Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1862 Page 6
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6 SITI' \TIO\? W.WTirn?FFM \i.RN. A*"~WHK)W LJJ>Y WISHES \ SITPATI 'N AS DOCSIS. It... r ?, ennui take .r of an Invalid, noobyer' ? to thee n'fi e ' ?'r?- el. Ad ireae or oaii on Mr*. Km tug t. n .'"0 Weal ud at. ? S AMEBIC** LADY, OK EXPEDIENCE AM) KEJ\ ;u: I v . .1 . . lie mat ra, wo ?.d Ilka uU euiia?em. i,t ?v ho . . per lor beard fur h -el! and eon, or oUn rwire a (n ail rom, ei MMl n, a widow er'a family prelerred. Addieua A. V. A , station E. 4 N AMERICAN WIDOW ! ADY, OK INTELLIGENT B J\ : n.i ri .if.aiuent. would : ? a P' aa hou-n.kv p. r in a > d 'War'a family; r-0 obj?* Ceu lu.iy r country. Kor f rla naniri.lara addres* box 77 Uobokeu Pout uIIija, stating plu a of Interview. i WO.V! VN. OVER 30 YElRS OK AGE. WISHES TO i-o, go as a aervani or auaunl in a uinily, > ulier in n> > n or co .iitry. la not particular aa to w?ir>, uuy ibing that la reapectabie, if ever ao bumble. Addraaa M. Turuer, Ucra.d oiliee. MR* WILSON WANTS ENGAGEMENTS FOB HF.R ope aio. a on Wuerier A Wii^ou'a tnacli.nea; all ku a of -awing laken in; -1 u 11 il ri?r to or er. No help warned. Call at 1.-411. a v., over Mrs. I. R. Brew er'a fancy atorc. fir ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PER'I -on. as ioiew. in?u , urid.rat.nds vest a ul coal mak ng, i d it a en a . o i operator on W heeler A W neon'a aawlng nmcbin- ; ku be- u na -d to bavlne tbw .are ol a workro ui. A Hue addres-ed to E. D. H., WtUlamaburg Poat offloe, will Bret wltb prompt attention. \1'AN1ED-A SITUATION AS SE VMS TRESS, OR y c-uistr-ss an.i - Uain.M . mald, by a respectable America.. girl. Cad at 121 Eaat Broadway. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABI B GERMAN GIRL, A It It i l n .i* eniiaid or wain, an American iamihr pK-terr. 1. Can give tbe beat of reference. Apply at 111 Srrene *t., between Spring and Prince sta., rear house. UK LP WANTKD? FEMALES. \GUOD COOK. ACCl' T 'MED TO WORKING IN A r.-ti :ra*i', with un- x . touable refareucea, wauled. None n e i rp,)!> but those thorough y posted in theli buain. a V i-. iMsr.r's r.-s a r .1.t HA; Ml . :iv between 2Mlh fcUtl 2bl'I ?t.-'. Housekeeper wanted.?a young lady, an Aiii.-rl- kii, i spe Liuii'.t and reiiueinent, cheerful in disposition an . of pi acta; aildivsx; must In* prep essrag mi! t iiir ug.. y e . - In appearance. and .u.ijr o >ini et- ut u lake ih a of a uuum.'. a idrone C. T., bo* lit U r Id offl c Millinery.?wanted, a trimmer; one Accustom a oin? ii mi oi orders. Apply ut 1,117 Broad*?y, to. tier oi T? nt -uflli street. qewin 0 machines, with lockstitch ? opei ore, wlm or w hout m?, and searing bauds int .1. f ir llgnt tent*. Apply ai 03 Murray et., up stairs. T> CLOAK AND MANTILLA H\NDS.-WANTED, A toiiii ? !y mi ly compel'm to take charge ot a workmw 'or 'lie best rite tra i". A'*" *n errun 1 girl from 12 to Id je ,rs of age. Appl.i at M Hire kor street. \1t.a > t 1)?a com l"e ten i person, to take T -'a " or the washing of a family?from el-ht to twelve go re" |i i cek. Appiv at SIS Broad way, between 10 and 12 " lock A M Wanted?an operator on WITEELER a WILiou a m. cuiue. a; pi, at 91 Re.ule at., to C. P. Blake Wants -a si sat, tumt woman, as nccse and chuinberm tiri; she mi at e full* cu,. potent to take t arg" of ii chi d'i'teen mouth > d, and willing to no the eh in he work ;'o a small tun iiv: Protestant pre erred. Mo thav o: lty references. A p'y on Monday afternoon at in) W. ?i ks.h ?t. WANTED?THREE FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND t:1*nmera. Apply to Mrs. T. Johnson :?5 Canal at., earner of Wooater. HELP W ANTED?MALES. Agents: attention:.?a beautiful microarope, Irag' ifyliig Stio Ilmos. for 28 cents (silver); live of different power*, fl. Made (free. Address F. L. B iwo, bo i 22', Boston, M tea. A GENTS CAN MAKE MONEY RAPIDLY RY SELLING J\ WHEELER'S t'nieni. Keyhole Guards, to prevent thle- re and burglars from opening door locke with false keys an ; n inpers. Retail prior a rnti. or sent bv mall for 9U cents. Descriptive circular forwarded free. Address Geo Wb eeler, AOS ana AOS Broadway, room No. 7. AUKNTS! DO Yoll WANT TO MAKE St'DDEN FORtunes t T.rcn hurry up' Send for sample pairs of our pate?t Skirt Supporters srrt D e*s Holder*. Ma led free, w lb IrrnTsr, f r2Arents. A. RI' HARLS A CO., New London, Cor.n. FO 4TRK.-8 MONROE ?FORTRESS MONROE.-FORTr-a Monro A . ni- ami cauva-aera warned. In tbis eny and S sir. an 1 in eve'y Hiate of the t'nion, to aell a i-u. b-red engraving of Fort Monroe, ju*t p liOiab- d. A eopr w li be to. warded free, by mall, by encloalnj order with 75 rents. A. LAZAlilS. ?"J Broadway, room AS. SALESMAN WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE CLOTHING O one ? tu nas ' a . exp r. nee and can cumnusu a Co-b and snort un.e tr?- e. Addre>* W., box 4,109 New Vork Pva. u'fi- e. w ith name and re ereuee. Salesman wanted-one who can control a cosh city and State trad- In cloaks, Ac., and la willing to sell iiouita on oommladon, may bear of a situation by ad irrsslna < asU. Herald oili.-e. Salesman wanted?acqI-'ainted with Tns boater), am all war*- and tri-itmlng nurinesa: also a yoiub, ah u l-i, and a rented boy. to learn the bisinenr. ,\3 iresa W..? E g. r, n(w> and Sh2 ..roadway. \^'ANfBl>?A MAN. IN A RETAIL SIORE IN BROOK'* 1)11. t? maac himself gener-idv useiul; a resid?-nt of B 'aisiyn preieir -J: noi more than St a week can be given. Address I six 1.4 u>-ra.d olD -CyA>TS0-A MAN WHO TUOROCGHLY CNDERfb rands Hie ui uiuf if Ui e of imilut on ci ler, to whom an., i " ,v 11 u? I' l,J- Apply at 1A Stone a'., Now Vork, or SSi ? x^'Jb TIT AST ,i~^ v'Vt'* 15 YEARS OF AOE, TO CARRY \\ arc r Ss.Vr? ,,u0- W A- n?aru* A & D, iifttiroitawiv, * Ur \VTPD A iOfin RTNfVW ^ M \N AS TRA\ KM.INO , r , r, nn, v ? 4 ,un > 1 in< ?>' ( - w; f. d lu 1*3,V K > ? TtwI/VhJrdfo^* V?lrr... Ai,... u L. La/.aru*, 416 Hrrw y' " 0 Jl' -*u*i 4 y .i> j. b.L?ffu 9 anl 12 o'clock. C' P?i: DAY.-A SMART VoT"'? *** . > 'Nrl{ ?. OK) it*p m.nand h email apiui, can a, ^ Ti,' k 1| s ifl !" > . y c. li.,. oflfcr. N. It.?Enclose AtAfrip to pay return portage. I ? TWK TK'.OIS. JOB < UMI O Ii'OR WASTED. buiHib A mKATTaX, * John "fret. To^tifkial flower makers ?wanted im | tit* d t-1 .-<kj .<) d It. una w?m the artificial ik?wer?. To rood ha ? a ea v employ ..en will be giren. Apply to j .tan C. H n eraon, $ .! Broedway, 'pO COPPER PLATE PRIMERS-WASTED, COPPER I plan I rimers, o worn on .r a; tuoed e.enetotlted t'> j pyliinnt! w I k nid vl-.t n r.rda preferred. Int: 1 r* at Wijute * o.?id mgr.. ?lng office, So. 1 Barclay at., A nor House. UMBRELLA AND PARASOL FRAME MAKER WAST ed. A ply immediately to Hall. Wi-tuiorc a Dean-born, HKBpia amy. Wanted?a fiooD tiorseskoer. a floormas, wh undcrataiide b a bnaine-a. Apply at 1?W 7tb av. TITANTED?AS EXPERIENCED esoraver OS ?T woo?l would like Pi oo f on nftd to dim worth of eujravln^ in etclia c for carpeting and ruruitnre. Addreaa, Mating where interview* may he had, J., box 124 llerald Office. situations wasted-male*. A FIRM WHICH DISSOLVED BY ITS OWN LIM1TAtl til tin ibe Slat oi Deeemlier, wlah I.) find a aituaiion for their colored porter, who has been with !h? rnnoeni over, flf eert; he I* n.ell g-nt, la.thful, lodtutrloua and ao" ber, an., am pera .n n-cling the aervl. ee of an h a tnan wll' get a prtae if they engage htm. Atldrraa hot 1,RN Pott office. r"SO AC TIM A S.?A KITI'ATIOV WASTED, BY A KEi , ... - . I. ,,,iiiiii ,..a? ? hi. h?. kail had many yam' *i[?r enoe; la a |wd and cbroful drtvor. baa hud mu<-h oxporienro iu groonun , and uoatniont of horaea. will bo found willing and obliging; good rltv rofo. rrnra. Address E. D.. 91 Wait 19th al.f or b->x 212 lleral'1 a re. Great exhibition, london.-kxiiibitors and otnera desiring the tarelnl mention of an eiperlon'rd peraon melding In London. will pl'-a o addrea.? Vim. Manin, No 7 Charles ?trrot, Iailn.ln Oram. London. Korrctcr-no ?a ! > reaionaibllJty apply 1? John Martin, 290 B.-*dway. N. T. To brewers?an ale and porter brewer. who ha- h?d the management of the praotloal brewing of two Urge London br <* rtee, from whkh ho haa the highoat testimonials of ablll y, Ae , and who haa mndurtetl similar establishments in Canada. In on*1 of whtrti ho !? u w engaged, and bla b??r l? giving tho greatest natlafwllon, la open to an engagement, or would giro practleal Instruction. Addrcaa XX. >are of A. Cannery Eaq., box 9d. Newark. N. J. TO FAMILIES OOINU TO ?Ut*OPE -A YOUNG OEVtloman, of superior ta'.en npoaking throo languages and a splendid pi nut, whoae family am Tn Europ . and ho being dovold of tho moana to got Cere. |? do,in .? to travel with some party aaot>mpagnon d' my ,?e. ![ baa alwaya tired wn b first olaaa families and '.in gV. o tho highest ro<mnmon lat urn Adireaa Europe, Union spwrr Pn?t . m-,. r IMPORTERS ami jobbers.?a gentleman, who haa been engaged an buyer of embri totiog ami thoroughly understands the business, bating boon engaged aa niatiufanurer, and th la Intlmaislv amp tainted win the manuia tumrnof embroideriesand whito r<-?u , , Europe and eould Influence Uige consignment*, wants a a,nation at hugw >r anle?ruso In a lirat rlaaa honao. Th- highest ,-|iy udE irup. an roferoncea. Address Buyer, boi Pii He;,|| oo. WAKTaOtenY A TOtTWO MAN, AGE 24, A HITt'A- 1 Uon.etMierJn the city or rounirjr, In anr able ! wholesale hou??M bantam*; ran write a good hum mi 1 hd- I demtantia atpnle mlm lieikkreplng; b?? been in the .i'ju .r, dt t *'*) ! And office boaim-ae In tU. * City for the Urn Iwelva num. tin produce At dly reference*. Addraei KreleHok, bot IM Herald ofc*. WAf>TED?A OO0D.-***MER. WHO KNOWN HIS ImalnMBlbfineaghly, nnd U n working man hinnelf. with go>d jkj^upjpni one other nerd Apply. Addtrii M . AVIKD-A KITt'ATXO* A" SALESMAN. BY A young man In a wh'deaaln dry good* houne; b?? beeti m lib bU pi earn'. eroytoyer the pant aeren yta m, lo whom he ran rclcr for recommendation; no objection lo going in the Country. Addreaa W C B .14., 31.1 Greenwich it reft. MATRIMOSIAIm AYOINO GENTLEMAN, NINETEEN YEARS OLD conaidered good looking, would lika to mako the nc qualnt?nce of aome charming young lady, with a rlew lo aaalifmony. She oinat tie beautiful, aaoomitllabed, well edarati-d. affectionate, and not more than eighteen yearn old. Money no object, at (be adrarilaer la entitled ton large Income when of ago. Addreaa, In confidence, cncloaing carte de rialii', Iranhoe, bot 173 Herald office A GENTLEMAN, 3d YEARS OF AGE, OF LIVELY dlapoaitlon and fond of fun. wiahea to make the acquaintance of a young lady, of almllar Inclinatlona, with n rlew to mnlrtinony. Addrcae, In contidennr, l.'harl> , I ma I'Ai Herald offlee. A-" rouiio man, or PMrossBSNiKii u ance, In afll'ient clrcumatancea, wlehca to > ; n i rreapoardence with aotne young J?dy of lilgli atatinn In life, wlib a new to matrimony. Ehotograp'ia not I u'arly renovated. AUdreaa I harry Ferclrilic, bot 144 If- r.tld office. lALCa AT AUCTION. \CCTION HOT JOE ?1> D. OA' LKINS. AUCTIONEER u. ; O K s a HI mu'VAi. la hoe salb ok k1ch and* HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, El.EUANT ROSF.tVOOD PIANOFOI TK, rosewood parlor suits in bkolatel, valuable i'al ntint 8. a ..tisi'.o br >nzes, M VRBI.E .ROUPS *0.. tC. D. D. ClULKINS A CO , will .1 u-?0 row <Mon. .lay). Mar 11 I, at the; iiruaw r. ? dene# No. 211 West Fourteenth ? t, i tieeu fci-intb Kid Ninth avenues, on' menci: g ut 101? o'clock A. II. 1 ne iwii! c -inpri . e* the enure contents ot the house. The eleg.nt Piror Fur.iture was made to order, and i* in so id rosewood. The wh ie will he aold to the highest b d-lei for vash, ottering tra Inducements o purChaser-, a* tie <-it re I rultureoft e house is ntailynew. and must he so d, owl ig to removal. Elegant rosewood Pianoforte seven is-t v,- wi h ait modern _1 oprovetn'nts, overstrung I n- ie-1 d peal. hey?. Ae cost BAV, with guar Ittee for three year , r ch ru i wtod Stool, covered n eat n, and embroider Cover: thri e el -gant full *u t? of rosewood Parlor Fu n ure, in ri h brocade and satin; rosewood E:ageres, splendid and coaily P;.iian Ornaments, rich Vates, Ac.: also a tnacni ren' oot.ertion of rare Pain lu s. rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, In tine reps: rosewood Centre and Bide marble IC|, Tan . a, r.1 hly carved Chamber Huts, in rosewood and mahogany; hureaur, carved BedS'eana, over 6C0 vards of elegant V.- vet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Waahstan Is. 1* fa Beds, in fine halrc oth; ten pure Hair Mattresses, from 40 o . ul e., made to order and in eicellrnt coudiiioii. Dining Roo m r'urtut >re consists of fine oak Eltension Table, 8 iver Ware, ru b ebina. ivory and silver Cutlery, Forks. Spoons. Ac., with heavy cut and eugraved dataware of every deaeription. Sale positive. Auction not ce.-v. b chapman, auctioneer. MAtiNlKlCENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Paintings, Statuary an I many nrc and eiegant WORKS OF ART, At puh'lo auction, to-rnoriow, Monday, March 17, bale commencing at 11 n c4ock. precisely, at the elegant remit nee, No. 48 West sixteenth street, between Fifth anil Sixth avenues. Seven octave rosetvuod Pianoforte, Rosewood Dining R- orn Suite, Bronze and ormolu Chandelier-, velvet and medallion Carpets, Sevres anl Dreed en China Vance, pier and mantel Mirrors, embroidered 0 tain*. Oil Paintings, by emlueut artists. DRAWING KtiOMS. Rosewood Seer tar, and Bookcase, Ericoigr.ure-, Lady's Work Tah e, superbly carved s old rosewood Sui:s, covered with silk biocatel: rosewood Centre Tables. Etagcres liried vv i h -allow ood. Kind's patent Reclining <'hatra Oil Pa ntinge. by Co'e. Intna , Leg-ami, Sellers and Kgluw; Fruit Hi ce, by Knuscn: Winter Scene, by Legrand; two mutch l'aitillncs, or: in Is. Iv l our linan: Scene on the Tiber, at Rome, by Delecmlx; II, Iv Samilv, by Legruud. M AUMi K LN 1 EOBKVVGO ' PIANOIW)RTE, superbly ived rase and legs, made by Broa 'way makers and in excellent orde . Canterbury. Stool and Cover; Music Books, n. Bullet, Extension fable, Ann C. air-, China D nner an : T u Sets y-ul nnd en rived G ass Ware, Table Cutlery, silver Ware, rosewood and mahogany Bute his, Bedsl-ad- \ rdiv Hair and Spring Matties.*!-, Cotin crpa e?. Blankets, Sheets, Bookstand*, B ussela and Ingraiu i'urpeia, 1>., em. ntand Kitchen Furniture. \1 i Tl 'N S VI.K ?KI'RNI n'RE IN THE FILLMORE House, Newisirt, K. ).?Toe subscribers, assignees of Wm. W. II /ar ., w i.l oo nm. n,:e the sa a o: Furniture in the Fillmore llou-e at ami on, on Saturday, March 22, and continue the sa.u? dai.y nu .. further notice. ? Ei?. A. ARMSTRONG, I iesl.nret. D. HAZARD, J Assignees. , ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF LIBORS, GROCERIES, A -,?S. ' ioneer, will sell, on Monday, i 17th tnst., at luii . ch*k, at 11 B iwery, un enure s ock oi a ' waoleBiie dea or, .i s-ting of pale and ilar- B andies, I Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, Si. (.'mix and Jamaica Rum, pip s Gin, Port and Sui-rry Wile s, Sega is, 200 b. Turk si I Smoking Tobacco, Ac. Also a large lot of Sperm and oth r 1 O iud e>, 2o0 b x, ? Cr am of Tartar. Prunes, SO barrels Dried ! Apples, .Mo asses, T- a. Cheese, Vinegar, Scotch Ale, Ac. Also I one Iron Sal? uill -e burnt ure, Ac. Sale positive for cash. By urder ot CHAS. F KLENCK, Attorney for Assignee. Auction notice.?new york horse mart and Sal, s s;a les, is Bayard strett, near Bowery, now op n fur the ssie of llor-es i trotting, toad or draught). Wagons, Cam a es, Harness, ? ., at auction or private stie. Terms mu.icr.ite. H rues taken on livery. City or coun.ry gentlemen having such stuck to sell will find satisfaction. Payments prompt, Best eommcr lal ref< reuce given. Apply at 4S Bay ar J street, or stoie 18 E st Bros da a;. RICHARD WALTERS, Proprietor. Am. cristalar, auctioneer, no. at bowery, will sell on Monday. M.ircn 17. at 1U>4 o'clock, a large and general assortment of Ready Made Clothing, comprising Cloth and Cassiaiore Frock, Sack and Business Coats; Doc and Cloth Vests. Also, hw Hoods. Cloth*, Cusslmeres, Satinets, .Mu-lins, Fancy Goods, Hosirrv. Shirts and Drawers; a large assortment of Boot*, Shoes, Gsltere, , Brogan", 4c., 4c. Auction notice.?josepii l. smith, auction- 1 ecr. will aril to-morrow, March 17. all thoclagant Household Furniture 01 a nrst c.asa residence. IS! East Kigntb street, between Fourth avenue and Broadway, sale wm. mencing at 11 o'clock precisely, consisting of BruttM-Iaand Ingraiu Carpet*, rosewood, black walnut, mahogany and oak Parlor, B droom ?inl Dining Room Furulture; Glass, Cidna and Sliver Ware: Table. Cutlery, Hair Mattresses, Bed*, Bedding, 4c. Sale point ve. AM. cr1stai.ab auctioneer, no. 23 bowery.? Custom made Clothing, Host ry, Ac. Stork or a merchant tailor. O.i Monday. March 17. a*. 10t? o'clock. Cud Black Doeskin and Fancy Castillo re Pants, Siik Velvet and Silk Vests, itnc Frock. Suck ar.d Bu. iuesa Coats; Shir's and Collars, Neck Ties, Cravats, Under Snlrts, Drawers, Cloves. At-., ,vc. \j. bleecker, auctioneer.?stock sale, Tuesday. Mar. u IS. at 12.'., o'clock, at the Men hanls' Exchange (iora.icouul of whom it may eoiieerii), lit Slimes of the Capl'al Stock of the New York and New llaten Railroad Co., 13j do. do. do. B>. chilton, auctioneer. Unltcu Stale* government ?aie of CorJ Wood at auction, by order m Colonel D D. Tompkins, Assistant y.iarter. master General, will he sold an Saturday. March 22. 1NI2, at 12 o'clock M., n-ar the depot at Hampton branch, on the Long Island Kan wad, about 1L0 curds of good oak or other haro Wood. It Will ue soi.1 in lots of 2t> cordx. For term# and particulaia app.y to theauctioneer, to street, New York. Tnc Wood can bo examined at any lime before'he ale. Ulliv Alii' K^lir.M K. AM TIONLIK. Pj priii. vitiimv <ur tit* wi pvnn DIAMOND asd V;OI"D JEWELRY, to be *oM by order uf JAlQEEfl SOIIIER, By EDWARD ft'IIBUCK, ON WEDNESDAY, March 19, i>t 11 o'c.ock, nt lil' al>i?r><'iuN li-laiul U7 Bi udivay. is conatata in )>urt uf aujirrb 1) anion l S> f,.s if Bin* ?mi Ear* rliif. ' f ?' netmn .f in 1 IVurlv. Em- rjM ind P anion! 1 t'luater and ?ln<I? Stone Diamond Ring* and Rira, Diamond 1 t.'roasea, Bracelet*, l'l-nrl of, A Ac. ai mi , An elegant a*aorttu<-ntof COKAL SETS. The . liui< g> ooii were all kiven aa rollmcral orliy, and W'C, bv po-oln vly Moid nitlioi rem no. A dcp'.Ht uf A"> |? c ' i'*Si w II be required from all pnivha?ei-?. Jin- nidi w ill be * qp <jh ibi'.lori a! the ff learooine on Monday and i'tiva lay, J,i II. I,' DI.OW Al l TIONEER! j. su ? r of the l'#ltc c,..s 'J'i m.i" miMiny.of , ii iab.e?'.i?r,> on .Vae-an ?trot V >4 /.* pi.iMV * CO, will MCU at anr'i.n on BaSunlaj-, ** 1-' lock at the Merchant*' Ei lunge? Hand) . T ? fIt ar*;'' d iblo .'"*?viu Iruni K'.na NAv"'Al ? >. ?ir.c binwn And r.d i n(M ll&ae in; > i > T . .to alloy, fein* ihe pro Itr-cu, and rvini na '". 'nrti er'y or. ,,'4.-d l,y the \r tKcrw i wmnu and partly rer.l-l f-r tin otl!?.:g ?* ' Seventy ,?T h rent.-MO rc:i..->ii 'Oll..o,d.o..l mot .... ' ; the no tones - 1 j > . 3 . . *" _ , UXKt I'TOKS SALE.?A J. Bl EI'' KER% . i Hj ttoneer, will offer lotr .ale ,;^|V Exchange, In the ,4/of Now ^^ " f* '7.' o-k at noon, on , lh-27:'. ' M f ) 1*3, uodei the dim- ,, , < ,,l Nra. Mm. j o K II. do.-cao a,>* * Inferi.' in the two ' ln'? of Lan 1 and ' iiridyjje? ,t ... ( lirv-k dwelling lloniea ti.-re n. '' .uf. Hand lu s'iintou pla'.T lEoJilli * ? - :f m M I. 1867s ** Uvct urw f pfjart, gra .t* 1 ?. J h?'!?l Mi'l' i ninl hi virtu*'?< the l?*n? ' th*r*-n fiom th* tr?uM**a ?f the Sailor*' Su?i? lltvhor, in th* a d cut, to th* d*i*d lh?? day. subject in the pay- r ment oi ) *tit and performance of U* cnudittnuji and co%onantM in the > #** coouinrd, ami * ith the rtgh'a and pri\ Ileget by Uiem < ni>rr*d. 1\ N. SPOFFORD, t v, ... V. R TII.L'JI', , r.i^ut ,rf-\ EOKdF. C'MIK, Al'OTlONKEK ? BAIJiSRllitM, ml \.T BrofIw.iy. Sn|?-rh IImi-iw", BmMlee, Biitl!'--. Ac., bring the -titire S'nck of one 01 Hi- oldest ami n .si < . !? biat-d id inula'tur< r? In iin? citr, w Im ! shout oli.'.iiciiin Ms's?. fll'XlKiil CIKtK wilt .-e|| aboi - at He- e'ero of S. towerr, !>.U Broadway, lietu-< ? fw-ntv lim at.d Twenty-no <0(id stie-ts, on Monitor, Msteh SI. si li>', o. 1..- 1, his entire aloek < f fin-custom mini- llarn'-s. boili JonM and etiigl?, t vere I en I silver liiomt-J; ladle*' and if-nllrmen's Ssd'lli s and Brldl<-?, B -s. Whips, an I ? one -\'ra line i'iitIs*- B'.Tik' i; ?! ? sol- .-atii-r f. inks. lY.jvei.;:ig t Baas, Ae. Th-whole of the very linen q, nn<t to be , positively sol'l. ' E>HV~B.' HKKT-? JB.. AI i i ION I.KT:.?ASSIT^.VKK" sole of l i'fant t.'aMu-t Imnin>, h-lnn the -ntlr- * it k oi a first fhoimanufacturer. HUSKY WiKiU A t'O. ' I will sell on Tuesday. Msroli IS, st II n'rlo'k, s' tli-lr in w ' soli . k'?l H: .S'lv ?r. an entire stock of i. ii t'tiU. >t ' Karrr re ejuiprlain:; In part iwrrod ro-ewotxl Purliu Suit-, ' In s.itin'ir v-ln t pt" ?h, to i-iin so l haircloth; t ,.f. 1 w <,l. \ ., i t ,k and t ale ?sny Chambei B tits: ri-h ro*<-- ' wood V ><. Wnilr .? ? It-, k' r.-et, < iblrn-n K's*-re?. 1 Blaieis. B-eriio.t?, Psuluel's tc Ale<i ri lily <*rrrd * to-rwood,, walnut and malm o.n_\ HufTein, E?i<n?ton Dining tt'if. I. v Hull Kit mil tire, TuikJi-U ' left lilies sud K.?? I'll i I'll'1 lib pint. l'|e i >1 I lie, 1 In ma-?l\e silt'ran ir ,... . ...; ni-eil ? | re-alr for first i ls?s 1'y I i h, and to b- V'.' l without any i< verve by Brier of "he H. i.'ete ae? e will oil v|?ir on Mon 1sy, and ia'alo.1 .? 1! cteoijf eti.* on ni-m. <n of 1 sal-. " HE>'ilV M I.I Kit', tl I rit?M.f,H, Et.Et. tNT Hot -lllMlI.n Ft BNHTM; I'T t\n > ! HRON/.PS. III \ A. VI,I At , * iir.xm ii. i f i.o- * ?ii. ! ! w- 'ni ?Ur, Max u ) ' Thn .lit. S>nu. ind ( s . i'l :, , lu'J ; 0 clock, at tier ?|*< o ?! ". r , .mj and VII 111 o;i mi mm Hi. N ii la* Hide! ? hl'milt a n* 1 I?J -1.11*. o: fl.e f i-l in i.(m < nMn r tiring admttte t. rriDorol I" the abovr ?v v n I nl'-nre of ooni|i' - m; ?!m?>i Mny d> r |>'mi. J' tnllmrint aror* win t? retire rate I In tin* ! ?M"?*r?. Pott i-r k f'rm'i* Itiigne Man- i *r?., R lirr tt'.'ix A C.I R W. II rbiiiga, U. Itm-rr. Hraiba A Koubai. I.awn A KimiIi.iI. S ?ton./, K. A. Vred", Rewbou**. M iut Co., and 01 line ..... A'm ^v?rai rrr* rl*t it Jii'" < ? of MarbM Ru'uarT, large Marble V?? <, ant other valuable ertk l'-a. P.n i nlira in time. 1 C?r.Rirr * mm.-hi virti i: hk v.m> okoIb in ^ the ttiipr?ine i'n:rt. t? ma dire ted a d dellerreit Inili f?po-? t i n r n |i i*?ltn vendor on Mold >y. 1 I7l i 'la V lif Mar li in.' a 10 o vk to tklt fn. rnaitl, at pier No. 2-1. fool n Mui ay --rrrt, N i-tk river, the .mjr h-r Tackle, Apii11- , i nil-tie. Ac. JOHN khl.l.V l.i nia .rt.*. lll'ijll KELLY, Ii pnij ItaTi u Saw Toe* Murk II. 1*2 FTO UK AOLD I .VIIF.R A rnftRCLOflt'IlR OF MHRT 1 raj' liv ? '\F.>>'RIilii , B-i'T imar*, i i tba 21?i'ti? Mama, at 12 h'i.I k k, atthe Man Ran h. m il*, a llret rl tea brown atone hnuae, containing alt 'h? modern imp-oveiiienla. in tkr k" i ii ?1de?| Rlfly-flflh arret, 140 fret Ki*to I.oilngt' i v en ie !f R ? Th.t ta the n?ti ii o ia Vi Lrungtoi avelioe. Vi' ** WtTTFiFW Al'r, TKiVEK't. WH.LhF.LJ. lO MOR Tf row at I o r to k a: AVI and I'd Canal atrrai, alltbrgeu trel parlor, chamm, r*lalng room aid kitchen Enroll are. Mr., it a large Ho'tar rrmnWd Irom W .later ?tr?ft a1?o Ta ble eud B?d Liuen. to \ or Ware A ritvas ART*. CIIABLER ft Hii.L a CELEBRATED I'HQTOOR tPHIC flALLFftT mtt Mioadwav, three ?"Oi*? below lloutton airre' ' allll ronllnoea lo ie th grrat ef-are of attrar'. on for a'l oarue? dealritic ch?ap and iirrfort llkenen -a (>f tlirmaelreii rir frirti'ta TUa Oartea d? Vlaite that are mad? at Ihia gal'i.r* 111> uridine# to mention am unlveramll* admired r.irfhe mrtlwttc iriangfment, and ifcn luaiityof the ton#aadlliiiak and lh? low prim at whleli ttmjr are taken ia the wmider of all. To be ooneineed nl the truth of toe ?bo?e nia |i la onlr iiomaaarr toeiamlna thall'tof prireea nt faUaa l eaaint'na the anarlmena on eihibitliwi. Two large Photograph*. akt<. for $1. fine large Photograph, kill!, for f 1. Carte* Je Vt*ltn, ona doren, $2. Rrw ??Tle Oral*, an? down. |l M i K BILL. W. Rtoaiwa/ | JEW YORK. 1IKKA.LD, SI LOtiT AND KOt BD. Tost?on Wednesday. in a fifth avenue i ?u??, 4'-. .d Sleeve Butter , with 4 black enamelled 1 upon it A amiable reward will be paid 11 letl At No. 9 Weal T enty-tllih aueet. 1O0f?ON THE MOKNINU OF MARCH 14, NEAH J llao. Hon avenue ferry bottle, Brooalyu, a beautiful Cite, containing Cold SiiecUct. ?, lettered ? to lows:?"Pre. senled to B. t'aylo by the Clocks of the Atlantic M int .I Insurance Co.oiari)." The finder will be liberally rewanlec by presenting th> ra to tbe owner at the a ove mentioned institution, or at hn r. si deuce, 3th! liiuka sin et, Brooklyn. LOST?$5 KKW UtD.-I.OKT <>N TUE 14T1I OR., IN the neighborhood of John sticet, an opeu fared lvei Patent Lever, t y Boll a Co., Lit rt pool. The Uiidci wll p'-a-e leaieitwlin John Co*, 362 Bowery, and receive the aco e reward. IOST-ON SATI'BRAY MORNING, MARCH 15. A J ma.1 'adlcV hunting W ?tcu, either on Fulton leirj boat or Myrtle avenue car. Hro.-klyu. The Under, by leav luf It at 121 A lclphi sire? , Brooklyn, or at 35 Clinton place, El hth sine , New York, shall receive the full value of the vat eh. LO8T-ON FRIDAY, MARCH 14, IN PINE, NASSAU en-eel or Broa way, t .1 o Deeds, given by Cheater Oar p nter, of Hamilton eoi.nty, Illinoin, to John Johnaon, ol Lexington, K-utucky. They ar<- of no use to any one but til owner. The tin er will be rewarded by leaving them ai K. Morgan's, No. Ill Pine street. LOST-A YOUNG WHITE WOLF DOO. THE FINDEfl will rec ive $2 reward by leaving It at No. S3 E&si Nineteenth atreel, in the ktable. LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, IN 6IXTH AVENUE or Sixteenth street, a lady's M nk Vktorlne. The hndei will be rewarded by leaving it at ItU W. at sixteenth street. IOST OR STOLEN-A GOLD SNUFFBOX iINSCKIP. J lion Inside. "Presented to Captain II. G. pack- t ship Columbia. ls2t>'If lost, the finder will be paid bis detnanti on ap.dicati 01 to Mr Cotter, No. 7 Maiden lane; if stolen, the value will be paid and no tjuesttoiis asked. Lost ok mislaid-about the op January, a Bank BoJk, No. 121.27U, ou the Bowery Savings B ink. Any one finding it will please return it to the Bow-ty Hunk, or to 633 Hudson street. JOHN K. MEYER. ___ _ , . . _ MWABP?? _ _ ^ REWARD.?LOST OR STRAYED. AN EN' LISH BLACK and tan terrier Dog. Anv nerson returning the same tr the owiht, at M Went Tenth street, or 66 Maiden lane, shal be handsomely rewarded. REWARD-FOR A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, HAV. ?P?J Inga short tail; answer* to the. came of Bailor. Apply at 127 Willow btieet, Bruckly t), or 144 Pearl street, New York. ?ft REWARD?LOST, MARCH 13, 1802. A PAIR OF ?1PeJ kerse.i Hlau*etn irouooocli, while making a call up town in the ne.ghborhood of Twenty-second street and Second avenue. The above reward will be oatd and no fur ther questions asked by leaving them at 2il Woostcr street. James Salmon. n REWard7-sti)lkn from the te.iTstore. dpi." corner Twen y-flrsl street and Eighth avenue, a 1 all curst Tea. The above reward w ill be paid to any one glv ing Information width will lead to lis recovery. john BULL. ?lA REWARD.-LOST. ON FRIDAY NIGHT, NEAR ijp l.'J Canal and Elm streets, a Pueket Hook, uuutuiuing ?Ji). SAMUEL HKED1N, 46 Franklin street. (in REWARD.?LOST, A FUR CAPE-. ON FRIDAY ?Avr ev. ning, between 9 and 1) o'clock, in going from Fii'teenthOatreet through Union square to Sixteenth mreel and Fourth avenue. L. J. HALL, 71 East Sixteenth si. NlMCKIiLlNEOlS. A VALUABLE DISCOVERY?BY WHICH OR AY hair can in a few minute* lw restored lo its orlglna' color without trouble. A $1 bottle will last two year*. A bottle, with r.-c Ipt, will he sent to all who wish it and nil give their address, by writing to n. Toultrr, Brooklyn, L I COFFEE ROASTING AND GRINDING APPARATUS wanted. Address box .Vri Post olttce, Cumiff ItffTCBftlWT. WHO MCII.T THE MONITOR, J has pronounced West's Improved Pump the best in use. i his ought to be sufficient evidence of ihe fact, but w e have pica. 7 more. J. I>. WEST A CO, 179 Broadway, N. Y. MAJSON MATLI-ARD, NO. 619 AND 621 BROADWAY. DINNERS AND PARTIES SUPPLIED IN OOOD TAtTE. NEW FANCY MOULDS I OH ICE CREAM. BISCUIT CLACKS, PUDDING GLACIS, MOTTOES. FANCY CAKE AND WEDDING CAKE ORNAMENTS. MAILLAFDS Celebrated French Bonbon* and Union Chocolate. Marble mantels?the subscriber informs the public that ho la Milling M..ntcle, Ac A- che?;*)i than any person In the busine-s. Tense wishing to purchase Koonld <'?i| mxiii si A. KTABER'S uisriile yard, 1X3 ?asl Eighteenth str'nt, west ot Third, No* York. MEDALS AND roiNB.?A LA RGB (QUANTITY OF I no Medals and Coir* t'nr r-aie; s'.sn. one net of Kai'oV ii Madalt, one set 01 I?as?ler's Mrtiais of the English Kin.*. and nr.c not d Me.u .<>{ the Roman Knipiiv. Apply to WM. H. BHIDtiEN'il. 18k William street, dealer in mod*!*, ro.r.sand paintings. Madame robert <latk robert a dbbohamp) begs to inferrn Iter uanittrous patron* and tlio public that, bnvln>{ now taken an ee fchiisii-nrut si Wiiimmsoridgc e.)ir*Milv for the bleaching an.l cleaning of Wind er Curia n>, she is placed in a position to or col in that department, and parties entrusting their C urtains to her < arc will have tliem returned condition to new. Tniamille* poind to the country and leaving their ihirputis with liev the best security will bo given. <tr iers taken and Jjieos arranged and cleaned as formerly at No b East Eleventh street. Mrs. kvkttve moreia letter writer and '..nyl.t, ut her rooms, 75-i Broadway.?(ienlleinen, $1; ladies, bo eeuta. frlv ate instructions given. i - rinseb Of fire hours II) A. M. ti'i 4 P A). N. 8 ? I^st^a! docnmeiit*copied with neatness and accuracy. Refined prtrolbi*m. l,li# barrels Reiined i'etrolrum, best -reality, liki do. -to. d.i. Inferior do., nn ui?ig. nient, and for snlc in ! its tr ?iad purchasers, st very low prices, Uv HCniEFrEXJN ltRltS k <D., N >s. 170and 17* William street. A'?ob<Vf)h!i*. CiudA I'ctrid urn, in priruc shipping order. ^MITU 4 BROTHERS' >tW~ TORE EAl.B X YX ALE. ?- - .?!' .ir.d ..outer t-ssss. brewed (r.-ui the choicest arTcfirijTt^te-i ' ry ^ M,,cl ^ *n EUhie^mh '" i* r_ ' ";t\ v-?-?. 2TOftAO]R O^ f^uim'RBi TURN KB. MOlCS. ? * ... . ' ) ***".ace. In first rls*? finished Inn* i n Bn* iio'eL 0^ 4 t'J or uillr.ea H \S. \. BLNriNO, IV- iter' ^ ' .id Broadway, rjEwixo machines?\v.\.vri.n, a iew lock.7 ?tltch Ma hlncs tn hiri'. Apply ? S3 M"itiv itreel, t?|? tain". 't\K >11 I Ml INK V'i?A. I" tl.'KFU MOBMMWIi :i j ?ir-r:, <m*||i Lost S ear Cu.el Hams. " > ?t family leap (Bnrkeyn), tm.t, 6,Vt; pure Starch, box, ?>,>.; preen nJ black Ten, itle.; anna: or srru Yoiinq II > - in, <K?c, 78c., ml fl. rHK St.OAT BI.L1PTIC LOCKSTITCH Sewing Marhfio ?; pile (15; call bu I (?; Uiem: mil' ooms ??Y7 Broadway. A. II. Sl'PLKK. ATLANTIC PA VINOS MASK, CHATHAM SQCARK, t\ corner No >r Bow. :y, t'li e i 4?llv, Hecrh-ea ilrp' -in fr m '.'A r?ni< t- $1,0* it Six pet rout Intcrev oninimrm f.VJt'sinl under, Inti-rrtl *.!! ! -iinn ri April I. .1 1> VAN PELT. Preahlc-nt. <11 is. 1). BAILEY, Treasurer. Jo i'H P. Coori r, ,.'U' v 1 RTI8ANS BANK X NoG-o Is here' y -ivi I iTiil tlie ndeialgnct ha* hren MKilntgil by the Ku| r -ir.c Court rmelveroC all the iv.aio, T i -pelt) aod til. ctl of (hi An oas Bank of tic ,r N' ".t Vork All | r*om Indebted in a',.I bank lire ren'ilrcl to render >n no wont of and i . tin i oi to IV nndcretgiioj. Ail cr?on- hadug In in' i/ j o?:, j |. n any property or eflVw la ol laid hank atn rc'iuin I to (!< '.hei the same io the nude.* lined, a ml ;?!1 credit of all tank arc renoiroil lu ((< n cr a - ulciiii nt ol . i;. n a: Is to the lirili r?!gneU hjr the t .lay of Ma-.' n and :! i .? hoMin-; any ti| n nntraulnf vnlil h?nk am re'intrwd to preaen' tbe nunc In rritfnnnnd In detail h.x-i.-i l> l>v I if May ri"Xl All vihuii neti ? and. c.o i. .a ." ? ^;i?. n;. d an I jwy lty >V? York. ' ' " II TANNKR, " K. .''v i o' I!:'' Al titans' ti" < k. Tc ?. dti!? ! fjw. id. icw. hlVlDEVD.?Oi l H'K OF TIIK I'JIFMX Fill! JN-f. t,\i, ,-i i. > I tipmiy, Brooklyn. Mnrrh II Wtt-lh' I' ir.l if Dir. ir- h.u-i . -toy (I'Ctarcii ? wr.l- mil mil tiltbland o. mm (f |'i rm', payaole I'll i' til 11 1,1.1 tlioli I ruir-li offi a, a Willi i'-11 Nirn-VorV. PHILANDER nflAW. S- . 1)1 VOV.VL- V S. KO-TI-.K,, H AS REMOVED IV nil ' lr ? . a?7 I -l ' N >. M N>?-"i i'ri . I 0" .i f ull i. n lim . Mankii.K, J.i? I and (! <1:^ linn 111 iw i ntloui-.' i'ii . rr?a( laub'<, and <:lror DonxK kndf.M. tw.a8i r.v noit>, I I.OI.II VNO SILVER iiml'uiit and hoi.ii taylor brothers, J4i* r riien ; M n?-, . . 71 wnljatrect, n-in*" of |>iH, 1'0 f.OVN ON BOND AND MOP.TOVOF.-I li It Tllt-t*. X Mil I III ' ?li'l 1 iO( II ?'iil doIWra FLATT, UEIiAlUl A HI Ck'l.KY, 87 W H'r.-at. Oc I 1111(1 ' "-** ,N "OND AND MO'tT :>.*< , I.: : ?! /? ? N i V.,rx o. B > ilvn pro]"-'jr. in n- to ?mt; al* , on :? i u.. i-'ii in 1.1rn?t or rninll * 11 aw. - WHEN A. FIRM* K k CO., N. Pmt atre-A *")(? nnit W,V|' ' 1 ** *T7'-'? II f.f MM f Mini, <?ti tin- l>c?t r. A U-aa anr>V or r ty .mil country prop-' y lor ta> an l anin-nn) atau ?a?nr.? c iairat f< r t rod tmainaaa mn. T. unm-ni llotiam rr.ntoil. JullKsif GOULD A IIAYW.VltD Krnl Ea'ata Brok?r?, on Inr th? North Hi or Ban'. l>f#rc<i -? A V W YnnVarutan. Ntmaos Dra tr Juaaph Moii? IAIAK OrriCRK. AT III ORAND HTItif f, THItKI, IXntR? WEST DC Br mjwnjr?M in?? n-lvatj^.l uu tY .i Une, D amund", jMrrlay. Pla'a, Drr f)m-l? and parajn.i! ptnpa-'y of rrgry loVnption, or tougM ?Al oi l i?j- .ID9F.HI a JACKSON, nnctiosefr ?a.l br'ka-. At t7 bi.eecier oTrrf.i tiif umiiiiit cash prioea adrancel on DOmonita, V au-!i?i. Jn welrr, Hll?<ir Wara, I'.ana. Sogai*. Dry UjDiir, A N B ?Prnvn brokers' ticket) bo'ifV. M Newton, 77 BloeckPi timet, up (intra INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLH BOUGHT FOR f'AHH. or Ukrn In eioh?ng? for ilmioonil jf ?rlry. CMh pnlil for Dl?monl?. Apply only from f till lo A.M. *nd Iran 1 tins I* M B IT. FLvMB, iMiuonl Br >krr JW Brnnilniar, Monay to loan. IIRKR VI. ADA AIfClS ILVDR ON DIAMONDS J W*ti;ha(, I'lnt" iin<1./r*rrlrj, or bOSght for CSOb, Rt the hlab'-t pi t' ?? P<" vui? kar'ng old Gold or Sllrar to aril ran iiutdobat.vt than ml) oil LVv'IN AN KKH, iJ3 Uti?in*r JNDAY, MAllUll IB, 1862 | HOl'SfeM, RUOI1S, AC., WANTED. ; ' * SMALL PRIVATE KAMILY WANT A SMALL HODS! ' J\ i" i*wu Eighth -u I Koruekh atreets, In a Bond I nasi n

t I mil not to rveucd $ >j0. Address, IUU11, luc dlun. rent, Ac. T., bos 1,307 Post o nce. ______ ; A PAKfYEvTS WANTED?BY A (.L'NTI.KMAN ASI I J\ wile, suitable lur ho isekei ping, would HLOM "IK sory, coiibmiuk of three or lour roues, with node, u irn [ pruvemeata, and with but oue .ah r f inly iu In- louse I Heel oi Broadway and nut abut a Tweutiiuh Meet; reu about (ISO |ier annum. Addrets, with i uil particulars, L. C T , box 14a Herald office. A LADY IS DEHIROl'S OP OBTAINING A BOOM JY with all Ihe inuuern liiiprovenn ni?; rout not etoei din |5 4); location west hlue uf Third ateiiue to 1'iilrtie h sire I i She also desires to engag u party of gentlemen to H trl where th> y will have the com oris of a home, without the. in Ci uvenlence of a boarding bouse, us tbey will be the oul] boarders. Call at or address Sire. (1 , 575 Second avenue. i A DENTIST, WITH A STRICTLY PRIVATE PRAC JX tlce rat elassi, requires trout May 1, a .arge Kooin, on 1 fiirn., n iihi 1 >r boor, wltu privilege of reception fron 10 to 4 ^ ' nished Parlor. In a modern tween n uud Tweniy-li tn Hireeta and Fourth am Sixth Rent $10,1 to ?4<M. lie'ere nee unexeep t nun .me l>ut brsi i lass jiariies need res; ond to Medi r cos, uu D, Blole House. [ TjU'RNISHED COINTRY HOCSE WANTED -A LARGE r roomy House required fur a lirec elaaa boarding hous. for the summer season. Must be wttbui easy dla.ance o i New York, by railroad or steamboat. Great care will bi , taken of the property and relen n es of the hi he>t charactei given. Address, stating particular* and terms, E. 8., 2 Lnl.crslly place. J TJIUKNI8HED APARTMENTS WANTED?WITH CONVE P nmnena tup hnnsi'k?i>n(tiff fnr A trmn iu v it. nu llAn locat 011 between infh weuty-lourth s. recta. T< riri mus i be moderate. Addreaa Home, lie mid office, with ful | particulars. 1 TTOl'SE WANTED?A THREE STORY HOUSE, IN J n genteel neighborhood, between Fourth and Tbir.ieil streets, weat. None need apply except sut h as offer lor #dt* a bouse which last year would have rented lor #l,WWu $l,2tW. Address {Security, box 4,636 Rut olll e. Hotel men, having a furnished hotel tc let, or in want or a competent uitj'Veihiblc man, wil please address Caterer, Ne w Haven, Conn. Wanted^for a private family, a first class House, with all the modern improvements, bctw-ei | Fourteenth and Fortieth streets, and L xlnr.ton and Sml I avenues; a lease for three or four years pre:erred; woub buy a porliou of the Furniture, li 01 gpou t,ua.ily and in |>ei feci order. Address for three days, giving all particulars House, box 4,thU Post offlte. WANTED-A PORTABLE 8TEA.M ENGINE OF SI1 or eight horse power, either newurse ond hand, li perfect working condition, that can i>e made rta .y tor ship ' ping in less than a fortnight. Tcruta cash. Audrcss, will 1 price and lult pariivulais, Henry Furs.rick, No. ffti Broai rtrcet, New York. "ITTANTED?ON A LEASE OF THREE OR FIV1 IT yearn, a high stoop throe story ami attic or lour ?toi; House, on Murray Hill, by a small private la.tilli. eutlrel; responsible. Rent must be moderate. Address box l.tU , Post office. WANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE in NEW york 01 Brooklyn, near Wall etie.t i,riy. Too auverttse wishes a small, comfortable, well furnished house for on yearor more, for a latnliy of three p-rsons. Ken; from #40 to #700. Address E. D. H., llcru'.d office. WANTED.?A PARTY, WISHING TO STORE SO.M] lurunure. Is desirous of hiring a Room in a privui ' house, siiuated between Fourteenth and Fortieth sire ts an Filth and Kighih avenues, nntil next fail, when, if agre at?e an arrangement might b" made to Board with the lauihy Address P. O. A., Herald office. WAXTED-A WELL FURNISHED COUNTRY RF.S1 1 II denre, with a large garden unit stables, and within ui t hour's drive of New York. Address T. Z., box 1,1144 Net I York Post office. ; '117'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, WTTHOF ' It children, by the 1st ol April, If possible, a saiali, mull furnished House, above Fourteenth street, and betweei Fourth and Seventh avenues. Addr- ss lor one week L. ? D., box 4..w1 Post office, stating rent. "|VrANTKD?A SMALL MODERN THREE RTORY HIGI iV basement House; must be in a good lo. a lun, and tat: o BroadwayJtw-lnw Fortieth stii*:; rem not to exceed $6ud i lease le.piired Any oue preferring a No, 1 tenant to a larg promise may addrrss Desirable Tenant, lieral l office. \JLrANTED?A FOUR STOP.Y HIGH STOOP UOl'SE if in a rr?pecUble neighborhood, above Tenth atrict Must b? furnta.iod couip.cte. Address, post paid, Mr. Dong lass, Palace Gardens, Fourteenth street. \1TANTED-IN A RESPECTABLE NEIGHBORHOOD IT nan a I House, with workshopndjn.ning or in the. vi cuiij; r. ui uoi uamra l.T.n jionrisa iv. r., iterant on.ce TXTASTKD?A FIRST CLASS FOOR STORY PCS TT n.xhcd House, with all tho modem Improvement! between Fourth i.rxl sixth avenue*. and Eiuhlh ana Twenty tilth KtrMUi; wolild buy tho Furniture if .if ? satUfaetor, qna tty Poem-saint required by the 1st or middle of Apr! Aditr'a-, with pail:, linrii. S. M. I'., f'.atiou D. \l,rANTK!?-SIX ftOOHt WIT1I V COOKIXO STOVI? TT bath, ga?, wet r, Ae.. OB one 11-or. tettvec Fourth and Thlrty.;'o.utU?;recU, near K.. to nr Eighth av? nue, at not to emend 1200 i>cr annum, from May 1, with put session in April. Adores* Betilo, box 220 Herald ulltee. WANTED?ON THE 1ST OF MAY, SIX OK 8EVKI unl mulshed Ronm->, by a gentleman end hi* rlslei rtaivenleii''nr i.n'rkoctniu; tuur: la- the U| per part of, haute, audi between Point h and Twentieth ?tt.?m, oeighboi bund wium !* "ttctoeptiuuablo. Address, atr.ttng rent, W MIL., Heraldtgue. UTAH TED -BY A NtAIX AMERICAN FAMILY, PAR T T of a house, four or rive It. out", location good nnd eon renin t, r> ut not oter 8200, paid promptly as required; o would join a putty in Inking a bouse. ' Addrusi for on week I niou, Herald otllco. TIT ANTE II IMMEDI ITRLY?A SMALL STORE, WrTJ! TI a ip**l front on Broadway, ab-iva '"anal *tr et, or il the Bowery, in tue neighborhood of I he theatre*, for a Hglr geutcel luiKlnt s*. Address, with ti ll particulars, H. T. il. box IIS H-raid office. WANTED TO HIRE. WITH l'BIVILEOE OF THKEi TT or lot.ryri-s .case?A medium aired tbre *;ory House ill it at i mtul'i all t lite triO'l'TU luiproremeup, tilth iiunplet and ilea' g.ya fix'urwi; *ltuaied bfl .veeu jAxiiigton an 1 Sixti t luiea o r - i TwenUath Bud'ii v., ' ? loob, ml Id v of April; rent uto Urate: w ould pay hu't rr all of hie year in a it. ilA Id rets N. O. (J., He: sill oilietN WANTED T'l KEXr-FHOM THE 1ST OF MAY. fO? TT a year or upward*, a modern C-'tage, of m derate *:r.e in the Highland*, e(t*t commanding a line river Tlrir Ad ltv- , .? otiiig term* and particulars, F. U., HantM office. nrAfixi) til rbvt for onc V?4?rfiV nn i TT Ihttyinx during the tfrm, a ! odd.! Ill stiuy House, in . r? . ta'ip- p. khJ.yrlijoJ, ivem Sr. 'ltd and herein!, avrtPirs uhovF Twiiiir-lirTTitreet. A'Mrutj J. M j.' L^' .^jlvecv.tth Till parte mars. Yl'ANTI h TO KENT?IN SOrTIC BROOKLYN, BY i the !* of Mr.,. >?y -ui.ill ia'uily of gi >wn j?ers"r. i, , u two or tiro *L-?ry 11 #?Tt net ubove Conn an: oth of A'Uutic hWc.i. it -nt must ho from ! the kbovt will fr.?t m go**! i*\liu tenant J j . ' - ' U WANTED To i':T:.n7-in tAk "ri'fcfl rVKI || H'oAlyi , a Hon , <<)u'ilii!ns .'ibou' i.i.-if. r6V:Y,?,M ertbev with ii ij i li'ti; yu' u"L"-' V*? UW. A'Wiv-i u t,, q-,A N l?KR*OJVAL. /11IIL.UKKX TAKEN EOil ADOI'ITOX. AI.HO KHII. \.i dim ?do)'i?d in'*, K'" i h.'iii?u f Madam: J'AU btl.Mi'.'.:?'? Wf.l Twelfth 111 v. I. tH>K AlVH riON-A 11NJ3 M.VLK CHILD, TKN DAYi old. XmU.Iiij vreiiVd Mi! u kihi i houie fur the child Addie i Adojdlmi X-. I, Herald o? :e. JXKORMVrK'N WAMTED-Or KMIL A |?rRKD MAT they Tretcd, who ratnc 10 Jfrtr York tbr?r yrnts Mner Any III!' U'rii .r n ilii : blrn n|!| l>o tbmiM'illy ren-lv".' I'vlii mother. < u!l ai 141 K?"i ' :M turret, room 7. |XMH.MATIOS WASTED?OK ELLEN JIAM/LToX. A I native if O'mIis'.ii, mty p< i iy, I.ileud. When 1 I\? lirurdnl -lie rrntdrd In X< York. She will b'' r of ?<>me thing to lierndvalitngw by calling at .'kifi Henry kireet, betwcei IUni?o'i and Drgfjyw Htn t?, Brooklyn. TF R. If. <? , WHO BEST A .NOTE ASKINO K?K A I leOei t? lie am o Union ?. parr Rod u91. c-, will rail ?' my of.Kr . n Moii l.iy hl? i-eijttrtd. -luill he corn jilted with; il noi. tire letter, Mi b amount. will be loll ou Tuemlay uiorn ing. B?'?. H .'i Ml I ii. l-; nwftiAba. ! OK AKW rr.oTHINU ANf> KOI IPUIE ! \.r Xrw York. Mrrh 7. l*i;?.?A nay s u .?xoal.-il pro ] j.i m* v.iP be n "I i-d .it this i flic until Hit *1' li tiiMnnt. it U O'I Ink M., lor I 1 ',? tvn'l T-i , lit, hi,,, I l".i*n\V?i, lent b o", t?! < . J\"' llrginirnt"! Order Bo ?*. j :.t?i Roglniontnl lo I'erBook-, .'il II Hf'M <1 I* ! 1|.'H< II" k". i.i'KM 'ii| .my Order H ' i. I'l.n I- 'hing A' nni.I Houk.<. /??< ,? I'.mjr ' I' 'k'. ? i | " > Mo'uhiK llepoi I Booto*. T' in- " 'iv ti| v i,l' i ",m iiij tlu>? .fi"T ft" plane? ol tto Iridr, l>t III I ing I> I >*, r'Hil'-! "I llri'.vanl ftll'l UtT tn airrct". T'r Will T, i.'? In r il.. .r n,' r ,t on dn.k, 2.\,a' wide, weigh ng 18 minor* | r yard: to be 1*bog. # for ?! '" || . t|,l. 4 *l'i * II -I" 1*' IIIiKlP c.t i-'ittoi ?tv k, am ; , m to 'illwoim- | . uii'l to be ll I, ft 1' nil and ! feet r. If. rampl** -f i ' T'-nt I'i and B> ik? .ay In K n at tiili ollif ,? ij. k 1.1 be l?f' Mf r. Died by a | r - j v i guarantee, ?e! Unit f' ltti lh?t iriti". rami . ? I-a a- > 1 In tin: party tianiei the ruin ti" will at nn ?: Mile the ? " < and give I" int? ti double the a > 111 of tl' Mil at. tor the until il per toman"' r?f the *aine. Tli? t n '' ,t .n air :i'*v ? the rig!,I > t#JWt ill Ind drriifd imre> > ' . t*i"I'lcil? ? I- I t i "PiOimnti i'>r f irul?kl?: Aim* d' lira," an.l adder i-d ? > ; ' I.I r I I). II. VISTO*. D?,' m'/Qir,',? >i, < iMarriii Ulir l Hutrt Araif, / |l Mt ,1 tENERAL'A >f KICK, i i \J Wit in i> I'iit. M i l> II t?v* t WtiiT?.ii?? d' i,l tifi. >11? ij ; i two light draneb Mtean rra aui'rd to, n- ln? Loala Propiaai", r'allng I** in t ami 11 in"- HI whluh lliey Will t> ioltTf ifl a' dhlp Inland, with den tvilont ol thrbnitaot l?ted, wii 4.- wired ?' thr offl' if lite ijnare'made tjenpral until t ie'dial nt Mm ! . Ptoponrla aii'iuM b?enr. nj?d ii I f I''tod? I'rofo'tl , fur .i'ii ribm'? lor Nlitn la'an % ' ? d mldrO'ffid l? ih i ttiiaittmiMIN Ur mii Warlni ! "ii, J?.t M l MKIiif, ? artotmmlft tlenervl. RAtliROAOT. HU> 'N RI'd I' I? ITLROAD. -TRAf.VH FOR A I.HAW Tf">, ihr Mi,it' m l Wrtt. lem e C'eambera vrec. at and II A M nn,| ; IV r."ltd I t IS I' M KTBW TORE, IIUII,11* AND AI.HAM RAILROAD. La fur Albany, Troy, North mid Wen Winter irra g?'ti?nl, i iioimrii. log Monlay. No* 1. IS'ii For Albany?1(1 K>A. M , Kipr"*? Mali Train from rne* t/anlii "trmi dPtH.t For all total Ta na are Time Table JOHN HIKi'lULL, A??*t*nt duperlmendent. HOTEL*. Albion hotei. hoaroiso iiovre. r-id in r aon atreet, " rner Cliarlea pleaaaul and ttiill f irnla'ie I Ro'jnia, In a,ilia or ainf'e, from f I Ob to |t pci wt-tk II >ar and Room a Iron $4 to H 4' ainai" J'eraona, and from 97 I 111 married. t LAMBERT. Proprietor. HOTEL-FRANEFORT ROCIt, NO. KB Wil l If iteat. corner of Frankfort, one blook Ea?tort!|ij ||?l Naiftand le pe aii|o "lafjle romna at 25c., 97, .'id m< u>|ht, and from |l lo |i tu per * ret Dj?u all nt|bi I SHIPPING. S QTEAM WEEKLY IJ L!\EKPOOL, TOUCHING AT ; (3 Uuer u.iotvu (Cork i *r >1). The l. verpuoi, N. * York t and Phi adelphia Sieauiautp > -tii| ?iiy iitt ml neat utchlng I their full powered riv le built iiuu steamships as fo loaa:? city of Washington "i?y. March at ) (sLASgOW .... ... S unlai. March uy. j CITY OF It LTIMOit t?dt..? uy. Apr 6. aud every succeeding PotiirdHV. a'nt?>n, rrom pier 4f, North ' river. ?..!?? or IGSSAGK. First Cabin $7-, steerage !*> Do. to London SO Do. to London 33 Do. to Pur la si Do. to I'uris lis r Do. to Hamburg... 8) Do to Hamburg.... 85 ' Passengers also forv irdcd to Havie. Ureun u, Uouerdaui, Antwerp, Ae., at equally low rare*. Kates from Liver pool orom enstown.?First ealmi, $75. $35 and $105. Steerage from Liver| oil, $10: from Queensiown, ' $30 Tlckioa can lie bought here at tbti.e l utes, enabling peo pie to send for tneir friends. These steamers have superior accrnnmo 'atlons for passengers, are strongly built In water tight lr< u < otions, and cuery patent lire annlbilators. Experienced surgeon > ate attached to each aterrmer. 1 For further Information apply in, Liverpool to WILLIAM ; IN MAN, Agent. 12 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. , 1 MALCOLM No. 6 Ft. Enuch ?uua e; iu Gueenslown, to C. r AW. D. SEVMOUK a tO.; in London, to LIVES A MA* | i King Willlan street: In Paris, to JULES IiEOOUE, ! V? K nl.e.. ,te la H.irri,.r to Ph.ln elol. u I., li.liv <1 I DALE. 111 Walnut street", or at he Company's oillce JOHN O. DALE. A.enl. 16 Broadway, N. Y. t QTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER' 0 |K>?1.?The Montreal Steamship Company's "rslclass, i.ul f powered, Clyde built si earner. NORTH AMF.Rl \N, Capt. 1 nor ess, carrying the Can 11 an an 1 Cn te i Mates ma 1, will rail from l'oriland next Saturday. Man-h 16 Kales of passage from New York:?Kirs; class, according to uc oniniodatlons, $80 and $68; steerage, found with good provisions, ; I'D Certificates issued or bringing outpasscngerafrom all * rhe prin -pal towns In Great H t iln and Ireland at very low J tales. For passage apply ui il Hroa i1 av, New York. ral'.el a 8earie, General Agents. k rPAPRCOTT'9 LINE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON PACKi 1 ETS I) REMITTANCES TO i-NGLAND IRE AND Ac. r PASSAGE TO OR FROM GREAT ?R TAIN OR IRELAND at the lowest rates, ami DRAFTS, payable on demand anywhere ihrou-noul to- UN IT EH ) KINGDOM, can he obtained .s here ofov -. at i TAPSCOTT A O- i., St) Souih street. Hamburg amer:can packet company. Beam to Lou. n, II munrg, Havre and Sou hsmpton. a The favorite first cla-a n i ele .ant lr. 11 mull si. uiushlp HAMMONIA ij II p. Schwensen, eoinmand r ar.ytng ti.c United Stat s mall, sails fiorn pier 21 N rth river, foo of Kilon-tr- t, I positively , n Siturday, Mo h 22. and tak'a pe s u. rsfor London,'Hamburg, 11 vre and S mtbami ton a theiullowlug raies ? r Fliat cabin...., f'A ? St'era:.'' 3d N so olid eahin passengers w '1 he tak n f r I'l trip. , 1 lie SjixoiiIh wl I s ii t-i ed the II tntuouiu on Ap. .15 . For passage apply ese'uel to . _ 1 c. B. K CllAlti S A IIPAB. l.M Broadway, N. Y. 3 JfOR SOUTHAMl'tun AND HAVRE. * ON SATURDAY, MARCH 29. s The United S'ates Mull Steamer AU.lGO. . Heart A.>k> Commander, * will sail from pier No. 3 North river, oot of Beach street, r on Saturday, Mar. h 2,', ai no n. [i Ihls steamship (unsin i a red or suf f anil comfort), has u double en. nes under neck,. closed by wa er light eotnpt.r.menis, which, b side* ot -r r suits, ti nU, in the event of ~ collision or strrndlne, to keep the pumps tree to work, and S secure the safety of vesw U and pa*?eng rs. 1 For freight or passage apply to J DA . ID LINES, Agent. >. No. 7 Broadway. ' The 6tcarn"r FULTON w ill suii Apr;, 2d. - T7I0R LIVERPOOL?D'lEVDNOUGIIT LINE.?THE F splendid clipper ai'lp K-Coltr, .'.plain wbltm n w l! a positively sail the i7 b Ma ch at 2 A. M . wh. n a l pass, n?t re V must be on bo.?, d K..r | a-sa ;e, lowest :utes. apply on board, No. ti North rU er, or to P. M. DEMAKEST, 40 South street. r y T)A.S8AGE TO AND FROM LIVERP007). BY THE ? 1 Bla- k Bail line of pa-ket .?"The ship MANHATTAN I. satis to-n orrow. For passage a m.Iv on at ph r 2't Kast river, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. I TjlOR SHAXGHAE. CHINA.?THE ELEGANT FIRST f F class clipper ship KITTY SiMl SON. Captain Muvo, is a now laad li,'at p er 1? East river, and h..s ac o nnio 'atloua e for a few more cabin p:i a ngers. Will sail on the 25th lust. i'o.- freight or pasaag-i apply to L. H. SIMPSON. 65 South street. h T710R CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. ! X? A firstdask ateau er tv;ll ! . M: w Vor. on lb ' 1st, 11th and 21at of pa. 1. month ki.vtil vlipi. Ihas* date's tall on Son. d?v, when the day of departure will l>e on the Monday foli, lowing. i- For freight or passage apply at the only oihoc, No. 6 Bow.. ling Green. D. B ALLEN. Ag nt. I A I'STRAI-IA.?KANGARO LINE FOR MELBOURNE, i, JV The magnificent fir.-itclass hip;, 1.500 tuna hurthen, will be de-pal -bed ou the 6t'i of April. Tbe accodty modatlons tor lirat and aiMind class pa-sengcx are very sol perlur. Apply on board, pier 10East river, or to MAI LI-ICR, LORD A yVEREAC, 103 Wall street. LORD A CO., consignee at Melbourne. 0 A I RTRAL1A FIONEEB LINE, CARRYING THE JY. United btat"8 Mat).?The new arlt IL'LtA ANN, of Hong Kong, is now rapidly loading for S.duey. N. 8. W., at pier 20 East river, and will be despatched positively llib April. Has superior acetenmo ia:.. us for tir-l a inbin passengers. For freight or pas-age apply to R. W. . CAMERON. 90 Beaver street. * TPOR HAVANA. J? Tbe Hpaulsu steamship LA Cl'BANA, Larra*a'<nl, Commander, r * ill leave pier No. 4 Nor. Ii r.v? r. at tu elve o'elock noon precisely, on 'I WEDNESDAY. MARCH 19, 18*3. .. rassAUE MOM-v. First esbin $*) Herond cabin 30 Fur freight or p. e-age apply to SIMON bE VISSF.R. 52 Exchange place. 1 MR II WAN 1 VIA NAMAtT, N. 1*.-TIIB BRITISH F und Norih Antrrhaa Royal Mull -tea snip Ear ink, I'nptain Le Mcssr.ricr, will snil l'or tbe above poits, frooi the Company's wharf at Jersey Oi y. on Saturday March 29 | Saturday May 24 ' SnttirJ.v .April! 261 Saturday June 21 J* Passage money to Nassau. $45 11 Passage money to Havana 60 y An experienced S irre n'Mi mrd. For freight or pas-age Apply tO E Ct'N 4R1>. No. 4 Boivitrg i. ; 'PlIK STEAMSHIP ROANOKE WILL LEAVE PIER 13 J JL North river, on Saturday, March /3, at 12 o'cloea precisely, for Havana lireet. ' Ll'DLAM, IIE1NF.KEN A CO.. 115 Broadway ( OP\.ltTVKKsH 1F HOT1Cr.i, Vit^VTf I'M \ V K' A VIS(J A 1* I HOUSE -ureal!, Mrookiyti, f'*J COmpe'.at to r.irrv n e.thfi, ll' , JEX I having cither$:glU or the same ? - '""M'1 s.l''a',:u '' r5" 'JTs either new <c seiotid hand. In nropou-l " Amen an ofo'ilei ha Its nr.-fevrcd. Advertiser Is largely a>. juaintcd. Address ; H'juth, bo* It. Herald office, for one weelr, _ ptlSdOLCTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. IJ The cnpnrtueriihip uCre.O'onxUellPf between the tinu r'lgned, under the urm of Wolff A s,,n*">eluu Ljt| 'jyvn I b -t'lv '1 by mutual consent. Tlie nfTairi of the Tat a tu rn r | Vv-iJ Im! wiled by B. 80 i?lh? iin, wh.t is alone authorized to m?i? jhe r>|*me ??r the firm In liquidation I M " - , * TTETIMAN Kkw Vob*, March 13,1H?1 B SOXUHKIM. The business of the U o tlrm will be continue 1 by the uildereifltleil. na heretofore, at X". 77 Chamber* rreet. B. hONDHEIM. TI7AXTED?A PARTNER WITH $1,000 CASH, IN A T? Mite and ateady tr tineas. None but principal* need .i| . lyto.IOHN H'M.'i Kit A CO., Advertising Aetata, room 1 No. L Dally Timet. ClO mM -WANTTOt K MAN TO INVEST ran SC*l UP^."""". equally with the advertiser in a very pleasant c*?h business, irmi w im-b $i),0Alp r annum may be realized. X" agent# or humbug* nntierd. Inquire of ft. J AC K { SON, befora 10 A. M., or frjn 1 to 3 i*. M., at 72 Weal TnirtyMrond a tree l. v #1A rum ?* OOOD CHANOI BOB INVESTMENT > tPI.1"." ua equal partner, manufacturing two near light articlea of iulrlnalc value; demand ununited an I monopoly secured. Can lie seen before II A.M. or from 2 until 4 P. M., at 503 and 60S Broadway, room No. 6. i t&9n nnn -1 won.n wish to < ommim. ate , 'U"a. with some gentleman, luring thla auiooui t In rati, orgo d a'l urltles. in le er nes to a Uiaoeh mm.* f.111 iring business to b conducted in England. Add res bo* liu Herald oflie. . Cl9'A (Wilt TO $30.000.?A PARTNER WANTED VwUiUoll with the above amount of a*h capital, to pur here the interett of a partu r In a Oral enow maan I actnry, Uoing an extensive busine,*. Address for two dayi Capital, box 193 lleiald oS'ec, ttatlng where an Intertie w r ati be lia l. ; oiiciii agadbmjnuk \DODWORTH R HANCIXO ACADEMIES, N". 204 Klftli avenue, eor. Twenty einh at., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CI.ASSES?Toe* lay* and Friday* in Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesday* *tul Saturday* in New York. Ctt -nlata for terms, do, may be had at either academy. A'i TRENOK S At \DBMY, W HOt'TII EIOtlTII et, Williamsburg, a gr nd fancy dress, ntili'ary and f i Pic s dp e I' u . inn v. ill tike place on Tuesday evening, March |k Tickets can b. obtained at the rouma. Tltla will be the last soiree of the season. ' I Q LESSONS AT MAD.VXB BAOTAOBAC S DANC1NO , 1 J <ia Academy, #1$ Broadway, will make any one younger j idd, prnOcien! In all lire Instill liable dances. The only piece win re gent'omcn prm-tlco Immediately with lady dam-era. J. ?' una every day atulevening. j?T---r .. . r - J! ; nsTHitrioi*. ? A RECENT URAUI ATP. OF TALE COLLKtiB, WIIO it ean tnrnl?h any rceommendalloa to bo desired, would Ilk" lo tench two or three hours a day. either privately or In a * noui, in rtcw > u or ?;,oonyn. Aiine-* u. u.,iietaia . oOfee. ______ ________ ______ AYOtMl AMERICAN LADY, Of EXPERIENCE AND iinUoubtcd q? tll.irallon* to Itntrnct I be* Knglieh hnncbre, music and the itdlmrnt* of French and Latin, l-Mre* 11,0 elltiuilon "f hot- reeaa for children not eicrediag II jqi? Heat Of reference. Addrcsa .Music, I'alace Park I lliune. N. Y. A SPANISH I,ADV. A *ATIVK OF MADRID. SPEAK i\ Ing French anil Engllah fluently, sv mld give Le"?',nsin r tb? nbore three. AI?o Itou'in to lei, with or trillion! Bo.irl. Apply at 38 Ureal June* Mr, et. r AT O'DOWDfl HEPORITN c. ROOMS, ft.',a RROADWaY, i\. abort hntiil wrltni* la taught aa mini, ,la jr anil evening, wlieie young men are prepared for (trot cation a I vet iratlm reporting. a tell a* taking testimony,*, cturgen, epeches, aatnion*, Ac. Bumness writ;no, bookkekpino, ariiiivetic.?Mr DOLBEAR, iw!i Broadway, Drcpane pupils practically for any kind of l>ualne*a. Mr. I? angngea to re? move aillfnesa or IretnMlng from th?> wore! hand a:, 1 give a rapid, clamant I n?ine?i etpTe. Term* moderate, I. LMiOtHTION TAI'lJllf. SfAMMEKINti CURED ?THE i- CJ Vol?l, t'< Knit Ttventv a-vetuh atroet, lain aw easeful <-,iteration. Thirty private lessons, $3t): thirty less naitt the evening class, for ladies and gentlemen, $10. Nr- rial attention given to wcaklrrbildrrn and to persona In delicate hea'lh. (Horcymen, t' i.cliera and ollicii cordially iv iled. Highest retercncca given. > 1,T.KM1II AM) HERMAN LANOPAUES.-PROFESSfUl J 1 K TELLERINU, SWHmaitway, (eetabiiahed InlASt), wilt (1 leeelve anplleatinna lor private Instruction In the Above and o Spanish language*. Langne aiialaieci ana et ranger a, Latin, Greek grammar, ilrimatlc reading, translating. if CTAMMF.RINO CPRED Iff A FEW LESSONS. APPLY I. O to O. VALK, teaeher of Navigation, Surveying, DraughtT ing, with perspective, ,|c Ml Pearl, corner of Frauklort atieet, entrance on Frankfort atraei, New York. a I tlUKnbS, CAIUIUUB8, dtC. A VERY hTi'LlHH LIiiHI bill TIN'J TOP BUGGY W .gon. a.. in oo-l order, made oy Marsh, uf N.-wark N J.; coat win a iii'mt a-T i; will ?e an J uow for $."0; it la v>-r oiii'wp. Inquire ofKANTA, career and t irner, 3S4 aud 3 -i Ulceus, r street ei.veeu Hammond ami Bank. I GENKHA' ASSORTMENT OK ICE. B>:PRES8ANI> \ Bu ino- W. .0 in. Ca. a au 1 1 - I 1 al or n a ? to de .1 til nborn-kt 110 i e,' at E PKI.VL.S, 10 and 8 A nlli a eii'.e co.nor01 I au- in . .1. / 1LIB STABLE-THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING TAK KJ en the S .1 1 .ra 2.' an I 21 W. Hi I . irit enth *1 oot, netweenI'1 lb and S > th avenues stall* ail .ilinve groom!, light and airy, wnere they intend to keep nothing b 1 o * ? on livery. _ J r KAMI' A CO. pLl'H STABLE-A ULN EEM.l.S WISHES TO JOIN V-' a 1 rival* luo Min i - up to* a, with uu, inundation lor two boi son aau two wugoits. Address it A., Ilotaid .Hire. C1AKK1 AUKS AVD LIGHT WAGO.NS.-WE HAVE ON ) ngiooruer II li.ssCdriia eaiind1 lit Wa; .us of aop rior style ami ak . a uti all tlie latoat lin ..ovoin ma, 10 wun.h wc li.riio . 0 ...oinion nf 1 urcuas01?. Mi Kit .v SIEMENS. 73, 74 aud 78 Walker street, firii door ouat 01 Broadway. tflOR SALK-A COACH AND OPEN BAROUCHE, IN guild order. Apply to KoiiERT, No. I Weai Twenty?e oil 111 eireet lilOR BAi.E-A \EKY FAST HOUSE, BROWN, 18I bunda high, I.>ng tail, noun and kiiiu; rati beat 2 40 to nuil wagon: . nine years old 'hia a ring. aIkoa light Trotting Wagon, aagood an now, made y Dan. D auunury. AIko <in?j a. t 01 Gibson a light Hurtle*-, eurl ior want of use. Apply at Win. UarrluoiTa siutlea, 142 Wot Foity seventh aireet, urar Broadway. [AOU SAEB-200 NEW CARRIAGES, LIGHT PANILY I Uockuwaya, 'o.i ano no top Buggies, b i*lu s-> and grocers > a ifunn; 10' ?' on.1 I and Carriage"*, nil -t ee. 88 llorss and Pi . e ; 76-eta U rn ?s, <V< ., at 10 N?tL.s street, and 184 . Ki ll, n avenue, aud No. 9 Flutinisb avenue, iirooKlyn. For sale-a pair op bay crotiix i iiorses can trot in I 60 to ihi po.e. 0..11 .... k nd. A?0> a and-onie D04 Carl, n-w built by Woo 1 X Tomlin-on. Apply fur 1 wo uya it R. Ma. key .. ?i .<&*?, lit) an t 121 Weal Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue JpOR SALE-A LOT OF SEW AND sE ONDHANDEXprea Wamin Apply at S'Ul EE S Repress office. Fourth avenue aud Twenty-scienth street. House wanted.?the scbsi r.ber will buy a 1O1.1t fiimni il .rse. .u a imr one ; mil In; a re 1 avel. and p ricty-afe. Also, a #. ond uatnl Rcxaway an 1 ilartii'SH, in good order. Addr-m box 3,0 A Post ofl'.c. HORSES for KALE?AT THE WAV] R EY HOTEL s alder, co lier of Ninety-* uh sped uu.i Hloomingliale.oa . I- open wlh aim- ns?ortiji n m ma. Horse* fundi gle ordouoe 1 arm mi. uls- , i"i'' ? Horses. Uentlsin n -i-g i r?esare in?ifi K> all a . I < amine before t uret-u In t iM?wh"ie. At tile aoo\e h . es florae-, Wagon* and 11. i ue-* liou..u. -inil sold on vinnil- ion 0. W. A J. W. J E d K! NS, Pr prietor*. ni)R LS WAN 1 ed?A GENTLEMAN 1? TOWN, WHO' ii so ar-e siuu ? and plenty oi ,.ood hay, u - ill ilite to k p n pair ol horn i lor tln-ll- ua lor it private ,atnil>; Ilia sul> cri i r U abundantly responsible. Ad re-s 0. D.. IftraiQi oUi< e. JUKI ARRIVED FROM THE COUNTRY, AND FOR a.ile, i . euty good ,,ork ami road Horses ano one fast Trott i ; on soine second hand \\ a ons am 11a To :>e a en at u ri lit A Tuill- a ataolea, near .street ferry? V\ illiamsburg. Road or carriage hor-es-bays, w,' hands high, very siyl. n, ne act On, sum d mi kind, 6 ami 7 ."a-a o 1, p t together by ti e p ent owner, g- o tmveNkrs; wul be. aoi i very e.w. Ca . be aeeu on Mouoayallbo'lea 71 University p aee. OT.vBLE TO LET?THREE STALLS 1ND ROOM FOR 0 two e .t riages at p. Ivans staule, ot Wea. T . -iiiy-olgbtU at.eet. ln.p.lre ou tuo promise*, or No. a WestTblriy-ilrsi street. \*rANTED-A BAY HORSE OR .MA ;E, 9 YEARS OLD? ll 1 nun Is b gi, Bound, kind sir ? u.eiu Single liar' no's, nil can not ill three mid a half...lunula, lor w liick 1 will give three tine Crn;? Muniitiss and tea i own of white Shirts; the Mantillas are worth $jO a pa ce. Address A. B... boa lbj Herald oiiice. WA.nTED-A LIGHT TOP BUGGY OR A RO \D WA gon, new or second baud, ll in -aid o d r. in e? change fur llrst class family Sewin; Machines. Al-o goel single Harness; would pay part cusn. Adnreaa J. 11. B.r 6o? lid Foal oilier. WANTED?A LIOHT DOUBLE 8RAT WAGON. WITH ur uuout salltiud lop, tu anua otdcr. saressA.B. Herald office. WANTED-A L\RI:E SIZED HORSE; MUST BE SOUND str -ng and hi good condil .a.-ulia 1- or a brewer'* dray. Apply at SM1T:1 x BR iTilEtt S br were. Eighteen'B street. betweeuBeventh auo Eigbtli avenue*, between 9 and ll o'clo. k. \lfANTED TO PURCHASK-A CART HORSE, N0? t? cs* Uhun la high, o over8 r * in age. A,>pl? to ilK.NKY F. HaMILL. No'. SiS andlib Weal street, before >11 o > A. M. re, c.-rcn imiiera urn ti r rnrvTBv 3U For mile, live pairs Cairn in .i h Cn i ? Honrs; rfitv Hi., Road an.; Trotting llorae-: 8udd.e. Drat t and Cart Honrs, Ai u i sir pri. e, snd warranted ? rtp wniwl. Cms: SS Urosi street, Newark, N.J. M. U Til MAN. 3 ~ musical.^ ~~~ _.~~~7z AYOUNO LADY DESIRES ~~ A SITUATION A?' teacher of m> sic, for a lew noun in-r .lay, tuui xnlnar> it) or near New Yuk; h lew pupi ?, at ilieir dm n teald ncos, on very reasonable term", tn ml tesumon.als riven. A ur.-HB Music, box 1,731 N Y. Post util e A HARMONY I'lANO FOR COMFOSE MUSIC. U tentn; red, while and blue Clio.; t f..r it. if piano or organ without being a musician, 23 eirs; Co.let in .sto, 23 cent.; tw ntv-tive lesrned In tvrei t-hve egs.ins; 5foa> day and Tuesday lessons at 23 cens 113 First a. enue. CHOLLET. A GENTLEMAN, AN EXPERIENCED l ROKt SSOR OB Musi. , d. sires t.> enga. a r rinded wlib br ...fust In exclin go lor Insi u. t o n toe 1'iano. Ad> drcs-. C. B.. care of Beer A 8 in. m r, 7tl. Bro id way. Anew sf.ven octave pianoforte, made b* llulne K others, with nil the in u Improvements wl. b.? !? h ap If apple d .or uuin d a ely. Can be seen st 3.13 Bn a iway, room J3, from J to 1 )(.t >1. A superb seven octave p.osewood pianoforte fur sale?Richly curved legs and cue, ovcrstrn | o. ?, on iron plate, lined wun ima nil mod n improvement!, mails to orii r Tor prose i* owuer, n in um w. en nioit . c >Ki *-Od; o b m ,..r ? W. In ill a stool sii-l nicer. Also, elegant Parlor Sail* ?,cn ce. Inquire st 0 W\ it Tweuijr-?l\tti ? r st, nnr .11 t ?v nue. Depot of the Alexandre organ, r'or Churches, Chap is, S limits and Drawing Rooms, a'J B:i>a way. SO' E MEDAL OF HONOR A' the ynlverspl Exhibition of HA -VTins rnsgnihrshtIns IT umeut (patented in ins United State* Mm S. H'>9), which 'be brl'tlunl tAsrf'iriniince of THALBERA, YIMNOVA ami MI.I.E. WELLIS have as popular In Am lean* in Europe, b .* been adnp.ed by the greatest sums and composers ol tnuheoutiru n is. UUJTsrjIALK, LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBKER, Ac . Ac. Toe Alexandre Organ Is ccleb'atcd for the solidity and proels i n of it* mechanism. a< we.i us for the rullneas and power of it* tone, and the reimti liable quality o keeping perfectly ? in all climate*. '"price* at in- JlePol? *<5: fl0- f,<w; 1S0 *1S5. 235. *?, 93IA. *M0, $PX> * ' */T" 7^ A descriptive circular aent to any address on atipliiMlon to ? E. KAUKKtil'EITKS, Jr.. M Bro*.dway, Imjiorterof Bnsson Aivnrdcons. Vio.tna, vto In Siring", Ac. TF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF ANY LADY call at fis Henry street, %. V. The Piano will show for Itrelf. I >'ii obliged to sell, and wliisa iafy any reasonable person on price. - _ Mr henry schroeder, professor of ursfo," b'gl I" Inform thai he In opening crunch Institute fir Piano and Kinging Instruction, at inon-raie term a, by the first of April, at the Meno|*.'lltan Academy, Sixth avenue, pear Greenwich avenue. For forth r particular* Dleaa" apr ply Monday and Thursday mornings, i elw en 10 and IJ o" lock, at the above place, Ironi roo naof Mr Wood a *ymnaaluni. or any other morning, at S Orchard street, near Grand atr< ct. , MUSICAL INSTRUCTION GIVEN ON THE PIANO, Guiiar and Violin, hjr a txjpll of Dr. Fran* Liszt; <ao> refer to more than lifty New York families. Address Mu-lc, S33 Broadway, rooms 32 and S3; or call from V to 10 A. M., daily. MUSIC FOR PRIVATE PARTI EH ?F. STKPIf ANT w ill promptly attend to orders for |>a. ty mush: of ry dc?< rlptlon. Apply at 133 Canal street, near the ltowery, In the candy store. PIANOFOttTF.S WANTED, Ar.-CASH WILL BE PAID ' tor several AK or 8 octave mahoa .n Pianos forbegini err to learn on. Also, twenty act en Pin no or tea lo It, I n?n? $2 to fti ea< h a month, or for aa.o cheap. Apply at 2JI)Grand atri ct. Mar Mott. PIANO INSTRUCTION GIVEN BT AN EXPERIENCED lad] cher. Address Varies, hot KM Herald odice. Pianos, MKI.ODEoNS, FRENCH ORGANS. MITSIQ Stools, Watrh'-K, Diamonds, Jew airy. G> na, Pistols, Fa]tt-r, Se^nra, Hale?, Hewing Mac lues, a small Htemn Enyina, Ac.. A>\, at great bargains; i aah auvarn e? on m rcimndUa genet illy. I F. JONES, A3 Ann ana t, second Uoor, 1)1 ANO WANTED-A FIRST CLASH 8TEAINWAT OR X C'ltlckcrlng Plnno, for which cash will lie paid, or if' preferred, a loan would be made upon the aaute. Any person wlahlng to dispose of a p'nno of the I nvt description. mny a iori >. ji. ncrmu oiiht, iur uirer liny*. The Horace waters pianos and meeodeons mill Alexandre Organ*. and T. (lilb it A Co.'* celebrated AkMlan Piano*, are the lineal inatrum> nt* lor pailor an<t chnrrhca now in uic. A largo ainortm. ni can lie wen at th? new ivarerooma, No. 481 Hioatu ay, between Grand and Broome a'reeta, which will be aold at extremely low prima. Plane* and Sfelodeont, from an miry maker*, new and *e<ond band, to lei. and rent allowed If pnrchaaed aa iter agreement. Month)/ payment* ree.lved for the aame Sheet M.talc, MualeBooga end all kinda of Month Merchandlao at war price*. A pianist in attendance will try new mtiaic. (>17 - -a most 81'i.endid 7 octave piano. *p l I ')? with beautiful carved leg* and lyre, large poind1 corner*, serpentine moulding* on the bottom, two rowa of roaewc o l mo hiding* on too, overatrung baaa; coat $1 W ?> few moutlia ago. will lot aolil at 9173 if applied for rion, at 4? Htgli atreet, Brooklyn. WIRES AND LmiORI. . TJVlR PALE?TUB BALANCE OF A LARUE STOCK OP I; warranted gcntiltie Hungarian Win**, at moderatw 10 it c?. In wo el 01 In ala?a, and In miantltlea n?t lean than SO' g'illtoia and III dozen, at ClIARLEH F. LOOHEY'S, No, 2 Hanoier ai|nare, up alalra. _____ vh>k hi bnsTde -we are packino and ship. r ping weekly ItW barrel! bottled Porier, Ale, Lager, cider.. Saraaparllla and lemon P"da to our iroopa In the South, and are pranaicd to till any order* on ahort notice. ' *' TAYLOR A W ILB01V, 127 Read# atreet. / <1 nkralsherman. port royal dspaHTMmnt lX Having aupnlled (ergral military and Poothern trading ej nod 11 loin we Van enppljr autlera and othera wit It the lol. lowing good*:?WO barrel* erch, bottled Porter, Ale, Cider. Lager, a \ taylor a wilson, 127 Rein 0 gtrget. tTeaDQL'ARTERR GENERAL Bl'RNKIDES RXrEOTILtlon?Military sutler* will do well to eiamlneonr* style of bottling and making Porter, Ale. Older, inner Lemi'iu and Hareaparltln .Soda for rough camp Ire at* Mger, TAYLOR A Vt'lLcON 12; ft. ado no, t. F< RTRR'ft MORTAR JTLEET, KEY WIRT, PLA?TATLOR A WILSON. \n Road# street, hatre for ahlpmetij i(jO barrel* each of Porter, Ah', Lager, Older, Lemon an<l 8ar?apartl>a Rod*, bottle I and packed eipn *il? for auller* use In tho SsutUern climate. ________________ SHIP ISLAND STATION, OtfLP OF MEXICO.?TO Sutler* and others.?Bottled and packed e*pw?*lJ for rough camp usage, 100 bar tela r?rhf'orterAle^?igert, i d?r Lemon and Rarsaptrllia (tola, by TAYLOR A WILSON. HT Reade Street.

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