiro ighout, wauli tubs, range, hath, An.; dumb waiter from kiirn u to drying room, on top floor (noyard); four storiesand basement; a very nice bous", aoil all in perle. t or.Yr; iniiv be seen from 12 lo 3. Apply to JOHN FOLEY 10S llroadwny, or ai bo Lcxlug'on avenue. A NEAT THREE STORY AND EASEMENT BIQB stoop lions No. 86 Lexington uv. nte, to rent; a very ilnlrablo house, with modem improvement* and 111 good order; rent low ton Rood tenant; may bo seen iioni :t to 5 o'i lock. Apply lo JOHN FOLEY'. Id'! Email way, during the day, or at SS Lexington avenue a!lev 6 1'. M. A STORE TO LET-IN SIXTH AVENUE, 42 FEET A deep, '.villi marble li p counter* and all the fixture* nil', able for a iai y store, bakery and confectionery; lux. It and front basements; rent $26 per month, p tyable la advance. For further pai tlciilars impure at JSHlEiidge siree:, Brio'sb'n. A C ORNER STORE TO 1 ET.-TIIE STORE OF HOUSE _t\. 7di Washington sircet, corner of Ferry, from the tint if May; would make an cm client stand Inr a i.r t ela- s proeery. l or purlieu ars inquire at 7(M Washington mivet . A barb chance?to lbt ob lease, rob it cooper; or stabling, in the Seventh ward, a Lot ?.i <jround, u lib it Building r.e story high, extending oyer the whole let. For particulars inquire at 222 .Monroe xtrei t. flHANOES FOR BUSINESS MEN.?TO LEASE, AN ' el I es abli-bed family Dry Hoods Slnre, now luop.ualion, No 47 Mun'g.miery street, Jersey C ly. 1'ossrsaiuu can be had Innnedla.ely. Address J. S. M., on the premises. T2TACTORY TO LET?ON LEASE. ON TWENTY-SECOND T street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues; 75 feel, front; Not. 71, 73auu7o. Inquire of J. F. MITCHELL. 62 Wall Stl ret. 1aau.m TO let OR FOR SALE?situated about ttvo lull's and a half from Tarry town and one mile I roui ihe UarFun Railroad, wiih IromAO to St) nines . f good land, a ennifoi tab'e house and lino outbuildings. Will be let to an industrious ami responsible party only. Address box 1,003 1'oxt oB'.ee, or vail at 62 llrxici street, up stairs. Furnished house-to let. from ist of may, tin- t'ory, high stoop, modern built House. No. 14 Bournmn place ;Wr.-t Thii ly-third street), opposite ihe large I ark of the Blind Asylum, one of the most desirable lisstlona in the ' ity, and will be let to a satistactory private family at u bargain. Tin- house haa all the modern liniuore mem*. Is In lirst rale order, ami furnished complete throughout. in pilre us above. Would S"U the house, with or without ill" furniture, ?t a bargain. b1 CRN I SHED HOUSE TO LET.-A HOOD FURNISHED House to let, In a good neighi orlioo? j will lie rented low to a good responsible tenant. A) ply at ?.o,'? Bioeduny, in ihe t lore. {BURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-in BROOKLYN; rent ' 82J per month. Horner Htore to 1 t, sultat'.c lor it di ug store; upo one aullable for a a gar store. For lurthcr particular. Inqiilra at it*) Bridge street, Brooklyn. IAURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, WITH " alt the modem Improvements, tollable lor a gcn'eel boarding house; water, gas, bnt'.i, nt..iloniiiy witshlitbs; near the errs and ferries; twelve n oins; f SO |>er monili. For further peniealers lagufac at 2>.io Br.dsn dm, Biookiyn. I BURNISHED ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO LET? 1 Witii I'veiy convenience for hum ekccplug, on s< rond Boor: term* only 83 per week, lududing gaa. Also a large well furni-tbed Parlor, front, Good opportunity for ttius-j tired of hoarding. Apply at f-8 West Tnenty.firih street. 1SOJRENT-TUB OLD ESTABLISHED STOVE AND l* T.n ft.ore. w itb Dwrl'ing attaehed, in the village oi Long Braneb, Now Jersey ; only one In lite plate. Possession on In. impure at lamtnuny Hotel, this day, or by letter, to John A. Morchead, Lou ,- Branch, New Jersey. Harlem cottage.?a beautiful first class Cot age, 111 a guuJ neighborhood, to lot, only ton uit-e una!! family; a iare tliance. I'-nt titOO. Also ? veral very nice and ehoi c Houses, at from $.10 to 8110. j. v. LDNKY,jh6>iBioadwr,y. House and stable to let-no. im east twen third S'rect, between Second and Thlnt avnunr.?A neat three story and basement brlek House, In go >d order, with modern improvement.,; rent 8^00. Stable in rear, on second street, 25 bv BUI; r-nt 8-IIS1. Apply on the prcti is' or to J. T. MILLS, corner of Filth su t.tte una Fotty-lourth slr?-ci. House to let and furniture for sees?mi mo .em built llouse No. 71' Ma- dottgal street itent modera cm 'I he Fitriiittire will t.e sold low and tern.s mnue t?y. A u.irtof the pur base money rem remain a reasonable iluie, s tciirrd. Impure on the premise'. Houfifi to I.IiT and furniture for salt?.?this i??r,.n c.iann' to ft nsli, in the llwnc in new i ml iu i.i.'ili? d with new furniture lu.-t spiny; wis lisimvaaud mirrors are Included. There arcui j>h m i.i n h gi n Cuin?n boar i in;; in ilia hm,sr. aim ' >' Mm lottgiU a tree'. Hotel to let-including lodge koov. hay m ?heu utul sUbl? a. only two I,in k* from 11 ui !?m I,l.clu'', mi11 mi istiililishrd stand n. twenty-alv vf'S ,. Apply nn tli" prcmiai h, turner of Ti.lid avenue. umi 12 in str< < I. NEWARK. N..E?A SMAI.I. FAMILY CAN BK ACC01Tliiouated ?iili n hnnili n no I'm 01 slid viii' ortuolWwon a, mi the second llnor of a Mat class house; in'liiiil tvs'ci closet on an mo Hoor. Location rei.lta;, llii lii'ii'iiP*" walk ?i. the dej>o'. Call at the silv rn .1 r's prco nt 1 ra ilin g, M Clint' n, immediately. References ei hivn;;cd. Offices to li t- for light ?1 am factum no pni | naea, ai loir rut* a, or will rurnlah Room* to good parties nii'l take an interest In tl,n business. Applv VLliX, CSTK VNDEO,;?;>Broadway, entrance No. 1 i'.uk FlVMf'IAN R OFFICE TO RKXT-IN WEST KOI R. Icntn street, a Ml,nil olhcn, with ail? ping Km.mronnri Iing. in a ttiai class English basement luno; eligible ami desirable; furnished handsomely, Rn- ami I cut, Ac.: lent $3 K> p<rann nn. Apply as nhm a, 120 Wait Fc riecnth street, lcte.con fc' and 10 A. Jl Possession immediately. IIOOMS TO LET.?IN 1IOUSK 40 HUDSON STREET, It. one Room and Bedroom, just pi t in goo l order. R"nt J* per on.n'h; also a ainuil Room at |2. Apply to IVil. i.OVKI.L. in II.i' HUN. Rooms to let ?the second floor, in house 131 Wnvcrley place, having parlor, bedroom, ami kit, lien; have Just hern papered and pslnt?d throughout. Hi nl $P .TO |"-r iroiiili. Apply lo T. M. rodm AN. >irtropidllnii Rank, MItoatlvil,?r to JtlHK II lMhlv at thai tter, Kent s:w.-23 ihvino pi.acf.-to let, as a dwcllm : house, lorusmad private fnn.l!?; hm-se is in toi M dele condition. Imp.lie 011 the premise,, betwee 1; y. 1,11.1 3 I'. M. Steady steam power to let.?lakoe and au.all Renrna, well lUhti d; am lioisiwsy I'ose :sau 11 ImiiH dlntcly. No. 4.11 Water street, between Viae and K itgen aljpfc ctTOIlE TO LET.?A FINK STORE. WITH OAS. WATER mill linn . ow window, in thn now homo t?:t Division Mi-eel, occupied la't R? a dmy (tort. Uuoii stand lur any luilnw Low mil STORK 0:0 I R'JADWAY AND BASEMENT IF DKSIR. <d; l? frst i I'ortn r of T?rnty.flrst street; I num m Is r'.-i'sn'lr lilted up for a rrstatiniiil. A; ply lu J. A. I'LLE, 31 Wt >i 1 hit-.v lint strict, I rem v to II a. W. SIXTH AVKSlTi STORE AND HOIYK TO I,ET.-BEST lor.iilo;i 011 ttie avenue, between IVeiity-rcrnnd m,<l Twenty ato nta. A (ply hi 371 Slatb aicuve, in ui? Heparan re, near Twmiy third street. rpo I.I.T -THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELL1NO X No. IIU Thompson sticet, lie it r rruiee; has iin", l ath, r:i,i*", *< ' Rent >ftH per year. I .'mi be men bcineen lit A M ami I I' M. Apply tu RALPH L ANDEllTUN, 21U < ra>ml sir et, in the n nr. rro LET?VF.ItV DESIRABLE STORKS ON TIIETIIIRD X nitni", between Twmly litll> end Twenty iinli stru ts, mljollilni! tr,n llill'S lleml Hunk ?Le 'itlxtift ti el. Tlie|to,.rs above tl.c slut s are tlnlsnrd e.< ; iMtJ tiiul sul Slsnili.l y, aid manned fur 11 'iimilj oil earli Co r, n .11, i.ll mo crn '.in) run nieiils 'flic sioree and l<?S( tin 111 will I c I? I tojielher. it desired, rr llie ? hole house to 11 lood u iuu l Those who are ai oi 1 ei.|,mlnr lor li e 1st of May i.cM ? onlil do well to ioi.k at ihcs j ifn I sea. Itimilie of JAMES IVATSilN, Akoui, 1,1 1 he 1 of John Kelly, 'Jo CI oinbera air el, lootu No. 0, TIO LET-IS BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY, (ICR. teller an,I lie # 11 stone In' nu l l House. 111 j > i 11. t , r r ? llli M ier and ?.is llMurr". end reedy lor uionedhiie i reupui.iy, silo.1 H.'il In linn inj, 0.1 :-IICrt, be I tvreil Cuuri . 11 I t 111 i ll, bint Hi Hi ikly 11, w nil n 1 s 1 n en h side, 111 I mil. u hie mil:" n > '.'his 01 II in.illoii avenue lorry. Tu (in d li i.nnt itnt t'lfll pel arunm. Apply to JOHN ti. HILL, L'J li 11 ad stritl, 1 p si: lr?. fitly LET-ONE LA ROE ROOM ON SECOND KI.OOR I mi' 1 rn ' ui!. hot and ro' I svnirr. H" in I,us s", iim ,,,! i'i 111 m.piiorn" ins. Any ?vu.'eii'i 11 and *1 e liavtne fur. It 1111 e ill I Dd ll 10 tkel. ndv uilA ' o till ?l 1 * |u It a 1 r.HVi 11 I'wiInkaireei, tie ? en i'i in and > , ,,v., s fpd I PT-- Till! H'MlK Ml. .4 SEVENTH \ I NCR 1 11 1 il 1", 11 In e? n I'll ll'Ii an I'i :t 1 u.. Hi s; 1 e,.| f p l.d' . 11.1 '.11 .em | 1,lien inn, on I wl.l ie pa In ; '* > r "I lei''"!. Ap|ly:il the oil ee in it aw ku atr?< t, up ata is. ^ HOUSES, IKXIMS. AC.. TO LET. I rpo LET- in WILUAMSIJI'RO, SEVERAL TWO 8TOKY J. I Hill three > h 17 brnT. IIkvh; also f' r salr li'M Vacant Lotaou moderate term*. Apply to 8. J. HUNT, 111 I Kuorth avenue, N. Y., or t'llAS. KO.YLKIt, corner of Ninth and Third struct*. W .lilauisbiug. rpo IJR-IX (il'TTENBELU, N. J , TWO UOI'SES X " tie suitable for a bakery, ;!".< otl win lie If ic.* in rooms Eor further paim-nlar* apply to tilth I HE LWYEK, near the premise*, oral liOULEK A KIN' li K brew nr. TO LET?A EIR8TCLA88 HOUSE. IX COMPLETE REI air; painting and panei nip r.e y o- ne, ttud with 1 ull gas fit lute : baths m.<! rloteu tltro..ghoul. Ap- > fur parlii'ulaissi Ifil Ureei.e si *?:. rro LET?TUB THREE STORY DWELLING HOUSE I I WK.0I Kighteentb sliK-t, b" tveen Stcomta >1 itvcniu ?, in good vrdi-r, Willi uli be moth ru improveitu .titr. To a goo-b tenant :t three yem s' leans will I"' given. Apply at 2? I'hainbois 1 reel. ri'O l.ET?THE BASEMENT Til REM 1 TORY BRICK J dm lllug hoi.res, 1U .4- eaeli, .So -. It' .1 1 44 T. tills uven.o. nt a ino'lerulc vent. Not'lvi'll he shared to s a tors II reiju oil. Arp y to VI. ILL! IjLOIV, Nf 'il'iuo street, ortn JOHN C WiflTE, IS \Ve? Tw. ulj atreef. rpo LET?A HOUSE AT RABWAT, V. J., WITHIN J. I've iiiinuti a' vv .Ik of ile|.i! .. ilum hour's ride to thin city, <'iinmining ten In.s jj; s .biiiug'iout, and well itu I euteni water I'onvni-in. a .a ge garth 11. Location \ery i.l"it ,i.nt. Rent 5l?ft per annum. Ii. u. :e 1 n the premise*, Of Jin. M. L. CJ.Al K. TO LET-TUB TWO BT< uv AMI ATTIC BRICK II niae, No W Seventh a 1 it. ???; 1'niton tve.'cr and very 1'itv. ..race fi r a inn.ilv. rem mi , 1 hp ! 1 o'.-ilu-r pari. ulars apply u 1) T \ u'."i>iu,e. No. 8 ''ny Ho.I I 'TO I.KT-A GENTLEMAN'S OOINTRY SKAT. AT PEL1 bam, V.' 'tchiftrr man y. n s o- upied l y l{. I* Mi l | ris; tie linen- I- a Urge Irani'! It'-'is", 111 ?: ?-- <Iri. r, tvKil ban Isnmr'truuiitls alia-hud, and a Farm about lifty-itvo a res, l'r< nuug on the water; line ils'i.i. uiuiuu. lout ,inv ina : : .i\iI k tenant. Apply to DEYELlN A MILLER, S! Lllx rty siren. rro LliT- PART OF TllIJ BOU R NO. W CHARLES 1 fiii ri, W'.uii n | .a-r. to a a...all !< lie -table family. Kcferemts given ami i i . ri'O LET?AS 1-OLI.UV. S, YI/,; HOL'SE 23 NINTH AV itI nue,at Jin. nersnnttm; ..i*> ll H- iae Not. 242, 2ftR HIS. 250 .imI 2 C i-*t i'I.ii loin -Ii k:i.-i t, .a taiati perain.uir.; Isotlie Houses Vol. 220 and .3'! iVVm TIP -<.i. ' m. i. at 8710 por aim in. Apply to ROBERT GREEK, Jr., 152 WestTUhry-io iiuitraj, rro LET?A par*, OP forty five acres, in the A township of No; iIi Hornp-shul, <v * ? i oitutj, belonging to H einflate ef the lute Ohrts.opberHeii'T. Ii is | >atnmly k iimIi it o.i the shore of Heinpileail liaib-v, n arljr oppoIlk t : i, i'ove. twenty-six miles IVniii Nw Y u k ; oil tin' preir.'" save a dwoiling, tenaut ami l aih house. lai n s anil other out l .Icings; possession ait n lunu'tllali ly. Apply to HENRY R OK V. I l l', tk N.:?s- trect, N. w York. fTO LET?A Large DO! BLE*THREE STORY AND J. bin-inn nt 11 o iiM1 in 175.h sttvei, II r ein, bi iwrea Sov >ntli iiinl IN l.ih avi nuis, t\ itli a', modem m.piu emcnls; street opened front N il Hi to K >-l livers, ami: tages pah' tlio Uoor ivory lio'tr lo Hm boat S t.I'Mis, whl li go nn ami ilotvn In ihe i lly for : ix cents. Large garden, nitli nit nti rubbery . table oil ilm rear for live or six bora-s. Toai e?iionalbhi tmiant it will b t l asei! or rented low. Ini|iilie ol >1. WILLIS, 179East Twrenty-iirst sir-ei, or of SA.". KENYON, Third aveutie sad lud stro t, Harlem. TO LET-IN A DESIRABLE LEGATION, 97 SECOND avenue. Fait ofaico.bin bull high stoop non-e, eonf.sting I ihn"' Uuo tis 'in fi" it. 1 1'i.or, t itli use Of 1 nib; two Rooms on fourth floor, and From Bnt "ment; gas and hrat II ili iln d. Apply - ti tbo premises, from 3 to 5. mo LET-A PROMT PARLOR AND BEDROOM. WITH J Tearoom it. the rrar, on mo olid lloor of house No. 358 II room ' street. Inquire at lii 181 hauiliers street. TO I KT-KVRNIS1IKD, A EM ALL THREE STORY" House, comfortably ftirnlxhi 1, situated itp totvn. In a I lean.i i ecghbuibooil, a> a small family, without children. Hie present ov" punt* {asm.all family) would make ariangeincuts to board In the ho.: < if 'hey could meet with de>trabk parlies. Adt'ress lor two flat s 8.. Hcald ofli< e. TO LET?8EC0MD 8TORT ROOM, 38X10; GOOD ) lace for L iliurils. Ae., skating or ball f om, light ma utifiu in. iiig. Also a Stor"; Hist late stund lorgroeeiy. Also Rear Building, for family or Hub room, between Nineteenib and Twentieth sue t;, Fourth avenue. TO LET?ONE OF THE l'RKTTIEST FOt'R STOP Y IIoiis-rin ibe ity, and tbo situation ore of the best ; i res, ned and paper -il In p..PI. I jtilro on the premise*, lb Weil Forty-sixth strei t, i e ween i-'lfih and S xih uvi-nui ?, from 12 lo*4 o'clock; or oi J. E. RlIAW, 82 Natsau street. 1.. IU 81,1'fl . Abu nearly opp if l *, 3 lirst class four story |pr!<-e.s. N"S. .37, SI) ami 41. it- tit SI.200. Possession hiinn;dlutely. Wu: irxrhar.go the above lor other property, with or without inui" rpo LET-VERY CHEAP?SW10?NOS, 613 AND CI7 X I'pfin. I avenue, between Thirty-*' tenth and Thirtyfcij;hth street*. lour story Houses ; nil modem improvements; will i.e | in goo i order. Inquire on the promise*, oi of .1. E. SHAW, K5 Nassau street, from 1 to So clock. rpo J.F.T-KcnNisHED rot sis on states island. X eight mile* from Yaiidcrnilt s Landing, ?i?l within Hi tnilc t f a depot on the Statin I.doml r-m*!. Garden, ice lio'tc" i lUlou), ea triage homo, A with the place. The sitnut'on is retired and pleasant; i'H r.enrncra to the city makes it nib-si tie it residence tor hi 'iness m< u. Apply to JOL'KNEAY, K < .ciw.ty. rno 1 KT?STORE AND LOFTS 123 GRAND hTP.LET, X three doors'wrr. Bowery, suitable for .tlmus' any kind uf business rent lenv to u 'jood tenant, Inquire In bakery 11 or ?lie Elizabeth mi ret. TO LET?19 UNION SQL'AJtB, WERT SIDE. THE large mid commodious House, with store; lo iition unci,nailed; all modern improvements. Store and saloon 1<H) lei t deep, handsomely in scocd and furnished, now dome a sale and profitable bmmes i in conicctioneiy the owner retiring. Apply on the premise*. rno LET?A HANDSOME HIGH STOOP HOUSE, WITH X all ibe modern improvement*, in a good neighborhood, 142 Eual Vwuiity-Ki." cnlh street; to bi let iow to a good ternnt. Inquire at 136 East Thirty-fifth street, TO LET?A FOUR STORY HOUB3, WITH ALL TIIE modern improvements, eei.tra iy locajed (Suitable for a ladies' boardit i; house), containing thntern rooms; a portion of the furniture ulll be sold if i centred. FBr particulars adtlrets, * lb real nauie, I). A. L , Herald oUlce. rpo LET?ON RT/. rRN ISLAND. SEVERAL NEWLY X ereetrd Cottage*. in Fielders park, on t'antleton lteivhtr, within live utilities' walk of the lirat landing. The park !sithoni twelveaorea in ostein, with fine aud extensive virus of the surrounding hay and country. Apply to TO LET-A EAIUIK DOUBLE HOUSE. FURNISHED, and having all the modern Improvement*, m l very ulaas.'itly lo nted In the vi|i*;;e of An >ri.i. ro.s?ers:ou given J-lof.Vaj. fmpilre of RDWiN MILLS, Esq., Astoria. TO LET?ROOMS ON BROADWAY, IS PACIFIC Hnnk and Inaur rn. e Building?Tie ir.lie second story Fleer, snl able for aim.ret e\ rry Knnl of bdsinet*. and Ho mia, wirli skylight, on fuurtk story. now nwd As an artist's nuOtu. T>ii|ub< fur I artlenlara at ibt Bank or Insurance Company, 170 ISl'OMt W I). _____ rpo I.RT?ONE ELEGANTLY FURNISHED I'ARLOR A and Bednsnn for a gen'liiaun and hi* w ife; also *evr. Ill li minimi Ko ima for qeii il' ineii. Applj al !"J I'r.u ? tier i, one block v. "ft of Broadway. fpo ) ET-A FUKSHMKD HOl'SE AT ORANfiE. NEW j| Jei> }', wiillii livr. mill Are' v.alk of ih'- BrP k < bur. li depoi. Apple. Iieiwoen t!i" honra of Id and 3o'clock, lo MOIvKIs BKO.'S. 3!> Wiiiiani rticei. rpo LET-TWO THREE nTOKY BRICK HOUSES, 123 1. and 127 V> i *t Trnili aircet, with luodern imj luvemcnis; In good oi d r. Inquire. at 121. TO LET-THE TWO STORY AND ati IC HOUSE 170 N nth-In-t. and English basement 171 K.iSt TwentyIbnlstr? I. I'liry are amall, with evny onv nt. ncv, and rent /nply fn a. i.ivi \oston. isBeekmanMttrt. To i kt-iih: cott.o.ehouse no. i.-> wksttiiir. tj-limtli street, c.,nts n n-t rll ti.e modem In.pur.ilueiite, \vi;.< r, l-V, pea "u; uilw*, i i nai c, A- K i.t ?uoi |iei unir.r.t. to li. T. BABBITT, OS and 70 Washington e;i ui, New V .'k. rpo T.BT-THK IJOI UK NO. f.0 BOND -STREET; IH j c.vai, having an i riei.slon 1s..0. Tim location la very ilia table, Oilier a? i vestdrn e or f ir business prtrpaani. Kent low lo a to" 1 lc ant Tosti ? ion tlvtu immediately. Apply to K tNTlJM, GO Wall street, m i. T'o n;r-tin: house no. t.i division street. t.V- Is will IIMrd for tv milliner, having suitable l.i. 'i. ?,. mi 1 uilniv m en I eg used lor tha. bu-ln Apply lo 11. A lidtlliftT, 61 Wall sirrrt. ill il tloor. run 1 T- ir I'aRWANHVIT.I.K. RIYRIt K1HE IIOTKI .1 i.i I.-&I nrtet ftepntinl n aninn ten llouaea overlooking tin- M i'hoii rlsci; rent $:!/) In S41)"; a ? the ("o.itilry S ai if II. F. Fur mini ul 111 * 11 lis i gr. with rom h h >u?" ft ml *;a'iti?, <*0 k ei.<l l will l.mno, gru. r un I n.??> lunim-a, wtili nil klm'i uf fnili. A No Itouaci l,:'3]anill,iNllaait?iiji ihI lufc W>?! Thirty brat alrrot. U. F. FARMAN, I,CM Broadway. rpo I.UT Till', infill fTOOF, Fl'LL WIDTH, TIIRF.F J. f. >rjr llo i I , i.'.i Fourth all vet (All ! in p'l < >, near N*. uri-mir, ? lili mudi-rn iiii| tovein ill*. Itn I $9W. In* |iilr>!ftt St; Wi *i Eighteen lb atreet. rpo LET?HIK UPti'K IIOBSE (WITH FOI'R STALLS I tn roan, lii'Flir'euifitvr ativrt; tonl $(29. Alan L ister l'oil ul bo'iho !'J Shi.ill TlilrU ni 'ii, William sinrg, mil "u W) i'i i i mill Iui|uii<* ul 3ii Wc*i Eighteenth ktri'ftt. fPO LET?WITH RTF AM POWER. POKNEK OF J. IVi mime unit Mi-roer ulrrcu, large nnd msiHli iw im writ iiftl*.( (, in*Filling Ural iluiy and I aw-menf. al*o la ge Rimnn ii' .Hi i Hm'vIsm y. Api'iyoli III" lirrnusr*. 117 Un'Oinr aliTi't. ..I M M i, \f,B k SUN. rpo LET-TUB DWELLING IJOU3K NO IIP E's1" J L ghtenmn ?tmi, neai Irv nj plaee. Fan I ' >rrii w IS in < o'i lock, l or Icrina nppi}'ai No. DC nr 13.! fc si Nio oonth nicoi. it", i t-T t 111.* sui i mi.' nni'sr tii iv SMI.Iiii sn Jl family, ejrroni tiie I.'i'tilnl ll??or. *hWi Ui^omirf ?i!l ur"ii| y I,<*i -elf. The Iion-r H in guild order, all modem Imti.u rmrnl*. SVIII bo Irt low to n (pan! leu* .1. Intuitu a: 1*1 W ri I went) euth aired. fpn LET-IN RUOOKI-YN, NEAR WALL hTIM'KI A fury, two Parlor*, Iwu Bedroom", Kitchen, Paul ? ind Cellar, lii a lilto bo iae. containing I'a'li'o on, pita, Ae. To a H ml el lauilly of two hi iluee pciaoii* ihla liarinrliaKt, Ad.1rr.aa Homo, llerult' )0!' f. To LET?THE l!Ot ST'- 334 KtXTl! AVENUE, NEAR PR M ililenberg'a i litlfrh, In complrto order; li?liilmti Oath, rungr, A> n.imhlo fur a \ hyalcian. Can be at" n frmi II to d. riii?oiiloii linuedlatgljr. Apply to 8. Mct'OY, 3 Third avenue. rro ik ninr.k hn?iiy inn sk. mini easement A 1?U W l Twenty .onrih aired, containing nil the inn rli in Impi 'Vi iv ul?. tin* Itlnrta r.nd larpa blot ghiaa will l,< Jell. I nvrlie on the pirmiact toda) Iroin II to 3 o'tlot k, ? m;"MIiii Fifteenth atriTl. mo LLT?OKX1KSL HIRES STOKY HtOII NTOOI A n.r ' it irrfrin ii.ii ta. 4D Fourth a;tret, noa It nk a;n el. ' , (hi,,. |.? y j|, ,,, pe# Washington nreei; mo c 'Mi rtoilfitu tin ,11 laiiilli -. lr-pure aiMi ill il- on allot i, in Hue; or..'a in ultra re iloi?'. fpo llt?the uoi'te no. tn urlenwicii avkmt 1 inn; 0' v o nlli i ? 'in u; Ins i trirv enure' ence, and wel hi I. All I; at lb o(P?t SlO time i.rhli airret. uj> atane. rro i.l,i?TilK S10RR NO. i;i SIXTH AV8KIE L i.ol'tliivri! coiner ol To e'nh rtretl, IS feel from on ii.a avenue; in exit I. i l 1.nation f i I ,,r cii. Apply ?l tin dice if 14 Orcenerlwh antei >| I'M I |: 1 11 I; lliilcl; VII I'll Ml-sr TWELFTH A nr' ti. I>?itvren -ixlb mil Se entli avcn'ie*; l.a?allilie modeln ini| I'Mtinn i?. >-?i I w-ii i'? pni In npleic repair \pplv 14in" oil e. i ll lirei iiivlch virei l, up alalia. rr ' i.i r \ corner ?t nk ci i, stfp m?: k for / A I.i ri i i.itc giiKerv, dvj f " * "i mi) oi '"i- li-.t, .e.g. it it I lb, pi i | nillor n i!.u i i'at.-I in he I.Hgi'.il Wiii> Vl . iii'l i ? cr m i It. V. M -.i 'mid in tin imtn It lift ; I' . 0 ill[, i ; i.l .tl.d lti-': It iill a ,\ cu i ihi'iiorii ai, i on rrl i n ; into. W^nt;' or O. W TUft II i i \\ . , .1 ?|. i lAtlil. O ' . ' e: I i : HI ' .'t i) itlt.i ' i.,:. Uiaxticria, ur J'JIi.N CO i( M.I.I . Wel K. ? 3 I HOUSES, ROOMS, dtC.. TO LET, rpo LKT?TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE IP PER FA KT I X of House 24C Ea-i Sixth street, louditlhg oi two Rooms, tw o Bedrooms uud Pantry, with gas and Crotou wa'er; r ut $M in r liwtitu lu advance. Apply for one week ou ihe preIII l. ' s. | rpo LET?FOUR STORY'HOUSES AND FARTS OK A 11 hi es iu E ot Thirty-third street, between D.tiii|UO and Third avenues, In good order; batli, closet, wash basin, I unite, lull and Gold wain ; also 11 Second Story IriMisdnttS tans snIoii. \| ply to E. s. BOND, 21 Nassau street, or ut 105 East Thirty-third street. rpo LET?SECOND l'LOOKS OF KOI. MU AND C&l A Broadway, veiy desirable lor tailors or any ll?bl business. Alto, Rooms i n (.bird and fourth tluurs. Will be rented cheap to to d tenant a. jr. B. UHDON, W9 Broadw ay. WO LET?AT RSDL'CED RENTS, THI JUDSOIM i new large Hlorea V7 and 99 Sixth avenue, neaWollerson nun ket, also, the npj 11 Stories of same; alio, the up|ier fart oi the Gymnasium Builnuiits, 93 and U.j, !iu i..dinji niuusi1 ui i.| pa tua. Ac.. . . Apply at 158 Wavsrisy pU t rro LET-TUE I OUR STORY DWELLING 311 FOIRTII 1 sirei i near Um . way, will, law extension, il'thted I turn the loot, Suitable lor a boarding house or lor i > s rtrsa i ni tios. !. R lit runsohaoie. Apply to A. LlV lNuSTON, 1'J Berk man street. rpo LET?THREE STORY \ND basement HOUSE, 1 ito Spring s'i.el, near Var..:k,ll room,, pin iern iin| i oven.elite, good yald; house In good order Can be seen rroin 2 lo 3 P. M. Apply lo 6. C. CI,ARK, t?18>i Broadway, or In the evening ol I'i Varick sired. rpo LET, FROM APRIL 1?IN THE BROWN s-.TO.NE J houses eornei of Thirty-i'i 11 tl street ami 8 vi i.tb avenue, Chllre ilonr. . ioiia!.-llii? of live ami seven reonis , .oh. lit,- at the Ionises Irom ii to ti o'clock T, or of A.M. F ANNJNG, 2*25 Bowr ry, Irom 8 A. .M. tori P. II. rpo LRT, i ii 'M .M IT 1 -TO a small and RBBPEO A t iile lainily, the ? ', ud lloor, and part of the third, of I lie house 118 W est Houston sir, et, bjjwecn 'fbi nipsoii and S .llivan, ha\lt,u all i he modern improvements. 'The housn is in a pool o i.hborhood and In lira; rate order. Good releu i f a retpi i d. Oil view from 1 to P. >!. Impure on llie picuiisea, oi ui 503 Bin adway, S'm ou l lloor. rpo I et IN BJ.OitK! VN, THE FOLLOWING llOPSES.? 1 No. 74 Se-'i.nd p!.i Nor. 73 and 15 I hr h pi ,ec. Nes. 41, hi all I it! President street, at $350 and M&. No 13 I- onrili in.. v i err I. house i roui eoi n, r liih at . 8?>0. Apply o K. MAsTA, No. 3d 11 leka street, near Far lis street, oi i.l '.IJ Ulili.i. sue t, in the evening. rpo LET OR l E w- H-V THREE MOBY AND k'TTIO X mo I tii j i-ivab: Dwelling House, In Tenth street, m ar avenue, containing pas lixlures, wati rclos, i, Ar., throe rneiua deep mi hist I., or, and Is in good order. For urds of iuhnlas.o.'i ujipiy lo U. a. IvlBSAM, 3d Pine st.oel. TT LET OU LEASE- FOR A TERM OF TEARS FROM May I, II >11 I N N". I i and Ui Li,p-nur I, Apply loJOI1N ATTU1DUE a t>uN, 631 Fourth alio t, trim it A.M. to IP. il._ _ rpo LET OB LEANS?A BRICK DWELLING, WITH L bakery nit o'bed l in a pleas .nt und thriving vtl energetic baker? For particular* apply to j' LSMlil, Mo. 10 Old ftl'p. To let ok to lease-on staten island, montgoin'-iy avenue, ijuuiutiine Landing, two Mouses, from tbi: 1st of Mav. Impure ol Air. JOHN CAN VIM, (jtinruu i u.'t Landing, Stu'.Mi lufnnl. TO LET OH LEA IE?A KliiRT CLASS MARBLE FRONT Store, 601 Bioudway; House and Store htH Tldrtl at onus, a three story brick Mouse la Fifly-Ulth street, east ol Third avenue, *ud a Carp"iiler Simp or Failorv Ml Thirtieth street, wem of Third avenue. lu<iuire at French's If tel. r'PO LET OK LEASK-t.N STaTEN ISLAND, A l.AKftE 1 Farm ai d Dwelling Mouse, now oecupiod by II. Kil t* l .nd, at the junction ol Wesuu n avenue (leading l?t Hall tl'? Mill*), with the North Shore road, and opi?iiite Elizabethport; the house contains on the lirst floor >t_I t : ores, seeond floor rooms, and large utile; with ihc house < n be bad, if re<tulred, use of large barn, sir.oke house, chicken limn e.uml bout ninety acres of land. Also, hew Deviling Mouse about one luile south of the former, on road leading I rout old I'lncu road In Mallett's Mills, ami now occupied by Churie- O. Iloughcvotii; very roomy, two siory house, with cellar; wiihit may be bud land adjoining for cultivation il required. Also, DuelHug House lorn labor, r, being I he maresi house to toe latter, and-oil laud adjoining; iarni for eiiltivalion may be bad If rccjuiiod. Apjtiy to J. J. CI.DTK, I'ort Itiebiuond, s. !., or lo JA3. 11. ilKlCOS, gj Wllliaui street, N. V , lunn IS. riio let or lease?several FINK offices IN X the new building No.Ni Nassau street; also ihe story and basement House No. 111!' Fulton street, near Broadway, in ihls eity, and a large Kuctoiy in Newark, N.J. Apply to fkancis ltykne, No 1 ft Nassau street, fteo Yoik. TO LET OR LEASE- AN OLD ESTABLISHED BAKE. ty; established for ttfleen years; these is three or lour roams attached; 2GU Division alrtel. Inipitrest 114 Dic.t-uu alret 1, near Cuual. rpo LET Oil LEASE?POSSESSION AT ONCE?THE X two story utile and basement House, 6tvj Hudson street, n ar West T> tub struc t, trcsh painted sit 1 cleaned; ulue rooms, basement and dining room, gas, eold bulb, clcandeliers, Ac., Ae. -Apply at .111 Hudson street. rpo LET OR LEASE?THE LARGE AND COR-MOD IOCS X Building .'HO Micenivl li ?ire<i, corner of Jay, to f t aa it boarding house or liol J; aupptieu IIIIO mi I C inroern convenience* and in perfect order; rent low: peitrtnioa fives isuuadiuisljr. Apply io J. o. DORK, cmhe prcmlaee. rno LET OR LEASE?ON 8TATEN I.-L \ND, TWO 1 mllea I'rom Vi.ti'ierl ill lauding, with omnlbua LUiutnttne eution. one of the prettteal Couagct on Um UIiumI, wl h atab!ea, barna and of jro nod, with n vunety if frmi. The n-i.;biH.iIn oil n.e b:6l ou (be island. Apply at X70 Broadway, up atulr.". 'I'O LET OR I.KASE?TWO OFUK'RK Bl' \1 'TIFUL A Hoiiaca, Kiiuutod on Clermont terrace,!Newtown, L. I.; ra h house contain* thlrr.n ruoni*, has all the uuxirru improvements, with iar.'e gurih n and lawn in trout of two acres, with ireular currUp-o road, cotnple'eiy fro cited from tbn main I out; only two mtniue* iroru railroad d-pnt and thirty dive niinoti'i liora New York. For further partiintars upply to A. BAXTKIt. on the pr 'tnitca, o. to SAM I'EL LtiKD, corner tit and ami Cbryattc at recta. rro LEAKE?THE B1UCK Bt'lLDlMlK COVERING .1 four lotaon tin >< ntilt aide ol Fourteenth Mrect, v. eat of Tenth aTeniie, aitilnhlH for a louidrv, ta orv or any mecjtanical purpose. Apple to E 11. LllULOW, No. 3 I'ton atrcc, or JOHN C. Wit HE, lit Wcet Twenty-ttr?i .-.ttect. TO LEASE.?THE SIX LOTS ON WEST SIDE OF Tenth avenue, corner of Fonitoemh sire. t, h iving brick ollirc, etalde anil iiiiiveitl.Uvts; atv more loU >au be bn.i in lite reur. Apply to K. 11. l.TOLOW, No. .1 Pinr atrcet, or to JOHN C. WHITE, 13 West Taeutj I t st Si reel. TO LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BCXLPINO s|? bin id way; a me lid by 34 feel; ator.ea, wuh Ca-e inrnt nnil under basement) would ntnko n fit i aaiouti; or raeli lloor separat ly; mo upper Itavo lieeti nttod uu for lodge room* liii|tilm of H. OALltRAITII, Es'|.. U7 I'ulIOU atreet, or A. E \CLKFON, 731 ill ord way. TO LOAN.?THE LARGE AND VALI'ABI.E PIER foot of Atlantle atreet, Brooklyn, formerly on-upied by Helmut! Inland Railroad Company. For part leulara n pnte ol SMITH PANCUKR. as Water airerl, or at tbe olltce of B. C. J. It., Son tit fetry, Brooklyn. Those wanting rooms and steady hi n ym pnwrrat grrally ltdH'?il rrnt*. run l>r well anlnj >11 UnlMlnj?* 211 an.I 213 Omiv, nti.l 1.17 ami 11) Elm ili vl, Tim n urn" am writ llililr I ami vrrjr tlrnltiiblr lor alnioat any inn iiilm-turing bun'nrnn. Tin* nlrnin ? >wrr is alarm it oirmly mil reliable, ?ti| pit il by a Corliaa nnd Nlglitima!'' IM horse engine. Temni very kiv am! po-M'snlmi irnrmmuUIy, if ivuittril. Apply nl the office, 211 Centra at rant. OWAKTVUSimP KOTICEX. AllKI.T ARLK (11 NTEEMAN, WHO SPEAKS .SPANISH mnl Kni;l rli, wmild riip.i Inn mi!vicei mnl $111,1100 in a i.'T'-i loll wall rtlili'l-h'il mint una. Ailtlieseii'MicuiaD, bos 172 ll"iuiil oilier, lor throe iloys, AN KLDEHI.Y MAN OK INTELLtliKNCii AN!>IMT.Urjiy, with $l,o il i ,i#li, wiiuli ii tiiiftiiirsn nren>| loyment; IiH.ntli" blglily iifio liililr. Bmt ol relVri'iK-raglit-n ami ri ipilratl. Aildiess S, am'.liiavlnn, Herald mine, Mating bumoeoi mnl h l.rrr interview uinj lc bail. No communications from ngents nnikvil. AKARMI' R?AN AMEitlCAN, OS I-O.NU EXPERlENl E unit tlir in *i '! referent' a; l? drnnvii o' '..1.1114 a farm anaklltt or mi mmutily Wai'A llaaa llnnmigli ki nwliMgo ul until. and il.e milk buslnns. Aildi . su m m. i> , uui i.vii lsrw York Post u'llce. An opportunity 10 i.nvkst about ?ina where It will be perfectly tsfe nnd yield ton limes thn nitiouiiilii less ik.hi inii iiiiiiiti*a; <1 l? pat. nt. tint a mrt a| p r nt iv3 East l'mlb *tre l ii-ui y. cvnd venue. ay ul' m n >tbI'll. Partner wanted?with $,t,l'l)\ T) take am efptnl Interest in ? S'ruw <j??> !? ?n l vi linrtjr bntinesa, veil ? : tntil ili.'il, iii 11:1- city. It. im-iu'i > n.-i.ged. oiw sr.iimin'e.l v. llli I'm |imfi'iiih!. a'ply to ireland. ijincki.ry a < 0..63n*- lumnl. \4'anted?a pirst oi.ass akckirnpe opera. Tf tor, to take an Inlne*! In An ?niiiro:v|hj gVlery now ft'abllsbed, iil Bowery, corner cunm v., urinnir on li.illi sis. n. b.?Cameras, show picture* Ac., nil complete. (51 --wanted, an active man to take pill ih?rj;r ul A iniuri and provision at., e a? partner; i .? r ill, and api.rlmeiit* lira family. Will wail for part i f l!m n.ohry, ?i a man la u.h-dcd. Apply ul u9 bowery, near limtid ?l ?onn ~anv OOOl? man having this amount run I pvnnw an .pia! parim r of me.jr v.?lunbbi Inrvn: on for ilnnmrdo us.', sown tiling nm , wmi.i bio.nuu. hcu ii loi requiring a pa'tn r, Nlrkinva. a lar~r p.ut atrrnly "Old, ih" rlglii nf iv lib h will aril In any county. bend for iimntar. Address l ot 109 Pom office, Elision, Pa. db i c/k?partner wanted, in on k op tub P*X?IVr. hull and tsfrst money waking bii'ii ?se? in operation. tl.e receipts an i ago over $.0 n day. ?i a bl It at least j.ia i< elenr jirollt. Nn limber espltal reni.lred, and a pel n.aitetit bus i.esi han.e gi sraitb c.l. a trmpe nle uu>n mi'jr nerd apply. This Ii a rate <p nlng. Address Leo, boa I9U lleruld .ifu.e. (j; tl nnn -wanted, a partner, to join the I ?*f iu V7. ntr illM-i, I i lb" inaiinfaetote of a n !? ' snd useful article, ? bi ll yi' tl? 41W per Celt pront. A large f rl lie run be realise I in a short lime. Innnlre bIon: II A M , <>r Irom 1 to a P M. of Mr JACUdON. <2 Wrat Ibirtjs Mtroii J street. (do 11/111 to wanted-a partner tn a IpO.Ul'" Palenl Mcdlrpie byginrra, now In s tecrseful 1 nul lII $.1vKl t'l $.V.'Is n-|?ilrW mull Ibepaity r.uit I 'fully s.. i id nl. If not, Hie money Will be returned. AJdreaa li. i. i, i ii. id Herald ofll e CfO nAl\ ?OWIJKJ To' "in I nv<i II.u * Nl (Hlw I, oi' oi.i r* IIIIT, a r*i. >|>|MNrti utly In r now ulliivil 1" to.iim "in'I" I I Mini rat in mi- of p lin anal uTria-S i.<'2 I mini; Ki-nn ?? Ne? V- a.' K, one ii. p.t iin??rr "Hiioiii itn n'.nvn t<mount In mMi, nl ; "late . "mm 'nd. A.Ur, 0. II , b..? 1,211 Moat u.r<*. _ | UAHINU ACAUiUllKB. AUODWOKTiI'H I> XNl'ISU ACAUU.MI KH, , No. .' I I it 'll.iv n I- co,. I taniy atailiNew York. No. I J," M "in a 10 - i. Iliookljn Cf.A.-'SKrt-Tni" a- - i?n.l tiiilajrmn lltonklyn. rl AK KS?'Weill. -tl..;.r noil; a In Now York, riivmai m lor tenna, *. , iti ,jr be hud at either k r. ii.injr. i ' TJIIOOKKS' D VNI'IMI Ai'ADr.M Y.1'11 BROOME STREET .13 TU?UKAM> MXIIIHITIUN UALl. w ii take |>iai* MONL'AV MY EN I NO, JUKI II 10. I Tk kel tomhull ii kci. cimm 91 oo 1 Tl kri to a.lrnll i1 i.l 5U \ 'Inil.I .n , t ill- i' *!? ,I on S ? i.i.iy, Mart-'i 9 na t pt to ilio.-" liol*t'i( minium, I tlrkr.a ? tick. l? lor Ilia ball. 1 CUAt* ' CM Ilk ? I AM N iW PI I.IVKI'.INil A ?i TKKIOR , ??V 1 \| ii? .f ' t11. ??i f in lv \ r I'll ?!, :.! ? I r i r ii n 1 " > #* *3* itnl tr ii. * ?, la v rii i n Cmi: c* Co ?, h'. !.'f? .Vf>l hefvr tuti ; It t it 131 KiuUiii awhuo. A ilEilHIfi %

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