Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1862 Page 3
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t _ FOR IALE. i ? MILLVNBRY AND DREHSM AKINO ESTABLISHA M'Btof four yaer*'standing, Having ? hr-l clam pro! table trade, will 1>? di po-ed of at a aacrlfee lor cash, the not proprietress obliged to retire In con* quenoe or 111 Ma lib. For particular* apply to PRICE a THO MAN, 478 roadway. A BARK CHANCE.?FOR BALE, AN OLD EST AM Hahcd millinery business, havlUK one of tne beat and eioat fashionable conneoimu* in tbe city, doing now a profit able business, and every facility of Increasing tbe aaine, tbe Dreamt proprietor retiring. Tbe above I* abutted in oue of the beat looatlona in tbe aty. Any pei eon dealroua of pur haaiug w ilt obtain tbe greutrat bargain ever ottered, Adtress Millinery, Herald ofllce. A beautiful and completely furnished Barroom to let or for ante, with llxinre* complete, suitSis for lady or gentleman, altuated on Broadway, betweeu ghth and Ninth street*. Apply after one o clock I*. M. at I Broadway, second floor. Book, rtationehy and news depot for ale?Iua thriving village on a railroad, a few nillea from New York, well established and In laving opernilou. Fmll particulars given by WILLIAM B. BOOItCIt. 21 SeekMan street, Drat door up stairs. No ageuta treated with. TABUQ STORE FOR 8ALE-LONO E8TABLISUED, XJ well stauki d, neatly lilted up, doing a g< oil bosun ?h. On account of other buaiueaa will bo ao.d low. Uood local On fornpnyali lan, or person entering buaiueaa. Apply at 20b Seventh aveuoe, near Twenty-lourtn street. FOR SALE?AT A SACRIFICE, ON SECOND AVENUE, between Kiitylitih and Klliy-alxlh atreeta, eight brown atone ilouacs, Willi high stoops, well located, and has all the Modern improvements; not much money waolcd. Apply oil toe premises daily between 9 and 11 A. it., or Sand o p. M. For sale-by the executors ok the estate of biuion bluigi r, the sloes ui Wines and Liquors in the Alii tub, il olore IS! I'hrv M'a* sir. eL neur Orklid. A Leioo. f the Blurt' willulro be given. There are two wineeellarB,and ad other lutnres and requisites lor a large liquor Uubiuen. Apply to JAMES L. BERRIEN, No. 338 Broome street, near Bowery. "DIOR BALE?IN CONSEQUENTS OF TIIE DEATH OF J? Dr. J. L. Wood, a Medicine Cane, for olltce use; oust $60; will be sold very low. Cau be to u at No. 6 Llcbe>dive ati'eet. Brooklyn. Also, tlic Case lull ol Medicine Fob sale?an old established tea and coflee fltore; one of the bent In the city, doing a large trade; team engine, boiler and mills complete, with lease ol the premises; with or wtihoul stock. No agents need apply. Address 8. M., box 140 Herald oilice. FIR 8ALE?A TWENTY HOUSE I'OWER ENGINE, In perfect order; will be sold far half its value. Apply to LEE IE A BALDWIN, 78 N'ahtau street, room No. 1. For sale?one oas apparatus, suitable for a hotel or a largo private residence, with gas receiver, holding 1,800 feet; also one large wooden Tank, will hold t,0U0gallons; for sale cheap by THOS. K. MILLS, 114 Wall Street. "CWU SALE?A SMALL, COMPACT DOUBLE CYL1NJU der oscillating Engine, of ahout three burse power, in good order. Will be sold very low. Inquire at IS Chambers sweet IjtOR RALE?A 8PLENDID MARKET, DOINO A GOOD JP business; large atore and baaeuieut, 35x76, nicely ulted en, long lease, low rent. Sold on account of sickness. Apply at IBS Ninth avenue, one door above Twenty-Ural street. Fir sale?a liquor store, up town, in broad wsj\ ltd feet deep, on hrst Uoor, with large room attached, 80x30 feet, with entrance on a eide street; the hrst stand far a leper bier or billiard establishment In the city, Keut eery low. Inquire In the basement, 168 Broadway. tjk)r hale?a laroe safe. wilder's patent, JT handsomely grained, hut little used, in lirst rate order end perfect; will be sold below coat. Apply at 419 Broadtray, corner of Canal street. Fir bale?the good will, fixtures, two Horses, Wagouasnd Lease of an old established Baxcry, Bl Hoboken, doing a good business. For particulars apply at BEE A DeVeaU'S. 124 West street. F>r bale-a drco store. apply at no. 301 Ktsl Broadway. For sale?tub lease, stock and fixtures Of a wholesale end retail Liquor Store, situated ou the Mortheast corner of Washington and Charlton streets. Apply to h. n. AHRENB, SOU West street. rr sale?a uilk route, u0r8e, wagon and Dairy, on reaaonaiile terms. Inqure at 47 Park street. Fob sale cheap?a boiler which has been used in a bathing saloon for two seasons; also, a Mangle and Washing Machine, Apply at lOt! Sixth avenue. Grocery for sale-one of the best stands in Brooklyn; choice and well selected stock; cash trade and low rent. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire ol J. CHA RLES, 217 Atlantic stroet, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 Mock. Grocery.?for sale, the stock and fixtures of a urst class Grocery, now doing a lair trad .-; will be Mid low for cash; reasons g.ven for selling. For particulars Mquire at 274 Bleecker street, In the store. Hotel for sale-most desirably located on the prtoetpal street, nesr the ferry, in Jersey City, with a favorable lease, at low rent; fully furnished and liticd up; to successful operation. For further particulars address J. W. M., Jersey City Post office. Notice to physicians.-for sale, the fractice of a of eight years' standing, a good, torn viable bouse and ofltce, furnished; also $100 worth of mcdiMaes: price $400: possession immediately. Apply to Mi a Be. MICHEL, Newtown, L. I., or at 4UA Broadway. Patent for sale-a great sacrifice of a very valuable invention, of great use. demand and neMmMt, cheaply got up, paying extremely large proflts, and mm Of the beat of chances to make money safely and surely. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nsasau street. Rare chance-fancy goods store, of the i best business, to be sold, with or without Slock; rea(mm for selling 111 health ef the proprietor. JOSEPH CABTELLI, 478 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. YJESTAURA NT-GOOD WILL. FIXTURE8 AND FUR' XV nltnre of a Restaurant and Hotel, kept on the English Man, la a good location, doing a fine business, for sale cheap. As the proprietor Is about lo retire, the whole will be sold Assp to a cash customer. None other need apply to s. DINMCE A CO.. No. 8 Pine street. QTBAM ENGINES AMD BOILERS?NEW AND SECOND O hand, from three to a hundred bono power; also Funpe. eaters and other connections. Those In want of a good Engine or Boiler, cheap, would do well to call on J. WYL1B, K Uaneovoort etrect, between Greenwich and Washington areata. TOBACCO ROUTE FOR SALE?ONE OF THE 01 DEST A and beet In this citjr, together with wagon mid Satisfactory reaeone for wiling. Inquire of WlilTTAM k LAWRENCE, it Pearl street. rO MAMMOTH HOGS, weighing 1,800 pound*, are for eale thle morning at the mad of J. 8. LANE A CO., 183 and 183 West Wsil-togi m market, Mew Yore. f t AA ?THE STOCK, FIXTURES. GOOD WILL AND BtuU, two )ears' lease of a down town lltnln: Saloon, Mag a good paying business. This la a rare :h*i,ce, us the rwuer It obliged to sell out In con sequence ot going to Lumps. Address Keelaurant, A 1, Herald otUce. rt) AAA -A VERY PROFITABLE CASH Bl'Slgi.UUU, nese for sale; $4,001) or a farmer taken; pays over $3,000; ie genteel end pieasa t. Ill heauh tease Of change. None but cash parties iu'1 apply, for part eulars end address Inquire of Mr. MILLER. Uiovlway FostoOce. ____ ~ PROPOSALS. OFFICE OF ARMY CLOTHINU AND EQUIPAGE, New York, March 7, IdoA?Army Supplies.?esal-d pre* possls will be received at this olDte uuiii the 20rk losiac i, at 13o'clock M.a for l.UUti Wall Tents, with flics. 10,1*0 Wall Tent Fine, large. 3UU KegmirnUI Or.icr books. MJV nc^uuciitai ijt urr DIWKH, 2UU R i.lmrnl .1 Descriptive Books. t,UW Company Order Books. ?,6U0 Company Clothing Ac. ount Books, t.uUUOempany D Kri|Klt? Books. 2.MK) Company Morning Report Books. To be delivered within J days after acoeptanoe of the Mils. *1 the Clothing Depot, corner of Howard and Morses streets The Wall Teats to ts mads of ootloo duck, laches eride, weightng ISoiinces per yard, to be (/eOtloag. 'J feet wide, t fret high, 4 leet wall. The Die* to be mads ol cotton dunk, JBhi Inches wide and 10 ounces per yard, and 10 be Id lent long and ? feet wide Painplc-i of tbe Tent Pins and Book* may ba seta at this Proposals will be accompanied by a proper guarantee, setting forth thallfihe contract i* swarded to tbe party named therein be will at once execute the aame and give bonus In double the amount of the contraet for 4he faithful performance of the same. The United States reserves tbe right to reject si. bids deemed unreasonable. Proposals will be endorsed "Proposals for furnlahlng Army BuppUea," and addressed to / rv Xlemenant Oolonel D. H VINTON Deputy Quartermaster tleaerdl United Mtatet Army. /-VUfRTBRMAHTKR (IENEKALS OBPICE, I v Whsiiisgtos Citt. March U, iSUlf. ) ^WasTXr?at Bbip Island, Mississippi two light draught team eve. suited for lowing toals. Piopuaals, stating terms snd time st uhlcb they will be delivered st Ship Island, wl h descriptions^), tl.eV) its ordered. will be received at the adl.e of the Quartertns-ier Messrs I until tbe 2Ut of March. Proposals should .he enveloped snd endorsed?'Th povslt for Mieambosts for Mhiji It snd," snd addressed to the Quartermaster Oesnil Wssintjion, D.C. M C. MKItle, Quartermasier Oen> ra). 8BALED PROPOPAX8 ARK. INVITED TIUL. THE I5TH day ol March, ltt62, nt 12 M., for pufcliaotng noin Hie I Kirnniui-m Ihc IL4-1 and Tnllaw, Honla .mod Hon.a, nqu?*a, Chuck sand BMna. of all Uhf Carta u??d h* Ma Army or the ruloma", atirpt thote killed ?*hin Ik'- aoliant ilnlu o! the Dlmrbt of Columbia. Ho Mil a III he entertained unlet* Uhr bidder It preteot to ruM'l i? bia i.mI. The hldrt, tallow, dr., n'ltalnrd at the rt?k of l%r contracOr? be will lie hetri t.uui lahle for hM-a, Ac., of a.11 animal* allied, w lii-ih, i he (i-Ullian or not. The l?bU to tx dirictact In "lllMr A. Bnkwi'b, C 8. 0. 8. A.. Wa*lilo?ian. D UI.OHT AIM) KOUAD. rOTW-40 A SIXTH ATBMUB IT A OB, a PCAsK! M ?mali turn ui money, which (he own r . an tare by applying to Ihr alai t' r, *iuitheii*i corner of iNorty. aaonml *ireel wj.i Biilhtwcnue, * nd i> > im < \ |.enwt. LOPT-ON TTJE I.1T1I INST, A BANK BOOK, NOIAW,7e4 on i*e Bieen*er ?tr* >t Saving* fctrtilute. Iflia lnder will confer a lav or by kaviap II at ink WaeMni.fnn Mreet. I~OST-5)N Till'Be'DAT, IN OOHfd>ROJf tf. XAItlS J place U< Hioadway, a t'lai k l-o-'t te#r A mllialue i'?ai< arill# ' |' il i on niitiriiioii the Mim- to N*. 6 .Ma (tea laue T OUT?oi TIIS irfli 1N*T , MIMEWIIEKK BCTA KKN lj Hlkternili pint I b rly .fourth * treela aw I lelvlndin andf rtftli avenue*,? Hair Necklaee, *kh gold i*aml* an J ?r..e? in 'ront. 1 he I.ihU r will |>e * ilCiblr rewarded by preaeuki'K the amc ai I he N :i trail llank Huflritni,', ream 17. L~"OST"A UOIXoi-THCAIUKV K<mii7roNTAnijNO fail on II road tray, or at the nuetion etle, U<l Biundnwv. I'be tinder Will be liiierally rewarded bjr retorulim It M J A. Andrew*. No. STyron row. I<HT OK Mrsi,AID-ABOUT THB~ WTOF JAjff'AHT, J a bank Book, No. 171,170, on the llowrry Mavlnjp. M ink. Any one flnilimr it will plraw> return it to the Kowi ty Ji t .k, or to bSi llm too tlreei ,1011 N N. MKVEK. RKWAitlJI, ftVII HKV *Tl!!-A BAY llok^H, TKTRHHIXRO WITH qP !. " mill*** Willi** balm, a'?mi 10 v am old* II b. n i* hiuh* WhilO 10 lilt* ?r h? a,|, hu.! A wult i'i w; above lltM lio i ond 01 tli* h nd r , and Jan* il va? talmn ? it ?*f fir pui. | . \ Wi |Jii Cttrjrtl '# n el. A ,y on* w m hnni1* lh? llora n ?|l frt ill II l/Vl ltv'41 , OliV III lilt r ir? ltd r-, I Nv J itr i. I i i \ SALES OP REAL BITATE.^ AX ELEGANT FOUR 8TORT XOVA SCOTIA BRAB lone Huum, oow occupied by the owner, fui dale, furnlahed nr uufurnUbrd, at a aucriAce and on Bbeial tarma. Apply oo the premiaea, S3 Weal FOrty-aiith at reel, near Fifth avenue. A BEAUTIFUL FARM?73 ACRES, WATER FRONT, AT J\ Hackenaach, 12 mLee in New Jersey, $9,000; War I* a, half a mile from depot, lo Rockland oounty, $7,2UO, good liuildlnga and choice fruita. Alto Farina, ail price* and locaUona^foraale H. MEUCE. 407 Broadway. A FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT OF 35 ACRES, WITHIN hnif a mile i f the Court Houae of the ciiy of BiughauiloD, all new Hue buildinga Ac., commanding a view of the city, rivera and railroada lor inilea around, to be aold forthwith. J. W. BARTLETT, owner, 473 Broadway, N. T. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR 8TORY BROWN STONE FRONT Houae, basement and aub-celiur, with all the mod ra improvement*, on Brooklyn Height*, 88 Colombia *treet, ap> nOHite Colon.ule row, with a line new of N w York bay, will be aold ?ery cheap, on easy terma. For further purliculara apply to or addrc*a T. SIMPSON, 34 avenue O. A CHOICE FARM, WITH STOCK, AC, IN WESTcliertor county, tor Bale, of 114) acres 12 acrca wood, rood houae, outbuildinga, boo choice i run treea, Ac. Fnueg/.'Ad. Tc-rui* i asy, uImj, 200 other Farm*; prices from gl/WO to $30,184). A. SERGEANT, 16 Wall aire. U A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. NEAR TI1E CITY, AT A sacrifice; coat $3 6)4)?price $1,1881. all lots, two atory hooMc lucrn. M,- nt-urTc. m. 11! lie is, I. Hailem Railroad U. to. DIT01IETT, Vfestchesler Lund ullkrn, corner o. Chatham and t'hauibeis streets. ANI'MliER OK COUNTRY peaces FOR sake, TO let or rxchiinge, In Westchestei; two, lour,eight, twelve, nineteen, lil'iy ami one huudreil and sixty-three a:ie Kurins; blisimss connected with Westclu-sti-r leal rrUle attended to by U. W. OlTCUETl', corner of Chatham and Chambers streets. Country seat in portci1kstkr, westchester county, for sale, containing about four acre a, house I'oi .y f ct square, w ith cupola, column* in front,beautifully shaded by fruit and othor trees, solenoid lawn in trout, with how ri of all knd*. It s a 'in,' distance from the town proper, and eluded trom observation by tri es. BchOOlsand ehuiobes in the nc.niy. Pur terms, which will la- low, apply to JAMES II. HEER.-i, on the pietnlses, or at 20 Kourib av< nue. New Y.n'k; 01 id M M ARSil A EE, at tin depot. Farm for rale or exciiance for city property?1 hirly thies ucrea of good loaiuy -oil ; has large new house and usual out buildings, Z'4 miles from steamboat landing, near village church- s and schools. Price $.j,M.U i. For further lulonuat i n sdiin sx, with full particulars of projiei ty, O. W. B? Dl.\ Hills, Sultolk countv, N. Y. Farm for bale or exciiakuk.-one hundred amf tlilrleeii acres (eighteen limber); a very excfllb nt and well cultivated farm, buddings all uuw and well painted, well shad' <1 and plenty of : ruil, wol he sold a our,a n. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. < Pine street It ARM FOR SALE OR TO LET.?A FARM OF 300 acres for sale or to let, on Katou a Neck, IIaldington, L. E Inquire oi the owner, on the I arm, or at his residence, corner of Atuslle aud Leonard streets, Biooklyn, E. D. JOIlft CASSIDY. Farm wanted?of from forty to sixty acres of guild lund, in exchange lor a g oil brick Dwelling House aud Lot in a good aud convenient locality lu Brooklyn, and nowr occupied hy the advertiser; situation near a lake or up the North river preferred. Address, giving ti till particulars and price, R. C, Herald oiDee. frtOR SALE? four NEW BROWN STONE FRONT Houses, two IfbxtsJ feet. In Thirty-eighth street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; two, 41 and 47 EaslThiriyitevcrih street, between Park and Lexington avenues, with all the modern Improvements, built by day's wore, on the premises. IftOR RAI.E?A STORE PROPERTY ON NINTH AVE1 nue, uear Twenty seventh street, stoneiront; also stone front high stoop House, 128 East Forty-eighth street, near Third avenue, extra hnished. J plaie glass in each sash, whole front, and hard wood blinds and stuirs. Apply at 1-ifl East Forty-eighth street, or 201 West Fiftieth stiect. IilOR SALE?ACRES OF LAND, ON PELHAM 1 Nci k, Westchester county, hlieeu from New York: nn #Hr? fl/villlil ifAnr) fluhinff htllhintf nlniltt/ (if RPW It'll It trees, new house and barn. Apply at 68 west street. For sale- -tenement house in Brooklyn, paylog over ten per rent on $2,0(X). Price $1,700. Terms Irom $500 to $700 cash; the balance ran remain on bond and mortgago from three to five years i f desired. Apply to E. R. KELLOGG, 80 Beaver street, N. Y. For sale?the three story and attic, iuuii sloop House (20 by 60 feet), No. 12 Boorman place? Thirty-third street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. Apply to Win. L. TAYLOR, 70 Wall street. FOR 8ALE-A THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT brown stone front House and Lot in Kifty-lifth street, one hundred feet west of First avenue. All the modern improvements. Inquire of R. BOWNE, 721 luird avenue or W. 8. PINCKNEY, St Chambers street. JiOR SALE-A MODERN THREE STORY BRICK House, 24 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Apply at the house, or to J. WALKER, at No. 2 Clinton Hall. Astor place, N. Y. l/OR SALE?A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP AND J; t as uiient House, in Thirty-iirst street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, in thorough repair and the best order. For terms and cards of admission, apnly to W. H. DE LOMCEY, Jr., 10 Pinestieel. FOR SALE?A FARM OR COUNTRY RESIDENCE, near Elizabeth, N. J., tive minutes' drive front the railroad depot; SO ac: si can be InrrCHsed or diminished to suit Surchasers. The land is In a high stale of cultivation; new ouble bouse, 40 by 60 feel, 11 rooms, marble mantel*, cooking rangPwAc.; a variety of shade and Irult trees, berries, currams. Ac., and all sufficient outbuildings well stocked with cattle and ta.mlng utensils; would sell with the farm If required; terms easy. Address b. W. Tucker, El.zabeib, N.J. For sai-e-in jersey city, a neat new brown stone House, strictly modem, admirably locals !; also a Brick Front, thoroughly finished, a few small brick Cottages; prices modeiate; terms easy. Apply at Pavonia avenue, corner of Erie utreet. For sale?a farm or 216 acres of lanB, situated in Pike county, Pennsylvania, of which thirty acres is now Improved and under cultivation, the balUn e timber land with houses and st tbles on it. For furlhsr particulars inquire of JAMES FASTENS, 168 Dusne street. tfOR SALE-a small PLACE ON THE SOUTH SIDE r of Staten Island, five miles from Vanderbilt'a Lauding. Fifteen acres, House and Barn; extensive seine Ashing privilege. Price low. Terms easy. Apply to LEETE A BALDWIN, 78 Nassau street, room No. 1. wnn mip-t two arnnv biieurmt ivn zrrin J? Hou-e, 110 High street, Brooklyn, live minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Price $3,100; part csn remain on bond and mortgage. Lot 35 by 100. Apply at 133 Doffleld ureet, Brooklyn. For sale-at a great sacrifice, a first claa? three story House, In a lirst class neighborhood; only $1,500 required to be paid In rash. Iuquire on the premlaea, 74 West Forty-seventh streei, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Also 18 West Forty-sixth street, a four story House. For sale?a beautiful country seat, at Flushing, Long Island, one mile from railroad depot, on WhitCHione avenue, vli:?liftern acres of land, large house, l*rf>u, Ac , and an abundance of apnlea, pears, cherries, grapes and other fruits. Addrest E. A. A., hoi 38 Flushing Post If OK SALE?FOlHir^OUNTBY "sEATS, ()N_TllK PAB' sate river, beautifully lo- atcd, hat ing a One river front, twenty acres each; will be sold, In whole or In part, on liberal terms. IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO., bj Nassau street. LtOR SALE?A NICE, LARGE HOUSE, WITH ONE r acre of land, shore front, Willi garden,ft ulta and oathing, near to Key port Price $1,70U, part cash. Inquire of 0. MALCOLM, 63d Greenwich slieet. For halk-a very plbasant and healthy country residence, in the village of Soolhpo, l, Cornicelictit, two hour-' ride from the city v.a New Haven Railroad; will be sold with or without 50 acres o. land. Terms easy. Apply IOC. H. CHRISTMAS, 26j Broadway. FOR SALE-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE first class, hlch aloon. browu stooe front House. No 11 Wed Thiri\ ninth street, r.eir fifth HMwi This kDM contain* *11 the modern Ituproeriaeau, and Is in complete order. Ar^jly to P. H. STKV E?SS, on the premises or at No. 23 William street. FOR SALE, FOR $3,780 <?2,78U ON MORTGAGE^?THE three dory high uoop marble trtimneii House, with una, water, bathe, sub cellar, Ac.. 1<W East Fortieth etn-et. Alao the llouac I (A Wen Tlilrly-lnlrJ street, eery cheap. Inquire of J. O. HANSON, SSUH Bleecker street. For sale or exchange?a vert superior Hotter, occupied by owner, in Kublk ward; lol.AilUb: One garden and grapery; a good -.iwcuMtin,; properly .{Would exchange for a smaller houae to New Tori or suburbs. Inqaireel B. A. DICKINSON, 30 Beeiman street For sale or exchange?a Philadelphia brtek Hoaae and Stable, with lot No. 2J? A Irlphi sueet, Brooklyn, la fine order. Alao Lti, UelOO, on south side el Fifty-loufth etr.-et, near Seventh avenae, New York. Term* liberal. R. A. GAINES, AM Pearl atreet, N. Y. I MM SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR CITY PROPERTY, 1 a Farm of Biely-ivc acres, lorty utiles ua Lung ialand, mtiter good cultivation, near Hie Sound; enri hailing, bathlog. sailing and claming. Apply to Era TAYLOR, No. lUd inane atreet, New York. L*JR SALE OR EXCHANGE?SIXTEEN LOTS. AT I1 Fordhaut, wlthia a few minutea' ride ol Central Park; )ku irm of Land In Hami ton county, the Stale: alao 40 Iota lu die citj ol St. Anthony. Minnesota, whlofe contalna the beat and inoal extensive water power on thla eontin -nl, !# geiber wiih anasanrtment of Farnung Land*, Pine Lands, In aim Slate, and Lou in the lowna of St, Cloud, Aleaandrta. Hie.-kin ridge ami Minneapolis, wbleh we wlU ex bam* lor men liaudiec, luralturr, carriages or improved n-al estate in Ihia-cily or B ookian, prut Ming the Incumbrance .a not .area. Ai>u ee (I. K. R., boi M9 Herald ufh e. LiXlR SAl.e OR EXCIIANGE-A FINE KEl.F.l Kn itiT r ?-l Karmr, i:iiy and ro tniry HeaMen ne A,an a number <? Ausinns nances, am D hs Umrerira, fcialHuiMry, Halouna, Xc Koriiv K?o<l opportunities in <'<>p?r'nera. K. D It HI IIA KDSON A CO . H2 an I m Niunau rtr ft, T.VJK BALB OR TO l.ET-A LARlIB BKIOK MVERY P Mbthle, ronnuntnR thirty n 11*. r?a, water, A'-.Jn a y oil bottlers neighborhood. Apply in C. II. WIJ,I,l-21f, corner of Roiton anil Clermont avriinia, Brooklyn. I/OB EAI.B I'R TO LKT-A HLALTD'l L COCNTRY P IIh'm .1 in .-a slating oi a llonae with nil the moiiern imi ron-nieir.a, a go > I noble. carnage bouw an I 1)4 act- a of C,:. Ih iii.i .Hilly M'1 I 'll Hiiil having tr ill 14 i? ailnjrel in I'n'per Bi?en*aiol t'i? last Amiar Inn ne, ?no lonvo i iiploj by Mr. Bihbyj. lice nnn > )i ,in Riiilnii In i y per -1' a or M.ittanii 11 la letivi n tbn L*j t |I. r nil Ve?mm seenn< awl laces Ilia im r. Ttian h rn rf fw ilily nulla inn hints, Ac. Tito premises may >? a n trom JO A M una r M hot further parti- nl?t? ajilj to John SW J-.N.vB'JO*, IQS-Ureer.e aiiret, N. V , or Naotuat Kook I on.i-any. htOil MAUJ OK TO Utr?TIIK Til KM It KTOKf AV? maeii.ijii JJ niol l.ol, II) W--M KiHitlh alien, or Iwcen ruth anil Hevrath hVi lilies Apply i n Ihr jx mlara" I/OK SALE OB JO LET?IN TJIJ5 VILLAGE OR l" 8 nmfnril, a Ha* flnnee ivlili all the moil- i n'liiipenv* h?ai to. i an kauw, fMlaf ail k.nils and one ai ieol laini; live-minutes' walk In.-a Hie Now llavi n Uci? l. InqulM of S V. A , Ml Weal Forty-1 bird aireet, Sri* Yi,fk. I/O It NAI.E OR TO I.HT?TIJKKK KTOKY AM) llli.H r laaAk menl lluaa lot Bomb Pflih street. Hrot?* jit, K )> , Jlvlto, " "u" I'.n ' "'"1 ?ta|te vines, wan i ho i nn? C..n b' a?nan> lime. I o?ae?-|un imin'-illali Ir 'l.roi?c ,i? l. k. JUKKA, ii Ann street, second t m i'. l.*< sa; K. ."' T "i? I K MB A . : RY l)B8M 4BI B r CoouirY Ra*jLenoe an.t Farm, abnu lia) m r. a, m mo too it of l'i li.Aoi, Wi-alrheater comity 1(1 mile* Jrom n,e ( n* IW mlKa fro n :,? ?/ .Ilflvrn Rti IrmoMnpiii, l uniMiiiini hiioa.'. u?rn', onthoiia a, A *. e wall at* kad with fruit aha |e till-, ,4. Will l'i a o 11 f ?. M lavorHlnr let ma, or Ji-uhi-.I lo i , hh! t earn n aimalrrata rem Alao, a Km in of HO acres, at Mao.wieo'Tk. III. pqirirt N of a m le Irom New liar n il. not. ji ai l * ' 1 W" 1 ?n?l ? lr,,iy of It uu lire*. Apt it m O- Wat i'.rrrt, Ne-* ^oi k. *?EW YORK HERALD, FRI IALEI or mMKUjmttVkTm,_^ ^ rR RALE OB LBABE?THE foub 8TORY AND baaeinem brick Uoum ami Lot, aoulhweet corner at Fifty third clreei and Third avenue. For particular* apply to MJOUAEL FALIHEB, eilver plater W Third avenue. If OR HALB ob to LBA8B?FOR A TERM of TEAKS, a large live elory Building, in line city, in a good localou, I aultab e for ligli I mai.uice.. > ring purpose*, Fur parliculara I apply to JOUN A KEN VON, No. M Naaaau struct. ! For sale or to rent-a country seat, with about two acre* of ground, In haat Bloomlteld, N. J., wiihin a lew iniuutee' walk of the railroad depot. House in good urderaml baa every oonvenien e. Apply to DRAPER A DEVLIN, 1U0 Froni eueet, Mew York. FOR SALE OR TO KENT, FURNISHED?A COUNTRY Seat and Farui of 1UU acree, in Hit: city limlta of New llr una wick; very retired, plenty of ahade, and large amount of fruit; porter'a lodge, ban pond, fountuina, Ao.; on tbu properly la a half mile tmttiug p.irk, making it, to a lover of good boraee. li.e moat dean able rcaideuoe within thirty in ilea of New York. The property la on high ground, live mlnutee' walk of ateainhoul, and ata ri diatuuee to depot, churches, auboola, Ac. 1'riee *114,01X1, would take apiniuiiin uiinneumbcred city property. Addreaa New Bruuawkk, box ItO Herald office. Fink residence in morkistown; one ok the moat III In New Jvtaey; one aeru of ground, handsomely laid out, abuda ami fruit iruea, shrubbery, all varieties of choice fruit; spieudid view; for aulr cheap or ekebauge iorclty or Brooklyn property, or merchandise. BOUTI1WICK A WOOD, 83 Na .au ain et. CNRI8T MILL FOR SALE OR TO LET?SITUATED IN T a village about iweniy-ttvc miles from ihisi ity; Mill in good order and a rimh! biiaim aa; Rood water powor; a guou uwriimg ago some isuu ii wuntcu; will ?? soiu lineup or leaned to a rood tenant. Address H. L. C , box 4,030 New York 1'ost olllce, or apply at 563 Thu d avenue. NEWARK, N. J.-FOR 8ALB OR RENT. A VERY DE nirahle residence (Stone) with live acres ol ground lieauiifiilly located on Passaicriver, one mile from the eentre 01' Newark, on the road to lielvlUe. App.y to W E. BOOK ARM, CO Liberty atreot. TWO FARMS FOR SALE CHEAP?WITHIN 30 MILES (f B ooklyn, on L< tig Island; our ot 10J ucrea and <.ue oi 130; buildings, fruit, wad r, Ac.; the roil la now ready lor the plough; must be aold before April. H. FLKGUSON, 17 Wall street. TO OARTMEN AND OTHERS.?FOR SALE, A SMALL Cottare House, with nearly three lota ol' ground, oil Putnam avenue, Brooklyn, for SI,000. Apply to C. E. PKOST. 41 Fulon street, Brooklyn. titanted-agood lot,oorni rone preferred. TV State the price. Also, a higu stoop llome, from $7,oOO to $3,0(10, not below Tenth nor above F.f'.leth struct. Address, with full partioul us, E. II., Uuratd oilier. TirANTED-A NEW HOUSE, WELL LOCATED, IN TV this city, and w orth about $111,W0, for which will he given sixteen acres of land at Mount Vernon, N. Y., Valued at $4,060, and halnnoe in lash. Principals only may communicate iu writing with R. B., No. 33 Wall street, New York. inn ACRES OP EXCELLENT LAND ON LONG IBJ ul; land lor sale, at a very low price. Inquire of WM. WORTS. 20 Cedar street. <K1 7nn W,LL B,jy A TWO STORY FRONT AND ?P-L. 4 UU back buseuient House, iu good order: beautiful lora'lon, contains seven rooms; terms, $200 cash, the balance in paymeuts of $1U0 per year. Apply at the olllce of If. C. DANIELS, corner ol Firth avenue and Fourteenth street, Brooklyn. PERSONAL. ABINGDON SQUARE ?IFTHELADY, WHO ALLOWED the gentlemen to pay her fare In the Eighth avenue nMb Bleecker street stage, will stute through the "Personals" when and where an Interview call be had, It will be lulled cunbdentially. CHARLIE. Annie watson?please state where a lettet will reach you answer In personal. UNION SQUARE. CHILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOl'TION.-ALSO CHILdien adopted out; two Babes one week old for adoption, at Madam PAKKELLE'S, 319 West Twelfth street. CTIIARLES K.?NOTICED YOUR PERSONAL OF T11B ) 10lb: called at Siirhrug's itegar (store, No. 2 Park row, and bought the Prut bene segar. I think they are really a line a :gar. E. D., Newark, N. J. If STELLA.?Y OURS RECEIVED WEDNESDAY. THE j number referred to Is 146. Term* 5. Beit that can ue done At present. Come, don't be uncas; about it. 33. redkrick o. stanley, ok quincy, ill, will j? confer a favor by calling at tliu olllun of Suydam a Babcock, 110 Broadway, or letting them kuow bis present address. Fifth avenue staoe.-ik the two youno ladies wbo recognized tbelr friends Wednesday altcrnoon, on their way up Fulton stiet, und there separated from them, will drop a line to Fred and Boh, Herald oQlce, they will lind agreeable friends. IJHTT1I AVENUE 8TAOE?WEDNESDAY, ABOUT 1 3.43 P. M ?The two ladies wbo noticed two gentlemen upon the sidewalk, one of whom raised his hat as the stage started, will confer a favor by addressing B. Harrison, Union Square Post cilice. QBORGE?COME MARCH 11 INFORMATION WANTED-OP ANN McCLUSKY, OP Gurtgan, county Deny, Ireland, by her cousin Jane lleuverr.n, who arrived In tbts country about tnro years ago. Addrcsa Jane Hcaverriu, New Brighton, iUehiuonl county, Butcn Island. IF THE FAMILY OP 8YHAMU8 II. GIBSON. MATE of an American bark, will apply at the address below tbey will be directed to receive some fundsdeposlted at Campeche, Mexico, and hear full particulars. _ HENRY POR8TRHIK, ? Broad street, N. Y. IF THE PRETTY YOUNO LADY. IN BLACK. WHO was looking at some photographs, on Broadway.about five o'cloek, on Wednesday afternoon, and who replied to some remarks In a sweat and charm lug voice, will | ermit the gentleman who spoke or " muonllrnt scenes " to make her acquaintance, she will make glad die beattof a "lone bachelor," by addressing, in strict confidence, Prank W. Adams, station D, Bible House. IP THE LADY WITH WHITE BONNET AND DRAB sacA, accompanied by a lady In dsrk apparel, would like to make the aoaualntanre of tha navy officer who bowed to aber in tbe cars from Jersey City, 6 P. M. train, address Frank Barton, station B, New York. TF THE GENTLEMAN WHO RECOGNIZED A LADY X on Wednesday morning, in Broadway, near Fourth street, and af terwards in a Madia >n avenue stage, and at about lialfpast ma o'clock met bar in front of Triaity Building, would like to continue the acquaintance, be will please address B. 8. P., Herald timmie did not kecbivb tour letter until (J the 1'Jth, too late to comply with lemtcat. Can you be on Broadway this afternoon at 4 o'clock! If not write ma where to meet you. L?TOUR KIND NOTB DULY RECEIVED. TUB . soune through which you seek a reply I consider unss.a. Will meet you, "Bwecl Daughter of Eve," Saturday, U o'clock, on the cars. ION. LURMNE WILL PLEASE CALL AND oet A NOTE at <sme address as lasi. HY. Mr. deevrich, or adrian, who resides on bialcn Island, or in Brooklyn, will pleaac send his address Immediately to p. 8., IM avenue A, to hear of something important. MK8. CLINTON, WHO FORMERLY RESIDED NEAR llrand street, will tlnd a letter addreascd to her at tba Unu ii square Post oilice. McDowell?information wanted.-there are or was nm long since In New York or v.oiiuty lour brothers? William, Alcsaod-r, Noah and John; lbs tlrsl two are blacksmiths, Noah acar| eulcr, John a tailor. The sub. scriher desires information of their whereabouts, and such information will be thankful,v received by (Jeorge McDowell, Naples Packet Company, St. Louis, Mo. M1NNIK?THERE IS A LETTER FOR YOU AT THE l'oet oihce, Brooklyn. U.K. MINNIE.-I WILL MEET YOU SUNDAY EVENING at the time and pla<e appointed. H. T. NO. 10-MONDAY, TENTH'AVENUE AND SPRING struct stage. East Broadway, coiner of Ptke street. \\ ill the fitdy ph use address a not- lo W. L, Heiald o.hoe, stating when and where aa interview may be had, and oblige NO. Ilk TUE HEIRS OF HENRY DARRIN, FORMERLY HElonging to the First regiment of New York Volunteers, and who died in C iltfornia, are requested to address or call at the oihce ol W. K. SIUKLL, No. 7 Nassau street, New York. THE YOUNG LAD* WHO RODE DOWNIN A MADL son avenue stage, Wednesday evening, from Fortieth street, wearing green silk and green silk bat, trimmed with alternate green and pink strings, will greatly oblige an Intense admirer by addressing P. Vincent, Past oilice, Nassau street. Thb'ladt who called at une of"n?b houses on Waverley place, with the blue veil, about 3 or 4 o'cleak Wednesday, will oblige the gentleman with an Interview wboas ?he noticed at tne time, if agreeable, addreaa R. J. t. A , Post ettlce, Spring street. W~ ANTED?INFORMATION OF ~OEOROR AND NAibaniel Klrkwood, supposed lo be In Brooklyn. .Any Information khan kfnlly received by their brother, John klrkwood, Matiyunk, Fa. Elf ILL TUB LADY WHO RUDE UP IN A TWENTYVt imril aart i-i-oinnthus oil l uosdav evenlns. and wlui sot ut at Twenty-Mcond *lrri!t ami entered (lie thug alott, afterward* poMR down Twenty-second treat, runter a favor u|nmi (ha genueuian who occupied (ha earner seat In *ald (Whoea hand *he preuadi by putting a note lu (he post adorcea d ? dloeerity, ataliou B, appointing an Inlerelewr (1(1(1 | - MUCH DlriAPi'OINTKD-HAVK WRITTEN. (/JtJTi ilon'l lull to pet taller*. Appointed HaliiMay, 7, It, 16, d. Kicendingly annoim, for many reaioua. Let nothing prevent, pleu?e. KVHNITVHK. AMKDUOVM SUIT (JK ENAMELLED FURNITURE, in al< colors, of warranteil mannlaelnre; ala<> wild I n.e uul Itbauiliet Hull*, ,p:aln arid, at II. K. K a KMJJM1TUNH, 300 Canal ilreeL owpnaltr Won*ter. B?tahiwaad in lute t' N I Ml l l-l'.V' ('IIAMIIKit BEITS (IK MKNITIRK? U lu Alt color* iind ?t),e>, ai whole* ile and reinll* Pm. largrat ?UMk in Abe city. Nun* %H) and upward*. Also, moid Walnut Nod*, *t.Jire?i* I'aUlaese*. Ac. WARREN WAKD, ill Canal *treit. lour door* oust m lirouiluay. "L'lHSr CLAW K.N VMKlJ.P.I) KUJKNI ITRK-I'LAI*, I I ile leaml .sadpraint il. solid i*,i.nut and oak Nets; Hmta I atffcimul upwards. MulUtiaiiij, Si r n, I'.wila, a<. J. w, KJAtlKR a Ut).. Mtviulartiiror*, tig.) Broad wag, inn ween Mr, i k<r nttd Howl alreela. LU'RXITl'kK, Kl HNITI itK. n/KNirURK.- OAHII I r paid for aeroivl hand Killn ture, .dinnra, rarpria, .to. IJtila aileniled to ai UU 1J itilauil trill, All k.'ndi ol *0 id* ta^c n in mehauie. L'i RMTl ltK. WANTED?< \S!1 WILI, t K f'AIf> KnR J1 >I,ISI .r 11,8 *1 north Ol *? . d liand !? rtdlure, sult| aide Un a hotel. Any | al l} in. a, u up h-Wi-h scsgdug m*y I rail oa or addre-* H im* til M >. >la' how*. I I t k nliun street. fpi'RNl l UUB Hill (hit - m.i. klMW OK <fOUh*|JJOLf) ' K rid' I.oil III .i| i ii?'i awl i good (lue t,n > A I e,Maora lane audies-ed I urn ture, l/JTiilnl nvrni isnnir Th rly (oiri/J * reel, will lie pro mi t y attended -o. N. i\?~A i en id ?ysnr|iuwnt nf ?eromt hand ( nrnilure for * le. - -* 1 tJTOHAOR Of KUftNITUiiB CAM IIR HAP IMTIIK O aim. Mil* iii.lldlrg* No. ill end ill Koui lb avenue. Api ijr ID Mi .1 I Hi)M i'SQN. on the pr una. * AtTAMTKU rtRMlTORl SUITABLE KtlR IIOl'SR V? keeping; mil l ha now and In p. ou mil r, for nii,.-h we WIS pay [Ol ran e ut flrwt t! *** Hoard ni id.sonalile nnen (flfh a eeleillon irnm shout Ihlity l<> all-It a. KiCUaRWOM a CO.. t'l Nukaau etreet. DAY, MARCH 14, 1862. HOPIEI, Room, <c.. TO LET. A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BKICK HOC HE T( let; w.ner id back basement; (oa, (rates marble mantel and foldiug doom, situated in Bright ulreei, Jenny City, u[

poHilr toe public school. Rent fJaO. Call on the landlord Mr. BRADY, corner of Grur* and Newark avenue, or on lb premises. The key nell dour, at No. 03 Bright street, Anew brown stone high stoop house t? rout?lor StiOO, Ki East Twenty-seventh (He. t, n< ? Lei.nglnn avuuuc, a rvij ulue hou? , suitable .ortasniui family i all improvements, |furne<e? hot and old watthroughout, rattle, wash tuba, dumb Waiter frotu kitchen U drying rouin ou top Uoor; noyaidt all iu good order. Koi eard to see tue huttae froiu 12 to 3 apply to JOHN FOLEY luS Broadwty the day, or at 88 Leilngtoa avenue uoruer of Twenty aiventh street. A NEAT THREE 8TOKY AND BASEMENT llliil Hoop House, Nr. ho Lexington avenue, to rent; a v r desirable bouse, with moderu nupioveuieiita aud in gooi enter. Kent low to a g.iod ten int. Maybe e n from 3 to i o'clock. Apply to JOHN FOLEY 183 liioa way, during tin day, or tlBM'lft'toa avenue, after 8 1*. M. A LARGE ROOM NEAR BROADWAY TO LKT-wel1 urutahid. Rent, WtthlM aii p< r ntontu. The home Is private aud brat class. 3, H Fourth street. AT NEW BRIGHTON?ONE OR TWO VILLAS ON Till Heights, with Witer works, l>a'h. gas, modern imprint m ain, tlo.ver, vegetable an I fruit gar ens; woods, etlen slve grounds, stables, roach homes, view uusurpas-e l. Kiv minutes' frum the ferry. Apply to T. BOND, liil Broadway A HOUSE TO LET.?HAS TEN KOOMH. WILL SELJ luy lease for $28. It is suitable tor u boarding hous R. ml$.100 pur annum. It is don u Rnsuul'.r ellin I am going o California the Ylst. Addresa If. J., station A spring Btrect, for one week. AN OLB ESTABLISHED II AT STORE, WITH DWELT ing and Plan It Shop to lease; low nil' S:ock so Fitter s lor sale, all lu good order. Impure ol W. 11 MELICii, 407 Broadw ay. ^ A HANDSOME PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LKTBuituble for a doctor's odwe or any tight bus! neat; ai* furnished Rooms for gentiouien. Terms to suit the limei ha i'rloce street, a few doors west ol Broadway. A LOFT TO LET?ON 8KOOND FLOOR. CORNER O il Greenwich una Murray hiret .8, over the clothing *tur? suitable ft r uuy light busineuH. Entruu o in Murray s rut Inquire on thi' ureoiisc*. A HOUSE TO LET?UNFURNISHED, AND REN taken in board, be'tweeu Filth and Sixth avenue* an Twenty-third and Twenty-seventh streets. Private laiuii preferred Address B. B., Iwi 1X1 Herald olllcc. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO I.ET?OR WILL SiiLl the furniture; contains ien moms, water, bath, gas. ae. hus large yard. Can he seen a-terU o'clock at 18.1 Adaui street, Brooklyn. For particulars inquire of J. PENTLAN i No. 5 Jay street, New York. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRIOK HOUSE T< hi In West Thirty lust street, sl/e Alxid, in el gat, order, with expensive p is fHtur. s, heater, Mtailotiury tuhl Ac., choice iucaliou, to a genteel response).e I'umily. Hen $600. For permit* upply to B. If. TAYLOR, 1J0 Broadway near Insurance o.'Ilce, A FACT.?1 HAVE 75 HOUSES TO RENT, FURNISIIKi and unfurnished, well situated all oter the city, at iroi $450 to $0,000; one splendid, with stable if wished, either fu; nlshcd or unfurnished; also 100 Stores and Lolls. N. C. BISHOP, 144 Broadway, store Boor. Brooklyn?to let or lease, a three btor and basement brick House, a must desirable resides1 situated in the best part of Clinton street (No. KM), wit every convenience, water, gas, Ac. Inquire ot F. UERETV No. 8 Old slip, New York. Broadway store and dwelling house t< let. No. 882 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nlm Iceutb streets Inquire ot T. N. HOLLlsl'EK, 484 Filth an nuc, belorc 9 A. M. or alter 4 F. M, Broadway, near union s(juare.-tue uppe pnvi of the Store No. 966 Broadway to let Iuquu below. CLINTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN.?TO LET, A TW story basement and attic brick dwelling House, wi stable and garden of eight lota attache.I, situate bet we. Gates and Green avenues. Inquire of d. EUUEKf, '2 Pearl street. r1HEAP RENT.?TO LEASE, FOR FIVE YEARS, Til I / la rue Ami . nm......Ii.inu It vn sturv House V.i 4.11 ?. .. .11 street, nrar Broadway, suitable for a hotel, boarding l<Ou or manufacturing purposes. M. CANNON, 135 Ellrabcih street. Country PLACE to rent.?A NEAT two STOB House, with barn a'ld suole, seventeen sores of puslu land, excellent garden, plenty of fruit, twilve minutes1 \vu from Norwalk or Dirien depot, on New Haven Kuilroii Apply at 356 Hroadway, up stairs, or 173 Forsyth street. Desirable country residence to let o lor sale?Situated upon the Pnssatc river, In Uelletrill N. J. A spacious double stone house, continuing Uiirlet rooms ana large pantry, besides basem* nt, kitchen and n lars. The grounds comprise about oue acre, with tine sha< and fruit trees, and extend to the river shore, where there In good dock, giving every facility to enjoy boating, buibli and fishing. Communication with Wall atreet within i hour. Stages and steamboat make six trips dstly betwei Newsrk and Belleville, connecting with the New York train Rent $450. Stables will be erected if desire I, and rent or portlonately Increased. Inquire of W. H. WRlUHT, 16 Wi street, seooud door. Farm to let oh exchange-im acres bli and }cllow clay soil: one hour by railroad; market gi den and dairy Tarm for fifty cows; good buildings, rent water; churcbea, schools, store within quarter of a mile, Dr. DERICR, 407 Fourth street, N. Y, Family hotel to let.?the family hotk situated on Fourth street, corner of South Fifth stre* Brooklyn, K. D , Is offered to lease on favorable terms. T bouse is very pleasantly situated on hi ;h ground, wllhin fi minutes' walk of four ferries to New York. Is modern bui with all the conveniences of gas, water and sewerage. T bouse Is In due order, having recently been painted and fill up; size of bouse, four stories, with kitchens and uuder c lars, 72 feet front by 60 feet deep. The house Is furnish with carpets, oilcloths, bedsteads, beds, bureaus, parlor f' nlture, Ac., Ac. To a good tenant the house wtll b leased < favorable terma Apply at tat Front street. New York. *t7iurni8hed house to let.?from 1st of mj J? or J uoe, to a private family only. The four story, broi tone front House, No. 86 West Thirty seventh street, t tweeu Filth and Sixth avenues, handsomely furnished a with all the modern Improvements; rent reasonable. F i?n?i,??r Jims n BRi iiit 70 it..?,t. Furnished house to let or lease, wii rear Mabte. Apply at No. 18 Eaal Fourteenth aire grom H to X J. BoLlON Furnished house to rent in brooklyn.handaome tbreo alory and baaainenl IJoum', No. Woodbull street, thoroughly finished, and bavins all t modern improvements, to b? ranted to a caielnT t-nai Kent $80 a tuoutb. Apply on tba premises, from 12 M. to P. M. I BURNISHED COTTAGE HOUSE TO RENT?( 1 Or*nit street, Astoria. L. I.; nos-msion immediately des red, rent $66). Iuquire ou tire premises of Mrs. IIO ARD, Aalorla. Fish and oyster stand complete, to let. BARNES, MS Tniad avenue, Bel'veen Thirty-seventh and Thirty.eighth alri et* Half of a small three story brick hou to let I* a small family. l ire room*. wash room, < l?r. Ac. Kent $18*. Apply at 21} Wert Hfty-looitb tlreet, 195 West street. House to let-furniture, piano, sc.. to se cheap, tbe owner going to Europe. Apply at 106 W Thirty-tilth street. House to let-in eighth street, betwe Kit tb and Sitth avenues, wllb linino .i.ito pnaaeaai House four stnrle*, elth all niodarn improvement-; Chan liera and Mirrors, and reoently put in complete rep throughout. Apply to N. C. Bishop, ill Broadway, or Clinton place Housf. to let-or lease, 103 varick stre: In a very desirable snu.iHon, with all ilia modern prorements and In ffo nI repair. Inqlre within, from 1 P or >o tl. uniiunuAK, J?t ornu iuiti, nui www People's Bank, up slulra, from 9 to V House to let -to let. the laroe two ani hair story brick lloii?v, 4U broonin street, one u from Laitrrns; U in excellent Older end contain* all of modem Improvements; the chandeliers and gas flxlurei let with the house. Inquire at tin- house. Houses, furnished and unfurnished, rent?Situated ut N"W Brighton, Ktnlru Inland, particular* apply (o W. M. WmrTKMOKK, No. 3J>f change place. Hotel to let-includinq lodoeroom. u scales, ehed and slables, only two blocks from liarl Bridge, and an enanllsbed stand of twsnty-ais years; a r rbance for an enterprising nun. Apply at lbs comet Third avenue and 128th at reel. Lofts and store to let.?the two urp Loria, N'ta. M and M Fulton street, each being Ilk) I on Fulton and 30 feet on Wlllisui it eel; also in t of tl Loft, about 70 feet by 30; also the small Store In Name bu lug. Apply to s. B. llUiY'UINUS, 30 Joi.n street. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET-IN AN EXUELLl uelghhorhood, In the Seventeenth ward, to a sn family. It consists of a bark basement, front and bock | lors on iirst ilnor, three rooms on third floor, prlvlleg. baihrooea and cellar, ilae one, water and n large yard, quire at ASTIN A Til ROt KMORTON H, 3M Bowery. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.-LARijE A email rwmia; well lighted etaam boittway. Poaaraa Immediately. tW Water street, between Pike and Rutg slips. CTIiAM f^WER Ttl I.ET?WITH ONE OR MO O Rooms, 40?.10 Iccl,*ell lighted, Iront and rear. <A| to II. tl. SEWARD. 238 Ea?i Seventeenth etreel. caw manttfactory to let-the premises U iITM'lil uaen aa * aaw nianuiacu-rj, in isiiiin airnri, < nerofAlneUe, Brooklyn, K D. Tlx- Ixillillug la SOiMl f three Mori'-*, well light*!, an two Iota nl ground, unliable alntuat any kin I ot launtifai ioiy; rent moderate. Appll llt'OtJKh .V ORKEN, corner nf titan d and Fifth atrt Brooklyn, I* D. Store to xet?-corner of CANAL AND rknyv] alreet*, Aral fata aland lor wholeaale and retail groeer, r'otliipn ni.n-. Alao, upper part ol IW Canal alts-ci. ai lot a niiUIn- rv or dental eatnbliahmcnt. In<|Uli-o of J Mll-LKK. 3d/1,'anal a treat. STOKE TO LET?A MICE CORNER STOKE, tW> II a. II alien, iiirner of <len?emort. Rent only $?0 month. Impure of Mia. K. BASToN, Mb Hudson ai cet Stores in mykilk avenue, Brooklyn, to ri low.?ibn -ul So- eight lit w ntoies on Myrtle a?ei cnruer of Kye ?on ulrcrl, b- lng an etc llcnl locution TOT goods. ciuukery or alio - aiorea or other business, and i ! jatria vi the dw' lllnc . to ri-nt at low renia, with water, ami every imivtinlenaa Tor genteel latnlllc*. Apply on pniiniwa Iroin 10 10 llJi A. M or 2 to 0 I*. M. STAMFORD. CONN -TO LET, A NEW HOCKS, IIA sotttely located. Iiaa twelve epu Ima room*, gas, eli and gar,nil, ? thin three mlinnea walk to depot. Fori Metibtrs apply to II. Ml El.Kit. H'lEiat Savrniecnth airae f|V> LET?IN THE FIFTH AVENUE, A HANDSOME A fi rn.nhcii II ui*e, toil! atorlca, brown atone, high etc a< on A n ic ii k atrial! It would In- renin.1 I rem the l of Mav t" it iwlrale lainlly. For terma, Ac., apply to ClllElDN, ttt Frltu-e r.raet. rPO EET-A NFMT THREE tttUHY BHJCK IIOCSE, 1 J. W. A'eei l ony sixth street. deer Sixth gv, nuc; i BMID; ulao, a lirat eiaee four alory Ifgptrn atone liotiae. No. wi hi Forty-third tin?t, near Broa.>wA rent 1! J hoii-u a in n rfert older. Can l>? e-eiT al any Wine, A| | to M. S. Will I NE V, 23 Broad street. I f|V> LET?THE OEM EEL THREE BTtKlT HotlAT I V Tivenly-loiml h! I, a lnp -d for a * n ill f in I Only. I.'if" rfe- I oi I i, at JIM'. Ala ihe Mr, ,11 ga.1'"?l Jlu I wi liana hstnrea, ,'-J . ..lit Tivcnlv iltli Hie . ' Ji t):i , ' E Am.CAV, I .DO Filihpvrnne, vomer of 1 wanty tliirtlalrc* HOU8K?, ROOM^ JKJhJPO LIT. 3 mo LET-THB DWEUJNQ HOUSES 134 AMI) IM S A Charlton street, witn ail in* modern luiurovsmeuia. Tbo i. ho ntes will bo put in good order Tor good tenants at *> ry I, moderate rents. Apply to MARTIN WATERS. 122 Cttarfa tou air art. mo LET.?HART OK THE UKI'EK PART OK HOUSE ) A No. U2 East Eighteenth street, between Irving place ana r Tlilrtl avenue, having all the modern tin| r >vpintnn?Crolon 1 ; water, bathroom, gen, Ac., to a small t. uiity without chilr ' Or- ii. To be seen from 10 to 12 and 1 to i o'clock. Inquire s ou the pieiuLea. Tr to LKT-THB UPPER PART OK HOUSE 177 EAST Fifteenth street, In a gen;e? 1 neighborhood, near Sluy. I vesuit park; ell modern uiiprov. iuciiUt, only a suialllauiily need apply; particulate on tile premises. ) rpo LET?THE LOWER PART OK THE MODERN 1 i A bnlil IIiiiim- Pi St. Mark's place, with Cuauibcr Room* J above; suitable for a physician or dentiat; > nc used piazza lu a rear of parlors; reutlow. Apply ag abovs. - rno LET-IN HKOOKLYN, A FIRST CLASS THREE It A story brl k House, containing all the model n Improve9 inents, desirably located at 2SS Liv.egstnn street, aliuut l.fteeu or twenty minutes' walk of Kultun or 8->ulb ferry Apply to BENJAMIN BALDWIN, over the Contra! Nana, S junction ol Fulton utid Washington streets, Brooklyn. 1 rpo LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, UPPER PART OK 8 A House, with basement, Crolon water, gas. Ac. Can be set-ii troni t to 6 o'clock. Kent J.hJU. Apply at 14'J Rivlugion ^ street, one do r from Sutlolk. rpo LET-A HOUSE, TEN LARGE ROOMS, FURNISH! A eil or not, in Connecticut, two hours from New York ' by railroad or s earner; couintauds a vicar ol Sound, one quart, r of a nule ft o n sea beach; large ysrd, garden, fruits, b irn, stables, Ac. Rent moderate, ftnpuro at 141 Front <r street, Brooklyn. d ? -- ? rpt> LET?WITHOUT BOARD, A VERY NICELY FURA n s c'd Parlor and Bed room on aecoud i.oor of private dwelling house No 6 Orea'Jones street; gus, losets, bathroom and evi ry modern convenience; very di siraole lor oue o or two single gi nil men. TO LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH 18 ACRES ut lam*, furnished or uuuirnisUcd, only one inue tio u F Harlem Biid;e, in Westchester county; also the stock for S sale; possession Immediately If desired. For further InlurI in Ainu apply to J. M. BECK, or address to Moll Haven Post ollice. T rpo LET?IN FIFTH AVLNUE, BETWEEN TJ11F.d A tenth uud Fourteenth street- a hist class large In or y story House, with stable in the rear. ohfiiuu on Thirteenth street. The premises occ ur two lull lots; house in in ilr^t ? rule order, aud has all i o.le.n improvements. Apply ul 22 L i'luu street, rooiu No. 7. a rpo LET? BU'JLD1N C 8 20 AND 22 COMMERCE STREET, J A 50x16 feet, suitable for s workshop or aloi i l*. APpiy 10 J. M A l'HEYYSON, 047 Uud.-oii street, belorr OA. M. or after ? 6 P. M. it ritO LET?IN WILLIAMSBURG, SEVERALTWO STORY I, X frame anil three story bnek Houses; auo for rule tfJO it Yueaut Lots on moderate tei ins. Apply lo S. J. Hl.NI'. 112 Koiirtli avenue, N. Y., or I'll AS. FOWLER, corner of North Ninth ami Third streets, Williamsburg. D rno LET-IN GUTTKNBKRO, N. J., TWO HOUSES u A one mutable for a bakery, ilie other will he let out in I- rooms. For further parlcu'ars apply to SQI IRE DWYEU, near the premises, or at KOHLElt A FINGK H biewrer*. ? rpo LET?T1IE THREE STORY BRICK BOOM NO. 02 Y X Ctinrltou street, wiib all the modern improvemeuu. A *, lease will he given for three years to a responsible party, lull quire ul 275 Spriui; slice'. J. ECBKllTSON ' rpo LET?IN JERSEY CITY, ONE THREE STORY AND ? J. basement brl< It House, with bath ana gas, come: of 0 Barrow and Bright streets. Rent $320. A No one two story a- and basement brick House, with gas and water In the o- kitchen, second door from the corner of Orand and Barrow tree Is. Rent $260. R rpo LET?THE FOLLOWING HOUSES. STORES, PARTS re A of Houses, Ac., b1 E. D LAWKhNCE. 1.2ol Broadway, between Thirty-first nndTh r y.<uc nd s re. is; ? ? Broadway hall, oi. 32d si. and B'llway,2 1 stOi v.MiSO $400 O " " " third siory, 64x30 25U th 1,234 Brea lwsy, four s''017 store 760 en Three Storea under Ebblti Ilsll, 33d at., 66 ft. deep, rent low. 39 1,214 Bro nlway, four story ?lo:e, all or lu farts. 1.261 Broadway, dwelling pari, now vacant 60C ? 1,2.0 Broadway, l'lstl's Hal, 29x70, rent reasonable. [E 1,270 Biosd way, refectory and basement, 70 feet deep. 30( lie Splendid four story store, 70 feet deep, on Sth avenue. 1,2m se No. 6 Ea t 31st si., four story, high sloop, brown stone 1,10C Large hall on 6th av., bet.41st .2 A-'tl its,,42x76,A 4 rooms I,I OC Two storea under hall, 21x1*6, each ti?C ? Two basements under stores. 21x90. em-h 23J ,Y 2 9 Wcs 36ili street, three story English basement... 450 re 241 West 3hth street, three story English basement.... 450 Ik 71 7tb avsnu". three story high stoop INKJ U 433 West 23u St., L indon terruoe, three story high stoop 1,001 333 West 35tb street, four story English basement 101 ? 84 West 27lh street, three story high stoop 70) If 98 Prim e street, three story aiid aitic hl^h sloop ? 30 >YYst47th it., near 5th an nuo, four s ory high stoop bOJ K0Wost3fiih street, three story nljh stoop 6tW .1 114 West 26th street, three stoiy hlitn stoop 660 iB 116 same street, wiU sell st $7t8,v). or let at 660 H 120 West Slth street, t, $I.6U); unfurnished.. J.tXO 60 hernial d st., live story and basement,, will lease low. 160 West S6>h street, Pert of a House 178 86 West 32d street, four story English bajteiueut 600 ? 102 We?t82J street, fonr story En lish bu<einuut 6?) ^ 10H Lcxiagtoiist. iiiic, three story high stoop 1,10'] ..I 611 6th avenue, four story, store 661 61611th avenue, four story, store 6ft 1.2AS Hrjadway, three story, store 1,80 ,1,286 Broadway, four story, store 7M f* 8*6 6lb sTi-nue, lour story, store l,0(h 87 East 2-th street, four story brntvti stnue l,0t> 98 Weel 36th street. Part ol llo ise to small family.... 2.K 70 Wt st hist at., tlireoatory high stoop, all imp'meute. 7t? ; 106 West 2ith street, tour story Englisti basement. .. 8U( 129 West llhh street, four story shoo, be., aear 7th as. 8th h To ether with two cottages at Mount Vernon, near thi [t. New York anl New llarenRailroad, with nice gardens, be. "" lor sale, at $1,600. alt, or to rent at $180 and $128, on Nlnt) *? avenue, near T.ord street. For cards of admission, or anj Rj information runpuciiag the sbove houses, u| ply as above. rpo LET?WITH STEAM POWER. TWO UPPKf 'J: X Koouis lu the building No. 61 Bcekman street, 2ul J eU feel; bounded on Beekmun, Gold and Ann atreeta, and wel lr" lighted on three sides. The moms are Jwarmed by slean on pl| es, audio all* desirable. Apply to JOSEPH NA ooN A CO., on the premises. hY mo LET-TWO OR THREE PLEASANT ROOMS, FOI vn X families or siltgle geutleinvu, at in tderaie cliargea, will >?" or without Boar I. Fltth Ward Hotel, corner of Wets Broad ud way and Franklin street. , st rpo LET?LOWER PART OF MOOSE NO. XI JON B X etrcet, near bireeker, eonaisiiug of Orel floor. I aerineni "H and loom* on tliird Uoor; roon - oW seep from 2 to 6 P. M rent $800. Inquire ol B. CHRISTIE. JUtM.ilo.rry aue-L ? mo LET?NO. 82 FOURTH STREET, $803; 113 HI XT -A X avenue, $1,060, Xt)i Kaa' Twenty-fourth street, $80( 27 420 Fourth avenue, dwelling - ISO; Ail Fourth avenue. $191 he 188 West Twentieth stieet, S'.VaI; tU West street, $80J, 11 lit. West Fnrty-eerenth sired, ?1>0; 14 Turnphins place. Bro il '4 lvn. $100 Inquire of K. Hi. \SCHEl, 201 Suth avenue, tx lore Io u'clerk-A M., or afie. 4 P. M. IN rpo LET.?THE FOUR STORY, BROWN STONE FRON1 If X House, N i. 1>*7 Baat Ko ;rt< etii. *tr."-t. Is In eso.dleu W- order.,ml eonum* all modern Improvements. The ctiainte Iters ami g.ts uxtures will be let with the house, l'osscatlo ? can bn had before the 1st of M.iy, so us to give ample tun for movimtanl anautln ; furu.inre. Apply to 1NSLEE A HOPPER, tSS Broadway. ? rpo LET?TilE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINt jc X House 13 Eighth avenu.. fronting on Abingdon squats el. at a low rent. Apply to I IIAHLEs RUbTON, 192 hlioai or way, N. Y. ? rpo LET.?THE SUBSCRIBER HAS SK/EKAL NIC LI, X Houses, suitable for small families, to a:t at very m. -. a, ran i.oits.. some on Ch, isloliher Slrei-t; some Ob Wasl ' ** Inglon street. Apply from II" A.M. to 1 I' M. to WM, . ? SINCLAIR. M Wall street, thud Uoor, front oMee. rpo LET?AT WKkTCIIEHTER, THE COUNTRY RES ,|r; A den. > of the l ite Captain W. A Upon or, *iiuateil abou ,u(r a m He iroin Willlsmvbridge, on the Boston p >sl road, eoi j.rr tisling oi large dwelling liuusc, gardeners lodge. staid da'ry ami carriage house. The garden la lar*e and tuneful _ laid out, and furnished with greenhouse anil grapery. A ET ply at 88 Walhor stioet. iT T? LET-PUHNI8HED, A COUNTRY MANSION AN the pound*. Tor tie attmmer. at Peluam, Westchester oou ty, New Yura, dftecn minutes' drive Co che rallniad stnilu ? with carriage house, Ire house. large garden, abundanee 1 , fruit, Ac. Apply to B. COLLINS, Esq., 70 Wall street, or J. K. ZIMMERMAN, Esq., 47 Kie.liango place. |lto T? LET-A BROWN STONE BAriKMK! J. House, for one or three years, In Twelfth street, betwe ? filth and Slsth avenues. Apply to P. BKADT, house a to land agent, 1H6 Wo t Tblrty-hfth street (old Mo. 71), I jror tween Broadway and Slith avenue. *"* rpo LET?FURNISHED. THE ELEOANT HOUSES N _ JL 23 Fifth avenue, lornee of Ninth street, with the Stabl <y In the rear, and No. 9 Laiayettu plane. Apply to JAMI CRUIKMIANK, 88 Broad1' ay ! rpo LET-IN BROWN STONE HOUSE NO. S3 BOWER A well furnished Rooms In sniu or single, at $2 to $8 i_ week. The name at 61tX Broadway, and a I irulsbed Saloo on These houses are very deslralilo for rami Ilea. Inquire i {J* the premises, of KBNNB Y. above stairs. lid* T? ERT?FRONT AND BACK BASEMENTS, TWO PA A lor* and live Bedruomt, with pantries, but and cold * ter, waahiuba, range, gas and nitnrra, A -., to a small fami .NT la bouse CU West Tulriy-flfth street. Kent SKI J. W. H. MBUCK, 4U7 Broadway rpo LBT-AS FOLLOWS-T1IB THREE 8TORY Mil 1 stoop brisk Houses Ron. 244. 141 34rt. ltd and SH W Tnlrtoenih street, at $480 per annum, also the House : _ West Thirty-second street, at $700 per annum. Apply ND B()BltRT UB'IER, JR., ISa West Th.rty-lourth street 030 LBT?PART OP A PRIYATB DWELLING, OC 1 A sitting of four rooms, in Tenth stieet, near Second a nue. N or but a small genteel family neod apply, tnou RB *5 MK HRITT.49 Third avenue. rpo LIT?A SMALL OENTKEL THRKB 8TORT BRII ? ... A Uouac; baaom<*lit, under <eUar and kltchtn; gaa a a as I- at A sa?ldh* wa.e P.. est, mill, lop AJ WilliaiuaburR. Apply at Jill Front iirccl, New York, or ee? w"ul1' B'nlh atreet, WHHamaburg. ,f?r rpo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY OS ADULTS, A Hernnd Story and pari of the Third, renalvtlne of tl l"' room*, with papule* en I modem liiiprnvaratnta, plaaean _"d, In the 'Herruth ward. nr*r Beat Broadway. H< [CK |8i. AiMr. ? D t;., nation B. liraud atreet. > or mo LET?TIIK riMT CLASS FOUR STORY, BMOLl) ' J* A Baaemenl limine,t No 31 Weal Thirty liltli atreet. It H- In a lirel ilaaa neighborhood, In 'Oinplete order, fnrolen with ta? flii'in-a Hud all th* modern improvement*. A|>| "7T t" Titos. tVEBB, No. St Beat Twenty-eighth atreet, or 1 O- 8AM L. SMITH, No. IU Maldm Inn.-. per mo LBT?ATCARMANSVILLB. UIRT STREET. A BAS 1 meet and two atory altta bnie, with aa Lota, mode !NT IrrpftoemenUj (bade rtrw of the river; forty-tirn mlnm ino, from Chainuera atreet. live minuet from the depot. An tii w 1-1 W II. sILi I.MAN, 7.W Suih avenue, tx-lweeu Forty tin ii?o and Forty fourth elrwia. uii? 1 "" 1 the mo LKT?WITII STEAM TOWER, TIIWBE LAR( J Itii iiiia,' U >i? IF) fe?-l, well ligliint; al?o, a fi-w amal Knomat r.-tita very low. Inquire of JOHN 0 VUDU, I ,.p Walker street. '?' mo LET?<IN KTATLN ISLAND, SEVERAL NEW; . A err. t'-d Cottage*, In Fl.-ldc r'a F*fk, < n C.iailal Height*, wili.In live minute*' ?a k of the hr*l lamllug. 1 7" par* l? abonl twelve a< r.-a In extent, with line anil Mien* LY vl. ivt of fi? nirin ludluq hay ami country. Apply l<> I jop^i NKST KIKHI.KR.3d Broadway. ' n 1 Dr. mo LET?VBUY DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITII 8TK/ A pnwi i , a: 131 ami 131 Mercer alreet. AI*o n four ?ui ? brown' one from Hniiae. tuo Ea?i Twenty lirat atieet. 1 XO. quire of WM. MACOKOROE, Jr., <S8 Broadway. it:', mo LET t NEAT, SMALL house. WITH ALL TP o h A ni ib-rn In prnvenii n'?, In Thlrty-alMh atreel, tie T'ljr li avenue; rent $3 a). Alao a iltme (lory II ui-e,! Wii?liin? i n atrret; rent $480 Inquire of JAMES Kli ?. MoND, .i.til S| ring atreel. : to ? 'i y fro nit-: small, ii anlsomk cottahr no. vao I Soul1 ,i ? i II a a*e ai-d ? 'M gi'ipu vine in lam, I- . "o inli.wn ferrtr* It-nI (2.0 I ? 'ri'i. a'.it .y to H 1'iiliF.H a tLUSfcN, 133 Uiand aire I. J Wllilanialmry 3 HOVIKI, ROOM?, 4C.. TO LKT, TO LET?THE SECOND AND THIRD STOHiES OF Ibe new brown none llouae 460 Six lb avenue, ooneieung f five room* on each rtoor, water In klicbon and ana id every room; each Boor complete Id itaelf. To a email reuillv ' nothing cab be more deairabie. Apply on Ibe premiere 460 Kikib avenue, between U A. M. ami 4 f?. b. rpii LKT?TIIE OLD ESTABLISHED OROCKRY AND J. Lb|uor Slum and Dwebin : turun of Catharine and Water air. eu Xu<|uire ol UEO. J HUNTER, 3ttt Water afreet. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR AND ONE SMALL on third Uooi In lue No. 8d heal Sixteenth * Hi nt $3U0 per annum. May lio from II A. M. U? I I ?. m. Nooc but a email family need apply. TO LET-FOK SOCIETIES. TAILORS, MILLINERY, dr,)*,maki r*. Ac , the amu'l atore 50 Twelfth afreet; alao ; M-cood tioor* in IS, .',j and 34 Eaat Twelfth *tr?-et; alao Iront and corner toouia aoutbiveet corner of Broadway end 1 vn Utn ?tre? t. Apply as per bill* on the premium. I fpo LET-FOK ONE OR MORE YEARS, BAKERY AND I 1 Dwelling Si Halter airect, ieady for occupancy. Apply at the rcaidcuce of ibe owner, lbl Ea?l Ninctcentu etrcet, lor one week, rpo LET- FURNISHED, A SMALL BRICK HOUSE, Jr l'k"t room*, boater, ranee, gaa end water. Rent $373. Po?aei.>.lon April 1. To be ee*. n from 3 to 5 P M. Ai ply to J DAVENPORT, corner of Fulton avenue and Oxford atiart. Brooklyn TO LET?TIIE THREE STORY BRICK UOU8E 363 Weal Thirty lonrtli atreet, with all t..n modem Improvement*. Rent low. Apply to J. M. POST, 2?3 Weat Tbirtyiourth stre l. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, TO A SMALL FAMILY, a two and a half "tory and baacun nt liutiee, minute.* walk from either Wall or Fulton ferry. B> aid lor a wi n w lady and eon a* an equivalent for iiki tent. For further particular* and location ol Itouae. apply at ti3 ForlUreeoe place, Brooklyn, tliL day, before 3 oMock 1'. M rro LET?THE NEW FOUR STORY BRICK BUILDINO. J wuh Store, oil the Hi all! road at Molt Haven, ten minutes' walk ftom the TLiril avenue depot at H irleiu Bridge. Also Store and Third Floor N >. 17 Nurib M il lain atreet, auitahle lor liquors; the Third Floor N.>. Ill Bowery, lorner Broome street, for a Dhotograptiistor lodge room, and others. The above are good local,una lor busiueaa. Apply at hi) or 1st Bowery TO LET-TWO MODERN TWO RTOKY, ATTIC AND bu.emeui llou e?, ? tuated ill Udsoo alrnrt, belweru St Luke's church and West Truth s.ieel, In line order; gas, cold ham, , handeliers, line yard, Ac. Rent $6di) Apply at 611 Hudson street. TO LET?LOWER FART OF 1JOLSE 110 FORSYTH street, near Broome, eons vtlng of front and buck Parlors, trout Basement, with three K oms oil thud sloiy. Kent $'?65. rpo LET?WITH STEAM POWER, THE LARt.E BUILDi Lit; corner o: Seventh iivrtine and Iweuly-e K in street, being ICO lent by 60. Will be al ered lo suit tenant, suitable lor uny large manufacturing business. Apply at KM Seventh avenue or 260 Canal street, up stairs. TO LET?THE FINEST SUIT OF APARlMKNTS IN the eltv. in a brown stone house, lu ,uire on the premises, j/J Fourth avruuc, between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth at reels. TO LET?THE BROWN STONE FRONT KNOLISII basetni in House No. It Ninth street, with all modern improvements, mantel and pier ginv ?s, ano conservatory In ri nr. Mill he rented low to u mi.. II family. Also Home No. t Ash and place (I'eny street). Kent $ (W. Apply to C. II. LILlN'i'ilAl., 221 Wai-niiigtoii street. mo LET-TPE LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO 104 X East Twenty.eighth sir et, separate enttanee, with two Rooms in basement, gas fixtures. Also to let second Floor ot asino house, live Rooms w-Ru gas. Very desirable. J. R, WILCOX, left Filth avenue, vomer of Twenty-third street. TO LET-A SMALL HOUSE, WITH BATHROOM. water closets, dumb waiter tied .as lUlures all complete. Reut $10 per month. Inquire on the premises, 166 West | Tnirt)-second aim t, between Kigth and Ninth avenues. TO LET?THE COTTAGE HOUSE US WEST THIRTYfourth street, containing all the modern improvemsnts, water, gas. speaking tubes, furnace, Ac. Rent $60(1 per . annum. Apply to B. T. BABBITT, 66 and 7U Washmgtou 1 street. ! mo LET?IN OUTTENBERfS. N. J.. TWO HOUSES. , J. one unliable lor a Lakery, ilie other will be lei out ri , room*. For lurther |>?rtlruh:i-apply to 8(,>UIHE DWYEK, l m ar the | rcmism, or a: KOHI.Ett A FINCJC 3 br. wary. TO LET AT FACTORYVICLE, STATEN ISLAND-A short walk from laniiimi, a Cottage, with elev.-u rooms, i Kent $325. Also a furnished house. Rent t2JU. inquire l at North Shore Foal utllce. Ferries fool of Cortland! and Whitehall streets. TO LET IN YONKER8.?A VERY DESIRABLE AND convenient Col tag.- House to let. In Yunserx; la situated on the pilncipal avenue, and overlooks the r.ver. and Is within tlve miniiies' walk uf either railroad or roamboat landing; will he let with or without liirnlttire. Apply at 70 Chatham street Or 25 iluane street, to W. S, (1CT1EKKEA. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?A FIRST CLASS BRICK Huu-e. two stone* and basement in front and three at ries in the rear, lu 8chernierhnrn street, near Fowers, I within two minutes' walk ot three lines of city ears. House I has aaa, water, baths, hester, Ac. Fart or whole of iha ForI nl ore 01 pn ant occupant for a tie. Apply to X. R. CU> SACK. 110 W. 11 street. New York, or Is C. J. FISHER, ) 11 Fowers street, Brooklyn. rLET OB BXCHANQE?FURNIHIIED HOUSE, IN Uoboken, tlrst class three story and baarmeut House, > with water, ga?, range. Ac.; location No. i Bloomfteld place, ' between Fifth and Sixth streets; Is very comfortably far nished and will be let or would exchange for house In Brook lyn and pay difference. Rent (bOO |?r annum. Apply 10 . DANIEL WADSWOKTH, *17 Pearl street, N. Y. TO LET, OR FOR BALE?THE HOUSE 55 EAST BIX li enth street, near Irving place. It la in prrfrcl order I having been recently papered and painted throughout Ap ply on the premises, between 12 and 2 o'ulook, or to HOMER J MOKUAN, No. 2 Pine street rro LET OR FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, MO. *0 1 Bridge street, near Concord, nftosa minutes front Wail or Fulton Terry, a modern brown stone and brick House; , water and gat. Inquire of J. DUFAU, M Liberty street up 1 stairs, New York. I . i rpo LET, FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE?THE DESK A L ble medium priced four story brown atone Houioo, No. a 59 East Twenty -eighth str-at and No. 229 Waal Thirty-fourth D street. Iumedlate possession given. -s uius u VBI O/I Willises atsaat _ rpo LET OK LEA8E?SEVERAL FINB 0FFICB8 IN u X the new Imllding No. 8S Xtmn street; also the ttye story % nn<l basement House No. 13V Fulton. street, near Broadway, ,< In this city, ami a large Factory In Newark, N. J. Apply 10 y Kit AN Old BYRNE, No U? Kaaeau street. New York. ' rpo LET OR LEASE-TWO OF TUOSK BEAUTIFUL 1 Houses. aiiuatedoa Ctarmoni tnrraoe, Newtown, U I.; each house contains thirteen mows, ha? all the modern Imf pruveraenia, with lartta garde u w.d ih.dci lawn la front of . two scree, with circular carriage road, completely protected from the main road; only two minuies from railroad depot ' nil I thtrty-Uve minutes Irom New York. For further parit euiara apply to A. BAXTER. <>D the premises, or to SAMUEL LtlRD, corner llrand and Cbrysttc sire ta _ rpo LET OR LEASE-IN WESTCllESTER COUNTY, 2 X two as L s from Tarrytown -.tuius, a large three story , and. basement House, SO feet sunarc, onbiintngtt rooms; piazia nil round The locstlon ts nu.b and v. ry healthy, and rommanda a view of the rl?i r and s i ron tiding eountry. _ Tue house 1* new, having just been lluishad, aad is well B ealciilstcd for s aennna y or intll sry ?> liool. Fur particulars " tU'iulre ot OEO. 8. 8TITT, 192 BrmdA. ) J" rpo LET OR LEA8E-AT A VEKY MODERATE RENT X the buildiuc* IBS end 164 East Twenty tiurd slpeei, with _ steam power; suitable for a piano manma lory, cabinet ul I carpeatrr shop; both will be let to one party. or each a pe rately or pari of each; posaesal ,n >mn>. lately Apply uD ^ the premises, or to B. BKADLESTON :-.J West Tenth street. ?; rpo LET OR LEASE?SI* PEARL NTRKBf, FRANKLIN if X sipiare, new st. re, possession Ai rtl 1. 22 Vesey street, p' all above the first floor, from Way I; At>> Washington atrial _ w ith aliop, pos-easlun Immedlaie'y; 43H W ishingioo street, n sitesnt lo', possession May 1,170 and '217 West street, lots u alinul I3tl feet deep, w Ith water front, oocupled by Johnann as a lumberyard; It'ifl, 168 and I7u Charles street, formerly } Oocupled as a coalman!, named.ately. Apply lo j" A. rmUliJII, to n niiMua mm., ?r _ rl'0 LET OR LEASE?A LARUE THREE STORY BRICK ~ 1 IIo u?, wl.h Store, 1X1 Spring alrret, titer Qrecno, * all. jwtr on the rear; m hituu-a. Sc., la the bouae, will be j put In rr ltrtal rented low. Apply to A. HE RUE A NT, U Wall alreet. _ rno LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILD I NO 8U 0 X Broadway; core 110 by IS fort; five etonee, with haae' mrnt and under baaaoarnl, would make a i.n- aaloon, or ?? earh U<>or arparab-ly; two upper tloor? har* I wen tit ted up for lodge room*. Inquire of U. OALSWAITtl, Sag.. 137 fat ton atreet, or A. B AOLKSOM, 798 Broadway. *' rno LEASE?TEN LC1TB OP OROf'ND, 8TTUATKD ' J. between Forty around aou Forty third atreet*. fronting "v on the Baal rtrrr; bnlkhrad with water *) net deep; aultable for tUirage. a foundry ur the manufacture o. bear* _ machlnrry, whrre loud wharf accomtao lattoaaare rrqalrvd. Apply at the Cedar depot, on the premUce. [* rno RENT-A VERY CONVENIENT HOUSE, DBLHJBT '' A fully altuatei, at 18 Strong plane, Brooklyn. Apply I* B. W. CAMERON, DO Banter etreet. 77, milE Pl'RNISHKD FIYB STORY ENOLIHI BARB 1 wet honae 1MBTenthetreeA betweenSeoond andThin ,'. avenue., to let to a pr.vate family. Hotiae baa all the modern ? Pn^ruremrnla Beat moderate. Apply between 10 nad I ,t rphttse wanting booms and steady steam fow 1 er at greatly reduced tenia, can be ? ell gutted In build Inge til and 219 Centre, aM 137 and 199 Elm atreet Tb. roomaare well lighted and very dealrable for Mimoet any _ manufacturings alnraa The a team power la alwaya Heady !I aad reliable, supplied by n Cor ilea and NlahUnpaka iii ?j horae engine. Jh-rtna eery low and poaaeaaloft immediately, if wanted. Apply aMheoaioe. iu Centre atreet, WW,WWI1 AVENUE, BROOKLYN.?TO LET OB _ YT for aale, furelahed or unfarntahed, an elegant double a llouae, arisen room*, all the modern lnprovem< nte, four oe ? eight Iota of ground, laid out In the Rneet manner.Trett and ,i- Do vvr^bf all and#, furniture of the m<?t elegant dewrletloa. ,'T Will beeold low. thin to on# of the fine* pfareaiTthTbe.i action of Brooklyn. Apply to INOERSOLL, No. 113 South ? atreet, near Pike street. titantbd?to let. prom the 1ntop mat! with ed YY three years' lesan, a Store and back Room. Also with IV.. .k,,. nna Hliilna (aim and two lledrooma. llouae (U0 'to Eighth av'anue, between Forty-thirdMid Tony fonrm street* MM loW. B* a? l nn ?*0 LET, A COTTAOB HOrSF, ran t.ARilB rn iji't'lv/i rooms, gas, hot and cold water, Ac , well shaded M lawn; a'abla and garden If dvalred. Apply on the prvmlaaa, >ly Eighty *lith alrart, north aid*. 200 feat eaat of Metonri nr. rd , d>rnn RF'NT.-A SMALL, MEAT THREB 8TORT is nhOviT" Hotiae, In Went Eleventh street, with bath atom, J* gas and fliturea. At, will ba let Uif iireeant Tear to a good ,H tenntil at the above pedorad rant, PO'blcjnonftilT- iimilia o. the present occupant, Rev I). UOWLIbO. 184 Weal _ Eleventh vlreet, naar Ailth ?v?iua Tor gala very cheaply $ti,(IOO, oDli $I.IM0>taah ror'l""L Q " MOTEL*. ^ !J2 rvuri'M" i"" SK < " T,IB KIROPBAN TLAMLOOBi j ) UT"f II" I ,n and Latchl stroma, .'ppn?|:r Hi, John a . ? park. Tula liouao is Weil suited for geiilluauttn uoing bo an tM iie?a down town, tiood Room* cheap. matrimonial. ~ V| AT KIM ON Y M A OB EAST WITH INSTRl't TION8 114 iTl tor ri,lining, In order V. ?lih the alter.nine < f then, p . all. ?rg; Id'i pag. a, ll.tiairal. il. Hi nt post paid on ra i H t of 26 rants. H T. RINK, 18 In man si..u rpilE ADVEUTIHBR, a YOUNG GENTLEMAN, All Ell "" 1 it", jr. are, nf the irk ur.'.e. ,f beauty, an I ae nmpiahed 8(1 In the art* and ?cli n a?, Car ra to <p a ? iouvi).oiiil. ma . r. with i y uiiii,'a l> of h art, fii|.|if.,ii. ao form yr fioirri}?' nl anil i o aeai ina nana hearl, wl'ti a eln,v to at. iw.uuy, el, Wi'iiil.i no oh.ieel. Ad ireet L. H. M lynard, nrailtlyh Poat, bilk a.

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