Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1862 Page 7
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SALKfl AT AUCTION. 4 LHKBT U. KIC< LAY. AUCTION NBA >1 ' u o: otorks and Bonds. JLI E.'T il. NICoLAY Willneli Oil; day (Tit .rodavi, March 20, At Uk o'cIo Ic, a: the Merch.uU' Kxel ance, m aha Comaaou'h Int....1(A) SO eha N. Wcatern Int.... 80 id Me ctiaiiiK' la*...,,.. 30 20 W.s'ilnrton Ins 80 SO LorilHtrd Ine 23 10 Imp. A Traders' Bank.. fO 'Jo Citizens Bunk 25 10J Butch. ADrov'a Bank. 25 20 C- rmaniu Life In. .. 50 I.SuU tiar-atnr.nlo Citv and C<>. per cent bonds. ,000 North Onrolina R ate 8 par oenl bonds. (My) iuveanCo. Man cincturing uu I Mmiug Company Bonds. ,WJ0 bis ilUyn City 0 ii. rent bonds. Next regal ir sale on Monday. 12! J o'.lo -k, at the lerccMU' Et'Jt&n^. AI.KKRT H. Kit OL.lY, Auctioneer, Heat Euale and Hod broker. Albert h. micolay auctioneer. 8hh1m1 1'l BNIfUUE bales. albert II. nioo'.ay gives his personal ad. ntinn'(a?(lie ia* done for many year.) to auction sales of lli st elars KurLiture at tire prn ate rcsid'nces of miners u?y t! desired, at ?iis <>parlous *<\lenroom,5J William .'reel. A UCTION NOTU'E-M. B.CM A I'M AN. AUCTIONEER tx MAtlNH-TClOiT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, fainting*. Stattiai? and many rat-- and elegant Works of art. At public auction, on t its day (Thursday), March 20, Sale commencing at 11 o'clock precisely, it elegant residence 16 WV.-d Sixteenth stroet, betweeu Fifth and S xtli avenues. 3even octave resewood I'lauol'oi tr, Ko.twood Dining R om Suits, Rronre and ormolu Chandeli- is, Velvet and Medallion Curie ti, Set its uud Dresden China Vase r, 1'ier and -Uuntul Mirrors, embroidered Curtains, Oil l'umtings, Ly eminent -artists. DRAWING ROOMS. Rosewood Secretary urn! Rooki-u^e, Eueolgniires, Lady's Work Table, superbly carved solid rosewood Suits, covered witli silk brocatejj rosewood Centre Tables, Etageres, lined . with saliuw'ood ; King's imteut Reclinng Chairs, Oil Paint* !'ngs, by Colo, Inman, Legrand, Sellers and Eglaw; Fruit j Piece, by Rousou: Winter Seen--, by Legrand; two match [Paintings, originals, by Boardman; Scenes on the Tiber, at (Home, by Dele rolx; Hclv Family, by Logrand. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, . superbly carved ease and legs, made by Broadway makers and In excellent order; Canterbury, Stool and Cover; Mutlc Books, oak Buffet. Extension Table. Ann Cha re, China Diuuer and Ten Sets,crystal and engraved G.asa Ware, Table Cutlerv. Silver Ware, rosewood end mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads. Wardrobes. Ilnir and Spring Mattresses, Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Bookstands. Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Basement and Kitchen Furniture. The above elegant residence, for sale or to let, inquire of the aic'Woueer. N. B.-Strang, rs wishing to attend this sale will take the Filth and Sixth avenue curs or stages at the Astor House, St. Nicholas or Metropolitan Hotels, leaving at Sixteenth Atrcet, a few doors from the house. Auction notice.-ernest roth, auctioneer. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. An extraordinary opportunity for houBokerpers and the trade. All the elegant household Furniture at the private residence. No. lid Waverly place, between Washington square and N.uth at unite, wiii be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, without reserve, this day, March 20, at 2 o'clock precisely, consisting of beautiful medallion Brussels, Three-id) and Ingrain Carpets; rosewood Pianoforte, benuttTill Parlor Bulla covered in bro atel and figured reps; rosewood Btapcres, marble lop Pier aud Ct aire Tael a, Damask wud Lace Curtains, line Painiiogs, large oval Miirors, rich China Vases, Corner and Ilook B amis, twenty-one day bron/e Clock, rosewood and mahogany round com-r Bedstead, Bureaus, Washstands, Hair Mattresses, Me Is, Redding, Bolsters, Pillows, Uiaekets, Sheets, Pillow Cases, black walnut 'Vele-a-Toles and H isy Chairs, covered In hair clut'i; Sofa Beds, Rockers, Spring Seat Chairs, Lounges. Bookcuse, Ten Tables, Clocks, Mirrors, black walnut Extension Table, marble lop Bullet twe've Dii lng Chairs/Cut Glassware, Ch'na, Glass and Silver Wate; Table Cutlery. Parlor and Kilch -n Stoves, Oilcloth, Chandeliers, S.alr Carpels, Ac. Sale positive. All the goods must be removed lorty-eighi hoars after the sale. Auction notice.-joseph l. smith, Auctioneer. 1.urge sale of handsome HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Ac. vncgpil r. UMITIl anel lnnni'r will salt this ilivr. at 11 ! - 'clock precisely, the eiegant Furniture of the Arm rhn rmd*>lenoe 137 Ea-1 Eighth street, between Broade ay an Fourth -aveuuc. eonsJstl:)!! of seven. oetave 1'lar.ofoUe, rosew ijo'l and t>tar.k walnut l'arior 8,ills, covered In rich satin hrocatel, reps and plush; rosewood EUlcere, w ith mirror back and doors: Centre and Pier Tabh s, Turkish Lounges and Chairs, rich China Vase*, Lace Curtain*, beautiful rosewood and mahogany Bedroom Suits. Matt:esses., Bedding. S >fa Tied*, spring seat Chairs, Extension Tables, Bilet, U'ass, <'bina so I Silver Ware; Table Cutlery, and also over 500lota of Household Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, Stoves, Ac. Sale poaiiive. AUCTION NOTICE.?J. BOGAKT, AUCTIONEER, BY B. A J. BOUAKT.?Friday, March 21, at lojj o'clock, sit the auction rooms Mo. 1 Nuth William at., on account of whom It.may coneorn, lo pay keeping and expenses, one Gray Horse, Lumber \Va <on and Ham-1**. Also, Constable's ale of 21 pairs of Boots, Ac. A. Sl'ltlNtld'i'ON, Constable. Auction sale.?furniture in the fillmorb House, Newport, E. 1.?The subvert!-era, assi-jnees of 1 Wm. W. Hazard, will commence the sale or Furniture in the Fillmore House at aunt,on, on Saturday, March 22, and continue the same dally until further notice. CEO. A. AUMSIKONQ, ? T. D. HAZARD, | Assignees. ASSIGNEE'S SALE ?J. BOOART. AUCTIONEER, BY S. A J. BOO art.?Tuesday. March 26. at 11 o c.oek. at the auctiou rooms No. 1 North William sheet, by order or the assignee of Nelson t Mamlel, live one-eighth plpra of Vineyard Proprieties Biandy (in bond); also alt Notes, Claims, Book Accounts, Ac., of the Ltte lit m. T. C. T. BUCKLEY, Assignee. BA. CHILTON. AUCTIONEER. . LARGE AUCTION BALE OF CORD WOOD BY OBDEB OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Will be sold at pubhc auction on Saturday, March 22, IStC, at 12 o'clock, at ths depot, at Branch, on the Long Island Railroad, about 950 cords of well seasoned Oak Wood. For terms and particulars apply to the auctioneer, 46 Nassau < - street, N. Y. Sale by order of Colonel D. D. TOMPKINS, Assistant Quartermaster. CONSTABLE'S BALE.-ft. A J. BOGABT, AUCTIONerr.?Thursday, March 20. at K'X o'clock, at Sao Greenwich etreet, the contents of a Liquor Store, consisting ?f -Bland Osaka, Counters, Beer Pump. Sugar Case, Looking Glass, Futures, Ac. HENRY WEST, Constable. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. ? HANDSOME . Household Furniture, Brontes. Engravings, Ac., at i nilction. R. II. LUDLOW A CO. will fell at Miction, on Wednesday, March 28, 1802, at 11 o'clock, at 23 Wert Twenlyflrst street,between Fifth and Sixth avenues, the elegant Mm contained In said house, consisting In part of fl^Hkme carved rosewood Parlor Suits in crimson satin ' - iaBta brooaiel. crimson satin Window Curtains, Lace Ctfrtains, rosewood Pianoforte, seven octave, made by 8to<ldart; rosewood Centre Table, marble top; eboDy Cabinet, rosewood Quartette Table, elegant bronre and marble Mantel Clocks, Ac.; Cat.delAbras, mahogany Extension Table, mahogany Chairs, in morocco; rosewood French Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Armolre a Glare, Wushstanda, mar1 le top; large Wardrobes, Couches, Chalre. Ac. Also a number of line Engrat ings, Brussels atid Velvet Carpets, Matting, Aa, together with an assortment of Kitchen and Laundry Furniture, with which the sale will continence. Maps at the auctioneer's oilier, No. 3 Pine street. EH. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER. NO. 48 EAST HOUSTON STRBET. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will aril at auction, on Friday, Match 21, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange: EAST HOUSTON 8TUEET?The valuable three story high stoop brick House and fail 48 East Houstos street, south . lilac, between Mulberry and Mott streets. The house is 21 by about 40 fact; fair order; first house cast of Mulberry street. Lot 21.0*70 feet. fh.OnttgBA remain on mortgage at seven per cent. Maps. Ac., at the SRCt'.oneeiNo. 3 Pine street. EU. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. . VALUABLE LKA8KHOLD PROPERTY ON CLINTON PLACE, KIOUTI1 STREET. E. H. LUDLOW A Co. will sell at suction, on Friday, March 21, at 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange: CLINTON PLACE?The valuable House, together with the Lease of the lot, 76 Clinton place. Eighth street, near Fifth avenue. The house is four ' torles, hlg'.r-Moip, brick, twenty-live feet front. In dine order, contains the conveniences. The lot is leased frotn the Rogers estate, bas (wnnlr.t.ft* rntpa Iamiii from Mai. 1 MAI witS iw*n>?'u<al HnKl I ?f renewal lor twenty-one years, 23x100 fcei. Also right of alley and carriage uses in the roar of house. $5,000 can remit a on mortgage. Maps Ac., at the office nr the auctioneer*, Ho. S Pine street. EDWARD SC1IENCK, ACCTIOyEER. SUPERB Household Furniture?Br BLWARD BCIIKNUK. on thta dar. '4Rh lnat.. nt Uto'olock, at hi* salesroom*, 163 ad 157 Broadway, a large and elegant assortment of first claai Hooeehold Furniture, comprising Parlor, Ohamlier, LI brary and Lining Room dulls, and other elegant Furniture. Ferry lease at auction.?by virtue ofjm authority reeled in him, the Comptroller will sel^^S public auetlou, to the highest bidder, with adequate secriHBf at ths Citr Hall, on Saturday,the 19th dar of April. 1841, at 12 o'. lock, noon, the Lease of the bulkhead and short ptsr at the foot o< Desbroasrs street, being sixty-live feet In width long the westerly side of West strrel, or so much thereof as belongs to tae Corporation of the city of Mew York, wltb the Tight to ran a ferry therefr >m to the foot of Horelaiua street, Jersey City?but such leading plaoa at Jersey City to be provided by the leexee at his own expense and cost?for the terra r ten yean from the 1st day of Hay, IrtWL The lease to coa?aln all the conditions and eoveaants usual la ferry leasee made by the Cenioratlon, and also suck at are prescribed by resolution of the Common Council la relation thereto, (passed November >, 1340. ROBT. T. HAWS, Comptroller. ^De^>?rtmrat of Finance. Comptroller's office, Mew York, OEOROB CbOK. AUCTIONEER?A8SIU NEK'S SALE of auperb Household Furniture to-morrow, March 11 at 1BH o'clock, at aalesroom 111 Broadway, one of the largest . locks of first c'.saa Knrnltnre ever offered at auctlroin thla city, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Library nnd Dining Room Furniture, Kscrrtoire; also Boikcaees, Buffets, Extension Tables and article* required to furnish a first -olasa house. Bale positive. H. B.?At 1? o'clock, a seperb grand action Pianoforte. n rnnuK nonx llirrinvvvB a * T trooncu 1.1 tjT 'Broadway. Superb Harnes*. Baddies, Bridles,' Ar., being the itlre stock of oue ol the oldest and moat celebrated manufacturer* tn the dty, who la about changing hla bu?lnaeas. Ororge O wk will Mil M above, at the alore of S. l<owery, 1KB Broadway, between Twenty-fir*! ami Twenty second street*, no Monday, March 34, at 10k o'ctaek, hla entire stock of line custom made Harness, both double and -single. coveted and a<t/er nioun'el: ladlra'and gentlemen's Saddles and Bridle*. Bits,Whip* und "quia extra One Carriage llankete; also aule leather Trunks, Travelling Baga, go. The whole of the very lineat quality, and to lie positively sold. HENRT H. LSBDB, AUCTIONEER. HI'I.RNOID CABINET FORNITURB. JtVRRT ARTICLE or W11IOM IB CUAltANTEKD in evert PAR ITOIU. Aft. HENKT H. I BEDS BOO. will sell a* auction on Wednesday U9th, Thuraday, Bhh, and Friday, Slat March, at 10>f o'clock each day, at the ?paclius nrnrbie stores, No*. SOT and 604 Broadway, opposite too Ht. Nicholas Hotel, where tha fnrnt. ture has been removed for convenience of Mle, none but the highest qiialuy hating breu admitted. Among -tha manufa turera art such as MarcottO A Co., #Ron? k Co., E. W. Hutching*, J. Herter, ottler A Hlymtis, A. Vr-de, H. 8lon?f, I-uunt A Klmbail, J. Meek* ft Son*, J. Dcaaoir, .1, II. Ileltcr A Co., and others, being the richest and be*t sale of Furniture averse' up m thl* city. vit ?Rhony and ormolu Cah'neta and Olaa<rs: rosewood, oiled hlaek tvalnut rich Parlor Sulta, eovtied and ainoovercd, In various aly|e?; walnut Inlaid with marlde, B -okeaaeaj do Klanerea, elaborately carved; Dr aiing Bu rea'ia, In evory style; Dln'ng Room Furniture, In oat nnd walnut, tdbrary d". and blak walnut fancy Chairs. Bccrefacie*. Bo->kn**c.*, Centre Tables, e?cry style; all kinds of Bedroom Furniture, Patent Refrigerators, Dinner Seta, Sronse--. China and UliMlWcre, end elmoet ererv other description of the hear Furniture in the city. Can bo seen *tnd cv.i nlncd until the days of sale. HRVRT H. DEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?HE NRT H. I.KF.DH A CO. will Mil at auction, on Friday, March 21, at III o'clock, In the gallery over tlm -a tearoom, 3d N:ia*ait street, a beautiful collection of Oil Paintings and Engraving*, embracing Madonna, by AlOnso llano Carlo Marraltl, Soliool ol Uuldo; two very antique and curious Ploturea, supposed to be by Albert Durcr; Painting ol War ky Dues Olordano, Vlla*quas, Den (franco Andrea dr| Horto: Ontn mcntai lee on the Old and New Testaments, by Rsurln to five volume*; together wi'It ths Work* of W, M. B-own' Fieldlos, lliigglca. Page, Bcaultiu, Talbot, Dj Motaa. lisle! OtWr.Bu Iter worth. ' ' Alan ftU ?*t Engr* ilnga, Lithographs, a r N I1WI AT APCTiW. HKX'KY D. MlNKilf AUCTIONKKK. SALESROOM 87 N ibuu street, opposite the Post otttce.?MINER ? SoMEttVlEEK witlsellat Auction, 8aturdav, March 22, at lhVs o'clock, at their salesroom i7 Naateu aueet, fora^unl 01 whom it may eouoarn, one oaae containing about b,im> Arti.-u , Gilder's and Oraiuer a bru hoi. comprising wuanco of (took of one of the largest city Importers. The ?U>"a consists of all varieties, of the moat desirable description. sna la all In perfect order, and will be Bold In lota to auit purchaser*, without reserve. ________ JJENRYB. MEBT3. JB.. AUCTIONEER. ASSIGNEE'S HALE, BOOK ACCOUNTS NOTES, AC. HENRY WOOD A CO., will ?ell on TUuraday, March 21), at 10 oVlo<-k, at the salesroomi, 100 Broadway, the entire remalnin.' Notes, Boor Accounts and other evidences of debt, belonging to the late firm of Cellar A Dunn, to < lose the estate, by order. MARK LlsVY, Assignee. Kerry h. herts, jr.. auctioneer. BHKklKF'd SALE OK LUMBER, Ac. HENRY WOOL) A CO. will ae'l, on Thursday, March 13, St 11 o'clock, st the foot of flanscvoort street. North river, about fO.OU) fe :t Virginia While Oak and Fit<U Lumber. JAS. LYNCH, Sheriff. N B.?The above sale Is adjourned until Monday, March 21, at Ibc aatnu time and place. By ord r, JAMBS LYNCH, Sheriff. Henry b. hebts, jr., auctioneer. SHERIFF s sale. sheet music. Ac. HBNItY WOOD A CO. will sell, on Friday, March 21, at 11 o'clock, at the. sulesrootna IJU Broadway, a lot of Sheet Music, i'lates, Ac. By order. JAMES lynch,Sheriff. Henry b. hebts. jr., auctioneer llORTOACB HALE. IRON safe. HENRY ?. WOOD .? 00. will sell, on TUuraday, March SO. at 11 o'clock, one Fireproof Sato, manufactured by B. M. Fat.ici: By order of the Moi tga?e?. Henry b. hkrta jr., auctioneer. I'll ELAN ri PATENT BILLIARD table. HENRY WOOD A CO. will Mill on Friday, March 21. at lt)}? o'clock, at the Faleat'ioma. 400 Broadway, one marble bed Billiard Tabic, O'Co.n ir ? Collender's manufacture, with I'hcb.u's patent Combination Cushions. Terms Oash. Henry b. hebts, auctioneer. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF ELEGANT CABINET furNITURE, Being the entire stock of a Bret class manufacturer. HENRY WOOD A CO. w;U soli oa Friday, March 21, nl 11 o'clock, at their trtleireoins, Iht) Broadway, AN ENTIRE STOCK OF RICH CABINET FURNITURE, Comprising in | art csrveil rosewood rurior nuns, in shuu, brouatel, velvet. plunk, muslin ami hair doth; rosewood, walnut, oak una m.ihoganv marble top Centre Table*; richly carved solid rosewood and walnut Eiizabelhian and Louis ?^ua:orze Bedsteads, rosewood Armoirc-*, Wardrobes, Secretaries, Ktenures, Ac. Also, Rlhly carved solid rosewood, oak. walnut nnd mahogany Bullets: Extension Dining Tables, French plate Pier Minors, in iuas. lvo cilt frames: Turkish Lounges and Easy Chain, solid oak and walnut Lounges, Ae. To be told positively without suy reserve. Terms cash. Catalogues at sale. By order. EZRA F. KELLOQO, Assignee, JOHN H. BURLEY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at *U street, Sola aud Sola Beds; mahogany, marble top and other Bureaus; mahogany and other Bedsteads; ma. ule top C litre and other Tables; Wardrobes, Wash'lands, Hat Ra.ks, Corner dlauds, Pici, Mantel and other Classes; Brussels, Three-ply and other Carpets) Oilcloths. Feather Bods, Maltrcsses, Blankets, Comioners, Lace Curtains, Crockery and l'lated Ware, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. JCKEPII HKOEMAX. MORTGAGE RALE. Friday, March 21, at 1< o'clock A, M.. at the Central Salesrooms, Wllloughby street, corner oi Pearl, Brooklyn, large uuthoguny Billiard Table, Pier Glass, Chandeliers, sterling silver Bpoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac.; mahogany and walnut Kolas. Ann an#- Parlor Chairs, two maTiogauy Extension Tables. Centre Tabic, Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, tn.ahoghnny Piano, Carpets, Oilcloth, Fancy Ooods, Ac. JMORIARTY. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, TUIS . day, at 173 Chatham square, at 10)( o'clock. Furniture, Feather'Beds, Oil Paintings, Mirrors, Clocks, Cassiin res, Dry nnd Fancy Goods, Cntlery, one Sewing Machine, Sofas and Lamps, from a manufacturer going to tuo war. MDOUUHTY, AUCTIONEER?PEREMPTORY SALE . OF FIRST CL VSS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, OAKPEiS, MIRRORS, AC. M. DOUGHTY Will sell, on Friday. March 21, commencing at 10)? o'clock, at the privatn residence 2M East Tenth street, near First avenue, all of the krst class Household Furniture in tbo above residence, most of which was made to order, and been but little used, consisting of Brussels, Tapestry snd Ingrain Garnets: cilt frame Pier and Mantel Glass**, rosewood marble topEtngere, marble lop Centre Tables, black walnut ami mahogany {'arlor Sulta, covered In reps and bro- atel; Oil Paintings, extension Dining Tables, D ntug Chairs, Dinner and Tea Sals, Cutlery, black ualnut and mahogany marble top Dressing Bureaus, Waihstands, Uedsteada, llalr Maitre~-ex, Feather Fed*, black walnut Chamber Suits, In oil, Ac., the whole to be peremptorily sold. MUOL'liHTY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, THIS . day, at 10J? "'clock, at aalesroom. 85 Nassau street, HouseLo d Furniture, consisting o.' Carpels, rosewood and mahogany l'arlor Suits, gilt irame Mirrors, Bookcases, extension Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, fi i trots, Dressing Bureaus, Wushatnnds, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Palllasxcs, oak and walnut Chamber Sul's, In oil; Lounges, mahogany Chairs, Sofas, T-de-a-teles, Wardrobes, Ac . Ac. Huusokeep^ era and dealers wl!l tin J the above sale worthy attention. Mortgage sale of household furniture. Gas Chandeliers, Ac.?Will he sold at public auction, on Thursday, March 20, 1862, at 10 A. M., at 111 East Twentyhrst street, a large quantity of Furniture, c insisting of rosewood aud mahogany Parlor Suits, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, rosewood Marble Tod Bureaus, Chairs, Solas, Mattresses, Pillows. Velret Tapestry and Brussels Carpels. Extension Tables, Ac., Ac. By order. john h. wil?on, Attorney for Mortgagee. Metropolitan police auction sale of unclalmed property, at the drill rountorer Centre Market, (hta day, March 20, at 10 o'clock A. M. Terms cash. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?THIS DAT, BY RICHARD WALTER.?, at 18 East Broadway, a large assortment of unreaeeuiea j-icnscs, ro'isisuug oi ? rucas, .-sniris, t?us lues, , Coats, Pants, Vest*, Pillow*, Bed*, Shoes, Gnltrrx, Boots, Quilts, Blanket*, and a variety of numerous other ailiclea, well worth the attention of draler*. JACOB L. PllXmPB, M Catharine street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-W. N. LEWIS WILL HELL, this day, at 2S Chatham street, a Urge assortment or Men'B aiij Women's Clothing, Remnants, Carpets, I'mbrellas. Boots, Shoes, Ac., Ac. To commence at lt)>f o'clock. By order of J. B. A J. SIMPSON. SHERMAN. AUCTIONEER. S. HERMAN A CO. will sell this day, at salesrooms, IS Bowery, at I0>{ o'clock, itself lice's sale ol Liquor*. Grocerlcs. Ac., conslailng of casks Brandy, Bourbon sua Scotch Whiskey; pipes (Jin, Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines; cases Schiedam Schnapps, Brandy, Wines, Ale, l'orter, Ao.; 60 boxes Cotfee, Candle*. Dried Apples, Cream Tnrtar, Mustard, Prunes, Segcrs, Tobacco, Ae.; oneWllder's iWi Sale, Desks, Copper Boiler, Liquor Pump, Measures, Demijohns, Kegs, Ac. By order. JOHN BROOKS. AsMtuee. Also 600 hbis. Herrings, to pay storage and advances. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at 10)? o'clock, at 133 Crecne street, all the gi nieel Furniture, Ao , of the house; J Parlor Suits, 2 Pier and 2 Mantel Mirrors, Curtains. Centre Tables, Tapestry, Throe, ply and other Camels, mahogany, French and other Bed. steads, Mat'resses, Bedding, Dressing Bureaus, enamelled Suits, China, Olass, Storca, go* Fixtures, Ac., Ac. ? _______ A~ T, AT, AT THE OLD STAND LADIES AND GENTS can obtain from $7 to B36 for Silk Dresses, froui $6 to Sat for Costs, from S3 to S7 for Pauls. Also Carp- ta, Furniture, Jewelry, Ae. A note by pout punctually attended to by K2EKIKLS,.134 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Tweutietb streets. LaJlei at.endeJ to by Mrs. E. No connection w:th any other bouse. AT THE ESTABLISHMENT 212 SEVENTH AVENUE Is reoetred ? large order frum the West, to purchase ladifts' and geuileineu's wearing Apparel, Carpets, Furniture, Ac. I guarantee to pay the full value of all articles, without sny buuibiig. 1'lease call on or address T. ROSENBERG, 212 Sen-nth avenue. Ladles attended to by Mrs. K. ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?IF YOU wish to gel iho full value lor your cast off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, tbe best you e>ndoUto t . ....... X. 11. II W.. JB... V iflSRia. you luay bo c<mvloo>d 7011 will be don It with to your satlofocthin; for dresses, from (4 to (90; for coats, from $4 to $13; lor pant*, from $1 to $& Please don't forget P. HARRIS, ltd Seventh avenue. Ladle* attended by Mr*. llarrla. A OBKAT QUANTITY OP CAST OFF CLOTHtNO 1\. wan tod?Furniture, Carpet*, Jowelry, Ac., to supply the Western market. I p ty a* follows:?For Silk Dresses, from 913 to (M; Coats, from $10 to $20; Pant*, from $3 to $d. Ca? on or address A. Duces. 218 Seventh avenue, betwsen Twenty-fourth and Twenty-dfUk streets. Ladies attended to by Mra P. AO HEAT UNION VICTORY IS GAINED.?LADIES AND gentleman, It bss been victorious In being pronounced by a great many that B. MINTZ, of 17$ Third avenue, has been paying the highest price for cast off Clothing, Carpels, Furniture and Jewelry, and still meaa* to continue to iryou will favor blm with a note or call. He will not humbug the community by offering $40 for ellk dresars, $20 for coals or $7 for pants, as Is done by other dealers, but be agrees to pay tba fun value for sack article In cash. Please remember the well known Waaler. B. MINTZ, of 17$ Third avenue, near Seventeenth street, late of 137 Stub avenue. Ladles attended by Mrs. Mints. At the californian and western aoenoy Store the highest price oen be obtained for rest off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ao. For SUk Dreeees, from 98 to SU) for Coats, from $2 to $18; for Pants, from $1 00 to $41. A note addressed to H. Harris, 883 Boweiy, opposite Great Joni street, will bo punctually attended to. Ladl's attended by Mra. Harris. A DEMAND.-$11,000 WORTH OP CAST OPP CLOTHing. Carpets, Purnlture and Jewslry wanted, for which the most value can be obtained by calling on or addreeetng B. IT., 79 Stub avenue, near Wavi rley place. Ladle* attended by Mra E. II. Pleas* remember end try 7$ Sixth avenue. A TTENTIONl IADIE8 AND GENTLEMEN.-I HAVE XV j'tat received M.d.'U 10 purcnase can on oiotmng, * urnltnrand C.irprts for the California marltut. I do promise to pa; the highest price* In the city by calling on or addr*aaIngli note to E. MfNTZ, 1S7 KlJth avenue, two doors above Tenth afreet. Ladlea attended to by Mr*. Mintz. Rnmou.ber, 137 Sixth avenne. T"POSITIVE FACT-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF A you want to get the fall value for your uaat off Clothing, Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry, the beet you can do I* to call or aendanotn to A. HARRIS, Ml Third avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth atreeta, oaat aide. Ladle* attended to by Mr*. Harris. Attention.?i have to till-up an order for the Went to purrbaoo Cant-off Clothing, Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry. Ladle* and gentleman can receive the highest price bv calhn-: on or addressing M. ABRAHAMS, 233 Seventh avenue. Ladle* punctually a.tendud to by Mr*. IT 152 SEVENTH AVENUE. LADIES AND OBNTLEA men can dlapoac of their oast off Clothing, Garnets, Furniture and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay fifty per cent more than any other dealer In the city, and not to be Humbugged by great puff* and ralsa pretenders. Pleaae call oa at address J. Auhalt, 152 Seventh avenue, betwoen Twentieth and Twcnty fir*t (treat*. Ladle* attended br Mr*. An halt. /TBNTLEMEN'8 NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTHINO TX purdtaaod for the Western market, In large or email lot*. The full value wilt b* pnhl without haggling or Reeking to Impose. Piece call at the store or address Ttaoa. D. Conroy, *i Centre street. RAILROADS. H~ ITIWON r.IVEU RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALB AN V fmy, the Nori h au I Wot. leave Chamb i? ?.reet at 7 and 11 A and 3.15, A and Id 15 p. M. New rORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, North and Waal. Winler arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov. 4. ISGI. Fur Albany?Id.3D A. M., Biprena Mall Train, froal TWenty-lllth street depot. For tdl local trains see Time Table. JOHN BVAUU1LL, AMiatgal Supartatsndtst. 1 f*K I \ r i CI A \ i I / m YOHK HERALD, Tfl MHXPPIMG. SIKAM WEEKLY TO LIVE WOOL, TOUCHING AT oueenstown (Cork bar ,ur>. The Liverpool, New York and rhLadclpiiia 8ic&inshin Company int lid deaiwtciung to'jx full |>owert?d Clyde built irou Miu*mtfhiptt as follows:? CITY or WASlilNUTOM Balurday, March SI. haluiday. March J?. CITY OF B LTIMOBK...., Saturday. Apr A ("d every succeeding Saturday, at uoon, Iroin parrtt. North UIM UJT r ASSAOM. Fu*t Cabin $75 i ate*rage $30 Do. to Loudon 801 Do. to London.... iS Do. to Paris 851 l>o. to Paris 3d Do. to Hamburg... 851 Do to Hamburg.... 36 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rates. Kates from Liverpool orUureustown.?First cabin,$75, $S3 and $105. Steerage from Liverpool. $10; from Queeustowu, $30. Tickets can be bought here at tbeee rates, eusbliug people to aend fo. their friends. Thcar steamers hare superior arcontmo 'alious for paaaen gera, are strongly built In water light iron oectious, and rai ry (latent lire aunlliilators. Experienced surgeons are attached to each steamer. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INJIAN, Agent, tS Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. St. Enoch square; In Qiieeutown. to C. A W. D. SEYMOUR A CO.: in London, fo FIVES ,t ML CEY.C1 King William street; in Purls, to JULES DBCOUK, No. 5 place tie la Bourse; lu Philadelphia, to JOUN 0. CALK. Ill Walnut street; oral the Comimny's olUce JOHN O. DALE. A.ent. 15 Bmadwar, N. Y. Hamburg ambricam i-ack kt company. S.eam to Loud' n, Hamburg, Havre and Sou hampton. The favorite lirat clues ami elegant iron mail steamship H AMMONIA. H F. 8ehwen?en, eotuiraiider, lurrying the United States mall, sal's from pier 21 North river* foot of Fulton street, positively on Saturday, Mailli 11 and takes pe-s-niters fbr London, Hamburg. Havre and Buuthauii.ton at the following rates:? Kit at cabin $73 Ht'erage V No sec uo cabiii pttasengerg will !* Ukt n for ttiifl trip. The Kixonia will succeed the Vl imtnoaia on April 5. For tiavititte ajiplv exclusive^ to C. B. ItlilH AHUM A BOAS, 161 Broadway. N. V. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATURDAY, MARCH 29. The Uuiled 8iate? Mai! steamer ' ' AltAOO, Henry A. Gadsden, commander, Will sail from pier No. 37 North river, loot of Beacli atroet, on H tlurday. March 29, at noon. This steamer, unsurpassed for safety and comfort, has double engines under duck, enclosed by water-tight compartments, which, besidea other results, lend, iu the event of collision or stranding, to krep tho pumps free to work, and aecurc the safely of vesai and luuwengera. For freight or istsaaae apply to DAVID LINES, Agent, No. 7 Broadway. The steamer PULTON will aail April 26. Tub north obkman Lloyd's steamship IIANSA, II. J. ton Santeu commander, carrying the United States mail, will aail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street, on SATURDAY, March 29, at 12 o'clock If., rott BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking passengers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates:? For the Drat cabin, $100: second cabin, $60; steerage, $3S. For freight or p^gea^^ ^ STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVERpool.?The Montreal Steamship Cuiupauy's first class, full powered. Clyde built sleaiuer, NORTH AMERICAN, Capl. Bur-ess, carry ing the Csuadian t.ud United States, will sail from Portland nest Satnrduy, March 22. Rates of passage from New York.:?Klrbt clues, according lo accommodations, $80 and $06; atecrar.e, found with good provisions, $K0. Certtlieatca issued for briuging out passengers from all rhe principal towns in Ureal Britain and Ireland at very low tatee. For passage apply at 23 Broadway, New York. J5ABEL Jk SUABLE. Ueuert.l AeenU. FOB LIVERPOOL. ?TAPSOOTT'B LINE.?SHIP DAVID 1IOADLKY, lying at pier 21) East r.ver. sails this day, and ship WM. TAP8UOTT, lyins at pier3S East river, sails March 26. For passage, at low rates, apply to TAPSCOTT Jk CO.,86Southsiiect. TTIOR SHANGI1AE. CHINA.?THE ELEGANT FIRST r ?i ... uki.. lfiTTV UIUULAV I. $v & viasB nil11# nnii 01011 ovn, vu}iinn if?aju, in now loading at pier 17 East river, nod has accommodations for a few more cabin pars'ingers. Will sail on tbc 25th inst. F?r freight or passage apply to L. H. SIMPSON, 05 South street. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will lenve New York on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month, except when these dates tall on Sunday, when the day of departure will be on the Monday (piFor freight or passage apply at the only office, No. 8 Bow,ing Green. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. Australia pioneer line, carrying the United States Mail.?The now British hark ,IUL1A ANN, u! llong Kong, is now rapidly loading lor Sidney, N. S. W? at pier'JG Raat rirer, and will be despatched positively 11th April. Has superior Accommodations for first cabin passengers. For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAMEKO^DO Beaver street. 1710B HAVANA VIA NASSAU. N. P.-THE* BRITISH and North American Rayul Mail steamship Knrnak, ' Captain Le Mrssuricr. wilt sail for the above ports, lrom the Company's wharf at Jersey City, on Saturday March 291 Saturday. May 21 Saturday AprilJ 2?| Saturday Juuo 21 Passage money to Nassau ?$45 Passage money to Havana fid An experienced Surgeon on hoard. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Green. THE STEAMSHIP ROANOKE WILL LEAVE PIKR 13 North river, on Saturday, March 22, at 12 o'clock precisely, for Havana direct. LULLAM, HBINEKEN A CO., 115 Broadway DRY GOODS. ~ At EMBERSON'S, 367 SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER OF Twenty second street?Just received from Paris a large invoice of the celebrated Josephine Kid Gloves, the beat tilting glove imported?the only house iu town thnt Una theui? only 88 cents per pair, worth >1 10. iu all colors. AT MRS. GAYNOR'S, PARIS CORSET AND SKIRT ESTABLISHMENT, New and elegant styles, just received, some as cheap aa the Inferior articles commonly sold. Ladies before having dresses fitted should purchase those Paris Coutille Corsets; regular price. $5 and $0, now $3 and >1. Nice fitting Corsets for 21. Skirts equally cheap, and uiadc to order. Embroidered and other Corsets, slightly soiled, half price. N. B.?'fallen, Crochet, RuiUlng and other Trimming, best makes, for under, garments. 813 Broadway, near Uulon square. BAEGAINS, BARGAINS, BARGAINS. WET BLACK SILKS. WET LACE CURTAINS, WET ENGLISH HOSIERY. Just received, the above goods. Bold on account Oi IUC iu*uranr<- umnpsuii:* h SWIIUU. W. K. PEYTON, No. 274Bowery^_ ORSRTS AND SKIRTS?NICE FITTING CORSETS, from 75 coat*; best Steel Hltlris, 50 cents; also Wet ley's Parts Comets, very cheap; ladies' Under 'torments, Edgings, Rufttlugs, Trimmings, A> .; Jourana Gloves, 63 oents, at S8U Broadway, near Nineteenth street. ^JANTILLAS AT WHOLESALE." Large and attractive stock Of MANTILLAS AND SACKS, Inctodlng all THE LATEST N0YELTIE8, Many of which are exclusive in style and material, manufactured in the best manner for Drst class trade. Oreat inducements will be oil'ered to WHOLESALE BUYERS. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to <87 BROADWAY. VTEW CLOAKS-NEW CLOAKS. IN A. C. STKliNZ, 291 UKAND STREET, Is now offerings largcNlocIt of NKiV SPRING CLOAKS al exceedingly low prices, ranging from $4 and upwards. A. C. BTIthNZ, 291 Grand street, corner of Bidridge. Stocks of goods or any leas amount of Dry Goods, suitable for country trade, wanted for rath and real estate. All communications confidential. Address Ira Bldwell, Adrian Michigan. Q-O LACE CURTAINS. 109. Od J. NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS, VESTIBULE LACE, All kinds of TRIMMINGS, At KELTT'S, 359 Broadwsy QffQ WINDOW SHADES. 859 Ouu. SPRINO STYLES, 1992, BROADWAY. rOE DWELLINGS, STORE WINDOWS AND SKYLIGHTS, MANUFACTURED BT O. L. A J. B. KELTY. dilO AAA ?DRY GOODS, PART OF A JOBBER'S vlu.UuV/i stock, for sale at a discount for cask or apEroved notes for the entire Invoice, consisting of 8llka, rapes, Dress Goods, Hosiery, Laces, Ac. To be seen from 10 to 12 o'clock 97 Chambers street. Mo trades entertalued. SUGARS AND TOBACCO. CEOARS, VERT-CHEAP.-BOMB DESIRABLE BRANDS 0 ul lUtint, Domestic and Uerman -<egnn still untold. The aaaignee, at 17 Broadway, ia very desirous of cloaing out lh? aloe*, and offer* inducement* to oaab buyers. " ^ THE RfclBKLLIOM. Am member or the seventh regiment, na tlonal Uuard, wiaba* a Ueulenant'a eommtaalon, for which be will pay a liberal sum. Addrca* tor threw days Daran po rt. Herald offlow. A RMY SHOES.?A,000 PAIRS EXCELLENT QUALITY A oak-taoned a*wed Army Bootees fur aale by UEoRUE I. W1IITB, 8$ Cliff street. First and second lieutenancy open in a lint clsas Infantry regiment. Applicant* will pleaae atat* what prion ihey will pay for the eame. Addie-s Captain, box 1JI3 Herald office. fit LAOS, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS' r Stall.s, Mountings, Trimmings, Engles, Spear Heada, AcOrnamantal painting aud embroidering on altk. HOJfcR A GRAHAM, 97 Pwtae atreet. TTEADQUARTERS NEW YORK lOUAVES-THK OLD XJ. meinhera of tbia organization are notified that the Corpa will commence drilling on Thunday evening next, litth Inat., at 8 o'clork, at the arumry, corner of Tbompeou and Poiirtb street*. Members will pleaae report tbemaelrea without furth?r notle?, a? their address's have been loel In the organization of the Ninth roglment N. Y. V. for active service. Those who may d"sire connecting themselves with the organization arc Invited to he prraent. By order of , <'APT. JAB. J. DYLANKY, Vice-President. HlMST RiLDWtir, Secretary pro teui. SL' UTLER'S GOODS -A NEW ARTICLE, IN 1IRTSR DSmand.?Andrews' Yeatt Ponder, put uy la ran* n| 4or.. Cox., H or. and I lb., ami o ? nJ lb U?. botes, with full i'lre?v tlma for nee. We have only nee uualllr, an I thai Ihu Warranted superior to all ofliere. Will keep good'n a-yc'l. male. THOS. ANDREWS A CO., llf ana 138 Codsr ttre<New t irk. VOLUSrEfcRS -TO SERVE TWO OR THREE TEARS, or the war; aim, thre- monthi' volunteers, an I the widows and h"lr? ol euah, ate requested lo call on >. KOW ING, 10 Naaaau ttreet, rooi t No i. YirANTED-roR COMPANY D, FIFTH REGIMENT VY (Eicelalor Itr gadn) United Stales Volunteers. fifty able bodied men, for whom JS p*r mat will be paid. Also twenty young men lor Bon-eoraiulaelwndd oncers, pay from $17 to $33per month. C.othlng and subs'stmee found Immediately after mm--wring. Inqull# at o.'lce Statcn lalMd ferry, fool of Whl'ebaU street. >V. H. SIUKLKIl, Captain. 1 QTI1 REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. U. 8. A.-BY PERlij mission of tbe Adjutant Oenaral, U. 8. A., officers of the Twuffth Infantry are authorized lo ralae their own compaaiea. One company, under eommnnJ of the nnderaigned, will I'd raised IB litis city. Nnn commissioned officers appointed alder organisation. A. J. DALLAS, _ _ TwelfteUnited 8 late* UftttHT, routing officer. 7?Chalhg**treet,N, f, T # , tiTji >p n n ? J j| V?iay' i (JB8DAY, MA.1MJH 20, 186 _ AMlggJIlSWTS. . NIBLO'8 OARDKH " Less f-n and Hsiucnm, fc. U DAVENPORT. II c. JaKiIKTI ud W. Wn EAT LEY. Kim B. u-nt of

MR. JOHN COLLINS. TwentycLh h u.ku of uie pup ilar actress MRS JOHN WOOD. And lue great spocUcuui It. a^a. 01' THE COLLEEN BAWN. Kirs.t appearance here of MR COLLIN A TEDDY, THE TILER, who will, in the eourae of the e rain* bINO HI* DIFFERENT BONOS. "Th Flag of Our Union," "The Low Back'd Car,'.' The Snag of ah lleUh." " Paddy 11 O " I'd olou i'ii the Hope* that Lea re Ki, And "The CruiMl'een Lawn." THIS (THURSDAY! EVENING, March an. IS32 Wilt be presented Tyinn Power'* t?r < of TEDDY, THE TILElt Teddy (wllb songs) Mr. JOHN COLLINS To eon elude with THE COLLEEN 1JAWN Mvles N? Coppaleen (with ?o:ig>) Mr J COLLINS Eily 0'< O .nor (with songs) Mia. JOHN WOOD A taic-ioii, tO cents. Secured psiq ;ot sulU,7o ceuls. Kaimly circle, 2.1 cents. D ?ra o|mjo at 7. Commence at 7VJ o'clock. WINTER GARDEN. MISS KANNY BROWNE Begs to sunounce to her ft i n 11 r,n i the p'iblir, that her FIRST IIKNKr IT in New York has liecti axed for i-'RiDAY EVENING, the Jlst. Ou tins occasion MATILDA HERON, with that generosity which is her brightest characteristic, and which iH ever the most b.iulilul accompaniment ol Senilis, lias Yielded tip a night of her engagement and leuercd uer services and her sueccasful uow play. She will appear oil that evening in her great role of. FLORENCE UP TEUTON, in the BELLE OF THE SEASON. Alice Miss Fanny Browne After which will lie presented 1'A RENTS AND GUARDIANS Bob NetUea Miss Fanny Browue WINTER GARDEN. MATILDA HERON MATILDA HERON MATILDA HERON Will appear this cveulog and every evening In hor great role or ILORBNC8 CPPERTON, FLORENCE CPPERTON, FLORENCE UPFERTON. In hcruew and original home play THE BELLE OK THE SEASON, TifFi BELLE OF THE S8ASON, THE BELLE OK THE SEASON, Which baa awakened the deepest interest of say play produced In uisny years, suit which is nightly received by CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES With the most 1 ENTHUSIASTIC DEMONSTRATIONS OK DELIGHT. FRIDAY.?Benefit of MISS FANNY BROWNE, When will txs presented an culcrtalumeut of extraordinary Attraction. Bo* book now open. OLD BOWERY TUB kTRE. FRIDAY, MARCH 21, SYMPATHETIC BENEFIT TO THE WIDOW AND ORPHAN OF THE LATE OAl'TAlN NATHANIEL OORDON, Under toe iunltM of a Committee o; Friend*. Who pledge tliemsalvo* that tin- receipts sba.l be given to the object* of the ovation. Mary provost's theatre. (Late Walla k'*) Hrnoine street, near Broadway. MR. J. WILKES HOOTIt will make bis second and last appearance as CHARLES DE MOOR. This evening Schiller'* gresl tragedy of THE ROBBERS will be presented for the LAST TIME THIS SEASON, With a most powerful cast of c haracter*, MORDECAI LYONS' GRAND CONCERT TO-NIGHT.? Dramatic Hull, Houston street. Mis* A. Urabam Harding, Solomon May. Benjamin Michaels, Sheriden Lrouard, Hat,mi Myers, Snrndge lice c Hill, Stmeou T. Brabau. Mr. Robert Smith, celebrated concert player. Ad m i**lon 'J J cen Is. M. -a Sbelbcrg Morebaid, Pianist. Madame Ernestine de villiers, irvino liall. Orand Benefit Concert, on Wednesday evening, 2<i:h of March, assisted by Mr. S. It. Mills, Mr. J. Thomas, Mr. Mollenhaiier, rioloncciist; the erlcbrated Youug Juvenile (sloven years old), Master B rn nio; Signor Nelillo Ardavmi (baritoae), uud several oiher emiueut artists. Admission $l. Zlckets at Beer A Scbirmcr'a, 701 Broadway. POVEUM ball. TUE POVEUM BALL Will lake place to-night. Ttio.c having their tickets will Bod R. W. W. on hand. SO COME ONE, COME ALL. OLD BOWERY THEATRE. TO-NIGHT, THURSDAY. MARCH 20, benefits of little emma and k. stickney. A GREAT BILL. SOMETHING WILL SHORTLY BE PRODUCED AI the MELOOEON, 539 BROADWAY, wbieb will eclipsn all the rone dancers, comic singers, Ac., la the city. Look out, lor it will make a sensation, Great canterbury music hall, 886 BROADWAY. THE ONLY MUSIC UALL IN THE WORLD Entitled to take rank with THE FIRST OPERA HOUSES AND THEATRES OF THE AOS. STILL THE GREAT RUSH CONTINUES. The most intense excitement TUB TWO GREAT STARS OP TUB OAT. MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL, MISS KATHLEEN O'NBIL, MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL, MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL, MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL, MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL, the famed original ACTRESS, DANSEUSE AND VOCALIST. from CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, IcuieVr^ nhSTt&umphs IN TUB NEW WORLD Her cloriouilT oomii act, THE CURB. THE IRISH CURE, has been areetod wiUi A PERPECT TORRENT OP APPLAUSE, i and pronounced by all to be THE URBAT HIT OP THE SEASON. 'THE BEAUTIFUL ZANPRKTTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA. THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL ZANPttBTTA. """ """WTSirSBBT'EOPE. . app?r. IMi week^ ENrataLV KBff ACW_ eclipsing li NOVELTY. NOVELTY, ** * '<*-OARINO, DARING. AND aRACE, GRACE anything e ferret attempted. THE MOST PERILOUS PEATS PBRPOKMBD WITHOUT A BALANCE POLE, OUTVIKINO BLON1HN. mrrvirisa Rr.nNtivv OUT VIKING BLONDIN. Ia addition to those two obeat stars, BILLY BIRCH, BBK cotton U1I.LT BTIiCIf, BEN COTTON BII.LT BIUCII. BKN COTTON BII.LL BIKCK, BBN COTTON BILLT BIRCH, BBN COTTON the moat original and eccentric Ethiopian Areata in the unl verse, will appear IN NEW ACTS. J. A. HERMAN. J. A. HERMAN, THE CLIFFORD SISTERS. THE CLIFFORD SISTERS AND ALL +HK COMPANY IN A BILL OF UNUSUAL NOVELTT. GRAND MATINEE ? on batpbdat A A A -THE OBEAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL. w 4m 4(4 444 ?? BROADWAY. THE MUSIC HALL OF THE MA88BS. The great desideratum of amuaemeut seekers. THE ONLY TRULY GREAT. TRULY NATIONAL, , TRULY LEOITIMAT1 place of amusement in Aaenaa. No aecond or third hand arttata engaged. Juit ae noon ai we find out that they are not A No. 1, we tet them go to join aome other manager*' forlorn hone, NO PLAY'D OUT ROPE DANCERS TOE US. We are alwaya on the alert for fresh novelty. THE VOICE OF THE PUBLIC declares in nnmlstakabl* tons* that 444 Is tha only place of amusement In the Empire City when you can spend a pleasant trotting and realise pure enjoy' meat. THE MASTER MINDS OF THE MODERN STAGE. SUPERLATIVE OBEAT PERFORMERS. TONY PASTOR, TONY PA8TOB, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR, TuNY PASTOR, The greatest living ?$ ?? CHARLEY WHITE Hp aland* icknowipuH -d without a living rival. MISS LIZZIE HCIIIH.TZ MISS LIZZIE BCHULTB ARB ERNESTINE DK PABER, BRNB8TINR OS PABER, ERNESTINE DK PABER, ERNESTINE DK PABER, The leading danseusra of theoity, whoee bear Ml ill And faaol Bating daucaa have won for them thoenoomiuina ol the moat critical* With the greatest BALLET TRoUI'B BALLET TROUPE In the rlly, computed of IIret claae Danoera, under tke direction of the renowned Ballot Master, RONS. PAUL BRILLIANT. L. SIMMONS, VfltacE. 9UARLBY GARDNER, H. LESLIE. _ . MASTER TOMMY. In new Acts .Vi-fa, Dances, Burlesques, Ar. In prefststKr or speedy production the moat itraragant novelties. _ URAKD MATINEE GRAND MATINEE Erery Saturday, at 2f{ u dork, tor the *: ommudaMon of Ladles and Children. ROBERT W. HUTLKR, Manager and Proprietor. ~~ WATCHES, JKIVEL.IV, Ar. ATM BROADWAY?Till ONLY PLACE WHERE you ran find the gen una C. Ilfoinlg Diamonds made Into Broast Pins, Earrings, Ring,, Studs and Sleeve Buttona, art In One gold. Price* low Also a few niore ol thm-e Ooniposition and Gold Vest Chains. L. JACOBS, Removed from Chatham street. AT 407 BROADWAY-1,000 DIFFERENT ARTICLES for sale, at $1 and W cents each, Including Jewelry In set*, Dated Spoons, Porks, Pipes, rnrtemoanales, Satchels, Knives, Rings, Chains, Sleeve Buttons, Studs, Breast Pins, Ac., Ac. L. JACOBS, removed from Chatham street. AT 407 BROADWAY.?SILVER WATCHES, ft TO ?10; Gold Watchoe. $10 to $70, all warranted. Watches cleaned and repairs* for $1. Glaasea fitted lOe. Areordeon* tuned and rspAlrsd. Old Oold and Silver bought or taken in I $$e>?of, If f^CCBB, fret OkntAasa *mt **' - \2. _ AHVIKHBITI. flTAL-LAOK'S. TT Kn tranced In Broadway and n?lrt?'n,h at rent, liouri open lb I* week at eertn and begin at h ilf paat Nonet.- i?u and a'ter Monday. IMih lu?t, tlx -doori wilt open at kal paa aeroa and the iwrtopoiaucee to oomm.eo.oa at eight. WALr.ACK'8, _ AUTKD HKItB Will be performed Thureday (llrai uoio hero), the oelebra ted Ore act Cotuedr, WITH A GKKAT CAST, or TOM WAT *? GBT MAIt'TBD, By the author of "Speed the Plough," "Town and Ooulry," "Care for li>e Head * he," "BecreU tVoriti Knowing." A? . Tangent Mr I#e?ter Wallack To .y A1 spice Mr. Blake Cauatir (mule to Tin rent) Sir Mark S.ntth Dasliall Mr. Ghurlea FUhrr Oapiam faolkner Mr. Norton M'i)ueciy t? lawyer) Mr. Young Jetl'ry | Mr. l'araloe B .la Mr. Browne Ne l Mr. Morr Bailiff Mr. Parkes Wllliaui Mr. Turner Undertaker Mr. Uaol Solicitor Mr. Leigh GloaenUna Allspice Mia. Ilory Julia Kaulkni'r Mis* Henrique* L idy Mjrrell M.a. John Bcllon fanny MissQrcen. Customer Miaa hcliluura f HI DAY, In ronoequenre of thenrowdpd aUte of the theatre at the fir?t representation, will be repealed the LOVK CUASE. Magalfiocat Mow Scennrr. Cn?ttinu-aani Appointments. SATURDAY, A mtricn un'iVrr. THR HEIR AT LAW! THE JEALOUS YVIKjj, NO wiybs as tiiey were and maids as they arb. The ?'>ove comedleM are in au aotivc alale of preparation. Family Orel 'lit ^enta Rosea and Parquet... .30 reuta 1 Orcheatra Stalla SI Private Boxen fj Laura keenes theater. Doom opeu at 6)$; performance eommenoe* at IK. TO-NIGHT. AND EVERY NIOHT TIM, FURTHER NOTICE. Will belayed MACARTHY; MACARTHY, pbbp o' day-peep0* dat-peef o' day. F p P P MEW IRISH DRAMA. P P P P b b e b b b b e 8 W K B la Uir?e acta. K K K K P P P P P P P P O' O' O' O" UT O' O' O' O' D D D D D D D D 6 v ? ^ LAURA KERNE. A A A A Y Y Y Y y y y y PEEP O' DAY-PEEP O' DAY-PEEP O DAY, Which will be pre**'tiled with NEW AND CHARACTERISTIC IR1KH Ml'SIC. B RILL [ANT AND VIVIDLY BEAUTIFUL ficENERY, STAKTLINO MECHANICAL EFFECTS, PICTURESQUE TABLEAUX. THRILLING SITUATIONS, And a CAST OP PECULIAR AND POSITIVE STRENOTII, Embracing LAURA KEENE a?7!7. MART KELLY (The Colleen fawn rhua.) EMMA WAITER aa NELLY BRADY (The Ban Caolnlhe.) Mr. WALLER aa the MACARTIIY Supported hr tha ENTIRE STRENGTH OP THE PRESENT FAVORITE COVPANT. SYNOPSIS OF SCKNBUY AND INCIDENTS. ACT FIRST. SIGNAL TORCH AND UEBTINQ OF THE peep AN IRISH JOKE. CAPTAIN PEEP 0' DAT. *HE POOR SONGSTRESS. THE BAN CAOINT1IE. NATURE TRUE TO HER INSTINCTS. MOTHER AND CHILD ARE REUNITED. IRISH COURTSHIP. THE SHAN VAN VOOHT. AN IRISH JIG. CHARACTERISTIC TABLEAU, Realizing Carle ton'a celebrated Word Picture. THE FACTION FIGHT ACT SECOND. AN EXHIBITION OF MORAL FORCE. THE MACAHTHY'8 SUPPOSED FALSEHOOD. BETRAYER AND BETRAYED THE OATH. MARY 8 DEATH RESOLVED ON. THIS HEDGE SCHOOL. ACQUIRING THE ALPHABET UNDER DIFFICULTIES. A DISCARDED DAUGHTER. A DRUNKEN POSTMAN?ROBBING THE MAIL. THE PURLOINED AND RECOVERED PARDON. HELEN'S ABDUCTION. TERRIFIC* LEAP *" AU1S au*v,L * ^Bland 8TARTLIN0 DESCENT _ of the BAN CAOINTHE _ into the * BLACK VALLEY. ?. _ ACT THIRD. THE MACARTHY'8 ARREHT ON THE CHARGE OF ; UNWILLING WITNESSES, * C0DBT *R?TIAL. , THE aBOORU-K?0^ ?*? 1 AN IRRUPTION OP IRISH LANOUAOE. THE SCIIOOLMASTES'S TESTIMONY. _ THE VERDICT OF OUILTT. THE DEATH SENTENCE. CAPTAIN PEEP O' DAT _ and the i PEEP O' DAY BOY'S PARDON. DETECTION OF THE VILLAINS. A MOKTOAOB RELEASED EVIDENCE OF THE BAN CAOINTHE. TWO NEW WITNESSES. MB CO VERY OK THE HALF SISTERS. ? HAPPY CONCLUSION. Bot OflWsc open daily. Seals may be sacured In advance. VTIBLO'S SALOON. _ ~~ IN THURSDAY EVBNINO, MARCH 20. PROFESSOR AbltlKN, the universally acknowledged KINO OF MAU1C1ANS AND PRINCE OF WIZARDS, whose wonderful and INEXPLICABLE PRESTIDIGITATIONS hare not omjr aatonUhcd but elertrlflrd the crowned hesdl of the Old World, and millions of the wondering ma->sei , throughout Euro|ie, baring entirely recorered from hi* laU severe indisposition, will lmro the honor of giving his INAlOLRAL ENTERTAINMENT AT NIBLO'S SALOON, On thu (Thursday) Evening, Marth 30, on which oocaaion ue will present to the New York public raricty Of MAGICAL ILLUSIONS larented by himself, aud which nare never been attempted by any other LIVING PRESTTDIOITATEUR, and which to witness oftrn makes the credulous quake with fe ir. and the superstitious douht th-lr senses of seeing, an quickl. and easily eiplained by the Professor aa WELL EXECUTED TRICKS, intended for the n^oment to deceire the eye and please the mind. r _ PROF. ADRIBN'S I Magical Feats of producing Innumerable animals and sub StaucOi as it were from toothing, bin Illusions of a K0RNISI1ED *EA TABLE, ready for a party to set down to. and the great and incompre beuslblo feat of producing PAILjL OF _WATER t matchless prestidigitations, justly entitle bim to the appelstion aa the kival or hgodon, .the Father of the Magic Art. Card* of admission 60 cents. Children, accompanied by their parents, 26 cent*. Tickets can be obtained at the principal hotel* and *t the door on the evening of the first entertainment. Doors open at 7 o'clock; to commence at fi o'clock precisely. NIBLO'S GARDEN. Benefit or MR. COLLINS, Thursday evening. March 80, On which occasion he will appear in TWO PIECES, TEDDY THE TltiER aao COLLEEN BAWN, And sing the following uationai and popular aooA:* "The F'lng of the Union." "The Irish Brigade." "Garry Owen," with new verses. "The Low-Backed Car." "I'd Mourn the Hopee that Lea re Ke." "The Cruiekeeo Lawn." Family circle, entraace on Crosby street, 86 cents. Tickets *0 cents; reserved seals 76 cents. VJIBL0 8 OARDEN. Xl Mr. COLLINK has the honor to announce that hie FIRST BK.NKFIT In New York in fire years will taks place on THURSDAY EVENING, March 8R on whieh oocss'.on bo will appear in TWO FIKi.'Kd, and eiag, for the first time, a number of ORIGINAL VERSES, composed expreesly for thle occasion, on the brtlliaut euoeeaeeeof the Amy and Nary of the union, and several other popular songs. Family Circle, entrance oa Crosby street, 86 cents Admission, 60 cents. Secured Parqdel Stalls, 76 cent*. Boats can bo had three days In advanoe. I A LADY KNJOYINO A HANDSOME INCOME, WHO Jx retired from the stags two years ago, has been employing ber I assure In producing a new aalsrui lament, cull rely original, that bai been pronounced a fooceaa by those who hare witnessed It, oflTera her own and slater's serrl aa to some enterprising person who will bring thepi out In a first class manner. She le promised the volunteer assletenoe of three well known favorites until the affair la started. It wilt require a good room with a gmall stage, such aa Nlblo's. Noons need reply but a competent and agreeable person of means. Address/ntlet, Herald oOoe. A GREAT RENSATION IN THE WAY OF NOVELTY wiilahoitty take place at the MELUDBON, 6tt! BROADWAY. Look out for It. At present all tha great stars appear. AQRKAT SENSATION IN THE WAT OF NOVELTY will shortly take place nt tbe > MKLODBON, RROADWAY. Look out for It. At present all the great stars appear. CARD TO MANAGERS AND OTHERS,?J. W. ALLTNHOa will asil lorltngland on Saturday nntt, March 12, far the purpose ol engaging talent for tbe NEW YORK MELODKON, MS Broadway, and will be happy to act a* szent for any parties wishing to bars any business transacted In any of tbe large cities In England. Tlie best of references and undoubted security w ill bo gircn to any person wishing to secure his serWcea mr. Ainnmn win rrinru 111 nouui mi w-h. Aiiuicu, until Hat in Jay, J. W Alliaon, Molodeon, S3V Broailw ay. Aorkat sensation in tiie way of novelty will shortly take place at the MELODKON. 039 nUOADWAY. Look oi.t for it At prraant all the great atari appear. Aobeat sknsaiion in tub way of novelty will atiortly laho piece at the mliloden. Kit broadway. Look out for It. At preaent all the great Start ?pp*ar. IRV1NU IIALL. IRVING iialu TO-MOHT. TO NIOHT, TONIUHT, UlfSTAVUS GEARY 8 ORANll IRISH CONCERT. A? a rery largo attendance le eipeciod THE DOOR9 WII.L OPEN AT SEVEN O'CLOfC. Parquet ....SOecntal Oallery 3ft cent* COMB EARLY. Theatre royal Lyceum, Toronto, c wILF.nhy LINDEN, I.ea*ef and Manager.?The preaeat eiioeet'ful aoatoa will nlnae April 13, and reopen April II, Baiter Monday. Ladtea and yrnllamen wlahlug engagementa will apply at once, pus paid, aa atvire. n. If ?Actor* without wardrobe* need not apply. Btire U he rally treated WTo*ow, March 17, MB, T AMUSKMEXTg. A CADKBY or fi Let .Okas Ojiru K day at the A. ft 1 my, E.Unl'ft and BeerA sc tinner's. AM Siusiwsy, when, acuta can be wnMatinee' ursd?J\rrtday 'ft Opera oi^Ut and Saturday's THIS EVENING (THURSDAY), MARCH 10, Will l>e produced, fur tbe first ilute in several ff' II-" on. Auber'a chef d'uauvre, m ahaniello. Jle Hlumnio von Forticcl, TlJE U> MIt U1KL OK I'OKTIOCI. _ ? ? HE.SOKU A CUUAH Will appear for Uie first tun* In th- groat role of Fenella, the Dumb Girl or Portiad. sr.. n W> fPKBA AND HA LUST. HiuKlov Blvtr, | Brt ,no? Masaotaae Iti'll U '*letr0 I Bardi Uoo-I o I Kublo Alloua* in Lie Market Hc-ne a GRAND HALLET bv .... bKNOHITA CUBA al. .iKNub, XI MEN BR And tbeC opade ballet, And! JiKiiINOL1 a WALTZ ft., svm S L tb,? "'>1 Corps de Ballei. On Friday, March 21, Fiotow m reuowaed oucra of ^ ? . MARTHA. Jff Kellogg. .Ijadf Henrietta | Mine. S.rakosch Naftftf Bruuolf Lyonel | B ,4n. ...Plunkfttt | Burlll TriaUM Thia lavorlte opor.t will, d ie the 1'ie.ediiig, be produces with new senile elleet", and with llm asuiaiauce of sknor1ta cuba-. Signur XI MEN EH and a full Cm u . dc Ita'.U-t i-ousialin* of forty class danseuhesl Mr. OKAU baa aputed no rgprnse in I be revival Of tbrftft atnndard n urka, and thlnka that the pubac will detect ut aonrcna of phasure in their perluruiauce. On Saturday, Mil, a GRAND GALA MATINEE AND BALLET, Whin "MASANIELLO" will be repealed witb the naatft caat and ottratdlon a. on this en nlug. Scats for the msHiwa may bo wwuied without ntra i harge. MADE DE LUSSAN'S debut neat week. Academy of music.?matinee mashasibllo. Saturday, Maroh 23 at 1, doors open at IX AdmiaMea to allpart, of the Aoadeinv XI. SEATS CAN HE HEOTjRfcD WITnODT EXTRA CIIA ROE At tbc Academy, Beer A Schiimei's, 701 Broadway, and?hbell's, Wall stri et. Ou this occasion will be produced Auber'solief d'ouvreu . MAHANIELLO, With the aatne cant, miae en .ceno as on thla evening. The house on this occaaion will be Illuminated, aa OS thfa evening. Academy of music. TnOuC world wide professors of the art inaglquo. THE Lu lil N BROTHERS, THE LUHIN UUOT1IEES, THE LU11IN BKorilKitS, THE LUBIN BROTHERS. wlU shortly appear In a aeries of those urand SOI It EES MAGI jUKS, which have won for them uu undying raput a In the frtb cipal cities of Europe and Iuda. THE ACADEMY OF MUS1U trill be traaaformed by THE LUBIN BROTHERS . THE LUBIN BROTHERS \ THE LUE1N BROTHERS \ Into ft magnificent \ CAOLTOSTROMANTHROTir, 1 CAULiOSTROM ANTIIEUM, ' CAU LIOBTltOM ANTHKUIL CAUL1 OSTEOMA NTH KUM, CAULIOSTKOMANTHBUM, UK L0BTNIAN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR. LUB1N1AN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR. Tli? neciomautic and ?iiardiun performance of THE LU.UN BROTHERS U entirely or.glual In conception and performance, Differing vastly from anytblug ever before offered I* MB public. For full particulars of their wonderful riil rtatamoff embracing all the moilern appliancei of mechanism. ELECTRICITY. psychology chemistry, pneuil atolouy, OPTICS, UALVANISM, MAGNETISM AND HYDRAULICS, See future adrertiaementa. Academy of music. Hclrasrauher'a Twenty-second Regiment Band. SECOND CONCERT, SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH U, Aaalsted by Mil* ISABELLA HINKLEY, Stgnor MANCl'SI, Mr. 8. C. CAM "bell, Hcrr O l TO SPINDLE*. Messrs. FR. DTEZ, FRITZ WA3HAU.SEN and WM.SAUIu Tickets at SO cents. May be obtained at the music stoma of Messrs. Beer A Scblrmer (successors to C. Brruslng), Ml Broadway, and Mesars, Flrtn A Pond, M7 Broadway. The first row of Botes in the first circle only will be ro? served, and msy be secured at the music store of Memr* Beer A Schirmer, 701 Broadway. New bowery theatre. Sole Proprietors... .Measra. 0. I>. Fox A J. W. LlngaiC THURSDAY, March 30,1801 uew Drama, entitled THE WILD KNIGHT*; OK, THE UNKNOWN CRUSAD&n. Favorite Dance Miss Louisa Brow KB . The successful Burlesque of a THE CO-LEAN BORN, and the romantlo Drama of OBI; OR THREE FINQERHD JACK. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. URAND GALA WERK. one week MORE of those magnificent attractions, the like of which kin never been seen on the faee of the globe, including the ?w,0u) nutt, THE S30,000 NUTT, THE BV.OtU NUTT, THE KI0,iX|p NUTT, the smallest human being of bia age ever known. He dsa Patriotic and Comic Songs, Donees the Schottlsche and BaM or'a Hornpipe and gives tne celebrated GRECIAN STATUE* TnE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, the groat Behemoth of olden times, from the Rlvar Nil*. THE LIVING WIIALE. (Tom the Northern Seas, the Leviathan of the Great Deep. THE WHAT id IT! Or, MAN MONKEY, from the wllda of Africa?a marvellous Nondescript. THE MADAGASCAR ALBINOS. THE LIVING BLACK SEA LION, LIVING MAMMOTH ORIZZLY BEAR, the largest ever captured alive; weighs near 3,000 pound* LIVING SEAL. LIVING MONSTER SNAKES, LlVifW HAPPY FAMILY, LIYINO TURTLE, GRAND AQUARt* with its multitude of beautiful Living Pish, and near a HIP lion other Curiosities. THE OOROEOU8 SPECTACULAR DRAMA, * SADAK AND KALA8RADB, at three and half-past seven o'clock P. M., dally. Admission to all only 36 cents; children under ten. Idc?B* BRYANTS' M1N9TREI?S. Mechanic*' ball, I78 Broadway, abort Grand streek Monday, March 17, and every night lliia week. GRAND SOIREE D'ETHIOPK, interspersed with jokes and commlraliUea by the eomedfcwt Horn, Bunnell, Florence, Feel, Uettlcga, Neil and Baa Bryant. 1 S. C. CAMPBELL, the popular roaaliat Gould, Hilton, Leslie and Fowler in new songs, chorused Ac. " Blacksmith's Jubilee," "Data What* de Matter," "lb bacooJake." a YE OLD FOLKS CONCERT. ' Daddy Hemp, *ye ancient conductor. ..Dan Bryant Door* open at >{; curtain rise* at 7J{. Tickets, as oeadSL > XTEW YORK ACADEMY OF MUSIC ? * J> TO LET, FOR OPERAS, BALLS, CONCERTS, LECTURES, Em i Apply at the stage door, Fourteenth street. MISS EMELIA J. HOUGHTON WIl.L MAKE HER REBUT AT THE ACADEMY or MUSIC. ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL % UNDJiR tjtfp 11 -];H*'t? wrklodton. m broa6wa$, between sfbow m. and Prince alrceta. ' PIONEER CONCERT HALL OF AMERICA. GREAT CONGRESS OP STARS APPEAR NIGHTLY. EYA BRENT. gAjj SHARPLEY^"** FATnE STEWART, ^ JOE BNGLUR^ " LADY DRUMMER; KATE PF.NNOYER, MOMS. VBLABMt AUGUSTA WALBY, ADBLE CALLA, With over OHE HUNUREO rEKrURHERI, The entire fompmir forming the GKKATKBT COMBINATION OF STARS Erer witnessed la one establishment. A change of pom gramme nightly. Adinmelon 13 oenta; oroheetrn S3 oaaMk Open nt 7 nod commence at S o'clock. The pride and a lory or ran Magnificent eflr la (he world fnmone " PARISIAN CABINET OP WONDER AND ANATOMY." MS BROADWAY (neit door to Ball. Black A Co.'a). All who mine wladora, amusement, knowledge nod power MOOT WONDERFUL* E XTJtAOKD IN ART, MARVELLOUS, THRILUNO, unsurpassable, SUPERB. ieyaluaBjl INSTRUCTIVE a?D ? 8cientipic institution. Open for gentlemen onljr, from 10 till 10. Ad.nluloa Moenta OOMBTHINO WILL SHORTLY BE PRODUCED AS O the MELOUK0N. MO BROADWAY, which will edlpoa al the rope) dan.-era, comic alngera, am, to tha city. Look out, for It will make a aenaotlon. TVEBUT OP MASTER DUDLEY WALLER, TO U Toting Orator, only alt years of ago, al DodwoiiM Hall, Broadway, on Friday eraMng, March SI, 1801. Ho eE be aaetated by hie teorber. J. B. Brown, Profenaor of El law Uon. Ticket* Ma. To commence nt 8 o'clock. OP.KAT 8bnsatt0n in THE WAT OP NOVKLTE will ahortly take idaceat the MKLoDKoN, MO BROADWAY. Look out for It At preoent oU tha great star* appear. Prop jno. w. r. how-s annual course or Public Reading*, at Clinton Rail, Aator place, on Thermday. March 30, and two following Thursday*. altoelMft proclaely. Selection* fmtm Shakeapere and Sheridan enefc evening:?Firnt night "Hnmlel" and "The Riraln." Admlw Ion Mccnta. Courae ticket*>1. _____ OMKTHINo"WILL IWORTLY RE PRODUCED A* the MRLODSON, S39 BROADWAY, which will elipec all tha rope dancer*, comic singers, Aw, A* the city. Look out, for It wjll make a aenaatlon. AST CHANCE ?TO CITIZENS AND BTRANOERR? Closing of the great DueetUlorfJOallery, Broad wnfh In order to a If id apace for the n-it annual eihlbltion M the National Academr of Deaian, the entire collection of thy great DmweMorf Palatini* will ho withdrawn fmm aihlkA lion after Saturday, .V*rr!. ?. up to which .lake they will rm main on Tlew day and, affording all the lait oppom tunltjr to nr* thetn. Admlmon cenlik oomktinSo wrtil hiiortly bk rnpduci* ai CV the meloduon, ass hkimuwai. which will all (he roni tlaniere, comic elt.fere, Ae.,la lh? city. Look out, for It will make a wuaatlon. SOMETHING WILL SHORTLY BE PRODUCED A* the MBI.ODKON, B? BROADWAY. Which will echr?" ?",l"' r''l'" <lenceri, romlc elngere, As., hi the city. ? Look out, Tor It will make a actuation. A~ GREAT SENSATION IN TUB WAY Of NOVELTY will eboi tly take place at the MUIiODEOX, SM BROADWAY. Look out for It. All tn? great Hlara appear. SANfORn S OPERA HOUSE, UARRISBURO. PA . TO Irt, on nnd after the Mth, to Brat elaaa entart* lament* Addri m W. II. L" I a. Telegraph office. HANYORD'S OI'RRA ROUSE, Philadelphia, open for tM aeaann. Partite wishing to negotiate lor the aatne, commes* tag lat ol Juna, win ad.iroae SAMl'BL R. EANPOBD. _ 044 FgUowa lia l.Waahiaatta.9t* 4

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