Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1862 Page 3
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? - i lymv ? ' 1 ?-??????? rOK lAUC. . ^ JQOODCHANCE?FOR 6ALE, A grocery, LIquoranl Feed 8tor-<; rent moderate; or property for ale U required. a aood reason glveu for selling. luquure f JOHN ROUTER, 80 Warren street, n.y. a n opportunity seldom offered?the uood A Will, Lease aud Flxtirss, ami everything complete, of Restaurant and Dining Saloon; has been .n the hand* of (he present piopr.e'or i or eleven years. Will be sold at a mcrti.ce. Apply a; 118 John atrcet. A splendid opportunity.?for sale, t1ib old ealahllaheil T.vo Pollar Hat Store, 31 Park row, udcr Loveioy'a Hotel; ill health the reason tor Rolling. Apply to 0. KyT.lYLOK, proprietor. ' A MEW COUNTER AND SHELVING, SUITABLE POK A a ??n store, lor sale at a bargain; have been In use two tootha. Apply at 812 Broadway lor terms and number of tore room. Butcher shop for sale-located on a leadlog avenue, in a good neighborhood and doingalirst ate business; aubance seldom oll'ired. us it will be sold at great bargain. For pai tloulars apply to A. M. 1IE1LNEB, 87 South street Butouer's shop for sale-or the fixtures, cheap; sloo an Express Wagou. Apply at 781 Tiiird av. Boot and shoe stoke for sale.?lease Stock aud Fixtures of a Ji ot and Sh< e Store for sale liberal terms. Apply at205 Eighth avenue. t^ruo STORE FOR s ALE?OLD ESTABLISHED, WELL AJ located on one of the p'lno pal avenues and doing a fair business; will be sold lor cash, as the owuer is going in the wholm-ale business. Address Druggist, station E,Fost ?j?*,M._Y. tvruo STORE FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN.?AN EX. If oelli nt chance lor a young man to get into budncea. Lit Ue or no money retired at Dresent. Apply to P. D. LEYS, tbfTaUmsn avinue, near Livingston street FOR BALE?I'ACKINO BOX FACTORY, THE LEASE el' building No. 48 Leonard street, 28*100, with steam engine boiler aud all nachin ry put up new lor the above hudn-19. Inqulie at TAYLOR A WILSON'S, corner of Meade and Hudson streets, or ut 221 West Thirty-seventh wet iilOK 8ALE?THE SOUOONKR BELLE, SEVENTYJC three tons bui then, draws feet of water,now Ivlng in ii intinuton harbor, Long Island. Apply to Capl. GEO. .JOHNSON, Uiirftlngtou, L. 1.. or to J. (v. CANHIO'1'ON, fcioiber yard, Eighty-sixth street and First avenue, VbrkvlUe. UH)R KALE ?ONE OF THE BEST BROADWAY CON (&aae.uenl), Loui 11 A. M. toll P. M.' J "CHJR SALE?TilE STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEASE J? of a fl t.lchu.8 Grocery, 41b Fourth av r.ue, southwest eorner ot T .Iriletti street. Store well lilted op; reasonable . pant An excellent upieirlunHy for any one wmbinq to go Into the business. Location un>uip.i?scd. Satis;actory reason* for sell. ng. No agouis need upp.y. TOOK SALE-A WELL FITTED UP CORNER LIQUOR J7 Stoic, well eslbo .abed, with years' lease from 1st (May next; an execl!-lit chance for any person wishing to mbark In tbe liquor t.ade. Apply to BTlKLlNU k S11AIJLKK, 119 WarKn sir ot. WOR SALE-A GOOD ESTABLISHED FI8H AND J? Oyster Shop, doing a good business, at l'Ji^ East Tv. en(y-elghth street, near Third avenue, "IPOK SALE?A HOTEL, OPPOSITE A RAILROAD DE' X1 pot: lunch Counter, prlvaie nipjair room, Ac. For par* teal an apply to J. WtloD, 369 Totru ui enue. TJIOR SALE?A BOOT AND SHOE STORE, SITUATED J? on the corner of Spring and Hudson streets, established Ini Ire yean and doln? a good bus,noes. Satisfactory reaaona will bo given for selling out. Inquire on tbo premises fer one week" _JAMES _P0 WERS._ TJAOR SALE?A MEAT MARKET. ON THE CORNER OF Jl Eighth avenue and West Twelfth street; Stock and Fixlares cheap ; rent low. Inquire In the store. TOOK SALE?A DRUG STORE. ON ONE OF THE MOST J* prominent thoroughfares In Brooklyn; Is offered for ?le only on account of other business. A splendid opnortupity for a person with small capital. Inquire of W. CllitlSFIELD A BON. HS Maiden lane, N. Y. F>R 8ALE?A PORTRR HOUSE, WITH OR WITHOUT the tears; good reasons given for sell ng. Inquire ou Mm premises. No. 12 Flnt avenue, corner First street TOOK BAIJ5?THE TOOLS AND FURNITURE OF A J? Straw Bleaching, Pressing snd Manufa< turlifi; E Iftbllahment. with more than ene hundred regularcumomcis. The bust >u as well established, and located in a good tborough(are. Apply at 129 Broadway. C. 11. HOWES A CO. TOOK SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A SMALL JP grocery store. Tbe fixtures are in perfeit order, and w&l be sold separately if da lred. Inquire on the premises, Meventy-iisst street throe door* west or Third arouue. TjAOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS PHOTOGRAPH 10 GAL J7 lery, In Brooklyn, now dotnq an excellent business. Addrvas J. M. 8., box 1,789 New Folk Poatulliae. 1JA0R SALE-SODA WATER APPARATUS, NEW AND JP second baud, o. every description, Drugqlsu, and boitler* scud for a catalogue ana price list at WILLIAM GEES, Una 6 and 7 New IWvwn Railioad Buildings, corner of Elm and Front'in streets, N. Y. Y7I0R SALE-STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEAH* OF A J? Brn class H-g*r Store, Billiard Saloon anu ilnr nttaebSd. Locality unsurpassed. Au excellent opportunity fur one tm the business. Satis, artory reason % for disposal will be gfvra on a p, dying a: Sii Third a vent e.M rRSALE?A VARIETY OF D!(TERENT KINDS OF business, such as Groceries, HUouun, Hole.a. Express naiuces and a large Fishery, conpletr, with all enure Ieaeea; Copartnerships and re*'. lar P..sin Chames. r. U. RICHARDSON A CO., tJ and M Nassau siraet POR SALE?TIIE LEASE. FIXTLRI S AND FURNIX turn ol the lirai class House snowu a* the Club, 13 East SMlon street, near Ufo.ioway ; lbs lease to run three y are Mi Mit May. For full particulars enqntre on the premises. UEO. U. BROWN. P?R PALE.?A REFRESHMENT SALOON AND RESJP taniaol, sicelleDtly located and tiirniabed, will be sold or kali is ?slu?. For particulars apply to WM. li. VAN KSNMClttiii, 63 fta.l street, (o.Uce of Oanuo, Joidan A POR RALE-A SFLENDID MARKET, TWO FINK A? Stella, tine Marble Fish Stand, bum r Counter, sc. Wofetaile, Fouliry and Came DilurtuiLbt. Large store and basement Lew rent and long lease. Sold on account of jMRaass. Apply at 198 Ninth arcuus. POR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF JP U>e saloon No. 1 Fartt row. 1'ar particulars Inquire in banator". FOli SALE?ONE OF THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED tiro -ry Hun- ? il Ore, tot !i strokl, doing a large ensh bade , long -use will I a.vto t'lguuu Lari or, and rytLiti^ buwn Saliar^o oo; r kiwii.j tor lint ilte nioi rletor has attiu: bvihtcsn to at:?nd to. Fur par.lCuDra Inquire at 438 <Brvenwtcn .?'rect. rJB SALE- A 1'IK AND < . dALOON, WELL lam-sued. ApplyM lit Nassau I.r.? t, basement. POR R A Lb-AT A BAROAIN, ONE OF THE BEST f Groceries in Biookiyu. Cm i-. c cuth trade, low rant Whole or part ot stock ni-y 'hi bad. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 Ailsntlc street, Bro Aiyn, between 10 A. M. add P.M. POR SALE CHEAP?IN THIRD AVENUE, A MLMf llar.l Saiouu. Jl consists n two -,>.em',.d rosewood Mlltard tables, se^mrdlrsn s :d burr.out i.turhed, with su Iba furniture sua fixtures ur -.In i ro d this dsy leNnwl O'clock. Apply to F. FITIS1 V.VOMt, 12 Centre s'.reot. POR RALE OR KXCIIAK -C? HIE MOCK AND FIX JL" lor * of a lieuUenien'i Kui .g S no. urn* of lite neat Midi in the pity ol Bro ikljn, ha t|. u t etablirhei! alx>ui Nyrara, tbe |>r. -nt pro| rtetor ? i.lj.uj to nitre. Addicaa eatery, Brook I; n foil odlce. y indltng wood factory rot; sai.e-with AX. engine. boner and aulittt r. oil in v. rhino ur?.rr. 8 dd war for <a?h. Inquire at tl Bridge atreet, iimokiyu, between t?* A o chju . b.tVlbEL BAKt LAY. News tsrif:. jooe. stationery and wall P-," 8010 ( > in a pkaanut t tllage on ?h? Uu<> M, age* !?nin> roin York, long cuantiabed and in Kmc oieiulioit PnruO'. mr? pr> it t.jr W B HuilULM, H koik 11 ? ik*i. tu-rt deer up alatra. No agcnta treated with . Rare cmance.?por SAfj:. a saloon, now do. mil a a - >4 ) aylng bur In* ati-il in tba ??ry tenlrc Cbuaine-. ut:i b? tolJ at a Ssi^aln Kor particular* apply ISAAC A BIOOS, T3 h'aaaan aireat (SECOND HAND STEAM KNUINES AND IMMUiRS FOR 0 Eilr IMn - Three hin aouu.l tv .a. y Hhu r, four heap. twen-y aart ibw'r bnrac power, litres n -rtAWr Kngtnea, ferae, live ?nU t?autj 1 ve bur r pn-.\-r Inqtrira of L. C WARD. Aji-at, 101 R.tideu lano. New V rk ctiix ENDING for BALE-one TWENTY 1IORSB 0 horizontal Engine, new anil eoinplsir, cb.ap lor caab gaqutra of L J I'AKXfcrt 4S3 M rret aireet. r BUTCHERS AND OTHERS -FOR HALE, ONE Of iha boat Bnaiueaa S.aoda in Brooklyn. with Fitturaa complete. pai'-nt k-ehouee, emoheho.v an-l nab'<-a on the paaaintaa; bona power anuaage nm.J.ine. Ao. Tenia ona of the beat chance* for ear one to go In the buaioeaa w offered. Will be ao'.d with or wunont hnraea, ?a?-ona Md carta The rraeon for telling la, the pnaet-l proprietor tagntng to retire from the baatm aa. Payment triil be taken feai feud abort gage or euy property or atoekt, or tritie for a Boone and lot. giving or rt-eiving the dilli-rreot. Apply on ' Ma peeUihra, 10 Cll AS. SYXiONd, ItXI Fultuti inert. MAO HOOP SKIRT M INUFACTURKRA e-KOIl SALE. Sd JL Btabling Machines, Winder*, Dotwder*, and s^rr> thing aeaaaary 10 onrr wire and ntnke cor-l for *.urt 1 Tne ot?ofetppe may h- aeen la operation by railing 00 B. F RO AIRE. No. 1 Kara atreet. Paleraoo, N. J. MAO PIITBICIANN. AGENTS. AC.?A FHRNI?HBD A Ofliee, In an eacalleni loi Mlny, enreiiitly e.aa adapted aal only lor a do tor but for any other oglre buitpre*, for -ale Mhapp. aaitra na ner la leaving for Canada, impure at SI Papal atreet, cm uar of Onaue. A1 CA WIIA BUT ONE OF THE BEST PAYINO BUT. 910U tar and CRiorea In t.. II ,? ery,\mtin"and MM for a family; will ?a,t 'or i?rl ol iu? u.o,..t. Api.It ?tWU**rr|, mar orni.d street. - PHOPOSAU." Quartermaster generals office, ? ' WBIHIfKITOn ClTT. Morrh II. Ma | Wimn-M Khlp lalan.I. MLaieaippI two l;^ht draught Rtamra. tuned lor tawing bom Propuaaie, ataiinf term* and time al wh>. h thee will ba Malteereil at Ship inland, with d'-acriptlona ol tne V??ia of. Erred, will be rioefrwd at the nfflw of the Onarrru aoer enei al until (beSlag oCMar-h. . Fropoaala ahoatd lw eoeelnped and rndoraod?'Trnpoaala for Sieamb. atr fur 8h'p lalantl," ard addreaaed to ihe ^nartcrmaetar OrnrraF Waahinaton, D O, M. f, DRUM, OuarWmarW Oe?i< ral. QRALEO PROl't SALS ABI INVITED TIL!. THE kj 1Mb d.iy <if M.u<h, KW9, at IS M , fat purehaiioa I.otn the government the II idea .ami T^llnw, Ifoof* and llorna, Tuwgu- a, Chuck* and Shine of all tha Hunt Cottle uard by tha Army or th? exo-pt t.'ioae ki led wnhia the . o jiclI Mmliaof the Dtatr;ci of ' ol.imlAr No Ml will i? entertained uaVae the bidder I* present to IWpond lo hla Md. ^Tne llldra, Tallow. A*, obuired pi the li?k of tha eon.ltoT.' "O will bn hrld accocutabM tor Ilidea, Ac., of ad aalmali allied, wlieth. r ho una t ?>or not. The bWa Pi <ilr?. < d to "Majot A. Be'hwilb, C. 8., V. 8. A., Waehlugtou, D C." The time for . pening the hide of the At <oee adrci tig-agent i? post, until t'te 22d of March, IM0, at Id M. NTKAltfltOATR. ?JtOK BBIDcEPf.'ST- FARM PIFTT CRNTFe~THE earner Hi'dgej* rl will tan-,a Peck eilo, KeAt'fV" r.rrny ny, I '.'II lav* ... ..f :>'y. . I 12 o drrl ' Ing 'n li ".In 't a'l'! .eij-v . .law ler. * lii idg 'jwrt etc.y Mmi to/, We* . * lay * o< Vi?A? , i jnamiog*, ai ball jawt iy o'tlook, Frowaf tu. ti. " J A ? IAU1I Of?AL ^ IJOUSE, BARN and OTHEROUTHOUSES (HEW), wilb two aevee front land, beautifully located h Jhjr Cauuo, Conn.; coet $3,800; offered for leu than $3,000; eighteen acre* adjoining can be had. Apply at 300 Fulton tie-t, Brooklyn, piano room a. A HANDSOME COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NEAR THE city, must be sold or exchanged; born, fruits, shrubherv, Ac.; half aere.In Westchester county, flue place. Q. W. DITCH E IT, Westchester Land office, corner of Chatham and Chambers sir jets, second Uoor. A FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT WANTED?fN EX. chance lor a valuable Store down town, or for very desirable St >re property in Brooklyn. For country property th it suits a liberal extnunce will be offered. Apply at No. 83 Water street, iruin i to A. fur the owucr. A HOUSE, STABLE AND LOT, ON HOUSTON STREET for . ale or to let. The House is four stories, brlc k 25x60, with extension. In One order, with modern Improvement.; there Is a lino brlrk 8labia In the rear, wilb entrauce from Reiver street: Lot 25x108. Terms easy. Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street A first Class furnished house for salb.It Is four stoi les, bri.wn stone, 25x00, situated on a wide street, and eonleins all moderti improvements; the I'nrultuio Is all very hendfome i.nd nearly new; the whole as It stands will be sold fur less thau the value of the house alone. Apply to C. e. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. Avert desir\ble leasehold property for aule?On East Bioadtvay, near Market street; a four e'ory brick Ho ire, 25 by 65 leet; well rented. Terms easy. U 111 be rold at a bargain. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. A LOT. 21.10X13 FEET. ON TENTH STREET, I1E tween Fifth and Sixth avennes, together with a very comfortable two story and attic House, 21.10x40.feet. Price luwnnj terms easy. Apply to CI1AS. a. MILLS, tit Cedar sneer. AIURG UN.-FOR 8ALE-TIIE TWO 8TORY AND hu. inert House anil Lot No. ?5 Bergen street, Brooklyn, will bo sold v.:rv low. Tories easy. Apply at tbo Candle Factory, 31s D la'ncey street, from 1 to ti 1'. if. A beautiful four story brown stone front House, basement and sub-cellar, with all the modem In pro-, omenta, i u Brooklyn Heights. 68 Columbia street, opposite Cukiuade row, wltn a vlow of New York bay, will be cold vary cheap, ?n wisv terms. For further particulars ui piy to or address T. HHrSOH. Ill aieuueD. A farm or COUNTRY seat?at BINGHAMTON City, 86 acres auj er.or land; all new first class Buildikgs, commanding a view of tlio city, rivers, railroad and country for miles round. There bein.t two lino houses, barns, Ac., the property < an bo divided and made Into two ptmes, and more land obt.iinerl If drgircd: to be sold forthwith, cheap. J. W. BARTLETI", owner, 478 Broadway, N. Y. Photographs .-bowu. N. B.?AtBo city 1'ropcriy to be sold or exchanged. Brooklyn.?house for sale at a sacrifice. A neat, moderate sized, three story, high stoop brick House; deep lot, with uico garden; sub-cellar, basement, kitchen with raug r, two pulors, six pod rooms, gas, Ac., will be sold for rtftden linndr il dollars less than coat?onc-na f on bond and morigttgp for live years; street rcsp. ctu.ble and atilet. Inquire at I To Adatna street, near Concord, between in hours of 14) and 2 ? clock. Brooklyn property.?fob sale, to let or lease, two Houses and Stables, with garden, and a number of Lola. Also four brown stone Hous< r and COO vacant Lots. Apply corner of Myrtle and Lewis av. nuts. _ _ wm. t. mills. Dental practice and residence for sale.? Twenty miles, or about ono hour by rail from New York; location healthy and line; house modern, twelve large rooms, besides a large b->eemeut; gas, lurnnce, water, s aides, Ac.: prucih-c ot trv< uty years standing, and hist class; price $10,000. Address James B. Rutledge, Herald odlcc. East broadway.?for sale, the handsome and th .iroughbuilt two story, utile, high basement and sub-cellar brick House and Lot No. 3.'3 Last Broadway, 31:.73, with Extension containing four rooms; has all the modern improvements, and in complete order; price $7,00r; terms easy. C. O. PRATT, 32 Pine street, room 9. I BARM FOR SALE.?FOR SALE, A IAROE AND YALU1 able Farm. Part payment would he taken In first class city properly. Full particulars may be obtained by applying to ISAAC BlOCiH, 75 Nassau street. Farm for sale, exchange, lease or work on shares,, at Hempstead, L. i., near railroad depo'; 60 acres or mote; u good house and out buddings, all iu good order; first rule laud. Applv to J. STOL'YENEL a CO., 203 and 200 Centre street, New York. I barms for sale and exchange.?a large tar ely In dl.lercut portions of the country, ot all sizes, qualities and prices, near villages, depots, schools and churches, convenient to the city; one of 74 acres, a very great bargain, 92.60": some others in proportion. SOUTH WICIi k WOOD. 83 Nassau street. jt1arm for salr ok to let.?a farm of 600 A/ acres for sain or to lei, on Eaton's Neck, Uuutiugton, L. 1. Inquire of the owner, on the farm, or at his residence, corner of Ainslie and Leonard streets, Biooklvn, E. D. JOHN CASSIDY._ Farm wanted?located within fifty miles of Now York, worth S6.0J0 or lose, iholurtiug stock, :or which a first class irncmrn'. House and l<ot will mi given in exchange; value of honseJJ.utX), mortgage i-i.uOO. Addios, with full particular*, O. Amner, station V, 400 Third av.uiue. For sale?fopr sew brown stone front Houses, two z' feet, id Thirty-eighth street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; two, 41 and 47 East Thirtyicvcnth street, between l'ark and Jaixliifon avenue*, with *11 the mod m Improvements, built by daj'a ?or... Iu;u!ro on the prertilsrt. For sale?on easy terms, a three story and bauumeut brick House, 96 Eldridge street, near Uraiid. Apply .n the Huston Oyster House, 103 Fursytli street, or at 04 Eldrldge street. " For sale?in east new yowk, a cottaue House, 2bx30, and kitchealdyl8; two itorias, with pas: 75 icet from Broadway Railroad, 126 from Atlantic Avenue R .llroad; the best location in the place. For particulars > ull on the owner, living In the house. AUOUfPTUS IVINF. For sale-at Chatham, new jersey, a dfbirahle House, with two seres of Lsnd. Five minutes from dr|wL Address J. O. B., bos 2,076 New York Tost olllce. For rale?a desirable country residence, live minutes'walk from depot, at Newmarket, on the New Jersey Centraliltallroad, three miles from PlalnUeld. The place conrUia of forty-two acres of flue soil; good, new, modern buildings; large and good selection of fruit; the house well shaded with locust, evergreen and other trees. Apply to II. WATERMAN, 23V Cherry street. For sale?a superior new foi;r story man stoop I rown stone llou-u-, of full width and 66 feet de p, with an extension, In the moot desirable location in the city, Sixty per cent may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply on the premises, 143 Madlaou avenue. mtiAo a a V mb a unrvPDU iBitovv utrAnW nnvnip u un D.11J&?A mui/r.n.i iiinbci muni pkii jv I House, 21 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Apply at the house, or to J. WALKER. HL No. 2 Uilnlon Hull. Astur place, N. Y. Fir half?on guilford place (Forty-kifth sUeet, between Lexington and Third nvcn.ic ), two new three story high sloop brown stone front Houses, built by days'worn, with All the modern Improvement*; known as NVs. 2 and 9- Terms easy. Inquire of J. D. WELCH, No. 13 Guilford place. Fob sale-tiie three story and basement hriek House, h'jh stoop, brown stone trimmings, 20 lei t 6 In'hes ly 42 leet, No. 424 West Twenty.second str el, r.iiish -d In the best maimer throughout. l'rh t low and icrma easy. Apply to JOUN A. KKNYON, Hit Naasno street. For sale?the house and other buildings situated on the northeast corner of Br. adway snd St !> second street, with live tears lease of lot troni slay I; th * lot has three fronts snd possesses nic.ny ulvanta jes- wtll he sind io.v for cash. For pnrtleultrs lri<|oira oi WM. BRANCH, 312 Broadway, 'ornerot Fultcu street, after 1(1 A. M. For ralk-at fordham, a cottage contain. in ; nine rooms, with one sere of g.o.ind, abundniKw of fruit, nflecn minutes' walk from llarlem Railroad depot end from Ifnrlem riv< r; price (.'I NJU. If not sold by 1st April will be rrnled for $ivj Apply on premises, aecond house north of Piesbyier.un birch, or to E. H. LUDLOW A co., No. 3 1'lr.e street, N Y. For rale-at belmont, ne4R pordiiam. an eli'gaut Villa, with about one acre ut land, lanrlng fruit trees, shrubbery, grapevine barn, stables, Ac.; the t o ;se co italns fifteen rooms, water closet. Ac ; will be sold low. Apply to A. M CtiHN, 49 Exchange place. F10r 8ALF.-a BEAUTIFUL cottage hourb AND Lot of a hall acre, w lili barn, .tables, garden, and l-.rge and sn all fruit trees and shrubbery, a tua'ed In Hudson county, New Jrrsev, one mile from Newark city snd about seven from Naw York, adjoining the Watkins Ilo.el pioperty, en Ibe id 1 turnpike front Jersey to Newark; one of the best slants for a butcher or expressman In the Matej will be sold lur the small sum el'$1,00.'; title ind.sisouible. For imril ulars rail on or addreas the owner, LEWIS A. THOMPSON on the Itih and 3tHb the New Jeraev llo:el,71 <h rt'andl street, New York, oral the premises the 21 -t and .2 I met , and it n t sold by the 24d, will be lor i For rale-a raroain-a three rtokt and bascinsut brick lluuee and Lot, lid West Thirty-third s'rrct, cunt, iiilng all the modern improvements. I'ma $?.#0i , $3 (xxi can remain on mortgage. Apply to II. If. I'AILEV, 214 Broorrc street. IjlOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, THE THREE BTORY r brick Stors No 14 Flatbush avenue, near I niton avenue, j .SI put In loj I mder. Price $3,790. tl sold Immediately. Apply lo JOHN J. RTI IiWKI.I. N ./Court street IfOR RALE-A THREE RIORY HIGH STOOP AND 1 has'meat House. In Thirtv lirat strict, between Lexington ai.d Fuiirth avenues. In thorough repair and the l.o-t order. For terms and isids of admission, apply to W. 11. dk lcmcey, dr , III l ine street. JjlOR RALE?ON LONG ISLAND. ONE M1I.E WERT OF . Balulon, lib acres, In hue stale of culllvai on; larce ouae, with wing, two l?rii?,r?rrw-r, row, lee liouses, Ae ,a 1 new; dock in I lot. I. OSCAR JOHNhON, M William street, room I.'. Fob bale?tub vert dbsjhabi.k brown front four rtory Hotirp and Lot, U) Wwt Thiriy.-errnita Mroet. between Fifth and R lib avrnoer; let about 23 fret; pe??.w<i? n may be bad lu>met:lately, ami Furnitme, n rcq Itnl. Apr* on th- prnmtars, or at 447 Broorar turret. TDOR RALE-A HOI RE AND FULL CORNER LOT IN JT vt 11.lam I u-y, In Mrnl Mreet; layer brer aaloon. Ala > a I eautlfnl t Ilia 'lie in Newnrk, N. J.. M feet front on Mount Plraaant amine. running ihrouyh ! <0 fret to Broad rtr et, an<i 80 faat front oa Brna<l street: will be aolrl eery cheep and ott eaay lamia. Apply ?o W. LONKY, #5 Fourth aireet, Williamabnrg. rR RAtJt-TIOrRK, CARRIAOK llOI'bE. WITH about >? acre of Ground, laid out In a pardon, with ab 'n .'anre of euimnra, yuoeelierrle,, cberriei, Ac, rlliielrd at Raronswood, L. t.: II la ooneeii lent and aaay of aor?e to and from the city; amoral hoata running aonatanlly; to a eaah cuatomer lani.a 10 ault Addieaa Whitehead, boa 1,480 Poet office. 1D0B SALS?A LARGE, FIBRT CLASS, BROWN STONE A1 frunt Hoi ae, Z'tKt, No. 108 Madteon arrnue, near TiitrtyfmirtA street, , ri the wry beet manner; roaewwo.l doors ami wnlnnt ita ?. Inqnlrcati the ptcmlam, or at No. 78 Kaat Twauty allt street. FONRALE-A GENTEEL HOt'SE AND LOT NO. 1f? West Thirty thlm atrret. Honaa m throe au riaa and I iph lata nam, n arb e mantel* .and washbasiwL winter rlo'ota, bath, ataltoimry toha, hot mid c Id water, fa? under, hou?e JoiS!, newly painted, all la complete order. |*ii<e 10,11.*; 88?tM) in remain permanrutlr on m irUam Inquire of J. O. HANSON, Mb* Blee. ker atrial. IpOR PALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY BRAT IN ' Mnrnstown, N. J.; 2J acre*, larpe house, Elizabethan style, delated a.ic.utlnn; lath, lura/ic, Ae ; lawn .00 fe?'. In fionlj Ur*e shade tier*, all raricilea of rho.oaat fruit; near dopot, and r?ry plrmanl rbiee. SOUTH Wlcf A WOOD, P2 Naaaau atrcat. I DOR SALE?IN 1ERPEY ? ITT. A HOP SB AND LOT. 1 the to i?r cent/lining ?i| the tnod -rn Inipmeenu ntm li> atloti p'eaasnt and lu-ar ilin le.rry. Or ill I aiohuige foi a Faun tvllhln twenty unldaof New Turk oily and nea? a ral. pad depot. For fdHlier pud'euigrs addyeM 11, C, Uriaid i ?fca >- ?- 1 ? >" raw YORK HBRALD, THI ^lIAM8 0? RBIL ESTAT1. FOR 8ALB-THB COTTAGE UOUSE AND LOT, NO. 27Ea*t Tlility-elgbib street, n ar Madison avenue;oua of tbe best locations tu the city. The ho ne is In perpt-ct order, and can be seen froui 13 to 3 o'clock only. Terms easy. Apply on the premises. FOR 8ALB AND SOME FOB EXCHANGE?A FINE select .on of Farms, all sl/es, locations, Ac. Also some fine Country and city Residences, Ac., for cash, with part mortcat'e. Great bargains. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO.. 83 and 84 Nassau street Fob sale or rxchakge-for property on the north side of Long fain net. No. 207 Adelphl street Brooklyn: lot80*136.8; house And stable brick, In nueorder; also Lot 23xlU0 on An th side of Fifty.fourth street, near beventh avenue. it. A. G AINES, 2&1 Pearl street, N. Y. For sale ob exciiange-a substantial three aiory House, with LUe modern lmrrovemeuts, with two full lota o( ground, situated in South Brooklyn, near the feiry. The above will be ercuunged lor a good Farm or a stork of Liquor* In bond. Apply at No. 1 Harrison street, Now York. T7IOO QAT.VOD svruivnfl ia jAtifti /. r, . v*., V 1 j., a most dellgh'ful Couutry Residence of twenty a. re*. In a high stale of ctiiu* atiou; good buildings, the brat gardi n In tbc Stale; fru of hIi kinus in abundance. Inquire of II. L. JUICE, or C. W. NEWTON, 71 Wall street. For sale or exchange-tub new four stoky House, HUH Lexington avenue: b owu etoue Innl high strop. Apply to W. OLARK, 9(1 East Twenty-sixth street before 1U A. M., or from Mo 7 P. II. Would exchange for a leas priced bouse lu the city. T^OR SALE OR exchange?A DESIRABLE FARM 1? or Country 8 at, ot 70 acres, at Flushing, L. I., t-X miles from the city; near depot and landing; it spacious Mansion, and outbuilding:, of all kluda in good order, l'leniy of fruit und shade tn as. Excellent water, 4c. Apply to E. g. LUCRE, 30 Pine a, reel, New York. IiOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-AT PAR MING DALE, Lon: Island, thirty miles from New York, near the depot, it Farm of 53 acres, part tvooil land: house, barn and good well of water; plenty of fruit, and the land good; els,lit acresp'anted with rye. Price $2,MIU. Apply tor three days lg JOHN W1TTEN, 72 Hester street, New York. For sale or exchange for a farm-that valuable property formerly occupied by the Fulls Hotel, in the village of Nlacara Falls; it Is situated on the curat:' or Main and Fa'ls streets, 100 feet on Main street, >25 feet pa Falls street, und loo a ct on Mechanic street. This Is without exception the most valuable property In Niagara Falls, either for the erection of a lirst class hotel or a block of stores. The property now being Hear or buildings, parties wishing to build a holei or a Iris uess block will tind this the most desirable property In V. t Item New York. There is no br tter 1 lace for a lirst class hotel or a business block than this vr.luab e corner. It will be sold at a low figure or exchanged for a gooJ F'arin of moderate size in New York, New Jer. oy or Pennsylvania. For further Information address V. U, Niagara Falls, New York. For bale and to small grocery, Stock and Fixtures, lu a desirable stand and roomy s'.ore, <5 Third urruur, New York. Kent $11 per month. For bale or to let-in the village of Stamford, a line House with all the modem improve incuts, carriage house, fruit of all kinds and one acre or land; lire minutes' walk lrom the New Haven depot. Inquire or 8. W. A., 89 West Forty-third street. New York. For sale or to let?four lots, with buildIn, s thereon, situate on Westchester avenue and Mu:llda street, In the village of Waahinglouvllle, town of Faslchrsti r, Westchester county. Aunty to FREDERICK WEfaSELS, 220Monroe street,New York. For sale or to let?a fink double house, with eight seres of ground, plenty of null, and within an hour's ride of the city. Inquire of Mr. T. JAMES, 6J Water street. For sale or lbase-the premises 207 mercer street. A two story I rant Dw Uing, furnished with gas, and a four story rear building. Kent. heap to a good tenant. Apply at 97 West Twenty-seventh street. For bale, lease or rent?a comfortable, p'atuly furnished Dtvel.log, suitable for a la ? family, near Orange. N. J. For nnrtl. u'ars inquire of MERRICK A MULL, IS Cedar sire, t. N. Y. For sale or trade for ^ity property or a small Farm in the river toun' s?SCO aerea of Land, at Sturgeon Bnv, Wisconsin, uenr the county scat, bu daring on Lake Michigan. Apply to Mr I tJ. OSTKANDEK, No. 1 Park place, room No. 9, or to XUOS. T. STORM, 293 West Thirteenth street. Fur sale or rent?with privilege of pur. chasing, a tine country residence, with two acres of land In lawn, garden and troll, beautifully situate I In the most d sirat'le portion of Sag Manor, Lon: Island, ten minutes' walk ftom st Tinbost landlns; po 1 lon elevated, with extended laud ami water view-a Hn iae two xinpv with wing on e c i side; wide hall piazza with tua-siro column*, containing 10 large hands m-'ly 1'nlsl.ed romi, basement and ellsr under all; churches, schools and stores rlooent lmnd. Terms accommodating. Apply to F. A. BAUTLETT, ?1 Nolicioio oilier, 21 Ann s' reel, from 10 to 2. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE-ENGLISII BASEuirut, four story brown iront, with ail m 'deru improve, mcnta and in the ml* t jiorfect order; w?: tli $13,Out); will be a d'i for #10 000; $6,00J ran r. main on bond and mortgage. Address House. box 2,14!) i'oat oSlcr. Harlem houses and lots-nice Horses, from $230 to 210J, In good and various paria of ilurhm, to let. flood Houses lot suup from til,001 to $'','100. Cliului' Lota from $000 to $2,000each, J. M. EDNF.V, 4703i Broadway. LARUK AND SMALL HOUSES FOit SALE OR TO LETIn the ullage oi Astoria. Apply at J. M. Whitn -y'o ollice near the steami oat lam.lug, Aoioiia, L. I. ONLY $!,OCO TO r.vr, FOR A F558IRABLE THREE :orjr and high at up iIem*- am' Lot, tnod?rn built, In excellent urdur. No. lit) Must Tuirty-illtb street, near Third avenue; S'.OO on boud and mortgage. Apply to A. WARlllKTON, 117 Nassau street, or W Serond avenue. PENNSYLVANIA IANDS FOR SALE.?500 ACRES valuable heavy T.inhered and Farming I .and, on lino of New York and Kt i? Railroad, near saw mills, a Tillage Hid an Improving m-niiiiHThood, for aale cheap or exchange for property in 1! a -:ty or vlein'ty. BUl, ill wick * WOOD, 82 Nassaustreet. O MALL, NEAT HOUSE WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, IN O exchange lor a \ It loalrd but larger OU-. Also Weil lo. ated I.o'sTor a good ilouse free an I clear. Ap-ily to E. II. UABCOCK, No. 1 Montague street, over Mecuaiiic*' Bank. Brooklyn. TO EXCllANUB.?A BROWN STONE THREE STORY high sloop House, l.i a uholooneighborhoo 1 up (own, lor or* below S'vrntccnth street; English basement would do. Some furniture might be pun hate-d. Address T. T. Davis, No. 4 William slreeT. riHI EaCHANUE?A VALUABLE FARM OF THREE X hundred <?rr?, siiuaied ?uinn a nuaUT oi a mile or Nevada Oily, ftliiurnia, for Real FSWue or M'-rchanc.lae In ihU < It* or vicinity. Addicts J. K. Phillip*, box 1,1)01 N. V. Po-1 iilfli-a. rH? SOLD?A HOUSE IN THIRTIETH STREET, near Leiinctnn avennr, ihree story and buvment; nil modern lianrinemmis. Pnr Hit. tier particiihtrs impure ?f Oil AS. MHTTAM, a'chibct, *tj llroudwuy, roomi Mod. 2 MdS. ____________ UP TOWN LOTS WANTED.?I SHOULD LikH TO purr'nam two or Ihtee noo?l L"t?, located on the well aide, and a\ uear Eifib avenue *a pn?sil>h'. I will |.ay eaali li offered at a low tigum. Addrei-a M.. Hloni, Herald ofltc* 117"ANTED TO PURCHASE?A small HOUbE, OHKA1 v T for cash, wltn ell the mud' rn Improvement*, mi I In e ri apectatit* lo. nlity. Apply. Willi lull particular*, to JOl It OINTY, real en tale i.nd Uoueo a*enl, 12 > Koui 111 avenue, be. ttvern Twi'll III and TJrirtee.uUl aire- tn. liuuaea let and Ten'a rollm ted mi mod''mm terma. It) HOUSES KOK SALE?ON THE CORNER Ol iaJ T' U'.h avenue and Thirty-fourth *lrret. Tin- liontei are nuOulslied, 21 leet l>y Iota hall t!m blink; thick walla, heavy ilm ?r?, Ae. Thy are to be acrid at a foreehaniri: salt, at the Merolianta' Etehunge. on 1'; Iday. March 21, a: 12 o o It. Tlila la au excellent op|*irtuuuy to jet a cheap boa -on a \. Ido and laahlonahle atrecL Will be cold for about $.\tX>0; are worifc t'J.W)?. fcO/m ?rOK SALE, A NEAT TWO 8TORY AND ip-iUU. biiaeinent Collage, only a few milium' walk fin,n ihe Harlem .trumboat hind n; and Third Avenue Halltoad; this J.' a good canine for any ono Yt.nliiiig acniiiiufl able pla< e Bear tlio elty; pi lee SI,10 '; terms, $'AH each, Re balance to suit the pun han*r. Apply on the premlre<, Harden aim et. hntwi en CoIUnre ami Ranried avauoea, Moit Ha ven, or at (0 Elizabeth a r m, New Yurlr. PHILIP E. HE1SF.R. tft/\ ACRES OK SELECTED ILLINOIS LANDS TOR OUU sale?liwpnroria to null pun h .aera. Thla la a chain* that la aeldeni o iered to make a aa;e and protliable Investmenl. tlrenl Inducement" offered to caah pitrehavrra. Apply to 1. 0. WAliSTAKP, 57 Park row, ruo-n 24. ?11/1 K0R A MOST excellent tarn, OK w v?)iOvU au'''i,Ml mllra on Lena I-.laud, nor.n ti n, wit., tor i lloire, Earn anil Odibntld.ngr, nearly new; fruit, W""d, water, ve. Terms easy. E. A. BUMCE, No. i City Hall plate, corner Chambers at. MATRIMONIAL. AN AMERICAN LADY, OK THE KIR8T RESPECT A kllil. I , ?l. ?w ?r Ihip'v ,1... .Ilkni" I ... wary > n( apinwmuca, bralluliil an J yontluui, and pnrre-sln* m ans will ourMpMid wtili a view to matrimony Witii a l< If lily rrapertabln gentleman, a widower or UM'lirlor. from ioi i)-hvc ti> aiily yn.ra of age. lie uiuid alao poaaaoa itimbi, a pwal per-onel appear-nor, mi l qoo.l mnrola Tula la no uuinbug. ami im an- Jual wnatli aaya AuJrraa In imartly, wiih- uito de Viatus and natiloulma, for oue week, klra. B T. A.tlag-md, Brooklyn, N Y. The * matter will be traaMd wltn honor, and piotwr*# laturneil n deal n-d. AYOLNO UENTLKMAN OK WEALTH AND FOHT. Il<<n In a dely ne-diea tlio an|iialiiunea of a\otui| lauy, aimilarly aitiiuled (beauty naaeuttal), with a view tc matrimony. A lurc-Jt-J. Laurent/,Tituiellle, Crawiord county. I'enn. AYOUNO GENTLEMAN, WEALTHY, AMIABLE AND of an ardent t> m, na-uent, wlsbi-a lo up< n a oorrr-i-oud Dee with aome ban oamoe, lirrly, adocli- Hale yoang lady, tioi orer'JOyrarao. a t, ?lih a view to matrimony. Addn-o, in amtUdence ?a . ai rorliy, Uarry Uatlotun, box I,sua N. Y. Knot olhc\ VfATfllVONY MALE KASY-WITH INSTRUCTIONS tin Ml; IU pngra, lliuatralcd. Sent, peat lyuil. no reo.tYof 24mill. i. P. RISK, 61 R.-rkman ilrtrl. ' MiMMOiUU 1 RIMINIKR -DR. BARROW, IN BLKBCKRH .A. a reel, r?mr doors from Mardoufal alt . at, N. Y. OtUf* houre I mm II ull 2 in i i iota 4 In 8. tar cooper. 14 dcane btrest, member opttib J J Oolli'kfl "l Phytldana and Sort;*, n*. of Raw York, nury be ooUMilii-il rally at hto, from 8 la lite morning until 8 In the evcnlucDoctor hunter himaeli-tiib physician *ho PRtahllah-<l tin* Hnaler.. a Diapa.iaary, So 8 Dl vtalnn atrreL New Yo'k rlty, In lk<?, -an he uiiaitlted fruln 8 A. M. until 19 u clock at ntjkt at ibe ul4 uJico. Prirale enlr.inee. Br. towers treats all diseases or pbmalbh 1 with unparatle ion au>.eeat. lie can be eoneulted at U gh t enact. Attend* ennaian tly. DR WARD-AN EXPERIENCED AMD HMCCBSSrCL Plivalcun and Surg. oa. can be con Milted aa usuaL OIUio U'La aht ?treel. Private entrance. iieure front 8 A. II. till IP. N . daily. TJROrESSOR RE8TELL. 168 CHAM BERS 8TRBBT, CAN Jr p.. cumuli' (1 a* usual. Aa'tiia, 12])4 Llbtrly atneet, M. T. In Brooklyn, 178 Kallou atreet. o CORPETT, M. D.. MEMRBR OP THE NEW TORN IV. Unlveratty fMedloal I'ollege) ami Cobrge of Hiirg>en?. 1.melon, in bn caulWtl a* uecal, at bt* otOcc, No. Jo Cei.lfe i etrret, between Pram bore and Itr-de. baring e | rival* reI

trance at No, tl City Hall rinse. N. H?Aa a proof el Dr. ' C.'? uua^' uDeea, ?? bl? tHjignja M ebtre, In 10$ olDft. , ? JBSDAY, ILLBUH 20, 1861 HoygBi, aoow, at., to mct. A TWO OTOKT AND BABBMENT BRICK HOUSE TO let; w?ier in back basement; gas, grates, marble uunU'll n I folding loop*; Hit iaied Id Bright street, Jersey City, opposite the public school. Kent ( Cull on the landlord, Mr. BRADY, eorncr of Grove and Newark avenue, or on the premises. The kuy next door, at No. 63 Bright cruel. A NEAT THREE STOUY AND BASEMENT IlIOII loop House, No. 80 Lexington avenue, to mil; a v. ry desirable house, with modern Imp ovcinents and lu good order. Kent low to a good tenant. May bo toon Irani 3 to i o'clock. Ai p'y to JOHN FOLEY. 183 Broadway, during the day, or at 80 Lexington avenue, after 6 I*. M. A WHOLE FLOOR TO LET?WITH FPLL BOARD, or a suit of Rooms, lu the ilrat claaa House No. 5 West Twenty-fourth street, opposite Fifth avenue Hotel. Location very desirable. A SMALL COTTAGE TO RENT-IN NEW KOCHELLE, on Long I-lan l Bound. Apply nt t?7 East Houston si. ACOINTRY SEAT TO LET?WITH PRIVILEGE OF puichaso?twenty a t e< hl .b hi althy Laud, with g >od house, fru*t. gardi n. crops In, and a I" ui.iltul view, 33 niliea from New York, on Uarlem road. Will lie let for year or sens m, with all the farm an.l household furniture, piano, wagons, eow, horse, Ac. Terms reasonable. Address M. A. W.. 107 Deuu street, Brooklyn. AFOt'H STORY, HIGH BASEMEN* HOUSE, 23 BY 80 by <0,123 Houston strc?t, betiv en Thompson und Sullivan i-tre- is, to let for biistneei or private purposes: con. tains slx'n u rooms, has double a< aires tie [y,.s uxiur. s Crop n basins, l ath, water closets, A", and In perfect order throughout. Kent reduced Irani *1,201 PtU H. DAY, 1:5 West Pourlerntb street. Brooklyn furnished house to let.?the three stO"v and aitl English basement House No ld.y Partite streut, between Henry und Cllut in streets. Th house is very roomy, baa lath, Ac , und is situated ou u double lot. Tim turn ture Is very com; le'e.ind good. Rent. $800 a year only, but worth $1,2IM. Pus-en.Ion can be bad middle of April. Apply to MRS. WHKELE.t, No. 13d Henry street, Brook 1;. n. /"TOKNER GROCERY STORE.?THE LONG ESTAB\J lish< d S:ore und premisut, No. -0 Tenth avenue, corner of Fourteenth street, to let <-r lease to a responsible p-u uit: has all improvements. Apply to R. U. LUDLOW, No. 3 Pino street, or to JOHN O. WHITE,13 West Twenty-.u st street. Country house TO let?ten large rooms. furnished or unfurnished. In Connecticut, two hours fr. in New York by rail or st-amer; commands a view of Long Island Sound, one-fourth utile front sea beach; largo garden, yard, fruits, barn, stables, An. Rent moderate. Inquire at i-tl l-'i ont street, Bruokly n. /"AOT'NTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?AT SPRINGFIELD, walk lrom depot; house Urp", containing two parlors, lour bedrooms, dining rbunt, kitchen aud larso w anilobe, a goo I well and cistern water. with large garden; rent $l.'A). For I'articular i inquire of T. 11. WILLI.-:. ?i? Fulton aireot. ChO'TNTRY fl.VCEy ?A VERY NICK HOUSE AND J nine J.ois at Melrose, a good frame Houae anil lonr Lots at Morrlsania, large nice House and eight Lots at do., to rent or for sale. Also seventy Farms tor sale clomp. J. M7 EltNEY, l"d>? Lro.nlway. Coal yard to lease?corner of jane and West it cets; 88\22J: lung established, proMriy titled up and doing a large business; It tvo ild also antwer well for a lumber yard or for any jmrpojo requiring vacant ground. Aptly to IIE.NKY REEVE, corner 01 Canal and Centre streets. Furnished house to let-kok six or twelve months, or eve-bang* for country pruperti .?To f-t, in Henry street, Brooklyn, lor six or twelve men hs, turn shed, at a very modetate rent, a tlivt ela-a brow n >lono Home, three storica and basement, with all the modern Impn y,, to ated lit a Ural class neighborhood, oonventeut to ferries stul railroad; or the owner will exclmnye the .same (furnished), permanently, or npon trial, lor a goad fur in or country residence ul.hln bl'ty or slxtv untas of New York. Answers or Interviews at office of E. T. WOOD, Esq., No. lb Nassau street, up stairs. Furnished hoi re to let.?the first class three story brown stono liaise No. 1H Wei-t Fortyseventh street, elegantly furnished, will be rented Com M .y 1, to an acceptable tenant. Handsome house and lo.-a.luu. J'AYLOK AIR >W.N, kid tlrut pivlch all tel. 1AUKNISHED HOUSE TO LET?NO. 41 EAST TWENTY. ' cigbtti stret t; also ono in Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue, to nr va'.n famltlea only; loth thr. e story high basement, with the linpro.rmcuts. Apply at Ad East Twenty-s. eoitd street, from 1 to 3 P. XI. Ituunisiied HOUSE to let.?a small HIGH stoop brick H.>u?.c; has ten rooms and t>.,ih room and gas throughout; fit y furnished and has a lino laige yard. K.nt luo ierutc. In t"?velt tli s r. et, r. ar Broadway. Adurcsa Fitiniahcd House, station D, Untie House. Furnished residence -to let, in stamford, Conn., a stone g House, ruble and cu;n. gu house, six acres of End, ftu.l and shade tr. es; p'e o-aut y situated, on high grot nd, line view of the Sound art I village, one tulle from railiuad >C|0'. Apply to SANDS SEELY, hi Wall t trcct, oUlue of J. W. Gregory. House to let-and if desirable ti!k furni. turo would be sold. None but res; t ctnble p.trllea need apply at No. 20 Irving place, near the Opera House. Houses to let -with modern improvements aui) mod> rate rents, lob and .'07 Nineteenth street. ICO and It 2 East I strut 106 and 178 Ea t Thirteenth street, IS find 10 Stuyrcrant street. Apply to O. J. 1 OINOII, I'M First avenue, et rncr of Eighth sin et. House to let-in Brooklyn, in clbrmont a<cuue, near Lafayette avenue, three stories, Kit ;hab baxemeht, water and ran. In perfect order. Apply to A. M TreJwell, 1 6 Pe >rl street. New York, up stairs, Iroiu 10 to 3 1 .M., or at the Brooklyn til..its Works, to M'. J< hu Uould, II State at . Hrnnkl. n. from M to 12 anil 3 to A1' M. House to let and furniture for rale?in a very desirable and central llfeliuii, aul'ablu for Indies' bo.trJlng house. The furniture coMxts <>l a inoxt superb aud ample a tec!*, sud will be Mild at parstcly 11 desired, and very ehetip. Amiw0, x. It., Herald oilier. ttotel to let-including lodoeroom, hay IX era t % shod and Habits, only two blocks lioiu Hsrlrm ilil lgr, and an established Man i of twenty six years; a rare eh nee for au enterprising iiiuu. Apply at the coiner of . Tuira are. uu and 1am i street. Hotel to lease -the htrvenr house, late u. iinonleo.'s, No. 29 Uruudwny, new York, having been put in thorough repair, | aimed aud supplied with the chnvei.lcncex of s modem hrsl r.tssa hotel. Is now offered to lease upon favorable terms to s The furniture may bs purchased nt en ressonsb.e terms. Apply to hewlett a torrance, No. 6 bowline Green, or to 1iomer morgan, no. 3 flue street. In brooklyn.-to let, three or fol'r spaeloux, Weil fiirnlshsd Rooms, wlilt l'ouiil, In a slricllj private family, wit.l.i twelve minutes' walk of the ttir, e. f. rrl>s Kelereuoes required. Address 0. u., Brooklyn Post Ollice. ^ Lofts to let?or will be divided into oilier*, luiiutre on the premises, 2 >4 Broudu*v. h. p. moore'd sons. Lioiit rooms and steady 3tkam power, to Irt, on Fulton end <io! t itree'S: else s Isrsr i'ateuii-nt, siiila dr lor s resUturui L Imi-.ticof J. li. W ill IE, No. hi villtull st. e i. I)r1vate dwelliso no. 17 st. lukes place (lr.toy street), loit? >tori brown .tone, flout, Willi nil tlir mod rn Improvements. Rent $7l?). Apply at 15 St. 'x place or 142 pu'.l.di street. A. i'rl.eman. Kooms, with steam power, to let ?rooms of a i si/ea to i-t, presided wlla every <>me for ' mschtiildS a ! manufacturers, ample and etc i ty steam power, ait, may now m i ad lu the estcusive hu . ilniton the comer or Deli n ey and Man,in hi eels, at rent. 2?i per cent , below tlio-e s?ked elsewhere. Apply ou the pr es. Stork to lbt?at iso bbs km an fi 11:i et: possession Immrdnttrlv; v- lit #ut<l. Also private hlemc. 23 East Twelfth street, near Fifth avenu, ; s2bu. a'si fear story brovvn stone Kn ll-h basement lloitre, | puperrd and trenoed, e uri yard, with ser inberj, hut and roll vvmer ard i;ae to (o irth lloor; nut wu Apply to 11 livinohto.n .* co , No. 7 new strset. ' II HUE TO LET IN BROADWAY. NEAR BLEIiCKER O street, suits'ile for any kltel of business: rrnt lu accordance with ilie times. Apply to II. L. KNIUllT, Planters' Mule), >' i- Broadway. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET?WITH KARtlE AND mall llonm-, w< II licli' J Si am holsiway. Posreneton imnipiltn eiy. Apply at 4HV Water atreet, between Pike and ti it,' r-. sup. rno lkt-a small bkick house, no.m east Fir 1 teen h timet, otic I I'M k irom I'n.oii s.|U.n. : . u.b, pas' uA mm$910. Inijttlreol K. )(. fo> w AY, MM 1IO LET?THE THKKE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK llou'r 491 Hro.'iiti' tree*. Ap; ly to F. A 11 LEWIS A BKO.. 1U Cnitou.M-r* street. fro LET-ONE OR BOTH THE HOUSES. 40X40. ON X Lewis lm m e, W e?l M..iri nr. ac .-sonde to the cltyr by thr Third avenue or lie lent railroad*; contain* all the modern tmpioremenU; very Mrs.ruble f.o persona doing hualnraa la the city. Apply tu r. A H. LEWIS A 11KO, list Chambers street. mo LET?TART OK THE UPPER J*ART OK IIOL'rB X No Li East Klibirrntb street, between Irvtn* | la e and Third-venue,; all the nm cm inprovciachM?Cro.un w .t'T, m, (?*, Ac., to a email fnintly without chil: dr. II. Tu l-e ion Irom lu to LI and 2 to 6 o'clock. Inquire on the premise*. r LKT?THE HANDSOME WHITE MARBLE STORE and Lorta No. 0.1 Warren atrert. Thl* buildiua' t* l.nlrhidln the most te snd iliyuut m-iim r. ant will be leaned on the must n-.suimt.le terms. Apply to K. Mt. N NKTT, sg. nt of railroad depot, twiner of KiOi and Fianalln etreeta, ___________ ' rpo LET-ON FIFTH AVENUE, HAUI.KM, IlKTWEEN X 13dth and l.llat atreels, a handsome d.utile iJuttnge, inn* roon>a, kltrtten, cellar, Irott n-ol i:ou. r prd m; b .uee has ail moiern improvement*; chandeliers. Rent $301). lo(pi real s43 Broadway,or nr the Harlem up-lit. rpo LET-PART OK A TIIKKE STOItY BROWN STONE X irant House, up town. In n fou.l neigln>oiboou, to n en.all fa nlly; house has th- ii.ual em re; rent about $340. Address Hlnmaii. Hcm.d oiUim. r LET-IN FORTY-FIFTH STREET, OILPORD'R plare, between Tulr.1 and l.Aliugluu avtnurs, a Uiree ilory anil banuum, bleb stoop, brown atone Ituuee, wlih alliniMirn Improvements, bountifully liniahel; I* in good m ? laal u ill Kaa l-ali11 .1 lit n..lA a'laaianil lrt.nliim a.f 1/ ll7l.i l E mTu*?|"renil?t"i>"7>r.Vl?nU.T TweuijTTnli~aUonV1' lerntr tumnnil avenue. TO LKT-THE DWBLLlMn MOOSE HO. 110 BAST EivbU'Cmb aireot, n?r Irving plan*. U?ab? aeeu ir?m 1J to 4 o't :nrk. For tcruia apply at So 91 or 132 Kaal Nluo| tci nin rLET-A FIRST OlMHS LIVERY HTABLK, WITH all modem tiiii.rOTi-menla; been naed for thai purpow lor lire yrura; wlllW let l?iw to a good u>n?ni; eornei of Twenty-eighth atroet an?l Rerenth avenue. Io(|ulro at 2vi tternnlh avenue or ^(UCaoal atr.-et, alairt. rI,KT?AM KI.BU AST B tsKMEST, SITUATED IN Uie neat buftlucaa paid of Br. e.lnay, ueai Caiia.aireot; Ira about ZftsM foot; ueally runuabed, with )ewnuat| cart bo had on oppibailon Immediately. Inquire al HI,', Ur alway, la tho lOgarioro. IJtT-A LARUE CORSE* DRY OOOPB STORE It Ibr beat etaitil In Routn Brooklyn. Ilao boon entabllabcd *1* yonra. and neatly fitted <i|? f -r ?bo trade. In jwiro n( J HIIAKB. Mil' 'olut.ibiH atfoel, Brooklyn LET?FOB SURISBM PURPOSE*, THE I OS MOdioua four ttory M?"?o ltt Eighth street; alio i I:.ring yonctlon of LnfeiO to and A-wfl plaoe?; Una locm.o5 lor a bearding. "IIMff. ,,l*0liur,',n'wP';i,^Sr*,fi iiiannla. bwaidaaa AoplJ to B. II. TAiIAIR, 111) Bmadway, tear odlco. r I.BT?1IOURB3 IS BROOKLYN, B. D A TIIRKE atory bkh ?uh>P brick H-uad)" *' ?? atreei, near liedfo.d avoaae; rt in ?t?A Al?. n Ha"' 'ran.,-M. ci' b aire of iha ?"-nd ;iij? /iuT.w nil I riUii Mrr?t; In iiiircftf YfU'M'* * * UntfLL, j V CO 0 limf, room M it ^ hoph?c.,_jro ut*,_ mo LNT-AT 174 EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, A i A Siuu.l English basement, with every nindtru to:.Yc-.ieiu.e. WiJ I mi let very low to a nspcuaible tenant. Apuly to A. UVIXOoTON, U Bechman ?TeTT ' TO LET?IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, A long established Dcnost Oilice nr.d Work ?nup, auJ tha I use of a f urnlshed parlor for customer*. Iuuuiie of ROOMR A W KLLS. It?7 Ninth avenue. or at ?kt Went Tweuiy-hrsl street, between the hours -f 9 A. M. 5 P. M. TO LET-ON 1JITH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND Pounii avenues, near Central Path, two well i nuued ail- I tier Houses, r lt;ht rooms, firs fixtures Su<l fine yard an I outbulldm;;*; laclluitB g'0-1 for getting down town; rent $200 a i your. Inquire at 234 1'carl street, or on the TO LET?THE OLD ESTABLISHED FANCY DRY Qoods Store No. 33/ Canal street, one of the best stands In the city for business. Apply to ANDREW BAKU, on the premises. TO LET-FOR ONE OB MORE YEARS, FINE TRUCK Fsrtn, fifteen acres, with good buildings, situated one mile smith from East New Yu.u and wituin one hundred yards of Rouble's Landing. Apply on the premises. JOHN BKAliAW, New LotA TO LET?A COUNTRY SE VT, AT PELIIAM, WESTcheater county, cunt.-tiling .I'd acres of Lund, large iluuse, with necessary nut buildings, ail In good oroer; rent low. Apjily to DEVEL1N A MlLlJJK, 61 Liberty street , TO LET-IN UUTTKNBERO, N. J., TWO 1I0UT8 , una suitable fur a tiakery, the other will lie let out in < rooms. For further i ar.lcular* apply to 8 pt'IltE DWYER, near the premises, or at KOllLLR A FINCK'H brewery. I r LET.?THE FOUR STORY, BROWN STONE FRONT < House, No. 117Ens'. Fotirteeu'.n street. iiluex lleut i order un I oautains all modern Improvements. Tnu chande- 1 Hers and gas fixtures wlu be let with the house. Possession \ can be hud before the 1st of M iy, so us to give a upl tune 1 for inoviii.'aii 1 arran ;lnc furniture. Apply to INSLEB A. I UOi'PKlt, 433 Broadway. rpo LET-ON FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR NORTH I. river, two Floors, euch 23 feet i [Uuie, light. d on every s ile. Kent loiv to any buslucas they will sui,. Apply to K. AUI.D, Furty-iourtli street and Eleventh uvouue, from 7 told. TO LET-BULKHEAD FRONT ON WEST STREET, Norm liver, ndhr Canal street; dwelling Hua*< a 173, 175, lS'J and lid Hudson street, and 33 Hubert street; sei crnl small h'tmes and Divellin-. a; hrl- k Stables, suitable roe Curtnien; Workshops, Ac., Ac. Ap; ly to JAMES PRICE, IfJO Hudson f trect. TO LET-LOWER OR UPPER PART OF HOUSE 133 Monroe street; the r will occupy t Ither pari; t'.r n iu family; house three story, base nent and under cellar; hai modern Improvements. Apply to A. LASuKH, jMBouw st. rito LET?A SUPERIOR NEW KOUR STORY I1IU11 JL sto.ip brown stiitio House, of full width, 13 Icrtoerp, *vi n extenhion, in tue most a-tiraiuo location iu tue city. | Apply tit lt3 Madison avenue. TO LET?A DESIRABLE COTTA1E RESIDENCE, situated at Carthage Landing, en toe Hudson r.ver. n.-..r the ilepnt. The house contain* nine rooms, with large yurd, wi ll blocked with ;i varie y of fruit trees with ti'.e o o n 1? garden, good well of wat-r, barn and ntnUiui". Locution healthy. Rent $12.1. For . urther particul .ra Impure of DAVII) 1'E LONU, 231 West Twenly-hrsi street, New York. TO LET?THE TWO STORY, ATTIC AND BASEMENT U y.tse 21 Ks.-ox street, with stab ? room for t> or tj horses; wide alley, very convenient tor Hrmi'ii; aim 1'art of House 23 Essex street. App'y to J. CORNELL. No. 1 E*..ex Market. _ TO LKT?TWO SNUO MODERN IMPROVED HOUSES, iit comp ete order. So-. 13 and 20 Itothiuie street, near Ablngd m square, rent $'ilX); also the lo ver part of No. 14; rent frO); two nice Cottages In .ler. ey City, six roonaeiuh; rem #to per tuouth. Apply to T. CoLUlriTII, 3lS*bl ueaer tin OL TO LET-A CORNER STORE, ONE OF THE BEST EMuds In tho Fir-1 ward lor gri c rv and liquor husitirsa; rent reasonable. Apply to ( HAS. McC VY, 3D and 41 Chamber* street, United Stairs Marshal's outer. rilO LET-A THREE STORY AND B '.SEMENT HOUSE, X $100: a three story and EuglNv basement House, $M0; anotln r $70>; a large House and S a'.ie, with eonrh house attached; nil in good order and suitab.e for genteel families; sfiuated in West Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Inqulre^aio West Fifteenth street. fPO LiET-TlIE SECOND STORY OF A HOUSE IN HAMX mun i street, with nil the modern improvement*, front and back Parlors, folding ilno s, Dinin; Room and Kitchen anil one Bedreoui, all on the second Iloor, a,id one Room in the third story; privilege ol bath room, laundry aud e liar. Can be seeu from 10 to 2 o'clock by Inquiring of Mr. DAY, 13 Hauimou J street, corner of Waver ley place. TO LET-AT 609 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THE MEliupolliau Hotel, a Suit of Rooms, litted up for a photographic gallery, with a splendid skylight. Tho rooms .ire two lligfus up, lu a first class hull ling. Tins l<it spli-ndt t situation lor toe husluoes, being right In the "photographic'' pa. I oi Broadway. Appiy on the premises, or of T. W. STRONU, 93 Nuarau rtiueL fPO LET?T11R LIQUOR STORE, ON THE NORTHX el' t corner of Wanhlegton and Charlton streets, with the Mo k nud Fixtures for sale. Apply to U. N. A1111EN3, 3.9 West street. Agents need not apply. TO LET-THE THBEE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK Duelling lloi se 1 -2 Franklin sireet. Rent #02.'i. Apply to BENJAMIN .VEWKIRK, 139 Elm street, or EDWARD UMPbON, lio West Kit'.ieth MreeL fPO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASEX ment of bouse No. 12 Third street, to a small family. C liven.ent lo care and stages. Rent $290. Particular.! at Mi 3 Bowery. r LET-HOUSE AND STORE ON FOURTH AVEN1T!, i.e..r Thlnoentli street; three awry hr:clt house; will he altered Into a'tore If desired; a rood business location for ri tall trade. Apply to J. CODDISUTON, 17 Wall street TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF IlOUHK NO. 177 Ka-.t Thii tcenth street, betwem First and So ond ave nui.a Kent moderate. Impure mi the premt.aea. TO LET?THE THREE 8TORY AND BASEMENT brick Dwelling 179 West l'w n:y-tirth Htnwt; rent Apply Ui EDWARD TIMHSuN, No. 170 Wwt FITH ill Btl'eet. TO LKT-Tni; STORE 704 EIGHTH AVENUE; IIAB tcenoecii. Ii n <he i.iat tour MNIM boot anil (bo* , line, all (I' ill-Ill hi*:..I Ior lliat ?r tin- dry null lnmui>?; renl $?5. A|?'lr to HOWARD 'JlMl'SON. Fiftieth atreet. r LET.-THE SUBSCRIBER!! BEING ABOUT TO HE* move, oli'.-r trt mi the a*cond loft oi tin- a tore U Maf >vi lane. It I . eery <! ? raM.. ition for jewi 'lera, mui > Mlwier importer', ? : lea , utvi 1 I Into tw j lari;.- ai/.-d ulllo a if ?.r?.re-|. tl v u I I I it n re' , i.-at mr-'jle rate, ami .-an b? ?.?upt<" labo .t inil.).! mif Ai rl> If '" fired. A.i| iv on the prrml . . to J. W. GRI'E ?'K .v I'O. rpO LET-IN 1UIOOSLYS, A -MM., itliiKK sT.iUY A and La?*nirnt'm. *. Ilmiao, Il'i |i ,!?a ? U'ie Oi1 w?, KlriWWcod A-.. . . rr. ' v \ liig . i>iit-rt*. live mini:" * ' If ...? lullon .err*. Apyly to 1). II. GOULD, 91 Erm" ireet. TO LET-TO SVALL FAMILIES. A THREE 8TBRY and baanr.eut high ah op bitea limn*. A an. tb? lower en.l upper parla oi a ii rve tor* brick lluux; ail the tno .era Improve menu. Apply at 114 fca I Fiftieth atreet. TO LET-TILE GOTHIC COTTAGE AND STABLES 77 \V. a: Thirty-a-venm alrcct, wliu two iota; Houm .onUt nyiM.lii looms and; (table iwoin for from four to eight hnraea. Apply to TUKNKB BROTHERS, 3J2 Wmhlugton r ir. i t. rpo LET?DWELLING BART OB TWO FOUR STORY A bona'*,271 un.l 2.3 i.reriiwl -Ii itni'LliOar'Murray, liourdIfg inn.*, a 12 yrara ui-at. Infinite at J. I. ' DUN'S, i.O WukIiington atreet, n. ar f'ultcn. Cheap rem*. i'o-acaatun Immediately. rpo LIT?A BUR-TVNTIAL NF.W BUILDING, FOR A man ila Am n;: purpnaea, near Bruadv a., In rear of No. Ii2 (lie. no .treet. 1.outre In bent aiore, 10a Ureeue atreet. mo LET-T1IE > URM8IIBD UOl'KE, NO. 107 WEsT X Fourte .tit atrerl, to 11p. ituid laiully. Kent low. Will nut be hi 'or txar'.iog purpurea. Apply to UAMMONOA KOMAINK, No. 10 Due atnu.:, room No. 11, and Broadway nod Kur.y-d kiii alrtM l. rpo I.ET- THE FOLLOW I NO UKHIKABLB HOUSES AT 1 LKDICLU HKaTH. No. 2fl| 9 flnad armor, funr <.iry Eiinlirli liaae.nent. No. 140 Ka-t Tli dr. tun a.inrt, nruwn atone, lour aiury. No. I .'4 itn'. Thirteenth cl.cct, i town non< , four atory. No. S ooo areour. four ??nry Kogllah baaement. No. 176 haxt >i lurnili atrrel. n<-ai Htuy.'raout wninre. No. IS7 K">l Nineteenth aired, three etoiy, high aloup. No. 16.' I.a l Tnlriv nih alreet, three ?t< ry. high aloun. No SIC Mi It-erry atreel, fr tiled iear houae. No. 21 Ht ireriant a'reet, th.-ae it? y and attic. No. ISO Ma'al Pub colli atrret, line i rbiry, Men atoop. No. lit KailTlilriwnlli at., uroen a' Knellali looxmrnL No. 144 Kail Tmre -nth alp i t, hull aloup, (uorttn-y. No. 2loS ftaat Twentieth at., Kojwn Law ment, tliruO atory. No. 11 l.ivlni a'on pl^o , o| p lalfr Stoyvraaiit rquara. No. A4 C niton place, near Unltendly plana. No. 196 Faet Twriiti.-th aire, t, row u atone. No. 19* Baat Twentieth aireet, blow n a'nne. Apply to THOU \? MAOFARLAN, No. 1.40 fcaat Tenth a .rent, r LET?PART OF A HOURS, IN AN EXCELLENT neighborhood In the Sen n eenth wanl, ronatallnif of front and bark Parlor* on lira' floor tact H mnent, w th water nod re-, Hire Room* on third ilimr, prink ,e In L I, rroin an<l Ml , La. a large yard, la ore at ANTE N A TilROt KMORTON S, 2A3 how ry. Ttl LET?THE SECOND STORY AND PART OS THE Tlnfil Story. In a modern built houac, c 'uaHtlng of lira rooina, hot an t flold aat-r, hath, Tan, Ar., at ISA Weal turtle lb atrat t; rent $200. None but a email family need apply. rLRT-VT tlAKTTWOS, ONB DOUR* RIDS PROM toe dty, and lire intuuua' walk ftom the depot, a louble Collate. ?tih f.irden attached; rent $30) ea,h < <)tt_- ?. Apt I. to WM. W ILLIaMH, $7 Wall at real, or in a. BACK)Li, 43 West Tblity second atreet, N. T. fl'O LET-TWO TUREE STORY BROWN STONE FRONT X llou-ea, corner of I'oiirtlt avenue end Nin ti ih atr-ct, Yorkr ille, n w, with ell the mod-rn Mureentenlnt r. nt I. w. For full parliculera apply to J. IIKKHOf R. Ifn. MS B load?ay. rLKTtxTHK LOWER FART AND A PORTION Of the > (per of A tbrea ilorjr anil Ufh aloop lioieu, No. ti K?l Fortieth a.reet; rrry dtalrable <nd rh>-ap; on1 jr three qmct pi mux wiah to occupy the niwamiier. Inqulroon the pNPIw. fro LKT-TIIE ( ITER PART OF THE IIOl'6R .'7 EAST X Twalft*! atre?l. between Breudway And Fo irth annuel 4 Room?on third floor, two rvoma on m irth Uuor, all Iurnlahed; Intra pornthlc tennil th? r nt will b? on'y W?> p>r yar. A pi ly l M1 ! 4 o'tlnfc P. > rl.KT?IN MLOOKI.YN, A TWO RTORY AND BAREno nt brlrli limine, In thorough ortltr; compl la with hldgewood water and gea; rnneenlent to South and Hamllt?n avenue larrtct; rant low to a good truant. Apply At SO Sunt., Brilliant alreet, Raw Torll. rlJIT?TUB CORNER STORR RO. 157 AVBRUE A, lung erlahllihed Aa an aitatialro gr.icert and Itouwr mora. Aiao Third Floor of dwelling houee IW rlret avrnne, ne.41 M. .Murk e p!w. tontleltag ut lour large Roome, Red and Haihioom, Ciotun wAter, no. Apply to D. O'COROR 4k Waal SoTciitaanth airaet. r LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY WITHOUT CHIL, dr n, I'nit of a neat two dory Houee, in good order r naming of fiont and rear n om on scronil floor, and front b.t?''tu?nL Apply at *- Barrow atraat, auonJ door wiat of lltnlonn. rro let-thf. first floor or no. <a william X at. A t, between the i'oat oitica and now Co atom House; nl*o, <'IB rant etieedingly low rania. Thla mat become a great thoroughfare. Apply at outre No. 2, fl> Wilitmi atnet TO I.BT-A BEAUTIFUL T.YO RTi'RY ATTIC AND hdhatneiit O. tinge Hou.r. with two Iota ef gioundat. Inched, J?f gui eiilng Pur pot corm r ul H'/mtP .ttutnn) an ! PI rMPi"'" ' Brooklyn, An M tine of the Vn?le ivwipj caia, ltenX#i"4i. Jfc tuiyjon Heftiu.ieia^ j, BUjliN Floi j uj oJRrtt' i 1 1 3 HOU8K8, ROOMS, AO.. TO JLBT. j r LET-183 GREEN Willi BTKEBT, NHXi To DEY i.t. art, the Urge btore, Basement and two Arst Lofts. Also the Dwelling tail of house 8o3 Broadway. between Se0 nfci mil ami E pileenlh streets. Inquire at 237 Greenwich itreet, third duor above Barclay. TO LET-AN UNFUBNISUED ROOM ON THE PHUT n or, with Board, auiub'e f< r it geulieman aud wife. No moving In Mr/. Also furnished Rooms lor ceuUrmaa. A,', 1) at Ji Vowrj street, voruer of Hudson. Terms moderate. TO LET-NO. 119 TENTH HTBEET (HKEVOOBT pucuh the whole lower part of the botse, t aether OS very desirable lor physicians or denusts. Wot.Id be lei fm light hades. TO LET?THE PIRST CLASS PIVB 8TORY ENGLISH iMrCUient Home No. l,2fcj Broadway, bstwues ThlrtyUr'tand Thirly-seooud sttee a, repl'te with all the modern lmprovcmt'tiis, aud torga jard, well adapted for a large private unity or b ardlug house, partly fur cubed U re<tuixedApply on premiss. TO LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH GARDEN, lawn, ooaah h .us*, orchard an h > . t hi art e a of land, 1*4 miles fiout the U tdron Ii,v< r ltulli ?a I station at Hastings, and IMS ad., a ltrom the Yonkers station. A1 o a small furnished < >Ua,ene. r the at ove. Apply toL. 11. PIGNOLET, N utli River Bank, coiner uf Greenwich and Ley streets. TO LET?HOUSES NOR 43, 47 AND 51 LTHFF.NARIJ street, and 131 and 137 Franklin street. Hum llate |t ran of 47 Lispcnard timet. Aj.ply to JOCKNEAY. 173 Broadway. rO LET-A STRONG BRICK BUILDING. 113 WAT.KER street, sixteen feet west of the corner of Centre street, lontuining u store, basement and four lot Is. very well lighted; 1 so, a two story Engine House, on adjoining 'tit. with separain entrance; tee wTioie combined to, oilier is very soltaulu for a pianoforte inak. r or other lnitnufactut lug purposes. A*. F< r imrticuiary apply to F. WEILKlt, 171 Canal street, third iioir. TO LET-THE LOWER I'ART OF HOUSE NO. SCO Hroonto street, r.e ir Vurlek. Front and back Rooms, Dinlui Kootu uud Kllvlwu, route, tub-., gas li> lures, ..c^ very couvrnieut for a gentleman and wne. It. nt a..out $240. To be seen from II A. M. till 3 P. M. mo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR O ' HOUSE NO. 29 J. Market street, t misting of four la go ro its and b?U>renin, together ?1 It bar..: b.tvmrnt, to a stna.1 lam ly. Ap11/ on tl e preuii-ei from 1 to S oYlo k. TO LET?AT REDUCED RENT.', THE HANDBOMH new tor e Bti r 99 Sixth avenue, near Jefferson market; also, the lour stories of same: also, the uppcr)<*rt of the { uymn iHiuiu nui.uin,*,-Ju auu no, incoming IO JX .cppa i rat us, Ac. Apply at iiS Waver ley plate. TO LET-IN FIFTH AVENUE, A HANDSOMELY FUR. t nished Houau, lour stories, brown stone, high stoop, 1 above Nineteenth .troci. It wo ilobc routed from lit or May 1 :o a private inmiljr. For term*, apply to Dr. CHILTON, \ H3 Prince >lre -t. 1 TOLMT? AT J.OW RENTS, THE LARGE I1IOH STOOP \ 1 three story rl. k Houses 50 Wen Washington place and 1 1 lac Wavetl y plire, near Sixth avtnuo, ?u h coutanuugaboot \ 1 20 rooms th<; mo.mru improvements, and lu fine oidc.r. Ap- V ' ply at 168 Waver ley place. 1 rpo LET-THE THREE STORY 1II01I STOOP BRICK . \ 1 lloute 161 West Twelfth Mired, between Sixth and jMA Seventh avenue*, size 2oxfl0, in good order, with gait Uxturea and miidern lui]" ovemeuts, to a renneualb e pri ale family; r 'tit $700. Apply to B. 11. TAYLOR, 120 llroad.ray, rear TO LET-TWO COTTAUE HOUSES. WITH SIX LOTS ol gr< und, o i lIopi?-r lane, between Fifty-second and Fifty tli.rd streets, west of Eleventh avenue, and near the riv r. Houses shaded with trees: Croion water, gas and fixtures. Ninth avenue earn from Barclay street and ileum ^^^B cars from Chambers street, ltent $276. Inquire of ERASTUB LYMAN, Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company, 100 B-end iv ay. TO LET OR EXCHANGE?FURNISHED HOUSE, IN Houcltcn. first class three story and basement House, with water, ran. range, 4c.: hsutioii No. I Hloomtlcld place, between Ft.lh and Sixth streets, in llloomlleld street; isyery cotiifariably fui niehed ?nd will t<e let or would exchange for house In Bmoklvu and pay Ciller 'inc. Hen*. AdoU per an num. Apply (o DANIEL WADBWOBTH, 207 Pearl street New York, or at the house. rrtO LET OK EXCHANGE?CHEAP BENT?IN HUDL sou City, N. J., doable House, twelve room* and c ellar, l?r::e carriage houtn mid atub.o and four Meres of land, all enelos d. Apply mi No. 9 Ferry street. Now York. TO LET OB TOR SALE-THREE YEARS' LEASE OF S op,'0 feet deep, two stories high, at No. o Cannon tree', n tsr Grand. TO LET OR FOR SALE?A CnURCH, TOGETHER w.ih throe Lots of O.o.ui l, suitable lor manufacturing purposes, Ac., rentrsl location, situated In Mulberry street, between Broome an i Gram! streets. For particulars apply t.i I'. \VFILER, 171 Carat uncut, third Poor. TO LET OB FOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, NO. 909 B. Inge street, near Concord, ufteeu m nut. s troin Wall or Fulton ferry, a modern brown stone aud brick House: water mid jus. Bent $101; very cheap. Inquire of J. DU FAU, 90 Liberty street, up stair*, New York. rLF.T, FOR BAUi OR EXCHANGE?THE DESIB6. bfcs lour story b'own stone House Nd. 6J blast Twenty* el-blh Htruut. Immediale l ossesn'on can be given. Apply to the ownur, on the premises, lioui 10^ to 11A.M., or a$ p r bill. TO LET OB LEASE-TWO OF THCSS BEAUTIFUL 11 nises, s.tu.ited on Clermont terrace, Newtown, L. I.; each house contains thirteen r,.ouis, Las all the modern lm? pmvi men'.n, with large parch n and shndoa lawn In (ront of twoi.crea, with eli nlar carriage rocid. completely protected from the main iot.1; only two minutes from railroad d-pot mid tlitrtv-hve minutes Imm New York. For further particulars apply to A. BAXTER, on the premises, OrtO SAMUEL mo LET OR LEASE?A MODERN BUILT COlT.lOB X In Nmrk, situated on the hunks of the Hudson, and within two m.numa' walk ul tho steamboat landlujp The liout - onninlns three lury* rioma on the (Irnt lloor, ronr on tin- second, e Kood aued room In the cupola, beaidea att c and co'l ?r. Inquire at 1C-4 E:.-*t Twenty-four.h street, or at 30 ?rk row, room 10. TO LET OR LEASE?AT A VERY MODERATE RENT, the i'ulhilnas ld'i aid 10T> East Twent v-thlrd street, with steam power; lullabl* for a plan j iiuim factory, cabinet or rarpenter ?h?p, or an extentive waa i bouae; bout will be let tonne jam,or each separately .-or pan of rach; wis"*?'ou lmni>-<iiat lv. Apply on tho promLoa, or to E. BBADLBSTON, 13.i Weit Tenth street. rpo LET OR LEASE?THE. OLD ESTABLISHED LIA qui-r Store and D??i Inpa, situated at 11 > Mulberry etreri It-tit I- /a cootl tenant Apply to NICHOLAS WALSH, No. S Birth avenue. rpn IJ1T OR LBA'iH?NO. H5 EAST BROADWAY, A A *r. t; L-ri'-l. H i.-e, tvlltt ail Hie modern Improreu.i nt Will be ran exjiectable family at a uioaerat# rate. Jti; ly ; It. S dl.OMoN.bfl C.iathura I true I. fro LET uK I,KV E.- . lJkEflE THREE STORY BRICK I llo i ? ; .! S. 1 .1 Spni'r, itreel, near tins no; alley oat a tli .-art '* sol e lor an* buim-as will be put til order and rented 1 i" tjply to A. SERQKANT, la Wall at r.*? ? , _ TO LET OR J VIA-' . UN ACCOUNT OK THE HEALTH of the n*i< .0 ylng e'tthdehineut, id nimpletn order for iuum . t or particulars, Ac., Inquire at 3-7 Uro-itw ic'i r? t. rru LET OR I VERT LOW?A NEW BRICK JL Ball-tin.;, ?l?i fir manufacturing or (tabling purposn o .1 r i ' u'.y.J'jurlu sires:, near the northwest I orner of Ninth i?. Inqiire In t.ic lancy (lore, *17 Ninth err, - ru I, II. ri'.NuLKT, North Kleer Bank Buildlnc, cornrr of liro u.tieh and Hey .recta. n 'OLEASE- I : 1 ' ER YA'iD, rou.XEROFTENTU X srenn* tn.i fn to .tu alreet, with bull.ilng?, Oiturrs, X"., suitable for 1. o |?.. or rail yards, wrll'i an or twihre lot* miniied. Ai'pi; ;a II. LUDLOW, No. 3 l ine street, or to JOHN O. WHITE, I' IV it Twenty-Bret street. ri'O LKAtE-A RULEHEAD AND LOTfl FRONTINO X thereon, extending ahnot rW fret, us t:ie Kssi riTsr, fcel>. ren Thir.t uin.h aii'l 1'T.y- ootid stneU. The depth of w.,te- m..Ko. I- s-.ltah' - tor vessels of the la rye. i oUae, and foi i. 11 kinds of h'lat.. rc-iuli.nt * au r ntxoiiiniodsllous. It will he leased In pun-to. Apple to WALTER L. CUTTING, Ji Wii.utm . net, Istwn u lisn I1 o\l?t rro BAKKIIH.-TO LET, TUE OLD E.STABLIEIIED X Bikriy mil DmllliiA U Bulur alre-t, rvs ly for oe up.inoy j leneTurtit* uon rented; will he let low. Apply si the maul- nre of the ownor, Ihl E-il Nineteenth street, for aw w-? k. IN) BAKERH.-TO LET, THE NEW BAKERY, COR. iter of K>e,t'..y I M?r*M a-, rune, Brooklyn; titer* ami futures, with an Ice cmain N .loon Rooms au-l the bikeryslloiion -r. \j-piy to owner on the premises, corn* r ot Bruno -ye ..1 B-rue avenue, Brooklyn. B. D. HENRY t NULfE. TO 1*I!TKCIAJ0R.?A FINE BEIT OF OFF1CB8, HANDsomely tlulshed. with -tery mo lern Impute oent, Ciutnu and res, eVei yils ni that is de-uahle fore bratrlaaa pty-tcian. Buglish liMinrll residence 138 Ninth street, a ft w t-oo.s vreil of Br ay. 'rro CAKRUOM MANUFACTURERS AND I.IVRRT X stable keeper*?F'i *?!-, ' w.i I/<t? nf ground, situated In Nrvlns street, at U* lolrrse- ,?,n with Fulton and Flnthuah venues, hall it mile l>um the < tly Hsll, Brooklyn. This tin* central lo. mini olf re. rapedal ? to Demons e. gaged In Ike a bore intemda, uns-rpeaesd a lesntagra, rimniamttng I we ol the principal seen ties of the <Ly; terms easy. Apytf el No. 6. arcane. ' ? unrra* tii 'H'bibpbi 11HK EI.1.(1 A * rv?l>ir..?? nvvD_ ... . .... . , atrrei to let or IfMf ?t a *?u\U?a; |>icaaani|y tooalcd near Hao-nd avenuei thiwa au>ry, high atoop, t$ if CO, and >U ti.od' rn HuprwdiaoMR. Tub f.i.k :ant modern high stonb stoop tttrre alnry brick Hou-.e IIS lib na llroet, It rook tin, Will hi Irt ihlriNl moniha for 9i*4: 5S??S fact; I uraaoo, fa*, b.ihs u<?> t?, ateukiuit turn . !< .; Img* garden. ttowrra and grape*. In<i<ilrc at IDS Waablnrio j atreei, Brooklyn. Upper fart or norsK m madison street to In, with ba a iwnmini; hen* t.,r*a ?Nn tea. brlek, with l.rca o.mlortabl* noma. In apiriaint ami heulthv portloft of th illy. Can bo am at any Uaie from 1 to 4 P. M. 20 FLOOR, COKSTSTISO OF TWO LA RUB ROOMS nnd two bedroom", a lib tin and bathrmnn prlrUrtaa, total, to a in.all (anally. Ap|.l? ?n th? prcmlsoa, gig Wrat Twentieth atrret. Can burr po? carton April 1. ftQnfk-W LBT. THE AB?*OSD FI.OOR, CONTAlTffOUUi lug two iarl< ra ami two bedroom*, the front f .wmoni nud two Ikliwnil In the attic nf tha hi.ttaa 111 nlllvaa *trc< t: aa* aod Crotoa; poaaraa on can hohadma April 1, rent fSW. Jnqone at S?l Canal or lit SuUlvaa aireet. ?T e/* ?TO LET, THE THREE BTURY HOC SB BO. f 10U. Kb! Kelt Content aim t, neat Lexington arnn ia. Contain* tau run; nil modern nnTciitoueoa; gaa ttiluma In the I. on to l la :n perfiwl or J-r. Rent $4SO; or will a*'I, lerma caay. Apply to ALMH URAPP, 178)4 Wat-r tract, ~ TliuAtDt,^ VLAR'iR KTOCE.OF KKW AMD YRCMITTUHD Milliard Tabioa, frUh Pbeiana i.ouMdMloo Caahloua, for talc nt nrteaa to aclt too llni-a. PHKI.AN A COLLKRDKR, 43 to tl Crosby at, N. T nti.t.lARDR ?FOR BALK. A HPLKMDtD STOCK OF 1J iww an.l tncoml h?nd raoUa, at rca?'naUI<> jiit cn, TuUIr* to M and Mn'"nii Tati'.ca for ? *?. Orrttm 1/mail ttm.u a to by W. tir?lKIKKlTlt. 144 t'olljn ?:raet PDLlTjcU. , . , rvKMtK'BATlO RKtt'Bli.rAM UKNKBAL CO*. I ) n-ltir*, Tnmmanyilall na wWraara r???r?Ud td aiun.l a ;n<*;ltt)tf ttf th.' annrc Hi r *1 h^'Jat "l1 "!i" J > '. t.pjt!' i i rilMNa Wi illMM

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