Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1862 Page 6
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_6 SITY'ATIOWS WA\TXD-KKMALKS. VOUMO LADY W1S1IK8 A SITUATION AS DOVER ne*n I i a respectable family, ? c ib I>.lt> of tcio hiu . .ill bran, .he* of Engl.ah, and his a knowledge of mimic. H ilary id so much i n o j ml as euiplet iik iiL Can prisons: text diy reference. O m be a on at 1M Weal 20th *4. A situation want; u-by a respectable young r 1. ns good pin i roeSi; la a ft. at rate Hasher Hd ironei. o w uld do eevrul hous, work for a small private family, win.ll ju as ciauibernuud uud waitress; bus *o<>U city reference. Can be seen lor two days at IU Kurirai. at., between A..anno and 8 ale .its., Brooklyn. AYOL'NO American widow lady, ofrespectablHty and ruki.c'iiani, am. bosncauiiig a thorough knowledge ol no nek, I'jjin", would like a situation to superintend the tiouschuld. f n gentleman, in oily or tountry. Unexceptional le r.;fci. !H:ra yiyi u . ml required. Address Mrs. Anne 4h.ll. ll, ilrooalyu Post oilier. A FRENCH N USK, VERY CAPABLE AND WELL leeommended wishes a el.tee as n rse r uiaiil, vvilb a fani.ty go ng to Europe. Call at No. I West l'Jth at. A REiT'BCTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS Ji n i-se and . baiuberm. i.i or io do pla n seauig and make brrs. if generally useful. Irrtjuiiv at lbf 7th ave., door. AS COOK.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A Situ lion us ) r:ui h? .1 . ook; node re amis co-inn tu all its Lranrws; no ubje. Si. 11 to the , oiutry; li.ia the heat of Ity reference. Call at or address 178 Laurens ti , for two luya. AS DRESSMAKER AND SEAMSTRESS.?A RESPECT able you :: girl wauls situation i.s dressmaker ami ueam toss. ui... rsands Inr biiK.neM perfectly; in wil.iug and obliging. flu- beat eily re feri n . from h -r lust place. Call at or ud.irias !>>r two day a 111 Ctn an., up s, airs. ARK.TECTABLE YOU: G WOMAN WISHl H V SITUalien as c ... ivaaher and iroie r and good baker; uu Kr-lands all 1,1 .da of j a. ry; litis no obetiuu to lit i'wor.. ilu.- tlie t ?st of i.t r .crouoe. Ca.l at, 1,111 Brtadway, co. uer 4lt t sr., lb.I'd lb or. AKK.-TKCT.vE E PITKI N WlSllrS A SITUATION us time or chamber: ?1; ten .ike <an:?.f ..young Iiaby. 11 s good eiiy r, . relief. * 'ail at 115 W<-t 16iii st. A SITUATION WANTED?CY A RESPECTABLE WO iiu.ii, a' o ! et, ji und ton sUlin wash i guild ironing; has tb in a: o e ; ref. n aee iroui i.iat place. Call lor two days a: 22a dulllvan ot., i oom 6. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman asag n.i main . ok; is a i.rst late washaraod irouer; can give liic b-.t^oi city and country r to I mpine at ur juiurtw v~ ir' tl i^iu hi,. uiaru>*> at,, Jb the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a sitt* atlon, In a private family, to cook, wash ami Iron, . r to do general homo-work in a small Call for in? ml 173 Wist 2Sth st.. tup tloor. IN american person WISHES A Pill.MAN 1ST J!L situation aschambermaid; or ; i -0.1)11 treas, or won Id to as chambermaid in at.? i. .. fail ... two days at 3(19 (ith av., top ll or. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPi.. TABLE I"f: #" testant girl, as chambermaid ami wut < ,?, If ,U i. ore of children; has the best of tefeie.i l.-otn tier:., t jplace. Call at 296 West 32d at., between 6th and 10th at a , *111 engaged. * A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Sli I'AHon in a prlva'e family to tin general ho setvork; best city re fen nee. Can be s- en for two days at 34 Pa-lite ?t., ho nth Brooklyn, ti. u lloor. At ituation w anted?my a young 'yom \n, in a private ii.iai y, i i waitress, i r tt. rhambenvoric ana wi lting: ran do m.c washing ami i. oiing; and toontry rep ernes. Inquire ?i or ads.pss <h w e-i 19th st., sear, m nr Oth av. a competent dressmaker wish1s-? to ena jta-,.; trlth a 1. w mure amllies to t'"-..' ay the day; .8 an ct.eelieni fitter; o t te irnceit ue eisart. Call at ISi West utnli -r.. m nr st'u av. \yoixo woman wishes a siti atios as wet nt.r.-e; has goof references. Ca.l for loo . ays a. iu Kn.l.b St., llr< Oaiyn. * situation wanted?by a respectable gip.l, .ks. n- ook, w.i-h t and i. ner, or : do th" general ho mWork or a - nil. ;1 private family. The bestofiilv telor iu< r ii ven. imi f? r two '. y at 121 ee.?t Ifith st., on the top tl.xr. Aprdtk tant yoixg girl wishes A situation do genual le : etterk; is a food | lain took, washeiautl toon. < an i -re: n iortwo da,.s vt-r th-- trnii rj thro, otr.erot Hn.k> end Amity i.e., liiooitlyn, tbijd tlnor e l':: o in Amity St. A sifcation wasteo?by a young woman, to o go 'ml hints-" (.rl; Its a . n all taniliy. fur. dnmi took nti rtd b ik.n . lis nt j?s r b s? ;ty t ferem c ft t in her a.stp.kce. csli ,.l 6i2 Col uabia ."' th hi. okly i.. AN e lTERiENCED german woman wishes a .-.'.t atant t.8 ehamberti a d and w.i.t ess, or world o sr.wing in a sn.a l p irate American family m theritv. Has g.aj.t nfereuee. < u'. be seen lor two days alli2 etu: ? ., r m 3, ne r Or nd tt. Arts 'Et table young girl wisi1es a sjtl'.at oil .; ohambci maid and waitress r as chambermaid and sean.i-t.ria If.-s rood c t| n ference from her last place. Call fe.r twi, ..av.- at 'ms lith a;. ARESPEt'TAbLE GIRL WANTS A S11T AT1PN TO DO general h?::e"work in a private family. or e? fcntnIwrti.-iit aii on iress. Can b? g.tu foi l*u uayaa; No. 2.9 Ailan.s >t.. B. oityn. A FRENCH PROTESTANT GIRL. A GOOD DRESS maker anil line lower. wishes to find a eltuatioaaa enaiDFtn si. Can be attn for two da)? at Mr. ii.tilri*. ;9 Kosr at. \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, ?v an ami Iron. Gocd city re'trenoe. A; ply for i n day-11148 H miiiond at. ASH CATION WANTED-BY A YOCNO WOMAN. TO do "i- klnp, washing and Ironing; la a good i-ook and lirst lata wnrlier and Ironer; would do general bmwework. 0*> >il city i i-ference. Call at 339 Fulton av., corner of Po; tlat.'l ar., Brooklyn. ARKSP El 'TABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A Birr Ati< u to do chamburwork and waiting, and to aaetni in the waah.i.p and truiing, or would do tcnerul housework. Be?t of c: y rcl'iretire. Coll for two day* at 66 Wes127th an, ncarCth ar. At TIUATION WANTED?BY A YOCNO WOMAN. AS D..r?Tnilcani?t cm, or aa np Hair* girl. C.ty reference. Ai rly foi two days at too Wcat SB'-h at. ABM KST CLASH COOK -WANTED. A SITUATION AS JA bra < ! a cook, by one who tuidersuibda cooking in a.l lia branches; iguu'"d baker of bread and biscuit; k ?o imtferetanjF' ou| ,eili. *, game and a'l Linda of d'Sacrl'. Can lie aeen f.r iw , daya at piewnt em; lojCr'e. Call at or due a ibe w>tubea?t corner of 4tb ar. and d7th at. \ J? AMERICAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS dl nous-Keeper, e tie r for a tingle gentleman or win iWC. a lam 11 y. A drc?? A. U. E.. Madison aquare Fort oPIee. a sn CATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS JY n . k; i* w.I' lit; 11 aaatat In the washing ami iron utt; la a o!b.?cr. Tb i? r or ilty reference. tun beacon ai 62 w. ?t 21fi it., rucrof th ar., third l.oor. An .ent neat American giri. wishes a ritual' u . a i y'a maid, ot aa nurse with u lady going to CoCf.imut. R i'jie.i er given. Call at 165 East 2Ut at, Jow r tioor, buck r ma. As ncr -e and seamstress?an experienced yonna woman w.ah"? a situation a* above; iacipable ot ta* ng ir.a '..tire charge of an infant; ia a good te nineties* and bat wo y ar?' refer nee. Apply at V7 4tn ar. \ young american protestant oirl wishes a teatio.iaa nutae and aeamatreaa; baa a good eatuutun. A-yot.c mwir.tof stub a person tnay apply at 209 Weet 40;it at., between Slh and 9th avs. AS COOK ?WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO w. ni n id it prirate family, a a tuot:on a* . cok; *be tWorougi . n derat u?U buaturaa. Call tor two daya a; u?t p.- imcTpj jrr ?. jot t.umwniuiu sr., nrookiyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RK$PE< TABLE PEKu. ae scsim-treee; she is a good drr.-einalirr and un lerriat.d* a 1 kind* of iHinllv sewing; has no m jcctloc (o go In tbe country. fnilnt or address l-o3<J sr. ABESPBI TABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BITCAl ion r.? i ha mix mini I or to do the gcneial hoii-'tvork of a ?i all n.mlly. Can give good ciiy rt-fercaee. ? all at 2i M Ml.soli s:., rear room M. AS ? OOK WA-HER ANO IBOXES. AND CHAMBERinaol and waitress.?Two young woman desire situsta.ns, in t 'y or country, in the aiioye capacities; tljejr understand their lull-s'hot mhly; w a;crtuoderate, Can be well reoomnirnded. Apply at 378 Cth sr. A RESPECTABLE YOI.NG WOK AX WISHES A SITUet.nn as chamber.nald and waitteu. or would lake tare of rhi-.r- n; is n good plain s wcr; no ..bje-tloii to the - wintry; ia willing to make herself generally mful; wages not eo nut li an oo e -t a- a good home: go .if. tiy relerence. Ca.l for 1*0 y? a. '.1 Wft 41 th si., brtwe-u Broadway ami Cth ay., -ac.-nd noor. front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOI X' 1W'O M A N~Tt> do ehambcrwork and wotllng. The br?t of rlty i-fe. rare-' -n fall at or address lor two days 101) 3d av., betw en 13,h and Itth * ?. A Sin A ION WANTED?AS COOK IN A PRIVATE Uy. hy a e> mputent and ctidrleree-l goad plain o it,.d ha r Is an excellent washer and Ironei-. Ilaa the i -t of city rti.eran'C as to honeety. aobrl"lT arid npHb. y C-inb' se.;i: at 119 West 27th St., first floor, between a h and 7tb ars. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, TO do * al ho vrorh ; Is a good ( lain ro *. w a-her and inn r; no n,i ion l. the c-mntry: city refrron e. Ca.l for tw > days at 13 Uu.oo < ottrt, University pine, between i h int. s.s. Are ?ectable touno woman w ishes a si at on as Inst class waitress; world do ehambei work and tile w.iarvug au.l tr-o ine; the boat city referene -atcen from l cr p.n . Cull for two days at 1.10 East 2-hb ?t., b I?I -Hi. and 3d a??, top ^or, l a-k room. ARESI'ECTABI.K TOL'KO WOMAN WANTS A SITUalien and to audit in I tie wMhlng ami Ironing; run do ail kludaof tooting. Beat of uty reference. fan lie ?een at fr. dtii ur. A vol . M AKIMBO WOMAN v. I It Ks a -i rrT. c ituine. .he ha? Ute.y ; * > ,, i eobjic'lmt to go out or nurae Iti h i own h. i*-. Oood reference If required. A<llr>aa or Innnlriat W! We-t Kb h at., In the rear, a 'Oond lloor, fron; r mm. AN BNOMSH PROTESTANT WOMAN WIPIIKS A ?it' iiti. n n? n itaa rind aeuBMtreat: la capable of taking hnrrr i f a naby I > "m lla birth. lb -t of city rcferem e? from Iter i.tat place ,whe aho boa Heed lit n ru niontlir Call for nrn .>.?( IdlThirdtennae. \f<KSPK'TAULK WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION i.? . nil plain cook.Waaher and Imncr; la a good h ik- r o bread a nit bfaetttt. Tito beat of rlly reference given if re. > rci. I .',u to it lor lust place, No. 5 Woodh all turret, oud floor, front room. SCITATION W WTED-RY A RE.H'ECTAliLE VOI NO girl, to root ua- li anil Iron or to do houaewoi k in n email 11 iiHie iuin'ljr; ' ao gli e good reference. Cull for two < at* ?i ifis ||i' g. ,t.. r.e r At ai ilc at., Brooulyn. uitoATION w anted?by a yot no, respeotarlb kJ OernikU ; rl, who ..aatlic beat city relareoce, t > do gi n rel hr . ' Work"in a private family. Apply at lag Koraytl. at., ?<?r I IVingtoa P. !. .. Hi loot. CITCATION WANTED?A PROFESSED COOK WANTN kj n a t .atlon ,n a hot"l; Had",-uu<l* all lindaof Ptatry, Ac Inquire for two d ip* at 89 Weat Imh at. OlTL'ATI'iN WANTED?BT A Vol NO WOMAN IN \ 0 r< aper'abie I. only. to do t'l-cal l.o .** i. noil ... t on tothaco > tijr; < "ida ,'felly rrf i. .tec. Cull lot tiro day I at 'lb S iIUt. ii at., i a 1 le in-e. SITUATION W tNTP.D?IIY A RE-TT I'TAItl.H MAR 1 ' rlttl tv n:i, w t i i - i br i n ; kai i . . , . Bat Ijl Olt'CUWivb 6 . fcC'-O.i . ."Ji1, [J. o, I .yn SITUATIONS WAS TED- FFMALES. SITUATION VS -ST ED-BY AIKESRjrjTABLB YOUNG I'mt' laul uo.iaii a? iain-Los* ut a pr.vm,'luuiity; l!uUur, A> u all iti branclie- ami i an t ro dure good te aiinxMuaia as to alnl.'.jf, Ac Apply aiotTtUiav T~ O Willi WE!. - OK BACHEIOB&-A WIDOW I.ADY, ww i a daughter nil..' yea ? of age. wishes to nv et w.ih aon.e kind gemJl'iiiun who m II t-'vuher .. l-nu.e fur hrrae X ami rbiid; is a good h. ..ekiuperaud a fruitful sew. r; undrrsiau 'a making uy< t- UM-nit u s lu>cn. Address Housekeeper, ll.iafd ofliee TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WD-11 SITUATIONS? oar as waitn ?s. r rhaiiiht-rwaid, Ikn other & iauuilrma or to do ebaiubentork hi- i oe i.g anil ironug. Call at 131 East 17th at. VIT'-NTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A If situatioa a? eeain-Hesa: uurlerstar.du all kirn s of family a ...iig; I j? a ilii !-nt i' required; ha* no objection to tak ran' or u gio .> tog rfcilc. Oail at or address HI clli av. lor two days. rpo families oono to moni-AM fxpeI in m:nd Ei.gllnU niiiso ? Hiira to engage with a family g-ing to Eu. i>r?. in ti ke at re ot an infant or vo nit children. L'nricrj tio..ani-' . ity eli-mm '"nil on or addles* Jtuie Williams, lia Wo?t ltj'.ii at., i tweet; tith and 7th avs. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY girl, to oook, v. ash and iron; has tin; beat ol reference ii. in her List place. ? all at 87 Last llth at., iu the roar, second floor, for two days. X\TANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE BY A YY li althy woman .villi a irr-li Lrea-t of milk, wlio hr.s jus: lot oa r three no nllih i III; would Lain no oli.icc ion ;o ; o*t shni i dl?un.i;o in the country. Call lor three days at LC Ka-t :-3d it, \\f ANTED?BY A 11ESPK'.TABLE GERMAN WOMAN, Yf i. situation an ni l in.rre. Good it! reivesgiven, lnijufre at 5tC 7ih ave.. nt ur tr.e oruer oi tin si. ANTED?BY A RliSPEtTABLE MARRIED WOM YN, rare W'il be ijivttii; trim* model ate. Call at 1,0 East 11 th St., bet.,e< a avs A ami H, third lloor, bark reom. "WTAHTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE IT woman, as took: niuttisum.s Iter bu-tnesa In all its branches in betel or dinln-: -at 0011; no objection to the country t is a ft* od baser. Call lor two davs at 87 Mulberry St., n.u, i <ii m t>. T|7"ANTED?BY A YOl'NG GIRL, A SITUATION AS IT rook, washer and ire iter. Oeed i etc. era f. CallatNJ V< moe st. ni I! TED- BY A < 1TIOM IN TI a ; n: : ..- I * . i . .- . ona, or ? . . ' i. a il rnmitv. Tb. V I II ' I e v. . V, t t L.ih St . . I IV. I. M ..I.. : . . ..... V\' ani J i ? sin . i. . r ; rueI T final.: VI i;?un. it . ' . ft i till. ! . V.'l, I e e 1, i. i . . -. t . . , V. ... 1 n,el k. \V ANTED-i.Y A URPE I lkl,B WOTA A BTTI AV T Lion tu o. , ?h?ii ?. ni . i . i.i s. il ivf'Teu. . urn til r a -. | . . -, \l ANTi ?AY A 1.1 . :A;I. I: V. N. A KJTUA. IT i .. . I. I If..- . HI -If- < -t loll- . - : : ; . ' i e. \ .' ,;uie. full at 21-i >\< i-s., st., i.e. i-Vt at. \V"ANIED?A Sli'i A I.iN.llYA I I liCTABI.E GIRL, it aa Mamatt eM, in a n ivai I ; can cut and fit f<u cMl^rei! find take ra' o oil lieni; ti.rr ; ot reference. Cull at Ler i-icseut emt level's. Ill K..stI0lh tb TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT WO il toai:, as D-. r? , n.i seainsmss; has 1 mi long ejjati' enoni tUoeari cf rhllilim*, taaaeaodleotaeamatreiat fcn e reii renie ulveu. Can be rem ler uvouaysi.t led Eat; lit. at., nrsi 11 n r. \V'ANT1.D-1-.Y A RESPEt TABLE PROTECTANT GIRL, TT n s tent on, tei>eiuk, \>. th and ire or to do genital bora-Hoik; In s the best of ; Terence f.oui v. here she bus Ivm fo- th" lastyear. C"n be .ten l'or two days at 810 V\ i si legion all ret. si eond lleor, fr ni ro rr. IVANTED?BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTES ii Kantyouag an ma :, .. - tua laa aa wimimii under, s and* rutllrj; and lilting lad es ai.d children's dresses in the neau-M m>i ner. Can be s.-i n ui 17 West loth si. nil suited. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK IN A PRIVATE TT iamily; lias i.o objection to assist ii washing. Can gire the ban oi reference. Crllnt Oil llltb ave., between 4 a: ..i. 11th is., to - two days. UrANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SIT"Atlei. as brst ciars cook; is as-illiiip to it-?ist with the washing arri in.uli . Ili i'trrne-t gleet.rt'i- iied. Call lor th.r- days nt 741 i.t i ave., second lloor. WANTED?BY A Y'Ol'NG WOMAN. A SITUATION TO It dot.' wi.-ko ii small iaioi.y, who under- .anda her > 1 rem ; is wi.Li c to r aise bet eil'Ur. I'oL Coil be ne n lor troeiays a' 'Lk-havy si , l eiwccn Lalnyeite and DcKclb uve-., ltmos :yu. V\7 ANTED?A SITUATION, EY A HEi-PECTABLE II : i . to travel snth a family; noo>>jerilon todo0neral I housed i.rlt or 10 take cat e or chiidi n. Call lot' twodajBat I No. 2J."| ! .<' ft , I'llnoblyr. WANTED?A SITUATION AS I HAMLKRMAID AND TT to nssic with the washing ami ironing, or so chamber lui-id and to ilo plain sewing. It at of city reference givjtn" Ai>l !y lor two ileys at IttHVest ?7:ti M, fourth f.oop, room !! TV ANTED -A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION II us laundress, urait ham Dei'maid an 1toiio One trashing. Can (.ive the be?i of city itTerence. Apply ai 30 ZliiU St., lit ar fib are., for two days. W-ANTED-A MTfAtloy, MY A IMmUHI YT young woman, r? took; undo, sunn's all kutti.-t of meats, Moip, lish, pastry and, bread and biscuit; ran do Drench and Spanish cot kins; r.o objection to go In tie country, u>' in a i?ot"l or boardirg hoi s ; t* a e tainted whh order*. Good refer n o given. Out! io. three days at 180 East 31st St., near 3 1 av., second llnor. VMRIB-IT nwiCUHl liJi'.i., A SITUATION Tf to cook, wall and iron, or to do the housework of a small private family, lies theheslof rny tricreiices from her last plae. Cad m IW4 "lit av., near gfta st. TIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND TT to assist wttli lb'' wr.sbipg at.d ironing, or n* chambermaid and to do plain ne'ving. Best ol o.iy reu"e. A p. ply for two days u 22y Weet i7tu ? ., between aitdilib aves., third boor, br.-k rooin. TV'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT jo nig pin, to do cLamberwork sud wailing. N<> objection to the country. lias g tod e ty refeiencea Call lor two days at 8Y Itaat 33d s*. T*"ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PROTT tentani girl, aaciiambermaid and to do plain sewing, or would take tare ol one or two children, lias nj objection to go a abort distance tin the tojutry. Has good leti'-ience. Calf tot ;wo days at ai 10tb ate , nearg-Hh at, top Uoor. TV ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. UAMILY IT washing to do at her own r aidcne-. by ibo month or day, which will to di-n?* up in tliu neatest mauuer. Pleare eaii at any '.me st iii&Yih av ., ,.p tine pan ot stairs, in tbe back i noun W.Msiia!i? ui iiL'k i ^?(Luir.n, A milano.-i ns uum' and '-famnr. > , for n I'r hotant girt in every ie pec. well ipiubtcd for the posit on. Cell fur two (leys' at lot Diu.n el. WAMKH-BY A RESPECTABLE Yolt?U WOMAN, A Uimii n ' > conk, wash wild iion. or r. irse and nM.riuiiii-e. no objo ;iua 10 do general honseirorit; good city re'erenre. Chit at MJDkMMI ah. BTrn.klyn. \jj AMTKI>?A~S1 TC ATI ON, BY A tilt of RATE < OOK; TT one c bo t'l.deisianda her b,rsinea? In nil lis branches; or wiui'd cook,wash and Iron for <t small private family. 'allfor two da- sat l.'?3 E?m 32d sn, ncarlid uv., rhiru Uoor. Good city reference !I' required. \l*A.srun?situations, BY iWO EESPBCTAiile tT girls, one to look, warh and Iron; the < ihc asrhambirmall and waitress o" to help with ibc washing; t!.c be t of i l?y reference. Call at I7lt Wear Slid at,, near bib av. WA.NTKu?8ITl'ATiOby TWO YOlNii girls; TT one aa i cok, the other an ehambermrid and Wnlt:e*a. T ie b< at i f ci'y refeienc^jlven. Call at fit Weal Waahirg.on place, fln lbs r?r. il/AN l KD-BY A RilerKCTABLE <7110771 SITCAlfoN TT to ook, tvaah and Iron, or do general ho aework in a email family Be?t of city r eference siren. Call at 7K) Allan'.!" street. corner : Court, Brooklyn, lor two dare. tr> tl.o-ny a yoikg woman, a mtvattow"; T T i? sst ev elh iitciKik, good washer and ironer; trilling and obliging, best of refer* ncc tan be grin. tail at 37a Ea llrtu it. ofn<77.irl wish esa sTtuatiux t* A hotel ah chainb maid anil waiter; umlerrtands her ii,dinar borough It. Apply ai 87 Mulberry it., rear bo- ie room No. (J. '1 II10 TRAITES. A? AVEP.Ii AM WANTS A .STEADY ri.SCE TO TI N and k'-ep In order a stationary engine; 11 n mechanic and has had many years' experience in abop : satiefa' lory rei 11 n esulien: la -liIctlr Irnineiatc. Aduc K A. V . fur mi days, l>oi 2T0 Herald ofllee. AS (1ARDENER.?THE ADVERTISER IS A MARRIED mar. ? ith nifr child wen yeara old, ia a tret rale gar lender ar.d ? >er and indtiow-|n<ie. JMt I of eity i?<< rente aa to rapacity (.unruly ami aobritty liTjVn hla laat p!?<*. Aildrea t J. C? Herald nffioe. Boat builders.-a few first clash journey men wasted; alaoa (nod melt lie! il builder. Ac; !y a. Ingeraoll a, 24.1 South at. FIAKMER WAKTBD?ORE WHO UNDERSTANDS laying aionc and gtnerul I arm work. Aid)!* lo Mr. Pec, niter 4 O'clock, at 3'JJ 5th av. Ct ardereb wanted-a youno man, who in I deratanda kiP-tn u cnrdenlng and will make hi naeiriiHe. fnl ahout a (arm, may hear of a aitunilou l>y applying at J. A. JavkaoB'a, 111 Oram! at., near liioadway. IOCK -MITII AND BELLI!ANOER FOP. JOB WORK j wanted, at 87 Went ?u, corner of Allatny. r?0 PAPER STAINERS - WANTED. TWO MEN TO RUN X m Inilng machines Apply at 2OT Mrcat .'llat at. r} ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS-WANTED, IM mediately, XI good hands, lo work < n aitdiclal Oowefa Apply io John c. Il? nderaon, 311* Broadway. VV'ANIED-AN ER01NEBR, TO TAKE CHAROE AND f part In a *tcain?oat 10 run on Hi" racii<\ inquire ol or tddrrp.M Cay-inin T? Iby, Atlislto ft., Will aaaxbury. W ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CUTTER ON VOI'TIIH! ?? imj *' nn l chlMr?n'>clothing. One who am < om? wl1 !>) mn/ apply to Franklin A Co., BM Br >a-i* 0*1* Biiltdlnr, YITANTED?A MAN ACQUAINTED WITH THE RECTIIjing bnilnes*. Ad drew D. W. 8., boi 129 Poll of\yANTI;?-A COAL OK I'ET ROLE CM QJL REFINER; tt in," who 11 iy nnAnHM Mm pr o rill m wnll leiniirirrnind ? <1 obmln a porm.iunt oii(at< men'. None >?iit. tin. irl y practical m'11 need apply. AddrCM lox l.iv,Y. I'lim ofli U'ANTED?TWO IIA I* FINISHERS; NONE BI T GOOD ?'rkii.i-ii nri a)ip.y. Cnllat No. 7 M"<Ti ry, third l.oor FRKNCfl ADVKnTIIEMKJITS. I'M; dame PUllSIESNB DEAIRE ENTRER DaNH ?./ nun farm "cninmr (pririvMiiti? mctlt itrP-i-. Ell* pent donner ]>t meil.c rm ruiini-ninriin-ntj. h'adi>?aer an 176 6 nr atrii ir, Vi ndredi nt Famuli. I'NF, Ktt.I.E FRAN''.VIAE (PROTEFTA NTK . DF.KIItB V ?e P!h"' r |0'ir U?t I-r Mi l, t K:;.| I "Ul .loi.ner <> Inline*. s mlri-aner eb /M li* I7IK at * B 1 ou BE9&S. t ECRNHAM 3 FI KNJ'fl RH EXPRESS AND ; \< K. J *. K rnKiMmlini' 111, I: i W !' 1 i.vnt 1 -In et. I. . .. 1 if.ii 11 ml SUtli nrci, f *, 1.' ! Bo'd n 0 , i.d hiptt 10 . I part* m 1I1" ' 1 id. ?'.ver -1 i-. i-.m :>n ! 113. i'?l 10,t in 1 ' u;jll?K. Fiii.'i I' ic ?wijd. [ NEW YORK HERALD, 1 SITUATIONS WANTED-MALE*. A young man, ii a vino a tra ok ok $150,000 per annum Ru.Di.^ menhnitls in Un* We i. iUin ?ity hml nem cy, which he can intiueiue, oilers his sci vmvm to a first < U<* cry gocHiii obh 11^ hi u Bin experience has been In one hou e u ? ne oni or the trade), to whom he refers. Adel M^a Energy, lot 130 Herald odico. AYOUWI SCOTCHMAN DESIRES EMPLOYMENT where a good education, correct UahtlH and I v? Year** txpt tn'iif f in t>i..w ii"KN <>Ui<-es v mild iiiukc bun Lscfulj i" h Ho d bookkeeper, 101 afra.d of any kind of w<> k, and will bring city reform c>. Address C. J., Ho aid otli-.c. A young man wants a situation?vndkkstanus taking can* of hurt** and C4lUt ; understands driving; would prefei driv ing for a store; is willing to make himself us.'; ul; i us f.rst rate ity ivfeitiRC. 4'an le seen today, if not cugngid, ni 70 Weal ?*th si., thud locr, front room A situation wanted?by a young man', nineteen \e.irs i ?d; I an been employed a? ??(!;. : u< y for ? :.e of the leaning house* for two year*;*g? od refercn a given. Address W. 0. !?., box 000 New York 1'c at o01?:c. 0rvgg1sts.?A YOUNG MAN, FOR several YEARS urst connected with one of oui linettl 1 . cU r otjs of engaging with some reliable wholesale drug Iioi.m1. or any other appertaining to 'hat, as ai?siimii, either Ibmw York or auj . i ? .?i. i city; would i rt the t.ty: references unexceptional.c. Addicts Druggist, t?>\ l. H lid < ii. ? . SITUATION WANTED? EY a MAN WITH FIFTEEN year* experience, in the retail dry ? od* F -a ?one who is ihorouj hly qualified as a buy erur sale manor 10 ta'.c liHig0 or a noiifc. No objections to poll ? 1 ?auy other my. Good references given. Addicas V. II., PJIatightst., New York. QITIJATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, TO TAKE O eh .rge of horse*, cdwh ar.; hadexperio* ? in the care of horses; is a good driver and will make hi wdfeer.crally uacfu); ran gj\e the hwt recommend alb u from his j resent employer. Apply to (J* orge Harper, 30 John st. SITUATION WANTED?P. Y AN KNKR'JKYiU YOUNG uian, who has fltufcn ye.n-H* i aperieiM.e in the mailing or publishing department of either a daily, wet hly ? r monthly newspaper or |>ei iodic*!. Unquestionable rdV; ?'ncc givcu. Address Mail llag, Herald ohiee. SITUATION WANTED?AS BOOKKEEPER, IN A whiles, 1c hot so, hyayounr: mun uh > thoroughly tindoratands li s bi s res.s in at! its branches. and hit', tor several years, e-uiipli i! the position of luokkei p- : :t nil <u.-bi. r iu a large e mil.<'i > nil bousi: ;n this itv. Tl he-l o refeItif I ran I e furnished ami n moiieiii" tie I'll fair<omjwnsAliuii <*\| eelnd. Addn ui T. W. I,., box 179 Herald o.llce. "IVAXTED-A S1TIATICN. BY A BBtSPECTABUB, ?? strong bey. In learn Ih e b itihess of ;v lr,ich< . He eyes wltli It's rateiit* ami v. r.l give b.tirlachiy : ole. i ere. S all- (1'iiuun and Kr.gH.ili well. Address or in, "real y Ih luy st., l.\< i i. v. B ?Hi o'.ij n bossprtierrcd. \\ta:;t> - -a '"i'i'ath h At? coachman, by a 11 r 's-| ?-t: . I' s i ; .e ><i v iii.'ii.; i I.u.1 it vpeilenre; i. .i; i?;.': i .. ' i'i .; i. . ' i. in n.C'inii; ? oitld I e v i.,i.;; i.iisi- i.m.M ,| j.i: um : I. A lairots M. 15., box 17.i tl. raid Clin', lor line days. ilTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUXfi MAN, TO 1/ nine a horse am! wagon In II. selty, urn tuny nlhre r's; ertivhle tmplnymeul; Is not a' rail of v. i>rk, a mi tan gue the lust of rofureu e. Addreis lor two days lies lev, Jio i. i and Bt., rear. ?0(1 ?1 WILL OIVE THIS fil'Sl TO AN AtiKNT OR ipOU. sny person who will f i . in ne a good and permitii"iil sinsatit n as lanttor in an i,:: e. Good city reference can be given. Address for one week A. V. E., Unuoiusy IV st office. 11K LP V. AV ri.l)- V ilMALES. IS gkaxbtress AND DBE88MA KBR.?WANTED. A J\. first eltiss te imstn ss, to cut and tit dresses: tnm-i he n Pro'.esiaut. A| ply ut JJookham A bedell's bian *h oflV-o, soy ltd av. Wag s Slo per niontli. \LL FAMILIES AND O00D SERVANTS WILL FIND the largigtold esn.b islied Ius'ituie, at.he ''oilier ci I'lli nv. and 11th s'., for (h rn an, Kng'lsh, I'Nh and American women. Mrs. Fluid in a.tendance. Ooo I plates always ii a;: i. Protests i ts wanted id ways. A skat, smat.t german ctrl wants \ situ Ation; also soinalgood cooks, w ishers mid ironrrs; also a fit si class coof, civil and eapabc, with best of city re ?mliicndalions; also s ine ii 'tu, a /live girl* Tor general homework, at moderate waci s, el the largo Jn-lil'tte and Home, 1 id llili St., corner ol din av. AN EXOI.TMI WOMAN WANTED?TO COOK, WASH J\. andiron (first class) for a family of two pet suits; ail convenience!, ai hand. Apply at 381) 4th av. COOK.?Flit.ST CLASS MEAT AND PASTRY On?K wanted, at ilie Fulton Colic- House, 14i Knltoi. St.; a New England v. on an w ho is familiar with a brick over prcf?.r d; i-ooT waresg:vi n to a t'norongbly competent p ison. No other r.eed r.p.p'y io K. A. Frary ft Co. CUIUS WANTED-il) MAKE COBSND AND WnVKN* T skir's. Noi.e but stood hands need i.j ply, at C15 Bats lay t , fourth llo.rr, frcro II) A. M. toll I'. M. HOUSEKEEPER.?WANTED, a middle ACID AVErle.iu woman, who has experience in housekeeping, a good seams, ress, ami wiliinc to tnuka beiseif gem rally use. Hil. Send not'; directed box 1,9ns Xewr York Posl office, stating where an intet view cnti be bad. -A (TLLIXEKS WANTED?TWO 1*1 Tl ST CLASS TBIM iVL nn-i* wanted. None but firH ela'* need apply. Em. ploy-mem tlvrn the whole year and good salary | aid,at Haniberg1*. i.V>^ Broadway. STEAW sewrb&??00d hair and straw nw >;j:s viand, u lul A Him at. Wanted- a rum rate cook, mi must have If Itood n-friences an to lion- sty, Ac. Auureex V. P., box li'< fnraM ofli-r. \\,'ANTED?CHILDREN'S FANCY HAT TRIMMERS. Vf None but eipnriaiK '-d bancla' bend apply. til K. H. Biglow'n. 186 Fulton St., E.ojklyn. "WANTED-A PROTESTANT dim, TO DO HOUSEff work in a amail lamily; n.utt be n po d plain rook nnd l ist lata washer and Imacr. Call at 105 < Ltnon si., ll.-ooklyn, uo*r South fcr.y. fl.TANTED?A i.ady (THENCE PREFERRED), WHO IS ff ?omi" ieiT 10 lake i ndrr tier rharg-: loin- -liildrru, fruiu 6 io 10 yeai a o!il: our who lis* knowledge of i ;?? | aim and can i.nn-1 in sea ing dtninc the *vhoo!litne of tbe.hlldri n. Reference required. Address D. G.. Ilrrald nltice. WANTED?A Si OTC1! OK ENGLISH PROTESTANT jprl, a* experienced sud aeaniairrfx. Apply for | mo daya. with unexceptionable c-ty r ieirme, at HI West t.<! et. WANTED?IMBEDIAI ELY, AT THOMSON'S, Cf Rff no: of 8th avu. olid 33.1 ?t., a few good opcuiorn to muk? ruffle*. ? | \VANTED-A OOVBISf DM ESS MAKES AND ft hairfn-iu r, fora pi rur.ari.-ri situation. A pi Ij between the bain of 10 on?l 13 A. M. at 3S 0xioa n;i:ata, Ea?i. WANTED?BY A SMAIL AMERICAN FAMILY, A ff girl, about 14 vearx of ;*o on cu-and* and na?!?t la i lie work of the house. To nfh an m ? good board and (.loth nit will be itiuu. Addies* P. T., box 10," Herald offlte. WANTED-AN ACTIVE ENGLISH GIRL, WHO HAS f f bcc.i d to kid lieu work; one who Is wllline p ill have llie lust of chari'"! in become u I rat el*** rook. > 'all fioin V to II o'ekek A. M , at 43 WestHm n TITANTEC? V RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO DO GENff rial Lu tsewoik; be a good put in rook. washer and Ironi r; none but a Protectant i.ertl *pi ly: ihr b--'. city ivleren.-e will Le required. Apply at kit; W115 n at. U 'ANTED?A SMART. tidy PElmON, to do THE prnrial hunseworh ?l a kmail priraPi nimby; mnat be a bint r .lc w..*lirr and .toner and nnd- i-tuud p!..'in rooking, a!?o fund of ul.ildreu. Apply Hi 10 East Warren si ., near C':t r:, Brookly n. W'ANTKD? A l'lliI'fEFTANT WOMAN AS NURSE AND II arums! res* 10 r.o 111 'he < '<nr.lijr. Wage* 47 pti moult'. Apply at liifi I'd nr., Hum 10 to 1. oVlo k. WANTED?'GIRLS TO MAKE CEMENTED Til BBER If cools, Ac. Apply m the comet of 3d ar. and .'<Sd si. WANTED?A G1HL TO DO GENERAL. HOl'sEWORK. Apply ai -4 Lafayette sr., Brooklyn. WANTKD-A GOOD COOK. TO GO TO TORT lEf. II tersrm; live in the un.Py; lfn tried. *t. k tiren to h .'bind. If a Wldo v. can lake enu < ti .10. Addicts boa 1.793 WW i. tin'P. WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID WHO UNDERSTANDS tier bu?'.neM and la a Bint rale Jaundices; ?,ly i < ierencea required. Apply alter V oMnek at 173 E?? U h si., lienr ku nr., for iw j day*. WANTED?AN EXGI.1MI, GERMAN OR COLORED (tiii. to ci'tc, i,?*ti and Iron and do gcncial liou-i-wiit tn a small laintlf; k" <i irleir.ure rnpnicd. Aipiyal 129 East M<l St., between 2d and 3d avs. V17AMTED-1N A PRIVATE KAMILT, A GOOD II and laniiurcsa, with (pa*! ifrmn.*. Aioily a. 123 Hon-j Bieoktyn, flvml to3 o'clock. WANTED--:wo IIM class OPERA TO**, TO II rmlle on Wucelcr X Wl >vri ni? l..iir Apply at 6d Ami: rt. TIT ANT ED -AS WET NURSE, A HEALTHY TOfXG II, w iih ft tu sh lireaal of milk, at M Prealdent at., mac Hr. 'iilioti leery, Hiooalyii. WANTl'.D-A IIRET CLAPS COOK. CITY RUKE* II ri uiea rcqolnidof .Ins bol kind. Apply at <j Ka?t 3I*L at., Letw i en the hour* of 9 and 12 o < lot k A. M. \\T ANTED?A RL-TKCTABLK YOU NO WOMAN AS II Din * an I chamber innld.^Pio ?'*nl pi el erred. Ap f IV Will , Mlll'l'1 *11 V, III I4U f?IV ' IV I ,, Il-Ml n IIVMTI P . 1VANTE0-A ?'OU>RBD WOMAN, TO COOK, WAUlI T T and ii on. all i.i 27!) Mad I eon a v., vomer o! 4 let at. WANTED?TWO OIWLS, BMOMKII, SCOTCH OK UERt? nun, it,,4i eacookand la::ndre??, tha other a* nurse and to do plain k*Iii|; both nnil understand their hnaineao nil i onto well recommended; none otiiets need apt ly. Call la twrcn 10 and 12 u clock, at 104 Joralemun at., Brooklyn. THE nEBRIiL10.V. Attention-sw an * cavalry. Wanted Immediate1*, two nni?l< iana, two blacksmith* and twertv'aWe bodied men, lor the only earalry regiment notv authorl/eii to b? ta;g"d In thl* State. Apply to CapUIti Anderson o, Lieutenant Campbell, 14Court street, Hinnhc. TjALAOH, HANKERS AND KBOIMBNTAL COLORS, 1? Stalla, Mouittlng*, Trimming". Kajlca, H|*-ar Head*, A Ornamental pamiinit and embroidering on siU. IIOJEK A OKAIIAM, '.</ Dttat.e at reel VMNTH REGIMENT NEW VORK STATE MILITIA. Al fh!e M?e reflmrnt. nnw in the advanee ol the Army of n rpper !' 'idnae, In linn. Utniki' division, will rm mil n few i;i"Kl men in Nil tip me rai Vn. Immediate snl'-oatenee fiimTsbed 4*tij to toninn n -e (torn ilafe of enrolment. Apply ..I tin: l.eiu!i|iiai1i 11 of the to.limmt, em tier of Tlrrteenih aire't and 1'nlvrdty p'nee, capt. JOHN DALRVMPLE, i?, ? n(r l.i it. AN CREW b. ST 11,Id, | " r ''I",, Officer*. T~U? OtTICER* WITil I'AIIH OK COMPANIE ANY ni iipen nt > ! i"r. wltli nf'y nien, run hare n i*1 mmlssion a* Cap'iun in aeo Ivarina the ?an.e ntimbei o men, now Ii a |eri:::enl doing .tctlve doty In II,e Army of tlm |'oton a a dines" or ea I en K. A. B' i,' 'lei, W \t ?ll all-el. tlTANTBD-A 1 OMMls-ION AS I.IEUTEN VNT IN AN IT .t 'I'litfil entry I men:, I i wnnh a l:b?iv: i . .no h r em A'' " K O., HernM nflle*. mOI) -A N I. I I.N Mull I' INFANTRY ?t NRw Y < At, .. t |P ! lit r the ,,t of , r if . ed a'e'r. Afewrvo.'ie rid ta * wanted. G.I e-a harm;.' r> r '* m y ,, | ,i , i.V de-re** of Ihem el the Pe* oi'vai't ice, y ? , ; ' to T'O-S J' . AN M'KLN. 1 * C i. < C : n '"o Hi ,vi V A rdir n, I : --W v N.fii, w, p ci t ant Ci'.ei.-I h.isAiui; ? ? rin g P>.U cr. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1862. llRliP WANTED?MALES. ^ AGENTS WANTED.?MOKE MONKV MADE, MORE rial aulnilaciion givcu, and uiure ready sob aguarau teed bv selling the G .HAT NEW UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE RACK At ie, now acknowledged by all dealers to lie no SUPERIOR AN ARTICLE 1 as to bo BEYOND RIVALRY. Our re o if m nre too great for t!. ni to content! with, con- I ?u;>,uen ily, .'ike wine iucu, they are leaving the lie hi. We |>ul >l> the ONLY PACKAGE r.oitaininrrral merit. RICHARD's NEW UNION PRIZE

STATIONERY AM) RECIPE PACKAGE oaataine more aruilr*, oi a hi Iter quality, and a liner i le.-e of jewelry than any oile r package over nold. Send tor onr cireu'arc, which we will mall free. $5 to SIO pel d. y .an tic made. We put in eacn package a b'auliful Hud lile-1 ke enrrat in? nf GENERAL GEORGE B. M. CLKLLAN 11*10. 75vnl ab: II i i|te?. li direta Ladies' Paper, b wheels Ooinmcruial Note ti Hnfl' Envelopes. Paper. 2 ITbo H e I Peus. fi slir ets laidleg' Note I'nper, 1 P.lie 1'ineil. 0 white I i.ion Envelupcii, 1 sheet Belting Paper. in i nUire. 1 Aicoii.modal ion Penholder. CliwtieK' while Union Enve.'n|X Al so A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. KJCKARDB A CO., 102 Meeaau etni t. Mew York. Agents wanted, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, ALL OVER TI1E COUNTRY, TO SELL THE BERT THINGS OUT, TO SELL THE BEST THINGS OUT. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY, ORDER TI1E WASHINGTON WRITING CASK. ORDER THE WASHINGTON WMTTMl CASK. IT ASTONISHES THE WORLD. II' ASTONISHES THE WORLD. TOR ONLY TWENTY.FIVE l E.N IS FOR ONLY TWENTY I IVU CENTS YOU HAVE A PERFECT WRITING DESK, YOU II WE A PERFECT WRITING DESK, AN1) EVERYTHING FOR WHITING. AND EVERYTHING FOR WRITING. IS MADE OF WOOD AND STRONG. IS MADE OK WOOD AND STRONG. THE SOLDIERS WILL HAVE IT. J UK SOLDIERS WILL HAVE IT. THE LADIES ALL BUY IT. THE LADIES ALL BUY IT. TRAVELLERS ALL USE IT. TRAVELLERS ALL USE IT. 1 Din mint to Sail' n>, D alcrs and Ah? ntg. L.i go Di- ounl to Soilcie, D' amis and Aden's. A'bo. THE MiOLELLAN ARMY PACKAGE, THE McCl-KLI \N ARMY PACKAGE, Twelve Di il.ira per Ilundn n; Twelve Dollar* j:er llundn <:; With Jewelry, '"il'teen Dollars. With Jewelry, Fifteen Dollars. CONTAINS 6 Sheets Nolo Paper. I IHn k Lend I'r.ncli, (i En . elo, o i to mali It. I how nf Pins. H Sheets Union Note Paper. 2 Needles 6 Envelopi * to ma'.eli. 1 8ke.n Linen Thread. 1 Sliert Ba tllng Paper. 4 Bi.l'.oiir. , 2 Fine Steel l'i n*. 1 I'o ket Comb. 1 Pen Holder. 1 Song H. ok. 1 Poekel Calendar lor lSfi2. . Circulars free. JOHN II. T1NGLEY, Bookseller a nil Stationer, 1%'% Fr.lton si,, N. Y. Agents wanted?to sell the Ml ci.kllan l'oktaiu.e writing desk, tln> must iwl'.il m il l" i'i r i he snldier ei cr inn uled can he carried in the knapsack, and forms a complete writing desk. c< mains everything ik* i. " ?' v !'<?> wi ping eighteen letters. hie most s'ai.l'auek aitticijs for the soldier now in :i?r. Pre e 25 <mils. Agents nanlnl every wlvre. Sum! stamp for a eirmlar. w. 11. catkley ,v co., jus Nusstut strut. l Agents, deader* and merchants Wis1 )ul; to soil tin-1> si "prize packets" of stationery and jewelry HI.OliTl hllV <1111 S We engage |o gtvo more for the money and b-tter satista linn. ' era use the quality of the goods tan always bo piunst"' < i ami relic,1 nil. Circulars free. il A skins a co., 30Bee?iiian street, n. y. A i exts, agents wanted?to sell downs i atent Kerosene Oil Ranter, for Until lamp . Reipiires no < lifmnty or alteration <hn lair i>s. Sample sent on i vipt of Tour ml stamps. Call on or address Joseph Dodin, lib lluann street, near Chatham, n. y. Boy wanted?in an office; one who writes u good hand, isip.iik at figures, and can furnish .sstisIn " ry referent**. Salary $it) lirst year. Apply from u)}? a. m. to s 1' m., ui ltfc'i Pearl street, upstairs, InoOlte. Boy wanted?in an office, salary $30. a!*ply atmr 3 p. m. to a. m. Wheeler, k33Broadway. nrxd clkkk.?wanted, in a retail DRI o i * more, a young men w fcn a n mine well rrromiiiynded n? to l.ltiees and character. Application* w ill he received lor ihive days hy w. f. Ma omnia, Astoria, l. 1. "i yrco clerk wanted?in a retail store: one J / who ran <one tv<i| i< <m:ni"ndeil a* to capabilities, c1 a acter, ae. aj plv at itMLSth nr. \xt anted? in a manufactory in kbwabk, n.j. it a bonk ke< pn ; el>o n, to sell by sample ill New yin k and ritlladclf lila; ju'ist be of xperlen-.e, rompevney, tn ll reroinii.cudrii unit a stamp lor r> turn postage. Adureis, he* 125 Hersld olUee. wantkd-a young man accustomed to the TV<!ii!i nt oi l ami wi'liug tous-istin u venatable pan en; a native ot s .ndiiliil or England | ivlrived. inqu're for a. h airhead, kiein h's Hotel. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND SALES IN A Hioariway segar and w ine store: tuutt lie willing to make himself generally useful. Address, giving references, A. A O., >|i raid olltee. w anted-me.n acqua1ntf.d with fancy good* tt retail l-.onaes ai d ;ail?.a in New York uiiy unci \trinity, fi> ?ep gooda 11oni Maniple, on eutumisaioa. Address c. o. !>., box 15o Herald olhce. Ufanled?salesmen is a ilat, cap and straw good* house. Adilrtka box 1, lit. Post ofllte. ix'an ted?an agent op hood address, to sell TT at rciall aeaiusL a liberal eoimur-s n. varv anloui.le auil tiaernlailtcle, iiM-il liy almnat evuy wvikfri one who line bad ejpericm e iu < mivar dug ktorex Mint < houtct pre ferrru; "teady employment will bo{li'' ti. Muat give xali'faitory reft-rcine or 'Oeurliy. AJuit-s M. l*.,lltni!d ofl! < . \\* ANTED?TWO OR THRFB YOUNG MEN, OK OOOD T adili io get anbtci meni tor a national work. Sn'ary orV..nuni>*ion paid to ram who underkUnil ibc bua4nct*. Apply to MriUkOii A Ho) i, Otf Naraau at., i oora IS. WANT1.D-A n.KRK FOX A WHOLESALE DRUG toie, wagea $10 prr work; two eoadtieiort, two brake. u.rn, all men for steamer*, ?hiec f". tern, 1 barkeeper. t'.io e?| rr? drivers, a clerk lor a kieatncr. a valet to go to Onllfot nia, lourgirla to travel. Apply at No. 7 Clniinmn ktptire. "Wf AN I ED?1N A rim AND PROVISION STORE, AN TV a-live, boaeat boy, whom lira a handsome round hand. Mtiat fomc wall rcrommended, mill rrwtde with hi" I .<iri'a irrthe < iiy. Add i oka, atatiug age, Ac., 1'iovlsinu*, Here d office. WANTED?A B(>y ABOUT TWELVE YEARS OK AGE VV w to can i cad mid u rll< well. Addicss 1 o* 4 5S8 IVst ylfice. WANl'ED-A OOOD OYSTERMAN; Al.sO, A FIRST elan* tvalter. None but tlmse who 'b 'roughly nurterHand tbe.r l>u?u.? e* need apply. Mapn.' Kesiauratil, Broadway, <on.?ro: *tb private i WANTEO-A VOI At! MAN, IN A BANKING BOOBS; VV also n cotrekj ending elet;, and u raietman torn wholeaa'.e aegar liotiae. App'y at 131 I'liltou kt., Meienintt. t'lerjik' Regiatry office. Siiui'tnn* procured lor retpe table paitie*. Role, i ine to Lfkt rlnra bonk*". ~WJ ANTED?A MAN AND WIFE. FOR A UFNTI.EVV iiian'k place u khnrt diitauoe in the country?ti.e uian a* coachman, the v. ouiuii as chambermaid. English prrterred. Apply, wi.b recommendation*, at 378 Sixth avenue. Oond wagea to suitable parties. XTfAirRK WANTED?FOR AN ENGLISH IlESTAUVV rant down town. Ko uiuht or Sunday work. Must e ore w< n recommended an t he able to open cyders. Apply ih'a morning, beiwren U anil 10, at (0 Mulder, lane. WAITER WANTED?A I'KOTKPTANT. WHO IS WII.. VV line to go a khot t dlmanee in the country. One who can bring good city reterenee* may apply b's > em o and IS o'clock corner ol Metllrun uv. anil 2-41li at. "VOCNO MAN WANTED?TO DRIVE A WAGON) MI'sT 1 Itc a l?.r writer nurt < ?|?Mc ol keeping alniple acconnta, net!**, and able to beat exposure ni the weather. 8m h an one may addre.a Ijuvrenco. lirrald other, giTlng rameot last employer and other reference". -1III.IT\K V. VETERAN CO It PR OF lit!.?A REGI'LAR MONTHI.T meeting will he tiwlct at the Mercer Hon re, no this (Frl<la;? evening. Match 7, at "Afc o'clock, on bualncaa of Importance to eve.jr veteran that made clalma for the nae of cloth* tng ami arniH In the n ar of Ii412. In thla and the adjacent coiuuiM me Invited. II. RAYMOND. Brigadier General. ARM. DALLY, Cmonel Isaac M. Purr* Adjutant. ~ CLUTIIIffO. A GREAT I'NION VICTORY IK GAINED.?LADIES anil een'leinen. It ha* been vkdnrloue In being pro. notinced h> a g>eai n.nt.yr thai II. MINT/.. 179Third an noe, ha t been pay In t the highest price lor Ca*i off t.Tolhlng, Carpet", Furniture r.nd .l-wehy, and it II meau i to continue lo doaolf yon whl lat <1 him tilth ? note or call. Wo prnmlae to pay SOper 1 ei,t more than any dealer In the rity. Flea?e rcmetnhertbe ne'l known deal-r, H. Mint.1, 179 Thltd aretier, near Hcvcni'-euth tureet. I.sdira attcudeib to by Mr*. Mint*. At us seventh aveme, ladies and gentle' mrn tan tliijitse or their eaat off Clothing, Carp la, Furniture and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay bfty percent mm than any other dealer In the city, and not to be humbugged hy great puff" nntl false preti.ndeia. Plcnae call on or adtTrcaa.l. Anhalt. 111! Hercnlli nventtc, between Twentieth and Twenlr-hnit atreet". Ladicv attended hv Mra. Anhnlt. ATTENTION.-I HA\ E TO IF AN ORDER FOR the Wcat to pnrotiaao east on C.oihlnit, Forjiiturn, Carpi t*and Jewelry. Ladi. a ami gentlemen i. tt is "|,e the nltjhea: prieoa by calling on or aridieavtug a not hy post lo M. ABRAHAMS, t'3 Seventh aventie, between Tw. nty-tilth anil Tw<:nty-?ixth alt ecu. Ladiea p inctnuliy attended 'to hy Mia. A. _____________ A POSITIVE FACT.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF yon tog-1 the full nil n- It r yi ;r eiiat off Clothing, Fnri Jitiro. Carocta and Jewelry, t'10 ! von can do I* to call or send a note to A IIARKPS, j.'il Tiiird avenue, between Thlrti-eighth anil Tlilrlj-ninth kln-els, enat ?l<le. Ladle* attended lo by Mia, II trrls. At tiie (7alifornian ahiTwemtbrn agency Btore the hlnhe-t pike can be obtnlnt d for iuI off I', Ourpets, Jewelry, A . For SIlK Dp K.-ee, fr 'in $1 lo V.U; for (' ait, fro in to *11; for I'ante, lio.n $1 30 lo $('. A note addressed to II, Utrrli, J93 Ihnveiy, opptiln Great Join I street, will be punt ('.billy attended lo. Lauli * attended by Mis. Ilarils. A DEM AND-$12,000 WORT/I OK CAST Off CLOTHlug, Carpet , Furniture and Jewelry wanted, lor ? lib h ibe lno?l vnlu i ran b" nbtalin I b,i ailing on or nddre'-lnt E ll., "9 Sixth avenue, n-ar wavcrley plnee. Lnillm attended by Mi s. li. 11. rh nse remember and try 7# Sixth mm, i f THE OLD STAND?I.ADIKK \ND OKXT.d t'.tN OH. i\ lain i mm 7 t $-3 torsi k drc-ee. tioni $.>t<>?23 I or roAtNi from 51 to 17 f r pints; also Carpets, K ruiiuie Jew- ! 11 V, .to, A I "to by t<>t p in-l ially Herded t" 11 ESSEIt >-;l,y, IA4 ser-nth atonne, l etwren N| . t nth sil t Turn. I 1 tie ;i firiets. Isidlesattended lo by Mrs, E. Nor- nn-.'tluii ' V> I'l I liber hotird. 1 I rillNfiON! liAOIli: l AND OfSNTl KEEN I HAVE , t H ( *?l I *1 .1 II I" II I I .1-! , I e?r. 1 i,mi t'H.'Wa .or t, e i'ni i: .? m r . I - Vp o-i ! I I I IT the lilt-tirs bfii-e I" tile eilJT l?y c.?. , /.'iin, > - intf 1 a if-'-?. B MfHI/. , in. fml, . i-title a'.'.'Oti'd u b) d. ,,'ii t.e uer, tit j ?jkih avmne. I BOAUdiNU AND LOOOINO. A NUMBER OK PLEASANT KOO.M.-t TO LKT?v mi -1 Hoard, suluiMo for in u tanien, at -- wtai ko iitcemh ' tree'., i . u Ki tn ami Sivlb uveunea. V> s A PARTY OK SINGLE GKNTLK.MEM MAY OBTAIN A handsome flout Room. with ? mnun roum adjoining; (3 w.ll In- lot tog M\i or separate; tlu house la lust e usa; small ?; private lonely. Dinner at ti u'e.ook. Apply at 233 West K Tun niy-to 'ond i treat. N Avery vine second stouy room, with ex iciitoii, w II It va.atrd on the ti n ins'., and to let ^ with lioai d, ami one slti.l. Room o:i the fourth lion;, it 118 J* Sc. on.I avenue, between Seventh and Ki. b ii si reels. House u uutl table. lit a class. a g A SUIT OK ROOMS AID SINGLE ROOMS TO LET TO gentlemen or i.tuniie.-, v illi or wuUont Board, In a r private house, No. X> KiaiTiv.uiyeightli ?ht1. { \ SMALL I'A MI i.Y WOULD LET, TOQBTHBB OK J\ separate, a autt of Kuril slird Rooms,'.o our or two poll- "1 th inen, vvlili Board if desired. The home J tlic luo.l-in improvements. Terms nn> irrrt-. Apply at Hi ? Writ Eleventh street, between Filth end Sislli avrniits. j A LARGE PLEASANT room, also A SINGLE room, l i ely fum a d, to let, wll.i III st alas Hoard. R..-IV: le.uiiaeoi ai.^ed. ApplyntlO liilvusit, piare, eonirrof * Ninth aire a WIDOW LADY AND 1>AU. i II1T.R, Ot v I i'Y Iv 1 A j J\ lass Kngli?!i i .moment h?>u < , \vo.;M Id the i coouil * Klooiyalid the i-t-ception Ktioin ii r'(|uiv; U, to a gentleman r a .(I wii'e. i: ut ii.odejMt<; to a mi-uAlc | ui- y. A|?*jly at l..? Vv - 'i i i (* (. ' i A J EW VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS ON SECOND 1 cud third Hours, suitable lor Intuit es and single i' II - , tlciurn. to rent, with lloam. n< tnaaonable |iricIn Hie llrat J r'ass house No. 30 West Twelfth street, r.rar Fifth avenue , Dinner at Oo'c'nck. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR O.N- * J\. second Hour to le!, with Bo n I; I.o imi contains the modern improvements; a ipuet home mill/. d; lo. ntlon eligible, re f. iv ii us eiilnivjed. Apply at 13 Grove at root, betuceo " Bleenkeruuil Hudson. Any person wishing n k.mbhed rooms, with ' Hoard, tu*l'.n-housekeeping, ran na/e iliem at moderate teruia i.? applying at ISEuat hi: tcetilh sue -t. A LADY AND GENTLE .IAN CAN LAVE A LARGE I hardsim i ,y fiiriiiH.ini Room, sc "lid Ih or, fronl, in the Iio .i nl a lone lady, not:.! ove Twruty-hr.-l st> eet: no hoan!e w; house has all inipto ttiitiIs; Board lor the lady only. Address M, tl? box 111 Her.-id ulllen. a SMALL FAMILY, O lo'TYING A Li.OWN STONE j\ hoi, re to rent a lew furnish .1 Rooms, with or without Hoari!. Terms modela'e. 1.12 KustThlriy-ihiid st. a oenti em an desires to find permanent ' aV Bo.rrt lov his iilrro. in ;? strictly p iuinily, whrre fthn <vi\ iau ;<>y tlie com funs of a homo. The best of refo jo**.*- gi\< n and required. A?ldi ?hm M., I'o t office, X. Y. ( 4 FJlfcXi.'lf FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE- i -rv. wi.1i! a xo:r.moilatc a few pcrsuus ot lvapet-tnbilhy with 1 i r? Rooms ami a !iv?t uJhbs Kren- )i tab}**. Only paries wil- i 1 ling to nav a reasonable price for good secoinmodations and excellent hoard need apply. 47 Went Twelfth sin et, between Fifth ana Sixth avenues. AT 29 * LINTON PLACE?A FURNISHED FRONT JtCHv.ii and B< drt'Oin on the j-ecoud floor, io let, with or f without Bo:?vt!f at a very reasonable charge. Hot android waiir and rn*. \ SUIT OF ROOMS ON SLOONI) FLOOR, BATH, ?C\, aL to lot, I rnlshed, ,o gemh men, m?j urate or togefher; i has modei ti iuiprovcnionts, and in ft phiih.nt locutien. Inouiioon thepn mi.\cs, 7i>3 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth ktrecta. t VFEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED ON * leiuoi nbio terms a* 111 Weal Fourteenth street. Dinner at si\ t/i'lm k. \ 4 LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A SU IT OF A Koois;-.? n ontl Ktory front, furnished well, wit* u lone lady; two young geiitlcmou, wi h or without Board, bu: n atep from Hrrudway. All stages pass. G3 West Thirty-sect;ml street. i An american widow lad* will i et 4 ekont ' Roou;, to one or two persons with or without Board, or 1 would a ommoUateu lady requiring nursing; L mPy sin iii; no oihn l o.iViieiv. taken. Inquire at J7C1 t'i av., near aid st. j J} OARD.?DESIRABLE ROOMS AND GOOD BOARD J 1 ?an bo ubmiued at ltil Ens; fV.irtrrntli street; terms ( motlera'c. Bui few prisons will bo -cccivod. ^ Board.?two ok three smali. front rooms, ' baviuggA*, b itha, hoi and eol.l w at-r, Ao,, ma he had, with Board, en moderate terms, at No. 48 Ea?t Sixteenth I street, in i'.c 1'nion Square. Dinner at s x o'clock. Heir. re noes cxelii rigid. Board?io let, with board, a varlor avd ficUi o in, on aecond lloor, froul; terms $12 per week. Apply si No. 109 East Fourteenth stretDinner at c.'j. J It-fee neea required. * . Board in twenty-third street, between j Eiwbili und Ninth avenues.?One or ino gentlemen who d**Ire n pleasant home >an lime excellent accommodatlnna in n private family. Address O. W. C., l:ox 3,307 I'ost office. 1jo.ard i p town.-a private family wile let ' JO Willi Board, a Salt of Room* on third Hour. Also, a Rn A Room and )Iall Rooms, on second lloor. Teima mo le, rate. R-ic.cncea ex Ranged. at 124 West Forty, stc.mi Mi c: u'ar Broadway. | Board w an i ed-for three ladies; a frivatk i family preferred. House luiiKi le lirsi clues; location from Tenth m Twentieth streets and front Second to Sixth avenues. Address 1,".' Ka-l Eighteenth sue t, Mating location and ict u:?. References exchanged. Board wanted.?fleasa nt, nicely ffknished Rooms, with bleak last only, wan el for single senile- , men, near Bto.idw uy, and between Eighth and Fourteenth s'lei-ts. Best of references jlven and required. Address O. O. A Co., Herald ofllce. Board w anted?for a lady of first class Social sum mi ion; terms not to ex< red $5 p r week. Snperlor lessons in the French, Italian, Uerman and Spanish : jnuunatcs and llt-rstnre tlvett In part payment if desired. ' Ri-lerences exchanged. Address Miss O., care of Mr. lidward D icbanx. 709 Mr. oilway. Board wanted-for a family of four per- > on* and two children, nged ei* and nine yeain; require three rooms, and tnrniah evenrthltig; location. between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth aticele and Fourth and Sevinih avenues; pri<M not to e-c?ed $18 per tveek. Addicts Merchant, boa li',t Herald oOl" I Board w isied.-a single gentleman desires i u Room, tvitli usual Board, beaten is-tvwen Eighth and t Twririeth all cole, S^'ond and Mith avt-miei-, and whirche J ?il! not l-c obliged to move In the spring; room mttit l? of r.o.?l Bit!", with cloaets; bonce containing modem improvement*. 'terms mns ur moderate, at the aidn rilserdcairea, if suited, : > he pmnanon'. Address, stating particularly leriua , fats and lire included), Im a'l >n, situation and size or room, X. Y. D., I rdoti square 1'oit ollu-e. ( Board wamitml the country, from may | 1 to October 1, on the S mnd, where there la good t hatii ii r, w sttiin 1 or hour'a ride of New York by steamboat, where three ate lew other boarders, fur a genii -man, , wife, child and nnr.-e; two rooms and to >tn for tenant te- J quired. Address, udb particulars, J. F. u., boa L7S1 New , York Post oftl"'1. j Boarding in brooklyn.-a gentleman and , wile or a fi w single gentlemen, ran obtain Hoard in a < private iainlly, at 67 High sired, within five mfnnts'walk i ul Kulton fciiy, or l olled Btalca Navy Yard. No moving uu i Iti^of May. Board in Brooklyn?no. ?i clinton street, a first r'ass house. a-.-ond "tory, Iront room vacant, and a linli Knout, with good Board; oiTrrcd on moderate terms. Board in brooklyn.-married or single ( gent em n con be n c inundated Willi Hoard and 11-a- i l,mt Rooms, 'ii a Unit r a-a, modern h lilt house, convenient t lo Wail nitt Fulton iei and mat Fry plcatant neighbor- i ho id. Apply at 47 t 'outturn reel. i Brooklyn iieioi its.-pleasant rooms, with Board, Ml .17 Iran be i ry all-pet, between Willow iinil Copuiibla. 8 mail >11 desirable, live minutes ivnlk of Wall street nnil Pillion ftrrtwi Brooklyn heights.?a gentleman and wife or single re tie men run bo uc ommoilated witli pleas*lit R>>oms, furnished or unfurnished, on second or iblrU llnor, wilb llor< il. House Ur.-e and desirably situated. llaili, gas, Ac. I 'onvrntfNit to faille?. M Willow street. Elegant furnished rooms to lrt?with ' good Bond lor Udic* and gentlemen, nt W7lf Greene street, twtwe-n Spring anil Prince. Terms mo1.:iat"; good location, near Broadway. Coll ami rea. T.1RLNCI! BOARD?FRENCH LESSONS.?A GOOD OPJ1 | oriunity lo leuin French by premising ami living in the hou>o and nin' iif Hie lannly of a Parian French u arbor. Apply at l<t> Ens. Twenty *e ouil meet. Cnentlrvkn WILL find elegantly furnished ' X Roe in* nt Ilia Cllnioii Mo.w, til& mid bf7 Hrmtdwitv, i?.??o??ii,r o| ilic advantages and comfort* oi a first class home, at modm-ate charges. HAKLKM.-A OmUWAS AND WIIK DESIRE Board, IK a genteel private family, In Harb in. Address for three day, A. C. A., Harlem Fostofflce. Relerenccs ex- 1 ill. 'I"el. JERSEY I 1TY BOAKI).-IIOl SE FIRST CLASS, ALL modem iminovein nH, splendid view ol the buy; si.nrt walk limn ferry; gentb man ami wife. $10; single rents, $'>; i re nnd gas, In. Iinb'd. an I dinner at li),. Reference given *nd|reqiiir d Apply St 156 Grand street. VM) 40 bond BrilEKT.? A suit of rooms and a il ilnrlo Konm, now vacant, will be 1st reasonable; lionso and lonation very desirable. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATed with Ryoin* and M'isril In a private limine. Terms moderate. Apply at 31 West Twenty-sixth urecl, between Broadway and filnh avenue. SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TWO OR THREE ri iitlem-n, In a unall family, without ihildren. Tlie house is plo uiuly situated, ami baiidsomely furnished. Those seeking a oumt'oi tvlile, quiet and wall ordered, clean home, lo. Wlil'h they u III riie a fair remuneration, will I'lc.ved apply at S7 Ea-t Eleventh street, uexi to Ht. Mark's church. TO GEMTLEVBN.-A PRIVATE I '.III.V D1SIREP front R om and i'niitryi with use of l ath iomii ('tljoin^is! Apply at IWVmt Houston rtreet, comer of Maedougal. rpo LET?WITH HOARD, IN THE MODERN BUILT A hon?n 78 Mni-tlini-III ?|IIM t, HI. t'l liii'nt'n pbt-e. n Parlor t on flirt llocr; t'J per wt ok for two p mod*. Ui>? unit ciOMila IMM. ' VtTANTKD.?A J.ADY, OCOUPYINO A MODERN 1 Tl liotnc, near tlm I'lrtli Atrnnn llot' l, wt?lie* to meet wt'h n p*rty of |p n'letnrn who would either rent * 8"ll of Hi oin* or i" the lion* and rnaerre what portion rerintred. " Address 0 It., Madison upline Dust oil oe, fur one ne;-k. WANTED-BOARD, IN NEW YORK, BROOKLYN OR \ T? Hotm.ii n, tor throe gentlemen, who, If iiiUed, would * 1" pi niian lit, nne Inigu mid one amull room. No nhjeiit: Mii;' r'libel hoarding bouao. Addreae, for two days, i ..ii J. D.inea, rwtcQKe. ' U* ANTED?BY A OENTLKMAN AND WINE, COM1'ort.iMn Hoar 1 and Lodging*. A'ldreaa box 2,403 Pc*t lull a. T. nun inu*i be modern te. WASTED -HOARD, BY A YOITNO LADY. IN A >> ii .it" fnni.ljr, where ehe cob II make huni-fr na-jfnl,' or n*..?t in ? iviag aa n re* mpeiv-a for I *r board) refercnto 8 ex -....Ii "I. Ani l M A l\, *lnt oil ' I U'tNTI.D-RY A YOt'NO MIN, A NEATf.Y KI'R- i tt l " i Jin hi, I i * h i'ine o. mii'M'1 I y only ' no family, where "in ' r-*r? not taken, and *l unt-d In me plan milt n -:.! :.#> d. within lit'.'en u' twenty n .n u.*' vnlk o ' i ; y || i.h i ml lire In r inn; bub in n-e; I) i.. . , t n : i ciio11 re r. o ly at IV A M. ev i> mora nt !! ie. . v ven Ai* 'ta : it ie: ma, whl.h an-t lent,: | r.i , I', bo* I M 11 .rai l o lire ISOAltDIJVG AND LODGING. [ITANTED?BV AN AMERICAN MARRIED LAD IT lie ird iit u private lauiliy in the Thirteenth war' onrd not to exceed $!. Good reference. Addrc-s H. weed, station D, Grand afreet l?Q Kt\ ?CHEAPEST HOARD.?NICE ROOMS, WIT pJj cIU. goo I Board, $S SO to $3 a week, anil upward am I ilea uud ladles suited for less than at auy other hous iio 1>triors, with pianoi, 7S LDp< nurd street i:e<r Broa ay and Canal street. Also a watunmau. Lodgings cheap TO TO *4.?BOARDING AT SCO GRAND STREET. 9*-* A ceutlein .il and his wile and three or foul Join ten ran have good Board mid eninldrtable Rooms, w ith g nd liaihrooui. AJsii. a l'iauo wanted, in exebunge I loan!. J WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAV J A private family have very nicely furnished Rooms t, with lull or partial Board. tT GRAND STREET, NEAR VARICK.?TWO C ! _j throe respeetalde young men can have nice Rom oil good substantial Board, and all the cotnfottn of a lion rum $!i u $4 a week; also, two or three day hoarders, )/' ST. MARK'S PLACE.?TWO FINE LARGE ROOM ..." 1 alovc 1 lie purlois, wilh ecmuiunlcatiuu elosels. hoi at old wat-r and gas lixtures In hotli rooms, will be let 10 pt les wishing n al euuiforls. Reference t> the paity ? ho ha nw vatuted them, alter having occupied them lor over ti ears. ! 7O EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR l'.ROA i O way and Union and sinvle gent nen aceommodatcd with It 1 mis, Willi or without Board, 1 noderate terne. Dinner at ti^a. References exchanged. . JQ OREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRINn.-AI.STO 7O 1 louse. Ele;'autly furnished suits of Uooiiih, ga holon and every convenience for liouseiteciilng eennoinicii y; particularly suitable lor small, respectable families . iio?H' gentlemen. B-nt low lo permun.m tonunts. [ /1Q WB8T KOUBTKENTH STREET.?A LAKHE PA I I' if inr, with hid ill room com line, on ?e. umt Ihm r; nl, liu'o Room, on tli .<1 llnor, to let, with ilrat ilass Boarj Ion, c tirst class, autl location unsurpassed. Itclcicuccs I |Mi. oil. ^ II A MACDOUfiAL STREET, NEAR IILKKCKER, LIU now* o.inr.i (I no u private family hotel, for the re c , on ol ; .11;I. n'lemen oi small fumllies tired of huardli) i'.i ; cH desirous of housekeeping can 11 ml every e nvenien it the above establishment. 1 1 AND 113 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. CORNK ! Kl ot So. ontl uvmino.?Two Parlors, wit:. Bedrooms i. ,i died, fi r lamilius or single gentlemen, with lloanl. Torn va.-oiiahlo. 1 r,(\ PRINCE STREET.?ST. CLAIR lrpl'SE.-ELl I.dU gantly furnished Rooms, with Bedroom* attache .villi ail the convi nicncns for housekeeping coiui l ie, i. hiding /oik and Cfoton water, to let to respectable fumil! >r single Bent omen. III A ELM STREET, NEAR S PEINE.?Fl' KNI SHE Jj LU Apartments for inimeilluto occupancy. The lowe . ins in thn city, oomi luring the convenlen lonsekeejilng. Be.-t bedding and furniture, w Hit range, coo ng utensils anil linen complete; gas ami Crotou. FINANCIAL.. \ RMY AND NAVY PAY COLLECTED.?AKKEAf it o' put for res-gnu.I, discharged and deceased oilltc iml soldi, rs of any Slats in the Union promptly proc ti ed. .JOILN 11. MURRAY, Ariny and Navy Hanker, 39 Nassau btreet, New York, opposite the Post ollice, AUK NTS. Washington City. D. c.?Hon. Horatio Kino, late po Twister General of the United Status. No: tlierp Mad s?UKintCB Parish O.jpkv, Troy, N. Y. Wekturn States?William 11. Scott, Jr., No. g Burn' . reel, near the Custom House, Ailntinn iti, Ohio. Middle Slates?Ai.SKitl PoiTi, corner of Third and W.l .tivels, Philadelphia. OMh-iai Blanks Mint to any part of the Union on ar>i'. nail. >y letio.' to the New York Navy nay collected, unsettled accounts adjusted and cask n New York. I BOUT $1,1)00 (OR LESS) IS WANTED BY A LA A ot conild'ruble ntcniis and of thorough business t nd experience, for which she would give scciulty and hoi n the immediate virlnliy ol I bo Fifth Avenue Hotel. R. mice unexceptionable. Address E. C., station D, HI louse. niBOULATJON WANTED.?T11E SPRSCRIBI US, CO U prising a largo business tirm of New Yo.k > iiy, desire lierfe.-t an arrangement w Itb rome bank of good credit, N' England picferiod, to use and pn tc 11 rum SM40.0- 0 to $50,0 >r upwards, of bunk notes, through the con log season, sj notes to be need throughout the West. Address M. and box 2,SIS Now York city Post ollice. CCONTRACTORS' RILLS AGAINST THE NAVY. OR J nuuee and Quartet m ister's Departments purchased JUilN B. MURRAY, Army at. I Navy Banker. bO Nassau St., N. Y., opposite the Post ollice Dividend.?the new york consoudati Stage Company.?Th I'residftifl and Dir etora of t mputiy have "declared tlietr i sit, 1 Kemi-annnal dividend our percent, payah'c at the Fae lie Bank, on and after 15th Hist. The transfer books wail be closed from the lit*' he 15;h Ins.'., !n"l :slve. J. CAMPBELL, Treasurer Ntw, March 6, 13JJ. Money orders, issued in sums ok one doll. and upwards, payable at banks everywhere in i At my and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau street, V., Opposite the Po?[ ofliei a UARTZ.-SEVERAL tons of gold ob SILV !> -?r. 11 Quartz wanted. Address box 1,708 New Y ru?l ottoe. okmittance8 to england, It ireland, scotland and walef sight bills on Union Bank or London, National Bask or Scotland, HaNKINU t'OMrANY, irk lad IN StTMR FROM ?1 UPWARDS, issi'MD* TAYLOR BROTHERS. Hanklrs, 247 BROADWAY, corner of Murray sirce 76 WALL, corner of Pear l street. Removal of gwynne a day. Uwynne A Day hare removed their Bankin-j Ofllc So. 21 Wa.I street, corner of Bioad (old Telegraph Bulbil Uncut rent Money bought and sold. Treasury Notes of all kinds. ILrhcht premium on Gold and Stiver. Stocks bought and to'd on commission. United States 7 3-10 Treasury Notes for aale. New York Stale and New England currency, Ac., Ac. 8tib>ci iptlnns received to the METROPOLITAN BANK NOTF. IMPORTER. rO GOVERNMENT UONrRACTORS.-ORIGI.NAL ho ert of contracts for arms, to be manufactured I* I'nifd Statu, can hi ur of a party who will ellln*r lit .he conlrn. t, or inatiiifacttirn the arnta, on reasoitabl. vtdrca>, with real name, 8. F. L., box 2,1KB I'oat nlhec. , UNITED STATES 7.30 AND 0 PER CENT THE AS I Notes bought and told by F. 1*. JAMES A CO., 46 \ itreet.. SQA(\ ?I WANT AN HONEST AND INDUSTRIE |)uUO. buslnesa man to loan me in a business esutb sd for six years, In this city, and paying a large profit, t tto risk. A' dn Energy, box ilk) ileruld oUice. 3? I nnn wanted-on bund and mortga JIt.UUU for twtror three years, on a (lr*t class petty 23 tittles Lorn the c. ty, and worth 820 Out Pi inctl inly wtu please addre?? Westchester County, Iler.ill oM ?g(l nnn ''asii.-a gentleman haying t uJ_< '.v/t/U sum in cash w ill loan or nueratR in itnv lo e-i ure loan end k"<m1 rctuTBi. Address, with full par MB, W., tan 2,Uti) 1'ust oiler. fMWV-TO L?AN ,)N UONDAND Mi'liTiiA iP?Jtl.v/Uv/ on product!* e K-al Es ntc in iln> i iij, in or moic uun.x; also, email sums 10 lend in UriMi.iyn and sey City. Apply In Ih' ollli'ol the People's K,.e Ins .11 Com| any, toJOHM F. OOXKEY, 60 Wall itiwt 3:7n ohd t0 loan-on bond and mortca ijp I U.UUU rate of interest, on real edat liiin city or biookl) ii, 111 Sinn< of Sl.nOO and npwar.U A made mortgages cashed. Apply to A. i.'EHOiaANT. 10 V i net. j h7a n||a (in one sum), s2a.0u0, ?20,?*?. $11) 3P I U.UUU $7,600, $;,oio, $?,ooo, ti.mai, $2 nu, $ti tlw other ruins, to lonn on bmiil and muaig no* on pnf live real estate )u this city. Apply to A. V LYON, 23 ? Kreet, Li<>A iv omm AT 77 BEEEi'KEIl STREET?MONEY LIBERA advanced to any auio ,nl on Diamonda, Watches, . i-lry, I'lnuos, Segars, Dry U'tuds, Ac. N. B.?Pan ubiol Tickets bought. H. NEWTON. 77 Blocker street, up sui AT 480 BROADWAY.?HENRY IIYMAN ADVAN<*E8 DiuiiioiuIf, wit or unset, or buj* tin: sumo for rush;; kuvatn et on Watches, Silver Plate and nil Penonal Prop, 11 PINKY HYMAJt.tM Hnxultri \ T J. It. BAKRIKOER'S, COMMISSION BR >KE aa. ?HW UIU I'PMii'iiKireu HKI ?u,aov.'i> ioe uu^o-si linn or I'lijK fur in?h. diamonds, *:t ?r linnet; tvatehc*, |>e, HlAte, mm, merchandise, Iiistiumrnta, X<\ .NY Bioudwuv, room 13, up IWW. AT 09 NAS8AU BTREKT.-A. HON10MAN. I)IAM' broker, makes liberal advance* i n Diamond . Wat. Jewelry, Ac., or buy* Ihctn at lull value, nt hi* pnvMe u BO Nans in street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business ooi.ti Hal. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADS ON DIAMOJ Wat hca, 1'lnl un l Jo u liy, cr bgifgbl to. highest price. I a.>oi;? baring obi O" il or 3 1 T'osell not do better tlian call on LOl IS AN RICH, T-1 llpailyi L JACOBS, 43 CKl'AR BTRBKT.?MONEY lanmlinrntr* to soil en WuMiaa, iHitn>?iu')?, S Elate an 1 oilier Personal Property, or bong I for cash, ii lilierul price paid. Bn?ine<.< subtly contort- utlal. B: .(li o 4o7 Broadway. MEVEKAI, DESIKAUR ARTICLES OF DIAMOND.! O elly lor kale n bargain.?India Camel's II or 3h aken In exchange. Cuili paid lor Diamond!-. Apply Iron 0 till 10 A. J.I., or 2 till 3 1\ M. B. W. I'M MM. Diamond Brok. r, M2 Ilioi'lw DRY UUOD3. OAlttlAINHl BAIttlAI.N'rfl AROAINSI FIRE I KIRK I KIRK I IV. K PEYTON. No. 274 BOWERY, nonr Houston sheet, a now oflerlng, AT tlUEAT liAROAINH, Kil, si-lend fiWK OK DRY UOODS, \ PAMAUfeU I!* TliIS I.ATK F1 KK. To honaekceiiers mid otln r? tlil* oiler* it rarr npportA o imrcliA?f? nl n grrnt wrldca. dloal:*, Hlinwfi, Mantillas, Pre*s Goods, Silks. T.iij 'iflrUnj ami Sheeting Muslins, Table Clnflis, V?p| rowels, Blankols, Conntrrpunr*, Curtains, Flanoils, UK*. Hoakrjr, Gloves, Embroi l-rles, Ac., Ac. \V. K. PEYTON, No. 274 BOWERY, near Houston sirrot. Dry goods.?wanted. to purchase foe *'J a small stork of us ort< d iJt-y Good*, snlta' le f -r ?< lya'iiro. Address, wllh piirtlriilari, J. Williams, lx> few York Pout odi' .'. ir:n window hiiadem. . !>?) /. NEW DESIGNS FOR IS62 Pill\ ATE DWKl.ElM.H, CHURCHES AND STOKI UOLD BAND, FRESCO AND IIOI.LAND SHADES, In sin k or made to order, Wliolemle and retail, O. It, A J. D, KET.TY'S. KI BROADWAY, NEW YORK 339 _FR0M AUCTION. I<ACK CURTAINS, Ml SMN CURTAINS, i Mi SEIN BORDERS, NOTTIN' .11 AM I.V i , PIECE EACE, Wholesale na r tall, nt No, 3iO Bito t DW.VV. I

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