Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1862 Page 1
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TI ? x 0-*" mi irf " WHOLE NO. 9315. fcoETAJT raOI WA8HBGT0S. Advance of the Land and Naval Forces of the United States. OPENING OP TOE GRAND CAMPAIGN. The Avalanche Upon the Soatli. WIID MntffllDV Iti?n an mm? vnro nnniiniuTran jius iujUiJJAin uurjiuiluciitia niitmii iitlZJjU Majoi General Fremont Ordered to llie Mountain* of Virginia, &( , &C', &0. j ? m WAR GAZETTE. OFFICIAL. m y*E9ii?ENi''e fiKsr'tui. WAR OP.DV.R- VO. I. Bxtccuxrfs M/vkioji, Washjnv.-toh, Jan. 21.1662. Tderod. That tho 2id day of February , lS62,l/o the day fax a general movement of the land and naval Corvee of the tAlfed States against tto insurgent force*. That especially The army at an<l about Fortrecs Memo#, The Army of the Potomac, The Army of Western Virginia, i The army near Munfordsville. Ky., The army and flotilla at Cairo, And a naval force In the Gulf of Mexico, he reedy for a movement on that day. TfSt all the other forces, both land and naval, with their respective e< nnandere, obey exi ting order* ft.* ths time, smj ^S-eSii^-sC-vovjt additional ordere when Italy gtvea. Tbsf the ho.ds of depattmeida, and especially the Secretaries of War and of the Vnvy with all their Rubor din-tea and tlio Gene:a' n Chief, with all other com" maa4era and subordinates of the land ;.ud naval forces, wtU severally he hold to titeir strict uud full reepouaihdMlee for the prompt exvc t'.on of this order. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. TfiX rBfcfilDKM'3 h?NKKAL WAR i)Rl>KR- NO. 2. K>> tnvf IIavmi. March 8.1F62. Ordered, diet, l'Lut il.? Major General ciumnnuing the Amy of <he Pc:oni.ic I'riKn U fcr'liw <ih to organise tbat tart of Raid army de?i.incd 10 ?o'er upon activo operaatone, Including the morve, but excluding the tioour to be left to the forltfleatloiiB abort Washington, Into four army corp*, to be ti iumriidcd according to acn'.onty cf rank, an follows:? Firrt tot| r. to conrtet of four division*, and to be com tasded by Bl'i. or Cvue?al T. McDowell. Second corps to u"nM,ti of throo divisions end to be BOBmanded l>y Brig.t tier Ucnerai K. V. Sumner. Third corps to ooneiat uf thice dirlek-ii*, and to be commanded by Brigadier General 8. I*. llcint/elmau. fourth corps to consist of three divisions, end to bo eonaaended by B.lgadicr General H. I.. Kc; es. 3. That the di\ision now commanded by the ofBct. a beve atiigued to 'lie commands of corpe ahn'l be embraced in aLdform pai t ?f their reaped ive corpe. 8. The forces 'eft for the defence of Washington will be placed Id command of Brigadier General .Tamos S. Wadswcr'h. who ahail also be Military Governor -f loo Blgirirt of Columbia. 4. That this or<f?r be exec .led with eucb promptness and diep. tcii Pd not to delay the commencement of the flDflntiOTi*! f.'raAflV *i. h* ??i.!?r?A.m ?-? tb*m Army of tbe Potomac. f. A fifth army corps, to lit commanded by Major efeeral N. P. Bunks, will be formed from his own a..d General Rh.elds' (lata Lander's) division. Am>TIAM LINCOLN. THE PRF.StTJF.ST'9 WAIl OUDKIt?NO. 3. Rxcinvc Kasstojt, Wamiisqiv.n , Marc h 11,1RC2. M*or General McClellan, having personally taVeutho aid at the head of the Arruy of the Puiomai-, until other' arko ordered, is relieved from the command of the ather military departments,be retaining command of the Department of I he Potomac. Ordered, fni ih' r, l'bat the two departments now un the respective co. .mnols of Oncr.cls llaiioclc and llontfer, together with .o utuch of that under General Boell as las west of a north and south I n , Indefinitely drawn through Knew illo, Tennessee. he consoli late I and de,.ig ated tho Department of the Mllasippl, and (hat, uutil tberwlrc ordered, Genera. Halleck have command af aa.d department. Ordered, also, the country west of the Popart meat of the Totoniac and oast of (lie Department of the Mipsie-'lppl f>a a mlllta-y drpa. tmont, to be cal'od the Meun aiu Department, and thai the tame be commanded fey Major General Frenvnt, that All tliO commanders of department*, after tho receipt of this order by tliera rerputiToly, ro;>ort fic/orally and durctly to ll.e Secretary of War, and tUit prompt, full ar.l fie<k i?nt reports will ' ? expected or all ad e~cb of them. ABRAHAM UXCOLX. GENERAL NEWS. Waai.ixotov, Murrh 12, 1862. tdk prrsidknttal ah ay ORDMAB. Tbere ba* bten much epvc ilat.on to d-y In retard to the exaot manning of the order*, numlwrcd ouo, two and Utree, of ti e rre.-ldent. It la generally ennobled tl. ;t order nnmiter one wae complied with to the letter, as far ae It was ptaotlcalde, the condition of the reds rendering it utterly out of ilia nutation to more tbe army of the Potomac for oTeairo purposes until tbe movement mi AagBtl. Tho aasumptien of iTio rontrol of the army at largo l.y the War Department, Indicated In order number thrco, followed, a? a matter of course, Oanornl McClelbu bavin, ^fcan the field In command of ono of tha Di partmenta. Iheaatuo course was parried wlian Ga.ieral Scott took the Hold during (1m Mexican War. The abolition faction ay al( inpt tocc.iatruc this to tha disadvantage of tie Oeii -ial; but ocly tha oircnuiitancaa itnme liately tba publf alien of tha ordar gi\? to it any aigniflaanra in tbla rrr.pect. Tt con'.d not be expected that a General In tha Sold pa.eonally anperinteiidlng tha operations of ono departaunt alioulJ also manage all the others, an widely axtendelasls tba ecopa of the operation a of tba * ho', j federal force. DBFKAT OP T7TB ABOtTTtOVTSTS. The dofent of Mr. Ashley's t'nivoreal Eruftncipat ion bill lo dsr, under tlia eloak of providing provisional govern meets for the Territory recovered from tha rabala, was a VMiuitrj ruuina i, msy r^liOVfd llj\t til6/ were carrying everything with a high hand. General ..Iffletlan has a..? 'rued command of th? armv ?r u.? Potomac, and of rourra liaa Tor tha timo left (ha dutlee of Commanding Genei *1 of the whole aruiy to da eolva upm tha War Department. Friinonl hue ei-oapcd tha court martial he never demanded, and bis been appointed to the command of department creatod for tha emergency, end tho aboililoniati hoped tho tide was turning in their favor. The bill, prepared under tho aueplcca of tho radical abo!ttijn f - ion in tlu government, en brought forward in the IZouee, and failed. t'roa ordinary occasions there would have baa* a mefoilly againat It of fourteen -r fifteen votee; but to refoae to print a bl 1 and order It to tha teaab of 'be capu* late on the table <* regarded ta en Indignity greater than rajec'ion upon the flret reading; aud on thin account many who would have otherwian boon found nppoeed to the uieai'ire either avoided a vote or opposed the motion to lay on the table. Thle vote waa a complete Bull Run d'taatar to the ultra lection, and haa tamed them down cor.elderably. They are not aa violent to-day ae Ui?y were yoeiorday. When they eomo to eurvry the whole field of political part lean maneuvering they wtll be etill leea buoyant ; for they will find their ecbemee fully epprecleted end MKd alncvet before they are developed IE NVE r-?? ' / THE NE i The Boundaries of the . _ R It J w i UTA* iWV 61 1. rwjs*tio:it c? New Fjcglasp.?'The six S'sw Enyla: ?. rspi?t??m op Nfw Yokr.?The Plain of New Yoi 3. r?nBm;AT or tub Potomac The Ptatee of Pernp Monroe &nJ sixty miles arounJ tho nine IleaJ.f 4. Pctxrtiii-tt op Viko.jma. ?Fe-ircss Monroe and six 3. Di i'ahimi.m op thr Missihdpfi 'Thn States of Ohio Rocky Mountains, and that partof Tennessee lyin C. The Nociub DViXIlBR.?HmtMllrj i 7. )>m-ihtxmst ok N'rn- Mexico Tin; Territory of N? 8. Pukabtmn r of yhb Pacini-.?-The country w ?r.t of i O. DuraKTBlM or Kl/juDA. ?1 hxt ^ a i t of tlie Slate of 10. Prr*KT?iNr or Nor.Tn Cattouxji.?Ibe State of Xor 11. of Krr Wk.-t ? Key Wet.l, the Tortogai Tbe TrM&ont men wi 1 soon diiotover that they have '>e*n only us?d to hillotf some oi.e else, while thoir fa write himself ;vae to be quietly laid away on a e'uelf. and that, like " 1'oor Pum," ih -y have b?en sctapicg oheslauis out o' the Hie for no re canning oi-eratom U cniuy. Tbo disposition made of Mr. Atbley's Kmnnelpation bill to day, taken in Ciu.Ktlou with the vote ou tho Preeid ot'e resolution, brought forward by Mr. Kongling, demonstrates tint toere is an invincible and inflexible couservativo n Jj'ily in the House which w ill approve ilie right anl u?f- . th; wrong. INTERVIEW Of MB. aT\ TOM WITH THE MILITARY COMMf f !'EE8. There was an tote. .si;og interview to-daf be twee? the Secretary of War and tbe Military Cemmittees of both Houses of Cc:gicsa. Mi-. Stacou expressed t? 'hem bii programmo for the fuitliei conduct of the war. rl true wllhrgly a, juovd by Mr. Wilson,Chairman of the Senate Committee; l,t the House Cominittee exprosscd the determination to hitsti in the aiiiniuia'rHtion and the War Department In whatever war done tor the purpose of prosecuting too w ar for the restoration of the Union, without expressing any formal approval of the s g?ea tSouof the Secretary. MOV RYOTS CP OtN. M'CLP.I.T AM. ' Genoitl Mct'.ellan hss l>e?n'.n tbo Virginia side eloce Monday. Iberv are DO indications of bis immediaie returu. MOVEMENTS Or OEN. rr.EMONT. Torcrnl Fremont will r? t iru to Washington either tliia eg?tiiiig or to-morrow iiorniug. all QriRT ALONG THE POTOMAC. Nothing of *! 'rial Interest bat tran-pirod ou the Other ride of i tie Potomac. appointment Ot OKFTTV collector tor alexandria, va. Colos I R. <i. Nellis, 'f Now York, was yesterday Appointed Deputy I'ollectur of the port of Alexandria, Vs. TUB la ib commander OF THR ANN ATOMS RAILroad br10adk. Major Robinson, of tho Fifth .a.atitry, w'uofor rorat time ha* commanded the Railroad Brigade at Am spoil* 'unction, has returned to lit* command nf hi* regiment at Fortress M< moe, pie,"erring active service, the tax on floor. Iton. Alfred Rly, lutvlng received about flf y letters from n il org residing in New York, appesred before tie G uiniiueo on W.*js and Means recently in opja*it,on to tie propoee l tax of ten cents on every barrel of UoOrlie was tliis tat was rti icWeu from the bill. THIIITY-SKVKVTH CONGRESS. ruts* sbssion, Senate. w kuiisotox, March 12, lc02. mrr at auiMT iiumn>iT!(w. Mr. Oatis. (Union) of Kjr., presented petition! from citlrens or Kentucky, aiking Congress to turn a deaf car to all schemes "f em*., Ipniion end turn their attention to the business of saving the country. TH? RCSOICTIOX TO BXI'tt FIXATOR POWIIX, Mr. TncMBriA, (rep ) of III., from the Judiciary Commutes, reported buck the resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Powell, with Ibe recommendation thai It do not pe n THA.Mca ro un'T. wom>?*. Mr. HntXMAX, (rep ) of Ohio, offbred a Joint resolutioni expressing the ihn...?e of Corgrote to Lieutenant Worden and ealloiB. Laid".er. tits renrratTT or ntsu. Re also Introduced n bill to authorize tbo President to take possession of certain property. Referred. tux CaUFOKXTA WAll-l . Mr. Lai mam, (opp.) of Cel., Introduced ft bill to repeal all lawn preventing foreign ttsscia canning the made to rauatua and Aapluwail. tb? hhiim xvaxitcatiox xw>nt.rnni?. A Inlnt re?" alien wan received from the .louse. tenderlag aid, \o , to certain .itatce. ltcferred to the Committee nn Juui< imy. 'seteraxri from statri. On motion of Mr. Wir*<>x, (rep.) of Mae*., Iho b)ll to authorise the S oretary of W ar to accept money^-lpi,reprinted by the Ctntca for the payment of voluutters. v?aa taken up and passed. nis i**r fat mix. On motion of Mr. Wiims, (rep.) of Vee?.,thebl11 to Uetlnc the 1417 and etolumentc of the army waa taken up. Mr. ; ?e"esiw, (rep.) of Me , nppoeed tlie proviiion reducing 'bo aalarlae In the mtlttarv or n al service, or in any aervice ot the govrumrut. fen per cent Mr. Foots*, ('*P ) of Conn., alao opposed theprovl at n. lie v.aa sot willing to reduce the salary or members of Congress lie thought they did not get too now. He did not think UJuet to uut doem the payment of eoldiere whoare in the army. Mf. Clahk. (rep.) of M. II., thought it no nee edilng here In great trouble, because the country wne going to be ruined, and croaking. If ymi will only lay a Ta* bill, the people will sweep away the flnam 1*1 difficulty as aoon as the MB'j will the rent's, if rvu w ,11 cult let tlwmfight. iw yo * NEW YORK, THURSJ W MILITAI New Military Geograpl ebellious States?The I HIE LIMITS OP THE NEW MILITj ad States. llcadquartera at Boston. Coramandar, Major G k. IIrad<iuarto)R at Albany. Commander, Major General ylvanla, New Jersey, Pe'aware and Maryland, tho District iiai ters at Washington cr in the Cold. Commander, Major < ty miles r.rouml the tame. Headquarters at the Fortress. , Michigan, Indians, Kentucky, Missouri, lows, Minnesota,' g west of a r.oi th and south hue ludeCuitoly drawn througl he Department of the l'otoroac and ea?l of the D*( artntonl w Mexico. Headquarters st SautaCc. Conunauder, Colon he Rocky Mountains. Headquarters at San Francisco. OaliI Florida not in< lutM in ihe Department of Key West. Ilea 111 Caroliua ncadqoarter* in the field. Commander, Brig i and the mainland on the wttl coast, as far as Apalnchicol Mr. Fcsnnnes thought that If we strike off tea per cent now then the tax of threo per cant on (La Tax bill will be unjust to a large class. Wo could nutke great * a\ ings In many esses wli re we arc now largely extiin agant. We hod tri id In vaiu to have some limit put to tli umnhers in the t > wy. and especially in regain 10 the uavali y. Mr. Hui.a, (rep.) of N. H., said that all the Senators agreed that'economy was necessary, hut when they cam to any particular case the amount whs either too small or too large. He waa in favor of a lopiii.g the measure and lmvlug it apply to ourselves, and he was oopo-ed to uit exception in favor of the President end I Judges of ttie Supreme aud District Courts. He thought that would inrko thein odious in the nigh' of the people, end that the judges would repel any desire to be excepted iu this Way. If we intend to g<> to the people and aak thorn to bear the burueUHof t ie war. we must lirst b 'gin tlio sacrificeour1 selves, and show some desire to put our hands into our owu pockets and lielp to ease up the burden. He moved to at.u ud , a - to read, ' shall be levied a tax of ton per cent. ' kc.. :iu lead of ludurhi* the nav. Mr. Wil- y ('! ' s.) tho-.ght thai tho pay ofthe volunleers tu not ton lurpe. It wae uot a > Urge as inntiy of tliuui received before tiio war. The real ma-'i of privates are working to-doy for less than tUi y os*-ued bef. ic. flo.; bill dl'l not ti" ii-U lie p^y of the pi it ute?. Mr. Halo * am uOmort was disagreed to by yeas 17; nays .7. A vote was thun taken ?n a mo'ion to strike out the ohlth section of tbe bill, which prov ides for tho deduction of ten par cent on tho salaries puM by the govcrn cpiing those of the Presidenta VimPmMnt, judios, uou commt"*i ip?d otliccrs anil private!. nie .ote war ?s fullnwe ? \ U-*( its. llrov. nii it. Clark) Collamer, Cowan, Fesaeiidou, Foot. I st?r, Cirmioa, Harris, Howe,, Im han>, Mrl> jugell, 4ium11, Fsaree, K;w, tiinmona, Sunnier , W.lklbr. " and Wilson?20. N ?T??Me.ars, Actio?y, t'iian.ller, Davie. Dlrop, D >.>Uttie, Hal... Itnilaii.ll' nilei on, King, I.ane of Imi., l.noe of K> i I'ooierov, I'.,well, Sherman, Ten Fy k, Trumbull, Yl mle, Wlliey, Wilson of Mass., and Wright?lo. was a tie vote. Tho Yi k raEinncrt voted ir tho negative, and the proI vision w*e retained. After further diseu?sinn the bill was pasted by ysss 97, nays if. Tho coi? were Mac-re. Kennedy and McDougall. e.'-AVKIt V I.V illS IMSTR1CT (.If COU'VHtA. Or, motion of Mr. M.rriii, (r?p.) of Me., the bill for tile rale o a of pereonn held to servicu or labor tc tlia Ins tr ot of Colombia ISA* tah'U op. geveriil amendments reported from the committee were adopted. Mr. MorriU. i,.Tarr.l an amaoJcient providing a punUbtnout for kldiicppibg. Au amendment rapeahug all laws of Maryland or of tbe District of Columbia iuvonsietect w ith tho act wse also adopted. Mr. Dams (fiConl of Ky., offered an amendment, that all parsons liberated . tidor this a t be colonized out of tbe I'nth d Staler find appropri .line flou,000. II" seld if the negroes were liberated they batoixic la/y and vagabonds, and will be a (test to the community, become ct imilie's?an I any Power that assimiwd to liberate times fitsbliahas inevitably a war between whl.'h will end In enHgrniiop or extermination. There were about two hundred Hi d twenty Or* thousand slaves lu Kentucky; If th? got ei amout und?r taken lo libers to ilirui, iiio white | to;il? will not iiermjl (hem to remain there. Never I The white people will either have to <lrlr* ih*m out or liuut?h?m to extermination. If negro** *r* liberated lu thn cotton States, It would be giving up the** Ida: to til* negro**, the ru*a iron the* Mute* ore a* loyal a* ?uy men In the Senate, but they will never submit to have tbclr eleven liberated by uoconetlt'ittoiiel acUang remain among them?never? never! lie epokn (he (Vcllne* of lit* heart, and lb" principles thet be devoted h>? lire lo, end which every Union South agre ? to. The wholn South will anile in rebiktan< e to all buch unconstitutional aus. Adjourned. llotiae of Representative*. WAftinv.roMarch ia,l?82. TDK MPtTOM or MB. IHUVOII A*0 tl*i t, WOtinMT. Mr. FowiPPe, (rep.) of y. I!., Introduced a Joint reso1*1 ton tendering the thank* of Congre** to J Frloreon Tor the eut y prise, skill and forecast di*|>lay*d by him lu th* evrun-i.f tint \fr.?lit?ir .iTfl Ilk I ianlai.Arl IT" t rl . t> officer* and men for rocct.lly rauderad. Ret'urrod to lha Committee on V#> ?1 Affaire. tmk -miriiH 'M/jc ixnrntfiox aar.avrr Mr. HePiiaMOx, (rep.) of Pa., Introduced a Joint reeo luti?D, which w?a rehired, to Oil tha vacancy in the IVi.irdof Roi-ent* of tha t'raithanuiiw Inetltnta, caused t>y tbe death of I'rofesaor Oornctiua C. Fcltoo, by the ap. point mart of Theodore l>. Wooleef, of Conned Ic it. )M,rmv nrro w* ntmncrt o. vary ounthai row*. Mr. Rion, (r?,->. J of Mo , ft in I ho Committee oa Naval Affairs,reported iv joint reaoliitten, whirh waa pas??J, empowering tha .Secretary of the Navy to iniu|r? tuto tha clrcumetanooa attending ihafaumvg of iha contractors f ?r bull ling Maun macliiuerv to mart their enrage monia within itia lima apariOail. and in hia di-or#tn.u ramil tha wh<>!# or a i?art of tha poualty. Tit* ' tVIKBT )'u]|J|1W<IiiX. Tlia House parted lli b'll authcr1,.lng tha app ilctrnrnt of a Com in laa lunar to oieei MiaConuiilaaionara irnm Treat Ttrltain auu Frunca for tha purpose of tha adoptioi of wear irei (or tha | rote, t Ion of Uio fisheries on the < net of Newfoundland. fnroa tt.oiuaud doilaia wera appropriated to carry tha vat luto effect. mruexirr r> oat.AWAity. Mr. Dt'xx, (r?p ) of lad., Introduced a bill to Indemnify rarta.n tillaeneof Itelawaie for eipeuees ni< urrad for tha defence of ibe 1'nlted States. di w TaavTiaa wup ioxta an a axr miw ctaixAOA Tbe Mouse p??ee?l iba Renat* M? mnendator? ?f tha IRK 1 DAY, MARCH 13, 1862. {Y DEPAR lical Departments?The Hack Region Contractii 6 f 1 F ' OF Mf* >fc \RY GEOGRAPHICAL DEPARTMENTS. enern! Fcnjamin F. Butkr. Fdvt in D. Morgan. " of Columbia, and that portion of Virginia east Of the Allej Joneral George B McClcllan. Commander, Brigadier General John E. Wool. Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, the Indian Territory i KcoxvlHa, Tennessee. Headquarters at present at St. Lot . of the Mississippi. Headquarters at Wheeling. Comman el E. B. S. Canby. 'ornia. Commander. .. dquai tei ? at Fori Pickens. Commander, Br igadier Cetera! adier General A. E. Burnside. a, and to Cups Canaveral on the cast coast. Commander, 1 j 1 | art for carrying Into effect treaties with Kerr Granada aud Costa Ktca, for the adjudication of claim*. | SI.ATKKT IN THK OlSTRl'T Of COLOSSI*. Mr. Amuky. (rsp.) of Ohio, (Vom (ho Committee on tht District of Colomblg, rcportad a bill for the acljef of cer tain psrscns held to ur MCOoi labor in the District of Co lumbia. other\vi*o tho abolition of slavery. Mr. CALvwtr, (Union) of lid., rubtnitted a minority ra port. The sub|e t sit recommitted to the Committee on tin District' f Columbia. tme mhucal and ricn'al ror.f*. Mr. Pt.Ain, (iep.) of J.'o.,froin tho Committor on Mili tary Atl'iira, roported ? bill to increase the efficiency o the Medical L'epurtnient: h -o a bill to provide for th< orgnnizetion or* gnal ?ori?. to gorr# <1 iring tho presvu war. Tlic consideration of both was postjioaa t. wrotr.ATioN or TjtBoit in rut: navy yaw. The House psared tho bill ameuilatovy of (ho etglitl section of the act to promote the elllcloney of tho rave so as to road "tho hours of tabor and tbo rule of v..too. it tho navy yards shall conform, as near as cons - tontlj with the public interests, to tho private establishment! in tho immediate vi' iuity of the respective yardr, to bi regulated by the commandants, subject to the rev.not and approt ul of tho Secretary of tho Navy." rh .ci aTios or ion* in tun navy. Mr Brncwwx, (rep.) of N. Y., reported from the >"a rat Committee a oil! regulating the urndes of line oillceri of the nary. ink wrrs moil tnr. ktno or w/v. The House pa so I the .Mmnto bill providing for th" custody of tho loiter and present* from the King of ?: tin

Tr.iiniTOi.hl oovkrnmaaw t >n to* be koku st.itiu. Mr. Aim, from the Committee on Territories, re ported a bill providing for lemporary provisionwl govern rneut i over the districts of country in rebellion ?gaInitio I'uited Sillies. The President is authorised to taki tsm'-e??ion and instilntc s'cii governments with ths ah of ths military and ssnl fbrose: Governors, 4c., to br appointed, a legislative Ass.-mbly and courts establish rd, aud cont nus till the people foiai new Stats govern mauls. Mr.Cn ivir s, (opp.) of Ind., from tlis vamoremmittan submitted a report, which t.ik?-e tho grou 1 that th< bill providis thai Congrc.-* lws power to exclude ccrUit Elsies froir. tho 1'nioa and hold th ru iu o 1 da poudence end Yas?nlag# till readmitted; in othev words that the I'nicn may be dis-nlvod by an act of Congress tin us<"iinptinn at absurd and fatal as that a Mats ra. annul its allegiance to thi Union t?y ??ats action. Tlx biil furtlisr is impractieab's in t<s detail*-, lncendU.-y am eonally eg repul?lvc to the principle* of juetiiw aud hu nattily an to ths constitution. Mr. ILiRiuNrt, il'nion) of Ky., slso submitted tho ml m rity vis\rs of ths counnittse. saying thers i? abun danl r< asou for believing that ths armed n-be'lton will he speedily subdued and put down. Tl o bill ul s single blow strikes ths r.v.atenoo of cloven Mates?ui ell tel an ordinance of fcc.scaion. It st> ken doyru thecoi.gntu ti. n aud dissolves lbs government; is inconsistent with sound policy, utti rly at war with rvhgion and humanity, and hence the mini rity enter the most e-racst and solemn protest "gainst it Mr. PrMUJtTo*, (opp ) of Ohio, said:?Mr. Speaker?. 'litis bill ought to be catitloil "A bill to dieiolve tha Union and to abolish tho cou-titutiou of tho United Stut??. A* I am unalterably oppneed to the derlrurtnui of either, I move to lay the Mil en tha tabio.and en (but motion I ark the yeaa and nuyr, which ware order ed, and the bail wia tabled. Y**S.?Aliroiltt. Bii.lry of l'a , Fiddle, Blulr of Mo. Blair of Va., brown of Va., Brown of It. I., Calvert, Casey, Cleninu'e, C"bb, Ccdfes, Corning. Craveaia, Crieileld, Crittenden, Dciano, 1>I van, Dnnlar, Dunn. English, Kialier. (hanger, Orldrr, Gutley, lliuidit, Maiding. Jiarriaon, Kel logi <if III., Klllinger, Jaw, Leary. I.a/i ir, L, Itman, MiKt.Uht, VUltory, Worry, Mm Norria. Nikon, tfohle, Noel, Morion, retiulclun, Carry, Em-pa of 0?l? Carter, Rice of Mat<? Richard son, Sheffield, S.. Ilabanror, Shlel, Steele of M. V , Stratton, Thouiaa ot M.i-a.. Tbomaa of Mil., Train, Wadatvorth, Ward. Webster, Wheeler, . Wlialey, White of Ohio, WyoklUtV, Wood, Mara?Aldrlrn, Arnold, /uhley, Bnkrr, Baxter, Braman, Bingham, Blair?f Fa., BUste, KulUnton, Campbell, Chumin rlatii, Clark, FACnikllng, Koar e Conkihot, Culler, I>avia, Duoll, Ed re rt on, E twarda, E lot, tVaarnden, Finn, rbott, Frank, Hale, Hooper, llurlon, llutohlna. Julian, Kb lev, Krli','.;* of Mich., Lansing, I.ooinla. Love ,oy, Met'hrr Miufcjl, Mnrviirad, .Morrill of Me.; Morrill of V'., I*,ge. 1'onn'iny, III a of Me, Riddle, It I'liua of N. ii. Sargeent. B-dgwIck, Hi'?nn, Htr?cn?, Trowbridge, Van VatkrnInirg. Wall, tvialtdn of Mr., Walton of Vl., IVil-ou, Wiuu n, Worcester, a oova.KaMKjrr roti attizim, Mr. Annar, frtm 1)10 Cummi'toe on Territorial, re ported A bill to provide for tho temporary government of Arir jsa. mt TAX t'Ttt. Tbello re went Into Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union on lha Tax bill?Mr. GoU'mx in the chair. Mr. M ,nmt.T , (rop.) of Vi., from the fVimm'ttoa on Ways nnd Mean-', said they bsd authored <ho le-tia of bonis an I rates in ail forma dfarlnf tho pre' Ctrl Congress to tho amount of nine ??'t *nl 1ftj raililona or < Ilaia. Tho appropriations for1 td2 are ucarly Ota hundred an 1 f.ft<v-u millions. li lb# war continues till I'd:) <>ur Imlebteciiers trill be niua >r ton hundred millions of doilar*. To pay the .nte est r ihie will reuuire aix'y ,t a onty millions annually. Our ordinary ?pr?u*ar o'-nrot, uilwoaf elrcumatancM b> !e?a man aixlr millions a,t ear, and tlta itiilitny establishment after too ltbd1 cot rvill likely :''<|iii o twenty-live mdliona beyo nl that amount. Tlia tal moa'-nio* in contemplation w.'l yield ereniuore th , I la necessary to meet the w intent tho Treasury in the p rope ration of the Tax bill tin mimritteo looked to the condition of ilia several uites, an im'J as that of tlx 1 ruled dutcr ao that they all might together act harmoniously. Ihe United States ha?. a right to demsi .1 whatever may be tiacw i'7 to sustain its pub uj credit, honor and existence ?a a natleu. the nill ie not a poraonal or party meaaoro, but one Imperiously demanded by the goucial we.fare. It tvae for fongre?e to judge bow mhch of It should bo retiected or ;>erinanuntly remained. That 'lie committee ha I r Hewn a disposition to bejuat to eVerr interest cOutd not he ipiest loned Miry intelligent I scrotal, po boon be fn.e tlia committee and rave valu / [ERA] rMENTS. i New Boundaries of the ag. " 'JC* g " !. ? ' ~ ?????? yiu*\ Mmot X.* ? . Jirr.XT^Kjvl V'.-Vlrutmortitj- ara / -4 A" ;b?ir Mcuttalne ?r<l Berth cf Jamei rIter, except Fortrtee '. tho Tcrritcric-a of Decoytfr, Nebraaka and Colorado to the 110. Commander, Major General II. t^T6allet.lL tier, Major General John C. Fremont. 1 Lewie 0. Arnold. Jrigadicr General J. M. Brantan. . -+3H? ' i able Information touching nearly tho whole range of oh iocts which tbo liouso was new called on to l?gislate. In very few instance* bad any asked to he exonerated*/ ? exempted from payment of their proper shsre tor the jtrstcimnce of the .governmect. iiut the committee sought Vewvmd exlremon, preferring to 'cry AeMetfVE large number of ob|erts than to confluo tlicm to a narrow fluid. He proceeded at length to eiplaiu the vario <s sections of the hill, nhcwmg the c:r?cts of the tax ou the > many articles subjected to it. lath# coiirsoofhia remarks lie said that no duty wej d digued oulhorary or scieutillo works or uewspajier publications. On printing paper, like any otlior manufacture, a tax f of tlireo mills p< r pound is piopo?ud?oiual ? to throe per centum ad valorem, or It-.; than t h.df the amount on wilting paper, lie e:iid he ostimatud the aniuunt of internal revenue as follower? Ale, boor and othT nail liquors, four milllous <f btrreM, i $1,000,000; spirits, one fc im'rod millionx of gallons. $15., 000,000; licenses of all kinds, $0,000,uco linseed oil, lard i oil, &c., $000,000; cen.ilji and s?p, $1,500,000; petro' loom and coal od, fd,5n<>,GOO: loaf tobacco, loyal atos i and forego, two hundred and olglit millions of po inds, I $6,000,0c0; msr.i'fact ved toha SCO. > ill aai eegars,' ixty i millions of pound*.$-1,'00,00". boots and shoe* {",500,i>00; hats, enps, L wncts,decks, shirts, umbrellas, ire., ,000.0 0; paper,$1,000,000, leather,$1,000,000. paints, painter's colors, ink, Ac., $1,000 OG0; cnaoc, g ".per and ? nil apices, Ate.,$60" O'K): "tar h, $800,rU0; suit.$'??5,000; mined e .car and sugar riadr from molasses, c mfectlonet y,ke.,$ioo,0?toji'.as,fl,00C.' 00. wlU'Cd and adulterated , ruirlis, wtues, vinegar, Ac.. $1 "Oo,""0, slaughtered calt'e sheep ai d lo gs, $600,000; railroads, i? ries. * . ,nn,i,A,i ..,, i A.., tr. ma iliui- - v,A ..I-.*. i. carriage?. j laniuortes and billiard l-.blei, |i ,()<).) ,00c.: railroad r. ids, $l,OnO.OCO; banks and iaviagx ii.-utut tiocs,$,>Oo,OoO-. advertisements. estimatedforty millioia a gtosa, income duly, $,"> 000,000; stamp duty, 1 oxprr-'Soompaii!M.?xc''i'1ing patent iitorticiitcs, fd.UOO,a 000; patent medicines, stamps, ,Svn,000; legoc.os ami distribution, and shares ol' personal estate of l?cc..f?il persei??.ft,000,uC0; salai iea, ivy forty millions, $l,20t),000: manufacture* not Included,*$30,Odd,000. ' from t internal revenue,$lo],t>'.<6,mm. fr<>m diract tax, *l? ooo,. t 000, and revenue from Imports, {GO.OOO. 'OO, Agar, gate , total, $133,923,000. Mr. Wat.wnKiu, fTnlon) of liy., e*.r rotrad liia oppo. f * lira to lltn bill. Ha could not vote the tax fur ati un limited poriod a* proposed, nor fi r the purposes which, i' ho fea- od, the money thus to be derlvod would be oso'; i for tb# reront riwcial Met-enge of tho President tndiuatou I the t-ndipcy o! government to interfere with the rights of the Stales, ffe could not. therefore, give his full confidence to ilea Prisideut. Whi.e tho latior was an uouest and patriotic roan, he bad t>eeu leased and pro a. d by radical null slaverviets until ho wis o> inputted to offer a I comiromiso between tho abolitionists Xcrih and prci slavery men. The propcsilInn turned in tho face > f the constitution and against tho prejudices of the border States, and wws odjeus to them. It was already r tjectcd. and, a*fur himself, no p|iat upon It. Those who sobtained it, finning that I ?o Staic-swill not acqntoecc, will, as the most eflicleoi means of preserving ;lie I'nioti, ,i? prominent gentpnicn have declared, derrrd of the President to entorcotho policy of no compromise with i hlevchuldct *. Mr. Fmsbmvx, (ren.) of Mo., In respcn?e to a remark respecting him, said he wanted slavery to o ase at ttio expiration of the war, If it c old court,Mill nally lie done. Mr. Wsn: woRiit resumed, sivirg ?The President aUo pr (posed emancipatreii by mean* uf tho c nstilution. Tb? question ar ise >* bother he could accept the proposition. He c mid not, nor would he support an emattc'patioo policy either here or elsewhere. He said that doners! John t. f'rctrauit hail been ) hi oil in eoiumaau over a portion of a Mate which despise.I liim. A man recking with Ha/I and corru|>tion, and reopen .hleiortlio f'e.itu of M tirral I >oii and the capture ottu'uP'' Mulligan, has jnr.t been rertoied to oommand while General < ivllnn la degraded and Oenersla Poeli, Rnsecrans, (dr..nt and other heroes a: a orcrclftiishc 1. Thc.:o things r how tho nitre, eh,eg of moa to whom Le alluded as bcngall powerful$wlth the ailministiaiion. Heconid not vote for the lax locarry ?nt the war lor the promotion of these purposts, but would cnnllae It to Its legitimate prusecuiio'i. Mr. Maim*. , (V.don) of Ky., In an explanation, said that row aid a'.wnvs he int.nded tc "ay that, no matter who l#nv?a tov*U5i itutl a. Kentucky lutrude io live undnr It. (Apt lnus?.; Mr, Uixim?*,(rM.) of Oiile?I rocifnizo tlio right of a mo 11 her loiltna up nor#. when a b.ll!? under cm I lor, atinn t ? unros' a MM upon th# poop:#, 10 ray |i, .t 1,0 13 ' opj'O ,*u to it, btii aL "? 11'' cuulidenco iu the adminietretion or any p* l ih#r< of. >lr. Mi i:~ worm, (Union) of Kjr.?I did not eay ao Mr. ltnrunts?I caught tne gentleman 0 word# dtstlnrtly. they v ?ro Hi it he li ?4 uo ooulidoncc la tiro adm'aii- , ti eUon or any part of it. Mr. WAMjW.'HTH?t did not My that. Mr. liMixii ??'In n tlio gent!- uvin mr? it to ?ay that ho uivt, in ton ' of that he h ?t not, c undone# In th? ndmlulttrxtlon. It t?th#dn?yof ra wer UWre# to re: is# to vol# tor a tag wlil'U :!.?y know ti t bo dial touted tlirr "<11 an ait'ii.t..strati n m which th*y hnv# no ooalMmW In # <iy of it a department*. Their ftist duty in ttint -a# i? to remit any attempt at u.atl< 11 by ?urli m a-i' naiMtmn, and tlijlr mr 1* to iinrtarh It, an! to hurl from novror inch peroon# n* di?ina?? tholr otllc n. The gemtlanian disclaim* nny win of c>rrhi?nc* in iha administration. Hum why dorahoonpoie 111# hlllf Ho uts nod that ho an# opih.m ed to tli# hlllb*<ii he who upio.-#<ltn the trout ion of othcoit nnd#r H, anllmited 0.1 to time. | $.iy, howe.-er, that the bill contains uo such proclaim. U I* a tax law which expieseca its own limitation. It provide#, of course, for 1 he Croatian of oBlo#r# to eg*ciite th# legal provision# made h. It for Hi t imjmeltion and eollortinn of Intermit dutloa. tuo hill ,vill expire of It* own limitn tlm, an I on#e<|inmtly the larion* ofi.ere craatou anil mad* nwclt'ol by It# provision# will also f .ll The gentl. man does not vppnte thn bill h#oan?<i It Inn: t< a-i oitual Inirtlitii np-iti ny portion of the p#op.#, hat thollia may arru gi ih#Pi sldoni and the hon<>rahl# < of the e?mn die* who pr#rerreil tli# bill. If? domnndi,b#rorc be vote# for th# bill, to know what i# LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. * b? ku<) with the money. A rather do vol thing in ! glslatioo. t lie novelty, indeed, 1* so strange, Dew at 4 unheal d of that it could ouly eniaiiat ? Corn a a Jiao fr m ou? uf tlie border states and a border 8 a e it (do i? ntit'.o 1 to tha credit cf baring originated it, and to have a special P?t?nt for it. . I a ghtor.) Mr. W-nswoani interrupted t,r. Bingham; but his ro. marks wera inaudible. Jk'r. lbs.iMaM,?i lay that it is a novelty in leg.elation, auu n< vi U-urd of before, that a 'a* bl 1 must contain a } I T' .'!< u that the moiwy to bo raised must ba applied a > :ind :.i, or geutlani'u will ndvte fur it. The gen- *"" t'si ..r .ould UaT* it inferred fr ni bis speech, however, t'.oit be would only v< to fur the hill on condtiiou that the money to bo rnisad hy it *ho ild bo. enp.-i.do4 lo keep tho cotton Stan-a iu the Union under their atn-l ml social ayat >ui. Tlio gentleman give? us notice that .f wa allow tba odton States, under any condi lona, to go out of tho Union, Kentucky will nut stay with us, but go off Into cottondom. Whit does snob a mean and signify? Nothing lo-s than that tho gentleman ia In favor of raising a bum' d and fifty nilh.ons from the swaot and labor of tho lot ai Stab's for tho purp me of keeping tho tott u S utes wiihiu the T'uion on their proper and pecu1 ar s a us. In that ho will vols for the bill.butuot o'.Ik' wi-e. This underlies tho whole * eccli "t the gentleni..u: that if yon attempt, tncough the instrumaniality of your army n-w engiged Id supproMug rebellion? ji you attorn;!, iu the preservation of tho constitution and the Union, in tUa preservation of the good and just ard loyal m^u of the Union, credit.'! between two thieves, to touch the vile institution of slat arv?that eivilirer of the children of linU me>?wa of Kentucky, with anr 8tate,will depart f-om you and yonre. If that is tho condition upon which it.- allegiance of Kentucky is to bo returned to tho Union and tho c.mrtitution, the son nor all S<ich citizens and SlaUa depart the b"t'rr. Mr. Walworth?1 annexed no condition. MBikubaai?If the gentlerran annexed no consldarat Ion, then the gentleman's remarks were meaningless .and wei e not worth the time consumed in the utterance. Who, In the D.imeufJIoaveu, wants the cotton mates in the Union, oranyt'iaea else ihis sida of perdition, if it be a condition that they ire allowed to retain from age to ago, aau ironi gi^niraiicu to ge::e *u<u,trni new. oeiii n civillaerof the children of the Kmg of JMh 'tn*} < the question ? ' la the for the l'aton after I ho I .vo nn,cot etiall liavo ex.ircisod it* jog: righlr.aud used * II the power which Goil and nhtuPe "Bave given and r f uietioncd for tjio suppression f thyj Infernal despotism' ,f Will he, under such a stato of thing;, funa.n in the I'nion 1 ' ? Mr. Wadsworth?I wait to see as much force used as is lawful and necessary to over, ogno the rebellion; h 11 am not in favor of preserving the Union by destroying * the constitution by Cungrctsp'pal usurpation. Sir. llig.BJjr?Tots is the .uestion: if,.in tun Ju 'rineut of the majority represented in Congress, It becomes, in the iangeitg'* of the 1'resident, tudispotsub'.y nacasenry to sweep away this infernal atrocity, which ha. poiscuod the brain and deadened the heart of half til" poo'ilo of this- republic, will the gentlonien in t hia S?a'e stand by tho constitution and the Union. and support that policy? Mr. Waiiiiwoe-a was nudorso od to say that no such necessity ould ever ari e. the ptestkm jgras recited, when \Ir. IV apsvvoi ti replied:?Whenever a majority of t oe House come to the conclusion that it is nice airy to sweeo nlu ery out of Kentucky |1 | reservo tlio Union, I say that ' will res ?t any law lon?*"Mng B'-cli a tiir.-ruro by constitutional action; and If the go,..; ? '?n (Mr. Bingham) and biaaho lition aliies ooiao to my' Stato ?, c-'inroe such a law, then I will resist him witL force. Mr. Hnsuntw?The gentleman has not irswered the quosti-n, and X will not permit any further riierruptioii from him. I want to know l?y what right Kentucky .comus to tl.ii floor and .! . arcs in advance that she will not abide by tlio daoish n of a majority of the peop'c's representatives in Cougr^-s, sanctioned, too. by the executive. lie wi'l fight o gainst it. Mr. Wanswosin interrupted; but his words were inauilihlo. Mr. BiMiHAM?T isettmo he would fight: ami what the gentleman now says is an after the glil. Ho said he would fight, and that is sufRcnnl. XI would leave tha Union and fight us, throwing his stiength into the ranks of the foeedod States. Mr. \Y iitiwcittH was understood to say ho would do so in a certain contingency. Mr. Uinmiam?And for that tho people, sneaking through their representatives and Executive, h ive decioiet JefT. I>a\ 1a a traitor. Hut if the gentleman it presumptions are ri ;ht Jefl'. Ilavis ;s uo tiuitvr, end '.be pecnle have n right to he seeking to slay him?wo have no right to pint-otho mark of Cain upon his brow and brand him a trait r, and lngions His hundred thousand sir >ng to ?n.'? bis capital, drug b;m forth to the judgment sent, convict biui of tree hon, and liatif him by the neck (til ha ho dead. 1 want to know from the gentleman why this would rot be goo.l for liiar. if it be good for Jeff luster Jeff. T avis' resumption was that ho had a right to go out of lbs I'nion. because we did not by legal enactments give protection to elavo property every where w ithin the limits of our jm is liclmu, by lend or ?>y s 'a. 1 bat was eritciiy ibe position of Dtvte?not n quos-inn about it. And the g n' (Mr. Wadjworth) scums M he au apt studoat of this arcbleedor of the rohe'lion. Ti e |u motivation of the nation is the (1st andixoedoty of goveriiuicniiu una If it become*, Bmwkfor U. common defence, .f it be necessary for he preservatlr <MT 'heconstitution and lie I'n on, and fog the maintenance- of 'bo nation, of tho n"i.!c9t govcrn111 nt of tho earth, to sweep awnj -laverv?>li'.? modern of tlie children of liahomy?will tho go tlotrum, on that day wlien tbi* become* no -ewary?wlil he, I - ?k, rise in revolt agni'ist bis country? That is lb* question. JI-. rote, but h-s word.- wore 1-st. Mi*. Div<ut?M continued?You have already answered, sir. 1 am surprised to reiitiomvn ray tbit tho CMiM.' illlill "I lur UU"i ? r .'iia ui;<i 11.1.1 i.' n ti>n, slavery, are ons and in.-era'able. T! o itinUsnnn (Mr. Walswortli) say* lie aid not r.xy go. it I . urd t-> knew what lie w alii .ay, from hut ireinnnt tnlerr :ptior. I re.iel all such flflserltotifl us (hat,com* front what qnarirr tb?y may. The- 'ii?t!t 'tKn is tba i,re*t i hir'rr el' li'ituan liUi rly; itud *' tb-r, in the wu >' ? cC MaJUoii, it wits not fll n incorpi rite the r.-. .Is gl vo, il.trery or sorviiulo in that iuttrmn?ht, which v as intended t<? liv thro ik'i all coining time, and it it was no t int. 1 led that It i-h mlil be known to :if or '<> , itk os of n-on t'oit any sorb system it .drill/ tlm a? ; ?? African ie, with nil Its kindred atrocities, Misted in th; tin * o 'he American ennstMcMon. I am sick of Mir en orciiiciis r.itr.u?-? cf gouUcrni'ii v.he u'ia.1 th ; aa.-i.ros introduced here ex oli.-dti'y iur tlv nnm -n ??cr ...* d dcela in* theui vkj...i ons tv-u tlu vt. iualh4i. Where are lite t ndatiuus ni* 1 tlir con- it t ony The g. lUiemaa (Mr. Wads worth) \xss a tow dcys rgo s Ixtdwihlo'y h irTor bocauso 1 veutured to a acrt that foc.r millions of slaves hold by tho rebels. a d .vho were in the lnndsof t!io reb Is, and r are the mainstay of lit# . el.cihnu, oiq ht to bs, no I protected, t.j<>. nhe.Oier they shottU * k shslle i n lor loo b .Iy har < f /.n-u ie in 1 'tarty. 1 fluid, also, that every l?yal citlisn In ilcl.-uid | hel i his life nnd the lltei of ufe unit . Inl ir. n in ,1cm1 t-its' fe the cumr.on dofotteo. That rem* k djj | not ivrito "ny la ri r'n th- gent'etnan's mind Oil lie. i! >t Hf. r !. I -aid that n t only tho rather of the househuld, bet the eldest borii.w '< h bje Mo bo out to tho tented ilold. to be pieced nndor mi!?ury rule, r, osoj to the pentlleroo of tbo camp and the drsfrncti' n of the battle field. Rut tUU ex. ited no surprise in the mi: d of the gentleman, end ho did not thnu'ou. os with the oppn- inert of the flftc-n glif-e Mates to the tyranny, ltut when it fs said liiat this measure of emau'-ipati t is necessary for the common defence, for tho pro crvatlon of tho coirtitrtknnad the Union, tlma r!?e?? tho gentleman from Koutuc'.y .n holy horror, and tlucntsii.i i.e with iltj op|n.i.--.:ioti of the cot:,b.nod ,'lAoen ula.e Mat<w. I do n t apeak "f Keitlu kjr as the ?ou(letn..n weld reproaent her. When ?ho throws oir her nlief aires, under the loud, hip cf the gentleman (Mr. Wmbnvorthl, I will tbeu sre.ik "' h r ?? ehe deportee 1 trust in tlod, however, "hat day may nevr come. I a s>nk now only of Cottur.doin, aud of the Infernal atrocities of tho system which p'"evalt(! there by law, whore It Is a crime, putiirhahlc by line and tmpris nmeot, to t< .. ft tho e'nve tho right* of his eommon bnminity?ayc.evon to lea. h him that there ia a tied, in whose Imago he ha: beeu created. I apeak of tho region where oxi'te that infernal atroc 'y which doom* four mult m of men to chains and tlavery. I apeak In the spirit of John Randolph, onw of the noblest of men, a Virginian, who said that b * lo< had wl h <vititterabl? corn and c 11t inipt upon that Northern n ia who would o.Ter hiursolf a? t he ap <lngl?l of the iril'eru;.I atrocity of slavery. It ia from the alava pen aud tho b* i court of the a) we lint bus emus up the evil Influence inch hna In ,gJtw| rehell,on ngainet the republic? width mu? urjnd to treig <m agaliiet n government that never lmt o?cd upon Its present onouiloa anything hut banvtl'a slid bice- luge?wb,eh his given lit:U toa tr?aron * ?< .li lias had uo p-ralld aiuco tho trecnable revo't of tho angels agal i ttbe Ood thui mi. le them, ?*mgrc-i lias tho right to declare all the prop-rly of the r.ibcls eubj... t to ea, :ure and e> nflacellon. Eve. vthing thit helpa the cause of treason and rebellh u alumld bo awapt uwuy. And tlia strong arm of the rebels lu thla *? is Ho four mill for tt of slaves wrho dig their tntren. hmcuta, culttva a their fields aud gatbov the <10110 that furutsh them with the In ead on wnl 'h tb*y live. It ie the duty of ihe g?ver nme 't toad?lni?ter the lawe In the rebel : ate* until such thneaaloynlPteiegovurnmentaareorgailre 1 by iha people. I .- erf tho prop allien, and challenge 0 intra diction, that ti n government of tbc United Mnteii has full and anode power over all tho ravulto siato.^ until the t mo <ome- wben the prop!# re ea'abit-h ^tn'c governlusnta u ,?r the eoua i< it 1 ui. ae.l In obedience to the oormtit'ittou, and bv*o talon tl.o uaih to Otinuort ii I hull nevtr cotn?irt thai So.ith Carol! * or any other rev'tad fun nh-ll rrwd rop- iwoutaHTd* to thl? Door,or ti. I.I any ' " ft! >n 0"?n for i u;h a | urpote, till alio nil a iir nrwanl/od a J1" a< mort,ovrj' i Itp.irlmont >>f w Mrh ahull ho I yttl. ami shall navo I ikon a *>'!c*nn . nth to aajtjowt th- coi.'litn'i.'j of Uio o unity. I'titil thin i* don ' wo l>tv? th? right I"govern Ifliaw hiati o lu the mvioer jiroooribel for tho government of the Territories , , Mr Wap-W' tntoai un lorelmd to iay t.ialne would now r tiihmit to thM. , , . . , Mr ' .turn a?'Tho gon'Ionian hi I hnvo to mthtnlt to winters <na.r o m.. ami th..a iHto'trta nn. lronmtia cw. r,. would r?* lll? f":'?Iilnn. limine ??? . n'i t(>r ?.' t!'U <| i' el. and at thta tim.. the world oonoreliou. an.i umloraianila that tina a a <1gh. botwo n tho frieuUeoi iron rovorlnin nt and tho friend* of Ihe blackcet and most wicaed cvepotsru tho world Over 9'niocommittee then fo?o and tho hotrc artjontnod. TUB YOU ON THK ty tNCinilON BILL IN TUB M'tfSK. Sot ? Hon. Wm. E. le-hman, who was inadvertently ahstut yeeterdajr evening, to-d.t/ a-ked and obtained oave to racord bio ynto tu favor of lha Preeldent'a otnon. olpotion reeolution. Ho and Mr. Brown, of Rhode Mind, were tho only two demoornta who thua voted. t w 7

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