Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1862 Page 2
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2 HORSKS, CAKRIAORS, dfcC. ^ Ahfc(dm? ii and CARRIAGE, in good order. for sale. Also a Cali-oli.' C'Miuue Can I* seen Grev * nrru^c Jcpo1, 27 W ooetcI ilu-i'tf corner of UrtuC AIWll SKAT ROCKAWAV, WITH POLE AND shult?, 'ii I mil-V I o.ler, but little used; also a threeauarlei ami h ill' spring Dua-nbury road Wain (fund order, for sale cheap. Apply to E VIAR1UN, H6 Earl ThirtySecond street. A~ SPLENDID BLACK CANADIAN PONY. RISING PIVE years old, a faai trav, ller, ulteeu lis ids hi h, wan nut d in every res|?- I, suitable fur auy kind of light work. A|>i>ly lor one day at M avenue D, corner of ronrth street, lu the giix-cry. Business waoons ok ev ery kind constantly ou hand or made to order, such as grocer*', bake is', uitlk and i-ipm*.-. You Mill lind this place as luvnrable as any that can !> loiiinl, and every article Wiii-ranted as rraireeeuted At STEWART S Wagon Factory, Fifty-mird Street, bei? cru Broad any and Eighth avenue. CARRIAt.E WANTED.-TUB ADVERTISER WISHES topti. has- a Curt hags fur two horsr s, for conutry ua-, new 01 no. ou i hand, and pay, in whole or in i isil, by an order on one of the lir?l denilats n the i'y, whose opeiationa am of the be-t, and LI* prices are reasonable, and one wlio w i'l giro enure satisfaction. Any person having a Carriage to sell, and teouiring dental opeiatiou*. w ill pleusc address a noh- tot Wilson, care of J. A L Coddingtou, 715 Broadway. rn>R SALE?A VALUABLE SIX YEAR OLD FAMILY A Horse, lo>g bauds high, stylish ami free driiei. A sa three splendid cart or truck Horses for sale, and a beautiful Buliiou and a Mare, with foal. Al- oue litriu Horse, pine 45. Also a light Spring Cart. Apply at id Chrystle street liKlE SALE?A PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES; ALSO, a a nearly new light Double Cainage and a Coope, in good order. Stable to rent. Apply at ltd Greeu street. IjVOK SALE?TWO HORSES: ONE A BROWN MARE, f l'V, hands high, fast traveller, aeeen vear* old, sound and ktuu in every vrny; the outer a gtay horse, 15), bauds kiffh UU....I inrf Sin.i and tit tor siiv b sini-ss. Auolvsl Commerce street, New York. ^ I For &ale-a very stylish brown horse, just from the conn try, 16 hands htt(h, S > cars old, sound and Bind In ali harness; also a trotting Wagon and Harness good as new. Prt e $?25. Can be seen from 2 to 4 I*. M , at the Livery Stable 20o and 206 West Twenty seventh street. For salk-a horse, about is hands hiuh, veiyfa-t, a light slutting tup W gou, Harness, S'eigli, Robes, Ac. The. whole will ne sold together or separately. Inquire at 96 West Thirty-third stree'. For sale?a fresh milch cow of the best quality, warranted to give 26 quarts of miik per diem; also to make 15 pounds of butter per week ; also a splendid addle Puny Mare. Apply at 161 East Tweuty-tilth street, in the rear. For sale-an eleoant bay horse, ij hands high, long tall, very stylish, sound and k:ud in single or double harness. Also, a black Horse. Apply at C8 Mercer street. For sale?a second hand wagons, with and without Tups; also IS new ones of the latest style, city make, warranted 1 year, and w ill be sold for *25 per oent I, as than can be bought auv other place. Aisol Kindling Wood Wsgou, at ja.hes Baldwin s, 152 Crosby street. Fob sale at a bargain'?two carriage Uors .s, two Pom'* and handsome Saddle Hoi sc. For particulars address C. H , box 115 He.aid olOce. Horsf.s for sale-at the wavebley hotel s'ables, coiner of Ninety-S'xth at.eet aud Bloomingdale roa 1. Is open with a line assortm n> of real Horses for single or double harness , also, saddle Horse-. Gentlemen wTsldrg hor-cs arc invit d to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. At the above snibles Horse-, Wagons and Harness bought and sold <>u eoiumUrioii. O. W. A J. W. JENKINS, Pr prtetors. Horse wanted?a riding horse for a lady; long tail; must be gentle and easy galled. Apply to JOHN GREEN, opposite Hradley's livery stable, In Thirtyfirst street, near Filth avenue. Horse wantf.d-for family t wot over ighi years old, iu exc'"">ra set of double light harness. entirely "??, Can be tern at 103 Waverley place, five * . a a ? ciock. Horse axd w.ioox?wanted to purchase, for a do. .or, fur cash. Address, wild jiuriiculuis, Dr. Hunter, 1 So Duane afreet. JU8T ARRIVED?FROM CANADA EAST, A LOT OF young lloraea. wliteh w ill ue sold < b ap or evi hangsu. Apply at stable, Foure nth street, corner ( f Ten'h avenue, rear ot wood yard. HUGH LAHEY. PARKER, BREWSTER avn BALDWIN, CARRIAUE .MAKFrS. No. 03 East Ttventy.liltli street. Are using upon all their mrriiges the CORRUGATED, CA^E HARDENED AXLE box, Of vrhieh tltey have the exelustv right for the United Statp* This box reduces the rr.cliou fully ou<> halt.' anting the Carriage to run tuurh lighter. Retains the oil six times us Ion; as any other box, an i p. vet heats. Parties about to place orders for either Trotting Wagons Or Park Carriages, are particularly Invited to exaintu - this new style befor ordering. Samples to be seen ai the factory or the REPOSITORY, NO. 73o BROADWAY, Corner ol Tenth street. doiin c. r.arker, james b. brewster, ti1eo. e. baldwin. POKIES.?A VARIETY OK POMES OF ALL KINDS; one iM'atitiful | air. twelve hands high; a III Id ran drive them. So.d cheap at forty-second siren, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. GEORGE BRONSEY. TO BE SOLD OR EXCHANGED?ONE BROWN llORsE from the country, lei hands high, 7 years old. fit forcjal cart, truck or any kind of business: warranted sound and Uud in all harness. Impure at I'D". Grand street, N. Y. TRUCK WASTED?A SINGLE IIuKSE PLATFORM Truck. Apj ly at 41 Oreeue street. VALUABLE SADDLE MARE FOR SALE?A THOrouchbted Mare, pur'- racing stock styltsh, sound and well biokrn in saddb-; iiftcni hands Inrii an I very sptrlied. Apply to U. 11. LEEDS A CO., i3 Nassau street. WANTED-A GOOD ONE HORSE TRUCK. A PUR chaser can be found at 55 Beekiuan street. WANTED-A TONY WAGON OR CHAISE, SECOND hand and cheap. Any person having sin U to dtspo-e of may address C. W. 6., ITS East Fifteenth street, nv til idling price, also where and when it < nnhe seen. Also, a Pony wanted, not over II hands high, gentle and kind in harii-sg, 111 for ladies to drive and use. "It; ANTED-A LONO TAILED HORSE. SOUND, KIND Tf In all harness, fearless ol locomotives, 15.3 hands high, free traveller in M, mlnntes, thoroughly broken. Ad.l ess, with full parte ulsrs. bok 5,040 Post ollice. Cash :>rn-e not exceeding (123 or (ljO. WANTED-TO PURCHASE FOR CASH (To SELL again), a splendid pair ot Coach Horsra, for a gentc*. roan's family; they must be veiy stylish, round, without fault, and not over six or seven years old. Address Livery Stable, box 596 New York Post ollice, with full paith '.are. WANTED TO PUROHASE-A TEAM OF HORSES. Tbey must he goad, tree travellers, about hands. Close b d', sound and kind. Any taavinir >ui h a team will please addre?aT. H. P., H raid office. Of* RELENTED nORSER F1IOM the cointry.*>1/ For tale, lire p.iira extra mat< li Cain igc Horsca; Sincte, Road and Ti oping Horace; Saddle, Dralt and < an Mori"*. At a fair prt<e, and ?arramed a* repie "nted. fall a' 3d Broad atreat, Newark, N. J. .M. B. titman*. CC ?TOPGROCERY WAGON FOR RARE IS WORTH iPc/ol. flUUlor ate; baa been run but very Utile; M in fine running order. Apply at 130 Bowery, near Grand ttrert. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Mrs. uanrins' paper.?etiquette, arts of Beauty, boelul Gainea. Courting, Original Stories, Ac. Bull or pictures Tmally unlike other paper*. Try a r py Price C cents Very inltregtlag. Oilice No. 3!) Walker street. That cuBiors" book of citv women, or is toreeting Female Characters in New York. Cheapedi tiou, ill page* 12m>., now ready Price 21 cents, or mailed free, .10 cents. M. OAtNTT. Publisher. 59 Walker street. New York. the rebellion. All "THREE MONTHS" VOLUNTEERS AND VOLuntrers lor "Iwoyears'* or "the war." discharged for disability, or widows or any such, call on TIIOS. L. 1JUAYNAltD.dl Wall street. Army h\ts-for sale, at a very low pricf., stity dozen Army Fur Hats, at 9b Liberty street, set rud ' floor. Anew article for war ?the <jome/. bubmariue Klscirli. Kusa Train, for uillliary sml civ.I perpo?e*. tnventlon lor ule to foreign government*. EDWIN goMEZ, Submarine Engineer, *3 Amity street, New York. l1rom $.vi to *10) will be given by a resigned F osvalrt ou.cer toward* paying expenses to any company commander who will secure htm a serotid lletitenanejr in any regiment now organizing or at the seat of war. Adores* lor three days Lieutenant, t ox 200 Herald office. fLAOH. BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS 17 Stalls, >1 . n'tnij", Trimming- Kn,pr? Spear llesds, Ac. Ornamental |>?iutiti? ami rnibrndertnn ?> aillc IfOJER A GRAHAM, 97 Duane street. RE< REITS WANTF.D-EIGHT! SEVENTH REOImeni New lick Tnluuteer*, Mount Vernon, Vs.? All men desiring to enlist will be paid $2 at <he t|in? of enlistment at the ofl o-j U Uhaltiuni ? .-t New Voi k. IMlef llckAl* given foi ilmlr fall.lies lniitie<tU'e|r. o w hoswortii. Major Eighty ?? enth supt. Itecnl'lng. Seroeant's positions in a nvTTKRY ok light artillery, now In the uelil will be givn many tn car ihie, men who will fnrnlah eight men r., h within tjr - (lays. Address Lieutenant, hoi 1,4*4 Post ofti e, N York. Twenty oood men wanted?kor united Slates Military B'-rvlrs In Virginia. R<- t'tiling age.,?g or ether parties having recruit# to iranaler, c?u leainotan oirpurtuniiy bv alt tig up< n tha *ub -rlls r, at La- my I, N. V.. f O n 10 o Hook A. M to 4 ..'chirk P. M? . n It I. day nest. Mill ni-t.. or If residing m a dlatan.o irom New York, can ttfdnn Tor ten days hot 1 :jis Newark, New .R-riy * SAMUEL K. Mflfoi.SQN. ^nited states bounty money.?widows or oilier logai b"ln of soldier* n ho liavp died In the ?ervi> < are entitled. In addition to thepiy due, to one hundred dot. I late, whlth l? now payahle. K..r fnrtlier particular* apply at the Ap-my. 16 Nassau street. room No 6. \rOLUNTEBHS FOR two YEARS OR THE WAR *1 i -hoa^ who ?erretl for three month* tinder the Pie.ident's proclamation o' April Id, ISM, and the widows mi l heli a ot ?nrh, ?r" requested to call on K. KOWINO, 16 Niraanstreet, i m No, 6, who will Impui i important information to them. lOTII RF.OlMF.NT OF INFANTRY. U. S. A ?8V PER Law nnseton ol tee Adjutant Oe, t.t1, U. S. A., ofllc-n ol tin Twelfih Infantry are snihortre.l >o t als? their own " nn panics On-i o |?, j, under comnian I of '.lie undersigned, will le raised in ?hl< H'y. N"n mmi*-oned oil " .tip jointed aftei o: u iui/atioii A.J DALLAS, TwHttli Unit-I S'ate? Iiitan'iy, in rultlng olllcef. 79 Chatham a roet, N Y 109? "EMINENT. N Y a V., VAN B" REN LIOlIT ivm Inrantry.?LI t'h*? K .fayn" has b tm left In eh irge of the lieadoiinrters, 462 Broadway, and will for. w.rtl all meni a>r? of tne regiment to the tamp at the aent of war All pirtiea'.ounerti'd with the re .in it will tmn edl' at ly r?|?.rt at headqtiai tars, or they w, | l>? In fed n de grots. R'CI tilts wanted T B VAN III HEN. C'llo ,e| uimia. OTEAM WEEKLY To LIVERPOOL. TOt'CHIMO AT O uuf^iibUwH (Cork haritor). The Lteerpoo . New York aud Philadelphia Sleamalup ('onipiujr luleod ileapatctuug Iheir full iwerii il lljalc built irou sl.awsioaa w followa ? CITY OK NEW YOKK Saturday, March IA CITY OK WASIIINUTON Saturday. Maich St. ULAItUOVr Saturday. March Al. ami every aiicccrduig Saturday, at noon, rroiu pier il, North liver. aula or rsssaoc. Kirai Cabin $7."> Steerage Do. to Loudou SO Do. to Loinlou 33 Do. to Parta sft Do lo I'aiia 33 Do. to Hamburg.. 85 Ih?. to Hamburg 15 I'tisaeiigrraalso for*ai led to Havre. Bremen, Kouecdain, Antwerp, Ae., al ttpially low rate*. ? Kat' a fioiu Lirertiuol or Oui-euatoivn.?kif ?t ratim, $7j, 815 audhlUB. Sieerage from fciverpo HO; from yueeiiatown, 830 Ttckela eau be bought here al these ralt a, enabling peopie lo send f jr Iheir I rieuda. , , . These ateamera have superior accommodations for passengers, ate strongly bruit lit watet tight iron sat lioua, aud carry juiteiti lire aitiiilnlaiora Eaperien ed surgeons are altarhe.l to each steamer. For further information apply tu Ltcerpool lo WILLIAM INK AN A'fill, H Water aircet; in lila .got* lo ALEX. MALCOLM No. 5 St. Enoch fc'|ugic, tu Uueeaalowa, to U. A W D SEYMOl'K A CO.; in London, to EIVE8 A MA CEY.6I Kmc William at reel; in Paris, lo JITI.KS 1JE0OCE, Nil. A place de la Bourse; in Philadelphia. to JOHN U. DALE 111 Walnut at reel; ur at tin- Company's offlre JOHN G. DALE. Agetil, 15 Broadway, N. Y. The north German li.oyds steamship KKK.MK.V II. Weasels commander. Carrying Ihe l ulled Stales mall, will anil I rout pier 30 North rirer, foot of Chambeta street, ou SATClU)AY, Marvli 15, al It o'clock M.t ion ncsRV vis uniTTiraupton Taking iNuwiigi'i k In london. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rate*.? For the that ralHO, $100; second cablu, $61), steerage, $30. Fur f i eight or passage apply to OELK1CH8 k CO.. 68 Broad alt ect. pob southampton and havre. ON SATl'RDAV, MARCH 2$. The United Stale* Mail Steamer AKAGO, Hknht A. Hanson* Commander, will sail from pier Nu. 37 North river, loot of Beach street, on Saturday. March 2>, at noon. '1 his ateamahip (nnaurpasfed for raf'tv and comfort?, baa double empties under deck, enclosed by water light compartments, which, b sides other rellill*, tend, us the event of collisiun or stranding, to keep the pumps tree to work, and get ure the safety of vessels anil pas-eiiger*. For freight or pa - age apply to da? id Lines, agent, No. 7 Broadway. The steamer FULTON will sail April 26. Hamburg American packet company. Steam to Loudon. Hamburg. Havre and Southampton. The favorite tirst class and elegant iron mail steamship BORC8SI a, N. Traiitman, eommandi r, carrying the United Stales mail, sails from lner 21 North liver, foot of Fallon street, pos.lively, on Wednesday, March 12, and takes passengers for Loulion, Hamburg, llavre and Southampton at the following rates:? First cabin $10t) Second cablu 60 Steerage 35 The Itammonia will a iccee.t the Borussia on March 22. For passage apply exclusively to C. B. RICHARDS A BOAS, 151 Broadway, N. Y. Steam to londonderry, glasgow and LIVERI*i il.?'The Montreal Steamship Company's lirat class, ftill powered, Clyde built steamer, NORWEGIAN, Captain M-Master, carrying the Canadian and United States mails. Will fail from Portland nest Saturday, March 15. Kate* of passage f rom New York:?First class, according to accommodations, IMtO and $fiti: steerage, found with good provisions, $i0 Cei liiicatea issued tut bringing out passeugeis from all rhe prim pal towns in Great lli tiln a id Ireland at very low tatca. For passage apply st 2.'l Broadwav. New York. SAKEL A SEAIlLii, General Agents. tfOR LIVERPOOL?DREADNOUGHT LINE.?TI1E splendid dippct ship E' COR''', Capt. Whitman, i>ositvelv sails on *' 'Itli ol March, at ten A. M For pan-age, 1 ittu^.?. -i rates, apply immediately, to secure bertha, on board, pier No. C North river, or to P. M. DEMAREST, 40 South street. PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, BY THE Black Rail line of packets. The ship MANHATTAN sails on the 16th el March. For passage apply on Loatd, at oicr 23 East river, or to J ACOB WILSON, I OS South street. f^OK CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will Nif New York on the 1*1,11th and 21st of each tmmtli, except when these dates tall on Sunday. wlieu the day of departure will l>e ou the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only office, No i Bow. 1 ug 11 recti. A. B. ALLEN, Agent. AUSTRALIA.?k'ANCARO LINE FOR MELBOURNE. The maunificrnt fist class ship ATLANTIC, I.50J tons hut then, teill he de-put bed on the 5tli of April. The accourmod itions for Hist atul se md cla--s pa-sangets ale very soperi nr. Apply on hoard, pier 10East river, or to MAILLER, LORD A yi'liKKAl', 105 Wall blreet. LOUD A CO.. consigneers at Melbourne. VUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE, CARRY I NO THE United slat * Ms I.?The new But si I- rk .Il'MA ANN, ol Hong Kong, is r.ow rapidly loading lor Sidney. N. S. W.. at pier 26 E.isi river, and will be desjiati hed posit vely Iltli April, lias superior accommodations for brat cabin iiasseiiRera. For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAMERON, IP an r -f eet FOR HAVANA. The Sistni.-U steamship i I,A CUBAN A, Lar arabul, Comm.inJer, I will leave pier No. 1 North river, at twelve o'clock noon p eI cisely, on WEDNESDAY. MARCH 19, 1502. rastrAciL If Oh* tr. i First cabin $60 Second cabin 3d For freight or passage apply to SIMON PK YISSKR, 52 Exchange place. THE STEAMSHIP ItOANOKE WILL LEAVE MSB 11 Noith river, on Saturday, March 22, at 12 o'clock precisely, for Havana direct. in ii r<ia * nj oiub nvaj, I lkcti KES. IF.i'TrRE.?A LECTURE WILL BE DELIVERED AT J the A' id<m? ol Music, ill the r.tjr ol Brooklyn, beiotc the 'In- Young Men's Chi i? inn Associnlin, on Monday evening. M;i h 17, foi tbe benelit o. ilir Fourie-n'h roclmi-nt. Colonel A. M. Wool, hy ISAAC BaDLAU, Us- p Subj- t?'lloiv young men < an llv at the rate of lire thou-a ml dollars a year on Tileries of twelve hundred dollars." The high rcpututiun and long ircriett'-e of 'he speaker, and the interesting and Important theme to he discussed are sufficient, of r urse. to ntir.n-1 a large att"ndan< e. Ticket* 23 rents To lie had at all ihei hookatorea, an l of tb<- lecturer, at room 8, City Ut!l, Brooke n. rpilE FOURTH LECTURE OK THE COURSE?IN BE X half of the Episcopal Church of the R-suri-ction, will he delivereil by Rev Dr. LtUIejohn, of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn. In Trenor'a Hall. 6V Wes' Tnlityfourth street, corner ol Biosdway, oil Thursday evening, Man h 11 Bnbjeet?"Woman s Imliience on L tiers." Ti- kefs23c.; to he bad at tbe door. Doors open at 7; lecture to commence at 8. SPECIAL NOTICES. /dOLLEUE OK PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS?MEDI\J cal Department of Columbia ColleR corne of Twc.ry. thud stieet and Koitrth avenue. Th nfty-fi th Anmal C. itimencerai ut of tins Insi tuu n will late place on Thursday, March 13, at half-past 7 o'rl It I*. M., in theehur h nl ine omer ol Pourtb avenue an I Tsrenty?eeoiid .re'. It .-. Di. Parker's). The Charge to the graduating e'.-iss will be d . peered by tLe Pr-mil ui. Edward Delatleld, M. D.; a Vale, du-tory Address, by II. M. Kieid, A. B., M. I)., a ni -m'o l of the graduating class, and an Addre-s to he Alumni, hy D. Tlldcn Brown. >1. I)., ol the rla?s of 1514, Superintendent ol tm? Bioomiugd hi- a-ymm. 1 ta pi oM as.u-i and the public re respectfully inriN loaitcnd. SAMPEL 8T. JOHN, M. D.. 8-uetary of the Faculty. VIJ MM V-SiX'lATION?I OLEEOK OK PilYSK IAMB an I Surgeon*?Medical Depsituirnt of Columbia Col!? *<-.?'The an uuu! Oral >u la-tun- the Assoc atc.n v. all b delercd by D. Tilil n Brown, M. D. tuba- of 1*44). of New Yotk, rl Or. Parkei ? rbuirh, c-arna-r ot Twenty -second tieat ml Kourth avenue, on Thursday, March 13. "t ?1? 1*. M., alter the usual common cni in ixercise*. The Alumni of ili - Cat ege are re imM to assemble la H - laet ire cum of the claurcli at 7 n'elo It. The kiiii ml inectiug v ill be held u' lli? real enco of I'rof. Clark, 30 Last Tweutf-hrst street, ou Friday, March li, a' ?>!? P M. JOSEPH 11. VF.DDEK. M. D , Sec y. N'OTI' E.?illE SKUAR MAKERS OK NEW YOUK city are re-peell'iilly reipesiel to atend a meeting of li -at liii|iorUii< e to llt-ni all, io be held cm Sam clay evening, March 15. 1S62, at 1'? o'c; ck, at the Metropolitan Rooms, Heater itreet. By orlerof th? present Committee. New jersey commissioner. C. H THOMSON, No. 9 0oun street, Brooklyn. TERM NOT EXPIRED. STf-iOAlT-MK. P. O'ORtD /, "RKCEN TOY OK THE St -v ua llo- a?, Broadway, Imk removed I't No. 751 Broadway, corner of Eigh li a reet, where be will be happy to meet h'it former friend* and patrona. ill ~K. me AO HE P. (LIB?THE MEMBERS OK THIS 1 , i It, b are ;eqite -teit to a rend a regular mmi'hly mentor, which will be held tin* evening, at 1S7 Botvery. Punctual attendance of all mem bets 1- rettu -sted Bv order of EDM ARO DL KKY, s cietaiy. TIIK MEMBERS OK ? H iNCELLOIt WuLWoKTIt Lodge No itI K. ai d A M. are requested lo men at the,! Lodge rmm al Ii o'clock, lor the pur|io?e of aitendlntlc-Mineral of our LI I rutin r Aarnti N. Thmnpaon. The members of Meti iredl'iu Chapt-r and Mauhn ten Cjibinandery arc Invln d lo unite wHh hi- L >dgc. M WtCKNAN. 9c,-re'-ary. 1. W HEKRINJ, Mailer. PROPOSALS. OFFICE OK ARMY 1 LOTUINU AND EVLIPAOE, New 1 ore. Maivli 7, ISftL? limy Supplied.? sal d piopoaala will be received at tliia olE e until the XO.h instant, at li o lock M., for 1 laid M'a'l Tenia, with Hies 111,)* 0 Wall Tent Pin- large. ;??? Kegiinental Or t r Hook*. Mill Regimental Lrtlci Books. lia' R gim ut '1 Dccrlptlve Book*. 2.(??t Company Ordei Book*. 3,500 P mpany ClothiDL' Aconnt Bjokt, 2 >*)(> f'ompuny D script -e Books. 2,tJU0 Company Morning Report Books. Tube delivered widun twenty day* after ?" pisnce of tb bids, at the Clothing Depot, corner of How ard and Merccr s'reets. Tin Wall Tenti to le ma le of cotton dn k, 2?'g In-he* wljo.'i li'fti, 4 n ?i wall. The men to be ninda <>t oottnn dm , At'i in> tie* * tile mid lOoumea per y:inl, .iaJ tu be 10 1' t t jiirf anil it l'e-t wide. fAnpl'i of the Tent I'inaond Books maybe se u at (hit oflice. P. ,|a.? <U w I'l lie ?i on>r?nie4 by * | roper guarantee, set'Inj forth tiiai if the routract la awarded to the party itemed tlio'ein lie will it oti' e eremite tlir annm anil give bond i in it' iti (lie amount or the contract for the Uithtul perf.rinan o ill Ilie *;?tt;e. Th" I'mti it K ite- re)"eve? the right to reject *11 bid* deemed iniiea o table. Propositi 4 aiii be endorsed "Piopoaalo for furnl-hlng Army dnnplleV' ntol a ' lira.ed t r L' uuen?nt i'oioii?l D, II VIKTOl*, D' jiuly 'J im imail' , tienoral United Htalea Ariny, SEAI.EC> PKOPOHW.S AKK INVITED TILL THE I5TII , _ day "t March IWi .it itx.. tor pun bi-iug fnun the foveaament the II .|e? ani Tallow, Hoot* and, onaiieH, Chuck" ami dhlDs, ot all th" Reef Cuttle n* d ?.y the Arm* of th. H .totu ? e* ept. tbo- kit vd within the ancient llnil'a ul th" Diatrl. t of C ilninbi i No bail will be entertained unl"a* the bidder I* prevent to ri'?t oiel to hu bid. Tlir bH-a, tallow, Ac., nVnlned a' the risk of the contrantor he will tie held a ounuble lor lil lca, A> ., o; nil animalo kiJed, whether b>- gen them or not. The M.J4 to be du . I to "Stajot A B ckwltb, C. 8. I'. 8. A. Waablngtnn, D < TIIR li A la la IRADO.I, GO TO I'BOE. FRANK Dl'KFVS Tllllll) INV IT A r|t>,v HOP TflM IS VIC NINO, AT TU? 0OWEKV ASHF BHCaV Bn>*.-t W ?0WKNT. New yorkUebald, to VIM ABfClAJU. AO KNOT FOB UNITED STATES CLAIMS-THB UN tl.-mtgucd, hiving revcral ekpeneure aud* lor (lie kurccadtil i>com unon of every deacriptiou or cl.iiai* again*! tlic govc. nnienl, ia fully prc|*rcd to negotiate, on Iho iniiat satislai toi > Iciuih, whaler ar tu*iuraa in that line may be confided to bun will. promptitude and despatch. Particular alteuUou | aid lu the outl. cltou auJ actlieu,cut of aoldtera and sailott clatuta for nay, bounty, clothing and print money. V HOW I HQ, Agent. 16 Maaaau street. Allgovernment claims, i'kizk money and arrears of pay, sum bollkty and pensions ADJUSTED, COLLECTED AND CASIIBD for ..filer r. aoldieraaud tailor*. and llir tr relative*. thro, yboul the 1 iitle I Sale#, liy J D. MORGAN A CO., Ariny and Nary Banker*, 2j3 Hoadwi.y. Dividend.?tiie new yoke consolidated Stage Company.?The Preaidriil and Dir ctora of llua con.|>*ny l.arc declared their t *.ml wmt-auuiial dividend of four pet cent, |>nyable al the PariUc Bauk, on and alter Ibe IMIi mat, Tbc Irunafcr books will tie cloned from the Ulh to tlie 15'lt mat., incltiairr. J. CAMPBELL, Treasurer. New Yoaa, March 6, I8S2. Dividend ?oppicb op thb puenix pike insuhi,ranee Company, HriHiklyn, March II, 18(12.?'lb - Board of Director* bare this day declared a acini-annual divlil, ud of a veu (7) per cent, payable on demand, at their bran li .fli c, 6il Wall atreel. New York. PHILANDER SUAW, Sec. Milwaukee city bonds issued to the milwattkee and Miea.aaippi liailroad Company will be exchanged lor Ibe aecoud preterred alock of Ibe .Milwaukee aud Prairie du Chien Rail*a.v Compauy, aud tbe dividend of 7 percent foi 1861 upon ibe latter paid, by applying to W. SCHALL A CO.,68 and (10 Exchange place. Money to loan?in sums to suit, on watches. Diamond*, D.y Good* and all valuable Peiitonal Properly. Silver Plate, Ac. Apply to it. WOOD, 62 Knltoualreel, a -conil floor, front room, from 9 to I o'clock. Th EMITTA k'ttr.S TO GliOLAKD. IV 1KELAN D, SCOTLAND AND WALES . SIGHT BILLS ON Union Bank of London, National Bank or Scoti.ano. IH . iast Banking Company* Ikkui IN SUMS I'ltOM ?1 UPWARDS, iakuko TAYLOB BROTHERS Bank aha, 217 BROADWAY, corner of Murray street, 76 WALL, comer of Peurt street. Treasury notes. GOLD AND SILVER. BOUGHT AND SOLD. TAYLOR BROTHERS, 247 Broadway, corner of Murray street. 7G Wull si reel, corner of PcarL WANTED?$6)0 OK THE BONDS OK MERCER COUNtjr, Pa ; -sdOol die bonds of Lawreuoe coiiuiy, Pa. Apply lo J. M1LIIANK. 49 Exchange place. 7 00 UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTES. THE ,l)U Coupon anil Regi s:ere I Bonds, aud Uold and Silver, bought aud sold at the lies; rules, bv F. P. JAMES ,t CO, Bankers, 45 Wall si. q.1 (WUk WANTED?ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY. ?pl?''Uu foronryear. Employment will bo g.ven lo the lriider at a good salary. For parti' ulars call at MJ.i Broadway, room 10. Oil ?1 Ann WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER HAVING JJXaI.U'Jvf ail lion Rolling Mill, wilhiu two hours rule by railroad ul Iliia cily, wants from $12,14X1 lo $15,1* 0 a orklug capital, and will make 1'arorahlr ariangrmenta. To |hmsons wis ung to make an itivevuieiit, this is s (ood oppo tunny. Address It. G., bo* All Port ottke. New dork. fltPIH ftUffc T(> LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, JPOv'.aM/O In S'una io suit, tiom $1,000 to $. 0,000. on deniable improved property, in New York or Brooklyn. Apply to A. S. Dl'M'OMB, No. 8 Pine street; otUce, No. 1 aud 2 IIrsl floor. . fMlft fo LOAN ON~ MERCHANDISE IN <J)uU .u"U store, orou any good piop.uty that would be approved of, in sums to ami. Apply to H. W. SllIPMAN, 80 Cedar street. PI'.HSOIV Ala. Annie newtell-a letter for voir at station E. Eighth avenue. J. N. T. "antiquated - kate kuan bi'.rky is hugely A paused, but think* nil wfioa rto icrned will agree wilh her that there must be a Ian It in the design, ?incr Nate Huckleberry and sixty other men and "Halaam'a Aas,*' at her request diil sjieak and way, "I am the man." CI OK NEK OF EIGHTH AVENl'E AND TWENTY-THIRD ) atrcct?Tuesday,Haroh li, at mv o'clock P. II. Lads with Riven bilk die*S stone martin fur rajx* and mull, walked as far as Twenty seventh s reel. The admiring gentleman w -mid lik" to lonn an acquaintance. Addrcas II. D. All, Her lid Ottof. Donna lulu.?yours was kkueiaeid. you will liml 4111 answer .11 N' vL ii Post oUice to-morrev. When do sou intend t i return? Answer through "Personal." Shall look for answer to miue by Saturday. MOOKK. 17*11 Til AVE ME STAGS-WEDNESDAY, ABOUT ' 3.13 P. M.?The two ladir.. wiui notl eel two gentlemen ui on the sidewalk, one of whom raided l is hat as the slag" s si ted, will confer a favor by addressing B. Harrison, Union So cure i'ost ulli -e. Hazf.l eyes.?stranier would be most liat>|iy for au npp .rtruiiy to express personally his adtniratiou lor you. 1; convenient to yo t he u >li be nappy to receive you in Fifth Avenue Hotel, In the ladles' parioi, bet ve n the hours of 4 and 1 31 I*. M, on FiicUy, ll'.U instant, rain or shine, Helen ?one we^ic at b. and a. your telegrain pi was ?in.nlollia hie; understood you would < on e or wire; acted ucco d ugly; no e: cr tor h week. IJ n't von dr ve nut? An-wet tbs by telngiapb to-day, and it'sick tell me, or w.ite. Sal and anxious. Truly tbine. ' KATE. INFORMATION WANTED-OF ANN McCLUKKY, Of llurtgau, county Der.y, Inland, by bur cousin Ja te llesvurrin, whoarrive I in two years a:;o. Address Jane Heaverrln, New Brigbton, Uiohinond couuty, bliten Islan I. IK THE l i()K BltliKiET, WHO LIVED AT MM. Ku bs, No. # I'oplsi street, Brooklyn, will call at Mr. Esi htiiai.n's'.".<3 Broadway, N. V., sbc win learn something ii her a Ivat-'.a ;e. IK THE FAMILY OF BYIIAMUS H. OIBSON. MATE ol an Anion an bark, will app r at the address below they w ill be ducted to tcueive , one fun Jsileposllcd at CantpeciiC, Mexico, snd heat lull particulars. HEXKY FOJiSIKlUK, M Bond street, N. Y. IK THE UESTLKMAN Will) HOT INTO A FOURTH avenue car at Ohainhera street, on Mo. ,lay evening, between six and seven o'clock, w;ll send hi < address, together witli that ut lh ' sou of a dist nguished army oOlccr who given him positive Inlormatiun with regard to the re.'iel steamer Merrlinac baring gov to sea, to Ubns. 11. Lovctt, Hoe ai d Hotel, lie will greatly oolige a gentleman who was present and took much interest in the coavriaatlon. IF Q. K. WILL SEND HIS PRESENT ADDRESS TO H. I), ii , or < all on him, he v. ill In ui i f something very important t i himself, D in't tail to comply t r tii t' r i riv \ i* i k t * i n ul- hi vicrft ti x u i i/c hud X acqualntan'e of the genii-man she reco nLrd In iirnadway yesterday, and to wh.nn she suitseiiuenily bowed after enlftiii i Itl".-. Iter street H'age, be tvil meet her to-day (Thursday) at 2 o'clock, at the Fulton street ferry, New York aidr. IF THE LADY WHO RODE UP IN a BROADWAY stage from Cedar street to Eleventh street, ou Tuesday taat, a'joet It o'clock A. M., would elm .se inal; acquaintance With tlie gentleman who todc up wlti! h-r, she rati do so. Any appointment addressed to H. Wood, I'oalodt.e, Would be gladly responded to. IF T1IE THREE LADIES WHO WALKED LI' FIFTH avenue belwe n C aud 7 o'clock 011 Tnea lay would like to make the at q lain'anrc 01 the two gentlemen who |nssed them and exchanged handkercht-f salutes mi t ie i nner ot Twenty-third street, they ran do so by addr -sing W. C., Union'square Post oilier, or ILr eigh the "Personals." J 1 MI SI E-LETTER RECEIVED FROM THE FRENCHmart - do-; not expert to re'urn. Come and see me, as I alia Ilea. tor New Has n soou, orl Shall forget mr Freneh 1 ssous. 1 am no su b person. ALICE O, MB. JOHN gt'UWAUZ LE.T HIS HOME ON MONdtty, Marrli .1. Any information respecting bun will be tnauki'idly recelretf by Mageretba Sclnvarz, No. HI.5 Rivltlglon t.tree . VfR. ARTHUR FINSTEB, FROM QLAUCIIAU. 8AXOd?l ry. or IPs liie. ds nie r quested to send his a id es* immediately to C. Uh'bck, boa 7l>4 New Yoik i'ust ofli.r, who lias psrifmlar nt-tvs ol li.-. family tor him. Mil DKEVRI II, OF ADRIAN, WHO RESIDES ON Stai a l?lnn I, or in Uiookly 11, will pleas 'aeiul his address immediately to F. S-, 1SI arenua A, to h ar of something llnpol Ullt Minnie -the oentleman whom you met :n a stage on Salur ay, March I. and whom yunpiomised to meet a tin- day lu I * '-uiy-aerenth strei t and disappointed him. wottld Hve to see you at th- seme pla e, ?t 5 o dixit, Friday alter joon, Mar -n 14, or nd Ires* Oscar, Ma .is-n a pure Post olh .e. MINNIE-I WILL MEET YOU FRIDAY EVENINO AT the time and place appointed, If pleasant; If not, on Sunday evening. It r. N'lBLOS, TUESDAY F. V F.N I NO?LADY ACCOMPAnied by gentleman In imll'ary costume, The genii -man with ? I 0.11* she ear-hanged glances of le ngnllion would be ri t happy in form her acquaintance. It agreeable, addreta Fa'rfai, station A. !"? ?HI.At K SILK VELVET CLOAK. BLACK BONNET X wi ii wulte flnwera, will, If aattahcd, mate where an uten ieiv < j^i I c 1m 1 Audtesa Sol., Herald ollko. rrilE YOlNU LADY Wil l RODE DOWN TOWN IN A X jK.vha i-nne tar on Wcdneaduy no. nlng, with a nmull paper liun I ? In her hand, and exchanged g amies with the gentleman alt..tig t>??o >I . and In n-d around alter getting out In are Mm, rvi make hi* aiyptalntAnc by going the name on Ki iduv mm nlng next, at the ame time. TITANTED?INFORM! 1'ION OK OE )ROE AND NAf f ihannl Klrkw-od auppoao I to b.- In lirooklyn. Any Information t haikt oily i< celt til by their bto'.lnr, John Kttkwind, Manyunk, p,,. IV' ILL THE LADY WHO RODE VP IN A TWENTYV? thir l street omnibus on T ,,y even-tig, ami who got o i* at rwsnty-seoond atreet and entered the drug store, hi tcrwards do* .1 Tw .ty ,| h;,..,-p rmtera favor upon the gentleman who o< -pp d the corner -eat In weld tag" (Whom: hand all)' p;c??ej| l.y putting u note u the |*,st adore a d 'o Sincerity, atatlnn K, appointing an Interview? ~\IT ILL THE LADY WHO HAD A ROMANTIC ADVENTv nir-- with a i. nil a i a a I at hour on I 11 day evening Ia?t. Ill the uppei part of III I a I my, and parted at Th rty-?e ond atreet. u;em?e ad't as u lln-, appointing an Intervie \, to llarry Meek.*, Union sip tare I'o t olll. e, 831 Broadway? TV' ILL THE YOUNO LADY WHO ATTRACTED THE ?r ai en'l in an I em re 1 tii*- a tmtratlo i ol a gcn-lonian at t.i? i o. in r o< T.\ eiity-lhlrdalroet and Filth o venue on Tuesday altern ion, at about vtx u lo.k, an I Who pan ol through T-v nly '.hii d atreet to Huth avenue, I,p ?n,h avenue 11 Twenty ixth atreet, and out- red a hone in tha' *.'ie,t n ar Hittlt av-nn?, plenao ad lieas a note to Alpliun/o, Mi-han aipiate I'o-l uhiee, atmln.; where an lute, vie may tie Ii i :? Xl/ALI-ACE S THEATRE -MONDAY K KNIMi ?Wild,

TV the gen Ionian with light hilr, po n 'd heard and inoue'ai.die, ni.e of a party ol fare , who an to the tent re ol dre-a r le, middle tow, and of vent, and Who Waa a ! !ieaae I aa Frank on leaving the theatre he hie davit complexion'--! eon pant m, s<-o I h a u Idto-a to M iry E. I. tiKm S ; ar- I'o-it oBlro, stating when and w ta-rc mi Interview can le- na-l, KXPRBH9BB. AHURNIIAM S FURNITURE EXI'RI <S AND i'Ai'K Ing Ka a-Ileum ml, IIS We at Ele -n"- ti-twen Ft th and nll'.h arenn ?.?H< naenold F rnlnir-'Boxed and ahtpted to all pa t- ol the world Co* red wagons I'-ir r--mo ng furnlUt.' to no 1 ftVPt Wie country Furniture atore-.. [URSDA^MAROH 5, 188: aOARDt*4? AMD liOOOIIQ. A~ few BOARDERS cam he ACCOMmodAT8D on reasonable term* ht 111 West Pourteeula sired. Dinner at su o'clock. j ATMWKHT TWBNTY-PIFTH STREET-ROOMS TO I lei, Willi Boar>, uu the Kurd wild fourth story, for gentlemen and their wive*, or single gentlemen; uo looting in M.iy; refeiencea eicliangeM. Dinner at sis. A LARGE. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND ! itc-lrooiu, Willi ample panlrias, oil the second floor, to lei, ? itli Board. Also, Rooms, suitable for grutlemcu, al II | Wed Fourteenth alre< (, belwocn Filth aud Sixth avenues. | ASM Villi PKIVATB FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE \ and small Boom, nicely furnished, lo genllemeu, with i or witViiil Hoard; liouae pleasantly situated; also, conveiiieul to several ear and Binge routes. Airily al Ml Broome street. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO j let?lo a gunt uiuan and lady, in a (irsl class house. , Board for Uie lady only. Inquire al No. II Erst Eleven 111 at reel, near Fourth aieuue. Also two uice Booms, with Board, to ladies only. AT NO. 80 BAST TWENTY-PI NTH STREET. BETWEEN j Madison aud Poi.i tli avenues, liaii.laou,ely Kuruialied Rooms to It t, Willi or without a private table. A LADY AND CIENTI.KMAN, DESIRING HANDSOMEl.v furnished Horns (Board lor Hie lady only), please call at 61 West Twei ly- iuli street. 1 Abut ox booms to let?furnished or un- 1 luruisheL alsoaiugle Rooms, willi Board. aunaMn for laiuilie i oi single gentlemen, lo llie llrst class iioum- J6 Pourle -villi street, la-iweeu Fifth avenue and University place. References exchanged. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMB TO LET?OR TIIE whole Hour, with full Board, in the llrst class house No. h West,Twenty-fourth street,opimaur the Filth Avenue lloteh Teruis reasonable. AYOl'nu AMERICAN LADY WILL LET A FUR inshed Room loa l.idy and gentleman, wtih Board for the lady only. Call al No. M West Eorty-tirsI street, near S venin avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A LARGE Brat class fluuae, containing ail the modern Improve menu, would like to lake one or livo gentlemen only, wllli or without Board, al moderate terms. Address Modern, Herald ollire. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A PLEABANT 11 on se. No. .'I KastThirlieth street, aecond door from Fifth avenue, offers very plea-am Rooms and lioaidtoa ge and wife, or to single genllemeu; neighborhood lust cla s. Kelerences given. A LADY. HAYING SOME FURNITURE, WOULD LIKE lo rem il for Bond. Address Miss Young, Union square Post olliee. A YOUNG LADY, OF PREPOSKESSINO APPEARanee, living quite alon -, will let Furnished Rooms, (o lamer aud genlleiuen (Board lor (lie ladl.-s mly); neighbor hoo I qui-'t. A'.-o (wo voting Indies cau be accommodated. Apply at lfi'.l E s: Aid si. A FRENCH FAMILY. LIVINO IN GOOD STYLE, w o..l I ac.omni.Hlat': one or two geulleuicu Willi well I uruislicd Rooms .111,1 Spanish, German nil English spoken. A|?i?!y ut J'J Weal Twelfth a reel, between Fiftb ami hmili avenues. A lady and gentleman can he acoommodale.t wiin Board (Board lor the lady Only); bona; Mirirtly private, in a good location, near Union square, with batli and gas. (tail ai dti East Filtccata at reel. Mrs. CARLTON. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, Without children, oc. t' a lii'M class bouse, V ill let a choice ol neatly tiiruislted Rooms, with board or private laI# c French and Engliali.apokeii^.^nuly at 4S East Blccvker Street, near Bi oad way. A YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW. WITHOUT FAMILY, wot Id let a pleasant Itoom in a gentleman and lady, without Board, or with Hoard lor the lady. Family slrl -tiy private. L n ation convenient and respectable. Call ut No. 15 commerce street, near II.cocker. A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE SOME HANDaouiely iiirutshed Rooms to lei, with or without Board, to gentlemen only; limine lirsl class; terma moderate. Rulercu s-s exchanged. Call at 4b West (sixteenth street, between Kltlb and S vt.'i avenues. A handsome room to let-up town. east aide, to a 1 idy and griillcuiuii; coil'd for tbe lady only; family pnvatc; tne house baa all Itic modern liuprovements. Addicaa M. S., station D. Attention is called to those liyino in houds and boarding house, to an establishment opened at Sr. llOMaCJOttga street,and lurnlshcd with everyming neceaaaiy lor honaekeepiue, in order that a I'anuly may have a complete home and live a. a low rate. AT lflt AND ttt WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, Ttvo gentleineu can be nocouiino la ted with Single it i nils. dinner Al si A o (. lock. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A LARGE House (being mole roam than they require), where there tire nooiher uoardera, will let to a gentleman an I his wile, or single gentlemen, a suit oi Rooms, w ith lloaid, al reasonable prices. Apply ut lot Wi s' Twentieth street. Avery fine second story room, witu extension, and two Rooms on fourth floor, to h t. with Hoard, at lit Se. mid avenue, li iwecu S -ven lit and Eighth streets, within three minutes' walk of Broadway. House ; lin>t'.i?v, wiua'ljhe ncdern iniproremiins. A HANDSOMELY FUUMSllED PARLOR AND BF.Groum in tli id 11 or, to rent w ith Board, at reasonable pi lees, in the mat tluss not,a .No. 3 i West Twelfth street, |. .111, ,,-?>e ?* V.. , I,, M ,r ? PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A FtMUOMIKD Jx. front Fallot o 1 second i.u ir, Willi use ol piano, to a gentleman and wife, or one o livn ladies; Board lor the tidy only. Apply at bo Mscdjug it street. Ashland house. r> ouove street, corner ok Bie.cksr. Gfnlieiiipu obtain nan Jsoaielv furnished Rooms on second or third ito ir, wuli luge |*intr e<, hot ami cuhl water, gas and baths, with ot will,on Board, 'i'eiiu* moderate. At no. 54 east sixteenth street, near Union (ipiarc, a tliira ilor) lo let, with Board, conuocted or a.ugly. Board-wanted, by a youno gentleman. where h ran have Hie c inifurtv ol a home, a neatly in n shed Room, with or wiihout parital Board, where there isyoung ladies' society (no objections to the family ol a y mug u i.low, where ihcre are no oilier boarder*! Address, with evi ry i reticular, \V. W . Trsey, Herald olliee. Board.-single gentlemen will kind kleas..ut Rooms mi l the romloita 01 a home, at No. H7 Chiton place. Terms moderaic. Board-two or three small front rooms, having gas, bain, hot su I rol l water, Ac., rau be had, wl h Board, oa moderate terms, at ad East Sixteenth street, next i i In lug place. Diuucr at 0 o'clock. Reiereaees exchanged. tjoard.?one ok two gentlemen can be acJ) eommodiite 1 ?ith a pleasant Kooin mi l full or partial Bond, in a prn aie lamil.. ai iV Wist Twenty-sixth street. Board?uandsome suit ok rooms, suitable tui a lami'y, a' .:3 Weal Twcuty-serond street. Board.?a private family, haying a hard* xoiiic brown stone house, con aiitugall the modern im* piovetuent-, in List Twenty seeeiiih street, near Kourth u -nue, will 1st to a gentleman and wile, or single gentlemen, a irunt I'm I rons -erid iloor, wnh large Beurooiii adjoining, lot i'-d, or one II mm on same Itoor I or $14 per week, to be new and handromely leruiahcl. Children taken. Dinner at 0 o'clock. R -fereuces exchanged. Address s. ii. s , ii raid oilh e. BOARD.-gentlemen DESIRING BOARD, IN 1 ITY urtuonlry, can he nui ed (lies) at our registry olliee. Tt.Oso dea.rdig i oardecs . Ii.itge i $1 fee. Everything ?|<die stralghtlorwnrd. IRELAND. HINCKLEY 4 CO,. M Rati fire 11th stmct, near Broadway, Board -a parlor and hedkoom to let, at 82 East Tvu-li'jr Hill il sir,'i t. Boa HI) wasted?A SINGLE HE n1'LEM an DEMItES a il ii in anil Bedroom, riimiabe-u or imfm uwhcd, iviih IHiiliiii l, abate Fouileentll ?t:ret niul west ol Hixlli ;iveii i'', nil answeis must slate turn*. Address Juries,,u, (Ration 0. Board wanted?a family of folk pkk80n8 \i nth tu obi a n kO jiI (1, Utiil at least I litre ll iuiiis, lu a I Iras ml lo'tility in Brooklyn. If sued in all res|iects, would furnish the tooms, it demied, with a vletv to pertna- 1 The heat o. retcretic a given and require l; trim* in'iit i e on ilrriile. Addles*, staling lull p?iti,uilnrs, Onto, bo* IIW Herald ollice. Boakd wanted?in hoboken, neaii the fek ry, for a lamlly of lour persons, 1n a luesc with the modem improvement*. Andre** II. J., box 220 Herald olbce. Board wanted?for a gentleman and wife, in Ncti Yolk, below Tw i my-foui lit sir of, or on BiunklyII Heights, In a tlrst, house, cotits'tilng not les* i Jiau twelve boarders Price $12 to $15. A 1 (tress M., box 1,012 N< w York Post nltlec, stating parti itlats. Board wanted-by a young gentleman, in a geii'erl private family, where there sr. no ot r r boarders. Helen u es riven an i required A French lamilyprefind. A Uncial pi!' will or |iald lor ilr* tabic me in.nw.talinns. Address bos 2,s75 Port olllre. Hoard wayied-in a private family or Final! boardlug HO' se no il II d mi and Canal streets, for a young man. Also par ml Boatd lor u young I idy. |tv? fi ic res. Addr ?s g., Il Jay striet, New Yoi k. leinis must i c moderate. Board wanted-in ne w yore or Brooklyn, a good Room in a bouse with modern improvement*, a good table, agreeable1 society an I no straight hi ed Puritanism Foi Hie 11 ;hl aerniiiiii'i ml'oii* * snod pi i e n ill'ic pal I. A I Irrxs C. V. 'J',, box J 2/2 New Yol k Post otli c. Boarding.?a large and el kiant front parlor, on the sis n I Boot , with H d uom adjoining, to let, furnished or ttnl'iirulslied, Willi It i*nl, suitable mr* g ratioman and Ills wue, era *ai ill family, is ttVu oih u iti mn can braided. It desire l; rareienccs exchanged. at 101 Aeeond avenue. BOARDING?A - MAM, KAMI I,V WOULD ACCOMMO date a gentli in hi an I wife n, two single gentlemen, with pleasant Kion Knotns and Board; liouse contain* modern improtretitun't; no moving in May. Apply nt i9d Dicecker Street, in- r Mac i"'inai atrwcU Boarding-at no. 65 E a at twenty ElOimi street, u anil of vify li > luge Rooms on tliu f,mi and a con i do r. well It rnlsbed, with Hoar I, on tery low terms; houi llrs class; convent 'ill to tote ami staff *; rile.en ea ?IC hanged. BRU< KLVTN -WANTEI>7 BY A GENTLEMAN AND write, in I .1 A; r.l, a I nmlshod ilo nn. wit It Board, at #H a wc.-lt, liiclnding location pleasant and neat Fulton ferry. Adtlrcaa KnliarJ, Herald or Brooklyn Post oil! e. |?ROOKl?YN BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVINO l> iinir'- io nn than lliey ie<|M io, would like to let a Ho in ,m I Bedroom, witli gaaand w it r, to a Renileman and cvile, I'm nlslied, at Slli, ot tinl'niii.eheil, at SJUprwe k Dinner a-(i Apply at I SI A Ic.p'ii a'rocl, near Myrtle avenue. 20 in "'.tics lin n Kitllou ferry. Board in hkouKdyn.-a pea genteki, boardi is wilt on received In n piliie l.rmily; ple.mant accoinino t >ti" R ia, bath, Ar, Apply al IgA ran ts street. 1j0ard in brookl.yn.-a gentleman and hia J> ?i or two sniffle r. ntleinen can obtain Board and pleas .in It . ni li" i, p.ring a> 07 lleu.y alreet, Ave minutes Wa.a ni Fulton oi wsit rtrcot ferry. ijoard wanted in brooklyn?by a genti.k. .U man, wife, clill I .?)< yo?i?) and arrvant, sitting room am' bedroom, god ta'ite, Ae., recalled, li n?n.|>ti>ni>le relerem ea given and eilieeled. Addrooa, with full Mrtlcu Wits and low eat farms. Ovid, Hot tal l oJke. I BO&ROIia AVD IsODOlBO. BOARDING IN BROOKLYN.?A OBNTLBMAN AND ~ wife or a few single gentlemen, cau obtain Board in a J private family, at 57 High street, wilhtu Ova minutes' walk B >f Fulton ferry, or Untied States Nuvy Yard. No moving on a' tat ol May. T M RKOOKLYN 11EIQ HTS.?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH D Board, at 37 Cranberry street, 1**1 ween Willow and Co- , unibia S.luattun desirable, live minutes walk of Wall street J and Pulton ferries. oi CIOUNTRY BOARD ?ONE OR TWO L4DIE8, OK TWO 9 children, can be accommodated witb good |>liim Boanl at J a farmhouse in Borltland county, 40 miles from the city by J. rat.road* would take rare of au invalii lady. Apply this ni week at 137 West Twentieth street, west of Seveuth avenue, bJ :o Mrs. Sweeny. No other boardars. ?< I7LEOANTLY PURNIS1IED ROOMS TO LET-ON SE" w IJ eoitd floor, either in auit or separate, with lirsl class Board, in the very desirable and conveuieuily located house ~ lou West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. Family pri- f rate. The beat of reference^ given and required. \ Yj3 U K Ms II ED ROOMS TO LET?WITH PARTIAL l' F 'r required, to gentlenaen, tu a slrirtly private ramlly, where there will be no moving in May, in a desirable location; all uun'ern improvements. Inquire at 79 Fourth avenue, above Tenth street. Ketcreucea re piired. ? Furnished rooms to let?to gentlemen only, al 763 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth 1 streets; one targe handsome Room and two small Rooms on J second iloor; bathroom ou same lloor; house in good order a and pleasantly located. 0 Furnished rooms to let-by a small re- i spec-table family of two, no children, consisting of a J back Parlor ou the nrst floor and basement. No moving on t the 1st of May. Will be let witb or without Board. Apply at 109 West Twentieth street. ] Hotel lodgings?clean single rooms, from 61. $1 2i and $1 60 |ier week, or 25 cents a night, at the Manhattan ilouae, 29 Centre street, one block from the City < Hail Park. Strangers will And this a quiet and comfortable i place lo stop at. I HOBOKEN.-A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD TAKE two or three gentlemen or a geut'eman and wife to Board; plea unit location, near the Terry. References ex- < changed. Address II. U., Herald office. I Madison avenue hotel, cobner of twenty seventh slrcet and Madlsou avenue?Now open for Msusieut or permanent Uoard. Beautiful location; lire! Class table; New England style cook inn. $1 and f 1 50 per day; 9$ to $7 for single, $10 to %li for double 19 per < w Mfe. I Murray hill, fifth and sixth avenues.?fartics breaking o|> housekeeping are informed that tlie adveitiaei will let, with Board, the Sevoud Floor (unfurnished) of a brown atone bouse, situated as above. Address Mer- | chant, hoi 2.6M I'ost olUce. NO. 40 BOND STREET.?A SUIT OF ROOMS ARE noM' vacant; also a single Room. These Rooms are very desuably located, central and exsy of ac ess. ONE or two STEADY GENTLEMKN or A GENtleiuaiiaud his wife can have couiforiatilj Rooms, with Hoard, in a unlet and res|iec(able fauulv, where there are no < it icr boarders. References eschaugeii. Apj 1/ at 101 West F01 neth at reel. ORANGE ?BOARD WANTED, IN ORANGE, FOR A gentleman, wile and two young children; most be in a Pleasant location and couvcuieut to cars; unquestionable references giveu and required. Address for one week, with term.?w hich must be moderate?aud l ull particulars. 11. 11., Iioii li'tt I'ost ollice. PARLOR AND EXTENSION ROOM, AND ROOMS ON lourlh lloor, all furnished, 01 will be lei tint uruished, with or without Board, and at very low rates. Dinner at six. Apply at 401 Fourth street (Albion place), near Bowery. . . ' l m j .11 ? 7? Rooms handsomely furnished, and in a pleu-anl location, t > let, with partial Board if desired, in a private French family, who do not iuicud moving in May. Apply at 42 Si. Marx's place. tkooms to let?at <? m afdoifg A I. street IV with Board it required, to gentlemen, at reasonable I prices; good Hoard anil go-el room a, with all the modern Improvements. Apply aa above. rpwo LADIES AND TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACI coinniodatrd with Bo.inl where they <an 11 ml the c mi. tin la of a home. Dinner a'ait. Terms reasonable. Apply at 161 Eldridge s'reet, bctwe n Rivingt >n and Stanton. TWO HANDSOMELY IT RNISHKD ROOMS TO I.ET, IN the bona- of a piirate family, to gentlemen. Kclercatcs required. Apply ul tto Wi at Thirteenth sheet. rilO GENTLEMEN?A PBIVATE FAMILY DESIItES I to let ton gentlciiiau, w-thout Board, a neatly furnished front K nm and Pantry, wi h use ot bath loom ad joining. Apply ai 1H Wc.l Houston street, rorner of Macdougal. TO GENTLEMEN.-A NEA'ILY FCKMSMKD PARLOR and Bcirooni, contiertinjr, on te:ond door, to let, with or withoi t Hrct.klhst. Willi a small family of crown persons, (tall at 47 West Tw enty-scvculb Strict, near B.oadway. TOLET?WITH BOARD. A FEW MfCKLT FVBVISMed Rooms to gentlemen aud ladies. with full lioavit for ladies .n i par ul lor gentleinen, il re ptlred. II m has all t ic modern mipr iretn -nts. in pure at No. U Aui.ty street, a tew doors from Broadway. rpo LET?WITH IiOAltD, ONE LARGE ROOM AND I Bedroom, uiifiiiu-shc I. A gentleman and w ife h iviug li r.iiloie will llnd it lo their advantage in call at one * at -5 West Twe fill street, belwreen Fttth ami Sixth uven"fs. \ITAN1ED-A GOOD AND PERMANENT HOME FOR YT an intout, lifcon months old, just wreane-l. in the CPintry, where it call receive the kindest Httnlim, pore air ami milk, moral in-l. iu-iiou, Ae. Addiess, siatli g | artcwlars, I-urge .on, Herald otlii-e. W ANTED -A GENTLEMAN AND Ills WII E AND two children wish a Parlor anil two Bedrooms on the s.vnnd lion:-, with Hoard; In.-alio i betu i en Tliii daml S-.entli avenues, and Tenth and Fmt.eUi streets; ladle nuts'. I c mod ami t rills mo Iciate ; a pi t/ate family preti-i icd. it -fer.-nces exchanged. Address, with terms and particular-., A. li. J , Ilet aid offico. tlTANTED?IN A ylTKT FAMILY, WHERE TIIEUE M are no other bost'lcra. Board lor a young man led lady; would prefer board w ith scompetest nurse. Board paid tu advance. Address, Ki lling terms aud lull particulars, J. v.. box 1st Herald <MB< i'. 1ITANTED?IN NEWARK OR ELI K ABETIITOW N, N. J , TT in- neighborhood, lya gentleman mid Ins woe, two K >onts or more, ivilli Baxrd, in aquiet lumily where there are no other boarders. Terms III K' In- 111 id inc. Ke er erackx-hanged. AddrwJ,, bos ltd Herald lAa. WASTKJ).?'THE ADt EKTISKK WOULD LIKE TO Inrnia I a b nine (10 be s l.-cte I) with finuiluiv c wtint about SO,did to d(i,llUi?. To a respectable small la.inly lie would re en e Board lor lilm elf no I wif-. The be-to. references givru ami required. Address A. W., box li'l lie. aid ofllco. WANTED?BY A YOlW'll LADY. A PLEASANT ROOM TT (furn shed) aud Board; location briwet-n Eotuih ami Yourlceat i streets; east side |ire!erred. I'rice not u- cxc-cd $.Tp -i week. A'ldiera T. J., U0S 14.1 lleial I olle P. fl.t> rii -cheapest board.?Nit k rooms, with <()<? tlvf. good Bo irj. at 60 to $1 p -r tveet unit upwards. Kauitlie* and la lie- suited leas than any other bout". Nice warin parlors, with piano. 44 Ltspcuaid strut iiioailway aud Cuual street. AI?-> a watchman. Lodgings < heap. <! ?> TO $4?BOAKDINO AT 560 (J It AND STREET. ipO Agentlimail and Ins wtloaiul three oi lour young uien ran have good Boat (1 and com ot table rooms, win gas aud ba llroom. Alao a piano wauled in exchange lor uoaid. No mo- uiit in May. 9fk UNIVERSITY PLACE.?TO LET, A THIRD STORY gin ' Ki ont Room, In one or two gentlemen, without board. Doiiji move nrslot May. or CLINTON PLACE. b1qhth 8tbmt.-a 81x01* fJlt gentleui in can o limn a picas nit Room on llilr l Itoor. withgHS, lo ami cobl water, b nii, Ac., iu a private luintly, ei'Uci wilh or without partial Uo.ud. r.o vaBICK street, ST. john's park?eirst (JO c'?.s Board aud luriitsheil Rooms, suitable lor single gentlemen. Terms very r> usonable. f-() HAMMOND STREET-PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH \)? pantiles, wl'tr and gas, on aecnutl and tolrd tlonis. van be obtained wlni Board. It'spousibl- parties wishing to in ike permanent arrangement* tan be well accommodated. References exchanged. UA WHITE STREET?GENTLEMEN' WISIIINU ROOD OU iti ard, In nm'oi tlie most quiet and pleasant modern houses In the city, may nppti at so win street, one door asl of llroH lwa\. Trrins re ison.tble. Reference required. 9s) GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING -ALSTON O House. Elegantly lllrnlih-d of Ry > ?s, gas, Croton and every c mveniene* for ho tscke,-p(tig economicalIv, particularly suitable for small, reap'etiule families or Mingle gentlemen. Rent low to i>ei'nniiient tenant*. 1/i?) (iltKKNK STREET?CHEAP H'RMHHEI) jut) Kxtnu.? A bug" Ko in on llial ibmr, auit.tolf lor a |iliy*lo:an, at $3 |?'i ?v k; a I no ba'k Room on lame lloor, i!l ami hull Mi di o on on *? ami floor, nt $1. 1 / V 7 ' OKKENE STREET, BETWEEN Rl'UINU A SO j.''12 Piine Elegantly fnrolrlntl ITo mil, with i;i.ii I nn>wt ml a' Board, lo let to fadloa and *r?tl,-men. trrniatno. lit r.ilo; goud locatl >u, uoar Hioatuay. An Interview nil! Mtlafy. 1HU WEST FOURTEENTH HTRKKT.-Tn l,Kr, WITH H/w III"' claim Hoard, a la. vo 1'arlt i a (I B li't tin c nnot I ng, on nccond Ho n ; bathroom on aume lloor. Table tinai< <:i>tiniial>lr. Lo aiion very o.irable Dinner uto o'tloc k. 1 CO PRINCE mm-IT. CLAIR Hot sK -Kf.E ItlU gniitljr tiii'ii.alif I ITooma, with Hfditioma attached, w in nil the runrcnlcurea fm lino*.'keeping rampl Ic, in. rln iin; gas an I Croton water, lo lot to rc.pociable fatnlltci or miii|,l.* gentlemen. "l/'/r It1 'K I'. It STREET. OITOSilE DKI'AU AV)cl r itv.?A handsome front it o:n on lli.i I ll > n , f riiik'k j, Willi Honitl, hut ami colli wa er, t tr e laige el ams, gas Also oilier Ito mil on Dial nuU loin Hi Ooon. So muring in May. Ralerencen ex hange I. nin REM STREET, NEAR 81*111 NO.?FURNISHED jZlL'J Apartment* for imineillale ocetipaucy. Toe lowest rein* lit llie eily, eobaideting Hie convenient e of economy in hmuekeeiilng. Hurt bedding mil fiirnlt ire, w Ith range, cooking utensil* ami linen complete: gas and Croton. Of< < BAST TENTH STREET.?A FEW UENI'i.KHEN JZM't Hoard lor f:t M |i- neck. sen firman a 11 wife can bar.- a (.mall Parlor, with II dinm, i r $I. (iaa an.I included. Itooui, fnrnnlicd or rn> liiinlsltfd, wllb Hoard i'/ltl BROADWAY?PLANTERS' HOTEL?I'KRMON'H 1 U 1 O In want or permanent or Iran drill Hurl nil! find at tins l.onai? elruantly lurnnln d ro him lor iHmi ies or , h- 1 gin (cull, m n, with a liberal talde, and treasonable prices. II mac first uasa. Location tiiisuriuiascd. SPOUTING. CI HAND HPAKRINU EXHIBITION -PltOK. C1IAS. K. T Ot'ignoii arid l//.y La/a . rrspctl'uHjr announce llicy ?l* Rice an arliatlc display 01 111.' m.iuiy art of aril', defence, at N". C(W lltoudway. on Thursday evening, March I A, 1812 Tli'-ywHPbe assisted hy aainoa airnyoi latent, and a general tin noiil ol ine fancy of N i \ ur?. Ooora open at 7 I' M ; to roiiimence at 8 o'clock. H kcts St .; reserv ed scan f I. ____ Tiirkh pull bhkd Newfoundland watch D >ga for sale, at 7J E i/abeih aired. MUNICIPAL. AKKAIUH. fftHK COMMITTEE ON HTRBRTA OK TIIK HOARD OV I Aldermen. ?tll meet on Tuesday, t,.e 18th day ol March, onen'elock I'. M , In the tTuamherol tlm Board of Al i Miiien. Oily llall, loi the ptirpos of cunsldcrinit ?ho au'iitv' hi the extension of fchurcli strict tu ttiu Ha'tery. Al, parties interested will plenao ai'cnd. without further no.Kit. 1:11AM. J I'llll'P, I Committee K I A BOOLK, I on Oil AH II. HALL.) HlroetA t, w Tirioa, Secretary. HOCIKI, ROOM... ?., | HOUSE WANTED??H OB BEKOKK THE 1ST OP i April, by a first class tenant, in a good location, betweaa igbtecnth and Twenty-thirl atreelrand Filth and Eighth .-enusa. rent between $6U0 and $700 per year. Call oh HORNTONj IE) WMt l'wvuty-?ecun^?tr?e^ between 10 A. k SMALL STORE WANTED-WITH ROOMS ATTACH V ed. i out not U> exeeed #?W per annum. In Third, Sixth r Eighth avenues preferred, and not above Thirtieth atreet, lease addreaa J. H., box 220 Herald oflh e. I NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS HOUSES WANTED? X for reaponaiblo i*rtles. Rent from $600 to $1,S0S; xmei now on our book*. Also to purchase a three story town stone front House, between Fourteenth and Thirty nirth streets, and 1 eweeu Broadway aud Eighth avenue, rice not to exceed $41,000. Also money to loau on bond and tort gage. 11. BARNES A CO., <7 West Twenty-seventh street. "10AL YARD WANTED-UP TOWN, OB LOTS 8UITA" J hie for a Coal Yard. All answers will pleaso state to?on. rent and full particulars, and when and where an Iain-lew in ay be had. Address for one week, Coal Yard, Libaid oBke. J r\RILL ROOM WANTED-BBTWEEN HOUSTON AND U Twenty-third streets, and the linoa of Third and 8ixth ivenue Railroads; must be at iinoderate rent. Addreaa foe lie week, with full particulars, T. B. B . box 186 Post oMoe. DENTIST'S ROOMS WANTBD?FURNISHED. PRE* terred between Waverley place aud Twenty-eighth treet, and Fourth and Slsth avenues. Address W. B. Herald Mice. Furnished house wanted-convenibnt to Wall or Fulton ferry, with the privilege of taking a few Irst cUas lion iters. Would be wilUug to board the owner, If igreeable. Possession desired ou the tirst of April. AdilrW m P. U., Brooklj n Poet ofllce, for one week. blUHNISHEU I1UUBB IT AKIW.-AK I [null n??lug m furnished House to let to a small family, without hildren (who will tako the boat car* of furniture), at a luminal rent, may address End son, Herald offire, stating oration and lowest price. The best references given. nu'rnished ROOMS wanted?suitable AND r ready fur housekeeping, by a gentleman, wife and bil<I;flist or second floor; location between Eighth aat forti<-lli streets, Second and Seventh avenues. Address^ living lull particulars, lowest terms, location, Ac., Williams, jov -''X) llcrald ofllce. nOUSE WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF tlin o adults, a neat two and a half story frama >r brick Cottage; with gas and water, and in a respectable nation. Kent from $190 to $20J. Addresi B. B C., bod t,7M (leneral I'ost odlce. Hotel men, having a furnished hotel to let, or in want of a competent and reliable tnau, wtl [deasc address Caterer, New Haven, Conn. Lowes part of a modern house wanted-* Fur a sin til family of grown iiersuns, convenient to the Fourth or Tnlrd aveuue cars, above Fourth street. Addresa Scott, llerald ofllce. PART OF A HOUSE WANrED-BY THE 1STOF APRIL. tit either New York or Brooklyn, or a small furnished Collage on Slaten Island, for a small quiet family, consisting of three prisons. Address C. M. L. Brooklyn Post odlce, slating location, number of rooms and lowest rent, which inust he very moderate. SAWMILL WANTED.?WANTED, A SECOND HAND rectproi aung upright Sawmill, with slr< pen and eelffi-cding appliances, prop -r to saw logs up to three feet smart: by til teen feel long into hoards; the mill to be completr, In perlecl w< rking orJer. and ready lot shipment la less than a fortnight. Cash at delivery. Please address, by letter, with ftill particulars, Henry vorstrlck, 26 BroaA street, N. V. WANTED?in BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY HOUSE, with modern improvements; rent to he taken out ! ETaro; fgur^Ray mood a udAtJauuest rgeta and Myrtle aveuue. Addresa A. j. i?T7oui"f?}" liiUald.oUlce. MTANTEU-A SMALL MODERN HOUSE, SITUATED TV between Tenth aud Thirtieth streets and Third sad Siktli avenues, by a careful and res|>onsiblc tenant; rent not to exceed $SC0. Addresa, fcta.iug terms and location, T. T.. bos 910 N. Y. Post oUire. WANTED-A IIIG1I STOOP HOUSE, ABOVE TWENty-llilrd street, aud bciwecu Sislh aud Fourth avenues, by a faintly of four persons; rent not exceeding $709 per year. .Must he In good order, and will be well taken Ctre of. Address b. P., Ihjx MO Post onlce. WANTED-TO HIKE, WITH PRIVILEGE OP Til RES or four years lease, a medium si/.e three s:or/house; mustcoiuan .ill tlie modern liiiprorcuien:* Willi complete unii neal, gas hxmres; shunted bet w ecu Jjcxingtou and Sixth av onues, and Twentieth and Porticlh streets. I'on. asi >n bf middle April. Item modeiate; would pay half or all of &rat year In advance. Address K. O. G., lit raid ollice. \y ANTED?BY A SMALL FAXILV, A SMALL HOUSE, TT or part of a lion*", tu a good neighborhood; r.-nl not lo etc -ed c-'d per mouth. Address B., box 131 l'oit office. TyANTED?A PART OP A HOUSE. BV A QKNTLBII man and Ins wile, suitable for housekeeping, un.urnislicd, In a r sped ible m-iglibot ho >d: location central; reut ino lerate. Apply to Mr. JaUDINE, 10) White street. WANTED.?A LOWER PART OP A HOUSE WITH trout hire nent unntc I, by a small family of three, lurnisited or unfurnished, \r!ih'. In a r.r.vatc family Loc lion near Broadway, beta ecu Bleecker and FiUi'K'CUih stive's. Terms not in e ceod flilceu dollars p^r week. H<> fereu e? exchanged. Address P. O., Herat I o.lire. iyANTF. D?M AY I , SECOND PLOOR, PlVL ROOMS, TT mod hi improvenienU, inapilvaie house, occupied by a .Jewish laml.y. It. itl.UEL, id Broadway, uj> WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, NEAR WALL STREET TV iciiy, a w. II furnished Cottage for a small lamily ol adults; a caieful and reap nsible ti nant may be bad by ad ire-sing, giving puii ilais. T. C., box 34b Poet ol lire, Netv Yii?. W.'\N I B!)?1'ItOM PIltsT or MAY, A NICE, URN, t ee i t mi in Mice story and basement Iti^h s oop llotiso w ith the mod o n impiovements, gas and water throughout, in h de.irtbl* in igliboihood?H wentli ward prclci red. Kent not to ex.- ed 5'i 0 Address II., h x ilt> Heia' I c. W'ANTED-A PIHST CLASS PURMSLED HOUSE TV forasinnll miva'.e family, high stoop, t"'d location, lsis.esi.iuu hy May I. Would buy the liirulturc ii well aa Nolle i, iii good ip.alily and in pencil condition. II. P. O.. lot d,7!? Post i.Iticc. giving the number, location and size, ol h imc, audlo.vest tasli t litis for selling lurniture and letting, furnished or tu. muialicd, to a p rfcctljf respousibl party. W ANTED-liY A SMALL 1'AM ILY, A MEDIUM SIZK TV IliniiW, (oinpletcl) an I ban.!!ome'.y tiirmslied, containing all the modem 111 p.uwnieiits, situated be'ween Tenth aid Tw enty-eigbtU *u eta an I I.cxligton and Seventh avenues. It'lit nit to exceed fl.2UU. Address B. O.IIeia'd office WANTKU-TO RENT, A SMALL MODERN BUILT TT House, in a goo.I locality; not east og^lauiaon and not wertol Seventh avenue:, n elerrei. A.ldrosaBr-A!.. statute ri lit, l?:x UN t'ofi i tli <. Ti,rANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. WITHTT mt board, two i.niiiiineliea Kooini, com.ecting, oa second I<r tli lid II > r, Willi w ater and hit-, in ? ornate tami Ijr. Herman ml it S'tltc I. Lo atlon In or above't'airtjMoortk aired an I between Leliugton and Second v taii t Addrr**, wlili lu'l particulars, S. M. S., lierald olli e. 11'ANTED?TO RENTOR LEASE. IN SOME FLOLitlSHTt nig town in N. w Juimjt, a Store Willi a Dwcili..g at larlied, uot orer At tv miles lion New York. Good Iwiiiaa lo; mill.ncry and Uncy good*. Addrcaa, witli lu.i jaaiticui?ra, Mia. S. Iloiniea, Mrooltlyn, Nv.v York. 11' AN I ED- IN A lCE.Si'EC'TABI.E N LlUlI UOItllOOD, Tr a lluee story llo w ith modern Itiipioveuienls, for a private launljr; loestr.u not above i t.i stive*. between So on i and both av noo*. Kent not to ov cod tniOU. A dress, .dating UniuauJ location. F. M. Fa. i.ia, S'J Li "it/ street. WANTED?A SMALL NEAT IIOl'SE, CONTAINING ail t.i * * modern iinpiovonicnl*; loe.i io-i between T'weu ueth and Foruoih street* and Levliigion ai d A < n I a vendee. It' it II"| to exceed tl'JU |.or iiiiduip. Ad ires* M. D , hot 111 Herald mine. _______ TIT ANTED?A Fl'RXISIIED UOI'SE, OR I'AK'lTALLr ? I I Wi lli IK'U, Uf a i*u/ SIIU ?.VI n-'ii , nviuu "'? ? w Lu.ii '1 me owner, with prirtlege oi taking a IP* n'lt-in; beat n-lciTiice ^ippii. Add re** Mr*. 1. M., lirrald dIHip. \IT ANTED?Fl'RNIHIIED OB I'NFl'BKI.sIIED, A TT llo nee, w lllilii trail an hour ?l llie city, Inr a Uim.y (it n tit It ; in nit li v - at least ten sleeping room*, iiuj be hi g o4 urdei. AJilrtw l). 1>. D., H?ial t ulli e. urimiMnni stobt house, coxtaixim TT ail modern iinprrvrmrnta, lo -1 I let ween Twenty eeveiilti an I Kuril * > t-iiMi aired* and Koiii Hi .in i S .1.1 avenues "ii lenee .run I ui* e In live jr.mi p. Adder** for loux Jays, riil:ni( all |uri outers, Ho ne, out 1.304 rot ("hoe. UrANTKD?TO 1 EASE OB RENT, A FACTORY OR | laeo I II melting talluW or in iking a. apt, Ac.. Ill tlir eity of New Yora. A ;Jrea?, Willi I nil purtlcm 11 . *(., II. A. W., lie aid olliro. lAr A Vl ED?A Fl'RMSIIED OFFt'E. OX TIIE SE, OND IT ilnor, iv. t;i t'.c privilege u| io.iij small f n age, .in Broadway. between tnc I'nk no I H'. Nebulas Hotel, at a n miluitl rent, Ii,r a short lime, will vnuv of a p iinanant OC' uilaluy. Ad tiro. O , llcluld "111 I'. 11 ""ANTED?PART O" A NEAT HOl'.SE, IN THE IT r.cijh ui'li' ie I ui tueKulhAv.ii- Hi tel. cue at to* oi lour oi live KooiiS, ivltli kitchen, gas an I lu lt; tor a small Auierl .in l.iin 1!y. H unt ui ?t lie mi a malile. Ad I t ea* K. 11. 0 . Klftli ArmiM Hotel UP AN TED IN HR lOKI.YN ?1'AltT OK A HOUSE I'M R A geutlem hi. ivl c nnd aer ant, writ li a amail n net I imily witu i l chtnireu; l ie in Allans Mi -el, above rowcra, in iiii open, airy a.ti as i pr i.w.rl tent iniut ' moderate. Adoics*, stating rent, i., but sj, Brooklyn Pout olllco. WANTED TO LE ASE OS RENT?A NICE AND Till. 'K ly elm let Cottage, with a pretty large p j .1 gioui d around, well enclosed, muated eitlier in Aaturli or mi Bwi or N'oriii river*. lacing flic water, not fnrtli u tin i live .irntx in n i tea' walk trom t'.can, ami an bom a rid, irunAatni Hotel. Addreaa, anting rent, wlil li m int !> m id,'rate, niiinbro rn uua and nil other partn uLare, ,1. J L.. kw I YJ4 P si ollhe, N V. tVfANTED TO RENT?FOR MAY I AND DY THE TT year, n Ural (lis Dwelling llo ae. containing irotena iiiipriu (in uita. mid anunli d b I've ti Ui ui lwiv nul Mitth arenm end Ninth uud Twenty-third atrceU; lo contain iibuiil -I .ipjrtuicnH, and aullaboi lor ? ttrst cla?* private boarding li nine. A I tree., elating lernia, A. B. C., boa HH llerti'd utllce. TV" ANTED To RENT-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, BY TT ttic lat ol May, 1 y a email In.iitiy oi grown p-mm*. ? two or thri e Bt -ry House, a tunt -d not alcove a'< irt and I mill. >1 Atlantic *1 tell. It.lit mint h- Iron #2 m . )t,ki Anv nne li iving the above will lind a g > i I pi' lug to i rut by idiireaaiug, wild all pai tictilara, House, baa 2 ?) II 'raid oilice U "ANTED TO BENT-TWO SMALL II-iUSES. IN A If .1 i...'?lib,iriiO".J, on 1he weal n, le nt tile . i'., UeluWr Ath sHvit. Km < not la cr ceil V :*v. ami . w . Lion 2.?ll I'oal OfliC*. 1\' ANTED?TO BENT, ON OB BEFOKB THE MMV Vf v May, A email C - tor a. v. n r nnaitMl HHr.Ii'n, cith'n I" Hruo'-lrn, Wlllamibuig u dr.- npo nl, ur near t<> ? Hnr of c re. n lit not t. ojhv. i $|'ai r. an num. Aililrrea for iiree dajra I'rrM mi, b >* It?II rat i oilier. fATANTEU TO Itf N T A HOUHfc IN HROOXr.YN-WITH VY all Ilia modern impio amenta. gae, flit i %. naVr, At , aoullml t'Hjr Hull belter u Htnltk and Homy slrede. rem not to e\'<fi Jl'tliii??<?. AMrt-a*, with In atla.i, At . lot ouu week, ?. A I'., Herald oltleo. 81L.L.IAUDS. Alvime stotk of new ami sk )n0 hvnrt IIIilt&rtl T.? >1 -a, \vi it Pii nn'a Co inmniio t CiaUlOM for aaleat prior* to antt Ue limn. PltHLAH a'30u.*ndemu>.? UrioM'.. 1 f tjtoil AAI.K-A ft.'HKNMO HIt 10 v 0/ Mi'.V AND Hft f rood h ind Ti'jI-a, fiileato to . a i I B.ita'ello T iltlea for enle cheap Ca I ?*td diamine or *??I by null W. II. UBtfFlTII. Ill rUtou aliWU I

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