Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1862 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. I OrvpAr. March 0, l^C?. The importation* at this port la t week were unu-uallv heavy, more so ttian those of the conesponJhig wok last year, and more so than tho. condition of the country warrants. The principal {tents of import were: ? Dry U. 1ST. 5s Sugars f'.O.'V'C Km-- - ,! 0 tuiton ti.> ?s7 Wan he- '1" ?> > 1 -a 85.084 n. 88' r uui y gi 'ds 29. ' I flpppei ?.'.41 s .. * .' C1,6C> < 'utlaiy I- > 1'ea lii'J,-J5 lii n- '.'t Tobaeo1 -"vMS Tin T1 !' Wool IS.707 Of l 'i in 11 the ,t< uis of puns. c< tton and tobaeco .tre a', rn I. a d gr?w dir..". tly out of the war. Me n. 1. , however, a steady increase in our iai; . lotions ot f. -v gu dry goods, coffee, tea, super, metals. Ac., wl- ]. indicates a revival of consumption. 111 d ?pite of the war. The duty on dry good-, -v.s,tr coffee. lend, tin. wool and din s iuipht be doubled without materially diXii'ni bii.'g eonsumpticu. Ten coats per pound might safely be adued to the duty on tea. it Ct . gross doe- not increase those duties, the inference will be Irresistible tint the object of the tar'lf is not being reviewed witli a single eye to revenue. It is just as ca-v a. not to raise a customs revenue ol S100,000,ottO 1 yo.i byi avy duties ou foreign dry good- tea, n. . -*r, hides, w,ol, lead, tin, tuirdware and drug*. In the present position of tha country, anu with our piesent prospects, it is unlikely that an increase of duty on those art:- tos xr/vilri r 1: ?1- intifnriial fullimr r?fV in fAncnn-n. tion. It it did. how- ver. the result would merely 1 be a loss to foreigners and a gain t< the Uuited l Btates. Adding our ex; is of specie to our exports of ' produce and mere in:. c-".-, we discover that the 8 foreign trede of the- first ten weeks ef lsGi! leaves * a small balance in fuvmr of the I'nited States. 1 Pending the southern blockade, this balance will have to be maintained by shipments of specie. ' The fii>t ficuuient of eottoi will of course change ' the state of tittairs; though, as the revival of cot- 1 to sic >mcnt? !? certain to lead to largely inert used v Importations, it is pretty certain that, whatever 1 kotipens we -hall send t:> Europe this year at h ast c all the sp cit wet received from iheic in l-oo * and 1*01. Tin following ere tin- Custom Hou-o tables of * the trade of the pot t lor the past week and since * January 1a 1*11 . J Fr thrived. l-?" 1861. 1>W2. Dryg<s>. - ??4.-,203 1 l' ?<i_s l,l.s7,758 1 Cenurai arorcha-'C.isj.. ..b 1 _ ,71 l,v;s..s#2 : Total for the weeV ... .*1,13 %7 '2,ho:! hi' 3,t '-2 .-.0 1 Previously reported....42,t'.'2,-,.| 34,42;,07" _.?.784 1 Since January 1 $ 10.206,-2tt 37,014 -172 20,707.124 Exrcurw ok rwuifi > ,v*d ilt.c< uam-ise. 1OO0. 1861. ISM. J for th- week 82,fis? .172 2.4"7,"oS 3.212.671 1 Previously reported.. ii,5ir.Oi7 21,,_i20,M6g>i7 Since January 1.. .813,631,337 23oi8.5i'6 23,84S.lSo f tafuET ot Scant. t 186'. 1881. 186:'. For the week 8007,2v2 >, a . 386,230 Previously reported... l,8?0.r<2U 1.661.013 6.961,137 1 Since January 1 ...$2 674,202 1651,013 7.V6.373 ^ The banks showed last Monday a specie n t.ttc jof j>2P,S20,'.iu?, being an increase of 8Jo(),'Jf>7 from the week previous. To-morrow they will probably { olio ur alwiiit v c?i idilk u'lin 1' a mill.on less than they really hold. A motion * was ruado at the Clearing House meeting on Friday to inquire into tie expediency of resinning ( specie payments. Nothing, of course, will come of this movement. The government having sn-pended, and 1 y act of Congress pronounced paper to be a legal tender, the banks could not resume without being broken in a week. By and by both government and banks will resume without difficulty. At prtseut, the less idle talk on the subject the better. On Monday last the banks showed s a loans average of f 137,071,23r, being a decrease 1 'rem the week previous oi f2.276.720. They will b probably show a further decrease to-morrow, in consequence of the heavy sale? of government " pives which have been effected by some of the f banks. We learn that some of these institutions u ure shrewdly converting a portion of their 7.30 t Treasury notes into United Mates fives. The ope- * ration is a tempting one. Seven-thirty notes can J be sold in Wall street at 9v'a y4; United Mates 1. fives of 1*74 can be bought at about n?. If, as seems universally admitted, the end of the rebellion is near at hand, these fives -j will not long remain below par, and c parties who can buy them at ?5 to tfO will make a handsome thing by the purchase. For npecrdjt'vo purposes the fives are pieeiablo to fl th rc?. ir.mmiifb n? tbi-r ir? l.nt > cf the forrror in existence anil > is no i?r- -pcct of an Increase, while o! the ?ix. s the amount u:.out * is aire 1y t ry large indeed, (the bat Us alu.-.c took ' t -0,000,000 in January,) and O-ugre - lu-> ju-. an- ' tl.i'iizcd a Inrtber issue of r"?0(:.000,000. The pro Lability is tliat tlie first ol' our securities which Europeans will want to buy when they discover i that th-.-ir friirht nbout our national prospect? was j unfounded will be fwsc five ?to which they are t accustomed, and the low prico of which v ill naturally temut purchn-crs. N foreigner will war.t to v inre: t in a three years security like the aevi i.-thirtv f iviiws; anil the \x .* will naturally have to struggle , against the prospect of a constant supply flowing into the u.arket. To uK itej i_arket closed yesterday w ith more aac 'Lar. ti week previous. The supply ot I money on c. '! at seven percent is in excess o1 t . the demand, and some Jen iers arc forced to b auti?tieil with six. Mercantile paper, especially . grocers', Is rnther on tin Increase,: nd the best merrentiie names pas? pretty readily at seven per j cent. The banks hare taken during the past week J more of this paper than for some time past. Th<recent arrangement by which government t-.11- r tors arc to receive without delay from tbe disbursing officers cert IP it- ; f 5:-de? tedt. 01 in I other Words. gorcrnm?-nt pron:i-sory notes with ' trre'-.-c rrnntfc* to ran. an I 1 rating -Lx per cen- i inter:-1, Is en'-ulated to impart ease aud 1 comfort to the money market, These notes will be readily taken at bank and at the 1 p-i.s- bstiki-ra* cr.d will r -rvc lik< i- : a nun - ' ie currency throughout the West. It is true that at first t hey will operate as absorbents , of mom >; ? ut, on the oth<-r band, th? y take the place of m-i,?y, and rve bs a basis for ' banner* t'? exj in-' ? ;? e?.> tr-r< ??.?> * to ir If, | The money mnr! ?-t rill derive farther ease from the new arru reini.- bv w! h ti e banks i arc to effect their i.. in b'lb-Troafurer'e ccrt'lioaUs rrjin< u,r g deposit': (at five per cent) of T. it., ucfe. st the Sub- ' Treasurer's 1 his ecUemc wili put hd end to all the confusion which lias existed since these t demand notes were set afloat. and will impart so- ' lldity and uniformity to ihe nerv currency. \\> learn that the bnnk? der .sited abont Ft,Oho )<y> with the flub-Trtn?r.rer yesterday. ns a he -failing It Is wtpposbd that they only hold ?,Onn,nnn alto! gether, trlileh le fl2,"0fi,oon 1?.? than the ornount proposed to he deposited 1>> tiie arrariyement ol Friday. As, however, tin will pay out these uotcs as fa*t a-, lie receives them, the sane notes can lie deposited ?everal times until the requisite cre ditma 1c op. This new arrangement will operate to increase the ?tr? ugih of the bnnk* and fa' dilate their expansion of credit. Foreiga exchange closed yesterday at 11 'il/t n % for Wankers'. hUls on tandon. and 5.05 A 5.00 for bunkers' bills on Paris. The supply of bills is moderate, but the demand i* da''k. Asonr importations increase, the latter e .n rmturnll become more active. It must be hoped th.,t wiih U* progress of our armcs Southern products will come to market in quantity sufficient to produce tn effect upon our efport trade. The opening of the Ten ne*see and Cumberland rivers to trade is the commencement of a revolution which may affect the cotton and tobacco markets very seriously, t.old fell yesterday to 1%, but rallied afterward, closing at 1J, bid. The supply from holders who are tired oflosing iuterest exceeds the speculative demand. At the same time, we are rather inclined at pros ut to look for an upward turn in the precious uietat. It is now apparent to every one that gold will not rule at the excessive premium which was expected by sanguine speculators when the legal tender bill was tirst projected. But it is not likely iliat, so long as paper is a legal tender, and the ihiul issue of the war remains undecided, it w.ll va.-e to bear some premium, or disappear from :1k list of speculative fan. ies. At the present preuium there is no temptation to sell, aud the reii vmtig believers in the depreciation of governneiit paper will naturally be tempted to buy. The follow ing table shows the course ot the stock narket during the pa^t week and month:? Ft!> 8. Feb. 15. Feb. 23. Mar h 1. Mar. 8. ii-souri 6's 414 44 4 53 4 M'i 534 .? v Y?rk (antral 80 ex*' 81", 81 63 4 8 40K 41V 4342,4 424 ri<- 33.4 a-, at# S4% at. 1: higanCentral.. 4>\ 63 6s J j 54 66 4 ..nil.guaranteed. 41 tth 40 48 4- 4 :..i la Central 664 [>'J 05 65 4 65 ?' u? 00 6.4 6.'4 6s4 08 \ k Island 62 Y 514 55 Y 57 f . "1 hi 414 44 4 4". 4 46?i 46.-4 anama 115 lio 121 ltd 4 lis is..i tthsr.... \ 37 4 38 37 }? 'at .lie Mai! 09 94},oxtl 934 03X W1, The st ck market wa-. dull, but steady, all las> veek. until Friday evening, when a fresh demand 'or stock.- sprang up. It ;.-> generally said that the tew government regulation regarding the ptiblicaion of army news ha * ope-rated to check business in the Slock Excliaur- . ?>. I this no doubt has b. en ho case to some extent. But su h influences can >c but temporary. The speculative tendency is is strong as ever, and there are many influences at vork wio.h are calculated to encottragt purchases 1' stocks. The general belief in lit" speedy sueess of the Union armies, the large and im t easing raffle on the Western railways, and the expansion if credit whkli everybody expects to follow the mission or large amounts of government paper in arious forms, are calculated to exercise a towerful influence upon that large class of the oum.uuity which is accustomed to indulge in the 'xcitement ot stock speculation, in the prevailtig stagnation of general busi .ess and industrial uterprise, the Stock Exchange is the only mart lu re capitalists can adventure the r means with i chance of ranking something more than incre le jal interest on their money. We discern the tenlcney of capital in the steady appreciation of til lirst el < s bonds and f-t.'.te and federal securi. :ies. Within a few weeks United States bonds aavc risen eight per cent, some of the State boods ii'tccn, and all the first class railway mortgages? with the exception of the sinking funds of the Michigan Southern road, whose improved condiion is not \ct generally understood--have ad anced to par or a premium. In the course of a cw days the stream of capital which has been !ov ng into this channel will b- st 11 further 'veileu by disbar.- cment. of near y if not quite one lundred millions of dollars by the United Stat, s ;overniii. nt. Simultaneously, it is supposed by gn hi" -i. that the supply of stocks an<l bonds torn Europe, under which our market has stag i red fur some months pa-?, will be checked, and .at European capitalists will again begin to invest iioney on this side. The demand thus expected ftp kftfn ?tru1 Vtrrifitttlilf invr .n.?>Tii?: r-oti unlr lm 'applied on tlie Stock Exchange, and, with the ex:eption of the bonds of the government, there is tothing on the Board list to compete with the stock of railways which are believed to he scundy managed and to b< earning a fair income. CITY COMMERCIAL REIOKT. gari r.nav, Marcli S?8 P. SI. Asm?.?Tho market was steady, at ilie rocoi.t concesion in prices, wluio 20 a 30 bbls. were reported, at |6 for i Is a:.U at $5 75-for pearls. The stock comprise 1 3S0 ibis. |K>t? an:! 175 bbls , oarls?total, 5f5 bbls. F.Kta; ; t sr"=.?Hour?D market v.a' heavy and prices sier ;or same grade*, th without <v<'->tab!e change u prices for most d scr.ptg *. ihc demand wt chiefly rem tho donwetir trade. TUo r..i -a lior.s To ted tip bout h.tOO b'ds., closing witi.ia the range. of the fol my. I if o'lutat'. 'its:? ' pe. t'tio State |( 4r, a 5 50 Cat in > f* , > .If ft f,7' sn f, HO MfflM Weft em Ill a ft 15 Sbuiinon t > cbt c extra lt< 1 r. 5 ?.? * ft 95 k'tedhn.., <0 a 0 611 ith ni m...? 11 a >. , ?- .? .... t> is a 6 15 ix'.rii 1J0 . ... t> m n 7 00 '.xxl tocboLa fa:. ily do 7 < 0 it 7 '>1 lye fl 11r 3 00 U 4 2*i oro meal, / Ti? y at 1 . ? t it 2 90 a II 26 :li..'.i" wi>- !' ?. a iC, *. :! - |?ri??t? \v?r??8 ot .y lOlirqtl tuli'.'i With >|i a Of ICO * 'iOO bble. Montlioru ur was la :.. 'era'* di-in-iad, ? lib .s.iUrs ?i 1 , a bU slop w itiiin the ra ;* A lb ab- etipuier. ltye steu 'y ar.-l in la.r tic ?i?t fit oar quotations. tvnh a'uof 2 bb . I r . .<1 . I whin i:.u a cs!' ' 1-10 i b!" jt an.t Itr itidy vine, at tli ,bove pncoa. Wh"*t was ,*r; tivu, a 0 ilio trim- <> were ( itc :.m. eii. v.iih '.uti s, tap lor ox );.t til" WOIC I I | | II. ;> (Ml a H.Obtl I .ab?:a at $1 40 1 r t ' km .? I. *1 a4 * fl SO Or C ".'0 . talo ?;?. . <t* i.i? : out! i1 |*>tt at"' t? fl S3 for tvitui. Ha.'.ay ? irt.i til i 5 *>' iie.iiaii'1. wiili c . > J?. rl> . ot ub'.ot 6'M o at 7..C. a 77 ". for " iii;o n.i, auil a -'J . a t.0 . .- : j : 1 I t) ?1o. :s i to'lay, n K5c., at ho rai'.i ail il (> I l.yo ?. . i.ty i arii?.. IvrrauU. haksoli .shels North , . w. * n. . o it *0c. a "Tt too dock. . at 87. . I'cbtc 1. fir's 1 twvlv ".ml in lair ilof it l.vih a .inc. a to . or ttw- n I at 4< a 41c. 1 ,i.-. >." frto bu' quid. A :t.i b tJa-.a^O>j 1 sao!t:t2r. ess 3 1 T rent fr - , u-h. f ot ' li tn rk'. wi a^uio exited x?- .1 bit! .-r, v.ili. .It's I 2 i.UU ba > 1 tlio 1). ; 01 27,'jr. a 2v . lor i...'4li':.; I'./lai: . t. Vkkiihii.-. ?To !! or .vol about 40,000 bos'oh ot r n vote cr.i' ik . iu It'ilk. at r. d. a 3\.l., wi 100 bbla. !oi r .it 2s. To I At Ion 1 2o0 bills, ti mr at 2s tt .. an I lrovL'iO" ic' JlyatS'i . i'tHvc.-c! ii: <1 In i? ,:d damatid. Dry crt \v?ielr [nod ra'tnant. u i;h sale* of a cargo at fH 60 a ft 25, u<; reding to jiniitv. Tbo axtrtnoa triawi <>f holder* ch tk duel of macl r*l. aadhoWrriwtrt Ira ?i $10 t r mail No. 1. r: d $ for .No. 2. and ..t $3 50 f >r nu- iu:a io. P ?ni* $0 f >r Iftrc# No. 3. Marring woro |e-< .tv |M ices warn Uriu. .-aicK oi boxer. w era making at b Si-., ''"Oi i ?t :o, and at lie. foi No. 1 Kf tv# irt.nuil ra!? li-nJteel at t . 40 for br?r a.sin aj.ttf'- 20 for but eh do.; nsw b ti< h at (1 60, and |u:.-1 'I . !"*' fo.?Tli? t?< ratlmr, wl'li aal. of s;. rlli r -.-T at ROC. a "'fie. fcr Bliipt>ing and a' 90s. ., 9ic. 'or city r Ildvi , TU b ipi' t'a vrere targor acd ibo m <rkrt ?ra? i-.ver. at-s "f 12 i iTcff atnJ I ft Ob.* Otii: .:o? v.ere made at 6 .. n L nd, and 33 bbla St. Domingo at 76<\, Intte. ; m'. Vii inn kct < ! ? il d ill. Hoi* ? Tim itiarkol waa i| >cl tho t.:Ic vrcra coditr. I oh . Il> t?the demand fr- in btcwari, w;tli fm ?1 16c . a Sue.. tnt. tly at 10c. a IS ?iih a bto.i1 tot r< r ?I| -,rt at -Lisi Iter ligurr, raiL A lata of 10 i i> >:? of 1"f(iwtii* ir-i* at 13c. a lac. ! ?.?Tl>; transaction- weio liu tad wli'< I.- Warn t> I no:' iirmnoB*. fm.. I ( i? No. 1 mo* h i i_rrera made at f23 50. list 3;4 |sr ccr.t f.i r.a '.i, and !i!o <':, <> arrive, at f2-l r i It. kngllsh rotniiii.n ivan sold at f 3'".ti tn nth*. N I astro Atinicsn l>. war rci orted nt ?2t lAtu tii in. \vi;0 ? Wfc ani (mrio.n, to irr'vo. *1 p *.r' ''2,'n l it; ,rl'l. Salvr o| 1,500 j.tga 'islena at ffi 75, miyatiie n ?, ?m ta I.imi ?r?j in fuir i.mi mod. Willi cf &oo a *00 bbla. rutn a I'.ocL Hid .it COc ,? M?b. Mot ?- ' i>o >a t jrertordaj arl t<> dn? "eiii;'r|sc<i l.'.o bhrt-'. clayad nt 19c., lf>0 do. old I uba at Sic . and 40 le.tew t it* V.f u Sw-r.i>?W( hirn no movement cf inou.^tit ta 3't rf fti* I *t rtli of BpirttB rre M J! OS, etd cf i n.mon roaiti at (A 1 't* focalplB at tlt.i i>ort hava occi: < : wn 1??? 1861. {i ri ' tibi? 4, 06 lW.oTI r i p -line ia.7??i? IP n 6<4 72,611 lur 600 .6,412 <1, _w l i two Of thrw ita)H lif;*cH has le u'|Uito , m^h -vi?h-i'? nf icmalu.Ooo ipillon#, part on aperi' flic p, pog#-l OXl'i** <t illHvd Ha adVBllr* in pi '< *,i, mi w |..oto Arm u! 87c., now heid at g7c. .1 SIC. < : "U ?*,jilo - ,M ild 'It .h- ( v-twa"1 ntfl 46 * ft w. <Ti.iir *? it soi|inM Aim Pstroletun, In view f t.1.1 C4> (AX, ViHf f.' Ill 1 . H 2C. Iilgll I . Willi flCH jr'rCm t nl i;,o. ft .utitl nl 13,'Sc lfic. lor I " hi' 'r .% . c*'rarhnr/f V-t 1'irrel?. fiilTHM Cm n a M'l't at Mr n 12',r. I'iunr o utility re Anvil i In i *i li.'io. 40c., ?mi1i hi>inu nil. tirntv c?" '-It. ' *? run^ d from .7*. ? > 30J.; n? lUn, 75c 84.I'.-iiTii-.o' 'vr* --Tl.i> matkm wr- .-?? nt?d favored pur*.L -o r. lb. leu .ip aOo h .ipti Mi s. . at$U ft fU 1'2,'^ for rn w nj.h,?iiii at.: iu 82;, ?rio 7fi for omv prii'M . Had nt 814 3T,'4 hf i 1 Strfor uui..-> -i-cp i me-a,a >d hi $12 M?;or v,?g,i-rn prim, tr, Tm' i!i-? imhrv"! for Jno callrary " prlvn'.i! ttrma IK- 'whi Mady, while tlii Swiva ouibriu ed .i-out 176 blili., at fli a 413 f< r plain mt-nr, ftJ.d at $14 a $14 2 i lor extra. J iilumwarao It. (V naata nitre ii lair demand. with miti-a nf |AO lorm cut HJnlinh lirm* nt 6>??i., am: 24,oi.o ib* dry * aite-i snoui am, (01 Ma/ dvhtn. y, at 4V Dif niwa* Heady, b it wirti Mlw of 152 li'mi r it y Cumber. NEWYOKK liUKALD, J 'and ut .11 8\c. I eased hogs wo e dull st&ftfo. for W<m era. and at 6V,c. inr city. Laid wits uinjtaigd, with sa.eaoiabout 1, '00 libit, .ud I ec* el T^c. a t? v'. Ftata ' t ranged f i>m lHc. logic, for fair I' prime quality i 'hi > at 13c a ltic. Suie ch .he at 60. a 7 ',c . and obio at 6c. a 6c Knx.? ...a . ?.?i a , .f Carolina were nude at Tc Sn.AH??.euts'ket wis steady, with sales of about TOO hliils. C b s, nioelly within tbo ran-Cuf SJ^c. a 7 Lic. 1 Soxm.^lhe raiand was m?deiat through the we k. with 1111 led -a -a ofcl. ver ai To. a T'4c , and of timothy at (2 lx>t a |i 3 t; 8 Ids of Calcutta linseed, boio a .J to arrive, were made at ii 35 T/'m.w was he vy, a d prices favored purchisors. fains w n hin tnreeor four dave have embraced primectty ?t S.V'. aOc. T..i w.i- 'irmer, with sales 10 a fair extent, at full prices both lor grve a d In k Ti* was ue c uctivi, with a good demand for Strad an 1 lla a ,at:.0)ic a :;1 for ihc farmor and &xc. for tho ln. ter, p nice ware in yo 1 demand al full prices. Wm: km.? ten of 1,0'ii) bb. were made at 25c. 251?c. f" t.ite, and nl dGc for Ohio SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC rcl! MW VOHK?1 - lltv -on ri.ks fl 21 I moo.n *vi .. . mora 2 42 Ct> skTi t? 011 iiitsu wa :.n worn 3 to Pott of New York, Mttrcli 9, IHC4. R1UVED. S'?anship Khsreonese I Hi), ll oieh. Livc cal. Feb 10 w Mi n> :se.lo ii 1 * 11m A.rcig IV de.. lliee e v- ?m i>h* djaric*. uaiitltii's of fed 1 tec a. id alar 3 ' " 'id wdncomoe . d 10 run Sua in is la! 44'it (Ai i ivci! Rlh ) Mea.uAhip .'la . 1 (Br), Beard LivmTool, Feb 16 with 1.. 1. it 11:11 It ! ' U p ol.'. it cI , e .1 nanl'l'i"' o1 d : ' and sever .! 1* her?* h d Hi' nil W gtlne inost of the . asi&^e M . .. II >11). s It - Ayr ;' ?'-5 'av-., all.' I I" h Pa. isc lla lie 11 It ?>s ot'.o ori a srdol '.it 6 a- cilwaid o' |.> on n , w: leb s'.c eppouu'ervi. h v MV ye'es, las' -ir , ep'll ..! h tc '-ih 11-" a,".-It - br I'.iiiiiih I WAid, Price, Ir an M Ian ?.v P e ' SP Har in ' An an. 4eo hp*) N -titer ay. A av In - wi a m '.oer Ki,ei'erccd 1 i-ry I ..v . iidra not. it-riiifeida, pes 1! ('..< o 't o II i"> 'an 1-. roasod p - K aaioi in tbe Allanti Feb 11 In to 1.11 j:. | , . < m li Mop. , signal 1 ed a' A'f: an ? a. I CJ d.'i.. , P 'O.e*, I,ih "0 P , IJuod H pe i|iO ' *hp Ida. . At) son, from til lat Li udon It .la, .. I 1, Ade ire < \du:ni (ni Cm: . Me), Hemteij vnj, p t b aiii ar unrt. 01101. 1 *"r 11 t. Hvh. .1 i a. a . O lO. M ., Itr ' II.. /I Cad - nf II i - . , N . !> from Bo-t'>n l> n . ilh Man- 1, ? V) .. ! " rig ,?n an' ?: < ! Ui s 5 ll. ii AS to, , sa vvU ?i> Ku, i.i i I in b il u Siuitti S'oil rsi.i mi 1 prcbahlv enlnj m'.o the Delfiwar* l | skvate '< ! ( ' (v irk' ;i I). ,. -nr. V itunzas, H days, th "i: - - .t Punnan s.nenmimny with I - r i- .. in N-.i V uli 11iid Ilea, v we .tliei since ,.. , ll,; its i.. . ii in' Port!; roll, lit n, Vatan j<, Kob . i. iv. - sr.I 'i'1 Hurt ve y :-e i. v tvesiei :> gal a, a iij ij - ... i i'ay? north -it H.iii'r-i, bju b -u rove ii ' i'i a ri 'a -w awa II'PI fill i .In l yiaii fi .ii the bolt roues stiilicd d , v a .jo Ac B u i I i i i.l man M il.ui/m>, rob 2t uritn m.mir t,. K A V -J liar to or. 0 'tny> N of IJalteias ivi I. In nv\ N i- ,' ier <n A' a i, Uooppr fnnidad *?.. ib, wiiu a .air. to In . Hi I. 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St. unier Josephine It's*; i ti.'Jrunilvy, Loe isi Paint, lr Ii, iia.-t So aim r Siati ol Mali o. Alien, Kail Uirer. Strainer 1' ltcaii. Jo..*", Piov ,'C. BEIiOW. Oun brio nnhnown, SAir.En. Stli?If S btorest ip K'- ,i;.. l'"i i,'oyi.l. Si:, l.' n Ft T-. u a, Obi : ; Ai: -it (Br). n.; i';. . In in !Vii:> ,? -...a. f ,ffc- s: I 'HI . llui-s, I;"1 tt; ' C W !{ . ('? , . ll v |? r> '. o ?"i. i n: K K Kev. :oa, Cula: at.;.'., Ltaiiy till), W.r.d din Ing the day NW^ > S. dlinceURnrott*. Bittf!Bovn- -i'i! i ,u .is i, ?, at 17' Iin s" Ttiln, r II* nrni. n A >i -ii i ;> i.i ; ,i|' ii'.i ,n ;i rx U?-i iJ 'yd, from ;..i > lor ?.'< .* V'irk. on : ,! .. -j ?J- !;, . nr..I ?i !" ' 111 pTIIlir ' lilt til-* lire, Will- i:ou:? daniK t lie cabin. "r . n't i jim.r \TRlCk. " " . HH from . I'm r. , Mi j ;einn, i I fo: K H, nnc! put ,--to Point tv?iv. tin u5, J.?;i C i: ill , -, i! v : . ; i 1. ? 1. IW . 'lit1 thin c U?:. 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I* It I' I 'I?I . I. l> ;' ll. P.. M I. .ft . 1. II II. W E.i andl'iif. C. M N'"ft" < 'am ei. Kb gut and Indj. Kilwaft"! 1'.: 'i y Jin . i'ft V 1 llit't I'll- !v, hn.alUa tu ' !aM. Von ICru.i <ir, Mr.'.Van in'nii, T. .ti r n? 1 1 inly. M'.'"f W. it Da -,(. ! tel f.. Hi' rirj". Or. .1 ill 1-8 iii hi 1, it"-. \"i... I'li'Oi'.n Brun; bnlji (?in ' nl New I' iii .r iJ, ion hH i?-i Willi* drmwnl'n m in- r.Bo ingbuftiucfr, m,,i ta l iintuttc l tor Uio met haul service. k Mr tl irr'i ; Ityan. of PI !!?dr 'phi >. tbrt'i' 1(M loiia, .1? o'.il. b lit In ,?'>r u t.ninbiia, ?u ?tm ; ..rcheaod b- 8'apl"? t l'L.Ill, i f Tnilli.oB, IVhtUmeiii Arr at B iibai''i? f . 24, ft.-i r (, . \ u p, ( ,k,. r.uvln town, ft'-m " 1 us ." Mb Mm "II; ::7 h, Intrb llli tab , Kr'Mi' iifT'it" . io'.|u( i.i- ii* mil tih.ileaii' I ,1' 4 sinoti, b itt'i Ml, 2^4 'lu (aad ri maiui'd Oth>. b ' ft n i*. l i b I, B !1 ."iper, l'rovin ) lj cruise A1 I'm uau bii< ii Icb t skIi (as . 1, fumy, on a 'in I to. A le"er f t n t' iptiil lb - ", 1. Ii. Hunter, Nil in it heraili burl l'luiilb Id, "Uti ir>nl libit t|i and iUkla? tvh I'll ci| b"ftfti B un.1 r;?'n. 1 ? ; inj. rhe ?l oil1'' 1, Mi K atlni' hail dift'l while in pot' I jutu nt d? thlp 11 1 in, llaii'M.ln. NH, If-rn the N'" 1-?w 1,1 . itnlng lip una , ' dly fi ll iu Wilu Hp wltft, aU'l f.1 it f b ' la In m t. ce, f'upi. i'. ".1J'? inn. sp' ini oil Ih i'T'-i h tb?iT XiH | or ton, nttrt tr he I'll:! from 11 " Jt- 'I do nil l l n II nil! U.c l7 lor 8 1 tit Heaa, | A 1 IIIM ; I'l C "iniii lift'I bull, ol ?hji I'm, M| Mi i?. porta her nt Hu ..rl Town D- 22, wllb l|(M nMarp and lot) u " h ' ;! hiI^u Id?hating tukc 1 b.fti bbia apini the ia?i yul?'. . i i inn v i ? p ? ? i rn.| ll 11 I I,nil.I ||. |1- 111 ' Pp. Illl V Mtf. A l"lt?T liv:il Crtpl KVIitmixl f D IpI Wi I. Ml i pi , lifr nt nes. ii" 1*1.?' c, Ho' 6, ii .i In, .?ki i/yi mil* ,|> HUM - > Tin P?|Tli. 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Itr.iwn; Car* lim* Talbot, and South Huston (Hi I. . if. for Nou Yoi K 3 I day s I'ai kr ao. .Ian 31? SM hark Nh f . Nltl;'>!**, Nf.r York; 3. t. biu 1 "* >' I'li.uusy, Hulli tiui*} Pro I.' amp AU .iib.tiii (loi), N Yi rk; bii.^ t n um, ri? b.*l, do. nai * ai u Ki-u 1, I An-at in C. M ijesv.v, Lloyd, Ltrg' ili land sld llib ft, A I- ,* u til ,. l'f'i o, Jan 13-.\rr I'almrttu, Br*rym n. Liverp'iol: 21 I i liuiiu. 1'uti. Iub H l.i o.e (ali-1 n il 2 th 'u: rt. - uiti . altli I'll . .ii ! r. Wiiiao , rto.if-o:. Mid 16;, i, 1! utiioi.. ftiuuka, itivi*. of l'lau-; 23ii. Ciia.-t-. Ka.'IU* (from Hiu Jatii-iu'l, koodoo;2iffh, E.hi h I5,i a r, Il-.-aiiy (from (hi--no . ii.n. ... ioo -iii- '', Ma ilab. In |airt I' hi, .ik-Aaui: . . rum l'liila.u-lpli.*, i'iag; Kirh. mulid. i ; a. no ii.., I Io New it -dford, do; bnu> A.|> i*, K tlluaii, ir-i * Km >r*(* c fi.r Ani .vi-i* , in dtalrc-aa i-pbi * flalll. It ..or . o.i-it verof'.- Id;.'.

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II inn ' i n. .in* ','( J 'i.j ?,lfi|?'J to all pai'ln oT l e Wnr.J, l!ft'tml Itiuviii I rio i . nfi fii-TiMnr >i lli 11 j o i-y. fur ) n r J. HKiTACHARTXi "III'. rHI.NU.-THK VAN Willi |'HR THE II n h"?.l uriAt exp ' . ulil n"! Ic*i U-eOHi i* l|i j 4*1 UriKimo flic 1.1nr one week. T!i? i-c* a i . t will ho I (it* n.d olio (iVI.i * r. M . I .TOR PIMi'lKH rfll ihr tv /from Mm Wlc. \lr "I* TIIP i 'FN TLTI JIN Villi. ov""?jkTnMi.rv' " I.h .iiai llet o.i the counter r tlm r** iiirant B.i, I P itday it r- i i-po-'i'i Hi" A* lie car, nri. pe. f i. .V i'*pnn?"< art'1 Ink" It awayt H. BKKJTt KM NEW Pt'HtilCATIOIl, VI.IB JIANKI?> I'.Vl'KI M'lurETTE ABf.J OK JtI Hevity, Be inl tlaiii. r . i ' i r, Original B'orl's. A'c Ki, c | mi 1. 'I ' i i 1 t' (.*!. r iMpcr*. Tiylt K"M ever) i':ii*to lor C e*n'i. Voi r imoi'i lioig. Ollice No All Waiter lllMt TUIAT "CTRIOKK BOOK OK 01TV WoMK.V, (Hi I.N t r *'lng Komilo rhaiacteri in N"to Viift. Cheiped' Hon, 21 i iav.o*. Islni .. no ' io*djr. I'rice 2>coin*. ..r mai-J free, toirt, *. uAi'.tTT, Pc'iUiodr, ft! TValktir eir-et. i K?vr Vera 1 f> H# > t A t? OTEAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCHING A1 0 ,. -.c i. uivu (Cork . ..r i , The j, ni poo . N w Yuri PI no, tpi '.a Steamy ip t'ompany Hit n l i:r?>ti.uu ili 'i n' p.' \. r- d i' bntlt iion steamships as luto*..? SfKA Situdav, March 8 0.1 V OK N Y -UK Hiii r a?, M n l, 1& CITY OK iV'8 N ITON -? r Maicb 2 nil i vt ly niv.c -i-1 ux Sim.inl uuiiu, trow pi, r 41, North river. KAT11.S Of I'ASSA'.K. FiiStCnblu $75 au;cra?c $:? Do. to Lull'mi HO Do. to L' 'olou 35 Du. to , .n'L fii Do. to I'.ima St Do. to Hn.unurc... 8 , Do to Hsiiib irn.... 3i P?asrn.ei?alM> forwarded to Hav re, Brrutrii, Koiterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at mp tally low rules. Km * from iilYi iimol orOu into i n.-?First ea in. $75,$*! anil $105 tj.c iuse 111on Live o , cIU from (Jueensiown, $00. Tickets tun .i, bouitht here at the-,' rotes, ena.l ie? pl - to si tni or ihi-lr friends. These st'inue s hnvc sii|s'rior arooiotuo at tons for passes C? is, are Htro.'g. . In,in in water tl nt Ir ii t ons, uu . c rrj IMtetii MiiitiiiJeiors Experlen eJ t re >n ore atts- Itee to ui b fie Ul" . For further informs* inn apply In LI erpocl to WILLIAM IN MAN*. A ;i'it, 82 Water afreet; n (i maw to ALKX MALPULd No 5 Kt. Enoch tuuu e, iu O .eon-iown, toC A W. D. SI YMtil P. .v CO.; in Lnlon, to FIVES V MA ("iY.61 K 11 AN liaiu-ireet; In Paris, to JULES DECODE No. 5 pine do m Jt .urse; in Philadelphia, ii JOHN ti DALE, 111 AYaiiift it reel; or at tin t'onintnv's oftlec. 'OHM U. DALE, A u i , 1, Kroadway. N. V. The nob u ubrmav llovd'8 stbamshii EKE K.N, II. Weunelscouirna . cr, cinryim; the CU.lei States in.'di, will nai! rent pier 30 North river, font of Cham ber* Mm.:, on K ATI' RDAY, March 13. at 12 o'clock M., ror. BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Takb g pa.-* i. . .. o LONDON, IIAA KK sot TIJAVPT.'N AND BREMEN, a' 1 e lolloniiiK .1 .< ? I'nr the his: > 'bin, $100: second cabin, SCO; steerage, $35. For freight or 1 .- off apply 1 OB I . H8 A 00. J Br I'd street nUOtl H 1 A A. - '..b PA' SET COMPANY. Steam oL ndon, tin..burg, Havre anil So lhamptou The favor tc lit irlass : 4 . b "nut iron uia.l stcumsi'tp liOUDSrIA, N. T.a iiman. e mm iiiilcr, c.i 1. Iuy the United States mail sai s from pier 21 N rtli fiver, fo ,1 o Kin 11 street, pos'tve. ly .11 AVcif.i b'iu... Man h 12, uuJ lakes putn iigers for Lois do .Hamburg, iluwe nn.1 Southampton ut the folio >inf r 11 t- ? I'ir t c 1 'o n $liK S' 10 id cabin 6i SI rake SI Too Ila oiiioiiia ? i;i s n- < ' the Borusala on March 22. K01 passage apply ,< hi'hc.v t > 0. It. Kit 11AKD.S A bOAS 131 Broadway, N. Y. V'IK CAUFOBK1 V VIA PANAMA. 1 A Mot e u.? tuner Mill I . ve N iv York on th" 1st. lltl and 21. t of enoh i ion'b, except whe th"?e clnt' S all on S 11 t!a?, when the da> ui departure will be 011 the Monday fol loving. o" freight ar pas apr.'y at the orly o'! No 6 Row 1.nn cireen. D. U ALLEN, Agent. Australia.?ka noaro for Melbourne Hie ma 111:1c. ic or^t clast .-hip AI'LAN It*. 1.600 toui b tbee, vviii be . !.. .1 i.n tin' Gi of Apr 1. .iccom iiicdatif "is for irsi ai.'l secon 1 el.i"s pi scgera an very I'l 11 iinr. Appi- on lc. ,rd, pier PUvisi ver. or to MAILLKR. .O it I > A 17 V L K K A P. IW AA...I Street. LliKl) A Co., con fc .-i.ecis at Melbourne. l.'OH HAVANA. I' United State. mall steamship .VL'IA, Tt. Ad rn, S. N., cuntnonder. *'11 leave Pier No 1 .orhriv.r, on WEDNESDAY, Maret 1 , .1 I J o'cio -k noon prer! ely. ,K etl.. ... .-f rei|iiev! d to procure their passports bcfoM g' 1UR Oil OOV.l'J. for .rolglr. . pa -? ?tmU- l> Sl Ui' l t? TlLF.-rON A CO., 29 Broadway. rpOR HAVANA VIA NASSAU. K. P.?THE BRITISH f ..nil North Ao orl.Mii Ko.ul Mali atea slii;, i\.nr o", I hi I a ? ' ' ri . will ... 1 i'or lie; above jhiiIs. from iho Co i.piny's it. ai f at Jets v t: < . <ni >n eioiiv March 29 i Saturday. May 24 Saluda, VprilJ"lWl Saturday Jane 21 'nam e . ofiey (i Nr.-i.iu A4J Pi; g money to Havana 0(J A . ciperl oc ; anil >a t. for freight orpat age apply n E Oi'NARO, No. 4 BotvPng tii "un. ni lE STEAMSIIII* ROANOKE W ILE LEAVE ITER I! A No t.. ri it. o i Saturday, Kerch '_2, at 12 o'eioo* pre cutely, {' r ! :u"-tu 'i.-e.L I LA*, iiEINKKKN A Ct?.,115 P.natway. PHUKO.VAU 4 NY ONE < 01 NO To CALIFORNIA, AND W IS.UNl} A t nave . nil : tan near oi etie ov addle u> u, L. M? Brooklyn Pov. otn. AN MI. NEW I ELL-A LEl'TEU FOR YOU AT KTA tion E. A. 8. AM.?JOEL) IN .S V I. At!) ROAD TO TRV.EL. ALL . a. One. A I 1c inure li, 1>' i 1 0 age UNCLE NilD, ii* A.?PLEASE CALL FOR A I ETTER AT UNION J sun lire Post o31<'', 831 brou: av. FERNANDO WILLIAMS. rVttVAKTi I>. NEWARK. X. .. -Y ' Wil.t Pl.tH 7.IF j'j if a i I av. y hi at Suriurg's .Se?n a ie. No. S Piiikri iv. Asl ior tlio 1'iui.lie.te. C.IA..LI..-. K. /"A EK'l'Rl HE E.?YOUR ? IIARMINM AND III tlLY ES VT tC 'tuea note befuro me. in. terms are all a.-cejitebe a lit irrely n v?i] r-.r. cable. I it tpectfully unc earnestly solicit your iurtl.'T corrcspni.clfticn. If. M., Station 1>, K'o'lWh street. ii THii ?ui ,\'i i.xov ?vjio um imo mi. ui:j:i.n 1 ; mil i at Nil. -I \ hi lira in! sin e', Wil : i *') na, i aimi:! i' A. M., "ii s t. .r n m?t, ami gm out lit r oui-t: roiM .rtle nv.-uui- all'! .VI' pui atrret. iv u ti.i.l-.. tin in .j? until. ?: of llli! iti.-iiil"iii;ni v. ih tin iii-impip ilsio : t up) T.a hi r, *!. ivi',1 i .. 'n- ,i uvo.- by I 'lue.'i n; a Kit.' m \V. J. S.< Una-it) u, I'nat oiiii-e. *-.nt:i & where n uou v. ill iv? li lie-. Ibso to rkhtni) my pkikitm ucd thb public aeaen u u i " .1 ; im mi iao KtiUsji tlml. im liii' .it'jiii! iy A limn.. < ' a.11 XX <Vi< o . dra .1? Hi: iii-d? lSccnwp m 1111.'. fli r,i a ublei. till : xT-UAH. j Lit sky city l i-.ilby.?tcill the toi sosr 01 I tin* two p.Tt'y rwfjr i'tty ladle*, who cm -to! tin <K : pv f. ny a'. ill :11 nil'- eve !? I.I: Tnurinia., i?p?*n a 1 ,1 .- spiiii.ii ian; vri 11* .? inn : t i.P.I I-: ri (>-aj a paiuell, *vh im aim nn >. .iin-1 .111-11 as . .0 in,- .1 lxni.r , If a^re.-n'-li', pii-it-n-H'lJivan li. H. It., I.. a t iy 1' olii .-. M:ks ,i..i:y i-osr iviu, 1; ,u a lhtma in the N-w V (-; :< . 0 ; oXc yi'NDAY MOHNIN . Ai' IT HALF past SEVKX.ij O 10 I .'i* ir-in Hi 1.1 ln.iy and 1' ...ii s-; et ti 1' 1..r.ii 1*.. .. 11 maoj MaapiMu ?"! 1101 jroaailadi thela ciiji .aiH of - . ii . r in 111 -A lio 1-.1l i -i ti, aauic aim- wltli la- laty tv.i- a? in .. n pi 'Mi l with 1" ap |M-ri. -a,"! I11 w....14 Lkc Ik Ilia : Is. r a m.Ili um. W.IlliK lai.'y . ill luni Ii* e-iidiii^ .1 u hire* to .i. s., utri A. akatisii.?i will iii-: most iiapfy to >.k t yoi iy at K1: n f-.ui, N? . ?or.. tile, ui U -it A.M. ml inlay, ilar h 1<>. i' yrmval. i.miy n no i .i^-i.n a . \x l.ysi 1. >V 1 'I 111. ' *1 f . llYl - 1 I II I J 1.1 Ill-Ill iii "i: -r. WO .11. I-I.. -r :i J.... i;-on lilni l-y;n?i. her ?<< 1i-.ui e at ihi- si | i.. .iiu.i ..ij 1. t.n. t.. y n el V* ?I AM Vr.HY WilETOMLI'. Vo!- COULD IiE i.. e nn , i nt ? .11 I! 11 1 ' tl i : M MM|I nil tin- Alike Of till I'-isl. i an. hi-nita. It. C. Kl' KK ITli IIKi 4 I-- HPOOM -ri:' in- 1 rrxiTi'itn ati, I.I i .. r: II.?, I. W.S.I., I.I III. 1 r. .'.Jill III.I tiara not <Th.i ntmr nutto, pawl mil m nat .nut u, at II. f ! \l: l.i.iii i i.N . I ft: t; I. ! tfr>'?r. & t ' .- ! -I 111 iOt"t. n?x v> riiMiav sri r- or rf'iKnntKI'j III H I <>.!?. ? I'll ?t>.. P 1 < P'l't II 1*1. t If I ,r,,i ? i*i lui. c.t^. .S . .. f .i.i l m art'.-. A , miil-l iv? i.'t H i , Matin- I - . . V. AKUHn \V A J:'?. i.7 C.m I i.ra- t, i .tir i.i. .a i>. iir i. ii\a Ii'IKm1 n. vps i;n vMri r -.!) rn:"Trr::E-pf.MN .1 ill*.i-1alt-i|nu ,t . i ll. hmil i-uiii .1 an.11 tietv fiiin < : |i i armi: V it , ll-d... a . .1 \V. H - it " .t i''i.. M uiuimntirfii, C.>'< l'i'ii l'.v.if. L'.i i... n,. literami 11juu -until. i^i'KNiTi't'K. rrntiiwii. t ciwrri'itr. cash " I in i : .ti -? ?? 1 i it'.i! fun.i -. tuft i. in jn in a " i'a:i.j a -iI t-i a'.I It- . . i. All l.lii ln tit fcO-xlta?i :t in pvUh.-ih-. hinitNlTilUi, r.VUl'KT.?, HOOKS., I'.Ot jii.If-i 'ni'il't i i Ijr roi -ii-y at lit f'-.ttli annua Ijeiw.-- n Nl'i'li nii'l 1 "111 iliet if. COIL, / 1AXSE". CMAU-Mf" MaR'MNO l-ROM SHIP C'f.t'M \ ' ? In ) wti ! for d?ii!i.-v ir ? ol thi-lirnt quality, am will l?'i M at if t- Inf?i in i i aid : Ice, t. token ; 1mfruip tin- alilp. .%Uf for ?, r|n n. Oiral, (.'Lip-'-rrl"il l I'm ' ' r ti i nil I hij?ti Coats at lowui (Battel i ten 1IKMIV I'utiNl nti<11'< ntr:-.<n.'"i;rnei .Iain a lid WfAt airuelP. iStAAfi"1 NO'.V DF.Mvr.KIMi M rClUol JJ r J."/ qtitllt of ( - t r -iii. ti e. v ! -rr> 1 -: at In |. r luP ol i.'OJ i'- I - >'t '-in ii U?IIm-1; u I If rut I'll" -M fi if. .11 l.j \V| ' tl.i-.i-. . an ', lot Eighth avenue. A IILAKTT. i. t in -1 AM HOW DKMVEKIKU A Ui'ERtOB f^lr'x"'. aiHrlo ?f luintlv t'.ial, ropm-il i f- ? Ironi elate, at I MO p r tun I <>il front > apt 1W IVa.rlej i.laep; I'p-ry uu Wa?* ' I' -r: 'a i.uu at i-o, No. Broadway,aiirt*9 >V?t! ureal. A. THr.ADV RuU, Age .1. DAM ISO ACADKMli.f. AllOInVo.iTM . OANCI.SU ACAOiiallBx. >?. X'H I ,i AU'iJi ". for. I'w :ty- ,?th **., Hov Yoik. No. i >7 V itiin m ?t. jti, IJfok'ri f I. ASST. S .at ^??n-l Ki nluvs ,n 1,. > i AR-KS ~Vtc in'.v.! is? dr-1 Hjut \"nrF. I n u?r? i.?i .' ! irs, ?r., may Hi. hr i nt el'.l. . i.vmy. \t ic.'.fifovrs u.\n< ,v? \ ancviv.a;; ElG'iTU j\ trout' .?i ?r T'v-nivl. >i r>\i> ?A now'' ?i .* ri>\, Ion .itv, .1 'inlay ?n<l Tnm-aday (i -moon atcl *}* > c i..i(i*nlivl e" ' !i a ;*r ind plan') ?i. ' ?I'.In. Ii. II.?A t u> on T'jurMav i>, nlij;., March l.t. A|"'lj a* attorn. BROOKES i''M'TKO tCADlUl I'.MtMOOXtinilll Tut* miANl' EXHIBITION IJ Mil. Ii to: I <? Mi'JtDAY ME.MNti, >1 10. IV I to r 'mil u aentwtiiai' tl ?> 1 t' l. I to admit a fitly & B.wi.i;r m r? maRb dan lino ai' vhkv aI'i. It" t ry ?i. an< u? *1 |? f iuoiii!'. ^ iiy, 'i,...,, d.?v?, wertncwl*'*"'"' oa'tir.l nl loolnc'*, f. v oh(i'tr. t lacll' . 'i io lays anJ KVul.ijr. #2. I'mate l??*iiha eon's, 5IVWIC1PAL AFFAIR*.. mill: C'tMMITt1"H ON BTrtERT'4 nt TH; H" MID OF I. A1 itiii n, ti ill mo t o'i ? ?y, i imii, riny <>i Morrli, it*?, it MieoVl""* r. V. iii the .mihti i tin Jioor l oj Aid. rnien, Cry Mall, f"r im- j.mi>r.?i. mn dil'-rlng ili< pnti|?ct of Hi" c?!..n?loiu ; CliU'cii . r> i io 'lie |),.,ii>ry AU partlc- InteriEV l nlU n an I. ten oi> fur.On noli"1. CHAN..I till PP. i committee I.I. A .not UK. I on r 11AB ii. ii a iiij, 7 Btniela. ii. W. TaYi.wu, > i.'Lirj. rihir committee (in nationai. AFFAlIiH ok thi I. Comm 1. Council will met In r ofn No 3 Clly IIsIl, oi ilOc'iiy. I'Bli In-i.s tl itviojk A. M.. for the p .rposr o mnklns ? . ?t- for ihc re. , iltm of (' ;on?i OviformAll | . lei in re'ted are requested to pirns r b"foretlii t VjounittcL. rOKKlTT) I TEKKNCK, h i. orton. ( If J, ClfTfl*, MuRuA.. JUNK8. . ']MA. ALIA . tii'm MTFVRN.-ox, l'KTI-.H MITCHELL, JOHN IIOOAN. OL.NRt li.Mll II. Al'Ujt. KELOtI, 1 ||>U ?ALA.. I P 1 A PATENT TUB SALE?AT A U I.AI SACK1 KILL A ' | JX ? it t'iit kerosene O.i B un-r ; a s,j ior sale a Urist Mill ir i oo 1 ration ntl hi p.*rff o d t. A rar* KuT j t a iNUfirsn ply a VII i\ HELUn g u?y( 77 Ordar stieet. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT TO LEAVE THE CITY OK aire-, 10 ti. poso ot b.s interest in a mug, safe, c* h'btisi ] ne s, where a pi. ail iu\ e- nuni will in urt, remunerative re. luri.s. :e mi !e and houoruble. A hl.eaa tor two dava J box 115 Herald o:U'e. * A N OPPORTUNITY SELDOM OFFERED.?THE GOOD JTV Alii, I.ea and and everything comu.e e, of an h .1 or IIkum and O .owuioun. E ul> islied r .1 ten y urd. lu iUire of R F. B V t roL, 221 Pearl street. Uutuhf.r shop for salk-a nice store, good lu atlon ami low rent; au ex client rh.iu < for a youug mail. Apply foMwo days ut ld5 Weal N ueteeuih street. . Factory fob sale or to let?*7x50, two stories high, with large She s, with or without steam j power. Apply on the premises, Flfty-tifth street, Coi n r of Second aveu ie. N. GEO. STRATFt>KI). hlUR SALE?A CASH BUSINESS, FOR $i,DC0 OR ITS . HUival. il, IU real ma r. To be seW to effect settlement. It Is worth ulctition. Apply to J. 8. MODUE, 222 Fourth aver, tic, near Twenty-Hilt d street. FOR S \LE~AT A SACRIFfrE. ON SECOND AYENUE, he Wcea Fiuy i.ud 1 i y ixih streets, eight hiown stone lions*'8, wit higli i*u> p., ncli l'*<-ilert, und has all the in idem hnprovem. us; no . ich money want. irt. An, ly on t..o. premises da y uelwecn 9 uu.i It A. M., or 3aud 0 P. M. TitOR RALE?A MARBT.E TOP OYSTER COUNTED. J2 and oth< r Count* r*. c cap, with D oing Tnbl s. For p :ti ulnre apply lit 1S3 West street TiluR SHLE CHEAP, A BILLIARD SALOON LOCATED r ill tho host liusiuess part of 1 id uvea e; fou.l-t igof Bur, Sugar Divan, two hoe mar >1-be 1 rosewood B luid i lee, P riilt'ire, and everything belou off in complete . rder. Sickness the cause. Apply to F. FITZSiMMONS, 12 Centre street. IrtOU SALE?THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE [.EASE ,S oi k.. Fixtures and Uoo.l Will of the Bowery Hote mid>n Saloon, No. 31)5 Bowery, corner of Sixth street, oppuidt Seventh regiment Armory, will be sold low to a cnsn customer. No u.cnis need apply. TTtOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS PIU'TOGRAFHTC GALr lory u Brooklyn now doing an exeell.-m business. Ad dr -si J.'lU. t>? box 1,759 New York Pes. olli e. IjlOK SALE-STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEASE OF A F ilr-t clas- cm nor Grocery Store, on one of the b- s' avenues up town; location . very way very desirable. Wlllie'l li ar ? g in. For puruculars A. B., 22" East Thiriieth Street. TjTOR SALE-A LONG ESTABLISHED CORNER J Liqu u ctote, in the beat n< igaboihood on the east side of the city. A good opportunity, as tlm owner m i.-i sail, ow ug to pteas of other business. Inquire oi D. BURKE, 1.5 Bowery. For sale?a first class confectionery and Sv.-o i on outh nvenu"; got d uel..hUorhGO .,n dolus ex II i t business. For In'ormatlon a ,piy to Mr. F. KLANt Hfi IT, 2.11 S.xih av.un . The present proprietor Is encaged . in other business. TTtOB SALE.?A GOOD GROCERY STORE FOB PAR. F ti ulars appiy at 519 Second ..venue, between Th ry * -on an ! Thirty-third btreets. No communications reco ved Lorn agents. Flour >n? feed store for sale?or store wr let. lt.ibine-s SW.btWto $ tt.OUJper a num. A|ip<y ou tli" uremia" , brown stone a lore, Third 1. enuc, between E ithty-lourth and Eighty-fifth .streets, Yurkvilie. C1rocery for sale?one of the best STANDS X in Brooklyn; cholcoand v.ell seleeted stock; en-h trade und Inve rent.* Will bo sold a) n bargain. luiiiilre ol J. oh arl.ES. 817 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between l'J and I fdoclta Grocery for sale?the stock and FIXTURES of anrstelus wholesale rod retail Gr.eery, situ,ted la . a UoiirUhb gnel .liborliootl. Batista-tury reasons given or i selling. A' ply at tlie store, 14j Ei, h'h avenue, near Soretu i tecrilh street. Hay.-co bales extra timothy and bed top. in.i'. kril XV. i'. M., for sale Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 li, lltlt and lJt'i In;'.., on sloop Utility, foot at Lsi'tlit itieet, trom Croton. Hardware for sale or exchange fob city Property; it is w 11 HKsured, und store is dolus n good business; old established, low rent; g.i d r asons ior selling. A"dress Hardware, No. 100 Wu= .1. gton street. H otel for sale-most desirably located on . tiie principal tieet, near the ferry, in Jer-cy C'it.i, with a favorable leave, at low rent; fully furnished and titled up; In auecersful op-ration. Fur further ptr.iculurs address/. W. >!., Jersey t lty Post oil ce. ' vi eat market for sale?doing a first cla8s IT I .esh; not soling for want ol busin. st, but fot other 'i uJ stiJie.eut reas m?; en a good ftvouue. Apply at 1 No. J (Ionian t street, In the ale vault. qteam engines and boilers?new and second 0 hand, i rom tutee to a hundred horse power; also Pumps, ; JL-st r- ami other connections. Tiiuse in want of a good Engine or holler, cheap, would do well to call on J. w Vl.lB, 3.1 Gausevoort street, between Greenwich and Washington streets. ; qtkam engine for sale-from eight to ten 1 liorre power, baud wh -el and pump attached; ncurl] i'.p-.v nnd la perfect order. Can ho seen at the Puiut Factory, 1 Jb Horatio e rect. (J TO RE FIXTURES FOR SALE.?A FIRST RATE LOl jj nf Store Fixture* for sa l x-, ry chesp, as'ho oseccra ki gam# out ol Inn business. Apply "ni w7 Math avenue, iu the 1 I:. re. fllo BE SOLD (HEAP?TUE OYSTER AND REFRESH* A mer.t Salvia out in r of Mynio und Class in a venues, , Br* oelyti, doing a good business lor the time*. Apply on tke J pre in s-s, in tb? basement ' Q'l 9^ ?WANTED, A MAN TO TAKE FULL CHARGE ij! I .j'J. ot a well paying Butter and Prixlsli i? ?u?iet . low r i.tof store, ami tw o rooms lor a family: will wait :os part of mc mon> y, as a mati U ncfdoU. Apply at 13d Buwery, neat'Urand sir et. 1 (fchifWl WILL PURCHASE A COFFEE, TEA AND yOlrly <1 ery Store, on one of the b. si business street# u 1 t vu. Ir... established ami doing a gooxl bin-lues*: proprietor pus I > lean the city: the Stock wort': t,ioro than the ' nit*: >; e*'trpl. ic Fiklnres ml I,case In the bargain. Cation C. 11. HOW K. V' CO., *31 llroadwajr. ?CKO WILL K'ROH \KK A FIRST RATE OKOCERT ' Ji'leJ"' an.I Llioor More, situated In th i leit In aiity In ' the II.", and w In n: a laig i II T'<*r bneine ? is done. I up.Ire nt iiS <' arlton siri. t, o' ?' MWiet Twenty-fourth street, beJ lore li ocli k A. St.. orai.erd P. M. SPECIAL NOTICES. \ CARD.?JANEA OLIPIlANr, FOR M.xNY YEARS Foreman at Nmitli Brothers. 122 Fulton street, will one on Monday i r Tie in. next ai Si Perk row. Lorejoy's Ro e', h-re he will carry Ob the M-rel ant Tall ring. in alt ' Its ivune' ee. Vrmy and N'exy uniiorins got up In lUo beat sty! .'*] ! at t! e shortest notice. /SAPIKlir PI,1 II OF BROOKLYN,?THE ANN' AL V iii a i c oi Hia > hoc stlon lor lie et ,un o: oRI era x. i.l, ' n M n ay eveinnr, M.i.i'!, 1 a l.-ui- an se en . < ii > in h, .it i. bait lulo sint uorne. <> i i 011 n a ..iiloo iiv.- j L. KKEr. I'ivhi icut. J. W Joiikmih, Secret* r.'. VI or XT VEBNON r.'tXKS. NOVICR. i\j ( xrut..,1 w i ,-r moI'M i khxon ri.KET. V.tOl! WiKI.IIKl.IIW Sll I N'l TI >K Vl I.LK. 1 I'EI.IIA x Il.i.E, i I:?T.. T MLL, UNION OHT, Oi.lN VII.I.K, Ac. V .11 : ! kclioul ,i e w n in i ut iUc FonrtcanUi War ' Hotel, rniuorol'G ntnl ami Kll/iibi liwlf on Mooilny, '.i ii . hi . .il?-r me i.ew ta\ Imv. Taken m l p nn to II r. full ii before tlie lnof tprtl, I n 2 will In-*'Id for ln\ ii. l. jlj 'd n'tiic eale Jm . ui .. tun . be ictluiuicil* l Collector E i-ielitHier?JOHN H. VOKKR " \Ves; i.. ?n r?OKOB K UDOl'KIl. " I' I KVIU.KTON. " Scli .i l??' O C XX .SB " ?V. Mll.CKK " VI Inge Mi a 111 Vernon?J. I.I.H A l'( < 11. ' \TOTIOr. TO TvXI'AYEK.-,?OrFICK O Til . CO*. J3I '"! '-Imi'rs of Taken i.iid A' a infills, No. 221'na.oiiera "rc t, . : . Y'.ik. January 13 lej..?-.otic in lierob ilrea thv ih- .will mi nt mliN of r-n unit p. r* nut roat or the tuj of New Yuk tor liie iear I In: itniv ? n lor n iblle 1 lu?f lion and will omit nue oja-n n .1 11 0 li .lav . f April nwn. Im-lu-ier. All iat| .i em ar- ii unatljr r i|hmI t.cnil ' and' the came. in orde. that any error. t Ho na ,1'i.iK i ay ba correrlod. aUuh ! paimuiaruillb'd by t iv 1c reduction of their ava-.merit*, by i uaon of lie ing clergymen or lor mililmy a rm: a; and uiao Hn- iry or cl.Nilti.'le liiiillullon*, by law anemi frmn tava.i.ii no ra> H'O iled to make application fur n?.o!i m il I nn or ifiap lion, previous to the cloning of the rol * on an d Dih day at A bi ll. TbefuUowni. aeotkm of Iheantof April 13, 1H.W, la pub * tiom 10 I?iirlii'! il.o I'm# the hooka ahull be op^n l? I ptim.i i x.k nun, aa h.ieiub-Iim luuvl.l d, apt,Ileal on ujf l L.I In tijr ofljr P?rrI 'll coimiiifrillK himtelf i'?rlTe\ i d l>/ lb* h >? t vd ikikhi of Ilia ral o |> r- n I c'lnt", to hnrc the i"rue coi rict Itx.n wtppli a on e iiptIk in relation u> } Ta'mttun of rcntl eatat , It moat l?* m ide n? wrt'tni(. ? .in * ih? rrmiun o. ,d? it. n th o, and lie-mt:[?on it.* t,\ nj iitskiuueri i-haU exa in o the e u. ? . : if. In tko.r Jnrt*itieni. the **- xatpetu la erron. oi.a,? er ri?;. i eniiio ina aatur to lit- corrected. It a .rli .ipi 11 ntton mr !'l. in titiitlu i to the ?? v.tlnn Inn of perw.nal etam, ' i I " |i|u! itlil xtrill he eXa" licit M I.ter Oath y ih ('o.ii I ?| ! ra, ivbo aiiall bo i . Unr aed t > r nurh oat1', r I it i.'/ oi them; and I., In hi-or -fir JndiOluilt, III# # I r ism^ni in urroneoua, cunanthhaini tihaior* | i-cod. mii.i tlx the amount o. 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O'OR'DY. RFi'FNTI.T OF 'i HE I ' . ?< in II')..*?, Hroa-lwa , iia* r m. vfil to No. 7>i , ; M' . ?. cc; ir "f Eighth ?'r i, where lievrlllbc i.*wy , | to ii.l'P' lii-i f. rii r friend* and i?itona. ! rililK FIFTH WARD OFKMAfc I EMO? RATIO CI.UB ! J will hold II* ivpnlar Monthly Mciltny this (Motion? I . ?? lialt > ven o <i *??> H' rd penard i a i. t. C. HKIDII'iKF, t ic.lueni. l > Li mrp, Srerataiy. Taxes, taxf.r for thr town of mohrisaxia.? The town ?ml reh.olMl nil ed ewiH t- til t\ ?r. kl.Mti'i llui.w. coin i of Honoiir uliil Brnontn treeln, on ' Monday March 10, forti ? la*i 'line '' .iAOOH K REi T'.Ftl, Town i .. f H. M t;, AYti, tii'lionl {Colic ore. TUB RBBRkUOlii ATTENTION?SWAN S t'AVAURY, Wan tod I,, ine.ii ite *, l ,vo ,ii.i?idan?, two Mnr': mltha aniliw ,ii.v hbln ho Mi.un, inrllif only.n airy y uooi.U tiov aiitlio'i I ''.il to ho nlp.'.l In tins Hirt'e Apply to ' ainxin Andaraon or btnutonnnl Cnnttoll. ifiCourt atr. c't, l-'rooktyn. ' all "TBBKR MONTHS VOI.UXTBKM ANH vol.. J\ f.ntroraior "tivojmc ' or -t ,e war," diseii i n-1 for diaihttlty, or widow* of anr attch, ok It on TU08. Ii BRAYB NARO, il Wall a ri'ot. WIITTAOItril Ktn.EH?JC'HT RECEIVED AN IN von# 01 AO ol me* iwiobra.od I'lWed Mupketa, with Banrtlrla complete; for tale the ml ouly, alao Ij.lXM Cartridge*. CHAN. U. YouRllERR. itf Cedar itml. ud aUln. ^

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