Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1862 Page 5
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I FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuesday, March 11?? P. M. ?he following is a comparative statement of th< exports (exclusive of specie) from New York tc foreign ports for the week ending March 11 ami since January 1:? 1860. 1M1. 1862. for the week $1,877,641 2,880,867 2,067,308 Previously reported... 13.631,339 23.018,606 23,848,188 Since January 1... .$16,608,980 26,700,462 26,908,4?? The statement shows a falling off, as compared with last year, and places the balance for the year to date on the wrong side. In a short time, however, the opening of navigation will impart fresh activity to the breadstufh movement. The amount of food which is stored at Chicago is beyond all precedent, and the other depots for Western produce?Toledo, Buffalo, Ac.?are choked up in the same way. The railroads between this and the West, working every car they have to their utmost capacity, seem to make no impression npon the piles of stuff which are eagerly pressing forward. The money market is comfortable; call loans are quoted 6 a 7 per cent, and paper of the highest grade at the same rate.- The victories of - our armies impart confidence to - capitalists, and firing into the market money which has been hidden away through fears regarding the future. The bank* effected their exchanges this morning in Sob-Treasury certificates, and the Sub-Treasurer has been busy all day signing his name to these documents. Foreign exchange is dull and weak. Bankers' bills are held at 112 a % for sterling, and 6.02% a 6.07% for francs, at which quotations there is a very light demand. Many importers feel satisfied that in the course of a few days we shall begin to export Southern produce in quantities sufficient to exercise a decided effect upon the foreign exchange market. Gold was expected to advance to-day, but feH back on the news from the army. The probability is, however, that the speculators will succeed in putting up the price of gold again to 3 a 4 per cent premium. * The stock market was very strong to-day, and prices were uniformly higher. The public are buying stocks freely, and there is every indication that we are on the eve of a period of remarkable activity on the Stock Exchange. The news of the dv.riinnt.irtn nf \fanooooa wau vo/?oiwo<i board, and led to a large increase of purchases ?f government stocks and other first class securities. It is hardly probable that the stock market has yet begun to feel the effect of the enormous disbursements which are about to be made by government. But the effect of this unparalleled addition to the idle capital of Wall street is being anticipated to some extent by the jobbers of the street and the board, and shrewd operators are laying in a stock of Erie and Central and governments and Western shares, so as to be prepared for coming events. If, as some speculators seem to anticipate, peace is reestablished this spring, nothing has ever been witnessed on this continent which will compare with the speculative excitement that may be expected in Wall 6trcet. The country is full of money, and every ono will have money to invest; trade with the South will reopen, and the resources of New York will be taxed to the utmost to effect the ex changes which will at once be effected between the Southern and Western country and the rest of the world. We have not railways enough to do the business that will spring up. And with the restoration of the authority of the Union will revive confidence, at home and abroad, in public securities; foreigners will be eager to purchase the atyviilra wkioli baI^ in <lo? af Ann gloom and our trial, and domestic capital, which, for safety's sake, has been lying hoarded, will flow once more in the accustomed channels. At the morning board to-day the market was buoyant, and a very large business was done, with a general improvement in prices. In the afternoon the advance of the day led to some sales by parties who were anxious to realize profits, and in "ome instances stocks were lower. But, as a whole, the market was strong throughout the day and closed very firm. Comparing the closing prices of the day with those of yesterday, we note an advance of % in registered sixes, and in coupons; 1% in Virginias, 1% in Tennessees, 1 in Missouris> 1 in Pacific Mail, %/% in Central, % in Erie, % in preferred, % in Hudson, % in Harlem, 1% in Reading, \*/% in Michigan Central, % in Michigan Southern, % in guaranteed, 1 in Panama, 1 in IUi. nois Centra], */% in Galena, % in Toledo, % in Rock Island, and % in Chicago, Burlington and Qoincy. The following were the closing quotations of the day:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 93 a Y%\ do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 93 a }?; do. 5's, coupon, 1874, 85% a %; Indiana 5's, 78 a %; Virginia 6's, 62% a 64; Tennessee 6's. 61% a 62; North Carolina 6'a, 69 a 70; Missouri 0 - i % a %; Pacific Mall, 96% a %; New York Ontral, %; Erie, 30 a %; do. preferred, 60% a %; Hudson River, 37% a %; Harlem, 13% a %; do. preferred, 31%a%; Reading, 43% a %; Michigan Central, 67% a 58; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 24%a%; do. guaranteed, 49 a %; Panama, 120 a 121; Illinois Central, 06 a %; Galena and Chicago, 69% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 47% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 67% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 65 a %; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 22 a %; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 109% a 110; New York Central 7's, 1876, 103 a 104; Erie third mortgage bonds, 93 a 94; Michigan Central 6's, first mortgage, 103 a %; Dlinois Central bonds, 7's,93 a %; gold, 101% a %. It 1b curious to refer, in connection with the forthcoming issue of inconvertible Treasury notes, to the following extract from a treatise on Political Ecooomy, published eleven years ago by Mr. George Opdyke, at present Mayor of New York Mr. Opdyke was one of thoso clear sighted ecouo. mists who discerned the evils of our banking system, and of our mixed and incongruous currency. He suggested as a remedy the issue of Inconvertible government paper, in the ratio of ten dollars for every inhabitant of the country. At the time he put forth these views they had few adherents. Events have now brought the entire public upon his platform, and wc are going to test practically the soundness of his theories. It is worth remark that, if his system were adopted, the issue of legal tender notes by government would be more tban double the amount now proposed. Tha following is the extract:? I desire to present tho out hoes of a plan of incon vertlble rarer money, by the mean* of wbl'h, it Is be" Ueved, ali that ta useful in ooln and convertible paper money may bo aecured, and all that la objectionable in each avoided. except so far a* coin may ho required in our external commerce and In the circulation of fractional parte of a dollar. The plan I would suggest may be lhue act forth ?let tlio conatitution of the United Hut. * be amended by tho Insertion of proviaioug something like tho following?Ftrsl, that the production and em Isaion of cenvertible paper money in the United states he henceforth ititerdicted, and the amount thereof already emitted and now In uao withdrawn from the channels of circulation and suppressed. Hocondly,that thee\isting clause in the constitution which establishes gold and silver coins aa the standard of value and as the legal tender in payment of dehta be an modified aa to Include the money i-wued under and by authority of the ensuing clause? namely, thirdly, that the government of the ('tilted States, In paymentof Itaenrr.ntexpense*.l?sueannnally, for ten consecutive yaui s, f'J5,Oon.OOO ol paper money, to be of the alinllltude of hank notes, and of various dennmm.itions. ranging from fl to $1,000. Tlait at the expiration of leu years the imputation of tho United Huteshe as.erulned,and such additional Issue or this money then made aa will render the aggregate emission, wben expres I in dollars, equal to ten times thu whole number of Inhabitants, and that overy year thereafter tho wholo einirsiun be mpial to ton times the annual increase nf population. so that tho number of dollars in paper money and the number of inhabitants will uniformly stand as ton to one. The business of tho Sub-Treasury was as'follows to-day: Receipts $993,437 M ?Pur Customs 1 Hi ,000 Of ?payments 27S.0M f.1 Balance 7,90ft,H3ft 91 Mr. Maunsell B. Field, who has for some tinu occupied a desk in the Sub-Treasurer's office, hai beau dul? installed M Deputy Assistant Treasure new yo: of the United EUtes. Mr. Field is S gentlemen ability, and the press are under obligations to hi for many favors. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House tb ' morning were $18,292,686 63, and the balanc< ' $1,276,896 76. ' The statement of the Philadelphia banks for tl last two weeks compare as follows:? i March 3. March 10. I Capital stock $11,970,ISO 11,970,180 . Loans 29,398,360 28,003,499 Dee.l,390,81 I Specie 6,881,108 3,809,780 Dec. 11,3; Due from ot'r bnks. 1,828,388 1,733,189 Dec. 96,24 Due to Other banks. 6,218,383 6.181,834 Dec. 80,64 Deposits 18,641,190 17,376,771 Drc.1,106,41 Circulation 2,843,498 2,676,603 Inc. 230,01 By the North American, at Portland, we have at vices from England to the 28th of February?on day later. Consols were reported at 93J^ a 93^ which is lower than the previous report. Th sales of cotton at Liverpool for the week endin the evening of the 27th alt. were 54,000 bales, an on the 28th 10,000, prices closing firmly and an changed. Breadstuff's were dull and steady, on< provisions quiet. The following is a statement of the earnings o the Erie road for the first four months of the pre sent fiscal year:-* Months. 1801-2. 1800-1. Jncrrou October $722,302 686,507 130,76 November...... 734,820 664,632 180,2ft December 7Q8J30 404,270 .. 303,86 January........ 095.600 404,507 291.091 Total $2,800,931 1,948,914 , 912, Oil The increase has been very nearly at the rate of 50 pe cent. A similar rate of increase for the lest two monthj of the half year would give a total of earnings for si: months of $4,130,439 30: the earnings ef the road fo February, 1801, being $891,100 99; for March, $459. 737 80. We presume the per centage at increase for thi first four months of the half year will bo more thai maintained by the lest two; if so, the earnings of thi road are at the rate of $8,272,478 72 for (tie year. Thi highest previous earnings for afiy one year were those o I860, whioh reached $0,400,000. The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad earned th< first week of March:? Kim week, 1862 $21,96 First week,1801 18,04! Increase $3.32! The receipts of the Harlem Railroad for th< month of February were as follows:? February, 1801 $88,201 4( February, 1802 90,939 3! Increase $8,737 91 The Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Railroac earned in February:? For fourth week?passengers $3,786 81 Freight , 12,6115; Maiisandrent 975 7i Total $17,273 1< Corresponding week 1861 16.199 03 Increase $2,074 It For the mouth of Feb., 1802?passengers $13,192,33 Freight 45,690 78 Maiisandrent 4,023 56 Total $52,906 07 Same month, 1861 44,020 96 Increase $18,879 71 Stock Exchanire. Ttibuay, Fob. 11,1882. J20C00 U S6 8,'61.reg 03 2C0 thy ErieKK p blO 00 5000 do bl5 93% 2150 do CO 43000 US6'b,'81,cou 93 200 do 030 60% oOOO do 93% 100 do bl6 00', fOOO do 1)30 93% 60 do b30 CO",,' :.ooous 5 r,'74.oou 8:>y, loo do 60% 11000 do 85% 1220 Harlem KK 13% 42000 Trcn 73-10pC ns 99 % 300 do 1>30 13% 2000 Keuiucky tf'n.. 86 260 Harlem KK pret'. 31% 7000 Illcou bs, '69.. 88 100 do 31% 2100 do 88% 850 Reading KK 43 10000 111 war loan.... 87 46 42% 4000 111 canal rcg bg. 87 25 do 43% 1000 MlchSwk 1)8... 87% 560 do 43% 17000TenuO'f, 90... 01% 200 do bOO 43% 1000 N Carolina 6's.. 09 200 do b30 43% 6000 Mtgfouri 6'a.slO 64 40 Mil&VrduCbn2dp 66 10000 do 64 100 do 07 28000 do 54% 100 do 68 3000 do 810 64 % 240 Iludaon Kiv 1<K.. 37% 66000 do 54% 10 do 37% 10000 do b30 54% 630 Mich Ceo RE ... 68 6000 do (30 64 % 560 do 68% 3000 XY('on78,'76,cb 103 100 dfc blO 58% 6000Erie KK lm bs.. 106% 100 do 58% 2000bK3mb8,?83,eiu 93 260 do b30 68), 4000 Erie I!K 4m bi. 88 ISO do *30 68)4 1000 Hud RRRlm.. 106 AO do b30 AS), 3000 Har let m b*.. 100 60 do bio Asj, 7000 MC 8pc lm ifcb 103 300 Mich SAN Iud KK 26 1000 Goth Branch be 80 30 do 24)4 1000 MichS:> a f bd*. 91*4 760 do 24)4 7000 111 CcnKRbds. 93a AO do 24), 8000 Mau&SUoKK bl 47 AOO do b30 26 1000 TolAWab2d m.. 48'4 100 do blO 24 \ 4000 do 48 60 Mich SAN1 gt slk 49 60000 Amer Gold. .btO 102 800 do 49', 20000 do 101?f 100 do b30 49)j 30000 60 10134 10 1'anama KK 120 10000 do b30 10134 360 111 Can RK ecrip. 66'., 5 eh? Bank of Am . 101 200 do 60), 30 Bank of Com .... 86)4 60 do blO 60'., I Metropol Bank... 96 300 do 66>, 6 Corn Ex Bank.... 90 26 do 66 T O'Dtincntal Bank. 80 60 do bio 66), 6 ltolAHiidCan'lC'O. 89)4 100 do *30 60 100 do 89 100 Cltve & Kilts KK. 18), 86 CumbarCoal prof. 8 30O do b30 18)4 100 do 7 Ji 200 do 18), 66 I'acittcMailS3Co. 94),' 200 do b30 18), 60 do *30 94 )i 100 do 18V4 60 do a60 94)4 200 do U30 18), 160 do ?4'4 16 do 18 26 do *30 94)4 100 Hal A<"hl KK.blO 09 246 do 96 100 Clcve A To) KK.. 47), 25 do.... *30 95 300 do l>30 47)4 4u0 N Y Central KK.. 84?4 I860 do 47), 26 do 84)4 100 do blO 47)j 100 do MO 84'r 200 do *10 47' 9.1ft do 841? 20 Chic k Rk laid Kit 67' 100 do b.'SO 84 J4 360 do 67' 100 do MO M?|' 50 do e30 67>j 200 do blO 84 U 100 do *16 67 J, 50 do ?10 84!,' 200 do . 67', 50 Erie RK 06 150 do MO 67>j 60 do 38!,' 60 do h16 67', 1000 do 36 V 200 do 57 >4 100 do blO 36',' 220 Chic, Bur frgKK 65 200 do 630 36'4 6 Mil K 1* du CU KR 22 2200 do 36 V 500 do 22 Jj 76 do 36V 150 do 22', 1060 do 1)16 36V 10 do 22', 600 do b30 36 V 60 do b60 22?^ 100 do *10 36'j 44 Dal, Uc & IV KK. 84 200 do blO 36V 8KCOND BOARD. $25000 lT?6'a,'$l, rgd 93 25 she Hud Riv RR. 371, 6000 L'80'a, '6n,cou 92V 300 Harlem KR. 13J, looorwrnowivr ?3 120 1,0 i?', 6000 US 6'a,'74,con 8.'>V 30 do 13', fOO Ohio 6 ?, 1870 96V 160 do 13>j 3000 do 06 140 HarleinRR prefd, 31S 10000 do 96V 100 Clove JtFitU KK, 181, 1000 do 97 300 do 18>j 1000California7'*.. 86V 100Reading KR 43' 2000 III Can KK be.. 03U 100 do 830 43,', 7000 American gold 101;', 100 do 43?, 26 aha Toe M 38 Co.. 96 220 Mich Can KR .... 68 100 do 960 94 V 100 do 1>30 68', 100 do 96'4 60 MichHAtNIRR. b30 34>< 26 Pel h Hud Con Co 8V 25 do 24 \ KNY Can RR . 84 \ 50 MirhHofcN Ind g a 49', 60 do b80 84'4 f>0 do 1)30 4U\ 60 do s20 84 V 276 III Ccn KK scrip.. 66', 25 Erie RK 36 700 (ialAChlc KR. MO 69', 60 do 36V 60 do 69 60 do 830 36 300 Clove At Tol RK... 47 ', 100 do h.30 36V 300 ChikRUtdRR 8$0 67 V 200 do MO 36V 160 do . 67', 70 Erie KR prefd.... 60 60 ?lo b7 67 ', 10O do bl5 00'4 300 do b30 67 S CITY COMMERCIAL KKPORT. Tcbbdat, March 11?6 P. M. 'The market wai steady, with email a.-iloaal $6 for rota and at $6 76 for pearls. HtuunsTTTra?Flour?Tho market waa heavy ami ogaiu in favor of purchaaorx, ea|ioclally for tho Iowa 1 grades. Tliore waa no demand of moment for export and the chief 'ales woro to the home trade. The trans actions embraced about 7,000 a 8,000 bbla., within tlM range of the following quotations Stiperfino State ? ;?a Extra to fancy Statu 6 60 a 6 70 Superfine Western 6 2S a S .1(1 Common to choice extra Western f> 4i a tt 74 Canadian S SO a fl 6C Southern mixed to good anperflue.S 70 a 0 If Extra do 0 16 a 7 Of flood to choice family do 7 00 a 7 7f Rye dour 3 00 a 4 2f Corn maul, Jersey and Ilrandywine. 2 00 a 3 ill ?Canadian flour wan dull and hoavy, with sales of got bt>l?. at tha above figures. Southern flour partook o< tho general heaviness, while the sales were confined ti about fiOo n 700 hbta. within tho range of onr quotations Bvo Hour was in fair request at our figures, with sales o 280 bbls. Corn meal was qulot and dull at quotations while the sales embraced about 228 bbls. Wheat wn Inactive and prices Irregular. Sabs of some 10,000 12.000 bushels were made In small lots at fl .1.1 Or Mi! wnukee club,91 40 for red hong island and Western an at 91 47 for white prime Canada. Corn was heavy, bu closed at previoua prices, with sales of 30,000 bushels a 69c. for new yellow and at 6#c. a 01c. for old Wester i mixed In etore and delivered. Rye was heavy, with sal. of 2.000 bushels at 80c. a 82c. afloat and delivers, (tarley was firm and held at higher prices, with sales < 1,200 bush.ds ft ate at 87 XC. Tlarley malt waa stltf, wit ales of 2,000 bushels on the doek at $1 o?. Oata wer heavy and Inactive, with tales of Southern and Canadia at 38c. a 40c. and State at 40c. a 41c. Cow** ? Holdere were Arm, hut ssle* were milmpor ant. and prices nemiaal. Meears Wm. Scott & Ron, I their circular of, raport the stock of Rio and Hai Vcs on the 4th of March, 1882 , 68,009 tongs, receive RK HEKALD, WKDNKSDA of finoe to data, 4,738?'ToU), 14,423. Faiea for coonump _ lioa uttiroaled at 3,AM. Stock of Ma and SulM on Um * Uth of March, 1802, 10,808 Ha#*, Java, m ta, 16.326 do., govcrnmant bags, 616; Coylo.i, maO , 2,600, Mara caibo, bags, 13,1M; Laguayra, 1^60. St. Domingo, 4,380; Oeara, 4,010; other description*, 3,062?'Total mat* and SB bags, 111,720. 1 be quotation* wore: Rio, prime, 2214c.; giod, 21>jc. a23c.; fair, "J0%c. a 21c.; ordinary, 19 %c. a 20c.; fair to good cargoaa, 3034c. a 21>ac.; Uaracaibo, >0 23c. a 24c.; Lagnayra, 22c. a_23c ; Java, mats and bags, ioc. a nc?Ml roor months; 91. iXjinmgp, lttc. a I'J>,c., cash. The stock ef Rio on Marvh 8, at Baltimore, wan _ 34.600 Imcs; Philadelphia, 8,800 bags. .. Cotton.?The market iu the forenoon exhibited xouie *' lameness, but in the afternoon a better feeling prevailed, * and the market wan quite steady at the previous day 's * advance. The sales embraced about 1,400 bales, chiefly " to spinners, at 90c. a 80c. for middling uplanda. ? Khbiilsts.?To Liverpool 8,600 buahula of corn wfre enu gaged in bulk at 6 VL, and 4,000 a 5,000 do. do. in ahipa' I- baga at fl^d., 1,500 bbls. flour at la. lid., 000 boxaa ha eon at 20s. To lxmdon 300 tiercee beef at 5a. Od., and 110 boxes bacon at 25s. To Glasgow 100 tierces beef and 600 bbla. flour at 3a. 0d. To Havre 25 bote, tallow at fto. e k Bremen bark, honco to Havana, was taken up at $13. Hat.?The market was steady, with sales at 85c. for g shipment, and at 00c. a 86c. for city use. a Molasses?a sale of 100 hhds. Cuba muscovado was made at 20c., 80 hhds. old Cuba were sold at 20c., 10 do. at 21c., and 35 bbla. do. at 18c. j Natal Stores?Sales of 160 bbla. No. 2 rosin were made at $0 70 a $0 75, and 400 a 600 do. strained at $5 76 a$8per 280 obis ,and 100 bbls. spirits turpentine were f reported at $1 26. Oils.?Linseed wag held at 87c. for city. The Whalt* man's Skipping List gives the following statement of the New Bedford market for the week endlna the 10th inst:? Sperm is in moderate demand. The sules for the week 4 are, in this market, 87 bbls. at$1 42, and 168 bbls. at 3 $1 40 per gallon. In West port, the hlattapolsett's cargo p of 300 bbla. at $1 40 for export, and in Salem 63 bbls. at P a price not transpired. Whale ie very dull: the only sales are 86 bbls. at 48c. per gallon, and 104 bbls. at a price , net transpired. r Provision* .?Pork?The market was beavy, with a tena dency toward lowar prices, while business was tolerably ! active, with sales of about 1,700 bbls. at $13 60 a $14 for . new iness, and at $10 62 W a $10 76 for new prime, and . at$12 26a$12 60 for Western prime mess. Beef waa , quiet but Arm, with sales or 100 bbls. at $12 a $12 60 for j plain mess,and $14a $14 26for extra do.; prime mesa , was quiet gt $20 for Wastern, and at $24 for India mess. ? Beef bams were quiet at $16 a $17. Cut meats were quiet * at <H{c..a 4Kc. for dry salted shoulders, and 6 Wo. a 6c. do. for bams. Bacon waa rather easier, but In fair demand; sales of 800 boxes were made at 9>?c. for Was5 tern Cumberland cut, and at 6)ic. for long ribbed Western, 6}{c. a 6J^c. for short do., 8^c. for kmg clear Wes, tern, and 7Jfc. for short clear city dressed. Hogs weredull , and nominal at 6c. a 6J?c. for Western, and at 6??c. a 1 6)jC. for city. Lard was more active and very Arm, " with some demand for future delivery: sales 1,600 ' packages at 7,'?r. a 8i?c.; Included In which were 600 i bbls., deliverable in this month, at8%c- Butter and cheese were unchanged. Rics.?The saleb embraced 220 casks Carolina at t\e. ' a 7c. i Suuars.?The market was steady, with sales of 640 hhds., chiefly Cubas, at fl%c. a 1\c., with a email sale? I 26 lihds.?Martinique nt 8c. | Tohacco continues firm, with moderate .sales; sales 422 hhds. Kentucky at 9c. al2}jc., 127 Mies Havana, p.t. 1 Tai low.?The market was quiet at 8J?c. for city ren1 dered. 1 Tra was Arm, with steady Rales to the trade at full prices. Common and medium qualities were most buoy I ant. while the higher grades were unchanged. I Whiskey was in fair demand, with sales of 800 bbls. at 25c. u 26c. ! SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC FOR NKW TOUR?THIS DAT. i sen RISER # 17 I moos sKTs mum S 59 SUNSETS 6 03 I HIGH WATER morn 5 15 Port of New York, .Vlarcli 11, 1864, CLEARED. Steamship Arabia (Br), Shannon, Queenstown and Liverpool? E Citnard. Steamship Boruasia (Ham), Trautmann, Southampton and Hniahura? Kunhardt A Co. Steamship Aortliern Light, Tinklepaugh, Aspimvall?D B Allen. SlilpD II Wnt.jen (Brem). Barter, Liver|>ool?C Luling. Ship Antoinette (limn), Koitrnau, Liverpool? tuger Bros. Hark Ilolden Gate, , San Francisco?S (I Reed A Co. Hark Alliance (Br), DeCastcrco, Giiccnstoivn, Ac?J C McArihur. Hark IVuny (Br), Fowler, Qneenitown?Jackson A Nell], Hria Mersev (Brl, Phillips, I'ernainbiico? Brett, Son A Co. Bri^; Ada (Br), Ilreeno, Port an Prince?D H !> wolf. Bng TW Rowland. MeCartv, Philadelphia?Moore A llenry. Scltr PI (J Knight, llcwt-s, Pert uu Prince?Miller A Houghton. Sehr Aloe (Br), Faulkner, Halifax?II J A 0 A Dcwolf. Schr Tartty Ann. Nan Nostrand, Cherrystone?It R Parker. Schr A Van Cleat, Lemon. Washington?Benton A Sons. Schr S,I Hoyt, Cramer, Baltimore?Master. Schr R C Rut-sell, Rlehardson, Uruinmondtown?A C Havens. S W Ponder, Atkins, Milton?T G Benton A Sona Schr R Secor, Lynch, Newcastle?Marter. Schr Milton, Keen. Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. Sehr B K Hough, Sadler, Gloueeater? Master. Schr Antares. Cordery, Philadelphia?Master. Schr Yolla. Brooks, Philadelphia? II S Rarkett. Sehr S Smith, Wotdett, Br(dge|iorl?L Kenny. Sloop II Dart, Jledle, Deal ? ARRIVED. SteamshipHammnnla (Ham). Scbwenaen, Hamburg, Feb 23, via Southampton 2tith, 9 I'M, with incise and 188 passengers. to Kunhardt A Co. 7th Inst, lut 42 42, loll 55 04, saw a ship showing a white signal with latter W, bound W; 9th, lat 40, Ion 6# 89, posted steamship Rtna, hence for Liverpool., The H naa had stormy weather during the voyage. (Arrived Ship Fidelia, Bending. Liverpool. Jan 4, with mdse, to C II Marshall A Co. Has IV.i passengers. Had heavy W galea the whole passage: npriing foremast, lost palls, stove bulwarks, boat*, and started main deck house. (Arrived Hhh.) Ship tireat Western, Furb'-r, Liverpool, Feb 6, with mdse 1 and lol passengers, to C II Marshall A t'o. Feb 17, hit 48, inn 44, Luke Birminefiam, seaman, fell from the fore topoailyard on deck and was instantly killed; at same time, Edmund P Fb hi, aeatnan. fell from tna mixen topaailyard overboard and so lost, a gale prevailing at the time. Hark Mary Kdson (or Boston), Nickeraon, Marartllea, 81 days, with mdse, io master. Had heavy W and XW gales the entite passage. Feb 24, spoke ship Parlor. bene*, bound E; 28th. hst 3d, Ion 70, bad a violent NAM hurricane, was hove on beam ends, shilted cargo, washed away bulwarks, boats and everything moveable on deck, stove forward house and forecastle, filled lulls and ratHn, leal and split sails, and tbeer.'W were somewhat I rust bitten; ike previously passed what ' appenrednnrt of a vessel's side with timbers attached; 8th i Inst, lat .39 14, Ion 69 28, passed tne monkey rail of a vessel, i painted black. i Hark Moneynlck (of Boston), Smith, Cardenas, 14 days, vrilh sugar, to master. Hark K Churchill (of Ilnmpdnn), Gray, Cardenss, Feb 21, with sugar, to K I' Buck A Co. Sid in company with hark i Misienet, brig Lillian, and sehr J flatterthwaite, for New i York; brig D O t'astner, tor Boston. i Bark Edmund Dwight (of Boston), Nickerson, Trinidad, Feb 21, witli sugar, to Poet A Hinal.. Sid in company with brig (Jolden Lead, for Phlladelp) ia. Kill inst, 1st 88, ion 74, 1 spoke steamer Saxon, having in tov Br sclir Brnlah Queen, captured by I'S gunboat Mount Vernon, off Wilmington. NC, while attrtiiutiiig to run the blskadc since arrived at I'hila deiphia). The Hilton bad been in . earth of the US ship Ver. moot. Brig Robert MoWb (of New Itaven), Hotebklsa, Mavague7, 17 days, with niolssapa, to If Trowiirulge's Hons. Had vury ! heavy weal her for the last 8 days. 1 BrU Isabel Heurmann, Taniss, Port nil Prince, Feb 28. with i sugar Ac, to K Murray, Jr. Had IV winds for the last 11 days; lias been 0 days N of Haiieraa. with strong gala* from N to W, r.nd drifted to Ion 70. 7th ins', # 80 AM, lat .37 27, Ion ' 71 Oi, mnna mt? wni|mniiiip: ? ?uq tmn owr..? ??r. Brig Jacob Dork (of Wilmington. Del), Thompaon, Sac'in, 1 Marrn 1, with sugar, to Sid In company with brig i Crimea, for New York. Pinned fc'hr War Eagle going In. i 6th Inat, lat 34 36, Ion 7ti 30, naw a now US with ruddor at each end, nice ring 8\V. Brig Prinrena Royal (Hr), Sewbold, Bermuda, 14 darn, with tobara o, to Smith, Jonea A tin. Kid In company with'fir ahlp Mohan It. Br brig I.ndjr Chapman, anil nehr Farnaworth, for i Bow York. Brig (<rn Bnvd, flilpatrlrk, Blddrfnrd, tO day*. Ki'hr Lima (Br, of Halllai), O Brian, Crab Inland, I'R. 30 da\ h, with angar. to miiU-r. i K<'hr Kl Dorado, Colo, .logglna, NS, 10 daya, with apara, to i C L Know. , Kchr I'anamn, Krllnnt, Accomae, 3 daya. F hr Ktalriinian. Ilalary. Baltimore, 10 daya. Ki-hr John Adamn, Hatch, IJockland, 6d tja. 1 Kchr Bay State, Vorrlll, Ho'klnnd, 7 day?. 1 R hr M Kddv, Hahbtdge, Wtnterpnrt fot Baltimore, i Ki hr John Tyler, Bowen.Proviricetown for Hallimoro , Kchr W H Raker, Raker, Pn.vlncetown for Baltimore. Kchr Lomaa, l.ovell, Ronton, 3daya. Kchr Cora. Krllcv, Roaton. 3 rtayn. - Kchr Magnolia, Nlckeraon, Hoaton, 3 daya. Kchr Wm Hiieon, Bourne .Roaton for Baltimore. > Kchr V Hlmmona, Cobb, Ronton for Dealt laland. i Kchr Undine, Raker, Providence, 2 daya. , Kchr Nightingale, Ntckernon, Providence, 2 daya. Rchr II K Wanton, Ft?h, Providence, 2 dara. ' Kchr tmerira, Keymptdn, Providence, 3 daya. 1 Kchr United. Vail, New London, 3 daya. Kchr M Mnneon Jr. Brewer. Brnokhatcn. i Kc.l.r Village Belle, Brown, Rmokhavcn, t Bleamer falcon. Wllllama. Providence, i I'apt N P Evalda.of ahlp I at h>ga, front Tl.tvre, arrived 10th, i repot athntonthc 2d lual, Ho hard tllfl'cra, aruinwn, died ol , conai. aiptlon. 8A1LET. ]0th?I' 8 eteam tranaporta Willie, and Hea Shore, Annapolla, llth -Stoamahlp Northern Light. Aapinwall; hark Oolilen (lair, San Kranclnco. I Ktea ner Croton, fm- Annapolli, with a harge In low; bark Sam S icjihcrd, for Sagna, int. brig lit at e Woribiiigton, Im Hrll?e, Hon, nil" nnenorrn n.-.ii .lie . ?*. r<.? ' Wind (luring the day WSW toHW, very light at gunnel. NlKdlnnroni. The new and maRntlloentateatnahlpClty of Now York, ('apt I Potrlo, belonging to tho Llvei pool. New York and Philadelphia Hteamahlp Line, aallaal noon on h tlnrday tint foe , yueenatown and Llrerpool. I 11 a UK Mokkka. Mayo, at Shan hao.!an7 for Sunderland, j hail been totally diamaalod In a typhoon, no dale, and (no or. flcra and c rew were dlaabled. | Hrio Wa C Clark?Edganowi, Mnreh ?The brig Wm (' . Clark, of Waldoboro, Ipiih Magna lor i wllh ?ugar. nn aahore on Hklff lahitid Shoal, ahont A mlleo 8 of t a|?- I'oge ' Llghthntiae, 1a?t night. The Meainer lalir I fL-me made an I ini ffeetual attempt 10 get her off. Some 'i'- hhd* atlcnr have 1 been dvaehnrged Into a lighter, and after i iking out J or 3 I load* ?he will proliably eotne nit', although i a very dangerous plaee and liable to lillge If not off the br*t turn of wea) ther. Hhn remalna tight, <Iky letter to hlltvood Walter, f K?-i, Reeretary of Board of t'ndei writer*,) Ba Brio Auti.r. Ne!*on, at Portland from Cardenaa, had 1 heavy weather and (oat deck load. Brio Ai riaa, from Rio Grande for Antwerp, waa at Perf namhiieo Keb 4, repairing.: Br Soiir Idama, Welch (before reported), from Phlladel oh In 13th ult for Italifay, had the heavy gale of 24th ami 2.Mh a ult, Naiituekat BW-hft nillea, and w i* dliiii.i t d and wa* dm a drifting SR by H 135 mile*. On the 4t'i lost, la' 4<l 14, R Ion 1.7 31, during a atrong gale fi on aonlhward nml weat|. ward, ahe waa fallen In with by tb II H at m aloop-ol war I I)a. oiali, Conitnander M.-Klnairy, whleh * aearchlog for , the dlaabled U H alilp Vermont, and all hand* were ink. n "n 1 board the Dacotah. It would appear thai the diaaatrr to the i' Vermont oeettrred about the time the Idalla w.ta diaroaMed, n the maater of which repreaenta tho gale to b te been of (real force. I. Bohr DniAWAar., Foater, ran on Bantam I.edge, offOeoigei if Inland, #lh Inat, In oon?ot)tienee of the Huov being m l of III li having drifted about half aniilatoNW. The achi aunlalned no damage. B Bona Viola, at Rio Grande from New York, before report ed at fft Thnmaa In dlatreae, had the beada of both of bei I mnata aprung. _ COLi.iaiog- Bark Mondamln, for Rio Janeiro, while lyingt. . In the Narrowa yeaierdar walling to be boarded by tho gunri boat, came in tolliaion wllh the achr Rotbory, alao ontwar. >d eutid, which carried away the ilbbooui. The achr lost da If, MARCH 12, 1862?TRIP vita ait J had rail brolua, but proceeded to sea. The bark re , turned and aiwhored at Quarantine. The abip Sultana. formerly a Mew Orleans packet, built la thla city la 1844, Mi2 tuna, tun told yesterday uu private leruta. Brig Amelia, 127 tons, of New Bedford, late a whaler, uf Mattapotielt, 1? now Aulng for general freighting. LiliKCacD- O i Saturday, from Ibe yard of Thoe Collver, a new ateamboat to ply Uuw< en New Bedford and Edgar'town. She w ill be completed about Pay 1. Notice to Jtiuriiierva Tbe Buoy on Banlain ledge, olf Ueorgca Inland, Me, baa drifted about half a mile N W. The Buoy on Bulwark, or Coal Ledge, haa alao drifted half a mile from Ita proper atalion. The Buoy at Broad Cove Rock haa drifted a cable'a length Inalde of the Kock. Whalemea. Hark Catharine, NL, relumed to Uouolulu Jan 1, owing to the illneaa of Capt Heinpatrad. Klilp Hibern a aid from llouolulu Jan 1 for New Bedford direct. In charge of Capt Watson, late lirat officer of the bark Mary Prazler. The Uouolulu Polynealan slatea thatahip Montreal, Boole, NB, arr at Honolulu Nov 27, and left on ibe 29lh without entry or clearance, involving a clear violation or acc W7 and 5S1 ol Ibe Civil Code. Capt Smith, of ahip Junius, NB, reports her at Norfolk Inland Bept 12, oil aa before leporled. Would crulaeAmoa and home. A letter from the first officer of bark Elizabeth, Francis, of Weatport, reports her at Barbados Jan 2(1, with 300bbla sp all told. 8pok?l, die. Ship Joahua Maurau, Miliiaen, from Boaton Dec 4 for Singapore, Jan A, lat S 20, Ion 2A 40. Bark Virginia Ann. from "Havana for Riga," 9 days out, Jan 22. lat 31 4A N, ion AO 31 W. (The above report la made by the Hamburg brig Oeorge, at Falmouth. E, but la not correct. Tbe V A did not aail from Havana, nor la ahe bound to Riga, n port which will not be open for ubout 3 months to come.) Bark Convoy, from Philadelphia for Ship Island. March 9, lat 37 30, loo 74. Brig Aiadia (Br), 7 days from Boston lor Cienfuegos, Feb 2, latSo.Jou AO.

Brig Nahant. hence for Havana, March 1, lat 30 80, Ion 70. Bris Judge Blimey, frpm Philadelphia forMcy West, March Si hr Christiana, 7 day* from Philadelphia for Boston, Match 8, off Sandy Hook. Schr Lille Boot, of Weymouth, steering SE, was seen Feb 8, i )*t 2160, Ion 54. Scbr Ocean Uem, of Yarmouth, N8, March 8, no lat, Ac. foreign Porta. Buenos Atrks, Jau h?lu port ship. Charlotte a Morrtson, Morrison; Leonidaa, Wood; Joseph Hale, Stevens; Ar.imeiiu Snow, Morrison, and Carolina, Huxlord, di.g; barks Alabama, from Cadis, do; Saone, Wood, from Philadelphia, arr Jan 7, do; Whistling Wind, Havlin, and Wave Crest.-Harmon. lmuce, disg; Emma Cu.hing, Carter, froui Kosarlo, arr Jan 1, do; Wlllard, Atkinson, from Portiund, do; Kedron, Karrvll, from Baltimore, arr Deo28, do; John Origin, Park, from Sears; ort, do; Molina, Banner; Atlas, Know leu; La Plata, Crowell; Our Union, Kent; Archer, Lewis; Vigo, Thtirlow; Pyrinont, Oliver; winslow, iiavies; M L Potter, Tapley; Brothers, Adams, and Uratta, Craig, unc; brigs Anna Wellington, Jackson, hence, disg; Lagrange, Kimbuil, do, do; Koanoke. Long, and Aroostook, Atwood, disg; Udola, Wnittemore, for NYork, Idg; schrsSmithsonian, Darts, disg; Queen or the South, Chapman, for London; John Roe, Morns. hence via Montevideo. Bkrmuda, Feb 28?In port sehr Pearl, Baneridge, from Beaulort, NC. (The crew returned to Beaufort in the Nashville). CsLcwrri, Jan 22?In port shinsT B Wales, Lincoln, to load a cargo of i tee for Madras; Waverley, Henry, to load for Colombo and Ualle; and others. Caldkka, Feb 5?In port ship Harriot Brviug, Manning, for Tnlcahuano 6th, to complete Idg for Bosnia. Crab Island, Feb 19?No Am vessel in port. Falbiand IriA.Mts, Dec ID--Sid ship Wilbur Fisk, Pousland (from Boston, having repaired), San Francisco. F hon ran a (Mexico), Feb 18?In port scbr Typhoon, for Boston 16 days. Gibraltar, Feb 12?Sid scbr Elvira, Snow, Mazatlan. MaxaitaN, Jan ?In port ship Booloo, Allen, from Bon Francisco, urr about Dec 21, idg lor Cork lor orders. Matanzas, atil Feb 21?In port bark Linda, Hewitt, from Cardiftj disc; scbr Jo* Miuiield, Clark, from Philadelphia do; I H Walnwright, Mnlford, from Boston, do; also a rebel scbr With a cargo 01 cotton, which she was not permitted to loud. Going in, a ship Hying the rebel Hag at the main. Port au Prince, Fub 23? lu port hrigs Bird of the Ware, Simpson, for Boston same day; Aftou, Tcel, from do, arr 2Jth; schrs Martha. Bobbins, irom do, arr 18th; Springbok, from do, arr PJlhjJIary Jane, Darkius, lor Boston same day. Kk.mkdioo, Feb22? In port barks Edwin, Nugent, and Sarah A Nickels, unc; brigs Isaac Carver, Shule; Abby Ellen, Gllraore, and Tempest, McCobh, ilo; Ochr Montrose, Prior, unc. . ' ' Shanghai:, Dec 24?Arr Titnau(lra, Turner, San Frsnclsco via Kuiiagawa; 25ih, TemplciUan, fi pence, Nagasaki; 27th, Fruiter, Webster, do; 30th, Melili, Stralttin, Hankow (una sld .Inn 8 to return); Jan 1, Wanderer, Blaneliard, do; 2d, Andes, Hasty, Nlugpo; 3d, Wavelet, Gates, Nagasaki; 7th, Moneka, .Mayo, Sunderland. Sal Lie.-. 25, May Queen, Willis, Ningpo; Surprise, Hanlett, Foocliow, 27th, Nankin. Crosby. Amuy; 30tb, Frank. Very, Hankow; dlst, Dayligh:, Sanger, Bangkok: Jan 2, Curl w, Ballard, Foocliow; Alb, Doin Pedro II. Lewis, Nagasaki; Thomas, Carroll, Niugpo; 6th, Horatio, Puliner, Nagasaki. in 1'oriduiiy, AfifuiiiKs, .iicuuverv, iur r%i or* runy aw des. Hasty, for Swatiin- do; Egerla, Howhin.1. lor Fucliau ,io; Fruiter. \\eh>ter, fur Wunchew; Kremlin, Johnson, foi Fu. chau (eld 4tii>; Magnolia, Nlckernon, lor do (<-!<l Deo 81)- J, E Ashbcy, Asnbey. for llunkow early; Templeman, Secure loi Nugusukt do; Timuiiilru, Turner, for Ningpo (eld 6th): Garland, Adams; Kate Hastings, Kingmuu; I'loiutoui. Sargent, and Wandering Wavt, Craven, unc; Moneka, Htvo Uo; Hound, Nash; Sumatra, Kingsmau; Wanderer, llianchuril, and Wavelet, Gules, dlsg; TO Bunker, Cooper, do. Simon's Bat, COII, Jan 21?In port ships Ellen Hood Kilty. lor Singapore; H B Wrlglit, Purk, unc. ' Sauna, March 1?In port liaik M E Truut, Ames, for New York next day. Going in 1st, aelir War Eagle. Sid Feb 2.') brigs John Pierce, Not ton, a port N of Hutteras; March l' Crlini-H. NYork. ' Hal* Kar, TI, Feb 19?No Am vessel In port. Tablk Bar, Jan 21?In port ships Aliunde, Knowles.from New London, bound to Hesolation, put in for water- East Indian,, from Simaraug for Amsterdam; Mary McNear, McNear, liom Calcutta for London, leaking; Si-reumi r Snow, from Maulmsin for Falmouth, E, do; Sparkling Sea! Ryder, from Liverpool, unc; Dark Valetta, Duttex, une. I Fin Steamship North Amkrican, at Portland?TrlmcRarntc.1 (The Latest via Londonderry.) Arr from NYork, Oldenburg, at Bremen; Adeline, at Kinsale; Albion, aud Constitution, at HoJybeud; Cynosure, od' Falloes. ? Tne ship lte-remie, from Liverpool for New York, bad put Into Lisbon, having lost sails. ^ uau put Atairlcan Ports. BOSTON, Marco i0?Arr Itu. u, duelling, Sierra Leone; Da-id ixin.oa.., Linneil, Nuiiirs; Edwin, Peteison Glasgow: Franklin, Mitchell Trinidad; Medora, Webster' Elumb* bpo-t; brig* Pilot Fish, Sat age, Port an Prinee -Alruecehaii, Conner, Mauxanma. llancoek, Uibbs, ClenfuegusBen Dunning, Vartie;, I lingua vlr NYork; achrs Int Bbas' Wick s. F.uu.- ,a; Loatciti L*hl (Mr), Duv, Surinam; Seven' Brothers. Williams, TaH Ksy, Tl; O W lfyer, Pierce, Tangier; KIm-u Hssji-r,, Pltiiadeipha: Cameo, Pendleton, Ellzali. tliiaui; O L, Crawior-I, ami J W, Franklin, New York. Signal lor .i onrk t "ouml to Salem), and lliree brigs, lutb.-nuy brigs 'I angmr. Ailstuu; v:his G L Green, King, gold, I rank n.-rbt-r., and a brig unknown, Cld ships Aboy Browu, W'Im.u. llataii'i; .Mart, Bridges, San Francises;achrs R A Rhoadr*. Baker. Fl-hiii" Island, Md, via New Vork; Ludy Ellen, Cum.ui. Pbili'dcip a via do; Wnt Walla.e, Scull, rniUKH'IIHIIIi O U fl^-'inriia, PilKiw;, MH1I BIWHIII:, uawurj , Nsv York. Slil t S hbi;> a an Jacinio. Brig Nantaakel remain* in the Road*. BRISTOL, March 9?Arr m hr John M Parker, Dnubar, Eliza belhuort. BEVERLY. March 6?Arr schr Ryder, Wheliiing. NYork. ELIZABETH i'OKT, Man li 10?eld achr Chlci, Chainplin, Norwich; sloop Den Lyon, Hnboord, Darirn. FALL RIVER, March 8?Sid achr Richard Borden, Arnold. Elizabeth port. NEW BEDFORD, March 10?Arr achr H A Weeks, Godfrsy. Philadelphia. Bid Vlh, achr* Ann 8 Salter. Flih (from Wareham), Nioik; Angler. Besse (from do), no. NEWPORT, March V?Arr achra Richard S, Matthews, and Garland, Fuller, Dennis for NYork; Jonas C Chew, Dogbee, Taitnioii for do; J W Drixko, Druko, Portland lor i'nrrysTtlle, Md; Ocean Wave (Br), Kletvrllyn, 8t John, NB, for NYork; Angler, Bess.-, and Ann K Bailer, Fish, Warehain for do. Bid sehra IIiw-k Eddy, Bnbbldge, from Wliiteroort, Me, for Baltimore; Clinton, Borden, Fall Klver for Eiizabethport; H E Weston, Fish, Providence for NYork; Joseph 1* Ross, Smith, do. 10th? Arr brig Elishs Doane, Lorlng. Boston for Baltimore; sclirs Martha Jane, Elliott, do for Chrsn|>eake Bay; Dart, Phillip-., Tiinnton for NYorZ; II A R Atwood, Attvood, Tangier for Boaton (in distress, having carried away head of mala must ou theSth); Challenge, Boston for Baltimore; Mataazas, fortland for do. PHILADELPHIA, March 10?Arr steamship Saxon, Matthews, Boston, with prize a-lir British Queen In tow; shins Morn thistle, Boss, London; Trnnqtiehar, Goodwin, do; barks Hannibal, Kline, New York; Mendl, Smith, Shut Island; bilgs J D Lincoln. Webber, Ownfnegus; J R Rhoades, Am, midon. Baltimore; sciir C II Roger?, Langley, Sagiia. l id harks F Lennlg. Hnmuer, Ren-edl'-s; Nazsr'ene, Saunders, New York; American, Christian, Matunzas; brigs Nebraska, Thompson, t ardenaa; Lent, Speed; Orison Ada ins, York, and Mary Means, Wilson, New York; Ban Anlonio, Know, Bosion; sehr Greenland, Heather, Hhip island. PORTLAND, Mnreh St?Arr Mr brig Agile, Cardenas. Cld bark Philena. Wln?low, Matunzas, acini Algomar, Hates, Baltimore; H D Hart, Walt, and Maraeuibo, Henley, do; Plying Fish. Barnard, Deal's Island, Md. PORTSMOUTH. March 8?Cld achra Mary Ella, Talpey, and Ris-klni'hain, Talpey, Chesapeake Bay. PROVIDENCE, Mnreh 10-?Sid sloop Jenny Llnd, Smith, Burm-gal via NYork. SALEM, March 8? Sid schra Han J nan, Hlgglns, Philadelphia: fth, Mazurka. W18CASSET, Marrh 7?Arr brig Ianthe, Elllngwnod, New York. Sid 7th, arhr Union, Cresley, Annap-.hs; 9th, brig Aladdin, Wylle, do; achr Bslumore, Gardner, NYork. TH& TURF. I FASHION PLEASURE GROUND ASSOCIATION.? Members ol tho above association arc rcc|ue*led to meet at the llona House, on Thiirstav evening, March I t, at eight o'clock, to transact such business as ni-y come lielore the meeting. MORGAN L. MO IT President. II. D., Secretary. LECTVRE8. Lecture on the war. my REV. F. C EWER, At Irving Hall, rnrtirr Flurenlh atiect im<l Irving place, on Wedncaday evening, March 12, 1862, at 8 o'clock. Ticket* SO rent*. Can be procured of H. R. Comntoek. Cltlzen*' Hank; Gcoriro R. Jackaon. 201 Centre atreet; Randolph, book alorc, 0S.I Broadway, and at ihr d<M>r on tho evening. MOW PUBLICATIOX8. Mrs. hankins' paper.-etiqitette. arts of Ilea Illy, Hoclnl (lamea. Courting, OrlKlnal Hie ilea, Ac. Full of picture*. Tolnlly unlike other paper*. Try a ropy Price d cent*. Very fntereatln*. OOlce Ho. SO Walker atreet. That "ccriour" book of city women; or in lervattng Female Character* In Nee* Yora. C'lienpeill tlon,21i> pa;c?, I2mo., now ready. Price 23 cent*, or mailed free,SO rem*. M. llAUNTT, Publisher, M Walker aircet, New Vork. WATCIIKS JEWELRY, * . ALRXANDRIA, VA.?WATCHER AND JEWELRY AT wnolsaleor retail, at Importer*' price*. J. H. COHEN, I8t> King atreet, Alexandria, t'a, Branch ot 303 Broadway, New Y rk, Ah i want monf.y i offer my stock atwhoi e anle or retnil, iiineh below roat. Fine void ami allver Wal.hna, line u<d I Chain*, Chatelaine*. Heal U ng?, Ac. AI. the largral and handanmeal Block of ?'?l11 ml* Diamond Jewelry in New York J. S COIIBN, 3 IS Broadway, corner id Dunne street. A FEW FINK IIOI.D HPNTINO (LADIES W ITCHES lor Bale, to pay advance*, at J. S. coil K.N H, iris Bin*. wav, corner ol Duane ?treet, wan anted a* n presented, an I at 23 to 33 per cent leaa than whole*al? price. AT 33 PER CENT I.ESS THAN COST, TO PAY ADvano*? R"al Diamond King*. Pin*, gold and allver l Watche*. mid Neck, Ve*t and Guard Cli in*; line gold Jewel8 nl lie went patteina; one gold limning Cooper J iplex; one ineiftld, 6?* carat*. J. s. COHEN. 303 Broadway, corner of Duane atreet. /nomposition chains-Warranted to htand \ arid and not tarniah; the beat Jung. * cannot tell llieui from real gold. SH3 Broadway, enrner of Duane atreet. FINAWriAI . "" i / 1 OVERNMENT CRRTIFICATRS FOB SUPPLIES I \I Ac , porelieaed In amall oi larg -nimointa Office hourI from II lo 3 o clock. ALVAI1 A. BKvHE 88 Ilroadway oOicaa up alalia. LE SHEET. LOMT AND VOVND. FO'ND AT UAKLEM, ON FRIDAY. JTII INST, A small Leather B>|. Tue nwiwr can btte Uie .nine t j apply log at 2.63 Seve.itu street, New York FOUND-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, HTH INST., iu lh<- Cooper Institute, a t a; containing Books, which the owner can have by proving property and puyiug tor lina advertisement. Call at cM Second avenue. TVtOUND-IN A BROADWAY AND TWENTY THIRD r street stuge, a lady's Poi truioiiuaie, ron.aining a small sum of money, which ihe owner can receive by applying to Mr. M., at the Insurance Company. 36 Wail street, and paying for Ibis advertisement. LOST-ON SUNDAY, MARCH 2, A FUR CAFE. THE Under will piuasc return it to 1 to Si. Mark's place, and be liberally rewarded. Lost.?a mink fur ooilul on monday night' in the neighborhood of Ninth avenue and Sixteenth street. The ltnuer will receive a reward, and the thanks of the owner, by leaving it at J. Hutchinson's. No. US Ninth avenue. LOST?ON MONDAY, A LINK OF CAMEO sleeve Buttons. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leav-, ing them at 77 William street, corner of Liberty street. LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, IN SIXTH AVENUE or Sixteenth street, a lady's Mink YMurine, The Under, will be rewarded by leaving it at 106 West dixteontli street. V Lyja i?un su.iuai,* onAiibiiAi.iAA unr. i nuinu, cream color. Ii returned to 39 Ureal Join a turret, a libera! reward will be paid. LOST-BETWEEN THE CORNER OP THIRTEENTH street and Second avenue and 650 Broadway, u lat.y'a Brooch, in tbe ahejie of a large blue enamelled medallion, hearing the letter M., in small dlauu nds, itendaut from bow altaped pin of eugrured Hold. The Under will be liberally upon leaving the article with Tiffany * Co., 560 Broadway. L OPT?IN ST, STEPHEN'S CHURCH, TWENTY eighth atreet, thin morning, a Black Thread Lace Veil. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at No. 9 Went Thlrty-hrst street. Lost?last night, prom m east broadway, a Mark and tan Slut, braaa collar, with rod enamelled leather. The liinler will be suitably reward by leaving her at the abnte number. Lost?on Saturday evening, in going from -Monroe street through Montgomery and Ridge turrets to Grand, or in a Grand and Canal street stage, a Gold Chain Bracelet, with the owner's name marked on it. Tbe Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at No. 221 Front street. " " ' . HEWARDd. REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY. THE 9TH INST., <po in going from Tbirty-nrst-etreel, by an Eighth aveutie car, to Bowery and Madison street, a lady'* Gold Watch. The finder will please deliver the same at lb Broadway, or at 222 West Tbirtv-tirsl atreet, and receive the above reward. 0>OC REWARD -LOST,. ON THE* 41TH INS?., TWO i|)Atf 7.30 Treasury Notes, one. No. 18,495 lor $50, and one, No. 18.055, for $100. Ti e above reward will be paid lor their recovery at the office of the Metropolitan Gaslight Company, 16 Nassau street, corner of Tine. (JJOC RE WARD. ?LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, gp^icf coming down trom First avenue and Seventh street, to Henry and Jefferson streets, a Bank Bonk on the Mechanics' and Traders' Bank, with a sum of money. Whoever will return the same to 63 Allen street, will receive the above reward. ajorv REWARD.?LOST, ON THE 7TH INRT., IN GO tpOu tug from thu East River Bauk, iliroiu'h Broadway, to and down Twenty-drst street, to nehr Sixth avenue,'a Wallet, containing between $81) and $'.N), mostly in East River Bank noies; cards with the owner's name were in the wallet. The above reward will be paid to the tinder, on return of wallet and contents to the owner, or at the East River Bauk. OMH REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON MP*xU March 11. in Fulton street, neur Biosdway, a blue enamelled Lady's Watch. Tuc tinder, by leaving the suine Willi B. K. Dunning, 61 Wall street, will receive the above reward. THE BALL. SEASON. Fellow citizens?a committee of patriotic cltlien* have hud the kindness 10 give the axed defender* of our country, the Veteran* of the War of lr-il2, 1413 and 1411, grand complimentary soiree, In military style, at the Apollo, on Thursday, March 13. The net proceeds 10 be siren to the si k and uecdy members of the corps?some of them destitute of 11 home, und some in the alms house. Go patriots of the present day, and till the house to overllowiug, ami cause them to rejoice that lliey have yet friends who appreciate their services against a power! ul enemy, and Saved the countiy, whose freedom the young are now enjoying. Their old companion in arms. General Winheld Scott, will be present, if health permits, to have a hearty shake of their hunds onco more before parting lor anothcraud a better world. Tae following gentleman tompoo- the committee:? Ex-Alderman Joseph N. Harm x, General K. A. Tallmadge, Councilman George A. Harney, ex-Councilman John tan Tine, ex-Alderman Giilllth, trom whom tickets may be obtained; at General II. itaymond's Bounty Land Olhce, No. 4 City liall pine:, und at the Apollo, on the uuy and evening ol the soiree. Grand purim or pourekm FANCY DRESS BALL. The ladies and gouilemen who have not received their tickets for the Ball, will please send their address to Maurice de Vries, care of it. W. WIllinois, 4'Ji Bi oome s.rect. DENTISTRY. Artificial teeth.?we continue to extract teeth in two seconds, without pain, with our benumbing II111.1. No extra charge lor temporary sets or extracting. Teeth inserted without extracting the roots, on our improved atmospheric pressure plates. We invite all to call and examine our specimens before going elsewhere. We have chemically pure chloroform and ether, whlrli are perfectly harmless to take. Dra. DUKKIN A HOl'S-SEAC, 373 Canal street, opposite West Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL AND SUBSTANTIAL SET OF TEETH on pure Silver only $8 , on line Gold and Plallua (lib, and warranted equal to any work in New York. Single Teeth, $1; Teeth tilled and extracted without the least pain and perle. tly harmless; superior Bone tilling only SO cents. Otlicc 13d Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. DR. LUTHER, Dentist. Artificial bone filling.-rooms of the dis coveier, AW Broadway. Tender teeth, old roots and m< re shvll*. lilted and warranted. N. 0.?Beware ol spurious initiations. U*e the celebrated Cuban Dcntrlhee and Lotion, the only hartnleM articles known fur keeping the teeth white and gum* healthy. Dr. c. a. white's improved artificial teeth. Whole sen $6. $ti. $10, til and upwarda; warranted In every point. Teeth tilled with sold. At tenia to $1. All work at half the pr.cca charged elsewhere. Olllce id Bond atreet. New York, and . 17 Atc:i street, Philtdelphtn. HAVINO HAD FIVE TEETH EXTRACTED. WITHOUT feeling any pain whatever, by Dr. J. JAY V1LLER8. lftft Grand street, two blocks front Itrundway, I lake great plenaure In recomtnendlng him to those requiring hla surgical skill. Mart A. Dtrrrv, 17 Hamilton street. TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. Vl'KTRALIA PIONEER LINE-CARRVINO THE United Stake* Mail.?The new British hark JULIA ANN, ol Houg Kong, la huw rapidly loading for Shlnev, N. 8. w.. nl pier M East river, and will be despatched ptmilively 11th A|iril. lias aupcrior accoiutnodatioiis for lirst cabin passenger*. For freight or passage apply to R. w. CAMERON, )*> Beaver street. ATTENTION.?I HAVE TO FILL l'P AN ORDER FOR tan Weal to purchase cast o.l Clothing, Furniture, Carle' a and Jewelry"- Ladies and gentlemen can receive the Wheat pile- by calling at or aildreasing M. ABRAHAMS, '..'13 Sev< nlu avenue. Laulcs punctually attendeil to by Mrs. Abrahams. All kinds of furniture, looking glasses, Bedding, Ac., below auction prices, warranted and delivered Iree, at 0. W. SNEDEN'S, 2lit Bnwery, between b unt-Ill and Houston streets. Call and save money. Note the ii ii m t ec, * btoundino Cures and divinationh.-if in ill health or trouble, isi..milt Madame CLIFFORD, unrivalled business Claiivoyaut and American Mcdl urn Wonian. 10." Dean ?ireet, corner of Hnyt, Brooklyn. She fcretclls oveuis, detents disease, prescribes remedies, and lllids absent friends. Business interviews, MI-.; medical, $1; by letter, enclosing lock or hair, $.'. SFIRIT CIRCLE MEETINGS EVERY EVENING. COMuienclug at 7}( o e-ock, at the house of Dr., 4ft Sullivan street, near Broome. Communl -allona, healings and tests; rheumatism, consumption and insanity cured gratia. Admittance 24 cents. Three full bred Newfoundland watch ii iga for sale, at 7v Elizabeth street. WHO WOULD NOT I.o WHERE FORTUNE IS??GO I ye. see Miss WELLINGTON, the great Knglii-I> Proplic eas, the beat of all, uud cannot be eaoellcd. Can be consulted on all ulfnira of life, concerning law suits, journeys, alls, nt irtendH. lore, courtsli.p, inarrluge, health, wealth, and w ho i an reclaim drunken and unfaithful husbands. Miss W. Is the only p- r?on In this, ity who hss the genuine Roman and Arable laliamaoa tor love. good link, ami all business afftilrs, and are gurranteea for life. Delay not to consult this naiuialy gltied and b.-auiliul young luuy. Lucky nuiiibe s given. Highly res|>prtable city reference. Can |?. seen a- her residence, lul Hlslli avenue, opposite Eighth street. By letter, with look of hair enclosed. $2. A r BULUVAN 8TRKET.?MRS. KoEDEK GIVES TRUE and wonderful Information on all affairs through life, ami Elves lnckv numbers for the lotteries. She is the onlv t: ne * cr and pallidal Id thl* city. Remember bur reaiileuce, 4ft Sullivan atrcet. -l/.r BOWKRT, NEAR BROOMF. STREET -MAP A MR ll)(i WllMlKK, Clairvoyant ami allied Spatnah lady, tiuvella 'he myatcrlce of futurity, love, imirrl me, abaent friend*, alekncaa; prcacrilieB mnUrlnr* lor all dieca'ev; tellalu ky iiiimiera, property lout or atulvn, Ac. MEDICAL, D(M TOR HUNTER IIIMHKLF?THE PHYSICIAN wlio established the lluno rlan Diapon-ary, No. 3 Division atrecL New York city. In 1*34, mi He ennmilted Irom X A V. until 10o clock at night at Uiu old ollice. Private cntnuMt. TVR . UII, Kit, II UK am. STREET, MKMREROF I 111: \) Oo'lege of Physicians and Buniona ol Ae* ' urt, may bar t milted daily at bl* oOJce, from ft in the morning until Ii III 1'ie evening. DIt POWERS TREATS ALL DISEASES OF FEMALES 11-lltl unparalleled Mteecaa. I|e can let rouauited at No. 12 1, ht otract. Atn naaroniiiiiailiy. DR WARD, A HUCOKABFUL LONDON I'lIYHIUIAN ,Dd So. . < II, ran be couaillted lie usual. OOlee 12 Ijtichl an e> lloiira I nun H A. M. till V P. M. daily. TkOiTOR R \ 1,1'H?OFFICES 139 I'ROSIIY STREET ! J I eoi n-r nf Hoiialna. limn * II to 2 and tl nil !> IV M. 1>ROFF.HSOH RBSTELL, IIS OH AMBERS STREET, CAN 1 tie consult,' l a? Uaiial. AgeuM, Uf)4 Liberty street, N, Y In Brooklyn, l<3 Fulton street. UCOBKEIT, M D., MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK . University, (Me le d t .die. e ) and Co ie.;e oi Surg'<in?, Lnudon, can be oonsiiitcd, ?* usual, at Id* fli e. 2t> 'mm at e-t, between Chamber* and Rend street*. hnvlmta private e lanra at Ni . 0 CltV lliill plaoc. N. B.?A* a pruol of Dr. O.'a qnattncatlon are hi* dl|domna In HI* nlllce. MIMIIIMI, AFFAIRS. THE COMMITTEE ON STREETS OF TIIK BOARD OF Aldermen, will meet on Tueaday, the ISlh day id March, IM2. at one o'clock P. M , In lite Chamber of the Board of Aldermen, City Hall, lor the purpose of ronmdcruig the subject of the eitctialon of Oanrrn alraet to the Battery. All partlea Intereated will plenae attend, without for her notice. Col AS. J. CHIPP, 1 Committee I F. I. A. BOOLE. } on , CIIAH. It. HALL,) Streets . W. Tarton, Becretary. 5 / MIUTAKY. At a special meeting ok the seventh com, pany, National Guard, held at the Armory oil Monday March 10, 18 J. at twelve o'clock. M, the following preamble "A resolution* were unanimously adopted ? Whereas. We, the Seventh Company, National Guard, arw called upon to record the death of our iat-* beloved and esteemed commandant, John Monioe, and to mourn with heartfelt sorrow the loss of one who lias Peru no nearly coo- ? uected with ua; there lore, he it Krtolved. That we have loat In !i|tn oue who iu a long connection ami honoralde career through every gri lle of promotion with ua and with ihi* regiment, provedTilnmelf the mo del uflieer and the thorough soldier; unlaiterms in the right, lum-itble in his duty, unwavering in lil* determination, and untiring In hi* energy. Hendved, That not alone lor the aoldler do we mourn but tor the niuu, the companion and the frl?nd; one whose pure and truthful character, aortal anil kindly qualities, friendly aud faithful heart, bound liuu to ua m lie* of friendship, which t-eath canuut sever or the crave hid* from our memory. Resolved, That In our own sorrow, we are able to nppreciale and sympathize In the bereavement of hi* family, and to them tender this, our tuo slight consolation m tliolr hour of mourning; that the memory ut his many virtue* hhall stimulate us to emulate tiiui in the uprichlness and lidellty of hi* iife. GEORGE W. ELY, Chairman. Johm H W. Keep, ) Wlll.ll* H. Mohtsntk, I CiiiULts Himnch, f committee. Buusxa II. Poaiaor. J XISCBLLA9BUDS. At dailey's. Dining the present and coming week we shall mako large addition* to our spick of Kreiicb China DINNER AND TEA SETS. Also Vases. Bisque Figures, Bronze and Marble Clucks, and other fancy ai ticles lor llie adornment OK THE HOUSEHOLD. We continue to offer unequalled bargain* in the following articles, to wit:? Silver pl&p'd Tea Spoons, the dozen $1 25 S.It er plhted Table Spoons, the dozuu 3 110 Silver plated Table Korks, the dozen 3 50 SILVER PLATED ICE PITCHERS, $5. Largest size, handsomely engraved $5 $5. $5. $5. $5. $5. Silver plated Tea Sets, 0 places ?15 00 Silver plated Cake Baskets, each 4 SO I Silver plated Casters, B cut butties 4 5J SILVER PLATED COFFEE URNS, New styles, beautifully chased, 10. ?10. $1U. $10. 910 Cnt glass Goblet*, the dozen $165 Cut glass Decanters, quarts, the pair 2 Ml Cut glass Decanters, pints, the pair 2 00 Colored Bohemian Glass Finger Bowls, the dozen 1 HO Ivory handled Dinner Knives, the dozen 4 SO Ivory bandied Tea Knives, the dozen 4 00 IRON-STONE CHINA. .Maddoek's double thick, and decidedly the best goode in the market. Irou Stone China Dinner Plates, the dozen 98c. Iron-Stone China Breakfast Plates, the dozen Sic. Iron-Stone China Soup Plates, the dozeu 95c. DINNER SETS. Large assortment $18 LIKEWISE An Immense chuioe In Gas EUtuyee, embracing everything In the way of Chande ? . ? liera. Brackets. Ac. IT. J. w. UAIUbl ? vu., nu. 631 Broudwaj. Boiler wanted-new or second hand-forty or lifty hurse power. jUdrcu B. M. Harris, No. 113 William street. H0R8E8, CARRIA?E8, diC. CARRIAOES, HORSES AND HARNESS FOR SALE.? 2lkJ light Carriages, Rockaways, Top ami 0)?n Buggies, Grocers'. Express sod burlneu Wagon*. Also, second band Coaches and Wagon*, SO Horsea and Harness for (ale. This is the largest assortment and beat place to purchase. 10 Kevins street, 131 and 209 Fulton avenue and 10 Klatbush avenue. Brooklyn. For sale?a sorrel horse, suitable for a truck or alevedure, 7 years old and 17 hnnda high; also, a set of stsvedore s Tools. Apply a'. 88 R iosev?ll street. For sale-a valuable six year old family Horse, lt>>? hands high, stylish and free driver. Also three splendid cart or truck Horses fur sale, and a hruutitul Stallion and a M.ire, with foal. Also one farm Horse, price $05. Also a light Spring Cart. Apply at 48 Chrystie street. WANTED-A LARGE SIZED HORSE; MUST be sound, strung and in good condition, suitable for a brewer a dray. App y at Smith A Brother's Brewery, Eighteenth street, between Beveuth and Eighth avenues, between 9 and 11 o'clock. WANTED TO PURCHASE-A TEAM OK IIORSKS. They inuxl be good, tree travellers, about lSJs hands, rlo.-c .It, sound and kind. Any gentleman having such a tcaui will please address T. H. P., Herald olllce. MUNIC'AL. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OOTAVB ROSEWOOD PIANOforte lor sale?Elegantly curved legs and ease, overstrung bass, full Iron plate, lined with sat in wood; has all modem Improvements; made to order; been In use 7 months; coat $SbO. lor $2.4), Including Stool and Cover. Also Parlor Furniture, at a sacrifice. Inquire at 70 West 26th St., near 6th uv. IF THIS SHOULD MEET T1IE EYE OF ANY LADY or gentleman about purebasln,; a lirst class l'tano, pleuaa call at 193 Henry street. N. Y. The Piutto will show for itself. I am obliged to aell, and will satisfy any reasonable person on price. PIANOFORTE FOR BARE?A SPLENDID SEVEN octavo rosewood Pianoforte tor $135, < o?t $300 but a short time ago; has fancy legs, lyre and desk. lronlrame French grand action, power!ul tune, Ac. Applv at 12} Twenty-firm street, near Third avenue. Thomas baker s "commodore nutt polka"? On ot the prettiest polkas published, l'layed at i.anra Krone's theatre with great success. The title is eiuhelllshed with correct portraits, in colors, of P. T. Barnuiu, Esq., and the little Commodore. Price S3 cents; to be had at all music stores. Thomas baker's -laura keenk waltz."?be. cond edition of this beautiful waltz, played at all the balls. Pri'-e 35 cents; to be han at all music stores. TTTANTED?A FIRST AND SECOND VIOLINIST, VIOV ? loiicello.tCornet, voters to form a quartette, men lot funny business, Ac., for a first clans minstrel company. Call to-day, from 11 to 3 o'clock-, on Mr. CLARKE, at Cullins1, 614 Broadway. ' THE RMBUioS. J ATTENTION-SWAN'S CAVALRY. Wanted Immediately, two musicians, two blacksmiths and twenty able bodied men, lor the only cavalry regiment now authorized to be raised In this State. Apply to t aptaln Anderson or Lieutenant Campbell, 15 Court street, Brooklyn. ALL "THREE MONTHS" VOLUNTEERS AND VOLuntrerslor "two years" or "the war." discharged for its ability, or widows of any such, call on T1IOS. L. B RAYNAUD, Si Wall street. Army hats.-for sale, at a very low price. sixty dozen Army Fur Huts, at US Liberty stioet, second Door. From *5o to ?ioo will be given by a resigned cavalry oh cor toaaina paying expenses to any company commander who will secure him a second lieutenancy in any regiment now organizing or ul the seat ot war. Aduress for thr--e days Lieutenant, bor I'M) if maid nlfiee tllaos, banners and regimental colors. Ornamental palntlng'Siiid <utoi iTl?-i nvjj*<>ti il*lc. UOJEK A GRAHAM, 117 Diiaue ilNrl Government contracts.?a party having a contra' I In manufacture the Spnngheld gun.ami wishing capital or desire* to gel the gnu* inauiifa-liiivd contract. will please address Tint 2,342 Po?t oilier, without delay, giving name, At-. GD. PERCUSSION CAl'S. The only genuine article mantifactureil by A. Gaupillat A Ktla A Illlc, I'arla. Fiance. For sale by A1.KF.KT BEIlGER A CD., ?-ole agent* tor the Uulied Slules, 16 Maiden lan -, Importer of fauqf good*. PENSIONS, SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' CLAIMS FOR wages, bodtity. Ar., promptly collected. Applr to ROBERT J. HENDERSON. Attorttey at Law, 111 broadWity. New York, Trinity Riilldlnga. UNITED STATES BOUNTY MONEY.?WIDOWS OR other legal lielr* of soldiers who Imvedied In the itervlee are entitled. In addition to the pny due, to tnio hundred dollar*, winch la tlow payable. For further jiaitlcutars apply at the Agency, 16 Naaaau alreel, room No. 6. UNION FOREVER. SEND TO IIKADQURTERS FOR UNION GOODS, Lola new dealgna Union Envelope* and UNION NOTE PAPER Throe Unl >n Stationery Packet*, now rcatly, Tho Holtller'a Union Packet .4o I. The Soldier** Union Packet No. 2. The Union Priie Packet No. .1, Every way the beat Stationery Packet* ever aold. Tboae who put up there own packet* supplied with all the material for Packets lower than the name cau I e bought el*ew here. Add re a* for full particular!. JOHN G. WELLS, 100 Fulton street, N T. Agent! wanted everywhere. TTOLUNTEBKS FOR TWO YEARS OR THE WAR; V al*o thorn- who nerved for three month* under the Pre*idcnl'a proclamation of April 16, 1*61, and i lie widow* ami heir* or auch, are requested lo call on F. ROWING, 16 Naaaau street, ro- ni No. 6, who will impart important tnlorinatlna to them. WllITWOKTH fifles.?JUST RECEIVED AN IN Voice oi AO ot thcae celebrated Killed Muskets, with Bayonet* complete; lor *ale the lot only; al?o 16,000 Cartriage*. CHAS. II. VOORHEES, 22 Cedar alm t, tip stair*. NATKIMUMAL, 4 ttention fairy LIOUT GUARD.?this is TO 2 V lerniy thai I, that lev Wayerly (lata of the city or New York), bin now a " ountry pumpkin." am In search of a * Ho, mil I a 111 an confounded iigly'ano wnrihieaa that I take tlila novel method of obtaining liie above article. She tim?t lm ?wret anil all'Ttlnnatn. and not neer twentv. Direct In ronlldcnrc to lh- above addrvaa, at New Hrunawick, N. J. AYOINO GENTLEMAN (IE 1'RE POSSESSING AP' l?armii* tnahea to form (he aoiiulmano* ul a lady of luniliK, wliu wniill appreciate an aD>-?tli>unte nature, and auptmrt him In eaay Unary. AU letieia strictly euuiidcutlal. Addreaa Gnatave Revere, Boston, Mara. AYOl'NO MAN, UOIlD LOOKING, ROMANTIC ANT lull nl fnn, wishes to And an agreeable and amiahM Jfiaing lady. In her teens, who la w illing in unite her lot with lilt, tin* large poaM-ni-lona ill N< rptala, in land, contrabande and fear) ?<>me In Con lei erate note). Addreaa Itarry HI. Germain, hot 182 lleratd oilier. ( I LADY I nasi:.MM; WEALTH. KKSINi.MKNT a'V uncial pnalilo i and loveabte ?(iialltiea, an aa certain, by eerrranondlng Willi Cnaleba, alatlon 8, that n gentleman ni 11 tid Minted reapr ial llliy, atrieily lenna-rale, and uoafeaaln| I Intrinsic merit, la alneerely seeking a wife. M atrimonial-fok an interesting hook, il Ina'.raleil ,n colors, tliai ahoutd lie 111 the hand* n| every liulv and gentleman contemplating the "raali act" of matii tnoriy, aend aeventydive cent) lo KDGAR A CO., SI Niiaaan alteel. MOTBLr Albion hotel and hoarding uot'SR.ioa urn miii atrret, rumor Ohnrlrn ? Boom* frmi |l ftO to #5 ,?.r w i'i h. Hour l anu* l.ium >4 to >0 atnglo pormma, and fitim lo niarrl'-d. 1'artloa .l.-rllnlnn lio<iM<ki>i>piiig and ch*"gB "nd KKSSntigmm. OATTKNB HOTFTf?NOB. 177, V?. JBI OKKFNWICR J alrwt, between Murray and Warren atreela, eondueted i.n the European plan or ntherwlee, aa may b? Rj ?taur*nf ana Innrn counter n( til hour*. JAMKS .Ir.NKIN HON, proprietor, MM* of the Railroad end Adama llouaea, Albany.

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