Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1862 Page 2
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2 NEWS FPCM THE SOUTH. Gen. Bursside Reported to be Advancing on Suffolk, Va. CBEAT EXC1TEMINT IN N0BF01K. Arrest of German Turners in Richmond. Retreat of the Rebelr. from Murfreesboro to Decatur. Ala. Postponement of the General Conference of the Methodist Church. ALAi&M IN ARKANSAS. SERIOUS FIRE IN HELENA. OPINIONS AND SENTIMENTS, Ac*) fcc*i Ac* foinm Movror, M u(b 7, 1862. Tbo u'.eaater from Norfolk to day brought down the commandant of the French steamer. He represents that (hero ia groat excitement at Norfolk. The hotels are swarming with officers from the Gulf States. The \ irgtusa troupe have all bcou tent away, the people Ureal the destruction of the city in case of an attack. A strong force is cone ntrat .ng at Suffolk, in order to chedc Ceueral Burnside, who was reported to have occupied IVittlon in force, and as moving on to Suffolk. The reason given by tbs tebels for uot returning Colonel Corcoran is that maps and draw ings have been found con sealed upon his person. No further communiea;ion lias been received as to the release of the Union prisoners at It; hmond. The Richmond rapers of Friday contain no military news,except the arre-t of a numlier <>f Union meu.p: m cpaliy Germans. A detective officer broke into the room of tbe German Turners, and found two American Hags, with a painting on the watt of the Goddess of Liberty holding the Union colors and a shield,and with the words underneath ' hats off." The painting and flags were 8e- -,ed and cooflSiA'Q i. The lions" of Ropi-pseoUtivea hava passed a resolution hy a vote or T1 to 11 recommending and directing milita rr commanders to destroy all cotton and tobacco that 13 a any danger of falling into tho bands of the enemy. A resolution was a'so adopted askiug the President to Inform the House what foreign vessels of war are doing in Hampton Roads. The Richmond fHtpolthsays that a vessel drawing sixteen feet of water recont y passed out of Charleston harbor. Charles Palmer, arrested for disloyalty a few days a'iice at Ri umnnd. has been disrharg?d. Specie U ((noted at Richmond at 40 a 60 per cent pre mitim. A despatch from Atlanta, Ga .seys that the Union troops have posaca.iion of Miirfrecstxuo.aud that General A. Sydoev Johnston has retreatod to Ivcatiir, A'a. Rev. Pav id Wilwot.lato of Philadelphia, was con-ecrated ou Thursday, at Richmond, as Bhhop of Ala. >awa. Bchop Andrews has postponed md"fia:telv tha General vnmciim vi mv miuvwi r.|IIB'U SI C-UUreQ rOUVIl. which was lo mwt at New Orluaus on the 1st of April. The (learner Merrimac was lyin?' uesr tlia Navy Vard yeaterduy morning, with her flags flying and arrow on board. .?he draws twerty-threo fem of water, and was descrthid to ma aa lacking like itio roof or a sunken bouse, wt'b a ainoke stuck protruding from the water. NO it POLK AND nrilNSjnr'.-t KXPEDITION. [From the Richmond Examiner.] The President's of martial law in Norfolk and Portsmouth w ill be liaiied witli delight by every patriot. It n a step in the right direction. We hope that martial taw is nut oniy proclaimed, but w?U be rigidly and sternly enforced by the oft I err* and -older* com mandinu in that district. From tho fact I bat it wee one of the hut bad* of the federal otiice holder* un 1 a receptacle of federal patr<>n*2 before therevultiiioD, it has been full of trallora during the war. It U now well known that Iturnsid -'s ex; edition is directed flr-t against Suffolk, but in offset i* aimed at Norfolk. Through Suffolk Ibc c hief supplies of Norfolk most pu.-s, and it ran l>? preServed only by the valor of otir soldiers. They most, then, bo rendered certain that thy luieno \ ilisuis be bind to stati their backs while they confront the foe that Is riiat bed against them. Whether the Yauk*"- will carry out the designs of nttnek on Norfolk, which they hare apparently entert dnedhitherto, new that th y can nu longer hope U> gaiu the advantage of a surprise, and now that we are preCired for the encounter, maj be doub ed ; but if they rteg up their forces, there i? reason to lmp0 that Sull'uik Will not witness a repetition ot Roanoke. Whatever their numiiers, and whatever our number*. Southern officers and ^uthcrn men must show their re;J worth on this occasion, or cover themselves with ehwne If they bave tra le un tbeir minds to tielit it m.i ta ?l>? ta-i mnr, 4bey will retrieve ail our dr.-Clera. rest re conildera c to the coiiDti y, render t'a r friends proud and happy,and eonre (or themselves an esteem which will l. st with their liv. . or rest forever on their graves. There ?ro Opportunities in wars whon a lew I nilretl d-v?t*i men can exorcise m .re erect on the course of events than as many hundred thousands at etlier times. line is one of Chose or" i .on*. A defeat to the Yankees ,u the n>' gitborhoodof .Suffolk would render the Ruruetde expedition a prolines* to tho invader ai liatteras, atonu for the "rreudei of Roanoke, and turn the tide of fortune again ta favor of the South. MOVBMKWTS Of REBEL GENERALS. fTrom the Hichni I Disutcli. Match 3 1 We hear that thuoi a' 1" Kirly Smith has been sent to noamend our foreee In the n? u oborhood of Cumberland Gap. General I/iring Is relieved from the Department or Virginia, and tt u understood that he wii' go .-si,til, pro bably to N'orth Carolina f.eneral G'ritmdec has u'e landed a court of in tutry with re oreru e to llir t ;or.- < disaster ARRESTS OK MOKE l"NIOW ME*, f'harleit Kraus, one of the city nu;ht watch . was art*eled yesterday evening and )"< ked up in 'Ta "<j God ?w n." Ti e cau^o rf his arr?at was h.s dec:uli,g lnni.eif t'nion man. He I* reported to buve said that he bad a knife wth which he fought in the Florida ear, and that lie would die t>y It on his own lluor before he would go gaiust the Union. Augustus O. (trommel! was erre-ted on suspicion I!? formerly belonged to ("apt Kirby * company, joined tlio Wise legion, and waa captured by the Yankees Afi-rertrda be was released on i ar lo to seek en enctai After hie term had expired he went to Norfo k a>. I l .en returned to thia city, atat'ng that flan Wool had g-ut'ed b.iu an e?tension of parole. He waa Incarcerated VAWIRES r* BTCrtMOXD?THE BRACT. [From the Richmond Examiner, March 3 ] The Yankees in Richmoud, who have been trad ng and peddling la the necessities of the war, ar" showing Ueracterntic ac'deuce In eluding the draft for military e'vloe Tl.eir management is to get some contract from the government, no mcttrr Low petty, then to pleed e emption of public c utractoia Of course these ci ea . .. - .>iaraann,iagan quito willing ro petty tmlnwll.tni at toning piMI, tO ante thereby I the i-npioeriotiiers < f OgLting or the oat of obtaining a fttttMlltuM. Wo can eorat on our Angara a arora of !natanc?? of tbli aiitiiagement try wall known Yankee inarrlianta and Arndeemon to Richmond W>- boar of a Yaokaa daaiar effecting iba exemption of l.tinaelf ai.d workman from anllliarjr service by acroa paltry contract for official tip ti?lai?r|r. of aootber, a aoach maker, gottmg a contract tor haveraxeke,or aomaother irille, and of a thud ? o of thw Puniaua " a bocnat maker or man roil.leer, nolo eieunty nnaoond on tha Poutharo question, who hai era wed btmaolf Into tha employment of tba government m* a travelling agent to purchase laatbar rua pai-ewces or cbabi.i8ton and a*van*an. [From tbo Charleston Courier, K'h at,lied | Wt ait graliDed to laarn, from ml 'ary an h rlty, Abat there ts ao foundation for ll.a t jmori wrlnoh bare boon afloat in tbla rlty for levaral day*, an) Abat Ultra U nojuat cause. at piert nt, tor apprvhcnrto. ?ir brave, wise beaded rtnd w^e heart*! f)?oara!, Roliert K. Lo*,we aro B'lth'r.z*<1 to isy, feel* ovary a*, ft t- moo of Ina ability to defend (harleatoo age,ait any f ft, now at the tlianotal of tha a; amy, if our people 0 il hut rally, with proper r| irl', to t!,e 'laa-tard of their 1 radvi roiiiitry. A ooolldoi 1a .''to entertained that 4 1a an to) do not mad into any immediate ataa 1.1 on r.r r,tr r-y n ia* bo largely reuifo.'ceA bef.ri Iboy tliro attat k u? I "t . i iM *f, rote* rt'tr riri'iti'r ?r prepar* At u* lot as itoionco, If naoaaatry, and m tba ' i" i o. iy .? b Jie.le.iizun alio can bo at all o ?i? or t h ..a or o- not only play tha f i.-t.1 th? ,tg ?oon an the miliary ? <' 1 ara ' em completed, 1'tl' it.' . ra rod forlhowar. ' " ' (i ?r'?eton aol f. , ' t Pt r i . hi I in to.f'iodar t ,f .kt tho H'*.it , , , *' " Vl 1 ' . ?, . Ity; atll lilt: "gjati.ti-a, i, ? vnnda , foe n :1 to .li'tr ,i tl mil: t f ml' i t ,v n., ' t r .of, to. i" , .i v.-i p ' r | ttoitio finUt* giatolo-i to b?able losay.r.ii a t !ior:ty, |b.! our c t irlio l ?i l t a'.,.. . ,tr ..... I 0"K>7?? proepec*. OVfV whit M fcvor?b'l a* " "" ?7;0? ami that he is e <}e to repel three time* the hoeifir mroe n->w arrived against Utt, l>ut too politic loatrA-- w.lneul a t?t taiul> of v jtory Let t>iir ,HH?ple theu lid of ^ ->o4 che?r, but still let I:*!e , 'd on and burnish their armor for battle above a <*? I tu ui nu?t in God,and keep our arnu rsaiy aft cm I pe,w 4 djy, , fsimral b vttttribd avt> 8avawab. (Krone lbe&?vatiiiah Bepub.ica: i , . V.'o refer rod i soma days :!,, >, to the fart that th>(>.9 ra: and established thtoe b.uteri ? bearing >'U theohan nut from SwvsmiaU to 1 ui t l' llAai... tlto cbj "Ci of in._ it. >ven wiit U m Idantly r>r the -ole pirp e of cutting oil eflbctwlljr the con.niuu.catu>n between tho two ooinpu u>es a nh tho hope of starving out the latter. Thu it will ink* them u long w hile t" do In ore respect, h .w ever, it i* , K11.n act Wh> ?n tiM the enemy cat ibli.h land bene. 1.1 tl.o ma: slice b?rdaring the riter if they c">iilil u'-i tins V s.- t 'hr . >!!h lute the mitia dharmel? It I Hilt to u& v.v v luutii na if all thou* attempts liftit resultoJ ,u a failure, an.! this movement is talc'ii 04 die 11 te.iri Pailm e we may be 111 s ikio. Tim saauviLLi. fKi oin t.,c Petersburg Express ] ? * e e ? (ai>tani Peyran n 1 >?ki*iip finely on>l spas',* in wattu terms ?r it 1 I reception extended hint iu England, lie ay 1. . , v. i b tne exception of the Exeter Hall aboltti r-i.-t r, .hs'IrUon.s?men, woman and children?ar.> wat .lit 1 c n their prise of the Southern confederacy. Mo -.o s. Mas u aiul afcidvlt met with a very cordial reoep tn i sad Mr?. tSlidell and^ier daughters were caUed on by tin- 1 ,-?i ladle-, and goi.tlomea of the British realm. respite the rather unfavorable intelligence w hich has recently re.u.hed here through Northern journal*, the English people expires 11,, doubt that, an early day, Belgiuxn, France ana England will recognize the independence of th? Southern copytsrscy, and declare the blocks 1- of our ports inethciuut and Illegal. But lei no one rely upon th.s to an 1 the war: for, even should it b# i a ived, tin contest is uot thereby terminated It wilt only enable ui to procure arms and unimuuilion with more facility, ami prosecute the war more vigorously. Oar independence tn sl be <v hieved byourowu string arms a id bravohearts, with a firm rolianco upon that God who bm promised iiis people that He will tie with thorn m sic tmts, and in the seventh Ha will not desert them. OM.r uNti HUSD*y.? 1 not sand bales of cotton IS AVaVfTA. c.s. (from the Petersburg i V'a.) Hailv Express, March i! I We a gratified tu (iud a slatemtmt in Um A ig 41 Ci/n-ti;u/*">niivt ttx*l ibe cotton in that city i< loss than bales, urn) that amplo arrangements are ma to to remot it to the interior, m osae the city becomes eu One gtued. The ' 'ft '''"'i ci k >!?o says the Nkw York Hkr n of a li e date "contains h fall description* of Augusta, it? fot'tidrv-fc, distance on t!ie river, dopth of water, 4c," Tliiv may have been turnivbel to the Hkham* by some one hi v-.v Vork win ha . been or resided in Augusta; bet it is not !iy any means mprobahle that some traitor now tu Aug has prepared it audfurtiished IttoOil Sutvuey. I'KFPA itATION y.nt AlttVIiUi Alj&ti'A. iFroxn tnc Memphis Apj eul.] To Tu* Ghost* Jtr of thi ilcxKOt Mkmi'h:*.?As it ml}' bcrun.e ntfttan remoro the asscfg of the Rank of Memphis, it may he we!! for tliose who are likely to uecd heir'funds at tn v point to withdraw them. We hereby require the withdrawal of collect inn paper, as vva wit! not bu iiahle lor tb" failure to lu"e pro teat made, lite bank will, however, bo located at the most convenient poit# wb> re vre bel e . a it safe for out own and our C?s tcmer's funds. AN AfPKSU TO THK TKOrj,* OF AIXAN3A8. PROCLAMATION'. Reliable informa' ion has just been recoived by me that the enemy, 1,600 strong, ioft Greenville, Mo.,on'jtaturrtuy list for tb-.- purpose of attacking Pocahontas. Itnow bo comes the duty of evory man to .turn out promptly, shoulder ins tnuaket, and drive the vandals from the State. This iv probably the advance guard of a much larger ferce of the enemy. Gome without delay, singly or in sounds,and rendearous "ft Jacksonpori. Bring as few horso as pus-able, as forage iv scarce. Major KFVtVifKnr.Comtaaading. Pocahontas, Ar?., Feb 26, 16aif. DB8TBPCTIVK IT If If AT It Iff. SNA. llKiKNA, Feb. kT, 1868. Tuo tine in thi- place fast night, deviroyed as fo'Iows: ifaley is Wsie *U0 000. Goodwyn, $j,000; Rigbter $2, .Toor Malnney. W.OOO; Joyce, fti,000: Haryravc*, $12,000; J. ('. fnnth. {JO.000; Burrces, {lO/JOtfb. Mrg. Qn.alan, $2,000; Julia Hall,$1,600; Burns, g,two: Cadet'wood, 000; lb Vauturini, {2,000- au.1 a.-vera^.-iUord, making iu i he Agyrc rate from {35.000 to {90,000. a cbakoe in tub caectw psmamw). (From the Richmond Kve?nirer.] Sea?.>aa of defeat and depres un ura tlioye in which government can make ail or ruin ail hystiarmglliatdopresvou or rebuking it both by its indTgnai'.oownd been ergatic nieiiS'iree. Pi egideat Haviv could iuoebeitori way lespoud to lus ni,ifcrtunes of our aijrw ha* by gall-\ ;ag to ins rl iu men of esecutive abiliiy and knAwn vigor ' o! character. A cabinet of compiuimsi, a eaeicet <>#iin tnjccvrnu c mm, inaj oe iiiu niu-i jvuctli1 r>r limes OI peace. >ecirit) ah i juM-iwrlly, but at this hour we waot tlit' '?f tho girongfco lactiJiy for command; men who have but one optn oo ami one betore them; men wliovnnaic ar? idou'tiled with war and roe Nt stir?; evho har? r->r th in-u.eea the alternative of glorious success or of certain death No other persons aro useful n or. Tmild.tjr and ca>itiona are thing* we have moot ?o fear. Ne ther the country nor individuals bettor their case one iota by get'ing (rigldem-d. Ali tl.o panes ol Boh A< re? will not stay tlic course of inv asioti en$ moment, or lighten the corisein*n.-a of jt in the tenet degree Hie ooly hope we have is in flglitim; Uercely; ir we suceed ui beaiing the foe, all ik wall; if we do uot ? uacd, it is still so much the better to have resisted with fear'eti and sanguinary determinat'.on, for Ih?n wo *hai! b" re ;-ected atnlfesred in our defeat Custom House Aflftaire. BCflNRSS DC b IN (J 111 h I. A ST MONTH?THE GKNF.RAT. CT9TO* nor.SK 0'"TI>K?APrOINTMrN'T? AND RE1 MOVA 1.3. KTC., ETC. Great activity liuT>rovailed in the warehouse department of the Custom Hou?e during the last month. The Uitm! monlhly-latement bus hesn prepared, and shows tint an unn al qnanliiy of have been withdrawn flora the bonded warehouse?, which accounts for the targe amount of money lately [aid into the public treasury. Tbeexpuit t:.vie in pro. vuiona still continues very brisk, the demand for braJstuRk has, however, fni'^n off considerably if Into, and but .ew cargoes of (bow ttitic'et are now shipped 'o F.urnye. Mr. n*n?iU?t? lln^e, the I?ep'.ty Collector, ia cha-tje of the wareho- ? Jeoar:: tent, bit prepared a hatidsomoct'ivo volume of 216 panes, called the Warehouse Mai rial and Heneral Custom House Guide." It la de. . gned for the .se of merchant', i>ank.?-? and others hat .ok b-s je-'at tbeCuom It contains a com 1'r-liri rive syno,* of Treasury regulation . with forro= of rntrie . t>??<H oaths, ccrti'icue*. pi !#-(?, At .; ai-o U;''.?s of i ei.pi rurrux wc ^bts jo 1 measures, re hi d to thf- I'niied Hale slania.d. All the information requii >1 by tlr-e transacting h <stn?eg tu the different department* ot the Cti-iom ll t-c ia i ontaiiu d to this volume, and wii! no duu'it, piova of great service to thorn. Tne foHnwdin is a list of the appointments ntid removal* lately |.,a le -y Mr Harney:? AipV/ow* ,v,r, .spy ! ' ?-( ' or 11 rill Philip Corwin.tin : t.iih'-t 1 ) trc'irojo;, Wit Browuall, J. Fowler, T. C t .i !i-'t '1 im'ig'i .Vt z/ t Insf Ivrj /* !, ? _,i | aior. I" J. Miliar, F. V. M:<jii i! ] i-it I ? < of ii .alit witch), C". CopI g, W >1 h ..i'f, t, C. Brown, S. K'-lljr, W i'. I Ke. iru Af'-.??yr.~W J. Young. vlc? W Taylor In }- rt Apjxinttil ?J'. )l. Vtilletts, J. T. Co tune, L. E Hoj kir.a /?.; V / irr?d ?W. PePoyster, II. C. I'abtneau, V>*. ft Ilr- ?-n Stnr'k'tftr ?J ft. "'aith, vice Munset) O; ay. C.'erJ.t Anpoiiktmi?H I* Don in,G. Carter, W. 9.Gerrisb, K. Vfeeixg, In.riBia Huiley.J. fkmthworlh, Jr., John tV. Qailaghef, K I> Thomas flmr-: m U .?, ^A I (' IMlMIUll >- (A,U. n V Morar.g.S. B M.?t'kea,PC fcsmmona (promoted), J. A 1.1 liman, O H Mnoro Xii.hi \V?!'K'h n Ai imMvi ? J French. P.. I I'earce, U I. I>t?ie n j fright Remwtd ? J M.l!er,.l Heparan, A. I Rrowri | /.ia.Uniiit ?f Sight Watch Jjixtihtel ? E V. Millet, [ vire Oat rftt \ an Vel-or. W M Free h haa b"*u appointed spe'tal temporary clerk for b. aiuca* at p,?rt Ro^ at. Otritaarjr. CAPTAIN 3AUi EL MM ' KB. I N11FD 3T8TE3 KAVT. Capt Snmuel Morenr.oi ti e United ?tate? Navy, an old and diatlngu aU':<I o?Il' or, died at No 28 M if oe place, Brooklyn, on Friday morning, from an a(T?ct n of the 1'inga The deevaaed wa? born in Maryland, er.1 entered the 4er?it.oof tba United Statca on the 4'h of March, 1815 Bia caroer waa marked by the dltplay of a good dtnl of natal teleat op to Paptamber. 1835,on tbe ltthof wli cti month h? waa appo nud Poet Capta a Ha corn matled the Powhatan for a yeai ami air mon'ba, and waa traaaferred from tbeoeetotte VTabaah Tba deceeied <u nearly forty tlx yeara In the aarrlee liar in( teen twenty < at yea*a jmd five reomba ?? eerrice. Ha wai on leare of abaouco wheo be died Cap'a In Martor waa looked oroo aa an experlaneei and gifted uftoer He waa email of etature. but gified with a remarkably tandaome and energet.c !o? kmg iaracn Hia pn'.iteaod gentlemanly deportment waa a marked feat,ra of htg character, and be waa admired an I r>*| acted t y a.'i who know b ra Ilia age waa about atxty four year* Vnlted State# Circuit Court* Eelore Hog Ji.dgaSbtpraaa. IMTIktM, Marrn 8 ?Tr t'r.i'fid SuUI u Mauriit C'G?mar..? The I'niied Hta'eo Diotnct Attorney roercd for lia lenlane# of the "> - rt on tha pftir ner, wbo wai rootle ted of the menelaughter of Jobn Uuiea.d teaman oo board tbe thip Ma|noiia, Tba Coart aanfaBted tba pr:ain?r to impr ieamaDt for three yeara at bard :a'jor, and to pay a fna of one dollar T>t f'rft-i 3;Uh M CKariu r*ttn -TI.e pr.eooer I piaaied gumy toe charge of c unierfa.ting. and waaaao to '.td lo ouo y a .top- a -<l I .o "?t?or in tna o >aa of : I.. 'Me - > * fibalAm mors or, wl.o w*i 1,,, , .T llt 1 lunging i' Capti.ti AJ i i , afwai'l, llawk lie, waa c if. r ati ict- A'.writct %u ?*?. I?lita . NEW YORK HERALD, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Katvsiiat, March 8?C P. M. Th? money market la quite easy at C a 7 per cent on call. There la some more good paper in the market, which sella at about 7 percent. Foreign exchange closed dull at last quotations. The LiUu took out &6i,k;?6 to-day. The stork market ia buoyant, and prices are all higher than yesterday. The action of the banks hit evening is regarded by some as having exercised an influence on speculators. But the combined causes to which wo have alluded?the successes of our armies, the bine of Treasury notes and certificates of government iiidobteduess, and the heavy and incieasing traffic on our railwaysare quite sufficient to account for the ad.ance, and to justify a belief in ih continuing for the present. The buying this morning was chiefly oa commission for the public. The great operators are. not moving as act'vely as usual: some of them are believed to be taking a line on the bear side, whileothers are wuiting for more news from the war bef.rc they buy. It is generally conceded that a victory oa the Potomac would render our market rampant. Comparing yesterday's prices with those of this evening, we note an advance of % in coupon 5'a of 1*74, % in Indiana 5's, 1% in Virginias, % in Tennessee?, % in Missouris, % in Pacific Mail, % in New i'ork Central, % in Erie. % in Brie preferred. % in Michigan Central, % in Michigan ftouthcrn, % in guaranteed, % ia Panama, % in Illinois Central, %' in Galena, % in Toledo and pi Rock Island. The market closed firm, the following being the last quotations:?United States G's, registered, 1*81, 92*i a 011%; do. C's, coupon, 18*1, r." 't a 92%; do. 5's, coupon, 1874 , 85 a 85%; Indiana 5'a. 77% a 78%; Virginia 6's, 62 a ?; Tennessee U'a, 6! a 61%: North Carolina 6's, 6* a 70; M --louii OV. 53% a 53Tgj Pacific Mail, 94 a 04%; Now York Central, 83% a 84; Erie, 35% a 36; do, preferred,' 59% a 59%; Hudson River, 37% a 37%'; Harlem, 12"a 13; do. preferred, 30% a 31; Reading. 42% a 42%; Michigan Central, 66% a 56%; Michigan Southern aud Northern Indiana, 24% a 24%: do. guaranteed, 48% a 49: Panama, 117% n 119; Illinois Central, 65 a 65; Galena and Chicago, Gs% a 69; Cleveland and Toledo, 46% a 46%; Chicago and Rock Island, 56% a 57; Chicago, Burlington and (Juincy, 61% a 65; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chicu, 21 a 21%; Cleveland. Columbus and Cinc innati, 103 a 109%; New York Central 7'a of 1676, 102 a 104; Erie 3d mortgage bonds, 02 a 02%; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 102% a 103: Illinois Ceutral bonds, 7'a, 93 a 94; gold, 101% a 102. The bu-iness of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day Receipts $2,932 197 71 ?For customs 236,000 00 Payments 330,457 22 Kalaneo...'.. 6.155,4*0 0* The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $18,183,248 31, and the balances $1,066,723 98. The exchanges for the week ending to-day were $113,512,575 82, being a daily average of $18,918,762 64, against $18,465,129 06 for the week ending on Saturday last. The last Bank of England statement shows the Allowing variations as compared with the previous week: ? Tucthu*. Decrease. Public depostW.tT ?512,155 _ Other deposits ? ?111,491 Notes in tircalstion ? 4d3,*>n6 Kes(..T7. 4,949 ? On the other side of the account:? Covohuncut sec'U'ilic-s No change. ? Other o??':rili?s ? ?238,429 Coin ao.t bullion ? 143,540 Notes unemployed ?250,536 ? fiattcrtbwaitc'a Condon circular of February 21, just at hand, says respecting the position of American securities in that market:? Since our last we bare to report a fluctuating market for American securities- At iL* cruutn- n-enieai ot ihe week, on of teleginphiu advices from New York to the 0'h ins'nit, a small decline took place from a pre pondersnce of sales, Illinois Central share, showing the i<riur.ip.u MflMin. Xeaerday. ram tho j.jaAge of tne wauury Nnta bill sud favorable war news being an. nnuucet by telcgiaph, market" underwent a decided change lor the better, and to day thav close ataaiir and good. lor tho last twelve uionllu IMfHlliir Nature H this market li.u been the continued purchases of eltaraaauil bondsfm shipment to America, and, through divart influences the eensitsvenese of holders of this property here haviug been unduly worked upon, a supply m cxccS3 of the demand has until lately been (t.a result. Vow, however, our markets are bare of all kinds of st' Ls and should confidence in thc-*o eecurittea return, through tha establishment of peace, improvement of oai.oasl llnauces and favoisble traffiiy, so a* tocau&eour aapitaii-ls ouea mora (o i"ek them as investmenta, such is the limited supply here that a moderate absorption on tbiSaidu would ranee a material advance. Stock Exchange. SaTrntur, March 8, IS02. f10000 reg 5 shs Her MaiiAfiCo 04 ; .VWOl'S 6's,'81,reg. 40 N Y Central Hit.. 41000 I S6'a'Si, too <J2-; 400 do bid) si .'500 Tre 7 3 10 p r a !?!). ; 65W do 83 5; 4001) Ohio 6 s, 'TO... 0t> 100 do at 60 84 10000 do '???? 50 do ?30 8.3*4 jOOot) do 95;, 400 Erie Hit iii'4 IOOO Til cou bda.'TO. 87 50 do bio 35>4 1000 111 cotl bdsS.'W. 87 450 do 358, ldOO 111ouu b is.'70. 87 50 do al.O 35*? 1000 111 cou bds, S7 1(0 do bOO 3o/4 tttpKKi 111 war loan... K7 673 Erie I?R pref 50'4 4000 Michigan t)'*. 87 loo do i>.".o r,o 14 h*;-o MichiganOe. 78 so in Mick 8 k N la 1!R at1,' 2000Tonn 6's,'tis.. ?S 250 d" 24*4 1(8.00 Term C -, 90.. GO.1; .350 do 24V 5( 00 Mi-vririOVblj 6 !'. 300 Harlem Hit 12 V 5000 do 6.1 V 400 d" 1)30 12V I 17000 d> 53>; 200 Mich Cell Kit. bUO 6? noo do rltO ft:!': ess) do I,try r.? 5000 lio #16 64 495 do 65ft 71,0) do 63ft :??) do 56/, 5000 do 1.30 54 21X1 do .. 56 MOO Californi# 7 a.. *Oft 2#OMichS>4:XlfsV.. 4*ft 2000 FrielM m n'79 100 200 do (<: 0 48ft 601 0 Ki ie Kit 4til mb X5 1(H) do l>30 4S>. 500M< 8pclui*4cl'.. 10-t .50 do MO 4Sft k.(h) do 102ft coo do 4S?, '.()(Ml Mlcli So 2d in.. 7 .'to Second Av r.K... 50 100O MicbS" x I >#. 2<K> III Con UK sc . WO 66 1500 UH on Kit ltd#. 93ft 25 do 04',' UOOO do 93ft IOO 641,' 4000 Chic1- R 1*1 bd? 1(0 100 do 64 ft KhmiTcI & V l.ttn. 78 12 Clave h Pitt' KR. 19 into do T7ft 100 do IX ft 1000 Tol t vr 2d m. 4X 10') d? IX ft 1000M & V doC1 m SO',' 21 Clev,C*Cln RR. 1((1H| 1000 Cl'V.VTol fit'!# 8?>ft 250 dahlia fr ( hi KK. fix',' 5000 ((ill HC latin. 100 00 do fix., 15000 Amarioan gold. 102 400 Clev k Tol KR... 4.'. V 10009 010101ft MO do ?10 45ft 25OO0 do 19lft 450 do 45ft 21HH) do ... b60 101 , 100 do ?10 45ft 1 'MHO do 101ft 1'tOO do 46 1 (MK) do -10 I'll ft 109 do.... 1.10 46ft i<XM) do h:'.o loi1(H) do !.:,0 46ft 7 4HI0 do I..-0 101 ft 4C0 Chic k Rk 1*1 KK . 6'.ft 60'HK) do tKW 101ft 60 do ?10 60ft 1V925 do 101 , IPO do 1.15 ,0ft 6 ?1im Hank f fCom. 80 200 do.. . 1,30 1,7 10 Auvr K* Hauk... 88 120 0>;<x, Tlor Isl)o RR 61ft :i0 do 87ft lOOMll&Ptdu CbKlt 21 20 Cor1in#nt?l Uxnk 60 200 do bit 21 28 l'ark Sank lol 1C6 do MO 21 60 n?l k 11 (id run Co !?1 16 Mil k Prdu< h V?lp 77ft 25 C> 111b Cool viof.. 7ft 265 Del. L A Wet RR 83 76 r#- i:ic Mill SP to 64 41 llu' tSUtel.tneRR 117 8ICOKt? ROARTt. fl090orsfl?,81,fl?>10 02ft 50 si.t fcrte PR.. a60 35ft 6000 do 62ft 150 do 35 i jofoo l*f>6'*,'bl,reg ?2ft 260 do.. 35ft rooo VR St. 1*65.. 90ft 200 do 030 36 170(0 U?6>,'74,coup 85 350 Erie RR prof.>10 ft).ft 2060 US 18,7 9.1 60 Hudton Klvtr RR. 3,7ft |WW u" ' 1 un S 6M>0T? 1-Mp' ti am ?vj fioo HirlemPR.. 13 I'H'O r?m 8 s, '1)0. loo Rta<l.i rT'R 43V; 40'0 <i? eo*5 20*< MlcbCtntrm KB.. GO1, 4fw..i TH.Vt't 21 in . f 2 1" M \N!nJ RR. MO 21,'j lOvOT I.VWib la'.m 7i\ 200 MS* N led K ttk 441< 4'fKO J?m nol'l. .tUO lot y, K.O Clara A Tol I'.'.t .. 4C^ |00<0 do 101 <4 6 0 do 40,'? 6 kilt r?o M =S i o . 01 '4 100 do MO 41", CO do 04 400 do blO 46 M lOOC'iw Toai prrf V{ 6 Mi'.bPr diCblpref 70'< 2--1N YCaaHK 630 44 1) do 7P>i 10 do 6M< 25 Mil k t'r dw Cb 1'<B 21 100 do .410 ?' *?' 10 Cb.lJ ir aiitjij yi'.R 04^ to da *V,i tula* of Rem Kilad, Or Jarr.44 M MU44T LWimam Kft.?i,jr, at tLe ?!#r rb*ltlt' EtOtttLft Two ota, wast aida 1Va?bio|toh at, ITCfi 3in wool Char tin atraat $15,009 K'oa 8 ??d Kltcno rtraat 6 R0 > No 33 Oi war atraat p 37g No 67 Vartck atrant .. . 6 Sod flotae* at a a 47tb at ,164 ft 4 in w of Alb a* 11,119 Lot u * Jtd at , 441 ft 6 in writ of flto a? 4 700 Lot n. a 831 at , 148 ft 0 in. ?mi of Mad iat ar . 7 2 )0 I.ot north ?ida 2Mb at , 2C7 M S In tut of 6th it . 3 000 llnoaaAlots a Slit at, 140 ft wtat of 24 nr.... 6,0 Ifonaa 8r l"l ?. a M'tat.lMft rant or91 ar f. Ill H.' e "r lot n ' 7'd tl , !<5 t ?#' o: May . 2,0i'> city co?Mi:nciAij i:t. Sai'i ripar, 111: , , - : it ,r ?-T i,o rr.arkxt *** bai?j- a-d ti. t t ? > w!, . ?r*oi *?n- p? liit at. abv v i., obla?if ta lh? )t km tf aid\ SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 1862. Whka*?There wera no files of moment reported, end bonce quotations in a great degree were r. nr.mU. 0?r ?1 bemvy and lower, with aalaa el 25,000 b.*h#is at 5i)c , and 61c. for mixed Western. I'oas win bettvy, w'n.lo jHtlee of about 400 a 500 bb!j were- reported, at $11 a $14 121$ far moss, and at $10 62.S a $10 76 for prime. WitLKKY was heavy, wlUi sales of &oot?iiA at 2S>?c. 2f?'. SHIPPING NEWS. ttMAKAC toil ?rw YORK?THIS dat. -I'KKiert C 2.1 j moom tKTs morn 167 , kOMttfTS 6 (JO | high Watkb morn 2 17 Port of New l'orli, Piarcli 8,1S62. CLEARED. R..-:.mih'i. TT.i-. Ana fBi),, llavnna?0 E W.\r l A Co Steamship Cucaapcake, Crowtll. Portland? B B Cromwell 1 A Co. HI.ip Kew World. Ktdgli* Liverpool?C Orinnell Mi l, Southampton, l'J a't, London?B E Morgan A W ley. 1 jitdp Wizard Kmc. Cone, Hontou?J W Elivell k Co. iti.ikLovatanil (Norw), Euchesen, Falmouth, Ac?Punch, Mi'im ke A WenH. Hark Maiisaoltn, Cunningham, Cork. Ae?Edmu'on Urea. Hji k Evelyn, Putter-on, Cardt-nat?1Walsh. Carver A OUaae Hark Sam Shepherd. Jewell, Sagua?J E Ward A C >. Hark Morning Star, Sterliiiv. St .layo?Waydetl A Co. line Adelaide (Fr), l,ahl>e, Havre?W Salem. Hi itCcrea (Dutch),Dellaao, llavre?Funch. Meincke A Weud?. Br't,' Konlcin Elizabeth (Proa), Buck. SUal?Punch. Uric Ann Xi .rla (Br), Main, Fnlmontb, Ja?J C MoArthur, Kris Eh/a1 eih. Trimble, Port KoyaJ?Meteatf A Duuom. K. is M K Mlilikm. Nordim, Philadelphia?) Ha??L Brie Amanda Jane, D.or, Philadelphia?Metoajf A Duncan. Sehr K.ue Itrighain, Jloaer. l.ondou?T Denhaiu. Hcbr J H Lane. Pnote, Si Tliowaa?B B Eldridge. gchrSeu'iine. Elliott, StCroU?P Hanfonl. Sel.rTridiiit, Snow, A Ho ighton. SohrO It C illrl, Uafi.ilton, Jacmel?D It Dewolf. Kris E A McAdam, Staplee, St Jago?BreU, Son A Ce Se'u r J J Houseman, Buah, Accomack?Matter. Sehr Reurard, WaUijB. BalUmore-llMler. Sehr A T Rowland, Rowland, Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott Sehr I H Dav. Chaae. Baillmore-I. Kenny. Si-'.rB Broiv niug, Laufalr, Wilmington, Del?Van Brunt A niasQl. >, hr Mary Priee, Blieeard, Wilmington. Dei?J W McKee. S<-lir Clara Merrick, Montgomery, Philadelphia?J W M K.-e. S' lir Allen Downing, Flee, Philadelphia?Master. Si lir Mai v K Smith. Smith, Philadelphia?Master. F. hr Ti ii:n,|>h. Reeved, Philadelphia?J W McKee. Sebr 1 S Randolph. Bosh Philadelphia?Baker 4 Dayton. S'lr. Thomas Potter., Philadelphia?Maater. Hchr Kineline, Knight, New Bedford?L Kenny. Setir Roanoke. Panll, Taunton?Maater. Seh M Poaell, Kenioii, New Haven?M Brice?4 Co, SehrT (J Lyman, Stannard, New Haven?S 'I 3t.,uiiard. S hr Francis Decker, Watrons. New London? It 8 Racket'. Sloop Naogatnck, Pi uibatl, Snow Hill?Master. ARRIYFD. , Ship I F Chapman (of Thomnstou), Chapman, Gibraltar, Jan 2'1 in ballast, to J W F! ell A Co, Ilail light easterly winila and callus most of the passage. Brig >an Juan (Meal. Berganun, Oampcacby, 21 days, with hides, logwood, A'-, to F Alexundro A Son. Brig Magna Ctiarla (Br, ol Windsor, NS), Shaw, Trinidad, Pet 117. witli sugar, to D It He wolf. Sailed in company with bark Franklin, Vi'ulicll, for Boston, anil Bremen brig Le. limine, tor New Yolk. Has boea flight days N of Hatteraa, with it ong MY galee. Riij Si Agnes i Br. of na'.ifsth Mllla. Matanzaa, 21 days, with sugar, to J F Whitnay. lies been 14 days N of Hatteraa. v Ith strong NW gales. Bi ig Avoo-tta'Br. of Halifax!, Tiizo, Mansaniila Feb IS.

; assed lnagua Vi b'JO, with sugar. to McCall A Kritli. Fe'> 25. tat :> , Ion til, liad a gate froin N W, loat jibboom and apllt sails; etr a llanoyertaii brig ashore on Inagua Reef, wlili wreckers atnngahle taking out her cargo. The A has been seven dava N of Hatteras with strong westerly gale*. Bch: Pioneer. Mi Donald, Halifax, 12 days, with Ash, to Woodruff 4 Robinson. Schr.fohn N Gentu (U 8 transport!, Safford, Fort Jefferson. 21 days, in bu'.laat. lo the C S Quartermaster. Had vertr heavy weather; been 15 days N of Cape Henry. Schr Puckaay, Brown. Maryland. .1 day*. Kclir l L Reiner, Cordon. Philadelphia, 3 days. Belli Thames, Geer, Ellxohethport tor Norwich. Schr J L Snow. Aehoru, Rockland. 7 days. 8cbr Smith Tutlle, Mayo, Truro, 3 days. 1 Schr Pownw, Fox, Prorineetown, 3 days. Kchi S T Garrison, Grace, New HarcD. Schr Bailie Smith. Worden. Bridgeport. Sclii S B Howes, llowcs, New London, 3 day. Sehr Sea Ranger, Hmktev, New London, 3 days. Schr Alfred Chare, Lovell, Net, London, 3 days. Sloop Issue 11 Burden, Coillna Fall Rlyer. Sloop Black., one. Reynolds. Providence. 2 daya. I Sloop Willurd. Wiiliaton. Bristol, 2 daya. 8teamer Plauc! (US transoorf), Young Gale Wilcockj, who ' waa lo-t overtioard off Fort llenry), Locusi Polut. < Slcamer Nuntaekel, ?. Buoiyn. 1 Steamer NeFle Baker. Brown. Boston. i Steamer Westchester, Jones. Providence. The ship Compromise, Caulkinn, whirh arrive,| yosb-rday ] from Lire:p >ol, report*:?Jan 2P, la* 47 10. Ion 27 50, spoke ship Fidelia, Heeding, ft fun I,, erpoolfor New York; Feb 5. bit *S HI, Ion 41 40, ship Saiunak, Rostand. from Liverpool for Philadelphia: 22d. .at 41 at). Ion 04 SO, ship Agnra, Jones I from Liver; out fur Boston: Mei h 3. off Georges. Witch of Hie Wave, of Gloucester, had la-en blown off; 4th,off Nan t,;rket, pasred two i,k.op?-ot war. M trrb 3. Jo! n Mnrpbr, seaman, died of nothma. The t; has had a sbcceSotOS of I westerly the entire pasfoige. BFI.OW. nark Rambler, from Matanzao. Baik Reiid, fi m Vm . !'< /. 8:1s I??(<>! .St-?ion II dare from Netivl a* , SAILED. 71b?SteanteHpa Mellln iH,-,. Liverpool, steamers Charles <ingond, Deoat ir, Slictncfcis W I,e?ri*. nn.l Pnrtbena, AnntpolU; Hero. Foriree Monroe; ship Dorrae Prince, L n I. inlfi-rv; 1 i .a Lmiiae. ynej-natown; Delphhie (Nom), do; Edmund, Liverpool: brigs Anlia Owen. bo:r.-;U'.; Ffept'ine (Kr), ( ?>fk; Aire (Br), Jiarinnues, Einstein (l'rua), Ply- 1 mouth, E: Pnr'o P'a'a (Brent), : Mountain Eae'e, Bermuda: *chr? Ariels, Baltimore: Phebe, Havanr; L F Barber. Key Weat; Hannah, Jamaica; V H Cook, Juomel. Mtli?Br -teuninbtp Etna Liverpool; (team're E'.m C'itv, 1 Achillea, and Eli'shlng. ] Wind at sunv1 NW, light. Miscellaneous. TheeleamehlpEtna, ('aptum Kennedy, sailed yesterday at j noon for Queenitown and Liverpool. j SsirUamaa. M'nlsett, which lef: BnrJeaui .Inly # for Sea J Vianclaoo, pit; iu u Taicaii ano, uo dale, for provisions. ( San1 .f Mc\n.OMsr.v has ilienhajged hex cargo, and was taken on tbe dry dot it yesterday att<-rnoou. Bars S W Hot niton*, Small, at tland frotif Matanra*, wat past Hatieras tiro days out. On the 24'h nnd rftilt nil, lat 10 US, Ion Tt, encountered a very heavy blow from 8W t> W, ending at KW, ?l tinma Plowing n tornado, loal all our water Iron on deck, atore boats, An. On the 27?li and 28th, ." tat SI 50, Ion 69 # ?, cneouniered another heavy biow, com- } ti.eneln j at F, and ending a! NW, hauling round !>y way of I hi. with snow, rain and hat', with a heavy sea running; wait laging iiader a rlcae reefed nmintopaail TO bonra; we were j burn <1 in loo, running and standing rigging ouo -olid mass of fi ice, fr, m the rail* to Iho tna?l In a la. Small t eanela no' well n appointed limit h ,ve Mirt'ereJ severely. I never experienced so bad a time iu my life. I Bmc.t II Josrs. Mllla, from Coaat of Af.iea. put (atoSt j. Tliomaa l'J.h nit in dictreer. Br firrtit A irroair, Mono!), from Philadelphia for Lajvay. i ru, p it in'o St Tliomaa 10th nit. in dstrese. [ niHR (tin ?f.i:, u?*if'rw ipjioriea vrrccK?*'i c.n Inr _ Ulanit,vmi amWlnteri>ortfor JtaUiiMra. id ] OfllWlAMbelapatatOM. | Brr f a?t IV. T! < ship Calliope, previoualjr repor e l 1 avhore on I. na Ruck, la a lo*a. A portion u": h iroti . li."1 been *** red. r?rR CCH. .1 in 51?Tli American aiiip Screamer, Ir in Moiilincin for Falmnoth leak limber), pu' In here Inn 13, leak*, and will diaclir.rge, Hut- it making U luchea m- ' terperhoi.r. BrigCitndaee, Ml ion*, !>' ' at Charleatown, 51a*'. by Ma 1 f?nii A T. mm, baa been to'd to Be.ibcn No .on. E |. ! * fa|it Ii s-ph Suow. of Oi . an*. M???, on private Urin . ("apt Snov.- will her. I, At Providence, W Whipple, E*i, (old to Capt Oeo t T Conjrdon and ?ti.cra, j? of acln V Harkalew, of Nc > port, at . tbarate of $1590. Hue will liail hereafter from Fa*' Greenwich, coir a re In 'he n. .sti",-; Ir.ide from Pruvi I - it. J Spoken, Sr, f Bark Virginia Ann,'.' .la;? from Havana for Rigi Jan 12' r lat 31 43, K-n ,V> 31. ? Kortign Poitd. l Ai-.ot Bit, full, .( .a ; . la,...- Sn.r. ' r , N York. HeiMn,. F. b 91?T; i nv,t, fotinne Baker, far NYorV. ' In |.<>r' 21*t. -1 U (torn I no, Theobald, and -date i\n, 0 ta.v-'i la \) it . Cyp;c?a. Bia . lor llarana; d'ai of l'.ace, * Enmea. for Trinidad. * I Km nkliiio a*. Feb 17?S'.d Kotd Amerika, N York. H*i tiro*, Feb J?Arr ?ihr Kr.nlt, Newell. Baltimnee; M. hi (,:..r;ic. Illi de -N York (and aid for PortHp*in); b i?? . Itla i. 11IV V. Br). M I,n !. Baltimore; 4th, II I) Aiu.t'c*, f Kern. ., l'hil.nielptna; 6'h, Gardner Walker, Morehouse, Bo*ti.n I In ir rt F.-'afl, ac'.r Trojan, hUoorda. front Philadelphia, ! \ Itoaoaai (. Feb 19?'Id Juliet, Sinclair, Cardiff h CoWKS, Feb 21?Hid Tlgiv?f>, Mo imla, Weal; Sit Caa* Na- e pier, Kuner, p.: Hand. I Fktt. Feb 1."? Arr Cen Pulley, Nnjre*. NYork. a C?*rr?ruT F?-b 14?No Am vc--=el in port. I'n trrrnM. Feb 17?Air i.ark Finn!., Ilerrl'-lt (netatbe. 1 f.iie . StTliomui; I'.'t'i, Hii _ I It N rlita tBr), Ttllejr, NY .ik, J 2t'.l, l?u ka I W I'onltney, J nnaon, Fhiiadelphla; * II irmon, B .Ir A* dnwidl: I rbj H " Kirkland, FMier, ?t Thin**; ' aehr 1' M Tinker, Carl - St Jago. Sid 14th. briga Alice ? Ui.y.Ur , King. NYork; Hancock, Qtbba, Boiton. Hclma, " So...b, do. . I ||?.J. n Feb SO- \r; It dllog Ware, Collin*. Alexandria. , I'.rmi Feb 19?H. A >ort iliimn, C'reever, NYork. ill t cow, Feb 30 loo' 13?h)?Bid Meluin, M For, San Fran* - i <;i ?' M.CK, Feb 19?Arr Nimro I, "Tumpliiey, Me* In*. 81.1 , 21*i, Dan. ah, Nowoll, l.lrerpool. i,I?.i v :*r? Fob IV-An S, <in ll:oka, Atwood, Newj. ft. 1 , Black Hw an ' (er, 8*11 J lliv. i , Feb 10? An- Tngre.a, Craorre, NYork (Td Uhb, i Julia l awrence. Bjear. NVotk. v I.iv* nrooi, I i ' 2d? "*l.l M"inrka, Norton, llnlifai. In the rlerr upward bound Jlai. AlbatroM. haoghlln, for r tie; oa: Ftcel "r. Sw I", N York (old 21 at), I, D Career, Da ' b.on, Creacetil City, Badger, bairn.; WiBte Sea I II*.b Milan.lelii. E ii ln:i 1 - . > V i / . Ol'ynf Wa.h. ! .? fa), do; , C?'?!! '. l>?oI"J. f?Jorl<>, N -nh American (a), t'nrtlilnd. ,i Ailv Ti I. Il? ill'#'!. Cu!f, for Philadelphia, M . ch 1; Fi r 1 nUi'l H i ?' dick, end I'lirsiit Chipmin, .'inra, for ( lis I il o or- v il.i Imn.cJi^'p doipnH'b; K BHininrr, Pyei : i mill Cn.iadrr. Tfi lor II iiun, do alao ?Mp N ij.r ?. .'id n lorn brill m H ilii. Mr. Ill IVO, lube eotd nt v.mou Felt 37; I U u h, I -'on, 1 0 lon?. b'lllt In IS4I, to br ?>i<t ( hi mi< I r Mar 'i 10. Ii g l'rril, llmaon, 117 tout, b?llt at * 1! illinii re hi Ift!i7, lo lir liold at aucticn Feb 17." : J.oxiioif, Fob St?I'M Itapnrter, Howra. NYnrk. In | o: t lc' J?, t nr.! an. F indm U B Lamar, llrad!#*: .III It- ria n, La11 an . Pa ulu.kj-, Idnckin, and Key rer, II u ea, for NYo-k,, m i, Agry Cherubim Sk'nn- - uu! Mantra. Ria-ie, laid up; VMoiuia, Auitio, for Lima, Ida, Nnrne- f atan, Mi.-an* W.leh "I tbc Ware. Todds I.iMbriii Watta Hrjanr. O.ial*. fretchi Eameralda, Tori; Htar of I'ra e, l?Vr, b .martian Siui'oa, Camhrla, Teiry: Ka r n-pi ?,i. nitjfc.. :> Bari.ard ujf ^UM Aft. XAflftltt 'A ihO m, Tl 'P18B' ''""riainni r.diraMe; Ellen Stmart. ColSiij I I'lidtt V'tiuij M W Holt, Dodge; Fronr Fdrn.Lawrence; ' J *' mi.- 0< Ktrcl; An.u Irl, Jl?rll?'.l, I mil Atn. orua 1 H-al ! ofthe ifC'Dlttg, WlthUM; EC Iloe-ar.1, Ni It- ' mm ; Jmlali Hi nl>r, llipnrr j Eroni, William., I,;,natalI vr, V "dv; Ne-'orlan Worth, John Porter, Neiioni Flvina i Via',, b'lrknrjr. tinned Flat**, NKkeraon; Si ark the Ocean, ; Kin-rt: Kir? .rb Kom y; Ja?a, iMaa-tt; Noonday, Ilenrr. . .and i-aac-le ties .*a'ar, all d- Id CP ll;w,.a Via'. MaltlJe. I'rdfiffn, from NYork for ; Prbifdaui. r Euros Feb d?8ld Brarr, Maton, JfVork; tOth, Washing to W rak*. do, lllb, Mar* A Elira' aiu Huntley, Finland Man'Hi.o , Fab 19?dll Nonpareil, Flinn, Boston; Ecn- i nor, Cole, NYi th; Huiymiote, Vvnton, Otrgeati. j WIN KM AND I.HIL'OHS. T.'OS HAI.F-IN BOND. THE BAEAIfrK OF AS IS I vi n.fl favored Gin, In ti.rrs-'i-tarWr |l| Ap 1 ilylop t I FF. I >C Ki| 'ili avruue. i> sronTi T ' tv > i' rf.Ffi, no i'tt'1% <(ati*. if \ a;.: r, ; t . >, B ii.- at . < aed *a'? K . . t I ? It K *. II111 abif, M crlita I J, . ; , n t" ' I, v I .vau.r, aaiavr,*,. A? iaii. uiua I J. ail Unveaa#. SPECIAL NOTICES. A I IiTeEB JUL Alt tV KFKI.Y MEETING OK THE I OKR til tr Social Club, held Monday evening. March 3, HOJ, ilia fo lowing prt-*uibl' and re-volu'.iiins were uuaaiu-o usljr adopted.? whereat, vc have learned with deep regret of the ree< nt death of our late Tit*-. nerand esteemed friend, Thomas C. Lloi d, and we desire, ? lule mourn :ug his 1 jto record our hmh appreeiation of his many virtues: E-Ho'ved. in ev. r.v relation of life ho seeured and deem ved 11.e h gli este -m of a large cirri# of fri nls aud aaso. t Mt> a; a fri ml,I ?.id true, hla name and Uu meinury a 111 long be eh .i shed by all who enjoyed hlo aeiynalutuuce ami ins fr.endaliip. lte-olved. That w e tender to hi sorrowing a: I alBi: ted family Our a.vmpailiiee for theni in the irreparable loss lliey have obtained, their grief is sacred from intr ision, but wo nk the privilege of mingling our tears with th ir? Beaolred, That a copy of then- resolutions, oertilod by the nflicors of the club, bo entered upon the minutes andluua untied to his bereaved family. A JUDbON OEt'KEE, Bresident. Vfw. I.aCSIB, Secretary. J. K. OiaauuNK, Tieaaurerpro u?m. AC.tRlle-JAMEM OI.IP1IANT, FOR MANY YEARS Foreman at Sni.tU Brothers, 122 Fulton street, wilt ui.en on Monday <>r Tuesday lie tt #'31 F*rk row, Lovejoy's Hotel, where he will carry on tha Merchant Tailoring, in a 1 its brunches. Army and Navy uniforms got up tl. the best Ityle and at the shortest notice. INSURANCE. 1 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT OK Til a MANHATTAN LTFR INSURANCE COMPANY, NO 31 NASSAU STlfKKT. NEW YORE. JANUARY I, 1841. REI'ORT. Capital stock $100,000 00 Reserve of January 1, IdCl $828,169 20 Rracrvr for possible depreotatlon in so virtues 4<l,000 00 BC-V* M Dividends renninins unsettled 00,328 98 Premiums, eitrn premiums, annuities. Ac,, received during the year .$387,888 8f Interest aud roots received during the year.. 61,827 68 * red premiums. .1 64,137 99 * 49S.549 QJ Total $l,W7.944 31 OISRUKABMENTd. Paid claims by death on policies, and on bonus and payments on annuities . tisuor? Paid ek|>enM>s, salaides, taxes, Medical fees, commissions. Ac 04,939 SI Plad dlv'dends, reinsurance, purchased policies and bonus and interest on dividend* 136,897 19 i 93.2,24s U AS3ET9. Cash in bank and on hand $12,399 M Bonds and mortgages 327,200 ltd H'-al estate 120,401 It Premium notes on |<oUrlea in force.... 4707298 U [The actual va'ue of the securities on tlicw. notes ts more than $500,000.1 Quarterly and semi annua' premtuma deferred 41.944 SS United States and New York stocks . 51,122 50 Premium and lnt est in bauds of agents in ooarrj or collection and trsnsmlssi n, so -tired by bonds 94,380 81 reinporary loans n bonds and stocks. 88,750 00 In'ereat. acri ued in January 1, and all other property.,.. 12.343 00 v 1,171,900 40 Total $1,507,044 21 HEN It V STOKES, President. O. Y. Wk.kpi r. Secretary. J. l. Hu sky. Assistant Secretary. 8. N SThBiusH. Actuary. A. Dubois M. D., Helical Examiner, rc-tdence No. IS West Eleven! h street. At uQlce daily, from 2 to 3 o'clock. Mount vernon taxes, notice. CF.NI'RAI. and WEST MOUNT VERNON. FLEETWOOD, WAKEFIELD, WASHINCITONVILLB, PELHAMYILLB, PROSPECT ltlLL, UNION PORT, OLXNVILLE, Ac. Town and school taxes will be received at tho Fourteenth Ward Hotel, cornei < ! Graud and Elizabethstreets, on Monday, March 10, tuider tbe new tax law. Tuxes uut pai l to I be Collector heft-re the 1st nl April, 1802. will be sold for taxes. Lois sold at tho sale January 20 may be redeemed. Collector Eastchester?JOHN S. YORKE. Westchester?OEOltUE COOPER. ? Pel bam?.V. PENDLETON. ' School?P. O'OONNEB. " -C, miller. " Vllage Mount Vernon?3. LEBACGH. OFFICE OF THE OREENWOOD CEMETERY, NO. 30 Broadway, New York. Feb 23.1952 ?The unnual meet ins ol the lot owners uf thiJ institution will bu held at (be J (bee of the Cometery on Wednesday, the 12th day of March lext. at ban'-t^sl one o'clock P. M.. to receive the us-ial innuui report of the Board of Trustee., $. A. PERRY, Secretary \TEW YORK BELLEVtTE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLIN leoe. The eoium-'ncemeiil exerr'sesof thU institution wili tJke place at IF.VING HALL )n Mondav evening next. at 7VJ o'clock. The Valedictory Address iraiu tbo Faculty will be deivercd by PROFESSOR LEO. T. ELLIOTT, M. D. The Valedictory Ad lrera :ro:n the Oradnatiag Class witi be lellvered by MR. VAN BCREN nt BRARD. ill 1". HIS' . PR. CHAPJN will aid. vat the a .heme m v hair or 'in- Board of Tt'*iee?. .SIMEON DRAPER. Ptesident of tin1 Boar I of Truatcea. Isaac E. T>ri o?!, President of ti c Faculty. The friendly sons of ar. Patrick willcele bratt their aereBtr-eiKhth aim." fimiy dinner at the Metrui-oluau Hotel on Monday, Mrti'ji 17, at aiz o'clock P. M. The oitirrra lor the diamine year aie? CHARLES P. DALY, President. Wrn Watson, First Vlco Prosiden': Richard B'-lt, 8eoond flee President: H. I.. Ilog'iet, Third We President; Diuilel Devlin, Fourth \V? President; Charles A. Buriey.Treeonerj Phonm* Barbour, Secretary. Tickets may he bad front the following named gentlemenvim have been appointed stetv. rda:?Richard Hell, rtiair, nan; Richard Oiiormsn, 122 Broadway: B. O'Connor, 311 tun stree'; B. H. Lower*, Bank of Republic; Alfred }( c, 28 Broadway; John B. Kogerty, No 3Pine atrce!; Dsniei Jevhn. Br ad way aul Warren street; II. L. llnguet. 26 Barday street: Peter It ce No. I Slope street; Win. Whiteside, II Reade street; E. C Donue'.'y, l.".t Duane street; Edward loyle, No. 3 Pine s'roei. THOMAS BAKBOt'R, Secretary, No 9 Warven it. PKKSOYAL. a NY LADY WISIIINO TO ADOPT a MABV FROM f\. ltsbuth tnsy l.e.irof ono h> aupl.'liut to Mrs Even-cln he store, bent ecu Chn?ou an J F iltou avenues, Brooklyn, or one week. A~LP.NnW<IRTH.-I HAVE BEEN SICK ALlTwINTER. r\ I les.e the ,-ity on ihelit'i: will be absent until Julr. lee me, it pojs hie. before I 50. If you do not this will be ay farewell. 4.'all at aiutiou B. BLACK WALL. B~k |.\1i\y \ ""hI.EEcKER AND MAODOFiiAL tt.eet.-t.?I' the two yo'iot tadies will condescend 10 .ia?c uir ?* ! lajut liv e 01 too two gentlemen v ho rollonc.l hi-in on, 7th mutant, at about *u o'clock 1* M., Iirouali the abut e banted atrerta, they will j.lea-te mi.trea'oidy and Henry, Herald oflico, or answer through ''Peronal." ^HILDKEV TAKEN FOR~ADOI*HON?ALSO ('MIL iJ dren tidof pii out. Madame P.VRS.VLLE. 1119 ffr?! twelfth etrret. 5 A.?PLK tsF. CALL FOR A LETTER AT UNION Hi. siuare Post odi <',8S1 FERNANDO WILLIAMS. Herbert lacy (Latx op antuTi v. w. i-u jto i will rail .t N 4d B-aeer street, upstair*, you may tear of something to your advantage. L I T K N IIV St'TlW Mt. WHO FOR A li-M.lll OK TIM I'. Ilk id i if i:i the B.mi'iy, will h ar ? ,ouli..Iy |,, I. a 1 wit age If I o will sea J hi* adJiet-a to Julius schw at lit, Hit 1,115 Poet office. HE I EN-OL T OK TOWN LAST~TItREE DAYfl. <>EL 'i ivv paper.) Gofngsga n M SostM )o caituw, )(>ko, unics you iiHve urgent rea-ons for remaining. I oary?u ere now aatliCied; write and assure me. Yourareoived; think yioir reason for nut cola* ins til, ieiit. III.In t ppt.ive that after what I saw. Arrange it tillyou g.. to loston. Truly thine, K 1TC INFORMATION IA WANTED IK KKtiAKD TO UOW L n.uti.i nu n the tstote of New Yolk baa sunt to the scut f war in 1*11. INFORM Af 1"N WANT EI)?OF V, M. I' \ LM K " W '.) L I ft Ma home on Friday, February 7. since which i.ue I n as not been heard from; had on a black overcoat, light heck pant* nod plaid vest; between thr tit{e* nf CO an.I tVc inv .uforiuation < nrcrnlng him will le thankfully received y Lia wife aa.l fanslly ut is* East Tw nty-nlntn aireou I r -tin: lady *1)1 bolts ferry 8taob > ?. m L (' e ; rgnttcn I, w ho bowed to a v ting grtrlen ,.n In Fhite'.atl atree* and te wliotn the yr.iio;{ gent, tu'dco'l I..a at and afterwards waired bis hat. tkerchfef in reo <>iu" to rsive of alureaSid yo.iU2 lady. will address Ft ink Henry, Icrahl oillce, alic will brand h in whoearueatl/ dealt, a her c^ualntanre. [F THE PERSON-WHO HAS POS-I.t-.-MiN' OK THE L c ' J amelled nnft l.n taken on ihuivlay I.*t fr.-m N?. 6 Sidney nUce, Brooklyn, will !.?>k In tin- National Police !az'dl< of th:s we. k. before disposiug of the aatiic, it may lie rorth h. , while. FTnIPER nTUKttr AITI.MnT iiSI^-WIlTl71 INI) A letter directed to W. II. Jones at Post oilco, Philadelphia, nd one at the lletuld oilier. TWUKN YOU I INI) THE PLA?!'. PLC \TF. drop ii." a line tluuush the Post ofli.o, Yin did not . al mi S .nil >y la*i. \v ILLI \ M. kills. BY p. netn Tn'l e11 OF WII.II AM To.NNEM.Y, [tI late ?f flheiit, France, la requested local) ttpon th ! II; it I. Vne Cot -ul, 17 Broadway. PKT?MEET" MR AT NEsBlr'S LErTfRE, Dt)DWortli'a If: I!, W6 Broadway, tomorrow (Monday) ercu112. Uot> M K wII bo with me. Whiro'a Kr.itik'icT HARRY. J rRANOR 15.-W 1!ITE ~ ME vTTx~ PARTICl f,ARii. 1 * hetlier it wu* oil tii ' ,Vh oi the 13th of t'.i*" month. AdIrnta to me, parr of the hrm. KAll'IIKl I<. 3TEAM1ER?ilAZfil* EYE>TwoUU) REFER AAKD~TO J lu-ar from jo t. Addre.ia Mra. Ilailpr, I n Ion fttre Poll liltca, _____ 31 EM A -1) t S A'rpOl.vrTTl) COME WE-liNEoUAfrTi ^ o'i I >r *, N the bre id buttered and cut? fim PERROJT 'WHO PIC RED JJP a rfiriRETROOK. I with !< hi tt. at the Irving Hull, on Friday evening rill | If ?e leave it at the ofllre of Irving Hull on Monday. rO AN VHKNOWM FAIR DAfOIITER OK I.VE. Wr mel,'twaa In N- v Yoik'alum id Sir ,-t, 1 only caught jr< .ir ore; A look, a irillr? . p god*t liotv ttvc:!. At J liiou bant limited If. PRANOKE, t'ulon i.-juaW Fo?t uQl.e. r~~UE OE.NTI.F.MAN WITH DARK BEARD, WHO ro !e up in n Rleeckrr ami iecond etrpei etage on Friday, it ( r. M.. would like to I ncome nciiuallllrd wttli the I nly Ireflied in black, with mink ninlf,collar and glnei, itbneat ippeeltc tin the front coiner), and got oot o-n tier of Bowerr md 8?< 'I'd aireet. If agree.,:!?. picaie addrcn, at pointing n In trrnew Walton, Herald otTc rHB "oENTLEMAN WHO TOOK PAItTlCVLAR NO lire of tie girl in Tweet) veremli atretl two year* ago, md whom th had recognized l?at Sunday lit Me-cker 'reel, ? here the hat me: with him between '8 en I 6 o'clock ? M , ahe would be verv happy to nieke hl? acquaintance Ie had on a long drab coat and a low I at. >he would be iappr. If Ihia rhould reach hla etc, to write and at point an niervlew. Ajdrcn Ji. D., hot lUU Whilainaburg I'oat olli<'e, Irand itrret. I If H.I, THE YfllJNd LADY WHO ATTENDED WAf, IT lack a on Tuoa,lay night, rtre?ied In black, and noticed I - gentleman anting In the eeat back of her In the corner, a-c'ata'e ihro igh Peraooala''how he oen make her acr,lance ai d wnrre lie can meet her? Addrraa l baric*. i j i ) Him IIA li THE ROMAN 1 1 IN \> c n m gentleman, at e ln<e hour Hat evening in , ii. "f ni ladway, aetid a line, apt'dating an in.'.riie. y MtiCks, Uttwumi'iDreFbetofli^o Ml Bmr , ?M. J ' ' liUITHO j Till: RKll'isU AND NOUTH AMERICAN K JYAL, MiSt ateMMhipa, MtO* MW IOH* TO LITkKrOOI.. Chief Cabin 1'uao.ige flSO Seooo J Cabin Po*?.ig.- fa raoM BOSTON TO tl'TluOOt.. Chief Cabin Has a $U0 Herri; id I'abin Passage ... H T' e bhips (i ()tti Naur Yolk call at 0 or't 1.1 lur Tiia ?.,ijis H .a'.on call ?' jU.o'.:tn.l fork If arbor 1*1.1.Si A, Copt. Jiidkws. A.I' ICIf'A. Ctpl. Shannon A i: A ill V, Cant. .1 ri'oia:. OAS 4ui,' V>'. JLLatdl. A*JA (' pt. K (I. Lu'.t. AMHHK1A, (Tap' Mulr AUSTRALASIAN, M VllAlt v, I Muidie Capl. G'nok. KUUOl'.k, t upi. AuJuiaou. _ HlOTIA, CHINA Tl.??? vc^adi rarry a clear wlilte light al raaitbead; grern on *t irboard how; n-d on port bow. A UAItlA, Kbki.non, leaves New York W inesdny, Mu.cU U. IMN.VDA, A!, t/'ado) . IcavcH Und on l.diioday. M roll 19 CHINAl loaves New York Wduesuav, March 16. AVKKlCA, Mood it', leaves It >atoQ Wediu ile.y, Aj..!lt Ai ' Uti, ifarea New York vr?duea<D/, April if. Horth* not secured until paid for. Am e|p":-tenoe.I Burgeon on hoard. 'i In1 owners oi these ship. will uoi kg a. countable far gold, silver, bullion, ao' cic. jewelry, precious atones or nietaU. un cm bills of l.uliug are signed therm or and : value tucreot I.i ireincainvit eu. ForirautUt or jm ,...t ;e s,.o'y to K OIJNAUD, No. 4 KowongUrccu* Sill AM WLKKI.Y TO LIVERPOOL, tflUCIlING AT unernstowii (Cork harbor). ThoLIWrjfcol, N w Y irlc and f'|ilaili'l|tbla Steamship Company .nd despatching ilirir fttli yo? cred Clyde built iron etenmaf ipe k? lotion* ? LTNA' * * ttiday, March 8. CITY OH NKW YOKK Saturday, March 15. CITY OH WASHINGTON Sa-urday, MareSM. ami every succeeding Saturday, at boon, flVUi pier 44, Nulla river. BArtldOr Psn.iAGK. firat Cabin ?751 Steerage Do, to London HOI Do. to London .... tt Ho. to Paris HS[ Do. to Pari* V , Do. U> Hamburg. . Hfi I Do to 'Jainbu-/,... IS Piisaengeraalso forwanled to Ha . re. Bremen, Kollerdaw, Antwerp, Ac, a*. equally low rates. Kates from Liverpool or UueenMofSP.?First cabin,$75,(AS and $106. Steerage from Liverpool, $10; fu>m ti'ieenstowp. $30 Tickets can he bought here at these ludi-j, enabling pes pie to send Tort 1*>lr frlenda. These ateainrrs have superior aoooaunortatlons forpa?a?n gees, tiff strong!" !> :fit in water tight iron sect' >n?, and carry patent lira anmliitaiors Btper.enccd anrgeousgre attache* to each steamer. For farther Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM iNM AN. Agent, 22 Water street; in U'.siff. >v to ALBX. IALOOLM, No. 5 St. Enoch square; in Que-nMown, to O. A W D. HKYMOUR A CO.: In London, to K1VBH A MACE Y. 01 Kins William street; in Paris, In JULES DECOUB, Ho 5 place lie l.i Bourse; In Philadelphia, to JOHN 0. DALE, 111 Walnut street; or at the Company's olllce. JOHN O. HALE. A t. 13Broadway. N. Y. _ STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GI. \SfJOW AND LIVESpool.?The Montreal Htenmslu,. Ooiupa'iv's IIret clans, fill! jHiwarcd, Clyrta built steamer, NORWEGIAN, Captain M<-M i-der, carrying the Canadian and I ruled States mails, will rail from Portland neat Saturday, March 15. Kates of passage from N-w York ?First class, according to no-ommodatiuin, $80 and $66; steams'*. found with g vod provisions, $30. Certilc at-s issued lot bringing out passengers from all rh i>r.n Ipal toivns In Great But tin and Ireland at very low Ules Kor passage apply st 'Jd Broadway, New York. _ SABEL 4 8EARI E, General Agents _ THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BREMEN. If. Weasels romtr. ir.dor, Carrying the United Stales mull, will nail I r un pier JO North river, foot ot Chamb r? street, on SATURDAY, Msrrh 15, at !2 O'clftck M , fOR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking passenger* to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, a! tl.o fnllov.itig rales:? For the fist cniiio, $100; second caldti, $00; steerage, $56. For freight or passage apply In __ OEf.RlCIlS A CO.. 68 Broad street H AMBUSH AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY. Siesin lo London, llatnbnrg, Havre and Houthamptoa. 'The favorite hi si class and elegant icon mail steamship HOBUSsI A N. Tra itman, commander, carrying tho United States mall, sails from pier 21 Nurth river, font of PiiUuu street, positively, on Wednesday, Man;h 12, tuid takes passengers for London, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton at the following rut-s:t- i Kir?tq*b!ii $100 S'vontl cabin GO j . M The linmmonla will eueesed the Boruvii* on March '?S. For 1 aisag- tpiily eitrlusively to C. It. lUCUAItDS A mOAS, 151 Broadway, W. V T^OR LIVERPOOL.?DREADNOUGHT LINE.-IHR J splendid t:lj>por ship ES( '.OUT, Capl. Whitman, positively taiU 6n the |2ih of Msreti. For pit usage, l.iwnat rtM apply immediately, to seiuro be nun, ou bosrd, pier No. I Ni-itli river, or tor. M. DEM AREST, 40 So-ith street. rPAI'SCOrT'.l LINE LIVERPOOL AMD X.wSiDUN I'ACi1 RTH - ltKMITTANi fit TO ENGLAND. IKLI.AnD, ?r VA.HKX iK TO Oit fBOM GREAT Urtl'At M.or irbland ot the lowest rates, and DRAFTS, imtO'le on dentvud anywhere throughout lue UNITED KINGDOM. can he obtained as heretofore. at TAPitOt )TT A CO , AC .South street. FOB CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. X first cla?s aleaioer will leave Net for!: on Hie lot, tits and -is: of each month, csccp: when these dat/va lait on Sunday, when (he day of depsi* ure win be o > the Monday follow.up. For H eight or iMAiagt: spp'T ai Ibft only oilVre, No. 5 Bowling bjieeff. _ u B ALLBN, Ageof.^ At??TRALIA?KAN'G ARO LINE FOR MKLBOT RNS The nisgiiiHeeiit lir-t i-laaa shiji ATLANTIC, l.flOO too* b-rthi-n, wili be ile.patrbtd on the 9th of April. The scooaam-eUtioiis for first an.I o>?hI rlsss ps-Hi-igers are very a* prriitf. Apxly on hoard, pier 10 I'. ist river, or to MAILLBtl. I .OKI) A VOFUKAI.t. 104 Wall street LORD A CO . oon signeei s ill Melbourne. For uavana. roiled States mail st-vnshtn COLUMBIA, R thmi, t?. H. N., commander, wi'.l (ears |ii"r No. 4 Norih river, on WEDNESDAY, Maocli I?, at 13 o'clock noon prscl-ely. Favseniters aro reqaeated to procure their passports before R.-ing'i I l"-aid. For freight hi passage anp'y to RPOFFORD. TlLRATOM A O , 29 Broadway. 'IIIfr. STKAMSlill' KUANUKr. WILL LK.Yvr, FII.R II I I North river, on Saturday. March at, at 12 o'clock pre* I ciaely fur Havana dlreo. I LUDInVM, HEfXKKKX A CO , 115 Broadway. I LOMT AND FOUND. ~ I Tost?on movoay. march t, a fcr cafe, the i J finder will pleaie rrturo 1; to I'M St. Mark'* place, and I he liberally rewarded. Lost-ox fridat last, a pair ok gold mount ed Spec! i' vi (eoucace gla.nee), in a dark leather rasa. The Under will please return them to N"i. #7 au 1 611 Front . atroet, and reinve AS reward. LOST.-OX Till! RSI) \y eve NINO, MARCH ?, A Valine, \t l:h a Zouave Unl'.ortn clonting to the Tenth New York Volunteer*; aUo vimeLetiora,a Furlo-igb and aorne Under Clothes. Kit e dollar* will be peidtoany Vernon ou leaving it at Thome* Hunt'*, liquor ?i >re, No. dSJ hird avenue, between Kifty ninth himI Sixtieth tree'.*. IOSr-ON FRIDAY EVENIN(?, 7T1I INST. BKTIVERN J the St. Nichola* Hotel and the foot ol W all atieet, foor aiuall Keys on a ateel ring. The mi ter will lie H'n'nbly re* w*r led of leaving them at the ollice of the alev.c named ho tel. IOBT-SATURDAY EVENING, while OOINO from _i .M'inroe street tlii.i'tgh Montgomery and Kldge to liraod aireot, orln a Oiand ar.d Canal elrc. t'*!*<??, a Hull Chain Hraovlei, marked S.i' Dean. The tindei willoe suitaldy rewarded by leavin* tin- a*me a' 22i Front at reel. Lost?on seventeenth street, ketwern Second and Tliir t >ivi iihi ?, a liter . in.ii v.-h I'ortvmonnaie, containing a lew itollme in bit.*, mump* ami ehange. A euintU* lit* paid upon it* i eturn to 11; beat S von tee ii til etr.-'t. Kf&WAHDS. QjO REWARD-DOG 1.087?A BRACK AND WHITK vO Dog. r?Mi?r e -r!y h.ili; to ili? n ?me of f iiilo. T above i m t wilfbe j aid for bit return to Kightyvightll at reel, near Twelfth avenue. ? I.OST, ON FKIDW AFTERNOON, TtIK 7TU VtJ" in t., Iiopi .117 ii.nn 1 -trrot, a black inw IK Slu' Pile. mill a'lghtwhite mark oil b.i.i.l. A lee a.iof 9.Xwill Utf I lor rue,.very tit sirrefl?1 A REWARD.?EUeT, I.N GOING FROM WEST iplU Tenth ? n et in i Blrecaer atr-et stage, or ?t To'irt Kceie's, :i Gnlil Rr?. elet The tinder wilt receive I lie tbO'.t reward by itp(.ly by; at 87 C.iri-toplirr ?iivrt, fii| r RK W A It l?.?1.11ST, ON I III DAY, MARCH 7, A %?! ./ nl Tin 1'u11, two wlilt lore net, from tli?-i-or'i 'i ot t'.ni >1 and It ideon street* l!y returning tl" r.niie to ('..a*. Buntj tinfinder ? 111 re- cure the above reward. ^ (DOA I'l.WAI'.f).-! im. A DIAMOND KIN'. IOMIA , ?a'7 .time, eat in t i'!. enamel. My leaving it lit Ni l i t lt i.very tiic above reward will lie !> id and no 1 :o-tlor.g (i*??d. ACft REWARD -LOST BETWEEN No J PARK row, the Port olhee and 128 Maiden lane, a roll of bill*. (oiitatiiin ; Nltk'l Th? tin.lev will lecelre the above rew*, I by leav.itg It at No. 2 Park r.i'V. uoft itaa. IEOTltU. ITiR THK BENEFIT tiF PII'ENIX CHA FJ ter, O I'. A., at pev. J. I'. Dul her'* rhur b, With ii nue, npi'.H.'.ii .Vntiy at re"', by Dr. W. E Hiakeuejr, oil M'lular er.'ttln *, tilth inn.; ainlai-t?"Love, PUIn-.plnenlljr and F.iirlo1 uitllT ("iii-lili-rril " Hie Volume, . Choir, Ilenrjr D.tvirii, K-'|. I.alr, n Nibio'a, on iHe 241 lilt., w III alnl "Tlie DearOl I I ? :' ?n?l rithe patrloii- aire Tiikcta cents. To be had ai llitruloic* book atore, 4!) With avrn.e, arid lit the door. IECTl'RE ON THE WAR J H7 I:KV. K I: EWER At living Halt, eoi I , itreiitli stiect an! Irving pU:?, o i Wrtin' I iv evening, March It, l<rt.'. at AoV'ock Tl. k. t- ."0 . en'a. I an l.e pro.1 MTdof 8. R. ConisloeV, 0'"/. in' Bunk ; li ugh U, ,| ir k ,.,o .'.'1 Centre atreet: Randolph, I ik liKJl It iu i tan,I * i I lin tit . tl' n>l t !l P ? W I if 1 J. NATHAN M:kR!I Mai}, Wtt.L l.Et Tt'RB ON TUB I 'T??l, 1'rfM-llt iII.I I- I.IT" of Allin I" i, ' 111 D >UW 'rt.i'g Hall m Br . nil MMlNln ^B Ztrcn'a. ^B THIS BAIili SKIMW. B / 1 UA.NO fOtltl.tM Lr FANCY DRE'3 HAM*. Tin' l.idl.a and cmlletlten n i"? Imv* not r?re'"ed their H tl.-ko I or tlii- Hut will pi. v .< ml iltelr niidreai to Mairlcw H t|.' Vrina, rare of It W. Wlllhim*, 4<H Broom* street. COAL." I C* 10ST I".''' TA< II I' AS 11 ?Tli ItEK OK Til K I|V? B J rnmloi n'milt lliti'R itorjr htijh hatrmrnl ll'iiim on tnw tiur h ? ill' of f it') Hi tli atlret, I HI fi at caat of Third ivrinm ^B Tl.ejr tinvi' K.n. water rloaeta, bathe, A<v; nniti-prellm lathed. ^B plain irj, oenaenled and dmlord. Will lie aolil cheap, l?i, < *! ^B tur projicrtjr fn the Eighth, Ninth or s*ii<r..n'iw ^B Orarde. JAMEN At'KKRM AN, lul N'aiuti atre?l. I NATRIMOXIAL. J I A GENTLEMAN, OF RBflPBOTABIUTY, A HTRANV fl ger In ih? city, la ilitpovd tuloimtUa m-unaintam fl ^B an a-.-Pomt'liibei anil attra. live young lady, wnh a view ^B matrimony. Any anch In lined and not unwilling to a aeti; - J ^B in i. in tne i ?':*me weaierti part of lh" i uiiinent ?r,-i o-. ^B anwtfull* invited to corieapynd With W. Vlllirra, no* IW ^B 11 "Ml'l 'ifflco. | ^B AMrDDI.FI AORD AMERICAN LADT WMHKt T(W B form tne at I'laintance of a gentleman from three* "H ^B V and upward*. Muat he wall editratad and nf jnod pnuA ^B ru > A MI'WjUa.* UM WuMtBMU fltHUAMra I?9gl?lUfceA I ( U?9 d?|% t ^B

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