Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1862 Page 1
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T JB WHOLE NO. 9316. THE MONITOR AND MERRIMAC. OUR GREAT NAVAL ACfflEVEKEH Additional Details of the Engagement In Hampton Reads, Mficial Reports of Captain Van Brnnt, of the Minnesota, and Captain Watson, of the Gunboat Dragou. T1IE REBEL ACCOUNTS OF THE BATTLE, fto., Ac, <ko. Our Ftrtrtu Monroe Correspondence. Forthbxs Monro*, March 11,1862 Jh, Engagement at Hampton Roads? Difficulty of Ascertaining Data? Appearance of tkt Minnesota?Homo Mors fticts About the Rattle?A Shot Strikes the Minnesota's Banner?Progress of the Bombardment?Death of a Rebel Midshipman?Additional Particulars of the Eight, etc. Tbo Minnesota is still lying at anchor off the fort, and Iter appearance scarcely denotes any sign of the terrible ordeal she passed through daring a heated action of twenty-four hours. The details 1 sent about this vessel last evening were but meagre. At twelve o'clock M. on Saturday the Mcrrimao was sighted making towards. Newport's News?at first, however, with hor prow towards this poiut. The Minnesota fought bravely during the afternoo.i, and during the next day, until about noon?when the ammunition gave out, there being but two solid shot for each gun, which were rexoryed for a volley, should tho monster Merrimao attempt cioed quarters. The Captain of tbo Minnesota was standing on tho bridge of the quarterdeck with Mqjor Shnttleworth; The Major said that ho hoped the Caplain would not surrender his ship. Ths old hero emphatically vowed to sink bsr bofore she should full into ths hands of ths rebels. A council of the officers was called, consisting of Lioutenaut Grafton, Lieutenant Walters, Major Hh utile worth and Chief Engineer Charles H. Loring, and it was unanimously docidod to fight the ship while a shot remained in ths locker, and, if the rebels should got the best of it, to blow ber up. In ths meantime the Ericsson battery arrived to our relief, and the vistory Of our navy was assured. The staunch old ves .el was riddled considerably. Tbo ensign at the peak received a shot through its folds, but still waves defiantly from the masthead. Bad this shot struck tho ship it would have mado great havoc, as it was a good line shot, intended to rake tho vessel foro and aft. Another shell struck ths room of Mr. Loring, adjoiuing tbo wareroom, and passed through tho Engineers' galley and mess room, carrying away everything in its pro grem, breaking dishes, &c., and completely demolishing the rooms of Messrs. Thompson and Atkiuson. The firing of tbo Morrlmac on Saturday was mrstly directed against tho bow of the Minnesota. One shell burst on the port hole of No. 8 gun, second division, instantly killing a man named Wlnslow,one of the best gunners of the ship. A six-inch Armstrong shell struck the mainmast, passing through like a knife. Captain Van Brunt speaks of his officers and crew in the highest term?, and says that he never saw a braver sst of fighters in his life. In order to lighten the vessel large quantity of provisions were taken from the Min. nosota and placed on tho Whitehall. In the evening, however, the Whitehall was burnt to the water's edge; but prior to bar reaching the dock before uking fire the most of the previsions were pitched overboard. The Ore ? the Whitehall originated around the boiler, and it is apposed that tho felting had taken firs from a shell fired from the enemy's vessels during the engagement. Bj this fire four mm were burnt or drowned?namely, Ed yea tor, Henry W. Denote to, Themes Mareney and Albert Alfreds. One ef the bravest men in the tight was Captain W.J Balsir,commanding the Whitehall, Captain Van Brum tern ceding IS, and everybody who witnessed theftgfa leads Captain Balsir'* courage and coelaese very highly Although 'ah* steamboat Whitehall was condemned s< useless, she was the first vessol out of the fleet to at tad the Merrtmac, and although her heavy batteri? hud uo effect oa the Iron monster, still the rebel steamer YertUowu and Jamestown will remember the accurati gunnery of 1ke Whitehall for some time to conic. Wheu the Cong ret,* struck bar flag the rebels sent i tug to her te taks eg the officers. The order wns givei ea the Congress for the sailors to go ashore, but the or O* wftt mitlatrtn tail at,not fifty man iumoad on hoar. the rebel tug, which, punting off with them, a rebel mid <Jy Jumped on board the Congress and took the flag which ha wound around Ms body Union down, but ono u the Klro Zona to*, named Billy Welch, tired hit rifle ant asado the aecurerd rebel pay the forfeit of bis life for hi raelincsr. The body of Ui? middy fell ovorlr aril, sn< wan not recovered. The Slam and Stripes ub'chlh rebel boy .wouird around him served as bin shroud; am hia daith will serv o as a lesson to ail traitors and sae.rilc rimis rotrn-p. j of a pure and holy Hag. The Kire /ouavei ltaeo the shore ?f Newport's .Vows, and <lid great execu thin with their arnm in pickiug o;f rebels in the act o * hoarding the Congress. The lainagedocMat Newport's News to the camp of < Ion Mansfield was the wounding of t wo men of tho roventl faglnaai t Now Ywk Voluntoern, 1.anted Paul SUrMi Oanpuny A, mid P. Fnrtner, Company di. Shot and t hel fairly rained Into tba camp, but illd no further damage The gunboat 'Zouave, Capt. .1. A. Phillips, ten ter on 'h frigates Cumber her I and Cougre>s, also participate i ii tho action, using her runs with g eat altecl on the robe steamers Yo.klown and Jsinem iwa. Wbcu ihn Congres w <n so badly riddled by tho Vcrrimar, the omnia idc. ?f llm C'ligrons signa i/ed to ne towed on siioro, and lb Zouave ran alongside and ran the Congress hard and Inn up' and. The Zouave then went to the a? of Ibi M'unenoU, and wh+l- lying on tho larboard s'de. recclv d ibo murderous volleys of ;he rebel boats. White un lr the bow of tlta Congie's n shot from ilnilerri uao struck the flange and ihe rudder post, disabling tb propeller af Uia '/.ouava. The damage .v?-; ; <>i p?r. .uV.u until altar having c >mo sMsgsMi the Miaaaauts. Bm ral shoin struck tin- Zoui o in various places, ouo o thorn carrying away the Zm avo figure cn the pilot house lao kue-cking the smoka stack over. Not ono of tho otli car* or crew waa inj -red. The vessel was somen ha 4*mngi:d, but not to any great extent. The following r correct list of bar olllcei s ? jtrw\i master?01 iiii n riiu.ipe, v >>mmar.a'r, Mms'tr'i Matt? Robert Ruiwjf. Chi>J Rnjin-n?Hugh 0'B> leti. ffreund AuiUaiit F.niiiutr? Morgnn Radgley. Thcarniaroani of the ZouarecrMslsteaof a thlrty-twi C under Parrot, rifle bora, a twenty four l.oumlcr brae wit,'.or aft, an I a quantity of small arms. The Aring from the Mli.neeota was excellent, and lb> coolnrvs and hrarery of Iho officnra.ind mun la deaervlni of ti c Inyboat pratsui The division*, which etmr-ial o wight gone, four on each aide, wora worked admirably ?lu> ortli-or* commnndine Hum, who?c mate* ere give n ainglo e.c spltoo, excrolred thn crc.ussl popsl iilc control userthe iiioii, t rying Ihrm on with a spiri ?nd devotion rivaling ttoo.a heroes of format days, Do calnr and I'aul jooea, and aa each rliot whs firm eiv-mou sprang forwnrd 11 note the effort with intana farvor. and wlien It happened to hit Iho enemy ft a :1 about uf tlclijtbt and nanlinii.iD went up fr<an the hrnv tar.t. Mr. Van Ihtzor'a nlvl-lon waa especially nolH-rd a wtakl' i tho host lino sli ,tr. The pivot gito,' Mr. Iwxto ?m?iu>. irtiug, rcuderad the grcntect gar vino d ;rtr.K tb ngageuiaut, making t ig splendid aflbctivaabota. KsaetiUrn Officer K C. Oration. and l.i*ntenviit .lidi W*U?iW eenaol b? spoken o| too highly for their mt nil ?1|' 'I micui fi ji iiik mo I mi I'liRiigf mutt Mr Vration mat with rary r.nrtow wsca) ctnin fcart Ui3 head taken off by a abe'l who was atandln right im\t lu l?tm?nr xlciiiivo ofTicsr being ?| alitor ever wilt) lb* Uial of the enlortunair man, kc. Ilia intlowtof 4s a list Oi 'ha officers of lis* frigat R anuk*. Curtiii?Win Marslnn. frl /i nftnan/?* 8. Flllebrowii OTl't /.iru/fPIHl? H. f. Todd. A-ling MmnUn?K. Van dlyok, L. L. I). Vikji bars, J. It g: ali.iih and J. West. 9'ir^'Oii? ? lilWUrlal. Atr ilart Avp*MM? ?? Rj ea. Mid ? Tlr.igg. I: (liven r<\pn\nr.t r? ? < (Uinon. /tW?W n?. Ringer. Omr Xrnpnrt'a \twi ConaapoodrRrc. Kauer BRioanr, Fibst Ihvimox, Tutr't or Vihcixia. ) Nr-wivmre Kmre, Match 12,Ihffil. J y.'i>rrud Jl'tu la- Again /HtafpUmitA?i'tirfJ of th' Fiic r n SfMlur Mimiltr?'jur Mm H'ild vnlh Jtf anil f.i (hi, isil of Our (Jin nt to I.'tt?Ik* oV< V fn 1 (he Ct.iif,rfji JJoitiii H til, dr. J aid evening about seven o'clock two men of oar rj oilry patrol wero drlvn In by a am.ill force of retol ir fa-Ui y. sovcral utiles f'fm our ramp. and (a, a short t.oj ere ?:ilevt,>i>ed ho|tr* ?f a gi nernl engagement. How avi>r,cb a close seaiitji ly a bomber nf nor cnvalry, Hi tnomv VT?" fto Myf returned, nrd It ir-"'pjumci i:e jne THE BATT Scene of the Great Tria I W FEDERAL CAMP ftBAI fcjft _^lmNEWPOBfs NEW! NASEMOND BJVEfl^ \^ 1^\ rM?R,MA< *% M %\ C/3 % ? y i ????????? | thai U lias merely been a small scouting party roaming about in tha woods. [ General Mansfield visited the outposts late last evening and found everything quiet. Wo are fully prepared, night aad day, for an attack, and if the chaaoe is offered to us, our woldler# will stand their ground mant fully to tlie last. It is our good fortune to have a corn munder to whom we can look ut> as a model of ability, j coolness and bravery. ( The Krksson steamer Monitor has taken up her position ( opposite our signal point, where ahe ran kee;'watch of g the inlet to Norfolk fin case the Merrimoc should dare to g show herself agaih), and also havo a view of the Jamrs river all Iho way up to Day's Point. Yesterday she ^ passed our point, quite near enough to give the garrison a good ; iew of her. Our men crowded down on the d< ok and along the shore, and hailed her with cheera and rxj clamaiion* of the wildest enthusiasm. One would cry, "God bless her, that plucky little craft !" and no ou. ytae ^ hx>k? so ItiD'.'Ct lit tl-.ut one would hardly think that die j really dro\ o oil a wliole fleet of rebel boats. The shots of a the Meirimae. nude but little lmpregaiou upon her, and 1 with tho exception of her commander, who war. iq)ured "j in the face, not a anul on board vis hurt the least during 'he five hours' fight ou Sunday morning. General MansB field, hia staff, and noveial olher oflu era. visited her in the afternoon, and were rect uod with all possible ooitrf teay ni.d attention by her gallant ollicvrs. Pticli RWttog and hand aoaklBSl Never Ml Mrdill meeting took place, never showed fares )-ucU ! sincere happiness. Every portion of the ship was exhibited, ard fluty novelty revealed caused I' r.vclaniullors of admiiutiuii and delight; it seemed al.-no. t like a drcnut, to dive into this raft-looking concern and a find luxurious cabins, uuch machinery, such coinn plotc ai-romii)<>dai|nnH f->r comfort and safely, all under I water. Of the momentous Itenn which huvemadoup < the eventful history of the past few days, our vMt to t the Monitor is not tho lea l interesting. We trust that e the government will award ell lho and peouulary t remuneration due to the noble Inventor, and to (he olllv eors and man who worked lo r so faithfully and well. It Is no U'e dieguisitig the fact that, but for her timely arrival, and hoc ability to liglu and subdue lho terrible Merrintae, not enly the Minnesota would have h?eu dea slrov oil, but our camp would have lioen threatoned to I such an ox lent an probably to force us to eveenato il, and Kortre-n Menrco Itself, or at lorat lho eulirc naval force f there, would hive been endangered. The >i,am.'r II Vmalarlillt nh? n'il nn.l Li?,n? ' Troy alcam r) arrived here this morning at UnoYkxk, t direct from llaiilniore. earrytng the Fifth regiment Mary( land Volunteers. Ctd< rrl lamlaf-hlcy. The regiment awnbere 090 m"Tl, most of them young nnd rlalworlh felloe ?, of lost the right kind of stutr to m :ke good aol iicrs. ' William Rhodis, leto j-tlot cd board Ilia It iifato On- ' rrera, who v,?; carried on .shore Saturday evening last, terribly wounded, and wit died about midnight. h tinted 3 Ins v.-a lie I, oont; lining a considerable aunt of money, to tho * Brigade b>?iris;?: n. Dr. Curtis, requesting him to comply with the reqoexl of a note < id lined in tho wallet. The a note I? written on last New Year's day. and wnn to ? show that I'.hodea has had . nine eort of forewarning of C his approaching death. 1 ho follow ing is a copy : ; t'sivar Staips Snip CoMi.nrss, > i Ni WpoHt's N>.? % .Ian. I, ltf.2. ) Pirate deliver to Mr. . nil the money that la n i my |m.f nnn ul ini-sent, and ell that muy lie due n.o at n.y death, mid in) clothing, wdieueier he mar demand tl, mid * oblige WH.UA.M KlloDKH, 1 Const Tilot of the United Stales Ship Confrere, e Farewell to nil below ihc *un ! * ' Solar as I have been nble to learn, all Ihc wounded 0 eailc.H now In oi:r arn lining rotnimratividy * well. Tbe list ol tin- saved line not yet been completed, r 'I'n nil lit our pernio i.; 'Monitor.'' and eonntar o siftn " Krb -in " tt It not llk.dy tint our pl' k-t? \?III forget ili *? natnea: >1 OAlihtl Report or C* plait) U. ,1. Vnt? Itvutit, of the Mlnnrtolt. tlynim ?TAtKt Riaaww MmitmYA. Mirrh 10. 1M-2. 3 Pin OtfMurdtjf, IIki Mh iuit. ?l liMA P.M., tlireo ratal! steamers, In apt (tram, wet* disoe\orod rounding' Row nils Point, tnil in toon mh thoy tante Into lull broad ?bk> Ylew I waa l onvine.ed that one wa* iho iron-plated Mean. battery Mcrrltnto fiotn th?i largo sizo of bf smoke I. pipo. I hoy wero In uding for Nrw|?ort'a News. and I, In obc.Monro to a > igual fr in iho senior oiltorr present, Cup tain Joint Mni's!on, Imtnediatcty railed all liarda, h!I|1?',j my t ablea niul got undor way for ilrnt point to ergagw Iter. ttliiie rapldljr patoiig Row-all's Point there, bois tkero > -pem-d tiro upon us from a rifto bit lory. one shot from whirh going through and orlp pling my mainmast. 1 returnad the lire with my broadside gun* and forecastle | ivot. 1\a run wltliont i- further dinU ully wllbist about one and a ball ntlkt "f t- Ketr|Mirt*e Nats, ami iben*. nnlerlnnuloly, grounded. >u \rsa running obb, and, although in tbn channel, lh?.e ? no I null .-P-nt water tor this rbip, wb.<h draws l> (vronty-tbT' o f ct. 1 htnw ll.o botuin wna aoit and i- lmnp> .md on->?tore I to foi. e tbeei.ip omr; but found i< t, lm|u i.blo r In do. .tt tbta time it write repr.rtofl U> . iih* tlmt tbo M rrbi c bad passed tl.e /iignteCi nrte-.i u ki il run Inl.' tl - Int'i < f wr.r PiimttorI?"iIf a?ti ;u fif'rsn d ! p to .-fi< I fi* IPC iallo -rt i jr tl ii by (la- bca . W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY LE OF THE i Battle Between the 91 CM |i^C^2S3 * i r \ VvMINNESOTA AMlhUHfr-.. \ \ V, v.. >W^ \ \-*? %3 v >Ss, v \ N ^ % MONITt \ V^EI\m^AC . r SECESS Tne Merrimac than hauled off, taking a portion, and I about 2:30 P. M. angagod tha Congress, throwing i hot and ahell into her with terrific effect, < whila tha ahot from the Congress glanced from < har iron plated sloping sides without doing any t apparent injury. At 3 30 P. M. tha Congress was compelled to haul down her colors. Of the extent of hor loss < and injury yon will bo informed from the oiliclal report I of her commander. At four P. M. tho Merrimac, Jamestown and Patrick llonry bora down upon my vessel. Very fortunately the iron battery drew too much wator to come within a mile 1 "f u>. She took a position on my starboard bow, but did not Ore with accuracy, and only one (hot passed through < the ship's bow. Tli* other two steamers took their position on mv port bow nu<l stern,and their (ire did moat d-msgo iu killing and wounding men, inasmuch as they tired w.ih rifled guns; but with the heavy gun that I c'.uld bring to boar upon them 1 drove 1 tnem oft, one of them apparently in a crippled state. I fired upon the Merrimac with my ten-inch pivot gttu without any apparont efTect, and at seven P. M. (he t'-o hauled off, and all three vessels steamed towards Norfolk. The tremendous tiring of my broadside guns had crowded mo further upon the mud bank, iuto which tho ship seemed to have umdo for herself n cradle. From Ii n P. M., when the tido commenced to run flood, until 1 lour A. M. I hud all hands at work, with steamtugg and I haw-ore. endeavoring to haul the ship oil the bank; but without avail,ami us the tide bad then fallen considerably, I suspended further proceedings at that time. 1 At two A. M. the Iron battery Monitor, Commander John h Worden, which had arrived tliu previous evening at iliiuipton Roads, cune alongside and reported for duty, and then all ou board felt that wo had a friend that would stand by us in our hour of trial. At six A.M. the enemy again upi eared coining dowu i from ('n.ney Island, and I In at ti quarters, but they ran past my ship and were heading for Foi tre s Monroe, and the retreat was beaten to allow my men to get something local. 'The Mo. i imac ran down tiosr the Hip Ka|>a and ih. n "trued into the channel, through which 1 bad come, g Aguin a'l hards were called to quartetJ, and opened ujion her with niy ..tern guns and made sig al to the Monitor (o attack the etc inv. she limn. ili..lelv ran down in my, right within lite range of the Mcirlinac, completely covering my ahip .in fur at wan poaulllc with her Ulminnttro dtnionglona, and, much j lo my antoDlshmrnt. laid heelf i i<ht alongside of the Merrlmac. ami tho contrast w.i* thai of a pigmy Lo a f taut. Oun after gnn v. us bred by the Wonitor, which returned with whole bru'daides fr> m the rebel*, with no mote ellect aptaruutly than an many pebble Lloew thrown by a child. After a while they commeueed 0 mamruvrlng, ami 'we could hoc the little battery pour. b her bOW lor the rebel*. with the intention, au I tnntlglU, # of tending a shot through her luiw porthc'.o, then ahe would ale ait by bar and rake ber tin -ugh her atom. In Iho meantime' the rebcla wera pouring brnadaide after a tit.!-'' .It it aiiit'M ail her abut Ile.v t.ver the little sub- 0 merged prupeltcr; and when tbey struck the bomb proof tower the rhot glai.ced of without producing any eflbct, * clearly establishing the fart that wooden vessoin cannot ! r contend auccoaafuliy with Iron clad cues,for never butor# ^ wan anything like it dt tamed of by the great eat cnthr.aiaal In inarilime warfeie. The Merrlmac, 8 hiding tit at abo could make nothing of the Monitor, n turned her attention unco more to me iu the n orniug. ? I be li . 1 | ..I oue Hindi fb d m dcr no' enimte" nonr tho water line, and now on her second approach I opened u|H>n b-r with all my broadside gums and llMncU pivot; v a broadside which would have blown out 01 water any timber built ship In the world, hhe rotni noil tny lire } with ber rilied how gun wulh a shell which pa reed , through the chief engineer's elalerootn,through ti e eujti- , Deer'e mewocm amidships.and burst in the boatswain'* f. room, leiTiiip lour r. om-all Into on , In Its passage ex- . plowing two charges of powder, whlelt act the ainp ou fire, but It WH3 prompt.y extinguished by a |?artv headeu | by my Urst liciitenunt. Her a' Coud went througb the , boiler ol the tugts'at Dragon, exploding it and taming , some consternation on board my ship for the mo f uient. until the matter was explained. Thin time I had ( concentrated upon her an Incessant tire from nij guu , deck, spar deck and fcrocuatla olvol guns, and was In- , tornied by iu\ marine clllvcr. who waa stationed ou tiro j't at least lift) solid shot struck tier en h? . sluiit log : Me # iiho- t producing any apparent eibrt. 1'y j iho time alio hud llrsd her third ehrli ih..- Ililla MciPilor , had cwno down upon hrr, placing be r self between u?, . alio < om, oiled licr tn change her |icatiioii, in doing vvhli U , he grounded,and In T poun d into her all the g ..a | which e< till he brought to bear ii| ol? her. A? -oou a* lie got off a he stool iUiv.i the hay, the little battery el n-dlig her \> itli all spooil. when suddenly ll:f Morrliiinc turned around and ran I'll speed In toner unugorl-t. l or a moment I wan snMims, hi.l Itutl tully I saw a shot plunge into the In n r of of iho Mtrrimac. whk-h sorely must have damaged htir.hT some lltno aft or lira robe. ooricruttnlod their \vl -'o hiiiory trie* the tower and pilot hoi se of the Monitor, and .tomi alter Iho latter ah od down ftir F'irtro-fl M< linn, end til thought it probable she had exliaiialed her a pply of ammunition or sustained omc Injury. H on alter Iho Memniva and the two oilier alouinera h'udedinr nn ship, and I then felt to the f.ilksl cxl' nl my comlnliii I was bird nnd tinutuvahly aground. Mul they rot.1,1 ink" |< Ion tin .nr myelin i, uud rako me. i hail expend'd no,at of n.y solid ah I, and my aJilu wa* bin ly rrtpp "il and tny nfli- ' is moo were wont oulwlih fatlg ; but even in j this eairen.o dilemnis 1 ikt.ji mr eil Dover U? give tt| ili.< ship I" the iel>ela. anil aflor rooaoliing my Illy ; I n, ' Pe ed m i ry props, all n to be made to deatroy ihcehlp 1 afbr dllltr?i" w ago*,'' # ?,? Iwr. On amending lbs I pimp tleok I observed that iho enemy'a vessel.- had | changed tlmir io:ii?-e tit d war a hi adlngfor Crnncy Irlaml; , then I lUdnrmlisnl to lighten Urn ship by tlirowhi: over- i board my e glit-mii gm.", botrliiv out i r<n tshme. at'ri i inrwali, ,\c. ft lm> I*. M. I | r <> ode<! i<> m'Ice p. oib r attempt i-'aav'tlie hip hy tlio t*eo of i mm her | *' 11 .veifitl t iy? i nd ifce-iemi rr II < .!<!: j; k j-'iy sent l' ini a? -i ! f?"bpt. fa urn f \ Q' ?rt ;rhi ..ex , 9 RK H MARCH 14, 1862. IRON-GLAD S ionitor and Merrimac, ^ MONITOR BOANOKE^^*^ in ARCE *1"^! lp=* RQTT GUN.^fe?^ il POINT 1A >t Fortrens Mow tad succeeded in dragging her half i rail* distant, and then eh* wu again immovable, the tide having fallen. At two A. If. this morning I succeedid In Miliag the ship once more afloat, and am now at tocheropposite Fortress Monroo. It fpves me great pleasure to sap that dorheg the whole >f these trying scenes tlie officers and men conducted Ibemselves with great courage and coolness. 1 have the honor to be your very obedient servant, G. J. VAN BRI'NT, Captain U. 8. N,, Oomm'g Frigate Minnesota.

[Ion. Gicfco* Wkllkh, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D. C. rocmtcnsD usr or omenta or txnxd states -rraJifOur imnou. Captain?G J. Van Brunt. Li'iUmaiit??Edward C. Grafton, John Walters Acting ?Adolphtis Dorter, J. M. Merrill, W, bright, JohnF. Ferguson. Sailing Mat1'/-?p. A. Campbell. J'ai/tnaslcr? Robert I'eltil. fleet Surgeon?W. If. Wood. Captain of Marines?W. L. Sbuttlewortb. J.ieutenant of Marine*? W. H. Carter Assistant Surgeon?Dr. Fdgar Holden. Chaplain?8. Jones. Hngmtrt?Chief, C. H. I/Oring. Flft-l Assistant,0.8. Iriqht; Third A He 1st at its, F. J. Whlliker, A. Colin, L. A. la.erley,T. W. Itao, G. W. Them. jV d.AtputSH?B. 8. Chew, C'. 8. Cotton. Mattel*' Male*?J. B. Van Duror, C. 8. Whitman, R. "Jerry, Wni. Hunter. JioaLxcuin?Haul Atkinson. Ovnner?C. W. Horner. Carpenter?Ebcnezor Thompson, Sit '(maker?Augustus Warren. Pilot?A. B. Miller, tats peck hattery, txora the scrmvmon ok uaciE>a>r JOtIK WATTKr.A . first Dir isian?Acting Ma-tor W. Wright. accona t in. ton? aciuig ?iiFi?r<i. in. sirrnu. Dirifiuu?Muster's Mute John It Van Rii/er. FAB PKtB HAITKI'Y, UM>KB 'illK HO IT* WUION or AIH.NQ *A3T>'.R AIXJUIIOS l'RXTRll. PitxA ?on?A. IVixter. Fourth Uivi. Un?It. S. Chew, f V/IA /Hri iot?C. 8. Cottou. leport of C'aptuiss AVation,^omniinrilns the Onnboet Dragon. IJ.erncii Statph Ftrastxr Draco*, Merch 8,1862. At t-lx P. M. went along* ido of the Ponuokc. and wu* rdered to get up u 1> ?; hend of ateum, end go on the staron rd side and make fast, a? I lie Herriniac erne in sight, ml the signal given to get underweigh end go alter her. t half-part ono IV 11. slipped tho anchors <>t tho Roanoke nd started for the Mcrrimac. At two P. W. received rdere to take a hav.-er and Koahond, ua Iheubiphad ot ashore, and it was nece?eary to get her head in the igiit direction. At the tame time the buttcriea at email's Point opened on the tow, which was iinmeditely responded to by tfie Roanoke and Dragon. Oil earing Newport'* New? I was ordered to low I lia Roa' ioke hoad lowards the Rip Raps, and let go and go to the linne-"ta and render every assistance pooaiiile, which ias done wuli a will. Arriving at the Minnesota, toe* losltiot* and opened JL e on the Yorktown and J sine 8uwn. Kent U up until dark, when we resetved ontora o ixa.-o firing au I lay by tlio slop until morning. At wo A. M. tried to tow the Minnesota off the bottom, and coeewded only to ground in another and more exposed ihieo. lie do (aat lor tie niuht. Second day, ai right V. M., we were ordered to take up position as host we otiM, nnd oiieiie i lire on the Yorktown and town, sitii good effect ; could plainly .? our ahells hunting on ha enemy. At twelve M. rroetvod orders to go ulorigdleof the Minnesota, and he ready to assist in towing tor off. Made fast on ilie part side, lining in dim t hno f the Man.mac's battel .SR. At. tlie same moment revived two shots from nor. ono effort In tlie i iter, b'.imfnr tip the vr.aei, together with the retain nifl linen men; ?rr?"ii 1> VMiidlti;; i liarler 4. I'mcue; ?' ?ir ini! L'nu. s. Iluugm lord, unit hirftkln* the lega if?? McHonaM, li tilth will have lo h ampiitMr.l (trelrad nnler* to get on b'ard I'm Minui' uln Veaiiol hi Urn. Shortly alter nxmlved rrdars to got bag* and mtniwcks on hoard of Ifan V h!teh..ll. Thefoil..*dig Is a Hat of oflhsnra a!. Ilia time ? Uott'f --Win. Wat?on. F{if ?Win. A.ftivaril. ,v.r? nil / : '/inrrr?Thomas ,lor>lan. Nnhr't Va t?Win. H 'Wi ln. t'tiiti >1 jmoiAt?Bon. S lliiii^arford ,\i. nii'?'o.aiina Rnndlteh*. MX Amman anil ten roxmoii. WW. WA'f.SON, Captain. Anotlni' Oesrviptinti of tlir monitor. I.KTfKH PIIOM I.IKI T, Willi DUN, II III COMV IMlMt. N-w Vmut, Jan. a;, |S?. IlKniH i:- * * Plio ts aupporeit to lie ihot p-'iof. (lor hull fl< iita IN Incite ? ahoy llin water, nil h coy red with Ave thickn.M.a-i f wrought Iron ilutca, aaoh onn Imhthll, to a print S}< f?"<t below eater linn. Hnr ?lm t< i* tox?uoil wllli 1 looii wrought run. A w.-onflit Ir oi I i t. Wl 'i foot out-, in il1 imntor, ) I'nnl hli*li an I N Im '.mt tlii-'h , a pla.'Od . v fit cont i! Looyanc. In ml turret urn nmtiniiM two 11 in li hah',, n ??.? ?. !! I .1 ! ? . oit .. a I > tun,.it ?t im (I wl I. f.' at fuel' iy by air: i.'. it * ri.x einei.! iteInp on* . II. (I by the cinmi til-f,'''Ii( r I in V. m I li .i a llnri. llin in i-i hoi h.r; llor <i?vi< In.I tho u I o ii"l pro . 11> i li n wir il li li ttirlt rod outoido a ii rt or buttery, ihatitlor ? In veryd / EKAI 1TEAMERS. Sunday, March 9,1862. otff i *** J mi RIP-RAPS 11| MONITOR WATERS??U/L bolow the deck. In that pot it inn, if she is boarded by the enotny they cannot get below ror into the turret, and ber deoka ean be swept by her own gnus loaded with canister. She is propelled by steam, and is expected to go eight knots the hour, and carries eight days' coal at that speed; in flat bottomed, and draws ten feet water. She is not Intended for a ember; only to go from port to port on our own roaHt. Great hopes of her success are entertained by her constructor and others; and, if she aii-wers their expectations, she will be a very MPvimtbhla vasja! unit ta il! hsva enmn rnnirh witrlf ta rid fctt. Inc. Length of upper vessel 172 00 length of lower vosael f;..124 00 Breadth of. upper ves?el 41 04 Depth of upper vend 6 00 Breadth of lower vowel at lop 80 00 Breadth of lower vessel at bottom 18 00 Depth of lower v. ssel 6 00 As you ir?y Imagine, lier apartments are neither spacious, liglu iux uiry, ami we no not expect much comfort in her; but if her capabilities turn out as wo hope for, I shall be well satisfied to rough II. It seems that Coramodoro Smith, of the Bin ran of Yards and Docks, has had tho supervision of her construction, and is groallv interested in her suet e.-s. I hud a loiter from hiin, wlnrh is quit" corip'hnentary in Ua tone, slating that he had named too for the command, whereupon I examined the vesnol and accepted at once, getting my orders by return mail. I apprehend that it is the intention of tho department, if sir proves succe build the twenty ironclad gunboats recently authorized by Congress on her plan, with modifications suggested by xperleuce. THE REBEL ACCOUNT OF THE FIGHT. [From the Norfolk Day B<>nk of the 10th March.] THE IAMBS RIVER BLOCK APR OPENED?TWO YANKEE FIRST CLASS FRIGATES DK TltOYED?THE HATRD CUMLIXI VND HUNK?THK CONGRESS BURKED TO THK WATEU'8 SHOE?TBI MINNESOTA AND RT. LAWRENCE AGItOt ND- GREAT SUCCESS OF THE CONFEREEATE IRON CI AD BTEvMIR VIRGINIA ? LARGE NUMBER OK YAKEEER SHO A Nil DROWNED, ETC., ETC. Ai n qunrh r pu t eleven " 'clock en -I ' r.iay, the iron cled stem net Virginia cast Inure i t., her moorings at the Navy Yard and made ber , " i to Hampton iloads, towards the blockading i> ' he, olf Newport's ,\ews. ruir rcai n? u toair nti.ii? - a, mar some no tei.ti<>n at llio obstructions bel< v. >'. two o'clock. Here Klii' f. iitiiI tli? two flrsi clam sailing It galea Cumberland and Congrem. Wi'li a doterm I nut Ion to |>ay her res p*i ta to th>.- Culnbei land that, the Virgi iLu lioro down Tor that Vtaael, and wlu'e pa sain; the Congress alio gavo bor a broadside by way of a dot*. H~r op*n\H<>t>f on ihrOiimhr'and mere ; erferme<1. Ihr sin r! tp?sr nfjl/tiin tninulrj' tirnf.ntlhr roil f s-A?, g I It' fjiimhrljmt link just uhtr.-Ac AuJ bc'.i Map. the Virginia on apprraching her and getting within p dill blank range, flred her how gttn acr. ra! tim- a, and rati into her. Bli iktng her fairly with Iter ram, which mudc lirr reel to arid fro and sent her speedily to the boituin' but w bile going down, we understand, ihe after gun of ihe ('limberland wm?liacturgcd at tho Virginia, with nil it injury we know not. Tf.o object in ttrsl geiting rid <>f the Cumberland war 'probably to destroy the very heavy armament which that frigate carried, it being (Ac heaciat in tht Yunkcr i new. The oiticeri and crew of tho Cumberland made thoir o? capo .is tn st they i.vuM, uiany of them being cap tured by car giuboats. 'iho w< upded en board It is bolievcd went down with the versd. ? The Viigiuia neat turned her alteiilinn to the Osi jrcaa, which vessel it is n id Tallanlly resisted *her inevitable fate for nearly an hour, but Anally flu ling the ship rapidly slTikiug, she baulc I down her cobra- and made for tbe beeuh. where aiie \<*s run as high aground as i<o*sl He. Iter olli??rs and crew were tuket: olTby our g uboats, and while sho had her flag of (nice Iciated a :d wna being relelvefl 11 h'-r killed and wounded >_, our bo its the Van k.-eaon shore at Nowisirt'e Vows diaregardiug the flag of trme, with Vtele nuts lent a ilred into her nnd killed se-. oral of tlieir own iron nnd nMfhrty wounded Jn tl.? ariu Mr. John llopktni, ore of our pllota, att iebed to the L nuflort. K I,ilc the Vlrgmkt wa < ngnged with the Cong:e?a with ll?T HO\. i?':", ' I"" rr'-I nr??".""U ? "..rr ,- mil' ihe *-h >r? 'u'toi l?f? < f Iho ononiy ft Xew perta Now*. Olio dl*cliar).'<> from the bow gnu of tho Virginia, any* inc <>( t!>f prhotinri. r/ifttirti (?v> of the ,ptet* of llu- nlr'n of At rrew <r </ to! iog ijf the heail of <t /.mm' ,vwifA, rtn>f lit oitlltf tnrt the >hif> towfei. Tbo Mif'nt aminol e*ilirnljr unnwaro of ow Intonliiiu lo alt.-ik tin ro, ami, It In rn*l, wr o no oomplotpiy I illo 1 h MMCurlly that llm Virginia had ? i down toifciviH'l point hnf'ore ilmy took iltr alarm. Wlillg tbo cngiigamant ttaa going on Mnwn the two rtrlgatrn not Mm Virginia Mm enemy a slonm frigate Mmnaaota pot mil from old I'nint to thoir a?et?taiMT*. sim laid wall over t ird< Nowport'n Now*, lint tv.t oillraly out ot th inn.e oi o ir bat tori. * on Sawn Pa Point, whio.ii o|iw<l mi luT, Willi alul nlfr< t tin a r unable to any, hut alia I" wlUiout wuy ditwege wli.itovnr 1'h" Minn ao'a ? a ogrvund w ln n w llbin a in I In or two or Now|ort',i Ni'wn I'i'inl. Than- ehe atnek, titrable to got oif, Vrli In it'- ' nfodorntn atMnioi* I a trick lloitry rind I .' o ritowa ,r,d?nd hjr with tho r batirrh a, will a tlm Vliglranwaa allolHlng lo tlm Mr or* ballerina nt Vow |o l ; Now*. Tg. rng ito Si. . iwronr tb, n ram* up to tho aailatan. oof lb' 'Hutu otn, ami alio nlsii i.ot aground. and a it I'i.i I'ri ito. 0'ipima-d ti be tl Po,,o ke, put off ironi IHrl 11 lot with l'i" * an.- In Nopjioaad, lint a in.- tin- aa I Ivw will li liio N'IorI iln ?o play .og w i'li 11 " lloral voaoo'.a, ol ? put bark t< Mid Point. 'tho ;|o oof t nn?l Si. I <irr> u ? "rn.a-c 1? d it - o'Ui'i ml in tbo pw.T i f ll a Vii- Mnh b'', A II alalia.' '"m| mu at . w a IV Pub. I. al'lar I ha an* .D. PRICE TWO CENTS. gagement, whe^e she remained on Saturday night. ready to conun^nre on lham on 8 mday morning She is between ti.eni and all assonance from Old Point. The frig it* Congreei was net Ore to, on Sat m day night, by a boat's cr w f oin gome of our vessel.! She Il.ununed tbewnole Roads and river, and about midnight her magazino exploded with ft tremendous noise. Her conllagrfti.on afforded a rare eight to many thousands of spectators who lined the shores of our harbor to witness the spectacle ol a ship on Ore. Many articles of value, we learn, were remo\ ?d from her by our guuboula before being fired. Tugs an I itraincrj wort sent to the arsistanco or the Minnesota and St. 1 .awr. nce from old Point, alter they grootided, but their efforts to haul them off were unavailing. Ihit (li st gun fired in the engagement is said to hnvs been flro I by the Confederate gunboat Beaufort, at ths fr rale Congress All of our steamers and gimhoatsars raid to have b en managed with ths utmost skill and dexterity, rendering great ass slftnce to the Virginia in this magnificent and successful engagement. Wo aro without tneona of getting at the loss of the enemy in killed and wounded, though it is behoved to have been very Our total loss in killed and wounded, as far as wo can learn, is nine killed and twelve wouudod, most of them slightly. Twenty-three prisoners were brought up to this city on rinturduy night. These wore all takon off the frigate Congress by tho gunboat Beaufort, while our other gnuI boats took oil others. One of those prisoners died while on his way to ibo city. He and another one wounded were shot by their own forces while being saved from the sinking frlgatu Congress. The wounded prisoners were carried to tho hospital. Tho Virginia had two men killed and some Ave or six wounded A shot entered (he porthole '(ltd struck the gun i-n the m 'tele, knocking of ? piece nine inches hng- To if di?al lol the pun, which was immediately replaced by anoth-r of the tame oUibre. Captain Buchanan and Lieutenant Miner, of tho Virginia, aro said to be wounded, the former slightly, the latter severely. On board the Patrick Henry a shot ontered one of her ports, wo understand, and passed through one of tier b-dlors, disabling it. She was compelled to haul off temporarily tor repairs. There were four mou killed and three woundod on board of her. Other damage not material. On board the gunboat Raleigh Midshipman llutter was killed, wo understand, though we did not learn of any other casualties. The James river steamers arrived al the scene of action, it is s.ud, about one hour after tho engagement co inmenc.d. They ea lly peeenl the Newport's Nows batteries, and after joining In the light rendered very efficient.".id. By this ilviiiig exploit us banc raisesl the Janus river blockade, without fereym assistance, and are likely, wi n the as--istance of the Virginia, to keep open the commurri-ati n. Several small prime wore said to have been taken by our gunboats from tho Yankoes, ouc of which, tho schooner Reindeer, was brought up to tho Navy Y'ard on Saturday night. Two others were said to have been carried Over to l'lg Point on Saturday. mother report we hear says that but two persons wsro killed on board tho Virginia. Andrew J. Dal ton, a printer, who left our office a few days since to Join the Virginia, and who was al the bombardment of Sumter and participated in several other engagements during the war, we learn, was ouc of the wounded on board that vessel on Saturday. Tho engagement was renewed again ou Sunday nvrnIing, ahou half-past eight o'clock, by the Jamestown and several of our gunboats, llring into the Minnesota uij.1 St. l/iwrence. At high water we oxpect the Virginia will pay uit rcjjprcis vo tuuco vwnr^. Pi/ice the above was written. we have been enabled to gather sumo additional particulars. Sumo detention occurred on board the Virginia on Sunday morning, we learn, or she would bavo commenced the engagement much earlier than half-past right o clock, at whxh timo she, together with the Patrick Henry, Jamestown and our other gunboats, opened Are on the Minnesota, which still lies liard uud I'atii aground, the tide bring at the ebb, tho Virginia did not toko iho channel where tho Minneeota lay, probably tor fear of grounding, but getting within a good range of her, she opened firu with terrible effect, completely riddling her, tin I rendering constant exertion at the pump aeoaerary to prevent her from tilling. Early in the morning, tho Ericsson battery, now called tho Monitor, was discovered off Newport's News IMnt, he having gene up there during tho night. A thmp en co intir toon took place lie: wen her and the Virgin a, duriug chirk time tht y w .re frequently n 't m'/re than tkir y or forty y udsapart. Unfortui etely. the Virgndaran aground, and iho Ericsson, using her advantage, poured shot after shot into her. but without doing any serious damage. In a short while, however, llio Virginia succeeded in getting off, and putting onfuH h"'tt < / steam, ran her Low into the Brixton, doing, a* it it thought, great damage. We ore rejoiced to say that notwithstanding the firing was much heavier than on Baturdsy, there were no casualties on either of our reerrli?not a man IMng in the lead injured by ihoU from the enemy or otherwitr. Several of the enemy's gunboats being within rasge, they were favored with a shell or two from the Virginia, with telling effect, ami In every cose disabMogrr sinking them. One of them laying abmgute the llinireula, had <i shell thrown on board of her which, on Luru.ny, ton her asunder and ten her to the bottom. Having completely riddled the Minnesota and disabled thetjt. Lawrence and Monitor, besides, as stated above, destroying several or the enemy's gunboats, in a word, having accomplished all that they designed, and having no tnoro material to work upon, our noblo vessels left the scene of their triumph? and returned to the yard, where they awai' another opportunity of displaying Ui ir pre west. The enemy's loss, killed and wounded, during thetwe ??a??ln (> avoa^ilinwlv Isrff/i SHtl rat Imntdi) hi fl'fitn six lo twelve hund|Md. The icrne aruuml the Cvnprru it rrprtien'ed su h.-<irt iMtnin;i. The officers ol the lieaufort, who ran alongside of her on 8aturday night, end who boarded her for the purpose of removmr the wounded eh- ant of her. and who were brutally flred upon by the enemy while engnged In this ?>rk nf arry to their oun kith awl kin, leprest Hied the deck of tht vettrl at l-rinp literally cast red with the dead and dying. One of them atlures ut that at he went from fort to aft hit thoet were well nigh buried in blood and brains. Jnus, leys and heads were found scattered in every direction, while here and (Acre, in lhe agonuii of death, would b* fou.ui poor deluded wr h>r, with their hreadt torn complrtel out. 0. the crew of the Cumberland but few survived to toll i bo tule. As she went down her crew wont with her. excepting some few who wo. , token as prisoners by uh, and u few others who r scape, i to the shore. Out of the live hundred aboard of her, it is estimated that not over a hundred at moat escaped, the remainder either 1 eing killed by our shot or drowned as the vessel went down. Of course the greater |wirt of those on board th? gunboats were also drowned, as there was not stilBri?nt time for them to have made their escape. Added to this very many in the < amps of the enemy at Newport's News were killed by the shells which the Virginia throw among *?m. On our side tho loss was indeed small, and when we consider Hie storm of shell to which at times they were I iiiiinctcl. we i an hot wonder. while we rejoice, that so few of tlicni suffered injury. Om ill" Virginia there were two killed Mid eight wounded. Among tho wounded we regret to montiim Captain B.Ahuna i anil Lieutenant Minor. Tlu e wounds, howveer, we art happy to sUte, are but slight. tin 'he Kaleigii Midshipman Mutter was lulled and Captains Tayloe and Alexander wounded, the flrst mentioned quite swerely. On the Beaufort Guuurr W. Robins >u and two seamen were wounded. Thin was all the damage sustained by this vessel among her men. Two Yankee prisoners aboard of her were struck by tho balls of their friends, one of them killed, and tho other severely wounded. Tho former was standing In the door of the wardrobe at the time the Beaufort was alongside the Congress, and or.e of the shower of balls sent by the enemy on shore from their Minie muekots si reck him on the forehead, penetrating his brain,and killing him almost Instantly, tin thu Teaser one man was wounded very slightly. On the Patrick Item y four mon wore killed and three wounded. Whiio the loss of the enemy la counted by hundreds, ours, as will lie seen from tho above .amounts to only seven killed and seventeen wounded. The lies on onr part, as small as it is, was not the work "f tho enemy's shots from their vessels, but the result fur the most port of the Ore of muskets from bora. During tho contest the mainmast of the Raleigh wm earned away. Ike JUgrtaffe <tf' Ike Virginia wen alio cut iJwcn. rill, rrj ort ilint tlio Congress wi? flr?<1 bjr the fedora.'* to prevent hoc falling Intn oar hands t? without a shadow of truth 8h* was fire I by hot ilmt from Um Virginia, for firing intn our boats wLilo aha had a (lag i,i' true* ai tho Iimo dying after she had air irk hor color* and surrcndi ro?l to uc. Among the prisoners "akon off the Confront wat tho slave flam, tho property of Dn.mmmd, K*q., of thin city, *\escaped to the et.cmy torno linn in October latt lie In now safe, having roaclied hia homo sooner . ai il 'imtai iliTorctit circumstances than he anticipated. tm theatrical of tho Virginia at the yard hor men wore nuistcred aud addressed by the comminuting of. Peer in terms af |traieo for ihmr nobla bearing during iho wgngoinent Th y mpou led with heart) cbeora, and expressed a ilcsl.c to again re-enact tha seem* through will, li thay had just passed whenever npportn' nltv pro*.-ntod. Tim Injury sustained by the Patrick Henry was not an gnalaant Itrst anppoeed, being *o trilling that a few hour's repmru were inlllciriit to jlareher in .radlpcae for a<t h R. Tho oltlcor* of ths Virginia are represented A* having acted with the Utmost conriigo and In avury durin, ike. contest. It i* related of Captain Hurhaean that durirK I tlv thu keat of the fight he remained on the deck of the Virginia, uid that ho dirch trgrd nintket aft- r m.iakal at the tw enty at lboy were handed up to him. It w?* while | thut exposed thar>be received the wound of which mon'rn flo *?wvc. It i* ?al.l ihat Alt of tlir tiAttrrlr* <tn Vowporfa How* wrre rllonrtd otrei'l who, nnd that our hot and On'it W?rr thrown with ancb uuorruig atni ami |>r?cialou ntiiottg tlio MKtrn thnt f"* numbers of tlicin worr kit f t and wo>ilid< <1 t.?nk? rmnutial itifmcttuw o* thk batti.k. [Horn th Norfolk I ay l>wk. ilarcb 10.1 rn oo*r. t i rrri wmr.i. llotth *B*I ?th -iayaM tbo lunomtnonth ham lirrn rc:"toro.l tll'iatrmua In U.e aut.ala of tin war of all war fur by th# iv-n*; n rn? r ' antry of tonthrrn Mama it!' ,||?I r I I'll Son trill iv:.I r*. TI'A r-Kim tvliirh wo , lint o lo chn nki'.o nrnl nn ahl of ihr rlmtortrlim .r( I lurv aland ml In ?l olr . im,r. , randi er above nil orn.n' IP .it. ami r.?ot?iu iltRliItt tvh rh d'tcaTO M. | I I Wa alia I .III m,il, nrltllijj. n,. ,,t t?, givii a ran l.d i?.<r tv r !' -fartiMfUoli wnobATvid | tmvnvi'i.r on hthth r/ott

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