Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Mart 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Mart 1862 Page 5
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Eiehmond, the intelligent correspondent afore-mm! bay*;?"The city is crowded with re-euiibt ed soldiers on furlough. A hundred whiskey hops are in operation on Main street and tl.e side alleys. Druuken men reel out, tumble -into the gutiers, sprawl over the sidewalks, brandish knives and pis't Is, and oftentimes indulge in those deadly conflicts which Oil our prisons with candidates for the gallows.'' That will do. The interdict of Jeff. Davis against whiskey, and for the confiscation of the grain in distilleries, had become a grave necessity. Llis choice, resulting from "Lincoln's blockade," had become simply a choice between whiskey and bread. Lot what will the rebel fighting men do without their whiskey? Is it not probable that they will rebel against (he rebellion? General Washington, by an armed force, was required to put down a whiskey insurrection in Pennsylvania. Are our independent sons of Southern chivalry likely to be more docile upon this question of the stoppage of thoir whiskey than the old time backwoods mea of Pennsylvania? Wo da;e say that, had there boon no whiskey, there would iiavo been C? . 41. -,...1 4.1... L /I..!. iiu rruviiiuii in iijv ouubiiy unit umi, umu.i w the wall by the arms of the Union, this rebellion cannot survive the additional trials of a war upon whiskey. Important Chanoks in Stat:: Taxation.?A bill has been reported from the Finance Committee of the Assembly which, if adopted, will make the most radical changes in the mode of ' taxation in this State. It makes all lands and personal property of the State liable to taxation unless specifically exempted, and it renders liable to assessment, the same as others, all persons and associations doing business in -this State, but residing elsewhere. This is a highly important change, and the principle Of it ought to be applied to the city of New by compelling merchants and others who make their money in this city to contribute to the expense of protecting, cleansing and lighting it, no matter whether they reside here or not. Heretofore non residents doing business in Now York have been exempt from taxation, which was a great iniustico to residents. Hut the necessity of a comprehensive measure of federal taxat'oc lm.s suggested a reform in the taxation of the State; ;,iul henceforth every fion resident who does business in the State of JNew York will be compelled to pay his fair goroportion of the public expenditure; and it is fto be hoped that the same principle will bo introduced into the city charter, so that those who have hitherto resided in New Jcrrcy, Jfobokeu Brooklyn, Stateu Island, and various vither localities in and out of the State, wbiic they have made fortunes in New York, will Siave to contribute to the maintenance of the city government. Tits Nashville and tub Elockade.?Tfce circumstance of the Nashville having run alongside of our blockading vessel off Eeiu^ori, North Carolina, and paM-od.her without exciting .suspicion, merely because she had tlic Union flag flying, suggests the necessity of the Navy ^Department organizing a system of signals by which the vessels of the blockading squadron and federal cruisers may distinguish friend* from foes. The code of signals thus established jought to be kept as secret as possible, and ex. vhaDged in every case where the slightest doubt exists. Any vessel not responding to the signal of a federal ship would thus be detected and ^eated accordingly, and such a ruse as thut adopted by the commander of tic Nashville <youl^l be useless. It may seem like locking the rtable door after the bore e is stolen to speak of precautions now; but, a? casej similar to that to which we refer inay occiif 111 the ftilurc, It is "?ot yet too late to profit by our experience 'Thwt tho officer in command off Beaufort, however, should not have had his suspicions aroused 1?y the appearance of the strange vessel argues ' Jlittle for his vigilance. at "The Incu^oIstknct of the Abolition Journals.?Two of the abolition'journals of this city?tho World and the 7W?are shocked at the idea of Mr. Sumner attempting to subvert too Kuuiu.ui'm* 01 our lcouo.ic uy oven involving locrt' Relf-government in some o! tLo States *?nd sub diluting territorial appointed by '.ho central power at Washington. Titcy denounce the scheme as unconstitutional And revolutionary: and yet both journals arc in ?m>r of the emancipation of the negroes by proclamation in all the slave States, la ^ict thi3 equally unconstitutional anil revolutionary" Aunnal CoinmrNCoiiKtit of lite roui.'ot nllr Street f'irillr*! Unlvcisll}-. 'Itie Tw<M?iy (Ust /unn il C? utmeticomcat of the KottrK'.ceulti stroet Kertical University look pluce ye-t.-rday oweuing, to tits eba-ml of tlie literary dejuriin'int, oipo *eiw> Washington l'aralo flrorn I, a pretty railslt?u<!ascc of lue fnonds and admirers of tkcfco eUout to graduate .feeing present. The chair was Ailed on the occasion by -OUancollcr Ferris, the following duliiiyuiahcd morn born of the faculty bom* also on the platform profi ssoca Milt, t'ajrno, I'oet, Van riiircn, UeU/ord, Draper and lit calfe, ar.d Dr. Isaac Wood. Dodworib'o band was present and plnyad gcre. id !?. , t'gbtfal pieces. The wttwt He* opened w!(b an ejipt .pri.ile prayer l-j kti.? I li in in,in n tin i.uit l.hil lUiioWioff life 1 Of ft A luat-* at I . its oocl'if ioo :? LIST OK OKAD17ATE&. Poll in T rukrr and F.(Uvard Bennett, H. *. (aiaJorfci' Oeti'iit, C. K. John I.. Bronnan, y. J.; Honry BI. JJrnali, "N. Y .lt otur I 0.Carlisle, F. C.; I'-.vlght ff. Cbunbarlin w?d Win II. CJiaml)'rlln, N. Y.; Win. C. Clark,W. I.; Ualtlou J. Davis, Pa.;Edmund I.e Witt, N. J.; James W. liickiu, 0. W Hunh Dohsrty mill (IcorKC TV.. Ed \r aids, Jt. Y ; Wm. II. Ensign. Conn.; J'hn T. Barrel', O. TV.; T.-lmN. Fr-'Mun.Ill.; All.ort M. ilnllatin, N. Y.: W. J. Milborl, K. 0 ; (loo Win 11;*toll. lie , .Samuel K. H"Uzisr in, InJ , Abel Itimtiiistin, Aug. (I. KltnUerly and J .Iin v. lanotit, N Y , Al r.i.l rf. I.aitliacl., 1'n ; John V. ,2.iud*.'JalO, N Y.; tfamnel ' I.*wtn, N. B.; BUiliins if.. IiOrd, N Y.; John N. Ivivra, K. J.; Funnel ft.ync'.i, N It , P-v rl> N. MnUlery, N. B.; l iorgs II- W'Jl'oniW. N. Y.; William II. M.nln r, itMM.. A*r.:i F. Miller, Pa.; Jam-a II. llllla, N*. Y.; UcorgoB. Mtngifr, M. Y.. Al'Jw Nelson, VI.; Tho/*. C. rO'0?l'a,;l"?o. ; Eugene S. O'coti, Oorj.o M. Own ( nil Solumm !' l'dok, N. Y.: 'l'li.-s. (U diners Pollock, pa.;.'ohn(i Pw'trood, Ve* ilarria Puslinr, Bin.; Wm. F. 'Rnboit on.N. H. Mar\In C. Biwlnntl, N. V.: V. Allen Scars, Cum. ;C. Soberling.Jr.Pa iJnlm (!. HincDir.C. W -.fieorgeC Smith, Mia/.; Juwn-s W. F n.tbvrorth, .'r., /Bo', I i i 'o f. Flair, Conn.; I'm 1-1 i'. Flow cM, S. II.; cy. visl'er II. s-trtna, N. Y.; A. K. Funine.*, -nn.; William i'a>lor,.lr ,nn?l a MnltThroop, N. Y.; J'.hn P. Trooi *, ?*a. Kempton Tumor, Vs.; I-'ort Van Kenan, N. Y.; tVm. !< V m It ypco. N. J.} fliouas C. TVal-n, C. W.; O n al F Veils. Kdward J. Whiiury ami Th mini F. Ysr-I, N. Y.?Total, Gf>. P. is** trcra avraided to the fellow in : ?"iitlumcu:?Pr. OlmfBntioo nie'.il I j W. U. II t'V, N. Y.; L'r. Jlols tt.onxc in - 'al to IV. II. MjiIi T, Conn.; l'r. S'nn Uurtu'n 4Jrrt pri78'M K neaefl. oiwti, N. Y.s L'r. Van Huron'* ] ict'iuU pri ;o v.i VT. il. Hate , N. Y.: l'r. Motoolfo's Oral , .prl/e I ) J 11 jMU, S. V.; l'r. ttetco'.fo'i swcoad pil/.t to A. H. L sub irb !'fl. I'm .n* r Van (Virm Una p i ce Vd to d livoi llw ?* lo.litt y .<-Mr . s, v.M' 't c.-ntasnH ?^mu wliolO'om# lr.*lti:' '.mi to tlio jrnd'.nlm wlpi were about 10 let * limit si. ml id Uio woi: 1 "8 ntclinl pro-1li 1 -r.r:.=>. TL# Pr . ? "i- aMo.liUl to the lsvty of lo,ps'nt! n.n- tckon In reinsert pin with U><? t.imilty, nn.l aid that K.uri'pr1 n ?uin/ri w %nr far altm ! : ino .'eiOik-ai people in thia ru:.;iec'. M-lnv llnattho l.cjji.s:?t.l > wt oli! ero Inti.j f. )lLai:r :t 11 r om.tin; i..i:i . It*p.ltlllr( IRNI pretention I" tlio .-. <i?r m : ?i ra ti t: ,n n? lnnl it ,Le p.moot ton i lo n.. n'.I.Jcd t > ilic j r'srnt vatr. rid i; ttinn inJ I !" < " iv,":.?\ln u;diciivo . i lis* in u Itn* | ra i'.ta 10 tbr t ,s| ..i.U tcr . itlc world; fef, at itn t nci i n. win is the i" >rk rront peace v. >..M asain a'nod In ' aire over out In dori-il country, rtwlinai uir^ nu I tl r turn from t boo. imp mil the hnipitui in I lis iiOHias . inoi igo ' l deal of kno.ilclge which would un doubt !> 11> milchl lu roaiy rr.ip? -n fhe>dt!ro.,s of lU# Professor til bailed Withftpph'iM ,*/ Hi? graduates. Aftor a ituellotlou tbo prcc:rd:a,;? terminated. mm FiiCM SHIP iSLMJD. Particulate of the Capture of the Rebel Steamer jSJagnolia with Eleven Hundred h^les of Cotton. / DESTINATION OF THE IBEW OF THE MI2B, A Fleet of Oyster Routs and Tlieir Crews Captured. Prisoners' Statement Regarding Affairs at New Oi lcans, iC.4 &C., &0. Bo-to*, March 6,1802. Tho gunboat Faxon, from Ship Island February 22, arrived lure this morulc?. Gipt.ou Sajvv reports 8 eing a vessel, supposed to b' the gubl> at Konshigt"in, which towed out the shlp-of-tho-line Vermont on Sunday last, at three o'clock, oif Cape l.utcrao. The health of the regiin inta at Ship Island was good. The weithor wa3 very hot, tho tUurmo.notor standing at ninety-lire degrees in tlic sh.vlo. Our hltlp Ieland Cerre^piindeuee, ('AMI* ('ONSTPt'TI'X, 1 Full* Li.AKD. Mis'.. } ' b. 22, loOtJ. J CelAra'itm of Wa/h'n/ ton't llirtkday? ltffcleney of the Ti cx j >?.Ircryi'tm of the A'eua of Iht Ution Victories? Aiiival of lieill and I'aymatten?MoccmenU of /Venal Vats L:? Tif Niagara Going to Nov l'tirl.?Capture of the lielel Steam r S.'agn- Jin and a Kibrl Oyrte. Fle<!, Sc. Tno I'uitcd States steam transport Saxon, from lesion on the O'.h iiif-1., arrived hero yester lay morning, with ixty thousand rations for loo Now England division, ami r a sl.c km os for Dos'.on this afternoon, I seize tho opportunity to send a iettor by her. Yesterday Brigadier Cenoral J helps issued tho following order:? Sun* Isi.akd, Mis*., Feb. 21,1802. To-morrow be'Bg the bir h lay of W't-hiugtou, uud the rere t glorio; a s :cccss of the government u ins over il.o coospirutors in Kentucky giving now ussuiatic.s that tho blo.-sings of thsse fine ti.Htii tiotis tknnd cKl,bli.-hod by him ore fill to bu Ira smilUd to future generations, the day will bo liail.v. with pocnl ar satisfaction, and will bo c l-hrat <1 by a natlouiU salute. lUe troops will form nt hall past alevou o'clock A. M. on the respective parade grounds, under arms. At meridian the salute will commence at the foil. I airing t'-.o hrst thirteen gun", the bunds will p'.ay "HuhColumbia," and during the last twenty-one guns "Ihe Btar Spun# led Bnnr.or." At the cocci' sinn ol tho saliito the companies will nn-th to tboir qi a tors to the tunc of "Yankee i oodlo,' and all I'tiilgtto iubms und d lis lor tho day will cease. i, V, I'MLi'S Brigadier Ueneral Oonunauding. v.iih I ho above "circular" the at the fort resounded at t en wi'h snV.f In ho\< r o bin. whose n.?mo can hlnct bo dunu.uu, Clfoi? ihough the glo" riotis fabric,, to the establishment of wl ich Maputo and uoblc life was giver., may crumblo Into fratricidal r ir. Themusic by tlie excellent bands of the Twenty-fcictb Massachusetts and Ninth Connecticut tegin-.cnl.s and the )aradcofthe troops to<ik place as ordered by Ueneru! i helps. Tl'.o flagships Niagara ar.d Hartford also lire ' "t'.iot'l -t con. At sum ice this morning the b lining of cannon on tL? main la id cf l'issi?slppi w s h ard on Ship Island, f bow ing that ev- B tho rebels have t ot ceased to vcr.orato the nair.e of h m who has eve: brc:i "first In tno hearts of his countrymen." liio troops aio uccoming inooi.giuy aomectica'ed ou tlie island, and aro delighted wl?h the genial climate. Ihoy have company drills every day tor revcrai >.ou:s> and will rhorUy commcn-o in rojimcn'al anbrigade at .muents. Tl.c 8 a.'e inuc'aiifeiibic in (Loir efforts to develop) tlia ndinl'.ablo tn terial of their r spoctlvc c mtnatid*. A dress pa ado is a sp-rtutio (lint would net Broadway or the Boston Common, and their proficiency J.aa bron wc piirt-d l>y ptao'ic i on u soil where the s n 1 is ?o deep and soft as to render battalion movements difficult in the extreme My the rol el steamer Magnolia, which was brought In hero on llio 2lth, we learned of th - s> lend Id Union victories in Kcntu'ky and at Koanolco Is and. It war council l lea tod to the soldiers, and this rtceited by thciu with gicat enthusiasm. Every hca, t was cl.coied and eucvitiage i by it. General I helps has been In a state ofalmcat tuulhyod happiuc. a evor since. Mlntevor may bo thought of I ho General's radicu iam, no one can converse with htm a half hour, and watch his conduct in cum.', without conceiving the b gli-st esteem for him as a good man, an, h tiest pat. lot ami a thorough :o:dlcr. The- three men, ot wlmm I wrote in iny iust as having lott the "r'.rid in tt b"(itg have not returned, nod Ijayc twee report'd ;3 do.^rU. t. Th' S-iiti 'go da Cuba arrived here on ihu 13th ins,, f.i in Key W s'.b irginc tho mat's of th.: I'rnsaoolu aud the 1'nttod Mates Tsyniasteis, M*jor L eke and Watson, end their assl.-tatits, Lieuionants Moore and Turbos Tliey w'iil pny 1 ff tbo troops ttt ;?jU p. int. Mr. .*sa ff. B!aVc. the of tbo Adams' Fix pre >.i poii.. /-Ud uis jffi.'taat, Ho.ace W. Bat, e, h;r. o e.itoilfsLe'd their solves hore, aud :.:t ready an ex cedent I usire. a in their lino. This eiiteri rise ! with great satisfaction by all on the island, andregarde t here aaonc , f the meal dohablo liu tit iticns of the ] Oct. M?e 'rH. Blake a.m have woo thu good wishes Of nil lit ITctra id xcldietf by tiarlr urbanity aim readme.-* to In.put all waMirv inrortnait >n in regard to ib shl| munt ?t money alto freight. I .'in rcin &to<l to tmV Dattir of tefidlag Ufa c ? . aliin ?.' , .1 .* .. AH.' Ill) Willi I 1)1' JlJI IV lift !llf? IVl" 5? k / ? nip fhlUU) |l I* ----- ?- ? " ~ w tdi g to tlioir fr.ei Uh hire in Jo?^ 'oito tin m-iacs 01 co v j arcs To tlio j ligmrntof lli# I*i53? '""co D.*|>art. nit-lit. In fucli o .so Ike iuito s will b.* soul . f in. "ro|>*i \ ?* !, mill will be ninth surer. fronton" thuir djsi-?3tl n Mini ir mark <ipc oaaahlpor another. Chip Inland ttmi' s daily (iron Mia a v.irio.l tc -no. Slilj ? and gi.nboins cnmrnntly arrivm: and departing cousii tiiii' an object of lutcrot In thciimo vie. Ui\ the ul'tcriiiN nil ill.' ?0. h tho .Voop of vv?r Mart ford nTij-. 01I. .U1I the transfer of a-nlmrhy from Co-iunodo.u II K*- n. of the Niagara. n> C iirnniHi 10 >< iinj^trt,of tlio liart oril, look l"!ii<o. 'ilio Nigia'v.ill I ate for N *w Y >ik jW'b ii'ly 0:1 Monday nV j ue-day. si 'piitnj; at Koy Wet!: JInr b. tiers are in very bid con-tit ion, : ml r!< < w ill bo 1 billed to icjiai. in New Yo?k before itkmg w..Moor erniee. t10 gunboat k. r. Cnjl r, Ciptjln I'iucIs Winslow, lull bore joaionlay in inhik fur Kry Vi'en.caM.g 111 Station* nil tb coast. Stio >vil| pro t> y b a1' eh?.! t'i llic !i.'!ou o; III? V f T which C-na rjoiK-iO Mi ,, or. I.- ti be llu 1*1. g Obiter. Coinin ilorc .VcKtcn will probably co <>n bin d tuo I'o.ourolii nl Key W?l, anil li r ni ,L-i liag?bip i.nlll lb - .dan .laninlo arrives, wlu-ii the will bo iiiA-tc* tl.O 111*; hip. Tii.- 0 laiern divi-!- n i?f the Unit sijua 'r> u cotnp 1 e* ail amicus 11.*: of rlni. ,'s ami, : u 1 il.o wealofh d.\ bleu, of which CninicoUuru Kan .jni ia Ibu King Oil nor, < outpr.. ce fchlp It-land lluatls and all Coinimnloie l'a.rugnl in very high / apikcit of, for or.o gj* anil nava' ah! vy. I annex an atcunttf tne capture of aspletiill prlxc by the gttnbo. 1 tfmiih Carolina, V/. II. Hopkins Lintl. ,aut . nniiii.ii. I n.;,.in-! al o lho c.i'.u.o of .n oy. :er flie-i, tiv ill.- V?'Y.* I ijiu'ioii. (' iiiLiiii I!' i ' CAPTl'KK OK 1 UK U.:BKL STEAK ICR ilAiyOMl. Oa ili ! morning of the l?ih at Hi-ant hdt t*?tsix S'jjJcvk, as :h<* loop-of-v a r Brook I j n,ra,.l. T, T. Wirn w.ih ott fjXS'-it - 'll* n. l'.'.ts of ti'Oii'Ci' I lippl, she aaw a atoxuitCel."# cat Of the fair and make ' r tho eastward. St># Immediate!; guvochx.-e, aril lotowed herclotaljr u.:tit lute In the aftertian, when the "bel tte.ini'T lii dinr t'.c Brooklyu taiuipg ol ber. ran n cl'ae to tho lur.d, for thi ptirjwao of getting Into ni'tlior water, where nho could in..ho better time. M ar as tlit Frooklyn wr.a cote mod this proved a politic noeaure, Iff the ribel root sained i spicily on her pur mer, and Wool in nil pro! ability ha\o etc aped; bi.t iiih.-.<|uent ownts proved the! In avidhg A y ha olio act her '.Charrhiis A.-i thn u"pronelied ttie iianpltiu aland I'sks.iiiT Mobllo lny, the gunboat Bnith I'nrclna 'ait her and h.-tiled her oil, tiring a?\ornl airdlathor. hod >utli Carolina canio n.i with tho rebel alio.t eix >V1. ektn ihe evening, url boarded ntid secured lior. ho *111 iwind tn bo the Xagmdia, a larho sldowh .*1 dfl?BiertaIta itne*. built by Vunderbill ?! Nrw Yoik or the Monihern ;-:?ni?ishtp Company, nu.l bound fr'.in 1 S' \v Ot lean* t > Hirms m lib a heavy<o of cot "in. liie \ini,nolU loft New Orlc.m. wilh ubatit fottrtern linnIred-ba.os ?f ecuoti, hut the crew had thrown nrcr the hiek P'i.d?coiaUihg of aoine two liiindrod mid tlfiy littles of notion?to luhleti thn venstd; they had also brown over a tine gun f"r iht> same purpoxo. 'i'ho n>? idir-R' flkTrs I'ooiid thn ship on Brt, and wero three uo r? in oxiUtptttshing the flames. 'ihe captain. VVio.M. Hhannon,of New Orleans, formerv ,.i Pill nit. ohla. a:.d ere v. and two Dai Tuners?hi ill twl.ty-oio |'ci?<nw?wo ? Bade tul w#r?. Ilia ai>t:i!ii ai. I llr-l c gtn<#r, b log perfectly d porale, adaub!* Ironed, ?n<l itie prtra wis lien towed into Inb'i' IV pJb ard doltvref^ t?tl'aOi";iillU'iT,(lrim- i muloro Ale!.can, ?n tbo btii day, the 30th. I'ho Magu ? I n will probably bo towed to Koy WVai by U". Ntaisa-a, li? oHif.n reahrpi ed for tbo Nor III, ar.di-t. will: lion be 11-,1.1 ire I nuil i.pnl in the srr\ Ire m a gunboat. Mi# id wi ll adapted for tlm imrpote, being rupiibl.'of sixteen !. bts>, and whrn light d onvii g only live and ?i haifOet if ua' r. With Io.-r full c#'go of eottoii aba tl ow only ciiiot foot ami a half. Ti e valno or I'.o rtcael an I rargo?eleven hundral ami le wilv lul u n oUon li estimated nt a quarter nl ft million if lioilnrn. Tbo do. pernllon of li r ofi'ijtr. , I- a Mr ikli'ir ilbe Irn'Wuot tbo to. rtblo can; ,tlic p of tto f.'O wi'h wh m iv have In deal. Th* mviiri H ft' tf:0 fitltti Jijroed with i'n; bliniitioil tli.It ho phould d"!lvrr Ills carpo to the ci rslgiwrg at llai ana, or, in tbo ot entof hid cap. ore lucvltoli r, bo sif<: 11 ! tr -;' tliv t hip. 'J be rcava: it of n troo y'.'nl ; < el the rn'terpt? c vn to bo no thoi" mi ilol nr# mora lb 111 hid pay. WIioii Oiplnin lahaiiin.n raw that tbari w. i na lv ; ?'i o?p;ipo trmn th' fmilb t'dif l'ma, !.# bob 11,?eo <. i. ir'.ioii pipe end the .'fa Cut, hoping by Hmn recant to n.,!< l.ii Vi I. lit: a .ot I mi! lb: I ton fund in ivrti 'J.!' 0 it planet, ' tlMtnglia r tic 1 the n fetj valve dor. n, r: ban : 'I llm tta tea in Ihi l"illu:o, mid tr: I to li. ,v tlr rhlP tip. I'o aver?Med in buret Dig one of ibo boiler.-, m l ft phie fiom it went i nlhlag through tbo ilee'a, mid strut u tbo ppeimil engineer in tie# ' id*, inilltdirig a won-d from wb'eh lie died iti ubont fl< a l.onr# Hi fare w.h borrib y e?ltd,tlie noio being knock*! oil" #iel hlsojJianJ NEW YORK HERALD, ' U>v;h tcj: ? t-rn from their t,c k?tn by t;.u liy ! / C ai.J allies. 1/Ti omnu was William Wiiu, from 5i?v?Ur leans, *n Cug'ishmnn by birth. Ho was abe t thiiy flvi yetiv "f ago, and louvub a wife and luui children to la tint .1 his tragical r.Uu. ll.o body was end v.d iu a plr.ii tb.'On *Wy 'leribiy morning was brought over to Shii lri'<.n/i hr v. Uinuian Huiit.ol the Niagara, and bu: toil by I'irrjiMlon*of tie.. pheIP?. '1 lL' b: iyaile com* t/rl- uTIm ?r ihe 'V *y?uT1*?; rcai,andsouie earnest arb' &ivro,u ia'" 1 r ,,, by iv. Mr. st ir/art, Ct?p,^ ?r 1 J ? c .'tn in .-as us respectful and tjriu. ^ i? - ,,u ob,out in i' had died in a true , , it il.ould la ro, but wfcrt ci ? knnlioi'e accuse cur government of tyranny to!"** tlie ftoutii md of ''outrages a guiuat humanity," wouu. givo to a traitor a Christum burial and a luyu. minister to say n prayer over his gruvcf Two olQcerscf tli.: Magnolia, friend* of lb decua.-od.followod Ins remains to the grave ami .vutrhed tbvm aa they wore lain uwa> in their nanow bod. One of the was deoply ail'eotod and wept f.tcly a irliig the service. Lei us hope Hint one who was a. d.voiod to a cause, thovg'i w io bravu n deaih so terrible,that even tin* most daring would shrink from, was actuated by a linn cnvictton thut lie was ruhl, nud tbvoforo feci kindly and forgivingly iotyard hn.i, oven u.. toward an rr. li.r irrotiior. . No further seek hi* merits to re, Or dmw his frailties from tlioir dread abode; There they alike in lt >; o The Los i;n of his Father ami his God. I h oi;?long conversation with one t tho offloers of the Magnolia, lie said unit the people of the South wrcre ak couliileul as ever ol their ultimate success; that tli ir policy is to act onti ely oa tlio defensive, and that th y are sure that the; can never bo sub ulate I. lfer ya that every hod \ is dri'ling in New Orleans, >tud thai u attack on the ci:y is aaticip.ted. Defoucts uro rapidly being made, arid tho [too;. are dulpruiiuaU to give tho Union troops ? wariu reception who ! an .lUnnpt is ni-ile to take tho city. He etprccsed tho m.*t bitlc. toe ing towards ih North, and was terribly chtgiiuedand an ,ry that lue altcm ?t to destiny the Magnolia was iiiisj cotuiui, and iuvei ^li ;:1 most otrnostly against tha id iu, k, to which lie so.* y ail: ibutod tlio failara of thr d.'spi ate bchoine i f tl e oiicois of Ilia Magnolia. Ho said limy were perfectly sure of landing thoir cotton at Havana, Ik cause thoy wero oonfld.'iil lliat the stoamer could outsail auyttiing iu llto federal lloet.tu the nutter of s;.eed. il>' Informant admitted that there is la'tcb sufCoring in N. w Orl lor tiio luxuries and neco o.nricaol li e, although ho Buys that the manufacturing ut'cul ii being wonderfully developed by tlio necessities of the war. 'I ho prisoners of tho Magnolia will probably be relit North. Fl i t Lieutenant James I'arkor, of the South Carolina, was tlio ilrst to board the Magnolia, and in his report to his cciiuuaEdiiig o.tlcor,Captain Ho, k'us, the following lunrt.-om - compliment to the r irst Engiuoor o the : oath C'a oliLti occurs:?Mr. Iticliard Imvory, of Uostou, the engin or alluded lu iu the report, went on board the rebel stoamer,and going down into the Qreroom opened tho furnace doors at the imminent peril of his hie. l.ieutenant Parker writes as lol.ovrs:? '1 hecon l u t of Mr. Livery vv. s pnUewolhy in the highest degree. 1 consider that it war at the ri3k of hi t life ill it ho entered ill i llrerooin winu ho Hi i. il rl he not bo.-u mure tho prize would ainri t certainly have been lost. 1 attribute her safety almost euti ely Ij U.s prom; t go si judgment ui.d a lion. C.VflUbK OF A BKB'IL OYSTUB t l.Kkf. On the evening of tho 19th lust.,Commodore MeKc :n ordorcd tlio guubout Now London, Cupt.i in Abnor Head, to run behind Cat Island, and lay there to watch for u nuuibor of small craft from Now Or loans that hare boon in the hub t of coming to Cat Island for oysters, and carrying back intelligence of the squadriu in Mississippi Sound and of the troops on .Ship Island. Tho Now Loudon hil in one of tho inlets ol Cat Isfcnd and raised h:-r socossioa fltg. Ail day of tho 20th the little vcssols c tmo unsuspectingly up to Cat Island, :uid before tlicy wero aware of tbolr danger I'm.nd themselves caught in a trap. In thij nnniioi* i ho New 1-oiKb.u bagged twelve of these small birds, and on the morning ol the 21.-1 astonished the ivsMcu^s of Ship lsaud Ij 8 learn lag into (ha Hoa Is with eleven oi " tlio licet" lu tow. Tho twelfth had crea;>od in tho night, probably iu tlio following n.aiuor:?Two of the New liOtulon'w crew wero 3cnl iuab at to take clu.rg o." tlio yodel. Due of the men situ was l"i.d of liiJ gr? g, and at tho vestel was known t.? have plenty ct tho article ou hoird, ha was undoubtedly ma ;e drunk by ilia two rebus ou tho sloop, and tha other uia i was probab y overpowered and tha sloop thou cut ftdri t. Tho in'e ot [ the two men In in 1 lie New Lotidou is, oi course, uttocr i liii'1. Wn trior they were turown tvorooaru or ukcu to >"?? O ' jai.B isa matter oi'speculation. The pri?. "*>4 ^\r' it' fr< &'?!& thirty-two. Tn.y t> Witsa lif Cytnli.^Mt^'o i o.ia and wore oflerod ttu'f ftW?*dn^ if in or wctiM n*c an oath cf ullcgiunro to tho I'nitafl 3?*** {erVflrumenfv Iwent)-th.oe of them refined, and .<s!ct'J (d M ?=("? No. tti or any where out of the Southern c nV.-Jrac)', for, said they," if wo ?? back we shall oiilior stir.s or bo obliged to go into t tic rebel a-iny." The other nim- have families in Nivv 0. leans, ami tor that reused wished <? go b: ek'.fcO, nf'.or ? ttninmterUif the oa-hti them, tlisy were put into o o Oi t. oir own b ats, with some provitkU,lMMai|C An tar as |?ouniary advantage is concerned, the smack* ore of very little account beyond fit. uishl.14 a l? g nuinhor of Soulier* aud uaval odlcers with a good d nner oil tho bivalves. s Skttrh of tite Pi t so Steamer 3In;noHn. Ilio Mig.ioliu is a N'orthorn vessel, Uken from he: owner at tho onibrouk of tho rebellion, and couso>i neatly as will be sc-n from her history which is appended, by tor scizu 0 she but returns to ter legi'.im tie owners. She 13 a side wheel slu-iinftr of eight hundred and forty ,'irc'j Ions burJcu^ rated in tha Amo lean l,ieyd< us an A roeeOl. She ii bu ll or coV'tud Co y" draws eight of water, r.ud Lad, or had, wh o I ..orthorn hands, one deck. She waa built a( Oreenpoint Long Island, by J. trimonton, in 1867, and vras thct fo?tcnod thoroughly with copper aud iron. T7.o Magnolii has :t vortical beam ougivo of one hundred and twenty (nominal) hare* j>ower, an la cylinder twelve feel ir diameter. P'.e carried one inde.r. drop-trap, and her security agtstast Aro was registered an '-good." Ph: was surteyrd in December of 1837, anl was do crlbcd by the sut veyorsas of tharp model, with tha dlntcnrto: s of two hcuJrt d and forty-six feci lu length, thirty-icven feet in width and ten (e.-t In dep'h. ??. j.-t" i* ir.'v. jt iu niu ji?ri or ?u:-K, :m:i H .err..1 b^ Ciiulc." Vivrjm. 3i?^o h?r 1>v *vci; sh? hi' been commanded, ia iii? Soitl.d.h lead j, by co^'alnu - ? J.?.< >, A.fJ.J?m? and ?? C. enroll. Wiioa com. m inded It) CnptMii Jone.', who a .hi iticutly cunniundcl li? t'.iliforni.i n term hip n'ji ii. s! i. . -ho w-b employed l:i Yxidctbi't's "fjip dtioti Una," i u I'liui from lterwlek'a i ay to Texas, autl s.iUmi tujutly Undi d bolw oa Nt.v ' rlcun* and Key Wi st. When (ho rebellion 1 re'eo out, l?y the i>;h?h ?or,oa-ion of ocvorat or Uu Southern ?tn'.?.?, the UagiMdia LyutlhIViut, New Or'.can.-, and was crmtnau tori by Cantata Cr we'l. ITore . ho tv.s (hut up aud ?j i otly c-ir d by itr cgml.- n:td cfll-or? of the rebel govvruir.ctit, and i:n' ly t-n .moralcd ia (lie alrensth rf th ir unv .t It t. lu November of l<t>l the Jlng lolia w.ia rjted In thr r -tr-l marina an a vrsscl tsInch had not vol been, but ml^'.t be at any 1, no, c overt.'d It-to a war Kb atuer. Ntv;s Frow THE SOUTH. Tin rlramor Cam bridge era a sunk on lh' 2'M nit., near Oraad Utilize. Kerty-trvo lives were lost. Th? iravlilnory from the various workshops in NVh viile T. .I tcmo\ed,on the ovacuutioo of tlut Din -o. to Ihsi lanoi^n. Ylie people of tin R>. tb aro >7 irmly urging end <! nmmtiug Jell'. Dttto to tn .i the Hold. A bit tor to g >i.>g ou Memphis, as to vrhelliT lbo t?v. n had bjlter be burned on the approach of tue fed-rul truopu. AliHI^T OF UNION MEN IN RICHMOND. [Ki i in th? RlehmoDd I t miner, March #.] On Saturday night Ca.dstfl (?'*> 1 win, by order of (ho government, pro,tctlod wltl, a i arty of eslei.l men in the I'.irm of Jobu Minor Ifelts, and took him and oil hie pa. pcra nuil private rorrespoudccti; m custody, J-oavlug an otricor In ?lu'.ri; of the put*'* "nd h"i?e of Hoits,Captain ijoodwin brut yht l?;m prisoner to this city, and frlgi-d Iilm l:i MclavnH's negro j til, situated in HI nnkinshlp'a eiley, some ttfly yar?'s north of Krank'ln street. Captain Ccodwiu th '.'t v. out to Iho farms of Valentine Heckler riid i'YsnUI n float na,und lock both thr's droll i.tioxll I'nioti men, nil of Utoir papeis mid lettuis, nrnl lirillsht UiiJti tu this City. IMW ni.d llnkler'a toilers aid papers have not yet I'.ron examined. r't'vtrns* Irttois have undergone oniv a oorunyand pvrttol <"tamln*tt?n. and, to lor. notlu ig of !nU*e?t hn been p n rl emoi.g t'u.nn, exeupt several letters from hit Hi i-d iJotts ticpgl- k iui nv ney. Wo uie wilder the mpre i >i tliul .as yi., Ilia governmeut Is in |<useoeelon of no positive informal I m that would oonvkit Rntte of trouson. But lio to known to ho tbn It-.: giliZcd loader of nil the d'sufTxtud, till tha low lint mans of ihe re I r.'pulilk'iD,Cfli 1 Schur* school, and of ibo vl o remnant of the t'nlon party. Aguuisl Jieurus'Mund Hurklcr's loyally th? government has been for u month In the poaece- ion of tin: mo t con iluslvesviileneo: end II I'uoto oonl ent of its, ability lo prove that hot hi i tl. so inou have been load In thoir don 'relations of wh .t th >' lni?, 1ie->n pleased to term tlic i - rein llioti a'id hivo.< -'r oid over again, expire-,<ed their wllliUgiiC'.v Hi m dice tln ir out Ire property lo . estore the iJirliil'jn In U J booth of I'.-e i 'ulicd Mate- government 11 . it.*i*i Weed we'd, ati l'i r narlv srroj ted h i sire th bog'-jiltii; fl tho * ir, V kuowu to avorj till zona* s bkraal unit?Uli;io41 nt " n. Millff, whu hit aim I or 4 1'; M, la ttMohiof or high pi l"Hl or (lio nocret I ro' ttrmati rep tit If:llow ol 1,1 Um if'. f i>. of whom RWinbara. l! C" i 03 pru'.oil,iwv?.itiii<:a the r "W ' proi.rarmjrat le t Ilen?iimii, boiistml i tint Un-y bad tb anil of n. oi* ar/1 ? ?? i duueo h>:t irmo.i >d In tho city, n~ I tt: uie men wore anroliod who wo tlti ihr w o.i f o n;>pri ii-li i t iho Yank" ' .1 my. An Iri.hmnn, ranted J. ht> Jf. HijJRii r hna uIro b Hi arrest ti and pwt It! tliBmnm p.:. n i? a oontiocti '?? <4 1 o|ot'"l I'oititi4tt, t't itij \ 11 -u..1 an iv I ? of iii/i'ii 'mhomarrl tltvs <?; rtwukubc: *. .< -i. tM row * rcora* irt . a I ism:, tl. i ln i.t to ; en I !tl- who .v ti family North, and roiiuilnii.f; tit tiaim-a thai ho (Crfcotan) ' :tva lb.-m rutcly c nvi ' ol 111 do 1 Hi# t.f triti-. lift - teretitly I i>cn Iv.ion of la , 0) r uovpriiwiit. Who lior our rov rhtn.'tit lim any rv('loMf 01 lit.'ghis intention to follow Coreoml'a counsel Ins 1.0I traio-ptrtil. It 1.-atiu tn.ii: loft: ntt, tho whi key man. ou nppronrhngtba p'H3:t,s'irvoyoil it Willi a most tonumpiaooa FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1862. < " ; i and r>- . d"V yw tiro ?cV.g to ti i -rlavn kite I'aiaV) ititu you nil baco to provide a much larger ) intl than ihiu." Mr. Sioariis will, wo th:. k, bo iml a l.i i!o cil'taUen In bis cul'-ulatkms. i 11 will I iivo.iicU'ii i tut, on ihuisiUy lust. Jot'" Cold i and Khar r mldii.g were iijrJjnod fhrLav* s * , of t 1< -oiutblo aire, iiidiuat 11 ?pr? ' galhhi that Gold lia'l p.telaiirtcsl Matt, f a coloi. in in. I and aim mood ih . fciiars and t' i o> w II n: i wove from the lop of our Capitol, au r. i:i!jx rau'di in;: amend:! Gold's aniot uo.rueiit v.i.i a? u. 1..10 i 'ib:.t a so. Wo stated in our lust pape -toeM y^r uiid tdrne 1 boib par ti- e over to th u Con.. rtciut j uoinui rilios. In ill a wc are luu taken. Tho Mayor ! d m, . oly com mi I led tli?i.i f/.r I'mtli.T c.'rauiiaaiiou, and tlioy were ifem*''ff'y brought into court on Saturday mil again ^^uvu.lted till this morning. NEWS FR'jrii TliFmnFcAPITAL. Tito Public JliTcucc?Hay inuntl a* 111# Pleader for John Hull?The Frobablc Pule of the Defence Blll?-ttumorid I'rojioicil Departure of 11 uymuinl?People's null Vu^ur Collrgii? More it ui Iron, tlx, Ac. A;.niTT, March 8, 18C2.

Tho spceoh of Mr. Raymond last night on ilia Public Referee bill in considered hero an nb'o ufUir. AU hough many of tho leading members dulcr wiib bim in almot<t every particular, both in hi* premises and coDC'.uaiou, yet all admit it to be one of the ablest mental eflbrtaof thebesian. Ho has, however, fairly car nod tho tit'o of decoder of the vagaries ol John Pull, lie went ovor the events of tho lust year, and took up ono by one tho aejs ol' Great Britain in relcronce to tba aDairs of this country ^inr.o the commencement of the rebellion, arid excused tho Knglixh govcrntno-t in almost every particular,not even excepting tho Nashville andTuscnroraiiiTalr, elating that Kugland had boa in the right, at" >rl eg to into national law. Ho hold tluit there hid been no act of tho English govornmout but what th) had been Ji stilled in. i'liore was a groat de.ij of special pleading for Ji h.i Bull in his remarks, but I will givo hiin the credit of say ing that he did it woll. It ono or tho Knglish liad dropped d wn ujion us for the purpose of explaining away lht> upparont iiicuustsionci 6 of the British government, wo doubt if wo co.-ld havj advocated tho cause of that government better tli.<u did Mr. Raymond. Ills speech liad a ore at elfcct on tho House, al the ? mollis inn of which the bi t was postponed fur two weeks. It now 1<> ks us though it would share a worm late than tlio $," 00,000 Appr.'pi i .t .on bill of k-t session; it is doubtful alio it life enough being infused int.- ii to pass It. It is now ro|??i ted. Mid geucriiiy believed by the members, that Mr. Raymond i Honda u Isnvo us for a uti ;rt po ried, I" be absent about ten days or two weeks. It irsupIKi-ed that he Is going to Washington to lobby nga n..t tlio newspaper tax. lie claims that iho tax wi l'.lail heavily upoa iiis establishment, am .unting to more tlimi tlio fti/iim.' c'aims its tax will be. How soma people U'teiiin wit n they com ' to foot tho bill resulting rrom their long ntid ci iitinuad agitation. These agitators have , sown the seed, and sow let tlmm reap lliei reward by u s: ug t ;x. They who will must pay the lldtllor. Mist of ttio session ol' tho b'enie was taken up tlihi morning in debating the bill making f appropt ml iocs to tlio People's Colli go. Tlio bill was amended so as to take the sum from the gene, al fuud instead ut thcc. mm. 11 school, and m that shape ordered to ' a third Foveral other bills were considered in the Cemmit;o-? of Ih > Whole, bot uooo of general Interest Mr. Woodruff introduced another rai road bill, proridding fcr a railroad connecting 'rand street and tlobokou f-Tt-y, running through (jruiul,!! uoin j unj olaer sltto'.s. Tho Assembly worn also on.u gud on g..ioinl t iJoro. IT.e. c was name tlnm sinjiit over the bill to provide for the enlargement of the locks on the Oneida laike canal toc .rrespond with on the Jfrie cui.nh Progress wus finally repot lod, and then tho debut a wis tinned upon tho bid to exempt'the Vasrar l'i male Semma, y,til I'oughk epste, I'ror.i laulnn. This incorporuU'U h-is some two hundred i ores of land donate J by Mr. V. sir with h. wirh the buildings of the Institution, this bill propotres to exempt fit m taxation. Me "C on w?? Wen on the *:'? -* * ' jtr. Control's bill for railr a 't lu New Ycrk provides .u. follows:? Itcc. 1. Tbo Mayor,Comptroller, Corporuliuu Counsel, Sired CouiuiiasKUier, i'resi 'ent of the Hoard of Aldermen, President of tho Hoard of Courci meo and Clinlrman of 111. Boa. d of twiperisors, and their siieoessois iu odlcc, are hereby appoint.>1 Railroad Commissioners tor tho ' city ami county of M iw York. 1 Sec. 2. The raid Commissioners, upon an up1 plication beiiiB'u|.ou reprenjiilatlonof two-thirds of tho properly owners u|s n any pi op mh! route, submit said api iica'im to the(.'ommon Council for their approval, ;ind lit caso thj i'ommon Council shall upprov and i sauctkm any rou e or r ules ir on nppiieatIon, then thy i ca.d Commissioners g'kill alvcitise tor ley lug tracks on i such route or routes, the ruils to to of uniform weight, tlu coniruet to ho given to th lowed bidder upm hi* or their Ming with the Com,droller secmity double tho amount of i lie contract. 8oc. U. Tha railroad trucks laid on any route or routex un'.er toe provision of this act shall b> paid fcr hy lax, to bo lovied u|on tho pri'iorty of tin city aud comity of New Vnrk- nod thn nitll raPu nnd trirV "kill hi* 111,, nrn; nrln of I bo city, . fee. 4. L'pon tlio complete n of the railroad track or . irulu s/\?? rUi/ routi or routes, the same being in cmdlti<5l ty V ri;s.~in therein,or ut any time during tit yi'fi'betf :?;c *!??, the mid A*iiroedCominl?Kloo?r() : <ih'"af,e fro, fur not .' ! than or.; mrutb 'c: p.uposols to ran curs upon ssi!tracks; tiial luo t-nviles# <1 ' running cars upon said tracks shall be givou to the nigh1 s.-t bidder, and Iho time stated for which said privll'fe 1 shall be f"c. 5. No 1 Cison shall be allowed more than flvo cits upesftjiy VK roa!. 'll 0 rare to be chirped sha 1 not cs 1 C u.i OVC ?-?DtS. 1 See. C. li :u>y 1 coeivcd for tho lic.nse and privilege of 1 running all can. on any rout a or roule3 iball bo paid int-i Tie t.-eacary of iaid city. S.C. 7. Tl.o said Cor.imisr loners rhall point a stip-ar1 i.iteu' out -?d deputy uprriuu-ntlct.t ol rut road,and also a clerk to cstd I'omml*. loocr?. r.nd g|ig ! dytfi mina tl-oi' eaisrter. - ?KKW YORK LGaiSUl'l'KB. Senate. AunttT. March C. 1&.2. W' - I OCR lutiC'luuid 0 bill to lo tho public pence Ml Sunday. It prohibits the sate of anything on Sunday except mea', r.ilk and fliL, and the -o before nine o chik in the moriiliM?; u:ak< s the violation of tlic law n misdemeanor, putibluldo with a ii..e of fu for 00.b or.onr*. Mr. t'ocxsix introduced a 1>|!| to iueorporate the Grand Mrret and Hob-ken lo ry Itaiina<i. lh* iitrporatori are Stephen lk'gart, I.. HcrrHi, V.'m. K. Ve id, NicheLis Ilia idt, 1 rodortck Creole, Win. 0. Port or, Henry P. Weti, PaHahait, IVin. E. Tlicro. Ki sfs CVr-y ard J'l.n I\ .'arl -on. The trio f- is to be In I from tho Hart Ibrot t'h Grand, (rorby, Browne, Clarke, Sprln/, Tfe?t, Wutte, huldviio, (.rand and (?n .i street* to (lie Itohokoa fvty. Ill lure tr lin ilvd In tbric rettls. A ;> t'(:<w wo? I'MPUlcd prohibit nig aiiietidinrut of the C wiKiilN, '("be bill ( > provide mem * Tor ilw payment of tho wards for 1 >nd* ink it for the c.iuai cuh Yemeni ??= rejv rlod fivorr.hly. Mr i ?IAN rojorled for (In.- ovb.-dderuiiun of the Senate ihc kill to appropriate bit tbui^*?il dollars to the iToy t'nlvr :;ir. 'lh-i kill I" grnst ton Iko.Mtid dotlura to the People's Coll-po was m ended r-< .i? to take the money <>u? of the flot.oio'!Vint, mid ordered to a third rending. Mr. fi,?) tolled rod tt hi.l to Compel all the ptisans of th Stalo t- keep lilkllc i Mi tee prism ore. Mr. (>)M*nti.r introduc-sl a bill to amend the law relating to a.-- tor?' wild almiiiiaUitori' fie? 'ttw Kiiia'.!.'1 r of the to-.r. ion ivm token up ia consideration of biii? in Committee of the Who.*. Iteceia. KVRRINO SESSION. lit -. Sir 'to met at -e\ an o'?d< ok. >1'. It'lirv, Ity cur- tit, i?|?>rfed favorably the bill to I require the admirshur ol i'ltlt.-d Mate.* prisoners iu btaie ami county pr salts. I hi btll to provide for tbo more spewly payment of rohi or* now in the irr>io of tie United State?, now In the .-tulc, was ordered to a third reading; also the bill to itpptoprlato 120,000 to the Cctnmi*eiry I cpirtmcnt and krere:* of armmats. The I ill to |irovent trafl'c In ewlll milk was coeeidered in r. inioitiee of the Whole and debated. The Assembly kill was s 'ihrt tutvU lor the Semite hill. Adji titoe'i. A .kctulily. AlJUanr, March 8, d80J. Mr. Anvni.n explained au im|>ortntit error in tho lax bill, n? reported, In rei ttou 27. The niotho I of a-certaining tiie value of rra'. and personal property should he at tlio prira for win. It fi.ih property would be sold at a forced e.ilc or at auction. ilie wt?? "uoV waj omitted. It should rood, "no1 at tlie pui?f" !.c. A la. go nnmtw of rem nett-am-i * ?nt| r??rnl?d by Mi. lUrmcx anil ?IU? ... from tho Xc-w York I'll# PrpurlBient, a,ali A ihe ailerntinu of tho law to regulate luuUiutr. Tin 1 ill to nr er:d the act rr ate a M- aid of rvmmleaiottoranf Ap,r;'i. f--r too Mi? Vork 1'no L'eparUr.. nt? c?nw> (Yotn t in S^ate. On tmli in o." Mr. CV.'t,M ,'.v. the blH wit '< rcfutrcd to n con ii.itu f litre X"v A rk 0?te itc*. ) li.o fin 'hi.u o()|? latcU >1. ?.. . C.d', Mcl.eod, Oivui,.\ . Wunl ami !:rii.-'i. I Kvtrt n frr.?r<?*. 1 lie vi'omWy n l at e-, O'olt rl . M.. K "t:n. te 'iir-eM, In.r?? ! r d r t -reurreut renint'.oti t r-tr (lla ; '.It- Senator*,* >< f u-?'itnj the "--vie -motive- III ( I / ;fc to opposo UlC fir- . 2,1 of tint lev blii b-f' re < etui*.:- S''bi:.ii the l?r< J -ill: tit ?tlf? fer?iit Fifties i n ; 1? * theii ?} , n'Oiiitnoi t of tl a p.ibi lie debt, o !> o !>' . 1 lu tin ir o?n way, through their I ctvn c ei'iite'e. 1/n ' ovr. iltu.Vii i l Appropriation bill war ti'en tip and da ba: id alVr 1 ,-e^rei - waa re|K<rt< d. Ti n bill t ' pro, l ie a tt'ire t primly pajtnrnl of the *oldle< t:i"?;u ' into tl.t service ' f tie I tille'l Shah? who rr? In th .-t :d, r vt inS-rilia third reading. Ah;a I be t-Ut lo tin -nt' tha ttre'olriy ;i rVnen n School act. Tito bill lo pr ?vl<le for :l ng the canal enlar lament, and rsdtire > i>? numb? - of #' gircu: a, bad pvogrcM, I Adjnttmea. 9 ntocELDiKGs oy COKGEJSS. * TlIlrtTf-SKVEXTH CWSOHESS. JURH* SSS^iom. ~K f Ja-^ Benatf. ? v. W.^e'^oto*, Mir?ti 0,1852. 1 ' wool. Wn?(WM d? <3?. . , . .... _ .. <?'' * petition In Mr. T7akt-?, { oi>.) of N. V., urrtt* . , . * .* -ilonUou jra ravor of ?oofriring tt rctitof Oea%. Johu E. V7oo I. KAVOfAHOK 0? tK-AVRe. Mr. Haiiri? also presented a petition tn favor of tha mantl. atiori of the dives. Mefsra. ii, (i ej>.) of Iowa, and Cou-A?*r, (rep ) of Vt , also prcarntod petitions in favor of auntnci.iwting the slaver. , TJIK POST omm ilTROPF'ATir* mix. Mr. FnaitMiaM. (rep.) of tie , from the Committee on Finance, rt(H(rled back the Teal IHilce Appropriation bill, without amendment. Htg ll'STAL KOKKr rttt'FR BIIX. Mr. Couaksr, from the Post OP.ce Ooimnitloo, reported b ick the I'crtul Moiiey Orator lull. tliamkh to vlali 0*?chr co:j*'.?r'>ocb a.vd 11 ib OtTiOKKS anii shamir. Mr. Halr, (rep.) of N. II., from tho Naval Comin'.Uoo, reported s Joint resolution, tendering tho thank-, of Congrcss to Coin. CnVkhorongh, hir olli -ore ami nc.irnen, tor their gallant conduct at Koa..olce Island. Adopted. ti k i'ay o.' OONURM-MRR. On motion of Mr. Shkrva *, (rep.) or Ohio, the bill Hi relation to the payor uiemboiB of Congress ?id taken up. An amendment was adopted making the mileage of incu.b let cnty con's a mile. The bill uj reported allowed ten cent* a mile. KXMCPTIKK HKHUOX. After Fume disci.f snin, at ouo o'clock, tlio Sonnte went luto en executive ecu. ion. Adjourned. IIouso of Iiriirttcntallrra, WAsnuraroM, March G, 18G2. DifiTV inspsctors crmcRAt. or Tim ar*v. Mr. BurrurroK, (rop.) of Mas*., introduced a bill authorizing the appointment of too Deputy Inspectors Gouotul. Beterrud to tbo Gmjiiltoo on Military Allaire. TIIK ARMY MKIUCAL COUCH. Mr. Aldriod, (rop.) of Minn., reported a bill to lncroase Ibc mcdicut efllcioncy of tbo army. ^ TIIK WKMKIIK WAR CI. AIMS. The House concurred iu the rep rt of the Conference Committee on the disagreeing amendments to tbo joint rcrolt.lioii providing for tbo payment of the awards of the commission to invcstigaio the claims growing out of tbo military operations iu tho Western Department. OUO AM/AT.OX OK ARMT KTAKM. The Honsa then took up the f enato bill providing for the organization or the sin fie attached la (ha divisions of the United States regular and volunteer service. Mr. Tlaik, (rep.) of Mo.,expl.iinod that the bill proposed no increuso of the army, but allowed certain oflb on in be detailed to stall' duty. Tic pnssngo of the measure was deemed essential by military olttcors. Mr. Mcinnanox, (rep.) of l'n.. opposed the bill, saying it would Increase Ilia stall of overy division, and, proport ioimtoly, their expense. Under present elrcmstances, I lie President can increase tbo it air of any division when n special emergency requires it. Me I In vM O1.1. I i.f Tu.t #1? 1.111 - V -, ......v.... .? VIIO u,n, UIKUHIg llint the nociFsary and a~ercie.; sluml! bo furpished to tliog? cbnrt'Od with the conduct of th.: /.ftsr t'urtho." debate the bill r.s amendod wai passed. MKH ACE or 111* I ntiSHENT?THE A'OUT ION OF BEATKKY. Th Prr. ki:r In Id hefme iho Ilouao a messace from Prci Idcut I.incolii suggesting the parrago of * ^int rcS) h tioq providing for co oivratlo- ^ -ny ;llU8'for th8 abolition of fclayorv wlin p -ouniary compcnnation. The Priwl !prt |>ro?ci..j iMs as an Initiativo step, prodi-tiug Important practical resells there.rom. [See llesaigt in auditor coli tun.] On motion of IK Sttviop, (rep.) of To., tiir messago was referred to tbc Committee of the XVUole on the State of the l nl')u. the rtT.ct.i-* or ooix. Mr. Stevsn from tho Committee on Ways and Mams, retorted a bill aulliori.iiiK th' purchase of cola. The considerationof tho bill was postponed until tomorrow. Tine FEA.tKiNfi retrit ru*. The IJnuso went into Ccminitioe of tho Whole on tho bid to regulate the flunking p. wilege. N 'iis ii vS ix N.'.TlO'Mt, A FT Al iis. Mr. runnv, (opp.) of N. .1., epolc-i in opposition to extreme tt.ill-s'x.cry measure-. Thin w an lime for the cxlnti lion of patriotism and defonrc of liie t niou. Ho was at a lt*s lo :o< Imw it was ncoei siry 11 sat Ute slaves tree now an an cllfinlho suppreF.tion < f the rjbdilin. 'Ill's was not u war for the destruction of th Smith, but f-r the reiteration of respect cve.y where to the authority 01 the goverDinent. Behind the dark cloud of the reballien tho sl-tv of the Union was 1 lear and brich', and the sin s of all the States sparkling 111 all thiir beauty. Soon it would bo that tha dark cloud would pass nwuy, and ouo by or.o I bo stars would reappear in all their glory, and the peep 0 would think Hod th'jrwere all there. ' J Jr. TVa\ is, ft cp.) of Fn , reviewed the yariois uhades of ' |io'ilics .".r.i tfco- purpi ies of political orvauizatior.a. lie d souascd the^deuharitica and dlgullis.i of lab >r, and in t' a (-)urK.i of ha rebuffs said, never avain would slavery become the conno'lmg power of th* Eovornmenr. hot If l>c known that wiiio v.e ha to hiret'Toro boon truj to the , C iiipromifs of iho const itul ! n wo now fool ourseivea I absolved therefrom by tie ac'i of lh" armed I'avo ll iMtlB. I rWE.V'JE O- * ?T? vnyw flrvvrvn# ' Re. hi:.j v, (it?p.^ n t a., rubo 10 jf* HuiIm (o fJpatr, us l.<r as it c mid, a wrong done to A friend and coni stitiont of bis, a gent lemon of character and in'?grity, one who from early lift to hi* presm! age has nioungod a l.iii.rpublic business, a leading newspaper, and ho- i-ocured the p blic roel'Ccl by his integrity,and who hid lnu ally lulAllcd all hit et ..ngcr.futa to bis follow man. jjea.-Wed th t a atatcnent fram Alx-mbr 'lu 'in ft* bed <'< t c him I'm honor to cd '-csa to Liu. Q?i i cr.d iu . c ;Mv to a e "'ain v *.rt ?f the report of tho Com udtieo on (;?? iTfcent v Is. li:. Wi k:i rr (IW')of Fy , leferred to the report, ' relating re tain nrticise pu eh-i cd by (.V.on,*! funimin^-, 1 such as rouflrii,choose, ale, straw h?ls, Sc., end iirpiir. el wbe'her Mr. Ke'ly intend* d to dofcml this iu llr. Mr. Kku.i replied th it Mr. Cuudilinp had l>em charged by the eomoiiUre Willi luivtiu; oo.i handle i end forty ill us.ind dollar* lor which no Tourh r* h id been furtibhcd, and us thin statement had I ron given to the 1 r ns.and comtueaudon by the community, it was but iair iii.ii Mr. ('uinming* should be hoard iu hi* owu vindication. Mr. Cutmnini:"' latter to Mr. Folly was then read. SI*,! III)! .VP. I,lull!ROM SLSVXRT. Mr. Pimil*, (? ; p.) of I'u., iu ilia coir so of his a. eerh, *.*t<d the e!atrc could net be made a Holdior. l'la. o amifl In hlj hand.' and ho i- reirJo e-1 an twarsin. Tlia emp'.uymont of the blaaks n.;aiii t lima* in iiost ility lo our g* 10 tenant would drive iho toion men of the Sooth Into the arms of our enemy. He trusted to our soldiors' valor and their leader. ' sfctil, and not to tho aid oi armed b.u k*. Ilie latter would lead to a protracted itev.i.'tal iug war, and bu At hoi rout to the .-onituiieut of the vrhito race. Adjourned. Com moil ore lYnt f, the Jirw Play nml all the other Novelties oi the Mu euni are drawiua va'l crowds. Balmoral Boot), v.ith Auhlrt*, air (lie prettiest thing llial ladle., cm for *ale at MILLi.Wt, 3tit Canal Ml bet. Aril.lets, for I,.?<il? und Clillilren: Baln.iii.l Ilooit of the beat quality, at TANTRKLL'S, 813 Uioadwnj. The Anklet.?The hatllri swill And thl? n-'W di'?t* lo l? < ( III! * I wntH ami MM; lint ibi brnulT Is alone uillrlcnl I' comrarMiolon. No lady slimiid Ten t ilie in the sued at ihla M-asou w lUiVUl a pair. For -lie tJEKFKKS', 673 Broadway. At Miller4t Co.'*. Wo. 3h7 tnnil Street? Ohi'dren'a RiiliioinU, it cllon and Culler Hoo'., nil alylea and r>r cea. ( ? ?? ?> Ankle) M11,1.1.H a UO Canal tticou Wettctiui; Cnult nntl Note Papm, Cirnt Ilidnvnvnle, m. Ktylo* mtii low ptifi, i( JAMIul RVKitlll'.LI. S oi l taia'dUliuient, SOI Broadway, corner ol I) aim I etiret. A Pure Tobm-eo?Ye.lotar Bunk ^aliac* co.?Uovdwln'a J'nie Y?ll<i.? Bunk 'JVu-i-o, frm fioin ml im ixirlH.ii, fur ?al? liv nil tnlncvo ami ? >.ir ilral.'ir, an I a wbole-ale liy K. UOODWIN A KUOIIIKK, ?i TVulrralieett I Bnldirlor'i Ilnlr Dye?The Beat in the ' world; hairolrM. reliable and lu-timianc ma. Bold and up* I ! plio I at BATCH KI.UH S Wi.j Pa toiy, 19 B"Od Unit. HHP* llntr Dye. ..0 e ta., Block or Broivn. Inlallli lr Unguent lot tlie liutr. t> po! No. I Barclay atreet, ami at nil drugs!*!*. Olorlona Triumph? Mr*. N. A. lllcn I* I dally rtrelvliig taatlnuoilai* aw in the wonderful virtue* of I her' World'* llmi Kraiurer and Hair Dr-mlng. Thrjiiare | nniyinnls and a irttiiranter soea wlla every liotlle. bepot, : IIMUlcruwIcU atreet, mar Pull a. CrUlnrloro'a Ilnlr live, Preservnt Ire nml IWI?*, the l?eal In tiro world, wi.ole*?|o and t etnil, and the nye privately applied al No, 9 A?'tif Knurr, Hill, Tnimitntolu HitIr Culler?tin Iv Dye 80'ci?l?. blnek or hrowa. Dr|*it, No I Barrlay meet, and ki.lti uy all driiy?.l*i". \V. YYtnat'* Indian l.ininx itt In n Sure run n nil '.i nam, Nouraljla, Boro TUioa;, yptaiua, A.. Hu or, SI Bar lay urti i. It u.hlcn'a Yl'nlnnt C.nwly?A Wltolrannvr ni- rilor. <s? llr n iw.ijr nml 10 A-lor Uo'.uc. Dvu'l buy nnj without rlio ball la up?on It i Triianea?Mnrala ik (n,'? Rmlliol Core Trunwe, KhoiiM'r Brtn "a and Dr Wa lav.-orth a I .nine Hie* vain*- :< "HI - rlnr article. No. a Vtaey atreet, A?tor llouae, 0|.| ilie nkuiib. ... ? al. _ Trnaaea?lteir<auiln'a Titnta, No. t Bt?r? r? y atiecl, la Hit brat in the world lurcurlug rapture. knlilltrt, Aitcnlloti!?Preptrt fbr the e "ere*. t','i *r* and Woi.nrta lira qivVy hfAltd iiy I OLhO ?V? UHltmcut and I'llla. * ft Drstrltifi of If._i-ray, r:-JUjr % C?.'kh.enl mkjrnnd Missouri s.ite Loni'ruit. akktvckt. kxtua clash 10. ?>i.h?b 6. iw14. 48, till i- . >'), 1J, ? ', 17, .17, 39, 8 , 45 , 75. Kutrocar, Clam 110? .March ?, lawt. 02, 34, 20, i..,, 13, 10, 6?, 37, 1-9, 5, 14, 29, I. Circulars*cu; Tree of ciihrii* by a<Mrvk?iui| himcr is MURRAY, BUr?Y & CO.. Cor.o.'tou, Kjor it. Louis, Mo. Official Drunhigs of tilt Keutmhy a:ut DfUwii.- hiAtu IsOUrrk*. Kk..Tucsr?Kxtua Clam 57-M.inih 6. 1802 22, 44, 10, C, 30, .11, 4 >, 01, 75, C7, 47, 39. ,, Dalawahv ?Clam 163? March 6, l?!>2. 41. 72. 48, 31, 75. 7. 57, 1, 00, 9, ti-t, 67, CI. Circulars sent by addrettUrt . _ jott.v a Mor.rtrs k no.. , Wilmington, Delaware, or t'j..u;iou, kentucky. wj-l,, "* Cns''t41n A11 LtgntUeit I.otierlrs. In^r.uut'on UATEa. Bro^r. street, uy a.alrg, Royal IViLvnnas I>"tt,iy?Scr O/IMal' dr-Atvingn of Fcbn nrj-11, IBs. ?aou ? <- unm. TAYLOR 4 CO. On).?Ivno\'i Kjirln;; Ocu<lt? ncn i H: ti. 212 Rroudwujr, ron.erof YultoJ ,T '4. w?n?t ?p'_ jmutvs jvj-7***r*?w HUCBliLASBOVt. j^TTEimON, CAJiiJ pCYKUS. MINTS AND DOME. TICS KOR CASH. tit.yan t iviii7vr.nrr .'<(>( Broadway, offer fn- ttiit! h ;0' ibe mar irt. th-lr large hIk* at MERIUVA: K, \VA IKUTTA, t.'OCHKCO. AMOSllIiAO, RICHMOND. CIFOOi'KI.. 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KEEPERS, FRUIT STORKS, PKI: ATE FAMILIES, All persona who vl .mi in purihuKr Schiedam Aroraatla Sclin>.|p?. nud other il,.t led Lniuum at my old pri-ea, had belter make early apple atiou. UDOLl'HO WOLFE, '?.i Heaver atrret. AN IMPORTANT W ORK ON PHYSIOLOGY.?A NBW edition, rev. an: g Hie iacia obla.neil by anatomy and euvi iinenn in tbe Fi rm. Ii a id Kiiglndi boepluils, Ac., u?eluding a tr.-ulU 1 upon tin- d.a nses ami weuUucmeK aftteUag the liuiiuin lam ly from Ian .ranee oi eauai ?, liy aa eiuim n> N w Yoi k p'avnii 1.. n. Sent lree to any addrea* far $1 by E WARN Kit. No. 1 V.-ary e'.reet, A-lor liouaa. or ross \ TOuSKY, 121 Na.-ea i a reel, New York. An ek ai.oekman in tp.oublr. KEK national police GA55BTTB. American needle company, tn Broadway. New York.?i.artlett'a Muriiulied Needloa. for nil tba se ring maoiiiiiea mid lor hand or tying. lot) lor Z'j con la; iemmcra, 2> ceuta. Needle Gauges, Ac.. Ac., wb .les.ile and retail AT l?l FULTON STRKBT?WEDDING CARDS. turks celebntrd Engraven V/cdding C nda ao>a ouly by WML EVEKDELL'S S0,7S. fcst MisVnt WIS. C1DRN3. BUNTyNS. ITEMED SAILS, ENLARGED J Joints, iiud "" 2f tneTeel enroll w About pain or UT-flu'-' uee i0 tlie pilieol. bv Dr. 'AACH AIUK. Surg'Oa i.i 7. i n, ,.?.iiv .e it fern la tilivap'. ..lis and S'.ir goou.. of the ell y. . T C1RUTCIIE8 AND CANES NOJt THE MILLION?AT J llio manut'a< turer'a, O. PINNKI.L.'No. 2 I'orilaoiltat. CCHATEAU YQl'F.M, X.ATOUlt KLANOIIE SAUTEUMM J Ac JOHN 1 UN CAN A bUN'S, Unutsaum. DUMOIiLAIlT). THE 11ENI). USE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE. IlURMTUItS AT COST.?J BOYCK. AT HIS MANUfn iory ami u jivrooms, vj anil Mlsil lloualon lUwrt, unit Ofl'rt* h*H entire Hock of aiipn or rmium Hindu KnriHlm* of every description, ui coil, until April JO. wiM-u ibc liotancs will >?: soil at atrium to cio-,? the bt:a u si. KEEP VOIR KEF.T I)RY.-nUBHEK SOLES PUT OS Mo it.: anil Hltora Knobcrs repaired. !tJ Knlton atreet. PATENTS 10R NE'iV INVENTIONS. Mm Ma. MONK at cO? prupri torut' the SeieatlUe Araar?tn, No. 37 l'urk row, Now York, continue to solicit P?tenta t:i the United Stiles ami in nil lorrl^n rountrtea,as tin-ii.o t reasonable I rota. CVn oitluliora and p.impbleUof ailv.c in English and Ocrinao treo on application M IW O.iii*. .V tsi's. M. A Co. hare boon engaged in aoUeitiSf p..tents nv *r itMeea years, and niort* tiiait uIteou tbouaauJ patents have l.een grant .'J throigti tlietr agrnry. f> A MMIilNt! IMAGININGS OK A CONVICT, b bKh NATION All POLICE GAZETTE. SUITU A BKOTIIF.iVS , PALE XXX AL*. bt.weJ from the elude- at barley malt and hops. Brewnif 1ST nnrt ItiO Wcat Eighteenth street. N. Y. ST. liW X. . ' DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS ri'rrs In Iteration and dyapepeia. g.ver tone to the jtomaok and ? r n^thrn* the ajrsirm. A moat agreeable Tunic and never lulls to bcueUt. Sold every w licit), Broadv.-itv Kmm Viirk. - - * - _ utartlixo r svblation* *** 0 SKE NATIONAL POLICE 0A3BTTK. V1TA1TKR GIRL CONCERT SALOONS EXPOSED. T? SKIS NATIONAL POLICE OA/OTTH. UBCTVRKS. COOPER UNION ?i'Rt'E LT CTI RER ON SOCIAL AN? I'ii'I ileal Seim.e ?Tii- < Li-lnre id Jui'kb ;.?? 1 r. T. l? dr'.i-.T ivJ In llio I.: R K ill of In- Coo icr Institute, AM* I IX- ruiHy > evening. at 8 oVtnc* T. M A i :oi?..i>n Ireo. aERAM S. HEWITT, Secretary. Tjlltr.E U l'KOkESvOR DWlflUT. l'RKSr 1" unit pi i t'ollejo Law MeLv >1. *111 !e< lur- ua? 1 . i cv ?' . M vh 7, l> iif ilrjitn', Slr.iilo:i A 0 ( oiii'iMr ill (' gc, II million RuiliU.i^, c m rof C-mrt and ,1 ..11 si iv.' . Ml... L/u. Kubjin I, ' T..e Lnn I'e.laioing t > Mjir.tU Women." Rev. r. c. will, ity request, repeat hi* LLC I PHIS ON T IK, WAR. Al Irrlnj Hull, > urrnf Kmei M? ?lreel an I Irrmj ptanak WinimtMia.t i*T. nln , li 12, ITU. Tici. i can be pliMHiml uI S It. Cmii ihiA, i i'i7. :iiK It ink; urn. 14. .Ivk' a in, 2.J1 C tit ? ro.ei; At Umdoijih a bno'i iloro. lAI Wr.waAu tj . uud .it Hi.: niir on llm cvining of tbc I rtura. 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Michael Miiigiin.MlrWvl ki' ;''|-nl| 'a-ne* Mr Ai.ihini. Jnl.n Lollnoi, Maine* 1'ulluni, J*inr? t>ornui|, IV-iat m' km lit, wm ii. Thome, Thou. ii ka.ri*. T iucmih, llr iipo C. lionet, Win Hiti'.nan. t'hlliu J .o iiyii, Jno K. i lit km, ritual uoiln(rrvxecr?a Park ma. i'll l li tlrk?m_ ' benjamin p. Pmnrkit'l

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