Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1862 Page 7
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8&LES AT AlTCriOV. AM. II CIIAPMAJT A CO., A POTION KF.ItH. MAl)MKII!KNT IIOP.dKHOiiO FoKNITURB, PAINTINGS, STATUARY, nini many rare and elegant WORKS (IK A I' l\ At ibH'-(iiictiun, on tbU a ( Ki I'lay), Mut ' Ii 7, Sale i-ommenciug Ht 11 oclock (irecbfly, at tho elegant residence 18 Wr,-t Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth bvciiuk. _ SEVEN OCTAVE BOSRWOOD 1'Ir.NOFORTE. ltOSEWOOD DRAWING ROOM SUITS, Bronte anil Ormolu t'lUiu'elur , V. .vet MchiUinn Carp t.i, Sevres mid Dresden Ohtuu Vasca, Pier A"1 Man el M.irora. Embroider,- I Late Cupula*, 0-1 Paiiturs, by c? IntjijI artist?. The auciuaers would call the particular aile.itlcn of their friends on,! th^ public to this s.ile, ihe catft' cumpri.-iiir the richest maientoi Hon -.ele.ld Furniture, St.-., civil utauul'i,n tills si a.;.'D. Tee Furniture was all uiado to order It-M than sr. en tnunlbautfo, and is ut the best (! - ( iptl- n. Kale positive, without regard to woatlu r. Di.uriugR >;>: iliWCWood BjoV.cami and Sti i it r. Encolutiri-.., I.uiiv 's Work Table, Writing, Fk n 'i piute i'lcr Mirro s, m' rb!o slab utid biuokoi ; two huge Mant d Minora richly carved frauir*; < bivi.iorrd In eCiv nine, Fronrb K .. , Cornices, ttv i nagii'dcont Milts Druw n,T ltuo-i Ftroiiure, covered in three rolorcd satin bra. a of ibn i iv'-rst dosi r ytion, can d In solid rosewood; two Te ' -a-l to ,-ufes. mo Ann and clghi Oral II irk Oliui.v, r.vewi'OdCcni.e Tublw, stuiuapy marble t- pa to match the : uilr: Empires. lined with eaiin wool, i,.a: b.r top, mi: r . door* .nil b !:; King's talent Bo-llling E'-y Chait?; Pier. Cord ami IJUiarlelto 'rubles; Oil painting.,, by Cole, fiiiian, L guild, S.-l'rs, Kgtaw and oilier emir.ciit artietr; Awiimpuon of \i.-?;n il irr, from a cle'. rated painting in the J. uv re, Paris; Storm at Bi u, by Fiilgeniagle; trvosuperbunited paintings by Hoardman. MAtlNIFICENT P.O-'I5\VOOD PIANOFORTE, the rielie ; instrument oilored at uuclion i !ii> reason; stipe; b \ carved legs and r?v, rniiii 1 corner.i, full lroa piute, or < rs'rtiug buss all modern improvements, made In ty mukers, fully l"sled by e laipn out judges mi l j>niiiiiitn' (.1 a Mipeirir instrument; Yusinvood ( I.t rbury, do. Bt io), covered iu uiocni i. Mining itoo.n?unk ui(Wit, Kxjenaion iv , Chlnu Dlim -r nn.I Ton H"U; Cry.dal Clu.-swura, richly engraved; Table Cutlery, b lid Silverware. Clumbers?Ku wood ami mahogany Bureaus, II utsten la, War! rob T? b t Tallica, l'.iin hi mIos, Dressing Tables, Hair ami Sprin t Mm- j tresacu, Conmcrpnucs, Bianitms, Sheet-, Tmvels, M ti.n.v'i; j Patent Sola B dbtcuda. B.ioktilitiids, ili'im.- 'ia aud Ingram, Carpels. n. b.?Palo peremptory. Strangers wishing toaltcnd llila ale will lak the Fiith aud Sl.tli avenue <ata or HUU"snt. tl,c Abiur Hum . Si. N oliolaa or ?I umpolitan Hotels, lo.iviniat Sixteenthstreet, a few doots from the bouse. Am. me:? win. auctioneer. . By ilAN.JS, MIO It WIN ft CO,, li ving ililiding", .vw and 5!W Itrosdwav. a 8ATURD VY EVENINO. March ?, at 7 o'clo.k. OIL, PAINTlNlltl, Anclen' ami modern, comprNln: homo fltic originals, nnd mostly in gilt frames; also line line Engravings, including clio,eo proofs, and n variety that ,ur nicely colored, k<. Auction notice.?extraordinary orrouruulty lor HOUSEKEEPERS AND THE TRADE. E. ROTH, auctioneer, iv II sell th:s day, March 7. al 2 o'clock precisely, tlin ein.ant Household Furniture of i tin lai;: - dwelling house No. 121 Waverley plaee. near Sixth avenue, cnisuidng of beuut'fiil Brussels and In train Carpets, two solid block walnut Parlor Suits, covered In liguied silk T0|ih and haircloth; niarbln top Centre Tables, Kin [ere*, Book-.lands, rosmvoo.l nnd raahngunv Beds'ends, Bureaus, Washstandb, Sof t Beds, Lounges, Rockers, Tea Tables, Cirner Kinds, Clo.'ks, Vases. Mirrors, Curtains, Shadei llair Mattresses, lleds. Bedding. Blankets, Eoennlon Tables, twelve oak Dining Chairs, black w lunl BiiU'el, tllnss, China mud Silver Ware. Table. Cmleiy. Kit lieu Furniture, Oilcloths, Ac. Sale positive, rain or shine. Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer, wile sell, this I'.l'j o'eloek, at his salesnon, Ti Nss-'ai; s.reel, iii-i'i- Pulton, a larg assortment of now an t r? ond band lloua-'hold Fumilur *, ronsi?tlng of elrgan Parlnr Suits in" I nnd reps; Centre I'.iolei. Secretary and Iilhiaiy Book, uses. Velvet, Knissein and In jraln (hii |r ts, mahogany Solas, Ciiairs. Rm-kers nn I Ann Chairs, oiled walnut and enamelled Bedroom Sulla, Prow h B, dstetr's, Ifatr Mattresses, Wusbstands, War Lobes, Fender II ats, _ Mirrors, llal.-tuuds. Cooking Stoves. Engravings, Kit-hen Furniture. Ac. Also ? lot of Tailor's Irons, Stove for lie..iing <lo., with Cover, Ac. Catalogues and touda now ready for oxamiiial'on. David k. ecan, auctioneer, will sell this day. rt 431 Cuia! street, at two o'clo k, mahoganv; black walnut .and other Hornaus, Bedstead', Tables, Sola'. Sofa Beds. Lounges, Rocking. Office and other Chairs; mahogany anil hick walnut What Not', llall'tands, Carpets, Oilcloths, Matting. Ac. Also two Seivltig Machines. EII. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. . VALUABLE PROPERTY OS' ORCHARD STREET AT AIT TION. E. II LUDLOW A CO. will tell ut auction on Friday, Wnvh_l4. 1382, al 12 o'clock, at the Merchant!' Ev.hinge, Orchard Stskkt?The Pint o.' ground, with the Buildings thereon, on onstoily ride of Orihirl street, between Canal and lles'.cr s:ivet?, and It now n as No. 'J! Orcliird street, four atory frame Ht nac, 23x26.(5, with alloy way under, on the front oi t ie kit and three story brick Uottwr. SBxlRR, on the rear of the lot: the premlsei rent tor $"0) d -i annum. $ 1.900 eei reiiunii on bond and mortgage. Map, Ax-., nt the "e, No.Pine street. IP H. I.l'DI/lW, AUCTION"!: Kit. !i. TWO VAL,CAMUS IIOCH SS ON* F.A-f TWENTIETH STREET AT At CHUN*. 1L 11 UIULOW & CO. wi I ee't at a I'Siotr on Tucsdaj, llarch 11. IdtlZ, at 12 o'clock, niatlie M rehauis' Exchange. Ka*t Tvxnttn SntttU?The tw i ItrU cln-a three story stone front English basement Houses. No'. 1M an I 1945* F?-t Tweulletti street, l-ai wren Kitsland Bemud avetines, ea? it 15 toot 3 V. inches front by 40 leet deep; contain all the eo ivonrii. es anil liulahe.l in the l>e?i insou"". Jails .-aeli ls.s^vjif fed, tree Horn nil uoiinibr..n ch. Mn;s:uul full particulars at No. 3 Pine at reel, tie u Hroodway. Elf. I.CD1.0W, AUCTIONEER.? PKREM PTOKY SAIK ot valuable property on nT. Iiv order of Francis W. Waldo. A?si? lee. E. H. EUJH.oW A CO. w ill e, II at ?uct o i on Tuesday, Mull. 11, leu-, at Id o'clock, at the Merchauta'Ex liange: BsoAoirAr?All the. right, ti lo an I Interest which Horace Waldo had on March :il,lth>l. in the Is l of (Sroiin.l. with the Bui ding theivon, on Hie noithnrcstetlv corner of Broadway and Cedar stiret, running tbrouah to Temple atieet, belli: 15 feel on llroa.ln-nv, :lt (net on ira. and 153 I'ect on Cedar el reel, ami knowii as No. 135. Also, the unexpired term of twenty-one years from May 1, 1.HC4, ss < rented by a certain lease, dated Feb. 10, 1854. made betwern Mary A. H. Welsh aid others, or tbc llrrt tsrl, und Horace Waldo, of toe sec ml |mii, In and to the nndivi.I'll twelve fil l rnths par; of the lot en ih- westerly side of B: o .dway, adjoining the shore nientlonrd |.ro|>eriy on ilie not th, -ami known as No. 117 Uroadiv.iv, snhjret to an annual rent ?f $4,0t0, payable quantity. Maps, Jfc.. at No. $ Pla stmt. Edward sciienck, auctioneer.-scpbrb Home hold Kornltiu \?lty KUWAIlD HCIIFNCK. on Bsturd.v,8lh ns-..at1i o'cio k.nt his desro-Jins, I55sndl57 .Broadway, n large aid eic .-ent as'ortmint of liret cli?s 1 Mamsehoii Furniture, eomp. I- ing Pa lor. Chamber, L brsry and D ti ig Room Stilts, r.nd e 't r clejnui fngjtyrq, UNOMbTI BOOXS AT AUCTION - ll'.O. A. LEUflVA mu u,u. >vitt sen at auction. with i ! i -eve, .11 their trade aaleanxuna, 21 and a M- strut. ! esday, March 11, a Urge and choke coldcuun of RnglUh Hooka. oouiptdalng lino edltiuua of the behSianiixr.) and lllusi rated Workain l.t?ratiire. Also a < o i.plrte set of Nil -'a We -kl> Ktjiabr, 7d vol* Sale to'.'j nui 'ii e a. Hitu 1 < '< l*. *1 , and continue tin1! .1 1*1 -ant liO'd In order 01 lite < ?. tin; i . i'.itiI g iea r fly an l Rooka on oihlblt.on. U1S ?. A. LKA'.'riT H CO. GEOf.OE C OK. AT7? TTOKET R Ei.p.O ANT HGCsS hull Furniture. To d IV. at o'clock, lit store Hi Broadtvn.-, it s.iiierii a'.oek ol Hi . at . Ic woi k and of h meai fashionable styles, tiiis'stiny oi ratio. Sulir of ratio < klnps elegaol roaiiarooa, aatiti tvo 11 a > l Ma. S, >. a nut Chamber Hti.ti, IVr.'-r E 1ST' S r ( ?, (> .j?..ta, Ituff very eIn n-illy rarved .nil ti; .? nil Wardrobe?. I.limiy and S' rp'iiiy lio >V isra, true.lie jiiU-e, Dri'-Mng Table?, Wo-k Table*. Outre an I I am y Talil ?, Mtttreis J, Minors, Toilet Seta, Ac. S Ue pos.ive. HENRV If. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER.?HENRY II. 1 E IDS .t CO. trill si II by a i . nit. on WullirdaY, March 8. at II 173 H tads *. la ly m ptsd bj Re ><., , u I A Co., Hfue Kl .bin e. Mirror*. CuM'teia, An A la rue and valuable lot ni Store Kit t i <, i.i ..tie mill r, eonsietiiiy of all the fine Count-re. s uite n. tvlin li a inu . i:any nips, w.tli <lrawer<: do. on cast* ra. 3 large I'li inh plate Mi rnra, 2 de. mall, ab ml 4d li:at ula-a three liultt (lia Chnndcliera, minplete. with Stunt" ; MuUtilia 1 m nrs, do. Brackets o. mnn/", with luan uls, fir furs and i auks; n.ain. ;nny Table., ai irble tup ,, 2J8 yat a of IImirh da an I Ingrain Caiyict*. Mbeh'insand Farllifniti, In flue rr.lrr; ni.iboyanr and Hevolring Si . Iron K.t ill nig. patent Uijuerriui 1'iat 1'oUsher, roil 2A: II ?U|e rlu.' P * lie M I'll liter, olie for I ly aewiuj and for le.i; < bio' lion Sat , tnif'" by Uaylor to order; east Ir hi A<v.itng I'usl aud \ivulitg, and a var.'e'y of other lixtlirea; also, nn a-? irlmrti' of Dry Uu nla, toclose W II be aohl without rei"t e, aa the store must be giroti up Imai utUteiy. tjtn.'i 11. i.Lr.iu, .\l.u I iw n.rui.?ll r..> It > II. XI LliKDB A CO. ml! aell ui ? iitmn mi Ailmili)', lianli 8. at IV o'clo I;, in from of More VI N???nn atmel, a pur of O ak II'h a^a, 15,'j ban-la liIt, ? i ll mat bud, and very atyilaii driven. HF.N'TtY II EKED*. Al tTIOXKEI?. 11KKi: t H. LEKD8 * t'O. MUX SEIX AT ACCti'i". mi 8a: unlay, M.ireh 8, at lu.'j 'i do. I;, at the tale-room, S3 Ka??jn atrcet, iior>Eiioi,n FrnN'iTt'ME. Goniittinc of Brunei- and TfMr..ln Carpet-, hla :k walnut F.tain-rr-v in . in 11? irlt walii" Litenaiou Dining Taiiea, Arntoir a-Glaee, mahogany Offlee gilt flame Mirror-, ormolu ChaSdrIn i?, carved mac wood E'a erre, wllli niarh'e |0|>a. ma'niititiiy Wanhatand, n?- ini r lie top Sideboard-, roai wtomI 8-' retar.% Book--ae, Toilet 8et?. oak l.ihr.iry Knokeyt l?!?-k e-.-iliu t in.i ride lop Dreatltik II irrana, ro-ewco I do., oak rtl ir o It'll: rt. A'si, no elegant iw-ivood Pianoforte, mrved all round, neve.iot'aie. nunle -y Hall.t 8oii, en-l fill'. Alio, a ?.stood band ii|irl|hl Pianoforte, in io?wool at'-. TonN w. nkwkox, Arc ru>.Nf;;:it and obn'krai. ej Br-'kei l.i e-'mr. Slew nan.d- i mi J In .iiinncn, IdV Pulloa aliect, op, o-iui St. I'mil'* Cb'.rchyaiil, New York. ? Regular ?ate? at -tore fonday-and I'lnl-ya. J. W. N. iviil ptve liia per on il etleuuon in alca i pith V-and ptlrat-)wt the aioir and eUewh-re. Alan, lake ' h ivge of property, o I |-el tenia, cfeet and n't-nd lo tiiniian -e ptii'-ioa and re pa ir*. kny btialne*- rnlrn ted to hit hnrti" ivul b" earneelly atij taiihfnlly Iterlni mod. Krtiirn nl -eh n iiru.iijitlt nmde. Ca-li advanced on morenauaiee. n-ic.r,, . -Hon. uco. Opdyke, Mayoi of S"w York; Pel*r Coop- , K?<|., m-rehnnl: i). ?. Brown, Pro*.dent Vr li.inics' .m i Trioieta' 11mnk: Nathan It. ?i,ahan>, President Firemen * Fund lti-tr. atice Conipaur, nn 1 other*. t>orter house fTxti/hkr-t.? bis sot.d this X <!o'\ ai SoVlooa, *' l<nn*t atrerl. Counter*, nnd Ho ill Ti? Mm, neif?ea, Ann mil other Chair--. (Jin .* wate, Stow*. tiles* rtaslie* hii.I al> Mh"r good* usually Intind In a bin room. Alio Plyinptun lk.Uf'iiiI, J. A. MII.I.ER, A??ignec. KT. IIAXMUa, AUCTION! EH. . WilliTK>I0nK ?fc IIWKIJ. Mill llihli?Iar (Frldav , At lt'>. o c'o -k. n' 'li lr nl room. Iftb 11 oadway, IIAItnWAIill, CU'I HUH V. lr., Comptliliu Tnblts : nd Pmwrt Ciitleiy, Pnckel and Bo'rl Knhr.i 1'iai' lix k*. Dour Kri iln, Auger*, Shatter I i. tM, Thumb Late t *. S ciill'hn 1-, Axi". Table sp.a n?, Wu'll i Ir.inr, Med Kay*, Hcneli Stepa, Jul Diace?, 'iapi Moaan t en. Ac. ti HERMAN, AUCTIONEER. 'WfEL 8ELE THIS ij' (In , fih tout.) at IS B.nvciy. at II nVsoi k, Co viable'* r.alc ?t Furniture, consisting of chairs, Wasbstnnd". Lookina Ota*?.?. Crockery and tiiu.-atvar.i, (.'Hilary, Has Fixture*. Ai*i> Ij Miiiini in Table", Refrigerator*, fon new 1! n-raus, Ar. By order nf JOHN FORD, ( uin'able. Aln lire gold aud ailrrr Watches mid two gold Ciialna. SAI.H OK MqUORS A.vil QROOKIUES.-S. HERMAN, A'i< tionif:-, will well tiiu dny, 7tli Inst,, at l;( Bowery If nl li' i <i I'll'.ill'". 100 brv a ("dilee, i,i bov i Llin!)"i\rr fllii-ae, 10 I anvl* Scnt--h A>, !0 bote* Sperm (Vndle.", 30 hole* I "(in Tnriar, 7i> bnio? Prune", |() Inrrel* lj.tni*. Also barrel* Htandy, WhUkey, j W> t t,|., It) hawe]* Mi l,t*""s, Madeira an l Port vv na, j[0 liarrcla Wluo Vlne,;ar, MM) JO S nai ", Au. Pavlof above good* slightly damaged. To I f aolil lor acrotinl of underwriter*. for raalt. OHERirr.S SA1.R ? MY VIRTUE Of A CERTAIN O wrWol avronlloii to martinet d and delivered. I vi lli ex. S,?e In Mil nl ptlWIe vendue, in itIrtay, the 7'li.iuynf atiih, l'?)!. nt II oVl k In lite rorenooti, nl. H e font of Wasbirigi it Mreet, Brooklrn, on I mnl the hiirk or vi -el called ine l.iura line", a'l lite right, title and inicreatoi it. p.tvl" and la. Davis, of, In and to tltn above pained reset, R x* kie, Apparel, furniture, Ac, Ac. ^ ^ Dale Sberl'iT. TOO?, fl. MI'Ri'llV, ?AtjP N?f YoaAjMyib , 1WJ S/JiES AT AUCTHHI. tj A J. B(M1 ABT, AUCTION KKK8 ?BATtUtDAY. O* W?r -h f, ai !;<>; mUoyk, u- tbo unoaon 10 >ir. i N 1 Nui ih William st. -.1, Hon. - bold Fiii u it it re. <ott:UUl ? ot Satan, Loan e., HurcauH. C Iprtj, Wilt listaudH, 'l'.ibios, Chairs, Wardrobes, 1-Tcnoli I'idte MinMi, Bedsteads, Be da uud Bedding, KiU'h 11 I'oruUurc, ?c. WM. WITTJ4B8, AlJCTIONETlK-WILls SELL, THIH day, al 2 o'< I k-'c, at IT.! aid !*>! >1 hi r? :i, by virtun of a rbattcl moi t;r. < . on?- 1 arlur Suit, una ro-i-woo i IV-un, Piertills*, Ouiidia" Biobvase, Vases, Clo-V Chandeliers, l?' b Tapoetrv. Tin "jity, IngraluaiidoUi'-rUuri* u, Otic o lia, manogntiv, Frcudi and CuiiTf.? U '' toads, ll.ilr Mnttrra < ?, KratUor lled*,Vlauk?U, Sheet*. 'fable ami Uod Ihnco. marble tup Di HHiii;' Biuviu;., Waa.i -lauds, Oliini, fi' i ?, H-lur Wari.riluvui nod all mil r goods mually lound tun wall furnished li'iu-i.-, and well adapted to the vv.ui'a of families and others. WILLIAM AIlltO.'T, AUCTlONJiRR, BULLS ON Till ! day, at I OS u'aliMik, at tie a i-l ion rooms N<?. K iat Iiio.idw iy, tii ) 1 t iok an 1 I i\taiv, of a J.I|Uor nu 1 (Jim ry blare; alio, contents of Butcher Simp, la'ge Marble Ulib; also, one ilyiue of ail In . a i (Jneon, f ?ra so "ir Ht ire; oiu strong grocer's and one light bus.nasa Wagon, Bedsteads, Ac KUMTiflbS, AOOHS, ?kC., WANTSD. A8MAL1. HUM OB GROWN PEB90NS AB8 niib run- of on' lulu t, from tlio 1-t of May, In Ui.ij'aiyii, a small two '..)i v Ilrick or C< t ago House, .villi n walking distiluceot taef iry. Kent lnnat not oxueed $*)) a year. Address, gi\ i a'l p ir.l minis, wneic house ia situated, Aj., N. C.( l>0\ Hi raid oilier, APAItTMKNT.i WA .Xi-ilJ ?P.litt FOUR ADULTS, IN A r iport tbl i?ei .lilioriiood; parlor, k.lehon and lliroo b idruouis. It in n ,t oyci Situ I'ma0j.ion A:uU 1. Address itutiis, Herald olHc?. a nous:-; wanted?furnished ou Partly runJ\. _ ntshml, within t u or tiilivn inmates' walk of Fulot or Wall street ferry, tvlt-rn the roil u i.l !> taken lor houid, aoni" oiaup; ils ru-iuimiig an ll >:t,a or :i p-iviic;;: ol' taking others. AUiliv.-s lor oue week. inquire., Brooklyn i'l.St Oil) '<*. IIUKNISHED HOUSE WANTED.?A NEAT MODERN well iiiriin hiM House, cither in Nov*' York or li:o iklyn. WatitC ! Ivy a small private l.imiy ; II,o very best of cue will Ins taken of the furniture, and undniibte 1 le ercuco given. I!'lit no! ovci S.OJ. Tula U u rare olia ne to g"i a lirst ei su t n nit. Ad drees, Willi lull |i irilculnrn, Iloitao, H unld oQl c. HO03B WAWTED-BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OP three minim; a nc it, well finished tin o s' ny Hook-, with modern imprnvoui iui ami in a res *' -table lu.i'iou. Rent not to i t I $IA A Una IK. U. J,.'. Herald offl.-e. HOUSE WANTED-B1 MAY 1. A Till'EE sTO'tV high ato p House, Willi modern improvement*, by a tHinily of adi between Tvv nty-ncvcnih end Tu'ryvventh streoto, and Nceood and Fntrlh avenue t. Address \V. 11. V'., Herald oitlto, ivlt'i lutl part e ilars. HOUSE WANTED -BY A Rh'.si'EOfAnLE PAHILT. heiivrcn ahoiit Fourth and Twenty-third streets, not I'ar from Broadway, of ahoiit $1,000 relit (|m . m ats made In any way), oi no 1 s than si .lean or iwioi" rooms, and iu good order. Addreai ri. Hlnlum D?Hi>ir II m*e. HOU.-.E WANTED IN BROOKLYN ?A SMALL FRAME or brick House, with n i less than u ne rooms, and within live ui!iiu'."s walk of Fulton ferry. Address II. Bo'.tr, 117 Fultou strait, New York, slating locution and lowest price. I WANT A VERY SMALL COTI'AtiE IN A KESRIS OTAble lo a'ion, eiiher in Brooklyn or Jersey ttity, within tlir.'.c miles of ferries. ICnt not lo evened $ 5J; half the amount advanced, if desired. Address or apply at Idti Broadway, room d. Rooms wanted.?a gentleman, wife anu in. mm want, on '3' of M iv. tlirco or four Rooms, siv parlor, hedroom, kit-lieu (with water) ant stoeei'omn, on ono lloor preferred, with ctnte very qui t respectable family without small ehlldr. u, rn v ilesi'rahle lo'-atiou in Brooklyn, convenient to card and ferries. The parlies are desirable tenants; rent sure hut nol over $12.i. Address, Willi full particulars, W. H., box 121 New York Post oilice. (Jl dAR MILL WANTED.?ANY PARTY lLVVrNG ON O hand a Sugar Mil), v illi rollc. a four feet long and two i,?i in umu .rier, may una jjii 1. .1 ah r oy miureistng A. u. Spencer, Thirly-iiftii street, New York. WANTED?FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, V COMFORTablc araa'l Uouw;; rent not to exceed SHI; furnished with can and water; in Willi* ns'xiri preferred. Address, Mainjlill pottholura, Fetll, KnU on, TVTANTED-A HOUSE ON HIGH GROUND. ON OR ?i near tn' o." the avenue.*, BnoU)'ii;a f?w lot* with Malic pie.eued. Addivs box 1,830 Post dllice, N. Y. "WANTED?TO LEASE, SOKE FIRST CLASS TENEIT liient Houses, for which a (air rent and tlia best rlty were nee will be riven, Apply to or address M. IH'KKli, 141 tli htroel. WANTED-A SMALL IIOt'SK, OR T1IE LOWER part of u large one, in Rood or.O r and with the modern impiov-'incnta; iiiiisi I e in a pleasant I o at ion. situated lmlivceu Fomt:i and Kiciitli aiAiuies. ant Fir-t nndFortlivh nr oN; would nko |H?noi??'on aoinclimc In April. Addrots, stating particulars, 8. ]?., Herald o!U v. Th* neat of relcreuoe given. \\7-ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OF FIRST RE v ape. lamMtr, either a small house at JtW reui, or |,urt of a bonne, where there are no e'lll li i n, nil the cast ride, between Fonrh and Tw-uly-lhir.l a.reel*. Adirrm l'ost, l;crjld oHic\ WANTED-A STORE AND DWELLING, OR A STORK only, at n moderate rent, and suitaflu lor the ton y <hjr goods busi.iea*; l.? -titio.t In a town or rty in New Enjlaud preterm!. Address Mcic'inul, tleiuld oilier. WANTED?IN APRIL, FOR A SMALL RESPONSIBLE family, 110 children, a a-nnil m< d mi>, in unoxc 'ptlonalilo liH'ility. It lit most he moderate. Possibly lower pari of n boose may do. Address, with parte nlani, bras,ha I'ust oSce. WANTED?A SECOND FLOOR (FURNISHED) IN A TV private house, either for hoita-keeplng purposes or where meaU would be i?rved In the room, to one lady only, 'i'eruia must bo moderate; lo-ation. between Twenty-second uud Fifty-e-ond streets utid Fifth and Klgtiih avenues. Addivas M. I. 8 , MadUou square Post ollire. WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY, WHOSE DUCIHTiilt i* ut school, unco or lour Kno.iis or a Floor, nntninia.hed. in a aineii, fenn el bouse, baring ilio mod -rn tiniirovcuien ? indem n ieiii door hell preferred), unit In a rood uel??libtnUo>r1. term* unci particuurf, Whlow, box 112 Horalci nil tee. I YITANTMD-HY A WIDOW LADY, WHO WISHES Tf qnli l and retirement, it Parlor uu.l one or two He ! iwjmf, nil tiufm mailed, and without board. in a gcnie.-l ltsu.;'>, in a good I'r. l'.*:ouco given to a private family where there ?r no c liiUien or bonrder.i. Aldrr.'j, ith lull purll uLr.', R'tillunv til, ><ox 11- Herat I otiiue. Wanted-by aoood paying tenant, at cheap tout, the Ua* innit iii't p..ilor F'o>rs a'llali-dioo.n, In a !?OMe?;!lV''*d lj? a go*.'a-dshooilto.i 1, or n email Cot* t.i In or nVt' In* euy. Atldre^l box 2,015 I'Qu oUl *. WANTED?A FURNISHED OR PARN.Y FURMSUEI) tt Ilonv, whore Hi; r:nt wuill o? Mann in board, by two or three ir*n? mi, with ilin privilege ol' takiug a li vv oilier it j.u[In.'. Lo>ul!oii between F li b an t fwrutv-thlvd streets god Third nil ! Seventh avcuuis. Address E. AC, Herald on. 0. WANTED?APARTMENTS WELL VENTILATED. Si r ualeil on Filth aveuiu*. Ooje't.ous to bay window*. a ! ir m < . s . il."aid oBl e. tjetanteimw a pbivate family, a furnished XI 11 out or bark Ri mi. ou tin- secon i ... tiur -11)1 _., or a i exn ii mi Room, by n -trnjlc gentleman, in [lie virion.. of tli<Litaivs Hotel. Kst'rrmi e given .nil i-quired. Address, a tit ting price, J. D.. Br.g-.dtvu.v l'o?t nthur. \\rANTED?TO BENT, v MEAT THREE sT.tltY HIGH IT stoop lions*, lot KUvino, with r,m md w.u rihiou.i!i* O'h. In gi.iid order) I- i ion t?-twr-e.i I a en(! * ti an.i Titirty fi tU Mfrort?. h 11 I Tmu t find r il.u aveiM'-*; relit froiu $ti HJ 13 $73?. A lit ' s \V. U . firmI<1 , .iH1 . nrmiD-rM TUB SUMMBR, A SMALL KM:. TT nl-lnr I t\iiiu,,<\ uii ,ne v. at a|,|r Higtmt I -land. ne >r ilic \v*:i-r. not le-love I'm Kl,bni,nl. I'oaiea on nrantnrt by thn middle Of A,HU Addrrai U. U. b., box til.i I'uM ii.Tue, atatlfig If*. WANTED-IS BROOKLYN. A TWO HIOUY BASE11 fljt and ait In lions.-, wuh ga? ani vvil r, In a h>hhI locality, u >t more tliau twenty minim a Irotn tu Fulton m Wall mIioi-1 !m i v. Hm' not to exceed $301. Addle-*, iviiii in:*, |>irticu n .1. S. Li box 1(MHer*tiloII n'AXTKO-IS T1IE SKIU1! BORHOOD UK 1IIIUAD mi,I Heaver siierta, u Collar and Store, on find flour, from $4110 lo $tjUI>. Warned, a 1-1, a K >0111 ml III'Ml l.ooroi ba-wtnent, Willi umvrit'iMic.' tor ttxlng a amall rime tor cbcini al puipon-a, within one mile of Hie I "It y Hall; In a qnlflt Meet preferred. Aihlrexa Cbeiniat, Hcrnlii nfll < . WANTED-fisom TRB Fi us r or MAI KRTW*A TT huns-i wiiH nil the modern improvement*^ *itk,i tores alory and ha eon-nit and three deep, or lour ai try and Jwrmr i'XIi Utlnn. Mi it he ill a leajirrtablt, neighborhood, ir-tween Tweunelh and Ko, ly-MXtb art-eta ana Four.h and Ninth i Ve iue*. it 'nt III net ha loaf. A len*e of from t ran 10 Hv.r yrara will be lak-ti hj a rfapoaaible tenant. Add rear boaHiiiS I'oki tdli -e, giving lull |u, rileulaia. \\TANTED-A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, NEAR TT the city, for six month-; trritia nt-idoriii*; or Board In a prlTaio family. for n lady an,| grin Ionian; muel b" n--ar the , ;tjr. Addrrei tf? box oj IVm oil) r, statins let-ma, lo.atiou, t'*. Refer* m-ea exchanged. WASTED?TO RENT UR LEAeE A FIRir CLAMS TT II,nv, containing all ilie modern Improve,nrtii?, In. rated between Foui I-eiun and 'I'wcmy-alxili atresia, and Fourth,l td t-'l?tli avenue*. Wo il l purchase Cll|ie'?, *r.; no ohje> l.on lotoii,1 lb Ot. ner or o i|-u:it. Addie-a, Muling term* anil all pm uvular*, 1*. U. If., Shi BaaiHcveutarutii 11 ret. UMNTED-A ROOM O.N THE FIRST FLOOR OIC IS the bascim-nt; until huvo a yard lu couueuiloa. Ail In** N. S. K., llur.ild oilice. TlfAXTBD?I* IBOOKLTV, n ;:N: ciK.l) ROOM (No l> board), nearttall nnti -r *u ik > rrji or iwiy . aons, brotnerand aiater. Alalr?tlod rnum and a bedroomr gmtui'1 family nud p-niM'l loeulliy rennlalto. Adduaar, ami inj ''tiii *, uot ui exceed bid |*r mouth, Clerk, Hi okljru Fust ortii-r. TVrAXTEI>?FROM 131 OF MAY, A MEDIUM SIZED fl Motia-, In the 8-jrentli ward, anitnbla for n small pi e vote family; innst ho In roj4 o.-iler and conranivn -a aitie lied. For a desirable House would take u kow. Kent alumt $&.0. Addr-na, aiming pulksutara, J. A. U., Heukl Oiilll'. Ur.vNTfcD TO lilRK?A l'ART OK ~A~~IIOl3K," IN A p-apeetatile neighborhood, in lure n Fourth ami Thlnyfourth streets, weal ot Broadway, lor a family eoiiaistiUii of thrcCKrown ii toiik. Runt nut" to ex .ued $?tu p r anno n.s Addn -a li. A. L , Herald o.ii'-c. U* ASIT.D To MIRK FROM MAI l - I II,. M OND story and Attlo uf a nice liotiae; lo-niton, n iltvooil I Cbriatnpheraml Troy a'l-oet*; moderate roll . Address O. |, Uurald o lce, stAtlng rem, A,-. V\* \nttil) to KBNr?A ooou 7iiiiTlii: Sr?7iiV t? If owe, modern iiii'iro.'ementa, aimaiHil 'flu ui Fluid ftn l Sat etil'i arunum, not Higher iliait Ttv,'iuy-s-vi mli street. KelH not over |7v0. Ad I rem too* H7 i'oat billc -, or apply lit ;'J9 Po nd xtixoi. W~ "ant,III'lo KSNT-tTiE UlTKK FART OF t OEjT p el Hons -in Wil li uii-bitr,!. I'll,- hi hu fur. nlshrd with am and ?.1 "r, nud ha, 0 at le.iat tlx iod in. Addn a Ajax, Herald o'li<- -. IVANTED TO RUNT-! OR TWO PERSONS, r.Y HIE If I at of April, 1. nl. r ,i -,iu I Room* In i> respe-Unl-i huiiao. R,jni not loot d $ili p?r month, Addrsa, wtih full parlhitlbia, M. H-, Herald office. All NICII'AIj Al' l AIKS. rpilE COM MIT TEE ON JtTREETN OK flit-. lit mm OF X Aldermen, will me-l oil Tuesday, til* lilth day nf Mnreii, l>'C2. at one o'clock F. M . In the Chamber Ol III - Board of Aldermen, t'Hv II ill. for the-purpose n| ronaid-ring thu auli<o, i. r.f Hi,- extension of I'lmrcn street in the Itaftery. All 'pal ties interested will please attend, trllho C Oul'ier iioli -e. C1IAS. ,1. I Hll'P, ?('?mnilitc? F. I. A llOOl.i:, J 011 CM AS. U, HALL.) BUCt'l* . # w' Ewrtuut # Ni3W YORK HERALD, FJ3 MCSICAI,. ^ AW AC N IPJCj-.NT SEVEN OOTAVii KOREvVOOD I'JA i.<<! > , : lor h e, cley urly enrv..d logs uud cane, ovnr trunt buss, full ii 'ii | l u , linud uitb uliii wool; bug all l.;o? i i ii \ i n: .Jfl I > oril. I , li'-ru in im t uvon month. ; oat ? .4 (1. | .ii $; >j, including ' tool and Corel. Also I'urlor Kuruiiure at u * .g. i >e. bfiiuirv at 70 Weal iliwt, pear Hindi u> cu e. A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE Ul'KIGlIT oi Bodoir T in > lor mil at ? gn at hi i ill e for i .rn'i; Ins l.i Hulllnl fi t .. k top uud bottom. Can bu aeeu at 171 Third avenue, private (I mr. x AI'IANOKOIITF !>U $11. IT 11 A3 6 OCTAVES AND In goj.i . rd l Alan 1' .. ti lot, at S62, $! 6 I, f.l, $5 and $0a in.. Ik, or for il rv brip. Mn-Ic (nnght and I'.alios tuned by . rol. I? ' "iSDAY, 21).)Urand street. AK03EWOOI) 1*1 A NO, 7<< OCTAVE, KO I BALE Overerun,'bass, Iron ,ra n , lb Ii nn I full tune, but illII i.and, x an nub- i rfe i in -very i aid, cost $160, will bo il I of lor $.WJ; a bargiin. Can bo sceu al 252 lieuly a,in, i, Uro iklyn. ANV HOY, NOT AI10 VK COURT KEN VEAIC3 OC AGE. wltb n soprano o alto voir. , may hear of a jauilioii iii urbirrb e.b dr, by 'inij tug to Mr. I lay tee, al Bernard's Or. ran W i1 rooms, 2X1 Broadway, up maun, on Saturday, lie. livoen tlio bourn of I and 2 1*. II. tittlary I rom $5>) lo $8 k) p?r ana ii in, sc f I nn lo prolLieucy. Union, ace unomcd to "si?ht reading," ilon'l apply. "IVAIUIAIN.: -FTAST0S. ME LO DROITS, r BENCH OHl> e?:iw, Mu I SI nils, W.itcil''.-, DUmouds, K-gals, Rule., , l ' v.'1" ' 'I' I ocwuig .n.tvimi r, a small Limine, Ac. thi.-b advance, on nii'icbandhie tiers! !y. I. K. JOKES, 52 Ann stru t, second Hour. DFPOT OF THE MiEXAKDitB OltOAN, For Churches, Ciiip"ls, s bools an I Drawing Rooms, 2: i llroa iway. SOLE MEDAL OF IIOf.oKa the Universal Exhibition of ltkiTi. 'i'liia mn^niflncni fii I rumen I (patented in the UuituJ Stales May .*5, 155'J), which 'In* brilliant performance of TilALBKKU, VILANOVA and Mi.EE. WE [.MS lia\i'ra:idi>ii J an p : pular In Ain o ica :ut iu EurojM-, li s boen ado,* ed by the grcatem uilisis and c.uniioat-i.- ol both roatill'llts. oorrsciiALK, liszt, no?s:\i, mf.tekbp.kk. &r? Ac. T 10 Alexandre Or;:tn is eel'hinted for the soli.lllv and pro. clHiuu ot IL. mo dinuDii), a. wo I a . for the I nllin sj nil 1 (savv. r of iiu tune, and thu r. niai table uuallty of keeping perfcc'ty in tune in all ntunatos. ^ Frtooa ai^h-. depol, $15, $5P, $100, $150, $185, $235, $230, A dwrlptive circ'd ir son' to mv address on application to K. FAlt RE t!UETTES. Jr., ?.? Broadway, Importer of Kiiram Acoirji mis. Violins, V;o id Sirings, Ac. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICKS.?WE ARE NOW soil nix our Pianoforte* at greatly rc.lue"d prlceo for cash. Parties wishing lo obtain a tirst clasf l'.anoforte at war rat' ., urn liiviti d to < alt. LIOHTE A BB API) CRTS, 121 Broome street, N V. PIANOFORTE FOB SALE.?A SPLENDID SEVEN octavo ton-'ivood PiaaoforUi for $135, wliirli i oit $30l> but six mouths ago: is seven octavo, large u suite. round corners, iron train", carrr ! lo , lyre and (leak, French grand action, swe -t and powerful toil": good Kiool nnd Cover, Ac., Ac. Apply immediately at 127 Tweuty-flrsi street, near Third a venue. "it/ M. WIPSE, TEC HER OF MUSIC, WILL OON?V i.nue'.rigive in.-ecu I urn in Singing, Piano, Violin and Flute, at his r -aideui??, Kit Weal Kluen-enth aire r, or ilia' of his pupil'. Lea our given lo gentlemen alter basilica homs if des red. WALLACE'S THEATRE ?THE "LESTER WALLACE "? Polka." composed by K. Stncpcl, is plavcd every night with great sue.,'km. An e rcollent likeness o; I, stcr Wallack, Ks(p, uioru* ihe title page. l'i ice itfi renls IM C mpv. FIRTH, POND A CO., Music Publishers, M7 Broadway, N. V. FL(\ PIANOS, MELODEONS AND HARMONIUMS FOR *J\J aalc, at reduced prii e*. or t > re'I. ltosewjo 1 Pianos n< $3 p-r nunitli, Cottage Pialtbs, $150 to $2.50; Prince A Co.'a Melo Icons, ivliol sale and telail, $15 to ?<a I. 8. T. CORDON, 7'"6 K oadwar. <Jb"l nr ?MUST BF. SOLD IN THREE DATS, AN ELK JP-LllrJ. gaut Keren octave rn.sevood Piano, with all the modern improv rnents; scalloped keys, carved lyre and de-It, fully w.nini riled, e.-cl $ '.7.5, |. a inu-t superior Instrument In cv-ry respect, powerful and brilliant toue and Improved anion. Will be said at a sacrillc for $105, at 4,1 II ,gli street, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION . ~ A CARD.-OLIVER B. ti' II,D>M ITU'S WltlTINH AND bookltcepiu! Rooms, 5,'IS Broadway, aornsr of Worth street, and No 0 Fourth avenue, below Eighth street. Bookkeeping (5, Ladies and gentlemen may receive private Instruction at either place, day or evening. AT $2 53, FOB WKITIN'H, TVVESTV LESSONS; A KITH. in."Lifmill PAIIiii?fii?lii.i kci'pii I ir.i?i t? . L Ip.h iiu ?.-?m r.i* Hunbktv'itiug 1-rsouk uulitui.ed, ?10. uJ Boweiy and 2ir> I'tiliou street, Brooklyn. Asa upleudiit ueiunan end skillful teacher Co'oncl Pain* has no superior?New.eti I News. AYOd.NO SWISS OKKTLKMAN IS DESIROUS OK oba'uui; h home - In a ivspe-lahle American family, where a few hours (hi I lie iTeiiloji) devoted to Instruction in the Kivn'h or (lot-man lonsuases would he iwind in compeuaitlon for hi'boartl; would w Ish to lie treated as one of the family; leieieme. exchanged. Addresa B., box I,Off New York Pv?I "hire. INSTRUCTION WANTED.? V I. \OT AND GENTLEMAN wishing lo tube l??wns in roadtu: and Belle* L-Uit a a. Uietr owu house, nre demoo* of pnamring the servl-* of a c inmi lent factier two evening* " the week. Addles* box 'UJ Post oflke. elating ler.n* and reference*. Ie3sons in ebi'.'ncii and translations dy an j experienced lea'her. Address A. Y.. box iUiieidld oiliee. or apply ai l'.ts Clinton struct, Brooklyn. Spanish i.vnguage taught in new york by Benor AIJIERTO DE TOENOS, from .Madrid, Prolesnor In tlm Polytechnic and Pa. ttc iustltuleg. of Brooklyn. Ilia resideiv*i is at 311 Fourth avenue, between Twenty-taird and Twciily-fotirth streets, New York. Teacher wanted-to oivk instruction in Penmanship (o lour children, ai the res! leuce of their parents. Address, ('.alius particular* und term*. A. S., oox 171 Iteiald odlcr. " nutioaxi. " Notice.?xational union club of the city of hew \ o.-k, will meet /n their several wards, according to their eui.t-luution. ar'/rl 9, as follows:?'The several wind clubs shall del Hire# il'lega'ea 10 the tVntial Committc, 1:1 M uvli of a li ;.iar,tn(I trauanut to the ftocrc-ary |ii-ior lo flie lltrv iMday in April, the urcilculials ??r s icu drlukutb. 'flic On i*l iiimmit.oc arc requested lo mart nt llmtvn'H llotsl, cin'A nt' ]Si-r>ndivay anil Eighth street, ou Friday ? cuing, M uvtt 7, at 8 uYlnek. By ortie-, JOHN C. if AM, President. Joutrti Foitars, Ketreiary. raorosAii. ... / CONSULATE GENKK.VLOF FRANCE -SE Vfa'JO PRO. \J p.)s.iIs will Ve r.velvel at the Coo ?r f'riucc, 17 Wil i.iiS i. }?l, "s to JJjtiirl-iy. March .s. .v 1! O'gio-k II., for anpp'i 1 i, wiili r?f ivis! .'is, io.i', aiilp chandlery jnil other mater'* s; ulso tr th funds in r >ln, the Fr ne'u waf it-2'nrr Cu'liiat, n tally in the mn'. ol No iv Tor a. Apply at the said o U ' lo. sjcculcs'lotl ?cn l oiidlltona. J n? st.-nstilara 0-ncralof France, Rrw VoM, March ... I t 7. MONTHOUJN. OK ALL D PROPOSALS ARE INVITED TILL THE O lui'i day oi Maron, liJi, n* 1; o'. 'm a M.. for atipplyliw tin: United Sta' a Subsistence Djpa. .lurtil with G.OOJ iieatl ol' lie -I Cattle on the hoof. The. attic lo he delivered at Washington City, anil caeli to are.age I.."'? iiO'.ttnU proa* 1v.14.1ti in animal adinlite l which weighs less than l.<M) |?e 1 Is gross. The eat lie AO j.! itelnerej tit an -h tnies and In atte'i <|iiantltira at ilie government may ri*.|iire No cattle wl-'t It- re. iptlteil under Una contract b, fore the Nt day 01 April, 18JJ. Jf' itei s and bullocts not wutite l. A bniitl, with good an 1 aiifflci.-nl aenrrliy, will lie rcqitlrrd. Uovr.iimcnt 1 * r/es to In.-If the light to pay iuTreasury notes. No bid will lie entertained when pm in by eonti'iietxra who have previously I'allcl to comply with their rtmiraeta, or wline I he bidder is not present to respond lo Ins bid. UI.I. .ill .e ...I I? u.i A It O'kivntl. V. H.. IT. a. A.. Washington, D. V. rona or in. I, A B, do h'reby pr?taur In itollffr In tlir government pal,I heel ijtlloou in" liuni' for?|h-. hundred* gloat weight; tkeiqtile In lm delivered ?' , n'cnufiitg to III" tcrnta of I lie (nclO'eil advprtiaeinrat; the rattle to tin wriabed on the sc<1"?, and the wight en tlnrruiliinl to bo hit |inrr|iHH<! weight. I hereby n<re: t"> give a good and Mim- t. nl bond lor the f.tliiliueni or tho contract, an t to rei vtve Tn-nanry Hole* In piynt'iit tor tlie otitic, UNITED STATKH MUSTER I Ml OFKIUK. 79WIIITE itlisl, New YortC, W -ll 4, 1*01 ?Healed prop, aila .li t luv-te I, ano will In- trorive I nl Ibta o|T) e nnlll Id o lock ?,ii Nn.i ny. th" HKh in?t., for supplying, l-v ronlrael, rooked rat ion* I liar uhali be rriptitvd for tlm u*c o the United sialea foliinleer organirai nu?, ? alnnu d in and are nd the oily of N ' w York, anil for t ir nan of atieh volniinrei > aa may Im |?i-.ii:g tliro'iitb the City. I*. ofa.sala r. Ill lie rnilnrant " Pro|ai*a!> lor f.iruiaUiiig enokel inttona to vo'ittiierra."' anil lie addr .<ed l.leiitriiant ttoinarlW. A. Nh lm a, I nlt -d State* Ai in.'. .Mitatot ill'! and Dtmio.-auig Oilier. MATRIMONIAL. AE.IDY, OK 26, THE IVIIHIW OK A rRADKSMAN, l-oaaeaie-l Of ample me iii>. and the INl*lre*?nl u line ratal Ita'nn 'ni, w iall -a I,i lure: with a g-ntieman. of One tip. prat a nee, and W'hu tin* lb* enure to fashion it.In air !njr. She -a cotial.trrr j pr.tiyaud |ii.|ittiiii by her friandf, la h blonde, oi medium h igui and good |ihyai<|iie. The gentle, man a rhat aider ninal im nnlilenilabe I and liu aoelal |*??!linn iniilo.tilled. A literary *nntleiiiaii p. Otred, Address hiiIi lull partieiiUra, Mi*. I'm, alaiinn l>, Mr ? V.irk. AtOt'XO OFKIOER Till'. UNITED STATES Army, mar In fin Held, ageTI, la ilr*iro.ia of foroi .it! a onrre?|Hiiidrn~o with young lailv. lie. warn the *(e* nt 16 and .7, with a view lo better a :.|i*iiiiaw e at llio rxpiritloiiof the war. The advert i*er la not wnai they rill a prettv matt, leu a pliekv one and full of inn. and cipo. la the aame J ut the laity; ii'iilie. am I wealthy, lur iitn mating.' In ateer l"?r of bail lin k* Addira* nl i onfldetu* Idem. Henry K W., Brooklyn Hi. I.) t'oai oBee Ayounu uenteeman ok means, wkapy or a lili! nl eiiigla lili'in'rtufaa, la nnkii'ia to inak* the a, -' qnalniaii'T uf a young lady, n, eight an or imnlv aumuiria, with ilia view hi matrimony. Site most lie the pian-raor of liiiui -tin- anil 'h-aiiiy. ol n km I anil aHbcUnii.iti illi|hj?Ii ion, an J In iivrrv way roinpuin in dl?'hargc all ili? dnt'r* 01 n wit '. To ail h it one the ei b niber pln.lgea himaelf a u na hiu.inn.l. All nun Hill 111. nlluna etrtrlly o inlnlanlial. Alilivn .Innn a II. (lnodu ll, Rltanlmtli City, K..1. IX AMERUIAN WIDOW I,\DY. TWf.M V.Moil r iV. year* old, tvUh only a llmitcil a<"|tiiiiuMneo, ri<>? m Inrni tlia ni i|iiu,ntnn nol an aged gentleman, with in-ma, with a t I nv to m ilrintitiy. Addrcas K. Ii , llni.ui auuata r ut oiiico. A WIFE WANTED.?HIE UNDKUS1UNED, A OEN . Il-man if fund atanditig III an laty, morally, phy*!i:uUv religiously and fnteilerttially, would like vary iiitmii to outr ajauid with eoino young l.i ly or ladles, wlib a t law in ma:r.n.o-. "llir.'a, In-eiire and wi Ito.'' Addre-* I". H. W., Now Haven foal ofllct), (lonn. Ayounu man, wyears okaub, ju?t returned ilil l' mi tihseace ol ait yi at I rum iltla, li t nnlnrr pin nml In ins iiu.v ? lotiil a:rang r. adopt* :liI< matin, I nl formllif i 10 ii iimlntani n of mrne yon tig Ivly, wnli a rleiv tp matrimony. Wn.ilth no object, m th<t aubai ilbrr liaa alinn. >1 nn a; luit aba iniiHi |?o*?e?* a lair idiar" o. good loom and i.n well edinii'ed. Address, In aloe rlty. Walter, Hioiklyn i u y Pott n )t> -*| atimmoni w? V run; , ;m;i;, ur riNR r i if I. aonal ap|H>aiaii,thirty-live of ng-, ? uli nni|ue moan . 0, ilia n r I in II I in the . It v. ail >|in III la in .1 mil : < cii! i ? ii portlier fur (lie. The lady a a .u m at not exceed :n) yi nn; the mini ho poj?e??eit ofperfotul at'ractlon, und a rnltiv.ttnd mind. In aneii a one the nlviitvu ratio,fer a lirllll.ini ao, lal iMklthiti. lie b.-ga thoae wlm may respond to iliu ul'l loir di an dig llioir jiei 'iunal a|ip .rancr. iiirn'nl I'oduiMieiita and a a al aiun*. I'ual tin1 aavcrtlaei 'a H.nrcrliy may lIT iin,|inollonad lie don* ru t deal re an Interview until In* .-it ii |i'HHt on I* made known and con aipnnilrnce ha* rataII,labei! in > litiieai of til" I tdy Mild hlinaell lur each other. Addn an tor one week Alrar.til > ?ta Ion D Pus: olltee, Aator playNewdYork. . M A Tit I.\t ON I All.?rtllt AN TNTEREsriNO HOOK, IE (III tinted in oolor*, should 1)0 In Ibe handeiif rrry I'l lv aid ' e iilaindo e uneinptaling ih* "i?a',i a. I" of mit' m ny aeii I a#iou'r fl eevnte lo EvtgiUt A CV . il Nust'i ??QU ' ' -r , i .[DAY, MARCH 7, 1862. Anusa^ic.m NIBLO'8 GARDEN. Lt ? ''< aud Mmii I?,T llrMUT C. J AHUtrT BlULI.lANT AND CONTINUED SUCCESS OP THE CO U.I.N I1AWN; OK. Tllfcl ilK.DUi UK UAKUYOtVEN. written by Ijiuii Bourcicault, lining been ii gUUv performed lor TWO 8UOCBdSI\K YKARN. 1 the Adpljibi'i'liuiiiir, l>nidi'ii, uuil no., being acled at NINE Dl I'PEIIENT T1IBATRB8 in Great Britain. Th" aole right to piodin e the . no. * Ivaiitful play hairing been pit relumed by l(r. Colling, (ho public are respectfully informe I thai thb. U . TIIK ONI.V THEATRE IN TUB UNTIED 8TATE3 where it can bo rjpu * o.t'd. V RS. JOHN WOOD, Mit. J. t OLL1N3, anil a COMPANY OP P1U8T CLASH AKT1. TS RPI.EMHI) SCKNKRY. SUPKl'.H COSTIMK8. BLEUANT I' UBMTt I II. M'Ai'.TI.I NO TABLEAU*,

All ENTIRELY NEW TU U USD A Y Ii.'I'M Nil. MAKCIl C. 1302. AND VI.KY NIGHT, CO J.1SKN IIAWN: OB, Till- nitlllKM or UAIIUVOWKN. MyletKaCoppalei'ii (MylcJO* the Pomes) Mr. J. Calling Diiiiiiv Mann Mr. W. Sicilian llar-lrcsCit'gmi Mr. L. II. Shcwell EnUirrToui Mi 'lurry Pearson C Mr. Martin li lyO'Ciiuuor (ilin <'oilei'ii lluw i) Mm. John \\ od Aiinlu i linn- ithe Goliecn KJiu id) ii.. i Euiiiiu Taylor Mih. Cvcgat mm. Viiiing B. cbili Ml*. Mary Weill In dm com i of tin drama. Mr. Colling will afny. "I'd Mourn llio Hope* lb i Leave Mo," "Cruiskccn Liwii," nud "Tim Sprig nf Slilll dagh." Mm. Wood will ain:; ilia "Criilalseen Iggwn," "The PrmlyOtil Milking ImrCow ' and a duct w.lli Mr. Col'las, rn'i'lid Mylea* Pure well toKily. ' Timevr'iiug'ucotrrtaiumeutH will commence with the i.itc Tyrone Power* larcenf I1UW TO PAY THE RENT. (8" on I time.) Morgan Rattler, with the Minim of "Drink Deep inv Boya," and a new version of "Widow Mu .rce," Ac Mr. J. CoUiug Admission . 50 cents Beared Pert net Riatla 75 cu'a family Crc'.n t'anlrgniw on Crotiby mnvll. 25 cent# 8'ni can be aecurod tlnee day* in advance. BitoUioe Doors open it 7: curtain ris ? at 7}? o'clock. MBLODBON, V..I BB 1ADW \ Y, BETWEEN Si'ltlNO and Mm NOVELTY AND TALENT are Ihe password*of the Mr to Icon. THE PIONEER CONCERT MALL Of AMEit 10.V. Second week, and ponitlvcL the last Week of STEPHEN If. BRANCH, who will appear "rarii" night in Ihk charaii'rr of llio I NO A IK'i: RATED CONV ICT, in thr now Ineil piorn tuVcti from real lif-*, entitled LIFE OK A CONVICT ON ISLACKWKLL'S ISLAND. Coiivirt 'ty Stephen II. Brunch Convicts, Barber, Prisoner*, hy The Company ?Introducing th? fol nwiug s'enei:~l. Trial or Stephen H. Branch. 2. Bir'ier Sho t Op-rut on. I'riwin t! >11*?EnApe atari Capture. 4 Whip ling Post. 5. Waihnnm. 0. Prisoners nt Hrmkfii-t. 7 Prisoners at their Work?The Quarry. 8. Balm 0 of Branch on Ifaheo Oorpuaaad 0mm Jubilee Dance by the eti'.io Company. Aft"r lite piece, STEPHEN H. BRANCH will address the atidi'-nce iron a (llll'et nit subject nightly. Introducing radios interesting topics, wliioh none but ttie great, moral ami Immaculate STEPHEN CAN ILLUSTRATE. Tbe public are Informed that the usual M \M MOTH ATTR ACTIONS Are given at th- Mclodeou. Taut the eii-iagenicntnf S'ephen Branch is thrown in extra, ua the proprietor i* well aware that thin e are thousands of people who would like 10 see tli is ?;reat personage, who troveiled tn Brandon, England, and >a k t j hud out the birthplace of UKOKtlE W. MATSELL, Which we think he di 1 to the salialuctlnli ol' (he public. Tlic company attached to the Molndeoii for this week conalsts of the tuiul cvnhhi itlnn, deuded'v thu BK T IN TllE CITY, Consisting of Miss EVA BRENT, SAM S HARTLEY, Mist NELLY HOWARD, BO*A SfEUKIST, ADMt.K CALLA, JUiss M arsh, NICBOLLS and RON, BENXKR BROTHERS. .JOE ENliLTSII. .ids. LA MONTE, Together with the eutire company. numlierinzover ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. Also, will lie introduced. hy parKcului request, the peculiar, laughable, ecentrle Iltuina, entitled THREE PAST YOU NO MEN, Introducing several new lorn I Pongs, Dancer, tilts. Alto the PEMAJ.E MINSTREL SCENE, consisting of STXTEEN YOUNO LADIES, w'uu will appear in a variety of Snag.. C'hoiMsea, Duets, Ac., adapted to these stirring tiiive. ChangCo' programme eaeti night. Admission. 1.1 rents; oivhMtra seats, 25 cents. Open nt 7: commence at f. No free list. Hi?i FANNY FORREST Is reengaged and will shortly upil"* I. Mi? KATE PF.NNOVER and Monn. F.DOUAItll VELARUE, the celebrated Dancera, ?ro engaged and will shortly appear. Miss AIK.USTA WAI*BY, the favorFe Hansen**, will shortly appear. rpilE HKAUTIFUI. /. A NFItF.TT A. lUK BEAUTIFUL *ANERUTTV, The Ural female 'right H ie Performer iu 4Ho world, Wild. APPEAR .NEXT WEEK. rnilK HKAUTIFl I. ZANFRKTTA LHE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETI" V Till? HEM TIFUl. ZAXFRKITA _ _ Wild. APPEAR NEXT WEEK. rilllE PRIDE AND Ot.OKV JL or mis Naenlflrrnt city is iIip world fatnmi* "PARISIAN CABINET OF WONDER AND ANATOMY," MIS bkoadway (n*\l door to Hull. Black A Go.'a). All who value wisdom, amusement, knowledge ami power should at on r visit IhD unly EXCITING, wonderful, extraordinary, M ARVEl.lioi'S, thrTlmno. UNSURPASSABLE, SUPERB. INVALUABLE, INSTRUCTIVE a*H SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION. Open for gentlemen only, from Id tilt lit. A tiuiaalon iiSeuuM. TUE BEAUTIFUL MARIETTA ZANFKETTA, Ttie ilnt imnale tivhi rone performer in the world. v WILL APPEAR NEXT IVEEK. WIt BRET WlimtK? WHERE f THE BEAUTIFUL MARIF. IT A ZANFRETTA, The tirat female twht c?p perform*!- In the wort.I, WILL APPEAR NEXT WEEK. WHERE? WHERE? WHERE? SPKCIA Tj NOTICES. A MEETING OK THE SUBSCRIBERS FOR MAINtnuiiu,; dnrltiv the co ning winter n tirat cla-a SkatinPond at Hcill'iii'd, will li slia'.l he aoee ssihli! I'rom all pari* of the ci'y of Bro tlyn, will he held n' No. 11 Full in mr-'et, Brooklyn, am Hiiiiidev. March S, a' 7IJ o clock. P. U? for tliu pose ui organizing a Skating A -soeinlfon. JOilN ti AUI, It i.SMAN, ) till AS. ii. M El is, SComnaUtee. C. W. BKTTS. ) nROOKi.T-.' Afarrh (>. ISi J ItANi li. KLIVENfll ANNUAL KEI'OUT Of TIIK M x \ II AT I'AN LIFE INSIMIAVCK rOMI'AXY, NO 111 NASSAU STUKKT. NKxV YOitK, JANUARY I. I?52. riEI'OllT. 4??aM*U!?irk $100,000 01) )tf*nT or January I, toil A v-'J I '/J 2) fin' |inaxUil? <l"|n i-i?t1ou in to tirltimi 40.00i> uo ? iWl.ltffl 30 Dlri li iiOn rt'liiAlnlllA (I in'lllf I 60,32} OA Premium*, niin |.!i"inl'iiit?. hiiiiiiIhr , A .. neelfH duilaa lite ymi. . $337,513 3$ Inleie?t mid renin received duriBI the Sl.tJf 6* Inlered nnd rent*. ?> < rued nnd deferred iit-fttiIn ins M,M7 #9 463,643 03 Total $1.Sll/.04t 21 Ulsm ItsLMKN r,S. I'ald i Inline hy death mi polteiee, and mi honns and payment* mi annul lira $134,407 U l'ald eapnise?, aiilmde*, tare*, Mediial free, roiuiiilniona. A * 64.939 31 I'lait dividend*, rein?nrMiu-e, pur. h?? I'd |i ilh let and limim nnd internet on .llv,.1.11.1. 136 007 lit $?B,:iS8l fa-h in ImnU ami ml Imitl. $12,S!? :*6 Bond* Mini muriMmc a .Ur.JIO 00 K ill iHUul'- ....TTTT 131,461 19 Prcmhim noteaon ic* Iii loroe.... 470.294 Si ITl??- ?rt!,nl value ol' lite aecnritles nn 'ln"-?o noie? la more limn $9*1,o.m Orarler'* and Mill-annual premium* , deferred 41 *41 .11 Uninl M?le? and New Yin iiatoeka .51,1-2 .VI Premium ami Hfi-eat in hand* of Nri'iiiK in eourn1 nl* collection mil ii'tmmtolan, * iirM b? b?nil? iw.iw si Tenifni ary loan* lnml? end mock*. .'I8.7i'l W |? "?erncil in .lann.-ir.v I, anil *11 oilier propel-!* 12,!M1 64 1,171,910 40 Tol?i $1,507.1)14 21 HKNRY sTOKEs, l're?ide.n. t\ Y. Wanna, Nerretar*. ,1. I., llai.skT. A-- ?4*nl Hecrelary, K N. S-rraaivs. \etnary. V. I)i Hue, M. D., Meilienl Evitniner. re?lile;irn No 13 W,'?t K! mCt *trr*l. At ofll-e rtalf, irmn 2 to So'elock. Nunc \ special MRfcTlNd ill!-; sr jam eh Kmc a 11' iihntli- T. A B. So. let* will lie Icolct at | Yctr 11> <nn, in it-josev.-lt ulr.-e on till* (Friday)eve- ,1114, at ?c-veu u i lciek, In iiukn s ime nltemtlo'i* (it tu? inii-iP-iilon. Bv Oi'ctee, .10UN MeORATH, Piendmt. liiMD, riser-lot*. OKWOE OK?TII I" nItK.rNWOOI>t'F.MKTKKY, NO. * Broadway, New York, Feb. 24, IS02.?The annual nine! Ills III' the III! owner* c?f Ih'a liiailnitinti will lie lipid at t he mill nl' the feme e y nil Weilnevluv, tlie 12th diy nl' M ireli next, i Im't' (rut on - n-o.u> < I*. M., to receive Ilia usual report of Hie Board of frii?|ee*. ,1. A. PERRY, Se ret ti , rno Mild WHOM IT MAY- CONCERN.-AT \ MR! TING J. of ttic I'. K. t.'s. held nl the Capitol, 1.1 new Bowery, ('nine Iiii.iii ,1'iiin II'illv. Iii n neat nml ni'iii'iini'i-ile xneii it lutwanltd t<> Del. UllpaCrlrk M"Niil>, on b"li?lf of tho lorei i:ill*ni* of llir United H'n o?, h aplrndld wnlklnj > me. Uol (lllpnliick n "ponded In an ilopirnt inn iw r, nn.l after r nil" roll.itlnn Ihe company rinraiM, highly pirated nnd delighted. SlIiUAMDl. Aiivuuhi -ro t:< ok new and second hand Hl.liar >*, with I'li-un'-i cui iIimII hi Cinhlon*, fui 'Bleat pt lrog to milt the 'Imei. PIIELVN' A CoM.UNDKR, OT In (19Ormby si., N. T. Hll.1,1 IRO I roi i: mi i.1,1 Alt 1 > TABLES I 8 W.Iaheap; into aplen lid in irhl? b ol*. In K'>? I order, wilt Pool II ilin. Apply at 3,>'( Eighth ammo. ATOTH'E-flrtl SAVED.-a Mil.MAUD TVBI.E AND J.1 U.'lla for a?l" ti n oi'Tlilro. Will ir?l.? i s.-gara oi anything, Inning no na** forll. \pplya'E "h'y itilli elreei ami Second avrtwe, Wood In no. TWO ROSEWOOD RIM.IARD TAni.ES, NKAIUA new, with Sharp'* pi:-oi ??1 li wi'l t>>rol fin1 nearly half iheu b:>,>Ivp?? liu'wiia.?,v ?i II Heron air gel, near dig vH#.. AJKICHKMUNTS. WALT A OK'8. Entrances in Bruuduny and in Thirteenth alie^t. Door/ open at T; begin at bali-paat. The conclude before II TO-KIOI1T, FBI DAY, Will be acted the very pie.t ug and at'ractivc five act STANDARD COMEDY or LONDON ASSURANCE. (Ry BoiireleauH. author of the "Ii tali Heiraaa," "Lore In a Max "Old licadauud Young Urnrls," Ac.,) which hasultrui I'd a hUiaxx ian of vi ry full, fault (unable ami delighted audience", and muv repealed (for the hut timo for the pre-out), with the following capital cast;? . ,, OtiarirsC Mictly Mr. Lester Wullnc<c M. hllo Mr. Burke Sir I! ircoui. Courtly Mr. O'.arii'H Finder lt.i/.zle Mr. Itevnolda M ix llurkaway Mr. Norton Molly Spanker Mr. Floyd C! i il Mr. Young Martin Mr. Mirk' ? Imuca Mr. T trner feaa'H Mr. 1'aralnn LadyOay Hpaulrer Mrs. lloey drscc liarkawuy M s? Marv Cannon l'ei t Mrs. John Scilou M ling the ev< tiing the Orchestra wili perform a grand OPERATIC selection, nu t UNITED states AKAIY calls, New Military (Quadrille, By It. blue pel. Saturday, THE ltOAD TO RUIN. M md.iy, TUE BELLE'S HTKATAIIEM. Tuesday, THE WONDEK. Tlic Box Book open for uuy of the evenings. WINTEIt OAltDKN. THIS, FRIDAY EVENING, MAU01I 7, FAREWELL It UN K KIT FAREWELL BENEFIT EAREWEiL BENEFIT or MR. J. 8. CLARKE. Mil. J. S. ULAltKE. A DOUBLE BILL, A DOUBLE BILL, iticludinf? Comedy, Drama, Farce and i. THREE HOURS UNPLAGUING LAUGHTER THREE HOURS UNFLAGGING LAUJIITEi* Pun! time, a nevy localcomicality. never acted. eailed rAi'ij fry PAUL I'KV IN IN NEW YORK. NEW YORK. Paul Pry (In New . ork) Mr. .T. R. 01 irka UucleJohn (an oi l Virginian? Mr. VV. Davidge Dcnhaiu Demeace (from part, itnknmwi) Mr. N. 0. Forreatcr Onto, aeonlrtlmid Mr. Jell'rir* Pl'iuet.u Confederate >lr. Kvuua Mr*. I'orduge (keener ol a New Yor* hoarding house) Mrs. Walcot Rosa Ma. F.inny Ri'ie.viin Laura Mi?s Auhie Wilkes Po'ieemen, Newsboys. Ac.. 4e.. .te. Ry desire M Clarke will give (fur litis ui.;lit only) lii* |ie. euMarly o yet highly comic conreptiou and rcu.lhiuu of the iiniu utat TOOOLE8. TODDLES. Terminating with (fur the last night but one) the lenarsable drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, closing with the eelehratod picture of THE DEATH OF EVA. Noncr.?Notwithstanding litis uiiu-ual COMBINATION OF ATTRACTIONS, the perforiusiu e will tet mlna c about 11 o'clock. . B t* 'tillre lur scenting tents open I roni 8 to I to-dsy. MONDAY, Maivh 10, li e renowned American actr.'SJ. MATILDA HERON, will a;i'tear, for lit" llrst lime in two years, in a new piece, writtcu br hers-lf, elltitl- l ' THE DKLLK OK THE SEASON. OLD BOWERV. HTtCKNEY'S NATIONAL CIRCUS. For I'.tc last time this *ea?ou, IVANHOE. TIIE .TEW OK YORK A FULI. CIRCUS PERFORMANCE On Saturday afternoon. ?' 1!'{ o'clivk. i M I.E TOM'S C ABIN. On fialnrday iiujhl-itENEPIT of S. P. HTICKNEY, who will rid" as the Courier of St. Peterabnrg. New York atiiknaii m. The above establishment will lie CLOSED Ibis evening, in order l> finish certain improvement*, which the in inageniont were unable, for want of tiuic, to c nujilelo, previous to its lale opening. It will REOPEN in a few day.-, w ith an eat rely new attraction, of wlileh due iiuliec w ill li-given in future advertisement*. frilE GAIETIES, 1 THE GAIETIES, CIO BROADWAY, 616 614 BROADWAY, 616 Two ilnera below I aura Keetie's, rr ST A l US. UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS, VP STAIRS I F STAIRS, UP STAIRS. UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS, I ' |? UWAIDU I |? U^'AlllU THE ONLY ORKUN AI. FEMALE MINSTREL TROUPE, THE ONLY ORIGINAL FKMALK MISM'KKL TROUPE, THE ONLY ORIGINAL FEMALE MINSTREL TROUPE, I ii new and oilgl i?I Mm, Pun*. Wiuii isms mid Hit*at the Times. Other esiablUlunni * may ad vet Use "Female Millairel*, ' h it ours i* the -'only original;'' the olheis are |Kmh <M|iiesa id mere pDk'isr.anis. We liret Marled ihe idea, and now ire have everything arranged to p I'fecliiMl. ftl I Of ELY YOl'N'f LADIES A) LOVELY YOUNG LADIES '.O LOVELY YOUNG I ADIIIS Upon Ihe stage at once, whose (unveraa'h nal ta'ent and great power of repartee render them iinniipioaehablc. THE AUDIENCE id CHARMED TI1K AUDIENCE IS CHARMED THE AUDIENCE IS CHARMED At these laughter provoking fairies and uinhily attest their npprrciatio i by unanimous bouts of applause. rivals ate beL w par In catering fo THE PUBLIC. It is acknowledged by everrbody we excel in PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, i PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. TALENTED LADY SINGERS, 1 TALES iED L\I>Y SING ERF, BEAUTIFUL CORPS DE BALLET, BEAUTIFUL CORPS DE HAIafcET, In fact In rrervlhiug, that one rstabliahiui-nt has a more noted down and another a fat'er comic *lngcr; but aoincthiuii in tiie rune stvle, only a little holler, we futruil to get tti aoou as I ossibla. TUB GAIETIES. TbeMi?lel Concert Mali on Broadway, REMEMBER, IS UP STAtRS-UP ST A IBS. (1 HEAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, X 58!i llcoa Iwa*. WE NEVER TIRE. NOVELTY. PIQUANCY, BRILLIANCY and VARIETY. Marl, the Pro-rammetj>f THE ORE AT CANTERBURY. ANO i ll Kit MAMMOTH KIM. KOit THIS EVENING, abounding in tbos? original productions which have made THIS MAGNIFICENT MUSIC HALL I'aC Ar t in the wotll, ao I always remlied in CROWDED HOUSES. THE GREAT CANTERBURY deilea nil change* of ereutlier. all the pressure of the times. Never. even in the day* of its net triumph*, when we (Irat presume I to an American public Sen. Ciuoll and other i ureal arti-ts, who nought THE GREAT CANTERBURY as the only place of amusement in America fitted to re1011,1 GENIUS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. Tlta public show their appreciation of THE GREAT CANTERBURY l.y a continued patronage iiuparaliel"tl In llo-annals of the THE GREAT CANTERBURY Poaaeeaes the tni-geM, moat i .1 ,-nt >d an I versatile enmpauy in Hi* United Stat -s, and still the management Is on Ihu qui vice for FRESH XT III ACTIONS. Anion* the mo*, prominent imrformera now at THE GREAT CANTERBURY Are HI1.LV birch. hiii.y hikch, hlt.l.y hiki h, HI 1.1 .V IIIKl!ll, hen cotton, hi:n cotton, ben cotton J. A. HERMAN. .1. a. herman, J. A. HERMAN the clikeord sinters, Mlli' ADELAIDE I'RICK PA1TIE STEWART. W. H HARRISON, W. S. SMITH, BYRON CHRISTY, K M. C A R ROLL. M.tatrr (i KKMAI N hi. AKItY WILSON. W. ROSS. the canterbury minstrel*. tiii: hkoadway minstrels. till canterbury minvriikl* TIIK HltOtDWAY MINSTREL^, COMBINED. OK AND MATINEE ON SATURDAY, AT J P. M. \ A A ?THE UKKAT AMERICAN Ml MIC HALL. 'HI. 4444444444 the music hall op tiie masses. wr lead the van. Ol-R I'RrtI D POSITION OUR PROUD POSITION fully (attained b\ . imwanion of MANAGERIAL TRIUMPHS, lancing f?r in the itlalauce Ibnse torloi u Ji,ciclc? and wsiml rale manager*. 414 la the (rent national and legltlmai" Intlltul'.un ?T NEW YORK. wlm li haagainr I tint emttiilcnce and iiatroiiage of the imhlie. 'finite hoftt* m inagera trying 11 tut I Id liiiiiirrlvc. up by advertising uh perluiniera as Imve lieru played out by u-, we lei them go to loin tliidr forlorn boiie, VVIIILK WE KSOAtlE FRESH, NOVEL AND SPARKI.INO TALENT, lint wit lot Hiding uur kno.v ledge of the fact that one half the i nuuiimi engaged at 414 would constitute A DOUBLE COMPANY at any other concert hall. We keep constantly iti"rea?lu.r. Behold the lid of namet : ? OARKY DE MOTT, I the great original comic vocalist. charley white. L. SIMMONS. k. hart. I lllt.'UMD Cll tiiljgY OARDNER. II. LESLIE, tha renowned negro coined! in*. CIIAULK.H SHAY, the wonderfnl Jn 'gh r, In hi* *<I inordinary fcitts. Mint ERNESTINE !>K kahkk, Ml** ERNESTINE UK FAHKR, Mis* ERNESTINE UK FABEK, tun Mr* i.r/./.ik sntrr.TS, Mi-* LIZZIE StlULTZ, the besollfnl VneailM* and Ihweera. ' BRILLIANT'S CORPS OF. ballet. BHILUANT'H COUPS UK HAI.l.KT, Hltll.MAST'S COUPS UK B t LbfcT, rani posed ol llrtl emu Usnrcr*, under the direction of Mons I'nnl llrllllnn', forming on the whole the very strongest corn bln*llon ever ottered. _ (irabu matinee, urand matinee, (ikanu matinke, okand matinee, On Ssturdsy, st 2}( o'clock, for (ho accommodation of ladle* ivutl children. R'MtKKT IV, HMTLEK, Msnsgrr snd Proprietor. Tha management have great, ph-aau.a iu announcing en fsgi'inrnts with the following artfMs ? Ita-' n ji reniont ol' TONY TASTOR, the arcst comic Singer. Mini .IOHEY UI'PRKR, the acknowledged ise mid Actrrss. ii \riiy baiiis the eelohr,<ted enmedlnn, wlio will niske tholr nppraranee on Momlny evening. Miirrh IP, MANAOEUS OF TTtEATRRS DESIROUS or PLAY tu|! "The M*c*rthy; or, l'ee|i o'lhiy,", wi llten by Laur* K'ene, nnil now playing at liei theatre to crowded houaea, re reoucaied to niiplv to the undersigned, who ha* been sp' pointed ngenl for lis rilspoaal. Tliia l?rs un doee not Infringe r upon sny anthor'acopyi Igiit or original Ideas. The test and t tncl lent* (unless where ' tk?ti from the works ol thncele. t In at" I tri.h nnlliorei b"in* eut eylv >i pgal. A4il<MV. T, 7 amsbueht8. ^ rm oottsciialk's concerts.?mr. oottsJ. Ci IA LLC will perform on Thursday, Friday and Kuiurdav, Van h (i, 7 aud 8, in Wuahiiigmu; a Her which he will veil lialthnoe ai d Philadelphia, and retain to New York foro:. nlakt, mi or nboul the 17tU of March, fur one night, ou hu> way to the We.,,. Laura kernes thkatkk. LAURA KEL.tEK THEATRE. laura kkene'S theatre. I.aura Kiil'.NES THEATRE. Door6 open al fi>?: pen iuiaf 1 to oomnenne at 7K. TONIGHT am) EVERY NIGHT, tilk new and original the new and original IltlSH drama. I1Y LAURA KLEN'E NIDKK 111 PORK ACTED. NEVER BEFORE ACTED, kktitokd THE MACARTHY; THE MACARTHY; THE MAi'MtTHY; the MAI miiv; THE MA i.l'UY; ou. O' day. i'KiiF O' DAY. W1UP <)' HAY. PEEP (?' DAY. PEEP O' DAY. NIGHTLY RECEIVED WiTil RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE UY CROWDED AND BRILLIANT A11HKNGK& The scenic and nierhjiiha! rflui t? of novel, peculiar, and powerful construe'.ion. and the uew scenery, of trivia aud beautiful character, iuvenled, painted aud patented, by MINARl) LEWIS. T'ne Orchestra, under the dh-r lion of THOMAS RARER, will perform OVERTURE?On favorite Irish tir?: it tkor. Uislribnihm of cliai.e t. ra of eiiuoidiii.tiv strength. THE MACARTHY Mi. WALLER NELLY BRADY (the Ran Csoiiilhu) EMMA WALLER Tnesc oclcbi aled UiLisIs have b en I'll!':,!-, ,! I-cure .slv lur thin MARY KELLY LAURA KEEKE t-nthcr Peter Mi. llurucU I> -1 i;* Sir. Richardson l'c ;iy it lords n Mr. Dillon Muiphy Mr lip Little Daruy lieUy Mr BloUbtiS I'liiiarig Mr. M1.0S The Bobby Mr. Unym md Tim ly Mr. Bilby Cupt. Mternary.Mr. Mail two llrleii M i.ueary.... Terrence MiiiSu'.vu.Mr. Pcteis Mrs.,!. II. Alton Aleck run-ell Mr. Pu'y Pntsey Muoro.Sl wtlouollurltH Cupt. How r.l .. ..Mr. i Hi rick M is. Mulromiey.Mrs Morloww Larry Ma -lade.. ,M M Hurki- Molly Flaherty. .Miss Everett Johnny Caul Mi s murks WkIiiW Moilov... .Mrs. Dillon Soldiers, P.-isautii, 1'ccp o' Oov Boys, by a Ired suucrmimt-i artcc SYNOPSIS OK SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. ACT IMt T Sotcnk I. SICNAL TORCH AND MEETING OK THE PEEP O'DAYtf. Clerical dignity insulted; a in Mli luviii; Irishman's joke: ' CAPTAIN l'KEl* O'DAY; jus'l-e for one of tin- Order; the Macjirthy'a wrongs. Sri .sk II. The poor songstress; a pattern father mid an affectionate brother. Sock-" III. The Ban Caoluthe; Mary's home; the memories of the paei; Nelly's warning; nature True to iikr instincts; a mother's love; the old sou t-treas; MOTHER AND CHILD REUNITED. Scknf IV. A *i>eciweu of Irish courtship; love and whig* key; the Macartiiy's message. t^ci-Ni V. lluiu e? of an Ir s'i fair: fm-tenein ateacup; THE SHAN VAN VOOlIT. the Fa -k roee; after a greased pis; Captalu PcepO'Day; the es rpc; a sudden <-hail)! of rliururlor; AN IRISH till; GRAND TABLEAU OK THE PACTION FIOHT. ' ACT SECOND. 8ok.vk I. Rileuus one's own house; an exhibition ol moral fo-ce. Sci nk II. Ki-Uy'astory; the tsle of the Maoirthy's falsehood. BETRAYER AND BETRAYED THE OATH; DEATH OK Tilt: TRAITOR; MART'S DEATH DETERMINED ON; a pred'lletion for twitching necks: the un-een whites 6ut M III. THE llEDOK SCHOOL. The M-h .olmaalerat home and utiroud; a very liud sped; acipiirinj the ali>habetunder ilinieullies. Scknf IV. Helen, the Mae/uthy's wife; u fathers cruelty; a daoglitri driven out upon tltt world. Sc'Ini V. A drunken postman; o'.cventb sight extraordlnary; the mall robbery; the priest; the pardon safe; the abduction. Sck.k VI. THE BLACK VALLEY. A tough job; Bobby preparing for his (eiirful work; Ma ,v In the trap; the concealment ; no Uo| e of escape: Hie discovery; the hopeless appeal; the Ins' prayer; the MURDER. Thrilling and Terrilic Descent ot the Bun Coolnthc into tb? Black Valley. ACT THIRD.?Scene I. Babhy and the memory of tint past; (lie Macirthy arrested;a court tnartiul and n court parl'al; Hie tuul; Hubby'soatli uud Darby's caution; Putney tin tlie stand; how not to kiss the book; something ol ihn geography ol an Irish oath;an Irruption of the Irish language: mi interpreter wonted; the schoolmaster a testimony; Till-: DE ATH SENTENCE; friends anJ foes; the red coats surrounded. PEEP IP DAY' AND THE TEEP O' DAY BOYS. An iiulooked I'm- interruption; THE PLKP O' DAY BOYH PA RDONKD. leu the charge of tuurder allll sustained; tbene w witness; the box and the papers; proof of Puroell'B villainy, the release of the mortgage and reversion of TieMirnt'iy's estate; Netty's testimony rejected ; vltlauy'a Inst lit roe; two vviiue*ses whose leslimony cannot be rejected. mscovKRY of. COLLEENS, . Toe Luce o. happiness and joyful termination SPECIAL NOTICE. TO MANAGERS OK THEATRES.?The above drams, antirely original l:i its construction, uud adapted by mc, is my and incldcnfa (unle., wtiere taken from the wurha of lite celebrated Irish aulhora) bring rnltrcly original. Addrrea C. T. I'ar Hue, box -',41 I Post oilier, who him been aopnliiled agent forHshale. LAURA KKENK. XTF.W BOWERY THEATRE. Rule Pioin Hor*... .Me.sra G. L. Fox A J. W. Liagard. I'KIUAV, MARCH 7, WW, HourHl of MISfl FANNY HERRI Nil. FOUR GLORIOUS l'lK< Ed. The Military Npcriaole of THE KKENCU SPY. Favoilie d iuc* Miaa f oui>a BiOWM The titfilte comedy ol THE; -\NGEL OF THE ATTIC, The CiiliK .aice of RIFLE BRIGADE, Autl tlie reman ij din ,u of HANDSOME JACK THE HIGHWAYMAN. j^ARNU.M'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. THE ORIGINAL ORIENTAL TAIRY SPECTACLE SADAIi AND KALASKADK; 07, THE WATER ! OF OHLIYION, whhli It ax In pre intra tlnn for aevrral mcbllhi at a* cuoiniouseipenae, la, withoni Uoiiltl. THE RICHEST DRAMATIC TREAT ever preaenled In Am ri< a. II emlira en the grand MARCH AND DRILL OK SAIIAKS BODY GUARD, In new and a lira live tinlfoinK, and cloaca with the uiaguilloeui mechanical, apertacnlar aoene, , THE BOWER OK BEAUTY, Unequalled on Ihinemttnetil. It will he brvdueed EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. At ,T and o'rloek. During e.irlt perforiminee the Orehealra will giro a NEW AND I IIABACTKKISTIC OVERTURE. COMMODORE Nt TT. THE FAMOUS $?.?*) Nl'TT, THE FAMOUS MO,DUO NUTT, THE FAMOUS $10,000 NUTT, eontlnnea in hold hi* Levees AT ALL HOURS, DAY AND EVENING lie apl> aia lit Some, Danera and lh" celebrated GRECIAN STATUES. THE GREAT LIVING SEA LION. Old Neptune, having relurard front a h nt exhibition lour, will he aeeu at all hnur*. aa will alen ilie tt nndi-rCul LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS. THE GREAT LIVING WHALK. THE MAMMOTH GRIZZLY BEAK SAMSON, THE G'tANII AQUAItlA, HAPPY FAMILY. MONSTER SNAKES, WAX ITUI KKS, and the million and on.- ollierrnrioailiea FROM ALL I'ARTS OK TIIE WORLD, Admission tn nil, only Z5rrnu; children unarr leu, id cenia BUYAMS MINSTRELS. Mi- haiilra llnll, 472 Broadway, bImivb Grand atreet. MONDAY, Mart ii X niid every iilclit doling the ?coh. CROWDED HOl'BEH. IMMENSE SCCCKSli Or 4 11 41. OK A HIT IN TDK POLICY, Find ipfMaianre of old DAN I'MMKIT. Lord Lord I, Zouave Oloa Keel, African Folks. PAT'S WHAT'S DB MATTEII. Caiii|ilM"ll, Fowler, lliltou, Uuuld and Leslie iu new tonga. Horn, Feci, (iniinca Florence, Nell and Dan Bryant, th? favoi .Irivtnedlan*, In the I mailable burlesque of YE OI.D FD1.K8 CONCERT. Olil Daddy Kemp, "ye ancient coirdiu lor" Dan Bryant Door* often at f>l{: cm tain riaet nt 7,1,. Tickets 2S cento. HOP LEYS MINSTRELS, (M Rmnilwav, opposite Bond atree'. tlRKAT MAMMOTH I'KOORAMMK TO nioht. Firal week ut the great moral drama of UNCLE TDM'S CABIN, elm h lias been kolten up at great evpeimc, with near ac? lierr, drees apiiotniinrnl*. Ac , Ac. UncleTinn. Itv W. II. firilBn. | S- Ctalr E. J. MelrlUn Top- y, a* pert'ormed l>y lilm 170 nlghta Rollin Howard Eva, bv the ?erv talented little Utile Veatrtn Otlierchnracteraliy the Company. Door*, open nt I'd,; lotonMntuice a: TV Ticket* S3 cento. WHERE? WHERE? WHERE t Will, THE BEAUTIFUL M.YKIEITA ZA.NFKETrA AI'I'EAR f rpiib beautiful zanfri;tt\, i THE beautiful ZANPRETTA. ' The Finn Female Tight Hope Performer in the World, WILL AlTEAR NEXT WERE The uoyai, wizard. Moii*. HAMBURGER baa great p'ensure to annoitM* hla return to New koik, again In oiler hi* a atefnl acknowledgments for 'he giem and onllorm enlogluaia of hla Moot eal Kniertalnmeiic*. e.ietlnlly by the pre*a here and la Brooklyn. and br*? t inform the public that he liaa made an riiaag -menl In fflvr a few more of hia i'miivai I.ED PRESTIDIGITATIONS, merlon* oh* dep.! loir lor F.niope. AT 4 l. JtTDY HALE. AsTOR PLACE, eoinmeii ,u? FRIDAY KARNINO. MARCH T. Mnbia* t1 It 1,1 AN*the grrjl Italian Pianist, will at* company tho on. lot ,n men w lib a choice mtlccllun of mnatA from the great ompoaer*. Mon*. H. lis* been hoe,need, unsolicited, w ith the moat flat' tering leatiiiimilala, a'trr his |euI'orittniK *, which were given bj re p., .: b< tote Queen VI oris and her Ornilt, at Wind ori'na tin nji urn ; tan royai lamiiieawi rminii ?ml lltissiai the Hiin<? of Wales, In Canada; tho Karl nl I iilliitoii, al Ilia Caatle, linhlln I ho llnlia of Devonshire, at m ('hntaworth: lrnke of Now. n?ilc, * Dumber Castle; Puke of Sutherland, at HlalTtiiil llottee and Trenthaai. and InoueaMI of the noblltly and people of England and the United State* all n(? w ill' h iomIiuoi.IaW Muns. II. would he Itappr and I proud to auhmit lor It , pe.- Ion. espoi Vlljrthe nollees by the New York Herald, Tlnv , Tribune, Duirlrr and Enquirer, the weekly papera and i'm Lrndnn Times. Admission, 25'irn'?; tea noil aeaia, Wrentsj chillren hall price, Docra open at 7; performance at 8 o'clock. N. II.?An Afiei noon I' r.ontianoe at 3 n'eioek Saturday, anil at H In tho evening. Ticket*at mnalcMores and al tha door. Till: BBAITIFUT. MARIETTA * A ffFWETT A. Tho ^%^l^hK\RRO^HPSf0W&'r'' W?rM* WllEHKI WHERE f W here I fJtllE BSAlTIFl,i'vR|BTTA ZANKRETTA l The nra^Fcma.e T-aldRop. Wort*. I' AlTOHINH MATINEE. J Br. ( ULTON, by apeelal request, will give to ladloa ami clt ltd fen an exhibition of lltn Laughing (las at thn Conpeo In iltiite on .Saturday afternoon. March f Twenty limn will Inhale ibegna. Previous to the exhibition Dr. < OLTt>l4 t will riXtlia a Pcem, eni:il.ul "rnilosuphr, a love tale . Admlasloa ten cenie. Upon at 2; enmtiiein-e al S oVIo-ll. I A LADY VOCALIST, PANSBUsE AND NEilRO I'MS J\ lormcr wanirJ, fbr Mllchooek'a National U ineerl llaW lfg New (Viiptl atf t. Apply tit a d#/, be'ween Id and L ttfMt.ll1>'1 ' ' A'al. 'ki nosJ ?;?'/?

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