Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1862 Page 2
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F > * , IRON-CLAD SHIPS. Their Great Value as Vessels-of-War. The Great Trial Battle Between i the Monitor and Herrimao. The Nevr Iron Ships Building in the United States. WHAT ENGLAND AND FRANCE ARE DOING. PA.OTH FOB CONGUENN. Ac, A<l, n AC. THE GREAT TRIAL BATTLE. AMitteoal Particulars sf the Operations of the Herrimao ted Monitor. ?< I'l'l/UL'VT np TOE OTT /VP AO TU? An\f v A&1JUMW* vr * '?u i hjv* Vl' A VV BKltLAMD. The Cumberland Uu Congi en* w<?r* at anchor at soma distance from ai ch other at Newport's News?about three bwndrad yards apart. Tliis was oo Saturday last. At about halt-past alevaa A. 11. tUo rebel steamer Mar: intao uanio in eight, and wa were alt on the alert. waicb'ng bar movements. There wag-not Terr much aorpnse a*. -preeeeU, aa ehe had been expected for some days Tbe ansa war* beat to quarters altuoat immediately, and erery preparation made for active resistance. The Cajdaiu of the frigate, Commander Radford, was not ea board, being then occupied on Court of Inquiry on board tba Roanoke. In hit abveoce the command was assumed by Xlrst Lie "'so ant George U. Morris, Kxecutire Officer. As aeon as t)?e forrtinac got within oua mile of tbe Cumberland wa oooued lira upon bar from our ten-incb ptvn guns and ghir rifled cannon. Soaaa of tba shots struck her, and others pa used and Ml short. .She pnid no atteution whatn*er to our Bring until she got near up t? tha Congress, when she trod into her. The Congress immediately re fl trued tba compliment by discharging a v hole broadside, followed by another. She continued on her course, still firing at the Coagrees, but seeming not to care much for Iter, and on coming much nearer passed by her and made attract far tha Combarland, under a full head of steam. Oa approaching sufficiently near she Brad one Shot at us, which killed fire man and cnt away our mala rigging, dtsmmock netting, fin Tba Cumberland at once replied by firWfl into her most Ttsoroustr. The Merrlmar than drew off for o abort distance, rounded to uii ouu into ua, dtrtklng mo oa tbo port bow, becking off again and ring into u rapidly. Wo contUmod ail tbo orb lis pouring thot alt aboil against her Irons oor niaa inch guns and tea-inch pirots, without producing anjr oflbct on her whatever. The Cumberland now began to oinlc. Tbo ire* m nstor bad only ran into ?* oaco, and otiii wo know thai there was do chance at all of earing the rearoL Although la tMg-ongeroas and momently sinking c adittoa, tho uea and ofeoeranoWy alood their ground. Tho Herri mac continued all this while bring occaeioaal ahota into or, killing lour or ire eaoa at every shot. Tho cockpit was soon fllied with wounded men, and poor fellowi maimed for Ufa were scattered over the upper, gun end berth deekn 8tlM our men r en tinned working PHd bgiittog their is tho meat gallant mannar. Our forward magarine waa aoon filled with tba water wliicb waa rushing into the ship, so that it became outirrly sieateas. Tba bast order, under tho circum*taocea, pre. vaiiud, but tbo criea of tho wounded worn dread: ? At ooe time e xheit burst through the sick bay or hospital, tcMtidg four men who were on tbo elcfc Hat and unable to reiwrtftff duty. Al ladt the water ruahed into the gun dock port", and it waa posn that the ahip would not Boa' mar-u longer. She was now all down by the bead, aod going fu-t to tho bottom. Tbo boatc woio thereare ordered out, and with difficulty brought alongside. It waa, however, almost impossible for tho men to get from tho gun dock to tho spar deck, but sum* of I Hem climbed Into the rigging, and otbeisanreng overboard aa tba ehin was aettPag out of eight i ?erybody stem nature!ly endeavoring to reach the boats; soma bfty or tiilf men wore oe*n boating and owimming about, oatohing at spare. ' The rule now was every one for himsoif. Quito a numbei wore uruahed by tba after i,rot ann. wliicb rolled about la a, nua nuu. Tho Maariaaao, (esmx 'tut aba bad Btii*had up tit* ( Of barlaad. than draw off Anally and retiiraod to ^ tba Otmgrbaa, t'lng at bar aa aba approscbad- # Tba two athar rabei Btoaaaia?'.ha .lamaatcwa and 0 Yoktowa?ware oaw aaeii oomiag down tba Jant?? rtrer, ^ ad soon aftar open ad Bra an tba fort and on tba ship* ai TbaOoagraaa bad boon light id* gallantly al! tba whila, b*tt now baabait aboHt oat bundiM maa killed, and 0< na?ag at tba aan.o lias* so riddled with shot p( that aba was rapidly (taking, waa taken la tow by tba gunboat 7?'iaaa, hut tba Bring at ill roiiiinaug, (ha h ut- g ad tba Bag and aurraadered. A CaaTcda- m rata efamar then want rlongmda and took off r iba officer a at pri<*oara, allowing tba men to f <oa?a in tbair b?ate I.iatitaoanl Raitk, who , nwotmanded tbd Ooncraaa, wa? killed, with a nnmbar at , nthoe officara and man Only "0V*r( nara n.ivle p i t Vha off*en* of tba Caaibaalaad ffarad na*t ddorabiy. t Among killed waa tba Chaplain, J. I,. lonhart, who , ??od to .'^Ida on Btataa laiaad. Ha *si aot board of ? aitaa tba fl*ht, and ta Mutator* onptosao *x> bara boon ? drowwad Warter'r, Mute John M Harrington. of floe'o*, tied tii* ktWAal off. AM tli* poor f*?lewt *rho ##>? wounded 4<>wn with Ut* eb.p.M thty w*r? totally tumble i? hey tham. Mima. ' Tb* n*ht h*tw#?ti tb* Monitor *r E> 1 ?*?o beU*ry and ' th* Oumbeitand wa* rdry *i*ttlng. lb* foi roar ?n'?I I fl wm ta no way* tnlurnfl; bat than < no doubt that tb* Marrltnac hag two o<- thr** bolM rut Into bar part ?ida Tb* m?o on th# Cumberland (at Uaet tboM who war* pnabta to help thMtealva* from their larrtbl* wnuada), It tank tretor* any effort could be mad* to gat them off Jh4 the gtnt4 M4 fr.qate vnt d"" n ,?./k tht Vnitm go# /y. Kv7, at no mm" eti hart tuauM Aawt it ffoam, tifiwert andiura decI*itm0lk?t they oouUfgo 4manhtfor? 1\*y wonU tn render Oo ta* aim* tught th* fl*c was naiiod tob*r feratop mw-i. which remained a boa* wat*r after eh* tank, by Who mft gpnrtnll, to do *o, and ta etui floating thai*, la daftanc* of the rob*t* !>riug tb* whole engagement bat w**n tb* Cumberland ad the Merr daoc thar* waa hot oo# man a#*n oa th* latter reaaol Ha nn* out of b*r batch, aad n? aoon a# h* wan Man a abet was flr*fl at bun, which nut bin cu*apt*t*tjr la two, a*adlaf hi* hand fly lot la o?# direct!**, and hi* tag* aad part of hM body ta Mother. Whan tho Cumberland waa g*tag down tha mo* oo b-arrt th*ar*d !?* thy, a* tti*f at*u did whan th* rebel flag aad flagstaff war* ?bo? away from oa board tha Mammae. Tb*ro word a* ?b**r* aar ahoota ea board th* Mernaec, which H may bo atatod, la a acraw aiaamar, r.omplataly nerared. Th* athor two eaaa.h laanmra had I"r?nc* t*fd flying. "htoh aould ha plainly aa*o at a grMt diatano* bet aabady cm gira aoy raaaon rot thia. Ta II anyaaiahaaa lharo war# ten gin oa hoard l*t fanr on each alio. ml on* earb 1(4 Wn <aah gaaa. altlloigh aaa Of two night h.M km 'org**. iha N* la Sra at ?Vint hair mat <*+ of tof*, *?l tw could <*iy occMtosi \j aaa IM ? . *M w?r* wnrkiag tha ma. Thtg wort bablnd Mar **.)? aad wa 60-jI4 *?'7 ?*1 4 gltWPM at tharo OB tha raaot! of 'Mir piacaa. ?i?#rhl atlampt* wart mad* I# pah thaw* with nflaahoU, bat with what auocao* f*~* ?* jOTtf**1 fjary MM toad Vftba ifcrrt ??* ?HI thrangh <# rtJr tut w# wold aoakn no nor??*?vn at all apa* bar, although wa t?l bar error tvaai? <*d<Moo of m h) ahc* aa4 ahaU fum aar Did* a?4 <? tank m*. o?r nfgoan bahnrad rarj antral? all through ib? ami.*. amythtag tha? bad, and aatiplag (ml/ with lHa.r .Wan and (ha aW'biog lbar had on at Uh> Mma Tha t mbtrlaaa aaak la wa'ar flfly-ftwir faat gaa* i h? ataanat Wfeigaa aa?ad a gmat nmbar af Ihoaa who fati inia lha watar aaj mora allrging to biu of apar nod too-4 t"rt. Tha aagairomaot laatad n>r .??,,? two haara, natil tha OajaWtaad Onau/ want loam with har # NEW YOB U must be mtwUoaed that tbe Oeugroaa weaootde ti*yM by Vbe ishib, bat by to* Baton eeltore who ' w*r*M( o? board (Or tbai purpwi It to Mpffeaed by i orders of Ooooral HauedeM. STATEMENT OF OMB OP THE CRBW OF TUB CUMBERLAND. Caxv Bi/ruax. Nnwi owr 3 Newa, lUub. 1M1 A' l*?t I bora n^ws to writ# yo? My loot letter from on board tho Cumberland, oo well as oil that bovo precoded it from this point, must bove boon levisJ of in Uroei entirely, for, suico tbe npliir* uf Hettoree, with tho exception of tbo hi tie escapade of the rebel steamer Patrick Henry, some time stooe, tbe old ship boo aeon notbiug in the way of eervioe. Yo.'ordiy rs>rulag, ebo'it tea o'clock, o sodden excitement was obearvahie on board our gellent vessel. for myeelf, I wee not keeping a rery good lookout, eo I weo not at tho tune detailed for t-e; vice, end eat.ore do not usually attend to tuore than la required of them. Soon came the booming of eigual guas, and In a remarkably abort space of time tbe crew were celled to quarter^ end"prepeied for mil ion.'' Tben I bed tune to look around me and m what It all oeeent. Away off in tbe direction of Swell's fo.nt wea -sen four or Ore diet mot vol .ma* ot smoxe, end 3bortly after, with tbe aid of a email glass, I tew what appeared to me to be tbe roof of e house moving along in tbe water, on a line nearly parallel with tbe rebel bet.Lame there. Ilaw navel looking vessel soon chnngyi lu course, however, end pointed ita bewe directly towards ns. Fus gtu^a wero all shotted, every maa was at hi* poet, end word w?nl eroun I tha shipt "That a tbe Merrimao" This toot, however, lasaau te alarm no cue. Faith in die power end eSciency, not to say Impregnability, of our veeetrt ems a peeclter oharaetoristw on beard the Cumberland. Hew well founded thetdoewM you will soo-. see. H wannow about two o'olootc.and another movement <ef surprise was observable. Another proar that sorrow* J" rome in battalions." Another signal gou from the abort, oloat to u* tbistima. Turning ejrra up Jamas river wa saw our quondam trieud, tbe Patrick Henry (the old Jumeslown of the Naw York and Kictimuad lino), accompanied bv tha York town?a vess-ji that has been her consort in bor mora peaoefulpursuits. That" last vtestis, armed to .the teeth, teamed down and joined tbt eunmiog, queer-looking diet balow. They con begun to pet uncomfortably Dter. Wa were at! acxiooeiy waiting lor the command to "give ?t to tb?tn," At fast an order wea civet) end two of our heaviest "playthings" spoke out their compliment* and sen' their uhnun'lal respects to t ho monster, which still appeared to he making for tut particularly. To our inteu.sedisgust' not to s?; astonishment, the two soiid iron niMsengeia, after having been so well directed as lo strike our antagott st fairly and squarely, ricocheted from bar roof and diear>.n?arad in tha distance bayoud. On aha came, without returning the eomp'iraent, and wa ooceaioually giving her a taste of our metal, until witbtn. I shou'd judge, a hundred yards ef us, when ehe suddenly yawed around, and we had no mora thau time tocutinttlvogvmson hor side before their contents came crashing through our bulwa*k?. We gave her as many a* ahe >ent, with aome by way of inturest, but it hid not aeem to eflbct her in the slightest. Then the (feugreM {whichwu lying fur< the' d<_ rrn) and the water battery of heavy ootum?>iade on the Point, commenced pla> iag upon the monster in ? wa, wii ioh nut have given thoae on board a very goad idea or a vary aevere bal.etorm. Bat, bless you, the only notice aha took of them was to occastoeally throw a ahull or iwo Into or over the campe at tbe Kewa. She en ireiy ignored the exinlnico of tbe American frigate Congress. In { time tnan I hare bean writing the last ten Maes our antagonist steamed around and cams up to wtthla forty yards of us, and gave us another of those terrible hr odeidei, The shrieks of tbe wounded were heart read ? ing to hear, but a Sitter in action has no ttme to think of* inything but his wort, and such ef oar guns ae ware oo< ti.iab.ed anil kept up their Are. but our rival now' tdopted different taotiea. Drawing off a few hundred ferds, she put on n full heal of fleA'n eud came directly ttua.ror 'he purpose of rnaalog ne lU"?a, the elauok Kir port side, as naar as I. could Judge' (fof ( sil thrown somptetely across lbs deck from the loras of tha oel ision), about eppoeitn t ba foremast, making a tremoadooa :arity below our wator line. Tba wator oame nab' ng in, in spite of all eflbrto to preveut It, ia4 it was suon uoiaed around that wo wars linking. This rumor htd hardly time lo go hough the ship wbea lbs mnrstar bad dissagaged i?rs*if, and was again coming at us at the tap of bar peed. Tberawaa no escaping, af course, but all who rero left alias and unlajtirad managed to saizs something rherewiih to withstand the Toroe of the Vow On she ant, striking us ia tha waist Tha orasb ?aa tarrigs be good old ship oaraaned over fearfully; man, guns, verylbing, warn tocsed aba it the deck promiscuously laoy were injured; aod as the rebels ooVd sea, as wait is we, that we co-lid do thena liitie barm, now directed lis aueo:ton to tbe catteries oa sboreaai tba Cos. re?e. (V ceorae every ens oa oar ?b p so ght peronal safety. Many of tbo Pone had been loured, but to these left guob of tue wounded could ba readily got at were pieced. Aad all who ould get ia or around tbe hoeta war burrled to tbethore. a for me. I climbed op in ibe rigging, with many others, nd wnf. alm.^' displaced from my teat when the chip eve a flat: iurob At lest, however, a steam tuguama it from tbe wharf at Newport's N'awe, aad we ware all Icked up and carried a safety lo ferra / ma. W4 VVMI WW ?i| w mm oft'.urin?uf IBU VII RB'KQ* om* of ns aariatod in working th < haary gun* of th? at?r brtlier?: but the most of lb* defunct CemherUml'a row had h?d 'enough ftgbt." far oa* day. Soon aftar re got >n ahore we saw the Congrats hotel a wbtia flag ?* token of surrender. Shortly afiar an, or between bat hour and seven, loo whole robol float departed iu tba llrott ion of Craney Tatar d At abbot ton o'clock laat night wa board, at our camp iera,of tha hit*! of tho Monitor, and iu the txbin in rhii li I am writ, ng tb>o, I can loll yon, the Intel! i?enfle rau lenetved with Una* boarty < beam. During last ight tba congress was h "iad What bar aha was tired >y tba robala or by msr ovtn fori oa from Iho foint hare I iera oar learned. Of tho fight thi* foranooa. between h* Marrtmoe and the Moor tor. 1 aaw hut little, but board neigh to *?il?ry ma that tba aatagno at of nor good old bip tuM bar match and aaora, loo. Aa I had loot my lit la gla??, at (bo nicking or the Cutuberinod, I bad no ut seeing the Interloper di iron off lusuuh ana!lout lyta by l ieutenant Wot dee end bte brere craw Your regular coreeimtideot, who Irna, of ooarao hot >r meant of aeoertaiotug the lotto in tbo see tbsa I, ' ull deerrlbo Ui a !(< ' aolioB 'tfln tely' ita.% THE CONhTRt&TOB* OV THE MAMIIOI. , Hb r* A IKOJAX IftotlTUTIOK -ACISOOISMMtllT OF QKNKbAl. WOUt?~-TBb Limi SAVID ' VORTRKM MOVROB |l'-am tho lYoy f rati. Mar>ih 10.i Wo are btgb.y gratified In ho ablo tn natf that lbo> . roneUd Monitor, which a:h eved such decided "caoaa over the rohel flo?t and the ran aiaam?r Marrb ' *?c, at I'or'.'eor Miwiroa and Newport's Vowa, ou Petu> 1 lay, i*. tn rnopact vn n*r roe nantoai ciamr-tciion, ? , roUn rstt'ition. and that to ton of ?ur m.-Rt protuuranl lit Mn* ir d'to the hor.or of Moritnf hnr forth, Rrruad tad 1 Nnippwt la ?:rb t sv?y *1 to tMMt lifk int | arcowhiob lit* 'wbtlt m'rhr mco ugmoRt titr Wo tl ad* to Hani. Joo.j A flrl?woId tod .lohn f. Winttow? ,wo tirfa wb"ta inter* t In ha ciMtructioo wn tueli it ' o itdlottt promt! ?t?:t #tia'l*d otlr by thtvaf fap?. t Jrl<-neon th* it|*(iio<it inventor of tba Mom , or Mtttrt- ?ki?wotd Ml WIbrIow m*dt th# oatrtel willt the to*?>tm?t? for the con* tern wn >f tbtvttttl tad wi'n f'tpttla Eitaruoo aad Mr C. S. hithstU, of Maw Haren, agrttd that ?ht thr?ild peat , tadtr the eoamy t frt htfo-e tottpttno* by t?a author). t*t. How admirably andtuf?t?f?lly *be nnnnload bar- I olf la tht untqutl rotnbtl ?a*rn>lin( two of tit tbrt* rhal thipt off, dloabhng tht iron clad Mammae and com aliluf hor It rtturn to .Norfolk foi raptirt? it evnlanuad a tht lea patch ptibllahad btlow front Sinrfil Wool to Mr. Oi ijwokl, is wbch tha old rataran niterit>#t to bar til tht ('ory of defeating 'ho warn v t th pv m,d of ntrlaa tht ratt in Hampton Road*, M wall n? prott?tin? ibo rot: i'jtlf Such a trinmph w*?oorer baforaachnrad bt ?by rt?tal la tht ttryict af thit or any other nauon. iruum ErlotMB, m wa bt?a ttated, waa tba ?. y?o tor of tba ?** !, aad waa aoablad la otrry o'it th? tti'arprint only tbro<i|h tht tgancy of o'ir towntrnta, Tht iron plata which ro vera tba rwael waa mtnufhouirH al tht workt of litairt. Oortiing,Wtnalew h ;?. au4 it tht RaotMiaarIran Worka of ihl? city, tojather with oibar portlona of bar nrnob a?rr and it a worka ihnt roadorad ktr the formMabla rd <it Ob>t'iet?hlt nxtaattr tba it. All Uooar to Turjtn teduatry, met hanlotl tklll tad capital and la Oapialn Srlserm the 'i'T?klOT tf VV "HodJtor." A briar datcrfpiina of "a fr no id tola yetaal wIP ha raad with lattrait. (fcptam Rricaamt, bar inventor, alto deafened tbaold frigtta frlnoaroa, iht flrtt *< raw *t*am shtp-nf-wtr, with htr mt'-hinarr phtoed eatir *ly below | Iht Wttar lln?, tad war Die flrtt to employ calorie n* n mat ir? tn angina* Tba Moot tor may b? taid to connlat f two v??noli?lha two triawniing a bombproof math ahovt wntar, wbila tna otiiar le i>alaw wav?f, and jontaln* Uaf "IhCkt'rf foal, atorai. ac (yimtaodat'oht for -fAw. V ExtanuMly iba pronto" to tbt Ilr* of 'he *utna? t run* a lptU r' b-rt ah 'Ot r'ghtttti ln< baa thor* '? flvAr. an 1 t aort of Mtrtello t' Wtr, twenty naat ui diaweier, m l tan ftat blntl. The mokt sta. * dt:'ln( .tolnm i lo?at .?d Into tbt I bold, It belut made With toittrrr tpio alldaa. Tba b<ili la tbarp at both andt. t*,? b>>w pr >, oi?>< an t c./)m|n( to a I i?>m' at aa artfla of eighty dagraetio tha rarti iai Una I K IliSKALD, WBDNKSDA Whsa to readweua for aotloa, the lower hull la totally trnmetnad, ai?? the upper cue iaaoak three hat at* tooh a, tearing only eifhleea taohaa above water. The iotareor u at u la the bottom Ulut a alaop, tha took, which is b ib-prvoT, coanag with the lop af tha upper huU. N? ra.tmc or ahaark ?f any kind tman above tha daefc, lad thi MKy thing* expdlM are tha turret or ci'ndel, the wbeol-bouae, and the boa orowou.g tha amokc alack. The moimatioe ef the lower > Jll U. wall that a hall to atrIke It in any part must past I 'ogfL at Ijaat twcuty-five feet of weter, and thcu ?tr k? an n^ 'iuad aurtaoe at aa angle of about tee de(i iee. la the event et the enemy boarding the battery too> can du up harm, aa 'he only entraaoe la at the lop of thr turret or citadel, which cannot easily be eoalod, wiit erou thon oaly <>nc man et e Uine cm deeoeod into U><> hull. Iler length U op hundred and aevealy two f%?i hy fbrty-one feet wide. Iho turret ta a revolving, bomb proof fort, end mpunts two eloven-ti oh gtina. It ia protected by eight thiot ieeeee of inch iron, overlap pi-g au that oo one spot ia there one inoh thtckiios* of joint. The gone move In forged iron elides across the turret, tlio carnages being ui-de to hi theiu accurately. iron ?h<>i by the Novelty Works, each ball weighing one huudred ana eighty rour pouuds, sod oost forty s?voii (lilisre each. The suocftia of thu Monitor ever the Merrimac, m rendered proporUooalely greater by tbe feet that she only mouutcJ two, while the latter carrt*xt eight guns. Tbe construe*ion of the Mouito< wits begun on tbe '&>th of Ootober. and was completed In oue hundred and one days. She was commanded by I.isut. r'orden, who bandied her with oousuuatnate tact and ravery. We subjoin Oen. Wool's dee patch to Mr. Qcuwoid ? Font Monsos. March 0, KM?. To Jog* A Qsjbwolb, Tsoy. N. Y. ?The Monitor Is a , nobis boat. . She saved the Minnesota, which wee aground, ales ths St. Lawtsecs, aground. Her arrival was indeed fortuuate te mywoir. It savsd nil the pro party inside 'and outside the fort. It is greaUy'tobs regretted that she did not arrive twelve hours sooner, wbtfh would have saved the Cumberland and Congress. Sheas much Superior te ths Merrimac. Tee uuor had eight guns,' Mt the MenUOr only two. " JOIM S. WT99L. TBS NEW XS0N4SLAD 8TBAMIES The Two Vow Iron VesdeU-of-Wir How Building in the United Stated. THE ntON-CLAD GUNBOAT MY8TI0. The osw Iron-clad gunboat Mystio, wblch IsoneofttM thru# iron-clad vssssis proridod for by Congress soom four months ago, is ordered to be fitted out fbr sea witfc nil possible speed. She ts at present at Grseapoint la preeess of oompleUon, and will bo ready to receive h?< Krmatnent in about two weeks. She was built in Mystio, Conn., and will be oommsnded byOspt. AlfredTsyior Tne length or ttue vmmi is about two hundred im over **U. with a breadth of near!/ thirty eight, and twelve and a half feat depth of hold. She would draw elavea feat of water. Over the spar deck it a second deck incited by side* curving inward, and plated with half inch iron, eo thai the whole presents aa appearance v?t raaeh like that of Commodore Foots'# craft. Excepting the upper deck, the vessel has the appearance of an ordinary gunboat. The prow is sharp and narrow, and can do service by running down wooden boats. Tie shape, however, it almilar to that of an ordinary vessel, instead of projecting below the water, at istha case with most other inventions of the kind. The theelbiog along hot skies to the hull in a horizoni tal position parallel te the shear is three and a quartet | inches thick, being two layers or iron attached It is >a | the shape of bare, etch twenty -four all inches loog sad three or four inches wide. After being rolled, they are wrought in a stgrag form, aactiosaily, so thai they look vet/ ,ik* railroad barn. This form la railed by roaotiloTsU* "oheir?' as while one edge rests flat upoa the side of <?e tiPsf. ifl.1 tj isiTf screwed to it, the other edge bends upward, and forming twi right iflgWn overlaps part of the bar nasi below It. The barn, which are put an lengthwise, are also coaneeted by a carton* system or groove* and tongues, soosewha1 toitlsr to those tn floor and celling beards. They are eastonnd to Iho vassal at intervale of fourteen inches, bv screw bolts, and when in sailing trtsn her armament will be four feet below her water tin*. The cat water, or whet la supposed to be the steam ran. is efveoiid Iron, about n!s by three inehee square The Uystle wss originally intended for eighteen guns, end that number ef portholes were accordingly made; but the Intention baa been changed end only nix guns will be cavried None of the portholes, however, will be penu?aiui'7 vtuvvu . mm ?? |uui w?u uo ?v u?ny^u mm to be aaally moveable. aad raa ba flreJ from the moat m? veniaal port Bereo Hat columbiado Md aboil |>um Will (it Mod Har ca nnoa falla l partly at the Albany Iroo Work* aad parllf fcaaaaalaar'a works Her machine ry la similar to that oa the iron ban try Monitor, oon. slating of twebortr.ontal tubular bailors and two horieea. til condanaiuf anginas, aad was bail! at tha iroa foundry or Mr. DeUmatu, ta WaatTblrtaaath airoat. THE NEW PHILADELPHIA IHON CLAD PfUOATI. OCR raaoostPuiA couuM?o.*rMMca. Pan.opoi.fBja, March 10, IMS Brr fhitory, AmvMwnl, Iton Armor, Crew, 9t*te qf Mr. v.artJ-nt.t. Kamv of Cou0rudon, Knginu, Moitmt ani Dimtntioiu?Inert*set ArhevJy H A'eww of lAt iVtw' from Airtrm Jfor.ies, <?c Tba disastrous oowo from Fort, eoo Monroe bsi had an alarming offset apoa all ciaaeoaof tho people, and b*s wakened a looewed clamor for tbo rapid construction of ironclad vomsIs. Tba oflbcl upon gevaromoot ship bttiidors .0 ootdaoood ia tba fact that, doopito tba savors rain of to-day, tba force at work upoa tl.o new iron clad Kara'nylon trigs to wm largely iorrosMsd, aod operations piishod forward with unwoeted rapidity. TBI MTSTtC PRIOaTB 4M? TKR rmuSsi.fHIt FitOATI tOMPARBD. The aewfiigste now Using const muted at Mystic Coon.. wtl) woigb 3.000 tons. ?no will ho of l OOOtons but den. Ml* will draw not leas than ton nor morn than etxtooa fe*t of water, will carry two eighty po mder pivot i lBsdg'ins. aud twalvs rifled thirty two DotinJer* Tha rbi'ade.pbia frigate will hoof 3,500 too* be don. will draw Bftcau foot of water, will be SCO feet long,anly foot beset, iweat.v-tWe feel hold; will hdve thro* do' ka, will oirty -orersl deck pivot g.uu, and s'tteen additional guns of alar an inch bore. &be will, tbara fort, ho not onlr tbo largest iroa-olad vassal in course of ooni<rur.t>oa, bat ?uC if tile iarg*tt fii^i >a tba aom rlcan oa*r aklt uumpr.cnotr or tiib rHif.ioai.rai a. mtOArp. Tba coat raatari ?a l ahipbatldara ar? training a??( r narra ta Axoi*plt?h their labor at an early <l?; AI piMant ib? raaaai is in tha banda ?r tbajoinar*. who bava Inid tba whole bill, kaal and bulwatk*. and ar* it work upon ib? dacks and miarioi arrAngamarita. 8b# liaa it *ha yard af Cramp k Ron. nub eontraetora, lowering i'.ioaa alltha irroundtug building* and raae'Hng nearly Iba laagth of a block of thaciiy fioat lUa jrard l? litaral Ijr abac with rblp rarpaatara, and a ataam twill baa baaa treated c'uaa baaidabar to facilitate lb* euwing of timber ni'i iba boiatiDg or plank*, %o , to iba faaaat. hmaph or tar ntiaata. f'ndar no otro m?t?uc?i can a tbol atnke 'ha bull of Iba oaw frigate dli act. She ' ooovat upon tba wbola ntarior part,and the Italia of an ndvaraarjr will glanaa tarmJaaaljr from bar oblique armor. Tba aide* of iba tbip baaa an aogia of thirty degrees from tbrea faal tbo?e tba load liaa*, and aba will ba armed with a ubarp run bowapr't, voatrlka or piaroc p.eparaiery to boardagorainklng. Her rnddar will alao ba protected, and iar upper de- Ira w H ba (it>tn?i nndar the a lope of tba 'uracil and p'atad b"lwark?, *o tbat Uta era* cap i? ibaltcrad aa uadar an impregnable eaof imp ibo*' aukir. Tba iron platan, wbieta arc to cowaututa tba armor af Iba rectal, arc being daily turned f it from the Brlatol Korga Worka on tba Delaware r'ver, and Irotn one of tba iron milt* *t Ptttoburg. A Urgo qtinntUy of I bom iri do* id thi* city. Thoy oro flftoon foot toot, twnrty" Otgbl ?B<U? iio'f IncTvn* ?!dl Did four OB<1 D h*lf Inch** thick th?y will ho bollod W- tho ?mm>, hut (bo bott* will not oouo thro .gb to 'ho ottorWir nrfooo of oho p to ion Tho ploioo will bo utmnoe'od by tnngno* nf iron ft'tiag in grooreo, tho groornd p'.oton oltorooung with tho t-mg'iod plntoo. Tho whot* woigbt of tho iron ooomg *tU go oorra hundred ond fifty too* Tbo boovioot plot* yot complotod weigbo lis iho iowid eino hundred oiui oghty. oigbt pound*, tho ligbtoot pUio oil tboobond torn hundred ood forty oight pound* Up**rd* of two hundred put** tril! oqulp to* whnlo v?m*I On* hundred woo otooo nr* working upon 'hi* Iron nnnor, on l on* hundred ond forty tori* nf root * woog *ro onnouinod ?' lb* forgon Tho pinto* onoooiag ib* how will ertond o'gbt foot beyond tho woodon hull. Pi ere will ho no bono, englo*, prn'oc tlono or crorlr** upon tb? nirfeoo of tbo *roinr ohou jotnod to lb* bull. MiSanoutr, **? ?***. Th* frigot* wilt h*ro two powgrtut ongimw ?n<l no* lorg* broo* propeller VUool, four bnWerb *nd "blow**," ' noond omega ouch. 8b* will iroTOl *t tho mi* of ton knoto *q hour, ond will oorry ?Jnrow of ono h mired ond fifty mnn Her moot) inory ? boing oonotructcd by Mr. 0. V. Wood, fthUf Unginoor.nnd llonry Moowor, Oonitrnalor *t two M?rr Tord. Th# olntht tr?o tr / T, Y, MARCH 12, 1862.-TRU rta Si On., and tha bodar MkmM frtM./ oswtrwotora are faarrtok kSaw. ?UAajrAoro? ov rntr nutuw rtunovim* iuvmo. The In of Mu A MilahiM, at ridaaburg, aammancel iaat week the fulfihaeat of a oaatmct of fifty thousand Sprtngficid rifiee. The new maohuaory, modailad from the government machinery at Spring Hold, oaet iho firm nearly $200,000. They oharg* the government twenty Opilara per musket, and aoak* tare hundred musket* par day, eaoh |..eoe undergoing seven hundiad and thirty procaaaea. IRON-CLAD VESSELS Of EUROPE. The BTamber, Oeet nil Dt ferU of Those In Bagland-Veatraet With Theee of Kranct. In the Ilixtee of Commons, on theMth uHimo.Mr. m said lie would ohiIIuo to the general question, and (lrooredwi u> remark upon the earn asked this year? ?11,794,000. which ?va* ?800,000 l a. than was naked Iaat year. Alludtug lo the growth uf tint estimate*, he In# let ad that. without going back to the limit of lBIiT. we ehould bacoutent with the estimate of ISM, which did not exceed ?8,000,000. U kadbron urged Ma; owr navy fkotild troeppacewilh that of Prance, fie fttUy aubucribcd to this dawaod, and should Idea to see (ho naval eupramaov kwii up, c at what it might. We ought, lode* I, to keep tip 0 maritime foroe equal, not only to tk>4 of France, bid of ail other nations; and,rigid advocate of economy as be waa, beahould not be satisfied unless Aiglaad main, tallied Ueraelf as the first luariusrve Power. Last year, on Um CsMb of .what Am nobis friand (lord C. re-! wetited aegoisg eaSuabipbaiidtng in tlw Trench deck, yards,largwsuwa wereittied.Uabiuwt beCwe the okise of the sossion io Any his noble-friend asked fur OtipPF more m aommtOf BbJMt&jMPfor biiiWwy five iron-earned * petmattoortayrriiefafihWnr/ior. He (Mr. Lindsay) er thf time PAct4 Wot 44e est ieasM ammnt ta it.000,080. Bis noble frUnd neat jnajsted lhat other-onImms wore adding, to thair iron-dad >het ting land must boMm betModband. At the Uirie that demahd was nir, Ltodsay) warned tl?e government not. to relf bn the By tug visit of Admiral MHctt to the French dockyards, or to Itj* jitarm on this hnjoftbi right honorable baronet (no member ltir Drotiwiteo. V" statements appeared to him at the time to be esasgerated. His noble friend the Secretary to the Admiralty last year slated that the French uero bui/dw tisFeon iron thtpt ar.doteven footing bnHerittt, tmttf which werepveer fultea-arina ne'\eh?makmar Iwrntr-vavm shins >n all

which might be made fit for sea at the end of two ream. > It waa then insisted that woought to make correepondlog preparation. liia noble ft kind actually read out tho nam's of th se twenty at van ahiie, nut finished by oak> ing wh. iner any more information was wanted. He , (Mr. Lindsay) was do staggered with Uiat staiomeut of 6 is nobio ft e'i'l that bo could not oppose any request that we shottM |dace eureetreeon an equal footing with i Kranoo ea to iton elope, although bo no.or had tho moat remote idea that trance bad in tended to invade our ehoree (' Hoar, hoar" from Mr Wttiiains.) The Ianporor of tho French had too much common eerae to quarrel with Kuglitu.1. Ha had all along desired to maintain peace with us. although it was eeld bo would pick a quarrel with us in our hour of need What was toe case, iiowerer? Whet> we wore in freuMe aero-'- ih' Ailonlx.He ji-ootd hiwtf otteb'ti friend; an J although h' CUt. Lindsay) had no doutt f '<r?f the conduct of the noble lard a1 the lead of the gov*rn,aenl had a great deal to do i. lift Ur rr-'ente of Hear:-. Harm and Sit dell, he MUe?ed thai lltat trrea' and ma lei ty ttmiutch of M. Ihottti-nel had obvita. mneh to do with their delivery as the vatt.deed wt were tending t? thoer thane* But ant It true tbiit f iance had the number of vi-sael* represented by hia i.obie friend? tie (Mr. Lindsay) had that morn lug received au account of 1 he French nary on which ho pieced rotiauce, from which it appeared that there were La Gloire, L'lor int ible, la Hormaodie, the Magenta, the SolfuTtneaud another. L'lnvinoible ami La Aoruiaitdie bad taken trial trips, hut tho Magenta and Sotfortne woo in not ha ready to take their trial trips for the nnxt threenaoathe. Wbero, ttiea, were the tea ablpu which bad bee* spoken of? Why, not one or theui would he lauocLed in the preecnt you. How d|d we aland oor eylredj We hod the two vuecU of the Wan tor oUt* ayhal? the warrior and tht Black Prince; the tie fence ami Retiaanee werg ofce ojtoat, and two more were building of a aire between the Warrior and the Defence, 'fhoy Ma" ateo leid down the Achilles, at Chatham, and fit tkMh-ofth+Utie wee UiyjOatodJor which the money ior the. pia&tnZ* deem voted \n the ettint'i tee ltd near. There were n> iron m.**" Sff Jtte 'a3fr them the Wartior, for whidh ?UbO,OO0 wtrwl***1 f . ?*** there were built or building eighl#**/.lhM0 large * touhgh of 80,090 tme; 1 ranee if sbeiw4^' ''W, V**a's complete, would ?My bare a tonnage of au^Ul'hOj&OO tons. W? had W ready four iron caned vessels, fweeeullog 19,009 tons, a?com pared with lb* fow irou casH vessels of Prance, iV**" seating 11,000 I oh*. England W?* greatly i? advwV* of IVwct, aad.ihatoiora, had so jeaafm U> fc*r. Us wished to know vrhet *11 go*ag to toe done with the Ai'i.OOd.OOP. No portion of it oould tia tpi?w?d for liw ber.far or eUc'cni wooden atiiye.carryiug twenty guM and upwards, wa had already more thaaail (lie world cambtoad. Ifa withed to know what wan to be consider ad our limit in iron oeeed vessel* and wlieu building wax to atop, i>ec*M**,cot)*id#ring our present position, hag** no nocpgatijr for it. Although ?1,000,004 wa* grained la?t rear for timber tn wake a proper reeeive. aa tbanonia lord had then said, ?600,000 mora was now tteked lot (be tame purixae. What was it furr Many ef tha iron-raael vassals were to ba built in private yards,it could not, therefor#, ba for tham, uniaas tha Admiralty intended to supply tha private builders with wood. Ha had no hope of rtdticitig tha eetiutuie one fai thing by these protasis, Tar he had protested lor years with iho tame affect; but fas would, aevsrlhelcss', still oontioua io protest against an expenditure which calculation showed to ha at the rata of ?2$ par minute. Mr. Be itch concurred with the honorable gentleman who had Just rasamed hie newt in contending thai while wa ware at pea*e with all the world, ?t became neces?*ry that Strong and cogent reason* should be gives foi such an enonnoos expenditure ou the navy as that now proposed. Tha right honorable graitetnau oppcaita, the member for Droitwioif (Sir .f. d'akuigiou) nad a good reason for asking an increase m tlia asvy estimates whan ha wa* in ottbecause, to uaa the right honorable gentleman's own word*, thw navy was the* itconatruoiiog. (Hhar, bear ^ Siuoa than, too, ta uoueagneoc# of gfoiteiy stag related state mania with regard to tha naval preparations of franca, the feeling of the country had been encB> thai rftegnvernntaut could not very wail afford to -educe our naval tbi oav. But ba wlabed lb sue points answered now, and ha w^had to know what bad become of fa Moire, what of ti>* Magenta, tbeSnitsrinoaod the otnoriioble vessel* of war of wbicii t hay had heard *a much' lest acwinn. He wrw; inM (possibly, If r wa* not trim by one:* who weia tae vMiom ot Imperial cnnrWig) f*<ii CtrQUnrrmmt unromooiiMi, ? >* thai the other no-e uwU tfere jn-offre-tnng but ftoudju* tiro' Me m i <>'*?# cot; rrieition oi Prove* turn ao K year mere uuwvn-ft'l and jmore hiti-erUt ttmMed fty fh* people, ?iid wore difUcMf to 'tuort in Prancer tkatth' ntnrpimemarinew e/eodvty niuI iinnn^oltv on the ap-iian-, av/i Uil bee* to for n n fiber of ypjin, Mid Mitt in ibe Mediterranean, which aoruvpeopla had call*! aKiaoohi lake, (bare warn outre Brttiab vakeel* than Kieuch, -eh.le ia the Brilmh (Uianoel the French had no fleet whai-erer. It he were niietnfoimad a* to lh?ietact? be wratid t>e'haleet man in the HouaeoT fomniic.r. to oflbi any opposHie# lo the vote, but ho leoniad ?*>jie thiag 'ike vpenffi- iwfn uiat'?w noon these pom in. The flv ?4 thee reant >ed ilea" .u'o Committee of Sop p<r l/itd (' V*a*i?Ttefm-e I proofed with 'h?na?/*atN Uiatee I wtnh te answer ? few of the retuaeke thai* I'ai'entrom rtiy honorable friend* <Mr. Lttnlaayaeri Mr. Better' I aiu-eorry to have to nlhirio to the condition of tbo I lenati uevy > net ttcularly. lor I am.afraid thet Uo ao dm canons bare oft*ri led to ill reeling on tbo ether tide of ibe weler. It 11, therefore, d<airahla t? refrain fiotn them , utfti 0 eaiw.aliy an the public of ihi* eountty / *? retri; i eanm o Nisa loot the > '. ewoA Km prior Vh ,vt,J rnoM AoHoreMy The honorable jcn'lemon teem. Oy ihair obaervetnmt, to doubt. D'd the capacity of her Majesty'a government, but their inl? melinii, end think we here been deceived. 1 am bet-hd lotell my bonerultle friend* that emery tor. d (AOf "*>* ato'ad to if y*av, n>Uh r iyai it to eh' Freorh nnral fm-ter, i* <?**(' hear, bear." frnia Mir J. r? kinglet.) Href If tore* l':e >*t ?i emu! .*/? ef thiaaee ojloat The Ho fettio a ad $*>f*ri*o are OoiA aJbrnt' Mr. fjN0S?t.?But act tn nMnaaiMiofl. lord C. PaiiKT ?True, h it they are afloat aad (tabid lw?, put lotea immadiat*Ijr (Hear,haar.) I am perfectly ready to believe lhei the piogreta id the fistick doefcyerrUia note: DveeenI great; hut do net deceive your aeleea end think thel the Trench navy I* n<rt to he ina.uilaiued to lie preaeel fxmdilinn. Krau< * n a? daetmo* ?e we era o: having a powmfnl navy, and 110 aOb'lwlllbe left untried Ihet wfll oondue* lo lint nod. fH*v.h**j; I bow nddie** uivaetf te ibe auhiect i mined let fly IteTora the Hone*. 'tlie aavy eetniialea of IHd'd-t?:i aa proponed, amount toXII ,704,30S. The utimete* of ISAI-tiJ?that uof tbn preeent year (including jt'JDO.OOO ae a auppiemeetary eetimai*, which the Heme granted 'eat year for ren caved ship*, ant likewiae including t-Wtt.itM wnioh vn voted e few daye ag.O ?amounted to ?12,040,6M ? A derreeee la onn-etueutiv ehown in ne-.t year* eetimataa, aa compared with thoao of the peat* year, ?Md,ma. The prlucipa* rem of the d*crea*e ta, flrat a diminution tn the niiuiha, of uiau, to which I ehall presentty advert: aecotxJIy, a laduction in be enm which ia liaoeeaary for the pun haeaef atoree. auil, thiidly, a red letio* in the anaa neoeaaa i r for the prilim* of ateem engines. Thete I* enousiiterabie reduction in the trena poi t vote Vthleh hea re ei-anca to the trentitrrt of the ertbT. 7*4,1 'fill he fim?t In (r rnun/im nb'p - */Wsfl but. 1st ma Aarr Wodt '?<!' '? /Vil ante t? mv.'vdaii mfr"Ord* if fJC 000 for U?poyi*p ll>>iraw)>?rt* v+'c\ hrm Irwin hem *?l on 'A# A<w?nr?w ntjvdifiim W honor#, 'boo, Ibat 1 uiey truly otete that *iu#n Htm J.J'J/khj U paid, Itu> whole eapoudii'ir? for tbal expedition will ha ootni'lMo, m ftf m the Admiralty > "iBreraed There i.? wpua aome other rotes a oonstdat able imp ease-~i'or maiaai*. i ho rote for I ho Moral roootro; hut f on Our# 'hot wh?n 1 cum* 10 that rote the Hon <e will Wo (lad to axooot to the in cf?mo la that rule,for tt r.howe that wo aro bringiag gradually Uigotbor a moat rU,table roaorva. (Hoar, hoar.) I uow turn to our Iroa <;*.?ed ships?It wiH ho tnloreetlnf that I should giro aome Information at to lliolr progrera. ynata bonorablo gentlemen aako<l what waslheonet of tbe Warrior. Jn'-WultBg ail but tbo at moment, tho ooot of that ?hip w*a JUM.AM. r im plate and ready for ?oa An hoaotahio Vxwwa ?What to thooout of tho aritta wont * I Aid r. Pawn?Hor armament, beoidea, ia to neat about A.U.IHW if' km ttuta tn renew of eonawaaWoft tfier<% iron w4 tbiju. 'null it nil tmilrhud, of t?*i< A V" htipr to h'lvf elrern afoa' daring fAa yirvuonf ywr (Hoar hoar.) lu the lonmeef UPV) thaia will be twelrb afloat, Hiat ? oao mora; nnd in 1 sftI tbnra will ho tt'toon; and. in a<l dltion, iboio will ho a now ship, provided iho committee agree to tbo prnjifiRoi wtiuitwo ahali lay Wotora thorn. If tha committee doairo it 1 ran glra tho tuamtgo and lioree iwwot connected wllh (.h'.-o vessels. Tha flrat I class of tthip'i, comprising tho Agincourt. the Mla< lour, nod tha Northumberland wore agreed to last Aogtiot, and are In pror.ros of building, and will ba roodr in t?64 , ' thar aro 400 loot long ; it is egpeoieil they will obtain a Bprr I of fourteen kuota, sod thoy will bo of l.f.'il tuna Three nhius aro or pentiber build, aa they retry tb?i? Iron pitting rlaht round Tbe Worrier and ethei iron ah:pa of that oleae ora only partially pious I up to a kh Mttn distance from tho how ??d stern, bill these TO''e of t.b? largmt class ore to bo platod ri ;itl i mod Ibo nog I ilea# of 1 oaaola (ymiorinoo UieWgirlgr, the 111** . "">v ?LB SHBBT, Prtuoe, and the Achillea; they are of 6.IUB Uos, partially plated, aud Itkewiw have a speed offoiiTleeu k??U. The ??*' tiw or ship* cM|?riM Mm ll?ow ul Valiant, eachcf 4,000 lout, with o epreJ of twelve kavla. The ae*t olass u that or the frwteunoe and lb* Dsfenoe, of t.Mb tone, with a speed of 1144 inilee per hoar Then there is the cIass of the I'riuue Consort, the Oc. in, llie Caledonia, the Uuyel Alfred, ftud the ! loyal Uek, which wore begun as lute-of-battle sbipe, but which are now being oonvorted tolo iron plat 3d frigates, ftnd which ftro to be putted rljht.rouud -theae will l>? or 4,444 toss? woodou liae-of-bauie shiia to be laagthjoedi twelve or Aftoeo iftet. Mr. Const?What la the estimated speed! Ltrti f, fiflB?Ih.-- ivuuat r.iu-n. i tuui riwie ion* dwl ft III hare of one thmsftud horse power, ami ft peed of li|.4l kroto. Tho P.oyel All red and the Hoy ft! Oak, of (bonne tonaugo, will bnvuei^iiiwor eight hundred hom power, ftnd a speed of 11.811 ratios. ( new doaire to deeoribe totally novel class or veeseto.lor which we prO|K>ee to ask a vote In i he present yeftr. Everybody will r?meuiber the oontrovarsy with reapeot to tho construction of Captain Coles, with respect to which oxtouivo experiments were carried on last year. We put It un an old floating battery?we tried tiring I row it, nnil Un u ihing at U. The result was, that it stood the moat complete bat'or lug wt'botit showing ay ooneidorsble eigne of weakness. The Admirably hare since goue eareiiilty into the matter, and ?<* are mm preparino cm intprtm-d cupola, a dunOte cnpoU to carry two gmn.; and OHprvjnu to eondmct a fhiplaemry da of tkoucmpoUt, She Is to be of 2,62V Use, of Ave huudred horse power, and is to carry twelve breech-lead tag Armstrong one hood red-poundor guue; the length is to bo 240 feet, with a draft of water of about 20 faet. We oousMer Ibis s vary important eapartment. Thee# vessels on Captain Coles' pisa ft! s eery remarkable, ss tlisy are to hevo uo metis, bat to treat entirely to ttolrhtoam, and are espectadr deulgauto. tor onsetdotcnee. Thiaerperlmaftt is well worth IMsg Uled, aad SMe'?end?os very ?mk4 to eooaoosy. Mr. CoKftvtUnrhst well ihd cost bsf ConlC. I'aasi ?1 should hagtod to answer thai queslh?,wfar sft-ehe enraoiMty of hnneraide nismhsu is OftoerftSdrlmt I think to would be * ?"tAIAAHH'ii " the pubKo-interest? if ws were to give-toe east ftf each Individual vessel, ami hot reason we have lumped the charge. As to ras unocess of the Warrior,! wish to give tots eoHMftttdee the best Informal og r can. f do not pretend that the U apnioctvenol, but 1 learn freni the ? e nort ei Cnptain Coohrane, than wnom there Is net a weMeraaiidf fit th4 navy, M"a report is sot oSicial, HU? the fiMf behaved moMaJmJraWjf, ^ weatlier was tor rifle, and reached Itobon without a!1* boyond ttlwe to which evorv vessel would be subjeot. and the evidence was suoh as to show that this vessel n At to go rouod the world. The chief drawback about lha vessel Is that eho does not steer well; but this srlses from a mere matter of detail in (lie construction, owing to whioh she has not suflirieot play lor helm, and that to her only real serious defect. The Warrior has proved herself s raoet wonderful vessel, tuid I am tobe able to slate these (sots in ooutradiolion to the sinister rumors that have been in cumulation. Itiave stated to the committee some important facts which must de tannine the fattire of our iron fleet, end 1 may suppiemout them by referring to three proposals on the subject of the bow class of vessel.. The present vessels have tour Inch armor (dates, with eighteen inches or teak. Mr. fairbairn propotet not. to horonooilem barking at but nttfjeds i.vwt lacJnng. Mr. Sou Ihsmeii eays tho proposal ot Mr. Fair tunm ik fX'a m> i?r m coac eri* me uoa tucking imuam of wood, but he proposes clamps, ko thai It uiay not tie ueci-swy to perforate the Iron. Mr. bemuds aaye, "You do not require Iron backing et all, but merely (bet the boll should be thicker and Incorporated with the ship's side." TIIH I'AILVIU! or Till WARRIOR. [from the f.teuton ?*: , Yeb. 82.| The Warrior, 40, iron frigate, la ordered to rorUmoutb from Gibraltar. Her list Of defeota sent home flrom Usbon ft somewhat formtdahle. H U eaeerted that tH* statement of the ship's laboring heavily ann .-eiuslug to atuteror hnr helm, on her outward royago to I.leboo, waa tew then tho truth, although partial)* contradicted bjr Lord 0. Patftt. The Warrior hae coat, up to the present, litKe short Of halfe million; bow in reft more vrilt the public hare t? Up out oa her before rhe wP! "anawer her uelmf'' How many more euch are we now building? AOOCIWNT TO TRr mow wnrtw KAU OKWKNO*. Iifromthe iippdon Herald,Feb. 84.J A teat of a pee' "ar character was made on .Saturday morol?f, afthoilug (be truaersbllily of (he steam rant DeWbod, I nee 1/ >ng at wriihead. lite facte, as far a? we oati tefcrk. are as follows:?it fppttff ih&l tlw guiWnt HunUr pf6oeeda4 0"t of harbor to Spitnaad on the atxwe moiwlng, and wen' along)Id* the Defence, Cap*. Kichard A. Powell.0, ft.; hut miiealouSatlnj liar dbtaaoe, arte ran Wwarrfa the bow of the ship, no that (be bower noekor was touching her aide. A neevr swell was refining a| the time, which lifird the qwnboai, which caught tbe bower anchor. The anchor broke awajr from ma tumbler, and after being dragged away by the gunboat rebounded against the bower tbe&iiipi ifo (An tide of which (k'flukt of tAt ar-JiOi- c-ou^Mffgty wnf~4 a ho1'.. At this oft of ate ship the icon i< only Ave-eightus of an in oh thick, k The I -ofeocp went into bar cor in the evening, and |U'thed alongside the sheer jelly. On going in we understone''* fo.'er cutM-in ihf apniurt. 'Ihli accident h*e em "twl ommMsrabls dissuasion sad e*eHoo>ent, en<l ""ded Ik* ktnkma* of Urn thud of thip. Tbe aperture which '* obout eighteen IncUee square, baa hern flllef in with a "*e0"- ?r Phinkiiig and white lead. We tiearthai a im>w f ,h# broken iron hatbsm examited end : foundThe ind?Wiw.y' "*** Tbe blow was etrm* a 1 row iochet shore wa|e? [from th* l<0v'dt'u *<>*? 2'-j . [ The reps'?* te the Dbfeuce Wl" ** nUboted witbo-i* Ue^ requiring tabs docked. A tUk 'T ** blacksmith* are at ' work oa * float under ber (v-w ? /*< ?) siterationa ere ougKeetcd. en-.ang wbiob her chlbe.'Vt# are to be shitted further aft, which, x la thought .may pr**#11'? ispetttiou of the M&ideet wMcb be?< noeWI ihedtbjagk. ItBASniNU TU BiilLtf ?nww vu?l? T ?ortni?Q( ; W'>olnU;h (tab. 'M) corr**poa<f*iic* at Iioaritm i'c>tl,j A**r<**oT*rp*t HmnU, which *f* *tp*cl?d toaxUud ?v? Httril day*, wUI htonawJ during tb* pr***ot wewb at alioebiiryaao*. for tb? pnrpox* ol iMlirg iho i)Mt *y*t*m of coiirlrirjliog iron c?smf vessel*. Sfvoml imtll*n?* tartfuls, r*pr**Pijliti'? Ik* x>d* of an iron-caaed fiigiln, b*v* l>*on pr*p?*nd. and (luxe will l>a -uibtoctwl In the opartiioo of i iflml ofduaao*. Oil* iif tb* txrgata forwarded from tue works of M*mm". Kairbairu ? con irnruid *u(ir*ly of iron, and U ir.*on<l?-d to aim* lb* ptactioabilKr ami xdrwiuy* ut bdildlag t**mI* iu a simitar man**!', whilst iHhixnreprwwnl th* (hiekuwta of liHtltar auit iron work *T which Ut? Wat-rlOi is CHKpoaad, [fi on ?b* l/Vidott riarald. K*t>. -'4. | W* b?v* (f*iHwnriy alluded V> tb* etoeitanl invention by OkpU>? uowptn Colas, wkiaa; during Ut* past w**k, bo* b?*n t**tnd on board tbw 01.1 rourtaon gun *' ..>* Hazard, tnoor#d at tb* bod of bar1 M*i*?,v'x ship Ulna tu rn* at Portsmouth. Tbex* MOminiMts^ tui**d?i to turt tb* pratuicrfbilitr ot winking two 110 pocoi3*r Aim twig guo< tritbufibo bo?bt?* or .nntola. It*** l-??n alg a*l'y *ucooa*fnl. On a* t or day tbroa of 'h* Urd.t Comra.'?ioD?ru of tbO'Admiralfr?*tr: Adwlnrl Hon. F. W. (tray, K 0. B.. Rom Admiral Chart** Pdsu, f. B , and Hantuoi Wbiibrikd. ??q?want on Ixorl th* H* ard to wliner? tb* oap*. -menu. and to iMpeol tb* cup,,u? xb.old. Unfortunately,- h*w***r,a J<a** ."og jir*v*nu<t tb* pntw'bllit.r Of 111 i*(. Tb*'r loniahifwmad* a dniunt* inspection of tb* abi**0-, n.ido which ihby stood, whil* th* crews of lit* two gnu*.r.i.u*iatmr o." sn moti-o* b. and on* captaut of eh* gm>. who di'&rta tb* shield, worked tho Arm?fong; unruly with to bo* to-Abow ttilr lordship* lli* a Soot of 'bo- j>ra,tio* 'ilia guaa*rc performed tbo varmus *< lattoaa wlihia tb* ta**h*r* wi'b ana* o-*cixlo* ami rapidity, and truirij'! ?**rt h*t? r r?y **ir tb* bog* guns mm id b* wot hot IU gl'taapao* Their lordaNtpj *rprsnaao tb*ir arttif* apw'abalK'O dT* nutai m>< for*H to mtf'im an imuOvUnt v(i?-ini*nt mad* on tmnrd tb? abip on liia |?i*?o?..* day, w>i*ob*ib Armatrong'. wtvli id lb. <iN.itg? kau 110 i? ?.>i,d ?boi, w*r* Orel siai iu ooi.ii.r at a targ?t a,.'dS) ymndn- d-a t?!?i irona th* i upo'* Vot' tb- ?Hgfcu-?i meonimaiOBa* liowveonoilMt'inor *in'<" ** poiocplibl*: m t fhr dr mg oflhwo* two gtila, wiio-h or* ot' *h* )?**v ?rt olil* *. oafi.^d lb* old * loop i-o toll < *?? j era I j S*\ ?r?l r?n.'i'!? wei brml, .i hsn tl waa found tbnt Ui? iirooebm^ rhau kl** w*t* atrainad wbo'lt wl'l b* r*i>la< ?>l by larger onox In i**iwct to lb* xii*c* am) Hi* w?' kuig ?' t>*?* b*nry gnn* w* migUt s?y tb?r? m ?>opi* n iioiumiAiatioo 1 k* gun* runoiiig iu and out of ih* *.',' act log <-ai riag* with *h*gi?ar?*i ?** m addition u lli* gnus' mswx !Oar* w?r* six simotatOf* iBHi?'* ilw cupola, sud tliti " M|.,>ra^*d t* Its tiupl* ai mitntnod*! ion tor all. ill* gunnwy dntloa .? iki?' 1111* inv*n[t<?* du*r from- '.b"S* of ID*" gun. t>, t iti* o.ltaai ml iba Mtoatlmit htrno iknghi ilia iu?oi ?o wo.k i hc?s> f u?l? wilh f rahfaailily, awt 'hayaia nnr'ittn.1 to g.uaf cjadil Iba ax^'mannta waU-aMfinoa itwa waab. Cltjr IntcUlgMM. No**. P??rc*Ji or run i>>MMa?i>?a mmtm on Monday ahonn * m>*tl ????t moat pa fact tat <??? <tCui portrait nf tianaral Mr* Mian, norkad in liao.iia wlillf * Ik. <H)i r?ly by baud, >ha aula' bring Mr. fUtn.laa Maytr. iba nail Un*u auib- oidr'ai, <d IrtHi feunl ?t nil ultbiactly Tbamo*.a iiow #u rxhlhiUon ml ifaaara. ttymd* BroiW,al.HW flraa<t#ay. fl.w nd da'jr.ira a piaea of auioioidar/ liaa rarelf bnaa ?a*t?, rt.a yiortia.t is half launch I iha??i*t vlni'ogi apbio fan : it th-llkanaaa asoallan' Ilia button* and an??la>tlci uf tba iixfaraCa noifwim anrtt'i .a hold ial;af and Iq hri|li< gmd nalliou, aa<( p.aaahl a da>.thn< ngtu Mr. Mayor doaarran great ernrili I'or lira ap'owfld namorlai #f a-r rimnf ConvobU'lar-iu 'Tllaf, ana >?a jm ??ary'iod>r it go op and laka a took at it . Mwrnaa o? rag tk?? oy V?mi.ia/.-.'f%a hong of Var. Baont Itald an iutai *)< ( ait.-tiug ai ha kltati Va??i? (Iota!Monday ayaoiug.aod ra< a ?.'?l :liOi?port<tf ilw wi. ortUao ati a > nnaiitnitoa. Tba .mmlil'UloB proyiitaa ib* a'l citttnna or laacanrtotiiael rlt.rei.n-of Varinoul. rraldt iitg in Now York and rlplnlty, mar baroua maaiWa ?j tha aaao. by aubdrrihi'iig to >i and paying tba Initiilia fWa of flra dnliara. (ha 'frwia w M hold a laaaa at tha fillb Ayaut.a Ho'al on Wodaaaday oaaniog, at aigbto clock, r<> rairaiva VofBwwtorc crflTim in tbooilr, I wM' hkll loan of. rcmmt *art her wiyaaaad to'igbicic MC cxpcclod *o bopr??M(. floraraor IKv'n ** and alafl barn l"?c? incited cad arc e?v#r(ad to be tir*t?nl. i,wrrrn* ?rr rn? Rn Y <\ *??.- #?<* w M?un 10 hoar >1111 pfaaont lio'ihlta dlacuaaad in an nrl?|MI "dUtnet nhcuiil attend Rao. t. 0. kwnr'a lw-*nra ic the war u atW.aducaiinirorcniBf.aairtrtng Halt >(,? aoqnaat oration bct'-na the Sovnnlh rafimanu pu VaahlggiM'* HirtuiUy. mm connidaiad a giant a*?a?r Ra<.*?'iyi<i ofnr* ma nm atrorvM. rh<im>t n?* V<?m Carai-ar ? tdanlaaant Raaoac?, tf itia ftaittth V*w YarV, I Volunteer eavelry, ha* epeamt ai nr, vMng etetlon u 1 8T <* n?w?ry, under a raoaot aewaa iaani'd hy Ueeerti Hf.ciciiaa. t*r reou? ! natron* nf joining tat? n?a cavalry i vogiweat will nun Uavaakoa wj.liy, i?y caiiiaa at U>? abova mentioned utefl* Iknnl Jlfow1 -^T? Iwr advert <i,i< < ofritnM of line morning w'llhe To <& <>raa,f,y? ?rt reenltUine* adoittad by ike BaranMi . ..imanr M (be Vveiub regiment (National Ouard), r.inijHlni^otery to hair ala mm melkdnr, Oaplala rtmii r?. Ota <;i<ini>*iih>u<i <|Mt ?t hun to the hii'taat tc-n?a, i>oi?a ax an <wtenm?~> ft aud a good omoar, nod mnaidv h)a im* ? deep eitllg'ioi ftr xaa' tier daiarr Ivranvrr ?I'tw thdai fjght lofan'.ry, instruct*;, of tb* fairy h<wn oitlltai? aobepl under Uia dir*oth> of Mr. M. C Tr me?, will givo a grand eahlhilh) i dri<i><o.Bn>?row availing, lu ilia Hevcnlu rngi mailt drill t'jomtvVnr "frmpfcina Market. Tha nxb'bit'ot wllMnirn ^|?o? nt halT-paat oo? o'citnok in the afigroonri an4 "".rlmbt aUI i?e n'nw is tenet tog. \ ^ " f ? - av ? ^ "* b'~ MPOBTAJT lif^^BkAinm The Capture of BrunxwloXt t\ud Furutiudiiia. Official Report of Commo<K>r0 Uujwni to th? taretary of tbo Navy, fto. , *?. to* PLAMWr ItOflKMJT, I t Hanson or rwaMi, Ma., March 4, 1804. f Sot?I hod the honor to laform yon tn my lost dsn patch that tho otpadllion for Fernandtna ?u oqulypM, oat waiting only for suitable weathar to sail from Port Royal ( hart now tho pleasure to Inform you that I am in full poaaesaion of Cumberland bland and tho Sound of remand uu, and Amelia la land, and the rirer and town of St. Mary*. I aailod from Port Royal oa tba last day of February v ,a tha Wabaab, and on tho Sd inat. ontored Cumberland Bound by St. Andrew*# inlet, in the Mohican, Commander S. W.Godea, on board of whleh ahlp I hare housed my The fleet oomprlted tho Mtowlng reasots, Mtiiog m the ordor-lh whloh Ihoy are named}?Ottawa, Mohioan, acoompanted by tho SUen, Seminole, Pawnee. Ptwahjn Ui, Flag, Florida, Jameo Adfar, BtOtrllU, Alabama,' Kayatona State, Seoeoa, Huron, Pembina, laaag 'Smith, Penguin, Potomska, tha armed outtor-Han> C*A*i fy* ft-med transport McClellan?the lattee h?vfof onboard the btviallon of marinM under tho oonauuntf of knjor Reynold a?and Jhe transport# Empire City, Marlon, Star of tho 8onth, BelvlJerJ, IjDftOfl and Oenrgas Crook, con'ainlng a brigade under the command of Urigartler tittueral Wright. ' We came to anolior in Cumberland Sound at half-pani , ten on the morning of the 2d, to make an examination of tHdh nhnnnal mi.l nrdii Aid f hn Li/fn Hapa I lAdrnnH fpAm ft oool rat>and who had been picked up at m br Ownmsader I Aider, and from the neighboring residents on Cumber land Island, that the rebels had abandoned iahvste the whole of tha defeuoes of Femandiaa, and wore at that moment retreating from Amelia Island, carrying with them auoh of their munition* aa their precipitate flight would allow. The object of carrying the whole fleet through Cumberland Sound was to turn the bear/ works on the south end of the Cumberland and the north end of Amelia Inlands. But, on receiving this Intelligence, I detached the guuboata and armed ateamera of light draught froaa tb? main line, and, placiug them in oommand aC Commander P. Drayton, of the steam sloop Pawnee, I ordered him to push through the Strand at the utmost speed, to save public and prtvata property from threatened doetruoiion; to preveut poleom iag wells, and to put a atop to all those outrages, by the perpetration of will Oh the leaders of tbta nefarious war hope to drive and exasperate the Southern people. la the mean time I went out of the Sound, end cease by the sea to the main entrance of thie harbor. In aeaastiuoaoe of bad weather, I was unable to oroes the had Ud this morning. Commander Drayton, aooompenied by C. R. P. Kodgere, with the armed launohos and cutters and the small armed companies from the Wabash, had arrived several hours before mo. Immediately en his entering the harbor, Oemutaador Drayton seal (lento* <ra?t White, of the Ottawa, to hoist the flag enlbrS fit in oh, ths first of the national forte en vhioh thoaodign or the Union has resumed its proper place elaoe tbwfire* proclamation of the President of the United States wan Usnod. A few soettertng musket shots were fired from ttm town by tlio flying enemy, when it WM dlecetnrod thet a railroad train was abont to start. Commodore -Drayton on hoard the Ottawa, and I ilea tenant (Jummauding Stevens, chased this train ferlWb mllM, ens firou several shells at it, atmiof at the locomotive, soma of which took efibot. It was reported that the Hob in rid Yulee. Into a Senator of the United State* from (h# State of Florida, escaped from this train and took ta the bush. " t Oummaadef ?. R. P. Rod gars, pushing ahead with thd iiuncbos, ceptursd ths rebel steamer Darlington, ooataia,ng miiiury stores, army wsgoos, aulas, forage, Ac. and fortunately secured the drawbridge, was held durinn the niaht by the seoond (pMMk (ft )ho Wabash. There were p*WM|in ffWW 0a4 child/ed?iothe Darliagtoo, aad the brutal oaptaba ^.flbvpd liar to M flrod opoa, and refused to bolt! wklto Oaf, notarithstaadiag tht ea treaties of tho womaa. Hr wt?m tojurad. I**a4 the eaptala of thvateamer kw? prteoaer. KM aame to Jaeob Brook. So to a native otf Vermont, but tto bar Voea a resident of Florida tar tw?a<? tbroo .roan. Tbo Mat* night Commander C. R. P. Roogenfl ascended tho St. Maryo, with tbo Ottawa, aadt took peeaeeeien of tbo town, driving out s* picket or tho enemy a cavalry. larfjr in tho morning tbo lowa of Femandine waa a loo' occuriod by a party of eeeiuan and' marlaeO from Comta tail or Dray ton'a cov ooao'i. In both pieces tho inhabitant#hod fled,by ordbr? it t* ??iJ, or tbo robot authority. A eompany at oemaiea and war to oo, vador Liout. Millar, ma oootrrooa tbw Mobiroa (o hold Fort Clinch. It is reported to mo by' IJout. ('on unending' Downer, of tho Harm, that th?* whole structure of tho railroad on tbo foraaadlaa aidot * ^eluding tho iwiiigiof drairbrldfo, io quito on injur od. Tbo rebels hove done oomo damage by Bra to tbo traooio work on tbo ot'joi ildo or tbo river, but I am oof } K vet informed or ito extent. Several locomotive*, bag" t, gag* < are, tedslot-e, freight care aad somoothor property Lf booidee tbo) found in tho rtearner Darlington, have boom recovered The whole number of guna discovered up I* / thw time io thirteen, embracing heavy thirty-tiro- V pounders, eight inch guns end one eighty an1'one one. bi-ndredand twenty pounder, rifled gusa. Tho lowno of Sf. Marys aad Foraandiaa ar* oniejnred. I vritad tho town, Port Clinch aad tho enhfrorka o* thoooafbeo of the island. It la tmpooetbta to look at (beta preparation* for a vlgoroua dafauao with not being in'orieed that thay eboald have beta volant*. abor???t?aa nmpleU aa art oaa nukithw. Ms at* wall . .ncaaled and protectee by raugne of ml MUa ba rroat, contain a perfect ehelter for the am, aad-are aw ?wl( and thoroughly covered by the eataral growth tid by tba varied eoutoma of the land, that toatrlke Utom from h? watar wouM be thtoiere roault of ohaaaa. A hati try >C ki* gun?, though larger, and aflbrdlag therer?raa bailor mark, ?a ?or*"pwe" ?helteredaad tnaakadI new battartca. ?ud tba hoary gtma mounted on Park finfh. ?!i>mtn?ud e'l tba tonnage of the meineblp choanal nid iako aa appioaobing enemy. Besides them there w?* another l>attarf of four guna on tha south eo1 jt ' Hitooriand Island, th? flro of which would ciovi iha shaaiiol (aside tha bar. Tba dlfllonll aa at jo og from tha iDdlreelocas of tha gbaoaet and fiom tba aboa'.naaa of tha bar would hare adrtan to tbn ila.?tn ?a t>y keeping the approaching vassals a long tlaaa en?*a<) to dre under greet lUaedraatagea; aad whan tba rbtpa of aa enemy had paaaad ail tbaaa defences ?hay,would hara to an counter a waft conatrwtad and naturally majkod battery at tha town, whloh cimmaada tbe access to tha l&nar aochoragt. Wo are told tfenO ; <J?>i I(oa pronounced tha plaaa perfectly defecaibte. Wa are not nirpriaed at thia, If true. Wa oaptured fort Royal, but TaruatiUna aad I'ort Clinch have bean given to n?. Wt had in tba eapedltioa Mr. W. H assist .lit in tha rout ? ur-ray, woo poeaeoeed aaaurata tooa* knowledge or a pari of the ground wa paaaad over* of which Indcad ha had raada tha topograpbloat -**;. under tha directtea of tba auperlatentten*Ma waa aaaloua aad active, and it fivaai m plaatura to cuantlon him. Tba Empire City, omboard at whieh waa fleneral Wright, grouatted on tba bar. Am aocp aa bo arnrad, in another ataamar, Immediate atepn ware tedervto tranafaa to htm the forte and alt authority and poegestioo on tb? land, 1 desire to apaak hara of tbo harmcniooa counaolt and cordial c> operation wblob baa# niarbad tbraughont my toi'rrouina with tbia abla ofBoar. Our plana ? actum bare ueeit metered by mutual ccMuttatian. and baa* ix-ari carried Into aaaautlon by mutant bolp. I talra grant ptaaaura In reminding tba dapartmaot that onanrtvolpal aad altimaU objaot of tha navel expedition whl -b I hit* th* honor to ctnmHl wu, la lb* Brat on*, caption, to uki aad kMp under control ttM wbol* I In* of , iw ?n?M of O tot fin. knowing, to cat lb* language o? th* original paperthat the nar*! pow*r Uitt oontrela lb*eea roaatat OeorglaoontrolaibeSteteU'Georgle." The report (bat th* forUftciitoM at at Simon , nrmad with heaty [ noi'imb.adi had bow* abandoned, wbiub fl; ?t reached me at Port itoynl, la *onl\rmn<1 Ihl* bo ng tb* oaae, th* ' *nt>r* wt ooant or Georgia la now olthir actually In my ' vo*iM?ri?.on or mider my yniryi, v?d MtuBtfeB Tlewauf ,;r. ^ >

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