Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1862 Page 5
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THE FIGHT H HAMPTON ROADS. Statement of the Assistant Paymaster of the Cumberland. full List of the Seamen and Marines Saved. THE NAMES OF SOME OF THE KILLED. CHL.UTBV OF LIEUTENANT SEI.FWllliE, Joe.. Ac., Ao. Mr. Hugh Nolt, paymaster's cleric of the United Flutes f rigato Cumberland, who was on board that vessel during the late exciting engagement with tlio rebel monster jt'ugiuia, in Hampton Roads, has arrived in this city, and Furnished ue with some very interesting ucts respecting that ever memorable conflict. His description of the fight between the Cumberland and the Virginia, or Morrimac, the sicking or the former vessel, and the sub<oquent enOuunter between the Monitor and tho Merrimao, differs in po material point trom the account# already published in tiiis paper, rue tricojon i>auery,n? nrmiy Deneves, is too much for the rebel Iron-clad monster, which ho predicts will besurely kunk the cevt time it comes in conkict with the Monitor. |j Mr. Nott bringe a most interesting Met of tip killod end eved from the Cumberland. When the vessel went into fiction there were throo hundred end soventy-six souls, officers and privates, on board." Of these one hundred knd seventeen are known to have been killed,and the probability is that this number will not he very much Increased .as it is positively ascertained that about two Mhudredand thirty-six have been saved. This leaves pnly twenty.three persons unaccounted for?that is to nay, whoso fate is not known. They may bo dead, or prisoners, or ctraylng about. ' Mr. N?tt reports the following porsons as among the hilled beyond a doubt:? KILLED. Acting Master John M. Harrington, lies ton. Chaplain Looha. t. New Jor-oy. Patrick Mat< coy, sailor, Boston. Win. B. Hubbard, sailor, Marblehend, Mass. Jama.. K. Johnson, sailor. Course Putram, sailor, Boston. Nathaniel D. Tcnnoy, sailor, Now York. Nil h'l iluigulio, suilor, Nc w York. Robert Murphy, sailor, Boston. w\w. ri. u nr.uo, eauur, new xurs;. John Connor, sailor, New ^ork. John Colling, boatswain's mate, Now York. Daniel Murray, sailor, Masnachusetta. Abrum Punn, sailor, Massachusetts. "Win. K. Moxon, surgeon's steward. F.liaa Livermore, boy. Samuel Martin, sailor. Ocorga McDonnell, ship's cook, Boston. fioiloway Bass. Thomas Dowser, aailor. ! Through Mr. Kott'a kindness we are also enabled to publish the following list of persons saved , which will nrtoubtedly provo lntorosting, especially to auch si may Dave had friends or roiatlves on board the Cumberland X.IST OF THOSE SATED ON BOARD THE CUMBERLAND ORMKAHT SXjUU*. Charles W. Bishop, Martin F. Backer, Win. 1'oudorgnst, Caleb Miller, Win. H. ltirtcr, John Miller, Wra. Hommtly, Rich'dSefton, Bohn Rice, Edw'd A. Cambridge, John O'Connell, Owen M.Jones, John Morris, Dennis M'Carthy, . Doha Htark, John H. Fljrnn, Oscar Bailey, Mich'l Walsh, HUchasl Klagherty, Fred. Baker, 1 ivter Sullivan, Robert Mtllor, John Cardner, Cornelius Harrington, Jor rntah 1). lamprey, Thoe. Malone, Terence Wane, Mich'l Connolly, I Mni. 8. stsbbins, John Cartis, Francis Carland, John Fay, fbnroad Moore, Thos. Cumborton, ] Charles Fdrre-t, Ed. Flynn John Brown, first, James McLaughlin, Samos Brown, second, Cornelius Fitssimmonn John Concannon, John Farreii, William B. Dailey, Edw'd Cobb, ' 1 William Reed, Arthur Woodt. . Chfti. Williams, second, Jainea Wilson, John stockwell, John Cruse, josoph Ruseell (la hospital Bronton B. Cook, > at Old Point), Samuel Thomas, t William Mack, Isaac Bsnnum, , Timothy Quinlan^ James (ireen, 1 ?dward BUttery, Jeremiah Boiler, 1 John McuV. in, James Driseo, , William Casey, Mich'l Studies, Barney Lynch, Jaiues Eg an, William 11. Hogan, Simon White, < John Collins, second, John McCarthy. 1 Michael Coyne, Johu Leonard,"" 0?m?9 HcLellaa, John lievinc, Win. Frook, Ceorgo Roach, Oolin Horn, Wm. Trott, 3->hn Murray, Richard Tobin, Malheur Turney, Abraham Scott, . Patrick Laogden, Robert Chase, ,vt flohn lteodon, Thumae Taylor, Klobaei Graney, Lyman F. bodge, >Ln V. Caranagb, Daniel O'Nell, aecOfld, Wm. H. Hot Urn, Chaa. V. Knight. Mlrliaol Roes KuiHS, Caleb L. Hudaon, William l*oole, Patrick McNamarft, Kdward I.yoaa, Jamae Walsh. Shroea H. Kosa, Marcus M. Hayeg, Th imasSiilion, Edward Darna, Andrew Cuthberl, George Burns, Thoiuaa Fitzgerald, James Iewio, BmJ. 9. Road, Thos. Gtllon, Richard Kelly, Kb'uoI ??egtin, John T. Klauard, Chaa. Doyle, John Council, glrenter D. Taylor, Wm. F. Willey, mea Orecaden, la?&e Fortune, luce Boiiaon, Jutne* Met rackeo, Aro Kosher, James Mcintosh, fimbfl Sli.iurprv. HonUt I T watoh Thos. Darin, John Doyle, lAlo.v. lt'ichanan. Thos. Traiwy, Alex Mc< affray, Henry Thomas, Doyid F. Hurley, Andrew Carrey, Ixmghlm Livingston, James Cornell, golm I sues Jeromah IVIancy, JokI'iiu Whiteburst, Chas Rous, Michael colli van, Id ward 3. Gardnsr, Eeorje Roberts, George Rankin, Charles iUunatcia, Archibald Wilson, Henry Jnrtnln, Henry Hrown, Dvuian. Uiram Gage, I John i'irnme&tell, David M. Coleman, Bbhn Derail, Jurnaa Burns, Wm. Kliwell, Wrn. Lewis, Nash Sullivan, John Larkln, Ifuhn F. K gorloy, Jamrs Mar low, J'nnloi S. Mdlikon, Ceorgo Dennis, ! floury ('ampDsll, Jorcmiah Mahuney, Per k McLa'i,;hUn, John Harrington, j Crlntoj.hor M. Nicholson, Michael Clohosey, Caniil Collins, ltoger Morris, Wm. A. Murray, Walter 8. Grey, James Rohlnsnn, Murtv Harrii.gon, D.iver u'ltrien, Jolm'Carr, Fmncif Cozzeus, Chas. N. Stevens, Wiu. Hurke, Michael Moriarty, Joseph c. mart on, Nicholas Johnson, %m. Jnilivan, John My hew, \7in. Anderson, Bartholomew Flamming, John Lrown,sacond, Coruolire Sullivan, Wm. Hamaay, Jernmn Meson, i Fi?i>h< >1 3i. <'lney, Jams- K Hathaway, Win. Coi hum, fleorge Center, Chas. Kearney, George W. Vacomber, Andrew .Smiiyaa, Joseph G. Smith, Pul'k Monde, James Douglas, Jotin Du\|e. StephensCanns, Win. Carroll, second, John Callahan, J i1ll(^ If ('irrilll nanrea ll II. Il ?Vm. < arroll, drgf, Frod'k Hen-lucks, Edwin Hears, n?m. s pdonwu, ffhoe.tiraham, Itenols Ktlly, John WhiUen, \v. cM?. viMm Sergeant flnrrt*, r?a-ly, Corporal .HiephonsoB, tanning, Cori-ornI t'rmg, Goat.? , Drummer Josslyn, I'aly, Etfer Hester, Howard, Swe-noy, M'irley, Brown, taary, Callalun, McCarthy, Lyons Hmall, Martin, Wilkes, Bosker s?oon(t, O'Connor, Me-Fad dee, ?and loo others, names unknown. Tiro day after the engagement between the Merrima0 and Monitor, I.iontonant Thomas 0. Sulfridge, of the pumWIa'nd, VH ordered to the command of the Monitor, In oomeqnenco of tho wounds of l.lruteiwnt Wordsn. Lieutenant 'elfridge held command for three days, when hiw i ipoiMded by Lieutenant William N. JelTers, by order e| iheXavy I>epartmrnt. Homo rumor* adverse go l.l ? t-nantPelfrldge having been circulated, we are rcpi 1 ed to ]>uhli?h the following letter fiom Flag OiBeei ti'iUtstiorough, which set* forth the matter In It* prof? I'ahl:? TTsrrso St.tTis Fi.Ac nrr Mixvksota,) II tnrrim Hoans, March 13, 1H82. J I teutmiant Commanding Tiioma* O. RaiAluntia:? Hi-?Von are hereby relieved from the command of |!i? I iiib'd Hiatea c?i-ed liaitery Monitor, and wiilturn jtiat v?~el ovor to l.leutonant Commai dlng William N. j,.t, -i. on thus relieving yon | h"g you to understood Hud .1 only done In coneeqnence of directions given by llied"i>*etnu nl before you were ordered to sen. Your | t> nd el lias given the high-st eatlefiictlon to ev*ry one. i | am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, I* M. (ItM.llflBOUOt trll, Flag Oft'.cer commanding V. A. H. H pi etna. Ii rug i't? engagement with tiu M-rrimio l.ientonaiit ge frt'ge was eeuapHuuAm f >r his bravery, tnalnialnlug Ih1' ni" i cotdnsss wh le lis iimmt w?,o nhot dawn all *io -1 U.i It.: I* unite a jdim,; ml . .mi-ln* *B r JS THE EVACUATIOH OF HEW MADRID. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. The Rebels Abandon Their Artillery. Batteries, Tents and Military Stores. Occupation of the Place by the Onion Troops. i No Rebel Flag Now Flying , in Missouri, Ac., Ac., Ac. OAclai Despatch to Secretary Stanton. St. Lorra, March 14,1802. Th. following la a copy of on official despatch sent to the Se crctory of War:? i After several day. of skirmishing, and a number of at_ tempts by the gunboats of the enemy to dislodge Geueral ' Pope's batteries, at Point Pleasant, the enemy has evacuated his fort and tntrenchmenta at New Madrid, leaving i all his artillery, field batteries, tents, wagons, mules,he., and an Immense quantity of military stores, &o. Brigadier General Hamilton hus occupied the place. Tliis was the lost stronghold or the enemy in this State. No rebel ling in now llying in Missouri. St. Louis, March 15, 1802. General Pope in his despatch to General Hal lock says:? i Our success at New Madrid lias been even greater than 1 reported. Twonty-Ilve pieces of heavy artillery, tweutyfour-poundors and rlQed, thirty-two batteries of field artillery, un immense quantity of fixed ammunition, several thousand small arms, hundreds of boxes of musIcot cartridges, throe hundred mules, tents for an army of twelve thousand men, and an immense quantity of other property,of not less value than a million of dollars, have fallen Into our hands. The mon only or.cnpod. Hie i enemy's whole force Is demoralized and dispersed in a 1 swamp on the opposite side of the river. The enemy abandoned their works so hurriedly as to leave nil the baggage of the officers and knapsacks of the men behind. Their dead wore unburied. Thoir suppers were on their tables, and their candles were burning in tlieir tonts. A furious thunder storm, which raged all night, enabled them to get across the river without boing dls- i covered. Our heavy battery was established during the night of j the 12th instant, within eight hundred yards of the eue- < iny's works. We opened lire at daylight, on the 13th instant, just thirty-four hours after the guns were de- ( livered to us at Cairo. 1 During the whole day yesterday our lines were drawn c closer around the works of the enemy, under a furious j fire of sixty pieces of artillery. The fear of an assault t upon their works at daylight induced them to flee pro- v cipltately during the nlglit. Many prisoners have beeu 1 taken. 'i Our loss is about fifty killod and wounded. ; Hollins was in commend or the rebel fleet and Generals ' HcConn, Stewart and Gnatt of the land forces. The gunhrtntd wfinl tlnwn fit a rivar General Pope has twenty-five heavy guns with two >' works of the enemy, which conim&u<l every point of-the J. rirer. 1 Tlie Occupation ot New Madrid. 0 HAP OP THE WI?PTI KtVI.H FROM COIA'MBrR TO IMEMPHIS?MtPSOfRI VIRTUALLY CI EARED OF THE 0 REBELS, AMD KENT I CRT ENTIRELY 80. H It thus appear! that New Madrid is in our possession. ? [aland No. 10 must Boon follow, if it be not already evac- ^ rated, aa our troops occupy Paris, Tenn., situated nt a not S rery great distance from that bonder the Mississippi * iver in which tbo island is located. Such being the case, he report of its evacuation ia doubt lesa reliable. New H Madrid ia about sixty miloa south of Columbus, and the irtniea of the Union are plainly advancing steadily and ? lurely. General Curib hss cleared out the rebel troops n inder Price from the southwestern part of Missouri, and 11 general Pope?after having restored peace to Central liiseouri, capturing aH tho rebel troops in that region, ?< vlth the exception of afow predatory bands, which are u eing gradually but surely gotten rid of by the state "j roops stationed at certaiu posts?now has succeeded in Si aking peesession of the grand standpoint of tho rebels of loutheastern Missouri?their boasted iraprognablo works Jjj if New Madrid. This action virtually clears the State ef w (iesouri, and as Hickman, Columbus and other points of m be Kentucky there of the Mississippi have long ainee ^ aved in, that State Is entirely cleared of them. Our map aj rill ebow the poeltione of tho various polnte recently w eoupied by the rebel fbrces on both sidee of the Missis- J'j ippl river previous to the grand movement of our troops. t)( r.n At. irtww tirrt on n??o on. ill POSITION OP NEW w P> \i^^te?i Xm.raN : *^\2? ftrvjML ^P^ \-\L ^ Fi mJV 2 ^ BID OWES P^/ 00 V) 2 PsL ) %|\?MIJS MER^iMMHEas * >J ^ \d\LANDINa ?, fv \/ ?H O ?v CY?'KCRS^ ^ _ .</ ?o ?N%X\ 00# a LITTLE VV4S" PRAIRIE iPif J WFFORWLHKE Z J' I OSCEOLA?^_, o ? \ l\: '. ^Avg?IS^'^ s -P r\jsomBs , j J 5 ^ BLUFt 5 *-L " OLOih\r^W^b^Y^' * REENOCKr^^S. MARIONS? COLUMBUS ITU ,t ?r,cwS7' ^MnvtPH !? 417 MILES \ s^1 < Orti?l?l Oiilen or Vrnrrml lliillrck. ' I Ft. r, m*, V irth 15,18C3. ; ' U<M?r?l JJsilook i i.uiUiniiJo nil Jurors, wlioll.or In civil or ninrtM u t n >:?pr l>c n.| ilinl < > tak* lli? with of ill^s'1 ?.'" v??*< tli -rl l\ tVr li'firwH'ou of tUo i 1EW YORK HERALD, S l#ih of October, 18?1 Tho?e reform^ to take such oatl will bo rejected ns aliens Any i" (?i?ct on the pert of the armjr or vntanteer sur genus of thuir duties to the ab le or wounded will be re potud to headquarters iiuuudialeiy It is slated that some of trie iue<l cal officers, pris >oeri of war, have fsilod to give proper attention to tholr <?wi sick and woubdod. In cases of thi.-> kind the uiediea officers will be deprived of their parole'and placed ii close cnlinemeut, u[ku the facte being reported to head quarters. Vlir Telegraph Upon to Xa>lii Ule, Clarkevlllc sad Oallutln, 'lean. Loulsvili it, Ky. March 15, 16<32. The topograph line is now open for business bolwoor here and Nashville, and Clarksville ami Gallatin, Tens Despatches cm now bo sent to those places froia all parts cf the loyal States. Obsequies of Lieutenant Colonel de MouteU. TURNOUT OF SOMTABY?SOI.KMN FUNKBAL 8EKVICE: IN T111KTY-THIKD rifhiiKT ?Al'i'HS sS OF KKV. UK CI MMiNOS, ETC. The lust rites due the remains of a doparted told lei were yosteriiay afternoon tendered to Lioutonaot Colono Viguier ds Mont ell, who was killed in the battle at Roa noke Island on the 6th of February last. Thu ciroum stances surrounding the doath of the gallant soldier, ant the brave manner In which he upheld the chareoter foi natural bruvery of the French nation, will long keep hh memory green In the American heart, and had allthi military of the city turned out yesterday to escort th< remains to their lest resting place, It would but be i nrall maritMl trihntA to th* h^rniam af th* Hurraaa/i All who reed the particular* of the bloody oonteet * Roanoke Island cannot but be familiar with tho mannoi in which Lieutenant Colonel Do Monteil met bis death Deceased went out with tho Fifty-third regiment Now York State Volunteers (D'Kpineull Zouaves) in the capacity of Lieutenant Colonel, but, owiu| to an accident, that regiment had to put back Iron! accompanying the Burnside expedition. Eager ami anxious to serre his country in tho field,he volunteored to accompany the Hawkins Zouaves as a privuto, so- nor than return with the regiment in which he was second iu command. Roanoke Island being taken, and a landing of troops rffectod, Do Monteil, while charging with the Zouaves, was shot dead on the field. Up to the moment of his falling a lifeless corpse upon the Hold of battle the gallant soldier fought with the most determined bravery, and imparted spirit und vigor to the soldiers who were iu his iminediuto vicinity. In recognition of this bravery tho following General Order was promulgated from the headquarters of General Uuruside, in command of tho expedition:? IIK.NKKA1. OROKkf;?SO. 10. HXADQt'AKTIRS DFPARTMKNT NOKIB CAROLINA, \ Roamoku Island, Feb. 10,1802. J In giving the name Do Monteil to one of tho batteries captured in the action of the 8th, tbe Couiuiunding General desired to express his deep respect lor the memory of n gallant soldier. Among the bravest of the band who fought the battle of Roanoke Islaud was Lieutenant Colonel Viguier Do Monteil, Fifty-third regiment New York Volunteers. Finding his regimeut absent he proffered his services as a volunteor, and fought brrvoly in the van till struck dead in tho very moment of victory. He fell leaving tbe memory of his heroism as a legacy to bis family and at an example to his fellow soldiers. By . oinmand of Brigadier General A. K. BURNSIDE. Lewis Richmond, Assistant Adjutant General. At two o'clock yesterday the funeral services took dace at the late residence or dec eased, No. loo East I'hirty-third street. The cottln was planed in the parlor >1? the house, around which were congregated a large lumber of ladles, together with the widow of the galant deceased, who was bathed in tears. On the lid of be coffin was placod the sword, cap and coat of decoased, vroalhed in Cowers, with tho following inscription on he some:? ; Lieutenant Colonel Fifty-third regiment N. Y. 8. V. i > 1ukd 8th fkbrcakt, 1802, ; AUKD40 1IHKM, j JHONTKH, ? 1MVS. > The body arrived from Baltimore on Thursday moru3g, in charge of Meu tenant Agnus and ten privates or he Fifth Mew York rigimont (Uuryen'a Zouaves), two f whom bold watch over the coltin duriog the day. he likeness of tho dead soldlar was placed on (bo table eside the nnfflu, which was gav.ed upon with, a foaling finteiOMt by ail who entered the apartment. The fulwing lines, writ ton in French, were placed at the bead f the ooQlu:? i is too true, the impious war, the bloody war, las struck thee from the beginning at tho head of victors, he war tukaa thee, full of health and hope, ind returns thee to us lifeless?a sad objeoyif tears, uch is the Isw of battle and of Providences dway? the tirst blows are for tho most brave, md ar in every good cause there roust be some French blood, and French, thou departest end ofierest thyself a aacriflce, &c., Ac. These lines wore composed by M. R. Aubsrt. Lieut#ant Colonel Monteil being born in Toulon, Frsncs, a targe umber of French residents in this city were present on lie occasion, to do honor to the man who had added one lore brilliant star to the galaxy of French heroes. All ore the expression on their countenances of a strong >rrow for the deceased, ana tender hearted women wept larsof pity for the untimely fate which hurried ro exiled a character into the melancholy vale of diasolution. hortly after two o'clock, Ilev. Dr. Cuuimioga, rector of 1. The mas' Roman Catholic church, arrived, end comivncod to read the services for tho dead, after which lis ixseeded to deliver the funeral address. He alluded to le solemnity of the proceedings in which they ere taking part, and the honors due the leraory or tho dead soldier who Isy coffined before tem. In the outside world was heard the prancing of | ad-, the tread of armad man, Ihe loud toned music and 1 the graud demonstrations at honor which a great city ouId render to u departed son. But from tho sacred recinuts of the dead soldier 'a home there was the ex ajjuiH ni hmrv -apsaw and tha taiss auH einha of txn.l.. I Mrtal women. He (the reverend clergyman) cam* it? that day to console lha friends of the departed, and >t to make a lengthy address. He was there aloue to onotinco a funeral oration oyer the remains of Lieunant Colonel I>e Mooted. In the death of that brave >ldier there was an example not ouly of military died, ine, but there was an example of the greatest self-de al?giving up his life to the cause in which he h id en died hin.sell. A man could do no more charity r his friend* than to lay down bis life ror j friends. Lieutenant Colonel Mooted did int. After paying a high compliment to the T..Tfy of the trench soldiers, of which Lieutenant lonei Montod was a true typo, the reverend doctor included an Impressive and thrilling address. The cofliri was then takon from tho room to the hearse, Inch awaited, and to the ntusic of the Seventh reglcut band, playing a dead match, moved oil' in thefolw ing order:? oix Cam panics Ice Eafants Perdu*. Seventh Regiment Bund. 1st, Second,Third. Fourth, Sixth and Eighth Companies Seventh Regiment. Duryea's Duryea's Zouaves. Zouaves. Members of firth regiment, Hawkins' Zouaves. Citizens in carriages, Ac., Ac. The procession moved down Thirty-third street to Send avenue, down .Second avenue to Thirty-second street, id thence through Fifth avenue and Uio-idway to ttic >uth terry, where the remain* w?re transferred to rcenwood Cemetery. Hie Third company of the Seventh regiment proceeded ith the iK.dy l<> the cemetery and tired a farewell volley m the grave and thus ended tho last rites to tb" dead j Moutall, who foil, together with others of our brave >ldiers, a martyr to the cause of our ylorioint t'uloii. Celebration of St. Patricia's Day. |fhe Irish civic societies of this city will celebrate the inivcrsary of St. Patrick, tho Apostle of Ireland, to. orrow, Monday, the lTtb lust., by a public parade and ocessioa, of which the following is the programme ? The lino will form on Fast Rrnadway, right resting on i .in.! street at nino o'clock precis ly, and will fall in i tho fallowing order:? The Htxty-niutn regiment, under command of Major Jatnec aglry Actios Brigadier (Jeucral for the day. Fund* brig* In and other military <ompaiitea and orgaaiiilane, nut ?< ting as e mirta to aorleilf s The lion. Michael Connolly, in tin ojten barouche with Mr. .tin Winn* and friend*. B. L. OARBT, i.'rnnd Marshal. Aids- M'-s rs. Jernrs White, Dai.lrl Urinuon, IV Hatpin, l.o*. Munabnn and J. MrClusky. Special Aids?Ml- hi. (Mllen, liugh, 1. Tie mn FYntvIe Meegh. r Uluh?Murslml, Edward DaTy. ight mating "ti Grand afreet. j>. An lent Older of till e.nlane. New York?Marshals, line* Sandfnrd Slid John Tucker. Right sealing mi Scaraoi street. Aide?John Mctlnlie, Francis Kloll, i'eter Mclrnta", John Corcoran. Domlnlck I.ynrh, Ilug). Br-idv. Ancient Onler of llibei n'ane. Long I?lnnd?Mmshal. Pe. 'i' l.eilwitb. AUIa?J<>liu Utibtillia, Jliljh, Jam- a oddAti. AmwiI Order of Hibernian*, dVestebeater county, Naw OYOV, A''. S> Lou,! Shnftnifn'tl'iilou nniitroifn' H"irty?Marihal, toil* Sullivan AM?Kt?ard Buckley. Right retting on Bllornon atrrrt. 4 BonoToknt Hoci'ty of the United Horn of Er n, csorted r llto KnicnUd U'tanf, undar command of Captain Krnnrtn ?M>i-Marshal, John Puffy. At. 1 * ?John Moore and Joau n?cnt. Right retting on Knlgor* atreei. A, St. Jani"?'R"inin Catholic Total Abatlneho! . lotv? Marthal, Patrick Iltvver. AM*?John Ollllgnn unit th haul Polar. Right resting on Market atreei. t. KmIIkt Mattnew Total Aoailnenm Henerolrnl Aia-lety? Itmliol, Jatiiea (Iraan. AM*?Patrick Cotll-tan nieh'l )m|. itilll Jemes Metony, John Mahony. John Cnminlngt, Jr.uu a Llrht. Klwil M(1?ow*ii, John MnUownv, Petar Mnrrhy, hoiim* Cummin t*, John M Derniutt, Right resting on Marft atraet. Pat tin Matthew Total Abatinetu r fli-dety, of Booth (Irook. rii?Manhal. Ilnih MeCabo. Aide?Matthew Bond, Patrick 'oini'ilo^*, Tlioa. Linker, tuinn Liine, Patrick Ilorue, Pnt'k LI III). 7. lll ?mUn B'-ncvnlalit Hoelidy- Marshal, Thoui m t on. nr. AM? Jntnog Bmllh. Klglit r* *tli?*t on Cnthaihic 'riot. Tho line of unrb will be taken tip At Inn n Jock Mectsely, rhui the illvinlona ntlli mutei'march <1. ah Em' lltuolwoy o Chatham Mm I, enterlit* the Park by tho fait gate, when 11 v will |i??? In review la-rnfe hi* Minor (lie Ma, or ami linnon botinnll, and thnn pi io?'.oil up Hroadway to Colon noato, and around tho \t aalitli;;l"ii Mminmeut through .'oiirto* nth ?trort to Second an nne, litem o through To oiif)'hiidHlii'it to Kit ml avenue. nod op I'.'g th gt. Ci I In F.wrih ivaintp, nhod Htoy will b ilUuil ami. Marrhal." and tnelr Aid* ?r? ioiitio*t?i| to rct?.,t t?* the Irani Mtnha'. B7 I'tke a c i, a Iku'r - ok A. M. K, Ij I AltKV, Mm -haI Wl.lto, Dm t 0* on n. P. : Iftn. Tlo inea Moua inn J M a litoy, Mtohaal tlillen, Hugh Vurr-v ?, ri<, \ld?. Kttri from Sitn Km ft el* Sal. n.t* !'* : i u,: Arrived (timet WnigdoTe, Saw York t *< 'o-ini, 'hi rg<T, Vew \ ork. UNDAY, MARUH IB, 1862. Ii IEW YORK JiBOHLATCEB. 8<n?U'' ALea"*. March 15,1*02. Reports for altering th? map of tits city of New York. I Made the speoiel order for Tuesday uak?'i Kor betting apart a portion of the Litorv'ur9 Bund for 1 the purchase of books end apparatus for acuu'eniies. , Against Mutual Insurance Company's I'renKuin Note kill. Mr. Lrm.r moved to lay the report on tho table. Car" ried. Mr. WooDnorr introdni "<i a bill authorising the construction of a railroad on Twenty-sixth and other streets, Now York Adjourned till Muuday evening, at seveu o'clock, l Assembly. I A La ant, March 15, 1462. Mr. MeMrLLKN prosautod twenty-live rotnonstrencea against the Concert Saloou bill. . Mr. 1'iiKLM and o'berr p-eseatod numerous remonatr.iDcaa against the Rroad vr.y Railroad bill. | [ Mr. Stbwon roportad a bill to provout attempts to comnilt burglary and other crimes. Tho hill givos authority to Hrrcst and puni.di for a misdemeanor all persons having burglar's tools in their poasessioti, or known to he traI veiling in tha cars or elsewhero with tha intent ton of picking pockets. The bill wtL. moved foi ward to a first committso of the whole. 1 I1.XLS RIPORTnn FAVORAHT.V. . To facilitate the outistruciion of the Adirondack Railroad. ' To exempt St. John's College from taxation. > To appropriate $10,000 to the Peoideie College. , - To Incorporate the New Yorlc Commercial Association. For the preservation of game and tlah. 1 To r<\gulate advertising in the rity of New York:. Mr. Buusrtu), from the Committee on Ways &ud Means, I reported the Annual Supply bill, which was recommitted for completion. r Mr. ni'LBUM> also reported tho Annual Tax bill for gone rat purposes. It imposes a tax of two and a halt mills, t Mr. Bkoiwotow otforod a resolution, which war adopted, maktug the report of tho select committeo on tho * prohibitory amendment and ths report of the Committee [ ou Towns and Counties on the Excise law the special ( order for Kri lay.

. Mr. McIj-ou reported the Congressional Apportionment bill, which was roferrod back for completion. [ Mr. MoIIi'lucx, from tho select committee to inveiti' gate the l ruusacliona ot the Military State Board, report1 cd a bill lor tho rolief of the volunteers. It provides that svory volunteer furnished with a uniform undor the contract between Philip Rorsheiraer and lirook" Brothers shall be reimbursed at tho rate of Av e dollars for an ovorcost, two dollars and u half for u pair of pants, and two dollars and a half for a Jacket; appropriates $D5,0(X) to carry out the purposes of the bill, and appoints the State (juartemiastor, Major Patrick, and General James 3. Wadsworth commissioners to carry out the law. Mr. Haij, reported a bill to rogulato tho planting of oysters in Quoens county. Mr. MdAiob guvs notice of a bill for the payment of tho bonds Issued for tlio defence of the national I'nlon by the city of New Yoi k. Religions Intelligence. CITY CUt'ltCUKS TO-l>AY. In St. Ann's church, Kev. Thomas GalUiulct, rector, services as i sua!, with the voice at half-post ten A. M. end half-past seven P. M., and in the sign iang age at three P. M. The rector will proarh morning and evening. The third anniversary of St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Mission Sunday School, in St. Paul's Methodist Kpiscopal church, Fourth avenue, corner of Twenty-second street, at three P. M. Speakers?Rov. Bishop Janes,Rev. Dr. Durbln, Rev. H. J. Fox, Rev. Dr. Hagany,' and J. McCullagh, Esq., of Kentucky. In the State street Congregat ional cburoh, near Hoyt Btreet, Brooklyn, preaching by the pastor, Rev. Newton lies ton, at half-past ten A. M. and half past ssvon P. M. Subject in the evening?" The Final Judgment." The Rev. Alexaoder R. Thompson will be installed pastor of the Reformed Dutch ehnrcb, Twenty first' m trcot, between Fifth and Sixth arenuos, this evening. Servioea to commence olhulf-paat seven o'clock. Th. Rot. Dra. Ferris, Hurdeuberg and Van Nest ore expected to take part in the exorcises. In the Second Universallit church. Eleventh street, and Second avenue, Bar. O. T. Flandors will deliver, this evening, at half-peat seven o'clock, the first of a series of doctrinal discourses on the "Origin, History and Des'iny of the Devil." Morning service at a quarter before eleven o'clock. The drat of the sermons to young will bo delivered in ft. Peter's church, Brooklyn, State street, noar Bond, by tho rector, Rev. John A. Paddock, this evening. Service at half-past seven o'clock. Rev. C. C. Gose, of the Christian Alliance, will show whero the Bible came from, this evening, at Barmun'a Museum, at balf.pest seven o'clock. The Rev. M. Baxtor, Episcopal minister, will preach outside New York City liall -this afternoon at two o'clock, and at the corner of Flatbueh and Atlantic avenues, Brooklyn, at four o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. Cora L. V. Hatch will hold a Matinee conversationale at Dodworth'a Hall, 806 Broadway, at half-past ton o clock this morning, on the subject of spiritualism, in which ebs will reply to and expound questions from the audience. At half-past seven o'clock in the evening she will discourse on the "Mysteries of the Triangle? the Basis or Religion." In the Memorial church, Hammond street, eorner of Wavsrley place, the Rev. Dr. Maban will preach this evening. Services at half-past ten A. M., and at halfpast three and half-past seven o'clock P. M. "Habits?Good and Pad." The sequel to tbis discourse of last Sunday afternoon ou tbis subject will lie given at the Twentieth street Cniversalist church, betweeu Sixth and seventh iTWuii, this afternoon at throe o'clock, by Rot. E. 'J. Brooks. Seiuion to ths morning at lialf-paat ton o'clock. "For What Did Chrial Suffer and PisU' This subject will be consider#"! by Rev. Moses Ballou this evening, at the Bleeckor street Universalis church. Services also at half part ten A. M. In the church of the Transfiguration, Cast Twenty ninth street, near Filth avenue, Divine service will be held this evening, at half-past seven o'clock. Sermon by the Rev. William F. Morgan, P. P. In the Hedding Methodist episcopal church, Cast Seventeenth street, between First nnd Second avenues, tear SIujresent park, Dr. Abel Stevens, pastor, will prosrh this morning at half-past leu o'clock, and in tho evening at halt past seven o'clock. Rot. S. A. Corey will preach in the chapel in Thirty flf.h street, near Sixth ttvunuo, this afternoon at three o'clock. This will be the dual service of the church held in the chnpel. On the coming Sunday afternoons of the pre.-vnt m?nth they will meet In the church edifice, in Twenty eight street, near Broadway. An army meeting, in J.ce avenue Reformed Dutch church, will be held, in aid of the Coord of l'ubl ion for giving religious reading to the army and navy, this cveu' Ing at lialf-past seven P. M. Addresses by the agent' two army ofllcers, a chaplain and Rev. Pr. Fells,of Brooklyn Heights. A sermon upon the death of tlio late Rev. E.B. Sburtsr, of the Howard Mission. will be preached tills morning, by Rev. A n. Burlliigbam, in the South Baptist < hureh, Twenty-fifth street, bettveeu Seventh and Eighth avenues. Christ's Colon." Tho Bev. William Alvin ltartlott,paslor, will preach ou the above subject this evening, i? the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Services at half-post tea A. M. and half-past seven P. M. The annual Sabbath School missionary meeting for I ho American Sunday School Union this evening, in the Fifth avenue Presbyterian church,corner oi NinolovnUi street, at half-post seven o'clock. Rer. Hugh Smith Carpenter, of Brooklyn, and John McCullagh, Esq., of Kentucky, w ill mnkft addressee. Chaplain llamas, of tho Fifth regiment, New York Volunteer Artillery, will preach at Avenue church, Brooklyn, E. P., to night. Rot. Pr. Chap In will deiirer, this evening, the seventh nl a series or discourse* on ' Tho Tltncs sad the People." Subject," The 'hitrch." Our Port an Prlnre Correeponilence. Pout at? Piuses, Haytl, Fob. 22,1862. Vitxh'lion of lhe PretMn'lo the South of lhe Republic? l iW' i.f Short* of Afrtrlhgiiahs Counter/til Money in C't'r culolicn, cfo., dc. 'lliere is noihiug new in politics. The President, with two of tho Secretaries of Stnln, has left tho cap ml for tho South, stid w ill be absent seroral weeks. The*taamer OoflYsrd conveyed the party ss far as Corall, where th-y wore recetveit by ft detachment of troops already sent forward by the ateatner of the 52d of Dcccmhcr, who, for the remainder of tho visit, will sot as nn escort. The 1 party is at prceout in .termite. All le perfectly quiet her.'. 6<o\ era! clucks of osrth pinks here hcen noticed, one of thoni bntlig accompanied by n loud nop o. As fur us lieard from no damage has txvn i cceslooed. The newspo) or*, i commenting on the occnrretme, nek why theeo ourtliq'akes arc more riolont and frequout in the spring ainl aulumti tliHii at other season*. largo ft mom" s of counterfeit paper money have liocti put In i Mediation. Tli? Snllium uf the Korurglan. IVirnasn, Me., March 15,1862 The tn in whit the Canadian Mails, u blocked up by I the oner, sad ?he proximities arc tiiat 11 u ntiaruor I Not ivegiuii, wh.c we* to *nll f <r I. ''i*|hm>1, will hi do ' tali c I until ? morrow fb induy) fbrei, m. i At . I ?. i t; .V st'. ui is i ik, g tu.'i'O to tiiglit Passports lo fSo South. Th I'rovifct Marshal of Baltimore g.voi I Rica I Lai flag of truce will b? soul over to Noifoik ou Sunday , lb 18th inet. Thirty of those persona to whom pa.-w]>ori have born granted will bo perm.tied to go. Those b Id Ing passes will present thorn on Thursday at bis olTic be'oro four o'clock 1*. M., and on ga.urday ? permit wil be granted to the number named. Arrival* and Urparturn. DBFAKTt'RWt. Livm root.?Steamship Cil* of New York?Mrs Tkomsoi and twi. children. Mrs N W Di\ Ine, and la ly Mr W II fuit.'i an.I tady. Jif Hougti, ('T Carter, Hann Lartnny, Dr H Mates, wire and cliilu, Miclb't'iu* Mr i. u g ( Kl'Um h C Titlor, J McLean. 1* Truman and wife. W i Wriikrumtli. Mr Bi.;el?w, M CvduUea. I* Tinker. M tins keratites, wile and tuo children; J C Kane, Oeo Saiehell, I Jo'.r.don, Mad JiJi.uaoii fjraver end h.m, Dr KODueiuiu wife, lour children and nurse: J Destcr, II btemwey, 11 ml Jan.cK, ( W May, Da id K. llry and wiie. i-arali U< ad.- auc ami J VV Denning, Mrs Roberta and daughter?with otliei Stoerage pa?*ci.gc; s. Kkkmkx?Steamship Bremen?O Broker, lady and twr children, Dubinjue, Iowa, Mit,s M 1km. Mr I. I?eu, Bremcuj E Meyer, New York; MnC Sotthe: :.nd two ami-.. ' Scheienemnun and lady, B Jenert, I Hchrimmer, M Ei b-ubach, J /ib re, New York; 0 Schmidt, Detroit, Michigan; Mi?a J Klike, Urb.iun. Ohio; N Ruff, Memphis, Tennessee; Mrs Di.rtn-ll, C.iuada Went; J lie via, Cliuuni uli; (' Hoac.ii. Or A Frank, lady and two eons, Norwich, Connecticut; B Kcrii, N,.t? York; F Freybe and sou, Baltimore -59 in the olee rage. Total 90. Official Drawing! or Rlarrajr, Rdity dt C#.'s Kentunky and Missouri Slate Lotto, lee. Kstrrocar. hints Class 115?March 15. lHrtj. t 54, 72, 14. 22. 24, 40, .90, 52, A6, 41, b'.l, 47. Kkntuckt, Clam 1*>?March 15, 180t. 17. 12. 4*. 44. b, 27, 1, 10. 24. 10. 51,38,23,53. Circular* lent free of charge by addressing eltti"r io MURRAY, EDDY k CO., Coriuglon, Ky.. or St. Louis, "a. Official Drawing* or (he Kentucky and Delaware State Lotteries. Kbstucmt?Extra Clam 75?March 15.1863. 46, 53, 63, 35, ?, 25 , 50, 55, W5, 21, 70, 73. Dklawaxx?Class 171?March 15, 18tJ3. 46. 60. 26. 63, 38, 62, 65, 6,12, 28, 23, 22, 41, 71. Circulars sent by addressing JOHN A. MORRIS k CO.. Wilmington, Delaware, or Covington, Kentucky. Prize* Cnalaed In all Legalized Lotteries. Information given. WM. LOt'KiiU; Broker, 23 Fine street, up stain., room No. 6. Dongan'i Spring Style of Gentlemen'* ..I nou;. oiuimaiii [iiwr 90 U1VO Ui.Ul a 0811 III 102 Nassau si reel, corner of Aon. Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Preservative ami Wl^s, the best in the world, wholesale and retail, and the djre pri.ately upplud at No. C Aslor Huuae. White's Spring Style of llrcti Hate. like the "Belle of the Season," at Winter Uardeu, everybody goes to see. ?16 Broadway. Batchelor's Hair Dye.?The Beat in the world; harmless, reliable nnd installlaucous. Sold and upplied at BATCUKLOKS Wig Factory, 16 lloudstmeU Dr. Kennedy, Proprietor of Kennedy's Dis- every, will be at hit otllce in the Smithsonian House, March 14, 16 and 17. All who are alllic'cd with amifulH, ervatpela-, salt rheum, scald bead, panrliiMs, humor In the eyes, ruiiuin | ?i the ears, sleets or any disease of Ihe skin or whatsoever kind or nature, sre respectfully invited to < all. A perfect cure warranted in every case. For n Fine and Klcgant Spring Hat go to EBI'ENSCIICID, manufacturer, lid Nassau street. My Branch Boot, and Shoe Store Has been removed from 91V Broadway to the old stand. 571 Broadway. M. L. 11ILL. Glorious Trininph?Mxv. S. A. Allen It daily receiving testimonials its to the wonderful virtues o( her World's Hair lteatorer and llair Dressing. They hare no equals, and a guarantee roe* with every bottle. Depot, 198 Greenwich street, near Fulton. Beautiful Complexion.?Laird's Bloom of Youlh, r.r Blqttid Fegrl. preserves and btiiu'ifiea the completion and siun. For sale by oil druggists and at No. 438 Broadway. Holloway'ii Ointment Is the Only Actual and permanontceeofor l'Hee, It has never felled iu-thousands of casus, ? riiir roMce?-i enow Bank Tobacco?Uncdwln'i Pure Yellow Bank Tobaeeo. free from alllmpurinca, lor tale by nil tobacco anil segnr dealers, eud at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 'JOV Water street. For Weak and Nervous Persons.? Early's Ferro Phosphorated Kilter or Colisaya Sold ?t KAItLK'8 drug store, Brusdivny, corner 01 Forty-scuuud street. Dr. Adam Laurie's Life Pills?Prepared from a plant (hat grotm in the tea districts of t hina, are u c.-rUui cure for uervuus debility, neuralgia, tlcdolorcuux, 8t Vitus' tian-e, Ind gcsiton, dyipepiiU, imputency and at tier sous disorder*, gl per box; post free bj mull. GEO. BILi'lN, Ageul, 4l!t Broadway, Kevr Yuek. Trasses, Elustic Storklngt, Shoulder Braes, Suspensory Biuduges. Drs. ULU\ ER 4 'i'llUKNE, No. 4 Ann street, under Beruum's. Trasses.?Marsh ib Co.'s Kadleal Care Trusses, Shoulder Braes* and Dr. W idawortli's Uterine Elevator?a superior article. No. 2 Vraejr street, Ait or Homo, oppoatie the church. Married, Araoo?D* Muwrnou).*.?On Tuesday, March 11, at St. Stephen's church, by the Key. l>r. Cummings, Rourn Arauo, Lieutsuant of tho French Navy, to Ai.rinx Ann Youanhk, oMost daughtor of Charles da Moctholon,Consul Crneral of Fran on for the United Sta'es. St. Louis aud Washington |<apers please copy. Holrk??Fount?"n Saturday, November 9,1881, by tho ltsv. Mr. seerles, Mr. Charles M. Hoi me..,of the United Slates Navy, to Misa I'm ma Koiias, eldest daughter of Daniel Foiles, Ebi|., both of this oily. Lt *t"?JoBssoM.?On Thursday, March LI, by lbs Rer. Mr. Van Nest, Mr. Wu. H. Lrwih to Mies Punas M. Jointson, all of this ciiy. Marvin?Britt.n.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Match 13, by I be Dev. N F. Smith. D. I).. Ciiamam H. Martin to Lavinia, daughter of H. M. Urltlin, Estj., all of Brooklyn. Birth. Mimiue.?On Thursday evcum#. March 13, at 77 West Tenth street, Mrs. T. E. Morris, of s son. Dlrd. Aliiricr.?On Thursday, March 13, i'nrrs Caroltni, eldest daughter of Aloauuoer aud Ma:} F. Aldrich, aged 12 yuars nnd 7 months. Tho funeral will take piaee this (Sunday) afternoon, at half-pasi one o'clock, from the tvillct street Method,st Episcopal church. Ml onuotih.?'On Saturday morning. Mnrch 15, Ki.La *. ai'it, wm; wt|iiwi vi Jiiiiiiv* I', nun Vill lll'I inu JI. llloodgond, aged J yimrs and a month Tho ralativ?s and friends of Ihe family art reapertfnlljr invited to attond tho funeral, from tha residuum of hoc lather, 8k Wcat Thirty second street.this (Sunday; ?r ternoou,at twoo'ilwk, without turtlwr Invitation. Drown.?t>n ."atitrdny, March 1ft, at bis lata residence, 148 Fust Thirty-first street, ravin S. Bnow.v, ngcU 40 years, alter a short illues.-. Tiie funeral servii cs ?ill 1m? held at his lata rssi lenct, thin (Sunday) afternoon, at four o'clock. Bi'Ottav.?On Saturday, March lft, Wiilmm, ?>n of .lam' ? Huekley,aged a yours 10 months and IS day*. The relative* aud friend* of tho family arc respectfully itivlttd lo ulli ud Ills funeral, from the residence of his tiareiita, No. 4711'aarl street, th.s (Sunday) a t.uuiO 'U,at two o'clock. Dtunv.?on8atur<Uy, March l" tvnsv Rrunr, yo nigcsi miu of Janice and lloso Italy, a_,ed 1 year mid 10 mouths The I'rieuda of the f.itniiy are inv itc-f to ait nd fbo fuller il, fioiu the r. sldein e of ho parent* N'.i . l .o K ghth sireet. St Ma;k'a place, this (Sou lay ) ?ltonuou,at two o' clock. Corxku..?!u llrooklyn.ou FriJ.iV, March 14, after a sli rt lllnose, tlKoRiioxA, wife of Nicholas Cornell. The relatives end Iriends o( I lie ramily are respectfully invited lo attend the funaral ,1'rom liar late raeldenee,No. 112 West Wan on struct, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. cairxf.?On Saturday, March lft, Jotrv Cairns, after a protracted limes-, arod 2!' years,-i months and 11 rttts Tim friend* and acquaintances of tho Inmily sro respecil'ully Invited to attend tho f'ltioral, on Monday aftermain, at 'hrs# o'clock,from the residence oi Ins brother, No. '44tl Eoutn Socond Street .lor c.v Oily. Oat.ROU.?On Thursday, March l'l, ufier * lingering illness, K.i.i kn Oahhoil, lite beloved wife of Thomas t artoll, u native ?f Mil#Cross, county Tyrone, IruUnd, ngod 41 years. The relatives and friends of tha family, alsothosaof her brother, Owen Mullen, ara respectfully invited to sttond the funeral, from hor lute reel 'save, No 2113 M eat Twenty sevautn street, thi* (Sunday) afternoon, at nna o'clock. The remains to be tak^n to Calvaiy I'etncvery for iiteimant. Bridgeport and Nee utirg papers pi rein copy C.iow.?(In Friday, March 14, Kotottti Crow, in the 42d year of his age. Tha frlcads and retatlvog of the family era respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from li e on# realdenca, No 82ft W#?t Thirtieth street, the (Sunday) half past one o'clock. Conmu.?On Friday,March 14, the youngest son of Pauiel sod Margaret Ouuall, seed ft inonihs and 18 days. Hie relatives nml friends ol ilie laiiiil) are , e-pc>i ti'nily in v ita*i to attatid the funeral, from ilia lasMriu a of his parents, No. 32 Roosevelt street, tbw (Suuday) afternoon, at two o'clork. I oNjm.t.Y.?.Ou Saturday, March 16,Train r Rotvaar.iv, a native of tbc parish of Mahcrcolmine, county Fermanagh, Ireland, in tb? Jillh year of bis a<e The friends and reUtllvea ot the family, and alao those of Ills brothers, .lainea and Michael, aud brother-in-law, Frauds MoCnrroti, are respectfully invited to a'fend (he funeral on Monday atternuon, at two o'clock,from Hie result mo of hia parents, No 6 North lliird aueet, Williamsburg. . Dosoucit.?'On Friday,Marrh It, at the reaidenoe of her eon-la law, A. (lwig(t, Msnv Isj.ioma, wife of 1 bonus Rouohiia.anatlveof county l/inftfoid, perish ol AM>y, Ireland. The friends and relatives of i ha family are retpeclfully requested to aitond the, from No. 91 Weet Nitia trenth street, till a (Sunday) afternoon, at oue o'clock, Vk*v **?In I,ou,svlllo, Kentucky, on Sunder, March P.NinmbC. , wife of Win. II. Fr?yt*r,Of that place, and daughter of U. H. Hrs/.oal, Faq, of Amelia county, Virginia. 1U< lunond (Vs.) taper* pleasj ropy. KiTStArntrs.?On Saturday,March 15, Msiuik r Vrtstr iTKr k, wife of Thomas KUzpairlck, after a - tort tlln a % hi the fl'M jo tr of her iigr, Tin tenia new I be ttuen f ont liv late recJeure, Krink n at O'ii c, ii> ur 1': i , Joui street, oh lion iaj morn tng,ul ten o'clock, to St. .l,i. j,i, ? uSurrti, ? It t ' i a, .0.1111 II g Va-? will b (iff" o ; until thet'rf to Ivr lii i t i?n l.i e I'la'.b i h (.a o v. fl.ttrt "ti ?l o any ni I, . *fi-i'1" I !. I don- o "f Mr 1 lion at v- * > , % . inc. vl >, t,.t ,f.n I ogtt I I i i - . M ? < -An.x i ?>, r, daoghter of lli# late Mathew CarUy, egi'"' J**19 401 4 a mouth* The luueral will take place this (Sunday) iWBtot, *1 0 two o'clock, as above. S a Moutreal papers pl*a*e ropy. \ [. Haum : -On Saturday, M ti< li 15,C:jic.a IT ., only A'"r J' I'luti* H. and Kuilly Hatrnu, as"'' 11 months and IT da^*Tilt relative" and I ren in of the fuiuiiy are rospect: >uv 11 invited to attend the funeral, this fSuurtay) a'terckn,* at half "not one o'clock, from the res-derireof his parentis. No. SOJ Seventh avenue, to Mreenwnod < ometery 1! iidkn ?Killed, in an engagement with the rebols, at S-iughter's station, Alexandria Railroad, Virginia,ou Sun day, March J, ilhNHt li llii tew, First l.itfJtenunt of tun Fuel New York (Lincoln) cavalry. ) Tito funeral will take place from the Fourteenth street I'rtsbylerlan church, corner of Snc >nd avenue, this (Sun' day) afternoon. at one o'clock. The friends of the faintly, i; aud the of la* .aw Ifui. H. Webb, Charles ' T Kayuolds Htmry M Stevens and Dr. August1 r K. J (Jarifncr. are respectfully mvited to attend, without furj th t notice t Hill.?In Brooklyn, at his residence, No. 825 Hicks street, on kriduy, March 11, David liiu., axed 62 yuan, 1 6 montlis and 25 d?ys. ; The remains will be taken to Lowell, Mass., fur intermcnt. Hkimuior*.?In Williamsburg, on Saturday morning, March 15. Co.vbah Hkvkt (Ibokok IIku.hmokw The friends and relatives of deceased are respectfully invited to a '.end the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'cic k, from the residence corner of Flui-hing and Leo avetiu-.s, Williamsburg- The r'-maius will be taken to the Lutheran fainetory. Jordan.?In Jersey City, on Suturday morning, March 15, jfua A., wife of the late Thomas V Jordan, aged 61 years. The relatives snd friends or the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irom her late residence, corner of (lrand and Barrow afreets, on Monday uiiernouu, at two o'clock. ! lkiks.?On Saturday morning, March 15, Ttuotar, eldest son of J nines and Klleu I-eane, aged 23 years,? native orCastlegregory, county Kerry, Ireland. 1 he relatives and friends or the family ere respectfully invito! to a'.t oid the funeral, from his late residence, 217 Ka*t Twentieth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock. Mason.-?On Saturday morning, March 15. M.utr, the beloved wife of John Meson, aged 42 years, 10 months and 20 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, front her late residence. No. 614 Hudson street, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. M1K111.?On Saturday, March 15, maoaarst .Task Mckix, daughter of James and Margaret McKun, agod 3 years, 6 mouths and 11 days. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents. Feet Fifty-sixth ft root. iiour Second avenue, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock. NtsiBTT.?On Saturday, March 8, on hoard I he Toilet State, gunboat Whitehall, while engaged lu battle, Andrew NVsritt, Jr., In the 29th year of his age. The friends and relatives of" the family, also the members of l'ngiue Company No. 10, and the Fire Ik|>urtuii;ut in gene: al, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Sonrlay) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the rosidence ol his parents, Ko. 218 ChureU street. Oti* ei'.?On Saturday morning. March 16, at half-past ton o nli ok,The ''hilis B. Older, m native of England, egad til years, 0 month* and 1G days. Farewell dearest father. His relatives and friouds ore respectfully invited to attend tbo funeral, on Tuesday morning, at eleven o'clock, from his late residence, corner of Harrison avenue and Broadway,Brooklyn, F. II., without further invitation. His remains will bo taken to Croon wood for interment. California ar.fl English pupors please copy. O'Connor ?tin Friday, Marcb 14, Kate A., the beloved daughter of Owen and Catharine O'Connor. Tiio relatives and friends of the family are respectfully incited to attend the funeral, on Monday morning, at turn o'clock, from the rosidnnce of her parouU, No. 29 C dumhia str> t, Brooklyn Heights The remains will be taken to the Church of the Assumption, corner of York and Jay streets, Brooklyn, where a solemn requiem inaed 1 will be offered for the repose of her soul. Roddick.?At the residence of her parents, in Brooklyn. Khinu, eldest daughter of Robert and Eitza Kuddick, aged $ ycat i and 2 months. Htoroe.?On Thursday, March 13, Eostrirn Srosos, formerly of Canada. Ills futicral will take place this (Sunday) afternoon, M two o'clook, from St. Paul's church. TitonitiN.? In Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 15, Jaaamiau Tboi.tmar. in his 49th ytar. His friends and relatives are respectfully inritod to attend the funeral, from the Baptist church, Kushwink Cross Roads, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clook. Van Brunt.?On Friday, March 14, Ueorcb c., son of E K. and K. C. Van Brunt, aged % years mid 4 months. The friend* ot the family are iuviied to attend the hanoral, from the residence, 145 Cold street, thia (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. W..1.t a ft ?At Harlem, on 1 hnrsday, March 18. after a short but severe tltnesa, John Wat,: .re, in the ttGth year of his age, a native of Carrigiuohi!1, ouonty Cork* irouiuu. Tilt and friends of tlie family are respectfully invited to Attend the funeral, this (iter:day) afternoon. at one o'clock, from hi* late rcsidcnco, 133d atroet, between Fmrth and Fifth avenues, Harlem. Wauna-On Saturday, March 15. of soarlet fever, Carhif Urssrix, daughter of Ktherf H. end Julia F. WHiotx, aged 3 years, 4 mouth;; and ? day*. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at the Presbyterian church, lletnpsteed, I., I., on Monde/ morning, at half-past eleven o'r'oct. WooDcora.?On Saturday, March 15, after a short but severe i!!ne-s. Mahv Cu?a Woohcock, aged 2year?,* months and 12 days. " Suffer little children to come mito me, and forbid thcun not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." The funeral will take place rront her father's residence, No. 231 Keit Thirtieth stroet, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, Tbo friends of the family, and thoseot her grandfather, J. B. C'otle, are iuvi'.eu to attend. M1SC K hh.\S EOl'S. ^ SLANDERER Syl ELl HKD. GEO. FRANCIS TRAIN, UMOMHT. on" T. COf.r.EV (lit tTTA.V, SECESSIONIST. TUE SPICIEST PAMPIlf.ET 01* THE AflE Price 15 Cent* Copies mailed in any ?<1dre?a. on receipt of price tn atam-va 1.EE d MlE!'MK?ll>. Pului.-hrrn, Uu-ton. For ?ale by II. Ai'l'LKTOX A CO. 44:i Broadway, And by ?U bookseller*. American nkkdle coMrtNT.?uarti.ptts hi;r. nished Needle* fur a!! pari 'set, wholesale and retati. at 47.1 Broadway, >. r. if VKKTOR ASS(litTM F.N S OK ALES, WJXE.S, Ae, JOHN J. STAFF, 84 Franklin street. A FACT.?W ATKRA A SON. A1 90 Ft'I.TO* STREET, \V.o4 Engraven, give Or t rate work, at reasonable prices, promptly. Boots and shoes ok every DEscrii'TioN, bt ilii* package, at manufacturers' price*. CIrjf>. Hoots, c'antn?.? IJ .m l other Army Good* in great var.ey. HIJAREKS <!. WARREN, CoiiimUsion Bo,/ aj?1 Shoo Warehouse, T~ Coritomtt?ti . BOURBON WHISKEY.?SELEf TED LOTA I OR I'RX v.iic tue, lit l'u> demijohn or bottle, loisrlcbv O. B. MKNDUM.wrutrol Broadway snl tV.lnr street. BRIDOKWATKR I*AINT-TESTED ELEVEN YEARS; water ntid Ur, proof, illles it id Iron. iurtosti irtlblc Dopot 74 Maiden lane. IV. \V HETT3, tleneral Agent. /taction' to drt'ooists.?beware ok counter V ' Icit M'ki'nn Mukiang The "Minim la wrap pcJ In line tI I |ilate enuiiivlw.s, v'tli the word* Meaienu aitutmiig l.lninietit in t eitvlu anrrouuditit n bill tilttg vole* no. nn.I 1?. S llnine* (ilmvn In the lac tip. There hna been oil ere <1 for mile, ny one John D. Turk, an article In eneral llet'an quite the tame. bill meruit it on l ira inon lone pi.lie with ihe words "A. O. lie Kg A tin." In lop Of thpeirele, llirnorrt Mexican > nd"T!iealh?etnnll and el?. aeoretl hv ih" amoke of tha tohano?ami the pinprielor'a n/nie, II S, Uaruea, oiniltod front the buttle. To nt.innfactiirP or sell a e.nin'erlPT. trade nmk I* a criminal on'eiice, and the unileriilgnml will alrlclljr enf u e ld? rifj'iia, eiiilly and eiliuir.. l!f. In. <rinallon In r aitrU to the whereabout* of the ?uld counterfoil Liniment will hn thankfully received. l> H. n A RN F,S. 202 Broadway, N <v York. CTKETt IILS AND CAKES l ull T11K MILLION-A1 J the uvuiiiifaitiiier *. I'. riNNKLL. No. 2 C'ortlandt street. T? V. IIAUCUWOUT A t *488, ilOand 4?2 Broadway coi ner of Broome ?'i?et, Reipe tfnlly announce thai, having )n?l romplcted ilto r?fll ttncol their "lore, they are now ope-.In* a FINE ASSORTMENT <H NEW GOODS, JUST Rl Civil Kit FROM lit ROTE, to which lliey would Invito the adeption of buyer*. W htle the war >, * ihey willroiilin u to sell at the reduced price*, I'li*y would rail e??e,.ial ailentten to tome NEW I'ATl'ERNS II? DECORATED HINNKP ' V TEA BETH, CLOCKS, Bin?>/lie. SILVER I'Laiku HOODS AND UI.ASSW Al.E. Alio * vet t l?rge *-?o-tineiit ol NEW S I VEf .- OF CHANDELIER* AND OAS FIXTURES 1PAV S SPANISH 11A111 i.LOSS? V (El; A* WHITE ' and ale,;nnl chemical pr | ?ruti >n lor prom d ug lh? grow III, luiurlaiica and beauty of the hair. For dr ?lng lb.'Uair keeping It m<d it and In pia" . and I npar.loi; te U a rleli, ailty softness and highly ixautllnl |n?.re, there m nnildiig equal to it. it ta unlike any of ibe slehol and oil preparation*. ' U.I.I .. .)V.,.M|B,l.nlll, v., .11 Ih. ....I...I . I. I . .a... VlmlrMle iK^nn, Klirbrn. T> ler A ?... Ml r.'iatubcn tri-rl; I).?. n, Kraat-t A Hullnlt, ltii l'hauiivi? iti-cei. Wry literal dlasntint tu denier*. Older* 0out rvllaMn h .in. *, a l.lmwd to C. I*. YAY, chemist, No.v York rile, will irmre Ion! ion liMNE OOLD WATC1IBK OV AI.L DF.St BIPrtONX. 1. amna In hnntlni; rvw-* fur l?.lu?, na ! .* ^? ?11 rvh, warrant. d < onrrt tliiieke. ; or*. for h\ (1. O. AULf'N, ?lf Broadway, nn< door brintr CiMl iirart,' formerly it WV. treat. 1i?l'RtriY?'RK AT ttONT.W BOVOK. AT 1118 N t.Sf.1; faeiory anil waterman*, M and W f <! Itottfttm treat, will offer hit eullrn luck of tprt lor iunioui madeKii'iitini* of mrrj doacriptton, at ro?t, until April 2t?, when the ImUtio* will lie told Hi iinctliiii to i:lo?) the htn-ne*., /?8NTIJiMKN ScTsf OI K t I.IMIIIM) ITItt'llASBO V* for the tWilrrn mm Art. Cull at tltc n'orr, or addft ? Oouroy, M Centra street. . _ / AUD WIXKH i : tM'll- m Ml-KK\-. .tc , KOII KA, I J milr v. >o. mii HdlabytheH'iloiior ho He. lytl. E. MUXDI M, B'Ortnr eirrt, .-orner of Ki -a lw?). C T.I**' *. DRAKE* *-' ri.AXI ATION BITTRR-t enre* IniHgesth* and dyspepsia, give. t in - lo the ichi.m1i and ir>'ti<;llten* the ?jw. m. A must agroead* I'mil.-ami nam fail* id bcni-M. S"U svsryaheia. Detail Ml Bread way, Ncff Yi rk. I Tf.l-.WH API* fit \VI.AI Vs'TEKTP.-V II TV 1.1. It niHnitraatnrrr, J# Nh?'Broa-lwa;-, N. Y. t^lll )N<? X VAIKXT AKV.Y riil NK AND HiRltBl.R . (! Iki tea l < mi l-i tied, .-orticr of VV an u r. . t ai. I It I I WAV. 1 'I'flK IIOMf-./. Si H M A III X hi M.Kl . KM! list: TKATX I i mil ? > ii ! i .it j it. . t OA'X ti'iMKA, .Oik - -i l-i' I r VJ Am' v Hi'). > Vo'h l'a< n? rtr,h't , f,

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