Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1862 Page 7
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In EVACUATED. ' He Retreat of the Rebels from Dentreville, Occoquan, FairJax Court House, Winchester and Manassas. r The Bebel Stronghold Occupied by Union Troops. "Marcn of the Advan e Corps of Our Army. 'Abandonment by the ftebeli of Forts, Chins and Provisions. SLIGHT SmmSHIHG El RODTL 'The Rebels Reported to be Falling Back on the Rappahannock. . Affairs at Centreville, Leesburg and Winchester. ) INTERESTING DETAILS, &c.. Ac.. Ac. Wahhuiotow, March 11,1801. The advance of a portion of tho (rand Army of tho Poto mac on Monday produced in the city and throughout tho osrnpe a scene of indescribable excitement. At two o'clock A. M. tho reveille wee sounded and preparations for tha > march bogun. The morning was rainy, but the prospect of active life imparted * cheerfulness to the soldiery I?i TTT-nn nw gnn-m "i w* *f*, ovou auiuug the officers, know whithsr they war* going, for what . gMirpoae, or for how long a time. But tha fact that they ware to go forward was sufficient to exoite the liveliest -emotions in the ranks of soldiers who had been for months anxious to have an opportunity to moat tha enemy and prove their prowess in defence of the constitution and the Union with their blood, and, if need bo, with their lives. There was no shrinking, no heel. Nation, no skulking. Many who were on the sick report Oprang from their beds and took their places in the ranks, although some of them wore unable to sustain the fatigue of the march and were subsequently placed in the baggage wagons. The movement was not attended With the noisy demonstrations which characterized the ndvanco to Centrevillo last summer, but it was marked with au expression of cool determination and confidence which were manifested quietly, but forcibly, In the step wnd bearing and perfect discipline of the men who wore marcbtng to the battle Hold. The advance was really began several days Wgo. Tho movement of General Banks, the occupation of Leesburg by Colonsl Geary, and the preparations to* wo attack upon the rebel batteries along the Potomac, worn preliminaries of a general advance towards lbs test of the bogus government, set up by the wdveuturera who are leadins and trvlnv to main tain the death-stricken rebellion. In front, sinoe Friday Inst, regular approaches have been made daily towards Cantrevllle by portions of General Franklin's and General McDowell's divisions. On Sunday the Second and Third Mew Jersey regiments, and a squadron of the Lincoln cavalry, occupied gangster's Station, on the Orange and Alexandria liailroad. On Vrlring at this point a detach moot of rebel cavalry woro surprised. In the skirmish that occurred, Lieutenant Hidden, of the Lincoln Cavalry, was kil.od at the first fire of the rebels, and a sergeant wounded. Three of the rebels were killed and a lieu, tenant and eleven men taken prisoners. On Monday at moon a detachment of the First Mew Jersey regiment, under Major Hatfield and Captain Vansicklss entered Centre* ills They were followed by a company of the linoelu Cavalry, on do* Lieutenant Alexander. The one say's pickets had retired before this advance of our Corees along the whole route. At CentrevlUe it was as. certain ml tb at the rebels had evacuated the place late on Sunday night, ud retired, U wu Mid, to Gordonsville. ?xtcnsivo earthworks were found hero, bat oil the funa ted been removed. A Urge quantity of beer and Sour ted been loft behind by the retreating rebels. It was reported at OentreviUe by contrabands who came Into our lines, that the rebel army had bean tearing llsnsesss Junction for several days, and that the fereea remaining tehiad are only a rear guard to cover the retreat. The position la the advance has been ass lined to Oe. Sterol McDowell, as an net of Justfce, to afford him an opportunity to retrieve the errors and misfortunes of the bottle of the 21st of July. He bore himself proudly on re-entering the place whence the retreat of bis army ou n previous occasion had been ordered after the disasters at Bull run. During the whole day every road lending from the vicinity of Washington towards the rebel stronghold was thronged with masses of well trained soldiers moving silently, but ffrmly forward to a old of glorious triumph or of death. It was a grand sight, as the long and seemingly endless lines of glittertag bayeoots gleamed like a jewelled serpent gilding aimug the kills Jfollowed by the heavy tramping oavalry, and the loud rumbling artillery and countless trains of agona. In the olty the departure of the reserve brought the whets population to the thoroughfares leading towards the various bridges. From an early hour la the morning ho whole population was astir, and numerous blessings and good wishes were shouted by the watchers as regiment after regiment and battery after battery marched sternly and steadily towards the bridges. About noon Gee MoCteUan, attended by only a few of his staff, weat no roes, and from his headquarters to the Long Bridge he srns greeted by cheer upon cheer by the crowds gathered o wltaeas his advance to Richmond. When General McClellan'e staff wore getting in readiness at the headquarters on the avenue, the fact seemed to bo known Intuitively or instlnctivelv throughout tha Olghbothood of the quartrra of the (ieneral in tHiaf, and the mansion of tho President mod Commander In Chief. A crowd oollacted at General MeClallan'a quartan, grow lag largar aacb minute, and ?ran tha patianta la tha wagnaar'i hoepltal, ooollguous to Rtgga 4 Co.'s bank, fta? (hair beada protrudad from tba windows to watch tba moreinenU of tho ofllcera and body guard who warn to accomrany tho Uanaral Tba grontaat perplexity prevailed among tho news pa par correspondent! Many of tbam bad bee* eat forward unprepared tor tba practical work Of cbroalol'ng tba axcittag events of tha battla field. Wbtla tboy wore swollen with the importnace of their mine tea, tboy bad vapue Idaaa respeatlng fta fulfilment Tbay managed to gat mounted upon an I me la which will Agar* upon tba billa aa horaca, but which wore no mora erriceeble than tba femoua Roeinnnte of the Knight of La Mane lie. By dint of spurring and whipping thay gat off ! the dirortion of tha aacred so l of Virginia, leaving befitlnd them a doubt In tba minda of thoee who wltnesaod hair danarturo, whether they would aver return complete In all thoir parts after th* rough Joltiaga to which they were aubjeeted Borne of the representative# of poorer newapapore bagged army horses, and warn accommodated through the tafluenee of political frlcnda, and tbeaa gentleman wait pretty waU provide,: f >r?quite aa waU, la foot, aa tbay deter red. > Gen. Mod el lan hna a"aa up hie qv-wrtcn at IMrfox gtwtHouaa. XEVV TOEK THE LATEST DETAILS. Wtssiairw.lMrsli II, is?. H* whole rebel fortification# m Mwmw were abandoned and everything possible burned. Our troop# occupy the place. Before dark last night, Cotonel Averill, with a large body of cavalry, entered tho far famed robel workB at M masses Janet Ion, and bivouacked for the night amidst the ruins of the rebel stronghold, with the Stars and Stripes glittering is the brilliant moonlight, i In their march from C'entreville so signs of the rebels ^ wore discovered. The fields that were a few months ago enaangined with the blood of contending armies and ^ resonant with the sound of booming cannon and rolling 1 musketry, the shouts of marshalled hosts and tho groans. ' of the dying, was silent and deserted. The fortifi- > cations whioh so lately bristled with the threatening artillery and gleaming bayonets of thP rebel force, were bare and blackened. The retreating rebeis had swept it with the besom of <to ( struction that _had everywhere marked their departure- ( They were all gtae?horse, foot and dragoons. They had . lit their tents with their swords, and set fire to all that was inQamable. Nothing was left' except the hare and ( blackened walls sna the smoulderlhgashes of 'the boafires made of their tents,baggage, equipments and stores, ( for which they could find no transportation. The evacuation of Manassas was evidently less harried than that of the batteries on the Potomac. It had been dons deliberately,and manifestly with no expectation of vur rouram|{, The absence of the enemy robbed the occupation of thoso works by the Union forces of nil romance and start ling sensation. The fact that the onemy was gone was ascertained, and that was aU. The works were found in 1 better condition than was expected, showing that more labor bad been expended upon them than on any of the rebel fortifications that have been erected by them except 1 the forla at Port Koyal and Fort Iionelaon. The Intelligence gathered at Manassas and in the neigh- I borhood tends to show that the whole rebel army has retired southward, as they themselves reported, teGordonaville. It is not credited that they will attempt to make a stand at that point, as tho country is is all open and level, and unpromising for defensive warfare. The opinion is gaining ground that Gordonsville was simply the rendezvous for what was latoly the rebel army of tho Potomac, as it is the junction of the Orange and Alexandria with the Virginia Central Railroad. The only point at which they can with any sort of confidence attempt to make a stand at, is near the junction of tho Fredonck and Potomac with the Central Virginia railroad, in which neighborhood the North Anna and South Anna rivers unite and form tne Pamankey rivev, about twenty milea directly north of Richmond. At ?his point tho country is much broken, and admirably fitted for defence. It is reported that la thair retreat the rebels bavt destroyed the railroad bridge across tho north fork of tho Rappahannock. In their haste thoy have left behind straggling parties of soldiers, who seem to bo very glad to be made prisoners. Wherever they have gone it is evident that their army is completely demoralized and uttorly unfit for service. Tho moral effect of the retreat from Manaasas to Richmo-.d will bo tho samo throughout the South as it is in the part of Virginia just evacuated, whore the impression prevails that tho Southern confederacy has collapsed, and many of tho people thank God for it The following despatch has just boon racairod from a correspondent at Fairfax Conrt House:? Several officers, who went several miles beyond Ma nasses to-day, returned to this place this evening. Centreville, which they took on their route, they found as dasoribod In despatches published in the Hekild yester day. The forts are all abandoned: but log huts,hundreds in number, and ample to accommodate fully thirty thousand troops, still remain. Heaps of doad horses cover the Holds in the vicinity. The log huts are strewn all along between Ceutreville and Manassas. The railroad track is undisturbed, except the bridges. The stone bridge across Bull run, on the Warrenton turn, pike, ia blown up, as also the bridge across Cab run, between Centrevlllo and Manassas. Everything at Manassas indicates precipitate flight on the part of the rebels. All the log huts are standing, and an immense number of canvass tents. Some caissons were found, but no guns. Piles of bullets and cartridge, were" loft in the tents, and an immense quantity of quartermaster stores. In one place were discovered about thirty thousand bushels of corn,wb!oh had been set fire to and was still smouldering. They brought back abundant rebel trophies, pack saddles, army orders, muskets, revolvers, bowie knives, letters, &c. Over one thousand pack saddles were found all new, and marked "C. 8. A." People In the vicinity state that prior to the evacuation there were a hundred thousand rebel troops at Manassas and Centreville. They saw one rebel on the breastworks, a parallel in his loneliness to the famous one man found at Beaufort. But here the parallel ends, as the latter was seemingly rober, and beat a rapid retreat on their arrival. Covering the breastworks were what appearnd to b* cannon ; but ea examination they proved to be wooden a Shirs, got up for effect. Two Pennsylvania cavalry regiments wore the ffrst Union trooM eateries Center villa. At BrentTille, four miles from Manassas, a Homo Guar J baa boon organized to protect themselves against tbo oocouionisU. ' Tbo army telegraph line* were extended tail night to tble place. At three o'clock this morning a scouting party of one hundred men went out from Pohick church to the Oecoquan, whore they found a sunken boat, which they raised and used to eross over eight men to the Tillage of Occoquan. They spent one hour la the Tillage, which had boon deserted on Saturday night by the rebel force recently there, composed of one company of Texas Rangers, one company of the Hampton Legion and one company of a Georgia regiment. They had destroyed eTOrythiag they oould not carry on their hacks. A portion of the inhabitants testified much joy at the appearance of our forces. Erery boat and float on the riser, except the one mentioned, had been destroyed. During the day two lads belonging to the Tillage came to the quarters of our picket at Pohick Church. They I report that the rebels, in retiring, said that they were falling back to the Rappahannock. They say that yesterday a proclamation of the OoTernor of Virginia, calling out ten thousand of the State militia, was proclaimed in Ooeoquan Tillage. The person who read the proclamation left immediately. The able bodied men of the town, oxoopt a few, who refused to go, bad left, and are in the rebel army. Tboy state that all the rebel forces between the Occoquan and Dumfries, consisting of three Texas regiments, one Georgia and one Mississippi regiment, and the Hampton Legion, had gone away on Saturday. The lads bad rutted their deserted oampa and da* i scribed the burning of part of their camp equipage. i ANOTHER ACCOUNT. i Waaaivoro*, March II, 1M3. 1 Upon eloee examination It waa diecorered that the 1 rebel*, before evacuating their much boasted etronghold, 1 had net Are to euch ef their commiaearjr More* aa tbejr 1 could not conrenlently carry off. The place presented , scene of the site oat deeclatioa, a mass of aharred and 1 blackened rutne. The rebels also blew up the bridges along the line of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad for some miles be- 1 low Want seas. Buch of the locomotives aa were out of 1 repair, were also destroyed, tt is supposed, by being 1 blown up, and the vUlnlty of the depot U covered by I fragments of machinery belonging to the destroyed loeo motives. ' It is saffl the rebels left Centrsvilte on Sunday morn I leg. Large numbers ef contrabands have reached our < lines, (which now extend beyond Manassas Jnnotiaa) and < are still coming In by degrees. ' On our way from Centrcville yesterday morning, we posted at least one hundred who were making; their < way to Washington. Some of the refugees claim to have come twenty miles west of Manassas They ail agree In saying that the rebels left the latter place I In treat precipitation, and that the destruction of their < commission stores was commenced at an early hour on Punilay. The contrabands state that a portion of the force which left Manassas passed Northwardly, but this 1 Is considered Improbable. But if they did, It was for the I purpose of reinforcing Jackson, at Winchester. They also state that all the bridges along the route which they > came had been blown up by tho rebels in their retreat, I and that the greater portion of the track U else torn up. The earthworks at Oeatrevill* had been greatly mlsrepresented. They were not of the formidable character I supposed. The evening before evacuating they had somewhat Injured them by breaking the embrasures and casemate*. So at Manassas, which, however, has not been fully esamlned. On our troops arriving at rairfht i tout House, they found not more than n deaoa families OTRALD, TVEDNFSDAI", The soldiers ruhbed into the Court House and brought wi away some of tlie records, but this being discovered llie Gu officers directed thair return. P" When our troops learned that Manassas had beeu ' evacuated their spirits suddenly became depressed, as Do they had anticipated a spirited conflict with the enemy, mi About a mile and a half before reaching Centreville a ha number of graves was discovered, principally of Alabama sir troops. The graves ware marked with head and foot fa. boards, with, the uames ol tbe deceased thereon. A guard tat sag placed near them, as if to shield them from mutlla- ba lion, although it was not to be supposed such an aet could of l?e committed. 1 Most of the-contrabands shove alluded to wars happy as in their liberty, and reaaarkabljr communicative to ths ev latent of their limited knowledge. pa FHE ADVANCE PROM CENTREVILLE TO MA. NA88AS. sc Cnniviui, March.11.. 1862. Yesterday morning eur forces, amounting to upwards- ss >f two thousand, proceeded to Centreville, and occupied eu the village about four o'clock in the afternoon. It was cli altogether deserted. na The entire command thence proceeded to- Maoassa*, . lh arriving there ia the evening. the rebels had destroyed as much of their property th as they oould not carry away, by lire and otherwise. ^ the bridges, railroad track and depot ln> that vicinity *r were extensively damaged, and nothing but wreck nnd ail deeofalkin was apparent. THE ADVANCE PROM LEESRURG. * Lwemuao, Va., Marckll, 1864. {Monet Geary, Acting Brigadier General of troop# here, made a personal reconnoiseahoe yeaterdey as fer ae Car- w ter's Mills. The trail of tho retreating oneeey was black- cc 'Uted with the ruins of granaries, ashes of bay and grain gg stacks, roeces, Ac. He found the bridge or or Qoose of creek had- been burned after oar occupation here on of Saturday. The onemy nave completely fatten book. Tho fl; command continues to make captures of rank secos. 11 sionists. The loyal feeling is .growing, and many persons come a forward to take tho oath of allegiance dally. w Colonel Geary, with some of his officers and a detach. ment of the First Michigan cavalry, rode to Ball's Bluff o to-day and buried the whitened bones of the brave Union h soldiers who fell upon that Hold in October last. Impressive remarks preceded this humane act and, a monu x ment of grosa rebel negleot was hidden of human sight. E AFFAIRS AT WINCHESTER. ? TOE REPORT OP 1T8 OCCUPATION BY THE UNION a TROOPS PREMATURE?A SMALL REBEL FORCE SAIO b TO BE STILL IN TOE TOWN, ETC., ETC. E Wasiiinoton, March 11,1862. 11 A dispatch has been received here contradicting the ? announcement that Winchester was occupied yesterday c by our troope, and atatiag that It la held by a rebel force. It ia believed here by the best informed critics en mili- ? tary sfl'uirs that ths rebel troope there are simply n A portion of the Virginia militia left there to cover the * retreat of the main body of the rebel Army of the Poto. J mac. It is not probable that any considerable force a would be maintained in that part of Virginia after the " evacuation of Manassas, which commands the only rail- J road avenua thence to Richmond end the South. l Binass Hill, Maroh 11,1862. 1 The intelligence of the evacuation of Winchostor yes- * terday was premature. It was Berry ville that the re- x connolssanco reported evacuated. The latest intclli- A genes from Winchester is to the effect that the ? town is occupied by at least ens brigade of i infantry. Other troops are also there. B There is a strong suspicion that a portion of tho forcos 0 which evacuated Centreville have been ordored to re- a cuuuuikrv nimuofikoi. ? Our pickets were uudb turbod last night. An active Jj scouting was oontinually kept up. 0 STKPnSNSON'8 PSPOT, > \ FivrMiiJB rmoii WixniniSTKR, March 11?F. M. J ^ The forces under Generals Hamilton and Williams, h constituting an armed reconnoisance, has reached this ? point without any serious opposition. THE EFFECT OF THE NEWS. u THE METROPOLIS MD THE WAR NEWS. J The Monller Exploit and the Evacuation [' of Manaeaae?Wall Street, Broadway, * the Bowery, &c., on the News?The d Stare and Stripes and Other Tohens of Joy, 4m., 4m. b The pent up excitemont of the Imperial City, Initiated ? by the news of the triumphant achievement of that little b wonder, the Monitor, over the rebel monster, the Herri* h mac, in the waters of Hampton Roads, on Sunday last* I1 found full vent when the news of the occupation of Ma* {j naasas was communicated to the publio through the u columns of the extra Hxaatn yesterday forenoon. As soon as the Joyous intelligence became ? known our office was bosieged by hundreds of people, all * anxious to obtain the latest and fullest intelligence of h this important erect. In the meantime, the vigilant newsboys had procured their budgets, and, like winged messengers, were flying into and through all parts of the city, carrying the welcome news. In the principal hotels, n at the steamboat landings, in the railroad depots, In the M plaoes where merchants and all other classes of people h moot de congregate, the tidings were received with uadis. M guised tokens of Joy and satiatactlon. The Stars and Stripes si were cast to the breeze la the most public places, and b Wall street, the llaancial, and Broadway, tho fashionable, Jjj annunciators of popular feeling, were gay and lively fi with the dUpiay of bunting. Meanwhile the sages gl and the philosophers, the even-tempered aad the erratic, ^ the dispassionate and the excitable, diacuaeed the teoor m ad the bearings of the freshly unovened news. b WALL 8TMUT. J J Well etreet, fit noon aad for hours afterwards, present- h ed a eurieua scene. There waa ne premeditation, as " preparatiea, ne commitue work, In the arrangements! f( but the entire spectacle waa a spontaneous ebullition of tl the loyalty and government-leving eenttment of the ,c great monetary mart. Let ue look at It. first, we notice the Sags erer the. Custom Bouse and the Assay C Office adjoining. Looking above and below, first from the direction of Trinity Church, we see the Stars aad Stripes floating triumphantly In the brisk and genial southwestern hreese, above the buildings occupied by the Bank ef the Rerublie, the National Bank Nets Company, the North American Fire Insurance Company, the Ftressea's Truet D Insurance Company, the Kellef Fire lasaraaoe Company, the Beck man, Humboldt, Columbian and Goodhue Insurance Companies, Colonel (Zouave) Hawkins' office, the UTayette, ArcUo and Mutual Benefit Insurance Oompa nies; over the Bank of New York, the Union Bank, the Bank of the Manhattan Company, the Merchants' Bank, the Bank of North America, the Bank of America, Oirard's 1)1 office, the Insurance Buildings, the Mechanics' Back, " the Merchants' Exchange?in short, nearly all the insurance, bank,broker and newspaper offices as rar down ^ ss the Tontine, and past that ancient structure, even into m the waters and docks of the East river, where American *> flags were flying from the mastheads of the veeels. At ^ the corner of Wall and William streets, an honest looking contraband displayed a neat silk American flag, with staff sad halyards, for whlc the modest price of two dollars tb waa asked. He soon found a customer among the crowd that surrounded htm. n Meantime, the street >u filled with eqeade o( people. cl rha millionaire, tha moderately rlah, tba Maker after fortune, the bank offlcor, the bank clerk, the bank boy, Ti the adventurer, met aa If Inatlnctlvuly, and talked over h the new*. The intelligence about Manama wu unanl mouely voted great. ^ "Ah, but what would we bare done had not the Moni- at for arrived In Hampton Roeda jual aa aha dldf" eald a [ray haired veteran, a hair millionaire. "Ihere la eome- ot ihiag wrong In the Nary Department. There la eome thing wrong there; and, I am norry to aay It, but I be' * Here Welles lean old fogy." ' Hurrah for Erlceaon!" cried another. "He haa ae :ompll>hed the biggeat thing yet." m "Yea. he haa Give him the blggeet honor." Jj "Wordea did well. He la a brave man. He muat have [lorled at tbet haneeof aalllng in agaiuat hla rebel cap w tore. Government ought to make him a |>oet captain." pi "Tbat'e true," roeponded another; "and, while the government le rewarding bravery, don't let it forget the JjJ brave man who equalled hltr?e'f upon an open barrel of [unpowder while the flame w ie raging aroi nd blm." "You're right about that, i ried a eturdy looking man, tpparontly a a<>a captain. "That feilow derervea promo, lion to the bighorn limit of hla ahllltlea. If he d<>n't leant pri motion he ought to bavo a bully au?<criptloo.'i ^ " Hut where haa the rebel army gone to from Manasleaf" eald a wlie looking character. "Gone to the Rappahannock," replied one. "Gone to head off Hurnetde," eald another. ? "Gone to the natural defences of tha oountry," waa (till another reply. 1 "Oo?eteiheoettottahde?gar 8utee, where the rebele MAKUH 12, 18C2.?TBIPIit U make t doir last stand liefore being a wept into the ilf of Mexico by an old woman'a broom, an old Butter ' adicted-iu Baltimore," replied yet another. Gone' Where are (he rebels from HT"'" goee f ?| you ask that, gent omen? I don't know where tbey ? iy have k no,, but, for my part, I wish they d gone to the devil long ago, before tbey de' oyed my business aud made me almost a bog r." Tins was from an old merchant who bail been gviy engaged m the Southern trade, but on account Of ? d debts and hard timee had almost reached the verge ruin. 1 The iron clad war chip* will introduce a new era In. di vol warfare/' remarked an astute obeerver of passing M eats. " Thr Bevy of tireat Britain will become com- ratively worthless against those mailed vessels ol ir." - But can't England build them; and can't they ha sent ross the Atlantic to our coast ?" ^ "Guess not, taking their Warrior as an oiamplov" j id the observer. ' The iron- eladasteamers are not collated tar rough weather at sea. Witnafleetof irono. id war steamers (or cosst dnfonce we msy defy, the vies of the world. The government oould not do better tl an to razee many of our wooden war vessels and 11 >tbe them in tho Invulnerable armor of the Monitor, ir fortifications are comparatively servicelcoa against e attacks of an iron-clad fleot. There is a greater rerb ttangstng on now in naval warfare than when-steam as lirst Introduced into tho servicJ, and when H was P ed sited Mist lbs wooden wslb of England would aervs . nyiy as ooai luggors for the use of Uie steam fleet." Wall street was,in short, gav, conversable and appa- II nlly happy over the groat news; and the general good elmg kres In hut few instances interrupted or alloyed I the prceonoo of croakors in the sbapo of boars of the I ook merkot, or growlers who And good in nothing, unless my start up the game theseeelves. e BfcOAJMTAT j as lively with flags, from the Battery en far an tbeey0 tuld reach. The flrsl.emblem of gratifled loyalty to be t en was Vying from the Washington Hotel, at the corner ^ State street. Following up through tho great artery t the oily, the bunting of jiatrtotism could be seen c tunting from the Stevens' House, and over tho ofllee of I. io Grand Trunk Railway ofllee. Next was a splendid :w flag, capped by e gilt emfle. eight feet from I p to lip, from the headquarters of Adams' Express, ud In order,as you went oo, tho nstmnal emblem f as exhibited Ironvthe stores of E. C. Uoutous, L, J 4I. 1 hlliips, Shether At Kiclmla, the headquarlerb of Hara- a en's Express, tho National Express, Wells, Kargo At o.'s California and European Kxpresa, the United suites a xpress, the American Exchange Rank, the Lorillard Eire isurance Company, the Trinity Building, American Ex- a ress Company .store of Henry Swift k Co., tho American a olograph oltice. store of Ceorgo Cook, office of the Hope o xpress Company, Howard Hotel, office or the (treat f 'cHtern ltailway Company, American Watch Company's nilding, Mercantile Bank, Knox's (classical batter), a larnum's Museum (multitudes of them, of courso), I nd the Astor House. Horo one might halt to tuke rcsth, and talk a moment with Genorat ijcroggs, of the t agle Brigade; Colonel l.'llman and M^jor Bachol ler, of fc lie same; Major E. A. Kimball, of the New York Ninth f Hawkinds Zouaves), who hea a chronic weakness for ulling down all sorts of (lags oxcept those of bis 1 ountry, and othor distinguished military characters, deluding Colonel Roberts, of the yet to be famous Ver- t iont Seventh. Inoking from 'the Astor, toward Park t ow, might have been seen the national flag flying from I dost of the prominent localities in that region; uud up Iroadwny again. there was the good old ensign to be seen 1 iuttoring from the City Hall, the office of the Pennsylvania I tailroad Company, New York Central Railroad freight nd ticket office,stores of Herring k Co., Devlin At Co., Del- I nouico's, A. T. Stewart's marble palace of dry goods, 'radesmen's Bank, stores of Morison At Loder, James I feycr Ac Co., Belts, Nichols At Co., Jafffay At Co., the nlernational Hotel, Taylor's Cafe, store of Bachmun k I Aureut, the Apollo Building, stores of George Narine, S. < >. Hall At Co., the American Masonic Agency, stores of I ipplcton, Smith At Lounsbury, Biooks Brothers, Lord A; 'aylor, Mmo. Demorost, American and foreign Patent 1 igency. Crosby At Williams, E. V. Haughwout ? t Co., E. Anthony, J. Weidenfold, St. Nicholas lolol, stores of Arnoux, Jaraos, Newcomb, i leaaloy; Osborn, Boardman At Towosend; Tiffany &Oo., I lall, Black At Co ; Metropolitan Hotol, Fredericks'"Temple c f Art, store of W it J. Sloane, the St. Thomas Episcopal burch, stores of J. M. Quimby A Co., Voorhis ft Whit- ? ion, 1 afar go Hotol, Gurney's Gallery, and?"Yes!" cried n unbeliever of the Emir Raschid school, "may my t ones usver be bleached upon a bod of rose leaves in c aradisc, if there arn't the Stars and Stripes flying and t apping and flaunting from the top of the infidel New ork Hotel itself That will do for Broadway. May its I baaow never be less. Allah is great, and Manassas is ( is prophet'.'' Ami wo allet wm'd from the promenade f fashion to that wholesomo, honoat, democratic and i jyal avenue, ] THE BOWERY.

Hero the display of bunting was not very extensive at ' he hour we roacbcd, but we could read in the faces of ho hard-working and toiling thousands who take ihat boroughfare in their route homeward, that a joy not it be expresHO'l in outward show was stirring within heir bosoms. The hundreds upon hundreds or working romeu, who passed onward toward their homes, hud oarer, more tender tloa, to attach their thoughts to be bait!* fields than the tidings of battles fought nd tic lories won. They had husbands and rothers and lovers there; and the painful anxiety which ad for months oppressed and ovorburthened thoir carta, was now reliovod by the grateful intelligence of a loodless victory at tbe stronghold of the rebels?the Itherlo considered impregnable forts and redoubts of lanasaas. There was joy in their faces, happiness sparkng in their eves, end if the American ensign was not ying from tbe houses they lived in, It was protty certain bat Its glories were fluttering at their hearts. The day was altogether an interesting one. and the elebration one of those spontaneous exhibition:; of satisiction which tbe people of the city of New York know so rell how to get up without the aid of sordid and selfitereeted parties. THE NEWS ELSEWHERE. Alba*t, March 11,1882. We had another jubilee in the Assembly Chamber this lorntng ovsr the occupation of Manassas by our troops. Ir. Ogdan, of Ystss, announced to the Assembly that be a4 a despatch to tbe effect that Manassas was in our posission. Upon this announcement, Mr. Schofleld proposed x cheers, which ware given with a will, every memer present doing ail that was within his power to awoll m enthusiasm and increase the noise. The good news | f to-day has removed the gloom that existed yesterday i on the pranks of the Merrtmac. The Senate also topped their proceedings long enough to make tbe Senate hambor ring with their cheers over the victories. About alf-paat one o'clock, firing of cannon and ringing of bolls nnmsoood, which kept up for nearly half an hour. Everyody appeared wild with joy. Crowds hang around the otsl, public places and on ths oorner of tho strests, talk g ovsr tbe nsws, and now and then stopping to give three earty cheers. The only regret that has exhibited itself i tbe fact of their it Is generally el*rod bad tbe rebels remained at Manassas twenty tur hour lunger they would have been begged, but My are oensoled by the fact that It is taken without any as of life. Oflklai Drawings mr M array, eddy Mt e.'sKsatuekvand Missouri State Leilelies. XairrcoT. Ezras Class 117?March 11, 1888. U a ti> as vw an aa ft ? -is *c WU, Wf I/". w, #", WI, uuI I 61 ?, UU, Uil? KSSUJCST. CLAM 118?Maroh II, 1M. 17. 3S. 61. 1?. bH, 4:i. 73, 18, 14, 44, 25, 41. OlnulAra Hit f rse of ?btrti(Ti44r<uia^^tnr^w Con agios, K/., or ft. Louis,' Mo. I OflsUI Drawing of Iks Kentucky sod tinware NltUr Latteries. ] Ksxtucst?Kits a Clam M?March It, 18(12. 30, 67. 50, 39, 41, 46, 6 , 47 . 37, 24, 72, 1, 29. 1 Dblawam?Clam 170?March 11,1M. I 73, 37. OH, 2, 12. 65 , 32 , 35 , 30, 38, 74, 19. Otrmilara tsm by Addressing 1 JOHV A. MORRIS A CO.. Wllmlngtsa. Delaware, or Oovingloo, Kentucky. 1 Prlin CsthtO In all Lectllied LMtrrlei. 1 iforaialton (iron. JOSEPH BATK8, broker, 19 Walt 1 met, up stalls, If. T 1 March to Kaoi'i^Th* Hat for thi tine was Introduced to tha public by KlfOX on the let It., ind Instantly hla old customer* flocked to liU establish rni. lit Broadway, to make their selection*. Those who . lot a handsome, becoming, stylish and met ill Hat should lluw thetr eiample. Theft?the price Knoi charge* for ' e beat 'quality or his fabrics?cannot be expended to better ' Ivsntsge than with hint. At J. RverdolPo?Weddlnc Cords and , Me Paper. These celebrated Engraved Card* Hold only at e old establishment, 301 Broada ay, corner of Dunne street. At Jsffm', 073 Broadway, Ladles' Balloral Moots at $2 and $2 SO, tor misses, f 1 B0 and f 1 76, for itMrrn. f I 26 and ft 87. JUNKERS, &7J Broadway. Tits Gomes Rub-Marine Klrctrlr Fuss -atn, fur mllllnry aud civil purp >aos. EDWIN OOMEZ, tb-marine Rnglnesr, 82 Amity auest. New York. Patent tabus lor sale. The Deelstoa of the Ladles who Come >aed the t;omtnittee on Hewing Machines at the Vtlen Pair, vardlng the llrst premium totlRtlVKR A HAKKit s at the 'St Hewing Machine for Inmily use, Is In ao-.ii danor vs lib e etprrlenee nl all who liave used the l.eovrr A Hater nanline or compared lla work with that ot other machines. A Purs Tobarco-l'sllow Dank Tobac1 ?Goodwill'* Pure Yellow Bank Tobaeeo, Tree from alltmirltlea, lor sale hv all lohacro and aegsr dealers, and at bolnaale by E. jiOODWIN A BROTHER, 309 Water street. Crlstatloro's Hair Dye, Preservative and *a. mr in inr woriu, wnoieaale ?nd retail, and the re privately applied at No f Amor llntiee | Batrlielor'a Hair Dye.?The Beat In (h* \ orld; hermle??. rHinhle and in.Uutaneoiia Mold and apled at BATCIIEI.OB'S \t Ig K?'-lorv, It Bond ateret. Hlll'a Hnlr Dye?.? rente, Blnrk or own Infallible Unguent for the Imlr. Lie pot No. I Bar- 1 ?y atreet, and aold by all druggist*. I Winant'a Imllnn Liniment la a Rnrt ire for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Ar Depot 81 Barclay street. J Ulorloue Trlnmph? Mr a. H. A. Allen la | illy receiving lextlinonlala aa to Ilia wonderful rlrtoeaof , r World's llalr Reatorer and tlair Dc-asing. They hare i opialis and a guarantee gnea wilb erery bottle, Depot, Sdreenwlch atieet. near Fulton. ' Benntlfnl Complexion.?Laird'a Bloom Youth, or LI pud 1'earl. preserves and beautllles the com- I etton anil aktu. lot aale by all druggiataand at No. 43t ? 10a way. t Troseee.?Ma rah A Co.'a Radical Care 1 rtiaoea, Shoulder Bracea and Dr. Wadawortb'a Uterine Ele- . nor?a an pertur article. No. I Veaay attest, Aator Ilouae, " posits the church I SHEET. Npring Mtyle of Gtnllriurn'i Hats Row rACijr tU lijfiiNHl'lIElUb, uuaulttctuivr, 118 N?m*u Whilt, tlu Hatter, Will Intro'luec His jrfiitj Ktylw of iji-tlli-m. n'H IUl? ihu day Prion gt lit roadway, opposite 1st Usui's cburrh tienla, Iluttrr, 513 Brosdway?^<rssd >*iiui|i. Spring ?tvle? for uirti boy* wad gjrLa Hal* and i?l? on Thursday. March 13. Fins Pockst Cstlefjr^-Tt* Larirtil Anirtrneul in the <uty, at J. A S SAUNDMIlS, No. 7 A*'or oust). Msftk Brother's Radical'Cars Trasses, la* tic Storking*, Shoulder Hcare* and iiu*pea*?ry Ban. me*, earner of Ann street and Broadway, under Barauiu'a UMUB. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS Married. Bsow*?BsoL. ?On Monday , the Ruv W . Collins, Josktu Ukaby Uhuw n to Kusauim* Lotsta Hsu. , ,1 of tbis city. Oolvbkt?Suvucs.?On Saturday, Marat 5, by Rev. Dr. sylor, Thomas H. Coi.vsar, of New York city, to Mas trtsr K. Snutm, of Liverpool. Clsbsct?ilouBY.?On Wednesday evening, March 6, by le Rev. Charlus k Harris, Gsouus a. Cuussr to Miss iasv E. IlosuY. both of tbiaciiy. ? ? Died, Bass?In Sacramento City, California, on Saturday, ebrusry 1, Joua C. Baku, fpotnorly of ibis city Baltimore papers ploano copy. Basrictt.? In itrbokiyn, oj Saturday, March 8, Mrs Laky Ann Barker* , of inflammation of tbo brain. Wilmington pagers please copy. Babkkk.?On Moudsy evening, Msrcb 10, Mr. Samoiu. iahkkk. iu ma o.iu yunr 01 uis age. The friends anil relatives of the family are invited to tteud the l'tiotral on Thursday afternoon, at ball-put ne o'clock, fromhis lot* rasuleuco, No. 97 West Tweutyifth street. Block.?On Sunday afternoon, March 9, Soma, wife of lord Block, ngotllKi years and ltlwuotbs. Ibe relatives and friends of thu family are respectfully, netted to attend, the funeral, this (Wednesday) after., toon, at two o'clock, tuna tba residence of Mr. C. Blockk orner of Hicks Street and Hamilton avenue, South Brookyn Itc.u i?In this city, oa Monday, March 10, Jotisra 3. Ikh k, aged 30 years,7-months and 20 days. The rolattves and frieods of the family are rospectfiilly nvited to attend the funeral, from bis late residouee, No. 22 Wost Forty second street, this (Wednesday) morning, t eleven o'clock,without further invitation. Ciw.?On Tue diiy, March 11, Thomas Cckk, the beloved on of James and Ann Cuff, in the 28th year of his ago. The friends and acquaintances of tho family are most repoctfully invited to attend tho funoral, from his late reidouco, 999 Ninth avenue, on Thursday nftcruooia, at one 'clock, ila romaiua will be token to Calvary Cemetery or interment Cami-bioa.?On Tuesday, March 11, Aurora Csmidkil, . native of the parish of Arrlglekcaran, county Tyrone, reland. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully nvited to attend the funoral, on Thursday uftornoon. at islf-imst one o'clock, from the residence of his brother, 'atrick Campbell, No. 310 West Seventeenth street. Da Kjcvkuk.?At Tarrytowu, on Tuesday, March 11, 'hkodork Dk Kkvsri , aged 28 years. Tho relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully nvited to attend tho funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at wo o'clock, from the Second Reformed Dutch church, lev. Mr. Todd's. la. v.?In Jersey City, on Tuesday, March 11, Annum iVuiai.m, youngest child of Hcary G. and Cornelia M. Ely, ugod 2 years The remains will be taken to Stratford,Conn , for Interment on Thursday Kanshaw.?On Suuday, March 9, Miss Marla L. FamIiiaw , aged 21 years. Her friends aro invited to attend tho funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the reel fence of C. H. Rusher, No. 364 Ninth avenge,near Thirty thu d street. Feiuus?On Mouday, March 10, at his rosideuce, 18 Pike street, Naihajukl Fikbw, in tho 72d year of his ige. The friends and relatives of tho family am rospectfully nvited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) aftormon, at half-post one o'clock, from tit. Stephen's church, orner of Chryalie and ilrooino stroots. IIastis.?On Monduy, March 10, Pwtkr Harts, in tho 8th year of his age. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited ,o attend the funoral. this (Wednesday) morning, at uino retook, fnm tho residence of E. Wiudust, 11 Ann street, vithoui further notice. Hirian.?4>u Tuesday, March 11, Mary F.., daughtor of 'atrick 11. aud Catharine Ft. Llogan, aged 2 mouths aud 10 lays. The runcral will take place this (Wednesday) afternoon, it half-past two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. 244 feeventn street. Fortbv.? On Tuesday, March 11, of consumption, Faiza bktii A . wifo of John A. Foster and youngest daughter of Hiram Campbell. Esq., of Rockland Lako.agod 30 years, 11 months and 2 days During an Uliiesm of eight months she boro (a portion of tho time) the most intense agony without a murmur. She was pati?nt and submissive to the last, and fully satisfied to trust herself in the hands of a loving Saviour. The relatives and friends of the faintly are invitod to atteud the funeral, without father uotico, from the residence or her brother-in-law, Daniel Foster, corner of Forly-liret street and Second avonue. Arocstuok (Me.) papers please copy Joh*so*.?Ou Tuesday, March 11, Eliza, daughter of J. K. Jeliuson. The relatives and frionds of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o chick, from the rosidencu of her fathor, No. 28 norii j wuaiy-ursi Mri-ek. K* Tuusday, March 4, Wiixiam Kkllbt, agod 44 ysars. William Kelley wu lung attached to Ormnell a line of packets between New York and Liverpool, and Tor many years pasta rosidont of the Fifteenth ward. William Kelley wis one of Uods noblest gifts?an hnnost man. Hia scru|-?lous Integrity of purpose, his conacientioaa dealings with liis fellow men, the puro sincerity of his heart, and his warm nature to all around him, his silent devotion to bis Uod, combined in him the boat attributes of the goodness of human nature, as well by his actions, illustrating the character of the true Christian. These rare merits have endeared the memory of William Kelley to a numerous and wide spread clrclo of friends. By his death, hi* wife and throe children meet with a bereavement that must ever be impresaod upon thorn with more than ordinary force. We must, In humility, bow to the decree of ttao Almighty Let us hope that William Kel ley enjoys, by his death, that bliss where the wicked cease to trouble and the weary are at rest His funersl will take place from his Iste residence, No. W) East Tweirth street, near Broadway, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. ThefrienJsot the family and his rriends are invited to attend without further notice. Mauiix.?On Monday, March 10, after a short itineas, Jam, the beloved wife o( Robert Magill, and daughter of John and Margaret McCarty, formerly of Abbeybies, Queen's county, Ireland. The friends and aoju.nntances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her husband, 210 West Eorty Qrsl street, this (Wednes day) attnrnouu, nt one o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Mulmcr.?On Monday, Maroh 10, Cuhbad Mcixnt, in the list year of his sge. His fri<?ds and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tne funeral, from Ins late residesoe, No. 47 West street, this (Woduenday) afternoon, at half peat one o'olock. MaSnsLST?On Tuesday, March 11, Mabt Eusa. only ^.ii.ku. .J Inkn A anH I'luka A C U..U...U. a.^l 1 jtmut, 8 months ud 0 day*. Requioscat In pace. The r a i.hi van and friends are respectfully invited to nt land tfea funeral, uu Thursday afternoon, al turn o'clock, rrom the reetdoucc of liar parents, ooruor of Broadway and Klrtyflfth sir eat. Pa.ui.?On Tuaaday uvoning, March 11, nt sii o'clock, hnsa Paul, agod 4? yaars and 8 days. Hi* relatives and friends are raspacifully lavlted to attend the funeral, ?n Thursday morning, at eight o'clock, 'rom his .ate residence, 130 Third street. Rii.iY.--On Tuesday, March 11, aTter n short illness, Put mi Kji?v, agod 44 years, a native of the county Goran, pariah of bcrabby, Ireland Tbo frii nda and acquaintances of the family are reipectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late raaidonce, Mo. 120 West Tblrty-secoud street, on Thursday arte .-noon, al one o'clock. His remains will be Ingrred in Calvary Cemetery. Rich ?On Sunday, March 0, Jam B. Rich, in the 48th year of liiaage. His friunda and aoquaintinoee are respectfully Invited to alteni' the funeral from hm iato roeidonco, 4U3 Green urtch sires*, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, rho ranains will betaken to Greenwood Cemetery. Hudson and lat skill papers please copy. Rrrricn.?on Tuesday, March 11, Uzstts, infant da ugh ter of Godfrey and Annie Rltter. The f.-leads of the family art Invited to attend the unural, from 310 Hroumo street, this (Wednesday) after joun, at one o'clock. SHir ?In Jersey City, on Sunday aftornoon, March 0, iftor a lingering illness. Edmund Komorr Sun*, in the 03d yoar of hie year. His rel .lives and friands are respectfully Invited to at;end the funeral, from his lata residence, No. 330 .South r illli street, Jersey City, this (Wednesday) morning, at 10 o'clock. His rsmsios will be taken to Greenwood meter). London( England,) pap?r* please copy, Busily.?In Brooklyn,on Tueeday, Msrrh 11, Edward 'kh.i.v, la ilio 34lb year of bis ago, a native of tbo parwb if Cashli:,ci)unt> Longford, Ireland The i ri?nds of ihe family are respectfully Invited to at .end tlio funoral, front bis late rosldence, corner of A'yckoit and Kevins streets, on Thursday alter noon, al wo o'clock, without further invitation. Siuumjktkks ?on Monday, March 10, Emma A., eldest bill) of Leonard and Ann K. Sprlugsteeu, agod 0 years, ; month and 3 days. Th# relatives nud triends of the family are respectfully nvited to attend tbo funeral, this (Wednesday) after lonn, ??two oclock, from the residence of her ikthM, <o. 51 lirove street Sisal ? tin M ..nday, March 10, Mri. Mait A. Rnun, vMow of Robert Slead. Her friondH and those of the family generally, are in rlted to attend the funeral, from Iter late residence, 27th street, near Third avenue, Harlem, on Thursday dterunou, at one o'clock. Hi-maocx ?On Tuesday evening, March 11, Huron A. h'HA.ii a, In the 20th your of his age. The funeral service will take plnre at the residence of lis parents, 138 Kaal Twenty-sixth street, The remains a 111 be intefisl at Staten laland. Stirm.?On Monday, March 10, Ma?oa*?t, the beloved vife of I'e'.or Smith, a native of tho parish of Carba, lounty Cavan, Ireland, age.! 20 years. Her relatives and the friends of the family are repeel fully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) ifternoon, at half past one o'clock, irom her late re-u lence, 427 East Twenty fifth street. Her remains will >e taken to Calvary Cemetery for Interment, nionrwox.?On Monday morntng, Msren 10, William Piiowiwo*, aged 25 years,0 months and 21 days. His friends end those of kin anele Andrew Tlweyeen, T Richard MnCortnirk. ileekman Van Vena aud K.'vud Myars, at*u invited tost lend thefuueial, tin* Weluuuday) morning. al nine o clock, from iheroeidtiuoaof bin lather, Alexander Tbompaoa, No 101 Jaur?na ?U??t His r? uiaiua wnl be taken to Ml. Patrick's l^tbedral, where a solemn high mass win be offered Tor tho repo *? of bia aoul.and fiom thonce toCalvary Cemetoey for iul rinaoi Tuowmoa?On Tuesday, March il, -iter a snort 111 oetui, Aaao.% N. lutia>">oa, igu.i JO yoai j, J namdhf and 4 days Ihio notice will be given of tha funeral lb imiiil.?In UrooKlyo, on Monday, March W, after severupUnaeM,Sarah Jahb, belovod wke ot Isaiah UMha dill, in the aath year of her age The relative* and friend* of the, also tha mumbera up Iran hoe Ixxlge No ,"lf>7 and Salem Kur.ampinenk No. 5,1. U. of O. F , are resperlfully invited to nil sod the funeral, from her late residence, 014 Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, tllta (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock Whiclkr ?Suddenly, ot do ease of the heart, ui Neve Milford, Conn., on Muoday, March J, Jcrnu 3 Wuamuaa, la the 56tlryear of his ugu ?MB MIStKLLANKOLh. ^ ^ ^TTKNTIlON. CASH BUYERS. PRINTS AND DOMESTICS JM)R CASH BLISS k WHKELOCK, 000 Broadway, Offer tor tale, much below the market, their lance ebiek *. MERKIM Ai'K. WAMSl'TTA, COt'HfcCO, AMOSKKAU. Bit 11 MONO, t llli'Ol'KE. UNION ?ud other POPULAR PRINTS. ,, +* Also, DOMESTICS and COTTONADBB, ' purchased lor cash laat aeaaon. All*. BOSIERY. WOOLLENS, WH7TE GOODS. * NOTIONS aud STAPLE DRESS OOOCMA r BLISS"*. WHEELOCK, , ./ 380 Brjadwajr, APOTHBC ARIES, GROCERS, i DKL'OG LSl'S, HOTEL KEEPERS, |""o t'HL If STORES f private families All person* who wish to pucchaee Schiedam * 14~ Schnapps, aud other Bottled Ij<|u<>r? at my old |Nrloea, lu?A better make early application I'DOLPHO WOLFE, , . : , IS Beaver street. ALL ARTICLES POR SOLDIERS SHOULD OB SENT, at half rates by Harnden's Express, 74 Broadway, They spud daily to all poiuu occupied by our army AT OIMBREDE'8, 681 BROADWAY. *4 PHOTOGRAPH Albums (for Mlty pictures) retailed at Artistic monograms engraved on uruia Dies, by OIMBKEDE, and stamped iu oobir*. . AT 302 BROADWAY.?WBDDINO CARDS AND NOT* Papers, e.egant style*. These celebrated Cards sum 1 " * only at tue old oublKbmeut, corner of Duane street A WONDERFUL ji". ' SUCCESS I IMMENSE SALE I BUSH UNABATED! Ci ? PEOPLE WILL HAVE ITI EVRRYRnni' rxAT'llUfVli ' " LOUDER. LONGER, BROADER THAW EVER . . . , OVER THAT IMMENSE " HIQ THING," THE HILL POSTERS DREAM." v. Secnrc mopy, and sfter laughing untU you oaunnl ?ml U Any longer, send It to your friend la.the army. Goptae (' only 2o ctuts?18 X 21 Im-hes. Kor sale By all leading nMM . " agents ross A T0U3BY, 121 Nassau street ' American needle compaky.-bartlbtt's biw nikhed Neeulra, for all purpoaea, wholesale and retail, at 471 Broadway, New York. ! A WHITE'S PATENT LEVER TRUSS IS THE BBS* . tru*k In the world, on a new principle, action inward and upward, light and aura to hold and cure. Abdominal Supporter* on the kame principle-. Pamphlet* gratia No. M Bond atrcet. BRIDOEWATER PAINT?CHEAP AND DURABLE FOR root*, veuaela, Ac Indestructible. Depot 71 Maiden lane. Boots and shoes of evert description, bi the part age, at iimiiufactiiren' price*. Umin Root*, Canra** Balmorals and oilier Army Goods In great variety CHARLES 0. WARREN, Commission Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 22 Corilandt street By author of east lynne i EARL S HEIRS I EARL'S HEIRS I A NEW UOPYRIQHT NOVEL OF DOMESTIC LIFE, will be published to-morrow, complete in one large wtart volume of over tu o hundred page*, price llfly cents la papas cover, or scveuty-flve cent* In cloth. It i* published by . X. b. peterson A brothers. 300 Chestnut street, Phlladelpnla, and for sale at F. A. BRADY'S, 24 Ann alroet, ana by aM other bookttellrrs and newa agents everywhere. CI ACTION TO DRUG GIRTS?BEWARE OF COUNTS* J lell Mexican Mustang Liniment. The genuine la wrap* pert In line steel plate ein.ravtnga, with the words Menloass Mustang Liniment In a circle surrounding a burning volcano. and d. S. Barnes blown in the bo tie. There litis been ollered for sale, by one John D. Park, an article in general design quite the same, butexecut Aon common t me plate, with the words "A. U. Bragg A Co." In tow of tie 1 sir, the word Mexican underneath? small and oh * up b. the sinnkr of the volcano?anil tbe proprietor's u to e. D. S. Barnes, omitted from the bottle. I . to inufacturp or sell a counterfeit trade mark m a oritiilttul ullenoe, and tbe undersigned will strictly enfore hi* r.ghU, civilly and criuiiually. Information in regard to ilia whereabout* of tbe said counterfeit Liniment will he thankfully received. D. H. BARNES, 202 Broadway, New York. CIRL'TCHES AND CANES KOR THE MILLION?AY J the manufacturer's, C. KIN NELL, No. 2 OoriLamJlst. CORNS. BUNION'S, INVERTED NAILS. ENLAROBD joint*, ami all disease* of the lent, cured without pain or inconvenience to the patient, by Dr. ZACHARJK, Surgeon Chiropodist, 7(10 Broadway. Refer* to physician* and surgeon* of the city. Glass letters?for windows of stores, ao Sole dr|*ti M John street WILLIAM H. KINSLEY. HYATT'S LIKE BALSAM R leumatlsin in it* most painful forma, also scrofula* erysipeias, salt rheum, pimple*, blotches, old ulcers, fever aor.-H, the worst cases ot disease* of the blood, mercariai complaints, debility, liver and kidney*, incipient coaaTmp ttou, Ac., are most certainly cured by this great purittcr. HYATT'S LIKE BALSAM has ourcd lhot.*and? of cam* of theae and similar diseases, and H will mo?t certainly e>irr any rase which can be ranched by medicine, if taken In accordance with the directions 11VAITS LIFE BALSAM cured Mr. B Rtre, aOrovW street sad 21 CUutou market, of InBamniatory rheumeUam and Koi", after he had been crippled for years. HYATT'S LIKE BALSAM cured Mr E. B. Holly, dock master, 171 Madison street, of a lerrifle ulcer, nfler he bad been In the Broadway Hospital six mouths, and then thought to be incurable > HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM cured Mrs. C. Got*. Third avenue and Kilt) -hrst street, of scrofula, or king's evil. Yhr ulcer* ha i destroyed the flesh front the neck until the windpipe was etposed. It cured Mrs Gore also of dyspepsia. rrinctpat a?|*>i jh una a atreci. 75 cent* per bottle. IMITATION DIAMOND EAR RINGS, PINS and Placer King*, lor aale by GEO. C. ALLEN, 415 Broadway JEKKARDS* TRIAL. Will be puldiahod, on Thursday, Mareh IS, 1W, Tne Trial of CHARLES M JEPPARDS, FOR Ml'RDKR Reported by Ciubum B Wnaoea ISA pa?c?, octavo, One pap-r and eiepaat type. Cnntatna me able argument* and addreaara of JAMES T. HRADY, NELSON J. WATERBURT. a .v -v And R0?EBt D HOMES. Baqa. And the charge of RECORDER HOPPMAN, la full. ROSS A TOl'SET, Publisher*, ___ ... 121 Maaaau atreet. PRICE PIFTT CENTS. MATHEWS' ARNICA HAIR OLOSS 18 THB BBMP pre|mratlea for the hair aver oderad to the public. Maihewa Arnica Hair Gloaa stlmulatca and tTirea Uin hair. It commeueea at the t oota, and acU uh ? upon the whole dbre. Price SI eeau. Bold by all drug^leta. A. 1. MATHaWm, General A feat. _ Id Cedar atreet. M'DONALD'S EXCELSIOR LIQUID OLb'R?TEN eenta per bottle with bruah. with full direction for mad loa generally, binding niualc, r? binding old booka, Ac. Par Bale by R<wt A Anthony, Pine and Naaaau a-recta, J. A X Coddtnfton. 715 Broadway; Bunilon, 29a Bowery, Uloa. Bowery and Orand arreet; Perry, 75 Boweiy, W. II. Waglam. S4J Greenwich atreet; Geo. Leach, til Kourtn avenue, and be druaalau and dealera generally, and by C. EDWARD M'DONALD, aole proprietor, 177 William atreet. eeraad llnor PAGE S BALM POR THE AFFLICTED, OK PILE OIL, A CERTAIN CUKE FOR THE PILES, By eiternal application. DEPOT Mi BROADWAY I)KJOICK. YE Jl'FFERERS?RISE. YE BEDRIDDEN IV cripple*,?DR TOBIAS' V enetiao Liniment ran BOW be procured. It la narramed a aperdy cure for chroati rlieiiimiliain. colic, cramua. cuta. Palm of all klada?or aw par. 1)C> not miller when you ran lie inataatly relieved Price 14 and 04* renin. Depot 44 Cortlaudl aireei. New TorH St. i860 x. drake'S plantation bitters curea Indlgeation and dyapepata, firm lone lo the atomaah and air.-ngihen* Hie ayntem. A moal agreeable Tonlr aod nerrr lalln lo brnetlt. Mold every where. Depot lul Wrnad way, New Turk. Smith a brother's talk xxx AI.W brewed from the chotreat barley malt and boon. Brewer* l.'vs and ldU Went Eighteenth atreet, N Y. To consumptives-the advbrtihkr, hayino oeen reelorcit to health In a few w.-ek* by a eery eiiaple remedy, afler having Buffered eereral yeara with a never# lung a lection, and thai dread dlneane, eonmmpuoo. In am loon lo make known to hi* fellow nulferera the mean* of cure. To all who dretre li h will aend a copy of the pre crlpilon need (free of e.iarga), with the direction* for preparing and lining the name, which they will llnd a aare cur* for Conaumptlun, Aaihma, Hronchitia, Ac. The only obj?*? ol the advert Iter In a< n.llng the prracrlptlon la to benedi the afflicted and apread Information, whlen he ronnelrea to be Invaluable, and he hopea every aulferer will try hlv remedy, aa It will coat them nothing and may prore a Meaning. Partleewiahlng the prearripllon will planar a Idreae Rev. ed yard a. WILSON. Wllllamabiirg, King* County, N t. rpiiE OORPKMIORS and experience op an ijff I valid?Tiiuliah d fur the b.-nellt ami aa a warning t# Young men who aulfer from nervoua dihlllty, premature dacay. *c., supplying tin* mean* ?f eelf-cure. By one who eurad himaelf an?r oeiog pot to great riprnw through medical Ian. poailion and guarkory, Bin ropiee may be had of the author, Nathaniel Jtaytalr, Ea-|, Bedford, King* county, N. T? by encloaing a port oaid addrneed envelope. Tub gone* submarine electric rras train lor military and civil purpoee* KUWIN UOMRI6, Hubm.iVlne Engineer, ?2 Ainlty atroet, New Yorh. Patenl rlghta I or **** DRY WOODS. ' XTEW CLOAKS? NEW CLOAKH IN A. 0. RTRKNS. 191 URAND STREET. la now ofrrioga largo atock of NEW BPKINO CLOAKS ab iceadlngly low prima, ranging from 91 and upward* Wi Qraad rtrort, ooragf afX?^W V

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