Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1862 Page 3
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FOR WALK. AMILLlNLtlV a.NU DitL.r.-MAKINU ESTABLISH ni b of foot years'atatidiug, having a Hint clan pro! fluble tia te, w .11 bo Ji no-ei of at a so. uruth. the tresentpiopr>tre*a ublged toieiircin ronseqir nc of HI f ilth. Fur partkulor., ipply to FllH'K x TOO ?IAS, 676 Broadway. Any i'.vbty HAVING m \rblf to!' tables, with iron fiainwM, suits'In lor a r> aoraut or ^ eream anloon, lor axle, .:au bud a . a?u > ismupr by . . :iu? on or address.tig a lino loC. J. C., 267 K.ghtb avenue, between Twenty-eighth street and Twenty-uintli streets. Ainu, ctiue buttom Dining Room 1!naif<? nuoted. C101ntry dry hoods store for s1i.k, J tin the un of tiir lLidron River, wliUiu .'U> mile- of New Yo A cliv, a wtil i a abliahrd business; rent ml lu. iiiou. low rent aud well selected stock of about *7,'WO to $8.bbd. Tarma will be made easy to a responsible party. Address, wiib name and reference, box 261 1* .at ullW. Drug store woo-situated in a oood neiuhborhood aud doing a lair business. It in a flue opportunity for a beginner. Addreaa P. 8., station A, Spring air at. Dining saloon.?for sale, the stock, fin turee and Lcaxo of a hrst rlasa Saloon, located In the eery lieart of business; now doing a good paying business. Satisfactory reasons for selling and further particulars may be had by applying to ISAAC A. BIOOS, 73 Nassau street. FOR SALE?PACKING BOX FACTORY, THE LEASE of building No. 46 Leonard street, 26*1(10, with steam engine boiler and all machinery put up new tor the above b .slutra. Iii<|ulre at TAYLOR A WILSON'S, corner of Reade and Hudson streets, or at 224 West Thirty-seventh street. For hale ?the well known tugboat emily will be eold at public auction, on her own deck, at Barge Oillce Duck, foot of Whitehall street. East river, on Thuia lay, Mth lnsl., at 1 o'clock. She is now regularly towing in this harbor, and an be examined on application to Captain TUuh, n board. For description aa to aize. age, power, Ac., apply at 45 William treat, up stairs. Terma day of aale. 1JM>R SALE?A WHOLESALE AKD RETAIL LIQUOR A? Store down towu, or a bualneaa man, having some capl? tal, will betaken aa partner, aa the owner hua two, and can. ot attend to both. Apply to T. GAFFNEY, 170 Chatham Street. _ For' sale?a twenty horse power engine. Tuti'ii bui.d, 10X lncli cylinder, 3 feet stroke, glide valve cut oQ', works by separate excentrlc; 10 foot east wheel, 1H Inch face, pump, healer. Ac., in perfect order; will be sold abeap. Apply to LEETE A BALDWIN, 78 Nassau street, room No. 1. For hale-by the executors of the estate of Sinn n Steiger, the slock of Wines and Liquors In the Id established store, 96 Cbrysiie street, neat Grand. A Leine of the store will also be given. Tbeie are two wine cellars, and all otuer fixtures and reuiilshes for a large liquor business. Apply to JAMES L. BEKU1KN, No. 338 Broome street, near bowery. For sale-an old established tea and oof. lee Store; one ot the best in the city, doing a large trade; ateum engine, boiler and mills complete, with 1"iiko ol the premises; with or without stock. No aguuw need apply. Address S. M., box 140 Uurald oUiee. |JtOR SALE?THE good WlLL, FIXTURES, TWO A: Horses, Wagons and Lease of an old cstubllshcd Bakery, In Hobokeu, doing a good business. Fur particulars apply al BEE A DEVEAU'S, 125 West street. FOR SALE?THE LEASE, stock AND fixtures of a wholesale and re tad Liquor Store, situated on the onhi ait < ome, of Washington and Cbarlton streets. Apply to 11. N. AIIKENS, 309 West street. For salb-tiib schooner belle, seventy. three tons burthen, draws tfeet of lying in Huntington harbor, Long Island. Apply to Capt. GEO. B. JOHNSON, Huntington, L. I.. or to J. W. CANNIGTON, lumber yard, K ghty-autk street and Flrat avenue, Yoikvllle. T?OR SALE?THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND FURNI P tiire nf An nlii Hutoi nuriUiiava < < uire of JT m.~FAHXNQTON, #0 Bridge sVeet^rooliTyn, L. J. Tbe lease ean be renewed on liberal terms. For bale?a refreshment saloon and reslaurant, excellently located ami furnished; will be sold ' (or less than half Its value. For particulars apply to WM II. j^fp^HBUKOH.dS Wall street tolttoe of GaNuu, Jordan rn SALE?A SMALL HOTEL ASD BOARDING House convenient to tbe Jersey Clt~ terry, with scud atsbling attached, and doing a good business. Will be sold ckeap. Apply on Uie premises, 133 Liberty stre-t, N. V. Foe sale?the old established lamp and Cuandeller Store, No. 1 Chatham square, brln; on a very remittent corner, and an excellent location for the above business Tbe whole busln. sa. such ss Lamps and Gus F x*ur s, will be sold on reasonable terras. An excellent opportunity for any one wishing to go In the business. Inquire at tbe above number. Hotel for sale-most desirably located on the principal street, near tbe ferry, in Jersey City, with nfavorable lease, at low rent; fully furnished and fitted up; In sueeessfu! operation. For further pavtlcularn address J. W. M., Jersey City Post oflice. Hickory timber-to army contractors, wagon makers, Ac.?For sale, a large quantity of ft-.wl rate Hickory Timuer, which will be aswsd to order anJ delivered In M w York. Apply to JOHN OAUDC, Engineer's Hoe, 102 Walker street. vtot1ck to PHYSICIANS.?for SALE. tne pr acit tloe of a physic su of eight years' standing, a *<>?!, comfonab.e bon-e and oOloe, furnished; also $100 worn of medicines: urr e $610: possession Immediately. Apply to Mrs. Dr. MICHEL, Newtown, L. I., or at 406 Broadway. r BUTCHERS AND OTHERS.?FOR SALE, ONE OF the beat Bus:ui-sa Stands in Brooklyn, with Fixtures com p. te; patent Icehouse, smosebousc and stables on tbe premises; horse power sausage machine. Ac. This it one ef the best chance* tor any one wanting to go In the business err offered. Will tie sold null ur without horses, wagon* nd oe11*. The reason n>r telling Is, the present nn,pHet..r ta.lnx i retire Iroiu the buslo. n. Payment will he taken I to a .rood mortgage or city property or slocks, or tr < to .'or : houae .nid lot, gi> ins or r.nvug the dlllemice. Atqlytn toe premiers, to t'lfAS. SYMONn, 1U3 Fulton street, rBACCO ROUTE FOR SALE-ONE OF THE OIJIF.ST Dd best la tue city, together with W agon and llartica?. BrtiKf.irn.ry rta?n* for selling, lniuire of WUI'l l'AM A LAW HE Nt'It. liltt Pearl street. fO BUILDERS.?FOR SALE CHEAP, ONE TWENTYA Ave loot Arch Girder; also lot of est steel Hammers for br aki .g ?t it : also one Morticing Machine. Andy at H. HOMER'S, M East Broadway, near dual ham square. r MILLINERS.? 4 LARGE ESTABLISHMENT, DOING first c.asa business, on wnlch tfle Uines have had no fleet, V, III be sold eery low to a cash customer; the owner going to California. Fur Luther particulars address Mrs. Bmythe, Herald oUice. TO HARNESS MAKERS.?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS Saddle, Harness and Trunk Store, in out) of the best locations in Broadway; would either sell <ut or take a good working partner in with seme cash. Address Saddler, Madison square Post fTl- c. Ai5P*QfiM SUIT oV ENAMELLED Ft'KNITi RE, IX an coTorf, of warranted manufacture; also solid Chestnut Chamber Suits, plain and i iuaiovtital, at It. F. FARHINQTO.V8, Ho. J5$ Canal street, opposite Waaster. EataolUliail In l*4d. _ AHY'PARTV nAVINd MARBLE TOP TABLES, WITH Iron frames, suitable tor a restaurant or lor errsm saloon, tor sale, can find a cash customer by railing on or addressing a note to C. J. Clark, SS7 Eighth arcnuc, between Twenty-elgh U and Twenty-ninth stiect'. Also cdtie bottom Dining Room Chairs Welded. /"LABINET FURNITURE V It A^wiiPAimmKRS' rnirns. ?11*1,000 W'tfHf 11. a ? In eon sequence of the falt'ng "d in our wln.lesile busiaeen, we oiler our own manufactured goods to the public at the lowest prices, Consulting of _ PARLOR, LIBRARY, .. DINING ROOM . _ AND BEDROOM SUITS, MaJa of selected ma to rial and la '-he latest stjiea; all goods are warranted. . Please examine our goods before purrhaaii.g i-'srwhera. weil A BKAUNSDOIIF, 125 and 117 Rirlngion at, between F.*?es and Nortotk. H. B.?Orand, Esses and Uouaton street stages pass close Br Enamelled chamber suits of furnitureid all colors and style*, at wboleaata and retail; lie largest atoek In tho city. Holts f'.m and upwariH. Ainu, nulla walnut Suits, Mattresses, I'ailla-sea.Ac. WA RRKN WARD, 177 Canal itrct. four doors cast u( Broadway. crnitt're wanted?or ooud htyle. quality and yiuntity, sufficient to furnish a large honao tornC" ts for a coup e who tire tired of boarding. Addret*. slat fall parilrulars. Kirtiy, bni 144 Herald oiflre. First class enamelled itkmtire-plain, ; de. >rau u and t rained, s. nd walnut an.I oak Set.; Suits ' M 930 a ad upwards; Matt/crse*. Spring Beds, * . i J. w. FlSllKU a CO., Manulaetnrors, C80 Broadway, between Hie. .-ki'racd Bund streets. FITRNITCRE. CARPETS, RO'iKS. T.tRIlAR1K"3, RAMphlets IxMiglU tor ready mousy, at i'il Sltlb avoiiu . Lotiwecn Ninth and Tenth 'treats. fjtckirndrr bought all kikds ok ii lseiiold J PurnRoro boofht lor rath and a good price firm. Ail sails or a iniiu addressed Furniture, 47V Third nvnuc, nrur Thirty fourth street, will be pruiniitly attended to. b. B.?A good arsonment of tccond hand Furniture for nolo. FIRNITI'RB WANTED?t'ASH BILL MM PAIIMOIt $i,iw or ?1,8(10 worth of ?ceond hand Kurnlture, auilable lor a hotel. Any party break ins un b.. nek-ping I tnay rati an ?r address aline to Mr. MATiiEWs, lid Kaltui street. M'KlTtl. VWT1CKI. Attention hoi i.ep makers.-a specem. meet. Inj of toe NcwYoik S??am Hullarmakri ? Brurswlcnl Asamlaiion will In held o; To I iy evening. Ah li is, H0_\ at Merart lla 1, bit Broadway, te'ai Twelfth street, cmnintiirltig I SoMii: *. i' iiitoal at ii'late e Is ie,, ., - en to w;|| be ?n election rnrtraa'ee.a. The ne\t tneetlna will lie hrM on Tneait.iv, April ), ami entry tn?ulb afierv er<la. Hy ordet ot Ja$. r Ifm, tov CH \H DA v i?. 1*1 [ ?. EK8TIVAI, OK Ml*. PATKH K.-TO MORROW (Mil.V. dny) being (ho iY?tlv?l of lit. Pali Ink, a aoletnH lll;h a* will bo e?lrl,rat?<l ill Mi. Petrtck't rathodlwl by the k jr Rev. Mr Mtarr?, V. (i.. jt 10'j A. M nn-1 il,e panrttfri' ot the Ha lot will be pi-.i?hej by Uie IT- v. Di. M>AJI)iiu. SPEi'IAIj.?MR. r. O'i.IJADV, ItKt'KSTI.V OK tiie Htevcna llo i?>, Urnmtiray, Into removed lo No. 1M Broadwae, roi ef K!"h'h air. <o. whrto he will b" happ\ to meet hi* f 'rnwr l rt"tnl* ntnl pa -mi*. The FRir.Nm.v soy-- or r patiik k wii.t. brat Ihe'r H8*ent? rl^hlh Aiiuirei?aiy OltitiT at the METltOP'll.l TAN II I Kl. mommy, march ?r. at 6 o CO P.M. I. 11, -,,. . v irate <'11A III.EM P. DAI.Y, I'rpAlrfent. W1 1,1,1 AM tVATHOtf, Pirn Vie* Pr?,?te> I RItltAr.D, Hieoi .1 Vim Pimltlenl. II. I, IIOot'Er.Third Vice )'rr?l<teiii. IMMMI. IH'.VI.IN, foili lb VI, Piwauictit, PIIARI.T3II HIRNEV.Tr ?->trer. TMOM AS HAHHOIIR, se. rotary. Tie'- t? to J y " b'"l li -ii the 1 111' i tv, i, a nan,- '. gentlemen, trim Inv* In C A ap) Ins-.1 a > .? ir t- ? . RIt'll \ RD BE EE, Choir mint. P. (I IIK PI I - " Y.VHV |> D" ' i, IP A V. , R <> nor. " Aon .'. II I. II . ..i. ."f P I,, -i K. II I."wr?, Bm< l!e|ethl|e. Pe'ei Itn e, 1 Ml ne t a ' .i isi- i - ip ' y w' < wi . fi? p, i . John H I ip* "I . ' 1 Ti : |y | u ), , ... .. F. Iwat I B >y,e, .t Pme turret, TIIOMA BAUItOl H. M , rrtm-jr, t Warren rp r. Ml'MiltF.M CAB THE II EM H F K.t (Y Tlllt J.i' ' ?a?1 * ? ' ?u at i1'- )<,?): > I-; ft , v ot ? . t * s.vtr on in* M* It. '. ? t ?'pec |T ' .? ,J1 u? ?,'iMvr r .m ef p. |Jr ?ikn, uf ITA IICK Vi'ltLt, Pti . > it JLvO JK1 *a;tf.'lt?T \ < 81LKI OF llF.VL ESTATE. AN i. IK (.A.N I KOUilbTORY NOVA SCOT J A DBAS a \ one lluui-r, now o l.y the owner, tor .ale, fur n .lied or infurnUhcd, at n -j1 nlice and on U >eial terius, Appy on the premised, 33 West Forty-ililh alreet, ncur Fifth avuuue. _ AniSTCUM Fl KMIHHBO HOl'RB Kill SALB.? It Is foui M i lee, 1 r. wn h on.-, t'.ifiO, situated otia wide alreet, and coniniua alt u*od. rn iaiprovi menu; the lurullurc is at! very handsome i nd nearly new; the whole aa It atands will 1m a,.1<1 for leaa nan iheyuluc of ilic bouaealone. Apply to ('. K M ILLS, 34 Cedar street. AHOCSB, BARK AND OTHER OPTHOrSM (VBW), with two aer<-a front iaml, ocautliiitiy located in Sew Canaan, Coun.; coat S'i.othJ; lor Its* Can $3,' 00; eighteen o'res adjoining < ao be had. A) ply at 2<j6 Fultou meet, Brooklyn?piano room. t iwtM FOB BALI OWtORO I.-'I.AND. OF HIXTY. A live acrer?On a beautiful lake, wltli plenty of fruit, t.sliiua, kluillim, In. i near schools and churches; or would exchange for good city piopert y. Apply to J. KIC11AKHS, 149 Weal Fiftieth street, New York. AT 1'BIVATE KALE, FOR KXl'HANiiE OR TO LET? Three of (he tire House* (.lliAi?KM f.o t lots) on the north aide of Fifty-Ulth street, 101 feet eaal of Third avenue; gas, water closets, h"*lis, Ac. JAMEI ACKKRMAN, 101 Nassau siiept. A VAMMDin FARK ARB rors'TRY BUffOV 8* J\ acres lor sale cheap.?liood House, with lolly ceilings, Ac., large barn, coaeh house, lee house, Ac., m arly new; large garden, with fruit and vegetables of every kind in abundance; lawn, shrubbery ami shade "cos, sloping down to the water; llshlug, boating and bathing. Land of tba highest oualltv: distance shout foetv ?niles: four linurs bv '-eamboat >>r rail. .Vldrnu Farmer, boa 2,119 New York Post ofllce. Nn agents need apply, AIJOr.SE, STABLE AND LOT, ON HOUSTON STREET, for xal<' or to lot. The House is four stories, brick, 2ox60, with extension, iu tine order, with mo-lorn improvements: theie is n tine brick Stable in the rear, with entrance from Mercer street; Lot 23x105. Term* easy. Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, hi Cetlar street. A CHOICE FARM IN DUTCHESS COUNTY TO EXcbungofor city Improved property; also a new four story House on Murray lull for merchandise, well located; size 25xKH(K>. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. 6 Pine street. At yonkers.?for pai.f. or to let, a cottage, containing nine rooms, with four lota !u g n-.b-n, Irnlt, good water, stable, liuis view of tho Hudson. t'ailSlides, Ac. Address J. Augustine Smith, New York Port oilico, or Editor of Youkcrs Herald, Youkcrs. A handsome three story and high baseincut brown House lor .-.ale, on Furty-elgluh slieut, between Second and Third avenues, -flic, price Is-or diculoitsly low thul i am ashamed publicly to name it; without wasting words over a small matter, i will make a great sacrifice and give a great burgitin. C. ti. l'UATT, 32 Pine street, room No. 9. A RARE CHANCE-NEW VORK. BROOKLYN OR Jersey City Properly, or Merchandise wanted, lor oue, two or three Hons v, ami from 1 to 10 tv-rcs of G irneu Land in a town In this State, on the Noiv York and Erie Railroad, free and clear. Apply toT. flAFTKW, 170 Cuthua si. V BEAUTIFUL FOUB 8TOBY BROWN 8TOKB FRONT House, bakeincnt-and sub-eel ur, with all the modi rii Improvements, on Brooklyn Heights, ab Calamine strot t, opposite Coluutide row, with a tine view oT N w York bay. Will be sold very . heap, on easy terms. For further particulars apply to or address T. SIMPSON, "it avenue II. Brooklyn.?for sale oh to let, the brown stone tront House 416 llcurv street, near Flist place; two years built; furnace, range, ho: and cold water, bathroom, gas fixtures, Ac , all complete. Apt ly on the premises. Brooklyn.?house for sale (bargain), 237 State street, 23 l'eet oast of Uoyt; lot25?W; llouae two story unci, wiui ncp arnors, vtucs, sc. j?iko i anwis, ,11ir rors, A'-., 11 desired. Apply on the premises, or to \VM. B. NICHOLS, owner, 411'iue street, Now York. Brooklyn.-Horss for bale at a sacrifice. A r.rat, moderate sized, thrco story, lush stoop brick House; deep lot, with nice gard. n; subioThir, haimment kitchen with range, twopail, is, six bedrooms, gas, Ac., will be sold fur fifteen hundred dollars lota than cod?one-ba f on bond and mortgage for five veers; street respectable and unlet. Inquire at 176 Adams sire, t, near Concord, between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. Brooklyn property.?for kalb, to let oit leas", two Houses and Sl*ble?, with garden, and a num. bcrcu Lata. Also four brown stone Houses and WW vacant Lot*. Apply corner of Myrtle and Lewis avenues. wm. t. mills. CITY HE8IDK.N0EH FOR SALE.- A OItEAT VARIETY of private Dwellings, from the very choicest to the meanest In all the different wards, but chiefly between Chambers street and Central Park. East and North rivers; also Sto.'cs. Shops, Factories and Bull (Unit Plots all over the Island; Country Residences, Forms and Villain Houses, llll'.s, Fa.ti.rie* and Water rnwei* in all tliwBUhnorlng counties. C. O. PRATT. 32 Pine street, iOTn No. 9. COFN rRY.heat IN portchbstf.r, westchester county, for sale, containing about four acres, house forty feet square. w"h cupola,columns In front,beautifully shaded by fruit and other trees, splendid lawn in front, with rtnwera ot all lends. It is some, distance from the town proper, and secluded from obs I Vellon by trees. (schools and chuivl.r* In the vudecy. For terms, which will ho low, apply to .JAMES II. BEEK.-. on the piemisea, or at CO Fourth avenue. Now Turk; orot Mr. MARSHALL, a' the 1'nrtChaster depot. I^AST BROADWAY.-FOR SALE, THE HANDSOME 'J and two atnry, avic. high basement and auh-cellar House and.Lot No. 273 East Broadway, 21v78, with SxtenKiun containing fntir row; has all the nuiucrn Improvements, and in complete order; price $7,CH)J; larnis easy. C. 0. PRATT, n Pta* street, room i, IA.VRM, NINE MILES FROM NEW YORK. OF ONE J? hundred a'-res, to reut, at per annum, mi lUciu usu kPaiitoal. A V.uuae included, and iloek to be used and Ictt Iu as goo t condlthtn as when reoeiVt d. Inquire of J AS. IjI.XUN. 41 Walker .street. New York. IAAKM FOR BALE?TWENTY-TWO ACRES, NO OUTJ; buildings; acre* wood. In good fence; brock runs through it; lieailtilnlly local.'d ill WatklBglnn Volley, three tulles from Somrrvllle and live from Hnundbrook, on the Central Railroad 01 New Jeraer. Friee $M per a-re. Apply lo WM. WOODS, Houndbri ok. N. J, INARM WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR FIRST CLASS J? city property, improved or unimproved; one worth lrotu lit,' to ten thoitk'itid dollars, with Mock, tvould tie preferred. in the S'a'fl of New York; It must be a bl>t cWa farm. .Vidros Farmer. Herald oMice. IUU * \XTED.?I HAYS A THREE STORY, IIICU 1 > cement Brick Home In Brooklyn, which I want to exchange lor a Farm of 10 to 30 at n ?, worth not over $3,000, v. it bin 30 inilui of New York. Address O. riUcru ood, bos 120 Herald uflii-e. "INARM FOR SALE OR TO LET.-A FARM OF 8U0 r ttcrt" for .mile or to let, on F.atou'i Neck, Huntington, L. I. Inqulri ul the owner, no lite iiirni, or at hie re-oUence, cornet el Voslic and Leonard streets, Brooklyn, K. D. JOHN CAS8IDY. For sale?tub three story and attic, high stoop House ( 20 hy !A) feet), No. 12 Koornian place? Thirty-third street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. Ap> ply to Win. L. T t V i OH, To Wall street. I30R SALE-A TUBEE-STOKY AND BASEMENT 1 brown -cone front House and Lot In Flt'ty-tifth street, one hundred lee! vest of FliM avnnue. All the modern Improvement*. Inquire of B. BOWNK, "21 Third avcu ic, or w. 8. l'l NCKNEY, .4 Chsraher* alreet. Ipor - vlk? a nick, large HOUSE, with nxu " unri'i nod, all ne firut, with garden.rron? and buthfn,-, near to Ki yrnrt. htm t1,701', part rath. Imuire of MALCOLM, fel Giver wi n etrcet. vert pleasant and iikalttit country ro-t.lfn^. 11. ibr villnge of S<>nlbport. Connee. Ucitt, IWu hour*' rid'? from ?>iff ruy iJ* , Haven Railroads ? jl| t?c mill with or without SO ?"?y* of land. TtiiUU SMiApply toC. H. t'HHISTMAS, iWi Broadway. . For svlk-kurnisiied or unfurnished; the Prat etaee, high (loop, brown atone front Ilnuae, No. II West TUiQ-uiiu ct, i.en lu'ih inm. rbi* hutire <ont?in" all the modern improvement", end I* to complete order. Apply tot'. If. STEVENS, mi (he pit iodic a or ?t No. 23 Wllllum ntret'l. TAOP. HALE-TWO AND THREE STORY HOUSES, P blown "tone be.nnente, m<n.p, em] trlminlnga, with modern Improvement", to Hlvty-Uith atrrct, bciwecu F.r-t and Sorond aveuuea. Also new tenement Itniiaea in Nineteenth word. Inquire of WM. A. JUUK, Second avenue, between Hlity-fourth and Sixty-fifth treete. TAOR SALE-A SMtLL NEW TWO STORY BRIUK X Ilnuae end lai . I2#1, North aldo Thirtieth all eel, IfUU foe! west. Seventh avenue, stands back from walk. tYi.o Wl.aio, 1.11 b It f.M? ran ay. Apply to Mr. OEOMWKLL, 1? William afreet. 1AOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY AND P bancmctit Mali atnop Houae, wltb all the modern im prorrmenU, bnilt by day'" work. Inquire of J. I*. SEEI.EV, on the premier*, 7" Fori Green place. EIOBMUI sni i n DEI WATER ISLAND PTYE P inll<* fioin Vaudrrbllt'a lamting, fillerii .urea, llou? and Main,ahorc front, Brh home, An.; plmty of il*m?and ? tie Will lie ?.ili< Inr Uaialne l.> I Mi ' fi~B vi I >v\iv ; s . . rent, "roainXci. 17" " IfOR SALE?f?x gOt'TII SI UK OK BTATEN ISLAND, r Qir mile* 11*0in Aauderhilt'a landing, > rbolit |i|im of ( and, ..'inlalnlng rix 2HIV1 fron'? oil Colt'* avenue, (Hip tI'mv ; .'harming i*l u? f?.i .? gentleman'* imMrmt, Appier to U,ET? A HA LOW IX, 7i Maiteuu licet, room l/on 8 a Li. a FARM ox r.atbx inland, f'OH. I talning TO ma, liv. inllr* front A'anderblU'a lauding, mi Iln of rat'rnad: ei'llct.t land for trucking purpnaea; would 1* diiltted to .<ui> bun luoera. MiiM bo (old. Price Ion. ,\| ,lv to LEETK BALDWIN, 7s atrrei, Mom No. I. 001 BALK?A FARM of ABOUT tw ENTY a< RKS. .F .'(i ni b * front the oily, on Long Tcontaining a ininfwtaUc linu-" for a " family, pl??v.nt c.n .len, with atrau *, A"., a oil yron : use oiohant, with both |>OHrh niul apt n- mm I'm - pi.ii?i. a mrj * I erabl rad nation mad" loo an Initne lli'to c??h putchatet. Addic** J. 8. I'-ouioy, 41 Downing trort.; s \ I.I? \ COUNTRY UDIMXCl AT I. AST .F Kl*bkill, Dutch*** county, !i?r utile* (mm Katieracn ?ialion, tlircc hour* Iron. New V"tk t>* llarlrm Railroad. II < iiiKima cd In "Ive a. re*, nine of e licit are young Unit*'!-; the balance t.n a lo* ; Hoi nottae, outbuilding* and tence* arc lin too.) orfwr; alao plenty of foank growing fruit and ahtubberv, with a never failing *]ning of w ater. and In the r.rliiily of ?. rcral lake*, wnb gojj p -lilng an I iniollng. For lurther |<nrtt .ui.ira apply to t'YUt'N B. BOYD, 154 Bowery, N. Y. Iron MALE?TIIKKK STORY II10 II HAHKMr.Nf HOI BK 1 ami I.'-t, II l W>?i Tweniy-aemijd nirem ZJ.IifB.9, with tl modern liupioTrni?nl?, in cuuiplt tc repair; van he aceu any urn'; tevma rr?y. 1. r. JOSEs, M Anu lit reel, arrond floor. IAOIt SAI.E-A FOUR STOUT HOI RLE IIOI'HE; AI.^O 1 a lliP i! Kiory oar llona*. on l hirly v .Mini airrr', lie twren Fourth ?n1 Mtdlann areniif*; win be sold at a cirni barjaln; wa ? other llou??a. Apply tn JultX M KIHIMN, $45 rturth avenue. ITOi: HALE, I OR $ 1,73" .r.'O ON MORTO \OE)?THE r throe amiy ltl?h ato?'|i marlilr trlmmi <1 Uotiac, with <?*, water. bath*. *nb-t ellnr, Ac.. Ids K?? Fortieth Street. Alro Ilia llnuae 1#6 Writ Thirty-third Him, wry t neap, Jmiulrtl ol J. O. II ANSON, 836,'a Bif-rrkef rtrert iron SALE A TIIURE STORY IIIOII STOOP 7}ft) L1 ba? ni' nt Ilott?e. In Tli'riy Ilm alren, between Levin*, inn anil Fourth avenue*, in ilinroviih repair ami ihe t>r?t orde- For ' run ami rarda of a inil'ilun, apoly lo tV. H DK r.OM' KY. .If , 10 PlneatieoU tAOR f AI.K -TltK COTTAUE IIOfSE AND LOT NO 11 P Ea?;Tliniy-p.Kli'ii Mreet, near Madl'on avoir.?, on-ol Hit t>?" Incatlun* In tbe city, the lKiu?e i* In p? rfool order, ar.1e.mb cm only from twelve lo inrfe o a. Ttrmi ra-jr. Apply on the jtremlaefc ^ 1SOR SALE i' I HOUSE I ED LOT No M litrnp *> li'.e, tfttar I wi 'r fovfla ? i et. ' ?,n r ih' Oral I bnilnraa !' nt oa? on the a?? v. il.e at-.-re la tine l tip in the mn rn i ?e maimer i?r-j?* rri jr eaay And) to ItOMT JOHNSON, 11 ti4iTb r j eiibti rrei, near Ma diuu ar. NEW YORK HERALD, SIT lAIiES or REAL. ESTATE. For sale -a pink country skat and farm op 100 acrrs, beautiful y lo-ated a a inlle and a <|iu. tar of the deuot at New Brou.wick, N. J., with all the re ;ui?ue i oirtbul dines and Ferner's Collage; .vso sloclr, implemen'S, A.'., and, If desired. the Furniture will lie sold Inw. ThU I* a ttne rel iance for a gentleman doing business In the cl'jr. Mail ui the puri base money can remain on bond ami nine gage at tf per ant and part payment w II lie taken In ? lty pioje rijr. Addrci. Edward F.a-ib, ?2 Broad street. N V. FiHJR 8ALE-A FARM OP 216 At IBM OK LAND. altuaird In Pike county, Pennsylvania, of which thirty acre* U now unproved and under cultivation, the i,ailan e timber land with houM S and rttldcs on It. Forfuriler particulars inquire of JAMES I'ASTh.NH, 166 Dtiane street. FOR sale? FOUR COUNTRY SEATS ON the passate river, b< autifully lo>a'< d, having u line river front, twenty acres en h; will be .old, In w hole or In part, on II cral lerni*. IRELAND. HINCKLEY A CO.. IB Nassau struct. Inoft PHYSICIANS.?A pew Ot.OD KN'ILISM BASK' ment Houses, admrably locmed. in vurious parte of the city, for >a<e extremely low, on easy terms. With or them a good medical practice \vn il l be relinquished by tlui owners, who contemplate leaving the cily. C. tj. PRATT. 32 Pine street, room No. 9. For sale or exciianok-a very hppehior House, occupied by owner, in Eighth ward; lot 114x10.1: fine garden and grapery; a good speeul'illng property. Would exchange for a smaller house In New York or suburbs. In* quni: of E. A. DICKINSON, 30 Bucknutn street. Fob sale or exciianme for a farm-that valuable property forussfly ooennlcd by the Falls Hotel, In the village of Niagara Palls; it is situated on the corner ol Main and Fit is streets, 100 feet on .Main street. 225 feet on Palls street, and 100 feet on Mi, hanic street. This is without exception the most valuable projiortvln N'sgnra Palls, cither for the erection of a lirst class hotel or a block of stores. The property now being clear of buildings, pirtles wishing to build a hotel or a bnsine s block will iind this the most desirable properly lu Western New York. There Is no better rue* tor a Orxt alas* hotel or a busluesa block trail tnis valu abe corner. It wtll be anM at a low figure or exchanged for a good Farm of moderate ai/e in Mew York, New Jersey or fciinaylvacia. For further Information address D. 11 lliriee, Nlagara Kalis New York. Ijlor sale or bxphangr?the new four stoky House, 306 Lexington avenue; b'owu atone and high atoop. Apply to W. CLARK. 96 East Twenty-sixth street before 10 A. or from 5 to 7 1*. M. Would exchange for a less priced house in the city. For sale, on would excij vxok for well i.ocuted Lota?One or two lirsi c.sss bruwu atone Houses, or would give second class property tf preferred. Apply to JOSEPH MCOI'IRE. 66Seventh street, belorc U A. M., oral K.i hast Forty ninth street after A P. M. For sale or exchange?a splendid farm, three miles from Red Hank, seven from Long Branch, N. J., with fine House, t*u rooms, two barns, all In flno order. Inquire of 0. MALCOLM, 073 Greenwich street For sale or to let?three story hioii basemerit House ittid Lot, I'M South Fifth street, Brooklyn, K. D., 71x148, with fruit tre-s, grape vines, Ac.; water and gas; can be secu any lime; possession immediately; terms easy, I. F. JONES, 02 Ann struct. For sale or to let-two three story and basement Houses on Lee av- ntie, near Rosa street. Williamsburg; mo tern Improvements; rent $15') to a responsible tenant; or for sale, at war prices. For keys, Ac., apply to A OWEN, cottage house, llots street, corner of Lec avenue, Williamsburg. talor sale or to let-in mount vernon, westJ; Chester county, a good two atory and attic Hnuar, corner of Fifth avenue and Fourth street. For laruculurs Inquire on the premises. For rale or to let?in the village of Stamford, u flno House with all the modern Improve ments, carriage house, fruit of ull kinds and one acre of land: live minutes'walk from the New Haven depot. Inquire of S. W. A? 39 West Forty-third street, New York. For sale or to let-a beautiful house and three acres oflaiid; all the modern improvements; well blocked with fruit and ornamental trees; neighborhood first class; within forty minute* of the rity bv railroad,every hour. Terms easy. Inquire of 11. HOAG, 73 Pine street. For balk or to let?at hpuyten duyvil, a two story and attle House, with all the modern conve- j n ern e-1, beautifully located at Spuylen Duyvil, on the llud- i son, with a lino view of the Harlem river, High Bridge, Ac.; censing fourteen rooms; has a bathroom, hot and cold water, furdace, Ac.: within ten minotes' walk of the de|>ot, with I ' three acres of ground attached, tastefully laid out with u blka. ? Iiub An Bhniutttni'A nf fnrAMt fruit anti pvnrtfronit I trees, flowers, grspes and sum I frulU, w ith largo kitchen g irden and lawn; on the premises arc stable, carriage, cow and chicken bouse. Will he sold or rented low. Aprly to SERGEANT A HUNT, 80 Wall street TTOR SALE OR TO LEASE?A CHURCH, TOGETHER JP with throe Lots of Oiouud, suitable for m muia-turlng purposes, Ac.; central location, situated between Broome and Grand streets, for particulars apply to P. WEILElt, 177 Hester sTect. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE.?* FOUR STORY Inch stoop brown stone front House, No. SO West fortyseventh street, between Fifth and Slvth avenues, complete with all the modern improvements; the furniture is alt new; a very desirable opportunity to aujr person wishing to purthai!" a first class house. Inquire on the premises, from 10 A. M. to 51'. M? or of K. U. LUDLOW A CO., No. .8 Piuo at VJEWABK, N. J.-FOR SALE OB RENT. A VERY DE iv alrable residence (stone) with live acres of ground beautifully located on Passaic liver, one mile from the venire of Newark, on the road to Bclvlllc. Aprly to W. E. ItOORAEM, 99 Liberty street. rito CITY TAXPAYERS-FOR SALE, THE SPLENDID 1 Country Site of E. K. Collins, consisting of SOU acres; a Hue., substantial old mansion, In a lawn of It acres of lotty shade trcct", native and imported, of innumerable varieties; a garden of four acres, tastefully designed and stocked with frolt and tlowers; nil no. senary outbuildings, Including l'arm house, bowling alley and yachtman'scottage, fronting on a lute harbor. The situation has unequalled advantages for either private residence or for speculation, having a hold shore on the Sound one mile In extent; two sides belted by creek and Inlets and one side by main road; the lands tracing the river gently slope either way, to that a hundred building sues can each command splendid views of the Sound and surrounding country, leaving in the centre, if desired, a Hue park; tiro-thirds ot the lies will have water fronts; the place Is perfectly healthy, water excellent and the air Inrigorating; distance tlglitcen miles by New Haven Railroad; accessible almost hourly; business men can reach the City Hall from tlil.s place in leas time than those from llariem by Hie aienue cars. Persons desirous of avoiding city taxes, and the detent:ou and dangeis of ice ?ml fogs, In uroesiug the rivers, will uo well to rive this advertisement attention. No estate ssltliln a hund.ed miles of New York, of equal qu.mtlty, combines the dlversil.e 1 advantages and regal elegance of this. Toe grounds are nobly t> aimed, abounding in groves and splendid trees. 4 proper.)- l.i every particular and all lis appointments, limn .am and grand. For terms apply to the owner at J. S. Caldwell's olDce, "4 Hne sired, or his residence, 71 West Tulrty-'.-igbib street, N. Y, TO BE flOl.n?A THREE STORY BASEMENT AND under cellar Philadelphia bi irk House, ivltb brown stone trimmings. No. 144 East Thirtieth street, between Third Slid Lexington avenues, south side of lite -tieei, with all modern improvements, furnace, three water clo.-o s. butler's pantry, Ac., and large sized yard, nil In the uiiSt perfect order; now rem a for $900; will be sold on easy terms. Apply to CIIAH. METTAM, Architect,429 Hioadwa/. \rAI.CVHLE PROPERTY FOR RALE.-TWO LOTS AND two Cores together, with a substantial built tranio Dwelling. Ciliated ou tho south side of 144th street, adiotulug the KlngsbrUge road. For particulars apply to JAMES M. Ml I I.ER. 28 Pino St rest. YITANfED-IN EXCHANGE FOR COUNTRY SEATS, IT brown stone four story high stoop llo ues, not below Fcurtcniu mrrer, nor aoove ronimn sircrt, imrwpfn rouna and tfoventh avenue*. JOHN KAVMONO, 154 Wdlum at. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A WEIX BUILT THREE story high s'oon House und Lot, all modern lmm-gv"'mants, between tWhjUH PW Bipntn svenne* HTI.1 Twelfth mUfvrtr.thlrlTafreet#. Price from $6,000 to$fUH& No apswer* nntked except from owner*, with lull description, street and number. Address V. II., bos 180 llerald WAN TED TO "TuR<'IT ASK?A BRICK OR~ STONE House fnrcaab, Enpllsh basement, about IS feet front, all the modern Improvements, In complete order, between Four'h an 1 Sixth avenues, and Fourteenth ami Tnfrtleth streets. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. S Pine at. " WATCIIKSJEWKLUY, Ac. ~ AT 407 BROADWAY.?I AM SKLLINti COMPOSITION and tiold Vest Chains, const to tine void tor wear and alonn-ten'b the price: also Hoard ami Neck Chain*, name material; California Diamonds, equal in brilliancy to the real. Prices low to suit the times. L. Jacobs. T 407 BROADWAT YOlfCAN BUY A tVoid) NlL\Kli Wakh for $2, *8. $7 80 or $10; so?d Hold Watch. *, $10 to $73; Wal' lies Cleaned and Repaired for $1: (lias.?? ntlet for inc. Old (luld and Silver boi'itht or taken in exchan*e, L. JACOBS. T 407 BROADWAY VOC CAN FIND TIIR LARGEST assortment of Jewelry, Fancy llooda, Pipes, Knues, Plated Forks, StKinn*. Purtemor.n ties snd Kste.liels, In ahoW eu-cs, each article marked 80c. or $1. Toe cheapest atore In the city. A" T NIT BROADWAY, A VARIETY OF~tJOObii ~FOR ale to pay advances, among which are Hegar* at, $1, $1 30 and $ J per box; bne OoPI Jewelry, Mttsl'-sl Instruments, Ac., Ac. Now is the time to purchase, as the Tsx bill will ralso the price. L. JACOBS. BII.H.VII OH. AI. \RtlE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND S I'lard, with Pbclati'e Combination Cushions, for ?air lit priees 10 mm me nmea. I'll ELAN Jk I OI.LKNDKK, 63 In 03 Crosby at, N. Y. iffWK fttUAVD I I I FOIt M VRI'II?WITH REI mark* of the oppressive u.\ on billiards.?An aeount of the great mat- h In Cleveland?Rule* of Billiards, suitable tor I ranting, toget ier with all the current news about billiard*. Copies sent free to all billiard rooms, and to any one "nding tlo lr address to IHIELAN A CULLENDER, 67 Crosby etrect, N. Y. IIOI SKH. ROOIKF, ?!k< ., TO I.KT. Am H TWO MTOKY AND BASEMENT BRICK IIOI bK TO lei. water In h*ek basement; gas, grates, marble mantels en I finding diaira; situated III Bright street, Jer-ey City, op. iio'lle the nubile school. Kent $;U0. Call on the landlord, Mr BRADY. corner ol Drove and Newark avenue, nr i>u lbs premises. The key nest uoor, at No. #3 Bright street, ALOFT TO LET?ON SECOND FLOOR, COR~NK R OT Graenwtch and Murray aireeu, over the clothing store, snluhle for any light business. Entranco In Murray arret, liojolre on the premises. A HANDSOMELY rUHIU8lTED~)R CNKCKNifillBD House to lei, possession May 1, Id East Thirteenth atreet, near Fifth avenue. K nt t in to s private lainliy. Cants to view apply to MORRIS L. SAMI'EL, watch manm farlnrrr'a agent, 40 Nassau strset, from III to Joo.ork. TTKNT10N^"oaLLEDTo"fillisli I,UMNO IN llo" tels and hosrdtng houses to an establishment opened at No. 110 Mac longa street, end furnished with rveiylhlng nr. ce 'sary for housekeepiu.', In order that a family may have a complete home and lire at a low rale. Attention pianoforte .makkks.-a foi r" htm. ry Slote to lei, room to work tweniy-flve men; goo-t location; rrnt taken In planus. Addiess lor one week, box 4,09 root ofllce. At new Brighton.?to rent, a i.arob fi r. nisbed Manalon, ronlainlng billiard table, gas, water works, Ac. Also, two Villas, on the heights; mo iern Int. pmvetnen is, Power and vogeiihle gardens, fruit, caftnso a grounds, stables and ma. h houses; view unsurpar.sed. fl-.e minutes from the ferry. Apply to T. BOND, 133 Bioariwaji A FURNISHED COTTAGE tO LET-IN BROOKLYN, ten minutes' wslk from ihe South ferry; It will be let very reasonable to a Small r- sponsible family, the hi use has gas an 1 water. Apply st 349 Atlantic street. FIRST CLASS tOf R SToitV bahf.mTint House, in Ttilrty suth street, m ?f Klilli avenue, to let !o v for the ensuing yea-; Is in good order; ?!*>' JO6?6A, Willi gas hglitres, iiirnoe. to,; a I > anon lor a physician. 1 Apuly lo B II. TAYLOR, FI0 Broadway, rear old'e. \kmt III: I'll 1-1 I.IIIHI HIM! \ Ml ;i|l I I MM) ) . loon to let In Hudson ? n rl: Slot e. ami Daellln.v. a a > lit an I tune room*. In i

i best e nulti >n rvery . mj.eineuir In Ninth and Klll' i tno wards Apply al No b Tenth ?lrei t, between Kl th and S aIIi arenuaa. NDAY, MARC FT 16. 1862. HOUSKH, MHH, dir.. TO E.KT. 1 FOUR STORY BRffK HOUSE TO LBT?WITH IMJ\ niril am p .sen ion. Tbe luiu'i' ia In tin.- order, ronta ua all i o in ii i'ii riveiuenfs, ami, from nii. and .oil. woulu au t ?all inr a'.oaHma him e Rem low to ;j'sil par.y. Ap ly'o CI1AKI.T.S ii Mil . t Apart of a house to i kt?to a rmpectable family. T a lower part of til. Writ ', wall on win d limine lsA? rrlnoe tract, p, M, tj .lonj'.il. wry near ' arc and ff HHlltlH if (luU bMU I ,?utl Ui.itki. krn aud pnnoy attj.'hed, front ami ore a parlors, two IwHlrnonu an I servant's room; >"io I yiir i, we.; !tan and waier luaermd. To be stou from 11 to f o clock. itefercuco* and required. A desirable upper part of the dwelling a.w Brna iwuy, just below Union sputre; It h.i? all the modern eoinenen en, iiatlis, wa . r objects, dumb waiter pae, furnace, k tehen, la ndry, Ac.; an table tor a lli;lil uii llnery or other buainttaa, or for a private tutnlly; it is now tie n? runted an papered, ai d put u emnplete order Alio tlio Raaeuient O.liee, vvlilrh will bo iet Willi or wit out Ibe above. Poaaekkiou l?t of April. Apt'!; at No. it Hint street, .r o h. ii. MJJMsOw A CO., -V . :t ITne -;i? . Brooklyn.-to let or lea>k, a three story and liaaeiuent briek ll ?-e a most desirable read ewe, situated iu the beat |iart of t'llnt'u afreet (No. 1A4I, Willi every eouvenleniie, wuter. gas, Ac. Inquire of F. uerktv, ho. ? Old clip, New York. Broadway, near union hqijarb.-tiie upper part of the Store No. dud Broadway to let. Inquire bolow. Broadway store and dwelliko house ro let. No. .182 Broadway. between ELjbleeuth aud Nineteenth street*. Inquire <vt T N HOLLISTEK, 4M Klltli avouuu, Lei ore 9 A. U. or alter t P. M. Brooklyn'.?th ree story and basement brown slope House, N 2e0 Adclpbi street, baudsoine aas fixtures, plunihliiff s npn tor kit lio.n arrangements, ev tension parlor and bath, near Fulton avenue oars ; in tier, feet order, nnd will be repainted, Apply to HENRY T. KEKR, ow uer, 3U Nassau street, New York Desk room to let-on first floor, bro ad. way, opposite City Hail. Address A. M. 8.. box 170 lie. raid olliiv. fur two days. EjVlMlLY hotel to let.?the family hotel, ' shunted on Fourth street, earner if South Fifth street, Brooklyn, K. D, Isottered to lean; on favorable term*. The house 1* very plciwautly aliumlednn high gruuud, within hva ntiuutes' w.tlk of lour lerrl'-? to New York. I* modern built, with all the conveuience* of gas, water and sewerage. The house It In fine order, having recently I teen palmed and tilted up; eize of house, four siurlca, with kitchens aud under cellars, 72 feet front by SO feet deep. The bouse is furnished with carp'If. oilcloths, bedsteads, beds, bureaus, parlor furniture, Ac , Ac. To a good tenant the house will be tensed on Ihrorabls it mis. Apiily at 220 l'ront Slroet, New York. Furnished cottage house to rent-on Grand street. Astoria. L. I.; pos?es.ilou immediately If des red; rent $<&.'. Inquire on the premises of Mrs. HOWARD, Astoria. FURNISHED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN TO LET.?THE llrst eiass Residence, northwest Corner ol' Lafayette and L'arlton avenues; In complete order, poMMCten Riven itnmediate.y; to a good tenant terms aieouiniodating. Apply on the premises. FOR RENT?A GOOD 1II It EE STORY AND HIGH basement House, n >. 03 West Thirty second tweeu Broadway and (seventh avenue, convenient, comingdlons and accessible; has 13 Rooms, with i losrts, full conven.euecs and a splendiil cellar; Is mpislly well adapted for one laiully or for Iwo. Rent will he moderate, but tenants must be responsible and prompt, and huvc a go id earn for tbe premise:; they occupy. Possession 1st of April If desired. C. O. PRATT, 32 Pine street, room No. 9. Furnished house to let-first clarh four story brown stone front. West Thirty-fourth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues- will he rented low to a rcsponsible party. Address box 2,339 New York Post o31c?. Furnished rooms to let-witu everything required for housekeeping, and a cooking stove, second story, front?no objections to children?m the family of a widow lady, living plain and private. Terms $1 per week. Call for a week at 102 East Thirty second street, corner of Third avenue. House to let -to let. the larob two and a half story briok House, #J8 Broome street, one door front Laurens; Is in excellent order and contains all of the modern Improvements; the cbsndeliera and gas fixtures to let with the bouse. Inquire at the house. Houses to let.-thb four story ba>ement Houses, 124West Twenty-eighth street, and 146 West Thirty-ninth street; alao high stoop three story House, 140 West Forty-third street, near Broidway; wlli be nut In thorough repair end leased for a term of years. Apply to WM. r. stafford, S3 William street, or 141 West Fifteenth etreet. House to lf.t-in eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, with immediate possession. House four stories, with all modern Improvements; Chandeliers and Hlrrnrs, and recently put in complete repair throughout. Apply to N. C. Bishop, 144 Broadway, or 197 Clinton place. House yo let ob lease?103 varick street, in very desirable sit.uatIon, with all lbs modern tmrovements, and In good repair. Innutrn within, from 1 to or to B. OSTJIA.SUER, 391 Canal street, next door to the People's Bank, up stalra, from B to 4 1*. M. House to let and furniture for sale-in a very desirable and central location, suitable for ladies' bout ding house.|The furniture consists of a must superb and ample stuck, sud will be sold separately if desired, and very cheap. AdareM 0. X. r., Herald office. HENRY'S EXTENSIVE SALOON TO LET OR LEASE; Stock and Fixtures for sale. This saloon Is cltglb'y located near the Central Faik, and pre sents a rare opportunity to those entering the business. Apply lor three days at the saloon, Seventy-first street, bctweeu Third and Fourth avenues. Hotel to leask.-the stevkns house, late Delmonlco.'s, No. 33 Broadway, New York, having been put in thorough repair, painted and supplied with the conveniences of a modern Oral cttus hotel. Is now offered to lease upon favorable terms to a sultatde tenant. The furniture may be purchased upon reasonable terms. Apply to HEWLETT A TORRANCE, No. 6 Howling tirecu. or to llOMEn MORGAN. No. 3 Fine street. Lofts to let-the second and third lofts of No. 270 South street, in s good heavy substantial store, suitable for and will be lei for any purpose, rent $101 and $133. Inquire of PKITCIIARDri <t KING, roruer of Mouth and Montgomery streets. MEDIUM SI7.KD HIGH STOOl* HOUSE TO F.ET, NO. IMF Weal Twelfth street, between huth ami Seventh arenues, In pood order; nil minimi Improvement". very desirable. Apply to SMI I'll A LAWRENCE. 167 Du?ne street. No 5 ciiattfvm souare.?good rooms to lbt, with good IUht; also small It ior olllcea or l>uslliess purposes. Apply In the phot--graph gallery. PRETTY 1 ITTLE COTTAOK HOUSE to LET?AND Furniture for sale; possesion Immediately; furniture n arlymw; I* very desirable, and v. ill be sold Imv. Apply ilur tig Monday aim Tue-Htsy at y-j'J Cuiitou avenuo, Brooklyn Rooms, with steam power, to let -rooms of all sizes, provided with every cottrenlenee for rm<- l-lnl.ts and manufacturers, ample and steady steam power, A. .. may now be bad In the envnal*. e building on the eotn1 r of Delancry, Morigin and Toinpins; alrcota, at rents 26 tier cent below thoee aaked elsewberr. Apply on the premises. Steady steam power to let-large and small rooms; well lighted at- am bolstwky. Possession Immediately. 1*J9 Water street, b-.-lwtxu l'lke' and Rutgers lips. SAW MANUFACTORY TO LET.-THE PREMISES AT presi-nt used as a saw mamilaetory, ill Nlntli street, corner ol Aiuslie, Brooklyn, K. D. Tbe ImtUlIn* Is ODsSOIt i t, three stories, well lighted, an two lota of ground, suitable fur almost any kind ol mumifacioiy; rent moderate. Apply to HUGHES A GREEN, corner of tiraud and Fifth sucets, Bto"Uyn, E. D. SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO 93 HUDSON STREET, constating of three large rooms, to let; rrnlf Id per month Apply at 71 Charlton street. TO LET?DWELLING PARTOl S89 BROADWAY, COBn-r of Nineteenth street, suitable for a dentist, milliner, tailor, At-., or a private residence, In-julie ol E. II. CONWAY. 889Rio?dway. mo LET-A COUNTRY BEAT, AT PELHAM, WEST X cheater county, containing !? arrea of I.and, large Umiv>, with necaaary out bnlldinga, ail In good order; n ut low, Apply to DEVKLIN A MILl.KK, 65 Liberty atreet. rl-ET-A SMALL BRICK IIOIHB, NO. M RASf KIRImik MivcL one biiahfroin U(Iuh ainiRi bMh. pi, and rent $.V/t Inquire or K. II. CONW AY. H82 B'oadway. rlJIT-TWO SNI'U MODERN IMPROVED IIOPSM In eompleta order, No?. IH and ltd Hctbnoe alrret. nrji Abingdon equate. rent $1**1; al?>lhe lower p.ait of No. II rent f J2J; two nice Ccttiigea In Irrary City, ail rooina b rent $18 per month. Apply lo T. ENDBIKTil, d4S Birrcvt atr- cl. mo LET?IN BROOKLYN, FIFTEEN MINUTES K* X cara from the Hamilton ferry, a large Outlaw and Hta bte three atnrlca; the brat haa ft urn right In P-n itti>m?, attli and kllcl.eoi kiltuicd between Fourth and Fifth a?rn<v i and Twelfth and Thirteenth atrreta. running from atr>-ei n atreci,50 feat by HUt). The bonae haa beon recently ie|?Uu and painted, a new arbor *nd flonl few ha < been in rtClj erected; trrea and giapery oi le piemleea. The pran I tenant boa oeeit| ie I the preima a for the laat Nve yrara, Tr a ronotiaibla family It will b let low foi one or more yuare. Apply to S. B. HUTCHISON. .10.1 oh n at reel. mo LET?IN THE FIFTH AVENUE, A 1IANOSOVELA r .I..,,l II I,me atnetea. t.rnw 11 emu- I above N iieteentb atreet; It would 'ruled friini Ibehret of May to a private lamllv. For wrnaa, Ae., apply tollr I/HILTON, 93 PrtiK-egtreet. TO LET-A COTTAUE lIOUrtB AT ELIXABBTll. K J. $440. Ulfr imrt nf a modern 11on*e.wtth mod. r; ImprovcMenta. In fifteenth etrert; irn' $!7\ to go ,J te nanle. IRELAND, II1144'KLET , CO ., M N*ra<i atreet. TO LET?TO A AM ALL FAMILY, TttR IMRi ol ll 'ii-e Mo. 137 Allm street, ronaiattnc ?>f fr m an, hark K?"m?, wllh Bedroom mi aeeond Boor ai?l Br,1i,.on ii utile; g,'i, hoi and cold water. Rem $jn?. ln>|ulre on tin premie, ?, or al 11$ Ea?l Broadway, rut nor of I'ikr a'reel. TO LET?TO A MM ALT, FAMILY. WITJIOT'T I'fTlL drm, a pari of a neat two awry Hon v. In good nrd?r eonaaiing ol fronl I a* event and front and b.,< k n> ,m ,,u thi second llo,,r. Apply at W Barrow street, near lindaon. TO LKT?TIIAT ELKOANT LITTLE IIOIftR, flfl LEX IngtuW avapue, outhwMt corner, with bay window a lb" aide. In ferlect order; waahltiba. gas flvt'irea, haih am wain rloaria, very dbmplete. Hkm fiom 3 to 4 l,? , ,r,1. J K. WIL'dlX. IPS FiMli even 'J'l I" TO LF.T-THE HF.COKD FLOOR OF 441 HROOMI tree l, amiable for a Dagnerrean gallery, only lour door from Broadway, $IW per annum; afro our large Room pi Am Boor, BIN pet aannm. Apply an tfea premlwea. TO I.KT-TI1E SECOND ANH THIRD STORIES Ol tba new brown ei,,n" llonee. 4*9 Mlath avenue, <onelatln of flee rooma on eaeb floor; '.voter In kit, hen and guv t' every inom;e.o h Boor > oinpb te tn I'telf. To a email laml , nothing can he.mure draliable. Ap;>ly ,,n tlm prrmleea, 44 Hlatb nrrnne. between II A. M.. and 4 P >1. mo LET-TUBroVR sroitv BROWN STONE EBON A llmiee, No. 177 Baal Fourteenth atraet; Is In oieelleti order and rontulna ull in "tern improvements. Tin eh lid" lier< and **? llilurea will he In with l',e honae. Po.saemooi ran be bad ItetoiT the let ol May, eu aa to *l?o ainri" tun for moving an 1 armngltii; turnlt ;re. Apply tr IN.-LKE A HOPPKK, AW Broadway. fpn LET?WITH $ TRAM POWER, THREE, LvROl I Rooms, 34 by IPI feet, well light,'..; al-o.i t. \v amall" h,otiia; wnla rrty low. Inquire ol JOHN OAt'DC, In Walker air et. rru LET \ N'\r, sMAl.t, ll"t -1:. Wl rti \LLTH1 1 no dern Improvementa, In T'i'ily ali'h aire't, in ' K.ghth avenue; rent $.1'. A',en a thr < atorr Hon . ,v i \V?' ii afre.-t; r. n* ft'O. Inquire of ./A INKS REl I MOM), JJ'l S| i lug atrevt. HOI'Sm, R:>;?llv ?C? TO LIT, TO LET?TMK DWELLING HOUSES 121 AND 136 Churn, n struct, With ail lie modern iniproi .incuts. 1'ne ho m k will he pal In rood order for koo<1 tenants at *<-rv uio erute num. A,p!y to MARTIN WATERS, 12j UuurllOo It rout. fPO LET-IN FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TillR. 1 t*-. n h an i Fourteenth striata, a hist cla-e r hi- ry lloiiae, witb siau.e id the r sr. opening on Thirteenth r?*t. Tue premises ocei 'ie two lull lute, house U in Bret rut.- order, ami has all n oderu Improvements. Apply at -2 I'ine street, room No. 7. rpo LET?IN OL'TTENBEKQ, N. J., TWO HOUSES 1 one Nultahle tor a buaery, the other will he letmitln i r line. For further | ariicu ar* apply to st^l IitE DWYER, i near the premise*, oral K.OULEK A K1N< K'rt brewery. TO LET?IN JERSEY OITV, ONE TIIBEK STORY AND ba*cmcuI brl- k House, with huili ami fcaa, conni of Barrow and Bright stream. Rent $XMl AI?o one ttvn story Ann baacment hrhlt House, with gas and water In tlio kitcheu, second door from the corner of Grand ami Barrow sti eels. Kent titan. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWBB. TWO l PHER In the bunding No 61 Berkmnn street, 2ttl 0 leet; bounded no e*Diun, Gold aud Auu streets, aud well lighted on three aides. The rooms aro,warmed by steam pi I es, amllii all respa-ts desirable. Apply to JOHEIMI NA SON Jc t't l>on the premise.-:. TO LET.?THE FOUR STORY, BROWN bTONR FRONT House, Nu. 177 Eas. Fourteen: n street. Is in excellent order uu 1 cuulmus all modern improvements. Tue i haudeUers and gas fixtures will ne let nith the house, possession cuii he had before the 1st ..i May, sous Pi give ampin time for inovlmtand arran ;!n t furniture. Apply to IN-'l.EE A. HOTTER, 15* Broadway. rr>0 LET-IB* si Itsi itltlEK HAS SEVERAL MCE J. Houses. sulbihlo for small famines, to sat at tery mo. derate rru1*', '..meoa t.'hristopher street; some on Washington tieei. Apply from 11 A. Jtf. to2 P. M. to WM. J.. SINCLAIR. ;>l Wall street, third ttoor, front office. TO LLT-AT WE-TCI! ESTER, THE COUNTRY RES I den < of the late Oaptal" W. A. Spencer, situated about am lie Hum WllliauisbrMge, nn the Boston post road, constat lug ot la rite duelling house, gardener's lodge, stable, dairy and enrring' house. The garden is large and tastefully laid out, and furnished with greenhouse and grapery. Apply at IS Walki:.' siieet. ' rpo LET?If I K.MKIIKD, A COUNTRY MANSION AND X grounds, for the sunimer. at Telbam, Westchester county. New York, hi teen uiluutes' drtvo is the railroad station, with carriage bouse, Ice house, large garden, abundance or Iru.t, Ac. Apply to B. COLLINS, Em;., 70 Wall street, or to J. K. ZI MMERMAN, Esq., 47 Exchange place. TO LET?FURNISHED. TIIE ELEGANT HOUSES NO. 23 Filth avenue, corner f Ninth s'roet, with 'he fliahles In the rear, and No. 9 lat.ryetle place. Apply to JAMES I'Rl'lKsHANK, S5 Broadu ay fPO LET?IN BROWN STONE HOUSE NO. 83 BOWERY, X well furnished Booms. In suits or single, ai J2 to $8 per weefc. The same at 61l!? Hro.ulwav. and a i urinsned Saloon. livee houses aro very'destraUo for families. Inquire on lh" promises, of KENNKY, nhovo stairs. rPO LET-AK FOLLOWS:?THE THREE STORY HIGH X sloop brick Houses Nor. 214. 246, 24S. 250 au<l 252 West Thirteenth street, at $150 per anntim; also the House 220 West Thirty-second street, at $700 tier unniiui. Apply to ROBERT USHER, JR., 152 West Thirty-fourth I'.iitL rpo LET?FOR ONE OR M'tRE YEARS, BAKERY AND J. Dwelling 5V Baxter s'reet, ready for oflenpuney. App.y ul the residence of the uwuti, lblEast Nineteenth street, for one week. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOl'KE 253 West Thirty fourth street, with sll the moi'ern Improve. , ments. Rent low. Apply to J. M. POST, 24$ West Thirtyfourth street. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER, THE LARGE BUILDlug corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty eighth street, being lot) feel by 60. Will be altered to suit tenant; suitable for any large manufacWiring business. Apply at 294 Seventh avenue or 230 Canal street, up stairs. TO LET-A SMALL ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE 174 East Twenty-third street, near Se.ond avenue; gas, baths, two w ater closets, wash basins, Ac.; as cheap as any House m the city of the same quality. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 19 BeekinaujsLreei. ________ TO LET?AT CARMAX8VILLE, RIVER RIDE HOTEL, si 1521 street depot: also tome ten Houses overlooking the Hudson river; rent S2W to $$!)0; also the Country Beat of R. P. Carman, at High Brl ge. with coach house and stables, dock and bath house, gnu n and grape houses, with all kinds of fruit. Also Houses l,2o'Jaiil 1,254 Broadway and Hi West Thirty-first street. J B. F. CARMAN, 1.284 Broadway. r LET-NO. nth WERT FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR Eli-bin avenue, three atory high uloop brick House, 25* 4$, lot 82 feet, containing all the modern Improvements. Kor further particulars apply to JOHN LLOYD A SONS, 15 Nasaaustre. t. r LET?THE SECOND VLOOR OP HOUSE 168 WEST Fortieth street, conetaitug of three rooms, with gas, water, Ae.; rent moderate to a suitable .euunt. Appyon the premises. D. VREELAND. TO LET-THE OLD SUGAR HOUSE BUILDING, No. S3 Rose street, e> table for manufacturing purposes or for storage. Apt ly a' 218 Greenwich street, up stairs. r LET?THE DWELLING PART OK THE HOUSE, NO. 101 West Twelfih street, eorner Sixth avennr, very deetrable apartments fur two families; Houee JH feat, front, on the avenue. Apply at No. 2tB Urceuv :eh at., up stairs. TO LET?FURNISHED, A LA RUB KOl'B STORY brown atone House, on Fourteenth street, item- Flftli avenue, complete tn every respect; alai, a large number Of others, furnUbeJ and unfurnished, ai low rent*. STEPHEN A. PRICE A CO., No.B#Plne street. TO LET-IN ONE OF THE HEALTHIEST PARTS OK Brooklyn, one half of a House, furnished or uulurhlehed, with u?e ol baili. Address X. Y., b>x 1,26b Now York Poat oBiee. TO LET?THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 8?4tf Broadway, between Eighteenth an 1 NlauteehUi streets; aultahte for business. App jr In tho store. TO LET?THE GOTHIC COTTA'IF. ANI) KTAHLES 7T West Thirty-seventh slreet, wltn two nils; House' ontains eight rooms and cellar; stable rtiotu for from lour to eight horses. Apply tu TURN EH BROTHERS, 112 Washington street. TO LET?Li'IT.U PART OK 210 EAST TF.NTII STREET, oar Boeaod atenoe; six rooma and modem laynai menta. Inquire on the premiers. TO LET?DWELLING PART OF TWO FOUR STORY houses, 271 and 273 Greenwich street, nenr Murray ; laMrdlng bouses 12 years pa-t. Inou'iO at J. LADKN'S, 1,0 Washington stn ct, near Fulton. Ch-ap reuti. Pusscsehm Immediately. TO LET-ON FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR NORTH rlter, two Floors, eg, h 25 feet square, lights d on every side. K'nt low to ., iy business they will sun. Apply tu It. AUI.D, Fortv.fonr 'i street and Eleventh avenue, from 7 to 10. _ [|1U tril?IB inn mil" iv n ii.irt.v,, mil nunoni, X opposite S.anton street, two Beroud Story Klo-rr, wuh large irottt show windows, Hiuattle for Ullury or other llgut or fan' jr huilucM. Alro lw>> imtu Stores iu basement. Apply on 'he premise*. 140 LET?'THE TIIKKK STORY BROWN ."TONE llOl'SE . N". _*t WastTbiry It!' .trv.t. ni ar Filth avenue. 4isi, No. 80 Wi ?t Forty-thlrd ft .el. Arply W SASH LL, S. 1U.S41 VN, No. S Broad gtrec!. TO LET?VIIt iliREE STORY HOt SE NO. 45 NORTH Mu?rv all cel. one duui irnn Hudson Apply to NAM Li EL 8.11 IN VAN. TO LET?AT FUTSHINO, L. !., A I.ARtiE AND PE ira'iln XansU n, "*'i41 i?t, with kfleea roenta, twelto cUi.wt*, line lia-enten. wrf piar/;i on two allies; |. eaatlt lawn, tvl'b fine In dyes, ?Sum?'-. ? Of fruil Iroea an t largo garden; a b o If desired. i,<- :,tl .n perfectly 1. aithy, :hreequsiiera of a .nil from the depot. Rent $1"'. PRINCE A CO., flushing, rpO LET?IN HONOKBN, IIOfRE NO. 77 H' PSON 1 JL si reel, opposite tins P'ttssi telle ry, suitable for a ' Poinding bouse; itlao snrcr&l amsll llnttae*. fire minutes' milk front the terry. Arr'/ h> S. 8. Pl.l'MMElt, SW WashIn,:' D (tret 1, in Foal Office f illdlDg, Hoboken. fTO LET?TilE TWO STORY AND HA.HEVENT COTX lege House, riftytlrat ?tr<*et, smith ride. Iieiween Teoih and Eleventh avenues; ?#, water, water closets, A. . Runt SJI.U. Apply In li. M. ATWATER, 77 South ilreri, I. .m HI A.M. loll'. M. 140 I ET-THAT OLD ESTABLISHED HOTEL, WITfl I lie surrounding srunu's a it lea, A., known a* the Birr r III is-, at liar.em, will I) seven' !,. !: neabate been mail". Kor pari eulari apply to JOSEPH Vc'll'IKK, HI Hetenth Kireet, hefoie 11A.M., oral 17' East FortV-nlnlh MM 1 F. M. ' ffO LET?AT LOW RENTS, THE FOLLOWING PK*IX ruble !lo'i?f a;?N". 5 Eaat Tnirtiein street, near Filth ; a van nr, lit own stone; li>9 K.i*t Fiftieth street, hrnklSOt ; Ka?l Rroartwsy: aim, brown stone front* on Pony ninth, Firiidlh, Fifly aeeoud, l iflr-fturlh and Fifty fifth atraetn, Apply to JOSEPH MrDDIRK.Fl Seventh alreel, before II A V or at lift East Fo.-tv ninth street after 4 I*. M. rpo I.KT-IV rovini KTBJUR, RAI HOAIWAT. 1 llir foUI kIkI T llwllintf, ,v . Ml, containing about iwroly ' r-. ina. In pcrfe-I or.tPi-, and with pvery ofttm".mm, rpnt ; In* toa rraponalhlu ien*ut. Apply to A LIVIMiSTuSi, No. i iVBociimn atn ?t. [ rpo lkt-tiik i n:sr clan* not'sR, no. i?i east J in mv atrrn?, rent F"'*T. lli'i'ilre of K. I*. IKMIEK" No. Il\ opppoltp. ' f|V> I.IT-IN BROOKLYN. A TTKNISIIl'D HOUSE. I ?I'll a Wi^p hilchpti and flower narden a'laclip l. *it<P at?d In Mnili aireet, third tii-'i?r nburo Fifth avenue; the huner Ir lorl) feet auuare, and well furniahrd. A p< i tlwn of Dip rant will tic takril In linaid II dralred. Y< r parti-ilara mlilr. ?? O. V. Outturn., No. II Franefi M alt i t. New York. J fro i.f.t-a labor frame house (FTLLKD tv I wl'h Oil In, containing thirteen room*, two imth mop., I lin nuT, range, K?* nature* a'ailotiary Wii^h tnl??, and all ui.lern tan i, vntuCnta, w lib ekhl P ? .if Kr-'iind, well till ? out Willi tli.wrr?, trnlt, veg-lnMea, * .; al?" ?t?T>i" wn<i 1 ( i iih kii'tm for foul hoi np? jiiiiI rarrlv". iJtuan d on Hlaiy: aeonm! 'ree*. between Vir'l mult4" md amnio ?. Fm r?r? 1 th-nlam impure of JOHN U. LfOil rSDDV. No. ill Itrofc. ntmi TO I.F.T-THE OOTTAGE H0U8K 135 WEST THIRTYfourth nlrppi, imnUlnincAll ihe modern ltniuprpntpti??, i ?*pr, g??. niip?hu aiu'ki* li'intrp, Ap.;rPn' *?i?iper an? num. Apply to B. T. B \BltlTT, Bi .m l TV tVmhu.gtou ? ntPPpt. To ELI A NEW AND FRF.TTY C0TTV1E OF RIO JIT i Bourn*, with aaicr, gin flitnrea, A p., anil pleaannt lirjru, No. Ill A't.-Mi- ?trre1, convenient to limud rlreel ear* and lerrira i? the city in tliirty tu forty mlnutea; a pica, anil ami daal'ali.p r. at Imc- rant flaw per aruti'ii. Inanre mi the pi 'n'?e?or nf T. okay, 128 Maiden lane, New - 1 rro LET?THE aEt'iiND FLOOR OF INI CANT BROAD1 w*>, in apar>- by a Unit I) ..flhrer, lia* lb-' mo.I< rn , Itnproyptnant*; root $226. An eltenaion and an atllr ?r ' two ail.'rd If wiwwL Adnlrt preferred, Ilnura fur i-eing , Irarurd at my | ir* at n aldrnc-. 133 Em-t Broadway. . mo LET?FROM MAY I, TO A SMALL AND RESPECT* L ahlr family. the abroad floor and ?n?rt of H.p third of Mip Honae 116 TV pa: Itoinuun atrpat, between Tlmninaon nnd Sullivan, having all th? aiodarn imprnrcmenia. rnr hnii<? I* In ii r io t tiPlwliliorb mtl and in Oral rate oidnr. Hood rpfc. ' I. nop* r.'inlrPd Innnlte on the premlw*. or at KR Bmaclwav, aanotid Hrsir, u rpo LKT-T1IE WHOLE SECOND STORY. FOUR " 1 Ko'?tns. No. ISChambfM ?tif< I. nl\\*vR <? ft fur !?w> r?' ntllr tn^Dih^r or nrptrnlrl/. Al?o, Ihr F(?!irth Fifth z Ptorfte* "f No. Ih Ch?mb? r? RirptM, Ruttahfr for **/ I ght bullncti Aino. Bar*mrnt of No. It ('h?nit>in ttieoi, a?i;l* .? |I)IR for ?tliloi', nbo^iMkflr, |f. Al??.? too N-iitR oi (>0K;< a Ii] th?* \ iciwit). Apply to UltOHOK BRI't-B. 13 COAtir era trovt, r 'I'll LET rnc RAR IND RRNTAI'RANT ATTACHED u | I in li.p Frmkfori lluu* ., eonii ruf Fr.?nh a t and W'tlllam I | .tropin. Ili-nt inVin In Itiaiil at hplp. AkoiI ihanoita J makii inotcy. In |ittra at Uw oHKn al the Uotal. 3 IfOl'NK*, ROOM*, AO.. TO MT. TOi LB*-rART OF THE UPPER FAKT Or HOUsS Ji"'Kifibw.-r.ih ?:rert, b.tweet. Irving i la and Tnirrt jv I,...;, t, ,?in^ all the u.... em improvement..?Croioit w li-r, bathroom, gaa, Ac., to a small family without chilor. o. lo lw infu Una. 10 to 1- ami 2 lu 5 o'otO' k. In.ittire nu the premises. rpo lJ.T-l.on8 IS 71 BEEKMAN STREET ALSO, I to let or lor -hI*>, the hand >?mii# Uc?. jrtn. o in M r'le awtiue, between .'nntni. . u I Washington avenue.., Ur K>k> lyu. Apolylo F. r. CORlEl.YOU, ?Spruce steel. O'O LET?CHEAPEST HOUSE IS THE CITY;'KENT * $' !), for lii ii r >19 We i Fnr'y utuh street, i. ?r r r.i. r of N.iiili avenue; it la tbrv" (tori,.., high base ...cut, ,,nd hua r.i ry u.... i n Improvement. lneluUng ras inturea ami .- ' lvof :au';,p"borl""v' '' APl'y ou the premises, ot to^l. AY Kh.S A 1 O , 42. Kroume street TO LET?THE TWO STORY AND BArtKMENT BRIt'K House. No. 222 Woower street. Kent low to a good tenant. Apply to W M. C. AMERMAN, 121 ltmecker street. .a ike stun*. ' m rpo LET-TO LET, TO \ SMALL FAMILY OK ADULTS, J the naooud Floor of lUa built House 110 W. at Tfuru-s-vculh street, lu excelleut order, w.tu e.m.' bait. Ac RntS.VJu.nam. TO LET?THE FOUR SToKY AND BASEMENT BBII K House, No. 175 East Seveutee.uh street, ueur,, ut park, three parlors ueep: couven.eucea ot gas. i.ath, wafer c.oset<, waxblubs and furnace f r h?? lug, . .y \VM C.AM EKMAN. lift Mleeckar, corner of Wooslrr afreet, in the .tore TO LET-IN AVERY DESIRABLE LOCATION IN Hlxth avenue, hct.veeu and Ko .rt roth streets, a handsomely iiirniahed front 1'arlor, will, largo pantry on arc t.d l.oor; al 0, two uncle Rooms. llo an contains all the modern Improvemenia. To p and deal, rahlc parties they uiay l>a engaged on .cry reaaonabie irrma. Mt KEN..KE S, 2o0 avenue. TO LET-A BL'B TANTIAL NEW BUILDING. FOE man .isctu. .ug purpoaea, near Broad - a , tu re a oi No. 1.2 Ore. i.e street. Inquire In boot more, lil> Greene street. TO LET-A HOUSE. IN Bt MKRMERHOUN STREET, Ilr ink yn. $ OJ; seven In lien y, $jO.; one In llicka. Brut)- live in East Fourteenth. ftv?, two in West T.ilrviixth, $1,500 each; two lu Madi-o i avenue, $1 kit); one In East Twentieth, $< 200; Ea>i K hleen'h. $ Os?; '.Vent lwel'th, $700; East Twenty-eighth, $ 00; Thlrty-aixtb, $060; Cr ? >'. $7i4i; University plu-e. fl,-'J0. Weal tuentyfourth, near Ktftb Aveuna Hotel, $1.2o0, w.tb in rror nod carpet; w rat Twenty eighth, near Broi.iwav, $901, West Thirty-fourth, $100; East Twenty a.xtb, $7U0; Teiuh, near Filth avenue, ..our.Hug. $ ,26J; N-uth, mar Fifth uv- i.aa, boarding, $1,200; W?i Twenty second, $9?*l; East Eleventh, near Filth avenue, $av?. and a of oiher*. OUSTAVUS HAYLIES, No. 4 Floe street. TO LET-THE LITTLE RED HOUSE (A PUBLIC bouae), at ilarl. ui, f.e.t of Ijoih air et, lone oceu; led a* a boat and n,{ houae. Apply lo UKO. CHKSTEUMAN, wl Sa >au street. TO LET?THE THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE* 197 Weal l'b.rty-l.r,t street, between Ei.hth Mod N nth ..venuea, with all modern improvement!; three tooiua deep; willl a>e. K..r lull partlc.ilara apply to the owner. K B. I)A\ IS, 401 Eighth avenue. rpo LET-FURNISHED, TWO HOUSES IN FOURJ. teenth street, $2.01)0; one In Irving ...ace, $l,tklU. one u? Madison nv. nue, $1,800; Kuurti. atreet. Second avail ,e, $1,-00. West Twenty-eighth street. $1 2j0. Kooimao p a< ?, $1,100, West ! b rtv-iourtn Htr.- t $ 00. GL'-STAVUS BAYLIES, No. ? Fine street TO LET?THE DESIRABLE HOUSE NO 24 SEVENTH avenue, between Twellth and Thirteenth aueeta, w,11 he put In g..od order and rented .-heap to a good tenant Apply at 246 Ureeuwlch a.reel, up stairs. flYO LET?THE FOLLOWINO HOUSES. VIZ - X cm. 19 i .11 inhi u 111: pome l?vui hi,.', uiree siury uric*.. 9(111 I Abinsclnu piare, corner of Hleecker street u76 l?3 Wrs. kill M., Kllllliab 'liuemi III *?? 1.49 Weill 12(1 ?t., English basement MM (34 K It itilll HI., l.lgtl StOOp Sn) ? 2d av?.a between 43ib ami 49th ata Mt 241 Wot I9ih It 6 *J 300 Weil 2Sil at., between Kth and Oth av-s 1>W 43 7th av? live story, brown atom' front i.uaj 114 Melt 39th it., brown ilone front , oO Brick Oitll,? corner of 2Jd at. and 9th av 1,2. 0 121 West 14th st. vV> 111 Weal 24tb at 630 M Waal 23! b at.?furuiabad J.jVJ XV) Weat 16lii at MM 91 Clinton place?furnished l,4utf Northwest coi ner of 13tb at. aud 7th av Iaiuo IAS Lexington av 7WU X) Bank al 709 264 W. a. 22d at T09 174 Weal Slat at 769 7 West 41st at ?U 278 Weat l?lb at MM 6l?7th av COO 290 West 32d at MM 229 West 14th at MM 43 Oreenwieh av 1MI Also, a large number ol smaller ilonsea, ranii from $3001* $600; also, storta uu the business avnues and streets. J. A W. DEM1AM, Hth av. corner of 16ib street, > rom 7 A. M. to 9 H M. TO LET?FURNISHED, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTTI avenura, the brown atone House At Wrat 4o ty-niih street, three stories, high stoop; furniture very complete and handsome; possession 1st May; reu; $900. UOMKit MOit(SAN, Metropolitan Bank Bull ing, No. 3 Bine am al. | TO LET. ?AHABTMENTS TO LET IN A VEKV OB-V teel tenant bouse, No. 314 deeon-l avanue; lour Uou.ns ou the second floor, with elosels, Au.: Oro.ou water, gaa aud pas natures. Apply on the premises, or at 092 Becon* avenue. rLET-A LOBT. AT ONE-HALF IT8 VAM'E. ON eeobd tloor; it I* welt lighted 6,id nearly 2"> ..v ilit. Inan I re on the premises, 044 Pearl street, third door frum roadway. TO LET IN BAOOKLYN-A FIRST CLASS BRICK House, two stories and 'useincut in froui aud three abirles in the rear, In Bcbertnerhorn an est. near Bowers, within two mluuiea' walk of three lines of city oars. House has gas. water, hatha, bi ster, Ac. P.,rt or whole of the Fornt ure ot pivs nl occupant for sale. A|>plv to M. K. I'llHA'. iK. 110 Wi.ll street. New York, or to C. J. KISUEll, 11 Bowers street. Brooklyn. TO LET AND FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN?FOUR NEW Dwellings; rent (Z9o. House /A. Uulmi street: rent (900 Three He el lu> ores Cotiara, with modem lmpru\?menta. in H'.nto stiert, near Flatb :ih avenue; nr a tm soM: t rnm f?(, To lent, Store corner of i'oacra autl Male, good lorgro.ury or baocry. Inquire of tit,) but.der, on the prein.KI, or of SAM. F. BAR C 1|?, 221 I'earl all eel, N. Y. TO LET. FOR SALE <?R WOULD EXCHANGE FOR A city House, centrally located, a handsome double Co '.trw and two ),>ta on the Filth avenue. Harlem, between I3(bh and 13.a. atrerts; house In clegsnt order, all mol ro impiovem n.s, cbandellera, trull aod flowers; rent (491. Inquire at tho cornet aloir, IMS Broadway, or of the a . . nl at Harlem. TO LET OR LEASE-SEVERAL FINE OFFICES IN the new building No. S3 Nuskuu ?m*i; itia i the i.v ?u.ry and Honae No. 13# Fulton atreet, u ar Broud.var, 111 thin eltr, and a large Faetory in Newurk, N.J. Apply to FRANCIS BYRNE, No l.',2 Nassau street, No v York. TO LET OR LEASE ON ACCOUNT OF THE HEALTH of llio owner, a rectifying raiabiltbTneut, in complete order for tirmedlaie une. For particulars, Ac., Inquire at 3/7 (ire"tiwieh atreet. T'O LF.T OR LEASE?TWO OF TIL SK REALTIFUL Houses, mutated on Clermont terrace, Newtown, L. I.; each house contalna thir e, u rooinf, ba? all the mo.ioru loaprovuir.'ii'i, with large garden and shade t lawn In iront of two aeres. wilh circular carriage road, completely pr-gected from the u.aln road; only two minutes frnm railroad d pot and thirty live minutra I rum New York. For further pa ilemara apply to A. BAXTER, on I he prenilaea, or to SAMUEL LORD, corner Urand and chrysil? me. ta. TO LET OR LEASE-A MODERN BI'ILT CO IT AO? in N'va k, altuaied on 'be hanaa of tne Hudson, ana within two inlnutea' walk of tho ateatnboat Undine. Tha h. un e iqialna three Urge rooms on the i.rat floor, four on the i -eotid, a good al/.nd mom tn Ue eupola, besides attic and te lar. Inquire at IH East Twenty fotir.b street, or ai 911 FarK row, ro.mi ML r> LET OR LK ASK?1N WESTCHESTER COUNTY, two rn lea from Tarrytnwn station, a large three alory and havenlent BMW, "I fvi poire, i aumlnmg 20 r>iom>; p:a//.a oil round. The location l? high and very healthy, and cotnman le a new or the river ami aitrruundlng country. The-'hoit*e la new, having just been !!oi?h?d. and la wall rale it I* tad foe a - niinaty nr null ary school. F- r particular* Inquire of iiKtl. 8. STI1T, 192 Broadway. TO L8TOR LEASE-A FURNISHED Rl' HI.T DECO. rnU-d Ball Room and Una four atorjr Dwelling, in Ko,.h leenUi atrial, near Fifth avenue, now and for amue /vara tw*t occupied aa a faahlotiahl- ditudnff ara.lemy an t dwell, lie, for whleh Itwaa In It; tha lit 1% e..ra di ap. and ha hall n om aitenda to lla entire depth. App'y'nOen. JOHN LLOYIt, I.'. Naaaau airer-, ntei Hank at tlic'C uui loawaMh, To I.ET OK LEASE_il9 rEARI, 8TRI ET FRANKLIN aqunro, aavr atora. pt><*ea?h>n Airll I. a'J \eaey atraat, allalmve th" lift floor, from May I; 4A0 Washington airret, with t-bop, pnaaaaalon Itrmmllnta y: did Washington atreet, VKrunt lot, | May 1; 270 and 2<7W'*i Direct, lot* al out ISn reel deep. with water fiont, uropled bvJoiin*io at a Inttiher yard; lfi6. I6d and I7d (."harlrs atr- t, furmei |y o-'iipled aeaoalyard,, |io*aeaaion liiimed au ly. App'y to A IIMf>L IT, 4ft willlam ? np eialn. TO LET OR LEASE-AT ASTORIA, f,. I, HOUSE, En n and four arri-a if I.and, Including garden of on* ?rre, well ?toekrd, with n variety of fruit, ac. Inquire of JAMES WF.LLlK0.9t Fine street. r LEASE-'THE ENTIRE MARBLE Bl ILIMNO Aid Bro.tdtvay; move 110 by 2o fthd: tire stories, with haaen. nt and unrfer Uaaemenl; would make a fine aaloon; or e*e)t ittmraeparately; two upper llmira hare hern fitted tip for bidet r sinn. Inquire <>f II. tlALHRAITU, Esq., 127 k*Ult n ?'i l, or A K tOLEsON, J.AS Broadway. rpo LEASE-TEW LOTS OF 0ROUND, RITVATRD X between Foily-at and Forty third ilrort*, Homing on Ifail river; httlkht ad with water SO tret deep; nullahlr fer atorago, a toundiy or the manufacture of heavy mie (littery, w here go "I w harf at-enramndallona are required. A |dy et 111* Cedar itr|?d, nn the premise*. rpo RENT?A VERY CONVENIENT IIQI'RK, DKLMHT1 till V altnaled, et 'W Stnmy plare, Brooklyn. Apply to M. W CAMERON, W Beaver atrvet. f|M> RENT-IN ALL OR PART?THE HOUSE 12A I Tln nit sou i'rert; in | erfect condition. w Hh all modern Improvement*. Apply u> th* owner, J. BOSSKT, on th* urentis*?. TO REST.?A HEW COTTAnB HOI RK, M WRRT Fnrty-alkth ati-rot, tnartile mantela ant *raien, pea and Grototi, good cellar and lirjfeyard; rml $2.'.o, an.1 O<ton watei tat, or thrnpjfr part, rmelatt irf of the iwninnil pantrier; will ho rented to a email family. Apply on the pramlae* r to WILLIAM OHBORN, So. 3 Ci.ambera ureal. TO RMiSRH?TO LET. THR NEW BAKERY. CORNER ol Brnndway and Myrtle an nne, Brooklyn; Biore and Fixture* ainl tmpklni e. m pie to lor work. Inpilre of IIKMtV V. BOLTS, corker ?Midway and Myrtle armor. Brooklyn. rllE VL ESTATE OWNERS.-A LAWYER, TICO ronahly roarorfanl With reel eelata operation*, wleheai to rem a portion of In* III < In on* of the beat locailona In tbisf v |?'Tiu r^al with a Ttnw to th rxeioiiiallon of ill", ami the lianaartlon < f bualnear ' inift;1 I r!i?T?**viii?. Addicts R. E. Id., Herald oljee. iV'ATF.K FROST TO LEASE?ONE Hl'XDRKD FRET TY on I'.a-I rlr. r, lo t of Ulth Mrcet, eiteuilmt i? ilia* avenue. en loji'I'la I oil "rationi di? k. an liable lor <oad or lutn" aril. Ol.l\ 8R BRYAN, * Booth alio.-!, 1?'t.RKSlIo!S TO I.RT?IN THE BVILDIXU No ?<? TT Fnlion 'reel, noai Wa?hlii*i<m Market, for 11(11 not* rliankel bo* nc*?. Alan, a Htore, nltalde Inr a reetaoranl or llqii"! aim Apply on Ilia prriniace, or at *17, n?tt .ban. \-ONKl RS PROPERTY TO LET-TO A I'RtVATI FA1 mily, or lo eicliange for city property A dont'le brt< k ineiieiott 'fid itvonrreanl ground, on Broadway and I'alieade arennra; ?n>|lnii furnace, gar omamenla, nllclmlia an t window eliadaa. Wkttr eloaeta, bathing rooma and atatloner* w." -ktob* . wa'er supplied Imm iha head of a aawwlul apniis; "hede tree* and tinenrpaaaei ylkw. Apply to J. C. BAi II, A) Fulton airai1, np*

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