Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1862 Page 1
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TH WI&LE NO. 9820. f . ""* HMtriir uu rainon IMUImbJ Mi Hi ?f Uk iMlfetra Ii|)diiif ui Ctoptw rf hmiiii, r\*m. OfHilntlw aai MtVtMIBtl f Ike ftoct Sailing freai Warsaw Souk aai Dignities af Ik laiaad Navigattea. II Sritfe wHk ik tmmj kUtif tk W ?4*4 laioafct*. Hoirtifef lb? Start and Stripes on Port Clinch. Ill Dead, the liUInf and tbe Daaaways of TmamUmm. j NARROW ESCAPE OF EX SENATOR YUIEE Curious Rebel Documeati Found in tbe City, Mt, JM?, la Our rpecia) ccrraepondanae? written on iLpbMH and m there from Uw utiI expedition ofintln limit the on tho coast of Florida, which wo publwb totor, contains in a vary interesting form the detail* of I tho advaaca of tho Union loot from Warsaw Sound It Fort Clinch and tho Pnlsnotto Fort, at wall an of tho c?r. mmstancM and actions which preceded the capture and tkliowed the oocupntkon of Feraandina city by tho L'bkw troops. ha the lattars w* have exciting accounts of the difilI initios of inland navigation in that quarter of the oounI Iry, tbe daaolationol tho ahoraa bordering on thoaounds. [ iho perils of steering through dismal swamps, and th* bntanl dangers of n sharp attack froas the robsi riflstaon posted in th* woods on the bonks of tho waters. Accompanying tho papers is n complete I ml of the lessee of the inhabitants found in Feraandina on tho entrance of our troops. Two men were killed by n obeli fired from the gunboat ttawa, on tbe railroad train freighted with flying rebels, Wendy mentioned. Tbe<r bodies were taken back to tbe town, and our correspondent assisted, with other loyal. Igta, at their sad funeral. Ex Senator Yule* was sitting in th* ear beside these men when the head wan shot from MM ud the body of the other mangled. The "honorable" MM jsmped from the train ?nd ran for that life thas narrowly preserved. Wo prist coploa of bosso curious rebel documents found 10 the tows. On# is a first mortgage bond for one thou Oaad dollars on ike Florida Ballroad, iosuod by thai com. pan jr. Tho coupons aro attached and made payab'o in How York. They ran on half-yearly to tbo March o INI, and entitle tho holder to receive tho sum of thirty ve dollars every six months from tbo treasurer in thi' My. It Is seedless to say that the paper is oaeJees buj M weald, so doubt, cause a sensation eves sow in Wall Street. It is exeouted in a very excellent style of art Bsnalsr Yslee's report announcing the approach of lb* Ostes forces, with letters of Florida men llviag S> Virginia to their mends at besse, are also gives W* IfMlfil Bspeditlonary Correspond* see. OnrsoAT Ottawa, Wannaw Socnn, Feb 3S.18M flWMtp <f Iks Croat Natal fihgwdiWow from Billon Head? Bom flu Fled was Crgonittd?lU Frogreto?Delay its WorMne Sound Mtedlenl Wtalker?A Union I'lanher onike Banln of tht Cumberland, de.,de. filter a long delay, ineldent to every extensive move est of the same character, the naval portion of the great expedition intended to stake aa onslaught on some Si the Sesthera ports wss finally ready on Thursday, FebTnary 37, and at twelve o'clock that day Commodore Dapost, with his flagship Wabash, in company srtth the Susquehanna, left their anchorage at Hilton sad and went to sea. Early the next morning, at the break of day, (he fleet of gunboats, headed by the Otta wa, Commander Stevens, followed. On totting outside Ik* bar they found tho Wabash nnd Su?i>iohar.Du at anchor, and aft or tho oicbango of him eigoals tho Utter two noon got up anchor and tho fleet moved off in flue Style. Where hound to of couroe everybody bad bin own vlewe; hut no one knew eieept the Commodore and few othcra. ' The naval pert of the enpedition was to be under barge of Commodore Duponl, and the Und forces under pneral Wright, both officers tn every way competent for the important dutten asaigned to them. fee troope were neerty all of them embarked at Warsaw Sound, where they had been la camp for some tuna' while a portion of them bad boon lying in transports fur ever two weoks. The fleet about twelve o'clock that (Friday) night temmenced moving off?tho flagship 'nking tho lead, tho ganboete following, according to the programme, and the tram porta after. We arrived off the .coaat of Florida early next morning, and alt came to anchor. After remaining at this point fbr some time, within, probably, thirty mIlea of shore, and the signals paaaisg freely l<o twean i ha <1 intrant vaaaaln. *t aaain sot ud anchor, tho flagship *a4 gunboats preceding the transports far in ad WW*; so before the latter started tha former wore far MM of eight. After a while, however, and lata In tbo evening, we again Joined the reet of the fleet. Am mom as the fleet was all together the gunboatn com teheed smvleg off, the Ottawa taking the lead, making direct for the shore. The flagship, with the Susquehanna tad transports, earns to anchor as soon as the gunboat, had sailed, and lay there until Sunday morning early f when the Commodore transferred his flag to the Mohican, sad the Wabash and Susquehanna weighed anchor nod teamed off for St. Mary's Sound, the remaining gunboat, sad transports also weighing anchor, and starting for dadrew's 8ound to Join the other gunboats. On arriving fl the bar the Mohican took the lead, fbllowed by the Mtawa and the rest of the gunboats, and all went over ta flae style?the armed vessels first,and then the Empire Hy, General Wright's flagship, followed by tbo othur transports?and moved slowly end cautiously tip to Cumberland rlvsr. We entered the Sound at 10 A. M., Md at half past eleven o'cloek the last of tho liect gassed the lighthouse. The Mohican, in the van, moved with great caution, watching the shore for marked but lories, while tbo Ottawa acted aa a sort of scout, run alag in advanco and striking hor nose into ovary uo?k tad eornor. <K course everybody was on dock and on the lookout, peeling every moment to see the attack made, n? it ?raa supposed at the upper end of Cumberland Island the rebels had erected two battortes. About this time or a Short time previous a negro, who had esraimd from the mainland or Kernandina, was picked up in a eanoe, from whom It was ascertained that the enemy wert about evacuating tho place Soon after this report was circulated the fleet came flo a stand still, and the boats from the different hips might be seen going witb rapid movements from ship to Ship and hovering around tha flagship. It raa s busy scano and one full of excitement and interest, for those on the transport steamers being so far in tho rmtr wara antlrely Ignorant of what waa ihe cause of the Stoppage, and eoutd only apecniate on tha probabiliiiua of hat tor tea, rebels, scouts, sand bara, he. About one o'cloek the Ottawa came from the head of the ft the water In the river, and nn?lly camn to mr ablp, wben General Sherman wont on board, Inking wth him noma algnal officer*, that he might communicate with ua by the army algnal*, a yetera of quick and prompt omnmunioatlon that in b<lag of Immenao acrvloe In the campaign. The Ottawa attorned to the flagahlp, when a conaullation waa had between General Wright and Comaaodure Thipont, and after a long elttlng the plana and movement* for the eat day wera cnneummated, and General Wright re paraed to <mr ahlp lata in the evening, ieaviug on board 0t the Ottawa one of the IIuaik'* apeclai*. /Irom where we were lying in Cumberland river a fine plan latum waa to be a?en on the inland, owned by a tun earned Stoddard. He wae greatly Coked vt hen lie m-w the - tare and Stri;*" waving fr,.ni trie maatheaik of o Mny veaael* lie aeked the protection of thl I'm- n E NE NE^ OPERATIONS Scene of Flag Office * L co? fSlPOUNOESl EJ MASKED WATERS 3< SON ?ll|^ troops; Mid he was nerve I with a notice, like all other planters, that be must dispose of his cotton to the Confederate State* agents and take their bonds. To this he most emphatically refused, end, rather than do bo, turned to ami burned it. If ho is not a good Union man, then 1 I would like to nee one. That ho will receive tlTe protection of our government you may rest assured, in the best possible manner. No doubt there are hundreds of equally as loyal, good men as this in the country, if they only dare speek and act Utrrrsn Ststw Grwao-it Omwi, 1 YIbumkoiim, ris., Mai ch T, 1812. J Operation* Previous to the Occupation of Fcrnandina by the Vnion Troop*?The Delay in Warsaw Sound?Appear ance of the Union Fleet and Hope Ayain?Steaming and Towing Down the Georgia Coast?A Rr-onnoitsance a' St Andrew* and no Knemy Poind?Important Information and the Run Through the Inland Portage? Reciting Sporting Exi u rsum on Shore?Potition of the Revenue OutU.i Henrietta?Diffkultiet of thr Xavigalion (nut Vet el* Aground?Passing the Port Cliiu h atul Palmetto Hotterir ?Hoisting the Stars and Stripe* on the Former?Salutot ly Ih* I'eigJe of AVui Hinarutina?A Line Ret/el Horseman?Kugayrmtnl with and Sh Uing <i Rail road Train if "Secern, r*"?Men Killat <-'i the Tinin? Capturtof a Prueartl a So ae on Bmrit?A Xegro PitOf Tike* the Ottawa to an Asuh-mige?At St. Marys?>te- ring Through Dismal Swamp?An Fnemy in the .V. y.htoring Ifcorli?A Hot Fi;,ht, a Triumph, and Lit of the Woundrd, tic., tie. Heforo Ibis reaches you ofllclal despatches will have announced tho occupation of Feruandlna, Florida, and it is left with mo to supply tho details f tho .ilTatr. At this lato day I stnll net attempt any description of affairs at Warsaw Sound, whire the military portion of the expedition remained for five tvc? k". Siuce then I have leirucd that tho delay was owing to causes beyond coutrol, and therefore blamn cannot Justly attach to any one; b it the delay w-.s not the lot" Irksome to those who wore unfortunate enough to be imprisoned in that most undesirable spot?Warsaw Sound. However, after ittfhid prilled down to a ipiist plate of apathy, tho spars of tho Wabish loomed dunly through tho haze of a bo tutiful morning on th s lanl day of February, and dispelled in an instant the clouts of doubt that had long brooded over us, and sent a bright gloom of ho|K? through the cnllro force. After 'the Wabash ciuio thu magniQceutSusquehsuna, aud in her traiu were nineteen mon of.war, of all classes, moving in two grun<l lines, under sleain, and steering south. In a few momouls the (loot In Warsaw Sound were astir, and the transports began to run about, picking up their respective lows, ready for a final start. As the tide would not serve us unlit lute in the afternoon, there was ample time to get everything in readiness, and at sun. set the K'mpire City, the flagship of the transports, was under way, piloted out by ttie Marion ami Georges Creek. Wo passed (bo bar after dirk, in Ibe following order?Steamer EmpireCity; Marion, towing a schooner; Star of the South, with a schooner m tow. the Bclvnloro, alao towing a schooner, the Boelon and Georges Creek, both with schooners In tow. We ran out to the Wabash, which waa at anchor off the bar, atid General Wright proceeded on board tho flagahtp, and had an interview with Flag Officer Onpont. Aftor an hour or more ha returned, and aoon tho tlagahip ha I anchor up and waa uttdorway, followed by tho naval portion of the fleet, which bad been Joinnd off the bar by the aloopa-of war Seminole, Captain Gtllia; the Fotomoka, Commander Walniough. and tlio Kllen, Lieutenant Rudd. The tranaporta followed iu the order above Indicated, and the onlie fleet of nearly thirty vessel* were aoon alowly ateoming down the coaat to the rendervotia off St. Andrewa Sound, Georgia. Tho night passed tpilotly. Tho air waa calm and the sen amoolh and pleaaant, and everything betokened e pieman I morrow. At daylight, we aaw but a small portion of tho fleet, but na the hue that bung over the smooth aea lightened up, we paw tho Waba?h nt anehor ahead of ua.afnw milea diatant, anil the fleet ab nil liar. After collecting tho tranaporta, tho Kmplie Cltj ran down anil anchoret near tho tlagahip. .General Wright again proceeded to tho (liigahip, where ha remained during the day. In the forenoon the Ottawe waa aent iu to the shore, with Mr. Oodfroy. the pilot, on a reconnoieaanco. Gapt. Slovene approached near the chore and vent e boat in, which palled to tne entrance of Hrunawick harbor, which proved to bo about twu miles north of the anchorage of the fleet, and no algue of the occupation of the rebel batter leg were observed. Our anchorage being eight mi ce north of St. Andrews, we up anchor again and down the coaat. and again cmiio to anchor off St. An draw*, when a reconnoiaseuoo w s mute in foroe by the light dra, gtit gnnboatg They pr ceoogd t-? the bar, and the Ottawa atea tied over it. Until, g H wait buoyed out, atii rati * m nd tho north end "f I'm .be i..nd Island, and dloc'trem i ne i gmt of the anew y tin. i? i was signalise to .'cAU w* enter. 4 ee the hog W YO ^ i , i 1 * i ? J YORK, TUESDAY, MAI ON THE FLOP :r Dupont's Last Ops View of ? \ * to MIL L T ICEALINC RlFLBCUMj laBPOUNOERl r ir BATTERY 5 \ ~7)S \ 4 \ 1 QL Pi i ^fppa^ \ > i? lj.b: ,i \? r? j \ uj MB r-* -?*r ! ' \ \? I?l-2 1L_JJ8 U, \ w i? il?^***' fc? \ P-i J sr^i! -?? \ \ }-s ' H r?-gfl ? a '**" \\ f*>* re** uJMM j s: mary's river lw>ir^ 3 io.v ill late. The Ottawa anchored in M. Andrews Sound fi r the nlKht, sending a boat on shore, In chags of Au* Iiir Master Haines, w ho raised lh - stars and StridesM the llRh hou-e on tbo Ij'and. H? found the 1'glitho .so deserted and the npparat .? tarritd away A small quantity of oil and a tew minor articles were found but avory thing of value ha t boon sto'en by tbo rebels (In Son ay morning, I ommod iro Hupoal having transfer, ed Ills ling te the mI mp of war Moliicau, tominan.Ier (>od n, all the ilect. except the \Vaba?h and Su-oiuchmtia, uwain imt no am hor and stand in over iho bar in (lie drop and apitcio, a tiaar>>> r of HI Amir we, the Mohican taking llio M. So difficulty occurred in crotFing tho bar, at it it eccood only lo Curt Royal on Ihe * uthorn coa-t, anil with well mnrkad vhuniii 1?ore of tb'iee harbor* which hat been atraagciy overlooked by the "oultiernere, b.Tore the opening of tho rebel ion MM Ib ?. however. worn iban one v.?-. | baa outerr.1 u iMy tracde. red lit dip to mull llmtll and aghtd run the him kudo. After all hal enternl the Hound the flagrhip cime to anchor, ami the rnat of the fleet f dlowed unit During llio d'jr taflnruvMloa of a very important oh*Meter w?? gained from |iertie* who we-e fo.ind on aliore, lo IIw efleet that ihe battery on I ui,.'enand lalatel, i'oking toward* the entrance tu lignMlM had he?n evacuated bylherrbola curing th* paat w efc, and loat the rebel* were abo t evacartiag, or had evacuated, Kurt Clinch an I the batteriea pretertteg r-"laudlaa Thle, of eourae, produced a ch tato In I he plan of I ho movement wldeto waa cow-in.'# I rpmi on the re|*>rt of the pllofe ?b' hut i-eoetrrted aereral mile* toward! Kemandlna, th i*igh the Mini |'???*ye Ueaa unite evident that lite M<>hi an, HetwMule, ,<n i other long and deep vcaeele, aould h-ive great ditbculiy in ana rg through thle narrow and a.nuooa lot'ot and t deteratlned that Ihe Cawoee, a? lording ahht, uad.-r me command of C nimand -r "er. ival *?/ *, e'mul.l lead Ihe Ottawa, -eaerr |?e,nbl a. l|irr>0. C I,an ka. I??UM youth, Cengula an<l th? Klan, throu*!). oltnured by Ihe MrtV'an and H? ?' ? Iraitap te, to fern an d!na by t at Inle d r "re##, w I ti e Knpt* City, Htar uf thl e/C n. IV vid-fr and the oilier tranepertt,eb uM go.mVe with iba runt. dor T the fleet. It wa? at flrat de'er n'i.e.1 tliat th* pur'lnn of tha e*t? llti'ai which we* to ? io?i I* ?h .old prm- ad that night, but ih it Idea waa I a ed. While ia>iw? at anchor off ihe I t'and dm .e* the .fiertfoa, te-wrte were tent aehore to ge'. beef t.nd fr*?h prnvieiuna Koverei cattle * era killed and draarvd. en i the meet Istrilnited among the neat. K<ane wild pig* were aleo eh it. but ae t lie blue tacketa ware not flr*t clae? eh da un th- wlOv , their eucueae In aborting running hog- waa md brilliant. However, the fun wat aicitlng, though fatiguing, if not iuccettfni. lariy on Monday morning tha Pawneo etaria<l on her devlona way. c'o oly billowed by the Ottawa, on which I fbrtoneh ly cha'geff lay after* from the rmidreCity, and by the rri-uiuder < lie neat?the othar portion be ing abo .t *1 get under way to pu* o?.i uiitaid*. The ' lubiua, r? mm nder J< bn iiinktiea I. took lit tow the i*w one cutter Hot Vl"1 ommauder J. tl. Honnett, .Jr., w!ovh had ita a"loud .malil m It tlie line of attm k. Out ,*' ihrough the lUi'O i paatag* w^t n ?-,weatily at w an teu #. T> 17 TJ xl'llL. xj tCH 18, 1862.-TRIPLE S! [IDA AND GEO rations?The Port of Fort Clinch. v--" .* vi*% ICA8C" lil i -a ^ >. ? - 1 i \ ! I 1 y MARYS, GEORGIA. 77/7 F; I h-i-\ p; 5 /' / I / _ II /1 I 1/ 9 ,1 // / 'Sfhjt fat'7 / 11 I / 7 / 'I r---l nferfrH Hi ffiijWtsn > a 7" ~n~\ i C" : ! \ 11 ?m in F- rrfc"; \ i rp-.v ; : ;*. \ 315213 DS \ ?pranR \ J\ 11 narkct^^ ? ^ \ got half nay to Fcrnandina teverti vessels had gr< ud-i ed, but the rising tide aooo floated them oR Tha I'awue waa aground two hour* or more at % tharp turn in Ih creek, aud the prospects of gelling through that da] teemed, for a tlmo moat diacouragmg After > great deo of trouble and .aoor.iba was got around tha point and w again atcamed on Wa touched on the 'divide bolweei Cumber.and and St Andrews Sound*, but aftor th.t our courao waa pile a.aar and easy Tha olhar vessel wore i.<>t ao fortunate tv m the eolitary exception the Huron, winch kept close to the Ottawa, every reeae beaidea the Pawnee and Ottawa wera either aground wttl a fading tido, or blocked to tha creek by thoao preceding

and mora they remained a* ,ong at | taw ihem that day Oo roachm;: a point about lour mliet from Fcrnandina III fuil tight of the city, tha Pawnee untortunataly ground oil, and refuted to itir from her poiinon So tha Oltawi and Huron came to aocbor. to awei! 'he movement! o< the Pawnee. At Ibit tune four or Qve ol tho little (loot wero visible towardt 3t Androwti but atl avldcnily fait o the mud Outside wo could distinguish the epara of lb# Wabash and Sua qnehuniia, with aome of the other vessels, and wo wen r iitll. ii ihtt they wera on hand for their part of tlx work Captain Stovans aftor bringing the Ottawa u anchor, went on hoard the Pawnee, and toon returnc with Commander Drayton aud C R P Rodger* of lb< Wabash, with lliesecond launch and second cutter of tlu Wabash 'D charge of I.ieutenant Rtrnte and Midshipmnr Pear* n-e-MW' t" ely. The Huron WM signalised to M low he nil *?'? motions, and we again got under weigh and stood ti dd.y down tho eound toward* Now Fornan .Una A ahtrp ookoot waa ki-pt on Fort Clinch, that frowned grimly upon with -t-i huge Mack guna peering aue pu ninety over it wa* a. and wo were ready to rapiy tc lh - reb.-ie did they dHjmte our pan ago Vpon approach ing ihi- and C> mh land laland, where we know then w<i? . lionv) battery, we gleamed mora aiowly on, deier m n-d uni i? bo cvi.,hl in any trap We wero all alone lh 'Hm' n having gr niudoit a inomant after tn-r anchor wax up, *u0 onjld hnl effe< I llllle, If the rebels opaoail Are n|?n or( indeed, barely aava ooraelrea from da niruet . n No flag wo* vtelble on tha brick walln ol (ilnch, and but faw poraona amid be neeo abmil the furl or town. Ai wa rounded the and of Cumberland Inland we obtained a view of the Palmetto battery, on the point, bdt ennld nee no gun* Acronn iho hny and uf the Amelia river wa could neo the b ark nmoke of a rebc ateamor, and wa determiucd to lako it and at the nam' lima > l it Iba drawbrldga between Amelia Inland and the land Wa apjiroarhed at III nearer the walls ol Fort Clinch ; but ao nign of life waa vlaibln. Wan it I trick ol the rebola, to draw ua into a quick and aura dontrnctinnr or, waa tha fort deacrtedf Still, wo were It for It. and ntnamed boldiy on. to a point near the fort and then l ieutenant George B. While went anhore In th< gig. and ruined over one of the bant inon of Iho fort, or the r 'h | itagntair, the Ottawa '* lnr*o?l ennlgn, and Fori tllneh wae again Our*. Ni t awaiting Lieutenant White'l re' -it, we united np the Amelia river, peat the handfii of vaa? abla Uuun-i that tnnatiute the town of Old Far ERAI HEET. RGIA COAST. | Fernandina, with a I i i : * H*n. I 5 ?\1/ , I 1 \ CLINCH l j ] i Jg$Puaudina, and in eaay musket range of the bluff facing the river. we swept pest 'he New Englandtsh village, or city of Now Kernandina, talutrd with Ikt waring of kandktrtkitft from auiu ci numb-r of ladiamndgentiemenon Ui* how* !om and wharves, with now end thun more boieleroue eap< i?K?0DB kof delight et our coming from some. We noon gained e view of the railroad drawbridge. Wtiil* paoMQg Ibo upper etui of tne town, a **oui?ry horaenian" dashed up the roed perelici to us. evidently eneiuus to get out of our way, end boldly discharged his revolver revere! times at thoOliaweaud thou passed 0 ,r approach had been observed, end before we had fairly peseed the village, we were itarlled bjp seeing ? I- Oumolive, with sevoriu ears auacuci, availing .?? v> town, up the tr.-c't towards the bridge. To make known tbelr precvi <- i >ore clearly, tome soldiers in the train discbvged their muskets *1 us, lha balls striking short ir whistling harmlessly past It bogan to crow rather I selling,and lha raca we were baring with the cure, Un>ii|b novrl, waa not tba lass exciting nor Interesting The musketry from the cars cent Inuad, and as that thing could not be allowed we let fly sn cloven-inch shall at the I train iurt after it had entire I a little wood, and that brought iba train to a stop, and killed, as we have since learned, two brothers?one a soldier and ilia other n civilian and 1a addition to this, as wa learned, a portion of the cart were <utarhrd, uod by toe time we bad got wiibln a rail* of the bridgo, the train came ri-aiilng along in n furious manner and paid no attonlmo to tbo shells wo 11 red ate it, but continued on at every Hazard On nearing ih bridge era ditiovarod thu rebel steamer bud not got through, aa the bridge true closed for the passage of the nsttiaiu We Orel a shell at har,s ppusing tior to bo ao armcj steamer, bin aiictied no ragtsN The tram reached and crossed the bridge in safety, and in spite of lie eur< teded m escaping, whistling in liie moat taunting maimer aa it | Msad out <1 range H nad ou't In ome quite dark, and we observed the rebel HUM r ui motion, so wa throw three or four mom the:I at it, and Anally It 'tupped, having run aground, Aa it <r .? Impossible tor Ilia Ottawa to pursue (ho light draught retool, Commander Kodgcra took the Wabash a laum b tud cutter and full .wed her up. Alter pulling a mile tliev c-.rne up to the steamer, which w ui a.-rmind, and Captain Kodgors inquired ir she h?d surrendered No was oflcrcd lo Captain it Igeis iHwrdu'g h'T, whcli ho did at : he head of bio mm and took bcr a prize. Pho proved lo be the li.irling. inn, a ti'.nb press ire b si of three stories, and loaded with furniture and provl?liie, which were being carried away to Jack sous ills. A nirat dietre-smg scene met tho aye of Captain Kodgors when he entered tbo cabin In thnt alrnotdd place, upon Ih'ir kn.a?, engaged IU prayer, wnu . . gieatenl Uteof fear end despair, wci.' between thirty and Toi ly w. men ant ctiil Ire-i who thought thalr last hour li.wl eemo It was some lint# before faj tain Rod gee* could engage the attenteic of any of them, ?o aa toI assure them < f their nafcty uid liiaprntt nor Klnally i h?-y became mora rnlm. anil listened to Captain Rodger*. Th-* ?la ted that they had been .tenured that if captured by tie they would suffer arery indignity and outrages! our htnda. and if thoy '-reaped with their liver It would he vary forluuats. No you may well imagine they i were not In the moat cheerful alate of mlud who our E men look pueeeasioo of the ste-imrr, However, aa no ,1 iiutr age waa otferad, and every at'enli- n shown ilium, I they became quite raalynad and slightly ctiaerful during 4 the even ng l ieutenant Harnee waa plncod In charge, 0 wdh tweuly men.and he suecctdid in hrniging her down r in a ifety to the city, where ehe anchoivd. After we liad d laren in* steamer, a launch wae >-eni to tho draw bridge ? to protect it and to pravcat the rebete from coming bock u loth a town or escaping from it. 1 The Ottawa having taken pnaa raina of I Fort Clinch, Old and New r amandins, f started at nine o'cioi k for St Marya,Georgia,determined I to do the work up that night, if possible. We nbtanel , from the I'er I ingt'iu the negro pilot. Prince, wl.o h. ft mi liar with all Ilia Inland water*of this portion of the coast, aud with?i aa inlelligant and witty fellow,and wa found no trouble in aeraudtng the SI. Morya river, although it ta quite tortuoua and difficult tuoavlgalp. i Wa anchored off the villago of M Maryn at one o < h ik in i the morning and inntantly the two WHMI from tiro r Wabash, and the Otlawa'n Brat and ee-mid cuttera, in r charge of Acting Master Puar and Koglncer tVm. Dnngan and Hr Car|>enter, reapaallvely, wero aent ashore under the command of Captain Rodger*. who io?k posar e tonnf I the village Our man found eight horses saddled and i bridled, belonging to a rebel snout In the village, hut ibe > riders escaped in the darkness. A etrong g' a d wis left I on ahora during the night, picket* being well thrown out i and every precaution taken ngiinst surprise The enemy I did not trouble ua at all. and the night passed .|Uietly. In tha morning wa went e-bore, and found gnMd a number of | cple left, b it ureal maj?rn? naa , died a day or two provioui. rho*e wa found nould hardly ba called I'moonta Homo of tbem were quit* bitter agmnet ua, wbila oiherawara mora quia! and roan red, I b tall wore more or ler* agatnrt ua St Mnrva m a amall Tillage, wall laid nut, of about ' eight hundred inhabitant*. aud ilia realdeneo nf many very wealthy r.eorglana. Formerly there were aevural 1 aawmilla in the place, but lately, I believe, b ,t one baa beeu in operation Wo found quite a number nf negroea > In tho village, who aold ua an abundant aupply of egga, ' chicken*, clucka, (kc., green | ear and other dell uctca. We remained until afternoon, when Ilia lea*. Smith rar Moved u* and ataried up th> river on a recMiimiaaance, aa wall a* for thapurpnteof inviting tbo Inhabitant* to raI turn to their b< m?*, aaaurlng them of protection to par , aon and property. i Wa did not euccead in gatting aver thraa mile* whan I tho pilot ran ua aahore, aa tba poor darkay feared an i attack from tho rcbala on a bluff ahaad ut I uv, which wa muat para in tha darknea* ?>. r with tha falling tide, wo waio obliged to a pan1 i the night tliare. Rnrly in tha m ming (Th ireday), we again got under way and ntaamad rapidly up th< river, i w hu h l* one of the most tortuona I ever raw. The tut n* , were no nharp and tha river ao narrow that it re ptired i tha greateat rkill to ua'. Igale, but wa anrco?ded In t aacaplng any aarioua mtahap. We aaaanded th ? river to I a point forty mile* above St. Mar\j, i| ,? | a. . '.p.,'/ i Alhurtie'a Milla, one m:ln below King Mill* The tire I after running through a maran ten or fifteen mile*, eutere a awamp, in placea uetae and im jp. PRICE TWO CENTS. sne treble, of live oak, cypres#, yellow pfae, swassp iapl? and palmetto. It la a met forbidding ad gloomy swamp, *ud well termed I'iambi, be river grows more narrow as we ascend, the turus rwir# frequent and sharp, and we experienced tiie great- m at difficulty in attending. We were ashore Severn imea at the bends, and were obliged to get oat hawserl o the trees to haul the Ottawa around tl.e tuius. rinally, after running into I be woods several times, md getting aground 1 know not how many, we arrived it Alburtie'a when we came to anchor. Two rehM bouts, he UorusMe and Hard Tunes. had passed ahead of us ;wo or three hours before, and we gave np ell ides of aktng them. They were loaded with refugees from )t. mat/'s. Landing at Judge Albania's we were politely received md invited to bis house. We then had a b lef eon versa .ion with the Judge, and Captain Hlevsns aldrueaeda tote to ths people not in arms, inviting them to return 0 their homes, and offering protection. This Judga ilburtie promised to couvey to them; hut I doubt ehether any results will flow from tho invitation. Ibe leopls lear to roturn on account of the rebel author turn, iltbough they are in a suffering condition,having little ir no provisions, and do clothing wiih them exo 'p what ,hey wear. After the interview bad terminated we 1 tar ted on our return trip at about four o'clock. two or three miles below the Judge e place, which Is roni|iosuil of a Is' ge saw niill,grl>l mlll.several houses and a church, ws ngain ran ng'ound, and iocn found that we must wait the dmd tide again. Captain Stevens despatched the Wabash's cutter, in chui go of Midshipman l'onrson, back to the Judge's on business, tnd while Mr. Poarton was tractucting It with Mr. Albums a negro informed the coxswain of ths boat that two companies]or artill, ry had been rent for to In tercept us as we went down. This in'orinatlon came so do oct that it was determined that we would not proceed down at night, but wail for day light, so we could sec tho enemy. As we wore ashore, nearly fifty mt'.es from al l, in a swamp where artillery might be brought, we naturally felt a little nervous during the night, and none slept much on board. Karly in the m truing preparations were tnado for defence. Hammocks were 1 shed along the bulwarks to prevent, In a measure, splinters from fly ng, and the engine was protected as well as could be. The twelve-pound howlt/.er was taken from the cutter, placed upon its carriage and put at one of the ports i eady for action. All tho rifles, nickels and plat >la wore luadod, and we wrnre quite prepared for any emergency. The men were at quarters all the way down. We liad progressed, without any molestation or signs of ths oncmy, for fifteen miles, and bugan to breathe a little free, when the lookout at the masthead reported men in the woods and boshes on a bluff on our right or starboard hand, and in an instant wo were greeted with a sharp volley of rifle balls, which whistlod over the bulwarks or struck the side of the ship, it did no uyury. It was mstaiitly followed by a hut Arc from the riflemen aiuuonen in m? ircvg una uueuto mmn; iu'mit?i,w/? more than thirty yards from the mid channel. Wn openod fire with our three howitzers, e'.even-i>?h and rifled gun, using ahrapi.ei, canister and grape, and doing terrible execution. Our muskets were used effectually, too, and did good eery ice. In a m >ment a man was shot in tne wrist, another ia the thumb, and acting Master s Mate DeCurdy,white priming bis eleven im h gun. fell, pierced through the fleshy part of the arm, near the shoulder. The wound I* not dangerous, but Tery painful. Another man waa shot in the calf of the log, whilo the clothes of other* were riddled with balls. The light continued for more than half an hour, the enemy's Are being hot and very well directed. We kept up an uuintei rupted Ore from the howitier*, seldom using the eleven-inch or rifle en the forecastle, as the men were too much exposed in serving them, and throwing in canister, grape and shrapnel, with our second fuse. During the faotteet of the Ore the Ottawa csme within s hsirsbrssdlh Of grounding, at a point where the euemy were in force, exnocting that vory result. But we got around safely through a hail storm of rifle bal!s that whizxod like a hurricane over us, cutting the rigging end splintering the masts and booma in great style. After a sharp contest we passed the rebels?s regiment of Mississippi riflemen?without losing s man. Mr. liuer, acting master in line, was saved from a very dangerous wound in the grain, by the bullet striking a oopper cent in his picket, which stayed its progress. The cent was naarly doubled up, but it was enough. Mr. Cusr experienced but little pain from the blow. The rebele ioet heavily. We saw two other bod ion of rebels on bluflh between this point und St. Marys, but dispersed thorn with shell and canister. They gave us no trouble. Tho starboard side of the ship was struck at least h hundred times with bullets, and it was s miracle no one was killed. All the officers and men behaved moat gallantly. As the mail closes soon I must be brief. We landed several times on going up the St. Marys, bnl found no Union sentiment. All strong ssoesh. On K'und mi Rifrinn Crrr, 1 Sr. Andrew's Sound, March 3,1803. f Shifting Quarter*?Ordrrt Iuuei for an Advance?Strength of the Fleet, ft. After transferring myself to thie ship on Friday afternoon , the Ottawa steamed out of Warsaw Booed, having notified the gunboats and transports of the orders of the Commodore, and delivering despatches to General Wright. It being ebb tide it waa impossible for soma of the large sias gunboats and transports to move over the bar, and it waa not until quits dark baton we were able to move. We, however, all passed out over the bar shout nine o'clock at night without anF trouble, although the channel is rather a difficult one and the night wu quit* dark, un getting wiwk? uw bar, and joining the iiag ship and gunboats, the transports thai liad been lying at Wars .w for soma day* all ready for a alarl, and also the gunboaU, began to arrange tbamsaive* in the order laid down. The entire fleet now coasinted of the relieving vessels:? Flagship Wabash, Susquehanna, Florida,Flag, Ottawa, Seneca, Huron, Pembina, Isaac Smith, Penguin, Pawnee, J nines Adger, Poiomcka, Pocahentae, Seminole, Alabama, Mohican, Ellen, McClelland, revanue cutter Henrietta ami pilot boat Hope. The transports were the Empire City, Star of the South, towing the achnoneteSarah Cell la; Par miii, towing the schooner J. G. Steele; Beienlere, towing tho schooner H. J. Mercer; Ronton lowing the schooner S san K. Abbott, and Goorga'a Creek towing toe schooner Mack Bird. Here waa a Holt la of iwenty-oria men-ofwar, gnnboata,Ac., with over 160 guns?a more for* mutable battery than has yet been under sail during this war?with six large transport steamers towing tiro schooners, all loaded with iroopa, ammunition and supplles. At Tybee the fleet wag increased by the addition of several gunboats thare stationed, they taking their reeiwctlve placet assigned to ibetn In the line. On the long row of vessels moved in most admirable order, arriving off Warsaw Sound at about noon. Here the signals were given from the flagship for all to eomo to anchor but th? Ottawa, and Shu waa despatched into tho sound to notify the commandants of tho vessels loaded and at anchor there, and also the gunboats, to come outsido and join tha fleet. This was promptly done, and here your correspondent transferred his quarters to the steamer Empire City, the llagrhip of the transports sad headquarters of General Wright and stag1. Ox Board tub Burma Cmr,. Fbrxaxdira Boi'xv, March 4,1M2. f TV Pie* Again in M*um?Movtmmli of tie Hertnu I'aekt ffenrvila?At (V Aknwmrftna Ligktthip?.SoUitr't Funeral ai Sen?General Wright't Landing at fernan dina, Mr. Early the next morn In* the fleet wee again in motion, the funboete, with the Mctlelland and atraraer I toe ton, with the Ninety eereuth I'eonaylvanla regiment, and alao the yacht Henrietta, patting along through the river tnalda *je leland, while the Mobigan, with the other naval vetxelt, and alao all the other t rant porta, turned and went back, patting out to ran again. 1 waa awakened about aunrlae by hearing the edema aotea of the line band of ihe Fourth New Bampahtre, which regiment waa oa our ahlp, an waa oommitled to the deep, with all due reapect and tolerantly, the body of Georgo Evaaa, of Comiwny K, who died the night prevloua. He waa front Ooultenbury, and came trom hoaao afflicted with tbeonnaumptk>d, hoping the Southern cli* mate would rretort him We arrived otriernandlna Light at two o'elock P. M., but on acoount of the heavy wind and etorm it waa deemed imprudent to venture over the bar; no the fleet came te anchor. Here we found the Wabaah and Suaqoehanna. which veeaela were the ottea, it appeart, thai flrat rave the enemy warning of our eomtng. Here we lay at anchor all night, the etorm roetlnuleg. At t-M the next morning (Turoday) we got up anchor, and following in the wake of the Mohkaa.we alarled te get over the bar Into Fernandina Sound. At eleven A. M. we etruck on the bar, and after repeated offline of the Betvldere te pull ua off without aueceee, Gen. Wright and ataff, with the apeclal of the Hanaro, were put on beard the Pelvtder*, and, ieaving our good ahip, proceeded on our way,pnaalng Fort flinch. iron* which the 8tare and Ftrlpee were wavlog, the Ottawa having coeae down through the Camber land Round and her offlcera been oo chore and done the job. We paaaed on around the point, when Fcrnan<llna appeared to our view. We pnaned up in quick time to within a abort dia* * ? k? > i imaae MUM 01 10* a?WK ana i?i iv wmvwi _ ...? <1 lately lowered. and, with (Jan. Wright'* aid. yoir correapaadeiit had tha honor of bring tha Aral civilian on thorn. A few marina* and one or two Mral nffleera, and but one army officer, ware on ahora when tha Ualvtdare ant bar Brat boat aahnrr. Oar ftrnaadlaa City Corraipandtnet. KaMMimiffA, March 7,1899. | Afltr Ik* landing and Mating Ik* 'Wuma?IV Fit* Mm an InitVigml Migro?IMitt rf (V Mm KiUtd by 1*4 l)Hnus?> Bkot on Ik* Hailrcad Car?K?cap* of Bx .Itnalor Tulf*?Mm Amid at Ik* Jhmeral IV Order ft* Bmtuation /??wrdby General Mtrcrr?Lid of Ik* AM ytera ??** ??M (ha CUv?Hom W^arri /'aid and richMlltd? Dtteriftion of fbrt Clinth?Staring a Hail rami Train?I'ritontrt from Ik* R>M Boat Darlington? HtaWt of Ik* Union ToofO?MorlalUg Among th* HrUU?Otntral Wiigkl't Order? property flKinl /rom Ik* tnmy?A Good Dinner for Loyrl Mm, <#i., d" Immodtately to grt'lng on ahora, lu oon.^y with

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