Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1862 Page 5
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I NEWS FROM WASHJSST2S. JTBE CENSORSUIP OF TIIE TRESS. ( Rsport of the House Judiciary Committee. nr. TAX AltD COAFUCATIOfl BILLS, Ac* Ac., Ac. Wasuwbrox, March 20,1S62. TiTE TAX BILI. IN THE HOUSE. The fl-vine was engaged through the outiro afternoon wpoii lb i whiskey sections of the Tax bill. were passed without malo ial modification. Mr. t'rosliold, o/ Mnrylari !, made an appeal In behalf "f the peach brandy region on the Last era shore, where ev erjr iarmor keeps h still to make brandy from his surplus apples and poaches. Ho said It va- hard to compel tlicrn to pay as much for a license as the big distillers pay. His constituent* had wlwavH heei. loval: but he could hardlv answer for them IT their pea. h aud honey are eut oil. The bill was modifled to meet this difficulty. WtoeUu " occasioned by the iioteut effect* of the whiskey flisoussioaor from other causes, at dve o'clock Uvre was 0 quorum, and the House was compelled to adjourn. COHl'ISCtTIOK or THK PAOPPHTY OP MKBSl <5. The bills aud resolution! against which the Ilouse Com tilled on the Judiciary reported adversely to-day, are ofurteen .n number, providing for the confiscation, Ac., of rebel properly, and had been referred to them from time o time. Mr. Bingham offered a substitution for all the WIN. providing that nil property of persons engaged in rebellion, or aiding and abetting therein, shall bo lawful prize aud .Subject to Seizure; aNo declaring free the F laves of all rebels, and providing that pronrof treasonable conduct hall be a bar against tho master's claim in court, and be hall prove himself free from attaint before any precept hall bo issued in behalf oi his claim to a slave. It N a follows:? Whereas, tha power of Congress, under the ronsi'.lution, to authorize the confUcation of the property of per one engieod in nrumd rebellion against the United States, or aid in said rebellion, is doubtful, and the power 1 the Executive to act in tho premizes is ample; Be it euuet'd by the Senate atul Hoo?o of Represents hives, thai Uio President should iue all meaus not inron Misteut with the laws of war, which in nis judgment nay be deemed necessary to crush rebellion, iucludine She secure and final disposition of all the property , real and personal, of those engaged in armed rebellion axaiust the government, or aiding in such rebellion, including laves; and that, in the opinion of Congress, derided measures on the part of the Executive have already benoma necesbary. . OKNKHAI. M'CI.EI.I.AN'3 81.ANPKKKB*. ' The ant: Mcriollan press Is distorting history by sserting that General Burnslde's force, which fought so gallantly at New hern, was wade up of tho rawest regi meats in tlio army, and that this battle, as well as that At Fort Done I ton, upsets the theory of the necessity for J 'drill and discipline as applied to miittia bp the officers Of our army. Tho truth is that General llurn due's men it newSorn were picked regiments, selected !>y himself froci thn wholo army ea*t or the Alleghanl?s. Ho took do raw troops into his division. The Massachusetts regiments were composed mainly of tho flotvor of the MaeaachusetLa volunteer militia, who prided themselves upon thoir drill, the men end officer* lm\ iug maintained military organization in that Stat*, under lha ilercest o.opoeitiou of tba abolition ahriekTt, evor sim* the (toldiary warn called^out to prrserro order at the r<*r dition of Anthony Burns in Boston. Many of the men tend officers :n the Burnalde expedition were in tho tareo oaths'vrv ice, ami there Is tiothing raw about them. Tho rebels who would fain draw an argument, against SoGteUea'.* i?>iIcy^ from BtirnahKa victory have failed iearabiy. i THE ABOMTIOVTSTB O.VVIMO IK. I The Isndura of the abolition opposition to the administration havo rssolved to nuit a moi it of necessity, art or 111 hale r> iri <ui denunciations of the President and his I gwiicy of waging war only for tbs I'nion and standing fast 1?jr the constitution. They have determined to sustain hla reeolntion in reference to profferu.g nidtu the alaveStutes which shad voluntarily adopt emancipation laws. The vary men who privately donounce this resolution pubTidy eupp >rt it. Very soon they will be found joining in Uhe praises of General MoClrllan *.MindH by the Hps of the masse of the loyal people. AirsnUy there araindi Bacons of a decided chango in the tone of ninny mom iJMrs of Cougrt m who have herulofore a welted the uuruber of tb* biiriokers. The candid statement of General Burn* Ma. rut ording to Oeneral M<;CI->]Ihi< the merit of having pintmed the expedition that has resulted so gloriously, was lb* theme of universal comment in both hoiuee. It has opened many eyes to the existence of Ihcte which they were nuwillinr to see. OrriUAL order or tiik amtmnt okvkrat.. t 111* following oltl.ial order* have he-o issued from tho office of h? A :ljnrsn? Goners! Brigadier Onetel H. W. Benhatr, United States Volun tsere, if) relived from the operation* of the instruction" Bf March IT. 1H0S!, to report to the Chief of the Engineer Corps, and \\. 11 report without delay to Major General ISunlor, United States Volunteor.-:. . Sufgeon J. F. Hammono, T'nitrd States Infantry, will tellers SurgeonC. Keeney from 'luty in the Army of ha Potomac. Surgeon K*eu?v will report to tha Surgeon Central for orders. Capta.n .inc. C. Sherhurno, First United states Infantry, prill raport ft'" duty to Hrigadier General Wadsworth, Military Uo\ ernor of the District of Columbia. the three tear*' government>?. Tha Pat rett/of the Treasury lies directed that the fern; annual coupons for Interest upon the i*t October , three years' t-mde, due April 1, tluli be j aid in Ih* offices of the Assistant Treasurers ui Uotton. New Vork au?l Pliila delphia, and at tho Treasury at Wishingfon, and at tha designated depository at Cincinnati. ? i'.r.i.eackd political prisoners. The following pi .aonera wera reten>#<i by the Coinnii*Sinn to*tf\v, ou giving their writton paiole to render no ?id or comfort to the enemy in lio-'.ility to the govern?h? (Talks* Baa A T I i mm ? |? ft" A. T.ty'.or, Siimruorfleld Ball, \T. IS. Prioe, .1. W Surge, W. V Brown, S. fl. Hough, H. C. Held, K. JnewJen, W. Cogon and John Wekh. t The follow mg were recommitted f> r further noneidera ftion ?II. O. t Uughton, Henry I'eei and t. H. UcKii.ght, all of Alexandria. (n addition to (ho*e already :. n tinned, the following Vlrgmtanp, held hp military prisoners, have b?onr?leaned, upon taking the oath or alUyinucv:?Jnaeph K. XKill, Hertn m IVileon, (Jeorge Tie; lie-, I.--trie r. Dlebl and .lame* fcntllwood, all of whom represented thai they had come la thp Hue-of the Union army, whore tlioy were g.apt tired, to :'<.uj>o impreakinent into ihe tebel per v ice* U KNUR A I. M'KKKVKR. Captain fhauncuy McKeevor, formerly Assistant Ad entant Uaooral to General Prctuotl, tnu been appointed to a atmiiar pojltion iu General Hi.*i?t?>linan's cofy*. THR AHMT HOfrtTAtB. Thar a are twclrc general army hospital* in the District of Columbia and Alexandria : three in Baltimore, four in Annapol -i, and two in Philadelphia. Ibope at lleltimoro, Philadelphia and Annapoii* are for convalescent* until t^ey fufflclcully reo?rer to jria their reglmenla. The rapacity for the smaller hospitals U for 22*> pa tienta, and of the larger poo. The hospitals In this elclnily are tolerably full, in consequence of thu recent military change* of po?iiir>!,, \ot more than (tie In ten it conlired to hh bed. All receive (he best p" el \bl* atlonli' u fmui (hp military department of the army. t)ae fdmV.o ntrrsa nnd two male attendant* *r* allowed to each twenty patients. The total numbor of deaths for the pest T**r topon 3,PW). Including tho re|>orU in ^hase tweety one hospltala well a? in two hundred and flfty sot on "' ? turnla, Including (hue of tho Army of the Potomac CtJHATIXT Kl'lTtCTS ?r A NT It'I P XTED ACTION. ' Lieutenant Smith, of tho Sixth rejjhnent of regulars, today brouglrt lrom Fairfax Court llonao thirty four oldien l,,r' Mwre sick, but now able to r?|M>rt to their regiment for duty. From the dilforont hospital* in tliia City one hundred and thirty-four to day Joined their regiment*. Anticipation of tomething to do has a remarkably rare*Ire effect apon our aick aoldiert. | mau. i Acarrir.8 fob soitiiekn iknttcit. Theof .Southern Kentucky, who bare been exeluded from all mill facilities eluoe the invaalon of that State by the rebel horde under the double dyed traitors Buoknnr, are besieging the Poet Office Department for a restoration o.1he mail sarviee. In many neighborhood? public moat lug* biro been held to expr* ' the loyalty of fche people, and to petition the government for a resmnp41on of ill Ha offices which wero siiapondud by (be incurm m of tb f'?e? of the Union. . THK nKAI.TH or MBS, r.ixcor.x. Mrs. Lincoln, who has bean quite 111 ovor slue# tho 4a?th of litil' Willie, I* reported ? .nralexcenl. it t -n mmount of ilie raoent (h iuoalic alllioiiou, and (hp c jgpfioehon of tho PrtaMom with important public atls.ig , I the receptions at thy While Uausa will probably l>e omitted for somotitpo to cotnc. TTTg RKPOkVI*' Kutuiunitiuh OK G?W. SICKIM. It is stated that the activity displayed by Ueu-jral Sickles, in bis military duties, baa -induced tlic frets.duut to suggest the early reconsideration of bin case. CONFHUfATiON BY i'iib 8KNATK. The Senate today, in executive besinn, confirmed the following noiuiuatiors:?Alfred Guthrie, of Chicago til., Superintending SloamU at Inspector lu place of Isaac Lewis, removed' John Lollyett, Postmaster of NashrUie, Vim., jU place oi'ldcMish, removed; Jobu P. llpshur, of Indiana, AssUtaut Secretary of the Interior; Charles 1'atou Mar thai for Minnesota; Caleb R. H. Rlood, (?f Florida, Consul at Monterey; Thomas Clowes. Tost master of Troy, New York. The following assistant paymasters in the navy, to fill vacancies occasioned liy the promotion of Messrs. Fldridgo, Thornton, l'luuket, lo_.ter ar.d Lawrence, were confirmed:?Albert S. Kenny. John A. Bates, Forbes Packer, John S. Wool son. Alexander MoC. Bishop THE CENSORSHIP OF THE PRESS. Report of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives In Response to the Resolution Instructing Thein to Inquire Into the Mnhject of the Government Censorship of the Pressv Wamusuiox, March 20.1861. The report presented in the House Ibis ?rten>oon fi oin tha Judiciary Committee- as in respoane to the following resolution of the Ho me respecting ihe oenborstiip of the j press:? Kerulved, That the Judiciary Committee be requested to inquire if a telegraphic censorship of the press lias been established iu this city, and, ir so. by whore autnonty, and by whom it is now controlled; to report if such censorship he" not been used to restrain wholesome political criticism and discussion, while its professed and laudable object has been to withhold from the otten.y in furiiiation in reference to the movements of tho army. The following is ?n ;ibatract of tho report of tho committee To enable tho oommittro to prosecute its invent'gallons elfoclively, tho Holso, on tho 8th of Janvury, clothed it with power to send tor |arsons ami papers, mid noit'll testimony ha* boon taken upon all tho points or inquiry directud by the Hou-p. liuriug tho dark days of April, 18111, the government assumed exclusive control of the telegraph lines- un act neco sary to tho safety of the government. Tho censorship seems to have been fir t under tho conlio! of the Treasury lvpartmcut; then it w is transferred to the War Jteparttncul; then to the Stale Department, where it remained until the U?>ih of 1'ebruary lust. Soon afior henorel MciTeiUn assumed command of the Army of the Potomac a series of resolutions were adopted by the representatives of the press, and approved by the General, for the purpose of determining a rule for the guidance of the press in Die. publication of mutter winch might he connected with tho interests of the government. A paper containing said resolutions was pioduced tieforo tho Committee by Mr. II. P. Thayer, the. present ccuor, and read.* uu follow;;:? Hr solved, Thnt we accede :o the following suggestions nmde by General McClollxa, and lliat w>- transmit lliein to the editor* of all ueWHjiepci n In the loya' Stai?s and Diatrlct of Columbia:? Tiial nil Hiicli edltois be lequoated lo refrain rr"rn pul-tishing, either na eaitcriul or ?* i.orrr.ipondeurn, of any uaacilpilou or f.oin noy poin:, any matter Dial may fuvninh nld and comfort 10 the enemy. Srcyii'i?Thftt they i?* t'c> requestrd and e trneally solicit..! to signify to their corres|tonden?s tnetr approval ot the foregoing, mid to comply with il In it ami letter. Al?n resolve J, That ttia government ho requested p. altorit to Lhc loprcrenlatlre* 01 ihe press facilities :or obtaining and Immediately iiafi?iii:|ling I! Information proiier C.r publication, particularly touching cngngctaeau with the eieatu; GEORGE B. Mit'tiELLAh, Major General. w. m. SHAM'. nbw ?or? ii kraut. W. W. HAXDiN>?, Philadelphia T?rn'cr. 3. H. PlXUSTOh. Philadelphia .VorfA Ann. inn. W. I). WAM.ACII. WftsSiingb.u A. S. iilhli. Jrew V ork Trinup*, I Uldtl. \V AlJA AlSi. i:iTirJnn..rl 0. COFFIN, B.-iou W, A. It. Hl'.VPfOKlJ. tlluctunat! Counter, tot. P W BMirr.i n N-vr York Km !,n i.. A. UOliiil'jNI, St'.'. York Associated i*rcw. E. C. ?TF.I>MAN, Nflrt Yt" U World. I*. 11. I'AlS'l'EK, Philadelphia Inquirer. A majority or tbo-o who s^ned theso resolutions hay# appeared before thr comm litae and testified that they understood thsy ghottld form a rulo of action fcr tlio censor sod the press. Mso.< of them -t?te (hat there ha# l?<*en tooro ground to complain of the manner in which t lie censorship has bean axeriutt-d sinca thane i?? dot ions w arc udvpto.d than before, This f.annot bo a ma*.tor of surprise when we consider ?he instruction* gi\an o> tlir censor, who presented Itio following to tlic committee:?* Di run m S tats, Oct. 22, 1*01. H. E. TH.*ri.n ? Pi ?n S *?Foe the p, annul it Is deemed uaviuahio to rroiiihit :i i teiegrnphic -lu'intahrs from Wa.-htnyt m. Intended tor puh:Uatfrs, whi n relate to theel-. t! or Tnf'il.iry operation* or the government, Willi (lie e?' -nllon i.f the despatches of tho rriprar :.geri* of the Associated Prate, or other drrpatrhes which contain the same l?c:r. Ol eoaire ifemtof news, personal movomrutr, and m forth. arc not prohibited. Very truly, yours, K. W. SliW.VHD. lire committed ic their report state:? Tld* goes far ltayoud the spirit of tb? reaoluttoaa. We questioned the agent of >h? is-ociatcd Fross who'har he turd been st.> to send da-pnichfb '.vhieh were i?ot alto* e.t to be sent by special com-pondi-nt*. He ws.t tumble to say whether mioIi ..aa the fact. flic curiaspondents did not tell hiin their bu-in-m, and he did not fell thenr hie. Ha hud no complaint to make <igninat the censor. Hin instructions were to miiltc no comments. but merely to transmit news. Hi# deepat-he* were merely dry mat (er* of fact Mid detail, and he aimed tu vti ite without regard to men or politic. This stylo of correspondence is regarded U rather us. iute' AHtliig l?y Iho commuted. and itiey gay:? The rule, if carried out. would doyclopc a most, t-.nv orablr censorship. It lias nlresdy leaded loo fur in that direction. Mr. VVilkeeaon testiite.t that t)<e censor would notailow him to send despatches which, In theentiniati' a of the censor or tho Secretary of State, were damaging to the character of the admiuhtritioii or any mem nor of Hie Cabinet, or that would ho injurious to the repnlalion of officer^ of the army - 1\ 1'ertoy, corre*pondent, was a.?tid if h - would hays sunt a despatch, if ho htid received reliable information to thai ctioet, which indicated tne impolicy of trmtmsr liunrral Mct.'lellan with the command r,f the army. '!< replied ibat )> would not hare tri4'd. He understood thsi lie could not critlcisu the conduct of otBcers of th-> army, or the ever; tittyconduct of ? Cahinel otttcer. lie dertvi d this undereUiuiing from the censor. Other correspondents tnstilicd that they were not allowed to send despatches reflect ing upon members or tho uaniuet. Ihe report Rays that very few despatches weia four.d among those that were suppressed by the oen:;or which reflected on members of iheliuhinet <?r ahereivii oiUcers, and pronouneos the person sol?cted as a censor to bo wholly destitute of the quel ideal ion? necessary to tit liini {Or tho discharge of so delicate an office : and his testimony is given in support i< this sweeping censure, together with examples of suppressed despatches re*pectjng rumored changes In the I'ebinet, General Stone ntl'aiis, kc. w'itneesee testified that the c naor wunld not allow theui to .-ond anything about General stone or Rail's Bl"if, to General Sherman, Ac. Afbr introducinga mini!>ei of !l h !jipi e?,od telegrams, the report ns.ts :? hiamploa of suppressed doepatalms of as harmloaa u nature :i.-> the foregoing might be given to un almost In. deQnIte extent ; butut is tmu?re>.sary to do go, nr those cited are sufficient to be v. that the censor uiest either lave hud oiler instruct bunt then thoso wli'eh appeared in tho testimony, or wag m?'st nulorttine: in the oxer , v<5 of tho powers given to him by :h? ocrctary of elate, Which, in the opinion of the cmmulliee, went fur tn yoi'd tho t/oundu of propriety, considering the boasted l'rcedoin of the press. Hie censor is accns'd of suppressing deapatcbeg cnt from | apers published here, and which had been circulated in.the Looses, stores and hotels of W shin-ton hoar* before being offered to the telegraph. The tribulation of tome of the newspaper corruepoudeiiU respecting a deapatch about the President'*Massage,whlehap i'onrrd In the Nkw York JIkr.vlp, is dcvelojied iu th-j report, which mm The committee- had proof that that di'spat- h was sent to the Unuu> by telegraph, hut it was not proved iffat the ceusor raw it. He U censured, th -refore, for not welching the employe* moro clo'oly. The suppression of the Trout affair "pou the wires, when it was gtren Tor public! ieu is commented unou:? The censor testified that on Friday, I'eeomberJT, at two o'clock P. M he received positiveorders to suppre-s all despatches concerning the matter, hut ut forty tire minute* after two h* allowed the following doepatcli to go;? Kinvm. Wood, New York ltoiri., New York- tel. as tlioiuin *"ii heard come v ijr good news, for youiwll and me, as soon as you grt thl?. W. II. KfHHKLI,. j The comnuatee i-ey tliut any man of ordinary discernment might have detected in that despat.h tho contraband Information, nnd that Mr. Rusaell liae not, by hia lottos to the London Timet, entitled himself to privileges which were denied to onr own ciliieus. Stock speculations wercactive. and remunerative,and the coauuitteo think Mr. Russell's friend made a good thing out of the good new*. II. (I. Kent,a hanker of tbie city, was examined by tho commltte -, in reference to his operation* in stocks upon the 'front aflair. Mr. Kant had read In th# nmatu that Mason and f iidell w ene to be given up. and he put t# work Mr. Hubert J. tor win, to ascertain whether the communication had been made to Lord f ront. He ascertained, in the Department of the late rior, that It had. Mr. fant Invested Id itocke.and Mr. Corwln'a ahareof tha profit* was f 1,300. Thacommittee ??y that tha censorship of tha preaa, except In regard to military affaire, waa needlaaaly vexatious, partly from thn Instructions given to the censor, and partly from hla manner of carry ing them out, dividing the bluine about cqiiHlly between t'ocretary Howard and Mr. Thayor. The committee say:? The ceneorshlp seems to have heen without any clearly deflnod limits after the departure from tbeagroouiontbo. twi en General McClellan and (lie representatives or rho i roes. Since the#>th of February, the dateof .Secretary 8 wnton's order, Mia oommitt* believe then lis t hoet, no interference s*iih#'<y despatches evcept to ,oof uuiltlUrv character, Tb<? rcpia-nnlar .ok of the press have uMu,tv?ted ua ai*po?lu?a to t 'uiviain of the ?uiit>r?e..ion NEW YORK HERALD, PI of contrabva^ deapa tehee, and are wlljln? to abiee byl the a*-cement as original)} entered iiy thorn. !"!* ?????? kUi if mtjuuy directsd by the resolution of Uio House as fo?!"W" ? Fir it?A telegraphic censorship of thij*W#SLli| established iu this city. .Wowd?The censorship exiting at the time tlnl HT't tigatiou waa directed by it e House was originally established upon the basts of the agreement between the representatives of tho press and (ten. >1 Chilian, but was enlarged iu its scope by the .Secretary of .Stato. Third?.it the time theI'nuuiry was directed by tho House, ai .1 for some mouths prior to that time, mid until the 26th of February last, thecensorship w is controlled by the .-oerelary of State. /burtA?The orivinal design was to prevent the publication < f military information \vh. h migtit hoof ad van tage to the rchet autlginties. Fifth.?Despatch.- almost rtimbei less, of a jv ill ^al, pa. sonnl and general charactor, bare been suppressed by the censor, and correspondents have b n deterred f-oiu preparing otbors because they knew thoy could not semi them to their papers by telegraph. 'fie tolegr.iph Las li. t>mo a most Important auxiliary to the pre-s of the country, and should r>? luft ns freo from govurninont interference as luay be cone Uteri l with the neces .ilie- of the government in time of war. lho.-o necessities cannot euend beyond what may be legit 1- 1 matoly commoted with the military or navel affairs j of the nation, and to these should the government interference with the trrusiuissiou of intelligence be coil 1 Oued, for il is this character or information alone which can be of importance to ihe enemy, and which may be t properly withheld liomthe press and the public, iu or,lei' 1 that it may not reach the enemy. The committee, I the.efore, recommend the adopt ion of the following resoJniiou by lUelficise:? 1 Resolved, That the government should not interfere t with the free transmission oi Intelligence by telegraph, when the same will u?t aid tlio euomy in his military or naval oporationa, or give htm information soncoroing i wjwh.hwhb Mil mu I'HIIp Ul kUC |Uf VIUIBDUV| i whoa It may become necessary for the government, un (or the authority of (.'engross, to uiumt exclusive 1 control of tUo telegraph for its own legitimate purposes' or to assort the right of priority in tho transmission of its own despatches. I THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGKE9*. ! fIH9? SK99ION. < Senate. 1 Washlnuto.v, March 20, ISO.'. TITS RBIfOV-lL or TO* .Wit ACAUKMT. A communication from ths Seoretsry of thn Navy was received, in answer to the resolution asking why tho ( Naval Academy had beeu removed from Anuapnlis. THS IXlllANX. Mr. SvsMKK, (rop.) of Mass., presented a petition from citi/.ens of .Vow York, asking tor the pax -.a go of it law for the prolaution and improvement of the condition o" tho Indians. THK STAR OK TOR WKHT. Tho joint resolution in relation to the claim Of Marshall ' O. Roberts, for the loss of the steamer Star of the West, was taken up and passed. DlbTRI'-l ATTORVKYS. On motion of Mr. Tki mucll, (rep.) of Til., tho bill for the relief of district attorney.-, was taken up. 'Ihe bill authorizes the Attorney Oeneial and the Secretary of the Interior to flx the salaries of tho district attorneys, 'out In uo case to exceed Six thousand dollars. A ft or 3ome disctisslcn tho biii was laid over. THK rRK>UIICIT*H Sl'St 1AI. RKKSAUK. j . Mr. Tri'Mhuli., from the judiciary Committee, reported i back the Join; resolution lor co-operation with States, in accordance with the President 'st Message, with a rocoiu nicndation that it pass. BK?Rf!tVIXATtO.V OF IUK TAW. On motion of Mr. Grivxr, (rep.) of Iowa, tho bill for ihe reorganization of tho Navy nepartment wax takon up. After the adoption &t some amendments, the bill was passed. SLA WRY IV IHKTVAntlOfOF O.T.rMBU?SPKRCHO! MR. W1IJ KT. The bill lor the uboiitiofe of xlavery iu the District of Columbia was taken H|>. I Mr. Wiu nv, (I'uion'i of V?., said that he agreed with the Senator from Win-'-eslu (Mr. Doolittle) when he said that iT (bo slave* were emancipated we must have ooloniAiUien with it. Itut he did not agree with htm (Mr. c Itootittlo) when he said that be (Mr. Doolitlle) would irota for this bill. Ho (Mr. Willey) should speak as n border slate State man, Mid appeal rather more to the compas slou or Senator# than make an argument again#! the b'll. In the naiue of the loyal people of Virginia, some of whom are in dungeons iu Richmond, I ap|?*al to the generosity ami (VriuMxanco ot Senators, nDd a?k of them in it expedient and wise to pass this bill under existing circumstances? lb la bill is only one of a serin* looking to universal emancipation, the consequences of which will bivuivo the lives of thousands of loyal i men, and perliap- put the I nion in serious peril. Ve I (Mr. Wiliey; thought tiiat the one great object of Oouijiesv should bo to pro-.ccuto thi3 war tor the rosto ; ration of the TTnlon and the constitution rather | than 10 agliale other questions. He (Wiliey) did not think it unlawful to abolish slavery in the Itutrictof ('..himhls, but to do ao would lie :.?uug in hndl'aith j toward". Maryland. These treasures add strength and j force to the Routbsru rehel'toh, advance the cause of I treason, delay the final restoration of peace and increase | tlir bui Jen of taxation at homo. It would bo better to wail till |M<ace i? restored and then Ml with ualiuiivs | and deliberation upon such measures as this. Such Jo gie'atimi ii no! in sny way eeemtial now to the pr<?e< ntion of the war. It would tend t" uuite tho whole South against the government and also have a bad eflbrt on the n loyal sen'ini-nt at the Nonh, rb'ch is now united. n What will be the effect of emancipation ujmn the -dare? l' Will ho tie free and have the rights of a freomau - Such an idea was utterly fallacious?he will be a .slave ami nothing olse. Freedom tea servile rare cannot he so cured l?y rlsotorUj. Freedom t" tho slaves will admit thoiu into i he Northorn Stalo., iu the free State* do you 1 admit the negro to au equality with you;- Ijo you admit him to your homes and give hint tu marriago to your children? It is evident tint the negro can never he auything hut a slave in this oountry. lV'e most Ulr? things ?-i ihey ?re. Tho slaves in the South are slaves by reeling, education and the training ?>r years; poor, degradod. helplrat nan unlit to faicc care 01 themselves. 11 yet emancipate the slat e h? tl Will have to murder sndsleel I" live. Butler drire (hem int? (be Golf at once Senators ) >*<! referred u> i tm ce<j* "f thn black race in the West India colon:n?, but it w wag doubtful about their success there, with all tho aivantages they had?the lend all their own nti<l the grout b. nations of (he north encouraging them. He hoped in thai that they would yet prove to be suceseful. He (Willey; was willing (o have a gradital emancipation oi thesi?y?w?, tc an<l was w illing to receive aid rrom tho government for s? that purpose. Hut what is to he dime with the slave-: Where is the territory to be found to put them. aad where i>. the immense auiouiit tocotnt- from that will he 15 require.; to wlou'iee ili-in? llhetonc and philanthropic ti platitudes will not buy loud. II is utterly no- . practicable. He (Wllloy) had thought that the whole of this war whs for tho restoration of tho Union twit t* was with all lis constitutlont'lguarentet-sy Hut hue tho ti army been dui>eil iulo the war for iho object which In ? only now revealed? Are the memories ol tho breve men who have fallen whilo lighting for tic: I nton to be A revered M defenders of couatltutional liberty. <>r eve- ?, crated a* ftlibitsterti of a sectional cabnl?" Are such renames as those of the Senator from Mua.sarhoscits (Mr. Sumner) to bo tho toward of loyal Southern Ben ft lor the ruin of their property anil the desolaiii u of tlieir homos? if Bo, they might well pray to God to 1> saved frmu suchfriends. It would havo hosu holier for th"in to have been crushed under the iron heel oi tho rebellion q at ouce than have lived to see their dearest hopes crucbed. Tho Semite might favor these measures, but the iieuple will be uguinst litem. Tho people, thank God, love the I'liloit bailor than parly, and hu heiieveu 'ho |>p(i|'H' w'i'.na continue to triumph until ti n constitution, tUm I. uion :tu<l pouce w--re restored. If slavery should suffer hy Um rebellion ha (Wllley) would not bo Surry, as b? was no pro-slavery tutu. H? believed the tithe would C"m? when llieelavo will bo fitted tn have his shackles stricken Oir uml bo E ratjoii to ii proper |msition. Though talitor worry that the President had lett it necessary to - -n?t hi- message here at tin time, ydt he (Willey) was w filing to supj?irt It. Indeed, he did nut sow why It ebnuid not be ioc? vud iiy ell the Mates. II Marylsnfi should wlopt the proposition . and emancipate her Slaves, then all otvjeelion to the nhoiittoa of slavery m the X'lstrtci of Columbia will Mr. Ci.akkm ottered a substitute for the bill. r The Heiiale then went iulo executive sveslou, tad, ou the opening of the doors, adjourned. Ilwnee of RepreientatlTN. WawHiMini.s. March 20, 1902. rwvsoiwtirr ov thk raise. Mr. Wu*0*. (rep.) of Iowa, made a report in relation ' to the censorship of ibe pr'ea. Tito consideration of this waa poetponed until the first Monday in April. ((istiKino.v or wtmr. i-boi'skty. ' Mr. Hitaaa.s, (rep.) of Pa., from the Judiciary Committee, reported he< k the several bills iind resolutions reforr-d to them ott the subject of confiscation of rebel f property, Including slaves, with a recnmmethbilinn ad- 8 \ersc to either their passage or adoption. Mr. Hkvmas desired to submit a minority raporton. tiio jamc auhject. c Mr. Unwii-n, (rep.) of Ohio, wished to submit a sub- " atitiitM r .r on<- <d tlo bills nttain-d. wliirh an adverse re- 1 port Iwl made. I Mr. r?mmn, (opp.) nf tlht", wished ta have the billa nn't reeolul tun.- laid en the table. Mr. Hrrcm.v*, (rep.) of <desired a votconthie j, motion. v Mr. Bixiau* wa? disposed to demand the preview* qae.-iion uti the dnimedlate acceptance of his proposed substitute for another of the bllle reported against. v Mr. Wt'KMrrK, (Lnl' U) oi Ky.. ileeirml that Mr. liing r hum have leevo si this time to offer a substitute, Ins*, much as the bill be? not been taken up for coiwiderminn. The reir.rle made by Mr. Iliuknmn were received, but h act acted upon. h the confident!ion of the subject was then postponed. The then look up the Tat MM. Tine tax mu. . " Poring a debate on tho ?eoli^ regarding distillery 1 licensee, Mr. iliTi m>e said tho noiae licro veseo greit that It appeared the contents of the disilllui log were lot out upon the House; and Mr. \\i. ki.ihk, Ui hia remarks, ? expressed the opluioti tiiat miiio men woro better Judge* , ol how liquor ahouId be drunk than how It was made. 1 Mr. Maiaory, (Union) of Ky., iiiolloctoully movod an amendment to exempt KtlllMrum tux whou their r.upn city v?s loss than forty dollare a day. lie mentioned * gentlemen who dietllied for their own use, and not for ? profit. Mr. snvKxa, (rep.) of Ta.,objected,aay in? a puro and otlierlsl article, in Miinll quantities, was nmuufnotured lu " lancaster counlj , called "J. B." (laugbter.) it wee ] not for the nelghln-rhood. Ho did not eoe why It should bo exompt from tax. Mr. mai.lohy said the liquor they make in Kentucky is , of lind quality, and they are more liberal In Its db-,? al. tion than tho (pntlr ? - friend, I. H." (I.s\jhter,) He know of a genll?i..iu ? bo f rilnwed "J. II s'/track ?ii , day, who at last eugoevdeA m getting a dilnk, ihiakjug 1 i UDAT, MARCH 21, 1862 ? wa?ths bast he overbad, but tho hardest to g?t * (Kenewed laughter.) Mr. Sr?:\ ush replied that the mtst valuable thiugS war* the hardest to obtsip. It would not he hard, howeter, toputou tha small tax proposed. Men who indilgt Should uot object to few cents for their drink*. Mr. ijijunv*. (rep.) of N. J., referring to the general mames hy w inch liquor had boon called, reel it wa* known In hi country, not as apple brandy, hut whiskey, which was th# only article fit to bo drank. Mr. liiusrainn, (Union) of Mil., euul it was called peach brandy and apple brandy in liis couutry,(Mary laud.) Any man culling such brandy whi.-koy would oe regarded as an outsider and a burbnrlun. Various remarks were mudo by other gentlemen on the whiskey question. Tin; most important amendment made was, that all distilled spit it* now manufactured, or which may be in mufacturcd from this date in the United hlules.bhall pay tho same amount per gallon when sold, as provided by this act upon those manufactured front and niter May, 18(52. if . STkuii.n, (opp.; of NT. Y., warded to reduce the proposed tax on lager bier to 2f> cents per barrel. It was the weakest of all ft run sited liquor*. One of tbo largest manufacturers bad informed bint that the tax of $1 ou a barrel would amount to a probibitiou. Mr. JoHNiO.v, (upp.) of Pa., in support of tbo amendment, quoted from tho report of tlio Sanitary Comutl* ton. Lager is benatlcial to the health of the soldiers and i prescribed by the j hysxiaus as ttno tou'es. Istger taken the place of the old it-'-ng beer, which is equally exhilarating and not so expensive. ?ir. rt-sM-.MiK*, (rep.) ol Me., wati in favor or u dollar on a barrel, because ii would amount to prohibition. Dur young men Uke their Ural lessous la lager ami porter;

l lieu progress to wliiskey, and gradually to brandy. Mr. Mukru.l, (rep.) of Vt., opposed tlio amendment, laying tliat while lager beer is manufactured very much cheaper than porter, it sells for the aaiue price; liouce it should not be exempt from taxation. Mr. 1'KNuixroN, (opp.) of Ohio, pronounced lager good end influential iu bringing out a man's humanitarian reeling. Mr. Blair, (rop.) of Mo.,said lairer elected Mr. Lincoln tuore than anything else. (Laughter.) Mr. l'KMOjrioa rejoiced that thu article had thus been perverted from ite original application. It had been stolen from tho democrats. (laughter.) Mr. dTxvKN.-i made a humorou? speech on lager. He liiiu*rlf once drank two glasses, and he felt a little better ?nd higher. Mr. Steele's ainen.lment|was rejected?ayes 24, nays lot counted. After further proceedings the House adjourned. THE LATE BATTLE IN NEW MEXICO. rhr Union Lots in the Engagement?Cot* oncl Canby Concentrates His Force at Fort Craig?The Rebels Marching on That Post?An Attack on Santa Fe Also Expected, &r>, die. Kansas Cut, Mo., March 18. 1362. George T. Bealo, boarer of despatches to Washington, iriugs advices front Santa Ke to the ad mat., confirms' ory of previous accounts of the battle near l'ort Craig n flic 21st tilt. Tho federal loss was sixty-two kiiied ind one hundred and forty wounded. The Texans capured six of our tiuld pieces. Colonel Steele eomnnaded lie iexans. Tho Tovan* were at Socerea, thirty-eight miles north of r'ort t 'raiif. Colonel Canby'h command wan conctntrpied it Fort Craig. Nothing lias boon heard irom thoni ..iuee .he 2.1th. ail tomtnuuicaliou being out off. A large amount of government stores were destroyed it Albuquerque to proveut their falling iuto the bauds of ;he eneuiv. Four hundred and fifty Texan.-. with two pieces of ar illeiy, entered Albuquerque on the 2d. Major Done'son, nimmauding the district of Sauta Fe, was preparing to thundoa that place and fall back to Fort l'a;on on the dd, Mr. Keslu mul throe companies of Colorado Voluntee-s ititlur I.ioutananl Colonel Tappan, at Hole in the Hock, ifty miles south of rent's Fort, en route for f ort I aion. levcu inoro compautea had crcssed the river above. They could meet at the l'urgatory, forty miles south of Befit "a I'ort. Mr. tbaie tell this morning* for Washington. St. Lome, March 20,18C2. h aormspnndent af the Republican, writing front the amp near Bent's old fort, New Mexico, March d. Hays it t supposed that the rebels, after their victory near For( 'raig. will inarch directly on Santa 1'e and Fort l.nIon. ill the valtwblo proporty ia the department la being oncentralcd at the lattor place, and alt tho available orcc te being rapidly forwarded there to defend it. The property amounts, it in said, to several millions of I'dlurs. Colonel Slough j First regiment Coluruda Vohmsere left I hie camp yen tor day, aud will reach Fort Union y the 12lti of Mutch, in advance of the rebetg. Fort in ton ts a strong fort, end a thousand nten can hold it igatusl the combined strength of the rebels. C'doNol Canby ts atill supposed he at Fori Craig, wdh ,200 regulars end a body of Mexican volunteers, who, lowevar. lire noi reuou on. J"ho iSanta Kft fiaztUr say* that Captain Mr.Rae'* hater y * as captured in Ilia battle near Fort Craig m cou " pn-iirf of lta support, conslaiing of two companies of e>;t?Tj?rs auil two companies nf volunteers runnlu.' way ivh.a tha Taxaus c.harsod 011 it, ra-isting tho (Torts of Colonel Canity himself to rally them; also that ispt. I,nrd's dragoons refused to obey tho command to bar go rho enemy. Tin* charge nf the Taxiuis on tha battery is described 3 being very brilliant and terrible. Thay worn armed riucipally with Colt's six shooters, aid <V though scores rare killed by McRae's grope an t eouniater, thev utichad steadily on, tilling every gunner hot one or Mb MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. 'he Bi-llllaut Victory or General Uarn Idc In North Carolina?Glorious News for the Unionist* from all Pbinta ol the Country-?The Great Hnval Battle?Important Intelligence from Europe, die. Tho mad steamship Ariel, Captain lorry, will leave 11s port at noon to-day for Aspinwall. The maila for Central America and tha Sooth Faciflo ill close in tbia city this morning at half-past ten o'clock. The Kuw Yokk Hkrai-d?Edition for tho Pacific?will ? published at nino o'clock tb>s morning. In its ilitrnn* will be found?A full, graphic and highly in resting account, from tho Hxiiami correspondent, 01' the rvere nuiljcai nvniivru,n.Vi|iv?uiuuK in hid icc??^ of General Burimide'e forces, th? IVt'eatof thu ':l>oU, the Capture of the Town an t all the Rob?! Mnoi onj of War, illustrated Willi a .Map showing tuu Scene ' the Battle, and the geographical ami military iiuporLi'.co or lUo position, it will aUo cnnfiiu additional parculars of the Great Naval Combat m Hampton Road' n Account of the Kvacuution of Manassas by the Rebels; ccountaof the Battles and fKMeati or the Rebels in the jiithwest, and a maes of important War Intelligence ratifying to all loversof tho Union; Tho latest Now* om Europe, and much other Interesting reading. Pintle copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, si* cents. Ofllrial Drawtngt or Murray, JBddy o? O.'a Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteries. KairroclT. Kit hi Class 1*3? March JO. 1882 is, 50 tit;. :if. 14, *, 52, 32, 1. ti7. 5, 57. Kaxrccir, C lass tit?March 20. 1881. 11, 05. 2:1, 1l*. 2|, g>7. i. 22. ti36. 50. Circulars sent free ol chars'- by *4dre?stn*<-ltncr to MURRAY, KDDY A 00 , Covlugtou, Ky., ordt. Louis. Mo. Ofllrial Ornwlngaof the Kentucky and leluwar*- Si ito Lotteries. 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All Policy Borkrra In THta onil Olltrr iitea opposed to the eupplemeutanr propoaiiIon of MlmBona. KUrdey and other*, nrc notiUed that a meeting will ake pl ice to delnat the same, due notice of which will be tven. A Purr Toborro?Yellow Uonlt Toptv-* o.?Ooodw tn'a Pure Yellow Hank Tobacco, free from allitninittlea, for anle liv all tobacco end eegar dealer*, and, at rboleaale by K. UOODWIN ft BKOTItKlt, JW Wataratrnet. BnUhelor'n llolr Dyt.?The Bent In the rorld: harmleaa. rrlialde and instantaneous. fluid a ml up illod 4t BATl'lIKDOBf S fl ig Pariory, 16 Bond ateret. tliir* Hair Dye tH> Cent*,. Blurk or rown. Uo*t In nae. Iti jiot No. 1 Bsrrlay street, ami tool y all druggtsU. IleiavitlfUl (i6in|tl(ixl?Bi?Lalrd'a Bltom f Youth, or Lla-iU Pearl, for preserving uid beautifying lie routplexlun and akin, 496 BKeadway. Glorious Trlam|fe.-Mri. a, A. Allen la lallv melvlaa teailwtonlafl as to the woochrfitl vtrt'ina of ier"World** Hair lleattmr and llalr Drvaslng. They have in equal*. and a guarantee goes with every holllc. Depot, VdOrerrvarleh street, near Fulton. Crt*lailoro)fe ttnlr Dye, PtMerratlrr and Ylgn. the beat In the world, wholesale and retail, and the If o privately applied at No. 6 Astor House. 'I'lusses,?Mitrsli (W Co.'a lladical Cure Irusaes, Shoulder Brace* mvl Dr. VTadaworih's t'tmlnc F.'.erstor?a an|iei Inr article. Bo.* tesoj atrect, Aator lloua., >p|ioslta the church. Wlnnnt'a Intllatl tilnlment la a Sure :urcfoi Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Ac. Depot 61 Bi>U'i*y street Clillls is ml Fever Can Only He IdlTetluilly inn il by HOhLOWAY'S I'llls, Ther Ml directly Ou the Uvgr and cgutata uo utluyriU* t ' I The ' klo* of (he 8e*?on iu Gentlemen'* HaUT just issued by ESpfcNSC'IIKtD. Mew York aud I fit-' f'ami! lirtv9 I< r jcaia aueyUrd hi* ?uuii-ano ml i**ue? aji the governing ?:?le of the day, aud his aprlng Jlalf.ii If*.' | will oe fininif lo |X>e*e?? the i ialma 10 thB mlu, r?i!9u I of men of ta*le unS Judguu ,,t. N KdfKNSCHKll). Manufacturer of yeuls' Hsu, ttb Nasasu itteet. 813 Broadwefi Da .11 sib ? 1' runt uie to invite toil t? visit my store, t se.- all that modern Hutting liav devised for the heads of the l . Vo urs, respectfully, JOHN N. OENlJf, Mrw Hat Couiuany, No. 1H Nassau street. Spring Hyie of Hat* now ready, One utisiily, one price?M. K-.ialdn.heJ sixteen years. They defy c.,ini?Ulion. Call aud judge for jroiu ?rf. Captain Erlcttoa't Ctlrbraltd Caloi'liEuglues?Safe, ecououiii al, u?e no water, do not raue the rate of insurance; reliable for all light work. EltleSchi.N t.U.OitO' E.NOINE AQEJfOY, No. !t>t Duao. street, , outer ot Hudson. Married. Cuaxbkrs.?Bachp.>ri?.?On Thursday, March 20 at the residence ol the bride's father, by the lie v. Dr. Wostou, of Smut John's cbureh. M. 11. ChAmbkks, to Vhuwua, daughter of Abram Hu-'sfnrd. Esq., of thi< city Cobksi.?liKMtr.?On Wednesday, March ID, at the Synagogue, West Nineteenth street, by the Key. J J. I.youg, Emkovhk-k S. Comks, Ke<i.,ot this city, to Mtsa eloba a. hknby. Faituudek?Harmo.v.?On Wednesday, March IS, at St. Thomas church, by the Key. Dr. Morgan, Josai-h Kai i.k>'Bt, Jr.,of Wappiuger's laih, to 1'hkhk a., youngest daughter of the lute Philip Harmon, Esq., of tins city. Kisn?Tayior.?in Brookiy n, at C'br st church, on Monday, March 17, by the Ruv. Dr.Canlield, lii,u\..ra, s W. Km M P..of Shnnghae. China, to Ksui.r A., adopted daughter of Cbarlee J. Taytor.Esq., of Hrooklyn. Rone?P?io'*t. ?On Thursday, Mirch 20, by the P.Av. Alfrod B. Reach, al St. Peter's Episcopal church, Wu-mak L. Bomb, of London, Canada West, to Mu.M-i-i S. kttort, of this city. New York atul Canada papers please copy. Birth. Kotjrr.?On Sunday morning, March Id, at half-peat two o'clock, A. M , Mrs. .Ton* Ki-lkt, c>f u daughter, * Died. Brown.?On Thursday morning, March 2n, after a sbor! aud severo illness, of diptherla, Ehkm?*r Cof/ctf UN, only son of Smith and Susau Brown, aged H years, 0 month* and *"0 dajw. 1 The relatives ana friends of the family ere respeotCuHy caviled to attend the funeral, this (Tridin ) afternoon, at Ane o'clock, from the residence of his pa routs. No, 10H mttornny street, without further invitation, life roaine will be taken to Orouiivjod Cemetery for interment. Coumax.?On Wudnoiday, March 19. Ku/ahkth OooCAii , the heloveil wife of Michael Coo;;mi, a sail. e of ftedsvel's, Hntlinglexe county Wtcklow, Ireland, in the 02-i year of her age. T ho relative* and fr onds of the family .ire . eepectfnlly requested to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her Jlato residence, No. J42 West Fifteenth street. Conn rax.?On W*do"3dny, March 10, Ro?axnah Ci? ookan, the beloved wife of I'eter Corcoran, in the 31st year df her ng?. The wilt take place from her rosidouce, No. 40 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, this (Friday , aiieiuoon, at halfpast two o'clock. Ci.akk.? Vt the Fifth Avenue H-dei. on Thursday, March 'JO, after a long and painful illness. Chari as Henry C'i.auk, aged 31 years. The frteuda of the family are lav ted to attend his funeral, at St. Sleptju'b church, Twenty-eighth street /Rev. Dr. Cumming's). on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, without further notice. Coog.?On Thursday, March 20, after a severo and lingering Illness, Amm.ia Emma, infant daughter of Urn/go F. and Frances Cook, aged 1 year, 4 months and 24 days. I The relatives and friends of the family are rospocttully invited to attoud the funeral, frein the residence of her parents, No. Sd Widen street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clrck. The romnins will he interred in Cypress Hilta Cetnotery. (ani-aa. -On Thursday, March 20, Katv, only daughter ot Dennis end Catherine, agar i year, 7 niuuths and 20 days. The friends of the fatuity are respectfully Invited to attend ?hefunernl, from her late residence, corner of Moulroso avenue and Morreli street, William-burg, this (Kriday) afternoon, at lialt'>|wist twn o'rlook incciaely. Ror remains will ha takou to Calvary Cometry for interment. Cowtwnx.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, March So, wiijjam .Icintoa, son of Samoa! H. and Klizu J. Cornwall. The frienda of the family are respectfully Invited tha Oinarnl, this (Friday) morning, at, nln? o'clock, from No. &S llyeraon alrcat,"Brooklyn. Tb.? remains will ba liken to RoikvlMe Centre, I.. 1. Bvhoak?On Thursday, March 20, after a severe ill naaa. Michiki Uii.tcak, ft native of ISally maliou, county I^iu^ford Ireland, in the fir,th vear of his a<<e. The relatives mid friend,. of iiie family are respectfully invitod to ut'oud the funeral, ou Saturday atremcon, at (ho o'clock, fr?>m his lale residence, ltto Meet Thirtyninth streat, without fiirtbar invitation, Bownbi.?On T'.ioeJay, Meruit lk., the beloved wife of Kiclctrd Itownei, uaii/? of the county Wickiovr, Ireland. In the Hath year of her *ge. The frieuds and aiaiuaintenc** of the family are reepo ifnUy ir.r ted to attend tba fjneral, from her Ute rosideuce, No. 10 Fsaex street, this day, (Kriduy) without fnrtbor invitation, llor roiu.i ru will he i.tterre 1 in Calvary Cemetery. Knmuht.?OnTue'day, March 1h, Thomau J. Rsruiht, oniiipoailor, native "f Tralee, ciainty of ferry, Ireland, lato of tho Kitty-third d Ktiineuil /ouovas, New York Stale Vo'uoteef*. age I 26 ; ear-", .'. months and 16 day*. The Irinncl* :iud relatives of the family are invited to attend tho funeral, t ou lib laic ruMd-.-nce, l?Xl Kast Sc. :oad atreet, thb (i-ri lay) morning,al nine o'clock. His remain* will he conveyed to tha unhotic cemetery, Ajtoria, I.. I. Frvym.?OnThursday morning, March 20,,Tans Amki.ia, daughter of Millaiu and .fane Coaler, aged Jay ears end 2 moo tba. The frianda of the family are re i>eoif:iIl>- invitod to attend the funeral, from 214 Third avenue, litis (; Afternoon t al two o'clock .Ivoaans.?iBi Monday, March IT,,if'or a linger i.g illnose, Mrs. Mart Ja'-K'jm, aged 8; years, from yi-.c -ncouuty, Ireland. ?1.r. .1*11 4 nanere iw iaae oov. Jrvviu*?Un Tlttiraiiay loorniug, Maroli 20, *i, her uu re^. dance, ho. *?w W wit I nrty-ihtrd etroet .Ohitoii (V, wit'ti of Aurou Jennings. ami daughter oi tho lata Lomuot Kiclurlanu. of Wilh.ttuabiirg, age t 31 yearn, V months and 13 Uai a The frmn-lit of tbo family ar? i o->i>>;irui') invited to attouil Ibo funeral, on Sunday afierui on, at two u'llook, fr >m the Methodist Kola <mmI, Craod street, Williamsburg, without turtlmr lif .'.aiian. tlar in mains ?ill be taken to Kvergreen <".?m?t,?ry for interni"Ut. Ka**.?On Wednesday, March I'J, of inilauvnaiimi of the lung*, 1' vriucK Rank, ttged 37 year a. The friend* of 'he family and the niemlterr of Molm vk llose l>?mi>any No. 39, and the l ira Papartmonl ingenerat. aio re?| ectfelly Invited to attend the funeret. this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late rest dence.No. Iu7 Kiwi Taronty fight stroei. russian.?tht Wednesday, Ma-ch 1*?, Wit i-n kkkmsii, C. i ., Into of tit* Ktiglish native of the Isle of Man. aged *1 year*. The friend a a tut aci'talntatic.-.s of tha family are respectfully Invited, without further notice, to attorn I <bc funeral,front his late reeidetie*, at tba corner of Forty third street and Ninth imuim, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'elock. l.v ati nAtrr.?(ht Wednesday afternoon, Mar. lt IV, Mr*. I Marimukt IjnviuiK. the beloved wife of (iu mallei k Leayoraft The relative* ami frieuda of the family are ro*|>ertfiil!y invited to attend the funeral, on Attorday morning,nt tan o'clock, from her iato rtdileUM, No. tit M uidiing tl street. Ma i;t*ws.?'hi Wednesday morning, March 1#, J. Srt got R Matiikws, jit tboShth year ol Ills age. I ll'J ruil.r- ...... 1. . ... r..,.,,, I . .11.117 invited t<? attend the funeral, from the Neveutb it rest Methodist episcopal church, r.'nr rhtru avenue, tills (Friday i|m1 tnrtoon. at two o'clock Memlwsof A'litntic ] o.igc No. IT!*, Now York Orand I/xlg" o( Perfect ion No. 1 ,an.l /en! anil Cduiucjr CUtplw, "f R an* rcoucsteU to otleoi'. I lie ruoinboreof Atlantic 1 mica No. 178, F. an t \ Vf. t ar? requested t" meet at tin. lodge room, to day . Friday 31st Inst. 1 at one o'clock p. M.,for the purpn.-a of attending Ibefuneral ol our lato brother, J. g. (Hirlage. ,v1ll he iu waiting at the lo<1i;n room. ) y order of the W. >1. lll.tRIfy W. SY.,Sw r.-ta-j . Kahs.?tin Wt?lnosday, March 19, Iamis If ma, 1, god 00 year-, nalivaofConuickatown. pariah ot Maynooth, county Kildare. His iriend<, andlho.onf his nephew, Richard Haley, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ih,. (Friday) morning, at half past |?n o'clock, from be rosi deuce, ?'* upi lug atroel. and from thence in .St. Andrew's cliurob, Ihienastreet, whera a solemn high miui'w It l>? uflcrod for the repose of his soul. from tbeuco to t'aivary Cemetery for inteiment. Maui u ?on Thursday . March 30, ItuiiKm T. M'tir*, the wife of William Mahur, aged 37 \ ears. The friends ol tho faintly, and the member* of tlie Ilarry Bon"volent Roclaly are resjiectfully invited l it. lend ilia funeral, flrotu her iate residence, 104 M otion gt root. Mkahk.?On Weduej la/, March 19, Riihaiii. M ana, I aged 88 years. j The friends and aor|iiail>taoee- of the family are mvited ; loattond the funeral,from 137th street, near Seventh avenue, Harlem, thlsffrlday) after noon, at one o'clock Kku??.?4*ti Wednaaday , March IV, after s short illness. en mo.r-. K. Namox, youngest een of Joseph and Mary Nelson, age?t pyear .<a<l li montha. The relatives and frlands tha family, and also the members and exempt members of Knglne Company No. 17. arc res[>oclftilly Inviietl to attend lb* funeral, this 1 Friday) aft?rsoon. at one <> ulock, from tha raeidence of hi*father, lPSKivington street. Oentan.?On Thursday morning, Moult 31), l.loxiDAS 8. ikbosn, 'n the 3'Jtb j eer of his age. The retail' c* and friends of the family are respectfully - ' * ? A_ ? - a .... I tl.n f.,MA?a1 All aflosni^.M Ja lnVlKNl innnwii'" ?*?" mmwm, w wwihuvu, ! oo? o'clock, (row ilio restdauca of his mother, No. IW Wsxl Tvrauly Vhixl street. Ilvt*.?<in WednesdayTMveh 19, Hiimwi Rtju*, tn the TOth yttkr of her age,of the parish of Ospital, county l.lmei nit, Ireland. The frionds of tho family and tboto of hor so* in law, Th?mM Sullivan, are tuont respectfully in vi toil to Ml end the funeral, this iFYulay) aftarnoon, at haU past ona o'clock.from her laterealdenoo, 17# East Thirty fourth strut, thence to Calrary Cemetery. I.lmerlck (Ireland.) papers please copy. Rchi, ?(hi Thafday. March 20, .hurt Morris Bone, youngest sonot JohnuudCaUiartno Rock, aged 13 mouths and in days. Tha friends and afpialntances of tho family ara r#. pact fully invitod to attend th? funeral, Vn'ls (Friday) ftaruooii. at two o'clock, from tha C4sid?nc? of hit parents. No, H4 tSevontU siroat. llAi'oa ?At f'Uiladaiphia, on Saturday, March 16, of typhoid fever, WtUAA* R\ot>a, .'i., a?e<l 36 ) sara and 6 months. fW>?aew-At Nkdkrk, N, J.? 0? ?imiay, March 16, 5 So?a* K ffldest daughter of the late Jabez Kxlgers, for m.rlraf'?rfl?toi?B,K. J. Ttj.,tn.a "?Thursday afternoon, March 30, Of I Main* Tu"fiJi, aged 21 years. The friends and relatives of tue deceased are reepeetfulljr invited to a'te.'o' ,tl* f'lnoral, from 200 Mulberry street, this ( Kr id.y) a^toruoou, at one o'clock prceisoly. Tu<ivirii-on. Sudifciily, ? Thursday, March 20, Haaitf Tm.ucsoa, at the residence of hia uncle, John Thompson, 108 Kant Eighteenth aireet. 'Ine funeral will take place fi orn the residence of hid parents, at achat icoke Point, Rea.val?er county, N. V. * Towv , m, ?Oc.Th'rainy uiornit,*. March 20. Rami Tovnsuio, in the 7tub year of hie Notice offuueml iu to morrow m t?aj> <rSVan Nimrtuai* Ou Thursday, March 2**, alter a short illness, Noilvuv, onlv con of A bran i am.' Jennie Van Nu?iraud, aged 1 year, 6 months sud 17 dayflf The retattrea aiid friends of the family are rfc,;nut? fully im ii?<l to attend the funeral, on Sunday,'. at two o'clock, from the residenocof bis parents, No. 481 Pa. itic street, ttrooklyu. Wau.?Ou Thuraibty, M.ircU 20, after a long illneie, f Wiu , widow of Michael Wall, age J 20 years, a native of I.iai ui roil, nounty? ork, IreUnd. > The friends of the ftmilv ;ire respectfully Invited to attend the fuueral, thi* (Friday) afternoon, hi tvr? o'clock, from her late lOiidotce, N'?. 4!'AWat?r street nint'ici.bAii!iuiik, A TTKNTION, CA8U BtfVElUi. FBI NTS AND IKtMEsrHtS FOR CXiH. BLISS A WHKELfR'K, .'W) Broadway, offer fur tale, much below the market, their lv*eah?ek eC MfcRRIMAcK. WAMHt'TTA, LTXJHKCO, AMo-tKliAQ, Klt.UMONIh CH1UOPKK. UNION and other POPULAR PRINTS. Al'O. DOMESTIC* and fOTTONADBS, p> rcuasid rorcasli lanI mwou, AUO, HOSIERY, WOOLLENS,"VTHITB GOODS. NOTION* and STAPLE ORKSB QOOML BLISS * WHBKl.OC'C. , 89? B -MtnifT. AFAl'T.-WATEBS A SON. AT 90 FULTON STREET, Wood Engraver*, givo Ur?l rale work, ai rraaouahla ( ilven. promptly. AT |i M. DOUBLE SOLE WATKK-PKOOF BOOTH AT JO.NE.V. to and 1-' Aim Klreet. Four ditlrron1. styles at V> a' 'ONES', 10 and 18 Aon eireet. At oimftkkde'ft,068 broadway, *4 photograph Alhttuia fi'oi fifty pictures) retailed at fS. Artistic monogramr knoraied on ST8E6 Pies, bj UIMMKKDE, and stamped in colors. AT 104 FULTON STREET-WEDDING CARDS. TUK8H nnlahrateil Engrave 1 Wedding Cards sold only by WM. MVK.RDELL K HONS. Established 1813. Astounding developments! citizens of new york: Bead the testimony of Dr. llei ry 3. Downs, DM of IE* MtU'Slitig witlieaec:. to lint alleged las: will arul HilUMIt oC Ciiai li.a Hopper, Uncased, and also the testimony of Abraaa M. Fanning, Kxn, one of the esectunrs ol said will, givea ; belore the lion. E ' . West, Surrogate, Reporie 1 ii full for the national pouck gazette. Boots AND shoes of EVERY DESCRIPTION? By tile package, at manufacturer* price*. Aiuiy Gooaa iu great vuriety. CHARLES O. WARREN, Commission Boot and Shoe Warehouse, . T2 Cortlaudt atrcef. BIO THING-REND IN YOUR ORDERS.?WAS privies.?ROM". KT M. FORRESTER U tbo original aaA only real enamelled watrr proof allow card writer tn the world. No. SS7 Broadway, between While and Walker ^streets. C3 HUTCHES AND CANES FOB THE MILMON-A* ) the manufacturer's, c. PINNED'". No. 'J Cortlaudt street. CORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS. ENLARGED joint*, add all diseases of the f-et, cured without i *u* or inconvenience to (Impellent, by Dr. ZAOHAKIK, Surge** Chiropodist. 780 Broadway. Refora to physicians andaurI genua of the city. DR. TOBIAS' VENETIAN LINIMENT?A CRRTAllf cure for palue in lltnb* and back eore throat*, croup, rhcuutatlam, colic, Ac. A perfect . Miiliy mhdtclne. ana never falls. Read, mad, read ? Lirniui, Wayne county, Mich., June 18, M59. TW? la to certify that'my wife wss taken with <niin?ey sore throat; it couimenced to swell, and was ?o sore that she could not swallow, and coughed rlolent y. I need your Huimcnl end made a pertcct cure in one week. I ftrmlr b*. Here ihal but for thelinitnent ehe an" id h.,>e1ost tier life. JOHN H. IIAKLAN. price 25 and 60 cents. Hold by all-druggist*. OAue IC street, New York. DR. I'LUMKR f? PATENT LASTS FUR EASY FITTINd b'Mils', need by IU'NT, 4X0 and 839 Broadway. Put* Dross Hoots, $1; Patent Lecher Boots, 87; Balmorals, anew | kind, copper titaltmed, eery durable, $3 M>. j p V. HAl'OHWOUT A CO., *sd 400 and 40? Broadway. corner of Broome streak. Respectfully utinnunce that, having just completed the rsAUna o: their storr, they are tow teuing a ?NF ASSORTMENT rty SFW (K>f?I>3. JUST Ue.UKlVh.iJ THUM KLUOi'K. to v?tii -Ii tliev would It.vile the ulteaUuu of buyers. While the war lana thry will continue to *elt at the reduoeS prices. Thcv would call especial attention m tone NEW PATTERNS OF DECORATED DINNER AND T&A SETS, CI.OCK8. BROX/.Krt, 8II.VEK PLATED HOODS AND GLASSWARE. Also a /cry large a.-orliitenl of _ NEW STY1.ES OK CHANDELIERS WD (IAS FIXTURE* FfKNtTrRR AT COST J. BtiTCE. AT 1118 MAN IT. factory snil wareromin, 98 nod 98 fiait Houston llrM, w inder hi* entire stock of superior custom uutle FurnUura of every de*< cost, until April 30, when the lulaaw Will be sold ?t auction t" clo?e the >>.i*,nee*. PATENTS FOR NKW INVENTIONS. Mm' .. MI NN * CO.. proprietor*..f the 8rlenHAc Ama? rliutn, No. ST Pork T'W. New fork, cutln'te to solicit Pa* Lmith it. the Pulled State* and la all foreign countries, <HS lite timet reasonable term*. f'ontul 1st I on* snd pampbtsts Wt S'leice in Knglisn and Herman free on application at the office. M**trs. V. k Co. hare boon engaged in solicittag patents orer aiateen year., aud m.oe than flfioen ibousaud patent* hara beru granted through their agency 4J T.. 19W X.~ DRAKE'S PLANTATION 111flhits rore.-> indiae.tlon end ?ly aje-psta, give. tone to tlia ataaiaeK snd atrcngthcnt the syateni. A most ttgre'-eWe Toole aa* tint "r fails to lutneOl. Hold every wbe;c. Depot 80S BrtAA* way. Sew York. OTRONO'S PATENT ARMY TRl NK AND 1'ORTASfJI i"5 Bnliteail oombinad, corner of Warrrn ntrml ami Bnxty ? ay. SPlit'iALITEW'ABDS PK VlslTK M-MEAPE BROilirni! 11-19 Hroadnay. C?i ? fr>tn (t lo ?1 per dozen. Picture:! of a'l fcindr as eheap aa the rhenpefit. ltd connec' ion with 81*1 Kn?4w?y, or soy other extab.iantuent. Tjik NWTIXniA HALL. 85 NASSaI syKEKT. ( <lecifl??Hy ibc plaoa for breakCiai, Dinner or Tr?. M cent nta'ea. Mril.L BR READY AT lo O'CX.ocK. hari'eb s new monthly maoaxuts. Ifo. C'ti tif.J CONTENT?. [Ai-alL, USt. Pombwikai?A Fairy TaV- of the Nfiilaya.?tlloairalnma? l'mulKHiUt'i CuttnK*; P.imhookat anil the fairy; Pambonkat ami it" Priue<\??; P.iinbookat atirt Ihr King; Thi Sewing linMIn ; I'HmlmoVit Hint t'ieTlg< r; the Lightning (lobiui; Tiny 1 mm Iloriv; The P.. Hjilii ', lift!" iih. I'ailuatute uul CarlejiuiDta.?Ilbintral'.ona?OM JenVa; Egyptian Dv?;-f; Kirm*?n Ape Seller; fnAhlnnaltic K'emi i?i tin! Middle Agi>?: llc?da, by Cnrracrl mul D.< TliwHj |i this Koi'l. by fallm: Pancing, by llogarth; Km in-Ill by H"Hart' ; LxpeoUHini-, by t.illiay , Pitt. Mln ridnn. 1-n* ami Jnb H'.11, tiy li tin Tl ? Rit'iimYan Pit, tir llilliay; Mon?tro?.?lHcan( 1810. Crbl*" m .. Crowded PrawW>, by Crulk* l> ink; Like Pat; . r. Ilkr son, l ? i r'Ilk . I In Tig'.i y no, by Crtnliwiu. (bim rmr, o) I.i-ri;'-, Sioir. Bin. In l,?-i-. li. Punch miilfiihi , by llml?; Him iipi't the B inki of th? Kiteiaiiicnto, in Doyle, Sir William nit" .->*'?8>a, by Km ue; A Mnn'< ipa! kl|n<inilnrstanit'"8. by Pore; Tltr ifoly Abbnlt, by t'uie; The Ring In (1Mb 1 Holing*, In Dm; Old Stiroin by Moonlight, by Pure; Many Km ml. nl Alabama, by M'L. nan. I'n lb tilling nl tin- Ship.?IlluoraUnnr?'Tim Shipyard; Axcumii; Tho.Sleani Cheat: Ititcrbnif tbo SMp; Calking; l'ni.|H>tliig. Tim Launch; Plumbing Machine; ProllugMV iJilnr; Tinny Piagiaina. Calico ami Clialicrboz. l.ll?nil,?u.lav . VTtr-Oreonr lluileek. Orlf i Fyim. B) tit Tony Trollope. Tlluidratrd bf J K. Mil'il*. Chapter xlr.?Showing how Mr*. Urnie cat:Id ' vhrjr We^knitudod. Chapter xlvl.?A Woman's Men ?>f 1 Chapter tlvli.?The fiem of ihc l'nur Families-. CI, ,ptei ilslii.?The \iigcl of l.igbt tinder Cloud. flluetmttojis? Itailr Ms on sflci her Confession; Bread Saute la ,-o Ticklish. FliarC Rebellion. M> HI ?' nlrilnt'oc MIMr-aa ninl V i.d A Household Story. By Wis* Mslo- k. Rlluitmsiin Bub'. The i' iio.-ai in Amerlei. Br John Smart MUI, The Adrrmnreswf Pliillp. By W. N. Thaahrray. Chapter -\i >ni.?i mi' in lokea'.ont MisnUrlmby. t'hanxr -till?\Vijr< ninl Means. Illnatrutloue? l\>->r Cilptl, Thi Kinj, t It'iier from X?\v York Monthly Record ol Current t run. Kdltor'a Kaay Chair. Rilltor Foil-wit Boieau. Kdltor* Drawer. Mlei the War.?Illustrations?Outdoor Scooeilhe Or -ra i e? Hit l-uno; In ilie ('ctitml I'ark. The Dma; Sip*) hi Hoilow S.jniiro; l all Dinner; Stop Tluef. Cash,jus for April.?IUui.lrsivn??Dinwsr Toilet sad Child's I'ardea-uiajCap: Boy'aCuatumr; Infant's Ho'ie. Ilsr|>*r'a Me* Monthly Msgarlne contains tlie followIBM Serial Tales Or ih<- foremost novelists oi the dav, psbluhel from early sheets and MPS. IurnUUed by lh.- authors.? "Ml*tre?s nnd Jfal l.'' By Dinah Maria Mlikx-g. "Ortej Fnim."' By Aulhony Trolliu o. Illustrated by /. G. Mil'ai*. "The Ailiantiu-taof rbUlp." Bv Wm. St, Thackeray. ' The Adv. uttirrs of Philip" will prohehty he completed in Mat I: will t* Slier-ended by another Serial Tale from a favorite wi lier, fur whleYengagcmcnl* hai a hei-u made. Mi .1. It.'-s lliowb i, w I o is its trat ilmg in Kuropa. will fm-nirh :? of It file lea, illo rated hy htwiselr, deerriblii? lite jpnrncy through Norway. Theso will Ikseotnmrneed la an early number. Mr. Ins?lngwUll enntnnie the series or papers upon evenls in our Notloual llls'nry, which hare no# been treated n detail by our slanduid h'il'Ulau*. The I'sraanel ttkemfces of Btnlii' ut Amertruns, fur l?r. Wynoa w,y owmprlM anenMes and i-?wiln;<e..-^es ot most of the raiB who ba< e netntired nn aekAOWIstlgl d re|n-ese?iatlre poSitlOM III onr Liter.)'arc :?nd Siiienee. . . . .. HAKt'FR * M UlAEtJtr C- 'I)WIII? n??rLT iwjcr ?! Tntiri' jtthe "Comall!.'' " l.irkwoo.l, ' "??"?, mtorn llau,'' ami other tailing knglieh ViplIlN II oofltaina Irom t'vantyflvr tc> onn hundred prr rent more loan any otlti'r American perto'tralnf alintlnr - tl TheXblialmta of H.tJArEK * MAO 1*1 MK, of its pe rnjanrnl value, h*?e. nleclmlrr*! Wg !'*?* They can. therefore, aeppt) any aumbrr from the hegtnulug upon the r^nVimmlr>^w~l br sent by mall, poet paid, for twentyflre wita Aoyroltime, oomprlMng el* n-upbore, neatlytwuuA tn rloth, will bo arn.1 by wall, to any part oC tba United Atatae " tailoW ?ita pf K? Vork. two ,ii,tta. yw; volume <!i?"tpl"tr art* will be *ant bv rlprraa, the freight ai tba i barge of th? pmvhaaar, at a dt-aount or twenty nra percent from the ahoVo rate. Twenty-throe volume*, Mount uniformly mending from .Innr, If60. to November, Idtl, ate uun ready. Team. One copy for one year $9 Two copira for one yrnr S Throe or mon n.pica for one veer (each) > and an citra copy, grntta, tnrevei y dub ut eight tub TUrner'* M'tgazine and UarpevHi Weakly, logettM <S on? year, *4 The Demand Nolo* f f tire United States ta 111 b* r-c I fill aubw rtptlone lye.r dleletit friend* err rt'tue*tod i ? lentil tUtn in prer^ye ?<m bank i w? I A AiivIUAJiS, fAtiiaU?ra. \r *

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