Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1862 Page 3
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niMRDIKG AND I.ODGISG. ANliMHKR Or PLKASANTi ROOMS TO LOT-WITH Heard, suitable f?r i en.lemon, at lU West Fuciluenili treet, between Filth and iSiitli ??na' i \ SMALL FAMILY WOULD LCT. TOGETHER OR >* nui i'!* ml. I of F Ro 1108, to i lie or IW fceatlemcn, v, itii partial Bouitl if deaired. The house cuutgins liiw in.xl. ru improvement*. forum mud. rate. Apply at 'A Hoi liieven.U alio, t, between Kit lis and Suth avenues. a GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO FIND PERMAXE NT j\ Hoard lor Id* nleee, m a strietly private faintly. >, I ere ahe can tnijuy ilie . "inform ui it home. Tltc h t "I' rufe rem oh -1ven aud required. Ail.lrcn. m., Podofflw, x. y. A l-'KW B0VRDEK8 CAN HE ACCOMMODATED ON i< t>oi.ah!n bums at Hi West Fourteenth auuct. Dinner at --in o'clock. AT 1M B I.KECK Eli STREET.?Fl'RMSIlKD ROOMS to let, with Board, on moderate terms. 10 le-pecalile fum'l-s and single gentlemen; house has all tli? modern improvements: no iiih. nig in May. References Inquired. Attention is called to those mvinu in note la and hoarding houv. to an ckiithllab in. nt opened at Jit. 110 Mac louga! street, and finnlshed witii eMuylttiug ut. eess.ny lor housekeeping, in oritur ilint a family unit) l.a\e a * complete boiue aiul live at a low rale. At mo. a) east twenty-fifth sirkkt. between Madison and Konriii avniiu. a, handsomely Furuislied Rooms to lei, n ii ii or without a private taUle AOBNTLEMAN AND LADY CAN OBTAIN BOARD a i .I a Fi in tilled Ituoiu . tumid fin Hie [a l> unit) by applying nl liO West Twenty-fifth street. A SUIT Or ROOMS TO LET? Fl KM SUED OR UNfitrnisl.e I. a'sn single Rooms, with It ..nil, snlmble for jaatii ?. or single gentlemen, in the tiret elass ionise ac Fourfe nili street, bntw en Fifth aceiiue aud Culver*.!/ place. Referenc evehnnsed. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK GEN l.EMEN, CAN oliUIn nice comfortable Rooms, with Board, In a private family from Mew England. Tins is a good opportunity to a. t'tirc a neat, mliel lio.m at u reasonable n, 1.." at ICH East Twenty-third street. AJ.ADY, WITHOUT ENCUMBRANCE, II V\ l.\(! v house full ol Furttltnre, wishes 10 rjit the same. mi l will take pail jn?;. im ot lu board. None but tespeciaWe ami responsible ponies need answer. Addicts fur three Jones, box i JO Herald office. \voma widow, i.ivrKo alone and having a ;i Mill of Ho. '.Ill on lit* flrst Uoor, would lot litem to u ?"ut]?iii:in and lady, with Board for the l.uiv only, or I mulsh ul Rooms 'o nincl" gentlemen, wl'lioui board. W7 Hlen'K' r at.rei, near Cottage place. .MRS. W11.I.AKD. A LARGE BF.COND STORY FRONT ROOM. WITH iui ", clothes pantry. closet, hnl mnl cold waer, bath room ml Bonn! for ? gentletna 11 and wile, for $K a week, In a new blown stone house: one with same convenience lor Z7i at 130 l'.ioit Thirty-hftli streel. ASU1IK OF ROOMS ON ShCOND FLOOR. HATH, 40 lo In, furnished, to gentlemen, sepurute or togi'tiicr; ha* modern Improvements, and in n peasant I,.rating. In luire on tbo premises, 7?13 Broadway, between Eighth nt. 1 Ninth streets. AX 28 C'UNTON PLACE.-A FURNISHED FRONT R out anil Bedroom on the ml llooi to no, with or without IP,aril, at a very rcasona1 le charge. Hot anc cold water ami itaa, A TARTY OF OENTLBMEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD Hoaul and a suit ot handsome llooii>?, or omle Rooms, Closets ami Wardrobes, ut l?9 Maeilougul streel,.near Hie p.. roiie gruuu I. House has all the modern improvetnenta. No uio.lug lu May. A WIDOW I.ADY DESIRES TO LET A II ANDSOMKI.Y furnished lloom, witii or wlllinut full or p.u llal Boar, ; full Board fur lailY only. Alao, one (,r two single It > otu, for lone ladies or gentlemen; tern a very moderate: bouse modern, brown stone. Apply at bo West FtHeeuth street. AI.ADY WOI.'LD IJKK TO meet WITH a famii.v Siting up housekeeping, who would consider their boar I pay nient/or rent, with the prl\ liege o: hiking oilier boarders; or would lake charge ol a houre during the siimme.-.months. Furnished bouse pieferred. Referencegiien and required. Address Am irkan, station O, for liner d;.x. A LARGE AND ELEGANTLY FI'RNIIillED SUIT Of jV Rooms to lent, on the w< olid anil third Honrs, at No. J Wcat Twenty-flrih alrer t, corner ?f Broadway, nppoalt? Modi on park, Also a lew single Ku ma. Private uVe-- furbit lit d If preferred, Brat reference ietpUie.1. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK A few single gentlemen, < au be accommodated Willi Bo.,id a< No. Id Vlret atreet, near the Bowerj. Th<- home noiruios all the modern Improvement!). Term* moderate. Bll A RD.-A PRIVATE K4MII.Y HAVING A HAND some brown alone bo iae, coinuitiiii: ell tin* modern tin provt-meiils in East Twenty-seventh utter', u?ar Fomib ate no, will let the entire second L'oor, mnslnlng of four Rooms, together or separately, to .t laotily or single ' pentlemru; children requiring muses not taken. Th" i mum re. to he famished with new mar wood iiirniini?. Verms modei tie. Dinner at 6. Reference* ctvrlmnxetl. Address ?. D. ?., Herald nfllee. BOARD?A YOUN'O LADY TEACHER of .MIMCDK aln s Board in some, plea .ant family up Iowa where lessons on the piano would be taken In vei ial payment.; the beet of roferonaen niven m> to rtiaracler und ii'ioliics ' ions. O. II., Madison vpiare Post office. BOARD.-TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACl'OMMd. dated wi'.lt good Board and pi-: s:iu Unouik. Ai |d> at 130 Henry street, between Pike nnd Kulgei*. Board.?ist) west twkntv.eighth street.?the *<" olid door, mutable lor a larnllv or two gentlemen and their Witt s, or a party in single geutlem-n. Fhstilinahouse; 11 the modern Improvements. Board?at no. 27 noirtMfcv strli.v (com tn iti'.n ot' Aslor place), to ? p'in!i ineit i lul wlt'eoi single gentlemen, win or tvitliu it Board. Board.-a gentleman desires apartments with bstbrocaa. An., an antto, . . . iHm , -a 1 ?n nan servant, unul M y I: MaiHPut su'dii" ?> Fiiin inrn'i. preferred. Any <ttil -t private 'i t Ie in v class a" cnmruodatlon* may nearer* I n* l,4t7 .V tv V...s J'. ?i oilk Dia l eg terms, Ac Persons hating other husnlei yi ni ed not reply. Board for a gesti emaN an wife iva k pro?in hange fib $li)J worth of i.ew linu, ii^io lie n looted ' rotri ihe tv n eb. n?e; ci. i tjbt. room ? *?. ttiiniiuii. Adilies.t B., eiiieol Rotii-rtn.n A Co., *4 Nn, . Oil < t. TWIai.'Ii Ul a VTWTt 1*i sua isiiuoiiv vi.ii.u vie 13 I lo <). (oh? i* 1, <'5i flit: S mud, V i?hic tin r 1 ih koih! tmthta*', within 1 or i' our*** rifle oi S*.\t York bv au-ain*, win ;c timrn ar*";i?w other boiiuln . for u f:j 1 'man. wife, child .'il l nurn'*; \Miioonn nnd at ?. >? !* ?? t hit ant r* fnlrrd. Addicts, Willi pnrMvuimv. .i ?\ V im* 1 7*Ji N??v\ ork Foal ollit**. BO^HD WANTED?FOR A GKNTI.':\hs AND HIWlfH| inn pilvato family wlmt Unnonn nou|h ? ri R . I Ml R I H ... tvlth full Hoard for t b#- lady and htr; .nnl lui'ii tin jp'nticnmu; bflwonn Fourth uud Thn *y .<.i? ih |f.? '>* >u Kifih ai d Seventh .trenuo*. A?b ?<** ?.k ? *.{ i?*j ?>**, 8. K HeiuM otlicc. Kidoitoou ?-x iw?ii Bo\u?> wanted.?a gentle*;Ay, having * r>o.n In the Saw VoiL IJuivliju y b ul?a?u., vv i*hc* I'a lial U >ard--vi/.: <ltnti*r hi t> V. M.?m i i?? mm* t.r t % :mhi> Addict*, fin?* tnro?H, .S. A., b?t 901 Fo'*i oftb* BOARD w 1NTBD IN A RNTKC1 I NX I 4 B1 (UI BO It h'MMl, jor a ^ouUemun and Wilr; knvfmit Lni* ? ? l? Sfiwn< IM JfiiitD kViiiuHN und below * ivei al a nodi i. ' 4 i and It quired. Addrca* J. 8., bo* 1,199 New Verb Eo?;ei?i. ?r. BOA it D WANTED?IN A RESI'KIM able \sa L>BHOI; hood, for a mUcnum nti-l wi.??; <ofatioji ba <w K??ui Irentb alrorinod between Hrmndand Eighth *v. m P*i? not to exceed JflkJ per month; privain iamity roil be* of r?'frr??ij n ?.?vrn mid required A !d?" > 'i"i 7A5Ne< York |'okt uOi<N'. BOARD WANTED?ItY A OKNTI.EMAN ANA WIFE with Rixuijit. I'liiiM ieu ur uiU'iiiii ?I)^ i, in a hl <hiy n prrtnble family li'tiu In A ] mid irtin-it mminnr ?"'< n<iRt ( oiirahi no boat or intend re?* ivitip <?y, aiftd partW' anvwenng will pi "use Male io^U'oii ? ! dwl'lng, nv ti ? , Ac. no board ii^ hnu*?e k< r u r \ addi ?? .1 N , box iJM & York IN d oih..e. Tiiunn !I'?VW?I- I'au A .'I'VUI * ? v. HMP? AVI ti daughter, lut ptun and strl')!v |.iivat4>'n.iilly t* tin Id the upper pari ??f tb? < I'y. Annwevt will |*1 h?.-?uu * In Ibe faim'y >'<H m< i>t, ,1 ? , I],'Inn .,f '*? . Term* On' l??t >? i* <1 Jl.'i | c vim. Ym* hr?l ol r"li*i em "?i' if ?i'?t '< quired and gmm. iJilrini'. II.Ji,, Herald offi'i' BOAHUI.NO?DM. OB TWO VOIJNO OKN'l tlM I.t: mil be to iminnu i'eil wI'h a nlotttsl R?on< ai '. it? r' V Board, .u a ptlvir.t lainilr, Hi J9!? So ,.Ii no bl ? C'iijr. BOAKDINU.?A PRIVATE KAN II,T UK 3 HUtJi ?'? H mm Occupying * luce l.l'.t hmi-e oaiilMnllllf a* lni|iro\i,mi'iit?. iiavo ibru< ui.vly inrui.t *<' Enow* o.le with B un.1, In yro'ii inen, or 4, iilliv.i, i, ??.' th<*i> T<*rms%ei v low X\? niu?'ij)g in M y. *** M* " Thing i<? n'b alrc*f. "DROOKIA'X.?TWO OR THREE .sf NilE RtftaN'TlMM > X) or un<i Iiiii ivU<ft <*ftu heart nniu Hlntr ? v* * a Koo:u Mini Board by uj'j>l>t:iK r. it? utrrrt; I rnm modtTHtr; houM I'm h: then o<i '.:i incut*; lovatlon pl*n??nt nnU coivrnicnl to tl 13 OA YIP IN BROOK IAN.? A ' ATtoE FRO; TT Jl tin: fUnT, wiili hull Room I lOitun 1* d? *?l'? , nic fnrnl*l ol, %\ i'h fin, inland ?th - i<? grntlrmrn only. (< nt<m dr- trubl % *u,li<vx" nit*11?. 'a i\ii* ntitl ferii'v* K??r iunuci* j-aiuoi . ddn^* Dog taw Sipv?t, Ifrmld oflVr. TIOARDIN BI.OOKf.YN.?ROOM* KtiKTWO *..T:\TI V .13 m*n now YA> .nit at 7:& y>urt? Mro-t near Wall Bonid nn<1 tt^ ominodatioiiR superior, Ml J j?rior. r iviHt'g ov-hntifffetl. BO.WIMNO IN BROOK I.YX.-A GKKTI.KMA * ? w wife i i f? w Mi!i$*It' g? iul uiwti, o r% obtain II. wlwt pritat? fan-tig, at. y ||.rb wlihtn IU-p mivtnt * * ' ol* KidMii fct :y, ! tin ilHutl' ii N..vv Yard No mot V .:u lllof V?v EUSlUVr |TR,\Mli;il ROOM1* TO I.RT-M nu !, i .in l-i. i. i m>'i < lAtjj (In ' n'' Bli-o*!, h?,w>"n Sj.ri.i. Mta l I'l'tiu?. 'l'erm??lOtli:ill', | *<< ' h> ?Ho. , rrur Uin.i lway. CjII ?U>1 me. tprnxt :ii:n room*, with board, a m wes 1 J* Tin I'-rmS ?.r?*r?. fl.HNIHiiF.D SITTINO RtX'M AND KKDP.VOM. WITH .T In i i .i ? I r?.lit *i*ry l#i?. 11* Tlioni|run ?uv t, lie(won P.: i ' in I llvinlmi. Hoti:R r iidimnu -(ro.MKor rMH K >/V,LF. koomb. i lint f I '/T i$IH)?wcfk, ?riflki ?iil? ? III-JU ?' lh? L iiion lliii. i, ImI IT,hit nnrl, comtf T? ??> ? ii Mould ut nil hour*. 4>|i-*ii nil'. Honour.. \ cautv or uevrj.mhn ? "i: ?n imin.niiii ?,| with ii t<I': rlor mill iv? At'i'timiiil Rfc.'riniii, ii it . or i. Ih' M" f.l, mnnii'A'l n tpi't. A'? i II ni? I'nr ?m,T r*ii'l> m&i A,n ,jr ui N . 4 ) I'.ou n vliir (Hloo.ii:. i Tinc<t m.m-. * w.iil. i nit in * Ttttf. OlMTRIOfl AifOMMuDATION^/Olt TFII OJl rHR\E ? -? tt'Ti 'in 'ii, in n niinll imnllv, * It h int rliihlfii HV ? ! ' nli'i.i'eil, i nil tvi#.>nin?ip fnrjiiira. IIomcap Vu-Bn ? niton i r, qilfot nil! tvtll in'.'Frt'.i, blt'on BO 'ii', t'i ivIi ;i .ii.- , |:| . it hi line-Hon. ?*>ll f lt-i l is ? i y >l N l.'r ?t b.ticuta ! ' 1,-cf. riKjH : MrtiT'? Church. rrwo vf.kv in.;, irarlk room*, for tmrhe ok ^7|,> ?!in rr'.l" 1T" !' "11" ' *',n rnr Itcnilrmiiii ?||J wiifci.mi iT?*? h"?id. imj iw Ami in iiti'on il> Byr.n lilr, utirrcn Kilth mi,I suth ?w nu ?: lm o I, mi *Uy^ A.IiIium, with rtfnrtnic, c. 8. (I., fc, ? cm ivm rpu i.; r-WiTii roahiii \ RBRCM -miii'.V.'IV J BrMklin, h"ar \\ nil ?t?o#i a<l punih i?riii-? ?,.iV.i. In, nl.f?A I'nfjoi ni.d wo Br, , ,H? , h'( H .GvntU iMMlMI M Itoit aWni. b?ai Ucurf, J t ] ItOARDINC AND M?DCIlWO. TO U?T? FROM MAY 1, A FINK LARISE #F?J< E lir?t Uum, with use of I'a. lor, Miniab.o for a dentislor physician, til u furnished It " in (row vn aol', with li, ai J. la,ulie at 41 Bund street. U r ANTED.?TiVO YOU NO OKR4AN CifcNTLEMKN waul I'iriial Hoard with an Aineiewn nr English pi .vate family, between Daniie aud Fourth street. T< rum nut to exw id ft each a ivfV. References exchanged. Address, Willi full particulars, 11. K., Herald otllce. \\7"ANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, HY A IIENTIE\l man taking hi* mea.1* nl the Lasurge House, a Uomn on tho >! fciory either front or book, or mi extension Km en. wl>k'b ha w i'l furnish. except in to carpel* and bedri 1 up, if desired; must Iw ? itblii Ike i!isian< of tour or liv<j blocks of the ho'el, and nearer If po*?i>>le. Reference giver , and leuuirert. Address J. !>., Broadway l'ojt ollico, atft'lr L ju-ti t\ .to., which must bo very reasonably. ?*? CA ?CUBAPUNT BOARD.?NICE ROOMS, V jth Vm tJvi. good Board, (2 SO to $Su week. and up* r?j-ds. Families and ladies suited fi> less than at any other house' Nino pal lor*, with pianos, 4rt LUprturd street, neap Broadway and t.'siml sua i t. Also a tvuieiiinan. Lodging' ,eh' an. 1- BAST IXTEENTU STREET, BETWBBV BHOAI> ?J way and Fifth aveniu1.?llttmls itnely tiriiiihed Kuoinr, in .Milts or single, to let to gentlemen or faiinli-a with or wlthoei their nn aK House has all th' ; modern tinjuoveineu e. OR ST. MARK'S I'1-AOE.-TWO FINE L, ARHE ROOMd, As 1/ above the )iarlor?, w iih cominu meatus jj v|. SL.[s, hot and eoiit Water and gaa llxinrea in both rooms, w i!I be let to parties w ishlng real eomfo is. Reference t ? m pnity w ho nave oiauu IIK-IU, Iju r miring U'mijw. mem lor over UVC y< am. ?>7 WK.s'i THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN HKOA 0 4 way and Kil'tli M?nu?.-Our. air iwo aolect mini jj,. ai . two hi' tbr^ t;ttnilrniru c<ui uov br AMOumuiijiteil j*,, a nice Suit of Rooms <m aeonnrt Hnnr. Tlte house 1* j.v.i ami in one of the uioat delightful locations ill the Kefereuors eiehanged. t-| EAST BROADWAY-ONE LARGE. Stj MSI tl x Kooui (lU third tlonr, Willi Ucili H.ui attached, . ir-wisl edtnintiiiniehed.anjtrtl)!* for a genii'man and 'urife t ingle geuileiuiui. Alau one tingle Room. Relet ctaahgrd. .1 II GREAT JON^S STREET.?A HANHSO #i. SUI *x?l of l oom*. Willi kllil'.' il Mild 1 very o.onvi jgpnee'f< bo itekefjiiin if d'Slred. Tei urn retwoniii'le. i' g|* fnil ace /r?? BOND 8 f REE 1 ? FURN1 s II El) ROOMS. ?.^\yjDO" e)*> ladj wi !>e? to I'm kiiu" nicely fiiruldtici' ; t-Hooms, a'l Kly or ill mill*. The lotiuion isqiiict, gout.?I .god ceult.i Fumilr very ama'l. S'ag * pit** Hie door. Jl" g*.,, j?;pis,v. tuenta, ami teriua modci.ile. iJlk WHITE STRELJ'.-liENTLEMEN W |Pll}]tf<? IU10 O" Board In one of Hie moat quiet ami j p, tSa!i: ? .'del honaca 111 the rlty, may apply al tO While *iree' one dm east of Broadway. Term* reasonable. Re g< entire rc'iolrc. QOOREENE STREET, ABOVE SI 9 fN<\ / LRTOi /?) llonse. Elegantly fnrulahed suit Room*, ga' Proton ami every c 01 .epieuce for Iniu.-.'ik gaping * imo.tne.i ly: particularly suitable for small, i??| stable friuilica < ail H' iiilriiien. Hmp low to pennant jp, tense !3. m NINTH STREET, ON I. V FOE * POORS WMhT I Broadway.? fe lei, two targe Hnrletb anil a numb , hi 00. r Kootn*. neatly fntuialied: wil f . v. v.ny cheap; lirat claw boute. 1*)7 CIIRTSWE STREET, ' Z,H Q90R 1555 J?i Biooin -.?Fnrulahed Reor f, t. niih or triiha Hoard. Also u l"\v ladl'-H and gni (Kmyueaa be ae milk dated wltli Board. I KG HHWCB 8TREET-ST. HOUSE.-FM JtJU gaully inruiaheii Room wuh BmUooma attache ?nh all the lonventeuco* for g, ,wkeiq ing complete, I eluding gas 11 ud Cropm water, *. p-t-rp respectable la?ll. or single gentlemen. Oin '-IM CTRBBT. NI-: p ."vs.? Ml -EOEKtsm ^1 LU Apartments lor iiuw jkt.*ti? ocotpaucy. Tliedowi r. nts In tliei ity, considering 1 m .vmvn fence of ecoffmy housekeeping. Keo bedding lB t loi-onnre, with range,cec ing utensils ami linen ronijil' *?;,.?? re I Crolon. Of?J. BAST TENTH ST EfsKT.?A FEW GENTLEM1 Zil)T ean have Hoard l< ? $;t lift per week. Aleo a ge tleman a id wi:" can hav a .-T ?*? lor, w lib B< .100111, I $7. flaaand bathroom iin jh-ird.1-R-ioni, ftiritisltcd or 1 fitinixbed, with Board. j OQJ_ FOURTH sTRl iI.AKtiB'AND DESJIt. | OUT l?!e Room, with Av,thtymvi ami pantriesatfnrlK j ?No a small ro on. with c o*. i?, to let, w lib Hoard, fimiiidi j or nn'oriiialie'l SM Hi1 #*lr ?if''ti, oetw een B toad way a Bowery. P1Q BROADWAY -IVf.AJT "fvlDT MOTEL.?PEKHOl OtO iu want oi p. ' r,,al1snt nr tranaicul Board will B al thia lionw elegantly f<irr.l*bed ro ans, lor familie* or *1 a r gentlemen, with a iiijm ah table, and atreaf unable prtc House lirat rlas*. I.t aatfe.n ttr.soi passed. 7 BROADWAY ;T:VOI." .AN HAVE NIUKl.Y FH I i/#j lUMM ii ??r M JtOOniP, Willi evei V coil' nleiu ?: st.??os ioaii? Itfro'ir-ttJl pari* of tin-city; Ru tins tin) ot* ill suit*, from t> vi"? p r week t *h 11 and ALla* 7?I KMTAm ? BE AI HFTI. rtijcY ltllOWY KrONEEItOJ A lloiH'-. i mm' ar> *iiti ce)l?r. <vii> ikII I lift inudf i no Movements, on Si^Klfrjl* Columbia s'rect, o poeift* i.' ft? , vrt .i? ?. linn view of New Yolk b.yy, w be foi'd\ery c'cm ^ ,, riJv temis. Kor lm thcr pHi'li'uda apjdjr to oriiddi m, n. KfHHffOV, :i4 avrnue O. 4 ttl'USMUP i f \iV\U IS THK CRSTBAT* PAIII' ( 71 lite Suit*, i a. 1?h k,? li?r?;liy Oiopmty. Goo ! houi count odious be nr~. f?v.d 'cures, and ire* from cut irobraiu I la nri r*j?. jk?. on Vk <. nna'n.iaa latki*. Add roan,' J. H., 26 JSu*t' fwcii'-l' i rcr , sivjng dr?cripi ion of prop" ty off**! oil. 4 N KIiKt? 4VJ KCUii Sl'OilY NOVA V'OTIA DP/ .A H'.onn h n- m now ?*>!? .? Py ho owner,*, U | ninbod or ? n 1 i*arvifn'? and ?m libera! 'oi l Apply on tic j |vt- \v-o Foriy-^ixiu irrri, near F I ! 4 STORK A\IU>W .MA? G 1 <>K SMit Olt EX< 11 ' JY fin ?i i.rv-M-d Tho ii ilt'-d . rxid'c^Mly i it- uJ'iinb.n'' and Iimuio . For I ur!hot* pur cul aj pi f u MU? VI i r1 1 aat irotm n UMt 4 SUBS fANTlAl VODEItX IflGlI STOOP BRK I JY I loir # . KID lVe?t Twonly-Kecoud aireat, for mlc oi : f Jet. Kent fjuo. ! it i.utio) mr Apply o ; th*1 pre ml* iieiwoen ID ; u?i 4 -d *. ! i l MOK r BRit'TU'.T COUNTRY 8E * P. TY KVfcl i u\ i?'h) if i. . inbtr i m;i|t)0 ai re* choice ti '.n Ltu I. w i { all ill** ii* rpiSife * r h-dlding*, a ii 1 in perfe<-: cnl?u*, Sinn ; i d mij?<*< it ui h an k<? luw u, ,/no I.our ami a ?pi.irtef i rom t j oiv. Ft rt of pur. hit: e mom y ? n rcmali on Roml a I" Jd tifffpig ? a* *i\ p r c^ni: b j'.muc taken :u pod cky pi pci'i>. g-< k nipi- i: '-mi s and Fui'iitf'tr* c?nl?r u?d if t airad. k;V5M)tTlt .V WIHTo.S, ' T way. I A Kll 1ST CL.4*-' ACRES l H4fU<?K f R I I I . V l.i 'it MidfMTtlH Jinn*, 17 ?? sin V w ; ley, t?pt ; a si"* Y< D'i4. M'?i' i e'e? .tit, for t?iSt :?< 1 " m-arSi .1 Siut,$ fcWU. 27*0 *, i< r.., %!un I ? ?$?A-)L 1 \\ II. MUi.lCK in; H v I fl 4 H lAUTWUL ! .*! v OF 145 A? REfl, JO MLf!S 1 , ij J\ N >;? do. in Hockiyii l couh'y, im> l) Nya k. | $7 tM> <i< !) .?i ".. ira'0?i? Sfniiir*. $J?,DlO: 11*1 c ifi'i i l<- n?ev, lilt**'* lurinn iia: ?*hoi 7rutt< iund cimh) Bui nonld ci lmnf* f?r Brooklyn k i?y I foprrsy ,V. 11. MKLit'K, 407 lUc*?hvay, N'QIHIOKLYN FOR 8 U E-TO *'?# ?' X! ..r e i One a . lit?(' "lory Hinl Imm iki'iii tt, i. : ick Hn'iii", and ??.:* .bwyv.t gtnuc House, oa K'lln j?1m : Fulton ? , url Wa*hit?gfi>u park 'IViiui ca> Appl> 1 to T II. I VICSlUN, '.?? np nitM'B. ttJRC IOKLYN, F 1) - HO-' * \ IiK. K't WAE I'M. E JA i 4<-valutioU* h nrepi'i iy 47 South Sci^nh^ .?? m '0, t k? O-.ioe Hitii v in i X Duel ngknuwn ?? "Uht* J'liU <4* , , b iih h(?' <* ivt?ulli. .'i &?itn atrcH. a <v - ; # ' V? a | '.tn o?* family, beinf mtr Ib4^ i ?* L*in, B- wltoid kv? ni#e. 'i> a JUM Will be cirrn ta fMy,ii I ,b | *J.'m- i * A portion o*' the ubo*+ uuiiM oe talc n in lift ? w. 4*. tor fun lie. |w?i i;c?ilai ? inqniie of JOHN ti. WJk Se i Li krtf ) ].?' . Xon- Yi i Maiden Inur or ai J South afreet. flriMiktyn, K. It hnt.vjn : M ? m an I " i. - N bill on the I i e fj JJm? itin/. (if not aoirf tiy April I, fill be lei rc-4? ;?ab)y 44) h good teua.%t. ! lafci.tKLfrNV-IIOLftt- i RAROAIN) 2 iy fJ ??' biim't, rirciity??ve iw. laatol' Huvt; U" 23\P( Hon* no ?fory l?r'? k? vnF iin<2 4?bor?, vitwi, A . AImiCa f. Mi. ioi *, jr., if Apply on ihr pninliiff, or I D \VX ft Nil llOLS, FineI, N w V? rk * IVUfi \1. l*iL t(i;E AJIJL) BIim<E>CK KOftKALt it .if ' ?fnijr ntU** iY??m V*m inili: IcvjObm healthy; horn r biieuPN wAt'TtfiiiiiMf *u*l alatne. Rnalne^n e?iiab41*liy In ? nrv re i ? atiir lirHt ? iaa TrU f 910,0'4) ami m> l< ait. A dan ' H H IIMII II* N. WAJt?l,KOR SAi.1 OK K^dHAKUK?Ott IMI'ltO' E ' I > it.? p i>|k rfy^?Mm ?? W. nniiiiUT lix iind. .>lim,t ?i ' iniWJnu'- l'liiuli'14 iS J. I 4a|9i, II wirt I ram Xtw Y*ri 11<>w?? on .ti rnree'*. rt'ill !? ? ld i< ilci or In ?ilU Wl Inqnii . / I, I V s. B.xlWER -W {k^'J?7,. F1ABM * K SAt.R OR 1<J I.KT.- t ' \RM Of t t i :\i j - ilr o ; ?! ">, on ? Viv , lln.itii'rfion.I I Iiw|iitr' 'tii1 i.wnxr. on tllr 4.': in, ur ni liis n i>li:nc< .'iuii?r dI t^L ' i' mi l L?M.iii<l mi ??; . J>,o.?kI) n, E. u ipH. rv?siDT I/OK VAlj: TKXKMKRT IWrfJK L\ HKOOKI.YN |>n\ nt n'.'i ' ii ji? emit ?,n $:'i)uii I'll ? $1714! ' l iii'.?fi.jni VXi " S7w iJt?)i, ih? W'PI ne 11 y inrmai o Iwiiid and mci' :.i*'iim na<? in ??> yciiiii'u iti'Flriel At V'y "> ! '. B. KM... nui, to tv?.m. rm-*", S, V pORStl.r 1 . MOKI.YX. A Sit, I- Til I/; ATOH I III n mi* . Ji. 44 l-ulaiep ' a?"aii. , on.' .' "I Elbo1 ' iiUt; .,?i- ?? ! Ii..| ln'i.i' u.av , Vol iMirtl' n!*r i>. h ... ? tkl < KR1 ."I ' ll o- | in. *Al.F V II' V>KKN. 4 THPT K STV A HI linn m'-iil to it* Uui "< ? ?um? > "' II'it ?ort *; 'I Poind i .iii#pi?. AIm> Kb* llin : iM IvvmiM l' 12 i I ml "ii ?ir...I. gulli in i?n.|>l?lp order. 7*.. uin*. .**. DFMARE.vr J rORAI?*:>IOX. IW B.trcty K. V. 1 Hi: SAI.I-: A OIlRAT RARIIAJN. OB BR0QK1T' ' T ll"ikhl-. if n|'|i i-.'l (... .n nnri>?ft urf# -Vmhlr ih-.e 1 vi.MV bri>'h II.-n 4.1 j . if milri all tin anode n.Ki i p. 'irpiiin. T. rma<tJ?.y. Ar-?!jr toll H. EM i.N 3, It', It i ??? * .., corner of Oiri* but f v.'a.n*. 1 A. I S-M.V-A lloraK l.>P LOT IN IIOHOKEK j |" linn i ' v al? fi'.ia terry; H ma* tiiii;< Inn >. e, i|.r-"? I1 ?loid HI .) |..i-irn".ii' (lr?. !? '; :*?, waif A-'.; lot lrl\ll?.l ; po >l r.'iy |..w if tor i.,nn. Ternta arcntwinoilat In... An,'l?"n " ' PJ' m.?-* *11 'lartl-ti ati-ref, ktivcttp Hull aps S.i?. nil - 11?. I a \ tNOIl s I,V. IN HPHOK. TN, tVH TIIIIEK STORY I fin i li . No. Jl KiaMiiiah arei.1.. iii'n K .lit n maun.. Vr ? At/flo ii ariM immn llal?-< tfiwytoJOHN I. STUD* '>. I I . fia./i Court ?ir?il. JC" t> e W.IJ.-I uVit SHOW* ATn.Nfc I RONT KuUll 1* , . .. i , At ii 17*7 III 11 11*"" iin11*" itci Ijiilit l.? .Inr'a *:>rk tapir t<- anil complete i.i purUfu'*' ; itli! In linladManl f a, "dun given lijr Ihr fcri>- of April neat. Will l.e <w4d at a era. ' at.rli.caor nihiwuiil I'.ir to .d proper:? Inibe. venlh, Tenth or Tnlrteanth l Alaoo'har fr<t finaa IK i'H for rale or lo l> I I'ori^iirilif i- parilruwn Inquire of P. ?. BALfcWIH or ol i:IIARLJKS FOX, 70 a. d 7'i Bowery. LI OR SALE-* < Ul'NVHY SEAT At HAiKKNAACK, N*. I .1 . i?. Ive uiii... i.r iAU..'i'ai1 Iron) itntf af Ch^mbcra) atrcet, oinmni.ei font ?At?, ?j/I aha.lrd mill c*n-imental (rr u HCil rlirnl.i; Irm a of rrrijr dracrlj.t ion In alnimUnir The ho-m laeommoillfnia, niih a King aim het|. Born, m iliry hop A .iud ollirr outloilldlnRii oniv. Trrma Ala > /or ral?. or lo Irl?one n o loin HP).'! Ifonar. rrtth ornarnroU'l ?ii)>iB(l*ai>'l K?: d'oi A'?o h (Vkm.', ivllh i .ir, .net }i iq i Lre of SAM I El. Ml NN, snjr J CO., 123 lvur| ?iipe? . JIOBflALK \N ELEGANT REBtf>5Krfe ON BEI : . I* Mill, twei'li nilDnl*? from Nur vork, wlih bandaoina no 'V'" r" 1'' I on two liar' l?r<r lion?. with v ,tr,Af"l " ''.O'. v n'"r > -a. i., ^.a plj ,a, Ao.; all Itlinla *' h " " immonlal lrra?, roiifajtieni untlnillil. In"" ? *i< h"11' h' ll" "W"''' hX 'lajr'a * ofk, at a i oat of oval *!' V'. o a p i...itiriit r. a l noa. but bl* |n arnlii. ontralar it R;i'" ' " ''' <fa?lrahla Wo..Id ?al t rn?h nt I iw |.,aa N t-'od |? daw. I I In ukatt in p.?t I pa) n.rnt; Ii;j?i oi BP ti. ? ? " V":n 0,1 i " ' 1 *'"> mi.'igagr fnni i. una vh j v*? onn *?'? Lvji J.VU New Vol* i'yit V%W. YEW YORK HERALD, SUN! BALES up RISAfc ESTATE. E'OU SALE-IN JERSEY CITY, A NEAT NEW BROW 4 steue Hour'. strict y nit >derii, udmlrauly tait'l. > o a mirk iron', > oio,whiy i.clsh.. i, a few all t . t CulUiye.; i prices u>< i?l<j/ al,.; terms easy. Apply at Fuvouia avenue, J eofPwo/IC.toatreat. J SALE-ON RKMSEN bTREKT, BROOKLYN, A ? A ,ii tly private tirst ela?- four story I rown Mut,a Ho '.v, 1 . 'i , lot MS. with 11 tile 13x311. Will be sold w-a sAcniVe. I A(J* .ess box 2,910 N. Y. 1'cst dice. T.'OR SALE?A FOUR sTOKY DOUBLE HOUSE, ALSO X a lltrcc story rear House, on Tliirty-aeeot i strce', be- t tureen Fourth aua Madison avenues: will be sold at a bargain. Apply to JOHN McKIBBlN, dts Fourth asepuo. I ['OR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STOUY AND basement high stoop Houae, with .>11 the mmlsru iu> provemeiits, built by day's work. Imptlre of J. 1*. HKliLEY, on the premise., 78 Fort Green pines. ram KALE?A COUNTRY llOLSE, CONTAIN,'.'! A* fifteen rcmns, situated >>n Cravnaead bcarb, with good bathing and fishing, aOoul ait acre of ground, h large stable and wa-about*, and a good will of water, w.ih (ih-nty of shade uvea. Price tH.i'd. lhiiuiie of J. YOUN(t, 13U Va1'iclt stivei, N. Y. J?OR SALE?THE COUNTRY RESIDENCE OF THE 1 Hon. Ko'iert M. MeLaiio, si I dated in the town of Livingscon, Columbia county. N Y. j the houae is built of lirl'U, has *!1 the nv'itern Improvements; out buildiuypi drd fem es in pot feet oidt-i; the- place contains seventy n<rea, divkld into grain, grass and wood land. As a r-stdenee it possesses mam advantages. Fi r further information apply to WALTER L LIVINGSTON 11 Wall stree, (Jem- y conn). For sale-or excuanof. for .tehsky, iiobo ken or Hudson City Property, lil'ty tun Farm*, two i. Dwellings and Stere, Darn, An , well frult-d. Exehange part s ora l. In iuiro of owin r, J. II. HKOAS, ?l Buivlay h r M nAL/??Iiiri J n U O I*I*V'I / r. J? Uou?k and Lot, 30 Ucrgen nirwi,'Brook 1\ n, w ill Im?oU! <wy low. Ter.nn ea?y. A pply al Vheclndlc factory, *10 iUc t?>i' cy sucet, iiom 4 to 6 i'. M. I- WOR HA-.E-A STORE PROfER'. k ON NINTH A'VT ir J? nue, nuar Twenty-seventh street, stotiefront; als?jsion> c- front high sloop House, 12.1 fc..iai Forty-eighth i'WI.i"'*' Third areme, extra finished. 1 ifljoe in enoh aat-b - whole front, and hnixl WOodtblidlamiJ ?talr?. Aopfys.t'"86 T East Forty-eighth street, or Ml WW Kiffc- th strei t. >r TJ10R SALE?VERY LOW, Tl*R FIRST CLASS FTT H P, eh gantly situated, 203 Vest Y Thirty fourth street; Jmilt iiy dny's work; all the moiltdrr -mii provuuieiits on imprmcd iuluui, t xtia stuns, 4c. It In good I. oidel, and w ill be sold ata berpn.n. Apply ou the premise*. 5?" Kit SAl.E?A MICK LP LB 1 Al!\ OS ' RES, with plenty ill' fri It of *U kind*. I'liee SIC*"; part X) each, bolaiica ni ti per ? nuuhe CZi Grecowi.di mreet. ? C. MAl'tJLM. " YjIOR RALE?A KPliENBTD FARM OR COlWifRY SEAT iP ot 90 A res, nets: Ui d H.iuk, 7 mile* from Long Bra.' h, S. 1. from railroad: woald etrh ugejor Brooklyn or .Typr-pera, 'y. Inquire 023 tijk iiwh h i".re?? t). MALCOLM. >r VOI HA 1 .E? SAT MS ' C N STATEN lSi.i?N\ OMR OS .P forty mid one ?.f thirty an e?, bordering on Pi in Buy, reran and n hull miles from Vanderbllt's Landing and with... In ball it mile ol tins Fllingi ille depot, on ti SmKu l#!?nil ' Railroad. Till' view from either jilm e is mi mil in any oil the " shore. Apply to JOlhRNEAY, 373 Broadway; H. Y. ... lifoll SALE-:POR'$ii\itA?, THE USOAMI FjRST v J? dam n?w browtf wouo Hong#??four utrriea. baiwiiipui ' an.I sni .r.fliui -on tomh a?i<iu Villi fyaiittli mreet, between * Lcxinpton : tkJ Fourth a^nnoR, hriog lh? fWrd hotibft wmt of Laxingiou uveuno; Vepleta wiih uli iho modern iruprow* _ incuts. Cau be 6C<*n from 10 to >5 o'clock T? huh of paymcnt p libcirtl. Ai?j>ty I<>'i KOMAS K?NNKDY,42 V'cilar btrect, up s; ?ulr* e? V'"- SALE OI!tRAr-T\VO FIK<Tt r,> is FOUR STORY J English bseralent House.*, 94 aud 994 t Twelfth street, nrar Fourth uvani.o; hnuses 17 by 55, lot 110 feet, In llrvt ,n rate c.indlthioeaind will be sold or I'M-luuiged for one larger ' homo above Fourteenth a iee.t, bct?.?" Souiih and Sixth , avenue*. The houses Me mortgaged for $"',500 fa h. Ap ply to F. A. I-UO.N H ARD, 53 Pa rk plaec _ "JAOR HALE "OR LXCHANUE?d COUNTRY RES5 Jr deuce liitlWeateh ruler roomy, in " village of Jlsinarouork, tire Minutes'walk from ihu depot. Contains seven " anrett, liaue laege house in complete Airder, beautiful lawn, " well shaded excellent gulden, w itb a great variety of small fruits; outbuildings, in good order, i- getlier with stock and _ tools. Will exrhsnae for good tenant properly. Apply to A JOHN H. VcnUntE, 1.261 Broadway. ?i: VOR SAVlF OR EXCHANGE?TWO COTTAGE HOl'SBS !!o J with a tiout a quarter of an aerc of land to each, In the u beautiful villuge ol Albion, the eonr.'y seat of Orleanaconnly. Merel undlse will he taken for the whole or part payuiem. Agiply to N. A. HARRINGTON, at Albion, oi adclreas I O. Dohliigion, Hudson City, New Jersey. '"* "I70R 8. l.E OR EXOHANOB?A VERY VALUABLE J 1! ill l*in|)crtjr, iu tlie city 01 Grriu Bay, with 26 building |0'?and 1,510*erc?of land, and evciythinir requisite fordo? ing a large bu?fne?a with tb? mill. Will exchange fur Goods or Real Fstito In New York or New dorny, or improved '?* Woai' iu haunt. Title parted. No inc.ui.braiiiv. 1'iice for the wind.- $U?,ii00. Inquire of P. L. VAN DKVENTER, 193 Foltou atieei. i[H>R FAT.E OR EXUHA.NOE?FAlUtlNO LANJW1 N 1 MIfhlean and M'liiiesn'ii; man, pital :et i ve village |HO" prrty in Wlecourfn: will trade for iinlinprnved prnjwrly III tliia rity or Brooklyn, or fur m*rrbltiitllM or pianolo. tei. AdilVi'gsTr ido, bo* 117 Berald . TAOR SALE, KXtMI.vNoE OR TO LET?THE BOI SE J? a mi 1' >t No. 44 Wret Twnuiy-eighi h alive , liuiw<i?ori t'illu and Sixth avenuea; good lo 'iiiion. Term* low. lunnlreol' itaa owner on ihe premises. Pnaae.aion t nu be tu*<* iimneilia I ?:ly. ; TTlOli hALR OR TO LET?THE TWO STOKV AlfD ATF tk Hoii'P, and loiim* of lot, 55 1 letify Hired, built by _ day'* work; ha* nil ihe modern iinpiovrjivenie, amid* in ;;ood . u order; i * 111 of lot $125; nine yearn to run, with renewal*-. lot 25xltM; the hon*e has an extension, three storieslit hei^id. [JJ* ran lw mm n between 10 and 12 A. M., and during'h?: ?rven iiig. Apply Ht 221 oonh sln ei _ TJIOH A1.K OK TO LET?A LA I WE BtCK K UVEHV ... F S',. Me, > uMAiniu# 'liirty stall*, .5 *. A in a^< od hns.nt-M iHMjihUorb'totl. Apply to trtv A" of Fu on nd CU moul at enues, Bt ok I) i IpOB i A I K OB ro LET IT 114TII STREKTjO - II h . Jo : n Ho treat i f an nil# ?i U |hl ally sit * * ^ t' -l. A uv> Mm v frame rultiiip Hons.- tilled in with K *< k, ..nd J bilck liaartM'nt. wtill' Xtnuifou; bethioom. Ae.; mode-n imm-oxeiniMit", < <>u?a tung 12 rooiui. Rent $Pti m annuiii. To vie*v l>et ween In and 3 oVhiek. For further na* ttin ? ,y inu'iii'- -! dO>El'lt J.HADLU, Udih strt . <, beiwceiv lUivd and Fourth nveiMte.*. JJ* liXUKAIJ OR r6 LST-CBSAP tTfOXBBM A COT . F w ? House, Hani ami louc Lots ??f giouud iu garden, ou a tuae av'Mtoe, J5 uiinntea1 walk from < ?iim or taint; Fruits. Onutnieni'l Tree*, ?ll k:nds of Bern# , drapes Ac.: goodwell u ; Jiii view of Hudson. Address Thou v i Smith, lleia'd opt , Vonketa, or J. A'igutn?ue Sui'b, Kaw York Poai ofliet.' Tj^OK i)K TO RENT?A COUNTRY WITH r ihou n* o iI'-h'm of gio'id. iii West HToomlield, N. .1 . wiihlnafea mlnni; ?' wnlk oi the inlro.ul fle|H>! lloi>eni good ord.* 4.1 It a vveiy coiisrii.uc. AopJy l< LKAl'El' ^ A DEVLIN. 101) Fi-oni street. New York. tV yiURXlHI'ED HOUSE FOR BALE?A FOI1P STOKY ' V high ?u. ?p Inosvn stone front IIoiim1, 19 WfH Fori3*. w. emh air?ev( i etvweii Filth and Sixth avenue* complete '1 witb J" iuiptmcneul . 1 b 1111 wl 1 new; a vorr i.-isjraWe opportnntty to any persin desiring to iiiirohiiiM* m lUrt. cIiinm linn p Inmili oi ti llir i.mjji t? ? ? 1' , im fr- III to 3 oYlo?:l V V , or <? E. If Ll'DIOWA (IC . No. 3 JJJ' Piii? t n i!. ttlVAMf . I --KOH SAI.E OH KENT A Vfe \ ]>l _ Xa ?i in bit r; l!!n'i! (Kintir) v.iili live ?' rre of cronnl, a be wilfully 11 .n t o-1 on I'mxnlr river, one mile from the i LB tie ,? "I Newark, y "lie i-. a.l in Uriel! r. A only Ui W t\ ,* UOOKAIvll M) Liberty etreet. VHSVY JP.RRFY PROPERTY FOR 8AI.K.-KJ VE COOD " i.1 Farina, pair 4 from $;J,o00 to $15,000; u?? Country Srn', l" J?5 acre*, $11 fWU; cue IJo cl Sand; a gund location. Cor lni*?j, n**%a. The abovem?: duly one hour and thirty nitautca lrom Nr w York by - ailroad. A too, in New KrmiHu hk, a ilo ;a? . and Lot, wilklrtnl UC'innd garden *biubb-iy, aulr ?*?2,&JU. N. .A, U-JLIJ), 44 Aqii atrtet, <*' ? aid itoor. fllO BK 80LL> TN LOTS TO SI IT lltTYKKH, A J. .. rail no L.%ii 1 Aia ) o la, I in a aod v> Ulaw Wart, , ill \ .. Nikn? iTrniir, Iriuca Fottnariirli and I ii'h enth ^liceia. E t'.ill Italy. r" rro HE A I. EtXATKnOWrfSKM.-A CASH BONPH WlLi. J. let falJ to an., real rniA'e uwneT willing in eign a boml (Wl'h two Otber*! to 111" R'fte. Ill** merrtr nominal r,: ifr. nn'l rrfereiii i'? v? w? lt< irgliinniti; objeus in view mil ~ b'gtvnn A?Mr*?e4j. P. If, wnM '!* mo ojirmuBTf Aito ttmsRfl.-4.Tw aokm of I any **|? nor tu'itxatJ Mid for aalc; aoo.u p iumI q< ?Uy or 11: !?*' i*.ml pencil*. A wart or the whole ill b? ..?Id | r, ju?. oort-half j * value tor casb. .App'.y to FIIANl*I$ MOU 0 IN 101 li reel li KTMiaaa i arms .''or. AAIiSAT LOW mil k* 4g \ * acre* in I>',iikjw ,ni?, 74>n 160 m MifliiRau, :1U ki '.Yln-omm *<nl 1.11111 i!n'v?. Vtqulrcof JOl'ltNEAY, 372 ,0 .Umadway, N. V.. V?TANiEn-To Pi nm vff a ?irst cr ash dwellv tif llnoae. heiwrfu Kami" , ih *ml f lii>< .?? mi-ret, ami Siiik nml a "v.inn iie |)iii.h??f r I, not williiei e e * iff li lti>,l*M Ah. b ettuu liy I'.liti only lo L., box I 3,il'ft etv Yolk teat oilier !i \lp i?TKD?TO i'l'RlTIAJSE LP Hfl.'E A SMAI.L If Kb. in for ?-W>; i oj vr,ii? n* ictherifj, vrliUroinii*rt- J t btatKu.-I'artlib* ait?wcrl%^ 'he p';i>ve will atale wbeic l<U?|c' A"l?lr" ?? A. /I O., ll'iaJif >.fi I lCD?AflOOOOT.COBXERONSVRKI ERKED. rt ?' St. t, #ir pi nr. A/ I', II hyi. I oui llunsr, from $7,111)0 I .. (of ?.(*?(, art I "low T'H't Mm ?1w< r f ifi^tli ureal. Addrt m, Wltil Ifliti aKM.Citiari, 1*. tl . lies? 1 vil? f. ? \ITA.VI hO TO rVHWAUf-H ITH IMMEDIATE I'Ofl. i, ff -uyyr.i. n HiMitll, in ??, BnjlMj liMruisnt IIoiim.i.kIitinIt tod a* Kll'lfc n-i'iinf. kti?in? Madison ?t) inrr mut niinv ixlli n i' i'f Wone fcut owner* nerd a<MLsss, with M If.,, box MM)Flxlalieti OHO ' AIUM, CtjMJNTHV AKA'I H, llOl'ht: s AM* I of* ' w''U for iii'Mir 'V exidianijr. Also rvrjr ilr?rrfpt|'in ui H-nl Kitto fin- If yon vleh to p>ir<iFe?r allo'i*'. Parwt in-Countty * ut, At on It ftiui $I,UUV K fiO.OOU, <*11 nn 1 BERffKJST Ir Wail ' m fJiO Rild -oum'XOW WBVF, nr.TWBBs PUT t ipAiUl/l/. BAtii ami tt'al-k, BriM.i-l.trn, oiv Inn drid yav.ln i from Knliou mou ir ?*r > ~twi> hi t/ CniUg- n jlii room# anil ' liar, fin# Sfcmlp'ny, aartlru rhrrn ?, .apri ,>t?, <|iiln<<*, Tine* nttd baa.ii, on nar of lot 2AalW; Cm txna gardco jut; good iicUhbo# bond. I* ilru "any. WlUUAM WTBIl, M I'm l!.uid avtniir FHR!?,ITtlHE. A 11KDKOUM MUir <IK IV NAMKl.J.KD MlRSlTl'R1' J\ in nil I'olora, of wniraux H mannfarfnre; a < aoi'k t lntainiil ('hniiilier Mulfa, plaits and ornaawntal, at If. I' PAKJII.VflTON rl, M3 l ilrtl'i oppoaltt? W#ost?w. ?? tabllshed III |H4r ___ l.iv WM.1,1 f) CIIAMBM si ir.? <?K f"Jill(("JtK ? l j In all rulor* ami t|flat, at wln\ ta.ila and istoll. I ia laraoat (tcck lit tha ally. Mnrs $20ati<f afipwarrta, Al<?uli-> walnut Bull*, Matiroam *. I'alllgaaes, A", WARREN ward, *7? Canal straat. lour ttoom eiU ' Broadway. Ja'IRKT t UN I.N X MKLLED ITIIM?.'KC-I'DAIH, F tle-ortlfd and rralnrd, inHd w*!not ?nd na.1' Set*; Hints atfJUand tip .tarda; Mrttlic.'m-, Hnrtiiv; Run, a<-, .) W. KiflllKR A CO., M#n'ir?< tA. er*. ?60 Broadway, Iwlttcoii Blercker and H ind x'lrtmla laH'RINTttPK. FURNITURE, FURNITURE-V V-H r pnl? for second liand Knriilture. Mirrma, <*i?r|i~ia. A''. Culls intended to at 500 II nlxon a rn t. All kinds n; m, la takrn In twrhanyr. latr UMirRR t'ABI'lvTd, BOOKB, MBRAR1KA PA* J; uhl.'ia bi o*ht lor i ly inmtry at U , M xih arttnur, t I' wen and Trnllt (treots. XPRMSSflt 1 J A HI'nNIIAM'rl K' RNITI KE F..XPUI I AMI |'A< If. r J\ in* llfhi vnt. Il l Wett Bfcrfiith trtw^n Kirih fcO'l HtHh neiV r?ir;iiltiAI o%,uu\ p u| |f'| (o all jmrti ??.f.the worU! < vtci'"d nagon* 10fi?* n Mi'-liUffuiliiiurt (9 AOU Ut t^UDIrj, I UftMtm J DAY, MARCH 1862. HWIjjWh n??OMS, Jke.. TO r.ET. J \ NEW BROWN KTONR H I I UNO* P >' iB K(,tt r| t jL rei w?Mi Tvcntf-serMth near u*' J UKton aii :aiLro\o^iCut?, i-. * iuu.r, boiftud coiU w*- ! ?] #?rwn?hfnt)tft ran *, bath, A ; dumb waiter ?*' rom ifto drying room, on t?'i> floor; no yurd; four | *?J UJifcn and biiivaient. Av?,v iv ? hou***, all in p*rf**ct or- } P

t<*v May oi i' en from i2 to*3. It lit u> a i;o<?*i tenant 11 JOli.S KOLhY, Ittt liioadwui or flb Lc^lu0Un avenue. j*| A FOUNDRY TO LET, TOR BALK OR EXCHANGE- *' at .S n?' King, V Y., ? i ll Steam Engine, Ac.; will be ct n Kir other btivness; will be rent 'd very low, or sold at a bai i J wan. or exchanged for nty property. Auurvxs Foundry, I ,i N ..'raid office. I p, An elegant country skat to i.r.r. FOR nam; ! J; or est battge?at Sing Sing, N Y., live niiiiuteb' ??;k l( Irom depot; splendid uiaokluu, ? Kit tux via*; wni ue let lor j n llrst flat's ho el or Loading ho iso (private family preler- ( red), or will bu sold much below ita value, or exihrnged fur > j lira; class ct.y property. AuOre?a \V. A. P., f!ide.!d oil. e.| \NBAT 'HKRE STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH ? loop Houti . No. WJ Lexington avenue, 111' ivt, a u iy deslr.rWe ?<>'*< , w lilt i. dern imprt vi iu"tw and in good order; lent Iciv ton good tenant; may la; ftn Hum 3 b> h I o\ 'na'* A , y to JOHN FOLEY, lG3Brc.vlw.ty,? ifing die day, or ?' as Li Kington avenue after 6 5*. At. \ RARE I'RlViLEOE.-mP. SUBSCRIBER, HAVING , - V. u lino 6' ore on Broadway (good iojai.oui, tela p rtioi; of the front pan tor th' ta'c of llava i t Scgtua. Ad in va Madison, Herald oflue, A FURNISHED HOUSE BO 1 F.T IN IKOQKlYK* A huge and well t'umiaiird 'House will tie 1<JI from toe lj'- oi May, lor i uo V'm, or ioaa liu.e. For parttcutan address (J. F. Outran, f( FraukPtrt at reel. N. Y. V STORE TO LET? IN "sfTCTIf AVENUE, ROW* TWO loot deep, with writ lac top to tnt'Tb autl kktnrefjultuhle itv a laker and eoalp t o., r; n oir .ttel beck t'asmiMit; pill 25 pxr inooib. F< ' iurt'Others tmioire at "2JD R. Str.; gtieel, Brooklyn. A N EI.EOANT WRU'K VANSlOV, AT TUflSY HOOK, .I on the 11 u Jet ,n liver, to lot or to !? g 0 h, v. 'Vet;,funi nie and all tnotl vrn run',, nii neea, tvtu. live, arren ui ofije.nd.iu a biah mate of cul'tvation, c.irrlAt s house, ?i?r hie, uaideDer'a hotmn'vitd I e house, ttUed; voipiaBtli r. spleoo d vi-.wn tint Hudson and tin t?iu vni , y; k ven i tint. les' walk from Hudsot Itiyer Rvtli" I at.4(1"ti, and elevn inii-s trout t itv HaU, N?w York, it adjiiiim the en.intVj I of A. R. V??iVe?t, J''(, and will If lei .oh ir wilt out furniture. Apply to KWA.VI8 A.'i'H'>MP*' IN, No. 5(M\ arreu tlicet. AllOCfta. NO. M-4JREAT JONES STt MET, TOlJtT.? llotHt 20?ik>, in perfect otd -r; rent JI fut). To be seen iron lilt,; 12 o'eloik A. M. Aluo liKi Riimlnay, vceoiid auk third Fh? a to lol, voruer of An ity street. AI 1X.3T ULAS.-i FOLK STORY KNf I I. I! BASE MFCs'1' Il0't?", in Till) ty-sirth stn eL. nto' Fifth fcvenm\ to let. t low. forrnsuiiu: year; is in good order; size -V-Avfi u ithgus j livtui?K, furn; , Ac. ;n tbolre look iuu lot* ? uhystensw I Apply t" B. II. TAYUIH 13U ilrflwlt " 3'. AIIARK Ori'i'RTI SlIY.-Ti; i.lvf, fl-.E TWO ii* refloat Dwelling !in i?eo Xio? -7'1 m ! Vni WrslTliietyfou/tn s|r?r\ having all the mode- n iMpri/wiiient^-anA t'.ie totality very lies'raWn. Will be !' ' a lew rrni lo ft I tenants. Intpiite <>l HRV4N I.* WIllv.VCE. 41 Ea*t,'ftl * ')'iUohIureal, bttue u Fourth ami * aiilsuu 4vtnuci>. IjnJKMBIIEn HOUSE?TO t KT. ITJOM 1ST OP'WAV ' the four a.ory, high Hoop, modern built IDnmo. "No. 14 U> irtn.i:i l lare. (We t Thiuy-third stre 111 oproave the iar&a |?.rlc of Hie Blind Asylum, one of the, ru st il*?iT4bie loalinns in iho tily, Hint u ill he |Ut to n teaisiacpey private fa usily at r. bargain. Tin: house bas iill.'fc.. moilrru.'liripriJvements, is in lii-it rale order, ai'd fiirntlRwd r.?n#le<? throughout. Itiiyuire AH abut e. Would Mil lit*'house, sviiA or with-' out the furniture, at a bargain. 11rkstbheu house to let?in uruocush; rkxf 1 tf.Vt p r mouth: F'urtilsheil Hosun u> lot, A?Q \u-v muutk; a Salt oi' Furnished R. uiui. Slti per mouth. in# prvtp.-.i law inquire a' ifJO Bridge at reel, Brooklyn. HOl'SK TO LET-IN EltlH'CH NTKHK.T. SETWREN Filth ami Slxih avenues, ehbri to a ipiteuie family jr for boarders, with itunuxlie'e possession; ho'tw. four hu?i ies, with ail aioiteru improvements, and tnornUy mit in complete, repair throughout. Apply to N. C. BISHOP,JA1 Broadw y. House to let and purwituhe nvi salt -a prltaie family, oci uiiyiag a three sin; v is it Rouse on , la ium'oii avenue, near Twoutyscveuth srreaf, uad w botr ( relinquishing housekeeping on the I-'. of May. will let ib a limine liii* ftiAO, ami sell the furniture, wluub in liistitri ?r ?l in esecllenl order, for $1,41X1. Address 8. J... I J.- aid. d.lico. IOFT8 TO let.?THREE FLOORS or S4J. 8 I*||R f? J William atreet, at-pirate or together; well ligiwe, i, 4,u; adopted for light manufacturing be sines*; ma; .'on. l)i Utr* a' 'be oUli f, on hvcocd floor, I'rom II to 1! o'eioclt. UOOMS. WITH STEAM POWER, Ttt Lhir?R C g>M8 of all sires, prorlded With every convenient e 0 n r >na' chilihtt* slid manufacturers, nmple and Mcady steam ( g>?.-r, A -., may now be hail ill the egtenslva hull.ling on (So jornct oi Oelaucey and Mangiu miteis, at rent* r'.l ik.t est 4 le-low hose anV '.l rlsetvhere. Apply on the premises. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LARGE ; AND small It-ioina, well lighted; amain boiauvav. Um ateamon InniieilH'i ly. No. 4'.'# Wute.; itreel, between Pike t md Ku| gers slips. STORE (WO BROADWAY AND BASEMENT IS OERifp ed; Ik tirsl i la-s, coruor of Twenty llrst street;} ua?em |r Is elegHiiilv fliled up for a restauianl. Apply to J i I't'l 31 West Thirty-lirst Street, Iroin U t? II A. V. LiTOUES, OFFICES, WORKSUJPS, At: . f O LE iO Bt ire lFt Na*sau street, with Bs" nseiit d | g; -OIUuis on third, tilth and sutli Uowra; Hiuic aud Bas. n, Tk 82 John et: Olftces on n-eonil and third ttoouK, Uous. i* Henry street, r tit $.i5U; Workshop* in rear or?:48 Willi a: atrct. fl'0 I.ET-AT RUl'KAWAY U I-, OSE ITI.U KR 6 L ibu i?'u>-h and I he. l'aiilllnn llow;], a nloe, ' inifuru it, gixij wagon lum.-ea, A :., with eight * !* t Ural rate Intnl. Hunt $1(11) per year. Pntic moti at otu ! icit'.iite I. Inquire at 100 i.'liniulieie ?ire*l. all) 1.141 ? moM lhl l>r UAV, TUB KCRMSI1 t Iliiillf Xo WIS avenue, eurtw* of Ti"i j- I' alrtwt, w.tli all the intuituu iinuroveme na; ! u Aim." fit flutt slnry ami Paieiitant brick llonta Vi> ? ?'* l-.a^l T a efrcAt; Jit1.'*. Tan t.ui.i. aillv and bt?eeia<' lluu^c N v< !'nr?v.h ? ih'I; SI7ft. Too e'nrv attic and union b n IImhii1, ki'k haaement, atovn mul mien uml it li lem a ley \' iy a liuble In" l)Usini-? [iiti i u c \" " v,.i a ii ati c: imar Orunil; JI76. Apply Ki THUS. IA-v MINI!, Jit., 1 Vovleiy. I Tpo XRT?HOl'isES 4.1,4V AMI 1?1 l.TfirrXARDFTKE 6f 1 11)4 and l.'ti. I'm nkl n strivl; linmilbi'e tmieeaalnii tt. t JJ Liij aartl ? mi. \j><- . to IOI KM'.! V, V"J Itr??- a ay rixj i jsr-ATRKOfc^ii rents, tiiu i imimwibs Eiv J L t.i i..ffi S!7 ami VJ Sl\i.t nv? nil", m ar JrStTwni i ?urkct; alfi, Ibn ii|>|? r flttrit'H til rame n? li :uodk i|T9l ratnn; a la i lm 1I|I| r (a.-* ol' tin llyniiiaalnni HulldiiiK*, OA anil ON, lneltidiiigiQrituuiKltiin *|>piir:i:il*, Ac., Ac. Apply ftu 158 W.i I ct lay | bit i . IPII LF'l- AT l.UW HINTS, Tl?!* I A ROB STOOP I thru: ?mi ?y I rl '? Hint-fi,SO k"?t \Vacdilmttuie ul.i e .nut liti\',.i l b y p it, Lr.i ; lie .SiMh avenue, eiirlt Ami lining at it ttv*uiy ltnoina, tit * imalern tirpiMt men'*, ngid in lint order. , J pply at 108 Wavcilcy plane. rrOLKI IN k oooD VEI..HU<idtHiKV, i llREESNl ii .1 luit-k 'fun v , Nt'tt. It, la ami 3tl*H kt?itin n'reel; tviuor and Umne I In compleie nrtirr. near Al.liig.u.ii an wire; would gin. |c. tee. Applt in T. CI'JiRJP.7'11 31ft Deeder ativri, no*. lie fcnave. limit V>00 rpo I.K'-THB TllRKKrtTORV BKI?;K DWKIXINU J No HO tin V'P-"it aiH i.'l, ncai I'mi p; hie mr. I?tb. range, Ae. > "lit'S-'cti p?n year, Cap t teen lui,.\vr?ii jo A.M. ami 4 C M., Apply it> JIAJ.IM X AN Dlil'.TO.N, 310 Uiand alivi't, ,n I k* rear. rpo I KT.-MIE? VERY DESIK A HIB -TEAM BOAT X bei ill nn > jrtlil tnir n. Hnlilu-wi ulrnel pier, nod nr. n|ie d by the Uivilelianit D 'aua.eRai Pail ml Cunipany, .tft leet mi It ni, i*rd aoinl depth u| v?r. Ai p'v al the ode Ne S18 '?e en Ve *i an eel, i p a a.m. liOl'eE NlT 101 WX'b'P TWEI-FT11 Colon inter Ibrn lylltui. Apply al tin* 4>lli<v No. 2in tireeuv ich ntreet, up an lr* , rno IJJT.-Tur VERY DB9IMBLB I 'i SK NO. 24 1 Seventh vcnut I Hit litii T ii'lilli ami Tuirteentn itr. ru; Iiiii all tlx* ipixlrfn liiAjiovriui'Dta; nn eni'llen 1 *Uuu. Apply in ck?! o?ir.-J* i. '.'i* tlierinvirb nlrnet, npatuliM. rro let.-the u? rsi-? mo. 79orernwi' ii avrm h, 1 umr Marcclb vavur; Willi tw put m noruidetr i epmr (or a good louaii i. Apply M lli? oBIre No. .'10 Orecnnt h aired, up ulnirii. rro LET-TUB IJAMfSOMELY EllllKlSHfiL> J.'QUSK, J Nu. 3li K ?it T'ui'.i.i ririet, near Broadway. auPalili' Inr prlvau mmilyoe tire' cla?* ding bonne, nnenllv re. paired ami put in perfect order; w 11 lie rented low for a trrni of yrnra Ui a f "i?tti of undnibt-il r 'ipnnmUiLliy. u ho run pile niiibf*' lor? rtirily. k'or tarda ot i.dliiiaM< u .i ply ?o HIOUS * HO., M Wetl ntreet. Ito rXT-BUTLDINU? 20 AlfD XI COMMERCE STREET, .'in .3 feet, kuiul'l" fci Horkubup or *i.iih. e. Ap . y m J. M VfllEWSON, 847 n.;f.?on, before 9i M. ?i aimr ft / M nil 11'.i?A (MMB i i/>OK, romisgrma OP fopb JL room*, waier mul gan. Kent $JU0; ivitli i ,..'k II ii. iueni and' Know on third bo-ir, 9230: nulmiile for a ninali iaoi ly. Only four piTaoua o-.i.jy ilui bullae. Location ne.i Abingdon wpiere. Adilr?v? Stanley, C. rilii LET?TIIB THRKB STORY AND ATIfi' IIOI SB 18' J IV ii lli hi in itn. Willi modern lou'toyr meiitn; let**, and amiable for una or two f'?ndiie?. Rein pfrann in for Ibo liiy yr?r only Mil); arcniid, third, ami i rolOn tar P. ??"anion IMtnedlatelr. l/. B CHASE. No. 6 New ?ir.M. riV LET?AM EI.KUANTLY EI.'lt.NISIIKlf HOl'SI? AT J. JoUa uiniiih. In tin lit of Or tuber neat, or to Ii aac lor a term <( yrni* a'. 91,1)00 i year* *11 llie modern Imprmriiienu; four a'nry Lnglinh lane infill, in nn elegit nt in-Ubiiurlinoil; binary, |i.alio, Ac. Apply to W. K HUhl.V BON, I*."' nOlte, 217 Mrowtwav. RelCreiJCCa required. I'onaceaion lat ni April, IT ileniif if. rpo M T?TWO SECOND STORY PLOOtIB, WITH L large aiiow window* trout: nlmiow Wore, and in nan .ill m . ....l? i , l.?- i.. i i ... ii... .. *.< ? npp.aiu> Stanton turret, a gnoil lo. Alton; amiable I'm- aiiy light hnaiM**. Apply on the pi r\il?ia. rro LET-iIN THE VILLAGE <?K MELROSE. WESTX >h?ithi county, a Colta/a, i'untalm.ia acren iuoiik, ami jtmid pioi of ipjo'itul, In ciiIm.a'Ioii, ami good mipply nf fm.i; lira inlnntee ?o railroad; listr an lionr'? intn'm I'.nuth nr. tiMi-i-.irjfiut'i llie city. Impure U Mil. HOKMaV, fcliini Melrose. ri*0 LET?IMMEDIATELY, UNTIL M KY 1 THE WHOLE J llw?f,?llliwrttil It fin Inahrd oitii all the |tir.-r??-ny article* for hou*.;)'. aping .will be W, low. Inquire <>u tinpremie.-*, 10 Lnmartim- place. TO Ltr-OM ABXINUTON AVENUE, NBTWEEN Thirty-fourth and T.iirtylinli *treeta. a tn?i <1..** four atorr unmii atone Mglt moop llou*.'. In perfect m 4m, it ilh pa? ntlniTA complete, pier ami in uilrl mirror* iu Ibe pari. : a. at a ein-loiwie rent to a Aeelrabl-: tenant. Impil.e *i ra p n ThUtv-fonrlh air-et, ?*.ar Kourili iirenne, ??r of DAVID XVAft?S, oi Nacitn aieeot r LET?THE WEUOIil HORSE SO l|0 t-A^T Eighteenth adept, iihHi ii i nig p ai?. ? an lie ecu 11 mi I*led hi look. Kor I'W. apj 'at X > IU?r luiii >t v i. tench atrei't. rro let? rossEMJox immediately, pit X thr--? alur/t rick llo"s*??o Jytliiipoti avenm-, batwet n V-rly eighth upf I'orty-litnlh ?lr?s- a. Pun Imnf Imili n n Wly jiaintrcl and p.iji i il, snJ If Li po "I ui t r )?* Ami water in tbr bona* Will he in tit.a ao i tenant l< r $ l.yi p? r unniitn. Inquire d Dr .lOtlMSON, 1* /<"iitio Atrcet. 1"<0 LET?A IUBKE iroEY HOLSJv J AD SOKE. NO 51 i hu .ham . rm t. vItti a l.rtck Building on the rear nf hr to,'- I?1?lre o. J. MA'SSKLL, ?1 IV ?| ?tar.-uly eighth i IIV* I. ___ ^ r* 0~let- * PROMINENT, old ESTABLISHED t-JORIl an l II ills'rd<x.i?; "l?? Stdiea, l>-?ei in**. H jau I .1 le ..I ro n?J linpr-vmnei te Apply ?t X->. A T. ra: treal, beta-en JFitih and t> oh arson.?, W iti{ g* n.r. (ylUtlAI* I til If AS? .!}?> ? WMUtlllf If Hit' UiO If, I IIOLMKM, SMMMBB* *C., TO LIT. L no LEI- tLitY i'L.II IU1II.K kTUHU UK Till: i I I IIW I i.' i in betwi uT* ot .. .11 Twenty ainh ?n 1 I.,, uung u.?i liuil ? ;I .i.l ki .o4041 ' ' iota* i?bove ll,r stoir8 am hnUhcd elegant,y mil snl atanM, llv. and , H," a rnujp'il l'oi- klainlly onia.h UOor, .ill ih. i tiu imi renienta. The stort and In , i, wtli ' a ! -1 ..ether 1,'jaj ' iie?itul|orik?n'lialcIoim 19 agood t'nj t it.- ? who . tEm re ale 1 engaainff for the l?t of M.i> i ?-m ?u i ii>, w.;il m | H Ok at lileM' r remise*. lll i.llll: Ol J IML.-. W ATSuN, Ageut, 1 Jul I the otlice of Joliu Rrliy, 26 t'lambeis m .V ,y i'j e fO LET?IN BUOi.KI.VN, A TIIRRE STORY, saB- ! fie L ullv ami Brown iuik hwhihiI lluuw, lu udni'tai- | No. nr. with wktc ami res flvturei, and 1 uly for {mMntdiaie l_r feu; "nay, Ml i tied Ii !IiniMn?U> 1 >lri" t, '1 ;?h iii . .11 ..ud Tw llti on, Sooth Hrunaiytt. with iaih on eueh Stdn, met v 1 Mu Twt VC .limit V walk III Hi 1. .lit no it i'I'll Ui* miry, r I k I. il nam r> .t $340 par auuuiu. Apply lo JOHN ii. 11 ILL, 1/2 241 Ii ikil tin el, op jlait'i. I TIT ? ? ? . ?? ? ? 1 43k ro l r v-l.v WILLI IMSBI HO SEV KRAL TWO STOIlY siil 1 ti me aud three simy b lo'k Jlousiis; .nso lw ??le b'O HA > i'.Tir 1 Lotaon loo lera ;e. ine. Apt'lV to S J. II' NT, 11- 85! 'luaih avenue, N. Y. ortillAS. FOWLER. corner of North 36' <i>rh ami T: Ird streets, Wilil tin .burg. Ml r LET-IN OUTTENBERO, N , TWO HOURBB l??i one sunub.e for a bakery, ih' other will he li t out in 121 "fliiii. For further parilriilar* Hp; lyTo SQI IRK J/WYLR, SO aer.r the promise*, or ?t NO 11LK itt rIN1 K H bicWPiT. IV rro let?a nor&K at u.yrwav, n. j., wrrniN j i?n; X flvc iiiliiiiCen' walk of de| ot nod ouo hour'* tide to thin | 1" t-uy, containing leu itiuri.i., bus gut, ?ud w ell end I till n?|?rn water conn t?h nr. A '.mt't Ktinh-ii. I/n? iou very d'l el .i?(int. Ileal $176 per .mil to. lm,1 i.t . pon the. or miai's, | 1.2 ofMra. .M. L t I.AKlv _ j 1.2 riH> LET?AS FXM LOWS 1/ IlOl'SE 2-1 NINTH AVE I '.7 I iiil' ,*.l $40(1 iHir an nun also llu; llo>nm Nim.242, Tlij. I 83 2IS, '.'Mud 2SS Went Thii :?enth alreet, at $4AU per nuoumt ih a 40 the Hoot.*". N ...1U I- till 232 W'lH Thir.y - wul-li > 1. I'll at $7i*J "f 1 lu at. A|?i!y to UUHEKT LStlfcK, Jr., I lii Wetil JlMi'ty t . itlitti . ' TO TV- SECOND STORY ROOM 98X10; GOOD Ida . hiiRaV . A'-., ukatiii^ or hallitom, ii^m k% utairaf.i".f iilog. Aim.a Store; first rute 't*"<l for p " ry. i" Also Kua: B iiIdii.k,*.n lttiiiilj or tlob rotym, between Nine vc'iiiu 11qu inemiriii duci is, i -iuiu ^ rpo LET?10 WON SQUAES, wr-T one, TWB B A -lame met mnioiodlmia 11 ohm-, iwi'i. htcre;! a'lou mi- A eij'ia'Vjil; all mo.I ni Improvement*. Store nnd auloon 1UU a (em deep, liamlonntely irvnl tin famished, i v,' doing a Ma ]iTOMlbh bli'llli'li In cqAV< donery r'-.e ov i?. . re- B UiMug. A;iply on the ppriiiUi a. 310 UBT?J CORNER sTOBKaadsstrranLE FOR * IIlit claa? grocerv, 'In- gondgo'- ? nf other hnslm-. a. w :.i> | the upper (nriroi a it well i >(> aisuayd in the v.lia oi Wis' 'arm a, Wrsteheater enmity N. Y Hem si.nnl In the low u r has Heen recently rebuilt aiid Itphted v.\ih gaa. A k"r'chamef.hi cn'erpi nli . man. Inquire of O. W. 1?11 KTT.Wr tcheslrr latml Odn'e qnrnerof C i.i'hnui audO ohern ati. e'i, or JOUX I'OKN&KA, West Farina. TO K IT?THE FOUR KW18Y DWlilS.lNO ill FOURTH e t, near Mroudwayvaiiki large IHIM'U. 1 . tiled fro t the root', * .itabh* for a'tatarriinii rouse or for le m a purtvaes. Kent reasonable Apply To A. LIVJNu&TUN, I'd B r man at reel. rjX I.ITT?THE DWBLI.INU UOC&B NO. 1A EAST A I'wemr.ninth "rItn- modern iniprovi uirr.t*. Inquire of ?EO. H. WORK, Jtui'roui mnar. JTO 1 tvf?Tin: NBW 111 MMfo'.iY, BAHSMENT tND sJl aubwelt&r hrlcW Hrnm- >1M Kyrtje avenue.- !i.ia ihlrte n rooms, ta'-r nud yv "Itvmshotw, staling ?lo<?r- ai >do n. mfls, o; *iu. lianoeimr*. diiinhwf.iirit lineynrji Ae.: beautiful .0 aticgi. Jteiit tX'j lum;I.ciK.S2t? iij l'lio af.jM, Brooklyn liars 1 i?s? the door. To t.kt?iiorsKB tof fiitsfr ok ma v, ims, in tee Seventh ward: 28 Kntyua Ar-ct, t?CV. GO Pik, $57 4; 30 m. uUi street, . TH, ?&, vih an i a08 Clint hi btr Ml, tli 1 ec btirtre, vrtth at", 'tnyiuodrn Improvements? rent ea tli $6'26 per annum: No. a II* milt od ntf'ei. 77 llew.i rd m nil, lor a h-MitsSmg t1O.11 , WtJO;: 22 Mbe alivei. JTiSO. k. and V Jt? Madison street, \v Ith fen /*, $700 Apply at Sid Etui 1 Iroadway, fc ?r Clfhtton *tr>?rt. yno LET-TOE WO ivv* a hm* STORY nwi 1.1 'Sti ! A House, Si Tenth fare-A, between Fifth and Sittli ave- ;; roiiiaira all the u- oiJiru itatkOVi'iueuM. Apply to F WIOANIX, IM SprneeTlre ti. TO LET- Ttro FINE.LOI'TF, VO. 107 FIFTH fiTRI.KT, near ?et?nd ?verate, suitaKe for llglit we.ii'ilavim??tparpoaM. Apply "ctt tUa pnutl?i. TO IJif-THK LAtpOB DOUBLE IIOl SE NO. 06 HAM Dmndntreet, very sint.ilite frr a IttmrUing Uotiar or b"r.rd tng s>.'ln?il. " ften?i try low to a. good tenant. mo LOT-iA-I AT/OE DOI SLE llOl'NE, FliBNISSfliD I A erd haviit* a'B ;be niodrru nnpiovemcuta. and vn-j 1 plaasnutly ''m the vtltuue of Astoria. Po-?esato? niven Ifl si. May. ' laqitlrr of BOH'IN MI1XS, Eli)., Aslnrin. TO LET-TB'O THREE STORY BRICK HOl'SEP 123 andiT. West,Tenth anect, with modern iniproveiiieu'S; , In geod oedc. f squire at 128. rl.E'P?Tillt TWO STttltY AND ATTIC HOUSE 170 h irlFstrei d, and Engltah laia- mout 174 Tw.u'yIhird lie V, T ti'y are sma It. with every eunveui. lire, ttlid vaatlow An) 4y in \. 1.11 INUSTON, 19 Beekin.t tin TO LEV?T JlE HOUSE NO. 60 BONU STIUiET; IS 3K?>\ ha' #ii?^ Hii cxtctmion 18xSU. The lo? aitioii U vry ch'Sii i?Hf, ns a n'Mtlrme or for hHKincNH n. U K?n;*nwtoo goo.l t? i.?nt niv. n u.;in? lUa^-'y. kt ^ KS, t>8 VVull room 4. npQ HOUSE NO. 43 DIVISION -STREET. X "i'h'j sloi<! i* well lilted lor .1 milliner, h ?viiijs?MkuOl?* ? and "having been Ion# lined lor that- t>u*tai*fc*. Appiy to M. A. JB<MiKllT, ol Wall street, itoird lloor. i* rn<> t KT? AT /CAIUIANSVILLE, RIVERSIDE HOTEL, i? J ivi 12M street depot: nUo c*?me t ?? Ilo'ist-- nvrrlo king iha^JiMlAnn river; rem $230 to ^6^1*'; ?Im? tbo IV) miry S-nu oi lt. I*'. Or tman, at JJigb Bii go. with ma li hm and V liable*, do fc and ImiIi house, grr-11 and grapn house*, witli r Ali kiiid-* - if I i'liftr. Al-o Ilmines 1,250 a ml 1,2?< Bio.utwiiy f urd V8 We |! Thirty-fcrM Mn'? .. U I!, r. < AI M AN, I,.' >J B ad i r - rpc LET- THE moil STOOP, FI LL WIDTH, TIIPF.E i X ' vinry i ohm*, i2.'l Fourth .siroct t Album plrc-), n<vu > it eoud BVt-i.'H w *lth mod* rn improv-m ntf. l'ont$a00. Ille. <|ui^ at 86 \ \ "?t Eighteenth strict. * fpo LET? IIIK I5KK K HOUSE (WITH FoFK STALLS J .u*? iioi UliiiMiopht i dreei; iea* $02o. Als L>i*i ! .< , ol hoi 7.? SoiMb Third -. ;? , Williams nm $12.'6*9 per ii! until. impim; at 30 We*t Eighteenth uv ' ?fX? V.KT- WITH STEAM POWER. UtKRER OK J. .!! l'.?l M i - roum?, lYAll ni'iii linn; I rsi -tn?y and basement. iiIm? l.i*ye Konma toiiaroi Buy $Ht?i>. VpMy ou the prciui 41? iUootne Mr.- f, ,,r IN M OAl.E A mo .Mil ! )l'lt STOKV IIOUmES ami ipakm of X K'ltm * in jKiiat Thin v-ihlrd si erf, botu -?mi Levin.- n audiliu ii. a' li Oi l, in good order; bath, ?b * , * ,i*li, JSUgr, hoS mi ' >?l(i p .it r; .?U ? a Se? <iiol Stor> . Iinoi -0 ite po*n- *?-j?n# A| td\ ' ? F. S. BOND, -i Nn^.ui m e- , or at !'?" J: i/1 1 h < In Lord stri-?-t rro i ;ct-w nrr; stoke at the junction of new I Bowiy nd < Chatham hi p ctrtr o ?* i t?y ti? A iani.c Saf. in^H iiauk, one oi the l?rn. I??..??i ?n> in ih?- r* f'?r ? srimij ?, i inking or other bunln-v-. Jri?:> to ( . HUAl)I.KY,t ISM. bai.huin mtuarc. ^po LKT-4 Ft H fVSIIFD OK UNFURNISHED TO A J jn >\ai? la iiti y, No. 41 E.ihl Twenty.mguili -i: ?, n- *r Fourth r imum r' >r f'?,i,nttm,ioi? t?? a-.'o thr lioua n v io K. i\ RK\D. I 4 Kar a'?*an.> - coud mre-t, fi?un Mo a l* ?l. Jt? nt juv uish t?i $1,ib4 '. "wi i t.t ? m ' i IKKK STOKV Rltfi'K IMMlKI' V? iV X t;uu;:lr<jft *t> ''but. *vifh all lite nioilorii im:?io\ri r k . \ w ill b? 14 I1 *Oir?'i: yr-54.i k to a i? i i v. f 11 MttireA' ^spii^ si .? -i?v rro I.El-TJjr:% HTU UES AN P LOFTS XV THE I AUGH 1 ?? ?% building r,d fc' FOf New HDV.C!) nod Ulli-'i nh fc, Jrotir.fnx Citations ?u *?'<?; *i o ih?* - Vl. u n'rni'i, rorr.'-r of fi J?n, U'-adt abb* fo any l? i?in > inI'l.V loO. Ill* \UI 1 Y? 1 dUUbaiu 'P<> LET?TlVtl THKEK SMALL <ti;M*?EL J. llotiv s; ouc iQ rw'fflb !: *rf, t>u L'-iiu. ,.*n aw mi'*, mi" on Twenty bltli ntrret an>l yn<? on Tit n> v '\nrnb ftiiaot. all la nice or. r. fwriii-In d with ?*% i j un rtn abo.i' $j(M. .1. K. W, - * Fifth Avrnuc vhm . I x. nty-ibml stree i. rpo I.KT-TIIE TIIW BE STOSV, ll vSKill Xr AM. St'M A crlL.1'g.-ul'!cl J I ? 1 ' 'T * Igiith .inset; .11 iiupin* i ni.-nte; o? low ? : pan ijoni now I'll Ma i< ill :rt< . ' P 1 ' - li to .11 LI A.N ?I;L'\ IKH A >01 UuiA'.- Mifff, Bj.WJU, way. no urr?at oREun "w.' ' . .* koikiui nrrt.T 1 Hon Mniaiiiliig ? ii > a, w i b j in , y I lour loto eii. !?>?"d, c?U'*Ufc '* fruit tret**, ia jiImth. * currants A<*. A hcaltliy i '?u convenient louitiou lor >'. * York merchant's uelin; wMt u ?[* iniut(t??a' walk of several ferries. 5Htuate 1 on L rlui? i*#treet, n/ar M? s*mJe ati im, ivifit h fine vlow of Kasi n\ u ?ud .New > orb. Apply to 8. n JOCEiAN-dr., Am? i .r.*ii j;* ,|K Nutc C ompany. Mcm.!ihi<? j Kicbnrt&r, wt*U street. , r?> iif.4M vncsT roM i*th rrsssT; a uau .1 >oiu?- tit r? v NU?I> l?i*h i I 'j0 i* ' " iiji all oiodoru iii. prove nimbi. Or tbe Lower f\ "r *onM- in,* ??i iMseiu.'iH and puior fl? fra, a*rd two roou?% >*? '{ 'V 5f !' >" w'ill be h a! in pmilly. Apply .1011N IiO^LL, 151 Wear r ?i II tii tfreei ,m fpo LET?IX ifiBSEY LlTY C'M5 Til REE RTORV AND 1 Lnarnwui >u * Uouae. wilp b%th miui lm<, vwi o. Bar. ov. anil Hi MUilrref. Itetit 3.1*. A No tw ? atorv and l>HO??nirnt i w^'k Mouir, %%fUi gna and wafnj* m ti,,. kii'.hm, . . ..n.1. ?. v.ft.ia th.- < fiuml dim] bario.v ?:ipri?. hi nl * _ fPrt LET?a fo xv. STOHV EVOH.HI! HASEMKXT J Hi.ii*'*, in Earn V?- uiiJ ??i? i i* l?*w Kir.i mi l ,s.-. c >ail vennci, in llitt W?'v. i l i*ir ? in *1 nn?l"in impi .* e inrnli; bat li * r, rl. ** ,",l*i'?, AM 9*viri-?, tiiln-gr, Ac. luijiilrn * f M. Wlhli, i.V fc*'?< *;') *ln ?ntvr iv W.v TMEHi'i n.ND H.OOR AVj I ill...., Iinilll) ? itUonichlil. V i''',''.?, 1l;P|i> : ?.,.l r on it.r p.eiiiM r- ' , qulro.l. R*nl $14 jier ninntli ,tB io.uj| m * Uflht. Jnqulic I'D lit* Jin m.* < . rpo LET?TWO VERY DC 11 I' M,'! " IN roi'Tmi i boost* tlwi, l y: In ;!, , '* V ' " Location tiigli ami hc.iiMi y, ana m ' V?,u , , M# u?A i r.ilut ml 10. P U'Icmh-m ? ? >n U.rr .'"V * f HON, WilllMUlHli: I.lgf fcfcUoll, II?i % ,u Vk I.n>LO\V A lU _ TO I.ET-THK ITPKI: I-ORTION ( * ' Wril rilttrthii.**!, Fiiinl?bed ?r * * , *?',-f " on 11 1! mcmUf*. tufliwt). A. M. CK Miff '* ' * ' rilo LET?HOLMS NO. 3S CHARLION w T?* ' A ?ll Modern Iiiilii orenic::' No , mir.l), In good orn'T, flom May I. N>. 4s* ' v iio.v ?i?<.-imt, Hi? low rt-iil. I pi?r |nr.? J)<j '* l- i k stn > ! utul but.1* lurrm :n. In ?<><xl oimi, * ith .ViK.o >>ipruv. iu> m?. i nnbe wn Iron lOlnl. Alio ny,M' J," "i f No. if Vundsm nr?t.-i, wlih inoU?m imj,iNn?ii,. iti, No I'M rnn ^?li*> i, Hi", door, Is tn v<?ry !t<i?.N nrrtor >m?l n 4tcool. Apply on ibc i tiul?e?, or U N. UOli A S. ll * < L* .s,i.n. ofimwiiv?rlmitifot. ^ 11(1 I ET-BY r <\ 1'IXCK.NEY. 71 WALL BTREhTi , ' . No. i d pm r>..? *i inh) 1 2..i ll. Hi 'I iM'iity itiv utli iu-.-ti ?iji| J UN Kldrldx' street 4i?i i~ rpo I.ET-AT IiOW RENTS, SIX WELL l.IUIITF.D AND ?" 1 ulry Sho|i?. In holliing No. I4J Orainl ?trret, n ,i Mr,.ml. v..y,>l.i for tlltrr pint Inj;, or o'.htr il^lit bn 1 "If04. \ Apl>(v |o W. M. JARVIR, rorntrCiiAil ind llaiin 'lim it. 1 TO LET?FURNIMIED, A COTTUiK HOlfK IS .r 1 Bi' ohlyn, wilhln twenty mlintioM walkof tfce reinr*; nl i nil., ; * iotuoii?llile U'limii, ivatoi mnl i?*. AU'litkO wi i. ii. dimt, Hntiljn ri?t oinr.. for two d?v*. op riio i nr-anrii hoard, one i.miok room *m> J H' uiiftiin'thr l h il n id .ld wnirr. ho,i?? ?.l t* nioUt ni iDiprov "inoiil*. A g' nnonuui aud wlio.DAr. Np oji rollni , i> ill Btnl It to I licit .i o'.iiir i,? U iitll ?i ouiP. rr At ,"f hi No W Win. Eo,ir.?entli ntrc t, ? in wn Ki th ??,i wn *i?lli vrpuop. . Ei TO I F.T?THE HASFMENT KNOWN AS THE Mow hi 1 i r* Mining fulooti, H'.'S llooeij , roni l.M pvl (DuuDi ?'T'J ? Uf Bb*ei/ U9if , SV^?AOT' DU j I 3 I IIOrSKS, IHMDM, AC.. TU I.RP. LhT? J Mb l-OL' |)\V|MJ HOUMKfi, KTOJU PA1.1^ or Houses, Ao . b I'. O J.\V< IKM*! I.MI Iiuuttjr, i Title ami I'h.r y- u ud ? ? <-? :? 'I . J- it.iil tu3J.I ? . .d B'uvray, 23 aton, W 41 *4<0 .1 1 " third story, Mt.'iO 25<l Ri atittny. four o y a ir <4l e Stores mi J. j Ei.hit llill, X'i ?l., 6811. deep, i b w. ilioa.lutiy, it-, ry kiu.e, bit or tit R, oodwa; , H a, iiiti, pari, gov mean ?.... Off 11.roadway, I*!.,-.' ilt l,2M7V, itgt raiidiitlilr. I U: J., iy, i elt, oryuml until, 70 1'eet deep. SMl uilid ii.ur abny . n, 70f?*t deep, on MUt avenue. 1,2*41 5 La t SI si ? , f< i ~.toi-y, hmh stoop, brown elm .0 I '<41 D'italloituiUar., Ii"t.Il-t a 4J1 ?U, .I2v75,.tt roctr a S lO > ton anile, h i.l, 21i9d, ont-b 1/ (I ) b?- -locals 1:1 lie, .Loire. ea- li IM \Vrs'36-h 11. il . m,,iy Muijl leti basement... t il \\ eat .inili ieei, three slot) Ihipish baa.-u.t lit <"-i| ih avenue. 1I11 y hipb stoop W?l Went 23 i at., 1, ,1 loo t, riser, three story hl,;li strop l,i IKI W.-at 35th aii-n t, ti> f a-ort Kurdish basement . .4X1 'V1 ?l27lll at, , el, lliree story Iii.-Ti at.1011 ??1 'r'"' ? 11 ' ,t>.1 y a, .1 a 1 u- high ai.iu|i... 1 ,*0 at., item 5 .. . 11,ip, r,nir aiory high s.?0p W11 Weathtttb street, three story I igh stoop tXAl weal 26th ane.-i i.ueesi >1 y blau sloop DM ' sauir ?tre?t, win sell at orletat Wl I Weal SHU an a,M ' i .isa ?1,4U0; unf irt.mli il 1.0MI l.rouuid at., i.e. -,ry an.l t*?? neot, w ul logon low. I Weat Mth aireet |- , ?rall,.ii*e 279 Weal -Cltl sine li.'ir silo y Kiiit lah basement 41| ! West 321 ati eel, t 11.- o.v Kn?ll?h bam-meitl.. ??? lletxiliglituaveiuie, Ibree .1 iy high aioop ).U*i 1 Ah avenue, 10111 arorv, s|..if, (Ml Idtb avenue, l'oor -?n:y, sior- (fill S-i Br. a may, lln- s ..iy, store I^Wl 36 Broadway, !V?*r .tory, -t 7MJ > Oih .ivi one, lour sue y. st.,ie l.flrtl East 2'th ati?rt, four an ry brown stone 1,W*1 Wi-at StHh aireei, 1'art ot House to smell family . 25*1 West Xlstgi . line 'Mury high stoop, alitinp'ment*. 7i<l 5 West 25tb. street., lour aiory English basement ) Wrsi 19th stin t, four story slnno, Ac., near 7tli av. I'osether with two at Mount Vernon, ar -,v Ycrfc in 1 New llaveuVailroad, with nleosaiidens, , r sale, -it$1,.Vaila !?, or in rental flSOaudSTli.i, ?? Ninim -enue. near l'hlrd strehL t'nr eardaoi' iwimiaaiou, ?r?a/ f,it mto 0111 i-.sp. c'. 1 iiyt the above bon-wa, sppiy its itrove. i.Er?TO I1ENT NTH?KOUR KOOM8, < 0.\NJ3i.TEI?. L '.n the prtnot; al s-.ivet of Jn-iv laoudon, Connociicul?at r mm ehance lor ".m-l 10 n. lti-nL$12 81) pee inooth. ra'y U) W. P. Smith, nt ner. Bins.* Eeyutoi.21 o.vsau m.. between lu sail 12 X. M. no u.t-smai r, stokes at nos. amd do eah* I Vivni: ih an in I. uitai Bui 1 ,v. ay, at $200. 1250 and t'Wf, t'ao, front nnil corn", Rooms 1111 Hrua-lhay Tivrlflai Ileft,for bl-sill o, a,s-let)es, clubs. At-. Apply 10 MjllN S. ?, till williumaireei. PO LET, I By DYE A ixnrisf!, 518 Sixth avenue, 70\Vc(ii'Kiii iy.,^r. n' i. >tn fi, rent $4Q0. 4(1 Weal Tnenly-eklitb aireet. rent ioOO. 15dK.,*l Fort in in . ni t, r nl$48t). 101 W-'hi llnrtv.?njiitli -uvci, rent$750. MS>a Weal Thirty-? ? mil entl, rem JdOO. Weel Thirty t'oi i >h atreei, reui $000. 101 H-tat Ttrirty-' street, vert $500. r LET?Til K TIIKKK STORY, 11 \$EMENT A> D HUB* |-Il?r liifch ? 0|; Ori. k limine 148 F rtinh aire, tj MM nnd xoatei tliru>< ; rem moderate. A!?0, to tcaae. two Lot* on to,. i, io- of Fonrt. cn b strict (middle ot Uiv iiitx/,). between aveuue A ami First avenue, 26 feet front Ex bait" the l>!t. k. A -|,e two story. utiio and b.uteu<en| brick Home* Ltd Li n ,ir et. For term*, Ac.. aypytoO. H, SMITH, |"i| Weal street, miai Dnaio , ii|> atoll*. rpo RET?IN K\ST Brooklyn, thrkr houses', I bnill 11, I'll- it? it" Siyte, with all lire" modern linprun ? eMM?, R.iMrinLlirvuue Kdgeivuod rv;,ter. Myrtle ave. uur tar* pa?s i-Aciv tin i, tn-ilea vrlthtn halt' a bus k ol ih4 houses. Inquire of 1'. It t'lilt 1KN, builder, Sklltinftu #rret, berwci'ti Myrtle and 1'. ik avniuev. Kent find IIY1 LET?KKOM -MAY I, TO A SMALL FAMILY, TI1B L Ktrsi Floor of lion* No. 4-i Demlutek eireet, rem $3Mlk I ?onatat,n^ of live Itoom*. baring all the mode, n tin prove? incuts. Can be seen lima 11 to 5o'clock. TO LET?Fl"KNIM1F.I) A THREE STORY AND RA8K* incut lions' . to .i iiuall private faintly wit bout lilliltan J the owtn r would like to Boatd iu the family, perhaps to Ui? full exti n? of tie lent. All irrsa J 11., ?K>8 Ninth avenue, fojf three ilaya. fpO LET?THE TWO FOUR STORY BRICK llOFsES J ami 8:or a Nu-. '5 ? ml 37 Worth street, near West Broad' way. No. :tft ha-iiei-ii let tor the list 7 yraia a* a buicbrg shop, and 37 as a :.ioi < ljr ..lore. A Ho, Workshop* In the rrn? nl house No. 23 K'rd street, wnh or w:tboot ateam power, ami also The vacant la,I No. 26 street. Apply to .IAME4 LYNCH, NobOny Hallidsoe. TO LBT?THE OOITAUK HOCBE NO. 13$ WEST Tli ity-fmirili alien, uu.i:i;ing all the modi in improve* meuta, water, ftaa speukmjf tribes, fnrnare, gfr. KeutfOt) p?'r aunntii. Apply to It. T KAIIHETf, 6d and 70 Washington aired. r LET-CHEAP, TWO SPLENDID THREE STORM Houses, all modern impiovemeniH, Inquire no tbw premises, 187 and 1H) Knit Ti.irty-lblrd street, nn.r tr-nomf a rnuA. Rent $42.?. fro LEI'?CUE A I", TWO POUR STORY HO0KB8, AI.Li i moilern Improvements. Inquire on the premise*, (11$ and 017 S-eoud uveaim. netweeii Thirty-seventh mi,*elxbth ati'-eia. K-nt$.'4>0. Alan one threeiair. y house, flfll Second a, tie. .-ni 1 niriy-alith and flii. ly vcventli annus. $43b. rpo LET-TI/UKE SUPERIOR FIRST CLA^S I)ROW* I atone llousrs. Inquiri in h j.iara 37, 3d ai.d tl WesC Foi'iy-aiktk *i reel, beta eeu Fifth aud Bikth avcuoce. R, u wurtb f I tW ' * TO LET?-A sl I.EVDlD SUIT OF APARTMENTS IN A 1 'MM JL MUlll* 111111-..'. *|ii|Ui|. " * p; I ? W Pnti-tb avenue, Peinen T?cu j Ciahtb and Av Mil "Ik. ri o i.Kr-iiorsk in the ninth avuni r, keno L f(|M: ltm;?r in Wen I Nth ft cf, Mit $-100; llo .ne In th? iliih iiveu , i' nHf.V'l. limine in tle-.t ;Uil kux'i I, rintdWl Hull*,'In Wiv i vtl, ? r- i rnt sa'Xi; Houvp in Went VM' lii'. 1. ! in. $.V4); 11.hi-i h In Hi. ltdinviniv.runt I! 'Um'? i in Writ J4iu mii- .r ii' f#?l; limine in Wrci Slat arret, li nt #i:."A>; limit" in It 13d Mint, n ut APvU', It.' ito in tin'h i.?. ii':.rem $IVVI; I In.4 m Went M Ii ' rep', 1 11' $ &!. limn in Mr- .'.'iii utr. i L lent $ 0; ut \'. i'?l All Ii alreel, r nl$ Ii1' Ilmmn in Wi *1 Mill a.repl, pi nt SI.110; il"?' in \V. s 4Mi turret, rent Sl.iin a I oi th* out arc mini lit inly . ' U 111 k >od uriti ; n Hn- um' 1 lin;> nvcmi 1 pci..i|l ! Alan ci'Vi'inl |inrt" >' Hoi.-i ll 111 am"! ii' iy. ili' iii "ml vino evrial Hiiuhp* ar.d latu ioe iitliivrli.i i 'i it'..1111'.1 . tia' 1 aulc r l'.i i. \p, ijm PI.NOAK a lllkilOl', K 'il Eki.ttn Agei'.ia Net JJ8 Ninth .1'. rPO MET, FKtiM A I'llll. I?IN THE BKtlWN STOMJ L lieu-r4 rni in 1 .11 Tli'.ilv -tIn 1 ii Mm t and S vri t. ivmi't cnine 1 ii, 11.. 111 ul iirr v mi i.o?n^ 'ail. Irani. n "" li-i'tp . 'i.m s to ii fi'iili'i'k p.m., 1 01 a m, l .v.vnin . jjh.iui 1 jr. irn u a .1. m. to 8 p. .vi. 'I'O I I T Hit not S.U.H A l-AUOK JtHJilK IIOI.-B, I j. a In li'ri .t ii, 1', TotViirrs: ni*i r :?). \ l.. ,. '*i. . i p.! iiuuni ug i.ounr. Coo:*. :* ihtrtr it 1 .in..- j... 1 hi 1 1 ( ! ?? ? 1 K nt m.i.lerat*. Apply to JAN. I . HLl.l. Vim 1,1 is k"i P.11I1 low. New Via i. TO 1.HT ?J! I. ;\-l -HE . t'.t.Yl. fWli (HT'li RS IN J Hip 11 k iniAi'liir N" M N ! -in rrr;; nlai he 1 v piiipj* .1 llil I'll 11 1 N 1. I V.I I* lilt. Ml 1tl'?lt, IIO..I I'll, il'.ll, iniliiii.'i . .1 I .li P.i ury in Nptrnrt, It. J. A !?? > H? I'HAXl'l:. Iia 1' > E, N.i 1 N 1- an Mierl, jlevv York. ri'O l.l.l OB I.LamK lAVo or THOSE MA'"Til uu 1 Il iiiki n, 1.. 1ip.l1.11 i lerm.rut terrain-, Nw town, I.. I.; a Ii hou " *' in' I it tUlri". n rnina, l.?'all Hun., -hi Inn pii ri iin n r, will! l.irap Vault n aid minded lav n 111 lioiit ol .' .I. w"ii it*:- ii.. ;.e r 1.11I, compleiely priXeetri# , iromt'.ir main tout; onlv l?o niiiri'.W fr.iui rniln'tvi d-f-S iblttr 1.vp i nuuarium Nowva-w iiv..?? Iiitara M|||.I/ :. a. HA on the pniniam, oi to PAWi-H .J.Oltr. 1 in . pi 111 ami and t.'hrjana ...rei 1*. ror.ET OK l.i'ASf;-THE KOI It 8T"Ry BKK'IC L Hou-r , Enaiial: bait im nt). No. X'd VVaai Twer' nrli .tpp.'f: ana Jin , .?,,l sl*,e aasl, i* a; 'jio t rtor i make- no 4n sbcond AVENt'k NI ak f '-un" Ptirri, a will, Unok Hoiia*.ihrep mopmp. -ti r and lun-men'. wlili 1 aiii ami a??. RentS7w tn ivnaum j 1 dp lie 1 up.. Apply b-lh rn llmml 3 tpehi-k. I 'P" Jr.i9"k'.''1 * * URHEARIII OM nOBlOl'lf .ki. iti-i ii>m n mr-ri, corner ol .la;', to l< i ? Hoarding bona- or betel; with ..II n ? m<>il--? oiuveiiU'iM-r" and in perfect order; rent low; -pots. ?>10a given immediately A i>i>ly lo J. O. UORK, omu.e pn imwa. . 'IK> l T or lease-tick fivf. storv PROVlsJOlf J m Produce UliHr, N i". 17/and 179 Obarabcre a '<1 \i?. AI'n Uie fiiur h oi jr ?ud I avjiucul broHii atoa? fionC 11 mi." 4.1 );? Twrmy.tiret (tivrt, lietvr rn B.woiaay anfl Eiv.rill ?T? nu"i*i/e -5>t>\ ^ rno on lease tue two new model en?#? 1 1Mb Haaeiaeot llniiana. Noa '."Jllg end '/M V. m Nine. riitb an et, b"iwi rn Nmt i wul Teaui arennea, w '>b all hd modern improtFiuenta; boi end cold water to fourth i .ru n J bathing romna, water rh".et?, fmnt and wai u iligutnl ) audi ear at.ili?aye, minor". t'\ ; alii bo renin! to agonm i lenitit :it modi-rate |>rhe? Aim Iv. for further particulate, til | ! tMK.H M. KHUAK. IM! Wo-Ntne eenth Mm . rj'o LEV oh lease?the celebrated oak iia Lie 1 I lothinilS'or (HI, H'i anil ss Sult"ti atreef, e.len.ttiR Ibioiigb lo 47 mid " Oold at reel), covering lonrlo'>arid t.m. Inr an entrance m the two ar.-.l-, Ulalgnrai" . irni'X fid c ' .b.a , aa It l>on of t e o'ne-t and bra; looat il vauita la lhl? i lav. Apply on (lir pro mi era. rj let or lp tsk?a larue THREE BToHT BHK'K D?r ling Hie.a- nun S- nr, 1.41 Spring atreet m>| Up -1,0: all-* way In the re ir; n.ul'able for any hetine-af ail bo put in inner an I P btoil low. Apply lo A. 8K*W UKAST, ? > 16 Wall five! f|H) LEV Ol' LEASE- CIIK\P. LAHuE BUlLDINi), 0* J livo In!a, in Collilecalb ?tri vt, between Nlntp rut! Ira a avrnttee. with tram power, It rr.pilied, rnltahlc lorrarpmu lor. " ?S"ti niiib'-r or iila'a.miih'a ahop; alao tba* .an ilaiy itiiMnig aui'bble lor a private e able. Apply on the ) rna m|w*. rno LET OR LEASE-CHEAP. THE PRIVATE STABt.Q J. 64 t/harlraaireet. .1 MUl.POIlD, ?8 Warren atrerl. TO lease?THE ENTIRE MARBLE Brif.DINO rl? I Hrordaae; a orr IIP hy 25fret; lire ulnrlea, wiih (.?<? unlit ami under but* men:; would make a fin" aalonn; <>c i .r !i llnoi aeparaii-ly; wo upper feura have Intn lltteil up fur lodgr room*. In mire m it. otl.HK\tTil, ]??:., U7 Futo mn an. t, or A. EAt.LitsON, 788 Broadway, ro LEASE?THE BLILDINuS. COVRRINO FIV* lot , uti I lie bortbond corne-of Thirty-ninth atreei nil I [i n 1i a- rune, aiiilablu f r .i liiery atatifc, coal yard, or (ol uai.i.lai tilling uurpoaea. The whole or pbft wl'l be lei. Ap? >1 jr to lit I* A Cl'Kri.-S, 80S SiMli a.nine. TO LEASE?THE STORE Of an OLD ESTABLISH" L i| iai oriur n-liu' -. end having a Iaige trade.' ' '"'i \-Mn-* T < . I.v-mwm 'fn? vu a imibi i a Hi iir.ii' Ilroadwar. Kr(|*?ielb : apt ir. in'?. with real n.imr only, Wl'l pleura addrrra Kotlrauiriil. o* ltd Herald vlll.e, lot : biee d?>*. r<> LOAN ?TDK LtliOK AND I AiltfABLR PTB* fo il 'I Allantlo ate el. Brooaljn, toiineily oceupiaA |?? be Lo?< I,'an I R-llroudC. mpany. Kor |?rtienl?ra tnqulrfl ' NM1 I'll PANt'UlCK. M Water afreet, or at the nflice >1 I. 0. a'MlR. J. K . Nuolli icry, Brooklyn. rlR CORVES MTolCK. UT AVENl'B A. BBItfO LONO. rnablNhed ? < *< ,Trf *?'J "1'ior aioiv; ajan No. 71 avet-J etreet.corooro! Moo, to lift lei A No the Dwe'linM r> < ? .I'M .jvellodapioU for two lauililca. Atr.7 O. i> lovoK. 42 R ??t ben*nteenih atreel r. '1 OPERTT TO LET?TO A PRIVATE fit L nilljr. <?r to cicimnae for city property.? A dun Ma brlrfc ,n?!?n i.nd tu 0 ?- rea of r round.on Rrondway and I'aiiaadS rnui a. eiidllaut iurimce, g.ta ornatnenta, olklmba anil n low tinder, o atcr rlovtl bathing rooms and atatodartf irtiwbr; walet si.ppiiod Hum the brad of a power*til iag; I nr eh tde treer and maurpasaad new. Apply to Jl H toil, M Fulton atrrel, up atatra. j m-?M0, ?1M, AND $.W.-TO RENT, KuA rSOlS una n, icn j> ara. aareial bonaaa. wltii rourt }*rA ramtnh front*; *l?o, arum l> It on Fifty UrM, Fitly artot.dJ d Fl tytlilM alterta and Blrhth. Ninth, Tenth aai "venth art niter, fit' Iota ate nTraady butll on, laarad roa * to ten r*?r?, rent $40 to $Wa year. Impure of General R1KKR, nrkla ecnnt, nrijr.arcon'l alreet. near K areoife one K bih an , NiutU artuua car* paai ateiy aw at|f itaa da; and uiatil

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