Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1862 Page 3
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for nalk. AK OPPORTUNITY hBLDOM OFFERED?THE HOOD Will, Lcaacaud Flat' re*, mid ever., tumg ooinpleta, uf a B?at?nuit and Dining 8aloon; baa been if Hie hands or Ibe pieaeut proprietor 01 elevru year*. Wid ue Hold at a App.y ai 1.4 John atreet. Bakery for balb.?corner store, the best In hu h avenue; every part lined up new, lu lue beat or or.ier, not one article wai led to carr. on the bualnrao; a good eatubliabed trade, doing a itoodcuah kuMine kj,, aiuato ov r tbe oounier, Five year*' I ave. K ntvery kiw. For pirn uiara imiuliw la the bidery, 519 Siith aveo e. ooruer of Thirty-brat atreet. II. B. CUSHMAN. L^OH 8ALE?PACKIKO BOX FACTORY, TUB LEASE F 01 No. 14 Leonard a,reel, 24x100, with aleam rngiue boiler and all machinery put up new for the above bueineta. In pure at TAYLOR .V WILSON'S, ooruer of He* ie and Hudaon atreela, or at 224 Weal Thirty-acventh tireel. 1 Fob sale-tiie schooner belle, seyentytbree toua burthen, drawa < fe-t of wate.,now lying U. H utnikU u barker, d.ona Inland. Ah y to Oaui. geo. B. JOHNSON, II intlngtou, L I., or to J. W. GANKIG roN, umber yard, Eghty-aiiuh atre.J and Find avt-nua, Yorkvillc. IjtCB SALE?A WELL FITTED UP CORNER LIQUOR Mf Store, ireil uaino ube.l, w.ib bvn yeara' ic..aa frout lat ?l May next; au exrad iitchauee for any p. raou wiahing to inbark n the 1141101 trade. Apply U? st1rl1nu a S11AILEK, 119 Wartru atreet. FOB 8ALE-A OOOD ESTABLISHED FTHH AND Oy ter Shop, doing n good oualueaa, at I06H Baal Twenty-el BUI airi-et r.ear Third aTtnue. I li^OK SALE-A HOTEL, OPPOSITE A RAILROAD DE" JP pol; lunch conn ?r. private aupper ria nt, Ac. Fot par* teulara apply to J. WOOD, 34V Third in emie. F"1" OK 8ALE?ONE OF THE OLDEST ESTABLTSlf^D Uroi-ery llouaraon tlreenwich atreet, doing a large cash trade; long leitae will b, given to goo 1 partiea, and ?v. rytninj akewu aatlafaciory; reaaoua .or telling ibu pioprielor bad th.-r btialneaa to aLtetid u>. For narLicuL.ra lnuuire at 138 Greenwich street. Fob sale?at a barga' n, one of ttte best Groceries iu Brooklyn. Onoice mock, cash trade, low rent. Whole or pari of stock may be had. Inquire of J. OilARLi.s, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, Oct w eon 10 A. M ad 41'. IT ________________ Fob sale-tiie stock, fixtures and lease of a beautifully lined up Tea Store uptown. The owner hating otuer business on liaud, would sell on favorable terms. Call at iHi'J Ninth avenue, second door below Thirtythird street. For kalk^cood will of lease and fixtures of a splendidly locateu corner Lienor Store, In the best business avenue In the city; very handsome front, suitable for .aiuily groceries aud liquors. Inquire at 122 Bleccker at. For maIiE-a variety of different kinds of businesses, *u< li as Groceries, Hotels, .saloons, Express Business, a large Fishery,complete, with all conveniences; Copartnership and regal'.r business chances. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassu.i street. F~OR SALE-AN ESTABLISHED LIQUOR STORE, IN the best part of Broadway tor the business; has a spaclous Room at'ached, adapted for billiards, concert room, *c. Must be sold thl. we' k. Also, 20 others, in different parts of the city. Inquire of D. bllKKE, 136 Bowery. FOR KALE?ONE-HALF INTEREST, OR THE WHOLE, in a small duwu town Stationery aioie. do uga sate ami remunerative business. It In Nieadily increasing, and for any person having $1,000 or $2,100, and capable o! taking the ueiul charge oi it, this Is a good chance. Aduress Hta Loner, Herald Fob sale?the lease, stock and fixtures of a wholesale aud retail Liquor Store, at the corner ?i New Bowery and Oak street. Will be sold with or without s ock Hen; paid to urst of May. Inquire at No. 3 Hesiei m eet, from 10 A. M. to I f. M. VIOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A Liquor Stoic, at 91 M ilberry street, n ar New Canal. . qoou place lor nuiuees, and Store to let. Kent tow. Inq. lie as above. 1?OH SALE?A LIGHT, GENTEEL MANUFACTURING . Business, establisbeu wilu urst class bouses. Apply on the premises '8 to 12 A. M.), 02 Fulton street, Brooklyn. h<or sale?a first cla8s refreshment saloon J? and Restaurant, lor lea* than half its value. For iiarttenlars apply ;o WM. li. VANDEHBCKUU, 03 WaU itrcei ( line. <>f viauun, Jordan It Hani). For sale?forty feet of prime dry goods shelving. lu^ al i'J Murray street, in me basement. IPOR SALE?A POUTER Ho USE, WITH OR WITHOUT A '.be lease; goo J reasons given fur selling. In ,ulre ou toe premltes, No. 11 First avenue, corner First aired. For sale-an ambkotype gallery, 270 grand street; apparatus comp.ete ami neatly lurnlshed; will fee sold for t2Jo cash. Inquire in the Gallery, 200 Chatham 04 tare. For bale cheap?the lease, stock and fix'lures and lione and Wagon, of the Oiocerj S.ore 1ST Uviugatnn street, oruer of Eliu plaoe, Brooklyn. flood opportunity to engage in business.? VT a stool', of Straw Goods, hata and Cans, to ether with Um Good Will of an old estabii-bed no iae, Is offered In excheage 'or part cash end p?rt real estate. Addreaa Straw Goods and llata, Herald oU.ce. Hotel for bale?astonishingly cheap, or to ((change .or u rarui. and will pay some money, bote fends' 'tncly lilted up ai.d furnished; long and favorable | lease; superior location; well established, and to be disposed f on the most liberal te. mi. southwk'k A wood. 82 Nassau street. Kindling wood factory for sale?with efffcine, boiler and splitter, all (n corking order. * low for 1 a.h. 1 nuiit at 41 Biiuge street, Brooklyn, between J> I. lid 4 o'clock. baM C el mar', LA Y. News depot, book, stationery and wall Paper Store lor sale, in a pleasant village ou the Hudson. a iov ho'tri from New York, long established nud In saying operate u. 1'avt'Oulars given uy W. B. liOOltUM, 27 1 B'-ekuiai. i-ireet, ilrst door up stairs. No agents treated with. Steam engine for sale ?one twenty horse bcrUontai Engine, new and complete; cheap for cash Inoo tre of L. J. I'AKhiiK, IV a.'-T'ei ntreel. SWAP FACTORY FIXTURES FOR BALK-FRAMES, racks, Iron iniiki, kettles, ao. Apply at U7 Water air, e , Bruoklyu. rroni 9 to 12 o'clock. To hoop skirt manufacturers.?for sale, w r, aiding Uucliines, Wtadem, lyoubjeis, and everytoiu; cLim-a y b- -i ?"i in operation by ralliuu on B. F. KOMA1NF No. 1 Main klre.-t, Faientno, N. J. TO PHYSICIANS. AUENTS. AC.?A FURNISHED on. In an I \ re,tent lw. I "jr i -mcly w?.i adaetract uuly lot u. ! >' I >r b A loruiiy oilier oil. Uuainurk, for m.r cheap, ,.j ih'i owi er .a avin? fo. Ca.ail. Inquire at 331 Cannl aire t, coru?rnf<Gr? eue. TO MILLINKits.?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS MILU nvry anil ?r??iai..aing ? ? abdsi.m- ut, in Brooklyn, Baring'be beat ru-trr,i,i in tl.e city; only $1,UJU need be paid {u?i., If. o- amain nt Oi good at.-cfc on bauil. AduTcaa, lot ue wn ck Mr*. C. , II. rabl ofliC". TOBACtO ROC IE FOR SALE?<1S'B OF THE OLD en .ted sen ,u ueeuv. ogetber wit.. florae, W.igou ,.u>. H Inquire of A lU l'TAM A LAWRENCE, i-,5 l'rarl treat. 4>1 Xl\ WILL BUY ONE OF THE BEST PAYINO BUT>5> LU" In-ai i Ch* 8 or- n t' e B wery; low rent and tc ?In tilt will ??,; or alcl tin. money. A|., ly at 139 ttotrery, neoi Grand a ti -el. 11 Iflt A?LI* HUy A BITTER AND CHEF.;,E STORK. Jloo .Ion.a' a i?rn> eaaii .r id. , s ub ioo,,.- ior a lunula. ? ?.?( rei.t In ti.e B wry; w ill wait r. r part of Ibe money 'if Bte.Ai. on ibe premiaei, 199 bowery, uea. Grand - atrw t. AtiCii ?A PAINT SHOP, FIXTURES AND PAINT, 9moI'< ir, a g. od >o, ai,oD, ia n> be had >.n lib ral lertna, r neap for caab, by applyiug at AoO CulumMa atieel. 8o nb Broomyn. AC/m ?PATENT FOR NALE. A VERT GREAT tpovui aa< ruiee on accouni m fcii,. me- ia, ot a valuable, u-efui and tery neceraary artie'e, adorning eiIreni. ly .aige pro'bn, and cheaply got u..; one of ibe Te y Beet ef cUencea .o make m..n y aaieiy ami e irely SOU iHWIOK ,k Wood, Si Nataau aireet. Qnn~OR A faircasii offer less, will purVOo" eba-? a a|ilen.lid mm ifac'iiring b iai.,eaa n complete working order; profiia iery beavy and tan be i ral iked at ouce. Apply for two d..y? at tbe fneiory. 103 -Caua. aireet, . ourtli nour, from 9 till 11 A. M. ami' 2 l.i 4 P. M. " AO Ann ?TIIK STOCK AND PinTt'REH OP A Ot> mngntore in Kniton street for sale;stock irw, r?ui 'ow. Ago >?J opportunity lor * person with a >m ll Capital to make mutt1). fully engaged lu other business the iumii for ciiiug. A ulrass lor three days CluUner. Herald ' HPKCIAIj OTIC?. ~ KATOM AH 1'OsT OFFICE?NOTICE TO C0RKE8. pomlrtita? All | ei'Mins reiiili:lna b. rna l 10 me as t vcitlor or oiberw lac, Mils, notes or check*, or writing onudenUallv to inemle ra oi my Itituily, are requested tosldi'*aitfh" letters to the ca.e of Henry t.. Cl apuian, Esq., No. 30 Wall street, Now York. L'-uera not enclosing money nor of a cooMcnllul character, may be aduressad as lieretofore to Katotutii, N. Y. JOHN JAY. Til a J st Hocksnun, March IB, 1863. SPECIAL-MR. P. O'URADY, RECENTLY OF THE Mtevrna House, Broadway, baa rsmotred to No. 75? uadwuy, corner of Eighth street, where ha will be .happy to aBMt&ia former friends and.patrons. fpHK MEMBERS OF ATLANTIC LODGE NO. IW. F A and A.iM., are requested to meet at the lodge room, on Friday, the 31st Instant, at ones dock P. M., for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late brother J. S Matthews, Carriage* wtll be ill waiting at the lodge t oom. Hy order i f the W. M. CtlAALEs tV. 8Y, Secretary. LECTURfiW. Kicuard OGORVAN Will deliver his celebrated Le qure on OLIVER GOLDSMITH, Before the ('atlioli - Library Aaaoalailon, AT IRVING HALL, On Monday e cuing. Match 34. Ticket*35 cents; to he bed a an the bookstores, from the cat tons of the Catiollc churches, and at the door ou inc evtung of the lectcre " HEW FlBLICATIOhd. ~ ThfRS. IIANKIN8' JAPEK.-ETIQl RITA. ARTS OF X>A. Beauty, Social Gaines, Courting, Original Story of a Female Hpp, Pictures, As. Unlike p p-rs. Try Ic Pi ice 6 a< nts, or 78 oonts a year. Very entertaining. OBhe No BP ITnlker kti 'et. PpilAr ' CURIOUS" BOOK OF CITY WOMEN, OR INA (eresting Female Character* In New Yors. Ciievp edition, 211a ages, l3ino., now ready. Price 34 rent*, or mslled free, 30 ucnta. M. GAL NTT, publisher, BO Walker sued, Be* York. - IPORTIIG. ~ A LARGE LOT OF BIROS, WITH THE t?\STARRI val.? A number of Moeaiug Bird* in liili.eong, and a variety of other Birds. Cages of every thuci irti'm for **le, at 300Broadway, N?w York. DAVID VENTEN. TfOR R\J.E~THE SOHOONEn YAOTT JULIET, NEAR B7 90 tone, In perfect order, built In IIW7 dr?ws Sf.-et without ren Ire board. Apply at 41 West E-evcti'h street. IT BANC IS BUTLER. NO. 9 PECK bhlP 'IA8 A LI, THE J choicei Breeds> lor stock and sale B .ilcr'a Infallible Knot* Turj and Flcj ExU>riiiiiiiit<>r, 50 icnt* c?r boUta. Bnller t " Breeding, Training, Diteases *e? of Dogs," |L Dog* boarded. tr*mrd, ic. tf*,i kdaee for all diaeanei. ANTED?A KIND DOO, TO PLAY WITH CEILTf Uivn. breH no obitot, Apply b#? i *?? n ih? Mourn af a lad p 9'vlwk A', M. lit fJ kit rtiiriWBUi Smr m 8 i j J ] SALES OF HEAL '^RTATt. A HOUSE, BARN AND OTHVjB"OUTHOU 8K8 (NEWj, with l?oacr ?fruutlaml beautii ully located in New Cioun, Conn.; com *3,800; otleicd for lean than 13.OlIO; eighteen ac.-a adj. ining ca jl*, had. Apply At 206 Pultun sheet, Brooklyn, piano A HANDSOME C^tNtay RESIDENCE, NEAR THE city, inuat b #>1; or excnuugcd; barn, fruits. shrubbery, Ac.; half a</g;in Westchester county, fine place, (i. W. DITCHEiT, W authester Land otlloe, corner of Chatham and Chamber*, Areata, sccead Hour. ABABC,AIN.-tOR SALE-THE TWO STORY AND baa^,.,,1 |j' > and Lot No. 36 BerKen street, Brooklyn, w>" *^4 aold very low Tcrina eaiiy. Apply at the Caudle * A?!?ory, >18 IMan< ey aired, from 4 to 6 p. M. A HANDSOME. MODERATE SIZED, NEW BRICK House ou Willlaui street, Brouktyu; price $2,800; half tho value will be exoban ,'ed for groceries; the balance can lav on mortgage a length of time. Apply to B. 811ACKELTON,corner of Wall and William streets, No. 3 Exchange, basement ollice. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WORTH FROM 98.000 TO 912,0 0 and lightly encumbered, wanted. In exebange for a good Farm, brokers need nut answer. Address, with full particulars, Home, box 166 Herald office. A FIRST CLASS SI ACRE FARM. ONE HOUR'S RIDE by rail o: ,r. to, Tmi New York, In New jersey; would exchange .or E .*1 Br<>a Iw.ty or U m v street property. O. W. DITCHEIT, Westchester Land Office, corner of Chatham and OUainours streets, second lloor. A HANDSOME FARM AND COUNTRY SEAT OF 85 acres for sale cbe? p.?Good House, with lofty ceilings, Ac., large baru, coachhouse, icehouse, Ac., nearly new; large garden, .with truit and vegetables of every kind iu abundance; lawn, shrubbery and shade trees, sloping down to the water;, boating and bathing. Land of the highest quality; distance about furty miles; four hours by steamboat ur rail. Audress Farmer, box 2,449 New York Post .office. No agents need apply. COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH FINE SEA VIEW, TOge'he with 76 acres of good Land, With dock and water front, 36 miles irom New York, will be sold cheap, or exchanged for first class city pro; orty. Inquire of WILLIAM WOKTZ, 21) Cedar street. Dental practice and residence for sale.? Twenty uulcs. or uliout one bour by rail from New York; location healthy and line; house modern, twelve large room*, besides a large basement; gas, furnace, water, Siahles, Ac.: practice ol twenty year*standing, and lint class; price #11,000. Andreas Jitmes H. Kutledge, Herald office. Dairy farm for sale?one hundred and inrly acre- ol' supci ior land, located In Rockland county. State of New York, 26 miles from the city, one mile from depot, and arressiblc several times a day by steamboats aud ears; time to Mm yhy 1 '4 hour. The buildings consist of a large dwelling house, with piazza all round, carriage house, barn, I arm Incise, hen home, granary, bee house, Ac.; all large, coinnnidloue and in perfect order. The orchard is huge, containing 11 choice variety of fruit, and in full bearing. The gard- n is tastefully laid out with gravel walks, lined with box, and contains plums, cherries, currants. Ac. A never failing brook, containing trout, iiasses by the door and runs thro nil the entire farm. Location one of the most heaithy in the bin to. Tivo-tliirds of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to BULKLEY A FINK, *3 Wall street, Janncey court. Farm for kale-five dollars per acre, eighty acres, fenced and ploughed, wood, water for rattle, sheep or grain, near ra iroad; other Land at two dollars; Wisconsin, selee ed in onrson; part In exc! ange. WALTt.R W. WETMORE, No. 8 Gold st, Farm for kale.?for sale, a large and valusbie Faun, t'ari payment would be taken iu brstclass olty property. Full particulars may be obtained by applying to ISAAC BlUOS, i3 Nassau Street. Farms for sale and exchange-of all varh ties, 10 to Sod acres, $1,000 to $'-'8,uOO, convenient to the city, ne.r depots, villages, school* and churches. Also, Pennsylvania and v> estern Lauds. Several good business chances. SOI. Til WICK A WOOD, 62 Nassau street. Farm for bale or exchange-in new jersey. oi 138 acres, lor city or Brooklyn property; also, one of $1X acres; also, one of 40 acres, for cash; price $3,100. Inquire of P. ZF.GLIO, 12 Centre street. Farm for sale or to let.?a pa rm of boo acres for saie 01 to let, on Eaton's Neck, Huntington, L. I. Inquire of 1 <e owner, en the larm, or at his residence, corner of Alnslie aud Leonard streets, Biooklyn, E D. JOHN CASSIDY. Farm wanted.?a very desirable corner pioperty in Brookiy 11, near the ferries, which renin Tor $1,000 a year, will oe sold low for cash, or exchangrd for a good productive Farm, in biding stock Implements, Ac.; or vould like to rent a sinft'l Farm, f*zm twenty to forty acres. Address Leonard, box 12u Herald office, for eight days,stating particulars For sale?fol r new brown stone front Houses, tw o 2o?bJ feet. In Thirty -eighth street, between Madison and fourth avenues; two, 41 uud 47 East Tturtyevauth street. heaven Park and Lexingon avenues, with all the modern improvem nta, built by day's wore. Inquire on the preiula a. For salr-on easy terms, a three story and basement brink House, ?o E.dridge street, neur (Jrand. Apply at the Boston Oyster House, 1<X) Forsyth street, oral u4 Eld ridge atrcet. For 8ale?in east new yokk, a cottage House,23x.10. and kitchen ISxlS; two stories, with gas: 7fl teet Irona Bp***ay Railroad, 123 from Atlantic Avenue R'ltlroail; the be.-' location in the place. K?v iisrticalarR call on the owner, living In lue house. AUGUSTUS IV INS. For rale-at Chatham, new jersey, a dksiraide House, with two scree ot Lnno. five minute* Irom depot. Address J. O. B., box 2,379 New York f ist otUce. ex)r sale?a desirable country residenc e, r live middles wall, flout depot, at Ncwmarsai, on ihe New Jersey CenLrallKaihoud, tlnee miles from Plaintield. The place consists of lorty-two acre* o. fine soil; good, new, modern bullrings; large and good s lad ion ol fruit; the house w< ll ..ha led w ith locust, evergreen and other trees. . Apply to H. WATERMAN, 2H3 Cherry street, For sale-m)N place (forty-fifth alreet, bet?e-u Le*lugtuii and Third avenues), two new tliree tory high soiop brown stone front Houses; hullt by day ' wi-ra, with all the modem improvements; known as Not. 2 and 9- Terms easy. Inquire of J. D. WELCH, No. 13 Guilford plaee. lilUK SAI.K?1'IIE lUKCl! WTUKV AMI HVUSWIIM' r bru k IIuiifp. b ?w?u, brown ?i nu trimming, 3D ifl I lm-li. I by 43 i?i, N.i. 222 IFM Twenty xrcuml Nmt, Mushed m tbe urn througbo it. I'ri c low un<l iti ins i*y. Apply to JOHN A. KENTON, 83 Nauuu atroi't. U'or kale-tiie house and other building P *. . i ?b thi nortkMaMMrof InwIiWMd Fl tvond street, wlilk.five j'r n lense of lot from "May I; tli'is nt bus* iruniu and pot*, .ae* rauny advantap.'s: will l>e miM 10 i for .t*ii. For p int nlar* lni| .Ire of WM. BRANCH, 312 Bro *y. i ui n< i oi Fulton street, 10 A. >1. JAOR SALE-AT KOr.DHAM, A COTTAGE CONTAIN. F n oii.o ro. inr, up oue titroof pro..ud, abundance of fruit. lifl<. u mill 11 Irs' walk trom Harlem Railroad dtfiot uuil irom Harlem rh r bo.ts; inlce $.1.H)0. Ii not mi l by 1st April will be rented lor Apply on premier*, aecoud house north oi I'resoylct mn ehurch, or to E. II. LUDLOW .* CO., No. 3 l'i e alreet, N. Y. L^OR SALE-A BARGAIN?A Til REE 8TOHY AND F oaten eot brink lloua. an., i.i. l.Vi Wen Tbirtj-tblrd riot, no Iniuji all thi; modern Improvement-. Rrk* $: 3Uo; 83 n u ran rrtnuin ou moriga^e. Apply to 11. ii. BAILEY, 31*1 Binonir (trret. IftOIl SALE?IN BROOKLYN, THE THREE STORY ' tirb-k Sioir No n f latlnmh *>* in near r'ilton ivi mn*. j -rt p a in pooi o il. r. 1'rire 83.. N>. Ii ao : Immediately. Apply to JOHN SI t DWELL, No. T Conn ?tri et, FOR SALE?A HOUSE AND FULL CORNER LOT IV Williams! ui?, t.. '1-st at reel i I..pi . herr naloon. Ala a i eaiilnnl iIlia *n in Newark, N. I. 6> fe.-t iron' on Mount I'lraeant avenue. : n.'np hrmipb I'D feet to Broad ?tr. et, an ' 80 fort ir at nu Br< a I street; w,.l b wild very rbeap and wu eaa> turoia Apply to W. LONEV, dirouitb air- i t, Wil liaMMI|. IitDR SALE?A LARGE, FIRST CLASS, BROWN STONE ' Iront Unoae, 2P?tii> No. 162 M?dt*on avenue, near street, oi P n li e very b-st mannar, loacwoo too.* and walnut >1 in. Inquire ou ibe pieiulaes, or at No. 73 Eaat Twenty lit Ii tract. IpOR BALE?A (.EN(EEL HOI SE AND LOT NO. 168 ' W-si Tb.rivtbl. d alreet. H'.uae ta and aipb 1st a. men' nau.le mantel* a. d wash<**ins, w l r rjn-rt*, bath. *'a "iiar. tnba hotandcld water, (a*, under liar. bo -e 3"62 newly pa.ntcl, all in co nplelo order. P..,e40.1o0 4'.. <? nu remain ueim inently on mortgage, luquirt of J. U. HANSON, SSr.jj Bee keratreei. FOR SALE -TENEMENT HOUSE IN DROOKLYN.'PAY I OP over ten p . I'M ou 82,0UP. Price #l.;u0. T. inn Iron V*u to 870(1 .eu., the nninnee ran r. main on bond and moripaee f: mi thir# to lire year- if dotted Apply to E. R. KKI.L'HK1, W Beaveralreet, N.- Y. tfOR BALE-FOUR COUNTRY KEATS, ON THE PAR ale r. I, inn .Di'nlly lo a. d, having a IIn river fr. lit. I twenty acrea "aeh; will be m.!d, in urhi.l or In iwrl. on IP e lal teriua. IRELAND. HINCKLEY A CO., (U Naaaau air.-et. LtOR fiALE-A MARUAIN, IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE I small ur?t iliri c am y lirl* H n*e, wPh *?o *iory ei. in r. *.. uliiAlttd It. M.?h rnnah . < , . ?... ? ?? walk from ferry. The premise* are In pcne orde:. lias, l.nt ?nU coiil (( tor. A.. The hatWaouie pier iMatan, I uri?d* and other Furnillire nri the pi irlac* inajr li hail ll do aired. Apply lu IV.STEWART, 1..7 B. uth street IfOR SALE?on l' n.j island. a FARM and 8t11rk. P with hi without ih.1 A ur?i .he aiure I* n< w ilmiigi {irnbbtble hnsinc**; the Farm ousia's of IA area or laud: n*a K -ol house all I h?rn ind outer '.U lalt 'lug*; la aioeL'd w 11 ta (mid fruit. h?* * good r ellot water, and Ih a wlihln one mile of the Sound and Inl tv one nidi a irrnti New York The eteamboat rnna daily. For 1 .riher pnrth ulai a apply to the owner, w ho iao lie vten ? 10' Concord a eeet, Brooklyn. For hale-to a iturutcsibijc wilder, witii a loan, thine medium .Led fit at rla*e brown alone House*, partlal'v erected; flu* loiaihin, on an ayenue, Murray Hill. Ad !'? ? L. E , hoi III llerald nfltar (NOR SALE?AND HUME FOR EXCHANGE. A FINK r colli' lion 01 Farms, all sl?*8, locations, Ac. Alaoaotne Ann country and city rcaldanwa, Ac., lot caah. with pari .uoi Igace. tlr at bargs 11a. F It Fell HARD t'N A < 0 . S2andM*aa?ai atreet IAIIR SALE-A UOCKTBY RESIDENCE, AT FHHP kill, Ave uiilra 'rum ralteianii anion, tbr.O houra fiotn New York by ItatJem Railroad; there are about tw. Ire acres af land, nine of whlcn >a young giuwiua Uuibnr, balance meadow; the build eg* and fences are new and In good order; a ueeer tailing spring of Hie be?t vater neai the door, plenty ol young growing fi nit, and In lite rlrnitr of several lakes; good tiahtng ami Hunting. Moat ol purcha-e triune v rail remain on mortgage. For further pari lei tiara apply to CYRl'S 8 BOYD, Kj. 154 Bowery,, Naw York, 01 10 K DKtrOE, No. df t'brlaiupher aireet, altrrl o olo k, I'. M FAR 1'ALE?A SPLENDID LITTLE FARM OF SO a ret, near North; 011, L I., at a bnrgiin. It only nreda to ll. asm to b. app.ri I itctl. fall at HaOraiid Street, William"!) -s till arid. N. H ?Ho-vl place lor a atorr. rR SALE?A MODERN three STORY BRICK '' bee ?* Iliuwii street. Brooklyn Apply at the houae, or to J. WALKER, at No. 2 Clinton lull, Astor place, N. Y. IfOB 8ALB-OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, two larnia on the rirrr r>^ betwei'ti New R hade and Matnaroneikfii ar Ihe residence ?i E. K. C0.I111* E?<i. - ? , A. C. DAYTttjf, oPcc of Maa?ra. Tomlinaon A Brlgham, No. 4 New alraet, FOB ,h*LB~a I'aRM anu fTORB, WITH OP WITHoul the store; the "tore la now doing a piontab.'a huelneaa; the farm cousins of filieeu * n>* 01 land; base good house and barn and other outbuilding*; la stocked with . ooj fruit; has a good well of water, an I l^a wdh n on, ? ,V ?f the Bound and forty one inilea fr m New YofV )ac mmo.'"?a 1 runs dally. For further particular* apply 10 the owner who can br sect at 108 Concord street, Brookl) n. For bale or exchakoe-a hibstantial Hired Ilouae, with the modern Improvement*: with two full lotBot gieund, eltualed >u Boiilli Brooklyn near the ferry. Thd abore will he eichangsd for a goo.i farm or a aio< k of LI <m9rl IB Apply ?t K9.1 UAPillyu I',rtdli pitTY IMN tfKW YOKE. HERALD, Ff SALES OK ft.ECA.Li ESTATE. ^ For 3ale or exchange-a farm of seventy acre* ul laud, witb plenty ol fruit and a good new house, two and a half stories high. kit. ben, barn, giviu. ry, and cow bouse, Ac.; In Franklin towuabip, Bergen county; only two ami a hal'miles wor of (lodwinvllle station. Apply to J. VAN WAGNER, lie W it Eurty-ae. ond street. For sale or to let-at nyack, on the hudaon, a nice Country Seat, commanding a tine view of tbe Hudson; four acres of ground, plenty sf choice fruit, Ac.; a good .1 Wi lli ig. with stable, barn, Ac.; access to Now York by railroad and steamboat Apple on the premises, to T. A. UALLlDAV, Esq., or V. J. WUll'INO, is (Jortiandt at. For sale or to let?a new dwelling house, containing eleven rooms, fronting on Basel ?n e. t, three Minutes' walk from depot. Rent filUO. Possession imniedi. ate I jr. Inquire of S. D. 11AK1NO, No. 17 Beach street. New For sale or to let?two new double cottages, modern built; twenty rooms, l.irge grounds, good neighborhood. Rent $330. Inquire on the premises, 2US Wollen street, of I, JAyUES, Elizabeth. New Jersey. For sale or to let?in Brooklyn, a neat small Cottage, containing nine rooms and subcellar, filled In with brick; marble mantels, gas, piazza, sliding doors, Ac. price $2,230, or rent $20 per month. Applv to J. M. BENTON. 87 Walker street, New York, or to Mr. ELK1N8, Fulton and Clermont avenues, Brooklyn. For sale or to let-on long island, thirteen utiles from New York, a new and commodious House, with outbuildings, Ao., with from two t> twenty acres ol Land attached, located In a healthy and beautiful neighborhood, one hour's ride by railroad l'roin the city. Inquire of E. A A. WAYTE, 909 Fourth street, or on the premises, yueens, L. I. For sale or lease?the premises 207 mercer street. A two story Iront Dwelling, furnished with gas, and a four story rear building. Kent cheap to a good tenant. Apply at 97 West Twenly-sevunlh street. For sale or trade fob city property or a small Farm In the river counties?360 acres of Land, at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, near the county seat, bm during un Lake Michigan. Apply to Mr. A C. OSTRANDER, No. 1 ram place, room ho. y, or to i Jtius. i. hiuhm, -*?? west Thirteenth street. Most excellent grain and dairy 100 acre farui, linely fruited, w.iered and timbered; good and ample larm buildings; well lo a'ed near depot, churches, Schools, Ac.; in Rockland coun y, one hour and twenty minutes from city; for sale at a bargain. 8. A W. P. SEYMOUR, 132 Broadway. ONLY $1,000 TO PAY, FOR A DESIRABLE THREE story and high stoop House and Lot, modern built, in exceljput ord'T, No. ltd hast Thirty-tilth street, near Third avenue; $5,000 u bond and mortgage. Apply to A. P. WARBURTON, 117 Nassau street, or 9d St roud avenue. TO EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY?A COTTAGE House, Carriage House and Stable, with 4>? acres highly cultivated Land, iu the suburbs o: Pougbkcopsle, in perfect order; plenty of fruit, and free from incumbrance. Price $6,000. W. C. GODDARD, 86 Cedar street. T7 ALU ABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE -ALL THAT V lot ol' Ground, fronting on Carmine street, opposite the head of Variek, and extending through to Lcroy s'reet, with the West Presbyterian church fruiting on Carmine, and many valuable Buildings on Leroy street. The whole will lie sold together or divided. Well calculated for manufacturing purposes. Apply to STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. 6 Pine street. WANTED?A FARM OR COUNTRY RESIDENCE, within thirty miles of the city, iu exchange lor a full site dwelling bouse sad lot, near Union square. Address, with full particu.ars, C. Euginan, box 1,394 Cost ofllce, N. Y. 97O EAST ^ROADWAY FOR 8ALE?20.9 BY 78. 4 0 High stoop, brick, two story ami attic and basement and extension of four 100-ns. m" lorn improvements. Price $7,CO J; $3,0M> cash. Appiy to UO.MER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. (J?Q CAA ?VERY CHEAP.-A COMFORTABLE COTtpO.uUu, tage, eight rooms and cellar, on Ciaiaui avenue, between Putnam and Gates. Brooklyn; burn and two full lots, line garden, choice kinds of berij bushes, shrubbery, cherries, apricots, quinces, shade trees, Ac., one hundred yards from Fulton avenue cars; good neighborhood; terms easy. Inquire on the premises. ^ LOST AND FOUND* DOG LOST?FROM 169 BAST FOURTEENTH STREET' A black and tau Terrier, uamed Fanny. Il' returned a ibeial reward will be paid. Found at james tucker's, no. 739 broadway? A Gold Watch, Chain and Locket. It had fallen through the iron bars under the show window. Th? above can be had by proving property and paying the expenses ?>f this advertise* menu FOUND?IN ASTOR PLACE, ON. TUESDAY AFTERnoon, a small Box, containing an India rubber Syringe. The own-r can have it by proving property and psytug fur mm uvoruKHKni. WILLIAM URBAN, Metropolitan B ink. Greyhound slut lost-lost, on Wednesday. litth inst., a rawo colored Oreyhound Slut, with u white mark on ber lit east ant v? uit.-j spot* on toea; had on a red and Mack rollsr; an?wers to the name of Llda. The finder wilj he liberally rewarded by leaving her at at u hie No. 0 Washington alley. Left in the second district court room, on Thursday, Msrch :i brown silk Umbrella, with cornelian hancl;e and Malacca stlik. a suitable reward v;IU bo paid (ho tinder on leaving it at No. 7 IMne street, rooms No*. 7 and 8. I' 03T?at THE FOt RTEENTH STREET OPERA J House, on the evening of the l!Hh Inst., a brown Fur Cape. I he Under will he liberally > ewarded by .'earing the same at the Fifth Avenue Hotel Lost?on mo.nday eventno. march 17, a mi mo 1'uod.t Book, coQ'uiuing contra r papers, railroad rertiUcutes, receipts. A'1., of no nse. to any ciin but the owner; at, the. same time a small roll o; nionov. A 1 beral reward trill be given to the finder of either 1q leaving n * 210 Broadway, corner of Barclay street, rooms Shard 08. Lost-a blue sii.k purse, coxtainino money0 The. tinder w ill be liberally rewarded hy lea -dng at 3 West Fifteenth sti-eet. Lost-on wi dnbsdat, march to. i velvet Money lis ;, m >ne of the Bireeker str. suaes, about one u'eioek in liteiciernuon. Tile Under will In liberally rew arded by vet truing It to H73 Cunt' street, tu l>r. Ronaceaj. IOST-ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, IN IIOINO J through Delanuey and Coluin'u.i ,? and avenue tj to Tenth site';' lorry, aged Chain and Cro-*. The tin Icr, by returning tlietn to 1sj Dtbineey street, will receive a itward. IOBT?ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, A Clf ABED J gold Bracelet tlady'.i nmnc engraved on the Inside), in gomg from Ibc cortierof Nineteenth street and Third ?v?. true to V.irick street, near Broome, vm Foil! th avenue ftage. A suitable reward will be paid in the tinder on lenvn.gital Dodge A Varinn's Market, N ). kbo Elseeki-r street. JOST-ON iHE AFTERNOON OF TDK i.fH INST . A J petref Gotai Glasses, light sliding tempbs i' was in West Broadway, V Brink. B. ach, llitdion, Canal, Chuieh and Lispenurd streets. The ttinier will be suitably rewarded by leaving theiu at .6 West Broadway. Lost or stolen?in the upper part of thdj city, a four wheel Carman's Truck; '-as t imbered It, 733, with let let a M C. A Co. Aliberal reward w 11 ue pnhl iiiriiii?iiii?uuu i' v'iiih ?. A| .] at rovr, op|">alte AnC'ir Mens.-. REWARDM. A KEWAKD.-K VN AWAY FROM STAHLK .Nr. 17 <]p_j Kaal Thirteenth street, uNew foundland Dmtnivt'ri to ti e name of Capiuin. The above reward v. ill be pulJ to atiy out' leinruiug bl.u. J{0 REWARD.?LOST. MARCH 19, A WHITE AND PO brinille. hull terrier Dog, having a leather ..altar Willi * nraaH tin kin and braes ring. The finder will rr.wtve the Dove reiva <1 by brtngtug hnn to 2&i Mttlovrry atrret. (DC REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY DR FRIDAY last, a parrel ot 11 fill Umbrellas. Tiie flrvler wlU receive the abut c rewnrd by applying at 179 Hester street, to Italia <j? K REWARD?LOST. YESTERDAY MORMXti, ABOUT ?PtJ 111? elork, In ? >ing down In a Rros.iway stage, Forty Dollars, wrapped In a brown envelope, ulai ked "$4?." Tim looser I* a poor man, and hopes (hat I ha | arson who found aunt amount will return It to l.SM Broadway, where he will receive the above rewnrd and many thank*. REWARD.?LOST, A WHITE POODLE DO(l; *>. ?P?.) swera to the name o. ' Charlie." Whoever will return him to 43 ilrsat Jones siieet, or the bol ot1|en of Maty Provost's theatre, or sny |*rs..n giving infoi-uiallon leading to the recovery of the Dog, will receive Ihr above reward and the name ot the iaforauutt ?h*.i n t he revealed. 4?*| A REWARD.?LOST. A BLACK AND I AN TKKRIBR tP-a." Slut; anawar* to the nainv oi Flora, >ra . and while apot on breast: had ou when lost a b!;. k lee'bur .ad. 'arbonun with red. Any peraou ret'iruing b?w ... -iWeni Tenth street, naar Qieenwich avenue, will re ive toe s'ovt reward. <Jbl C REWARD ?LOST, A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO ylo all bbiek, with a white star ou the breast. Call ot No. 8 Staple street, corner of Jay. T. FINIC. pkhmowai^ * URI'TUS ?W1 LI, 1IK OR TlITRn rot RTE street. between L sh'h ?nd Ninth avenue*, this evening, at a o, lovk. _ _ an htkeet. (CHILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOPTION. ALSO CHIL.. J dreu adopted out to good homes al MADAME PAR SKI.LK S. 319 W. st Twelfth street. FOB ADOPTION?A IIKALTHY, OOOD LOOKtNO KE mule etilld, a rw dais old and ucvd lo the bottle; iauf intelligent and respectable pareutage. Addiera Doctor, station D, New York, Information wanted-op john kirkek, cox walnut the t jplain'a irU ol' the Cumberland Anv Information a* to w an nnrt ? nere h - wa* l??l a.<n wi.l bn thanklully revetted bjr In* uiolbrr, Mr*. Mary Kukri, 105 higntb a a:iue, New York. I NrORMATION WANTED?OK JAMES KAIN, ABU.'T 1 flie met eight Inrhra in h>'ght, aged tl?m Jijur", n uatlieof itoeoeumy ot Tyione, Ireland. Wa? leataeen in * top# fooi nf IVlau. > y atrr.t, on TiiradNf, Matvli 4. Any information of im will be thankfully reteived by lila friend* it ,n.i 10] mi i'-k aimi IF THIH SHOULD MEET THE SYR OF MRS IFARELla millviin. formerly III >bonK, of (lie city ol Dublin, abr will hem of an "Id friend, who It anilou* to no# lier, I: abe will aand her addreee to Mr*. K-llly, 148 Weat Thirty-brut at. LOCISA-! WAX DISAPPOINTED IN NOT SKHINO you on Tncaday or Thnraday, on the corner of Koiath airect ana B Addiata not" to?you know who?-through the Fus: "ffloo, nialing whan and u hnr I can e*e you. RP. THOMPSON-A LETTER FOR TOO IN BROAD* way l'oai olUcp. K.I*. 3 91\ ft-! -WCRS RECEIVED CANNOT ANSWER aUJU. thro i*h "Praonua." Wntn again and give me a name anil Tout oltice*. No. 90 f'lNJC AETE. FOR SALE CHEAP-TWO WAX rtOUBBA, Lirf HUE, boy eu<! nrl, ro upklely dreiied. Apply at 4V3 Bn adway, up alalia. Panorama of the mishisstppi-io feet long, printed in color*. 'Fai hatter than any other map we have ev?r ecu.''?Tribune In a neat liot, 3fti'., free by mail. BCHONBEKO A CO., 00 Braver street, New fork. NEWSPAPERS. ' REA.O MAJOR JACK DOWNINU'S LETTER IN TUB CAUCASIAN thia we"k*-C jalom Houae UlaNoiure ? Van Wy,k'ai;ouitn.ilce-VallaBai|llAIBf^'.Woa? I'tfif , Uumsor-lWWsiu uowip, Ae. < 11DAY, MARCH 21, lim HOUSES, UUM.11S, Jif? Tt) LET. ^ ] A two STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house to I lei. water in back basement; ,?*, grate-, marble muutela an l foaling doom; aitualed in Bright street, Je se, Oily, opposite I. e p ibllc school. Rem $I'*i. Call ou tbe landlord, Mr. BRADY, corner of Drove ami Newark avenue, or on the premises. Tbe key next door, at No. t>3 Briht a:reel.

A WHOLE FI.OOR to let?WITH FULL BOARD, or a auil of Rooms, In tbe urst class Houae No. 5 Went Twenty-fourth atreet, opposite Fifth avenue Hotel. Location very desirable. A SMALL COTTAUE TO RENT-IN NEW KOOHELLE, on Lmg I-lami Sound. Apply at vj East Houatou st. A COUNTRY SEAT TO LET?WITH PRIVILEGE OF purchaae?twenty acies high b al hv Land, with g >od houae, fruit, garden, erupt in, and a !> aullttil view, 36 n.ilea ftoui New York, on Hai l-in road. Will be ;ut tor year or aeoaun, with all the farm and houaeliuld furniture, piano, wagons, cow, horse, Ac. Terms reasonable. Address M. A. w., 1u7 Dean strcei, Brooklyn. A HANDSOME SECOND STORY TO LET?FURNIS1Ied, iu a newly utied up houae, occupied by a s.nun genteel family, from 1st of May next. Apply at 88 West Thirteenth street, from 2 to 4 F. M. ? A BOARDING HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE for sale.?The house is iu one of the best locations in tbe city, now filled with select and permanent boarders, payink over $1,400 a month. Inquire of GRIFFIN k BaNNISTER, No. 3 As tor place. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS high stoop Hous" up town, with KtaMe adjoining. IiavJug more room than they need, would rent ball, or tbe whole If required, or would board with a family. For parit.ulara address J. P. C., Herald offlce. A BRICK COTTAGE TO RENT?WITH GAS AND Fixtures complete. Rent $200 per aunuin. Eight .ooms. Apply at 72 West Forty-first sttcet. Anew brown stone high stoop house to let for $850. SO Kan Twenty-seventh street, ueu: Lexington avenue; all modern convenience, furnace, hut and cold water throughout, b. th, range, wrth tubs, dumb waiter from kitchen to ilrviug loom on top floor. A v-ry nl e bouse, suitable for a small laiuily. May be seen from 2 to 4 o'clo k. For cards to sec the house apply to JOHN FOLEY, IbiJ Broadway, or at 88 Lex.ngtou avenue. Board wanted?a furnished house to rent in tue best streut on Hrooklvn i, icht.'-. to a lau.ilv of nut mora than four person*, wiih no clilUiren; Board tak n for two persons iu payment of rent. Address F. H., box ljfl Herald office, with name and add real. Country i'lace to kent-a neat two story Home, with barn and stable, 17 aerea of ; allure laud, excellent garden, plenty of l'ruit; 12 minute* walk from Norwalk or Darien depot, on the New Haven Railroad. Apply at 3n6 Broadway, up stairs, or at 175 Forsyth street. Furnished residence ?to let. in stamkord, Conn., a atone Dwelling llouae, ?table and ca. r ge houae, six acrea of lund, fruit and shape tri es; ple raiity altuated, on high ground, Line view of the Sound aud v.tla*e, one mile from railroad depot. Apply to SANDS SEELY, SI Wall street, otlice of J. W. Gregory. Furnished country seat to let-katonaii'b Wood, Bedford, \\ estcuester co inly, adjoining the ferry. II mestcad, with mrty acres of land, gardener s cottage and greenhouse, icehouse tilled, and modern improvements. Also a small 8 one Cottug", u at y furnished, in me Immediate neighborhood. For term* auu particulars inquire oi JOHN UAUDU, at the Engineers office, 102 Wa.kcr street. House to let and furniture for sale-in a very desirable and uentrut 1. cation, suitable for Lutes' boarding house. The furniture consists of a ino?t superb and ample stock, and will be sold separately If desired, and very cheap. Adures C. X. R., Herald ottice. Hotel to let?including loi oeroom. hay ?'H , shed and stables, only two oiocks Hnrlem Bridge, and an established s'nn I of twenty si. years; a rare ch nee for an enterprising man. Apply at the corner of Tmrd aveue and lArti s.reet. Hotel to lease.-tiie stevens house, late Delinouico.'s, No. 25 Broadway, N w York, hating been put in thorough repair, painted and supplied Willi the e< nveniences of a modern first class hotel, is now oil i red to lease upon favorable terms to a suitaule tenant. Thoiuruiture may be purchased uue i reasonable terms. Apply to HEWLElT A TORRANCE. No. 6 B.iwlmg Green, or to HOMER MORGAN, No. 8 i'iue a'.reel. In brooklyn.?to let, three or four spaclous, well furnished Roou s, wliu Jtoatd, In a slri 't.y private family, witliln twelve minutes' walk oi lb th -re i rrl a. Reiereueea required. Addraas C. D., u 1'ost office. Lofts to let-or will be divided into odicee. Inquireon the premlsea, 2i'4 Rros.lw. i. 8. P. MOORE'S SONS. IIGHT ROOMS AND STEADY STEAM POWER, TO J let, on Pulton and Gold tree's; also a Urn- i u at, suitable for a restaurant. Inquire of J. II. W 111 IK, No. St T ultnn street. ctore to let IN BROADWAY. NEAR BLEECKBR I' stieet, suitable for any kind of bustn.s.; re a. In noeordancc with the times. Apply to li. l. ENlGUV, Planters' Hotel, (MS Broadway. Steady steam power to let?with large and email Room*, Well lighted. Steam hoistwuy. IV 'ssciteion Immediately, Apply at 499 Water street, between rIke and M|mi flip. rpo LET?THKE8 STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE 231 J. Spring ntreet, near Clark, with uiunnrn improveuit ij.b; large yard; in ?<hkIorder; to h gnu t tenant rentlow. A; p y to S. (J. CLARK,&ln>i Br< ad way, or at 91 \ >nwt. Cuu !? ran from 3 'o 3 J'. M. TO LET-A SMALL HOUSE. THREE 8TORIEP AND basement, No. 4S Wiitt Kurlyd'n u l.i ktn-et, between Riflh and Sixth avenue*, with not and eold ?sat'T, gun and gas Dilutes com pi. te, reut $400. Inquire next door, No. Mi rpo let?the two stoky ATTIC and basement J H t use 147 Euhi Twenty-lust aliee-, with ttli the modern Improvements, Chandeliers and Ga< Fixturea .uttildolo throughout mo bouse, at a low rent. Apply ul 14"' East. Twen'j lir?t *ueet. TO LET?THE SE OND STORY OK JTOUSE NO. 149 Ran Tvvi-n'} i rat aim l, CMUa.slina ot fiont and ha a l'arlme. Pantrl'Be Iroom und tiitutu water and waterdo-. la, ( i indelluir and gas ilxtureaenniplote; sep: r: eorl ar, to:t .amlly, at ;> low rem. Imiuliv on the > .uoiaoa. TO LET?IN TRKMONT, A TWO STORY HOI ;-Iv WITH aeri'U room a. lilli d in with brick; rood well and rtateru, giape at'hor, :itnt lota of currant buatiea; nil In good order; rent $tuil. A poly It FKtSKK, Waaulu^ttn avenue, tie!w een 1*tt li and Mott streets. rpo LET?THE KOI K STORY BROWN STuNE FRONT X House an. ion In.t -1 Twenty.tlrst atreet;, H lUtna, with at' ant power, a 1 >1 and HO Mercer atreet, l.uuIre uf WM. M lCuE< IKGK, dr., 4AS Bi oauway. TO LET?THE HOUSE AND STORK, 19 GREENWICH avenue; ha* been ouettpiro aa a milk depot lor the p.iat tin.'" Xenr<; let separate, U ree.nrvd. luptirut 17 Ciroiawich avenue. r LET- A THREE STOKY HIGH STOOP RRlt'K buuae, well ga?* id water, very desirably a tu.ut d, on. blook frotu Atlantic atreet ram and twenty 'minute* v.alk irotn Sodlb ter. y; will be rented with or without turn,I ro, and the rent' .ken in Hoard, tf desired Appy In Pa ill. hlrt ct, second door above Powers, Brooklyn. PHD LET?FIRST FLOOR OF A I'KIVATE COTTAGE 1 huuH n\e room.-; rent ()5a month; or would Hoard at fxnitly; good, ipilei nelgUI>?rlioud; convenient to ram end stages; near Fourili a-reet and Siitli avenue. Apply ?l 18 Cornelia street. rpo LF.i TO A small FAMILY WITHOUT CHIL* X dren, a part ot a lloun?. R.-nt no.< t> a good ! naut. Apply a t?"l Wrti Twelfth tin et, near H south aveIt a-:. I'O LET?TO HMALI. FAMILIES. A THREE STORY and linn, infiu niR i ursa A'so, the lower id upper |.?rU o a three aioey hri.-k llouae: a I the uiujcm linpr./v. mem;.. Apply at 114 ha t Fiftieth ti?et. TO LKT-AT NO id WEST BLEYENTU fcTIIE. T, FOUR doom west of Broadway, two furnUh. il Rooms on a-roml Hour, ?ltt< all the modem I in pro- ni nt-, witlt orw-.,titntl Ho tr.l. Also a B .? moot, suitable for a tbyai,Ian. rp<? LET-A STORK, CORNER OF SEVENTY-EIGHTH J. street slid Fourth av.-utie, YOi tvilie-. urst rata ki-eil.ti l.r a grocery and 11 pioestore. Apply ai Hie Yoravilie, Harlem and Wesnb siei Real Estate mho*, 1,*H fh.rd avenue, i ear Light)-sr. - i.dauot. JOIl.S oREKN. Tolet-FL'rnisiied. at far hujkaway. five Collage llutiwa, Iron Ing the o.t-an, a k AA'SI, $Sj", ?4W, foUl au-i SMXl. ALo luiiilshed Mansion a' Pclhaui, W-a' lie -ti-r county, ai 94*41, till N,"ember. Also a u umber of Uourt-s in the city. lir?TA\ I S BAYLIES. V<) 4 Pine strert. TO LET-TWO OR THREE SMALL, GENTEEL Ilo.iacs. well located, not too far up, with every int[ moventunliable for lainiiies of lour or Beo persona. Lent ??Mto???). Very desirable. ,1. 11. WILCOX, lftt I- avenue, corner of Twenty thud ?u est. 'I'O LET?THE BUILDING NO lit) BO.SRMi'KEKT, tlORi uer of Dunne street, now occnpied as a aloreum a*. Apj'iy nt the udi'-e, 24t> Uieeuaicli etiei-.. upstairs. rpo LET?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IMX nied.ately on the Narrows, S'.m-n Island. The .muse Is handsomely Inruiened; , a? .ilie1 stables. garden and all thu conveniences; iuo?t dsslrabla for ? genteel family, Also several Collages, furnished or uafnmi-neii, at Ciitp.n and N--w Hilgutou, btsten Island. Apply to DANIEL LOW, 17 Broadway. mo.let?a strong brick building. il3 walker 1 I eel. alktr.-ll feel iVeHl ill' Ille .....iter ,.f Olltri, alt-cat I r? ? *'oi , iaucinee.t autl i-u toils, rery well light a; Ainu, two story En,. till' Hcusr, on adjoining lot. Willi tcpar t'r 'tttrance; the who.r musblnod together Ife very aiillanie lor pianoforte maker or otbei iiuttiui* uurlng purposes, An, F? particulars ..p,>i? ( > I'. Y P.ILhll Jit i'uiiui timet, third flour. mo LET?THE COTTAGE UOU8E, 137 WEST THIRTYJ rout ib, to .Undue fell the modem Iuiumni incuts, g is, water, ap'tib n ; tune*, range, Ac. Appl* tub. T. BaBbi I T, t'Aanil 7n tv?aii'itgt"u stiaet, >. V. rLKT-AT WAR TRU E ONE Of THE KOW OF npnkTii ti.rce story high butem At, No. 2111 West Porty-rlttb street, near Mntli aren ue- Uaa fell lire tan flxtorna complete; neighborhood good; rent 9tg). \rply lo I*. AYRL.X A CO . 421 Broome tueel, mat Urusdway. fTO I<RT?AN ELEGANT BASEMENT, RITCATED TN J. tbn nest husinoas part of llroa'iway, Canst m et; a,if aln til 2.)\ft"!, neatly furnished, with low n nl. l au lie nail on application Immediately. Impure ut 421/, broad way, In the segar store. TO LET?710 BROADWAY, floors AND rooms, Weil adapted fur lbs ndilluerj, xrUAoial tl'jNN sr or ureasnuking linaluett, for Briista' studios. ofllrrt, At1., or Hie fiilir>-premises, with eifniti iu rooms and bin-lieu, would be renteil to one pti-tr aiiiuuiie b> ve let lor furnished rooms. Apply to UEO. CUES IP, b>l AN, imp Nassau street, or on tbo, between V ami 10 A. M. fend S and 5 P. ft. TO LET-THE GENTEEL THREE STORY UlUii BTOOP IL 49 fourth stieti, n #r Backstreet. Modern ImpiiuemenU; Kfe" and natures, s<>o<l ysr i, Ae,; ill good ord I. Kent uiiesp to one Ifemlly. Apply at JV3 Hudson slreet L. KADFWKD. TO LET-HOUSK AND STABLER 23 PIKE STREET; in in be leased to a ft spuusi'ila pacy, syifetste or together, at reduced rent; house hue thirteen rooms, and pssiwtre, water V" l range; no gas. price #AW, staples nave room tor flr, ho; e-, oalrr. ?) ; ptice <lit>, no bill on bouse. Apply ati.Ul West street, N. Y. TO LET-THE MAONIFIt B>T STORE 971 BROADWAY, adjoining the main euuauee ol tbe Laiarru House, aise of stOie 2.1 i4S feet, with two splendid show windows attached. tin of the best Pica.luns on Broadway, and suitable for Jrwrelty or gen's' lorn along dire, or any other geotael business Will lie let. at a yery reiisoosble rent If called for |mUK ia;;;s " * m,i *,m HOUSES, lii/OH*. <SC., TO LET, f|1u LET?FART Of TllK I'PPE* FAKT Of IIOI>E J. No. 1 ?i Riga.ten h street, between In n g la ' in I Third hiciiiw, buviu all ine n... c.u luprov run-in.?'.'rum w U-r, betbro iu, |i>, to ?Uiail family wiluoiit chil dr< n. To bo necu irtui Id to Id auu d lu 6 u'cio, k. Inquire ou the premises. TO fifth AVENUE, haRI f.m, fktw'eev l.loih and fcJlsl strums, a 11., double < oi age, n.ue rooms, kin:,no, cellar, iruil and m-r garden; ), ,.,- j >,ua a.l uiOi.ern improverm ml, rhaude ler., K< at goou. lu qu re at S4S Br< ad May , or ul the li.,ra m agn.t. TO LET-A FIRST CLa. i UVERV stable, with an modern luipiov, omuls; beta mm I fur that purpoan lor uve years; will be let ,ow to a a , l 'nam; corner of Tweniy-eiguih street and Seventh arena'. impure at d.n Seventh avenue or dun e una, street, up stairs. TO LET-A LAKOE CORNER MV GOODS STOKE. Ia me a, ?t aland in so .: Broo.-lyn. lias been e-iaoHihed an years, and neatly utied up for the uade. In pure oi J. SUA KM bit) < oluiubia areat, Brooklyn. _ TO LET?HOUsBS IN HROOKI.VN, E. D. A THREE btury a.oop buck 11 iu *S ilaon alreet, nrai Bedford avenue; rent $37.\ Alan a hre> atory Irame House, exrl iaive of t..e secuud atory, in South Firs; street, n, ar Fifth street; rent?19S. Iuuulre of WILSON M. POWELL, U) Wall alreet, room 24. TO LET?AT 174 EAST TWKNTT-TH1KD STREET, A an.a,l En hah bane uent, wun every uiod, ru eoi vrlence. Will t>e let very low in a r< ai-onaible leuaul. A''"ly to A. LI \ INtiSTON, IU Beek.uan a .cel. TO LET?IN A VEKV DKsIKAIiLK LOCATION. A long established H mint ouie- and .V .rk hop, and'lie use ol a t'umisned parlor for customer.- [mp'lre of ItuOME A WELL8. 107 Ninth avenue, or ai d;s4 West Tweuiynrst street, between the hours of 0 A. M. and 5 1*. >1. rro LET-FOR ONE OR MoHE VEMtS, FINK tkp' K A Far.ii, hi teen aerea, good buildings, smutted "lie milesouih from Earn New Voi k and witulii u,> hundred yards of Fuable's Laimiug. A: plv ou the nrem i JOlIls BKAOAW, New Lots. rpo LET?IN (Il'TTENBEPO, N. J., TWO ROC8BS X one sulhtulc for a bakery, the other wtl. ne let nut in r iom*. For further pardon nr. apply to 801 IKE DWYEIt, near the premises, oral KOliLER <k yiSuK'S brewnv, rpO LET-ON FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR NORTH X river, two Floors, es h 25 leet sunn, lighted ou .'very siile. Rent low to any business they will siui. Api'ly to It. ALTLD, Forty-i our lb street and Eleventh avenue, from 7 to 10. TO I-ET-HFLKIIEAD FRONT ON WEST STREET, North river, near t'anal .,,reet; dwelling ll -u.. * 173, 175, 18W ami 131 H'litaoT) stioet, and 33 Hubert it reel; leveral small stoias and 1).vellim.,*; Stable-, si.fa .n for Curl, men; Workshops, it''., xc. Apply to JAMES FRICE, 20J Hudson street. TO LET?A HEM It ABLE COTTAGE RESIDENCE, 1' nted st I'arlhiiit Land'ng, ou Hie II daou river near the d'p d The house Contai. s nine rooms, with large J ai d, 1 well etoclted with a varie y ot fruit trees, with flee . e "ih in garden, good well of wat r barn Hinl waaitioua . i.uralt m healthy. R. nt f12f>. Fir nrllirr parti ! us i .pure ot DAVID i'E LONii, 231 Wot l'we.uiy-inu atreet. New York. TO LET?THE TWO STORY, ATTIC AND BASEMENT Homo 21 Essex street, with staj.e romn for 0 or 3 horses; wide alley, very convenient for arinen; also l'art of House 23 Essex street. App y to J. CORNELL, No. 1 Esse* Mark, t. rpo LET?THE SECOND STORY OK A HOUSE fN HAMX m<md street, with all th<-modern improve.,.ent?, mat and back Parlors, milling doom, pan ries Online Konn and Kitelien and one Bedroom, all en the see nd i!uor, and one Room In the third tilery; prvtlegu 01 hath room, laundry and Cellar Can be seen from 10 to 2 o'clock by In-inir ng 01 Mr. DAY, 13 Hammond street, corner of Waverley place. TO LET?TIIR LIQUOR STORE, ON THE NORTH east corner of Washington and Charlton -tr.ets, w.tb the s o k tud Fixturesfor>a'tle. Apply to II. N. AliKKNS, 3 a Went atreet. A ; ms need not ..pply. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AN 0 BASEMENT BRICK. Dwelling Hoes 132 Frarkiin - reel, Re..t?tttS5. Apply to BENJAMIN NEWKIP.K, las Llm street, or EDWARD TIMPhvlN, 170 West Fift.etb atreet. rpo LET?THE TllKEK HlORY AND BASEMENT X brick Dwelling House 17b W ist rwentv-iii th street; r nt ??0. Apply to EDWARD TIMP.SUN, No. 17U We#t Fiftieth atreet, TO LET?THE STORE 704 EIGHTH AVENUE; HAS tl en oeeui led or the last;our ai* as a boot and shoe store; an excellent 1 una tor that 01 the drv goods uualnesi; rent $225. Apr'y to EDWARD TIMl'SuN, 170 W.n Fiftieth street. TO LET.?THE SUBSCRIBERS BEING ABOUT TO RE* u.ove, otter to let lh - second loft ol the slme ; 1 M-1 ten lane. It Is a very des1 ruble lo'alionl'or jewe.lers, watch dealers or importers, old can b" olvtded Into taro large ailed unices If desired. It would he rented at a v-rv reasonable rate, and enn be occupied shout lie m< Idle of Ai rtl If desired. Apply on Hie premise! to... W. t.RLHNE a CO. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, A TWO STORY AND BA8Ernunt bHck Uousr, in thorough order, complete with Kidgewood v.afr and ,??; convenient io South and llau.ll. toa avenue leertes; rent low to a good veuauu Apply at 30 South William street, Ni w York. rpo l-ET?THE CORNER STORE NO. l:-7 AVENUE A, X long established as an ext. unite g -eery and li>|Uor e o.-f. A -o intra rioor turnse tuo rtrn'av. nue, near St. Murk s p'aoe, consisting i .jar large Room.-, Bed ana Bathroom, Ciotun water, *c. Apply to D O'CONOR 42 Went Seventeentb sin el. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR OP NO. 82 WILLIAM lie t, between the l'o?t o e and new Custo n llonse; also, oftl es r.t exmdlngly low rents. Tins must become u grtut thoroughfare. Appiy ut uUnt No. 2, 62 William street IV) LHT-THE SECOND FLOoH OF UOl'SE NO. 29 Market street, consisting of f ir latge roointi and buthroom, i 'tether wi>h Uick basement, to asiuall tarnlly. ApI ly on tlx) premises irotn 1 to 5 o'clock. riVT LET-TWO COTTAtiE UOUdES, WITH SIX LOTS I oi Kr?uii<l, on Hoptier Ian , U't?een Flfty-s- contl mid Flfty.third streets, vest ut Eleventh avenue, and nenr Hie riV'r. Houses shaded with tr t'ruton water, gas and Ham res. Ninth avenue ears from Barclay ut reel and stein cars from Chambers street, h'nt S27S. Inquire of KRAHTl'S LYMAN, Knickerbocker LPe Iiisttr nee Company, 108 Broadway. rito LET?THE liANUsOME I'U.B STUKT HOU-Ed .1 N 'S. 239, 311 and 34 ) West T. lrty-Ii: tti street, containing ail the modern Improveoi n's ami in good order; p nl 96UU. Ab- llo st! 119 West Thirty fourth street; retr. pi'(W. Inquire of*, sparks, 337 w etl f ty -III th street. riM let roonnnm i on tub ihtof afril-the J First Floor, with 'Wo Rou.?s n the utile, Basement, Ki'cii"it Bud Cellar of the house lib Chant..n street. Inquire o. J. It If SELL, 64 rweiuy-ei?htli s reet, or at 33 Kinase TO LET?THE FOLLOW UfOlIUL'MSii AND STORES ? No. 42 Li'pouu, d street, two stones, basnueul una attic, 34 teet with . No. 6 Seeoii l street, three dories, b'isement and attic. No. 6 Wouster street, four stm s and basement. No. 16 \Vouster str et, t ur stones nil I basement. No. 10 Laurens stre. t, Mot e and three - tury Dwelling. No. 212 Elm Street, two siories, basement unit attic. No. let Spring street, norm r o i.uu, uppai pan, 12 woim. No. 62. A4 Broome street, l o slo t ?, bu un it, mi l attic. No. ol Marion street, two a ore's, um incut and attic. No. is"> Essex street, two stor e?, ba cm an and attic. No. lit Mul ertysire , two stories bn eunm and attic. No. 121 WestNiaetocuihRt , twos', tr cs. basement and attic, No 37 Slab id street, three stor Cottage an i Statue. No. 4.1 Marion SI reel. low t bait, live rooms. No*. 214. '. Hi anil 21t) W at Houston St' ret, well lighted luftl Tor maniila luring purposes No. 69 Spring street, lour l ets, 25i3ti, i-a. h well lighted. Apply to W. SCOTT JAR > Is. 221 Canal street TO LET-A FIRST CLASS FOl R STt>RV 11MH 8TOOI Hons*', with baths at l gas slures to loo ton. newlj psintnt i,ml papered. App.y to the pr printer, 2b 1 Orcein street, be'o ei u Wsverley and Clinton places. rpo LET?Ft RN1SI1ED, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH A. avenues, the orown st ur House OS West Forty-' At stieet, tliree stories, h'gh st. op, furniture v. ry ootnoltie ami hmidS'tiie; pi .re-ion 1st May: rent, $J0U IK.MEIt HUH (U\ \i..iriu.oi on lo.nL Hun In. N' . :1 l'ine sir. et. TO LKT-A COTTAGE RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, OJ the Hodum rlfii, une nour tram tbe city. *ilh umj>f den o' about one lore, h,unly i-ultlvaled; eliade and frui trrea,tinea,atiawberriea ami oui t wi<i Irolta: furum* fi? mul waior, I'unwttlvii, I wmi J t?i At'i >1. Term li?i I*t month for th< aiiinmer. Kor pnrtbmUra apply 1 UENKY U. II AK111-O.s, aivUtect, *1 Wall trust. TO LET-stokke 28 AND fcl FRANKFORT STREET n ar William iirft, amiable I'm a lano lumber i p -ii'M flwlitu liuelneee, ur for the p.i;.er trade. 4 \ Alia two ilj,n R nenn-ntii ana uieproof vauli*. iu ,'nni oi JOHN J. HILL 7t> Na-aau It met. IK) I.ET?A HARK CHANCE?TUB FOUR STOR) Ktuindi Imaem1 nl U I i?e bo. 74 tVeet Fully-. r?t etroet H *, but and old Water i?u Water doaeU, w.i?b*land?. bath lull, .tr ; will ix* o, At le.te than tin* I tmpi nsca to kee| It. Iiiniiip oi j. A. 4'tiRM Ai K. rto Wrat Korijr-'.r*t ktrret. fro let-the following Houses, IN oooi A order ana well luutted ? 17"*, IHL iltu aim 18H Wr? Tr. ent)-tirwl 1 -mt?rent $Vjl), $9H> nod Hull, HlWri rwriitV-nrrnail mr. et?f7n?. 1<4 Went Ttventji ightb mrrct??*>. 107 W *i rnu.ietn aliwrl?KM), I<2 .md 174 Ww Tidr'y third anem?pAni earh; Kan Kilty-neron i etmel. tw JJotiM-a?$. On** t<n; ItiVVeet FKty*lblid nirer.?AAnO.144 ui lid TVert Seventeenth itraat?lower part of en. h ->.'?>an $I(JU. Corin r Mum and Ha-rmrni on Kig.ob nvi n ?$7iH km. U. RtlO ilE. 188 Wrti 1 wenty-iinl itrret. Oldie bnun a tv 10 and 2 iu 6. TO LET-AT C\II v VNSVILLE, 1418T STREET. A 1IOC81 tviiuurite ".ar.o tt. I uutalna una and water throughout Bui' liailr v.ew of river: ita :n> pin the door; IIv# mm litre limn rain and depot, 4A minutea from Chamber! alrer! ArplfuR". II. S1LL1.R AN, 73V Stith avenue. TO Mil?THE FURNISHED BACK i'ARLoR, WITI privilege of the front parlor ai a mm option mmn, of tin hooae A7 Eaal Twelfth el reel, between Broadway and Fourtl nvenee, auitaule far a dentin! or pbyaiulan. Amii. from Jit I ii do* It F. M rpo t.RT?THK UPPER PART OK A BROWN STONI X lluuae, torn amall lUrmiy of "illy. Knit Oond laterm -en ami ?.- urli\ Tor the rm i ?u ulred. Apply at ,? Wn. Tmljr-lttU inert, betweetl Id and o'clo. sh. rro let-two larue rooms, or boom and bed J. room, to ? genm-man and wile. Will bn let low to a good Icnani. Appl) a* 1H4 Wfit Houston tlifit. 0 LEU-lllE DWLLUNtl IKHSES 121 AND 121 Charlton m with all lue modern improvcinnnta. The hniaea ?,11 ha pi I In good order for good tenant* at rorj ta/elerata rent*. Appiy to MaRTIN WATERS, 122 Char I toaatreet. my LEI?THi'.I.B AND EOl'K BTOUY BROWN OTONt J nigh aiO"|) H maea, Noa. SO and 31 Wrat Fortr-h. tl atreoi Mlwern Filth and Sixth ar?nna?; win lie let law ti anon tenant#. 1.1.1111 rc ?i No. 31 Weil Forty-fifth atreat. o 111 A. TKi.AOW KLI,( IdJ Chainnera aln-et. TO LET-FRO M MAT I, TIIB THKBfi STORY""AN! baaemrnt brlcW tluuaa. No. IIP Weal Twenty-fourl! tieet, between Sixth and Seventh arainiaa. with bitin ga ttlt'iraa. AO To a n-aponatblo tenant a r- aannable rant nil ba accepted. Apply 011 th? premise* or to JOHN C. UlLES No. It Souta W li.lam at reel. LET?TllE ~FOUR BTORV-HKiH BASEMENI U miiC. No 18V We*t Eighteenth alra.:l, nearBlgutb avc tin#, rep at with all mod. rn Impiorantenta; rant " *, iu qnlra 01 WASIIINoToN HMITlf, SMI What Eighteenth at. TO LET?THE LARUE THREE 8TORY AND ATTIC Uo.iae 183 Mulberry atreat, near Bivotne; oooiaina illbu n rootna, wlina.ia throughout, and haa K""d ury uttdar ml,nr. KentfilA Can he aeon after 10 A. M. liuiulie at 1P6 Eaal Nlne'aanth atraat. _____ TO LET-AT 37 BLEBCKER STREET. AN OFFICE Onitablc for a Dot lor or D' titial, lieing a central location between Broadway and the Sat Inn a Ban#. al#o a I ui untied Koom, on tho Brat floor, for a gentleman. TO LET?THE DWELLINO I'ART OF TltK#HOISR lol Wrat Twelfth atreat, nnrlhweat corner of Hiltii are. nne. 2H leal front mi tbe aranno, forming beautiful aparttnthia lor two famOlei, Apyjr } Ut? bflUf, 44 (iwanitft But?'i up 3 ! UUt'SKS, KOOJit, AC.. TO LKT. rpo LET?TO a .SMALL FAMILY, THE SB" OND K1.")0R a of House 117 L,-toy sir et, N {. N > oill uu h.. ,kt. TO LET?THE FOCR r-TORY ENGLISH BAi-EMLM' House, No. 23 iVny f?tjt e, ,n bo J oiwci .uici coutainu 4 the modern improvement*. Rut; ?*j. rpo fft-a Vjrst loft, in one of the best 1 in . .ii the city >.el) . .u 1: 1 0.29 feet. Rms low i? a. Kood uiiaut. lunula ( 441 tiroauway, In lb* stole. rpo LET?TIIB SECOND floor OF UOISB NO H4 J Euct Fifteenth stree o 4 .until lauiily, reference given ao l inquired. lteut$2Ai. rro LET-TO A SMALL UK-PKCTABLE,FAMILY. THE a * ; "i'1 and Tui a K.u- m of ? ...... rouso 234 west Twenty-seventh -tret, .an Uiniiv all the DmdeTii improvement-, gas uuuien, Ac. Hie Ulily III Ui- house i, UirceadulU. P""Se*?lol. p., f i >? Jst of April If itetired. T-i a <1 s.rablo leirn ' w I 1*1 ei?a int'le. In. ipdre tl28U>a West Thirty Hi <1 si or :.l 80 Wail street, In the l?e ueut. rpo LET?WITHOUT BOAR.', 1 r EAST HROADL way, furnished Rooms. at fr *1 ; , "2 jier week. TO ME LET?THREE LoK , I HOUSE 178 PU1NUK s re.-t, a'tit 1 I.- or igbt i 'mi . puriK,i>es: rent cheap. Inquire on th pi n TO LET IMMEDIATE. t? v RUE SECOND F! "ii of so., e II- W Fmietli street, Mtr KUh'h avenue, con; i r. . ,? r.'oms ami . u abundance of w? <li obe? ;u. water closet#, Ac. Kent rale $-t?) per yea TO LET OR EXCHANGE ' r."'tRD 1IOC8E, IH lioooken; ilrst class, three . with nivdern ir.proveiueuta; N '. 4 Bioo.utie < Fifth and SDiti si **" s, in hijimhIio .i " . > " nuf it'iulily I'urII U-.?i; will let 01' exchange fi r .. h e.a'vn House; tent 9 .' i Ap i.y ou ihe pretiiihi..- ur - DiiNu WADnWORTH, 2"/ furl street. New York. rpo LET ()R EKC1IAN, 1 P RENT?IN Ill'DJ anti City, N. J., iloub.i Ho voire room# audtellar. lame Mintage he..*9 and s - .nut ! > ir acre*of laud, adi eiieius d. Apply a. N 6 l' y New Yor... TO LKT OR FOR SALE?l RFC V EARS'LEASE OP H op, CO feet .. a klgb, at No. 9 Cannon street, n,..r Grand. TO LET OR FOR 81! -t 111 Ri'H, TOGETHER with three Lots o"1 Oio o fo- matinfactunnif p irjaiMr- Ac., reutrul io. > 'n, - !.?.: 1 .u Mulberry street, be ween Broome and Orotic "tree's I or iiartioulars uppiy t P. WE1LLR, 171 Caua, ?. em, i aird I'onr rpo LET OR FOR SAl.fc- AT LOWER CLOSTER, a on Hue ol Northern lt?i1 . N'-w .'?raey, live mlnuum from depot a Farm of 28 aoiv . v to ,u i.l lorn*?, out houses, fruit, Ac Apply to Hr.N'KN DEMARKM tjOi Broadway, , from 9 to 12 M , or to lliOHa- il. HLKR1NG, President I N. R. R., tool ol Corilaudt street. \ ' TO LET OR FOR SALE-HIK HOUSE 46 EAST SIX- \ tea nth street, ii ar Ir:"e. ii as r. . ently b?eu painted ami papered thru .' !'>?? wion immediately. Apply ou the picmiaen, i" ..ecu Id ,.ud 2 o'clock, or to HOSIER MORGAN' No. 3 r ? ri'O LET, FOR SALE OR 1 <i;fl ANOE?THE DE8IRAi ble lour story b otvn stone IP h-. N , ftj Earn Tweitiyet mh street. Immediate i. ..t .wn be pifn. Apply to the owner, on the premises, oiu il> . to 11A.M., or an p i bill. TO LET OR LE1RE-AT A VERT MODERATE RENT, the i'uiitlinjjS lbjaud iti. Huh, ,'wen'y-thiril street with steam power; suitable for a . .m factory, cabinet or carpenter shop, or un extnsiv" wash hot. e; both will be let tonne party, or each S' pn rate ly. n pat t oi each; poa"oasior? limnedlat ly. App.y on the premises, of to E. BEADLES'ION, 18b Weal Tenth atreet TO LET OR LEASE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED LIqui r Store an i Dv. Hit.-a. situated at lid Mulberry e'r-ct. Ri 'tlowtoa eo-'d tenant. Ar IV to NICHOLAS WALSll, No. 8 Sixth Ar n tie TO LET OR LEASE?THE LARGE THREE STORY brick Store and Dw -. tna' Hons- 131 Spnug atreet, extra ai/ed lot mid alley way on t. r-*1 , ih .oiitauie lor auy busltte-8. Alao the large tour-Wry I .-k House ,'tA Boudatreei; will be tented low. A. tbKOKANT, 13 Wall atreet. TO LET OR LEASE IN MOKKI8ANIA?4 NEAT TWO Mtory Ool age lia ise, with thiee-quarterii oi an acre of ground, withm live minutes' alk of the d. pot, and near three Nlage ruulee. Pussca-ion given on the Prat of April, Inquire of H R. Bl'RNBT No 11 Sprtue street, New York. TO LET OR LEASE. ON ACCOUNT OF THE HEALTH oi the-owtnr, a rectifying -ehibbahmert, in complete order for Immediate uae. For pat Honiara, Ae., Inquire at 31:7 Greenwich street. TO LEASE?TilE LUMilER YA RD, CORNER OF TENTH atcnoe and Fourtc n.h street, v 1th building", lis puree, Ac., suitable f r ltiutoi r or coat ' urda <vilh atx or twelve lote aa reunited, Apply to R. H. LI DM.iW, No. 3 l ine street, or to JOHN O. WHITE, 13 W 'ft l'wt aty-hrst street. TO LEASE?A HCLKHFU) AND LOTS FRONTJNO theivou, extending ulKttr HBO feel, on the East river, hetween Thlrt >-ninth air: K- r ye. u.d > : reels. 1 he depth of wntcr m.iKea It at ha'le for i eae- .a o' the largest claea, and for till kind* of huatn-'aa requiring wet-r tiaupiniodatlotie. It will he leased in parc?>. Apply to W ALTER L. CUTTING, 64 William 're I, be ?'tu T., i. I 1 oYhxk. ts.... TO LEASE?THE EMlRl. MARBLE BUILDING 814 Broadway; store Uil by Atfeet; tire -tonea, with base1 inrtii and un.ler bnn-inem, would make a line euioon; or eauh floor separately: two upper lloors hare been tilted up for 1'Ml ge rooms. Iuqitire "f B. OA Lit KAITI1, Esq., 127 Fulton street, or A. EAGLE -ON, 738 Broadway. TO KENT OR LEASE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY REkldeuce, no the old Ktugabi'tdgo ro ut, nsa, Cariniiuevtiie, 1 -u l. u. . I-l . ... -at ,.ri?h ."UO milii Wltlnf lill? leo, healthy lo auon Maim: ad : gsrfl run .i.o.le.A'e, O nuit tti?r times. Applv to H. .M. HKOADHli K8T, eornei of not.i street and Teu.n a '.aue I'ost uii'vo ailur ?s, Washing ton Heights. TO BAKERS.?TO LET, 1HI5 NEW BAKERY, t'ORMir ui m*t<ua) ud Myrt a mme, Brooklyn; (liw and Fixture-, wiiii an Ire train S?lo"U Rooms ami the bakery *11 on one llunr. \ 'p.y to nwt, r on the premises, connr of Broadway atM Myrtle arer. :e, Brooklyn E. D Hi MRY F. NoLTE. TO CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS AND LIVERY SL.oli keepers ?for Mir, two tuts of ground, situated in Net ins *tre< t. at it- u : i - i n w no Fulton Anil Flat bush 1 avenues, hall a nine ti'Ui Hint it> 1I*U, Brooklyn*. Thle hue i-enual location oiTm, e*|>* ' ioHy 10 nemo; ? . rgaged tn the hIkii e int'Ti sth, iii.B'iri i'sse i u !v.,nta*es. commanding two ' of tin-principal, avenue* c tL> city; "run tsey. Apply at No. 6. FlHlbuHii aveuue. THE KOCH 8TOKV GROWN ST'iNK HOUSE, NO. ftd E.iat Twenty-nini hi nit. n?- .11 Improvement*, w tit oinuuie' la. ( *. limine, .ill be let .t reasonable rout to a goo tenant. Appiv t I. SA^Pi.KS 1.1 Cbatubii:a str. el, or 106 West Forty-third street, al i?r A o'ctoc .. WILLIAMSBURG PROTfilvTY FOR SALE.?ONE OF Tf those elegant n v, two ?:ory inlgh 1 o?n stone stoop Alia basement; oi l. a homos on Kialtt. y .iP'Oh near Levi a en tie. liittel up with R.i*, range an.1 writer; within five minutes' ..ulko the K *isrv. ,t ,i. ,-ei leiry, mdlwo ml.i'i eV wa.k f I.m two railroad ro't"? W I ? Id .ueaplo A cAstt cusiuiiiei. Apply to A M LA MB, No. 39 Wlloo street. lAn rtlATIIAM ETRKBY - 1?> Lit OR LEASE FOR r.jz llrriil' lyMr-, at a mo d<*e?v r. nt; J reuilara ouaipilae aiore, (!? ling ho > ' , and a fa < ?P iv eauuaion It Ion rear; loi a..out Ja iu ntn 1 tl fr. :it, 1 4 ft ti-ep, and 17 ft. la tin-1ear. Apply o lAMI.j S SaNDI v)J(U, M Liberty Hreet. from II to I o'clock. 77Q BROADWAY. NEXT Alnvp THE CORNER Or | ( O Ninth *tr t opposite A. L. hnaart A Co.'e new, lirat lloor to let, 47 ' deep.lig'it, a ml entrance bell t on (tic aired. Ap]i> t<> LF.wii a SEa< ' 'RD, In the tiore. \ lioiui MOTTCKJU hi_ ATTACHMENT NOTICE -I I BUC NOTICE 18 KERB hy tin en that a wrli aituolimeni una D-en laaited out I nl the nuprtine C i.ri * I ?e inw;, at 'be auit of Catb*' nil. k. W ir.a. i at -he , . 'it. of Wnbam H. Ilavce I an. Fianola M. I.aye*, if wile, mr tl.e cum o> flee thouaeiid ilnlLira, in a plea ol debt, and that a*id writ w*e returned due aervctl >.n the ten... ?luy ol mi timber ail. I'll AS. 1'. SMITH. Clerk. [ Dbci.hbkr 11,1A61. TMMiouan Ruatu.i, Attorney. * " AB'i ROLOCY. "~7.~ ASTOl ND1NU CU,?> AND DIVINATIONS.?IF IE III bealili or tru'lblo, ooiit'i!' itadame CLIFFORD, unrivalled >1'loyant an ' A no lie.n. H, In'lua Woman, I'.7 Jfe in all ot, .- iLi.-r of Hoyt air, ei, Hrookiyo. Bbe fore loll* i i*nt* .lei" taUiwa*.', pre* rlltea rme.iea, ami finde 9 ai>*ciit fiienda. It lalneaa Interview a, Wcenia; medical,#); V by letter, eni'loalng lialr, 92 A BONA KII-E ASTROI.t/i.I T. THAT EVBRY ONB nan ilepemi on, is Mm. WILSON, who telle tbeobject r of your en-it aa *oon aa you enter Hn. n ils the paai. pre. aenl and future ot your life, and warna you of danger*, and . bring'iu? >* of the most peril a*. N. , B.?Celebrated magic eharnia. No. !8P Aie n etrrei, between Hou-'on and S.anton ?tr* eta, over the bakery. Cbarge* for ladtea and gentleman, Moent*. _ A1 bTOMMIIINO:?MADAME MORROW, 8B VENT II daughter, baa a gift of furealaht; lellahowaoen and how.ll.n\.u a ol n.arry, and all t. u a ah to kroa.eT-n T your very thought", or no |*y Loky .harm* free. He* , "a ,al la not to be found. Her M. ?ic Image la now In lull j operation?114 Ludlow atr>-et, be low llotiiton. Price 29 [J cents, (ientlenien uoiadmftied. _ All candid inve>tiuatok8 should call and a** tir< A. BANkhlK, the well known Tcct Medium. K tn? 2S2 I mrili av n * i.nar Twenty.scum I ?trce', i N B?Private elude* by ?n age nenL A RTROLOOI8T.-JU8T ARRIVED FROM BAl.TlSfffc? J\. Md, the youngaud bt-a.i.iiul Ma lame IIKNHI, who ha* created the wildcat aencnlion In nil the Mute*. Madame Henri itinera n correct liken***, a run the name you w,H , marry, rlrta good luck, Ac. H i re, eplion rnoma are No ml f Weit Broadway, corner of Leonard alreet, o*ei the . loth log i a Ion*. ' T A \OIKIN, DESCENDANT OF AHTROLOGlbT TO U Napoleon the Ureal, will tell of a aenl frlen.ta, Pjve, hiialoraa and all affair* of life wun u- erring truihtiilneaa, ai 1*7 Lanr na atreet near U.eecker. Lad.e*7S? rents; genliMiiuih. MIppuI l rklei nvLDt #ijtiiiinttLi>.n ol diiraHfii. Madams rat, mo seventh avk.nlb, near Twaty-aevf nth street. surprises *11 who Halt her Th# ska, troubled and unlucky sbou.d to* her powers, (the mil* your Tory thoughts, luchy number*. lot***. Ladles, Mr i getitleueu, Mir. , M1SK DAVIS, CANADIAN OIPABY, rALVIST AND Asirologlat, No. 77i Wool Te elfUt street, can be rouaiilted on all busuus*. Contld-ntal lotto, written Oiar ian for l-TTo or business. Lnohy numbers given. Ladles 2Acent*. Uenilciix n Ml rents, Come Aud to? for jourwlf. > 11TUO WOULD NOT ?P WHKRS FORTUNE IM?og a ff ye, see Miss WELLINGTON, the groat English Prw r thp Hftl of nil, imi/iniioi be eidllol. Cid be coin prrionAilf or by tetter. on *11 affairs of lllo, ootocrrt* t lag Ion -..It-, j.-urneja, abwm ir ?u K lorn, emirtahtp, -uar 1 Hag*, health, w??lih, and who ?aa reclaim drunken and um x ? Islrtnul hnebanda Visa W. la ho ouiy person in Ul* c.g, wh" has ttisfenula* BumSn and Arabian talisman* for loto, iti'oU look sod all bu.inass ailalrs, ami are guarantee* fot fife Delay not looiault this naturally gUted and beautiful * raii'ns lady Lucky numbers given. Highly raa|teolAb)e olfy . refereair fan be seen at ber residence. #i| Stjth aronui T opi<nhr Eighth afreet. ' 7 r SUtLIVAN ST It RET ?MRS. BOEDER GIVEN TRUE 'JL?) and wonderful Iniormatlon on all aBatr* through hfr. and giro* Inoky numbers for the lotteries. She la the only true seer and palmist In Ihi* city. Remember her residence, <3 Sullivan street. 4," SULLIVAN STREET.?MRS. H. BOEDER, FOR, t? ine rly residing iot many years In W.mster street, neal Auii'y ami Christopher, can he consulted at her ruidtnce, No 4.1 Suillran street, on all alTalrs through life, with and In regard to Health, Matrls. e, Love Affairs, Journeys, Law< tuts, Business, Sickness sad Death. Beware of laipoettton U?c bowery, near broome street.?MADAME )*) WIDtlKK, Clairvoyant and gt.t. d Spanish lad/, uia veil* the mysteries o( Inturit), lore uMiringe, anient friend* slchuraa; prescribes medtt ioea fov all ulMMMMtilB I'JdBl IWtKlli vrvMT^I N hWMPi Aft

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