Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1862 Page 2
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*d NEWS FROM SHIP ISLAMO. Ttea Uuited State# eieam tran?i>ort Pulton, <"aiaiander Wattoo, arrived yesteiday uktuiik from Ship Island, Mtss., which part ska left on the 13th mat. nt one o'clock r. h Sh.i brings ao important tntalligoucs The health of th? lroo;s ?u excellent, and they were in flue spirits. The tr luaport steamer Constitution arrived th rs on the 12th of March. The ship Idaho went ashore oa Cat Island on the 9th it a i , bit was lightened ami got oITtlieaame day. The Sh,p Island is as follow:?Fib--ps of war Ponsacol* and Harlf >rd; guub ata Harriet J joe, Wissabiokon, Kioes, Keuuebeck, Calhoun, Piuola and Sciotu, apply ehip Fearnoim.t tch.iouer gunboat Kittatiuny; pri^e 6ch >on?r Cora; ah a North America, Idaho, Ocean Pearl, I'ndaunted and biack Prince, shooner EI:/.a 8. Cotter, Edward, Lee lleart, also frigate Mississippi. The Fulton brings ttvo steerage passengers. Our Snip I si is nil Correspondence. Star 1st.asp, March 12,1S6-. A N< mnousance and an Attack by the lirbelt. Owing to the large increase of troops at Ship Island and the meagre facilities for encamping them, Ciueral Phelps determined to send on officer to reconnoitre Mis Siasippi City, with a view to establishing a camp at that p'int. Au order was procured from the sanior offlcar of the bhlp Island squadrou, Captain James Alden, of the loop-ot-war Richmond, for the gunboat Calhoun, Captain C. J. Da Haven, to proceed to Mi.-siestppi City "nder orders of C>k>nol E. F. Jones, of the Twenty sixth Massachusetta, who had been assigned the command of the expedition by tianoral rhelp6. On Saturday, the 8th inst., ?e? iww u i . m , uivj uiou hvu > ruu v/Mu|>aui09 mkuu I, Masxncbusetts Twentj-sixth, emh.,rked on board the Calhoun, with forty rounds of cartridges and a day's hk tion*. i omi'iiny H was commanded by Captain E. S Clark and First Lieutenant Wilnani H. Larnson, and Company i by Captain John Pickering and First Liautenant C. E. Dmw A cutter from the Richmond, with eleven armed sailors, commanded by Master's M:;te P.. P. Swai , Of the Viuceunes, but temtiorarlly attached to the Richmond, accompanied the C'ulbuuB. A fow olbcer* from the Richmond,Captain Howes, of the ack 1 rince, and your oorresiondent were the only gueete. We also had a prisoner from New Oleans. who was to be lauded at Mis Bissippi City and allowed to return to New Orl-aus. Alter the embarkation of the troops a con slderable delay cccuried in up bteam_ so that it waa ball-past three wm'n we got under way. In about an hour we arri\ :d at our destination, and the draught of the Oslbottn being only Six fee' and a half, we were ablo to r n directly up to the wharf. As we approached the village we saw a man on horseback riding rapidly away from the place. Except ing two or three other persons whom we oould soe, tlio place seemed utterly deserted. The two com panles were immediately landed, and the march up the wharf?which was three-quarters of a mile 1< ng and eight feet wit.e?commenced. When about a third of tho way to thesh >rewe found the plants torn tip for about thirty yards. The cro?s ties were left standing, but in some instances wait-cut nearly through. A few men were detailed It tear up tho outside plonk - and lay them along the ties: and in fifteen minutes we had a twelve inch walk over the cap. We met no otter obstruction until we were nearly to the end of the pier, when suddenly we discovered another gap worse thai. I he first. The piles on which the p:ar stood had boon cutaway for some sixty feet, and the outer end of the plank walk had dr?pi?d into the water, eight or ten feet below, whne the inner, or shore end. hung to the remainder of the pi-r by one corner. Searching two small houses on the wharf we found three short night, of Steps, which we lashed to a board and lowered to tho broken pier, and passing tightly down the it ens ind over our frail bridge, we were soon gathored on the b-ach oi Mississippi City. hve:ything seemed as quiet us tin grave,and, anticipating n<> danger, the muskets of the soldiers wore not toads I. The spot where we landed is about a mile and a hair above Mississippi Citjr, towards liiloxi. I.iKS most of the Gulf towns of Mississippi, it is of very little consequence except as s resort lor the wealthy citi7?ns of New Orleans Ui summer. The ho ;s-<H aro stretched along the bunch, and soma of them are Una residoncos. In a straight Una from Harrison ' wharf f where we d*. barked), a broad sawdust read runs up through the t nlage to IJanaboro', a tow:: two miles ilisutiit. A little | 1 ies> than a quarter of a mile up this road, on a gen; to uccliTity, a piece of thick pin* woods ootumeni-ei and extends further back than i can say. The rea un why I ain ' unable to apeak definitely on Itlie point Will appear m u later part of this letter. ) Accompanied by Captain Clark and his c -mpony. we marched up tb* bench, to the right of tb>? wbar:. aa-t visited several houses, but, with one exception, we ' wind no one with whom wo could exchange a wmil The bouaee had the appearance < f having been very ro-ectly 1 abandoned. Wo flnaliy found an Iriahiuan and bio wh oe ] . family, and the Irishman told us there was ?-up?tM.ig of ?| a fnrco over at Hansboro', consisting ..f c?<- alr_? and artillery. Beyond thia, the man w as exceedingly ret'.cent. We then returned to the bead of the wharf, and were told by Captain Pickering that there were ovlde-.ce* of cavalry up the road. Colonel Jones ordered Captain . Pickering to leave one haif of his rompany at tnc ' wharf, :u>d deploy the other haif on the beach to 1 to the left. Captain Clark was ordered to deploy one- , half of his cwnpany up the road, and to march up with ua toward the woods with the other half. We had gone , but a haif doz?n rods when we saw in the woods about a j dozen horsemen wheeling into posit I n.and oloiiel ..'ones i caught a glimpse of the ammunition box of a ( airs -. Ba immediately gave tbo order to retreat to the whan, and ca lod In the piatixins that were deployed to ltie 1 front and loft flank The m-n retreated ingood order and formed In line at tbe whtrf. They we e then or dered to retreat in platoons to the Calhoun All 1m.t tie' v last platoon had left tb< shore and were oti the wharf when we heard the report of a gun, and in n mom nt t canister shot was rattling around ua like bail. The last platoon then moved toward tbe wharf in side siep. f to prasreut tho enemy fimm discoveringour retreat. A- S sooonm -ill were on tbe pier C donel Jin.e.s gar- the order i for the "double-quick?steady. ' We all started on <> t. quick run, but our progress was ini|K>ded by the broalts in the wharf, though?owing to tbe prudent thoughtfuluesa and foresight of Mr R l>. Swan, c unnaiiding the f Richmond e cutter?our passage over tbe outer gap Was : greatly facilitated. After we had gone ashore it occurred to Mr. Sawn that w? might be in some hurry t-> c return, ho, without waiting for ordois, ho suits-me sail , ore to lay extra planks over the gap. Mr. Swan's conduct was most creditable, and Colonel Jones did not fail to thank him for bit prudence. While crossing the pi"r the y enrmy flrad aix ' imea at us with canister and round shot, but not a man was injured, th ugh one was struck la tbn thigh with a spent canister sh t win h ma le a alight ahrasura of tbe skin and then fell into hi-boot. Mo did uoi slop to remove the ball, but carrit-d it to tha steamer in his boot. The shot fsll directly around us, Mid one charge of canister scattered the dirt all ever Colonel Jones. If tlin enemy hml thr own shell as wall as they threw shot very few of us would hare been left to have tohl tbe story. Just bof ire we : cached the C.iih uti Mr. Swan \ flrnu a shell at the rebels from the 2-l-pnundcr l*arrotr on the steamer's at tor deck, and alter we were on honrd w e thr"w two or three more shells, one of which appeared to burst right in the piece of woods where the battery was planted. We could not, of course, see what ihumge wa- itene by the shell. lh" men behaved thoroughly woll. There wag men ' fusion, and Celoncl Jones' only complaint : that ho could . not hurry them onough. In crossing the broken places In tbepior there was no pushing or disorder or any kind. 1 Tbe only regret of the men was that they were otligud, 1 for pre 'outial reasons, to retreat without get! i.g a 1 , Chance to ttreat the enemy, white, at tbe KIBMttme . they ire unanimous in their praii " of their commander., Of ('"louel Jones' conduct 2 can speak decidedly, and of 1 my own knowledge Throughout tbe whole sTh:r ho was perfectly cool an I ollectcd. Not an oxcited word eacapod his li.s. Until tho last platoon hail moved towards t he witart he stood on the shoro trying to discern tho movement* of the rebels through bis glass and wb?n all ha i left hu followed at the rear. He was the last m >n to crow the pier and the last man to get aboard the Calhoun. The New Orleans papers, with lheir usual cons< iuuliuu* reg-.rd for th- truth w i |>r bably have an account of a ' splendid battle at M sstesippi < itv. in which several htin. drod will be sa.d to hav -been killed on tbe Union side, and General Ilutler will be sur to hs reported as hating been pri ac t The simple truth i- this:?Wo went for the single purpose ?f reo nnoitorlng, and suddenly catching sight of a battery masked in ilio w.?<ls ,...ul night rapidly drawing near,Col :.*| Jones did the only thing to be done under tbe circumstances. We could form no Idea of the fore of tho rebels, we only knew that they were sing two guns, and had us in the very worst po?i ti >n. If they In l dared to com idd-tily out of tho 1 woods and plant their places -it th - bead f the r,*u! tw fore wo common' e l the r str?v?i 11j^ <: ml have en (Hailed us, mowing us down lie' g* we Colonel Jones wiui nu n led on the expedition by the memtmrn of hie statf, vii ?lir. J i; Hradt, Ailjut ant Ooorge K I >ay i*, Qnvwnia*ur James Monroe, ami hU Qiihi tarrnaetcr'a Sergeant. Mr *t.>ii Th? following pereoM died .n th .r r? lage to tip* laiaud, and on tbe dajaaveclfljd ? Private Ku-neli rowle, of K/hJmgton, Maine, Kebrnarjr 15?O.ptherla. Private Jo>M Prino , of Oxford, Maine, Kebnary 19? | lung fever. Private 0. R. Pink ham, of Bnothbury. Maine, Mirch 5? tuug fever. The following deaths here taken place in 'mr hero ? Kliphalet Miilor. of Burling ton, M.nn", >la eh <i?sal denly, dlggftee of th" hoert John Hare, of Aebbttfnham, Ma>oacb notto, Mareh A? apoplexy. Tim whole of tha foregoing we-e buried with *11 the appropriate religion* c reiaoates. Arrival* anil Urpaiiarcii PKi'AltTi It Kg. ttrgneijot.?8'eamshlp f-aiada. from B"?ton ?Mr< Ellen Murphy, of Boston: Mr- I 11 Cr ?' if ("vnh-l Ige AK 1 ley W l> Haeaet nn 1 P IIKni." Jf?w York , Mrs A tinvson of' '.lall to n.u. Cl iri?* Si.a ?, of o ei> . ; n*,. mode/ anil M -1e loe H . ?.' .w a ?f II ?.?, h o.l WilMs me, of Knaten (I, Ja o Pa i.iiaiO'-r. (if u.-rn in ; J> . n Lank wood ami wife, nf !*? |*I for tlafl'i . * > " bl Bos on. It Bellanl, ol JCr v >" ., J . I V i. n Cronan Key John Hlkmnbou am, K .rl em- nn I A i Towneeri'l, of Halifaxi fc rao'iip" a, ol If ?*o m a i i n ' 1> .1 oi II out real; J .1 lit.* i, of S otlan I fcl,. .| . Ken- ! Meg, ?i Watvflord, i?11. I via. at. j FINANCIAL / :D COMMERCIAL. Thursday, March 20?8 P. M. Wall street is very quiet. Pe< pie are waiting to hear from Island No. 10 and the Army of the Potomac, and operations of any magnitude are generally postponed until news is received. Money is in fair demand at 6 a 7 on call, and 6 a 7 for the best paper; government certificates of indebtedness sell at 97 a 98. Foreign excliunge is very dull. Bankers generally ask 112. A few refuse to sell at this rate; but, as a general rule, the public are looking for lower rates to-morrow. Gold fell % per cent this morning, rather to the surprise of speculators, who, judging frcin past experience, took for granted that it would be higher. The mistake probably arose from tbeir forgetting that the government has not yet begun to issue its new Treasury notes. When they begin to be paid out at the rate of a couple of millious a day gold may inove, though it is not likely that it will ever touch the high premium which our leading bankers so generally expected. This aiteruoon it was higher, closing 101% bid. The stock market was inactive to-day, and the course of prices irregular. Governments were better, and so were Erie securities; but the general rail* ay list was lower. A concerted bear attack is being made npon Toledo, Itock Island, Galena, and the Michigan shares; and though the bean have thus far lout money, they adhere to their policy, apparently iu the hope of a defeat of our armies somewhere or other. The bears in Toledo, who sold the stock down to 44% this morning, loudly a-sert that it is not intended to declare any dividend this spring. We do not know how this may be, but we have seen a letter from the President of the read, announcing that a dividend had been earned, and would probably be declared at the meeting which is about to be held in this city. But whether the sin plus in the hands of the company be divided or used to pay off bonds, the remiit is the same so tar a? toe stock is concerned; the point is: has the road earned a dividend? and on this point there can be no doubt. At the second boaid prices were rather better than in the middle ot the day. The market closed weak, the following being the last quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 93% a 94; do. 6's, coupon, 18-1, 911% a 04; do. 5'a, coupon, 1*74, *7 a %; Indiana 5's, 78% a 80; Virginia 6's, 60 a 61; Tennessee C's, 5*% a %; North Carolina 6's, 6* a 70; Missouri 6's, 61% a 62; Pacific Mail, 95% u %: New York Central, 63% a %; Erie, 37% a %; do. preferred, 62 a %; Hudson River, 35% a 36; Harlem, 12% a %: do. preferred, 31 a 32; Reading, 41% a 42; Michigan Central, 66 a%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23% a 24; do. guaranteed, 47% a %; Panama, 120 a 121%; Illinois Cent ral, 65% a % ; Galena and Chicago, 69 a 69; Cleveland and Toledo, 44% a 45; Chicago and Rock Island, 66 a %: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 63 a %; Milwaukee and Prairie dn Chien, 26 a %; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 112 a ?; New York Central 7's, 1876,102 a 103%; Erie third mortgage bonds, 92 a 93%; Michigan Central *'?, first mortgage, 103 a 104; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 94 a 95; gold, 101% a %. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows ' to-day:? Receipts $475,669 03 ? I or 95,000 lavmuuis 400,044 55 Batsnrs 4,680,783 31 The following sales were made at auction by l Albert H. Nicolav:? ! n;*) Brmklyn city water liita 100 V, 1 ,<*>0 l^gan C'i. Sl.uuik! & Man. Co., lwt m irt 78 , The exchanges at the hank Clearing House this morning were $20,330,875 21, and the balances ' M ,138,597 37. l The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad " for the second week in March were:? list $32,707 60 1663 33,513 33 Iiiorease $SO0 73 The eur >ings of the Chicago and Rock Island Hailroad lor the second week in March were:? r n?; le jM oo * 8?3 ?1B,H)6 oo j Increase $1,107 00 s The statements of the banks of the three princi- 5 3al cities of the Union tor the last week compare f *ith the previous one, and the corresponding time ^ >f 1861, as follows:? Intnu. I'rporit'. Sprrir. CirrxiUil'r. cYorL.MHr h 18. $130,022,776 lOI.JtW,704 30.778,050 5.304,S>'fi j I Hon, Marh 17. ?I,74S,ftH 2,i..KW.0.H S.471.V0S 6,364,770 , "i ,1 , , i" Om .? IA I JAI a w.r* wui ->? * ? irr-i To a f22l.OU3.534 188, Mil,343 4o.142.Wr l4.t4U.311 f -??? * 222 1173.147 11 -31,M7 44.7I3.IU9 I3.I37.M* a -I yea W.I.749.13C U&7I.388 47 12U.71S 17,361,014 The hluii'inent of the Boston banks for the last reek compares with the previous week, and for he corresponding week of 1*C1, as follows:? March 10 ls?2 Mirrh IT, 1K62. March 18,1S0J. uns $01,834,600 01.740,02:1 62.511,727 l?oif s 4011.5*5 & .471,006 5.367,722 liOHita 20.74O.20S 20,554.078 18.126,03c ire .latin... 0.003,130 6,364,770 6,160,254 The statement of the present week, as compared vith the preceding, shows a decrease of $t>7.577 n the items of loans and discounts, $32-,363 in circulation, i 1 Mi,130 in deposits, and an increase J if 102,431 in specie. 3 The Boston Dnily Advertiser of yesterday thus 3 lot ces the money market of t! a: city:? lheueeX ojoued on an improving mailed ta money md slocks as compared wiih th# previous week. Money * manioc* I more ireelyin Ihc various departments ot g ra.le, although,c> mparntivcly speuking, the demandTor pital is Rllil rp.lto limited. The movement in governDeut securities has been strong and active, parties sot ug in full confidence that the rebelli n is rapidly on th< wane. Money is freely offered at 5 to per cent. exceptions ire, bov,ever, occasionally below ami above tlv.-e Igurcs, stiK'k collaterals ranging from 6 to 8 i>or cent i. cordi g to circumstances. i;ank specie. $8,437,Oi" i further slight gain. The Chicago Tribune of Tuesday says:? New York exchange remains cc so. and no cbaugo has >cu ,rred from but week's rates. Tlie larger bans* tako ouud lots from customers at par, and X above is paid >y some of the brokers to keep up a supply Customers ire supplied as heretofore at '* per cut premium, and lutaiders are charged 0 X P- r cent. The demand inutilities considerably in excess of the supply. tiold is dull. The rata to day in New York was only I a, but prices here did not follow the Now York tnarset, and remained nominal at 1X buying an I 2 i>er < ant telling, with vary few transactions. The larger houses would not | ay over lcout, and we presume round lots could have been had at a very small advance above the nominal buying figure. Stock Kxtlmngc. TauaxtsT, March 20. 1H62 $54000 T'86'a,'81,reg 04 150 sbs Krl KR. blO 37 V am on r s 6 s'81. con 04i2 ion ,o, -n. ?, WNW <10 1 >30 84', 660 do 3fv ? 6O0USfle81(>rwl),y Oi\ so do... !,: .? 3714 6000 U f 5 9f "71 .r- K HH loo Kri? RR prsr wj\ r bOOO U H 6 H, '74,c 0 8750 Hu.l Riv RR. .1.30 30 * , 7000 Ire 78 10 pcM 100 lOo <lo :w MOO III Cen bds, 80 SO 60 do i>7 36 1060 III co'i bds,'77 8014 75 Harlem RR 13 ? IOOO III w?r loan ... wo loo Itarlcm RRpf.b30 32V 7000 Tenii 6's, wo... 00 60 HnadinK KK 4/4 6000 d?.. 58)4 lAOMMhCeu RR.... 50)4 6000 V < arolina fl's 70 50 do 50', (X 00 Miwmrifl's.bliO 53 250 do ... 6f/iJ MOO do... "30 52% IdO do 630 5?H 3000 do 5J'i 200 Iflchdo&KIfidKK 2ft , 7000 do 52% 50 do . ..bdO 24 '. 5000 CWIl'cfDie 7's.. HO ^ 600 M 5n 1 N 11 stk. 471. inoo do HO'4 300 111 Con Kit scrip e.'. >c 10(0 Iowa 7's... 01 200 d > bao 86)4 3M>OKrie2d m ex 78. 1>?2 400 d i bjo 85',; 9000 KrleRK 41b m b 63 loo do 5514 loOO Hud Riv 3d ni b 63 260 do 05 >, 3000 Mitb & > 2d ni. 73 50 do s30 05 , 'iiiOoO American g>>'d 101 J? 600 III Ceu Cen b<l sc. 33 >4 300> 0 do b30 101 S lOOClev A I'lIU RR 17 \ 4 1 00 d>> bOO 101)4 300 d> bOO 17', :l""0 d > lol % 400 do 1;? 2?0 MichSs f bde. 00 v, 200 Galena A Cbi PR. 80V ? 2's>0 III On RR bds 84 50 do #<1 u 6(4i ( ni h N\V arti HH 50 do ICO 00U 1000 Chi ft NV 2 m. 17'4 100 do 1)30 682 .iOOO Tol h Wn > 1 m 77 >, 30 do ... >wi 10 slisOrcni, I'm l<.. 75 100 Clere k lol RR.! 44V ?*> ( embonl prof.. $>4 aoo jr, 12 !'' ? ?(>al >.... 62 I**) di.. " 4V 4 50 I'uc Mui. *8Cn.?10 06 >, at,, do .....130 46 u I J" *{" ?5'? 100 d> 1)30 4,7 3l> ?J? &? 100 do MO 45 ' 80 <1 > s30 8 ,), 350 Cblc k Rk lit KM m I1 .60 S Y O n RK. s60 16>) .jo l5i , % ?? 150 Uo ... .,10 S3lo *> 350 do 63', 100 do ."0 r? 1 50 do I >30 63>4 50 d? ' " t/if, ?! '. 60O Erie lift 37), sneKI.: . rkv,;il 1 " loo do,... boo :u 1') MR4(1'.- d- " \,n ' ? 31s) d'> *00 37'4 os d<, * 00 do MO 38 100 do.".' I 50 do... 1.30 87)4 ** j . NEW YORK HERALD, Fi BOONS MUP. 110000 DS'6e'Sl,r bio M I dosha Erie RR. b30 3T* UUOO do M l?iKaull:?KK .... 42 UooODStf'a.'Sl.eou 04 60 MfchS&NlRK MO 24* 1 OuOTenn 6 ?,'90... 60 100 do tOO 24* 6000 do b30 68* 60 MichSoltMgb.adO 47* 6000 do 68* 60 do 47* loooo Mo O'a bao 62 * 60 do bao 47* 144>00 do 62 300 do 47* 100O0 do *30 62 64X1 Cleve k Tol KK.. 44* 504*0 do bT 62 200 do 44* 15000 Amerii an gold. 101* 2u0 do 1>10 44* 60 she l alAHtidCCo 87 * 200 do blO 44* 60 t'ac M S8 0?.bd0. 96 100 do *30 44* 50 NY Can RR 8a* 100 do slO 44* l?WEn#KR 830 37* 100 do s30 44* 660 do 37 * 300 Mil Sil't duCliKK. 20 * 200 do b30 37* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. TucitaDAT. March 20?6 P. M Abiirb ? Sales embraced 60 bb._., including pots, at $6 75, and pearls at $5 60. BRSj*D8Ti'>>e.?Flour?The market exhibited more teadinesa, while prices were without change of moment. The common and lower grades were Qrm, w hile the ralee footed up about 16,000 bbla., closing within the following range of pricea. 3..; erdee Stale $6 26 a 5 35 Extra Stito 6 40 a 5 56 SuperdiietVestem 6 25 a 5 36 On* mon to choice extra Western 5 40 a C 60 Canadian 6 40 a 6 5o Southern mixed to good euperfluo 5 70 a 6 00 Extra do 10 a 7 00 ( ood to choice family tta * nn T TS Rye flour 8 00 a 4 25 Corn meal. Jersey and Brandy wine 2 90 a 3 20 ?Canadian flour was In some better request and at firmer rates; the sales footed up 800 bbls. at the above figures. Southern flour was heavy, and the sales embraced 700 a 800 bbls., closing within range of the above figures. Rye flour was steady at our quotations, with sales of 175 bills. Corn meal was heavy at the above prices, while the sales embraced about 400 bbls. New Jersey and Brandywmu. Wheat was heavy and irregular, with moderate sales, which embraced some 25,000 bushels at $128 for Canada club; $130-f<>r Milwaukee club, and $1 35 a $1 38 for red Jeisoy, on the dock, and $1 40 for do., delivered, and $1 35 for ordinary red Western, in store. Rye wus more buoyant and in geod roquesl, with sales of 12,000 b shels atule at 80c. u 81c., on the dock, and at S3c., delivered. Corn was in hotter request and p ices ra.her firmer: the sabs embraced about 38.O00 bushels at 82r.,c. lor old Western mixed, in store; 00c. for do., delivered; dry Delaware yellow at 00c. a 61c., and Jersey now do. at 68J-ic. a 50c. CoKFhB?We have still to report a quiot market, while pries were without rruuge, though in the absence oi sales they were uemiuai. Owns. ?The market was quiet, while sales wore comlined to aouie 200 bales in suinll lots, in the mam at unchanged prices, while quotations among broke, s were irregular and varied considerably. FTKTuinx?Engagements wei e moderate. To Liverpool 8 000 bushels of wheat were engaged in ships' bag.-at 6'1d..8,6t0do. corn at fid. in bulk, 4,500 bbls. Hour at la. 7d. a Is. 8d.. 700 boxes bacon at 17s. fid. and 10J tierces lard at 17s. fid. To Glasgow 1,200 bbig. flour at 2s. 3d., fiOO do. at 2s. 4d., 5,000 bushels wheat in ships' bags at 7>fd. To Antwerp 50,000 bushels oi grain were taken at yd. per GO pounds. Hay was steady, with sales making at 80c. a 85c. fur shi; ping, and at 00c. for city ubo. Moi.sssk-.?small sales of Cuba muscovado wero reported at 24c. a 26c. Oiij wero steady, with sales of city linseed at 87c. Crude sportn was at $1 40, and whale ditto at 50c. a 62c. l'ctri loum was neavy and less active both for crude and relinc-d,-though wilhoat essential change in prices. i Mtraofti,?I'ork?The truLsactioiui have been moderate, while pric?s were sustained. The sales embraced about 000 a 700 bbls. at $13 50 a $13 02 S for new meas. $10 62X a $10 75 for new. prime, and $18 50 a $13 75 tor city prime mess. Beef was firm, with sales of 120 bbls. at $12 a $13 (or plain mess, and $14 a $14 25 for extra do. Hoc! bams wera tlrm *1 *17 a *17 ah. Ttorce beer w;aa unchanged. Cut meats wero lirm und in good, with sales of 120 packages hi 4>40. a 5c. for dry salted sbooldeis, and 5>^c. a 6c. fur do. hams; 230boxes long cut Engl rah hairs on private terms, and 30,000 pickled sides were reported at 81-40 Bacon was In inoderato demand, with sales of j(X) boxes at 6\'c. tor long ribbed Western, 64c. a 7c. for short ribbed do., and 7 V'. for short clear. Dressed hogs wero dull and inactive at 4*,c. a 5c. for Western and city. lard was heavy and dull. The sulee embraced 700 packages at f ^e. a KHe. State butter was soiling at 18c. a 22c.?the iallur for goon to primo dairies. State cheese was at 7c. t 8c., and Ohio at 6c. a 7c. llicn was quiet ana nominal at 7c. Sugars wore steady and more active. The Bales embraced 1,300 hhds. Cubas, mostly wuhin the range of 5 He. a 7\e. for reliaing and grocery goo Is, and 100 boxes wore sold at 7KfTai.iow wo* steady at 8JiC-for city, with a moderate lemand. Whiskxv.?The market was without change of moment in prices. Sales of 600 bbls. were made at 24He. a 25c. Naval d\?kx-.?Train actions wero light, including 45 vlils. sp .' its at $1 05- and 100 bbls. No. 2 ro?ln at $6 per (HO jMiunds. SHIPPING NEWS. movements of Ocean Steamsri. FKOM Kl'R'IPE. JfMKl. Ltawet Dot*. Ttr tal-dotiia tints .uw Feb [1 N'-w Tor'.; J'AAgo Liverpool Mih 5...NewYora {cm-York Southampton M'-h 5...New York obnKell (Ilaasnw- Mch ft. New York imeri'-a Liven viol. Mnh 8 Hna'.ti tlty of Baltimore.. .Liverpool Mch 12 ..New York laxonia Southampton Meh It.. .New York Inva Liverpool Meh 13 Portland laia Llvei-|x>ol Xtrta 15... New York l.llnhurg. Liverpool Mch I#...New York laiiaa Southampton Mill 19.. .New York ura Liverpool Meh M Port'and la-, aria Southampton Mel. 26.. .New York SPECIAL NOTICE. All IHIti anA ixirkii'tm intended far the New York 11 A it 4 to bouftf '< sealrtl. itHiKir miLiiv tor*?rm? tov B? BUM & 'I"- MOOS bisicj morn . uk sits # J31 !?? wat?b eve 12 34 1 Port of New York, Mnrelt 40, INSsit CLEARED. , Ship Invincible, Hepburn, Liverpool?Spofford, Tiles ion : Co. Ship Seheslomd, Auld, Havana?J K Ward A Co. Bark Penguin, Hrereton, Hong Kong?A A Low A Bit ' Bark Renin', Nirho'a, A-ptnwall?Rousou a Fosdick. Ea-k Topeka, Church, Havana?I B Laser. Bark Ouincy. Feiera, Havana?.) K Waul A Co. Bark Mar)', Gibbs, Trinidad?il S Stephenson A Co. Bark Pelren. Stuns-*, Philadelphia?I B tiager. Mrlc M A Holloa iBr), Reynold!, Cienfiiegoa? PR Drwulf. Brig Fratia, Warren, Uiettfiiegos?R 1* Burk A Co. Brig M gn* Cliaria (Br). Shaw, Sagun?D R Dewolf; Brig I'i'ii.e. .a Royal (Br), Kewiniid, Bermuda?Snil'.b. otiea V Co. Schr M Mention, Jr. Brewster, Bermuda?Kmilli, Jonr* I Co. Srhr Earl Mulgrare (Br), Searler, Hillfai?James Hur l, r I Co. Hohl Challenge (Br), Blanc, llaluav?B F Small. Si In Fanni Kern, Mi leg-. Fort Pickens?L Kenn-. Schr Albeit Field, l'hililps, Huauoke Island?)! L McCicndy i Co. * Sr hr W F Borden, Perl Is. Washington, T>C-Tki Broi l A iiaahl. Fur Sarah, Benner, Philadelphia?L Kenny. 8c n MeAlvine. B'ckiin, Philadelphia?Ma. rr, re'.. K II A'wood. Ilili Plu.:> delpi.i,,? I IV \| K V KL In Mar> Nail, Smith, Philadelphia?H S Racked. Sr hr W W Miaiiierd, Bnwdit. li. Phi adeluhia?L Kenny. Schr Elizabeth H, Bakor, Portsmouth?S IV Lewis. Sehr Tomah. Crosby, Caiali?Muster. Sclir Cora. Kelley, rmriBoetuwn?A Howes. Srhr A S Brown, Brown, Boston?Matter. S< In Moiiteveu. Katkontmrg. Boston?Master. Si-hr C ibol, Ihluney, Boston?It 8 Hacked. Srhr (Modern. Lndlum, Ka ! Blvr-r?II S Ra'kett. Schr J P Wallace. Staples, Tsciilon?L K< nny. Schr Atncrl a. Reynolds. Bristol?L Kenny. SlirOonqtist, Conklln, New llnv u?T Dunham. Sciir ti W Ponder, Haw kins. (liven port?I, Kenny. ARRIVED. Steamship Fulton ft? s iranri m t), Wotlon. Ship Island, (art-It 13, I PM, in ballast, to S N l ui A Bro. Had line weah? r w lib iiglu head ivlnds ihe cut!;. pi * Sag'. S.iip Col Adama (of Tliomaston), Mills, Lh i p. ol, Feb 12, i ith indae, to master. Berk F.iatHr.of Vurrnuulh, NSi, Fcrrv, Dublin. Fob A, n ballast, to KilmUton Broa. Had strong \V gales: lost jib I'Kittl. Ac. Bark fimrgc Carl fl'rtis), Jtlesn er, Lisbon. 0 days. In bal u?t, to Knnrb, M neki A W"ndt. Bark Unppel <.?? ), Overgaard, Algiers, D? : 6, rla St Tbo n?a Fi b 26. II* .Villast, to Kr.nch Meinrkr A W"i ndt. Kirk K ACI.av, MUUken, II -vana, March I w ith sugar, o C.IKJ Fetara. I>i >ii <ju< rn I.f tha South (of Baltimore), Chapman, I*, o iranite. .lati In, wiili b to I Leayusft. Brig Henry M lline (Br. of Mnltlniiil. N8), Dart, Arroyo, larrh 1. * lib sugar, In II J A (' A Do wolf. ling Avon (Hr. of Yarrivonth, NS), Trefiy, Ponck, Felt 18, Villi augur, to Sturgaa A t o. Brig Selma, Smith Clenfuegoa, ? dsy?, with aurar An. to Brig St Peter (Br, of Ark-hat),Oraham, Mansanllla, FebIS, v llh md??, to Arthur Deary. llml NE gales moat of the pasart. Brig Carolina (of Ma< hla*), T.iibot, Neuvlua, Feb ?, with in ,ur Ac, to Ovv-'ti.% Carnegie. ttehrZuuare io( Cherryileld), K-a'-t, Matan/aa, 10 daya * :th soger Ae, to c A II J Peter*. thhr .1 S Buckmaa'< r. Ringgold. Newcasl'e, Del,'2 days. S.-hr N lank. MUton, Fredi rks, Del, 2 ilaya. Si hr C C 'adkr, hl[ pie, Milton. Del, 2 days. Brhr II I- > ming, Shaw. Wilmington, Del. nehrti W lutiitn tigs. W'hi iillu. Philadelphia. .'I daya, S< hr T I' Cooper, Taylor. I'lillailelpMa for Noi wkh. Helir S Clark, UrltDn, Philadelphia. 5 days. S. hr Nellie D, SH,darns, Philadelphia, t days. re iirj <; mijti.n. j n*e l-hlhiPlphta 8' hr E S Hi oil, Ku-.-iul.iil, l'lid.'di-lpMa H'-hr Ana 8 Brown, Brown, Philadelphia for Boitnn. thhr Moi.u-veii, Falk-iil.nrK, Philadelphia for B<i?ton. S< hr W II Rnwe, llnrri*, Philadelphia !or Now Bedford. H< hr HI*' k Diamond, Young, Philadelphia |.>r Prnvldeoce. B' hr E T Sinlih, Smith, Philadelphia lor rrevMant-e. S. hr M A Hlio lee, Wlllctu.KKB Heritor. Mir A ,t R Holier, Smith, Eitk Harbor. Bel-r.l S Pirk r, Wheeler. Kirahethiurt for Fa'l Ri?rr. K?-hr Lawreme. 8klnn<-r, Kli??l?-th|x>iI f?i Ml-ldl'-town, S- hr Wor Sired. Smith, Port Jefferaoa defer HinxiiOld (wrecker), Merrill, from ahip Arkwilsht, allot- S of the HUlilnn 1*. Sliem R II Broorr *11. Merritl, On ?l Eta Harbor, 1 day*, learnr-r Villain. JtorrUon. Philadelphia. Sieanmi Petrel. Toon*. Provideni " aimer Weatehenter. Joneo, Providence. Hteorne, Hayc?, William-, Mystic. SAILED. IPth?Ship* T.awrencr. I.lverpnol; R II Taylor. London* L> - - > ri. 11. Hiltiol; Aden- (Hanover), Antwerp; Vandalla, lordeaujt. harka Gazelle, Barhadna; Solo, Havana 2nth?S-CNmabip* Plamngenrt (Hi), Pott au Prin t; La luhaira (Bp), Havana; Phfladelphla. 'OR ADDITIONAL PORT NEWS 8KB EIGHTH PAGE Mltcclimirnitd. The fine ateannlilp Oily of Wmhlnglnn, rommandrd fey the con ptlabed Cant Brooke, Milt to-morrow, Saturday, at I.' 1 fni' ipeenatown and Lit . rpor I, from pier 41 NK. it i- Iti inii Hue, Sk'Klield. at B'lfton fn-m London, r-p- rta I , |"III I n I I 'll', lat VI W. Ion .11 13, hod I < .ivy galea It W NW to NW ; In i e|n*.-i* ef-d tnpeall* and earned i v ; tpauker boom; barometer fed 3-lt). , 1 UIDAY, MARCH 21, 1862, Snir Cohbt. hence at san Fr?act*oo Xhh ult, w Off Oaf* Huru W days villi Mi una W gales, sprung bowsprit. and was unable to < arry any beaJsail. OlT Cape Horn, Amiw Holm, ot Finland. seaman, fell from ibe fore yard and was billed, Feb 7, Stephen U Hones, Ural odicer, died. Of Caps 81 Kooua save a lore and aft echr which displayed the A mar Iran nag wlien she buss In sight, but hauled it down and raised the Palmetto flag; she stood In shore towards alioal water, ouiof our reach, as she must bare seen our gun*. Bvita Sakah Kat, Hammond, cleared at this port Nor 10 for Qoeensmwn, and has not been to-ard of sinoe she sailed, she bud a cargo of 21,Sl)7 bushel* w heat. B? Hmu Thistlc. Smith, which sailed from Boston on the 12th Inst for Caidendk, put bach to H loth leaky and with loss of deck < ad, n ivtng had a severe gale oh the ltlh off Nantucket South ShoalStuu akmptus, reported picked up at aea with angur holes in her bow, and lakeu into Curdeuaa by Spanish hidiei men, was previously reported s? hav lut, b<-eu ruu ashore to windward of Stone Key L ght by the captain, having sprung aleak the day she left Cardenas. Cauii, Feb 20?I/apt H F Sparrow, of Ameri an bark Cambrl Ige, of Bo-ton, arr at lladt* Feb 18, from NVork, rei-orts that J au 27, in 1st S7 40. h.iiW, shipped a heavy sea over the stem, carrying away boat and knocking the rouud house over on lite wheel, will h broke It down, the ship then came to in the win!; bo.e her to under niisen staysail. In !at 37 42 Ion 52 do, whi.e lying lo in a heavy gale, ahipp d a sen ovnr the <|ii?rter. which washed thechief uiaie an f our eeaman overboard, kuoeking away the rails, skylight, wheel, breaking in cabin doors, and washing aw ay also the deck load of slaves. The tnstc's name is Ueorge F Keudrick, and salioi-j a Norwegian, name unknown., March 6?The American aehr Fred 8heerer, Cheever. from Hull for liatana, ha- beeuobliged to slip ananchor and chain to prevent collision with another ship, and U getting supplied with others from here. Dublik, March 4?The echr Hound, Pearman, of and from Bermuda (Indiancorn), arrived here to-day alter a severe passage ot 44 days, hating encountered^ succession of heavy galea. Falmouth, March 5?The American bark Mary R Barney, Bobbins. from Antwerp, Ac, for Genoa, put in here yesterday, leaky. Livkkpooi., March A?The One screw steamship City of Balitmore, Captain J M Jeffrey, of the Liverpool. New York and ITiiladelpnla Steamship Company, waa due here, and owing probably to some disarrangement in her machinery or n rew ahe has not yet made her appearance at tjueeustown. Being one of the fastest of the Ionian line, her non-arrival will moat likely be a matter of consideration to the Underwriters. but the weather reported by the new steamship HAnsa (which left the same day aa the City of Baltimore) leaves no doubl but that ahe has experienced most fearful weather. In the meantime It la satisfactory to any no fears aro entertained for the safety of the steamer. The Marathon, Doyle, from New York, haa arrived here

b'aky, with rodder sprung, and part of cargo thrown overbos nl, having experienced heavy weather. The Belgian brig Victor, from Oalend. came in contact 2d with the ship Annawan, near the landing stage, and sunk under the ship's bows. Lisbon, Feb 26?The ship Revenue, from Liverpool for New York, telegraphed ye.-derday as having put In here, is le-iky. She is in quarantine, not having a bill of healtb. The Joseph Hume. Kencaly, from Malaga for New York, which put in here 24th Feb very leaky and with damage, must discharge. Kio J ankiko, Feb 7?The ship Norway, Major, from Liver, pool for Calcutta, which pnt in here to-day, is reported leaky Southampton, March 6?The cargo of the Hauaa (a), from New York, a loch came up here ye.-teiday for regaira to her machinery, will be transhipped to Hreuieu; her mails and i specie were tended yesterday morning, and will be forwarded via London and Ostcud. Ocxan Dnin?U S Naval Observatory and Ilydrographicul 1 Olilce, March 4. 1862?The U 8 Consul at Honolulu lias transmitted to the honorable Secretary of the Navy a paper obtained I mm a boiile picked up on the Island of Oncuhcow, . a' out the 22u of August, 1861, and of which the following is , a copy.? ' : " .Ship White Swallow, Capt Ellery, bonnd from San Francisco to Hong Kong. This bottle was tnrutvu overboard on ilie 21-t of July, lbol, In lat 21 JU N, ion lol 55 W, by pas,en- ' ger. ('has H Roukwkll. ol New York." , The H point of "Onrehecw," the probable place wbeie this w aif Sinn k, being in lat 21 46 N. Ion 160 12 W, Its drill waa W 2 di-g N, and, or. the supposition that it was picked up immediately alter lauding, its velocity was about 15>i miles per day. J M U1LL1S8, Supcriutcndeni. Spanish at-am ship Carolina whicn left Philadelphia on Monday for Havuna, Is a propeller of 555 Ions, launched last s| ring from Mr Cramp's shipyard, Philadelphia. She was i then called the Union, and waa employed lor some time by I the government, since which she has been thoroughly overhauled. She la intended to run on the line between Havana i and Cardenas. t A2 brig Helen Jane, 186 tons, built at Damariscotla in 1849, . has been sold on terms not made public. | Capt J L Middle ton ia now buihiiug at Middle Haddam, Ct, ( a tow boat for service on the Connecticut River, between Say- | brook and Hartford. She ia lo be larger and more pow.rful < than any other of this description than hits been employed on the river. H-r engine and boiler are now being built in j Phlludeldhia. She Will coat about g'J.UOO, and will be ready j for service about the 1st of June, or sooner. A One screw steamer of about 401) tons, called the Bushuell, * was launched on the )8tli Inst from the yard of Chas Maliory, * Mystic. She is owned by the builder. * Missinu Vessels.?The gale of the 21th and 25th nit has proved mutt disastrous to the Gloucester ilshlug licet, aud trotii present advices the loss ol life will be very great, ? largely cxi ceding that of any previous season. There are now thirteen vessels which Lave not been hoard from since ih storm. Vessels that Wi-re out st that time have teen in, gone out again and arrived a second time with a fare of Halt, and yc no one lias heard of those mlsaiug, with the exeep tlun ot two or three reported u> nave Deeu seen on the bani; ami t he hare possibility of their having l?eu blown oil ami 7 lost tkolr sails, or the crews belnt; taken off by some out- ? ward bound vessel, is the only taint hope which now remains , ot' the safely of any of the crews. The probability U . that most nl? the \ Ossein, if not sll, came iu contact with one . another in the blow, and ware at one.' sunk tugelhc'roou Ute lank. The halr-hle* .with escapes of others from eollislou, leads every one to suppose that this whs the manner of their destruction, althugh nunc may live to tell the siory. The * v. ssels now mbslng were son.e of the linest sud strongest of our U et, and wre manned hy front one hundred and fif- : teen to one hundred aud twenty men, among w liion were H some of the la st tiahermen m the plane- A large portion o. tiietn leave families, and it has been estimated (hat as many aa lu o hundred children will be made orphans hy this disaster; sun if at distress will be earned bj the loss of so many upon whom oth< rs were dependent lor support, while a J J oin lias been cast over our whole community.?Ulouoester j Telegraph. Notice to Mariners* soston bshuck, bllaabd's bat sno tins yard sound uors. 1 Notice i? hereby given that on the 1st of April, or as soon slier as possible, ihc Nun and Cnu Ilnoys belonging In the Harbors, Ba<s unci sounds will be replaced, sad the 8par Bouts now cKenpy nK their canons removed. f Bv order of the Lighthouse Board. k E A LONG, Clerk to Lighthouse Inspector 2d dial. Boston, March la, 1861. Whalemen. ; Spoken?dsn 31, 1st 11 46 N, Ion 32 17 W, bark Tropic Bird, c llagar, NB, no report tit oil. Spoken, Sc. Ship Belle of the Sea, Slgsbee, hence Jan 3 for San Fran- jj Cisco, with lo*s of iiilxcninast, J*u 31, 1st 2 58 N, Ion 25 45. f Ship Magellan, front Chsneisl for Ltrri|s>ol. Feb 13, lat 25 j N*. Ion S2. \ Sbip.lohu Sp'ar, from Dublin for NYork, March 4, off' ths llrsud Banks. Ship Trimouutain, from Iumdon for Boston. March 4, off thai Grand Banks. * v Ship Washington Irving (Br), s coring S, March 10,1st 28 r .'4. Ion 12 M. _ ? Bark Sala ia, Bursh-y, from Boston Dec 3 tor Buenos tyres, Jan 18, lat 27 Oi, Ion 4.' 12. Bark Brunette, from t'ardctms for Boston, March 14. off ,'apa Fear. ^ Foreign Porte, c ANrwrHr, Feb 28?e d L,. panto, .Martin, Sunderland (sod l rout Flushing March 3). Bristol (1'iTl i. March 4?oif, Ihl?, Cameron, Irom NYoi k lor Gloucester; Nord tlap, Smith, do lor Bristol. c In Bi isol Ciisnnel 5tb, Sarah I. Bryant, lat no. from New York for orders. Bi I. vast, Man h 1?S'd Abner Stetson, Jr, I'll in ney, lis van i. s BHHHt RtiAvp*, Kelt 27?Sid J Kepler, NYork; March 2, t Unbar.I. do; .vi, tuermc, Baltimore. 2 RoMniiil, Pel. 28?sld Elvira Froderika, NYork i:s. xos Atbi a, .Ian If?Ari Samii'd Robertson. Tabor, Borde.ioi. Sill I Pili, Ainbmrino, Lwkr. NYork ; 2 .ih, Christian A Kiln-, do; Joseph Halo, Stevens, Kant ladies Haiiia, Fob II?Ait Chanticleer, Wat-on, Baltimore (and 1UM1 for Rio Janeiro). CAiiuirr, March 3?Ar. Wabash, Thompson. St Charles, Conway, Southampton; T D Wnjuer, Ityil r, Rot. tordain. Sl.i 1st, Amanda, l'endleion. Havana; 2d, Ct'Lhin. an, Oil*. Genoa. Castiatov*, M.ircli 2?Sid Amy, Wilson, Liverpool. Cadis, Fob 18?An Cambridge, Sparrow, NViirk. fOISTiMIMiru', Fri 24?Arr Armenia, Hainllioii, Ilo-loa. Sid 2Uth. .Inaoph W Webster, B .kr Black Sea. Dk.m Ma roll 1?An I; B Latnur. Bradley, and Sandusky, 1. mirklh. London and bolh aid f..r NY iki. F--lioi.i. Nellmm, do (and sld for t'.n dlll); 2.1, Norwegian,, do (and -Id for Call.iol: .'VI, j.'iligf. ilovv. Mnodjr, do for Cadis (and lid 4lli); Ml. Hindustan, Small, 8 wiiiiSm (and Proore '?d foi la.ndon): tllb. Plymouth I lock, lluiuinoud, NYirK (and pi o*-e 'ded lor Lonnon), F.iw.ed by 3-', Snrnli Park, Vauphnn, from Chatham for t'anllir; 4l!i, New Kra, Walker, 11'oin Sl.l.dda lor Cardenas; Kre'k Mhetvr, front do lor 11a-una; Mary Broughton, llcr> rick, from do for Surinam. Di>, Manh 4?Atr Sunrise, Moller, NYork; Minotu, Rvdln. do. Sld f t,, lb io, (ianday, and Jupiter, Joa ph?<>n, NYork. Di'SMoni K.iit, Minoh 1-00". Cotn'reas, Malionry, from X,IV"i|NMrj Tor B. sion (or Plillad. lj.liij i. Kai.MOI ill, M r. h 4?Arr Pam-dla Flood, Anderson, Caaa ij i u; Mi, Mary It Barney, Bobbin.;, Antwerp via S. lily forGenoa. HM.'Id.t) -anna, Springer, Bremen; 4th, Eli/abulh, Nepperu#, NY. rk. (InjL'Ci *T? R. Mar- li ft?Arr lb a, Olnppeata NYork. t.i Axiow, Mar.'!i 4?Arr Ker- law, Taylor, NYoik. CiKRAi.TAii. K- li 28?Air berk J M li ck.-., Ureeninan. Pa lent o foi NYork:, ship Charletmn ne, Brown, NYork .an I aid 2flh (or N-pia); 2i?th, liar, a .losie Nicholas, Ni.-tio. la- Pib uno ftn NYork: Malil" M< ..If, Snowman, Uexndr i i Liverpool, wlnd'iound. C d 18th, br.y Eastern 8 ar, A ..ley, NYork. Ilci.1, Mmch I ? Arr .1 \V S.Mver N'lckrann, Leghorn. Hiiaariiii Feb 28?Sld Wllllaio Spiaitn.-, Hake., Swauiea. S .1 from Cuxliaven M ii. li 2, I'm,/ Allien, N York. U n.f.Mnr.'h ArrTiiiiiil-ull, Coilinu, NYork. Sld II, \\ indoor rop?af, lAratro, NYork. ' H ' Mai I. 8- lii rii an Ranger, Averili. for Run* ii, i n'lj. nm rco-M iXUiui t > n iia. rmi n|n||ihla. ,li k kt, Mutch 2?Shi Now York, ronpor, Moaalna. Liv> urrioi. Maioli I?Arr Nin a S-i.tinn (a), Portland; An- ! na? mi, M N?li. t'olnja, M.inncta Sutton, R,w itnl, rnilaiVI- ' phi*; 21 !, Tnnawanda, J illim. ilo; Albion, WII 11mins, unit Cyme iro, K ihintum, NYnik', SI, Shouting Star. Dyi r, B.iitintof; Shlolda, Heiiot V, NVnrk; 4th, Oiilateit, Wended, San J Krato iwo: Kinta, Uo'in, N York ; 5th, Airvrloa t?), do; Mara- ( thnn. Doyle; iMlilvatnt, Knsa'll; One in Bond. link; Shake- ? imar , I'lvhlor, and L ? oiitotive J ,ne?, tin; War Emtio, fay- ' lot, I a!,la; Addl?on, l'iko, Bnetoti. ' si,I jut, John 0 Ivoa, Arnmling, Boi'teaoi; 4lb, (lov Lang- t ion. Waling, Go >oa. rid 4lli, I inserter, n il, Boston and Valparaiso; Eli/nboth Kltnhall, llarria iti, Nnaion; Kinorald Iaio, L'orni-h, N Yurk; 6th. Arti-lalde, " nt I in ?. do, j Knlfnrllf !?'. Kontiin nr.iln, IToaloy, Bombay; f'on?i|- , tint,in, Jniioa. NYnrk; 3d, Albion, Wl!l'?m?, do:T,nawanda, , jnili". l*hHmi?lphla; ,'rh, ni>a<ire, K >b,n?on, NYork. L'tsnos, M.'roll 6? Aii Boiling Wan-, (5 dlina, Aleeamlria, E; A I'.uiU Norwood, Hear*, Boston; Ctb, Chaw, Rabies, Hio ,lai i ll n. t'hl |at lli inl?tiln ro, Taylor, N"w rork (and wse oiT iho Kaad.i aSili); Vnkntla, Anatln, i;a!lao (and t?a-oi| the ilnod \ in .'Id,, N' aiurtan, Worth. Sunderland and Stngspnr : Hi! ; Howard. Nhkoraon, Hhloldaand Boainli; 3d. John ll liter. ? ?,,ii, laiiham. Now Yi ik (and anohoiod at Desl 6th); Hp.rk the <) an, Kinney N VJtfiTl nil I] Thoinna. 4ih, L \ mg ; Aur, ortt. ni oonn x*i*; i.riroea. r-n n iy. Bo I n; fttb, J I Itnmiiloi:, M Kay, i'iir'1 and Cuba; * marital!, S-lnv' Cai'mi: Kni> h Hamar.l, lto?a, Mt.Tnhn NB. ' KiiicH nil III1, Nineveh. Riinay, for bn'nn; J?v?, D'|gi-f, New York; Lcona, William', do; Ar-nidel, lliirtletl, Philadelphia. ; Arrat ilraveiwnd flth,HonJ Bun.'*, Rartlett, Calcutta for London. 81(1 fi'lt, ;tar ?f I'e me, Tivinndy, Huston. l.osrnaDmwr, PebSA?Hid H-flier, Uairii, MoMle. I.r won, Keb 22?ArrTafel, NTork; 27tb, N Doane, Uall, Nri\ ??1le, K. Hid 2t>lh, Tliule, N York. I,' n Kt Ji VnLjdln, Mi liolx, Hein.a: 27tli, 11 V 1 Bi vtor, Owen, Cardlll'. ' Miimhm.i li 2?Arr *"?! "f Maine, Cii'i f, RTork. 1 Mai *???. Fi l>2l?Air Ilnnier, Murker, IfYork. Moxtm inco.ifan 2S?Air Carl, NYurk; Wth, Sara Hen- ] drlka, dn. M mm a 'i * if, Jan 21?Hid Oilmore Meredith, Diane, Cayenne. Hi Vi'imr, l>b 2H?Slil Chnpln, MeOrlliia, Capo Verd 1 Iki , l?. 1 K .r Ro" Marrh 4?Arr Bergman, Cnrrnn. Nvnrk. N ?*i NC, dnrh Air rebel ateamer* Hlla WarleySi? " /"\. IMiiiI'll eion; p v lo lOtli, Kate, Lock wood, do; Co, col' i. D'Uiiwon Creek, <iu. J'ivm r?r, >lMoht~ Art-Caetu*, Pollard, NTork. I l >i i l ' 2J Air Sania ill, Iboiiil-n, l> cala; 2dtlt, ' ! . ( I' r pi- Ival. M:ir?ei!!e* 1 i . ?vi;?v?i, Jul, 31 - All lAnifl, Jobnaon, 1.1. rr; '; Ke\| I 11, Oi??w, Fulle*, New Bedford. Mil Feb 4. B Ftertblli I uuin, Bnard (or Wallace, from Bio Janeiro), Mtm il eg, Honda, Feb W?In port briga Mary Hall, for NYork 3 dayg; T E templar (Br), Clemen*, for do 8 day*; tchr Uen Arm- I slroug, Scofleld, for do 12 day*. M Qitksnntowh, Feb 28?Arr Carlo C Buclcb. NYork (and aid bo Sd for Antwerp); Shakrpeake, Hecbter, N York for Llver|>ool. ? Sid 28ih. A ljtmort, Murray, Adelaide; Ualatea, Weudall, T Liverpool; War Eagle. Tayl r (from Bahia), do. A. Bottskdah, March S? In port Jubilaum. Kiunne, for N*w pr Turk, ready; Iaaliella, Allen, for Baltimore, do. re, Rom ells. March 1?Ai r Arza-. Venta. NYork. Riol.a-sus. Jan 18?In port brigs Maiy K Jon"*, Jones, l, fr in aad for NYoik n 1 > days. Marshal Ney, Dulling, from " NYork, for Mont v leo. Mg; and others. f-t Sid Jan 27, Matilda, Peterson, NYork. Hio JaKKiao, Ken6?Arr C J Kershaw, Nichols Marseille*; 7<h, Norway. Major. Liverpool for Calcutta, reported leaky. T, In port Feu 7, Carl An* laie, for NYork; Marion, for Balli- Amore; J C Coale, Ellon, fieth. VV.lhelmiue, and Flygaraou A m< 8 n, for Un t il S ates; Msrv Hyler, lor Rangoon. Swamuta, March h-Arr M W Holt, Dodge, London. Sid 1st, Star of the West, Richards, Coqulmbo; Kaialidin, We- T, Leghorn. L Suillv, Mar h 1?Put iu. Am *hip "Maud," Taylor, from ! " Queeustown tor Loud n. fa Shields, March i?In port Zone, Fulleiton, for Boston, fe ready. SCNDBKi.aaD, .March 2?Sid Cumberland, Walte, Portland, T Me; dlh, Eastern Queeu. H. Iloook, Calcutta. X ST NaXAlBK, March 2?Sid Lo Is Auiedec, for NYork. to St Visce.nt, CYI, Febfi?Sni Eiixaboth Yco, Scott,NYork. ra The Wioht, March ft?Off, Eli/a M Strong, Strong, frout tw Newcastle for Havana. fr Tuooh, March 3?Ait M C Mariner, Mariner, Londonderry. br VALEHCU, Feb 13?Arr William Chamberlain, Jcniiln.s, v? NYork. H V sua Cnoz, March 2?In port aobr Buphemla, Bailey, from ? NYork. arr Feb 27. / American Ports. ' BOSTON, March in, 1 airahiu it, .ng Sun, Skolfleld, *' London; ochs Thomas Wo >dward, Welsh, Oouatve* vui For- " tune Island; E A Newcomb, Kemp, Deal's Inland; J 11 Hor* ton, Freeman, Ruth N Atwood, Kemp; Ada Herbert, Pur, A vier, and William H Atwood, Foster, Tangier. Tel?Ship- " Amelia, from Glasgow: Star of the Union, i coin N -w York - f Cld steamer Saxon, Snow, for the Southern Coaat; hrlg Caarle* Miller, Brewer, Pbtlad India; achs Austin (Br). I1 Krosen, Miragoanc; Lady Sulfolk, Buker, Baltimore; Ce a, Meredith, Ncivccatie, Dei; Sa . u 1 Utliuan, CrewelI, New U' York; Kate Sareeant, Browu. Ja met; U J lone* CroweII, Baltimore; R M Pit-, K iley. New York. Bid, wind WNW to NW, etramship Canada (a 12 M); brig* Candace and Ma- / rine. Also U 8 steamer Saxon. V BALTIMOUK, March 18?Arr Br bark Perala Putnaui, Par- 11 deltas; achrs Francis, Connell, New liaven; Starlight \Mu- Tl terport, Me. Below- brig He Iwing, Kit wan, from Mavaguer. n Cld hark Gustav (Brem), Culliu, Cork for ordcra; _schr? M M A Freeman, Howes: Rebecca. Magec, Aloert Maaoit'Dotiglias, and D C tlulse, Kempton, NYork; Courier, Higglns. Datua- / risioita via Church Creek; S E Parker, Klt/gerald, Porilaud V. BOOTH BAY, March 14?Arr echrs Charlie A Willie, Hoop- a er, Roekbind for Fortress Monroe; Superior. Robinson, and in Florence, Jamesnn, rto for H York. 1) ELIZABETH I'OBT, March 19?Old schre Frtd Eugene, D Acborn; Louisa, Haskell, and K H Daly, Cash, Boston; J as Barker, Wheeler, Full Kiverj L>r I oners, Muncey, -SHaven; A Rival, Hubble, Siamturd; Ei vlyu, Palmer, do: C L Lever- A Inc. Jones, Taunton; sloop Helen, Bahcek, Fail Kiier. 11 GLOUCESTER, Marcu Id?Are sehraSnaan (Br), Porto ltico for Portlund; Maggie Bell, Gilkey, Camden lor Wash- \ melon. x HIGHLAND LIGHT, March 19, sunrls.?(n sight, ship ni Jotin T k r, troin Lonilou; seh J F Carver, fioui Baltimore p. via Edgariown, for B'Slon. A.s ? a bark and a lolg. Sun- pa -i?inside, ship John Tucker and a bark. Outride, four brics. 1 lloLMhH* HOLE, March 18?Arr brig Cronstadt, Havana J for Bostou. it, NEW BEDFORD, March 19?Arr schr Hunter, Rockett, m Philadelphia. Bid brig A Mlillken, Fish, do. NEW HAVEN. March 19?Air bark Evening Star, Mans- -illeld, Gisyatiia; brlj; B L Swan, Prindle. Si Or lv; schr* New Delight, ScoBeld, and Hannah Ann, < hapin, Elizabeth- d? nort. OluschrsThames, Ellen l.ouisa. TO Lyman, H Brain- c, srd, and S 1' Godwin, NYork; Tulltha A Hauuali, Elizabeth- w port; II W Benc'liet, Maryland. ,.r PHILADELPHI A, March 'id?Arr bark A McNeil, Somers, e, Glasgow; schr A Bartlett, Barrett, Port Royal. CM brig San Antonio, Suow, Ship Island; achrs J J Spencer, Smith, Key ? West; Horizon. Jarvis, llattera* Inlet: Valoro. s (Br), lier- -i niau, Halifax; M Wnghungton, Thaclier, Boston; Georgia, j' Bucklin, Rockland. Sid shipsSiintemuc, (jxnaid, Liverpool; , " Lord Biotuhaui (Ham), llert ng, Glasgow. ' Lawns. Del, March 18, 8W AM?A ship, a burk and fonr brigs, supposed from New York, for Philadelphia, passed up o early this morning. The ship Tuscarora and anotli r ahip left the Roadstead hist evening for Philadb pnia. Tiie harks VV Mt aco, from Lngusyra, and A I Harvey, from Montevideo' ? snd a licet ot light vessels remain at anchor inside the Break- ff wat r. I PORTLAND, fMarch 18?Arr Br steamship Caledonia, ?f b'lark, Glasgow; sleamer Chesapeake, Crowell. NYork. Old m trigs Spee la way. Atherton, Aguadilla. PR; Harriet, Tit:omh, Havana; schr Liokoiii, Thornton, Baltimore. Sid ?e >ark Laeoula; brigs P U Curtis, Olive; schrs .Maria Koxana, Dccan Herald; and others. ? PORTSMOUTH, Msrch 18?Old brig Delmont Locke, Yea- pr tie, Wilmtugton, Del. Sid 17tb, schr Maria Pickup, Baker, I Jaittniore. fr, SHIP ISLAND. March 7?Arr ship Fear Not, Pensacola; a, ichr E S Potter, Potter, NYork; 8th. ships North Carolina, . 'ollins, and Idaho, Howe, Boston; 9th, Ocean Pearl, Crow- rp '11, <lo; 11th, prize schr Cora, captured oil' Apalaehloola; 12ili, I ueamship Constitution, Pletcher, New York via Hampton toads. Bid 7th, ship National Guard. Torlugaa. , In uort Mur-li 13, ships Black Prince, Howes, and Undaunt- _ id, Elliott, uue; brig Xcnophon, Dusk, do. ^ BOARDING AMD LODGING. _ A LADY, WISHING TO RID HERSELF OF THE CAKE ? l\_ of housekeeping, wishes to give the use of herfurnl- _ ure (save, linen and silver) for the hoard of herself and two 'I laugnters?the?ldcr for a short time, and the younger per iwiu will pleas*- address, with real name, Ac., A. F., Union H?are i'o*t ollio*. y A BACK PAULOR AND EXTENSION ROOM TO LET? fx. Furnished or unfurnished, t> a gentleman aud wife ir two Minnie gentlemen, witli full or partial Board. Pom- y ' noon Immediately. Also a l'ront or baric R ,om, on second * lour, after the 1st of May, with full or partial Board. Apply Ail it 1U Ea?t S-ve ith street. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, V without children, occupying a lirst class house, will let a jjd :hoice of handsomely fu unshed Rooms, with Board or pri? *h ale lahlo. Bnghih ami Avosll spoken. Apply at 45 East Jj llcprkcr street, near Broadway. * f A T no 20 KAST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. BETWEEN U iV Madison aud Fourth avcuura, hau laoniely furnished ' loom* to let, witli or without a private table. *a> CO I A HANDSOME PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? lx. Suitable for a doctor's otflce or any light business: also " tiniished Rooms for stBliemitt. TiriiBI 10 Stltt the times. 16 Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. y A T 58 WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET.-TO LET, f?J fx with Bii'ird. a trout R mm, with alcove, on third lloor, wl nut a Room on fourth lloor. neatlv furnished; table first Jan. Dinner at 6. References exchanged. y A I BENCH FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE. *? fx ? ou.d aeeoininodale a gentleman and wt:e, ortwosingle c'' lentle.nen, with a handsomely luriilahed Pa'rl >r and Bed on lira! lloor. Hpiniah, and Engilah spoken. "11 tlx. one or two R- oma for single gentlemen. Apply at 39 ? Vent Twelith street, between Fifth and aenti. s* MM A FINE PABLOB AND BEDROOM, ALSO SINGLE fx Ro ms, will Ih- vacant in a few days, and will-be let, \l rltli or without full H .ai d, at moderate rates, iu the first ? lass house 26KihI Fourteenth s.reet, between University in' ila e nnd Filth av.-nu -. References exchanged. oil A DESIRABLE SUIT OK KOoMS, WITH FULL fx Board, in the first el. s* houa - No. fi We*t Twenty-fourth V treet. op|KMite tlie Fifth Aveuue Hotel, or the whole Floor th' iu be obtained If dea re 1. dr ??. of a private family have a front room fur. - t\. null' <1, tu let, Willi tor without Hoard. References Q> sehanged. Apply at 20t> West Twentj -second street. hp ? ' ? - ? ca A LADY WOULD LET NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, hs (V Willi lirst clan Hoard, to a g'uUeman and wife and two J" Ingle gi iilleinrti; Iioom' has all modern improvement <; din ii'r at sis o'ctoafc. References given and repined. Apply at 1 M WestTWrti th street. A' A FRENCH KAMILY, LIVING IN A GOOD STYLE, lb l\. would accommodate a lew persons of respectability Willi ilie Hooini and a lirsi iliss French table. Only parlies wil- O nig to pay a reasonable price lor good ai e niiinoa iilom and xcelleul'Hoard need apply ut 47 West Twelfth sliect, he- ho w een Filth and Sixth avenues. A 81'IT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO 3 t\. lie let, with board, or a private table, on the second llnor !ai f a very ooavisl ntly loented and nrsi eia.-s hou-e near the n ion ill Icrry, RrooMyn. Family pilvate. Apply at (,'ou- mi ;rcM street", (our doors west of Henry street. A TTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN HO- 7 A ' e|s and board In* houses lo an estahllshnn nt op ned at no y > 110 M..c iiiugaistreet, and furnlshnd with everything lie- pli s?siiry for houseke. nin , in order Unit a family inuy have a SC siinpl le home and live a a low r.ito. V parlor an i > bedroom may be had at mrs. 9 Sumner a, No. ?i West Twenty-ninth street, Just va- Cr sited, by a gentleman h aving the. city, liupilrc at the house, 1) >r address J. J. T., box 2,Mi Post oilice. sit t vbv WELL furnished rooms, WITH CLO. "i, 7 V s us, water, :as, Ae., to let, with Hoard. Term* res- A1 louable to those wishing to settle permanently before May. wl 'all St 21 Seventh avenue, b twecn Twelfth and Thirteenth Hi llta ex A pleasant room AND bedroom to lit, WITH 1, Boar !, lo a I Mtnily or g'nth 111'II, u ihout SoanS, If da- A n red. Family small: no moving in May; terms n.o lernte. wi tl-o a lady, lo tench llie piano In pirt p i, m ot for bond. K< tpply at So. 7 Hnburt sired, opposite St. John's church. an IT 0 CLINTON PLACE.-A FURNISHED FRONT 1 f\. Room and Holr nm, on Iho second lloor, lo let, w Ith or 1, vltliout Hoard, with lire, gas, hot and ceid us er. Terms wt 'ery reasonable. bp board.?a re8pectablb widow wom in would 1 ? araod le one or teo young gentlemen with or with- A< nit V'Sit'l. Apply at Ml Eu/itl'etn street, top Door, near wi llC 'cke. street. cli HOARD?NEAR WASHINGTON SOU ARK. 107 WAVER ley pla < .?Gentium n or a I.amity can a ommodaied "1 elthlioinl and plessaut Rooms. References exchanged. A Dinner at 6. pr Board.-a uentlem \n and lady wish, in a " I rs', lass house, wh re no other bonder* are taken wlili it widow httly preferred), a Mult of Room*, or Parlor | not Bedroom. an<l ll .lhr toin ami Water Closet, wlih Uwiiui A1 iiirt Hoard lor the lady oily. Intention uetwecn Sixth end pa 'ourih evennoa ami Eighth and Two nty eighth sire 'in. Ad- tlii !rea?, aiding loatlon and term", A. A.,'box I0.'> Ilnrald o'llce. 2 BOAItD-a GENTLEMAN and WIFE CAN have ** iwn square Kooiih on second floor, fnrnlalicd or uulur- ' J' Halted, with Hoard or coinenlem-o for itoinekeeplng. From ?" laid room* you have a line view of MVaahlngion parade ~ [round. !. cation So. 100 Watrerley plnoe. '' Board ?wanted, by two younq men, within { " one mile of II.e City llall Park, a nicely furnished K/aim J1" ind Bmird. Including ga?; if aultr.l will he permanent. A.'- ln< lieaa for two day a, staling location and lernia, box I7H Herald "111 f) IJOARD WANTED.?PERMANENT COt'NTRY HOARD, *''' |j not far from tha city, and convenient to n school and _, for ia lady and two children. Term* in oat _ to moderate. Address A M. Smllb, Herald office, giving ({ tal name, turin* und'other particular*. Ae Board wanted?for two ladies and a chii.d, f4" n a private I'aiiilly, would like a front room and hedro..m ,1 in the second alory, unfurnished iiroiurred. R. i. mu ' pren and required. Addie i M. U, bm Iff llenld oflMi Bo.Mil> WANTED.?A FAMILY of FIVE ADl'LTS y wish to uiitaln permanent Mo ird and It one Inagn- gl * el and hlirhly respectable pi it ate family In thla . lly, tt her# ill the comforts of a borne - an bo enjoyed. Location inuat w L>e iineioeptionaliie, and convenient to Broadway. Term* :? hot over n.M) p r work. References, Ae. Address Junius, box 111 Herald office. Board* anted?with two fi rnishkd rookr> ' f in a model u house, toi a lady and Utile girl, ihr, e y. a. a Tu if i ,e; p'.aln bat lllieral table expected. T rins moderate Ins ind etpreaai'd in .onmunl atlons. Re.erei ce? ruqilircd. lea Ad lr. a* W ?ne, Herald nfllee. < 1)0 \KD WANTED?BY A YOCNO I.ADf TEACH EH, V i> in a pri t.tin family, she laengaged dally ai settled; will i." |mtfs|MT tt k; !o-.ulo.i must b beltvo n fw ntyohird tu tod I mtlr!)i sir- la, ami KIM lit and Ninth uveti:, ?,niit J ti 't eltlier an American or Freti'm ta'Vly: bee rcfereneea ne |ircti and required. Addrua* Cnns, If:r.i 11 office. A. BOARUINU MO LMUGINU. * IOARD WANTKD-RY A GENTLEMAN A.NU LAl> "? ) two aingle Rooms. Is-sUon beivitu and Pet odoug I olid Hndaou otreoU. State Icium, Ac., to W. 0. L. ix 1,111 Post oflice. JOARDING?THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM ) mo luted wiili Board, or gentlemen and Hit ir w Ivca, ia A iT.tiit bouse, No. 57 Java street, CLroeupoiui. K tereuoe i] mred. tOAUDING.?A ROOM WANTED, BY A~GENTi.El( |f. I ill I private family, whote Ltt could hud a r'nuioe lor ig.iah couveriailoo. He would Luc some It*.tor.X in any uguage or iu inuaic. Addrt >K. W. U., ilt-rald IUAKD IN BROOKLYN? PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS } on ttio at'coud story of a hist cl.t-.? house, wub a.I u a udoru <V)i.ta ilaiu*a, can Ik* bud l*y applying at Ljf Aunty reel. D'uucrat six. >R(/.KLYN HEIGHTS.-A FURNISHED OB UNFl'R. y i.aiicu Roo o to rent, with Board, to a gen tic man aud By ; also Routes or single y, tl iu.n, iu a New Engiaud oily; ho xe pvx.amly situated; oath. Ac.; convenient to rrles. Terms moderate. 64 Widow street. tOARDRRH WANTED ON THE HUDSON.?A FAMILY. ) owuiiu a villa ou Ihe banks of the, conveuicut the city by railroad or boat, would like to make an a jigcuieut with a family o, four or Uve grown pet-eons, or ,o gentlemen and their wives, without eTiildren, tor B .ur i, oui May 1 iu November. If desired a separate table wo ld 1 furnished. Tiie house baa water and gas thiou.'hout; cuelull ncea for lioaliu i and oailitug and aluhling for nurses. exchanged. Ad.Irene Villa, tHncMiFosiofllce, N. If tOl'NTRY BOARD AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE ? J Hoiiee.froutliipt on the water, eix intlee from New York; oe.s by railroad or boat; goou stau'ing, boating and fishing; ree laig air.. It-.oris, with good Hoard. 1'aitira li 1'tug irses prefer.'od. if ?t of reference ed. Address baa New York Boat aibee. tOCNTRY BOARD WANTED?WITHIN TWO HOUR* J ride of the city, f ir a lady and daughter (12 years), ta a liet lamily; Calbo i pr fi-rred. W uld expert to la ,/er. anent if anitcd. Must huw g s-.-bOo. convenient, andyus ieir uieon.j in uot larg. at present) torma must be lo-v. Ad* * ku 1,077 1'oat oltleo, wlih full particular*.. 10UNTKY BOARD WANTED.?A GENTEEL FAMILY. J consisting of live mlul e 1 - u.-tiroes oi pr tiling couutrj .ard, w.tiun llfty miles oi New York anu of eamy a cues. icy cannot afford to p. y L , i. Board, otiso .ticutly they da jtexpe any luxuries, but wont plain, wuoletomo lare. d In eg M., box .'U l'o.-tl, l'ordlam, N. 1 10 IN TRY BOAKD-KOR A FAMILY GIVING UP ) liomckeeplng, deairo..s lo*)i ms tiie su.nmc. in li.e coun L any roo me, M Kb Ins; iua* table, are oll'ored at a u t ie, In a p'easantiy iocs'o i ho * * on tlio Iltl.lson, twe iuutea walk iro.n a railroad depot an i steamboat lan .tag. isianee ouo hourfrmn the city A<ldrc?a Grwtnburg llmite. obbt' Ferry, New York. JEATLY FURNISHED LODGING BOOMS TO LET? 1 At Jo . pe. 11 Al >o. rooms by tin- wrck. Bttk-r'a old, idi and 1-7 Grand street, one door Irom Broad*'.y. ~apieb house, corner of eourtbenth stbi et 1 aud Fourth avenue.?I'-u dished Loon.a (O ivut, in i- tu id single; inert!# til talin; d'linte or tu.a a; li use n. <y tperei, painted ainl furm-hcdg accon.itii'l.i.ions unau isse ; and terms reasonable. >OOM3 HANDSOMELY FUUXIHIIK.\ \ND IN A V pliuiBant iuoaUuu, I lot. wtlit partial iioaid U desired, a pri. at- Frett-lt family, w'iin Jo not ihlcutl moving iu ay. Apply at Li at. Mark's pm -c. >OOMS AND PARTIAL BuARD WANTED?IN MBOOK V lyu. A gentleman ile-dres >> litre, fot m en, v ile and iiguter, four Room-, turn sued or un: rui* ..-J, on i n sett I boor of a good In.use, up; lied with wan r gas A,., arm db partial Uu*rd; tbe vicinity of Court and Amity h ret 4* eferred. If suited, lite a t ertis.-; wlslies to permanent ie vest i given aou required. Address box rooaiyn Post oiUce. )0 ?MH. WITH B lAICM.-A FEW SINGLE GKXI..U I men. ot gentlemen with lbf,r w ires, c-a to s-comnio ited a 1th 1 looms at ?7 t'liuton plsO". Ileft tr aces changed. [EVEKAL 81NGLK OK NT L.jlBN CAN BE AOOOM I n odat. tl wi h i " unshed Kooms and Board, at It >. K illoughny street, lSriohl. u. K f -r-nces Alohaaged. 10 WIDOWERS OB .BACHELORS.?A WIDOW LAJtt of reliu.utenl and a superior i.ona keeper, having a >"* new furniture, wis h# U> meet inn') res, sets', |C kc>t.< ?u owning a housu who will alios' her to :?nt tites.Lv, ylng in bo tro, '.sing ber own furn. me, or act as houae per. Ileal genld tneu stid piiu.ipats oni/ may atlujes. amess, bos lib Herald oilier. 10 GENTLEMEN?A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE? to let to a gentleman, without Boar.!, a ueatly furnished ml B om and Pautry, with ,se ot natlt i o in ndjo.uiug. >piyul lid West Houston street, corner of Macuougal. 10 GENTLEMEN ONLY.?A BOOM TO i.Ei, WITH l?: ttul Bn.trd, in a nearly furuLhod l.ou.e; small Tally of grown persons. A,.piy al t. West Twenty-.ryeuib -set, near Broanway. 10 LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, A HANDSOME* ly furnlhed tnscs Parlor and Extension; also ft out .Huron ae on floor, with small B.iomii des.ree and front rlor on third door. References exchanged. it.' West vision street. 10 LET?FURNIS1IBD BEDROOM AND PARLOR OM rat Uuor, Willi or wUuuul board, Uve iiiu. it t ma ick (tip ferrj. Inquire at WJ Second street, Vf tut: abutj. rERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FU finished, to Ktl?'i'o gauut-wcn wllinmi Board, in tiio inurn house 2'i Ninth ureal, uei -vein fit 111 ami Sixth avenue*. [TANTED?ROOMS AND HOARD, IX BRlmr.LYN, t fur geutie.tiuu, wife and children, in n prt air i.wii;. Idreaa tot 413 Mi".i York Post i.Ule?, mat in: term-.. if ANTED?IMMEDIATELY, ONE LARUE UoOM. I witu Board, tor a gviuiei! an ani lis wile, tu a s.ral MI lroiine, or private lamilf, ll we t Bed uuseulh irty-louith aireila, and r our.h end Slxtu avenue. Idreaa, auling teruia, winch tnuatbe mod. rate. ho* 4,Mf at olllce. IT ANTED?A GOOD SIZED BOOM, UNFURNISHED; T vil li Heard, iu a re pectuoln privato lamii) o. b'..rtl i houac, fur a gen.leiuau, vv fe and iniuni, in a Idea l.;B iiveiiii-iii t? Maraet airai-l ai.u E ?l Hr a .iwajr. Term no. ei eed $3t) per month. lit i. r u cicliang. '. Andrea? ., box 1'.id Herat 1 olttrtt. IT ANTED?A FURNISHED SECOND STOllY FRONT T Room, with Board, lor a gt nt.rmaii und wi, . Private mil/ preferred. Address A. 1 , tic raid, mating wrina, l.cii in net be low, and It a :ou. If ANTED?BOARD FOR A YOUNU MARRIED COUT pin (iu a jirivate lau.iiv preferred), liuin Majr I. rms must be moderate. Adilr.ii, idling tertna, Ac., ArIbald, Herald ollice. ITANTED?BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. T child and n ira-, in a prt ate li.mlly, nt>t beiow Four, nth atreet, and hetwc< n Broad? or avenue. Ad e-a U. W , Herald office. ______ ITANTED?THREE FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH T Bo.,rd, for i. ?Mow lady and In r two anna, Auawers i?t ata e .ml particulars. Ail .uvi A. D., box 1M llera 4 ice, tor one week. IT ANTED?BY A OENTLBMAX, 'OARD IX THB T coiintiy, with a private family, of iconic . ca 'on fio n 1st of April; a el ill in room a.ui reituirati Al>'na H. box itil Herald office, ataung terms cu t and iiu aM travel, ?c. 3 TO (4?BWA1.DIN0, AT 3C0 GRAND STIIKKT ? A gentleman end his wife and t.,ree or young n havi- good Board ami comfortable Rooms, with fa hud thruom. Alan a puno w anted l:i exchange for hoard. i moving in May. 5 EAST CKTRMTH STREET, ItTtrm UNION 'linn anil Fifth avenue.?Wry handsome Roo i*. la ta or ung.e, to let, w ith or without Board, on condor ii d i'oor. House iiaa ail the n.o lorn improvement*. Q CLINTON PLACE. EIGHTH STREET?A FRONT ?7 Room and Bi*ilroom, op t ie second lloor, tolrl. gas, t and cold Water; term* moderate. 8 BEACH STREET, FRONT1NO ST. JOIIN S PARK.? To let, with Boar I, three alnglc Koouia, front; alao on# go front Boom on tut third -to y. hau -ouiu.jr luruiaix o, ilahleforit family or two K nileiiieii; huiutc haa all the > lent linproveinenia; no in May. 9 SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROADw.i y.?To let ly furnished Ko in - to alagl# ntlemeu; the location in near all the IIrat cLi-a h i ea of amusement. Reading roouifrie. Inquire of ANIN Ilot BE. Q GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING ?ALSTON 0 Ho im. Elegantly rariiianeil aulta of Kou ,a, car, olon and every convenience for honaekeeping economical* ; particularly auita jlh for auiall, respectable lamilioa or igle g ntleuion. Rent low to permanent tenant*. HQ PRINCE STREET EIGHT DOORS WEST OP Uxi Broadway. Urn item o m gentlem n and their voswill lind pleasant R ma "and good Hour 1: family lgliah; gna and bath Dinner at 12 and 6. Reference* changed, ikp NINTH STREET?BOARDING?TO LET, WITH UU Hoard, a large ha lt Parlor, to a gen letoan and hi* re, or tw o ingic gentlemen on moderate term*. A1 o, a 1 m on top tloer, houae near Broadw ay. References given d required. r>7 CHBYSTIE STREET, ONE DOOR ABOVE Li I Broome alreet.?Furnished Kooma ti let, wrnli r thul Board. Alao a front or back Basement to lot, eutta for a doctor's oiliee. rf> PRINCE STREET.?8T. CLAIR HOUSE?ELB JU gantly furnlahed Rooms, with Bedrooms aitacued, n ell the convenience* for housekeeping coinpl te, Ini ling gaa and Croton water, to let to re*|H-ctahle famllle* single gentlemen. 7P BLEKCKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OP 4 U Broadway?A new house, w ith all tin mo I- rn imiirenii-ni*.?Pleasant Rooms, with exe llert Hoaid, from 26 io $ i per week. Breuklast from C to V; diuo r at 12)? d A o'clock. \ EAST TENTH STP.EET.?OENTLEMEN CAN OBD'r tain |ile,iaaiit Boom*, hau laouielv furnished, with rtlal Board if require 1; hot and cold water and gas rougho it the house. Eeicri n ea exuhang d. AO WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, ONE DOOB 'fLl fio n Seventh avenue.?A *oli o R .oms, on second nr, to let, w ill Board; aho single Room*. House I* Ur*t iss, and mutton uuiorpasaed. 1 A ELM STREET, NEAR 8PRINO. ?FURNISHED LU Apartment* for immediate occupancy. The lowest its In the city, considering the convenience of economy In ( "'keeping. He.-'. tel.till* allil lurnillire, wiiu niii^.', cwv 5 ntenail* and linen complete; a** and Croton. 4- ANI> 047 BROADWAY-tiKNTLKMEN WILL it fliul elegantly furnlahed Room* at thl* limine, in*. lAliig nil the advantage* and comfort! of a Qr?t claa* home, moderate rhargra. | Q BROADWAY?PLANTER'S HOTEL,?KAMI'J-O ll?? or ?tngle geutletncii desiring permnneiit or n?|ent Hoard will tindal thin bmiie clog.imljr furiilahml oftiaand ageneroti* thhle at rraaonahlc prima, Io< at;ou innnrpnnned for ntrangera or bualnc** gentlemen. Dinnej ft o'dock. 1 / BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND J. 1) Twenty tlrat atreeU.?Two Kurnlalied It' otnn to let gentlemen, the large one ?nliable for one or Ino: prion 2.1 and I <5 per week. Inquire In the drrsama.lng eadlahment, !U0. STEAMBOATS. 1011 BRIDt.KI'ORT-KARE KIKTV CENTS. -THI! Drawer Bridgeport will leai o Peck atlu, En a I river, every relay, Thttraday and Saturday, at 12 o'clock in,nn, arrlv; In lime to cotiiic t with all thecxjpn -a train*. It* turning re Brl.'g -port ever* Monday, Wmlntaduy an 1 Friday irningv, at h ilf-pn-t It) o'clock, Kn ight taken. rOTICE.-THK STEAMBOAT LONG ISLAND WILL I n aonie r i p< . N rthport, ill.'kii>^ the tntorllalc landing*, oinoienolng on Sir in tiny, M iruh 22, Ii oin nies alio, at 5 o'i lock I'. II. R'turnmg will leave < veiy onlng (smdayi from Ndrtni-o t ai 6 o'clock Id.

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