Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1862 Page 2
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I 2 IPBCIil. HOTICII. At a meeting ok tub 6Egar and tobacco una :ifa. Hirers anil employes of lu* city of Albany, held m the Oily Hall on Monday evening, .March 17, the reports of (he various mtuirHlcci, a* published iu (be Nt a- York 111 raid of riulat, itih lnal., were read and unanimous!* hdoplai ANTHONY ZKITLER. Secretary. Notice -the wholesale sheep bltchebs or the city of Hew York are requested to attend a meeting at Browning'*, Bull's H? a !. an and 31 Sixth sire t, on Thursday evening, March 20, at 7>? o'clock, to take so cue action In regard to the proposed lag about to be levied upon the trade, ana now before the Ways and Means Committee in Wash* Ington. The members ok atlantic lodge no. 178, p. and a. M., are requested to m-et at the lodge room, on Friday, the 21 at Instant, at ons o'clock P. m , for the purpose I of attending the funeral of our late brother J, 6 Matthews. Carriages will be lu walling at the lodge room. By order of the W. _ charles W. BY, Secretary. Notice to tax payees,?office ok the commlssioncrs of later aod Assessments, No. 112 Chambers street, New Yolk, Jsnuary U, HUB.? Notice Is hereby risen that the *?*; *,meat rolls of real and personal estate of tho ci:y of New York for the year lid are now open for public in.pertlon, and will com nn? open uut .l the 30th (lay of April next, iuclu?tve. AU taxpayers are earnestly requested to call a nd examine the same, in order that any errors in theasseasnienu may be corrected. Aim all persons entitled by law to reduction of their assessments, by reason of being clergymen or for mil iary ssrvic"*; and also Uterar/or chaulsile lastituilous, by law exempt from taxation a a requested to make application for such redaction or exemption, srevioua to the closing of the rolls on said Sdth day of April The following section of the act of April 13, 1S39, Is pubushed for the Informal o i of taxpayers:? hsi-rios 10. During the time the books shall be open to public hisiiection. as h relnbefore provided, on may be made by anv person considering himself a (grieved by the a.s#esaed Sulnatlou of his real or personal caiate, to have the same corrected. If an -b application be made in relation to the assessed va'nation at real. ostl it must De mail", in writing, staling th--ground ot objection th-ruto, and there* upon the Commissioners fiiall examine Into me c >mi>.:unt, ami if, Iti their judgm- 'it, tin' a?*'S?aieut ia erroneous, they ball cause the same to be corrected. It' such appli ation he made in relate.u to the assessed valuation of personal estate, the applicant shal. be eaaminod under oath by the sold Commissioners, who snail be authorized to administer such oath, or any o. thciu; ami if, lu his or their judgment, the a?sesi-iment la erroneous, they shall cause the lime to lie correct. d, and Its the amount ot such assessment as they may beilrve to be just, and declare their decision there, u wlilitu thirty days alter such uppltention shall have been mule to Lb -in. ho reduction shah oe made by the Board of Super- I visors of any una asment on real or personal estate lm posed under this act. unless it Khali apper.*. under o.ith or allirmatlon, that the party aggrieved was unable to attend within the period prescribed for thu correction of lavea, by reason of a'-ltuess or aba -n.' *. tva h? by.?Laws o' Chapter til. Sections 9 and I -v j. WILLIAMSON, J. V. ALLEN. j. #. brown, wommissioners of laaes and Assessment*. SPEC-rAL.?MIL P. O'GRADY, RECENTLY OF THE Stc.rns House, Broadway, has removed to No. 701 Br adirr.y, comer of Eighth street, where he will he happy to meet his former triouda and patrons mo PEOAR MAKERS AND THE TRADE ?A TRADE 1 meeting of ihe Segar Makers will ne held on Thursday" evening, March a), at 7Jj o clock, jt Metropolitan Rooms. lad and loll ltealer street, to petition Congress for a modillcatlon of the pt'oi oaed tax on tobacco an i segaia. H. SALOMON, President. o crnr taxpayers-fur sale, the splendid Couutry Mte of E. K. Co lias, consisting of SUd a rue; a fine, substantial old mansion, in a lawn of 11 acres ol lotty shade trees, native and imported, of innumeraols varieties; a garden of four aorta, tastefully designed and stocked with trull and roweis; all mi. es>..ry outbuildings, Including farm house, bowling alley and yachtman'a cottage, fronting on a lino harbor. The simatlon has unequalled a lvaiita.ea for either private residence or for speculation, having a loll shore on the Sound otu- mile in extent; two aides belted by creek and inlets and one side by main road; the inda tracing the rsver gently slope either wtv, so 11 at a hundred building at tee ran ca h command splendid vi-? a of the Sound anl surrounding country, leaving in the ,-outre, tf desired, a tine park; two-thirls oi the sites will hate water fronts; the plant- 1a ptr.ectly hea.ttiy, water excellent and 1:10 air invigorating distance eighteen miles 1>y New Haven It ilfroad; oecessiblt almost hourly ; business m> u can reach the City ilall from this place in less time than tbnae from Harlem by the avenue cirs. Persons desirous of avoidingcitv tax-', and the detention and danger* of lee and fogs. ln'cr-issmg Ihc rivers, will 1.0 well to uve ihjs adrertla-111-ut attenlloa. No estate wilhin a hundred miles 01 N?w Vork, of equal qnan tity. combine* the divers He 1 advantages and r?-,sl elegitn e of this. T e grounds are nobly p mined, abound 11? in groves aud spb-nd ?i tree*. A property 1.1 every particular an I all its appointments, luxuriant snd gruud. Pur terms apply to the owner at J. S. Caldwell s oil; c. 2d Plut; street, or uu r.-sldern-e, 71 West Thirty-eighth street, N. Y. COI?A!iTS F.RJsHIP NOTtCH1*. A paktt, r>p vndwbtmb respectability, having a pni.taMo tmsinesr that requiret mme help an l capital, ean procure a gentleman of gr-at bu.-inefs rteoca, with a atnali ewpi'a. and whose references arc lirst t lass. Address, Herald olllue. An opportunity is oppered to a party wno cunco.utuand |3U? to purchase the interest in a safe cash business, reputable and profitable, and will bear investigation. Address for two days Carter, box 13>i ljerald oillce. A PARTNER WANTED?WITn $240, TO TAKE AN equal interest in a bar and restaurant, aMabiiahed for the past twenty years. To a man capable of supcrmt ndlng the business a han e offers; or will sell the whole If required. Apply at 181 Canal street, near the People's Rank. COPARTNERSHIP ?ABRAHAM SOLOMON ANDISAAC Wider have this day formed a copartnership under the name and firm of A. Solomon A Co., and will cotnbin- th boot and shoe business at the old stand. No. lot Chatham square, ABRAHAM SOLOMON. Nrw You, March 18,1962. ISAAC WIDER. Dissolution?the copartnership hereto fore existing tinder the name of J. Solomon A Brother) at No. 161 Chatham street, is this day dissolved by mutua consent. Isaat Solomon w-111 attend 10 all b-ialuc. s relstlur to the late Hrm. ISAAC SOLOMON. N'aw Tut, March 13, 1S8U. ABRAHAM SOLOMON. PARTNER WANTED?IN AN ESTABLISHED STAPLE mauufa luring business, in which the proprietor ia supplying the government, and 0110 that pays ,arge prod's. Will take a partner With ten to twenty thru.sand do.Lars or loss. ISAAC a. BKstiS, 73 Nassau street. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $1 OCO CASH CAPITAL, 10 lake the principal etlptll ileitis and tOMMM in a protttame bat mauuiactoiy, in on- of Ibe best bu.-neas location# In tlit* cut. Positive.y no njents need apply. Inquire ak No. 7 Bowsry, third floor, alter ten o'clock. WANTED?A PARTNER ?ITII 93.C00 CASH, TN A sure and steady b'iiiuee<. Nun- but principal* need apply to JOHN HOOl'KR A CO., Advertising Acciitt, room No. 4, Daily Time*. ??)Iin TO $2,000:?A YOUNO, SINGLE MAN, WITH ipOV/U the above, amonat oi' cash. wishes to e. jjge in some honorable paying business; no buiubus* n > d uppiy. Address A. Smiin. II raid olS :e. iJOnn ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN AN OLD < iPt)Uv, and w el -os ablUhcd Restaurant and drln'.ina saloon, i n- of to- Leal cornci > on Broadway, new L a,acted by an einerpriain^ man at a low rent. Apy'y to T. GAPE NEV. 170 (.'iialuam street. (Ml nan ?WANTED, A PARTNER TO ATTEND qiI<UuU, the olUcr, till orders and w?'' upon the ladles for a new article in tbeir line that will sell by the million, at Ml) per cent proflt, fast as made. J. A HI ?C, s, 7U NMhmi street, d>n f|AA ?WANTED, A MAN TO INVEST THIS SUM tPkieV/v br. equally with the ??t?eiu?i r in a very pleasant rash busiues., from will h .!.? t.OM per annum may be realised. Inquire o! M. JACKSON, before Jo A. M., oi fr -m I 10 1 IP. I.. MS NcdtkMsa ot.d si. et. < <?') (,nn ?PA P.TBER WANTED, WITH JIIE ABOYK T'v/v/ amou it ti> join 'Ue advertiser id i hotel a few tnCra I roin the city; It is a ,,r-ai rFsorl in His miuiiiut tiiuo; none but Uie principal nt?! apply at Campbell'* *t<irr Turner of Third avenue aud Tweuty-tirat street, of Mr. UANKY. from 10 to 2 o'clock. djft nnn to mb.o?.-fkr."ons wmi thu Vt/."'vv/ amount may ohtain a ou-i.iesi ihat will pay a hundred per rent prolit by calling cu L>. It., .W Front alreet, Brooklyn, for one week. q?r nnn to hoooo?persons with this sPt/.Lr v/lr dmoust ma/ obtain ? Ouaness that wfll pay a hundi-ed par eatil pruht by ea'llnii on, Front aircet, Brooklyn, for one week, or RICHAKD^O.V, Nassau "tree!. <fclO OAft -PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS aJ>AVr?v/W? ainotint?in euiiiiei|Lieuce of death?la a Steady old krm. Ad'.rem hoi 2.3s6 !?o?t otPre. _ KtlMMTI/nK. ~ ~ A bedroom 8lit OF knamkli.hD FURNITURE, im i all color*, uf warranted u anulacture; al-> on I ' Chestaut Chamber Suit* plain and ofnammal, at H. K. i k akkinotu.vs, No. 308 Canal atraoi, uppuaile Wounter. i Eslaoll* had in load. ' A large assortment of FIRST CLASS HOUSEhul l Furniture for vale al a Sturm e, 7 uctave io? wood Fianufortn, eawtRMd. for, locludtn ; 8:<>ol an i'"over; n>-?*??l Parlor. ult, eoel *??, for $1 HI tone do. fdu. KttRerea, Raintln^a, Bureau*, H d?t. :ida, Caroo'a, Mattress"*, I Chan i Hari. Mirr .rr, Ckieka, Ornament#, at half oriental cost Impure at 70 Waat Taent .-.ataib at roil, near ftuth i nennus TjhNA MKI.l.KD CHAMRliK SLITS OK FLRN1TI HE? Ja In all rvlurs and atj.e., ai wholes.!e and retail; the I largest stock In ttio city. Hul'* $&leiid upwarda. Alio, * tint i i walnut BuiHh Malireuo-a, t'eUlaaw*. Ac. I WARftEN WARD, 277 Cunal street, (our doors east in Broad my. | HIRST CLASH EN tllEI LED FURNITURE?FLAT*, 1 ' J: dr oraleo an t gr tied ai.iid wa'nui and oak Sot?; bolts ' I ntSSUnnd upward*. Mattieaaei, Kprtn; lied*. Ar. . r ? " r.ik x W., n.1 I I.,I 'l I *, *, I W Broadway, between , *,.r.iD<] Bo-a .'r < (?. f FURNITIJRB FOB SALE ?A PAKTY OfVlJfo UP h?n? k rphig, ?hh t> ili?p..?. ui t',eir in, ; gather with B dllii* and *11 ir.trtM ~t-,? ,r; for hn'"r. ' keeping rompl-t". Tn? Form urn I* firU' W. I n* bona,] | ' an be raoU'-i if daalred. A linn * IJr- ? -d to '.V. A Co., U raid oOlia, wll! meet with prompt attention. F~ UKNITUKIl BGUollT.?AL1* KINDS OK UObdKllOLD Furniture bought for eaali and .\ good j rl<- |ivr. Ail all* or a note ndiJres'd Furniture, ?iU Third avenue, n,*r 1 Thirty-fourth atioet, will be prunipt y .?11- r?.! ! to. N. B A good assortment of *ee#nd bund Furniture for*,*. FnuviTOTUI WABTRD To FURCIUdK.-SitO U i,*n<l r new Furniture wan ed. !n la g- >r . ..II fnr o??!t Konki pure i*a?d for eatb. Addrora A M 1 B traid oflMi INURNtrCllE WAN TEW.?A NKWT.Y MARRIED (N't/- ] J" p r, d'tatrona of li ui?"k?eptng, Wl?h t? pninhale front our t<> ' e h'liidr I dod.n* wui'h of Knrult u A g' In rtn? nl reijuli '. I'ar'lta raving Ihn name, cheap tor | t.-Ii, n ay a Idie a r>. 0. B irgta ., station A, ?prlug, , haw Vura. I Friday. map'-d ft, \t i oti/kik, wim* bell ilo'tacliold Fui ulUirai ' tub Or. a I atry t? Tn I WANT TO BUY FROM ?50 *!, "? WORT/I OF i aeeond hand Furiilturo. P?nte?li ug up hot:*-keep- ! log by addraaalnga linn to 4. O. H., 4l?j* ll iu-ou r.rect, will ! Bad a cash cuatomer. Country rail* attended to CJTORAGK OF furniture can BE had in~thr O spacious building* No*. JB7 and 3M Fourth av nuc. Anply loi, THOMPSON, n the ; remliea. ^ Stokaob for fl-rvituke-pahtier breakino np housekeeping ran ha e their furniture, mlrrora, Silting*, piano*. trunk*, ir., xtor'd In the el>gint lo'l# In free atone building Add Broadway, nearly oppMitn tha 1 1 mLUNEKT, ftO. | AaiBtK?Mas. simmons desires to ttir^ru her customers and the ladies ui .< w York i>nu vicinl>T that she will open her dhow Rooms wiidi the nrst importation of Pan* bpruig hiuiiiery on Thursday, March id, at 637 Broadway. ______ A card from M. t. biggins. TO CITY AND OUT OF TOWN MIDLINE R8. We open our show rooms this day (Thursday) with 4 I magulnouut aasoiUneut of Spring Millinery, vu:?Sulk Bonneu?, Straw Bonnets, Cans and Head Dresses. Milliners flatting New York to purchase paiiern Bonnets should not fail to call and examine our extensive stock. . Show rooms opeu and goods on view atS o'clock A. M. call early. O tr express will deliver goods with, des at~h to any part f the cf-y. and panels forwarded by-sill_ thf; expresaes throughout tho country. M. T. lHGGIho, lkfi Sixth avenue, between Niu b and Tenth streets. KONtNim OF SPRING Mir.LINBBT ON TUt88day, Aiih tnstant, at 7b7 Brood way. Wr8, Li 1 4s( * I as Mrs. J. II OOS8QM. BINNS' OPENING OF MII.UNEUY ON THURSDAY and Fnda. tula week. Trade supplied, ureal bar* ruins for all. Pattern Bonnets. Sonnets now ready. L BINNS' Millinery, liargcat In the world. SSI Brosdw ay 631, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Grand opening of spring and summer Fashions ?W. OPEM1YM, .1 and 21)g Diviaion street, will opeu on Thursday, the "JDUi mat., wan a large and ekgaut stock of French Pattern Rennets of the newest and richest designs. Also a large and varied stock of Millinery und Straw Goods, Just received by the last steamer from Euroi e, and will sell at pr.Cca to suit the times. A call n. Solicited before purchasing. Genuine spring and summer fashions in puper iatterus for ladlesanu children, In great variet es, imported only to this establishment. All patic 11s procured trorn us and nut approv.d, if returned wi.liiu one week after, will be excbanited for auy other on ihe payment fully to avoiu beln do eiv-cd MA DA VK DKMORISS QOODALB, 3>-> Cans: street, opposite Greene. Fashion book for April now ready HOPENHYM, NO. 13H DIVISION STREET, WILL open this Jay a large variety of Sprint; Pattern Bonnets, to-e.h.-r with an assortment of Millinery anil Dress Goods. HA w. O. ALBERS. 423 CANAL STREET. WILL ? (<[>eu, on Saturday, March 2d, with a handsome assortment of Spring Millinery. N. B.?Pattern BonutU for the trauo. "Y?ILLINEKY OPENING. sprTncTisoi M. T. IIIUUINS. No. 128 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, will exhibit nn THURSDAY. 20th Inst., a stock of BONNETS, CAPS and HEADDRESSES, un.^uallod In the city. Milliner.- visiting New York to purchase patterns will do Well 10 call and evaaiine our eslen-dve stock. Go.hIs w ill lie de*. pa: lied by ui. the expresses ?i h promptness. Show rooms opeu and goods on view at 8 A. M. Call early. FRENCH FLOWERS. FRENCH FLOWERS. We har the largest and most teleet stock of French Flowera ever offered at retail in ibis city; imported expressly for city trade, auil will be sold at our usually low prices. RIBBONS. ! Our Paris Spring Ribbons are of a choice selection, and our assortment 1* replete with tin latest styles. PARIS BONNET FRAMES. T 'tj -ases just received, wblcb we offer at our old prices? 18 cent* luch, or $2 per doxrn. STRAW BONNETS. This stork requires but sn Inspection to satisfy our i atrons that in price and selection they cannot be surpassed ra the city. \ve make a great reduction in price by the cas;. CAPS AND lJKAD-DRESnES. ^ We cell the special attention of out of town trsrte to this st' ok. We arc now prt'pared to execute large orders at short ai lice. Madame rallings, sis canal street, has row ready fo- inspection a large assortment of Pat. 0 rn Ko.ineta tor the tiade. VfTSS J. SMITH, RPOCBWtt TO MRS. DODO, WILL J1 open a handsome a.-s .i nicut of Paris Millinery this day, Thursday, 376 street. VfuBS M. GILBERT, SUCCESSOR TO MMS. c. GIL-itJL t>ort of 60 Bleerker street, bej. lrm. |io ififoriu the ladies that she lias removed to fid? Broadway, and b i. always on hand a fine asscrtm nt of FnnJt BouucU, Caps and Hi dhows. tftl Bradwav. ' MR9. DAVIDSON, 125 BI.EBCKER STREET, RESPECTlully Intornis merchants and milliners f. oin the country lliat she "la now prepared to exhibit the very latest styles of Paris spring Millinery and Pattern Bonnet* at the lowest whulf-sale prices, 12a lllcecker street, west of Broadway. MBS. SCOTT, 329 CANAL. STREET, RESPECTFULLY inform* m r i ant* and milliner* I r >ui the country that sn* I* now prepared to exhibit the very l>un st> I.a of Pari* i . prIttR Millinery and Pattern Bo:tii*Ls at the 1 west whole- 1 alt prices, 123 Bleecker street, west of Broadway. MRS. GALLAGHER WILT. OPEN'AN ASSORTMENT of Spring an-l S immcr MUUurry, Drees t aps and ilead- 1 drcssoa e.i Tnuisday, March 20, at 334 Sixth avenue. Mrs. barton respectfully informs her mends and the puoll: that she lias a handsome assort, m- nt of Millinery of the newest spring styles, will- h she will oe happy to submit to their In-p-eti.m on Thuia lay next, March to, at IW-m; .aslstreet,near want Broadway, New York. Mrs. ayer and miss shigg will open their show rcouioii Tnursday, March M, w.lti a pretty a-sur-.ment of Kpting Bonn -is and millinery goads of the newest styles 316 Sixth avenue. MUS. RINGGOLD, ft SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER OF Ki.-iuecnth Stri-e-, w ill reopen h>-r Mtl.iuery Rooms, together toe n.o*t fsah.onable s yies of Drescuiskins and Dress Patterns of alt de-crtptiona, on, March 3.', lsbi _ MOURNING MILLINERY.?W\ JACKSON, NO. 651 Broadway, will open on Thursday, 20th instant, a , large and aupeiioi stock of Mourning Bonnets, Ac. 1 OPENING PATTERN BONNETS O? ALL COLORS, 1 with that new shape. Also new sty e of mourn ng Bonnpl*. La il- s invited to call. M.lUo r* supplied at th i prt>?*. 413 C'nal street, one doo. fro.ii Sullivan, SMITH A NOBLE, formerly Bius. ' I SPRING MII.LINERY-LATE4T STYLES.?MRSP M. t j KEELY, No . 7 an.l 7y? D.t.aiou itrect. 1 now prepared to olferal wholesale and retail a large and h n.tiful a-* .i*t. mcnl "f sprtnit Hoi ? n, to which she would rcspeetf-.lly I'.r te the attention ot merchants and n.tUlr.era fio.n every sec'un i f th r untry, z* this stock, tor variety o' ,.ty is ana stiiie-rior work, cannot be equalled in city. As usual, at thbeata . in n . Tori re Onto toe totoliy aitoW utoif [ particular and romytatu ntion. SPRING FASHIONS. PATTERNS ASi) FASHION l'LATi-8 AND ELEGANT enckay inu?. Three fuR a -ed pattern* ?>f the n? aj denrabla o ireltirs fur j t!r' x;.rj'iif faahinn*, comprislne thr lad'r. n?w From'" a le Jock"!, Medina SI.eve Huu a Child'* Apr ., in t'm Hprtua' ' iium' r of Mnio. Drmoreat's Mirror of Fa-di mux, now read; . PiibUbed a: 473 Broadway. ami lit everywhere, M i3c.,er ofiit by mr..l, post ire*, on ncelploi tu- pile . Jn Uitre lull ''ad' rnaalou * ar* north more IVm twice the <n.t ! at'th book, independent ol the iarij am elegant fa*m .u : plate*, A". splendid inducement* lor ladiea t nauiaai. j CUOTO i MOBLK, IUGCIWOB?ID MINNS, 41S CANAL O aireet, wl ! open with a aplridid as-ortn.- ut of Hon Bet*. Mr*. H11101 ?i.i be in a t metier. Little-. are invited to cull. N< w ?ty'.e ot; Bonnets. hii.Uuera supplied ?* usual. tJUCKLB'S, 759 BROADWAY. NBW SPRING PLpWERS. NEW BKIDAL SETS. BRIDEMAID'S w.(LATHS and VEILS. A 70 BROADWAY.?GRAND Oi'KNINO this day i X I (J of j'a. 1* Flower*. Spun : atylea, ol ever, variety, j ?d red to thr trade, at thr lowrat prior* for caah, by O. W. ka.sSi OliD, ?7i Bioadway, up ataira. DLMTISTRY. Artificial teeth?we continue to extract . tr. Ii ia two 'round*, without pain, with our benuinb'ng Sunt. No egtra i'har,'i- for temporaiy *;(? or citra'rtlrig. lerth Invited without eklraotlng the ri-ota, on our unproved a'tuoaplterle [ro??uie pinna. W? Invite all to rail nndr>. . iiun,** our *poc mm* before goii a el*< v?h *ie. Wo havr "hoinlrally puie <*bl uofurui and r tn-r, ulikli ar ja-rio liy harnilcaa to take. Dr*. DCRKIN A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal atrart. opposite WBroadway. Vrt1ficial BONE FILLING.?caution to the public.?Sun tni 'dilution of th" abor.'dia orrry, a 11 tint bur of cheap opri.doi . ani 1 lacka banc ad. art taa ] undrr a similar nam* apurtou* imitation*, awarding to tn>h nii'i-cibli* acidulated eete pound* tbr valuable qualities of injr | genuine bunr. Thr only ait.eguard that tbr publ.o in >y bar.' Imposition !* to ' all ni my room*, ?6o R roadie iy, wh-re tnay alao b'' had the ceirhrnlod Oil' nil Dentlfrt-e knd iritlou, the on'y h.irnilos* aiti'i* known for kc -ping the erth sound and white and thr gum" hralthy. 4 RTIFICIAL TEETH, OF TUB MOST BE VI TIFtJL A. kind, ,ir* a'ill b Inj inserted by I. C KENNEDY. Daila:, No. It* Howry, three door* briow Spring at a d, ai lib nurually loir price*. These tci tb arr giiaiautre 111 g.vr per. err aatiaf.irtl'in, are Inrrried wltiiout ptin, and wdi n with 12.', or on silver, from $10. I'ertUil sets, on gold, from $2 ' * li tooth, or on silver tro.n $1. J ARTIFICIAL BONK KILI.IlfO 50 CENTS?FI'R.'HasED of the preo nde t di?<o orer nt ltls room-t, In Bros I wny, Ml'ore ho loft the country, soma months * not). Also suKitorai icle (madn by Dr. Cbllb n), st ame pr.ce. B ,n I. | lt warranted of nrttilelal Teeth on Onld, I'latlnr, Hllvr >r V Iliaiatc, $7 to $J>i. Tee1 li extracted without pain by , b" now and .f process discovered ant Introduced by myvif.s m! niliy rA'toise.t as sa:e by our mot prominent incl eal ni n. _ _ )>B. I/"I HT K Sit I'M street. 1 \tt. < A WHITE'S IMI'ROVKD ABTIFIf'f AL It iV'th. ?IS hole' - te $i $?, $i. (to, $t> and npwn da; t, I ... v ry t /Int. T> cth iltled with gold SO c nts lo el tli at hilf th. prl.ira charged elscsrhtlB. OlUtm 13 Rnrd a'r t. 717 Arch street, Philadelphia. / triM'IH BK1H, Itt ORANII htrkbt, NEW vohk, 17 op| . . 1,1 ,| A Taylor's, sn I Ml Fulton street, Biooklyn, nt. .n iln t toll act* of Teeth on their lmptov -4 tili.ojhe.l ; ?. I h or v Itboo r*tr.trlln th? Mull. On Hold ni pletine, |B; silver or rublHu', $10. Partial seta uu goFl, $|. io ..., sll.-er, $1. HAVINO llAlt >MK TOOTH EXTRACTED WITHOUT ' f e.ini; any r .11, v. hate. er, 1.) I) J. JAY Vlt.l.ff, ' l.V> Orsml street, two ' loeitn from Brondwey, I cheerfully I Insert t ns as a i?n.uinv Dilation to thon wirbtua the aeri Icca I of e. akllntt detitf t. MAltV JANE BIOEI.OW, Y:.r>vll>. National dental oai.lf.rt -faroest, most replete?BlAll s'-enne, corner of Twenty-si com! street.? K.ubli-hrd ISIO. Five premiums awarded. Beautiful pat nted "aiitnoiypna" nets of teeth. Wonderfully reduced urtres. Sets $M nnrt $10; gold, $20. Dentistry guar,in red. Killing and extracting teeth wlinout p ?ln. * Dr. MAN.ION, Dentlf. CO Ale. Bi'jA-I'A* NOWDELIVEBINO A SUPERIOR D'r 1U. quality of Coal for family uae, wall screened. <TKW YORK HERALD, T | riJAMcnau. Abut and raw pay and bounty office, ROBERT SEW ELL. 73 Wall si reel Pi Uklnni, Bounty, Back P?y ad Prue Mm.ay co'tocte. Yo.unteer.-d aeharged for di aUdiy and l ha heira o the. who have bled are reciiiistta. loutlL l'ri*u uiouey prompt ooUoctod for auliora. Anew cannon.-i hays invented a kbw cai non which will throw a (hot clear through lue Man mac or any other Iron clad ateamer. I (par from great e: per.nice in gunnry. I wti U bold mail, with uiuaay. Ai Urea* Cannon, Herald office. Financial.?a good business man, bavin Iroiu $4,000 to 94,000, can learn of an opportunity I i ivest It ta.i-ly in a concern where he can have a aluiaticn i a 11 salary, and other inducement*, by addregalng, wit reul name, Ac., U. b. W., Herald office. Okpice ok tub loci VN county mining AN) ManufactureCompany, No SO l'lnc street, Mew Yuri March 17, 18uJ.?Toe seuii-aunual m erest on the l> >uda c this ro ' tuny, Uue April 1. Will be paid at thta oQlce, or at th of Joseph W. Darts, 25 Slate street, Boalot on pro in mat ion of the e >upoiia BKNJ. K. WEYMOUTH, Treaiurer. 1> ichaltds kinusland, J.U No. 4 Mr .ad sireat. New York, BANK Kit AND BROKER. Government claims and securities bought, told nod ai) rauocd upon; loaus negotiated ou warehouse receipts an merchandise of a{i kinds; interest allowed on deposits. US 6 PER CENT ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES AMI . Ouarlermasters' Vouch -rs bought and sold, or coiled ed by LIVE KM' UtE, CLEWS A Co., banket*, U tuJ t Wall street. UNITED states SIX PER cent ONE YEAR CEH tldeaicb and Audited Claims bought and sold b RICHARDS KINGSLAND, Banker una Broker, No. Broad street. TTNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OF DEBT ISSUE] U to coutraciors wanted. ROBERT SEW ELL, 72 Wall street. UNITED STATES DEMAND NOTES WANTED-A' par. by JAMBS M. DRAKE A CO., 42 William street Mrrchauts Exchange. s TITAN TED?NEW HAVEN RAILROAD STOCK BY At YY BEKT H. M.;0LAY, 52 Wlhlam street. fltQ Oflft ?mortgage for sale.?a fifty pei ift/.UU'/. cent Mortgage on uity lots, drawing aevei l?i cent interest, payable semi-annually. One year and fou lA'imhs to run. 91.vlolf the lace of the mortgage. Addrea W. 11. B.. box 1J6 Herald odloe. Oil Q nnn T0 loan-on farms in the keiuh Olu.vuv boring counties in this Stale or on Imurovet R ml Estate in this oily. Apply to W. II. WOOD, 63 Wm! street. nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGI iJ)UVi.'/vU 011 real flute in this city or Brooklyn li sums of $1,000 and upwards; and ulso $od oOO to lnv'?t it purchasing made mortgages. A*/ply to A. SERGEANT, 11 Wall street. ~~IA>AN OFFICKS. ~ AT 77 BLEECKEK STREET. THE HIGHEST CASH IT price advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, 8'lver t\ are, I'iuuos, Segars, Dry Goods, Ac. N. B.?Fawnbrokers' Tickets bought. II. newton, 77 Bleecker street, tip ctmirs. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OK Broadway?Motley advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry. Plate, Dry Goods mid personal property of every deacrlp'loa. or bou^htand sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. At 480 broadway-henry hymax advances on Diamonds, set or unset, or buys the sumr for cash; also advances on Watches, Silver 1'Uteand all Eersonal Property. HENRY IIYMaN, MO Broadway. At 66 NANNAU street.?A. IIOMGMAN, DIAMOND broker, makes liberal a t\ auees on Diamonds, V.' Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at his private ollice, 60 Nassau street, room No. 2, up sta rs. Bu .mess conli uenlhil. At no. 9 chambers strr1 t-monet to loan", to any amount, on D imo .Js. Watches, Jowelry. Ac., by the wail end oil established ISAAC, Broker and Merchant, No. p Ckainb.'i d street. N. B.?No business trammeled on s Adrlay. INDJA CAMEL'S IIAIR SHAW* bought for oa9ii, or taken lu exchange far diananm jewelry. Cash paid 'or Diamonds. Apply only from 9 till 10 A. m., and from 2 .1113 1'. M. B. W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, 512 Broadway, Money to 1 >an. Liberal advances made on diamonds \\ i ms, Slid J. wclry, or bought for eash, a' the it-ahest pries*. Persons having old Gold or Sliver to sell cunioid . be.-or than! on LOUIS ANT.TCH, <23 Broadway. Vf ONEY TO LEND-ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWl?l elry, silver, dry goods aud personal propel ty of ail deicriptlun ; gunds may i?- redeemed at any time w ithin one rest. II. BARNARD, 21 Third avenue. Private oKce, toranee hall door Money to loan?in sumi to suit, on watches, Do.r.-.ODds, l?ry Goods and all r double Personal Prnperff, S Ivr Plate, ao. Apply to R. Wi.'UD, 02 Fulton street, i-i-on 1 Hour, from room, tiom 9 to t o'clock. Money to lend.?aukauam j. jackson, no. go Vi alkar sir.near Biuadway, loans Money, i.i huge or small sums, on Witches, diamonds, jewelry, s.lvcr war'', guns, dty good*. Wrariug appartl aud peracual property or every dcoiriptiun. PAWNBROKER'S TICKETS PURCHASED FOR CASH, fur all kinds i.f Crothing, Diamonds, Furniture, err. On liand and fcr sale, Uusiu>'** Coats, $3; 2M pairs Ousslmere 1'utitaloons, $1 23 per pair; 3d J Linen Pants at C2V? cents, at lift Bro-nae atrert (1E0RGE LEYIE, Commission Mer.iunt, SEW PLDHCATIONN. VTUS. HAN "IKS' r.VrEI?.?liTIQI'BTTE, ARTS OK I?L Homy, ? c:?l Gumo, Courting, Ordinal Story of h Pr?hlr Spp, Pictures. Ac. CnlUe otuar ii.p i* T17 It. I'rice tt 0 111 , or "3 eenia a year. V:ry entertaining. Otlec N?. 09 Walker itr-^et. fllilAT "CURIOUS" KOOK OK CITY WOMEN: OR IN A brestlng Ki'inale Char cn rain New York, Cheap etlltu?, ltwftaa, 12mo., now r* idy. I'rice 23 rents, or malic J free, 3d uta. M. GAUNTf, publisher, 5:1 Walker atreet, New York. MISCELLANEOUS. ^ M ATTAIN ERI IN, WHO BUILT THB MONITOR, U ban pronoun "U Wcu'l Improied Pump tut beat in use. 1 Iiia ought to be a irtl I nl orleence of The i?nt, but we have plenty aaore. J. 1>. WEST A 00, 179 Broadway, N. Y. Divorces obtained, without publieity, in a abort time. Imotni a ib.llty ol temp* r ami ine (Liy'a r> Hi'.en " III anvlli; r 8 ate 011 y r quircJ. Ailvio: [ntii. Ap, I., 'ail HAT.-.XAN, Coiueiuur at Law, 92 Hum tinny, <ippoa to Trinity church. Aiiu PUIAU.' ui'Ai c.n iiiah a:i> v> b rn i la ; l> at quality itud dry. N 1'. kl.VIHALL, 74 Ueekmn-i street. FjtXPdESfi ROUTE WANTED.?ANYBODY WiSIING J to - > ' I 3 Route in t'.ia <ltv ?.r vi. loll/, will pi- a -e mdie 4 lkU?Ui.|< numb r m wagons i.uu ul b inni.i) i. B., box >.!;; Poll ogee, K. Y. IB'IN SliAKTINO AMD PULLIK8 WANTED IMMFr I niA'.fl) ? If) !' too nr.i Si.a.uu., with "4 iv 'M no h I*>1111 ..nd - tillable ! inning., Ac ; - inul 111 iMilauavtei f in l-m ; tuuntog o.d r. Apply at No. 4 Iny atrc.-t, Imuit" lately. KEItOSBNE OIL AT 15 CENTS P.'.H GALLON. ALSO 1 a.:.|.?oi c. Tv .! ? rtptkiu, M ono. Or.ui.i, Pinner and lex Wa:(; Tumi.. r?, Lager IS -or Mug", Ta> 1i OtOiy, Spoon", Carte 4 . I. ' Kali' lends, U.iks, .11.. in Hi it r v -ii-ty, at price* to mit tur Uan s, utO. A. BALDWIN n, ti Sower/, corner CannI Itrrcl. J^OW, SON A HKNBOW 8 SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. Ml!. G. II. B2NB0W, of th above tirm, no Inns known to the Ainert-nit Trade, tularin* hl? frleinta end r. V-ont that (til' pit t.ici h'p buying expired with Mr. Low, he Jinx takeri trtu | *rtnerht|i hlv son, Heiir i iteubow, win Jut b < ti many yeni? c nnrurj with >i.e lat-tlmi. c. H. l>ubow having Ltrvbaii 'd the ah.-.e tf the luif tin" belonging to Hoj rv >?, Sr.. n!i 'in the ri.i- .il propri tor of 1,0 US BROWN WINDSOR MO At'. AO. Benoow A San w ill rontinue th? manufacture o tint aup*rior article, (living had the Mile management lot iteveia! ram. Alio, of lIOM-Y. GLYCERINE. FANCY SOAPS, POM A DEN. PERFUMES. BRUSHES. AC.. Itie nna.dy of win, h, lliey guarantee equal to any imported ntO the Anierieen market. Buyers rid Ilia Kii .land the present year are rwinext"d to 'i imine our goods and prima, without Incurring the ubtlgne.n to pur base. BENBOW A SON, No 12 Little Bit'-.ln. London. ITAISON MAII.LARD, ML til# AMD ?2t BP.OADWAT. MNNEKS AND PARVJES MlrPLIED IN OOOD TASTE. NEW I'ANi i MuOLDS I'Olt ICE CREAM. IUIMCUT ULACES, PI DDIN'i OLACES, MOIloES. FANCY CAKE and WLDD1MO OAUr. ORNAMENT*. KAILL WID'8 Celebrated Fmnc'i Hnnbin? i'nd Union fcfRS. KVKLINR MORRIS, lilTTER WRITER AND I'l < ?l her t-oiiHiS, No. TM iiroa Iwnr, Moond tloor. in ii.- ii-... >1, !*.! ' fit) outs. I'rivatr in?n m linn* zifcn. Pprrrsf-'i. OJIks* iionrr from 10 A. St. till 4 I*. M. N. 11.? Li ml dvonmeoti tojHM with m ain ?? at>4 ?tthe ?h<irte?t noitM. MAR RLE MANrtLE.?TIIK PURSf-RIBER INFORMS the pu! I to thai he i? suiting M mid.', Ac., ulie.iper thsn mi pern m Its the ncu Tho < v.lahtngto purchase should h'I wjon A ItiiAIER'f Mirb'eysrd, 111 Rust Klgh'.ccn'h meet, Wesi ?. Tnl d avenue, New to k. NO CHIMNEY BURNERS. ?AUKNTS WANTED, TO *?,, ,I>o<tin'a) punnt fccrouiM On Kuiiit, fur Hold lumps: i* iuj 'liimnfjrTir ?!ter?Ucn or th Umpg. 8a pic cut. n or four f?l stamps. Csll on Or uildre?? JOSEPH DO 111N, U D-.anj lUect, N. Y. TJIHLKJ1TY WITHOUT COST.?PHOTOtiR APHERH A ii-nl jmu.ufi*ctu*?rs who de?lrs to he enrolled in t,? nnlf so' jAUlog'to of tho InMrnallontl PI olojpap'i Ofil r (Co oplolrtnwmatiOBAl <M* photoirraph-s) ui" nqnsstcd to E'lmoti.i Tc 'c , Vfw Yo k, KC firoedwny; London, Ut Hod L -i t. (liar*; Part*, Vli.'.eniiea, A> R io do* Carrier**, Berlin, U Kr*ii* i.wdio etreel; LUboti, 11s Rue Auj'ifta. UAVIi VOL H MONEY ?A. EARNER, 2M liiHtliXll IC.'l O ?im f, *!i'i hoi*. P'^ir Cared flnn>?, * , h-<t Pamlh 8 i*p <Buck?y*t, ?? ?, ; pure 8;?i. b, box, freer end !)l?ek Tea, M*.; anperlor cargo Young ilyaon, Mo., Tic. end (I. _____________ TO ME* 1IANTCS.?ANY ONE 1IAV1NO SOME USEFCl | , Invention they wonld like to dlepo;* of for n jllti money, ?n l.ear to an oppoi .unity by addrerslng Mr. B int Herald ofllce. TO CONSUMPTIVES.?A TREACHER OK THE 008 pel liAriok eured lit* eon of Con*bmp|i>"i in i[* v?\t 'Agra, niter being .,-ITen up to die by ??,* n?e,i r?|.br,.ie phy*1<!an*, di'dre* to mako known the w-de of < ur*, whic. proree *nroe?flfnl In every c**e to tltoy ed'kted * lib .o.ijrlx tb Ida end roimumption. and he will ? nd It f'oa of rb.irinj t all wiio desire It aftd will addrea* Irerlil Adrj, 131 Pcm ati vet, New York. ______ mo DEALERS IN COPPEE, HICB, I'EOYIhlOJm, kO. / HURSDAY, MARCH 20, 18i

HUBIEI, OABBUOU, AO. APUPEIiiOK YOUNG LOAD HORSE FOB KALE ?HB la very handsome, und in line condition; a mahogany J. b o -Li, li 4 hands high, long tall; warranted soundand kind; <e ban i rot square and liuucst iu t 43, either single or to the ly pcl?, and uu road loo long for ii'.m. Price $360?coat $1300 la-i summer. Also a 136 lb*. Brewster Wagon, nearly new. _ A (Mr iu Trotter, box UM Herald ollice. gf. B.?'fhia horae j_ will beat S 10 ib is epriug. T1RSW8TEB A CO,. 5. D OK BBOOMS STREET, 1 MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CARRIAGES FOB TOWN AND COCNTRY, AND Q First class ROAD WAGONS, Invite an ' In-pcctiou of a vtulety of voliiclsg, exclusively Of their own manufacture, and of their usual exci-Ueneiof ? STYLE, QUALI1Y AND FINISH. The acknowledged superiority of their ROAD WAGONS _ W ill be sirlctly maintained, and iu aduitlon To the popular stylus introduced by them during The two ;-asi se tsous, they desire to call apeo. } Attention to the style for 1362. 'I "THE GENTLEMAN'S WAGON,1' Now re-idy for inspection at their ^ ONLY PLACE OF BUSINESS, S72 an I 371 Broome, corner of Molt street. Business wagons, of every kind, constantly on band, or mude to order, such as Grocer's, Bak r's, Milk and Express. You will find this as favorahlu a place to , purchase at as can he toon 1, and every article warrants t as [T represented, STEWARTS Wagon Factory, Fifly-thir-1 street, bet ivee-i Broadway aud Eighth avenue. I TjlOB SALE-ONE DARK BAY MAKE, LONG TAIL, 16 J. hands high, warranted sound aud kind iu all harness, i an I tit for a butcher, baker, express or auy oue wishing a J gentle horse. Apply at 1U0 West Twenty-seventh street, feed store. "CVIR SALE?A COACH AND OPEN BAROUCHE, IN J X1 good order. Apply to ROBERT. No. 1 West Twenty* sevruth street. ^ T?0R SALE?A LARGE CLOSE CARRIAGE, PRICE J? $60(1; al o a two horse Coupe, price $*00, both in splendid order: can be seen at No. 4 D nan row. Bleecker street. For further particulars apply at 22 Pine street, room No. 4. r TTIOR sale?A SORKEL HORSE, SUITABLE FOR A * A1 truck or ?teve lore, 7 years old and 17 hands high; also, s a set of stevedore > Toole. Apply at 88 Roosevelt street. TpOR FALE?A SORREL TROTTING MARE: CAN J* show 11:4.1; # yesra old, 14)? hinds high; warran'ed sound * aui kind; price $300. A low priced Pony will be taken In ' exchange. Also a Sulky and Harness. Inquire at 9# James * street. * TJIOR SALE?A LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND A Express Wagons. Apply at Studley'a Express, Trreutyseventh street and Fourth avenue. } TTtOR SALE?A ROCKAWAY CARRIAGE, WITH POLE A and silver plated lamps; will seat four or six; rsous. Apply st 00 Fulton struct, corner of Prospect, Brooklyn. \ XpOR SALE-TWO RAY HORSES, 15 AND 16 HANDS | A high, from 6 to 7 years old; one suitable for cat t or ! dray, the other for doctor, butcher or express: warranted ' sound and kind in all harness. Can be seen until sold at ?0 East Broadway. For sale?a jump seat buggy, with shifting top; has been used two summers, snd i? in good order; prl -e itUO. Cau be seen at MINER A stevens', Ti Walker street. For sale?a trotting wagon, no top, very Utile used; will be sold cheap, as the owner lias no further use for It. Apply lo T. KORK1S, 118 Clinton place, near . Sixth avenue. For sale?a pair op gray mares, seven and eight years obi; last trotters; a superior road team. Also a lour seat half top box Wagon, as good as new, vt i-:h a pair of light Harness. Apply at titi Irving place. * benjamin walker. For sale"?a splendid family horse, uk hanus high, suitable for a spring cart or grocer's wagon, or for a do iter. Warranted sound and kind, without a tileinlsh, in sins'e or double harness. To be sold cheap, at a sacrifice. Apply at 113 Last Twenty-tifth street. For sale -one light top wagon, one light no-top \! agon, two Doctor's Phaetons. VVil be sold tow. Apply at No. 7 East Twentieth street. For rale.?a horse, wagon and harness will b>-.<,< hi cheap, u? the owner has no further use ft r t lein; -;ui aM for any ctty business. Inquire at 14 Thomp. son street. ittnrt axi.r. cfiv. tp? >.t oh prari. street tiirrk JL scioud hand llockaw.iys, Uvo uo lop Buggies, two Dullness Wagons, one very light; one flue Coupe, on- heavy farm W,.g ?? Four HOB8MS for SALE CHEAP?ALSO ONE i lose Coa.h, one 1'glit Wagon, ono single Harness; also the SU?>1.', with t'm?c of ground. Apply for two daya In Broa4tvu.% between Fifty eighth and Ffi'ty-ninth streets, opj o.-ite the main entrance to C. Park. Houses for sale?at the wayebley hotel feebler, comer of Ninety-Sixth stieet au<l Bloomingdalevoal. 1- open vt I'll u Tine aasorluii ni of mui Hordes for fdusle < r dmio e harm fj?; alio, Baddle Horse*. Gentlemen wishing liursea are Invited fo call and examine before purcltu-iu.; clsewh fie. At the above s ables liorsc-, Wagons and llaiucss bough! and sold on commission. U. W. ,t J. W. JENKINS, Proprietors. Horsk wanted?black on sorrel, long tail l.Vj hands; to be .outni, gentle, a good traveller and l ieu ant driver. Address B., box 4,-01 Post oflice. Nona need reply except sueh as hove as above. Miner a steyi*'s. 72. 74 and 7G WALKER STREET, Crst door east of Broadway, MANI'FAt TtREItS oi lir.,t clo. a CARRIAGES auil light WAGONS, of the latest lashlotiabio atvl' nml improvements, and for elegance of brush, st. In and dnrahlllty ai e e<pt il to any fn this market, to wht-h we tnvlte the inspeelton of purchasers. VfOTloE.?FOR SALE. FOR KEEP. ONE BROWN i.> Mare, at the sUOlo of Heading k Armstrong, lgyih street end Third arenue, Hurlem, on Thursday, March 27, at 12 o'clock, noon. I1KADINO k ARMSTRONG. PONIES?FROM NiNF. TO FOURTEEN HANDS HIGH, warranted kind. For sale cheap, at Forty-second street, between Fti th and Sixth avenues. GEO. BKONSKY. O ADDLE I1DRSE.?WANTED, A GOOD HORSE, O broken to both saddle and harness, kui l. afraid of uo1 thing aud a free traveller. Address boa 4,707 Now York Post ofliue. STYLISH SADDLE HORSE FOR SALE-DAPPLE (trsy, 7 years old, 15>J hnid* high, Messenger breed; witU ti make a line ta.uil. callage Horse. Can bo seen at At West Broadway, New York. "TITANTKD?A CANADIAN PONY, 14 TO 15 HANDS 7T high, sound and isrt, in exchange for a dose |>nnel Rncknwsy, seals six, made by Lawrence. Address Kochawav. ijjvraM ollleo. \I~A.\TI.D-A SADDLE IIOltoB, OF GOOD STYLE TT ai d sclion: Liiiat b>-pi i .rril) sound and kinJ. Apply to JAMES CONNOLLY, 3.K1 Setenih arenue. WANTED-A PONY CARRIAGE, TO HOLD TWO TT persons; front wli els to run under; suitable fur a pony 11 hands litgh. Addr-s. whh lowest price, Pony, boa 4,Ml I'o t oflice. it' ant:*it?to pi'itrii ?sk for cash ito mkll u^aiu , .1 apleu'lld pair of Coa "h Horrn, for a gmtleman'n .nully. Tlmy moat be rery atyllah, sound, w ilhoui tanlt, h .a not oter six nr aeveu year* old. Altlie-a Livery Ma de, bol d9tl New York Tout ofll. ., with lull pari ticuUro. . U 'AKD1NU AiSO liODul?(<. \ krencii widow lady is desirous ok lkt. 1 JV lllig 'wo plea ant furnished Roouia, wltn H >urd, to gentlemen don g hornets down town. Dinner at nix A'clo k. Tenni, moderate, lor wbiuh pleaec apply at No, lad Writ Twentieth r MM, ii^r EighthItuutle. A .SUIT OK VERY ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS to I. t, on tlin ? otnl 1:0 <r. wltli good Hoard, in the very eooveillrilly lo I It'll and lllat r.i inn honae, 1(<0 Wee' Eleventh street, U' ai blldh arcnue. Kauilly private. lieAicucea exchanged. . AYOVNO GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE DESIRE Hoard In a private family trier! there are no otinv boarders. Term* not to excei d $ in to $16 p' r mouth. Brookij n or Ni iv York. I'ltnua ?ar?utu: will pli-aae nin e patticilara, otherwise no a'tentlon a 111 be paid thriu. .tddrvsa llniy H., lleiaid othce i YOU NO, AGREEABLE LADY, ABOUT TAKING A J\. neat Utile bullae, wtahea to let lo a party of one or more, nicely Poriuabi d Roomi, with the enjoyment of a pli a.naut h m?. Andre*, tor three days, Mr*. Rom tin, Hudson Pity, V PLEASANT HOME AND GOOD BOARD, WITH furnished and iiniunileliml Rooms, at 403 Kail Kourtb otreet. Ac laumodatlons for day hoarders. A LADY, WISHING TO RID IIKKSELU NJF THE PARE ol hoiiauxeepiiig, Wbdn a to give iheureoi h'1 Intnl. Kne (nave linen an J alitor) lor th board of herndi and two daugntera?the elder lor a abort U.ue, and the younger pex, manently. Any perron desiring lo make ?ueh an,fe. la nt tvul pleaie addreaa, with real name, do., A. F., Union a piare Pom odler. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY HAVE SOME HAND* aoiindy lurnlalied Room* to let, to gentlemen only, w ith or without B<> ird. Iloime ilrst idass. Term* m idi iate. Re. f> icnces exchanged. Call at 4iWeat Sixieeuth otreet, between Ulflli and sixth avenue*. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE AOCOMMO* i';tte i wuli Board, a loo two or Ihraa aingle gentlemen, at id Ltuveruty p!a -?. No uimrn.g at May. A BACK PARLOR AND EXTENSION ROOM TO LET? J\. Putnlalied or unfurnished, to a gen'kman and wlfo or two single gentlemen, with full nr partial Board. PooHem on immediately. AUo a front or back Room, on seeond floor, after the lit of May, with full or partial B ard. Apply at 111 En tS-toiiOi atrAel. t YOr.NO WIDOW. LIVING IN HF.R OWN HOUSE. j\ w mid like io pent a ami ol Kotos, eienan'ly furnish <1, to a g ntleman of mo.,D?, who would |iu .? litx ral prre fur superior #C' omiuoilnlion. Address Mr*. ( alrert, lieral J ofllre. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB ONE OR TWO SINGER gnntiuuv n ran tin aivwiimoddteJ with pleasant Hmma, Willi or without Board, at 12 Weal IT. te* uth street. between Fifth and Sin'h avenues A SUMMER HOME VTANTRD-NOT OtHlt 25 MI EES from thr el'y, naai ihe water; would bttardor hire a I furnished bouse. Address trail'", 115 Broadway, room b. A'U J'T'.V RSflnCTABLB GERMAN FAMILY, wlthotr. children, oo. ipylug a Ural dus house, will In it , ' rbulcu of h.indaotr.' iy fui lushed kouuir. with Board o, onI rate 'able. E'. .''lah an! Fr mch epoken. Apply at 4h fc/i.?t 1 Bleoeher suvoi, near Broadway. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A*NlEAfTII'til Kntim or Suit of It tnia, iviih a young hijly, noli. r. 1 ulent to cat s, a lew door* from llrotdway. Alio one young lady. Slices ,-ias. Oall at 83 West Tliny-oecond street. ALUlf AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMOdated with Board (Board for Hie lady only) house i strialy private, In a go <d lor.,lion, n>ar Union aijuaie, v uh bath ana gas. Call at W Baal Fifteenth street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM M<> dated with pleasant Roo ns nud Board (late linnet) by 5 applying at 51 HrntU at. . Brooklyn, In 'he Irumed'ap Ticluliy oi itirea lorries. (lasand bath in thu hoiac. Terms moderate. References exchanged. AT iBEA.vr FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNI,tsI'T ph'-e and Fifth avenue, d slrnblc B-aOm? to let, I althc* with or without Board, orehai :?il. i, j ATM EAST TWF.N flUTII STREET, BErWFKN o | JY. Broadway and avenue.?hoard.?A rerv dnsl. il rsh c auii of Rooms, bli>< a single J!o*,m, both handsomely f irnished; large olo ets, 'oration u'jsurpa??cd, bent reieretsMO offers^; all mo? ern cotivsnifjces. r. A T MO. IB BAST TWBWTY-FIVTH HTREBT, BETWEEN h 1 U"[-M 82. BP AUDI HOiiroiiOPOlIB. t"m" west twentt fifth street?to^let\ with Board, a trout Room, with alcove, ou thtid door. andsKuoiu on fourth door, neatly formatted; table Ural class. Dluuer at 6. References exchanged. A FEW VERY FINK ROOMS, NOW VACANT?AT 118 SeouuJ avenue. They will be let, with Board, to single gentlemen who will room together, or genii- men and their wlvew The house Is drat elaea and has all the modern Improvements, and la within three minutes1 walk of Broadway. Board?a fine large boom or two rooms adjoining can be had, with Board, by a gentleman and !*dy ?r single gentleman, In a quiet family, where there will be no changes on the 1st of May. Thelocaticu iaveiy desirable for summer or winter. Apply at 76 Weet Thirtyeighth street. t?oard-nkar Washington square, 10; waver. U ley place.?Gentlemen or a lautlly can be accommodated with Board and pleasant Itoomi. References unchanged. Dinner at 6. Board.?i wild give for the use of$2ooroR three months to a gentleman Board free, an 1 at care hun in gi.UUU worth of furniture, in e first elasa house. In Jersey City, neat the ferry. Address A. N. W., Horafd ollioe. Board.?161 east tenth btreet, corner of Fourth avenue, and one block from Broadway. A plonsant front and bark Parlor on the second i oar, are now vacant and will be let singly or together, and with or w.thaut Board. Dinner at six. Kefereuc-ea exchanged. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WISH, IN A tirat ding bouse, where no other boarders sre taken (with e widow lady preferred), a Suit of B-ioms, or Parlor oud Bedroom, and Bathroom and Wa'er Closet, with Rooms and Board for the lady only. Location between Sixth and Fourth avenues and Eighth and Twenty-eighth streets. Address, stating location und terms, A. A., box 106 Herald ollce. BOARD.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR aluglc gentlemen can obtain desirable, large Rooms, at from $7 to gd per week; also single Uoouia, for gentlemen, at $3 60. Location pleasant and convenient. Apply at 131 Hudson street, corner of Morton. BOARD.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, AT 157 SECOND venue, botw- en Eighth and Ninth etreeu, n! < iy furnished Rooms, su.table for gentlemen and their wiveaor gentlemen. Locution very desirable. References exchangt a. BOARD.-two HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT Rooms on the second hour to rent, with Board, separately or together, in a drat class bruwu alone house, with all Uie modern Improvements, only a tew select boarders ate taken. Inquire at No. 8 East Thirty-seventh street. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can obtain a neatly furnished front Room and Bedroom on thiid tloor, with Board; also single Rooms, for gentlemen, at No. 3 West Washington place. Board and rooms can be had in a private family, by applying at 1-7 West Tweuty-tlrst street. Din -v. ??? w v.wmu. Mcivivuvva rm(uii cu. Board in iiarlem.?pour gentlemen can ee furnished with co-el Breakfast an t Tea, with Room* tin nished or unfurnished, in a prlrate lamily resid ue in a tirsi class house, convenient to ear* and htaemLioat. Terms moJt rate. Ad treat) G. W. C., box 1,305 I'osi offloe. Board in uenby street.?one or two square Room*, on ii coud U< or, well furnished, with gas, bath, tire and every comlort 01 a home, in a drat class American family; also, u single Room for a gentlrm n. Terms moderat). The heat of rel'ereitoe given and required. Apply at 71 Henry street, near Market. Board wanted?by a gentleman, wife and two children, aged 7 and llyeaia, from 1st Aprl. one mouth, i.i a respectable family, east side o; town, lower part preferred; terms to suit the times. Address A. J. L., Herald effl-e. Board wantkd-by a gentleman and wife, between Thirty-second and Forty-fourth streets, west of Seventh avenue. Terms must be moderate. Address (sutimr terms, location and full particulars; Dodge, Oox it/9 Herald uUlce. Board wanted.?a gentleman and his wife. child and nurse, wish pleasant and well furnished Rooms, in a private family orwnere there ate 0 it lew boardera. Location must be between Bleeckor and Eleventh streets, west of Broadway. Terms must he moderate. Answers must slat: lb" terms aud location. Addrca* for oue day H. B., Herald offl a. Board wanted-for a young lady in a str erly private respectable family, for part of the week ou y. Terms mnst be moderate. The verv b st of reierencoa exchanged. Address L. A C., box 112, Herald o'tlce. Board wanted-in a private family for two ladies. L icatii n between Elgu'eenth ea 1 Twentythird streets, and Fifth and Seventh avenues. n it to xoeed $14. Addreaa box l.lUO, 1'osi otlice, luting situation. Ac. ? Boarding?three gentlemen can bk accom mo.tcti-d with Board, or gentlemen and their wives, In p private house, No. 37 Java street, Greeupoinl. KTerence required. Board in brooklyn-large and pleasant Rooms on tli" second ttoor, either tarnished or unfurnished; also one Hstl Bedroom, at .34 Oarden slreet, Brooklyn, convenient to both South and Wall street ferries. Board in Brooklyn ?pleasant front rooms ou tile second story of a first class house, with all the inodcruY'oine dencos, can be had by applying at TJ7 Amity street. Dinner at six. Board in Brooklyn.-a gentleman and lady, or one oi two gentlemen, can secure good Reims in a pleasant house near ilie Wall street and South ferries. The couiiorts of a neat and agreeable home can be secured. Fur particulars address H. Y., box 133 Herald olllre. Board in south Brooklyn may be obtained for a gentleman an 1^ wife, where the comfort i of home the cars and ferries; two doom from Clinton (.treat. No. Hi Harrison street. Brooklyn heights.?pleasant rooms, with Board, si 37 Cranberry street, between WIUow and Columbia. Situation desirable, fire uiiuutes' walk of Wall street and Pulton ferries. Boarders wanted on the hudson.-a family, owning ? rills on tltn banks of the Hudson, convenient to the city by railroad or bout, would like to make an arrangement with a family of four or five grown persons, or two gentlemen and their wives, without children, ior Hoard, from Msy 1 to November. If desired s separate table would be lurnlsiied. Tire house has water and gas throiuhout; conveniences tor boating and bathing und stabling for horses. Relet en. ns exchanged. Address VTila, box itW Post ol'loe, N. Y COUNTRY HOARD AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE.? House fronting on the walei, six miles from New York; arrets by railroad or boat; good stabling, boating and i siting; three large airy Rooms, with good Hoard. Parties having horsea preferred. Best of referee * tequlred. Address box New York Post oUlce. /COUNTRY BOARD?AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, AT \J S-.oii ik-t, Long Island, nrur the barl or und Sound. Best of leferenees ilren and required. Address Seiaukct, H 'laid otllcc, New York. Furnished rooms to let-to gentlemen only, in ajirst class location, ? uh all modem impiumti-er.Is. The best of references glveu and required. No. 9 Washington place. Furnished rooms to let?to gentlemen, on satisfactory t.-rms, without Board, ut 371 Fourth street, near Li'ny ltr pi tee. Furnished rooms to let?containing gas and good lioM'ts, with Board for the lady only, or an at K om, with enoking stove. Ac., without Bond, at 93 60per week. In i'iir> at 131 West 11 nisi ,n street. Handsomely furnished rooms?single or in S ilts, st No. Sit West El 'venth street, between Br adw ay and University place. Prices to suit the times. Breakfast If required. JERSEY CITY HOARD-HOUSE FIRST CLASS, ALL modern liuprovemi uu>; bue v.ow of tho Bay; short walk front ferry. Uenllrin.iu and wife $1U; aingie grnts 5. Dinner 8>? o < b?'k. Reft retires exchange 1. No uior(nglrlo: Msy. 1M Grand street. \TE VTI.Y FURNISHED LODGING ROOMS TO LET? At 2AC. u?:i- n Hill I AUo, room* hy the wwk. Il.?v r'? II otel, 125 an I 1.7 Grand street, our door Imm Broad w y. VTO. t) CLINTON PLACE. EIGHTH STREET.?TO X> Id, a front Room aud M.-drootn oo the eeioiul llooe, with or without Bond', git", hot and cold water; term* reivMHMti PARTIES DESIRING JfXCELI.ent BOARD. WITH hot*: aorommod lUoim, will liud the AaliUnd Uoiue, Stt"and SJ9 Fourth avruue. Iietween Twenty-third and Tw <inty. fourth airveu, a trrjr desirable place. Prices to auil the tiiio a. Two suit* ol' Room* on fourib Door to let, tinXcrma j-d. with Board, to families, at a low figure. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, MAY BK OBtatted liy applying at 61 VYeat Twenty RJUrth street, betw. en FUlb and Sixth aerniira. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN -TWO SINGLE geiiileuien or a family can flr.dahaek I'artnr. on tlrat or vcond Boor, fnrniahed or unfurnished, with Beard, at ?I Stale r.treel. Very deatrable location. Terms low. Rooms to let.-a couple op nicely furnishi'd front end 1>?ek Ronnie, on the aeco i.l floor of a private bouio-, conveniently located, near Bioi.dw.iy. to let. lo a ronpl of gentlemen or gentleman and wife, wltn or without hr> altfiiat. Bathroom on the same Uoor. Adilreaa or . all nt 2-.. Fourth a.'ree', opposite Washington Parole Ground. 1)OOM WANTBD-A GOOD ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, hi lor aoma lunntba, lor a gentleman; must be Inaioed iicuhb .rliood, and In a hotiec wher thi ro am no children; none need answer without the neighborhood Is gixid, refei en.tea exchanged. Address Captain, box 121 Herald oflloe. OH'ORD STORY FRONT ROOM AND HALL KOOM hi iii<* iitSIt'v' nf iIivaiH niiVii Bit iln> iniulcrn int. te-or men's. ? > let. 'ininrnlelfd, with M- Also ftirniahcd koutu oil third floor. T'-i m? moderate. Apply at 118 Weal lfi i . alila aMwei No moving. flMj Or.Ntl.KMKN.?.A PR1VATB FAMILY DESIRHS X to let'.o a ( iiHrmau, without Uoaril, a neatly lurnlabed lYnn1 Room ami Pnnlrv, with u*e of hi lit ' oom nd joining. A> ptyat llv W> .1 II iitutt street, ,.rn"r of MacdougiL TWO V, RY DK.IIHAHI.U K1RN1MHBU ROOMS FOR l.r e orfour goUtricu, with Aral eUsa Boaid, lu a matt i>t1*al ramify. Addtxie, with refetenoe, 2S7 Wtat Twenty-sixth afreet. _ \~rcnv dksika'ii.b rooms to letTiS^i boar?, at 111 Wevt.llitny alath all?t, to genth umn and their wlva or >.iu> .< liL.oniii, In a amaii qui *t family ami ylea* anil location, u?ar Broadway. R"f' rn:e a exchanged. Btr Di^lRMILE ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUR. ni?h"d, ">t"i -To gentlemen wlthont Hoard, in t'ih moilern li..u-?31 Ninth meet, between Fifth and Sixth t e n. a. AVANTKD?FROM TUB 1ST OF MAY, BY A ' fcKIUiy. ft man aad fivmllj of three mlulti. Unlurnla .d fcu ma, wl.h B. i.'A, in t "mail toilglonn, in thee u at ui up. per pit of t!ie rtty, Term* ntusi ' t? dernu ^U.trcne >U*slt.iarr, s. tat ton K. fir ANTED?BY A YOUNG GENT'I,KUAN, .1 M.'RNl <11. YV , it Loom, Willi Br uilltat; lii.uion I.. v.*i a 1" n.rUenth " and Thirty-fourth atreeia and Third nail Rt xcuth avMtuee. Adiiica, at -Vng terina, Ac., to* I Vol I'oai cilice. WAinKO-.OU A L\HY AND GENTLEMAN, A Ki me, unfurnished, with good Board fur the lndy unit, wlio.u tb-re tire n . hoadna; lionao must have all the urn. dero Improvements; low. on between Third ami Sixth erentiea, end Amity and Fuunceuth afreets. Addrcsa Mra AUc u, at* tt It. _____ \V*^',nt'l)-h(MR0 *"0RA LADY AND LITTLE CIHL. r i In up va'B family; locution above Thirtieth street and wcat Of HI I i Manue, terms notto exceed ?t pet Week. I'nexoeptionab'e r?Teronuea given and required. Address E. 0. W., lleral<1 O.eoe. 1WANTKD?A PARLOR AND RBUROOM OR ONR large Room on second door. with, foil I?.>ard for a gentleman and wife, nently furnished, w',th all modern improvemen la; price $10 per week.looalien abore Twelfth glrrtl. AMrwa w apply wA,r*w Qtr?awl?h ?r?g t. % f C ff" 1 I BOiBPlHO ABHP JLOPOiaro, on UNIVERSITY PLACE-THIRD HTUitr "fRONI All/ Room to 1st, without board, to genJeuien only; wtl a commodate out 01? two. Do not move ui 01 May, OA UNIVERSITY PLACE, CORNER OF NINTB L I sued.?.An elegant suit of Komu* on seeoad door M let. Also one or two ein^le Booms. Of* GREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL 8TBBBT.?PUB mu utahed Itooms 10 let to gentlemen only. Booms at 7t* to #1 per wriok. Also, similar Booma and Rooma for houa* keeping at No. 1 Muaroa at, corner of Catharine street. R,K*CH STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S PARK.? 00 To let, with Board, three single Rooms, front: also oat large front Boom on the third story, lion homely furnished a litabie for a family or two gentlemen; liouae all the modern improvements; no moving tu May. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVTT SPRING?ALSTOH tjO House. Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, cam Croton and every con veaicnoe for housekeeping economically; particularly suitable for small, respectable families a* single gentlemen. Bent low to permanent tenants. 11A MACDOUGAL STREET, NEAR BLEECKBR?H XIU now op. ued as a piivale family hotel, or the reception of -ingle genii emeu or small families tired of hoarding Parties desirous of housekeeping can tinil avery convenient* at the above cgiahllsbmcnt. IOC EAST TWELFTH STREET.?AN ENTfRE FLOOB l.Zi'J or Suits of Rooms will be let, with Board, to partial 01 single genticuien, or tenth men and their wives; rooma vacated 1st of April. Rufcrmees exchanged. 1 Zfi PRINCE STREET.?ST. CLAIR HOUSE?EL* J.uli gautiy furnished Booms, with Bedrooms attache^ with ul! the conveniences for housekneplug complete, la eluding gas and Crolou water, to let to respectable familial or siugls gentlemen. mBLEECKER STREET?SIX BLOCKS WEST OF Broadway. A new Hons*, with the modern improvements; pleasant Booms, with excellent Board, from 13 25 ta$i per weea. Breakfast from <i to 9. Dinner al and tf. 0(\0 WEST TWENTY THIRD 8TREET, ONE DOOM ?j\J?t fro 11 Seventh avenue.?A suit 01 K aon.-, on aeooni Uuor, to let, with Board; a ho elngla Rooma House is ilral class, and location unsurpassed. 91A 1X54 STREET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHED ZdXAJ Apartments for immediate occupancy. The lowest ruts in the city, considering the convenience of economy la housekeeping. Best bedding and furniture, with range, cooking utenails and linen complete; gas and Croton. 9a A BAST TENTH STREET.?A FEW GENTLEMBB itUx can have Board for $3 SO per week. Also a goatit-man and wife can have a small Parlor, with Bedroom, fH $7. Oa* and bathroom included. Room, furnished or uafurnished, with Board. r?/i Q BROADWAY?PLANTER'S HOTEL,?fameIJ xO lies or siugle geutiemen desiring permanent M transient Board will nndal this houee elegantly furnished Rooms and a generous table at regponable prices! locaiioa is unsurpassed for strands or buslneas gentlemen. Dlnnoa at C o'clock. HOUSES, ROOMS, 4C.,~WANfTKD. Apartments wanted-by a gentleman and wife, lu a private latuily; flrst ci.iss rooms on the second Boor re'iuired. L sat on must he between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Fourte.iutb and Thirtieth street*. The advertiser wishes to make a permanent engagement. No boardiaw house keepers need app y. Address box ld9 Post office. A WELL FURNISHED FOUR STORY HOUSE wanted, between Fourth and Twenty-llfth streets, near Uroidway; would prefer the owuer to remain as partial equivalent fur rent, with n rmlssion to receive threoor fowr Qrst clias boarders. I nexccpliouable refereucea given. Address II., box ltd Herald office. A HOUSE OR COTTAGE WANTED?IN JERSEY CITT. or nm m ire than or 20 minutes from, with aia rooms, a good kitchen, a garden and alt modern improw incuts; liom $1W to S'XJO rent a year. Possession imns diately. Address A. A., box 2,923 Post office. New York. A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS WISH a SMALt House, or lower part of a house, with modern Improve monti: must be on the west side of the city. Address ward. Herald office. A SMALL. NEATLY FURNI8HED COTTAGE IB wanted by the 1st of April, for a small family, or part of a furnished House from lu to 60 miles from the city. ai I* rnu.l l?. ,.ri.f .hi., . n.l fr.ill /X. n. ,, lurnulird House, with privilege oCderden, In th* neighbor' hood of s h .olsand churches. K-Ht mud be modera.v^ At dress, with all particulars, for three day*. Alpha, Herald oQlce. FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?OR PARTLY SOL no-re the rent would be taken la board, ia a central location and good neighborhood. required on ox i "fore the 1st of April. Address M, C. M,, box 202 New Yo?ll Pos o'.llce. Furnjjsued house wanted?by a small pbevale family; location Ixitwetsn Seventeenth and Thirtylirat .-treeli and Fourth and Sixth avenues; near Mad'aoa square preferred. Address C. W. S., box l,07fi New Yerfe Jot odice. i T71UKND6HBD house wanted-by A SMALL FAMJ? I, of adults: w orld pr o or to ooard the owner in pari payment. Sia.a locality, oonrenlenccs, Ac. Address Security. Herald oflice. Furnished rooms.?wanted, by a small axb respectable family, nftrt of furnished House, with separate kitchen; must ntalu all modern Improvement*. 1 cation required either in Uo>>oKMt?JMWhin view of river, m in u respectable neighborhood in New York, centrally situated. The advertiser wit) bnd bed *slnd table linen, i lnt^ i bma and crockery. No moving in May. Address, stating lerois, location and conveniences, Economy, Herald eflloe. House and stable wanted-in the vicinity of Kirth avenue, lor a family of four adults. AdilreML ii ai lug lowest rent, exact locution, and at what hour lb* house can be seen, Mr. S? box 3,674 Post olllce. HO'use wanted?on or be core the first o? April: a small neat Dwelling, In the upper part of the In a respectable uelghburhooj; Real about $ti0. Ad .treat M. C. ML. box 20i Post o?oe. House wanted ?a nice three stort house; with all the modern improvements, suitable for two i mill families, or a handsome lower part of a Hoiisc, tun genteel neigbborhooi. Address Nasamento A Co., No. 1| Spruce street. House wanted?either the' whole or Lover part of a good House, containing all the modern Ian* pro. emeus, located In a respects Me neighborhood, eaat at * me ijmiry nun oetow rweutti sir-at, sevcnta warn |M> ferred. Apply at or address 193 .South street. TO LIQUOR DEALERS.?WANTED TO PURCHASE A lint class liquor utore or saiooiA doing a goodpayMH b.sines.-!. Address, staling location, price, Ac., Cash, II rail 01!.re. ?w WANTED?FROM MAY 1, THE FfttST FLOOR OF A Hnnse for a man and wife. K nt moderate. Low lion Twenty-seventh and Twelfth street*. Third and bixMS avenues. Address A. Douse, Union square I'ok l office. TAT"ANTED?LOWER FART or A MODERN HOURS. It consisting of front and back parlor, front and bash basement, Iiud two or three bedrooms, on May 1; loratfcw Detwot-n Bteecker and Sixteenth streets. Item not to exceed $ ilk) pet annitiu. R> sponsible tenant. Address L. L. Dt, box 47ii l'oat offio . TlfANTBD-A FURNISHED OB PARTIALLY FU? TT nUhrd high stoop House, containing all modem improvements, and pleasantly located, by a respectable American family, without children. Would, If agreeable, board the owner or occupinu' family. Possess.on wanted by the 1st ad Anril. Any one having a lirat class house, at a mo I, iate real, may hear of a very careful and desirable tenant by addressing Housekeeper, U raid oWce. \ TI.TANTED?BY A OENTLEMA* AND WIFE, MO TT children, three or lour ftirnUht d Rooms for hoi teaIt r; mg, a basement and a cond Uoor pre i erred, before Iks in d lie of April, in a houae with gas, b-.lh, Ac., below T?WI t.etn airevi unit east oi Sixth arrnue. Address M. lu, a*atlon D, lor one -reek. WANTED?A HOUSE AND A FEW ACRES OF LAMM lor a sinaii family, In the ueighboihood of Oowaaua oe Bay It dg?, this aide oi the city line: rent not to e?oeed RM peranuuin. Address A. M. F., Herald i-flica. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF FIVE GROWN FBM> sons, a furnished House, with all the modern improem menu, Ix-tween the Fourth and Sixth avenues, on oe beitecw II... I.. ..r II .- l.l.ln,, 1 n I. K..? 111 ll.ral.1 ? giving l'uli deacrifitioo of houea, iu locution and the lowafli price. WANTED?A. KUKXISUED IIOUSR, WUE8K BB rent will be taken out la Board, with the privilege of taking other*. Ad ireaa or call at 71 Charluni atreet. -|XrANTKD-IMMBl>UTSl.Y, A NBATLY FURNIBHBB TT Parlor, Bedroom and Kltcban. Up town prnfarrad. Rent mti ,t be moderate. Location reijectablr. Also a fnr Dialled Houae down town, ewl labia for a boarding how an. Unexceptionable referraeo* given. Addreaa C. M., Harold office. VL'ANTBD?A. HOUSE, WITH MODERN IMPROTHTT menu; In a good naighborbood, wuhln a few block* at Twellth itreet, for whleh bo*ml and a good homa, la a quia*, reapectabie family of adult*, will balance th* rank Boat *F reference. Addreaa Home, boa 1*7 Herald office. ANTKD-IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN F1KTKKN OB twenty minute* of South, Wall or rulton ferry, a. Houae, with all the modern Improvements; rentfroan $?4)tg two. Adarna*,?tu ling full particular* aa to prlca, locality, e., A'. B. S., boa S,4Pt Poet otnce. WANTED?FOB A SHALL FAMILY, PART OF A Home, wub all re<vilalta convenience*. Kent fMon $.1.10 lo $400. Lonllan between Kighteenth and Thirtiotb atreeu a. d fourth end Seven ih annua*. Adreaa pariInulaaa to li. J., boa 3.1M Poat office. WANTBD-A STORE. SUITABLY LOCATED FOB. A retail Ump and duid store, in a central part or the dtp. Addrer*. natinr termn, which must b* reasonable, laUR b i* Ul Harald dir. WANTKD-A KUP-MSIIKD HO USB, OK 8MAlirK menaione, In a good neighborhood up town, centradlp lu ated, by ? finally ol thrae prraona. Term* must OA moderate. Adareaoboi I.bcp Toatoaco. WANTBD-AN BNOLTSH BASBMRNT"HOUSE, flTI YY all t'm modern Improvement*; lo-ntion bat wear TMr> , tleth and Fortieth atneUaud bikth.aud Eighth avcnuee; om u ar the >omrr pr Orrr.l. R nt not to ri<oe<l fdlM. Ad- ? drosa Dr. L., b?? IUO Herald oAoet , ANTKD-A MODERN TILIEK ktotil and 11aum?nt If oner, In a good location, wea* aide prcterroai rent from gfiiaito $600 Addreaa N' dloh, iteraid oBt?. W^ANrEP-' N BROOKLYN, A PARLOR AND HAfUBmrnt or a I'm lor and ted room, ta a reapeetablo luo*> tlen, am! where there wl,| be no moving on the tat of Map. ^ Add i' MR par n nUra Bilen, llwald ofiloe. . YV"ANTU?-HlK LOWER PART OK a IWlliSB, WBMT YY ol Bioad'.vuy nntl n H abort'TaulU alt vet, bp a aiaal) I family. without rkildron Refrtxrjrea exchanged. Addtaaa T. M., Herald oltlee. _ __ Wanted-by a family or threeperrons, a* yV eP -it.t'y furrlah-d lloitaq; ft. t/\ XI.UUO to tl.HUU a yeaa will bo | aid; inn at bo Vnmt'il Vjfwein KmirL-rnth and Ttrra? t Mftfc. atrnela, and between Third and sfcTh nronmi Ado .eaa K X , I'l i"'i agftnra PBet oIMP U v rED?in a'private Vami ly, i> i-UKNianYY M |t< attltB1)!" I"' Bon acker ping. R nt ft ran wek, iiiclndltir -ju- YjOTO'Ioii hctwi-en and BU<*ke# | a n ot*, tor/ near Brondwnp. Addreaa A. T. 0., at.,lion A, Spring a' rerb WANTED?RTT 1ST "of MAY, TOR TWO ADULTS, A second floor, with watnr, vaam p,|)e, Ac., In a quiet neigh Ik, ilicoJ. Rent about glftl. ii aiirtoicnta ailt wu lake thoin mi a year or more. Addreaa 1'. ,1. F? bor 133 Her- t al l oflloe, statin.' mrm*. WANTED-A SECOND HAND STEAM KNOINK AND Boiler, or Boiler or Engine aeparatn, of IS or BY horao pnvrrr. Anr per a i Imvlnr anch, by addreiatcg a Una to or railing on CIl.tRI.KS DbHOIrt, 71 Maldott lane, win meet with a customer. WANTED TO LEASE--SOME FIRST CI.AHS TEN*, ment Eouaea, for '?ut?h a fair rent and the beat dtp [?{'Aw,l,rw01 ?<wre** urt#

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